Newspaper of True American, April 11, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 11, 1837 Page 1
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pRICE 121 Cr.Ts. NEW ORLEANS, TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 11, 1837. VOL. II.-N: 215. IernS .Jthe Newspanprr Pres of Newl Orl(eanas tai-" . moJtly ereed to at an eeijoerard meetina' of tIhe paer'ietaere held on the l3th of alrreh, 1817. Subscription.-Twelve dollars flr the Daily opuer et annuan, |yayble semi-annually in ndvaurne. ' en Stllnas for tie tri-weakly country paper, pa ainle onu year itn advance, wherrcro city refineaere is given. No e.ltr itiona will be discotinted unl til arrenrnaen are settlet In casa no' disco titatnce, oile week's notice, Striling, moot ire invaria'ly given, previous to the expiration of snbsrrription. A Aderltsing --Ont dollar per sqnare for the fir.e in sertin, arnd half that prie tlir eatci subvaequeat one; nr mailrieatalteratietn 'rrom tohe original adrertiements will be n lhrned it a new eonT. l )-early Adverlisers.-W-erehrtnl and Traders fori t dollars fir Englis nlre eon, ar r saxtv for Ienth lanarlrage Banka, Insurance Offices, nilethr itimilar r lhlic ir stitutionr, fifty dollart ia Enelish only, wird aiglhty for bet tlanguager. Ship ennd n.rleam! at factolra or colt miiiun mlerthantle sixty dollar.d ie Erglioh nlone, anti eighty Nfr both iror tin.ct l rlarriagers Ohilutart Notirces, tat nrtirlre nclling Itrc altentian of tire. patlie to s ts of prperrty, cerdo It nasonegere, Itenftt &er.. &L will be cihareged tnP dol lar praqaraa, tfIr thie firl inerrtin in. tenh larngtage. Aommunicaation or Adertiseeeeaf of tic reottral natture, when adrlioable, shrall Ire carged double, and. i nedvannee. A deduction of twenty-ficve per eCllt. will hbe made :t Auetionaeer, S elrilti, t.i.citre of \Vilir and on salec er rmal otatle, i liaotted ia bl~th langoagres; e 50 per cant. il raglirh ulrne, 1o lpr cat, oil s cares of other prroerty. Adrerlliseonens outon thre eilret lice of buSine.s tof thl yearly ldvctiiset, sIcl ta u. lal, aubtionau plan j ta Lion sales, runaway slaves, -frav nuinialo, &e. &v. will y. fatraller utrathly and a Iha rdins inte eAdertlieretu ro t epcilie'i as t timea will epti ob trotcld oe r mntnt.nnd Creel l r'ed erelireele. i 'ar ero laee elet paid fin rll i o iltnel f lln, pl meet aererled uby iat palri!.lh pnr ein in Iowrr l. C a stie al ,titer tlace. i 1 II n llr el i l', llt I cv i lei > dnily a fal tlhse anon, t, b,' c nha"gd l!0 dollaersmIr I:u dg tli r aon l el, l 150 tlol'ar. in butti It.rl- yePe, All aI i le e r t.e e tof ta lie d'rte fo r political t o fiele . etl.:el Ie chalged dloublle ther price of thir advertisee iE ll VAt +. (o ,i; to i len,, n o ll .rie . ltbihy nell 1 Ii:lTIll" * narl of rso.s wlels occ.otllta hrlve nriteL t Ile id Sr ithin t nr n, ril nti tr Iec o;rnenir tile , hall r Il e inde featil thcotlerl s intl I nl e rlcertti or llnt fit llsich J II YON, h. I prE\NITr'CR ST a, . eekly Pres --cWe, trhe ulerigcli ee. nece trs Clide ny the above eontdtiollr, as fee as tiey arle apllrl leI to ut.k papers. rSigned) A B .AWRENCE, J W ENNIS, §§§ No snttsrreirtione ie'e tleketq tr' cl t ha l se x or ame hs. ++t .atte-es artr t ire ill cCri esn li l er r . . ... . .. .. .. .. , . . . . .. . . _ COMMEiGIr I ,y I ufI SI, inrroIlc. IthEA It & litIt. STO W, COMMISSION MEIRCHANTS, Ao. 67, f/ereier street. n3 L NAID S e l li li.411. trI)IIll ll c Crll ~l' liic liel )i r .e ia, elo i c'itr tier peirehh .h ncieo'lliagtrrlanik' d glh an[d on wine h u ar e ;;earl ilihpa- antll 2iil'i Diesf toreer t en in te olrs Tie canal, Wti el '1 illo .ho ult th m.ootltl' , are-li fRlly eolee ilerlnol hr e lcet t c llilr'lelici s Ito , S A. uIr ltus N ustictell, 153n. icc r trcivel aW fer .tc lee n.Otl c l rn er e. ela nt. t Cine r illl sat . ipu t oravelehe r hrnl ln r iaheI e parts mos ii t illr ei g to Ate ,m'ica:n te''cller', ilha e e ts'umieril S or l ae~ l Aery. i.,i. Io d tee'. Ay SIero Artic, NT A S ult o1lcorxa 'e h len ri II', co let. 135. A Malt of'''aoo, e.vte the leteigetl.t .tra cerice ahd Jeust ,received ant t1nr sale hy \\' \l. [m, 1\ | cat ?irI rote, in I_ - - It cog, niei Intc le' Io l - C gotnell , SINcr .ND OIt, N.\II"l.NTI, nT,, 53 Camp t, mUi' itl[ oppeca itre XXt XI ei''il t..tre. is6' ktS .i ) r , I i I E rtI a rI.C r 'I e oI 7 ir ,'c s his fer nd rc tilt Iir ti S lbllie in tilm let o' 'ir tIe 'lienit cill torlierl ill e aboveI i' ehet, ill thet iuth le sve le , ce l' e il itlrae t i nsle, lie sirllioT, r e -a e l:, ill c ik i r", : kl t cl, parlr~ e t , e rWih noelto, t r n vetn : e f ill al, irci ctlas arn nliv faini h eLie hoe ic ilte'r ) r. of p racile" n l " tlin'sr so , jn "essivael V esowll mernlll n w l 1' erreI f te1111111111 r lI oulae tic has hloretefue·l lycr cl from his Iiaemllh a.IL he twhe llec liil . Pain, Oil at (toiX, hrtnl oli',,.. t io d C rlie on shiini foee :lte. lt, treely el C ls ria e Whitening, chalk mt challillt whi s. fil lll msv 23ll i ! NT IY.itc lItli -'ll ni-'', t etaee -ol ' the er.-" 1 nl Iner, iii nle, bl et' 'I' ;aiJ. Pan hltinle cn eelverv in" tl,-! U Nit l St m'n.. refn ithllell Se . ire tIre, Ierlllr ol.if eel' e ii' i ile. Memoior of h:urgev It 'I Ilewre wtllh trlelt ofi l ite ten party, &e" Sfilbert Garcey, by the eauthr ofSayin.eo andl oe Aioo, a.rti wlr a.rr l " .rfl e it n 'l'hllcllrllerlllo the daysr tf H ri (.[atre, lbyClue authlcr of Iilhlierl &c'. jut err seivete by C II BANCRt'I GT'l e Q IDEiIILI. ' NECW rNiiVi(,e&.c.-'l-'leA,,eeeri.'tr in 3 Enrglandl, tllry tire authorul'"A Year in Siil," ia 2rl Noble iDeedlof \Voec, hit vols. Th"e Youn Wifee look, a nvanual of enr, recli girar and doyaericth tic's. Jest reeeivelI nd fieerale by \X. i ' KE.IN, an 7 retrner of'tucdp Cnu eiommonTc. i , r lt111-3, 0 1 IoS,-v.- e itlee seihcr hove '11 fur tal ,t ler'- frol'e i()liie r .i ltnd ' icn, 10 Irtit . aee pplerc 4-1 brown eontetrr .'.r ix tahs ia Cavih ira.e, pant ap for the Nlecxie r tarot; -,.' iegs eocch.[ Ir oc (orpanv r ll, ll w .l N se o !lela..reat rvt, r lmi-h thoeclate, 0.I.or al lrixeae' eet t, II r il.e l stt n lner clo e , rnenirisiae ra good eelceoeel'rit. o" shert,, itaell.h NE V I't;1 I'f li e ' tlIII I ; ) l IOI'U E. Tll. . snaaerihrs e nw'li nlllle - r tm.ot nfeicemit noctl tisrfie f ruic re, et hi re thei hrae just retriVed ''y t c nreivnl of-hip. reoiei, Ar knntsn and ` iseissio, rton be, N7rw e rik, eeel"iericneil pacteof tite Ioarre. rte'vc riere' ,, with 1 v i i and tolaion t "rt't' tol=,cent'r tables of eery lion aned qoelilt, wrn'olihete of yorfOl pth~, eeri-e tart and hookire'er, lterrier' 1'v.h 'o'It trerta et l ",tee ietileeI rr lt ';eri it dliuire e itrreilrelkere e ered d tie dies'work t leeth title du. t lee, ricer, a fe ide .:rd, wihh Egyptian marble tolec, a newre aend lecrtieir l arli ele. A enonplet.' aeortent oaftfee,. A liree and cocnetlc oerctrnvctirl of earogine 'eIna' pie, resewood, faucv ond Common -hairs, "lto n rorking do covered' with plitih, p fin and trv'.ctl liter einth, together witlh a 'pintnlee as, ri' e riet rt re itch art\ tles at ore tuerelt fruerrl ie secth it cvablistinlOtt, lhe whole of whicM w'ill b,e sold ori t'ecioae le terms ir alle e ", !,ephie nnd'ilr saleby ' tee CAI1[&Co f10 N, II 1n' l l t ji . SU bscrhn ber", im n.p .rtes nI ,,lr -:, - den ter i.n. . - i ureig'i and 1)nnaestic II:rd.hrare, has on hand tnI r.xtnsive.' tock rShei.liihlh, Ilenninghm, nn al Ameri can gol. emlllcing a great varietyil, cnlsisting in paIllt a4 follows: Anvilis, cn.nnt imniatiini and gennline n.nus+'llne; smitlh ices, hI!:t'k iill bright laiter; tr.lce chains, enlm moli hblel and Ih'ight; hoes, (Crnlinh, Louisiana, and cotton; In: li:,hni+k l A n .,i ll s:' llle irons; Ilng ;ll rslort handlle ty e ans; raised pllie, hook' hutt and all thler kin ds f ilnges; it, mill, n hnld, panel,:1 tell ill ncross cut w ns; Iil., cln. , s lJ, cI: tlh. n1 l Iand tllnlll Iloks; Anmerican ilver ilaitd front, inllsi illlll Silil Inior do; ironill ad tin spring, snt:ugll, alllnd necikedl shutter unlt door bolt; 1Lat, [it, mwill, and crns; cot sllw. ills; ship carpenter'l's and tlllhlr a ; lack, lbrigIht iind latntii casti sl sLocket indiimng nIIt s ilm cli mn nll sizs kniveis url forlks ill suim l 'I .cs; great rieties slhoe, cohk, lbutcher, l.rilli, ntall lhldrawing klnives; I ckte t nid dirk Iltlll'r', inllll l :dz lls anl o cards, la'e. :i' and small seis(ors, tailrsh :wil wheep a)bhni COm n i aIIt fine irans;i l tm ili, jh n Illd, hbright simd miic polished steel InuflE;..I high and lit i t bRIlot!ss eIt. illetilks; plat:lt, bhitannia, milt , 1, Ic iad table spoons wrenches, poiwde"r hares, 1lask4, s.l t belts, game bai - sut inii hands ni pins, imnmode nbs, c. night ioi i tidk, rllams' mll sllltare'hes', cnllp:r's lioes, aIxe, [lowels, adzes, etc. +smiths I' h rlil.n n haI:IIi'ers, tlongs :nlil Iback ilrons, Ili hl as .;ld\In tori llpl spilades and sh vel. ., I lory andl slh tt Ihrlllln.ak ; el n; ,In en-l , hlIit ironl :nld r:pa tist metal tea k tlles, patent it al:li olllla illl a illlli "d1 wool 'aris nil Iu.mbne lil mnd ll iit ' ' i. dhllea:llll al Lkle ll., lak .c:il n:rll, a o, ewll bsI'ew' I dI( ,l rem 4, illaed ir'ul'lml anl l bits,, s a. ,i : se il "er I i'hl I:lniinn (:I 1.'l nl " ii tItt. p I t" \ i tiinmmiii 1li .i mi : llh im.:,, iL'.. Illm s, nll rings., .lmlins ;ad h 111'11 )'.oxen ( " li snuit.rter's etc. arl... in chis, ,icais al die:i tics, t nlim,, sprign, .. ll i nigh n kin, c st illll ( i..ii ntIetI I m intl, iklii, <l 1 i s, il j .al! : i l , til :i , nni'. E n.i'll · i ' ln ki.'. l :'ll I, llL o. I i n i . i ll , t:tred biimln gllmss rpe, hit. ii.dl y ., n ln · Inn. iii k"in % "l rn, Icn" nid l+mpminniiem. hi,, +,i S. I e, I s, pistlhs, rimll.'., Ict nand,, h1i n , .'r .l, Ii'rs'.Iml imnpent', I·"Indrr, a. ith::; 1· '.: .: ilt. ,"(. l, , r ::n!s belunrl~ gill '., '. I, 1 FOR NEW YORK. (Louiiinna and New York Line of Packet.) r Tl;* Ships coao nsiog talis ine w ll tadrlein ewo I rleans and New York on every olher Monlday, romlenving on tile 25th April annd to incure tse stricts tt pulctnalitt in their tite of saillng, tie liae trill herenllfer consist of'six ships, viz: Ship YAZOO, Captain Eldridge, to irave sare 2ail April. ShiL MISSISSIPPI, Captain Robinson, to leave on i 9th N. c r. Sli, Shp IlAKSPEAIE, Captain Collins, to leave on 23t1 la. Ship 'ICKSBU RG, Captain Woodhouse,'tn leave on Glt June. Ship LOLUISVILLE, Captain Palmer, to leave on 20th lshit HUIINTSVILLE, Captain Palmer to leave on tr [" Trite onore ships are all new, of the first class, colpplrd and coalper lastanod, anll upward of 500 tons bsrthio, are of light draught of water, Iing built in New York explre.aly for the tradm . The price ofl' i - sage fixed at one huidired dollars; their cabins are fitted na onil the most iproved and convenient plan, & finished in n nalt and elegant style. A le stcores of' tile firt t quality, i ill be pr'ovidel andl eve'ry regard had to the It cnlli't and enltire antifiactinn of lpassengers, who wltill It please take Intier that no berth cln tie secured until paid r at he office of tie cnnianees. ft IThee lackets are commanded by captains well ex- r perienced in the trade, who will give evern attention nald I exert Ithmselcvs to necommnodater. The'l'y will at all l thian be towed up and down tie Mississippi iby aream biat, and thle strntdest llllnctulity oserved in the time ofnBailin'. The tnears of tlhese shtips will not be rr.ponsible finr ilyc I.rter Itarcel tr incknro, enlt biv or puilltt l blard of the', tto'n I t' rc./r b lleft latiling lie signect tlereffir, at sIt': ontetiin house of the agents or Iswert. Ftor f( " ,r particulars, apply to J. D. BEIN & A. COIIEN, April 11 No.77 Canol street. FOilR N EWV YORK.-(New l.ine of 'ackets.) 1IIP A.rTANSA, C. S. . Dennis, eommaander, 127 es ton e, to nil Ferlnrve22d. Slhip N.:AIIVILICE, J. Rathlbone, colnmmander, 513 tn, to tai o arch 7ti. Slhip KENiI'I'CKY, John Bunker, comntander, G1"2 tone, to snil Marc t It. Shiup ORI.EANS, S. S. Sears, coannnalelr, 599 tols S it AI.AIBAMA, C. C. Berry, commnander, 474 toot Int sail Jiannr} 26. Sthilt SA RATO.A, W. lathaway, eominander, 51~ tot, to sail May 2dl: lThe thips nf'thi line will anil punetunlly from New i)rlelntl indll New Ytork, every second Mondfay through 'll'vi are all of the firt class, copper fasterll nn ad toptelesdiod nd were Ibuilt in New York exlressly for 'T'h,:\ are nncananded rby experiencerd nnl, draw a liElt draft of wtiter, and tnill at all times lie towed upl U ndi down tlhe Missisippi by steamboats. 'Thieir ac nt'ollllloatill foIr panssenag's are very apel)Prir. Tho na. ,,af thesl e slip.s will iot beresponaibtlel fir lln Ittteri parccl or package, spli III ori pelt oil board I tll , uaIl e5II'S It regtL tnr ill of ullintg lniea eincd there lir, at tile counting house of the oacent or owners. 'l'i ratce oftlitiaRge is fixel at $70; no wine or Blenur fetlrnisllc d iell oard. For freilht or plasaerr', nplyv to BOGiEIIT & tIA ' tiltiHi , fI; No. il (reoyirer etrePt. '"itY tiltt-- t, 9n; 1 i1 5III11: " (1Mi. LINIK:. -. rLen. t P -= rr anth after thic dlne, the follow. - ing rate of freight and panone, nt ill be r l·r', T rl rged, viz:. \Vet barrel's l. Itunnc etl-k $:1 00. IIh,!.. Su_,znr $'t 75 n 'a tk f(lane $· G) 1 . etllrert rle, ait 15 rents per foout L"tllo t11) per fton oftl li0llb. atof linp r de, $ (ern, p-r h1 w r l+, 1'J 3-1c. S,.e r do 13 . l ....in_-, Sir. P"I . .i.e of.f ,' ar,!ls si Ihi,, 51." . pe tr ^lelb=. K(e' of liaed, pee keg t0,e. lire,, oTf .llntt1, par keg, 25r. C I'li o tif l il nor, '$175 each , l'e. e tr hI i-t( c 1 i II vrt'". I,,r head $12 (:lt te h 210 stito.h e..ltc $1t. tltgat $24 (':tlein I'nglle $12. Srcrvnatle iG. Ih,..k Pe,.agei $6ti S t will e.I niesanry fir shilppers to gire at tle tIime of 'milt tlheir ordehrs, te imarkis and colsi' te-i s near i. po-sihile, anothat entotld can pronperly ee diliered. ill Ile 'I bills l 'din do not arrive at the sits e im. , T1OURNI' and III+CI\II'I'll, -Ag'eat.ts, 6 Poedule t etrtt S Nie ( e!th,,! 1, Dec. 10. 13,ll 1.. - NI' T)! Sa7%1 TE.' 1 ;.411,1 . 1.1Nl4hALIN - rFnIM NEW On.I.,e.NS TO MnMOIILE. I Steam (l.Pgers, an Carriages. so W_ tatcohe in cupsd of our spsti Strtetitt' r i )It t.\ i C le,, blaster en AZI 'I'PA Sultton, I .1ONIOA0 . Coulon, " SO(I.lI AI.AIBAMA, Aldrich The titii\e hlats are fillted up expreirly for the tra Li, anid coino.nied i V able l lnd xpeerienc',l s'ea n. In eoll-qun 11 (it' the Ie.r'lilht dratluht of the nhovII houts, tlhr ar pllllldl to tlaklle thiner pnaanCes. COoullltlll* SIto.p ln-llee meCtl tiilen. IIIl n fllerI e tpo Ree Wiikltiei , at i n slll i sih snitutea liletlet. itne stiCt'esat attention bly which ýileSclercs biltll to ' iInllehliIee, New Y ,t)lkl inn l'hiildelphin or Nrfiolk, who dh si t s sie tie dtier 'af S;to ltitt e in Mtlbile ,. t1 Ire iranaferred sotise iaatcha.e, Sllllihosp rtllrll s fro Pesslltalo, lie thte WiellltchnanI lleli mail .,nep tillerding greal aCC iiiltoetl i tsll o ilier s O n l ts, ls lit's ltortteliiw't , iantd parties of pleastre aho i n 2 iti.t ieito visit the hleallhy rity of I'rer.taeih. Thie ileil loui. IeIave the lake end of tihe rail ronl mnlilin. nt i tiler the arrival of the allf plolt twelve i- oi clk cr asa, l Mobile ait 11 A 5. I'or fi'itelilt oripale hm e apply to 'r i tf'RNIC & trIECKWITII, Ago1is. 23 anld t"J New lever, N (rl.eans; nu; 19 or J G BIURKE, Mobile. 14 N. II. I'Passeners oy the above line hane the tre ener, in Uillnelil h obl. iner .nei tll C M i lellllr ill Cie aiven a baoset the ielttesf atlirene o'cloek 1'. 1t. The Ssllle btst will trccuive anlld IInid )llpasseners tat tiIl tihe Jilllt (.eavx MIltel.r.Ai o; Neo 3, containing al. fe'Sktrh ll k.i rt. n'I' . Iit; .f ,e egei''.a. s 'lin' l t t il i lin. pros. 11! L .:Fiicis (lliss, A . si of Ohio. Idictd by .1 N tiey .In . ca " Ilwrvu.l's S i11 Book;i cotl;t ligill n slection of l lit Iloiatlot"'red SIongs, anlly I1 whlicI ite 1Inew. il' ,t- uek ' 'I)nig, M.). IS. a':.irs. Tiunslaied ht the lev II. licte, sI. A. 'rhbenld.riv of Nori ielh. Itl i oi 1l. he rgbn Nos in 1 l Ii t III 17 ollf 'llarpe 's (: lassical Libt' 4'. l .' Is11 recitc+ a li Ifai sale Iby \\'.t1 M'KI '.\N, Jllila' 'a i b ll ofe1o pi'ia n c"nl t 1l his --' " N I. %V0rli--Memuoirs of celebrated ry- j ls- by .I P It .nlsi Esq. author of l' Darnlehy, lichelicu, larstertonlI, The l Gipsey, kc.; in N it Is to Ciu:ki ofs , Quips QtirkI .\ nletdoites cl . illa. It ecte of the Olxertd :it C:nhatlt e slchola.'s; bIy theni tl Iier o{f l:ec tie ( ::,la ri'icnsis, e, &ke. I ru rC:iatrd illl foc sRle by \\ l I'KItA N, -I\ Niiitir li+ac S lsAL1tti or a i rSIt ichiti p ly W illimt II. lar - , ii stave Iv, in . i ron i" the asdacita of the si osuit t a eosstilse ol' ls [tlLuni sit I Io ihi IHoly Lt'i' e'' iitnirisiig sit el lec5i' n, skottcht l Io ra. p cltioes, l nals s hsrhsgs a Tilt FtUtiel in tliglaudc hhilg a seqell l o . he ate e 0IlIOTClKISS & co ci t o'i '7 st hle.s stlttet L.ATE' I'UIILIC.ATIONS. rllIE PRINCIPILES OF FREE TRADE, illus. . Iriltled i: a series of lhort anld liiliar Essay,.i 'originally ipubllished in the " of the Constitu t " I::GACY TO PARSONS; or have thI clergy f the established church an eq uitable right to the tithe., or to cay other thing called church pro lperll greater than the di-sen.ters have t t e salle I Ind1"I1 O:t t111h' (hre, or o tll there nOtI, Io he ii illlliltil f ll: he lllc'ch 'l l the stI t e t1 --ih is Ictlt rs, to the church ipatrous c.tecrlle, inchluding the ceathedral atid collecg clce ict d wlI t ihle bithos, wiitl tt di'di:aliot to ltlictfcldc, his h t el' mlmnne by W'et. tlCitccIt, 5!. 1'. THEll COI)MI'.El'l WVORKS OL' JER:EMY lJ l, 'l.l\ l.\ T ll II ICII.TAT'S A¶,ISTANT,or "lercrantile Inltrulctor, co taill irg a full acil.c t io the inoiy. % oi:', lycight+ nw d h lmliiasura of*" tht prhllt~ ipa: Iigllljll. tlliols allcl l.eir ohltie s; ttee ll tel r t 1") t lc h, irr bles il UI' . l'C.n l ,' ' 'r, lccc' t al r l t, s lllnl!i"! from the ccldition of c Fl c'l, with ec dic i ' rolill'mlc the wortc - o1" K,"liv, Neleehroche.r, Kriie, MclKelluh-, and others; hy Fral,,cit .1. ll-d, ainhor f " EIementary 'Treatise o, Paiie i'c :-ohl - c i t .c c t,',' t h"c. n 'T.\!( II;P, ill" ll,. ; of l)li fr:', · f i-. l ai fhr the :hI illyl' eflieclc h, tl:i, ll :il th- illclt1' tc :tl1,'ccclie'. lif .'lii V 5,r, i cat'Il-ive, .:dI t.i fmlac 1y 1,; cll I c- crc l ln'lit ;r, .,~, f, .1 , CmO. lIem " I, "l(.'l & C .lr FI.L.EY has removed front 76 Clhartres street to -U If 76 Canal, near Royal and has received by late arrivals,additions to the original stock, which are now offered in quantitier to suit ponchasers. Rich SMtins, Ilain and figured. do do blkoandcolored. n do Gro de Paiia, plain d d figd. do do jet aufdblhe blk. do Ilep Silk, plain and egd. at do GaIzes, Pnplin, lltnolCeo, &e. n Plainlanid knotted, China Cbourglh & English Silk Ifoer. t Sp toriorembrodered Lace and open work do do do 'flTread, Mohair, Worsted and Cotton lose. S Stwart's Paroi made 11 S Gloves, blk. whito & ass'd t Silk and Net Glove, blk, white and as.srted. do do and II S Gloves, long armed. Also--90tenaes Ronnert. c.rnsisting of French Silk and Satin trimmed d untrirrtml,Orien- I tol Gresina, Florence, Oval crown, nd 'lousenn Straws ''orlbtis, liend Dlresses, Wreaihs;r l R's, Flowers &r. &r. dO E. FIIII'Y, 7( Cano street. I'fIIADL.PIIfA M11 liRtOR. T HIl E splendid patronage awarded to the Philaeld Sphiia Saturday Courier, indurces the editors to comn Inencee the publication, nnder tie above title, of a quar t edition oftl'lheir popular journ 1, o long known as the Inrgest Famil Newsatuper in the United States, with a list of nernr TWENTY.SIX T'IiOUSAND UB-n SCRIBEnE S. Tile new feature recertly introdired of furnihilng tleir readers wnith new books of tho iast lite rture of thIe dony, hing proved Ito eminently success fli, tsr: plan will he rontinold. Six volumes ufthie cc Icbraotd writingsn bfCaptnin MNoer -otl, and siltv-lirve of Mr. Ilrook's vnlunable etf ntcrs martn Eiropn,lanveshely Iteri iublislhd without interfering with its news and mnirecllaoreous reading. 'The Courierisl thle lurreesnod uehcusrl fimily ne ;Ppaper ever icsued in tIis atnter, - contaiiiiae artirles in Ilitreotme Scinre and A ets; In Itrnls Improeement; Agrienltoenl in short every varity of titio esseils i introlced intol a publie jourota. Givio fll ri aecotntr of maes, markets and news of ihe lateot slain. It i- isblilhed at the low triee of $o. Fer this small uotl ubSrieribers get tvalanblo ad e tertnaintg matter, earchl wrn cn .lgh to Afila ollmon book of'u00 mines, anod eqal to 5i vohumes a yeart, and wtich is clit.eaned to be read, weeklyr. by at lnast two lunred thI 'nln d peiol, ecattred in all parts of the rontrv front TMaine to Floridn, anl from tile seaboar to the lakes. Its hornts th s linetesini enable its onterprising pro )trictolo. Messrs WooDw.An & CI.AnKe, of Philadel nhia, to re-ublisht in its colmnsto, in tile course of a vrer, saclal of tile mlost ar interesti new ork thalt i nue friot the Briticl pras,: whkich entnntfail to girve to it a perllitte , iterest, aod reoder it worthy of nreser rntils. 'o meetler the witho a tihreftreo aa euh ,tf ilir snubsc iersl as desire to lave their smsbers botan,!they have determined on issuing An editinr of the Cenrrierin the nrlitin form, which elwill reder it ilucrh tur. r^o soniict fir reoding when it is bound in a volume, and itus greatly enllance its value. 1'IIE QUARTO EDITION. LUnder the title of the 'PHtIADELPItttlA MRaon. will emracine. with n tie publienatio t of the Prie Tale., to whlich was awardedi the prize of $ti00. written by tMis Leslie edlitor of tlr splendid Annual, the TokeInand auithor of tPencil Sketecs and other va tlls,a eontribu tian, to sAtnrion Literaotre. A laerec"in hi.o~u -o.s, Ioetn rtalce, &r. offered in competitioin for the $5011 re lftitun will il aod valtei and interest to the rsuieedioig 1 aumlbers, wllhil· will alhs be enri,'hed by a stornr fr'n l1ise Sldiw ick, aonthor of lfope einlin, 'rhe I.i uo' . ,are. t whioc talents have been so justly and extensively lalpprreiat', both at he om andt abroad. o Stisi, n 'rsovdi FbAMILY NIWS'PAPER i strietlyv Iertral ia reliios anitd political matters, annl tie ni. onmp.lOmisinittt g p oppottot ofqnaekerv of every kitd. MAPS. lit otistion ti all ifWhltili tic publishers intend fur nihldt their Itrhi whitn a series of rloerusave Maps, elslllln cillt thie stt itr.-fi.e Stntes of the tInion, &e. ex -ibinio the .tluati, c. of rivers, town, mounlanins, isiken its o ral itrI, isiensl iso eovtneteats, r diinn Iy d in cnals, rail roads r, &,with ol:herI illIterstling d1d iI anuefl faueos', rondo, distnres, Ac,r litning o root- I iplate .iss fur glcteral usao unt iflnation, hanndinme Iv ciloted, nld each drillson t mnlt i am an hre lormso shect, oat aor cene which nothAinle but ithcsn .ndid I aronsogh wti( It for si yesers piot iha beene so genc. I otisi extendied to thes , ,.ithl warrant, i Tile Pli!ollsdllhin Satrllav f':onrier ia sillt ntl co lltied in i, IItot e Iore , nt il FIale price as oerelllu'e. The lhilatdti lphiai Mtirror, iling o qsnort editions of the Sn tnrdan Corier, wsitlh its ilnceased strntilos, and psint ,d oil othe le-s white fitle paper, of the ssnie st, na tle New t irk Albi-,o, will lie Ill fit prei"sel one Ihalftlhe price o tlnist ralublte jouornal iz: 'lhrie I)clnearper notnt, payable it htrnoer, tisuinsisr the om nis.) " WOODWARDt & CIAIiKE, . ji f Philailpitii-. _ lI -AItRiOIt & (U'ARLES No 2'"i Custitno se i it,, It otilr sitr ale if 10 pipes ntl fi0 haltf pins Bertedeno randsv,, entlitlerd rto debenture; 10 qr conks old brandy; 00 riehth ncasks irhanluligue Ibroody; 0 piptes filnl 120 qr easksManrsoilles tladera winc-.c 31itr casks Sicily Mioadeira; tO half fp'e.fort \\llo; ill baskets chalopaigne do; 100 bxs srow Ilavrn souaenr, II2 bags linvaa coflner; 80 bogs St l)omingo dlo; 50 leroons Cuba n'lohnbaeo 10 eroos float indligo; 50i scks -noft shelled annondsn 20(0 hxs ism rinal aodl gunptowder tea, 13 lbs each; 2120 do dt (i lks eacrl, 20 chests poehong tea 100hbxo No 1 chocolate, 1110 kegs black a int. r 25 b!lds cloves;1 22 Ios 2 doz each old brnIo n0, pale lsherry wire; 30 bbls pale ale 2.110 coils bile rope.; 5 boxes superior ('nCavedih i obae Sco; 2.0 hild No :Ilmackrel; 996 barrels No 1 Potonnoe helrings (neev;) o90 hb , anlwive, &e. S&c. & J30 kIt tlIf'S'I'ibCTICS FOR TfIfE M1 ,ITf[A. C ONCISEG S;YSi'sf11 OF INS'T'RUCTIONS AND) J REGUI.A''IONS for the .Milililia and olulteer of the UnitecI State, comprehending the exercises adl mnemrrc ntis no. f Ito infantry, Lfight Infottry, nd Rid it unto, tavalryt and Artillery; together lithl the manner t, f doing dutyIi in Girrlison and in Cna , nd the foros of . pialldes,n reriwcs, oid inspertions, ao c toblialhed by anu h rltv, or Ihe governttent nftlthe IReglar Army. Pee pared anold rrae gdl by Brevet Cartaitn S Cooirr, ail de Campi, al ,\sdiotant ;\djutannt Generaol; utinder tihe ansper Svision of lMaijor Grneral Alex. Mascmnb, coittaonding k, the Army if tli I:nited Slates. if ORNIfTHIO(LOGIICAL itii)lRAPIIt--Or, on ar , connt of the hnbits of the nBirds of the 'niled Slaten of n Amerirca, ancosisid lby descriptilon- of the ohjeets ere.rsented ia the Work ntitled "'hu Birds of Anrri In ea,' nlli istercesorsedi with leinrieaitions of Ameriean nenerv nid mannoers; iby John Janmes Audubon, F I 5 8 L & I.--Vol 3. Just received and for sale hs kW`M tcKfEAN, J. .......... Cornier of Cantp end Cmioin nons,. Jt unrnorer 01 nAmp ann nomnon mo. ElV 1BOOKS- The Las of Eliquetrlte. in one vo dSoketctes oJ Sowitzerland, by the author of the Spy, lc, &c, in two volume,;. Life toad I)et s oftf John A Muroel, and an account o'l h dete'titon, lv \Virgil A Stewart. rrc'eived nld fi.r sale by Jt, iO)TCIIKISS & Cc, 24 Chartres at. NEW WOltb.'i. jI1.Tl, \\'A'rcil. Fromnltheautohiogll,'lbhof a hIll i-i` tlsh rlt]]rer. 1lytilve n, or ll cd" Caendisd h ile. vile. lthi! null' lttro'tne pianto at n tndlo dau!' In tilre totlnes. Alant aim It osorltttr Se'titOt l.n' Natontd E1tincatio. It J1. (}rotlitr '1't'a, t"Iotesor aot'nooolaor I"bc-aottl-n hntht New oik'UIeitcrstity. Ieeett ed hy I)'Yt'CIIK1SS fL eo, e:4 Chnrtrutt at ANNUAI'n FOR Itt11 T IIF Til-rn anil Atlliati SOIIuvellil a theiattnlranllld New Ye:rs Present. l'nti (GIFT; a Christlmal and NOw 'ear's Presentl. Edited bI .Miss Leslie. Ileceivud' :end I'r sale by IIOTCIIKISS and Co, net 7 24 Chartre street ...1. TAR hi -Planters, Iuildelcr ship and steam Sboat tt illnlte, icanl now supply ihetnselres with thisi listfll utiilee : It 1-2 cents pellr gallonl by application at thie (tasl llict., Ilatk Alley. lThe icinty sutcttsl'till elp ernlents of the coal tar has rallet.ieli it to those eio n Iltitte with its vaitable pro 'artii, no indisensIlble' article Ior lpreser.ltin of feice tinbe.', wotode rnools, s c; mixed with shiarp sni d ani limn, it makes a most xcellent cement oin the rooit s, securing themtn froth, lekage. The extretmcnely low price at whichi it is notw furised, shouhl indto every- planter, ship ilas er e luiletl-r ti htntoIlnotntveot utopllh. or 4 (-1 AIR Ci I llAMLPAIINF;--.A fi-t'rihl" iuppl"y of this I hir hly ectlirated wine, with lead1n eaps, war ait el in qualiter, at least cad loan, chamnpage imphnptnd in the United tlltes, just recivedally Eprt ItI A II INSO:T , P.v a Nortaarnt SIVbES OF 'lIl- NE-CROMANUISRS,' r, an oc. cL onunt of ttolu, 1ott etititjtnt persons in successive acwho hnve elaimned for thientsolves or to whmn' tian bv Williama Gtoodwin, author of Caleb \;illintts, &t.. LETTERS FROM TIIE SOUTIT, ty a Northoern nma, nec edition, inll volulnes. Justl rceiced nnd for onole oy WV3W Ml'KEAN, nov 27 Corner of Cnamp and Comnon sts. B RAN)DY, GIN & RAISINS-A lotofa few lhun dred boxes Iunnch raisins, few ialf oipes of French i'ra ndy, several tipesrof old a trriorlo llnlud l Gin, antI flftv boxes slermi candle sc, ll or fair qlility, to be sold lw; to close o 'neern. l AI 1to'ihol ld vee. N It Ihon nlnd Coltler-- t.lai will tei pnid for ot fi\t hundred irun of old Iron and Copper, apply ats auove T I 11" LNG(UAC. OF FI.OVWEtS, &c.-Tito I\ l uagt of Flowers, illustrated by colored cn *ttts, ' d c itiot. Tihe oittdti oFlowe'rs, illut'atei lby colored t1ngra I lr:t ain l "lulhl ; or Gelms of Flower.s and Pnelrya, hinel sl :adphah'eti t illolgrolnm't tt of" ilotr's, w'ith tlt pronit:tte illll'lioniois, nembrllltsht d itli colored plates, by a Inla. Flort's todItrt .tc.t" o-., the Atoe''ictut tootnk of It100w tlsti a t Sottt.llllllSI, i Mrs S S llllltiird e dition, int t'lc 'Artin or, Yroung ladies' Instructor in Orina iheit:,l l'nintil, 1)lrwint ,Ne. Julrt tc'i'led antt for slalel y \\'\I MI'ItEAN, net 12 enet-r of (Campant (ad liCon . . )!I AN.1\ (,iicl. l IO'llN:. fMre.-L.Uninllh fru(m the Sshiip Mlarin: 30 cass runett lUr,,ans, onlllnon, , tra and ha.r 1i .-: G I sr a moll'" s .y p ge r le Blr , -ii illitt " ot ir'I' tli . . i' lo itto' l; I; to n a.Cr lo:dit ' dl s .et , l !r d ;i ppr 1, r "sc & (lo'tl. , 1liRJ rI, ~i' E & CO. ihe mist : ll n l'ell, and ina irn nilr nld most admi rslle sitwa'tiln, ill tIl' fauolllg Frankllin, upon the rail road, oOe Iile from tile Mlississilpi. 'The bllildleg is ill ost eommodiously divideds into n.ptlitlints, for keeping separate diferent classes i anl diflernt diseases. i The institution is supplied with the most skilf.l and fu attentive atle and foemale nurses, speaking thyarioi s t e mnttle lt:tgugogee. it l'riv.t( rolous in.y be hald br gentlement at from tweo ed to fire dollars per dol, incluldi;g lttendl.nce, etc. So jl'erms in tie ordilary wnrids, olne dnll.r per day. Slaves also one dollur. Snuell Pox intheoirdinalr i sry tal r three diollars. r All cllitnl slegieal operationsextra. h The residlllnt phllsihan is D)r. i. Lewis, to whoto i. ullplie l fort ilfldleission must be snllte, erso 1)-. O. A. Luzemlereg, No. 17, itmpart st. jy 21 e I nT l': Utltt.ICATIO.S--s the srolthers, a totlat 4 the Irolle, in 2 vols. The W\iti and WV:otan's Rleward, by Mrs Norton, in 2oils. S"iriim Coflin, or the Wlhale Fisherman. I The tloasthtl Ieishoman,or the Exile of Erin, in 2 vols. b A Narraitie of a Visit to the Ametriecln Chuirches, d by la I)eptlltion fromt the Congergationnl Unliontli oIEn. itnd nod Wales, by AIlrew Il.ed, D. D. slld James d SI theson, I) 1), in 2 vols. Novels and Tales by Mltria Edgeworth, 90 vol$s vrey nriel lI nlll Id inllll. I'lbe \\'oVks of .Mrs Shrwool, being the only ulli form iedlion eavr ptblished in tlhe United State. t Justtrecciselsd Iand for maley 1 i AN WM M'KEAN, oct "-orner Ctonp anl ColllUen n sts IIt. FI:lellvy of thte 1.t e tICtLs.lalos,l Iio.ue., t AA resli.ett illt ask the attentiont it tlhe edietl Prolessinn, Inll of thle ieinds of cienee in generlal, to Ithe cnlli ion nl pospec.tus of the nstihtutin IIuni r tlheirettgh.'. 'I'het ilgll gl ws orgalnizedl in the nrotelen al 1t3 "; a i'h coll crse (l" letullteeaswas givens;ing tle past winter, j tand at the last ss eftS It.e lg rislaiure, t eltiwttr Wat erlcolln'rll oil it willh the uualll poers Itd priileges ofe sitnil tinsittittioans. Siner the trTminatiotor of the course of let.res, the Flelll" Itnte g4eln itlllnremittell attentiOn: to the interress of lie College', lll have coilsiiht.teily ngmtented its mentis of itslness. lnt liaware thaIt,i whatlB er maly be iheir own zedl oil itdtistry, the suceess of their enter prize is mainly de pedInt non the eolntenaure it cmts rceivey romn the ioiligttened and potlrioie polirtion if their feltnw citizrlls, rrtienlarly f' ro. those of the NM, dlielti .fossion---thllle 'aculty arle desilroui s to olbtl:lill the ttentlll l of the cimmeiln it to te olldnll gel nliIreld by theilr institutiont to the .lMdidal Students it this section of1"111 c illllalo' . 'lTh nl.lgeewill te in possessiotn, at the loTmenle met, ofl tle next session, of aqt,!.le elt fcr tilhe illlstlltin of clhemistr II a the collater:l scienes. Ample meants forthe mtl;lyv of Anatnmv, will bie ltnilish Swithout Itolhtle til stllllent, nl withoutll violation. of ihe s.aclr d Ifelings, or( even prejulldies of society. 'htltn it is reenlleted that onte thirdt of the piotlla I lin of New O.'ltnv ( s, nll ring thI e willtter seoson, os cnm posed rof stlnifell, imanli ofbwhono, t'lortm tlloie or tle cessit), resolt itl sickle s to tlhe several well ronlllletedl hlll ittrs l:tl thi ity, it oi st b.e I pirient that the It' cilltdtri possesson of i niel rplll Sed mels Ilr rendere ing tieir tcoitie of instrttiot Ihotlntregilty demlneltsrtive. 'I"o allil thel nl.ll es o'R tIhese priveileges, it has leeln r I'rand that n :l:rte .. trtion of the lertlcte s from tlhe ti ii chaos, shall lit tlintill, al d lldisease l andl treat Ileltetighit i t the dsietllit 'the Iptiriet. The, 1 unhr of surgical eates ii this eity is neolen mItilly Igr'et, and li ulltltt It'y ole l.rtin i l the science iwill ie pet t'll d blTo t e,. clatss tle tihing su jet. I The' Irci)r of Illillul, ti Pht'ioltgyi will, in like mll timri, lie aeoipoliielldii ly ieilonslin lril c l pei The ficulty illh oul pailicutiln Iv ilrge the opiniton (in t hilh i l is heliesc i l th w ill bte sutaill edfl the expe i ·ri nel ollf Il sic a In , t'hn m lilt il stll es s i of he S otll-ll l LI , lslllsel , ctionlll of the United Stltes e, in maylll ill it. es, s o nmdilld lln cle, Ih thatey can nieitherl he well iltaught by tiholse wlo hlic not seen thelom, nor well Sst :died by those o1illh cae nolt aIn opplortuity of w it e nesstig their pecuiliarities. I lThlugh it is, perh:lps,o unnecessary this part of the tI Utnin to olur pltecu.l.xri motive', yet, tot lwayol 'iter i rllonels nllle ession, it nla" not he uperilllos ito state, i tlait upon an Coil elcullteil offll the expenses of itltend r ing reltc istit.tlltltit, t rnsiderhi le Ihal:ite i ill b, foInn in tbotr of Ithel Cllge in this City. T o reitler the School u ceseible to those in indigent circumane s, it is pr'ovided by the hy-lotaws, thalt twenty students shlltl te admit led grtis, uion evidence eof ii essitois eirium st tnlles, ntidl'tieutleti literor"y atid morall ,1tdilfitetitilis. i 'The tFailtty iiie eily furithet to stole', that their heet exertions will be givre, to render the colrsel of instale t lioni in the Melldictl College of ltoisinnao, iboth iple If ild trorough; il heeli lllg, as theyli dto,tlht Ith(e Ieee.s of this institution will be mhinlentl" sLeful and hnlora hie to this sction of ur contiiiiy, the' appeal with eon rid tlete to the pti l'li 'l oi their I, llow-cilizllns ti l .oiotetlloieu ted .litppoilt. SuCI IAS. A. IIUJZNItElG., l)eni. New Orlelans, Augiiust, 1835. IThe Course oif Leclture will rottnll enice on the firde .2Mlodtuday of 1)celber noelt, and lertminate the last Ceek n .\harclh. t CII.ARIe S A. IUZI.NfEtRl;, I. I). - Professior of tle trinciples lll P'eetieeofl Surge y. lF)WA\\AIl) II. ItAlitt'lN, MI. It. SProfessnoorf the i'hceory aid l'irltive of .lelicile andl i Clitical l'Prcitiee. \V. IVIRD POWELL, Mf. 1). for l.ulssor f CO'ihi ti'try :ui lyll cy. J. IIAIlRISON, 1I. II le I'eofessor it lutelii Nledliie,. T'hetuitl:es1icsaill Medical J ot'islrieh'tic:. g I 10\AS It. INGAI..S, .I D. Professor of Oh.tetrlies ol Diseases iof \\ io..nen andl tthildtee of C. A. IUZENlERlllf:, MI. D. te I'roifssor it Anstoni (ali initerim..) t n Requisites ll ftees lof Graduahitioni the sa.' ns in t the olllersitsU of I" ennsltvani all 029 ilcl loniviiasiti if t.'ci)Ic tac!.ir , anti -' r1 OU. F -..N IIANUNI;I-A short flistorv of fa per Money and tIankbin in tile Unitel alnten in cluding ana connt of Provincial and Continental Paper Money; to which is nrexed anll inquiry into the pnuci pies of he ivstrnn, wvith eomsideratior. no its ieffect on norals antd ulpiopiness.--'lee whle :ntedcd rd a plain exposition of the wy in which Paper itoney ad .Mo ney Corporations ellfect tile interests of diflorcit portions ofmthle connitn v . . lly Win. 31. Gnoue.. Second edition. J-Iti receivod ondl for sale by IIOITCIIKIS & o Co. j 12 2 _ Chanrtrres-st. C OKING STiVEi.S.-Stanlylev ' co's Polatoent tio trv Cooking ietoves. flr iwoo, d or nctliracite roal. e hoive jest reeive,) a fill sn pplv of tcir celebrated stoves of all sizee, Slital-le for Ilcotel, Iloardling Ilousos and large and lninlll flllllic. For convenience Y td i sI - pictl in cookin_, c, well ns thie grat savin of fiLel, fullyi one-half, lltheyr will Ihe feiiltd It oh ilnllnlble. Certil. coeos from the princilcpll lil Keprrs at the North, as well as hnndreds of otherr from private inlividuals and aptaiois of vessels nod sti anlhoets, as to the utility of tllee stoves, run be seen tiour w1arhco,&e. I)UNBIIAf & Co, jan 7 No. 59,T othoalitorlas st. Copper; til and sheet iron nomde icii to rler. Extranct of letter front Csptai Win. A. Ioward, cat cnmdiniU. i. Roh ecnueod Cutter McLaon, to the lloe. Levi \ oodbury, See. of Navv: In answcer to your enquiries'in reletion to Staloey' Rotary Conking Stove, I heg leave most respectiflly to reconincndl to ice I)epartmie nt, tile adoptiolln f tllose Stoves fir thle Cutters generalhc they airc mcI less heavy, iar convecnient anc i ecol c lninal thau n lthoi goe ncrally in use. Furl is an article that takes i p the most roo:c, is sconest expendedCi and is onro destrctive to tile loats of the vesel in transportation thln ally other usled on board. l hicdl you belowv an restimate of th I comnparativeli cost r f fiel [ltweeThi tile stoves. Amount offiel rmennlned ib the ou t (Glley, from Feh.ghuh to March i.dtl, I u tl h 1 .$13 Anuoucrt of futl rconsie S bald c y tanley's fron March ld to Maly4tici l heg I mo lth and 10 llthance in favor of tecalccy'S, $5 03 iWOWARD, Capt. '. S. .Re. Cutter Malnri. Diftrence in favmr of Stnnlo h $n $101 'clket Bloa, Sea Serpent, hblun from Buffalo to Ro c.hester, July 13th, 135. Htaving beenreenortec cd ly a pasenger to express my opinion of t le itility nil counvelienc of tihe Rlotary Stove in ilnal Packcts, Ionl pleaied to say that I have mucne full trial of one iof tile No. 3 Rotary Stoves on thlis placket, anti find it to ailnswer ic most vamcuablc picr pose. We arc able to hake, roast aidt boI, and, in short, tocmk the csual cirietics of lmeat, vegetables, Ipud digs, & e.C for 60 persons, SAM'L. 11.ilON, Capthicn. L -I - OF. S\it. -CO Illll "'l , 3.--'lile life if Vi n. Coheltct dedlicalotdr to his sons, fron tile se aonud loo cetcon in vcl. Memoirc of tile Iifi of thie right tinnuorahlc Sir Jc.iin Mlackii touh eclitclil Icy his soi, Rlobert Joael Mackin, tosh, Esq. in2 vols. TriirlstcIi Tales, hy the aliccior of Talecs of a Vi ageri to tile Arctic Ocean, in O2 rols. Jest recicrd nod or sale WM. ,i'KIA N, dllc'16 rcorner of Calmlp racl ComnnilIl sit. NE\V PI' ltf'.\TTIIoNS. SILtVI I{. AT 4 TiE s --'5111, i, the iolullh ill i ahnlitlciasts. I ail. 12I11o. Thie hock fil tlccanvrce, hi Thnu CumnplIell SCo:na:l The Geccile manid Lhluaic= honk ccfPtilinu,'. d pro-cc prie tlc ic,,lln.I ,i.i i.iatc 1'e o tht oillctctc'o ic-I ca. "B; M'datInm CeChtnul, trhTanlltedI r>", the ]'u ri: edition.n. l tfnt'v Te,-fi :.r.. r 0'".i, f-'r ."^ c'.rr-,"" ::,!·I r:i,-. neral . Ivn, U S .rnemv. tel c-c. II h, -ini rct,' iM,! *anI f)r sCle fy \it ,: Ic:.c\,l', l "t n , ct, Mo . ucc·lfc In ')nS-Rico: i. 1iil t of the Sn i!111rz I: O c. c !c authors of I'elian ic. tci acltchcr of ;\ c-c,, .e e is ' c, . P BA-; cifrI& Iklr[tIl any t. f STATE OF LOUIIotnR, FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT Con T. In the malter of I EDWARD BROOKS oa HIS CREDITORS. or IT rt ordered by tle court, tlht a bneetllg of tilhe e- ti ditors of the ianolvent, nod all othes iotterested, do ho otke plact before II. B. Cenar , Esq. Notaryv Pulic, on fro Mlociray, the t hdsay of May next, at 10 o'clock A. M. in for thlle purposc of deliberaiitg generally on the olioirs of the rctate of the insolvent,-to appoint (if they rdeem it necessary) other yndics ill the lieu o01 the syndics cn deceased sioce their appointmentl by a fOrrlr meeting, to or to colitot tiopoorr ofthe surviing snydir, tnt to ro collfer upllllon Inl such powers, and give loln s.h iontrouc- wi ions as Ihre interest of the creditors of said estate mayr cc require, or as Imay be deemed expediellt, And it is li:. n thier'ordered, that Hllenry R Denis, Eeq. lthe arttornery Wi heretofore appointed to represent tihe absent creditors, be r"-appoiuted, and notified Int attend said lmeeting. By order of lhe lion. Charles Watts, judge of said court, this nlst day of Malch, A. D. 1837. a3 tew JOHN L. LEWIS. . TAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Cour de District de I Premiere District Judiciarc.-Danes l'aflhire d'Ed ward Brooks contre seo creanciers.-II eat decrete per la cnnr, qne tne assenmblee descrenociers de l'insolva bie, st tooies sutree y intollesoe, ea1t lien noau bureau do H. II. Cans, Nttairr poblic, lo 8 de MDao prochlain a 10 lhcrrrs du matin, aris do dolibeerrsur In affaires, de iaoolvable,,de noomne si it Icjljge conversable d'au tres syndies enl place des syndics jecelde depins lear nomination par une assemblee anteriour, ou pour con firmer le plourvoirs du syndic survivant et pour lui ra vstir de tels pourvoir, oet lui donner de trlles iantrue tions que I'internt des creaneiors dudit fillit peuvent exigr. Et it eat de plu dcrete, qne Ilenry R. Denim sonll ononne anlont el-devnlt noltmno or represrnter les creannrirs abnsent., ct notie, d'etre present a rette lPar are die lI'hon. Charles \VWatt, juge dtdit cour, ce 31 iars, 1837. aG JOHN L. I.EWIO, Gremer. A NNISAI.S FOP. 183I.--lileath's Picturesqueo A In touls for 111386, with 85 splellid otgrneinggs, by the hbest artist, lllafter dawig, by A. . Vickers, Esq. Fisheer's DIraing Roo, Scrap Book for 1831, with poetical Illustrations by L. 1. L. 'lThe Tloken ald Alatlier Souvelnir, a Christmas' and Ntew Yeacr's P'reooot for 1836, rllitd lot .. U. Goodrich. T'1Gaift, a Christmas' and New Years' Procent,edi ted h xolire Leslie. F'or et-3hI-Not, a Christmas, New Year's and Birth day Present for 1"36, edited by Frederic Shobel. 'lThe Friendship s Offering , and Women's \Vrath, a Chriotmas and Newiv ear's'I'resent for 183G. The Religiols Soavclir, ia Christla n , New Year' and Birthdlyv Present fer1836, edited by Chauuosy Col ton, D. D. 'Th0 Juvenile Forgut-3lo-Not, a Clhristmas and Nw Year's Gil for 18t3, editod byr Mrs. S. C. laol. 'lThe Pearl.or Afibetion's ift, a Christmas and New Years 'resent fIbr 1836. The P.lIical Annnal for 1836, being selections froom the EInlish Poets frotn Chaucer to Beattie. The Ilnlknt's Annual, or Mlother's Olff.ring. Tile Yonth's look o'ftlte Seasons. Tle Arlist, or Young Ladies' Intruoctr in ornnamen tal Paintinfldrawting, de. by B. F. Gtndec. Elcmentsl of Drawing Flower Painting in opaque and tramllllrllt E. E. Perkihs. Floran ad Thalia, or Gtems and Poetry, being an al Plhabtical arnrlleent of fluwers, wtihaoppriat illus tratiolls and colored latres, Iby a lade. 'Thle I.:uI{lla-e of I'lowerre,d cdiiion. Peter Parlev's Almanac for 183:6. The Amlerilan Almanac and repository of useful knowledge, fr the year 1838. I'll' Nautical Allalnac and astromoltlical Eplhemoris far t }lyear 1836. The Gerllan Almanoc tfr 1886. Just received and for sale by "WM. M'KEAN, _ rloereof Camp ol Clommlln stis, E\l.3 IOOKS.-Essav on tile Rae of Vgloes, with Sano eaaminatiln of ilr causeo of the differnerr in tile ronllditioTll of tie i anoring popullation throlghout the world, 1y IH. C. Core'. Clirnto lladhlalw; or tile Adventuros of a La.o ar, ill Iwo 'ols. 'le Anealican Almnalle and Expositor of Colful Knowle dge, for tile yenr 1838. For sale 1h tnIlo" '1 110 i'CilKISS & Co.. 24 Clhartres t. OBOK AND JOB PRINTING, And Blank Book JIlanufeitarlyj. FltilE subscrther resprotfully illrlnms his friends and i tle public that tc his, in connection aith his book andl stationarv store, an .xteusive Printing Office nal Bolk Bind r:0, an1 is ready to undertkeh thle printing of I'a/,tti," t Card8, Blank Cheeks, rCatlgiues l.egal Notices, Bills of L.ading, Label;, Bill Forms, Drav Rteceipts, Autiol land 1Show B1il8 . Also, the Binding of Boooks and alnlutfaeturing of Blank Blooks 0 any size or desri ll. EA " VM. MirKEAN, Cornerol Camp e ndi Common stis, opposite Ricihrdsoo's (late Bishop1's) lotel. j 3 IANNUALS FOR 1836. ri l E JtVENI I.LE FORDGET-ME-NOT, a Christmas Sand New Year's Gift, or Birth Day Present, for 1036. EIdited ,10 Mrs. S C lall. itE r\TII I'riltlIreFsquE AnlNUtL, f r 1831, Oenbellish edr with "li slledlid ulrall in'gll by the first artistsl PFootArl{. A'.'itl., bein'g se.etious tfrom the Eng lish poets, frcm Spences to Bleatti; emehtllished with ortr'.it an l21 illustrations from dratwings by II Cor. TIr PREoLtOtr SOuevEtIRt a Christmas, New Years, and Pirth 1 Presimt fir 60813. Edlited by Chaoucey (Clt0n, D D. Jonst received and for sale hl Wif IIKF.AN, d, 0.00 ors(' l 1ap r nw d Cnd lnlon st. UNITED 1.11 ATFS 1DISIIIITI COU(T'', East District of l.otisanna. Inl .Almiraltly sitling: l N Ilio a Of an order at this Court made on motion J of Ilenrv Sockett Es. on the Ilth Janulary 1836,re 11o1iring a 0 aten0ent of the moonies remaining 'depoated d llillInlwdillll in hRile IR strg of thle Court, to b0o iub. lishdcf; slytifing tle case-latesll ofdeplosit and parties interestedlll of tierrd, thell ullndersignlled Registraor reports tihe smu of413. 15, remaininge ullaimn d--in the fol lowing rases. Wefiord & Stevens rs ship Washlinston 541375 D eposited ol thle Registrl Aug. l, 11817. Dellog the roceedstof sale of the ve$ocl of whom the OIlIPt' elppear to be Otolole & t..ob - binis, Jll1as Ma0son, Olion \'Vi'oxt, WLLrrt:n t- Bisllho )-residence not ou Record. 10 S rlllloner I flile r terorain Goods, 53730 i- date ofdtlOllit A1ll l 0111 1817. 1 J Smih vs 27 lHfgh's of wine, 79 80 1datile frldcposit July A1th 1819, no claimant on M1 Slit-helll et dl. rs Schooner 1th January, 47 2 . ates of de posit Ju. 18th, 18:13, Leviin Bolloan. PImoutnlh NC caimanta ofr esasel hWinter et dis s Stearm loalt Nlloleon 20 13 dIl ,e ofdlclosit Def. 28I 1'82, Ialance of tie plroceds ofI thes ole of tle Nnollleln after pas ld g clailllmatls. ot elinlelil Ie Anderson 31il Sler, of 1o.nloisille. lVictr l)r id ls steaml Ioat Florida, 3 83 (ate cldi de)osplit SetI 1th,1331, J T Baudlc's syndic claimant. I ardeuln Prrr ct nls rs Brilb Sally E-th1er, 0 d'ate of de)nOSi, MaIy 9th111 12211,, ovcrs of onliy born and II RichardsofMasnahus,,tts. And in obedience to the finrther order of the said (Cu1rt the owner r or ownelrs, and all and every other prson or persons lanving or pretending to have any right, title, in terest or demand on ol to tile said lonies are hicrly ci Stad and ,!monish.d to be and appear at a District Court of the II. S. for the disrlict afiroanid to be holden oni lothe third M 1onday of lrny 1836 at 10 o'clock n. o. at the City of New Orilllans to hakle Illeir clliml theretonr show e cause why such disposition thereof should not he made , as to tle toourt mllaV saonl niler and proper. By order of t'ourt, 91 DUNCAN N IIENNEN, Registrar. 0e jun 0-n w f3m1 FII N. \'I'TUR.\LISTS OWN 1lO.K--Cocmp piing L dc'ecricctios andc tct.ecllnlcedotes of Quadrup- ! U CUndr ce l tile eotttoe of the"ioooclln Moo'o Owo, Book! T E. TI' fR.t. I tlleSTORY OF INSECTOI-In two colcee s-ovt .,fercieg no.71 of the "Foaly Li U Iar?". A diestoe the Law or , EtE-cE tO CRINI'O L CoStS 3 -by Ilccnroy !l(ecec, Erl. with notes nod ret.n cos to - American lcn ision, and to the English commton inw and ceclesiostical reports hy GeorSte tcerdooud. O" I)ta cosols Or DISEttES of ticllo CtEIt-tood gollp on tle coolrisoo <sf t their dphysicl and ge-neral silgns, hlyWV\ WoroehardI. 0 PoINCIPLES OF P.nTnOLOoY, 000 PRoCTICE OF PHostc--By John 3aekintosk, 3111.), fRom tis laot I.on 1 don cditiaon with notes and additions, by Smunel Geo. ot1orhnt, .1 D, in 2 vol'n. ,THo AIoE.ICAN 1.UARTERlLY RcEVIEtw-NO 3I for SDecember 1833. Just received and foCr sale by f12 Wlc .McKEAN.corncor ofCallo antd Comn. ot. [giN-.ITf lic-TheOsucerinerhf l'rtec-ived For JL ship .8haks penr, the filloving splendid new maon Sgany telilure, which theCy oer for .-ale on lilCro l refill.% taltlccoanc 11ccltilchairs ,lain and carved itllh thairlhth, bl'ut scarlet ilnl l purple p ,lltlsh sarllt vecli-t o wr nte n damask eatt l Mahngllnv frech tprloor dchcius with dcmacsk hair t-tet, c2 dodotdo ti pl tto1I do dr to dIdocrimson ntor lctldldm cask,1 d ,tto Grecian do do hair cloth,-id, Icch ctccer choc's lacrcn Morocco ifln, ahdsi erc1 it' l O' rt c cid-A.ll of N ct leel'k con-ce nno iirftItlv ntie I f 1i Ill tlt it' & ('o. ciJ lcuitccciuccclao -t rJ g AVING ,n ,a tla Invrt~ quantitv ofC,,kqual Coal A T'l-a rolt r n:l i.lllta rar'I.Tl i ,OI.ide w ill be reecir - R i i tlin i inRS,' Le..iw. F. I .t i. f the Ii,'kwick Chh, coi·:- ,i lillll rhI..rll t1c ,•. I cc 'r'c'cr tc tC1 iOll.e lct r- ' il., tlll+"'lllll·I( ll'. ltll ,-)llliil' ."!·)ilctl.lcqlll+ II[lhPl fonr t' ccl.c c" ci-I ,f t yc Lit-t , jr. Mc J , t rI-eled 0 I forI -I fl . 1 o1.· l c i'cl Ib; ! · BIX).II.VY e i ,lol n~ rtlqc h it-cc-t. I"c Ot-. It. co-cc [ -icc1.-fe -ccfhrpat , cuci of~l dc t Cicct"1 . i;eo ,Ii a ,-t ~, ' s,,,c1- 1'~,, c', r clot 0' Iag l, f' Publir .lrrenntttrts mad G(encral .'igenry Ofire. TAMILTON IIAI.I. haing opened an , flice at No. H 14 Exchange Ilace, for the trnnsnetion of hbtIi ness relative to Acrronts, Collecting I)ebts, Transla tions; etc.; will ctutago to rieup and ko, trodl=men books, eitler Iby the month, ryear orjob,nd jis colfidost from the exparlence he has, b[d for 8o many years po-t I in some of the moot respectablhe loute,eh.t hst han give goEnarl sntisfiction to tlhtre who tooy pthose tt etplott bitt. Ile pltdg.e himself thlt all debts eotrusted to hii care, will receive Ili, best attention; and fron his know ledge of and long resideneo ill thios eh, he offers senr- vices with the fillest confidenee, at the same tieno he will give aecurivty fur the faitlhful acountin of nil re eipla. Trnnlotions to and from the Freucli and Spa- fo nih lannguage he will likewise undertake to execute with despatch ad cnrreectnena. I i year Ner Orleans. Ort.ber 1.186G. P P' BLIC ACtOUN''ANTS, (iENItIERAL Alel CY. AND BROKERS OFFICE, b [I1 Exclhange Place ]N aIAMIILTON IIALL, offrs the following Lands a .and Lots for sale, viz:- IN TEXAS, It leagsco, no tihe river Navauota, II do n thedabine, nearCoddo village 6 do on the Trinidad, 5 to on the Navaoato, 5 do n nRod river, 1 do an Bilg Alahnmea creek, I do and177 aros, un Charles creek, near the Noeheh, I do b-twoen Villagt cerk and Pine hIsland Bayou, 1 do on the head waters at Can Bay, I o onttlhe Angelina, IIdo in .cilatst'eConnoa, 1 do and 177 acres on Red river, a little aloe Bois d'are, I do on Redrirver, I do on the Sabine, 40 miles below Gaina's ferry, I do near Sulphur Fork, six miles from Red river, I do on Mhll'a Creoek. 1-2do 3 milkslornm Lion's Janding, Matagorda Bay 1-9 do on tho Pac of Corpus Cristy, Several scrip, of 640 serea, unlocated. Do of one league ldo, .1CO0 Arest, soldiera' Bounty Land. All the above lands are well situnted,itlher for spec ulators or settlers. The titles are indisputable, and fully gosranteed. ALSO.--500 AcreP , situated near new river. and a huot ten miles from the Mississippi, to which there is a good road. There are alout 40 aeres at pre sent, under ectton cultivatiou. 170 Acres near Iberville, La., goodcotton land, hear ily timbered, with a cane undergrowth. 172 Acrea,l mile from Almuns Prairie, and about 5 from the Mississippi rivet. 4 l.nts, itl Fasbourg Washington, fronting Rue du port,3' fent 9 in. by 131 f. 6 sn. in depth. i I.ot, in Faunhourg Mnrgnv, 80 feet front eacIht, on Union street. by 120 feetdeep, between In Rue Liberals andnl Force. I Lot in Phillippa at. 81 ft. front, by 96.neep. 'ogether, with several other city Lots, which are of fered otn ancmodandeting terms. Jiane NEW .iUSIC 110 0K-IN PAtENT NuTI'S. SAliS()'S PSAcurn,, a nrw colltction otf sacred 1 nssie, (stetl'eotvtted ill latent Hnoltr,)trranged iy Lowell Mlsons, asutlor of Boston Ilandcel aodl Il:tt:n Society Collection Church Mueioe-tlhe Choir or Union Ctllcetion--I.tra Salcr--Spiritual Songs, &c.-.ted Ity Timothy B. MIason, PI'ofessr in the Eclrelic Aemlremy of Monir, Cincintli. Ptublished by Trntmants& Smih, lBnokellers, (,incitmati. 'Isonan's Sacred llarp' is adapted to the wants of all dcnomiltttions. The variety of metres is tmuch hr.nter Ithan in any otihec r olletines of nmsie. BUt vea" the lvmollt are eontineds in tihe ilhlay Itooks of theL dliif.ccnt tIdenomlatlionsl o Christianst i"r -whticht atone tmayv not he ftound it theScresl Ilr'pt. lt eontainsa greatt vmicit I of vclry beatilit psalan and hymn tsnes, a collection of intereistsiig atllthemns, set pieces, sasered eogs, senten.trces , a1 chants, which are shoel, etsyt of pIerformtance with onut illstl'tUmtatl aid, a0ipropr'iate to the ariote nees - 1 ,ins otChristian wl'orsih, tile wantsl of singint s.llots, ntllienal societies, anld Illeasin, asdt usefll to sngeros for their own private pratctle and improvement. lThe lIarp conllaisn mtouch ntw astlld vslable music, hllieh has been dhrawn from t.he highest atnnlres of mau d siesl taste andt science in Europe, epecially in (Gerrnn k tI. It has beenr the cotnstut Hill of the atlltlhos to ite Sn cnoll-ction of tutes, that shouli be eLaily learned IIl sf asily any. 'I.t.achcra of singing, rclergtmen and others whso :ari desirions of illmirnotilng stalreld imlusic, ran s mlot no mians ,o clicttel is sic ctircOlotion of this lmilabl collection, which has balm prepa:ued exlp.ssll tl r the I o Souths ad W\est. ceivcd and for sale by TC SS & o. setill 9 CIT Ia reSstreet _ ." p K1 9 _. . . ... . =" .(1Lr3 t ' SCIra ilt. 1:0 o iKM Sr ept 19 ma' icrt, Gralk Teltlaltcsa (srck Virgil Delphiui, OValpy'sidii, I.iler ri'lll i ,l i con, ]tlt nllclll'a (; reek Grammar., Moore'a, it,,J (tealmnln .atian Grannuar, \\ ilsn'a Siallast, \VWan.hingtoan's Vita, Bolianar'l Frentch (namar, Clubi' Slamnish Grammar,a NaS llllanl d Jlnrretli' Spanisl and English Dictiuinry, Jrhiiamslh laa Iistorv of Etglnalld " " oth America, Blake's Natttral Philosophae, Niatural Iliatory, GlMitluilah'a hla lVodbrid ae,na Geoaraph ', nMaltlra Iru,,', A stout of do, Blake'a do Ilalbi s do Mlurray's English (lraonmar Abridgaement otf d .." iitb's productive do Cornlv'a daa Ingera'nll'a dl Ilniset'sa Aritlhlelie, Lacroix's do Colburn's do Pike's do (lata's de Torrev's Botan,n Mlrs Linculhfsihu Blake's do Sett'as Lessans, Tonklc's Pnthelleona Parle)'s eognr I:h, Ihagh School ReadIer, American Spteaker, ,la.laa S ni Orantnora epllca's aompenad of Ilianiore Wor cc 'a Iliastae, \\ bhateIr's aad Griaslhaw's "sitiatna aris, and \l,'eb.ta'a Spellio a Rlalok. lcltv rea on I :Iolnles, Patho n' Is t.d slAnd 3a lok of listora--lraa UNGI.lNGSON'S Ihluaatn Phyasiolgy, a .la . do Gcneral l'hrrapentie's do Elennts of Ilagicne lecwees on Claldren do Fnnleats aldo Ry'sten of Midieryser do Easnyn llorner's Pathllaogical Atlltar n Anlalltom of taeleiasOleC Bistrk'rs Pi. aioloagy Il.iaseu Pata iee Cl nlrah ona I', llini tatlllatlre nill lout ind IITau NtiaS O llacalal on Ilroaps (chloo 10 Climates Jalalaaaaan nClinr aaea.F Paris' Phmana.l.ingia 'Tnaerceir's u r geavy ileck's Murray Clark' 'l'anti.ce oil Pulmonary Caunsumption Coaaper oan I)isl-atit.m Iloltacr's Sllanillal Anallrlny Cnoo aar'n Lectares Mackeohlna Ilraliliern Colhoun'sa Prolt Cnxe's Anltrieall tlipcnsntory Riohard' Plhy.iolagy Ficlh'a Deatal Saig'grv Richard's Principles of Mlediciae Th Otelehr's l)ispens ltory Forsale by IIOOTCIIKISS CO. felt 10 94 Chartres at. giSiI -A~- SO'Ci'-i \'I -.i0 I tIK i,' sal T1r-W,7 Iai INSaIaEp, 53 Canial strret, bwho has latttrntlyI on hald e ld Cof.oae, Atain:t and Clanmpllaigne Bran dies; Hullnd (hia, eesp, Fish, ana oather tbrands; Ja masica, St. Croix and Grenada rum; superior L. 1. Ma deira; Brown and Pal Sherrrn ; (;ral J auice and onther Fort; Lishon, Ireacrill I'; Pi, ladeira, Micil do; Clhat paine, Burgundg , Claret, &c., imelt, of the aest de rcrpi ion. " fel 1 SlllF Chlaacs. a alenl'l i'ersnlltiona tf tilo Epi tean I Clhia anda its ia abllansla. atat I Johnl I'ranaia IDa via, 14q. F It S , n. hi avllaa, biig O as.'t0 ln.! I1 of Ilaarprs' Faina ily lia1rar, ladctis to Yaoung Lnll i.l, by Mrs la II Sigourncy. SNew e,litinn, 1a37. The I'ilglim'as Praarcas. aith a l.ife of Joan IBt an lollbe: Southel,a I:a a..11. Poet laureata%, a'. Ac. I llatratad wi'l a 1ta Cllt' h'a Adam, aaaaa after {'lalla1'a , Ialaraa aaaaat. lasohe Naaa edhaaitiatll, t7 jllst raceia'ad sala far anl' a P lrMKE. 1N. -0 C'ornar of Camp & cllllall C lma T]lE! ElAI S| Sc &.a-aThasubserri".ra ,ave farsale. . land ia faam ship t;ltbraltar---alaat0 bags apeplar.a2M i boxes nta, ttLkct laerlla ('nadlle: 70110 Inxes l'llhll Rlaii,aa [aorinn braild; 231 Claata nad BoeIas lanac rialla, ennnal alna re; 50 ars \'ilaaatoaas l'l Ie son Taaa iu I. caahi :tAla. IAAC Itltit:a & CO. fl) S N,. 1:11II Mngaine stl'as t 10 7 t 1 \' ii - -tta a a a a 't it c tti a, a , aain e ai p ,r te ar .,; o ra a IR rr tlsit ra fa r . h w'otl a ore;aottad a hseana'al a raot! t nri,. . Il. "Itu, la t clas'-iet uuthars,a a ancient a ad lia t Of errlia.alti lltaas tiaaia l slactafll." Ill T('llal I s I C'laartrasai EC V kilOnl tNsa atl Seltca Banal. o, ta ean a.e as ..I.ntailtn unsha . ap Vit a ea a acs t. ria.ti a r aini ste,a e ics atnrtiI n oainllis. 1 3n the autllh of tle ltnals ol a TaIr, tlccatal r'ira 1 Ioll aan 2 -alaas. ll lndioulr 1:1,c.ll ,lcelt u i , ih^ | nit .,, of i Csnr "rena. alonith' var 15a taal a the aiaa' a I aa'a-l. iTeahlad 'l'aaa1aa "Ir L1t; I ',t. %lie |)rlca ,h ], I! Il-ll l nilr r olli ·hn nlpa - IRE ENGINL R OGERS' PATENT BALANCE FIRE EN IE. S-Tnhe sbscrilbers are manufacturing Ma Wan ford, Saratog co. N I'., on an eotensi. scalet, BRga' Patent lialtstce Fire Eongine, andthe company do oet hesitate to recomencnd it to the puplie as decidldly one perior to any fire cngir.e neow kinown. It lbaso ea nt ed by slilfuil IE:ngineeru at tide U. S. Arenao aKGib bnnaville and Washington, and by them pionouoeed at bo suptior to any other. Tie Ghorvemment Arlm at Wanhinptnn is teenv supplied with one of eaid Egi.. and the proprietors have just completed a centras lin ._in oto.ern..nt fr tIh sulpply of inl thepeinitl This Engine combines th advantae rantg of more po at less cost than any other in ue. and needs to be m, aminaednd tried t enosure apreference toallotorsa. The manufaectrers, in all eas.s,warrant their Ea gines, in a trial with others under equal cireumstantoe to perform more than any other Engne, or no sale. Prices st the Faciory, with plaito paintig. Tlheno deigned tfor 21 mn, disehagnog lAt g _aln of waer per mlialte, is mlan, I q't gallolls pnr minttte, d) 12 men, 110 gallnns per minute, fdO "rha uhute pline irs:lude auction ho, wrenebaeo &o. They alsou keep consntaly on hand, both loading and euetion hsse, which ihi.:v will furnish to orde a dw a it ean be bonght in this ieuntrc. 'The arrangemen ts for mnnuactuoring scid eagint aom ouch, ltlt all orders will be puntclull attended to, and executed with thie greatet aicsiblen deotpch.ifaddru , ad to the sunbsrioer; at Vatorford, Snaretoga o. N. '. WVM. PLATT t o. ccr.rlrlCATg;. Now York, Oct. 98, 12U. L ceerti' that I Iare this iday sunperintended a trial of. Fire Enne of iRogers' Patent, made by Wi . Pl at & ca. st Wsterfl.rd, Sratnga co. Ntew Yrk. with one a. the hest engines telonging to the corporation of t the dig of New York. The trial nwas madhe the orporati yard. end rain the experitmett, T1 m persuaded that ibh enginc of Itnger' Pat-nt will thbn more wtaer, and at na gor niItstance, with tile application of Is" pwe.. than our corporation tngintett. I further certify tint no fir enoginoe as ever been s hilited inn thir city fier Eouldi compote with the New York rnginee, or whihlih shoanuld tnawerour pu.poeea fept Rnneenn' Ptennt avese mentioned. The conatreo lion of' tieger' P'atent is exeeedin,.ly oinple, and I e no reason why it snlnndl tolgo intogenerl one. side, it Ilans thnner ndvantage; it can hb fucroia.o at much less cost. JAMES GiULICK, Chief Engineer ofN I Fime D)epattme Utica, Jnly 9,1134. I most hicrfullg cuomply with a renqoet trom Wta. Platt & en. to give rtty opinion in relation to lhe ra Engineof RIogers' Patent, tnanufaetnred byl them 'ntrrlinrid, aSorntcgn co N. Y. Tone lpnoretinnt f Utiena e p tre e hasd a of se haboe Ineltionlcd lnglineso, nod from repeated trialn lde nnt hritnlt it) nronoulncr it tdecidedly ulwrinr to nty ot.her fire onginne no' in oe, of whiel I have ano knew ledge; ltd L do tnet fItllyv ethn ur in thoe certmifmit of J G uico, the chicftenineer of the New York Fire Dgpart hmet,in rtlatior to ito mentritr. The pnmp ofthisehlas i eonnh tluted in s single enllader, and is an en eeedm( Iv nilnepln, an so little lianble tot get oant ofrepir, that 1 i dn not hisitato to s, tthat in nyt judgment, it will mm I opcrsde tile nso of the Clnlololn pitonn engine. J It OSTRiOM, Chiecf Engineer of ithe tics Fire Department. I N. ITt. e oinlllP isabove Potent Engines of the largee t size, was nrdred for Engle Fire Ct.No. 7ol New on len, lwhich they Ilae receiven, tried and aneeptad. be' E lEngine can be sunl at any timtte, by apth ing to SSAMnUr.L E KIP, SAgent fin thie Mlatnnctnrers, Cornyr of Podries & T'rhnupitoulas ise. N.O. P. S. I will gnlannrse to hane an engine delivered i N.e Orleans . ithin tur mo nths from time the ordor is given. S F K. jO.&s DILIGIITFUiL SULMMIER RETREAT. liE 1 iASCAGOUtLA lIt)USE is now open f'oree e rc'cptton of nelmp ny. This delightfull retreat is nsituated on the c-et nnank of ithe Pn..cgnulu Baln at it eonflnnlce nt in the (tnlfof Mexico. T'lhe situation is (letuated, end nmntoids ann extensive view of tay aa Lake, annd i"n onllv .urllted fronm tite Gulf by a chain of Iiondonstl t lnc icy fnneting tile whole eoast'frem I to 10 miles oflf. " The Proprietors feel thankful to the eommunicty fr ltha patronage of the post season, and would be gratefia ifnr In retunl of t1in sne tile prelent. Every exertion e their psrt will me nnae to rendcrviitnors ceomfoltable. Fishl and ocsters will be hhadl in nbtndanen, and nrticl. nt Ibnn and lnxnlnt), ctinch tile ettntrt en aln will supplyi thne nile. Connected l,'itht the establish meat .le a11 the tncessry anppanratlt for Bathing; also, two Billiard il'bile, and iwo Nine Pin AUleye. I To those ntino nar fond of sporting, salol gmee will 'line inttund ninng the ashoec, and by going a short ditance Sin tllhe intterinr, dece n ntitr elarge annatls can hbe found Sin sbnndanre; anid, linr thlse fondl of the ebesn, a Pada n, ,ftine !test of inUtllni crat nlare nts tCtllotntotd. , Th'le drinkin waoter is from tle ptnrert Spring, and io n lways at hand. Att lr tine lnati flyningt bctwer this City and Mobile Sill Inla pansoengcersnit tie Pier. Thie diffirulty of geting hfrom thie Pier to thie hiouse in semall obts, partieonlarl' i for ladits ani chtildren, thas always been an ohbjseti to ithose visiting the establishmelent, i now nobviated, a te steniner Alert Ilies twice a week bertween this end m agouln, oand will laund her passenger immediately at I the he so. C. S& M. J. MleRAE. N, It. The Liquonrs nre of tite ithlieast kinds, having i t. _,- :. . --,...rtti r,.. Iti;.l...-.,. tea torn tentia ttntnct nt taIt. n, n f rie a-u .- w C IIECK boksk on the following banka, viz: fser C chant, Exrha;:cn ntd flanking Co., Orleans, Meclnhaics and Traders, Lo.isinau. Loisialna State Alehafalany, C(anal andl ranking Co., Comtnore - Cnartltnn, Itnprovnlntnct Co., Gas, Citizens, Union al Cityv lonk-; fon satle I IIO'rCZIKIS &re. jan 10 4 Chartres HiJICIlist4 & Oto's. (CiI.N- i 110 UhL ItIRECTt)iOY, FORI 1C37, J UST puldi.hd, ontanuingan list of nil ithe Danks, bilN reculrs. and Discount dayv, Insurance and other ('anpainin. lanrin'ol tit ratan of chargesr adopted by In ! ltian a'cr onf atauenrac , A lrtiontlnrer,ariaal ad do paltnre oft nte ttilts, i.'Orci.l Crl'snnn &r. e., ptP lishd and tan sale by it IO(TCIlKISS ACO. j34 24 Chartres at. AI IT STE:L Pl'".S.-Patennt t PIenlan Ite guh^ati:ng P'n. This lnovel invenltion, Iby mnst o iin t.gjllht l ltg sltlilnt;, ettt:tIIItIIttinitc CnW atl rret df e of thle Ibe t uill, it .anv nslm be mad le hIre arsdl'r, to nit lhe hind or tlast of the writer, by simply mo-vio the spling higher or lo~atr, according to the degree t lextihiiit. 'aternt Pera inn El attic FLuntain Pen. ly ihe pe tlliar tonttnlrllatitn f this eltti tly ll- n inllltll'net, a . t aavoir is farmd hat n ill cont:in ttiadelent ink to wrtto hirytt litos ttith ttne diii Tl'he el:sticity of the Fltm ttill imllsart mostltt agrenale alncssatlni freedem to the inn, Irendlitttr. it itinc:palle of fitignling thenlanl. To 11 llbe- itltitnnttss or ar'Iona writing tXpedlitiously, this pres nill he1ete fnl an in,:luablc Maulsitin. TPaltn Pt ern intl totuntai Pen, worrahttata write orace nhan till li, s nit itll ont diip of ink. The ink from thiis ntw inn.ttun.tnt tlos it aill enel antl unintltnaited streamn, exactly pro nl tioned to Itle rl'gtl. of the let ters formed, tiltm prIth!tilcg a greater utnif.rmnit in ti.e l'll.T rtlltvl of t11e Il'itilng. Iatetn htdiht RuMti Spring Pen. T'hisncvel appli e:tioni of C:lonclholnel t ans elttartdintta eaitticitv in the PIM'nnt I'n, n:ttl its ntdltuttgt ; ael thitqtull ttuit t ounbl tI:nnti Perin lri I'ta n. Gill's Pltctnt La:tar l'tt. Theracmp tnill contain a greater supply ofll inlk tllhtllln yet invented, n.ti for dil bility and elasticity c:nnnotl esurlpasd iy nay aotlr l tarovctl l.t: 'r Prttni;tn.Steel Pets. Just aceivaed and ftr alnic iy W31.. IfKIoEAN, aug I't earller oftal Ct nind a otm(n sts FI? ThI ileiH: WtriIize nEl i fo rsram et -. f.linnitg gottn, eltit!ed to tchentnre. ltmitt aoi nt Marss, mtssill ipiatato and Plllicate hmad knrchrit; imilatin silk uattcrua, &. d; printed rail- nrae, dark an, Ight it glround, 7-.Z and 9. ;ptnated chinta nldcambrics, lighittground -8 and 9-8; 6-4 eambricke. 4, 41, land 41 12 inichns , idth; 9-8 bleached pjowe loon. lirtings;'-4 itlue and black chintz shawls ananl i; bilack, bihlr.a urple and aither colors, cavorted eat teoens; blckh, blu, pt l t ind olhier calori asoated vtlveteenv; inolcekit-s anorted icolor qnurmonav 9-i white groundnd liht bhint', asstrted; 9-3 madai l ain on, ati tort nlnd itiei il3 iperiule. 4-4 nAiped nalio s \r.tit-; 37 tt:d .8 inch teiuntd Ianelae tdoule red; Wet of tEnIgln broad cloth. black, 11.1i , assnrtnt; fine tw iledt iita ion Fnrench blankets. cr.,cL and litti stialles; heasimns 4I inchet wide; oattol bg gia 12 inch, widr;st i,. snt i-cime twme,. . jToi 1i . t? A IA(IK &C Cz. til tiraater at. NV1l [I M..--a'- " i nest :alonia winc,. 61.2 -gd Sdeitt wine; t0 1-1 rako nd; 8 1-8bdo d 101. pii tSherry w, mn,; 41.-; do pa's St L.ucar, 4 - e dl kr,t do; "oi toaketas ahaupaogt wit.e, anlhIr atlnd tiaer bia ,a; t blxtns r'areat niclc; 0 do ai.d e mdtita i ne, in store tand fr sale by E i LEFONTA, jz 7i Malarazint 1atel .ia,cottict ,f .a't,tl Girtatttnlt, by Atnnhony flanlil tot. The Man in oof IIttnnk at the Rnetlaied. The E.prr'.a " t .,,t- 1 (i ennett, autler lof t.e Albnitan.s, a&cjut r ccitcnd l., (c' I1 tI1NCI!CFT, ui .lls1 14 can p r atrot IA nl .it II i:'l[N."f Poydrt.ast. STt. . 0--,; att,1 i att, htrdini froma rtae a itr rat. fitr .alt ('anlaitt lr.hSle.rri.,e ey. b)rl nprit t..liatTr,, n et. 1t,,, IFOrTEil I. cttn2t_' it .Irt f'cttll-mm street.tmn + - at it, i v Fc r'i. Tmtl , atthor , of ist . ' |,'tp "g. ira . t e a t- n t f t n ,l I' $ A cl t l tn ioa lnc ,a t S'n ,I ¢'hnnti-n, tt \ in ' - n it le. Mall nof c dnttnir, enthe ".ar nda fir Il .atrtt ('tnitntpe, 1. just racaiied etai -I t'"2 t\VM s,'t, IN. C, ca, t rn Cr('nnatt.C en - :T riw< l N o 1nai's t'r ckin" Y'" hirk ail J SIt- o',t r2 a12-ct li'er I nund. rai" ,'t,..y . ,:,,I i ......... }-%Y..x ) .-'.

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