Newspaper of True American, April 11, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 11, 1837 Page 4
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L r theia frioh aud custumare .onemlly,t tat a.rt ari auw-st·dtll be receiing from te North, their pall .n ;ie nholfrmf France. Ihk latter place will fruash tlh with a splen.lit variet of Prlai errv, IC-:v ltl5la,ke scaui ivhiich will be bined Pans CMt.lhuain round bottles, ofa superior flavor. Their ohjo:thler tea to preocur every article of a very supe nria qutlity, and tioir ordersinvariably urge ilprove ou toi both ii kiunl atd pattern. i'e:tr&s.*Itewit clicqiast of t.lnoe selections front Sctattifaletrry of "v, h. .rl:itiss, froin Paris, t.uondon it8 uhb ttlhdtorie so-ol nch aId ! rUII u- dt, superior Tooth Brushes, to sretuf: ar e aud diffllicult to obtain. FAt k 1-.c .x..Udedr this head will be Roti Omh lao v iy h LOiW', anl gantlemen's PIolto: I lb o Qsrij, Nedle end Thread Case. FAI. .it ior s tpit', &c.---Of the latest 1aiterto if npTe, r lcliity, ceneistineg of plain and &1;n onti.h a, lv ealbld alo, ,t tis; linen Booms C } and without lruffle Obirt9d i re ulndo axpressly for thit aN t cMu e;"ao, Gmo n a -nelt. with and without il. with wire ape ad a great Stit eY a r, tnad espreesolv fer the re r eson,' of L'hilldclphia. trot likihe ssliortmtent of Combs, S a e ne AIlso, ..i ilh and Freenh P , lnwatt. annlTeatery of Hun... T s o rna h and . ermau do.; d 0 rtloa of thIe artincle ars solreo4a1n, is dEdjosoo .Omirloror astogk,' will- be mil e4k teK ota T5'ste6lhtacea. "R i Cof1Vm.ANGE, t JCoweie S Oe...Tp, i50 ditto New Bedford tO dieAketditto; ditto 14 h asks a. r th,~i ellf Pipes,ond 2GQuarter edh.gll{ i r a, fl r ose. ~proer C rAYNs . 95 a .rah.icr-hcnt.t t. Cyeil "rhorntan; The You~h Dike; Ana J• CJ,.ltb ,W , De Vere; Thmu13nlugglt Bll ep Westward lio lenr, Master. ofhe Olanbl peai ; Valio ll; "1 ho lainir. 1 o lo "rl.a Crl iled; bhe 'eUnfr. SA.r pi ' Mr~a. epteeu'atlon; lllbert .'l tle;' akte he o afd Port Towr n; h E8llkswattawn ; 'Tho Man of lionot; Shelphntd Lee l Jarv eto a )oleur - T r Our-eighborhood; The riiainterlit. - d1 and rioms otr IO. Indau Clegyp an; S adhlur on Anld Reality; Tite Mlaiens; Dano Tales of a Physicidn; Searperdown;The Shshl Boutk; Cruise oftlho Midge, lil .qeries O and w Sraicos of Ireland, Totes and Pea nantrlt; Love and Pride; O1J C, T Salmagundi; lS.RlOUnS arkA Jouhn ullmi- rother Jotuiaaal; The American in id'lndan; OI.'pbell setilers froat Algiers- Me UOri'oItft 0Clemn.; Tales of tie Wars of Mon-. tfon Gil Ilat Ro:lrick Iltndom; Thi. High. glý;n hITbihalVgo lla ellto Alleqleck; 'Theli Cn on; Chane and bllnagwe, Winter in 1n W ; I's1plrey (.linker, Frank, llarrv and . flt ed orth The Pick Wick Club; le k; orgo >lalclutlte; lnie, or the SORenrdon; lEota and Wet; l'hel o in Our Parih; Deere; The Coun. LSid Othea Tales; Roxuhbel; Gillert Gu.rney; Mtieode; Allet Pieeautt; Twelve Monthli iht tipsine; My Conasi Nicholas, Rona SFol Fry a Comie Sketch Book; Itelford ip Ulricr; Mlirriam Coffin, Toni Jies; .t~rltr l En ugAne Aram; Dovereux, Th Sto - CIctltSe- Brlilde; lMysteries ilf Udolphr, >tea Chief., Don Quixote; The Hungarian ULhlrneheoe , a vrefiaty of Standard and lsi. enat Woekatbe ale h . pl. HOTC IA SS& Co. 24 Chartres Sr. ' ]l U OFLOUIS.ANA-1'o all whom these ire. e mast may concern: Greetitng. Know -e, that whreas, F.etrohs Melieourt Biuene,a rcsident ofthe €Hof St DaiBail, has applied to me, Octave S lot.lll,ex e..liciu, Clerk of the court of Probaltes, in aniroh parish of St Bernard. bfora mooition or idver. StiiesC t in onformity to the act of the Legislatl re of bn tate, Oiutled "Aa act for the further assuran. • ol itleed l!mchalunem at judieial oales," approved on theI illtiarehlB3t. Notice is hereby given to all whit .n f adeber that b hhira blt ihe Court ofl' in at e fori t ihe a of t Bernard, bearing date Deeeutte, ,tLthmuj, i ndie matter of the nrcetosion of Antonio liellveau ili, pntei o the lpetiton of Francois Meli IrtWle~dsnrgred, acting al ex officio auetloneer, did (f w the h day of January, 1836, at Hewlett's Ex. t g, im the city of Now Orleans, expose for public saal yýy action,.the property herciuafter d.,seribed oad adjlUcaod aothle i lforead Srancois Mceliourt Ilienve. .o, ra behg the last and highnest bidder;, for thil price of eml-7.aeeven thounsand dollars, viz: ,eocr.jeior .f praperty as gienin the Judicial con lot. A Segarplantation ,vithull the buildings and bi jpreonoeoM t thereon, situated in the parish of St Ber adon the Bayou eax Beauf, at about six miles from di er M iippi, mneasunring eilihtee arpeotns ad 24 teltei'mu t on Ioth sides of t avyoll ails Bneuocuf, with a depth of forty arpents on bothl sid.n of said Bayou bounded on the upper line, and on both sihes lr MI bytlt property of the Roman Cathnlic n , sh of .t Iiernard, alnd on thl lo-wer li l ide of said Bayoull, the lplltatioin "1. A.otr tract of land situnted in stld plinIrsh ti. -1m b'.e rty of the Romnan Catholic Church of the r t of Beranard, and the propertv of lMr Juan r,o, harving i. toiues and thrme fet front on both isider of said Bayou anx Boetus, with a depth of forty i arrats on both sides of said Bayon. lV. other portion ofland esitlated on the northt part ofaid Iayu, between the llantation of Mr Pierre dJed., sod that of IMr Jean Solis, avine two tnlnes aid two tft front en said Uayou, with a d:pth of forty ar. 4th. Another portion of landl situated on tile sinuth *attllth said Bayou, be!waee the plantation of the sid Flrs Jrda, and that of said Jeal Solis, having -eo al frnt on said Bayou, with a deplth of forty ar AI tlluicatlle,'horoem, animals, and all the moveable Spepertyapprtaining to said plnntntoiu. And Ialso the 58 followinr slaves: Moae 48 years, Martin 23 years, Big Bob 30 vearn, il1y JaihooO 30.;eyars; lt.fou 28 veers, l lector 5 yre, William 35 yoarol'Bil, Dupon 35 veers, Big Senteli S, littl.e Bob h.5 years; lIe 15 years, Tobs:12 e l,.iltle anieadi 18 years, Inane l yoears; WVill do di Tamd dodo, Bouanaparte 15 years, L.ittler Siln 1 years, -oallta 16 yoar, Bncv 60 years, Yao C ar, Sa man 9year, Miry yearSilvio Itlcksool 35 years, i3 dL Abigail 18 do, Ameli oS do Jcny 50 doI, Grec Glki. MarIa 20 do, with her two children, one of 18 moutha aud the other of I molithls, Dolly 20 yeare,Sui. onen 35 years, and lher two hilllren, one of 3 years & the dohrof l maothck, Rose 45 yaren, Julie 23 years & her chluld Regis 5 years. Judithll 30 years, and her child lyeas, Charlottto 30 yeare, Etty 24 year, Aintn GO dio, JUnta 18 ysars, Nanny60 years. Crcane 60 yearsa, Lre Sold, Cle 35 years, Marie 70 years; Maria 10 years,. ttr child Memli Louise 4 years, Betty 60 years, Ketty N yngrs, Little Rose 19 years, Peg'gy 15year. ClCGlioa oft ale.--The purchae'r shallassume the bllnti.ela to py the following sinns to wit: Týia sou of35,9170 to the Bank of Louisiana, op the ,18t April, [ti3l. sTonm of $l.350 to Mr Bnltot Jeatti.a, on the let March, 18361 and the ltUa of $16,330, on tile ilt Marc, The snm ofl liOto Mr L B Mucartv, on the 30th of Jasuaryi36. Andthe balance at one, two thre and foinryanro .ateib, is notes entirac.l it ea i fantion, with slpecial 1n fo ueltil fiaal pnymernt. rrfi, all parleiL wliJ e0a set i;i C"rit.i, dtll" or Euilu, in a id oI l th sI plalitllot, tractie oi land.asd slaves above descrihdt, ill cl.ltncqiel'lle of o r Jmfonaolitv in 1'o ordaer, d'cree, o'r jllliolll, lleflr Tre ied., and nlde.r whiehi thic ae sale r ivii ule oe r a itl, r.,,. gufar illecgality in the aplrmicelnlcutsor lveltiflo lidn of this mnoaitian i the ulaflie l, ehihe sale •a made as afi,resaid, holhll liOl heraul erli nedll ho moleenaied, Ogroeuealy it tlhn proece of-the Iailleccher. WViiu, tiloy hand ond seal of ofce, tlli. - llay of .JAne, A. b. 1836, the (Otlh year of the iidepcndecee nf I O.'rAVE S. ROUSSFAI;, * _______ __ Juidg'ni ofilf clerk. ran r33 ox 'Cn 33333 clerk, )ELL S 8 P.U VI. ILEVIJ I t'R; ~i. . C PAIN ILMVI1STED by the 33l30hor33 ".1 veenr in S. Spain," in 2 voIl. Iarry 3 Co/rrlye , n nnoe, by tI"authnr of "Cecil Hyde", in 2 ylo. 223 Aclrra.oo Pado., an! other talon, by the author of 'I"The Fou k..." in 2 vol.. Nini.',' blunting Tuourv itorriperoed wkh obohraieristic oaocdntoc, Fioings a3131 d13'ing333 of A M1 eN, including 1utico of the crack t ldel with w tOnnlýtiel l "lotc03303llndccllcral lndesofoaname, to wlich are rdioe1 Nilloda's I.3utcrx 3333 sidini.o Hounds, iu 2 lva. 11031 Iea we, t1he lot Nfelmno'.Agameintinim, by Cptt. Cutolic', It. N.,nitchnr A.(""Life of a Sailor," r. to voile. C( nnllentotrjov an ilquitx Jurisprudence, as admiinilcrcd ill Englundl mied Amueria, by Joseph Story, L. I.. I. t3i3, trnos iawj Ire bldreden, Pope, Congc~eo, .4uhin ao ,tind tre. Im~v a. faninrgi No 23 an3I 2t of "hloc a-rn Cionnicul Library." Ialktiy Toetiee, or riilce Ikr the eexrcise sad manoeu re, or the United Statas Infantry, by Maljor Ae 1 S~cott, C. S. Armyg, inr 3 role. Jnt~t receivedl and the sale a' R M. MeI(.AN, ___.corner ChfiG0 t nl t33e33nt1 puoni ow'n use f ---.o. A. ColleCdtt of Collmltlal Phmere,. on every~ tolpic ne eemayy to- aintain conversation, arntnged raider'1 d eesntbmidAs, rrW numerous rcslolls en the peculiar rsaintllafahand 00 of rariolts words. 't'he wha~le so, diopsamadmbndeeaMyto faciitotoihe 0eq3333iti330 ofo eaeumnu m tenoo of tie French. By A Iiol3or, a no w l reeise and correct 31. A ieluelin of Lse hgulred of Perrin'o Table., cereon paeai ab key, eotaitotlog the tet.0,a literal 0031 free -'aetaagedl in Bitch o mnnecr 00 to p0oint13n3 qr rean rhle French 00n! EulgIhlir idiom, also a'/Rnred pronuncition of the Fr00nch), 03ehelin0to to heb k rench works eatot ext t o the su3jet. Tihe whole I I by a short tIratis on t00e 1 ou3ds of the Frnch * m eipared with them of the El3oliih. AP4anoocig Fon eh Prinier, or tile Se133lnr'e (:nida 4e t anecurate liTOunfLblin3t3i 3nd i.ilo3ge3hy of tihe Fealb 'ng: ano, routninine its oie333l3o tits 3ednli,3g t3, les ebot naog, by Bernard Treucnbj, yicte'33'n'ritd s33f .Far i by W AI I1eKEAN, =tail Cor Com3p SCora err. IARPUWi4 CI.AiiSICAb. b.IJBRAIlY. WJSRACE,trnolated by Phillilp Frncir, 1) 1), wi33h . a plendix, enOtaloj 3 tnmflotjilo of rnrio03 .d k·&oby pen Joe0)O, Cowlv. ili3333, 113133, A Swift Clmtertoo, (I Waikefield!, P33003313, i and nonie of tao m000e c033333 poet. of th1 I RU8, with the appendix of iodiUi3 t033t1,. ·* 'Chrblltdpbor ii am, ioi c l ole fo3i ng volumesŽ 13 i f9.ibfoarper's C(lricau l L.ibrary." The Depanbnen of IIUiIIPItEY C'bANKER, bv T. f 1). )i * it m303ir of 333,' A333i3r, ho 1'13333n mms dRu sq., new editioo, with illuinleaI3i33, by Geno. Till flIPSY: it Talc, by the ator3!33 of "R ie bl3.ie33,3 ruey.E orgondy," Se., 10303313333;, 2 301i 0 plt'te IPA :IF. :WORMI) y 33e Oit 33r 3C "Pebllrne.' ¶wfllner , s'fle, 33in; a 1me IV 33f31330 33w33 A onfnr": a. Coqurploo ! J33333003'0i3)d 'Poo'i s nett I1J IV.'! 'CIEK l\ I EliltY It LEE . l oil, No it N.aKnzine itreetale r.ow rceivting from ships Xashville, I.oisvillo, otiushy, Eagle, an.d other tILe arrivals from the Nortthern citiesr . f inle and Inuw selecietd assortment o ti.Ts, HBoots, Sihoe, nld ltrogestlo consistiig ol'tgeoulenca's tfle cd and Morocco bIotso dto ed quality; do but'el, and stout waxi peggbed oots n ariouns quilities; men's fine call" scat and Mlmocn -o,&i poIp's ani d blnotlbrgs, Lbuckskin shoes, broglans a lui.·l'ra men'sfllos callf aidl kipped pegged sholsaod brogans; do lroots; do stout kill aw:i wex Iegged shoes aind hroegans; gentlemen's best quality Ealf seod shones brogau anod Jack ll)ownins; do caull and Morocco buckle sioes aod ,bieuins; 47o colf, sent and Monosnn" Indias shoes nnd slippers, do calt, buff ann seas wngs, a new article; do flme calt; st. and morccO quarter boots; boys', laies' and children' pegged and sewed brogans, and dones of every qualit atld kind. Also a generrl sanrtmetol of mnen's stout wax and - Ott btroans anM sh<es, together with 10,000 pairs negro otwa qnalit, rttsott Lirogns, nailed in the sanks, made xpressly for plantatuao use a good as surtmiet of menHi fle and stout kip russett br sas, a ew artile, soda rge quaLtity of an inderior qualit rtailt and wax brogans. Ladies' file salf, sentl, moroeco and grain welts, anti pump sole shoes; do fine lFrench Morocco andi kid run ronotd slippers; do roun shoes, with and witDout heels; do calf, seal andl stout leather bonotee; do Prunella slhoe of all kinds ande qualities; do lasting brogans; so goiter ed mwd foxed bootees. MiBnes' lastilngspring sliomeso:t b.ogans. Clildret's colored Moroce and ltasting bro gons anal uboots, ke. Gentlemen's filefashliohable black silk hasts do black and drab beaver do of a nsuperior quality; do imitation Roram do; brand and aonaw brim men's fine drub and black Rssia lshort nopeied hats, a new articlt. Youths' lI.tre size hats of different qualities; do children's. Mens' and by's black and driib wool lh'ts of variou. alapes, with generad assertment of boys' and men's neal caps. This assortment will be replenished by the arrival of each iocketatrom the noose inmed chiies, all of whichl wall be soil on aeeonmm:lllinlg terms. augu I--f TENNER'S MAP OF LOUsIANA,&ec. &e A Nzw MAP or LoeslsnA, wilth its canalu, roads and distances, from Itlnce to place, along the stage and steamboat routes, by II. S. 'leiuer. MITCHsLL's Mar or THE UNITED STATES, shwing the prineipal Turnpike anti common roads, on which are given the distances in mi nles from one plaee to another, also the eourses of the canals and rail roads throtgh. out the eo.itrv, carefully compiled from tim beat au thoritie-psubldislnd by S. Augustus Mitchell. IcITCHIeLL's TRAtVEtLER'E GUIDEi THROUOGH THE U/ITo STATEls; nt map of thi roads, distances, steam boat anilcanal routes, &ct. ju.t received andl for sale by WM3 M'KEAN, * a23 Corner of Camp &. Common eta NEW PUBLICATIONS. Tnles .f mi Neighborhood, by the author of "The Collegins," in 2 vols. Aene Serle, b he authior of "hIli HIcireos," in two volihmes, Elements of laternlationel Law,i vithi a Skelen of the listorv of the Soeit, ,by HIniry Wheaton, L. L. T. A Practical Treatise on Locoanotire Entises npon Reil Wangs; a work intended to show the Conntrectui, the mods of acting, and the efent of those engines in conveying heavy loads; to gtie ltheni neno of aneertaia. ing, on an inslpetion of the lond, and the seaulto it will produece inder various crcumeiiielmCe e, and in different Io alleties; to determine thile quniitit of flei adt water it will reqtire; to fi the proportions which ought to he adopted in the construction of all engine, to make an sweranv intecled purpose, eli.: with practical tables, giving at once the resuolt of the formulre, founeded ipon a great many noew oeperimenti, mde on n large ceale, in a daily practice on the l.iverpool aid lalnchesttr Railway, with many dil0rlent eritnes and eonsiderable trains ofearringes, to which in added anl appendia, show wing the expense of eonvceyinvg goods by Itwomotive angmeo on rail roads, by Cliev. F 11 G i'Palembour. Jisttreeivedand fdr onlte by WM M'KEAN, s13 Corner of Camp and commol streets. LET WI'ERS,CON VEhSATIONl,1 RECOLLEC. TIONS, of S T Cleridge. Keningsmarke, or Old TitleA il the New W\orld be ing Nos 7 nd 8 of the UllifoLnr Editio of I'aoldiig's Works. Colton, on the Religioun State of the Country. Whale Fishery; being Nos 26 anld 27 of the Boys anti Girls Library. Just received by J12 C H BANCROFT I Camp st. rC APT.IN MARItYA'Ti-NEyV . l. VEL. &c.Z . Rolli in/the Reefer, by ike autlor of Peter Simple in 2 vles. Skimrinagrst or a Winter at Sllost ltai"ield inl Lower Stvyn,, iy Captain Basil Ilull, Royal Navy, F. 1t S.; in I el. Lord Rolden, a romance, by Alln Conlilgaim, veol. Sheepppord Lee, written by liiinel, ino 2 volel. d onmpeadirts Hitory of lllyc tiranlated trot tihe original Italian, lv Nathaniel Greene, in I vol. for ruing No. 79 of llarper's lSamily Library. Vuls. t 4 of thle new complete nid niftrme edithon f tIraslihilugton rvia's E ll'orZim. Roeu.r' French and En lish Diutionary. in e vol, 3vo. unoat" e' Frencrh and Eiglish Dictionary. Bolnor' Tetlemongqc Rlelnar's Keylo Teemaqnoe. i'olnor' Frenceh Colloquiol Phrnses. iotnlur's French Fables al Kery. .menirian First Class Book. Colbrn'e' First Lesseouns onl drttnlfte Dubei.fitt and Joaas's Comp/iee Treatise on the uhose art of Distillation oaii Rertifieitinn, new edition, translated and revised bl Jolhn Shecida. ALso--A fcw copls of Boliwer's Rimi: the Last of the Tribunes. 1or sctle b cit . . . NIrl.E\ N, Commono at Ih r lIL'ON I PAI(ADISE LOST, wi b illustrations .I byJoio Martin. Fin"'em's beauties of Myron, el Ipo tralts of th prin lrt cilpl female enaracters in Lord Blyron's Poems. En Sgraved from original paintings by ceminint artists, with ad exlrrrts inllntratin r each esu tect. Ir- Finder's landlape illustrationsof tie Bible, consist. ilo of views of the tmost relnrkable plcces mentioned it in tle Old and New Testaments, from foinicrll drawings, he tmade frotn oririnal sketchtes token .l thle spont. hIleath's Gallery of British Entrrfvings. The Galleryo l Mll oderlt Britilh .brtisle. The String of Pearls, a collection of first rate engrn hao gsiog. Illustrations aftie Passes of the Aolp, by which Italy codnIotiente witl Frnt e , Switzcrland alol G(r ln:ny. By William Brockedon F.l . Ri. mrmnber of re, tIst Academy of Fine Arts at Florlace and Iwemne. S Tim Anglers Souvenir, withl i"lhetrtinns. di A Garlntli of Love, wreantld of ileasant flowers 12 gathered in the field of English P'onesv. in Fisher's Juvenile Scrap-Brook. By Bernard Bar es, on. - The Economy of l tuman Life. By Robert Dodiley, r, illnstratrd by evlravines on se rc'. S "lie aittetit in his cell repitinog, andl the good that hitptpetht to notiter, is to hilit on evil." 18 Intrtonts Anatonmy of lelnncbol-. Ap The Book of Getml. Tihe Poet's'and Artists ofGreat k Britain. Edited iby S. C. Hull. STite History of Rene. By G. B. Wleibaln. Trans rl ated by J. r'. latre, A.M. 2 vols. , estree'd and forsaln by a27 IIOTCIIKISI, & Co. S NEW 'UeIII.ICAT iO -Nn . Y 14 Y AUNT PONTYPOOL, 3 novel, ia 2 vol. C The Devotet, by the althoress oIf "Tto Disinherited," "Flirtation," &c. itt 2 vols. The A5deaiure of an Gentleman in se rloef a lorse, wiltl nltmerous wod crts. it Canperdon,,; or News irea,. Our Neieiborhlntd: being kEt.:hes bi thbe author of "Ourn Ncigrhborlu ood," &e in 1 ol. SRussia and tile R)iaeioo; nr a journey to St Peters borg and Mroeow, thro ugi Coulnnd std Livenia, wnltll chanlnetiostie sketcllrs of tie pople, by Leigh N Iitcbie, Esq. aunthor of Turner'a Annual Toar," r'Sbchandehrlintuets,' &e. Vnrrnltiee of the .4rlic Land Expediion to tihe ltont I of Ithu greant Filsh river,nd I,,lnng tihe shores of til Arctic Ocean, in tile years 1833, I23.1, All 1g35, by Captait llak. It. N. comntnndecr of ihe epleditioua, illustrated withln mafip. Just reiled anti for sale by v lI 'I'KEAN, n2 corner .'alCnp ntd Contnon sts. R lepr ofnuhleribs ered ino reci vet er recent orrivlra Sn Itid o tr fir ale LBElontiron ciue lii ict aili,,winties strained Sperm Oil, Fall strainle'd do rollielul wllhle nil do eesoaoiall oils o cedar and woriworl o, roll lrilllsltol, nillnufuet redcl 2Labarer of onl'ios qnnlitice Siern n en - ile T,'alluaw Io Sweet Ci(toeliIte, spalirh int esnill box ,, soft sllell Alimonds, Crudle Sal Pete, a n lleriler nrti our, I Poune silk Ildkf's rich pal crx, 7-1 In l5. 4 black do abctmings, 7-2 and 4-4 Lowell ctttons, Lawrence and I Appleton 4-4 bttwn Ieecting sntitlablo for thie Menxican Inttrket, ctileerior Russin hroown oieeitiePt , Re ven' dtIck, ( IIBell's celrated lmile Lilnrkinn , ' nrilrn's do Slevetl's I pllltent bIlalccs, all sizes, playinig f eria nosqu,4l I gles, n gnnd ,nUiorhmen of seletOll ltllif,, iI tset nd I slioces--l0 caes parnasols andi ulllbrela-, rich pattens I antd latest f.oelinn. C m3 '5 BRI: E, vOSr & CC 1' l o!aazio stet 14, tAiIJONTA 57 (-an"i SIr t, h asn Itond ndl a'nofcrihjoar sale 100 ldictd Il tlai nr lllgttgr wine. "00 qr ctasks dlo do 3 qr casks tecili dl, 350 ido Lisnbln du, h Itlpos Mldeira, Il 1 qr cansks do, i onle erghth le do 30 dozu dlo do, 30 do Godnel wioe,:-l do port Jo Sti dot oldl Blirguttdtvti,ill bIfl is London. dock brnndy, ll pilpes Coalaoit tell wine, l qrechke ., 30 hfpiei I tr wine. 50 doi Mediterrunean red wi!ne, 30 qr couks Sicily Mndeirn nine, ' conaks, '_J ihz Loldoll Iorter pints; 5llnbck o soft allled aond, si, 50l boxces shelled S aillms, 9cases liqcuorice nrlittl,, i ccrnns Cttnu cos iln Ilig, 4 cnases gul lt Aliol. 3t co-en assorted pickled fli, 1 Pn0 eute i P hnt'let,, .11 fill, inxes ltvytitlio, 311 bills P :Iikled eudlfib, 150 Idu PIot in . Ilerrht, 30 kgs B oollell PINNOCK'S ROMEL, Are. P INNOiCK'S 1PItOVFI) El)IilTION OF DIR. Goldnmithli's Ahridgment of the Iliptory of Roane to wlhi.h is prefixeld an Iltrudlilueti to tile rttidy of l Itlonn lihiory, tti a great variety of c," ,hie iilfor imitlol idiell tltroltgtonlt thle nclr, oil thle lauUer, Inlltitutions and Antiluities tlf tihe Illon.atn; twitih ll A illeroulls iographtcol ani lhlistoricnl Nte,; aned qnes. JI iltllo fr exlltontiniol at tlhe eot of er!l neetim. II is lustrated weitt tltirtvetillg ing on woto,i, ilv .bith!rtn. ci PI.'xocI's Ithuprveti ERilitkl Of lIr (iolltit,'s llistory N of Englanl, froth,, lit. InUveoiolit. of Jliun ('o,,ar to the A detlih f Geporge 2i, with it Itlllaltnlitt to lin , ear 13'32. \With quctinnls Ier examiionatlou at thle end of ealch ecrtio. lerid.e n variety of hinaible illfrtla ti tl added tlhroghlnut Illth work. Cts ,ielij,, of tblCes of onletullnrarny ..meriiris ni d g lllllle lrsU ros. Capious erldaidotory antCcs. lilalirka ou Ilec poli lices, Innuonr antd litcrnturc f trle ne.. A:t outliile ol tile CuoStitutiot, o& . &c. illltntratcd ly entllv. GUYs' EIr.rtoner or Ao nOllolnln, tlil l . .uclllltllidle I of Kcillt's N.w Tteatali" Oll II U, isef (;orloe. Ne ew :Alrmean ·ditioln. winl arlllimt onld iilllrl*)\.vetulrIn ondl On expltliotl uftthe ,istrontticol plart l' tihe .Alue- N' r can Alnltllti. Jut received awil for ale slo \. ' `i M'KE.\N, nov 94 ocerli'ColanlI lel °lIlt ta SlE NE'IW TYILK 1( ,,K 0F1' l'orit, i tt, ont" vullulle. eq A re'lrtise ou-tte ltlw of F.Rvdcll,'c ill tile Coltrt of of Elulirv. By Ricltr l N.l:,:lill, Iirerl, :qe . I.q tleporl.s n etotea.. jullelie ill tihe I)iCliielt (Crt ftlr tite Untited Sltteoi. r it ba Etelen Dli-tril' of einyl. a1oia. ly llcnry i. Gilpin. rcleit-i.t u to fir nale b"y 1V,!. 1'K.1'i,\-\' r1I7 C'orne r or (:lllamp Ilt, [ ('s(!! ll:ll t. _ r y -ti I J---.' o -131 4i \_'..., I ,- ,' .u, j 1 RIHARIDS, Tobacco an 8ndomanufoc turer, No. 277, Came, Now-Orleans, wishes to inform his irtemss anl the publ in i genel, tlit he is now prepared to fmurllh aoy thi., i the above business, anld has constantly for ale the ollown* i artilcles: SNUFFS. Hose, Gaorsl, Rapleps, Maethby, Eiigtlilh I'ri llRegents Amorlieaon Rappee; Natchit dies, Imitalted, American gentleman's, ltergonwt, Iiluice,nt flottpee, lrirnillekgnards, St. Omar, Curaore, Paris, P'ure Spnieah , flai' scorne lRajoe. Scotch, ant lennine tooth powder. TOBIACCO. Fine out Ohewmig, sweet scanted or plain. Fine oeat mokiog, of various qualities. Ilib-foot Viqint., Spanish, ke. Thealoavearti erell warranteda g d, if to perior to anything of the kind impoLrted, and nwill be funished to dealers oil the moat liherai teria. may 4 HARDWARE. SO MaAslins Stinar, lNEW-ORLEANS. TOSEPII KNETTLE, & Co.--lImpoern of Forein S and lomestic Hardware, are receiving from Lu rope and the Atlantic Citie, direect from the Manuofc tlurere, on exteonsive asnsortment of Fancy and Heavy Itardwlare comprising every article in tin line which they offer low. toountry Merchants and others are invited to call and oxamine their rtoek which conist inin part, of table i otelher's, pocket, saddler's and straw kniven, plated and d Eritoiia tea spoons,nedles, pin, books and eyes, she vein and spades, tongs, shovel, fendes, andirons, Brit . toani and japaned ware, lrnshes, blank books aod pa ier, looking glasses, anvils, vice, screw plates, hond sledge nld nail htnmern smiths bellows, Amerieoo sad English blister,uost, shear, Gertmn and crowley steel, 1 plough moitlds trace, ox and log chain, warding, Louis sana and grubbing lhoelMattoeks, pik axes, eorn and groas scythes, Collins, Kings and Sinnstons coppinl uae, wrought homse and cot nails, cotton and woot Sards, coffee and cer millsplnses and plain irons, ehis is, golges, Incks, sad, irons, hooks and hlinges, guns, pistols, arn powrder and liqoor Aarle,ptercosmon caps, powder, tea,l fsh, braes and bell Metal kettlest gont, e knob chcltn trunk and pad locks, bridle bits, etripron, m 0. ILiaiog from an beard ships Yazoo, and mtaratoga, anodbrig Cocordia, from New York, a great variety of Sgoods tin their line, which together with dtheir formae Sstok on I s.nd, inakes their assortmnt very complete. The iollowing compose a rr.viz: shell twist, curlaide, tr uk and dlressieeembs, hom do of all desriptios, I Clia ruhber, silk and worsted elastic gartes, common & fine elastic suspenders loco faoo and Ltei~fomntches, Sidll itz powders, sder pufteal boxes, toilet powder, e pocket kooks and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, ivory and inoroncc card eases, head ornrantes, plain co al beads, neoeklacen anlnegligees, bead chainsn, bead necklaces, cut glass and plain,sead,nilr and gilt beads, Indilan beds, bells and plumes; pistol anrd lnrge pow. der linsks,shot belts, horse, belt, pocket and docilitn Spistols; double andsingle barrelled gnis, BoSwi knives, , and dirks. sncisorr, ahlears,poekeknives, guard chains, anSti ribbons, waist bockles, cloth, hair, tooth, nail,conb, reruinb, shoe, plate, floor and dusting brushes. Cologne, I Florid;,'lavender, rose tnd bay watesaseorted esenccos, and extracts, Maccassr, bear, antqtine, and Ward's ve getoble hair oil, sharving and toilet eoops of all des Scriptions, ladies' and getletnens' dkhe s and dressing cases, Ihir riegletos,rizettes ansdbrids, plain, fancy and Snlsical work boxrs, plain and gilt, figured, coat and vest buttoas, pearl and ivory ihirt do, shirt studds, gold and silver pentil cases, toothpiek and twee~ers,plated rnSd gilt ltiketa, nioinatore dn, slver, breas and steel e tlhisles, hooks and eyes, hair pine, imltation fruit, blk and rrdithk,shoc blacking, violins and guitars,ribbed and plain percussion rap, liinn twine, scnoted cnsh. lens,gold and siher Inre and fringe, latter paper, game bu gs, riling whips, walking eanes, ployongcardo, fine g, dod, plat and giltrinwebllry b . The above, together with a great varietvof other arti cles are offered at wholesale or retail on ascorolndating ten ns. N l. Shell combs repaired. arOYL rhi MAY, house, Sign, satd Orinaoetal SPainters, No S Careladle sntreet, two doors rom I( ar st slreet. Imitations of the following woodl and mrblesex e oted in a rmaterly mnasner. woOeD. ent aner. Mahogany, Egpatiasn black ind gold, 'Oak; Giulin id Aotico, Pollird do, Oriental or verd atiqoe,.n Curled do, e Jasper, Curled Maile, t lom Stone, Ililas Ey:e do, i Darby Granlte, Satilln Vend, Potonul¢, RHose Woodl, American Grey, Asll Whlite Otak, Cc. .ce. ic. Curleld Elm, Speioensa to he seen It tie shop. Paints, ailst gbiss, elnlad v'aatil, ke. ott hlid andlor nlae. to ti er , a rge d h ,f of Saddlerl, making their mluply for the seaston alnple and eomplete--coqmprising every kind and qoality of article in their line. ailiung which are - talies' aid Mlisses' maiddles, plail and quilted. ittsiltletrali'S do pliain, Slpnish and Creole, lhov' dto do do. Bhridles, brillle fillingane merlhigalea Saddle bhgn, dioble mimt single, SVllees iande nlclial bgs, irossels tand Valeaneia carpet ido. V'orsted girths aind surinogls, . Cotion do do. I, Vorsted stild trainitg webb. Saddle-trees auim stiroup leothera, Holsters slid pistol erlle, Best jletl, frlLsol leatlertrIks, o01 asmorted sizes, lBrass nail boot top do do do Ctcth, gig and crop whips, Ladies' ntil Gentlemncn'stwig tlio, rplated, brass and Japaned coach hrmoon, Do do do gig dE, Do do do barouche do, Clrtt breeching, collars, bridlles and lines. ilook antlld ehei limer, Ca liharess complete. Skirting, hiarness dl hband leather, Bridle and top do, Morecco, deer, sheep and hog skino, lHoras Irushes and corly combs, Together with a large asortment of Iplated, brass and steel bridle bits, eur, chains, stirups, spur.s, aE. ol ,tteelown importatiot. Also, IO MploIgha. of King's bhland, ol asrortedl sies,juost receive( froe thie nlanutle ory at EnfiCtld, Cota. all of whilch the)" offeror wholemsale sid retail at the lowest prices, aadl o tertms to tllit customers. They will als eiontinue to receive tlhrogh the year, bh the packets from New York, fiteh sllpliel of gocrls of every descriltion in theirline of blsilnes. m 4 SMITH, IHUL'BBARD & Co. n rr n ý ain .ým C. II. DANCROFT. 1 TlIlOLESAI. AND RETIAIL DEALER in `' Books, Stationiary, Musical Instruments, Fancy e Articles, kc. No. l4Camp street, kceps constantly on bnmd a Itrge assortmlent of Blank Books, Maps on Itolless, Letter Paper Packet Mlops, Copt do Manifldd writers, nuled do Pen knives, Folio Post, Desk do tank do Pocket Books, unlmoreial do Wallets, Packet dto Note boakls, Priniin Paper, Port loltos, WrIapping to do do with locks, Dra"intg do do do fortravelling lMirble ac Portable writingdesks, Cioltord do llressingeases, Coplying do Writing ink, black and red, do Copying do 'Tissue do Indlelible do Music do Ink Powder, black and red I'rlviog Cotl, colp-ying do Visiing do Scolimg Wax Prining do Wafeirs, Porcelain do 'Wafer stamls, anik Checks, Card l acks, Check Books, lPaper File, Notes, Crdl Cases, I)litis, Porcclaini Slates, Ilills of Ixtanige, Papter do Do Ilaling, Stolle do Quills of eerlY +lalitm, Clrss men alld boards Peerrvis Pens, lcnekgammal do Fouiltaill d"' 1oa.ialocs, Patlent lnd ' ,diber (:iee, S I dos,, '.o l)isected maps, ( iillintt'cm Lungress do Globes, Ladies Ruby ia Writing isdli, Jles' Acatdllical do Sand hoxes, Potenlt l.Isel Itenserve Ponce. (GIl:l Ever Puinted Pencil Pietures, cses. P'icture frames, Silver do do LithographiocPrints, BIronze Ink etamls, Water Colors, (.-lass do Paint Bres, Pe ter do do brushes ke. ke. Wedgrcwood do lUronze papter weights, At o anll estensive :asortment of standard ll al raisclla neous, lanw and medical hooks. .~0ent for Ile following Periodicals. n of ithe Loneon, Edinibugih, Yoreignt alnd Qluaterly Rtnview.. LIlnckwoaoml'sa Mag.ine Litcll's Museoum of Foreign Literatte, Science anid Arts. JOIINSON'S Medical Clirurgieal Review, the Atmer i:an Jurist, tile Nw York Mirmro, Waldie's select eirculating Library, Waldie'a Port Folio, tie Penny Maraziue, the Iepublic of Letters, Parlevy's Magazine. A bindery and blanlk book manfsetory is connected M A1CKEREIL, LIME, &c. IIM2?71 bbh. mackeral, noun. , 2 an i0 lialflarrels nackeral, nros I asd2 lIl'e ecok ofliate, 000O fet l Imnier, Landing froin brig Rinatlo and fbr sale, by J17 STETraON, AVEIIY & CO. O'IOLBEAR'S Sciene of Pemanoahip received,and f ur onale at their permanent Writing Aeademiel No. R Chatres street, New Orleans, 189 Brloadway, N'w Ynrk, Daphinie .lt., Mobiler. It is particelarly designed fir private learners, and n:lialo, and is calculated for pernas of all agem. Iladiers and gentlemel are invited to call and examine Ithe noslenl tetr themlveaes. L.ecsoms are given at chl as may alit the eonvelienee of all, and to eliasos formed in any part of tli city. I.adll,. who prefer it can reeive lessons at their own re silences. Pero,, payin; for one course otles.mosa da leirtd to attendl until they write as cell as they wi*h.l t tot I)OLBEAR & RbIOTHlER.. l ROG ANit.-anidling efrm marqsue Drano, 36 elaese ] r' ad boys kit, pegged brgsnsl; 10 do Rsoettr :- fr nrgroe., f,tr by i BtRIDG"E .C ('o. i'.,"' l-- ?Itn riltn Iet. R H. SIMMONS & CO,-are now recoivn . fi'om oa bnmanlship Orleans, Eagle, Highlander, i'oker, Merry AndreW, French and German play toaris; Back gammone Boards; Chessmeoco 21-4 agid 3-8ilch Bil fard Balls; 8, , 10 and 1i aclh bladce Bowie Knives; Leather and other travelliag Dressing. Casesr Belt, r.oket, tIorsecmn'q, and Dlelling Pistols; double and single barrelled Guns; Game Bagu, Shot Belts; Powder and Pistol Fluaks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cups; Percunaion Canp and Cap Ilolders; Cloth, Ilair, Tooth; and Nail Ilruhesn; Orris and Chlorine Tooth Wash: Tooth Powder, Toilet andl Shaving Soaps, in great nvo ricts; long Hair Breids, Ringlets and rizettes; Pearl and Toilet Powder; Emery Bags; Ivory T'ub Cushions; Patett Slides or Garters; Gtm Elastic Suspenders; Powder Puffs and Boxes; Gilt Chains, Seals and Keys; Ear-drops; Waist Buckles; Braceletsa Bead Necknaces and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads- Indian Beads, Bells and Plumes- Shell Twist; Side and Dressinc Combs; whiclh,in addition to their former stock on hand, makes their assortment very complete, and will be sold low and on liberal terms, at the sign of the Golden thmb. j25-sf 70 Chartres street. . ITHULE ALL AND ICEIAL ..b OMi ANh W VARIETY STORE, No. Is Camp atreet.,un der Bishop's Hotel-The subscribers ac n.rew opea 'eg at their new stand, an extensive assortment a ser(tales 1 their line, comprising every variety f Comal Ir.raes, Perfumery, Looking Glasses, Playing Cards .aJ a large number of Fancy articles. The following s prrt a description: COMBS-Tortoiseand Brazilian high toptuak, lal and earved; do. do. twist, lo, nenc, puff, side, posse, and tlressiag, ivory and horn; fine loith, dressing and pocket combs; horn, reddling and nSJrn rumbs; wooden, dressing, fiee tooth and pocketeona.a PERFUMEIRY-A general aasassul t of French and American Perfumery, nonlistin , .sd igne water in bottles, ef all shapes and sizes; as, meer, Florida, rose, orange, lemon, jessamine, begam , stllerfleurs, etc.; fancy waeps of every ilesesiptiont manesar, antiqua, atid ve-etable hair oil andI curling flui; chilorine tooth wash, carbhoic and chlorine denetilce; seemted aud plain toilet powdert pomatoum preston salts, etc. BRtSl1ES--Comprisalg a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, lesh, tooth, nail, contb, shaving, late, heaoth, -lce nei plainl dusting, sweeping, erulsb frnltoure, oruhldcngg stell whlte wash, lhorse, shoe and enneer's seouring, paint atni larlnish brushes, and snh and grain ing totsi of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Comprising lilt frames of various sizes, 5, 2, 2 and 1 draw toilets; Lerman statia, toilet anl pocket glass, ma igtiing miners, et., PI.AYING CCAIIDS-F- gle, Inery 8th, Broom, FHighlatller, Spiel Caeten, Frelnch and wlhia back Play ing Cards. - eANCY AND VARIETY ARITICLES-A upe rlor assartmeot of ptateeble desks, ladies' and gentle men's ldressig cas. scand ladies' work boxes; fancy bxn es of .auious desnriptions, setitotle fot the new year and Christmas' gifes; pocket bookls ot all sormts; suma ders, mtsic-boxes, lead pencils, erayons, violins, bes. Imgs and latres, ait assolenllt of fancy beads, slperior Vuiliy bitlil'ed balls, laste blankileer bone, shlilrt, vestal fill mid suspender buttons; peartl I atons anld shirt studs, razor strops; gas machines forereating light; Saellisl ald melee sugars; muccouba, Parisl,llppece and ScotlS adt's; an asssortment of plain and sword canes; back gammon boears; dice, Ihtey sereens, optics, Jews harps, harmotmdeas, lucicr matches, pins, neldles, pelCnossiot naps, ldrtinking cops, Itlting flasks andl game blngs; steel, silver and plated spectacles; thimbles, twite, etc., a hledsooee assortmellt of engravitlngs, tend a Ire varie ty of otleer articles, all of whiech will be soldfor lot prices, for cash or city acceptanees. may 4EES Ps I)'LANGIU WXINS CONCENTRATED CO,1fPOUL'D SYRUP OF SARSAPARILLA, FOR THE CIIRE OF Scrofula, or King's Evil, Chronic Rhenmatism, Chronic Cutaneous Dis- Pains in the Bones, by free eases, ue of Meruenry, Scaly Eruptions, Mercurial and Syphiliod Af Pimples or Paustunles on the fetions, faTette , Biles, by an impure habit of Totter, "body, And all disordere arising from the contaminated state of the blood, the injudicmus uia e of mercury, &c. F ROM1(01 the sueccress that has leretoforoe attended this c conveient antd active Syrup, it is with the fullest confidence offered to the Mledical Faculty and auffEring community, as the most powerful curative agent in the above named diseases, and for tle purification of the blood and eradicatten of suci complaints as arise from the blood being in a vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest phabnrmaeeeuticulcare and ccuracy, anld containte tile active principle of Sarsaparilla in tlle most concn trated degree, combined with other vegetable substances of known-eficacy. The great dcsfderatum with physicians in being able to exhaibit a large quatity of Sarsaparilla in a small dose, has been oelunerd in this farep ration--lmov, being filly convinced of its nerits, confidently adminitter it in the course of their practice. Price $1 50 per bottle. Sold only at SWAIN & BROTHERI'S drug store, No. II Canal ctrent, where may belead, f'esh aeed genuiter, direct from thle Pr rie toIr, Swaim's Panacea and Vermilfge, Potter's Ci.t.Toli con, Carpenter's Preparatioas, adl a large and general assortment of freshl drugs, chemirtals, &c. nmet F i mit tstal AG Ul.---luat received Irlt s-oela "'I,' oir Msixtore, never Ieils to this lose, ine of all ditoenses, lnterllildt Fever eo FeverI al Agee. t is trleetnc is uctiReatElly ldmitt to Itesv. eclipsed the pClclelsims of every other mnale of 'ell aclut, aid therforel su lel slesn the emldoy-mellt of ran otheerremaety, ocrcver tile IFcvetr Agile oexists. 'I'e superlor eerits of tine ll ie 'illtoce rests apilon seter ral imporltnl qealeteos. It is eldilrely tfa orgetbleo compositioe, preveets relapses of llel disease, ettlr Islries it linle and pctln ler eltel suleite, obvlate e eonsive. ness of the bowsela, el ihenigoraoes andl f dlltfies the etn tie syistcm. For saole, h llcre:l e steld retail, by thle agents, SWAIN ae lnd BItOIIEII, Druggists, seln24 No Ie , CaoIh st Royal College of 'liysicsials, Lontl on. T lle noargital Vegetabl h e lpeiaee UTliversail Mnedi _chic, pm-ll aepsrl, by ltsekit, Faq. FlenMember of the Ilr'al College of S1 "gemas, I.neeIttate of Alpothe cnaite 'ompeny, Feltow cs Belt Coort Society, Smrgeonm to the Iliyal Ution IPenlsi Associletion, Ialetraster Place, Waterloo IhBidge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy's stell St. TIIOaes'. llopticaon, Loindon. This vosaltale ncdlito lce, te react of twrelv reas' experivocu anol teeralcelleled success ile the etalsive and Iighly 1res itilce le practice of' tle propriety, poato nised by the fileity aent nobility, ah d is low innolieo.d to the notice of laie Amserican iueblic, at the earliest so lietatioa rf a eomber ofgenllctme of long ale highl sltoodlsg in tihe paofeosine. it is hoped, os a petTlliti tory step, to chleek the evils and lfatal ecoaeqences arising frliom the use of thle cellelrous aceid deleterious iesltilnS loisted ulpal the puIblic by the aid of fabricated proofsofmilraeuluus ceeca, lnd acler fitelds, lrya sact of eLceIwtIy-, ceeeteicleubetl lepretleeers so eoiesl ignolrlte ol medical sciellce, Ihta it iapoesible the leonstroaus delhsilucaa ony lOlegee go dkowu w'ltt Ihe iteltlligent pcale e otl'iscmlwce'.. 'I'len' pills. , mill etc agl e.elete nln Ilai ateeecceee, astLould lee kept tee eoery family icn ecls olfllstden illuess, feie, bey their prompelt sllmicisltuiooe, chldclra, erallllnslli alns [leeisRe, tind othler ahlalnmig complallls, which tatd fclll IIteroVe Ibtali, tley be soleedi l" cueredeor Icrvecedh. Ice fat, tell tlose who vtlnc e gd lt;eai del t itne " l"lly tre amld in rockets at f0 cent$, $ aand $2 each, bv eveor rel'pe. eshIc druggiat, bookliler, ned vclleor uf mcdieilie ill the ULitedt Sltes anld the n Csmalans, will coiopis clllreceionl, togethier with testitnonials of ircfeasillal nbilly f.atn the followinl emienlt gelalemee: Sir Asllev Cnoetlr, J Abercilehy,J0ones ilneathll, MI. D., \V. lbck, MI. D., .I. Aston Key, A. Fremltac, l I. I), ntdl ecnneoncs others. The origl'inls nlcay be notci oav siosn of the General Agent, bys wsele tle nseeicle i. ie lnorteel into this recunlryi, snnd ton hom all appllicatioas foralgeneics inussl be nllllde. JNO. III.11AEIN, 1'29 Waeolly Place, N. York, S.cle Gelcrel l Agent for ilhe Uliitrd States, .n. For sale kh appoinl'meeunt of the origcil prolaictor. I by & IliniTnc:n, Del'ggits, No Ii oal street, t-ele'- Aecncls for1 Sclaclleiaic .flelinialt.ll iulo v .o..rl. , , it.a, l it o ,... le t oI. . IniO. i.llls is S, L LLIO'f'S iPLPOBMAT'IC CODiE.-'The Amle J2. can Diplomatic Code, emnbrcine a collection of trenties and conventions between the United States and Foreign Powers, from 1772 to 1834, with an abstract ol importantjudieialdeeisions, on points connectad with our fnreign relations. Also, n concise Diplomoatic Man nal,eontaoinh a Salmmarv of tie low lt ntiontt', from the works of Vicquefort, nVatel, Madrteous, otrd, Kent, Story, &c. and otdler Diphlonatie writings on questiocs of intermational law--aelnl for pnblic mainisters and con isule, and for all others having ollicial or commercial in tertonrse with foreign nations. By John Elliot, in 2vuol., just received and for sale by WW.. l'KgAbN, a28 Corner of Cant,) k Connmon Stn. PUB LI ONS-PAUL I J L at a residence at Little Pedlington., or Italy; hy Madam de Stoel; Holst,,, translated for the Library of Standard Novels;, lThe Po etioul Passages, by I. E L. Ameriean edition, with nu merus cororections: in 2 Itos. D.AE:'s aND .tI.LaLECa'S PFOEl--new edition: 2 volo hound i t:re. Tal wo Ys OF JOHN DnynR--in verse and prose, willl a life, biy Rev I Mitfoidll: tew edition, cutmiletc ii 2 voals. Just receivedil mld for sale by m 12 W McKEAN, cort m Camp & Common, st . epllldic of Teoxas in tile United States, are au tihorized to dispose of the Public Londs in Texas, and Serip is now ready in certilicat, s of 610 acres each. And all aeeouots or debts due by the Republic, duly audited, cant Ie settled for in scrip, provided the amount a not less than 640 racres. Jll TIIOMAS TOBY & BROTIIERS. T'ATIONAiiY-Steel iens, n crototleto osrori,,et, aconsisting of Windle's perfectnm, Ne plus ulltra, Peeryans, extra foie, Crow quills, ladies' rubysr, Chla. land's regalating, diamond, eloogat: d, nod gill!te, supe lior French wafers, extra fine red and black sealien wax, patent gtlt elastic, red taper; Reodlger's pen, poe ken, and desk knivres, crasers, letter stompn, brotze and lacquered iUktntndil, paper wei;l lt, parallel, round and flat rnlers, mathemotiellc instrlmente, back gamomon boards, drawing pencils, Bristol boards, and dr. wing paper, Ianker's eaoes, port folios, pocket books, wallets, &e. Jut received ans fiH r sale by nl IIOTCi KIStS & en, 24 Clhrtrn s ot NEW BOOKS-.A Laitrl' Gilt.: it woinan as sie . ueht to bse. By Jneo K Stanford. Ifrctdom Reo!/ectiona of the Hlouse of Commons from the year 1830 to the elooe of 1835. Including per soanal sketches of the ledllin memblers of all arties. Agnes de ionsfeidt, an Ihintorieal tale, by 'Tinmas C Grattan, author of Jnquaoliie of Holland, llighways and Btywayv, &c. in 2 vols. Tke leaeens, by Robert 3,ln!ie, author of a guide to the nervation onf natre, & jsit received and for Dale lotl5 IIOT'CIIKISS & oen, 24 Chartre st C LOTHING--I. P. FREEMAN & CO. NO.3 MA. GAZINE ST. arc now receiving their sopplies of fall and winter clothing, andi will eontinie to receive shipments hby every paclet |troiughout the season. They have en hand, and are now olienilng a general assort. ment of fine and enmmnon golds, suitabl either tfir the city or coontry trade. As their ansortment will he large, mterchants fron the enitotry will find it to thoir dvantage to call and examine tlie grood. el -ljlC'i 'i1N tOF Inij W '.i F RIVE, at t .r tImouth of tlhe B,,ou F:rit, at the lenad of Sclloonee Navigation. State of Misteioippi; eontaining 4Mf Acres, embracning both sides of the river, and ii whlh is n snmhl house. Tllin land is well cwoodmd with lie oak, birch.pine, etc. T'he eit ulliinll ii a,, elimibla one for II SAtW M31L.. Thle timrltr for vilelh and for the tm id nleadly cut, lnd nnr bhe erected at o modiirat its proximitv to tile ity of New ()rletio, tile i'erencid amllinereaintl demanard fr ti ber, is wnithy the atnl tion of ny par. n desirous of embarking in that: bui n o-. For termo napls to R 11 WEI 11.1 N, Merrclnit,' Ex..hir Ig B urower & Co I ARlrist seevets i at their' .urnishit g Ware-bouse 1 o. 17 C p stret. by reect arrivals lioom Et rope, sidu the North, lorg. satlditions to their stork of useful andornl:.eant Lo,.ekeeinsg aorticles, which col lectiwly (they believe) form an assortment more gener al and complete than is to be founl in an) sunilar estath Ihsumentl knownl; consistinVf SILVEI. WARE. Coffee nsod ten sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, cnndle sticks, cup s, tumblers ad goblets; table and desert forks; table, slesest and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or aI goat spoons; sugar tongs; sug; ar, salce ani soup Indleli tatter, fruit, pudding and fillh knives; pickle anl desert knives and forks, ;napkins, rilgs, da. princimllv from the manulnetory of Mr B. (.arditer, of NewYork, whose long established seputation for the mantfaeture of silver wars is suflicient guasrantee of its superior qualitv. 'LAtKID , ARE OF SHEFFIELD AND DIR MINGHAM. Tea and coure urn, tea setts; castors, liquor and cor dial stands; superb eandlebras, and Epe:gues with mir ror plateaux, for centre of the dinner or spper table; waters round and oblong, from 8 to 12 incses; beef steak and vegeta;e dlishes; rich dish covers; cake and bread baskets; dcsamter stands; mantle and chamber candlesticks; wine strainers; eoolersand syphvns; decan ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, ta. ble, egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers and stends, trost races, ke. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. Table and'desert knives, forks and spoons; soup anod Sauce ladles; butter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegetable forks, 3te. JAPANNERY. Floe Gothic Sandwich pand round cornet waiters, in setts and single, from to 31t inches; do of papier mache; bread, cheese, and knife trays ; Isage upright plate wineres; ; spice, sugar andi cash boxes; preessng cases; India tea tables in nests, caddles, Japp:. nald and of rich I tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortment, among whlich are Astrau lampsall broened and gilt, and of rich cnt glass; m:mttle lamps do, do, each Ilain lnd with glass prisms ; very splendid caut glass do; brounzed asd Jasatned side or branket Iamls. CHANDELIERS AND HANGING LAMPS. English and French cut glass chandeliers or lostres of 8, 10,15, 18, H2and 24 lights; French bronzed and gilt Grecian lamps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lamps and hln terns, rich bronze hosat or centre lamps for drawing rooms, from 1 to G lights, lamp shades, glasses and wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEIIRAS AND VASES. Bronzel sd nmarble; bronzed and gilt. an;d all gilt, with fixttures, etc; counting house anit kitchen clocks; bronzed inkslands, cegau do; paper weights, theruomer ers, card rscks, MashIstieksb etc. CHINA WVARIE O PORCELAIN. English and French dining desert, tea and coffee ser Sices ot plaini white, gold edge, and very rich fancy styles; spleodli toilet setts; nater and milk pitchers, s mantle vases; fnncy estd racks and Ibakets. BARIITHEN WAItE. Dining, desert, tea, eofthe, hrwekfast and slpper netts; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Canton chinua tdiner setts, CUT GLASS. Decanters, pilthers; claret sdti colored hock decantre; bowls, dishea, celery vases, salt stands, sullgar bowls, blutter tubs, il;ger bhlihls, tumnblers, wine, clanlnpniglle, claret, cordials, lemontade and jelly glasses; fine colored hoak gloases. Also, candlle shadet. TAIILK CUTLERY. File ivory balance handles, self tip and llunk handle knives anll forks of 51 and 53 pieces, or by the loz.eln; ia vory handtle knives only for silver forks; guard and game carvers; Iong slices for round beef, oysterknives, ulnt cracks and picks; sganr enttters, cork screws, etc. uItrITANIA AND BLOCK 'rIN WARIE. S 'en aon cofflee sett and urns, with I and tl faoeets, suitable for hotels and steambon; s; spoons and ladtles f venson dishes with covers, e ster or chafingdlishes; dish covers, plate heaters, cotloe greegs; tea kettles on stands with heaters, e, Iboilors, etc. t lANCY HIAIRDWVARE. Brass and wire fenders, brass amlirous; brassandl steel shovels and tongs, etc; copper coal hods and punch ket ties; brass staittons, chiimny hooksI; altilelbIlrasns and brolle anudle heal'th litt nthes. Tlney bellows antill 2n111111) betalshes; crielping at lttti. machnlles; unlbrella stands, grate footmen tliar wirnti;lgl itates. IK-ITCHEN FULNl'tN UIT(IE-Consistihlgofiron, tilt, a brass,, copper atd woolen wa'res, tciitg a collection of all utensihssusally required forcculi.arv pntrposes, and in blref lnnst every article wited by house keepers cal be fnl;;nd i their estollisltnienlt. g fO Silvertad Ilinted ware repllirct d and retlpolisihedat octe. Lamps repniredt anl r'cbroanzd dce 31 ]WT HIIOLESAI.E ANI) RETAII.Ctil tl ANDI VA V RIE'Y S''TORE--at tile sign of tice gul;den cotih, llo 70 Clartres steert,. The slln rihr Ihave I erivet, in addition to their previous sttork on hand, a full I nd conimplete asortIIneLl t of iarticles in their lilne; viz: colfbs, lorfomery, Jcwellry, brushes, ltcking glasses, fancy articles, L3e. coalci:tit g ini;tis fOllow;: (3t3111l -olln'toeis e sh ll, \Vrltjnlildl Iplit I i ltuck tn ist, quilled Iock, long round, dressviln, hill,; pull; curl and neck, linoilian combs of every d.estrlptioon altIgst which arc sanae lexievnc pattera, Ivory coml:, of every daserivtion, horn, dresi an 1 rket , ti ther with a g, neral os·olll.lolll ofFI. rola tlh x lollAm'ical., lPEIRFUAI ERY-Cologne, Larender, Florido, honey, bay, rose, and orau;e llovwr wafens of every Fize al eription, camphorated Colgne, extract of liernanot, lanry soaps ofrlo kild.d soliltlloiad in utkiesa ntl. ota, rea on soap d, %Vtr'cea erctlblrt Ihair oil, Ib.ars ano an Stiquedo. I'rarotnn's trllinig salts, pain and )erfuned lttot drwtder, tenril Ioder, looir Irpitlltn andlllxUs po ;atlt;oin pots nod rollrrie; s and chnorieo totsi wash and ,iwdetn with it Filnll1li11t-0ltlllocllt f JEWVELLRIY-somte olftte nlatct nid most falshioa ble setts, consisting ol'tllite and red cornelial, tolto- -. r jet eardrops, set in fiagree, brnast iins of a gre" .,s.. tv of paltern, watcl tlinnlll., s aill citd s oilr tickres, silver thiimbles, silver nnd ugol pt etils and goura rthaino BRIUSIIES-Cloti, hlihi, duivst tL ru,cnlherrttIiinor, hat, desb, toodt, plate, comb, Nail, shnving, shoe oand LOOKING GLASSES-German stntina and toilet olass, nlnagnifiiga tlt 'rll'rnri dreosing ginssos, bolne do, wltlh n viririv ofltlltcr kliid not enllmnernatd. FANCY AND) VARIETY AIlRTICLE1,S-Flrenctl and American portale delrks aid dreissing cases, some very rich andl fioPlv fillished ladies work boxesandl res sing roases, with aid without tmusic, intieal boxes, Ae eralinns of various kinds, violins aoi gClitars, silver and plated pencils and leInd,wood pencils for earpenters and eravons, mantle clocks,guns an d pistols with and witlout cases, percussion li i, percussio;n ap tchargers, nipllle screwd iivers, shot Ibelts, gnt bLang, inte blacking, tno tea Wetts, Itoians bes of evere kill, Iells and llhes, fioenod eomonn knives, rors enrad scissors tlimbles, oeedles, pins, silver plnted, steel alid eonart n sljeeta ers, pocket books asid waletls of variolsl kinads, l.itinr curds and r c mases, planying oeads lf mrencli, t iermnat nnd Aclerican noonufaetlree dolls, imcitatioo fruit,s;tolf boxes, prets of voarions kionds Salnntorst Ponlcotv't, Ennerson's, Hillman's and lbnwkin's razor strtit and metallic honeO,dirks, fancy bead necklae.o, do wiett . r drops, toy wateces, pearl bulaono, powder flasks, oc and plint seed beads, gilt andi silver do, gsnot elastic soitpen defs, and garters, plain anil sword canes, baekgamnton boards, dicte, optical viennes, jewshbarps, Ioeoroco natet esoand drinking cups, with o great varietyofother narti ces, all ofwha , will he sold for eash or city acceptan ces on 12 montha credit. II II SIMMONS, & co. d4 70 Chnrtresscnt. TElF BIiOOKS-Cn;ti, tite l)iricc d, with oiite STales and Fancies, by llenry F. Clterey, in 2 vollUtesa. "Coetrewcet music lio a snnmart And a balm for every leart!" The Last day of Pompeii, in one volume--nnifitlr edition The anulet, for 183, Just received tn' tor sale lby ian 22 HOfCHKISS & Ce, 24C Cnartreo st. STATE OF LOUISIANA--Puri-h of Ouchitn. nJ ,TICE is hercby giver o ian I (residrent Iowioers tl I pronritorofladi:es pccily to DLoaiel eW Cox, Henry ' limer, o to any other ierine or Ieriunl w mn, it tomuY or dotl concern, their heirs, executors, adoinl istl..tira and nssigoi , in iri ance iof lire secerlal or dinances of the PoliexJerv of said pareish, passed and approved on thre 15th of July, 1335; ihe 11th Septtehmer, 13,15; the 8ot Jule, 1836, niil the 5il of lce. 1836; aid of the 7th Feb. 1837; and fnrtlher, in iursutlee of the different soctilns of an r it )ssetd at tile 2nrd s.ceiOll of ,Ir lotlegislature ofthe 'I erritorv of -.!ns, enti led an act "r!liliaivec. ;i noua i n ievees, aid tho Police of CaRttle," lilprovad Out of April, 1807; anRd of thre let, d, and 3d, sectons of no net Inpassed t thire Oast sessrtion of' the 7t1-Legislature of the state of .ouisiana, intitled ntt et "supnpllcentnry toellu several nets relative to Itoenu and Levees," approved Fe 18th, 5.-T-'l at Inlnes the rones and other works, as ordained by tie said Po lice Jury an in pursuance to law.s, sIlal be ro, eld antl completed, its the ordinlance or edinanes if risid itliee Jtrr, illi pursuance to lnws dlircets, oil .r befiro the let ofLJEly A I 1837, that the sone will It done At tile rChre and expense tfsaid i h residelit piotrrie tor i end that properey sufnliient niI be seized and sold, to satis ' tlie expenses Nttuls occasionId.i ,1;\'¢IS 1. ,A311, 7 I'PariIsh Jtdlge. El'iAT DE LA LOUIUlANlA--Pruisse du Ouachita. Est par le lprison' donne t lnrt proltrriettanee fil ier non residenrt, slecialementt a Dactll i. Coxe, lenry Turner, oil a tout raUnie personni oni Ir rsonles quoe tilas Ileat Cnocrsner ler periteurs F .rciteuli ' n dAlillis Itrllnerr, i Rynt rcrells, ouivnnt 5 diiveres or anin ineo du Junri tie Solui de il ditto I'Proisoe, Ioasse et el o vo In 15 I Juiillrt 1835 Ie 15 i Sertelhlre 1835 le 8 Juillet 1830 le 5 de Ilecendlre 188t u aIe 7 F truer 1887, et dt plus suivnt le e diver..s sectioniln naeo passe ala y session de In le I.egislotrre dR territuoe d'Or. Isenes, Intitulo cte rhlnlif attxn chemirins et lve, ct ala IPolice den nnimaux appronv le i6 Avrel 10117. Et idela Irr, l2de,.et 3n e. Sertion d'n actne passe ale 1ioc ses eiontlele 7m Ligislatnri dt LetIt do IRLoistena Ihtittie nete tiupleoomentaire dux divers ncles relalifes tux the minis et levees oppIroIIuve le 8 evrier 1825 A mains qi lres hemins e t uulrmi trauveux qlri sont orclnes lar Il lit Jurnle I'. Police suivont in li; qua les dito ratovax snoient executes t fitit selrn l'ordinnRnee,, aln ler ordonnandro du lit Jure de eoluie cr onfuruiitoteen Ia leoi venrt on I 5uer dei Juillct 1837, quo lee flis trvatx serrnt executees a li chalrge rt nn frainx ties !itn inn residents properutoilres, et que des prolepes ruaflisents serond saisiei et vendus pour ipayer los fraix eeasionlole pear lea dits chemins et truvnux, Le 10 Fesrier, r187. m7 LEVIS F. I.AMY, Jage do Parnisne. A DISCOURSE onthP l.ife anti Charortrer of tile uni. in.George hMthews, late preeidiri jrudge of the SuprePtol Corrt of the State of Lonisiialt; h) thel Ihn. Cliares Wotte,at thle request or f tlie irotlrer ol the hr of New Oiraons. Just pubir ed and it raille by f.5 ]IENJ'N IEV. (. LAN(; E I'LOW( E tL ROSE I VAT I-'1-I anis. Stern of five g:llhos eat ll, elrd iin ioxes col tain i'g ecalch one doz. small bottles, rcc'dl firnm Slas les. Fr santl by Ii. RQNN iBi L, fe8 "rclyutlitlrulas stet. SOST' )R1 STOI.F.--A liberal reward wil lIe riv all tor tlheecovory ofan 'oekn Book j tilth its i 'n eros, a that was halen o dropplrmd tnlfro tl o1tkreti it hndaiy veninloost, whileirr tie crsellrr-otintf, i t rett httlin irt' ii, Cir;street. Tlhe picrlketIhn ini s l ' m to r lart'e size, rhhltcked leather with, tht t ale f it. 11t. liri lgen writteni on it in tre ri ,re Iglarec or. A.11lv t tile 'Inrtru' mrieerican elre.t N VW.. 7. tail ;;8 TILL" iNlIqAN'1. IANACE"A. Olllitheutireoil'lrhcimutl m, c~ir'llotrkiigsevtil,gii', I. . eiatieical · HI'hip gott icipieiitt~scntesls, it uthcu, oilhliitirc aud niertitodliseoses, plarielulorly tlclso old 1miiitiilullfiotolls nttlie bu13t'sl, ulcontel tl.rul t uIlls trils, iluers of every dcscrlption, fever sores, iind itlernnl ahbeseam. flelulss, Ililes, scild icead, sculrvy, bIlls, cha-a ulc so1 eve,, ery sillelihllolihes, anI cvery valuiety ol'you. tmuncous ffeotion, laroalie Ctarrh, helad ache Iproceed from any aRil litoeri Ior in io lthe stromch atr dys-I pep lb' lo0oyedi, g foro ntation i, allrtio of the Imo 'er, el rotsi ila bum:tioo oftml kidnays, .d igenenl tlebili y enop-i1 ag n tu pit sctin oft the vesls afihe skin. i is siogooleily efficacious iii rnovntilutl l1,0 eonotitutiiloa sriihve hfe n r which h h oo hlmbdiicoiloy s trcatieiit, juenile irrcgoi i c- Jo i geuerol terlms, it is molnderl i oll those dhiseases whlmeh urise fPm imilies of the blood, our iitilctionl of tie Imors, of sloiatever name or kiod. Soea of the abshove comllnoets mauy rerie some iri flong aslataunt plieations, e shici theeirnomstanees oftlhe ase will aictte; baut for a ogenelel smcdy or" ourifienati to remove the care, the IoIIAN'S iPANACEA will geedh" be foutl auffiient. ;ttm i is, TO TmIIE I'UBLIC. the r e low tirfc it is, that modtenl I'liyeian mtl teir as - lition to excel iu their irfcssion; rexploro the vast fiels of seoence y the aid oleheldstry, nod seek oyt new re medial geidts; in short, to arrive at ue rfpetio in the Itertice by mests of art alooe,--otlircly oveerlo lcooo igleet, s hienath thil hlite theor, tlaiei sl broutrcos stores oftmedelcl aldiehl the Almiglilly hos csated to sapiolg ea if the elol, iro everyc lime! Acl how tourl mnore irie is it that ill te lAmrriCea h'ysiciAmi leooks to tireign eooatlaiies Ier caoil of his most eoo1mon snd aecessnry aktilors, petrletoalb ollooginsg as they are ut the dicttes clrshio nretfolly, ie is atnouitlet ii iis own eo13ntly with al etllcss laofttlstt of soedical ldonts, sl iael1: to cruael-ly illdicotioat i11 dlsrase or" to core soy eattnile dlisarde;rail ccl he is iganc ant of tleir s ir toes asod they are suferdl to .asletheirl ieliig on tihe lcrselt ailr.' Thmme efects of regctble mdienrs oln the m sytem anre temlioeenlv--dtie of itnerls lahihg. lhe oIbrlesl ex elf tihcr lfects sld piss Dt--tIe lotter, toleroyt in ps ' tici r, act eldieamlly ipon t le solidts, sdcleotmislsg tile bases iantl aulermititg tihe oentiautiona by a slow asl sere tlesAtlaction. The coangenillity, eltileny ain SAFETY orf vegeta ble sreelies hovel mlelal, mor he estimted hi euolltlasioit itg theaeirent ilctice wiiahthieoiemalc; or stbrilg ii inliore iolnliateliory ot:lel't olr obati r ohmntiil3o, lie ]lhi a rl I or sic a bith Iatcfthle s diles. Who, ill Ameriico,, lts Ivc klwo horrea:rd of inratded instonces shtbereio so dr Iv-'lcltdd, eorrlls1-ctelahngilrg nalelodiolo by m1eolsef her sie Iwvi rledics rlvce los tere a td he o most oo in sadllllg~S~lmdsb . eUl'eS. :d't~l.l Ihe , lale l'a .le~l il lof t iC rvtomim l inctiee dlireltdl iin lie oaost skilfih ciititorr, bar tilinle Aul ro ielcasoni en ortt ia'i st l atiorai alihbiternsc llllaeility h ilhi ihhirli lie hnliae frrs hi ste ll'l'lwlnth v dse t~h mds ft tildue olisnl totoal lsthillrrcI. oscellieh dseiti amonr l, thng I eetho Ilos eter Ilo:n' loahii ilh i ri mt COltillticaiou tihrokrI a1titt tiid ul h illtria:rlpelmn t A:o lcetln Iii htexit lthP ttis Inidl· re ettiuil of the isage fi.m mast ofl tlre ill heid, shii Tle lof l irt 'lairto,r is chiretl ouing to ahoe gprlia with the concci unl s whtict hc i,.ltlOsal ithis otiesoh ia riilffe1ecciie in l-uos, is inlhr rconoliifuirtiss of 11i illnlllte Sc .~el.ioll.i() Of ()h¢. sin],h. 1(I,,I sall'. mesas of EII'e ovrhi l nse sw hichiei ahet tile allr hot lof ma1ihe ill-o Velltell. 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Cntoiiu:oi-rON, Nov. 150,183.9. o ce'i030theahatliiirrt-ir ii,d tiroait, 1ucrsotiatuiu,l ivh r lela tiii21.iiloluulullirrl.C ~ltouthe1r-u1unll lelollli~ii-e iV I loliiigSlll'olciuill. t'lhoi 1o. li lOoi i ~ lt'ooioioo cati'ri-ul .loiihl.,lh u io]l~tlh,oiiiil'lhca|lollciibicoetlltusioeeul l1s'd a il ciollir ol atilcloi. JOIISN I'I'EIL(;USOtN, Kieg st. CIIsIIIeSI'S, n arlech '27, 1832. I t sn se:zeil aotll l thtte (3il s t iLUe, \ ilth ili.l·essillg Ithelllt imsi se d beel Ii lltkill ii scvere cole , . lile IIIIhr Ilt, inllluenllc eof miercleu re, mtl thich hlts dtlhlmedl mr iromt busintsslnearl evrer since. Ilringlthlis periold I thte ielna paieitinl thi e Marine li lospitial, i ll tis iy llllalrtl ln l lirll i tllll h. tIli l lly tlhe iit ell h iifl l Ihlm y i tl t h l stitoe t sliotleital, i tul ltrllir i lloltl clelr rinled) with littch:l New' lO thelSith of F18r3ar0 Iit~ttatisnt ca-ceril'latiil~etimoltni 82,uteasseizetl es, I tll i tllell l he iii S.ll e ik' ll it luit ll Ps lltellti. In on . month I ctuml t it el f tilentirel" iii l re io Imi fgas s-I rtm Ilun Iihapyl to f lie tllall eionl.iher myIself t rItcetl y wI l. %VM. "I'Ui CIc .Istus , ts t 3 al'kt st. CA.\ES OF1, SCI(OI"U U UI.S I"IS. N tw Y'oRK,. Sept lt, 18.30 This mt ay cetil y thai in thi e lil ol 1825, . 1 was scizc ii i swe lhlagiilyneck i d f ae, wl lich i td-t i er 'ds ulri-ti, d tU rcuII i eltis Iseo ghluell I nicers i hmi ntr Eck.o ,liollra h ,lldlldn s Idln l siticel ons adsatll ag, l we t to turnaI Itih l I lind [lb eelCts iti tlut i.lilrr Ii, 18.11' o I) esul' l mlie l, fr ~n e t I tl ii rs ti- tr, t. , . I laglt ie liti tllcr e~s uT~l. e 1% lt ilr lilleag lielat l' IIItuirjia hit. biiseii. sorlt. L o Inkii i ul urel sll liel ai, Is tell is stei is.l etioi, Ie AIAIItliL IIIn A IPoll l. illi. , 1u21 AithtIO Ih oilf. oe ll i l tIe co fllr i:ho nlhu llNl l hI ell a ellll intl ed sit iI c\ le e. Il t l akelja'tic l is caIititI l : 'i d t ilrle' . lliG. Ii PiRlVtllu s SI Ielllit oIl lySL lio:r aihih Ie l'st hier silf iela icatlstol s of lTshiitlic ouffete iolllget1 oil molilv Ienllltn theAteoriginitone of o Nati s ekn ericuby( '[nttr , Keig, - neiareos leicd e o , oi reit lu s i illlnthe IItIgtr n . h lie Io rlet sioll. T co gpn liey w. l t. ltr il llll ea ip nU ifllno! <II Psini hxe E Ae s ontoielsi, Eec1. lcl os. ceu Amin1tpllo lohsilia.sf olnlpt l rei skilllelllu l it Iltl lcln. insl thnel e ou ie ilaw o t a n h. eii r ates, Ii t r e lut Gkli l i aetltsui eA iiielS , Si Ilell hnutle ti. Ihr ilcrll ldtl., s II teilo rtli n ll)e rinl ural lhil ho r su"lch oFlliNRtiY ios IhUN lNll , dht tltll: kaltl llh ia phoi l tntrt , ll-/ T eh ': Ilt cr i i tc IIl IIt, I o-ltlnd et tol mii It&i e the C anll1 h'e or Il'r e , site ly TriIus tofluencharititileliil,p.,ueneallpnpeewlicalet Jidstlane goerilnmilntseeilljiyterltas e ent oW .llN , Ien EVNY. N'imlrodsn Huting~h Tour sintesperrsal :.ithlcharaecto Dill' kt u trat ( le i ti ii ll Ier-uite ofils. Skaid dlleni 1o10.i ilu i h C lluh,- &r Cih, r. C'nrrpr~iouall ac onl mlld ih c,,sl .~·clalmt . hdhmlhmll enist eltt h s aseetd hcrsill up]0a~ nl.l~l(i l ) l i·lll ifl)· hut L'th I' IJOU Iirkl' i~o na Lute l ontinrlae t n rfhhlon rts, cir s Ik clu- reI e pulcfte, nLso-ll lflw nore ct lll:'of C-bIe.'s Pyrllolyl (diilkr' ill]lovedmIletlic Iensr,J~ppanel Ipaper;, wcighs,I Just rlecivcd, and oir slee ly m -31 V I'N,. . V.l-7 " - = chel Holok. HOT'CHRIISS &· Col, LdlAI IJHreissITie, &ei yte tor ofyrt HVNG a~ 'cinnploy i~~oreve Military Wokmen i .fle is renl to e rcltle awie ii enerllilvo lie a t 11 Kt P ali , eel onal , view oc lhthrand f r nd lisle ~e'l. i witn lr Mi a i t e ieii i ti 4 u iia i i irt THE FI)RIDA SlAt CAC S' ll' AM I OAT LINEI TIIIOtUGOi IN, Ii" AND A :ALI DAt'S, From Mobile (Alabama) to Atlgsla .a L EAVES Mnobile etery other ttn, immose the .r.ri.l ul'the uni frotm New Orle-ni ti stemaotnattE ItELNE, to Illatly, conch00 teo '5'lth nttnnlbolt ( per l'cl I s ola 1.11, St Itoosl sound mm ttlechie Iti··er nulll ly) lto Cetlr Itluof, conmrl 10 vi Marianna, Chlvbotoochee, (formerllaly Ye non,) Baihbrtldge, Pilnderton; I lwkinsvilleand I-i ville, toAugusta. A piseeengeertakhnghltelsetit bile is in lo danlger of being thllowni out or leoInt, pre rence by other conflirting itl'teets, an IheFiL i tA LINE, is built one concern, Iil unlder' e oI~b1 ttrtufiholt, nilldt mny rely WITH CFe rol-rO 0 t,1 nrival at Augusltatn it timnte peeifiOedl, thougit all WlL er and at nmy seasoo, less ome most IOllfo1es troljie shoulllh occur. Th.' (hlret New Orletans is earrilt by this I i otllie. The Ageilts foe conmt lion, 'teems, Conclles tol DriOels ore noet surlo"us tile southern ontnllty. Thle smooth, hlltrtt, nournlt roads, the stfe and ini, Esting water navigationl, the time nnd ameomms.., ffllord the traveler speCed, certaint , coml'ort, and l blea ing variety; connected as it were with thle Bail R1lb Charleston, S. C. and the steam pockets to New'Yt travelers can reae h New York from New Orelans LE:ss TtAN 11 nO*A"-\\Wlshigton city in 12. FIlom Chattodooehee, F'loridan, we bhee a $ lino via Quliy atnd 'Il T th:hassee, to St Markt,. p.1st coaches, tloe two ItIhaches from )lnswbiasi one to Milledgeville, and one to Mlcon, hithbt tlwe.w eonoches. STOCKTONSI U . Aroersra, 20th Jatn. 1 85. Officent Mansion Itouse, I Mobile, eltistnueo, New Orleans to lMobile, I50 mit. Mlobile to Augilsta, 5'l " Atugitsta to Charleston, 15 mm Chorleston to New York, 980...100 'Time, New Ortleans to Mtobile, 8 htour Mobile to Algousts, 15 mm Augustn to Chatrleston, 12 mm Charleston to New York, C6- S Making 168 miles per di.y, or 7 miles per thotr, ia(l. sine of all stolpttages. mte N. B. I hog tIrne to inform the publietl" e Iit l .es once the b(.hotenorbe ewanlo n. d Hlard Let el-eet. Ihnoejuset bren compltedet - t Imte georaltgme. totl, (thre mll ohlst'tles olt:ttilllt tlglmetll thisL le ad sipeedy route) tle thtl opt tfly Irnlived; tIt llld eltto tlleasure ofltenlllg llrom tirrellIrsetha the coadet,s,he. s e, driverms atlI 11rot11l aie oll |tt filh.t ordert alid a tu bi tler routIIe from t'Pec4eult to Cter Illtlt; it is ln aml. toed l by l.l oto htre tassed tohmugh it to be usmestrpd inx a omllies 1I tS Iand htiny . 'I he hridgs h.tll No. I Cooml mreerl .tcr Orl(Je s T I AS niwn.'s onin ant m .stnutly k receiving Dorls -.1 Cyes, Chemicals, and l'uin:s, ouLg ithe, Mr, ollowun)ItIUGS. 1)YES Aeli1itny, ertde, Argots, red, to rtgululs, Athllltol SpaOlllh Airsenic, cruet, Atluom, tdI powderemd, liezilletle wood, Blnlsm Eolnvia, Cochina lt, |IIx,crude, (C(t SI c nAmerieann, ito Iotilledt, Co1 Ill', I.illslolte e, crdel, IeFutirl, T'nmpaleo, lto roll, do Cubll, do flower, to Muine, Ilirlmulllth, Frech tierlit, Casteroitl, Indigo, lIengal, Cre.m tintt, to (eatillt, Ctthorites, tdo Ccrteorcrs, Gono loes, ol GC itnetoa, tdo .r.aoie, ln~d m , Ittemclhy dr..sssf'etil., Io St I)mtingo, do men/iae, do J.amaita, do belnznil Con. ilol, dIo copl, roiugh. hldtlr. (omlllbin, do to scraped, Ni nuragun, (aantre, du do S Amnrican. , tlto oe, do camphor, c2r tle, ne M. rnesila to do relitted do llarhv.. do guineum, (:I .:JICAL... do kino, Acid, tlittnmotl do mnltic, tleo tmtriuti do olplure, to sulphur| r .stegn]l C(:loti l, 1o 1 I, dIo Faldlac. ( m'ro ive blimmia dh10 tllllllc th ('hlulride lof lime, (o,:mumge, Epsom saltt, .n iprr Lerrie.s, A .eL ie:ric l.lm lr , ll" r au le, I.i do Finitei m , it.d me I' imilp mite , do Anwriite 1id c rhrounate potaslh 0 10ion lakon mi, p carp' g,11x Ino .5rt ), rl ll p inuh, Lmup' iice mll, So t. m l tmoml htl st l, SV I p zin e, to1,h i l g dll, A T:'i /.l( f linc), il . etl rmitt, gIllmce, Il:ol ;thllion, (l i mmicy llow, dry, do rpecce, do do il oil, o 1' , I tip i, oil, d , t uh:-'b, 1 1, .: l olad., ]'A eli ch, 1 Setaino, o, CIIIIoIni IIIOn et do1 sa ...., 1wnii . l ]i , lsh, C do l ,c, , ,a;,,,.... , o A., i. aa, 1tl . Ii i .ll I .io l TnSpis, i, P rait, ihit, o ".u ils, do cdoe, i'd h'dig, Potters, do v:or il1 ll, OIII ll, - de (;le.osi lkt .. Sopt', 00il15o, li t i red i" gli. m dryi do d fille., \cdil, do Alr nlsl , Snloir, Sptiele, do gr mod il ol, Qu cksiller, Am lwrranklt+ pure. ,i,.'o --111 J E.)1% 'AL ltcu i"it te, at t Tl-hout lttttnlts s ) -A.. I,. l'I.() ill, n~Ittilt, respectflily in lile lls the ltlic th:t ItN ,a pt plreend, t.t ill c Ihave c'nt:atlh (i.or sole, the nIllowitg v:riouls I)Dentl Medi. eils, lir tlhe diseases and afiiuttsiol of tie tacth and \ ncllh eld alti-etllu- htietnnc Ionth lpeders, opinle-, :Itingel Itltionla, guns, amete d llwash(, adoentllii .hl\ (l-l, canglte h al s ri "to it a.l t.notl, antli-scorhuliC tII, trt.S, asphirtunn . .t I n I gnteptlloattos ueleta', - lile nhIII rIes fort IceIi'r ttilI , t j;tin) g ua srup exp.rte ly intemldhd loethe cse od inlufts Ih-o teething. lint;h ,f the hoe lmelicies are used Ith the tlifhental maladies of the teeth andl gumn, edtl ith particulardi. retliots boa they tire to Ib Iust :)& Also many 'thl e art ticle foe Ithe toilet of the molnt. Oct 6 P IANO FORTEES-The seriher has jt t r~t a splendid assorttoent of I:nglth, lGermn an ad American Piano Fortes, tviz. tIe "woud, picolo, grai leabinoet,) ielo, und gernd alrtionl rq liane u raoanea., frtntl It Wnornutn & Collard, (tlte Clctenti & Co,) Lon dont, nhhgnoly: and zebra woand stnuare piano forts, from A Steines, Vjennn; do fromn the celeebrated fatl ries ofJ Chtickorine &, In Boston; Duboia & hecon, N Alo--lulltes, of every desciptitn; inolins, einteeld. tos, geivars, ctInritntets, ingeo lete, bI no, barns, trust petshugles, drotn, fsle, sntiene, 'etttLe, tntd vEtntoari ceh, f tmniteal n'red, ntalize, hocalnel and retail, n rteln bk tenrms. Ii ('ASEY, _____ ____ 19 Camp itraet ri\Lt GtIu(C':Itt! '1'U uI iU('I":S!!-.l' he enubcli _ haers vothllltnfinn the (;i-oters of New OrleraIsthk the!y keel) nonstantlt In alntn, ad large +npply of the bea tOil itltn R]Ilitters nlnullllfattire by tlbstecSCllts, thich will be sold at Nw IYork price.' e. KETvIIM31 & LUII/OCK, Druggists, nyv i:) 37 Catrlp'at. -.TIO it I(I.N A N! ) i)(M ESTllC -iA ltIt\ \ A IltE . El). R KIlttneMn & CO. No. 11, Ilapaoia st., Illtrtenrs and t lesaCle d,,nlers ii Foreign and Itenmestec IlardI t ate rveninieg feti, Liverpolol tnid the Ath tttic tilies. ldirect from the tonftlnr-urea, an xtetsie assortucntoffit:tn and hetat v IIARDI\ARE, nups tner cycte uticle in ike line. 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