Newspaper of True American, April 18, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 18, 1837 Page 2
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(Fear the £ rete A rttricn.) T 4trhn! ahititituld aiIte iiltttcid mI to rimier * ' yZh ,iettichpptnrt d in lthe Fraiiih eino ofI a thSiltlydow 'F pnpt-·r, butr the prol-nhiiily that the C*htlf nhit:! r iir-inia.erti ideo to cmutite tirweril int trchi e Cttnlit:ii, tinny again oblice tire {> 4lpir'a bairc b thr e Ittplil. *.On the eionpp.n"roicc if Rieri, the tralinan rtepe flattttn J lne li"ao~ingSE ilnta' Iaihta ITMt ivn in erer. t Irea inra QI t~p ing~ ~itn tite' tldI Mo. I nun otr entir i,, did not k nw. k thi iefrntt.h et e repit ,t atnrn which hid to be perrdrnr il nutnife 4d vibwkg. Under tte' nirelthfritaeee I waif' 'iei , r* atttii, tita4 I ill, tI mitde ati unaertike n ptt tier which I eveir eoveted, at N orncvr have volunteerud to nil. The appeorarlce of so rhe tet referrrrl to, itducrceal ry af i",contract, with the oC r w ntho~l eeele ~ airt hrAtii aiectttillnxna e frita re. p KI r tiet a t ainprt and 4en hasg rx p*aed fr 10MH~tn; allduld tut er' SUnder ~ Itth, tiriougit yonr altoueta, thit I have ni pee. pre- prinma dite. na, to nnrrla i ka8natni o Ognitiet tint wilt, to tetiott in t kera which enlled farth tie e~ar'tfeMe. iPiht l tn dtmeend: t o bnLg fo tiltprff RI n0 n of ' Wltp. tnf4",.neiy~ti' V I lp;,i J1Llnld l 'ir tNi d 'ito i t% a e T= Iitla 17, 1837. Teethe e r otfhe 'True Ateuriean. I.A It jt j earld live Oil., he tire eidane Mta a1 t . qortrro ale mile from thse cent n t16&,wii . the beutihul l and Ilet praeeatg littlceeprateinet c Ailaeieuto, rthe-cita ri Ihlohtite, lad~ tievr l.werh~w hcli , t ii live hgk 4md~ lnd't dii eclainatenali deerm b~ieter ibte a'°hlhare4 eniea,-itne dtint seetirl S?(hhniOa I was i'itrhtetd hy tIes point a ri t i , beiig eapabl of aup ,ttyittg gene I iherenev abautet miles ot pipes jt I£ n*t*lnat is torane entranr dqetaoy, 8fPligitrieg MiAhbiie titi Gan, w t r4i dlby Als. CUaldwail in haptec Iwcta$ g nnnt..aioeeaoenct till Do cenen, ridt chat rthe first light wield be g eaeto Wing af hlry. Goa at fir. Ioa;learelk 4ia-reenitla.cand uiefulnass till gniin vaa ntttreittlrfioi4etjir then ite intrtduatrion of a hundelrd J'aten easn,c Cr "et1 titift mireatrit rain. N NEWV ORL~EANS. fCl. inn. tBO-.L¶O i·r tio6harri...... .. . 0.o1-2 S4a1iI- iWtnittPd.*bale. tend this dat vans Tre l ie prenlnal ty. 503,!19 Yok..49 514.151 artl t¶Aanceet.thindoy to aur R.ston," tn....169 Tpna~lde previnacty, 413,609 416,1il d n.anflataewiihndl nit eleared. eintt m'rn~In~NT oF TOlACCO. n t·.tb. no hta4!.Ne. . e r .. .. .2 April tr.14-.n ada en'n tbld a. d 43 IrtaO t do porevrios l.. jati 100l1 prelt thi day to 8nota ... 1 n at dapneir.. . .. .......... 7,43 NO. of hde ~hnd ud noit ll.rrl.............. .....A. G TT- . 1IIAR LES. The Director Ita the honor of annno ncina , ftr three mightionly, tie celebrate I artits* M'lle CEI.E4NTE. In preisetieg tkhi Lad) to the public of New Orlrnns on this o.eeaion, the Director ber` to rate that M'lle C:rLTF-. fruom masvoidalrle circut'nstanca. vin'tnllt 11. to ay the noumber tfonigbto etiptlatea in Ihe ori giatl enggemeni ttAd' lhe'eforr. filditdl th:t her er raugototnfs twlAtlbumit'frher remeiniang s fw lave in New Oinanoe; atb feels the hilghe*t gatflieetiattl in re her pledge, aid once mtore appearing before her librral patnone. T" : ' EVENING April. 1tlh, Will bte thit Legtmdarv OIeratri Ballet of 1.E EI)EU IEI 1, BAVA DEItE. Zellti ithe mnid of Cnrhmere, t'lle relcte; Fatima, Mrsa.Lelia. Mlndwme Thliellhnen; Ib.idee, Signora Mari. - .i 'SFignora Elizo; the Ukhnowo, Mr. Iaunt Iiore, Mr. [ages` Pravinna to which, the frrce of THE Y'IUNG WIDOW. Mottideerla Mr. flnnoni.ter, Spla.h Mr. Do Bar, Au relia, li".Shaw; I.ucy, Mre. Htunt. ii'ANTED IMMEDIATELY, a RItftLER ITOY V to whm conltant omplo'vmeot ini good woae., will be given. Apply at this office. a. l "tY GEORGE V. IIIITGJT'r. Office No. 4'; it.louis street. rFTHE saleof 25 choice Slaves of b:,th exsr., tixed Tiron.-One lith cash, the balance at 6 and 9 mlhso eredit.-VYurt'er ert irullr. will be giveo it, huenlbtlas, prior to, nol at the timne of ls. a18 LA aoerds, eanflino matl atiag'rl, landing faotr shoo oer Morniag Star, olfpo:ite aGravicr t. "Fir plsin tlots to silt purchacrs, by Wet I'ORTIIT , ai 95 "ommon at. A I*tLdE ot on 'ileny tihLt the 1nth inetlnt, -from Lake Pontchartraia near thIe Inilreod, withl partsercarta hrness on. te le a rh*elnot vorrel, a three white fhi et,--tlewhite running weliup. A a ·asit jlm rea of whita is down jlis face. Any petlr briangl said hor.e to the liavery teidle in r !imn at.' shall receive ten dollars far Iis trnuhle. Ire if a pacing orseo. alS t f G C BRISCOE. hleaaniw feet perdueLudir ,ilen, le 10idde cre. t, eU- t du leie pr&s le rhemuh a couliose. I1 avait aale-same parti'- dt. Lhrnoi de charrette. I.e heval e4htonAlear ehaertiq, agoat troi pieda blote;-le Wblhin ileataLt srs haste oar lea jAmbhe. Une pe itale lWmanll a r lalgums Caltuiquiil I'ematenora, a Iteeraapullle b I i rue imiod,receeve'a one re:ontpense do d tlilaer. a. Le chendl va a ,'.mhle. sta - 1 CI BRISCOE, W~l II.BlW9,40'ee reudu ndjudieoture do - tatusI .laieO Lts de Terre, aet merattes 19 et 2 mU% teP-rmaeaa par laac L. McCoy, cc auiteAr i . l, dac.l'llet vira A via l'hBtel, et bornes par le Avea8e, lea rue RBurtle. Mllilltdn et enrond. o ql an "et pu aneofr con titn e re uonditions de Ia vent at nea editlO a de terrae erant rvenydua Ams 0 d corasnt, B aidi, i in Bourse d I'Ar pIreorn cempe Ctel risque. todi a: Uto tiers conlmtent, r n le rste al, , ,rt 1 -pila A dater du lee Octohre 18i, en ill ats endf. i .4i irft palemeat. l.' ete do rneto dtlvrn re dQit ias 5 ioor qui seivrant I'adiy icatiSln, ene os loea terrain retant revtrdus aux a i flil second [roar. lav ".10 U E.'T.hRP N IuT'rIEIt, ltD & IIEANr, land. - iagg from etramer Mandiso, nlt for latel at 4l at. by e13 S SIATEIR. ORI-1i7 miachvora for nla b all .STETSON, AVERY & Co. YJk-140 sacks corn int ilare ad for salty by .. ' VAR, d26l'ravlr aa et. LU. OAC oNa ir al t 33 Genvier rt. by . _1 _ S G BLANQIARD. leksiof prime qtnitv,bfor sole by ~ s IO ltLANTIHA Oli, 33 Gravier et. W o'4 "b-6 olo tterasfor toe Mobile 6Gc-wnverse. Appfly at the box office, St Charles Theatre. -"aI3AMO 5 ceaskotos n t, an .te.sre ar d far sale by wlt01111 J VAIRIN, -61'u.das at. " # #lg; l h ibhle corn, anal, in store and for meat 2 Puoydras at. by -`"1' J VAIRIN. hl whibearu, aCgd ariclr, in -;7.=_ r J VAIRIN. aI d fr sale at 6.Pydraers t.h JO VAIFIR. whiskey, in• sora td for a! o lv J VA IL N, ti Peydraeo at. " UR--I tI9ii h dingf-Tmnm Flat beat, in good n o dr nd fr oles&l 2t6 Poydras tl. hby r J "VAIRItN. .PuJflKn...4M , loh|i Aras, iand 4tOd Prime l'ork, I i le fion ateanmar l'aietic,fotr anle by 'sil JULIUSV AIRIN, 26 P-aroa at. l acon aad I ord, far cablayu (I l)O I RSR YV44 New I.evee. A A N .-4 qcr cks Mlonti ' Swrct e . .Wiane, "Dadre Brand,"' a rery superior .. i R R IRITAWTIIORN,6 Glravir at. S.-'RLtlAN#)l-i -lbt htlfripes lordearux O )toprey & ve"Fiynette B ands, of dircat p. article, for alce by IT " IIAWTHIHORN. &I Gravaer Ft. leg leafr rlad int ~oe idplaianrdrr,fir .63 iaiierr.t. -A 'lVt SjlEj-'i- bls- nail Mao aea whilkryv of rtfc.iias Lohhvor. i satre i1.U]I. .1' 1&JtlWIIIORN, Jo 6. . _ "blGreva ..t, ur [ iM ,he JAMIES I i C.ilDWEI.I., S ton .I'rvifinal S lodie. aloe leaf Outtertae, fatr antiua' JN" I tol"lh.tAM. efotllo. and harrelh, iar Atab hb S . J-c l) 'GRAeAea. ( #Sj AU' f. ýIA It. ferr-AS7. i4Gd", Coiotinc iioun CtrAIA.ner, acro- red atld reried ta ae preeart date ftr alr . hI a'eae 00rett be 11 IHOTHIIK lt & Ca. gi dRg hl -lirrolg pickled tl i a fic, juat .- 00a'o ea w fale at 73 Graier otrrt I y s IIOGETT & IIA WATIJRN.\. Li "nblietsd Dsahijhd I " i lecikt tatta s Arcade, eornero ,%ste sadltle i / ts NIDIV D BY JOHN GIBSON. FAITIIFUL AND BOLD.. TUESDAY OMORNING ...................April i( h 'Irts 6IttutiOnfaor'ftlahiw.- lice wi folud et pIloyment, and wi!t .It well paid, if application be nmade iimnledi.tiv. The Citylank ihp:trls tilts day to isasue 90 day Post notes. We t:n!erastnd that the best 80 day paper will ,he.recarived aa. txcllhtt.. four them. The otherliti thad Ibelerer 4uollw suit at once, lest they lbe isatntrecd. 'T Expln ese manil .auived yesterday, brilrging dates from ,New York to Monday" the 10th of April. .. , Reilly, it ouldlase.!n aif Ato had b'een let house from her sha,lde to indrment the people of this Mienicipality. Site ihasp.aeeil out u;,on the heads ofa, or dersitd citizenv the vials of discord and Il't.fieey to crime. Laboringon ptre side, unde.r se direful effects of a cosmvnerci.l rnevnlution that tlhathaken the lti;ric of striety to its entre', we a ittacked on the other by an unspeakable ina tbiliy in the adtninistra' ion rf jultice fr6m the criminal courtdow.a to the court of Pie.p.udrc or that of our ovn "Recorder. Fellow citiazns, int tintes of ct taereinl di'lrese, when 'ltii's minld .re oecnpied with the ell..ngrispeing onsiideratio.n of self-preservation, you will always find oeimo in every shape to , lift her head to heaven and" stalk no earth with e j ilWuffcrl": l.ttpudentce. ll'h is our present condition. laafers, gtatblters, in" cendltisries, tlhivets, pickpockets, blacklegs, nnd iunprincipiled wretches prowl about our streets seeking .hont and what thley may devrur. f0 late their ouitrages have become in euffriable in every muinicipality but this. Our plic-e have fer' ratted out these pests of peaceahla'society, and ac' tuated by a laudable neal in executing faitlhfully the duties assigned thete, have been highly -sn-. cessful in arresting them Intheir hig'v-hand'ed and dangerous career. When every good citizon thought that Ie could live at least secure in Ithler limits from tile at:acks of these viaol lors of er,lt and law ;-when hre prided hilnsalfon the efficiener of the police fthis munieipal eovarnment, whllt thick gitr has hapane.d I The Recor.lsr-ltimnsall either through weaknesat or ignorance of tihe laws fi the State, Ireas giverrl a dD.i aIl in i hO .tse of J. G. Perry, that, im letely paral~yz-a the authus.i, "r',It pnolice, subjects them to in:sult from evTern scoundrel that infests largo cities oithbut the Incans of protectiune thrimselvese,opened tile d.or to, crile of every dectliption, and nertally off, red a htigh bounty for tranisression of the law andi thl commlnirsiin of offt~en a. Are we siafe, can we hb. safe tnder such a state of thlings t Road the Po lice report for frets that will startle you. Wlht is t, ihe done? Fellow citizenll, we demand ofl you what is to e done? Will you fold y.tlr arms. sit niill, and calmly witniss tho ma jcsiy of th, I awl hourly vielatid by the hundreds of vagrantr, -amblers and uicondiaries that nolw infs:t yur municipality I Will youe be silent, while y.tut Recorder, by his extrnardinary and unhearid of de eisilln, lestl Ins. uplon society lie filnds that your net we ard vigilant police, frontm tiime to tlille, utay arrect? No. You awill not. Your character, y.our interests forbid such a luptlu-ition. W\hat then will you do? Call a meeting of yourselves. Ex press yout will in a way that your servanrt + cannot Inisundrsatand. Speak out plainly Say it.rt the ptace orf eocieiy :hall be preserved If your servants celructrlatd ith thie admlinistrantor f the law fail to Ith Itheir duty, either lthrough iertonal fear, igtnrancc. or any other cause, take thelaw titiu your own handolls, and drive out vi et arntris all the ptsts that now disturb society. LoI us have a p..'li5" to.rit". The ship Oconl·r, from Liverpool, whence slei stiled tite 14h of illrch, starrived at Plailnadelplhin nn the 90. intnlll, Iriaging dates from, Et.trliarl two days later than the Shlt'ISlId. The Tiles oft. ithe Ililh tat.e that the nitenasres taken hv tlhe nd di.cnunl tIrtlkers are brine reliv d by nreom moidations it the bank. Thie eifTects have nt. rnt very rieat oin the l.lnnrty lmarket. The ptr chies of raw andtl tlnntlfactcturd produce were large r the week than for a mlrntht in the last three months. Thle Liverptiol Albijon f the 13th, says that no distinguirhinlg featre ,of alurm had taken place uip to tiatr d It. Nyr a word abontt ertrln by this arrival. The Ininisters ehad bern defearted Iv a volte if4.9 tt 33, on a quresc tilon of lave to bring ill a bill to repel ai clause of the reform net. A sehene is on foot in New York, to olster iup Ilth systet of credit by applying to the Legislature for a loan of the faith of the state to, the city s:abks for 20 years, in bonds to the amount of 10 nmill;ons, at i per cent interest, which should bt considered as an addition to their capital to dis count upon. If they grant the prayer it wotld be only another attelmplt to fasten upon the country thire old and odious molnopoly it comnmerce that has brought upon us the present ruin. There ire no hopes however that it will obtain eountenance'. talk of suspending specie payments. Suech a mneaure will at once relieve the mtunev mtarlkt. Birston anl Cinada in the sprinrg of 1314, wagnted i linnacini war of grant fiJrrceness t,l:.a tho N.ew yJrk, Philadelphia and Albany banks. F,,r.iarn goads ncame: Into the Union through those su:rce , arid they were' lcopclled to rlar, reyrtie in order to pay the I alanec against them. 'this nwar broke up all trade between the Northleast and middle tre;rs. On 31st ofi Aurust 1014, the banksat Phila dIlpbta as the ulrtlinrtull, annI unce:d inl a body a, gcneralsuspension of sjrre pna.mernts till after the .tar. The N w Yok blarnks fullowed suite ,:n the Ist Septermber; tile Albtany n the 3J, a.d the Mar) land and Virgirnia Banks about the middler o thesamne month. What was the cortelquence? Bank paper bcecn e at once txchangenblI for goods, debts, property and real estate. Nth being useful fior the arts as gdid and silver are, its in tri.sic value fell from 10 to 00 per cent ,elow that of the precious mnetal,. The dillicultiet in the rommein reial world were at o:tau removed. Every body tok sank paprr as measure of value. M.1oney becamno abunldanrt fr tile wants of the community, and th country was prIe-rved fr.m fiurther ruin. It will be remembered that ther Bolston banks continued to pay apctCe, but they ruined their merchriltrs and dearrayed eerlmerce. II England c trntinues to drain us of specie as sh° has already bregn It do, what alternative have the batiks of the present day? Will they e.-it tinue to pay specie-lor tiheir pap r, or will they suspendJ! This impnortant questiron will be ie cidedby the .st of July. The Packet ship Sully, Lewis, arrived at New York on tile i1h ihnstant, Ironl Iavre, whernce she sailed on the lslth Msarlch. T'he money mtnrker was very tight In France. Cottain had ga.e down twit crltintre, and wnas dull. l'he Sutly t rouglht ut 6000,000 fralics in gild, part if the indemlity. Mes1rsrs We'ls & Greern, of Paris, hlve issued r circular, stating t:rat no order woul. be received :.y themir, unles acS ettrpa ir d by the funds Cot fee iseilling at drooping prices. Duin.r rite h days previous tou ithe 7t.h, 108l hales Nov Olrearn. rultlan ltal hLen ".tJ at 105t. to 136f. On ttie oritar lland, 3810 halrs United States eattion had Luer. ,ceivea. Rents are comilta dt!wn in New York. A hous 'iFrankfur( street wasr ttnted on the 7th itrtslar or $500 dUllars, fr which tihe owne.r reffusd $8") nix weeks agI. flow lnag lefre they will catn. lIau in New Orleans? Will the tpe.tllauters sil oritin.e to gritnd the fac as of the eanterpriuitn' e'lol'perre I ntg to give tih, New Yorkers r'quall .,eed ie fi.o- thists craty. Thrnrgs atust rconae rawr ,o living pri-re, so soon as the tyran tl of .he cim ,rercial kin;td,;,i are d.e,.r.ed. O.eol t an s r u hItas ay lto 'T'ampa on t.Il 31 ill .aant. He rush for Burkingkham! To (tereesepadeilnma B.a the Sttte ftl' Trade la nao I.eral. We s+huuld lie , i'have an inttertr'w. Mten.Car,nT, tn he abuses of BIrnki;ng wil'ap pear in our next. We thank I.. fr his inlafrmati on relativo to the late failures. Will he be more particular in his next ?!-st te nttmountst, namelll, &c. Connmuniea:ilns for the True American re t-i-ved at the rlmee. Cou:tterfcit half d.llars, hearing the dates of 1834 and 1837, are in eiretldtlosh in New' York. Let us be on the look out here. They are said to be well anxecnted. The proverk olhould now be "rfeel well before you leap." Gre ntr ommlnion was caultd In Wall street about 2 P. -M. on the 10th, by a ramor that a Treatury. draft was hangiag sver some one of the Banks forspecie. Nothing will ever stop the hand trlong course of the party in power haut An undce nitable expression of the popular will. Butf that will is so biassed, that it cannot think for itself. We shtou!d not be surprised to hear by the next tail, of the New York Banks having suspended specie paylmetnts. A croesus with the mines of Purei, cold n.,t witltatand the drain from abroad nlld. from our own Glvernmett too. Arthur Tappan has not failed as reported. The negraphile is atp to bin ears in ab.litien schemest and amulgaltation practices; The P. oples Bank at P ,terson.N. J., hqs been run upon for specie for several days, but the de. mand was promptly met. It is'said to be the s.tu.tdeat Institution in the State. The Jury have been dtsltcarietd in Ratthabn' case. Seven were for convicting and five for ac quitting. So twe go. Justice in this land of ours, is but a mockery. A poor devil wtho had forged a note for ten dollare, wqoud have been sent to pris on for life, while the rich man and powerful, tnay rob the banks, and forg four what amount the pleases without finding a jury with moraleeourage enough to conetmtn htim. Van Baurnisn is go:no a teal in Cannecticut. The party have elpcted their whale State ticket. They have aurried Turtuen of the twenty one Senatnr, and htrve a mtaj tritry f forty-four in the lower house. Every one of tho me nhrers of C t: .ress are ro-elected. S.t muchl for Ir. Van h:.retn'illimnitable control rver the nmtny t of the nation! Wealtall see still tae orte t.:ardi:ary rg,o .ullet an the clectins-ttnnte olt ain bt!otr states. Money wha still scarce in New Y.trk up to the 10th, tIh ,uth the dt notl I warn at qulite a, pres. ing. Men.under continual adversity becoene ttillon and do ntH even seek fr thtt which would relieve them fro n distress, when all t!air efforts, towever well directed, aredestinld to be paralyzed by disappoiAttment. Mr. NoLt says that a war has beeon waZge ig.tinst the meroltants ever ninoe Jcaekson cmne into power. 'This is true, butilf tJu mrrchantsa had not teen false to, the nao!ves, thlu present die Tater e could tnevr hitv occurred. Theov eized the hounty off-rod by a ca:ning govetlrnment t.r overtratldig, and ere hooy tre a erd of their error, found themsethlves in the tr.ap pntrp saly su:t tor them. Tire hypocrisy and wick I d signs o' General Jack-soo's governmr nt are deserving of the ultmost punish nent. if it cottld be brotglht t hear upon ulch faithless servants;-o-l at the ietr" chats ,owe their ds, rutcrioa it their wanrt o for sigl.t and prudenee in grrasinz at the gilterinrg prize held out by the Tennessee Jades. Utilced States Bank astares at Now York thll IOtlh, closed at 115. : Vicksburg do 72;: D.lawarer and Hiudson do 75. Many snlvant houses in New Y.rk, with de posites in hank to the amount of $5),000, are pre. parin to wind und up antid ti business. Tiey see nlhing htelor them but failure and suapcajasi.n When such mierchantsare takill tine hytha fore lock, it is a sure sign that the, cn ning troubles art, of nl miuor inp.rt. Every indication t.aches u, that the olntmercial edifice. tditand the test o time, must have for its fulllndaltione teal tnealth, ntl the decaying rubbish of publlic and SUtelscite epe ern at-night ttt La Bnynilere. After reaping a riei harvest in Mtohile site returns to dr liiglt us Iwe, or three nights nmore. WSould we could leave her with ni nlwars! On the evening of the Biht inst. Mr. Pierpntt's church in Boston, (Hlllis street,) was trruck lh. liith'ling. The steep,l was burnt to Ikt belfrey, awhere the lire was extinguished. The amounlt l importation of China into Rich. mnd is $6),000-n year. 'Truly, the little city of prmises well. P.wer is t lRichmttndi, attracting great houses. ,I. l'o.xeots, Minister frmnt France to liis env. ernment, arrived at Norfolk on the 4th instant, itn tile Fren French Frigate Sirene, c'an. Dphnrter. Tihe Commercial Herald of Philadelphia has an elo, Ilent article on the propriety of p)aing small debts promptly in these equally times. We might add, that it is tile duty ofevery mali to protect his debts of pleasare as well a Ithose of necessirv. Fail who may, we censidt r all debts ceOnraei," ij prosperilty for one's own individual and fanily wnts, to be eacred ; whether they be for the sup ply of neat or for a box at tile Opera. Pagnittnim is on his way to his country. The, Bston tflks are beginning to enmpllain of the tintes, and the Richmond peotle are crying out fer help. Dan't lork. this way, gentlenmen. Na ca:r't help ourstlves, nO fl:cred have we nlcen by ih-o gvner.tenl:n t eshates,c tihe speculators atnd real estate tIctntr fnor the tast five years. L firte, the beautiful dran t of Ltli tie, was re. pented last evening ftr the tenelit of Mr. and Mrs Uarnes, ta . brilliant, fill and fashionable house. I wenet uffwilh nre.t eclIt, with the <xceptiuo. ao somae wilful mita-kre in chatning the scenes, tile lault tf the officer of that departnmeat. lMis. Challrlotte Barnles wans more interesting than ever as Theondore. letr epilgnue was enlthuitnatically rencived. Pearson was quite at home in Latitte, and didfull juslice to he part. D. bar vas ex cellent ns M irtinrez. Ind.eed evry ,one. enghged deserve the highest credit. The UnBarnes' w per ceive, have yielded the ir tnights t tthe inimitable Celeste. Their r appearance will be hailed with pleasure by te lnr v at of the dratma. Read Papanti's letter. T'l'h. etrictures in tihe arritle aluaded to wetre oxtremnn ely 'ungeneroas. They were unfair and not in good inste. As n sonustres shel has a eood style, and exeent:es with great feeling. Every disinterested aunditor eannat tiltto b, pleased wilh her. We are gl;,d to see that is yet toI chnarm nI with h-r sweatn and delicate voien in smne one of the New O cras MONEY .IARIKET--CITY. Tueday, 1 A. M. The gross amount of failures ia this city,fromn sareful sei. lte, is reckoned at 97 neillins. This was p to the 4rt inst. It is now cansiderably over tW millints. In the end the decit will he over Sty mallions evsa.if the property in exlstlnce be old atn the meost favorab s rates. Inere then we have a credit eapital wlomo v.due'depend etlirely upon rTenr and the energy ufourpeople. Doesnot this factt speak volurnt againat the nystem by whiri we have been building upaour prosperity? It is s deceitful ground on which we have been operating. We now eind it givinag way beneath our freet, inolying all who hve rented their faith upaon its sonlidty in on general ruin. Tinme will prove to usthat a credit capital 'has bee theb cause of atl: our mi.fortune', ana that uo caantry can make a perma nent proeoss if .lt depends upons it. As the fiats come in fromn abroad we stei revert to this point. The only remedy that retaaiut fer n- now is on abolish the esystem ofa credits. ani turn t5 the aever failing sources of acrtual capital is the osly true meanrs ofenammercis prospeity. Tins billsof the banking hourse of Yeatmn. Wnds nd Cao. e hear, were protenated yt-saerdar at the Baek oa Louisiaea. This will crreate great distresa witk the holders of their paper in this -ity; thounghe on hat ttn ie tnant a rirnulation is nst large. The geate.t 'oass to he eaperieneod ill be felt is Tennee-ee, if the hollse has failed. A rerrtia meen in that the novernmet .hsa i..rnd STreasury order ealling apon aht Depositn Basl to send the amnant of the public reltneins i their rautes, to iashtng atos. We should ant bea urp ird if it ere the cuae. The party in power can he guilty of tihe grefeet aoutrnge upon tho di.plte;wed theyeftary.Nasaa ruat we onpiue scsk order aould mi. e Wa'hinuto tooe hat to hold Me. ,eSt ,aes. P]ehkimp doing ls Cotteon. Is p-olauee the al are linited to isetfl wgan.. iPlew ,ae-+j W ht i ruit ao. haI Mackerel, i1 15;-l~ard ? ,4 AtaU car".ty /. as, 9c1101 ean Pork $10; GA rtal(tl t5 ter saek.L Three ot she lt Municipality banks have omeasout at last with a nlic, thatI the w Ii rmuaw to their debtors till exit dil. W'hy ttasthe not esist the iolvent merchant There is a ba elaid open fsr the eacereise of their uaefuatees. Let tll the bhalk try. Alas haoiemnea n basttle wiahout aia-ne Ot baCh behep becl hks ! te le 'et!ieh tirgins: &cSral ..!r:Iatcipaliy. .11 .wla, A.pi il 17i 1 I , iMr Margrea, a Ti.t.lary ii, bras ivtly Lind f t li. riatul r, ilas a ht, en o te" - , c,,l - allahatled whit ldiaii, t o co , pleina latle w3tch .picking her'out Ir= in any ai uncolfi'rla.,e gr t - ter-..-cleascd this time, althoug' frequeniuly b.. fore oentencc, nt, aun her piro.ise to parocure fu IlOr.tI a expoeltd inlliglg'. T'raverse,a:rrt' d fr adlllillisteringt his wife': llOte, inn r l-ape-o .ý.a eating biauradto eccp enace in $S03. f ourd, accuead fsectting fire to a fiat bpat. Thi. gentilrman was hlte an ,ecupant of the a itnittliia ry-re .cmniltted itar Ttfirh rrxn.,linstion. J. G. Perry--''his ag ntlemaln, whol wal arrested an Satetlrday for assaulting and attenmpting It draw a.Bowie kif upon onlle of tahe Police oftlmerr, had ilis exallillnation lto-day. Thu evidence went clearly to prove the luctP, to Wit: that three I: itle Police entered Richardoln'a hItele, and that one of them was thcre aea.nllld by P'rrs, that without any provocation, he alttlepted tl draw a i$wae kllife or pist'il, bll.t ofa'.which were frlld upon his persona, againlar tao of thl oficers, tuat lie was int consequenlce atretrtd. The honoracble the RectOrdur, !earatheless, rillasld lhim wiahlIca ever requiring himt to give saeurlty. to-lk- e IIh. peace; atnd a secnd crhirge, thal lt fcrraing can. cerated w.veap.n, his honor decided tI at it w'as , not a crimiital oufi nl:e, but a civil naction for tle re elvery alfa tiel., and rectived himasIflhe Slate file aimpaOSad iat eac cad3 f: the tlawa, of fiily dollars. t'Ul'l' Ub' NaaV OIUIL, AN . CLEARED YESTIBDAYIlLthlt Bhip HunuSaife, Eldridge, New York, Brinka Cohe,--Cer go 4l btlea cttt. , Ilba0 bbta pork,lUO do eour, 5 1 sacka of wshonea, 15 cask and hkds kacne t7-raes ,,oral, 7t peces bag. ling. 472 keg lord and sundries. Breig Franes, Giiene, Bertoan,,Go. tedfard..Cnaor 123 bhdl tobaoco, 4 do falci and g6g hels, 10 tea honey, 50 bges Cof Sl49a bblt'of pork, 763 kegs lard; 0 bbllt melrteae. Brig America, Treadwell, Boston, G. Iltodfrd.-Cargo 163 bales cottoan, 2c hkds4oae o, 148 sack torn, 191 bbhs pork, 215 do our, a bth aned 13i kegs lard, rig Hiram, Bacon, Charleston. Bailey and Abot.--Cargo 160 ahd bacon, 610 kesi lord, 75 bhlul tobacco, 240 hides, ti bbl whirlkev Skoonereorl.e Henryo Burnnr, Charlertn; Benrd, Pitts & C Oe,-t. tokdts bacon. Schooner Talmo, Merihew, itarrataril T.J. Forntall.-Car. goti t-brickl, ,0i,010 headings for cakas. Sechooner Ecret, Seller, New York, Bailey and Abbott.-Car. 6o S-t'bble pork, bl hkdl molanses, 9 coaks ckeooce, Oa tubn butter.90 hide, 4000 borne. Schonoer littller, to Richmond D ikrnlton-Cnrgo 22 cuksI Ikoulder., 1t04 pat. pork. Bloop Actor, Chaponta, New t2ondo, to Master--ia ballarto AItLtIVED YESTt1ttAY--17th. Towboat Tiger, Bebee. fm tle Paslres: towed to tea ships Jokn Barina , Hobert. Henry, and hr g McLellan; brought up from eant hlpa YVaudualia, Dulaop, barque tllieeut,brig tlorea, Lath the bar a the 15t, at 10 a in. reports- B itich kliat..o lat,le, aed oAmerica .,,atilchor off thebar; ale the outward houtd Veselt. had gone to eea; Ieve'la. b.:n in the river; brig Comet and othears sknowo. Towboat Pacifi, Mertin, from the raeta, owed to sea ship Hlerald, tarque Augusta aond. llavre. Left the pass on the 15th ad0 em . tapors onebhrqe otsuUido the bar; broughit up chiek, av0. ian and hlp tllull, nothing new in the rirveriuce It rt,eport. Towboheat Hudsen, towro, fmn the assnel; towed to sea chip Tiger antl ech Peru. Peft the at 2tp a ila tle .tht; broughtl ua ships Palentone and Globe; relerts nothing new lcace the P oeilia te; i t er, irig Aogel aad Cylta pn. Thowboait hark. Thomas, from trie Peascn-towed to sae brigs T.,mTaince, Urardo, Fracklin, ertra WatlLman, It Cos ter, and Jolm Jay--b. ougllt atp hip Viscklbrg, brig Cnmtes, andschreIA Ttlrner. Ieftctha Pedeon the 6t. at.t II a. n. reports a or barque in the ofng; in the river ship eoacow, brigs Comet and Cyclrll. Packet Lship Vicksau I, Woodllouse, New York, 17 dayl, to Beia i -Cohen-ca go assorted mdze, to I.avton .ssoa , Leigh, lMaddnu & co. Lambeth ." Thomnponc, .5lIlsey ta Mtontague, Cokeyse A, llbthlta, Godfrey, tluasta an co. Colt u co. Baoltrt awthkaorn, Dobbin a Ctark, Swan t Br thie , lrauklin , Amaes, Martin, P e.nn & eao. Brander. OtKenntu aco. 5M White & co. W WYell.. Ilyde a Gtaires, A Grut, Bu Sterer, Burke. Watt a co, Latrape Deemadi, J C -pringer, J Noean, Peyrorx Arcieul t co. J t iBell, Iloulgh A Skilgl, A a J lseuniteoua, aW Mteean, M I Mlulen, O Datipi r o. I V lnailty, Pert a North, C Follin, R 1t White, Scralger , :o. I Filley, I a1 Gra ann. Kirkmnan, Romer A Co. Fercguson a Parker, J L Mitier, Sillter, F Gil letl co. Wi IVthhlaey, 'ela tlawilr,, Lthth a Thoa,. siel, J Bridge i ian.J II Field o O II Boaekuda , I'Larate II it Lea. teo R Veeltmna, Vaupelt a Ove, eIrh, Ilvyde Itrs. Moelaat .v Biaote, tHyde GoadrichIte. eruaeae & Biro, I t tlnche,A Dunbar. St John le, tBeira & Cohen, la. D ll.ll, Stantsou, Avery c. F Z:nlabulli, Harrod a. Querlca, . Cite. w It I.yon, lielly, Mtaon e . tPerrcoata, J te co. G evot Paigr, A C tV Squire, N C Poager. Opdtko a Ca rico, it Poet. Ilowes, Daviduad co. h*littemore l, lair. Ruterl'ord &l Metcatf, Frot s Jouhatoo,, Z Talt, Q FFoadi, a n'emphbel', Mtgdian ¢ It.oadsrif, J At tradwall. V Judd, Butltlier, tStaton co. Wtc.,c, Anldersn a co '1 tlarret, KIt.ahdtl t Psmroy, CTbJ Tim e rwiu. t lal ,W ltW.lltaa T.y tor Medly, M tiordoa, Duteu ., Frercs. Pete, M'llla.l, J It I.ovrerlci co. Vnaitou Kemp, Slocm, Rtihards a ., J A Menlare co. J A Park Wiloex Touket-, Buchaniaua.t. fan, Co. e Stealtol, eV W Lyna. N. J Dick, II ltayalrn. E lttt. L Dulautd, Lott treck, lowesr. Davidaon co. Cal low Loug, , Leeds, AD Gore, J Landis, N EFord, Ptar doaBrnt, G iBabcuck, Itaniiton and Pll.ttn Lally sciad eC cc' keon J C Wkagner, R ituddick, B dlitt, Shipp not :co. I Fe glioh. It Green, J taoberts S ' Miaer, Taylor sld Cetllhal, Tulrue and Cataina, \W Vauc at- ureC. Sta pan sand el. J 1V WVeeka (V Katight, J Itillow Lee cad J S Liadeir. lack oall, Tt,rn and c,. ,Rbaoan WVood and eco. T Leste rick A G Cocllrane, M Blaerco, Dwight and Troaa ider, DC lyoe a, W Begrt, lll.u la and utrraht, 1oiat aiad Byrcem, S sld J P Whltney) D ul J W Itatlec s antll order. Porell g-er, Meslrs Vell, Btunker, Loady, Larati, Waltz, '1T W Greea anlllt 5 ie tle teorage. Skhip Paeotino, Littleflield, tvre, 5U day, to e acter-tL Idl lInt. ship Pertvian, .Lear, Livce pool 2tit mlner--ca g 130U ba, ks lt to lnestr. Slip, Hllt, Pait., Liverpool. 27h Feb. eo J Leland.--argo, ano sled daei, iron pipao, ~to Walton Wvalker ca ; J A tecr.e r co;Coit s co, letaon. Arvery & re. L.taolt l co; Li vaudai \ coa; sloorhub co; t J Cu rrll; tallet, Shlip a e; Lockhart . Arrotl; de Lizardi , co; J G Steveuau aIad orde . Ship Globe, Porter, tlavro,'rth bPe.; to mater-in hatlatt. J Jerrie L V illrae. E ecAlilate. Mnr, Me ctllAictr anad child, J Ileley, J O'Neill, WV 'ate, (V Oavrs, T Giinour. Ship Newow England, Swarsa,. Havre, to aat.r--carre 'Wit buketts and '51 hampers pOatuO to 8 Swanaaole , IV Sliade. Passergerr , G Ha rey, J Caratowki, V Lfcre.l. skip Vandyliua, prague, PUlacolea, to 8 Tlompeoe .h co. argo 150 sacks s It. Burte Diiagent, Frrderigo, Bordeaue, It day, to Dtsaaent Seo -cargro willae bnratndies rai, &c to T E P.line, A Del peuch, 1L Iupuv, Ru umnage trlault , e.. '' Bteruer., (a Ritgurd.,ill, "A Sroreer, T .ia:oae co. crmuae d au. Jo' L icareiaea Talha Nash,J W Lathorias., eaa.t'I' StLahar. icks. Btrluo Iouisiana. Slo e, iluvre, to J 8.ignoarert--car. o uasorete mdze. t C Corlinr; J J Cnlebrt, Ailae; E L.elrfev .r Brothier; J (ou ce; IV llo.; turtidcau, Cruger., coa At de Liza dl a co; and a.rdr. tnarque Poachcr, ifowe, tlsona, tcdays, to meacr-cargo 261 ts iaalceand sdonea Iallate, a J Turn. ttrig Cameo, Cushean. Beaten, :0 daty., to Strtso.n, very ad rO.-cargo ice and mdze, itn W Swain and ao. J A le le and eo. G H Wheeler, A 11 Valltce and tco. Kelly, Mo-ueauad co. 8 Slater J Oairicand ro I e. be n.anil tco and lyon. Brig Angel, leededorff, Iaevana, to Champaomie e a Giraud --cargo 146I bcugs rlo. 1: 0 oles treaer. aeger, fruit, to C acmpoier . Giraud: Cueulu. Laperyre co; A iGuerney; J A Merle S cor and captain. Passengersr, Mesro Cubi. Soler, Clerd J ID WVilliams, Brulao, toe ead daughte ; Giauel, Ma ria, Morales. Brig Horace, Fos, Havre, to master-in ntllst end 5000 francsr, to matten ; Btig Cyclops, Fioney, Finney, Liverpool to mente -eargo mdze. hardware, cala, tin wrerrarrthnawere, se. to ucha.un, Ipagan " cn; C G Alhusen; A Ki kman .c eo;M de Linzadi & oa; V N David; 8 Hth & cro; elidertso a Gaines; MeDtea tld I Iaiscoe. nad o dor; ehr WVA T. T u. e itaar, Peneacolea-ti Iallast. - tfirmoalot liai'sippl. Ilirch. Louivi le, to J II Graeham ecrlo nd tbla porkh u hbds toaac ,,e4 kegs lard 30 bbls flbur J aurln, 50 hhdt lobatcc. , A S KAdduro; 2 hhds I tre ' ee wax anid sundriel, Steton, Ave y and co; i box, A It'Waln Ice aItnd co; 37 bbls pork; I t fo iur, I hd kelas, Sloe and By te. Two Cat boatn, Porter and Heedrickr, ftn Butler esa go9 hhda tobaeco, to Lambeth ' Tlbrmpcu.. Oee lat boat, Jlne, fmn Edmoandaton co. Kyearo S0 al 'do Igtaco. to A aH Walltae & co. Two ilt boat, Ptafer. towen Co. Ky-av-go 171 hbdn to. bacco, to Lelnbeth , TLoasptoat . Two at hoatc, Deriead Bferd Greea ro. Ky--ergor 1ta hkide Ishncel, tobotolldy ( eat; ind order. IN TItE fttVEc nBOUND CI. Brig Comre, Dirhersnn, Hvran. 6 deye, to mntter--Carg rotee, r, t e ura aer d fruit, to t uradrye osigeaoe. M1EMORANDA. The hbrg Aoge. tait krigl Merrie, Ceeppar, end Obrcuto to eail an 3 dcy·, Naautical Intelligence. IHOME PORTS. AL Ne York 8th April, rrived Con erce, 0S daysh hence Rapid, IS dtiy hence. At Philtdelphia 7th April, cleared Amelia, hither.--lIh ar rited Ronaeke, hence 2 Idtyt. At Nbtw Htten 7th April, trrived lnantorde, heloe. At loeton th April, cane up Transit. hnc..--Othe arrieet Nctar. hetee.--;the rrived Zealttd, Victor, Edsmrd 'ltlrien hence.·--Cleared Ohio, hither-- th Aprils Kolariu. heace; Block litwk, hence; Swit. Stre hece. At Baltnore 7th April, arrietd Aramnntha, hence; Ith cl'd AtCharlestoJ= 9th Aprl, arrived Etple, hence 5 days. AtN,,r.,ll hd A-ilt.rrved Edwtrd, hect fr Aleandria, ArriMd Npthue. fror ltimore. FOREIGN PORTT. At Iacevre trOeh I Ilth, Gllucatre, or Nc, Orleant;'lOtl Mrrth Nimrod, hence die t k uthio, dot. do.; Gatilefo, do. do. Joln ILic. rat. do., Goeorge. do. dc.i Lrtal deo. do; Cnleido- ,lti tnd Emtpror. do. do. Salem vtived ItItt Straeh, hencte GrotiU, tit. trtlmlIfor New Or1l.ean, 5th Marcht. Siled th aI trceh hither, Oly tit, tIustell end Wn. E-it ; on tht th", Anttolh, aild Cumber tee d, tithIr. At Marbeillea Fehrercy baniled Seriu,,hither, St Mtarct. Denmark, hither ia t0 day.; Clarion Adrewtt, do,. it 4 daye, (y the Onotee.) At Lit.pot.l ,4th Slrth, Tulluh.cte,, thr Ne.eO tecttn. ethtiOtai.t An PLNI ND EXSPOKEN. Pt April, Itt. 4 lontt. 7. Emti ly, hene toricbtto n th Febh ruaery , t. 219 ng. ..1, COtlutht, tU day. hece. t r L'poo. IErhlle Packet thitwp VI(UII7(I, fcrtt New --rh is uce dinchareip e r ll-ito eit ltlt ials tle. ('lltteigtno t r inereutptedto L u atrend ithe cneipt u their goodr. dIO TBIJUE AYZEIKSCAN OIVwcIu- It, ceuuoin n hith tnit Ofre is A SPLENDID AND EXTENEIVE ASSOTMENT OF TYPE, fOR TILE t'RliLita o0 Pamnphlots, Blsan Checks, Catalo ueo s, Bills of lading, Labels, Dray BRceiptA Legal Notics toAtion Bills, ill Forms, Showa Bills, steam Boat Bils, Gkcurn, Audl every deneel'Jl.Io,.jJoh Want that .--F'lrha prupri: br" .r let thlly cnlt" the ettention ot t|at public to thie aboive Crdi, a.n I aernna them that al wttrk istruidtlet, him care ,jult be tt.t. at the lthr , t antlnth iI S.yte uanuiicnenaed in Iht8 city eed at tht ewa~te eaten,. " .. UOTN.J.N & Cc.. BOOK SPeLLElItI, STA'rON2o FRINTEM8 AND Bi'.A'NK BOOK MANUTAFCruREiS, No. l- gihahtem atl,ei. -kLa kqLak nqadtpedner arlua to lay pattern. Fx, xectted wi 2th te.ttr e aad drepntth tlS a1~C.K-tt,.tlbitt, ut; !ten r.tte . , n, A e. ler a" e hy elI9 LAYP.~S .\t1rLt~II7Ctr·m l~ccc-,. 30, 25, 1, 12, 8, 31,14, 70, 62, 22, 28, 74 .lice 're d,'a r"t uoets f tt i es I:4wh C:,tes ,j the FREE SUIOOL ELOTI'TERI. UTI'HOII.ISE by'+ Act of lthe leislnture of the -A State of l.uniiatn, for fie benefit ' the " Junchilta Scehool Socicty, pas+ded ld ttpprtovd the l21t lMartth, CLASS No. 19, FOR 1837. 1, he dratmta ra. ,\ w Or,'eat,, on ,.'a!,trday "t1 Aprl 75 Number Lotterl'v-I Drawn Ballets. SCITE'iE. Prihes Dolitra Do'lars 1 of 10,000 is 10,000 1 of 3,000 is 3,000 1 o" 2,008 in 2,000 1 of 1,5.Q0 is 1,500 1 of 1,200 is 1,200 5 of 1,000 is 5,000 10 of 500 is 5,000 10 of 400 is 4,000 20 of 300 is 6,000 170 of 100 is 17,000 126 of. 60 is 7,560 126 of 30 is 3,780 126 of 20 is 2,520 3,780 of 8 is 30,240 23,436 of 4 is 93,744 27,814 - amounting-to 192,544 'ickets--whle tickets, $4 00; han!es, $2 00; quarter, Packsages of 25 T ekets $100, warranted to draw at I-st $111, and nmay draw the lur Capitals. P'ackages of shares in pioportio,. For Tickets apply at the Mnnager'sofflce, 37 Gravier street, adjoining the entrance into the reoade, and 100i ChI trea,tbtween Conti and St. Loo satts. Msl J K 1lEAIl), lanMnn r. ýtl'rI ..--M r. E. Birall. 1 urchsoed at sn aoc. ti-n sloe made by iaste I.. MlcCo.,, tn thle 19,1 No vmcier, 1036, 2 certain slte of g.Innoo, No 19 antl 20, sittatted in Carrollton;in the t-qutre opposite the Ilotel, and hounded h Canal Avenie, Burtlhe, Millsndon, and second streets, not having complied with the traits of the sale, the same wi'l be re-sold on \ oldnesday, 26th April, at 4 2o'cleck, at the Aredoe Exhange in Mlagsa zine street, forlis ac'onit and risk. lermlst: e-third cash, and the balantcein 6,1s2, and 18 mountl, fiom the 1st October, 1813t, for approved endorsed notes, securted by mortgages until fintl Iaymont. The actof-sole to he tcomplield wi ithlins5 dovo fltlowigth adjudication; otherwire, the Itprerty will be re-sold at the 'lspen.r l Io tlhe setond purclhaser. al7 slllEe so srtner-hip heretfore existlitg urd,' ..ei firm o|'John F. Smithl & Cot., i tlhis '"ov'disolv ed by mutual consent, The n tnte Of the firmt will be only used in !oquidation 0 its offsirs, by Joult F Smitl, Sill cewi ntinue lhe conmtsiaesu a hu:in~ e on his own aeottnt, JtIllN IF SMITIH, a7l-Ismo WILLl,ti E FL RANCR 1' 'ICE.- h pratitn-nn -be r \ew t rlens land Ii Nshvlilh Iltail teond lvittng bc.'n restricted t,. a small cmlnpas, f,rthe praesant, the under,',.ned µill de vote his attertih, It his prof c-inon as Attorney at Law. Oitiee N,,. 16, Eelhtnge otrsct. P17--t W W HOFFMAN. ij 1AORA:IY OF,. ti.i~WtIE. T heA ' iiie L of Ireeh Ilour, to-dIt, lbeing sew n dlollaro p.r bil. ascording to thle tar.f the Lbaiers shut. give 3:1 .once ol breml for a bit,tl dri,g next ec;, frolln olanday the 17th in.t. ltretal sof the ..ood rlualit , or of thre tloaves for at bit,I. requlired to "vtigh 35 par cent tt re. say -, 1 otnett . a7 I 11'i11 :U11, astr. vear, ol a;g. Ile mnnst be a good w it'r a dl general ho,uoe servant. For Ctch a t loibi'-ral wages wibe I, gven. -Apply to tor Ite Adertittr, trnr ott t:mo,llde}-t nd Gir.lste. alfi--it, S S ' iY.-1Wts taken up by the night wtcl,(I the nig t if thle I th inastat, anod c,~m nited in the, Mlilch CCVW, with a bell so,, l,,t1 e.r tawallswlisrktdl, right car crop, a.d tIe letter A branded on her Iclt thigh. ""he owner ofel id Cow is requested to c, me Io word, ,rove proIl e, ty, pay a t l -Cge it. d tlik, llt-,,tal-tv, ll or bl r o % I 1i1,n ,twlicl ai tthe auiudl wil be 01lt at 12 o'clock, Mt., be PY 4 "il- lionlt, Aunei-rreer. " II11 I'ItU11GERt, ConunilPare , Wonrd, n17-15ds 2d lutnicipa itv. I INUFAIT'I'U,:L T 1',1) 6C' - itt boxes lirh l ollnd rta, ulac tlrl e ttoa- c,,, <11-: inp t ItIUnd win's 'nd lum,,s, an IdDunc:,, & Allen'llos l eye'1'' and s \stural ,ltel.w,,t, Ir se by ,al6 j(;rcul' H Wr'lllORN,G3 GGavierst. 1l ,ONtl P G VN l l1.-- 5') liskets, of late i,, Sporlutatio, Inold fthmemost a pperv, and celrbrated bIrand in pintsand q'.arta, filsae i q n itit o Hult 7ell 13 Gtadetr st., SulC1N-60 cask, Cincinnati ore ,,d hron, ,osist illt of hallt , sides, itn shell . I ,l ill lin.s shil ,pit g tirdr, and v rltluted it su rcit r artitlt, r _It h,_ v all iOGEItT' & IIAV 1'itt 111, 611;,R , st. TILOUR, Pork,Lard atcoi anti Whi i b Isu leIpr ,l,'l colt.r 0 o i tld 0 ri 41 to ,.t, •500) i egs; 2.l4 s ,Jll acolt; 3l0 bills \\C t stt,,, fti ale at 44 tIl Lae,. I by 1115 C. DORSE.Y. .\ Inn, 35 hhd.+ fh'et qtl.'ity Snel r.' Tl.tJ+ Ionbdcriber has now attchedr to hi strea-~ • works, a aery superior naIlline oor "ra in. lead pipse 1 ,vill blItll happto recti , r rs an c d s y 1 ,l l wnnting the artico at as reasounh ea it price .s it ca' be had at any lullnlftr tir,. .' I'~ oin hIIIId u I:,rg supplh ofiim, roved Iloislilr imchihhln , wtarranted rate, . healp lir cash, or good papllrl'i by I Al: l & l.COl,lbr sale at l New Lev-,,bv .J a10 G D.'.l '. alleduced prices, toe eo r tilecs hI a13 G JOHNSON, 52 Con inel s) F i]l(.i bb's Cinemnnrti t! akerss brad, in -tore tI aud foa r ale by ot3 I.OtGERT & IISAW' 'IIOIRN,83 Grovierst. - I- Ai I-t Y r --. dtt o il , t, i l lo t, t snly 1\· tllt Ih!erlsig c l, 3.i5 ill,, clrt. e el k; I8e do ilsts dol. 70 'o I'rime t; t $41,l2 to, ,,ile,s. I A t --370 prime No. 1 leaf lurd, in stolte and for al3 Bt 'GERT &. ItAWTli ORN, 3 Graebr t. a13 BOilERtLT H Itl\ II 'RzN, 6f1 ratlieret. 11 ..- AGA W .-- 45 bb : ;oui.tuinswet tlla,..a IT \\'ilt,, ill (tore autl fie sale br a13 tIOGEt,' & IIAWTV''III)1N, 63 Graoier t. pAI'R1.-d4t lIuuIIlilarge aia pjrinting paper, in Sstore and for sale Ivy s13 IlOGI'RlI' & ilAW'T!ORN, 63 Grviere t. 13O1U16-4iiIll ,, lsnllistt tswn nteser V'sndli, ia' sd for sale at 9i Podraeo cit. aAI wI .1\. llt(E-IHtiE--FIRE- APN,-F- .: aleh at $3 ,0 I rconts each, t Ili c rner of Poydras and Tcluopl itola stret,, by ill Iw S E KI'. EC'I'IFIEI \VIIl K EYI-- 10 l bls fir sale by 1L all j I)O :F.I, 44 New I.evee. Ian 100 blls Fhour laidihg Sronm steamer mediato B EEF-.21I lnrrels and 37 half do l.nmi'y Beef, just received- and fir anle Iv T It IIYDE & BIROTHERS, B EANS-50 larrls Lenms, in store, josi recieadl, i and for -sale ly iT . TR, lDi &w IHRoTIIrEi, a7 corner Collmmn lad Mlogaoine its. i1OllBAi)oC ll400 hoileas Tahl.-o, suitablo for tleb 1 lexicaa market, fb sale Ivy a7 if \V II. B it Al N,31ll l l.svee. "I rI/ITKE V', nBaco, I urd I ,d lailtter, for sale by • a1t3 G%. D)RSREY.44 New I.alea, O)FFI,:E'--849h1at n superior greed llt nna ,copes l- indlig ex It anish b ig Al.ejando; .bg0 b.,gs prune [tineonfli. in o re, andIl to be sold low in ltIsL t., cin, purehlaernat92 Coaitona s.. lvy a15 B[ RN a, STIFF e" Co. '310 RENT.--A tv-o-.ntal davPlling, contiaining flow - rolllll ad] c oubo e ki:chllhn. No ,, ill Julia, i[ "ehonpi' oat s at, F lit 1 n ily lWn i Iht, li r n l, . y a13 S. stJ P \V Il ,Nl',i Co.,i ,t. I EI:F .-m2 I bIl a prime b , I - l. i a j wlo •l- b! i whita bhaa-ai rifa -alc i by a J. I. iie , a3 4l P:-dr sineat. i l :. J.UIta E-..lut c .,ui-l, a, ,b.,ri.s ter li fres I.imeJuic . II ONN.\. al3 (Illracr or Natchez Y Thonlaitintla a t U'I' I',lI I,- 1i, p.,, primein f.r . brll ,l. . Fi a s leo Iy a3 G. JI)lSN.aON.! ClImo2 n l. r'0ISl4.--i60lhalalo ua;aaaa I"r icnr;.:--a-1 dT na i- lf I bhlas da ad. in pria rcoditiaa. f1". sale by P3 G. J0)a1N )N, 9G commcii st. FN rlaUCKY l BAGGING.-b9 .siaeoo. very giaiad, Ifor sale by I, l IIINu ; al 9(ommaon at. - i S -a tre oad loatsale ly (;lL(l)1t oiGl n ,' a3 1.'l 1. A II sotraa et. Oile. ROAD ii )l'N-Ina toltre, still hr a eta I a l. RIad ro, for oae at o53 Ohl Icvee -t. rv ol l AI'', I 'rt \Vle, ev W h o ". l l a n d - V ,i o d i aarro w s.- "1 ,npt v W ,t rel ei'a d a rra Plhilnadllliia, of \Vali' cn:ayuactare, ini stre ant lir sale at 36 Camp elr"e., byt J uale i- 116 Tclmupriloal , t. by ',11 I" 1 LTR \uYa . I s uitable ibr a shop orsiellaaohat, in stnre adl nor sale by BOi;EIT & IIAW\V'rI),IN, all3 3 Grnvicr ct. L)RItTEl.-5al cIchok I oacloon iiabale row iTout, in Spiln andl q'alsrs, filr onlel lv al3 IIOGEIT & II iW THi)RN, f,3 rravier Ft. N1 INOIN SATi ItAlON-a y superiur, assirled in 1 'store and fr salebhy a l. .A YET & AMEI.UNG,17 Commerce srt. ORN 712 suckah, lailne fiao l teia mr nrna n, aen for sale by LAYo.,T & AIIIELUNG, 1I3 17 -Cciiimaerce St. 0(/)AOiN-'5- hlisahG o,"""'. ied bac, lcndlig froaU I sleamboat Iasninllekoino nincl for sale by a13? J 1.IPS VAIRIN,2' I'oyalra= t. )EC'rIFa I)\allalc Y--IS blll.-s~ig-145 iR etaanier Col cbaablif. foru.lae lay a12 l _ o EYIi', a44Neoi ttree.: Ii shllclcrs, Cincirmati slnukel, for sale in qunuti ies tio iluil ltrhaa ceo, by a13 lliOUERT & llA\VTIHORN, Il f;rani-r l. eLU.ll-llal)Ihi. fr ,+ ccl m 4R New Icn-a bC ab To srilctY. 1 l~ti|Ji .1T'liEN IIO'Q'EL. , TiL, . eslialiccclecii is ia :L state of recli tie nc. r Illecei-omodatilan of adch licilili-'s I.El± as cc," heii dis. nied to pass che n, irieiihinig 'eI ilt ciarriolltcn. 'lhe Ilitel hIla rece trieh newly furnihed, escejlciclly thile ch iiberc wlhicih are crgcllecnd airic shelubiiiyicf3unr ocl on tiiiclie oivi ,as to all wh.* visil it. There is thnched to-the ]1o el, nloe of tlha 1110( 1 extenllP iv lind piIPradi I . ICrdl' e ill this secticn If th uoclii. hii'l tailies alio sitlied ciii tihe n ccc liberal icer with tlie bict cf- tihc .'i,, Orlecns sliuk't. As te selcpeiieltadat uni lcc eirCie cxly a lilm tcd In -tr off ini ie, it imay be well lhtl aciliciation houl i e iiiiie n early cia iciciitle. ciltl 6t *t'it1 .i~i A Will Ie lealy to .eccl, Ivy cthe ,iddlle of ' next week, a nrew osne stlri Icluee with I two 5Ja tcrv lcitthell wci h ,ll the Inees.s.('y cLoell LCieed t ikeic it a very desirnl,,l reiilten'e tir a cslall flcily-- setcctad ii St. JOterild strlect, bctwenC ,"t. ta1irlea ind Ccrondilei, aplys to J U'] T. A CARD. ,/ ii. \II IAMl, ithe Enlcli. h Olecit, ith'irms ite vt public tihart ie is arcived t Mlrs. Wc cster's pri a-te bIo.r.,iiig" house, No 1 I, C n:Ilstret. where he-, av te co-aiulted trciic cil tic t o'clcek, by ciy ladies and ,ntlrmel afthl'l red il thelir eves nlul ~;nre; eisnl will also giclzly asle it lii tilcr ciins of tie oor scersido, clerv clcy sti o'ehick ti tii t ic'clock. tie xill icc cclncltc't t vsiti any aged or i firl cersao s who rle-ide witlhin tlhe Ilits ol thle eit", ion ceeiving leno ct-ce'i nuctice by Icl terci ltii Icln nllddres, and n five dollar bill, s cIn he sill itit'nild oi tile oinlet Oti the illhcwing di.Iy, between 4 and l o'eclic, ald givu hin candid opinioln Ill tle case. Eiirane Ilv llhe priate doorl of No. 11, next before tie Dcuggiac'.th. It is lit iltntici.i ti, leave thi~criti rn the it of leny or Natcllez, wieanae he will go cn the 13th Ico Viekshuerg, thence agi.n fic r lcMephis oiln the 23th, hence sIr Loeuisville on the l'cth of Jtne, and tihence fr Cincilicna i on the 17th N. 1..--4 sacoid edliticn of Mr. Williacls' T'renticer ac the EYE and EnA It drdiceated io their Mijectic-s the rinsg clhi- irc'inh, sut dcc leleans, (301 nages is 'Into.) lir c intid 'f tilntlorat New Oirlenas. Pri .r, $'3·. aplO 1'EARL STidElT IIOUii'. CINCINNATI. , e ctW5 ,lrrauglmelll. T llS ecxtesive ncd well knnwll estiahlishnenl S(corner of Pearc l :ncil alnut istreel) hoaving been icrai'd icy thie snilisariber, ice toass i.eiasurc iin cincctoun r-ise tcc the cuiclie that lice cwhcile icicerioir cciof icchtld lug itenns bee it relied nccd eeiccciicid--lhIc rccicct IIrinly cccrni cele,lcicccins clcla t elcct-~niii ciht it ciccicw cc cimclcle.e irdelr licr theI reccoi0cn Il hboardei'Cs. 'iThe scicel iber bh:in' ftl!t atwalre of Ithe grnt dRceire' ftllhecitizns a:o r h att leaist onec FIRSTI' IAEI' IIc(Tc''. in thi rilY, hna. c t tllus tfar, lco will elare titer t hbor n eXn nie cc Ic'in ic ic thie great desid erriltcm. Ilis tahle shall intaliabio bi .. plicid in ea, ery variety, sith thie best the nIIrIet lclbrds--li IIr frnicted ci ith the a lotiei t cwiies ncrl .igunrs-his sleeil:Cngapllllllmlt ie"e t teanl lc i c:- d pllcll-tii serv:lnt waill at all ticmes he in wiltini io rive puitalt atteltion tts iho Witcli of hit ctatotllr. " He a puirliculnrly wll-prjvled fsr the neromml-do tinn nfFeailic,,as.l hiic ilale cllnlsila large anullbec of' arhloull w It i.ed cioc cIa ettcihed: tlc will have alrs r lial-cgs Iial hcrceU at llcSlitICe ill rea dc.i:sa to ccollvev lis ic ldi-ri 'e e lr.Plell( Iro iIc i c Ii ir arc riewl n cd c arure,free of expeise, o ccd foma Sieaan alldl L(.aul Bo~nls. le IIciircI tiII T avretl'ersa ild o'IITers ;ill ivei him a eall, slid jolllL.c o'hi cc. osumll a lotini lori t ci PIcelIvcs a: this a hle onl v lseth.d byw lhich lhe mler'il. of his estuLilhllltllue cllln Itt sctlrlictlo lil , Isc Rid. CCincnnati,April 1li, 1 37--tf. al2 . SIK A4ND A'IlN GI tlot1" AT' ct'.-4I'. ill I nll' llc.c oflthl sc l it k IofI ill l d i ratnlllls if tile skuelerillel,aill be di.iieoc ol it actunll coal in ill- lhlin cilllli hi' icr-cl llPI. - ic, cc rIIItl-ice Ic cllhc ic gu-c cli' iccch cii c icc Ji ccl llIce ciin,, n l ck ies Sio .w. schlItneiharcr - il'l.o, a , w ci et ircecrich cuad tni-h P li iUo iiroall p ienn i.e1e, will fled it acieecag e i l sll-l at 76 uic l stre l la iI lic - tIl' | I I. I c - T-I'|. I NT 00 f -l)-6.. . .. , o dr,,· a s ' serpiel r p I' Il:'.'I. I,'2 ien.itucky ml ' 'I Ihk - way c su n iew ili co ininiiiiii icirart cixh'fllw iieh F rench "uintedt out*, picin an, ictii 'c ted, ni-lw ictern i; i'rit hl w. ccilvr crrlwd do, IIIple - dil titc'Ille I hlt coll ord \ scirllhc h cl ni- z i llclc lclpled ieii h lbe iubic -i; 'lilk lx l l.ih clil , au l I IIo Iitii Sil iy, i nill. rIiub , ope1 nll l 'd I w akd, lld Iu I 'lh · d llll; I c - crxlk and I nll hhdfks, lliai, llcu - rh c d, c Ic hl r, l r cci hd cccni 'd; tuc- ci ic ll ck hhl. fi, I icc Ic -c d li-c l ni.ll I .. ...I, !! I .-·. In lli A I ........ i. I ... . i h l lkf.I " , r-llen I id c i aicccl ccclcc liii lic iilslchc e ii I . Thetlics 1] Inane other gla.-,hni o bcen sellei ii] ec c lcc-ch lbr ihc i ci l, cii ulld i ri l|"rc oi sii, le iias illti U8 Ccal t i -, -t cc ar I c lt c vc fi, 'ha i -n-ll J .lllt, v:i ll, I 3c , Iltdgiinl .tl L e ,ii .l ila I" i. ('111111 ill h oU f U e\llllln,, I lloli* S nllclrho7 1 . her I lInl-h lnd, ill Ihpn hewal- anId.I IF r · I cures Oll. hl-n\. o in T hlet t a,lldll n vl h i illlthilllv l th ' .hlll fi l lllE dllll h1il istl tl i I rlis t 0'1 0Iunl. ll d I 'I bii I lll ll ql V hh h ii i·i / It l i h Feirc l r cccii , 18a 7. oa cic I I cl- a c l io i, S i ,- ,. il I 'tix n wlur ,ue i h.lhe' rinclc h ,liieli1 i1" i. G ltt l., fiiillt l i lr . i'f 'h1 ticcli-iiu' lajiiii', - cci ccl ccc ii . c cc, cc Yiii , t- e -c ntri lii'-cclih. ii7,"sc " c". c-- cl- icc---.c.. ...... ... . 'ce a .. ...ic 4, a- r .' Iu. . It I.' tti -..'R Ml...ltt.l eat itlem . J aut'er, a latr, 1o7a , 1f1t ;. t i' . eI': e ea (., In dIe. wll ItL| d.;'1:.l +duli) Ilqii, .tllcC1oz metre sou Imt ert' ,) dul s I.h s l e ni c es nivnuth ehun : i es or t a ile nll c fiert ait e o n pl'ad p et- e a h Lt r.a . a t.autt a.t t,' tt l'aln ae i ta' fl e ta dae t. la 'tli aIl"at e o Iv e t I a ier l ear aate ta· ' f, s' n a lll ePtu e, l yeatvraa, t aa ,a ' p lt' a tae 'a .l' t olCe s 'it el' ia eat fa clla it, e tertna a r laaae, qua wie l l tlltrilllllilX exis t ill lll l I. l el taell ea t a ,ti aIt'l bh -s at dtIll"alaa, litaa o u to el nlllt tlhe Datlc Le dcfalta l tr llimalala leR f tilli. sigana CIIAItLME S MAIltl.\ N, 4 Ptonaaa , t1137. Jag1. C. 14ti. E:t toisle q ui, j'ai paaa-l Itrtaa ',,, a ad Co(,,r :i-lden+ - dne i1a Ville l' ldo . baaoaa le'a-' `antIa.,l ce 2 a;j)ur tle Mars, 18a7, et lec atlr de I'i adeo en d lnce 'deo Etat,-Uluis. 4h it. M. tUYOI., lDep. inrcflier llu iaa 1\(-Sucaoe riaaa tat II' tar ;'tnt tr IIa aaIl ar !Vl et takla faromsataiplh Ianre, t llaO'ta, to aaasa herlco sir laee s ra t a unri l Ia a of l ar. , nreed anr ie. lia-ta &' Markb , St. Ilai., Cata, tlJ a Itaalaa N .'ew a leaaaa. leai r tetn e n i I. ross ss willaian 'lalfero a avor byat v gt v iall a l' tatia otf tlle a taae at No. a14 JOSEPI! COCK(AYV'. \I glttlll; vIub11ihI.n g iti· oIfd II al clte lI indl s, p, 1 1 'ta.' ata at, aal I'laa laaa, ntealut ' Illallaa etrtat Rot r d a 1tt-t tla al lllla l lka a It k ,5.1 i :Iaa ahri('k t d a vipmat. f a .thr goes d-, whicl l trrips w ill sell loe, flitr ash, or tfor aoot a laa r, a lt hot t tlar v t' all lia . a ra 'Aa l aa I a a i . n 65acrvaer at, StECON SAI.E OF -LOT.' .T AI'ENS-ACOtI.I7 r I . t ir . 300n fs t :lt I : l t. w' r f o lI'Jellie • .lf alt all'aahl a at tlhe lelat ti y t ,fas la at x ta , a Itte I"aa the hr.t I 1 C I J se, ACline 'IiI ie, ol the atcaa=, eola t ity a 'lalata a nva late a ; .ant (t'at ,a ta, aa I le t a ri ta tis I he a t., ia hr aderie n rts 1t-5 atasll, ar oltdvrsed aler' ata 6 monthsu , atift iln l -a tr r t. I-5 ill three years h ut i itr t. 1-5i jnles fur t ear, Full t;le will tlaetv:- aa to purellna era : . ut the notea willaa ealr mortaa a,a until a a id. a hl a la.ta t a ymaat wil a ae remiltted " sirul o t aa t ,a sIllil be i.llalal.O e, ix Il oilaa year frOlll the c;ht' lif' llPe, by at tllso th- llt isi b)oa no, ll(,t I a'tha I.atil' aatas will he aatat, in aa tltnaont the d:ly afa-a e, ala d diatlatllaaaau aalUde o a explanaaataarya aaais all "W. II. t('IASE. AItOBIN. IN, Trustees. CItaia. aU.. I iAVIS, Pcnsaealaa, Il'ea. 14, lh37. N aata.-a- Vntl ell t'il citty o Pettla, cola,. and atr , IE tlat-a ae, of Pernsora,m'ire exllhiited at the 4leudm Exchll:+e, .iagaazae Stallrt. a13 1 t tIN N E au 11t I, I I ttR'E ttat aab l(.aaa d l'a trm y photat tian, 3fi!Ikia's Baend Lati aialltlaal acitoaller Iv tlaatle is a tlua t a teat It oar 1t Iltla ed Itgahl hIls a a'llaaiaIa ala llalcu rt lia e, raaa thr s illl a:ult a v ry ialt v llte aa calaallatallllll.a a aa. \W h .rver will laaae Raid b aa ia flail, ao aalaat laae aaa ae rfim', shata ht alatl ,t to Le aata'v rewntaa aata atplliaaliaa t , Ilaak, t\'aat seLa I tO ili i u ellla .naal e aal a ely at the Italillta . ata tl lit ll' l l. \. IA t1:11. NE\W W(. --Il - ItLRADFORtI's clallllaaatlaavaiae a tlas, a tteina rct - tnt a-six flaps ahtd Chalat'a, ( otiaaala Ila'le , tic +lttd tI'll'nm "lrol ,' tat ilh .e a la l vie'wsw a' la,, al, 'ahl, lind t a., a il a' aa it eo atr'ies. t;eohaa.', MIt)taan. -ains, Ilta, la aal,- t't', ia' 'a. Itlll a aaea, aaaar- , Custoea, (a.varlllnte llm t I(eliai llla, ac. .cC., illu-tateld by "l.a.aa t Clhart- ttae walh a ta a seu wiara f~r 're rl ces, o ar aa'a'aalit ia.o'ataaaaioaa. AIls, tl'exas, fa r rule aat l : at uta e treetat , by Tia'KEN at t |tlt tleata aa'(araaa'aae &at+laa., S frtoltllte ettlllraa of;rati, rt trt, ''a : ,aaita the .\ea F'xthtaa e, talaathe lellt by aPe ' illa aaIa nte ve tatlan tat tae are-ea t Ii aaaaaa.aee. Ilhit" o er is' rslu-ea l t t ll II r, protelara art', y chart e. alld talka thrn aoala at tuallir ataatalall vat I P 'ellta', plualic atUati II cat , thah del ll I ap 'a tietthe \Iltaatallal It lI at a aa'taa'ck. Jtll.\ PalE, aCEattommiasar tst Wtald, t,15 _l____ __ _i it p ality. 111: ' itea .l's' rlte't+,'a fa'r tal" ah ta ary Ita ' m t fott I iltlaS t thle ftllwatr. n t. at=, t ree tattiv t rea e rt d ilt storelll f x Iln.ia n ciaarR, 2(,In lieryre lits e t pie l,at'. ol 1tatellt d aGin. a e'a utaa t l a . re; '1111 qr a eaa k.ataa ia t ll ,u brIt-l ' ahelri;7t a r Iat''',f `tladi aaata.I ta'I fie; aI tqr aa'.'aat, tpecr ' a' b to aill aa' ; a %M sk. of aI a' il a Porter and A:1'150 ac-e, t a l" arnta Ca ,ina; f bOhnskeata t f Chanlapnga ', faa'rite I'rnaala; 4)'tlIaf tlp aes a ltaa.paan. atei neor'ae a'rand,' 8Bl hra ',tlat'a 'rntt;40t sca o t trazatir'l Cattltpe., a. 'ted sizeaa ; , lt I' ale.e f Irolna 411 b'dleta alsht et Irel,; 3:,t11ta Iat ,ta tar a'em cattina. J D llt \,a .\ Ct HEN, a13 " !, Comllln oll Fa l.t. ('tA"S'IIt Ol.. - Fifty bearrI cold I rersead Cataar J Oil, Na , i, fine .'trder atld ter'y superor Tartlcle, ha torer aatl tir salet b al13 BtlI-tt'P. & IIA",'TIOtRN, 83 ('arnier rt. .L. i 3 G. Y0't:.E', 4. Sietr f[eve. W AS be ought to the police rison or th •ul iciltalley, ont Il;ltto l ath tlla ue ' ed Mltl.'Xo , obtecut 40 ytntttl'tge, soya h to lwnr requested to comply with the ae I t l oc ill It fr t lorort nw ttleIrt~e.r· t I.J Of tlhte a ., r In , M a hout4 ye0r oear." ufg, saye ab Toile w ill Io llroa pro llViarg l i , an t ta I t . c .IIAyImL r te fil Captnin of the .'f cia llyi on l lte 5lh imti a em- hlihy lne abn llol ly vears of uee, s Iaysib he b.o]u one.ler h. The owner will prove pnl terry,.l gee, and take him away. F a A1rtPlie nl Captain of the l e, labo ellll 2 yoaro of age',m as lie bl hoe oe Aelile COIrceflee. The Ownler will prove Ptrol r tharg e, and take himn away. F y HARPi11 18 Capltaitl of thei W ak i7-hA8 hroeght1 to ie police Irisoa of the r Veriltlli, titlhe `1hth ll arch, a tegro m as Prinee, lhato, 24 yeare of ae,ays hale ie blo l lefor hli I. The owner will lrove tPpa nterty gee, and take him away. IF IlAiAlJ a8l " Captain of the W o S bhol Ot~h t tlto e rt plieprison of gthrla% rripatlity, on tl 28tA h alnrea, I negro uFn Pr diles, al.on! .Tiyears of ..r, nas th e belomg, N ozilios. The 'l le nrer will proe icrop erty, y gee, and lake hint away. 1F 8 IHAlt lll ot C"'glein oft IN.ew t A broighit tI o tIh poli]ce prisone of the 23 eip7llity, on the 511h innstlll a tulaol io italed Zehllr , arJd aboult 22 year, suea ite eap Mr. Charbornet. The owller will retl provlle chargee, aled take her c'vay. P S H AiprPl lu8 Clnpt ;l oftl0 iV"ck W A8tl ueIie t th- e em poliie ,tr-i.tld ~ a " a o ,iltnlitt, on the 15t Ineller lc. I lcruloN Antl Jlohn llrtevt n aged alout 70 yea~e, tea lie Lniealg, lir. lIeereelt. 'TIoe o.o.le "a ti Iar..0,~al leareee, and take him tiw eay. ii t'hi ti Mi all t 'api ol tihe Watrh. I I AS lht to the lriesonll t(f tie ue lic .aie ti-tn Ihcett, i iwhoet:a relf Clh aietee I. -Cw i , aIIy s he btelenge t to t r Wtitle h t. tlco hle i- IIeleett li teara oll . feeOit ti inehllllra iThe lteWir eltl ctlellly with ilh law at d ioo ki wayv. F. S. iARPER "1130 Chil. of lic le 1 5 I7,7A.§s ,'ken w.e...y I,, ntilgt wtch F thei tr the l311 ins I., a otii llltl e. tIle ald haitli tlthlWnll er noltue'edot !Itrrve pro ellty. lvo chaity, leed take tlecee eeway ou or Ilelire the Ililt Ifa. tpl Sitr ise lleyv will be suldl et ubhlic auletioln bl P AtO. luolte, auetioocer. JtJIIN l'RIiEeCotllctiaieti t1117 let \I'rlr, 2nd tllllll e lellllt. ehicbteCllatto thel I't teji reefoifl. e n ll UiUi itll t liinlelf EIiU),UNe),elln ya e haie eelega it 11id oll llutlbo. lie ce hlelet 8 yearn 'of age, freel Il. "liTe orelter will comply itlli the law and tek. lie awtee-e. IS IIARAlliefil i cl pet oflche IVaillh, i A./l" keit't I, by I eI" ight Ottele eo tttcee0 - . il,+ht arecciia e small cle with a whel cMarl on tle' foeele-lclid. l ieo .n ley tetlce) aiiti te rtnaie r a Illltclll cct cr I k, t eell t by the Ilet t llt llaib (', llle,,ecc stct'et. Also a dtetray totey ltaken up ie P. dild c rt. 'l'I, e co elltere c i O te Illllse antmnla c ts. t' eecId c cllcOle forwar', prate ICrleec rte t, I ny ctalll dtlllll tlke elOlloaelly.llll c ir tefire thle 22n eI f A5 lt, +lhi++i.e they will ireeoldel pehlie uuction by l i tietlutie Auctoleer. JolIN PIIICE, Cemolicearce = 11110 let i\ ard, JeeI o1Ullc ilc'ltty. 7 ,I I ,bre t gl. the ill poliec prisoll of the 2 i Msei I I.:ht , I he 31t of lurcih, a Nero mau ltltlltl Ill'.'\\ .A e ltlo eul '2-4 'te , e' f ee', l eteie Wa a helt.y tlee-; t.11, ae lwtIl. I te eloewer eill eocte, illt e the I;!w aIlr take ctIe hImwy. Ii. S. hAItli'R, n' I Cnlpnin of \atrllch cc 1tee' leloltUt toe It t I-c tite ef teCo "dIc I \ r Ii tlil o1i tlhle f1hb it Inltit, o black tirl by I, ccnlle e' e \ I.ol , about I.' co e fag-, eyllcs)ahe ab 011 to t1i.. "chvitat. tlir e llele will prove tlroperty Icy charge and lle Iherna. II S IiAtl'll, Il I Cnltnoil cf th Wleltc. 1 i i l A \'.-A - 'T ' , krr . . e t. . Iu. - y ,ie S t l l i o ln c ci let . h ld S4A Ihtie, the rittl hind ltott e itce. rlemurlice t, usted t- tom , hu nl ette, -l t eleetl-l inle elhertle, tee c lk ete s i lildao e le nyee et ro ire ti e e ttieth If I It elet .II t ilte , it c iiit r .c llold l lt ublie Ullu iotlr I'. A. oelelicte ttc ' tiet'e'r. AC . elttit)NAte% ) t t'i I 'ulniti iirv .1 Wl rdl . it ull aceic,alilv. hr:oud -,il " , i the igh llM d lone ilIhe h, i th Iii , t-'-h (l rI¢ r fllll nair , Pra)%tt l 1)rh , Puy -hlll a rhli .--" etteetl ' I'ide'.6n. ' lice I f uli, r tel, ,,- it .ill iCe s tid at pu iIhe auction, l '. iA. t;oucilea', i1 taer.e .. .n2. . . .. .... . . . _'d htu"nie_+!Ltpa ,=r 2.4 w tr i "2. ia ticip .it , .,u," ,arel Manre, no trLh Ileowner t- r, quene.'I to core hn*ward, proe pIF I rtv, i~ev ('hargl-, Iutl|tick,' -n:li I anliallal aa. ty, belw . ite It1h illt llltu . Iflit I. t e ltl.ltel t t it ewti, roitdl. public U n' l tl. ' I'. .. . (.(;G iotui , nel tt oner. \V. ,el)ONAI.D, aCoumlsmtrv gad Word, n3 _ l Munieipnlit r. E 'Tl'l \ '.--'l'kTns p hyi th niiht watch, .lae {b Irse., :IuIIn tcsh bna ,,n the lefht hip. Thi e ots ," i, ltll t.. l eti ill l I m o uWu Ie'ore ite I1 51 i a11 ant I t ] ti ilu r I ti t. ICe If will Ihe al d oit Illlp lir" alleullon "a " __ tmi aroy 2 VWai, 2.1 tunicipall. t, i. N'IIt \.--l '!' en n, Ion, " het-nut easrel hunt, t$ w.hit ,, nhd hlle Iwo hind fict ' The OIIioer requeoted ' o e,.ae horCo+ll prune p, Itr . p r i cargeIc, titye i* t ItI ruqII iVII+ vI h' " '1: t le i ll I tot it. I If lrlft O Cttlllittte, Atoolllrr. iV. .eiit)NAI.ttD S Ior'Iomi"a ry "L d \Ward, 2d Ittniepntility. 'it'll t,1Ytwit'naet , s'itcl phur. the ritghto Sit ne l owwhin ulirr, ilre feto rh, y 'rte A oru l itha. t.r q, au"l tl., said ftuionat cant hi.oite t '" 1t i' 'arnlh I i' tet alttr lhl nt rt )oar itill he ttEd nt hlls o 'uctfi. by I. A. (uilliot.I, oAulriti r. l. MicDONAI.D. Wa .. lDun~LaLry D \Vdord, td tu icipolity. J r'IltAY.--l'NDn up' one hay htret, Rhid .rl.t, and ir" :1h .etdi. 'The .O.ter it requetedl.. to tlot'frarll, pro.v rop er. p ctlhrges, and iake raid t,ioutt owao ,efore the lthIt instaltt. if tfl alttt Ih't te. it tit il , l b sld i t public tuctblm, by P.A. Stni llutl Auti touneer. \V. IlIctONAliD), ubi Couutisin sry 2d oard, Ad Munieip.lier. lrTlrY.-'1'-'en re one tieo h pr ev. hrted t tte A benht firenh tlDit' fonill at the r.eit ri, ahd th el ri'elt hid fit roite. Tihe tuor is rrqll stled to.tun foirward, pr+ve Iro .rtt. o h a rtrge ,o al trllkuid ian' ratl nwy Iefre tihe 11th iltatt. i lheft aft.r thattime it ill be srld at lubtlict aution, by P. A.( Gui lile. W. MctDtOJAI.D, Comotisarv 2d Ward, a3 Atl .11 unicilatity. -i ilIIAY TakeI." up h the.. ni. t-Watch one Ian Ilor. , I-'5 1 hunc I1..h. and rol'ch slid. rla ,utlr Is coerstd ia cove ftillwar'd. pote pirralty, tlay t:haihItr, tnl nItke said tninltll a", m. hefoe tlhlthl o tent. tfr' lt ofI r thit title, it will .e s.ld a' public .\VI)l. Mel)ONAt.D, (C'otl i0-rv si Wart, n3 t il Mu nicitpalmil. 1'tt ,b ' I .- lu11 ( ol il. , t E ig t tR , it, oa e blin 1 hloer, 5 I it ii 1 t tinl, and ruueh aho '1il" wtellr iv Irquesed to rom e )iulwerd, irove Ir ,eefy. ay roe, to, take au aniial ,,i etwint leeyr. Wmtture,. I I e.ta r litr ottitomte, ie ill bet a at pu li hrlleli P. A. ( e , A ttllateer. \\W5l. McDONAI.D. Col, ,iswarv Iel 2Ward. a I 2d r i lunieilatlity. l' \1'hi.Taken up, nir e, wirr l1hoeu. with a ulolit. lsrile d rw. to I os n-tsil. Thie owuar is reqiae tred on cane irw::r. pnroe ipropertyv a, ther eup- :1n1 Itake ni nt a waylill , o w lflre lt 1it h Instant. Ifludl ua'ter tr t tih ', it will ti I oeldet at btp lic a tli Ith I' A. auiltte, \ietitonen.. r V. W l.eDONAI). 'n3 Coo.nunit-r., le d ll rd,( ( 2IlMuniiparolity E|S'i'A1'-'Tkn- t..u,.... large erat iorse. The' R owter it requst ,I stese tot'a d, pre pro ,rty, pn elhireidtts.atdtake, sai, anial awy, thefor the 15t11 i -iat fi' le I after tlIhat im', it tuill be sold al Ihubic oat thn, h I. '. A, ;iuillittti, Ac.otioueer. \\'. .lcD.)JNAI .D, .C'omaJ.j,'r 2d Ward, t3 2id +t tniitpulitr. I tEIUllIt TRAVFL.LIiG T'tI'oU \K..--Thesal   -ri eri Nmv recivint_ perI bark EItIIITrate.,fratt Now York, an invoiei nf superiotr '1 r.velliug Tren a to lllt tle ttlllll Uh' rIr lf ()r lOItalnd \ illil.,,, to laotm Ihas I)ten awtr.i thle I)itIdto:i, at the fars of the A e. riten ltsti rte, tit ltilt lite utcecs ire )cars, fa teh beet 'l'nrveilit Trtunk. I'irs.ns . desiton. of f.lrltnin, ^rt frte article, lth r deijeatnce, o cit t well tocall aud extmine them,lt at 'anal, tear ltot.d. E- FILIdY. 1'. s. 'thre art' five of tile entle rin:tetn, size stt lllitll, andl the samle ill every imr oeo't as rile ate .' ih ,!xtaineott the Ptrtttit at ttite Fair in Ootutr hi-t. and wltich-ewa sold by the uutlereigo'd a he* eetb.. 'ote. E". F. 'I'llEASU l (I'S OFFICE, SECOtD "tt UICIPALITIT" N('TIt'EI--Thi owner= of irulterta ns.uested to Iy the OxltltltC. of o ,ent_ anot imlproving stre. u l this .\ iaftimfed, that .Hr. \1,,lihaml cue, r. ix appl)lUtttd ,i eetor. Prompt paylment wil irteqtniret. ott J. DI)ANo., !trcesarr. At OOt D tU' a-tnt DE LA dSE¢ospiE i UtICPLlITO.. , i VS --] c pt".opTetaito deteer I'erraina eet ete }l.P . pny Imem Ics dlrp pses tour I'novettmcee l'a etel. tlhtllo d rueslo ln dhi em.i. Mnitipalit'er st t iCti lotiul ) Iea \I11. W. ttt ttonIt, it. eat tnl. toe cnlleetel.t il rit rtou'tt c,a er it:tetdlittenl,utt ser ipreentltiot de tur tmet . a4 2. ot lANE, 'Ir7ae.rie PAtl\ O,.S. fi\IIttE tu blt lerl h r t lluti. tt r cceived from New Itt f+ctotllr, Otlthi ttalt coloIttr, a thteh r t t 'ltr. at'the ]ow' ]ri 0 8'3 75 ,elllus rcsh, at 76 C. anl str l itar -oth ia-t.,, bay hItr-c,t iIIitte bite rsarc lI fI tth,trd, d a wlitalk tt -thetoettlsoi creaucl c uyi thiitl.. e atih n oire sr ow h Is Cfr ltea'. bob ai, h i ilfn hind f it whtilet itr eti oh daI t t t, als o tu whi i' It re. Te nw, e1S of Itd e trt sets are r queer, dt a::ll CaI ! lnrd pae propeHtY,.1't he Ful, r en eh take h1em tr;av, otll rw ie rhy ithetY ideh.t at iui):ic autiton, ot ith '.2d in:t. by P A GillUttec, ac tlnceer. ,. JONl PtIICE, Coami'etars ISt'Wad, "12 nI t iMIaitil Ilt',\( T] EI' Its.. • P OFOSAIS it wrting will ile ured eadunil ho " tit ittst lir ditchii thle turrtattiau t' ti2" ptotiida . ut tih ftt of tiir.d sttet', and otr p e the er le att rear litter .tftitt .e.,ttt tu atit ,itott gtiraiveti ai'd. ' tl' thrth th iProl'oau to " ?tnt ao. A" v 'ix;:r' i on e f' IF chotoa F:>ehi,,op-. R,';'ul r.

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