Newspaper of True American, April 22, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 22, 1837 Page 1
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cti~cs 14~ CENTS, NiEW ORLEANS, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 22, J831. VOL. II-N, 2l - abm, pable nemi-annually in advoans. Ten ajls fo thi e neI-wekly oountry paper, pas aie one s on will be diseontinaed until arrearsae are n csfdicofntinadicet eone week's notice, most be ivsriably given, previous to the .-One lollar per nqnare for the trnt in d If that price foreach nstheqttettton; ra alteratlon from the orgnal advertntaet ehants and Traders forty alonefor bothth In ngaler;a. d ehip and h e teapriett fctore or com ean to td i rnr lose sot and articnles caling tprtorts, tof hastteohic to le of1trop.irty, cards of withinon e5onth e eon. &c.e will he charged one del nniyiai j f-rthe firast insertion in each language. alsiC 4 rAdertts tostlm of anr personal a oe t t p cnt. willbe made to r' ill, and Marhallao Eihis te ihdin both anguager asl; V *p in lnglisttalotte,topper cont..on sales of tge se s nout of the direct line of business of t8e yearly advrtlser, sect, as lnggbcaactiot.aod planto en salets, runlaway slaves, oayantiel, ten. &e. will helorged for separately and nt theordinory ates, . Adsirtflrennest not specified an to tiles will be pub iill~d one month. and cltorged accordinoly. Notvertioementsofhbnnkruptcie will be pubished inWeek y rase, onleo paid for prviognto insertion, or pay my the abe conditionseed by resposibl pen i t own. Theatres s,,d othier places of amuotment, advortsinog dal or the season, to re chtakged 100 dollar for es tha six months. glish alone, and 150dollars in both lnpgeg vt. All enn"tter must iof nl ca tes for poltics l offces eholl he chotged double the price of otler advertiat t . o. 67, Greer street. Owing to the immense los rwusalingd by newspaper proprietors, they ILave come to th conclusion, that the na nes of persons whose tcote bve h ov e et en paid within one month ater presentatiot, sthall . mnde kns, O (on far a prcticable) to each other, they otli gating themselves not to advertine or pt in ar osuch deliqasnts silnes it rctose of rdvane . menep ts. (] gesir ) JtCoE ST IIRM J RAYON, I- P REA, 3 C PEN IERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LU2ISDWEN, Week(l Prsof.-We, the onderAigoed, nglre to abide Ny the abtove conditions, as far ns they ore applicable to reebly papers. (Signed) A B LAWRENCE, J W ENNIS, 4SNo nlontritins aretohken orless thnn six mtoths. 1 Lettern mtst in all coses he post aid. UcOMMRCIAL DIRIECTORIY. READ & BARSTOW, OeSUffZION MROK~hIANTS, No. 87, Graier street. PLO E, DAVIS, & Co. Commission and Forwardisg lerchlanmt,. L5OtsrtLLE, KEITUCKY. Messrs. Lambeth Sr Tbempton, N Orlcans. I u Messrs. A. Ii. Walliso, iCo. J .M &S.1 IIROADWEL-i.. Advances on consignment to the above bouse by J I ILOADWEI.t. &CO. j_0 56_ IMaogaczino treet. DEAtERS IN AMERICAN do ENGLIShI CROWN GLASS. C. 3 CARoNo.ET STREET. ol SIJCTION &COMMISSION IERCIHANT, bar ail, ich will be carried on in its various branches. Coosignmecrra for auction or privote enle solicited. Pefer to Brander, W'Kenn Wright, New tOeleaor, Alfred Cochran, CyrusMarsh, Eli tontgouserd, Notn1, No.78 Canal street, hetoeeo Royal and Bourboon otret~i Ilours ofattemdatn· front 9 A. M. ontil P. M. 33. McIFARLAN3'S INFIRMARY and Private Chambers, cornern'fPoy b drsaandCircus atreet. 0l18 REMOVAL. HOUSE, SIGN AND OINAMENTAL PAINTER, 5S Camp at, nearly opposite thie American Theatre. ES C I. ,a i or is lifrLods aod the public in general, that he executes all orders in the ae branches, in the best style, and on moderate terms. He will also excemte in like manner, all kinds of decorations in Oil aid Water Colors, for halls, en tries, parlors and ha-rooms, ke. e.; lie will also tim tate greaarie. of Marbles mutl Woods, Military Stndarn U Me hopes sitex )Se of practice end exertions so oseaeesively sustaIned, will merit a continuance of the atro igehehlasheretef.ereceived from his friends and he whole eommounity. Paint, Oil, Glass, Varnilsh, Gold Leaf, &e. &e. on aend for sale. Also, ready mixed colors for use. Whitening, ehalk aml dry colors. ma'y 3 N .W BOOKS-Norman Leslie, a tale of the pre, eat times, in 2 vole, by T S Fny. Psalding an Slavery in the United States. Stories of the Sea. by the anthor of Pete,' Simple. Memoir of George R T Hlewes, with traits of the tea party, &e" ilbert Garney, by the author of Sayings and Do Alo, snew sopply ofOae in a Thousand, or the days af HBnri Qoatre, by the author of Riehliet, &c.jast re mired by CH BANCROFT, mt. 14 camp st. LtLIDELL'S NEW WORK, &c.-The American int tl England, by the authorof "A Year in Spain," in 2 ollutoes. Noble Deedsof Women, in 2 vols. The Young Wife's Book, a nmantal of moral, reli giousand domeatie duties. Just received and for sale by WM. M'KEAN, ian 27 corner of Camp and Common ots. 'NEW FURNITURE WARE HOUSE. No. 46 CHARTRES ST. TIIIE subseriber ase now open g a emonpete assort. 1 ment of elegant and usefil fuaeits,. wvhi :h they have jost received by fie arrival of ships SaratogR, Ar kans and N'isnitsipti, Irom New York, conristiog in pastef side hoards ofvarious atterns, with Egyptia and Italian marblr tops, centre tables of every deserip tin an quality, wardrobes of varioun patterns, seere. tar and book as" , ladies' Frelch todett tabl "', toi lett bureaus. Jrecin dining Pembrokes, card and la dis'work table, pioedo. also, a few pair sideaoards with Egyptian marble tops, a now and beoutifil arti cle. A complete assortment of sofos. A largeand eomplet: assortment of mallogny, n mo pIe, nipewood, fancy and e.ntton clhaim, Imhogany roking do covered with plush, pinin and figured heir elath, together with a eompletc oos..rtmeat of such arti elan su arusually found in uch an estoblishment, the whols of ewhioh will he sold on reasonable teros for ap proved paper or eanlh. Thepubll am re peetfully invited to call and exnm n. the otoeb, N B Goods pecked at shert notice in good order for shipping. f 12 C GRANT co IYT GOODiS--40 crases fancy colored dom-estie L aarints 10 boles Trenton itmproved tickings; 10 hals Oaxfo, -4.4 tickings; 2 cons- blue Pitthburg cords; I ease heavy black carpeting, landilg front barlntie Jo atphineand for sale by T C CASH & Co; al - No 44 Camp st T -I Subscriber, importer mnt wholesale denler in T Foreign and Doimestie Hardware, ha on hand a extesidve tloak of Sheflfeld, Blerniogham, and Ameri odr. embrasisg a great variety, consisting in part t tol o ursu Anvils to m cm.Im mmitato onels g ine mousethole; atkh vgs, black and Irilght ie; trace lhains, crom tas, ied and Isright.hes, Cardito; LolisiaaN , grttb adabttost Es.tlishe i American saddlle iratm; long msn hitklndle fryat;mt raised idate, hook hutatal all other kinds of hingea pit, mill, hand, plael, tenoon and aras t owe; rim, closet, pad, cplorl and ashF 1see.aal silver plated Irmlot, ilside and aldiag t'bsr dot rmel ad flat spritg, sltraiogt, aol necksd shuter ad sldoer bolt; flat, pit, mtil, adaf ero eat saw ila; shi arpenter's ailo other augurs; black, bright id Iatent east steel socket ladl firmoer chisels; gsouges, i sltes, knives and ftrks it setts nl dlozens; great va rialetlqal sbe, cook, btttelhr, oarving, anl drawing knives; Pe" Ie dfiek aetr, in dozen taul on er'ds, large sad soUoissmoc, tailore anl sheep sherac ani;mon 5d fis moms;r csames. e.,tsenncl, bright teal file steel ulfoIlrso hiagstosd flat lottont brasooan " ~t~p ,I i, h rilashls itisn, tea ansl table spoons Sat d a b ettaws gsa Ilots tlr..erew asld nipple wsobIatueser e' a 4 is, sheot belts, game bgs, Ola. aes. a llr s a Itchets, haommers, asetc e.s-tabe soad pots, .oat nu ole ,ts, &e. night No. As bast ad spate latsches, mooper' fires, seen bowel ad, , rte. smiths bellows, hamnmlers, tongs am. Iesqs .t j lse eatn Aumesi-ae spades and shovels, . so ta ts esntonol east, abeet iron Alnl pa landd te tabtl, patent se tol common t cottton sdll woIs a all naubers, wafer aunl ws.le ilns, Z'ia sualse p aasj se mgwo, nol serews,bqgad, rs d rad saind abits b-rae aul silver sartip s RI s so s kainsc ad buct les, axles Colhis' .Cssr s et'. aeth wet.e., stocks anM diea, srets , p l ' aawedspqure, atto ool adtogs, asliren, taels, bads. , inkldoh atol It longit monulds, taso sad s , qutlls. slates, jolnatml, tin and gram srpe, bed teedy, plnlgl, liens, looking t'an' Coltto .sn esahnf. , , sntheat Il; scales, guons, itesl, At ., eat .lil,, leat, shot, Iogers' al Du at'eI atwder, witl aJ.iat r:unmctr of oflr goserpoc losgI g tob the traee. IV It CItAtVFo R, ) k No. tO \co Leteon FOg NEW YORK. SLouisiana and Neit York Line of Packets.) L ips Composing tien line will soil from New Orleans and New York on every other Monday, commencing on the 25th April and to insure the trictest punctuality in their time of sailing, the line will hereater consist of six ships, viz : Ship YAZOO, Captain Eldridge, to leave onee .th Ship SSIISIPPI, Captain Rinsen,to leave on 2Shp ShIAKSPfEARE, Captain Collins, to leave an Ship VICKS.URO, Captain Woodheuse, to leave on 6th Juue. Ship LOUISVILLE; Captain Palmer, to leave on 20th June. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captain Palmer sto leave n 3dtlpny. I[E The above ships are all new, of the first clsas, lopparedd copdper fastened, and upwards of 500 tons burtean, are of tight draught of water, being built il New York expressly for the trade. The price of psa. sage fined at one hundied dollnrs; their abins are ftted ap on the moat improved and convenient plan, & finished in a neat and elegant style. Ample stores of the first quality, will be provided and avery regard had to tihe comfort and entire satifaction of pa.engoer, who will please take notice that ' bhertli en be necured until paid for at the office of the consignees. These packets are commanded by captaina well ex. perienced in tioErle, who will ~ive every attention and exert themselves to aceommwoate rThey will at all times he totsed up and down theim Mlississippi by steam. boats, and the strictest panstnity observed in the time of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be nesponsihle foi ally ltter parcel or psakge, sent by or put on beard ol them, unless a reular bill bf lading be signed therefor. t thin counting house of the agents or owners. Fol afurther particulars, apply to J. D. BEIN & A. COHEN, April 11 No. 77 Canal street. FOR NEW YORK.-(New LiLe of lIackets. rHRK A ,A C f. S. is ommander, tio tons, o sail February 22d. Ship lNASHVILLE, I. Rlatlbone, commander, 511 toas, to sail March 7th. Ship KENTUCKY, John iltuker, cmmtander, 62! tons, to sail March lst. Ship ORiEANS, S. . Sears, comander, 599 tons to sail April 4th. Ship ALABAMA, C. C. Berry, cmmrmnder, 471 tons, to sail Jannary G. Ship SAIRATOGAW. l iathawav, tomOmaadcr, 5114 tons, to sail May 2d. rile ehipa of this line will sail punctually fronm New Orleans and New York, every second Monday through. out tile season They are all of the first class, copper fastened end coppernd, and were built in New 'bork expressly for tills trade. They are cosmanded by experienced man, draw a light drft of water, and will at all timlcs be towed up and down tile Mississippi by steamboats. Their ac. coalmtodatieas for passengers are very superior. The owners of these ships will not be responsiblc fse any ltter, pranel or package, sent by or put oe board of thepnl, unless a regular bill of lading he signed thercm for, at the counting house of the agents or owners. The rart of passage is fixed at $70; no wite or liquor filurished on board. For freight or lpeagoa, aIly to BOGERT & HAWTHORN, 126 No. 61 Grevier street. NEW OIGLEANv &,MOIIILE MA1l. IaNE. From and after this date, tile tbllow iad g rate of freight and passage will be rbarged, viz: try rees a 5ie. Wet barrels j1. Raeon cask $300. llhds. Sutgar $3 75 Casks Clare $2.60 Measured .tods, at 15 cents per fott Castings, $LO per ton ofl001b. irn, per bale, $3 06 Coin, per batkel, 18 3-Ic. Oant, per do 15e. Bagging, Soc. per Ipiece of 56 yarls Rope, i50e. per Gilts. Kegs of Lard, per keg SOc. Kegs of Butter, per keg 25c. Keg Blar Leadl, $1 00(I etacl Pipes of .iquor, $3 75 ccml Colffee ir bg 621 -5 Horses perl head $12 Cattle $10 Sheep each $1. Hggs $2 Cabin Passacge $12. Srvant $6. Deck Passage $6 It will be necessary for shlippers to give at the time of getting tteir onlers, the marks and consignees as neat as possiile, t thlat goods can preperly be dlelivered, in case bills lading do not arrive at thle same time. TOURNE and BECKWITH, A gents, 36 I'oydas Street New Orleans, Dec. 10. 1836. UNITED S.TATES GAILY MAIL LINA roae New ORLEANS TO MOBILE. SSteam Pacetse, no Carriages. Thealtove ittetocompese o urnaplen sanamersof the first elass, viz: Steamer OUACHITA, Cresse, Master MAZEPPA Sutton, LEONIOAS Coulson, " SOUTIH ALABAMA, Aldrich Tile above boatsa are fitted up expressly for the tr5m, and emmisanded ay able anti exprienne.l seamen. In coateqesnee of ths very lightdraught sf the above boats, they aee enablled to take thleinnerpaessages. onseeuent= y pa..enrgers escape tile annoyance of sea sickness. atn teadant on the outside raoun. The strictest attention paid to the comfort ofpassengers. Aa arrangelnent has been made with tile Florida line by which passengers bound to Tallehansee, New Yorank, Philadelphia or Norfolk, who do not like the delay of stopping in Mobile ,91l be transferred to the Watchman, anld those returnig from Pensenola, by the Watchman to tile mail :eat; afabrding greataccom.cndations to per. sams t.avelliug northwards, ani parties of pleasnure who may wish to visit the healthy city of Poesaola. 'PThe mail beats leave the lake end of the rail roaad mmdliately alter the arrival of ithe half past twelve o'clock ear, and Mobile at It A M. Foe friglt orpansege apply to TOIURNE & BECKWI'rt, Agrts. 28 and 29 New Levee, N Orleans; une 19 orJ G BURKE, Mobile. N. BI. Passenger oy the above line liae tile pre erence in mail lines learing Mobile. Dinner will be given on boardl the boats at three o'clocek P. M. The above boats will receive and land passengers at all the atennediate landings. Wsnhinmetmn arvieneta iNa·v an. u. x_ WaShington Irving's New, Worl.k, &c. .' HE CruYON MI.CELLANY; No 3, containing .u. Legends of the Conqest of Spain. By the author of the 'Sketch Book.' Time LIrE of George Wasitton; in Latin prose. By Franeis Glua, A. M. of O'lio. Edited by J N Hey. nolhls. JAcK D)owxtxoa's Song Book; containing a selection eo sltunt two Iundred songs, .naty of which arnew. By Jack Downing, M.1).M. Eutirtnos. Translatei by thie iev R. Potter, M. A. I'rehendlty of Norwich. Jo 3 vols 1mo. being Nos 15, 16 and 17 of'larper's Classical Libray.' J ust received adfor sale y WM M'KI'AN, nov _2 ear ofeamp and com sis - TAME' E ArW OUBLIEAT- oiri oN eieitt. eti SCommadrers; by J P I Jatmes, Elm. author of Dtley, Richelieu, Marstenton, The Gipsey, &o.; in 2 vols. Nuts to raeSk; or, Quilts Quirks, AneLdotes anti Fa cete of the Oxford and C.ambrhlge scholara; by tile au thlor of Faeeti o Cantahrigieosti, ks,k&.L Phillips ont Ihsuatnee, vol 2. Just re.eived aud for sale by AVM M'KEAN, ect !i eortner Camp antd Cnomon sts. NEW PUiLICAT''IO')NS. T ALESoI o PnsIc.a. Fly Williamn IL Har "W. crave exceedingprlrdoUt i thle audacity ofth, atletlllit."-Slit Tlt.MAo lBnowo. In '2 vols. NlsnTS Atr 'ET So. In I vol. A PILGItMasoae to tihe Holy Land; comprlsing reeol Ietiot., sketaiesn autl releatiolts, mado e dinr'lg a tour in tlte East, in 1832-33. By Alftnse De La ntartine, Meolter of tile FrencllAleadeny. I rols. Tle Ftn in Etglatt;o bDeing a sel uel to the "Fttige FaonMily in Paris." By u Thos. llsown the youneger, autitor of the 'Twoleltty Post llng.' etc. etc. "Si nmea tinaterre resnpaotdey .ttsu jmnoe, -Vic E lellUUS ¢VtIll. IIOTCIIKISS & co, noct 7 4 llCatreu street LATE PUBLICATIONS. tIE PRINCIPLES OF FREE TRADE, illus. trated it: a series of short and familiar EsoyVs, originally published in the "Batter of the Constitu tion." COBBETT'S LEGACY TO PARSONS; or have the elergy of theim established church an equitable right to the tittes, or to any other thing called church pro perty, greater than Ste disseners have to e same? and ought there, or ought there not, to le a soparatio of the church from tihe state 1-in six letters, addressd to the church iaroons generally, including the cathedral and college clergy and dite bishops, with a dedieatioh to Bloomfield, Biltp of London ; tyýWi. Cobbett, A. P. THE COMPLETE WOIKS OF JEREMY BENTHIAM. THE. MERCHANT'S ASSISTANT, or IMercantile Instnctuor, conaining a full accontt of the moneys, colnsm weights .ind measures of the principal trading nations and their colones; together with they values in U. S. currency, weights and meranres, translated from the 7th edition of Flugel, with additions from the works of Kelly, Neleebreseher, Krae, IMKelfugh, and others; by Fran.els J. Gnad, author of "ErTenetary Treatise sasPlase msld Solid Geometly," &e. &c. TARIFF, or Rates of Duties, frmt anti arer the 3d ,lay o Marc.h, 1833, until the 31st of December, of said year, iinclusive, on all golod, wares anti nmcrctandize, imported into thie Umted States of America, u es by n:ts of congress. Just received, and for soee by W. McKEAN, nov 7 CornerCanp and Common street. F AN5 Y PRINTS--trcases rirh light fanryvpriots; 50 caroedomesti,. fancy do; 10 ease hbid prinls, tt inulr l,fte s hr" 21 TL CCSSII & GO tima C REMOVAL. E FILLEY has removed from 76 Chartres street to 76 Coanal, near Royal and bes received by blte arrivals, additions to tie original stock, whieh are now offlred in qauntities to suit purchasers. Rich Satins, plain and figured. do do blk and colored. do Gro de Palis, plain d d figd. do do jet nufibuo blk. do Rep Silk. plaln and egd. do Onu es, Paplins, l,rnanies, &e. Plain and knotted, China Uobourgh & English Silk blse. Bu riorembroidered, Lace and open work do do do Thread, Mohair, Worsted and Cotton Hose. Stewart's Paris made H S Gloves, blk, white & asa'd Silk and Net (2ovee blk wiite and assoUrted. do do ardH Goves, long armed. Alse--f0eases Ronnets. consisting of French Silk and Satin trimmed nd untritmned,Orion tal Grecian, Flnreece; Oval crown, and Tuscan Straws 'Turbans, Head Dresses, Wreathe, Feothers, Flowers &c. &e. d8 E. FILLF.Y, 76 Canal street. PHILADELPHIA MIRROR. T i1 ed.eklidpatranage awarded to the Philaoel pia Saeturday Cosner, induces tihe editors to eomn menre the publication, under the above title, of a qnnr to edition ofl'their popular journ ., so long known as the largest Family Newspaper in the United States;with a list of neae TWENTY-SIX TtlOUSAND SUB SCRIBETIS. The new feature recently introduced of furnishing their readers with new books of the best life rature of the day, having proved so emiently succesas ful, tse plan will be eontinued. Six volumes of tihe ce lebrated writings ofCaptain Marrevatt, and sixty-five of Mr. Brook's n af'uable Letters from Europeovea nrenady been publisheod without interfering with its news and miscellaneons reading. The Courseris the largest and cheatest family no.0speper ever issued in thiseountrv, cesntaining articles in Literature, Seience and Arts; In ternal improvemont; Agrieulture, in sliort every varietv of topics usually introduced into a publice journal. Givig full accounts of sales, markets and news of the latest dates. Ihis published at the low price of $2. For this small sum subscribers get valuable and entertaining matter, each week enoags to illt a conoin book of 200 pages,. and equal to 52 volumes a, year, and'esatlmated to be rtd, weekly, by at least two hundred thousand penile, sattered i all partsof tle euntry from Maine to, anod front tm searboard to tim ibkes. Its mammonth io imensions cnhro e its enterprising pro prictorn, Messrs WOvwanoR & Cr.ARKE, of Phliladel phia, to re-publish in its eoltumus, in tite course ofa year, everal of the most interesting new works that is sue from tihe British pras 'hich cannet fail ts give to it a permanent interest, reader it worthy ofprener vation. Tio mieet thI s therefore, of such of their abesc ribers as desire to have their numbers bound,they have determined on issuing an edition of the Courier in the qtarto form, which will render it much torr. eon vaoient fir reading when it is bound in a volume, and tius greatly elnhance its value. THE QUARTO EDITION. Under the titlO of the PHILADELPHIA MIRROR, will cormnenuc with the publication of the Prize Tale, to whith was awarded the prize of $100, written by Miss Leslie, editor of the splendid Anlial, the Token,and author of Pencil Skette s and other valuable contribu tions to American Literature. A large naulr ofsongs, poems, tales, &c. offered in competition for the $500 premiumsr,.ill atdd vmltr antis interest to the suceeding numbers, which will also hie enrieched by a story from Miss Sadgewick, author of Hope Leslie, The Linwoads, .r.t wshose talents Iave been sojustly and extensively appreciated, both at home and anbrtd. This approved FAMISLY NEWSPAPER is strictly neutral in religious and political matters, and thie un compneromising opponent ofqAtekery of every kind. MAPS. In addition to all ,f whlirch te publishers intend fur nishing their patrons with a series of engraved Maps, embracing the twenty-five States of the Union, &c. ex Thibitins tilhe itnltion, &St. of rivers, towns, llountain, lakes, the arcablard, internal improvements, as dieplay. ed in canals. rail roads, &e, with other interesting asid usefiul fRatura, roads, distnces, &cre, fRrlaisng a cou piets Atlas fis general use antd itnfirmation, Iandsome ly executed, and eachr istinct eap on a large quarto sheet, at an exp ense which nitlsng but the spls30id patronage whichr for six yeasr past tihas been so gSirer sualy extended to tlhmt, coull warrant. TERMS T: The Pliladelphia Saturdav Coilrir is still ointiesad in its large form, at thesoue price as herestfore. Tie Philadelphia Mirror, eilng a quarto editiun of the Sa turday Courier, with its increased attractions, and print ed on fhe beet white fine.psper, of the nsate size as the New Y rak Albion, will be pitt at preciselv one half the price se that vatluable oir nal v: T'lhree Dollarrsper anntu, an yabe in adsvarne. (ipeludinig the Mapsa.) &WOOI)WAI;D & CLARIKE, ARROl & UARLES No 24 Custom[touse t., offer for alec 10 pipes and 60 ialf pipes Beeealx brardv, entitled to debenture; 10 qr casks old br Eindy; O epihtb cason rhampuignebramsty; 8pipes gin; 120 ir casks' larseilleo Madelra wiue- 31'qr casks Sicily Madeira; 1i Ihalf tiles Port \riinr; 21l baskets chatpaigne do; 100 bas rown liavuaa tsugar; 112 bags tavanu eofiee; 80 bogs st Domingo do; 50 S ervastns .uba Tobacco; 10 ceruons loat indigo; 50 sacks soft shelled almondse Le00 d o im peril and gunpowder tea, 13 lbs each; 20d do di i Ibse oarch, 20 chests poulong te,l 00 bsr No I chocolate, 1010 kegs lack paount; 25 hblts cluves; 22 bxs 2 dosz each old beiwn and pale sherry wisse; 30 bbls pale ale; 2110 coila iale rospe; 95 boXes superior Cavendish tobaic co; 2.5011 bbis f, 3 mackerel; 291t brrelsNo 1 Potnmac herines (ew;) 90 bibla hives, &c. &. &e.c. J30 -NiAOMHB'S TACTICS-FOR.-THE A E- I ALt-i - C ONCISE SYSTEM OF INSTRUCTIONS AND S~REGULATIONS for the Militia and Voluntelers af tie United States, eomprehsenditg the exercises and movements of the Infantry, Light infantry, and Rifle tnan, Coavatlr, unt Artillery; together wvith the mannier ofdoing dutv is G(arrison and in Caonp, and the forms of paradces, reviews, and inspections. as e tablished by au thorttv, tar the government of the Regular Arny. Pre parednnd arranged byBrevet Captain S Cooper, aid de Csamp,and Assistant Adjutant Geeen unesr r trensuper sision of lMajor General Alex. Macosmb, commanding ile Army of the United States. ORNI.HOLOGICAL 0BIOGRAPHY-Or, an a. count of the habits ofthbe Birs of its United states of America, ancomnpanicd by desrriptisns of hfe nljects represented it the Work entitled "'ite Birds of Ameri ca," and interspersed with detineations Of American scenery and manners; by Jhnl James Audubon, F IR SS 1. & E.--Vo 3. Just received and for sale hv VM1 McKEAN, J29 Conter of Cantp neli Common sts. N EW BOOKS The Lawos of Etiquette. in one va Ma lunge. Skelclhes of Switzerlatsl, by thle author of tle Spy, .c, &c, in two nolunlen. Lifei o Designsof John A Morel, and an acouit of ish detection, by Virgil A Stewart. Reeeivid and far sile hli NEW WORKS. 1L IL.L WVATCa. From thle autobiog bafy oF a Bri' `V ish officer. Bythe authnr af cntvish, etc. etc. 'Ahi! null' itro ehie pianto al mondo durat' In thrlwee volumes. Also, T'' DIRTnICT ScHoole or Nat;:onal Education. I J.1. Orville Taylor, I'rolessor of Polohr Edtluction i the New York Uaiversity. Received by HOTCIIHKISS & co, we. N13 .4 CChrtll's at ANNUALS FOR 18:16. TTIIE Taken and Atlantic Souvenir; a 'hristmnrs and New Years Present. TIl. Girt; a Christmas and New Year's Present. Edited by Miss Leslie. Received and for sale by IIOTCIIKISS and Co, oct 7 '24 Chartres street COAI. TAIL--Planters, lBuilders, ship andt steam boat masters, can now supply themselves with this useaul article at 12 1- cents per gallon, by application at the Gas Ollie, iada Alley. The tmanly successfid experiments of the coal tar has rendlerdc it to those ac'1tainted with its valuable pro perties, an itdlinsplsale article tlorpreservation of fence timber, wooden roofs, &u; mnixed with sharp sand and lime, it makes it mlost excellent cement for the roofs, secaring tlhell Ionm leeakager. Tlet extremely ianw price at which i is now flurnllisedr should inldue every planter, slipmasterand builler to have a constant supply,. oc 0 G 1 RAPi'E CIAI1I'PAGNE--A frlather supply of this h ighly celebrated wine, with leaden caps, waronnt ed in quality, at least equal to any champagne inmpm'd in the Unvited ttues, just receivell bv seplt I . A II INSIisEE , :.neaaal st T IVES OF TIE NECIIROMIANUERS, or, an ac I count of tile mosta emirlet persoas in sueseasive ages, who have claimed for themselves or to whom lhas been imputed by otliera thle exercise of maogical power. by William Goodwin, althor of Caleb Willioams, &ne. &e. LETTERS FROM THE SOUTH, by a Northern nan, new edition, in 2 volumes. Jon received and for nale by WI M'KEAN, nov 27 Corrier of Camp and Common ots. B RANDY, GIN & RAISIN-A lotofal few Ihun dned boxes bunch raieins, few halfpipes of French Brandy, several pipes ofold suoperirr lolland Gin, and fifty boxesomopra coodle, all of fir quality, to Ie sold low to close a coneern, WM 1 AT'EY 34 old leve. N. II. lronand Copper--eannsh will be paid for a few hulndred tons of old Iron and Copper, apply as above jan 21 T HtI LANGUACE OF FI.OWEIRS, kc.-The nLti'oage of Flowers, illttated by colos eden gravilgs, 'Od ediainn The Moranl o Flowers, ilTustrated by colored engra vinas, ;d edition. Flona andl T'bhat or Gems of Flowers and Poetry, being at altdhabetical arrange.nent of flowers, with ap olpriate illusu ations, emabellisdld with colored plates, a lady. Florta's nterprtelr; or, the American Ilook of Flow ers and Sentimentsýby Mrs S S lahll, third edition, im provd. lThe Artist, or, Yovmg Ladies' Instructor ill Ornlo mentlll Paintintg Ihawing,'a e. Just lcaeivctl and for saleiy WM 1'IU'EAN, oct 12 corner of Camp anet CoItOIIII s. RlOtG.l\NS, C(IOTIIING. &e.-l.anding from the Sship Marin: 50 cases rllsaelt Broans, common, extra antd hos' sies; 4 case.s men's kip pegged.r Ho eour, 8 eave av t.t` lo'dam.irg Plopa; 17 caeso ladies' bid, mnort rce an, i stinv Slipltvrv; 15 aces.a Cttlhin. mnbtnt i gn- :- n..I a"`t I tv t-tf"ev bI. Hl V. O ot ,BItItlttE, \ItIE & CO. I1NIIANKI.IN INFIIlMAILY.---The tpublic are re p sctfidly informed thait this instlitutlo, erected itn tl most approved plan, ria ill all airy ad most admi rfale situattlon, in the faubourg Frlnklin, npon the rail road, one mile fimn the Mississippi. The building is large and most eommodinusly divided into arlrtments, for keeping Jelprate di'erent classes andi differenet dliseass. The institmrri.r is espplied with the most skilful ani attentive mule and femanle nurses, speaking the various modern languages. Private rooms may be blmi by gentlemen at from two to five dellars pe d, includin g aitenmanee, eta. Terms in the oriary wardn., onle dollar per day. Slaves aso one dollar. Small Poxin the ordinary wards three dollars. All calisaLnsgieal operasinnsextra. The reaidelet idihiadan is Dr. H. Lewis, to whom appliewion for admission must be made, rento D-. O. A. Ltzemberg, No. IT, Rampart st. jy 24 L ''F PUIILICA'tlINS'-The li.tlters, a taluof the Fronde, in 2 volt. Tlhe Wife and Woman's Reward, by Mrs Norton, in -a01s. Miriam Coflln, or tile Whale fisherman. The Inshful Ilrishman, or the Exile of Erin, in 2 vols. SNarrattive of a Visit to the American Churches, by na| Ipntation from lhe Congregatinonal Uuion oTf Eng. lavl and Vales, by Aidrew Rlned, D)D.. uand James M itheson, 1) 1), in 2 vols. Novels aml Tales by Mailia Edgeworth, 20 vols vetr neatly belou in 10. Tihe Works of Mrs Sherwood, being the only uni form edition ever published in the United States. J ust received and forsaide hy WVM M'KEAN, oct "'corner Camp and Commonm ss. CIIC.ULAR 9 HllE Faenlty of the Matilctuntnuc eev . s If'_ respettfnllyask the nttection of tite Mvelinel Profession, and of the liiends of clnce in general, to the condi.ionn and pospeatus of the nstitutioa untih r their chllarge. The college was organized in the nalutmn eol .c18 a full coarse of leetlres was given during tie iast winter, Iad at the last sesssion eft he Legislature, a charter was conferred 'i it witll te usual powers atnl privileges o silmihlar lntiintinns. Since the termniation of the cuarse of Lectures, the Faculty have given anremitted attention to ths. interests of the College, Aild have consideriably augmented its meanls of useftlless. Bat awaretthat, whatuver may be their own e.eal and ihltstryetthe succes of their elter prize is mainly depeclent on the countenance it may recvive fiom the culightened and patriotic portion of their fellow citizens, particularly tiroat those ofthe Me- dicicl rofession---tle Sieculty are desirous to obtain the attention of the communlity to the ad.anltages offeredI by their instlittipn to the Medical Stuldens in this section ofour country. The college will be in possession, at the commence ment of the next session, of adequate ap carotus for the illnstation of chemistry and the collaterail sciences. Ample menes forithe studyvof Anatomy, will be fin"lishl ed withlout trouble to the stdent, and without violation of the sacred tfeelings, or even iprejdices otf society. WVben it is recollected that olin third of thie iopnle lion of New Orleans, durinlg the winter season, is com posed of strangers, many of whom, from choice or ne cessity, rasot ini sickness to the several well cvnductedc iospititls in this city, it must be apparentt tlst the Fa culty are in possession of tnsturlssed means ltr render ing theircoursc of instruction thorougily diemenltrative. 'o avail themselves of these prnvilngee, it has been ar ranged that a large proportion of the lectures from the practical chairs, shall be clinical, and disease and treat meat taught at tie bedsideiof the patient. The i.unaber of surgical eases in this city is uncom monly geat, and neIarly every opeNmationit the scienace will ie pertformed lefre theb class on the living subljeet. The course of Pathology and Phisiology will, in like manner, be accompaniedby demnolstration and experi. ment. The Faselty would particeally urge the opinion (in which it is believed they will lbe sustained liv the expe. rience of lPhysicians,) that the diseases of tie Southe western section of the United States are, in many in. stances, so modlified by clinte, that they cani neither lie well tanght by those who have not seen'them, nor well studiedl by those lwho have not an opportunity of wit nessilg their peculiarities. 'Th'olgh it is, perhaps, unnecessary in tlils part of the Unlio tioffiertpecuniary motives, yet, todo awayan er roneous impression, it may not be superflunous te state, that npion a fair calcnlatlrn of all the expenses of attend ing remote institutions, a considerable balance will he found in filvor of the College in this City. To render the School aecessible to those in illigent'circumstances, it is providedl bythe by-lacws, that twenty students shall be admitted g.tils, upon evidence of neeessitons circum stances, and aldeqate literary and mmoal qual]ifieatieos. The Faculty have only further to state, that their best exe.rtsans will begiven, to render the couerse of istlte ion in the Medical m ollige of Louisinna, ioth ample and thorough; anti helieving, as they do that the stu.enss of this institution will be etminently neftal and honors hie to Ihis section of our coauntry, they appeal with con fidenee to the latntism ot l their ilellow.-itizens for connteancec and as pOoft. Ctt AS. A. LUZENIIERG, Dean. New Orleans, August, 1aIS. The Cetrse o Lectures rwill commenere on the firsl MJonday ocf Deceanber next, and terminathelte last week In J areih. CHAIL.r.S A. LUZENRERG, M. D. Professor of the Prieiples aid tineeof Srge y. FIiWA\VIRD H. IAIRTON, M. ]). - Professor of the Theory and Plaetice of Medicine and Clinical P-aetice. W. HYRD POWELL, M. D. Professor of Clemistry and Pharmacy. J. HAlRRISON, M. DU Professoraf PhisiologT and Pathology. J. MONItOE MACKIE, M. U). Professor oft Mater-in Medica, Tlherepaticsanid Medical Jurisptradence. IHUIIMAS R. INGALIS, Mit D. Professor of Obstrtris and Ilsewaes of s.omen and Childrei. C. A. LUZ.I.NBEIRG M. ID Professor of Anatomny (ad interim.) flhf Rneqisites and fees at Graduation the same as in tie Uuniversitetf I..nnsylvania. eta -29 G OUGE ON BANKINGi-A short History of Pa r per Money and Bianking the United States inl eluding an account of Provincial and Continental Paper Money; to which is retexed nn inquiry into the punei plesa ofithe svsmn, with eoasideratioins on its effects on morals and hbaplpiness.-'l.e whole .:atended as a plain exposition of tile waey in which Paper Mencey ant ino ney Corporations effect tile interests of diffl'arentportions of'the conmmunity. By Win. Mi. Gounce.. Second edition. Just received and for sale by )OTCHKISS & Co. i 1? 2b 4 Chartres-t. - O0KI G STOVES.-Stanley & Co. Patenlt o J tar} Cooking Stoves, for wood or anthracite coal. We have just received a full sopply of their celebrated stoves of all sizes, suitable for Hotels, Boarding Houses and large and small families. For convenience and des poatch in coking, as well s tie great nnaving of el, fll one-half, they will hbe found to ha involuble. Cartifi. cates from tile prilcipal Hotel Kerters at tile North, as well as hundreds ofothers from private individoals and captains of vessels and streamboats, as to the otiliy of these stoves, can be seen t.oor wa nreAlRte o IIUNBAR & Co, jm 7 No.59,Tehooupitoulas at. Copper; tin and sheet iron nmda un to ardtr. Extract of a letter from Captain \Wi. A. Howard, cnm tanding U. S. Revenue Citter McLane, to the HIon. Levi Woodbury, Sec. of Navv: In answer to your elrliries in relation to Stanley's Rotory Cooking Stove, 1 bIeg leave most resapectfully to recommend to the Department, the adoption of tlos, Stoves for the Cutters generally; they are much less lIeav, more conlveieu t and ecorulical thanli those ge terallt it use. Fuel is a artiele thalt ttkes inp the miost rootn,: is soonest exPended, anld is more destructive to the houts of the vesn l in transportation thill any other used on board. I hand you below an estimanute of the conparative cost of fiel hetven tile stoves. Amulnt effirtl consumed by the old Galley, fromn Feb. 24th to lMarch 24tih, 1 motht, $.8 18 Amount of filel consumled by Stanlev's from Mlarch lth to IMay Ith, leing I imonth and 10 days, 6 50 Balance in favor of Stanleoy's, $59 W SWM. A. HlO\WARD, Capt. U. S. Rev. Cotter McLane. New-Bledfordl, Mayy,l hbe1l93;5. Expenses of Gnlley I nmonth and 10 days at same ratio as the itmnth, $16 c1 Expense Stanoy'asesme time, 6 50 Difference in fovor of Statlev'ra $lo 01 Packet Ront, Sea Serpent, hound from BIflfalo to Rlo chester,Joly 13th, .835. hlving been reqncsted by n pnssenrger to expresrs my ophleet of the utrility and convenient:e of tie Rotary Stove in Cnral Packtets, amRI pleaned to say that I have tnde fuil trial of one of tiie N 3 lotary Stoves on this packer, ano lind it to answer a most valotble pir pose. We are abnhle to bake, roast and boil, and, ia short, toeook the usual varieties of meats, vegetables, pud ditgs, &ic. for60 persons. SAM'L MAitON, Captain. L IFE OF WM. COBBETT, &e.-The life of Wm. Cobbett dedicated to his sons, from tile se cond London edition, in 1 vol. Memoirs of tihe Life of the right honorahble Sir Janmes Mackintosh, edited by his son, Robert James Mackitt toola , Etq. itl v2l. Thurletnn Tales, hy the author of Tales of a Voyager to tile Arctic Ocean, in 2 vols. Just received at l or :ale by MVM. M'KEAN, dec 6 corner of Camp and Commoln sts. NE\V PUBLICATIONS. ,LAVI RY AT THE SOUTH, or the south vindi S coted froml the treason and fanaticism of tlhe northern abolitionists. I vol. 12 mo. The book of Pleasures, by Thos Campbell Samuel Rogers and Mark Akenshid. I vn. 18 Ml. Tihe Genrteman andLady's rbok efPoliteues.andlpro prity ofdeprortmnt, do licated to tha youth of bhoth sex es. lie Madame Cclaart, translated eam tile sixth Pa ris edition. infantry Tacties, or rules for the etereise and nmn nouevres of the United States infantry. By Major ire ncral Scott, U S Army. ltr3 vols. 12 mn, Inst rerivedl and for sale by WV McKEAN, eorcamp a&O com tr TJEW BOOKS-Rienl . the last of the Crilunes, ery L\ the autlhors oif Peleam &c. (ItE tr ttilrNoA. D,Or the vday of Henry Onatre, bhv tho oathor nfNihtolieu &Se irl 2vols. MIAPtnt , in 2 volumes, CA.fYarO v t' r neOarL--PbrenenlT. 'uotit reeived bv I BANC'.OFT & TRIER, i calp ot. f STATE OF LOUISIANA, FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT. In the matter of EDWVARD BROOKS rs 11IS CREDITORS. 1T it ordered by the court, that a meetg the ethL Sditors of tie insolvent, oao ll others. iantrested, do tone pa e before H. B. Cenos, EEq. Notary Poulli, on Moluldy, the 8th dpy of May I.ext, at 10 o'clock A. li. for the ipurpose of deliberating genorally on tht affairs ef the estate ofthe insolvent,-to appoint (if they deem it tecessary) other syndics il the lieu of thle a otdica deceased sinee their appointment by a fltrmttr meeting, or to onfirmthepowers t ofthe survt.inqa syIdi, air t confer upon hi.Aesuel poweCrs, and give tttn esuch intruc. tion as tile interest of'tito eretitors of said estate may requore, or as may be deemed expedient, And it is far theriordered, thoat itlenry R Denis, Eroq. the attornery heretofore appointed to represent the absent creditors, hbo re-appointed, ettd notified to atteind saitd noetitg. By mrder ofte Hoen. Charles Watts, judge of said court, this oltt day ofMarch, A. D. 1637. a3 2ew - JOIIN L. LEWIS. -LTAT DR LA LUt)uS rAEL--Cor de Diitrict d .12 Premiere District Judiciare.--Dons l'aflhiron tPEd. wared Brooke centre ses creanoier ,-i eat iecreto par la cotr, qne tnT assembttle des reanciers do I'insolwa hie, et tontcs autres y inteltesee, i,,tt lien an bureau de H. . Cenos, Notaire public, to 8 de Mi i proehail a i0 hteures du nlil, at le dolil rersur l ufu.r irs, de I'iosolvable, de Inountlte o ile tjue eonversable d'aut tres syndirs ent laee tieas synyt s te.gedeal tepina leur nomsitatiou par tne assenotrte tlteriour ou poer eotl firnlr Ilea ourvoirs dur s dic aurvivottet pour m im i re. vetir de lets pourvoirs, t lui tda ie r te tl rles inotruce tio0s que i'interet des croanriers duldit fitillite povettt axigere Et it eat td plus eerte, qte Henry It. Denis sit oltl re alroat ci-devao t ttotltlo eor reprersener le ceresatiers absents, at uotifi d'etre ltreset a reltC assesnblee. Par ordre ie I'hon. Charltes Wiitts, jute dudt reor, ce 31 Mars, 1837. oa JOHN L.. .FWIS. te ffter. SNNUAI.S '0t 1836(.--ollth's I'icttttesquo At. i auals for 1836, with 25 splet ir et graviengs, by the best artists, after drawings, by A. G. Vicke Ol Esq. Fisher's Dratl tog R,out Scrap IBoak for 1336, with pncticol Illusetrotions hby I.. E. L. The Token and Athletic Souvoenir,-a Christmas' and New Yesr's Present fr 13,, edited iy S. GI. iGoodri . 'TheGitl,a Christmas' and New Years' Present,edii ted b uMies Leslie. Ftr et-e Not, a Clhristmas, Nw YeaNr's atnd Birtmh dav Ptre.ntttitr 183:i, editet by Ireieri: Stlabel l'lhe Frieudsthiies Otlib'ing,iatid \Weimtn's Wreath, a Ci2uisttmas and Nev Year's ITeseut for 1836. The Religious Souvenir, a Christllms, New Year's rand Birtlday Preset t or 1830, edited by Chauecey Colr toll, D. ). The Juvenile Forget-Ie-Neot, a Ctrirstiats and Now lear's Gift fr 1836, edited by Mrs. S. C. Hlle. The Pearl.or Affection's Gil, a Christmas atd SNew YTeas I'rsenm for 1t36. The Potlirnl Anuual for 183, being selectrtions feoml the Enilish I'oetsfrom CIhaucer to Beattie. 'I'lhe Ilnfrit's Annual, or Miother's O3lbring. Tie Yotutlt'o Book oftell Seasous. The Artist, or Young Ladies' Inltrentor it or tnmro - tlal Painting, drawingtl, &c. biy i. P. Gundoe. Elemeurts o" Droawin Fower 'Pailting ill ipattlo and traslpraret watereolors. by E. E. Perkins. Flora ottd Thalia, or Geltis al Poetrs, being son l phabetiral fanogremolelnt of flohnrs, wetwi "ptriate illus trtions attd colored iplates, by a lady. Tite lnangoage of f'lowers,2d ediiion. Peter Parlev's Atnaanne for 11146. The Amerian Almanac and reimsifomry of usonul knowledge, for the year 1836. The Nautical Amtanloe and astrottemtieal Eplhemerit for the year 1836. 'The (iermanr Atnaue for :i.8:3. Justreccived olland fr sale b "1WM. M'KEA.N, corne....o r f Ctnp anmt Commoe, sts. -E\ itOOKS.-Essao v on tihe Rate of Wge, s with at exaulinatlon of tim clauses of tile dilterrences i tihe condition of tihe laboring iopulation thIroughout vite world, by II. C. Carey. Clinton Blradshaw; or the Adventuros of a Lawyer, in two vols. Tlhe Ante.tican Almanae and Expoiltor of Useful Knowledge, for tile veer 1836. For sale Iby nv 24 ItO'{'CIIKISS & C,,.. 2I Cehnrtres st. 0110K AND J'1O7 PRINTINIG, And (lank Book ,laanosfeery.. T HE subscriber rrspetfillv informs his friends and t the public tlhat .rTb,.s, in eouuleetlt with itis I,oot aond stationary store, nll xtensrve PI'ritiug Office nid Book Bindery, anld is ready to Ilid'ertoke tine printillg of Pamp~lets," Cards, " lahnk Cheek., Cntua2egies .Legal Ntiees, Btills of tading, Labosi, - Bill Forims, l'avt Receipts=, Auction uand Show lBills. Also, the Binding of Iloeoks anld lnuallcftattillg of Itlank Books of anly size or description. WMI. MIRK'EAN, Coroerrf Carup and Coallnetl sis, olpposite Ricl ardsedn _ (late Bieshelt's) IoteL. j 3 ANNI1Al.S FOR 18113. r.IIE JUVENILEFORGE'I'.IE-NOT, a Christattts T and New Year's Gift, or Birth Dav l'resent, for 1t30. Edited by Mrs. S C Ilall. IIEATH's PItesrengSqLuE Ant.oe., for 1831(, bhet1tish ed with 25 splendid otgravinogs, by the first artistst P5l.rrcAt. ANtsAI., being soeIctionlts foii thie EIng. list poets, frtom Speroes to Beatti; embellished with jurtroit attd 24 illustrations frett drawtings by If or THE RELt.IIOUS SOUtVEtIR, CT.lisnm,, New Yeart, and Birlth Dv P'reiRe for 1835. Editeth 1y Clmounwey Cltorr, D D). Jtst received and for stale it WMt SIKEAN, dec 12 comrer Care ald COlllllOon at. _Z ___ er Ttrmp ailtd Iontnionst. UNITED STATEF. DIS'TIrICT COURT, East District of Louisiana. In Admiralty sitirng: I-N obeldience of an order at this Court made on motion LofTrHenry SoekeIrtEsq. oa the 16th Januaary 1836,rc quring statenent of the monies remainsig deposited and unelaimed in the Registry of the Casrt, to tie puob. lished; specifying the e ass-late* of deposit and parties mnterestel of Record, the undersigned Registrar reports the sum of $1232 45, retiaiting ueclaited-in tile fol lowing eases. Wclfosrd StevenRs s shipt Waslington 54375 Deposited on tile Registry Asg. 19, 1817. Betg tile proceeds aof sale ofa the vessel of whol the owners apperllr to be Bowen S &I Rob bits, Jamses Msonlna Olien Vileox, Warrom Bishol.-residence not on Record. Schooner Debile rs ceertai Goods, 537 30 dateofdeaisitAAug 19th 1817. J Spih 2s's7 Iloi's of winen, 7%0 date ofdeposir Juiy t.41 I819, no claimant oni Sli-Ohell ot dil rs Sehotlor th Jaular, 47 ites of ldepasit Jall. 18th, 1832, Iseviu llozaoIts. Plvmout lN C clirr oa' ofveossrl \\'tintr et dla s Stesmn Ilot Napolt eto 20 12 date ofdclpsit Dee. 26 1822., Ialhitte of the proceeds fthe sae oflhe tNapoleon after pay tin claimants. loat claimed by Andersts, \t1l ler, of louisville. Victor I)avid rs steam boat Florilds, 3 83 date of deposit Sept 1 1th, 1831, J T laududc'a syndic elaiailit. Hsayden Perry et ais as Brib Sally Esther, O dat of depesit,~any 9thl 1829, owsete, of Sally Estlter, B t Clurk, l.etm l oillit.. i.htard liau born and H Richards of Massachlrsettet. Andll in obedieance to the filrther order of the said Court thie owner or owners, and all and every othler prron or pesrsons Il isisg ir tsrectmling to hatesatycri,,ht, title, in teret or tiid onr to the saiid iraies airea Irrbv i ttd ald alllotlliskl d to lie ait apti ar at I)istriet C~{; irt ofthe Ul. S. for thi district aforesaid io ie tholdrei oh the third Mltldav iof May 183: at i10 o'claock n. m. at the City of New Oelltns to make their cIhinia thereto orehiow cause wilt sucht dispositioii thereof shoutai o bi tcHadle as to the ort ians asren meet anld proper. By ordler of ourt,, IDUNCANN IIENNEN, Registrar. jail 0-,. w fnli NEW WORKS. T ILE NATURA L IST'S OWN lOLt--(Cont prising Sde.citilisos iad i ut'le lic!des of lluadrlp Cutlet Ibt thle iatliser of lhe "aoiiai tlail's ()Iw Ilhltk! I HE NA'rUI.AIt I1t'I01R\" 01 INSECI'TS-tIn two uIlmlaes--vol l,f'urlling inote7 l the "FI'amily Ii A digestf Ithe t. iw OF EtVIDENC IN Ct IMINAL c s see, -ILHetrt Itesaoe, Esq. with Iotes ai l relsa renirs to Amserian dlecisiolh ialu to tihr Rnglish common law ald ecclesiastical Isports by Georgre . llisrs ssmlod. ON IDAGtNOSIS OF I)IScASES, Of the o.'lEr--lsiedl ulp iln tile conlltarison t f their phsical iand genera1l signs, by IV IW Aerhard, .1 D. PRINCItLES OF IPATiOLOGY, AIND Ptiscritc OF Pltosic--lt Jlohin, aIikiiesk, M D.r., frt the tlis don editi lt with olres nid additions, by Saliuel rco. IMortln, 3 D in 2 vMl'.. THe AsrEItICi Uc. UArsR.Y RsstIElYw-Nis 3.t for Decelmher 1135. Juat rcceived illtluflor sale by f 12 Way M3 EhRAN, corner t.alI nll ad Clll. st. F URNITURE-The a c'rsericers lave received ser ship Sliakslriar, the fisllowiog siehnlld ii n iew IIIt-I zasy furitre, which they oil ir for o li ral terms. 30 Mahlogasy Rockigcrlhalir, plain andi earled ithl Ilaircloth, Ible, rscarlet aid sierllte piah tlscrlet viretl and worsted damask seats I, Mahogany french lparlour chains with duamask hair seat, 21 do ls ddo d lllnla 12 do do do do erilsSoa worsted daltlisk, 13 udo Uracits do do sair cloth, 2 do Frael Bulrgecr chains Mlaroon lMorocco 2 do nm. chains, k lliir couches, I evcret stand-All of N.ew York make and perfectly new. f15 Is UN II.LR & Co. 59 Trehnpitotalle st (GAS WOVRKS. H AVING on hlanl a large qumnftiy of Cle sind Coal . Tar, iofa scPeton tALTITY, orlers will lie recev el at the (ias ffice ftr hile delivery of the soalei, either in large or small quantities. J.AS l CAI.DWEIJI., II Chairman Cosn' itl ne. . V R IA i- '-3 1 Z T ri¢-- i f ll- t T .3 H ISTORICAL lMemtoirs of lty Owls Tila, frotl L172, toI 1784, by Sir N. William \Vraxsll. learl. The Pimthbumous Papers of the Picickwick Club. ems. tMining a hiihtfsl reenrld o the lIpvlnl.mb.sIimi, per ils, adveltresllid portin trianaction~oflt e esnr respondinlt ieilnrllerr, aslited! Iv Ihsg I Stlsuelof the as of the iUse, . I.ittell, jr. S5 I). Just received, and for sale Iv feb21 Ii1Nt. .TVI0' . B.\ IRti I --Fr iesst, a firt rate ft'al!.rk : gener.l hI:se servant. For sale low for cash. lor further particulars appls, at SiMr. .II 1i'1'.. 6, Royal et. il f'OiN-10 bashlt o r. its grat erssh fn rb t r t IJ 41 New Leveo e uapril I G. DIts :. F1FtOl --1300 ,blO supesrfine, for ..Ic by F a13 G. IDORteRE', 14 N I r.K Publir .l4eountonlt and General .dgewry Ofiee. H AMILTON HALL ope~,fien . ce at No. S14 Echange Place, for the transaction bfsi ness relative to Accounts, Collecting Debts, Transl. tion; etc.;will engage to write up and keep tradesmen books,either by the atonth, year or job,and is confident from the expaoience hes had for so many years past in some of the moseat respectable hours, that be can give geeral satisfrction to those who may plbuse to employ lim. He pledgea himself tljt all deblenutruead to his care, will rc.eive li hes atItention; and fron his know ledge of and lone residence in kis city he often his ser vices with the fullest eonllidence, 6oh t aioe time It will give security for the faithful seeuintig of all e ceipls. Trnslotionsm ts and from the Ftnets and Spa nish lingtntge he will likewise umlertake to execute with dspatch and correctness. lyear Nete Orlargd U(! ber 1,1886. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, GE.NE L AciINCY AND BROKERS OFFICE, [14 Exehimee Plice.] I AMIILTON ilALL, tePlr t lollowing Lanrds 1 and Lout fur sale, vig: IN TEXAl, 11 leagues, on the river Narvsnto, I ilo uo thed bine, tnearCaddo village 6 do o tim Trinidad, 5 d i on the Nravsoto, 5 to otliRed icner, 1 do on Big Alabtma creek, I do and 177 acres, on Charles orotk, near the Neelies, 1 do bltween Village creek and Pine Iloand Layout, I do on theead waters of Can Bay, I do otlthe Angelina, I In d iltniiunt'soColonv, I do and 177 acres on Rd river, a littls abar Btis d'hre, I do on Rled river, I do an the 40 miles below taine's I do narhSulpurtul 'oral, eA tilns from Red river, I do on Mill's Creek, 1-2 do 3 mlis front Linn's landing;. Matagonda Biav 1-2 do oti the Bay of Cerpie Cj9ty. Severl scrip of 640 acres, unlrtleed. I)o tfoe leoguie do, 1'X0 Acres, soldiers' Bounty Land. All the above ands are well situated, either for spec ulators or settlers. The titles are idisputable, and fully guaranteed. AI.SO.-500 Acrerv;itnated near new river. and n lout tel miiles lirom tile Mlissisippi to which there is a good rd. There are abeout04 ateros at preo nent, under colttn cultivation. 170 Arcres near Iherville, In., gaodcotton land, heav ilv limbcred, with a casne uoldercrowth. 17 Acre,l m ile from Alnmons Prairie, and about 5 frot tile Mississippi rivet. 4 Lots, io Faoiurg Wdlshington, fronting Rue do Iport, 3.2 fce 9 in. hy 131 ft. 6 in. in depth. " l.o+. .in Fauxbourg larignv, 80 et frunt each, on UnLon street. bhyl.Lfeetdeep;, between o (leoc Lihierol, aod Foree. I Lot in P'lillip u st. 1 ft. front, kv 96 leop. Together, with svertal other city Lois, which are of fared ot nevonmuodauting termn. jan21 N7W\ MUSIC OJi--ii ,K-ISNi'TAEN'f NOu'I;s. M ASON'S SActnn fIlrn, a new collectiond if sacred nllosie, (sterrotlped iin patent notest) sntaoired by Loowell lisulno, atl;or of Bioston Illlel antd lioltdn S.niety Collection Ch.orch Muosie--kie Choir or Ulnion Collcction-L.,.r Songs, &o.--w. by Timolhy It. 3lison, Pr'ofssor in thie Eclectic Acadcm.y of tlSic, Cinuiuolti. Publishd by Truman.4O Smith, nnooksellers, (in7illlati. 'Mason's Sacred li:1up' is ndaptedl to the wants of all dcnolilnations. The variety of metres is inllih rveater than in oane other colleclion of musie. Idt very ti.e" hymns aPr containedi ai the books of tbe diiTelcut dcmnoinntions of Christians for wvhich a tone may not bhe follll i tdie Sared Ilaunp. It onotalnsa great oreiClv ot very benitiflt Inltl sotl Idahymn tunies, In collectioa of illrlestin atlltellmlli, st pieces aII nll, s s lgsL selleres alnll chlilasa, whlicte.o sllolt, easy 01f ilerfolrnll ne wlillt olut insltrumetal aid, appropriate to the varions neon. sionl ofChristilln orslinp, the wntls ofsinlgillg stcholt, mnsical societies, nllll d.el sinl d seful to singers fbr their ownlnllrate Illpraclle and Imlprovement. The Ililar colnlltll l+ IlalltI) aunw sold vahaalde nlnsic, whichl lhs bLeenl dlrown roln Id. higheltt solelrrs of lnu sieald tasle al science inl, elspecially illn (ierma niy. It 11ns been the constnut aim of tIe atloinl to gine a collctlio of tencs, tlit shouldl b easily learned land elisily a1Ing. l'ea1ucera oloiiging, efcTl'gymen and offhers who are desil'rlis of imllllpruvill= g .llerll niisie, Can emplllny Ii in(:llll so cltec IIll :wa tile eirellhllinill of is lladtni'alll [. Sullllul.ll WVest. IlRcicld and li sale by IIGTCCII KISS & co. lsept 1 .9 . . - - Chr.att sstreert . . .. 1t l BiOKS. A INSWORTII'S Latin and English .rctinto ry, L Virgil )elplhiani, Valpy's Ilomer, Sheoevelli Lexi- t conl, Buttmono's Greek Grammtar, Moore'sdo, Ju.o l't Doelhhini, Ovid Delphioi, Sallustii Delphini, Antirn 'sI SullUoSr, Smart' Cicero, (Greek Testmnleats, Jrl,'s i Greeok LRader, Virpilius, Ovidii, Liber Primus, Adams' latin Gramr, \ar iloco's Sallust, \Vashigtnon's Vita, Bolnar's French Grammar, Cubi's Spanish (iralunar, Noiulao and Barreti's Spanish and English Dictionary, Criushaw'as Ilistor of Euglaod ' "` YSouth Amtrica France, Blake's Natural Philosophy, Natural Ilistory, .Gnldsmitl's do WVoodbridge,s Geography, Malta Bro's Sy stetl of do, Blake's do nlll,'o do. Murray's Engclish Grammants Abridgementi of do Smiths productive do Codnly's do Ingersoll's do Ierotar's Arithmetic, I.acroix's to -Colbnrn's do l'ike'n do Cobb's doe T'orrev's Bota.y, vras Lineool's do Bloke's don Scott's Lessons, TookE'a Pantheoon, Parley'a Geora. Ilby, High Sclh, L Re.adr, Arerie.a lpeakerrr (Cola, b Oratoer, %Vlde"v's Cat7lcdn of Ilistary, Wor ee ' Iliatoer, r\ebater's and Griltaw'a DLiction- I once,hand\Veb;ter's Spelling Book. Melintre Oil It Globes, la'rly's lt. d anod 3d Book of tiiistor--fur sale by flT5 IIOTCIIKISS & CoT, 24 Ctlrtere, t. l) CN. b·I'#IUD AI WORK)S. DiUNGILINGSON'S HIunltn Phlv:aiog ,2vtln. II Gentcral Thora loetin'a do, Elementas of lygietne Dcwees oil Children do Females do Systeotof MJidAimery do Essaysa Hlorner'ns Patholicieol Anatoay Aoatrov of thie 'I'isues Blstockos Phtysiology Woiahseuo oh Fever c(moi ' ol, 'etnlalet Irosoasar's I'hlcctanosi Seudmtnortr l out o nnd R chreoatict Tlkalesl on lra psy Jllhlsonllo,' Clillates I'arie' Pthnrnoch'gltia Taverneirs's SCgeory gbck's Mrteara Clark's lreoatic e on P'lnuaatry Cosumption Cooper ot Dislooantionn lltrter's S wpecial Anattn ty ('ta ter's Iettrs 1It0l on t ire B tlo o Jlackenhlen's I kraune ;ollo l.s f'ront Coxe's Ai,,ricau ltiipenltnoty litichtrd'o Pht.iol-gr Fhich's lDenlta;l Suirgerv lRih:lard's P',riniplea tfMledlitclte Thotcllr's I)irspensatry Foro ul by IIOTCIIKISS -. CO. fb, it 1% Churtets st. 1I. INSKEEP, 53 Canal street, woho as conattlttIly It handt, Old Cognao, Arnitilt t and Clhampaigne Brntn Ils; olhlad (.in, \V2l'rtl,, Fish, nlid otlher benntl; Jo "oiate, St1. Croix t lod Grlitadn rin; Stluperior L. I'. Ma deira r Iortvl and IPa'le Slerry. G;rp i Juict e ant i other Port; Ia.iton, renerifln; Piey, Madeira, Sicily do; Cltn. paig'ne, Burgundy, Clnart, &c., twiae. of ithe liest dce serption etb 12 - i.P' ) I ,'fICA'r.oNS. 1 tli : general deserip tltn 'of tiro Empire of ChCiaon ndt its i,lltlbitaste. By JoIn, Francis Da vin, IEq. F 'I S, &=c. In t2 rol, being Nus. 80 adtl 31 of Hlarpers' FaIttily Libraryr. I retrs to Iout" Lndies, ty Mre 1L II Sigotrney. New edi'rtn. 1I37. TIhe I'iltgrn's Ptrogress. with a life of lJohn rtuyao IRobert Southetv, Eosq. LLI). Poert lauoueat, doe. dg. I ltsttrteld witltl10 iltst, by Aiuns, anfterrdersigns t~ Chapmtn. lhlrrevos a.d ntlore. Not edtiiit, 1137. Just recirved aud ftfr ale hby \it MteKEAN, 0 Corner of Canmp & Cetttton tie. rl Ed, RA ISIN,&re.--'Tterlsubsrrihers I are forsamle, .R handing from ship Gihraltar--.0t' bags pepyper 200 hoses N'l,ttrekr t Sjlrtl Candles; 700 BUxea Banch Raisinsr, l.orintc, hbrandl; 230 Chests and BIxsr Imptt rir?, Ill ,an, stld Sotl:ttnga 'Pe; .0 oeasrs Youltg lIi stll a Ta, iU 2 I. canti tera. ISAAC BHRIDi:l &CO. t9 No. 131 Ma2no. itue trtet SE1)V WOR)K-Domets tie hnppitesiportroeyed; or i re'pository for tbose ohtl are; mid those who narelns mnritled. By th most classic authors, ancient and inn dorn. "n omestir happiness, tlhnl olyh bliss Of sctli'c. teu It at suntived the fall." HtI-'FTIKIt & Con 21 lhartrens st I; 'W BOOKS-Naval Sketch Bonh, at, tlhe Son-ir Afloat ntai ashore. 'ith chlaracteristic retinierrt. roe, frmtents anti opliioae. By the aultor o1 the TalesofoTTar, &rt. sorn,l reries, in 2 rols. Rlan'Itn {reo.llrctitna of ti,- Iatou-e l Ioommols fro, the rear 1130 Ito the to.o, ot 1:,35. inerlrliog p'rsn ,albkrtches of tlhe letadlie nltnlro-t -- on on f nfo par t'ool receiveyaud. for sale l, I. MlrKEAN, tter Cnaoo ttf (tttomon stt . .1so-A .w op flirtotltl,'o. .ntaolnry of Mellil, l I lh l bhh s Mea, Pork, jits tlaiditl fetsn soall,,. oan I AVr \ 31ELtN. lC.7C.ctrir FIRE ENGINS. ROG ERS' PATENT-VALANCE FIRE ENO£IR -The subscriberi are meaurfaeturing at W\ta ford, Sartoga co. N Y., on an axtenaive geal, Patent Balance Fire tUnja, and the comlpana dhe t hositate to iecoridthlcb it it e puplia as .dyelied w* perior tot anyl fire angtre now known. Ltia ed bv skilful Engineers at the U. S. Apenntat r" hoaneill and Washington, and by thetm poaoen e 4e be ,...Oe ti#an"y other. The t.ove .md ,, A Wsuidgton is now supplied with rsos of anl the proprietors have just co.npleeda e the govarnment for the supply of' edltheiri s! Tlhis Engine coinbinea tle idevantoge of me~no at lees oat than any, other in use, and neds 1o t sained and tried t, erostiotle aprorelnee t 4l otitrr. The inadifiiettirer=, i0 allnaes, wo.a5t ther "Er. gioes,in a trial with othotsndu e cuua d insln¢d" .u to peefe(. soorg tlthsn f llupie ralgl , 0ong ae l . no . Fro ec at ite FE nn ry, witht pIdait pa lI. These designed for 24 uen, tdiehaer e og 9U0lgoains ofwaterper minute, - 00 18 mene ii0 gallonias per minute, .. 50 n me, 110 Pgallons per minute, 350 The alove prices includ st.tiodo nse,wrenthes &ec: They alru~oeep .ostantly ..el h"4 lboth leodilng and actiron onse. whiachoey *Im furaenbotil order as low as it cau be bought in this country. The arrangements for mltanhlcterelg said ercL'Qes tre such, that all orders will be puncrnally altended to, snd excepted with the greatest ImHsible despatch, if.l~dres. ed to the sub: ib.rlrs at Vaterford, yel stags co. N. Y. \V31. PLATT & on. Eu:Tnlrc.lTEs. , New York, Oct. 22,1831. I cai-iif that I livre this day stiptrintcnded a trial old Fire Eugnte of Rogers' Pitent, cmirde biV Wmn. Platt &s co. at W\terltrd, anratoga Ch': New York wirth ones a the betl ogino l.. IelengirnIn tic orpo"lion ofthae city. of New 'ork; The thititle , rtde in the corporation yard, anl lrin the exlperiment, 1 nam persuaded othntlhe engine of Rogersr' I'ute.ot will throw more water, and at a greater distance, with the application of lnes power than our crpration engines. I furtlcr certify that no firse egin has ever been oe libted ill thtis eite hich ebuld neapere withI the New York engines, or lwhici should ataeier r o purpsore w r t Roclnsn I'Ptent aebove mnetio,ncd. 'it ionstrnh' ion of litgers' 'aten is execedin ly simplc, and I eo nro reason why it shonld tIt go into gonernl ue. Sin lideo, it ti nnothlcr advantiage; it can be hlroishod at much less not. JA IM IS GiUI.ICK, ClhiefEuginccr ofN Y Fire )rEa ntoet. f . . U, Jnh+ 9i, 1.. mrist ihecoiully omtply with a f rol Wrm. Platt & co. to give me opinion in relation to the Fin Engine of aRogers' Patent, aonufnatured by them at Watelrford, Saratoga co rN.Y. The corpotqtion of Utica purnched one of the above mentioned enginesn, il. fioin repeated trials, Ido not hesitate to pronounlce it deidedly saperior to any other fire engine nod. inmorof which I have any klowr ledge; ntd ll do tont hilly cancur ill the eertifieatntrf Gilick, the ehiefengineer of ihe New cnrk Fire D1PJ~ ment,in relation to Is merits. Thle pnmp ofthisest1h is coeast acted inaeriuagl cylilder atnlh is ne exocl d e' !v siipale, ;iled sto t ichs hie o geet on afrspnte, th i do not husitate to say, tlhat h.r iny jdgmn'rl , t wHtl . supersede the Iuse ofithecotnLnon piton ens ine. J H OSTkROiB, Chief Engineer of the Utica Fire Department. N: It. (One.nof the above Patent k'ngioes of the hlrgst size, was orderedl for Egla Fire Co. Nv. 7 ol NeurO. lean, which they have reerived, tried and accepted. The Engine can be seen at anvy timle, byv elpiog} to SAM uEL EKI', Agent fr the Matoulbclurer, Crtrict ofPS'ydtas & Ti'uaupitoulaa ate. N. 0, . S. I will guarantei to Inhve anl i'ineo delivered wa New Orleans within four toniths froe tiee lio orde In given. S E K. j$-6.a LIEI.IGlITFUI. SUMM1EIR RETRI'IEAT. T IIE P'ASCAiGOUI.A tIOUiE is now open feor reception of erctnpaltl. 'thin dcli.rfut reti'e Situnted on the west hgnk orthle Pnseagatla Bay, eonttleme wie t Ihte Gntf aoflexnheo. the situntii tcoated, ald COllnnvnetd. an eoteinslve view of Boy Lake, ano in antev separated frome tle Gull by a eh ofl oland, wolicfr at! flyo'ing the whole coast from l It ml iles ioe. 'lhea Prelrietors feel tlhankfl to the commeunity of the pntionagof the oeast tenseo.d obval at too . t r roar..t .t. l ti ire. e'y ocxertiono their parn pll t. e mel ioa teilere viitcore nmlfrthile. Fila and ovslers will be had in ahn n rnce, and ete1f nrticle of foo.l adl luxnrv. whirltllhe erntrcar n aflbrd, will supply tloe table. Comreeled wllh the esoablink 10eat are tlll the necnssrrr nplieiafnmt for Btholng aole, two Billltrd T.bleTl , atl ewo Ninte Prin Alleys. To Bte who are fioir of poeering, onhl ganme will be found alnogr the shoree and by going a short dlsnoeg in the interior, deer and oliter larga seninls con he foead in anbuednee; ane, for those fond of tile elia, a Panh of the heat of itOtlda are aloave atearntnand. The drinking water is firoom tie purest Sptailegd ice ath avs at lhand. Ally of tihe Boats plving hetwen thllis City ead rIotl. will land pasengersat thin, Pier. Thoe diflieultroy of gttieg " frnom the Pier to. ti heane le imnll beate, piaeielarny for ladies and chtllllren, Ihas alwnys benn n abijeutio toi tlhose visiting the establishmtent, is now obiated, astbs steamier Alert plies twice a week between tbie and Pam agonuln, and will land lher paeiengrer iltntlately at tite houea. -C. & M. J. MeRAE. N, BI. Tte Liquoe nare of th etholeest kinde, having tMen eoootly imporltd fio the eetlnltblihnter. Jo0 It .tl~l. I lm*l:i i l -st nulrrlF· lo t rn tr atle r....... anor4 h lO t. I lj C sCl, J 1.1 iHuCK books ol the following biank, viza Moak Scants, Exehlnge and Ialngkia Co., Orlaans, lMeohtniEs nd Traders, Louiniana, l.uishiaa e atll Atclhfiolays, Canal and nltning Co., ('ostm Iteial, Clromlton, Co., Gao, (it ae, Union and City Banks; fOar ale hy IItXA.. KISS & ae. jan 10 4 Charate t DiRECTOR1Y, FOR 10.7, J UST pnbiisllo. Eontglning a list of all tile Hanks, DI A etoes and DiScounlt days, llrtironee and ilhbe (louraninieTarinl'f he rotes of charges ~ydpted by the Clrunber otiinntlceeo, A etllocree, arrival and t prltrs of the mails, Poreiga Conaite, &c. &i.,pll mE linlsd and for saloe by IIOTCtKIISS t j:tI 4 Chalmrtres t. PA1'rE'ni' S' PEi.NS.--C Paent IPesylan a. gallnthng Pen. "l'his novel invetltin, Iby metans a le n gulall ti on prhlgelnmaudsail beleaomsu teentU. t f the est quai1 it lmay lso he mle ImardeIt irt.e t " 1 to slit the hand or taste of tile u rite, by simply nfthelt the sprinmg higher r lower, aceording to thia tlgresa d Patent Peruyian Elasti o untain Pen. iBy the Pa- t tuliar constretion of thin enttiely new illtnelellt, a re. evoir iei forlsed 'lit will caO taoi ufflielt ilk to writ hirt lihsens th oLna dip. The elastiilty f the Poan. glet rslllrilg it inepalrlle of fati tinlg the hand. To h llole f tusiness or perso eiean wtutiog exsldiJtioNiy. ti in Ie will ibe lo.tlli noll it.'altable allttniln al. Ptentll I'er7in Fiestnhtal IPen, wananstto wlrilemnre than filly liles with oace .ap of ink. The inkfrenrn this ,ew inettrl'nent flowo ill all even aud t lunnitelrrptati tr leom, cxtotlt pro olditlled to tle treit t of titalet. n ters fiornlt[, thus lIroduilg a greater untf P.nlty l it the d aal'stoanee of tile witiiig. g. l'otemit Ildi Ifntbe Spnring Pen. cThid.tlapirdit. d Catinn of t aouteto l suc ts aort extt lra litar u sl y a in tile Panent Pe., amd its atlvanta U overi the tquflltang K he universane r e tnwctwlenlettt k., ihtmhe lraient Pllter iotn lint. Gill's Patent ihtotal Pen. Thles pets will cottoan a* greatee avpp'n of i.k tian ttlt) yet itnteldtol, lti .r t1i s. ambility alni elasticity .oMotf ha erlnssdt by any other Itosnvetd Ltotl 'etruian Stcil Peuns. 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Calt'iho.ri,A, efttet s tr-c -ml nl:it' ll 21e" k.t'. & f'. reo.ter .'t, .p 4' . Ie o!' at P. 1-2 et,:i-lo plar lotull. ticr tI olil. h. C"Ia' I'..01, F "'

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