Newspaper of True American, April 24, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 24, 1837 Page 1
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4 . .. . Y - I Oi PIcA 12N CENTS. NI MW ORLEANS, MONDAY MIORNING, APRIL 24, 1837. Vol.. II.-N 224. ---._ ~-- - er ofilee Nroplnpper Press oý' Noet Urleareo t'nani tnously aoreed ato at an adjourned mneedi¶n f the proprietore, held en the Llth of March, 1311. Subscription.-Twvlv, doliaro for tihe D)ily pnpl per alnum, payable semiannualo v in ndalnce. iaell dollers for the tr-wuakly counery p oter, poa. lle one in advcane, whee no city reference i, given. fin 0e-e÷riptien rill be dincontinued until rrouran'e, are Beltled. In eant n diconntilluanre, one woek's n'ice, in oriling, mast bl. inuvarialy givn, Pvou to the expiration of .lbscriplion. Adoertsinsg.- One do'lnr per equare fI r the frtc in sertion, rnd half that price fir ealrh onei sh material alteration from the original adrertiscments will be ahnrged as a neOv 0crrr Yeorlt Advesetisrrs-.I'lerrhants ao-l Tradrs forlty dollars for IEnglish alone, nrl six v t al Itlh lanuangee; lankts, Insurance Ol1Wem, nnd ndter snicilor rnpubic ic tlithtiOuea, fifty dolnars in thnglins. only, and elht.lye for both hngutages. Shic awl o eurntboat factor or corm niaeior. Ieerelhart, sixt " dollars in LEglish aulne, and riity fr bioth I ntgon,,es. mNrioges Obitoarre Notlices, nld rticles carling thl attention of the pulclic to salen of property, rardd o f ieosenaree, enonfits &Se Ste. will bh clargecd ono dol ar paerj ure for the first iacertiuc in etotc nlnguage. Comersoiuicatione or Alderticiiemcnts of any pcrnol maturo, whoen adnmistible, shall be charged doule, and in ill advnce. A dedunfion orf went,-fioe per cert. will be mO d to AuCtioneaerts, Shriffe, Ietieen r of Willd , and Marshr:ls In sale t oe real estate, pcnblihodric boIt Inlregcnge; olda :iO percant, in Eiglinh alone, ll per coCli. o0 san:s of ether propeerty. Adeertio e etas oet of the direct lilne of Ibusines of rl pyearly odc'ectisec such ur legal, auction, acd clnaec tion seles, r010 eway sRIvc, strpy aaOnnlt, &c. Le. &c ill be leharged for .c1carenely and at I1hc orinary rates. Advertisemeints not s'ecifirl as I, ticcu rill he lpub lisied one mntell..occI ec orea nceocdinccly. No etveriolleaentct cf Icricpctlcie'n U'ill I"e published in ray eaw, unra e sln es ncl r prevcnulto nccrtlicoi , 0r pay met guaranteed Ily a repnn.hlo phret in town. Thintres ane other platce ,f nu.r..ent, a. fvrt.i*i. dbily for the seson, to he hra- dluc doillu. for Lcn - glism a onc, nd 150 dollnrr in brolh ong1con0. All t tancnocrtne!ts of can clrcates for plolitical vflicr alhll hbe chateld doublce tIe price of lother ad.ertis tinPnt'. wringg to thui iclnrlteo lci reuatecilled by ncrc proprietor, rlthey Ihave eomn o ene cnnch-cicct Ihrt I i' larnlmo of 3-*.rso lq wilee aeClrtn Iar,; llhv t been Iaid within one rnnnth.a.her pcrcouLaticnl chall Ie n1rll! knswe, (.e for as eracticable tli en cl other, they ohil gating thetne.elves not It) nedrlrtlis or pInt fccl ocIICh delinquenta, unllnes ic c oe of advtcauce prymellnrr ts. (Signicd) J c E Iritl, J. RI'REA, J C; pI'lt)EI G.\ST, JOHliN GItSON, i,UMSD)EN, IWeekly Press.--We, tch under ccc nciid.gccet o oabide ny the ahore conditiions as for at ehey eve " ppl;cacl toIc weeklht popere'. iSigned) A I IAWRENCEe JW. ENNIS, g c 5 No erclctreIcticlrscr t takenhee Iccsorlcer thar sin moontlhs. .i•t+ ltters mlst icll nl tes tiel post nld. COIMEIICAtDI ICA, DII'CTOItY. It EA1) & PA ST O)W, COMMISSION M1ERCH.ANTS, No. ;, (;cracier stcreet. n3 Coacielsisn anr F,recnadicnc .Ilrechau;ls, I.OUISV-ILLE., oveNTUCIY. Itefr t'n hessrs. I ctrclcc llc& ''llcvnlc cnc N OIl'cas. Messrs., AA.II. \.\llcee, 0(:o. i. rlfi _ I'hofrsr.le GCrorr.r, and Conltti~tio, .t rrht lern- , Ad'.anccs ona .nll'i:a;onlll til3e +nm hoe ue ,1 ,1 133.) \3 \"'I'0 .1 & (_(). j30 33 tluoozinle tr3ol. DOYLE & MAY, 033:Al34:;33 IN AMERICAN & I,;N;.Isl3 3)ROWVN (I,.\ _-- N l. 3~ (AnonI3.. 3 IoI:r.C3T, OL. 1&. HANCHETT, A ;,'C"ION A& COM).IISS3 (IN 1l:I.CIT.\1NT, hP A estiLsiherl hims elf in th hro)ve bl.-ior s in Nat- I ez, which will r . Trier( o n h t h lwi."l, hrenehl'. C o oi.-P-.-r. finr o,3., i-3 o3'3ie,,1(l OVt3vgto N ol . ,h' , . Ifref- to (,rnnl," ,l'lilnlln N. Wright, N.w()Or(,·,,l, Alfred Co 1ryh, lyro Eli 1i . 1,' Notch , A,. L. PLOUZI3---DENTIST. 1100, ul1 1,' At33i I fr333 ll C A. .I,3 I 31 . '. 4. DR. MWcFARLANE'S 1NFI M . RY onw Priva',3 hamnlr .1 drns I11a1l ('ir ol -dtI . i 1I CH' IKi INM & Ci .: ) BOOK SEEI.I.RST, 3TATI(N3:13. P3RIN'I'I3t3 S AND BLANK (I333K A3l3 M A3I'TI I3 1 ti:S. 'o.: (hI Pl;lant -, llrt. 13ank Books m(1a,( t3,or01er,:,. rIh,d t3 a- ) p3 n. 3h3OOK AND JOB PR3'INTINTING I:xe.rltd wi0 h n t(:on, o." nd dJelnt.h 1l., It 11 \1 o V A L. il)OUS0, SIGN AND OItNA\INX'I'AI, I' \IN'TIUt, IS (;anp sl, newly t oppsite the Americal+ Thealre. 114) 'N I) iL I, ESPI'C 'I I 'U -LA.I ' t fu i lis I · le :11. I-'.. -. i llullic i( g r01: , t3 Ilt hI. xectln, l :) l orderl s ill t1Ilt alrlve h! tcli vs, ill the hit, '(Ile a m rl i il. :.t. terms. Ilhe will abor en ,nt,, iu lik" iltk n o) i :l, I lllln o1 (hecorations ill Oil awil W\'.,-r Color", for hldls, en tries. Irlors . al. h:lt..,. omr1 N . e e. c l. e 0 ill :l,, iii Irhe : great vallliCty of .Marbl.:s anl Woods, Milit:u.) ((l3!ds, no i-. Lie hopes sixte )} 1 of p.ete3 .adl exert3ll3s s33 su ee(ssively s.stla; 'el l (11 0 i r ,i (l' l"he atrotlage e heIls herter·1 Ie..i c I,rol his rilllds Ind he whole onnlllllllit. Paint, Oil, Ghlac, Varmidh, Gold i.eaf, &e. F_. on avid liarw sale. Also, readild mixed colors ftl. ioue. \Vlhllliltlening, chalk ai dry 0l6,s. ry ". ti,: BOOKSNorman - I-. - tf, Ta ti-e oif th1 -prs 1ealt timrs, in 2 vnll, Iby I' SFa. Paulding on Slavery ill tlhe Uilitd States. Storie of the Sen. h ly the illltholr of Peter Simpl Memoir of George It 'P Ilew[e-, with traits of I1A tea paity, S&" Gilbert Garney, hy the outhnr of Sayin s and DI) N gs, &e. Also, ia new slupply of3n3 in a Thsllll3llt,or tihe days of l1.nji 3.uotre, by the aulhor of Ilichliel-, &e. just re -eiverl Iby C II IIANCIOFT', by 5 I-f I c3nlAC s. NEW 1t33(NtI'I3 133- WARt{I tI'IUSIE. SNo. -11; U1IATIoEs ST. T IFE subscribers rao now oipeln n c complete as3rt 0 ment ofelegnnt 3lndullsefl furniture. whli II 13.-v have just reecived bI, tI e r..rival of ships Sarn:tn:n, Ar kansas and 'irs.issippi, fnrml New Yo-rk, .coni.ting ill polt olside Ionrdsof vario. .terllns, with 3lrp,3 tiln and Italiano mor3l lops, m ,-l'tre tables of every 333-erip3 totoburoou eiI brokeo,cur3 and l,. A ropletr assorctment of s ro li. A large and ceomplet3 ' nsIortm h toilef ttaioyl o , Moi rockig do e nu o redorill n l ip lllllrok, orl ni 10(, -ir riotht, together with a coarn l te as irtlenlt of lsuch arti .les as are unnally found ill l'h anll establishllnt, the whoile of whih willbe sold oi reasonable tobros lilr ap !iroved paper ,r roll. TIho public 0c3 respnetfilhy in ilel to call 3 and exam. i1ne the -ock, N B Goods packed at shorlt noti-e in gioo3 order fior shipping. f 12 ( II GRAN'. & co RY (GO)3l)3)-433 3aes floo cIolor..( do33me3ti3 ItP print'- 10 bales 'r.'t-ltll ie r;o,3-d lil.-i3,; 10 lnnnl0 xfor~l 4-. tie kihn Z eo0-'0 hhie PI3ttgh rc33ord33 I ane henovo hIkekenrpetiog, Il3dilin3 froom 3.roI J ) s-epbioe and for sale by T'' C LASI & Co, io No l 4 (f'-up 0t 1.-IS ubscrbrl, imlr aim wholesale th.." in r Forleign andI DTomestic IIlnlllo.3 e, lihas oil hand an extensivnstook ofSh3icIhl,, II ierlinglha3m, nllll Amneri a)n gooll, lembrlanilog gr'e:at valrit', conistig in part p.s ollows: Anvils, comlmo.n imitation a'ul genuine m11sc3hle; milth vie0s, ,lack and bright lihc.; tlace chains, com no.n, blued ,.and bright; lines, (.0oliao, fo333islma :I grlllll Anld iol ton; lelihand A mei'enn sahddle irols; long and 0,h-1rt hanIdle Il'v lpane; railsed pihe, hook nllut l 3d nill ofther kinds of lilnges; ilt, milll, hal:, Ipnel, tennll wll 'lalls clt a-.%s; rimtl closet, lnd3, 3uphoard lind 1 33(rk locks; Ameirien. silverplhted trout, insid3 e a3 d slhliing Floor doi; rolill and flat spring, stghtl , ll 3iand occk(LL ie lshttelr landl door0 bolt; flat, pit, 30Ill, .3l3i CIOss 0ilt s,\33 files; ship carpnltel,'s ,l1 o0h00 ngurs; (llackh bright alul patent cast steel socket a:md firmer chisels; gouge%, ill sizes; knives i uil frks il3 setts a-i l03 zeis; great va rieties shoe, co3k, hute3r,, ca-vhig,,a3 dra,3t3ing kli'Cs; pocket aud diirk e3tl3ly, in dozens a0n on cards, lar,,e and1 small scissors, ailolrs and sheep shears; cOinlll ol lli nle rfzlll35 clt e 0llrh,, 0np0alnned, bright 3i3ln linle polishel streel sallul3 rs; 3 ig- ali d flat ,3 tom blrass call rllesticks; pin:.:l, .brlil3i:La, in on, tren ai tablle sp)oon )lint and pe'.l3 ssionll g.u0I lock; tl333l.sPolew 3ind 3i3l3l wrenches, powdler lhorns, flasks, silt belts, gn e ba , 0et. carpelnter's Axes, azes, hathcts, hammrs, e3i3t, (30tai Lai0 s 003 d pins, commode nlbs, &c. nigh, t Nor Iulk, lr0ass and llUae Intchllaes, oopl"r's lolles, 'xeps, how els, adzes, etce. smiths Iellnws, hammers, tongs :Ai hack irons, I.English am3 Ameorieo n spades and sl33 o,. ot0 And short ledI-les 31 010ml n Cet, sh3t i.Oln 3il3 p0.0 t'lt metal tea kettles, ( l33e1l 0et0l . a3 I 3o3l33t3rlll c3l3 13 rerl wool eardIs =ll Iall humelrs, waelr 11I (] w'". irol,,. Mlchlles and bake li0ais jack ..c e.\ws, waond se rews, lieblolt tle hoolks and Iills, lans ul0 buckles, axes (:llis 'sot.'o Cre ' e .-. o vrtocoe, 1u0030 a-l 111111 t33oks, Le(3(33., s0 s, plo.;'3, amt 33 o c. a-!.u letlll twine,+ h:!'.Szrs, (s iim b~ icc: scal1L. gllun .iscnol3 ,rr|lcs, ou3 t liil3 ) !rll,3 S1t, 3 3oes'a .I 3 owt.,le. . W 11(iC'AWI"O1tI), ;any'4 N.o. 10 New I-ecI , FOR NE \v YnriK. (Louisiana sod New Yi'ur Line of Packeti.) St ,tli. Ships cr:: oTig this list; v-ii rall rou. wtv L t)rleaui and Nurw Ym'l on- cvar, other 3eondea comnmencing ont, t, 25thl Aril nad to insure tile stricte pulituatlity" in their tlmo of sasrn, th line will hereafter omlnsit of six ship.s viz : Ship Y'AZuO, Captaiu EIdril·tge, to iwave iere atll April. hi p MISSIISSISSIPPI, Captain Robinson, to leave on 9th May. 3liii SIAKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to lave on P23d oay. Ship VICRKSBURiG, Captain Wnoodlouse, to leaec on th Juone. S hiup LOUISVILLE, Captain Palmcr,lo leave on -20th June. Ship IIUN'T;.VIILE, Captain Palner to leave on ll'c.rTh' above .ships are all new, of thi first clccs, coppered and copper fustnrl, and upwards of 5019 tons bu'thnn, are of light draught of water, being built in New nork expressly for tihe trade. 'riT price ofpas roge fixed at ore hundred dollars; their cabins nre fittcd up on the most imnproveod and convenient plan, & finished illa neat and elegant style. Ampnle stores of the first lit, twill be provid'd and cvery regard had to the c 'i7; 't,and ,m ire satisfactimt of passrngnera who will llvle talke notioe that no berth can be apcurvd until paid for a the office of the consineeon. 'tese tlacketo are commaonln d by cnptainm well cx peri0_nced0 in the trade, who will give every attrenton ann exert thinselover to nRcoimnadtnt. Tihey will at all times be towed upp and down tiln \11isiauippi by steam Iatui, and the strictest pettstiality observed in the time f' sailing. The owa lrs of thesc shiipos will not he responilble for aniy lertar patel or iaikag, sent by or'put on bayrd of themn, finless ai r.elulr bill of Inling be sigrl:d tiherefhlr, tit tf countilng house of tim agnclts or ownoru;. lFor furlhr particular., ap l Iy t 1i . it , ii EIlEN & A. COII'EN, April 11 No. 77 t;rho ( street. ! FOR AI W .IT-ilK.-(Nae- Line of Packe:ts.) SIlP Al K.\c,4i. S. elnis, canunandliu 6t-r,2I 19 ton=, to sail I'burnu-r 2l2d. S!ip NAHVlibll , .1. ltanthbole, eommaondcr,:l 51 iton, to sail 'anrc h 7Ih. Ship IN -T! CoKY, Juhn tunker, coominandr, nG t tour, o sli atl Al irh l-t. Ship OR(I.ANS, S. S. Sears, conrmander, s599 tlon Io sail April ,thh. Ship Al4llA1MA, C. C. Iirry, commandrer, 47-1 tons, to sail .linnnry 26. Shll S.r ATOl Lt, WV. Illathlway, commander, 512 su -, in .Al l:,any 2l. The ships of thli line will sail punctually friom New Orln nrl New orki, every secodnd Monday through ollt tile seasnl They are all of the frs.t rells, copper fastenei and olppeld, and dworn btilt in New Yo1 rk expressly for o''hr-vnro -:ol ilnd.d I~ rxplriren,'d mru, iraw n leht iraft iof wnr-r, noI wiill it all tiimes be toed op nodl mown ther oirsissippi by strnnblat.. Their ac -ot llatllios for cassenars nro vcery sllsperior. 'Jii Oiteri oif these shlipswll nh be rispoi-iloie fi l any l(itter, parcol or ptackr m, sent bv or put onl onar of thrnm, iolerss a regublr ill of ldlibg be signed thero l --r, at th otllli hmo-e nof theos '; os r wneir. - - li rate, hf pc'ud e ini fired nt $70'l cuilr ,ir lirla,) t ftornid ed on board. For t$i:i.aht or tasa¢,,, ap rlv to 1 1 BOGIIILr & fIAWa'IItS, f i i .i l?. I61 IG r vbir F t '10 .1 e 1: Erl r l nod titer this dItr., tine failllw list-ann 5TTIr 111 11 15I --, -·; -·:,i, -I - rI --! - - f-i Ifrv ij arrt i5<..m l r i -k $: , fn.i llhe l-. I 1i, 0,r ' l 7 I c m -1,;, r] t' 1;0 ,.w 4 1 1fr neerii'olnetwoln $ '! ll~ of r ; ve ty li bht m o v t ' . 1rnubird .dto t" 1 (',, · ·.e. :'1 0i" ,t hnic , prav n p r trillb uls l hl' i wY. In l Ih i er, - ' P a, e it t e ,n o y. I b, . I, I r - Ii i n So ll tta'eln , ,i i th, r , i nd, ý ' Pa1t; i o p nV lire h ,,t u I- wi, i.. v dr i ul i.ite al- - I- - , -!i I.l. hr tlr:a : tI i h '-. -- t -r - - - t feh I -.t-llll. l i', Ill il !r , ,, -p - I.n. fln, I I -11115'l:: , 1u i, h-.s 7 ,. o 'ltluiue, n Il.i.: . blliu - I-i. liJ'II ll-. Ive on I h -'- 1 r ia- h i,.i I-o 0l . tiI -r Taill, r oa Itt r t lt a o \ 1tr llt 1 t 1 il 1,14 1 Itt (V lti, I T'hr iiul I bunt- r if hted I a o I r'letlal f- Ilhi- 11 nnl I i. n dr ' re tbc- and .+×-p rnl.I 'ellir ,'n. l i t A- I -r l .....,, ltli e-i - - - - 1-hIo'S ahi t I, - I -llri,-,l Its:: -u; - 19 I- - .1 G. } 'i- i, - . ii. -i-' --i-t - ]anriin,_". . - n lth er t of iI I %, elh I l," I .' "i T r f,'f e. n utoo 'W as'eb otigton; int Latin pro".. Il) l.:ln is (ll ss, A. M. ofI (hi. liditeldby.1 N 1eI-O I t v. el: i )ntni . liii. I. .I I"l. i w e 'il' Nn iin .II " ni 1; tl i a1. ellcio No Sre"Illt Nou ' l irilns. liii | e clno. iin . \ .Intst recited aun IIo sa hy e 11 t '\I l' . ,,v cmo o lon: o a co ne sts ' -ilu ,s" Nt't. \in ll - \lun c-ne, irtI iý J ori llltl·; l h by.i I" II . I. .llames, F:vl I lthorl oi N iitt l i." tl l o li ( C rck ; ol , i lll ll :k 1 n1 'cd o te11 n" nll i ,;,t , ill" the Ill ' miin l ,(' 1 hit :l\ e SCli lse n ll c e. Ih t - 1tAt e li-rt nt' P xin in '. o ii l i \t ",rn mi l'i'n',t'iii SnT i ow I h 11 s oR . C "InI I , i l ... , 1; , in t E ast, in 1t i. I Loot! 1sai, Iu \\11\ i ii'K''ii :h t nel I c r wllor (':imito lll ti f ;/ini l ll t o lg. n coClits.I II' T.1~T. E In fICATIONS .\ InIIyIpI bished: t in th e y Ilnt i" !r t " ous l-m + tor i the Fstj in 13_ j;.i. Il 0 1 . Il, it liE 'I'in. )t"ald hi I:i- lnimn ilnn i,. sIn l "I ti A t F1' P to t ýe chilkrc pariso . ien er'-lly, inctli n the r wthel r ,l tu h , lrý:"tl'the +I'llu " Ili I"oil Ii:t:l' r ('tit'. l 'i ICHE ill' o IIi'i.IlPLIV it O :i ti ll0lJett• ll IY picaE ITERCHA1 T' S AiSSIST ANT, t r tlercantile 1 Instruc 'titor, conýti ning a f l neront ;Se l. moneve, n'tions anI Iteir Sloni tr Is wluT IC e1i alleeeI' n IO'I.{ Kil tISS , . ceo, ot l i i i luel, ith i ns from til.e' ~rnl·ke Iof tell t:, itento ol-n, i lort and finiliar n te hrs;s origiaii etlh publis-d ia thor " Ilca n lr of thi e rtnTo li'u - on I'in ETl'FS li Ei ' \i ' TO \IIn n tt c " h. tAIilleFr or Rn of nI tin-, 'inam alntnl l aninr the 3i to thef Mlarh, or to any otlrhe h:t o l Decd ' ler, of .e.ii ert, incte ltr tan tl pornt- rns iave tmh o erc 1 io f ti ci t i o ti itn ae ill xi lf I rc a N r d l ll cl crv and the bisClmp ,n C mon dist'ir to lo l illd u l of Lon d nm ; by \ ii (: letti:. P. TIE M RCTI\T'S A ISTANT, or cantilv coin t t il I of t 1 p l tra '/',\RiFi, or Ita.. of Dal:: f',m and after the .id' "::2 A:[ tt nl.' -li -zm"t jfl FIt ILLY I a ittoraed fa m 7i Chrntres rtreet to : 70 i Caln·al,· " ar . loyal rnd ha< reeive:n by ete anivat , a] addiirse to the oririeal stock, which ar now t iL:· f.eC in q a iunlhitit a t fuitt )adI s. do d~o b~l;;a oudcobbel. de, Gra d- blil, plaini dd I"edrt Pleht and trotted, alul t but E g . SapcerentraMidneaetd tresnerk dades. Ilewa r asP rN d,."1 lnlti.' Ilaovead an tk, tanhit, er. s' I Ser'e'oreoei rl ltduiilatcUtk.t~t~ar Silk and Nat Glneos, lIftnkhite and a.rt',rted. do di and llH Gloves. lon ared. Alht--fna-es Ilaonnet. ceasntinit of French Silk and iatin timmead ano untrnmnod.Orie tll r :Irani, Flrreree, Olna crant,, aer l T nscn Sterns Tauirl,rna,, H cad laneseta Werark, F eatlmrr, Flotaes &e. &e. rid 3 . FIlIrLk't, 711 Corral reert. PIlILADELPH IA 3ll ltIt.ll TrIE splenid ronage e'onrledri Ia tim Philocel .pihia Snatrday Coarier, adorues rt e edito's to earn rerr 1hia erllic iintr tIr rte'r tir e title, f a urrn It aedrtirnr ni rrthe rn~j I m etl jrroen ., rae harm tn wn t tilt ltianal y Nily newtirppen in tlra Unr ted krnr0taierk n lint nfle trea T lrktENT-SIX 'l'iIOtSANI sunB SdRIBErltS. iThe new feinature recentle iatroduiel of furntaiing ttr irr readers with new books e- the bkot lie n drttre f t',la inprored arn tatarllrl sccss cfunl, the r0il'l b6 coopeete r. ,ix vos n led i thi c e= f brt lire rlti n es on I itnertr ear ne an d re t-ire eo bteatIe arulioreareftoprroll i arrferin ta 'ir-r t,.' frr Iree ]nt rnrlm tiv n Ari ul, r trrrr f ttr i r, trs er er nilf sr ich plrn & ellirOe n, a ; wu uri in hMi o t ie. s vmalosty e Gi ni ofoll r aee ul l eefa oe, rea titand i pn a ]si' atre rre rlrenlet te is nu henathr leaont 1u1a ntes, ad rnt r alrl- stoo qrtlrr i Itd eribra 1 trll, rl pin.tie enfad F -tci il u e - .earnro n lre publish in Its c l , ir the enurse ofo e certrilrw t ,.'' .r11 a eteergir tl . iii0t ,.'. 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The insiltution is ctpplied with tln most skilhul -nd ttenthie mle and tn :.ale nurses, speakilng the vri;nus mon:!en lagial:Ec.s. firnivte iomins may he ird bi gentlemen at from twre to fie (doll:'s perrl d:it, inel l allte dance, etc. Te'ms inr thie ordiuacy w-irds, one doll Ir per day. S'n'ris useo one dol.lar. Small 1',t in tile ordinal}y iw nl three dolhl'a. All enpital Srtugiel operations extra. The reuin!ent diienoian is I)r. I I. (i,, to whomrn appliea iol il idissionmust Ie male, ortoil) ). O. A. I.nzemirci-, No. 17, inilnipnnit st. jyi 24 r cii. I LUlli.t\iiiV'ltI.SiIche nLod-eisi - talen o ie l 'rolale, ci 2 eels. 'I'le \\mif anid W\\oman's Re nr, by- Mrs Nol'on, in .1.iiiam Cofdin, om the WhaluFe therman. "The liasful ishllmr!llm nr th'n Exlils of Erin, in 2 o!s,, A Narlrtive of st Visit to the Amecrinca Churches, bIv a i)eption t l n fil nln ie CIregentionrnl Uumn of I-l, 1;,t1) an| ":Iles, tll Andrew heed, 1), D ). anid James n the ;son, 1) n, in '2 vols., Notels ilu ''ales ly" Mainm Edgeworth, 20 volsycot 0 nectl lcllotd intl0 ' .Works of Mrs Sh rwonnd, ihern the only uni form edition ev publlishedi in ith- IUhiteil States ,Jdls received and for WO it Mii AN; 7 1' i b_ I Ielq _ I _ he 1Tnrnc.. t;u, P a l r C .,. u,-c - i A` - re.-:ecntful .s!' i u, :'ttt' tad n ':C the iiM eh;!c: [r'(, '[ u f . 6l lIh" frih ,!e If- I-kne- iot, i tial, i the i n -11(5 l,)o t potpec ts of tle ln itution tloot, r their tlmrel . The enlhvge ans orgaiuzed ln thle ni llntmn of 183i; n ifil enlcurse of hletucles, weas }·: t n c r::; i:.g tlth pnot lnhlhr, r - t l lIh, t c- iii -ll c- Io.-_'e -n -i, tue, - cl-re t arnl',l'r'¢ [11 it nibh the IuSual i'1 eos and priileh es atm , sili ioc-u- ini ii.ii *n. "',,,a- .i- I Iln'ilnui iOI of tile cnurte of lrnt-r- , the I'"r- ll- I-:lvegi\- enr u eon mittedl -tnti,: to th in ,ei. tii . cf t.h Collh'e, 0nd have co iderabaly i:s l nisll i .I- IIS' ss. lint wl lrll lth t, w -halt-rr Ly their ow!: zo ld ma inttusr'n, thell t w[*oln's oIf t ilr e t'lt ' irize iC miinly deeC.:Cdentn tu e lounlte iin ni e it n1ut -h'-r l;,l w ci-iien 1 iicii larl-fro. - it e lthe.- dIelt' : i ll hl' ion' h ---lthe Fal'tulhy 're drsii'ous to ohtiln the :!i rrt of the tmunnull ily to the ages nqli' d 1.l Iheh" iufiltltlnrint to he tIJ "ledic:l St ldents it this sectioil Thecnllegewill le in possessio, at thie commence ment ol the inex session, of aiuit-lt e nppltriltel t'ic thdn ill 'stention of tchemistry and the collhteral scienees. Amlpl* minls I'or the' oIly of Aca-tomc,. will be 'ucinish ed wilhntut trouble tr the student, gid without t iolation ofl' the snel'rd feelilng, or el venll Ipr udirces of society. \\'hen it is Irecolle d tc t tl t n thirhd of thile p lpulll lion of New O'kiini lls t deiii tS i rlelini c e in ison, is clm Iln,, iiId in h i ' tillh , i Inllt llhr : ';piir Iti ot l l; Ile leIa ilinniiii-:-n ciii] iieicwuicc-mcironeihlm-ciici rrolec i t l h ho irniesic u t ho- ughly hty-, ý "r iTo i1uil -l- o-IIi yi- so cill ci of iui-" l "ci i it liUes ii-111cic IlI ' thsiot - lnaoige proportion If 11"the 'tu s fl'oilll pirludhal dlah' shIl! ht, dhdel al, n. ul". std :tn 'ent hlcm Ici [cr.ti iccI ci itii e. t, lofle pati,'s i.nil. Thie , im ern i ca c''i i citcy is u tncicom i cci-mo,_n, ri inio-i n y deernr st i tii] Hmr ixPe' The ten .y w1" t l, oti,.v lv I g,-hOlo y ih i. (llo i' h 0i l iscli.o\ii i t hii i ic I -1i, u.,:cni li ,in InIhe n - ih'oo ofw 1d'h".-.'ictW,.) ' :,t t i.0." - 1 " ,th 'i 'l! ., i'-'llu FOPtlniu of theiU ni ted .1lahne rNt, i1lll iV i11 - t.o ic- , o en i e !i t liin:,h i tha th ,,. rie nlel T he s , I ,- . h , I," Iu i . t lit, of \it i, . It, ill ii icý i lt eiolin .c iilc'I !"'! l l i| it i, tittI l,' 6 ,l"I chiU. A .w -, 'L It' Il, n '\ t, L , . l " -lch i'muic . cih , l '-u:l h , -i t , -1.0,,I ,ha' - l nircc e. -ii ihlS -i , ll ci s iu n Ii r n ,i ,, ill-,i i,, tl :il ho.a o . I,I i " hi i alha -i- o ' ( -I'll i , illt .o ." I illi ', - i, i1, ii In te I ilio I th Ionll -chiziHc I;-i n-i - ic. c-l ihncacla t. \V. h I I /11; ) -i il; , [. 1). Il' ich w On lf t]h- i uii c y h I. I I. . hI t.i , \, 1. i(c-i I h--Zii-it, \I.).h" mii line-ni~h<s in l .i"r ii (I t ln i.- .the siii i hh mc i Ilrlma,_ a" ar Il!/~li'(-i·- of · i' !.ial an lf Potiiill ! 1':II Iliil A~l nn,,. lll:li ~l: to t:J, .( i ( 1 I1I1 ill in I ir(·v (llio ·:jlt j rll ln~li ie. o till' rll 1'. \\11 it ion-id ;illi-C · 1, it, lell l ,cll .it r\ oIl d-i: t J -li :Il i -t llllil.' I':Ip. rr i:il'li.:ll . l( M o." ; \·1 nr sl ll~lpol~l lio i, "l ilcl the inter:-t= f dm iilri nt Il:l; ioI, rf te "oIIMW itt 11t",.I. A. II:', fir. lllllililn edition. J"- I Ii\ ll itA a Iad r i;;l llli(.I 1 lt t t'!;..LI1 II1:4 t' il. I il. I1I:. \t; :Iý 'II .1 ill 1.:IIIl) l illi l 1 ' A , it' i 11"11. \\'c h n , iý e t r i t r1-1 a f i t 1(· ttlllt "f l: it II'd patch ill t," "'tit "t, Cit. i t U Thlr of fh-! l Coll t "nt,"n from the pri t ilr I loo lr I, fil o th I %,, ll as IIrlndrri , of n her, from II,, :n^ inr liui lnnl nml: captain=f of ! ir : I. and s ,^ltRI irh as in I'," !; il lI of nzhl Y toc.r;$ , (..Il l I.; : ern at i r:r :o; ·r: · 1"A 1, & Co,,ll- I~cni·-; t'opt.:- ; tin ::n~ol 11 : n I:n · mine up into,- I - l:nr Io rtr io t1n ii I I 1 1 ad ^n : rTATE Or Lot'Istt.IA. "iTsr t JUDICtIa.L DlrieeT CoUnT. i DWARtIt) 13. t s 1115 CRliDI'I'O!:. " o orered by' t ie cuit, t!llat m0eli G of thLo , ake piece before i 1i. If. Cen, E;q. Not- y Pulhic, ,,E lonleav thte 8th duy of flay ext, tiat 10 cu'cock A. O. fio the ' p 0pm of d elibraieg geial ev cn the attils 0 c' tl , eCtate of the insoen t,--to appoinct S theyJ dee:, it ne.roserv) other s;nJine in the lieu at tIe syndies deceased s;tce their 'ppointment by a fiornme meetlng, or to eotiermle thepeet, of the sCIrvtvieg .y dtc, an e t co'fcr upen him suche poetto, 'nd give hml acch iltetrue botlens ate inerest 'tile ie dlitorl of said estate mtay r.quire, or as lly he dcemed expceolt i And iris fr. ther'ordered, thot tlenry R Detia, Esq. the attorney heretofore ellpoinctd to represent ilte a.tot creditore, be lo-tlpoirecd innd notiried to a:eu eteaid neati g. It c rri e of toi lion. C ilelos \OVtter, jud l e of aeid outt, tIle ,leot day, cfJarh, A. 1). 1837.. e.3 2ew JOli.' I. LEWIS. ' TAT - LUceOUIeIAN\--otr d DTictrict e .I Premare District Julti,"i:r.--Dan Il'aeflire d'Ed taerd .h'tonekr enre set reancior .--l sot d(crete por la conr, qoneu cine ssciblee deo creneir n do l'insoela Ide, at to12 t . shres y into le,0se,, lie lt li p uc bulreau de. If. If. C/en"s, ,llmairr p.l;lir, ,o 8 do JIi ,o.+poch. a IeIart os d nellt. , l do doiil lel'rs ul I l eft'teiires, tde l'i's '.loel, dec Csomme ri it I 'o jo'g e 'r'eia)lc d'au tree svt.,fiP1 et 1 pace d.+s syndlo9 deode,,de d:ofin, lour t ulnln l pr ne n o lancll rio , o pour eoon fillarl" le.; poUI'V{ira du syndic aiii it i t of tau lui re fotirde telIs ourvoir, rt * lui d nlng r e t, il-truc tini-ns qu o eir des c l onne i s de dit tur illite pt' L ent .iqo ic, ilest eoit ott d.c aite, TL lemrti'e . p nto s i, tlo:!l.lut tnlu,"t e -duevot lilt lllem oor .'erep inter Ir. rc'c _ a1:1eoh ^'tclu dc -etc,_- d'lct. 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Ilhti l. 1i 0,d , ;I l c i y .i ,, d "- :p lot. e n '. I .'i, :t o I C c n . , vI \i, . i, t " - Itl.e I oh p'=) i' i ' ]. j i i:. ' ",, cccc ' c'il''- 'hic ',r i o,., It;' t ',-.,' fec tll.t, t'.. I'~ t,+ - . w \uotie t r . . , t. oC ,L-!i - - eIc!i , ,., -t,''' c ii l I m' i~' 11, C lit. I url 'l " I ',I[1 I, c ,li, . c ~ :. , < , cu .-, 7 t',,- , pa1't "ail ,loud \!I i]ht, ti'u= Irnt nCt- C - C ',t:_' I,) I C C ' 3',r" ft.1" Itr i,' - 0 ',,t '\ : l ,' :t t'I,. i ;,, N ,ý , cc,,. /1cl i 1[ I 'h'.,.'l f'.r r:::' ,.. 1, cc cit I I,- i'c I, . I'r'c \\ ii1 i'll\', Ii''i iN:: 1 1iT1'N'i'' I' -o ', i' "] I l1 on :' il . ;,'l - l q o ] o t l r + , j "I " . I H I ) < , 1 t ' l i I N. l ki\Ti l. -Tt\'.a0 k l. r , : , i \I ,I 1 ' .kIk. \ ;I,ý .}.I -i . ' 'i :pI i.h_ ('n .1 ' I lt t'` " lhr nl it; "'1 - 1 :li"t'=t , I 1: I , 'i) S --- ! ... IC IN 11,. 7, Tv )r IS 1,i or II t My t'hdl-h 1 C t'i 'I)' i F qF |'ATI'l-LICqY .t' P tt"' riL it !,II , t r .,, id N:l ;1 IL ) 3 t l' . .!' he. .cIountantI ii and r te: 'cru ne'ry g'1AM ILTON HALL havinf openec an ..flice at No. 1.1 ExIc0an, e Place, or the tranlsaceton of bsli ness relative to Accounts, Collecting Debts, Transla tiocs; etc.; will engage to write up -end khp trade-men hIok, eit:-tc !by the mouth, year or jib,and is coiideit from theexparieace he has had for am nlay teIrs past t in some of the mo,:t respectabla housea , that he can give gcnal el aotisficenn to th ose o mlii is pl.see toe a Illoy h:a. ie podee hai:nelf that all dects ortrusted to his ere,; w'a reccive hi Is st attention; a,;d from lhis kow ledge If nd lone residence in this city, he offere hbi ser vitesi with the fullent confidence, eat the same timln he will give secui'ity fur the faithful accesctine of all re ceaipe. Trenltetionc to and frnom thle Frenuch end Spa niag language he will likewise undertake to execute witli despatch and correctnes. lyear Ndews Orleans. Oc'toer c Ie ftI,. PUBLIC AiX'I TifdIAN:rT, sGENERAc AtEbN:iY AND IIRO(KER OFFICE, [14 Earbhnge Place ] AMIL.TON IHALL, Lff- tmIe >lloi, g La.nds Sand Lots fr sale, viz:- IN TEXAFS., c1 up;c on theo river NLuv'o 11 do on thelabi le, near Caddo tillae 6 di on the Trinidad, I di on thc Natasit,,, PI dio" II iR :i al= ' c c':. 1 do- aid 177 acrc, un Ciletlcs rcick, neuir th No e!,-, r 1 dt b-twIeen Villag. ,roak anI Pine tniand 1. dt in the bad atel ul Con In Bey, Ii d In at ill Foo'sC , it I d, and 177 acre o. Ked eiver, a little abte 1 do ci CIi Cro.. 'I do cn tei p r' o : , C s il C: fti I do oi , tf eiiof , 41 mile , btl ( T In0 A-rre, -!-' Iit J tcl t't' ilon-' lcnl'n 'o 'till imtler ciod c et i ido -t , t -,'a Crcy, nre 1 c2d :i hi s ho, tit ar's i ndiput , in atld !! t L d,) .- o ,L,- t I t-l, . i l e Cr iicr. o n tl - .eld -rp, of ili In i , , tc l l! ,c t h it it , ofi teti utdttnoiti iLo i n ,hillil O s . :I ca - ol nt ( .0 "< efen ci i 1A a .ari ' c' ,ti t t IN,,d. SAll t l, I o c lta tI -i-ll it latc ltt ,r ^" c uth, t . t a rt ''h itlee ar ndisp table and l?",. Al110.-500 Act:, it ld nitear .t river, i ,' a to tN u tl ',i1- a firtt tI .t' si pi , to whtI h ihc~e it I. t e oII d. '1'h, ne t a bo' ut£' 8 I. I[.l{0. .Si atit t ,t tit t 1 S tlt, Ndlhlw r C,'ttO eol].i --n-tio n. 71 - r('l- .all I' l" tvi 'llei, i if ndc;t'to laudi- - he t, ite Thl ,ll ,! %%AI- I a1.1 r tt - It t tl,] 'i'-,v ll. (17",li2 "Arc;'e I Ih:il t M d fr A ns rain a)ad ab- t t Stfr t t i' }lll il t .i iippi r ' I i .. elt, m l af,: , u it l-hingtol, I o , g ua t ? 1 . . I ' dtt ', • 1,l 1 t, i: F ws tr h 1n-i , St 8 feet front e ch., ! lnt i11 Phi!lipp. stl. ft. flou it.1, Lc ý, "t,^,t: . - t1:11' ' \ v.l 't· -ll) i' - ý. iola 'i ,, ("'dT, tt pr.: it, lil, "n l t tn ,"s, ) :llr.. J nf t' ' c t" l-hcd >'' l lln .. ith', \1 t +' 1 i tl 1] [n t -iv " rio I l.N-t N' 11.1 I .1, In~ `~ iiI~· i (I L, I -t II·1I It I .t ll tl., G on' ,.1 'Ii, ,..i,. W .. 6 , I:Ivn, ni" ,.I II,:. i..n,..: 1. I 'll., I f I Pi iba Nl ,"n I It:' ,iii I_ riV' , In I lil i , torn Rm-I' i~ , f iii-- ' liiol ý.l tII 1 ( h I'I- l (' tCA t. P 1.·: · :1 C , m '·.!: · C; : V· ·!':--- 1 f I ,i; +, l." i~ .1 1 . 1 ·; \:I' r· :I'l , ( ; e v i l , I r:: et, i: · , h!, i n - t l l , - r-~r fi; n an { 'rlll pir tnl· (,t tl' ` ; ru!(t ;i oil`:"l I?: 111 (Ili, ' f Ctl'1 · L iinI~ ? rl!r l' I : h, -.". In 'hvt. of tl =, I, ,t 1n.. .'; an nl f l . .i',1 1v 1r""ir ,1 .,., ..n ".Id P -~ li i_ -t: 1i c , ·-· ~ ~ i' a Ill: r~If,.1,,it 1 r." -1~ R' Ei' PATAT ENTBALAYGEFCIr .ENGZ.gk e --The sutscriboer ara manueftorlog at Weaw fur i, toSratona co. N Y., on an entenleve tehs, Bep-t 'Patent Balance Fire Engine, end te t ot py * i.p h.celuteo to ronomtnme!d its the pepihP.e .deoay perior tonv e re efrot;i nno cbseie nh s; rkilful Engineers at the Is b. hotontille and Weshiogtln, and iiLiit i. hoe .p'priontnv other. 'Tlhe+ Washington is now supplied with oneo? and the proprietors have just aoulpleteilrt thgu overnment for the supply of alithoir 'his Eani.o combias thie advantage of ln*r at less cost than any other in see, and n eni arni.trd and tried to ensure a preferenea to eal '1'. insnnetlattaerr, in all ases, warrant t liuonx,:l toial wiothth otlera uder equal eircumatlre ý to perSr:n core lthan any other .'ainc, or no Iale. o rices t tai Faetory, with plpnl peti hon-'s d'-goged for 4 oea, dicharghng e geIlloaee nf waer ter ain outi, a7r( t: teu, 1t ) t .'t]sopp"r n;oute, 1 , tao1, e10 -ollons [seriootote, ' te auve pritces itr:luene l.iioil thoo,ronehe, &eu They clot keep constlntlv on hand, both leadng as4 saetion hose, which ohey will fruith tlu order as lo. a Tfl u, n.lrwenit ·lt. ilr Intullfactlorti said erineos are ee, c toil Ie | JCtLorr tiJ tltcntio d to, red oolt th th.; rue1 t l ,tI.'t t i, despatcth,if addroeos rt t citl, ti tiba a:t \V,,ter;rd! , s-nrot,.a co. N. Y. Wh31. I'L.ATT & ao. GLT:T;r c.TE:S. iNew tork, Oct. 2., 183. '1tral, thl.t I oo.rh.E t11t Ynt suCeritrended a trial ofq i',re 2.:']. t of l'-tors' l' t.'nt, mo ode I ly"s, a. P latt 4t, S t. ht Wate fod, co. New York, with one ar the bo:t rloino belotat:g tot!le coreporrtion of the cit7 of ew eurki. 'T'e tliol era macde in the coraoratio. yard, sroll f1 tlhe explicl:nct, I am persuaded tbatthe t ol It. goo' 'aot:rot will throw ore wOnawar, and at a metral: distnl,: a ithl the it oplicatiua of le.I power, than our < orporatwn enugiles. I ilr!el"'lr C'ref theat o fire etnogtc has ever been si, bIi!,i",v:d i tiljs city ~, tich ] r ould eompets .,th thn New oruck enlgiue,, t+,ienich lould Itl tllrwr our purpeneas oept t,,tela' l'on-t shoe leltt t nedt The coanlatrid tttt o1 I, tll ticr' Patent is excetdin ly itnple, and Iset. ,,i ,'on wit' it shouuld ont foo iuto general ues. Be idt Itlns .uttherto , ato tmgt-; it cao ts furniaehd at n,uc t ootea t. diAtMES GULIP K, ChiefEngiteer of N Y Fire I)epastment, Ltica, July 9,183{. I n'ol tl tclnt Itoollu c p roo, wit a requst from Wn, I'lott co. t, gce toy tipopiton it relation to the Fit a:nitel ofltgotr' Pattent monlufactured by them at \VIaterord, Surotogn o N.Y. IThe cnorporation of Utica have purhased one of the 0I00t0 e ontetiooted 'ugineo, and trnom reperted trital, I d tnt lhenttat to tltnoutlee it deride4.[y superlm r to nah ller iiar, t t' n;: e o in useoof which I have .ncoy kao. Itdr; noIlld I du nlot fUIlly coiCer ih thle ertificate 4' J t; ulit, tile ch.llfi.tarti Otf thole New York Fire C o pae S lent,i relatiou to it r n:erit.. T'he pump fett.lpe .e.a i c .ouctu re.:tcd iu illou ce 0, liutdar and is so ette.edw I v intel,,, an o e lttle aable to et oaut ofrpair, that (if ,,it hooeit tee lost.that ill my judgment, it u0i otr chs a to u ott 1 o l! tl llOtltll piston engin e, ('haicsf tngiur of t il t'ca Fire DTatopnrent. 0N 1l. uri of OLt, o u 1oe Patent I:Cgies of the oirelm csia, was orlrred flt ,ie ithe Co. N. t 7 of New . leas, which they ha[e r oeived, tridld'aod arcepted. The ltogion eat be scc ato tot tllltl, by ahlloh llt u to .A tth fIr thle etanufReture... u,,, . P rn& ''oh.,c'itolnea te, N. 0. I'. >;. 1 t i t: -.,';n, too have ell engins deliverend i An " t I+t"he:I Til it o ttv, n .uls ot onth e thee order -i S: '_ . .. ..... .y_ t ti K. jfi-6m Itlt,ItI1t''11 ]. $1 IItltl- RI:'I'REAT. r p1ilLf P\C.It h 1o t II ]tL'ldE is uow open forthil . l ,, u ,.,. · t l..' >Unv' . l- This loli ohtful retroat is . r*., , , a rt ,Intl, of ite Pascotnula Bay, at its ,',untl· ,u, tuu' HLih the U uof o1 exioo. 'Tha situation i I, l,,rn,I, uld t.,lul * [nt el- telov viet w 'of Bay and I :t.,+ In.l i,; olulv s torroted fhnem te Gulf by s ohiain I-,i o v ooh lrottnoig thahulu cot from fes te T ll i, 1L rn l thn/ n fu to ithe communi a fiat 001" i, e:inthe itolt tUoO lald t(eold beIgratoen u f0.00 tsu tolof ttto oo atth liorol.e t Evsry exertion sn ] i,1, l,,d i1- - · It wl hoe food in abundane, and evenry tll w" ,. ',, l ,:0 d iu'uro,, . hio h the ocotatry can frd, to III 100ll olt flith lu. ('o.e;nerted with the esteblish tIoe :i 0l0 i; ' al ctetl- >uarc appiltuellt for Bathing; alse, tuu l;haril "',.! I:an teod Ntt ine i in Allegys. '1"To ti. ,o u ,hn nre foolld ouf ,ortint, smsell game wi b, u.,td, e/,:g the: short tatd by g'otoing a shbort dia.nae un I 'll, hot riill,, uc. utod loor 1.srge nantlUlsanc hIe oend I:, ,u;ut;::,'sv.'. e d, Flr l"th.oe Ilaold of tihe chaet, a Peek I;0 1.. t ,! " 00, i ,o d; ntlot c tlo c aoo'nltnaslld. Tloiy d oriou^,i O:tr io tiol eottl purest rpring,and ice s ti lllthpl'. A oot ofiloo! .i..tts lvyino bcetvren thin Ciev and Mobehil to ill I1ot! ioo~pe loo ,itt Ott. ['ipr. Toe dilttieulty ufgettie II'!a l 1 Ie Pier t,, th,' holtlo e iltotootl [tll et. particularly fI t I.oi;l' n hod oniihhcntl o alay.s hren . n tobjectioen t l,1-r t iilinl ilh,' e.t-tlli-imloltt now o voritent, as lo ..l;oi r olM't olios t et i, t a wchlk botweoC this ad Pe clnu tod pt I hnll tt to t I;rslelnters immeditely iat tlr hol'l,.. (t. & B). J tIRA N' II '[lte 1 naerte of the rhuieeat kinds, havimg i., r.t n,,n:,tI imtH t,,t l-lit Itot , rrot ol ,i'u. In . Jet. ( 1 tif'n li,, i i the liltwiing Lkank , vic: Me.- S; ,inl=, 1:.,rhs:C .....l Pankin, Con.. Orleans, .I, hnrl:s 1 T 'ritltvris Lenousian, louioiana State ,h.iliilii /-If : , n:,l and tl'iiCiig CO. Commorcial I lnk ,'ti. l t Cut ( ao, t ia e s, Ulaion and 5ti- r Fu bity , IIUItCIIKLSS &co. 4. Chartres fllfIkt l. ,'. . o'.. ((6 ilI NG1 1 li!tE "'- l TI , &I't. 184 O7, _+'P pmnlhilthd, Iunlting lisOll th Danks Di: JI 0r, l ' : tblli i-1.13lt day, Insurancele and ather (:!"l'tm ni". TtUli '.flhe latch i.f chut lt's nmlpted oy ,i;t. ('lha.nltl{r ,1 ! t('· I P rre , .nuctioncerl ,nrrivaln and db ,.,ttul, ll the lnira lt,-', in (i a C'otsiltt, &e. &a. pub iih,.d nudtir iah. Iy li IIIJTCIKlISS &GtO. j 824 nlhartes et. I\'I \T 'l Ii, PI'1'\.-Pnate.nt l'eryia'iln le etlnin | ''TIns nint,(, . q ltion, by means ot tl,, ý,' :iinad r aine, Ittn; u,: tuls ! l t siann t l tliredomn 1of 11c.II," ,l , ill, i1 run a o hr m :ale harder or tol er, t r-1il I!, 1i:,1 w, . ,, ", . f th a itrilt , ti sti.ta ly moving ih 1 hfit l gh'l t ' it tr lit-er, tccotlling to the dtlr;te Oi I':1 I'i . l1 1.hlli ti llllnain i PT .n. By the pc tIoo f ll illy n tl i trument, at Ic ,h" ~, f, l ,ill tl .ill i vi' tt ik to write ~i, e lip 'lheel- ttihite of" the Vaop t;;,; i:lrli, "llll, ' n I t rl :,il c-lit snl'inttei ta d tieerdotn to the i' ", v, dlh Iii', it irs'qvhle of tiitt. ing the hand. To .t:,i: ~, t l ,u-i,. ,r ! 'ons writilg x peditioutt sly. I n, tol" I ri m i t: i n lua lle t tqll isittion. i-.::, h h , ink. The ink tfim this ,.Ii~it,, in n mcivila dr toia terrnptedi I . , , ' Il rti,,t , to the tl th of the let ltt'.- [, ,I t hul, ILtIS prt'tlwihg n ;.reat' er unii'l, ((ity inu the: - r: d" th I itn g. I'. l. h.dlti Ilblhtr Siinag PItn. Thisnviapplit d io ," (':u ,ch tlit4s 'rl extrI n ard catitaelcity 1 I' -v.1 r Pell, ttit vlel g s r the r.uinl mnut 1. 'i, li-y lli', h'ut ,litl at. t a'll-c t a danit bl)at I'iai, it Pe ar i:n I m a. l 'llta I .ll 'it- l I'a n. ll T'tht se w ,nsd will contain a S: i i supply nt ik I:m n,r y-tt inw r lted, piand l i. n '02i cr:vner ,fd Coanlm coltr Common ass. FIl: il: uhl e iher. haIe on lhand nd efler for sale th 5. fl(owin_ o s,t, entitled to lebenture. I nittonu M1 adrass, mn., dlip atumand Pulliente hand. Ilerelebi; imitation :ilk patternms, &e.d printed tl] v'acs, nail iht .li iu and -6;" tltieted ebia- iandcarmloiet, lighttronmml7 8 - ol 9-2; G4 eambricita III,41,nuI l -4 I il 2 ntliws .itlh; 9-8 blenched power loom- hminy=; ,-4 ltue and black chintz hanwlm araor* i t; ,tel, i, , iiiIr le andI oather cotloln , assorted sae ' liei, otlk. {,,i p,". anid other color", annjol .h iii:.r.'d iIni llight Ine, li strted; 9-8 amed.n . nira at trtl cablit-; iplcerialedt 4-4 irtcpe v~li,'rnl ., Ar:,ia 4; 3 tmnal s3 inch I'rcted flannel. ihtilc red; \\ , st ~f 'tn IT;rl biroadn cloth, black, bhts, ,vi tlhne iolor ; inlsmes, black blur, and thncy coloan :I It i t. tlldi"ti'il Ftrenclh Ilunket, ettCltet ,I h't,-ri;tha.'inus 411 iltes wide; eottuan bag i, 4"2 inches - idt: F iti anml -time twine. t11 IT _ ' U.'.\.. 1t1t K & tl-. G Gravicr at. pip ,' he ir' - i.n:; I - tl; o p at' t St l dr, 4 1- dt Ir w.a d ,; .uhiiakts .-hltnumpgic i i , anehor0n.a} ,t'e:+r .3; 5,1 I ,n ' C"ll'tc- t wiai-; 0 - o old madamh wiue'!~, in tn I t se F I.FONTA, - 7 7l, M agzlane atrept St .11, C mir of ',?,, GramanOnt, hv Antltanr I[=mitl ti:. 7'/" 1: ,it" Itteer satd t he Ree!atin ed. TIte I:impr. s a nni l hy Bennett, author otnf . +i.i:-aants, .ic,just ticeivled by C II IANOROFT, i It can p street A -I D-.e! taut, , La , ain .tore. and fr sale by _/ 17 .It'S V Alt)NIt CJanydreapt , -.i cr fnrtslte Ih Captain lit-lent,-eras-tj t'tb23 !15 Common trrt - I te KiS-n ,t f o rlai 'ýe a P.e, r ho tk, m..rai e r iý ' s i. 1]35, by .ranci.. rohillo , . ~!, t C:h· j:n r, R N in 2 vols the Man rf I lhiner it atb n ti tea f Caol A i: of t[-e Lan;:drC. Caitholtpr, &c. jat m S ' . J1;.1' K A .N & f.1, c,reer C'rp 1& ?t i.- ro'm! a: 12 1-2 cents; t p.C.utrl b+"to 1 ..ut::" + r~a . rl:.."r=.i.. -:"

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