Newspaper of True American, April 24, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 24, 1837 Page 3
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-r 1 A CAR,. SI7F SiO.E.-=,r aual cribr rrspectfully 1' lnfnr heir fri'aal a an st.rnac a ac ieruall , thitu glg: Iaretu ,rand will b ,tea iveig iltnl tirc Norlh, t:-' ir I ,iU.IIS6 ai. s.t from IFrnic. The luttor plat:c will I ," wiLt t ati ciarit of Peafttnar-, St~ 4a tialealaa. canoacwaich will be foued Ilol.:. oqr min tmraud b.e, ofa rsupriur flavor. 'iThe a.hj has bea to proUtur evei r article of a very sui .ifaO a tit teir onlrdrs invariably urge i.prove * 01 iAnt kind anId patteoru. a.srWioittu ivtit of clha selletio-ls firo a n4ct ry otf N. . Pe'..tis froai P'aris, tbo:lon r - n t th m h istranufictorios-- lso lrench r: ;naa'a it e tha latter, saperior 'lojth ltriuslhes, ieft eaium ec and ditficult to obtain. Piadl -m Boomaa,-Under this head will be a apltldid variety of ladies' aand gentle.unt' Bcirka, Noat, her t, .ed~le enl iThread Cnats. ~ oSreCnu dSoMlnErts, &c.--Of thle latest m at ofcaiperior qutlitya, cataisting of plain and ' l oti b io.nb*.i, relvet and cloth Stocks; licn. S lai and faIne; with and withoat rutile: ,1 Ctlatd te.pleran made expressly for thit tne1 h { uton Su lenulera;" also, Gum 0 t1omad Coittnn-nrtatdo. 0 c1it nd wichoul a tupccwit ewire cprligs; snd a greut f t wear;. me d expreacl' for ti.r rc A A. V.uhorc & Suon, of Philadclphia. o i~ b ral co:npleo.telceteaanrtet otf mtbslc ol ther ctunaleory. Alan, Engliah and Frencl t Fr n the manufaetnry of IaIm irati t and Ford; Frcalsh and Glerman do. Crd, &e. Ac. T aceabove are but a portlmi of the articles re. tbo atau to tohir founi r sotock, will b r euoi a ptaocepnceo. k.0" l D'LANGE. 18 Oep at. MP .-,ý,-ri Th orntatu; Th Ylount Duke; Aca. ,Altai=h ; dttou Wilrinms, Dc Vere; The Smuggler; ,v,;oliea The Sp W\estward tan; Heiu. Mastet S z 're i tl thb b ~ igb: Spa; Valeniit; 'che Itnatr gesttasy 9 Thu I6a57 CaHed; The Unfor Shat Men; Spuec'ation; llubelrt e 1; Watta "rottle;Sketchas ? f a Port 'row ; k ic tiL Etkswattaw.; The Man of Hono ; 'c.ur. l ch hnrd Lee Dicry of c I) 'sseu-. Tm our riNeighborhoud; TiDis I hi iinth and Crices ofa London Clcgyrcan; lofashion int Reality; The Mai;lensi Dtn. STale af a Prvshia; Scpacccrdoa-u The eWna tesh Ueok; Ciu.'n of the Midte, 2d ceries di Lokend& andl Stiea of lneland, Tltes ...h. u eeaw. and Peasante'; Love and Pride; . 41i-Iul S-almagundi; Knehligamark; John -" fia rither Jonthahar, Thi American in Cane hanball nettlere frot Algiers; 1-, • to~iale.iff .llrremnno; Tales of the Wars of Mon t ; I B1 ·l; Roderick Randcit; The Iliah. ' St . iciglnci; Village Bella; Allen Bec; 'Ihe Warm Cymoa; Ult.ncee and larnr~e ; Wiater in tc Wet;' lu a:hrcey Clibalier; Frtan, Ilcarr anl Lase, byM.iss E owovrtch; 'Tile Iick \Wick Cllt'); Iloehani Cls kl; h Gergo llctannlre; l11te, or.tlhc Lni elo' Ilrry O.a'rdoo; Elc and Rect; 't Ier Wc rloeki Beaa in Ouat Panaol; Dcerr; hlle totlr t-sa ant Other Tales; lRoxa~tl; Gilbert Gurne] "f'l Littnaood; Allen Prescott; ITwehlvr e leontls Cacmpilt ia in p:lt; Me Cati i., Nibholas, Itoa n dm; ucIl Pary's CaiIt Sketch (looka Bellfod Regi. Paul Ulrie; Mlirriamn Coflin, Tom Jones; Poal tifard Eurece Aram; Dovereute , Tha St dour, The lBanlit'i Bride; Mysteriesttt Edola, Ieonttlslh Chief-, Don tuixote; 'I'ha Iluuc aiariat lrnmthr. Alac, a variety of Sltanla aud Classi Soel Weart fir salo by im IIOTCIdKISSk (Co. 21 Cll'r'trb Bt. 'ATI OF LOUlISA: N.-to all wtinta tuec lr Sliata may concern: Greeting. Know yc, that roietis M~aelieouret Bienviono,. rasident of the ori r Ba Barnrd, has applied to tne Octave S tC o lsh oih Clterk of thae court of Probater, in e rthlutprttosh af ot Bernrard, eirn monititon or 'tdver tiotlqcintt i'ianfuortnity to the act of the Lezibla reC of a' .dbbo entitled "An act foer lite fatrthr ataon e ie ekl et.lplrpelera at jaldieial males," approved on tihe kiMIeieh, t112. Notice is htreby gien cato aIl with ht , annero0 , that by virtue ant porsuant to aunrter the bnaornneblaethu Court ofPrbat.te, in oat. . t_.LI ~r onSt Beriard, bearing dtoo)eeemabe, 'ri , anthe matter of thie suncession of Autouie Iaweinue Bfn, grantcd on the petitioa of Fruacois 1eli rekai Blbnoeau. , thenc deetr gnad, actinl o ex olfficio aettlhneer, did notbaO 2t1f ay of Jauatrv, 13:16, at Hwlett'ac Ex. chaa*,m nlthe aity of New Orleans, expoie fur public eslbotr oe) i pthe proprty lhereitnfter describerd cnd *ie.1iaio. athe aforesrid F'nrcoie MDeliueorte Biere, SAt htshutathelseat and bidder; for the price of r.o~ea y tm nn thousand dnlaTra, viz: - ".lFa of froperty as giveen r t tlh Junicial con l14. A Itsyarplnrinhtatln tt all the baildings and itm pr.otentn thereon, situated in the parish orlf t Ile' mard,on the Bayou acax Bcanf, at about tix mile. froe t Ie riter Mionius'pti, maceurtingP eighlteen arpCnt, and M taims front on ides of the tlyo't maOn OIOeBtaf with a depth of forty arpentt on th bule sides of said Dhyse boundd on ithe upper line,, n, otn ioth sides afaaid Bayou by the property of tile Ioatnu Catltolic Chureh of the Itrinel of St Bernai'd, and c' the tawer limne tla on both side of said lBayou, by the pliattin cfMr r N Allard -. Another trat of lan:l sitnatret inal nid pnrilh cr tweeon the proplrty of the Rometnn Catllic ('arceh of rho Parianh af1tBmreaadcl, acrl the Proatcrtv of Mre Jua Pocaz, hnavirtng toiae and lhree fret fol'nt on btto h Pid,- or anlid Bayou anl Bertlaf acial a drpttl of' forty or elta on both aitlee of said IlMrcot. 1. Another portio, of land eitoated o l Ol: north pert ofalid Itron, between the il;n'ttiatt of 1r I'ie'rre Jonrda, anld that of Mr Jenu Soli, having two triSo. nnd iwo feet front on said ltayoe, with a dlpth of forty f;r lenLs. 4th. Another portini of lautt situntct d nit tile snntl pat oa the said Baynt, batweca the plt;tlatttlin c1f til sail P'iorro Jatrdal nn i that Of s.oi.l.ecan ti,!t ; "il, e totise front on said Baytiu, ,c itht a deptla of t,~ t": n prets. ,. the gattle,, animtals, nnd all t:,. tactcll', jnrlpertiyapportaiing tt snil plnntateit. And also the 58s olloowingll, alvcs: Moses 43 years, 1artin 2.3 yenare, Rig li,,h 30 veers illry Jeck ar;' Buon i ve r I ohu 13ears, llr'tor i5 vr William 35 yeas Bill3 Duponno t 3' 5 yeaer, i,.li gae, S.3. years, Little Bob 25. yoa,.; heon :t5: var+.,'T!v :' ears, Little Somsdi 18 ypr.r, [een'l 7 v'ntrs; \ill :1;o I1 eom do do, Baunuparte 15 roar', Little Sao m 1"2 vwar Laichal Idtyeer, Bent 60 vears, Yazon (Vi pear:, Sal coot 9 nera, Mary ~2 eanr, Silvio RielionO 35 yloars Mliloia Jackson 3Ode, Aith helr child n2 moo old,rlner 30 do, Abigail 18 dn, Amelia 2. do. J.1nov 50 h, Gr(on SSdo, Maria 20 do,-ithl her two clhihdren, ono.of I luolth. and tlhe other of 6 month, Doll,' 0 ver sn saone 35 yoeas, and her two children, one of 3 years the other of t montho RoIr 43 ursln Juli on28 0onr & bA-child Regis 5 yaoro. Judlioth 31 yoro, and I'.r chil 5yeasr, hrnte lrel.0 yeosrn, A0r: 5 A0 n v ;;) doV.i Jumolt 1t years, Nanlcv 0l year,. Cesc 60 l, re do do, Cloe 35 years, .lori 70 nears; blarien ') vn .'r, her child Marie Loaise 4 yo ars, Becltv ti') von, Keltr 40 iears, Little Roe 1 t nears, eggay 1.5 , o ra.o Coadlitions of sole.--'l'ine ptrclhisoor shal asume thIe obl. ta tlle to pay tine followiong. s to wit: Tae Aum of+5,!)70 to the nank of Louisi, n, on .M' April, 1836. The sAm of $1,350 to 31r Bolton .Jl. n .n 'Iof Ie t March, 1830; and the osum of $16,350, oni tne lt Ioarth, Tho saum of $2,008 to Mr L B M artyor oni the 30th of January,1336. And thle balance at one, two, thre s on flr r n ?oar? luit. o in notes oandoan e to nsa iseftio:, laitll -l;encil mwteagt unatil n.ual Ialnelllt. PWherefore, all prso'ti who b na set no any rioht, title or claim, in atd tot the sat I lplanorti.,i th a.o o. :aJd,and sla llat bove, ilon ibed, ia eolsef I, lce f oany ifermnalitr ito nrdr, l ecros, or j tig Tr:t, rb `,ro r, -it.'d, and aidr awhih the sale wat rloto , or any ire. anlrlity or illegality in thot atppr'timnnr ts or t I 0 i0 ol - mets it taim nor i.nnor of salen, or for any oth;r e::a u n 'idbfct-whatooevenr, are hrreny cite a ndono gl!wisdi I show cause wiihin thrtirt lont fnou tlhe first u!,liCh tiof this mlonition i nt thoe iofli. pi .ers, liw'. l ti lesl .o ,mode ao aflrenaid, sho:ldf inot bre cn lllrl'l a dIIo al·chraeo, Oagreeally to tlth pr:)'er f thin.. illlr lt.r Wizuo mtoo hand ad seai of oalies, t ,-- idot Jne, A. D. 1i136, the 60th y).ea of thlo ild "ouled;ore of OClTn.' n S. ROItn i \ 1' Jhu lee rt, i Wo-i cir, ok. ml fPAIN Iilt V -r leln ots cf - S PAIN REVISITED by the itlor of i r ill . Spain," in 2 vols- Hlnovoq Co/lecri, :!,.e,tio , I, il huuthor of "Cecil Hyde," in'l rolo . '/n Al/rAos 1l Paden, aml other tales, by tie ulthor of h'Rilu". kel.n 2 rols. N ,imrod's Ilutmot fonrse tiotr oplesoe with characteristic tneedot.s sayings a0 l doinogs of S ti sne, includiong saotces of fth Iooi o Ill crac.k sII, o England with analytioal contents t ld generall im of name, to which are addled, Njtoiod's lfttr "idiq t lo Ieunds, in 2 llst. oen irace, tin lfoot of Nelon' Agateennone, by Costr (lt;hier, I. N., thbiorto oflhe "Life ara Sailor,"' e. cin t vols. Coolnon,,tirn s _ quity Juriprudenlo cr as ;lministe ed in Engl0nd sd America, by Josephl Story, L. L. 1. Oi, trtot- I leundby Dryden, Pope, Congr,,v,, Addoisot n alo others, iaICed,. forming No 20 and 2l of i"Harplnr'. Ci.L:iol -I LlbMry." infnltry Tactics, or rules for th.exrt iee ad mooonevs of the Unitedl Staoes hlfatrv, Iby .l joro Isw IScott,'U. S. Amnttv, iii 3 vole. Jost received and for saol qc " WO. blcKLnN, j9 rcorner Cual!t , tnommon i t. llnlaar"n r ,· r ------ P A. Ctlleclti af Colloqoal Phrases, ci every lopfii no lessare to mintaon eonversetioa, ,rrn.2cd undr diffrent heads, with aumerous remarnks oil the tIrclil prdaue.iation and use ofvororon wrords. The whole son -im d aeos considerably to ftcilitaote thl nequioitioo of o d t pronunciation tf the Freonch. IlB A Folmar, t ý.ditton, rerled and eorreet:dL Auleetion hullred of Perrit-s Tablers, erom-o pomned with a key cntaining the text, o literail anl( free. t.wal.ioa, rorngliot stuel a onn er as to poit0 n0 t I the difthreance between 1le French and English idiom, al a fi.rd pronauneinalion of dthe French, nonieordio to thlg0tremewrtrko extooton thole soubject. Tohe whoole ramdb. by ta rt treatise on the sounds of tlhe Frlc'h I aoOfS'4'"tf those of the Englilsh. - Prihxab n.g VSnech Primer, or the Seholor's G tilde .- the accurate prndnuneition and c'tbogrlnlhy of the Feinch an g: age, enntaninr ito clen^oto acordinrlj to 4L atzt t , by Bernard Trotnhin, jsnt received andl h.t - . WM MeIKEAN, g ' Cor 3amp & Com, sts. HA PER'S CL..IECAL LIBRA RY. TORA(AC iraas nd by Phillip Francio, I) D, withl San ppeddix, containing trianslations of various d, c.t. by e oe aa, Cowley, Llilton, ,ll)doin, wd Chttterlot, 0Wakefield, Ierson, . d'lom af th mre etinent e OOti of the ,RIJ, with the appendoi-3l 3Odios tronsla od by tristohner Smart, ita wols funnting vohtlmeo 1 ~ dlien of IIUSIPREY CLINKEIR, hb" T. h MD, with a toemoir onf the A othnr, by 'l'tom Roma:, Eq., ew edlition, wih iIltlotrotiwa by ireo. "' -IPS[Y; a T ole,hy tlltuf1 of ofR¶ helieou," a ,1 "uegtady," le., mowdieion, 2 tols coorplfet "*,,MJjI 'I'IPFFORD; by the .uthor of ",' J-'t hoie'A,itl reclnme 1V of lthe new edic .d¢.i' al t1 Compllete f ol. " received and no- .o .'t WVM MlelEAN, C ttl , SPEOIt CANDLES, &ct--00 Hnos.. SWb ita i-Haheoa ar, 150 diatto New Bedfordl M 11ia d0 tlita 1loetteket ditto ditto 14 Casks Ia;k.'llrPh and 20 lturtter a !";'lalollJt Lioncilto, \ ' IX in[ strl'''o' log ilooll W t~ N. l1' il' 1101 itt ilFe t tior t titkc, iu t o au,! totio" late otir( itris fl "'r. :b I'lsl lr ·~ , ·l: l 11. r10r 1.1'th Iu citol ;, lotub tý d olc it o oh olec l:o \lo:,roo ilt.l1O tI. ,:lll·^It H "IOP Cd to 1YOt cdi S'r ll' o1 o r ++:ýiý ua ; n) nt sng Iln" o Ilin ien' lltedllb l tot-:i otI o lom t , f l,ooto Boo l n , ; o Als tttti e', 4 tlOliso" I +u! \1~r c-, too -p t r r')i t , wt 1,! t i loto-,l tiiiiiii., In d l;o o l; oot! ncý' qodooo Itoiltot nu lt't'pcti5 Iv; ! +.1 uo, lit~ doil nrsnl mcnt 8·I ' b, ri,:,iiitd l cl S. toe ito/t ool tit' br, O gootists Ioo t' a Iluoo tool 011,11 cltO andit \ltois, *~l e oto togo qtsoi'ioiyot '1 loot 'oj odit .I . ooMle 'ea Iootltoas llocalll, seaBllloi;,ool. Indian S il tn o ' It itotittglc cl'gt ,oto altlicle;d u os"cll olt. ct ; (ioltemoetlont.siouitohosi d. Id· o.ku it.o/It fi neltei lttnlb t ll'lld, oe boots size stitt cs'e of d d ilreott Iu lo laog d o oloilo ato'o a 1Io'o totl l ttt',!ho bofevv1d tlttob sos! u Io1tl Also, ail goiursoitol ttsu ois nle l'f booils' wa au I T i°+ nolols shicro11lsloistoolltotloo l ooir'do ,I t ' !Ro I. st grt tily, Ilusy t I. rc d ns, lolled in Ill n r tsin oks, tadei p sltl y l So o Iutgttlit nllli s -3tl 1ts -t IfINNCI/F.Los S(Al'tE ILoH~ UI iNui,&5.H Tll ... s+::Iuncut of Los ttotil oo, s it tol u k .pro Ioto, ! toot et a-tt ' tuu Ioot :c, Posit lutnetis t u ivtoloigr t nltCott d It bo asset a rl I wa S '1 01.broqmu t Loooes' fi'o Cialfs eOF, 00 Uo- o SullTgaTES ow lsoll Iolt pioi-slileol toesolrie sod o0 1 root , ! ki h Ill gotootl slio diot'; o re jotl mi les, f oo o do p +lut to sot hee loato so, of el ho S onoll loh bootde rol rtood llttshoit ill' all kinds :td qualities; 411 lastiog roae En; w, "oile S '00 roil ostel hoo tere, o r \efdl otloloed fnths rollsthoeo t ts. brtoltl Crl ildrenl'scololred by S Aoototo llsItiOOebll. inpnol nn In's fi~efl rsh' nab lo d, nnk ilk bats; Ili, t lael ri0'rolcttn o l o s r i'oad in lrv lito's Uvomn' fo dro'll0000 aol Iape size hats of fi tlif Ieropo qualities; do oildreu's li Me-On ad boll ostbloc of drao bool bats, to' 0111111o ··h'-pes, with general ascot Intent of boys' a d men', -Tho assotromnt lwroll boel le.,stolcc hodltherllllirbolloll1 each packets Isom the aoote Ilramed cihti cls , :II of whirl in a rl stil di A ' ()N 1,o l Ai! l l I A&N, ,.r" 1, t(NeMoo1 3ith its canalrt ofrlrlCooofoa:l and rlls nlatrroe, f ro nt place to ]lace , lona the Shtli\ and steamboat ;~iroutes, by 11. S. I deI'ller. l 1\lcruoiELL'nS MAP OF THE ITEDSTIATEIS,ONS. thepdoosf s n r Tri o/oloanksd, coby11on roads on whihoflo gienot ' dists miles0from place to smothe aIso'o Seoie, IoI Ooolooe 'f o the a ol0ndai raods lhou ell1t1e0c0un of ry,1caref1b111 Loompile di formoth ent af1 It Iotoorti sfpu1 sheotd by I. Augustus Mitchelooo ..1. UITEDtoi oi ttrlol a op o f the rli dsofditoot strait I' o'liltollgIliO-tsllood. bLilot oIoot lllaio olofsoolllo ioy o. Ciilgoj ils altoll~tlitltv lsi.i~ ietoolo sl 00boat0and11 tl rmoues, Ilt jitolo cive of fi r so l e I1 l J1T~~~ ~l3: SnO~r11'31 'i, FN, a23 Corner o1hl'~'~- ~rY~'ii~f Crop &Comonat oToap1es of to rllolroto·: loot of to e il auho fi 10 P 111111111 ! ; olegan," u vls I101l'11100'~or 0111tc 111111los Tilooofleiool toololor0 tltoo-.ooit· CIIL' l0Oil ~loe~l-o1101o~fl h~llllllllooel ~ord R bln, ro~ llc! r \llllr Clllitoilfill ooooo'100o1-0 .1g 0, ile, S lb 0111111l' Iui fli "eoll iin ta 111o! tllf tr'I- o ol l ll ii·· llioollldololonl~lolopos;lllso~lloos llisluv of te Sclece, b Ileum \Vltrtoe, L L. P AlPrat~looicalloI Trootooe too Loonooolo lnotasuo Rai o01Ilte15100ioll1intended toy iowl.FthGIICI0.olduion, thJodte o cting, 0011 Iloeoooloor~to IVlto o 'K ieAN, in, i'Faf:RapctVia kj0ti &l th 1Idadte rsitwill monn' ~ In foloolg,,tc. produce under var r'uious icmio nco ,;nd n utorot t, wOill lreore;toi o ol Ix thropolloot ILon tvh I ouoo to t 'ool'oo, 00 t1e lo tclgooos SIof-ol nflleg inetoot lio'o' n givingo'atonce th0 rsultg~s ofhell.OtolyoI1O11' o.001111pn n ;rent many 0tav oxpo int nt,, made on it Inrgo wile ___ (01 Iob, il filorr Oaynl CoprI 1?ie nralmls 11/ rfh'o' ItF lb1 otI le oil Io'oor 11101 ' 1 1100 ors 01 Wooler 01tololo Jo follIl oo 510 ilgnol~ r ho Old11 ..oI Ifo, in ootoe Ne ttoo'd; F. 1 Tild Netoos '7olndlClco tin UIll-oom Edil~tionof oatldi pColon, on thy Rligion Sooateloif the ountr. \'I al Fishery; being00 ll Noo'y nd2 of /½iy 000010 and 1111 1 0l. I& R111'i the prfer, b o'oooit,0 autho loi te. dimpl ILoooo1ooord 110/l11/ronceooo/1 llhuoooO nhatI ol tt/ohooroooi~ordLrwil/o-sby li~i~o-l, l os l (ot, 00011 011 10111 i' . . 011/ 1/ 11001y Irn t ol fom fluo 11101/0 ol Soflab 11011nn oo/o coo/ Ito'iltl I oolo, 0010 ,fI tii~~tl imo I. 1 0101~ lJdeir's bmd-cavpr l a.'r~t'. , : BiLe, connis i ,z cl' i,'x. of O, ,mn t .2nR n i'. e blc Il:cr: ll1lI nod r: fI', Old amnl New 'r1.0tot atl , fronI fill t ofodr Tinug, 1 Jure fl ol eoriolanl setpch (al ). yl estl arcIo 1 ilieh Galoerr or 1} ' ood'llitd A iin-.. l he .?h'ing o f f oo- earl, oll n of rt rte 0 0t EI Ill. ' io o-o o o, T0,lll.l, 'o f rTh lr ll] ti rll "l Bri y . ill ro c d, F I. W S. b uh. n lr It' II 0,1A aIlet o of Finafle A l l o I frero and o f ooulc. SoIOe bl i the n0o1 r oof "O ur N if.ilo:or , v. 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N. i'"rnm ,cll ll lir , of tlhe .c1o lll io, Cilll aiv with i lff o .f , fol ;s le b a y 1\V I1 hLKoI ;iN L `'i r(o't"i r 'wop I uliliil ('ol I'I lo s .l fCOUIfI1:. 1ff ,f!, o'ro I,,. C'ociv A , o-or C1 7 a.i _. a 1,1 -i or iý ,ll,, I ,o iro ioo-o- -- oo fil ftf essini ,ilv of a cnld r 1 1 ~n ,coo, roll s I. •RN v'. l sholl .\1 n do , ( ::All l'rlor. ell! > e l.or 1 - L ,Io,,'oi k nIl,, ioN ,li i 1 Ik f tdo 0hc, -l1u t, 0- 1 1 - 0 J ffwll c fol f h.~ r foof, ofl mteiJ! bhdall::,en, Io size, fl hf f o .- o "oi-oo-,h o. Ioo-, t1o-1 of.fronff of ffI- .ooolf fi oothff ,o, 1ho t= and 1 ff1 o l fot of fbio00. .l IR l oEf1, f-OY.: & Co- l0 l \ f fooo',o ooV ' -: l\\Ni]UI'. 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Etal;, ighlander, laoker, 1lcr v A nd re w , c hlcl a n ur Ci e n pl I a c rd s B a tc k - gain:notl Boardsi; Chessaen, 9 1-1 a; l2 '3- iueh Bit liard Balls; 8,09, I anad tl i' h blahie Lowie Ksnnes; lctiatcr an trl tran at' clln, D1 rts inlo Cas,"}- Baiet t'ockeit, It:n'n,;naa'n, anal tialiing PtisSt ' dalulie and sitnle Ia'rre'led Guns; Game inag'; Sahot itlts; Powder and Pistol Flussh; I)ra.n Bottle anild Drikiin' Cutp; l'nrtCint Ctnlts and Cap lallert; Clothh lni, Troot;i and Natil lirusll; Orr:a ltd (Sitlineat Tonti Wash'L 'Toth aow'der't'oilt nad ShavinR h ea" , iat reat va . riety·; lolg~ liair lhaid.i IRiag~lcts nld Fr1izettc~s °l'eaH· and Tol'el'.tovder; l'mery ; agsiee; r," Tub Cushis: l'atet Slides or arta'rst Gtnra (tant i , Ulder. Pawder P'fa 'tmtd 1toxes' Gilt ('lhaiaa, ,aol- ad Kt e Ear-drops; ,aist Buckle: rllar:cehIs; lead Ncckla]ceL and Clhais; Gilt and Siilered lecads; Indianl cadls, liells atd Plumets; Sta ell 'ta itot; (ide attd ressinw, Combt;thltica,i nadditiatn to tthir Folrer st'ck n hluld, inmaes their assortment atel't c'mt' lt ian d t ll be sohl Iw and on iberal terms, at tite siga of the Golden Comb. j5-t_ f 70 Chii rtret s street. %~ttl2SAt,t'. AN~t tti".l I At. tO.t,titftNl) V'/ 'VAII"I7'..' ST'olBe, N. i. 18 Caaat staretonu der Ilislhon's Ilte~-'l'the sabsribers at.i't ,.no oten ,ait' at tictr anw statta, an extensvc assortment so rtilte , their lile, nomtatisilng ery val','ariety otf (othsi, llr.,l hPes l't,-Tfumerv', Iookittg (;lansss, l'latin, C:r'ds tIal large mtntbta- of Fanny a'titles. 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FILAYING CA tOSS-Kagla, Intry 8tll, lnaoom, l-igtantdner, Spiel Carten, Frnatlt ttd trl lta btctki Play. ing Cards. - PANCY AND 'VArIII'ETY AIlTICLES-A supe rior aassa'rtmet of portatltiJe desks, ladies' ant gentle me/ i'8 dress i u eS s ta d latd t'ica' worlk Ioxcs; t oaey ox ca o| Fallqons lrclcrlptiouss $ttialldel for.II theW u .cw yc sid (lhristmas:' gtnt; rIocet books et ill tol's; suspen dtiers, mhsile-ioxea, Ihtad tencils, eltotlat,' viotils, bean hagsn :nta'adaa"gaan aa lt'tetlt'a 'trt tfI'natit' t'.igttt stitatrst qulty billiasod Imlh~l, pal re I cl~k 1 .: [t. n ,, ,thirt, vr~cs tmtll;aid suspeluLer buLtons; pearl I a'llous Idal shirr stalas,', ra or tr s; g:.s nachines "for erenthini lig~ht; fSpanish sal atelea segat's; t ntaeotltab, Paris, 'at'i'ee iea d t t rttat salns; tl asstrttaaent of a dlSnta alnd stlat'Kl anlle, buaak gammatoa botartis; lice, ltiney stctarnas, oltica, JewIas nhanjt, harnl·ollmls, ltllri~c ll2• illttLhc. pills, needlles, IlclaEllss ol steel, silver atna1 l'at ca spechLtiaes; thIlmtlesta, twine, e, a halalll~lfloc a~sso,ltlncltl ot'e~gt~ll ittgsa, Sll~d a I:llR(g . 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Iincrrnain · of mo ld f:ta n tilt 1 'oile'd tlli r!,r ntl on Ihori .cd to dispose of the I'o lin bands in Texas, alo+ adio Jed t oom wooopi [r c P r I tns cx r N, k Ct' ii , la es ' t obtt, IN ci 1"' n; do' .lI~ tot' Iotlocot t;c ci:t.leanl I ro u io toon C Ci+ coil to ho;nt' o tien iotooto n of otilotol Hohto,'I lo n 'I':1=d' ~Ihoco byIll lI]b t Aioi' elmd no i ll, Co nI rio t +Ihfloh~to ;ttotrtittoe,1,t" nolis toorl0 ok~d~ie bo Jstn~eid aiodo oto rtopeoto by ot otti tttnln boe i)t ttttttot " col ottlI 'itltrtic st' j ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~o toeh ottl lot1'lit'I 1:llol I- icttol t t tt ,ar 131tod te,',too e to' 35 nldu e Noial jolttr Pill' [filIt~totppo irbcnttt oft drljoll tt. t'tttbt' ot'ttg oft~ Jnit nrl of ItO tet'ottd ott ,ao n Pt,A"v tillC. 'it "t 'too. t1. 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(bivol:e:;, oif i .lw' Yc k chose long establlished tep.hltionl fr the wainilcttl" of silver wave is Blticrint goaroIalnte loi its suiel'llor quality. 'LA41'I'D li -t'ARI' OF Sli.EFI'IELI) AND B1I: MINiHXA M.' lTen and coffeeurn, tet setts; castors, l]ltuor, ,l elor dial statuls; superb cadlelbr:s and Epe.gues with moir t-ro plateaux, for centre of the linnel' or s ppur taIl,e :iterls roundll andl oblong, from 8 to 12 illche; becf steak and vugetba;e dishes; riich dish covers; rcake rd bre:lad lskets; decanter I.t.elds; mantle :lail challibl( i eudllesticks; trine stlainers; coolers and lplhlus; dhc.uni Ier labels, claret corks, ten sutriners, table bells, tle, toi le, eg anld mlustard(l soos; ergg oilcers a l stinds, oa(st races, foe. SILIVEI ON STEEL 1AlRIE. Table i'an desert klives, frks and spoons; soup and ,ace ladles; h(utter and fish knives, eheese scoopls, as piangus o(n1l', vegetable forks, itr. iJAI'ANNEIIY. Fine Gothic Sandwich no I nond coleor tlalters, ill setts and single, lolri 8 to sl ithlies; do of papier e1sn(he; bread, cheese, andl knife Inys; large upllight( pite wa(llnl's; slioe, s tlg i aidl tneh bosxs; pltssllog cils; hidia ten tahles ill tei.;l ehl 5, codls ,ilpiniasd ?i d of rich tortoise shell, .ec. LAMES. At extensive assortmlent, among which are ilps,I all bronzled antd ilt, and of rich cult glps; milile laitmps do, o, ictanil lai nd with glass ptisms i vses' splendid cut glbss do bronzendni Japannobed side or blsckPt Inmpso CIIANDIELIERS AND IIANCGIIG LAMPS. English and French cti glass chandelicrs or lustres of 8, 10, 15, 18, 0andl 24 lights; French Ibronzed and gilt Grecian lamps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hail loits oand lan terns, rich bronze boat or ccentre llnips fort ihowing rooms, from 1 to 6 lights, lInoo shades, gla:sss anli wicks. MANT'LE CLOCKS, CANDLIBIIAS AND VAS ES. lBronzed and marble; bronzed ctod gilt. lnd i( l gilt, wilth llxtures, etc; counting house and kitchen clocks; lbotzed inktandsla, c-gtldoi ; p1apr weights, thlertlonlln clis, clard raks, mcoiostioks e01. CHIINA WAIltE 01 IPIIIClLAIN, Englistt ind Froench dininig desr.l, (r andi coWee ser - icrle . l piltin while, gpil edge, 0an slerv rich iancy styleiss pleldid toilet setas; water and milk pitchers, nilstlo aseOs; Ic llv Crld raIks land blskeits. IAIIR'lIIE N.WA IE.. Dioting, desert, tea, colire, bi'ea; tkflst att o epeir stni; toilet wari; pitchelrs, Also, Cottonl cihilns dlillelr sls, elc. CUT ;lASS, I)entlctlde's, pitihttll etiilt toit c(olored Iock decall(tres; blowl, dishtls, iclht''v' vasei, siitl staWdli, lllgot. !ln0eIs, I tll tl'ltul. gll :t, b1a1 ln l(w t(ItiliiOr1S, wilii', ci iIIlaigol, ciiet', cooboitnls, ltottdii ando jelll gsss, Sollcga fie t1lot'rei bouk gllllcs. Alo, eslt~lltt tcaes. TAIILME CUTIL' ' Y. i'hoe ivory b;haltnce hundles, sif tii stial hunsk haiudl kioioscollil Iil: "of 1 10d 53 dosC. s, or Lby I the oloI ivo0'y blltltc kiveis on1ly fisr sil'ver fbi'khe gua'tsl a gtlrle calcrverst0 Ilslices csforronbllotf, oystojrknies,l lsat In l l pcCki t itclt;l: t c(loltter, coork st--'cIos, Il. tIllIT'I'A'IA ANI IIIO1 K T'IN WAIRE. Teol utit eocfee setts oitt rn1s, with I and '2 f ileets, suitable fori hotels all slelo , iooi aisn l ladlels season diislces with covelrs, fyle-slrsOl chaf.llin)ihesl dish ellrs, pllhtlc hesters, eoftlte greegs; te ketle oil n slllais wish Iotelrs, I'g Ioilrs', eti. FANCY IIAI)DWARE. llBrss iln wire enlders. brlass n:irllons; brass an steel shove and (longs, .e; copper coal h.tdsm aod uilch ket tles; braiss sliiolls, lchimie t hook; Japllllilell. ibrnsstan1 holnze hnd Ile hearth I'udder. lil"st bellows 0ln1 :Inllul brushes;ll' ctlllng soo hlSting iaochiones; ooibrella stlandls, ,;il l((otllOn i file 0'10lillntlbi hd . 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'ITh' subscribers lave r' ceivod, in ,xddition to their )roviout Mock on hand, a fu +i nd complhte na.s-ortmlent of articles in their lin+ ; vi: los, p nl' tranir, Jewellry, tnau,'hen, lo.king glass' S'. lll.\ .--orhoise shetll wi' hto ''and lait .. ~tr; l.i q ill d I ek, lt l ro unt l del , 'ali t.ile s p. ll i to. all Sne , I llaziian l s'il of eteI r dI s l'i ianhifoni :lwhich atrc .s , ism.e hsin pat, Itr nlavor eoli I , I"eve ailpi itn, erlt h ',r ('ol nl,g a ll hl"i, 't- " Pn r- , Iryll oapIoll - rhI:,, ha lat doiian ll ira t ,an tn iit,, prn sun ', 'alae, N air , itat ".n fr- it (irlnto'd. 1 fi'r'. ,, ' tg.h l l s h Nola a;. ndn 'at l+ 'o ll Itortalti ,ond r k : ," powder, ,l , he r na nr!ae t d n , Iattll ltr Ta ul r inand J ol rdtul Ilu chlo c ll tooth w - Idi{ lV+Px~d HOjtrxk- iCn .'ntlI+iiI l oi 'I ..i;-E ti .llI l'-soII hs oi l h'h htanst m IiiI not fnshianr it. sal,, al' t i:.Jlilf of'. ' ll n lrod al .t i nl titi t, i ,a,(pp i t t l aol in, . titnll fi: I,r . 'la hlnr ofi / llfa h al'. ia, So1 i ll", wt id hiiics ells a .il. , k . iat. l el, th, ane ohil , N v il t o, h al In taLsl eataain and n 'aaIatt '' I and to i PIvr r .,, m aI o ltla lill .s nIt I . nel ' hrn r"11 d l ·+,¢r, i g ta . . ,, hllm o laneddat 'r alnl t siann, jetu dtitp' l atntiani ntili ado.l t A, w ll i ti vgllra'aivl o' aanhar hnd t r, I etll i F Ala '] Ai l ) ViAiiIi iT Y Ast Tii at'sla l-f:-r: i r ia n as f vaikinros i le d d, itd ns p a nlt lbil rn, silver lnti ecrai'olnlll,nntnit II , al l :alli hc pi-olts with ani t w hof eases, pierml=onll e./its. enlUIss l rapill arJI r., . /ir e . i i s razors 1 ior s, ledlo pin silver Itl ed stwee l an Ition estja cirdi alI card l a l vin f li an, at a tr e, di lls, im tion f [Ialze, prllll ofs variouskpi nll s h ind+ r $11 lld ]'onie or. 's I ,ell alt isll l :: llil nn' all ant,' 'iirazor nnr Ial't ta inteslile orl .d~I tl'hk fn y nd IIIS'I. ll k I .' r Ite w t "., ,tr it,' -toy 1 w uuo., mart Po n te iitant flanks, c:.. Am lai seed ilentl , -ll :n il nilllvr I ,it. 1 n l'e as tdc l isn ho LrWls, dice, optAent'virnnrs, jw3Y rl,, locoJ h . ntr " eand drinking s i a great v • ' v'of. o er a "i elas, hil ofwhie It will be sold fn r ct, sh orcilt i . oet on 1r2 mtonths credit. 3 I kSI'tlMONS & i o. TI i i ,i ' Tif i: (' -- , - / iih , i iellra .ar .l., ih , - I T iTale is r l,' tte1 ilh Il H t iry F. Chelhv a l t i to s, I l'(tt I ! Xwvl ttzi I ! il l'lt ll I tisrt Andit thah a for e t'r. heatr! I, aThe . /ait ny of ' oip i, in Jilrt vn 11: h n nifi J/tiell rT d fill(+ Ur s t l.y lR . Ftin-irln 2 lI s dislTC 1 a i Co, i hartres st.i S 'II', .ii:.IS V-U LiSXI Aii,.;.Ji,,- h anf nrta., rý\ aI'LCICE is hereby gitrn to m.ll r,-id ',t own i i ' Car, tItll v'i B'ele o tlliea a Iiother per:n II rIh -(i illtt Whioti iat mafiordat ol 'tn their J uhrt eliti - ttir s ,iin it i n s 1 ol rNC! 11W PH i &l purs1151-F W f fill!?' ,cveli - din ee ai of ie lt h"i, n nJry ofanid p. is n .ni l' Ian iappro,- on the ,1111 IN 1:i'.1 Ihi, 1 bi Sep a,' ,or" 1H;. tii l..ilnnthJtl', lflan'1; idth S Tn ll. ]MO; , l ii d I tIii' l't llo il f ii ofi " tll ' T t i iii . i, ()4 . Mille (C.tth.," ., tquwrtdlFhiit I'e\ uil, tiatala atn o ,, t !, m td . lli 'i+ aet ipan +,] i the Ia -t - i u of filh Ic. i'"J rn" i l- lll. ip i),o N t- lawsl Il'lil G h i , • , • theirr Jll t i " +.Iv, ..\ I ) :llma ,r I ltl, tt ,n I It o ,,r h(eI ih, Le L Fortier, 1137. $ + \1.1,. 13,1 [II G[I., T"li INDI)AN'S PANACI"A. O{!Ithe cure thllleutnm.t i 4 croliln or'khin wrii,gut,u adtes e h•ip gout inci pient enmter.s, bllt Ibetm., cil' 'tic tlt me, u'il:l diseoases, par'i culclrly lcc rs cndl b faildi't'cions ofrthe bones, ulcerated tho v', ! .,:{is irils, MIce s of c\ver .l hcl.sei pthn Ineverl sores, usull i ntel uln : sesss, slitulu iles, senhl\hend, scaurv'y, bLiles, cl'o lnic so 'e eve., orlsilelis, !.,hl~thCF, I1I1d rc~l. " vari.vlPTI'C1) cicg "'om ac y ' ccid hlln or, pt:it ill tilhe stomoacich clil dys pe s ig ".t mnatrintion, folctcisl of thc lier, chronic inci rantion of the kidneysc and gncr:'l debili trne eLv I torpid tit inofthoevesst'lso'the t l in. It i cc c toficio usrc r' cctitcg those cctnctituttont \\hi;. hatu'been br'okenl down by in'julicious trea~tm~elt, i ".; lc i ".c' tglclac ies ]In elttti i ter ,l l it i rCounm - :::* InIt'l in ll thlolse disease:, whirds i is e fi-r " ini i es o 0tthl'e blitl, or ihk tTltit ot" tie humors, of Ohater lune11 or khnl. iomo e of tte abovel compl, inltsmay Treqie solmle ti ftlh n u s isi: ln a Ip'ptl i i hcti s, w h i lc h e c ir c u m ..tan c e s o t " th e cs will die'tcte'hut I'ot a ieneraOl r'e'edyc orl'tcic ifielote tr, relnn~e ihe e.,, thle IUDIAN'S I'ANACI", tcill gruerallv hefIound ldciWt.'UBLIC Ihow true it is, that m~odemPl Ihyviianhs, i their am bItion to excel in their lprofession;explolre thc v'ast fieleis rf'sciience iy tlhe :hil ol'olcellislc'y, tald seek out Inew re mcdicll cg'cts; in hit:ct, to trrive Il lerfection ii the pl'acctice by lieocs cI " art Ilone,-a-ttirtl'e] tc look and n g'clect, is belcen:tI thei natil eth erich aud ll l eos( stores tcftcledicine, h Ihcih the Anltghitly Ih:l ccnusccdl to S tlillg oll of the e:clh ill ccry dlime! Atlnhow icohc moe oue isit lhal ~hlile tihe Atmerietoc Ilhytic;il looks to Ibreign eolntties for rant" of hIis most commton tnd iecesl.y articles, ylel'pett:lly changing ns thely ste at the dcilcttes of fashlion {r folly, Ihe is sut'tcided in his owll eoulllll y with nn eIltes profusion f mltedies plats, sfcicficcnt to nllswerl' nv icli'ction id lisease or to etle any curt'ble dis'dlclctrnd yellt he is ignotct oft thleir vir ttIls, n.ltld ley are stlfercd to 'avwstetheltr heclig on tlhe deserl ,.r.' llThe fctottcs tlf vegetable mtedicitts upon thie system are temlot':u'y-lthose of minerals lasting. 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','hio, in Atmerien, lhats lnt klo'yit oclchelrcl of 'eptt::tetd instances wheirit'il some decrecicu ucccrtcdcicnctaflehIncldin, biy tmcnct.f her sillcc le ten:cedicst l once, hais :lietfcd tile tltot t tl'lcidl nfl :lstOnisin curl.£tie, aft "th'" e .11ateira .' dic .a {if the e rnmmn prntaice. gliricted in the most tkilfiu tlacnnet., has foiledci Acdi who has sct bIeen sti' ctti d nt thie ott t - Irtivcase n iliy ith whi the tetciitc itctiit Indicicn frees him-it sell' frcm c any disicte, Cc:clc t tile almosi cotc ahsltinece otl''chroltic diie'ro amnog thi'cn? Who hiss saver heardcc of act I nciin cttlt cOnictittlcio c t'okcn tctci rttine I by ilc'.clcaccentl Aldc canl Ic loulc exist IIIt thtis hallt' c0 enltllio ofthe a agiit ofe fcom s ost ofthe ills ahitcl tlhe Ilcahoefmnn it heiret, in ehciIlh' nocrlc to stccc'e cecci't icg difference ic success, is a fairextlef plilen.tio, n {if the i e1*{iI e oeRU/CIOI·1rr~l f lhe sillple andc sali.. meles8 {f eel'e~ icct (hcch Gttcc h ct e'ootccc li'r tlhe itettefti ofhi ilhe ove tll sew ich thie oilde tlld tilealr l' stcitas Ilhle ill vetled. . JFrorm a Itllon" rleshllence monglo a pIoFrttion ofthruhhrigin al iulh:clitantscf lhisi cotllllt lt ant iltillllte a:lelllli t:l,.e wilth ihe mtciolls of elc' o'f some Illf their slcccl ulcc ss l l i i ctiion crci, lhe p clr tiet" uli o ' he htl.ia'st PIccecct','tcqtlir'd a ktllccccictge of csome t" ile Iimo)11it Hoi el' 1 "L I i€icltccllt'it1'tc 11 ' Ltctljni's. FroIt'cctt s 1 "etld sclhi ass wcl c' t lllc. c t0.ciotcllcs cicld 'ap lc'icnlles, .i ccftcl' tcrclltite i w t'ilc t c ,tto e lttic c ' c tl'itccliei d t tand srtie npt, he halsechisslti1d lhemt i the 1 llrml here prese.nted, as wl , lllet lv t f e tclici beltlilcitcl hr tite lp ipons cir c htl lhl is ier onmn tcoccccittietttic Iitl lu 11.1,f C llltntll III(i I . l~-lllp lcThe 'Ci oclciet'tl orlerstcis rlttep:tclon to the bl, wish theet c hiotsL' thstits ait't . It it titcatlhithlhcir sea, aremtedy eaplehh efrelieving emany f his atlllicted fi6l lotw ehIlgl , cl y it al e siulfelte iaclg cs1 l icaliliollS 'chrnllic tacd Icsttiose lc taintcs 1 whhih . t ic ' pllicale, To seh it till prove i f'e iftulehti le va Ie, asithe Iettn, snd ic ntny eases, the only tcetsolfievinegltei I fl'iltg cmal lttlt'estc.sinl lhemlniace iotel to hthhiti at' h,-i "Th|is is n.ot ell'[red as at co.mmonl remeth', thirt mtay pee echacce ie c'w'llv goad cilh t nic y ohic s t ow' u ese, ihctas 'c e hich in cett hh. of'ut'ic liftc if c etllct itrllcmtttee ts.t Ihll ulthcltut'c't llnct li .stia l. c it hiscilc i.t o rf iill, tille ltly: icea d t i.oe is ttte '. (l',tiola itt ' sob caiced l'rcver it has becninctrc ucd. Itm Usudel, ohfe tpl{e r .onls might ,e lids h it..wIdoul d \II~t'ct' till I~t l]. htl ll)( :!l~tlt IV:(·EI( Itl: (ll .hl hl t S lme () ll~lle sohoncly dhehwlae taIIlt the) h:I ied that thllh, lites worn I .i ]by it,:o Iin i i st .-s auri e yllw hal tried mll.:m mud pe:i h;,ps all the commn~m t'e'u. d~ies" in \;in. 11 he : te, it i. kiowl t ii 'sr idly *olning inte use ad 1his 81"1P0~hr' sthe mos ani~l ctom' prootf o[" is "Th]le vlhle " the Pan n i n' , stf cons ti ' tcl ct i c thos' hm t shuuwlin tr a snd pain, i ni the hond sc f, ndus, :d;-,im s , rial , !¢ ranh*,'m..e.nt iflthe digest~in'. o.:rgas, de'. "lhe~m it m l ete~l y mh'h' t el sl(t' :nd iln all c:as,, it e'nire-I ly evl-cathaes lhe disen s ea.., l v-ll} oi" m:er'cu", I{v} cccl hi I'h c ttlr,'ctc' c t , I't ie g al' mht i ln [ Iq { cc , t - iti t I ,}~ltl li: :l toct '-c ]'''cc.l cccolt e''tctttt'tct ' ........ ,, ve i..i, .,.,, .iZvn$o.- t. Z iil, Z.TF.; , r" .' i i . :I Ir . sei , as n:om ti- slic and I u ll'l .l7ie :,o, h :II! c fu l li t i ciicic-il s a; l l lie "eel iIal nos !:.U + t n In mi i, ois' TliII hi a wi le eed in I i igii d inl l i car :ullbignl l is.( t(llcSli n tlic iie t'(i il( I, 'I it has I(iI ritccc b' hoiet - iil 'i c ,su -ii-tom, lnio- ii file st, St,ios i l di o ti , llI ,cllc l l c ,o ii 1 Ili t slin l do t.e . \.t rn-,.- a ,lied( . ink i, lnonider'd ne"ec'xWsry Albis.>'[ ure, taken in a sonaliduoe; will laswer all Il p:lluipows, i h i olll i li I lme, at I, s exI(p . :iand il i tIa1 Inlom k :'l "able : n: f.:" I I:'l 111! the I ic l rill. wlh lI!I oi chII ' '.ll les, i . l.: I' ntgeds iit"lai Ihid, might he pro'ic"ui, are lli ,n to slwi t-u'euli t of the l ihho's I' i t. c:,I i: l t' I i re- s compll)litt·l n u , r.,, IcIllhlll n ;;tl ao to :aIfO In hl]illit illn the os sti :l li. lCtlor D rllcnL gl I ii lll tr IauI',Ii' l,.i th lO ro lle ln! iii I CA SEIS (I . I O F1(011 1,'IT|.\I. J 'HN iFll . CTON, No. |.5, IR.8s. In'tih ile ; I ihr n Ie i c, haller ar od .cl.u I u-Is ,a isled ill, par i-tr l st ere mind dii cs-i ' lliyc i le nl, i nti oId i nt, el i'' i all wi .tlhi l. I nic ullW I eil ll ill-u l l .t, stlli~ n, I lhe i I thc, I', o fild Icu i 'lllu ll ' a ll anul, l ct , o.r npo Io wrlert t sat ha;tI.l I a nii e idl ifllh eo d iiu t toll. I war, I'_l d lcn;,b ltlli'.+., : ,;IIr ll, s I . iinhe, n ll, di eseh,,. he. ,m:Jayert, a: a I t:a kts 1: e : R ec ohld t ut lwiy ilel oIt swet fllinn ,tl and whi ch hs Ihlll elil i 'oli ll il I 'I Ir n "l t . I )ely ' ItII a m blen g t . hime ui tie : - timie, i ti l 'li ni I oi al m s it.u u i I IW'etr , o i ll, n lt tl i Ie 'h .1 ,e 1 i o I 0 Cill 1 t" 'c lli th it i ile ,' : thi . l v e int , SI ' m elfis ? d fom miu aid IP I I llll- l, c h . i' i . )Ilt' I ll n. Ililnllih ] I-ouiil i iiti lfcI n tiri .I- Ii't'e ll ii h i iliil*Int l'"'i"'.lo l h:,ppv .it:,~ luIt I- I iIu'o ii ul, llull i i - ull ii'- ultl I; IV?+\l. '1tl't, '.ill1, 1,3 \lawkt' a . l.1 1S cF(01 ( 1F(Il'S t1 lC E t: lS. Nthw 1' .t , Sept. TIc, I,(1,; . This mar eii e;ii hi the.f I l l I o 1 3, 1 I a siz w hh ni c sitell figi u r li'n l I m ule I tte' icl tl r Ito "ihi li, mi Ice rl t',iln lurei lf Ictli del . M'd irnl , i 'ic.s" ll ci c I n nBol uIle u, ' iif.' i' l'Caiu t- d u cs i silu 'Iil hIii:+'llS in +, iholir Ili ' It il th li i o lo w i i, itl c c; 'itllur iaituIl. a I r td to ayi r i ple i N w ,Otk, hi I +., nd au.ti, ell i 1 he ai ih ,r h, ,, ille hl,.- ll the oi ,ot ,let, n1 The h .h l ( .P,, tl. l% ui r.e iti' :uti h Tl ccc'll liiti, crl ' lt Iu" /i t, ,1 c oc c ,i'r 1 ti' h it I h llr, c ,ii 'u-i-l t deci r pc i'i'.d 'tI; ul t.uiC,*uiu ii0 a rici d l ti-i" of th l N l " . III eAr sL . 'TlHE I0)dillJASiAta c SI' 'LAM lOAT LINI I,, 1.011it IN F11E AND A I(lAdeD E fr Fr'oll Mobile (Alohauna) to Augusa (a L EAVI'. ?l ileo el cry (l (er dmlS, iIOI(,11e 13 the Wn~ivt Olthe mail from0 New Orlosn 8°et L1,WInlm1h011,IINV, I1I,0L'lo Itlly, oooees o to tu sMI~,hboehise 'nuunlgtRs ot~n (tIia ier 1111 1110') to Cedlol flloft cIloths 11105 vin 110n1 )1.o llrtlI:C l (lodor lee, (Iformely ' vib heto gpltsno. A irse geertlkiegls0Iia atl e hil boloin,1o I orr of heir6g throon Out mII! Irer e to b ll e1llfi1cfill iIler~e8ta, 01 lie i~lI (IX LINE. is ltl one r elleorlo, and 111'l F1. o thro1,11 1,111t ,nd 0011 n 'l l R'l WJIlO 1110010010TT 01101 arivool at A 10111(a hi ti1101( 11 r, , lItreug all wlhas, 0 1111 01h1u11 Coe. 'I". ·Irll 110lt New ((lans 101 is c1a 1111111( ylls ,10011. Thle Agellts 1( Iet· com8 ln '9Caead C II0t sOrpt ued s t he 11110111o,1111 111(00 11(1, 11 t.,'si 'P111 1001111 Ilohtio, telm:JI mole0 Iloe saf and islet clung water l' Inyigntnion; the timre midr necomnitlin~ aflind Iletraveer sped, cilft tj, comfortl, and plell 1110 variety; connlet1ed asitv1l er eoo11oe llliI1, trawler1t's 000l r' Nell' York fl11om0ew l,14t l 1110 701(0 11 00500-Wohflsliogloo city in 12lot. 111om ('Ihotllolochee, Florida, wIe ((ove t5,,,,, Lnoe rin Qoiilloey ld 11 'I IIallllOle, o St Mnllis, 4', 1ost c1elles, also tw( JlilleIll8 (hom Ilowkiooik o0e to( illedgeville, 1,1d110(1(0 Mloron, lighl t I'ol10 coachesc. S'1'OCK1'O\S E s0. AIOYOOTA, 10th0 I11t. 1535. fitte lit h10t0iu01 Ihouse, Mobile, S 8ltislnooe, New Orleta 0 to 'Molbile, 150 mil8 Mobiile (0 Augitn, 540 Aulgoull to(0 llClrlesto(, 1381 tjl:blotlas to New York, Orn--ito 'l'ime, New Orleans to Mobile, 28 halro Mtobile 10 Autgoais, 232 II Auo6ola I IClhatleolon, 12 Chtlore(10 to New YTork, 8t6- 5 ploking 165 m(iles pe day. 01o r 1 miles per ho0, sMo, sive of tll oltolplptges. nov10 N. It. 1 Icbg Isve to iofooei tilhe litic (lot (Ia' nllidges nice theu Clullallrnubeswnnq al.d ]MarlI Lo& erne h liIIHve jllh been1 completed I y t e g Fcrsn snrrm. 810(1, (d10 0ly ob(totrles elre(0.1((l aglalin thi slfes , slprAlrC rII te) se 1i11ns (1np1ly rem108ovd;l (l 011(tI0e8 I,0 pleasure of leU~v ni 1(g front if 11 t eless that the em besllon 810i, lldolo, (11s11 roa01d1 10e 01 Ithe first (rde1; 8n08as (to I venter routle fi em r'elltoltICedarl Ul Ccr it is ii oai1 loll by ill lho tun1e p11(c(1 thllOloglhit Ito (1e tlwlOlrd (;l11C1i1 ha.11 ((110 I,1111(110p11111. 1 Mt C 1tAtKg r`1it1i0.S c. SWAIN N0. 11 CLanal OSroel !Vots Or10(11 1JAS 1111y0 on(h,11d 0000tonlly k raeeisltg Dfell D~yes, Cheoicnlt, 01111 roiollb,ollonIlg 101u stela ullulsl(:O. L hIlt. (:K. D YES Altiol.oy, cr1111e, Argolo, roed, dllo rglll1(, Allulallnl, Spnidau, Aseu1,ie, crudI, Alto., do podi1Iered,, Clnllille wood, Pnloolm Copal!:,, Cncltinllc·H, Illolil, crudte, l1(1er18, Amerionn, 11 ,,olalooe, e1(11e, Fuslir, 'Tampion, o 111011, o Cubs, (rroo, frow, Ill Mainlle, 1110(11(111,lt1 Frenc Corn~oien, do osootouni , Ind So g Ilooelgo 1uoolrllio, Cl o Cmramn. I t 1101111t 1011 (1ogoo deog lo, tlo,,r, Io assto lidonee, to Co go, do( D~llt11111, ert,,te, do Jam80ic111 (Io koite ru, IStrt, 8111001, do oelolo, 111110 1110011 do to Amrien, o Cra tI III 11011 C O 10110l tl) s I llIltill a 1111111 AeCelilaol oIlh1b e1(00ie, i dki r Aridf~o n(1I110(itrio, t,,I Wslltc, dIo sl llmnOIatie, 1110 1, (101510 11111, d160(lIoidlitlb , I::I tl l' l, 111,si0 rll, , Uo doo ynllow, 1mr ao i,, oil, Mn11na11:0ke, SIo dmlp Soda do v' I 1 , out Vlo t, (Ill A, Ayloi icebIdl St An" team do a1,in e, tin. too All oooca no,' O1,61 man ,Il 1 I ll''t.Illtl(1 11111g0ntian, Cis'(11ig yellow, dry do II I, 1 1 do do in oil0d , So11 l~l~tA1I I or il, do~0i~t(l do init,0 11, d i A:IE 101, 10 a I it,, flef .Ill M:1'M:tl1 ..1.! .o u· lll el' Ill s, -I1. I. ('Ini- Ilf, torutiotf, rro ocotfolly in forms the , II :. 11, Ili') I. Ilan prepa red, purl Kll IlanZ numnotl, for m~.bile J oll·II)II1 I ) 10)00 .101· Illli.F Mlli. ci1l llop. th e bo'- o otior lofthe Wflb mid K1IIl) olloooo flOE lr. o \ i-got' I'.hll` ,o , -ll- oofir Poohl, opnti rn, opialeS, oloo glioblO 1o .,(I 0, g l,at e ool.oIhon , moo-oooolooo dicetnin ic. \or.r lmop' wmgi-.oronolr-r.,norbuoib Ii t. lnwwfvllm Ior , cF, Hlet-III, a on r gum ' s liloiresc I., incnole' [or te lose f"' nfnls whr, Irelliug 1?ad, of ifnl. e (·j~ e mclrlT, llF ire used i)Pnrln~lllr fre te mtolltllipOP11 lototeefltpadp, podpff jolopar-lolr di rcloth(%-thePy arlo tooe1811 Q j Altio onoy otler articlsofr Ipon toilol of' the U~iAltlolIrE~~'llo. ruhscrih liarhotjust oooiitd ~~0it splendid lporooriooopoof longhlto, German aud Americanp lianoo l*'ooooo,njr.. roooe wooop,picolo,gnlOl cathll , tpi olo s,o a loroi Ftrion xquarr Io fortt frooo tlC W ohuu, & Colloopod, (ibte Cbooprot co,) CO o~ioo 1otooofgllontRI-to- Y,I pooo100p-ooioofor don, muo;,-taa: nn, zbra wo(1 Fqua pinnoPorten from0 A 000000, Vfiroooo; do, fruu, i, clebprapoted fco nic f.1 (Ioiolo iio & oor Iltoto:; ifuboio & lpctoo,? Yorl; \'t Swift, J'hihool'rlin. Afooo-Pl-'teso, of o ory I. ori1 jot' io-ins~o, ololinrelk lgui 'lor-iot't, flbgolooo1t, I aroont, horro, troll! onto, bluglesdot loons,tilif, xning , erio r'dr r etFrry Kill ,hot', tojorol proooploodi-oe, oftolortoe nndol retoil, fl rcanolooooeto"'o,o0. 1t CASEY, tiny ''l l9 Co~onp sreet tFflfr f Ife 0l'fllo 'lTO UIIOICI'lri 1B !!l'lotobl hrs oorlofijofrmo tloo Ii rorr-r rof' noo Orlensrhoth , Illoooolry ooo0uxOotioy,,o hod, iop ltro-ge ropy ofih thre b - Sooooo ofl oooooo'r fitt-ro; ooloiato u-ord by thbfo0lvooeoolich pill fo roollrton N- Yorrl, pricer. K1E1i'CII&llttl B BltlJOCK, Drouggstspo, nm' r'f :f7Camop t. . lOhI \ iO f/ AM) IAlDOli I i ff I iWAllst ý rtxeofl, Kral illrN,11 C Co. No. if, Aiagaziar 'tI poooootcrr mudo worlr'ooolo olo'olro i00 Foreoigo aro 1,01 oll o Ioolloro ot I tOororotog forom Ittoojootololnd the All-Al 000000' 000010 fiooF romt othe ororoloro- born, or ,mews ire arr oIRS, teall of P, l~ fr'nor h lavl l tl WAt courpri-ing every u FireO inloh lon. All oof orir they ofloIooooooeoonl iou aonrootrotoroloteotorr', Cooontry me' Iot il oooldoo o or-, orooinvoel to call oodr examinerthen - 'bob l i l\t I i0'' 000 100 Aooool -, oo-oo, it o1'os'pa-, 'hobo'", ail ato hoond 10.000000 n I0haulo 00l1 00ith hi1 , 1t0orooo, loggooto u It, I drain- ,, oooo'- t~iu^;wo- lioogoooolo rilliglor eli , she Irls , > Illll e -looo, \oIolt, ooroooo'lo 010101 roil oilooojojooooo, fioo'ooolodl , bolototolloroaoolol axa, oslhingilri 1000010 Ooootl" and oloooo ll,oo, iooooo 'l,ooo'llcitooond booo handle ill~!: iI.O :rue, toel", in coutp L1111 oels of 51 P1;! nd111 00000''t nnd oo oclaloo,-Xhoioves'o anld fu- so rr preonoc nnd gllrts, lilrl, S oo, Bi roolooiooroooltronol ard Iioo'ooroork 010ob 00''-s, '-00 oooooooooloser,l pooo ooootord 1 011 V oooll, ous l'-l loiokso, ironop odl 5,0 olooollnOI I fla rllrn ,oooood 000001 0 o-ii re's, s-inoglo'ootoold oloooolol hoTP in n]pr110000 , 0000lot eooooo,rotil rttol roofutlo00ter0 I los ll o-- Im hal soookoo, p0ototot, foolt, loolstor tO oc l,0) pi. tots l ooooAooo-ioot pood Eooglil +li-trrd 'ree, cot, s 000001l( Croomley steelt, Ou{;tO orir olt I o, blk, k oIi rvs, Enogliih rool Anoltt 0a0i00, oooll,0rnomool, ooL("o 00000 vo'ooroo, ]niteblock 00001 0000 1001 000000 1o~ll~lli1m' oooool rojl oonr 00l it tý', iron pad broFF wire wscirir, glirmi l llo earll and c~rw -C i Il, craw:'-cut; pit n Emill saw,, hnn ;leraal ::ui I ovcl:, oool diro 0 B1oiootonioa marlo "arcs, ~ ~ oooo rIl lroo'Nne n ee poor, foioiloil0 l oofo'lof ooll loooob', planeto, oopentoor'ontoools, pteti onlue n tool, nob oolr ooooionoroy, G(racooo gootds, pero (:rdl ( tiltl1 A'otf (f hot 'p O11 '-I~iII C'AIi'I~ 1111 ouhcrle'coo-oo in lol,o'oono too 110,00 000t0001 1 L'0o'oo haooor,0iv 0 Itira- airt' of,,3OyirllP -'olola-lr '00foro 3eu fe toodl (/,Ioomtofos Go//s, tOOndr oonloox musooicol ooorlhofoor, of ciouoooos t'ooo~tirorloolulY' ili te iox f~o,, ohle noitb; Ladies pooinorkr 00x001 l a~oo t ' og o I0)11; aiooo ''orlooto Shlo poornr1, an00000 mooo,~ooon eele oaoe baoo,! y foooooro'lh(I ioooooo ' oo0'' n f0,0ointu 'Ion looooo oo1101o,'-pooo rlo'd oooo, It onl trooroo1Ok csfu ctool tooo bles or en i 000e' ooo'Oo etls,, roll v n geat,1 ret ofll-onrtio-ooo-loooo', bob 0000 ,lr ,oO~ 001100 Ioo0000, fOlob: to! s bruhn~er 1000001000100e, p olPP\ 11h' &ItLN, fluted cifhints, '' 'fo t tilooooti o I 0.0A oooir~t) obootooo-'hoo 0, lit th .ntu t on 0n onootlooT 0 - 1L 000 Ito. Flox oo, lb 00dfFlesad nrs d (Ili rol ortloors rotol I~amdIesn ~o (t l 7 tAll 'ANE ýt~~~~~~~ I'Iff 'If,1-11~m S.F~ue~lO r~

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