Newspaper of True American, July 4, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 4, 1838 Page 4
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ly an. P to ar fednd the public gene. -NM to aceommoadte them at <, atmL lpe from ier 8t ssr elritro ors confo tile, to re-ivn St lrnm favore. She fe.rla coar. l is Ilti Govi, C gton titduring the n et fiolnd ttre omm onsd.r'i them, otn re libnrul twirmp r `plAotity eituated, andiwell suoplied ts4mnehleo thhetier is furtrlhed with qa . in short,sh.promises hab : wanRting on her part to give men to al who may patronize the And L anisias latel. e3 Ie-TThe undersigned. havoog or . Sehmidt of Ieratclkno, ai ad lusame years his assistant in l olene and asrgery, has the MIanor u{s til services in this city. s and gentlemen that the most Swill be pwid to the calll which and also olera his sarvices to the nt being well neqianteld with the man to them, haiViug attonde.lrith in ltaein iCharleeton. .httiblions pills a ter the Mmposmtion ttol.tte, with ilireetio. on be he had. . Thl ei dlt wholh they have t ta tisi yi" ether cities, hahobeen attended ' slte*'e:tenous., to which the best of erabe iven. Apply a No, 166 M.6aa. v. " l'I.ORlNG. A H UU niHtab, SAL) IRONS, &e. WIL VO ORLCOMPANY, No. lits; near Beekmtanitroet, New York, tih. l pist seasos, and are costantly natl 8ind htensive additions to the stock ef ,.bovo goods, which now consists of the llat aportms nlt, suitable for the southern and estern mastreta. iltlow ware of superior quality, consisting ot abut 1841 tons, vis, P ets ll different sises, from I:8 to 50 gallons, etitle., 15 sizes, fronts 3:8 to 30 gallons, RefKlei, 15 sises, fom 3:8 to 18 gallons, ntOeas orOveeso ,7 different sizes, .il.tls, 6 do illtea, -" 5 do Plat liders .. 6 do ' ver.tdpidirs, 9 do Ordlie, .. . 4 do . ive Degs, . 6 do g.on bo.tus from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. 0B.1 do. .to 7 inches. Wood 1erews, 90,000 gross, iron and brase, frm 'O inch, 0. 3 to 3:9 inch,, No, 24 of a superior qulty. .d fintish, alid leas than Jame's imported priee. SI Ld4ind.sesortod, in casks of about 500 lbs for otsllltfl . . ilos and hattor's Irons, assorted. ~Se.weights, 100 tans, assorted from 1 4-4 to '.li.sfor Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. i to order, - .lhsteambeats and other machinery made to ' above assortment of goods is particularly ,eoo steendsd to the attention of Southerlc and eirismsrslchanta, and are offered for sale at low and open the most libpral "terms ; it is he. * 4ir teh be the lakgest and best asnsrtmeltl ever efraed for sale by any one establishment in the UCited States. SlMerhants, by forwarding a request by mail, can hlai a printed ciroular, with desgription of goods, pisseasnd terms, from which noevioation is ever Sm t.adi ~rnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. Hnw York, 1838. je3 --ilON SYRUP & PICKLES-Uderwood's Le. .J. iooSvrup and Picklehs, ssaorted sizes; also, it ams of Lewi & naskell's Pickles; for mile to ilose a esignmosent,by . JAlVISB ANDREWS, el· car Cosnsmm and Tehlupitoulas • OAP--IOl half boxes .Ao i Soap, irendit Jate: GOenld,forealeby ISAAC BKIURfl L & Ct). MIS 134 MaOenzirn'ie treet. Eemsa 'dwelling houease on Triton street, le tween Tinvoli Circle aud l.arelIaiet tirert. ms9. Apply to J OTT, U H oELBARIcOWS, &e--S5 Wheelbarrows, c 5 .W dirt do. in, for alr by CHAIMPfLN & COOPER, m15 82 Jul'i u t D AiN and ruric llp nud Letter l'aiyr.,of il atini liliee, consiaitlillg i ewry silstrir Ilue Iid, bli sod wbios w.s, and itlnli lid ruled rough edge n eonrd ,.p, soontantly on hood anid h dr sale hb IAVll) Fh`LT & CO. 31 N Y Stotioner.' Ilall, 24 Chartres at. idh5a r4Ntic Scirntrio Coifre 511 bosei df3 due ea cii onetlle 1\ ine, 1.'.; 50 de oft do no do 18iu 0D da ofit do L Pi'nrt, Ia0o 1 50 do of t do I. Pbrown Sha l ry, ll6 10 pipes ex ir Madeira. Fur : ale iy IIERtIOGIEa, tIlIUctN , COt. air i Cu-rti tret. flLANK ROOKS. of every variety of ruling. ald L binding, eontatlv on hanlh 'lod Pritinlg, 'ulil iand Blnding neatly exocuted,at .huart n tice, by DAVID FlI T & CO. atiR NY Stationer' lilcl,l1 Chartlrcs t. , DY-4rs bl fourth pronf Aneto.icn 13lrandy, Svlading, fr sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co. mgt 134 MIgzinc ,trcert. ANEW two story brick Iouse. asitanted 5 doors fromathe eeond Maunicilalily lul,ot Char~crs tytee. Rent very low, possession given :lumedictely. 11uqaimet the premiser. .af., et. R ei-R.- b bbsa f Flour. for sala by * 0.lj. G(i IIOR SEY,44 New I evee, 1IA KBa oa sides a or e I'y 1JF teS9" I tO.,. rtV. ,1 New 150 coil$ Rope, landing from ,1mboaasdor, fir sa:e lA LAYET & AMELU.G, m19 17 Comnue rce st. -A IO N.G pteri - tctey Baggier,laud in fr.ea gletamr Gen \VWano,. na.l for ale by YORKE, BROTIIHERS, i (; Camp 'treet. 110 l.lRCUR NOR COPAIVA New Jrlecas, Na. /4, 183:7. A BOLT six mnnthe ago I had the mislibrtune to get a oerte digeesot, tr ahith I have applired to sevc ral dotoNra for n eure, anllthev did int core meo now an thatbove date I put myself unlier the care of lDo:to Hlaet,and expect himt to cu(e me. Since that time the diseae get worse, ao an to break out in large nicers tthe number of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over cmy lace, and sore tlhrnt, and not able in 'ork ait I preeut time na aecoaut of the dinease; large Iloer t. right tidle of the throat. 1 Roan nw, ptlttilc i .sa aonflently under the care of Dr. IHuet, cf Paria. to be perfectly cured JCOlN DEAN. feletb 14 ly SDO CERTIFY that the abese aone;uned cliease quite well oed to myoven satisfatiun, for whicil I htak I)r. iuet; and ioereover I that the meli ist havear taken aceln ts le at, mnd dld 1ott injare my enaltl.t, all; therefore I advise "t• f IfIw eulc rers t o le no rimetn apd gply to I)r A. Lhrt, 15 RourSnn at. rhey willfrna u t,'n dlet:tor tar eathi cnmplaint. JOHN IDEAN,1,4 t(nroier street, If anyonewants to see ter. cull at No,. 40 Glcavuo meat, and tlrhsey will ie satisfied. Tabe published at the optin of DI):. Ilurt. JOIIN DEAN. ý IdE Genainie eIna llota, aBston ai.lrelWll tla Iat rio 1 beund,i is pt tip in battles t tih lo w price lof 50 late contotiiag the trlleatli of tireo oUluces ef Livewunrt, beirle tihe oirtcsee oa nny otra r routs and herb, known tautng the ludi.i as telcaiouas in caring pulan .ry caoplinta. lI'h atnrhvattid success whltich bean attendled the use of this ineetm.wehl Baleem wherever it Iats been iatrN doaed. hM obtained the oceutidctca'e anal rer'aceiluda. rddepainmn the nies want ef rout, eritiig or blood, liviesr mplaiea, &e. .Ton.h ith atmy concern. This ia t, ctrti'* that we oular praretin frequently prosu-rlled It rs urd ap'o Indian Balsam afLtrerwt aed lao leehouend, wi th aldecided good effect: we tan therefore, lfrom the know. lidse ithme taterinla it is made frea, aid chseet'vrton .-.nexpaeeare. recnaenart it as a sauperiu- pt.lcaratioc, arall ihae allfetions of tih lungs fir which et is re aiaLded. AhBIIERI' WlhLIAMIS, M. D. S CALVIN ELI.IS 51. u. mberea of the Baoten Medical Aseocitiaon. Betan. Oetober 25. FVeebby. JARVIS & ANDREWVS, b t9 cta r nt O , I I'alel.e nittl i ela re keaommended by the Medieal Fecuhlv. IU TLIR'S Efferveseont Muanenian Aperieat-Far S'.J dypetpsia er ntbigestijc , aervmus loeolet , gtddi. ", leado he,aei h aiy of the stoach, habitual cs * dstueadees,gout gravel,,.,andtmueh • alped",e a gentle, cooling ilergatlva. 'hn delble preparation bas received the patron gIaf meny etmlanet members of tice proflheiun, and hrm sdkteermemg Iiic ninny radlaetahle nod utli. eiteld te oaal oafre ealmh y as a medicine have been 'elid Wil4 4t1 the pleattng qualities iof a glara of e w ater, it peeese thle acts,, menlicinal properties dthe lat appr iad ealaous purgatives- it t pleasant eth h pl ,t anmel prataul to th stomach. IMPORTANT CAUTrION--lhe iurraaing repteto. a demand foolButles'a tfferauncat Mags. hu Awt-,a huaea am iduaae.uimt for uthe e h of .erl ttae aoft leanluable tedicine. Purchasars ' - larly warned of thi fHict, that they mny be a .fr. i*ge ed not proeuare an Itpure er.iele. ipehloa mraepeeetullly inloer d thatbet lhuehri. -- e el eaulyetuppliadw .h the original a".l gr u eenpaenateon. ur M"lo wh.rdrde a d retail. •ICKLEA & CO. Agnt., 40 Coat) strueetN 0. ARUL I YVegeteble Hair Oil, for ile .etoratin 1• d o eart ofgaeair, eotl heaelt and beau t) and ib.. fair Oi was ut'rdr t tihe publir, it had ia.adr'Nb.d efanatbor hdeee, thietne.a, tIn oUI(he Imlre   att'emey iaeenae ita eslneere herew renra,. Ithasnoeeglajnsd todlota<e nedhcnatifaj P lriedsellready W it.-Wilr, WIIIoI tile ast la Coi gi p.s a., agree lefhle m. bl. u uv o Ir it ir forper .r q tlge r.ehostair. Th heir PldW! rsale at I-'IOti 'dItA RToP & COu za now receitnngtan a on ba chi p OWllaex, Egle, Highlander, 'oker eatry A ,nnS Fre~anch and ( cards; BaokF gammon koanrds; Chessmenan, 21-4 and 2 3- inch Bil and Balll 98,9, I0-and 12 ilch liade Bowie Kniven; tLeathler and oither trovctliut nrD.sing Caones; Belt. Pneket,coi-iemapa anId t)utllinc Pistol,; doubles and sincle IarrelldI Guna; C. me De:; Shot Belts; Powder cnd PLtml Flonklos: Dram lnttlns cnd Tlrinhing Cops; SPerreonion Capt ll d Coqc tlolderc; Cloth, Heir, T.orth; and WNHo, tH 1-on.. Ora4ct l, cl'orioe Tooth Wansh i'eth Pocorlde-lo.,,fa. Ki!lsoing s.o.ns, in gro.t .. riot: ioon cair Brcic;l, 1I C ela'Ind Friettosc; Pner; Siid Toilet Powder: lcmnrv Itcea; i'ory T'ub Couticns.c owtent rShins o' trter; (acn Gm lE ict llccpcndccn; 'Potier Porim an.! . ;ote. t (t illn. a tin,, , Se and Ken lar-d-rop.; c Vnic t lcbkloc: rchnear-Iet BeadlNecklaces and Chaoi,; gilt n cd iiv-r~cd Bead;; Lndian lBecds. allas nndl Plomes: Slcell Twict: Side end lDre-onica Comb-; which. in ddhl.ti- to tleirformnoter tclck on halt, makeo their ac orr.lnacre very comnplet , and will Ile toldi ow end on liberal term, at thn sitlc of the Golden ot . -If 71) Chartres street. T HES ic-t~ e c, cos foc- thce ccteti'o hcouse ccf \ c ' . B ntechlr,Shefield. Cngeland, honve jtt errirvt: a very ,'xtnsi;e eaOt of noe' c-.rc, onnititce of Table cdl l)es crt- Kniveu ofe- -o . d.erricticrt, Pen, Pocke, Ittlrlc and Spear point hl*Cve-; R.azors, Sei tors. F'mrl, Tc oll , &r. &c.e wlichi thce are prepnrdcl o exhilcit to tile ttrccc ore ncdlc . Torct. and eotlidition will le cmade knccn at the tlicc,. mlfB J.t).I EIN & A CO. ICN.g0 Common nt. i klIMON l.H IlARTT& CO-Ae now nepricilog k-.tpler shlic ctncvitle, Ealetn, Merry Andrew'. lich ader, French hcl ml (,crnco dctclhle eccllcccingccrcS: ter,bielt eand ctc.ket Ilistols; lain, ribbc d sill sllil caaion caps; -al, Illdercs; sciss .s, lt:zoo-. cc-,c. rest (illolt's cornerci:ctl andc oilier steel pcelci Vil. aca Violil ctrips;l shell, ivory nll Iot.c eonma; w.fcils; Ik, ledl antI leatller clllcSces; hair bienitlo, f-oct and ick i'iel-tct nageotc plls; -ermclcc mll FItrntcl: eoltclce water, Roalaclsca mOrclsler oil, imitueioc do; ollccicc ald bhenr-oil; portlclle deskl alcd dreasllg ccses: Igit blnackini.; alcci cold tccilcl glcnte; cccrove c nloiorc; op eal g'lasses and views; tlicila beadl, bhtllslnd plumes;c eoc-deon; whit- ctinec toilet and shcinllg snapst toilce awdlap c."-lnctie wclsh boils; eoenled satin tllslhos pool Stanclali 'c.cnclea andtionts fancy hend clins and neokllacP; lilliard holl-; lpclet lbooks 1nd wailettq; Geroma, Inlitlt: azrccccn p. tpl, fi llld eomlllon c ulc olastirlcctlnulct- goar-ceclcc; Bella l's ifcccur ccmatces; l-l ver c ncils; Cceyonpe, ec. &e. The tbove Oi cddition to oltc f.rmIcer .f for c-c Ietiet:'s, makel our " ssnrtmlmlr t t Tvey r, nhdrt,. Folr s·le whoiacle or tetail; a, the sign of the Gollden oClcl+ i7), Chlart: e strcetd. tn. hetlc' octnrsi c-f Kalovc, dccc 2.t &cc of NetW Orean ; lMaso,, Hccrrcc &ACoc., cc Ntchlczc; nil l-arri, t'llh.v &Co. cf Rocl-c, was ,ccs.ctvedl on heolt of Mfay Icc, hiby the letila hof ccauel A Mason, e ofl'tihe pcrtners ofl tih fcrc.c Thel ndersaigned, atrvivin parterl will be chlarcel writh the neoaling andt cloesnn;g cocd lciontcec a' fllows:c Levi C Harris will httctd to tihe snttlitc of the lbloicc-c of Maon., Harria & Co., at NatChez; and lnline-, Kel e & Co.,at Il.dnev- accd tIenrv Klley will altte d to ltcee:tlilc cto thl bcotn.c-s oficellev, Mlcton c. Cc., at New Oll.!ctnc. 'I'le natle of ie several til'n, ill:.a used in liqnidaciocnc ly. Those icllhc'htccd tO nicl firmc are earnet, rceqllceatet ocm,,o fitrward cc llct! Inccle lcrlv ceetlccc-tc; anl thole Ihating clains will ileae cpre-at Ihem without delay:. I -V I (' oARl IS, IlENRY KELIIY. New Ocrl-eno, :tlcc 7,1137. 1 jAN Ai AIINltlt- l Alte NA'S COLOGNEc WA1TFR Sreas more of thls salperior Colognr watecr. just received cacd ftor nlc e Icl the dozln or sing:cl bottle. AIto Aatcricnc a ncld iWecch toilet codwder, pwdelcr Pilef nod bhoxero sllnioin nod toilet nol op, ont ccwas' calls, ocilk of Iott'o, ecOcnietio cold croeam, ext nc o cnck, kephahlc, \elrd's vegetable hair oil, poncatttt, reomi dc pecrs, Iovednr, roe andl Ioy cvatcio, i'leocnccn cils, llaoecillc- plcrtcnec in tcc 1,veet ble a id ltquicd rcc-e Chlorine and Orris tooth waci, clttlc. Ioair, toocth, t ail fcc-t flesh !Htucnheo; togethcr cwitcl en adllitionacl atcpplc- of feottiotohlb Ihorc sccd nicell ccmbs and jewIlcfor ale Inow at wholeale or retail by SIMMONS, IART1"T &CO, jl!vy i 71 Chartres street. aý F.W GOfros-Sicocctons Iltocc & c-o core ncowc ccc .lc-einin from on brnrld hip, Yazoo, ant Sarato-ga 'nltbrig Concordia, from New York, a gret varicety of glccls in t their line, waicl togetlcer with tlCheir former ctork on Illcdcl, cllke, their anssnrreotc vcr-t, ilate. lite followicng rempoe ao part, vir: ell twit, c I-I ;e Itck and dreOl iucgc eomcl, horn do fll I descriplticns, I n die rubber, silk and wredc elasnti aacrter-, :tllllnton & In clastic olcsptclders, loco foco and Icur-ir latclhs, eicllitz powders, powlder puflc and boxes, toilet powdelr, eocket booke aned wclliet, needle books, silll pearl vory andl Iierolcro e c-r'ese hadC c, hldl ornaIntt,ln .cich co ol headcl,t ceklaeOs anl nelgee.,cled, head ccccca-lcctd ecklalcee, rlut c lcic-cand Iaict ,eedslilcverac ,c- t tc Idc i Indiao Ibeds, IbelI ocd Itlumes pistol aot lcc le pow lerflcc,slc,-t Iberlts, hlrsa belt. - ocket h and ekilinc .cictoln dluble hid single barrelled c-nc. lwpce knicves, and dirks, sccissort ctlere cpocket lnives, gcartllchallcnc, ant riblblons, wast hueklce, clot, halir, toothy c ailc lb c.rembill). o p~l~ ate, foor nod dutingl I r s te,s Coi l.e, Florida, lacveder, rose anll bay waltelasc-ortl c-lcl-s c and extracts,Mcsaecr-, Icearc ntccqce,- ,lcl tl c \nrd', vc getuhble lhair oils, slhavic c aind cc ilet soaps o 'nll elt c:iptcinnl, llieP' and cgeu-lelrn- ' t deskc ad c l "rcic cc lsec, hirrhicct- icfricettea cld blrcl-cs, plahl, .lnrl n nltlhl,[ work'boxesl, Iip h ii]n andilt, f e(d Ielnt muIId vt ntl tltltot pearc I corvs "itt Ic, schit dltld. ai slnd s~ilver ]pticil roar,,ilo'thl pik e1. twe,."o:i':,plated lid gilt i 'tc- cttcccinctc e dio siivrc brass iic i tc ll t].iblc ha.,. ani c-ves, Oct pitt, iccitatio 0 tcict, clk nild redink,:ir, blahkinn , lldu ane." . nllit s,"ibbod a n d p l aini o el.e ltc io o ca lic e i c t , ,.,t c ct i -c Iennohlid all silherlc i er al d frcpef ccr p I ;r n tnpe, riicig ctipc. ocl a r ly c dsci I, lico gol . lplnta sld ndc lt jic,,llrv ci e.-i .",P altar,, to,grhlb. with a crest vnr;,rr: of tilier arti lt< are ol alrll lll tit I hoi l le a : Oll n tl:; ternin. N 11 . i e J~1If~~, l ii III, i."t'* IN,1) l' ýY 1Y ICEIi'C1' N'll)RE-lot fthe ,'10 ,, tho e ll cotb!, 71o II tO hc sot.''tootihr, ae . towind, idl rdition to theirprrl·ailjooo l =tc m11tIII,0 sald complete asOIIF-1)1·IIInt of IIT!icnis in their · Iline; vie, 00 ,cob, ef ~rry, .-o ll~r-, blu,he,o~ lolottr iAS," facy ortici0, (.). (Obtino,, in art to 1;ttow, CtJi)]litt-.tnortise shell, wrnuoy' t and plaino tott ctwiiv qnill'd bokt, long round, rlllCEFI ." sill" pull, I.III am "rob, itteoiHlol co beof enev det' riptiob'o nnougi which, thl~e someMexittcoj prtt'er, Ivnrv moob oftutl n d rscription, nto, d cett1 ord to'kOtt, 101;c0)1)0 with geneOralrhsorotfnt of IFr too hh an A Tirill· It"tllr \ILI:11fl'-Colo, I r'tt1c I'r Flnrido, hont'o ht!·, rose·, nail g mlnla flowe·r wafers of eve v size and de, cripotioe , 'anpJo 'att Cooen:', oC,,tf Ot 'tclttaoi )alley 000)411·111 lfl kind-, shoo, dol~I1~ inl rakes~r nos rots:, creroleto ,Iso ndWe ' W tolrId ' Illlih il, bell-d tt in tirqludo. P'oo'to's Sotttellitng lll't I! ml p1010000 toilet ponwrlrrd lrprl owdet'tlr, ponw errll s nrlboxz w pn olotuo, in poll alol rtllt,eott',[kill] el llllil ttool West and potvdeJ",, wit it a Ecvranl assortment ofl JEW EItI.HiV-..oa tiftlo latest tool ttoot fohjigoa. Mle sett, cooittlitgt ottwhile nld red :,to~litt tupa, o j't eardrlops, et in lilagree, blest itlon o a groe' rtt tv oIf ololrnt, wnnt,,b tnttil:no, gilt edlvo" ,tcklce tiloo'rthimbllco, sivetr ond ýt1td pl poilt It d gurchlain, BtOUSiES-( i,,th, I.., 1) tooltltlllhlfloOr list, lesh, ttttth, plate, cetltol, Nail,thoo'vinog, shoeur nhit etash Inls s. LOOIKING ILASSI" 9-(Gcottttto otat:, mad toile gIRos, ,oIIif) in-, and French dioes:,jrgelassos, heoal ie0, tn-ith at 11 ' of otlher kinds lolt icr tl'me· ooI ttttn,'1 t:orlI l 1'1 II nod' 1t') i1S-':n" and .%ouric:al Iorllhle dlrl: nnI , t 'li in(e Ig :es, lco very ric~h nud finely IY ~l irliell Indic: worst 111( xI s and life-P' gin, caves, with nn0 w (itlllhnt hulll' , 0(0-1001LL ill)xL·R , Al. 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UbOIIAl' IE ' jo Seiencu of PitO 00shi i r0tO ivOcrtlr IP ior sale at thrir peormanetl Writong I'elte No. II f'hltrooo etol~, \t'v O tolon , ic,t l~ttnnl .'owa Tork, I to ,hiurs',o3ltiol,. It ivt t'rii oularly, ddotigtil ir priva01 loatonrc, nid ettbntlo, and i cdcelnltrl for persooo ofoll ttN'o. coadle' eunlit Ctleeiet, are invited to call oud 0oxtoone thle 0v-tam forL thee(-,))~l es.· 1.esoo1oo a.e 0000n at ile! hltoe.. as mnay 0)itthOka cooveoieece of all, and to clacoos lIr:nttd it anyt' rtt of the city. Ladiej woho p0refr it can reoeive lessonnat their own ref siiclsres. Pore,.,. pyviog ftr one couroo of leotns itore desired o alttend untl iay wnite us w ll as tlhey wit in I V)OLII~iR J iId'IrIp.R. I)EAFNEN4. ANEW article for persons troubled with daroessr, (callc(1 the Far Trumpot,), has jurt heel receivedil by the ute 4tl tnhioh, the nightait arttieuletonl of iro lm. mnal voice is dielictly touveyetl to lthe en. 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SIlow tru1 it is, that modern tPhtysician, it t Ihen ain. intion, tictel in their iprofessi(n: explore the vast field, of trciene hbv the aid oi chemistry, antnl seek out new r medial agents: Ii short, to s'rivee it lperfeetion int d praetiec I lueans eof art alone,-tntilrely o:relook nm otaglect,.s bnlcnththiirnutlcetherieh and houinteou -stavres ol'nellicine, which the Alnightly has caused It stpring.out ofdte ert i ein very clni Annd how nell more true is it tht while thie American Physicinn look to tlreign countries or n lillay of his most conlinton aun n1eettsnry artitlcas, per'ettally itanging as they are a the dietates effatshinn .r thilly, lie Is surronanted in Il own eouantry with au enlless proinsion of medical planits srlifitniot to an:snee atny indienltioa ill disease or to oul any eutlahl disorder: irad vet he is ignorant of their vi. lus, nRand tihe\ ire sutfered to 'waste their healing oa tin 'I he erfects of vegetable medicines upon the system at tenmponrar-trlo-. of iinerals lasting. The folrmer ex ,rt their lects : ul pass ot'-the latterl, nmert int par ticulr, :lact chellically pIlloll the solids, decomposlll the loues and mtiuernining the constituation bya slo :lad S tittl':l ottltt . 'lTh eongcniallitr, eflicieney smSil SAETY ofvegeta ble renmedlies tter ntineral, ntto' lite estimated Ihvcortast ingtha eacient practice n. ith the etiedern; or, to bring i more immeliat ely un ier oen. owna otbt rvation, th- Illdi an pract ete with that of tll': whites. Who, ill America t:ls lot known oirhear l of reipeatcnl instannoes wuhercil somI deenl'n id, iuintri tldingl.tinaletlndin, t, imea'se in.r g milu ltretldicsilone, s ulifectud the numst rapi sld ulihiniti igcureis, aflt, the \i teih Mtia ot tatih rinlnmtnl ptmetirelt diverted in thie most skilul manner has ftil:l e? And who has not been surp ris,:d tit the coln 'paatlive :lase lmul iaeility with which the hdianl frees him self fronlll ln disease, anld at the alnmot tolt abstlinenc tl'rhronic distease aumong themn? Who ha hitu eart olan mIndiant wilth constitution hroknn and ruined le illlreatnent? Atad can a doubtexist that this happy ex emption of the savage ftromn most of the ills which tiie !lcq. of Io is heir it-, is ehiefly owing to mtre yenit Slllld salte remedies n hlhieienh hi lllemays? "lli astotniish in; tditiercie in, is ta itir exemtpliliation oft tih Siilllnte supelrioiity of the simple iand safe means of cur whillh God has created fir the benefit of his clihi l(4,1 oernltuose twhich the nride and the art of mnan hate inn IFrol a long residenee anollt a potrtion ofthe:ahrigin a niha i-anotsof thisenionty, antilnii iltinl-ate aoiquatn tance wih tile iothlls of cure ofll somen of theirtnios snuctesstial prllettitlniersi, the lroprietor iit '"The Ihndian' I'Iaeea,'nlqutired a knowledge of some of the mos iowclrfilalld Invmiten Ileidies. l'romllthlse hseleclc slh ls .ear miu-st elicearious anld ! lpropriates, ant d ifte in;ronlls experimnts ll t tol est tlhe prlinciples anltir'enlt he husconi:oed tlhelnm il the totrn htne llresentel, :is Il most perl'n ct asnd bieneficial for the purplose flr wlhich i is tmeo iintenided. The n lpropripetor otfersthl s preparation to the public with thin consciolsllless that Ihe is ilacing withimlheir set ~n remni) el apable ofrelievtig maniy of his alllicted hli low beilngs, who ar sllferiii undeICr the anitilos cl nollni anld bst ilal e comnp)lhilns to whihll it is applicable. , sluch it will .role of incalculable vale, aPs tile means and in iany eaIses, the only metalls ft'lelelivin l lhei llu Ichlngs and restorinlg IhelonOlemnte oto health nant hi: n-lntss. 't'hen is is nlt l:red as it collln Irtdlly, tlha maolly per ch:iit t be e tw t nlly good wih miiny others ti l inin useI, hlt its oi l whiich i cai s able of s lili le iiliisiil'. .s hi h aill htl fit(h iinus etIediIesthl. t'hi i hn 'lnnr I e1 d tv; m.d thiS is thIe reptn :lio iIt lnsl b -(Ilve I h ri oih nf mlr osi llt gh ll lhe.lltlt tnii n tll stiLl.ili ,1-.l:11 thai they bilw ieled that tHel'irll,'s ewer I nni - ptthlll' -il l die .olllon lin remedii s in a nin. l\ Ilit-n c rit'lr u uiiinlhlo i r ning into i, 1i ItI taltlirll ,l'tie n t sthn tialauiluton l t ' t incig proof of I i it nitinits. t The value I lhbP inCa<it most ' i pnt i, ini t h l tt.-i. I ntllll ilntI i /ta , ;ih et - I i l'n- ' n-nit-n -a ll ing sttdiing itld typhillin an:I- d nt-snin-t tofit nll ih tla.n i d aiI m her l nsie ll lli s. l :.,ti t, 1s'i i T the ~cl -_,, nhtilnnt i cet hi e nte sannl. it ' i rnl,: di 5 ;t ,to i ; i nh the n- tin mo-tn .,i .lt' ...i . malil bs-,, is t 0~i ee slt f I h o n ,i tn.. , t t . i. n e. . .i ... . I . ii ' I i .nt t . alt t it n , ' ly " v "Ii'; i q vb um " .ti s , ;l',i,,t n!ilo s inll I .n ,lll-, It l, l ' tl I mohol i :n , i It : in .;II· m~ll~ e I".11['1 l ll I 11'[llll r~ (>::, , . , i i , kt. i ,! i , ' I iti " lL." fl.lli.. C.i%(' ' the -I CII:!• ti,, i l ".t , - iu - , ill ., l I , ..l it,' !l ,'.i t l l. '! l.(ls i ll ..lll, ,t:, l i'. . : .. ,Vans n .,t s n "'* i , e,.l,'I il " " J 1u!' il, r I.l e \ t i l . lt t .L.t.1., ll. illS , I ~ a l:,, i lli :,.,t _ , JOHiiN FERGIUSON, Kigst. ( u t t I.Osro , lbarh ,. I ,se . i wats t ::ed ci out t etliter )ears since, with a diavese 'l, ih tll ti.slm, iciaed by lakinga sever': cold, while aloe" thoinlthI nerOl' merl ly, andl which has disahled r" \pIw'i]e, dsof troli' I iam wlths, an.] nearlyil te .aone lelnt' Lime in th ll hme lolli c spital, :nSld trie.l almllst et.c e tme lt, , wihth little benc t U ol t e llh of l'brar lst. :i l'ltat i.relet ictetv ah S'n t tiove-a ut u -i stn -utc., r s tl n ill l ttOCt¶ ltd ihe I tllitt tl ! t ,i t 58l till. I ,;OI, I +:l·, J It i ,~·: ! (~l~or ,l i iltlc't ito lls I .I. I l"it ' ytir freed sro tl, ttt I-It to sta. e tthtc ot st I, t tttlstw olh ll testlt ote ll wi. Tit-- l :sl iit Itt .sitri;- t s t.s ' (..'tES )t F SCIlOi"UL.OUs.";t to t E IS N Er l, t ,tll " II II· l iI. ltl g] "+. lthis m cerit' tl a.l t ini tt l t liltlts l8 1 l ilt s t ei withii awellio iiln sy nlik:lld face, wllich aiterware ulcet-tted t iland bect:a e l ri ghastly ulcers in my aot. Iii).. Ihn'1 It n':nd l tlti, s tie ht, af'ter rtie ates seit a li t Io: tI no eit et, I wat ltrolteo tnced Iutttcrly inctunble. Aflie w:lc l t poo' 1nh t It e l ilstj t it as l al t o:i lts e i ghi t lstir eo b ottles (f, otite 's in h al , tilI O lee ttt I. klie l till in th ts totrs otttif dctro nt h d life e tfemai nd so s..Iittuso reyp In[le i- ae'tioCnsi ,t i Nst Y tily il l . o ;halte hyself up tone lio rhls sdthlfer , l ev iy of b ,ut ",+ , s, e1 ss of T1 he mInia'S Ieui' : Ceil, leI "to,rl', inl can in a. to llietly ol, It a I r erlsiuaed i tt , ti it,:t a lc Ii siti tc n sort. 'tl rtly greatt s tisetlt ask well itts stilifits O 1o . so mn tllitoml nll apidly' rie c veril ;pmitW alll I tA g eitbiottlest ie li e ..l :,l t d and rsi ic e o to"ieslt. we (All in l 'e c its A WEtl Is, sll ' hae reihlellt ih cto shintcel. l t mae ihis ttttle t str s. tle 10 NEWl OLS Is SAMHVLLEA1. IlAL OA) sto t.t l lu ,oet 1f.r o ,t.pts - s ee tl I w :t s d i l t c e tl, ioo.s . t l t-e a r oh t tt i t it t s c oi, . to it ic to its cL eI sits W ilt e st Si ose s oiilolioro osittit Storeind te ottnfr nu nt ec ile Is the b r ite otian sou i ,jtoint tdeeo e1p: o fto ulfdllerso f tallsr enlasnlpit t are t iere t t - l iiescdsIiils it rrsohithnl of tiott ti la dls- se lil'ec t tll i.ell che hlsty tl e liCstUsI i n le il tleln - i I i t11 r t lr !t t -elio In sbe th e a lelt f fivt tItt sol saet. :'a Atilt ro , Ieo tit sti mstlieelders re. fusrther ilill J t llt s f i t e s WII, Slit- t u tiesi:hltio A t he i I, i tlt t asete i I , for lt Its l lslsii l us li otidritlstoeklloldters t!br islt ftcli.siii)etnro,.io is -otlitle tlls Sheik -hi[r tiltie. ihely IlOllilt, III--tW o d',Illar) .el sh 'eN I"i.vt .lt lmtl IIIuti irt dsy li' Dst h isscIm e n he reitx ed tan_ ilt. e dtl. . aiw l, reso It o fttR O e hoitt oftlti tCltach i tf I st Ipa i ( uItl a 9lhil sitesI thie cIuil es. S II of theOli il. t pi till s F oiylat, l th Se se tii. s. lrt. l t ii Sie .s es St , (asltrl , sll sti,, t s si t, mt tC e tiolders tr iollf ". lt II | e (l , si ihrr sselsss ir St Situ J iotr tee this Il its til'l ed "its r tutk sthe besS sli t 't irs - ldl lo ixvs db. irs Ioi lte ti te o tardr ,lhr t hist eit, irs I tltiti t iti thle iayi stock heltlo srd Iset retorIIsr llla~ y l I elslpe lo llnel Iltwor ollt pieh s hat5 aJr billl e 'lll'tir, fiil ih.1]day of ctul .,.r next; tote nest. .';ol5 llvstl55 I." it riellP r lv , Itlatsil stec Or iofivl urltil - ' e :lio i d-!-.-It Jaoif l r iiu r o a n,1 ih a e:'s{ rlay f lif . lr 11i illiiV o )i: x lOaPt'lond Lnlol the 3rth, livi oFaAy ril r {+x td :]xtrantu d to the i roienu n ltf ll, e ho art. theI Ia ,frsl 1(FJae peN FOIR AIIArdM. ap16i --1- -w---- *· ·--- "c, STATE OF LOUISIANA.-Parish Court thbr the Parish and City of New Orleans. THIIE STATE OF OI,)UISIANA, To all whom . thnes Presents shall come, Greeting:--Whereas, .looma Hoase vlog n parcllasead at at slo stlde byhe thr Sliardl'la ha punchl if OIhlnsis tie Iproprrty hereinaoter doaesribed, us nsia iol t th ie elerk of this court, in wose office thle edl of sale was nre:orded on thie "dduy of April, A. I). 1033, for a nmonition or udher tiseume nt in conlonnityv to an irt of thie Leislature of tile batle of Louisiana, entitled 'Al acn t fhia the further assu riace os titles t plurlhasers atjaidicil sales;" approva d tih' )lth day oiLt osli, 1834. NiI\V, hrefirre, kno y, ed all persons interetedl herein, are hereby ctedsl ad nd niish-d isn thel inare of tile e 4t f L iosiuina, aild of the Palishl Court, ltih ructIL set up 'ny right, title or claiml inl and lt the propn'ltt hereiatiierdescrihed, in consesquence of any illmt'ality in the tirder,decree or iud'.lell of tha clurt Iludler La hb! the tale wia imade, or i IIe irregularity or id elity is thle a ppraisemenlts and idvertiiseients, in tisle, or aannrlr ofsaule, or for aily otelr def'sct ,shatso Sver; to show ncause, withip thirti days from the day this niontiio is first inserted ill ih publie papers, why tle ails so mae should not be conirled id homo logsted. lle said Irrperv was .lIl h thle Sheriff' of tile par ils olbrerui, oh 1iu 4lth diy iof April,A. D. lih:8, li virtase oft ddecia of thlids Court, rendered on tlh 5th daly It'Febnnrvl A. I). 10:1, in n SLit enillihii Alexander (1 hlwall ;.Is James Itnanse, Ns 10,367 Ifi the dlceket of this Court, ntt which rsae the said James Ilunsehecase the purchaser for thle plice of twenty one Ihousand Description of Property as given in the Judicial Con eyanea, viz: A certain lct of garoldl ituated in the suburb An nunciation alias Lacouree of this city,in square No 5, and lot having French measure, G) feet froat nTeahou pituolus street, i60 feet frol' cn Orangers street, and l) feet on 1.lltinade ds Nlore' 6 street, in such nmanaer thaIt said lot do grmlo in 60 feet wide from nea side of the square to the other, together with a dwelling house frouteng on Tehoupitoulas street, the kitchen and dce pendencies, also the distillery eslahlislshments erected Ilesreoa i aud othler buildings nsil imlrovsmentsl, the nashalnncc utensils, implements and fixtures helongisg Sto said thditillery, its dependencies and appurtenances, and tlhe rights, actions, andl privileges thereto belonging or ailnuay wise appc'rtlinitg. Cleri's Office, New Orleons, liny 7, 1838. lnll4,4&j3 J. OLLI :, D)eputy Clerk. 'I'rTAT DE LA Lso UlsaieNi-Icss--ouN, l e Parosse pour Inl psroisse et till, de Ail Ni utelle Orleans. j 'IETA'' DE 1.A LOUISIANEL.-- A tousceux qne IL/ eos prlsentees conlcel'nt( , Salot : Attendn qeo a .Imes sy'tachetl A use vrents faite pr le le Shesri: Idluparpisse d'(lOriens l Iopr'opri6ti c.alpras deerite, s'eslt adresLt.6 a Gijrefe dette ts Cour ona dn ite vete flit eregistc be Ih' eme jaor de Mal de Pl'nutme 1838, Ipour un ovis coneloreemteit d in acte de la Llgislatur te 'de Etast de Ia Louisituse, intitulit "A Ae pour cosfirmer les titres des acquereuts anx ventes judiciaires i" approuvb le Iu Mars 183- . Qu'il soitcolnu, et toutes persounes int1rbsseessont par aes presenes s sonllnbt e nit nom de 1' mIat de la Louisiane et de la Cour i>" Paroisse, qui poorrlient nvoir d'oitl In la plop'liite ti-aprds decrlhe, en consequence d'un dleilut die uforme dns I'oldl'e, le dret on le jtgemenlt tle la coui, en vertu diquel la vente a r te flite, ou de tote ir'rigiaritie itu ill"'t:lite dlns l'estimation,l'oais on le temps et cl mode de in vente, o pour outrlleellusequllelconquell; de faire voir, dams trente jours a d; ter dela publication dei ette ais, spourglol las oulite sinsi ltite ie serait pas confirlhbe et lismoligge , 1"l.n Iro riitk f t vemnde per le sheriffsusdit, lI quit. tol'g ,llle noilr d'ilvril de I'elllrobe 183:8, eln vefrtu 4l'lon diceit dol cetts cull. le 5 dIe Ibcrier de l'unnse 18:31, dans I'aflaire d'Alexsuder 'aldwell, contro James llause, No 10,3'.7 do docket ide cI es Coar. A Inquelle e' le lait l.alnla, Ilanse s'est relldu Itequti'eu- r piour le pitsix do $',1100. lDeription del n Proplrii.t Id'laprs le transfer J udiciare, .Sav oir" In tertrain l t e trre situ n ftunbdnrg de l'Annon eatiitn alia.s Itncu.rIie, de uettie vill, ditiue I'ilet No 5, le lit lot e ta-err vait [llusllro r Iltcurl ] soixallle -lsidttl le faera h iti t'1il aiouipitlnilasFtroiiielnt ieds is fasr ti Ia rule des1 I l.nlrs, et soixcnt' pses ti' fst'e .1 lafttisnicila rue dlu Hlichts' e steos quitile dlt It Idle rare a shainXate pieds de ourPeur d'l bouti lde I'ilel n I'lautrt elseilnla e nile minilai iesnt s lile it Il rue cuisioect cues d1 petldantceuin+i qiep la distillenle cnclstruile ur le dlit lot, t ilutrs Ihi ti sse et at n rLiorationll ; I. Illt l ilie' , I t ensiles, inlltl ltliolns, &d. app r'enatl it lt citr distillhrie,y li dsp ied SIIoIcII, Ippalrthn:mnesa Et les droit. Dtie liOlls et privilege. lt'Y tt, -I i i i t tI Ion' - Pilla, n d u refter, Nouvelle 'rlh'ans, Ie7 '!mi. 13.i. 1h..ettj3 ,tl !. a 1tl Il: Ihp e unb L'r':. er 'IfE origrinl \'rget'ldlb lb ,eiate t l nivcrsal t\di In. hl',,:d (Clle-. aF Shfurgettns, Licetasiate of Apmhe-. icall 'atlslliltnis, F'hllsistf BInlt sut S4ctlCt Siigit. n ti Iha ]l lal UIUion Pel.So Asrlei:+ti .ll, i anca-Ier Phfty, 1X 1erloo Ilrhl.''e, unl Perp, tual It'.il of tou)l a11, o . "' hllom' · s'" Ilolsol +itlv, London. l t., :eduldh eIci, lLiil lthe resultl of", it l eii , t'5 .'1 1 I.; d i,+ h i t , I." hI ,I ,tlti; -'I sto i ts ,! , 'i,- t hi', l ,l,,;. o fi ' ,,h,,+e : onf' h i t t,:, :I. :" : i titl so_ , , . t I , ; a:r D ; : I i Itt-i l i , '', 10, i. ,. t "il..t!l: , . Ii. . , ,< I , ii, t .o n b i t ' It -p - , : Ii, .i , .l t ,o t if , c t l. t ,;, ," , [3 oi l 1 ,,,i tol , i,ý, t or.. .i ,I" l' Lt. o ll ]. a!' 1! , l 1. ,i I 'i , t 1. ir , hbls , tit . 1, , i . i ,l it , ,,i e ,! :1e 1.tin i. I . it ; I., ,:" !t, It~,I :, li Ho f I: IIIII: :l, i i n 1. I i 't I3tt 88 II, sai osnd i - i 'NI ic. J le t , 1 a' l . c. 1 . li 11s t ti, . ,,ll , ,. , ":: tI ,': .+i',<','lill' '"l ,' ll '1.I1 i.ill .oil y "i, ,,, cI lt t i it t eit:l 1 . a t i, ' . Sat s l ', t . ',",re l u , , , !"v ,en:. i ,,o i ,:'lo : ,is i mport, d 1' , 1d t., u-lck- , :1l1e, au, oth r late un'ivals trvno : I I'the', cii: iarge uan new heclted. assoclt, e i I:;l+', Boots, rihto·t alltt llro'r;tlus ,osioioso ; olgenlttlclvno's olle callt iml loroncto Ilnol, ,i lold quality; Ilo tf'11, anl stot wax pegged hoets , s'u ins qatlities: men's finte 'all'f ..el stil N.1oroe meI ttlll l brl.o. t, hltckslli shoes, bgot gnusa tlppei s; i'II'S ;lin. Af :ml kipped peed shoes l, I moans; tIo thool; do s:out kip and wax pegteo shot Sit ibrognis; entolemee's i:et quality ealflsew·.,i shne tl'gans a tol lk liownin;p; doo .:lfl' and MIortoe Sckle shoes :Lnd loo~las; o b al ' : , oseal otit t Maoroct , 1 ,dins shoes n l sliiippers, tlo tcalf, 'Lto a I sea w ll n ww':+Iticle; do fine cotis, soel and mlorloccoglnork i.ll't; Io ', tl n L ies':onl children's peg e n se; agt, u l l shoes f 't cv o ality ah t lit kin l. IAlso i genrl at i.otrltet opf ien's sto. w.s * ronsl ntos 1,0s,. toogethertwith It+tot o pl gl 'o bbst quality, russett brog .ans, ellile ,I in i "tks, "ade ,x;est, rssly for pliata'ion use; a good t, ot of l eet s lnll ie ol u stout kip ruose rottgans, , w all t clie, e n u'lg ti:llllty of Ni i1 ueriorqtuali; n, ·stsl ot lI andwas b log:t ll. La, ies' tote e tlo,ot I oieclroeeet 0 1! ,, s in t .elti, an I l p ln sole shoes; do tlce llt" •, - kid uvl n".md,, slit rsl,; do roar, shoes, 0 he I bdi kidi alt qua litieso d o lastinl, :, t , l u:, ' ,anl |foxed bIootees. .!i.s,,'la i tt.ldg . u'.l u s;utsle r Childre's colored .loo'oco and ial e Ing oo ,', o oots, t&. S;0 l itele n' ti n.:t.ll nable, back silk hoots; odo I ael. ' 1iltn b lealer do of It s luperior qualitytt ; t o to in. itf l ,i, rnmdo; bl ad:ou narrow brim men's tofl that ant hi: -'li.nssl hort npllel+ hats, a new article. "1o tr. l ;+e sie hats of litel'enot iio;ulities; to childre to ' ntll l''s ,lckl n I d rabh wool Itas oI' I:llio t Ili tes, writh genit.,l alssortn+ ttor boys' nd ltn' 'I his assmtmenil s ill he replenishidl by tle arr'ival lhpaneketstrom thelnve namedll citieos, all of whisl Sil he niold toi ae-om lodating terms. 'cli, gl I-tf t.4 2.1 1 Of11 TI7 1' TEI'TH. rplIllý estIli.otl reputtion and ecoistac.lyinere, ;n} dI w till alll f MO tl llt , lihe l uno ol't e 'pi i, a i Icnd p srl'ativ' of the teelt, hats indtoed the aubcr iber 'e,:r it It the Amnericntt pthlie. A'rrng ooents hay heeu wde to upil' onts ti all the ioictiol n ci ald towns in the United lStatest sto as to place it ithi Sritih ofl thoe sullring and likely to sultlB this itos harltssll oif ath hll Tot-a . heltI applied lcediot g to direotions giver o bottle, it hts tover filled o tellit iommediate nll ounnent relief. It also arreets the do ,t to detfetiv teetI, and relieves that soreness hicih'so frenttoht, londers at s lttlng tooth usoless The applicatio an remedy are soino.e,i :nocent, n not unpleasan a n the largo nulter of persons in different scio th eotitry, that have air+ ally experienced sueh jll el fil and salutary etllkt. !r1'o11 thl e use of the Balmll, are1. ready rivalted qgralittes. It is an Indiae remedy, otatitod illogbtirlood 1oune ctcdbv, ,to e eegntllreed h3 trle citviied worlth to ite l.ost valuable disonverv Oredmias o th ile woods. Plce $1 per bottle. Sold bv JAILRVIS & ANDRFOWS Smr 5 C(or Cotton and llll 'ltehaoulos otia, 1. .EiV )OOKS-Neval Sketlch Book, ot, the Servivn 1I Afllat and ashore. W\ithl characteristic remtiacln es, f'ragme n oola opinionst. By the naut. re of i'at' otll sr ',url ar&e. tecod seil.e I, o votlio Q" llt 'tlotn leeltlletis ofor thn iolttse ot'6ootn; o, T.Lu IheearO.o t heSte to soe o 1835, itol uoitog t hin o Fnet intsi lelng tembers-by one of an par .ihns t reeotved and tfor sde nby W MorKEAN, o! I:O l'WIIt . t., o listorii ti novrel, b, the r uth or oe - -IIo orahner' &1 . tot ' vol. o nub tr Iteditint,, or 'oooieo Adviser' eon 'ntino oi )otltl'r, of ACov0000 Phvyiiootoc, nott I/l)ie e, with Srich hlon nol life i'oict oef ot+tic, Snt"gt'e, oi th le milie io w 'hen ret.lir tht'-icit' ns cattnto he ptoctre,i Oo eoa iodn iitotio o oot . cittllei. ior ie'Ioolli'ent triocipnlo 'to ortoii tooUtotl ts, oot'tottaioh s, t aol boaotog etotot , i~oall of fl iiiie., lil.+teoo of t oiesp, Ocs i iontaries, or tr.,rýl' nr; t + Ia o tl~e 'l .oet' it for vton ., e" 'tlotot. 0ett'. Ie +try-f I+," 'ain ,. lI e oolit 'oottro ;,. I). l',ver Po %eo' i I to 0,",~1 't ot' Ot,1,t, tot 'neo, of l oerthy. ft,," the uttr e of olfooies, ilt.otooed uv clap-, lto ..or n'amp end tollmti to s. ritMnr, frnei N. \ irk, it hershv not fled tthnr thon hove teen stored tery tole 'olto, AVILRY 4 eo). , sarI (ki Bjsarmssa ',g,,_, JUST PUBLISHEDFROM STEREOT IT 1 PLATES, 2Te 10,lh Elditi,. of ROWVIETT'S TABLES Or IN'fl:t'tR.r'l': fi-rl'O which is now adrlitd ,m Averae Time Ckenla tL aor, ort eay methios lir finlin. the awv'go trime 1,n toray'g', nlote.; f hail or hillr of gi d!s, whlcn p' clhased at lldifltVent dates, 1o i'it'Tertt crcdIti.s and for 'ari:rnsmsa nllýlt; heC.ideaus.itl ct tml cottpletetaalking l'ime To ' I', the beat t that rt: he contrived. re that f gores eilal pr ,ue withinl the same conelrsnd compea.s, anld biao ltt pir. An at ellti.lietlt in the book is in nearly the fallow ing wortds: 'hehigh dlistineltion this wlork bas re'otieglthbragh the ten tegislatite aets Iloxfel otolti e i t t, is a i re commiet"':.tio t, itselt: , n tllcmmon., ilt so C.oltn siva i 1l) t ,ttthinty i ecesstlr' - mare thae Iv mat of id verti.sta'ntt t, t f oiea tcotl ll.lltsd t ite -fl Bolllge ( its pc enllarities:,,s Ire instance, thl' I[nt t,:., hlla sb 1n.ll canro lli md eticotf vd ic, llh ,rndI i[, ehl _lis gmuo -l ht ,i hlifr Irtn irsetil.f il hula!miredl l ex: mh :edlo lth ip s hiw tL\ afive tneait ire'totitll't'ttl ta ll-p, Illatattot' l-l lhir yrty-hne tittle_ fron anl rlricl: ito n mt b,^ '.ident een e to the ktic ('oatoiluous f' les ; o o !e tbl"s ie inth t'profin the llt . to l ille It iwr k mois hic for etiItlilLt'ins, lirhe, antdt Ithlrls+hltilyl wi'it te he' Sofr the side ell tindel, a,ot tBre ieeled; ccnd thie spr..lI ora tifth etilitta, atteealattascd ito ti,' rt,('f,cr, nticking fist, t'e sn teaise tih red fWIoi the itesam crrnre o uetn trsote s e'eati of nat il thb of ishesids at onttlntiee soa esstlil , te of tll e tables il titn oe meroiagemie of the om 'te and tAoata al busi-hl foar ey of etils, refarenceti n tersts of eeiy, eit the it of the side and itlex, "asnt be t.ceoe id a . tlae sa,.y ty stid ease with ttiiii the inreoasl can ba icuttd caths laspss of general tls, eswil, ta'ding tibe g ole is iems ist beidets l con'elilece, in se6tia, that ie n oitive escurcya titen ofme o e twork of te ame extent ,ti .actieal busih ass men e nd ptic bii oftfiers cot hae mademode t'slat tt of thearttok, it has beect disiangtishial iYtclt tiaoetable sppeltation etfta "'master tpteo". Atd cansidertneg the infallibilitty a' tile aelhod originally adoited in aemtllaiaig thie tork, latind te xl'saolritarlly lnlateraillsc vatiety oftit exanitoatiotls, antttests ofrevoi' edittoi it onsps setnl ilthe lnullts etwt is t clgrl stil hoale isin istereItye, ctst ide'rlg in sttlci, ihe asitive aieeuraly e icedi by tle ttliCtiecdatuid m ueaics elilol ttl, the lO Uatntehas tbeen hedit and t lem alb;ti clly, styled "the lnlacallc Hnamre figsre work of the same extent, witch sltoe thle tegonningiot creation, has lnd the a ime t nad -e olnatit variety of tlests it itre aste n mhert of editors , taFr l halut the interst, a , Ia is law fory bslwn iterest, lteshies, ssiest asd san'atrd, itthai.ioct:'tri,:daditi proeedinges thile bolk ise uad, n id ulthoy fie seen in te Uirte, b.tlto nasid ll the pubsribel, g and a few ofi the shseguertod i" ihtiltste ine ers, yet ierat aro of ihe t-ook, ait lais has ever broli etec lge i olrsl, altongrh the were ally hitalenled tby ites osler of very laige aisrte Ise csihey it, l'acetr exsl adosipted by iistll Ihe orts oftlaw cl sevrari oftb e States wciltS t "ate of ealuitation forstacute interest," as also b"y law for baik interest, aceerdingas itte btlk is usedt stai ast ay he seen in wart, by,.e naaes s ft e bscri bers, and a fewumb of hse ndibseiuenst rchaoe rslt, in the list at the e t ite book, is hll IPosess I it frIs'e'ry closo, as they iould evey qasio stoe pees i ecited States. It isoull b eer toelt known that, by its reale0l ateWk, it as sio otl deteciot to bare erol'tr lls, angl afe iedivl were aritlneticis' t 'atele itsn Isnltill, and lshil at ths e sle ciiess Itl ir itst. si, faleto lre t' snttt rl ins istedo tllp ie so erad'ntt o itsred, have beon its luiootaog,', ail its saethat.i tol t , t yuarsagnt whilst the first ey itin wat s scalike, ait out hlof t' it, l grat itlleei r of e to ihand l lieats suChI i t fott, BltlU e to a gre t dkisitanell ul asecially whtee r oa titaeietircnt ib'at sociI)e t teand Uer tlasd :t 'valris olik Ier its liktey eoul opeasioR allt e Is picked up tit rollp 10 tae i,5 oer ncopt, eat soni, ppest'illS iise xrecuei.,V ecItlal'ae) rod instcesi, ,atid belllltio Iithatt oe wiuil ally $tt, $10,i atnd $5t0 tfor a euIp, ItnoiL to eI dill Ir I'. ad nlt i ilvidualle ie tile lattler llstact t talcy ]niwlc, as tig lat itle sauce rlime 'xhilitd :Lit hiscioi r iiila ieni' m ,' hal t ti Isepire senl tiat to hitl it wars cally tsaor lat i nrllteyi and tinr, ls.niougist lie, ei of gietsrl ai Iatie tits slie, lie btin liat'i'ttr) r'ia noat aill t h inbi oi ce. Iis likcwtiaset wothtvt' of nt,..,r.l indeed proper to imple c., tlat sulh is the atse of ilg'tltsli'e work generally ait aspreiallv whatt of lhe extent etd in] iiiate of t ha.s t hs, ibthat .u thils hae o nits like biolt prt(ca. ehb in the lsod ian'irlelope, ht the nilst en mien] firlcln o, in the wotl,, t o t .a lis ]fit u d, d tan,( eailcll cty |dt' st ol lta erl ti f as hio " sfero s, itc wnuIll, Illlll ntt Io t Ioa 1 lCio 1. h110, ilhue hi eni ansatt' ion er tfere tc t il t l i'.t an t p i it' t te lLfih e tlariiu I e-lll t vpi hiti.. tut h: i :t s e,, id a iahle hlibve o i ie ,,:l\- t. l t h p e - i tis I n ; l ten illliic Lhat to se l llle a:d' i l ', i ·I .hll i ile u". i Il t ri t i 'li tll-. , ,;'t t , t ,I , , ,! i . i, t ' I, :,t ll. Iit ' . I n mo ( Vlll oA tn II X 'loiktn e aottli tit d tat, Cllltil t it'r tlt'n tthintttiti, iuti tyine , of minetre S a l : Wttitikn 'oe, tto iynofttl 1eltag t. 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Lat, rbye ter , ti SWtine. .Vtoe1t, Potono nm Tlitr oodes, A li tc o:UR Y lurdellO lT'E ,rop'rlnruiNlo ltetns'hug, iittl'nnmnttt eine Yew Tree, l anuni his fWhilenu te Cin'nnemaltkst le orwilla e in lis ntilh'telle , dl sale ta reeutiv, vitirer·. tta will al statet, o ty e be e elt of oo di tee lAmeh lar Grey Asrrh White Oak, d here no. n Csubai r to Ianrm, o l b lat lire, ian it Ite seen a ti e sa uhl p. 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ECoses Ererty day at 101 A. .l r .( 'Iltteveryv nllrmlrv, Wedorl.ednly an Western Mail, Frid b by ta ", , Wd r day b ana, Closes v' lay ndayi Wedned Goad, .and Satirdlay, . y .'1kP,.h. The lakeMail D e lvrTe iv, Th'ursday, an Thl kel a udils a.tnr)d.. I;v it .' ' viu y Closes every lalonday, Wednesday EXI'IIES$ MAI.. TIMES OF AIRRIVAL, I)SPAtR!TUIlE DISTANCE Ae. of the lExpres 3Mail, belew-r. Maoila and New Yolk--leat ,ag lMobile, diil" at ;t P. M. Northwanr New York daily at 5 P. irtl outhward. .trrives Arrive Nonrtiar .l Distance. Tinle. ll.anrn'g Mrro granrerv.,\ la. 2 pl.. I! IHt8 in S_ It 1 nh Corlnmbustra.n 1j 11 91 3 a.m 9lillederoille. Go. I:at 11 2 pn' Calnnttt ,i ;, C. 71 amr. ltIt 174 10 Rtleihl, N C'. 51 215 22 12 W arrentton,Vd. 1:2 i+,. " il i, Vn. 1: tar. R1 10 t .... Richmlnd, V. t. 1 3 64 Frederieksburg, R 1r7 7 p . Wrrthington city, j pmr. 6fi1 II 5 Bnluimore, f4 368 4 11 Philadelplia, 6j am. 1I0l t1 2 New York 2 pta. 90 8j 1305 143 h. r 5d S23h Northward. Coming Sounthlarl, the titte is six hours lers; elinES dona anl 17 toh t 's. 'TE, iOt.l.t.AtS IIEWI{I). R ANAWAY fear, 169 (:arondelet corner of IIevia tree;s, oi thle nig.t of 30It of A ugsrf, and was seen ;he next n orningin Peydrlas treet, negro btay named C elAtt.tS, ahint 17 vcnrs nf age, sal f or tIeierrorts in height, avery llnck, ald has an troped inalent in his spcerlh one of chis lags is snole, ocasione by a recent hurt; lie had oil whnhe went away a wh it caton or linen shirt and whrie aotlton ntatalons. Blasters or vessels nl sclnen hrolrts rca rnnil a gainat'reeeivirge or harbnori,g said aegro, as well as all other lersona, jtr the a tmost rigour of tie law will bi enforead against Ihem. TIhe above reward will ber pni fordelive:ing hint into aIy of the arils f entoer of thl mnunicipalities, or at l6i "Cornadelet, corner of Hevie steet . ltlt N TICI-Thell coa;nrtoerlhila heretolbfre existing nuder thlofirl of Ilnublar (iarretson, haas laep dissolveld. T'Ie ucrilbr will liqnidate tie aloairs the concern in this city, and rtlnires ie ll pv.'solnindea. ad to Iornkr Itlonrt rto him oilyt,, adll tllsohavinag c i rll t, to llretirtllt a I ore IteR tltei cll . I ato i m-7t i IIAIIALTSON No. AltCaiaa .rteelt Ae, Orlanns "ImAS alwayas onhand contnntly & racivine DOt. lL D)yes, lhemicals,und Pamrtairtrtaag tlte., art lIRI UC. DYES, Anltinr, crudel Argotls, ed, do t 'egtl, lttotl, Sptar'. . dlo apowdlued, Brazillette wooa, RalNtm collnavia Coehlinesl, Inltr, atl'ld., Coaiter`s, American, do raelierd, Clrirtrlt, lrilastone, crures, Al atti, Tamalp.ico, do roll, t do Crtta, ol flower, Iao Iaine, S:astoril, nldrigo, Urragetl, 1 3rr fi[ to ll ,ia do lrillal, SInla'idlos, l I'a ramusilt do .arlbih, l.onwood, Campeachy do esslmtidal, 1 St Doraingo ala amoatiat, da Jamaica, do heIzeiat, C(samwonio, do pall, rro.h, Madder, ralrio, l do saraaed, Niroraigtrn klintute, dio io SAAetricaoa do CoUro, aio eramphort,'ll, at a dala iaracib lo do rtr fit do lrlt hr. do gr.iacurm, CIIECIIIALS. do kirr, Atn, alenitroua, lo masltiec, do atriic, lo oplllm, d.. t lll.. ..phlarie, ao ahellac, l t ril :.) setnegaI, ;Inv,, It, alan raalrt:t. :rlrroivt sablrhn i 11o Irnlc a lt'..# hlot'ide of Lilmee. 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( . 4 th It| I. iihti ''21- and uiL1-2 edition lloyr's prvah and l'tish Di,'tiottterye In 1 ol, 3ho Goil t's improved metalic l'ens,japaned paperai'Weighte Jutl received, and for sale by .131 . BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN Rtl VISITEI ED,&c. &c SPAIN REIVISIf'rEI) c , bIy the aut or of'Ayear. 'riails ol'/, I/uton rhlrar,, ne generallr applicabole to th o 'le,,,i. ... ... ".,,,o . ,,,erieal,y tJ Tu.rer. Eeq The Poliical (iramrn, eof the United States, or . co1'lte view o' the Itheory and practllce ofthe genera a111 srte governmelllrs, with th relations between thetn "-dedicate and adi)ted to the young men of the Unmted. Stlett, Iby E I) Miansfielld, Esq. Aitorod's ltunltin Totrs interspersed with character istec anecdotes, esavngsn ad dtoings of sporting men, in eluding notices of the principal crack ritcro ofEugland with analytical joutents, and general index of names,2 FOR THE CURE OF Seroitla or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatism, Chronie Cutaneous Dis- Pains in the Bones, by free eases, 11e of Mercury the blod being in vitiated statoe. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest Iphanacrnu:ctictul carea ac y, anntraey, d contain the uctioe prntoilc leI' oftconlotrilla in tie taeast conioes tented dogree, combiled with aliervgcetablo oshbstancu ol' nowh t ellicnev. i'he great desilleratum with phvsicians in icing abl to exhibit a large qatity of Saisaparilla in a atna do, has been obtained in ttios prenrationt-they, baiIle fully convinced f t ris terits, coaldeutly administor the course of their practice. Price $1 51 p ar bottle. Sold only at S.VAI BiO'lHEt'S drug store, No. Ii Canal strent, trhs may be had, flesti an gentinc, direc t from the tprtefri tlrs, Swnaint' Panat:a and Vernftihge, Potter's Ct.t.ol, con, Carpenter's Preparation, and a large snd genera nassortlent tof fresh drogos, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, A&e. pINNOCIK'S IPROVEDI) EDITION OF LDR G loldsnmith's Atridgment of the Hiistory of Raatt to which is prteixed an Intrhdotion toie lltody t Romant History, and a great varicty of valuable infor mnatonl added throughont tie work, on tile Malnne Inastitutions and Anthltities of the Ito|ttts; with nu taerous bio.'ophicoI and historicial Notes; and qtte tions for examination at th end tof each section. 11 lustrated with thirty cngravings on wood, by Albertan I'tPt·ouc's hnlwrovecEdition of Dr Goldsmitlh's Histor) of Elngland, fromt the Invasion of Julius Czsar to t to death of George 2d, with a cotinuoation to tihe yea 1837. Witlh qtestions for examnlintion at tile etda each setion. Besaidles a variety of vaiahbl infottt lion added throaighi. the work. Consisting of table of' ctnlllcnpero/y Sovereigtto t111a emlinent persona (Copious explantolry amlles. tlcaltks oa | the eoli lics, mantners and literatre of the nag. Aott aunlias tihe Constitutioi, &c. &e. tlltntrated by iuaty Ongr G..s' EteuernO t " AonTn'RO eOt, atd an Aoridgmen of Keith's Now l'Trletise on tIe UCa of Globes. Ncao Amtriao eddition, wtitl additions and itprovemeant ano at explatioa of the, anstronomical part of the Ap titln Almanac. Jutt received and for sale by WM M'KEAN loi2 conser o(Caml, atd Colnmoon att itARlPER'S CLASSICt L t.IBRIARy. F (IIRACE,ratraatttdl bIt Phnilli fraoeis, I Di, with ýd an a.etlldl.xt n'Ottting h'allsl.....1o. of variot.. attote;, &.y Ben Jo)noOIlo (,Ctlev), Milton, Drydon Pople Addison, Swift Ctattrtoa, f" aVokhleld, Potnr lranat, Sic. aad n of the lutoCe emni.,ot poets of tit i'ilfElDRUiS, withil 1tt aut'.lix n . 'Iludits translo ted ,- Cll'istotphel c .7llrtl, t. vatl o fllt0 it Va t o liue s 1 anrd I:-nf"flarper's t':ls,.ail l.ih:'atrv Si'Xll: dlpedftion at ibltt'tgl LJ NKtER, ty Snloilet, e U, witill at"eoir i,, , A.tior, by 'latti t1 iltosce, Esq., tate n:tiotu, with il1strattoas, by te ItH 1'°lIPSY; a Tita, iby tlt ., .ithe of "Ribhelie. Mlay oil organdy," y g c., tew Od.utoi, 2 lme wimpli. PAUL OLIFFORIt; ty tite lllntor t nplhaIi The liet re d," &c, bhini oltlne IV oat It new ed. n of".e ara Complete V.hks. Justeseeived at sale, ) WM McKliAN T ACON SIiDS--36 casks Citeinnati em landiing erom th shteambona Fert. antd for mail )IOG RT de IIAWr 3t7 .. ,ga~.· ~fiU

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