Newspaper of True American, July 12, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated July 12, 1838 Page 1
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of ivc I I ' im - ~~; Po'c CI.NTS.. I~V 1(-tV - -----*.. . NE ORLEANS THURSDAY N101fN 6 Igo. .., o the V aapei o.. . Trerems of the rNetcospper Pre s of Nc Orleans, oait tincnasty nireel to at .. . ljour.,l nrmeeting of tIe I'r,prielnrs, hell on he 1[3t/ of .tlnrch, l1i3 unsflentrrlotsi.--fIeive i)altinra fInttl shily pt paer ul antaln,lp. yAble in advanllfdn ten dollars for the tr i-wcily acountrv papur, payabla one year in advrice, where ino city rolereneo i giveon. No ahbclriIlII t i: , l ho dintUied until arr...uro a osettled..- n case of di continlance, one week's notine ; 'rilltig mount b. ivarrlab, y given, previous to the expitlbn of esubtscription. Ao$lnrlslrlS.-- ),aI dllar per csuare for the first .onrtion, and nalf th it price for each salllltuelt oI :. l t( r aterit ahn lratlt Ir n the orlgiltnl Ivoiertoement cill he ehrctged ao t n.w Ilnc. 'YAi.nL AntuVnRTIrsco.-\lCereli(nt.ts rnid rat re, arty dollars fai English alone, a11 s1ixty or ,bth l aIn Sag A Bllank, litnloraiuchle )fi', and othd!ersi nilr putile nitationt , fifty d ibar inc tEglish l aly, an.w "ieighty for bolh languarges; Ship and itetmlcott Fae. re, or olotinitsiona norehlato sixty dollnre in Enlia h noe and eighty for bithlangonaoes. .. olyatilis, tJltrecri N.iTCf:e, and artiile ceyl thle ention ouf the puldie to catl n prpMitye ardi of passengre, bienatit. , StC. & w. Cill be mIt trr: oue dollar per nclsar for the hitrs ilnsertia in each u in -Rage. : C" OMMUargICTIOn or Ailvortiielente, of any praesn aI nature, whelt adcniosible, shall be e nlurged donuble, sad in ad ence A ded,,elan of twenty .five percent. will ben.tode to Auctioeooro, Sheritcl, toegi-ernof .Ville,nndt llnrrtlls a0 sales of roal estiate. vlinliahed it both ihuqunlagec, ul 0 litfer ceelt. ila c.uglhh alone: 10 per coat. ontt als Jf otlier property. AtvactrlTnao.sT o.t of the direct line of itouieise or the odve otiner, tloh'nus legal, ucctilon, actl llhttot ielt nales, runaway nave.r, rtray finicialt, io. ,e will Ie charged for sepna.tely, noid at the ordicltnrvn mts. SADvnTilnTMErs mt t lcarecifcd nu to til.e, vil Le Aulished onle month, and cheared aeror liocylv. No adverti emnclt of baolkryd lcioo will ie , ntbliollel - any case, inttlepo pilrcr Tpreviloas tt, inerol io, or kaymenl guareateed by l 1 rro plneilile ITrson in town.c "'hLstree and tllter places ccf tesoins l at rlrenicirlli:a ally or the leac.coll t he c.arged $lll. for.lngli. h a eur, and $15w1 h in hbill licntcinler. 4il ae.uneeantr of cttlcdlicdrtle far ptlit'cnl ONcos be charred doub o tile prioe cf oith;lr advertise S:l.,, to the in:nonse Insc m 1llctcicllc Ity nrwspaper ,wrltetln., they have In ne to tit:, accl llaciill tlct lt nAnes oflerlicne wlhose collclt-c have not .benlcl palid wiý'i on e 0 lonth after prenll'tintio sI ohIll he tin:lh ltouxl o far na prIcticoal) to etlch i cthr--itcv Incli. totigth thetselves not to nclverrtie 6r prinVt fior lcsh ulinquantc, uncleo in cone tl adrnat'e pcaytoulrs. higssedi J C. 1)c; Sr. Il1.\Ic J. IIAYI ,, P. P. REtE t, JllIn tiecN. ,4elet Preor.-"We, tlet uctdleroigllcllc cgee thi alidlcc i tihe above raditiolnt a Ilar as they are pplllllictlllh toI weeklv papers. (aigned) A. , I, AW:LE ,CE, flat No ouliscriptiont are taken for lee- ihailo winttttlho. Letterse inocti , i cae, ine pt Pllild. iTYiG)T-t . SAIN alS ItV l't'liti t&e. ,SPAIN RVIVlTEI) by te elthorol "A crar in 1i Spain" in 2 cote Ic , o rrt I Illret n, oel, c ly, iu tllthor of "t.eCil Ilyde " in a vols. Alr Aee rete of ?tadca, an il otlter tales, Icy tile caulthor If Ic"Tce Frea keI i" "2 rvle. Nicnrol' Illuttein"roura; intrpeerced wtl charoeteristic oanecdotesln, ccicge acndl dloings of tcticrtinN MDen, intltclidig notices ol'tle clrineilhcl vrcckc Jars of Leglaoud with lulalylicil c inc telltc allid tlncercatl drl, cftatee, to whichi are itldlrd, Nimcrucod's Lttelrs a oc oiig' llociads, in 2 vcle. Ili:n i circe. tic.. list oc NeloIcIt'e Agcltccellcore, bIy Ccctl.I t.cllier, It. N.iathllor Sthlle. ".ife of a Sailor," cdt. l 2 vole. (],ill rtlturire ln ic1itiey JuriprudncdC. aiitcllllcictlred clntc "'lndl _od Acerica, c! y Jooepth Story, I. i.. [,. Ovid, Ii..t'i Lutled Icy iryloen, PIpe, Cocll"rov, Adtiiont odd tllhtero. i.,tvln firming Nntos'lO did TI of ,llrlaer's Cllteicil Iticrart." Infantry rortiro, or rctliv for Ihe exorcise tccd ictolnrres 'o the United Slt'wt cntalfr, blrt Mliloj-r oderol O*eIt, U. S. Arncy. ict 3 vole. Jest received occ for onig e y %V)1. Mclvl.AN, 7ctn rrrCoc cic& ococn mite. sof l h ,t I.1,; i , olt n lt ac iucvl t nir; (ft liltlhet " I cr; .t.l, cl c Illct I ,iv I. tc, llvi.itov. r Icliclil Ill;lit l, ttellof Loui; rellttll , "l ol d .o ct u V wi;i rt; ,J ' it ", ) Ic occc! I, c ct gali t,1 l i A, l+"v 'i t ccli-ict l!,{U ty l rictlo tI 11e l l 'r, le . vi, to,' -r o 1 . ; , It !ic c Sr c ict . c " t cv nt' r l iri . v:ll; I ttlv J ic '.. , v i n 1. ; liiil..; iItul: I ls )~l~r. j €I+ .~I Q ,l!a, .· L",Ir dc cL v I ccccr. . tc Itt \-ci llirr '+ ccc l'iatcc Force aod lit-t+ctore, jccn . .. . . _. .._ _ 0..'.c'c,,' . eoledI,·" rhlralerc. A ll'ection of (Aollqllil l o, every trPi o," I i: ce'.Xiri a.. llntaia uonvrntionl, Iuirra;lW 1e A f rlr t ioldts, vith Ium1,nerous rearlll kel ni r' I .E l II'k.e II l Ir e ncati o ,,. l .rwo of vario s w,,orIs. Th,: w tl-, ..: . d re r,.tu l as co.nt c . a. b ly to l : 3 t + " .tl! 1. 0 A ie els otil ru'r.e I ldrt of I'erri''u r1`anl- ,,Lvot pllnied with a Ky, co lntainin thle toxt, litr l and ti.e tranlaision, arrtllCg ill n(h a Iller ill Ir llln ,UI lv, ditfiri ee b'evt'oeo tlie IF'rech id Ill'"ih i io'd , o iO a figured lroiunlitiuon oftie l'r.l.hl,i urdi. i th•e belt Fr"enlc wIrk extanton tites ell th je 1e. ·jbllC Wilol precede.! by a abort treatise o ln l te s oundoflI te P~re lt' anoguage, eomnpared with those of lthP I,.ulisll, A I'ro,,uncic g French Priur, rth .choiulur'slisd to thle uc rte Ironluc iati Ionl e. d .-t'ii l l' it l W i7 ilE Frenlc f.ling tl iage, ontl;lull its e.lemenllts cttei:lrdhs Ing to ihe Ibesa uiage,bylIeliurd T'ruuchio, JrIt I.eeeivi d eled ar aleLy W\M ,leK rAN, in,; CrCuranmp & Coll s. j RIlIIE TSULPUIJR sAPR'N ; !iE'dlvl'1EA.. CA)OI I'', VI: G;I.IA. t !H1.; iavorite .t.'rag . Titte' in he tlins 1! Virginia. , o ile" v~. of tit rl l-her, at 'll :r l the Whiit .AIlrhiur, ill he ope in i lueao .)llor t he r,etllioll of eiorlnu;ibl. 1 ,. III rt a it i IIi rVL?·IIllt a have he to ii.c mnee laE Ill t.: I tit ero. ipe in hill m.rm, anl t iluller of eiihgleb.hdledle riiooms tIe tu added and lou, luihri ui alriiinug tw *ni iditoo.l . by the Itst, July, Ior AiO viritorr'. An erellent tiur. pike rliad ha ba eounctrulet,d paa+ino be thile prine, and intersecting tli Kalawhlu tlrpi.." near Ivwis burg. Over itheia rend, h lie d a~rei'n of ih lit oille. .eopaloneul Meiurs. ieldiu, VoAl' rr & cr s line of nail cllcels will rulln. .t st ltfice rl"in i e.tilliuilc. at the sprnlgs, villorrs mler y ve it.ind i at.'s pund hillyU east ad w lt.: 'ifilil tonudiuAlnl r uitiie. tf tit r waters, toe prn lietora t|,1 lOt eprain. i ler have Aieol as'lysed Ail ablhieiiu.liri:sruuAl he.lmil d o nd ti hld s oill hli i all tl ul valnt ile iii' ridieis e it uci. Al rati e i sprlud u ir VirlhiArl. S'ihe olbinantio i - Nrillea ilir lllllartete:l lly "ldroCen .' lii rite of Ma el.uil, ;tillrh ic iil , A Jr Ielie of Lille, dlnll.l it, -'it ?l. ilu i , ti t lif :' la.A and hiiaintnu of. sIAh"Silk i," h reltriiot'.lrv e ft i 'h a*r, "+hiied Ai'es Aill tL teilialea; t io l alri,:n iv altel Hi ' of the .lroll:iAcl , livei, ald lolvd ls; i'l LIIl ieuin dtl.eclikn tnmr dieasos ol'tlhe skivll i reWdy lbner,r prtellt ir r. e lcioIe rell hIi le nnd. f.xtensivue huig etlhlilellnit, fur bloth ixel, involer Hieudr dreted cnli aglluolu l ti: s p rig Visirore ia, at ll tilee enjoy the ieaurliir a vaeniugei of their be tine and whileso Ire eevieit. taj'i %Villiam Vnes will cotlinrue the uap .riillellr ancnrf fthe sprini. Ever3 exertiou on hIsi iariuad on the pPat rftie io rprietor shluall be reillrei to i urle for ihe llue 3ulph our a librall esare of the lulic paIr sonage. ' Uis pioprtetors of the llai, SIllihlr 'A.*irilu wilr hi iher sll in the rec ip (iif notes of ll S ,"' he rl n1 il W ve ifdll'uksieh iare consldered sia r h r la ior. IIAKIA IMONK,(. &e. AWFUL dvelosureei of Morian Mull oe Ihe Hotel h~teu Nunnery of Iouhntriul, ,t.. ,l with au ip peodi.i contuilingl, part i. lic.eptimtA. firleditioi; part Lr1i 'eqilel of her nnrralive; pur.i, ReAview e ltie asee. AlAO, a uuippleu.nt, givilg core pnrleivalvs ol tlhe Niulserv end groudil, illuitruatd bh a phln if the Njniury, &ye. Maria Moiek and the Nunnery .if thie iltel lijeu--be inge an fibint of a visit to ihe Convents of Montrel alnd refutAtion of the "Awful DiJaeloeures;' by Will. 1.. Frurth experimentt of Living. Living wirhout meane. The cltudeut'i Inetreeter i Drtwiing and working "iThe Five orders of Arehiteoture," tlily expliunilg the methode fta etriking regular end quirked molidesra; fer dlinishing and gluoRig ofoulunionei n Ciapltale; ti Ifndeil4e trite diA.nmeterorelh order to ay given height; for ctlilking the Ioeni Volute, vireular or elptical: with fl'tisled ealimpiles, o a ularge aele, of the olrders, tlihir planlelter, &i.. and eile devigno for door lraer, ele e.,tly engraved on ftrtr.orre pliate. witl, expltaes-by PeIter Nieholson architect, outhor of tile "iMcaoi.Fe Co aniuo 'Ait-a,"Curuenter'r New (ilide," "Caurpenler's and Joiner' Assistnt" &C. RA Praeticul Preatiie on tli' Cslture ofSilk," adapt ddti tIm elloanil ansi lilutle of th,- United Stote--by J. (i. C'tllretuLk, secreiIry ofth ilartile r I coullty Silt So eietv, ani editir of thle "SUilk irltrit."' cThe SAilk itlter's Manuil,,or the art of rmaii'i. ael feedlin iIk wlrmuti, and of lultiviating the h Iberry Iroi--hy N. oneri The f'lerk's (Gilode, or (' 'n e reiat 'Co .ee.nspaon ,eie' ; uen;pririig letters of hualis 0, Aor iie of bills, ivneicea, aecouit-sales, cd ehuropkeepers., lation if puyments, eoumercial terio . &.e-by B. F. I oiter. ,lllitoerv of the War in the Pemnia.ll'a inl the South of Franee, from the year 1i87 to the'yr 181'4" by V. F. P. Napier, C. B., vol V.; to wllih i ' per8xea an swervo tr ome attlake in RhbinhOn'a nli'.of icton. and in the (uaCrterly elrvieW' With eoii'ltr ipmnarki tt Mr. Dudley aClotgsi Perevaia'r remuarks ullome Ipiiaa' e n Colondl Nnpier'e fsutrth volume ol t lleuinaulua . Jis.trverived iuJ lfur 'alhbv tCll Ad-'fth bbis, iu elire, for i jero 44 New levre. UGtAR -5O , prime rtitfrale * je6 4I Nero ' • ev "lOt O 1!mhholfe . Pv"io oand othiei de ftinna I For le bhy " T TSNN & AVIY. leri 5. drnurer At ar . i F'g . ;,IH :eive,': t t1leir P',irnishi;t yore-ho,1 t SNi. T :17' ltý5treetr tO recent arrlv.l:s fro a,. rople, altli"e ot'tOh, args aahlhtiohts to their asetk ,I usetlo tcll soarntlei.oe l kaerwoeiogs lielea, wslhh tc,, lestivel" (they belitgev) flrm an asa.s.e IIe mItO'elgier al wloe clapl'te tha tLl i ) bie flullll iWilly s.icIllr l estat i.ln tt knlw,; conoatiig" of SILVEII WARE. Cotableih a tea sets ponitl:tlers aitersa easto, candle tl h hle i tes l S i ttea sp ao9 tils t r rta el , or ga -e geite., a.ait, psdding' ar',flsthgsivos: iiakte ' ld dh"sel^. it ve .s a ,,d I 4 ii'l1 4ih ;"s, Ii 'g s, & c , ,i i frat.j .tI s ro e . tie :l,oatlllmle" of 'itsr II. rIlller, of. N\.,w Yer, ol.el. Inlh stabllifished lepl1hnto fll tihe munllllthetui of 'ilvi :tr n c Ias srellnht its sllpeeril SiIlNGH i .L 'lTen 'e d Clitte ' ore, l sells; ctittrlPs, liiqllr alsl cot litl skattils; supllerb telileltll-rs, eIaII Epcegues with miir r l pinteoilyt, filr cetlr" of the dinnere or splltr table; wallters iond ll olblonig, firom 8 to 1 ihlieslt beef' steak tol vegetalb.e %llstes; rich disih sowvers; cake iold iread h.oskets; decanlter stands; litntle and chamber .e.ltlelticks; wille strmlielli tolers tud s ' hIlrlloi deca.ll ier 'lillns, ihlret corks, tea strainers, table ,bells, h:l, t. Ile. egg sanl nlllaltard slpoaols egg holalers, nlic sitou i,,ast tcoes.k 1 S it? VEIl ON ill`-,"I, WAItE. l'aber alt de.ert klaves,% trlks anld slowllt; solmi anll - iS llll lles Iblttel. a il till khives, .heelse scoops, as parolgs longs, vegataible friks, dts. .IAIPANNE.II. llle GCothlic Saldwi ih li a:otill colalir waiters, in isets aohl single, rirom I to 1 ilnches; do of papier tmer/le; ltrMea, cheesy, Hotl knife trast large Upright plaie lat Ile, All brliaOLed gxl ilt, 'and f rich ctl eilialet niile lf la dt., atis, tioal, plai, hta.l wit gllans phines; ate- t IIAI llRS ANID I.AN1t L.A l'S. -E, glish and FIr'eIIlCII co -iAt t ht1l4 li, liers or ll oiiltlw ), tt I 1,Ill ,i 20atn i lights; Fre tlidh "mac,?l ail . Grecian hoIu Is 8, I ad n ltights I l , i Is o ,, i:,1. lls, 'ic l I o e boat I, c .t- - Ie n i.lrtr 't . a *.:. ,1 ccci I to G it- ltamt-p o ,"t,1 wact'-, g It . . -to. t, \NIT'Ik. lllb'K, 'iNI)'ltIII';; ANI ) 1VASilS. wiilb Iitll.; Ir t ; o lcu tlli:,g.- ls.l.l nt kswiiil"ll' Hl.l cks tot:! risks. i e, ca nl oit. , i."lr -t. _it '... \ A W Ai\ I. !8 il'i ll( I:".\10 l tF:,,iWa ,tat Itl'nettnclhkuing Iot.tlt a etel n .r i irr w'lihte,; g ld tldge, Hld lm rt 'ih w,",ii't stllei; splendid Iiilei setlst w :tel i lnd miilk ptllh r,, lining, desertl, tea, cle-e, IreIakifas it alti spier iottsI toitil wlar; pithehrs. Also, ( antoi cilia l ia il rsel.. ll C(;C GLAS5. . )Deiiters, pitchers; clar.t amt, ll n- ed hoclk deeir.te, w Iils, dishes, celery vases, sai al stads, sltgar hows blltter tulbs tIger bnIsos, tuaal btrs, .Aie, ehatl tI:,igne, lelel, cordials, lenoilllla tlandII jelly glleit t le . rli· i.l hok gI.lases. Al-.A, ean1olc sitadls. 'l'AIIt .I (; II'1'InIY fline ivory halance .indiels, lltl li tp all I,1 .Ik I '. : knivonttd forks of SI ald i p. r .c ll tIc 1 ivoy hinulle kniio's onlll fur s ,elifoiks; ,iar.l :.n I g.une carv'ers; long slie'for o romd breef, oa s.I r l i ulit crlll ks lnl picksl; mI n i" t ll ers, corl k sr'crws, r ",. iliRTTAxIA AND Ili1 K ''tI' 11\\ AIK. Te an :u col'ee sestt5sold t is, wtill, I ami. 2 ietal-e., a till e Iaor hlo'tels iold sA albolhn . ql llis ts14 aitl,.. vensn. dishes with eon ern, w ti.r-,,+ 'rem ilU s us.; dl . I, l hers ll, 1,01 e l ltrs, mi l ie l : ., ,e: e.. ... I . , ssaulIl* illh hIlleatis,t-g liad . el l"AtYb I I kitlt bIl lV. ' I l": Ull| Wi're helleers.I ., :ni ierni ; I ,-t ,s ial ste el Il hiltellla. I11 longs( llle; coppe l Il lollt , Ilw p l.a r ltil il'u s latlfl Ii111t lI Iriuh . ll ftllol at. t Ilawtas u I rlll lll art tsat; a taa taitg I-ai tllt g mut.lao aa t a relt ts'. at--c h -t-.e- s tttte is tr al' lat ,. KITCa. .1\ l'Ult.'aIattlal-ttnsttiacgfia,, tin, ill ii, esi' ns .ii- e Siedfor liCt.)i plo 1,5s, and i n h w',f :.i'nhl .t. ,.V .e lrlirt h W llnhI I,. I'..... keep.: ,s Ican b, ll I n a l' l II h'ir esaibll sl ,t I. f e rlll ad l,l ,al',. ~.oi e repall ",l J ,d m cl pliltlell is olio. I,.uaills Ist :,, t. i )vi i ret ,ls' snz , I i" de, 3 I , ilh, l'f t.,,t,"e,\,, . N i. : -.; "%|:4' .i11,"Sll-l\ll l- I MI ' le.I , 1i ttl l .E It i N I 'l thii , tl, I ., (. l Ialltll II)' t I t:i llllltI a -i(;i o aL i \I.w .hl .1. W I aeis r t a cyfinlr , cll. el, ogillg I .w0ms 111t W,' ill. , wila a Il,. l it - I,- u:,is, A e.ll i "t s lt r s,alw, or $90l 1 t ill I".r a I leCl', - , I/ oI·1i 1 , "+ ,il A ao ucl Id a-0, ' '2: 1s , , 0 -ailt " ' ,a-,-' l s: ! I. a a ,il ta i - sll's O 'P i ,."a ctsao o r lt 1 a iows tir i ordt .ot ta ilto 'l, withleellrsi't tea6 V 'li hII. Aill -ill o aw's, witi o.- le-rs, &0. ni1 75 ltor s0,3lO to .11 per saw 1511 I)i I..:altteet-h hoare desired, fuar feedelrs, supplied t 15 cents lc.- i;tltl te l ,tlo a1-.e1 ofIteei Itit ip tml el tl-ttilI i m[.lsltil lll- " s. i t.)ne iat of i'ederl , it is co si.ltae I l'llt'.e l will a"t. lr lt tWo. o: three .te osl ilw ,S a ltllll a Sa a s aipp o a: a Si 51 etal. l lteel-c0l. ' ' .h .,la . ar-ere,: illtht ,itetl.liv,.tre tll s l irgettla l -tole r t a. sttattltat t e s h a t il war Sl,.rIllt, ,i lt s ell.. !rm an t "ltl be lhrg a e ta ilo, m , iIuow ihll t I'm.rl , ii niltl I-t liae ta.i. . lt i • nll1 ,ll C irA i; iiilltrill ill< IeIIe c l,' th ito n hiwhere 11 ;ir lhoubi l huccom al h i t.,se ric ei w illhew wh l.n r t,-. nbea~t b WatttAc l arttoIo catte a .at e t a-ttn a . Ir.o ouatn It gealrr-at lotls oe Or, rett whorl e , lesire )iw ,, ol'1i0 d,:schesc pt ,., ense bthem 1 inth:al a lik, '(.Itiiot. tatll a ltli tat tl ee itets t ;a l a ic lita t0rtl.. ,It 0l" -a ",It abh.irl) lr , whla iris nlirt Rile ordles oir . -c t th i tt ol , -itS paot:a) darn( l s ne wie ws wt h I ll ta-:t l t htutcl :li ai S'o, hta-' tclh-s ailihet t , . i t ib til ile) dm f i l l u+" h l i , i.r. d h -il t 'la iii 1i., 1:," me i l.!lii:l -l;lle . / ,ii,! Wan id app ,i ,Wv. , 8i n Ia a allt 1 afr- ia ted, ttia e at het l. i:,ta IlI ar II lh , e 611 of t el igh io.Irrvi ni le w ,ri"! Z andt. t ",tI Id lti i-hn ".. alde ith batal of:"l - c1h l lllil toi li in tit e') i lithe sp Iil~ t" i It s r nlllle tatI Hl d lI h It e ( in i thl , att to next t alt l -Itt lttt c ollni' Io I ili e haln'sh of " 1i1, .rstndhelmetr't byi the te'st or niddle of ,ill), exseplt it. I.ltt..daa s wt.laere ahy ore late itd eoeoelaciltg t1 a - II. TlIlie Itiultil, ta r ol oe oI' tila coltOn sio lw i Ocgit i.a t w i b e so l li Ec t nb b l h te r n as . S'ATI'E OF L,()UiSIANA.--irot Ju,.ical t.itriet Court tillE :3TATE OF IOUISIANA, To all wlhl Sth~ie Prestatl stt1l cone, Greolng:- Whereas Williuato lacke laoving prchared at sale otae by thto Slltorifw tile prtl rieh , t rlrcla, lte prenedrte Itner r dcoterilhed, has dplie.d to thn: clrri t ort eourt, in w hearie oliest s d, ed aT" sd e w rtetei, in tihe Orhndve of Moae, rA. or. ta, tr a dlmiti, or ad dertisjmeoit illoplortnity to an oe.' of the iegiolature of thie date o Ltu~ieneo, eotttled "Ac : aot f tior ic rther oosurancs oftitlst to pulnorhase at judical sites;" apc proved the llth day o '.larc', l1 34. crOW, thereslbr, kowe ye. oid all persons interestsl herein, ere herebo cited and odmotnish ed it the nate to tles tate oF Louieiarta otd of Ihe nircn J ndiei l straott Coert, wo can sro t up allo y right. tit or Elryi et ihn-d ti the properfe Ih-erein.tle.reenlhtod, i cone'rqueene efotoy inefoktoliv oio the order, deree tujeedgmett ul theeocet eteder wehich tle tale toe oade. or aoy iri'sularit r ill e rltiv in tlte ao EWri.oDctc and alverttel re.tte, io tte, or or nltulcttr of cole, or for all ttller defect wholte. svert etllew ecoser, whittit titirlv dovr frueo ttte day this eooniti:eo fid iret insertod it the p1utlic pelero,why tits sale so mate shluld not be colnfired Ottdhotnolo gated. 'ite .eaid rtrotp y ease schl by tite Sheriffo thie par i'h t.orertid on the "3I daya of ttril, A. DLf l,. y h', VIethte oe a of h'ef cett,o t, rendered ,,n the 3i daev of March, A. i). 18.3z, i0 a s it enrttitled Witn'te inctek v.. amItel R .lle+l. 1e,5'15 of the dokhetof ttie court, at which sale saod ,Filliste Nlckey baenlo the pur ceeoor f.r the plre of *3, ltt), csh I)eccriptioe of Prt·ersy c gistelin toe Judicial Co-. reran e, vlz: A certain lot of grcend, tectner rilht cil titt buihl ing aetl iclprvepr t eta tlieeeoit, situatel ic ett te ist tf t)rleams, inttle qlurm Ieunodetl be Nes Leee, Luuise, I'eee.hO ld ihaI'rd otrceto, dec gstlesd by thlo Net 9, oe a plan detenIst" C. .'. Zitottl.. DnpofiV SUoevor tiensral. on the Itith ilec.etbed, 1113"1 attd deteltoeteei l.lde'to 10, in the bOtt otflaott ,f Felix I ,ilol0 n 0tory ] tblie. Said lot mesourers "11 erot II inches fsrom ii ew lOvee stret, 75feet i deplh oe th. lcdc odjetinici lot No, 8~ed 80 lfeet ' insehee and 4 lines o delptl o fli side adi icing thu erpmeeti n l eor lterly, belogereg to Nrioodale, itee19 looet II Inches. eidth in hbs rsar, olhtre itfronlson ae aafre -ef tesee fest nine intohes in coleell.eo tle lois No 4,.59,6, 7. 8 and eI. t:lerk's O(fce, 11th 1crv, 1838. m16 - G W LEWIIO.Dei. C.1erk. .6.. . le .ternl- I eMo l ireic in 'I'eu-d;a lhat, trip I cirt lu atir f eor l ung t iais l rltulrned'again ia' .iaht. I o flan drat l tue'ilt cyl mpll rtant tin vidrl, as tii ialns tra tl r'Juird is ci was 'i I rtll V hlllld llig,. Illllur)'lrg lt e Illtany ot thli a+,'t'mt I had a cluilulv trauia yu ron Itir us ta enli e'ffects oti' tlhu a nderu ti-te tiest if duct lt, ti knhniglu ltWl'tiihilih e, ahin, 4A $ llbretal evirrThira s that the labale oif It'h ral 'olit, i ll aien to le . lrtr,. ' e fu ll'tl i. "A h oy was millliov pi t w: rhi I ,d iver tie i also rt wheth ner t rlaf rirrer,'ll; ir bei t ,tilhe"a nia utolln . tllllor'. i 9 p. r al , Iiar lef eil crleav d litl h ..' p.o , b, fi-t. to li he ,'e trimeal rv rf rile e tir, m "h i ratil e tactri i h i.,tie:' I ntl ce i ileir at aI i te t i' itwiilproie, of tlrrarill-.aIRaIr. ala be t i}niptral.' ''". I .lrr. I. t i woild ilvire tkenm prvdlide r rloe.' selvsirtilltHrs atI enriae ptira, in orldeir Ineet Ill, Odersial.h'mltnd uanl inerasr' of raht nirlper, ai it ur," klt in,r there iare nlll wiho seek for ruotllingi hat fIlse, o. ildlullat f r -r livetI I theta 'all i'reIe- oI thati rol, rte,. flati i inun nl, t f dr i i l : nip, f c dle. it thimble i elaeritii tile great rusa, oi lie Irilli la of A mlue icllniltie o 'lse " fu1oie I ,rll a rn rI a ed a s lovera ir l trutll. 1hefr.'ro they wl, lrel, llr o iroip eed Ir' y ir Stldl, Itallllv sir, t wai to rei d ai le it aer, ai I iloty rely ari, tholerfiloP I will seek out such, ain i .e J a +,uikm+ I..r 1r to ilia u Per jonrn la , ,ivn 1e sit It me •t will' t polr , tpIls. '1h ir s l t i s h et s tel re atI a 'u gablet, torequ , "ulto Ultim; vet I w+ill tare: l t. I 1 , tiil. iit d at , bsel.t 2d. I' I ha m i ll r e lia Jul ' e eu lt, fith r.i l e a re. i.r letter tiae.: ttb irg y; r37 t if I rems.tied rfia le, lte ,I't id. b'hit frt r illt , I 'alli pr aaedito ii'illiatrr i filr 'fOlltpelurrndl c l la fmite lt, e'i b i c h )i- teip at. Cu.,'. itorm thel aEito i u ser oin th aiyll Ga itt: lah Ii er fitler to oin, h lie Ir.,tia i. 4th. Thai frro ,'ircagarrtl siamilraroaee l , ire l'atlll bl e .ia"ll i r t reat li irr,, (it her a ,lin i . a 'ao." I ul tat e tae ay l iy fe, orrr ti Il-'f ,tiarteura e, et r Iln.l. iioralla ite Ileto N tv' ber tsart lid tile sho e retrtlv l , lebr ne t .t ", r o rlir ardo o c r ii 1e l t .t . llt 1 a'br raar 'r cllrtr , a s I as all riral e ar , and quaC ii'lfliietines the ,r're dcal GI liilh, ot Ioiltn, PIt hit el. i, Ii, alet.pit, r'aalcrhirlle aril l' ruisvill wio w;tei if rir. a rl , ( eftreillh ,t ti e rrives 'tloerorllah let, tl pe aid oreh n t ali oih 'ar trelr n i, i. l t hc l alt t le , ave. tre at tr' rten l ' trl r ir mike aittr , ani irr rrrr r ar .the un. if mi n rit "l. It 'al, Ir' nip R a in B er , t & pnfelie lite of telI lellrni t' ' i"d'atu r.lrrrt ith'rrr i hi ' aii luau as rr a, ,ltitti l R ,I . th + ia l 1'ilte ·rr onr ail.r, tlhra 'l a atBeeof r t I r Ia dillicuit huerr trrat l. c'rar" llrvtlt I lil ' ld avelt r ti rir. n a .da t iih,. notal } .os'herh:h.t l t .ver o n setolhre, la it loer la,,nlrll sre ad t I, eat, itI,' rll t i r l" eriall Il retol Ire-re Iar .rirI Curie C I trarai ta 1Ju,' . ' h1, l 1p, ovarr` a i . a le rtairit ra ter ' y',y. reS arirta i ia ' "eil aa'.ir ' r.r l r e tit rir tli ttull emili oy Ii rd. Ir i nntl iTe rl ntil t.i' r: , . i ll, a ririeri; the i'tul I t la' im r for nareCt I.' horn cth 'r the I'ltrint ndraitl stor kaediaet; ' al raie wti I k nI l ltll ,, ' ' tri or.l t a aft I l l n:,IIil llrl I ll. , ceivw rit+ HlIUI . Itrell iaIr111 ' tlit t irt ael ilr'u itre"r aitil "i "teo htai, liy ialll ll rt V il' lO Ita he ria ue u i. tl. . ,I .: I .' + II,. w ie. 1`i,( te11j [ a l'lt, s ll I ue, L, iilie, J ra "ltri It ) a Irl tr7. P. .3. Sine, writitan' lit" satt I have een r nitra rreil ihrat eine of toe coati ,, c.lip tie leer lace r of the Jilurlle, still his I stl l llt sier, a lrlr l wel pleased w( tl,+ Itl re, f titlittitr i j ilra tI'r ltasl t If iler i l' iv late rIci itlll thl ' inge "1 it is of IIb flar ttII" i geh aeraii o I· llm I tvi t rtt' tttrtl't't, iM.retair e r i r t ta. '"M nih loIt' t ae" I ri l; , f the (LuL tv' oi. .tl aes li,' ar llal ine. I ii r'lair alli hi h lave been so.e evated an1 ,,talll rlirt d wit r l iedar, 't 'a p ulntllie of n lrt tericoe tlre lllia nol v a l im1onl:;-hi, ititl l ntit i mIrtll erit, d (Iaei lg oo h ... .. • . w ind by ...ien. i ... ...1 5 tIat slialet ee ra.lrn ive, olhltteral rtl'lrlag a hanlht r hill ; s11ite w l.,r,, aisedl ta t, ert' ' t r.e d 'atta v i' J Ile kniglhr ,tllo he ril. I'll,. ator, Holy :1ey oughtII It h .la, rlhlet bee Ph i n::ig r s ~( rie o,lt'Pi'" f lfl oti prohli.' brah,,, to ',ituc h - -a. alht , at : la i of r th ithi l . ill'r til i'llr iitll ti' ,rr I, L sl, s h still iba ut iio,+ , VI ii ll Lra. ' Irj tli ' ,, le t ; , it Ila' looai bi nrt f w''icrit, lte gral air. t :alia It' at r t ga t tab the ,hf1hlbh, t.ii wfillx fh to ai, in h is %,tin 's) ' , ivl vhe i i ll i0ata1 tlr;.'lit" L aoia r' it, e at idiu p rr r[ lae u r t ir rr. r '1 II tiae I, lteac r,' leks u r'lla . olllllh aippr red of by smlllo Ildies, d. 'rhIn' rut, al ta ,ati l it fl'a Ir lt r le I , o er, rof i' iri t Ill 'rl, r'tii'tllrri s . l ,orliin o te t oi ir a i G i o li· , nilia,, knig t, It.'' illdira nod pi I i ' ila it rle .lsoir ilf rtill ia. ' h at' l. I ', it 'r I n i rI II'ri :N." it itts t l, ll p o ilr e d r ,. hI i- nl ,t t iLot r " t ., lien, f tie llt i llohll \ ton I e rc-toi+,l m nig t idnhr' e -" ii- h n I "toolita we ,I a I i al. 11 1·r cn"t ·l: I ' , t tn, l ,, 'r I i,, lh it:, Iih. k 'rl-' [ it':e r lii h ,, .nt " . a.._. i a,1 stat.'", itr I t d" .I e" r t , is lot ',, ,', lu, io , , vwil erhl - Cvh .e Golinia, e Ie ho,l iai"'tlln ilia., r lr *t . It r rlIa all iaarllf r, it . atitirs. ire I rrrirrt rI u rt.',"I ,"aItrr'hi l htef i ralrtat Iw.l, lt!ie.lii ,"dl ",ari , aci 'eol atnlg fiai .- 1.i ritan' Itl'ltt i'lllt !lr . C "a t itlll' ;li, a i tS "ll .r , a (litr I 'rta 'y litia i:. t r i (e .. - ii'irrt' l "ar lr or,'a -a n d a r t.rras ..N. lih.- i ta\lhl h hj i a r Ir ." ' a .. .... tlyr d l,:t inn h If I'mll t ,,li , Ie t in ll' a 'I Cry I u d 5 rat. ,i. sonid hata. lJ Ie p i:l at ai c iltr ,.a' tri ar dua , Itr rre 'Sil it it ii, gl ia . t,' u I i l, 'e' lo aud to ,. tar, laur. 't a t: tr it lsoerraa sirartsra Gtltir alraarrtt'. t'; ti i ,er ;i aai.trr, 'hrii e p,'t p n t+' h~tria :lr e:l , Irlh ltd i f t if erile no.: eilfr.) t' atf drik or t hn a erlo oc a wtill set , ll righl sLd they will iiod reio tr'il-e I ort etlha z o a uft'tha Cet .-iira itr= oi f taa" italides.'aee,} lraie ir s ' Mitir i 'v ltnolr C tlr trelilauntel ir IrIt irs peire is a w are' Itil avti k. I a \IIt . IA ,. . ll.-1i Itlea , jra t tea , ivv! at e i lt led arstdJu 2.. 'C'uati r . tla tirilu a; ,lulra gy io tie dri egstp Ithit lie t ritys.. ' tfae iirrtel S.It', thenm-eivet a rlnr l tlres+ Sicirrtn erg"i reteaidhtr thtlitt a llude ti i thm in hiy Iast latl'iti. T.ii l re.Ctra ssu ilre l I did t i t ku o r ec-lire trr rerr uliytr G', ghr ai.rtg a!mitt arriat it oire Ii ipvilled yeii lie rel its anly ieu ihraiaera e m st ot couirse weair trtilr t 'rug arte arililagad, aye r. JEFFERSON ' I USE, i.IJSa'ILLE' Jtili i:I, illr r.a " .---I avinr h lisrt nart. tio th.e entreaties n lir m iiear" ltr ir t.gra'iti re-t r Ied, t 'f y t i reahit. permits; to ir e. arioiill this city nil r thi ti'll ior Juler r . Tr e ry tiy a oia thtlae orr.ri ar' r g dlrid r 2. a'1' e eiv htcr the I ,a ii rites ti t the vile t pl dhat, tae a ledir t ltolialh. S. eellavt. applid to ,,: P belotn i to tlhe a. ra ilh it ynw r rl righ t. 3. lh ' I ,ilr artdy t i d 'epoaitr- tr n hutltire a tolura. tie \ltnr of this city, ag i.iir d t a 5 i nlar r iin tat Le de ptrired by hall the gr lot al y fi r ,!,Iv ah turi s. Ra t.rai that ' rector t e ' r:h t n iore aged a itr drisaged, roun ipeerrs , and 'hihh ' ,, arti weretot thelly or iiila ihe b nd, t air thley db ; a d that I' ut ey til ed t, r t tra r .a yreaber tuuube 1ra hr.,rl wdak d'. dih-riahederarte aoiturs a be ha rilure a1 rite p.ratlic,(t thili darer, iciai few) in the ridape , of ail g 'ir 'h"ui lgri rriua rn'd iv t' iu'1 ,e sseee w here sore a ,rindrla eed s ti ,e two [ 1 ". labw, n aa eti rsbl tee i isa e l. p i aya. i sr, tgnr if siry, n birth r id s trilit toe "riivei lt hali have ireln inrrhtrmeI rrb'hi the aid oi anyr durgiirl u eraititon alltiaratli i, rpaid to n1i shell 'rieittia the ..iall ulr t a benyt of b alit m ithur ei iby Iril city. "ld ihe r s her taur *1 was .eak e enng tord the manss ol falsehoodo signed S., which deserve nothing but my silent t.on tellm[t. tld I known evenlln of the gieit importanco 'l A S "`, kltuutld utV. treated the last of the tthrlel som whet dtiffreotly: bit let that pas. 'I will.' l. ever colmplittle oet hi m-ter Iof tie lto hnid -a ilJ Jo em;Iloy thle frttll.r knight (not oi the gurter or of teir thistle, but) ufth" ne.d, . Ikitmble, tu order tih t he mov kill two birds with ll oe tone, . e. to pat. tile holes liat mu.t he in Isli natural or pohlitl g "trteobi art It itf uy froltytl tU thallit eetent palptr, the Ad verli er, Dr. Sil s nmaster is,, in constanl need oflis Aervtts. W. n aut cirmlututanocoecurs, wlthler dqmesnticall or politicalh, which requires a blister, wtlttheir n Iti Htwn nose oio, tile repultatl oflthose wole du nut hkp uen to please him, be ig uldlike kilo, (which Iuot be gt'eet misfortune!tt ) thein it is hie rings his+ 5L6l., whice after alT is nothing ttt e tlhan if it was n"suunding brae. ur os' tihklilg cymbal;" Yet, to view it thtr--ltr. Atoll looks well; ut with an G. D. A. S. S. after it, appear. magnificent!!! JOIIN WILLIAtlI, atli t. SJumyl 4. I A V , IN .-EET it EA'S-l- i stoi't eand Ito i.ale by '1' K flUtt&I , iLhlts je @0 C-ttttont atml Alfluunr stn. 'To lt,\'l'. THtE h ,ulusne n'STUrol.n hack Kitciet.t +i. ouf the uttdemot l tbry of ihe "l' llra Armri j ran t)tllhe, two doers from St. Charles; The. a,. A finlt r.e otand fltra Cuie House Appl It .Ui J'tiN GIIt{otN, Editor Trioe An,,,itun. 3H Aii.G l t11tP -h'-il ruee Ketuc.y itao Li gg" 8; cotldo Ito r; futrar bI tH P .VI & C ,. jl et Ioto Gtry rt .err" ro ,, ru. 71AiL-.-.+ I im t ,.durmleal ,ft I t bails frO., .1 to2ýd, four Ble by CHASO: & diX~EY, roll 6 Cunata Houee etmet. TOMATO. st i i . ti.l e0 proa ul t sa tu d w il h S o I us 0ch assurancs ". I b tv empi,'ies of thlle 'preent dfi, thlat one ne-. diiell cuire ;Il lllssels, to nilot, iIll never eml lhe trut; 9I he weho a .s. rts it, i, either a tiil or an ink. pistuoS But it is ia fIlat Islanastiatle by expierielmter that conbi.. ations of mrdiciile may tit l fiirtml fram die VsG+trtLLa at.Ix ax., that will act si o lierlallsy (11 lt" I. a l.t herlbe. tkell aslamabh'l, and:h illn jtlcioius pro "hOllillr 1S tI CtlEr, ,i Ilnl e e1 set+' n t ,i c ft i l : l .eaae w.thlil+ " rteaa :.ld power of me li.,ite. FP'+. tis welltaaa sk.] astl .litbiih repl i'titari of Calomel, it lhas lng beenll rlllle by the" apiric,. .ad ascientifie iphs cala, as ole it lhke iimoat Powerful te Is .l t t.he ieioal of ilidtase. B. tihe, al mOust ever) lami b s beCCll dell.el w itlllostrtns, thalt l1-i, autlhors claiuted as aspeifics ia er.l0. disrae isi i. Sl lei to tile h1lm;, lh. • T"l·e fall) Of 1hes1. p etel siions ieds bn coount, ni. Ibl leolr n e it'lwsial Sutiniii is shownsl, that Ih base rit st of the P.1'.aces, U..tholicoi s, bae. which Iliave b: nt.ll titlllellll liforeI the coaatttualits, with so much al ssaulra, is Calumel, or imerllll inll solrmc O1. 1.i. if lthis iItent articlei Syell ikn hallladts oalfta, most skilful physieian, lirequie t Ii exerts n: i..Rillntle oln tile lhuman syat nl. u .llareseen, ,nd e1,tirelh beyolnd lhe contuo altri; tunlormi.nig tl all dollh, hbat rellt sta. ,,d be vat ,cciet whet pre caIi, d by ilie igi Cauli heir lmany tuho) l vitill+ sple"al., , ll voice l" om tfLr 10.lo1 wmdId s1 onl l llsl, el 'ie sperific' delusioo talt i w sway tile tusiin of illt living. HItlahne PIhyicians depllolre the sand evils resault g room the mnerlu' a practie , an.d w II (10(l1 h it the in troductiunll o' an 0..,i+e thIat rcln ,dsel l be subtilutld fti itioiela. 'Thei t e. el,Iile thaI keenly, tihe t ecartait f s'ts primaa opi. ratlion; they cantaait. sv h.lhr it a iil 'is rs.lie tiir mdhil.i(,oriale. TIhy ;,Isi itnot.i ,d eel, li't ii uIs epti is continlae;l for any coislltrsable time, ill Jylious aecoaultlry onllseiiulaceias flittr blillow. Bllt ha) must the least of twit ils thlley kllow no other article thll will aroust a torpid liver, iremloe ob.tlllu ionl, tal set in lire l acOiio* u m whle glsadular system, ullll1 it bleiig ii.ece..ars hto d, ti.s, tlhey culltllte it, se., lnolwitalhtalln ilg thei evil q ullce's ahicll lillow. 'i'he have long d-sired i id sought an a.rticle 1h9t would produce tahe outl elfcts o" this drullg, witlihut subj. lunig the patslet toi its de.ele'itriott tresults. iSuch ai licnllerlOn, it is helret l llve] h ls sit l t i eii ObaIleL mi the article low pres,.Ult Il lit+ |e pubbll. T'Iuv ii'opi itru's of thi uartic. keeping in view the iet, lht a .wise atal belnevJalet Beingi , h plI ci:ed with ill lhe reIe irdll .II, relm.ohts kla tedll to thll0 sIht ses ia cilntll tl tihe climate iltlatll; itldt klowaillg, lIkI . wle, tIi. mIust of the Iliasses of the Saulth anl West re hiastd ui iim it-galliic a ilnetioult lt'erignttient lt tw live.r; direstetl their aittittio. to the ariticles which :ct mollrle esp cidly on tlhe bili.* nrganls. Atter long, laloriolls, tild expelsive research, they avise aluerceded il esxtrlactilg ta substance sti tile TO' ,l.A iO, which, itol its peculiar eHlics upon thie hel a li or biliary orgaens, thoey ]Iave ldeno tintaulel Hspatiae. It is a medicii.e that will plrruae all the betefisial resultut otf Calom.el, iii bothl aeute anad hroi di esess, without thie iossibiliti of iprmiTcinlg the leriauade teous, srquelrces ceun-1g to tlhat article. Itsnationup.m ii e coatliutionis isuisversal, ionpart of tae -yst:am escapinigiti iltfluelnee It is however, uponi i its rgans of .ecrrelolt anll excretiso, llht its g. salt power is pticulil iy masiifststed hatasce i is pe. culinrly ailapted tl t.,e treast.oelt of bilios fSevers usil othler diseaes in which a torpidity or c.sttgaaotmsn of the lit er all por:tal circle prevail. It is adlitiile in all ases, where it its necessary to cleunse the stomach udl bowelst. It removes th'.ltue tion, sad es,.atls qutick ahailt;,his naeltion of the liver all other gla,,dula' icelsa 11t thle ilhst)Iit- i. Bcilng dif it is olpeanioi,i it pri nee a free circulation ill thl( ves.s Is on the aL'urte of lDe hody, lconllmaniedl Lit gatt lsua.ieru tion i t does llOt iexllautst like dtras tic i.puges; sllt, its l0 i1n is iore uivei'sal, ...d tnay olfenl be lrepeated, oIt ie el with saltts but with glreasa benl fit "'hi. b.cis.cs I talhsubllt'llr Ieess.aasi y ilenes.= otiloug siita.,ling; lfir hl thmn iihe'ih tei poar uotss matte bl stsoaga -tl diaita, saeldm, if evar, do good; bt tens to injuia the a tatstau of tie sssstit i ion. It is cleaI aI t puri Lini to thIe s)stel, .iits iti pEriket 1a nmo) milli the known sous Of life, and is .uOllll bllllltedlt ole ul the loe IS valuabhle lticlese cr ofl'er e:l fni public trial ali iueawction. For ini'eaieille, this medlicne its uirmet into! i grain pills. The whie pills ain ctatharltic, alterative, if-a. pheretic -il diuretic. Iha v llo , pill ores tonic, rls ualnt 0iti dliap(hhretac. 'l'h3333L3333333(33333t 3313h3d.I33333.33tU 3s3fr3 th ,1.03333,3 MIL tS' 333t J1,ur,, 3d. 1)3 c '33' 33333 .3, tI 3 AII> .~l 1XE Tl'he" vo toes I ol' illn.,+ I auU .·, not ,,bil l., n delhcious st '+'eg,+'ta ~iltlt. fr ih," tab+,+,, but a lfl a+ :,~ li ,. icuw havlt C i~ r S emhrh, tc i~allwt :,lt etrao dc U 1 ht p attnl . Itro I1~,1(...c, [+,·..h ..+ t. u.... . a lihd· r ,ml .s .+ hhh '·~ ·~l: tlr c,,, -llIq+l ar +c+.. ln··ll 1.5 ·Pl.o c I: ,. ;;i; i~ e j.++1+/:+ . [1" :! lthe su1pitllPumn (' ,t3 cr, (i'333 I,,+ .3 'w'u3bl'. This Ire I been sh + ' terizedo: i s :, blin ).C. t.Otll r .1l' Im t po iot I ,J hu dihcuses:, ise ft' on u ii. a,,hred the e, or t'rom dte riu lretents in the ghuillulel.lll" +? Lstetin. Th. lis eslpeci;,lly F bec s it+ ]I ts i the westh, ;,mit .i 1 lhtur+ s(}it the south. If. ' tenstall, cu 1, buth, llcet' t edl I t5 tSlI H il llllll tin d lealrv ilig lt-l'E lllilt ll ,,+eredfor 1111 11. H'DI kI llt+ till3l ,+,l ,ulrir ll, lil-th LI hl+le I nna,. + b ,+,,:i,+ ,, v :.+/,,+ '0~l il IIII I · ",:lJ'l;+p hl:,"[,l'/ Y' ; SIovt ,u o m l,. It , ha.s, wa i* ,,,,, i m, w , u, lc 1 ,II- b vini +g sles+ .[ c ot~ h,,tr u." e usl. .l. ;ste ' i, re. hoothter t:+ Sll'oi..++-%['lll li · It , I is. ;t .'l \ e t ih o e d + rI lln t e l I ex.pres 11 f outr at 1o11g + llec tL olt In t L.hh:tl l3 L+;d11l 1 st e n wi to ut Ilm ju1 ' h. t a l Ilitush h . < ll o 4 il~lllls i +:tltt i t' rfc l ;It't u +l Jlrl,. l~ I~i llt'4lhl |l eS llr: IHO · IId lh I 'FI I Uql c tI~:~l +I+ II:$U 1111111·1 tilt+l.lll.lttii 11 tlt get ,bh . kingdo nm is ;l det ul t al um hn th cm ou n ry. i H \lh ieve thl s detl+idlldt. m 1a+ b n ,!lscutl:led l in , T., .. D.. M11li e, I. thi \ 1t, a , i rhis i +, msim+te ih rwith 11 lanor Iqnl e I( t , ath313 r' s ( e('3 t lhl3tll3n,3 3 i:3l3 a slulcceedtl iL btal ng ad( a extract fr'mn thi. regel- p bla u t, at is opled, s till b a llu l ffl itul l uhqitute. 11 We~ hase tatkel bqomie palintl o t c tgivqlh' atIIImu meica11l men nlld othue r who ih(n3l used this illcitlt' l . to I i 3m, t v 3.l 33' 33med 3 i 33 I 3333u 33, , 3i33.3 , , 33 .t1 as1 we, hiyl beemsel+ ,q to leu,,u1 it ,,. i,,d e~' t[I. u dt lt ; lle-ect, asl~'tr 1,1.tsy La Il th e|| n I et h h e xlul H iolfI thelat e l r, t I (,.3o t l . ,us d3.3 r,3e3 > l ise t,, ,e led3 a d u35it l gla dlh, i11 at h11"t.*l uml th scl, mel+n+-I For .ick orl'ln oh s hemtdinche% it hilt he+'n foiied +l .o d rteadsO. Tlhe ( w nhol la e uaed it sull tht It d ii n1 pl,+UrC thilt debill Ilngt'cts f.u euelother k hl i n of lLlt lrA t dcnl es)'· ll ter e is II inecea.ed dager |r,+s ci i er :ts ti.e, nial n here large ho sesof dt$.mllls I woubl be lul.dt I I1h11o te lt'es withtout atll dalger" of the distesi ngm~ll anld htlrs erffects o" cdoe,: m n pr.duhint Illalon. -Als we haleas ia." In io e I sr 1 + it. l,+i 3I'( l 3xt33il. r * T a.i'l+u 3u o wi3ll 3.3 ,t a 3 ..u3t3 te t I'rile ie'11 a ed a c|g rl][ I'¢It l n t"c l,% i.+ d U1I. I .'llll I :ul an <f e* n,tentvali Cla.\ ofcs , a aI t ait as l, l b h l ein to i1e1. hul. h Illut++i.+ m av t I r I it ll r "tly a n I Ir e o +r o u l a l n li a r r i s 3e ll3atl3 3 33 -p3 K 3l i3, lll 333e t3l3l333t3.3 at ( ia( tll 3 l re- ed hy !ilwt . Wt e htlve evelry alr risube IThe nove , led.,i .er an he oh %abled oi,. *" tile i.. n erT l ng + i+ + n d I .+7 n er . h, l foE L o ul+ I Ilv ig ,+ 4 3333.3 ,33 133(33 L cesee~op steV gt aihtei lll al l il l ".+..t & C c*ons r aTehou i t , .' l i " l J 1 r h Hart lrsll. a: l l ;, L r ll-ar an nushirtel, S t ih o llo, hllllr b t, L a 0 ThomanIil. 1, a i . ri_ ,s ,. Iosin T . Ale i'a .tion e -','enc ora meditiSne yo Iho+ lin. must h b, mdeua str,,t.eG nrlA et e osa A3t i, r, '( 3 p1(3 a.'3 id3 3( l,3 p3'r3'3 t e 33i3e3 3 ,3 tl.l J udge 1 t ll it e -r ..arrll·l.ll il e ti.n r i I PatL Meacreditin, ut ldw inaive 1d I.- C Lau mei: l.ur 3.n 33llr3 . l 1h3 H 3 3a3i o3iJ3'3la, 3r 3. . 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Flake slrd t.mnu t whirt,; 60 ei tek glea'; white and yrelloa wax;oeIm arendin5g t aulgo ItM chole ns arl'ienlt of peilt, drn y cohito at.oril. teretin, var'. , .cre.itr sale, whodt.eoe and otail, at the Ieowet, itree, l l .ejte , n "+ in t) ' , a28 58 G.a-qp Bt .•rtI' EDITIO.V OF' T-IF CIVIL CODE OF LOUI~SI.fIX.A. T hase oien ftrhmo. tiele iande known to ile puwti thlat the e'lb'rtberi to' enkaeed inl Ireparig for the' prastr :nrer- edlino of tite Loeisrnna tintl Code - i'hv ,et, Iron tile, first; eawar.o fI the greait difienlt od ree lesliiiitr atiedingly the public tonee tl tie work, slid it nera ott ithot o urent hesaittilor Ibol"thev cnllo eitrfd.tll the i onrld rltotin" lut tie ,resent eilliotn. et ittntinr to Iouit t mre. tltoantdl ctpiee, and hiech had otrel tile .tlte innm tran thirty thofloald diller, wav enlllPhv oinut if itt. Ior lUito wthn thwo vlnirs pet, thie eoal ptie of tile work lene been ftroe iltir'iv to fil'ty dltilnre. It is a nystee of written rules wnitch at, itnmediatert lo;,ertes uain every ietnditilo.a ot the s0aw, intern.tedl ithe lr n r-ihellltt or et'lneet.'la~ io l which novetr'n till'Ilils)osiient of on totereh propterty fetnill~g to us frott nther tate, th'lt--Unl kho alet,. a o otihert.'tilse apettl tw--it is as ito the t oneX-bork' and colenllal of the mtrehunet aod the pluter, n it ie ofi the.p iphicvaht gwe malen nid the I;rfestiontl advoe te. Nt ie lawyers of the ndjintelg ntares, and in fact nfal hoo-e ,tatetn'.1et he tit hie ltat d tlit -isdei ii rivers t hirl, find a ltenrt for their prodltco it I.ouiintna, aore n tie gqent ne.sciti of rleftrence to tile cotde, ad ntke, inli rennsble rrqtesite ta their libearies; a;d i: tihe t'it. of New Yril ne the oook is ns sure to Le ftound in tiloonerech.nt's coeUltig rtom, oas Ott r .t iek t f ti ttle ltdre, or n t lte l tiab ti ftl t. e tl'le-. it is nt tlltpeilleg three.lfe tht Ithe first dlititn oidheo workl wo so quick ly direpoed i ld a ltllhojlgh a natore repriut o' it wnoul]d i sLtoin measuollreo spl tihe publie noleta. iv, vet it welnd It inlptrlect tad C tnsati loot -ry ttoltc aten taed with refer, n ,oes to te ltepoarta ad Steuto, in lor,!.r to em race the neenmreue alellttotldtetr whicth hiae h ell tlado be the loisnlo reta , and lhe imnporteant doecta1te anid nleicrlrttiots which ltne betl given upon e any u it narticlen by the SollpelollOe Court. 'Ite Puhlliolern have rtecured, i;r the pgeneral aler. inetudebene ot editorial doparllnelll of tihe fork, tlee profelssona scervienl of 'therelnoc 8 Uiton, Erq. a te .tlerof t ile New Orleans liar. 'lee e. Judee eillard, Judie Bermedce, anod ion Gotree IhEuti , ave each kitdly anoitite td r Ultotet .ith te valt ale notea which theat Ihave eolleced itt the eone.e o their studies antd preecibe;nd to Mr N It Jenitttatei.,le Inrt net of ier Upton, wit, is also ennaged il tile workl, fie Sitrawbridge, Enq. Iwh prentod the r est tu reat ,l reee re~eo coonta inediin his office eop of tie node', and which nave been todte by lhim darimtg tle whole period na his elisinitgisheld ttrlerioleal Iiboro. Th'le padliah ere otny therofre well trtot tlnt ti-e nnitbeoitieon of tihe work wilf be allt Ibat indulrtrv atd labonor, asirted ty leerltin and elteprietnce, call lorforn. In putting firth this pr sletetn nedl olieiting gene al nltbscribers to tle wolrk, tnt pubtlimsne take ride in the that the Legislature of f.tlinionn hote neitlltrierd tile ;iovernor to ord-.r one thousand copies of it fiet thle fltre use of the thitte. The readines ilth which thoer eoumter woas take y the Assembly, evinced their lUt fense of tite value oftlhe wori;and they therebvy xtnld eel that ennltftece in till' ability of the pttblfisbe,' ated oeditors which it is te ed it nt ewhfllveI tdeserved. 'fle wort. wll bee printed in French end EFngilts, upot goed taper and with clear tvipe; nor will on ex pease orcare ta spared to leroe the whole mthethniecl executin of it correeneptd wit its great imt o rtanltt e. It will probably he retdo firr delivery iit the monteh of -rpt .ltherrlexl ; alt tlh. riee will Ie, to r.leotritere fifteen dollarn-itve dollars to be paid at the tint of usnb scribing. 'Thle uhseription lists once clohed, tilo store price will he twenty dolarer per copy. op 6i E JOIfiNd & CO. Pfblishers. FoR NEW Yil.R. [L.ouiiaa and o New York e .ine of Packels.] llll'., Ilip"eceettle,,in thlis wll sailfrl fr New )O Ialle.aen New l ork oie reery eolher inltodanv- r.etllllceleelr oi n lu tttlettth novetubetr, all Ito intllrer the ettitteot r ntue tlity in thele th e te oe .ailitge f itl e Sill herealter couiot of fivLe Sihils viz : tlli i' n, fnrtm i etaee.ill I'tl k tt leave n i the oft nltv. Shii I.e.tioeeile, tialtatn l'oulter, to leain on thlto fet t Ship l /la.teeidle. Ceptael Elthitger te leave ot e'he Shlilp Viekoberq, Captaien 'nodJlhouse, to lene In the cst tore' Ship :Mi seeitppiy ryptiaf Iawuvi, to . leaen on the 15th Januetary. U,7'lThe above leipts aen all new. f elite fit-nt clabo, etp nred and co p ter thstenedl, and upwardt l 111e500 iteor blltheIt)itre ,f li.ft dr.nhlit of water, heint bitlt int New t ark exirt-th for the Ito, e re. rice o; l pan il n t oet Ii ell .i at o eo 4 ndre:! drI rlt ,. l'trtr , hele :r' fitlte l t'0.+ itt .... , ltet t lt I t ,toeIe i t: elit. t t i.u , ,,i..' ,tt l, at e on lle - rtf . o lot , "., I li r t'tai: .,ir ·.l 1( I.; I1c I sltl intactic of I",;ý'o:+: : . t -:., +.i 1 plea+se take llO'iceta t een it, eth l .ee ie e ,e . .t ete eeli for iit he tetic , oe the celni gl h'el . perienced in the trade, whl who 1iv P(vt -er i[e: :;-),, and exPrt Ill,.Stlyqe.e to aeolettttedotte. 'l hey wilt :it all teiete be trowe Ip ti nd the ;lioistitleei Iv otll the Otrietest putcttllity observted in the time of aniline. 'lee ownller:tntn t leea. I.en will Int be responsible for olt let er. larcel or po age selnt hy or put onl hootrled .!hIett unless et regnlar hilll tl nlinl boe signed tlt;refor] it tihe entn-tit II elh. a of ti e agent. or owners. F'cr ritl -r-particularo, itplly tO ft IEIN &A COIIEN .. .. .f J .le . . . lar.e luunt. ,bE t .litt 1bth o- fsteened, afnd has t eet ti- per-el , le is ' t Ge',et l on' ande rttt'tte'-ai"; it feetas Lt-I-I lo0opl c tltitees sntld lautehle, will tltoe call at No t OtIel L."vee, a iti -. I'.A.SI.C9)L A MIANSION IHOU.sI. NEIL CrITY, i'ENSitAcOLA.. Sg II!' saublletelrhaviag r ltluaoeod tIe lease .td fbr Snihtreut this well kto,vtt attalslieltent, ftait At I ylor, t ate tprrwleritor, will be ready to rereive ti. itea by the let t April nelt Nuil rttel) Ind costly itioveeltenltl will be found in the arrsn'tements ot tee attlniotn House. ,ew us.d more cu,oniullls bathing hi u~es will be built, andl tlnarm b th- will be Irovded at all hoinur. A etable will be atltached t tlhe hllluse, ith god accommlda tils fihr horses ald carriaues. Fi, st ratll hrses and c erlalge. will also be kept for hire at moeraftu triceP; ;all sail and tnw hbat, with ifre. me to mlanage thein filr ltl.. use ot I illinilnls ant othr anleilllnnat II·,tully ibnid tat n a!erieg places, will alsd he furtished, a.d ea telitcted sll not to iterlnre with the contdirt ItIl quiet ol the bllarlerd . Th'l wines uaid liquotr will be f wt llre quality, aid tit e tioure a lnl seiplly of ie , it cargo t ha lready Itns o rdered, whiru will arrite bept! tltlett l Mai. " ntr Ftrtlerik lianiierd, who ftrnerly keipto sI potula a hbtel at PVWashinttia iteI,t ill retadel Illat hi el fati the ltrlpreltr, atho, wittitl alelt idr.cnifidentiyasltnire tilhe lsiltrs ut'lnst year, ald hi frilunds ~neiersily, hinl tie will relive overy pinlibles ittratninn and thereby etasler to give geniral satialtction. 'rthe ueaTn advantages of the Ileuse are too ell knowtl to nrd' lengt. ened' de omripticns er The'r luetas tat Peaenucl' ii the largest nantl etatibn of the tievertnent; the general rendezrvots ol'the Golf lquid. Iunt the s:ilunrtiy of its ellmate rerlested ecnutantlv du tihg the d.ultiitas il btlls by tire coolest i reeEs'ufiLt tihe Ijlli; the leualrl of tle bay and thle neighbaotrin island a.nd rivers; ibe abundance and' telidacy of the -h with'wlnllel tihe waters .boulnd; and ia proximity to .llthen at oltherti' Nlrkets,arive Plensacola tl. prr. irrence over alt other places in thrle latitudes, s a heait olh a eol Ldlihllul aumitlllule erat. Firso rate bat'~ ill rUen hetweeno'PenIaeui and Ino bile, attd will st allii teira tnl i' tiu fike thlle pusarngurs ftlilt thia Nei Orlean aah.d. N B ARNOLD. I'ettaoetilt, FebW lili, 1'8:tlY l'etI ti ctntrten wttlltttg el egigd illits for their Bneilibste, anoaddtes the mprlntritar, at IPenacolan, or lea tie. R,,l.relrrs. 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D 181, t ir. tilu oftal decele o"thll e suet, r,' rt . nl tI th, 'ltl l ht of Ja'teu tr , A. D. 1838, itt' tit e'ithond Ihimen I aeni Ili' gs O s. Iltufuti G l ell' . No 15,n 91 o f th,' e dllt rk' t ofie thi Courl. t which saic s'id Jme. B:11111' Dig s BeelCme lthe pu'hher forth' prie of l twent.l five tt(ltuand 1 d01. crloripi , ofp'Operby as l het in the Judicial Con A eertim piece of Lrtero' y I ll:lPcel ot' R1n d tI:eltl.w with t Ithe tt ihlinil lltll p"OtUln i htffetolt , ioohll. Sil- ielal'e 1n, . thereltlilohl ll giti or in o t" l i, ' l, i'ert llng , sinl ate it . 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The trial which I have madt of oulr prrpa1ration in an vari.. ofeCases, both male tl fetale, in itstesulat hIave provel so Imighty taveutalle., tat I do not heaitate ijt prooli.eiig it oi e t f the .ot sl vtlualole ettI effileoiots reantties ever oflired tl ttile puhalite and ile ill ltieh, from exlterietce, I caunt ,l.e eivery reiace, ehilst It dots lnt rIllc ee the nlllle unploCasaaLtt ellfcts usually ex perient edfrom copaiba. From l Ilayward-;la It ( S, hysitiat to tlhe St MarvIlboe Ilislnten.ary. I take great pileasuel in n'lling my tettimony to 1.t valuable opopelties of youer prelmratitn, wishitg you tie succenss you o fully deserve, in atl att nple retward t1for lhe laborled elpellse incurred in bringing it to such num. pleta perl.ctioi. Ferom W O Cooper, F FItS. Surgeon to Ge 's lino %Iht uniform ost eies wteta t th a tettleded t htttninits-t thealbve tiiaoaseot, has full) stirrti tatiC t!*: it has tI Il to le known to ble trly ipetentCtetld. .\ai the l. llcess you so til. dile.r e; ttmtplty and tttetdly th'lay you forl yolar valuable preplratio. . SIPretl Sir A Coopetr,." kItS I' (t 5:, Ce. leo. llaviug ltben illtlluc to o Io : Extlact Io l:ecnl easesofl violenitGo elorttIC , wtlch t lt attt hitIled every pr 4eviplioil »a ld istere-d I nr, h 6.- i .4,f sure aedspeed en cues e nltteledy it, in a le d ,ays-- lenl myae tl ituly tttttoml ltatt that It; I tow i rn tinc btill plblic aid ptritela r.colnnalllt ad use .one othei. Front G W Blair. Ai 1). Physician to Guy's noa-s iThe strict test which I hate given .lr metdiitne among ntu Iatients, ad its .tval i. file ttceat thut far, Will ioulce tne ttf tstre in its use, o.t at deem iti lint att act ofjl!attti .l Otr Itt to aild ne; fecble testi sa u iea l' i , t t i 'ti . ,,(la ti ot o f iita v itlut . . From 1. C Thtonpstlinl MI) 1 It S L. I ,.iauesyoo my-si-ccrtl thaltko I e aluelale IttI seat ofttnr lt".tl lit. e tculIe of (tlllOnltttii, kte . fiel .rttnlld lthatI lo Ihave at last brlought i mtedieine, ht n use a>lch w li I ý;Y vr a rl.idlettlutyl IRg ouglht for ill the , Mlihn . I,---, illetelll tntgd etfCtlnl aellot ill cae f I IIIte)t Ilass. It etl''r llhe..ure i I., ullshhtr to tlte mri llld ttlatlutble qutlinin of y our Extract. Were it nccestedy, thie lreopl it tar could here flitlisll Ill molre testimmls equanl II y as coIeteonlellOlY as the Iabl;. III tI . us tht elless hil-)ero-tlhe care &-expense t w t iih it has be.. ltlepa l ed, till prove ii grettest recotmeedtatibn Oentnog a diserntittg public. eUn i'ettrnietnlilhattolt this epalatiil"ll v.ljl) above all nill rs is its neals, llortai, e Ilo nl--llut up is pllt-the llde in whlicl it ilay he takel, being llli la)y an ' plea ent--its taselt uatulrt, wtll no i.tlltiotlinil diet, or e",lfinrntiluit finl T'l.ellers espe.ially ,woullll ill thli inliciil hiighlty .-llt, ail oulght neviL . to ta ueopt, aied with tt perit atep on posIsesing the ad tvaletgeasb h thl h lll Preetlallll oe l ll hit.en. Anuotlhlltltitllg t " Mielinitti i ttt,t tihltet ex.tllaa. tlr') ofllte.eltletitllt tige of tillt ilu-ta-t wtlnttltt ae e lta t charge, eoantting lill at It! directlios. For saleby SICl,.ES t cit, my 1 4l'.Am d Canal street. Sholld Clnciucti. a cu tll t Iandlngfrlunlrean.t . er BUckeye. nlld or sale by. AtTSON & AF.tRY, nid Ist Gratna tescttrt. 01 W~o .1 le. 3I~00l iJe 1l dTc~tl ~ ri -\)Iihlg~(iYtsll.,l A ttiiC7~~teolJtktni kk~lls st/ i ~P~~ \l.0 onwmtt . lo ni I*tt 11 turin:tslo ;eT hIeellllinit 0111 ol~cll mitii lcr. II 5 tO1 r~·glet~l~tf.13015 *) 1.1111 s 11 A lled I al~u *ewtl~t t,~lrtlInr~I , W Itoit~l\i~e t agtlolid sen liet (.rentrl rl ~~g) itl~r itt nll, li~yltr tonles I Itt Ap15In tnfrena r ttl0si1dj.. .111111 1101W (11 1 1111 tu~l e Itls(tfIc Sent osseons Is~o illtttnlrretl ~ el~llis 11.1 p . n uo loi, 'hililty lpilt Olr4:una IIr 32r·ai nolntld (~ts1AI Cs. rtw, 9 lliAd, W~l~,i 111111 iti l. I lIlle 1101iC). EIIIC?(~n IIteeettt Wrlihield' j~l~l(n( lP tnt ll!lstnttiiS; lie:nc toolesttt~1,,. ittotr~ In 1iktm rsrk. 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