Newspaper of True American, July 10, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated July 10, 1838 Page 1
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PRICK 12z CENTS. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 10, 188. 'ernat of the Ners.aper .eres of Neib Orh.·-ns otaeainaeisay ee.r.e.l tLo at an Rljoarae I 1eateelag 6bf the IProprreie ers, held on tIh 1[ . of ;lare.b, llJ u,, scatetrroks.-Twelve )allarf. ir the I il iop t Ipr ait.wi, i;.ty.tblo s--ni-itaialliv its nelaivie iten btl r'fhr the tri-weekly collnvtr pipor, tayible one ,i'th lth vanhee, where no city reference Is given. No sublcriptitle will lieh discontinued until orraeoarasona are settled. In case of di contin'acnce, one week's llti.e a weeting nislt Ih hlvariah y given, previous to the x ratirton of subscription. Amva.ieoIStN.-.)I1t dollar per euanre for the first mcrtion, ani half tht priie fIr each sbllnrluoent otn : adt material alteratior lron the original advertisement will be charged as a tnw one. YenLvL AvleRTlSah.n-Merchants and Traders, orty dollars fol Engiish alone, and sixty ilr Ioth lan t iges .n laks, nstara.lve t!,;ne,, and oilier similar p uli stittions, tfifty d lIara in Eplilh only, ntid eighty for botlt lcean iaee; Ship and Stenlte.,tl Fac rn, or CO.tIi'ia+)hi.t ,n.,re'ttita nt'atv dolle.- in English on, and eigttty- I)l*t tang itte . IAnRnaon, . aai i littC ar oll s, crl Rall rti-liv crll the attentilll of t'n e idltv I t Ii eaten i pr. erty, erds of paoaeng'lre, helt-it., t&C.vnt, will be eharge I Seo dollar per sqiare for the hrst i.sertion in each fan. e aghe. CounCotcrtIOVS, or Advertiremnnti, of any pertain al noture, when antli ssible, hll he h e arged dubleh , and in drance A dedodatin eof twenty-fire per cent. will he made to Auctioneers, lihorlis, Rciterirs of Wills, nod Marshals I -n inlet of real estate, polisltod in bIoth languages, .anl 60 per cent. in Eugith. alone: 10 per cent. on sales of ther popelrty. AuveatuE reon tWe out of thea direct line of business .f the advertiser, such as legal, auction, anad plants .. h.e na, runw, aey slaves, stray animnlc, &e. &c. will benharged cr sepa.atoly, and at the ordinary otaes. AoD1eetlrtaEccr not aspevfiod as to time, will be iukllted oine tolth, and chtared ac.or li.Vly. No Indvreristioellt. nll"f;itkruelciie cil hw.illlished et oy ca ne, n hece paidle pt.iaau ntiner, i ", tior g:taL'nileeil by it rtio ,iII)lin 0 l) -ivcrt IntiOn. 'rThest n andi ut..rplane(i if aelllnlatil, atd. rsie"Mii otilly orthe ca.on. to oie ciharied $101 lifr Lnglish a an, nnd $150 in both landnuaes. l. acrnolneoments of eac .elidatl for polih'eal oemce he chrtged double the price of other advertise r t..," to the intmeoe loss nustained by newspaper inrietino, they hoave colie to tllhe concltsiini tlhat Ili inasles of persaoe wheose IleclenaLt ive uot hevll paid within ote imoitlh after ttreantaition, shrll Ite made known(o ( .r as proelicarhle) to echvi other-they ibli ratiang themselles not to adverti.e or print fr aucvh Zsliinlevtt, unless in case of edelane painmates. twignad) J.C. I): tT. IO1IECS J. IBAYON, P. P. RfA, J. C. jRE.N1I)ERGcAST, JQIIN GIlttSO.' ,Veekfy Prese.-We, the undtrsigti.l, agreci to alIIde ap tie alove venditions, as ftar ais thiey iare uplicbi to aedklr tapers. I igited) A. B IAW CE, Ni, cah.eriptioin are talken tr le- thua Ii mlnths. Letern tniti allr r cti e. - be pist paid. PAIN IItVhLI'I.iT ) byth, hee ctitor at "A ear in .- tpain," in o2 olcI- fleery e,.'et-lfri, a level, In * aill. nthiw of "Cecil Ilvde," ill eirois. o/'hr .htre.. " Padutlt, alll olher tialve, Iv tile. otthtr l if ' "h'bo L h,' il 2 r elili. Niaric.I 'e I)'ltallve' tlarn; , ilv ln'-.'1 sl ' +lnortillr l. nl|, illuqtldiltg IllI(it.P* itIll"^ rlinilll . ~i~ltt I'l:L(· ler i oif t gl liniii ll d wil lell tiv, 'tllelo uud tt'.I"el entg Iomult, ip '2i vola I-'la i raie, i ev o tt-t e N.Io rlloou Ai.inva Iia v ii iCit. hnmllicr, Ii , N.aIoitiher ci dhi "Life ,f a Siallr," t o. in % ",)l. , ..llllll.' ltz.iturir toll vttity J trispr tldelle. t I ai llliltiete led I Io ;: -l al ,l lufed I,y Dyedra, (apoe, C^tl.a'Vra, ,\Ldisua uutu .thr. ., its:volv ibroi.'' Nl atft d i 1 v f "I lcttt i- .+ l-'rvi' l tail ,t, vrv, o f 'the lliti '-l St i oll at lr i ll t ll, ii r I eaoirrl 8coit) U. S. Arem, ii i11. Jlv reti-, ,tidI liir ale .iy tillt n1.. .. N , t-it t.. lii .... . " " i l of, I tv I i-, i t I, 1 I~ln tltlotoll~lo; I 10. oO,.'tl iollli A*l~ll~ '1 10I 1~11111 III i"00 OIl 1ir.111f lllr~ :i ·T~lrl 100, 00111 "'110110:11 600I heot~~lolof,hIy idoolord -llooo1io, lsl·?riu ld 1tLP1T1 SUIPi·IT! 1111 lct 01. filIEI~tllH~I L (111)1101 IV VIIIGI'Sl 0 j1IH.0 11000.110001 01000ll pn islll tt 001100ll 'iloonjol · 1. ilav 01 L~cvir blhll ull 011111 it she WVhilo S1tl~lootl, nvih h Iroupn ilo b~e. 10 oloil,10 111 roCopltion of !l~l0po011. 41,IOO ilmpoC1Allti i1~ 11001110 Iarneeboon lnbooriooltlosIletsoocot0. A pni ol 10100 *t0011, anl~lll llO 1101 of Oi~goll:]-~ deltl r1lolo11000RY )1111 odded 11111 ooo'i fniotoiogI: 't~rlio~l:'.o.'oooodl000" ttiI b ho il lot,,I d Illy, luo 2.011 otoitlore, Au rrl'0o' 100,. oboonou 1lli IA OdIo; Lool.)IoooloBItPooJioll'-Iy tt1 SltliltlllC Ailrlilll'00101.00211l0 nli~ll u~~i · 0.001l'1l lIlolt.' 00 poed dotty, 0 ot An l .001,r III 1110 alOohjl.'OA q.Iollo.i elf IhI~at Wolore .00I~ 11001lt01000l1111 1011d II1100Ck· theY '61101 to Ill~id in 0011111 .0 0111111 0011111h11 lo'o~edl0lto .l 11l Iloot 001011001001 IlprioIIA ill Viogijni. *'r~ho 0llllriot1101l 001111111011 lochl Slltptlolrottot il. .djo~gon, 011111 1110 If Malnoojsl 00 Ihopbll of I 11110, lnoo bonnre of LIOno, Snlt~tito of 010.11 Moo, 111r of 'So to. 1101.1 II lol~o f .11.o'g'oeeta," 1110 loAlunry 0110010d (III 01110 11111nxihit1d ill dioo~oeo inoidooll IAo 110100ll' 01101 01101111. 116000 oll6CioinOa 11 di.,oooeo ofltlo, kin no O10011dJY 1101 11010111 IlltlfilOORtOiou 0011 1~10 illlIlb.· 1PZIcllrt00 IllAllqt~ ooln~l~lt111011 fler bu hlb 00000 IIovO been cr001001 llOllillolsIl III 1110 0101002. bo~ilor 0011 111 all oboej'o1 IlOe l~~ 111111110 o Iloo o d1Ajllt Wi' lilulV~ll VIIO111 01110 toill lp"0lll'1'011l-rii~r . OnCO.1 1110 01101111i~. F~voe·y Orertioll ol 1111 [lall~lll~ll 011 .1111 patrl If 1110 jl0Ap~ill1001,o110l11 lbI·l~ld~l.O 11101I'lil. fo il llO 11 BIo~lI llu t o liborol 011110 of 1110 jullIlil 1101 '1horli 110l010111 l) f11 11 Ittol* Sl·lil~ fl~o~o 10 1100 tn A WFUL, dinol 11000~,0o IIIlr 1101 1111 I,f 0110 11.0101 tLDirou NVll~ll~ry Ill 1.lrlal~l01, l. ·I '1.l 00111 :11 1parl 020 1,010111 of Ill', OllIllrll 1~ 1100$· 1,1101100 II lT1111' IbNa III1IIoIr'00111bg001111.bA :iliIUll"lAlyil 111( Infllll 01 Noolner3,&0U. Motton 11011k nod the Idl~ll~lory jf 111011 ~rot 111011-h-b Ina~l ll~l 00101111111101,1 111101111 110 illollolIl land oofotolloo of. Iho ".1110111 D~IolOslloooi' b 1)1· Wl.I. Flllloh ltspeoiol~colfl~ililg. JIl'illg litlllulllInOOn. 'rle Stl~ldtllltl 11101000100 ill (irn I.I 0110 Oll WI~lillif *l'Tho Fior 1101000n f Aroll~ileclooo" bllly 001l1110gnj Iho Ilolhlbdll 1111 Ilrihiog rofl~lor 11110 qlloildcl Il~ll0l.I000i f,lrdinllndollillgool gnl 't1111111' 011110110111 :11( ~I l r b filldobod 0v01111I00,r 0111 110.10 noolo, of 1110.11 1,01i, 111.10 I'o100 N\iollInll. Illlhilalll, 11111110 If 021'·" 111111~. .110 (ald paIll,.1.~lll 1't0 Nob 1111 11 1.1 01011', 011010011100111 riI '" -ijlli 101111000.' "~~lIl0 0il lis' 11111 nntOXo111o1.(11o '1 IT .i.II 0 11101 feoHtiop ol1k noono. 011. I 1111o 10I 11 .6 'rho 10210011'n Itile rlo. 00''III~ '0 01011 r! ;~ b r ''11O110'llf '11'Wtery oirll'.1 P10'lj O'.l0l(lell~ I l ~I I)lldlr0 V 010011100 t,'toiyol'o 0011.1011,1 001111I 1111110 1100011' 1,10111 1.111ni ~ 0 ·I. 11002 fololho ,,i01110 01 11 Pooio.lltoO 't r. j tO 111010. all loll bo 10111 4'INo'o t·eooo. 10')-·l' 11,11d Ito ot, 1'0111:t O,~ l I~thl r.t 0111 .0'0,~ oori''o'y & 01'h'111'Y. oo.. O.Ov 00000,00. In- o rrO'lsl'rooo 1t. o,,, , I, w, t;, e o laddtionls to their stock o' useloi o , oIota .IIatlil lolowkeerepiq ;articlea, which c; l leclivolo (llo,o belietv) toroo :ntr Isto otrt miOI geinwr o aonld tonph:lr tao is to obe tlowln in aly sltoilar esrla.I Ilsahloelt known; conlsiting of SILVERI WARE. RotTee ntol ten sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, candle sticks, c.api, tumlders and goblets; table and desert ilrks; table, desett and tea spoons; marrow and grlavy, oa ra gout spoonsl; garl tongs; u -'s r samle anod soup ladles; watter, fruit, )nloding aod flish knives pickle taol deroer knives at forIks, n:opkins, rlogs, &e. pritncipallv fron the mnootactory of Mr B. Gadiloer, of Ntw' York, whose longestablished replutat;ot for the manuleacture of silver ratr is sullicient gutairteeolf its suporior oalitv. I ,A'i' I -,'*lAR OlF SlI[EIF[r LD AND BIR. MIN IH 1\1. l''ae and cotlh' urn, ten setts; eastors, liquor andl or iia standls; superb canllebras, and lperbgues with nir ror plateaux, for eentrl of the dinner or s,ypper table; waters round and oblong, from 8 to 12 inehes; beef steak nod vegetlake dishes; rieh lisk covers; cake and bread Ibskets; deoanter stands; manltle and chamber candlesticks; wohtest~"aners; cootlersorot' ionths; deln. .ter Ibels, claret eorks, tea strainelts ,.< 9. tha, is. Ile, egg and mustard spoons; e;:g .. t ; t"andirlIs toast races, Oee. SILVER aON STEdLF. "v" .t1i. Table and desert knavers, orks ant d ot ; : - ;h, .net. ladles; butter and fish kilrver, eo:aste scolopo, .. paragus tongs, vegetable forks, hie. JAPANNERY. Plie Gbthlic'Sndwich aiod round cornet wnaiers, in sr:ts and single, from 8 to1 ihelles; do of popier nmarce; boreu, cheese, sand klnife frays; large upright plate e:oo: lnolo; .s lieet slt:lr and etah boxes; Ilreslslng oasos; thoi:l o t: o tialet Io octa...iholles .lapplinoL atl of lrich tort)ise sIliIl, etc. . I.AIMl'S. Ali extensive assortmeint, amloog welch are Astral Inllos, all bronzed andl gilt, and of rich cut class; lantile lamps in, do, eaok plail aod with glass plristp i very splendoid toat glass do; brolzed and.laopaed lside or bracket lamps. C(IIANI) LIEI..S AND HANGIZNG LAMPS. English and FreInch eltt glass ellandeliers or ilstres of 8, ii), 15, 18, 20 andl S lights; Frlenh bronzedl and gill Glreian Inmps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall klnlps anl lao terns, rich bronze boat or centrle lno ps for drawing rooms, from 1 to It lights, laap shaldes; glasses anl a icks. MI.kANT.E CLOCKS, CANIIDEIIBRAS AND VASES. Ilronzed and marble; bronzed and gilt, and all gill, will litxturs, etc; counting house anll kitchen clocks; ioaozel inlstaolts, oO"ir do; pa ter weights, tlherOntome elts, aeln taoks, etnlttiet:ks oeld. C(IlNA WAIE l 0it PiORLELAIN I:l,rlish and French lining desert, tea atoil enoie- se tees of plain whitel, gold edge, and very rich honsy is ; splenlid tallet setts; watne and mitilk pitchers, aoonnlo: daoo (,aolooy talo thacks allld Iakets. i-; A\il'lNvAIlIl. Iillni, desert, ten, ltke, beakLfast and sII 0per se0ts; i ulI . ' itl'R. \..l ob I tllul china S inner settll s, , ,, n, thv; oo oo , ot :oo d ,o.l ,oi ed hck de.w S ., ,i I , tlety a , .a l so tn s, r I, ,, | Fw " trbs, a-.-' . n :ab , hi :t'llrs, wite,t, ,"n,:.i ll,, ; ..;,t, coolinl s, en , nhuh :u1,,I ecli s: . ,, 0 "d t'. e t;. ." I II :rY , I lo o n c nll' , pan0 e tlo s or " l , 1 " d. i-ori hlwdle knit, s only far ii sib ,I I.i; . n.t ,, nterts; I..,l00es forntl Ioot 00, 0o I:. , 't., I hick,. il re..\'I i' 000 k tie gin >I3)sw7or 11 liwi i $4'I 1 till illres, wihtiplv, &e l ot $6 .a ,d t"14,0 pea'ws,, wihfeer,&.( ·. 1N G 1,., ; ··i l '; . il l.u'l- ., 1911, t $w I" .(f ns1 ille di sloi' t&ll a 11 l.liji. (lli ooiii ..,e,, wi ;l &IcL.llIi l ti--i TII pt Il saw,.i II Oi Irlt. ti re. dlt' eslwt: withrt-edr er, th . f t er 7 u it ri cents hnds; t e musi ., l\r of , ,.,In,. abu t ded t hulle Lt lt h O l o ., I itl t Id ileillo·tl veie r will 1 'i ' i ii i iib sues oiu ltllx 111.1'11 cttl l It lir ii t 1 . phllt p It 1 1 1 • 1 0h. sons. xtruswasua oT-ohle G oruii-gi, i tohos otioo iiti t totat I i Til.(iilii~llxifli~l.tllltclllllco' teroi t.i,+, ltotodeltte planteri i . yf , , i . ii I i the Statesi atilto Iti'llh ll'. .eot i gt oi -ilor n,. i, ti glouitct+ 11 iltil l lltot llitioiitt St'it .'tit l eb som, oiltl " S iOti lllto tho t~e otoil, tliue ollot, tool O t e- i t. sponsilt ulirtt-eltmoiit ov thO 10010 11e ti wiiittl Sillb sent i tlh tll iie it i o ltilt thunin iii wht I e ilc - tiiebl;tle clhllli3cs ills whlose trOite will t e eti . etlIo fut ma·lll. .llllllill7 go:,wl'nll tl!lobe nlrereLd whIer'e desired. `,, r -.(· hl te~lllllll 11·1 bu, will Ibe c lharge.l e .eIrl, HIor.,. ci , iil fta{Oull +los,.t', iln, calnI be ki' nished on Ilk+. Ac oiitiS l o tliox eotttii, tcoitlliti h oeidtiseed if d, it if desirable, wilhtl Ilantllers gie olrderll, for Giii+, uis houlld i oiinliiI -IIc y lhei \t illi Ih t lr. ilvews itii e eI I cani ileti-lltiei tillof slws, iltetsl-t, blutlshes, II is flind ll e" ioI lit ,byl tn o cillin.i Si e t l eiio eI Hw o Di Il.gel' Iamielteli r t!haInl othl'e . Tilhe limot comlllo i sizl ii tr )l iillclit.e t l otime t ish toellt 19 ilcit.hls . Soii e wish 5 o1 i rows of Iruhes ol nll xl, giliile others dll Ilo . lllIt l t)ler than la igot t. Solle wiihl saws witth ir tlNLet to tlie inchi, wlile ollttes wanlt 10 or LL. '1 h11 illh LiiIIS VI NA,-Eeot Jic.,h slliIl-iot Silii time of niel tt , i l as i lt-elll f th eh' tislel, PIdI'e m lntll tlu oretr ci t eitil them in every InuricL lar. Wl heie b it is left tli ou tdlisol elll l l shtll mnak thee on not mIlitlloerll IlIl ipplrovlled plin. A s on der c~aII lie exerntell, fi.Olml Ihe tirie it is ireeived, i Lthe cliace ori loht ot inel eks, nille tl e ih iln iiil that tiiie ilactlhi thli nI s of ih cl'etl r. fe "o bl e in tli e Iiio tle iiet t lao all oriIiiii s (ooeiti ot i I e ii i tile hto Inds of ith alltllletulr iby tile lilrt or nihhlle o' llay; o exI et, itl i t il lt:d n ts o ' rle tlty uel. le in t lmni t llci le g to! ,.il .0k l tr g i e n~lt llllldo I N. Ii. Tile lltektll Itghtlfor noly ld eof tle oto ttoln l iiewl e Stlie, will besotil on Ileasouable terms. - f \ E' it t,' t L. ,UI IAL i-.--Firs ti Ju,.i-q l etistrict, uourt iI l STI' O'Pt li. I~Ul~l+tNA. 'o all whomn +l lie·e Pdh -eiit i i I llPI Gertingl--\ eherea.e \\ostiimei uii ii co It n ur osed tit b otbur e nae y tile S hieorii t . i th - ntrishrl e l- f ort l the. tlrtlert aisurilnc e I ttles ti pulcra at julicial salesi" aple Aitve i tihe lith dcucay d of tir eriret. J iitliI -'.0 %, ihllarrfue, kliow yc.. llt tIll Ipert'tns i llerertcte oreili. :r lier-bo eitid lntd uhlitiiilc ill o hti Iiillll e i til -blleoti, | li~iibiq (tid"le- l ,i~loo hllit'il N iort, ll b cain al up atn i ri tl, t tile or eldi , in i d il Inotwalt ," hiii *Ie ofritr, oi. il ,,udgm+nt oI thel 0011 t ioder miollth tol t,ilit wa.ophie. r tiy-lrdtelrit ir bit oht in th. '1 . aiii-bios oiu I att t.oit- ,iihoo i tlle, i r ci tiilllr to i le, rI f olr e 'lt t o ther dlo tec. whl at-t ever; iodile Io a,, , Witinfe thiio la- y< I ri i tihe 1 ,l i- , tid lee the C il day ,et", t ried l fe tle 3l ot ,e lt | 1h +. I). 8 iJ, isl a 4 It entlilled l . illion u e Io~ t at wvhl.ih dt~l id ,\)dd tlhm /lackey becamie tile pmL+ c f "tht p lit o Soil, 2i, cas'1 :ese l " o 1 rop·,lrtvy ! ivenll ill t ni Judicial 4 ciorrt:in lot nf gr tlllJ, t e:LtIP r with nil the Iniild ints n. 1 ul I uprovel nutj thlereon, zitulatedl in thle p tish ,f, tilemn i th+. q Isre. nI)iL·It by N.eir |.tLeePr Ilurli :a, V n alld itelhll ·t.'n,,i., d.> . haled t y hlle Nt l t),t·IHeflllll(l ~theY. lhh lit. . ,,iwr 1t131 mId elm..te JUI'YO pl n no ll, il lhe lik , s li of 1 Felix ihns iual, ntarv pih:~ l li'. N id It ,,,lmur. s +1) f;Ct1 iticlles fl'llht .l New Lvee +lri tl.t. P i ·eti drp'h tn I+ flide s idjt a ioiili,.l lot .. ,_anud , l:it t 7 inlhllres naili i lins ih deptol u tihlle " +i+r Rltj niI fillC i'lo ·)Pelt* nI ,. Or Iat~lt+| hdionill, to i N ouduh, nlull 19 fett it ilhmh(.s widfll in tll. nr.. olrei'l! it fililt on ali alle" if t!irge feet nihe inithes in c ulilllllin Il I,late alls |.. h , i. 8 nlld 9. S i llr ' i-e,1 ll " 31",3 . the \'a':a rr-tor elt r ror resolved on 'I'ur.-d J lJrst Iril to Cinein talil, foine (lay only; I rente a again la night. I bei iti feltlier tt nn tcveryi nimrtnt indi vid tl, astbis lstialt thte J n e a ft is city rwa put ilotao y hand, slautin, mneogst an.fretlt iny toille tli'igs,that I had nctua!lv run at ,(ruin Loulondlll to eencte theeffeoet of tile ronderfuf nimletic nee Is f doeorin ,ip. the knight of the tili o'e, tin, A S S, My rertlua,however, proveo to that the Ihle oif he hti andi wolf el.hplicabl, e to thile Journal. Thle fible is "A aoe was employed tid wantlih nrd c ete te lt I when ihe wolf ape4a.lre; lie bei g either a '(butman,' tailor'enn p or allerfinenein:ly er out 'llth o aol io calting,'ti, the e ,tdismanny of tihe ciotan t ya last found out les restl hti e ic that na he ns n liar, and not tlo be bel evd evlen he lie: spoke the truthl. Thle f i-, tlht :tisces a uat produce their e tffectn So it twill prove, of the all-wise writers, Dr. Snial & Co:, in iselve withl stal, B eii press, in order to ineet thle wonnderrlN deinand anod inerease of that pper,, Oa it i0 well known, there oie inly who seek ore lotlaing hl alneholnl, it ltof ,ee'e lolve tole tl VPllnde of tlhat rili o:l. But alnfiortnate l lif Goliah h.nij, , f needle Iod tlhmble celehritv, hie areat ntss or the ii lillns of A tnerieentca le,nar fatel, l an iar inled os lrvera ol tiulth. ' 'lierrefte the r will, (nsellents Il duced by he o.trISc) nttrnll nll a I want o reld it pIlper.i tit "ay rely no, thelefle I will seek ot sucih, anllt crne a sistl'iber ti ti ii other jiournaol, whose a stulrmalts iwill not ptsD flsr,. IT''heir an eialeoellla are too ipal iable to requtt, ri.fltatioa' yet I will iate: Int. t un, ram,,noi n t ea htl 2d, Tt I iuIolrem11 , ti,1 he 3lct Jul . 'rhe ti Siit & tO,, have sent et a iletter threatenoing iy lie, if I remiined l .fer the th'.il Jli. 'hnt frliun he, oI ihallt pneed to Cineineoti, tbn fnnrteendaonetilyn f wilih I wihiei )I Stll 1t& Co., to itform' thie neillined, it their own ainbiol sever failsto bring qie pa:iPent. 4tdi. That froo ('in:inicti I ihsill p 1 ocee tO ti"e -.aln of the Niaenra,to he at i,itflh'a, (if ii Sniie't & a,n. dil not take waa Ilily lilýe,' on thi II il ie.i;orl her onn a eietl'+k Iohn tie ist on Nolveolber, ioopeel til t chole ofrth t nlt tiolller, in ordter c lough nt al thit ah Ill 'hilistiues; the tledileal Goli, le of loroon, tii adel. in, Memnpihis, Nnllville iad Loutisiville, who aie roblv. (beffote liIIt time arrives IoslGhta, I j, I, .pe.ivt l tlire fi-nlihi 2dl. Currier &c. G(ola make' for asse, lniten, ae. (Giliah 4th. i orn clltter. li eh 5th, LPaint, nill drue, an, p icki" slre. Golianh Gilt the most niagaili:cat oif all, (h. ataip, alnn las Bell, &c. panteherlc to tile proprietors and edlitnesof the Journal. Lnastlv. I would havo t leitheo e i "eiri, uip Cc r hnow, thtot Iolg belire thee' were able to thread a ieer dle, or sprmld i blister, I had been for vears ii thie hhbt it of restoring silht to tie bldindl ndtlalit to i whea o was a co!lectur of 'his Mojesty' cotiOllls I Greant lBrit ain. Iasn eitn then rlt eomlooyed. I)id tle threin plnlner; tile currier, tie lharness iloaker ir assesi n ei oearn oatlr; tile lint aad deru store kheperiano tile inagniieti docio Soiji,ever, ven iioere ini dreanln of Iei.e_ abile ti do tlle likel I wilh the Journail t Ntlite, I shll receive ladiles anr irna rs flrc t 10 to t A l. ansll ontlcun:en froen to ii o'enol, p M1. nver: day, to ohtai:l ly opininill withouit fee, as unual JON I \VII,.IA id, Oulist ,h.rn;irrn Dlourc, Lonisvilie, Jullvyi, 1,:137, PI S.--Since w oriti'.n el I:nt, I have i een ii f r ie thmlTlla l 'tlr of tI l ll,,ins":, ll· th po I lrqstvh r o f [hr m'olls-., l+'r ,t tIC) i t I,.· t,' io N ' , h," r ill Inv Iao no Ita , theow. o ;I 'v. atT , r ie,,,.c ltera fo . r l''" 'th.v' Ill- ,"' i "'' ' : , I r' l].l<k ;', ether." " Iii. li' ,r i ;0 iit, I iii' , l' t '.le , I o q i t ' . : -" , t , ' , , . I., , i i , ,i " t i.. ; - i t l . i :, I' r tflte I . . ,: .._ , ip h , , i,h, ,ii Cii: ti e In , tI,:,;-,,hi ew, bF ,tit 0 ,ii i ott-..> h,,ri bva ne on ndii' i io ' ',l,11 l ii,0[ 0 l ), : ," O iii . "o . iii [+, , i. r ,i· , i l+; , " :I I. i . .ii o c , t m.. e liev te I": : ,a of L t:, , I . .. o I : ' I , i : ' ' ,, , : I ; I lit ol .,ii tic-o e. tlii o l ilcnc"t Ii ttie iJii' i iiii e F'-ceeih lll ni• ii'ieiiiiit .lii( cI lab hl, t, -i ll m en ii iy loon , oio ' ,ill. ..i.iae o ,i ii tk oe. ,in IIn. i... ict ~n.y ii iii 0.. .. gthe d g i a o ,. . . . . . ; :19 tr jll .l ,Tl , ," rels" 1 , 1 1I18 l , l ..h 1 iot' ,, ,ilo aima hie n , ptll ll ie im lil: c 'e Iciocil :n-ety tt ,mu ,1,; , ,. ,.hn r,, In',a i o . die, -' , ,. i,% t l , ,,t ,h! r rh r . y IL :A S, h Jefnilrcln Ilnusl, Saturday, 2211 JulyF., 18,37 JLFF ERSK ( I|tst, ]lOU8SLII.LE -) 'To the Editor of ithe Cty iGaette: Slt- llt-lalg liillte"iitu tlhe entreaties of iny pie pitieets, Il u ree.'cwd, iruf my edl pelrmts, to rel mail it this city till hle end of f July 1. 'o try to do them imore good. 1. To cllnvitc thile i'illabitetnl flint the, vile e, Iets IIh.;: 1edical (lill.ui S. &.e, havie alilcd to 1e, belong t threm, as th ,ir lawftl right. 3. 'iTh I I ain roidy to deptositt two Ilundreid doller; n oi. s Iof ti. U. ~. Bank, iii hke hands of hi Ilelt, the lMaior of this city, agailCst a si:hler snut to ble de posited by all tile gr at and In ghity Doctors S. & Co. that I restore to sight more aged, il ddle-aged, v yong pcrsa-. and childrHhen~,atoeitie totally or partttll) blind, than they ido,; Hd thatt I u rcutilecl to 'el a greater nullbm e of slhort, weak lt diulieigilted perser durineig mshot visiti, ililc they dl. Ytlt II alo y lywiselcalumliators to callin t tlheir aidallthevesn deservedly edetbr..ted prolessors andl Doctorsuof all tit medi-al colleges, as well as all the doctors aund quatU doctors ,i be toend iniilrivate practice, (whIo t lla itt few) ie tile States of 1iit :okc, (thit, Ildieea aenl vet in I eluessee I; where there arer indeed a .lu . twoe tle' .l famous doctors, whose names ton t to be h:tandd doer a t low as possible Ito ltest posterity'. 4. It Hoit be t Iuily Ullledratiud that all the cures if anyls,oil bllh silde, ilust be provedl shall haveI bee perloruled tl ithout the aid oflany surgical o eratiiont whitlever. 5. 'Ilh'ose wl~ really merit thoe ceithets dley have s liberally applied to ilet, shelll trfe'ttait thie 11o tIc itce benelit of' tie alus hlouses in this city, and the Other par tyo shall take harl his eown $'203, whoever he or ther InaS be. If ree thile mighty imedii i1 humbugiger dS sii;uli prov e one of the successful caudidates, I wilt tfulil ie old proverb, and give 'li "uld gentleman" hI, C. At all eveuts 1 weull advise the last enotted Goc lill l . iot I o slt r thatl letter to stand . ile, as I gonell fo- "silll litoU" us well ts 'i apienlt," botl. yeestelildp ann to.:a ;' but Iil'Iv-e hin to add to it its legitimatul eulolrlliolat, A S laced eltbr1it i ill tl.nbehteol jerde' t' ite indue ,e'deo iaic bit.mts of th.i cita woull it l ways lllow the wrier b) lla nllh ocd olf ii ,oise. - JllgN 1, ILI.I A,11aI.,culist. "J was wea oin ilugh to ' l 'l he lass of 'ai ehlood signed e., wilt.ih idsetre c!cthiig but iny e.-he t L,JI teiplt. ;ilad I klown lastoe.ine oul the greatI nlporlett c,' I A S. -l u l Ira', I tro:,t, tf ile :o. 1of th tl re_ r u .ll what d. rear. I cec il ci whort I ll ,"'t". boil l t ,l . Ii lt I ltl:' - I W ill. llt l w l lt C,.,dilat"',t his ua-ter ' .:H Jnnl , I;. his ."ago iit to r; 'w thie 1:,.rr k'. i 1 .o . W galt.T ur of to. t1, l ie, t! oI th i l a. H"; 1 : b .:, Il or, r . ti ,t o, ' ii , k , wll " ,wo i .. , e. I, patch cI t ie's Lae Iiia lllll i. , Lo , l ' , n • t c, t i. ci lt I r ied ru e . i td a'htit , s , n. it . t l i or pii ittsllci, .",liicey Ii itc.i,c o'. Itlllllecr ll I 1 ,1 llilhrtla : theolt n, h" 00 0lll.. hot B 'LL, whim 1111o,,at ll Intheio tLwe than if it sas' moanding brps, lke swell; but wlal tn .d. . A. S. S. after to, appotar 3 '\JOlN WI'LLIA S, ' culi . July 14. y "I~ 1 ,, Ili It llt, l I1 1 Al' \ S ELT rAi--c "tori ii d ic rae TIlF halndsoue ST'l.l, alnd back Kitehelns on the uaseet, 'oit of the 1rue At iri , ce e t. fil t t ta t'iid liriu 1'o0 iai li t l Apile hi .cu' i.fiitc. _ c ',iidh ii •iiiece . rue ii iu) n;" 8 coils do lit,;et'; for sale hi ,i ti .d.VY &u Co. jel No t10 rtiier sticet, eupeti t. o fll , ('li, . . him vit . MILES' CO.LPOUN.) EXTRACT' Or TO)MNTOr. A SUISertIoTe' roll eer .Orr.. f r'IIE doet ilee rcarrt t l l l nssrlllle n bI mnrl) morirics of tile reset r (dri thai orllF e dicine "will e) llt dil s, astes, Is notr, atun ine'er' ctal be ttrrI rl tle who lrserts it, ir either Ie bol or l il pIt1r. Brallt it is r frter drremlritrllle bI. exieriec, that comrbiatoionrr of l.hllioile iii r e fIIIer l i·fed the rro1reBl. Kaccc 1t11..hat will aet sto tllivr.lrllay on tile y stetm, heer tellke s.e.S.OIbl , lld in julliciouTs pro portiolrs .s to oulre, ill Iie tlse eil t or1 to t, aill dise sesc witlllll tile tre l anld pll.r Of medieil. From toe well kuorrrrrri I cst.tblilshrrld repllut.tinn of Clt/omrel, it hie lIeg beeT) e:le ri)ei b) the Jpilic, ;ld sciuntific ,hvysc ianl, as onle of[' tie Inost pew ril'|'tll tRgelts foto thIe ,eerrrrm l of rlitase. ]B the lifltol, l. 'llot .velry lld his LIbee dehlged r notll e tOtrul.blsl thort hih ulthors lcllleltme it sp'I ifi l. i . ev trl itealse iCit - lent Io the huan tlemile . t'he fdly '.r the h prc ete. aillls nlets nlo ol i nenlllln li, for accrlat1" chemiea l ilnvr.ti gatioll r as I llrt ll, tlr t r he braIe of mot rt of tile Pnlte.s, ctholieontllc, . kmlill hve bell t thc lllllhrtted r ltlerr l tie eommnulliry, eilll so r ncut h etlIeUIceo, is CULm.l, or mrce'rUv iln slell: olrll. . Nio, I this rpotent ilrti t vYe.l in hthe lulrrls oflle the ost ilskilfll physioin, lrtecqret y exer'ts e ilrllennte oel tIle Ihc)n s)ycc.etii. ulllfoI+:tenlll all entr'ely oo'lnl tlhe olllte i oe f e tolf t lndelleie g th, eolstitution, anil brilngg on Itremtuerel old age, dieilsr tlltI death, lwhat resul shcl:Ul be XirecUtell WIhn Ip'e corlied hty thie igro.antrr? Couuld heir niTl thourar d victims scerak, a voie e oe.rthe tObll rtltro'r I ,lrlIr c. l Ihe peclefic' delutioll thIt Ieow su1) . thie uiahd ui tile bving. Hlrrnale Physicians rdeplore the sad il e is resultwg ferrt i tie rrrr'ertice, +lllWlrr wetilc (drotglhilo t i .tl'dtllion ofl'cr teiclgt lthat cean irt) be strbsrtirutclt fr cotaret. 'I'3The feel, ot thlt jtreei.y, the it. r-taerl y of l'ts rllilmar oo I':tli" ; r Illa)r clllltot r c Hllethle it u ri be litvorabl' .tr irit'lehorable. Th'frJy m+ I.·tnow, ,.I leol, tllit l l i ts u is icorilllrtrel fot r all"n cnlrld ric bl tile, in jlU'ioTIs ec!.onday a.: un uencs lllilmlf filoiw. Billl h;.r mllult ellrurer the lecast of two erilr: teeier .tlcw rilr -rthie;r article ttha will rrrllte a torpird li.ert', Ir'eorritr. rrtl'rllr. tion, ri(d set in rree action tilre whIil glawhilar sl.temI anit beirrg indispeltiS.tiy trecersa'y to d ti hey rrlltinue its csc elctliitllstandilng the eril corllst tlruclles whielr feltoTw. Th' havre lon desired alre stlglit an artlcle that wuhldproduc+e tire good eetrets of this ldru., withiout suljetillrg tire Iltienllt to its deeler'ioells lreelt. Such a tdeIerleatull,, it is btlreved has at o lrgth breen obtrlhl.e ' it. the ertticle tow lrecreterr tr to e I uiTlio. 'rieu itroitritore f this luotitcle .ee.ihg in rir e Ir ftect, at ta ;ruie aee bnevtrolenet leincg, hlr Io ,cdl with ill tile reaci h r f it l, i'emllels arlar tlel to tile llrrise s ir . ciiellrrt t ile climare tihe iehllabli ilad killooIier d ke - wire, trat iost of c the tldisedsr s iof tle o Soth alltl se e lt 're Istlt ul on r r',giie lo ft'lceoll l tlesrlrgrr i nlt r 1 the liver; ldirrere teircl rttertlioei tIr those .rticets ollir h act mtoire esp.ially on tile hlier', Orllls. Arttc'rrer rl1g,'s, enul e lte esive rI'rorrrcl, they ilave suc cetlr ed ill extrrrr tillg i srt)sitIr ce. flllill ii.. tie TO ,AT'LO, tlire,i fIom its ereulliar effiect uIo, tell IP a- tie or irrtiryrorgets, ther ttav. rerriortiin tlr 'le ltrinrr 11 is a morlieite that till Pr,.utme all the helelfieil resilts ' f Ce hnlrel, i' bkth ireut, trd chioiei di eases, withrut trl.e .icssibiit oft pro'lucilg thie leeriourede terll se(n llnueL ellmllll)lton iT thllt ilnitlel'. its action (Ii1p 1 s to consit[ utio. is tniv sl .,.1, t~o pirtl of tret rosoinresrcaing its itiec tretrrc It isr r owrr"c , tipn, h th e .. o lg n u s o f sel c te.t~ t i ii il!l ld e x c ret.l o nl th a t its -Irlt r lliw·i . D, 1PatiC.ularl" in m ( ii,,..tutl : lbenutl i! is pe wthuuly adu pted to t.,te treat~a teti , oi bitious. ./;rt... ualI <. lr, in+tt, wi lch a t tewlih.ty or' smgcution o the I00t, re.s ' I itrrl' ci t II'i '+ .l i' IIIi,- .::, I ith Iit i II1 t ill, I- '] . I. It I'.+ l, · !l illlss [llld - r nodit t , , ·d ol ,21' . -. . .. I· 4 · 1.1,·llll \i;la ll'it ill l. .l , ··: ,··li. thl , it r ' i i hlli i I . ' , I . n i itIpro i) ar cr ro i t rri r'ir th ote rtw ulacmI i, .. g,.,tlt. 1eT l enii t',t It does nolt exhat>t like dlrns 11ie !,tl+..' vi II· |, Itilll 11 I1Iii~il sI. L'. Llltlilli ,l i, 1 ihd 1I ·I(ILll lylt ,it ,h'+II '','a :, Il:· i i . w') with .afi g. lint with I l'ee iri . ees. ar l s..e ; I _ [ tll u l Lr *I · I 11 I tht'h~i lltOll t ,1: 1 i I ;i '%ll - Cilllll ll /i¢ .I rl l .i t1.r ri c1 rIrreeerllcl r I h'lql , il i trr r r , i, I i . - r rr rr rc , , i, d, ,ill' r the iiii Ir, lrin Ih llt' "err,. l i.r , i'" . . . . . . .... . ... . c r . i .n j ,,I ,,r . ,1 (1Ii i + O' Lh 1a, e r r. li l b rl u t e ieriiri irrcgrrircrorree ter, .l '.rrlr tl+ trc t rc rdirtl ctrir o cfrl .r ti c r i t a r ,t . .. , l.a rir ' n o ie'ti uc , r r tiell ormirtc n 'I I ... , ;,, .,'i ., .tll ,r It 11.1 b.rrrir e rr , l r,'t, re el. i cibr etr.r ,florctc, c .rc ....e ,, th. n tre l r,.et 't"le .rr " irr.t , derr erat t n r. i s c.o:rc I\\ b el i e ll h is e i tid a Its ha Ibeen l <bea IIIIeIICill i Iilr. tt, I to i, r, t I ti o i, c ir si t iet' , C tr l , I ln't with1.~1"9 muchl tr a t' recrie s. ud ite 6, have it tst olii t i r,,iel , ,lrr or. l inc. l'it , e ul ubrcr , tlt i. ert aerrrerln to 'lr It t t .oill n i..lre cc mrn' +'a.ind oh t se + ani th ed , th aw u e .in e as t olitt trr rir.iee' rrlirlie, and e olietrlr that i rr lc l rrnr e melll fPaltd v i)? l alll ind3· hdiousIDC c t.e i.bel rheti tltt Iiha mte be' to lawn, it hsL~ prod'u il+llIt .'. rtllt, oher't ti eoI e trro er ltrr li rcc ofe there ad i a e ute i h l c dro hted r unceh. thr. ill'.-. l" endtche-itv ll le tlitin has bee ou ag t n d i1..\ lhed n who Thiive~i us r. Mit+s , th tit dolii. itvll'i h* + ull! tlr ithrr i ieh e'intert;1d. i d|ei trieo tlrorroocai tv le r, it . he r c l ir'el r o re t rltl et.'tu e , U, lcoke Vt'u heates wtak~lhollt anyll danger oftre detreingA antd~a 111uri1 u eflt f eltTs ofI( |alo. wlwe n I pi r ldtwin wld. n I c.Io t hsl xt.c.t% ai f .th e l Twellt wi.liel tluat it subs plebe fu ae it,,a, l..,a blessn to ita'a i hu an l. Al<r.Il.ultei~Sl hqa perectler' a fet ,~ and ,rele Jrotu allt~ tlner tb +l it wh tha~t tl~etlea it ,) tatd it |truslt ,ttha,- I su.i ,an i shijli tos tedl.ti of thalouthea \+ie<I l'have ev ir aslld~ itu"b The abuve medicile callt ainr d Il of th, Ge ntral Ag.ous, a-.l ,- r.n lii i U hIiv a rox ulnasiun sei ned by ",1+. ,Mileljl -' I'1 -l' 1.. AI. l" n i touttltterl'_l d hti ' & o l o tto , enlalll l Agouti for Luliultte', d bearOlmg the lmp il"to yn.. I . 1& l T ton, (;uorl .giue tfor Ltouianall, 111 Tchtou1lttuula stlet. .iitlr tCo, 133 tld L.e e trsteot,t lo1, pirite Vleg.t. 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I'lhk and ,mulity white; 60 i .aelks gold lent; wlbito and yellow wax; :um urabic' and n large anl choice as dBn Sl Calp Rnht. - - NEW EDITIO.Y OF TIlP CIVIL CODE 01 LO UISOL .3.A.1. T has ibeen iot loll timei mniad known n to thll putbhi lnthat the In ;b'ni ln,- entt ell¢.t.el in ii'palrni for te iten'its [item edttiin Ittf Ihe lo li :aul a civil (_(n e -t rTI'he wee, :r. lltl leI llr ,t. aarn ,f the gl'ei a t difilelty unt ll l s l llllll t ttelnding t1" puhli' tnl > il he wln r, and it w. lot withiut grant hesi ttinll that they con seltted to the ltl dertnlkine Hut ther ineelt diltion, "aalntine to hout thfee tIhousand rookie+ and dhitel hod cost the Mtate mrae than thirhv titoua Id dhla', It is it systeln of writti n rulie twitn b imen-dinate opIeral upon evelry individual of Iltn ntr intPrrelel eithelr iln u"iultur ,r collllolerCo ,and whilich coversll lue dIispositilon of sn luclhlhprl-ope l lnhlnglo ultitl tlh itt etlliee, hdoy- ul kie ltostl a othert e ,,~ ni il nl--it is u ts tch the ntX-bIoK Iand unuainl t n Ill, llerci ntlllt llll lella: lter, a+ it s 1" tlhe private genllle t'he law}sirs of itheln ulilnItitt Istates and in factq n lnt ollot stater tiinl, the Iillio alln %iq isi ll rivels whirl lind a itinrl lit I dir pro infu e i In Lo tuisi:tn hve i ti ie tlut n nnee-ity of reftr. ite t t lit, st' e , and in ke it Ial iudi linsbl e trrl ; nite li their librarie s, ttad i, te • ift of New tlrie na th, hook i= Its sere to Lo !i)lldm tile merch nt's colnlllt g rnml , s up thIIe ei t l it f t'n Judge, oarn thletab l't..atta lltn '. It is t11 s +prisi: l therefiore thut the firt- edit|,, olf:he work was 'o qultl~k ly dlisalsed of; anld lthlogh ai u I r r.epr.i of it nwmil ii s.oie, easure supply dlhe ipublc ntceitv yet it w ulllId he inlllperet anllsl linlct rt unt u . in ed .with wl er:nces to IIthe Report, and Sitlate , ill urder t" gnu rare tlhe numerou; umendnntsot wll h'e't b co malds by the L in ai:'nit t, niid tlhe iwpl)inIt dIi' :n!: tin cni-len inhe givenuidio llyo I Xta leii nt t Iot The apuli-hera hc ve! -ectlred, Il. tI itn gneral st per iPente anelL etlOnliai deptnrreit of pin tne 'woll, the prlofheisnv t tl a.m vicrh of r leal- k Sat fu ,tm on, -q.l i a tt iler I te l r v ()re e l ,ili . Tie i . ,It ti Itt( ptttiiit' jlii I olt e s ipn mtn i Ine Ge,.r nil fn irve Beath t i liit ite i r ' i iiin tl Up ti ll he val ::hle rllill I bill th io l tet ' o lcd illb I ue i rlotsn theird Irmw lridg, t h. , It L . i al'entcd o e g'e-at ii tho" reia- e ellet uniltnieennd in oiltier co of the mn i and .uliel: Dihich h, t I t lle , i'n it t u "lit, the wll ' ,rind o r his wi.. ll ,hc ,r- d a Sin f rn 'T'hhe publish r, n svtt 'Jri " , p,, lr, ic ilt li itte' slitii fth, , l i will be hitt'ni ti I tI - tn ll li d II atl 1r, n' t y hIle fa t that ljlll li-ts on " 1e los-a, ha: 'tr.le r llc , il l ' i , e .'.sie l t i l i n it t tn1ide te ill iN uitn itt1 l he [1P1)1.i , st wThe wr wI h, pri, i n h sud (,Jh inn gOraper a with clear 1i *,t nor Ws i t eu-I or e'wel it nt;ld tllintlr t whole it l. t hiCtl ?, ac~lid ion of it qre fta.'4pl~v' t hitt creelli it,),i 'it,;.+ I ' ill pri abi i e r e t' i ,'lit rv i ii nr ,n :l I'tl it ihtil ill u l ritii li-tc an hoa C, th .t v c t.ill blet tinsy Id iutL. it t-rlit; io't . f 1p t m ' fi' 0l ' , f+.t). 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Iltut diom anizedlgt~ conl+r lthi l l 'll. lX whicih thavxe not beel pe. lllant atly rl'hevedr by,,v ti r iA'licines A i inele trial f Ili v+' lrV .+vr Mne in aly o' flip * *se, , will produltce fsllch ltT-cts f,. %ill in dienre rhir itlco lpllarll le ,perioritv , :and imll ltec such a ise ofl t f wil insl11. a i pe.eriit n utlll eioll *llll iio cur.i iriectin li for ise nomiin c i ictl 1 iNu i:tclr oCurtcliih utesolcure, c ili be howi , ns 'crrc n the lenb l l oft. i c ltt -ii uue it is i )lposi:lei to IL 111i ·c pin liit rlbuiilto midii m i of'i ale.irror , r cvii" iilatliiogue t!LerI inr, upwardu of 25,000 elaici, iRait iii tici ity we eii u efi r to mii nv pifcriii wiho h i e ,Cn Iiie·t.l, azi d ill . mlll Cl inltlrnn.s illir+lYv o riI.d of lotig statrvbetli discusse, lby Dr Evas' a non' +thU lie Pibl+. qit){ iiiiiiicil ili i 'c-"i STATS iiF LOulStANAS-k irst ictl. C'otIrt. ftl(llE 8"f W1'AT' OF Ir USI,"4., "1o 'I sham i-. thoric Pr ts i cume. G','rititl:--ihiln+--cls, J3m(., flurIn,- Digs h1IYl,.!*lanw hit.ll ·at lt tire thy hIIi. tlhrifl'idt rtie oi-idii cui' tieani ilc Iro..irt\ hler illanl clu'ribcid, ]liscllp fliel to tiniluirhik if hiiic ",ih ill iihiei dthie t ie itir + fll" aile was rt cri d +Ii i i ll tilh 1 d hLv lfAp,'il, A. I) 1.3", for tt nciiiiii ir ,ii- rti-i . nifth il oltfiPdrlbitil to iii a ,f the Icitnidltur. of the State of Louidiaamt+ tilted 'An lct 1"or1 the lllltlhtr :as.tLs ralnce of titles In nI t chasie t judicial salles"I' apjpruved iithe IcI] Ilhy of \larchi, 18i. NOW, therefore, knOw e. nid all snlt itllucriel h Irt'i , alre· IheIrb! cited andl adllrh no ihlled ill tle i.lne( Ilo tI 'it.tati o 1i u. isiii ae. , aci of l iei Fictl J.dicial ldlh trili oull i ho iellt tl nrieq i t, title i or iitlil ii a dr i t e el.l prtoly hi-i'ilclcerd i ribcd in celueuel ttt ,n lilY,, n!~ ,,,i iiii-c i: *r · inl- i lit C i ihel o iiiil, (iiee ol lllliullt r o f i tii cI ri diii r'I' whir+Ch t ile s: llU wx.s IhItad , a sl't ilrrtguli Witly . 'ltulin li the L ini ii iie ietiis cf nii i di tiiilii ii c iiic ii imle, o:;-ma111ls d'ale, or fl ar, eth 'r +hlel t ,141tilt+,<. .to. t, h ,io t eillm w·ithl thity g li I rom the dill tints i f~~irmt··; ;uiu the {I-dr·lf t. V+.Wev% "ah.l t il- i ii ii l h ,uh l oiiii Illll.'iic i t lln hii- n tIgg or li iT p ii 'o|:IcI- r " wit sI l h-I toI Shii i itc 'f tile pii I 0'-.rc , ,i ull i the jr th ti-r o- ali ch, .tl . It I ),i d bi vi - lu i l+ ac t cr<:I ,f thiii I .ilutii i ei d t i ii the2 i th Il a tlloi I:,nttrtl A\. |). 1 3 ·8, in ' al suit e n tlthed ,Itlnes }; hine )ii g i .i.. i filu' Ii i iliei, Io I1 5.19 i IIii tl e i i ck t il i. ioiirt, t - hi-ih ia lieio oiI tInre i l: erSt, iggs hei ei he .ulchase rlIor i hliriceof twutli-iietihoiuilsdo tl-i lecription ofp,.opeirn al. gve in the ,Judicial Con= 1· e\ i it luie II7I itre rtaipieeor, oipnIi or i lm of cu roniditi etI - .-i , cii :i- t , luii n i siill i i ii .il.p iill i lie-s ci i i, c r+i ihs -civ eicic,icc.c tcitcoieltniilugi no -i ugi uis-id pertu++li",pg si;tuate inl t+lanhottg Anl cldt~i ti~ton~loxte thii: iv ' 1 mt rln';lll in i ngli' h · t'ewa,,r, threeu" hi un dled a;I '.'it',v-. ix lLIq nlt erI ttlll'. )I. hth o e ,l ir 1,1 h Oh t nIll th, t o n, Nt''w\+ |Levi't' st. thl'tee hutl e l;llavl ,+ixt*. ,,. fI u t '. x inches :adt n l-e Ihlhs ntl l inch | ull. oni oIi'h t ic-o uh-''It+ ii" nd Atli~yiv aiit i dil inche+l lnd v ,vll.lbetl latncr i1 c·Il tell Ic lin ui flolcli -i cn il .i- , iilthuci eu i' h bouldarly Ii-cti Ii i illnc l Laurceit ilhi ,, , , ,nt:H, :st th eonerhu o,1 Ohl Lev'ee and Nua+. i; thL er thernaug s at i,. t aleh++, a1 l extenl dslle. o -Lty-Si-,.c uc t-il tlie inc lii diir ci+lociclhe on laui. :,. ;q" id \Ji.l~tlud n's pI'o pty pl'r. hel to egi,-stj+ cl"'e'l:v Ir 't+e fur,'+mg fllight a pq t,. m+,l ..+ l t ·,l:ng ai t++ hl t'e tui-fiiif t-p l o't s l Dll ' t r. tlt , rll' i , I Obt L, teeI J, ee 'thehL i-rmh,. nol:.ther ' rightsl ,.h-,l6 ad 'ii cdiii v tri c her -ee i cihii niii e l li leii thids ofii i 5-i --niiul I l qi;i- iilt n llcrclin* inc. 'il c l), liii ',,lllrt Ii , -rdi t t c , ciis e l.-t; -hl'e cli iing ii-other 'ig- t Sii, iil tuic twety seVe tt 1 lUt al d n ')+l s r lhtll s ol f inth ,lin . Ihe l ol darIy') icl if i iil De ui ' tlr r h pi ly r iiiaii ll to i thii i bll- r-,I , l il, N.w l e,' e t. ', t :, l winnr bl ' i- i fe'et t rI'lj in'll t"eS stlui l ~'Itut t br,. iit" l il n llUch " out ll d N I'. stril'el'ts " rd- ' Ilhe .1 milti:et v JI . Piie, City Stu'veyvor, utntre +::d .Ian A -i, lcr neiroixed tl ah ci i cicicss ci,i before1 oi , i,.thcs th ii cn.yoi clii ci. Il 'Ilic nnltl ratr pwotiue.ll |tillil nb|:'1 crlh3., il Ii ll· rim i ii Ii. L " J LNi DeIll. C-ictk. L.L.NluTI ,';il) ici nl.l it, L ,icD CI 7- I. ? Ti I' iltN'S Corip, nd Ith tract of Copnib+. and Sar~sl i _i ilt --ii n i lt n, siti , i u iti iri t tucit ual roii - e;t/ "d -,''t 1 rC he cure of l"tonitrirhie., Gle ts, ,iiic 'iuiiiiii- f-t-iiii ci ti eit i iack tiioi iii, si l lit t . i iiinL l oc c-iite kida is, gravel, t ic iliili.crlicioi tc , cnii/ci.c cii iiiiciiigj~llt il ii iiii..... iil.iiiciliiiicciiiiip t ciii+ -'i tc iiti. i : but coc eber toii iiu iiieiilii .iii-ii lirhii c ticoic'd , tnlirii m oht eminent of thc me c-ioe fe in tcici iie, l. iyh ri 3 it ti l il , i:i1i3 t o ri o' t 'c icd dw h ec i is i imcr i '2rei fu ll ki.n . T h , |.tl ,',ml of Gup t ujti, , sto exleli.ivteh tstd, h s " l otii me i111, ,f its credit h'om the diltiken\hwlh pu.ettlls ito;, lyl, t adii~h( regn:'i~,tyil its diangree:,ble tiaste h, d turb:mer:. i~tl~:t hCV a ux ,lsed illth Iw fin xituni:.tory' .lt4.e. Thi+ )lrop)r.ettor htl+ maidet a11 iual) siFL of tihe thtdianllu, co ei.+i si il itw [re teit tate. The thore mledJ ehie comiininea inl f4,dulsxhc ~ein the hitglest r'tplute almost the imlost sc'ientifie fin,1 are 'l' i n h tihe pl',ofcs~iol. |' :ch hn u'hin the ..omlplsitin oi' itis i .i1o! tinle'ases i l tIlictaity ofl the. other'i, proiuching ain iopetH ioii trully asto! hii, nlg, ;,lll sulr pissingtl+ he Insst Mltlg.inel. expectlationls; [lessilign lt the samt her. t h t+ Ie h m t" g ' .f its bin it adhuinistcred with perileus sullcce+ iln the di~tltrenlt +,tage+ I of the above tdisteae., T'he miost emlinent physteinlllsall( stl*Zge1oI lat thlt plrt~es t dayI ex press the~ir thecict'd ulp. ir;ll~ n llist i o. f buru',: i~lla, l ht +idlst its tise ill th , )iniit'Il| Iho. irlll and pubtih medtica.l~l iinstittutionis hin ni+I, Indl still ie(,dlltmue$1 v'ely ton -lsite. It wa, a .thI1i ol'itt remiedyll w1ith the tcelebrtated 1)r Afbeim t hl. 1+i i enor luti d etions, and ilohstinteut citanetouu. nt,.' n ,,s, arvising [ltlln ii iaimtlteleed .tatle of'thoigethtilsle ut'lll ious llOltcth att monu-gthlwie~thely,11hey haveex nre.,, theh. sa ishact in of its extt-aorldimuty .ffle, y iln e,'er' ease tilnter their chlal'i by adoptihg it'iothll iu th,'ir d,u~li mlu riv;.te pratlc. Tht-ir ob cL'vttions. will h, ine'e e'li'er, lPrelpartd hy . J 'l lThinl, Ilauslii.t, ~onldonh Price $1. .50i pet' lot. 'ESTI\L(INTAi S. Frmn A I! Salnon, E, F i 8S, St.:.gCu' to uth Yt T'hmas H)ospitLalo,alil Lee urer or Analtona . The oin which I hate adite o' otlr 1,rpja.tioa n Ana varietv of cases, both mnale and ( l'lihlu, in its IresulltI flat pro\e;l so highly Iawnaaublre, that I do Int hasitate in praoa neing it one of the most tallabhale anI aatlaiblis renmulitre ever ollered to the ubhlir, and one ii a hinh, Itral experience, I can i lace e y reiance, t dues int produce the sanle unl)h.u;,0,t e[!"cts uumll ex perienlced frou eopaiba. IFrom G H -laynwmad, 3 It C S, Ptl)saii.'l to the St Ma.lrylebne D)ispensar). I take bgreat p)iLea:LSe in a 'dlin any teItinlrny to da, iablli!ie of your prep:main't, wmlakn twoi thle s, eess ne u so l ludscI.r. o an,, , pe rIw:,l-l t)i w Ii-he labnrald exltnlis incurre i briilis it to toSch a.,,,t plet, perecltion. Fronl \ Cooper, FR S, Surgeon to G)y' Ilns lhe anifiaran ,anraeas whlhaataoos aatended lrl- adlaaaa - :e. -nn your m cdic· ine ,ni ong ,) paI tients allth.iti ile h the above iseastre:s, h!ao litlh satfied me thlat 1t has olnly to be know, to be truly ul apeiarted. abon fle su, Lces, you an well deel vre, anply anld speediiy rerl.: ) nu for yourn vallluale prepalntion. From Sir A Cotoper, F RSPF C S, Ue.bc. (lavinlg brell induced to try ynollla atl'sntl an sevnetl eanes of siolent (iooroarha, .lwhich had ithacr!oa harlled etel. l'tseption ahnisaaraaad by ' aae,lhaiaag onadal sw:irei,,.d speldv !ires efife.hd b it, in a few olms--I aael in, alIfi illdla hounll to btllae that 1 nol ill in , lprac twl'a btah public :oid private reorrlamm d aal uae lnllna i' .aol G V I :'ier, M I, l'hlavy..; l to GCy's lios Ii, ' trlic tnll which I haar given your mediaiare an, ,g m? patint., a..d its iegiti.,bl stceees- thus tit', S.1 . sevee in its list, and I eem it l ,:a t A j, ue of utl y to add la y feeble tcati i l,, ni t i.nlh! ation of nitsvhtu as. iln l . a thmpsonn,3 1 1) F II S L. 'lll yo a my siaalctre th ark a f aor l e valuable pr sent ,a aaua Extlea i to, the cure of GoCnllonrrhaeae I Ire( It'll f1 1t y, Mlaat' ait last h ongllt a mla l h!aa i i'.aouse , hlu, will na tic a dslesidelnton long sought for in the udiel .1I-a sure, snerrely nld ofecttlal tini iln ct-:,1, I tIhe aI)ort clas. It Hlt llyd 'ooItrgrt |ilea:ltre i, I i to a ttt ao h ta aiui a le qualitiej of)uur \'rbr, it n.eerso:ry, the lprprilator could here furTiiia i n1,.11 lInrt testhl nliLt il iEq atlly as cIwnllletalltity -s the bio, hall butt tius that ligreat lua r bes hlaiherlon-the bar a. xpls at which it Ia s l iaplaunared, wall prolnil l-llgre t rlctnlul lllllhlioll al nl it l-a.rrnL public. ^nutnrldaan a ? aIs p rrpi n anajas baaow al e nthers is its neaa t, gaurua la --rt-pot up ;I. aaots-tlhe va,ah in which it a aa y be taken, ta ,ng bolth ertsy aat 1,a'la f ri tal- lt l)l n i T ,ll W I. o lea .tt'io On iln i1:1, ai tinmla nt front buscianc . '"s O ear.Illy ..I naolalld th.i lala dcie hiaihln y lilaa i, laall langht Ia·nve.a, t I I) alanoalral alh a plrelmtrallo alaassenaa1g thea td. t' tilahth the pretout our c,:b, .. tor) of' he ddlllitlt st:,gi8s Vlt,| t i .l', illh ut tl_ aext'a alanage, acltaytnitng lula anldl uaIl diretilolns. Fnor l.a ily lCil.I"S \ :lC . amr I sat. Lr Souleldnr. (:a naai cua . cr 'all d ln m n trtl:tl attT ISON n: ,.n"" nr Ilackeye, and for oafs by n lio n w, 111o tE .E. ta'" A #F.r Ld co s24 1 I4,.. . AT LIII t l.ottit tA Ato A to _t t rllPo ti 'Yni fr. ,L` ts'Jat r tak) to .t t ntii6 t e. !t'.At;k S tl'oh.l.att , othelr ln,a ntalo.Aai jl t'.ft J the arriA l .:,' ibteut o+, New tilla*n!?e Ilse j trtnalnll tts.atEL, I" to imili itm , ltnes to tt.t r tlt. n. t"Aut s i'e llas ttal , oIblt .lo tt i a all a o tin 1.\lrnm.-,, Inotala.,t, (fateororlt Moan t Visa Dl'tit,)te itil, tt! t, I t t::.e.l,,;I ita kitavilteaanI ttiqt At i , hosd(!titer. ahkilr1t3 mat Mas i Ihe is ill In ':"," t·. l tui.t l irowSi et ota lo In il~n pln"ýci-ic b!. \'llr cil.rh l c :.boi it I t t~l%. IIlH"it Ik Lg w1a is tu Loao, vte te. atd tnetote liat;t, s',e it , oa t t tilo Crll WtIO t ett'r.ttt ;'t t ttt' i tb T: ' lliv:: l a! Allu',sl, t i, tim .let i *-,L. fiell, lIhiOilghI a811 we " tAn at ai t h ii. II llr, s. a.o ,ei ,t b ni rel al lw a a h0ll le thllllii t :1.1Ne.. Orleht (; o Newile .thl e Tis a tri.d a thait llit e. t,:lh ' tt O lA llatlt ali j l"'itta ' aobt.adt ea o P TI1'? ...... h. Ia,'ll, intural ...... tlse saferid inir or 'latin.. H tlt. I . b it toos, taloe if l an llh s n iltrhli atl ' i titatr s omi t urnner a. l ( n, a la a t ta lo n lt' .,l a d a p ljt ,a ' ;i atmarit; eoen eted as it aoa with taa lo) oc a.ol ta hl tto, l . ,ilt thela stemean to.itt to Noea lah ltl ct lea tb aNW k tian N) w Ort h IleIsI I . . n to II ate i a-- et tl -it y it n IA. "rlrl IChat i,tlotiee, Fltoldna, oa hacel. a E lotwt q'ia ey tisal 'alllgev s..a io SL Mbloa., l i iJ too otuao alto t, tsat t.. Ise t l t , I pist craicles, nlso. twn iRdllIa s by)r iuwl 1 r. +ms.( . %ttlleda t i VUlld ne to Maton, Iiie I r aw .a n;l1,les. , S'T'OC:K ['0].8r mCro, Altr s e a^,1, .Att.lA 18F55 t tt Mo.ttoh ..t\1 Ielu.hsee Mobileoc d flulicr xl rieR l'Ol H ouse jou l'Al n l litttlltlo, -ew (trto'tll tao Mollile, 150 mile Hetinloa to Autgioita, Slt i AtIttl ital to liwti'itt, O9i"t" ' '1 \W\h i''a ioon tew `t14c 2 D1ata IJ" All"tatla to Cl o tltle , si elolrllel to io4 ool , si 1 .' M:ki.ltg I69 ndles ter dul,. o1r 7 0Il desa t l holr, Jalil~ Ira of ai stopae. 10r N. ItB I hIo Ien to inlftato t oae plidatialit r'1ekiwt:jvJlst Itell li tbndolctcai aa tie leneral ragleaio melt, (il' ta+ nlysthta;les ol0 atitgtgpinlthis tliaitnfc ,ltel, root, . at.1ih plhteIlv rotaov0 lt llli "haveio a I th:'sre fratotem ieltelattath ae ooathne,tl a,'i'tata oit l atlla aret tlt lit oneaani; md al ta tst wer Je Itfn , etn. coh, to tHoa. tItff, lt I admit. inn r·l i l. Ie , tolt at. It ilItt. tI''lP hl'i igea lh-tagh f (;l-ot 1!4, hI';.li, u I etI L aIII'P I IIfIt ; J AJt IiA .1 E l 1JAi'IQtNE -TII2T, N1PW-OII,tFANS. iOE)SP' Kli N tI'tl.E, & Co.--imnrteona ofl..'e_ SCllrl Ioiltti Hardware, are reiciv, g frauit L. cope utol th tate tlantitc C tbo direct f.rn tile 1lanufao ftli.o , it extrellsive itnolrtno net lf Bull cv .and ieavy i ontVleo e-tetulprisiag every article in lthe ine S taht 1 alV, olalr low. Comllnll' ty . !1rehsals tid tthirs nttr invited to earl. a ,. examine teir lct:kl' which otntci.o , in E art ofK iahlei outaaher's, baaaat, . e.tller's ano rattw bnives plated ntt litiata to tltateotaateedeltina, Ia,ois bnl eesvt ahto a!1, alnd laltie... tong, l tovtls, l iidere, atdtliains, Brit. tou nll ta)RIieee aore, bualaet, illank beoka mtd .al per, loonl:too tntooi, canvils, vier, teta platoft hand i,tdw e a~nd ilnil 'ltvt .5rs, cooithlo hellows, Atnertcan and Feg!ihl iislnr,<.atbshear, (oertu tel o oaley steelL. ptlo:li mla to trait:, ox oltd log roioin, waPdill 1.ouis.g toon and _artl/lu.i e boeo fthitotitoCk b pick axesagor and os't octlistt (C tliot Ki cll d U Sinionhtd dioat choppihg atxes,llutola, lttlbto- and Lot nail, Cotton rd Wato tardoo c,'tt':oitad ttor ailsplstiTles iuld ilai cl lt lll, :rc k. ior n, Rl llidl, ron , OOk, anii h listols, shot. Ittttttter anid ouar dhakor px-: elr, it oa, , haol, brass I tllao hP, l tlla u;ntlh ,llt i t.,oolA, and pad 1 IcksI a b aridle i;.'t AI \ N F-CCcur'clu Plouttl re il. hliEr dlniliili' l'V. " "'FI'AT il': 1..D LOUIALN..-IaAt .ous ceui il . e rn p1 eft a.. cel'ol.,n, "a ut.--Atetlndu qu tJl, I sIA . , lyIIiay: I Itlet t a bLe vents taitel p. In b l ,Pl'If .e I:t l , ,i n ul " v dc '() ltr. i nl n IA .oa nrie te ct - i- a p a a ott il + h' t tl t t;a.. I l tlll CIl e tI e otte Coltta u Ia dlill v+. ' it, +l t . o lf i tla at. It viie . tItttt icAtleil .c t al nn. i .:., I: ,.' loa,1,:, , ,,,. n.t ,,., i.. .1 Ili tui dec ( e aI L.egit. ti, ",d I"rt.,t I te t looi-iatic, ioitili aa Ato la.alO to i.a. o t llr tr a ittt estcesott.t t eu ielll t .ettjtd !iaa .,.. - alp;.rnteh Ie . lolt. 1i8i. Qni'i! soit eolnu,el tottas ii~ .ollll ·i ilelreaxtet sol llpar tts .letloetea stnltllts a nl i do I'lltat he l /It iOtllte tlbd It t C tour lu 1+talo tr I tt11.tiot J db!eiah, qtui l;otlrrtaleta itit thoit t a.-pro l a i 4tt t t-.i a'o, itl o , Olttl e io .henI dB ttll O dl eFi tiu urme rtl~ws ftl. ordo Ioltoccrct ou t. jljgllC tll |t It'our ei flew'e d, t. It lOtto atl a. t" if t, ti to ulott l ,lt - h ole u i .alit .s atac t ttlte t lO , tt I'a ia l I terraet 'caeta.0 d h; tota t, itntttaate,laataicause t0el00n0eu .0i0. l o;t, I, .I Idtn I lb. l a .at Coil.t I ttlaubloe mtio tllaa c taLLe ti.a II .it Ias ttl.ŽR 1I , t1ot teol t'tla l Jt ailde t 1.)t-cr~lilimh d', l inl~iorls d r~l!r 111'63 le trSl.\slr r,,I Uli ertaic milntai c de I(rld , aite touter lea e atise e nrcl .url, u n ' elit, ainq ur h ll a rlu od cs ill, it,+ l * .. tH ls ,t'l. d 'l t Il e m io a glll ll ueleolte; t l~r : h1 IIliIan,;ul'ý jllnwi!Cl 1ii l. mealrant (mecuer anui~ r(sclt 'inualt shit {e d'tic, to it nl ot .l,'u ui)ur nilel s txi n le Lt re u Ml ire ol n (quart. hluuti; nl0 i:1 r+litla lulc CLI t++', deutx eetei -.. ,a-nw iti ,q {alla Ielrt loUo. .no deux hutl.renta Luruile ,leh sae rLnc de a ,vide Lvee Jura u +tl br-urdu Pr Dlpes {:;et lin.hil l he rt invi c·l u ,'iii e ie ald nit Millt dote, S,' ite.,t hli: ' "i sp st e Iii 6tin tie rto ed c; dt , n+ . 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'li' 'tA'' I; IA Lot Ic IA.E A tou s e s quoe i, i proi,-ilci CCii.;IeLtult hisut:-AttqooIlut quon ,4i lr'all Macliv" aV£1ll ttehet6 A. l tie veate faste par Ie Shleri he la p'urul1nse ,i'Orleaul la prc+.hriete 4i-apoep iii Acrl ii,.i'e-t ,ldlPiio ai' lireib tdo cdce Otur to Loadote i lie lircIt cnliiislrcte l 5toieO jo ur de f ai, dt I'uunOae gIb tUii. 11 ii11 t i , Ii tc ontii& rmti'pe slie ui te deLs Lsgien j I :l, qits c t..i s i ,ti I, Lottllette, irjelulc it terdat4 ilnrtitti't los i0 t i. O cItquieraurs uux veitto sjj diji ' l.;a," :Alt i tlti6rf i t ll 51a+, 134. Qu'iec soe t Stoeaii el Ia tni I.eloll (, ii', ,il ite i 'i Ui I IR it p oae pres.Rntee do Vis: iil n N rntit'rhtll de da Louioiune et det Iour du la ip' iA('t iCl:t ~ ip o c de'nity, ell c e dque oeo d'en des intt cs t i ille dulc l'ti'tlurr, ditret oil le jugemetac de fx00( ct10,r el 1 tat I', uel l ea scueitriei , on deo toig Iv gu' oil il,vtIId. d-ns I'estul ation, l'vihl oN X4 'tt ttll. t et d I llla' th ucl'e, ttu our o le aril.ibs u l ut. tsglier de litAc vir, daps troke jeoura o eatero n Iq i nbice peu, tcitte wooCp1L q uuaTvoo IOuleaii iloud'., irliill ti r., cs , sem+ o z At zlotlllllclgt ue. a L.a eI (+ihs 1UIit ireuIe putr le lito , d aipnpdiii . s::+lue iotw d A i'lec'Itrlnd ,icff run vu ciret stiiiUeeurt , iile .'a ooa d 1aSru de l Nci.,,;, diina I'tiai5 5t Wiliam Naekry v i t1 l lu r le p rix li t 1; i lhl c u l to p ta l t. l*,e riiotu dei u i 'i p',,tlirpt d'l prbs In ti i soed r Judote' nire, avolr: . 1 :n ctrta~u : e t .1 \ ctr I, y e t.pris n lee brit" c udi i'url u'terd, rl o'i: 4 lar le No 9 tl'e, a tu. : .Celltn.O l.i31.. 2 li L,01 1 eln i'etwue de FeitXlt"4ir u 'air, pauhiic, tran ho l,6 dit h lotda uER,lual Liner pitoe .o.xer p t aze pilea epn 9ud.l iauras ct l"u,,:+e;; l.a:c tlt Ipr Uymdexur r du C '. tu'c1,,. h;: 1'ly"f'ii up l.-C6n, it.del ieremu. . Ilael t N Vutldalll. Ii 0x10 it. OentýiLee p J' Irr~l_ pil.ii. ll(lll.(;1 l ,( t-11 cunultu0e0 av le Ih [oe '1,i .,l+L i ttt:-ll t g. dui =.i {hit -_r __- - 441 New g -'. i.C,) ,A. Dooslres g.-.. l_'. hou . i ' ' I i#,}j7'. ,t+riidi:{ . #.!+

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