Newspaper of True American, July 9, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated July 9, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 121 CRPIT9. , ~..-.._ --- - - -- ---_,, ý '" _____ *rhntevwant e Pr 12JF CENTS. --. L. ~ ··-Z~br*I~; 21 .. ---.. . ---ý ý . -.. ______ ý. .... NEW ORLEANS MONDAY -MORNING, JULY 9, 1838. Vo 'erauaof the Newspaper Press of New Oytl.-ans = _ . . ..= 2'ero,'of Ike Newsepper Press of Netw O l'enn aaaiaiaolgly agreed to at an elajourn.d meeting of the Prprieltor, hekhl on tIe Ih1 of Marck, 13:1 aDycasRP'rlroa.-iTwelre Dallars for lth daily pg Imrperonoaurm, payable semi-annually in advaice: ten Illars ia thle trivweeklty coantry paper, payable one earia advanee, whelre noelty*OhS0iO wes.on N' subacriptio will be discontianued until atreerages nes settled. In case of di contina'anee, one week's notice a writing mast be invariably given, previous to the eapiration of subseription. ebdvrllaeS .--OIeM dollar per e.atn e for iho first amertion, anl half that price for each enhstequent one t ,at materia..lteiraoion from the original laverthlement witl t etihged an a new one. nANnLv A rtrlleM.-Mer an.Gs ean Tle, ortC dollars fie English alone, and sixty for both tan g lqeo lanks, Insurance Orlfies, nanl etlhe nijilar peblic nltitations, fifty dllarn in Englirsh, oaly, and iighty for bot langnaeiae; Ship and SteAmbo,.t Fnac re, or Ceomnlinsioln mrerhinta sixty dollarm in English as, and eighty lor boti langllages. AAnRtlnAKn, e)anlTce R NeTICoSn and artilcen all. thK e attnntool of Nia public to sales o prperty, airdn of passengers, benefilts, d&c. ree. will be ehergo, oin dollar per square for tbe.hmrt insertion in each Inn. lC.M~ rs cATrlqo, or Advertinemnnt, of any person at ature, wheen admissible, shall be charged deable, d in advanee A ded.,niea of twanty-five percent. wil be made to Autliaoeers, Sleritoe, tiegiieers ao Willt, and ilarehbls an irles of re estate, pulished in lathl laenguage. sand 50 per cent. in English alone: 10 per cent. on sales If othor prollerty. a varltena4n aout of the direct line of bnineen 41 the advertisenr, sch ne legal, auctionn, anl planta te sales, runaway .lave, etray rannale, &e. &ec. will IOghcarged for sepaately, and at the ordinary rates. ADvarTInarMaOn dote ppecified a to time, will. be ublished one month, and charged acorelicgly. No ad ertinemcntn of bankruptcies will be published a any case, isleeons paid for previous to inserlion, or navtneal gnaranteed by a responsllble Ileon in town, iheatre, and octh:r places ot allloneesnnlt, nadvecrtisill.g taily cctlhe sen.lon. to Ie taired $10 i for bnglih a. oneand $15I0 en bIoth langleyer*c. All aneouncemente of eainlihlatien for polit cnl olleons be charged doable the price of other advertise ae it..' to the lnmmense loss eostailcd by newspaper nprietot, thev have acome tlthe eneclusion tlhat the a1wsn of permoes whose accounts have pot been paid within one month after presentation, shall lie made aknown (so far as practicable) to each other--they abli elsting thmaselves not to advertise or print afor easuch +.lelinqlenut, inless in case of adcanice paymaent. (tigned) J.C. Do Sc. tROiEO J. BAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PRENnERGAST, JOHN GIBSON LL;MSt)N. ,,eely Press.--WVe, bth unalereigeed, agree to ahlde 'ly the a .roa n.,ll litioas, a s Itir iis they are apiplicable to aesklv e.elore. lgneno) A. B. I.AWVIECER, Nit . uel+criptione ari taken 1'ur teen Ihbac 6 ceclenths. L Ioctters aost, il caaree, be polst paid. SPAIN REVISITEI by the alteloroft' "A veeri S pail," in 2 volte- Hareg ,rrverly,a novel, by e ithret of n"Cecil Iyde,"i" 2 vols. TDe Ac'ree of Palen, and eother tales, Iy tie aathar if "Thle Fourt tien," in 2 olns. Nimnrod's Ilunatie 'touro; inteernarsedo wll chearruerlstic nlecrdeltes snvlngs and deoinas rol "ilarlelag loen, iucl oi e .i " notices i ie 'tlu t prli lnleci pal 'rackl Jere of Elunla((d with afal dtItl aOlntittlnlind veiaera] dccr iti wliceleee twlltlhare adced, Ni:arod'i Leetters ,el nlegI .1'IIII ' h1 il .'! V la Ite hLllnl'e IeIe la*t "Ii Nll e "l.le . c,' eC I . ce1 oris"lt t i:. Is l . .'i-. i ' Iot. e1 iCwltr, aed .le l +tetl, by .I,+Cli l '[ti' t" , . I . ). e vid, tl a. aled inliltio J ella1 the Uliiiotd .a +lllelo l' rl Ir', hi tlnor n, seral Sc t ,lill Iiee . Ari.iele i t b- .e.ilt I nrv rll tie1l ilr sale qy " V . , el 7 ctr r .. ...... . I:lll\l . u1n·1 at.l - NEWV .,U1., I ee i-e i te, leceir Itic,." .iie l I rele , , 'a Italy; 1|:I Ilc;ll l it. t nt11 .n " i . ti w++" 'w"; 1 lor, tl I~v. l 1n I . ,i:) a. :-1 l ; ,V +,l .Iý '.'l I_ t , l~ll iI clle'lrceei, l ii e l ' i "l llllie ,ie a'cll he..o rvl ' 'lii: it .lrCl : t ; i ln .a."u n t env I';trn'v ,+ ; lly; J . , Jlo +; i" l i hl'1 ; "'ar1; 11 t11 v, ·'v r it rt itI:,ail; 'it' +'·Y'l ll 1' r,,'II r1 " i t:ai .r 1 i I r farII tC J ll I I It ri iii )luli i It II 1t a trct i. e I'l ''ll" •i lll llv,,liI l Irlv l ttli'; i lt 'I t=d. 'r 1. xl to Irt -i ' 'a llf !? , 1 11 r,, l v I Yl hdt v . Hun I oulhe t ";l+'l of ,i i ,,- ·Ie:l, e: I., V" d u ,Ir ., lrtlll , ot I · h illal *,; " cct-! l al. ','-lt .'eiit c II ' i in II n t li Ian fir (ii is Ce ,ItC,r C Ci Le Wallu. iFur silC lt l'inni , Foirtie ilnd ..ic Slore. 'CCm 21i 19 ci : ci Ilceii ---Cereec-iei I CQllecltie ol(cC,dl,.iu Phrases, otn evrvy toplicie u ee..alray tl aititai el conver..tionll, arralged lnder i ('-rent hennts, vith numterntr remrks onl It t ec.lir aietohClvtlcOIc and ree nl'variucec words. 'Tie whole so 'liallatted veaeollidera llt\ to fcvilillto tllt, Hllel' l l' e ollftIt correct proluneltion tof the F.rench. [ty B tlllur, na new edition, revised ald corr,'tc:ld. A aletlOl u[ cute t lan rllfnh of eirl' erTin'fabe r..eccolll panied with a key, containmngte he text, it irteral ad free .rrllhtilio., nrraitedi in suteh a Inanler as to pte tiut U the dillcre.lce letweec tile, Freltc and i'.li h I, lso a figured proltlllciueilon of the Freotea, aecorlnig to tle be~st Frlench works exutattt'n thle iubjee. 't'Ihe wlhole precedel. by a short itreaie on the sounds il'the Frentch latiguuagc, cempared witl tlettee of the lcc:',c.elh A i'racunceing Fmrenll t'riole, orthtie Sclohn'v 'iuile to the accurate priauenciation aod .'ticmerunphy of the 'French Lalln uat, containati ita eilemnt.s .ecording to the best usage, by Blernard Tl itcllitn, Jaltt rceived mlnd or ale lY WM McIKEAN, arb, Car Camo p 4cCem C ts. BLUIi SULPiUR SPRINI(S. GCREENIIRIIER COUNTY. VIRGINIA. TrTHlI favorite eWatering place in the r entllttaoiis I Virginia, llt mileawes of aLewisblr',tacd : I fromt the White Sulphur, will be open in dlue seaton Ibr the reeption of company. Mlat v important inmllrovementts Ihave been a'ade.ince the lacteeason. A spueious ball room and a number of aigile-b*dded rcldme have been adde and nuow finshing; afiordisg ac:ncommodations. hv the litof July, Ibr 230 visitora. An excellent turn pike road has been euonitrtted pasolng by the n.pringt, and illtersecting tile Kataulu turllpike near LewRt burg. Over this reAd, bly direeti.l of the post oliee deparlmeant, \Iters. Bleldia, Walker k. co's. line of mail eoache will real 1 post tifice being established ,atthe ijtrillng, :etay receive ntwtRnud ehr 'rea torl lulilv, e.tat4lli w it. Iif tter 'dtediilal lpmlitie of h th e owatrc ,llle lo,epra"ctorit leed ltl +enk. l'lipt have teet anclv'ltd by able and Ircltiead cllelni+.; +'i' orad to hold ihi oluti n al lte valuable iutgredie:ts cit the loat celebrated sirinic in Virginaia. 'hoeeulbiuatioll ' Co Ititt II1cheI1 StUlplautretted Itvo dCreen, Sctil l ate ef Matlaesil, Sulphtals of Liotu, Car bonate of Lime, Silluhata if So it, Muriatte of Soda. and Muiiate of Magnesia," the salutary elteets ofwoich are eahibited in diseases incident ttsfeutlales;ead chron iee affcliton of the satomach, liver, andr bowels; ineuta neons affectins or diseases of the skin da retedy mnore potent or etlefacioue ean he found. Extetnsive Iathting establishments for both sexes have been eraeted eolntigoteo Io thle splrintgo Viitors cran atall tiolee etjoy the Ieeuliar adlvaantage df their he. niget hilawtleo a efetet. nMajor \Villiam Vamr will continue tle tiauperinetindC ance 't tile altriu.g. very exertion ont hit ptr, adri o(itt tlhea lrl .f etilee prpriea t al'e lUIl bee renerIeCl iva i.lIcre fr tier It lue iepllhUr a literal salre of tlla public, pat ronuge. T"he iropriototrs of the bluea Sulphur Springsr wita be iberal in the receipt of notes of all S, thero aned Wes n Banks which are considered solve t.tlpaor. MARIA MONK. ac. A WFUL diaclosuares of Maria Moa of tihe IHttel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal, .a Il. with an ap. pendi , eontaliunig, part 1, leceptint . a first edition; part ed, S"eqtelt lf her narrntivce; par.ld, Review of tie cae. All, ;tl suilppleellet, ivele moure iparticeurn till the Nun,'rv aaclt groaeadsc illustrated by a plaut :f the hnFlaner), &e. S Maria ttllek Iand thie Nianner,•r of the tIIteCl I)iene-be ing anI accouneat l It viilt t ; th ')eollvett., of ,l ntreal and relfuthaton of the " wt'el I)lsclosurea;" by W "'. 1.. Stone. Fourth experimentl o I.iving. I.ivilng wieh hI m imeauns. Trile Studetll' Instrlector in lIertai. e o, all wokilng "The Five rdiers of Arcvtitecttrie,'" Tlly extplte ion thie ncttiaetle fie. striking reg.lar and t luer'ed e oul.lee; ftr dlimitnihinag and glueiag .fe.mllc alcI c'naitlitt!n; fir findinc lthe truee dicoeter oal'lU t ' rdar to la.y givent Itight; for straking thle onie Vol it-, circtt er ,r chltit :tl: wit finished atnamples, an a Intr e sctal..l' of e ldt thcr clanchere, .c.; anld some designc ther lor 'ac" ,, itc SeIv engravedl tnl ', pl't,:, wali etpbet -bt a te Nichoeleon, Irchiteat, althlo of t *,let r:clt cicts 'Cotampaio ,'.Lt".Urlerletter's New i ci Ie," "tccurpencter'.a ,and Jiner's Assistanlt," d.e. "A Practical Treatla , th Cultur.a ofl ilk." ,tdapi. ei to the soilt and etimatet of th Uitalct 4tate--byv J. ft. Couattork, secretary nfthis ' lrcllfr' ccmlty ;ai-iili-o eietty, atd editor of thie ".Jilk cllturelt.' "'rhe Silk Raisrr's Manual. or the art of reisntcg adil sfeeding silk worms, and of cullivativtig the 1t Iberry tren e-b M. Morin. The tierk'a (Guide, or 'ommercial Correplon 'enec; comprising lettera of husein as, 'or ano of bills, invatices, accont-salsa , and aalpkeerpers, a:quation of paymlents, eommeleeial tortelan. e.--by I. F. Foster. "olistory of the War in the Penin.ala and the South of Frbcne, frmo the year 1807 to the year 18t1" by W. SF. P. Napier, C It., vol V. to which are perlfxed an. ewers to otear attacks in Rolbinsot' Life of taietun. alad in the Quarterly Review; wita counter remarks to Mr. SDudley Montatre Pereival'a remarks oupl somute paet=a retin Colonel Naliinr'a funrth volume of lthe Penintsular War. Just received n. for ale by IOPPKAECA --20 bbls, in store, or male by "J - G I)ORSEY. jei6 ' 44 New L.veee. ýUGAR-50 ihds, prime article,o fr sle by jel6 41 New I evee P ORK--10i bhle Mess, Prime and other deeriptiena. S For ele by, STE'ISON & AVFtI'. j:1 H. urower & t4,# AVYEjust aeeivel at their Farmirelhig .'oare-houit "No 17 (a lp sreet, by recent arrival. |rc WI. rope, arld the North, large eadlttions to their stcllk in lseful taitrod orlalel /otckree/diq aticles, which c*l .letivsly (they hbltevc) form at aerortoeoit tlore "1 smlleomplheethn I stobefound it;n) so inilaresalh. Ilsmellt knMwn; consisting of SILVEiR WARE. C sofed tid tea set; pitchlers, waiters, taters, emadlr s.tIks. cupl, toumblerlld goblets table aol tl.oe,, li',4.; table, desert anod tea spoons; marrow alld gtrai,v oir r. gout lloonn; tgar tongs; sti r, rmoee sld soi hp Illc-s; ,,llter, fruit, pltddling andl fish klnives; pickle anld lefer k ntives nod forks, tnpkins, ricas, e., prieiltelly fron, the alutnlaetory of Mr H. .entlller, of N.w York, -whe long estalislhed reptat;on for the manus.enrs. ,of siler warn is sufficient gturrootee of its euperior ultality. LA''.,ll "'*CARE OF SHREFFILD AND Bt11. MINGISIAM. ean and coHfeeturo, tea setts; eastors, liqtor sod so-C. dial stands; superb em;llebrss, and Epe:gulles wlitL mir mr platealXt, for eentru of the dinner or mg[ler table; eaters round and oblong, from 8 to 14 inctes; beef ItIek and vegetab.e dishes; richk disk eavers; cuke .el lbrea baskets; decanter stands; manoetle el elelluaber 'mldlestieks; wine straloers; coolers ad sypihols; dLea.,. ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, teo, ti. ble, egg'and mustanl spoons; egg boilers sand sta'ods toaut raes, lte. SILVER ON STEEL WARIE. Table and desert knlves, forks anti spoons; soup and sie laedles; batterand fish knives, cheese scoops, a. paragus tongs, vegetable forks, cte. JAPANNEISY. FPti (othid Sadmlwih and round -ornet waiters, it, seles and single, from 8 to 31 inehes; do of papier mtocwe; bread, cheese, and knife trays ; large tpright plate warmers; spice, sgar and cash boxes; lpre.sillg cases; halls tea tables it nests, atiddlea lappnnetld and of gilh aotoose shell, ete. LAMPS. A. exltensive assesment, among wnleth are Astral Im lps, alle brnlr ed aonl gilt, and of rich elus glass manntle lebios shi, tin, catsh sloine sd with glaits Iprms ; very t1,ldidl cout glass liua brolnzed ni ,alllalnl;rd lidle or brickost latnlt. IHAND ELIZIIS AND HANG;llG LAMPS. English andl French out glass chandeliers or lustres of s, 1l1, 5, 18, S0 and 24 lig ts; Frenclh bronzed aed gilt Grecian @mps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lamls anld lan ternsl rich branle boat or enltre Inmps for drawih enoms, from 1 to 6 lights, lamp shades, glasses anI wicks" MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEBRAS AND VASES. Bronzed and marble; bronzed d gilt, and all gilt, wilh lixtoens, ert; counting hbouse andt kitchen clocks; ilrnnzel inktallds, cegar ido paper weights, thlermnome c.rd, oweItI a ck o eahllestiekl etc. (ICINA WAIRE Oi' PIIRCEIAIN English all FI 'renc dianing ilesrt, tea ald conliee . sr sees ti plain white, gold tdgtl, aio ''cry rich liiice styles; splenli d toilet seats water sand ciilk pitchers, mantle vsees f;aly w.ald reks ln l baskets. EARTHEN WARE. Dining, desert, tea, cof'ee, breakfast and sipper sells; toilet wave; pitlchers. Also, Caton china dinner setts, etc, CUL"' GLASS. lecctlers, pitchers; elan, ; .nol el hock to :nntreo ; holPs, dishes, celery 'a .sI, 'Iat ttax l ls . ;o, tollecr llhs, flnger bas.iUen. ti, rll . , i ,. ;ý s.eoo, , e.,lilse, leo-.t an!o jell, , , , ', et, : I " a.. l. b Vt'. l: ntlr ll Ih , +A II.l''I ,,t ".l,:lie ac,. e lo;' ,. . . i.· ', .'In' sIls+ ol '+l.l ++.l +,i ilnlnt++,: nl I, k I , I. is, fl t ll+ tlil .ii, I"l!: ,ouo o.I", t oe oo1 lole I clog. 3.5 as cllc :1 ,ol tltlT'fA\I.\ AIN!) I(l;.Ol: '1'I\ ' iti;.. ;' n cn toll:.,: s,"ll , awit l urns, with Ix,. .! m IW I I . , I ' 'I,", :nt is ll il"l .t 1I l ilrlt; % ", I l+ , 11" ., I,,l al S dao i\ao ,. I a ".;wr o;'.i .r ..l.. i ol; tip I len, et; nill r l 'l , I. Kt+. I ul.+, l l tI' tlfl lnll. r lll , l , .,, , S as ,,' , lle hr:et db ir .be-s , 1:u in:, a ll w , .. , .I t1 uslýlsi.lts usdly requiredl l'or Ulin~. I l ils :,, Said can.kl. t'hand iln thewr estai.isi nta , h St:il. -ren. stahted wnne repairnai+ ,, l re.: li5e n .... L... p a:. . p. irnn.... . o. . . ".... . . . . .. ltf)lin.i!i.k',tuul ),u &'. Ai e linder, Atks, kPthawss thf l Vt itt I'to Prar,, nda. ke. at ,'. ,es -t, IU trI .,a 'rtiE la5.iT2, FIll 's tu'P t Ii 4 N.I..M 1 ''l.lil, I Sl: ll i .ii l' I:.;' li ". i. w,'tiy).a aht'tIce.,glfttoaIt tiert.; $t'1* : ti atl t saws in tlr sttat, Itlyed.ra, &c. a $. per rtw, 0or .'r .l. of 441 e nws oi. oar , sawt's it. *tantttl ;tli 5 ler satw, or ,ir dt. iftll' 1 wssoad.. or 4t saws .o cs..l, at bti.Jt tper· n, or far to. SIN I,'1. ( GI N For a aimgleyn ollaf twnor murm, wilk ona sEl ofnaleelr bhands, t.. at $6 ler hawt$40) 00 Fad.,,. of 60 saw, wift leelers, & ..t $6 fiptr saw, 300 00 For dn. of 45 uaws, wiltlfeeders, &e. $6 75 per saw, 300 (00 For do. nof tl Wts, withi 'ed'lrs, A. at $7 50t per satw •150 lil Extra teet l4 atUrtdeosiml, far Ondoters, 'rl,;liat a it cents easht he number otdtetlk bii.n, Honl.l lolBe o thet a ..r'6f saw. Olle set of Ifeeers, it li.,,n idered hlweter, will wear out two or t'lllree ts of sowa. K.xnllr .ws snpplietl at l80 celots rel. The Gils arOnlered, will be delivered to tLhe tagent lll dlanters i1 a'y df the sea port towns oil tile coalll lol ting Sttes, at the h.toe sleol theoagelts lwyinlg the fieghto'on tile solne from New, and heIamtilg ra. sponiile for the tintount of tile Inll. A 'Git wright willbe sent with the Gins to pout thenl l where de. silst; thie cthargei fd'i wheaa aerihes will bi extra, but modettate. Iron runnllinli gtarcan alohke dr(kered aliere desired, on reasotnble t .ihlas, but will he "ged ektrt. Horse power, ofany tiscription, eno ha furilsked on like .lelais. Smlall iteal engines cit also be dlrtaihid if dae It istdesilrbl; wihen plantotar. gine orders idl bins, !.cy sholtd acCdtitIto tat With their vieCws in Iregtal to tlclearr.lg htneoftafawls, Ieilsta, bldaies; cc. It fi lTol they differ il opiaido. Snope dhirae saws ol Iltgrrli:ianete tlian others. The stlo. itomano size is 9 ni 10 inatetes iti some wlt thei 1 Ilches. Somle wish 5 nr 6 rowi of brushes dti ptnole, whil otheis dolu utit want tioli Ih.ltn at most. Some wistli iwa wilie 8 or 9 teeth to tise inch, whilq others want tO or it. W t ich tlidisritne , we prefer they toulda, at tde time f giving onlers furol a statement of their wishes, tid a.a unttlettllr tn t tidl tram in eveo y iprticular. Where it is left ttguC dinaetioti, we sall iake thelltt an lto e at madlpeL ntl upaptibiedl lahtn. As, orlatr can i.bhkeouted, ltont4the time it ii teevesd,. ni tile sprce ufsight or nine aa, nd the Gin ih that lime ,plasttedlill 1 haindls of thelatot. Td Ue il ulnle or the next crop, all orderi ou.gig to bei in the ht1ds of tlh oaali.teatu.r'a hy tthedilrat or atiddle af l'ia. etnextiet taor Illian ltllo whe Ithey atlriate intn comnelaltng to ,ick or gill enottonl. N. II. T'he Patent ligtitti'ort any oi of thhe :ttOtot rapiinag States, will be cold dil reasotableoterms. mt3 Galos S'rTATE OF lI)UIIANA;--First Ju.ieial uistrite Couro 'r HE SPATE OF I.ttlISIAN.A To. all whoma these Pre.snt shallt co ie, Greetiag:- - hereat William tahe, lulovina portha-ll it a ctle sta by the sheriff itl the parih of latl..t(Ud al palromalt lt'rr.ioasier Inscritied, han ac.plied to fiat alers of t it rsarl, i.l who-e olfice tle itd elf of dae at; reeor.ted ott tie 5th day tif lait, A. It. llIt., 1;r ti aroltin or Idd vet.',tolll t ia ebhltroalt, to ao r ant ofthe I egioltare of the lt.tte t Ios. i a, eltttelltd tAR set far thie ltiltier caIraIIco lt titles t.a p)urclslers at jtid'elal eatsi," up moted tt Illalth day o' tlarch, 834. Sit,al', Illruer, o knllo, y. land a1 1 er ons llterhateO larb' citaul toil ttaalalli'o0dtoi the ncle i thte dt ate i I.cairiaelau ad ot f Iia Ftlrrnlldkitl ititrltrt l ,larlt w.h. can set up an, ri.ilt, titleh r Clai 'l in adld c tile ,ply' ItoILtit'lftertesaorih,-t tia Oltteqatouee 'faty tal.l,ttt.' 'int Ilie ctorer Jetc!., l jutkgmeot of theeo' t aIlder which tihet sale w.o.. ;latte. tor aly Irrealseri or II ,tli t. il. aiprI ollre cots ant alv"rttuel e t t, i tte't r wtn oattr eofsale, or tin atn uisto dl'eeotl aoltn. A ere to .ahow ata., withta thirty deyo ftaxl thie day this ,onioiitll i lirst Inlatled ils Ita puliac It° rs whl thtecale au cllde should not ts coltir led ad ahmntola, gile said Ipropery .was a. rl by thie i.hlrlfff the par i.:h a Nresind on the 23d day of ellrit,.A. I ,1.,38, t, virtue otl atdecrse a talle ct tl, rendered n the l3d ly of lMarch, A. D. 1832,io a a it entitled Wiltiat iMakev vx. amuol Bell, No. 1535 ottlthedockctf tlitacouri, at which stle sId NWillian Mackhey became ths pur thaser fir the ptic of $3,:1)9, cash! Description of Property at give in toe Judiotnl Co. vroyn 'e, eta: A certain lot of gound, together with all the build. ings and i loroeemonta thereon, situatad in the Parish of Orleaos, in the sqare bounded by Now Levee, Loulsa, Paul and Delord streets, designaited by the Na 9, on a ltan drawn by C. F. Zitpl,. Deputy SVYrnaeor General, on the 16th IDecember, 1834 and del.apiadas' plln No lit, in the bmah ofltlans o' Felkx fig.. sney'vI public. Said Int msasures '20 "cet II itl fs ,e ' New Levee street, 75 fet it deplh on the shie ndjoitig lot Nu8, and 80 Ifct 7 inlahes anI 4 linea in depthon .he side adjoining the propelty ntw, or lately, heotagtg to N iondale, andt 19 feet It linches widt ja the mar, taltere it fronts on n alley 'f thr ee fet nine itnldssl' euanomn to lltst Nm 4, .%', 7, and 9. (lerk'a Oflce, I tl ill 31838.. m16 f W LEWI, Dlp. Clak. tie .\ sisUtra-slhetelbre resolved on T'luedny last, trip toCineinalti, fortne day only; 1 returned again Ia-t atigct. I beoni tio frekln t I am a vell;mportinst inti. avid al, aus tis instRtnt the Joiroal a' leis city was put ita hov and eplitiag, asmogath a great sany obem tkilgasnllmt I tad atuallliy raa a say from Louanvili to ecoapetlee effets of tIe a terfuln no roeti tied t. ,t lechtr B nip. irtu kllilt of tile tli e, li rea as A S a, ly rturhlt, e hwever, aprove that the detlitlr ofrie Io rl woll o is aplh, l lte to tiet Jotrol. 'oe ea ble is "A lIs tas na playerd t watch tsald oa ve the alIar, tha.ltiht w.ltf Ie.rt'e;t hle bei si t i*ber i 'Fotr ttana ,' tilor'ne o.n,, or olir, FIe+ wsal:Iv erek ute soh tt weIo. toaiattdi t,, ile nrr.,tdiasty aof hle citico. ' Th y a last (sund sUt Itic real sharaeter: tbtrt ho was a licr, and snnt to be belteved even wslen In spkhoe the trnlt." 'rThe tact i', that caures mast ttroduoe titeir elfsots. Sn it will rprove, of tle all-wisewriters le. D nipe, o. itl tile Journal. I rwulad t irnie thet tirorvide them: selves with nateaa entsins preses, in order t meet llre w haterfal demand and increase of tat pslter, 0h it i well dnown, there are many who seek for cathing sIt, falsehood,ont of sheer love tothe vreders of thinn arti cle. Butunotrtuntelytar Colia h Sanips st nredle astd thimble elebrit', ste genat tacos of the tlillisenc of A meicanpeople,'ar fatnedi,and far toaned as luorers t truth. Thenfonre they will, (as effoeets troslucet y the ealthst) natnrally snv I, want tt rerld a psIer trct t ma) rely on, sheretoie [will seek out snch, nns{ je'mrns a sunsLrier to the other jurnalts, wlhase slatelneselt will ot presl. false. Tlisrr In statenlsttn am teoo pal 1ahble to "mquist anrusatlttt y o I will state: itr. Is n agnt salnt tills soel. pi. ''hat i hsnlml ret lt t.t, he 3 rt Jul , 'thlr Snip o:0., have sent mes a letrter thrtteniantg niey ie if I remained sfler Ibelilt. 3d. o'hant frm st sl shall preed to Citrisnnli,for forteen dasolnly. of whiehti wish cu Snip &m r Co..sri inform thea oflihted,in their owlold hial e r ever ails to btring ae patieats. I re l t 4th. That terst C inrlnntsoi'l elzsll premeed Itt see Palls of ite Niagara, to lie at I, (ittlr S ip &. 'a. dao not tahki away oy ltfe.,on th' l't 's e1pteesuh er, a oa atNew h'orkoh ttle Ii,.oiN~,vlrahlr, mnlpeld slh e holt Jthe esoneat stllller, in adsr , lu'r at all tile e itlll philistaines; srt n elisal tillh.e of' Iltsleter, i'l lade l piles, te lhis, Nasdlville ntd Lteisville, who wiei probahl. (Ibeonre sIr ttnfe a earies doors, flltah tot, Roise nad tmoe (iiah Pd. Cateter &ec. ioilta makhe toe so, mrles, c. Goiah I4th. Cnrn cutter. (boli . 511, Paints and drug,and pile stnore. (otlilt 6th the most a.nifiaesut of alnl, 5)r. nip, alias Bell, da. patcher to ther perprirsor and editsrs of the Jtutrnal. !olasst. I wsold have tie toble D. lieil ,& C r hnos, that Iongbeforrthey were able tltrod a neer dleor spread a lister, I had been or years, in the hahs it of restoring sight to the blind, andlthat too wss'i t was a rallector of his Majesty's CttOtatas s's lirteat lit. an. Iwas even then s's employed. D)id, the thres.a opmrter; ihtl urreiet the harness iclnkefr tasses; Ise conr tutler; the tamant nod rdurg strr kieepert and the ,annnificean dncttr enipever. evan atonre ts: drew,' af heine aler ti, do lht like? I wimu tile Jllornal . stalnleliltl reeicel lads lldirs gear ln11n Illt. '.A It. an'ced eilti.aren trocAn 10 init ie... Ii[ oars day, to lhtcril Int oltini~ln w thallist ITe. an onaeol .aI eret hasrte, JOHN W ILI.IAils3,geali1t Jeffersnn Ilouse, Louisville, Jlyls 25, 18t7. P. 8.--Sines wrilingmy fes, I lave eaen infortnre dsthlnlsleof the causes, olV tho Ilenr lacory at thlle -Jornal. aold Iis ntoble tlmsier, are so wetll ptrased w,tt mse,is, ftr tot csasciatuitl thelse tIcetlser, ill tnv late r, tacrk, ash tey ro pesfae.le r oreloble each otl dr e) llllsl aide du',"'lerIs ttl s if'tstllt'r l1thk Iotst'her." I. F'ttrnslt parloa st" Ihltt. l r. Par ee, tiha"i i-'- sitl ,,f tie roil." s.f tie tlillhltllt tl' 'ca. Ilettv, Class isi'h~P~trts',h.,iristlfeoc d best tt.] cleit t'tt " t4 . It:,, Ii~lr,.,. :,ehrav, en-. atrteVttl.saat,t i 'lslllll'ttn s ,l lur, It ill' sa is t t Is ites llllltllbli .C(II , :I1 lil ,,'111 blrlh.-hl ! " /iv i#,llt lc ll InIIXlrll , rIt,*llt· : i,+q',tillllln ii. tll.inntin;r tie Is illsdl Ii' se lte r l itooted tblrlirt ItO.:lllp w,'re a bllnlrlltlelleia' blll~l 11ivr 1 n t ,i bte (t. ihtt ofll tite rtil. I' l es I s, 's o salr vll i otte ist lls, hta' r.tther ltetr, ths'l.sstlbtss iftI lis t' "rtlc lists i trtsllih "llr . . j.oin I. lsrslsllsre, 'itt cJIt .st sitl e Illn in ilhlnstinatlist Isa mslltlI It. l Ilo I s still It lcsriietrselt'lll.: da n n tllllt it c ll dwI I ni rsI eeIe'ti tselyoll aty hn latlelolr jst.stllr we tiIIr et Ilelt t 151e a nos ltrstfmltitch, I tlr I ereol sa h) , ,11,11 e . k, h ti1 i tie.' rlitiotltle, tie. sciilellhsth iet err' set, i te Is lut e lll· cl ll, P let+ m e .811, ll'S llV f * I bll en .llte l ta.t' t 1' llllllt' : i l'it le ·ll~ n nl I lllllt L. i illl l ip I lil ) I ll. k " i al, tiic I'." f nl.lbe~ill. Idlluri ·11·1'.11 ~ hk )1' (l iI -t tt ai.rl lliite 'd rs ,l li. - . til. sI 'a fltll irllsln,,ulli tals, 'lrl lr tIee llle l tre e'+n . ,ts's -ine onll'lul .fib Iih +. rtvii< ,li hin... . Ie '/.ll 1II' e'I1 .,! r '', i+f" .r les t tlss< . IIet lrel'ali , Iii i , lr h IIIt lt ll t, i1 as It l iloallsee' iytclcillcslsill st n ' cl, C r C i 'r I glh o tlt'ht tls, e tlI ist.h lsllv r,'t ,. si h isnor s r, 'so rali s'ett Itfsi h ,slil mc iil l'r ti ssli tit'. . I s' ll, eh'i' l. I to lyst~i .+lltll t ; k Il ' kl.' ," II ili lid• gt toe se ly lssrtisa letssst Isaaecr bbt'lt'rt totlye. Sr IIv a i tls s'rs r it rii lrecI te it sri ' ' sne tisleets soits'Iltrere err cs •ri t irsess it i. 'lnlli'er inlular. Ianlr .,vil .(,is. I,e ~W(; oi . '. Ll~n srtly ,. b. Foriillltl 'l't'l. Ih.hllrll fOra Inwl,vl.r Ison.,b are he bohss tslssst n ll'' rt ' , ,r )e , rlet ittrdetitiri.d . itfserdtttrt .'lelrr tress+ |ieilllirin ulltV llltlclt .'ingo el alllp to the ~l'l ril· :.,'hie i7jet il{'li were I:W v rlCl le I~r ' "+ ']+.l disslslll stttltnerltlr'tilffli s lsnretll it. i " ' Is.i s '''' , ealsi t oiu b ,l s ati ' crefe res *f r, I ite1 let i . Ino1I. lres,' stlrea i, ,I l fd Itof In -c Iieli I .kred if li (iullrvld aIhe" llS ihedlrpi wnt .x tiel Io l'esteel tisn sf thse .tesrtltal n,*tiefet. a tise resil asse thetisehislde, willctrast.e i cttnrh .reihie, sa ir reesding she rh a ite/ia~t ieter. I"lomwcvr a lisle cas~dytte. it the fosrntse aidn.riankatorlw sr three rill set ell cigioc .acd lltey sats nodnnts rt erts e a'llns Into ast sit ascossiS appedcrsl at sheor rsotlera, os Iaetitrlo~t6 sp nI sel dlsy neanrntg. Poruuts y lirtely usen Ibres Isawa a e Slibthhoh tiay,(ta.caraawI sn whitah titer atiit da shoits dlr~ywor. J %1'i.1 W.I. N. 11.--! hio jast receiaed a ieshr, eled 'Plolt o yinssiontia ana nsV mdsag noi ojothtgy sO she dernggias. fat this city. 'l'ltemrisesetv I sllestcssaelaea 'Kettiu So3restanen," eretentlilAg tlsatI aliadesi toi thisin itt .ay Insl leaser. They may, reel asserr.,, I slid sort kaom as wean osuapect any Gaitahe sssnsog sthe tgiosgtlos in Loa ans1ie 'yet, it Iha asp ists any genttfstn'an lie snacs al monrse waer it, tisonghs sat intended by tote. -,...¢ ns.,,.tl.., so.lli .i.. . Jefferson House, Saturday, 22d July,1t37. JEFFERSOn HOUs0 , ElOUIaoILLE, July 13, 1837. To the Editor of the Cty Uaette: IR-Having linsteened to the entreaties of lny pt patients, lam reeclved, if myk.ealth permints, to r main this city till the end of July. 1. To try to do them more good. 2.To conviniea the idliabitantes that the vile epl theta the Medical (lolinas S. &c, bIae applied to ice, belang to them, as th ir lawful rigtl. :f. 'inh t I an rdy to rpoeitc two hulldred dollars, In oins of the U. i. alank, int te lndsu l heia Hlonu the Mayor of this city, agauiat simi ihr otll I, I be de Illoited by all tie gr at oinl ni guIt o ItonCn it. & Co. that I restelure to sight more aged, in dlle-nged, vaunt pcrdiisn andi children, who wete totally or p.rtluI blind, than they do; aid that I anon euniled to cour a greater nunbhe of ahort, weak ..r diarnglotad persn during tom short hvlrit. the they do. Yet I w Iaello my i- wanlu idtfiilhrs t" r call in to tihelr id all thle veri deservedly eblntlhntd pIiofessar and l)octors of all tine medial colleges, as well as all the doctors ail quack doleore a be mfond iln private practice, (wlo are nets few) in the States of Lont cky unio, Inudianta and n ec.t Ir Tannessee; wheren there are Inded a .le twon Ithna dame ts dctore, who" names aug t to be hb;ndod dow u low lu possible to latest postBritv. 4. It Inst be clearly understont tinat all the cures if any, on bath idnt ., mlnant be lnove'n mall I ve been petrnEedl i ithout hte aid of aly surgical a eratica whatever. 5. Those who, relly niimerit tie epitlne tey nave ait linertlhn n ttiid tI men, cllc torfit the i .e ior t i benefito n ilti~nuues int ticity, ldti hei Thd he rar ty shall take back lii.onw f20.,, Lwhmver lac or tBhe miy be. 11 en, lind nmghtv medic.l Iulbhut.gar dt hnchl dnprove one of thie uecceslal candidates 1 will fufil tile old proverb, alid give rha "old gentlemnun" tin', due! ti. At all events I would advise the l last named Go' liah S. not to einffr tlidt letter to sland .lu,, as it gont for "simieletan" as well as "inai,iiui," bait., ycteolrdap am. tl.dau;* but I ntrvite hint tin adI to it ilts legititllintn umlpunines. A S placed bleforen it, it cil labneticul irdna timan the independent lthabitnats of dIn cit) would it ntays ktow the w'tt'r bnn tnhe mcnolidy if icuice. JnItln V Ii hL.lA3, oculist. * 1 iwa weak Colnigh Ito read the mlss ot tnloelnoode signed :., which didcrve Inoutlillng but ilny salent Lotn teoo .t. Ihul Iknaown lIthevannlug of tile grent I nilportatice t t > 2 I ub hould havc treite tile last of the tlreesomn whit diiffarently: hit I. ll nat pass. 1 Will. h.i vere co.mplinment gy mactee Iof tIe Jourtnl, for hisn aga it) tdoemtluynte'hrCurner kniglht (nitl aftlte garter orofte thistle, but) offle needlr aIni tihinblt, inll oIrer thit hr liday kill two biords wtll' oue IInou, i. e. it,. patch the inlea bhat may be i ilhis notauril mr pIlihtic al g traent ao i, if' I iny rittdge tro tht iteknicenent I alir ltne Adi vertiner, lr. mliia niunter in, pliliicauly, in cn.catann need afhln snrvn.. Winent an. cinumbtanance oaeurs, wlhetler donnesticall or politically, whieli tequires a blister, wllether cn hi nIln nose or n.. tile thputlnalinn of ths,n who do, not ha1 Srn to please him, be ng utdlke nina, (which Iuct ie great misnlrtttnr!) then it is lie vitrai his IltLI., wbiion afterall is nothing nnn e thtan if it wiasn"t unlidg bruen or a tinkling cymbal; y vet, to view it tintls-l)r. tel, Inmoki well; butiwith an l. D). A. S. S. alte it, ainpearn magnificen!!! JOIIN NILLIAMIS, ticuli t. July 14. SAVANA SWEETiIEATli--It statr and finecale by it YliYDE & .llO, je. ear C'onnion and segatine ant. THE handsmae STORI E and hack Kitchen. o an the Oaseotent story of the Trua Amonri. canllfiee, twit dars Itrom St. Chlarles Tbe atre. A Sint etae stand lre Coffen IlHinC Apiy toI mil8 IJOlN GILt.u N, Edtitor tirue A,4 erneei. * A /ill il t . I ,iPtt/ .t 90 Ifoees Keuna y Aog. fing; &o tn d do ito, e; for usae by II I. i.nVv & Co. jet Na O Ge nier stInet, upattre. AILS.-A primne an.netment of t'ut Naila lo, to e hl; for sale by CHASh1 & DIXEY. mll 6 tcut in Ilaue treatl. MILS' COMPOUNU EXTRACT OF TOMATO. A |tas'rrtTrroR COE LoC· T H. doctrine pomulsodlatl with so ms ch ass.-aunce vb many ehd itics of the preeeet day, that ote ime. divine will cure all dI ttiases, ia not, and never can be tr'ei; and he who aseIt$ s it, is eithecr a fool or an im postor. tnt it is a sct i delnnotrab! by Cxperience, that combinations of medicine ily, be formed frolm the VEGrAtLu KI.t+oxO+, that will act lo iniversialay on the smatem, when taken easonably, and in jnotiioua pro portions as to cure, in nine caseas no of ten; all diseases within the reach and power of medicine. From tne well known laid established repsttatioh of Calomel, it has long been emplo)e I hy theempij'le, and scientifie physician, as one of the imast powerful agents for the removal of disease. U) tthe forur, al most every It Id has been deluged with nostrums, that th-ir authors claimed as specifies in every disease inci. dent to tile human family. 'IThe ftlly of these preten sions needs no conmlnlO, for accurate chemical tiveati gation has*hown, that the base of mst of the PaIances, Catholicons, k.. whichl have been trtompetted befor the community, with so much assurance, is Calmel, or aercury in some onrm. Noo; if this ipotent article even il thehntis ofthe moat skilful phylisian, frequet-. ly exerts an infltence onl the human svttem, unforeseetn, and entirely beyond the control of art; undermining th. constitution, and brhtingng on prematur old age, diseas, and ldeath, what result sboultl be vxluecte wlhenl .-e. sorieed by the ignnorant Could their many thousai vietmsa speak, a voice fiom the tomb would soon dissel he 'apec fc' deluiont that now aw0)s the minds of tile living. Humane Physicians deplore the sad evils rPeslt.g tr.n, ihe i ucrnral practice, and w:ll gladlyv h"i1 the in tlr,,d.u, ii t ,,fa, artiile that eal saoely be substituted for c.i, ;. 'Lhey feet, and that keenly, the u ocerttait of it} ilUar, operatio; ithey enolot toy whether it cill he fa'olrable otr iniaVOloable. Ttey als.n lOW, ail feel, that it its use is uoninnedl nratlny conaidcable times, n jnrious eilclndiiarv conlsequecrlet follow. IBu bhey iluct chol.e the least of two evils: they klillW no other article thiu will arouse a torpid liver,, remlovi obtru. tioll, all sat ill iree action thle whale glcdclar system, andi it bhiag indispella"lly necesahry to d, tols, they molltiUe its cse, niOLwitlistndilng the evil conlsequences which follow. They have long desired and sought an article that would produce the good effects of this drug, without sthjiclting the patient to its deleterious results. Such a denleratim, it is believed, has at length been ohtaine.,' in the article now prl'erlaed to thie public. The prolwletors of this article keeping in view the feet, that a vise antll benevolent Being, ira. placed with. it the reach of all, remedies adaptedto the diseases in cident to the climate they inhablt; and knowing, like wise, that most of the diseases of the South and Westl re based upon orgncic or functiolal[ dclrlangmenlt l the liver; directed their attention to those articles which net inore el, ciillv on the hilu iaorgans. Atier iillng, itboltlas, and expe.sirve researeh, they have . ucceeld iiio extrtig a oil.i.iti loam tome To i!A 0t, which, fiopi its peuliac r tffect upon the hocpa tic or hiliary organs, they have deao.,anateil Hepatline. It i+ a I l'dici.e that will iproiiue all tihe Ineficial results of Calomel, itn both ilute and chronie di eases, withot tile peossibility of prodtucing the leeriousde tvonl sequinces omlnvon to that crtitce. Its action lauip tie eostilticion is universal, Io part of tcie ) stea escaping its tilfltueice. It is, however, iupon the orgllans of secretion ant excretion, that its great iower is partictulaly imanilstld ; hIlelnc ie is pe llarly adiapted to.e t.e tretiient of bilious fevers and Ilhitler iiases oti wllic a itrpiidily ur ciigestioii of the itliir ai l POtal circle prevail. ih ia adassible in all ases, where it is necessary t, cleans*e tile sta.h and bowels. It removes. ohstrue tionl, alleelteas quick land htltll actinl of the liver ;alld othergla.ulutlar sieo r ol tihe bolollllln. BIlng dif ftihbl ih, its opterditn, it pelrolcnes a free circituloatitn ill tlhe Is oii the surface of tile lbod, acomlpanlied by a genictl erspirtioi It does tint exhaust like dras tic pur'ges; still, its nation is lmore ullitersal, andlma olie bere /ented, lot nit rely with saitIn but witllh gre ben ft 'l'hi. becolnes indispenrlsably Icessary in :oeau. of loang stanllillg; fr n the llli'ella ttnmipOlcar imp'es onls imade by strong nmidicice,, eldmllll, if ever, do goad; bit teil to iitnjurte the os In of tlhe :lmsitllion. It is lteaolsiiii a d ill i illgto thIe syste.,i iets in perlt ct hrmliioy with the kLno ll aws of lite, and is u .,at idli lione of the iiost vtaluabl ,loiti eset.l otfel cl I ,ih pubic tlld and II spIel)ctin.ll Foui colllieite, thias icdie is Iiltrmed into t grain pills. Tile white pills are cathartie, l/terati e, lida. phoretic /leda dioretic. 1 .iy ilol pital aretonic, alam lant ;aId Jiaphoretic. T'he l'itlliti extrnct m, seelrill lect is irno the Cinein hil ,ES' '1 v Ilt I)iDlINFE. The vilttl cllof the lomllt, hot only as it delicious et uabllllc l.-4+. til, blit allltso as l riviciler, li.te i e, sl. d rle t~~tale ptast, att'rtct ll no ittll attentiot . It ha, b1". i llieed'Io i, I'tpon a ti-biliontmdi'itiwhich, it they nohil be etflecttnly e-t rlest, or seutm-aed ml rm sh, F;lpllrtl'luo .s clatterl, u(sll ll l ittllv lunll le. Thlis lha btesn ha:rt'r+eriztl ii a bilious montlllrt. A large portion ,t tle die;aselist- fitroim dinlldertl ive , ois fos, m teli rUa.glents in the glt tlut:ti Mtei . ThIis is espiciallt IUse cttse il the t t.l, niel slit I tmorte ,t st tile south. If i Ireitedi, eiasy, satti, t llectual i i i ts il ration, and Icpv ilg tIheco tltittlll illllo, i i ied, mInhli bediscolend Lfor ilou* complaints, this toidtlll tultquti.tlltaly be amongl tiLe 1Ist 't..ttity linltei il th e worldl. Caietltel lti b ibe.e tile ahdllllt ltlliverat retaol d fll dlisters orit at ea cI ter. d iit it is a rtleledt) tic ler houlhing but nlecesslly should ingte tihe use Ift. I 1m1uy lite ttllnlridred as l ttpassingll oil thIe proi iltte of ltlnother profesit, to sirp ak ,I this, et we tnty be i:er ittedll iu lexpress our ltrlmlg olnvictilol that l ;lomel ca-tnllt he Ilusedl without Iij.urwus and luting e, fects upon the qss. l.en, .erul'r or Its', accorldilng to the quantllalies taken, sal d e Il+frequvhey of its sie, and, tile cul+¢llttltiun tribe iatient. A suobtituti fir ltlt, t lthlrforle, frm ti e vs. getable kingdom is a desideratumt it, this county. We berleve this dtasideratlami has btten sllel.telreit he Tomato. Dr. Miles, of this cityl, a:il Itbst, ciates with mluch labor alnd, as te lllidel staet!, hive stlccecide.t in obtlaltig tesuch a etLrelt ilrol this vegets tie as, at is holped, a ll be tifoun a,n etfri'ctuil u,tlttte We hate iaken some pcains to elquitn aiiuuic itIal lln and otherls asot have used tils tlledlilltte, s to ill etlects, anit w ecttl well satisfied that It will pItVe a mle t valuable remedyl in Illthous soepllaitsl . bi far ias we heav. been able to lea,i, it lias producud the dented effect, onerating to Iroduce a health action of cite liser, proeuar.ig biliuua dsacharges wlhen. eeded, and iin some illstclICe breaking tip ftev's. witll even more certainly anl in a shorter tiame thet alomelt For sick or hillous headuaches, it has beenl fould a god remedy. Tlose who hate used it say that it does not produce the d~bili tltui laigewets of most other kinds of purgatise medicines that there is no increasedtl danger ftmil ciolas alter its use, and t here large doses of calomel would be needed this operates without ary daiger of the distressing and iljuriuou ctrlcts of cldometl when producing saiiatlion As we ltase reasttllll hope frol Iour ii'saiiation, his rxtlait of the Tomato will prove a tsubalttttatte fu ilon el ill a pre-at .VOi iel) casest , we ram o atd it as a bleising to the humnat liutily. atul plerfecthly safe antd Iare JrOU all mliner io e l.tho we ieak of it, and e trrust tha itsurestO lilly tlated by families. We have every asal sabk The above medicine can be obtained only of the Ga. cerel Agetat, and hoe. retallillg agentta having a term uttsiotu signed iti"A. Milese, Preat, ' . M. C." cnd eountersrgned by 1E dr B'l'itue, Glineral Agents for Louisiana," and tearing tile UCOlieUny Seal. istl if .grenetrs. E t B T Stone, Genieal Agents for Louisiana, 114 Tclleupiooulas street. Sieder Ma Co. 133 Old Levee street, opposite Vegeta oir, Marketl. Paul Martin, car Old Ievee and Hllo:pital arreet. Wil tietlre, cor CaouI andsi .IJlia otrietr. rer Mueller, cur l'citoupoulas stre, t and St MHr)' aIllrket J stP .rhat & Co, colner e'chuptiltaulaa and tiire J &. PP Hirttell. Itayou Surn, La. I)r Win eStaulury, Nallttlitla has, La. Tollmons Stau.btry. Iloustun, l'Texs. Freiterick Serdatcornva I'taydras and Camp ste. (tiu Jores, 'l'ivoliCi Ce. Wm. Evans No. 4 Building Co. Row. Appilicatuon for ageltci. or tbedicineo by whoTesalt must bi, mliud to tte lu eneral Agerts at New ti lealns. All leitaed, Iumt paid, will ie ptmnptly atended to. n28 ly S'i' LTE LOUISIANA. P tRiSH COURT. for the Parish and City of New Otrlednaiq. Present ihe Iln. Charles Maurien, Judges. June I1th, 183t'--No. l0,934.-Jacq ioe Polier ta. his r',ditors.-Upen'cesdig said lilhig the plition atild ,hedcule ic this ocu-o. It is rdnlredl by the Coart Ihal tho crediloltte f tiv inel)vlltt de, relOW vpuse to open ecourt on atelrda) tha 7th doy of July, :elIf wihy ie shauld not bedltectmalged uccrtlidr ct Isi; c od It then messtlitoe all ,roceedlngs against his percoi and pru orty are Sttlyed. Clerk's tlhce, New Orlteans, June 11, 1838. jell os AtitAIA FIIrtT, Clerk. 45T'AI 1l,: I.A I.o:iSI Nr:.--cDui t. Panwc., I-i pour la plaroiose e tIa ville de la Nouvelle Or leaoa.--l'Preset 'ho. Chablere Moriaun.juge, lljLin, 1,;t8.-ta. 111.984.--J cqueso Polaer conie Mas ereuc rien.--.r leture at erregittlsenlet de ln ptaltio a la skthb ul dice elte ufaltare I1 eat deorrtl per la -tour iua lot tr. e eciere de Iv'ad adeohle laire caatll leurs rai. etcno e i curouveit, Soat edi 7 de iuileta 1I38,puo'qnoii ii re t'rait poino ditch rgb 6ebnftrlement A la hei, er en uttndaant alomes olltreoites coutre a prtonte lm so e B proprieties soent arrettes. Bureau de grellier, Noivelle orleans. 11 juin, 1818. jet4 2aw ARKI tNII PI''OT, Grefllier. SINE EEO tll.-Ull, landing tono It.iauocs Albany, for sale by G iaeIeeIEY , jell 44 'as I ever. E AI.LIY'S tJPERLIOR FAS--Now landing fru Satieambosat Sltara, a icalIu of tile above, pult ll in hhde, tierce .ad iblalis; i sale by AVYET & AMI'LUNG, je12 17 (Comneree sreet. T INEEUiI) t)IL--2I bbls and 2 cacks test Linied L Oil, cw latding Iton eatiilp A, sd for ala by JAIlVit & A..*I)aEWo, =Whaiu,.le 1 lliagieaC, jel3 Common and 'i'ehapitoulas at. StCOTUH ALE--t caske (Iine aind qurts) in steor and for saleby lLOL ELS& & II].LLS jeL9 Btank Alile E)A1NTS,OILS, GLASS, BIUSIIES, &e. -ust S landing Iom ship Constitution, and for sale-rlz : 16.10 feet oflarss;bst quality! froel 8XI0 t i 2lX28; 310 kegs whit lea:d, pure; .' do green paint, in r5 libr. keens 24 doz Japrlnedrins Ibrsigns;tiilI lh- litlragl; 26 don alpendid pO00i0 ground brrushe ., also O(0040 and 0001 do; tfcases crne green in porider; eope ior article don rlu mrllor; r I.rrgo nsortilrent of slhgnell of every size slid qnalll,; sable Iplecils for nrtist; flant marking. hrushe. for nle.acrrrut; artist's colors in ,il reald pene paret, inl bre, litted ith all necessary brushes; arlist's tmlls, &.. Flake anld .mnitv white; 60 nroks gold leaf; white and yellow wua; Sgm rarldc anal a large sad choice as flnrrnolet of poiats dry colors il, turpewntine, varntsh, cc., for nalc, whlubsalen d retai, at the lrowet price, by MONIIELI, a28 ' 58 Camp it. S'K.'ir 't. I U;,. .YEW EDITIOJV OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIXJAI. IT has been for some time made known to the puble that tile r lubuer bers ure eneaged in prreparinr for the prress t new ethriun of the Louirsnau Civil Coule - 'They wern. tIra tile first, aware ooI the great difficulty and rerponsuriiltv attending ile pIublicntio. of' the work, and it was inrt witlhout great hesitaslir that they co-n. nsetted to this undertaking But tile present edliionl. anmunlin to trout thlreethousand copies, and which had crlnt.'tile State more than thirty dlllrrt was entirely out of print. For more thlan two years past, tile Uttidl plies of tile work has been front tlirty to fifty dttlars. It it a system of written nules snirh so immetditely operates ripn every individual tif the state, irteresled either in agic ltunro or commnllerce and which governs tile disposition of eo luch prnperty .onlring to us Irom r otlier states, that-unrl he alines, a vnothertreetise rpnn law--it is as touch tile tent-lhrok and ,rnnttl of tile merchant and the planter, as it is of the private gentle Sman and the prtfessionul advoc It. Srhe luwyers of thenttoinii.. states, and in fact trial h 'se s itate. pon the tOhio arld 4i4 i. +i.ri rivers which . nltd a marn for their ir(odu O' in I.. f ve h f"'re quent necessity of reference to tll" " I: , i inydispoenable rrqrisritn to tlheitr ,. ir It,' sit st New Orrle,,ne the hritu n : .Itlrd in tile merehnnt's ortunting rtenr. .t,,r, itit, t ' ik f tile judCe, or tile tablle of tlht at,truey. It is act sotprrmsirrg therefore that tihe first edititn otl'tile work was so quick-. ly disposeld ot' and nlthotgh a lt tre reprint of it woUl in some measure supply the public neseeiitv, vyet it would be imperfect sad unsatislrct-nrv unle's annotated with references to tile Reports and Statute ,in ortdr to enl race the numerous aulednrltents which hoa bhent malde by tile I.egislature, and tihe important decisions and eontructios which trine bleen given upon nrmay o its articles by tihe Suprcnie Colutl. The publishers thve secured, fior the general super intendence and editorial depaurtrent of thbe rork, the Iprofessonol services of N heertlok Si UIat, Esq. a olelerof tile Nuw ()rleanos lar. T'lie lilrr. Juigle' Hullard,. Inl-c lermudes, and lion G(;ore Ihlstis, Iave reah kindlv afn-ilte'd ir ULton r ith tile vnluble notes w eih tirsi' ltmr crollented it tihe ourse ) their t.indirs and practice; and to lir N R .lenrilrre,thrh Irt ner of lr U)pto, who is LLISO enroaged ill th Work, (leo .-trawbride, inq. hbo tre.tnred tile grest lauss oi' refe renesa ontuined in his officonpoy of tihe codle, and wlich nave been made by himl duriag tile whle period ol his dis:inguished irolessio nal labors. Tile publish ers may therofirre well trus trit thate nannoltionns of the work will I.. all that irdustrv aeud labour, astsited by learning and experience, can porlitrm. In puttino frth this pr ersvr'oat ntl solieiting meene 1al slbstribers to tie norrkm,ttt Irrliihers take ipride in the thlat the Legiirslalure f'I.trrim'intr hos authiorizrr ed tihe ' ,overnor ti ort.r r oil. thitr tlllorunl rp)iP of it ftr thle fritrre urse o thle State. l'h redliine th which tiis .'tllrr was tuke biy the Assembly, evinced their Jnst Pese ofu tire conla onItre worklard tiheyr tHtrcebh extelil ed that confidence inl the ability of tihe ipunlishlsu and elitlorrs which it tdis ' ed it nnt hithol ,'trrtPred.i The wr.rk will ire rinh.d in Fr.ench and Eaobs;r, opon good palerrand with elela ttir; nllr will ant ex i)eseorenret lie spred Iro make tie, thole nlerrnricea execution ef it llrrespo d w ithI its &grt u i llrihrta)n . It will roaorhly be rredr ir ldeliverry in tar mourrth of p-1trtsiher neltr; rrllr the 'rice will li',r to rInPcrihrer', fi'tlerdorlluros-five dolllrs it) be lair t tiet tone ufsrrb Th'le subslcription lists once eslredl, the store price trill it twenty dullars per roipy. upti In. Jt)ilNS & CO. tPullisheris. . . . IR N,\V- Y Ktl-. [l.ouiiana and Nw York Linie of Packets.] nulh, ships somlosing this blo o ' ! t ull sirfaun N,' L U lus null New "'York ol eterv other ill-ol n-lld - colunenepin" ol the II now four, l 'ol f1 lnsure +the strictest plttuality in the r time of sailitg, thn line will hereafter conisot ,of flv Ships viz : Ship Yazoo I, ptain TtroSk to leave on the`'lth nov. Ship Ltuiuviille, CaUjain Plther, to leave on sithl 4th I ecenllter Ship Ilttattrille. (Captaini Eld.idgr to leave on the ,8,h ,l.eet , I. Ship tieksburhi, Captatill Woodhltotes, to leave on the jest .l\ia . Stlip Mi tirsappi, Captain Iavis, to Ileae on the 15th LJalllliry. l3 The sbove hips are all new. of ei flir'tht cla'ss, trIptared nIild ro i)ppr lastent·l, oRnl ~ tll! ,l i of.5011 toes: I ew York expreslltn for the tIlde. 'l'hll lnie e n lan an i, s lined at one h undred dltars. i, i trin ore fitted uponl tie rooss iinputed uniotse nm,elit plunand S i tlll i nll illt t ' anl itl e lllll at I. ,\pll e stores oftl the tirtt q lity will It , t r,,vielp Iand evei regard had Ito he rllntli ntd entire snrnl tio of pA(ll -egerl, [who will itiase take nlotice that no berth tctn be uiuted Uln ril paid for .r the office of the 'nd. guneeu. l helle pl. tl are allllll dedl b Calptait well tx perienced in tle trade, wlho , ill ive ev.r¥ nletitil,t andl exert themsellllves tl aclmllllnrlate. il Chey will a all etilles e towed ti; ntd Hdo on Ithe l Misri.ippi steamlhloats, illll n i strilclest pIUllculity observed ill the tlime of oniline. The owners f lthese hips will not be respoeni le for a.+ let er, -. rcel or par or aot il Iiorp l+a of !ellln, ullle, reslhlar bill T i ding red lhrore .it the enalntillg hose .of t e aelnt or ownelrs,. Fr rtllr partliulars apply to neo 13 911 C ol, t illn tat, of Julva htlrle lenr:h (til hbilt riper fastened, and ion linen co tpereI, she is 2. -et lo)ng, and eight feet bohem; and has Loon sloop rigged, as there are iron straps forward for riggine. Wthoeve.r re e.goises said launch, will pl.ait se call at No 711 Old Leveu. a 0 i PENSACOLA IANsSIONh IOUSE NEW CITY, PENS.\CtOLA, r~FHE sulbcriler havtmg purnheei d the sleao and th r I iliture tlis well kl to an.ili,-ineuntUP , 1frulllt .1l more eOlnlllUio bIullly , ii t ... Iuele bIiltat l l war g b ato w yill ee povidel r ut all hm+icI. .il table will be atanehed to theil h 4ne, le. th gI;od acconUda tior.s for horses and carriages. i. i late llrno res oludi curriages will also be kept f.l hire at moderate pliecs; and msil oald tow boats, with personas to manage thenm tsuallyv Ibutdt a ttiaering platn, will ial.lbe firnished, and so couducte.l us not to terBfere with the comfirt and quieto tthe !orders. The wines and liquoru will hbe of th besl qltally, nuld to ensurll.o a ull slppy lof ie, t cargo eas already beeu ordered, whict will arrive about the l dt ul eay. Mtr Frederick tI rlard, i who formerly kept ,i o IMpopular ho htelIt \attishintlt city u,ill codrel thIis tid fel lor the prlrtegtor e tle, l witll ecIh e itclo tltny snll res the maiters of last yePIr, and hIis frlind+ gellerlly, lhal they will receive etery possible atti uoil; and thiereby eixlellI tot Rite g i, t h l rlelislac, iltt. IThe local dvte ntuge o f th i house are tooe ll iknllwll to need a l tngr. ened td.-criptitn heire. Tie fetHl tl'at Pensacola is tile largest eavnl IstioUn of the Ce tto henel the geernal rendtbeo s aoflthe eGulft luad ro.; the a;dubriy of its chorte rel'reshed constantly du ting the sullnethr inumoll e by the contest I reesP , erli lie tal ; thc e et.ityt of the blht and the neighbrrrrg 5-I with wlhch flatl waters llOulln; anud its prclxuity to llh best Soutllhelle1n markets, _ive I'elgacola thle Ifrt teIIecee over all other ptluces io thel e latltudes, as a cahlthv and dulighttl'l sunuler rctreinl. iFirni rate boats ill rn betweeni Pensacola and l.o bile, and will at all times he alle to take the pasasengrs froum the New Orleans boats. N 'B ARNOLD. Penseecoa, Feb. 15th, 18:t8. If lGenittlemen wthinig to engage romts for their falnilier, cait address the proprietolr,, nai P'elaola. or Sir Sewell T' 'baylor, the tormer prctpri, tar, at :ew Ot leuue. T leanford, E.q, 1irC CCillium, i1 IMeAlpiun, Esq., i.t. Kihby, in Mob le; 8 T Taylor, P P Kera, EIt, in Ne. Itrleitio. P S--A letter bhg, to receive cntle.lintions for persons at the boae hotel, is tlacei. at G;co Whitman's ofice, 51 St Charles Exch nge. FLORIDA IOrIUT'E FOil NEW YORK. Il' Travellers dedirout el' taking the Florida route, via Pemlncoiu,to the Ntorth,nrl intlrmaed tlhlt irs rate boats will COuistanily rant fro.i. :,lhile i, PenLncoal, leaving Mobilo and I'ensucolett v'ice, otiher dr atler tbi Ist of May. (;oot1d tages t ill l.ia? be pouvwdeo v the bbceiberlnrto be in readines tt totake ptl eoger. frint 'lihtile, in case of the filture of the Imteea The rteamloat Champion leoaes Mobile for Penra eola twice a w, i Ich d Iny I;AR.--t6 htds, a - p re t r ila, fir sale til bl. ItIR E\n, je22 41 Nrw !.ever IIUIMPfHREY:8 FORI'EIt;N 'IOUR. &,c. SREAT BRI I'AIN, FRANCE alnd limEGIUMi, a rthort ni ,t in IP:5-Ity Ileltaun Humphrey, 1. I)., reside.nt o Auilieslt l'ilti gt, in 2 sols. The NWork of Mrs. Shernood.--tetng. the only ' Ijl late Ulnitttllftr editiot i tr ttmpaisaend is the , ltod atetes, vol. 15. Just receile and for satr by tiAt tI'E AN. (eeeeeCtciyp&eeCeee. catets. DR W'.' CA-d] IlIlE PJLI.S. 1111 highly vaiuable inedteine mav bthad whole SLole and ,letail at New fork pricen.of 1iGe & I)'LANGCE. Io Cnap p ltnrt. It is contfidently Sccaolnen tl or the ho llowing diu raeca: i)ysInalPis in ell itl for rnl; bilious sid liver at li.llOn., in every lange nd regree; flash" a ick.kaise morere arfeia rlwthe Iltrise iieiierr t to ntlilrrn ; idnor albr fever atd oure, ilrei iret creolnruinlotr err de elier, rehether of te liveror h !1eg ha' iletarhe o hidi nrs-, los* of lpeltie, nervous trerrrl,, itl:,brirtir io delirium tremenrS, apaoreodiie LfUctien o all kjuda.rhoeu ma:ism, whhether ehronie or inflaGOtnuntory: hrreima or hilhoos lsers, of every variety; serrofit, nl t nrj*reim ani erll rIA el~sI adl humore, and erleplertixrl ofthsskin t'tlsnuess at night, end delly irerte.ility tnd the niumter eomplaint, ad rhlerd+iu Norhus or d rta in gomwnpersi nls;wonsirlayfatz Irey, with bae I hreith,; ehlonimnei and paipiistitf rtlhe he or and head L ehurgeo of n female nnerstlutiot,; i.t0lw impaeirs,. aind rieruenried eonetitutineo in wrie rr eto1 witch Iaver nr t Iren pre niauerntlv rlinevd by suic tthier melicine- A aleais trial rf I)r Wtvanses' trnedlcies In iny rif these treen, will roducre slh flteisnt no will il di:aer their inrcedatrle -supetirityand ldr s.uch a use oflthem i a will insure a Ipee vand t}tstimnta bl.e, re. ctios rir fee areompne hr hid jlltn. I Ntiu.etoerue ceeiertficatee trree will hes ot.l o t from the length of the catalogue it is hipoerible to give thesta rhrlieity threugh tihe medium rof nrtew.nlrrr. it Dr ,vans' outtg', thereare upworden rfs5 O0 oeeuse, aod in thris ity we can efer to rtny re.rdo t whio harve teer, relieved eand in oer inrrtncel entJrely etrnrd of long eranding diaases, by Dr Evans' Catr*t ilcI Pills. Coulu , ArllE STATE OF Lto l I\I p A, To all whom Sithlese Ptoeils shalndl ocrte Gmenti gt:-W-\ er-es, Jamesr i.arltas Itersen irg Isn'. t illrnl ar risae nlale by inafter dclsribd, |es appllledt to u lr- cletls o thi rn moIt, itt whose office ile ldeed f suiRthrfa udoir roed noi thre ,1i aiy of'Apiil, iA. 1). 1838, foari erntirni or adrerrntae rteltr iiriotorlitc l to ar not o(i tlie Lergiatg rre of lhe st:de oft I.niieurtrr.i itleil "oAllu el lire thie fiRhi, asstl trled r tio tles to itrclsners t juoldiiel iales;" sppnoi ed tile lith tiry tf Mareleh, 183 i. NOW, therefore, knowa! , rao alt perons initer.died Irt iriiY are helteby cited n.ld adlo,,ihed iurl thie atle ot ithe Stateul LoltiineaLu, and of lhe First Jriiiall District CoLrt, who Hen set up an rigrht, title or rlainl in anl tn thie propertv hereinrlltrel oescribed, in eousequenre rf any ife:rtninhty ir thle trder, decree or judgreti ol thi eonfr utndir which ithlesle nas nltldi , ot ear irregulaerity ru illegarlity in the aptlraiserinenlets arli adettirleolrets, in lime, or mallller oltale, or f ott any other Idlert wahlts erec,; to -ihow oluser within tilrtitlv yoo l tile dtllv tlie motionc is first inrted in tlire ittli pilern wit.r the The oaid psroperlywas sohld loyhe tlorifl' of the par'ish anlt-o orneri erold w e lte.rltnicntc tltole trorttrrrirnrel afres,ill on the 1rtrh day t Mloer, A. 1) 180:1, bIv vici rloe of r devrte of thii llurt, rerrd, rdrie trh. o1th liue of Jttrut'r, A. t. 1838, in a suit entihhd r lame Ilarles I)iggs v. Itifnls Gteelte, Na 15,191 of itt donirkl t of thir Court, at which sole saltid Jmes Ilt:rhes Diggl s bIeate thie purebaser for thle rice of tweAnt-five tholsarti dol geseription ot'fprnperlty ns give in tire Judieial Con ve-taice, viz: Aeertaii piece of proxty eor ipacel of gerqnd togetlher wit i rl the irulhligsmndri implr.vrecnents :ierfeorn, rigiht itrivtleges, .n. ,iereertteobeltrrglrg, or in any wise tp i.erlailnmg, situatr in ftaboueg Aueoroei tinn, above this cit" rndl rensurtitrg ih, Eenglitirrreasure, three Ihludred errrl fit.e-six feet al toot'ur-eigltths of an:It terrst oin the turhlie troad nr New leevee stt trree hurdred rnd siaio ri tfeet six ineihrsrrulf larr-eitlplhs of at irch lnlront on ('cleste sr. two hundlteiead nfiy-five fr'et urioer itelhestri tworeighths oftn inch on a line frtlrtrg on Old L0rree treert, untril it steiltrs lhe bioadarr r Iharof aImCerLt lil IrI:l l's ieo lerry, at tllrolntreeir ot(l Levee a0ld NihulS errtlt; tlletre fmorttirg a right aIgille, andi extenrlding t ight-five ftielr aind tree itches deeprialongtrhe bIountlrr liie .l' saeid ,Millrudo's prolpetrt tiara'lel to C'let'e strrelt there formtg a iglht anigle, and extendig si r tly three iet eheve irelrch's rnd there eighthis rf au inch irrt tihe iboundarrr lilre of Loltis Dedle's Ir, elr ,tr:lrrile ton 01i1 I.evee elrre ttlere ,lrrlt rri tigitoatlrh-, a:il etteltlirg ff.tlew two fet seren iisoeo aeri liveeighths ef an itllth on tlme i otllrt"rT lilte o"f s;Ril DLde's iprlperty" patIcdll to Celesle; thlere lrlrritig notheir rigrt arrglei, onn tixlellriirg le irtorihed adr twellty seveu feet te irnlres and fourtn eighths of :rr irll on :Ie boourdary line oi' said LDede's prlo)elly imr;alhtl to the public lrod -url Nw Ivee street, tir slo.rlty im fieet fitur inchels illtl ifOureightlls ot'llfnilch trni olit Nun's sIItreet, ocel"rd mg tna pItn it J. Pilii, City Srtl'e)oer, mtatle Jam rva.103i"?i nr l Cd ltto n rt oasscd before l.onuis T Colae, Ntr;ory Publiir, tin the ftllt J:ltiary), 103.. \itrlln"rrt llr Iea. i A. l.ltolllltrr. Juldge of ilre Cour' lor o satilattlhio ffth Atreil, Ine3. aeop3,1utn&t13 P. LEI IILANC. Dep. Clerk. I SANC~I TINE. BY r1 l: :U L "I0 Ou' $ MED SiltlOtlN'S Conllpllileel rcltwe. oftCoplib ha lnll S.lrse i pi'illa -le-titn lli, fint eibUtull iese, th. ever d Ci%'cvreld t;hr tht. on of1 Gonorrhea, Gle,.ts, lirict-nva, thites, Pliies hi t1i bhck sclleiem, memnitel weaklles, alfe etiolls ot tile lidlieu, gravel, scorbutie Iel ilt Il'dUctio olf a Ierlicile pofstllilc' the ull ind active virtue of the o uw offered toitnhe publie, tie tero u'ietor has blt to "elbe ot nt roll iest Irecote tmenlhtieu tiec.eied .foi tle most eminenllt of the tle e dieal li:eult i Inlekrolpe, Iwliheing Iltht it lll lIe Iduly) n eite-eieated hrhce i s mtcrilt ore olre hfilly kLion. The 6:lluti ol ,iba, lic so eIxtnIn litelv usesdehIs lhst mnuchI o" its eldri lfron teeit Ilislike clihlih palietlc I trlliel."i esxiresl d re~eloeill its g itsisagreelble taste, ldliirbhince qhlt, in le bowelle an llltomi , Iant its tiieretoforte illefliiei-lle lwhele uelle ill thle itflaiolletory slte. lThe to ePrii.crehum ednC e aalysiisof tithe lilsami, cei ,ug ti, thie lore ti qcteieliri would th.rebly m e lch iirll e~nllenihlltetuell eld ilctae uselile linitiertell thao ill ih t p eeet sl ite. The bulilll' l l ille culllillnes ill-i l dintsii hleiehue i tie highleet repute itnoty ti nit scieifi ein ltl rneil in Ith pllen( l.lslo. n :a I, icrl- in tii llO cit lllf.eOeinli iti preee ,ationli icreIses1i I1t Icpllltnc oft 1 teleehlelni l'olhin ca a, c.ilaion tIruelYlOt ols!hn., .. mrliitue iaige the snt anteigneei execntetion. sses' it tthes llanie tllln tihe eInlvaitlge o its henll lohlinisltelr ei with petrfet lscells in he lithtelrnil sl. of the ahovw disase. 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Then ti-ml whictl li ve tiie tif iouir e ree arninie hi t l'ri-let oflses, olll th ntule nneIIe I-ale, in i eellltl ll hIte n'oven l o highly favoe i-atle, thit I ttoi e t hetietie in irollou llneing it o;ne of tile io ,t vidlull e aln l tllile llo eimeelir ever oten'ol o thi e iuhli, tilll oelll ill wlich lilio exlieoi.inei, Itcat plen e-rt renlice, .whliltt It dlotes ilotliroduae the sllle UeIleiialt tltes uaucall"y ex peiienced from odletibh. Fre Oi II tl.j'warsie, M RC S, NvydiCian to fIls st earyleblne l)isetlncsaren. I lake great plleanllt in alding my tesinlmoi;ny to the v tdlltle erpeeltrlne n ofyolir lll:.eatnl., whililng lol ithe sueters yo so filly eiseele, ite ell nuel ple rewar lor thf e ltela lri! exnelea illCurrte in briEnlliic It to nuch lllu kletn petifnetinll. Fnlm \V O Cooper, F I, S igeoll tl Gu)'i sio Icituil The ui! iifirin suetrces alhich has a tended il- adminis i teeil rlllll. edicrine i:eiI)lt 111-r i mpiien-e e l-fitelll widh theblt i., haI lin ile stiefied ule thai it Ice s onsi to be knlloWnh to le truly aplllPtelecl. I.M) the nlccls yol sen well deselve, amplti liul slcedile 'ep.)' yeau for yoler isluclh lllenille llto. From Sir A Cooper, FRS P I C S, ue. te. Ilxielig been ihlecedl to '-rv ynour xtinct in seven caself aioleint (eoiinorrliln, wlicl hld hiliherlo bIffledl :-very +i~l~ser~i ,tioli Hllhllllli~iltrlP liv llie( lltlitlii |iU\llll I muae .lni aiteVcr eeena tff'etted icy cc ice ll d ysW iay- leel i ittlc'yh nh e bolld to stet tiii t e s e eter tice boIhlt ubiie acld PIrIvateI rtcomnortd aiid use etie other. From G (V Blair, IM ), lPhicieian to Guey's ilo 'Thle stint testt which I hive given your inedicine smoelxg my Ltiets, aeel its illsurlllhll sucices thus fi. will ilillllece r e toen iersevre in its se, anlld I deln i ut ae net of jiilstice eIeld of dcli io iih aIte ey fteblh testi mllonis inl c maerelalti O of" it virttres. R.n I' n TlonlTmhn, in D " n Ie S L.t I retuin ycl my seilleere thallih feor t e esitlee pre stlenlt of roui Extrnet folr the cue of ionoritn, e . i ftenixetteful iml yo lim il i at lest hrouhl amenelieitn, illo use e hibti ill e ,le.s.ientum inloet soilt .te I in the Iltciin l oo.ll-tR sreen cLeei clltll erle.ltual curo i essele -.f II.' cha\ in e le. 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For tale by ieh LEhd iS u h): Oi•t4. .lt'.im + Cm . i S lndolltierc, CUtaleeitiitii cured Int.ding su. rlteal. Ser Backey:e,s and for sale T t'l'Oi rSO V ry, • ih c5(Haml, 1,1,. ,~ Tt-l THE FP O'lr eiM Stei'AMU 4 Uºta Tfao It 11 atavt BA AId "' Prom Mobile (Alabama) to s U t aIe[ r EAVIS Mobie eevs y, otberi o ,· , ;.vIt s theo arrival o' rtrfo Ne*n M ssatsolcmss(pFer iasenssolt ii mo7h tsluehie Rii'er and Huy) to ta lulotr e4osdtl-s h E eia isL4 um, Chotosclsoahetoýit (foeseelilt r non,) Blenbrlde, Pindertons fwlawitmlfeas .la Id d;me, oAuguas. A psrengerttaktliiti*stu5 %6 bile is in no dantE tf b row W e t a'et hie rereue by nother;otflieti,, intereo loctth Sr _" I) LIsNE is but one concern, and t ot.4 6q'~o t hllouhsti, aiH malv rely wrn Bratn t.Mn arvanla Aug$ist inttime speiiedtli :n l trbplle houltl occur h. Grett New 'intea , s earsint by this route. The Agents fot tiot, Trus,' Coaches sand lrivero are not sAnp. , sQ the .uthern ncltttty. The smoohi, ha.l, natural reoads, the safa.e water nAibuiom, the time and dC lugg variety; connected, s it were withche ll U s ,hnarrstom , S. . i ld the stre:am bickers to Nei Y$rl. travele , rcensh New Y,,trklx fn raew 0 Iass THAN ItI cnArs*--1 aalino on asity in Il, From Clatt llonehee, Flornds, we id. A.dlste t.h via QuincQiy ad '1!lo.lhastoe; to St Marnelt. .o', post coaehe;a, o1too lronlohes uioto ilsikinsvilla one to Milledgerille, and one to MNcon, light two but r noecies. STOCK'i'ONS o.., AcSernT, iath Jan. IRS5. Munaionl House Mobile 5 Dia.C.. Nerw Orlrsalo Mobile, - r ldr to Augusn is, pt40 larn ts Clamleoton, VtS t.on to %l( Vltk, yke.. '1"iue, t,., 'Slea to,, l i alaile, ok i Mlobile to Aouguso, A Auo.tls o oCithacaoM, l SMakilg 1t8 msiles ier doy. o' mioles er hour, sier of llsttcplages. not N. I. .I ibe leave to idform the pul ic it!. bridges over the Chaotdtoorteswamp and Hlard creeklt t{e J s hi een coapletled Iy the general meita ((he, aoly obllptan olperatin p a gai .titis ctot: speedy bo:tle te thus iolply removca; oatl I have :a.Io pleasu reo fle..Mng t'rum tcoellers thos tee ealher,leir. so's, driverSand td all la . the .8n t lenadr; and as teh twaer roteem . .eaaeala to Ctelar Bluff. it is dalm.i tell by all also ha. eocarle tlholaihit oto e untsurlpseai illlnotelaes beaulty anal sofety. Tale brialges talrough (;Georg-i Iate l ivl ro aeouiretd. J MI C M iAKCII .--- -f---- i. . . , HRA IIflVVAJ 29 MAoAZINtE STHesT, NEW-OFL.EANS. fOSEPH IKNETTLE, & Co.-importres ofFeroigo o and s ndocrtie lerabirare recevii.'x lrm Eu rope aid tio Atlanut Citias, diaect frm tthe Moanufac lurers, on extensive esortimu of Fancy and Heory ltardwsre comprising every article in the line which they offer Iiew. ieunttrlv lerhnnirs and others are mvitid to call snd exomiie orilheir stlock which eonistc, in prt, of table, ibatcher's, pockrt, ooddler's noat eruw knives, plated and Iritoni lee sl aoousneedllr, pins, hooks ottd ees, sho vel nld apadres. tongs, shovrels, fdler, cialiros, Bril tanin and Janaaorad wore, bruslles, blank booik s ad Ia. per, lokihtg elacot-.oeanvilo, vices, screw platsc, lanod ltade.e anld oail laammers, snlhiit l helowstA,Aaericet anod English bliater, cust, hheor, German anl crrgrey stoeel, plo:ugh mn rut"De, ox and le" chain, sartling Louis :an aned grlabing lea orc Rartcks, pick axes corn and grass ocythesi, Colliaa Ki:go and Simmnea' ehopping axes, wrought, tmrse andr cut nail, cotton and woo carlds, coffee and ren, ill pl:anes and plni ell, gtuges, locks, eoall, irtns, hortk atd h plitole ashltapowder rald lalor altke, pur puo.ler, too, fis, brass eand bell Metal knob elret, truok and ead I ocks, bridle EOUIS,.A i. Caruur du P'emiure Dis L'ET' T 'E "LA IJUlISIANE.--A tous reux qoa re a pli'ecntes c.ncerOic itc, balut.-Attenldul que Jacie BacI-ciec l iggc, ccliit clcic dciille veclce Bitle lIt' le Sieril' ir Ih " pccci' ci'i n. la It pcopcii( ei-apc.Me drecrlte .'est dii rCe Lu cGrefi tide ciute Coil.- cit Ia dice vCtl l eute iire lei c il j.Ia jiu . d'Avls- c e I'lanllle lat.cle Il'e 'Lcct.ct ie I., l.ltiii:cle, ictitule ,, Atde lour cot] tiii l , e . ] I+ flit.+.+ ,t'esae c taI-aelli x ce iljl ici i1 c e-;" appltc e re l lii lo r I..a. u 'iIl i eolllllc, et routea piclacllller c ciccis ces ccIt:i c eaC Iresenes sic n ai s ias oltll le c'Elal Icb a Lo iicacert It I x.ocr lcu Co illielcr District Jutltcin ire, qull I o cur crllprl .., ir t it al c la I pr: pll~ieLU ti-si i(. h lll : ',tt "1, Ctllki1tl'llel i )i ld'llll· tiC nl del fxlillye flais l'.rdt"lt It, declt oil ; I ll jug;uiil c ic ic e ill r rc i ell ert.ul lmud t in w(lllt e tr s a °t. lityi on let (' te it g - lui'te oi I c ll ue :~:a* I'e , t.llCatitn, aI' islcill rl tlenser de clle cccc a aii la ceite cucsi ftitce nc scrait pas lc)afilicec Icaccci cc.gcctlccc'+• 30 rilejtlr t 1t cIc-'.cclcl | c en .lcItl, e'llell de Iset Ili eje tclr cc Itiic dlice alau U'clcciadciedccc Ni. 13,151c, d1h llcctc kttlc clite Cup, Ii.clielle vlt a'est iudu a~.Uc'er c plouti l prixj deu illcgaiIImilee Description dela Pro dae eilcci Itran aaer Ju!i acturm, Nccccic. Un cer.ain mnorecau de avte tOlutes lea ectis.c eq :,c lioraUi o gu b'i "c tgeo,,lct, miisi quii lea droitis, e prliilccyee etc. a all.r elenlnt dI'cle nlianllore ulclcoicqurt, .iltae tl l. ccacb(gT r A.cinonciiation. meaecuirmt (IOCc.We cplaisice) itriste0lc iciiulaut Sia icVdscettcUcaa e lentciccec I' poure lir ali CLe.nin Iubliiaqree cir 'Ia rue da it t,outelle Lnrel'cvee is t'e'lt Joicbante 1111 pitidl six purees iqllulctihlllniriei relala rue C.least, dcl.x cent ail. ,inllie lcilq 1 l s mipiri l t Ilailc t r tIlt x hulr i l es sur ltie :.iece I cia re t ri iue e cIslldlec utei, Jiq Ii ltper is gc ilit 1,h'lphie a li-c tcrccihdti do l a tc oulet Milleudlon, Silctlcllr cc calcia cacilt . e pvihceet do.lilega i d I m m ~ lan at atin a e le f ~ro it a t 'e t e u tle n a n t da y u r at e ( 1gq pi ociit et c I I ac'o prgiete din dit liillacicoic, jIar ,icI elt la lillc Cehtc ,ic de I lot macl till anglea drai t ec ,tcclcndcilt e itixctCce itiis c iedll s uze pouces at otais clcilac cs cUta I. loigt+ licitroplie tied la lcaolliCdct de de Lmis cile)ct, Ieihli ha I' iue vr'ille Lciec: ( d ili, rlillei eIlls t Iti OC Ictc I seit tc' ciesCclacdlt dqcluctrantc iluar pliulll ept itol cl et cicc hucllionmecur ltligsc lihlai tull e le I I rlrlcc cci lc I 'a chlit Ie ed c parallet a in Jrue Celeste ; dhW , t Ills' iiti Ul lno llt " b1.1e llcct, et lj'c ,.' daltt de eelot vhugt trot I- ed'l tlix poncets et quince l'c t imes sur ia litle c i icc,i iio e I ft Udcll pcii llel all i it, sollla Ic lle ur c s l' c e da i. c tell_ LTee a r ii.: i c( ,ie.c qua ' c 1 qultal- I,. fit. ,,t tsar a h, tie Tlclne' clll Jill 1l t I( cc , uIl .,c e r l icl, crie ic .i ! i r dT :..c T %' 11., 1l+:utla r pl+,iiht. _I" nt tlll\ll·r 1)h i: : j , 'I,..\ A 11. !.uchm.,a, Jaei de i tCou,.o Agl I'. LL. LL.:\. " lil'A l D E I. L ''; tLL .OIA .\E: --Ci la du I' er +,,i ,ri, I J dieiur. S'E'I'AT 1)t1 I.A I.UcIA.\E, A toi cc , Williac I3re1acklr ticla~rlleet SaUt;-Ail:t', . i 'ale i lccrccer cIce tcccc i ut.e vcd l.t I. S!lerif de la p ori.ea 6 d'alprrileP h ai f prorri ulI dIact'tr, 'catel rddler.lcIc . ai 'i icide teetl Cuuc r cu, - avet c Ilt ,t' clr t cs- ci,. c i e oIr d I e ~cinc , t ii. nlier uhi c; i- o hnlln.cll a.i a d iul t le dte 'lo dIl-tr olur ets c i't t cl e Ii, Laulcisaec iclllrttule "cc'. iolue cUdli,' r Id. i llhr O accletaeurcac i e. c jUe V Cc. d au n,"op)Il"lqlullIllcI' ci clic' 1834c. Qu il oitceai t,et Sutr , lr l' n o iP c S~ea cotL UI IpLt tea pre-eptes aos - i .#, alu nioud ' de I'Etul de la. 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