Newspaper of True American, July 9, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 9, 1838 Page 3
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for the Interio~. FOR LOUISVILLE & INPERMEDIATE LAND . INUS. . The light dranolught and lt rltering l ,teaVoboat IIAKtSPEARR, \Vauing, taster, will leave for thie rleove ploes, mn rtR.y troLg, at t0 o'clock, A. t. ieasr tgears are requested to be on hoard. For freight orpassage, apply on board, at the foot of rýývier street, Cr to II P LEVY & ro). 10 Grawvtr street. P. S. Freight will be twtket for Natehee, Ituleey, Grandt (ulf, Vicksburg, and all ietermediate lotalirgs rite nteambola ntlitl RAFF "Cat, S l Swiler, will or the presea make oal, twr o tris, e tper week, to Poeca Sutt int to toditle aoliags o the Coust: her daut of departure from the Lake end ol tbe Itailrond will be on'rhoresdavs and Saturdait, after the arrival .of the ix o'cloek cars. Otl the 4th of July next,o he Swill ranuee her trl weekly trips, as per late advertise-o osat. 1je92 Fp,.IRPACAGLA, (I.o) and te larntoreiat . aoding, two times a WeIt. S liThe fine, low peessure, eppered stean boat GIRAFFE, Joseph Swi ler, sater, will for the presient S a two trps to Pascagoula and te interre .diats ladliga r the cotst. Her departure frtm the lake and of the Rail Road, will lEe on nnmediatey attar h errva o the six lock crs. tla trn 4tih of July neot, she will resumn e her trin wneklj trip ao per late advertieementT. j.j28 UNATURIAY EVENING AND SUNDAb TO MANDE I tLLS & MADIO NVILLE. I #r The asteamboat MAZEPPA, Capt. No ul d *L. T. Kaight, will leavnrete a h e la ed of the rail.rod for the above places, very tr y evening', on tile orrival of the 4 ot'clck tan,, and return th' sotne nigltt,-ond leave Sttnoay mmrning on the arrival of the 8 o'clock cars; returning lean Madisonville at 4 o'clock, P. M. m2 Staw 'mn FOR l iAlDttoNVlt.LlE, LOUISBUIWi, LAN.t. VII.LE & COVINGTON. h Thi te fast running ane splendid srteam Sboat MIAZEPPA, IT Kni. ht mans ter, will ratI at a regtlnor ioil hant Yfa t e above ports Ol Mondvays, WeVdtedut s sad Fri Jays, uafter tte arrival of tilhe i t'rlotct; cars, A M. Re turnillng, leaves Ctovingtout Tuesdays, Thlursdays end Saturdavns, at 8 o'aclocek, A M. N B. Alt bapggnge atd parcels at the risk of the own nra, unleussa bill of lading is sigeedl. SGEO WIIITM'IAN, Neaw Orleena anti Mobila Mailil Offire, ap 9 Exchaoge B)uildietf, St Charles st. F*Ol BAY Si'. LOUIS, Poass Christian, West I East Pascagoutl. The pilendid low pressure steamm artbo (tAItOlItINFt Cf utott mest ter, will call at tihe nlabove ,tetrih. placetwe a week, Icavig. tle Larke endl of the rail aoad on the arrival l thie 1'L o'clock cure. A llv to lGE WHITMAN, N oand Moblhile Mail Oit.e, uodeer Exchange Hotel t Ciharles at. mG Sr'IAMBhl)A'I' FOl SAIE. 'lhee fine new eteom ferry boat tPLA U RA, in oernplete order, and rth dly4 to omenetto rtlnniag its ohe Onw lieo i to ti hrboetr of the now eanal; will he disposed of on reasolehblc terms. Apply to AI.lllglT STEIN, No 8 Builling Row, Teleapitoulas streeto t few doors above I)elord. jel 6it .. mmmm mmmmmmmm a ,w m rz Por Texas. lFOl MATAGORDIA, COX'S POINT AND ARINSAS BAY. A The well known Rehonrer LOUISIANA, Captain Auld, having a large portion of her ehrgo engaged, will mer with drespatchl For Ihlance oe. freight or plassage, appley unloa urd, ouposite JeTl;erson strleeet, oer t 1jy5. 5t 7 it;r i otr street. FOl VP t:hzSt-..tli\ZIiil 5, & IRION. 'The regsuel paket sche SiUTIIEtNEiR, Captain t;av rd, lhaving a poertionl of her caurgo a eig!ed, will IlleCt wit despatch.- or Ihlan of freiht or llltissagre, apply oil board •oppo rite Jefferson strOert. otr to W IRYAN, jyr3 5li r ln mmion aItret S.J.G. - teston l, ;l r ,lr . atah,.) 7/,aca1 s/,, t ... (Irect ) . The well i.i w light dran ht l hoon.r 1 rEMlIY, A Ih' rwn, mater, hnv11, n'ariy tlo . ri -whole _ f h'r car ire n e nId a. rl,, g n honerd, will nail im IAtiesdnv nlx. Ii'r hid e AN freight or isae, apply oi b I id ri h Conti Moel , i lt to "\W1' Ir 11. AN, jy t;iieii (rIe , ry I i Ill FOIL V I..SC , IiAZ I~) tIA I C,)'.l ,A i .1. jell Th well kown, liht dr.uA ht ,hr I.E SK ll ), Capt ,Ilcl iim, avi(io re i .I'ater I art h:r ll oent I earg ei 'll. a , e ill e re ecit i rI llr spalelt . rI r Iat cy ,:" of Irn ,bt r e l+nee , Ie.l ,i n perior ace,, , 1 latio ,t+ ai l h. f,!t i tI tL i' bua l, to St Pi tr stel' t, tit hI jetl N"',rrr i i, t.(Iererl.ri lri t. 1- i. t V M +' I" I . A S : ,U , ,t- + % M I A a. 4i \tt C A A hrtAel- o . 1AtI dralghl- I ir cill ie ite Siro, allsere tsi ir., lilr r ri irhrelli Ifi urlrl ihe n o f r lo ext toaeds . e ,r firl i gt l r gireo I:) eh , or jae go apply to " l IIII rAN, irrlyb earapirrl freer tire bre rcrt~~ireiiicts, by S Ain'trrd Mit i,.ell 1, ' I il ) .- e ula.r ie. . P T'Oii ,tl oin .tllarri Ir y rr xtl , lr thf iof C l fit Te a iaerr.o TIllt: ls i . ] uofý 'l' leo mits l or, ; .f t .- hlanrice f i gates ' Sif Arrsi .i, h ells. tll0.l fo i .I i l.5. A ~lelcf'leacs, II' r eLilll ltil r i' .en litt. 'l Jply st cnre eciri a;tl , llll il rlel, or y 1WM 111KEVAN, " LT-tV R d 1-nl .it.r anl omtit (nboard barqu, T 1F -ioLedcroc nrc Day Oh Nilrt earaceet I iJeTey Harctirhrrc. taq. lcd Correicrhiorr Teeo, lrlri Critzllp , ;i d ftlr logi, l r oIe . lp jell 93 .rrr g tie t eeroli a, t. Pie e ERK css, l'ri.ue d Itam . im fr sale I, - m.°8 < l)0 Sl ,4i4 New Levee. Vii NC Cli loe., i Letter I'l per -Jci , st recomplete e ,lt cases fancy letter pacer ol very e.e,.lhnt quality, lir sale very low brrtcy rhthe e or .Anl e Viea ia, "irey, eorrple lt EL'Ir .O. jlelaNroi, lli.lrl iry'le.'drreel Hook Artthrr i. (iANALS and i AIIOAI-a of e Uiiiey. C Sttems, showing the lu'inciptal travelling turnpike aud comunon roads; ma which reo given the distancet in miles Ikom'oni .lace to anotilit; also, the course. ,id Political Constitutiou of the free state of Co:diuil slid Texas. Mb A of Texas, with pmrts of the admlnlnng states A Mapo "TexiS, by invrid H iurr, ed. 1835. Just received r il t litr sale by CmVM a'KeaAN, . -rIN.i lI'UIICA ItONS.ip I F E in L o ud o u n o r ti e D a y a nl d N ght s o n e s eta li Jerry lawtNcaru, teisqr and Corrinthin Toheroire, rub ti loee iu ied i Bb I cgice, the rOxoraera, I theS, ralrirleg slidgt. Alrry or through the c1etraioll, tbyre willee irEganhfly riei`! vols Vivian ireya Novel, by )'Israeli, complete in I vol: T"iler of Y p oeigb a noelr by the Autlhr of Viiane C lireyga o, pleto it l l . The lunteri t Edited ly Tlheodore Hook Author to Gilbert r (uney. Just received and tfie r salle at thn corner o tCatup and Commlonr streets, by o, .. L.. IA . reiSdl BtXElS-eLauded fLenrol ship Nagtchlez .roi ItV r;a New YorK, anded to low thave lbeen rr kenl from the Levee in Ireitakc, two lrr tre e cases omrked cF i, oadpted in tire e A traurio of tian relpgie, to thenl willeg at ohekfll the recelt of tiv e ra, fed bp J D BlIN & A COHlEi, MI n !ll) C omlm u street tales of oy Neighborhood, by the author of "The Agnes Serlye, by the auhor of "'i he oeireis," in two volaumcs, - Elemesy, ofwiteray dione Lar, wic h a Skt conidf the Hitreirv f the Scrr ience, by enry ddhe appton, L. L. t. ith mode of aectinge .nd the effect of those eninelS i nge oi uilraticeim of th loud, c.F the resP lll it ill. produsrce under various circmstances,and in direANt o clities; to deternlue th quantlity of fuel ano d waer it will areimre; tto ix the rioportions which ought to be eadopted inf tie cointruction of ta engine, to make au Sgreat many new xp, eri. . Arieca on editir wi sele, iu a doaily practice oil the Liverpool and l ster lailtvay with a y different engi nd onsiderasle trains ofe, arrige, to Which is added iin appendix, show w :ingthe expenso of conveving sods by I~omotive Justreceiveed and oraale by WM M'KEAN, 41:1 Corner of Camp and Connuon streel". LATE UBLIC.T.eONS-PAUL PiR's JOURNAL o cja resdloree Idnt Little Pedlicgtonks perer t CORINNE, or Italy; by Madam de Stael; ilolstien, i, raslated for the Librtre of Standard Novels The Po-ed etile Psagry, ibyr tEli L. American edition, with nu DlA. K:' AD I. t LECK ' PoMs- -nlw edition: . i woKs or JolNl veres and pro he, lyo Juitiirr ah, nieoad fir stie by by IW cKEAN, cor Camlp &i CommoEn st reSL VEsl Ir.A I i sNC ubsribers have just AL received from Loudon a few casks preserved .leats in canisters, n very flue article, Irtictlarly adaptied f. r the country, or lia tr avlling, whiri h they ohr for B ale Jow. LEPIPEitS & Cts. 4mlr 21 Ilienvill . tre.r jcil.i, O\ t'IN''N.'l'-Checks oni the FrrU Ln-li- rBls, illnaartflod gu sale byS er | YOt tK, BROTHER-1, Rem ile eat ta r mp r A eet. arrieg, B.eot, ciste.l slloi anr Arkaneu Msaa ye, foro ecsered yp rr iryARiECt Ed will be t NDRE. rro je.1 to a a l New Lorve e i it eatE Y-91s hbl atlisk, re. Appsale by S" STE'TSOl br AVERY, 1 TLI l. t',-A very pleasant and genteel Summer Market streets, with a beliuIl pItarre a eahlh and derat". tonne, to a gold t,.mtt till let November, after SAMI'L THO.IIPotN & ' C: Jejl 91 CUarly atiret SHIPPING. For Europe. - FOR LONDION. h 'J'h A I colpperdl and copper fastened ship St J,AIlES, lhving part fl her carte eogaged, will have ihltedtiulr : despaltch. For freight oe pussoct, lavinltg tcht'lli oIo.,I' well fo-ill uistedcolabino, apptly on bhard, at Orl,tons Press, or to 9&J P WIII'NVY, jy 6 C'oti streetl. I The A I and first suiling ship GRAND TURK, Captain 'Tlhonttolon, will receive des patch. For freight of tillI hales cotton, or pawuste, having allldsollt, accommodationlls ri 3 or 4 passeneers, apply to LEVI It GALE, je'99 91 Coto streett FOIR A N'I'Z. A Tite A I eopirped linI topIer: fut,'tlcd hrijg UiQIJEIIANNAII Caotiai li;ori, iaving full cargo engaugd for Ithe ub,oveo t ,'! , will moteet with delartlch. For passage, having b.t.dI snme iclhommcdatiunts, fotply tt jeol9 S & J P WHITNEY. FOIL GLASGOW. Tihe first class ship HEBREW. Captain Carr, hlaving full cargo engaged for the above port, will have quick despatcb. For passage havintg handsoome accotanodatiotn, apply to je29 S & J 1' WHITNEY. FOIt I.IVERPOtI)L. . The A I and fastsailing ship FORMOSA, Captin 'lToole, having the greater part of her caugo engaged. will leceite imstediato des patoh. I'or freight of 314b ales eolotton, apply to LEVI II GALE, jy3 93 Comomon street. FORL LIVIERPOOIL. The A I copltered and copper fastened ' Caa ship TAMINEND, Captin Itolulond, Ioaing -full cargo engaged, will have despatchl. For paansge apply to, tie Cuptin,on board, opposite Orleans Cotton Preu, oCr to jet:7 S F, J £ p WHITNEY FORi LIVtEIIPOOL. The A I fast RAilling sip NOR MANDIE, Captain Tysao, having the greater part of her c-r. o eg eargo ged, will huve iomediten dteslpoclt For freight of 3.t lialte cotton, or pussage, having hoadsomte accotuodations, apply to LEVI II GALE, ji2G 93 Common street: Ft) LIVERPOOL. The A I ship FRANCES, Captain Johnson, will osai Itootively a as shove. lor ipoaty'i, hhaving haundsoe aenoootlnolitous for l cabiia and 6 soteeage passengers,apply o LEVI II GALE, je3l2 "i 9B3 Ctomlllon threet. FOIL IIVER ltOL. 'Ate A I and fast saililg lship SENATOR, SCoptain Stocy, lovilg thile ereuttr part of iher cl.go rogoged, rwill rceivce ilnoellldial. daS p Fth. FIor freioht of rIII liles or peassge, having 0l"ndmlol e ncolllllodutiolo, allplv to LEVI II GALE, je25 9) CmlOmonlO s treet. FOIL LIVEIL'OIII--Oot Storlluc oexi. 'Tn'h ship DENMAtIt, Clatill Lo.vert, wil positirely oil as aholve. Shie thors fix hlarge forslldhetll cllte rotlloo tcllegngull, conl can llldsllomely occollllodtle six pessrengers. Alply to te apti nelr t.evee Press Cr II) .it S. & J. t' WIII't'NEY. The A I aun Iotft sailing British tlilp i Capt Jolinson, will receive itllioedlite leFpatch. "or freiglit or piassuge, having Illllolll oltnnodatiotllso l ly to jell6 , I: (LIALl'l, 93 Cllooo street. IOR I.IVEIlI'oul. I'ne A 1 selni (IIEEN AI)EI.AIliE. Copt Iltnrteot, wants 31 Itdlc to fill up. For fr't Spf which, or passage,apotje to iel, r &.J I' \IIT'I\PVY. Olt twtiS". F 1 ()IVAINA. Ih. A i pllii otat siln fet Hsiling tlrio n. ILi EIta., Clalthail. ill 1, ti, helvl eigo Si For t a- , hsr vin o g t itt r i l tot tt ttottroo itoool ' nhoared; and cii, ''stI lr te f 'tf14 bIt IIIc '1` \ Thrpetilt i(ipl to 1.1AV 1 I . AII . rpt ...AS BUllNTA 1,t Ilnilidlld oe Tel ll xas iri. 91R i1(4litf. The Alt and ltw tsailine on'erhi Ti, riept.l, Iit ll atiow, wilt oe'e' ll'c r I'iii le 'o titr 'it''', -rt i o lt I N It. " I Krr t of1 1 5,1 lo ns fir p t,', Iou 1in'ub tat· ell 1 1 ( e ie pasIelgern. Apttipl to . l d U A, j. - .IF I oi II.iVirE \Ir.s l LVt 12.I jol3 C. 9I C i. "Thel A :d"t l O i:t ".l lli l i . h.rll Ir i -l is uta I hivst sa li nii ship 1 Illi , 1':, tai' W\Viatte, will receive desptill)ch. Fior t.,th a m ti lV, havingL toi tltsclte, oloOda-l jo. . 9"t I EVI II. ;ALE,. j'IU '93 (,CooctioI orert. Coastwise. Sto sail on IlIh inst. . lte first class ship IIIENZI, C'apt.Norton, Swill positively leave as above, for freight of i 150 bales etton, or passnge, Iaving superior acco:lml dations, apply to the Captain on board, oppo site the fail Road, or to J D BEIN & A COHEN, jy 90t Common street. Fi OR ST MARKS. The fast sadling soppr MfOUNT eoe RIAdIh .,.-.Capttain Ilawthurae, with lull c argo,engaged, .... will have despatch. Fr passage apply to jy I Contl street. FORl OIi)I'ON. Tlu. il~t soiling coppler fIstcned schooner - I'IEI:, iears, Master, will have despatch, for twenty tonaof heavy freight or passage, having good acconnodatios, apply to the Captain on board, at Picayuneo Tier,or to CIIASF. & DIXEY, _jyv ( kCstotrhioa se street. R If)5st otN. Tihe finep coppered atd copoper fastened first sai!ing ship EAGLE,. CapNnl Cook, will have dispot,: talr thelabove parr. For freight or oasge r having excellent atcmoo, dttions, ap pl to tot Captatin ota hoard, oppohito the Rlailroad, or to S'l'ETSOdi k AVERY, je23 88 Gravier strert. bFOR BALTibMiOtRl . SThef st stailing acehr. ItCHARD TAYLOR : Captain Crocket, having fall cargo engaged, t will have despatot., hor jiosaage apply on board, ipposite post No. 12, 'Id MnnitciTaity. jellt S. & J. P. WHITNEY. FOR MoBILE, boiuhing at all the Watering PJl'es tn the Coat. . 'lhfil, low prestsrer, eoppered . teamhoat GIItAFtI E, Joarph Swi wer i...ter wi leo the take c..d of the rai-rotad oa 0aturday uoar.itntetet after the arrival of the t, o'elr k ars. jy6 F.OR TAMI'A tAY.'. - The fat t sailting lrir. SAMUEl. & JOHN, Captain I'Perkins, will sail to-morrow night. Fur freight or o sr ge, apply to jy6 8 Couli streer. For Sale. Freight or Chater, FOR SAt E-FRIi.[GTIt iCl iAIRTER SThe A I coplpr and eopper fstenesd brig EM1t I, Captain Ilter, 415 tons Irrthen, is ready to receive cargo, aln cat y c 500 bales ettoa Ford terms, freight or sale,',ppl ttte. Captain on board, or to RHE D & BAS11'OW, jell f7 Gr vier street. O tOP.--38 Coils, lunding frm steamer New Albtany LA\VRiENCIF k LEGENlRIE, jel '28 & 29 hsew Levee Fi L '560 brhs Ireesh b 'leor it t trtort ,r sale by -- LA El' & AXIEL, G, j28 17 ContnPrce strest ACO- N Shooldrtrs and Sales, frrsale by STETSON & AVERIY. jolt 18 Graier street. '" ACON--2 coaka, landing traom atearner Empress, fos rdoe by G DORSEY, je16 41 New Levee. F. AMILY IlA a--74 bbls onvaaaod Fattily Htmsa of stplperior qnality, landing from stpamboat Motarch, for oale by LAY I' ET AiIELUIENI. ja26 17 Count er! street. ACON-i3 hlhda Sides, atd 35 khtt Slpuhl/ers, lfor sale Ly LAYET & AMEI.UNU, jst6 - 17 Cne me S '0 SOuA OAKIR.S.--ill Vitiol..r--ow hndino, Sfrom ship Sarah Parker, Oil 'b, tht Norfolk Chatieoal Compant, far sa JAI'IS & R '23 allrnb r a' oCumt &a .s lJ for stai by G Itr,: [,:. .W." jel3 " pORK-I t iihbI, latdtingltrottt otsntatttlaattoltn , n'sle y . fti W)ills EY,' I jelt .14 New I..,*e. •.It SH l - R.- kegts, tl dintg fru ia ateam. S.l,-Tr ll & TRIER, j,' -N l'o. Irtsaetree j··,; BUSINESS CARDS, FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAl)DEN, No. 14 Charlrren direel IIAVL' aconstantsunpply I f every ariele pert.n ,ing to gelltlelnlall's dlress, o the late-[ tiyle, atr New York prrccs " c u I ,l &ndorsfigne h ave upo+d i. c a- thin city H. P. LEVY & CO. For the purpose oc' Irant llin o " GENERAL (O. IIIS'I'02" US"LVF..8S. OFFlt't:, No. 10, Grovitr Irrer, Iup Stirs. 'l'l fn irm at Grand Gulf, Miss. will be coulinued, tunderthest)leof I P' & J L LEV I. 11 P I.EVY, J L. LEVY. References. ,ldflv, Lalrie & Small, New Orleans, Ia. , lillmrd, e , ,a I :: I! . Co Louisville, Ky. i ;illre, Vickd~hurg, (lios. Haprlmr, CrLept!lter & Cu. ) lmnaerl &-Wate, i Grand Gaulf, Miss. lluir, lore & Co. ) Silas Lillard, Natoriez, !1iso. New Orleans, Feb 19, 1838. op 10 TEETIIH. RILITCEOUS METAI,LTC TEETH. SPECIMIENS bf tllese lienutlful teeth, and the nmon ner of setting them, nllty he seen at the office of . B. iois SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal street. 'IThese teeth never change colour, and are by many, and in tolady cases, preferable to the nattral teelh. I11 Dr. It. will wait upon ladies at their residetne, req nested. p 9 i S. A. PEI.tI()SSLElt, MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Colnulon street, "I EGS to inform tlhe public that havine purchased 1 from Meesrs HOUGII, SKEGGS & CO. part of their atock, Ito will contitne the business at their old stand, op anite Bishop's Hotel, whelre he hopes to merit ashare oathir t patranage. lie thas mad arratngements at the North to be stpplied nnmarhly withI thle latent and moot fnshionbte gouda. tar 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 l'oydras street New Orleans, MANIUFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps OfIall descriopintn. WARMI, COLD, AND SHOGl 'ER BAT IIS Fixed on the must approved principles. 1ILL'1) LE...), PIPES, &e 17Orders executed it anay part of the Snothetln State. tmr 9 Dr, IHolertl F. I.indoe. Ex C tNrt loIrret-. liIi (s.-AYX'& Ct,\H IK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Povdran storet, K" EEP on hand a corm.t: t anpl ly of Lead Pipe, I frorn ' in. diameter down to 3-3 in. diameter, fill sale. ORLEANS LITHIOGRAPHICt PRINTING ESTABLISHIMENT', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. IVILLI.Dl GREIEE, PROPRIIRT1OR ner I J H. PARKER Commniis.ion anutd Forrwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRO()NT LEVEE, Ure saTAI Rhs. New D -lea.s, hO. S J.ARTVIS & ANI).I.WS, WlIOL.ESAlE ANID IiETAIL.i DEALERIS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYEP ST'U/'S .11ND) VI.'V)DOWi GLASS, Carner of (Cmmnul) lnil I Tl lllo pitilul:s streets, NATI'HAN JA RVIS. JOHIN \V. ANiDREW\. A large apply of Garden .,.es, uarranted the gronwth AT MOBILE Ala. S. 1. & 1. I. LJONES, AUCTIONEEI.S. Nos. 61 and W.l6 \V 'i' ,' l:niT: . r il 1T'o u dlrir ned,,l ,b h i . P-e-hbli-h,'i thlrn,:c.h.. iu .IL .I l elh i;r h,'110 l, Utrp e ilr t -r. , -0 . tu hq t r \Ill'illi landl (,no lllisioe u nlll ( in hi vll , -Ioutl Iaae nhuches, UIg lcive i to their litt i ru d I t' pubrlic, th i t the. art+ numv lrP ,ac, t'o I r lltli-l, I'Illrlqr l s chl' l url tLIII] lllK't+ lihurle Idvalue' oll the s l.:,, rth r l ti" plivite r ll lii: I i,.c I Ilt 1\I.1V I. JIM.R, <, flle N I. & l. I.I, . I: _,efer I"o a'.l''Cl1,,er. Klnight ) C . \ctw hiileh, lo, , I h 1,38. fie th 13 SAMuEl. SLATERI. AltI5ItILI TRIItn. P orwartln".r tll "ion 'i'eiinlt';o, No. 1u r'v,!ras strler t, Ni'W it II C A I, ..\ N . - i" I'6hk, It.'. • } Itla \1 hill1, N &,o Olicans. Messrs. Koha, larend & Co. J 1) \I Williams, (riggs, Wild &Co. Boston, Thom Voue Esq. IRlbhrty Brother &. Cb. Leveret &Thomas. 5 Nes York. Von Puhl & Mc Gill. ) Stanford & Davis. l St Louis. Glasgow, Shaw & Tatulw. S S Rider & Co. oawle, Page & Dunlap, AltOn. A It Skidmret Esq. G It Marshall & Co.-Louisville. LI StONE. *. T, STORE. E&B.T. STONE. feorwratang . and ConssslasioU Merechate, FURNISHERS OF SIIIP AND BOAT STORES, No. 114 Tcaourt aroLAS RSTeIZT. N~e:w.Orleans. Referenses: esosrs. BALL. BAKER & CO. Boston ESENR.tRVoo NorCo s A. H" IlEACH & Co, New York. It. PUTNAM, W.L & P. MIl.NOT , Cicunesti, O. DAVIu STONE, Dayto. 0 R. CosrtocK I& C. Colum,, 3:). N. ALR.unio, R Co.. Losvlle, iAy WII.LIS, STvENss & .t.lris, Louis .11o A. It. RIov, AlStoU III. WVut E. WTrunowt, liuslhille, Ill. .1. & P. P. 'An'wTELl., Bayou Sora,La. SOLOMON tillG. New Otlcnr.s. jan 22 R IESE G INST IRE. AMERICAN & ENGLISH CIIIIWN GLAS, .o . n' CAR.)UDEL.E' nArEr. III J"!ltlt",,t EN 'S INSURIANCi( CO MPANY - OF NE 1 TILEAN~S Co is Cion anyd orw prrlire erch ta nte HOSIS AGAND SINT FIRTE. No. .M us l' r il llll. , l New Olinowe ud, l icv lure 1i3. c.. eary. WILLIAM IRWIN ATTRNEY AINCINNATISELLOR AT HILAW Refer to I.ayet & Awclung, Now Orl.os,. Jos.W pra ndisn ih Stte an City C.urt.. Cli Ins will Clerk's olte, U ui ROBEI' CLANNOND. NATHOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER I No. 12 Camp otreet, o Wihlesale Doouser in Plints, Oil, Vtarnitlhes, Brushes, t3ing0 Winy ud s aand 1iture Giyee, &ec. ec. -- - - W. COLLINS ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, N OW pall tising ie the Stated aod City Coirts. Cli I eats ill find Itim at the Clerk's officet , Us CiSoi) t Coall r, inds thit my tom intose hsildsig. je A CARD. NATIIANIEL 'I'TONNSEND having Iocated hio s'ellin New Orleaas for thi prlpose of lttsaetieig a General Agency Rtoi ieit hisineae, would re sOltfully solicit frExcm tilhe pun lvic sitr of their pA to inevg ar Clop'se i. 'it, hrle hill aindin toi .is. eading o ny buiig ess tlthe t may e dsrrd i thtulule. eountry,and willr Bguarao, prpt ad uoreeitted al all uods ethat may rov e into his hoads. Oflce in New 'Exchange, ot ircoaier setrde, opposite to Roe Mr eClaoip's chusch, ond awljuinnig lGibluu's eading r,.sitii.sign of the T'xian tiot laCe. New Orleans, November Ot'ri, 1A33. Mosers lIillycr, Bul & Co. New York. Burr \VWak, eman. I New York. Alvarez Fisk, Natchez, Mlis. I M Struth r, St .Lous, io. Johnl P Gr y. Louisville, Kv. .)r J, • A bee e, II pkmsavilI, Ky. lt.l',, am * LARE'[' BO'IL'LES--Sill Iunnours in stoie, uti lie sole by T R IIY'E & Itl'IIER, je2i cor ('Common & Mlesazinoe ts. - OS\---73 boreois Rtosi,', lui.ini and fur l le uR I I.. S & WIHI'I'NElY," 8 Conti stret I UT'I"IER--3 brle and 77 khl.s freeh Ill hio nltr, anAdig tfrom steamboaht N\ inchester, a.od will be sold low to elosea eonslio'lllllt. iv LAY IT &" I.I'G, 17 Chmminrce - TRUE AItIERIUCAN ONFIM E. Iu e:otilection with this Ofice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR THll I'RINTING; Of Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, fill Forms, Show Dills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, And every descriptioun oeJob WV.ork that Isay terequired. 12'Trhe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the ablo. Curd, IIland aosur thelC Ihat all ork intrusted to his care shall be done at the short eat Untice, il a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the I gest rates. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NIWV ORLI.ANlS, Ofice No. 24 4 usson's Building, Jel CAJ.IJL STREET. Comptirllr's l fice, eced :llrutnucipit, t New Orltnirc, June 1,. 13i11. SGREI:A NLbY to a re solutilo n J t he o lth irt ist ,I Sl'lie Ndtice is herey givenl r.ialed po pesals will be received by the Council of this Mumini Itliit until M inda the tlthdav of July ne.t, fir a llk. tig the followng descrlbed il Iprovesteati; the whole to ie dose in counoirtlfity to tile in:i and t reifica os I of said work iui tihe Strreyos's Oliie, tald ucder hlis aulperilteadantr, via: 1st. Colmeencing on thle soulh side of Catnal street, at scanl ClliOroner, md IprtIlo"ing soid street ,saltl ti south tide ef the Nalishvlle Iltil-oud to tile BIayou St. John. to a pdlnIt marked A, oi the plan drawnl Lv the Sutrvoeor or o draihietl the sack rt of the meiti, t eitgti distanece ef lbout tilteen hundred yands belouw ca:la Claihoenie. Id. 'T cut a Intetrl canal frol n point narkedl A on said plan, wlo h point is at rblosut five tl,. Pl'rel nrds bIelow Villow strtelti the plrolotng itl of Julisa treet; snd frot tihtoat il a straight line to G er st reati, tit the interseetioo of CtIIoimit r llltkot It : santollll hllreee it strai.til l li , ionti it in.rrects tie nltin ca. hal at I), oIl the sallstids lifC tl treet, ti a i g stion rtea caoal Chilairlle, and aibut ts l hisnderd ttil Inituty-itighit feet beolow Joht usol street. Jd. Jackson street to be prol.smoednt fiuom canal Coli r4t11. c alllcvr a streert rr I~e proleongeld from cauiI Ci c rlle to the taen, il l nllrl . 5th. (iiani.olant street, hra tile nlsame to the Stnlir. ;lth. (.ravier street to i le prlonged fi-oti the `eat si le of the Gas Works to the aforesaid laitral canal. 7til. l'rdid ree strr to lie rliu ed lol froti in. larv t. to athe altresaid t lateral canal, 8th. PlayIrna street to bprolonge la froum Ghlonde t. to the albresaid lateral caea l. 9Lu. Ilevia street to t pirolonged frIom t. Pau t the asbleesicd laterarl rolllsalt 10th. Cylre streett to he proloagedl from iS it PaIl to the west side ife s'enitro ta CuIoetery, yad ia draiti nc tilus west ci nol'the coatelr tor Ileril. treat jel2 Ji !irN C(Ll\t)ION, Comstroller. Bmu'eaui d Catsreoleit-pSlne,,d, lAft'eipt/ile, NoveIleOrl 0 s, 21 . Ilin l8tol. l N rION ill IEoIINT f line resolutiin dii 12 coraent, t is uinblie est pi ar q lieet t i, qoities ofu. freti (elt oerout rvel par lre Cnseilide rsti te jlli elitlli jt.qt'.a 9 de. .oilht lethairui, earfitrc des isrliiortiots el-aprini't diIts; Im htut desvant lre fiite i eollftonli trildo lan etler sopiciihation do flit tra. vail dlls le blal r lu du Vtlyer el Ill e s strintellalice. savor : 1 ' Commnencer dli cit Sud de la rue out Catnal t son intetventtiln avc le canal Clailrno ct prlolnger Ia tlite rie le long" du c-te Sud du chemiu en for te Nashville jusqu'au BayIS( St. Jean, it utn point mar qud A our le plan traed pttr lo royer pour dessdechtr les derrieres doe Ia ville formant unrie dlistalce d'enviroll 1,500 yards an des oanus dit canal Claibornie. 2r Cou1per unt canal latdral d'lln point marltti A sur In (lit plan, le 01qul point so trouvc t e vllvooll 400 yttrtds au l dessous de It rue ties S soleo tir l lre Irlone oents de la rue Julie ; et cde li en ligne droite jus iru'h la rue G lvce, it l'itttrsec:tior tle la rue do laI Cottmtune, narqtlll6 I C, et ,le lt ell lijf teriitcjusnlu'iI r etcontrer Ic canal Ipritcilal ii iti point nmarqul D sur le cute Sud it: Iee risc hit Canall,stir ]c prolongc Cetn <ht c;Lclal Cllail!()rne et et\iroll 298 thInts ,tllstlCSoi tic ]1 rue .1ihtlllSOn. S.Itrolutigr .sltlll l iit rile i.j soll Idu CtItIl Clttiltrune aut canal lateral irttjtel. I I=' sIlt roger hI re: 1IIahitytu du canal Clailtne aitt it ci al laric. a Ois. t Istolti.t" lutt l'II e tiorogl l la snlnltnuie diil t tlllll i a lll t I. tO t. 7 • l'rsII',er IiiL e Perido e ihots role Nt.c I. i'ii ;flit ,catai l lateril prjlitit. I b I lt Islusogern It le Pi)yh (Ivlt o la ruelti (irundse at lit iatut i lateirl lt.,,iti.. 9 = i" rstohcr lit rue Il-loit sie tla rue Sr. P'aitl art `it canal lItdral ;i,.tjt-t. 10 I" •1'rosiii,r la rue slos (Cyprt.s tit- Ia tue St:. autel tilt cutu (lest ilit cituctiere prootustant t ittleV'rir tiltl utosd'e I `'tuilt suit le cit(e OItitto do lit inri tiuirre jisiitl'i lIo rtue H-vie. JOHIIN CAIHOUN, 21 ljuin Cott,.eul.o tir. L ETi'"Tleo. CON VEIR S.ATIONS, CELLEII &,CO STIONS, of S 1' Coleridge. Kotit mertrke, or Old ''ie.t.'in tie New World; ie. iong Ne 7 atnd I of the Uiniforml Editolt of l'ot lditg's Works. Coltie, on the lReligitons State tfthe ( nttezrv,. \Whaloe Fiohery; Ieciog Nons 2i nat` 'i of thi ldoys an Girls Library. J ust received Ite Jl2 C It "1c ' , "OP'I' 14 Canmp 5 5.1 .SACKS S C, Ili;.., tt hlg dotoltel ) anod, oti snlle by jelS6 S J P WHITNEY. ORK--iJlo bbls in store, for sale b Sjolt6 i I)OItHSEY, 44 New Levee. FOLIO POST. INETV-SIX roeams Folio Post Itper, fuor sole on N reodounblrt erieo. Apply o .1011N GlBSON, ml9 Editor True American. . CtN SiDES,-4.) e s supe;r t i eci ntteli cured, ill stoore and to salei by G I){ltt('l", jel6i 44 Nete Leven. T Il Itleerieon I )emterut. or hinitsn te to sriol end civil relations of the Ulitdct State. l 3y J. FOlli monre Cooper. The'l' Fwo l,'lirts; or, Adventurese io t Ctolltltv Ilitone;I Nortmt. lIetry Jornwtnil, Mrs Gore, Captait. .ledwi,I und .thers, in 2 vols. The Itiver and th I)esert, by Miss Pardue, author of the Cityv f tihe sulln. I'lhe aC'ket of tGees, the (ift of ant Uncle and Aunt with ititle -lled engortvniltgs It1 Adtotlq'Pel. iJus recctiv oti tia r sien de by lIt MAlcKIEAN, jel6 c:r Caltp uand Cmtmont st. i5L i)P;it of the R4tnk l heiktlikt tit LttisoilleI or siethv ,LA IIENCEi &e LI.FGENI..E, jlh t tutd ii New I.ev ler. e ytlt)4(lk.1 llldsIc .1les. llid Prince JI U nlod 1' O LA .rV'lli.CE & I.ERI:ENDIT.:, j16 aud tl29 Noiw Levec. , t (it-Ne - 1F, piec.-d..:- tir-, tof -4 i tot ,,' K lttttot LLtBuggshg, :anding rtiil s. It .norntliin, for nsale Ib LAIVI'EiNCE & I.EFiIENIUEI , jeiti 23 uItld 2i Niew Lev(C. I L.OUIL-'2-1 i ,I, landing fronm ,teiameeboat Emi - C pes, ,ilr sUlIe by sEi li)illlE jel6 I New N Leve. IlEIt.'Y-l-tl bbts rloertille Wlilk v, ., Sby IUOLTLES JCao ILLS, je7 lbnk nlley. ESEJ .'r-el i 'l:tIl-clt k r inl store, ler otlre by eL.l'LEI{ Sl"'IilER, 40 Potdras street. I)UlIU.-e, o IiII lnes M i), priie i.d stlr. IPrint. je25 41 New Levee. ARD- 1779 kegs leaf lard orf superior 1tatiti, I landing Iromt stettittot Mlonarch, ilr sle by I.A1'"r' en AMK:I.UN(G, je 2i I CmnTrte. streett. Pilttlrn' (l hin l -too f1t1E: PIAlTEl ;' OWVN IOOK, or unthlt tic iar T rtivesotf tie lite, exploits, and exetltlittllla oi sketch,:e, of thu (IIhalosaee, Spanishit, udronl, West tlale :hole , tand Aigernue Firate, in I ane., just receivedi, ind loi sal e I WM. \I'KEAN, je.Ii clr e (Camp & Conlon mleets. ll SKEY-150 bl - lieetified, in slre, folur sale Sliy t '( I DUtIItSEY, J I - L it , in rlNw ef jel~ti 44 New Levee. intl tiur otitn by Til ll t & 1)E tlSti l jel2 o strw Leeet. i do, in htlil atnd lihl. eoxpreeslyv icr toitily une just lands I and for rale by " jell2 17Citm"ntirereteeet. rINCINNATI&-r N--i7 hhd. t lmln, cthoul. edterr; rtirn't. rh- qu&lity, landing from 1. i. I ll RIIIN; TE . ('t. ir .,1 Magazi.. fel. .LElVA SYRUP ANI) PICKI.ES. 100 BO)XES Le on Syrup; 145 bolxes a.sortec r.'R) Pickles, ie quart, two quart and gallon but. tldre, Irun the taitllateerty of \i'r Urderwoler. nam Lrewin be Heaskell, 4l'Btlrrn, landing fi'ia brig Talkly. ruad and ship CIlurl.,at.n, for alC ir) JARVIS & ANI)IiEEWS, Feln ( - or i olr.on ,roil "l'NUlmta.. t=. P111.AV L rn ratihe tontient of lmno-e, vlir: i Etlng . l l. , I relnIl, lFrance, Iualy, Saite,riii,t-rramrt ne, thrl Nerltrlrnds. Iy \V J;flisk, lD 1i, Presi,!,at tihe \1 eileva I;niveiitrv at \lib lhebil - n, e Cru, N ; in I volaume,walih e rgravig-s. Juar rerrt-iv ulr rIIr by eIr (,rrrp tea ('ll ll oIsIsIIItII st i LI. Noticaes u fr 1'axensi uther ie. .e'a rei,.uive tt -I1 thet prolerry of T -e slbsc riblr, ritaeted nu the Faubuurg L.aurose, or in thile Panrish o.f Jefibrnon, ImIy Ire alt latVciTOI. DatVI'n yUI.IIar g i'tea, ereet, llro ill be ateerdu-dr to. JjH\ S. DAVD. je20-3t-lp.w 1 UA YA(QUII. Ci0 CtJA-1-U 00 lie e, tr sale - Sje.0 AltiJ ilet l-SK. ta IairiF-- titter t rilrg e . roI Ia iavart Coiel ýJ hauldlg limn brig .\ I:, udlJll r calte by l", J. It) iNtlI ., and I I I Coils Rope; also a small lot ol' ia, in store anld for salde by J l)A.IEl., pill) 59 Camsp street. tiOtliit'C(I-ru boxas aend 4 La t bran~r(:he S'Toubaccu, aLealther's brand,) in -rno te I lur alIt by . I)DANIL.., Je20 59 CS up ltreet. 10 COFFEit -8)in - i bargs io ltb e, t of Kt d 1. uality, laedlng from herte tr Henry , rsal by jell) e'lt''1J'IN & AlVERY. A LSIANACKS lur l39.-l.nst fee irived, a siall lot 1f Pe'ple's Almanuetks awl CIockert's Alnva nacks, for saleby IIAVI) I" T & CO., New York Stationer's l 1, jei) il Chirtre, atreet. r eXAS. UNID GEREII..I.ICAiTE, and Audi Str' IDraft , onll te Torre rv, wanlted Iv NA'I'II'!. TO\VN..), jel8 Exllane Hotel, (iralier it. 'ITEXAS BOUNTY IAlN) wanted !er SNATH'I. TnOWN"aEND, je18 Exclllnle Hotel, Gravirr st eet. PIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY (IF NEW ORLICANS. NOTIGCE in hereby given, thalt the book8 of llihscrip S tion fLr thie teailniaig shares of the capital strck of thise Coaelinyl-, teIeeretoeIedtrI MeeI Shllellln)y, lile litlth illtl. ietwierrn tihe ahours at' t'r id I u'ctoc:P i 1, alld rlllemain en the e hollr llof each daly therelir, ulltil tle whallre hall hlnve beren slll rirl ltr. Ily order 'f thie Board ofr )iret'ors. I l. 'I'. t c Y, June 11I, 18:1. Seire.sTri FRED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, O F'FEIS his services to Tle Ipblin in: the deparl Ieentst or Sturveyilg til Cili IElngitieerig, biollr intrlrl andt couttry. I)'rOine Inlideralnle experiyerlnce rn his prolfesion, and by prollplless aunr tidelitn il 'hele execution of businers eltrulted e to hiln, h11e hopea to merit anld lereive a srllrorrl' Ipublic parllrolae. Hie will also ileasure and cah ul ltl tle c.untert. . ow ls no.l i au'arntiolls. OUlier n o 8 'hllrtrls sNir''t , el:in e TtoIyV tr b. jr7 T INSI:ED Uil., in Caeke anld irt bblas, Svrr,,intrd A pure article, fi,' male, wtlole-ale :,lnd retail, by JAILVIS & ANI)nLI\-h -, Mleedicine, Pi'niut & Oil I)enl rs, lf))i heetings,, landing frioal riip Chlerokeet, suitable for the blexicalre market or Cily traule, cir mit, iby STE'I'U.N & AVEIRIV, jc18 88 lrenvier arre-t. SPelif CANDLES,. til,. &e. 9 t BOXES New Bediford Sh ier Candlen; . ! 30 ctsks Now hedford \Vhil,,r ( ill ll cil ks lhRolilne Zinn: 0 boxes bra 1 a iavana Sugar, ;II p)iQees IJlilrlllg; I .lis ilhs ll:lk lead Crucibles; 311 ecasks Paltcer Ilanine'; 50 baskets Chair ipage \I ile. For sale by J(iEPII C( )Ci<(A'Neet jel . - ,i '' E0TEILN llUTTER-1-:) kloL, leieised per superiorar Vartilei, I+ilr sle, ly ELATI'ER & TInER, j.18 11 loti 'rai +,reet I JORIS-Rumap, rot ,lSt tool I' it, lor sll . by IMlt \1 Oil., C? ..NI.1R, 4.--31.) 'ask. lo ,N. U00 shuets Br.zier,' Copper. In .tore, lor salt bI JUSd5I+H t t'C. 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Pll.y Iv ta r~ ori 44d4 i.44 , E14 ,6l44 It,,!,S, ' l, 1 Ii., 1 I,' " forl4 . 4ilt44 4'4ir with 4n 'llall4l4 u ; t4 1 I' m A ,, i.4 t'ivl4 4 :.444ll444 4 4. 4 olko 8 o Lord ,t4li4'4U n ,I4hl4 ,44t,- 4 i9'-.4 +4y :v nl4 l a port44 rait; new t' dit4in4 , c p lt.' 441 44l. - lii-hop litlroet's lHistorv oflhii ouwll T nle: flotm th.e reltorbioll of .+1arles II. to 4ith , treaty of pec4 »t Utrect.h, in the reign of Queen Anne. 1A new e4l44n,4 withll l histloricld and il)lgraphlli(:ll not'; :Oe)tnlore ill one •v.luhme. Just reecived land Iir sale bIyv \\'W1 McKI'.AN, 1m:11 cor4.Co4pl and Col.lli4on 4,o. rTlEXAS MONI+'Y-For ,alebe .I. 'T IHYDIF ,' BRIT"'I'IE2t jeS7 cor Cuommon t& MaIttgzie. L 0i I U l, bbis (4 t- 4 ndi4 4 tilr L soll by ' ET UO' .1V1I"I{ je 7 t4:;( ;r- vi4-r sl'e4 4 I l t'i (f'kl POhl.--i"l bll; Flo44 , 5441 lh4 rh4 lea Mless M.O., Prilnt 1. O;, It p. IL A p t ti , lrders in store, mrid for sale by je. 1..IAYETr &.. AMFLU4N( . for sale by G. 14I4) i" , je'"2 44 New L.cvee. 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A iet lll a i llltl llll ,irr h il lll Ie i A tllait i ll t titt- [latlit a i ills cAal Illtl lllilA Il i Cillnis altill,AA rll Alt. 1 ro37-vld - l' ti l C'1 "l ilit a.illr j A'Aih n t ibt of I'AltrNr wih bed rma is i ata hell: I will ] vilel- rri kel,, i lll r lill a ll hi sll. rl Aels iL kaw iivei IA I til i nlllAllt. 3 I 5J111(1 fAlA Alumer, and al aMaomt lll7ill e that 'rrvllers atil t Oll h vlltd E ill gi+ hihn , t ;lst)1 (;,I, E iI . II I I. CihlehnatiAlril A st. 1[37--ti; ,I 17 ,'6'[ SU k''g N.V1e:I{\ "% C (), NI II XI A'!'1 fIIAl.T fI{ U T receivtd ,per late akrraival from ev oak a 're l ll rl fashionalll e. aslsortlznetlt ,t Hlo.f J. II'lThe solubscr.ibler w nhII parti otllll y (IIll tio lreli'tI, Iof the: puhlic tor -tile of t+:L vr hatsl t' 11I" st P tv1o 1 tici-h .fia o tr, le, tic. t tol ,a;tif; l I1us.rj ; i., to i llar , :lin, It it.,liih hlot llt': t plll~ t lrir h t yith nit 11• ,, I t znunultlllttl l Illlnlwtitt l c by h vl , et epl +ly lir thi ull li tt, thtlllosX ilCe oo.I r,;.t l; N. II Cito and ,o,, try deahlt are invite; d tot l,:. SRtICIIAl),S. Tobh ll n l 1111 tltt, l. lurer, No. 277, 'Camt " :.t, N .w,- ,lU , wis s tlo iIfor)n his lllilds 'ilol tI public II gt nil-l rol. t ole I;l; nuw r r t ur oi+1s u ;. ;lh::n i . t a¢rr' bhusilness , aill Ihas lolstlatfu) f uf~L t , Iiltl,e Ian SNUFFS. Ilose, (;Ienlun Iap e ,I+' t'1ei s ,l , nllish Pri ,.Regentan .\ .,. ric:am lappe N uthit; to Iis, I dto;el, Anwrvican ge lK..rI .'s, lict tlnll, Dank, of tillU L itaj~t 'clutll +', IPuret S i ds, I, olu'sl lo e Itppe, SIt A '(; i t . c'ilI ,lt chl l in,, s.weet wel' ted cl pIll-lil. 'illt' 't olllllkllg, Iof :llir ll Io llilic..v ltib-loot \ ii'''.;, Spa ith, \c. lle lillIea Cl'l PIe-b tI 1 t e d nl st.ll' ll , II lll, Sl l I p rClir llto any thlll of' the kindill i olll'lltll , :lld , nl 1 !.e t ll rnii shrlo 'l e:o ll b i'o)1 the most lib , tilllle It it. 4 t iT \id\I t . i)V' O ) S~L I' 1.Clh: l l i ' \ t . : . . .ll, b .,x e - 1 o If New0 I, lforld Stroi Ig.t dh ., lt tdil rtti l ship Kenturt kt ,\l l)lr .il, by r Lo;o ' I;;; nl CF I;;' l L ti;I;e; I)l; , joel o; \ .'. N\; w I ever t RAZI:RSC O 'PPEiRt-iill l," t hbrazier, copper A weighing tell ipSullsa r nll.ll sti re lllll fr -le bry . I .; I lUl;; l. ,O( '1.: ( I)., ivlt Prollt Ltele, betw elt (uutallll m llouse and litnll ville streets. t ju 1 New Orlen+ nI i CndllroelIlon Hnail I .andl for rnnt . , ' tIh ; crs f ot rthls datl . l,'t CAnRo.Lros F arot N-:w lUII ..N.,s lThe orsecar at 4 t'cl'k AM Stea, cur ,t 7 .\ A slouu, car 2 do P3 du; 11; do do 1 do do t11h du 11 u do do11 8 d to do The Jac :t rkk on llel tl ls rilll r~alureht nl Itrli s nille honllr v I l 7 ;lo k. "111o e car t wil l o llenc tlllulillL t.VLry Ihall i s tanll d c mlllilltul IoughltlllLnbl t the . I;;r 2 d;; p i1 do do 3 ,i hlarrn eel t I lll+ irt 1 + la l llllreil. e lrerl *er I tlalm aP thr Jaksnllll stree t d, ;;;l;4 d; ; d Idk', 7. ,t to t otllP ool o k o It. At. 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Cidr 2t.; -aes loor, lc luux Illlolo . 1 ll ! .h oeg SI li t1 ' Il.'ill )h il~l', 11.\rw r Ii 1 ; ;i es old , I' 'e rilth1 t;I t ;, prime aidt;n lltt i o I t11,m oo r ;s;dto Nals u. 1Stei s reo chie I X r t v(l ea i, | II0 li . , \ \hlxlt U erwoodIC .-.l ic l , lrlly rted o. \ It htiAsl Anoerioan Giny. 5 btIs Ao reoan lranody. N o5 r asks tlreelo lor Wit\ e. Sgar. Butter, l Watr and adla oCr;kero. Pihot ot Not;. Itend; mnl.ll oato u;oll'd bel th llho t;hl :lttl oron i ;: ; Ito lrt;ol;;ttro itn bilodnt,; ;g ltro iIh'o t ge.e1ooo. lloortlloltz1 SEth ,Io reen I lae tll 'i lltEt , ** T ;I . t \t r .I b V IIEIsr going to Mobiole S y the 1t1 lite [ an :h !:ts, WVetlneua suaeo C ; ,o;to so wld i rd - nerIIidlsl I tl due al'ice, "us n111 s.enlsca bte PwoLmd 2 : c0 n;s (rorascoaxt oo t to oto ro l ll r t be pla ed oi te wir y bill. lthoe w o oriole l hav b gt hotoike tirIl'lh . t O ll ulle l Cy ai Ioats tllulrilllng | 1 z lw ,el teel tuIn tht, ;d s t d tL ts. tIo0 WII ITl to, t llo, 1tOs t Ke it ol Ip1o t ori " 1I11" ITstI hIS & tt: )bT cowtd Boltotn No Sorp. ;a b oie. ;ner,, I m 1 , n .I t 1 1 " i'++. Nu aIrod~mufctrdb [t Iawi:(t t, i ;P.i tdyo Iuotoete witagotNt srinu The GirEs! Aesa liahl a o'clocki, A Mi-Is d4e seer dday at 12 , iL. t 3 'i/c'Tl ase Ohial Is denrl i alo·c uever daha athahtlf. bob 10 A M--Ias dhue wlli the great E'aitsre Milt S! ' uvery d1.y. The *,ak* . , (aVia totanigiin, TA) is "oisde every M lday, Wi:daes'Jay and I'riday, at Bo'oelokl FA M.-l. dur, very 'usdiy, Thursday an·dBtUre i t7, La',i/.e ir J*i*iir .M.i! is elausd everf Ma"day, Wiedleday d rSa.alrday, st : P M--i allet inld i re.tire.d bpeltmnmboatsg.--Artives irtega. iirl cvre timesi a wacck. Sflit /,.A. n ra tr Cnt bs.i~iAl is closad averf aTi'h m!rv m Friday, at i. MI-is suent x aid red sturclrd by thLe aieauibalt Brlllisat. 7'/.. I in,!ra or lied Itirer.vail bi feat ai.t. I yl rl" hy halitsouts, twice a week. I.sisicvile o River Mal$.. I .fonday, ) . _ %Liclesicsl, ccii diewsc~ Satinocl~g iiaturiiy, Coast ,sail. biaS e urd "y i o , Nsi -t anlca Cl. ( Ian aic o'kaft I'aseae. New-Or ieans c(htamuber of 'n-mmerce. iCrleRsa FoR rIle YR 8ee . 18 y. J. Paitrs, Presidn.t, A. Quertier, 1I Vice President, . L, flod1.r, 21 do.e COMMITTEE OF APYE4LS, cdflt l. Jiams Dick, Tlhomas Balseti John A Merle, fI C Ciamnanck, Jans i Liverich, fisk GEO. W. WIIi .ESi r or i . ,;ii/EI-. 114 ,.IDNF',%4 4 lHEAlITTIFITI. hend dfhair i· lhe Ctnnde.t 6end * m ))nt I,,honhin. t, tle |llhumn frame.' Ilow stlrnge( Iv the oi.l it hae.. the lafllln TIthereers pr.lenml i I l i brines n i til r neeiPtrc rof nil al'e, which Ieisil rse . lainy to r.emil at hol) n.h.)n.vered and someltime rievan to ili li cietiv tIn ivoid i th, ieras and m'err ofe IIeir iequaih.tulle0: tlh re niidero( their litre cre eon. .qiluntI y s p.,t iti ii etil(nllrlti . In sllO.r, tlt even hlld I,). rfr )repel'rtyiv f1a the Eeirnlt thinkic lloth wiia it,.,r ll thiesi il))ieaan cint eeesaaiiiirOhhOlriairr' tht n y rinfini ili ml ri Is hdel Ilv loehef id ass aars , Pldfl) .r1 t'.llllcmhia 't+. Ptl) Ihir· Illf roml ;lllne nff'on lhll firit nipplivtiben, adl afliw hottll r~itores it aenin. It Slihkiic. prhllners crehrwsi aei whiakers; pir'rrntsa th nir arim mainina erav. rikesr it enrl Ilhatifillv, qma iPres ; fiaron ei rf. NIItIIeroh)n cPllfieratesa I ro tl fir( r etii'eilifv in ait piri irthi virtiies of Oldridgog h I))lII areY PIown~ |iv thell;Prriptoer4. [7Rend the tilol.wii.:- Iliohert Wh'lirton, Esq. lhte ,lavcr af Philadelph hIII ertitirid ue manv Ii see liliw, t.o he high elhra hr, iif h 'leliwille ienlinmen. The undhrdelned dho ]herehv e.retify ihel wehnve isle(e lthe Ilslm if ('ohl ra li-n,'iivfred ti J.Oilridic. arnd have fnd it highly serviihenlle noit only as a ircvs'ehtir i . l filnst t e G ,lli g ;.l ]'ofo hair, but also a certu in rc ltora I WII..i.l i lII TCIHER, Neticr, hetaluiiliit Minisiter in at aGeorge pli sar. Nc 21 Noasis lilala at. JOiIN P It;l.i/,:3d1 Aclh rier.s. iTll I) 'I'iHi.iAS, M D, 1i:3 Inaeet I()IIa S Frl! I2'1il] apritee acres. I9) iJ| ilvCillahii[" d )..ulaald st. J()HIN GARl),,Jr, l3 Atclh utner.e is i.h khtawti tlult ihreeof tibs duleoi/s signe)' ce mird ilshii .i)iyevsr.e ii usut said ilihe oliithe sit liess tlhan ii. [Il ret tle laevor.] C''ltlilnlltt~clrelhh Il) Prnllvlmninr (. Cu'm 'is!i l if l ilael hiia. I, iRobihert rhlrlon, Mcvor iii if si oilfl I) Philade. ?,Ivaldo lielur.vcveiildtuf )luiteissallsaal|iacquinted lwah ,lliieraJi luau., Jiilii.. $itairniisilgdiihu'hll.Cards' v b,. ol e uire signed tl thie louse rtsltilienle,thala lheY .rcii uaithliler oIII1 husneli' anil, rcevauluili hlhiheand ad auil sluil ere i.h sihil ie uive. ta lutusaid uelraifcale. [ h]i W~ihlelrwhl~r~afl ]IIPI!( II.lernfto Yet IIvha1nlt) [I.. .%]" |IIIT\I.IIO.Mvr OI.:Iiii\' I Iii ulinlsecihl tl (Ifthi Gii l is l ia e la m im vi I) v , airiullha, rnhhis p'eadaied SI.Iiuh111 dii ef lbeiuvte be.h i ~pl u n S~hi . hlesrnl rtl alil lll e b le leeI t foN Am. irlml, en i'Fleiuhe llst'el. 1, v11rar i a Ulisire,b and lUod elo,,w lPendr 2rw.1t-.vl anld b.,. mlosl drilggistland pe'r.fumra Sbc r J. .ARIVI, & ANDIIEWS, h Wlhiltamleh Aents'. 'ew' Or(aeinc. 'lT!' E subhcriher propose. to ,olllish, in thie he. itltinol of tie ensuing winter, a Condensation t r tho.lwcntv volnmes of thl. Old and New Series eof i artn'- Louisilaa Reports, to lo comprised in fiour volulmes, l~.., according to the tmodl of Petersl totdenoed Reports. 'lt'is wok is now it prep:ration by J. Durton IItrrwl.r IEq.. oftlts city. nteoisted by William V. :rtld, :1sq. ThIe FEditor in also permitted by i di tllllui ed retired Judge of the Su preme Court; nold iy one of the sitting Judges, to edpect front thelr persono it supervision all the advantage which moy onturtilly heJ reh p d from their experipnco. e-llth a woLh is Icoingtt every day mnoro ne cessary, as the origlttl its vluminous, expensive, and scarler. An illcl.r siutir riosily toro is nlo:t - . at, in the other Statetls ut tih Union, itll Ofreerole to the poctlhr jutrisprudence u:" Louosiana't and ttlo circumostancee of tile llllerortls princiloes here de. cidod in the cdji-ttnent ofI cottflilrot e orla , makes the knowledgtl of our atdjnd:ted coises of prime ut. lity to the jurists of the wholoe Ullioll. torevet, the rising relpuhhllof 'Texa has adoptid our cairles, and thus there isa doemllald for the Lodisia't dctisiotns iroll a fresh quarter. Convenient notos, itdltating the parallel cases decided in Lotuislatta, and occtsionally thosn in the mrore authoritative forums of the other Stttes, will bte odde d to e;ch ensu. The wtort will Plorl four volumes,; oyal octavo, and uill be dellverrd, bound, to subscriletrs at $U per vol.; ill case it slhouli be ftound practicalle to collllpret s it into three volumet, tile price to sab scribers will lt .7 p¶er toil. S.bsacriplions receivctd by WM MeKIEAN, je5 cir Copfp and Countuu ats. S,-Ut A li-t. Littis tery pttre, Ott lte oh t tli- n eigli. InAallea frlU the vit y, for dnle by 'T' i, I Yilt: &'IIRtOTHER, ntt2 39 Cttt ot.,, tt re eer otl'fll gazine et. J iitg ettn l so terle tt iltia & ;ingham Umr- ..t4 brtllno a li L'taraotl', landing frant Barquo Elkae Hand fur sale by tIoet IQto " 1' ItttIlttt &. COi, 1:14 lgazoihd st Ie'l'";it:i' ('Ilie, tonlr,dretht fl, Moll i UA Lhinimenl, S Judklnso ' tillllllttet t, tier nott fitull n!e ptills, Iluler's Itlbrlve.ceilt Mtittnesin, Bttltl of Coltumin, t , c. ne.; hlllilote td for slile by 11 ltoNNAJIIIAL, nri2 eart` Arher nud Tchopitoulns stn. "t It o 10 COINT'it{AG' ORS. A I.Il promsels ttill be reecived at the office of iIte New Orltns ntll I Ni-hvillo ltaii-ro:td, tor the delivery of 31t'3',l i tot of plile oitr ypress timber, to be Ilenle , ll two ei It`s; thle illltto rl rti ttllt . least 10 it.', otl '1i thtt limber brought to Ill inchest in thick lto . oo , tol t lrt in Igths ofl 'ntt less than _llt fet. Theo toh,,i i- wnotttd alon,. thle shtore of Ltake Plontehur; l.n, not.I will be reei'ted it ilte third baynn slove the teoo ttcia', or t t, the ltlanlll o t' new etnal,at the tll-t I't llg, , alt tithet Iol Ioll thie C.o lpdy. A In, ropo.l. litl bte received li tr'Overine the etmboank lltmlI now madI otl It et shooret ot tthe lake, ctilll shoeila tw llll tl ol deptt i thll t rll nt 8ll iltthes. The t1otterillts tet` t pIrpio.e ll ea rilt otltainel d withien u tlwrtdi t l're of ite elshlthollut .llslId the Ctompany will lur tlh frtrttol :lttootiols lot laying a 4eUto'ohtry tlanok Bwhere t rhe di-an s Coto groitt te f oi shelrtbark Also, o pOsads m iI he received flit building a everal tllen= tie. alon lith ht, ol rthe road; the tie.sription willl b glve ten alpplictionio thte ugiltttrr. Notew ( Orean and Nashville Rll-rod Office, June tily. A y t YLE & AY, je 8i 3 Cerottidelet otebelr ke'p Intn soturing e r smo retio e i fores e by joii 41 New Levee. a'7i r t le 'L'E t2 boaos reen Coffee, lof 11 hlr rlcro, foot Hutohai olti" lo eby SLATEtR & TRIER, jc14 40 Poydra street. YI AtUNT I'OtNIitO1.OL, a noravel, tom I7/ tevoteed, by the tuttlholres of "The Disiulteited. "'lirtatiot," tee. inl 1 volt0 The Adventures of n Centlreao a lee erfa llf bt wivth nlllmetous "lod clts. (itrtterrdtottrn Ier .'o.oatto i. Qur Neighttrhltt.ditbdllF t;:oiotes lo t1 lttllhor tl "tOtte Neittrtteotodtli" it in I vol. Rutsia nrd the Ruasinsaorea journey ltot Peteree hrg ulnd dMooseow, tlhrugh CouUnhd and Livonha ltilthchanacteristih, skethesh of the people; y llh Iito ltie, lli., uatttlo of Turner's Annual Totel," "t.h:atdatrltae.lo itt,'c. r'atlie of the Arctic Land E1rpedition to the mouth of th t cren ul l"ih lver, andl ulog the shtres uf tde Arotte .ceuuLiu the yeears 1I1t, 1814, and 1ILg, by Cuapltite Baek.tR. . comttmander 91 dte expediioa uslllteod with I, 0. Metlteanh rII nody tin; tonttt! leckerl iin half dot 'mre-. 't'eble inetarro of §'no l+ tltbo alttle, (odh 4 l[re};) I t-.tit oittl M ri, t o tl.1 . 1 . 1; I . .~ t' it. hoses; L - - Otter S1 ttf4 1lr12 ~ to t~lrno' C\

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