Newspaper of True American, July 10, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 10, 1838 Page 2
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S 4 W oa. iiortat to 211 die. te teito· Iot . ... to 40 d ,, ' fia t{{r,,lR u~J i· ind ~ ~ . ins Ils "m·...~ o do k ook.. ..., toi "a do tie C g" Sdo,,I hole hide 7111 "eRa: " t c; I 1;inh5; O noxto . 45.....~ to do . Hksseas...rpt, . toU tt do MarA0tto. r Nnw Tons :.t eity. OdleSntO~ ealet 1 f thin artlele orre ta ot - psissa hig i aretneding opoardo'. A ot Cturtotun, S rb tsuoh*n.6rtsoaWr*eh.eoh a spu deutend. ;i`.# snook so ets. Biht. At $aoapnah.Fb I oat. the.. 3 hod~bsos 5y lte st, big teotbZ"Ft 12S . fttadt St4 4S5 bet do. ,Atr Frthtor:uo, rorry Sssabty 19th. raaa tbo t ttto crop wko oers. o n . TIte bitt trt , p ie, unit other tn w having6 corphe1d to ruin at leat two 1s1 o tshh atop arrito St the shippoing .nrcn sui atot to , ar . 1 "9.96. and· ite onpuitn to 5rent trjtuin tooter ;S. s~thii of hts,. od ielh ............t.. : . 3 o rasy-ive Bnk... 18to13 i. NOTICE. N EW ORLEANS i NASHVII.LE IAII. ROAD N COMPANY.-Sealed poposlals will um received at the offine until 10lth July, for laying superetlucture en hm eraid road. Th mnaterial for the RoOd will IC lad litng the idie of the track, hlud abuthues will le Itilt by the 'ine imltractor will slate how much per mile lie will tilld the spetetrut'lure flr,-payment to be made as thie *ork lnreoeens, deduetinlg :ll per cnt lonu clch lymeot until thle eontract is eonmpleled, to tike saults. iraeh of the Chief Eongiteer. D IOARD, jyd-6t CltiefEngineer & Gen. Superintendent t tak his inelihew, dir. John Letd, inito partner shinp the'bursthins noretofore carried Is sty hill, will bh eo tinued from this date ulnder the firml of LEEDS & CO. j4 J.IDtDIA LeEDR. L~OUR. lbblforsale by ( DORNIEY, 44 New Levee. EAF LARD-400 ke , erdd'er, falr sale by jy4 44 New Levee. h Boilers and Ovens complete, a ileat antl lost envwenient artitle, fur IESl by HOL,lIES & tiLlI, jr4 , lhank Alley. SLATERIK & TRIER, y4 T 40 Pnydrae street. PL AG STO 12n lt ed Scoth Flagging; for I to lew, t a close cneigntlenl t It LLb HOLMES & MILLS ijy Bank Alley. SOLUION OP PAIRTNERSHI P.-The firm of Hill & Du Hois, or Du Bi, &a Co., Livery Stable, No. 68 St. Charles street, kLnoin lly the name e'Tctmernnll', hlve geen thin day diesnolvd, by nmutual enamnat. The Stable will in future be colducted by O. Da uis, who has the Bottling of the busincas. ti. DU Rt)IN, jy Will. HILL, O CE-Tie iopartnershna lp heretofore exieting i, lween the otibtcrilwer, uaider tle firmi of W. & ANT, has been dissolved by mutual consent. lGrent is charged with the liquidation of the affaire elate firm, and will continue the busineas olt his own account. WMl. GRANT, 'tv3-St JOHN GRANT, Jr. " W J1tULb.AI.L TIN MA. FACT' RY.O I AMIUEL LOCKE & CO.2201h Levee street, have in atore a Ilrge and well assorted sto k of Tinl wre, cnompriling every artirle sutllylv nde, tegl of their ownp manufeoltr whlich they oilet r i n eccrulao deltne terme. Illeers in the article would do well to $mlen their rteck. nap 17 AVANA COFFEE-IS0 Illtga il st rt,. for salg Sby LATE & TRIER, tPl 40 Povdras etreat S ltatimtAL'i I ti.c. iV OtiLEANS.u uliHE psed of fresh flotur to-lay is $6 50 per bbl: nas t -ordmg to tihe tariff, ilae tkers shal' give dilrieg the e.auing week, (friom Moulay,ilth July,) 41 maces ofbnrad forelitt. Brtld of tile econdl qtualiy is re quired to weigh 25 per cent. morn, vmi: 511 ounces. C. GENOIS, Mayor. July 7. 18368. LEA F LA1RD-3110 bege u store, fgr lte by -Jett GI DJORSEY, 4MNew ,evee. W ANTED-To attend in the Readinlg Rlatnosf the V- Tlau AEtRICA., a Colored Bov, who can eaad ed write a little. Oie aeclimated, wh can re mnin permanen.y, would be areferred. TRAY MULES--Coaa into the stables of the sub. eerihl r tn Friday evening last, oin ltere Bal Muei, about 3IS halde' high, and a small Light Bay MI8le abu t II hand hilab; ith temani. If they Me Swithin ten doya frou the date hereof, the will be sal by P. A. Guilhite, euetioteer, ttt6e, on 1Y1tlIutda tm 7th July re; at ide tbtead pplae. `JA. E. HOLLANI), itpw.-ltitl7 nor Circus & Common ats. VPAVES-Sott venus A I'burie du saussignb, Vendredji oir 0n geald Mulct bane, de I3 maiee da hpe, nt un petit M.let btain plair, haltt de It mains. tl l t ne ent pas rerlalt e d'ei A dix anure, ils aersnt epdPn per P A ti.llotte, eaeauteur, oefoarttbment A Sanesual7 Jillet polalain, an tmlps et lieu erdi SJOHN E. HOLLAND, tpt'a eooigtnere des res Cie et ocomtune. 1iM W ca leanding fIrutabetm er George SWuahiglamt, for anle by G'DORIEY, js8o 44 Now Levee. TIC; TO TML WPUBLIC.--Ufonandi of thn Lh desnianed havini sold out, Shin d and long astalulhed ARDEN SEED STOKE, 10ci. 8 (lstoeu hImotu Street, uHnvig hn oueat industriously aircultoed by self. ite,*4P kilem, the subseriber bags to assure his *ttmnshrllnlt'y, and the public at large, that hae atll eeliMne within two doors of ha late, or lonlner Antn4 to be' pftished with a full and ex. la 'ive sopply of all Me elandard kinds of kitchen orkg Garden Seeds, of the growth and isa. pat of the present aseasn, 1637. , the early part of September, he has re. d -amp in esppsaplts by the packet ships Vicks. b itueky.ckay, end Arklnsna, all arrived in short JMSle, direot from Now York. By the Mibns. 41 od Iltnther packet, he is in dllly expetss. ;iat a supply of Fruit Tresw aid Asp i,'baleing already received ilroiceeas thher by alnd.ber egs further to ausure the publie t atbe' is at present as well enabled to W sDaosate orders for all the kinds of Garden aIalLther wholesale or retail, as he onre was * i Bbit es atablistanent in January, 129p . 010111ja and Market Gardstmru' orders A linnt and meat reasonable rates, by 4 wlightb, eand gallon or bushel tmeaure. i ither in French or Enliesh, may on personal applation as J .WM. 4M.ITH, Se5laMtoare, f85 Cwt graemeSh rsrt. st ipply of Brd Bead, eibr , up; berln, and Shakers' ypil of peas and boas,. ··: i Conclusion d la s6anse dii Mardi 2. Mai1388. Rsolu que 1a sotmme de 1231 piastees soit pavye d John Hewlett, Peter Cdnas, J. M. Bach et anx reprdsentans 16gaux de Tb la ccesslon de feu Is. L. McC ,, pour A coiission, droits, et autres chaf es .tir wil la proprin6 adjug6 par eux, en vertu.4'un op ordre de ce Conseil, le ler fbvrier et le 9 g mai derniers, dans telles proportion qu'el- of les leur seront respectivement due. so Sira6, JOSHUJA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu que le salaire de tous les offici- Po ers de cette municipalit6 soit pay6 meutu- ha ellement, nunobstant toute r6solution ou sit ordonnance e e contrai Sign6, ' . JOSHUA BALD IN Recorder. o lbsolu quc le Voyer soit et demeure to autorisd A contracter pour la fourniture de seize bapcs A l'usage des citoyens; lesquels banes devront dtre places ur pla place La fayette: pourvu que lee dits banes ne cou- m tentpas plus de 12 piastres chacun. d, Sign6, a JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu- que le Voyer soit et demeure au torits a acheter de temps A autre au plus bas prix, du lest de pierres, jusqu'i con currence de 8000 tonneaux, et de faire, a chaque s6ance du Conseil,.son rapport sur tens les achats qu'il aurait fait, ainsi que our les prix d'nchat. .. .0 Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. 8 RIsolu quo le Comptsolleur soit et de meure autoris6 A adjuger au plus bas et dernier enchdrisseur, aiprbs dix jpurs d'a vis pi.alable dans detux des journaux pu bli6s en frangais et en anglass, un contrat pour la livraison de 8000 barils de coquil. les; de plus pour la livraison de 20,0)0 ba s rjla de sable blanc ou rouge, qui devrent dtre ddlivrds A tels lieux de d6barquements de cette municipalit6, que de temps A au tre le Voyer d6signera. Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN Recorder. ORDONNANCE, Pour amender l'ordennaoce pass6e le ler Juillet 1817, intitulbe 'Ordonnance pour prevenir et 6teindre les incendies." Art. 1. II est ordonnd par le Conseil de la Seconde Municipalitd de la ville de la Nouvelle-Orleans, que 'article 4 de ladite f ordnnrmance soit amende en ajoutant avant: ps mots "pros d'aucune place habitie" eso mots " ouvertement dans aucune cour r on terrain," de manibre A ce qu'on puisse lire ceci "on ouvertement dans aucune cour on terrain, pres d'aucunne place ha Io bitde. r Art. 2. 11 est ordonnd, &c. que les com missait es de districts soient charges de faire cheque jour leur rapport au Maire et D au Recorder de chacune et de toutes les r violations aux ordonnances pour pr6venir et &teindre les incendies; et que le Maire Set le Recorder fassent poursuivre et punir Stous les ddlinquants conformoment A la ll Ioi. Signd, " JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. 11 est resolu que l'approvisionnement de fussils, maintenant dans l'arsenal de cette municipaliti, soit prdtd et dblivr6e an Col. Maunsel White, pour l'usage du 46me r6. giment de la milice de la Louisiane, A sa prochaine revue, A la charge dudit Col. Maunsel White d'en donner un requ et de les restituer immddiatement aprbs la re vue, en bon ordre et en boen tat. Signr6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. t nsula qu tsa'gardes de nuit de cette Municipaliti, quand dclatera un ince~ldie, devntro crier au feu, et nc devront agiter leurs crdcelles, que dans le cas oh la paix publique serait troubl~e, et quand it serait !ncessaire d'assembler la garde pour met i tre A exdcution les lois et les ordonnances. Signd, ' JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. e RBsolu qu'il soit permis A Benjamin at Whitney d'driger une petite machine A va 0. peur dans le troisirme district de cette Munibipalit6, dans la place comprise entre les rues Josephine, Thomas, Bellechasse, et Tchoupitoulas; ladite machine devra nt. dtre exdcut6e sous l'inspection du Voyer, ir et renfermde dans une h.tisse A l'dpreuve du feu, et hors des limites d'incendies de la corporation. Signs, e * JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6solu que le Comptrolleur soit et de meure autorish A souscrire pour trente co pies du Directory de Gibson, & cinq pias tres par exemplaire, A I'usage des ofliciers de cette Municipalit6; lesquels exemplai res seront recus et distribuds par le Compt. rolleur. Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6solu qu'un comit6 special de trois membres soit nomm6 pour s'entendre avec la Banque du Commerce, et s'informer d'eux de ce quo couterait la fourniture de I'eau A une ou plbsieurs fontaines publi ques dans chaque district; cette Municipa lit6 se rbservant de construire les ouvrages n6cessaires A cet objet. Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6solu qu'il ne convient pas d'acc6der A la demande des commissaires de la salle de bal de la rue Carondelet, d'avancer des bonds de cette Mhnicipalitr & ladite com pagnie, on de souscrire a ses actions. Sigin, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. THE undmeriged have opened a house in this city, - udetlhe nrm f H5 P. LEVY, For the purpose of transacting a GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS. Orrnae, No. 10 GRAIIav STREET, UP STAIRS. The lros at Grand Gulf, Mis., will he continued under the style of H P LEVY. H P LEVY. llferences. Godfrey, Las ne & Sma, Orleans. LU. Peters . Mtilhsed, I H B Hill & Co, Louivaille, Ky. John M Gilmore, Vicksburg, Miss. Harper, Carpenter & Co. Sum rs & Wate, Grand Gulf, Miss. Muir, Moore & Coe Nilas Lillard, Natche, slis. New Orleans, July 6,1888. jy9 LATE PUBLICATIONS. BHE State Priesoer,a Tale of the French Regency Sby Mary Louisa Boyie, in 2 vola. tqueti for Ladi.s. with biats on the preservation isrovesM ont, and dla, ay othfosele boattr. Olier Twist, or thu Parish .y's Prgrevss. By Charles Dickens, (Boa,) tothr of the UPikwiek Pa. rs" &e. Pert the re, with twelte illustrations, torum de by ( trt shan. - he r, or the, yiss and Doings of 8a. , edt Slick, of tlickville; Lew edition. unst rmetvd so ford os by W1 M$pKEAN, "s • cor CLamp sd C.mmon fsts. "BAl,;- ps of prim Kentucaky Bagging, is Id lore'eku r sale by LAWRENCE k LEGENDSBE, _2 3je2a19 N ee Lvec. 1R keg I ndsbbd ibIs[re and 1 u0sleby S 'S+ ATT E iL "ii IK, jell 40 Poydras street. FW H ISK e, Flour nod Pork, in store. for Mleby m i DOitStY, 44 Now Levee. SjIi rlTD t1W - JAn. et|![I N. o STR E BR ItANA2: hi T'tESD)AY ............ JULY 10, 18=.. ,o Wehave no further election returnsyesterday. eC The information received induces the belief that A. B. Roman, bhe Whin candidate for governor, will he elected by a majority of one thousand or epwadli. The thrieb ihig members at. Con- tl rest are likewise elbdted i White, by a majority S of it0i3 Chian; by iblioitt l0o; and Garlan - i out opposition. t The returns fo ithe Members of the Legis~ature are not yet all receivedi but we have enough to put it beyond iall doubt that, not only we shall hare a large Whig majbit y in joint ballot, but also a handsome majonrt!in each house. In short, the victory of the Whigs is no complete a it is signal; end far exceeds the expectaions of the most sanguine. Louisiana is now one of the very usrest Whig states in the Uniori: But this election has not only taught as our strength, but also the necessity of the most active vigilance: We cannot close this article without compli menting our friends an Florida. They have re deemed themselves; they have done wonders and are deserving of all praise. The whole of the returns will be received in a day or two, when the Whirs should assemble en. masse, and celebrate their great triumph. Let our rejoicings he great, bn.t free from confusion or insult to the fallen democrats. Gentlemen of our acquaintance arrived in the city yesterday. confirm the news hf the eleetion by e majority of 37 of Dr. Walter Brashear from St. Mary's. Mr.Patten is elected beyond a doubt from Concordia, and great hopes are entertained f the success of Judge Morgan to the Senate, from Ouachita. Mlr. Roman's majority still exceeds 1000, and we do not think it will be reduced much, if at all below that, number. We hiteor been favored by a gentleman with the following return from Carroll: Prieur's majority, . . 25 Garland . . . 72 Selby, representative, . 512 Patten is elected to the Legislature. "t The state electiona in Louisiana take plance next month. The probability is that iHr. Rmasn will be elected governor. The Whigp are pre. paring for a great crowing on the occasion, hot they are very carefal oat to ally a word about Mlr. Roman's being supported by the most influential administration paper in the state. The "lee"u says "Mr. R. is a moderate man in his politice.'" By the above extract, it appears that the Balti more Republican anticipated the triumph of A. B. Romta, but in its infatuated devotion to its fel lows of the collar press, thus gives it to be under stood that Ihe would he indebted for his surccess to the advocacy of the democratic Bee! If the Re publicnn be not entirely blind, or does not wilfully squint, he will readily perceive by looking over our returns, how far the Whig governor owes his elevation to the democratic Bee. Tite satauch de. mocratic Bee, for its own good rinasles anld pur. poses, advtcated the claiims of Mr Romnan, the r Whig candidate for governor, in diametlrical oppo, sition to its professions of dtemocracy; in strict variance with the nomination of the denmocrntic convention, called and strongly supported by ii. self; and in violent contradiction to the opinions and feelings of its former supporters and pulitical friends. It advocated also the claims of .Mr. lion as our state senator, and its hiihest commendation of himn was asserrting that lie was a good Whig! Furthermore, theBiee exercised its utmo,st ingenu ity of orgument anal ocyupied at least a column daily in supporting the claims of lMr. John Slidell, as the regularly nominitlod democratic anndidate for Congress; and to such on extent did it urge his superiority over his oppontnt, that if it had any i power wttih.evcr, wnether der eirorno its eo"n in Souen.e ol that of the party, it must have insured his elecction Now, what is the renitl, Mr. Relpub liei.n! TThe Whig Governor is tle.ted,-not Ly t the assistance of the democratic Bee, but in de fiance of it; for it is easy to show thut its assist once was a vast incumbrance. Its advocncy could have no influence over the Whig voters, and toI prove that it had no control over its own former party it is only necessary to mark the result of its vigorous efforts in support of its own particular 0 candidate, Slidell, who is beaten by a majority of e nearly a thousand votes; and if to this be added the number thrown away upon Miles Taylor, it a makes the Whig majority for Congressman 1300. Now we would ask the Baltimore Republican e whether this state of things evinces any advantage gained by Mr. Roman from the support of the Bee? If the most mnfluential administratlion paper . could come no nearer to success with its own democratic candidate, is it not evident that its support was rather a hindrance, than assistance to the Whig Governor? If tihe Bee had any infl. ence whatever, it mlst have been with its own party, rather than with the Whifgs, who.were more likely to look witt distrust than favor on a candidate so srrongly sulpported by this "most in fluential administration paper." Thie Baltimore Republican may be very giod authority for party matters in Maryland, hut it clearly knows little about them here. This " most influential" Bee calso advonqated seven candidates for the legisla r ture, yet the lowest ni our list exceeded the high Bast on the Bee's. What advantage does the Re publican think these seven candidates derived front the support of the administration paper? If Mr. Romnan had not had beter support than the Bee could give him, he would be in as melancholy . a minority as the unfortunate lohn Slidcll. TEE SractIc DrosrITE SCuEME LtAT. The adtntaetration has suffered another defeat in their financial schemes; Mr. Buchanan's sub astitute for Mr. Webster's temporary mcadere be ing I,,st, hya vote of29 to 21. The principal ob ject of the latter was to repeal so much of the deposite act of 1836as prohibited the ieceiving the notes of any, even specie paying banks, if since July 1836 they had issued notea of a less denomi nation than five dollars, while the whole matter of Mr. Buchanan's substitute was but a renewal of the sub.treasury scheme in a condensed lornm. Tile question came before the Senate to make the ubstitute take the place of the bill, which was carried by 26 to 24; but whoie it came up uo the engrossing of the olw bill, it was defeated by a vote of 29 to 21. Thus has the brand of public aondemnation been again placed on the sub-t.ea eary bill, even in its new aspect, yet have cur senators, Mouton and Nichulas, gune with tihe party through thick and thin, but praise be to tile patriotic band led by Henry Clay, their effitts have been futile, and their servility is exposed. By way ofl illustrating the consistency of "tile patty," imttddiately after these rejections senator Wright, tlie leader of tile sub-treasury party gave notice to bring in a bill to effect the very object of Mr. Webster's measure! Such is the consistency of these loco foco legislators, who are industrious ly held up as pattern cards lro preaent and (uture Senatore. .tS, Ilampltdri.-..Thb Van Buren convention betidat Concord, have nominated the houl Johln Page, of Haveraill, as their candidute lor Governor, at the next elerhl . This Mr. Page seems to be Guveri. r Hill's warming pan. " lie a.rved out his arptied tier ci the UDoifSoates Setate, Sid .isn ow to act goternor under the dictatorship of 12 s tunning little Isaac." ' The hon. Wm, Parmentef is the only one of the Mssadchusetts delegation who proved recreant to his professed Whig princtiples and voted for the Be olious sub-treasury bill. The people of Middlesex the county, Mass., will never niford hime' another o;rporttnity of tletraying them. Ilis political doom i. sealed. ( - The new lossatichuseett' law, prohibiting R the sale of liquors, comorrenced on the 4th Jt.i. Such a glorious day as the immortal " Fourth,', is not a very apropos to begin itie cold water sys. tem on. This is a gala night at the Vauthalfl,where a most agreeable entertainmeat is to be given which all would feel pleasure in partaking, if'they will once take on them the trouble of starting to the St. Charles. The Concert of both vocal and inetrp hiental music, is really a treat; the dancing of fo Miss Hanker, who in it exhibits her well turned figure to the greatest advanlang, is both graceful and agreeable, and the pleasant Vaudeville with George Holland's inimitable drolleries, completes an evening's eontertainment that it would be difm cult to match at any time, or in any place. Do - go and see! 11C' Alligator and Broad.foot with six-and-thirty mtore of the Seminole Indians arrived yesterdav, and will move westwa'r to-day If the computa- It tion is correct, that this Florida war had cost thirty f millions, which is a moderate computation; ench Indian taken, whether man, woman, or child has cost twenty thousand dollars ahead. [p The Exprerss Mail due yesterday did not arrive. That of ýundny brought very little intel. ligence of interest, except the loss of the Special Depositse Humbug. Topreent Iong talks.--On the 30th June, Mr. e Noyes introdaced a resolution into the IHouse of Represenlatives, the object of which was that the better to enaoble Congress to bring this very long session to a close, no member shall be allwed to talk longer, than fifteen minutes at a time, nor more than ontce on any single subject: but this sensible plait not suiting some of the long winded. babblers, was "Laid on the table." fy-" The Mlessrs. Wells and Watson have pur chased Mr. J.Jlcks,n's ch. c. the Pony, by imp. Leviathan, dam by Stockholder,4 He won the 3 mile race at Nashville on the 25th of May, and is lhkely to prove a hard customer at the fall races over the Mletrie track. The same gen tlemen have made extensive purchases of some young things, sired by imported Glencoe and Le viathan, that are particularly intended to cut a figure on our cur crss. PORT' OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEAILANCM. r thip Charles, Browster, ROrdeoax, l, It Woe Ehip Olympiao, Gray, avre, F P'.rett & eo ShipQulent Adelaide, tarstow, Liverpool, S h J P Whittltey tarque Otaho, A mine tlnles. A ,att itr rBrig soalist John, Gritth, Tampa Ray, .tt J Whitney Brig A e, Drimol, Havana. J W Zacharie Ci.e Schr Elzabeth. Forsyth, P'esaecolat, toer ARtitIVA.S. Tonowboat Ihldson, .inell, fronl ttp Pastoes: towed to sea .hip eialtoT brought ITl shrips Elizabeth, entl inwes. irqlue ronbt Watts attd scbr tlolakt; left the nr a th r r-on hir poerts 1 hip, brigs attd a sctoollr ill tite river; tItIt Y out ,Tsideo Ship taAwes,n Sill tr, er i days froatt Cten,. ShOip Robert Watt,cltore, i tys fIrot Rorbet ,, to A _Mallard. Shit FtlizoretBtr,oyer, from Btordahlu to ma;tter. Sci re olat.aron httawk. ifro Tl'r npp ittiy, loft o the itht to o & J t ,\ idisoy. Stemnr Aj:l- aRntioer, froe St it Mrtitntilln. Ste.amnr t;ou ({l'icr, I;ettl hoover, frino Stll tl j.. Steileer (iov Shelby. Kertllot vl, totnl Pittt.bell. S lotnloo r I.R ckey \uotnttin , tilbert,tcl om C N:.ktvtlle. SNOt'ICnE.-''he. bri;g Eliworth, cpt-.- Inrer -IroItll New York is now ll conthrionu opt lClomIleo aOLeaas Coaltoin Press; ore ccicllltlll requestet ead o tten to th o receipt ol'tllei' gftads , tt- i' 1, Levee. Nt}TICE. N EW I,. EANSi &. NAStiVlet,It RAIl, RtOAi ThOM inPAN-- a train otM'erss will Iha o Ietihnt of fOnrtnrt st.r.-tsu, l . ,vr tlny fr Beath nal th. Pr;irie, rit R no'ror.k A It, 12 m. ttLtl ft P o1; letut ruiog t t- it -1 d 2 1' , and ; P 11 .ept ,lllxlav.%Y w1'71 thllnv wll leave nat a A l, atnd 4 P 1 :si rettlll or"12 \1 tlnll (V l.t1:91'20 It CAI.tWEI.I, jylln-t Prisildert -'thotlennle Tinlt Moan intttctory. S LO.I'.E CO, cnntine to in ullllftle tin walr to order, in all its hlrlltl theo; their ai llletl!lt:lltt of tin ware oto hanl is very extensive, which they ilIer d at very low prices, hvy wholeleal. Also, Ltttlcoptpmr' Ssugar sk mmn ers, 3110 do usuUr ladles, 250 copel, , suagar hIouse lamps, 71 bath tabs, iall of their own mannotfitc t nure. jyl-.t f tMR. SAMUEL. StAKtPEAtE in mty nuthlorized . Aget tduring ly bsence from ntlle city. t)ANIEL. tIANA. fI j-law4w. DN l_ _ A d -LAVANA COFFEE--136 Ings, greet and primlo, Ilanding fromt Irig Salvadnr, for sale by j SLATEt & TRttfIR, jytl 40 Phoydrns strtet. 1' i undersigned will continue the C ommissio n Sand Forwarding Busines on his oewn account in i titis place. Office, Nc. 10, Grvier street, up stairs. H P LEVY. The Ituleaesa at Grand Giulf, Miss., will lie continuted on his own aecoonlt. H ' I.EVY S jyl0 .-I -AP--l hboxes imitation, No. I seep, hrand of k' Jackson & Trowlridee, latding fromn tehr John Allyn, for sale by ISAAC tRII)tGP & Co, jy t0 134 4loMazine street. P AINITSSi tILS, C-ORt)AGE-31{10h kostwhite liiead, 125 canisters chrotte green, cground i oil; 5f) hulers assoeortedl fton 4 to e incrlt, 50 coils ilimling rope assorttd. Just received in store, for sale by S LOCKE so Co, ivl0 2 2 Oli t.tewe. N AIL.S-210 kegs L totau nt ails, jutt received, for sale by S LOCKE & Co. jy 10 22 Old L.evee. RECTIFIED WHtSKtEY-llObbla elTifiedltihey in store, for sale AM U jylO 17 Comnere street. TI'TTER-tOO keg+° Iebbl famtily butter, lart very i superior, Ibr sale by LAYET ,. AMIELUNG, jyl 0 17 Commerce street. FLO)UIR-l'1 bhle suettnfine, fint, comon, antt croal i' sed fler, in store, far sale by LAYET' & AMELUNG, jyl0 17 Cemottrce stwel. jLOUR-500 bbla landing, frol steauner, and for sale by G DOILSEY. jy10 44 Now Levee. EAF .AIltD-810 kegs laudlig and for sale by SG DOltSEY, jyl0 44 New Levee. FO10R SALE-A smart likely NEGRO BOY; itr 1 further particulars enquire at .6 Tchoupitoulas street. jyl 0 OSIN--lt0 bbls rosin. landtie and e or sale by I J ' o HAYER & Cao, jyl0 . 74 Poydras street. LEMOIN SYRUP-IOU eaxes, thnding alnd tar sale b " JTHAYEIt&Co, jyi ___ 74 Poydras steet. A j II' )'AlbD-30 boxes mustard, tr sale by .L1.3 J TIIAYERI, jyl0 74 Poydras street. SOTLCE-- warn all persons in business, not to trust my Wile, Alexandria Dietz in mny name, as I will not be accountable for anm Debt she may con tract Sie has left my bed and board, and is ntow living with a man named Charles Reede, and hus otherwise conducted herseoll with great impropriety. CHECKS ON THE U.nI'TAED SL tot.a ttsakn of I'ltiladelelhi, and in sunms tosuit iurchasers I for sale by LAl WIRNCE & I.tGAI;EDKrE, jy9 28 & 29 New Ievee. StROGA.S-~40 cases .len's a d Buys' Kip and jB Russett Brogant, . r sale lby ISAAC BRIIIIDGE & CO, jy9 134 Mlagazinr street. (('1 t.OTH INi-t cases euam:er Clothing, eompris Singa ag.deurt !%,e t of coats, jackete , vests and paits, foir sal by ISAAC BRIlLGie. & Ct), jy9 134 Magazine street. LTiVE DOLLARf REWAR.D-Loston Wednesday ' last, a very old MIETAL WATCH, with a small gold gr.ardchltin. ,me on the face, "' Drury-Lon don." The watch Is of no intrinsic value, althougb prized by the owner. The above reward will be paid on delivery of the lost article at I his office. NOTLCEI:--A tir of Bayine tehad Horses, in good order, tar sale tcheap far Cash; alpply immediately (the owner being about to leave the crty) at Dubois U bill's Livery Stable, No. 56 St. Chllaad street. jy9-t 'lTUCKY, Illilnis, atd Indliana lilney, ter s.te bIy LAWRENCE & LEGCENDRE, js2I T . 8 & : New Levre. IPERM CANDLES-11 hboxes New Bedrord spierrm Candle,,leassarted ases, now landieng .'ltl brig Me tslotra, foraley JrOt 'iPI t.r;olrA YNF, jell 25 Gravier stree t. I 21 , now tanding from brig wlliam, Y em. uston.. 1200 gallons foreigtn and northeon mhlt.actured linseed oil, 'p-asks and brres, in toe amd leow by Wholsale Druggist, A jy7 cur Common & Tchoupttoulas streets. JUST received at the Louisiana Fiurnotura Ware a/ Roome, 5i Bionville etreet,i00 Maple nod Cheery A Bedsteads; a first rate article. Also, a good o nasrt nent of Maple, Walnut, and Painted Chairs, which will be sol for the lowest cash ppr ces. W R CA KNES, jy7 53 Bienville street. TUININE, EPOIM SXAli'3, AN) CALt)Mr't.. S151) ounces Prench Quinine, 10 bblo Epsom Salts 3 casks Pearl Ashes, 4 easnes Calomnel, Ipecac.. Jalop, Rhubarb, &c. &c.. lattding from brig William, from Boston, and for sale byA JARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Drtggiets, .jy7 cor Common & Tehouprtoulas street. SOAP-3i0l boxes:PNo I sonp, brand of James Gould, ] landing from Ig William, for sale by jy7= t 134 Magazine street. I ALE ROPE--15n coils bale rope, of superior * quality, for sale b By . . .. , ISAAC BRIDGU 4Co, jy7 134 Mgsnzine street. AlGGING& ROPL-I1000 ps lavy Kentucky f bagging, 900 coils rope. small size, in tore, and for sale fY LAYET.r AMELUN(i, jy7 17 Commerce street. B ACOrN-l t'hds nsdso,70 hhdso shoulders, in store, fur sole by LAYET & AMELU'NG, t jy ...17 Commerce street. " OSHEN BUTTEIL--.i kegs superior article, i landing froam stea rbanvlor sale .,. ' g STETfSt"1T & AVERY, jy7 83 Gravier street. I NOTICE TO FIRE--YN. IJISIISSIPPI FIRE CO, No 2, be, leoe tore - IL trrm thbir i incere thanks to Mr J BItOahE proprietor of the Coffee Horuse, corner of Chartres any. St Louis street, for his extraordindry moderation in charging us fifty cents for only six pilot crackers, and ondlj 12 1- ceas per glass for ice water, when ha tad so good at opportuttty of profiting by thIe mis fortunes of'his neighbors. By order, jyfi W A CHAMPLIN. Sec'y. TJOUISIANA HOSE CO-New Olleans, 5th July, i 1838--This company tender their thanks to Meesrs Crrierec, IDuran & Co, and 'auth & Brother for refreshments furnished tile company at the fire cor ner oflit Louis and Levee streets, this morning. By order. jyfi H G HEATH, Sec'y. IouISIANA HOSE CO.-'ltis cotmlray beg leave to return their tharks to MIr J IROIZE, proprietor of the Coffee House,S E corner ofChartres and St Irois strets, for charging thei company one liberal manner in waich they furnished tihem with re freslmeots during the fire on rite morning of tihe 5th Sinst. By order, jyfi WACHAMPIL1N, Sec'y. NEW OIRLEANS & NASHVILi.E RAIl. ROAD -COMPANY.--)rafts on New York, at 60 days ight, for sale at the ofice, corner of Canal & Baronne darerst. JAMES H CALl)WEIL, jiv6 President. .brOiTICE-)arrniel E. Cotrn ie frlley nutr.tried to .i attend to all of my business during my absence fiom t city, as well ta to discharge any duties that . tmay devole o arte as Texian Consul. jyfi NATH'L TOWNSEND. TIVENTY-FIVE CARPEN'TERIS WANTE rO 10 work at the L.ake etd of the lew Canal, a 1 to the Harbor Master, at the New Basin. jyfi-hl I'r)TICE--The co-pnrtnershir Itcretoftoe existing rtrnder tie firor at Ii. I'. & L. I.EVY, at Graed sGulf, Miss.; rnd II. P. LEVY & CO., New Orleans. i C this day dissolved by itultanl consent. II. P.Levy is alone tuthorized to settle the affairs of both houses; the na to of the firm r ill be used only in liqridation. IH I' ItY, vjy J I. LEVY, The Graend Gulf Advtertiser will tsert tihe above until fartler rotice N it'Plt--'i'h tumd.r"rigred heving purchased out L tire irterest ,of". ,. LEVY, wro Imucotirue the business at Grand Unit; Miss. nrd New Orleras, on his t own account, ant solieits a share of patronage. Office, No. 10 Goravier street. ' iv6 II P IIEV . Tit le frfn rd Gulf Advtiertier will insert the above until fither notice. •' from o privets iouse tL Ital nLurt street, a Patrol .i," idhs ,.roet. .1'Iv A ASSUmli . - .... 0s Ginuaap aki e .... d cauvassed hUnsll, fiOr save 7 bAv ER e; r ie llrrourned Bll 'ir 01 ", rd A tilta'li'rcel, dol rrjyr rr f rh; r rrrr ravril street.e 5 ()I: ( I -I U ll b ..... , lL8 W IIIT , .. f r. lor e by A , 'rI.\HAYER & t:O, j,6; 71 1'P dras Street. I AN ,A ,, Ii i AC i's,-,l r tmrrk I )sr.r ,ttrtr r .1 TIIA IER F. C-) jyfi 74PutdroIii5 u rt. j'rd ti ii ` 1 ý li3_ to loran r" ra 111 ieat{.\-tt eI ttttia 111111I- -11 11 , I7 s e Plac e. int I te·w Iraer. Il I 1 .'I. irs 11A it Ito'iIt , 7 Bank Floe.i 3-' S I.SI ) &e reA ovedrtS, r jt 7o iark fir Ij ., no r e-at' a, gnt.' jrB lci y L0 ri' t 1\i). iiiL'''\ Irtl irrave crrouedrrd ;\nrt, 7 fee ILx.- lho ;Bhi', IS ,I O it AI)IAt e-u-Worte-by le'1 NA TII'. I'O\VNSENID, nr , jya Excmarrt Htlltil Grncier street to- AIll'tIl.'0 IiaAF,-AFT rni-orthe'L'restrtomfrlex I ua . iL purltyaed by NATII'L 'I'OWNSi ND, i tVo; I.. e. " hnl Hlotril,r.Gtrier street jyai _ xhanInage flutel, (Ilrxier street ONE HUNttLFI) DlOLLAR REIV'AItD W ill Ihep ti I'a or the apprehension of'lie Boy ELDOUARl),ii..lhuging tonr. Alteo Labrathlte. Said hoy abrconded from the Stea'nlbont Colmbia, oni her last trip fronl Texas, and has been seen lurking about the markets. '.donuard is a Gritle, about 21 years of age, 5 feet 4 or S inches high, round fate, thick hair, mouth rather sharp. Fifty dlflars will be paid if taken in tile state, or one luondre.l ifour of thie state. Captains of veaals or steamtboats are cautioned not to harbor said boy. A T plyH to F J FOIItSTALL &I BROTHEI, jy6-tw 3 Front Levere sire'. J INSEEI) OIL-A etnstaat asupply af [Northet and Western Linsced Oil, in tmrces aad bbls: for ali by JARVIS & ANIDREWS. Ilt2 a eor Conmmn and Tehnpitoal ' at. ILOUI I htao bbl trelsh Flar. just latdtd; i astore and for sale by LAYET' & A 1EtI.UN G, jetl 17 Collnarcea street. PUBLIC NOTICE IS IIEREBIY GIVEN, l11JAT', whereas, my brother, Dootor James Grant, . late of Cohaluiln and Texas, died in the army of'Texas, in the month of tMarch, 1836. W\hereas, un der date oI'Afdgust 2l1, of the annmeyear, Daniel i Toler anddressed a letenr to mte from Nacgdloehes.a, ia Texas. acqtaintia. me with his having received aly aid Bllaother's Will, dated ht Ioxur, flc. 30, 1835, settig forth that he; Mr. Toler and myself were named excen tore. And, whereas, the srid 'iToler mcntions ill tihe ftter above alluded to, that hie had the Will dily regis tered; notwithstanding, which I have strong proof lithat he never had it pro:,ated; andt further, have found ilty most anxious enquiries and exertions, for the last two years, insurtieiciet to hbtaitn a copy. Now, ttherelire, be it hereby brnnialv known that the said Toler t is no authority to make any disposition of,; or ive title to, any land or other property Ielonging to the estate of my deceased Brother; or to art t any thing appecrtaiinng to the samie; but that I nm instituting staltS towards tihe retovery ofsaid will, all shall at lance proceed to such mleasures as in mry haracter ol execu tor, are now called for. HUGH GRANT. NorTE.-The editors of Texas newpapers and New ourk Albion are r.seiectfnlty reqiested to copy this alverti-arient three tires anid send thtir aecounsi tt the office iof the True American, or to' Ime at the Sr vayor's O)fice, td Mlunicipanlity. f New Orleans. e27-tn F LOUR-I500 bhls Superline, in .nre, fir stale by G GDORSEY, je9 44 New Levee. a - )' t 1,E 4-- i.. casxi , supr'rior Ciacirnati Cnrcd, for sale bh C ] DORSEY, je2 _ 44 New I.tvee. ''CiUA'ION WANTED-A yaoug nna of this place, wishes to getemploavtent in a Store r Cuunting ltrool. He writes an elegant hand, and sleaks French and English. He has obeen for several years Levee Clerk te a comamercial firm in this city. Adddress box 588 Post Office. jy7 STATE OF LOUtISIANA-Firt Judiaitt DIstric Court. A F. RUTT, vs his Creditors.-The cession of the lnselve t's lropertv having ieen accepted by the Cuor, fair tit benefit of hie Creditors;it is arderld that a meeting of his said Creditors do take place at the roffie of I. tI. Marks, esq., notary public, tn Molnday tite ilt ol'Jly next.,at 10in o'clck. A M, Ifur tile tlur iase of takirg into consideration, the affair of said tinsolvent, ant in tihe meantime all judirial praaeedings against .his perrsn anid property as to Ihe Creditors imetiuned in tile sched:le, are ntrt'ned. Witness, the honorahle A. M. Buchanan, Judge of tile Court aforesaui, this '3r JI Dta, 1838. je26-8t " P. LE ILANC, Dep. Clerk. SEPAT DE LA I.OUSIANE-Caim de District du p remier district. judicinire. F. BITRT cantra sesrrkancir er Icession des iprepriftis de I'insolvable avant 6t6 accepts par Is conrlttour i'avnantage d ses crint:iars. ii est dkct-. Stmii qa't'e assemablr de sea erpanciers aura lieu ru grre ide J B tMarks, notaire public, Lundi le 9Jolliet aroclaini, 10 heures du matin, afin de dlibtrer stir l s autitires de I'insolvable, eten attendant, tortes pour ite s oltren a s e aarsonae oil sos iproprietas rmentionna dlous son rteiitrrle set ttrrtb's. Tetbin, I'Htan A 1 luchlannan, Jupe de laditte cour Ie 2d Juia 1838. 2i juin P LE BLANC. Opt. Greffie-. SAV.ANACt_'i'FE -3l bugs Havana Coffee just landed, and for sale bv JOSEPiI COCKAYNE, je.9 25 Gravier street. P o lK-.ess , aM O Prime & Soil Prmeiasale by je:"J 41 New Levee. SLAVERY. PUBLISHED 'I'Rl DAY, And for sale at th- Counting Room of tlie.Tre A antri can, Exchange Hotel, St. (Chales street, SLAVYRTY: A Sermo delivered in the First Congregational Chi in New Orleans, April 15,1838. Sty lev. Theod Clapp. Prier 5 cent. J e9g GIDSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY IOR the State of Louisiana, and Cities of New Or F leans and Lafayette; for sale by WVM McKEAN, m23 cir Camp and Common nia. NEWV DIRECTORY. PUBLISHED this day, Gibson's Guide and Diree tory of New Orleans and Lafnaette; fir sale by DAVII) FELT & CO. m22 N Y Stationerv Ha11,24 Chartres st. LOUISIANA FURNITURE WARSROOMS, No. 53, Bienvalle strleet. TW ILLIAM R. CARNES, (lfrmerly of the firm of Flint & Canes,) wotld respectlIllv inalrm has friends and the public that he is constantly receiving from New York and Boston a pood assortment of Fur niture, such es mahogany chairs, pofa , I edteoda, ma pie andl lpinted chairs, mnnple taud cherry bedsteads, mahoganv and cherry talales of all descriptions, bu reaus, toilets, secrctarys, writing desks, wardrobes of mahogany and cherry, wash stands, looking glasses, feathers, bedding, &c. &c. NB. Furniture packed for transportation with great care. Jei ORLEANS LITHOGRAPIIO OPPICE, No. 53 Magazine street, opposite Banks' Arcade, E STABLISHED for the execution of maps, plans i and drawings, merchantes' circutlar, business and address cards of every description, funeral circulars on deep moiarnngpaper, apothecary and dru ggits'lebels; bank checks, drav receipts, &ce. printed and execute d in a cheap and expeditious style, b theproprieto.N NB. lank Notes net.el executed. m24 -- ,TRAIT PAINTING. 1M slR. PAR.Hi respectfully sino thiepublic that ML Ish wilt reefia n ashort ti'ne in New Orleans for the pnrpone ofpaint'ng portraits. Rooms corner of and St Clharles, in the house ocecupied b Parnily & ]" n Dentists, where specimens of his painting can be seen.." ntrenet ith tft rls treet. i lie PossesWson given on the ]st,''f next month, et tine two stery dwelling houie .djoining the S new Mlethlodist ChIurch on Poydrae .lieet; oc co o at present by Dr Rogers. Also, 3 small tennlermnt on Girod street,na few r.eors from ronane st. Apply to DOYLE & MAY, e derie Chnmier, It. N. author of Life of a Sailor, Ben lBrce, &che. in 2 vols. IDiary of the Times of George tile Fourth, interspersed with originoa letters from the late Qnuelt Caroline, and from various other distinuisnhed persoale, in 2 vols. Ethel Churchill, or thi Two lridai. By Mliss Lnn dov, author of the Ilaprovisatrice, Francesco Cnrram, Traits and Trials of Early Life, &he. Second edition, in Svols. Also,l.amnrtine's Pilgrimage to tie Holy Lani. new edition, in 1 vol. Ellis' Medical Formnolry, 5th editin, witnh additions. Gt ibon's Surgery, new edition, etnlarged and io. proved. Just received and far stle b .RiIN, pnl car Camp and Common sits. - Ot SAL.E, to close eonsignti ents- 1' 550 slitaks, libestraml, ett Gulf CottonSeed, 154 pieces Northern lla'g'ing, 2;:7 piecen Scotch Blagging, 5(34 pieties Kentucky lBugging, 515 coils Rope, ti0 hales Bllei T'rwioe, Shllos Eielilh Seinc Tiine Spamcheons of lush lills Whiskey, 4 Iuncheons oi f i lnv B ills Whihkev, by REYNOLIAI; BYRNE & CO., ilS mlo No. 89 Catnal srreu t. SACKAGIE HARIvWARE &c. FOREIGN &ct DO DLEVE7tETT ` 77't031.S. Comntlesion illercknnt, 13 BnOAD SaTo rET, IEw-YORE. iiAVE on ha midd are consitaintly reeiving friom FI Eglamlag l ald IGernmcII , mm fil Supply oflHanl. itare goots whieh are offared "y the peckhge at t~ ts. seturers prices. Theirpresnt stork eoosiia P. 16tl cimsks Carolinae lices, as'l 220 do brighttraces do :25 dm loigua ian c dc o if Icaaa Iugclih lgc liha ,srim I" ic'oes Ilaglialin do do i 12 dol Ci' cult saIws 2.5 clasks edge tools, Ats d mIakers i0 do mill ilies do mii 17 hmoli u, piackit, ntl dmirk khta C II do till culhrrv 17 du bra.i l lcti le 88 doi brasi ecllatlu:cr oandcl'm:aks 10I O t adooks atlld hinges 8 dotAicl erewe 6i cases liaomas, uss'cl 511 itans EII sh bloilr platIc es 7(1 atklis shll!t tilt" ii45i0 Ieaaxes d latial ,lii, el'oted vite, , wiltll o t a t tIat uplllll, of Americ.a: hardwnre Orders will ieceive l'it)at ittei ltiollan, amal exItuted at lowest pricesma. , ti:t[-;lli2w W f01.n SAL' AND) IFPT'AIL :U+ttl AND' V.1.' IIl'FTY STOIRE, No. 18 Cnmp stree .I der Bishop 's hotel-The nbsc ribors a ,,ima'ng at their new stand, an xtoeisive ssor'tllntt ot Piiat1t;t their line, cmprising etc'ry variety o'f Colbs, tlra'ses, Per.fluervy, ooking !:ss, 'i ing Cardtnh r.l a lge -t nlluer ok Fancy articles. Th llollowin, , prrt a dk-s:, ;.lio,, COIll-'l'tort'niseanllrd Irazillin rhith tot, tuck, tI -h, and carved; do. dio. twist, long, oIet. pS'k, side, pmae anl (dressing, ivr(1nd hornI (ll~h ,ll' t, dr'esing.on ,ockel combs; hornl, rtddlig andl x.ors+, ''mls; wooden, dressing, line tooth aldl oocketoctn.l.. PEIIFU\IERIY-A general eass;,. snt of Frelnch and American Perfumery, consistinl s, tvlogne water in bottles, of all shapes ncd sizes;, Florida, rose, orange, lemon, t e, jetooiee, bIergono., .nllellleurs, etc. ; Ihlov Solps of every o,.scriltion; nt.cassar, antique, and seretlole lair oil aond orlig fluid; chblorine tootl wash, carclmniand dclhlldloeilwdnticc ; scentedo l plain toilet powder; ponmatumn; pteston salts, etc. BRUSHES-Comprising a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, nail, cnob, shaving, plate, hearth, fine and plain dusting, sweeping, crumb finrniture, scrubbing land white wash, horse, sboe and tanner' seouring, paint and varnish brushes, and sash and grain ineg tools of all sizes. LOOKING (GLASSES-Cotprising glt frames of various sizes, 5, , 2 anti 1 iraw toilets; German statin, toilet and pootke glass, mognifying minors, etc. PLAYING CAII)S--Eogol Hary 8tht, lBroom, Highlander, Spiel Carte,, French and white back Play inglCardas. FANCY AND VARIETY ART1CLES-A supe rior assortment of portable desks, ladies' and gentle men's dressing cases and ladies' work boxes; fancy box es of vnrious descriptions, suitable for the new year and Christmas' gifts; pocket books of till sorts; suspen ders, music-boxes, lead prenils, crayons, violins, bead bags antd lurses, ao assortnoort of fanCy beads, solterior uoality billiard balls, paste blackirng; (one, sldrt, vest, ldl anti suspender bttons; pearl buttons and shlirt studs, razor strops; gas machinet s for tceating light; Stonish and melee soegars neacouha, Paris, rappee and Stctch snuffs; an nassortlent of plain and sword eCnes; back gunmen boards; tdice, fncy screens, optics, Jews larpns, hrnnolicas, lusciter matches, pins, needles, pejtruslon caps, drinking cups, hbutincg flasks and game bags; steel, silver aml plated spectacles; thimbles, twine, eto. a Ilatnlsone assortnoct Qf ellgravlgs, nld a t lnge varie ty of other articles, all of ow'hich will be sold feor low prices, for cash or city eacepttanEces. may 4 REES D'LANGE. S IDINGDI)OORIFUItiRNITURE-8 sets very su perior plated, and2 sets brass sliding door furo:urn omplete: justreceived per ship Gen Hodgemau and cr sale h LAYTON , CO., aug .4 53 Old Levee. OAP AND CHOCOLATE.-Landing from brig S Messliger and Aquills, and for sale by the sub scribers---011 boxes No. 1, and Incitation No. I .uop, brands of Jackson and Trowbridge and James Gould; 24 c:ases sweet Slotunsh Chocolate. a2b8 I1:AAC BRIDGE & CO 'ARI)--165 kegs LateaiLord, lndsnlg lrmeosteamboat Win. Frecl; for sanle by je22 LAYET & AMELUNG. IACON-- 5 hhds Sides, inuding frotm steamboat SWin. French, for sale by ' ie22 L.AYET & AMIELUNG. AOGtING .L il UItE.-12 l't0 Pn Bagging, 100 coils Rtope, in atoo and for sale ly Je22 LA YET & AMELUNG. NIW PUBLICATIONS. JAN IOUAoX na a eIO'I'HER' CRIIIE-- y the author of"Brasdoetye Ilouse," ReubenApsley, &c., in 2 rols. Gflaniags in Europe, Italy-By an American, in wlesis. The Life god Adeentures of Niecholabn NiEckeby Edited by "eo," with illustations hy P' hi." To be continued monthly, and completed in 20 numbers. Jnst reeived, and for sale by WM. I'KEAN, je22 Corner ot Camp& Common streets. S'ACON SIDES-39 hhds Cincinnati Bacon Nided, landing from staream boat arqtin for o ae by LAYET & AMIELUNG, je22 17 Commerce street. IPECTIFIED WVHISKEY--I00 barrels Ketilied lLb Whiskey, larding leon steamboat Tarenin, for ale by LAYET' & AMELUNG, je22 17 Comu erce street. S"iN'7'S, &&e.-4 ses, contaoining ao astortmeot . of Frepch, Englis and Furniture Prints; printed mul. I , printed jaronets, satim stripes and dark chinlqv no0 ia store, fur sale, Iby ISAAC B IDGE & CO, je22 134 Magazine street; p ORT'EK-40 casks London Drown Stout, in atre sandl for sale by je7 '' R HYDE & BRO. PDORK FOR SALE Mless and 'rimni e, fll branded PO and o 0; also a few barrels. nsrted. Aplly to HP LEVY & C). No 10 I rnvitr street. Also, 90 pieces Kentucky BaDging;85 coil Rope. jel3 NOTICE. N EW ORLEANS & NASUVII.LE RAIL ROAD. S A few aesrees of Dry IPitclh IPine \Vood wanted, dlelivered on tie batik nl time New Canal, at the Rail Road Brid ge. Also, a ew Carpenters, and men who are aequainted with 8awing can find consant rnlllovyment and good wages. Apply at the oHffie of the Company, at the conner ofCanal and Baronne streets. D. HOARE, Chief Engine a: d Get. Stlp 0.ltnltndsl WX ERE brought to the Pollee Primsoon the Sed Mufnicipality, the following named irass, ji.: PRIMUS HART aged about 23 or 24 years, says he belongs to Mr. William Rowe. LUCK TAM, of aboot 35 years of age, says she I beloges to Mr. John Carroll. CEEtLIA, aged about 25 years, says she belongs to Mtr. The owners of said slaves are requested to prove property, pay charges, and take them away. It S HIARPER, j ' Captain of thie Night Watch. OF EVERY DESCHRIPTION, SPEEDILT, RANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFPICE OF THE True .Enetdcan, ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. mnr GUIDE & DIRECTORY OH THE CITY'OF N.ew Orleans and Lafayette W AS published aot Monday, 21st May and. for sale at the counting room of thlpublislur Exchange Hotel, St. Charles street,-and at the Rookb store of Mesrs. E. Johns & Co.corner St Charles and Common streets. m23 I OlRDIALS-Cordials of different tlitds, for sale by SJAIIS & ANDREWS, - jetl ear Common and Tehoupitoulas sta MBRELLAS & PARASOLS--20 mee, compels Sing an assortmenln oMae us, fancy silk, andgir' ham Umbrellas and Porasols, for eale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. jell 134 Magazmne street. ACON--10 easkh rime becon dest, 0ceived per Ssteamer DaUooiel Welter, for sa.e by LAWRENCE & LEGEDPREE O , jel8 & 1 29 & Noew Levee. ILIANU.I & OHIO FUNDS, fTor sle by NATH'L TOWNSENIYe _je21_ Exehenge Hoell Grvier et. e OAP.--'O boxes atop, various brand nd al dflerent i ize boxes, for sale T N L WINSTON 4. SHALL, jeii 7 Front Levee. 1 ACK(EILEI..--l0 kit 11111 qr bbles & kegs, for osle by WINSTON & STHALL, jes2 7 Front Levee. US 231s. CANDLE S.-V ervety-llr e boaeos, arioun bratls, for sole be WINSTON & SHALL, je22 7 Front Levee. ,eOIK--g110 lbbl htese, 31do YPrime, 141 lif bIlbt SSolt Mer, 50 hbll I' O, 40 bkll IRtnpr, 40 bbll Seoulders; in store and for salt by jell ILAYET & AMEL(NG. U..S. MAI11. TO AND) FROM MOBIILE IDAILY Com rising the following boats, vio: Sm N. . FmPo Mobile. Sudaly, Caroline, R A Jeffries, Swan. ,dalr. Mtazeipla, Satl Grillin, S Alnbase Tueosd.v, la sello, E Murray, Caroline. Wednesday Swan, S L Day, W Walnlae. Tlursorir, CaroliSm, R A JelIrey, MaepLpa. IFlritlv "S Alabura , J i Crllorra, Caroline. Strtan lry, \V Walieor, J l Knight, Isabella. the shover beats will ste thie tak eelt of the Rail Road daily ca the arrival of the 1-2 past 12 o'cloke cear, A. DI. slacves mustbe cleared at thleCaslot touse prior to ,turlia". Ai extra boat will always h at each poet it case erCoiderrr to 4 n.tA RLe CINVnEII; &. Cor. Mobile. teisItl'ON& ASPINU.Lt .. OMFOUNDI TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy er and certain core o r t le Fever and Ague. remittent ard inletrrmillent fovers; preparoed front tihe original recipe. Used with~eminent and uni. varsal toects in 1832, by lrerns of thie hliglest oresa, aility itr alns city, ns stated in tlhe oarutied ertificates. This medicine .e Ihighly recommecnded, and has hseon e:itneiovey sedi irn thie uova diseaoees wirh uach distingaishecd succss' flhat the pruoprietor rr i1e neilt e hur balen irndued to offer it to thie pub lic in its present 'raerr. ir the hopre that it arny bml the eroies of rohirairg nrnry of those who are suffuriug uordoe thie tecrgo of err Oourtry. It it ot rnedirom pf t ~Berclr ea t Cithrtuo, anti ruhln uerd ccorrdling to thae dsatn.m his seliter fo*iled of rfftectog a cnre, o.orn ir tihe Ill(ot tiLrtiurtoi stage of tiro disorder. It ie t tt all dietgreeabli, nrlu proorS of the wraltutiil r*LIurllr, lrd iilllhlretn tnay take it wilth irlrprtri y. II troleLgthens the digestlve orgr. creates oan alppetiter, i ai d oeiccin rerquiete more tha olar', or iln otitrto Caso, tori bbttleo to efltct a cure. 't'ihre r is uerLhrO reeroriy nor arsen in in n tle dlcirne. or anry thirg irnerioud to tie Ihrulotn olretitrtttilrn ri[u ' Pirrriotoeirs a h so waell onvilced of its :Alrcy, that thelly tgreOli to refuid ti IheriCeofevery bottle wbich kobniaot takeno ilr ac'ordruco wrl ti lhe direetioro., netdas atolt ::ted a r t perfiiitrl cure of th0 o Ibvt r & agl., A. OIlVEIR, role ragrrt lfr New Orleansrr, at Ilia whhrrla.rle ord reIail drug and medicine sltolr, clrrlrer of Iienvrille od Chartres .rtrer ets For Distriot Agelcies applyr to j5 'I'. XV, SMITIII, 48 Conti et, 1)UtIK-1111 hl is nenuH itl M1 O I'erk,t:ihhbltpeiss. IIiuspeeled T'urk., tr sale bv. I.A\VLtEbCE LI LEt;ENIORE. ,et8 nil eworN\Leve. ~(lV IIKEY-I s1-ihbl rectilied ltldiugf'los staesm V er Spledrld, for sLtdslby (ti Dt)LSEY, l1.4 4? Nlr I,ee. tI MERCHANTS. " M ERCHANT'. can have a beautiful circular struck t off at two blurs notice, by culling at the Orleans. Lithographic stlice,53Magasuze sttreet, opposite Banks. A reade. .524 ll ACI EREL-35 half bbls No 2 Mackerel, tr sale I by READ & IIAIRS'I'W, nL22 67 Gravder street. E LII.OW PINE I.UMJIEI-32,000 ftet of Ine yellow pins inepak, .r sale by READ) & BARSTOW, 2 i2 67 (ravier slreet. W r IIKEY- H111) bbls i ster, for aole by ap20 (Gi L)OR.EY, 44 New Levee TV EAN -$2000 good shoot city paper, by W S LATI;'.t rbTitI ER, 1l 5 40 Povdras st. TII.1I, W PINE LUMSEI--ti-lo0 to 81100 fee s I fltotrbng boards, l I-4 inek1 30,100 feet ilkh plank, for sole by READ L). BAISTOW, set1 l?7 Grasierotretr. ] ORK, Flour, Whislnev and Lard--20 bhlk mesn' -' prime, clear. ramp aIel shoulder Pork; 200 bbls Flour; 21.U do Whiskiey,rectified ud cornmol; I100 kegs. Leaf Lord; in store, fr sale y AM IATTING--2 bales Spanish laoting, for sole by R READ & IBARSTOW, mS2 (67 Gravier atreet. EMON OSYIUP-5beoxes superiorLemonSyraur for sale by RIEAD & IIAR TO e,22 67 Gratlerstre't. EAF L.ARD-Latliag from As ne ''enaessn; l fur sale by DORSEY, ap25 44 New Lsaee. CoRN MILLS-U10 ca mills, of Slater a patent. C comnbied. One Ilion cars grrl 25 or 30 bushels. of meal per diem with these mills, and they can be at toched to a cottott gin, and are porticularly calculated for planter's use. Apply to HIIA MPLIN & COOPER, m15 82 Julia street. SONDN lPOiTEl1--I casaks best Loandon double' L Brown Stout, lorsale by HOLMES & MILLS, 15 s - Bank Alley. D LOUGHS-375 Pittsborgh Blue Ploughsin stor S L.OC KEs SE CO. ap 17 22 Old .evee street. LAGGi NG i 10PJ1E-I+0l po lggig:287 c Rpe5 ; londisng from steamboot Coemmerse iforJI by LAYET & AMELUI'Gj mr28 17 Coemaemes.sns . I*ORKli-310 bble prime Pork, landipng taom steam-. Ul boat Emperor, for sale by ur28 LAYET & AM ELUNG. rot UGAK--ISI0 hds ,t plsatatiot, for Sole by d mill SLATER & TRIPR, 411 Poydas ts. 1 Ull--I00 bhbls New Orleans Rsit, ffr arse b .l ap 18 J THAYER & CO. M-LA er INE-S se i iley NologainWe, 1F1 in fr cukbs end Indian blls, entitled to debentsure tfr sale by READ B& IARSiTOW, '22" 67 Grovier street, '1 JOH I N 11OEY, ariddse, Ha.~essansd Tl rnk Msanufacrtr, naedfr shePc of eMililaro Equipments of ewry destripllt.o No 188 I'CHovPITOULA. a .ra.oE. H ]HAVING in employ several Military Work"s"~ _ Ire is ready to esecute work in the amve lies at tis shortast notice, and oo the most rea solsable terms srebento' and Pedlars' PacktngTranks of verv ds. scription, corstanltlv on Ias. a TI) ; u' NT, ' l Po Pssesiea on tssl 1st of nost month, the two~ er'. sort, dlwelling Il.,se adjoisisg the Inew Me sL thoist Cho ch o on l'oyra street; occupied present by )r Rogers. Aleso, 3 mlls tene:esnta eon (Girnd street, a few doors D ill sarouu. lt. Aplrpy to I)(DOLE & MAY, m17 3 Camsdelet street. ` Pe;ttcol 5oI0--Io coses isinster speelrm uil, blenoae. i cd, for sale by ISA.AC IARIDIsE & CO. jell 134 Magazine street. ' . IIISKEY1-;27 bils Whlliske, landing frmn the jt.,eamboat lerrism'lk, oir Mrule bIl ja12 iLAYET &AMELUNG. LA IRD--4111 kegs irimse Ilurd, in stre, fir sale by . jel.' I." A E'T & A7IELUNOi

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