Newspaper of True American, July 17, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 17, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. FOR PITTSBURG AND ALl. INTERMEDIATE - hANDING.. The superior and fast running steam .. oot GOV. SIItIBY. J Kerohivel, Irre hrt, lt riday, 131 lot, at 1o clck,o A ll. sol. For freight orlrossage, npple orr bIoardl Id LAWRErnCE & I.lSENOlW, . s 2and 2' New Leveoe. - I.rdierre two tiore a week.ep or teant bout GItlAFFI', J oepi re Stwiler, muster, will for the present niel Take two trips to P oascngoula and tie. iLntere tiite laulings ol tie cnRo to. lier departure friihn tihe lobe sad of the RKil RLoad, will br on Thursdays and Satt aY. rmmediatele aFtbr irloarrval ot tire sx o olock cars. ta tie 4th of July. next, sho will resume her stri. woeek) trips as per lte adrertisements"le " j20 . -ATURDI)AY V ENING AND SUNDUAl Pa TO MANVI ,LE L AI3NVLLE. icrJPL, l TThe steamboat MAZEPPA, Capt. -. . _ O . L. T. Knight, will leave the floe eld oftherail-road for the attove pacers, every Satcrroy voitn, on the arrival of the 4 o'clrwk 3 cars, end return b' sarne night,-at' leave STanRy w, moroni l on the arrival of tihe 8 o'clock cars; returtnr Iot leave Madionvile at 4 o'clock, P. M. IO3 Staw tm . FO AD...O. t.E, . IOUISIBUIU, NIANDE VILI, .R COVINGOTON. fire fat rnninhrle and lOlcndlid stemtn broat MAZEPPA, L'1]Kni tt tross. It S n -= terwill tas -r regular mail hoaR t for tie above prrts oil rMoudry, Weduesdra l and Fri. day a, lter tie arrival of the 8 o'clock car, A 1M. Re. a leaves Co, vington 't'uedaye, Thdrdaysa and S haturdras, at 8 oi'clock, A i N Il All ba:olse l.a porcels a t the risk of the own are, ulessa bill of itring is sigrrned, Wrly. IAN, Neow Orlet old Morilo flail Office, cci9 Rxchroore Buildigs, St Charles, st., FOilt BAY S r. LEOtS Puce Crlriotiotr, es W NtiN East paecagoulo. The i plendid low t re a'V e steam. betl (.tAROLINE,W C rntton mas S ter, Wil call at tile ahrve wntering Stw er a k eekleavinge te I .ak end of the rail rood on tte arrival ot the 52o'loc t cix,`i. A plyuto WiEtt RYVIIITSAN, N t. sod Mobile Mnil Office, oroder Exrlrronge Ilo:cl . tt Charles st. t t r i I 'leh lir e meWrer 0ilrll trral arnt . L. - I.\URA in ca rile. oreler, an rea liesb tir Ito erorr, of tire rew crotal;-wil ')r disporled of on reasornrle ttrrl. Aolply nto " ALBERT STEIN, No S tlloilin! Row,Teocihapitouirs street a Gw loors above Dolorri. lel I i - or Texas. FOil MATAGtnRIIu.1, COX'SI POINT AND AR NNSAl BY. The well know Schooner I.OU.ISI9INA, SCaptain Auhld, hving tr largro portiou of her eur;q, ro et ga ged, w Ii meet with despotchi For bhalioco of freight mor passgre, apply on Loard, orposite Jefeorror steet orW eIrtYAN, * [ Caolltol street. -FORK VIL.tSlCO, BIRAZORIA, & eAR liON. STihe regularpacket echr SOUTIIERNER, Captain Gaylord, master, wants 50 barele to comrltete hereargn. For balnce of freighn t or passage, apply on hoard opposite Jefferson street, or to W BRYAN, jrl7 56 Commnon street. For O.uolor(orr, lntuhttaC, orrairlurglend'FHo . (direct ) To sail to.morrow. -E The light drought schooner EMILY, B Adams, master, can Irke 50 barrels on deck, ndl will positively sail to.norroW For balance ol freight or passage, appily on board. op eosite Cotti street, or to WVM. BRYAN, S jylO 56 Common street. FOR PASCAGOULA. lll.rOXI, And all latrtomeoiate Ltndings on tihe Coast. S e Tire steamer GI RAFFE; aptain ,-lier, will leave on Thursday nmrn S gmg, after tile arrival of the 6 o'iclok care. " jyli -OIL VY.LASCO, BtAZt)KIA & CO.LUMBIA. _ The well knuown, light drought sIur :'Fl KtICat MleLeosru, hovirig the clrraer tIart of her cargo eugtlag'd, will Ine.t wltli de lIatrrl Iior . al:ute of freillit or pas0age, hitvri:; -u porior occer ourrlodioros, applry to the captain to, boar , oapposite to St Peter street, or to Will BIRYAN, jel I S (Colonar street. ,orR VELASUO, ItI\ZOItItIA & MARIO:)N. - A retlcirise, liglt draughrt schr ri1! ire de Slrtched lirtthr boldlvrie rts i the entl Isrt of Iltext wek. For ti'eighit of 15it bblo, or, aplply to W. t il}A t.\ ----ýýFt 'l)ir oi reitt1 O-Itioir- e loret et. 'o sael rr rlrtrliry next. Irlo irst. S 'fi-. r e'l' korOrir erllcr T!llil.. ri l'' . JN ir1.ori mh ,Irrr, rrllr e W ' i .rort jO b1ric to r., oorrbire, r 00le, .'rro -. Frr hahlrror'rrf freighit tlo lror og irrlllavhl ,ilr LIrr,roridl LIt i lllr o llln ,. or :11e e ers, aptiy root board, uplojie Jor freion r treet, or ro 1 ltill'.r1 \, s,! rri III rII(I-iou .trrr t. For Sale. Freight or Chart"ir. FORt FRI:IGIIT OK CIIARTEI. 'o load at lnaton Rouge, the ilternledilte tlandinge, or at Ih.i port, thet ficacpp r Ih.neteord and celplpered chr tlSYI.liiK, Cantain I ipkin., will load as adore if illwuaediea unph (niati] he nmode to LEV I H l .., jell 9(.nnon e tim ., FOlR SALE FI.'luGll I' lIt CIA.\ILRlIlt. 'LThe A coplere and copper fastened le I, EMIIA, Captaii Itates, 245 tons hnrlbea , is ready to receive cargo, .id eon carry 50l hsles eotto,. For trms, freirllt or sole,'ppltv t the Haptain onl board, or to READ & 4 Y RSTO 1W, jeSl 67 Giraevir glr.t. W A N'I'ED 'TO CIlARr1,ti, A Vessel for 6 months, to ru i between olobile and Texas, not to exceed when loaded "o feet, for ternms apply to yl17 WMl 1 T YAN, 56 Colmmon street. WANT'ED TO CliARIF{R, A Vessel to proceed to Mobile. andt there load for Hlavaaa. For terms apply It WMI BRYAN, y 56 Common street. `ALT-200l sacks Liverpool fine salt on board barque Citizens, and for sale; byEyI . GALE, LEVI H. GALE, jel8 93 Common street. I)ORLK-Mesa, Prima and Itlmp, for sale b .2 m8 G DIORSEY, 4 New L.cvee. 1ANCY Coloured LetterPPaper-Just received, four . eases fancy letter paper o very excellent quality, for sale very low by the case or single ream,at IDAVID I EL"'' & CO. jel6 N Y totloocars' Hall, 21 Charlres st. ANALS snd RAIL ItOADS-Map of tile Utile States, showing the principal travelling turnpike and contionll rnds; onl which are given the distances in miles fro olne place to another; also, the courses od `be cnatlds o:al rail roads tinluanhout the country, cIrer aolly compiled from the best aunitorities, by S Augnatud Mitchell, 1035. Politiael Constitution of the free state of Coahull tall T'xas. Map ofT 'exas, with parts of tile adltining states by S F Austin, ed. 1835. A Map of Texas, by Wiold Ii B.rr, ed. 1535. Just received alS tlir sale by WM M 'KIAN, n 20 cornellr gamp and common sts. NEW PUBLICAt'IONS. L F inlooedonr, or the toy iand Night scenes et Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and Corrinthiaa 'lau, aub opnlanied by Bob Logic, the Oxoeiai, in tleir ransiles and' sprees tlroglh the Metropolis, by Pierce Egan, in 2 vols. Vivian Grey,u Novel, hy D'Israeli, complete in I vol. ' Te TYouitg Duk, it novel, by the Author of Vivion Grey, complete in I evol. The Humorist, Edited by Theodore Hook Author ol Gilbert Gurney. Just received alne fl:tsale at the corner of Canmp and Cqmmon streets, by Wm McKEAN. M 'ISSAIN l BOXES-Landed from ship Nateber .! frin New Yorn, and supposed to have beeo taken frtm the Levee in mistake, two large cases marked F S, eotalninig Cigars. Any informatiot respecting tlhem will be thankfully teceived by S J D R'EIN & A COHEil, tni5 90 Colmmon street NEW PUBLICATIONS. Tales of mn Neighborhood, by the author of "The Collegians," in 2 vols. Agnes Serle, by he author of 7 'Ihe He.iress," in two rolulnes, Elements of lnternationl Laow, with a Sketen of the Ho:stnrv of tle Science, by Henry Wlteaton, L. L. it A Pracirnel T!resaie on Jacsolimoti Engines upon Roil IVoygs; a wiirk intelnded to show the Ciaotructil,i the mtde of acting, and the effect of those enginers in convay;og heavy loadsn to give the means of a.ocrtanl int, on m mspection otthe load,and the results it oill Sprodceo udoer various circumntancee ,andin different lo-n Ealitis; to detrtnini the quantity of fuel- and water it will require[ to fix the proportions whieh bught to be adon~ted i tiem construction of and engine, to nmake o wer 'any intended purpose, etc.: with praclicnl tInlen, giving at once the results of tte forlutla, founded upon a great many new oeperiments, made on a large scale, ill a daily praetice on tie Liverpool and lanchester Ltuiweav, with mlty dillrmtt engines and eonsiderunile trains ofcarriages, to which iN added an appendix, allow wing the expensoe of eonveyieLggoedt by lihcnuotibs pgoIeLs oil railroqds, by Chov. IF1[ G de Patbour. S Juatreeived indforsnalby WM SII'KEAN, .1:i1 ( ,rllur ,If Ca p W l C laml streeet. Li a residence ait Little Pedlington. CnOtINE, or Italy; by Mladnam do etol; llolstinn, troitelied for the Library of Standard Novels; l'he P'o otinal L'asaregs, byL L I. Americar edition, with nit. mleroas coerrecetiols: it 2 vle. - D.ioKE'Os 'S IL..r.LCt's Posse--new edition:o Snols Ibond i talle. 't Itu: woes or JotIN I)ltYDN--inu vere and prIl. irh a liii, ly lcev I .liltfrd: hewr editiot, ul :i ilnlei ill me Jast rcaivIa'il olr sale oby - - - ,V lcl.:.l \. r .ll Csaip a : il ioi:t.i l.iRKd.E -)uN tIN.I:NNA't't-Chbecks onil -tl 'POill.S', tR lS''ll E-' .) 0 i'ii Cseil ,ir.lrt. ci bBIPPING. I'or Europe. FOIl LOIDON-Pasango only. 'The A I and thast railig barque NIM ROD, Captoi Pai rsmcilr , will meet wisth jhaltdllntcs ideslpatch. For psia ge only, having hand- ten some ncconmodations, apply to pAri Jyl2 W, Common street. Th' A I c tppered and cipper rfaNsned , hip St JAMES, Ihving part ler lar aog L engaagedc, ait lin have immedilt despaten. For Preight or opassgo, Iaving eomniatimta and well fur nishad cbins.'nply oni b d, at rlenna Press, or tora " " s.J PWIIiTNIY , jy- r e Conmi street. N 'l e R. d IAINDON. ant The A I and fast sailing ship GRAND TURK, (iapishi Tlhoanaan. will receive den patch. For freight of 100 bales cotton, r r pasnare, having hldaomne aeoamu.odtionas fir 3 or 4 passengers, apply to Li .,I H GALE, jea9 93 Common street. Tile \ I noplreaed and copper fastened brig tUSQUF.tlNNAH Captain Bright, the aving full cargo engaged for the above prt, will eet with deoejath. Fnr passage, havinog hand- ..n hnme noc coun uodata,ns, apply t l at On eoP ho t n J P WHI'P NEV. al ,.lt t-LA8GU W. T'he frst class ship IEIREW. Captain .j .. Carr, bLavivg full cargo engaged for the boeys , '. poet, will have nqick despatch. For paseage haavine clnnd enrne ccatatnodtlitios, apitlv tO jeadl 8 & I' WHITINEY. FOR LIVERPOOL. t . The A 1 and splendid fat sailing lhip t Uhtt SN, Captain Bo rdmlan, will receive A immodiate despatch. For passge, having hind.tnme aeemnatllntinns for 4 eabin pnasenaers, of hply t c LEVI H GALE, Sjy7 9 Comlolnti street. FO I VE'OOtL. dThe A 1 and 1 lt sailing ship FORMOSA, naCoutlni 't' nalcs,Ining the grnnter partat her conign engagoed. will receie im nmedlau dens. Spatcl,. aor rligiht of 3011bales cotton, apply to [ LEVI H GALE, jy3 93 Common street. Fr e I. it V HtnLOl. The A I cumlerred and a pper fasencd i . ul A ,I'A IN N ap3aia amnd, linhavn el h iprBNE ela Uand fo milineship EBR fll caro engageld, will have despateh. For Spassage apply tola, Caplain,on board, oppaite Orleanso Ctlln I'rnes, or to E je.7 S d P WHITNEY .. ... FkO 1.!.RPtOOL. "' 'lt]o A 1 tast aoiing ship NORMANDIE, . Caf ptain Ts(n, having the greater pert of her ,na aoro smagiged, will nuve iinediate de-patch: ra For eight of 31) bales cotton, or passage, having Iriandanma a ccommodationns, apply to LEVI ti GALE, joD l 9 C atnnnlon street; ... .. tVE.. P ool. . The A I ship FRANCES, Captain Jhoulnn, aill sail positirely as nbove. For panago, havillng handmane ecolnalnliioaus for 4 cabinl an, ad i stleerage ptasenaners,apply a LEVI II G.\LE, cr Jea, 93 Common street. ior - - i1l I.IVERI'tlOO. , I'he \ I ,.lI sailing slip lSENATOR, . lt "anplta Stalrev, airing the grnaltr part of her ca. mýi l'a_.:_ enaed, will reeive inmmediate des. Iat.i. ',or freigbt ori 00 ales or passage, hlaving hndsLnae accnlmoodotiouu , apply to " ;nIiidta nLEVi t. GALE, to jli 9 Common street. git UR I iVE P'OOL-On Saturday next. a. '. r eb ip DENMAIRK, Captain' Lovett, cwili positivby 'sail as above. Site has six large iurnishbed state rooms dlsengagsed. and st, can hmdbr naomely accommodate six passengers. Apply ot. to tile Captaln , near Levee Press or to ae2l S. & J. P. WHITNEY. FOR COWES. The A I splendid and fast' sailing ship mb, FRANKLIN, Plargess, masterhavin alt his cargo cnga'ed, will mieet with immseiiate UP- al'saea. For, havinr hsndsome oecommo. dnatons, apply to LEVI H GAL.E, S jyl7 93 Common street. set,1O HAVX(RE. c:. iThei splendid A I ship SALADIN,Captain ilSimpcna, will have immediate despatch, for a eight of 151 bales costton or passage, having cc elegant aceoccmodations fir 4i cabin passengers, apply __to jy17 LEVI H ILLE, 93 Common st. t'- t tlAcIIE--Passnge iiy. . tc T a. c I cm* ';'IIZE1,S, T W Thorpe, ietr ear ,willlace, ith lespatch. PFor pnassage SI rIcly I tRVIl H GALE, ; t 9 i3 Commnon street. . L.. . .i, - a V:lER HV --:- -- . . The A I anid fat sailing cIi' Tslitaic+ at trio i~orstw. will r. ,mive imm diate l.dlt"t.:h-"r-t'le above, hiving a eater mil t lf Ihl" r c-crgo e ngl, ntlid -lircing tcil ca,rd. For ie- fr',imh el 1o51 Ilh5als or pis-uan , Ihtlitng ialUonnie airccc.Icc Iicmllii., aolmi to I.EVI hi. (;AIl."', ,jlrr l 93 COllneod street. 'Ph," it .I li .i nI fa t . .ill,,ci c ,itn I El h ip i , ( W'.tii, eiIIIt, will ruclive de.rpclrh. Fr 6 j.,..i W:1 i ',ii lrI . IBALE, lt Fill I;AVANA--Fi.r V-,. in mI t ' t- l Thi.rh:r pokel seta oner U al l. Ptari, it nla4 r, Wn IIIt 100 bolo to complete tIher cargo, -h k roi -,-., 1, ph, icively . ail this day, 17th i s ntl. I. llr frt,:hllt or -,' c havit lg - il erir nei'e ln ond tii ls l !; ; , ti, 1 i.... .. Owl + I - Pete .'. i O r iitii. . ,vl BIlYA gi5tl Coiinn street. Coastwlxse. F;t t AEW O'RK. F To ,nii o,, T''e.dlay, (thi, day,) 17th inest. l il 1 I orlerolr fast sailinlg acl:.nner a t,11N N If:, Flies, ~loser, having tile whole o f h., ar 'n ou board, will positivelV sail tlis t l , t . or asII- oIII only. apply , llloard, o1p p;t. !'ouCl .ou- t ect, or to W BRYAN, j756 'ommon street. Fit NI,', 'fO.K. heI' A l and fast sailing brig ALICE, Captain Jourdan, will receive sntmmediate des , atlch. For treig 1t ,of 50 tins lead, or pas age, having Iadlsom.l accolnnodations, apply to jol.TiVI II GALE, jy]17 9IJ Com.lon street. Fvllt N.W YOIlK. Louisiana and New York Line. 1'o sail on 11th inst. Thie first clase ship HIENZI, Capt. Norton, will positively leave as above, for freight of 150 bales cotton, or passage, having superior accommtodatiols, apply to the Captain on board, oppo. site the Rail Road, or to J D BEIN &A COHEN, jy9 90 Common street. Ft R ST MARK5B 'The fitst saling ehrl MOUNT MORIAH, Captain Hawthorne, with full c rgo, engaged, will have despatch. For passange apply to '. JPWHITN EY, jy BCoatia street. FOR BOSTON. The good fast sailing barque IIENRY, Captainl I)ean, having part of her cargo ell S.. gaged, will eleet with despatch. For freight or ltSUge", aplly oil board or to -rEY;'I ON & AVERY, jel 88 Greeier street. I cl llF BOSTON. , The A 1 brie Ellsworth, Captain tlorner, amving part other cargo engaged, will haveI despatch. For freight or ,aa eg sappy to jy II S J WHIPINEY. To sail positively this day. The fast sailing copper faPtened schooner I tls' ItIt, Ilears, Master, oae take the bulk of -51 bl, 0 , and can accoumntdate a few more i o ,sng rs, lhavittg good accomtnodatntos, apply to the Captain tn board, at Picayuuoe 'ier, or to t CHASE & DIXEY, b jyl2 6 Customhouse at. FOR BIIOSTON 'l lue ite coppered and copper fastenerd fast esaiing aitp EAiLE, Csptatl Cook, will have dispateh Itor the above port. For freight or passage Iaving excellent accommodations, apply to the Captui ons board, opaosito tie Railroad, or to S'IETjy 9 & A VERY, dje23 88 Gravier street. FOR BALTIMORE. The fast sailing schr Emerald, Captain Morgan, having part of her cargo engaged, will otia despatch, fsr freight or passage, apply to jy14 S & J I' PW Il'TNERY. SFOR BAL'TIMORE. a The faTt sailiag sahr. RICHARD TAYLOR Captain Crocker, havitlg full cargo engaged, d ill have despatlh. I or paassage apply onh board, ppuosite post No. 12, ,d ManlcipnlilOy. jer2 r S. & J. P. VWHITNEY. FOR MOBILE, aTosesching at all Ike Walert oen Place on he Coatl. -T - h 'Ile le, low presare, casoppred . -- ..ea..eon al GIRAFFE, Jaosph Swi sID .. t r ,n ster, will leave the lake end 'of t r rutl-uul ol ntaturd ty lortling next; after the arllval t tIle , o'lIltr e assre. iv 1t N Ir TAMIPA GIAY. "'I lb'l Ih sailing lrit SAMUEL &. JOHIN, SCaleait Perkins. will soil to-marrow night. .uAr freight ,r passag e, apply to it S & J P \'HlIE I'Nt , S jy6 t1 Conli street. FOR PENSACOLA. S 'firenew and fast sailing srhnneri MARY EILLEN,Captain Farris, will aseet with dee e, oHatch for the above port. For freight or Ip Itlegc, atjpy ou loarud, (up posettsle upper market,) or to S jyt4 74 Poydras street. - IDINiG DOORL FURNITURE-B sets very an. J lerior plat d, and4 sets bras sliding doorfurni Unr rotplete: jcst received per ship Gen tldgemsn n and c r solo bo, LAY TON o CO., aunlg .i 53 Ol Leves. 00 ll'. s U ,S \ TilE U,,''ED l ''A'IrES BANK ,o " Ililofltael hie, and in cust tosnit pnrchasera I for sale by LIA \\IlFlNCII & LEGENDRE, , j, " 28 &29 New Levee. R l C len's ant a yd s'lly K aind i+. 3 1iu..ltt BIoroan., .or ante bv L.'ACA Ii|DGE & CO, . jY - 134 .lagazina steeat. IS ' It. ,InILI:LtI, S IIAK1'EAIi is sty authlorized c Agent dprtng otew frocn tle cite'. j-! a:v1.1 , BUSINESS CARDS, TAYLOR & HADDEN, Ne. 14 Chartro. street II.hVE a onstatat up ply f ever, arelnee p rLnetingl to gentlemen's deas, of thei latet stlyd., ,,t .',,; a . priesa ty} EM t . ,ILICEOUS MEI'ALL[: TEE:ITH. S PECIMENS of these belalllul teethl, and the man ner of setting theom, lay I ,an a t tthe oulie otf J.B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal street. These tee;h never change ceolonr. and ore by tyn ,and in mlany cases, prefuaboe to tthe natural teeth. Q;! Dr. R. will wait upoo Indies at their residence, ti requested. ap9if a S. A. PENRIsSIiER,e MERC HANT TAILOR, a 67 Common street, a B EGoS to inform the public that having purclnscd tL from lessra HiOUI-I, SI(EtihS k CO). tlrt of thnir stock, heI will contliue the business at thetr old stand, opposite Bishop's Hotel, where he hpes to meril a share oftheir patronage. tie has mlade arransentents at thle North to be stapltied aonohly with tie ao lttatld muiol fashiatble gods Itr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, it No. 102 l'ovdras :treet New Orleans, MANUFACTcHrenS OFuP Leadr Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps OI' all description t. WARM, COLD, AND v110 WVE BATHS Fixed uon the mast approved principles. MILL'Dt LEAD, PIPES, &e ].rOrders executed in any part of the Southet Slntates. mr 9 Dr. ilobert P. Lidoe. O F I' I C ., iEXCIIHANG HIOTF,. 6111 CI.AY &, CLRK,, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 P.,ydra.noret, o " EEP on land n a e utanlt suIplyV of Lead Pipe, I. frlal i. dilametler downl to :;- in. diametelr, fit tale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PIRNTING ESTABLISH I: 1EN'T, No. 53, Magazine Street, (Opposite Banks' Arcade. 'lIIl I.61Ji GREEVNE, PROPRIETOR J I. PA~EER Commnission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, New ODrtcenstl b. 2 .'. JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WIIOLE4A1iE AND IRETA.1Il. 12ALEIRS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, D. DYE STUFL S A.VD IVL:VDOV , .. I SS, g Ourner of Coalonol alt Tehouplitoulas streets, S N.\TI'LIAN JARV[S. t. JOIIN W. ANI)RE\VS. A large u'pply of Garden PSeeds, warranted the growth uof 1837. AT IOBILE Ala S. I. & 1. I. JONE S, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 63 WATER STREET. 1 HE undlersigned, haing eotublihed themasehlos in SMobile for thre prpose of ltrsucting the Auction alnd Conmission business ill its various branches, beg leave to iterrm their frieoos and the polie, that they are now prepared to receive eocsegnlr.ents, and ake liberal advances on the amnie, either for private r public sale. SII.OMAN I. JONES, ISRAEL I. JONES. Refer to Walker, Knight .Co. New Orleans. Mobile, Feb 9,1838. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAn TtRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding & colc,,,lm .oill :erichll:nts., No. 4dl Peyv .lre t, thl N s They will devote their citlti il Il 'll a ", the ý.le 'n References. Ahijac Fick, i-, ) FornedrU nondurlutrjll jn h lars N SiilfR O 1 "\' 4 '1 S , l A M1Not... o ,e, I Iho, Messrs oehu. w.rai &i . J I A Mt i AS ' i 1 ork . V W Pohl , MA illO . "I aSonrnnus kd0rn erd &. H N H, S dtr h i r i I) i 111. awerIC, t'c & NIttir o t , . SS ( IT \lar.hh ll c. +'o:--; ,u v:li' -. i t N.orward and CR.NDELai, i TReTn.,. , No. 11 I 'c ou ll rPAY.T Nu w*S lilcttltH . D~anl SneNE, Dy:tu s 0 AI. C manel.o & to. IoNew York. DAVID. t TON P. E LL, ty ,tlon ura f. CoMSToCK & Co. ColuneRl. ). J. &O P. P, M 'AytTWELL Bayou NraSLar L SOLOMON limtl . New Ollen.s. jan 22 DOYI.LE &z .5LAL, DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISHI CROWN GLASS, No. 3 C anoneLtr STirEET. o1 FIREMEN'S INSURANE COMPANY OF NEA OCLEAN . This Company are now iprepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 M usson' BuildilCg, Canal Ysrekt. E L TRACY, New Orleans, Maoy 1., 13.. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Rel.r to Il.aoet &A tel ng, w Ol JoP. Lnbdis a. Co. hin e ons - IOIERIT CL-NNNON, HOUSE AND SIGN FPAINTER No. 12 Ci(namp strceet, bVholetale Dealer it Patles, Oil, Variishee, rusaes, i tol130 VWiidw anti Picture Glees, &c. be. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW,. Ne()t lpractisiln il tho e cti ii aid City CIurts. Cli eOt cR ill find hlia at the ll.erk's oice, U S Cirlcuit Court, in the Custom House building. jan A CAR). ATHANIEL TOWVNSL.NII having crated hit N self lin New Orlecans fur the prl) of trasactling a Geleral Agency sadt ' %oiltisctUIi IollinlleS, would re s. opectfully solicit from, tie plllic ait siara of their pa tronage. Havin. a house ill Texas, he will ettetll a the trans d acting oa aiy busineis that may be desired in tilat couanry, and will guaruutcee promict iil unreoitted at. t ntin to ill bus iees entrusoted io Ilia h chauie, aced a Saithful applicatilon (in orcorduic with inotrucations) of all lunds that many rtone into liRs hands. R Office in New Ecliange, oai Gravier street, opposite d, to Raev Mr Clapp's thitch, oand aljoaioingGihbsoa's I reading eroomcsi.i of tIe''e iax , Con:ulalo. New Orleans, N~ovember Z5, 1837. .References. -Maers Hiller, Rush & Co. New. York. t. Burr Wukecil.a a nd Alvarez Fiek, Natlehe , lis. ,i-. IM Srclh . Si Io I-, il. d Joh T i:r y. Luisille, Ky. - ie ', • e, .: ie ,cVllte,'y . ,'28 el I CLARET ut01 I.f..c--,l ap,. .tiniie, alid lr ,laale by 'I' Ill1' ' .Ii liii N, jr2l bat i ; ....... ' ...I . ca si.s t O. N ibtnies lli l , i. a.~1 Ice a,,l oay SOJ1ri\Vi l "ai l , Ei.1 c, natl shx.- t s t `4 OAP.--'250 bases alsp, various I.rmuds and aiticratn S -size boxes, oir sale Ly '-" je2 7 flrohl Levee oC MA UKEEI ..- 10n bit-l ii qr hhle. A neg.,re t sole by \ S,.':. & SHALIL, i je"2' 7 Froet Levee. S`PERil aANDI.1iS, _- ' LOl) hncre, vuriuun ,. l .,rands hor sale by /':I\i.L'ON & , \11.l, rd je22.7 __i__s__ ,__ " Ol'.-(2U bis AleS .0tocic h l'lie,, ta, Lhlt blol 1 ,tadsl , 50 hibl. I' i, iii e,'lc ltuai, e, 40 hlils 1K Shiulder., in store anid for oulu bI ,('treILDIA[t- 'ordel- el di lf.elren kinds, !air rul. J. er 'VL .IAd.VIS&,!l ,,NI)IlEWS, and iet2 cor Coniiion and Tlauit, iiOUlas s ac rI cIIBinREL.AS A bAirgiiAicL-Sil2 caLace, cuicleco Sig oan assortinot o0'luiitli, fiaiy silk, ,nd Sii at. hllal Ulbrellan and Parasols, lir nale y lISAAC I,;llDtiE & CO. - jell 111 ili.nZlio street. fed I .LI NOI Olii J I bC' FUiS icr rule b, jc21 ExIN han b e IhlNtI Gh , ic ..i. TREB AMIIZBCAN OYFICE. moon a _ _ liTanswere 14 ties ln connection with this Offlee is a Let SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, "a FOR THE PRI.ttINO of Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogaes Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Rocoipts J Logal Notices, Auction Bills, D1ill Forms, Show Bills . on Steam Boat Bills Circulars, tnd evrry descripltion ofJob wVorkt tent uany be required. Fme tL? I he prtopietor restpectfolly calls tile attention of e I the Iublic to the abeove Curd, and assures them that all work intrusted to his caree shall be done at tlhe short est notice, ill a style unsurpassed in tlis city, and at tle I ,west rates. PIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ,tILt\NS, Office No. 24 Musson's Building, jet CANAL MT'1'iREET. stil - fT. EI l iv-Y, itSATIONS, CELLER &I.. CO L TI'IONS,of ST Coleridge. Keoingsnor ke, lr Old l'imes in the New Worl; ir- by ine Net 7 and 8 of the Uniform Editiont1 of lauldieg's t5 rks. Caoitoan, on the Religious Sttte onl'the Country. Whalle Fishery; beinig Nos 26 and a 7 of i tilt oys an s Girls Library. Just received by Jl2 C iH IBANCIROFT 14 Camp 50l SACS SALT, ledite. ion brig Seom tt t8t eiJ6I and John, for saei by jet6 " S & J P WiIIT'iEV. jal)(-:?tlt ele in etarefrotttetle by I - r I. 1jxl6 t DOlRol.i,44 New Levee. 1 Olts~ ltt-t11ltblla ire -tore, tir slo hib p jel 6 i r)l)ItSIllY. I-I New I.evte. IFOIAO PO4ST. IINETV -SIX reama Foli Porst paper, for sale tor . ply IIN GBlSON, m19 Edlitor True Ameiecuo. ýACON SAWSI -3 cn a upe'r 'rCeinteti cured, o, us:ore atd flo sale by G IIJUIRiY, o jcI6 441 New L.evee. NEl ,I)(JiKS. STH. A metiran I)a emoerat. or hints on the soeial and It civil relations of the United States. Hy J. Feni more etoper. 'i' Two Flirts; or, Adventltres in a Country Hounse; nld other tole, tv yl dv BltesitiltOll, E L Buhler,N MI Norlott. Burry Ctrnwall, dMrs i'ure, Capltai Mlledwiu, attd otllhers, it i2 s. The hiver al t l tesert,by Miss Pardoe, atleor of ithe City ,f the Sultane. The Casket of Gems, the Gift of an Uncle and Aut it wih fine wtid tdengravilgs by Anderson. It Just reeiveed utd fur sale by VMi McKF.AN, jet.t cor (Cae[ andi (Colllteln onte . SIposit f tl fethe Bannk ohektuokv at Louisville l'er sale tIv LAIVRENCE .- Gi.ENiDIIt IE, ie[6 28 at,id t2. Ne, I.evr. a til.KI-215 Itbl .iessn asd Ptrine . t) tired P O ! ierk, Ir sele low i y r .A\VIfIr NCE & LEe,EN7DRI, j.ORr ", and'l29 Ne. Levee. I. ttGINGi-I li15 pieces of prime 44 ierh Ketlekyiv SBaggiSn, lnding froil s. b. Corinthian, for sale by LAVWILENCE & LE(iENI)NRE jel6 28 and .i New Levee. IY.OUl{-120 bbl. t laning from eteabolbeat Eta . pres, for sale by G DORSEo, jell 44 New Levee. lAR7IS&EY-g-Ii bbls retified Whiskey, for sale by t OLiES & MILLS, vje7 Balk alley. Sl7dTESTEIN BU't'TER-lI0i kegs in store, fer sale V by SLATER . 'I'RIEK, je21 40 Poydras street. c IORK.--40 bbles less M O, prime and solt. Prime jut inapcted, for sale by G. IDORSiEY, je25 44 New Levee. itAlD--1779 kegs leaf Laerd o i-uperiih L j ,it, I leading freo steameboat lIonarh, for sale by I.AYE' & AMtEI.UNG, je 26 17 Commnerr street. Pirt'esi' Own Book. 1l Ft PIIRA'tFE' OWN BOOK, or authPntic nar L retives of tle lives, exploits, nind erxeutins ot tie mnost elebratrd S.a Robblers, with Ilistorieal skeel'h- of the Chaea.aee, Spanish, Ledrone, West tndil ial.e ande Algcrme Pirates, in I vol., just receivedl, laid ter sale eey WiM. Nt'KEAN. j. + er Camn p &, Common stlreets. , 1ei t I,:t.i.t - 1bllds Rectilied, in Soere, for olt ely G DORItEY, jeI 44 New L.evee l sLt) s!\ N '--GII iIbbl in store, Ior sale it iP1 .14 New, Levee. -I:-ciehes eeryiee tAinl ithin emriteg, 9 eand foIr slb: by 'I I IYtE & }lOR, jl eI c('to;: t ion and IlMagaziene st. - y F 1.1)-- 0 keg best qua ty, in store, for i I aI/. by t I DISEX. jell 44 Nore e.evrr.. 5 e \I 1 I IL' .--Pt ule in hers a!so eanhasmrd Sri do,, inll ehel, n ld Ihes. expresly for lalnily use LAb : El' & A mEI.UNiG, jet 17 Commerce siteet. |~1INCINNATI BACI)N-67 hhds llans, Shoul- t i dders aud :-ide., of superior quality, landing from ,teutret ('lbiuc ,l,lfr sule bt tean ISA.C BRI1DGE 11 CO. je4 134 \ ogazint asreet. r Pos H esso tble I st of next lontih,lo tiwo a sttary dwell.40 g ,rtým e adjoiniag trie new Me UJK - thodist ChI chb n Pn'yrna street; occupied preset by l)r Rogers. Aleo, 3 sHall teneients on Oirod street, a ew doors r om h(iarnne at. Apply to DiOYLE & MAY, l ml7 3 Carotdelt street rt. SIItpMr t)i.-20 casks Winter Spertm Oil, bieact- f ti re.for sale by ISAAC IPbIIIGUE & CO. jell 134 alagatine street. HISKEY--'2;7 bbls Whiskeynr, landing frot the .1 9 stealtboat taeerimactk, lor ntie by Ia jso2 LAYET & AMELL'NG. _ L A RD--,1iii kegs pritnm Lard in sr re, frr sale by .L je!2 LAYET & AMlELUNG. PORK i10 bins 'primne Pork, landing fron stearot- p bnot Emperor, oUr nale by m. eEni.I ...o LeAYET & AME[LUNG. . UGAR-l50ii llsd on plantatien, fr sale by mill0 SLA ElK &''1R1L', 4(0 .l'oyds ta. t U AI.AGA WiNý'ef-Swetniandry Mergan ite, iA in or casksoand Indinn bhl, eotitled todebenure., i ftr saole biy READ & BARSTOW, _ mt122 67 Gravier street. - JOE N Il b L - Y, 1saddle, larneas aud T'rnk Moanufaclrrctr, andfour of Mlilitor Ey,.ipmertn o/'every lcetcriptien. No 1809 rcHOeUITuOULA STREETP. tll T HAVING in e Lmploy several MIitailrv WVrkbt n, 1 EI lie it ready on ascute work in the abtove lit a1t a'I tile dllrtst notice, a.1d eor ta ulllst reaolnable terms Menrheants' and Pedlars' Paekitlg Trunksi of nver ,b.I it ciiptiolt, constantly on handnl. t -l EAF l.,RDl-Latding front t ci r 'I el eseean; - IA r sale by I)ORtIFY, O tp'.L5 44 New Levee. OlON t I ILL--tO 0 ern mille, .f Slater's patent, I C cotodined. Orne lan culto grind u.) or 30 bsheels of teal per diem with tiese tiils, atd they caot bIe t. S aclled tlit cantttl git, and arne partictlarl calculattIed fur planttr's use. Apply to :bHA IPLIN & COOPEh, 11115 h e2. ,li street. u SONDUN PORIERK--10 casks best llledrtric tldela L Brows Stout, or sale by lOLMES & LL rt1t5 Book Alley. L) LOUGIS--375 Pittsburgh Blue Plough,lti tore S O CKE . CO. ap 17 2i Old I eve esrtreet. A N AUtGIN , & l1JlE-1(( ps Riaging; 228 oils IRnpe, froml stetlttuotl Comtmercelor saole by LAYET &e . AMEL.UNRG, t2lo 17 Conerce street. L STELltW PlINE LUMIsER-32,000 leel of t c Syellow pine plank, fur sale by IREA.I) I&ARSTOW, S?2 G7(i Glaier street. SHItSKEY- 1(10 bbls in store, lor sale by ap2. Ii; DJRiEY,44 New l.even T rEAN -$500l good short city pater, hy SLA'T'ER l't "IER, m15 40 Poy drae It. /EI.LJOWV PINE LUMI REH--6I0 to 811011 feet Sflooring bonards, 1 I-I inch; 311,100 freet inclh iltak. for sale by REAl) a BAlS''IOWV', mn5 t67 (iravlerstreet. t -IeRK, Flour, Whiskey and Lard--20O bids men.t I ritnle. clear, rontp gild shloulder Pork; :120 bbls licoti ot.: do Wthisas),retified ad alcotmna; 1000 kegs Leaf Lard; itl stle, itr sale by wt23 LAY[I &AMI1ELUNG TA'1'TTIG--2t) Spanilsh iattilo, for sale by lY lt.AD I BAISt'I'OW, .. t.. ILi (iravie r strleet. E0ION SY LitUP-- 0 boes superior i elnon SyraF Lifor cale by RiEAII) . }It'I'O\W : so.-2 ! i Gvierstreet. "JUol.'i--00 bidsbleiltteitd .i: 'ioiUkliiSbbls prim, s L ihispcred Pork. fbr sale by I.AWI:I:.\C. LELUESiDRE, ' , , t6 l .'-. i tY 9a bbiler ctijed lsandlgIfrot steaml t e. (tie.di, lor aulenby ti DitIbLEY., Ic ;4 4 New ic.mVo. SI1'O y EIECLIANTIS. , Hll l HANTIS can halve a leautilill circular strock oll' at two hours notice, by callitg at tile Orleans Littoltphie t thce, 53 3logazlaoue streut, upponite Balike " \rcade. m24 S Ch .- o-L--1. half bls No S' llackerel, for sole| 1 bv IEAD & BARTit\VW, ; (tn 671 Grevier street. | t O Lt uc-s trims lbotn onades, reoiverd per I L. eamler i)nniel W ebster, tortale by AI.AWREtCE & L.EGEtDRI, . i ir':I u& l 9 i Na Levere. LA0MON'SYRUP AND PICKLES. 1 00 BOXES Lemoi Syrup; 14. boxes a n orted l.JJ Pickles, in quart, tw qtuart ard gallon but.- l tler trnro theo munnfctory uf Wnm Underwonnu d, and II Lewis h Haskell, of Boston; landing fBoo brig 1ulley- r raml and ship Charleston, Ibr rale byat JARVIS & AnDKIEWS, trlt car Clllnlon nild 'I'clatitaitioe r it. FISK'$ 'rL'L.\ VEI.S irr L.oLlKUY. r I, A.,IELS" , Ihb nuinent ofEuero;leviz: is Enr JtJala, ltlunt, FrnClllce, Irale. SailtrirrmldGrri i trl u),th.e Netherlands. By Wll 'isk,ID D), IPresidento of ItIe \\l.leano U'ive rity or ititletrwI, Cionnl.; in I ia volUllle,wirb erigravingo. J uar received ad. ilr slita by WiO I8 leKEAN, of trI3 er Camp aud (tutC a stlr. ALl.Nutices o tar hxes orutr aeic charirgen reatlie tao ithepropery of Ibe r nbscrihr. ai tir i d in tihe Faeub ntat Lactaosee ori in ah IP risla or Jaefersici, may, will Io alditen to. IOh.N S. DAVID. t S t o afItt hu i o n e rI re urn tam n ane, le jl dinrfus brig A E,and Itr eale Iy J. i) t lt,t ft 1(r l TEX Dil .l T Y I D:i s Ijenn i ckv IisEND ll, . 1OIn tF iI r C rils tiope; an, nait trlo iot oftriir in store a d for amle by J ItA NIta sL, b9 Cat1|e orient. in a0Cndciu5 Inboxes aiidc4 keg sIirnu Cpeianiig n Tobiacco, iLe tcr's brand,) in -ore nltd Ir nate by J. )ANIELi., S 2t 59j Callp strert. jL0O C o lte of aog n i. lffe, au1' giiii h. quality, lauding frimi barque tirery, far k ile by i je21 " t'F.' I'i) N & A 'F1 tI. ii A L AStA iAA l S lor il.:I9.-- Jiut itl:te ivtd, t alnttillt el o ,r n 'et t le 's A t .. .n.. . t. e nnrl t ioel t ,e t i's t ,li i d ncksrt, fr salney A tIyr A) FtIT &t C., New Yaork' tthoer's alle, e2l 0 21. e twl cCrt e a'r - r ee L' cI A NAWrs Draft U ont ll,'I' Ieturv nttAt'aI b i NATtII't IroWN.IV E u l) , jell Exhlnl e ii telr , t rnier st. r.1IXS UUNP-Y LAN D Cuc.-lt- . _ T NA'L'H'L 't'OWNF : ND, jis E- t r l:ange Hot iotel, r vilr iner.'. FIREIMAEN'S INSUR ANCE COMPANY I' IF N 'E t fRLI, A NS. d 0'O'I'''E i. hereby given,that the hooks of su bsscerip - l tio for r ile re i nio r slt harer s of the & apital st .rI k ouf this CIiiiiiy, BCen on V.idayi, itia t rl i dt WtinwetO ilt) hi!'rn of 1: i nd I o'clck P l, Sallkl reouIll tin e Saitlll hour oxe strol duy l loereaftir, u 3.0l t s n +,hle .~1 CoI l hv t b ee n s i lietrithe r5jr ir S Bv ordei fttile ounrd uot Iircliors. E l T.,\CY, Junite 14, 1818. Serelrrv RED. WILEINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, fFtLS his serbices to hea puilic the dl e r 0 mess o1 Sureietg uiad Civil lt:ngiieeriig, bilti ill rlw ull aid cluntrry. 'l-oll cillasidldrlllt:e experience II lil Irofesion, anud byv proirptnesa aol fidelitr ill tlie exec tio on business ent iuste lI t ,o li i, lie h tl es toI rmerit rd recaiven as liiitolet'puilttpiilepolna.e. ie atll f talo nimasure andi ctnulltl tile lite lltet of walls maill ; excavations. Ona No 8 ai:rulaa stereet, raiuld strut y je7 INStil ()ill t Caskba acid iii blite..itirraetid o a ullrtie lel f, ,-lt, whlllt e l eu ru tail. by J.\i rV[' & A..t;i::i ., , Melladicine, Panits & Oil ti)eanlrr, jel8 Corner of Caomlon ' 'i ItCupitouhlts Ir. D tpOWN StLIEEt'ItNtLS-Ittittt ynds It- Itrdoi /w y Sleetring, landing frn strip Cheroikee, soita:5.e for ritle Mexicala larket or City tradt, tor sale, by STEtSON to AVEKR, jel8 88 Grutvier sareu. SPEll. C \NI)LtN, tIlL. &c. 200 BOXES New Bedford Sp.erm Cattlle; 3- U casks New Bedford Wiiter Oil; . ti casks Roufinll Ziac; 6 boxeas iruau .tvailaa Sugar, 101) roils Vale Rope; te 31 pi.ces BaggIg; 6 casksa nlhck Ieat d Cricibles; I 30 ansks Paper; 51 baskets Chtultainge 1t ine. Fur sante by JOSEI'II C CK.:YNE Je8 25 Gruvnier treet. 'an ESTe[tlN BUTTI E't-ltil kebran, rreeived ter Y steanmer Vaidulin, fronr dpriegficll, llinu s, i superior article, for saleII l. SLA.TE t & 'lItERt, t. jet8 40 Poytata itreet. .I ORl{--llump, `olt'e dss and I' O, dor sle. bit je; (ti tt)IL.EY, 14 New I.el-ee. at rPEtI titt., CAN I)lS, &.l:.--3t casksi New i, I a tbrd d intet r Oile d211i borcs d, do Sltre' Cati:tlen Ot 2Coks roiu`inIg Zlnc, liti boxes Iruntll ,trlluld t.:aldlel, a30 seets Braiersr' Copper. Iu store, for sale by JOSEPII CiOCKAYN.:, upp20 5 Grtuvier frmtaer. i'-EAI LALdW--2UU kega ii store, ir salte Iby 31_J el G I)It).St' 44 A'ew iLeris., d IlESS MADhi EIASY; beinga .new introducetis Sto hie rsudimaeots of that scotlic lland popuular br ga:le. I, (ieorge \Vaker, Te'ruclael t'hesr. t;ncle Itlace, a olvel, by ,,rs'S S t llui, aulhorr of a iketches af Irish Charutr.eri'he Buccauneer, e. il 2 'I' e pirit of the Weods, illutrtated bv coltored en g'arigsb br the uuthur tofi lh Moral oa lowrrer. F"sdcru's Vr Jews 'f Portr ard Ili iroure utiGreat Bri tain. 'lora's (:eurt, or thle 'recaeure. of the Parterre; Ib lsorquets.idrawn nllltl cao!ored rlll riture,lyy J.ames Anthrcir : tilh poetical illustrlltanr s, y l.ouisa Aun 'T't usule*V, lulhor tl'iThe Romanilc of Naturle. \A tilt ury of 'lTerirs used in Gleiaih . Roman. Ita lian, and (isoiic Architectur,; Ilhe second uditio, crr lu;r le-.l; rexetslritie.l by .;00 woad euts. .itdocek' gi.triaeg rs' Pocket Booku , bfor tile y. or l1i53; with an Altnaca; by lHenry Addock, Civil Enginleer. Works of Lord iRacon, wirthll a intrrld.rtory escsacy, slid a potrrait; iew edition, comlrpleter iorr vole. f iirrllop Blllrlrr lrcs rltt or o rhis ownr :lrt'rlolne t restoration of C:harles II. to th treaty of peace :ratr Utrecht, ill the reirgn of Qu(een Ane. A new edit on, Ii v aill historical and blogr :r hiahl Iersrt; rcomplete ic n oatie sialra.r Jrrt received uld Ibr tale hv W ,lt MeKEAN,r Ilt cor Caltrp srdl COtonis'.s i s:sp. VtAoo S JIiNFY--I or tale by S T I IIYDI,/ & tRrTrIHi, je 7 car Cttom rto & iiugsacire. .1s t\iUit b-I lb -bils s-ttoi-i e-lo-1, adrirdiirffgand .- ri r e Iily Sl'E'I'SON & AVEItY, IN jr7 tL Grevier slrtetr L"letllt \ POI0hK-50n hill- Ficrrr 510 Miria clrea .L Mleas M.O ., PIrism lI' O;, Itubrprs c ctlhulders ina .ore, alid ftr sale by jo9" I..\Vt.El' .f" Ai.tlItIUN(. l l HISKEY.-3U00 bhuls rectli l ld )lletn's I, Sfor sale by G. 11(511E', ie22 4i Ncw Lvee. EORK -500 bitlr. of all qsualities. j:ttr inspected S and will be sold below the quotrstinss, b u. 1(tRSEY," o je2 41 New Irevee. ni U TUY l'r'lR--30 kegs western bulter, lirr t It r C) ay 18 J ItlAYIRK & CO. di F .OUR-4,00 hblis in stlre, for sale byieE Je5g t14 New lco.eo FWJKLIN INFIRMAR11Y I THE publi are respeetflally inlrmlrrl at th:is insti tltioon is erected on thie most improved plan, and nat a airy and most admirahle lrttratrn, ill tile fachbour ,ranklin, upins the railroad, one mile li sai drls 3Mrass T 'le buildin is large ad ntusteommodiously divisded into aparllnllllsfor a sepI g r separnt ditnol'nt cl Usssi anlld fnibreit diaeasas. Tlhe instittion ir surprlied with the mnout skilful tiad itte rrtivm alerand I'leml Iullllsaoal peaking theo va girln mlouema lupunaaes. Private mrosrn iit ha i d hv gentlemen rat five d(l Isrs per day, iclrldlin; attedCrle, &.crc. Ter5ns i tre or'irnry wardel, too dollars per day. Sltves also tIo dollars. SLall 'I. irs tie ordinary 1 wrds, rfive dol,rsr . All capiusl c orrgical oeratienets exytra. 'Tie residernt tpei.Siar is i) \rerddeantnr u w5tr a pliin fire amsniar IOUsL hie maodes. or toR IAr C A uIcras bevg, No 17 IRaparsto street. ace!1le rEAF' LARKD-fI0 kegs ill store, tir i ale by , j e29 44 N ,ir v I.e e. --- 1.1 Tb ' It HMereV eda, ot aIH 'l't f jelS Coerer al Co smo & mter razia t U 'I'il biN. D IbEGO MOIe 'HY, Preferrsor of l.agllgtlgO.eis tirr ilreplred lt receive gerlileatlel, llo iluy he r iis posed I I apel Ia pILrt of their leitse hoIrllrs itri" tilr s trrtaC". itl acquiring late 'rerach, rpnari. or Elnglish I.aguoaga . i.hclt gelrrlrtaln wil r lat a seUprate hour, lfi'a 4 to I o'clock, 1'. ill. N. I.'L'nraslatios a ilrads as usual. Office, 67 Char treesand 4 lienvllle streel.s. ie_ w HE NATUIA LIST'S' OWN BOOK--Comprising deseri tions ad autrheatic anecdrotes of Qfuadtrup edsiseiettilfically arranged aeording to tihe svstem sal Cuvaet by the attlltr a tire "Yoltu5glanIe Ow;u Blook! TIlENATURAL HISTORIY OF o NSECTS--lI rtwo t volumnet-vol 2,frmring ro. 74 of the "Family Li brury". A (tigestaf the LAW t t EVI cItttlE cRttttC tAL CASEtS -byHllrrv Rscree, Est. with ltles and rctmncose tor at Arterica' ldecision, and ttile Erglish cortton law and Ia eeclesiastical relorts by George Siarswetotl. Oe DrOoastA aUSv OF tIra.Eaa of trhe CrEST-haserd up. on the comlpariint f F their physical cod general silgls, by W W (erhalrd, I31 D. PRINCIPLat OF IPATHOLOcY, AND Poe'crlC or r PHstrc--By John MaoBlrlrtosk, M I)., fers tie last Lou duon edition with notes and additiots, bIy Samuol Ges. lMorton, ll i), is 2 vul'a. eTHE, t.rMRCAt t(UARTERLY REVtiW--No 36 for December 1835. Just received and for sale by f12 Wr OIeKEAN.coroorr ofCasse attnd Cm. a EAF LAIRD--420 kegs leaf lard, leaijg Mrom L steamboat Gitlerlal WVsort, inr so)ae, hb LAYEL' & At-LUcrLQt jy ', C.":noterce street. it tACON SDEt-tlhhdtsOiaeoUnildes, latudilsg from ¢ steamboat G.srarulal vu'e, for *Ala Ib iY2 17 Colmnercr street. oh L obuut 14lo0 l, lying at Caurrallton. fr salo by T 'it II i'lE, c BItO'THl'Ilt, she jl car Csommon'& Magazibae rtreets. le FLOUR, WIIISKEY, I'ORK & IIEEF--14 bbls aporfitre and 152 do fiat loortr; I0 hls curtreon anr d4i filrs rectified wrishe)y; 7 brhi, acns and tI hhls j'r 1 prime pork; bblra prith bewe; tse c.rgu of a fli boeat for oalu late, to gltco. by SiE,.Yt ' & Ar IEL NGi cer . - l l . 1 sr.;e1 ct rel. N lW MUSIC-She wore a wreath of uoser; Ellen i Tree; Luk lmnh my lireuNTAhaStgr Spirit; Cdnet in-g your lonuu, 'I'TM heath thu nighlt; List the Iav ut the aendolier, Tlle lady teuave the bsquet hulli; Ia poleuu' muidutght utretic. Jlut scceivad fud Gir hmle 1 at II CAS-Y'Sa ap4-i Pianfortt e t.d Mnsic IRVING'S NEW WOIIK &c. c J iHE IOCUKY biOUN'I'AIN`S--Oraue.c, slcdcidt A ullnd adventures ill "the Far lVeWet" uigertreld ftlclt ltt: iourlll' of C tatl i, I. Bolllevllle I," the Army of the United Statec, nd. illustrated Iroll valrious olthler ll'cesa, by l'ael1iu.1'_ta Lr lthuG, illt e Vlsn. 'IHL VIC'h',. OF ('OIE' I' --IB the Couutellsa of JIleusil:eton, IIn vols. Jusct ct rived saulit ,r sle by Slf'lFi1, quil l rel, e s pc inlk Isid, wifers wtlltingti t P a . , icdit rlbber, blaLt k r oltlhi, h h utlm, asld eel other article ofl't ticnt.ry, O tcir vert y best iquality, co- is nlutlly in hltnd and liy VI) o FEI.T&e O IAVO. FELT . & ? clu9 N 1' tatiulnrsr' IfaJl, 28 Ghstres rt. S' triOl tslr Tle.,s. fhr cole ty Il ll .'HVAN l ,'rl EI048 pi-d +lu lsty eli 1A'tE &r 'riti-tt n P,--i.,. s."' t by J'1' I flYItE d" BitU'TIlltl, say lli 39 Colnlls.clr. MaIi usin sf t SUtAU-s IhtltsI. ncte lirt ste by / . (1 ltRiSIR-IY, 44 rwl.evee. -!IUNITURE -'l'i- e subscribers have received ere F chip Slskscpear, tlefollowing splnllidlltew nrteu grlly flilriture, whlith thty uktier for uale an libor 30) Mlulogany Roclkilgeltimir, plaii nti eanlred hnirciotl, Llue, scarle tlald jitrplrl pllsh scarlet rela lnd w\orsted damlnak snets II Mholllltleany french ltiutrlics clins withl daluask i hair sent, 24 iudo dio rote phlin 2o11 do do do cfittscu worrtidldatluilk,13 do Gr.can doe islir clotlh, d do Fretch BuIrger chlaits tMaroaon ,1 or' I dhlum.i chains, I pair cuicnhes, I evert stalol Ald: Neuw Ylork slcke asll perfectly new IPE iL S'tItEEt'' llt'11 . CINCI NNATlI. 1 1fIS exteclve and well klal t etthlihiell.tll J (curmcl.r of tPearl alnd tValtut streets) huving bIeen lented Ihy llc suberibr, he takes Ileaure in Illloutll silto the public tiat the whole mterior iof tlho I lild i.thclIs been IrliIttlrd cld repi)lisre--lic i'ultica hetly t'oal haid, pointed taild cleitnsd--,ltid IIIIt it is 11w+ l Il co, lll .a rder lfor t11e recepltiols of bolrderrs. Thle llunsriber Ibcig fully aswar of the llemat de8ire of the cilizens toh Iuv at leasI t onte FIs .T RI'te't'1 IHOTEL in tihe city, has ,t thus far. uili will ha spare either lalbor or elistlee to ilisl uhsst llit uIst dl sisicl esrcn. I His tsblet h ll i illlrrihbliv Ile stIlslll lll ill e . rrv vrietY, \wthit ti ll.stsc se urket utlisr,,--his is+c B itfrnished with the chl.ic..t wilnes tn .sit uar-hli I sleepinsaprtmlllepll kelt net and cle-and .plent ot servants will at all times he, is waitiun to give. t otiiu attelln o to rhr ltlnts ofh'iis tilst elllrr s n Ite is ,srticutssiv well proviled foir ithe scomslnt ttitl-, ti il off ll ,ili es, a it i hll use c nui, n l arge mu i t, of Iarlu,irs with bIed rooms attacherd: IHe will have catrioges anid uhorses at ll lims insrt l rea Ic dinesss t cocrvy hisl boarders t ruscttllleslcrsc ttl'ir or- ' rival andI dc parturefree of expease, to aud froul Steas I allc LUnit Boats. " hl es tl/ Tr avellers sand others will give him si I si, and s inc e t l'Cis alt ..llinlltt autiolst for theils'tt vci , as, this : lite alv tellst h by whiiCl the merits of his actlbliisih tst ccan Ve srtisfielccrilv tested. ( iti(l(it " .ee i, l :P. It o CGER. Cincinaoti, April lat. 1t37-tsl. alil -X--I-ANtE cc Pitilicllsi'i u.... s------ ,----' X CIIANGEIt. on Philadtllphia and New Yoark . Chrckhs, E. t C & Ii h IEG )RE -sjel6 'i assdi N ."w Lev A(CON-40 .anks Ciscienatli usred, in stlre, :ur ) sale, by G. D1I)o rdEY, jels 41 New .eveo. [FiILOUR-. 40t hble, it ssur,. fur rule hy N_ jel G. )l0ts6SE', 4 New Levere. RAP FL t tU-SUhU kegs, in tite sthippssintg srdccs. iur I sule by G. I)KI1SF.Y, jell 41 New Leve. I\·TACKEKIEL, .IME, &c: 274 bls. mackeral, nos.1, 2 an 51) hall barrels mackertc alls s I aiund 1129 casks of lise, ill bhsdles ihay, 50t f11 t lu mber, S Iending frul hllrig Rinaldlol sd for sele,bv J .117 S1E'PSON AVEItY'. (:t0. " " N P 'V I .\ T ST OER . I v , h STre aceined .ftehr e late arrialeut rf TS Ne Y lk are The subeICiber would paraicularl a cll the r trantion I of the public to a ,tvle of beaver hat! of a sltprin, finish, fine texture, riec and beautifit luesre; alst to t I line plidn Itus.ia ht ifea saperior quality; and alan ic el lendid article ot'silk hat, togeafl tr ait a gener a sort met atninuf ctac Iby Im ell, eaxpresly for that a omarket, whbl,tsale rud retail the J W eOd BORN, 34 Camp street. e N. B City end country dealere are invited to t:all. • RICHARDS, T''obucco ad .nutllfflanufc- r la turer, No. 277, Camnt- cre.t, New.-Orelans, wishet to inlirtll Ilas trtetl.l ald lthe publitu in geclll:., - that he i t now preparel to !furnish any thing, in tltI above hlsiellss, at ant , eo nstantly lfor ale t oll',o, SNUF iS. .naltahty, Ilaglisla lari a Ilegect, tat AInticic.a, rppee; NA:eteito atat, C. Imitated, American gectleluan's, Hlergalot, UIIKeLInt :rapptl .-. I Irish Blaekguardl, St. Omtar, Culaeoa, Pa'ris, I'PureSainshit, half course Itappee, a Saotclt, ad gcnulle tooth poIder. th ''iOIACULO. Fine cut chlewing, sweet asented at plain. us Fine ctt slaoking, of various qualitiCs. Rib-foot Virginia, Spanish, lea. ce The alovearthiles are a wilnrantedl as g It, tfnot al- an peelrtto atllevthtg of the kiitd imit irltctd, atit will beIac illntihed to delde tan the a osat lieeralter.ts. nay 4 to S of New .Bedford prm Canlies, ltc'litg ltot oc il .8 & 2.9 New I evee ti jeAtilliSCOPiPEii-llooth e tnrccier eacller j, .1 weighing tell pounds eatth, in RtorIe Ic t iar pale by SAMUTIUI. LOC(KE & CO..c .No 8 Front Lever, betteetn Cutom H-louse and Bieal d ville streeta. 3ti1tt New Orleasnn and tenrrolllon mail Reoad .hrrlOtt lrelts ft r rllllcnicg tihe cars tfill Ithis date. Foe CncARRO.I.LTON FotM NEW (ORLE&tS. The horse car at 4 'el'kAM Steam car rat 7 A 31 i srtom er 6 u do do do 9 9 steam car 1' do ldo sllllc ar at 3. do ataCc r 2 . Po 13 t d1 ett it. tid Ic 4du 4i tic do d ti 7 do do t do ldo do do o de d d de 18 do do The Jacksaon street carse nud .ncfivette, half plut (i o'elock, A M. Catnll street at ti o'clack A i\, and runl liag hourly at 7 eto'clock. These ears will colunllltfnce rultcaion;tr vrv hall boer, and cotilnue throulghout the dita untli7 ttclock, P'. .. Te'bearrant'e:lnt for the La . Course streort ell: ; the tainRe its for Jackson street. t ha ,t T'. JAGO Ct)lFl'aiti, in grlse it g lulltt racaired a l ter brig Star, in atere, iar salne ty - elA I'l'l- R& 'I'RIEIt, ct2m3 411 I'oydrac setrr. I SOLOUNIE WATEl-e-l:irctly i rte ipcurtei h'omru Co iI log e, by H IttNNA h.1, car Natchez and tilcllapitoulaa sta. l' lThe onniuenaes of tce article is iarted Iy tite Sautos rsph of tile maaulacturer, Johatos Maria Faiuria. A " atitItAc It.IARGAIN p/ iLi. be givea in a choice IPurcel t f ~UraMIEiR t i i. C0'a'HiLli, to close a onsigumcnt, a e r- a sons wishing to purthlt a are invited to cull and Aex ! t v. aoaca tie sae an e, t ti Ae ITe of NAAII'L TOW\NII'aNIl, jWi Exchange H... ot, a ..... er ,e m iti ttlli , 14 Nec r Ieee. FLOUtIb--300 biles atthe la. ndil., 'rr Slat, for sale jet 4.1 New Levan.a ,3 ALAtI A I'iNil.--Sweelt atn Dry 1talnin Wine,t r. i eaasks n ad Ludi t tite, ettlt te llure; afor iatle by IRAL r BAI'Itl't011, jr7 a7 Gruter at. 50a CA.) S Imperi:i, gacl dr,nlr yaUncg htyac tctd w La" eboa Tea'. ll- 1: b es SloiK MAlaga Rieaets. ha IUt lllcl doa do dt. at Itiags pi r crtlle erna Iavna Caflee. IA )I ltoaaaeaih Iei IvIana Sweclt Meulc. 30111 boxe. Young's uperior Chamcpaltel e Cider r- 275 cases lioereauu Claret. 30 cans superior old Port Wine. - 5 do" do Sherry. ng pies eld L P 'lreneriflte. 311 kegs plrinme (toehec Butter. S5) coils Manilla Curdage, aseorted asie. et 2i tllata trared dto do do. i it) dozen superior Corn Brooms. Li 3 kegaasusrtdcl Nailt. 511 keet No , White Lead. s 10 eaeks Winter Strainedl SPnrm ril. t I il0 boxes New !edluri5d,ermt Usatales. iac 1(t boxes Blston ut I eOt.. 3., Ioxes Freach Br..ldy Uherties. S20 boxe ULlder:a td'a Piekl~e, casorted. 1 Ic la Anleeieaan 'le. 15 bble Au.rncact BIrandy. S5qr ease ialrclaye'a P'ort Willn. cou- g'.. Batter, Water and Sola Crackera, Pilot adI e. Ntv' ilroad, tlanufactured by the PatentSteam Bake a astnaettly n hbaud, together with a getttral a |eorateett for ioleruceriea, nwholesale and retail, iy ZACIli.ttl Ia I1OTI1iA!, a jel27 76 t4h1 Levee atree a NOT'IC'E. . TRIAVELLERS going to Mobile by tile Mail iLrc" 1on aMcndayt, Wednesdays and Fridays, will rtegi ret. ter their names at this office, as no seats ca he soenrgl - inthe ctage at Paseaeaula oq the abov.e tltpe days, atm oles their namea be placed oh the wayv thl TI'iee wta nive heavy baggage eau have. it talkel direett t Mobila ty.tay b'ate dttl.lcg tie wecg tgq ect. a ie euaeOnamed dayse. (41k .WYit-T iMý "a7w thy po K-l'riei and lesa 1,ahrfoll bldiOI h 0i aund AI O. eta. Also,'JU pieces Ketutcky IBa:ng gr.85 ile Ro. fig - tale Iv Il P LVY "r. Cte . tA -b-s t - Cr Graviera't. up etatis. lt J UST received by ship itCllaltr t .std hbr' "l'll.e bat aJ ralndtttll ltat c, blt. anld berg,., fot prietin a ga I asaortat, tat, ltd ta hi t will ba ob i llo l. e fra, at gudcvpan'altc F II.;Nl' Is il reel. to1 'ti e,.tara[.tu c rt. Mail IlaolatiOUe. Thae Great Eaileri .*il is 0e16 e o'clock, A 11M-1sa due every daiht 1, The #Axpr .s Alail is closed overy dal i{ 10 AMl--kas due wtit thie groat Ea.Mae. i every day. <" .. 'ar slake y; sit (vin GUvl srin. LAc is awedq/ every Mlniday,. Wlrh ie y eal Fridny, at La'olecb, A M-Is due every ''uesday, Thursday mad 8stast. - day, at , 'P M. The Loo /'e no Piper .VasII is el"F evrer# ' 3Maoday, Wedill ,odlv andl Saturday, at 8 P 1s-Z sent and returned bIi' steballsbuts.-Arrie rreu to..Ss . lurly three tiiea a week. 'I'e iuyiou Nars or Coast .Aftail is closed svery Tuesday and Friday, at f. P M-is ss.nt and r.. turned by the steamlboat lirillieOt. I"e ..dal,.xdria or lied Iivere .Mail is sent Weld. rr lurly by ateeoashuto, twice a week. I~oucscf or Mat Weduseday, and Cloise at 8 o'cioc6;c PFM. Coast italnil. Tua.siv and Clone at 8 o'clob P M. atew-Orlc a i. C(hamber of Colsneree. oFFICERsa FOR iTHE tAmK 188. S. J. Petera, Prnivdel.t. " A. Quertiur, lat Vice Presdent, . VW.L. Iliodge,2d do. COMMI1'1EZ fOF APPhEALS, FOR 1838f J.Iines Dick, T'homas Barktt, John A Merle, II C Camtnaeckch, Jan 11 Levetich, Aiijah Fisk, G.o. ) . WWIHnTR, Bes'y. ,It \TIT'l'iF I1, I.eld ,fhair il rth ranesnct one r Int beluc .lio hI llsant frame. Iowo swanres i ,,,the inll it li, !ne tIe ihI' atioevnanlle, end lFrownt 'ol tplii.sait ihel.s vesniacei of o, r ger, wlitio as I. l, : el :t i.eo lIrerelI. iAlnd omeIltmes even to tshrl t ee ,to tsoidt tile iet tiLd P neloerl of I trir ,Irll7llfil.tllllP: Ir I'ellnlnlnln er ' e tl'eir lives arec on s lrtinevoe rp- i.e ruui,.it. In sllort. nut evn the Io-s, f nrl tq t ai llv ticisenere,lt thinkinlt mrlh with Ith ao -nwvv inkinu lnamy as lo, ther I.o. of hiJ shair. TIo avert i l thie, til linist lr. tnnee t llridhat I J likeisd Irodnller i erleaTow snod WhIs-erP; pnrvents the nir trm . n ry, r,a s it curl Ch aetifll , e nd ires it !'re n ,,,urf. SIone r IIert fi'inavles f tsile flrt , reIarctlilktv in otapret of the vrtave siof Oldridgel Inlhn, are: hti5w Iv as l rnpi erlrit :. - , 1 )Reand thle Ilhlswinol si InheIrrt llhartn, }sq. Is'Ii Ataiis' ,f:Phildelpti , lh'a certiCei a' I. h e.edIen bhlu., tUstliehighchares ter of he f llvillowi hentlelderailm. . 'l'T ,nlrreiricid do herebyh, rietifv that welave used the ,l Pmnl ,,f Itolu bia di-overerd Ir c J. Oldida e d.. iave foiund it hiahls e.rviieiable ointlv eo i .... aainst tilie filllilg iffof Ihair, but also I aels , resa s rts . -. WIIIAM "'llH-ATCIUER,Senior, '§v Mlethudictli Mister in iSt (Glerge e'are , 'No E Norlth'Fifnh st. 3 OH. P INGLl.3i21 Aich street. J ill N 1 T it )IAS, M D, 163 Rneest JtI)llN i FI'l" Y,ll Sprucer streot. II;[ill 'lcCUID'V.243iouhh Iht. SJi) llld i;ARIJr, 123 Archvesireet. It ih kLnw tllat three v' lte dla.a.sigseeess mtie o than il years oface. and the others utl es than 3.. ' , (riFrom tihe Mavor,] ' ' " Cul iiuntualsh f.Pennsvlansia, " . City of Philsdelshia. . I, Rolliet V'hnrvi'n, Mnvor fi said sityvofo hlePlde.', ' 'lisa, dII herelv eertiL lihit I lrnwell ahiequnilithlt t w ' i .l.ors J .1 Iigli:.iiirhl - Ftlreell aid lin gle a MdCUrdy I v hose dlllllnlltre ,ic to tl i naae Califiene,thltt theyý sire'Ie: vIsts risle:trv oils irelavt!uthb'ltl , and as". scIa full el Creditcli,,mhi tI givent) ithe saeid eertifeiute. , lv a n witnues o-ri' lsiave hereunti vet m tnsd., ,i tlld 'lt.rnl the seal of thle l it ,i Ito ,liea ed, Ihis fsli d'v olf alre ner,' e. ". " - [I .] " IlIIt' IVIAR'oN, Mayor. ' l E IVb m tlily vnah isiottle fishli (lostrine Its hsn ha o'e Is . ll ehlnies epiiessvil, wrapper, on wehihh is represtatled ithi .' I 'sll al' Nils 'is,. &e, dull is holesl aild reltil by the sole aevetls for Anss Iiat, `+o° Fleeie, stareet, n,.or Maides Lane .on dealo Sbelow ('earl ste,r,nnd bly mast druggis-sslnd Imsfuom.r . c' i through h n A CO "'rV. .hIARVI&. ANDREW .w S, e til) Whlileesle Arerass, New Orlease. gi snin g of the onlnin"g wiiter, a Condensation if' the tweuly voltomes of the Old and New Series of M~1rtimln' Louiani caReportl, to be comprised in fmar onluIii, S. .., according to the model of 'PFioss Condcrsed Reports. . T'li work is now in preop.ration by.J. Burton' la risron Esq.. of this city, nssisted by William l :. IBrand, E[q. The Editor is also i permlttld by a distinguihed retired Judge of the Supreme Coartr .nd IVby (ni of the sitting Jldges, to expect fronl, their pcruson:l snpervision all tlse advantage whieb .r imay naturially be reIpd from their experiene. : Such a work is becominig every day mose neo cesnrvy, as tie orig.lal is volliniooUss, expensive. and'searu. An incrousing curiosity too is manl fist, in the otller Sttes of the Union, in toforemne to the peculi rliarjurise udecr e of Iu' L inaiiaasd Ithe citnmsitaice of the nisllteroun principllor hel d :o' - oidet. inl the adjustment f on onflicts of laws, mnakee the kni.wh'dgo if uour adjudgedoi cisas of prnetim . lity to thejurists of the whole Union. Morelwven the rising republic of Texas has adoptod nes coder, tid thuns there ioli great demand for the ILouisinm decisrion from a fresh quarter. , " " . Con.n ,eic lt notus, indtimain g the parallel iease decided in Louisiani,ailtd occuaioinally thnos in thea more aiithoritaltivu torulli of the other States, will . bie added to each ease. 'IlTh work will form four volumes, royal ooetsao; ' .t will hbe delivered, bound, to suherribers at II ier vol.; in case it shoubl be found praoticakle to. ioiumpross it intoi three Yvolumes, the price to slb'" " Scribers will e ý7 pIr vol. bubseriptionceUa csived by WM McKEAN, jc5 corg Camip and Commoin ssate.' ai tlUiA It-ll1;c1 idastcy prinoe, oli l'la*atatii.u ig. G hlided limn the cit, for sole Ib_ . - ti d' IYIY & tBROTHER, , 09 3,9 !, ,tuo' 0t cni eti of tllkgseiihtf., SMHBRELtRL.AS .a 'ARA8 iLS- cias.t cemfpri ing ans oiias:rmst 'fl Mssnta m . Giiighlam Uim I brellne aids Pur'.ol., landing ifrom Barque Iilcnu laeud I Ir stle by 1 i" AA.(: lIlt IGi.Sc Ci,_1:) l1d.Hgaane s ý Lpj'l'l,;its' !'hls, inmh'esith I'illi, IMsue I.iniinest, i . Judktus' (.int elo , tier can female pills, Uutler' iElferr-ee, t [ngise-usia, loluhl of Colinmbmi B &. &oe Soauditg acd for solebh , ii IONNABEL, .. tri.5 srnr'Nth'tii and Trchapittiulsae st." S ALE,1) prvoiosils & 'ill Ie, rerived atthe ofice of. Stile Neow ur:ties Mnd Na-hville Llil;-ro,,d, Ihr the I deliory ~tl;3,000 tUle otsf .ino ,r cyprela timber, to be finnlti it Iwo si .es; ie i· n: slrlace imust be at least I10 inlches, nut the tinubiw brought to l0 inchea in think nies to l ae cut il leurl s of uot lces than 20 feat., Tber. ,. timilier is wanteial ntltag thie shore of Lake P1otinir * cruti, and il re receivet ll the third bavnu ahuventbe new ouilnt, or .l tlie bauk or tin new cannis,csthe Kaael. , ltidgs at til iptllio. o the Cotmpnj.y.. t'ropo .lia i:l I' received tor coverine the enam)lP . tell Il lnw t In t illco thoihori of the loseiwiL adello'., ritd ..:.d, t. a dephili a' >but 18h ihnelse. TlesoilarWmii " Sr te r . - are eily ila ins(d withinb &J6rt ias s lisise Iof ilthilii it.lairci1. and the Ciismpeay will i ai.:hl. rr a;nd :..ttriht. :tr layisg it eeie tpryiltasi o i eI'e tie distusicta is tau g.tut nut taiia usel . o .: Ala.,, P'roposals Nt ill lie reveeived ftih brildint severl l ae t-'ra r: " _ J ties th liueRf the road; the desvription it . h5 I giveu on al'plieation ru t I. gieeer. .. Ne. si...... wii Asoi~ilie Rtil-eoadttO.ceJctisK 8 11, 18rC. 1) IOAali r i Chie'f .ngineer and General S uparinietdaao," . , 4 , r 1 . .lo t'-A ou cc an Canal Sitrel S hinrise l- n Tretl Streets, suitable fir )jel r 3 OCniraels ,0 ILO *hsLt H.-uii(1s.ii thl auitOarfieeFlooSr, freSL ilasol l l i. keep luml s.oriusg f r ameis ti. for sle I 'y (;. DOlt8.i ., jeI 4I1 Now 1VA,\ Clt ii Ff:F ,t basgais pia Co i I schr Hro, from leu.ia"; lim malesiy I .dLAThI.t ka'l.- .ý jet4 40tPusydrars 2Ve Dears(.r ionv htes auithosres if iTbe, lOhilro°l e *, I ti. li vole. .. " a ii 7'Iso 4leessres of a Gersaes J4 's.sf!ef hit!!4ierot!" Wold cts."`:- % -" ý".t-mss,. lthl>4mi, the + ,cllnr Wh r eih Is vgi, n 3g Jyro M Ikd t aesis ore * eta btr i aw. eiw, h itoehl nd' 4, f l io cr nlli, a nl 1 ' c .Arctii "osl in p liidy IeOn lltsfn, 1: I nt ipeit hu.N li dteia'ed , " n lr 0 .+wv ri'eNnl Ill€;le qr o 1 ' O tieti rrt~ry cud liitiie in d; el i, , e(.4iiikoth le, h, til.led s .>s lbnitrai . . .lsIl l i'sonlsrci~tilrri. e, ý Si lh ii. aa~r, Lat. s si i, e . " . t, I iAlltIII nlill.,I. t . I * R hi t, ui ; evx

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