Newspaper of True American, October 4, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 4, 1838 Page 1
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S tr,.-sea ou , try par. nava. e .. , o "i1 ,n trival-daly cou.ltry paper, payahle ;.r velr'in advance, whilfe no city reference Is given. ubin;ription will be lillbaotinued until arronragen ilftlal1. In cane of eti Jtlinialnce, ine week's not. a Ibriling milt b I ilvariab.y givel, previous to the eapirtibla e lubniptlion. Aorltrisllit.- ) il dollar per square for the firs nsortiun, al hallf th it price for each entiluent onil' : alnt nainritll alteratioi far io the origillal advertisnemeit will he chargedl aus niw one. YeataLr AuvacRTI.sR.--ferchants andi Tra!erm, orty dollars fot Eiolih alone, anIl ld xty Ior both Inn gnIoam; lanko, iistruale t)'flee1 anod oler sililar public in"titationo, fithy d lare in Englilh only, andl 'iglity for both lalontcaes; Ship anld toalnoalt Fee rn, or Coin aisionll eteltrats Ailty dollare In Eiglish ne, and eighty lor both l anguages. Jilalio.mS, OUlreiaR Nortcas, and articles eall tile ttention of the public to enles on property, ardl of passengers, benflts, &c. ec. will he elolrce ane dollar per squTar for the brat insertion in eachl lll Coe(UralcIATIclos, or Advertlemrimnte, of ny peron,. •l natire, When adlnissible, shall be clhrged double, mad in cadaicec A delAcor s' twentc-fivre perecent'. wil he made to Aectiooeers' • O', Plliilnr eof Willstoel lmarhllal an sales of re l !litce. purtliehed in both lanIgLagic, nd d10 per cent. to Euglih alone: Ill prcrent. on sal-1 Sother prop. erty, AavcReet ne eOt of tIhe direct tier of bh.inene Sof the ldvertieer, succi as legal, auction, ael plantl inte sales, runaway elaven, stray nlmntals, &c., 0c. will be eharged for tepna.tely, and tt the orldiary rnte. ADvRTsnatENTS noti aret"ified ai, l tlme, will bhe ubliahed one month, ald chat;ed accorhinctly. No advertis e nletntl obankruop tcts will he piubliehed na y case, utlesr paider prea-ou i to ieertiol, or S vemnet gjitronteed by hbrepousil.b- ersone io wii n. 'Theatres and other places of atnnee.`tent, advertialitl -ailly or the seaso.l, to lie earged IOi, luer bnglish a ane, nnd $150 In biolt languaoes.e A1il anouacemnents if cn l idialm e for polii .ea otmeee be charcgd dpuble the price if other pdvertieO S itoe,'hev haveeacome tio nr cuiltOl inintl 'thi Tnnls of polrsei whoe occitlu hanve tint blen iit o within one. monath ailer preenotllion, ehall tie mnl' S own.( { " i to cmelt other-they othli tia thoa Ivterie or pricnt for such • " alln'iaonM d u.e of adeance poraenlte . i .tgaed) J. C. I)td r.' LiOnI P. P." KEA, E ,, J. C. PILEN)ERII4T, - JUHN O! BSONyr' ;; P. u ss P nrr.- \ /e, the uudelileelti; :. sl ftalt .'. b e the abyve caditidas, fur las they'ure apliscall tor (: lldb ) A. B. LAWVRENCI, ( e Na buhscriptions are taken for Icn than 6 moathl .Ltcrs must in IIl caes, be plst paid.l BIDELI: 8 SPA1N REViS.3IT"I, &e., . PAiN ItfPYVIIIrPE) by the author of i"A'iiui in 14 pain," in 2 voei- Hurr V , Ctoerty, nceval, fty te allhour of "Cecil Ilyde" in' yvols. The Actress ot Adi still other tales, by the oltlllir oi' 'Flile For.a keI,' i 2 vols. Nilirol'sl.lonin l'menre;iiierspereol. w itt clburacirietlc aoecdlolte, aevcnga apLt Ioilles if ,iiiting Mon, ilcllldlln iiotice iiftiv 1th neieel crackte Jea of Englacd wih ll onlBticl contlelltntilad crliertl dricll ilt le, tli whiich .re tddtlel, Nillerl'tO I.ttcrsm ill I aoug .louluols, i l ve lIe Bllntiec, the l.ait i ylteleiis AglsmlclllceI by Caot. tllunleir, It. N.,lllthr el lls1 "Life of a Sailor," i l,. Cn.ulllrlntllllri o I gn l, Jul slprudclle, an allinislitereld in ' -Iniod n; d Ailenen, liy Jiaeluli i"tory Li.. ,. I). Ovid, tl..ll, htedlrv Dryden, Pope, Cnl evvr, \liiell ullllltdhlr·, ihitLvol-. Ifrning No' ill and 2l of "llilrllr'e Cllnoeicrl Librarv." Infllhrv 'ractitl or rides fir IlIl. exl'rri-, Ill Inillvleiirenu Ithe Uited lll ielltenfallryi, lby Mejer al.lous `oll, U. S. Army, in :1 vots. Jelst rncejvecl 01'ii for sale qy - Wet. SlcK..,a N, 7 elornerCailp , t:ommnlllon t. NEIV fIU. i;J. [' isltill Hoea is tile tnelt io.ilt fair, OI elia It L I n·es ; l i ,hlt :I I sir I. in .! l lv -.i lz e r lllo in r ; . Ll.e;llnl4b l.f e.Uatitnesare Iiil ,"hu.,lli, ; ' ."li' l.tý al, ct I -,li i vid cl,li ,, r the l lllo,,;r it1O0 .t y PaIe oi it h i i lwi,; I yntmnv'; tloell htluliio lv-rlll! ,tr lb; LtLammltt"ite1 a llc'r l cl i tV l aitolD e; Alu+, i Ill, ,i Ici ', rip- Adtl , r l l v nI, lliri; t.ll! soI 40 L.!itlr l , ( iarrnu lr ll t Ctllillv; FItail g. :P l.tsiTft, lnttnane ,net li ,t . . t rrin. lit (0.. 1,, 1,,,1, t ,(,(rrile Pm r te 0,,'..i I arrmllI A' l ..+ ra, , ltt.:, a, I P:+t,,,; € li ri 1t Itim j.,p I il,,luea,, la r 9 il i.iti iiut" oil I". P+lanlal i ctoi. tda, vi i ltir e of Lte o t Foor saleI ttl " ; Plana pOrte~sud . I , e lt trt'" pi rallwtj iiaiiltl`ttrulct lceltiia a llll trtltvl ii reiiiiiied whllhll aaihh.riedll i titnuile i 'vllillr mIIIclawc.-c. Thelll Sltlii ct rdl Ie Cll.ld.ehl tl ttIIihlli li . llllj il. II ii clrrel t Illrlleolirinrio: l iIo Ite l 'n ,hllll ly .\ ivtllmlr, I new ellltiu nl rt.lnell tlndl tullrn·eol.ll. . lcel loeti ll o tr' holllllhellle Iof Vlrill', Ta1P0 , ItP('l1ll] pAnliCd with a key,¥ Llllalllll" tlhe teal, t hu·rUl a111n1 frt I A Pnll clili, nl'lgi d ill till I IIIIa1rIC nnle i o illlit 11111t Il dlifere.ce brlweell Ithe I.'rcllloln lnod IE z'lislll i'lionll t.o ta fgcured rntuOllcio itllltile Frtlleh, aliclcorlllyf ltc the heal Freuch wlrk, etlnttoei tIu stdlcltun . The whheIlIg I ,ircede.l by sahort ireatise ohll,! telnliidt ofie FreichI t PrOlnuillnCilg Fren·llh rilll'er, ir the l Scholtar's IG uilld, to the accurate !prOullmlnlinallo GlU ri. (,-tlograpihy (of lt(I Frncllch llan nte, oInlltaiualle il , l, morllllt Ilccolll ill Iu the best usage, ry Bernard Troochi,, .l'1us rrcr~ifir, anI I or eale I.j Wt 1cItLEA N, nlt, Coe Calnp St Ci.11 lta. • .1!E SI'LP'IUR SPRINGS. GCI e11NIlRIEAt COUNTY, VIIRGiINIA. rollll favorite vatering place in the iamit SVirginia, 's lilePnwe of Iewii.hur,ndllll 1 rom ithe White Sulphur, ill e open in due season fr the reception of company. n M ey i porta improveamins have been in ule sillce the last qeason . A pnciOs Ihall roon s nd t nuhber of single-^leee d ront hve I.lre n ailei aftl no.v finishing: oi riling ace. n.noda tinn.. by thvlitttf July, fbr .,tl vititore. An excellent tar, ptik, road has been conltrctr.leI pasing by the lSrintgS, atl interaectin. the Knnawha turnpike near L.ewis -burg: Over i.ti rntd, byh direeti in of tie poti tIliae deplrtmnont, Menirn. Ilelila, Walker & co's. line of attil ceaches . ill rm n.A poet tllee being establisilil at tile slrings, viirors may r.:eive newselln cl'rre pond dlily e:antand w st. f" tile n*edi.ild qnalitie. of thblse witrs, ltone prolrietlos lnl lot ol)pnk. 1hey have beenll alnllysnd by abh nd prfessed ehelmntn anl Ulnld tfi hold iot eOlma n all th* vnlnlabe iengredielntls o the nlestcelebrattd sprintg in Virninia. STheeoinlmbinationi colltlin ismclh Sulphlttretted Il drogen, Slip wate eof Magneiaj, yiphlt of', Cnr bliato of Lloo. S.,lphite of SoJa, Mlriiate of Sod.t, . and Moriate of M.Ilnesia," tle allntary edects ofwnich are eahibited ill di.nnsea. iidellet t litlels;rll chro. Sin artiecti-a of the ttomach, liver, anol bowels; illt.Ull neous afTectionsor diseases otftlhe skin no remedy lllll potent orctliencious can Ie found. Extensive Intltis e etbli.lthments for hoth sexes have been ereoted conigthou to the springs Visito.r can at all timnes enjoy the peculir lvanltages of their be nign nd whldeso ,e effects. Major William Vaws will continue the superinendl s.ce of the spring. Every exertion o his pnart,al non the part of tile pItrolintorn, shell be rendered to itrlon, for the Blue Sulphur a liberal share of the publi,. pat renoge. T"he proprietors of the Blua Sulphur Springs wtl. he iheral in tile receipt is t otes o till .Sthrn anlld WVes n Banks which lore coni,leredonlvt t.upoir. MA IA, M)NK, &.c. A WFUI. dielnsures of Moaria Mon of the -lonel Dieul Nunnery of Montretl, t...., with an np pendi , ontainingi, part I, teceptiott ., t firit elitin; part "d, Sequlel of her Ilrrative; par.ll, Review ofltitp ease. Also, it suplemelltnt, giving more plrtlio.ulro cl the Nu:nery and gronlds, illustrated by a pnan ,f tile Nntiuer), e. .orito iltkc and the Nunnery of the Hotel Dieul-e i("an accountot of a visit to the Cotveontt of iontreal anl refutation of the "Awfll Disclo.sures;" by hW1n. L. Stome. . Fourtih e.periament of Livir.g. Liviln withidout means. The is tudnt's ,nstrncmr in Drating lord sothkinl "The Fiie orders of Arotetieeltre," fllt y exltldnit the neth.l fiaor striking reoguar and qunirked illitrs; f r dimlnilsinl and gluei fe tfclumnt and rnapittsls; tor fidlan the tre i u dneter ofau uirder Ill ally given .i igt; lfr striking.the lotie Voiate., circulaor ireliptichl: with finished examtnes, on a large scnle, of the osrder, their plncihers, &c.; and some denoittos ir door cates, ele Sently engraved otn fnortvune hlihos, with enxpltne--by IPPter Nichutlon, brehitect, antheor of tile "1Ill il: t' Cnmopaoit N,'- "Crelnter'e New Uoidae," "' ,and Joiner's Assistallnt," .e. "A Pratiedl Preatit in tIll' Cultre otSiik," don1tt id ton tle otil an n liotse of the Unie .lt St-ie-by J. i. Cotnlsotko, seerettry of tiles Ilnlfir I couniy Sii So cietY, utd editor of the "Silk Colturiet." Sl'hinill R.iesr'o, Mtnual, or itis art of reint, iall ' adling" silk wotrmsn, aid of lltivating the M Iberry tree-by .. M.eril. Phe Clerk's ;inide. or rnomereinl Cotrespon eonce; -corn trillt letters of ht;su, as, t r t.i if bills, inveices, t ae'snit-nalev, andi shopkeepers, eqitoion of pnyoeits, eo.nlneroial Itoris, Se --hbe II. . foter. C "Historv of thi War illi tl Petlli.loti llld the Southi .of Fr:ute, from tie yeasr 1 i17 tthe yer 1814" by W. F. P. Niapier, C. B., vol V.; to, which arn perixeod an. 'swers to some attankb ill Rohiinon's I.le of Pinctto. and in te Qllarterly Review; wite cottnter relnarko t Mr. "Dulley Mlontao Pereival'n remtarks uott. s om past. Resin Colonesl Nnlier's fourth rolumoe ot tlu Peoninsular 'Var.i.lst eerrioed nI f.r ales by ina CCPPElkAti.-2i) bbils, in store, for teo by t UGAiR,--50 hhdaprimce article, fir rale by ; G D~ttiS ;l; je6 41 N-tew Levee IORK--nl0 bhls Mesas. I'rime and other descriptiuns l Inr lt e be I :ST':I'S'jN & .VFRiY .n-dI il. ilrolwer & (jq, i AYE jlst itn:eive, It their Vourishing WarVe-holic S No,. 17 Calp street, by receot arralos tionr En - I l, n" tile Nolrlh, lalrge additioos to heir sock of Isotii oAd ;o.oo:ttimll A~;toekeefina ts'tioles whi h col iratiraly (thlle bolievo) farin to assortmsent more gulet ,. tlttd loomailele thllt in to he fOoitat ,in any sllnitor esll;b sin..llt knowll; loois~tillnwof SILVERII WARE. Coffee ind tea sets; pitchers, waiters,oastors, eamle t ics. , tumblers tdl goblets; ittable adtl desert fnt'knt table, teo;t no.1 tea snpotls; marrow ald gnsry or rn .ont slpoons; e1ur to~lgs; ultr,.ru seo antl mon I:nlle.; ,.tnel, fruit, p,.h~llilg nlll fidh tives l dekle R.,'1 duevll hnives soti forks, o.:,pkhls, ettrn etc.. princisally fron, the t lilmtotoor- y of r I. oriHllller, of ete¥ York, hnose. log ltestalishetd leputalt;o for the monufecture of slver wao is sullicieut gouarrante of its supeiaior PILATEID *AItiE OF SIIEFI'IELD AND BII( MINGHA Me. 'en and coffe urn, tea setlls; costors, liquor and cor oJit satittlsi; lqlerb ootleroas, out Eleo:goes with otit ro i tlatenolx, hor cetrol of tile illtller or s-|lti"r taitle; weters rolloltlollolli obloog, fro o I, Jst lah est beef steak o1d vegetll.e ilisheo; rih Ilidsvoters; cake nOtt hoRatl I sketst ilcolltor stood.; mosotle o;;dl lltootter oadlesaticks; wite stlatners; coolers aol syphlons; ldeeo:t ler labels, laret conrks, tea strainers, table bells, ten, tl. tIe. egg est tlutarad sloons; egg boilers and stands, teast raoes, &o. SILVEtI ON STEEL WAIRE. rtable and dlesert klves, forks and sptools; soup and satoe Indlosl Iuttelr and fish klives, cheese scoops, as tatogtus tongs, voegtaltle forks, hte. .IAI'ANNiERY. toe "nothic Sanllwotlt aiist ouoi coroel wniters, I seols 0111 siolgie, from f to 31 iblles; tio n ofpopier ,nscl/; I obe.d, cheese, aod knife trlas ; large upright dior wlrollels; s I, ioellis, s llil lah boxes; tlrisb elgase Inll;l ta tbles in tnts, nattlea Jitalnalssnt 1 d ofrinPI Ane rite sraine sns oatrs gwnsr l s Aor td lnItIir .s,.ol ttrottc sod gttt, Sta 01 sil; so; gias , mattL e Iok lalnls i, dlo, reith ltlalan a ws htgasn. r tns si . j'a 'idontdza ot gitsn dhmoak; ed aadJjptlntterdenom S -IIAflli',A IR ANI 1ltY P 'I O IELAIN., Sngllshd anti Ifech dit mlg esert\ teaaloers or se 'oices oif' IahI white, go t, lD toe, aitd svery, rs sanc - A . '2 IICIItA'THEWA ,; R k . A Dining, diese, ten, ot"i, fihcilronk t a1 supp e setts;]( Ilmrnoclatie;itr tfirs. AlsollFlnoilctll ailliai. seus, gyc ~I1V'V l CT T GL 1~6AIS. ettni;ftuhrss celfltttct. hoselantedhI sjtmRotR ay I otintls, tishass ccleiy vo s, f i tin;1septt Wes t-l, t ,ttrnme i. hookglinnses.. "Alsol,eniillle shmlkie. ' . ioo iYdlk asisr :bi ,glitrllll sl'(, soidl lrrevr hll lbo l nylons aplattliti totiri Garts; coyatr anti otlk. pitcerSB·, Ietl oITTAll~A AN'I ltHIIK I 1'1i \AlEINi. E wlhiit1c tirorfihls nl . t0aiiood, kltooll s titt I sii llest lllsn ,lithe tts c av vlrs, is.t o orc:llingtt 'stt t i tal s , oll ells, l int, Ii,.,lcl<,l'. l11t.t' g s; 1 lea keuts <ll llmltu0. i e A1.1s ' ,V tl. * 1ffHI. CLAOSF I~. . Ih.. C aili i , ilct ioi t Ott. ] il ll o ni 'sl . l lll l t'l i '1 I : 1Plt,'111lll hl l. , i t.:li t ,ll 'l' t'~llel~l I *hlll lll ~l~l· Ll.i l I 11· Ihroliz, hmlu h 1,4 la f. 'I lowS tiall ruli . , bo'lisl: crIIon AI Iol·oio thils 11d ll oUkihIi u 4IIL lllet\ l l t.;lls,;. tit:o bt· , ltr t ;l i lrw , lo ilin ot Wte a cll Iion li a i .l nI'lviI' IsIIF u\" I rleIl nrell ll :- l id lS inar p, i,.j. "EI, a Il":; llll r9 C..f.,.l"llli{I C/l*lqll;/l(· (li*LP.'i llt'lllllt il~(l ltl ii·14 ll ll ." R~ IllhiI t lil ti toli l " tIo'tI S l'llde lllocus ri tat . ,Y', . ' I 11,.li I 4'.lll b nl 1 t Ili 1l litih fl fI lib, i. .ik l ,. i tt;;sllll~l l a;.;l nIrtttC t It..t. Itootse aI;; :loiltet " I le t , I n t Itotlirlllt'utll '.1o ( ;it~bbait~o nit) .9.VJrO' I :!T!CVJ03 1' (;k.3 ,\; 13v tvfirT? e, ln,. i.1 1I0ln tine" sirecl N,-w thb.-""ns ''(;y.ti N,'A'T'I'Ut;IItI) LN NEW.: YOILK 3Y 1h3.3,., 13 ,,t 33 , " Ltv, I 3,o I3, 11301, & CU11. eid o t C MI,." ' '. ss' more e 3l 333 cUlilldel, lalkillt; .i Rats , t , o the s o st , with I:l' | lhr , t(ii ll, e S. atl 1i pe hlllllr , lr R o iFors l. l s1 l d , till I tt lllldt l re ,'il .i. a i St 3G.w, t l.m' 7"), 00 ''or d,11. of i) .:lws ol dlo. or 40 saw s in lla s,:iir. iI.ll oo; ,,.ofY,:ooo..O1 .,. ) oll l taolc..5pers or2160 033 FIN(LE GINS. For a single il of Soi s:laws or ollore, wilth one .tl of llders, hoI:nld, &i. at $6 per ,aw, $;S6O Oil If'or do. of ,6 sAWs, with feeders, &r .. $6 0 petr sa', 300 00 For do. ofi .~aws, wih feeders,r &e. $6 75 per saw, 300 1on I'or.o. l)0o saws, will Ir cedlles, &c. at j7 50 ,,Ie saw 3e(1 (0 Exhn taeeth wheredesired, fur feLeders, sll liedl a 0 lemllts e ilh; the .l I}ir of teeth le ilaL .t O tijlel Sthe nllller of ass. )e set of Irede3..-, it is cln sideled however, will we:lr ot\ tw, or three sets ofl son s. Exll~tlr salws sppllied l 8 .l crll.3 orll. "The Gills ordered, w1il he delivera tr. ,o .gen,. o" plters ill ay olf the ser: poert loesll of the cottol n .PtI - Iog Slides, ,s oilre llsote plt.'r, hllrogrntst I"' lg trIo lreightl ilo the n..i~' rl.ln Newt Yorl:,; sel h..olllgll . It-I 'ln.lilele foir he amoott of the 3i3l. A Ill, wrigh;t will lle se t wilh tle (;lej to pllt them n lI ,.ll l re de sir el thle lchales for iwhose services will be extra, but l.tll r.t Ii t.trIeolt.l.,iotte,.,. ItIt troll rtnnin.. erarcean nioho orierviI where debired, Io rel onllll tlnsr I but( will be charge Ilxllla . Itols, Iower, ofean desc.iption, can be furnished nn likei le ve. St11.1steallll eli3les c.Io also b3e ollrdered if dc It iadesintirhle, when I,:ln.ter give orders for Gins, thllu sholll a.o plllllll) tllll with their views i l reg.tdl to nearnulgeeIen -o saws, b oasts, brushes, &e. It i li l unt they dflle olpillion. Souto deIire s;aws of Le1O li:llaltereth3l otlhers. The mi.t col.n ol size is 'J or ill icllehs; i $l ne wi)sh tlll 12 inlies. Sooll wish 5 Ior li rows 3 brushls O an axi , whllil olhers II o/t twllto mlore th.l.ll .tloot. .m1'r wishl sa wi lth or.3 t,.th 8O the inch, while others want 10 or II. 1W tuch Ilocrrlotel, we p.refer t shr. 1old, ht he time of giving o, rs, . ,rle ,, If statemt ,t of,'tei wilhesal dl e ll' nanth etu'l. elr' an llilli I the in eerrs 33r3ul.l. l IlWhere it is I. to outr disllelilll, we shall iillke itne on the Ihot modern lda ll Ireiv.ld {o A., Illin., r cn Io exellvted, li'oIn the titnll it is ire lieve itt thte apactC o t'ri,,ht o" Dine tirrk, odI lll G I ne (3 hat Ito nulkdictur by the Ierst or mittle o,.f .8l..; esspt lit pl'ttrttats swlhere they ore late in comntenting ill pick or gill .oti l. N. II. The P'.teolt lliht, for .an one of thc, ,elto10 g·rowi g States, willbe sold on reosouableteronls. ilir3 oioS S.TATO'I' F LOUISIN.3..-Fiirst Ju..iclal .i.tlscl, 'ilFl STA'.rI OF I.313SIANA, To all wro.o Ithee Preoeots shioll ueo.e, Greellog:-~\Vilereooa \Villoln intc lke, htiling Itll r u.el at a 0 s ell o ,t e Ihe tile S uheri"iaf ath pluish of thre eudtl the tru t oIlerii.wlerl ied, hu ll. ap eto tl l' clerk Iol I is artll. 1,1heho 3 f3 twohe IeI ed oiso lo allt, ireioneld tin tile 519, I (ry .of, Al, i ;,A tr a tooelite or asd tel3.t.ellt ill consoremiry hto tll at of the l.egiolsorte of tie St 3 o 11 I.o li ine, enti tlll L"AI: le fl~t l le I rter .sooieoooe ,t' titl'S t3, I3.Illloern Ftjuds(oio soleoo" op. Irthte3l tie I lItl tLky wIll l brcth, 3331., NIt )V, theree i,,e, kllow yr. oll oill plsoea, in.teresele lereill, lre herebt rilell asd itdllllit, ed tl thle IIpllle o thle .tole f l t.o toio,. r ,,, l ft the i K,,on Jll.rir . ilitrlT t3 C u3,rt3l, w l e. eon t 1 p 33 ri0 l tl, t3 or i 3 ,i il lo t v i vll tmjettl Herein Ilier.teorlhelldilOelt-eq oeu .e , fi inatlrcii ivo i33le oI er, ilecroamo, Jaedglnoetof the ourl llllCer rhili(:ll tIe al(Ne eof $ ol unyll o raily eI ritV or 1i 1.h, il3t0i , ro. oppraieotanten and ovJtu<oeieitol 3lle, 3r, lerof ,.lre, r tore a.ll it er i ell wate ltol iner, tu illhlrV ciil*t, withln tllirtlv d t rat llei th e ery ti,,s O.rili.., in itht isereod blie t e 30'l pa3er, whL3y IPhe 'le as lllne ohllld O l" cl nlcr.lled oldl boduld The c 3il3r poerly t swe sohl by dhe Stherll of Ilie nr lbh a ,,reaniloi 3hI I 1h 3 "3d dIe f t lil, A. i); I3h, lt vio'ue 0I a d,(.ree lf tllt.s lo tee edreneI 1 lh 3dd day of.ll.. l,, t.33. I812,ii 0 0 ilt entltle.l Villi3,t l.cke. 010. e1n3 lell, No. -8015 ofthl dooketo' thi0. 3orll, 3r hich sale said aillioon loo.key becfine tihe pur elilh r f or tlh Ill)il0,1 Of $.3,' 01) , c.ah I) iptior of 3ro.n:rcy a- given in 30e Jodicial Con vevto n i., 6 i.z A oe.tain lot sr )r od,t0e.theelr with nil the build ings amtd i33300rove03 33ti tlhereon, ,it nttodl itt tile piorish of tlrlerns, i fllte sq,lr0 hooodedl by Nee Levee, l.ii t, 'a, nd l elord .erlste, de.goelulel by tIhe N. 1I, olo Idl dmrwolv :. F. Zi npel. I)eputo Nrv'yor (;eoeral, on tile llhl ll)ececlor, I331 nl ds.loigedl sn p3 n No I)1, iorlle hook of .ulsf Felix 's ilil, n.,lary .rlb li.. SIoid lot owelll'.n 1) fll r Il itolseo. leoIr N\ew IoPvr-e strg,73"lret i de ep tlhli sid,l, djtoiing lore N 8, anld 1 I'eel ? inhef atld line3, i1 dept:h oun Ihe sie11. utnllj he l fl.'013r3t3 n t0v, 00r 3 tIv, el.lltt,,e to N Uoodlle, so1ll9 etr I3 illheso widil in Ihe. rear, , here it fronls on an alleyy'f tllhre feet nl e ijooks i3, coontlon to lots Nos , .5.6,7. 8 sd J. ('leek's offi3e, I I 's Ao, 1838. ol t' 19 l lerk. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIS.T, L $IIattVtLt.L, JULY II. It has been rait tlat I ran awiy ruamt svillea ad(,Innig tthler places) hld madle tracks tor the \in:rarn-lllstefom resolved on TPuesday lest tri, s toCiniennali, fot one day only; I returred'again Ins ight.i, Itecin loft'el ht I al a Very nmportant indi vidtlal. as thie inSlotnt the Journal taeis city was pat into y hand, staling, amongst a great otuny otha - things, tPot I had actually, ran a vsy from Lonlsvill• to escepe th effects of thel rnderlll nllagnetce nee It tf doetir Slrp. tlIr khiiglt of the tlinll'e, alie, A S S. Air returnp however, proves that the fable atf the Itn and wolf it allpelitie to thle J'orhal. Tihe fable i "A bov was enllll'lvd tld wintch anid lve the alall. wheIn ihe wlf aI eared' het belg either a 'fuotao aai.' tailor'e an p, or uliaiar fi.q'uen:lI cried ont .let wolf in contino,'to tlhe gre'tdismny of the eitizena Th yta last hoand cut his reaI haroleter: thnt he was ma lina, n.d not to be hrl eyedeven when kat spoke the truth.' Tie kct it, Ithllt cuses most produce their elllte. So ipewillprove, of thle atll-wlsewriters, Db. Snip & o.,o ir Ilt Journal. I wiauld advise tkem to provide tlhem. relves wilh a steasl enine press, it order tt meet tlh wondlerfal'vmnnd antI increase of llat Ipler, nl it ia well known thlere are mony who seek for nothing htll folsehaod, out of shier lave to the venders of tht I oli. ele. But trnfirtonntelh fIr (oliah Snipl, of needlle otnd thimble eleltrity, tae great mass of the tillinas of A merinan people arc fitel, and far faetd as lovefo ol trtuthl. Tlenrfre tahey will,(aseffeets lireduced by the uttas) natndrlly av, I want tt reid a palter, thalt I mra rely on, therefore I will seek out sneh, and eeomne a subosribeth It the otlher jouaalos, wlose shatetne tis will nlot pra., false. Their Isa statemenle s are to pal pable to reqltr, r,.fuiationa yet I will statre: let. I Uil, agalnls tilla saotel. -d. That I hnlaral z eoato, Ihe 31sat Jul , 'tho Ie Snilp & (o., have sent a a letter thrleateniig aly lile, f t reeinaied after heahltr. hI. rhlt rem tll eI hall proceed toCineianalifoe foarlean lda..a only, of whieh I wish Dr Snip &s Co., t lrtl q eaa .la t, elis o tthaer aowa mrialo 4th. Thai from Cinelalati Ia shell proceed to tee Palls of the Niern, to heat BalffJn , (if Or' Saip , Co dt. dnt tarke 'atinyy. ife, ion lte; t tf iiepedte;nar, atna alNew YorkntýIA igol', gospeln+ the whole ol'thr next saUn:ler, ia ord.r o taugl at otll the thlll Philistines; .e nlidreal GtIlilhs of Boston, Plliladel. ho, llMmphas, Nashville hud Louisville, Wllo wiel prelhttla. (hbefie sh ot tian arcrives uoraatoliiahtlee, firpe anl tore " Gal'+( i'% i, . '(}uIt.a" matei forbe ti,' lank. hy~ 4th. Gmi cttter (:ill ^h Atlr Palia' lres ,o aatpahlesanre., htliah tla ',.a r tegy e e .[iO.-.' , n + al Int'" Snip, f'inle ,Bell, ice. ,rstt : -. l..a 4W ato a .P.'.,'i, & Co ldliwg4, a 'Adtti. ala tile or P tehra h ' w .Ilgaealnljog .ad-aster atleop afes a4 tiglt d*lttiiq 4eatsoJe hnh tit I eahei a IJ 1! ola dtil ansetl ..k44,i , nl+nnetm ·tL.,.it ,tr+_ even Innre t.I';'l 'I1..+tsr ,ILP . ,.m -i+tl, tee a....t eor, ti4ev.llhaaa aamme itahlns'sit heoeehaityeirt dA logtW iLm olllstI4iyi ~v~llt lac~abtuljol· apj Il eresa heste, ..I. s -oner;if2 . i eJ:)tIIN la I.I.IAIIiy h o lt . J IItn lonl~,'E-ui~villa?, Jully 'I ;1,;3; " SPt. tl h.i ...tithlel 'to,,l..nve telt . ivlra IJ ntii , l} ie tint Ct l.oltiI t v l e Iar nr a laev i letr +a tlate i tanill. nlal hie nll le ;ivt nr, tre s ee wc ie wtl pl m',i·, I;,r ii e i:hl aet 6lil tl n 1 t , evn more the n- i i k toter.+ Af .Ihrht a Ie l iq I ehr i t f wjsl k to)eo'er. " mftaeWIeatpltag;ert1vkrts' a earlar sllttteh ah@! Y -4. lihrtrlolt,- railo lire lartte . hir- Pret.lise li00. hilhtElit ge rail"af th le t tollae of Ca rhil a ;iIr lý saihoett. l'.thereapas dr tttno tlah loo ihhi-llt.ial-le -"i hn, Illsruityltiohlhth hran w no ellritee , ot ,r'itian t ilnih rte, and i-i p1 plotne, afliiethe '.^,.^ It:u iltli.aatoodltez...hiltlw,ttllt,,li oanl to~ratI icrtt~dh ilt ire. Itpii Ida 1act o. a o lrs 7M I to e e el s. ihe r, .ltaioittttllthia horitt alter, ttrbus ll f(i d httrIhe i .,llti , In rlt w trtoaet lsn t hot e ei e'nra' ioineva lad tre tar ttllelilo of thle r il, t Iaft r a ile rtfirte l ltor. hiu " ;..2: rlh.r Imno th nII hl UifY r li a le , Ulr;-hPregtrla I+iliac atat.iltrihioctir ltangr oalnlls otiI..tiil 'leati as I ra 'lt r n hti i ittao Ii lit u lit, li otall. II ae ltauitrul to AI erctittr i-rgset to Iuh" nlado? ,a l. , It' i i, i" Il e ' ,-, iit ien tie ',tt"lt tir trllsumR a t h ih a tar, art ,l l -i , t ie 5l t "IIa lt"r '0l0, l-mI y ..fa.aia n ; r li.t rilt; rr ,,1tla more , l m erit, ? ttrr-aaa isre n spart.;tiey I. lietaol ttt tit histr i titerl o r Otaffno t alivre, to g burasvtlelic matto ei' ,s tilj t a±' "wre tnire aU tat be ylar'2 leor elatd Ito ig wt lc the r .at opia. Iho tl sttt54 , :t. . itt . ie, hiilihlllt &'e. wil '.+stllln .ill Io vie lilti entiit.tre lneits of thtta (almta, (atr-su then~m hasl, ise fin doot ol isndJn'g tiara ~ ttuijIttcc ritttilaftliliaa l'laistaltt ite t-r 4In hi t1 it n I !l, llllll v,, ,g r Ie woi l l I" I t is ,I still+e t tulthu hittoltmaoln throtlllt tI)eaiitl'tIr • i','es n.' simSn, ntud avl't@ Ilp t:e iullam<dhi s,;l p ++ rj , tattc,,illi altttuallra.taRgilc itrork eoltl l eai ,erh" " t atll e t tt t'do r t. i illt l it,, '. nti ateo"rTitl , ot,i 'nan.''ler , "rhnol Ih . tie taf r. eira. S( irlirt h al hr m ntr aella tl er . , rh ttle &, ftitnge1,%at, ta i,altaa til, n ,.i tavio |It'k irie l enittlo l llt i ]of i 'ihiltsI n ar 1 hue.l et[ tue lir.t, Ait ritries nuttittfolar u'tralaval ieac Itiea lealyiius ps ail :1 L a h o iyaates tlitle'j sas t i k'e ,I)Jlille t so a 'a l cil t', ,i love Ih r I wani i " i .h tu'lrrhtraelarr i , .li .i itp" rol m e, "!li , I Iae Iati rell ont l it..,, n orll f ar wfIll t1u h i a ir g In' l tittl altlt t ltunr.rii.'n ltrinv, hotlil a trhtiit a -ctlte .l erttrtt l iiehilt na pickll l:11'itl a ll i"llI(le :p , ik e l slU Jv , o allt tllm iiI' t aol " iiioldle ocr h e s ily | I;, IrP.·tlY ,J *r~l~r Ri+dlitl i'al' I,111 r91+P Ill - %") Itip ill,. i niglc drelit l e I et i atnle nilatrel l i 1110 tirilee tic rl It"'t afs the troetlIyhtihlaatirtle til t ral . evt '; I te ll ll uw giii, av Iiib .d i y l rdr eed to eight, t mu'ainlta nihc cii Scot. y ottitv, hos l cgisvaseveeliagl," i llllI1.t c lhlut . ilre ) II o ure i line l sa i lyte. i, tyt tiei tvi' w i uwrr, liel v lisi e tIalirr be liare. '1' tltv iatiafI, iaal li svena l irs at ucila c lar e it di lti, s at-.lii t1i . hl hil" hllSe h IIl. vats h+Il Lea iud N.~\ Il-lltll·F~II(ICY rcjtrryierlo tlaslor, tlJ'(iaacIdlatIOI iii eirant 11100 i i ptll1hr . ' stl nV ro g .'is o l- abh cidt, litoe iitoh arnle tillu;id ticleo aersrc ul inritc e r L.lnlr llc boha ll l aln Ihet in t ye. o rahlne-kci iFhye rapronchee n I rerliilh,'olt, w 1Iw Ir tePIt no'pett(· tatt finliohi nuttingl the( dr ttgeiltq ia ~l "Ire.-eel hlis. t+Ve., said h~a Mol d + rather piy $211ll, than ih."; i et , il ecta dr lie cttoi gill etiiard I re tl0o t iles eJ w ''lls sest tpe~n" ofthleworh rk uietsof her ril an 1.isqii hh','Will e'+.lcely m uIk legibly, aiter reading hr.libl oult il hsty eter. IIuwev+Pr a LIsle anodyne ; Jie f'ono "o eri, sllrlos oryite. wl et all iIn they will utldhinn tpremis son + iin"n. I to Suit the Jiliil appeih.a oaf their sl,onders, a hrji111 i on Men Iv i1 . 11. Fortuatlyn frelt het reis Iw whle 'ibalh t ay, lo-d rrow)" l i which they enn dt th.ei fir v" work." ' .I ,1 +'11.I. AMS, N. 11.-i halnve jutl received a Ieitalr, daed 2ttJ ,illsi-linle ol lily malkinl to i i i hgv to the druglgist, of" Ihtis c'itv, The writers .Iyle lt • '.elves "Ken tuc ticrqilliers.'" pretend ing that 'l aluded tin themu i my set lbtlitr. Thles In|Iv rase, alssute I, 1 d id I n know or '.eils+n llpP(t ally iuiV G uh~s nt-u th~gIe di iigulgta in [.on/ ..ill`; yet, iP~the ca i fits any getl tema~n lie roust u Itlre we,,ar it, thlougll not in'tended by tile. J. Je'Plrsunu House, Satulrday, 2,d July, 1837."1 JE~FFERSnsP Horsy .. LUISVILLE, JellyV .It 118:7.. T. [/,. 1 liene .f ibn. r-..,,/ ' .. . g7'her Editorohe ofIe y Ginvlle: i lit--Hiviag Iislene2 l to tihe eatreaties of my poo atienttP , fI ll reaIve, if my IaCUth jearoitsl, to re olaIU io tllhi city till the end of Jluly. 1. To try to 1o them more goodm. . 'I'o co tvioa tile lllhhitillt o that I a tl a vile l lts Ilia .Mledical lieloh,'S. &, havre appllied to Ile beloac to tthar,,, tlt it l llUWtii right. . '"'ll t I mlia roady to enhII toni ter hundredl dollars intots trf theo U. S. hIllk, inl lte Iut laIlo s io liar loor of t ntcity, ogatot asioir s m t he I Spllsohe b. all the g'atnt ltrll gty .octors S. & Co. that I reeltr" to siht uore aged, ait dll e-ged, vquns peron unio children, wIho were ttotally or iartuollp bl.b thra tla ey dll tal thait Iat e aill ltel tae ae a grealer ntullme of shlrt, wrek Iar dt-ighlated Ite or during mI short visit, that they dll. o'Plt L w II alloa iay I tte eal rioaolator tao ll in tt a lr ait all tile veri deservedly c, ler ted prlo easors uld Doctrs ofl all it otedi ald cllege., as well as oile thloo tor and qaluc docatrs i be iol dt ill private pruaice, wlol, are t lr fewt ii tile Sttro iof Kant tey, Ohio, laudfaa and tv I ill'l irlleaaesoe; tlherr therel are indeed ".at e tit Ilitt fialnoua doctors, whose naeslnr 0g t to be llallldd dlw as lw als . +.i) le to laItest Iostcritv.' 4 e. Iat 0,Rt m clearly lTSta e tolu that all the ellreo if anor oil both hid s, out bie prove I r-hll have bca ell thrloled , ithour the aid olf ca surgacal o eratioa whalever. 5. 'olIae wh'l really merit tle iepaiets thtay have t e librall aptiptlied ttait n it" h ell tirlit the *Eoa l ir t t beat lit e naluls hne i thano isa cily, uand the otlarpur ly shall take Ibock hibawn i't l, awhlever lie or tlara Iliav le. I erll llte iniglhtv Ilelic .llalt aaltaoar :1 tsh ;mai rot.' one mf t oile ourcesl. all , ma a ll t wt. Ioll t me old pnoerb, and givoe tlo 'aid ge tlleutlll" ti due! i. At all oevailtsl woultldlodvie to laest r ame l(uo lhalt . nIoato satl'fr that letter to stlad Iaoea, ad nt ga lo. fa- "aiall:l toll" aa well al'ta,-'ajiar alt ,' hoIt a yestertlao alt. to.,la ;' but I alvi-e mutl to and troit its fegltmlllhl oltanitp i.s, A o llaceil biefoara ita ilao l ordatl tltta Iote iladclrlltaellt hahiltaltiaataa' tlal city would al ways knoaw tih writer bt tho oleldo af hlits iter. 'JO lls a r~lld A,il UOculiat. *1 wat weak entulh tol rend file ialsatllol Iat eho0d silgned S., whellh derve othilnlg but ioty ailelit .,o teatp0. ;ad I known laet es'oalne of tile great "nportarce cl A S '-, I htild hlute teateat tile lat of thla lthee aaro what dliaterells l bilt let that 'lres. I will. h tever claatdlinle r tlaio mtttror aaf alt oaraal, for Ina rsga Its to eaoploy illa, fairltr knighlt (llaaroftlae gctaer or i'the thistle, bill) fih- ratrdle aataaa taitiat hle, in ardor hal h. moa kill twit b hinrlt with oane alllua, i.e. ta Iaal tlhr hlles -lilt ltlot Ine ill his naurlltlaa ol poliul ag lrcllalato an.l, if I aIyai jollqralll tit eltalaeltaiat Polaertlre Ad vertcler, Dr. Sdr ila a laltler i0, llitlitollyo i c: lleatn Whetl otaais rerviw ors. Whel all+ cirullllh~tanetlocuo:l'. whetlherdolnesl inlI or politically, lwhichl requires a hllistr, whelhler on hi own tlose r io , tile rOulltalilnl oathllstr whlto at a t ha1l arll tt pleaise hinar be tag unlike hlillt, (wIicah Ist he . r.'at ainislirtltll!) lhla it is lie rilat irlis BELL, wtlact oltelall is athingla n ta lao if it wat""o.tnntillt bralas or tinklilng cylabal;" yet, to view it tl.t--lhr. Ito, looks well; bt with anl a . L). A.S. S. after it, appear, naegaicoent!!' JOHN WVILLIAMIS, ualiat. July 14. IAVA\iA mýW.ETt.d. ,.i.-, etlc, ta.l lautoieal by T It HYIKE & BRO, jc, cor Camntlor snd Siagail, cia. 'I'll lta, '1'. TIlTH hlnlollaoe S' OROIa tntilark Kitrhe.n 01 0 art the oate alt rhore of the 'l'rur Anleri 11 'n Irt fc, tatwo dolors Iroln St. Chlarles 'iae tire. A fllt rate olnlta fmru Caoffec COllaue Apply to ill8 JOIIllNY GIOSON, Editoc Tarr o .\tnericasn. 'TAILS.--A prim astortment of Cut Nails from IL to nd, for c.e b CtHASE & DIXEy, ml " wema H .o te.. MILES' COU tPOUN1) EXfItACT OF TOMIATO. A solSTITUTE FOR CALOMUL. r t H.E doctline inomnul4ated with So much arsurance 1 by many emnpiris of tle present day, that pre mne Sdiille will curle all diseases, Is not, nanl never can be ttrue; and he who asserts it, is either a fool or an im ttstor. But it is a tiat demonotrable by experiencr, tliat combinations of medicine I tt he formedl from the VEOETABLE KINGDOM, that will Oet n otnivernallay on " the al stem, when token seasombly, and injudicious pro lpollSoti' ..s to cure, ill nine eases oa t of ten, all diseases nwithsn thetreach nld power of medicine. From the well known andl established reputation of Calomel, it has long been employe.l by the empiric, otl scieotific physician, as one of tile most pIowerfil agents Ifor the reooval of disease. By the fiormer, al list every ladI has belen deluged ith nostrums, that thnIir authors claimed as specifies is every disease loci. ldent to the Itman family. 'he folly of these preten sions leleds no coslltment, for acturate ehemical ilvesti gntion has. hown, tiht thse base of most of the Panace:s, tetholicoons, Ie. whiclt have been tru'mpetted before thle community, with so much assuranee, is Calomel, or melrcury in some bform. Now, if this potent artielpe even in thehands of the most skilful physitian, freque' t ly exerts nt ilfl'ettee o thie human sysltem, unIor'eseens, altil enltirelv beyondll the oulntrol of art; lundermining th colstitution;, andlI blining on plremoatrne old age, disense and death, what reelt should be velateted when si e by the ignorant? Couhl their many thousandl victims spleak, a voice tom tise tend would soon dispel hle 'pecifjc' delfusio thaut now sways the minds of tilhe living. Humane Physicians deplore the sad evils resultisg ifrom the mtrorhsdl Iractice, and will gladly h 'il tile in troducltion of an artisle tlat easn rdsely be suhstitedld for oennloel. They feel, and that keenl.y the u.,eertlinty of its Iwrimar, oaeration;, thesenlisot st whetser it o ill le lfronetm' oo e Ae to olee',sttt feetl, jrim'i O eeondllary leCosquences imust lillow. flBt ;. must choose the least'of two evils: they klnow no osllel aiticle that will aroise a torpid liver, remove nbhstrie. tion, andI set in frie action the whole glandular systems i and it leing indispenslbh neeoeIsry to do,' tey etuontiue'its use, notwithiuhaling the evil cusequectses whielh follow. 'T'hes h've long desired asoi sought n article that wouhli'prhduee,the, good eotlcti of this dru'g, withlout subjl.etng tie 'pItient to its rleleterioes renslits. Suchl slesltl tUsmm, it i'hehleveds, at at lelsgtl been obthlsse..* ill the anticle now pIrsented to the asHlio. T'lie Iprojletoes sf this arttIl" keeplig in "view thle lht, thatsot wise aIs beievo[ent Being, Its placedoi with in the re:soii of ll, tremtedes adaliteslto the diseases in cidesl tt,'the climate they inhahit; ai d knowsing, Ihke wise, that most of the diseases of the South anld Hest ;n hbasel otn n)11aniei or flnetlonal lierangemeslt of the liver; directed leir atteltsion ti those aticntes wlliluh ' ,'cas p e ially olsi the Isuliar. nor.gas. After Inttg, laborious, sill epenlsve research, they havR: uccteeded in extracting A substance Fimnn thie TO fA ig. ols, whls, finom its peculiar effRet s tnt tie lheis - tie nrjlimty orugans, they have detaminated u lOpatite. ' It iotmle i .e th.t will proliuce all thie bell'lficsl 'loesldt of. Ic hstl, il bstlh seamte, d chrolnic 'ietses; wllt tihe itssliilit I flpmdleucing the let. ousde ltoeto seqetnces sommol to that article. Its action t llss o te es,tst tiontoois utiivesteialnl, oft. toa stem eseapiaig tit inluefilte . It, is h' eowes upol the Oles.l ol s.cretion taint exeretionlll that it gi'ent itti ero is iarticularly anitsllstd : . lltn i is pe clllolyarly adaphtpl t t .e treate.t of biliots "eters od osther aii.i.oth i lch a torpidity or eligettbss of tlhe livetr asportalpe irlepireuvail. it is,sml.snisiible Inm Atl.c s, whes~ti'ts reese.srr to loante,lshe st'sl*uhl d o aswehls It Irpnc...!bstlita - tion, ad exteo a uicaii ihett ljty arctions of the liteser i ld othergo 1istt. icerla (0 thie abhomlen. " Bestsing " Ithl le ii isoeistion, i pro(sitces a free sirculotin in the vstlis tsshs i e ssutl'|Ihe of tihe tods, aeeosipa.)sied Is , guttle pespia"istn It does nldt exohi t ike t5e pl. 'geso\llill, its atieon is tlor shlivelnal, Sald nion)s oit hl replltthl,luot m'rely with' safety but with g'e6" lhen llit lhis'I- becomes indlsistenalsa y tecessary isn ens.. of llmm stualll ing; t. nt thelsill'ense.utlmp I tlsor imllplre eIsUllss adeusd bt strng ullsdiPillte seldoms ;l level, d I gosl; but bteml to issjtise the stl Il of Ihe s enstitu isnl. It is cleanl-ing and llri ing to the . stellln, ats i peald'iot ltssstly with sls. knows Iaws of" lite, and i, tdolll btlllelihs one of ite most vdtr able asticles caglo.e iso - etl Itr phllc j ritl anll inlspeclion. u Fosv.otssiest.e, this ssedicioe im formed into 3 gs'.i, pills. hr'lil while,1sti1s are cathaistic, alteratie'e, di. /shorelitt'.'ttIdisptic. " l'heyolls5lpillaare itoss/e, BOto. The sfolowing eitlract on thllle l ject is fiom the Cinein n:ati Jnllellll. IJ nIIE' fL't)IATO's MI)ICISE. : The vie tilt s thlle Tomato, niot o1 asl a dellicious S'egetaltiu f. r thie table, but also as it medicine, have for " eonsul9leble tile Ilats, aLttlated no little attllenion. I han Iseels bhlievedl to pInaess a ti-bilious qali'is slwhielh, it tisv couldtt ie t'ffctsully extracted, or separsated Iron the so`Lbelluoins satter, wouid be invaluable. This has been cltracterized in a bilious country. A surteps' rt . V.te dioe.ooe,'sie, lip'sp ,liirsletV' ie es, sorfluk Id l'sgartd;it s, taie jtosftlone tr tet. _'I'hsa sa eutteohisis tlle cse in the we'rt, 'n . li sI o il toht e south. If li irelltld, eHS, sti, el'ectual is ISlsopealn, o and le. - ing thec;shitiution mi11 nuiniirtd, coull he disiovervd for hiltiols complahints, this wotliid nquestironbly bie anonl the mIlsst I el lth) elitl: es ie l ihe worsl. llllel I11A ee the Ialmost uniliversal remedl fibe diseases of this elaotacte'. IRtt It Is st r'nlele .a hick nothllngllllt Inecessity shoullld illltuee thie eleo." ItI I: e considcered as trespassilg ol the pros inlle if' allotLbt. pIlrolsion to s itak ol tllis, yet we, i mayi I permitltedll t Cxp 'ss oult stlrlll conviction Ihat h alonel tanlll Ibe unsed oitlsst isjusious andl lssting etfietis upon the Isoys tesn, ..'.etee or let., .coreding to the Iquan.ttites tlktn, and lthle Ilfrequ llncy,l its se, Ilsand the c~so tn ll st Ili t patient. A slbtiltlfe t his. thtrefoIle, Ilons Ithe so getable kisngdom is t lesideatun its tills comtr. Wte believe thisi d'sidteratum has beten Iersenoverd in he'T'otuln. De, Miles, of this cit,,and hlisaseloi:tlest s with nlluech labor al esxans, as e aiiiifertl'r;lld, ha sutcceededl il obtaillntsg saosi ex·l lionsl lil vegt.a w ats, it is hoaled, w ill be fsoisnissll et'festual Iubstitstts. WE hose taket some pains to enquire arLng l nlrlo. t eIllaulndl others wllo hilvt.'tesd this iuedsrilsl, :is to its efects, aln we leet well satisfied that it will uIse a nl t va lble leltIed in hilious conitpliltss. So linr as we hav e een able to leart, it has ipsluce Ille dIsilred effest, o c!rating to produce a healtih) actoui of lte lelr, lprot.uue Illtls diaehatgeassHlen eelided, and inl son llstsllaes breaking l fl i 'velrs Willl esetn pe certainllly andt ia a ws'ler tle isthyt t nolel: FFor sick or bilious heiaaches, it has been oiund a go.d reeedl. 'l'hsae wh IHlave used it say that it does not iprlLductlse the ilio tlitig eHeotE ofl stot other kimll Is of lprtise e mdicine that there is i.t illne.ptlel datngtr Ifro; ct i altls ntr i use, and there Isrge dlasesof" cahlmsel w L be It'ldtd this operattr without any dangeIr of the'vlitressing itd il'jrious ef.lets of ealomtl when Is.a d. ing salivalto As e have reason to hope Il on our invt otigtilso, Isis extract of the 'L'onlato will prove a substtlbtlte-uI allolel illn grat vhliety of cas.s, we asnn o tedt it as a blessing to the ht u as n luamily. slel[ Ierfeecllly sals and tree turtu all ohiner is Stus e eak of itand o e i rest tas t ossursno lisly trosted hby stilien. \\b hlve evervy al sube :ancl'. The above medicine can be obtained only of the Ge nerul AgPnlta. d thlr., nranliii agelt uvi ng 1 ra i.i.csiuII signed Ih "A. Miles, lie-' IG. Il. C." an1 countersijned bv''iE & BHI' Sane, (tenalu Agents tmr Lauisiuta," and bearing tile cIuompany seal. n. n 'r Stoe, GeneralAgerats for Lounisian. 11 I'chl.uin,,lcc, s streei. Itir l.r & Co. 133 Old Levee street, opposite Ve* to aile darke,'. PaLl Martin, cur Old I.evep nnd Hospita. sIreet. Vil Shleirv, cur Cain I and Julia stritis. Ir Mueller, cOr Ichuupltuulas stre, t and St 1oar)'. imarket J eP larbat & Co, corner T'chl l Ituulas and Girnd streets. J & ' PP Hartwell, Ilavou Sara, Ln. Ier Vin Stuoanslhry, Natchtllu.hes, Ln. "I'hnans I Stanlsharn, Ilntun, 'Texu. IFreaeriuk Serdu, eornre I'ydras and Camp sas. (inu Jnues,'l'ivul Cicle. Wm. Ivnns No. 4 lciliding Co. Inow. Appliatihn for ageunees or meuic ii e byr whorleal!* must b llmado tllhe (lt nerti l Ageints a New A ih,,,uv. All ltiters, post paid, will be pnromptly alie dd to. mn28 ly ST nTE OF LOUlJlA~NA. I)ARISl COURT f' r theit arish mi d ('ie of New L Urlnacl. l'esaun tlle llun. CUaleoh Alvli:lav , Jnifne. Jaels tll, 1L38 -No. Itl,h1)4.-Jniljes Iutier I vs. Iii. eredirtra.-Up.un readlig cud liling tlhe ililin I lad hanulds iln this ca-e, It is ord,.red bv thle t al, lt thit site creditn a oft In insolvent id hnw,+.ise n o plta court on Salurdai the 7th day of JuIh', In. u , wr y ie should nolhedtscliarted un:cortde n , liiw; and i t Ihe meuntioie all prIceedming against,hls person and pru rcly calr stayed. d C[erk's Or e uc New Orleans, June It, I98R. jell alia A. ttdA I I'I' ICle,k 'r.AT r i I.A LJhul.ii.\ ..-t,, .e ,.. S.a por la parnisaeleta rille lei hi N.Ihvelle )r ieas.--Prree.,at i'hum. Charles ills tinn. jugi in, I .38.--.\. Itl.984.--J: cque Polituir cne siis crill tiara.-Siir letnure t.t llrgicsLv'int dri la titi",n e In chi dnli, dllni relne it l v, II e+t decrrti . )nr Ilr .ioia inCe tse crbln'iers de I'insolvable ftire maini lelr rai casllnennrveteta cdii deli"intr, Vl:18, )ulgna; il fieaernt .int t dieh rti confrtcmet A lr Iiii i, et In n attenrlanrt aiies pearrI lites colltre sa periouine oaU ses elrprietie i soi, nrrelt~ee. Bluururoe, Nouvellre nrlennc. 11 juin. I:18. jell42aw A RI tNI) Pl'Ill ( ra'e TISrEE)D OIL-Ill bhls, lauma. tion te.,u..t-. SAlhany, for sale by ; I)oK*EhV1. jesl 44 Nra levee. EiA ea blat Saltars, a nsu ily of tiLm above, put ap in hhds, tierne, and bills; for ralr iiy I.AYE' In AIlLLUNG, jetl 17 Co.l..uiircr street. L .IN:e EI)f )Il.-l bbl at sial rnuks hratr I.usnrPr Oiltnow loanding fran a'lip N. Ihvil, nd lfor ale by JAKVIS & A .II\:b:'Wo iVIhIaes.le Ilrualetstr jol3 Cnmmunanudl I'chapitioula a rt. S COTn A -o a cke. (.inta tl quartr i n Allen 1 e nd for celeby e ..HOLMES & s.0l..S. ihe IltmHa Alloen I)nN'I'SOILS (,LAS, 0ltst.l , S .--.tst I land) rln k oli Conhie titlution, and fo r sale--rt : 16.It00feet cufglin. bast uality, firol 8Xl0 tnc esX8a; 30ll ke. s white lead, pore; 350 da gre rn paint, in 25 lihr. kegs; 2d4zy lpa nedons litrosigto-a;tit0 lli. lathrag.e 26 dot splendid 0000)0 ground Irunsh-, also ofl)000 and 00i do; .uses aeros green in porwder sopsrior article no do, c CIn; a lrge asnrsortment of sach tools of every sizenaad quality; nablepenails for ortistsl latmarking Ieruhesa lier mnerchants; artin's colors in .il ready prop pare:l,in hxes, fitted ' - with all necessary brushes; artiat's tools, ý.ca. Flake and, armnlir wlhite; 60 Iaeks'gold leaf; white and yellow wux;gum nroltic; and a large noid choice a ortrrentofpuiaiirts,'di'v colors oil7 turpentine, varnish, &., far sai,wlulesalo and lratsil, at the lowest prcen, by7 MaIN DELLI, a28 58Campst. rItur PEi.;i Usb. .YEW EDITION OP TlE CIVI.1 CODE OF LOUISI.N.1. TT has been lfr some time mode known to the public tIat t hir e suberr"b are engaeed in preparint Ior the praess a ew edition orf tile Louisarmna Civil Code. They wear,. Irlon tile hfir, aware of the great difficulty and responeliiitv attending the pohlication of tile work, and it waos not without great lhesitatiron tlla they can seaterd tr thle undertaklhg B.t tile preasent editio. amnountinelto bout tlree thousanad copiesanll which had crst tile State nnre than thirty thousainr: dollars, waa entirely out of print. For amore than two years niast, tie ual paine of the work Iras been from thirty to fifty ddIcars. It is a svstetl of written rules wnich so immedintely opruatea upnn every individual of the state, interetedl rither in nagictlture or commerce .und which lbverns tile dliaposition of anso much property roniog to ts froi tllher states, that--unl ke amns, a v stlartreatlse aps, law--t i as much the text.boolk and manal of tlhe merchal and thae lanter, as it li of the private gentle in iyrs arfthedjoining sateas,aad4in foct of al ;hone ,tea {.nnilll he Otlip and )ti-iseiltij rivers which fni, a mali fur their produre In Lolrisianr, have a fre 'Qtent trafes-ity freference to the code, and make it all ,idiranipinble roquidite to their libkarirsi and in the city of NewOrl ne the book is s teur tar L fo na ip tie rtaerhltont'a enonting room, a up-.'n .h leaks of tile tud.r, or the talse afh aita stlatev. It is nit itrltrising hrtrefrie that the linrst elditin o t'Vle work was ao quick ly dilposaed of; and aIhhll gh a n,'ere reprint of it waould ia, same. -easure alaipl tile pubrlic nrees-itv, yet it wvnld hIe irnper eat aiuInsaiotalsaet ry nale-a oct~lrelad with relier n~syr to the Report, and Statule , in ordr Ito' em race te :ltmem..anenlhdments whech ainva h en rtloe by thelrt isaltor, arrd tle,inporantl deciseona anl eoanrtrnctios wbhich ha.e been given upop a taay q its artieleq hbytie S.i.relre Court. The pqublishers have ceatured, loe the general supec ihtendenarce aur eorinial daervrea t of tie work, the pIyleamirnal servad'ea of 'lHeeeclak S Upton, Eq. a ame -,er o( tie N":'a Orlean' Inar. 'Thre Hun. Juad-e luIllerd, Ial'noa errrders,:and .lion Glenres uFastie, Ihverealch kmillrv aisted, %tr Upton with the valuabhle noraes whiit'hll.h.vhve collected in the eronrse o their tlardies alhptr'. cficemd to IMr N It .leinarns the part. tier of lrttrllta wha 'ibalsO ena.gerd, ill taei work, (;es .tranwbillet Eaa. hao presented trlt rewar ntas of refs.e reaj a h.onantrl , in alra arie neOrlv of thre code, and oatai. nose ken tadrb hv lio haiarg ile whale period sr, hist h isiaiahe ed rronl.riroal lalorn. The pualish i laav,ty.terefo~r well trn-r tint r e annottiona of the anrk il alhe ill liit iullstrlV aI labour, Uassited by lenrein; nd experienee, cma pUerlrm. ar l ntttle forhlr this pr rpectnir snt soltelting, rena lraari a u riielrs to the awro, tna ,aIjlliawnis take parilc1in tlae frtt thRat Ih r o I.aegiclhnuiP ol:Loutala r ua nethn'tbrs tie .aoveanor to onrd.- ilne thousntll colpi of it fli' tie thtneneela ue llestate. The readiness willa wlhich thisl - alter waw. tike hby he Ansemlhl, evineed their just dene of rs lle valua lo the watlk;nrd thev therby eten ati. el thalt eCrfrrlence in th1 abilhy of the prbliv,'na and rlftre whih aciir Ioln ed in art vhollvy ,lde.served. The wprk w II th printed- in Prenorh andi Engl:sl, i1tara taral)FtraOr and with clean tvie; norr will anm ex iIeIse lr cnlane sparedn tr nmke .tir le t hr i eehnnir onxetulilt of it rorrcesttrhd itih its greal irm,,rtaptce 'It will jaiaiblm he rel.ur dallivers in 'ihe morah a) ptI ner next; and liae prcee will bl, to sulscarihrac, fifteen dollars-fivc dolluar to be paid at the tune of sub scrihing. Thlle aahserirtion liate once closed, the stoe price i, ill be toenty'dullara per cory. up ti E JlJINS & CO. Publishers. rrlc l NI\-a YtORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] rjtle shiiprp rtrupatiu tbis Lie will sail fronm New 't) Ianleild N.w York on every otlher Molday crrtanrreilrailrr ,in tm "li0tll roveanber, anr1 to insure the -'rictaart iaclrtnlity in thla r time an tailiag, the liers rill irealfter consist of five Ships viz : .llin rnzoo t 'aptaina'ra.bk to leave on the l20th nov. Sllip Louisille, Craptain Palmer, to leave on th 4th11 lac tarcellim" 'hlip u.ota./ile. Captain Eldrialger to leave on the Iat lIea em I. Shi iie iksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the ,st . an l r . ShtiI, in a .lppi, Captalin Davis, to leave on the 15rb Jnllllnarv,. al' 'The Ilaove ships are all nerw of the clans, . ,arvd awl~l ioppaer liise , aud up ward, iaa) hillf li'a Hnrtihnll. tire of linlbt Iraoubt iif water, being built iu ·ew York exprieslyr fr Ilhe tralde. ThI price r als lei is tredla nl one h7ltdred doalrlar. IlTher cainus tare thited upont ithe woll impiroved anrld convenienlnrttl,aud ii isrlet tna a nat and elernlut sorle. Almple stores of the first r tllitv will lie prorvided, and everv regard had to lhe lintort arnd entire srtsllactitollo l plssengers,whol will please take notice that to berth Iclla be seculed aln Iilr aird tral lair e oflice of ttul e c'inders. Threse 10ae i t are ronunanded by Cuptain, well ex pe.rlecedl ib lthe trade, who will aive everv atllention, oand exert tlhebrelves to uaccrmunludate. '1 hey will na all timesa hre towed I a'ria. dlown tahe Misdissippo i It l.amnl at.o alltltle strictest pInctuaiRtyL oblserved it tile l iuw of sFiling. The owners of these hips will not be reaponsibtJle or oE let er nparacel or pac',age ntkt by or lrt rau boalarv !dorn, oinle.s a regular hill la ladinrbe signed tiltarefhr it the caanting bouse of tre agelts or o nhers. Fca rthll' r partirulars, ap ly to a R" [EIN & h '(IlEN; now 13 . 90 Colnlonl sAt. r . tafrtI fiftry .,lefr ra I the Halizne,nare trarl a of Julv,a r large lannelt, a I. gliola lrilll) eopi e, fittonlnd, and has been coppered, slle is r i feetl lh tand e.grtt feeet enl and hia Lo.n shoap rigged, Iti tlhere ae iron stlrar sl fiwwltd fir ri.ging. Whoaever rn rgniotes said launchb, ill lhrLaaa dall at No 711. fI lo., e..: . a it t s-"U A'o.--i Ohad, a prilmae r:Lewh ale bycri let,9 4-l\ew Leser IIUltPIIREY1'S lll a llII;N 'I lUlJR. '. Ci. iAT BR 11AIN, PIIANCE and liEl'.dIUi, a short fleallr itn IP35--llav teran Humpnihrey, ). I). I I'rLraidelat oafAuihernt r'all,,fg, il e val l. The tVorks "of Mrs. .'teerwoodl.-lelng tle dnlv cl nialete arll alllfltl edariio eaver hrbitlhal in tile '+haald States, vol. 15. Just 'ceemrd andi for sale by W\V II '1 .\ N, Corner Caompt &lamCmo.t astreets. PE.S..aCOLA T1ANSION IlOUSE 1EW%" CITY, PE1nACIlIlA. ' uIlFsb subencriter.vnng nterunnsed the luceav ti,+n fur IlTlutull' thlit well iinIl n.II.ia. ilecit Inft .lr 1' tint, tie late prlpietlo will lbe ready lu receive vi. tee i by tln mt of next NnIu,'ttols andc cltv imljpoventeutt will tbe lond in thle Irravtnntenuute of thle 1inllesion lIulee. \ew aldI mlrte olnluniou bathing hclnue will be built, nnl tair c b 1-1 will be iroviiled ul all hollr. A stance will be traiched to tne housit e. withi good acromnm.da-i tioulns tir horseet anld carriages. h.i ai rate hI e andl culrnne+, will alis be kept 1ielhire! at Ioderato F rice. icrnd tail ntld ow bents, i ith lroln nlo age lelll ,for I e use oflvter'. lilliard and mhlei aIAn enI. ti ,really hd. at erinl gplacesilln alsobe furnished, an[d no nluc ted is not to iic er fre withl the coliert udi qllet oli tie lnardcir. Tilth, witite ntl hqlnC 'till T ihe I tilei het qnIlth.v alld ttlentnure anll eippllv of is , a cergo he alureal bIeau ordered, whic will arrive LboutiI the t I Iiot h uit SMtcFredericbk Iairiird, winu formerly kept eo popular ii a at WaVhi i.t.o city, will ecodlct this .hu el li)r tie prornietloUr, a`t-, ti c tUtluid, i'lltutideltl1 tenunIlec the e ,citeic cflat yearc,aeni h l, frieici neueicrallvc tcit thley will retiulve qvetr ptI ibtie ti ttenuoun; anId llel-rlby experlt.llo glv en.rl In ntsilcainll. ' Tiek lucil idtlnlUt Igt tll, the Ilcn aere teo ell knowe-t (i i.ed nt Irngt. ePd de-crieito I:eLre. Tinc uects thal tPeusactllt is ithe Ierget avtral station of tiec (iv.rlaniient; the general rendetzvrls lo thie (;inllfqund. rin; tile :diltirihiv ol it cOimntlte refreshedilc c( 'onlnlltil dn- ! tling llte cictlllel cIc)itclin by thie coolest I ree., ".i r cnt rile (ulll; the !e.tat\ oif lile bay and tine neighllbltinrltig ielited nid riveer; tite tabundanee end dIccicy ul. thei fi- willl winch tl witers .hounlld le iet prixuitt i to the brIst ontbhern mltarkets, _lvu Ieln V lle 1ne h) 1' (.enie oeer ali etther places in tthe-e latitudes, as a henltlty i tidlcdelihllti fll su n ileerretr enlt. First rate bouts wilfrt tbetwee t Penseala iAnd Mo bile. end will at ll tince tnL aLle to take the paeernge.r froln tiln Ne Ur leane beats. NB ARNOLD. 'Peneseccla, Feb. 15th, 13:18. !7 jGentlemen wilhucg to engage rooms for their fietlciitci, c'Ati eddtreet tite lroprii tci r, at I' clc, tri al Stlewl l1' Tltylor, tihe former pinprietor, at :eew O. leans. R, 1frenees. T Sa:fird, Frq, t1r C Cclithtn, tB IcAlpie, Esq., It. Kiilhbv, ill nlob Il; S T Teylor,nP 1' Uea, Esq, In Net Orlte.n. P. S--A letter bag, to [eceive enmmunlicatrion fer pereos at the hobnte hel, it iaced at iGo Whitman's offie, 51 St Chiicrles Exch age. FLOtlRIDl) ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. ST'l'ravellers desirous of taking tbit Florila rmvote. via Poicn<cih,,to thle North,lre intoermed that lire rate hontt will tcn-tltlit ruin ftr. Mlobile t I'ennuihln, leavinte Mobil andi Pen-acenl- ever Ilothlyr dtn of e tl intl tof lcy. Gooed Atcnes will always. be lrovtdean i, theP aCciIrlltrrl O lie ill rt.liuel to, tiuket panaenger ! rulr tihtiile, in e're ef tlhe fiilare of thie n.ite N 1B AANOLD. Tb' rtetamhoat khmrepien Ieves Mobile flr Penee e0 teaser a .eek rhi 3 t' 'iHE fa9RInA iLTAuIl CAA ft -i D I , TfH.tVOH IN FIVE ANb DALF DAYS, From Mobile (AlAbamAt) to Augusta (Oce) T EAVES Mobile evefly ohtlh dal, iimnnn.iately etel L the arrival of the mail from New Orleals, per the steamboat EMl Ltl to' Illakely, inches to Penaclie steambolts (per PellnseOtla ay;St tloss soul d and Cboe tohaehie Rier and Hlaf) to CedG r Ilu;, coaches then.. via Marianne, Chattoioochee, (formerly Mount er non,) Bainbt lige, Pontlerton; Ilawkinceile ant I.nlooi Ville, to Aungsti. A i~ssengeertakind his neai at D r. bile is in no dlnege of being thtown Ut or losing Ait lIprereene by other conflictin iaterelsts, irs he tL P.l l&k LINE is but out concern, and nltder one col tro thttugiout, andt may rely wrrt nnoltlITl'T upon lli arrlivl at At.yasna in time speeified, thlrolgh all weilt er anld at ltyn aesoao unlesl eome most ansl'oreaeea taa troltlhe ttnlld ocur. The Great New lOrleans ali js crried by this o'nute. Thle Agents for aeolnlollm - tionl, 'eams, Coaches and Drivers are not lurpalsed the saothern conltr'. The Ismooth, htrd, natural rodls, the safe and inter eating .ater naviibatioon, the time and accommodation fllnrd the traveler speed, cetaintit, com fort, and a pleasl ing variety; connelted as it wete with the Itail Road Chalrleston, S. C. and the steam plcketsto New York travelern cll re t Newe York from New Orleans Lisn THA It nAts*--VWashinpson city in 12. 'From Clttahloooohee; Flordla, we thave a hlrale Line via Q'tincy and Tallhassee, to St Marks, 4 her lost conches, alto two Branches from Hawkinivillt one to Milledgeville, and one to Marcon, light two hurs coaches. STOCK It'ONS U on. AcorerTA 0ith .ian. 1I35. Officent Mansion Hlouse Mobile S " lltal hi e .-4lrlea g'4t19'il e,. I51) elle Mobile to Aguasta, 54it" Augusts to Charleslton,I 15 C(:hnrleton to New York, 980- 180 Titmer' New Orlean to Mobile, d8 htoro '- ,. -Mobile to Augusta, 32 .1 A tlllgn to Charleston, I.2 Charleston to New York, ' 06- 21k Making 168 miles per day. or 7 miles per hour, inole sive of ll stoplpages. nov 10t N. II. I beg leave to inform the public that it I bridges over the C(hltahookeswhmlt aidi I lard Late croek have jun Ien completed y tile generl govern ment, (th nvy obstacles oplerating agoist this safle it leedll Iroute ate thusshlalily rrmoved; adll have it plleastre oflet i.tlg mlln trnvellerslth e. the conehes,hor s'-s, drivers alnl dlls are ot the fitst order; anll as ti Ii, watler motetrl from entoe to Cerdar' Ill, fIt is admit t'l v ties boll nld snlolty. L'he dlthlges ihmubn' Gcorgia hlbave also Ittenrelpired. J .1 C IIAKEII HARDWARE. 11 MAGAzINE STEarF.T, NEW-ORI.EANS. JOSEPH KNETTLE, & Co.-Importers of Forein Sano Domestic Hordnare, re receiving frItl tlt rope and thi Atlentle Cities, direct rin tile i snitltfo. turers, on extensive assortment of Fanv lnud Hean' ilanrdwnre comprising every article in the line whici lthey onier low. Country iterchants andt others are invited to cell and examinoe their stock whicht consists, in part, of uible, h,tcller's, pocket, saddler's nnt straw knives, plateltd andt lirania tea poaons,needles, pinl ook and eves, sl o veli nnd opades. tlengt., shovels, lnders, andirons, Brit tgnin alnd npaed oware, bruslles, blank books and - per, loo.king elnases, anvils, vices, senrw l;cs haldl. ledCe antl nail hotnmer', solttths eiotlln, AntlIIrcan od Entglish blioter,cnnt, slher, Germtln andl rowey nevl,, plo:tg tnoltlt. te.o e, ox ar n lottt cnill,owartli ll I.ois toann nti grubbig hoes Miattooks otick axes corn t r g gramsse c tbhs, Colline Kiing oand Silntttont choppino axeo, '-eough 1lt, horse and cut oailc, ottlona and wad rards, cultree lnd corn ttillo,tlleoos lnd plni ois, guages, locks, sad, irons, books aod stols, lhot, plowder anld liquor tllak,per power, taih, b Ih, bruss and bell Mletal knob hesat, trunk and pad I ocks, bridle FU UISAIA NE--Cour du Pre,.rele is triet JaJdiviaoit. • 'ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE--A tlos reux qum iJ es in ales cpneerneil, Sal it.-Attendo qlueo Jmes Digg, uy:am ae.lo e a uoe veme tuile Io'a le Slerif lie Jn o pcroise d'lOrlleans I:1 pr.iprieti ei-apies decrlte, est adlresse d Glrfle ( e crlte Cour ou in ite v rite fIt enregisltiree l eile jour d'Avrii e I'aoI.Ie 1.8, pour unt at i t conf'ormnlenelnl a ini acrts _ l In.egia loiilre IJl'Etot de la Leuisiaine, intithie "cAate por ionlitrlrer les litl.ees esa.cqu roPniai vrolts"judii iates;" apll.lllP lt ib Mars oL.Lo-4. Qu'il ait iLnilll iroutes I'rioolllles illerisns sloot lH s, L )ere i-nCllJes eollnes o et llsltrict Judliciaiis qui pouroi.ent ai- trait t a ipro-i enl vnrtu dlrlul In veile a e- traide, ou de ti,J e "iAjgu-o larity ou il.;al lilte daes 'dimatioini- I'. vi io e teu at -le Iocde de I omer, otlmurtn.nniutr causes qiielseoiqre, d tfaire vote, des tletlte s d te s e de I ubl at i dlie cltrais, iupoucit la cotre a os liale ie utlir pas c n't ll n a ure u om ol gleee . La d ir ipio lit itel del par le trherif, s ulit .t 0 erne ioiiur ldi-se lIe 1'iiie 1888, ell O riiii'UiI del'tlori fir c-r tt tol i riel,' Co ll il i-Ol ' le J i .i iise8 eii io. 1,38,s flt.. I'lffire de Joames t elo.ilu itdg vo on l s (Sr nie,' No,. 15,191,!1 |hmketriue calt,-(, trd in ut-ile vctelt s'est rrIdIe acqtIireuI our io rix de iigt cinq inilee escrlipiion de la Preuolirdle i apr-s le I r tisfer 'Judi. 1 Pertniill r mnniea i de erras avc- Iolltes les ea!icses et allelisl.tlS aIpp' r tul llt ot'llor mail ore (Il lesll 'o m, ritle li bs .1i sleioeo Aeoll llolio tl l.. e eRoi'e( oiengi io . .euglais)hrolsced t c etili alt six pi.dset i at. hettites up ur are ll Co moine 1tbliqeP Ure I Poju a T Duvelle l .eveeis et .if a,-tre, i "ied, six , o nces url'itleneaipr dIe oi, ila r een l eu c m t1eIeiion depield lI roeritt d re .i trl eislr JuIei I Inie Irrei nl rue dco l. illein I.evA , i le i( t i mir e rll i'efticolilluee dtrlh.~St '.iiIle Leer, et eealie s ; . e i nlllnaut iitii alile drit et s'ett sht ii tII Ratl'· lg iii i ids t trs I i.els leui ion m in1i i Ia tie l t ;t lirmi pede prnlrilet tlit Mlillan u , dr- G Ille f'l It Juaesti ,iloe r0 Ie toosi-ne unIle I oit J C Ir roiuet? s S'? " Ioii inuhle ldil-oi l i en a j i In Loma I), dei, Iiallo l A Io rue lO .ille ItItle i: e :i, ti mat l ir ll ork angle dr ol, et t'e lt, ste pufr ntt ,lerx pio.'l sept luooleotetet htia ItsiInt. s- iHa Inel lrntophiee i in.le oii loln nd lein lell n li ela lault do eont vmgl seat piells dix pcuces et ( 1 're I i m. .sur'l igne ig itri h hie',ili d e tnpro -te' d e I:"l, Iduiallel an hI'y11c.i peuliqlle slipt Ian rrl la Ns on melle Leee t. eI- 5iilith aeize, Ipln-' Mit el Inlte. et tals huitienes faced ia .Hie .o.o N ne, iie. R"lel in rone G Ii Idten ofest. prth J. dilie onc.t ea ov.eill I e-n<. Jhio r r- 183h , S i enll-ae 0o ur itlitso t a in o ' lo , T loin,-ona.'l JL lir, Jo 26 ,hA'ii i, lJi2. T-oioi 1'lhs,, A. A I.i, Jleioellt JiaJge lde I- C toIIIuiNlie, ne Ie Airil 58R. PI. - I,,ANI' Ip Il-. Ij l er. 01'PA1 DCi L t LOUtIlAl:\.\I. Cdrl da l'noniiter Ilis lriit Jiuieiare.'. S''I'AT D:LA IA LOtI:'l.n.,.E. A too o etrs quo arils preaentlll neneerlttrn, :melld:--Altg-du. d .e \V'il.irm , 11arkey nawa{ ,rlu c A nl.e went, fael e ip Ie Slherif ie la pa ti;se rleons, h . te .i-apri.a fJeertrt, ell uddrn-Pe.n (ire eb i eetrle fouIt r oll i d to vellte lit t*ntipeilr'e Ie eSirtjloi Ar neo ii. ll(oul llile 183t4,'pnlo r yin ati- cnuIIlirlh{ Vl I'n1 it acrC e P d ltLeels I olurre dl o i'liutltie Iln Lo lls t' i , lllo li ii . t J Io loeI.H eI UnIIrlprr Ino tilles (.eS IIC( tlueret s Rnlt ve/reP Pj dio Rtes,",a"npel( I 10 !lMar0 , 18.:4. o l u'il -ctii i.oulu, ei mttle pii onuerone iol.Sol oe sIis pmr 'esJpreel;te.on 1're .mer I st Ir J't Judic i iteoq i l -t av'lir ,ii i oiIlllirpriloti ii-op.c o*. 1e1in lii onuineq lenre dlln lie tI ont e plilrtle dilts IIorAlre, 84 d ottre iIII I jl ii slel S ie iflie"r"t ulio' "itm olue ...... o1n,, .. fir to..r !ollta Pt k: ild, de ln vrnte, ou p~our tine out e '-nose qul- enlue.deiloirevoii, daiaLmoI rt j mllr s hjr i er dool pulice n..u de, eitJ i.ei0, lmirqiuoi o e oatenleai huite , aeenit l.. n elllltirlrl.t et Illlln tlal, e. " , Iso dit, re pps ie3t(.t'nl vrlnt par It Sher if, an-.ll l er Joepili jiour d'Av ,, ld i11o e vertmo- ditn dJ creil bdt.eteoirld.dll e : orine de ours, to f'nn ee qIu.J8n, dlle I'afniire de 1\'illilnl o lmkirj v v-. ýolluel I:tii,'.i. 15,5;il du dou qet d1" cello, &t iqrloeo veiitr " lu dii \t'dli:in Mllllalkey, 'e.Jl rendu acqiieieut Itur le prix de $'l,7i!11 euii plantii. esc Inlitio der la Priit. l i d' p' IJ. lransfor. Judlci Un oertain lot de ItTRrn, r co,1Wg I ril" leg bhals'e ct uit,.,lmniien, Pit(. en aI"i 11ar asn do'nlci(o.s .1da 1I'd"t" llurue par fel rllbs dle Id Noulvelle ,4 (."r, Louisa, -Palulaml Ilslorr.(d, d-le. pat h+ N, 9 d'n .r If piao doIrs lIr C; e Ziln-le. tiolutiJ Voy.ei ltulll, rl I1Io Ieeelnbre Ii , et ll n ltdo en I'elulde de fuin. niot., --aetr p Iullc, .eme d lao n No1,d ol di! oi, t dA - J'r. Jeosurnl vdout piedsl, oner pncr os rhoe I t .e de I .uuviolehe., ix lsiel quins piedaslu epr. lonnJr f thud otile l .ui lohle lot No 8, el gwtIrr. ileft pied- .Sept lie"irel et genlt. P Ilflies el 1lrolli Piir 1II c(ae tIn1i tonrleh. proprict aipr(.ent, n lltri eirei mllt l poPOnP onnn ooNulodoll., ait yoil dix leuSo piedis ntie p, rre dlr Inrg dalre la irorl dourou ifit u.iee n tone lIo,,, bo Ilnoi- polodI dulpnouces ena eels nu. d .vpr. niii.oI No- 1.5,6, 7, 8 annd i. Biulr dll (ar uGr " %ARDLE CHIMNEY PIECE WaV.,orePP l Cuotomhpuoo street, opposite thir post.i- ieP. The subscribers l re now rieciving fronm their fei. uories ie New i ork, and will keelp nnstnold on. hand a general ussortment of Marble Mantle Pieeon ofsuperinr workmanship. and of the luto., patlerns, made of the beat Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Amrleian marble. Also, Monnumenll, Tomhs ,nd (.rirve Stoneo mnoulded ani plain s lco and lintels, mnrhle facings, henrths and hOnlndinry stone, pnsterp ol Palris, Ro an & Hydraulie Cemsnt and Plaster. t plplair, tolether with a uplrndid atsortment os bras inounted and plain Gsrateo and P.usiu Iron Gratecls of lo hnewet and lnsl epproed pattern.. L-atterils done in tle nealess manner and at trls shortest ntiee. 8Theyhave irsl rate workmen to AJt thCe she work. i5 Nn' eft, Ts iArt b TROpIu UKl W. rWVAVS' CAtlstILE L LU. IHIS highlyvraluablemedicine noy babas wi SD" alhand retail at New York prices, of R5. l , D'LANGE.8I Camp sat reet... c o .1 3 it it/conidentl7 tedom oMetidel hi. toe ftwllt dl eset: Dysrppia in all its foima; hblions adc in inetlion, in every aloge ,end dtgtS1'tmil5 Z t.r. particulorly cht nooset. i f, n - n ýia.¶l . albu, fever and ague, ineirtf q clim , whether of the liver 0'l OiU ene-, too. of oppetie, nerojMti |nelaelstia. of delirium treme.., epnri. odie asflheolT Ifall laldiseb.tlts matism wheheher cllronie ef iollahndmouýnhils fl o lCoekin; re t ;essuoes at ni jolt, ad he and onelancho'v; the rummem r complhlju, in, ti2c nmorhtli or diarhhhsa in greon perts .';o1w dro d ad ' Irncy, wiil hnid hrnth;l chlorutii sad p..stitm . heart and helroehdnges ol tenalen.a tntiott or inmpire add disorgdtnizsd coautii' ionns ial tither wh;eihanve not pIae td manr ntl ii rieisle byn ts a r nediinoen A niolne ftil ofl hlr W Eaors' oedlc lle is any of thesee toae ill prodolle atudicl he ra il ali dioae their inotnl ol+,lai up('nlrit, eisdt toht( .b. t .rt. D itioti fr lint tnpooi lfl.'*X NoUiertntt eersifitee otCttofr ti wlbel hoiti,50 tabS the toenLh ef the ntaolonue it in hpo.niltlit ge rl pitlicitov hnrouh the tmedin ofa neso ol. Ce s vanso' catoloelgn theitn'rn opwsodo of n k in"Oet and in this eity we eon nto iny fotrsnne whfi6f vY long stadinlg dimussa6, by Di Etot"' . ruil an. 1 lm S'LrATE or r LoUltRAN'A-tiIf...if r" Court. rH1e STATE OF LOUIStATAi T Ai slholli T thlte Penn, e alenws #.M1d t,.'M. it' lruio James lr,.ne Digg hehig pto ,Jiite l W atI.. -b tIe .ltrriff ltf tlr - ic s-Wo.of( n% !.S tte (Fl'oa bee inaflor tr riioetl Ioooa p;3fd tot n It rik i Y sftIti s. ill wlnte nflire thie rild of re i was orid ond Uler iay nfA ril, A. I). 1838, for a mothiitnn or ednertole etot iii n;lnilt) 'o all c of t1he Lehgintltre of Ile Slollt of I ondiino:, rlslitell "An lnt Ior tle firther essal tle of . titles lo itnrloe at Lulllocilll aleei" h plplgd. Ith ith iloa of ith lih, 1831. . NOW, thereferr, know )e, o nd ll preon talrteell lh ueir, a D herIbv eited in ai d illthe rm oed the Stateot Loilsin;oi, And of the First Judidial Disrile nonrliwho cnn set op ant right..titie or Olaim in sud ton the irln.rit tlereinnlter elcrtilld, in conoselquen* Nofp M itif rnalila in the ornler, dle.rtee or judgment of the ourt Culrer which lhe sle was icde, or lny irreglarit'io illteglhty in the illprlibenieois nal ddvertis itol i tiel, orio mnlnel (oalr, or oe niy nthier dnl ltlwk lt etelr: to Ilion nouse, witlu thlitiydnys from thi dao this motio is firla iiieiredI in tior Inlbli pt oer why the' sale inso nle sionldlt he cnlrled nild hnrtoin galhd. The said ploteriny was sonli y i ' the ihenrff thre psidr filest,id ou the 311ilt dIy on Merelln A. D li.'b tlsro iue f a drre of tllit coturt, reoelmred n tih ith e . Jloinurt, A. D. 1838, in a slit enlltiel J amlh flt )iggs vs. lItofol Greene, No 15,1ti of the nloieoitn Conin,, at ohlich rale said J:mes Barnes nOggdprebi the pulchiltr for tile price of tleoto-Ahe tll.Aau t do' (ieslption of poperty aon gicii in tAd' e dinlsi re)ance, tizn Acerini piece of proierlty orcl rtAlrofgr.a o lehpr Wilti all the i iitiiugnl intpe nimho-g eoalnddioni l sht tlivlneges, e.a. Iheenlllrttolwlmighig at io an nv - perlaillngg sitiltte in ftitltogu A6dn.llntT-lnn,ilodio n toli ncitl tid losuring in Englii meaoure, d lree hundste all fifty-six felt trill tmlr-elghlIs of an incfiiront on thle ublie roand on New Leeone t, thnree ianditdl ntou dtjy. -in, feet six illncesond fdilrteighths on inch front on' Celeste e, two l ld'ed anp d fiarl-flve fl teinline inhrlamd iwo-eiglhhs of an ifchi , l yo lone Nfrmndig on Old evsee oireet, until it strikes the booithry lineof Laorrnt Mil hlollon's ipotlp.ty, at tle onier of l01 trLevee And N.nIs strret; fornliltg a right nan, a .d extalding t ighty-five feet nod tllran incnhe deeplllogllthbbotnday Iite of said .%fillaudon"s property Frorlel to C leste" stlIept; thler foriing a right ongle; nod exnteiing saty thi.e Iiet elevtin inhen tidl shree eighlths if ior ile bhonlelrv lice of Dede's ir'.lity, pealle lIl Oil Levee Sleel;othereu foring ather riglta.Rle.ind rxteonlliigfnrg twc feetseven iLchAes lnd five .eig.hlri o an inch on the Inuodary lilne of aid bede' propeaty, liarllell to Celeslte street; tlter. bforilg anoltier riht angle, and extendling one g hudrd and wellty seven Ieet. roi inches and four eighths of an inch on Ihe boundasy line of said ietle's lprolelrtv larllel to the pEbli road anl Nw Ivee sil.eeut, nnd seventy six feet fouro illhes andi foureiglthas of' aninchl front oil Nuon's istreet, eaord ing tin plni by J. Pili, City Surveyor, made 3d Jon vary, 1832. Ionnexed to an act poIedl before Loasl T Canli, Notary Puolio, on tihe 2fitl Jomiary 1 832. Witiilnt the Hon A. 3. Buchanann, Jadge of the nCoilt aforesiiit,thii 1fibh Alril, ll0l. ap23,m3&13 Pi. LE BLANC, Iep. Clerk. SANlTUIONEt) BY THE FACULTY OF 3MED CINE. IIOiRN'S Co.tpnmond Extract ofCnpniba ltd Salrtse p arilla -A certain, sale, and mest erd ctulll IeS : tieverr disnvered fo, the cure of GwIormte G.l.leets, Strictur es, Whites, Pains in the asitoir. seenttl wteaukiea, affectioito of tie httttee, grid)el, icobuid II tlthe introduetion of a medtlefi posseesing the eselfu and active virtue of the one now offered to ile public, Ili tllrolrietor has but to ilfer tO theo htlnertms reoma mnlemlliatiolls received tiom the most eminent of the me.. mdlcaml tfehlty in Emoipe, brlieing that it will be duly allpreciated when is mtrita are lmure fully knlown. TI e loImmmmoIl t moptol a, ioextenlivell usd, has llest trlli of its relli ll Iotn time dillbke ohirh patients tormIlrly express l reglrtidin its diseeecuble mast, ilsltmrhanre producedc in tile bom ls llad htl l e Ilreme4oe illfficirenev i henl used in tile iftfai, msetor stage. it• proornielor h:s tlmade an allalysis of the BaiU.l. coneniv ang tlhat the more iactitveim qattlliics a tldthrti .hv ime mcir tmmore otletltrntratl i1 and more osetlflly adminis'e"red in time lrese t state. The above n:ediine eombine i,. gl elients w 1ch eere in the highest r I .lue amore the 0mot siellttifi anI I0letr d ii the pois elion. rheh tdrug in the omiommtioin of this prtpnltetmsioIto eilelthe elfinl'e, of thie otIer, plt oIding an operationll um l eatedi nishling, mtiml ourpxsstlmg the most stOguin, erpm eltwtiyms; ptomeosimgttithe sameim ile time advintege of its heal adhninistred wilh perflect success in Ilthe dliflitrent ,ag I tile Iomve disrlare; 1'hFe mosl eminent physicialt halg tlrgeonsl o tle'prelimt day express their dlericed oa pro alini in favorof Sumrslmlmilia, 01hiil its use in th': primcipmii hIospldtls Wtd publie tmedical instittilttils lm lie II, amdI still eottilntes, very elttlpive. It *mas A fel Ollte .r midy ntith the celeltetrei I)r Abernethly il'all vemlereal almeetilllms, aomd itt ctmmmneotmsertlptinmt, arisinig from isItmollorered stlte fl tih digeelethnetiomt.m Havigm hmon timhmiittedto tmhe test and experienle oftlhe t0ost .nitoelltaled namog mime Ifelliy,, tita haneenqarLat l their isal:.cmlon If its eooxtrortinryllmay aey in e.*lr catse unider their chaml e, by dollt ilg it botll is thlet Mubhlic wll ll p o : tt. |muttie. llmrmThis ervmtions wili ih,, iomr eel clre:lto .tc. Pt|;em'aed mlm J i Tlhorn tChe. st Lolidoll. Pricel f lt Sper pot. TESTIMIONIAILS From A II Salmon, Eai, FR t, Smrgeon to the' St l'iuna llilllon, Ollt Ler r ticr i mn tnalltOt iyn. Thie triI which I ioi ve 0imotm of yoOUrt m f Irtm tiston in ia vlaim'ty nfe:sotes, Lolth lomate oand elhale, ii its leults la te i ctled so h ighlv thro nllhl , that I lit not heait .nt ill lrommmlcing it ott of the most valuable .anl eflLnedio.e remiedlies ever Minred to the publie, and one in w.lhth; Iitl ecxptmerie,, re, I can phile every reliaune, whilst it itms lmot Iprmilee thie sa llle u1nple mntmetifetusually ex perielcted from cotliba. From G H t lsaywmd, M R C S, Physician to i)* St M't lhbefbe D)ispensary. I take great Illeasul. int adding my testimony to the valltable itreollrtles of yueer p'reparatiotl, wishinig ou the mcms = lao lblitllv ldse toe, to anl am•ple rewardl ftrihe labortur l exlpense imicurned im britlgil it to such colm. ldete cttrioletml. From W O Chofote, F R S, Surgeon to Guy's l}a The uniform sorces which inls atentled the Sldilois terting your metilne somoea nlv m petients lttioted li hh the abovme iseases, mios fully eatitfied hoe that it Ibeoialy to Ibe knllOwl to ble trIlv ellppreittelmd. May the sueeess you so well desesve, aomlmly and speedily repayyo sfor yolr vIluuble prepl.ralion. ". From Sir A Cooper, FRS PRCS, &c.k A laing inlg t l immtd.rac to try your Entrah in eamal toassof violtmmt lincitee'rlp , whisim had hitherto, 1ods emon' ptoesmitmtiatt cdnimettmsrmrl by me, matoing aomd slur mimd eilted" elores cffected by it, in a few dtys-I teel myif i'in ldut) Ioond to stole (hut l now in patro lice Ibo th public nlld private reommmead m .d Jialme From G W Blair, M D, Phystioln to oy. lHe. The striet test which I have given your aeti o among ma1 liatients, An.. its invarible isuces, tllOA fie. will induce imo to persevere in its use, and t deem it blit an ct of justice anid of iduty to add lmy feeble teti monial inlaomelmll ation of itvirtaee. Fromn LIC Thmpon, M D 'FR SL. I relurn ou my t mlloere thlnks toe t e itoabloe pee. entt oftoeur Etract tbr the cues of Gonoiratel kc. I feel grattlil tliat yon hblav at lai brougl mtlmedicim ieto ue which will monoe i detloratenlm ausght Io. it the mediua ol hid-a sure, apeetiy ands eo omeja in eares. f the above clans. It atftiolismeg.t-lgl mt publishing to die world the vasluble quleiiemaelr Were it neeessary, tihe proprieior Mold aellfthtrida ltynv more testimonialt eqliltaly eaommendstr aa thie aioeo; but mutlmis thtl its grett sucness hitherfs-M itagj & .xlese at whichit tas bees hlesslt,m.1ºl { greatest recomm.ndati alio dsamle. q Ua I One reeommendation thias .iatfoan a.tlle all others is it sat, U rttll e tm-elr-t up lip" - mle in whlich it nlma he takmen, 1 ,sin e. t Idea ont-i-Itastel.h iture,with no te Il qt, or epofinementl from hbsiness. TeellePie would find this medicine highly meel, ddill a .iev to be unprovitell fith a preI aratbO valtlages whieh the pteetll one so Asoeaomlnynig ti.e Mediisne lt. tery oflthe diIeret lt gol tgria e s it tlly ext, n IotatMliiihng lfi it , For ale by - me I-r. 4. * I . . I - - °--.- tir ssebe. EodeA

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