Newspaper of True American, October 4, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 4, 1838 Page 4
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SLoiesieana Hotel, IIAIRY9utdLAND respectfully a.. lirl o hr friend and the phblic ghee pared to vec-mmorlate thtrn at , ihhi ent, and hopes frrn , I o reuder visilnre eomfortabtc, ,o ree;v.e M of former fvorv . She f,,Is endh. dent that orsons vroting Covi'tonn dtring th,. ".. ntttnmthl, cannot find better aecnmma e tl tl.s 011 can afford thtm, an ieroa liberal ,,nt. tt nlvwaantly situted, and well suppi.ed S ever o.tvoenine.; the her is furnihed with S amoeot ehotsr lepnrs. &e. in short, sh praoni'e. t"" .a~le4lnthing sheti b wanting on hwr p en to g v, ' itill.saiseetlion to all who coay patrt.izn hin Itihtiippi and L Unlians Hotel. j,'3 ) T'IIE PUHLTC-T he u.nd.t eoiT 4. h vetg uadied under Dr. Selmidt of Carlootont, e tle baroline, al for some ve tr lhi". :.iltaut in .rNheY a.tice of nmdicine and .urgery, has the hunor t9· nebr his pr.leeaao.l nerviees in this eity. Sf iI tile- ladles and gentlelren that the tent i ' attention will 19a paid lI the Olls which ne madd; o also n fl'ers t in .er vicesa to 'ICl hddegrefelaes, bemng well oequainted with Ite Stonmesnt to therm, having attended thelll in oonem so in Ciharl.eton, tota nti.hilios pill a yr the comiboatinn di.ept O air Smollette. with directrions, can be hId litandamrignled. The effect which they have . p.aeed in ties and other cities, has been attended 1h teim grealest suneoo. to which the h-rst of ss l eatbe given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. JNO. M'LORING. '1 LLU WARLI. niOOD toiint.h , pAD IRONS, &c. t1 MR HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. I"" 238 Water, near Beekman street, New Yo k, Uhs aucjved the past season, and are conrstanlly tensiviog large and ext.nsive addltions t the stolk +ltf . abovey goods, whicht now consists oft til.i eeo~nagawsortment, suitable for thie southern and .o tpIt urkets. +elaow ware of snporior quality, eonsinting of dIti 150611 tone, vi., Pt" Iof .2 different sizoe. from 2:8 to 5Q gallons, .att..e, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30i gall aos, Kettles, 15 sies, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, :kepans or Ovens, 7 differrnt sizer, Tal Kettles, 6 do Skillet., . . 6 do F, l t Spider . 6 do SQvered Spiders, 9 d. Onadies. . 4 do itrs Dae, . t do 1Ytlgon boxes from 1 1 4 to A 3 4 inches. niot do. 5 to 7 incses. ~lod Screwo, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from ih, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, i24.of a superior ality and finish, and less than Jlame' iimportud Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Iba for yetaling. Tailor's and hattor', Irons, nssorttd. tash weighta, 100 tone, assorted from 1 4.4 to Beols for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also 'steambats .and other machinery made to etder. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommendod to the attont;ot of Southern aditd Western merchants, ant are ulfered tIr s.i6 .a low otiaes, untd upon the most liberal terme ; it is bu. i.ored to be the largest and best assortleutt tr I !aered. for sale by any one eotabli.cluatetit in l nilted States. t4rhtaunato,'ly forwarding a request by mail, can ihve a prin.dcirecutlar, with dlecrip.utln it gcodt, ,gil and terms, freol which no deviattan is over iaade, farnished by retimn oif ail. All orders will receive inmmediate attention., New York, 1i39. ,j 3 (kN stit & PiC.l.hs-Crd, um~-- ,s t l.It - ni t ,tetu and 'ieeh1u0, salrorled iie uIso, h0 'Iliear of Leie & l-laskett's Piekhtre; tiar tite hu clie a SoasiCa me.t, by JAIlVIS t A. DtiL\VWN, el' car nt non, ani'rel Tpitnullto i k (iouid,forsealby ISAAC BUtllI)tiE t , ). t7nweq Twoll C:irels a,.d .rel(.lrI *PI*111.r .,0. ApplyV 11J1)1 * A IIi&1L1ARROI1'S, &i-ii5 Xc Inerlblrrin!, 25 a3 · d.i 1 NY , oiim 'Hll SI li Clil'i'~ll 1'O~ 18l 14cn ·~·a~ru~ ~L4.1101d Z'cl., ,l.1eXX \ ,\ 1,1'" LA)vhf NKIIOtd '8,ifel rn orylntcaii ,II~ lii'c~r and 1 Iliiis ualal. eiiciir.I I L.(li~l· t A1 NEX)"*ext enrln u ii', Ieird 5ll Ile d Ho~le1EKnIlU~r,nuI~iiy ~ 11. ieeri oLsel unit vryLi, lllolf i e wi'n iiil~t I~frllilmi~~ KIqi lutt, iil the ilaltI p- ll~rl.ldJTili 1(15), 1 8Jtsif' lIiI. 1~1II8 1151m rtrr b.-: I',r i or iir)oi te sIep.d i~dcing friil AjIhn. ii~l, r(l IS bta( ~rl ey - ar· I)draYCl &~P AIIClllligpi --tl~ls lteI'lll YULK2 lll jIL Kope, ~ ~ ~ II 7olil. IIB9111T~~61 A irel ins iilhili(llllle I( ii ',lr iriri piiidih I~allidr Il~~n.l~ l~ iiithecbie do li iY ,IfK n~iirdrii l I),,:J thrdi nseelicinimeiiu nlr ii i lienh.., 'nias~rSolir8 11,ar, iu·6ii.81,I,ltv Iilllni~ekld 1 PIi' vldre right Id ci tuue threid'l. I ni'c Ir p Ilc mu, II~, tinlllnl iid errlm:11 1 ii, 811.15 limo, I~n~l t·t Lll likbe perfectly miured wit'.k ISLAN T OO CE14TIF'I Xiin 11.8rl iii· rienlr~l~ .5p~·i 8Imoi Uar. loot; oillla iicimn,,ie, Il II·1 'iit 1,11 le 1 slenltlt at ill; Ihirefeir I eiineoouiz ·II lie lllr~r ~ 118L68011188 udu~ sll,dv in Iii .4. Ilii.X 124- (ii,1; .8188I1.ilwt blfl Doirldi-iaclEL,d IhiiI1i emimei·1 rli I J'ihyw~lf Ild a lenodsmllr u~riiirmei~PI111il .~lt~h I)IEAN. Ill l.,ihi'1i '11888. * l)F syi panrrll t e 108iill,illl it Ni.~ 4Ula~iiie I 5hl8b Out lily Ot~h he rinirijed. Ii1 h Ii~Phlidhed 81 tlii uijii·· ifS);. Il,ip1 N8W OrIearus. Febh 1, ipn3. J i~hN 1WI N E.,hqomi,ii pilt oirlu hiltlSc ii dlrio. le~: Il~l .0i86 8mbh, 11881iieg the irrlaiil tl rII.' II)el f aetdbo know6 iaHUng 1 Ill I~lliCn ii l1Iiiiaiilup ii curing Tie u riclhnd insrcinIr wi-le Inie inl~ihmllF·~ro .~CeiIl. bee idO ·ied 1118 8,ilnlidl8 ic 1811( 1el11 ii lull o ~9IdA.·i.nin the side, 88111 III 1111, iililiillg 11 blc,lld, limO1 i088111818, &i. .cbaloiil Dial pl'8ili fr~ei~relm hlluiiirilt 111ci~ hliudp '885Ilsii i Boiiin lihs r~t~nel !rm·ilrrl ii uc~rd 8d68lI18!ila lll'11881 8811811" '" 'I'~'·'ll 4 deiedllll5FAIF: ·') CI1l~l~fIoll(lielll 11l 8811lH 088L~ sllnhoe mld8ciall)it i'd Iple 8 iillei lnl· rm~el -iilci 151866srll46d. AolaltmR P 'iIIs llmie. ,, l 0~lll Slen~bema of t lctll 111111,111 !I;IjiIsi inliuni - .ohelr - \VJ huA ANIIIXIX5 ~r~~iF Rb;,io~jt Elhoeee IIe lililnlili AnicrrirF.,T - I 'h11e8~~661488h8iijr-~liol nI e o o il, hleh alil llif 11888c 618886t88'ldcc vmwuin i8 flrll, &inn,11h This deelrelepteplesilil ll l~areivl~ld 1111' 8881118 kI llolali08emill,81d1 8rm~·.ic ~i8i1 8 '6l·ltir iiiiI·lll 88e88I a isen~isI. fiutl6 11ieaiy 8i8c~~l il8diciiir line .n. 811B 818Il pleoRling IlUiiiCr1 it 8 ,ehie ;It *ci 4jj1001Oiy~r 8 l 885188igin 888110 ilihll it l~l6 111i111111 5(ttwuaoaIshBI~r Rrl.IFtli· ri icnillnljl8lhllil - 01t'i68 88.01H~ h gr~Iefo-lih e 81-111m.irrpln lli 180 p86 FIl~elneIdI fir I~ltiler 's l.4Hln·c.8m1t giu·-~ *~ 14k8Ap88888t haebei Isnni·dl.r~l~nlii,i! fr .10. tuoil *10011llus1818~ ofllj 1ih 818h11 lueidiclln. PI111h88re 4Y 6 gleI Ourlehi r hI'hr 1. 8118! Ilip 1808 be .*h yh c 888lilttful 81111E 8ilrllr hntwliscri. U* SeieollyOirS pliod ihller irighLiul 08d ge.i ·I nU·epr1I8. F~r ei. 1188l1iit6188 d uell. "- ·I81 III. .0 C~t. 1,n,,, 6648 ~ H ___ 4818l~ OllrtlN 0. * ~VT1W' Y~pt~k llR~e ri r 818 e !11tc181ri.l. ; Y I~l1.,r 811ingheo hea,1~d 11881. .01111 1Y~J1hC hli015i., 8 8·: l8uIcsl II 111 I~bi'11. 11114d Ljj g a bre4raiede do hinl~all Iclliii~ii, Ihiillirii~i..d *q~t I 8184.88 thli~~er ha·tle.r · Tb~.~1~ hi mr ,·W isa 8·~l8nl loi g'''1Tiled 85 l. !I·· .i.ION1 IIA l1'P & CO, amn new receiving 0ro ton I,,t" l ship Orleans Eagle, ilighlaooer, i'oker Ioirv An.drew, Frenlch and German play card;. Back ;n.-;mi Boa "ds;" Ctesenel l2.4 and 9.13 inchl Bil t ard Balls: ('. . I il'nrd 11 inch hlade Bowie Knive<s: ;.e nuLt(r llt, other teaelli.l. 1'r.cing Caes; Belt. r'h"kst, IHeelnlc't, nod Ohtolling Pitcol.; doubl e cod ""'gl l harrlelo Guils; Gante'tlng"; Shot Becltl; Powder S'"el I'ifntl Flaks; D;lnt Bottles and Drinking Caps; ''.r ,"-:+ Calps amnd Cap ohdnlelo Cloth, ITair, 'l',oth. ctad ',eil lrnshrs Oifs aml Chltine Ttlth Wosh ITo;lh l'u'ler: T"oill tnd Shavin n't,"an, in tenot van • Dtit: IO"tc Hfla Blrd, {Rinalc s nuI ] Fr ,iaeeteon. e'ar. :1 I''r Powrer; lo" rv Ila.. Ivrv Tih tlshinnq· tleot Sll-I. or GartPcr G "llln .F'tice .napeCldera: "',der I'll% nd ,,u oxe - lC ilt lhains, Seal nncla KeC; A':e'-rlopo;t 'cit Fu0r!.lI Roeelrt'l Bead Nelkolo'e Ind.Chain; Giht and S'iiverrdl tcad: Indian Betds Hells ed 'hlolamen: 'hell 'irnt; Side natl De.scine Ci.lehe; whIih,in oldtiton to theirftrtneat noek on hand. nlat*eotlhir nonrrmrnt very eomplete, nl will le solld 'w and ea lihernl trlls, at the n.aa or the - Golden Coteh. i2-5-t1 711 Chartrnos treet. riJt1iLn-e"h ri-ero . el r the entee,4ve r le e eer t 1 11. & S. BUt,.hr, Sheffield En-land, h, ve just Faeived a ver l "" txtelnn ri" set of n, P·. ·is t1e2lt1inc of Ta7'bhle and eeePrrt Klives f tn'u " eleoet'itieon Pen, Pocl-ot. til)k. nord Spear pilnt oltenive Rtlzore,,".Sic rata. Eder' Tole. &o & c, c &e. whIh thtey arepared no e hihit i the trahee.' Inrclre. Terlmi aid eondition will e e/ude, kllown at tle tile. il J. 1I). BEIN & A COFIt:-N ,0 'eemmcnon. I 'ltiO-Ml '. HRTT& I11.' 8 CO.-Are now oeoeevioa p'>er hlplt |lttgille, tEglnth, Mt'errv ALcwnw ligill. n oet,', FoeIh antd Gcerp n Iiioln e lead In intpardon: tert he' acd p'hket Isintols; 'l1ihh rihland.odll split eltlein ett na lnl d . o; coi h nh ais Is, :lzeons,, ln. ven; (illtt's ocnnereilt ol ttilier oetol toens; Vin' ro: Violin stins: shtell, ivcty c nnrti elein.llntie wat.t: kn ead ald lt'atlerl e liret har I-mi.l fier nlll alll nek icioi'el's; llgri.( pll'st*; (eritmtla nl na i renchI co!,.lni w'tep. Reeitlnnll nil. mittiotll lle; lillln naclhttrnsoil: mtnratlle icnlec ,tdt dle'ennlc6 nlaes: :let I jl"kill' stflia :.,lcl toilet gln , o colix cb Iei llree; on oal htlstea n'ni view; ltian ht acn, hellnha, tlene;c e dcetann; whit-twlne; tolet nilnd n haillg naps; tailot oxder,- 0'etioe wshn nIlls; sotoeod 'elie; 'eishicatce p'ool Stnldlls; 'cre elWolsols; fancy hread ehnin a Aln neklces' hteinlrl halls; aicmket I;oeks ' oed vlletlsi foorntnl holtes;Iator illaplt fine anlld oeonlon lllo llismle llr'nldelSn . IcrtrI'' nlt; Bells Ittil"' Ill atchesl sil eanr ieutlcl (lCenllens, &e. &.. The abovne in cla~ltiil to o t forlmte stlok W ffcny 'ieoh's, makeser oa.tcstort.cent veet nptw. or'stle wolealewe or raetail; os the sign tf ilI Gollotn COmch, 70, " Irnarr " at ltne. f, m, - -.Ill lce ltartncrsliie or Kelh.:, Mle-tn ,,C Si of Nw Orle' n ; Ittol,,. t{irin &Cit., f VNatcltez; ( rd Ilarr ia I(e hnv &Co., o f R dnev, was dine dyed o tlhetl .ea llst, It, Iv the ei th if Seamnuel A iaseoin, anr o' tie rIprtner, ait the firmlla. 'e ltr ettitloeet,'iving pltnete, will he cltarrel I lth'tth-eet tlinh- tld ell'ing sa idt Ih "inee a f, lIIlaO t toeviC Ilorria will et'end tt theeottlicn o "tit .s )t Ile1te-, lherr& C., :it NtatcltezI; tlna |ria, Kel eV & Cn.nt I:.,Innev; and Iiorv <ellev will attend to I leoe' line ,f theI hcitece cif Kellev, .tl-cna & Ci., ut cltlte Orlelan. The nlet of he sevoreal lires will be UIed ill li teidnoiellon IV 'Those olllllhod oin srlel firmc are enrt,.lv reqluetedll ocoome litrwnnil and mlakce ealyf v et enient,; and thso haeitg luitiile will lleeo i.eLPtll ttltP 11 tem witl t delaR . r.-:VI C IIARlIS, IENt.IY KELLEY. 'enr "r'cit.% n itee 27, 1li7. fJt e'N nt, % F.1111 A'S COlOGNE WATER I 2 eases n re of tllis etpee C.trlagen walte. jtt't reeeroietll i.' a f ile V thle dozen or sinhha+ £'ottli. Aleo lelel eo:llll Fll!it ch t.lellI p wtlrn, I)tw(er atiltcnhItoxpent iit ie nIdt tile elsoapR .ts .eli, wash I prlll 'o i lk ,,f rotwl, r lnietic olld cre, Irttra,: o nurk, lalloln, \\hilt's vega atle haIir ooil ptootti, r'l'ettie (de Ir rn Floril n mulaldIr, mos and tlll hay watlera, , lPlep' ):,'s rim's, lllrrielie' )ol n,, in tr .ls. vegreli til aci t d h l t-o e, l (lt rientdt l " 0ies tenl Iti a , :Illa.l lnh-, r ,loh. nil atllll t fi e t !r etses; tog ether oitlI a A',lloinnl sluipplv of fiitilhlo horr,, alld shell eeolmibs ulte jeclorytl sale low tit whoetal or r, tail ly "SIMMONS, IIARTT"1' &Ci), i lnV!" G70 () lnt rtreh street. t.i titnie frttm nil hr ntll sitps Yaz(o, teaI artoeeitc tdltrio Co',nc'.nlin , fion New York a gre.l ariery of goe.o in their tIne, which together twithe thio fo"el tocl:k fin h.1nd iHoiiliethir aotrt eIt vrery:I a lete. The folloiwilig pose,. ale pnre , viz: ell t aolto ,itet., ' tlr, ttek tttt irosit' oeleeehoettoeelce l letipemt I t die rhbter, nilk nod worteid 'lastic tnrteir.l illloa & hinc elastie ' alnp rider, loce fao f ta l I.ll ifrr m.tcherts, neht nlz nwdtrseo llredernllncel(hen.t talax t powder, pocket Icoele acd a alletc, needle hlotk.t sholl, pear, tamsr ad ell llo.'rnml cle, Iheonelrl t st, lain cl a 'til c h' IId l tle, lkln.e a n eot eli t'ee. terad chlI tt Intlr S('ekhmlel , ¢cutt dos nod ptnn rll d :tle tntecila.eeopheo Indian e ndshhll, tle l .enit ttllllume ipislonl an rir I t lee i seerh k,-sk ho belt t e horse, belt, ic ta .ket te' et o )il't,,l; dau llh, nd il e imrrelled guns, Bowie kaivs,.,, I tned dirk, stl'eelene, haIoort paohklet I enive. tlt hin uttrdl ribbos, tn tT buc kles, clotIth, hair, tol ihe nil,tlte b -,rullib, holh , Ilplht+, fioor udllllt[ (|Ss I (Ih r nhe Co , Felori n, l ll ittooIe, lro ,p onlllde b) Wtlaterlt. r{i eteet(k Ie Sa l e rll( rllucl .lllccE lqnr bI earn Pill ql tie, soft l{nlltl ' ,l elrD, el1hi hair oilt, sotvg n oie tntl nttl. etRl e des crcitimo, Ilod.' oand eetllenocs' leskocl nt restnet hne [lbrnlecl ptatn ,'eeftoennd nihashul work" Iuxce, plain llad t ltt fiet , et t ntt l v t Ib tl % n p arl ; an(Ilillv ory shill o sirt atce el ie, etld u n i si ker le nci 'il haestp o oi l lk . a I t e'o ze , lateto l 'Ind giht, mtui a~hllre do, sir," brass uuti stel finimles, hoo~k.a cudI evenl. hair pius., . llhato !unit, fIll nund redhiuk hoe Mhiekhing, atlitis+,a gita rribhed nnodt pelik percushleohagt lien twineada.eet leh.d o'e",,oll onnd, siler lhoe aid fronge loner toppr, gacee bat% ~riiing w',il i wulkhe eater playtng earde, the old, ct .,dac gilt j'ewrltrv &.e h'eeoletotlve. etelelele eeoit ea Jeltlvreey ofeoleredrti th ah r; odtbl-U ut wlolesale ur retail oieeh p commttodatilng N R/ S~l,.h ell repairedl. SRI!ATY S'OIRE--to.t te si.n of te . ouldenl I rnb. In 710 :l.ltres tee. The st srirs t e t . ceived, in addition to their previons stokk nli nda fuill n t compltn anssortment of rticles in tlheir line; is: Scoris, perlitnery, Jewellrh, brushes, Ilttking gllaise, Cflt))I M --rt'ise 4arll, wntniht and pltin trcktwit, qinllerl brk, lonef raund, ldies inn, side pull,; cir and Iell(, lrazili;nI comllb of every desnriptiaO n whitch are seine Mnxian patters, Ivory'conbs tof eveha r dusei t itmn, dlresin a nd pnckei a, ether withll generalie l n=.ln'hi rrun O "lIllllhnlnl A elllrl'clan. Pl.i.lCiL ERtY--Ctologne,, Lavenler, Fltorida, honey, blat, lulle,ad s altlllge flower wnfers oF ever Y izePatl dei ription, mpal. l 'rted Cologne, extrant tof Iargalot, tII nJ rotps fn'all kinds, slanlltg do in cakes anl tot,, -eretn nitdo, Walrd's va'eaahle hair nil, betars n - a1 ti rantdo. aPreiton's, smllinag s plt, Ilain and1 plefumaed toilet powvder, pearl p d poIt . . Ir i, lat and naxens pi n autum n poItl anId rolls Il,rrin tuI lllrine toti was nlid oitl , witll a genlaitlninUs rtnetll of Ji \ L .Ll tY-somle oifthellairat tnld most fiallhiona hi setts, 'nistlllingof whlite lad red cinia liant, topal " le araindn.lrs, tra ill ilanree, banuInat pina etll g'e" a . iv of ill lerns, watchl trimnlllgills, 4ill itlld .ilo- , Irkles .il.ialh[nll aale, silveranll gtuh li wil. n and glirll ei . inl ,4 ill aI:S--' th,nh-aihle tt tan1ah,hentl't intr hat, oll, 1,1m , I idullt, IomlLb, Nail, llhaing, shoe and at- lt lslall n-rll L(NiKIN(; (l.lSSES-Germtan tatija and toilet glanan, oann~uifng ra i.u I tencalhlreadlng gloaa, Ilntle li, altl iI varial'oFotherlkintl s nld nlallnlllnrad. I'j. C ANM) V.\Itl'il'Y Aial'ICLE--PrenehI iin,! 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Il) Sa:inre on l'o,:nat,,aip rleiveil, .-n.i f u e hr n un t I ltltlaanillet ll'.-itln.a. .il lii n N,. 8 ('lUeaa Dr-et, ,aInw lrlea, l.a .lltlldlay .a w i. , alll .itO k,, )lillil. It ia lltrtlliaterl, da eigile.d fta ]lrivant lenarnen , ald sichool., antV i*! cntc:tlhled flr a),loize )f'l age. L cltI.S noll{ glll tllnell nrma aIuvted tt ocll and exnmine the ysvtelt tin the IansetivC. t.esnalls r tveo at a eleh ihatea i la atilllt tle collnvlllleltnien olfll, ald to claate Ilndr ill anay palrlt o( I de city. LadllieN WliopVfaer ilna realine leldois at their own ref aid :lea.b l'erP nsa pavina Inr tne : ni e ofilesson are iesired a atind until dtltty twr- l lt l ts ierv s ll l" ,)1. ,EAI @. ll'tdtrl'c l,,R.. • NPW nrticle im personas troebledl wihh ,a a eist i (ahled tllu t Trtin laetl l) ina Jidt beet recenvel. hl fite t ,- .Idio, illtt siilte, a rtiet i Itiit of tle lilt. llan, voite it distlintly eOne)ed)to lhe ar. 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Altierien., lFralish and reenth -I',,,h la,Loa , vtrltlas ,in es and qalltirit s. R-t. tII ro in d ie.-51) b nllxe, -i~ nlleltt, will be '"ý\':r i :' c it an notese will I e receaid ua 1U pteent dio iiunt for goods, aor in papymennt uldeblit. je I I .LtIUR-9i)O aaling frllet aternier Indepelld. etit.e, nle G Dfl"l(tSEY. t,.l1 4 V.Yialk (Hve. MR. wltLrIAiwsyc0asis\ NOW AT TRE JEFFERSON ROUSE, JEFFERSON STRErET, LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of tre Louisrille .derdelier: SIR--It app~ear bh tile b-hervrations of the Editorh kof the Nashville Presbyerien, Union and Trnos cript, ao well an the edttore of the Memplhis Eitquirer, that thie "Ohl Gctlesotru" is onore tle IeDoctors Tli:s in peovedo by lir kingcil roge, knhwinr talt bin time is blt short, nnl that orh irdenendent Amoerieora reod ari able to judge Itir theoselvees what aSe pIfft end inl)ositiontrs. file wol thy elitores who sae )oetors, tilhe prrprieirs, editoro m"or ab-eritors of tile shaov nraied j-urna|., roll every Ietter frnn persons I bhave resoored to sight in th abohove places porn. i. The fliet is, f't In:verhall sn"h great suoceq witin io irnirted a ,eioll as ten or twelve dvl,. one who waso nocrd nahot'ten veeas wto lhrla inv sen thie liglht fronms hie hirth, heran to ee mo follow qis manter to my hotel, inrtard of hino pbliied to he led by hie. 'foo vnon. lodies, h ho ad each brlot tile sioht of ore ere, one for ten vesrs and the other foLr lerlv twvo years, hbovin Ioth of them tile otllher eve very w'enk; vet eaoch iri' trhose vOUn ladies began tosee it ilth bth eyes, which ohoenaf I pledge rhereif sill continuesr ex esprint thernare itl'er tihe infleece or domniaat n of lthe itedleal Donetors. Another is the rlnut'lter of a "'espectarle merchnthe,.wiose game am n bololo lover to rnpltioa, (Ar he pail ollr tOiy fees), wit oil . ,Ihe hInd lost thie ilht of one eve from the aee of 1C nnltho, lot that lre Ieow ihenmio to rad large i'eters W ih h otdlere eye edfnpletehi shot. This tle Ictror eiriiols khrew, s the geontleonn told me himself re h rF con in el hris dnuehler to the ollice of the medicr erlitoc. tho r they ioi.hl lle itf'rrted of tie fsrt. 'The l.t I 8shall inc1 ion is en elrerlngentlemnn Iby the name of Yonut, nearly seveoty v'ers of age, whor deelo lel ph lilv hby letter, whir')" he tonk to ali tIe lli"rent offices il Nashville but one, rnd himself rtoid nd he, had eid foi 'lie insertio whatever they dOoandord, rwhr d clar e I i thlnt Ihter thiat hie he ;oallny lelrivtd oc the .soiht of one ove frot, k f thor his ir'h, whriclh hirirnrtlr-nr std to hi,,,. . or.ccnsrnroe Iby tile measles or rtrmll pox; that c v is e l.lud not 'n,,ol see tihe litht of the sun, for tilh first time that ho reolrleets, hut tile starys ilrl sld mwa h'ginnin to dr stiir uishI many ohiecto; and did. hefIore I lcit that c;tv, oivh on n eor frf thot hi e ,l'i see to walk ah rt thie atr et with teother eoveomnrlrri e cl oehd. He saild lie hal bhen n nseiher d tihe tlthoditII E:pisapai (oy ol reolhr n h rlv lirty nean,. tr I tlht hisr wnorr a never loubt ed tltroto'h trio orlero olrres oflo liiie. 2. 1 repeat tlhtr 'rde nover.ereater thisn it Naohville, ard t.ort rs entdoeloa o o ic'o'le rioctnra hlnd never s .frhyoror ro ll reaso ,. he aeraedl. 'The pilr'rt indignaticn to lel o Ile. elericn i)r lSmith proves, when statd to tro that oIorrt oix Vrenr. no'stlhe waro eonverted frwm hiolr.An perfect infidl, to believe in ritie d oetrin i of'te Bihlr e1tlt he omrrt Irhave orld, a Iriflio error--that I Pe muast have rroait to say, l tI Ielfnre It oend ofoix nears to etre, hethr ti 1l e ci nv eotdfi',rlr hio infideli'y, as tihe spirt ,of the trure oirrr'ter of the peaefti l o lllrerin dotlrinrores of tile C'irotian religirtl itoes n:,rt breatho orltderarioith,rr raoe, cial tlv aud firrilsein I to .rlacse his medicrl frrsrio, rtnirmlt the man ,vloi he klew had tlae so Ilunrlh rrilo,, and nooll inl. jn'y to any one. AllItheth Inhhitata ,f Nnhllvill- spoke of tile rert r-ice..eo I lhadil, -cept the r cdir Iid ctors. Moit oofthnm also had been rirfonroer ,l h'1r Yourit of tile c00e prorlllrned on 00 s tllblid' irlh erve. 3. Tl'he fl.olll Go iRh H. oflrlli losnl oretenlds tIat I have lsrritihe ril'trels I eltrn ill the Nre esiner "rry artival i tlhe So.uthwest. 'lhi' p'nrovr' h.roevr. Ilrd, alri tlhat t kepit ltetntr util I arrived in rtl. 'se'ton. If I ri tged rrIre in tile torth, re ir ihIt to hare ra iedi anoth ef l e tihe s onrth Rnld siI'thwertanI I rtil i"ne o Ivear theri O i y very Vollthftll brnw Onl thi (In Ie a, in srite rrf rhe eii.uperaliorr ,rftife orort Dr'S.,if tIlla joidge frior l her loan I ave alroardy beleftid n thlisn crtv hithil tillhre Jino. 4. 'rthe Iitet of thile peseont is to il'lorm thie red ral Goliahs rnd ellitrrt oi' !he Iieprrhiriino Irn Trr sr scriert. iS werll ats the elerical l)r tritl r' Ite C. Pres irrrinll and ofr tilre lilrill, r.f Narsvile, a well rs tile eritor rirrd r.rh ineiriraleditor ofrihel Merirrlis I rrr rife as well e 'r Preliie r hire reditor of the Irvelle Joirlrri, anr else tie mriedal Glirial cdih" Iof this city, tile -realt rI) S, thaio I shall briag antions a.aain st I tLnla'Iro. Ir v l rIoratti I rll rlldrllrc IIrt'oti r iledi atep'rftrerlnv nrriv:ll is New Yorlrk nooi ' oll raorst their aliablllh'e b oohrel tire terlicai Goirlli ofthie Irthi i p.w h il hinmself hV prorisee rerctro ri t tir lr1Ppy lard of liieto, until IhliveIrr lillht tile irr rs orfrll ry medicar i o(irrir of th nor h, as ell fs rhe souttr rlod fl o west,n t irhe grriodsorn! T'lhe rlllirtrr ,l oee. fore, tInav irllrrto orr llil nrle Irr urrIr e er.,ll of next yrel in New York, here leitters, pos paid, olad ithe, others,:will ire stlre tn reach nle. 5. To inform tihe rrlric thar the ror, sir ' cnler, whicrh thie lte. clerically ioaverred ifidecl pre.t"nd was wrirten flrr hirr was writrtenr +' ' re hr u it weC k tore, nod intorrel fur ti'e erev. i). Ilowril, who rtid it ill l presience or t Illt lnanifrr sliti Ilrly disrrr l'Orllllio.p it lilte clnllnlarv took it to Iriss rrrisyra c' lier-r ir i the way ie did, hl, whluiel ire llir e ' hlr' i 0 i ult nhrr irlr Illy r Irlr ls re belII'; Ire de lveredll thel bir t , I ,lr wilhou t rertea .in- tllhat I wanted tr h le hilnl frl Ir;s daute, as [ Ilever could Iiresumlllie o offier hat ffentlellal, oro tirrv olorny ot nt lley t r sri'r llr n fri.l Thf e trr i I te rt, o's row..ri lnent ir before Ille prllc: o Ibegt exomaei all roy dip'orra',, &r. &r'. i h oo e eown a:l ilatihate friend of Ili,, ws ,el o as the "hole of rIV npatr.rtr in r:oln lolly Dilil rnotr ir clergyrr an, ainfr follRa theiln 11 to ks nulllreolrlo arl.ol iorr rrorte to e more r less besefircr d, hre nievtr ur lar l ve lie nr r inldIceld lb II tutul sltalner to ilraw ut rr ir IIr a 'ticle s v wrTote illri-elfr.rl iruhllr'trirr, on I rrdrressd it to i it' Sthirririehl, editor rrfrths S W C Ad-' tie. ri. 'o woder ilhe rclear e hltced r'edirral 'rr liaha r iof Narshlrville took tie a io oll. I PI.lrerire tCr thiC- - frefts to joi wi!b [heare te all-powerful, itletic, P11-- 1 irr a l r'r d i e l le , t a l f o r ceo f t -i -e -ctrvrre cleri ral i ridlel. \he rerrrad in tile lible III. ,v is kllhorln Ilv its frios't oI ole svIlrthe coRirerled lrrdell has pracr e,'hd'r.. 'thw av e'. 7. ie evidenlt l il t t tlesrnhlisit his llmoral lh'r atrine al th l oe bee s i altee hef wu s , l e hreo brihed. I.t r tis see whil-n r the sum if tiltt pi reh' l I il.r wlill n elyee. t hi ll s wr ll ae it wal i ntll aiet l S,'t numbert of ptjite s f silver ylls'y n wer i , e tl it wias lnver llelii oe s It I ilaes , nlort i hI id m. .Ie la'id-. edl s o by nl, v rle, a it wuI not even i t t :t n hl e o ullt l Inr i ofitall ihe Ire tllaer ut t.iller. t' i if ei r ion l . C lltllrn in Io or i st er utiellll (,Ifitn i i el ' lly I 1t nlttiLer, which wee to lh e repented Iit.t i orto ur hihr ; il the Prcest vllne . In,: hno r t I +itolr.jirnu l' I'clde evr int ended ml brib the tIe , i shlh d I h ae ltr.'ee lit I at leatt esl lt, hisreulnrf d, in etr fo 0 ,t w iet ',1i n plohahilit , h We wo r eltl t teletllv IerPited its It fee r, lo anot ii n ie. t O h le e en lllllt.'tc it' iI It ell cl llbi- of lttdtiu lll a br be, 1 slc hl Certinltly huve dulne it inl a way ti· have intured hIls atectalie. 8. IlaI tile ICliv. eI)etrl teen reCllv cnierted to tih eliilfCofthe diti e'ines fi the "i'avi .. lie woui' l not have prnlniset to r(Olmu end! ex;uJll n, tly puttee s - jth Iun keei ll, is wordl as 1 I hite anlways iOcald every inile ( I ltile gos pel zeallls to, 'i . 9. t ad d h, been really eoul erted, he Wotld n t nub ii, Iv ha le spoK'll'i.iuen ti e 'l etsi, te ie lit !tiitch w .ics o lrne He s a i m nl e l rerl. i sucr f hichn the ' . Iisichtor s to ein t o al"s.t of srttn thi hinldct e.t,,iii h-f dinule ed i i re vini g liteclry clil cllsn, I thav C:neriv tr all nd h I iour Io pnt.inS+ him UIln 's i t i, llh, Iu ieelitt lI itel.tct f ' tOelLt t i.e' 8 , xclp i tinele - 'ie ing thei o e n of Dr. m trht nile ha ti i ight taitl e the Aecal jut e to l"hd U itn oe llpl et ieu ti ell eee tle blciges c t t gi e sc2P c'I Iver. I senlty h re tall t Ce, taiu amyun l seFriI )f itii s uillelcme Sf N'137v it .r it C ugeif iRe c.l a'l C.lllde'ect h if i e B.Ci ,ieee 11 e lis iet co u'ct (of thi s iu ellt; nIdr I oa tl e I n ly Jl . it nlimit liw s'. li A Ilemoin ill clts'lll ',echiltp t il t . I t' ithih s i he l I etees tile t I cts A t .l' o' wet:, t sit, Iinlt, ,le tlet lice en'ted t III Fei th nrs withct l l d ''eil t the tintniqe's 'w.h a utie tl lst ecId litnisls aelumitisl if a r wold Iiy c a Fr'etl lie ., the h 1.' Id-, y it e l e J i a ,c t ol! Ie lle' Reti ,.e . b lleio iig et i:o thte htlsld tanll tllll dtrad Ity ali itlh c mlt tuelhhit lllllll tilden e is oper h I lteileiti HI+ les-' Aerllle it is tr ec lat Illetl' c t I tI'fi .r .I e Suae hi , -t." mo y I d eclreses fore Ind, and ae neks afrai I o t l l pegatse to ddues t ha s i ie. " lilic y, thet t i llt te. pet', s itdlbtie ha t Cttt t re " tcii ttie. 1"'uce't i'c fihcciiti eitile Einngliist Oceuis. houisvil i sU, t iey 1 e:Ui. Entie fr i tthaeenst i'. C. idh esoica o f e ltt Juti 1: the more incltned to r. edulce , rahanr'we iudserar Ibl .wo t l ,e frint ' tie ite. lcllr i tio tll iet f truNue tsi v i d i 1a Lot i .=flilenllld i n il airoln t ald oer dilr i t eIlelklll ic.nts VJn i . tie Lnon t or'.f f Illilllc to i~luhlied whlttrch ftm e I .n Gitliltc )tilli liceieot t, L)i \ wIill ra -h intitidet .say til e Ishe Juld . Illlll.llr' ll dimy i d rasm intd ol tw'r I CU hella weiew, ie n l w ith n e e ie 1 . tt rhi let i t " - p ,Idl i blie tt fullln uell s e.t teit fiirilie d'A.h.ire C dltei til e Ki M"f ti e t I retcll c \Va ite echl tdnadd r .ece h to D cr. \ ,i c inse t teftiin w tle egiii , .e . t n a well as dlld e lioe i tfe a dieetiIlo ti ei adtiogl o l .fhigh reSta t atil , in Itr l out try; reeeivll it e s h 3s haisl ein e tle Uimd itlhi% d , ceiele inice'. iic. o t iresit'aucc i s in t e'atiun of s ieht c e ie t.h e i Ce tIlaci sl'i I' he accidel say th, . are uIll inedV sillNes Ju lle ai, 1 y c: tn. d. h .. 1 i +cr wr i ti e b l h- l na io v e b ne o f D r . \ Ve i l l inb ,O ' S'iud tolo e ulos t th o wiht it, oehi e iy , or nen ..urv e his 'trlt ille ii t R le i tl'i t ae 'sll r estle [e cIhe ciaOllld dee I" lail toualtl li old ge 'tl"cIn n I his lived Ullsonv yholfe in thb+ rd wion, and say : he Ires been o Metllodtsi durilg imog the -R. Bouda ih ' . C. H,e See: ieitd c ' resei r y ll..te eeieta.Wil e l, t le , h [ITiCHELI'.an , l P in w TIIE UNITED h *e ,ie.F .llic n S il l".inipal'urrpiva kieand th e U ted arts , n a a iph itchi, eri n thf e Ulgtt'ao esi inl l ie s I'rln i irin o . tig a ,lothr - c;i( I khne fot o.'" of the p:elt. i n sd toi. a . trlle " a ·' iol thye onlllv f iretmtlllv t'd. llp l e r e best ;1, "N 1.[111¢1.1S -P n&+l II+F.' t;IJIDe THJOurneI 2 1i ,a,.aud cllual rne a uklu .c.jtnst'reticia d anved frurule +-tHE.K6 ON his lIf ! .t ELFII.-- Fhe olor d tsv forrit eROTHRS: Yors ruy augl0 -R. B. C. H.---· ThilS INDIAN'S PA NANEA. *[f0ltheesme of rheumatiim;.e.rfuls or kingsevll,gout, haitii a or hip gout, inetyient lnoeos, silt rhieim, hiliic amd mercueial diusen~es, pit.liculnrly ulceres and pialnfulaffeetions of the bones, ulerted tlhroat oi *ls trils, ulgers of everv description, fever sores, anil ohisess fi Itulas, piles, sonid inead, scurvy, biles, chrii ie sore eyes, crlsilelisblolti:s, std every carietv olcll taneonus alfetion, eiroiie Ctitrrhl, hend ilhe ioceed ing fom any Inerid humor, pain ill tl stoln:len illll Id.- I petsii peoceetlltg liln variation, ,ll'etionsof the li\tr,, chtroie il'lommotitin of the kidieys, mtl lneiet:i debili ty ncuse l hy a torpi action of the:vesselsof tlteskit, II is sing lcly efirccioue s in renovating those cnt:stittinilt vhi havne leen bronken down bI iijudicitnols tiretmt.llt, juvenile ilretlahrities. In general terms, it is renil n•edled m ail those diseases which nriese.firom imnlrit.iesi ofthe iblood, or initiation of the lhumors, of whantever nameor kiitnd. SSome ofthe sllboe cnmliiints maosy reqIire some Iri lingtsilsta t alqliinti.osi hich ttlhcircumstitnees of the cnse will dileot-:iout for a genernl remedy or u'riuletre to remnove lg caitse the I I)LAN'S PANACIEA will generally be founI softicieet. TO Tif PUi'u .IC. Ilow true it is, thot ollenl Pltylsicians, m their am bition toexrel in tlheir irlfessionit explnor te tle ast field oftciene nol ttie niut ohemistry, cnid sekn otiew ri titotlinl geniotsl itnshtirt,to etrise it merfictio iii the tractioe Ity neons of art olote,---ntirely oceirrlok viol ineglcet, as Itetietitht h eri and lhortrieiotur store ofmediloine, whiclh the Alnighltly k:ls ealsedl to sprilglot oif dlie e:etih iin evrt clite! 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NASHVILLE RAItL WrAID tEstr I ha t mi ta reslcuti o of t hes boa ard of lte. jute 2I AR f AIcNA1R. Ssec'ry. w zJn iin+:ed ol thie l4th ellt. tlcll e7de 0n 1 j e j o i I share ,,iii r'jadediill.(I and hde said stockholdeidr are \It. RIEl ,:b, a re. ettlliion oif Ii board piosed on the 19ill/ ilst . l call liab I ieel ade OIn tu sI o ! kholherI Fl the New I nh- olrrh l,-,d ,n\!ilie Rl [tail Ito i (llilomp iy iy livel? bythem, tiz:2 -wo i per 'llanr , payable oi ltft i . c I lrAu .:rall of the short: th iders tl (JiI H . t . 6tfr :,n Jl7I H GRAHAM. l 1-p In STATE OF' LOUISTIA4A.-Parirh Court for the Parish tied City of New Orleans. TIHE STATF OF LOUISIANA, To nil whom Snth Preraenlts shaui come Grreetineg:--Wlhere, Jrooee I-ooe hooviag pooettoood at r oule made toy tr ilbhoriff or the putisit of ()ItPtico tile Itr per v lermlolter desribheo ,oa uolie I to tile clrk ft tois u*eurl in wrto. ' i o eltI c 'th r ,'ed or title wa.s renrrili on hlle oi rior. ofApril, 0. t. t8.iR, fore nlonoioln or t ,reer tieoent In con!brmiotv to an aet of tihetleoilat'lre of the Stle tor I.tritnnn, enoitled"An aet fior the f r.ierro ou n e ( o ti de s lo pr c h sers a rjud ic ia ls a les;" a ppru u v d Ihe 1Otrl deelR RaT Meci, 183)4. NO\V, Ilerefioreh khotow vr nod all peronro interreteol hlerrin, aoereo h yitr d t ;d d d ooinrs.'d i tirt orr Il the Stute of I:oniosiann, and of the I'alish court olo c"lt set op erV righttitle or clanim ill and to fileporUoe1tr rhee afterrIrrrtilordi oneonrIrooo et v inlt. 00t, in ote t ,tlert ictietr or iud..,.rrt r 1 Itht ettlor t inlder whl.(,]h tile -ale wals rlarlko r anll" irleeulariv or il,'alit" it Ihe oppraisetentent ae dvertisenlnts, in ri e, oir anollwr fonle, or for ,nv r ,her oirrct e Inta Iver; r show causer witlhill tthirdiryo I rom till lday this qmooitito to firot intertedi in the oublic raier, rohy tile U:IP so Ia le selouldotl be coldirned and hoor tloo. ted. 1l pet . 4 ,p t ri oid ,oI hte S 'irff of it pnr iPh ,~ffOr.~'.i, onl tl. 14thr dry of AI t A .. It. I: hv tirlnr rrf decree of t i Crourl, rendrrlro ni tle 1h day or'forho'V, A. [). I8:18 in a olft retchd AItxrooder C(eidwol .so. .Inoo tloter; Nor 110,3'0 of idotrkret of thit Coolt, at which sale thle said Jiames irhrise t heeei tr e pllreharer or the pliee of twenty olle ilourand dlllllirs. tles:ription of Property as og'iven in the Judicial Con reynre, rioz: A reronin lot of rlyueol itr:rted in thie suhrst An-. nunci toin tlias,l.omIure of tit r sqotore to 5, nel Itt wing t relch lmeosll e, r l o feo t rfnlt r n Tchou p;or ltrt otorot,t:t0tl trt Irctn r,n t)ruoo'pr'' oltet, arid ott tot , ll ecl.l~teti ale hstr'Ptli tloor hal-oto' tl 'tuol hi ttl, ron iind is fill fetl wide o'Ih r e siole of the q are Itothe tber, toreloer tito, a dwollitrg tioo-o irent g on 'Ttoo t itOallllo R st eC.t, tIo e kItchel nd tIt - lnderlcies, isal o the disiilltey rrolll hot nts to ected Ih.reou ani o other Iuildling ontt. i tnprove , ,entst, 0th a"lntlehlell ., arll'trils, iullple l, ealR9 find fixtul~Pe belllllrill. ttl seid d.+<lill cl v, it, th'peuld,,nlla. and app., 11l en;1 nt ca. ani the riglots,lcttona,p ore orivilegre theret helongitng ut ott llnv twl o rI r o'ort ti tii ornd. rot irtfods Neo Ortaop Mioay 7. 1838. ro- t.n 1 t,l i J. 0t I1,!.1 , Itrepo tv ilorh i p o r l a p ,a n bs e e t l l • a N l lde i( N u s te l lh O il e a n s . 'TiAT I)E L- LOUSLANyt'..-Aetooe' que lot -s ltr tl-tes etclt ri tot S ot-i: Atto ltl h c i t. s esl I au i t ( aclt e A t te I utt ollrl IIt A totPo ellte 1'0lt Selregit'.e Ih o emctjor ' t oe MaD de I'anllt 1838, or. , s tia|vles colbrm~l'tem~enl A' Iln neel( de la 1L6gisinlure dit 1' o't ' t d tr hI o Lolisrirlle. illlitlllo L.ce pOu l .onfil rl o leI tittres dle o Hrgloelr frn oIrx rentes jrdic]itjres t" rllt'OtIft le r to ta's 18.4 . t Q tilro s io et ti ll' el toen' 8.SO l, ro iltorodscel solt laor os po'es .enes so'trnlteo o n no fcoe o Ir ItIH tie ia toui.oine t i e la Coir' de PIlrtoisso, 11i pourraient avloir droit 4 la I'opolitle ri-.:ledo rlhulit., ell cometmp.Cur d*un elllllt Il l'.llluse dilts [lbrdl' ,l'e ] decl'et ol le jllgenent lle Ila courl' ,l a e' la lll Iin ve tllt e a ble illite, on dIe lllt e il 'l.bglll alalte iac illi·gl' ile ainl I'estilllaiOlllear is Ujle tt llllps ot l olltdo p in vttr le, o11 0 lr 0 lll0 lllt.0ecll eque0l llle ii(; ld lilt' \t'o } IItIIIS tr'ej'oolll trS a ro to dl Ol a Ililionoi lo i elteo' :ir 1 , Inll' lli ]a'tenteninisi le nee slaitpsl;ls oen1.ObLr e li000',1 rrtort:ott totodon toio rtteerrouioioooqrol'oooh othooirrot .m'c as aetrnuacurrp cl h Ol unhlgnFI 5ttc It ttotriot fit etrindoe per le shei' ilatrdit, le 1an 0070800;, .orrofed'a'ldc l'oor're irs.8 coovl~llt' n Maiaend el o e(i·rour Sol 5 de Itolti, r dI'nne l :l i0-:. 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I'ilel ii i a~rl-e: ell~ellllble tllle illai~tlll ll'lil11t tllle d' ILa tlkn~etl 'rooLo i'llol i' 01000 lattlli -c t toool rc t d0 o t Iltotto -, trotorotr r Orlor roott er l~eian til Coll te o c c i s r d I or 1oo - ti,.. eIt [] tor i 00001 0.r . ie iantc it tllolllos' oi oco,, l tporeetl O t t le il ooo s liII, ' roM s o. or t lltlll oi oirf.-oo' olo: ooo· oiooori rootro1"·lot Otoot I trio ' 0000000'·· 0000 100000 ny 000000 t' ort' to ltt'0 Corool 100: lootyS r li 0e h 'e" 'o ooo'' rr0l0100ill 0' h 0 t ir i 0llm(e crr 0ed l't ll 0 roootrvhc WIn n p t ollloooeo o slii . orlie It liol" l' vl stel· , l o checkl the1:1: II·I. ex l I·.9ils l 1 11;111 Bn..I Il u1 I. l 'cffi· rlll NoI vellel (IIrtl(.,, . 7 !1:.]h. ;,IiI l ) I,:2.&jlCII i . .l I ll~l I 1' :I '(.t i alll ( r.!!'er jll troll ..... . ... O ti ti . . . ... ....o.lo 0 0llll00 (ol e of rold h i'. I't vo t . 5 1' ili lltt 00 o lr ot t lo ooo Iei , oo'oi o vqI i S ny1 0 it o otror t'0 I bob oirl e iloo.lo. qlvtS d tot is SI. 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F' r It'1I rV IIo., au' Ilistri al sovelb, o the author at l,"Ti i le i r ithels, t. il " ii %l Ic. i Copublr ,lealicife, or Fsaily Advi Ke.r; of N 1 lie ccc i t e , l'l..ic cci i, disiasei iii i oeiiln sii c-cbh-, ccnscilit-ve -rtlc l ic fa.ihe chlel rgtlaed pciciammt he riciredi of lect ceter- ieicccla ccctlls, 0(l bdiad d iec g schctl , i~ra,,hc, fir the ce o'' htrilich, illutci.ted iy muts iccId celceie int.' v C, Ji+it received c nd c orl teale t 1!' 'I-KE PA. ci'i iienp ld ciocc:non ss N O rof -ceel rItkhec ceccict t- i te marked Madamte V. Artiqueicac,e. per sheip ierotn, froti Ncw Ycrkc is hrebv not tiled tht .they, hauel b, en ceoreil i STP.T'ON,,VERY &CO ..p mall Oiiegneige ieG~the,' JUESTPUBLLSHEDFROMAI STErs'dtm P4 TES, The Fithll Filtion. IMOWIETT'S TABLES OF IN'TERE9T: TO which ihs iw adscul ai Ales.ig, Time Cdlenla tor, or ensy methodlls fTis fini'ilhs le avvroage ime i, nltes of hatt. or illts (of goils, Ihe plur cllsed at different dltes, on sdifl'sestr ererliti, osid t,'r vrrillus nilno .lits; bIesider a uo a "u l IntlI ollmpletle .tnlkillg 'Time Tos' le, the blst hs t cult le contrivedl. thllat fi glsres cai i slhles wititlin the se sm lleestsd cotimpass, adll size oftt Ile. AA a vertis'' en:ent in thebook is in nearly the follow ing words: T'Iel sigh lislisdlisio tsis stek 1as reetci e, sionllgs th" ten higisllve os srefixed ltihe liiih. ig, is e t ' lvet, IIs t l ottlin¢ is nces' 11r' miiore tilml Itl sts, , of Id elllialities: 1'i friht stile e, h Ihli.' hI s h . een c n las 'ed Ilrnim, i esmi res~ri .ll hl, whats e is equivalentsto lis r ev'n I s . flel llltlinlo e, ill the press Ilri1. file tihnes,ssd tit'iisetIhma tiriensl"e itltss test,, u1l ,1' Il(·r hPill tIe |)l'ti l6e) th11 :1t the wcl k m1s hre st l ils metially im'hh lieie, l esd isn si r si til on iI ' I'hls i"li.f: preoInm of two hiu'itei lad 1f(1tss ' h 's s. $ 1' W p ike llbr he fr b detectin flll l' rlli r'''llo. ,fll cent int dh 1'4r, 1i .llacer l 'll'nlll Is ll I I' til e samim e slclrla ' s11et lll i.l'st p hlliextionll ill the. e011' 181N . Onlle 1 tli mst Cllnseeo ik ols..llo f ii l'1' ofthie tllei s is in the Irrmgenmelt of the Time mal Aimalts, which oithe aide a.I t ild ex, is nl he i.lxvedi', st. s , .seay for 1i11ee0t1e1 wIll h ro11r'che ilperpinl en hi.'llll w ill tlp xI' IIenl lof ge' III s IIQIes, witllhlil ldn slig Iels111is i hll sll sa olle 1is1tsr ' s e( sslrllli, tIhol in t s ,,l hng is lint, Ill ?ll. le Ill flip n1l1). cnm llll ll andl 1plleilhl nl ( i hesc imili adlili h1 o1' 11 0h,.1 l ,w', l . l im e illl 1" :1101 r 1 l1, ," vsriey ofit e sxaitnls ,tinsi, Ino esits fl Vier editioiss it Ills passedl in the p,,sn, enlt h olw llt lllibn ltig Ie a hole is ill '·rlyt'r·; l I i:' ll+idlll'i1lgl, nll x16 i. L s plloIsitivet rvt, m) il. Illnllmeh: s ll"t, I l htld u p :11111 tllll llltlll"ittlI\" st'+ ll 1 1llt nlllns It vonlld'l I lnok in ll the +'.lIk;ki I elll erl i 'I.ll 11 1 mlllllClll n lilm ll i.ltir.e wm'k ll'll ll sallle extLLt, whichI sit1e t gs lrsiss's-s i li sislio , s ii,, iii I i , ilis lll0 1te1,ss. ltllll rsvil·'i'l.' s' lest, ill ill' slam llll l.|lhtrl oIf tlall wit iino, l'ne hiiali I lller, as is le1 ll) sol l inl the pI'l.Il'l. ]' hsies, , qltest and i stt , ismi di itall b1en. ttried is prsoedin nll im, h111e Lank1ss ' pIiI, il li,.Cli, ini the UII:IIc Sill 1ll ll lll h% h1b ll cll |i llllllil ', tlhl illg th e,=mlimLtsir ll h s e(I.e1i" .)1u, Iu11 in pim , all' i hong clh i,, u Inlh ellllelr tIId In! the I1rb ml' i t'ry lage ,, minas. The botk.I in s'l t exii ssly i 1"'SIil Ii, s I, het .o ltl sflnw c. sev.lsal o fhi . Stiles Is thI e . 1 rtle l cllllulllln 1rill'u11lte1t+ illll.'l'lt," 0 l9 o110 y te I'n'r lalk interelt, ecording ' .il ls the hblo k iist ' s '1s lls l es I xy s i e S9i' 'l1 ill prlt, 113 .m0 1n11es of the 9scheLriht r, d I t fe w 1 ( 1 ,) s. stsip.lent i sllC h'lse.l iiI e Ishe, t : uII s h llll o ls 1lh o I11k, sill li essirssi n cl' wrs slunsi ul citllZtS ii eveul) qu - oe os the Usll'l 5I:II. l.'s. 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A TKINSON'S Dbl-'Ll,L,C~IOiiY, Fr~t remncieg nito 1K ~ p~eelieocs nit-i lroeoo oh,' Peso, hsnlo sod witnlh 11 .lro o rty , r ned e ni eat , lins hg nt hais tihe rlean onhitee hno heot can ep i RPlioeinD. A Freth shepply h, Iit l:-evi-iler-, lie wilt n +o tat e fo r the hin 1l0 r cee elt t Gl tSt, i h lrer nler -han Nlr, Elr se', I ltnit nt e I ne tl mCh s sod Cesnse Ir. e sll e cn e .1 red ih go room or th""oe ,, ho, pr,, ,, .i ,,lor t, ,,. ... iag c... ... + b+, ac...hed froml It is defiedlPl ll anleeas'Lry to. say any1 ingf ine partil • Iar of th • character ol the..e w ,.tes, fo. it is gel riy believed thlat Iher, lIF not i~lftbriorl to) alny in the Southt* Ihnat lsictt Vlha Ithis. wrill o he outr.vtl trthi. Ti |bee. il.e ,t god.nalli wilh be iln conIs t utlaPtendoucll. G the .lprinus durin.g Ie w ihl s<a<,,n. '1 Il ubet~.Cib I will avail hlrn.r f of rlhis+ oplnrhunity in. retunrling his .nothi+. d thaks t;,r lh. v++ry liber..I .llnplor l ih'P hhmla ,-t enwom. andl ho~pes hv t'he Pxer pesods easm:. ,JO eRAM. T(. "THI . LADIES. ".qual safely and certainty, leaving the skin fier and :,hter tand efore t:,e appliredtin. AG f"haspply Nol E+'channe 1otel, cornes .?t harles. and Commer stre It.. ,pg 5 MAIL ARRANGEMENT Norl"eraMail, .De Esrv Day at I 31. Clanes Every day tl0.A10 A. Weter. Mail Daevery SUnday Wedwatdny an e atsWeevrrnyFridai v 1 a, Wdnsd. l oanl, ].and Saturday, bv 9, P. M. TheLake alil 'ee rev Tpdrle, l'ursday,'an . via urdo8,byl,|. M.,. Closes every Maulay, Wednesda) EXPliEcSs MAIL. TIMES OF A RRIVAI., IEPARITUIF DIS'IANCIO &e. of the Express NMail, bet-ra Mandil. nnd Nsew Y.k--leaving Mobile dsil" at 3 P. M. Nogthwvar New York daile ot 5 P. MI eoutiward. Arrives Arrive Nrnrltwarl. rliltanee. Tlime. eerma'g Stoeciemery. A la. 210ro. 198 ii'. 23li 19l . ('oluivlie,n63. 114 II 914 3 a.m ,lilledlgville. oa. 2 133 144 24 p.m Cetlombiiis.. 74ae. ):1 174 Itt Ialelel,ghNC. 54 213 22 12 Wavrernton,'VY. 1 m. 1_ a a I'iterlhurg, Va. Iltpot. 83 1 9a. S Riehknvne, V.. I em. 21 3 64 Fredceickseuai, 9 6; 7 Itp m. Wlshinetyn c ty pm. 61 6 5 Ilaltimore, 318 4 0 Pltiedrphia, 64 .... 1,08 II, 9 New tack, 2 pni. 9Q . 64 1305 143 h. ,r Ad 23h Northwalrd. Comineg So.uthwrl, she tiiin i six hours R^",^"^ : or orq. Itheho in '5 ety b. , 17 r ho c, ndhars.i e muANAWAY ft Iti 16.9i C:rcudelert crneor of ievia •I reeA.%on ,Ia nievb of 30 h kf ,u,ga, o ll' coms teen che nextc cIcrlla h Pevdnt eetreer.a agnro ltot ncied ('IIAI:I.I S, oioot 17 ye.rti of act, 00 A fee n. lr: l et l iu i , I*, icr' Itiock, oct hoc 'Ire n i-a ed ilerot in hii eei h, ish s fciya ih i ere, -oins ,' ci et Ir ar. ent hllrt ;le k lment nod* hlm e e.iet I nw i tit wlo io Mlosc re s n ve- r oel nctl le:dn I .ento t re n c ul ,et ed a ~inot .ci~ee or hltrb()ri. srir etr, I* wthe as br - oliier :eriolta wio IhttiZntllt ricorull w Wil e he elli eedI nganin..t 11h.'m. '1 he ab~ove; rewall rI w pu e" li ini eny of the jeils of ei ter f 'thr n nllci pn hfiea , r a C 1 oUrgil ,elcce i ioie, of)levi. Ar neo. co r u tt ollode lith lfrln ol Itobllt & l Grreetolo, hlne beel dieeelhrd. lTh~ecshovrerle mii liiqiidate te o Illti a Ihe eoncertin itide city, etl rceqliiee Ii p .t onv in el) - h is I rrik t invet ic hia ,v nd noil t hI, lVini elnilm on e, h ir uellt hln ict mle l cl. cit i1--7t Ia 6AiII'IIISON W. W.S\AIN. ero. tICoia' kreeo Aim , Or/ceoan iAS aiowaysr ohaod etn taltly .i, r&eiiino t)rt I l Dyes, l ii la, uid Ilo.ia, llat l v ill r ollomnig': 0111)6 09 i Drall0e Atttici,.y, ort,lIe, Argyle, rec,?, \'S lo rtcguiia, AtIIIIittO) S tII i'.. .Arroi c tl, tile, Alllrm, tie ivcntlereol, bleziliette sone Itla EOl * iu.eeii Coolihin-ol, Iolelx ec, Ctii ie "toe, Anenierins dlo rcfiyeil, Ctllobeir, L'ilrlst olot, o.riole Polsnic. Tamipieo, tolo t,' ln f llle tio io or A ,e A itieou lltrnt , ote!l trI'ie CCt eltneoil, Ilcitg, llv:dl lt'ti Itraeti Alide tnillmea 'CtMipt'ideke , dole (eracttio-, I;1 aloes, do (r.n ci ;tn i ,. dln .nilslablk eie, ad .Ltvo1io tlo slioriut, ulp Jotus i 6e ieo lZe illh, CSlnlpoo l i, lo ls ial, SulpIIh M ddr qu hini . titi hi ivetiiig tie litm occi.1 N I -t e ilo (deSAIio iott, ie Cul, l. I (|o g e n t )itn r Cr l ne , i c t e l r tls , o Ib dlo io rloido io n, r nIll ill A i Io nllcliler , lll'~l. ,hi tipiuitm e , du hit l,,'h , I h lI tic .cit ~lit)l l'tll ,l~l Ki lolhlell lp tllle, ititiltor.. kittie s shi lliren l e $ Ifle i e icoleoi' c 1 .S ai l P \lii etla il')l lh. o".', llei.h ,li ~ Ivi kes Stiliio ll SWO fcc o ', Whakeg( : I h t. him t, ll li ol n , I ,i, le h All. S" i h-iiic tl~t [)¢l..lll·U~l ) T :,rul. (. ··llll,|]t. Sh, hniAI N I t -lll uet. t11 I.1 , 6·tllll )Illllllfi~ nhH' tII) iqiel ll, ce r , e., dr) itt, ti-i (hi. ' t{ '111~~~~ ~ (,1%. ,·, ,(.r.,rlllf'i.l. · toec\\illl~l,·tdv oil cii ,InI " ?. ,,,rll. . .It i- t Ci ,,, iiik . .r~ . i,, ,hi ilv l .1 l( ,/ l I i Ah l' ill' " I: loot...i c-- g-,ti Cjivl(, Clob dt, vih ,(kie o ! . . . . . . . - - " (AlH'.IN 5t Il;,?IVI'I"S NEW NOVEIS.. RtIHi the Keefer, by the author of Ier Simple, he 'Cmmii, es, or n Winter at Srchlo lni·RleId in Iu ,e tln, hv I ptai llail Iall, IIRoal Navy, F.L Lord RItOrbtn, a roancen--. bv Allanul CunninghamI e r hepponrd .e. wr ittn by liionself, in 2 vol. A Luoipenuiiues itIstcuy /',eItly, t-Iluira::: d fromtl, IInI l IItI II Inv Nail . tel Grl'een nll" Yol. for Stin N l 7 t1 of I ltr per'(s Itiley I.ihrarv. Vols. : & 4 of t l n"%w ttlplente sI d llliuiorml edition of It'vshiiigtlo IrrIi's I'torks. iBoisr'e I"r,'ac vad /Si,/ish I)iitcoe-y. in 1 vol, 3re. ee-v!"t's F', ea-Bh u End.lis/ 1irtlianr.-,, ALs,--.\ fiw more opitis f CouIbe e Phrenology "liielli." Itnren j IIIVPVue s (*lr i tnýlses lfr porter qla itv, with ehnii , Biliiar (l ls l" 1-,4 andtl 1-1 inches l' i proloved metalic Pns,jnapuned puapers, weibght o ust received, alld for sale by ,m1 BENJ. LEVY. AIPIIN P!EVISI'ED,&.c. -c SP IN REVII'I'EI), &, by the uthor of 'Ayear iln S:pain,' in ^ vols, TraIits on idi,rn rharoiter,aes enerally applicable to tle Ahorinineis of Nrthi America, by d Turner, Eaq The Political Gnratmer, of the rnited States, ior a. icoilllte view ltv theo trv and itrlctire oftlhe genera n st te g.ui) ve-, ntSI Willi thle relntiss hItesteeil them --edicated ind akinl led to the )suag iien of t he Un.lted States, by E 10 .<asfiel, Esq. Aimrod's Ilurtiie Teurt ilterspereed with character isatieanecdotes, sn.,i)nI d ldoings ofsportitg een, in hldieg noticr of the pric ttal ernck riders ofr nglnd iti analeytical ontelrs, aind general index of names2'. iOt ) HR E C1RnE or Srofila or Kiing's Evil, Chronie Rheeumtimno , Clhruie. Cotaneous Din- Pains ill tie Bones, by free eases, use of Mercury tile blord being in vrtinted state. Thlis very concentranlteld Syrup is prepared with th, greatesrt llrnlmaicinticul cnresil acuracyaw soidnotain the iittive principle of Sarsapnrilla in thtbe most votcen traed degree clmbined withli other vegetable substance of khowll eflicacrv. l'ha ireatt dlesitlratem wI it physcians ins being abl to exllihit a lrge ynntity of Sarsaiatrilla in a plmt dose, has been obtained in teli I re aratiee.,ethey, beintg fully etoviled eI tits itrcits, confidetly administer tile collrr of their oractice. Price $1 50 Ipr lattle. Sold only at SWAIN ItYI2'tIIEI'US drug sttre, No. I Cuanal treLt, whs ele be bd, resh ln gelliuei, direc t fron the re-rrie tort, Stliwi's 'etmtitr and otiIeralitinec Potter's Ctl.tlol. con, Carpenter's Pp)araltiolns, and a large and genera nassortleit of freue drues, m4 IINNOCIK'S IROME, &c. P)INNOCK'S IMPROVEI( EDITION OF DR Goulilmith's Abrielgtnent of the History of tRore to which is tretixel all Intelduetion to thie Stlldy o Ilttleint Iiistoriv, and a great variety of valuable infar tntvioh oadded tthretghoult tile work, on tie laonee Institutions ani d Antiquilties of t(le ltoneas; with nt msrins biographical andl historical Notes; and ques tions fotir examntilon at thel end of each section. 1I lu truted with lhlirtv engravi; gs on wood by Atherton I'tevmoc 'sht l rm'cd Editin of r I Goal ite ' IAlistu r) of CnglitntI, tiot tirle IIvaUiin of Jaliua Cmsar to the death al treorge ld, with a cratin,atioel to the yea 1832.. Wtls itqllvttins tr exmancimtioe at tlhe end o each sectlibn. Be.tles a variety oe valuable ilafarma lion added tlhrotglhtn, tihe work. Consisting of table o' eolutttpelllltray Sovrceiga anld etinent persaons Copious exjttlihtte rv Ie tois. Renarkt on tle poll tics, tianucrt ad liivrat.r.e of the ane. An otiline)r tile Constitutioo, &vc. dc. illetatrated by many egerl teiga. Guvs' ELE'Ecvrs of AreTUo.oer,¥ and an Aoridgmen of Kieilh's iNew I'reatise outi le Use of Globesn. New Aluerictt .. letii, li,, v itadre ...ictiiiv l ar imlp Ao.em cn f all explatiOll olf tat! adtl. o nisel part of the ADl ticcall Allllaeuc. Ju eut received aid for sale hev WI MIKEAN nov2 crorier o'Campnaid Common ata HIAIlI'~Ilt'S CLASSICAL LIBRAKY. SOlACE,trnslatd Philli rais, D D, with IIan apend, ileultx ttiilie"L Itsidalatlella 5t varioul cues, A. :, by lBet Jonlio, Cocwley Mtlittn, Dryden Pepe Addlison, Swift luttertctt, i. IVckedaled, Pomnoa IrI a, &., and slle m |" tile Mlllce emlilleit pOIts Of th IPIt..RUS, wilth the appendin Jit Padi.s tlralh lcd by Cltriatupllr S.vtii, i: t v Jlsturrnig vaoliuc. I" and f.ol'"irpper's Clasical Librarv I'i ld Expedieao of |lTllt' IVY CL[NCER, by Sllletlt, .d tO wiith a iustiir oti the Ainthnr, by Tlsous ti ltRove, Esq,, new edaliti, with illtasttraw.o,.by GI l'lcE .IPSY; a Tle, by the author of "Rineelise Mary ot:! -rg:iy," i.., us titiae 2 vo, raweplI I1a le. i , PAUL CLIFFOr;D;eby the a ieeor o "Palha,• The Dit Tr ad," &cc, bein volume oV eI l to.sw e aof"Et are Cnomplete VI:k. Jet received sale, WM McK A N ACON SIDES--36 casks Cincinnati amms la-ning fr.Ot thstaeeamhboat Eelo, .ad for ss .y BOG ~ltr i IIA-W

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