Newspaper of True American, October 19, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 19, 1838 Page 4
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. aý u L ,L4ptsisatd Iua.el, ltirantoN. La + KIIIKLAND respectlfully an i -idi to her friends and the public gnel. n ista plephoaed toadneommohats them at i s.lrlah5 ot, tand o hnpel frim Iher reioiflll|edtit ors ehifurtable, to rochive ] et-6formtor favors. She fetls con6i. -pinas v "ting Covington during the p oi+ts it afndbetter anoommodations . . a them, on more liberal terms. 1 i. s 1 iintly situated, and well supplied r venience; the bar is furnished with shaie liquors, dno. in short, she promises Jhioe.glilho wanting on her part to give i e5449tlO to all who may patronize the pi i tid Liuliona Hotel. j4:3 11 lLRi t.Tr-Tl-ho dunrignd d hnavlng f ptdild tnder Dr. Sclhmidt of Charleston, vlios, and ITr some years his assistant in on ofinedicine and surgery, has the honor his. professional services in this city. a 'psthe liidies and gentlemen that the most he I attention will he paid to the calls which bsade; and also offers his services t t the i efslaves, being well acquainted with the common to them, having attended them in knsgar inuse in Charlestoi. T'hefanlos anti.bilious pills asler the composition . " our Smolletto, with directions, can be had sadersigned. The efifet which they have nad in this and other cities, has been attended Wlb ithe greatest success, to which the hobest of ".Ald icabe given. Apply at No. 166 Mage street. JNO. M'LORING. e WAR7Wi3(W)Sla REW , SAD IRONS, &e. .:.. HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. . - SWater, near Beekman street, Now York, bhatv/ .ived the past season, and are constantly psnei. large and extensive additions to the stnoc '' the above goods, which new consista of the S lowing assortment, suitablo for the southern and western markets. Sollow ware of superior quality, consisting of .. bsat 1500 tons, viz, Lts of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bekopans orOvens, 7 dtffornt siznce, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilloli, . . 5 do Plat Spiders do Covered Spiders, t do , riddes, . - 4 do 'Fir Dogs, - 6 do agon boxeso from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cdrt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Scrows, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from i i itnch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and loss than J,nici's imported prices. ad Irone, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs tfor Matiling. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Bash weigihts, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to ISlbs. Bells Mr Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. inmade to order, Also steambeato and other machinery made to order, Ther above nsrortment of goods is particularly i- eommended to the attention of Southern aond Western mercliants, and are offered for snil at low prlees, and upon the most liberal term ;it it bIe. ficed to be the largest and best assortment ever . e#red for sale by any one estabiblhnmnt in the Uniated States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prinatd circular, with deecriptionu of goods, prices and terms, from which no deviation is ever a ade, farnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. Now York, 1838. je3 i t-ON SYRI IP & pIClCltS-llUnerwoot'd'a 1.e 1 ioen vrntp alid tickles, unsorted sires; also, 611 - bnoxe of Le es & Hat.cil'. I'iklre; Ifr tine r.i:' lose re1 nor Coimorin oltlr'lhliitrtl:.s S-OAPr--Ilt ll bh e 'n, I Srt oapri hii,orri n SiulGld, for sale by ISAAC UItIIGIE & ClO. mot6 131 MalgTzi-ne :tr,,et. T'u tET. e NEsta dweollin~ boser on Triton streei., e * . tweet Tivoli Circlu sald t.lrotdalet Irt'et. m9t. Apply to JOTT1, S IIEELIAItI.O\ S, Ae--i Ic ic'ellarri.s, ,V dltrt do. i stte, for soialteI C L'MtIlI. 'LIN CO& OiPetR, Pj1. I, ae wl ruled Cap and Ibetter I': lvr-, oftall ,++n Sltinos consisrting l' eeryn cu iiit h Itr bo Id, hit, nnd while we De, and I ni, dl ne'd ruled rouigh edge rticel~l Stlp, eelluttantlh i. h1and and tr pale hrv CAhIlV) it" LI & tO. o31 N i FtVieat lt' Ihlu, 'i ('lthrtres I'. -j 1ý(ý 13.1(14 Siatiinrt Coffihee 1Ui. 50 bexes n.f diz ertach Slrloell \1. inr, I;", it do tit2 IIdo ci do IhLI; 50 tin o do i . 1' Port, I l: ore du of 2 do I, l' irown Shritry, L!;1L 1'1 piiper ,'irr \ Ic lreo . For. aie bi ' "IIERIi;ENE, l.tI. N & it). " ... .__ __il.ali attr r. LAh tLOOK.S, ufl r t.rv vrruntie, of rnlot ind bi nding;, ecerrlanllt ott tatd:,tla l ti 'rintting, itluili alid Binding neatly rreitet ri al.. 1attli'e, by es3l N'3" ti ihi nr ' I hi ll, 21C},nrtresrt. &O into ir- itht tfurth i itieutie -ait tirrnl ISAAC BtIlDGE .. Ci. A NI two storl brick atnstr, nituartel 5 loors freinm tho Scctin4d liritituliti ll,, o St ('lia r!er itoeet. IRiCt very low, po.earsioi given i:nnlediitely Enquire at the trelnitt.. mLo.), if. OtLP iOU 0 bbis s I Flur. for aole iby SamL nl C I)OtlSitY, 14 New I eer. ( I mOlt G DOIaR ,I 41 Ne'.w t.,r or. 1501 coils (lope, landing from Ambassador,, real, by LAYEr' & AMEILU.(;, m19 17 Commerce st. U lAG, G u - hlli pieves Kentucky Baggina ind! in rm steamer in \Vayvne. adl r s le YORKiE, 1RROT'illf RS, jog 65 ('iamp -treat. NO EIU.NCURY NOR COPJAIVA Nea o)rcTn, Snv. 1-, 1117. A BOUT six monntl, ntn I !a ,J,,; :.,:',;,,, i gat l a secret diseart foreofl.'b have Slalied to srve ral doctors for a cure, and thm y did Irllt RIl lU, o wO Inow on the above date 1 ,ut mysei f ander t! Core of )oct~re. Iet, and o expect ean to cure eitl. illat t11. at tiont the disease got worshe, as . to Ireak outi it l te dlerN to t Ole numher f six or icght on toe h leg, nilt all nvet my face, an l s ire throat, nld not al In wcork nt t ircsent t la om atcounte of the dis cno; letie iller te SE r right Ide of the throat. I nt no e puttin mstnlf I mnfidently undcrtha care of Dr. lluet,,f PFrls,. to be perfectly cured JOiIN IDEAN. fo" 14 ly T DO C ERTIFY bhat Ilhe aebe to na.neltd i.antu is . qlittewell cotrert o y owasto uaalifi ftel, O li, which I thalk tr. leItt and moreover l saI,; thai t me rli sine rltate taken titlae me fat, and did noit ijUIrcii myI 0calth at all; thereftore I audvi. m f Ilow sler's to is no time antd apply to Itr A. nert, 124 Caall stmelt, bet hena I)apht and lnryo stInree ts n l. I)r. Huet Is at hente from rJ A'lelck, A h i, until 4 P rI. strseet5ad thley will be hoisiael. To bi published at the opti'n of Dr. Ilout. JUIIN DEAN. New Orleans. Felt I, 1t:31. fit 1I Ilv \H ci nne Ierrmn 1unet Ilalsn of i.elt'rW.,lt flwd llore Sholedt is pAt ap in Iottlls at thtn low priol olr 50 c.nts each, coatailning the strength of three ounces Iof hivelWOrt, besilca the virtllesa tl tlnnv other rtoots and heas known among tiAe Indianau as ericacioua is curing - pumounary comlliaints. The uanrivalled success which Itas attended the ,ao of this inestonaAhle ialsnla wlherever it his ienl iotro dlel.d has nhttained Ilta ceonfllellt'e nil teentllllnta donas of respectablr plhysicians, for the nte of noaht., tilda, pain in thela side, wott of ret, aitting on bleen, liverr omplaiont, &e. To whom it may concern. lThis is to erti'v thalt we hav e in oar pra sti'c fsret.n e tly prsenerihed l rs ;inrd nor's Indian Blsatom of Liverwort na-l IIonarhltd, wnith a decided ngod effect: a e can therelbre, ftnun tlht klnw lodge of theI materials it is made from, anod chst-aetaln and experience, recommend it as a naperi,- preparation or 411 those aiections of thle ltogs flr wich t ii it re , Itimeanded. Ah.BEIR' WII.LIAbSSl , M. I). C.CAI.VIN ELI.IS Ml. D. Ilsmber, oflh IAosaton Medicali Association. Boston, October 25. aaleby J.I IVIS & ANI)RE'\VS, Irk A P ,0 t'AAAAn l : Pil "tt llt q rs tskeommentided tly tile Medieal taceltev. i)L'TLER'PS Effervescent Mongnesian Aneriett--For 5.5 dytorpein or iadigerstion, tlerrottu debdthti, gidhli. -aesheadniher,aeeiditv of the stateath, hIlnhilual Cosn tivene,acuttnettlsadieats, gout grauve,&c. and i.luchtl tIaied iutgAentle, oonlinL Ilurtntliv-. iles desirable preparmlatin has received tle it atron ag o rnnally eniucoan nlAAApr5 of the A ila;.i-son, nll fromt a discerning ImAli many repectablle anil anseli itod taetimnniola n fits aeivaey as a meditine hale In n slicked. With all the pleaanstg qtallttis or a ala.s of esda weer, itpo.osO5es th acltive medicinal iArtpertiea Of thes mnlat appr .ared tlanlitous purgatives; it it pleasant to 1Ae palate, and grateful t. titl stomnch. IMPORTANT CAU'Ti -N-T'rhe incr.asing ropta sina and great denltand for Butlal's r.fnervecent lhigna sits Altrient, has been an indctennt, ft r others to o-f. fsran mitationof tlis valuable tined elie. PaArhaeers are ppticla, hy nmead of this fact that tlley tanuy be tn th.ltgusrd, asul not prcnra all impllre nrtcle. " The publit are respetaully infor edn that the auhotri. bern arernstsantly slpplied eilh tile originall attd ge saUta preparatioans. For sale who stals a rettail. SICKLES & C(). Ageula. |SS 4 Csa sta re,. N ,. i E-.A D' Vegestsbl a air OSil, alfr tle raestrauu n -. # a .! growth of fair, giving health and beunty, and y sld b eaths. ". tinf Hiir Oil wo olffered to the public, it hld paar inelmadi d aafaass of baldness, titltnoe, nte; Hillg offoFihe hair. and inevesry instative its sahtanry -l.ass bhae bemn realised. It hasneaer failed to produte £*a'amd beaslaifl frowlh of hair o heitadd alrseedt bald. In canes where It Icnotn' dt yv nnl neases to terne this Q l will veiy ont r, , r I t littlil,' t R , . raI id tnd b e a ltif: l g e. t ,,i mi , ,,i , -.i ' , ,, : i + injury toA tle head. 'lio . !, . .i. ' . grance rd in erer.?!"r l mtm nein) niltllii ; i l, , u m :n ,, M i. r ;a a t l ,1 : I :i :"" h e:i,. 'Ihe h ,r Ot beeos en dt . aPr r .ir it For sale at t Ni s" i soes .let. 3.F.9& st'Is~l~sO. ]M NB HARTI& CO, aors nn reneivl tron o . on board ~hip Orleans. Engle, Highlander, &hokerN Iero Andrew, Frech and Gennon plaY crl?0 B Tck hoi.onntaeordn; Cloeoromen, 1-d and 2t-¶ ittt'th til ard 1alls; 8,9, I0 anl I inch bllnolo Boia Knives' Leather nod otlor trarTMelioc Dns ing Case' Belt' Pocket, llorneon 'e, and Dtoellng Pioitls; dnohbe and O~t oiaole oaorrelled Unsn; onne Itoao; Shot Belts; Po'wler t mal Pistol Plonkrs Don Bottls nd llrinking oupn; Pocr:'ion Caps oand Cap IIoldhor; Cloth, Ilair, Tooth; ho Nlol lN'ai Ieanshe; Orrc nood Chlorine Tooth Wosla 50 'ooth Powder; T'lilet andl Shvin Soaps, in greOta't ,et'.; loog Hair Brnids, Rinhlets rnd Frizetto; Pearl I ad 'l'oh. Powder; Emor; r es; Ivalorv Tuoh Cushions: n Panllco Slhlet or nlticto't' (;loot Enotic Satelloderoeo Poowohee Polio nod Bonr-o; lilt C:haois, hteoal atnd Keys; ncr-hrops; \Voint Bocklo.n nlelr eto: Bend Nslecklao'es 'ad ('hales; Gilt atl Siavered Ileads; Indian lheod s, fInllo and Pltmes: Shelrl Towiot; Side and I)resrine· i Ct..ol.;olwhlich,in additiot to their fimtner stock on had ll. makes thetir ansoortmont verv omplete, and 'ill he nolhl ow nrd oa libhernl ternns,t tin th i te oft Golden Coath. iat5-tf 7lChrtrteo treroot. 11rEdoheocihor nA atr thor the entenrive hooce of ¼ E W. & t. ltehoer, SheQllhl, Enoeland, nhave just e' eived a very extensve seal' pao' rot.a, cont.isoine of II, l'oahle andl Dssrt IKnives on of e' r desacriiticon, Pen, Paclet, Dirik, anl Spear poitl knioves: Rszore., Sris- to tors, Eg.e Tolo, &o. &e. &c. which they are preprepd to n cehit to thle trade lor orel 'rs. ermls and conitin o i ril -e mldoe klllown at the time. t m1 It J. B I). & IN A COtEN .90 Cnmmon r K. NWY' 601111W. glk.MONSl dARlTrr& CO.-Aronow reeeivhng noerlship tll tsville,t agle, Merry Aonhew, IIi t. .nder Frnhell.nlal Germ:an double Ihead playvinenrrls: ,tee, it t ad pocket ti'sols; plaon, ribted aood sallt cussion ctpo: cap hololers: scisrit t s, t azrlrs, pen. yes; Gillott's comnmreriad said olher steel elens; Vioa ct Violin stlings: shell, ivnory olnd hoorn conon; watfirs k, lhead old lelotlr lolrsesn; haeir hlrails, fronllt odt oatk tiogleIs; negr'oo tollik; Ooecm'o aonol Fl'oetnh cologne wotelo ROt'lowtallds moceSacr oil, imitation don; atiqtLe nold hears oil; onrtohlo deooks alo dracslslng cs'os: ho:t' otrking; stattionnd tniet clroes; convex mocon s; o e'l gols.s and sliews: lndinrlo l adsi heot llsol and Iloume elno totnll; whitltwittnet toi't nlld shoaving sonap; toilet owd'rnt, e tmlotie wh ohalls. noco:td c satin etshion ; pono standls: 'crewr e'oh1ionoo; Inc" had thilol aRld nereklces; hillilard halls; po-et hnokr alll walletts; Ierllm:ml tlCnSh; PraT·r stoaoI; fille and ot1ocmool game a lstic rs'llslelllet-s, poarters d l; Iells lucifler mnathes; sil. 'or pencils; Crevncn, dc. &'e. Thvehooe it ahllitio t.o our former steck of fnooy 'ticls, mo:otkcsoleor nssoomnlot vteryv cmlnlot'. Pore s:le c tehoh., e o eotail; :s to sign olf thre Gohl.l.i CoIm o, 10, iJhr:llfrl· I. stt~l.e mO8. S [lt~ll '':---'eIloc rlnootooel-oioot iof'~lto, .ill ont &oto I at 'so" or. Itor.a co "Moo, ll oroio &(ot.., of N'soeho'e r'l ltoer's,hoKelleyo'.tC.Ioo.ol ttoloet'V woe di~a,'lreotoon Iloost nol'!' loi'tot, hv thoe ldeth oIf Saouol A Ml'son, too otf the onrtnrs ol ihe o Ir'os. The und'rnigned., orvivin rtron, owill he chtrmed with the- ser lling nnrl ln g ;n, sidl,ltsine s as thilows: SI.evi C lrris will atlotdl o otohe settlin of the louines, roo& Coo.,ao I oolneo'; ooodolle no' Keolley'owill aotootendoj hoe re'tlina 'fthle )o 0ine0s0 of Kell''ev, 3bon &. Co., at o0w O)rtleo. " l'hte tlolOes of le l'Ce\oetl i os woilllbe lisv·l ill hl~idallllti .nN'.l F ' olhost ilndcthld to ail firo o are eaorne;tly reqtlPotedo olocll fbrwaol'Id lllod malo;e orlr .eottllen ant; anll Iholose having claims will please prt,-;nt them witronldclay. l HI:N YKIitLLEY. tef trluinll,. J Ilnoe 9t?,1 37. . EAI N MAItl FA10llNA'S-i CO1O1(oNE WATER ' ·1 .l0e id rio' a' nl'o d Ioo' t l'' 0 .tlet 0 w l ert owd r ;.ilth .horlivenurill tailer soa p* tosmlOfer wash 00l00 dt iorsee Floida. I00 ve0ldar0 r00 a00 d 0 water1, l'Preso ':.'s solal 3lt arsoeillte oer'llltllero ill trulllct ve eln toe s id liquid r000,0 Chhloine and Orris tcooh wash, 's lotlo htor ooooolo so'aitooootlolos totooohoo; t.:ew l an alolodiio oool o'ootloto' of ah nl'lo hor. . l sloo lll onll 1 ts alld jewelrr,. rote eloW ot wnleotiSle o or r tail by " SIhtMtNcl, iA011 ., ull~v· n n7 (']loortroo street. Nla'-W Gt )llito--Sil0n00000 HIartt &c o ore owhe I cootgill'c loooorollilto Yaroo ondl Sol'coteo Sndllorie" Con.orooiao frn ' NYreh York oo.rml vrieto rot il goodon in thleir line, lwhichl tooetlenr with their fi rmer ro'ioook 00 btool , hh lakeo their roo slort. teio v r .0 tolete,. t .I:k illml dres·sin. [.mul,.l., h;111(,n do o1ail descl'il~iOlt% I n i 'l r 0hh 0r, silk no l wnrstd la0 ti0 o rto rso . ,olllll'n nol Sitollio o prnohll'r's 'nl olo'r p, l ld o lo Ilfxo , t'oiol: powtlo'r, eo 91 oksotooerolhooootors oberotol,looo'ti pove, core" ootchtit& o btlckc ohoookso ar oIlee ot, ocollelc hoot , se c arloe vc " o'o 'hea t r enosl o toek iiees an de ,oooi , ol.n. , holandl timbrvnnl ,,r, ho ~ok u~nd cller, harl pnlel, imitat ioln frItkl: no rllneo tioltnl llohlsntoo ioOhtin it,oeo l o I, oiv'r o00blbds I ndleian loot tol o et o nrotl ; isttolalre plen - M alh .hot elts t r.-f"T el t p e r ler papr, ntxeilul "oo oolotolooooblo l "oooorto.lrrocltYloied, ztoBowie ot E s l ,I d irs sbovei.s,sethears w lth r at, kalrietllv Ilaroh ehartll i o j - i Il oll .oioo buckl e,-, clo th ho oro' tooh n lllloo Fhvrir a h~ll . rn, Illldrl ra11ti. Ilt1\ PllV il[.r~) ll.:.ol(llrl j CIIIlIe. 00 s arold elrctoot., eo'oesoalor reoooottilo aono \'r'olnooa o ll e hlo l ir i 1 miloooeo Iol o io_. oaoo toi[ o ato oCf' lloh' et'i Citot'lool o", o ol reler u otlo'oooet o'ol'ok. ant I drvsi 0 l ooooo hh lets 'lot .? liioeoto'o o Ioo hoilloiolo, Fhi00 foolnioio0 i00000000 ol 0.,0001 I o''so', tot oioo 00000 oilo. gfoo roo ,oa"alb i el.S! IIdlb~lS 111P,'nrlrl· 1nd ivorysit·1·1 1 do, 1er "hrtludsffrh 'oioool lt lnoloo.teo II' io I 1r0, S il, io , hrs lld I tscl hiooolooo'.ooohooc.Itoloo.V'l, hiro ioli1oooioiotcioocofrltotoo!d nooonllol ioo ] n elr' lloo llloo' )io0 0 0 l0, li, i ,i ll, , lltld ('1:t1 I 000, oiler laeo'oll, fr.olo', lootepoolooroc,.ooo. I0I -e'Iare totoooorc ooooowtlto'e'o'o'lo or eroo i]t~t'o'o'to'ool'ooohooc otil S It Shellecootohcoorooalr.t e ivein dit'lo M'totih-irpt i to nton of h dit fl nal complete t o rassorinmetl rf noiticlln in their line; vii: colnks. Pt4 trro, Jowcllro, Ileross, Irking giusr'o, foocv.erirlee, Dr. irtig fllo (;It)t iS-trrtoioe heiln', weors 1,1 toId p1an O nkIrrirt, rjp.illetJ rrrck,i rung rond,r 'rctrt0, aid, Ihull; cuirl a It, Jirotzilint, cOorirt oi f Inery' dercription trtogct wrhich arc, some Merirr pattero, Ivorry cun ot fevOery dascrilillllp ~,1~Ikioll, horn l picket, torge'thert'ith renrrnl Iort etrtotl'r rrnttitto sa iricnr. l' itl't'NI '-(I'-'rleg'n, Il. Jrm'r, Flroilo, knee,', ri Trl otet i (tled ;obres, etr'otrt of liOolgott, lavtt rops toall kindtl , o irng do in oktes olreo 1or ``otis reot rsog rrldoir, PI' trio o iiln' tobilr' Iir oil, li tirnodo. 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IFANOY AND VARIETY A ltIllun II vrill . lF.ll-Frnnrhll and American portable desks mid dressing cases, some.II (;CTIII~l very .richo pt n tdlte r(Sinked holiesworklioJ e addres sin cast, wioly th i rirt'rJ bulthtm to rIr' o boxes, 'r c irtyotns, tmtl'nrri orrer Iottriltn Itrtit-ilintor h'r eandwitte t cas tet',; Ittoa to p' t.tttto 'in p t'io'feg'n, noipp nort'rodiverr, shotl heirlls, n Jcw l hg ir, lpast Ibcinret tell etts lupne hads f rvr-vhintr, trell n prtrrt nitr, eommontrr krivo, r orstrdr ciro trod thimbles lesot et hloork arnid allot.iotfr riot kint , vsitin er, n orod case, play ing cardofl rttleoolr, Uorroo Rond Au oor'ierrrn trlftirto, dolld, oimjrittion fruoil, boxed , in of lllll vmi our kitnlds, InRtrrtinrso' Emmlerrtteeoo , ii ort'llou and Di tokin'rs zr strrrr ps anro orrullic Irote, tirks, fanoyre nrd rJ 'hlr1nt'rt, do wh otr Iho as, n perl btttn',Ipowderi o, eu nt !;Ina, nrd bends gi t a nd silver cis, gnat elastic Nf 11pe· rs, and gartersul, plan ad to c o;"ia tones, hlie Igly mln bortt, dirltte, roictt tottes, c jeohnrpr, loc.irtot rnrn errltnjdriltilngriur r s, itIr a r'ntrtorirte r tiertir' il l0 atll fwOitIi willr i lr fi 'r'ash city a ceptan ces on i! moonthin credit. 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SI stOR the nre ofnrheumlatismcr, fulo or kingsel,goout, n' aeiatica or hip gout, incipententcers, saltrheum, ,ilhm l ... ....c,,iu ,,li,,=.s, lrati.-'.ldyuls u,,.i, / tRinioltnffeotions oftle hontes, olelertted t lo'eiu'rai e-oa Jtttt tils, uleero of every idesreition, fever sores, anl ilterenl by absents, fistulas, pile, scald htale, souory, biles, chiro- her nic soro eyes, er) ipelis,bloetlre, anl every v'silehtiyvlO l'eU tIeneos aofection, chronic taterrh he bad seor proceett- ie lng from any aCril humor, pain in thle stomach anto dys- t ipepsia procodieg from variatlion, atfeetionsotf the liter, chronic ittltmmetioit ofthe kind,,etys, ail generl dlibiti- ite ty c.sei hy n torpid oatlon if the vesesseofthe stil. I is sietgtlinrly etteaeiots in reno'ating those onstitutions el whictbl have been broken deowi by ilocjiiious tirenent, tile juanile irreiularities. Ino ioernt termns, it is ritim- ti mtetnded m aIll thosediseases whichal'ise friom itptt ities the of thie blood, or initiationt of tile hlumor, of whatever ini namne or kilml. l Stnme of the asove eomplaintsmav reqire some tri- l Ilil'lR nistant applications, hIlchthec.ircumstlan es of the tin case will dietiati bait for n enet-. remedty tir Pii-ifieotntt,' vt to remnod Ithe euse, the IN ItAN'S 'ANACEA will t genceally be found snlieient.U 1i "'l) T'IlE PUItrC. to1 Ilow true it is that tmllorn P'llthysitiatv, Ib thei i am iition to excel in their pIirfession; explotre tile vast lielts il oft'cicce by the aid ofthemistry, aind seek out new re- ei medial agetyts; in sh0rt, to arrive at perfection in thei netice bfy means of art alone,--ontirely ovelook ind C icglect, as beeaththeirnotite, therith aolt hontiteour t stores ofmedicie, which W the Almightly has ceased to i striltg out of the earth iv every climnet Adlhow munch d more true isitthat while thle Amerieire thysityiiat looks to l'rcign countries for rlaty of hIis most comntmon andl itecssor articles, piLrpettally cihangiog astohey are at thie dlictates offiashiont orflly, hl is surriaittled in his own countly with an endless profosion of mcdiert plants, stfticil Ot to answer any indie~tioi ill disease or to llre any it rabltb disorier; anrd et he is ignriraot ofitheir vir- t trnd, nt. l tile)y' are otftlferito 'wnste theirt hIaoiig on then Thecltetsoef vrgtetale medicines uopon thle systent aire temilolrary-thtote of minirrls Isaltinlg. lThe lormer ex Siert their etfes nd pait ss oIlf-the latter, metrery in pair tic lirt, act cheittllty poiiiI the solilids, decnlosmg te Stie hones nud undermining the eOnsttitution by a slow i intld sure detItsrtion. r l'ht colgeniallity, eltfieney mid SAFI'1'Y of veget t- hie 'reedies eve|r mitelul, mo log estimated Ihvcontrtst ing the aneient piaetice with the modern; or, to lring il It ore ihm.ediately untleror oI own obdslel;ltioll, Ihe Illltl ' an ipraetile wih that of tile whites. 'Who, in Atomerica, oe iasinotknownoorlheard of reteated Insttnet:s wherein si iooie dItrepidi ttonpitergendtngfeinedttitiee, by ineaoseof thoer itnltllr roluodiesolnne, Itio ettirtcd ttie ernst ntitdt sell Iastgonishbin culres, after tie .lateilo Mledict of tile -rtmmon practite, directed in the most skilid atnner, has b itiledol? And who has not heeni strtrised at the eom parativenase asd Facility wih which the ndian fvrees him rlfi'rotm anay ditase, and lit the almost tots abstinence cI fcronii dosfaltetiniming them? Who has ever hIeard on ao Indian with a constitition brokte and rimined y i illIrealmenlt An:d can a donhtexisl that this hazily e entltti of the savage from most of the ills which the fleshofman is heh' to, is ehliitvrowinigto mit'e grela of e odeofemrltce s tiob ho en'tqdtoys. Tlbliseatoidhi ing diiffelrene ill success, is a fair exemlltifceattiol of thie iobiote ottiorioto of tihe simple otttl safe ntloss of elllre whrith God has e~l'oted for tile beefiet of Ilt tlliltrrehh, eoiver those whicl the prie and the art of mah ovYe io If vented. h- "rom a long residence amoog a portion oftheanorigin ar alinhahitalltsfo[ thiseoulnty, nodanl ilntioate Iarunaln in tcoe wilh the mthloods of iule of some of the'itmost sie s ieesslt Iltrtiititoners, tile prprhietor ort rlThe Indiin's 1liateoratotttirtedbknowledtge f seme of ilet must I Ptowioandtl ofitooriererldies. Froomth1t heseeted li- sllch as were most elimcachius an(ld ItppOlariates, and a'ller I iOIIS e ellmelds t lust thietir Iwhteilllersalld streength, tie llotlsenlleiitii cth in ill tlh r tl'lll helre iitesit'rtl, Ilo tilo e I most peierl ti adt benebeial tor the purpose Ihr which it is i.l~l~clllld12d.arl s " t'he propietorersihti tiaration to ihe piddle, I wt ith i t t coIIIIs ioIs s ilt hie isc iteitig willthiltheir sea, I i rem.liy Clahle ol'frelieving many of Iiis alllictedt tel low breings, who al'.o slulllli ndelr tile saiolls chlolic [and ohstinate 2omplaints to whMi tt is applMeble. To sllceh it will prove of ionetdelltlle valle, as the mOteals, a o it tn. eo.soe, the oilly meansof relievingtheirtil'. thtl.l{l. rins d 1'estolringtghelm ollce mnol e to healdth:l mlil ha ,r h 0i0ss. Thlisis Inootlrde s a commont remedy, that .or o irr chanbc e reel oly good witth l.lley oothcrs now id jcnm cu~er bllIlill wih n scl ftldd12 of sal~r ingll~~l if 'Iin man el, haes dtone eeatedly; and thiis is the t etlt tation iIthsob vs tainelic1 wlerlever1 i. has [2en inltrld clleedl . i1r, It is olto [ t o hrl'ee velllus Sillr o i his rtit i t ll .io ails til it il, tIselled tolthe iiiblic:lltin that short s'atot teoo of tlllli ioI; YI)I .lll It llllldl't..{S (Il (lel'.lql.llll5 ldght ht. 'OIl d. . h WOtlld o ' so1121OlllIW decl: we~ that they: hlrlic\cl 1:dIllt Iheh. li\vcs \. l.U ii saediltby iii n mostit asesalierthey hal tlied Ima|) m:, .ul and hap'vl s all the omonln remedies in vait. WVher I,: 1 , r.1 it is k it isr h llhicion . itot l i iie, an thisi uLn nllS llostllenlost sub1tstaltlal and conieilcg Iproof of it not I'|I; va le f Ith Plt.ascl1 Im lost c ll ,lleno s nll those; tilt' il I lII " s alling I/ti sy hi tlle c Illdl s .o['lmh lS Ili[ons II l h hao ,l'th , le all otlwr ,.r..m .ics :nd plricu,,la,'Iv I t i In tos ll. s \hli tt 10in0'll hI s h cti' vt11' labi itt Cytill (I s : to ci selle dIIStresin'll. p .I: (IIS IIn the honeI 's, tiu(les, IIIncr:eeI 1 io I c r.l t 1 I iii '111 1111" 1 Ith di Itstive tg nI I to Te ,, ust c mI c t.l v "ot it Ost Id l in:il 1 Ss' ic i .e t I\. i~t ratlcles thi e dis ontelSi ; l ls'U[]'t-c1 of eir cu,lel'ln , rI't.lO i l tv.s tislit II tiltl, lh.l .l.ohth llittillt stlllldt ;il t i. ll . 1 In .h0 i ni tiil alitlo t it ll 10011 0sur lle thrall, 1as S. lii It .lictst tu iue ot Itle o hll, Lilt giItl, i tcll out iitt1 i oTottoktelooot'tty0000 lhre i atritytot coooocon Otwr. t It : vli ' li S lit. II t Li ti ll niq ! , : ,li ; , II l ,en I(.l ll. I I -t 1.(i I I)i ] llld li', ll p it { t'l' ¢,I1{'1 ' ab1 no l. h ini ll i t rlv rs l/ gel n 4, tltl tl It wel'ie, dlrll 'l'lt', It 'an, d, an: i noi-sp, ,-,,,,,die anld Allllllnll (llll ill ,r , L',q,. ,vl" . , s astatl :m1ic e a m, w r l 1 ll'lalgogl e l. Ile t . S. ,dl e ,"q. co itutio u~•. nl h r. Such.,-. p - ', " ,i~ l t lt 1 ,1lll hto~ .t r ~ t rlcle :l t il i sll: I, n .itl. . hIl~l .ll~l l ll:IC: illl~l'l,. Yllllh'e ii e.iOl .. .ili lt ,} l l clli s a l ,l tl t ,,e I 'O e " l'l h ilh silSll:l . l nes e ..W ht'll .lel a iti.,t Ih'ilk is conhh ,lti lltlde ~ l,' ths< ltlOltl >n ne lakenl il u snaleIIthow; w.ill answer a.1' ll isL IIa pos , ill uIclll· h less l imell t1 lt I tss explenl se, Ulll III Ilir mo laglreabll e manl nerd thnl l the coiM~llnnon, d I ico iilt in. 10'Tie n. owing certliente%, out of| lulldreds similar, which might be procured, are gh'en to sh~ow the, ef1fect tol m the hldflall's Pain~t~eeln ill ht'vaU'iols comlain t i nii~..lel't'; to l(nentionl;/l~ anal nis 81to exhibit ill tie molst satist hclery main or tl" <[ rhydoivwtF ir le sr ps hi coanmon use. (Jr \ ILI.'IOrro , Nov, 15, 1 €:ie. 1)'lin'htbIhe lusl 'whlter :rol spwing, I was unlitiett wd , ab- a vey seer ami' 1 I dislltreshln" Ih unilalismi, o'ce . oI t'| 11112 c o it'Llcelt h sdh, anld I cotdhlllntly r.'uln llute d it tn .101J N FVIHI CO()N, Kilt6 55. (:o! erIII.EsrsI NieMuh t 7, IS3,.0. I wss sis'eztls siolt ttleo ..t rs nct 5 h it l tttislt'es1 ing ,hlltlll:tisi l, cssrlti I1 1kistii sa ''elso ert(lll, ihilte 'Ini1 hinillll llecllclelall l'itsd hit', s ' Ili hlaS siles:tid rt Iimll bs l nll.hS neallh iVUl ine.t, )DIrltl'ela l this i eis llll have he, na pa tienlt in the \lhrine lHospiital, inll thsh slit' isisth llahhissstetI lls tiial,stmtl tttl'ied ttllns ,~ wsstlttttimssith 'tstselyi, tistd iols the 1thst otttsit'strul, Ins.'ltatth ttlrle sceacly ble, t d o move ahloulupion crulch l.9s t con sltiioell e tlllltS' I' hliall's altta ea . lt ttit' tstlslitis 1 lnisll is m tyise titlf tsd n 'ir fellst'ltOi ainr, .ll:it. tow haspp to slate tuliosst t1tleli tysel tft'ltiy scll. N\ . 'I'UCIIIlOIR, 18 Mrktbs ist. CASES Ol) SCIOIUILIUU S L'ICIEIIS NEW\ Y tiRs, Sept.O 1),1830. T'ids mstty oes'ily lhst is the ihiot 1805, I w:s sizs with ii swellin.. in miy lneclk anld thee, which alier.warl. illceratel unul beeninel~i htla e glhs;lul ulc.lers in mIly necll. Abii.t-lyilgl's or l physt lialtainlttttt'ti'ltllt. ., I 5wel' Ito I'lhliltl lhlltltl, ttd Isl:ledll stslfl Ils rl the ellel SIts. Ph'lt s td lteil i , e hsll , tlit ' tts It 't'ttetttll ssulivsetiots toII ellL , le istl I wi5S 1troloiis cet Iuetly illelll'tlltle. Alher. waillIls look twet'ly botollhso's s a~wisll'S IllaentiLl.Lais ig.illt loltlfs of llotler's Caltholicon, itlh no inalerkil beueli )esllisisig of list, wihich had low becomeli Si aisiirtiht si sme,I telllls to t i 1- i ptsLs ta S ill New i l'olk, ill 182.I, nl' tgpsve ntsoll'up to lntoSin.rhg oeauh. Ihlarins g of tht ;reti stel'lce s of The hldlitt it 's ti tllsn.C t e iu vel , in tils sinmilar t o lily owl, [ Wl Ils'rsullll clla tl it, as a Ihst . . sort. T'lo soy arelt snrIrltse, as well ais satlislionio, 5tstsfilllilttoitspseif aiylfliysly eisoCoselTIgi illlll I sIbliiltt sesLetl bolis, s.thie ithlseritshc'l t I Itett.tle ItslesItel) well i tile coult'se ito tntsis, aotlild htIe Itelaitetl so 'lt.'r siltce. I iietllis stoltss lllel. n ll ns sllit l lli lshet lrlhs Iteneit ofithtts who ille utt suiill' Illsulr simtilar Wvlll 1l eullreil lle who s~llrlellll i~i..l~y tllihl llR lislb,:h lll hIo cositla.lhitllll stesdiy tteIllltovoe i. WM. IIINIIA. (CaIInL.suo-.J.uly Io l ,131. I was alilicelt', fotr '5llrs with Ill uloerl. I tise si, oo " li. 'lk l ,.llly l a lllllli e I w erll cls u l: t IIl .i l'l t .1fi) tisl st'ssiisttisssbOLil jl~itl.sttsalat ~leo Jisltal. Siesotl eominsnt hllysicsiaso excilted lthei'skillullOn it, isut with ots petlllllent 's Ienefit. In l hisc:ttae file bottl lnlli..n'o l'aill'le i lslllet i Ist l s ct curl.s MIAIIOSAItI':" A 'E'iT, 101 Slotlsret l';or el le l) IIFNRIY IIONNAllEL, ltlogisi, lagen ts: isu prlnt' elsor, I 'Ilr ttllisonulr s str tl:t 16r SA~W oRlLEAnS S NA~hVILLE st~ll. IOIJAD COI'MAN 8'. rI11F sro klst lsa rof sitis csotllllasror Iht'rev no ss siite, SI.1:,t Il s tos s.7.i.,i .. stil ittoit' . it' ,li... ithn e 1 9 ih illnt tl, e hall ha e lln h on h ie hold r bhe ittit l,'ehru'ary lists, itr Ill iso tstntnlisf fist' oll ,ii .lile. wil.. re~~illt'iddlll ( I he t llYid gloCI.hI hh~r. lin-T llrlhe rssiited lhess I IV l l .I l:.\ , Its a i'sshlllntisi hll si'sislabtltss ell . iIl lit' I151l5 thsl, tit ',l II lies bests stit sitd Olisll sl~kot bititr s 'f lhe \ew Orleans ant Nashville Rail 11i td (s mpln. str tilP ti llllwin.t lv lllllts oil til he slctlls hitI rti tlt t ii'h ly hlll r ( l l fnvif : -l l wo d e sl ies lietr sh lt, ialt stl ihe Ih day of N~btilt' r nexl ; t' t' 11 d' lltrs tst r ise Iullmlllblild he first dyi of ihle r tllh r u i, alnl I111 Illahuq l r tJ Ih re i iarla le on ht Itih .t ,Iyi ol" ,\hiIcI h n·l tl:l, .\u ·Il tl rellt lll (r; h 1,· It le h'lil.~ T I I\ lllll II -l'r I qll r!"il .,1' th is r ou ln th e IC' sh L il¥ liranX0 flhe ity lrt ih lhr hit IhlI Ollh ,·liiPl i~ili iF.IllSll Il}]" lhP i'ill'l tlllll PIt|(II elll.l~lt wit·h lhe lxl h rr rl tiol oi f l ' cha( rtlll'lerl . ' l I1" Iirlllll l.i iil I"(l ltlt l i l lll' 1IVII{'IIIi'{tlh(IVF hi~l , 1111 11hL" 11 ..t ltl{ if a tillll l i f l to vill It. it " +. i ll, fIrolml alld illu er lhe ,hIvon a li .~ ·i . ,'a e121t ri~ll~llh' .Iihle 1·l 11exll~, is (In nhl,1i, . · h~llTt, l'l·r ll l t if i.)llll" ti lll lli% 1111? I wlhlll (1 Il1 t I 'i(I p1,1on i ii l otllli l th d1 l y , fro li'lllll iii aiL[Iii r 1]1,. da l\ lslll hih it s1 bto hllll Ol l ila i pe id, thusl Uei1 he slol.t 111 % -hla pam nt s e huilllllllI l beeI nmale' isan11 i. ldl! r,''t 55'5 frfti' l sti tih o -llstlytit tih c dlllter on tfihal oinlten in lpr·lrnive. t Ie) c.nllila ti heoiiile Ol' il. c s al l t s t 'oc k 'o f Ih es ki n lki l r h i s t. l c o m p aU y, | i llIt. .itto'i'sttim Iitslitisn se Isittiittdl' iiih ie llr alllow-s the l,ilre noledlh t h el ph aymy n tel of twol dll hl ernI u ltil thl', Ite ill i ll if Jt lllter sits lll s ti l' lily f sal~idt 01 i".111iirh1·1r (l i ssl t .1 aillfssit iitt lall tiyol81r Ieolt lh.ia¢llal lll i[I, |IICIl iIill·Lr.L~ iluu; .oll~rP I~li]]~l fill- i0111 i1oO I ltitstt'sisittt ofiDlstlh'ptts Iit'ttIIstiill ittsos pSib lllP itett ist itsll' ss ii~l Itstlsi styof dtts11 isis.I;s lIhsi il lllell ol ~rll ],1!111". ,,r 1, t' ttlh isst't1 iii |, l lsts [i |itsl . ltsltttsstsils lU~,itttsitit tbst stol~lt site llIh 0 t tlay ol April oitl lsi I i~ltissistl ilts I lllllllleit ti ole hlnrttll. .- jinctl .. ... m A I_ lNlc\411 , tec'ry. s i lt. , s c .I--:s- , st sltn Iie to plntiTll "~i) !1 '" :fl X ts. 51516 SlTA't'E F01 LOtUISIANPA.-Parish Court for the J!1 - Parish snd City of New Orleans. THlE STATE OF LOUiSIANA c T o ll whom Illse Presenrts shell come, Greeting:-Whereas, t ooes Haose bovilg pitrchoerd at sale onade by tile Sheriffof the pnrenh of Ollenor the property 005 Ilerricoater dtecrihed, icts npplied to tile clerk io this aba' euot, ill wthool oilce thel detI nI sale wast recorded on t'r thle 2d iloay of opril, A. .1838, filr n monitilon or adler- Tir ticemtno oo eoremlit ot on actiof tile .egielotouro cfthe gtr blate of Iouiinnao, elaicled "'An act for tile farther astu- ad race ol titles to Ilrchacerr o ntjuolicialalo es;"approved tho 10th nicy o Moriih, n834. d NO\W. ,lierrfrre know ye, and all persons interreted herin, are ereby cited othd ndonld i tile ao r I the ithe S.atoe of l.eisiioonr, cnid cf the Parish Ciurt, e w ciie co set iit any right, title or oloinl in nol toi thle retvt hhreicnaferdeocribdid in oseqennsoofnyo e t iltiircal e ir troe thrlr, decrer or iulgentt of tf ousncrt iniler rhi'lth tile Ftlt wl o'lr tntei r cnvirregularlity or illegality iot tile ppi~iroemento noil ndorirtti.enlnts, in tis or tionnnPr of Cole, or fr vno oither eriel wolno ev00, to chow cnolee, wihlnun Itirfv" dlos fronl the day this Sc icaiiorta is ort ioericd ic i n thli tie pupera, Ay ti tle role so cleR(i ihoold eet be onofiromed cend hon o lofgted. ao lnce ciid prorperty so o llt ly tile Shleriff of the Icr ih bronaid otl the 4thl dny of April, A. Dti. 1r , bh p virtue f it dtcree rCfthis tou't, rendered nn tile 5tht doil ofFehorv, A. t. t18il, i a slnt entitled AleoXnidern Collwoll 's. Jomtrs d0nse, No 11,01i8 of the dinkct of to tils Cort, at hicit Eiol the sanil Joilers Itser becaelno P Itole pnroloaer for tile tier of twenty one thouoanl Deecriptin of Prprpert et gien in 0 the Jladicinl Con I- 'ETAT D E LALnISAe, . tuscuxq A certeo lot of ictrl oFitosh ed in theC auhnr An noci:loio rlisenotcrPe of this etv, ini rnnre A no , e, Inol let I:lting" Frnch iet sdaun tii i liite ' rt ronlet eiou pioulor streetii feet t'roo ion )rtnngers street, cand n0 set ono I otar;de clll lorc: stree in ioclhlat loter that cide lotoforuIoie, is ftilfet widce ftot o0e siter li tire sqare in tile ,ctier, tigetler with a dielling htoiso orolle0 oncTc ioito tlen soi, te kitcc, e e ntoes seil peindrici's, aso tile diotillery restsblislnets ite octd l thereon anLod her hildins end ioprovements, tile C I'nacliiitv, otentilr. imo leioments and iXIIoers Ie'neinc tc' sul dli;tillerv ith tclciio~e os anod npprtllnncrt Iee lnd the rights cectioon,tai priviloges tltoreto bclngiis d or ill any a ise nppcrtolaiiicf. a Clecrl,' ()fric, Noaew Orlrnn, it My 7, 1 n38. I tcttdll4, t . (&lt . tI,)epiitv Ctlorkh. tI j A'T l'ire. L'A. l,tUlblANE--UCaol de Pont Ias ponr lp oPros7e t i'iloct de In Nouverller Ollens. r cETAT I)E lA 1,.lOUISlANtI.--A tosaeux csque Id ci's pioBcf.nes coonerineni, Solitt: Attelnilll litr SJames lcoansoepllt ctci'hi ono vcct ents aetpr e Shterif I d tltoparoiasse It'Ortlealol inoprieb6b cl-al's ieltcioe, C ~atolrtba avofe oi'iocroaoe tcoec s B'estdrtsin lat Glo de eette Colrf on In dite vent filln ecnrogistr'e Ic Jrotejoiir de Mil tie l'Innooe 18i, pour n avi conl eafocirmcnient c A toll oite tI LBgitaiure oie 1' Stat ioe Ila Loiiscilr, iotitolf "Aclte pnns confitmer los ltres aide aqerer sci cooesr jadieialres ;i" opprovt tl l0 Mars t134. 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An adlvertisement in the book is in nerly the follow ingwords: TI The'high distinction this work lhas recived throughit the tell legislative acts prefixed to thie title page, is a re sommenlntion inll itself, sot uncommon.lld II esonli sive, Ih t ntlling is necessary more thain y iwa of atd vertisement, to given condetnsed viewof some of its pe an fliallies:afrInstance, the Illntrpst has hiaen eomtpais. ed fionm,and compared with, what is equtivalcnt to ftuir- l teen setsef eldculatione, examined in the press thirty- (, five timnles, and printed frotm tderenolye ilphes ated It , thitltyty-ene times, fire all hi chi it mni t evidentt' even to the skeptic (especially ni tii pe.sonan afthe de- Ft tail fproof in the profie) thaiet tihe woik moit hie arilh- li metically ihfallitle, asdl in confirmation of this helitfa Ft preminm of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer- i' ed for the detection of an error eoft cent in the present Bl or fifth edition, as exnpressed in tle preface, mtakig five P1 large premians onaered fir the samne error sinlce t first N pnhlieation in the year 180l. One of thi most consplicuous featrt esl ofi teables is Inthe arrangement of tile Time and Alntllls which N for exnpditiont, rofresce anli pierslienity, with the helpii ofthe side andi ilndex, cannot e xcelletn a clnd tllhe santy ty and sase with which the in:eresl can he Ifmd,to tle extent of general lalsiness, wailhont donlidng of sums is besilhs a convenience sna essential, that il the estllm- t tien of some oi the most competent and Iprtical busi- n Sess men and public ofti ers who hatn e i an e IigrieaLt ue n Sof the work, it has berent tistinguishdt hyth honorable appellation efofa "master pioce". And (considering the inalilibility of the method originally adeoped in composing tlhe work, a:nd tle extraordiarv unlumber and li variety of the examinations, and tests of'i cely edition it has passed in the press, eotwithlstaning theil whole is in Sstereoty pe, rnllsiderilg, in shrlt, lnh positive neclurn fey secured by the unprecedented mteans etplOy oied, tile ,o- a lumehas heenl hld tup and empnatial:ly styled "I theI most wonnerfil book in the waslk; .." lost certainly to manean names figure work of tle same extent, which since the btigmti.goa creation, Ils hall tile samle nntn ber and varicty of tests ill the same nlmbelr of editors; 1 ono, noronl hallthe numlbelr, as is clearly shown il the , e sdles, l s test and standard, ithas been tried ant l c taoned in neanly' alllhe hank nul public ollices in tile nited Sltates, nail by til public gaenerally, dlurina the o Ing period of thirtt-nfi re:ars, yet iln error eof niie td tulations has ever been fount in printI, althoiigh eonililt ally challenged by the offer of vety large premiums. The in tfactexpressly adopted Iy nll the onrts a oflaw l sevoral oafthe States n thle " rte of ealentatlon forstalnte interest," assis by law fir bank interest, according es tmh book is used, tan as a-lr hIe seen in part, by ,am Itasets ofihe saernrilarsm , ftiw of tihe a shseqocll t tahltnsers, inttlie this atlhe cnd oftlte book, isinl possession ofeveryt clnas of citizens ill everl quaer teo of tlhe United States. S It ismoreover well known that, by its rearly check, n it has so oftilte detected large oers, fleee fter they we're e made, even by thle nost crtleelt.ld Int ost competent arithmltieiaiin, tat its tiseltiliess, aml tihe absolhte tie . cessity for its Ils, have hbeenl extetnsiytly insisted upon, n so evident, ineed, itrie been its Illvantllges, ndl its Iii, stviigs, that, evenri nnaagii, nhilst the first edition e was salce, l.lal ot of prilt, it great iilmtaer of strmlcli i hand colies were ouhi;lt tfo, simle to a tre t distance. nr utll' Ioricased fit valio.u prices, as thley could tareasiol ally tee pickelid ut at flittu tt to $.5 ir copy, lan somi persons Ihve It'ret. n e'lnllrel l, l intaelletn-e huldhIe quoted that lthey ' i tll Ipate' $51, ) tlOll, nlld I 5011 for a eopy, if ot to Ihe had fort less, i l a na itdiildual in the litr r, instanee 1 atictali, t viniv g at the same ilmte ixhlibited iatishaltory prod, to ia eral persons pre sesit that to hitim it was really worlth tlhat money tad more tthin .h the oainio of i8i e orV vulnable time, he tinia' a nrcy' rich mi u amta in ahelie orlicee. itt It Islikuwist worthy ori' inti, e, 11e illeeei im l t eIoIrpr t imlre n, Bht sauclt is thie llatelllre i" litge work e 'en iraIlly eall a pecilty whli of t hi e extent tll illlllllor of these a Is, thath il tlhis book ol. its like n trIt - ed in the usu llllllll er aleone, h. tLhe IIIIe cometent tt c tlculator inl til world, :,'d laflelfal'dS ,pinll d II olno s es canltiouly under hisoul t.rvertion If p" rf .she,.tF, it ' wolld, aillmoot to a CI tai:Lmly, h.eve bte. a 1:t lil' Ita l rl l etplhlans, Iit . ptalf,,t :pt ll d \' ilt a i Ih.l have the m streale , ptt's mf this wa klheen male, that t i ener i- hene, eithI ,iri tie , ..e r :eIa I \ . lk l .t . t le t il eme l il. tl o siee n i1l fire, l 'le r e' h .etlieee ie I nIbee n li, llii. al'rie ( bi dt ertisenwint) ee.,tautll kl t ie a t ::ece of spete al at Aiipl i teite ioes i l l,,ied hIt t .ilhks :and sE:i te inte r e1y st withll e( 1 · les, t'il f v 1I, -t h!:er, x 1e l't,[ ithi frs e frl tii Rmlee rliee the te wo lite I l tn1 ihes it f ,lmnt p t i tr ingaler .I,, tee eeletl' amee,- \.. .nwl'rut, ,eli,e it h1 I , lo1t , I 1hl b Ii s p ii e ite 0 11t l Il wee t I t ...tte t .I . , " f . ..... . I . . . Ien e 1,,1. wri,, , l ci te lt e sI x r l .i ltleeteete, |.+i neeell ee eleLllle | .i.+. . t. Ie e l nl i n s i ell I Ia e n li tellk i, f i: :1 i el 11 1,-lii i ie eih. l it , iii t i li ee liol at )tat t lle ll ie it n lo il l le lt r ,; e t ,i 1i;"I i i lle.,lil 1, " roli +ill 11.t( ll (,r It ,I'III f Ir :.Im es, k. lif'e,-tone n.iJ ,' :', 1t,0i , edle :u, te etipe''"I 'O r,.iii .li: t le,' ', "I l' Ieiee Iii I,' 1 I '.ri e I.. . ~ 1!. a e ee i ," t . , "'t ti0i.eiell, l e; t ll .i ll "' i. Ill I" 1h IIIII'O ii li.i ., Ii i'' : Ii : lO Iep i 7"l ,; L. , ,o Ai b, ,.,,t , dl,, ,, I e,,.i 1-. Ilv ll Iiv ofi ,, I 1:t SY(;t,2l I II, -' -1:c t, , r I ho' Ihno t .nlin I, w the 'lli' rnsll .'l I a r .tate.Hell e lI- " hlt l ha ,all i, l. Iv devoted to t ile e Ira tt u¢hi 'o Vi I erl I b ?lul S lo: s tin - ,IV o , .. 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Ita e , torwnl- Sull, tin WoIll w ll Ioler llll ll ll ,ree 13 C h \IalY, Hlse, Sia. gn a ndt t rl llaor, ll A 'l iltllel , N t .~ i lllWle .a. Nl l a. tv'bdlj tls I it atllol ill Il I .li " lllCL wandsll andi'l',1 Cn guyld- , p l"5'l, Ihl:,r k ad gold, Otk, alta;ti :aIod Antic n, i g ltaaprdl a0 orienil u" ..r ll a lalallallate. atrld dal, .htt Kl asptel. Ci.aId aalle, . l:. i.,tn.,l "tonetadl Ciasa aetn , aa, bli , t., al iag, illt , t Chain tabl, lvt, , o ai, lig adi Ds e or ilh dells , C ta, aita, Mi lie Wa hile, (Arm snllleh t o Illalck Sianlal l talll la sCelela, ookaUinlls to hle seenes t hr allnll. V':ilolts, oil g , clals, tl,a i, &i . ... and o atlia e l a leo In 1 SIIs.a iN, lai.rl& I l.EIVY g I t))liS--l , sqaalre uln hllanodle n iron, rlhll a Rsohrtedl . al l o, scrollt alnd ra, iro o hlllr ors tal lolngh .slt, (e.,l: l sheall bli 'll'd, splillat , sli et ll Crwarwley sseel r ;i r I block ti mil, e SPRIN i ni i lell A i, vices, 1 illllerlUlel NIesl b htllows W ilre, shelt,i llllll bll sar l l i; iuh.ot Caae, and ,, k ll,ilal sta fes Anls, owu lhl's :I elther spagles :ll(l shovels . (look a'a t pa allll l l ht, alt anldit, itat Willll taw ell l l'tarat'and Manilla cea,,tig, li es tal twine llh tllan the hi n cap taa att.lineJ' O s 1aPi.t , linstee d a ag l al..nt oil A filll lsslllartm t ol htarlle wale anll ship tl lall e lley. 'lwaiv Oi lt ld tei l ' et nh lle Oi.i.rira flsle a t Wllole et .t aa muiil, taI llh il' a11t iIoral thle toulntSi a l)y nl- I.A YTON &. Co. 53 Old Levee. - 1- - HIL OW-AT-- SPIINGS TIHREE DAglS Y J.TOURNE |" 1'RKOMl AE IV r l l l: prorietor .1 Ihia eal ns t lir ant lha lhe phen c r ure. hIllullloitt i t~hTa It la ti'iela lll tie plical in lla, llt lltll he will I'et ill bea daI v th e fis tv It a ru f i.itaI ttat a' t ihrn Itt a jiatthna t roie av bn t le ptingo illllrlll vt'llletlll lll o l kindtl t othl rsl+ now glloW .Oillu, tkil atlll ill r anit ,rn gresa ln r ctiaold'ti.l, Shih wilbl t atln e the a tu.t her to itl:o llllt Ihll l t r a rmi larg ' nllnlllbPr thall lnl nil.ius bin hl a. llOllm hll . ted ithn glad roms, ihor thlose ho pel vaTntl" 'Ilac Ia ge cllus cabits ~!.lichet frnutl Ihxr illllll e ellii St a mm [t is deeml ed ar lt lllce. .ry to s Iv anVlhin ill .:Irli Inkr of the cilraeL,'( r s l' l ltl" waters, fUr it is gen.eraly erll States. All OIIin ILImmnselIIIIII thlalt ro gelesall y f'ounId nt \Vleerinl f Pt.,, will he foumnd at lhis, Tlhbe st, Ii ltic tha 111this pats. o . t • onllltrv i|ords, has been . nllg;agelldandIl will be ini lOllSlt.nt ateiadllllCI at lhe Sprinl. dm urigl e t hdewhoe se-ason. in returning. Ilss Il.i'_aued tlantIks thr the ve.ry liberta[ iu .p)ort g'IYPII hilll allt Iseda lh, uIltl hopes by thte exer I 'se. JNO CRAM11. /. perfilllla hair lio,,, Ih,- falce, neck and alrms, with iln hl s 1afe}l and Perllrtaainty, h ing thit rkill liner nod rlliter rhna l Itlre the nlppli,'ation A frsJ II ,,lpply. a. ... 6 6 MIAIL ARRANGEMEINNT Northern al I De Every Day at 12 l. Norsher a, CIar Eerv day at 10 A. M1 ler Due every Sidny, y \Wdnesday an Westerr Ma. l, Friday, ty 5, P. li. by Ca l q/ tIhe. Closes every lrnday, Wednesda Const, ern Satrday, I,, 9, P. M. Te I)e e everyai Irelay, Tihrldar, an TheLnle Jail I Saturda , I;y 5,1 .M. n via Closes every Mloulday, Wednesday EX'IrSS MA11l.. TIMES OF ARIIIVAI,,ItEIPARTUIRE DISTANCE &r. af;lte Express Mail, berw'ao Mlooile and New York--leaving Mobile daily at 3 1'. M. Northwat New York daily at 5 P. 31 southward. Arrives Arrive Norhvard. Diistance. Time. Reorn'g Morntgomery, Al, '2 pan. 19 at's 23h It . C mhotIs, Ga. 115 81 9. 3 a. m Mt dgl'eville. Ge. 2 133 145 2 p.m Coalrmbi, S.C. 71 am. 163 175 10 Rlarrigh, NC. 5 ' 21l 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 In. 55 C. 8 Petcrsburg Va. 10 plp. 83 10 9n.ol Rilretrnd, Va. I am. 21 3 68 Frederickshurg, 67 7 1p WVahington iert, 24 pm. 61 6 5 Phildelhi, 4 em. 100 11 2 New York 2 pm. 90 15 1305 143 It. or Sd 23h Northward. Coming Southward, the time ia six hours tles; Ien ingr 5 days _o] _17 hours. _ _ _ r 1',IN I)OI.LARII REWAIRD. D ANAIVAY from 169 Cnrondelet eorner of Herbl R1. streert,on rie oiht of 301hl of August, and was areen te next nro inrag in Paylras st eet, a negro boy named CIIAIRL.S, about 17 yearsn of age, and 5 fee or thereonbots in heirht, very black, and Itas an imped' iment in hris speerl, one of hf s lreg is sore, oeasioned h a rccent hulrt; hre aid oilealen h went away a lwhite cotton or liten shirt and white cotton Ipntaloonn. larsters of vessels and steam bomts are cautioned i t g.nst reeeivin" or a rboring said lnegro, as well ase all other persons, as Ithe almosnRt rigornr of then law will ho er elnfrerd againt thieal. Time above reward will be paei Sforrlrlirvering himtilt.r any of the jails of eithier of the municipalities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of Hoevi It tfrltlo-Tl' , crpartaership leretofoire existing undelr the firm of Duhois & Garretson, has been dissolved. Thle subcriber will liqruidate the atfairno iethe ooncern in this city, and requires all persona indeb - er t) rlRke rvrenttio trimolllvn, and al those havinp claislnr, tresentt heln forsettllerntl. nuz 8--,7t H GAIItTSONI -- W.-W. SWAIN. No. IllCanal Sreet Artr Orlcoans I IT AS ,IlWlmas onihand can.tanlly r.reriin . D)r. SI)yre, hrtamicaalt,aad I'mn:a,uroag thet. ar., SolIow S. DYES Anlill.tly, elrltlde, Argols, ireI1, t,, do rgguluo, Atllar, Spo' SAror'rin, crrllle, Alam, Aro tpowelred, Brrzilletle woos, Balsam copavia, Cochienal, Iloenx, trlde, Colpperss, AmelAtan, k, do refinlld, Cuploar, Brimstone, erude, Fustic, Tampico, at do rol, do Cluba, ido flower, dIo nlrine, a, irotllllll,, French ierries, to C talrrri, lIdligo, Hiengal r CreAhm tartar, do Maailla, ,a Canltarides, doe l arreaes, f.Gal, dos, edo (leltolamnlo, do IrtIAtbic, logwnlr, CI ampeach) rl do assatalida, do St Doamngo S do alnonia e, dlo Jamictaa, Si do belzllzilln, (llamwool. of Ire1 Irt ral, rorh, toddert, or lo rIo r tlllrll, Nicareolgual Uoalret, r dido S Aneric", do COro, . r1 do camphor, cr ., dIo 1 aracuib le do o nf,. do Ilch'. dln giau , (C[II":MCAI.S. to d killo, A lrI, nitrans, ie io nrlae i, ro mlrir tie , od opium, dok selphuric, n- do shelh , lue 'ilriol, r ( to slllll( u . :erosivsl'l rlieatl lir ,it do I rr W n rth, 'hloel'lrt!cof limr, ;- G(amhge, EpsloSln salts, u lr liper erries, A l nel ic:lt I u lt' caustic, ,1 do Iorign, littrd lrirrrilter .er 8 I('·d elll.(llllll lllc B lln l by MIaneIIIII k, Stlll ca rp SwO M il Ilo ,rnlls, S1till pi utt Lhl:rireri ball, Sugar l.ll, tn. Oil ,l Sl,\ ttip zine, Il r' Inla ul:lu "r lptlr inine. Ilt, Tarta, .c ic lI I R i r, mir yrllow, r dr, , I l IIhlublt. , do hlc iln il, de , IIrrrlrrrrrr1: I Irririrri lrirll"h li innwen, , tIi n ia S p I rlllll ,iti, dro , I An t in, . , r l~'m ,, bk I l .el, P so i ,n i, ,li, o ,,,:. r i, dh, ., l.. ak i , i n l rs e,, 1'h l t ',, r ' i· p cl. i , it , a1,, Iin .i n, c , il {. 1 r d.aO-l, ll l h, 11 cil. ll, Cd Atr..eI, '.'III d.lOlirrrnl rr h Ir, l r.l tll , rirr Al:l r d.'111" 111 d I'St' , Nerdl;l.ird t"l. l t , hr'lll, t'n , .'.idle, ornmleli l ll 1, n d, d | io , err drlr l Ined .11- I (.lllit'k'ihlt'r,-_a , A nt , lll'rullllt- ptle. CAPT.IN tiA1 ( .V'li"S NEW NOtEL. 4 Rillin /lite eefer, lby tihe amior of Peter Simple, doe u.mmin~s, (t aVitriner at Schlts litai-fielid in Ia.wa .lSti£, bv (apta"in" Ilnsil lall, toval Nnavy, F.Li Jid R/dlna, a rmin-, by Allan Cunni ngham, I vo ;.-'rppard l.ce. wrvitul Iby iimlelf, in ,i vols, A uipnderlinis 1lislory nf/fity, traInlated from b.e nrihltal I elhnl Ibt Niltiel (trecne, n t vol. for ,nine No. 79 of Hlarper's I aemily Library. lo , t. 1 It& hi W i no'w nplee and tuniform edition ,. I cA..m l ,in..' I't orks. Wo/',r'n Ira', hnretnl E.t"list, I)irtieiery. in I vol, 3vo An'-" :l's ihrr h ri Eljhtish Uiriona.rq. A-l.--A i w I oire copiesof (Co:blP'sl hrenology ha, witih vh ii,,, l lli~* I s)fll -4f I n auIP2 1rateh Ua (;lllt il'oved Iauellic 't lsjapanned pllper, weight &c. &c. &r. SUt receivd, anlld for sale by _ _31 _ EINJ. LEVY. SPAIN IR VISITE),&c. d&c. SPAIN Rx I.EVI'ITuD, &, by thIle utbnr o fAyenar I. N Spain,' i 2vols. "i'r is I altla u'n h-rar.ter, an genernlly applicable to the b.brigieies of Nrtht America, by ( Turner, Eaq 'The Political ranmmnr, of the United States, or a copll lt view loflthe theor and pirntiL e of the genera nel state trovernmnis, will the relatjinsa btwteen aheuta ee edicthd and adpteId to thr yantg men of the United llutes, by E I) ,ainlsiehld, Esq. 'imIroI's Huntrin Tours inters rsed with character islilc anl'dols, sayilng and dIing llS of sporting lcit, in leldilg ntlites ofthlte Il nipaiu ul crck rildernofl.gugland with nnlyticnal t....nt.,d. l gneral ilndel of n..... FOR TIIl CORE Or Strofula or Kittg's Evil, Cbronioe heumantism, Chronie Cutaneous I)is- Pains it thli Bones, by free eases, ise of Mrcurry the Italod being in viiated stule. This very concentrated Svrlup is prepared with the greatest phlnurceticul care and accuracy, nnd contain tia active ptteirs le ioI Sarsan rilla inn lthe ilant concer ned degr ee, omtbtilPd with othenr vegetablne slbtanter of o knllOewt rtliilNy. 'li grett reltiderntuln with ihvsciinns in being abi to exhiilit liarge quanlit of etrsne lrilta in a Inae dose, hll Ibee obtatned in this peri cration-tlety, bei u fulla eonvinced ftlits eltrits, conliently admin ater tiriCt! tit 5 llir biltti. Sold only at SWAIN Bltt)'I' Ell S drIn stonre, NtI. I 1Cunnl treet, wlth titity bie alild, fresti antd g-enineI direCr l frlnitn l pier rrk tttr, Swainl'i I'unaceu alnd Vernlifuge, Potter'E C.t.noli con, anrlenter's Preparatils, und a large and gensera an.ortluent of freshi drug s, I'NNOCK'' S IOhM tI, &e. ] INNOCE 'S IMPIuoYVEI El ITION OF DR (;Oldslltil's Atbrileg nt of thte llistory of Rne tan Ilicl in prefiedtl all tntrontlll:to to tbhe Stuldy RtaiIIIt Ilistery ad 1t ltreiitvIart l n o valanable iafon ilatiol added t"ltnoulont tiit workn, on tile lllanere Iatittitli ins aid Atilllll'ties ttf thle llans; with nu icruus Wbhgrnphiul arid Isitorical Noles; and qlle lioilisii eiaitttntim fat tll nlld if ,a ill sneclion. II hiliatedtitwi h titiriy etlgrnilttgs on wvuoo, by Atherltan t'lt.non's linproved Editiltn olf iDr Goldttllil's lilstury ofEnigland, liiI tile itnvasion of Julius Cuesar to the eaith of ieorge 2iI, with n eolltinuntionto to he yea ilbl,. With tlltestions tI r exl lilation at tile elild etnh section. Besides a varilety of Valutnbln iurounna tile added thirougho litt, weorkit. Coluistting of table of contitnpc.Il'USy Siovere,-igtln nod eminant persons CO(iuoe ex l ullltidan rv mlite. Remarks on dtn poh tics, ,Knanu.r a nd literatth,e of tile age. An outlines !thle CLonstitutin, &e. &c. iliustinted by many engrt (tIra' El...a..Enr OF An..rnn.n.I, and an Aorid.gmc of Keith's New 'realtit on the Use of Globes. New Amlerilcan edition, witi addiltions and iatprovettnia Iltld aU exilatinl ol'tie mltrunuoluicnl part of tile Al J iit received tutd fr sale il \Vl M'IKEAN ,v:rndoer o Cnllp auI Colnmonre . II.lbl'l{L'US CLASSICAI L LIBRARY. odes, At:. h Itlu JiiliOluni, C.oiev, uliltlon, D)rdun Iopt! Aihlieat, wift it Uinetloot, (I \Vaklieold, Ptraon Bryanll, &c. aid anl ua of tile toroeemit.ent puots of th dan --nd IiItl'aI( IUS, wihh the upienixt it .i $,Altiue transia teld byi Christultlher Sltart, in A vo rllt Yirutn le attttnoa 19 ind 1t9l'"lllanipcr's ItlUIsttiI LLbrary 'I'l Inlleitlpot l Iitit IIl,\llt(l, Y Cl.INKER, iby Sunuo:l¢t, w11 1), il ita lnar mifhf AtAuthar, by Thtii tns ltocoe, tinli Incv editll with iltiltrantironne, by GO l'ilh: jIl'SY; nia Tile,iy tiaeauthor tof U"Ricbali hta-y olI' urguandy," C., litw ediltiUt, 2 vwls ueaalP na oe. IiAUL 'LIFi"OfD; by tie atnlhor e aPtlhlr l'll'3 i: a I 3d," e, lbing volume IV olatlsl uow l1 nilit ante Cao"itleiu Vtnrk. Juttamitll Ssole, 3 WM MeKL'lN R . ,\CU N S IU E -- 36 wL t sýU . ia s t I lft;r.itcll ] ylýq -"

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