Newspaper of True American, October 22, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 22, 1838 Page 4
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S 1 antd Uiaiana Hotel, R4t ,.ly A-I a ipra .Ka1rNT D roopaolfi!liem aM. b , y t ll 3piro d to s teommo t.t o/ii atI 4·ci taoy ! aacai hadl hope frstni liar sol lertit~t.litr itomfutoabie, to receive, fIvors. Shae foals conil. . ating Covinagton during tht u Illmrsionthse .atunot htlid bleter cacctllllomlltioais " than *tb s~ n * ia lcii thorn, on Ulotare lilleral tornoa. ': : hoJalso is plraanllfiuituotean Iod welt coppliod . ary e onvllOntiensi the bar it furnioalod with amoot lhroia liapors. &o. in habort, she promises tbir snll b wantilng on her part to give " to iall who may pllltronielo li Lt lisianl otlaltel. j,3 S WITEeg . l .itdor l)r. SLt.nidt of tClarlcetan, • hoilca. aitsd foi cone years hio a.sistanl in the pr alita of maadieno and ourtgery, has the hooter s ,i.ffl hlis tprofeeoionatl services it thi. city. K.-l asugL retsthe ladies and gentlemuaan tlht the mnst .:' inpt alteratIon-trill bo p-rid to the eals which itfet mirdel; slid alco olirr his oervices to the blaersef slaves, bhoing w.l acquainted with thll • ' ee ;" s qcamon to them, having *ttend-d thell in -e sugar boneso in Charleotan . - 'ii nt femosa alaUlhilioau pilll fter the comnasition altrehifcr 8minollettel, nith direction, enr ba had .ftksesudcraigned. The efioet, which they Ilave psidleld irathis land otllher cities hSs baen alttendod .aWth' the gntatest soleels, to , ,it, lth bact of sferences ecan be given. Apply at No IliG 1Mnha. ilreet. JNO. 'M'I.()ISRIN. SIRONS, &c. r15e IIOWIErLL WORKS COMPANY, No. $8 . -I Water, near Ilockman street, Naw York, e;irs rnoived tie past osttson, and are co,.sttntly raeivin-tlrgo andl extensive caddllitions to theo stock o the anbod.o goods, wliclh now cnciseti of the eowing' ssoortmena, suitablo for the iouthalral and wratorn mnarketa. lttlloew were of snperio qsality, sonaintiag of Lsheet 1500 tons, via, Pets of 2 different izter, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettale, 15 slies, fromn 3:8 to 30 gallais, ettltcs, 15sizcas, froas 3:8 to 18 gnll,aa, I BskBpana or OvenS. 7 deffiront site, Ti Kattlee, . doa killets, . -. do I Lt Spiders . do oveorod Slidorl, I do Oriddlis, . . 4 do MIre Daog, . S de ttagon boxes from 1 I 4 to 4 3 4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 intees. Wood Strewc, 210.100 grneo, iron and brstl, from Sinelh, No. 3 Is 3:9 ianch, No, i2 of a aslperior quality and fiaish, and less thanl Jame's impartted priocs. Sad Iront, assorled, in casks of abot 500 Ibls for retailing. Tailor's and hatter's Irans, ae.orted. Bash wig'i:ts, 100 tons, aeesortad 'tom 1 4 4 to O0th. Bolla for Phntstions, Itonmboaasts, ehuralhee, ce. Made to order, Also steatmbats and other machinery made to order. Thie loova assortment of gt.ds is particua!arly ieemmended to th!le attctLon of Soullern and Western maerchants, anLd are offered fIr sale ;at low prices, and upoln thlo lost Ihlaral trane it is be. evad to be tIhe largest and htst accortmatet ever alered for sale by cny oao etab!irlauentl in the nited htates. Merchantls, by forwarding a request by mail, can base a prin'ad, wilit deecrilpttan of goods, pieessand terms, from which no deorantion is ever maldo, frnished bly return a:f nIail. All orders will receive immedilate ttenltion. New York, 18.8., jr3 A aLo nan sap analu'illitc, ' oac -rti eittt lio,e C knarlof Ito-aic & tIaske" Itlti f elee; "r a.n lhOr stlaiigCllt . laO y by i taIIiw 0, tll car e'at,ona naaId l.Ihonla ita:ilal. I S APa-i00 Itall bere hat I titutp, braanaala.lnaawas St i aaaidarttGlela' IC la u ilalt-ri till. lll' k". induld, forsaloby lS.1..141 BRIlmE .1 COt. wll llt 3.t1 e <tr1 'lIt a . T O .NEsn a dwlla.. It.. on. tr. he n itn tivli iairl a;a. t arenlhalet tareta. mc). Apply to J OTT, "jJ |IEITEl"flAlI fltah\, &t --5 %lbhelbarhroaaa 25 V Vdlirt do. itn storet, lt -alr ti V G21.h~I~IJIN& ctlt ')tR, mll| 82 .!uf'a t . -ir~ ~ nlli ri,,e.oCl · ll ei. loe~lt I'apllll· , e('I :ill ,IIIn . lihie ,cl stir lill f e ry fl wear lin bnhl, lbhw . 4nd whit l ,, R oad nl '. ull l rl d -oll.h ¢ tge record l .\atV Iltl- l'T &. Co. slt N Y h htatintet' Ilhia, .4 Iahurlre s. tA )! h lat'a. old :,,1 e leh 3toa'alla \h, ir. t farl, h0 do ot2 da ta al 1I1 , i Io o 2 dO LP Po. I, ; fNt dh ofaa di ate II Pel 1at I l 0 I i C'.xl ( lir. It r r lh.Y N frm th lIIt. 1I) & a( tca. east l 'tvy tw , tl l, Li lat-d0g ibnI "Til A " T ' A irE~ceetea hatal tat' lj lldlnff, I' .tob -nt l tt i.- l.l '·i a l a iro: . -steat.Ili-ot.-act rA R~I.V twon stray hrl¢.ki I,,mI.·, r~lnlt~l io I 5 ont'. Ic ra m tho d,'.Pl. lllllt liliil iir . ll - ill , a'.eet. Iipntvcrv Ililtt, I~ns..'-.l1: ' ;iren "~?r·ll'r.P!7 '! % 1 I , aUtih-- llt-l i, ii: -] i., *,,, m ( - " by LAYET & . t1111:1 I(;, ml9 17 C(oo;nee et. NO MD3ROUPU NOrI COPAIVA f ooew Nor'Ie , . SI-, 1,"7. ABOL'T six monnlthe o I hall lothe mittinne to got a a-cret di-ellsP, for l, hich I have nllpli'd to Jroe orl doctors for a cure, and they did not o're ome, o tl. on the above date I put my.olf under tltr care of Doo to inet, and I expont him to cu e me. Since that time the got worse, so an to break out in Itoro;g alelrs t the numtber of six or right tt em h leg, ln( all over my faee, and more thront, aod not able to wr.k at h ot lresent tlime ai account of the disease; large oleer oi e ri ght' side of the throtn. I netl not ottinlt onoellI ofibontlv ntndthlth catre of lDr. 11 uet, o" Paerij. tu be perfectly cored JtoIN IEAN. few 14 if I DlO CItR'PIFY that the he.vo mentntned rnditse is I qite well eored to my own satisfneotin, for whinch I thank Dr. Illot; tno moreovo r I es.treo that the mo d+i ieos I have taken lnatke mn fat, and lid not injlure tI alth at all; therefre I advisL my f Ilow onfl'-trers toI le no tihnme nd atly to IDr A. Ilhut, 1:1 CIal street, hetwealt Doaoptt fhinod [Bourbon Iroets. r. ihet is at loom fronm St o'cock,A IM, uotoil 4 P '1, ''hey wll find a trae dfcttor lro thi compa!int, J)JOIIN DE O N. In iraE er N treot. If eny one wants to see m., call at No. 4U travieo sreelt, and thltv wil he oslield. To be published at the opt;i"a of Dr. thirt. JJIJN DEAN, oew O4rlans. Foh I, 183.l. Ibth I t Iv ;J.HE Genuine inendtat llsntn of '.berwa;,i t lind hlIC i. hound, i put up in hottlto et tht low price of 50) oents each, contaiining the strength of three onuoes o I' LivUowort, hoba les thl tiirtues tof monV oather root. ndll herbs known nmong the Indians ea rmclicciottn inll cring pthloonlary eontplnints. The u ;wirnlled nult toass which ' has stlrondrl the o'1, of Ibis inoetttmlale nlatent whelrver it Im .een intro breed. has obttlined the confi:olce nnd rellrllornd ns of respectable phys;icians, for thein ots of collgts, oldh, pain in the mile, want of rest, otitoing or blodb, liver omplaint, Re. To hobm it may concern. littis in to eortin that we bave in oar praretic frrrl'elltly Itre.ri..d trts iraid. nor's Indian Baolna tof ltvrwolrt a nd lhlrht,Il d, with a decided good effect: we can th'refor, from t Ihe know. led of the materials it is nmade from, :nol ( btel vlrno ml eperoIoncelo, recomntend it ats18 'Co ri" Iroo ltonrotioh orall tdnasetfletionsof ttP Ilon s for whicht is rn mamended. AI.BER('I i Vt . L! i , M. D. CALVIN EI.IS Mi. ). Members of the Boston Medical Association. oston., October V5. sale by J \lVIa & ANI)RIREWSi, "'-- 1 I' . r:r ny t, Ifdie e l not0 '0tl+ It SI y'TI.LR'S Miaglnitn, Aperient--Fnr .!l. nepepsia or inllglo-titm, ntrvonot ,h.hllilt , oilldi. seme,headaeht,neidity oft ltsootuetn,'h, hlahi'onnl oo. ttvenets,autoneo.utdisca'es, gout grtael, .c.ali m,ulch /luof s a gentle, coolitlg putrtotirvr. 1bIti desirable ptenonitioo has reotitod the patrn aste of many eominent mentlers of to' pol:+.ion, n, a.d from atoo dio'tming pbtlic anov orelc'tlte tend ensli. itell testimnnila fits o flltao" as a tdiliue have hee elicited. With all the pleasing tlulities of a clnse of ionda wa'er, it p-as1se5nthe sltllE n licinal propertires of thtoast o apr 'rved tlionou pureutive; it Is pleasant oe the tanlate, nd grateful t, th etoalsch. IMIPORTANT CAUTI't)N--''he iorr"'moing repleto. hooi and irnt demand f.r Bitttot' fLfervetceno t 'ltnogo . sla Ajperient, has hbenn an ionlorlnet,'t for othto to of. ra iOntritnlon ofrthis valuble n erl rilrv. Iurrohtaer' e petietlhaily woarned of this fart iBat tlot' mav hI S'tair tgolnrrd and nort proeulI:v an poure arli'le. Tb.a ibli i reeperctllly infor el that the In!srri brsoroeeetti vat n lltplieol ni'h the oroghtel no. ger 0 is .pslt p eii For tatlh w.o afnso a r'L t al.o SICKI.IES & Ct)O SAoeot m15 4o (,.,ne otst, No n. A l vr .'SV egetnle Lir i'il, toe tie n" rYsadroth of Herpnvnoghoalth otid benolt ,d Srsof hisiilir Oil wnroarotntto the publio, it had Ailingd in cCot hlre o ittuetor ul oootonn hit.nnev., Ifr fftoIs hove hoenonnlito d. Itolhs nr.or fui'i d oo otopol dcno * i hastiful grontl of I roolo ell l:Anol' nlrrnodt b4lon eoos wtere it termoeeooo' v all cdunot') r e i4,ary i. the hood. (lo till giant " 1.1 lion grasose ad is poofeeohlrto anyn otter If it 11:t for poe aring, edrininc at glosseing tlhe hair. The h ir st bee ee d'' s"Feltrs;r' For sole 0t I W. 5 I 0- tJi, «t. 394 It D'LA-NG tti \ala. aJrnda,1etr1 and (%lr', i mal n a h.a 'Ia; , 0Clttihnn fitarda-; halsuet 2 1 awl il 23 - iath 111 s.iil+ Bals'. 8, 9 nd0 1n 12 i'.ta blade Bowis Kani-. ieather sll othtn tr.ilnlltinir lReaini ('nsrli-:i lt, I'ocket, hnonr pemai sad I),Tllint 'i-itls: double ann alnale haieaile Ouinaa (;a tae hai'- Shot IBelt-; Powder ila Pj tnl Fluk.; ' nl Ilntrt lrt Nle ' orinkia n C-lp; 'ns.rr e.: ln rsapa ns ('al Isd ll . ·or : Cl'l h, I nirt , 'I lroh: kn ailnd i Isth er ( pni emi Chlor briel , \rntsh. I'onolt P whlei..l l'eie toi al . ('a havilu n o 'p, hn at rt. l aiey: Ion- lnis Ilaid., {inaletns all ilziteti; Petre d deri Pawdet: Erst a Is.- Ivoryla rahrtnshhians It'lern P lIfa llattl an ots (:Iilt It r hi s, ilt n I In K.-vs: Itsi- hap.s: (ila-i r' iht rekl lis ad-: Iniiti lteatl. rIrl l d Pllllta: 7ahdll 'al'ni: Sidce and t )r'' ll TI'll h -; w,tlrini additionl t i -r ,rm r iteii k o h1.Md, Iatkles I rheh n:ksortrl) ln very c onht P, unit wnl lt he .alI ow ulele, on riietal tra th, nt te s ti e (olde!* Chmh. ';~-if 70 1Chnr1rrs tr1 t, 't hli: suh r,, -,;,;- -nt ; ;iP te -,, Ciuentr I \\"is J thr ",' I1t tPa.h fiell Envla. I ave jtd t sorss. El 'Taolsn, &rL. the . &, tih tl ey are prepa el ,) e ih it to the Iradrh lor nr rs. "p, nas d !ollition, will Ie Illld kns wn aa the tiatle. al6 Jl i t. I_ EIN & A: 1 (')IE-N.0 o "omm,,n ,t. NElW, (,i)ilt't _ Iwl'\ImONln, HAlrT & C&i,-it re nnw rsrrienitg C sli lle ls I' rr,+ anti r,-w, limT - Atl and, P jett l tnttll.I ,a ilat In heatdplnvineaiteha st crhela al pt k "t pitol., p nle rii' h- e tna ,pnis tlo witol Cals,; rip ) ,Sl l: 't h.l.r. 'a, 1i,,i ''m.. !, Co. re..; (;illotl's eom,..(rtiad lllll o~h~r ctelun (elrs: .niO r Violiln rui-a; shell, ihot'v n{d hom enl hs waft r, e., l ntt.iit lt .ithr tte.r. ; halr l.ailt front ail astk tit.lets; tl'gt, ti0 l; lerm:In bI Fatinh colone iexr, R itwands tl accdpta l, i ' eimitt.a. nint ; a..rlt e nole h a nsail; it ale Ih.k ai dom't ,,, cattt : pt t shlemkhr; ' ti t n lll tI il'I -Rtits; ci lvon -ti nirrrt ; olp n, ttI , lao vient pso, i lat, hlass no,! plrn h coolrditlm,; white,wlnt·; toilet aria shaving , lpt; tloile Cs+,!ert, "t ma:tie wash )hall: svrlle(d rath, cnlahiona: pool sIat- a t tI r lt'w Itt it ts fan ,.yt . twI chainr, :an ele'k!"c,,s; l't linet 1:1!,; pit ttt et Itot~ k aw, walh, GI rrm:flr !lllrl( ; |'aZ,+l .rls;,:-; litle ndrl con no, on ont shlst airln ne i. n, ntr sli tii iucit'r mn ,tcht a ter lenn ailt; (ai.lPtII ,, &t. The :,Lott; in a<dditilo to our folrmer, ',t,.k of fatrv Ltrioesaht or r twail; a the i'n Of sthe oil;l, n onki. Ttt , ,tan ,- :-TI pa;t;,,Dh+] o, KtIleer. Iiatae, ao- , ,L n. ' ,-i iron ; l tr.alla . llt rri(id:n.. o Sas'hz: onl altrri C K IltI' i its.;; :,I a -;,', ,Iv'd it ti s'dl W Wllt, Ihn, by tht ., "'h of ,lnul A .ia tl a,a t,l 'he oaithe, u aimar tt 'f ti itrl'i. The e tindlrruti lla d lrv ivin' pi tnd r, .n . t I ' !s t ' .'"' W t :rv i llCI "rs i"na til c - .'l i ho: o'lt lirnei-' h lle t rlltit mlt e t it - l::. uf ,l:iruo u laIrrI it& Coi n' ' " h . : w,< d ,:Sri-, i It ll ft tt tI i, t itlt Intt l - l 0 i- ,it - l l'' i It,"r, I , a-,t ithir.ldnt. Ti- .,eittti o" hilttttttt ti;ll ,, ill., used ;Ii n li ,,l I "T o n : rll ware .Ilol tr.l| il m llnIj . ll . :,itlr, liI lj.. alrI th-te having claitns w;ill phmri e pt''+u. umnl h '.itl,oat dela-,. - I ,F.Vl't I1ll i I , 1n :\i i 1W I E F,;ill\ '- s int ' (. ;r: l.' iiti rl et s - rus.'l s , lPn I O[ lt this ip,'rl or ( ,+_' .l . II:I(o i , just I reiMh nt.ile +le b ' thll oz,.t or Ihtoh tlf.. i lso Altl lt'll rIt -tiI 't' , 0lltl' l ih ti1n't n i 'r I p l ' r b elt., t n ht1 ht t l tli t -o'Ir' , - <u I t l t· III, rti .a 'aIstt, k - plmh'L ] a ', ' ttt:i t h'i' h ti r tnl, ,, i .re lle , ]P 1 ' i.c. ]" I !o l ot. i,,, I ,:lii t , to - li n d i t ; '- t.l r , IadP atiati, it- -a,,r','il tt-a t tllllltltlh t ! a tl\tl . td, t til - 1111 LI, dlit ti-I ,l e'-+ ,pi ' of l lir l i't : nd !, --i !, by hI.IIM() I ! ,1\It'1"t''d i, ginlds iln Ihtrh I;i,,, 11P t1,[-hr, , i~l~ rli,'h foltl. litrk h l i it l 't v v t, 1 , -,t "'h toll, i ,tt it l, '., ha itt n d z o i dt , i ,,,. ; . I 1 It ,.lhrl' ,'++.,l's ripnllh l, $i. Opl' .' I" , 11"'1'-( '1(1 '- is in t ll b ,-I,"l. r 'u!,!, 1!, ;,l 1 I t ,, -I T ,t .,. T'h,". ~I, ,'I i ,-, It.l , , < hlll il Ir , 1 . .-Ilt r l erI ,i[ pll] o. 111, 1. , I - , s,,! li'",; Pril a:t I'.' rt h-·l ,=.~l ( il- X Ii i I'' I'' llt' i t t, h ;'- : a I o 1iBlh 1, r '." dlin- l rt«, of shi r s, ie, ,r lt ,rmlin, oll le) ,Itk rot aeliln iln r h rll,, d l,-in. ,; )il l , I, , t,ýn of a lr Wit , - ;r n..+ l ' l'li nt,,' ll lnt ,: "l ' ll l.l ++.: 1t| III :I tI'i'. I, I t i - llt 'i Ih.ln e ~ t' 1 is llol lrn, l ' i ' - tt:,',,' : , enh t, ol ," il , I ,ll'l loAm CY A'if pd o 'i ".t-, hcrll i . n t!n, W 1' vrt. t it. hnar o-t u, .illn r<at itn I l iln.i ,o. Il'oi'=i o'l.i' :nelilu: si !t-. lat tEn ,l n ' ln'n lll'! tolhl, pollwl +r, lrltlr I vd*vi, rl+, Irr'lot m117, 1I11,1 h,.... . - tllNl hi nE Ji ll ull raili-,,w d n ll 'h!. lln' tul' h ! .!P:h aind reim lenl:, ii i tntl _. t'rtIlll tti'l lll p J!ll '1.. 1 .1 t+-: '-'o o` 1!-'!n, llf h" Iit ". t naiil ilil,-I 1t1+L Iio n chlo it , ll vo i-lhit." o'f'Willils rod rni ' ll- !i' ,, 1, 1'75l"" " jrl e a.rh 'ri, tr.t i.n I - ,l:r ie, hlr, ll pin, I, ". '8rr " .rl. mtly of pl. n'r ,;'la ,,h trimhe +, !tilt ne k I -it,, t.. 1F, x il:t Ir Isiur , :u <it 'en I r mrid. e _ o1 ni, It i a hill, :, -h, bilh I s,and t, , N ,'li't hi1 . ari 1rf rw tin: nnt i "I h , I -.1 ' Itlh". 8In++1 11rt I·;lll'l hli:l: I ',"l.'h dh+'`I'',' 1'1,+-.'. I, t, thnl .\111 we .roll i d I ii [ l 1tin 'i1' i E on, lv l %ritre il, ol l r Iti hloat sa ll ntl .'I,; !!ln nll prI erI Ica Irtha e i ,II I I IIv e n , t ir n re o 'n inns'!'n nd t lof 1 i I !!sire 1 )t 1 , ii l l '4t'r! ll t I ll: ^ ll , .! . i . , ,h r, Sl a noll Willi t: il hll 1 *ill l Io - i in c ll I s il rli ,+pal,,e d I,'m oil-mid , s - d 1 ,I',',: 1i, 1 i':, !., t il 11,6 n " l I·Ltlti··i nI r ; pre teat: n (ee ione 'er'n:nop , :5 " r ,ll , .l i rl'+, -Ih l boeh .,_awl. I,«."=, ll·. .t r,+ I rir,' t ,, Nra l r ni.1i, . h nr'i. it inl tf (ntPi .11, ,I . i ,,0 . , S MotEi l ncll l rri l . ,rti, raln1rt , anlte d ii-- dit· li, ner nllh. hl, iler r !dv ,!; -ttoi .In" ani t!..1 r rI i e el S oc iket b , ks tili ",. n 'l I 1II I-. -t , i d ·i ll .l l . llli, u III, 1 I i IIAI,,, iti,1'+r5 l r - nmrt hl h d ~'lll b ~. t < lw tlllpilr 'i.+ , Il 1, It ,-ar A 5 m tl , , y i i, al l i, ,, , . b nr ,ll', liP"r, o!tsil' al, i cr +,jrol -tltlt .+ [ llrd toItlj ;:ti"h r on o crdt. I 1+ , t dn (h: trl r ,; fo lir l-:t(i+ ldo 1hPh' ,,,"o1h 1\'6 ,1_+ .'l i ',h e II. (' L, ns+ 'r , \e~* i i. 2: i:: a i . , J r, - , .?" N";ew r rliwii. ,htiP .+..'4, 6, oIt i0 l, t nrro !: I,,iA ,+-5 t ,I Ioi x ri' ,lt u 1re , llt , I ! too' l, uIihr Ie al t ,r'tm r-nt - o ,I theNo ssIin i otl -h.,t..l.r-. no. I p rll e I r vrc v ivo ·l t IL 1 p1 Ie.r Int rlelf),lllr r. it l f, P ,N I. pAy iniot trn'le I rne of h ,n. r. red inl l!nl, ion n' : Ill II'l , N E W article f or p ,,' io n tloo h 'l W iih d ,'a en,,.d rai l iW dinct, , I I eir :il eineti, m . t ie ttlll + i,-'I l o , nf iltl'ir',IIh mn ,!'mni .,iJJ 41 I Now L~eers Mit. i ILlAA11S, UT tl.IiiT, NOW AT THE JEFFEI:tSO ItIOUSE, .tJFFt1.SON L.It SVl r.t.F, t the F E.dlor of the lJrotisrille .dderlui cr: SI i--It by the obsrvtantiin+ of the Ediu0ro oe<f [the Nabhvill e P .re. terin, UIni-n ro l 'I'rans crlpt, as well as tie edltors' of the M.emphis En: nirer, that the "Oll llenrtleman" is amooter the IDotors. l'h:s in proved |Jr his LinItv ra~t knx,.iI.%g that Ilie time i. tlit short, nnd that tht incgeprtlenu t Amerioeo people tire ntlt to jurlge for Ilttnseh-eetr wMlnt are tio aIndl .. The iwo thy v editors who are 1 -ors, the prlprietors, editorst o" sub-ediltors of the shovt iulner d i, l er .ti rtli ervery le:ter frrtn persons I hal e leimred t io s ,htn it, Ih a bteve lhtrtii itrff r. I, the f.orit s th it.. tl .. er ha, se . ot Ca or ... w rth n so l it-d it peri,l asm ten or twelve davyr. )ne who, Mnac n,'rd al nt ttll ttnt e r l, win ltrt oly.,eel n the lirht e rtle hit irth, r ri i tor strrt to f oll onv hit ma'ter I i h'otel, int.r:l h of in obl ed t)I tir o l Ir d e h hi i ,. la yhunt iht ,f wlhe eha each lfom t ner of t ighontf r.e te, on1o fur r ,,n tears, andI th' other If tr [I etl- l two I tyeart hy nhihtr be itio them thr e efter e er. Teirtink r.t et h nt ls v lort lhaev er th e ll ann to.'see wio lt I -th esv wi ht bernthitr I ltet e n rel'+ :ill ronti ,0, ex tinh they aIrhenr t hel ire I nlue o lt r ne i dnri tia t th e ,tie r n oct nors. 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Ot ~., r :ti t,] h-,. l :r .n P, -i,'- I ,. tie ret ire ', it rt:[ I l,,lw t ", :,+, -elf ht !oo:, , I.(. tee. or , I , h ill t+f hhl t.:. anti)f :," t^ .r +u'.h; tl,. ')+.,'. , il If r ,,n , l fill? . ,I h e ;. :" o, ' f rL, n: -, 'e d +ld . tho ,.,.,q. - . le t ,I oe iti -+ t 'e o rl o e t or t t . d, t r. t . tirrt,. r uio n h:": 9,I,r l e Itrr o, r , o,, . en teeI, it ..h 1 th i he -.r ie :'., !ht ,,.'~ : t r I: rt t l,ur , t- ri lh, tt,- or Ile", , rti t i, ttet I. It iy, a It l l , t tu, i o 'A . .. t li, tor ptaie o ohtr.+llljtr of, ' ;-e ,C e, " . t' , . ee, nn h e rnto'u ,1- 1 1tt it ert~ t,'ee te!, ' . e t l ,l r e . li re 8" i +hao it tl I, < ;ti- i ti,- ,rr i . ,-tr re,' !,+' dat e./, in ,,I pete r uld p" -,,n i r" In. . .v 01,,1.,1 ,rt : t ,,,;I r etat { [ho 1 alr to ," t u r o, t., , i ,"t. to +,rI all t,,r.. Tri :i nl " r, i ',- ",; . 1, , e, , cu ! ll rit-er. l I, i . e ,e h,. e 'r r e' I : ,t , .. " 1 , t , ; ,' , ti,, r , ut r, e, .i tit- t, e I,, .tr , ,,.. ,it ..:" * t .,-el. "t,"e'itr.r .: e,1. ,tI " fo - to t, it, filh tha,,, :1 t Ir-t o ,.wle tr ' ,ttl net h t ..n't .r I i ',I i,,, :,'t tal r'tt t r ' h t. r .,hit r let - ..-re et te tititr . tihIi it, ,irl trt fte e arnt eitelioltril ,, i r ' ; :::eI-, i t t= t,r",:rh,",d ti,.tt th'I [I -let . . • ' r ' i , rt.t ,I . .,et_ ,. e,. tlit t, v, lh I~, ;:- 'the sl t u ri t ' e rei.... ,r nUnl. I .C' I(". ,nv hel,f lL n .cll l r e .hr 'i Ii ii tlll "-- l,. t I tI.' I- Ii: Ii. !LP . lIt tttli ril'ill:-- ii.-inH lrrn it rltl^~t,-,l Ir-. Siili *nl , thr a llwli ] tbU. m .I !. I, r ,i .t , t "i; t m e nllllllfl~lllr .ill ,Ill~ i i lll titit iii,- ll' ll t t .ll lIC 141 ni t' n, ' t 1 +1 " ' th1 1+ 7 ahl, 1 , l, ,:, l I ,' n , ;r l . " ',1 .l +ll , :: m:,i u n in ,'n~ll,:lln a f ~ I Iii i t - n he . t I " n o, l r l I ii IIi h it I r , , l tl Si Rt. n lC1 , k I;- fl .. l~i rin_ Iti ' Ii ltc iiti I.-l I V1 l hi ,tr l, ., u,h lr.. ,,l t, I ln r. \n l l ,It,', Ill:.i h,"ix 11 i '+ ina h i= 11 i 1 > II, t l trot i i\l'l \Z i l Lh ,1' :le ,- L' lll I ". f |+' rlll i ,i tt,' . w itt w - ,lii rh , tl t lr + m oi .'e" t i' (1 l: 1, C r1, II,' ] l ,Ii , 1011 of I l-. I'r" )+ii 1,,i I RI :. ...ln t." l: l]\: Itl li+ I tllt 't " +I tI S, ,' l K + I: l ill ..... - I ('- " " of l ,t +1 nll,'r- . III I t r r: lr:ll .II" -|r,.'il l 1,+ II a li KN IIi' i I ll I I- I lI. 1 I- l l ll . I f if| " ll ., iln - I"i II*iii - Itll 1"ll'+ li ll lt h u l t itl.+I. 10-'. I It. I I IIT . I, 1 #111 ilh', Km m 1 • I ', (N,1· 11 iit tmv2iN 1116 liL i ittllll I+- h i- lll' & allal Illa:up; ,. I,,1 + i, hr ll Iitil, l lnt lirL' t ti, l, I,: 1''- l i l" 1h ,11 h l ,u r:, ~ "., ,l, " h+' 'i ll ,h .- liht:itilrlj Clll+ ,, 11] I r r r t IL' !i(... : Illl'l 11t lll 9I GS Ca"l street. OI Otheet reol.rheumln ti met-tt fulaor kingsevl,gout, Saeiatica or lhip got, inri:tent cancers, salt rhemn, silpbittic and mercurial diseaCes, pillticularly uicers and pa.nful offections of the bones, ulterstedt thront vw' rnot tils, ulocrs of every description, fever sores, tant internal abses's, fistulas, piles, saold heal, scurvy, bites, chro ife sore eyes, oor sitelios, hlutht e, a end every varietvlfetll taneousa atflt,'tit., chronie (Ctnrrh, head tache ptttceeJ ing fromllt tty acrid humor, pain it the stomtch :rll dvs pepsin prn'ordillngfromvrt:rtion, aWffetiooaof the litetr, chronic iOltmmntion of the kithtvoys, and geteorol dobili ty caused l - torpid action of the of the skin. It is inlgo. 'trl- etfiacious in' rtenvating those eonstitlltions olti ot have been tbroken down b` injttlieious treatment, jtt.oioilt irretularhiics. In genr-tl.d termos, it is retm :ron:led ,i nll those disenseus hicthati st from impuritties ofthte Illood, or initiation of the leumor%, of whatevrer tnme or ktied. Some of the above complninttsmay require some tri fling asistoan applications, tI hich tthr.cretn.rtnces ofthe ease will dtictot.; but for a g.nertl remedy or turificato! to remove the roause, the IND IAN'S PANACEA will generally be found steIlfiient. T 'IITHE PUBLIC. Ilow trelnit is, that modern Physici.rls, tn their amt htion to eote. in their reofo'iton; explorle thie tr*' fhllds Iofstei;nee btr the hil ofeloemiitr, ontl e-ek ont ne:w r-t medial agotll; in sit "t. to arriv;e o:t perftictin ill the pnacIctie bvy means of .rt alone,---toirelyt overlook lll neglect, as Ibeneath th 'tr notce, tile rich "l aoun teous stoMs of mcdicine, which tme Almightly h'.s caused to spring out of the- e:!rth illn e. ry clim'e! \rnid hhow much more tre init that wlilcthe bont.ori .e Phichian looks to forein cotntlroiemt moany ooo of hit tost conm' n wnd t le to Hl tiatthk in, ptrpetltotl) chtntint as ltho atre at Ith i dictates ofh',. -ion or til!v. he is stu r(,t:ultad i1n his 1.00n cont+)ry wtto ':, endlesstrofuso rtof mettcalt ptlts, Ostficiet-.t tt, an tl.L lllie.ti.tL in otseare or to crel aty c:tr-o todis t'nd o et he'is ienoa',nt tit their t ir tot'tsei teite are Sltotfiretr to 'asttetht'il httalig on the The otli;ct oft vegsotable nmediecines npon tihe a sterm are tetrltn rtv-t-llot of ! lastiln. The fot eor'_r ex irt 'hir tttfectio atit pss fl --theo , latt;o., eo rvci it ,. licu.r, act 1 llrtllyilliLf t'n. iti sn(olpohlln t I te l me tixt llr tlrminit g the o n ll.i-o t byt a sht w ar,, solre dr$+.rl cti n. The enorniallity, efrin"y ad , tPETV ,f'vert. - fle rei'tne arr mmoo o int t l.o e o stititetl lie n nott known or he:rd of repcltterl Inct.tllr . ' -.'lt.oil -omn d .o.epid, unpr, tetlndbK fronl. di.,, hy ata:,of her simple rtltm:tlies tionett,Ia It:o e o mr t alo ot hnt .otoni.tintttt ores, t ftt rto , _finira "led otf tIo SAnlnm Inepr'ttice directed ill tile nlmost skiitll lunel |.nt i tfo oileli And wott hts nut !toen Suto-It'o.otl a i' the com Itooit o ttteatt: - , t , ility t; t ilh w ohir}! tlt" I fIItotliotl tes hllnt s it l n lrotti 00l0 di te, o l id t tot he alo st to ta hstirntee of br',,-,iahans ea oh':, tiwtan' t h , ,, , tW hnc:, h r -ttooo n with:. t ,t 'It ,oo tt !",o :ott+o moo d toot i!l t A J vI . a "!to ,i ,',v i thi this !a, .I ,. -x -.:.; , ,f fthe ian a'r t- o , t:,- + o, ,h" is wrn. th' to ttos hic- t pid d t . t ' , i n Ott ii- t oodt trot t ' Otto e .tto t t o rott:etito,., o tioote t - a t - alinilhitltof th'.- ,nml y. t:,. t o - -tiniert 'ot , t Uhnc, w..';th ilh, rv.etlhds ti e,,.e of so,, +' tl ,t -success" prretitior% the ,roito topro - - +e...'l oui. roa k lrmtlledge ot o n f tpowe1 ,ttrfid vl ftavor'ie' ,li::s. Fr o'm th.e..h.. .l,.r!t'r" IIc. I m lý s were nlm st t.l', i+qnius tlalwl ;'} poI ig , .sua ;d'r S+a!ýi'nl. e . i , r1' l :;Ih 'll tot. ~, i [l· a t t l ' l II',I , :t l,, i t ,lh ,,; l it h pI, t ti t n tt ir too " too, -i -to t, , 'Le pt, Ib ·c + n".'1 C , + .,I i t : th ! t, : i r, co pnisteror.t , w }. tih , t e o .nvi _,,s 'h th ,t h" , , i:,,, wh : nth ,r , w Il + Ill},i,'. t ' '., ' , i"!.o oI,+ i ,i5 +d ,r: ,o I. ll, s "",o ,! : J[ i; , ' , ,' :l,"v i...,! i, I' t !; :- i ,i · till' i t ti-t o f rl. Oil' tol n i c ,r: o ' "', pinntt.' {mlrl., nlt to t. itoo i, ,st -n too-+. e. To " !h it v,,ill prote l' in..- olv ll. !;., vab, , h altht: toot '; . n ll , ea s, th nl, nt-t or I iot th i t sut( to-i ot 'it.h i atooi ; -a :n, t , t l',;+, h ,-, n 1.ý r e L,, te ,, , , ,.tq, t 0:,v, m tt , w extr s1e ti:- se t vtbnl hi tl I:"e,,: I' tr ".c .v: L 'T'bis it oto- ,tot r to ot, , to, - g t L t. . -t : , "It't ti tt . , .t , 1.0 to -or .tlo . 1, t t ioot , f , i. ! ! -,h rt . oo,, t , toot h'l .to .lt t to 000001_ `" ;it ' [)o I,,!,l i ", o t 1 o , 1 j I L:u ,'- t, .:: ,._.t I,: !:,+. ..I . :--.,. q u,: . t;, :{l. · .! ,, Sr'l:l:v, r rvt, . l: th , u .,, ýn , "'!lly . . ý, i... _-', , , ':t . . I a-PI o"": 1 I 111 ':1:1111 e I ' \ ' .;,1I, 1 I!; ,,, ". 111^I~llll: lCOCI. II 1 11 .111+, 111 ! .w ," I. 5: : If( . r llll",'l 1 1"1 1111~ (l.]l )·I '"i "1~v·.· 1' ". :111.. ill , . . , Ie I ` h \ 1 f , ` , 1 \ l t 1 i r . I O i 1,.E O' l I' .·: I~·, u n l ···t i ·r: I' . I ~ 1: N I 11 ,. 1, , 1 I ý % I A(I I . kl i Iill I 4 " 'I i i ' :) " IIt t e~n'lw A, lll Il I tI. N I'.'1",, 11 i r N I IiI '1I ' I4 Init. at l'-·t :,vu` a1 a, c, it ,ti,:r" It, Iron , v'""~t" 'lj. ,,: , I ." 1..,11111^"ve' -' Ih"" o s,! 't·; ·Il:- 6 . 1, .·.: N.4. Ilhll IN.-, ot '4 's111 ··1 'l '' :I'jlt I C.aFSO ,1.111'1 111t- i; 'J I,1. 'n\ , 1`,·, . :1" "1 Ie t!, , t.,1. ! I':. 11 . · ·.. I .r III 1,11,... 1· il .ý\ I, - . " I, ttl:l~. '1r. tr I I~ li : II I I. . 111111 f-! 1 I ll l .. - 1. "" l ,, ~I, !!:·Ie i"". sell I'll l a· '11 1 ; :,I li.r. ·!··r l 1·.1 1~ I'Iltl T o , · ·r. ts ' e.e ,I. -I , siu 1i11· 1·l uI ,ul t', F '+:,, ·\·!iJI\ iujf·]( to ir l 11. 1 a 1..1 "v. snrl. To 1!(· 4eci~nt s11 ll t a', it, wi·(r ll'l :.a 111,.I 1 "11~1 t , t n f -iii i rn l 1:1!, ! t li ' Iel ·111 ltl~t, · t'1 ' l' i ,Ik'·: se. r, ll i Ill, ti e 1 r. 1 1 Irill : l 1) I ,, ell- "I,''·! 1! , 111, \er l~~illIIP. I I( ,lb iiIj ,l; t " I.t I," II f~I /( till it / )11 1111. . Item fu ,'' thew .1le111:1~' 1. 1. 1 Ii ril l ,t; u;.11 1111 ..... n jou,. 't' R. i'itiI(I I~l lii, .;6 ., ill, \ 111,\ "1I ,. i- :·· , 11 .1 N II Ie lt Ie,t 1' i t. I T,'l ' :a 1 , MIi III 1 141 F; I A \1 i' 'i '1 'll 11 111;;"1 Far W e ft Il`. llr ii rr -11;C1, LIIIII,, :e_,". j Iu:.: ll ii lI.lf I liý' .I :( jli.l'snlu (ll~u l Ilt -l li:,. ll :- ,· iiil !""u t,t:. '.1 u"1 th I'1.1 I,- . Fl ,''II ,e! ",ru 1"":, ," ,I lllt \,' I I lel 1..,tue \at )fill Ii,, al <'uHI IIAY. -ATE.' (It' LOl'IIANA.-Parish Court f,r tfhe I1 Parish tlol 'Ifv of ?few ()rheans. frplE R'PTr .It OF i.OUIut.' A To all whom I- tlt.o Pree'nt' slnll it "ee (e.enthe W:--tR'tn'i F Jinlle lo i hue vill~ InI l t. ord la t a siilnl t lla t e by the L.herif' o f tlh ttai+hi . of i .ne t ilt ,i h n, tri cuurt, iill tv lul! o lice thle deed a nale w.a. rPe olrrldtle ,it ihe 3d ihiy illf A lri, A. 1. It3 i, air a moniio o1" ili il'- Ii ti lllten in et n!brmit, I an ricltlf tI ot c la tiP iau e the Sthie of,ia na, t tiil ed 'Au nat i lr thlle 't f iiter ["ta - ra te i o t e to irtell:hasr t'judiciral a,. ire=; a r'pru .d the Io th cdan tf .lareh, I8h:34. ()o'ti, rrei , , litr ir ' l rte. nnd al pereon- interested Ierein, tet Iereyv ctedlnda adtlnoieh,'d iel tite homeiit I the State oc Ieof ititnna, nud of the Parish 'ctlrlt, "!lo rnn rt u i t'i, riht titl tor claim in and e Io tile prOtPrttt htrii nniftr deic tind ine elnnirletl'eetol anv ilbt!lntli v" inthe onlrtrtc tcre or ti -,t e ontf IhIe tIouit ulnridef rrb, h-le wIth tn l wa od-, or coIV i reeulaarhv ,ri lille, olr'ollller If ·}1pe or for 4 onv in lher J'f dcil hlCqo ever; It show cause, wilhia thin r wday+s from thle dav lhis Snhiert is lfr.i t in rterll in ihed llic path ers u r Ay tic i o tn iade l sleoueld Inot a the tiled nI iI)l lar led. ' 'hi sil prcprtn wmt.nsl v the S il hlt:fif O the nur i r. 'l !tre e '' In' the 1L It hr v of A 'l,, A. It. 4 t':., b virthue ofIf tm th i l Cour , rendt r.llont tl :hilll dray ''et-huin rv, A. It. It:il, in a uit entllitled Alexnlldnhr' t'ahlw.i on Ino ,'s t.n se 0. 1,367 t t the ll et t' n t thlie ('Oen , ne lhith iti .e lc s t.iie sa d lan.t.PcIaeneet i tile iltchliser for tIt o ice of4 twenty tllo tle u ln u. t i t ' C Ien n nel ,tion dlin ts l bnl,olirse lid Mlin ceitv. in rqtllare No 5, n, d l.t h tine Itrenh mne,lr n e +, IFe't front Treltee eu it t nlltll tr ratii l'ctt Ic ern t .,o (lr i tnir t siteel, nldt ir feot l i I.4 'one jda !.+r i" sull, e , in l' nl t tennePr uthnt ild o I,1 c iorn llnd is lil 0fee wi re frm oesin i lde of hIe n0 1 tr e .' hll 'lr, titlihel with a t wtePlleit hnlle (rololl P, r fg n i')'c ,o [i tnillon tri-e l, t ie ni hrll lllllodl p - i , poeu, all, t cir huil &ines nn I ppro .,itevie the macrh .t'lii, net imple n+ :d rixl n. , i, . o I.. d d -itih lt , it, , I , i' le t d n* L tier , lie. EtIl: 4,)l 1. e, ' f' I ANo n ".vu ti, c f,.k tic i '1:1 .':. Ill': i. \ a l~lt ll i tIAN :. ,--Al ant nleon.l l , S.- 1.r.9 li!ir, l "c r ol'.ti,'lrlelt ntII lll m A t',lllll tl- g rw , ! ", I1 :l lsrt.henld ll ,t h, . lm c te i iie n :,t"nn't1 h: itti s'-,t :ei +, s:.e nn: (irt islt dicote t'( ur rnInl diltev++ltthlotI Prrie, ' "eth e e t velet de I"'trie 'e 1ti3tS pour I tj.tne',ti"en ton 'te l " i titlr's Ildt',w nitgttm ni ototi entlnnu. i .ne i l res it " io1\i. Ie It . IStl 183h . ql'il r't'.ti'tenIt. tt llltn tea trl-o>ii t P.ilt !e In Lnoi.i lne et , d' In Ciu't de Pti iie,. ,lui oL-rlill,t mi avoir droii S la pr'nlii'lie vi-s ,prt etri t it n elicq let A t- ni rot ite "rr t ime ! -'1i, 11: I;1 le ' (l I jlmoe- . ) k! tIt! f ' i'i' 11t , ia1.11i - ·i v h ! . Iii i,. ··.,-1:,,1 } : ti p t t " ~ ; ·l r ·, . , ., ýi. ".: ... .. . .. . , + . , . . , ·.. , , .. . .. , •:: · ,! . , , '., . . ,,., .n,; , + ; :".. "--.- - . , . . , ', .. t , ih , · ·' r r. i b. ic l, -I' , I . . ..- r!: fa e a.. ,.' . . . , ,. , ..,l . ..... , .+ .. , - . . .. I ri,' , " a l I'r n l.': , . . 'i,' a ' ,· " ,l i. . d. fii 1,-, ,r 1[rle n ,.,i.:ln p : , ri . , ·: .,.I~ r ,'n I Lill ·iF · r'.tt i tl.. r'.; Ir 1 . , . I I5t . .:"c o t '. y ':'E , : : ' ,' ;+., :,, :" . iic 1`r"\"F:1\ F:'I;,., rsn I:IIr,ý ,1: : . 'rl :· :1.11, 1i ar I 1 ne 1 11 (' :j\I t Il'.+ I,. r ,r lc , 14'1 ".', LL ·I,ý,1 .?I I, t , n . i ·" ' . .. ''1::, I~l ..t t. ` 1" ') ,li l"1; .1`1.1 "k .;, ,. I· .. I ,i t i t` r , ~ - .r ', 1 1 ri: 1! ! 1":,, !, ..~..I . 1;, .I . i;i\ :1' :", 1r I'I 11. .ýri~ I'."et," ,'l rl 111 _,. ~II.. ... _ ... pi · · ~ ·~ . ·r : Ir " t , I: 1 1 1 C 1, r ` i l., I :t :" · il, ý ",I . ...,I II 1'l"It i rl-: .- . 111, ý . I!11 ~I : I ~ ~ ; i ' n"" 1, r~ 1" - 11t1; I n1111: '11t !111" " r : I i'l; Iii I " . .1 11' r. II 11 i.. 11. 1 4 1 1,+rt,;I, 1 !:"'. (.1 111 11: . 1 Ir, :."" 11:11· , I. . 1~j~ll il(··l .i(-1. 1 1 ",1 1 /11111 v it.. 111:; 11''r 1:t11 i;. ~ "I 1 ! l : I I. · i :l llli . 1!Iý 11,"nlr r of !. P ('l rr lil "1ý ,1"t'... .,.f tl, h-olir¢ 1n : Il(?r III l of~l 1 "I1:1l' 1. 1I i Y o sIilt t 'I'3'< , --- - 1 I''1 11 1: .,I , 1k "l ;I n~ l 1, w ut orU JUSTPUBLISHEDFROrM STEREOT I'r'' PLATES, Tie I cih Edition rF ROWLETT'S 'I',TiLES OF IN'TEFlREhT: rTO which is n'ew dlltld an A'.rie m. I" toe Caleul J. lor, or eny methods ft l fin' dit the avterage tlime on atoruge, r note of la:tl or hill. of goods, thcn l+ut' elat.d it iliff rent dales, in fliter.i credits, tld fIr vm i. -mun, olei hei . ,eit us:fitl i'i. p mlt'tc itaking T''ie T'I i., the 'bit !.lst n be contrived. ti that fi gurtes can 'r ulaCe i illin the same c,,eostlMd coullptla, and< ,,ize ot t pt-, An a'. le, tisemn in te book is is i nearly the tillnw. ing words: 'Ie hi'h distiletin tids wiwok Ihas received throutw Sthe t ell dra i i e nt. a t 'rth.xedl to tthe title ipge, is et - lornntnc(,.ttl, in lt, so nccemtntt,, annd so ot'i llcUt sire, th t nothinF is Incesr:are more than by wit) of all vertisnmwnt, to ^ r a enade:ttnsesld ti:'wof soote of its Ip2 ellntariti,- : e- fer inctanie, ihr [euticstl has hbec cmi p ie ed from,and cmp|rtl with, 'hat is t, nivalent In !'hmr teen se'sof etl+ en.l i.he, examited in the_ |pres shirtl five tin-,e% and prilted t-,ore .ct'rivpl pltrtt s l e'tt thlrt)tv-"ne ti.,es, t'ro.' :n!1 Ut(iL~, + mnsl ont be oden| ttletieo ."y itfa-libe, and li t in enrdim tm n n f this t elita prienilltnm oe two humired and ffty dolld rs, i rinow c er-tt rd tor the detcetiotn ol an error -,fil cent ill the Il'tsent or fifth edition, ai expresed ini toe piretic, nlaklng five I lare c preminls flidt'eel f'r the satc, error , i'ce thle fitst pnhlicatin in the year 181o. One of tho most eetepicoeus fentures of the tablesl is inthe srrangemtlt of tie Time and AmEOnts, which fir explediti.ns, reofrenee ndcper.npienily, wilh the help of the side and index, catlnnt he lxctlet d clt l ' lthe salty tv andl cse with which the interest can be flttl t ttle extent of tgel~nrl business, withonlt dotl ling of sunms is het.dca a convenience as. essential, that in tIL estlnm tintl of 'oerr. oi lhe mo.t competenlt and prat ieicl thusi ness men anid puhli oli el, who t hae male Serat nse of the work, it ihs bee, distin.guiheid l thO honorabil appeia'tton efolf "ma-l ter' pace'". Anti ennsidercing the inttdlibilit of the n ithod orisinte lly Ai 'pted in corlposiln t the " rr'l<. nall the ,xtt lollno.r imll rtllel alndi Ss ice: oftlrh atlirni tiorns, mndwltest d efe lvedlition it ihasn lai:"d i l e , :r ontwithlst.'nuhite the vWh,,e'i isin stel rnit . . er 't ,+ ! rioi;, in sh 1r he p nosilive ;. cei' .:, ,n ram~ r , r:," t! ,rrr -0+, . ot 't,.- ca:, ," t , ic it ich nn, nor.,,rn hN t!" nit er ,'r is r''] t l shov lt, in tihe plr ,,e. l;t'sid., A. . , t an.ti s; "' ,ri, tt h.:as been tried and irre: ^ "I i 'n ne ,1 thh b oiL ,sll l e 'Ii ",, in the t'ot e,- ,t, b. ,,. 1, , , , -h,+ : + " , dur- ng the c I, ,tir c h:l s t. +., I,.;t n, ipr .! , .ri.t, a i, .c nlli. Ion - Aill chal!t.-,,.1 4, th~e~ ,.7ll L , tc'l,. ,-"i^ ,. r ' c i' lrt, ')'+.:i· ,! ·· '+l h ,r,:L · ,t).-r- · . · , ,,;,, ' E m r " ' ,1"a ,o S tee.-. p '' ii.: e:,' - . , ., l i :' I , .. c .. I , i t r- . . ," . ted e' p, r ,. i e " , r .... . . , 'ts ., t .. . . .t . a aw ('" iix -,i:0 ,+ti , o i·r :tth.itc iertonr, e t-h/ o , t . ;,i t : i r. it: :A',+, + t ,Ull +tl+ I te t ,n1a prr "t t tro rleh t hi. , - ., if : th, crIn d o'e .cl = ·' , -) ho , t'Ii I i.', . )..t I ,,,, .1 , s '5 p"r c'e:"", o, snrt:^ iku:. I .Ci r le::ny :d irti ;rleer Sc,' " h :, :IAt a h ,i th w+,",r,, , - , + e o, k, at:,,, %5! , Cot'·I- " ' tt t f t s,, h '. e I a sil 1 1 .., ·" ~, -n o),,, I ),,.l1 in the . ni t.m+I i es , , . . 't th,e " .I t h te n nt,+ iYx ".. r! h rdi:i;.cLorY r, ,, to ,rto,, p r ,r.,of h t i t.r I hi. ti.n o-t t t .Ho a Ct , l t n .i * t t r re n, - th, :',h p h r p fe ia ,'t , h: t c w se' w' i , t chr t u e.l', :, ": hn v.I P'e ' bti* to io l pr'·e ,ti:.t ' t",,h l; ,"i - , o" ~'p e » f n .0 pe el,*'lly" :a~ :, ,; . ",e, . I t" wilt "D,': ,,r .s • O|I i r,; tt:, . hoI, ', h . ' . ,,.- it, :i e , + n. pre!,moI c I." I- l-- . Ie . h- :he t · o. t " ".: , ,,ten o'·,t,;,,tl( i. dt r his o r, vor .rv ti,:n ·'f e ' ,. o : th , it - ) \ , ('. i. it ; ·, w,,]+ :t.,t t,),! s. odIh. love ihr '.t , t :. ' :" p : .. I t1 i. w+ " :, . 11, :, :c. t.,b t oI, w.c re . .1 -, -. "'+r i . 1 .. lie,,, t.ey sate · }+ A ll.;.[, , ." - t,, f,, ': ' ' r h ",, a . n. ,,. . i+ . . . : . , :, .... · ·,, . , r , ',, , . , ,: ·! · ,, , . - _· , _I I~ ý I, I I., \"'H I ····. .. ý. .l. :,·, ."i i1"r ,- I .. n··n·- : .;n r : 1" hl. 1 1I,. 1."''., lil,4 . ·: ·· .ý ., ·· ',n 1.1 r n n·,ir r ! I," Vit II.ý' ý ti L I,:I x .,1 tr.".'. ., I, ,...I, -'nt(( l" iriii I,111 "1 I))l", ; ~,,:, . ,n eý. - `· ..1 11 : f I'. J'pg ul y i ,I, i ii . 1 ~1,1".' !,ýI: , lt k, 1,1,, I· ii- I.'i·:' ·- ·i· ( Lit .n., ,, ,, u..uuuIlii ii-I if·; fl .- ·~I-. 1,{: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ iu C11X31.,I4 . .".1 "I~"':"r )1,Ii I. 1, Ii)- buY -t (niu ului 1 _: " I. !ii! "ti unIuh1 I : . ý. I ,.:,1, ,I- t:,"11 , , - . ,, !. n t: r m ý 1:1 7':.rR! :t ·i1Jl) ,I h 1 !ý'.\'I~l I Irt)!li 'lt ll I:\ I".- 1' ;,!' · I' -.I 1,1 - !.I i -t i'! h1-F ~ ,"IIl :"nu, uuuuuuufuuuf1u.uu tt I aplin ing .'I -flu n h iipu, F illlll 1' 1r.1 ,er.:IIf anIlii..awll4 -t ; 1 la r I~ · x,1· ,.-n·l· ,I I t n It . l! ·'l l 111 I1I1 I Iln rnlh,-r ill1 !I. " III ,in , l :IIII il Lit''. 1,i i. 1. 1,`I r of lhl -r ~ "a."', 1II·II iT", it I11111, r IIII 1 1 't( ", III It lw, n I!i1l: an to nvin hrNn1th ! . crll Inn`.. A 1· 1 i.:Il-, n`. jlicn `:,: I) lll n-," ),," ,,v ally j 'Il·11 ,! at 11'ncrin;; l'i... ·I , , ,;I !: ` :llll I t lilji' · 'll ",",l , n 'ic Ih:,t t'Ii = illll 1, li rr :I- ·( .Il',In: In nn.,tcii.: li- 1x 11 v; I Ili n'I~1.11 of thilil opli\ tmmity\'T in r:" Inrni inl, lit, ,m 1Il, II·: ii il lll ()lik l 01 li : SILL l/1ll l lime- tltn In", h. n -a.!II :in il lohr, inel' Qnd oev," \\lh I1 t!, n 1,1,ly ,111 rrrlniot , t0 , lit a : cla l lt tk n lill 1h.'I Iblr -said -ca-1,11, JN(-) 0111 71.h *pplr pcrlluEnts!,air IItn th^ fir, nn,:k ad arms, w A alnael. e MAIL. ARRANGEMENT' Northern ail I Due Evry I Day at 1"2 1. Clloses ]'very tlay at 194 A. 21 Westeren 3tiB"e, D mrdedav,l Wiededaiy an "y u o 1 Cl scire Ic lendaI, Wednesda (.c'nb t, nal v tII lltl llrd Iv, 1, I '. ' . The r lail t en tr, h I cly, hiiurea. yi, an instl e n Ia i li P. ' ll via Closes a'clv Mlnday, Wednesday TlIMES OF ARIIIVAI.,I) DEIR'ATURIrfl DISTANCE &c. ofthic EsprA.s Mail, Iet.'r,o mli.l anlld New Yink--lrnA l-n i iiile lail' at 3 '. l1. Northwar Necw York daily al 5 P, a ll r .uthward. A (riviSP Arrive Northward. Div.atrn , Time. Ileturn'g lliont'o erv, . _)pn. I!lt f's '23h 12il n. (cli.:,i,?, i." .I III P3 94 3 4a.m !Mliled"c,,lle. On, 133: 144 24 p. ti ('hnl ii.j,'-I. C. 74 sai. 1li3 171. 10 h, m.N . 22 12 Varrl'ntn, Va. 12 m. 55 HI m Prtir.rl , Via. 10 pin. 1t3 l0 9..a Richllnii l, V. lan. 21 2 64 Frideirhinek ir$. 67 7, lpa-e. Wnallinton city, ipm. 61 6 Pliildcllt, ia, am. tll0 11 9 1.305 143 h. er ASd Northward. Coming Solnuhward, the tirme ias ia hene Iles; hing5 ldys nllo 17 hnurs. 'EN iiII,AItS It FWARIS. R ANAWAY Frn 1.i11i Csrmlideler corner of Hevh i reirues, on ilie nighl of 301h lf Augaut, and was lee~n thll(+ in m coerivi iil Pydras snreet, ar nengro b canird ('1AI8.1s, client 17 i nearsi ofa. e ea Il S fee or therrlll s in very bhlnek, nand'aesan imped hinen in Iris siip(.h, l ll of Ilia l a m ii sore, li pi ionlee o bv y Ia F.Pe tl[ hut't Ihr hd ore whllen he went ol ny a whits cotton ro' linen ýhili nod whil cWllotlon I annl nono . ?i n Lrs .' i'<. II! r v i:nl o'+m ] ,i lire uv n iii had a S hni l.l· rctlivhll or klrhllorilrt r-vid negno, nsi well as all oti,(lr !.i-n, rl-la , !i ' i.tl1"o, f ilie hi w wmill he f ler b t'l,.:.i e t. , tll i f I!, !ou ra u. ofs , ilel ofn the <'0l ~",.+,t. l ml,' c i ,., , l:a.' C.r.,te hn beer, eJ ill Ir,, l V illlt to bi lr l mlrl n ted all hr .:li t nril uul: f!I--Tt i( .ARRET1()_~Vs N. ll' ' reel / e Ornlt... i always onvalii cori ,natiI.i rit l ,,'leno r l: [-t it. (', ,n lsnd i , ica ., .,llown,.: Ar rui enm, I i . -.. , Ar..l, iitro cgriiia, llo iimri'te o~k pone ul, .rl Ir ilhl!'. wile, !ctl· , . r:, a. .I (',, h Chl, O,: hi , I+Is . trni r , ., l, t nl5lm ,., dio r 1 n , A ur,.I I.n lratn, Ca r .1 n ric, II rH ^l, Ch Ii r ali h I acide, ,1o ivrJleyi F i ,rl. i re . l, 1,ont' , Cat I S ,i l, in lS a ig i . r.-,he , e, J ,.a,. ' S - In meisn .in in-,tie, t Io hieril ic, I ib 1111 - . ..l ri . r 1 sh.i.!+ I ll it( itl, r.. ttitl .Ilt;;pptr ("in c, a rc . l ." i,, liiil" Cal i i ( i h .r vini-bi tal o il-ectit ie, 4. ^c, R itc ei... i e Ie' a 5,11 ., , .i' r. "" . . ... . ' ...... ," . ". .' 1-13 I. '' I + ,. ., , , . ' .... ." ....i t 'ii '" } i-. " Iia, -r :,. A.iie,i, i-.'ii"i h l ., .+. . . . ......... .. ---... .. . _ _ _ .j F'1 'r\l/N l!\u iv L T!"-, rc'v N.i/,... R,.,ti t,,, Rejr r, h, the u.nior ,I1 P'eter .tmple, - d -,\ riu. h~ ('g i ,in Haiil flail, Royal Nary, P. L h., in -I v ., n " f r rl ;tn1 ilh:ll:,n. ". . h'::tltlho,,"I (Il ,rnu, in l a l. ror i lc' _ iii ;:I Ht!;l-r;l.,r'- I'..amtl LJ.-nrv. Vol. .. .I I I I," i rrllli, I ,iv nl,:,, an IIllif rm edi.lie ; "ttit44i b ; lhIit '" "it li ,kt . l ,, " / ,I I ri ,. I T l, h. ' ' ' l. ' ' " J";'r ,' v ' ,/r i,'r, rlh nr,)rt·l,, -,+ r anrllr appin-nl h.h i thNi hl , i;ilor , of ,N rth A.rrca. hI (h ''iirn or Ia q 7'1 . / n/i ical ( rn r, F f he/fi [ "t St-ry , or a , +m; l. t,+I·· cl.. . f IF rh,, tllrl.t . nt l prri: tl," , the gift, r. ','. t " , ., Id,, l ti,, w iiil tii.' Fit', I ,...r:. han , , .,I, tl . tic to t ile 'litii to.' ii;l lf I l t/n /teia .1' . ... ,,.t,' ,it/t .it,/ i"t! {F1lAIN':. S , , of, , co,'i i l Itl ?. 5of un.nes, Sh . , )i k- titi ,i .. i, . ii ftr 1 i 't , 1. it i t, F l tt I - I 1. (I sI / tI ý _ i l it o Itt'i i s i /l:l /. C +' ) , i.(, tt/ ir i tli.tIiill itl iii F lit, llh\ tt l ll -i ltiri hn I i thh i i. tlh l i lt i r ii wi th tlil etctttllt/.rimer, i. . i n tIdr...I. 0l contain F"" !·ll~l b, ad a b-t 1 lFr// niener. I (/lltIh li. I l tlll"'I ill t e (' f nt i '. t Hit ri ii in o Ihno Il//tl ii I/ti/Us t ; . ilt/I l i/a tFIiiti tli" i//uF/t ivt~nlt/a f ilh .,n lit i il i i I I nI' '/ f h I , .l ri. 1 l ml i d I i/ r ii t i t, i l I I:''1. ! nit] l )'; ,hI!,shlllh w "ll. "{llllillntilt] ailth o GI itxl(illl 1 I 'i i- it' of I tIITi a iC Ill /h il /i, .r dIto l I, li h1, ll r lllt- , ' n ll hIlci llrl, i fra t r tre an- p F, I ' l " 'll rt'l l lf 1 t 31 it llr e onlt rvoluis/I, Iý < i , , 1, _ fr nh It iai dir, Jall tra iton a a d Ci.IN N(l(' l .'o I)F IIIU{( ) I+I) I/'I : -AI.lln 1 4 FIOI S--lh' t of thor. fRic htr f Roes whic iP ull d>lm"i ., n rilltrodltlion to Ilse t dyl o ltliloll II It. til n ,reut o" vnlnrhle illfor nl5t1ltl udhh'd th·re.ithntt th- wont,,)it the .(Itllenr uert)-l'OlLS hh)'.r:Ih. tl anid hit)rice No tes; w n. e till rill the n of Dll nI+t'lt al i .t ti)nt. 11 1'ta|, .',(' tolp rlnved" FI'ltiln of f" r (o ..+l sll' tlibtor of I+ ontan , tlou it all" h lva>"ian of Julllls Claitr to th it- th of tl~rol. .'d, w'ith ai .\!int r i, to the, yoe m h+o;,;ll , n. lieir , It I' a v illr , of v,,alul~le lnfo)rms ll )n hlcd thro hou~ti. the wsorld. 1'on, i~ t of tblh h ofI )ro+pee o.l-{,l'<,la nut ,I olt l ersons 'l'opion+ exlh· hov boll ts.h It,'ntks ni titr poll Il t: , , u n l a n t + a n d l i r o ira t i : o f t i he t, - , A t , ,, a l i e d :Ih(, : ) PIub--t-ot A.. t, . dllhltsu;tral biy many ollgl. Giut1Ptm s r I.irsp nI).- . e0RT',,, nnill Aor i Ple l,\itl'i,:;!i',i CI t» iL'.\i, Iii IR. 1...... ... "<!t~"p tl,,.",4::ai:; nltto ... rn

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