Newspaper of True American, November 26, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 26, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DOReCIIPTttrt IPEEDII.Y, IANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECITED AT THe OFFICE OF TUE True AImserican, ST. CHIIAILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 WAN lTED. A NUIRE WANTEDl-A mielile sged woman would be preferred; and one who lih no otijec t ion to travel hy sea. None need rpply withta goodnl reference. Applylr at Mrs 14aw!ey's privet Ihonrding house, corner ,f tlagazine and Colnull streoets. nov 8 '1'0 LLT'. A convenient two story dwelling tlouge, eorner of St. John and Perdido streets. For particulars apply on the premises. WAN I'ED T O liroor purchase oo agoodlCoohndl Wneher-wo nan. Aply at the eornrr of aomp and dillicerle streets. nuvtO--tf - IOUSE FUllNISllti S'lI(lE. B BROIWER & Co. hove cmsltannly on hand at e their exa.nsive estabbhnlhet, No. 17, Camp St. and 84 Connon street, a very large ua-ortrent of hourse keepinrg articles, consistinlg o Earthenware, China and tlease; Ilrao. and Steel Fire Pels and Fenders; Kitchen Utensils; Iron, Tin, Voodreare and Baskets; silver plated, brisrunnia and japnned goods; lanaps and hadnlelirrs; knivea and Jbrks, add hntse furns.ding *oodl so general, wcic:lh thy are pourred to suprly at reduced Irlcee to Iprivate dwelling., bnnrding.ilouses, hnlels, ship, steanb.oats, ic. New Orleans, Nov i, Ic11. MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Cuatomhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR ToST. ChARLES TIIEATRE, CORNER OF POYDRAS & ST. CHARI.F.s STREET. anu-9-1838. PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, No 13, Toulouse st,- By Mrs Iloflfmar.n. Tl11W house is espaious and envenientlv situated Sfor men of business, near the Levee and the New Exchange, The ale will be well supplied and attended to, and ho charge mnderate. Boarders wishing to have lodging, can be accommo dated, at different prices, wilth commodious furnished roolms. Boarders will have the satisfaction to meet here, persons speaking the French, English and Span sh Iln0gUage. ang'd.3.:3sn PENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Toulouse, n. 13, tenue plar Mde Ve. Hofmannn. S'E'I' ETtalliosemesct anslcienis, et en trouve sitng peeC (sl. Isevne at in le Nouvnlle Bourse, c'nent dire a cenetre des nlftires. La. table scra bien fournie, proprement tenue et A not priax modirb. -Senx qni prenant pension d6i'.ireraient y loger la ront due appartemens de dimffrens prix bhie g rns et pesinnsonires anront I'agrEmont d'y trollver des personues parlant loe langunes franeaie, ansglise lct jlrcgollol . 2:lnu 'ITO RENT. lHE four story fire proof brick store in Coam slreet, at present occupied by Meeers. A Ii Wallace &i Co. The thrree tory brick store at the corner of Bank Al lay nod Ntarlrhez treet, at prsent occupied lby Mlessr. Iloeath & Co.; thle third stmry being fitted for a bed Also, thle :l l story of the brick store inl ank Alley, 4lh donr Irom, tshe lost nallced-tlle nd and 3d stories being well tilted nil. 'oeessionl to beI given on tIe I st Novelmber next* ClHAS. A JACt1IIS. CO3Il'IOLi.EIt'S OFFICE--.SCOJND SUNI CIlI'.LITV. Newlrleans. Oct IOth 1838. A "I(REAU.Vto n resolution of the Council; dalnci Le 25thSeptlemecr, 11138, sealed Irreisoals will be receivedlor time olice Iunltil Toesdy Ith, 27th day of November next. flr Three Hundrerd Thousand Dollars. Ilonds of this Mlunicipality, payable in thirty yeaen, and rbearing six ler eclllt ir annonm interest. T'hoin terscl pyable semni-alnually ill Lodloo, New York or New OrBRans as lay be gred on. Thie Iodscto ic i $rllll00 reah, if the interest be payaile in tile Unitedrl Selte, and for £2.(0 spl each, if the interest be pavylde in Lo.don. The prolpoals to be entdlrsedr 'Prosal sfor Iands.' JOHN CAI.IIOUN, ..ct... Comptroller. Moreracc ralun;ru ter-Žeetitre ielne jcrrtite, Nlurvelle Olrleans III Jl 113313. Cr)NFORt1M tAERNT a una resolution dn Conseil 'en date dl 2. sepremblre ludei otireo dachietees 'rllt reews aer bureau jiusqtu'a murd, le 7cijourdle oviv luhi Iprochlill, Pllrlr tris c elit el[ i m iliasltres IeI -th s de, cette ummicipalite, payable dins treait, aisn., tIuIrlpilllii i ie I lltulllte lilPI plVabb' iln ll .11 I et lrlall t o iinll trl de six ipoui r It11n t I 'all Il eret 1,.av ! par wen te dwn I.n uit , No, Alit i 15 ' k u lia -.te e trierni, Iioinlruid I icra c tli ivenutl. iLe houl I lileit arl iiiipiir ill a piaistrencilt Iig e i '.ut.rei i.t navtle dal.n le Pants llni et pour delit ,ililt il i tII.Ulie lre slterlill. 'illl l out pavablle a u Illr . II t Ilp llllaiu di, er l rellt etrrdres*sees "'.lrutl .ta flt Iilrllll " 10 .'I JilliN 01A.I1IINN.Comnpltrleer, i) V :P.1i T 'A to' J,'th rsmo Cul ago, and to oth er pa e. a.l lct'.I by It. tlrnet, LL I. 1h. It e lien, e..Veen t ant i trel It neville. Ti hi; l i, d I io m ort eligible thaI. t could bie fun lying e' tillt y lice [ro 111t the I se of the sL reets and tile rTe Jelft.rnn . cldrmv is divided inta two depart° die!i8. I ie lioi le iidr vl l e ptar artmentr r til variu<llu-' l.hlle ol ,cnlon edun:ltion in FrII slnlIId in gl-lie- Iiin Senior ,lepartlent lir iLatin, Ilreuek, lutl:·lnation, Jr,. I'unctushty, order sna diarildine are eIrietlid e0~iiued l eal o hbserved. O Teermell. Jlniod lllIrtlelt per nonth; $10 hnior do I Spanish fi Ist. Iltu, ell st eo, paper, &c. halr.ed tse arately; 2Inld. A moutlllh onll:ce hblegilt to be laid in full; :lrd. . dedllclion for absenllle r tar holidays: 4th. I'avmnlts to be mae regularly every monthb. aehool hours Irom 8 1-- to 3 o'clock, aecept Thurs dyv. sep.27 ITlill: Undersigned Ihas realm ealed hin Notarial Office to the Veranda, on St. Charles atreet, between WILLIAM CHIRISTY. oct29, 108--1m. VOK RALE A T'the manufactory of the subsecriber, Hoisting Wheels, Lead Pipe, of all sizesr Sasll, Plaster. aleir, &c. Turning, Sawing and Grindlig done as usual by J. bTT. `ILAIl'T WINE-00 boexes in store, for sale by CI ABRAIIAMI RIE.R, novl0 4l) Poydra ast oPE--li2u auoals in store and tr alne by L ABKAIIAM 'fTRIER, novli6 40 PIoyilre Ist SNO TICE. i32Nathaniel Townsend has removed his offlice to the colner ofCanall and Magil ine streets, over the store ofl Mesrs. A C & W Stiqier &Co. nov9 [HAY, Poltnoes and I.utnbcr-400 bales Eastcern L av, in prime irdr--300 bahrrelsa Petatoti . 35,l1110 ft. Nnoirthern Pine Boards, from ship Liverpool. laeding and for sale by LEVi H GALE, no,9 93 Cs.unoln at OVI.i' N- PIR'TE--21 casks best Brown iStout A received per ship Creoile, from Liver pool, forsale by HOLMES & A lt.L , novn 9 Bank Place pjAINTti-- 4 packigeo. coltlnilllng Vardegris, and L fine blanrk, arollnd (Oi, landing from chooner Da vid Coulnn, and for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE &CO, noel4 134 Magazine st `PERM CANDLES for sale by READ & BARSTOW, novl5 7 Bank Place TIHE ulbnlcribers offer at wholenale the following goods. IIATS--100I caere moleskin silks, as sorted siae anm! brims. tllI0 do best No I do do 100 do do No 2 do do 100 cmiees best No 3, assorted rites and brims. .'0 di Beaver, a superior article; 50 to Fins Nutria; 50 do Extra do 200 do Black and Whi:e Russia; 511 do Extra Black Rursia; t10 do Mnskrat & Corey fur broad and narrow hrtsi, for Levee anid country trade; d d All ranks ofnilitary &. navil Chateaus; Sde Childrens silk ad Russia Hats, nil sizes. Caps-Fur. Otter, faur Seal, Nutria, Muskrat, and hnlr Se.d, instwo doze cases. Seelette. Cloth Catns-Pickwick, Polish Avril's hat thalte, soil top,", Iorager Militury uniress, do Leather foasging. Chilren's Fancy '1 urbans, Plaid and Velvet Caps, Frenah patterns. Stocks--Saet, Silk and Bombasine, of the neatest strles. Umbrellas-silk and cotton. Mliti try PtI. et., ailed silk. Silk Handkerchiels-Pongee ndil Spitalfeclds. Banllboes foir hatters, woel cases, double for dry goods. The above gioadc comprise a large stock, and all af tle latest pattens, and will be sold at a small ad. vancre, with cost and charges on New York prices. The subscribers will take orders for southern, weesern and rexase markets, fior the house ofA H Gossip & Co., Hat Manufacturers, New York, and at the shortest possible notice. German and French Plushes bought. iGOSSIP 6& CO., Naval. Military, and Fashionable Hatters, Exchange Hotel, novl4 St Charles at '% HALE OL,-30,00 galls whal oil fr aleby novlfi u Conti et NEW MUSIC. M .GNOLIA Walt.ecs-t.ouisiana Waltrzes IIl stroise; Grand Triumphal Marchesy for the Lou isiena iLeion; Jaeeer Aclhtung! pas redonblti, for the Ginrmn Jueter's .con a unv. The sbove eonpoed, tv G P Manvitvrie, andit variety of new mntoiic vocal and iutnnenal. I' JOHN & CO, novlt ear t Charles & Common st nov6 41 New L.ree FASHIONABLE PARIS MILLINERY. T HE subheriber has the honor of informing the la an dies, that he ha nrceived per hlips tI.ayetth and Marengo, a supply of tfll and winter Millinery, e. the latest and riche-t materials in Paris, whieh Mrs Scullan expects to have opened and ready for exam ination on Monday and Tn tduey PeIt. nov3 25 Chartres et rE\W MISIC-Po., Roonlie-I ,bk't mean to tell i yu ter ntae-Th'lou hebast lear to live Another Sweet Aton Water, Thbe Knight's Farewell; He pas' as her in sorrow; HLindl's Lane t;' They have given Thee to Another; Lovely I.dy Mline; The lBridll, The Brnken Heart; My Heart is all Alone; Oh! Men wlhat silly things vct are; Oh I couM love tiui; lt!ii Patrick, Flvi from nle"; T'lt thu art orve Iv whohe'll deny Think My Love, '(Ih! TJhink of Me; aon tiliink I lnve a merry Hearti The Vintage Song; The ship is readv; The, ilver Aoona; No care ever grieves me; Not Efor Me; I've ieen a her, fresh Flower: are Spriugltg; I dearlyv love Thee free; WVoodlttan sire tlot l're; 'ITle \Vili Albntrust ; RiLe Firies, Risn : Rose if Jei sei ; The Minstrel woo'd a heauteous lai d; 'lite t'eests were bidden; My Father .and; The Maoi of the Mountaini' M native Love; llv heart's best trena alure; Mv Woodland Bride; Mine uteet be a silent Tear; My chiblhood's hours Farewell; The Greenwood Tree; Solmon Iob, a eomtie song; Site wore a wreath of R.esv; Ma pretty Jane, J ust recived and for sale at II CASEY'S Piano Forte and Music store, novl2 19 Camp Pt NO''ICE. 'lItE Office of the New Orleans and Mobile Moll SLine is removed, frera under the Exchange Hotel tI. No. 78 Poydras street, at which inaee a letter bag will tI kept open util I-Ito 12 A Mi. 'cr way letters de. Those for Mnile and feurtlher East, will bie plut in the Post Office at elo; lie. nnvl GEt). WHITMAN, LE1tItN N1IRUP in lloxes of I dosz. each fa vale tay REAI) & BARSTOW, M AGNEIIA-A supply of Ienry's Calined Mlng nesin, and Butler't Magnenin Aperient, war. ratend gIIenuine-.juat recived by the subseribers. SICKLES & CLO, oct27 40 Canal e 'ARNISHES-A large mnsd etensive stock tr.m V the manufactory of P 1 Smlitb & Co.,contprinitg in part the follwing: extra polishing no , do no 2; furnituret no I, do no '2, do 3; eonch varnish no I,do no 2;varnish no 1, 2 and 3 fir ordinary use; black and brown japan, for sale by tptl9 R. CLANNO)N, 12 Camp et NOTICE. T IE FIREMEN'S INSURANCE OFFICE has h been temporarilyr removed Rmoved to 45 Canal street, nexat to the Mierchaiil' anid Traders Bank. inevi I.:_AYIS--Lea Ireau d'As ouancdes Po.-pi . .at temporairement Iranaporte au no 45, rue du canal joignant lal Banque des Artisans. noel COKE. JIIE price vfCoke fonm and after the let day of October, will be fify cents pr barrel in the Gna Work's Yard, and if taken in quanitities oi one hua. dred bareih, will be deliveredl free of drayage. The adlvantale that this article of fuel possessesno ver tile anthnreite anld bituiniious i ceals, igniting Ins; readily than tilhe former, and fren from tte anpleasant eiioke of the latter,shoiuld induceevery hlmily to inake use of it. Orders received at the Gas Office in Bank Alley. E W WELLS, sep99 Sec'y. FALl. & oh INTLK CLUIfIIING. J P. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, Magazine street, are receiving their alsplli*s of Fall and Winter Clothing, and will continue to receive shipments ree.u larny throughIut the season. 'Their assortment bcming large will enable lhet to supply marchants from tie onntryv. at the ,borest notiee; for sale wholesale or retail, on aceommooating terms. nelp'29 l'A 1. OP LtClOUlntA;0A, DARISH COURT for the Parish of the City of New P Orlean, Present the Ilonorable Charles Manl rian, Jluge. tctuber25th, 18:18. No. 112'03, Wm. I). Coipcer, vs. his Creditors. The eeo-icn of property be the P'etitiiuer iin aIeeCtct by tie Court for the beneli oflhisCreditors: it is n,dered that a ineeting of said creditors he held before E. Barnett, Notary Public, on 'l'iesdny, the 27th of November, 1838, then and there to deliberate on the affairs of the Insolvent. In the mean time all proe.elidige against hii person and pro,. ertyare stanyed. It is friher oldered that Juii. R ;ryvntoe, Esq. le allppinted to represent thae absent creditor ill tlloh cre. Ily order of tie Court. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, 25th October,1838. A i GUYitI,. oct26--3t D'v. Cl'k. ''AT DE LA I.OUISIAn; -Cout de pdroinse A t villee de li Niouvelle O)rlenn: Present I'Hono-. rbler Charles Maurien, juge-No 11,203--Wm, D Cooper contre ise creancieres-La petition ides propri@ is du111 ptititilalireo ayanl ilu' aiceptce par In cIor poulr lii:biu:u lice ise s crilanciOer, il eat decrilbg qlie iine asmbllll e dedilits cr alnciers it lieu anit ercIt de l tinruett, netnire public, miardi, le 27e jour ide nov im tre 183I , a 1 Ill h urs iu iutin, viLLl in, d el.di rer olr le.s nltires dudlt p)Bliiilouirn, et on atteniItait lltel ounrsuites contre sa lplersouu ou sea proprl.tcn aunt P'r irlro lie In Colir--llureaul du Glellicr-NiTl. Orvido, .V5 Oct iS-ill. i; oct AM i(I;UY iI., D'p. Grefierr. 1M soERS(N' ILiZtiR I'Itlll'S-'rthrre case E ofiifile geinionaie lust receired by or de rption, for cn n ill t ni ru;i elu. Wi ILElirSEr& .vIANGE, novcl- I Coamp e1 ('t tl.i)(ilI": 1\ A'i1l-l'eihruiiery &Rc., jilet liiiiiig J feai tihe sllp Saulle A clilenii li irtiolc of iD - I, el nieputcip.xpreslyfiir ie retail tloid: also ti forest Freuii iermalriuery, emira e ing eiery varIiety foy ti. toilet, f.r scle by RE7I4 &. )lfL kNflT nRlel3 18 Camp et E.& IIECT and freii swii itly oliDry Cilior of ev Serl ,desri ilion, for Shclcien ;ll oiuii ai;Iitol a Wa ter cii i'' eeiriuIlies and atit in toouls, i oit etesulld ie eeck hf sopcior VA RNISESll i. trii ihe nianifatiry of Ii Ii Smiilh & 'oJ.ciiniprioing i Nos. l&2 iurnitiure; No. I .et& eotelt Varniivh, i.ed I & 2ordiniry doiiiioielllack Jutliii and Rrowu dol. Alc0, 210 kegs Creime green, im 25 Ht.'. .cih, ground iii oil, and 15t1 uaniiaeri supaeriuor F-vrencht green, also in it. 12 berrels Spirits of 'I'urlerm!ie and Bl,iled Oil. Artist's Culurn, &ec. (Reeves 4 ln, Londoi,l and 41) boxes Frelhk Lake, for sale at tie Pailt Store of the subseriber. MO.N DIEL.I, ,el?. 58 Ct('amet t NO LCUrtE NOI PAY. D R.JOIINSON, Office 110 Iiesl'ille street, con. Sfnes itts practice to the treatment of Venereal Disease, n all its ddI-rent fsorms. Dr. Johnson, from a residetce of many years in lion iltals at lurope, devoted to the treatmesnt of Venereal Ili-easne, and tromn his preesnt extensive practice in that particular branch of the proleesion, guarantees a safe, sieedv and effectlual cure to such persona as are uoublsd with nay of the fIolowing diseares, viz: tGonorroea, Gdleets, Strictulea, Chancres, Buboes, Semtinal Weaknaess, AffvtiAim ofi lte IBldder, Kidneys, Loins, Urethra, Prostrate Giland, Swelled 'I eatieles, Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in the Joints; And the numerous symptomas which generally follow this diseane. Recent cases cured in two or three days without the use of lercury, interrtption Iren busianess, or altera tion in ith smie of living. A tedicine to pre.ent Venereal Disease can he ob teined of I)r.Johnaon. It is irome the recipe of the taron Larry, a celebrated French Surgeon, and was used by hin durmg itheseeral camnpains in which he served as urgeon Geinneral ill the French Artny. Sold hy Lir. Jluison, at his office. ' hone prdenon hantng any afre tion of Venereal Disease, and ,bnatt takinn sea voyage-, or removiunge to he countn, would do well by giving Dr. Johnson a call, as proper mtedi eines trtheir elre in the slortest tittle can be put tp witi written diretiona fst thtir use. Office open from 7 m the morning until 10 o'elock at night. ABRENETHY'S DYSPEPTIC ELIXIR. IDr. Ahernethy, the greatest of Einglihi surgeons was at opinbin thait eintenrths of the dseasees that affect mankind originate in the atntlach. Thin Ilixir aas used tby him with the most unprecedented success in his private and public prectice for ulwards of forly years, far the reumval of the following diseases: Loss ofappetite, Flanulesesr, Diatention of the Stom ach, Paitin tbite aide, Hleavitnea of the Head andti icli nation to sleep, Irregularity of the Bowelt, and in all cases where ltdigestion or a costive habit is found to exist. This medicine most not be nunheted among the host ofcinck inrostrums nnow before tilte hiie, as it is the sole invention of the ablest and most scientific surgeon Eumrope ever produced, and the secret of preparing it was purchased by the agent for a very large sum. It is agreenale adl pieasat to tile tate, acts as a suil atter ient.always keeps the bowels iree, imnparts vigor and strengtn to tile system, atnd cheerfulness So tile tmind, and a few boules removes the most clnlirted caues of )yspepsia or Indigestion, and preventan return at any future period. NE. Yonal7th August, 1838. 353 Madisonnstreet. Stn:-In consequenceof leading a sedentary liie, I have been troubled, monre or less, with ltdigestion for ten years; for the last three years my sufferings have been isupportnbtc. I Ihanve tried several piby-icine, and a ntbkerof quacek Iedicines, without deriving any benefit. I despaired of ver obntaining any pernmnent relitef, and resigned myself to tie must hopeless despair I was persuaded by many friends to try Abernelhy's Dyspeptic Elixir. I have now finished the fouith bt-. tie. and know not how to express my admiration of its wonderful virtues and the.nuracle itt has performed in reatoring me in that health which I tihoughi lont ostr ever. Send me half a dozen bottles more. ald except my thanks for Ste bleissngs you have conferred by re storing ne to perlect health. I remain yours, JACO MONRO The agent hias in his possession several hundred r"t timenials similar to the above, of the extraordinary oc. tsedofl this medicine. Solsl by apponittmentu at D Johltnsott', 140 lieanilae street. nov. 5--tf NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. 89, Moreau (near the Pontehartrain Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Alao,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Prtschard and TagaSt, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive promlpt attention. Small kegs put up expreessly for family use. 15nov I]UST received at the Louisiana iustlture narer S Rolnas, 53 Iienville street,200 Maple ansd Cherry ltedsteads a arst rate article. Also, a good aesore. ment of laple, Walnat, and Painted Chairs, which -rll fr sold fr tile Iowstt tro prices. jWR 'iARNES. jy. + B, -nvilie actre. For Europe. FOli LIVERPOOL. . The ftitenilinig ship NIAGARA, captain Col, will have ilmmaeaicte despach. For freight of 2ll iales mc passagle, having good acummll~udu ln pllop ly i board, cir I. cc ppy J P WHITNEY, nor 23 173 Caamp ctret'. F(k)R LIVEIIPI'OOII. The A I chip AI:TRESS, Tool, lMarr, n reular trader and very fast -arler, having the principal art of hereargo really and goingmtn ,oard, trill have quiek desaiclh. For frcight or Ilas. sage, hcavinagenCOortable ifurished accumrlation, ap ply to the captain ona board, or toLEVI H. LEVI H. tALE, f,,c 16 93: (Clmnon st. F'Olt LIVILIII'oc)I.,- lpaesage siIls.) The finc A I srhij t I)NEtY, Calit. Cow en, will have innedater dcralch. Apply to LVI II ;ALE, novltl 9:3 Co:nmen at FUlt lIAVRII.. 'To -ail n the 25th laist. The A I and very fast aniling packet ship ROCHESTER, (:C;n' Owen, will sail no haove. For pasaege, having very handsome accoiunlUodtiotln, apply to ithe In.laPE .i bHard, or to LEVI H OAI.E. novl9 93 Co. ion at FUR IIAVKFE. The A I and fast sailine ship MATTA KEE'I'. Capt.Sprag.i, reqnires 300 bailes Kctrll to fill. For freight ,1 which, or cas age, 'having very handsomle accommodations aep ply to !+ H (GALE, nrvl4 03 Cocmmon at The A I superior fast scaling ship A REA TUA,Captaiu Snow, will meet with icmaedi ate d.s'patch. For pcasageonly, having very handtoine accommodation.c, a ply to LEVI H. GALE, 93 Common st. FOR HAVRE. A superio, r A I 'cp can take 300 hales cotton irf tmeiao r application be aide to LEVI Il UGALE, Agent, 93 Golnllln ait. tFOR HAVIRE File i fast sailing AL ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, aster, will hae immdiate t.-eaptcli, and wauents . bales h oti n to on. pl.te iar cargo; for freight or pasage, apTia to oct:tl 93 Common st. POR ERIAVRE S TOh Alt ship ALLIANCE; Feralnd master: hiviing all ar cargo engaged. ex S .pt 5110 bales ittonI, or freiglt of whichi;, ap ply on board, or to 9 &J P WHITING, ct1i2 n Conai straet Coastwise. FOR N OLTIMORE. S T fh fhat cailing achr ULOBEi, Cptain Hoiey, iill sail in a few dacs; tcr passage ionly apply to WM "'ORT'R. iucc4 95 Common st E'OR BOST N. The fine ship OHIO, Cutter,, hav e ing molt of her iirgo engagd, will Ihove dis rpatch. Forlbalace of icfight or passage, ap. ply on board, or to STETSON & AVERY, nor 16 88 Grvier st. FutR NEt YORK. Pate.nce Only. The fast Rsiling reLne rie te, captain .candip , will be ealscnacched ians few dayn. PaFor pacisge, having Iihidsome .c:cismtn.da tionc, epply to L H GALE, no 23 i Ccnmon c t 1 ood, Master, ayIing prt oi ear.a engaged, will ,..itiwelv sail as above, for ,alnne f freigha ,r pasnage, havin t plendid accom modations, apply to the Capain on basal, opposite th vegetable market, or to J )D IEIN & A COIIEN, 9v'O 911 Coliltona st. FOR . yiRlK. ....... The fist cailing nccw I rig JIEFFERSON. Capt. \Va1nr, will sail in a irw dava; for pa. sage only. aipply to 1VM PORTEll, anoel I 95('cc. cIto t FOR lillIIVil.IINI . 1 )i:. 1. r.'lry tThe f~i st sai ig. A I crlil op r fsterna hr; rNI 1W, Capt.i, n'l'blorndike, will cail id a"-lna few lays, haviere mrsi of her cr.goria h.cving I culSon 'cc.mni,, pl too nov9 93 ('oalllln at . ill h.I-i) li \,. .. The lice lcc,, |lft ;":Y, ie'a, nctar, Swir.,....tiead..y ii.'.i....cicc. u ini ill hI ... . '"deatccl; fcr feight or licasse apply cn board, i, tu S'ETISON & AVEItV , nov 8111 a;rvicr t FOR ilAVANA. SIlclir I'iackeh, ,.- The fmc ectlcihc pcackea brig iiANNI - CLEFT', Cct. Wllkr, y iper f aienril anai, 'lbic brg IS illclll.d ill ,ri. ec n reulllrcc picket, and is fittedl us stcll inf Ihe hndlr.,evt Inia nier, fir fiae c' ihi i cl f d ii iic:t . ( .,i.flp . An expler.i:ecd cInI ll l ,ller ttenltlive .ery ,lll, nullll lnlle SuIpplied wr II re .err lluurv the llQurikt ,llI',lc. Flir ,i"ii or glccnage appli n cI l rdi pl.,til ih 'lc'riallp c,'oirec*, or to W.I i]lt'U.rl'bll, nnv l.15 Comn/uI at lb'hl lchner Wi.. .Alh1,. - martcr, 530 hbrle Lurtce., coppier faiteeCd; apple tb, S & J Ii WiFI' ItEI', nov "1 - 713 Canp (rte. FOR FREIGHIT OR CIIAIt''Et. Three good Brigs, from 15 io i25i0 tons-i suitable for augar freight;c aPll to S & JP IIITNEY, nnv_ l 7.1 Ccnlp ctrnct. S A brig capable of earrinre about 'i20 hhds fora northern port; for leight apply to novr24 93 Cowmanl,an t F'or the Znterior. FOR MOBILE. The GIRAFFE, Capt. Swiler, will leave tte I eke end of the Rail R" ad, for MoIhle, on Sonday the 2.5th immeate y after tie arrival of the 12 o'clock care, nov24 FOR MANCIIHEST'ER, (Yazoto) (Water peratittittc,) Fort Adams, N1atehez. Ro/neyt, trand Gulf, War. renton and Vicksburg. Shel superior ste.nner CASPIAN, Itnees Bradish matter, having ud tdertone mott lhoroogh and complete repair, willo reedy to receive freight on I'hartdav, the 15th lius ; and will have quick de.patch. For freight or passage eaIly to t i itt er ni oiar, or to TLRNE.I ., WOODRUFF. nov13 2 New Levee N It-The accommodation for passengers, are ecaelt letnt anid stupero.r, FOIl ALEXANDRIA. Tihe l eanier DENMARK. will - run a a regular packet during low water, from month of Red River to Aorn rit.r partiuluars opply to reP -2 JN) H GRAIIAM. FUR MOBILE. . a 'he reglular packet low prtesure .lsteamer (;IRAFFE, Ca pt. Smiler, wl leavoe tie lake ernd of ate Rail ttt~try TIUIASIIAYS & SUNDAYS, after the arrival of th 12 o'lok care, and on ere turn, leave obi ole, every Tueaedtttsand Fridtoe. For pastage apply on toard to CAPT. SWILER. P S-Whenever n tttflitietottt ite, of lte.auetgerr offer tile (irai a hililoucatnv of the ntermediate landings, upon pr.ioats notice baing givean to Capt. Sowller. ntv7-t I IRt)tANn, 4t-;ii uoset tolatittiUg lel't ant Bouy'n tie kit Brocate; Men's extra size Ruaset ISAAC BIRIDGE & CO, ManEM HOnd nov9 134 Magazine a IDAISIN:--OI IoxesR Rotsiue; I A 01 lnlf hOee do dtt lull quarter do do do 100 drum Fige, laneding, for sale by C9IIA11'I.IN & COOPER, oaer9 82 Julia hIIEEotINt; l trhrtting--t2 ales Russnia nthert irieand 5 b Ules Lowell Lindonyt, anding from hip Norma, fnr sale ISAAC BIDGE &CO, nov9 134 Iluga zi * ALLA AD DEEN MAIIOMED'S DYE.' For chunging tie Hair, Eye oru1n, tr Whiakera to a permanent Brown or Blek, by one application without ataing the akin or the fitteat linen, juatn received by BUSH & ALLAN, 17noE Fancy Store, c. St Charlea & Coim. A t.'ntom fior=ane t.n uir sthit e ond , O pt ovrsetie the Vegeteable Mna ket. e o O mceofthe Firemeu's Itsurtace Company of Aeair Orleans. fPiHE Stockholders tre hereby notified that tte rticH In etahlent iot, lttir mtock is doue Asod sayable.n the 8th Derember n uat he offieie oe the Companly. ER L TRIACy. _ novn ire'y. BUREAU l)tA .ot--bNCt, Ili ' -P R8 DI.; It NL,-EOIlIIANS. ES Actiuneniro ee tot par tot ars tiiteqno le Cinq'irme vnrretnten sau lir te tiort, eat dn et devra roe pna r It 8 t) J.tetre p1htcltain, aelialeain de : Comliignhi. St l, LI'ri.CCy Seoretanie FOIR SAI.E---ti, oit Ileavten Segura, it0 ihxen Cha'uherlii, k'ill,,, 2tUt buhge tleaia Malaga Raul. ains, lid) eneon dio. i..tmool, 25 h'l.d tIo. Alhaondte. St aieeree pri n.tCerroli.t. oie-. .,fu, onew crop, and 0.d k'bin 1.l.4( -,pti, fit -,fle t. hA ,r.RIIM TRIEIR. nn.'!:40 lentiude at BUlSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., WDU'eswde ClI.lioMg Eadlfhmkse;. No.3, Magazine street, I A'VE constantly on hand a lare uppy of' Cloth iL n, calculatd btr the country trade. Their n. sortnlent being large, merchants from the country can besoppl:ld at the shortest notice. oct4 PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Charlree Street IIAVE acountant sopply rf every article perrain'in to eotlemon's dress, of the latest style, at New York priers. dee 20 J.B. Roul SURGEON DENTIST, nor 8 No.13, Royal street. S. A. I'PEROSSIER, MERCOHANT TAILOR 67 Common street, EGS to inform tile nbtlli thltt hnving purchased II fromn Messrs HOUGiH, .SKEti S & CO. part of their stock, he will contine the hbusiness at their old stead, oplrsite Bishop's Hotel, where he hnopes to merit Sshare otheir patronage. lie a omade arrangoenets at the North to be supplied monlily witll the lates and elto fashliuonale gouds ,or 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AD SHIP PLUMBIIRS, No. 1(12 'oydras street New Orleans, IANLFACTtRFRS OF Load Pipe, Water Closets and Pamps Of all deecriplion,. WARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BATHS Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &c l3jorders executed in any part of the Southern States. mr 9 Dr. Robert F. Lindae. ExctHANE foTi.L. Sm CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manaaetuarers, No. 102 Poiydra street, Ki ELP on handl a etnit.nt supplj of Lead Pipe, Sfrom '2 in. diameter down to 3. in. diatmeter, fiar sole. _ OLEANS LITHOGLRAPHRIC PRINTING ESTABLISIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banlks' Arcade. WILLIA.I GREENE, PROPRIETOR J H. PARKER Commisaion and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP sTAIRS. New O:lean, Feb. 2;. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESALE AND RETAIl. DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DFE STLWUFS A.ND WIVDOW GLJASS, Corner ol Common and Tchoupitoulna streets, NEW ORLEANS NATIIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large apply o Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOEILE, S. I. &I. I. J: ES, AUCTIONEERS. Noe. 61 andt 63 WATER STREET. rtlE undersigned, having etl,lhlished themselson in 1 Mobile for the psrpose of tratnclingo ilthe Anetion and Colmmtin sion busioness in its various lbrallnches, eg leave Ito itortrt their frietos and the ipulic, that they are now prepared to receiveo conl.llntents, atd mIake liberal advances on tile same, either tlr private hr puilic sale. SO)I.O.MIAN I. JONES, ISRAEl. I. JONEIS. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mobilo, Feb 9,18:8. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ARRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding: & counlissioal Merchants, No. 411 Pnvdras Street, NEW IORLKANS. They will devote their partiltlar attention to the sale t Wesltorn Produce. Referrcees. Abijnh tt ink, Eisq. I lart M Shildl New Orleans. A A1 N:tlhau, I 3,ssr,. ,Ohn, DI.tiot & Co. (. riggs, Wild aC. Boston. rte Irothere & Co. Leveret &TI'ltotals. New York. Vot. Pahl & rc .ill. Stanthrd & Davis. St Louis. tilargov, ARbaw & 'Lttmrn. S Ride" & Co. > llnwvr, Page & Dunlap. s . Altone. A K Skiillnore Eu. ) G a tlareh.dl & Ci.-Louiwvillc. rLt sroNE, . T. STONr . E Anl.T. STONE. PorwnrdlnM and (oImlli.le.I JlerbLanls, FUItNIS~.ItAS OF SHIP' AND BOAT STORES, No. 114 TeuI'UP I t roLAs staEr. N, w-Orleans. Relereuces : R ALL, BAKER C. Boston EUOEN':RR Vonr & Co A. BI" MIEACH & Co. NewYork. 1t. PUI'r.T , J. & P. Ho..ANo, Cineinnti, 0 D)AVID STONE, DIaytou 0O B.ComaTOcK & Co. Columon: . N. At.ntcnt, & Co.. Louisvtlle, Kv Wtrr..ts,STEvEse & CcutTIS. St LOUI Mo A. IJ. Rorr, Alton, Ill. W. K. WIrrHROW, Itushville, Ill. J. &. P. P. F'ATwEItI, Hayon SarB, La. SoLonMOe HIGH. New Otrleat.. jan 22 I)EALEIRS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISII CROWN GLASR, No. : CARONUIIET STRYRET. OI IRI' 1ii N'S INSURAN CE 4C1A031' This Compnanv or now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Museon'o Building, Canal street. E L TRACY, New OiRlans, May 15, 1838. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commilsion and ForwardiLng Merchant, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to Layet d A n , New Orleans Jio. Landis & Co. m'Z4 lI ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER' No. 12 C.amp street, Wholesale Iealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, nti0 Window and Picture Glss, &ac. e. T. W. COLLINS' ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR AT L.AW rtTOW practising in the State anld City Courts.l. Cli. entse w'ill find him ut the Clerk's otlice, U S Cireuit Court, in the Custom House building. je8 A CARD. T HE undersigned have opened t house in this city, for the purpose of transacting a GENERAL COMMISSION HUSINESS. OFrrlt, No. 10 GRAvitR STREET, Ur STAIRS. 1 P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in the above name. References. Godlrev La rie & Stuall, Ne OrleanILa. Peters'& Millard, , H II Hill & Co, Louisville, Kv. John NI Gilmore, Vicksburg, Mists. Harper, Cur pe, Gr&Co Grand Gulf, Mi.. . Muir, ,loore & Co, j Stibs Lillard, Natcld.g MiS. New Orleans, July I , 1888. jyl2 A CARD. NATHANIEL TOWNSENDI having located him I ell il New Orleans for the purpose of transacting a rGeneral Agellecy aid Collllt i1on llileor, would re spectfllly solicit froi trhe pulic it elare of Itheir pa tronage. Havin; a house in Texas, he will uttend t the trans acting ot any business Itht mayi be desired in that euory, and will guarantee prouit and unremittied at trlllitlot all bAusines1 entrusted to his charge, uld a faithful napplication lin accordance with instructions) of all tludt that malv comell into heis hands. Office iu Now "Exchange, on Uravier street, opposite to Itev Sir Claplo ' church, and aJj.titinog ilblnllle readnlg rllln.eotlll of teT'I'exaU CallUtloae. NewJrleaos, Novemtber 25,1837. Refereners. MoBorn Ilillyer, Bush & Co. I New York. Burr Wn kemanu. Alvnrc rF sk, Ntelhe M, t3ls. R l Stlrollt r. St l..m., MSo. John lT r r y. Lttisvtlle, Ky. .ir Jtthi. ., Site e, lttithptveille, Ky. re8 6m FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW OIILEANS, OfBce No. 24 Musson's Baidiag jo' C.AVAL STREE'I'. STOVE°-t-- Stoves laalinfror, ship llntnvillh. O., .me of which are of enti:ri Ilw palerns-a!so 'to Dr. Pml' Iatelnt coatl stove.;i d t,,nmeal cooking Stoves, i! sltora and for oale by S LCUCKE 3 CO, 8' t ti. Leve, I ' P-Stvo Pirelrad-, at.-... ,r ,T'! anR pit e the ir k to -h,"i ,,,,lI','. Ucl't BUSINESS CARDS. _ II, K. F. D. Newcomb, H A VE opened a Ihoue fr the trnaeneing ,o a gen eoral Uomnsieeon bnsianes at Nilshz, lred ot' business tonfided to them slhall be faitleully altlendedl References: H C Cammlntck & Co., ) Ianlllsll lite & Co. Noew Orioens. Caldlwell & Hicky, octl2-eo-fl m. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINXOTT, holesanle Grerers and Comlmissn JIMrerrlnt.s, No. 27 (Common Sreet, New O(rleans. I[]DParticulorattentid n paid to the Iuting up of Steam boat and Ship stores. nov2 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPIUC OFFPPICE NI,..53 .laguazllle riers ,, llpF,,, e t n,,ks' Arenlde. ESTABI.InIHED frt the elecation of maps plans E niml drawings, me PlrchanI' circtllarsr, llnlses a·n alddress cards of every deecrillption, funeral circuliar on leep Ioumnling paper, apothecary aid druggiats'lalnl.; bank clhecks, dray receipts, &e. printed and arl xelll d ii :cheap and expeditious style, by tile ptprietnr. W!IAIAM ilt E:NF, NB. Bank Notes executed. nai4 NEW HAT STIOR;E. JUST received per late arrivals freo New olrk, Jfresh anod Ihshtoaable oatlrtteu taf HAT'S. The .hb.eriber would particularly ell the attention of the nublil to a style f beaver hats of a slueril linish, lne . exlture, rice an betautiful llllir . also r; fine plai lin usoia lhat ofa slperior qlallily and also a sglendid article of ilk hit, togetl er with a generatl as aorttaent Ilanafauelthd by hlnltmelf, expressily for this nelarket, wilolesale and rttail J W OSBORlN,34 Camp street. N. B City and country dealers are invited to call. PFO TRAIT PAIINTIN. cein 1si, R l.AtlRKE restlelltem.funll o toielpblic that il le will remain ae. lthrt tine in New Orleans for the purpose of painting portraits. .ooms eorner of Canal alSI Charles, in the lhonse ocoupied by Ptnrmnly & Lyon. Dentists, where epeieimens of hIis painting can be seen. Entrance in St hllarles street. nm8 I m SOTICE TO THE PUBLIC.-Unfounded rumors of the undersigned having sold out, or discontinued his old and long established GARDEN SEED STORE, .n, 85 ustonm /onre Street, Having been most industrionsly circulated by self. interested parties, the subscriber begs to assure his friends generally, and the public at large, that he still continues within two doors of his late, or former stand, to be furnished with a full and ex. tensive supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetable Garden Seeds, of the growth and itm port of the present season, 1837. Since the early part of September, he Ihas re. ceived ample supplies, by the packet ships Vicks burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short passages, direct from Now York. By tlhe Missis. sippi and another packet, lie is in daily expecta. lion of a supply of Fruit Trees and Asparagus Roots, having already received invoices thtereof by mail. The subscriber begs further to assure tllh pulbli at large, that he is at present as well enabled to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wiholesale or retail, as he ever was since his first establishment in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market Gardeners' orders filled at the lowest and most reasonable rates.,by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. Catalogues, ithesr in French or English, may always be obtained on personal application as usual, to WM. SMITH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhnouse street. NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, either mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-with a supply of peas and bcnos. C LOTI'H ING-18 anses sett.enable clothing, landing freoi shil Normalt, tor ,tile by ISAAC' BRIDGE & Co, nov 8 134 tagzoine at IIAIf'rit ! CIIACtT !! -US' receivedl an invoice of Blulll'se Cllertn, el-. S fisrin t of lle lillowinl, ltulfeif lMaxic., West In die, in two sheets; Blahnan Il ks; Weat Iloridl, Coot! of Ilrazil, two slrets ; tMelitereaneeno; Coaie t Africa; Elnglishll tlmllinel; St. Gleorg'sa CIhIainIel, ho or sale iy 1)AVIlt F I.1.' & ' New Il rk taetieller' Hhull, non 8 "4l C'er.irets it UCK--.o piedeed'.,,' c n,,v7e; 2U do W do 51 ItIon Ieavy Rlnave' Duck; 50 de Light rlavens do; Landing fromt alip Normanu, and for ae by S O.JP WtITA '.EY, FOR ILENT, fl.undrv tellietllntlll. IIIIn fveaat L.oailn thle f .1 '2rd nat irl rd MlliCi nItieA. Alll. l I Itr. IL Itie, n,. 119 irUavier s.tret, or hbi agent Mr. No. 3 ; t aletrect. navl0 - J,0.-'IULt I IcIN ' HE firm of Slter ~ Trier is dianltred from the 9111 Illt., hev I ile col ue .t of sell,'r . T'hI aflairs of l-te coacemn will h. liquidatod by agreetlllt, individually hy Altrabaul rier. :+SAl'L. SLATER, AIIItAAJI TRIltIElt. I shall conninue the Gl,.neral For nlrdil.g and Con mission bsllinelle Ior iiy own aroulllnt. at Nu . 4ill Po.) dhn street. AIHAIIAAM THIER. PEii-i C,1-\.lil0. OL, .. o310 1boles New Ihdiel rd c-rm llCundles; 51 barrels lerlined Whaole I il; :13 U~nsk Netw Iledfrd WViter Oil; 7111) hloes Imould Ialllelle, Jacksonll' branrl; 10i boxes No.2 dI Sp; thIeet Copler frilon 1'2 to 120 Itl'; Fine Socllehlng TeIa, ill half cheats; Yolllg HySlcl l'ea, i l3 II, btlol'; 15 la.kete tirst quality CaIiipnSigre ' Wit,,' lIlck I.ead Plots ill c.ks, tssortela sizes' 50t rb.xen while Havana Sugar, nlperior Iljlal ity, in score and for sae ib' J'tSEPII COCKAYNE, not5 '23 Grate r Ht SCOTCI IUN.EaT'---i dz lor rule hv IHOL.MIES & M11.1,, novl4 I Ha .k I'lllee SltESlth IALA(iA Ktl..AIN-1.0u wholoe and half boxes, for sale by ABRAIIAM TRIER, noel5 4'0 P'udraa at A LMONDS-- 5 Irais for mnde byv ABRA]HAMI TRIER. nor15 40 Purdrll. at LONIION PU'IW't-LI-ll casks reivel per 3la.l., L ir tale by II)LIMES & MILLy, aovl5 9 Bankli Place MRS. TROLLOPE'S NEW WORK aOMlANCE (IO' VIENNA, by Franuva Trollope, Sautlhor of'lntestlic .hannttrr oIf tile :Anllir+ll 'Jonathla Jeffer.son WWhillaw' 'l'lihe Vic.r olIWhex hlill, Parisand tie Parisian,' .c... in 2 vola. Just received asnd Ior sale by WM. McKEAN. nnvl5 cor o'clllap ani COilnlllon t A Dwelling house, uitabhle Ifr a small a a family, situated on Na.ades sirlet, Irontinlg Tj. Tlivoli Circle. Also, the nliintutre iin aid house lor atle;it w all urcnhaed llat Ithe north at a very low rate, and will het sold at a bargain. For lur ther particulars,enquire of DAVID FEIT k. Co, New York Stationer'a L1.11, novl 21 Clhartres a (. ItANIBlltlES, in halfbarrel, faor -ale by ISAAC ILliIIF lE & Co, novt3 134 Mlagazine street. On conlsignment: Just recoived and for sale by G W Pritchard and J Tagert, jr: 100 boxes large bottles larsac wine; 50 boxes containing 24 bottles ebateau Lafitto. 50 *. super salad oil. 50 * 12 assorted cordials 50 ., Extra White Wino Vinegar, 50 baskets slperlor Anisette. 13nov O-FFICE N. ItRI.EANS & NASHVIt.I.E HI. it Cu.: L'Change f hos o'sur otarlrng..i73 J VERb IIAY, lSonudays excecptedl it train of Pa' "12 nage Cars will dlepart from the lepot.oat the toot of Canal street, hr lath and the ciretr t'rarie. Departnre. Ieturn. o2PM 41'A SUNDAYS. Departure. Return. 6AM 8PM 2PM 4jPM JAMES II CALDIWEI.I., I'rerd't [ lrrPassengecrsartreqoeeted not to fire at the gllle ,roll tle Car.. iuie-tf --II'U3II.A'ElI I'Er:T--.t .en article, ti bbls landing frolm chip Eullphrate. and il for alet Iv S Li CKLE & CO, nov9 a Front Lever jAI'. .IK--l0ol raltus Mheatllnl P'lue io toe ald . fr maie by ..3 , 7 P WIIIT'r',E, oAr7 Lt Co .ti a %V /RMAPI NU PAI'LK-lt--. - in iu .... .. ..ale, hr W'ILT(RiDGF ,.Tti , nodv2" 7 M31.azIne at i IIEETINGS. 4 DRILLINGIS-4i b .e. 4- brown SScheeltingg, and 10 Il lales fine llHamphire Drill lins,landine Irani ship Dlllatin, for ralo ay ISAAC BIIDItIE & CO, gan 5131 lllltezilote CITY IIAI.K, Ntoventber I tilh, l3.. TIriS lustitutitn is purclsing E..lalltle ti Ne lr.. IUT'I'. J IALIRI .Y, nov 15 Cashier. NOTICE. l HE anlta.ribern mhve this day firlmel a Co-prt. . nrrship.i unlderthle firm ot c I( . I Pri'chi r l aid Jo. Toert,Jr.,lor the trunanctinll I the (I rccrl I I rlllese,ltiJ have located tlemtuct.te at the corner of lagalzinle StdIl Pldras streets. They will kcin (tcol *tantl onit hand a geueral supplVy ot lttily I irocrls sand cs'l llno sn ore, snlid aulscil the patronigoe , Illir tfricttds ..d ithe lblie. G WV PRI'rCII1RI) JOSt. IAGCiE:R'. Jlt nnvyt!-1838 S ARI--1500 Legs Prime Ieaf La ', 'tdin. d ad I tJ I',rr.l'ebv STF.': ON & .AVEiY, Si I h, L"i " f C iravierl t I A I IDN E Ii. BIALDNERS. A iEAIT1FTIt. hoerd oflhnir is th- erendert men A ment Ieloneinte t. the Ihman fame. lintw irtnnre Iv the loss of it chltnges the Ceslln'rnan'e,atn prtma rarely Irinrg on the appenarne of nlh nee, whlli.l e.a em Maner to reroil at beinrs nrovered, and iometimes even tIno hv .erietl to avoid the revts Ind of their neqllitiaf.nte: the remainder f tlheir lives are ecn seqoentlv spent in retirPement. In short. not even the lnesfjlnpertv fill. thle gerneru thinking vonlht with that envv sinking glooim as doee the loae of I:i hair. To savert all three snnple. ant eirelmalnneee, t )idrirsie' inlen of hl'dtthin tile hair fromn falline offe, the irtt applientinn, a.nd a fsw hottles reatsres it actin. It likinesr pr dlces everrows anl w whiskers; prevents the nitr frm Inrnve gre.nv, niMske it trl Ihetltifull!, and 5rrse it from sunrf. Nmermlns rertifiente loi thne ir.t rrepeerahility in sulplort of thie virte of OldridgRe Ilntm, are slhown by the proprirtonr. lf7 Rend the fllowin.- Rohert Wharton, Esq. late MeYvr Iof Philadelph has certifie' a mnay be seen hbelow, to the high chara ter of'tie fidlnwie" Ieentlemen. The Ilndereigned Io herey rrer'tifv Isht wehrave used the Ililm oif C(olmlllhia di-covered by J.Oldridge. and have fiumd ii highly servicenlle notrnly as I preventive aeaint thie falling offof ihair, but alsoa certain rest. t WIL.LIAM THATCIIER, Senier, Methodist hinister in St ;r lsrst thare. No 8f North Fifth st. JOHN P INGL1S,321 Arch street. JOHN I) TIH)MAS, M ), 163 Racast JOHN S FItiIR ,hiF SpecVe, street. ilirtl .lcCUIlltY.24:lttth 2d st. JOHN: GARI,Jr, 123 Arch street. it is known that three of tlie nhi eicsinerrn ae mo.l than 50 yearn of age, and the ,there not lees than 30. [Fmrn the Miaver.) Conulonweallh of Penravlvenin. City of l'hiladelpche. ¶. I, Robert Whartnn, Mynvr of snid city of l'hilaie. phil, tie hreihv certify ihiit t a well ncc lltinted with MOsteret P hnplis. leain F Pre r ared Ilhih M .Cordv, whose names are siaed to thsalbov eertifiesle,thant Ihlr are gentlmnen iof cilrnr.lhr ald roeeseeleilitv, and 'as sllt'. till creit sl el ld lie given Is tihe lsaid ierificate. In witneta wh-rlof I have herellnto st my head and cnusel the seal of the citey I be.fRxled, this 611ith dby of il)celier, tie. [L. S.] ROBERT WII.ARTON, M evor. OBCSERIVE that ealh blittle of the (;euine Balm lian a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is represemnee the Fol ,fNingtirl, &r, Solt .helrlanle and retail by the ole geant, for Ante rica. o2 Fletrhec street, tnerl Maiden Lane, ltne , tot het . . Penrl atreer,and by imost druggiestend perfumner t eugh he country. JARVIS & ANIDRLWi, m9 Wholesanle Aents, New Orleans. PROSPECTUS. THE subscriber p-oposes to publish. in tie he. ginning of the enaltng winter, a Condensation of thetwenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to be nomprisedl n foter volumes, 8P1., eceording to the model of Peters' Condenand Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. Tihe Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Juldge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect front their perannal supervision all the advantage which may naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more na. cessary, as tile original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too in mani tent. in the other Statesn of the Union, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudence of Lou,eiana; and the circumatance of the noumerousl principles here des aided in thie adjustment of conflirts of lawe, makes the knowledge of our adjudged eases of prime uti. lily to thej jurists of the whole Union. Moreovel, tihe rising republic of Texas lhas adopted our cmles, and thus there isa great demaend for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Coveenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in ILlwisiann, and occasionally those i, tihe more authooritative forums of the other States, will le added to each case. The work will ferml four volumes, royal octavo, and will be delivered, bound, to subset.hers at $6 per vol.; in case it should be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the p-ice to sub. scrilbrn will He e$7 per vol. Suhscriptions received by WM MeKEAN, je5 cor Camp and Comllton sta. N L. Ultlh..h'S CIl).H IR;CIAL IN>TI. TU'TE. Peace slreel, between J.oreau aned Ciasuaflo, lsb'b. .Murt',.,y. .PECIAI. Clourse of Book Keepinr.--hre eonrs, I f lha' Keping opened since several months, will close in it fiew liol s. MnnasnV good ierountants, amlong wheom are gentle. men eihigh iteiii iin busines, will lhe reilran tee eti' redi it. tic b At neweVllcill ssc1 will ins'ssc sRIeenii as ea cef ficilet ntie:elhsl" of sitIeerilerei will IiaCe beenl oniiltind; it will cities is No-eiier li e.xt. For geitlemen residing in tihe ippre part of thecity, in evening three timles a neek, will lte openled aI the corner of ,et. .lli UIld Exchngell Place, itcub se liplillii. it rere i".r _ _ _ t FRED. WILKINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPA. .r LOUISIANA, lO 'fI' hi n,:r~titc to thl e ilic i the de h rt meints o Srse icie and i Cinl Engineering, bouh ill towi aid rolllry. Frei. llo.dinili rle eperiirene in his protisesi onl, and by piriptire ind tidelit, il lie exectllln of Isines enullllll d to Iihim, e Ihopes to mert iand .eceive a sh'tpllllic ptro Fe. Ilie ll' allso measure and cat lcnatll the contents of wnall and encavations. Ollice No itl 'halresllreeI,seeecld story ml.e. jet RUUS.I'ON & AnPINALL'S CIOMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.--A speedy s and ceitLain cure for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared front the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni vernal success it 1832, by persona of tihe highest respectability in this city, as stated ill the annexed certificates. Tlhis medicine is highly recommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseance with such distinguishted success, that the proprietor of tile recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie inl its present form, in the hope that it may bhe the meanns of relieving many of those who are suffering undllr the scourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and whlen used according to the directions has never failed of efecltincg a cure, even in tile mnost obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weaLkeat stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates a an ppetite, sand eeldom requires more than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenle in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its eftency, thr.t they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordane. with thie directions and has not efftcted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Bienville and ChLrtres ntreets. For District Agencies apply to ji5 T'. . SMI'I'iI, 48 Conti at. T lit uotdersiened llUig brete duly nip.inted by toe thleorahle, tile Iternt Judliiai Iliemiet Court if the etitle olf I. siinela. tllllltlisi ionrsl to estilllate and assese Itheige anlllld expensei olf poe in a newt stretl Inllo Ilydrv..a to (ilold, between Magazine and ' hIpli ilollulas ete.ts, have made tieir erillm te.lll ar -Se lltmetlltod dlflensitod a true oplly tllereou. tugeler citll tle pltn in tile sfie o tihe Clerkiif nlid Coilt, or thile inspeletill fl'all ~beI it miiay onern. Atd public notter is tleebvy given, that aild eti tilentr lanldu..eeSctlll will ie pressuletd to sid Cullrt for confiruation, on Saturday, lile 74th tan of Noveem ber, 18l3t; undll persons interested inl tile estimlt and oecnsslelnt are hereby notifitd to maike Iheir oh. jeetillns, itaitll Illey lave, It I sald estildle llnd t nt s iliert, eie or elilre ihe elld dll io l elvrlher nelt, tibr latter dlot. . ehlg tell ayd- aftler tle Ifil publicatio ofc thin tititica. New fraleans. 19th Ccob'r, 1833, . ILOt %Il N, JOHN JI IIACII, Commissioners JAMES EE.S. A.S- 7ad1) here 7 undd t,.mmy Loag, oi saitnol, mlJ stillt.r sehy J TIIAYER t. CO, nnva8 74 PIydrnmlat C I IA ll.\ lt'iNE Cl)IElt--ii tielee Inndmig, and C tInr mle by T H YD;)E At 00, 'l' it 11011Es. &1110, no18 enr ilsagn ine & Common at t1 'l'T .-it l kegs Uhnin I)airv Butaer, of first L I quality, llnding aed fIr sle by" .'''ElSON & A:VERY, so,1 7 58 Gravler at STlllE sIcherihers take leave to ititrm ttheir pnatrmn Sennd tailt Illie eellnrliiv, tbtll they ale non prl pared to ealithil iele alt l.nhitonse. GOSSIP AfCf t, Fnoihionable Ilntern, Exchlange Illtel, in, 2 St. Chbarles At tib lii-uU L N iuitUZ i.. - Iluable Riral Elle atof .*reiitla L.L he so!ll In uesday, 20th instalt at 14 o' S' I ch'k, At thle l Citv Eit ehIilge, -t. lt,it -trrclt, ,,- FIit'It VAItf.IIII.I L(OTtS (iF G( all wit. h lithe uildin' thereon, firming fiterirer 1of1 New Levee andl Ilulter etreetsimutedislly frollllli te tirlint. I lttius I'resC. Unildiulcen this eligiile site wos'd now readily rent ai hiigh silte. enl iart muchtl if ih mint notiwith.ftaed. inlg the luny illimprlovetnt s now iprmlttssingl in tile vicinity, all of whlab are i,.rlc ct'ne~g:ld hibfor fin ished; all the e.teetl. and flllllliquettai are ar.lady Persnon wihien to uiild Dwlniing e t i tort- haver Thrm wplal h. I~-l'ef: P.i. , fi a at na... in an hir7 and nlost tdatronlloeaaci s tian itn the fialtthotl Franklin, spon the railroad, one mile fIt,m .,he eMlusa ''ae huildrg ia err aond m memote mmniosrly diderta int.. rtaursenat, fir keping separatw ditforlnt classes. and I fcferent diseus.. The inrtntaitnl is supplird with fart metat nhitfa atd ettlentiv le ttadl fIemales nmues,andspesking the va riout monern lta ttnces. Prisats roteos ar 1 be had by genlreaes at iftb doti Inr per day, includtlid, a &trora .a, . d&c. Terma in the or iov wasrda, to dfnlema per dty. laves also Itwo dlluare. small Pox icn tire ordieitr wards, five dollars. Ali caupital surgical otpratl.s e-trt. T'he ra.cident phi .a"iia.t is fir %Ih i,letnan, to wllom spplicttion f.r adlnietoan aust bte mac. rttso t r C A Luazemherg, No 17 Rampart street. spl_ 9 Iv New Orleans and Cn rr llUt Rail Amngemenats for rennilg the cais fo.m thlis ehas' FRuM CARtnl.LTON FaOMs Nar" ()aLzAoi, The thnre.r at 4'cl'k A M Steam carat 7 A i steam car 6 do do do d 9 do da 8 do do do do I do do 110 do (o do I tram car 12 do d steels r ar t 3 doa stern car de PM do do C do do da 4dotda dtr do 7 do do do 6 do do do d 9 de de do 8 do do The Jerksen stret cars and Lafltetfe. half rat o'elock, A Mt. Cannl sireta at c o'clock i4 M,and run nine hourly at 7 o'clock. These cars wi eommenue rlunning ev· n hst hour. and continue throughout the daV mltil7 otclna, t' M 'l'heerranrement for the La CUarse street ears the saine a lfir Jackson streat. `+. JAGO COFFEE,in grams, reteive A, per brig Star, in store, lir sale by SLA''ER & TRIER, m"2 4f Poydra street. HAIMORRIIOIDS. HIIAY'S LINIMENT--No Ficmti.i-Tit ex. traordtnary clhemical acmnpoition, the reoslt of science, and the inventman of a celebrated mcdi eat man, Site introdusal.n of which to thle publi was in.w·ted with the asolefw ty to a deathbed hequest, has sine, gained a reputation enparaeleled, fully sustaining the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that " he dared not die without giving to posterity the benefit of hi. knowledge on this subject," and he therefore bequeathed to his friend and attendant, Solomo=a Hays, the secret of Ieis discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practiee in our country, first and meost certainly for the Mire of the Pilk. and so eaten salely and effictually as to bafle credulity, unless wlher its effects are witnessed Eaternally in the following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once, All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours Rheumantism-Acute or Chronmec, giving quiek Sore Thront-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup and Whoopmig Cough--Externally, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few lhours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in redett ing rheumatic swellings, and loosening coughs and tightness of the chest by lelaxation oft the partsr has been surprising beyond eonception. The common remark of those who have used it in the Piles. is " It acts like a charm." THE PILES-The pries, $1 is rerunded to any person who will use a bottle of Ilay's Liniment for the Files, and return the empty bottle withoutl being cured. These are the positive orders of the proprietor to the Agents; and tot of many thou. sands sold, not one lhas been unllse.essfl. W.. might insert certificates to any length, hat prefer that those who sill the artise, sho,,uld as hihit the original to purchasers. CAUTION-None can be gennine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is mlly namUe, and also that of the Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMS'I'OCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of ('omimlien & Toltoupitoulas street, and by the Apothecaries generally. jeh0 SI'A'E OF I.tUI SI.,k NA, IRQT Judicil District rt. ots . Je kins, v. Hip nod the Creditors of Stern &. (o. The eslil)l oel tbe luns'Ivent's pq.l.rtv is accepted by the Court for tre, bentuil al hi t.r. d tlos, alll It is ordered It alt ,a teein tio' liiesaud credilols uit the oLreditor oif Otlerio &. Co. to tlie plt at iliah ollice at J.1. lMarks Eel., Notory Public, on Alol.lla. the -6th of Novemllller nlext, at 0li 'c k, A. Al, toar thu purpose of deliberating on the affairs of said Jeklils, end lterntt& Co., otI in the meoan time ail jutdicitl prtcrldin,'z against ithe Dernn and itroperty uft' . jec.kit rer staoyed. Al. 3t. Coben, Esq. is alppoiuulll to relpresellt the absent creditors. Wu\Vlesthe Holt. A. lI. luchanan, Judge of te Court srooaaild, lthis 4thi Octobler, 1313. 1' LEBI.ANC oct_7-3ilhd&n DI . CA'k. L lA"1 UD. IA l.OCiI.stoE-Cor iu l'riti r 1)istrict Julcisire-'Th-,s. I J.kitns ttontre ses ereanciers et les creanlelrs de Strrlsa A.( iP--i.-I loI Soni deo bin s de I't.solable t n ,tnt it ncretl;tt I our le benl.ire de se cerealcie s; ii rae ordoloe tlll'o el usel blre docs i+olierr et de ceuox de Sterns ti. e i, ttii hto et, d liue Marks. ottuate iublic, uttl,. Au jotour l.. \ovemollre d dx ilellrrs du Imltiot h lll- nfrlllil.| bur i.ltatl'irc desiliic Jelrkillt et Sternen &it(; eo titelnt titrls routeis predures jdiciaires collltre la pslllrTllll t la peronllte dudot Jenkins Plint urrelees-lM M ( +lbel e..+t Inoen eo r reprisoe nter le> crellroicl abshrni. 'l'ctin Ilone A 1. Il;uoltnotl, jllge do In cllrei cideo.l+,. ce 24 scolobre, 18.18 27eolt P A lI.EBl ANC, Depllllietir. l l) C A i. titY , ' t t o 19 t l t, ep t tiet, h n s ts l t e,'eie. led I fric Lnd n, r AWI i PENCr , lei Reoyt k nen'r R tiel, ihperid Ltad lrbeii,; dirolk CttI.t ItS, &,., cr. .er.'s & on't Clore; Nited Ko n' do; ,oxra do. 'l'urnbrll's oIundlm (lanrd,. Psai. ml.d 'Tm ed ltd l ital llH ; Ivory Ciper 'I r~aiprtt; C alln tiletper Btield la lver paperthi Gold orderst: li\o; itetl l oreth td leeryi locituley, ii and Cpaer. Rote's &b Son's best pietred Lertd entooils; Ilrtok Reve' ill P& Son's Colors; ck Smn' d;e d.hex Pnd iretaive.; lvr Jpanlltl tgtinv, l inle Itimdteor Co ,ulo., with 'Pceils. Drawers, 4*.t. I'repred t antvas. I7,Uo & J6 icbheo. POL'CKE' T iOOKS & WA.LLET'S. Rusi.otd Alttrecco I'ocket Ibouks; RIsitu eI.eethor Ws.lert; ItusoieaL lhter I ook 3 &d 4 lvoty leaves pateut Tablets, with 'fiver pencil cases. Plain and Rededd ltosecoel, Boxwood, Mat gold lurnished gold, Fancy oeloaed andlgold Screw llan PEN IOL.I)ERS. Pearl and Gold Poen Holders;. Pearl and Silver do. oct18 . C)'fI'.H tc t de t suitd hair e or . J use, alnd particuhtrly aldaptedl fnr Pteanl ulonlt, Ieing celehrated ilr raising ,eatm, an I btiog well ont board ship .iars, iromn to nat sw, Iar Ealt. by HuLEl1.S &: A1II.1 s, noil5 9 ltalok I'sa 11 ANIFUI.D H llITERS- .\ilaon's Imprlorld 11 Manlilold Writers in very style, just received at Ihe iazaar, curner of St. Char " Imtttiitn Ixchaet,: Hotel. ALLEIt. nov 17 jILLIID 3 IALL ANII C.. t,, KS.- 0 ilar at sOltlnet of Biliard Bails of snperillr quality -t the Baraar,crnter et. Ihurtes and Common-tr. nor 17 Exchnlge Hotel. J.tI E,''I BALA.CIES-12'u.Patlnt Plaf trlm. Bal Sncecr, weighing from 10 to 0180 ibs. L . ,o .ac at Ot .00ced prhots, by uNor 17 S. LO(KE & Co. IJoICKET' ALMANACS fr 1839-Jest published a law thousand of Louisiana Pocket Ahallltne ., for 1839, for sale by toe grove, dozen or siogle co.y by DAVID FELI' &wC, New York Stationers Hall, novI7 24 Chastres at ST'. MAI.KY'S MI.\KKET STEAM FERRY. 1O'TIC:E ie hereby given bhae in iutllsuance.fln oOr, dinace passed b the s ouncil of tlhe ecetll Mue nlcipalhtv, on Tuesday the 16th day of t ctolwro, 183iM Bloks of Suhliptlion ito the eapitnl stock of $ft i.,i.t in ebares of $II esoat I,. io said Clomh)ttot will be opaee0,1. tl Sir. Cliarlic Dilnlid't, iNo. 21, I'cbauitlouola tllelt~ -1 Wsedneday avxl, the 31t iosrl., so. will be w kept ol eo frome licebck, AAI olotil1 2 PAt. T-n Dollars per rlire to be tpaid in raese r.,tubaori 61ig. IBy the h 'nlinaner, "preeon rklity t the h 2d Mlni. cipulitl? ore oilv allowed to ocbhorietsu the stuck, G#·o. I)I'O,, Contnisiunere, I. I l'tmAII.E, e N. B. A eopy of tiheortdiauncec .uay be seen at Mr. Dimld'o. nov Iii. tier Ill. XCb:'IANGb.E ON UtlS'Iti\ r 1,rsle by A. ISA AC iltIE & Co, novlS 134 Magaozue ase To RENT'. ARTTof store No. 40 h'u)tbtd sat ees. A tl' to .. ABKAhIAM 'I'T Ell; wvrlf 4 tltyvdiua at Is L AS-3tU ? Ii hoxes. lyeirtl le .. d iu AI powder Toa% 171 l th do do o t. do 175 e0esCsw.r'ee do do do 47 14 Ceokt ll'o'urhgu l Tea 411 hour Suthluug Ioditn rru.s rkip I.sar Heks. fron, Nsewu o ,.ir s I by , 'LAW .&LNCE & LL.ieNDRE Lota' (~. R ll' Lil U. A NOTE. dw b) Davtis & Richardat s. of I.aks S PrLu'rieiere. La. hi o of bella taslsworthl, and demhor.-d tl l bt, and '.tarnriah DIltse ter reretes las drl otd Sutry dol,. ;tlltie utJd omt blhak. A., ts ho oe .el use it. itthlesitcl he -uill ;llrl 0 t if rio. so receive a rewrel, it letll, dby I t I it gl1 t 00 talp S o. t La ,p t *Couneto st Sto p street, tan,

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