Newspaper of True American, 27 Kasım 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 27 Kasım 1838 Page 4
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; .k ARY, KIKKLAND respectfully in. t tt to her friends and the public g,,e. St stelhe is preparedr to a..o..unor.d.. t tIh.e, at 1f 8os establishment, and hopes frets her titl4oes to rendor visitors comfortable, to receive : Iontiosance of former fyavor. Slhe furrls confi. ddft thitt persons vislting Covington during the r tjsspt muothe, eanrot find better occomenorrdtiorm. tjon .loa onan aolrd them, on mre lihsrma terms. tier huron as paritarntly sit..ated, ani well supprliod with overy ronvenieneer; the bar is Gfruished with t tlibt ohoice liquors, &c. in short, she promises a taonrtbing shall br reuntine on her part to give s.,re. sttisetclnion to all whol may patronizr the 0ipsd$~o d pt n Lniniana llntel. - je3 'O. Cd 'rgftI PUBLIC -The todersigood, toeaing _ . tndoieod under Dr. SeLtmidt of Charleston, Sooth Garolina, and for soma years hie nassitant inr the pruotien of medicine and surgery, has the hueor to offer his prolrssinnol services in this eity. He asndrne the lrudies and geontltmen that the most proenpt attention wril hb paid to the calls which mtp he mrotde; and ailo offers his serviceo to the holdnrs of lavee, hbenir well acquainted willh the diseasoe conmon to them, having attended them in .Itoelgar hotse inl Charleston. ' . othatuons anti hiliour pills o'tir the composition 'Profneasr Stmolletto. with directions, n be hae td. qf.he undersigned. The effoet wlich they have pi`oritoed in this and oither cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to whielh the best of tibrenecoe can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. zine street. JNO. M'LORING. 1RON,8 de. HrPRJ HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S' 8 Water, near Beeknman street, Now York, aihve received the o.pst season, and are cornstantly ri#ting large and extensive additions to the stork of-Ute alrmvo goods, wlrvic now consists of the allowing asmortmeont, suitable for the southern and 4 wrrstern markets. Hollow ware of nperior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots ofl'2 different srzos, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Keottles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15siz.s, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, B skep.ans or Ovens, 7 diffroent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skihltr, - . 5 do j ,flat Spderso . 6 do Convered Slidet, 2 do Orldhles, . 4 do Fire t)roL., . ti dr Wagron bolxs from 1 14 to 4 3 4 inches. Cart dlo. 5 to 7 inhels. Wood Screw-, 20.0013 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inle, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, N ,r 21 of a superior qgality and finish, and loss than Jamro's imported paces. Sul irons, a.isorted, in carks of about 500 hbs for retailing . Tailor's and httor's Irons, assonrtrd. Salshweglhts, l0U tons, a-oorted friom 14.4 to 201h,. 2 Rllen for Pl rntations, slteamboats, chulrchcs, &c. made to order, Also astouboats and other machinery rmade to order. 'Thie al ve nssortment of gnnods is pnrticiularly recolnnedroeldl trr tle" attertio:r o Soulthern aRrnd WhV:sterr merchants, and aro olfored fIr sale nt low prices, and u00 n Ih most liberartl terms ; it is bo.l lirved o the ilaro egstFL and Ibot. ressortmlnit ever onfllred for sale by ary one esltaibel)hsmnt in the United States. Merchants, hy fnrreardin..i a req"Ist lby mail, can Iave a prin'rd circular, with de:cription of goordo, prices and tortOs, from whiJil no doviation is ever made, t'rnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediato attention. New York, 183S. j_ 3 O--E.,.N >1'I:1 &' L" PI. nLIo-U .,|o.r,.-'x ILe te o Tivrt 0 mtd ie! h, lrs.rted Hinrte olo, (ll ox . nfi' s a . inavkeli's 'icrkle; fi r i nti t o lore SOrSiullirlPlirlnr, bv rJ\IrVlr r k rr:I)ILI:,WVr , Pa d r C:)o r oi and . l. d (ITchouhirollaq c i' I hol x bao' Nu Slel al rond b o.l b U ll. Gorld, forliti:v IS.AC nrltIer r' ioY't . ml 1 N "l t e 1. I;i u, i ,i h rr t. O'fNE.,na dwellhto 111lt+e no ''rrhn streer, be tr ni. Apply rt. J o rT I, t 1tl:1' tlt.\ IOWS, r c--5 \i hoclbroars, S ldilt d .il? r i tllt , file sa l bRI ClI.IIlt'l.fN& COli'ER, , t15 1:"2 .l"1 'a1 t kjlAtN .rlh i.,r d rir aulr _rrr .i e ' tr:: 10 f all rlrr lir ill : r, c ini r ti rlg o n eerye' n erior' lr tti, laid, 1 l, c, errrt rihit:, o'I " ,ror i i r " i edried rorugh : dg: r'c nl I'AVIlt FI'1lT' t CO. nil N V tatliorr 't I.lI ", '.t1 ir r,,.r et tS 1 l) ' of;.) ll , S :2 do rt, ait d,, ift. € 1" . r' brown hSl:l , 12.l ' .lgl nor (I er m r otlrtre, I. U b ilr rr ot,rr r:ntl: ,1 hrrr I t'. bo tord i'r:i:'rr , r tirtue rd B iar r lan y cg r urn cr --oi t uolrrir, rr' irt,'V It Frd ' i mr13 N '."r.t:i:'r: Ih ltI Charlr t. 1 It itN t:i'-oi:Il lbo rrtrrh p-rroof Atrrrir'an lIlandy, I rrdirng, t',ralehv ISA.\C IIIlDGE & 'CO. 1nt1 1:31 Y:1regiln rrlcet. Na NF\two x01,0 Ic 'i(:k s s'o.," itontrtl . doors n. fr ll too',l , ad 1lllliCillt ll ir II ln St h(llar"es street. trnt vierv o'lw, puet'ssIO;1. ir':etl Ln:eeintrOte Fnrqllire at liotire ": " .. .. _ _ _ I. 11 I'--.iiii hbia+ o- f Fh r. l~ tI,: T m (O G ieeItll Y, 41 K wa n fr- iioiuner G e i \ a toe ooo l r b 50 V ; tE )I(I, "Iii Y,4i .ei Yi ,a i 15it coilr, a I topet, lhdia c r -e Am hlas m ',i ,tatlt e b y 1 .l5 1 I' T & A IE I.l L. (t , tlm9yc ,nd r er nt (ably , to t rk a.t. cnidlll tetly* 1-ue ir etl \crVe onir. I I tlr sil- aiV YoltRiF, HIOLOTIEI+Lm, ito6 b5 ccp:Iy cJ rEAN. NO ME.RCURY NOR COPAIVA ti tdw t)oi tr , ,Not. 14, 187. -loti. ot l noaoht ito tlm oh t lnt llle Illionlr tiot cioI a ttiret dgaRtt, rasia Iaohith 1 hrav nlrploobi aitt -e nla de~cior.· Fclr u IO IIure, flnd the i+ ir ( i iii e ~lle+ 14o·.H now~ nl ihi ove orlantt anl lt mo yPreovner r tht c tr e f el tio tlttohe t o n atri vi Io iht on ohtan d allr over hetllilo eliy ti ollartit cure of Ir. II lt, of Parir,. tt be erfoetiyl curaled JOll N DiEAN. tfeo I bly Ir DO CeRTIFY oa ti ie, l on e1l o +ortraond tdisreRa i neq oth lt doli"Irroiio re I advisie mr" f IIw tttt, a r otrs I oiaL houn,titoho ut up inbot'ao o iat otheoi ittlow jtrrttty s oaenotilaerto olod loly to r A.o Ihlot , 1th l Cattal rltlelw.or ote I)api tine artd ltollro ll otrer oots Ir. &Itool ittitohaotoirotit 9 o'rhiaki I , utiot I P I.\I Jehy will kno d a trote ndonotor ar thit ootnpli ajr.. JtHiN lieo'AN. lm 0 h lravier otrert. If alnn ole an lll to ome ler . ctiall at No..iu haialw str.e, c id olly irt w-ill he t rtlistieti. To ue latlbiLobeood 1 tili oP:ipi of Io. I|lot,. JOI) I)EA N. o ew Ofrloean. FtoIe 1,. J.I.I 1rb 4 Ih IIE (iialeaor loi dioat htiso,too Itoro eltotti Iul ItCt A lu tedIt ia enit il0 i0 Itlitit ulflea ioo pri-e lof .ti I.tvoooart, h ei Ip oirhPa ooto In va otlle r rtoto and iterh kllOtetill nlllig t lh nditallas at miicatots ill coo ri ong D"lllnrilllall' e aldnl~lnlat . Tlo II ilediot l lltoeoo~ whiih hooattendeodoo tlo ,l of Ohio itlest hloattotbo lllorn l oiohelonrr it Ito l i. iro dtreet. ha.. htoittetitt oo l emli ll d r etlllllt, iia ooo llo licn t of e1iatoohlle iply acitalllm fr lth e ottre of l-ltollot. of. t p.i till ai rti:le, wutltit llt re-t, liltiotg o0 bloodl , |,iv,.r earn l,,lt~il, &e. 'pI th a la]te,ldv e rnefrs. "rTis th to t ma ri h h. t H r ioaP it otr oroalioe leeqotoently prae ioihe lon re tiarodl ite'tdio tton lreaitooomon Ijofor i ude ol tLooiooooede t itjtn .,ol Aeeo riooentt't oaheo ootinduofooatfoattir kother - ner'a Indilt B altin o f t oivthorht ot d If e tinunloed, il r I r l tei laed g ow f i&t o cata t roisacI ol b th erllt kaow l~ee.Oto. Datobo'r 4L5. tiole by J.ItL o Sd & OtItL\ nt t r r a -tt ret o 1tnt I i a + t 'tlrolo . ou 1)Ci.Es 40oer-io Clorotoil AoittrotaN - U Ady ioSrpio tr l Hiaiiretiooot, t o e r eott o ioot o gitinit Sitrhailor..e boilol rity at the tort ol rhi ch it oi t (irenti, cile.dDI. Ati~n.lll'] ll ' ur! \V I.. 4.1,. +\~l. D. l o etoea rottttr hotiotar torotti rvr a ito outuo y ahit doeiroblit preoitrotiototn rau icet the ectro. et h tof oe r To mTf Irool riatt ep o Aoeoao tbluonl eeo ai dio'l ii p ittole ttoo oy eothoo Iot Ilto W f, r cited teritiOtaOllitoi fi*eoeilbottV tot it tttodtotoi ootooeeIte el i itei. t ,it oIl th e halr t ltII tI o T lhie .t Oitt sTser.ite pl.trtes'ettit tolat.tteeirtcitiol Iltoltlr-ttro .ef thor tootot oLoLor tordj toIitOooo PttrEZteSel~ it to plococot yothepr .telatootn l ereto let rt tit For h ,loelt l ti, hnitead le Oaetdly i tf Ihal jtna 0oh, p rb i t.l - t i00 stoAreelt, l tiie'Ula h o e ltleloll'lotlltlh . .rr o ltt ltto ol . This diraloperati-tttiono b Irg.i titoohren ott tof e loltly oelror, ti oia, t rof t 'telol,.iit lla t tllo e n d ole 00lli tlogooiottlltll y nfOer ett lld u rei · Illed les tlalonlal. l ..ethn' n .lllr a n ied(Ilillnel ha l v ee tedi epreited tVti tloh. o' peiltt n e ltlitoc tblr a o ttO-i . blCKlEt o&CO.-'.e~nr0~. mlwi p iiCttnal ErteotiN 0. re.i Iillittitotort..d s elin~ms pu r te e it la p leaaa • , In the faille end irt, Ei| g t, h ltmaell. ull)o l it.fimP R Thi T (litt +le lp o-'rl' toe lti nlttio, it tla ellton tretii t demr ondioroi t Iatle, te eecoref eie t ,l to al - ., .r i ntrot ha-oo et.t aft l ildlrtte t llt O lte r otl o o -iers tia li),rave. pamr i ruhll wrnedy o lf this th+• l nlatlhrv my b+ o 1. ,ihetill ro.n rd itd ell -tolter it ito ltitllr, tlro a troieh r. " - evoidmeni hoocettboil getto itl of hole. etittootIt tlt leose Tite t e h ea lllitO I til Qiner ed thao, ate.oltl e ler itoll C oe pr.riI is n l. tforo l,t to ,t o lter , I. enI!." toti"ll|.lg,,t0rttne etIst eineethe lottr. 'floe t i . Ji0 he ro -c do'- r ,'rt o itto· u i' olor solo 01 tlefli.thi t Iir Ii w. ofere I. Ih pilie th n sr n it ts. t ri- ..kWL"u" cL ·----c la ',v" -rynr,.he; 4hflle aidm -m I 1 'rr & C re, n rnu isglan iron 1- Oh bodtd ship Orleans. Earle, llinhlansroker er sltry Andrew,.Freneh and Germnn play eants: Rack timmonl Boards: Chessmen, 2 1-4 and I 2$ineds il ardl hlll; 8, 9. 0n d: I' ine1lI blae Bowin Knives Pett, anul tien er treld (i.;nt.sll elt.. f nlnk t, lln..eilnn'a, and fhl Illi te' Pistnls; doable and'n ,t eln-le I'ce'llslh- .;ll: (slsn' !la: ehlts linit% Poder tal Plitol llaeks;.'lram Bttles andl )rilnking Cps; Pere'sreon Caps and apl Holder"loth, flaeir, Tosth:Ih Ild Nail Trllashee: Orrseael tC.oeinoe Tolth Wansh I'leh Powderr; 'oPilet nndl Shaving SOlno, in great ya. riet,: imle Hair lnlride, Rinilete and Fri.,ilte; Plenr; Indi' Tilt Powder; Emiery llaes; frnory Tub Cushions Patent Shldes or Garters; (imsn Eas-lie Suipr N lers: Powder Pulles and Beoee; Gilt Clheins, Sels andl Keysr: :avr-hirope; \Vaist llluklos;: niclreits; Bead Necklnace nd'lhaiin; Glt'annd Siivered BedsL: Ilimrllends. Itells and Pimes- Shell Twist; Side and I)ressine Crslbs'; which,iis nidlition I, theire s rmer rtoek on hand. smkes their naaortlenti very rnleplete, and will lie nso ow end on liberal taneis at the ai of the Gol'enln 'Islnh. :5-f 70 Chnrtres.a street. reiversla very ex ensine sRet oF , ' .i, ·nsiseeis of Table Inild Dresetirt Knives li e' -"' description, Pen, Procket, Dilk, ndl Spernr Irintslnives: KRaors, Seis sors. Eg.e T'l'nsi &c. &c . cI whiJithey are Irepared Sexlhibit to thlle tra tlor orders. Terms and condilltioll* eillIr maree ure kit-,e atillh. lise. mti J.I). I1EINs & A COIIEN . '11 nmmn C t.e f IMN1ONS, IIARI'T & CO.--Are now receiving -per shil Ilthstwille, Eagle, Merry Anstew, Ilieh ander, Frenclh ail German dsu! le headi pluvilng erdrs: ster,bel l and poket pistols; plain, ribbed nlli split elosion eps c at.p hllders; seiss rs, ls.nm', lmen. res; (lillott's commercil land osI seser tel peInsi; Vio ln; Virliea stria;; shell, ivory anl hon corahs; w;nit s: k, h-Ad ansld lenathler Irsein; lair lni:i, front neallt 'ank ringlets; negro puffs; G(ermnn id Ferslllh colovlgne wniler, IRowlands maecasser oil, imitatinon do; anthiue sid lears nil: piorlble desks n1d dlessing cases: :pastl blacking; lias atnil toilet glasses; convesx mirrorse; ol c:l gilsesse and views; Indin hi: ds, helllnIoi plIles ceolrde'nn; whit'-wine; toilet and shaving soups; toilet owneir, e.nmetie wash halls; se'ledhl etin eashitionss Ieno staduls: crsew llshiolns; faney shad chains ani necklters; heilliaed ball,; poctket books and walletts; German hlones; e eazor straps; file an commonnn gum-n "lastic lnspenriers. 'eartersailo; Bells lucifer matches; sil. rerr peicils; Creyons, &c. &e. The al)ne in aidrlitin to our former taeek of fancy tricslr, nlakes our :assorelnnet very emplldte. For sale wholesale or retail; as the sign of lhe Golden Conm, 70, hllesl':t e asirces' m9a. 5T)'5'15E-.-'Fhe prtnrshlip of Ikilie, 'neiten &Css of New t )riea : lIason, Ilerrii & t'., of Natchez; nI' Ilnrris, Kelley &Co., of RItdnev, wans diMsolved os hlf .st of My least, h nv h. death of Samuel A Mason, me of the piartncrs , the firmIn. The smsdersisned, oreivis irtnsert, will e chalrgedl Levi C tIi rris will ris d l to he settlini of the blsinlss of nl'inso, llarris& Cn.,'tl Natchez; and larris, Kel ev & o'(' Iiodnev;and s henry KelleR will attend to lhe setling of the business ofeKelley, nl',nl & Co., at Sea ()rlens. Tl1e names of the d everal firms willbe us id in lqsilhlstiseusiilv. lThose isdbtedl In nsid firns are earnertly requsleted oinloe ftirwarll and lmakeentiy settlementl; Ind thiae haoting claimns will please pnresat thmlI without delay. EIE, C IIAInlS, HENRY KELL Y. New Orhnns,J une 27, 1837. j - N A ilblgll FA;INA'S COLOGNE 1ViPTEl s 2 enascs Iure of this superior Cologne water, jslt iced and for s sle lv the dzee or single ibottl, Also Anmriean ild 'reneh toilet p wders, powder r utl nalld bxeslhal vin.g ni d tilet song, ellnsetic waih iblls, milk of irses, rcosmelie rold re Tnl', extr no s llelsk, kiphanll , \ llrd's veeetin le hnir oil, IpoI, lre'e dsl .rse I, sridas. ilnvenlr, rs- andi' bi y wners, h're.sed,'s sa lli i, lleisll ennrl'e, rsrv i n .r....veeeti sl e s tnd l sqlledli i,'li'i s adOr sl'i. ooh wash, cloth,hlir,tooth, ll il n d.flesh !lrllshes; together with ni adhlitionl supply of fashionable hores and shell enls alllsnld jeweslrv,Irsale low at wholesale or rhtail Sby SllSONS, IIARTT'l"l' &CO, S. !v 711(lartres treret. 1VW GClO(l) -incins ssrslt & ci are nw.iirit I_ 17i ceivi fronI Isl cilnidi,:i Y'ions, nitd! Saisstng s snnl hrie (Cnnlrrlia, from New Ynrk, a grenat varietyof CI olns in theirli'e, which togeher itll thes f IirBine i o.:sk on hisni, makes their assorm enIlvery pla n te. The l.l l)sillnn itis u)lnse et starti s iz: eIll tsi inst, ,,r:';de, i tlla:k isisl dslicvellpis ,'imssl, s oe ofs anl ll dhes'eriptionsl , l II dis r hbber, silk n1d worsl:td elsltii: i artersI., Coennnlon &ci file elastic lsp nderss , lios fiseo ndll Il,'fi'ir mII tchese, :leirli i po~t' powr sder siefl snd bsxssl tsien piwdr, porkelh kst n iii etilletse, nledlle oloks, shell, pearl, ivory mill moroeso 'csrl eases, end orslunlelts, plai o rt Ibe'nei,eeeklnaes annlneliFges, brad 'lHnins,hI'ed ,seeskicse nit ginss nnd ilnlillneesienloersvrnie gilt seadl,, Indias hseadsi, bell and u plunesn; pistol ilIn lsl'e pow d terflasks~( t b.ik es -t bets, hoset' , belt. poeket a urdllilillu ý istols;doubleandsingle bLrrelle d n lna, llowieknives, - nal dirks. sPissl re,r s thiers, : iocket knives, lunilrl cIhnilis, anlld ribbolls, wait lnkl es, clolth, hair, tllnth, n:ilo b, I rlllb, shoe, late, floor nnd duislillt brIshes, CII), I, osdar n ivrisser, rose and bs y willers-.tedes msce, oand exirstc, 1alentrssr, hear, misis a, alld V'arld's ve reit nlla li air silo, sha:ill' g uuI mtoilet: s:a! nfall dis iotl'i iss Intile'" anid gelltli' "lslln'.. Ile'k' nnd dlres ing cases, hllir rie:lets, i'izettes nid braids, plaiitn, lileVy anll musical work osxes, pidin and gil, lignred, 'coat ard v est Malttons, )itpoi Hand ivory shirtl do, hirt sttlds, gold aulrJ silver p.e i sil case ', oothr licks illw twrrrs, plated Iani gilt l ktketts, ttIinitll re do, li s l vet, slr land steel ihimble, lhooks Ia l eyes, hair tins, imilstion 'frllil, lk ilsld redink, slhle lacking, violins and guitars,ribbed anld plain permus.ion rnI., lin'a twine, sene ed s.h lensgold ani iller lace nc frige, latter paper, g e g!.d1, plat::l nsul gilt ji'e'llry &e. liThe shove, togetheir with a Srent varietyrf oFther arti Sleso tre onilreld t wh,lesale or ret;il oni acuomunolting Neil 51. Shell omba repaired. I, IioI,.SAI, AN) 11il'AII.;LCOI3 iiANl) VI iI! llI'TY S'TOIRE--at al aigal of tae olden colnb,Mln70 Ca'lluarllnr eet. ThI'll, hcrilr er hnav re ceived, ialdition to their previollus stnr.k 'a d, i filll and complete assortment of 'rtieles in their line; viz: conlbs, pcrmlilcrv, Jwell', brushes, .l hkiing glasses, I'nnev il'l, l llra n in,, a.,lnistin; illa i'r 1s t; llows: (Ni!,ll.S-ilriaa ealla!!, wrnightandh lna,, ai ckitwh it, q;iilled bank, long round, dressin g, sial toll curl and neck, Irazilial comba of every description amnaolg which arc omel Mexican pattersl, Ivory combs of everl dascripoiul, hlorln, dlresing lll lllckethl, tagetilIr with :l gaiiaall'i ,liIrlnellft afa'rrhilan, Atmhriran. 1'PIEFl.'l 'rIItY--'loghue, iavCniuhr, Fla.rido, Iniy ibp, rose, ald .rane hlower wIiers aol'every size illad dal erilption, camphorated Colol.lri, extrat of t:lhtIIoIot, any soaups of Aln kinds, lshaving do in nkes and tots, traat hill Ol/do, \Ward's vngrtlllle hair oil, hears anl nl ti, modo. I 'atna l'a smlelliig aIlls, 1a h1l an, Iwrll led toilet powder, elrn l pllwr, i lw lbr pll. I aland llxes po mutllain a1pots ald rolllllls,orr anld hlorine, tooth wash andl, witlh a generl assortmlenllof JEWl Il.L.IIY--olne oftlle laaest naiil lmast firahiona hie setts, eonsisting of whilltle nnd reld lrieliuni lul pus. jet hardrops, set in filagree, breast pins of a gre*' .ar tIv of ll ll rns, Wlteh trimnlail:e, gil alnd silvl,' ,nakie, :.iler lllhnublee,-silrer iilll gubl I t toil s11 nnl u rd chahlin lIItIUSIES-Clotah, lair, dust recrma,,llll artlh,loor, hat, tQElh, ntoth, plat., conllb, Nail, shaving, shoe and IwitewasFh bruslles, . L)OOKINl Il.:\ASSES-Geriallln ~tania and toilet platee, umlnifving and FIlenlch dreasling rglans, homean rlo, with a vnlrieiv ofuother kinds not enulmlllrated. rFANCY AN~r' VARIETY ALTICIlCI.leCS-Ffench and American ponrable dnkr aed dlressing cases, soule very rich alld fina lainlln ,d lallies work blon,. dld adre in¢ cares, wi il d wilhotl nu\siieI sllUhr ieal boxes, Ac coldiarll of valrious kinds, vrlins nlld uitai, silver andi plat'd pencils and lhnad,wood )perils fa r era t Ia ter anIa d crntoOl.. lllntle rlocst,guwn~ pislrlln with ald wiltholl easesr, pereuslon anlea, pnaaoniaoll eup cai:lgerl tIo)pl :cr,,w driv rs, shotl hoh.tsz, L'lll! patI)II Ie I ng~l tiol(iy teli a ntl;lIdian telalns ofaevey killi, lanI i lland haille ieaonl cnlnllnlll kiveh , nars and aIy aii t ae, needlera pn, an ile r l+ltd, str el ind ollllll n tilllrll la lesl lket book llan wtlletf viriisllus kindsa visiilng curds and curd fas,, , ing e'arel of lrench, a l'reired a n d Al mer ilcan innheylitl re, d ill , 4 lif on t iuh, s.n boxes, rllllts oIf various kinlds, Sl nae rl,,f.!' l'o 1 crt}'s Emanernas, Ilillmau ao'nd allr rbl' ra or trp ia nd metallic on.,dirks, lincly Iovlld Iltuklnill·, do waith n hdreI tstoy watcr h e, e ee rl buttod n, powdner llasith, eu, nuld plonlll ead beadsn gilt a lllnsier to, g ei llic sllll ell-n dara adll gltrer, luin anldlF swlad aflea, aInckgaullno boarlls, dice, orpilc vil.eojnwalno, r anl lcoibaly match woand drhiin h ops rl I wit r gelreet onre tlieo ihrli ur es on .I leh credit. bII I. \I IClt , .& co. rd70 r(,lrtarelansi. ILI Ir sale Natheir C Ipl'nlanllt \Vritlll. n.dmlllil Na. l Clarans nroolt, ,'eaw l;lela , lb lla:alway Nlw Ynorka, laaplilae a.,l,\lobild . I is np rialutrlvl hlsailnll!d 1r privale ha arller-, all a-.llols , iil I. ia rsll, t ll foir PItan in ofa ll ages. I.a llie. and eclel l lllue iI1ted rtcll and exanlin the ivB.Al ahl t Ior tl O,*s t lves. Laesani ure .iven lt illl rllans ia. try nllit tir e cllllvellilee o'l lllld to latsena forn led in ny lnpant Laldie. ali prealr it all reca~ e iasna olns al thlar own ref I'l' nts a ia[ying for non , il rse of lessons Ira desired o lllelld ulltil lly wl't tIhell ls theyllv wh. l1 21u1.:\ 11 B'tTIt',. I)EAFNES. - NEbW nrilnfor lersolls troubleda wilh dalnti! , A .,called 1ti, Ear "'rnlll ipt.,Itill h lisl jsbeell recichdcd t, tal lIIaIt, ,t lial, tlhe sliglitrsa arienhlata ol tfhe a lai . inol a voice ia ditillcntly eornVeydl to aait ear. Allyv ul w.ote I~as ,,n Ia fabligld I. t olnver , asea in i a ealy daln iecrsonl, miostl Ie fully setlible of ilho dilticciity anld rm. bnrra.slrnn. t xperieuaed both by bhemaselvla nd nthe in ivilunl so ulllnrluitnrelv rlllitaeld. ly abe mOa oaf tl Ear ,TaTltalli at. tli n ohjection in enIirely Iani.l te f Thn IIIOn t cBl.itirLLI htve lway iiw . lllldo11llll their doubts afiul laving used tilla a'rualped. For ale at 'r F GUION'S, Pany store, corner ufa Ononaa and St Charlea sitreat ti nr ,l ii t 1,,a L:vHtela beh 13 ý PERMi OIL--15110 gallonls pure winter d k'A Sperln Oil, in cnaks intid bls, ur lnaln by AILLVIs & ANVIJIEU.'a. Wl nesnaln I) stal, .nrn.r C naaon and I'rlhaa Ins sareetlI . n• r n1 t 41 fiffE LbU-3il bkld, I U0:i ha a nab; 41 kega, 1110 d " nIPII do 25 " En'linkll do--25 1-4 ablI. 4110 t a 10]0 fainl Briuhe, , vIrii 1s sizes; I a a.e Vernillti ran; S5 bls IConal Vtnrllisl; a Japapn I." Corac f0 packn (iold Leaf; •50 do il anr do; 10IIi dlo a)litchl ,\letl. WINDIIO\W GI.,,\S, Aallleren, Ernlih, and I'reallh w1t0) boarn vaiaanous oi,a. and 'nllalnll. BonnlllanaWa d.,.--51!U bila esh coIsigt na, ati!l be .soldb ow. Aln, n enernal ansolllellt of anrtinol' nloars alnd tool, tar nule lY A W SCA!I ES, No Ilt ('anal sarrt. N I). Alabnna nlcs takell l i ra . nlr l o finninaipai noteswill lie rene'ivd n l la t r aenen diaollllt Lar goLds, ar In IIla'lla or[al'nrntrl J je I I w nl.Ol;t--l10 'mhnll'l r -o nieannan, Inniand. ial,, in INItaaI,;Yn ! LO UI' - 3 00I llril;ng Ia It 'inanan f If dP nlle , . = etat, lie .2 fitr S1y3 .MR. WILLIA.11 (JULISI nO. .lT THE tEtFERtOiN HOU:s 1, JEFLERSON SIRI, ET 1 Th Ue Edilor of the Loise tile .dtertler: S l--lt hlpears by thle i bervetion.i of the Editars i .qlf ll. NSIhrille 'Pre.bVte'rbm I.ntlnion and Trrans- t -ripIt, ts werll as the riltters of the Memphis Enquirer, a lthat tie "Ohi Getlemaln" is oamc;l thie Doctors This is piroved by his kinely rage knowig that his tie is t0 ut slhort, and that tit ildeneedent nmoertsn people i tri aioe to jiude lir thiemselves whot are puofs nd impiiition. 'lhii woe tliy editors who sre Doetors, r tile tecpriittrs, edlitr or e sub-editors of tile habove t anocdjloollts,' riil etert letter frots prisons firers It rcaiored toe.icihtiiliihtirpiaoe hees, potl. 1. T'rhe fitr il, thot nver b solnech great suCres js wtitlin iso limitIed a period as tln oir twelve days. One who waps aed houtt terll vetrs, wll hlad only t seen the liflt froil ]i lilrtht I, r lnatt to ot' to follow sis matern to ticy littrl illftettd of Iiiina loiigeid to be let Ity Itiia. l'.ro" votoin Ioiiehe, i bo ia t eicb lost the rie"it of nieo ete, one tfr ten venris. anld the Ither firnearlyv two veiri, hlavie both ii tllei the olther eve very weak; Sset eh ')f lhose vonlit iidies beroIn to eeli witll Iioth 'ees, which benefril I nledte myself srill contttnues. ex rptinc they are ttlter tile infsnllece or ollOmillnti i of ite ileedilel Doctors. Another is tle dutlgiter' of a respeictable ielr'hallt, wlose name I Rai boui d ilever to IIellion, (is he paid tile IIIIily fees), who said eihe hadii iost t sileiit of Oiine eve fromt the aoe of Ii months, bat dialtnlo IIIhe , hun egh{i to-r)ed large letters wihll tile othe'r eye diiipletel sltlt. This the rdic:tirtltllors kreoo iii' tbetiinoltesn tlridiit himtelfie II;i toi iltlc eil uias dlt'itrtr ito tile office of tile tondiciii thritOt.e lhat they migillt bIe iihflred of the fact. T'i lsti Io shull en laonl is an elderly gentlemn bhy the tlate of t I 'oniit,neeal i veVeeiitl'oers of age, whoiitecl'ol poh lihlv hIv iIittr wbicih" ii e tootooksio all tise dli'timolt ifficte io Naohville hut one, end hilnself tld Ino he had paird for lhe insertion whatever they doeranded, whoit d.clar eld il tiit letter tiiit ihe in otliRv deprivcld of thie siht f one evo e from fi k aJfter his iirih,. wllieh hIis nmotertatted to I ,u - .occasioned hi tile ioPeoii or or leel poxi tdlit nce.v cr. coldltnt oeiioi srte tile Iitllt of the itui, for tue firet time t hotoh rcliiieets, bhlt tilte stts llo, atdl was beginnien to di.istiannish miany oiiectt; and did, beftore lefi tlht e;ty, give mir nt mre fthtt he ecolhl see to walok ahout te strret crislt site otlor eve oiiiiiiii'it iol' eled. lit saiii he holl hbeeni a nlember ili tile iettllaolist liseeopal Chlrceh for ne.lty forty errs i aln I it ii word weir never doubt ed thiotith the whol eiiorce ofhis life. 2. 1 ;repenatl ttl '1Ied oner reater oaceses tihan at Nashville, and tl i t he imedical and cerica; dciters hld netorhefoir rom elso rec.oo to he enorerd. The V picoe ii igonsstal ot the ie',, clericoi ier Simith i)rotve when ie statedto o that Ibnot cix wrnro past, le wra ecnvertted froe bhalg o perfect ilofidl, to helieve ill tse lilitrht s of he Bihlt , tbit se ilnlt hitiVr th oado Irifnic error--that i. mst hve et iie t to sey, th tbefrie Ithei end of It veiers to ctIo"l, hie sbtilld Lib converted from his ifidelit',ov the slirit if the true mniiiiiter of tlhe pieaecfil aid leniein doiitrciies of tohe Ihrilstian religion iset :it brthee b at do iet't'tiOi, rncoe cl, nnv c eIi foioeilicii toi 'ieu'e ilia iiiiiciii fiieinit,aeeaieet she imall woo he knew lnhd u llce so lllell ood, andll oin j.rv to iitv oei. All the inlliitoctR of Naslville pokue of tble .re'nti..'m'c,:s I Ilnrl, ,'-eept thle medienl ~llletor*. Aout oftlle hh also bad beer iuforitd hy ii Yolt of thti c le prfir nt( i totav blind eye.etes that .S. ''lle f ions Goqia R. iuftlliti town, p~retends tht I have Iou t thie ilultrels i giii in tihe Nortih, ioe uy nrival in thie Slollutwest. 'isi proves, howeverI ' asd, nd tlt I kehpt them uill [i rriived in tlis section. If I aeined oe in tile north, I oioght to Ilave i ained itettb eT ill the soutlhit nld sitlhluuwe't,n ll I still hii oe to wear thlnc uti mIory viirioithfol iilii oli tle day I leave, it ite of tc vhit petatiiec i fi the gretit )r <.,if u may Rie d from the man; 1 ave alrready behefitted in this city withli three dav',.. t . IThe object of tie present is to infermi the medi a[ (:n olnls anlll( editors iif the Repllliican Int 'Trans sc' ript u wello as tie clerical )dr Soift i u" ti 'e C Pres h uiivts l and of tile Uinin, ef Nosllville, es well as tile e~litor nlld Elnll nmIchI/II edito~r of til ea nJllll~is Ell¢.ttIRI r oI wea lle li r Prentice, tli elitir of the i.tltisville uJn i l, n 0 lse tile medielt Golibs ediior of this IeiV tie .rlt r' i h., that I allr, aeii i ticsu aicllst tl..t ll ld111r'-r Vlfqlerat(ioa,~ shmdcr1?U orCQfutnnyV imlllldi ccli loet eltl o crrivahl ill Nowu c'oik, tt well os geilcti bsiu cuiabile rhie hlrcn the medicitl oiii . d o fto e ofirh. i inow Iiad myst elf lby ottuie, neverto quit Ihis icp;iy iind of libeitv, uuti Ii iitCve brought ti uosteo of ai miy medielnt Golishs of thle rih, as wellC as thie southl Sasii the west, to the griudstone! T'i aollicted, ihere fure, iaiiii cllCiatt o filndiiiu in dulling iii e s eliec llule if next ye ill Niew X'ork, ehere lettere, postpaid laln ccii ith'.I wciihi lreIlraclne . 0Thi iUrb i he blii lut the tli so enled wIhicii tue icv. cleriai y cniivirect ifidel irten'd i'wii wri' en tI'h him, iiaii wriiltllni I ire thut l ii iii ek u rioe,j ad intentted fitr flhe Rev. I). IHo.wll, wlho redl it in ccc )iiir ll'u i.ibinetluc' nio .Ilt dicI iUollrull'adition cc ilieciicltclvel tookui' t Ili c lli h tiii'r ctlntldceeietcdll t toe wipy he did, whch hc sutht 'ultc .lt wouh l an iu, 'lic'cci uld pretcuc atiei t o iibe getni rucin 't'riie'uouuiuc'er uuc~viuuu'tlie fr otstainugfoctot. 'STu' Rec If ) tii(u i ruu uill t, i .tIII'ii'i t i u blecf e tile Itlic: IiIa he ll lt ex nlinred atl l la dlipltiiiiiS, &ec. &dc. wicolll ag ntlman SI1f ilitilllllte i.ii i f is, eIe U'lll s u IIu clul 'i of mIY I, liellts, ill c( in c: witnl l i tller c ileclicVYI lc a l(III I, hlld thell all to be n hlllllellntie, 1ii1.1 all mIy1 p titllle Iii lbe ollnre or le* hlclneitted, hll; ile le r collhl lilac be,;ln - indllcd bi a Ittl sirllllu e r Iii dlilW p iich iii illtile s- I wr f ote hi irtl iifif r 'belil iiio , I ul l iddre ed ii to O 1r Str'i'nliii culeditor ofle11 S IV C A.dvci.itc. 8 6. oI; wonder Ihe ele·i'righted medical (Goliahs nf IiN t usilv le to ik the el uci.; s ll uhere re iiel-d iiIir eof d forls to join will, ts Ich , e . -e i iiwerfc'lii th , lie phtiii - cilu anud intullectcol linre of the s/ii to-he-ennverted I cleril t intdlfi'. Whe red in thi hle il tha 'n tre, ii Sknoiwn by irs tfruits.' I dulre s'l the colluerlcl iidel h1 hoer;:llrhc fi(llll tha'i I' o 7.h Ir s 1vdml wa s ,lt o eslablis's his moral eler n lier as a Ielitl, by srhcll hat iii' woi i lhllul e i eiil g abribed. I et us stee whthller the auni ofl thisty pieces of ilveur will aiplv tl icioim s ll ai'i it Wau i i :ell iu ld t o- ;nllll- lea (rtfllPrri l ill i i, , iv 1 ii C tcu 0ii o\ , 1 ilii Wnlllt IIIIIIr I Iii,11 ,.,!S (li lP .t.l r ,.ntl,5~? 1 i ,. 'll. Pll '-i ort of all the eiccilnr ccricc,.r's 0hi',tcf $1 per si re. ((lrlltlililln I O ta too. l'L (d'rer oblllns of c'loselV printed mltter, which wele tlo be repeited i tice or f.lar liesl in the iPreshCirtriin, Union :uld ,icoitorjolurlal, hIit I ever intemldeld o bribe hill, I shold havll Ilotf red him i ti leasit $301,l hii ' rueItir I' e, instead of $ 0, which, in ill probability, he would have.tadly recrived as his te, aln not is a bribe. Oni the contrtry, it' I ' nl bree c n pahhe of olfifin a. br he, [ should certainly have done it inll It wavto have iuuied his acceptance. i. ladl tile RIt. )Doctlor been reelly emlvertedl to the Iceliefofl'thec doctrines of the aitviouri, lie wotld not have prolimdie to cm)Iue and examine mIy patients ithjl cott kclcpllog his word, s I lihave always finUtd every minister ofi the gospel cptlcus toI dol. 9. Iall lie heCII retlly Prouerted, hle woutld nit ullb licly have spoksn againslt the cinrrienn it' iitultions, wIc it is we ll known, re mrllllle ntlcrolis, llld which iare superio r lto mn in solelle pits of .lEurope. His o cln cit so much disrliteli somie votcingliteriry chlr lctelrs, its to b .-e:n y restlcii el fromt himt on tihe spot,1by iilying violelnt hands i o hiin. The lev. gentleCin: l,thouigi h ii Scotchilnn, in v'ithoui eXlule (unIleis he is tclllnllitinteld), alllthough In mne think hie as it rieght lllublme the AmerlllOi'ln illSlittilcis, becaus he is a converted infidel I ny he has nIot--as all ought to spieak well of the bridges he goes stafelv ov I e fiecy ithe gallant CUpaiu (Grundv, Rlld several other alniihble young gentlemen of Nashvxille, recollect well the conduct of this pious expounder of the Holy der'iptlrei ! Ill. 1 iecrcc saw seo h a dcelnon in hulliane lcope As tie (lc. lIDtior wits the lday I culed to raceoo witb hlim, when hi menaced my grey Ihirs witll ai .uplifted gigantic arm, ao if lie would have feiled me to the gl'ollUll,fii illcriig i diraiw i pious micisterocway fronm iis dity, i a bribhe iof 30 itice of ilver! I really treblll mrl tlhani il the "cli Gientlemuan" lhad jll piearod in his own shape! I I. L slIemoily dclehie befiore Glod, ntill am not afraid toll col |Jilll to witness that I I(evr. inll ie wlhole cours of 4" years practice as tin ocilist, in (ireot Biritain, ran tee lilam andI Aeric , in single instince of fleeldlch il bric. y III cc IiicuntI tI tiCe edilior of jiI' jll urll - biat as a mypesi++'tion flcl the splcd I co eupil aid lthe troublelldll \ll w h lcI Isiled theml;lnlld thllt I was ulwave more inclined to redleep, rltlher than alid cry moneorv'to thie iiitPIr's lilli wchiic is a sufficient proof that I had uo rte ndlll ol to Irib t. t1. L.ofyv--'l'i Melcmphis EInquirerfi twoor three wek olllllill i a tisue of liignlnit falsehoods, whieli lthe medilcl lGoli to ineiris lered frit their bretlren oerfile 01. Gdcittlc of tie North, and I ihll treat theu Uoless it is tri ve wha I ioave beeo infoe ccd-Jue i beggor, aod you will catch ri I.-- l 'I'hougc I poid ilitm. fcrmy IltrIncrrt ce:I c fur two or tree weeks, lhi calv inlseledllel elm O~nce.. oul will piecse to, noert this lettyr it your next pi per, acnd Cblige youir, . ie. In hllaste JUiHN \'ILLIAM.i, tcle Eilcii . Ocilint. e.ouieville, Jdly It:17. i Oiclit Copied from the . I. C. .Adceates of the 4Ih .holer, 1r37. At f requneslH of l n-. uelliums, we insert ile follow oi'. ole frnthCile iieii. inr hiouail, iof Na.hviciih to the lior of tic Sulh WVe'terin Cllhrisiio Advocate, wihi, it I ieaiCor has IcoI illliillCIe the dipilocctui d oii er i.eocu iannevihcive ol'the io iHIorca claitls iIt piilhlic tiilltri - cl ril nconsequliee oif ett Icccidest, lih. W. wil rn mn ill Nasville a fee' days longer than he ut first intlrndedo--.ey tlr 1St Jully. Icv. Mlr Strinc ll:-eih- aviogi ee e oreqtIsted by I)r. Williram, the i u hilft, clcw it Iclis city,co .ecommiie his Iiihrocis c il olllsd thecr tdOCueltst i evinciv Iof li rln h isc to clslic eotfideiIri . iii his profMeion,1i have. ill MOc ii cailli a vlaltid feiiel.liunie so with pleatsire. Amouni them I ficoid a letter from ir Pcgeoroct 1tre iset C(harge d'sicires of the King of thie FrLch, wt h \asicligO., addressed oI) ur. Williams, tectifevig the cicenenicoe of the diclomaclcs from ihe Kiogs of anlece, llelgio in, e. as well as thol ce froa te hledical Srocie tie.'olf Ir'ncl. i Ilhas nuolero s voucher froll illce known to lie of high roputation in this coultry, receives tIe I ris cirivac iu thle United S.tuas, detrililg inctci cnr of greantn ltaeer in tie Urestortion if s;ghc IiI the urdE. I Itlye seen te rlv all his poor latinllts in'this .:c. klelllw il otif tof]li previoos to hei: romrinio coe ler Iris care; Ihot il I have seeI say hleoy are unc p:letiocably bhcefitted. tROl'T. B. C IIOWEILL, Nuos]iil]e, Jle '21, 1837. I.. S icioce writinicthte uovr,oneof Dr. Willinmc' |lntilllra lila clalhlled uloll Ime1, and says he ha1d nr11 illh anld tot;llh, losl the siglh of one eve fir seventy vearli Il tmow clceclarec Iiluiself bIetter tlet last Icight, fcr lile cirst tin.e in his life tola he can recollect, ie could dis tinlgllish, wilh tl It ePe,iRlle of the prlnmilnellt talllr. I learn tllct tcic ild gentlemcn uIias liveid mncy yecrc it tchis rdgioi, alcd cays he has heeon a Mlctodist during rLrly years. Yours, troly, aug!0 R. i. C. if. ,A NiNic ,cI cl Icr o SIt*ic c wit il i 'n slloll roeds cltl ilictllsetc l frc li ciate i o latire , ii1oug Icote iltge dand tle itcllllll oIICtec b Ili. .'i'emic'r. 1 rlTLHE.I. ,'e a\P 01 ip T-n IT;II rPn %TE. vllllWillg f lircl cciltipu11 'Url pike ilud c i' co olU road, iiii chichciicr givntll rhe Ililstslore. in ils tr iio lll th pl ' IIIIIIother. alslo the roe llf.l e iif' cli ls c ad illluu mii lllrc i tbroltco i1ii the iIo',irvy, icrcililv ccmccllllc iel fircIl 1ti besIt ai Ihoriti· ·--llhl'iih,,l hi c. Auicioei Mitchelcl: ll rat iin,. sc 'ilcr t i cLra'i (tUItsE TiOoCl TTic Irxo co t I'rrl.,. it Ullli of the lroadsl, dillltuclles Petett, borat udell locrtl; cicsc. juic elceivf dall d fril lee \VW M'KAEA., 1.iiiI"' 'fN I!IAIicIdkici[iHI-F+Ie" c.nirr hv r1"11u Kr. 1li'cITI Iiu, 31 c 1,t0m1p le'Sit. ý )ir'cP C iici 0th ER alt aonPsn TtiiE INI)IAN'S PANA(:KA. t tORtheau m eumir m ,s e fult orkinglsevilgout, Ssolatioa or hip gout, ii; int ~ancn.ers, saltrhelmh, rl sidhilitic and nercrurial direases, particularly ulcers andi paitfulatfoectioon of the hoones, leerited th'ront oa tnoes. Ji trils, sieers of every description, fever sores, ant internml IbI obsesses, ecede, piles, se.:hl head, selrTy, bites, choo- Ilo hie sore eyes, cr' siv ells,hltothe, soad every varletyofete- Oe taneous affectioa, chronie Catarrh, head ache proceed ing from ny acridb hmor, prin in the stomach ansd dYs- tc mepsia proceeditg from varlatlon, af'eetioe't of the liver, ethrtoo ifltrammation ofthe kidrevs, and general debili- I. ty caused by a torpid ction of the'vesselsofthe skin. It Is sieg'larly seilceios In renovattinl those constitutions which have beens broken dlown by lijlldicionus reatments, tl juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is resom menled mn all those diseases whichlarisc frlm impurieitis of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever ie name or kindl. Some of tshe above complaints may require some tri- it fling asistant aplietions, twhich thileireumslanee of the ti ease will diets:c. hut for a gleral remeldy or Pnrifieator to remove theeause, thle tI IJIAN'S PANACEA will generally be founl sufficient. ,iUi " To TIII' IE'UBII. ]I Ieow true it is, that modern Physicians, Inm heir am hitilo to excel in their proifession; explore the vast fields it of science cv ihe aid of chemistry, antd seek out newvre. medial agents; in shut, to arrive at perfection in the o p.aetice by means of art alone,-entirely overlook anti ( neglect, as beneath their notcee, tile rich tald bounteous a stores ofmtedicine, ahich the Almightly has caused to spring out of the earth inevery eline ! Andhowmuch e i more true isitthat while the Amerietm Physician looks to ftreign coenutries for many of his most common and .ecessarv atieles, perpetcally ehanging as they ore at tie dciclates offashione or felly, he is su'onteclecd in hisl own country with an emllessprofusion of medieal pkants, suffmci'lt to answer any icldication inl disease or to elre any Oeabhle disordere and Yet he is ignortnt of their vir tues, andl thle are sulfcred to 'waste their healing on the desert air.' The effects of vegetable medicines upon tie system are tempneo'ry-those of minerals latsting. The former ex ert their effects and pass tff--the latter, mercury in paPr ticubr, act chemicatlly pon the solids, decomposing the beoes and undermining tihe constitution by a slow ntl slnu destruction.l. The cngenialllity, efficiency andi SAFETY ofvegeta blie remedies ever minelral, moo be estimated by contmast ing the ancient practice with the modern; or, to bring it amore immediately un:lers our wll observation, theI Ieli an praetice with that of the whites. Who, inl American, nas not known or heard of eel)cnted lnsteliees wherein some decrepit,, up'retending female lndian, by meansof her simple remedies alone, as atfeterd the oI st rapidl adl astonishig cures, alfter the Mateira Medica of the sammon practice. directed icn the most skiltll manner, has feilledl And who has not been surprised ath the om p',rtit c -se' anI.eility with which the dlteian lifeshim selt frotm any disease, :ancI at the almost tota abstinence of clronic disease among them? Who has ser heard oel n Ilione with a eonsuttion broken and ruined by ill'reatmenllt? Anl con a doubt exist that this happy ex emption of the savage from most of the ills which tihe flesh olmanl is heir to, is chietly owiIg to more genia and safe re'medles which he etipltoyslt his astonish ingdifierence in succ:es, is a foir exemiplificatlio of the t uillnmt sllperiorlity of tihe silomple andi safe imet:s of llre which id hales ec ated tfieor the benefit of his children, occer those which the price andl the art of mano have in From a long residlence mong a oprtion of theaborigin al ilhl:dfinntsof thisconllltry, lan.llil illntilOmate a qunim Ltnce re illi te. tethlllls of cereof some of their most sueceesslted piractitioners, lh proprietor of e"lie Intdian's i'alnueea,'aeqliredc a knowledge of some of tile most powerfclianl fviorite rcnedics. From these heseleocted such as were most efflc'ilesc and approlpriates, and after varilus experiimeets tllo test their pl'hlciles and Stvrellgth, he h aseombined them In tile t.|rm here Ipresented, as the mom t pert' et and biclsficial for tile purpose for which it ris rlec inntall te.ll r! , ' he tproprietor oficrsthis preparid tion to c1t th1 ptublle with the conseiousllnss that Ihe is liacing withinthe'ir sea, i rUemedy eldpable ofrc'lieving mlv y "of his aislicted fi.e llow bei;ngs, who are sulfering u.oler the nations chronic and iohsliateecomplaints to which it is applicable. To Ssuch it will prove of incalclable valhe, as tie mieais, ie anl in mail)y cases, thIe only meiansloftrelievingthcircsul i ferings and i'estoring them oncee moe to health land hap i ,piness. 'thlis is nototlReed as a common remedy, that f ay per chance be equa'lly good with many others now Sint use, bs t as one whilh is ca epble of sais iglife it maony extreme cases which all tshe unllsn:l remediesftI. This it i, has dnee rsoIptedly; and this is the reputationl itdlso-eh is tainl.ed whlerever it has beenl intloduced. It 'is oly bolutthree yeaii's si' e tchispvttple :uti'nl l was 'e, pr'estleel o Cite public: it lin tIlI short splace of tne, seime hlnhdre)Is of persons ightlll be tllllt, % hi wlllld li s leliyci declare lthat they beclieved that their lives wcrt' msaved ,by it, alt in most..sesaleri they had ' trii d naicny) m, b all perhaps all tlh co1m11on u.eldiies in taill. 11 her 'a ever a iis kiowp n it is c ra idtl co'icgi i icnto cus,i. d Ihiis n allbdslhsl.'ost ubstalntd;aul euonvinein proof Uof it 1t 'lThe value : f the Panacea i mnost coinspien.lo in those I' hng stallndinig ad s philitic :anld Srofulhs aiflilions ¢ c hic hate deilled all othei r e'.mudies, aslid iceticular)e in tI v-se asee's whire mercuryc hies been so ic itl !iy Iuse 'i as ito ca:ste distlessing paie illin tl-e hes, n s, nerell ial iulcers, denUl.ghLmeni t of the dligestivteolgms, e. to T Cl it eitllcethlel r'lmo'cs,:amt icailves cE:m itcnlirC Iv then idis~se, as.:, rllerts of! .tr, ic,,. tf aIetsthe 'mutittollnil, :mlld b:,te. l ll stie nt sund anda . w cll'. llisn c :c c tiei. lold i - l cerated Slre th c' ilS S. : ha. y elcl ts arse not Le-s tapI;reLnt, gtt i..i l slot ifln ,.= TIake in prclts does, the hdilt :l's lanlcei a i ptontce :9s ;i11 all :lsltive mnll l+d detergent; i ding tle me tic, d l icl alln I:Ixativtes, aIn :lli-spaslllll dic :atnd :il land, n ; IIIa itll Is'o lr s ses, a. l us rllll;o hie u lllnltell . (i.enile - all s sl.l cssedll, it inescant s all the secretutio s ll s ol X .rWeli ln s, sgi\es Inlr s l lilt. atlloml:lclh, : .l excit o e :ctionr ill the glndl, ill a allrtiell :ll' 1ma: ". Froml these priori Ides ++,operltobst iis u ino st l l ust1'slolo , l'hisal+t~rieioh't~ ~ ItbenolUnd highly sehful in stony amhligwn.a diseases not Iheie s ecities , nood it has wi ' nsed " will wllerfull success ;I a Spri.i-lll n s1l na lall Pu lier', It tllIIse who 1.e subelat lo compltait t othe chest, IIandw t Ih c g otlh it i oretlllrllll e ' ne lll lll . r. St llIct t sons will do well to list v, I r three h tlll_.s s ll o se. WVhenler tT diet lcink is considered neccIslry, this amnten+,tey akel hn : sr dllse.; will anst er al l its The ftolowing eertinentes, out t hlltuI'eds simlilai, which nightll be prl'ocured, ate givell to show hlI. tdect of Ithe Ilhllun's Panacea, in Ihe val.ius compln to:llm le;rel mentioneld; and ;ilso to exhibit ill tile mest satislmt l'ery mannerl iltssa llririty over the sTupsl ill c nullton usc. CASES OF' IIIIEUi IAI'U A Ih. CitnouLccsrots, Nov. 15, Il32. lurit g ihelsts s inter ind spring, l .as alllic'tel ill t very severe and listressinig rlh tltltist, olcetonl by exposure ill bld weatllher. 1 nIow tlakegret pleasul. in stating, Ih:lt six bottles of the Indianl' Paiei , restse lred Its ototprlatt hIlthl, and 1 confidently rCetontmeI it to all similarly atllietedlo JOHFIN IIFEHIGUSON, IOigst. CteARtLs'tPO, atc11ts i7, 1832. I was setized aollt thlre' e years sine, with a dlisttresinlg hllelllmtatisrn, eulllsed bI takillg a sctere cll, a hilte untltlr tiheinllteccesf mercurtty, and which e ic ihsablllted Ir ioom butsiness nerlly sever since. I l.lng this period Ihave be n a patientin the Msrine lospitl:d, ill Ithis cil Iiiwalldot tullr o~llnltls, llld nearly the same lngllth lile in the ltaltiotre llospitl, unil ttried almost ier nctsrdy, with little bencl;t. Oc the Iithi of Ilthruat, last, at that time sarcel) ablle to move abnout uipo s lt crutchI es, l Commencedl thttse le Illltill's Pana.lea. In ott' month I oundll myselllentilrelv I'led fron Ilnllll, RIand ar inot happy to state thal It ctlnotiletyclft 11t-fretly ell. tV.\. 'rUCK(EI, 15 Makml;t st. CASES OF SCII(OFUI.tOUS ULCEIIS N:w Ytme, Sept. lII, I .30. 'I'This my certiij" in the fall of 185, I was seize ill a swellingin my niekaed lithee, which alderwaru ulcertd antill beclame large gholstly lcers isn ity neck. Ali.letrliing soverlal phsicials ltoln adlsltantoge, I wel to Phladestlhin, aid placed nmysllf undler the ctare Olrs. Phsiot antul Ileacl, n, l c,:itter repeated salivationt to 11no esl'ot, I pWls Irolouncedel uttiely ilncurable. Alier. wards llhnk twenty bollttlesol'tt arini's Pa'naceaand 1iglt' bottles of loltter's otllholioll, x ith no Illateriol e belrfil I)esliring of tlie, wllict hal tnow becolme a Iurthet. I me, Iretuned to ny parents in New York, ill 18t9, an gave mysell'up l a lisngering deathll. Irisi of til success of The Itlisan's PL'aces , howeer,; in cats s.iilar to ity oII, 1 wasi persuaded toll.t it, aio lastr i. sort. To my g wrot su.lllse, sis well as satislaction,, s bn foudl nIy'elf pilidly recovering, and upon takinI sevenll bottles. the uleeolt'enled andl biecamle peltBctl well in the coarse oftwo monthsl, ad Ihave rentined so ever since. I makethis stlatemln and wishitllublished lit thl benefitoofthostl whoare sut.ering under sismilar seriftlouts or asyphilitic allctions, that they mlar know lthat lhe etredl~lwe who lla sullfered osery tltinKg ou death, , tlho considers his life saved by the above +e. WS.V. IlINIA' Cltsacs+T.o'r. July Lt, l 5:31. I wo afllictet, fiotr yea's withsn ultIer, in thlte leg, oti casionlly accoolpaniedl with cr)sipelatrot lliisltollltioll ant excessive tain in the leg a lnd clh joint. Sev-.ll eminenll t Ilphssiciaus exerteld their skill tiispon it, but with oult peroltiasenit benefit. It ilsicase ti\e bottle Inldiall's Psanacit made silt Clct cuIL1e. MAtIg;AII'.T A W',.O'I', 121 Market 4F or sale Ihy HENRY IIONN A 111, druggist, Hsen tIn iel propiteOtes, l'ehoupitoelasstreet fi NEW ORLEANS &- NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD I COMPANY. rFIHE stockhlsoldern of this compnyrc o erehrechy to' Sti6tad that by it resclutisss of Ite liardt of slirec tion passed on tile 19th inst. the cull made on them on the 13th February last, for Ihe payent of live doll .. a share, was rescinded, and the said stockh.olders are furllter totiled that WI t.REAS, by a resolutlon of tIhis hosrd passoed sn thte 19th ist.tra call has heto Ti"tadle ln lthtI sockholders of Ihe New Orleans aod Nashville RIil lRoad Compuany Ibr the following posi,.elts o the the stock held respec-' tirely by thtlm, viz:-twl. o iiamr pl r share., iayable ioni the lirst day of Septembersnext; two doll.trso per share patable o.n the first tlh of Dec mber next; land two dullard'c' er share payable on the tip t e y oAf l llurth Oilo. rNiow Ihellfo1 e it resolved, tihalr tie -orlmt1v of this rslUlljy shall ilolify thise srIlsc holders Ile'eil thtiotsilhe ittthlitsil r olh elftc scitltshnr in essttnlloriitc with the tiith sltctiOts f the charter, tIhey are permittrls itto Ipostpoue y pyIVllt clet cled in 11 the 'lctk of lsid cempau)illl r the terloof sixtyd·ys,from and after tile day o, which it is is tmadlepayable, with tie extpess cnn dition h~owever, that if not regularly paid within ti HaitI iroloinsetliOln elf sixty days, frontl anlld ftlrl. IhII - !n nt whiclh it should have bec.i paid, that thell the sl,.ik on vohic:lsaidpaymeltosshouldtohav hi'i lelldP eis llsd rne'st",: !orfiited lto the companiy, the clhurtir ol1 tiltl polit nitne impierntive. In conlfirmitl therefore, to said call, nilatck of the stckhohlolders in said compiay, as hllink prop+er to list o11 tlr pavments on Iheir stook to thle tlnd iof tle adliioaollsixcy'dtys, whichl ti chllrtl aIltnlw tholarlllo lsiotliiedtthl t lthe payment of' two ts l In lr per lshare eallad ir,aol due in the irsit of S I'lllP1 i xt, t IylieV ps tptllOd und1r the s.ixth sectiOll Iof saicd clhsrt'r, "ulil the 3Ist dsy of l)ctohsl Ilext,t. tlt thle paViIt o tesU dllalre ptr sllar called hlir, liand tdce oitho irst rlny of I) lllllember inex, mIly he pot poellt l ultil the 311th dly siltO J.nIIsu tier . o xltt mllt Iste iay mtPl i istwoldollars per sharte called lipr aod he on sith ftrlt day of alrch next, may be lloatlls'd until the : til doy of lApril sIxt. Etl1tcts of lils nlinutes fcd ihes honr june i21 'A It tcNAtII, Ser'ts. i \V 0:3,2II 0 c,, ca. - s -itnenwhste \t sso YI I fIte, or-ale JuIlEN II t illi11M. fIt ,p 16 Sl'A.TE O-' i.U~I.IANA; .;-Pariui h Court foer rhe JvS I'oriil trod City n New Orlant. all m H 1 T'A'I'E OF LOUIlAANA, 'To toll Sthtse I'reenrs shall omoe GOret'ino:-W\hl'leni it' Juoores Htase t hoo vittg ourehooed at o rale madej . bly tlire Shoril of tile patirh of Otloorte tile irorlarry I tt t hecreilthltr die~leriletd, ,al'np )lit6, to tile clerk at thin ehal clturt, in whose oidice the drd olr sarle was retordei on vati bet id tday of April, A. I). 18o, ftor a monition or adter- i titemenin conformity to ae uctof theLegislature of the 0 tate oPLouioiana, enlitled "An act for rite ftlriber ortt rance oftiles ~rr pesor atrjudicial saloes;" approvod i the 10rt day of inoreh, 18d4, NOW, Illurefoore, know ve nod ail 1rrece lntoirleereti iherein, are herehite 'iretiod odadmonished ill the noer oftie the Stad of isinn, and of .iie, d f tile Poarish tcurt,tct who enn set p anlly right, title or clnin ill tn to iv the property hlereinnfer de~ribed, in eonseqtuct e oft any er infornoality in thie orderdecree or iUdgtentt of thr court oet tnder wtc:h the i ale wa Inadre,or any irregularily or cr illegrality in the aplproisrements and aderrisements in time, or manner ol'sale, or for ally other reeet wrhatso- tee ever; to show cause, within thirty days fron the day this ilo nnilir ie lirt instrted in rh hlit ppers, rty t the sale so ttttde rlruold noobe cotofirmed antd hoitrue rr loorted. tot i'tle. said oIrrPeerly aR sold Iy trie Slleriff the par- ro io tieor'.eril o ithe 14irt duy of April, A; t I.188, by pc virte of a decree of this Court, rendred ooi the 5rth day ofFebnnrv, A. D. 1838, in n roir entitled Alexcnder or C cldwoll s. Jtmeo Itnter No I0r8"t of the docket of l this Court, at which sale thie soitld James lanse becme p ite purchaser for thie plie of twenty rne tlrou.aunrli dollars. i IDeseription of Property as given in the Jdicial Con r,, veypnoe, eir: A; A ceraian lot of £romlnn eiuaed in the silburb Ae ntneirioetl eria Leocrse of thiE ciry,inr squore No5, r nod hot hocing Frrelontchaleee, i0 Iit frtcnt on'lt'hou iltoulos streeit, h61 feet f'rnnr on Orangers street, ant t 60 Ifeet on I.aiogade r tla'c' Mt streert, in such it mnem. that said lotof gronmd is i60 feet wide froel oo side of ' the square to thke cther, together withl a dwelling hoseO front ng ol Tchoupitoulas t'ceerl, the kitchen and ide; P pendel'esir, lJeo the distilleoy esillli~ihmontc erect hed thereon and olthr hoildiogs' and inlprovpments, the Inaelcinero , rteonsilsi, itmpolooleonrs andt lixroore bclongig g to cild di tillery, its diletldelciels tnd aipurtrleonoeo, he rad the rightsrlc ltioenndo privileges thereto tbelongig str or io tony wio nppertaitlinee g. Cler'r OfitecNew Orleans, May 7, 1838. ml4,i4&j3 J. OLLIE, DIeputy Clerk m FETAT DtE LA LOUIblANE-Cotr de Potaotrou O r l eoisse et vill die la Ntouvelle Orleoas. T 'ETA'T DlE LA LOUISItANE..-A tons eux qne bh A err rtt'hets concernent, Salot: AAttiend qua t Jaooer tniose tentcrhetu r in one vete faite iar le Sherief I iletdparoitsse d'icensla propi tt6 ci-oprt's deerite, 'est r d'stes ar reflfe decette Coour o hl dite vente fut eltregistrIe Ir 2 emejour die Maet de l'anitee 188S, ionr un avis eonforomeO ent it uto te et; la i L6gisillnot ie 1' l1 EItat de la Louisianet, intituolt, " Acto pour collil'rer les e0 titre des aellltlerreurs .tux ventes judicixiaes;" apllouvtl le illt Mars 1834. Q 'ill roltconr, et toutes Ioesonlles intrt'6sees socat e ar crsrprtsentes all tooa !e 1'o Ftat do it Loouisine ct dr It Cont de t lirnssr, qui pourraient nvoie droit 'r ai propri01e Fi-i ,..s decrm~ite. en colllslllenr c 'un dBfar t de foellltlfrr tic I'orn',I le deret on le jngement de la coulr , en vcrt i t1tel la vente a c te faite, ol de toute irgirgclarite o in illfltiio dano Icestiatiot,l'avis oule temps et le imode tl lie livente, otn rour rnluootl'eoauseqiuelonqnl;l iell ailre voir, dlltr liente jOuros a d.iter dtela Inplhliettion die cere it aevit, pourti'el lat relte olati s fie e soleeit pao eol.eiltroe el oniologtioo, 0 tta proritrte fill venue par le t heeirllsoi lfe o qtrnt-ic eo i toorti~e lonr 1 d'ivl'il de itilteoe 1838, ell rector lllnt dtelet de ceritte oitur le 5 de fvrier de Iollolttoe 1838, er dtllns It'altire d'Alexanoder Caldwell, coilltre Jtnlet I laose, No 10,3I7 du docket de eetle Coulr, IhqnelleI h vente le dit Jaere Iliorse s'et t rendu acqllqrcur pour ott trixe $'tilil. Deesription det I roluribl d'itpr.s letransfer Judieiare, Savoir: tiUn eerlai I, t de teIrr O s otll ae e nubolrg de l'Anron ciuiolln alas I.aconuri , dte cotle ville, dians I'ilet NIo 5, i le dit lotde tilrre 00 n0 t [mesurer fr olrioto] roleixtioote p: ls de tace tL la oIIe TChonpitpotui s, ltoi0lstent pr l se d l ael lin rue dles i ran,.'er-, et soixanle pieds de face ' Ill facede dla ru e du o nrtl.'I,l e sorte ii( ele lit Ilt lotde terre o soixante pileds tie ooror d'ton I,0nt dr' I'ilet A I'nullre; Msenblne nne nnio? n la ntl thelaiic ' Il - rile 'lT hopitlol , i:l isinie et sis t titi toctdtnnesaliInsi t ue la distilllrie consr ilite lur lce dit lot, et It utrtes hi S ti;ses et ni tlior oitoon; le lmchiotes, orsttensiles, intail S ationt , .oor & pp o r1:enoni lo it di t i stillt rie,ss deto peolI -1 Int uelnlsapnrienianee et les droltl, actions et privil'ges ,.v app~lt nanl. it" tortau to greofier,Nouovelle OrlCant, ei 7 1lii,tlDlio. t ll1,-t&j3 J. OI)LIi: IepOllll IreOllier 00 royrl- College of Phnysicrlls, LoiidOth l [lE or'itonal egletalc Higelnn Utihetod s Medi S cine, lUU1ared ty IV kM iskill, Esq. ~leclnoecr tf 08 Io' ie'al C(ollr'-' of Sulrgeonlr , Licelltiate of Altlllte Itt,- cSl'etritoen telliowe ef itIhlt Coult Society, Surogeon r kto re iot. l Ution lPension Aso'iationo, lnellntlr 'Place, tkLuiertlo Ihi'lgeo and P'erpltnal Pupil of Gi)o, anll St. "T'homlat>' I Ioslitals, ILildon, e This vhllotte mediine the irsull o"f rwntll, Vrll's' s ll elx l , bnclle li Innpll. alltlted suclceil ss. ' illn he extel.'sivl e Shighlo rt itso eotidle prtc' ici of the t oo iiitl, ia"o nised [by tle Iiwltuhn al nobllitv. unll is now intruoducled tollthe litiice o" iti tAmciican n ielllic, at Ihe Cernest su lc licitatio l , fa Im mlllbller el entillnell of lo andhl ihli S snllnihi: in the pIn'fessilnl. It is hoped, as a nrClimi r0 st 0, 0 t Lo c lheck It t ti is anllll ttal c utetirt lllclte Suiri l o oltron ' t I , tuse i o the tllln.trlo ll alltl IelletIious s ostruno s lo.i 'tl uOt ot to l pu000 Ib tih ihc a f t ht rio0 tel - oolt o inh.l0 uh0lllS0u0e0n0 tot e' I fran tlst, hy t se l ol mercilile , unpri negl ed. pi trtl| r li s .lo tI·I ll ign l'anl oft nal i cl sciei1(,ce, tt o 'l'iltt loll ' li' [I t illli i l ulnsi,,n an any Il t-r g o o d ol oo oitilh Ihl i t 'lll t | o f0ths c..nh.t. -toe . o ills, niihl arlo a0r00 o et :bt o in we r n ,ue shoilM he kept in eve'ry flnuls •iu calse. of'ti dt , len ihltlnes forl•, b,. the ilr l ,ll om t all, aithlli tl altion, S '0 le0l0 clr 0 al0s00 clill0l,0000 3 t, i o nr' d oh lt aiartlito n pcldtloth, lhich o toolto i prooi 1' I llto, ni0 lte spt. Io I I l ci'n ' trelil tiilellltd, hotl t I it l oltho.tle who t'llto ogtCod SIo'tho sh(b l eo ' be oht.ot . t't emlt . c'o lt ty atl't iroo' it' p:'ckt'ts o ,t 5 o ' c ot'sl 1 to' o it., b evt. " is c tont t ttoooolho loot I lltri toot loentoandcn s toogthrto it r''orlo-.oirooooni'.ofol esinla iiyf tooe tiollorio -oti.leir'totT, lle' eiLir t'elot 000e00 'Pttoit'loo i'r h'o ocIIti l o 0' ll" t, sl i ll or i o i t \ " iii, i~l~l]0\tin ¢21lltlflt Srelllllc l Ltun: .i~ l llt, j .(i il. , Abernethy,,inanes IIhindell, .\1. I),, W¢. II:.ek, ,\I. I'1,, . Aston ltvo A I oro oton , .1oo I), i lnuI ll'it 0i htrs, Th2 e orgrtolt mat blt. slent n pstsasst oi the -- Gtelie1.l .Algtnt, b who. the~i/ m/el!Idlic din iis im or'ttd into this , and "to whoor ,dl aoplaotio.s 0'o0'agtenoiot.t muOsthIe nanlde,. JNO. IIi,'IlN, i't 8V:eerle Phlce, N. ook,I ,ole General Agent le the o United Stales, o l .ot. For sale ht 'oiothonomoot of the oriilia orietol' t t.,ner. A t o..t... Stiiltee l itt Lou l ........ juleo. SI'llY I L.,EI iE s ca, No 3 lagazhiae stheet, aur S I:ow rceiivig Iram shipls Nlashv;lle, I.mnuisilh, Imtenatckj Eagle,: anl other late aririals tram ,he .'tlern cities, a iage and new slelected assortment lirds, liools, Shoes andl Brogans, aonssirling of getlemen's line calf antd Morocco ibaols ,Io 2d M uality; do bulfl(, and stout wax pegged lboos n various qualities; melll's fine caltf seal ad sn loroc aO -*L n pu aps and brlogams, buckskin shoes, hlaogns itla shppeas: men's tine ialf and kipped Ipegged shoes adi I rogans; do boots; do ashtot kip anld wax lpeggal slmes Sad brogans; gentlelmen's best quality call'sewed shoes, I ,ogans and i.ack I)ownings; do Ecal and .Morocco: t Icklte shles allnd broaas; do calf, seal and Mesaroceo: I lian shoesand slip.elrs, do calf, bulll" an seasl winags a lew a.ticle; do title aalt, se1.l an morocco quarter rots; Ilosys', misses' a;latd children's pr gLd anld Saedal brogsns, and shoesoldaer) qualitiJ lard hkid. Also a genessl assortlseut of mnes's stoutl wax ad ras(a lrogauls anid shoes, together with Itl,0on paline agalo uast qluality, ruasett blrogans, nailed in lht Ilnks, made exlpressly faor plantation use; a good as Sallellt of' men's alle anll stout kip russell brslgans, a w article, and a arge quantity of all inlfrior qualitl r sset atld waa brogaans. Ladies' finle calf, seat, morocco anll grain welts, alil panop sole shoes; do filne Fret.h l.uroncoana d kidi run saaatd slippers; do roatn shoes, with and without heals; b c:alf, seal and stout leatherl bootees; do l'runella shoell, I fall kinds and qualities; do laslit.g bragans; ao laitcar Isaldal foxed bootees. lMisses' lasting sparing staoes:anoa ut .gans. Children's colored Monroco aud lasting bro as un and boots, ke. t.entleamea'sainefashionllle black silk hats; dlo bhtls Ian laabb beaver do ol a sauperio quaslity; do imitation It rumdo0;i broadll Iand arrow brim men's finLe drb said hl: sk lissi sLhorLt ililed hats, a Iew article. Youtahsa La ;e size hats of ditlereat qualities; do ehildren's. I 'lls atandl bca's black and drab wool hats of lariolsu slu pes, with general assortment of boys' t l mleln's SaLt alps. 'Illsa assortment will he replenished It) tile arrival of r ai il packetsarom the snoose named cities, all of which I itl he sold on aeeonmmodating terms. aug I--tf MONTAGIH,;'S BALJMI FOR TIIE TEETH. F 1111 Eeshtablished reprotation anead soostaalyl Iarenaais demlsanld for this ealls tassal resnselly of a sil, and pro servative of theI tsaelt, has inlduced lhe osub:riher oatlr it to the Amlericaan pulic. Arranlgemlelntst hav been made to supplv a etllt s in all tihe pinicipal citie aan tow siis he Ulnit.d Stateso, o80 as I) lae it itli the reach ol those sufoering and likely to nullTr this laos harssing of all aches, 'loothl-aehe. Wlhen applied according to directions viren on bottle, it hass never fuilsen to afa.ord inmmediate ands manment relief. It also arrests the drcatar l ,lestectiv' teeth, aid relieves that soreness t hiech so frequetlll rudlllers a.astrong tooth uisni.ess T'lt ap iliention uIl re edyl are ailll0 le,inoent, an nIot a lt l s lesasasL ; aird thelaalge lsltauser of paersons ill different sections oIf lth country, that Ihave already exnperiensed saluh l eiihtlfl undsaalutary ellthls I'olhe ue of e a f l ILollll, arse teadyll to Iear (tor tihe public nalod) their testims on tss as - ritdled qatalitses. It is as Idiau remedy, obltainae ,isgauarlny ant une ss etslylv, and nnt. b1 resaass 'd h. the eiviazodl worno as the most valuable asscu ,rv iretdmaln lo tle oods. Price $1 per bottle. Sold hy JAIIS &. AINII{EI. ., ir 5 Cor Common and Tsalitos aslsss. N \V WB1OOKS--Naval Sketch Book, ol, the Servier Afloat ald ashore. \Vith cllaracteristic raelilioen ces, 'ragnments and opiuiuns. By the aulthor o I'aslol a Ta'nr, &c. second seriae, mi 2 vols. I sllall s; lcltsaleetions of the tlasla e of Cosasllton., final tile near 1813( to the close ot 18:15, mll:ludit I I.ISO fal sketchea ofs tie leading ilnnbers--b ie O'i lo par y,jsat nmaeived and for sale bly \V MeKISAN, LATE PUl'CAT'tIUa . (l ItMVWNVI.I, an Historical Novel, bi the author of S"T l'he Ilrthers," &c. in :2 vols. P1opular ledicine, or f'nsilv Adviser; eonasi-ing of ()lulline of Anatonuty Phvsiolovy, ands lvgieie, with such hill s nn the pra:tice. of Ph1-ysic, Sur'ery, mnd the dinseIsee of wolleln and chihlren, as lnayn pron c useaa l in fLonilies when regular physicians canlot be pInlcured: beint a conlmpanis and guide for isntslis nt principls at Iasm'.tories, plantalsions, andl Ioadsasi schoola', Iends of tallie nlastera lof veyse+, mlissional:ries, or iie t.e t, lh v of aledIaia , . l tyas aasv a . la t ( ao,_ralphy, ir I he use of lhumilies, illustrateild bv unpI iiiii s ll tloa.tias f ill s 2 nla J eosasicd and for sale by h 1 MlEt s, i1:1 ,llr , ar[ldlda and CoUlmmon std.I OTICEL.-L he wnrofnseveral pon kalonsrg IaInalian N ditns nasahked Maloallnas. Antiqnuasconn. pas chits ;ratosn, foollla l.w 'atrk, is herely iat tled tlht thaey Ih,,r1 e. . t-,.d ly i rE'rso.A,'..V ts' Y ('t. sa"t11 Caingsacsa "i st,' ia ave been stoatt by 1:'t, .0Vsa0 & :0., a s1 Cou-ignss "rloens,' JUST P-t LISo k lfSDI FIOtA STlRoO' ITY PLJ.E1£, 1)he Pith Editioin of IN ROWlVtEcFr'"S A'rti.lES tF IN'iTRKteT: N r t0 wniieh is now a*tird tan Avtrtlge Time Caleila tor, or easy nmethods for finding the average i VWe ni storla.e, islet of adll or ihils of goods, when v '- p .t chased at diiffrent dates, on diffierenit credits, snilt l Ir vatrios mounttstesidesanslittl and lcomplnteliankitg Th Timel Ta le, the tett that olttn ie contrlived. ior that fi gl'res can pi" iluee withinll tlhe hslle eoulseni comllpas , and slize oft. ie. An nevertisement in the hok is in nc'tly the follow Tl'he ighl ditintion this Wtork hans r'eeved through thle ten legislaitive aets plrefilaed to the title page, is a Ie cmnlmendl.tilon i itself, so oommo,, naol so eollUcllt sive, th tInothing is neeessety more thn t y way of all vertisemeht, to given a ondensed view of sodrt. of its pe- I enliarities: a itr instance, the inltlrest Va bsen eonmpln. C ell from, rtl compared with, what is eiqivalentto foutr- Mi teen sets efle ulathdione, examined in the pressthhty C, five limes, antd pritled from .trreotyjfi pieal t tested i tllirtyt-nne times, firom all whi.t it oat s b evident even to tite skepfic (etpeoially no tohe pe.soal oftlte de tall of Irtof in the prefaee) thlt tile work mst e arilth- RI mtetienlly inftilible, and ili cllfirmlnaton or this beliefa Ft premium of two hundredl anitl tfty dollars, is now offel edl fotr the detcltion of alt error oft cent in tile present t or fftil edition, as ex ressed ill t.e preface, making five Pl li'e ipemiona offered lor the stltie error asitcethe first Ni phiueiolcon its be yer i8lt2. Olee of tho most coonspicuos features of the tables is in the arientgement of tie Time and Amounts, which N for expediitints, reference ondtitet.tietity, with thhei hlp ofthe site and index, cannot be excelled and the tally ty nd ease with wlhihd the in:ered can be foIundlto the extent of general business, withont doubling of sums is besides a Onveniencee so essential, that in the estima- at tion of some oi tile most competent and tpractt al busi nt ne"s" metn and publie oli era wite have m:dle great use t of the wok, it has beet distitnguithed b the Ihonorable ill appellation efol'a "'master pioce". Anti considering b, the ift'lliltiity tf the nmlthod originly adopted in r comlposing the e work, and the extraordinary unmber and al variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it 9' has passed li the press, etmwithtstanding the whole is in oI stereotype, eotsiTernig. in stfirt, 'he positive acceacy seancred iy tye tnpreeedetted means emtiloyoyl, the vo lume has ilee hIeld tup anti empiatielly styletd the 01 most wo.lrfnlt book In the waslk;" most certainly no mann m an namea figure work of the same extent, which since the beginning ol creation, has had the same num ber and variety of tests in the same number of editors; no, nor one half the number, as is clearly shown in the preface. ti Besides, oa test ant standard, it has been tried andi c Spreced in nearly tall e bank andi publie alfices in tie United States, itid by thie public goelrally, during the long period of thirty-five rears, yet no error of ihe cal culations has ever been foundll in irint, although continut ally challenged by the er of t'ovelry large premieres. 'rite in fact expressly oalopted by all the courts ofIlaw cl sevral. ofthe States as the "rate of cnlaulatlon forstat"te interest," as also by law for bank iiterest, A acceordingas tile book is used, and as ta)y he seen in pl't, by .te mintes of the sulbscriberr, and a few of the A subsequent purchasers, inithe list atthe end'of thi book, tislltn pssessin Clt every elOss of eitizels in every quar- " te of lie Unit ed Statles, 11 It is moreover well known that, by its rearly cheek, it has so oiteu detected large errors, long after they were 1 madeir, vell by tile ost Carelitll II most compllelenlt, t'l its usefulness, antl the absohlse ne cessity for its uss, have been exteniyelty insisted lupon, I sto evidlent, itnecl, ilave ieen its adtvatages, and its t savings, that, severrl yearsago, whilst tile first edition C twas scarce, and out of plint, a great t.umber of seeonl C Ihantd coties werve sollgt tl, snore to a gre t dlistance. , and purirertsed :it varlious pIrices, as they could ocetsion ialy be piciketd upat froom $t to 1 25 per copy, a.d somlelersons have recen.,y declared, and instances euldl be quoted that they would Ipy $Ai5, $t(0), anl $5001 for a eopv, If otto be haad for less, and an individual inll the Inlitr inslttnce pertiEvlhrly, lavintg at the satme : ime itrxlibilitd statotry prtd', to several persons pre sent that to hilm it was Ie.liv woIthl that nloney landl mla ore thtotgh the stving of his ver vtaluable time, lie Sbeic-g t very rich mtet) n inl poblicoffice. It s likewise woitv lo notce, llnlll indeel d plopr to i impere,ll that such is rlte natlue of figle wol k .l.'nerally I anllll apecially when of ithe extllent ad iporll Ince oft tithese lt tos, thatil:l this book or its like hLon prleptr edl in Ile usual mnaner vone, 1t the most comnlpetellt enicullol in the world, iiiii olif'erwards prithd most eJ nllouiv un1erl his own correction of proof sheets, it would, tniot to a certlaitly, httver been t nse tor rte fornct, tallld dlear at anv price, as the Iretforh daliicul he'i explains. But ll perict andtt valuable have the stertl ype plates e f tis worklheen mattc, tlhat tot ellre - thlle, hwleir mneitcus aCndi extraordlinary exanlill tions, against lie, for thie general berneit, they tre (by e i'erl.isemcnt) .osotantly kept inl a place of speeial SAnmpledirections to fl.lIbimt batlltks:tnt statllte intlr )'est tilth u.lill notes, t~llow the tIeracehie, in this fith as itn the two ptrdig ediltiols, ontai mlelt it ' f(l'lllnalill O u) Ierni thei tI)wo Inll l mles o'lllpll t e inllinter sits, tIt't d tts tf g aict', kc. i It rieniu::ns onlyi to rnik that, notwilht:mding thi unommlllOll nlllly costly work, which w:aslpubliheI belore 11 illtcret tal w.rel illntdle.ell in dollairs :u l elt'l sb he: t 1 11 pen i(nnlloln lac,hash( i ,en Sll exte'I sivel) I n.l, lllf ya t:ronisedl it has ti t iy t t so t ch as paid with iiilrst. SLet belary Ioav of nearll 11,1i t th I 'oand lll "IS mx) e:ils " tlnel. 1r ill.. t i) I 805, ss:liled 11 on r tirst edliionof 700" l.opirl,,rli-ng chcihel fi'm its 0,ubhlia S lil)n all tI l t ltl , t)ll n nd r p ii , " I ll) , i llll . in t I compen I'II.HiuI n I1 Il'l i lilfr m lOt a lilk·-time ." ,:n',, 111l, l and s:urifice. ,11 beellfres the IathilOr stli relics on the I n1 disertliie :1111 :IIIII .le.I eltllil of the pIC uhlic forl ncolnlillln: il InlU.e ul )l'ufer'el'tc and ilultn1'l . rlll, r V ie. b'+ :111 hI, the s' Pr111111 ,lf linukaksllers in tItt _ wini Sluta ,. I a, rf l.l'S ti'\ WOf R ,.te .--WM he ACl riAN, i T I.,lratI , It th atralloretll" e I ear i fn ,Sir," ill iohle I)il hIf \WIIr i r, i ln i r v aill . e a the The I't aIle \m i ; tI iok i tll hllll* ollrl re li c um r ltt ra erti rir ,ire irt " evi datiiit. aer .\Vg; y l ll .\iic I la; , er, ldp all dlisarlerx aIa.n,; It .r i ao ;t rt se i L terom an impb rle i teio of tale fr old; ra.,g tl re toar; h earIs OI ; Iltni'n hlietar Vcagetali Ill, rg ; Oltrt oft roe; Lip St evil; whKr oaisigte trllt Wails; Csarloic D. ltrl tibe; Orallng Flwidr Waicr; P winer Prt. i anorad i c ,; Auler i Ical Ci.rearvl, attly pest up in four once vels; Pfor co rll a ta; ot hair; EIre'. Oil t IR'olltal.aao t Derior Pe; air Pwder; EgLily hit; Crea o Ro- ; Vetalllair Oll;-wi a vrto of Roy Lip Sll; KPere eterire, &a. Fir sale try L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. JC TRIN ..ARD, Corner Pow Canal and llourbo streets Ca OALE t MAY, iauser, Sign, afour ianc ials;ta ,.ll sainer, Na 3 l ; Colognre stret, two dlooth.ahom IDropit tiis of te lowi Eng woorls al mrobles,rx eete l ai r il;-wth vurste f r nnr. ilrill, &e. For alai by L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. Corng, - Egf Cal and louck rbon geld, Oak, MAY, se, Sign, Alitina Curied o,ert PU ine I ati le, N 1arlh li tt two dors om ( iriatl heacet. |lntatioods of 'he fllowing wools a nrd m:uhles, e eutair Wit a masterli rlmler., rew 'lee, It:l l. White, Crahor iantll e Ir l ack Si:n i aenl lireetlhla, [tose WVo'oi, Ameni us Grey, White Oaik, lke.k a&n Curled Io El sr, S;B imrld s to e o ll ' e at tihe st . Paite s, ils, gIlass l taillar ish , e c. on mad ndtord ale. AYew Tree, li)l9an a, arahie, e Ianrma bildle irlakrl, iasrta idrl e ctella lo,, ,s, r rod iro, al Groll s _ Iley, I Ash, Germnhte O, hbli.tere, sll.ig, sheet cad Curowle steel sollow t ine, out aell rouelt the llshoi . Palls iikee Zirre, bloci titt, still 'eri geinrd statics, sle kaettles Chninr Cibltes, atncorees, hoar ss, og al ti &ra c mlr hins, cn milorls A KNvils'Iee, tici AVY (MODSeat hqll urws Wire, scite, [tiat anra bt latl; eaot Ceonl, anlld ctokirng stl es tAlos, scroll a n·al d t o ir , nar ll rodl s it l p ,els h Hoorur latr tiite Iinges, doott ani mitrlrew reooks Callist, Germnts, SIharis, bl rd, spring, sheet a IHollow are, ut anid IwrIthg ntils aald t ikete Zal i i block thlai, n ir licall a rt o eti d r aiite atl keuile So t ietail, n d tre iort fas. letrn mills , Iy Wire, shIeet, i ION & Cais . 53I i t Levee. HARROWGATE SPRINGS look iEd plate inges, doI E FIO.w hooksNE lar't t llle Mtilltla it l i c ii, tli tirie t t i e plea i g till b'r hraih. t ie will ti ii l reaniirra c e t irse t ila rF ayi r raaeicea aleitrer. 1le will ica tnlsto Pbr tihe le iolt noitd e at rldiatrc era, tinst sthre lac hrtr targe Plm rts liiseeati r git satermu n o ild A full rSo aill c ool hardwa me and h ill 'rr t imll eriy, S ll i oil hliand. lit which arrlie i urll fi ir ltterale t littlee lreil cii tail Lun the on iabllli. . a ith i gul d , or Itnl I I..i N Iace ayt ON ea r t hi I ngih3 l Levee .ih - lur i'F rhe hr acter et hart' wvataer, tii it i gernraeall Iiiriirvrt tLrt ttIr'r arie noe infrior t.r aty it tin' Souith I Almwgull seii Go ntA "ll 15PI"ITG S on rlellc t itpr prietor titf' aieltr tnclirhret t has geai plea . ulsir tati' tloutrteenaill o his tii tir , ri a ti.e p blict ill geneal,tlat lie , will be in reedi uslrth a le first day lle . ietu rnivt iriiter. i 0 will aia rtate for thiie f e -t - rSioril tihoie lla t hdim' e, lt tle'r hoave befen arge 'ti einriis ie hrnt mall et i n ii tiirtowtging otartindin raplid iroll,, w foirll"cumpleti t lkR r wll I hiwlenablnle h ubscrenhr t o rae li e ' iiiit t s ha il era lt rnllibr tlal e lll , a t lie i ti e t t b ONter. A tuiii eal be ttiIlLtUdAh | ' itt h gwd et ntir art! nt I Ewho alrner e el,mr o large Cab eni ., end md oro rth1rtt rtt Iein a i i tire. x.v tp sfir rillr tl. A " ite parkettll ita f the iwir i it is gnrally SI e F che il[tel, aorare St ( riralr - il ill th 11aoellr - ee be ill t I lii :l - - - - - - - - - - - No IE.,hing Hoel, ore, S (':ode sod o oce_ MAIL ARRAN(IEIOMEN' Northern i 1e Ever Day nat I2 M. WNeternta M Clares Eerv ilay at 101 A. M n by ey .f D ne every .ia vl \Ved, •edanid } na an Sa atFriday, by 5, Pi. M U. by ~fy o Closes every Moldayy, WVeduasia ('oallt, and Sntfrdnv,.lh 9, P. AI. 7he Lekrd Ii Dae every Tv'itln', 'lTursdany, a iiia -Closes every Monday, Wednesday 'l'tMES OF ARRIVAL, IDEPAIR'ltlU ? DIISTANCg Ac. f the Exapesa Mail; ber+'"ni Maoils and Ne* York--leans lln file daile t.t ' 1. iM. Northwar New Y15k daily At 5 P. 1 'outhlward. Arrives Arrive .atlhwardt Distance. Timr. eturna'g fllentomaer, Ala. 2pta, 198 m's 23 It 12 .. Colatabfe Ga. ll 8 94 31 a.m Milledgevile. Ga. 2 133 141 2 p. a Colnhla i S.C. 7i4nla. 181 871 10 igh, . C, " 215 "4 12 WtarrentoltVa 12 t. 55 c. Petersbnrg, Va. lIt patll. 03 10, 9n. Ribunontd, Va. I ani; t m Frederiksbhurg, 08' 67 l1.p rl. WtVhington acty, 2 pm. 6 1 5 t Baltimore, 6" 1 11 Philetilplia, 64 am. ll0 II t New York; 2 pta. 59' 84 1.315 14 i. Oir t d23h Nortlwnrd. Cominig Sonthwar; the t1hm in six hours leas; being5 days antl 17 hetrs. I y TEN DOLLARiS REWAIiI). 1 R ANAWAY from 169 Cerondlelt eornar of lleina a 1streeta,on ntie night of 30L of August, and war seen the next monininn Pyvdnla street, da negro boy named CiiARI.ES, abont 17 years of, and S fee or therelnhots in heiglht, wry lsack, and itaas n impeti Sment in his speech, one of his leg. is sore, neasiored g by a recent hurt; hle lad on when m he went away a wnhite cotton or linen shirt and white cotton pantaloons. SMasters of vessels and ateamt Iolats are cautioned a t geinst reeeiving or harboring said negro, as well as all otleher persons, as the ntmostt riourtof the law will Its enlreed against theni. The above reward will e pail fordelivering him int, any of thle jails of either ofthll municipalities, or at 169 Canrndelet, corner of Hlevi etenet. sept b OTICE-.lThe eopalrtterahil Ihcretolbre exiasting NIl nder tihe firmn of DIubols i Garretaon, hia beea dissolved. The subscriber will liquidate tim affnirao the concern in this city, and requireP all pr'Lsons indeb. ed to Inake payment to him onlyv, andi al thosehaving claimnn, tonresent thoi for settletllent. ue II -(T .iARIITSOy W. W.SWAIN. I- No. 11Canal &reet Am', Orltan, u AS alwava on hand enn,itnatly k rea:ivin; I)rt. D Ilyes, llhemicals,and l'untmu,amllng ithe. r. is ollownig: DIl UGS. DYES, Antimny, crude, Argols, red, I do reulus, A nnatto, Spa. to Arsenic, eaitillAe Alhatm, to pwtrltr'lied, Ilrazillette idniTl, ,iaiam " c eopavia, Cochinetl, llm'ax,ciude, Caoplrneas, American, tdo refinedt, Cllitbettt, Sl1rimstonet , erle, Fuastic, Tanmpieo, t do roll, do Uonha, do flower, do Maine, a, irintith, French I.enrri'es, in Castoroil, Indigo, ilengal, t Cream tartar, do Manilla, id CaUthnrides, doe h.iaceas, (,Gum alea do (.t' ttmtala, do Amlia, Lognood, Catnltsay ,d ti assaflmtida, dio St ltonnitna e do ammoi'a, ido Jamriani. do in benzein, Catnwood t Io copal, routgh, Aadd'e, ont,tin, S do h scpniped, Nicauraga,, lBonaire, e do do S Amerieat, do Goro, 2i do camphor, crae, dIo Altararib be do do lhi do Ilache. do 9iancum, CiiI I(AI.S. Io tokinro, Atel, .itneo, y do mn tic, arlil tic, do opium, 41o airiphnric, i- do senellgae, lluitn, i p l ' ,al, ttt.tlint p I, tt . Ist do .andrc. h. orrosim slllil.til it llo trgiacalithI t Chlloide of limle, "- nalgboge, .p.ns l 1- Jtlt ec' kerriCs, .ietric: l,t.nn:, caustic, li do do Foreign, e ied pn cipint , - do Alerielts lied clhrlnoma ote ,ota y Manlla hflke, Stinp call S,*'" Ial do orllts, St.lSp tita Liql :mice ball, Su:tr ItSan, r- Oil cloves, Stilp zill, is do ualla, Sulp ditihe. til 1 tnenrglnnl, nt al rinm i v nt- u leonin IA I1N l'a -Illa, di lpppnr.aint,l Ign, I, fnd Gentianll (Clhonict twllo , . i, ' re do iplec:, i it S. lo d lllllo nhIb , I. 1 L k I h I"; I. ila,.llk I st st do lit tirI, l.ithurge, , ;:,,h in- do u p 11t Inllllli ' I te , , { 'd "I n, o .n pico, P i he ia ll ttt, a I ci Alt hIle t earni, Red l', In do t i d l, I:i , , ti henn li, 15:vl't'l, Spanish, ,;roue moil, Nitl'e, cuhe, \l illhn , ( kinel( eli- do do r, lined, l \ vi'lpi" i, d, Ex \\"d, W\im r, Englihli, \\ hin ,mI, sI.. An.. ic the (I O sil ih ', A .... ........ m ir . lC-P','+In ~ u''.,- erric' Ni' yl,,l nl~ii, aetlisct lhe lteefrfby 1ict altchr f |ee,'r ie, co lneileic cc P.w s. " C'umminsgs, or n Wl inter at M ,bl st If i'tich'l in I,0.@t itv e , bv ta , in Iil t al ovat ,Navyc F. 1 Lord Rohbbn, a rormac. It' Allan (ohllll illin, I vt, Sheppard, writc' n bv lii'clf, icn 2 i e. A C'ompendious 11istor n Italy, tranlahtcd from the rbriglnn Ilalnn, Irbv ~Sti c C etil in vol. e ir Vole.: &. e n',e l . .. ... h' ntt d uttti'rte eldillt.. ci C teshilt.. Ircintt: s llcttrke. Iogr's FrIalcr h tccd Esci h Diciltctry.t in I voeel, 3it n el .'t Ic'tcc'a c ad ,ciih D/t lierticcrc. A Il.t.-A I;lw rIII( oiie of+ Cmhe i. a| P)hrenolOtv "llieuzi." I·IT,nr, SIIrv.'nr'Z I ',,n)lmss "e t OF.. m")r qlalU teyttitbictein Bliait ee lcciietd':-i el 2n - Gil t'si i orveds maleic l'ct,,jpanc impoprt, wtighlts i lt reeivced, n Id fcr sceI hv in31 " BENJ. I+Egy. SIPAIN RI'VISITED,&c. &c is AI.N I1IV l'PF). &c, by the attitr o Ayear raitts of Indran harateter, as, enerully i t picabtle to the Aitoriacetes of Nrtllh America, by (i 'rurner, Esq Lvols. ' 'Ihe Political (Crammert, cif tlhe UtniceI Satefs, or a 'clclllltete tiew oftt tih e tiorv utllt I t"ice ,t' tile gtecera ,Ceslte gcteretllltlt al, cwilt tile rEaltiecs IbtceC them -dctlic.tccd ullted adapted to Iet teutg IcIClt of ItIeUttited Sletee, bh E l)CC M.eceiel, Eesq. Naimrod's lultling T'Iours itersperirdl with character islic tlltcrdotste saVi'tngs I d cicitgtt "ejcertitg eccin hidingf noltices8 Of'tII priUci llY enrak ridlers slt wtittttteiSy ti e'l, ettd g..etc.. lind ....f nt...e.,' FOt THE CUICE 4IF S.crofilla or King' IEvit, C'hrmie: litthteumatimon, Ccntttic Cutaneous Dis- Icaias it the litmes, by free eases, ilseot'1 "r~c "y ithe blod being it vitiated satte. This very eoncettrtted Syrtup is prepared with ithe Ireatest pi lltcttrclta ll ticn[ ul ll ;IeP, Ilrll(, ., aI € eo le i the active praletitle If carsarlltt in Ia lasat cotien Ceted dgrece, eoetbhitnedc witll other veegetachi seubtence eftkllowe etietacv. The el'cat desideratumt with phvsricans in hein ablc to exhlibit i largeq cectucitv Of iaetrteta it t a la tose, tae btctii cbcteineit iat thi t Ite araticeon-ccte, behie fAlly eontittCed ftite cllttittt cettteilcIc tIe' ecadmiaictteccr the tolle o their practtice. Price $1 5f iler biottle. sold tclly at SWVlAIN Bl()'I'ItClEIL'S rug cet~lt e Ntt . I tet alC l e trctce wet tmceybie hbd,efresh aaelt e cgecincet dlirttectietct tilte tteI ,StItllctt tc PctUaLct 8cte Verctcllcce, L cctltct' t.ct.oIl col, Cearlpcter's rall arttiouts, a In large t ald ge.nera tte;eortcnet elt f-res drtlg, Ccl PINNOCK'S RO1 llC, &e. pINNOCK'S INFPROYVIE EDITIION OF h)lL P eollcith's Ahr'lcttlent Of ihle elrv of Relct tol whichl is prefixed ant Intrcduc.tion to lthe Stnudy o IJuee cehitoey andtci f a grea t rciety If W a U 1'iKietfey IIIDi,n IiooH((ed (1thrmL'Jlmuttllt 1)'ol '.. tilll theI .|IRIIIIO]II ltitutioll cc cnd ll c of tlcc ueebctt eil ltcs ftt w t IItlee-cciIceiogrphicol -tti Iixttrecc N ctte ti ac qllpe Tit1he fill ecxtclllllllctiln at lie cell d CfI c eit eeetct n. II. luscrttc d wit tlt irty ec .e t, 'ci0 , o w I, Atle"toll I.Ue'Lc' ehF Icei l Editio ttct ti t cl'e Ilcsttry o f c ccccill ,. eltcc iccc l tctctccllc'ti( t t .ifcJcicc ('cccart tllh dtmthlcc f cci ctcce cLde With a elCtitlllrttt Itt to e l. ve i 183l . t'i lht lt titlc i lr e al ll) t t elecce C t ccc(icctiL til cl) c ttcc-;ctt a ¢aice e te I.t I + ,+ illcit lntccc etctccc htcctd tIhte)e, lilee cccg cr( (ccIIcHc'tin tt o cf tablo of" cuOIIIEIIIl~lrasy Sy %'lr.r e~i/Zl',lItll e11 lllia,.':ltl BI:rsollI l (Cocictecte e'e lllr ltcccccccccctc. li2.ccccck+ ett Ci te [Ccli ticce Illulllolte allct lit nttttct. f' tile cccict.\ce b lltlIigctC hellel C.tit tICe.tetc.ic llec.1c by tcc o n ays' t LcEcicc . F Acttct llltc lEt .titce, ctI ctlciceerctc'cn of eithi cc's Newc'lcreitiae' cl ttc Uce f c l-chbet.e NeA Allne'icoll tetlititlul, Wvltlr ddlalllt l~lsald iulaltlrtulll~lt, Illltl ttl eller l tttia m illl": t~ rlt, t'llulOtiu ltl part o l` Jig rlp ril'ttl A| l tlu~llta·, Jut ee teCtVeed ci cc.O eile icy \Vill IltIKEAN IC'LA Ii P le' l CCA.lICI. ii l CIIIAI11{1. _ 11t'RAcCi~, mtecchcitcci ice Cltlli~ FcPe'a ici ), 1teith a LLI tlL)f)CIIIIX 1 C1 1tt4i~lli14 tlilll,,lltlillln of VarIJOU· ? I cYtlIc ltt tutt ritllec cebcc litl're cltli leccclici of l't da',~--alld Ite lllbl' ist1 e cc tiI ,L lllccill cct I ct , IIc Ic ce1 , . elellll C'licy Cietctenlh r - ccctr - i lc c1ci, t'tr "cclcte 'l'ltc l~ie t I"~ccltcc ccI iiill;lhc Y i t.INI 1) 1111,le Ic. Clcc L'hec L' elct Ce'il"IIttIPkCc t.cIcc' tlcIci cyt It cieltcccthrcir~N C--uRl iii 1 e, lc.I hy r cit', I I'l'te[ii. Cl,.Y 2 AcTchc.hy theiccctt'~l tct"IitccItte - .|l €.I| h. ACON t 't '-ill. ccc[ he Cccc+ctt etcla4U i ""Itettcccc , " ,, ++ ,,, ttcetccclccc ....................ce /Io id cci;$(. l l[le &' iC. dltbi'l--g..,i ttUtIe.AC d 58lcct

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