Newspaper of True American, November 30, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 30, 1838 Page 4
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Miisissippi alnd Louisiana Hotel, MARY Ktli LANt) respectfadly an. nounces to her Blond, and in pubioaer ally that she ao preei'e.l to .., cc 'm,-1 -1 c tc bet ct ioe above etabcts.aticc i nd hoop~ c tcn hor lrertions to render vi.itoc, ,:v a cantiounc, , f" , ratr dvots. c'.i f- ii. en i. Ucrnrt that per.onc ivng Covingcou tr u the umlmer aunondi, caonno lint b";tter rccoandnoa~tion~s than she call allrd thim, on cocre libra terms. Her house is pleaosantly shotu ad, and well iupplilind with every comienienct.; the iar is focrcished with the ost choice hluor., &e. in , ort, she promises Lat nothing shall nIic w tnting on her part to live tire tcioi., cioc to [all who may patronizr Iha cssisppi and Tniccinta titel. je3 .17O Tilt: PU1LlIcC-Thiu r, siu:Jchcvi g studied under Dr. Sri cidt of Chrlcsion, & Carolioa, and for smcne years his assistant in the practice of ntmdicine and curgc ry, has the honor to offer his proe.rsional servircs in this oity. He asanure, iih tattos and gectlctemnc that the most prompt atitocion will Ir p:id to the calls which may ncn mocio; and also oeli rs his services to tct holdersof ilaves, being wel acquainted wih the diseases ccormn too nhlcm, bcovyng atcutded them in lhce sugar house in Charlostcn. Thefontoes anti.hiliouspile aitrrthecemponct: r e. Professor Smonllttcwe.ith directions, cat of the undersigned. The tffct which tl produced in this and other cities, has heen with the greatest success, to which th references can be given. Apply at No. 16 sine street. JNO. 11'LORI: IOLLOlV WXAf Woot scitEws ""A IRONS, &c. rflIE HOWELL WVOtIKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Bookman street, Now York, have received the pcot seasrn, and are constantly rceriving large and ccionsive additions to the stock of the ahove goods, which now consists of the ollowing none, tionent,, suitable tor the southern and ' Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tolls, viz, Pots of 2: dicitrent size,, from *:8 to 50 gallons, irrttlcs, l size., iroo 3:8 to 31 gallons, Kettles, 1isizos, froe 3:8 to 18 gallons, l tk'lians or Ovens, 7 iil:rent rnies, Tea Kettles, I Skillei . . 5 do Flat Spider, . 6 do wcvered Spiders, 2 do tOriddles, - 4 do Fire Dogs, . I de Wagon boxes from c 1 4 to t3 4 inches. (Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 ic 3:9 inch, No, 21 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Ja.tmc's imported " prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and c ateertIrcne, ascirtcd. Shid ce, gicia, 1100 tocts, acoi ted leon 1 4 1 to 205cs. Betic for 7tictacici a, sicccamboas, ,cicchurcs, &c. mtlde to order, Also eaicccnbiats and otlir machinery made to Order. Tioalot eve csceli cet of goads is ,iriicularly rrecommend, d to i t attent~:,u of Stolutrn Lo Wcistern cercranti , aid tire illbrd c ic r sale I t low prices, acd i c cccci must liberal terms; it ir be. liovcd0 be nIe iecist ,La t b rtc, ofctcrcd for stile by any inc ccrib iii'inet in thic United siates. Merthanisiccy iorarding a rer ursl by mailca' have a prci t ercculcr, with dcecr.p0ton of goo , pricee caml torccs, c rc m cihi c no dvitc ivticc is aver made, thrnishbed by retur~ fod1 Allori ers willrec-ivn iciccic. te. attic c itc c New Ytcc, 1,38. c3 stN ci it It c\ K!( lcd ia-1 advanoor no ,-..llIc-illcccdc-.\cctl.`\t1l,, I' r -ccci [cu ccli iii I I 3,33rf",ý !i; ~ ~ ,I+ m, 'Im Io ;. r 111(3'~l'c ((/1~t 1<3 h .,in ,3 i ' o l 3 1 ,1, 1,-' N. i . '~t xtt l , +I 1,' t 33 . 1 r I),NI) l .3 t 1'1,3 N I 33. 33it I," i , I I;~; t 33333i ,I I3333 \ 333333333331,3 ,;I. h 33~lI %3 l.3.iN ;,, 55+1.I -hllt 111 >3 31311113I' 'I .1'1) 11 ,'',3I33'333 11.1' 331' Is!I~ t *[r 1. I',',,, ,3, I. 33 ,,,,, 1133.3 3 3. 1, 1 33,33 t :'"" ,:1,I I fI l l 33'33,3 ,I 1I \,,, 1"y3 ..1..3'1 ,. 3.11 3 31 . \ .i 33333'' 33 it, 1 i,1133'3, 333,33, I1:7~~~~~~ 3a~3a~5 NI OtI £13.33 33311 ~o .11 ~i: 133)1 NI .+< 1)lh ng,1 XN" 3333 fr lf'"tox5 113(3.3,"333l33)'3333.. , ' " i ,1 3,u33 33333.3 ,3 ,",I 13J3M n3, 3)3,33I~rlo 33a~333 em , and ,,.,, lit ttu t",, n I 'I33, : 5 1)3 1 Ir bil s t m ,333" 33l.vo n 333's. 3 .II3,l33,3,,"wt' 3,3 3,3,3,a3t t l lr,"ive, 3.33333,3333, u:"10 II,' ,'", ,:il1). I 33'3 "3 1'33 Parisi 3,3333 >3.33iý ,,it ot'3333'3'33333'3c'3, ls, t3,,3 ~h333, 135 15 0 ý,",;lir it 1 13 , and li [ xnil 31 u mil 5x5 151,t i3s333~,, trr 155,333 i.,3"3 m ,,n l"rrt Huti= t lis i s ;1! te~k 11, ,X,33.33.i 3313 b,"1. 3ls- I. 33'i ! 3.3 i," of 33333 ' 3333. 33333331'1'!,1,11;1"1 in, 33r' ]i 3333 1 1"3 ","3.3 3 3' 33 33,I T. l 1133 3,lf ,.>>, i, 13 "'.333' eu 33 t, -,o 3hs 5, 1[-3 5..35 .3 ,1,5" 3,33-.:1 ," 13,": 3e ,33it3s3"',3 ., 3.33" ' 53)sill3l )33)33ist p3)3'3')33I ' 3, 333 , ),3 , 5 31 33I "l ~~fd t ,o ,1 33i3333s 3333333) '('r, '1't~ u wt 13'i 33l~v,3)33333>h333 I I IIi, !Ilt halt.1 ,,fir t'~ tr is ;'"' .' 3 (,t~ it '1 Ir X a,)lp Ir 1MON 11 1t~'T & CO ii 1~n erii ern ! il '! Il ` M i or " I',' ''"ii I ,;: it , iii, I ,e 1 :1. ,, Im .., ~ io l'il and 1",11" l'n ,].ri ,'mrr ln -: I'~ ho...' '!O' r~ li 'ae S Ide rr (:,rih-.fp. n &,r1i,..irsr. ýs."' ; ,ulth i.. (i l rend silr k rritroI,;1,irit., k. Ii.~n . Irbi'rrhi n ttm I .r'rr' , rir'r' l rstrk uI, maesirhbr"'.nrrt1rrr.Io e..pl0000)wllb d ).dtl li rlt r 'siii lrr i ^~ o ir( le iro\ 111r: orrrrrirterv rrr 1 0e t for' ' rr'o~ if, r -M t'rrrof K''iir'r'tI'm 1.1w irr ,rr l I II, r r.-r tl', It ir''ill" II riI ,.-rrrlr g I .ir.'rifrtirriorr.rrrilt , en hr..rle'' ,,l, & I . &," Nrri."hh, v a.rrri ep il1, ~, o k own It the i'lt'r,r I iI' rl.ii.i I ir. .rei l' n" .l -;rrrl dotal,' It' '' art Ir' it utc r s '1, ' h ,.l a fd 00' tstl;panrb el m pi aJi IN i~ltisl ii'r blutif;(en, lini 1ri,NF XX' 'i" Io... ,a -ai ootii.I'.O r..'oi hai n snaol tol I"IIC,' I- (,'ii , &C.'o* . 'I sor I ..'tin,r-., t i , I .' m ,' I tc ' of~' -Ii 'I .,'ll s, mlkca on- :,sorl ', a,,' ~ e. F r a' N hnr~sd.'nl' an~l; slhe51 ,1 l lIC I I ,'ll(;n b, 1. 1 (: rd cotrot I`_R I\ 11 r!! 11S l lr pd " I. 1I ,I tI.Ik s 1 1:1 ')H ' I. Ii1 ..I ' IV 1 1'' ý I'){ "- , 555 ''I , 5. _ 11"5 rIeIL s 5 1 1.5 5 5 ". ''i" i~.r is" - 5 " 5 I5,"! ~ ln nt Ih i I5r .'5, 555 , s m ., ;1 Ios 5o 51i 1" r I x fa 1. s i 1,i i S; i. I~h 5s,51 r,', .i1i5s,51r ,155 15 lo ll5 l~ e, I')1 I I IIis IIs l.. ... ,,:x 551;i l lIII~'"~-% I -l jlrill III III rs-,55 In.I'IIits~sI her l II Ia~l ' h i-s",,sI s. s s ss ' +11 I- I 1 s, 1 , 1141 n d + 5:511,nw1,~ ~ ~ ~ 1111 IIylu~rl(o~ "o '5.55sl1vt 551 55555 ý".5551x. 1'551 1, I",sh~s in,51o 55 ,51, - 5x 55x55!.u.iss s,\5:5 II' II.5nll 21 115551 I& "11 1 r. 51 5,1 :55" Vln d . Is55'. 15 ll -N ,nls 5:,! 55 -. ~ l lih~t lr, its 1, r x,'55511'o~d:"r, I,5, e~l-- ' 5nl '- - mnt55 in 1 1, 55551rstl- -II 555 1 siorn o th1 ai 55~ I5s d 1.,~ ill) 55 IIe I II 11;-101111 -It*11 .11";LL~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (?"~{L-xss° O. n'1s .1 II- f~iNN, t B I II 1: - .', i r ,,,I IIIr51!~h a l ,1 515 .5, iisi_:. I II wi '11 i-' l.a. m x 9 411 1 ( 'V III 1)VA I- LI'Il)I;ý :rnl !1551 I II- l- sa 'loa , Im 155555 III I'II I a 1"nn n I '' Is5.n n l 5 s 1- , s ss I s 1 1, s lsa d , 11 55 s~ýý tj¶ - - 'I ~ r~+-w 5,! rsr,55!11 AltR. Wil.lIAMIS, ttOliI.IS'I, itt~t At Alai t./A tt'ttiistA'A .t k 4?ei'A isr: titi i i t A'' bI ti-ti.' iit ''itt tku '. w inet' a IA' tIA ei iii Tlhlttt et sI tt hy ltt'iti't'l ti '''i t ) ittAtr, dto<o iub'" t, ii' li f ith i ov'it ilt '-inttti AAAnth ltthtt th ithAAee erAwA ihc htt' p me itel fi llttt.! se it tit thAt'r Ald ' tthttt nitt nletor 'init tt At'!e hittiti dauiher t' o liithe'I otit- oftii e iete io it'fag, h ll, inrelledb lil v I ..t h ith it too It I:tll , th if rt a tlle r ill itt' i att i ''til ol m e h lt'''' lir ti-i'll dd w o hclr I'''ha l ilr h t ti h t h i' ti ttaiii I 'it e o thiiito oew tro 't. ki ate i hr '''''tsmohr ord i lt', .- 'caitt ttt it th itu a '''tilt ift.eM toitE icp lC uc o '' t 0u is t taeItti s t 'i' ''''it'' Iih fr h m i h m l i kne had' liis 'it -h it.' ii-'inoin vt n n . A l ti l n bt. t tofNi h ilesp k itt it'a It'- kiit ith uttl A nriv ii tit it 5''I It A y vry ouhfu brw u te in Ipi 'i ill - lt I I s At' ir '.re itti b ni'iA ''t'itili'tttt'ite iiik, Nitlt i''. 1r liu n l w i Ii di' I ea ,**,I ens s i him, ss~eo Isemei+'es my':eIuo , s, il!,i ,. !; mi" i mi n o' I ,te 5 555 I !I r ilr!Ilt h calIi:totl'I ttI tt1mlt, riIs , I I e~i 1." : I tl t ilt ulb.i+u",,uI. ,,n'Ied55, *ra~o~ il n.a ie I,~' anu ta I - :n~u llcIr~''tI ill ul ne uti tu tnI, ltieii.' Inu 1 t h t1 i i'!. ~o~ty.-''Ite\I."nir ni: u'I uuIre rtwo ot is t'uupuuutfuuuutfluut Iit n, .C d uuulu rnut, t 'nutIm, , ,h.I Sli'` .-Ii.l I oI a te 'i oI . tutu r.I~ fr nt lici ,,e~ tr it i--uti lu'i.n o I nj i h 'o'r nc rv" I,, itt ",un-u ,s1'u , I I its. Ir.e it u un n i tt I,,-" m t iiil ,,uu ~ it, l'1.,'. toi :"5t is o , n 5 x l - a ~iii oulnu- , , I IIE I1'5 I5l.t f`ir rn l,.' l it'C . I,.r 12 , _1115XX'tdi " '55N. I i-i i t',5~ InI' lintr I'5'-lit IN ,1.1 it aItt."o It.l 1,1a i,. i, iiI u~ n l! .n I iet fin ntedn,, Dr. 'it II itll 111 toI()11N'S t'.oh At:, L litthecurent'tottunisotstto tfidtorkingsevtft got, ('acialica or hli! gout, ;yes n'nt cancrrs, salt theum, ? ttttl.tittc tto oo1t1 .i ts, it as Orl',oltttrat,: ., titototooovtItttttttoov " ltttttttr tt' u!Ss;ts, ftscLub psi :, ,.I e lcs, :,siest, hil<-t, chro I. Ic se e p , s mIad every t arieAyof cu 01tenu afct Ichoic ( at lrl, hrand ache protceed- 1: iog f'rom any nevid loor pain ite stomach -soi dvs it ot pes t pociotttrtttotatti'ooion, altio'tit otfthe liver,oto chronic intotmation of the kidttos, ant General hotbili ty caure' I y a mttt.i' action of the vesselsof the skin. It is sing ottlovoetictioos itt rtttt ing those . otttitutions whitot h te been broken todiot by intttdicitot s o teatmotto t tttfo tti t iregtttt tiest Is ottot twiie ttns, tt toe 'oo menteto tl 'toolse diteatt ichtt totiiorit frott ito toltttet o oftthe blood, or initiation of the htun'rs, of whatevero name or kind. Some (f the above comnplains may require some tri- it Ili ngtsstant atplioat'.ttit s, t 'oih ttoy oecrct A10 cet to'the Ii case will discs y; but for It c'neral vemecdy or Pur'ifiater t emovetle canse,thet INIMA\'S 1'ANAC11A will st generally ie round sofft i(-mt. t Tt tTttE htooootttt . o i tfow true it is, that o ortt thyoticiatt s, to their am hition In exeel in their 1 olol usion;explore the vast fieids i, of science by the aid of chemistry, and seek out new re- N meotial agents; intshort, to arrive at Whobotion in the o pr~actice by meatns of art alone,-sultir~ely overlook anul ( teglect, as oeneath theon notice, the rich sood t nteous t mtores omtedicine, which the Aomigytly otos caused tot spring ott of the earth in every clime! And how ttt tot more t tue is it that Ihile theAmerican Physiin looks to foreign coon tricsfor. many of his n ot cnutnon and own country withan endlesspreotision of medical plants. sulflicient to aunswer anly iInliention in disease or to cure ally curabls"edsnrder; and yet he is ignsrant of thir it ir foes, andi they are sulieredlto 'wastetheirhealinlg cu the det emta.' The elfectsof vegetable medici tes upon the systemn ar temsporary-those of mcinernis lasting. The Iformer" ex er't their" ef.ects andi pasn .'W-the litter, mercury in par tienbhar, act chemically Ispon the solids, decomnpsing thIe bones and uindemining the constitution by a slow :m toe I''' ~t'ttntt t T'he congeniallity, cficie~incy will SAFETY of vegeta ble: reme~dies over msineral, muns' le estimated kncontrast ing thc asceient prasctise will, tics' modern; ilr, to bring il morc inumediately un der our men observatnion, tih- hili an practice with that of the whites. IIo, in America, ,as not known or huead of repeated insutaces wherim mome decrepid, unpretndning femalehalollus, by lnicansof her simple renwdaies alone, has atlieeed the moost rapid mulutstonishing cures, afll'r te \laitrie Merslics of th~e I rmanon practice, dirceted in the most skilfl ill nner less th~iled? An~d who tus11 no be surpis ra the rin seflin n disease, mnd at the almost iota abstinence ofehr~onic disease among them? Who has ever heard of an indian with a constinttion brokon and rnined by ill treamenntl Atilt call a dnobtexist that this happy ex emption of the savage from most of the ills which the Ilesh of n,:m is heir to, is chiefly owing to More genic till safe reinethes which he emplolys 'I'is astonish ng difference in suces~es, is It thir exemplification of the ;hicia sulperiorily of thc e ssimpl and safe means of core wheelh (;il has crented for the huenef of hsis children, aler Ihose which elhe pr'ide cod tics art of solo have in Flroma long residten'ceamong aporlion of the shorigin alinh~hbitantsof thsisconutnry, ;mntan ildntimae aclopinl lance with the, methods of co'c of somde of their mostI succevsslid pracltitioners, the proprietor of e'The Indian's Iva-- a,'acyuired it knowledge of some of the most powertcllancod thyoriet'ereme'divs. FromltheaehIe'select~ed uIt as were mIst efedous nd appropriates, and oeIo 'lion, ex p rimn tns ill tesl do'es' principles unct strn'sgib, be h~as comlbined thom in lihe brin- here prest ted, ac th~e most pert cl :std becleialot the purpose fior which it iseonwnded. "Thce l prol,-tor~ilers this preparation to tlw, public, twill, the consciousness that be is placing withlintheir sco, a .redycpable of retie, il" malns of hiss afllicted til I- low eeis's, who Il)as' aidffern Iirt leutert Ilur'lios chronic an blnute complaints to whirls it is applienble. To alsit will pross of iicuelenible ',aloe, t; tihe means, ! ol d i nam manyes, the only ineanlsoflwellinglheirsitf I frnl; at e micghutgentin hualth ant hap . his is ono oilbred as a c tedy, Ihat ( m sy pct' cal~nce le eywdlr11 grand wills Ims y others now nvbut as onet which is capable of rs ing lilfe inno es asoels.- wbichall the nInsm ci t,1 eoleliesiall. 'This it to w e v ii Inh'sab Irx,.e ladle publw: hot inItrea short spe 1 (,o leoa ,- cI~ deI fper:.. os night he loons', cchI w'old bu'tl i-!" ht abet belic ed thatn shel'ir e were cae y;nl n Wont ease': nfertemy Ise tr"ied nve'y ;il , h ot I; ltellat"l conncing p .. f ll t The tlah s f th Pl 'socen i soost mn~sicl'II n h s i." st siaiin and u t philitli :std w ou n ltvetilons a oerincsoweg patirs ni Lth hoows, nodes, owrcem wi:ll it, r. i."a ,. t o t, i~ si e o ,:1e I's it olo e fl'I reot easn o ne n ul l ea. It eltl cc llIh .i h r11 rom 1ccre :otc i1 td"r ld y re Ioo t th u a'11 IIuco i. th mar:11,Nti :,," comp nest nert h 1oolIto CASyESofti ,p, t I!es Chluim' 1th! M.stnoss (:4 I.~~'' 44444 4'44 44444 4444 l. I \ ,111. Im'44444% 4413 ''4 1 urIin the' last Il Intel'an mi- IO rin , I :us:1,r w 1 11 I~ e~mul list resinl; il ,no e oi I Ir es 4444her I a4w ake nt pl4,s4 stating, th:, sit hutls ll.,Ofh Inlian'' 1 'onwe;: es t ml In poe.,e health, ann 1 coulkldltl) rtcmmend it t .dallm,,lrl) :dilictedI. 41011v I EitL HON, Kin4s4. Un1tal.oE ray, 7.1,1.1 !7, 1113 1 was sre^.ze .1 11 sluent it :' iD e w tw 101 s".ig rhounsatism, clused by taIkiingn s,'lere - nIl, ,hitleO 10,r the roll ,toe It nilcr iy , andt which I.:s dshbable,1t It from business nearly merl since. 1)uring tilsl. perod I," ie , he a pati,'ntin' ther MaIrine Hlospital1, in thi "i itw~~l If ba l ,"..III,, oi nearly the sanme length s liei il A6unce Hospital, mud trier!alt"ed r~nemedy, willh lilttlebe-eGl, I), thei~ho 16,I 5era; Inst,atthat itew.ssarcll ablein moveah1aoIcmh es, I coluntened thes 1~" .I juislo 's Italia,, a In."!" nmoth 1 found l enywifetivreli fred from l,.in, and :o I nouw ha'.py to state thal I ionsi der,1 my t ~li priell. well, N 4Yo , ;'' pt 104 44 Thi1,1 tonn certify that, il the fall of 1 023 I wa we c wilh a s,+ Iilng' 0rck ,,,l liee, \h~ ,l)\;1 nleu"I will beIsla large rhsly0 uleers in no noee~ 4. l 1144441 stool 44l"444g4 , I we to Philvilolphin, m101 placer masellf und,'r 1ethre I1)r'. Ph'Ic,, andI Hem-wh, "hell, will, repe~alre s.,l ~a : t Io no114,, 1 was pro11,no'nce titt,, I incurable. Abelr, :witds Il0ok twenty holdecsofSwwian's Panacea amt i"11'l ,00th, s of Potter's Conlbolicon, will, u( ninteri:0 bcendit Iespai rin,ý of tllt, "16c, ha0 now becomte a irhtt ire, Ireturnedl to toy parents in New York, in 189 :no pre my self ll to o linger'ilg death. IHearing_ of till ý, cat oev-9 of Th"e liviian's 1',ae,1nrar, il ems, timile). to n,1 own, I .as persuaded to try it, :su it at I. s t. 1'3 11, great surprise, as well :+. satisthection, well inl the couse oft wo months. ura have rem~ained so eer,1 since. I make Ihis statenmel ;110 wish it publishoed li'rdwhenef,,lt it !111h ,.", 1.)at-, tsuli"1ring it " er similar scholulous or syphi l it ic adit liorns, that they mnay know wha It corers one whlhs sull4red ecry 4 hin' bluj !lk0th,,, ndwiwecontsideas lawlsik asneu y lik aot sa.' W11l. 1INil \a I4An .44o4.4M ': l , 1 ,'4.11. I w:sudlthell.',liburyear~swithan~ulceveinth..Iti~ in:,1l) arccoap:1nied willh crrsipchatoes inllmtil ,nd e cerssia," n:I ill the leg anda "ncl, .11int. Srveral 0li,~ ly itcians ex0..e1 1 1eir skill ulpon' itIm ,lt ,,,, r emnt henefit. Ill this case line hotlle lowl~ik 'aia mnncadnue a pet too cure. MIAldNA~ll"I' A X% REi, 1.21 Market .yFor sale by HENRY HO1NNAllEL, druggist, age~ fl 1wp lretors, Tebo~upitoolas strait 1f (;11\11L1'N IN IVLEI.1 1.1 / \111: stockhol kmi' of thli4 eoniipuare herehy no, tor p1 -0 I l) ,hl. 1!11 ilt. l il'm llr ule11 the , ()It w 03)..,, w00r1 n" 3), d, and the avid stockbabldus 11,0 l tr a n.I.-lutio n of hi htrud pný<"s I Ill, 19th! ill( I1" 11 11:b hren ,r ad, on ft, Ito khol !,"I 1of fi. h~ le lrlean: amt N:,bville Rail Road C'om~pwn h w he) '011,1 1, or, 1. n thle the sloI told I- - I0\'l=0 the tt Asy of Iht'~~e 00si:0, w ne t 00therefine. hr ii resolaed, lb If'w , .l 4i4,544444 Io~~~ ~ ~ 11~, 11er', w, alv ll n,1 '1 I11 ", '44444I44'44'44 tat i 44444 '44444rl' gild '44 'Oh, 4,44444 011 4444I4i444 it4 44lh tote4'4- heel) 4 lrsbei~ 4o 44er to1, 44m ' ' 44444444444o4 4444444- .44e44144 4)44i4544) i i',,,, 0 i~l.0d1 0n~l- 'I4444444 110.' II'4' 4444444 :41!1 "444444.44 i444 l, 00', 1 I~ i oIt 1 .0 d .4444 1 4 41 4.444 44 '.' 0 4 4 . :,11,,1' 0'4!44 ,ý'"1, f1.'1! X4.(~ t. 511 5'I ' A SS'i':5'i' 13.34 ' IA 1 4 \i 41 41)NAIE, d4 I'4I444y44.0 SIW 41it 14'r 4~N4IVLEtl .)I SiT, IE (11L' ) I.1IsANA.-Pairishl Court lb~r the J' 1 ' i't slid I airy of Ney i ),lean', I e 11018 L"' 'IF (II ,11urcha :A To all n ma I,~~ ~ ~ ~ Or u~w!~ 1, Aloty n ue ,511 it, tý,r, <li te ee fn e Iv 'recorded on fie~51 nrnlormliln to 11 otorthelyc~sia i ofthr ulll brIate of ~oni intla. emiit led "-Alineat for the Ifirlher 1sa o 1511, afil l to ,oen 'r a tjodulicasales;"aul'lnovvd NI W1, Ilierefthre,kInnw yr, and rill persons infere-ed heeo rc hereby cued and admolnish,"d in t1l55)15o the Sint, of I ortisinna', mil of the '5155'1 Court, ,,t, er1 et up ,fny rfkht, litle or 115111itm n d I tine prope th hereioniter dr-ribed, in conwlrluo f m it;,. nality in the .rder, dvvrpe or juldg. "ue f t li o to~luerhielh te 1do :an madae, or am, irre abirity or b"er toso ona te. withIit thirty day, fratom the tray (ths, olnt~li i st nriod its the publi, pnterrrs,tby th o~ so Inurbi sould not he conlirmed 5555, honrn Cabhr :tll vs..Litt was UnseNol b036 the docketfl of11( 5 this ('ourt, 5)t which stale rthe said Jonnes Iusec hecamne te porchaser fur the plice of twenty one tho~usandi D~esrifption of P'roperit its given fn the Jludicinl Con A errtnin lot of _1... situo rel in the, suburb An o5nreltion mlina Lcnurse of 1hi~s city, fusqluare No 5>, and lot havinl; French~l nrrnsure, liltatee Iront on Te'hon (hll ..aid lot ofartoul is 60 lIeft wide Iiorn one ide of the gnlnre to the other, logelber wide a dIwellio" heouse front tc on T'ehanionpflns trcot, the kitchen std dr pentlenrics, also rho distilledv establi-htuents, erected thereon. and ..her buiblfngs and inlpo 4inl, the nd r~: ighlts,acrtion',onda privileges theielcl ])Ilonging C Iel' (tlir Ne rleanua, nv 7, 1I!T1. In 1,;HN\J: J. 911 I11, ~epott ( 0 rk< F-TAT 1)I" LA IUI'I :A\F.--(,our tic Parol,,, pour la piroisse elt ill, de la N, uwifle (lrkuns f'KETATl Ills LA OIUISIAN1.-A in15ruxp Ince pr(",encls cooero nt, `aidol: AttleentIse gn Aoncs [Lhose &, ut rl iro vl Ele I'm I therif' d in palroi',' d'1 imts I~ol Amnil"r=p('dcic s'est oll,-i ano GrI-l! doceite (our oil in doetoc i coregfitrieo It, ",,,m jouv d, Mal dle I'owne 011:5, po0m on t ivan coo armaInl'ltnlt to 55(,( e se <II la L"gisIoncd Elul I), Is ILouiiae inlitltl1 ' Acts pa t ou fror Isa tit-es des 1eapnreoe s arxtsentesjr -icinivesi" nppron(" It 111 \h5)s I M. 011 Q'5l snit conn et outes IR I 'ne I it("r(stvvessout par cos presentes snronna ue, suHnm du 1' I Etat sle In ILoufisone ct de la ('our d," Paroisse, I' cerie,1 dere 5551oen e jion ient d 5'11( In dmylel I,4 tente a (.Ctie, on d oto it-,eguione oi itll,,al ite ,5,n, I'esl ianation,bl' is 5),e Ictmps rt h" 55nod," voir,~~~~~ du:lou loadir do ln publicen io ,ri. :r i,, po un lu a at,: mu a s Iiatre a c herit pas conk, 111( I.5 proplf(tbi Oft ."cline par Ie shwvi misdit, It' u~n Usues I'nfllhire d' Ilexotaler (' aidwell, rn~ " J nr Itnuce, Nn I0,:367 d,1 docket de eetie (nour. it hequello toe. It' slit JIntnes Ilunse s est renulu arneq n pu hne dei I'A 5111,h0 F,: ^er lf It L'S terio -itith all faito ur' feP~ n roi t ;I , iane iuse, cle rrte" till,, rInns I',lot No :,, it it lo , l.^ wired nyn i oesn I t' mo nni'v, so 8n ,lit Iot ele hene it soetunte pied' ile ar~en '" ro loe In ilo t il~ l o ' '6 "so l lelt l u atiol, & '".up If sm r n l le ISitie disilklie,i, am ("pumi 'I 1" e' d o : setih I Nolli lle Or'li",,' ,1.7 11ai.1::: s i nee 1.'2 j3I: .I. (1.1,11: ]if p5),( (. rhol s Itv1 o1,r'o I' l, . ~t~o, to to.tI, I no I' ,!-.. o, 1 I ~ ain, ~u~.c I'ue \l ala a Ir I~e "t , I .r,rIIrIIl 'pI o t) attl tt."i'uu!a4.1 os II~ s, ,.',,m.', I "I s tuual 1e vioe h eod I't orta In'rII"t, llotnt ,l1 I u e" ! !' xe tt t~l~ se ,,I: c ec I," '.il, :"I' fIu XII elu'v oisi,4; i45 ,s, di , o Ittit- "m : i o. ",-u t 1-s i, et II;rt ~ I": t' t u' " t e pI t, I. the"I l 1' ri I~o ' l,i i ' ! ~ t ,ci t: --I., :1 1 I 11ý 1 .e.r ,I "t itý, 1i! . 1 I , :t':I t ,o i:~ *g.,,ettt C,sII--l' -~si N nit -,I .t;o ! t,t-ills~ttss "" t Xit In l ,i-si~t-i-I , 11 v t-u ' t~ ,'tI-j o. ":. I I"', ~vr th t ttltn ,i.,, "I I Ir II.:: XII I I:,l I th-~is tti'1 l) I to 14 Ii I t aIt'll jI:IIt~~ II ag It~' It It It Il, i' :l III 't~ It 5j f heit''ti-g' I Io~,Iw Iw l I ,iti Iit, t-i tt I I I sl~ t lilts citie I ti 'l~ e eltel s r~ I 51 i,1 li ttliislttt' 7111 I r t~ It " . itsti, t ý"1'f1ý ' ll 14't -If:,II- \o' otc h I'..d llltsiy to ult,;o to s xle;t o t' .;raslaiis e'sjin" ,alls ea XX' I is- ra - JU0T' LiI, i iwvPROM STrviEOrrI'e eLITES, TVe1/S Id/iln 'f tiiti ip f iitIs ol" iN'rktfit.( Amin r1,ii cli iis me'hoA .em A''eg' 'I'e Cvelragte i bile a aa hso tiel'o I ii,51.ei whieniiii A i'tm inti iin lehchk in in cue'rly the Pillow vie tih dieitligincionti'ceie wllit"'tlrcnie thronigih cih'eiite'nl, gicge'i'iii l' t p etiredi h tii tle'i pagei j~i i- r M site thI ntisig its,' Itioremile ?ienhtn tjiw e f s I ent to iven ond cit it ien pfoenoits tieiy p, Evetim s, ul rined rom .tet'e'tiipi pliilis listed p0 lirys-n i e n, o ctil bid e ititieisi len eiideitt yp oned~dlyintilibe, e eeelll'i'lien tionote isnn'nteli'-' 0 ee'eet'iii,'t'I' f an errr c' ientie iln th pr'eisint | uritifth i',liliei, ii i'nlt'iesi'l in lie- pi''euiiu, maiking fiie P 0te~ ci iieeietet cneipimitsi f'enineen if the, tiabls is inIe'ragmn iif "'SeTie tiid Aiiiiiieiiicichi N riieixliilttithns,reifu'rn'ce itel ttripieeiic',witih thuehtlp Ii to euhoa e ith iiiih t e i ".ter lei~~ilniub ikoun sityte e xten ~~i i eea uies ithttodute duli'fniiiol sntis 1 tionof sme n 1hemostcomptuetulenl rciiio Ini'ieuii appllaioneffa maserpi/eei'. Aeihitciiuh''iutg 'c nhlibiityo h'e'iihod iIriiigiennu'iiuy onotdiun' uemtesiegthieliitiliki, it the iieutraoeinai ou'neieer iin v ieyo h xmn ioutekan tiitt' otftei r itedition ii tl hasp' I uin- tiepes,tl nt'iiwiiithlien lieuth liieiin strnypcnieing in h1 hpoivecurc n Ietlb o n eitle w ii itcu Iis cetiilu n tie tiit reili worittkiiioif the sam le exent ich sic h einin tlilihemtechshdth aenm beadt'reti of'eit',sein'geiliyme'i' lothei ieliturs;ie I I th ''i it ad sad r ,i n entidua Th ok ii ii tiii ' 'iisiyaope h l t hiert necodings th bok isused an as w hi tiee ti, I -, t, ii <enm so h usries n iwo h owntpurhasrs, i te lst athe d I iibok ctikiI clheutceitS'eddi Ie Itimoeovre llkow tha~h i i Ily hek Ir iei:,,i I iii,, ten I i hirii its us ,, h iii b iiii Ivniveyisse pn 1, int l, hat been ts :ulntaIi' I tlit iivng ,th , sxrl- l rag ,w ilt.iirtedto e, id tilof ros, agret senit'', lined eges wer 'ii'h fo ', some I t'pi l t istne I , :'"; LI!": \ II, II r'~ so nI an I'ii uri ' of theI So 1 1; ! 0, l he !r . ; i p r c1s11 r' ".r I l rlcrr k''r '' evil; ri t, I all c ordr rs Aln.-(vve C Schaxx ri norm Syr p, or r le - !'cr n'irrn leriniri the 11':1 ci 'llo ir'' g :- u«.',, f lKr i Ill the hmi; l'1rrlr (Lir; eirii' ', Hear'. ( $ra. hF; 'ci ', rerceo Wah: vu. per ,o ',iIr a lirele; ily r iric te; l rear of , oses: Vec i:rher (Id I-e; ( i of aorr i ip Salve; lire errlcr, &e. H ; Carbonic Dentrlfce; Frraageh la'\er WPaier; P'owder P a i, ( u Ho ; AlnI r'A eau (II rewal, neatly put up ill lie .ace vial,; ('''toll sells; (Cologue; Kremvoto I'ooll-cl Drops; Hair . Blrusho.; En:glsh D~re ag ( Co i . , It .1 'n (lirk (d;- with a i variety of >ther t'erl" merle', &c. For sale by L V1 GLENN'i PE1RF'UM 1RIIES. J C TrN r.ARD, C'orner of Canal and liumbon rtre.ty N (\IIi \ t. 1L' osa., S;'.1, :u1 1r~u:1I 1 '.'..'. r \. C'.I,!, Ep ;u \, , hink d osou Itl!, 'III :'d Aontco, hue 1 ,, lello, '.rriMIcpd icriric 1;,..I 1\ nn .1m r' an I ;e' ll,'rr u ir , t 'rrrii 'rir 11, rir. e'ni u o l'r i 'i'r i r er i 1 rl ile - lin t lu ...,p, scrol and rodl tet, i ro d, ul c sts d Ilough ( :Is, Geranumo, sh."ur, blis el al.,, v~i, s iet ~ wn il f Irelin- nrce, vl.t mul i run ht uitunn a..1pike.' 'ilwr, (lck Itin, ,11ill . mul 1 .rol so~ ,, +: .k \ Iulles l1\, l..- wa 11 v u .., , e..r. I..ills Ant~ils, i s, it .cli ,. lion P:-r,''"'' ,lidJ' s *ik'g I-le Hook anal wh:o hi:cdo l!n.!na hoks I~lilbu it u~s, Tharp ,:.o n erar Ji 1 i l l IX' lal ln: i o.h:cut1,: .1;,,hichar am o!.re.f (r le at wh,"I," .I ..r rtil, oil thec < c < t T I D r1 1\i lr iy I'.o ci iid L,' I E Iif i! I 'th,',l 11ARUOWtAT SPRINGS i Il! Ic.;, 'l' "r11'l c'r'rriird":1 lice, c'."'i xx '', il', I"« l i. ae C "' ,1out n1! , :l 1 un, 1.,-i' r ,'i'r'iirr:.,'r 1 ait r "1. ~ i ~ !i r c , 1 . "t f, i l ' w id , O w rI.a:oo o'.li 1 0 1me e o th rt a MAIl ARRANGIE' EINTi Vorthern 4il, F( I i !v 44t I .t. WVestern Ma1il, ( ~r. v ý;ar ly, W\ed~ -1.ý Ayty ia iii 4w~ F ,id , by , I'. 11. 3Vde't anda;r h 6trdn ht I' 1l W. ied ThXl ""'eMal 1it1 vi ' (:lones every .4nlady, Wednesdandy T11, '40FARIIVA 1 IIF I 34411 41'114I4 'I'IINCI4 A .of the E~xpress Mail, her a- M ln old New York-leattie Mobile dtll- iat " I'. 1ltorthwar New York taily atr5 v' A itt 4 4thward. Northrward, Distance. T'ime. He u x'g ifentzaacrvAin. 2 ii 16 m'. 2'"'4 I2 i,. ('iioi tc, F/a. 111 " i 9 'I4 5illed'eville. c',. 2 133 144 24 p. so (',itmincia S. C. 74,cee 16:4 174 114 Raeih N C.- 54 25 2 1 Warrenton, Va. It- m. 4 I''ter,4re , Vu. 144 pm. 11 1a r a. m Ih', inn4nd,'Va. I am. 21 41 II Frederickshirc, 4 147 7 11 pam. Washington ccayi '" pm. 2 C 14 5 I Bal~ timore, (if 1 044 I'4iiiei lhita, Gj am. Iflh 7 New York, 2 pcm. _'n f4 13i15 11:4 4,. oc S 211"i Ncr4hward. t'nrciing Suchward, the aime , nix Unum Iess;beinpSdatys and 17 hours. A FEN IOLLASt" REWARtlI. R ANAWA' fir.,,, 16') Onroudelel corner of Ilevin Iartets,anitheaniit of :34,4h of Augustand wa4 II er ;hp next morning in Ponydrn tr e s f miro boy named PIIAcclcS, iaout 17 1rs ci, can,"' ee or therenhots in heict,4, very Fiack, and c,. ,i inp annt in his spreeh, one of his iceL is sn" n nnsion,"d vy arecent hurl;he had on whe"n hr wet" tntt als i wh~ite cciton in- linen shift and white ci, Masters of vessels andru elnm hoot:-"vcotoe gain't receiving or harhoring said negrn, its well its ill other per,'onr-. n the ,,imot i-tnr of the Inw will hit enfo~reed aeanmst th,"m. The aolve reward will be pai0 for delivering him jot,, say of the inils of nigher nft'hte un~ieipalitic.,ro atll63 Canondelet, comner of Shtki. struts, nsep N 1I'1I1" 'Th,", emilielelip herelolhre existing under Ihr tin,, of I uboin & Glarror-mn, has beco dissolve,!. The Htub scribeur will liquoidate the nlli iso th e onvert in this city,nodrarquirc. all Sesonsmne: edl to make pnyanent to hinm ooly, and all those luaving cha ima to ri;ese hbentI ttilt \tItt'T's0N, W. W.S WAI N. An. 1Il,(cacat hlc'i',i A, (1,.,, IT AN alwtnic ihand rol llye toi i ii I)r StI'ye m hemictc, ui' I'ol' t,,'oo ,'rheyi are 11 1 U(;S. lKEIS, Antimoy, ''alce, A iii', n--I do regulus, AIMit4 , 5 A ciii, i r it A zIletle wita, Winisth cognmi,., Cochic asAlacia iortii~ , (~r~:" Urinmsioue, erude, Fostic, Tampico, do roll, In I'ibsn do 1l is r, win 51:1,: Ilirm lth, French ''e Casoim ilodigI, l3ng11, i ri an tartar, an iail, l ( ntolarialev, in ('C ,;tt '. itm,, d , tie lit tol:,. Its ,, ,l, ic, ii'g!od, II misct ai h do nssihrtida, lislt Si liaming o it it,, a,' t Ilamic o Jm ica, do benzoin, :too, do copnl, rough, \I'l."r ohi o do do scraped, 7ien-r:msgu, Uinsart, o o S Ae rich , 4o Cor1, Io guincunm, CIlE111CIALS , do king, Awol, nirný tm , Ii '''' 44 ,, t lnc t, Ii4", c,,,i S 0. senegal, /:nni oule 1'!' 1 do sia lrac oune.Mi tl "' do tr^ugacanths ' oi! sIlm" .18tupcr Iterrics, Amserican,Lunne rood,, listo do I orcign, Ilcal p pitn:1 e Malgnesia, IEnglihh, Hadulie 11.l-, - d American,4 Ited chr 7,, a y 11:nun thake, S~p 1, p>04 d lis sorts, Sulp poi."44 Il pwrice, hall, Sog"r I.:n " dý ()i p pt s,.Sointit is tdo cna ivgl nom d" Liana , l 'A I\'I il,,,, d nap, do indit It do krilor, r, , .,I 1'11"1'1 1 \I\It\1 \t'l' i \ :'\ .' I '~5.1~ 1,. v , ,..1111. 1 5I :," ial I t, I '115i. I , t I 1 ; I rs>~1 /.l5... ..tjtt it..t. lit Itv ii iiitIi', ' 5 i, i'5 tig! t ! I(555.N Irrr lx~r/1 //, A.~~ t' A.,11Il NP b"I N. :SA fj4 111"1" I"I A.l ýlit null . up..,i "il l1n rrs/iii... 1, 5 ,,/v li i1" 5'. ( il5ci mp.. l I iii 1 iii.. iiia,J.151 !In11 U5 l JIi t s ri,,iv.dI,.551.fir 5', ,, I1 S AIi, ;Ii 1I III:ln .5 'INN (lu It~i1, :1 ."1 l'" I 'ri,. o I alr, x i- ..' . ,' I 1 ,5,5*. I ii ,,,tit,.i I. 15'1lý, I v11_ 11'i1.Iittt'"ipl..t...i.ltI.i...i-.,11'I .ii,,,-- pit..! "ý515ri wilsii i iltI :1 t i l "~ ý a lý 5rr1 1 ,x i i ' fbt a......h a I'" ] Vrl . It F WP

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