Newspaper of True American, December 1, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 1, 1838 Page 1
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.i.c. . -. ---1-1-CT . . 'rIIIt 12' CI~n'r's. p._NEW' ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, IDECEMBER l I, _ ... hc,rmx q/ n e r n 'rn ,n q/. f lt ,I hi i tllleail t Iu h' -i:rtl. I I it) all nit u I hares0 ti I ' nya s, 1 "dtir t'l ilt: drill pa Ir nll lIIl u l, lj!ne -, Ili-, illn a!va ,t:en: r tllhtro 1fo Il" tri-weekly t trlllllv p Ilp r, IpaVable ollne your in advance, wh r, n- ril rreiren,.e ia gniven. No s tIh t.riptit,.l will Ibe Ili l lntill Iuntil larrealnl es ar al0ltlle . In sl.el Iof di nl lllhilllllllan e, nIl week's ntolii, 0 S,.iira Itn llt ialn inlV:n"iaby givenl, previous to I xpiration of subscaription ii. Atiii, Einr ilsi..-'i IInn dollar per 'lP raIdllr for Ihe first i ortion,lllnll ll half that priT:ce for eclh: Rslllequell: t one: ut nutnterit tltrtio, n frot n the origina l advertir nncl will Ihe chlangedl is a new one. Y ~ai.. ,n\lvla. lr :Ens, .-li erhnlnt and Tra'eri , otIv dollars tln I.ngiish alone., and sixty for both han tntger licnkn, t unranue lrtii:es, and other bpini Ipnblia Inttllution I, IIfsL dollars in It:a li.h I only, nlld eighty for both lanInnllgeS ; Ship tnnd Stonlnboalt Duc tIrts, or (:,ne, ission mer;chants sixty io English I, nuld aotiiy Ir both rani nn ll eitnn. MAatnnncil, sa-af, "lt NninO :IIsd nllll arfinlnenIcnl ig the Il 'lir Ihn p lt if e ito sae i t lin i pro erty, ine rollar per i ,.junnr o tli l first finis rti on in each in' - gu '~0. (nntn nttnlrtirloa or .lvn rtielnnto, of any proInnll el nlstare, w lllllt .. b ..nllsllli shalu l 1t. charge'd doublllle, anlld il n, nnd rt'lan. A deduatian of twInIn tt rliie I)erenii. will Ih lndIP to Auctiloneers, lSher"ft! Ilnuean i nl n n \Vtilln,ianl ndMartiil 1 s. a.s ,f retti n stle, I olllilh , ill both lllll nArl t pn cnn. in nnl.llinnh Iltunint: i0 imlrceiit. oilallhs i' oether Irll)oerty. AiuVl IrIen ehIingd Iuilit ll+ III dirn et i hc Oler o iflnrti s lr ih llv~ri ., 1 t:h 1 i r ll, ltt, Ninuin, nllnr 1ilnl83. t Roi l nedP, rTIu :I slave lay n lllirlllllr (. pay t . ill li,:tlarg, l for .ltien arntc l at Ie M yord, l illr ny t sl-P Arioviitrt mEnitrsg inol .ariitio, trom th Ler, a.ill I pnhtlaw,'ahed onte Inarth andtt May, rgd acc ig en Sl No ndvertisel ena t .l' of ,bnnkrtl .lpti will Ile pllllsllerl in aniy fsltye, ulauelt,I for revicinLs l inserlione tor PIylalcln Jil l It rlen Iln llupyn ill owan. l JOll Shtr iUA BALDWI Nnl , Rhccrlerli.t n d Sailty t .ie n111, I Ie Ih 'ed $lllll r i:nlsyorNov. 1 Ielnnal.r.d int b,,hh Sanunni Im n in i . A nll noun neln In i pi:lllitn tar foir Illit;aen ofimn.: will Iae charged dout le thei price I ,ie oII rllr Vertia e JrotSltA ALWIN, of ietouniff. TUI":IDA1', ,'11th NoVCIobJr. 11 311. Resolved, That the "Ireasur r pay to John It. I|,=tlor, on thlle wvarrant of tih Mayor, eighteen dol lars and cents, for expenses paid by lint ll romllovllng obstructions, firom the Levee. JOSHUA BADII)\VIN, Recorder, Sent to the Mayor, Nov. 21. lResolved, 'lrht te unTranurr pay to Jamesy i. Shaw, n the warrsantl etlle lMayor, ighteenr dro. lr Iny filty.two annt, oin medicies fuy rnisell, o Police Jriln by aordr of nilth l Jail n i nhy. -iian. .JOSHIUXA BALI)WIN, Rccorder. Sent to the Matyor, Nov. 21. Remolved, That the Surveitr It and ie in here. Iy nuttlmy etul i, urchate lr tiing, Pblia WorkI s, 40 hell tsi r hI e Ila :lll tinlien C s ; provide t ah pr coe 1er arrel .11011 noit onx rd t i coTrtis, . t .i ii LStha Iii r nIAlA , I lint \IN, R i ecorder. I Sca t to thre Mayor, Ntv. m y. isrolv id, "innl e urvin r Ie nd li ind hu.rt y tonl th tiler'd, to pli: llu amall r.llll h a edll , trios sheer,.. or theyilly bW, ilchny b lr any public str y ie ad he ilte ; anI I Ir ; i ' iri by llhl risi:di to roiIll ulr(i a . ,niUe to In o i) llllll i n L tI.nyuttn ll uare, it thnrd JOIIUSIA I AL.,)\\IN, Recronder. Stit to the May)r, Nov. 21. iRe ved, TIhat tI e NIl ght Wlath of thI I uniO , o',i), bllt ncalll t ed f1 r t0 0 IlIG Ieml g, as lollJ,,..: 41 t Ti IIt .t 'rui ev onu . ..nue in fthIc Fr. it fill S, roi Wards, and h:.5 men Iar Ihe 1,' ,rd \,.r I. I e . it ~'ir i t r .uinit C lT inii r1 Iiut liarnisn aind lie . i heglhy .uthov to 1. e, lpIll. Ilrr e mi)ni Iit l ntnpl l inh I oh i 1111 11 1 iiii l \ n nl1111t11, inl illy n i-.l wh "r l I. Iiiilnmi e inn do. i ie in iny a !it the ho iur 1 ,t l "ll h I I rgl l toni In forl in mrrt llmnlt tllmhii nilll..l in Itn ann~1 Il lta r mininc tn , anil lI-nInn n llin-e, t nin lilinnin mid flint Jtltll n n1.nill- ini n (I AI ii ) I i ! the inr . JII I;\ X IAI, L\VI N, 1hcuirdcIr. `Stinto tin i.layvr, Nut. 21. St-'it to) th,- ,Mo]yer, Nov. :.q,. servlies unpoe(,d Ulpon thI' S-"cretary hy It resolu. lion 0f the [;at sitting of' the .'omlIoI, the t301 ustalat, ris uila:y be inreased from iand atler Ibis date to ,on,, undred ailld fifty dollars IOr lmOn11t1. JOSIliLA BAII D\WIN, RIcirder. Sent to the IMayor, Nov. 21. Its it ordained, that tio Captain of the Night WI.tch, ind High l 'onstabtle of this Mul niciepality shall receive : salaryv at anid antr the rate of 5:1,50i1 pler i non, toII I oueIIIIII the fitrst day Ioft' De ,c. 1838, to he paid lnoiillhIly on tle0 warrant Iof theii Mayor ol tilhe TrIealtsurer. H)o it further ordained, that the Fir,t Liroteonan iof thi Night WVatech Ihall receive a sallilry ofe 1,eilt), to Ie t p IiImonthly on the warrent of the Mayor, ald .altnry to cotllienllce on the firt day of Dec. Ie it Ilr'lher otrd ined, tlat it shall Ici, and it is heitrcy it0lt the Il ty of thi e First Lieutenant ie of thil Watch to p'rltri duiring the day, the duty of e ialy p licei fli0' r. JOSIIHUA lA.I,1)W\VIN, Rieiri.otr.' Sotlt t t thie Mayor, Nov. 21. It-rsolv , lthat tleo Pl'ohc Coot. be instructetdl to inqluirt into the ixplltulenlcy iof addinlg a third ,ieut. to tile Night Wetlllh-lthe dut+s now piral I ing to Ile 'apytti of the Wt'at(ii to be iprtormeed by the Firct l.l.ut",naut--and the whale Police to bI tidtler the rt'ttltiond of the high toinetable and tCapltain f the W',ittlch. .1OSHUA B;ALI) WIN, Recordtlr. Sent toi the Mlayor, Nov. 21. TUE~DAY, 271th Nvimlliner, 1838. Wlhreas, The touncil is inftiral I bIy thu Sur vcyor, that WVm. G. IlHwor, W\Ve. 11. Lalhetih, A. ) Gray and others, have emnployed certain p, r. uIns to dig., and otherwise inure, eu.pair, and inter fere witl thl biliks ofithe river, in front ol that p rtLon of this Municiipalty, bounded Iby Lacouree and It bin streets, in violation o 'the laws of this Slate, andi of the righ' ofitlh people iof tile Seconde Municipahty, II, it Reaolvdl, That tile Mayor ihe ant loe is hleray authorised and requested to prevent by the most inintidia:ie and ellIetual meanis, this in frngomentt ofIthe Ipublic rights; and to cauil to Ib arrested forthwith ntiy person or persons enpgaged ini dcgsing or otheirwise lltaiiring , e L eve and Lulndings in Iront ofethis Munieilpalily. JOSHIUA BAI.D)VWIN, Recorder. Sent to o the Mayor, Nov. 28. lnoeolytd, lhat the Finance Coimiiitteo be autho. riaed to fix. the iininiu,n iprice at whichl the tritr of tle St Ma-y's Market and the I)oydras market, ahall be adjoudtvld nill the let troxilian. JOSHUA BAI.I)\VIN, Recorder. S nt to the Mayor, Nov. 2S. RItslveid, that in adjudictling the farm of thei St Mary's larket, ont tile Ist day of Decembner n fxt, for the year 1839, it shall e me ite a conhdtion of the aedjudicationa that tile lrntor shall iot have any claimt on ,ihe Munici)ality in consequtencen of" toi! etonstruction of tlhl proijected Vegeotablo MaIirket et the junlcion t'oh'eluepiotlans and Annneciatioc Street.,; the Iarmier, hoecver, to hav.' the right of' Iiniig sad prtjccted market when completed at li ti 6ll per nIItll, fir tand tdiri g his ten ol'tl te St Alnry's Market, il wil. utdl tihe 31st D)cete,hl r, 1839; it being uinderstoitd, that in no cane dlurine tile year 183:l .,all any alteratiu)ns ho toide iii th t)rdinaec, s rnlelinlg toI the St Mary's Mark:t, byI whict tho sile ori : gtales oir thr articls tow authorised to en sold therein athll III proihilted. JOStII:A IhALI) VIN, Recorder. Sent to the [lovtir, Nov. 2S. IResolved, that ol T'uesd'y next, the lConnell wi I proceed to elecet the Commuisnsry of the Puy dr; s street M 1lrket. JOSHUA IALDW\VIN, Recorder. Sent to the blaynr, Nov. 2S. UI. BIrowe.r d t .l, j1A r juslt taseivedat their Furnishing Ware-ollst I Nio. 17 (:Cam lltreet, by recent arrvils otren E,1. olpt Hanit ire North, large adllitiotns to Iltheir stocek o I I',tl all"lol'n:etltoltule hnolnlkekeepiln,. articles, which col lectively, (tey believe) form a asnortlnelot more gentr. al ndt cotitnltlcte thtna in to he ftol,!l it any similar catat. stcn.llt k llwlt; onlisting of SILVIEti WARE. Coffee and tea lsets; Idteilcers, waiters, castors, candle. sticks, sulit, ttumblerst ad tgoliets; table and desert Ibrkst tahle, desert anl te: spoonls; marrow and gtrvy, or rn goit spiooti ; toer tlTongs; siger, sauce and sotllplle . iltter, fruit. Itoldting aInd fish ktives; lickle aill desert knives asd forks, napkins, rings, ..C. IprinOipslly free, the iomtctlietory of Mr B. GarditIer, of New YoLrk, whose long established relttationt for the manulitctlre of silver ware is sufficient gisurantee of its superior toalityf. PLATEI) "-i AR OF SHEFFIELD AND BIR MINGHAM. ''ra and col eer urn, tea setts; ca.tors, liquor and cou - diil staldis; sulperb candlebras, anll Eergles with stir roe plateaux, filr centr eof tile dinnler or pperll trable; waters round andc oblong, r'om a to l2 inches; beuf steak ctl vegntab;e tiislces; ick dish over; cak still Ire:ad h:skets; dtealttcr stalltts; mnacte litei chllamber candulesticks; \ille strnttelrs; coolers anti syphlllons; deela ter labels, ret cos, ,cltet coeks, tea strainers, table bells, ten; ti. bit. egg and mustard stlons; egg boilers amnlstontds. toast races, lfe. SILVERI ON S'IIEL \\'AItE. Table antd iesert knllves, forks anitd spoons; snop and satce Indles; butter and fish klives, cheese scoops, asn p.raigus totgll, vegettable flrks, dtc. ,tAPANNE1+RY. Fille rlolic Saldlwih oald roull corllel waiters n setts and siogle, from 8 to 31 inches; do ofmipiernr trhee I bread, cheese, and knife trays; large upright piate wlrteils; sice. slgar. sill cash boxesi presseig ecase. Itdia tei tabeli in nI;s, csaodles Japia.nnes ad of ricn tortoise stlell, etc. LAMPS. An extenlsive assortment, among wnat re Astral Ilanps, all bronzed Iand gilt, andllll of rich cut glass; mantle I tmis Iol, tin, laiti illaniit with glss~ lri.ans very s oendid lt glass do; biolzed andtl.lttla, t sideor btatckct tantis. (CIIANI)IIERIIS AND IIAN(ING. LAMPS. English ttal at- French cut glass chaendeliers or lustres of , Ill, 15, 18, nt nd dI lglhts; French bronizend ail gilt (;Greciaut lnls, 3, 4 ntd t lights: 11 IHntll tamps and lan tersl, rich bronze boat or centre lampis for IdraWillng moits, fromll 1 to G ligltas, lamLp shtades, glanesanll wicka, MANTLE'I CLOCKS, CANIILEBIRAS AND VASES. Brorzed anld m:trble; bronzed and gilt, antd all gilt, with ixtrlles, etc; colltinlg house anod kitchen clocks; iteonzed inksntatds, ct'g Iio; )aerl weights, tlerotmet e ts, tll crdcks, ca;ll llesticks etc. CIIINA \VARII Olt PORCELAIN. tE-.glish ani d IFench tlitting ideert, tea al cctie scr vices Iot itiit whiter, gold edlge, its I taer riIch ttyeII stvles; sltIdid toilet eLts; watern andl Itilk lithliens, mntle rasvs; fantc card n meks onll Iaskets. EIAIl' IIN \\A tIll. I)iniag, hderit,n t i, ,,olc', blreakfst andt sipper selts; ti!t waire; pitohet s. Also, C t:ltl china Hii ler setts, CUT GI.ASS. lknadett rp, itchlers cl:rlo anl rln,,r ei bock elr~ecun"t Iowla, ditislll, et'iy eu i, Till sticinds, sto, o hIt"s, blttcr tutbs, figer Imbms, to,;hl'rs, wini , chlamp igRle, cl.rt, colrdine , Iltomoade and '-l' gltasni,; ini citlordi glo:lsts. AlsoI., ca dlle, ,ha ,hs . TAIAI.I' CUTItI.\. Ficn ivory hIlance htandles, sIlf tip and blnk Ihailler koties .unt ilks of 51 tai 3i1 p i sces, or by the dozIe; ivory h:elh kivts snih ir tir t' ks; grar', andf g. .itect ers; I l slice. lll, te r lon ll bellt., t 1rk i ', t akilt an, l { tlrl i{ks rr11 oster11 I ..f% I. nrk se-lrewv Ietc. ' ltItH' "I'.N11.\ AND I ,()!'K. TIN N'.%I:I'. ". A AAN t il lll ii* I·(.lL C iti lI ' siil t lll hil t , ll s al l t llt l I ll s; I I l ills i l l ..s t etl.: . 1 IT'i, ill' In l.t M T I s I II.t " ' ýý n.i, IT, i k1 lle uof , 1 111 li-+ass,, I rnp erill, h. od'+i .. w b',tn: o ll t i c.lls;. o i . lld U Ia i , rs ; o eIs :ll it ll I, I relli; ii lll lt ls I: pu11 l l kat i c I .l'; n ,.oai1 iih i i.tli w i tkvl. a1 e oin b as 1 : d I cl,,iz ,ollll i'l ll iht llos 1. , Imillt 1o. s 1 iit ,iii i Illtet; crtl'hi t ilg itf il l l lt g II' S ; ntbrnll tinlltc,,' In,./ii c111c l n niiiitl ti , i, ,I1 ci ii. R.l'l',lll"* IUll t 'I'l'lhlt-lf-I; l.+.iitg l'irp,+h, Iii,, i!1 Ii tll ii Il: iiiia ll· i ( , I il l l llll l cmii r p uii tiiis, aS d li Ir d aited wcac i l, ilce . sii , t ; ei lisiiediai new+. l.:n.p+ rlep t I ii I eel , e it,, 11111'~·l Ii~l 8 11' 111*(11 111½ II I 11111118' \·l ~I~~I ,I:IIi' ·ll 110 111 111i l 1); 11 8811 r·lI·~· 41,1881 8`·1111 II( llllll.l\( l.1118 III' 51111111 ,l 111, i: I N 88 I~rl~l \llRI ~11 111 Ye s;,rs o· Ilr 35111111l~ III(1 S~t0111(·~111-.1I~illJ~l :11 811111IC 1511111 1·,1' "11'111' 11· 1')bLI $11111, 11'1811.9 til iC 'll i'' '1111111l) 8lf11111'.818 N til' 8;1··.86,C 8111 18 1111 111'''" \ ' 1118 ,1 1llllllllll.llll 6111188· 111811181 1ll111'11 81.~ Fllll(·l: 1111111rr~~l; II IIIIII· )I.II01l11$I~ l'81 l ·lll 11811 Ill IIIII 11111' ll'1''Iltill ()1I 8111 1111 1;1·11·1186 l C II II 118 1181'·SilllII1,'0ll11181 188'8 I·11,818,I 11888111l~~ll1,;~1 '1811111 lllOH 1'tl Il5lllll: 8111 181188111 811118 III 818111111r 111118 WlI l (ilI Jl 1I.11) IC· C L' 1851''1I 18 1118 111811, 1111118 ll lllll'8111111ll~ll, II 8V *l l~l16111l.811 1I·(II I·Lllllitl' I;I.II· II 818lll o llelcl ~llll~l blII I 11 ''1I1118 I·i'~~~l~ 88'·.18'118 Bill Iii II:le(·1:· 11111'(: II 11 88ll~l'18118811118'l'8,'8,1 1111lU 1 1118P( l l~dIll i`~· 11.1 jl~\ llI'1l~ll 118 11118811181811'.'IllIl.II 1111 11118 lll'lllll I'8111'81' III' llil 1118 l~ 6811 l· 118~ 1111 ::ztII·Irltlclz888~ slll8Y is 1ll'8118 18: 88181. Sllle N II ril 11181 'I~ u I ltruiglet III' 11118 11118111'~llcls I T~i~ilsII I( I'fr O I .lllllC ell'ISI4NA, 'liil 81C 81811111I· 1111 II 11lcl~l \\lr~ ti ~' III'l 18111'I.86118111118 8lil lllllllllil,11011118 111(1811~111118111 ~11111:~II)UI11' I .1181~11'18('811 el , 1·*le( 7881' lIIC·tll.l888 381118 88118(·FL I 118811. 1118 111111 11811,11 trll.i tl~lh) 111:11. )1: llllS 1 NuI l~lllla ll lu· I te is r· 11118111181 61111115,1,8811811l' '8,111lit111111l1tllI·'l II, 81111 111t.11',ll *I1II lllll· 1111118 11181 111111 11181111 III 11111 1,11 111111181111111111II~I1I atIl 111118111818. 8888lili~j' 8l.i·~il·l 11111 18lli.r III 1 181,8·llT III 11181188 I'l~l'r, llll~'l'lll~'IltI' l 1111 II 21 1 t,1' Aril, A. (II.~(111~d(1 iI 81ar,1111,, 6l Ii 88113, 111111111n, l'l llill' 8V1111181 811168 8l·~il 11111118 111'Y(ibl(II l~llll*;ll l 11·1111·( 8ll 818811 III 8' 811811111~l l~lI 11111 1: '8111111 JII111·il 11111111T 11811·ul~:ltleall 8111181 11111111' 1811 UI)YICillt ) III'· 1,11a 1111 I~e rlll~llI88.Ill 1181, 11.1.llrl 81111 IVI)UI; 1111111l 8111 IIcI 1111 11' 111111 11 11111111' 18,llr(d11811111 11I 811 c~ralr Ior"~lll(l l"lI 8l 118115118,81185 111111iII' Illll Nl 1)l.1811I8 8111. 1 881 1118 llt· Illr.Iolll l I SII* 1118 1188, 811881 1118111118811 811111188801· 81181 I~.%ll~a 1'111111 ~11T~181(188I 1881 \ .11818 618,184,0llkO11,7,1181 19. :~iX(llll(I~ll\ 1"lli 11868 1f,1 I''l~lle 8188.1115. i~ll·l~~ll I 818l~~at Ils ~l ·I, .i7,8 I lld s1k l,'I. 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In pre r n .Br.t tiThe nele r o '.id ),r ty e ;irti f y tai werinve ure thtP IIsh l+ (o tllhie ll itr is : al . Irm tt- i, Iunv bm iN it I g IY ervicenll e not nrIlv s iprect venlive mi ilmt lthe ntlir, tlli fof hair, iuit atls It:ertimr restur h w IIrI.IA beoin el TII R, Senior, Nc i, NoS rth o Finflh -t. JOIIN P IN(ILIS,:13!I Alvh str(ct. " JOIIN I) TIt t )of Ah S, I), 1fi3 reearcet Ji )lN S c I'Irr r En V'lic l iSprien str Ieet. Illccu t IIc 3lcCl i Y.2r 1 pr l llsth ?d tt, JOII GA Itl, Jr, 123 Ar:h .rte., . It ie knlOW oll i rrt thr no f tile rhove si'nirs are litan t lt jears o frae, aml Ill otherl s not ote tian 30. [Fromr tihe mavrr.J Cuorloonwetlhh o'f ih'nnot lnnin, Ih ii0 n rll ni oar ti i , ll I h lFIt- a i.tell h , r , nl they ilare aetl riiln rtrl inirll rritrll ' ' nll "wll a 8 i. i l t crll I il I csr o illle riv n to ti hi w iur lv i>.ri~wi I lov heretiinht I .- ml- h i nd illltl t ill Soll of the ch ,ity , ,l, t tlohih 11 tnn of ll Ir imrft, , [I,. 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An irnrurrinn curnrnity o is aolni it Lirr' ItlLlln or il lhlrrt a Inrrn l rf v llllr~iilinln u intltr t tr i t l lint the rollr . tlttes 'rI T 11t11 in, i ll n re nic ii to kl ltrr- lrhr rf i uri -trud t io-rr Louinsianla; Ire Oln h I iirll llu nrLtlll of rli.e nlllmll I-) t iril.:llh Inirre ideo tiloi l the arr lr n i'llil ,ot ,1"ollil :ll is of lil, n i akel,, p til k rrnlllh lrio l ,ri' iuttn I,i lr, areti of prim e ti, l i , a:nd thrr- Iilllr iit lrr t ro ,1111ll11 8 11 folr ho Luuiia n ' tln;il'll lt-iintar ., nlotI,:'ti hr t. h parallel cases : d eld':vdill ii Loulll-ialitl . so ll l a rr.., M lly [ those In the v" 'IlI.,,,rith,,, Ihltumn ol thu ,,tiiOr S"rtJn, trili till ii, itud L each cn . 1l .1111 w i hr, ( .hvr r ll + :, II I I ,III to t lhin . hl. r .[.1 1 t r , i tl p ar v,,-I.; m : .:n , inn t llltl l he: 1o;,t d p":lel:,. l o h t.l"ýlllpl if int I llll hr t i . il' p!T.I-i.2ct' tt bll . I n , lr r n'll r, W llt l hto tt irr a.IL ! r SuI-, 'ip`til n. 'i','tl by' l .1'.5 ..... ' ol ,, o.... I'ot.. ....... v.. it (lSr\Iti.N 1'"N ,\:, .\Xt'IN A\j,1,', i 't(\ lil :u l) '11N5 t' .11 \llX'i'li;d. .\ peedv and i l Ottia ill Il r I t Fevelr and A ll,", relmitte n d t t r illterllitln tlli, 'ters; pre a.tred 'rolll IIit origi alll rlc.'p . teld \'l ('c l illt and lnli. vcltl ,success in .h:32, by pcr0rll0 of( the highIlst rlspctG:ablity iU tilh llty, s stateai d i II rhe Lnnexed certflictiles. 'his llmdicinie is highly reinoru dmiiid, and has bwen txtenlietrly uscd in the above with such distiiguished, that the proprietor o' the rittLll ha blr 'u IIIducd i t) oi l n itir it Ithe ub. liae l its pliresent thrin in the hope ithat it it ay be hii IIIans i of reving manly of thise wo atre sulltring undier the i ottrg ofi our counrtry. It is i n lUL'th eU po+nse lln ;roltt virtue, anu d ila n used according to Illhe dr.lLt:Li hsil never Ihiled of cltfti-ting ai cre, ivUrin it thLe miost Iobstinate stage of the disorder. It is not it all dils trcable, and personsll of tile we.akest stomach, Unld children milay i.lkl it wil iUlllnity. II strengthens the digestive organs, creates ac apllpetite, and seldoml retquires nire than oine, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to reil:ct a cure. 'There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicinie, lnor any thing injurious St to hmlalnn conlstiutian. The' proprietors are so well convitnced of its clltacy, that tlcy agree to retliod thle price of every bottle which hlas been taken in accordance wait the directions ;'lid has not ertdted a a perltct cure of thl fever & ague. A. O)IIVER, sole agrit for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug snd medicine elore, corner of ticenvtlll and l:hartr',s streets. IFor I)istrict Agencies apply t jaI5 T. W. S111'il', .Ilt Conti st. . . .E MI1O RItlO H 11,. IIr Y'S LINII'NIT.-No iclion.--Thi ex. Il traordintry clheinical otllpoitioin, the raitul of ilonce, and thie invelantion of it celbraited mealil ciil Ioal, the introductts n of which to the pubil wasi investeid wiLh Iho.t i solemnity of i deiatldied hetqueat, has since rlaineid a ref utation unpilrallueld, fully rnitalniog the cOtrrcctIesI s ( tihe lbaeUrtted D)r Gridly's last ctulelsion, that ', he dared not dio without giving to posterity the beuclit of his knowledge on this iubltject," and he therefore eIquenalthed to his t'rittld iand attendant, Solomon Ilays, the secret of his discovery, It is now used in the principal hospitals, anti the private practirc itn our country, first and most cert;ainly for tile cure of the Pll's, and so exten sivnly and effectually as to balle croduliity, unless where its eltects ire wratuesea d Externally in the lollowinhg comuplaint : aFor Dropsy--retuting extraordinary absorptioin at Ollce. All Swelings-Rducingl tihem in ia frew hours llacu limatisit-Aout or Chronic, giving quick case. Sore Throat--By Calcers, Ulcers or Ciolds. C:rolp ad IilWhooping Coughi-Elxternally, and over the C(helt. All Iruises, Sprainstr, anlld Burnrs-Cutring in a few hlours. Sores and Ulctra-W1ahethlir fresh or long .tanding, and t,;ver sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduic ing rheulaticr swellings, nd looseningl cougs Iand tightess orf the elitst y relaxation of tile parts, haa beln surprlisring beyond conecetioin. The e ollll remalrk of tllosl i hiave used it in the Pilftl , is " It acts ile a chlarm. " TII'E PILES-T'he price, ;I is reiundle to any Iperson who, will use a battle of flay' Liianent 111 the Pllus, lind rtllurit thle cmpitly bottle wiltllhout being eured. Those are thle polsitive ordera of theIl proprietor to the Agents; ilnd out of mlilllany thou sands .altrl nt one, has tben allnllecstill. W1 I .nighit ilsert clrtilcLatne io any lengtlh, but prelfer that thoe who sell the arttil, shouild ex lilntlt the lrigiTal to lpuirct hai trs. CALTIOIN-Nonie can be enaUie without a spleedid engraved wrapper, on which is my namei , . ald ulao that of L Aget'll tLs. Sa.i thoiililriani itil, lit (NiItStt\ li a - ('o, NewU, ad by one Drluggihit it ecry town u i the titr. For sale 'iy l:,a VIlho cilt a lg ts, corneiltr Iiof ('oru.iIou T,:ilouptuulas trait, aiit by the i Apothecuria s gerl:llliv. jo3 ! t. .\-Xit ' ,, I tti o, I iLi-tln a , ,i .. .. . .. nt .15 tanlk flati I ,.\.:S l n :1 I. \1 l .\ I ,\'.l1^rl --.l illa l hllt . h itnI , 1, l -1. s SMItttS t C 0)\IPOUND EX'ITRACT OFt TOM I TO. r1[-H, tie. ttil l . la.t P ith wh naslulltllce r by mao y o mto irit s of t he tt n'to d , Ihat onet tu - dit'ine' ill cur,' nil diseases is unor, :ms) u.,ver can hie t ot; ald ie who asrlt s hti t, it ' It shl 'r n , iol or a lJi tosttt . . ht it is a th demot strabhl by txplliler ., that cond/intions of mtodtcie toat ht ontted foo m tho Vr:.E'rAHLE i Kl It n, that t till ot att o tuoilo.:lttoy O tte systemt oht. tnko0 n sltoooatoh toto:,od itt jttdicious rto tortions s toe to , iil st i cll :lo ollt oi tol , .0ll discuses withiln tile r'eact. alnd pon r or of edi·Cil.·. I'o1 ti evll knlowno aot d stablishet d Ii tatooio of CooloTlt, i t las tot t I t t oijo Into+y b'h t n et n ioiq:o anI scieodilic |phys ian, als one of th o oost tow'tolott gentts lot toe hemo·ol of diwase. I By the I.rmer, l l sottet'tery , iiiii ltoo beel o dol .llg ot itll lotlllllls , tt:lr autho's cinimed as spteciics i. evte. direasu iacLi lh 11t to the hlll lll tlllnlily. 'l'lte I ) ll f dl: rl ~n.ot o l f iollus nleel ds iio .olmmllent, f'or acclll1;iae chlenlica;ll llntesti tottiool ho oo , , hoo t to bIt st ' of lt 1t ot the Panlc.l s, ( ;Ctholicons, bec. wh1ich have bete. tavel..tled hIwl'.v I thl cOlllnlllll ity, with so mull h o* o o,,i oohlll m/,ll 1 .lllll/l o *I lcrIIyI.I ill so~mo e (f1IIot . Nlo, if this jontlott alttich o e(v 1 in thult( ollllll f e·, l ( stl IO tt skillilt t hysit i t lllIo ll~ lt Iy e.xertls :IIo illlllol-c .o o ttie llllot lll oVoItoon ttllllo ltoeo e o,l ;o entiltot + ho. onI tl h ontrOt .l of iit; UlnlllAnlllltltt It , constitioI, a rI nnl l nlln l rirllI.I. I on Ipre' tul e ohhlnge, dlint'ase ; atitd t slethot, atoout uosuhl slht\tiht bo otpocted wloeno po - scl'ibled Ih thll igniorat? Couhld their anl u tholutlm itptins sOpako ad toice h'om to ttnb otoohl oot dhs o lt he 'specfi~c' delusion that not, swayt a lihe minid. of the. lrvttuobe Pohviciano deoott t th. sad eoo its ro'ittott t'r,. t t nit' Ill·l·n'Iild JlllltiC ,', illil w~ill gladlly- hl:il Ih,+ ill- i c:nlolel. h'lh feel alt htll lh:t I.o ,til. thle uncrtTtailt t oI' itr Iwlill:ll'. (;Lp..ratioli; thOw. I.:I ol) m.', \.hclht'r(. it Uji[I Ire fav~orallldv (,l. 1,11r llhvoral .. T . .11 (I/.-I/0k~ oi;·, :ro1 (i·.I.l j Ilh t it its im, is co, ntinu edl litr nllv EcOlositllc ll l t'ile l' illn j 111i011 secoInIIIII consl q ence ml' all s tIII+ thllow. Jilal thll' lllt choos t th ol t oi t ott twoo ottvo: oo y t 1ow no oth.r oti leh + that w ill arouse a torpid livr,+" r, v+ e oot o llon and se t io flto e t 0otiot to h wholot lllad la" syteI ,l ld it beilgl intlisleshly tecutssoaoy to ooI In'so thovY otltli llle its ute, nollwitlst: lllt li tile elil olt lellllclll s d tavo loo g toetired tod sooght an -tcl t hat would ol.oduce tlhtt good eoticts of this dtUo, o.ithtoot s, ijoectlg thie Ittiet t to its deletertious results. S ch a des'alerItumtt, it is believedl, ha at lhngthl bee obtaino C i toe atile o lOtW t)loL tt.llt l to the i ublic. SThe prop~ritetors of this a.rticl, kt, e ing in view he titct, that h: -.ii aId t IltotltOit[lll t ito t. I olacO d with i the rIll ta ic of alol, e omtdli t a tllll oel to t tll o ll os tts io Sciloet to the climate thc inhabit and k.nwing, lik, wis+e, thatd moltst of the dis ses of to ort e t ulottto o: nlltl lsit' rt based ioti ooo rooll ill tt(or oontioltll ottontll em'llt t ol th l.Iive'; dI~ilm lte tr litt' lrt l oit t t tIse artilt ls to hichl It ll n .t ; lt·l~ial iv O lit thto t iltt IIr orotn. . Att r Iott , laboot httt ot d t x'toe tsive reseaoto h, tttt I oeI" iig CIIt I (sced d I 'xtracing ta sllblstanllcel. frI'01m1 the" TI'()' '11ATO, "hc,,Ai* f'rom its peculiar effect upon the. h~epa titc or biiliawv o(g:sR theyv hv .e ,I em inatt'd l ep tine. Ii a me.'dic.,+e that will protduc dl l ne bi ene'it'ial it'llt of (alnwl, in b)loth nelute ami chrnlll c ; lll ll lh l ll is sln.s, Slll( t thleL p sfsibilit~ of pld1 cingI th. hl riousde ( cIt lto ll tjIl:ll'l lt'll ' I+ 111111 t1. | l llitll jlI.l 11·111.·· i1I·.· II.I!ljj ti sco n 5 to at article o t. o tot ttt It, aci,,n uipi, te c,. itl , im I ln( " In t:d, rIo partI "11 i st. tl , I, ' , it. ii0h0:n e. It00 it 0 h00 t : M I' pon ti hte ne l, ll, S If lllli( alll awl texcretiton, i t,:11 itsI . I.l. i\,t l tolt1 titltlhllitl t t in~ll 0Itll Ehlltilt i oe I .'Illfirt ' I :Ix III \ii;, ll ( 11 t.,,'tr.:: ll,,,,,I 9 , I" h ih'++m /;.. 1 . ,. iii .,l ch itlfit oh congestitn o thu h, I bo o ti oi , iti.lp. rL l t oti thooiI o ol il h o i oo to tot.'th sottoah I .t tit. r nci., a, ul.ik n.. h chlth .,i+. f tl..ln~ t~dot..ooooooooloht'ottoioaooIothtoo,o,, Iotto dtt 0ttt h. J ito o .to t';llitt it ·lto il oo '(o ll'ttootolo lo t otlloo ttoi(ol /oo.,thit oo t h otlit ttllo l·it ooofltoUo toU 1t t o n.o Ill ,t to 1i Ittt t ho op ltu , h o l to the . stern, Il ts ii peric haIL' mon. wtI, ith a theu knol1wn lawl fli~tl.I+Ifll mInli Ill i e u bli : t~m ,;Iria l~ l i p cth on,h el tlq ri. i l'. ll1..lll e" , thi' l ..,,lin,'h s I, m ehd~l if n lto l J grai pillJ. T eh~l , ii'i p.ills ar. , th ar t ictll~ relt.l(.I it dia-l pils "l ht. //lr it,. eyelo pills r aurhvlc /ertat .e, stin iH'iHII~li HI 1111 I111 Ilrlll~~~~~~~~I Cr~l*l·~: ll I Ill iII 111111 iII'1:l~lIlllll ' II I .-lr ·Ilt i l HtHII HI (ll ' Hl 11!··I H i(IS( I H jll~ l K 'II :ai l l) I I· H(11 - iII t11·( H':1 11 ~l )l 1: HlRlL r ll. 111 H ItIHIIllllL( H 111 IIIItHI HI·Ii( l\(I L~ ;1 Ii~ll HH~i~IH II, Ill1,., HIIlill IHHI, HH i'i~lHl~iI I tllll 11 11)1!· 1 111 1 llll~~il IC~ III 33 ll)ll~ I lL·ll( I1 I.III~ IIi(.·5 lCIRIkIHil· Hllllf~ll I((l* i ? IIII HIH il:I·IItH IIC HIt*(( 11) IIII:l~llC· U· CS ' :L~l~~dilCI IItit) ll~lH' it ii,. 'Igll( II111iHI· iHHHIIIHIHlC?1Ii.LI· lllII CI-IIIIIHIHIH)(lr aiIiIIgIICIHI .1 HHI0 I H1I1 HI KIH'iHb. HIs; II gIIt~II'ItIIIi II Hllt Illua'i II.II) LIII, ; 11IIC 1;1111: I ll tIN ~CIIHIIIHH H Hil i 1ll· AH~ HH:I ( liHlt.. IHIH'III IH ~3ll ' I) llli( llll Il·iC I HII·I IIIH~ (11·· 11 IirlF.I 11111 ,11,i(. litlIHI'I HI) l HIll Il~ Iblll it 6111111( ILU~II1Iiidl C1L ''H~ili Hiill lIHllj Ittii HI III( II·. hlliP O ll~~li rI~.l.HIHHitIHIH \\ulx CH I ·l'Hldl I i 01 l·)ll IH I I· l(.lRtll hi. 3II~r Ii I .·~ll~~ )l .!~·: II~II i .1 , I I'r i Irll? * 1: IIIIH I l(ll lrtI 11 H I lllr. i X I~Il'~llt lfii H1IIHI \1 )ItfLl:1iillill HIIi 311Ht H hIII~ill l~- 'H~.II* IHI iIl iIIII.lliliH IH'IHHI- HIll'ilB H I II HIci ll illl Iv ' ill lItl1II·. IHH~~l I:.I.(.. ill I'lllllll~lii .'lll .3 ii.II· liI· 1111 N UII I~ l 111)1' I 11· 3 I'llll· II '.II~Ld . I.I'I ·I \l.-lIllllli· I' ·$(i Il~ll '\l l~ill( I III. tlHll\ll IIIi~llll (L I 'HI 11.11 iii, I J III 11,11 11 Irnc. I:III :III 'illil (i· 1.33 LI'l \llllll? 3il~lll tI..Iill Y\l·r·l · n l I Ilidll IN .3 'H P IIIK( · ii *5 'l~ I ''l ·1IIII-(.. ~ ~ ~ I III( t1)I IIi -~: ..111 ke,- ,v +:,tr ieZ Julml I ln. hO - c(ll . { at 110 I) , r11J . · I1;III·. L .·~ )'l(~lJl "1I lill ll llll~ tIl'I :: P , . , +llllll mO; da'. ke_. a" Y1 doz Jo paaI)( I linolll l II.1: )1I· 1 i111 in lithr)I)) 1c1 "t has b1,J for11 m11 11 ;, m Idti mnade o nin a) ,110 pt adfe ilta Io; III. cr( ier ir ll gre ,en g aIgll p ; ,u1Prio r aI ticlr inm d cas; a burw ed.1 l olo." tohl at nm I'an tolk o e.ver ,l lll i a vr llnI\ h+. :II . Is·la e i, t l l. ·r nr i..T.+ IIIt nlnrI(I _ . Ihruey s hmr mer ihnat.; il t, . r of the i' nt d irihult. p rlc r, e ii ln,,n r, t;+hnd hp pu ItalL ecti...n ry brus . it i . sl'l &ten oh c. 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S. t. acl the stainlt pickets io NeN YIIlrk ta.elrs ce:lai un, New York firo New OrlIeans Ltcst TIItn iIt nAcW-Wtashington citv in 12. rolll Ch(thlttlucell ee, IFloida, Iwe have a t II Ii ineit (it1i.llne Il 'Ia!TiI:iatsee, to t Marks, 4 hlt lost c it les, alsoi two Branicheal Irom Iawkisville tI %ll i v llclildg ill, l: I u lla in i : togll, lig tI two hul, coaches. STOCKlS & co. At.IcrcA, c iili Icn.1 5, OIltic at \liic lousei lobile ")istilc, New I t)llclns Io \I..ile, 151) nmiir A1ouilt to Augusta, Agoista to Charleston, 1.. ' (;hllllSltol to t:hNYollsrk, l9St- 18I1 Time, Ncw ()llclll ti Mlobile, M I hlours Mobile tI Aigitti t, !53 0I Aulsls i to Charlelston, , l i lhaileston to New lYork, ft'6- tS5 Making 6I mceiles pIer day. r i7 milcs per hour, itlclu iivle itf ll tlolllppgc.. Iior 1l N. It. 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Ibhe 'latrn" IdI la sil le, uII.ll .lalnlher 183i., atlonxt, n onl nttt pubs(7 put delatt ILouts T Uni.;t ., . tho h,. . li , .l 26 ,hJ ,l lia lhd2. . Ti ulclh I'ln i..ll , A . . ill lin c il l In Jig· ( e I ll |in ( u 'l t , ilt. c 1.i | +Alril IIc SiN. PI. ILE HIL.ANJC, ua UI 1 Ietp. G{;a'tll or. _i I'II TA lTin L. IA(ll<>I /18 t lh --l oui r dii IPremiir I lis 8 n rs les , I .hhhat, i l m:l e. j '1I,~ ·.]' 1'.%1'( 1)1. I..% ·~ · I.( 1. I.'- · (IA. I,, · .% ll ll ll lPix (111 SI" . I*I· Ii (I · $:(,lllll lllll'llplll; l ,,l· .-+ l ' l it W% itltla J1hckety llnuIlt wh'it'tl ii ll0.I' v, nte hilIte put, ,t't'- v,>,' mhh,,--*+. i<I' P ',liel'tl ,,tlhtd . e I'|'lilne lilt e'iegi ll t : t' f ,lU t J lll 1 , ' l, i, (ic' i (,e hIltr' I' !'.tlt111·111· (i ,h, l~ II.. i~(ll(m.,., :. )ld ".\( 'i.~ I'*'m;II 1'1dli1 il1111 1)111111 1·h,+ ,,t's rill,'r I·~ l ·r . l jltlx l~st, I >Ju l~il Ui ( l~l'+," tIII (l ..ll ilt t' " I I , I l'lll-, I.::+I, · ( ;1t1(1ll 1 . , I t l :lll I' i , "l· lll pl. It l e , i n(+.I ':4bl\ ll 1. I iO 1·i.+ ll t 1t-il ihel. hrll) -lnI l; .minl i,· btr, ,f ip n I: iirai (ln i ," d i hi16 1~11 \111ri+lt (.i-a 11* . dv<.l.;,, 1,+. i..ill' l~ I i~iI 1,1, ( lrl* Ij(· .( hi cmr, .'I n I <I' l ,ie l lll, I e I, ll * fIh r , hll ot l1lllt. hr.'llI I1(ihLdI(I.I I llli. l (il IIIm . , II'. liiiidh~l.( l r i l'lll- iti . hIur pil ·ut h , n o n, h i lahn, No11 3,1 t i llle ll ll it IIluo l. i Iil l I 1 , 1111 lI t l i l r ia ,, uI 'l ii ItI'to'lt e PIstree | llll' th i llolsi t IIh I l es 1 :1 dlt, 'l.'tl·[ 'tt' ;i no ·rl',~ l'ml l I.. 1:11 '.llf,..z- II'C ti i Newi ,\ , ural wi • ill;, il ,i c sItiCtly nI' b sealil lll I1eneral(' abso bitet Marb~lllP1* lMant )le i aeces niclt' a o T.llt t E1", gyl pit loilt. It ihl , *Ir, uall.t I,;. bll le, l.i , MVil li nent M+. I.i i, o mb an dll Ih,+l e i,, n gs. I he.. ths-. r l l h. ni h n,.ll Iy ' o rhn u i . te r Ur ite, I f ith v,,ihiwm l ,%ttal mos. app-Iroveld£ .1attel lir. th i,. ti' L rui done . t thievi dratre L , rtrllellr Jnd lat , set rhe above w.r: ,il11 lli ".l,+ i slll' 'I h l Y &~rl> i ,l'< O P IIll. t l It (IIl +i1, I ,'.llt. , Lti Camp( rt Cowt. ? rplJ STATE OF LIJUSIANA, To all who'r tlh,..e 'reelnts shadll cone, (;reetllog:--hsir'ad Joames Ji:,t..- Iflg s hag t ifg l -tl' IIscd at a st- Ile it aila by tIhe ghrlll-ritfof tlnar-ish ot'".tUrluats thetf INo n.ty he mI inalierT dcscribdf, has.lpplietl to the clerk of i.ias ourt, i) iw hoio otice the ldeed of sale was recorded on the .il Sday of Ap til, A. 1) 1838, for a ,Intition or advelrlio.r' a netl it, conflitltity to all act of the eIgislature of tmhe Slot, of Ltuioianoenntitled 'Atn act for the frtheir ases; oHllc titles to purtlallsers at judicial Clesi" aijteodi the oth day of Mloot, 18t:.5 - NOW, tl"relNfl know y e,lld all presohs ftelresil'dd II -rill, alr P lie:tby cited util adlnoioslltcd in the name of tie State of l.ouisiotia, and of the First Jllfiial Distric. (:Colr,who ecan st upoany right, title or claiin M alld t the 'ofef.rt% hitreintlter deraoilted,in onseqtlenct ofl aiy intf rnlllliity in the oller, ldecree or judgment of tile couat lller which the sale was nmde, or so y irregularity or illegality' ifl the itpplftieiEn ts and adertisetfenllts, tl lime, or tllllr of sale, or fiir :nvy other defect whaltoi everl: to how caullse, withlll tliriy dlas fromn the dlay thif motion is first ins.rted in thef Illh l lfls, whly theU SHIl so ll ade shlulld not be lconfl:llued llll homnolog TIre raid property wat s soltt by the Shertff of the .arilY ;di.Stid oil tile 35tlth lay ot flSIreh, A. D 183x" bf3 YO il tof l dec.oe of this court, renderedl on tle 9Oth tl attd .lilllal'n A. D. 18:38, in t suit entitled James fla at )iggs s.t. , "fi Or(leene, No 15,191 of tloe loket ( to1ut, tit hieh sale .ailt lmes lrnes ggs t ie ipfth thcl- for th price of tiventy-file ius o (1Ioiptio, of. lolprt.y as gi~se in thie Jdtie Actertal i ece of property f t' paclf t o grou ndtogetle" tte , ,,e ftot'ttttgooc t ffft f-fto fiteottnchgft tf. al l t th. o b tli oat t intipc n ier t s t L t eot noihfti pricdhie,, &t. the e'u ntlbahlin r o i f iri - ivD.ede' - fiflfflltilff ff ilf f iat ll f Itfal-te fg At t ,t o ti a f iiofti , of e thi"t no ll filr ffsix ertl llo tur-..ithtlls of p t ill"ill f'Ont onl IIe I cpllifi t',lt ,o New I.eter ot, tt--e It t t. t andt lit)y afooit tolt it l roostad fut r-uighit of o:t inch trtcot ai Se(lele O, tw cotmhtd tal filil -fliovefot lte intlstl.atf two-igrill 'flla illl c li an lit- '' o ilinhg olt 0i Letoe' street, until it otil'es, toe tottodt iot ofif l. Ore t tlih tallltl t l rl, attho tte. dt tihe . t'f Oh L tee rtd Neot tftt;o theeelt fttrmt t righ t oltge, oatt eoteltiurtt f illll tollIt're itlwftl depCI oftgftfe budn lito of scid Millauftu,'s t ottottt y f fralel troCelest" stic't; -thee 'o-o-fong a righl agle aot exttonditg titty. three "i'ct elctiiu ioleb-s .ildl IJtl.' eiglhts of i1 inch n' :the iof.ffof'i tIthe of I.tototfeftott,. rt +oerfi poltile to' i·x te'lillil. 'lilg ' \YC Ie ', fee t wrien rllr anll five r.h lltllobe of s ilehll on e tioImlhuu tor lier tof soid It'de'oI rotperoI. tot-llel tot (eltesle sto.-et; thit 1tfoto tilg oollf, ri ifLi :ig f', a td . ttdio l o te h tflllll d d tll w I efllt et t I Ioee In t ilches a four eigttots tf tfot i fotfn toe t .orf. bo ill* of :l Ic ede's poilperty p[ollo t. to the public thos] uift] otf I tte slltct t et, t iand e teltftt- ifi t t Intf lUlf illeratol erlil fourlcighlhs of :finchll I'rot DD Nu rt's st Utaclrd= log tho plop ht J. fitsi, (-*it)-Sol .-, niiode 2f3d Jot 'll,, 183-i 'lliiotae to nilt o ilot t i ' ort befor e Louis T Pb"t Oll Ollt t f'l}tt iotr I8.32. i8l'8t lis tt e flot' A: . luchtllortn. llJge of ihe louti aforrsahtiititt Ifolh A r il 10t:8. ,f^ 1.3 . 1I i' I ,-ANI', Dltp. Clerk. C'tNE. T""l[lll'o ColniliNl'l d ri'il:.l llf~op:tin nld SBlst Itt:tI-t ro 88 t-:\ l, t' ,'' ttt af nd Intoo st ofel.,ttl I'r ll-t y- ell r dli.ctllt~ed (,tel I elite of' Cii"i lllolnlulte (;leo-t, i ll toilt eh llWhles, Of n lilt l I:'r iln IhOh.ak tnllo tir.,.ll ln b i ott, -akot'~, alieitattt of 'th kidttie,, grotel, tocohbtit tftd ftlfft" tifrh itfl t tfthf .ttteiow oltto ltoito the t lit.f ftell"l i t t o tott)1 1 h t I- to Ieufot t trm os ftt' ll Ill datillollllc I'trcle i.o111 thl OS root enuinnEt of t-e sta= d'llI t^c hlli i ll t'liIf ht litt ing thio it wi t1 e otih ti.j:ff-tf'itffd .of.0, i't t ct":t , re l'ore folly ktnow-. 'Fht" Ilifooff( oft iflit, soe\tnteoif.(.lo, cad, has tost 1loof, ] f't" its co''dh] I', it .tOftf diftik .ot hitrit patents otott-oo If "'Xlpl'' ss d i'tunn;rellng Its dliý:l.teulbdl taste, dIsllr'bah :" trdtolll-cl ifll thti lo{ .s fk-fIfooI off:fLl. Unli its I offf-lhltU . o, f!6 ' hoi oIr' io t ll n int;lllnltuoto- soage. Tie S-llfroltlllo-hts -lhltt a fftItl:ths tt tf!e 0i10 SO, cotteit ogil,.. ot l: the. n ,llle+,lr sitl lllitcsu. w cllllftft O'to' ) be ngito moftllltfnfftCf"ll tl+l il f I'f rflitt t ft llf f1flfff tei l tftoi ttllh e io the ipresent s .llei '1'Ite :J)II( m et ilie cenliilleS iln. -t ff f fit' r o ftft ftfofe ill the highest- ot tie -fo-ot;o fth if-oft siteiclifs-i- Hll' eifttfd it. Offe Ofrotto, fttti ,tfot .fl1iec of tile ottht.lfl.l fcolig ioelta on opa illoot-l -It It roo1i llogt oIf stlllflle tthe the ottolltltg C of its rCllift pl'lllfno in · oll ii oflll e olr tf clwhitoi i t,"e to itt thIt ttfffpl hns ftl t f a if pucblic fntdio: ifst ifelio has Ite -, aIId stilolOtlisoto fll, ern exllflrove. It was ai ll= l t-e t'inclly wit thtf oeleloitdt- ]hI Allelrnelthy it alt VlltfOltf.l atltioiots, and itn ohstistttrcu oe eoIst e fontoiott ar'isigll from a lisorllered st. tofl the o igf iftiteesleOtiftt Iln'ill bhero suohitted io the fest aofl expericnce o.1 the iOost celtl.raed mooootgth@ tiutlfti, they hftotooxpoeleit theif satistliftl of its eOxttotltfiflof-y oefhooe it eve0 0 cot' tttt-r thteit oit;egf 'i l d t t ing i oilt si Ihl ' p Jtttlic tf 1o d o pritt t f tiofeto h. I h e .rtatiolts wilt ff0 illtux'r'rl tiel'exlie'. I'iepllu nitl by . I '!"huolil Chemist L'otJooieP Itict r: 5t1 prl leotf FrItm A ft Slhinl. Enl , I' FI i, Sf , r- i-t to the varitty ,(el Se, bIot il.alle f.lel l : ir tsresults Ih v.e, oItl' v ilso ii 11. l'(,I tin ble,- ll-( I do, e t hesitatl e in irolltlci i t il ti i .i ll iile mitn . iU 1e , ti- p ecleint, ins r in di - i. n ,H nre n-d to tile ,l lii. t no in Miich h o .nl rcx ,rihC-,C., I I n pai e Ili e.y ri.?lil e, hilst i qll,t", Inm I',)lll. thle ii S . i l.lentIU lSalt ettesll n. esuall e.s Il-m, (; I lla. inwrl, 1 t C , Ph ysiciti: to tll St At r h l, i n let ii lr.nen I tke g.i:- l pltnlsl irn all llilln il y tenl tir ny to the ri'd t.ble plp rell {ies o't' lr l'e lllllln iu , i~hi . y ou the sMIcee's you1. wo fitll '.. ld e, hi tn nn mple rexard r tll e hll;or and expet'lblll- lill(-li ill brhltii i t such t Il itiii' \IV 0 CoIper, F it 8, Surgnon to Guy's Jips-i 'l'hi ii if'ii nec s w in h e list te ti tl ll he nll d in islll S riHI s ult' nele hlt lllllll l(lll' i . pactie s fflticted w it to he kni iio n to be trlv i prcented. Alae the snecest yo n o xvil tlei te, nil,-ly amid snieedily repy i t you tot )-llr nvallmlbl- ulilnlinlim .".. eno Sir A Ciooper, itS ' It S, 'e. c. :liln ngll t iiln iedtlled to Ile Ooll tlE t E 'r t ill lelen l tl.'M lot vi"hlel (;olnler·lihOc, ·riheh ll otlhlillllh(,t"lO llsetl trlr- t p.eriliimltini , iniinieii d - i-i mem, ii m.iig f i nml t.ine and sni .nd• ininas itleetmnlt b ii , int it hfe du.1s I Icell tiill elfn Illllty IlolId to sttle that I Uno ill 111) tlt" Iilll lic end pr.late recuml inlnd nlll nse oil i.elno (i W lilr1, .3111, Physici li to Guy's .1 ll I a i l .,l:u ldti"n of i y i toir ts illu e i nts. tet Ilirm L C ThlImponiL, \I 1) F IS L. Sie rt I ou r h1,)s si erelit.Ihanks forl t'e vaemI able e 1 s.n( ot'l Y llitI tli' l f tle co n: oll lf l io rrh f 'el 1r iatilnll tll: i. you llte at el ll hl t llugh a IIellicie intil ise bl hieh i ill lllltve a desiderillti lim P ong sought1 i li in hl. m .iiud l ii. lix : 1 il- s -, tsi-y aiuill ell-.e asl tuln, to cll, I:lb' ti :ilthu Bll s." in. hlo i.,iltiii' gime•t Iplsutee i i t. lli sh ling to the wirl I t i inaltlile li.t l nniesofI y t:l Il i ipn ic i mts w lm ie il iii-ii ro ell(IInnllieini'lll l· Ihnmne(nin gro ii'inl .olheingt.fuhie 5111 n mi mJb i r.ill t' ll Iii llllo(t il) (otgItI l li- ll ili, i ll Ic.I l I:. a l'l lth-., ' lhleh is hts n t it'i'llo t(- al)) tIIt i ', po ts Folril aiii -ii SI(I-lnI-mS k CO. r IId it " r l td m ning butnO.eas dii Lun rs tric stle.di l nttli~ n lhis'llllilhlli ,hinnn tnn'eieid l, olll ioui. ,eis SeII tohll llhllhP , tIII1 illl tlin ptllta.aii huh!1sells tIe lil. '. Ilh,;ir hit-a ill . .I 1;1.1 wll l .1o1 Ie Il Il" i-.LIlt i, ill.. OF II. ANNT il\ MOE A lttItlptoTh i Al I r;, e Al.lAuiii inlb s e r liti t I l IIg 'il' . IIIAN ellli Ot' RAlll i 'll. h1, 1 .l' . hlll 11 let :1111 h. ind I 'hiou ts. Siii l ined lll tlie NIl .1 ASNICKLE.l )e-1 i - hs 1, Cii. s IN m. 1 .-. , t i 1 I Si ll ~'i I IIII (it l t, tn oIes .d "'llt .l-t\'S .II OF l .1A. 1 9ii R KEAN , rnn ie IIItII i i .I eTI ; ir, i eei ilm I inls i sl t ii on ..I'.t(i ý ' ii l I . 1t l I1 ( Yt . 1 1 ,; t l . f N li lO t R A - I 1 ' , , I " ;7, lu22 i' e c id it. 000 a di. jours iiin ii liiau de inide TI llMt' 1i ll, l I1)01l S"IC EIA :'L JAI . Rnid 1houoltl iil- l r. Oia m eI"n e, 1 ci e l e nnitn Aisisil 'lh I I V" ltllub. clll l ludmdtm t Ill" .I I.AS ICKn I.. • 1 P "T'II'S IY" fi ',l) , (li. "o . i. h 5. i-etn N.. ei .l J sn tl t coi. rd ii ' i . en e , d I ti Of. em dens ll e sIensl ll ( llllnlln i1r[ do ne i' llle i eu i o e, del ri i lllitn .6 iilije. titl it,-lrlle Ola ,ll it '1 h e eil ell, f. n i -Illl" in ll Iii n i .1l ;, Ih 1n do In hie t 'o ,, tll iu'inalplliot .' II.0<--i.A', JOthN I If't II JASe. KEl:N,, A-il|"Otlieinae',_ t. 1 r:f.• t'ullillil!'r

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