Newspaper of True American, December 6, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 6, 1838 Page 1
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Piulci·: 1.'t, CI~.N . - NEW ORLEANS 'IIURSDA MORNING, DECEME c 188V 2 u'!i' 9 i; .V e I' ,* " , nJ'..n ' irl ,,,t B. tý' o 0 iPk' i0, &or i ..-EVc. "'J'in+s of the .cntvsY'tp/r 're~ ,s of/ S.e1 0 "/Aentv it,1.11 in i It . , n rreed it, a u a diol)lrll,,, lllf t.l or e, file I'roprIo.l IP , 11h0-ld h11111.: 1 )h Iath o Cllnnlg , 1837. doll seir ,r lit - tri- n In i i IM p l*ltr i tii tily m i ,ll.riptiotlo) will he d liloninol d until allrrarl les aro, sH.:ttlo , in case of di continluance, oIna, ,eclk's notih. i, rritt, n In ) . i a t rIvnrlb y givenI, previous to ith lilatlio ll fli ubtlllncrilplionl. A lnF. t lslvv!.-Oll, dollar per .sn.. r.. for tlhe lhrst Siserl l a1d ihll' tlha1t pr1ie Ifor e c.h +qlbll ri llgn lY{ tioir will ue. l clln a rg l its n Iuw i lll . YoAItLY A r)VIkn'rlsIis.-Merchliants nnd 'rra'ers, o",tv dollars fill Engl(ish alollr, andl sixty for both nlan lliblic. into illltiolnP;. fifty dldlnrs in Eligli.h onily, nod ciglblny for boii lngullges; Ship and l heoltlll: ui i. tors, or Coln:nission mierchall t sixtiy dolllrt i in I1glishl n:, iatllnll eight foIr ioth lanlgllla es. bAi ynt{Itl , (i n ri,,l NoTI.iEn , and artilc o' tall ing tie atintio If the flInd: t~ 'ies1 of prert, in t : , of n ,llill.tll b ,llliC . . .il lh ,. t Iihn ittry . I O' ol ilar ip+ar s aP n illl t rl liat 1th rI t iIserltionlll in elc t - Gtit! te. AI tiattqr ·,)i I w inil, ad:iile, shalnl be chalrgedl din,!h, iil lillei ilr, ill, ISh ist: . in+ier+ of lW i lls,anl ,ITlar ale (li ll s il real estalllt, I olidij ill in hoth Ilnulllnýg s, andI :lt per cti.rl ill f gIlub4h alone: lO p l'Eaonlt, un alsl Iof i't:lnr lrop rtI.l Anivilt '.nM: is'iT ll nt of the dircI t liiine :of lbivinnlls o- the adveriis'r, sul is legiial, 'oition, and plamta t n sll rtnl!, ta I'lll olll ly +Lltvll " ani+ l llV ,· &v . &c+:. + il hI, 0.harge1d Ior ,pailltttev, nl ull it lht',llrl r. the rdn ry atle'. ilV rllII'I E NT l o yint spec il8 i lle In o tine, will b e Ipu li .e, one ' ni th, i ud y hari ,d i cot rdhin:Iv 'I ldve rtis:;imnts of bankruplcies will le iahlished in an+y rase, ,mals paid nr. previous to insertion, or girnlteed bly a responsible permonl in town. 'ni l:nl l l t. ltil, i tinlic ' llo iiti.n I lllln llln y rtisinlg laiy or tIhi,'o. In hII in! Inrot *i tiir fngnlish u lo (I, andl $1I5 in h ll, lnlan -ces. I nil n onyiiniienti n of .ll il n i'itts ripolit'ral n i' li:. e wrill he charld double i e` price l Ither at vertise+ t I l Ill ll·· t th i lllll osslP++' hi! il IItu in , l i 1b 1 "r i un... ,ll.,v .......... I.... thlii n,:, ion that tho it of peI s whI ~ an'nuse ll lllll tl . 111 ben pail id wibit one month tfter Irr.s.ntntion, hall hr, tinde klilvai (st it far i ltp t titidlt. ti elach other--they nlli cliu ti ll,'vs noll t to aidverti, e or print fir much hlhd i: n +lisu, lnltg It, catse o TvldIll lHlre payrt IIs. ,i'gn"I) J.C. .I : .r. Itfir. ROM J. I.1YO'iN, I'. P. IliA, J. C. P'l )ERGA.SII SIG...I', SlIill I 11 I.SUN, I.;tl ,l)AI ,t N. i't,1 , /P r'sr llrs.- , the ,lillderl inll 'i:l, agayrle Ioa .e Iv lIl e ,: .... liti, tits hi'r its tlhey oire appliable to, : winrkly pliapr's. ( I,.i lnt 1d) A. 'I. I° IIIEI'l l ,:%l( ''' N 'sub riptions yre iaken b or Inns than li iitiita le. n rs ,l aslilll t.llIll ias.s, e post paid. O'TIrl -TO TIIFl PUBLIC. -Unf:l:und rut nirs t he unlierslt,'il havilng nibid unit or diutlitnuott hils old and long iantabnbshed IGARDEtIN S.Pll) STOREl ]lHaving beeyin ot tn1. "istritosly yinuliitd by self.' Illcre lw :,rl :ll., lihth e u scriber bea, to assure his ,1 , ' 14 ,.w n er ally , a n l th e pinn i liy t i rp . i ' ilu m e l i l ind o, l e ',n tthin I two doors oi' hi late, ori panrner :tad, Ito f I 'nished with ait 1iii and ex tonItic it lly of Ita the ,t a'' arl kinds of ktteeln or veget,ba., l ehh .11 /o, ,'r,'fl, of thi growth . nsd ini-. port of Ihe, pr,snt se oinI, 16:17. " ci'' It ear rly part of ,,lptinl er, hi has rn ceived pl suppiililei's, by lh parttlet shipu Vicl.s. in bulr;, Keituby, and iilA rkilaini, all ,rrivedn in short pis0.geut, l'ctL I'rola New York. Ily the Mlassis. P t ipi ,nd Miillh r i,.1 ,, hit is in daly M irta. s ta, ut a nuj, u py .f l , .u i'rI ' " s d al isrgi1. Iv,, h 1. n t+ alrealy n:o,:v, ,.,t v,., .i rolby ninti .- .tad XrI , p t a.ti i t t- olily lk.:ainerv and ,ll ket (:ird.. w"rn' elders tep un lI wweiht, nld g.,t,lo or Iushcil Ine a rr, ,il.. v Ia o la d nL1ii iiid lit ! iit ni ,, itl' llt l 6 ,' u, i i, fl t\,'1! IS 11 I'll, t .\i I'fl',--.1 l.. i t , ii supply iof li rd 1oi d, il i.on e ll 'i\ , , r I ' n,; p li:'erl 'n .,a~ir; herbs, and `balkert' ,., . lit l.,.,- with a .upply of pr.ia and berm,:. S1 i . J f11 l;, . 112) t it/ : 1' '11 . t 11 h I -Ci |hl-· l'll-,l ll l l ll lt- dill' ' '1 .:+lu l I. ]Jri. .]+ \ r \ +H, i tt II I i I l l " , i ' ill-, " l r , " " I ll,,- p' I l l'u ', "+ l ,, II h,\1-., , I Il th,+ Irhe 1: ,+t " ln l ,I ., I t' II,,ll, I llii t ,l~:'ii t lll IIH II .il . , , I t ' l I II'I".I ionl l w lI,i 11 o,' i - tltlii ll, ,I\* 11 t e, uu ' t ol l h<"II1 II 1 1,'I t l ol ,II on.II l " l .l I r. rll t . i , [ o ta. ultll " ll t 111 l .11 1 n, 1.h } l el t . 11. ' tI i,.l r 11, I. S:n I . :. llh ' , l tu r ,I 'teion1 , To11 l hlI ,, 11 "-Il e ; I't l - r it 1 llc l b uhn s, HobTsllII n, l,,, , Io , 1 h h ' , l"r, ll Il, " r . I he i hl . l dlll ait ill the 5..Uhm, so n' , lllb or I 11t1 :(111, 411 the n Ilntu itIt lt ay ·ll.l ;··1 o 1I Il 1ll Itt \1 A ll lil N II ,I 'r ll< I ,llV'c4 I1'll)1171 '17li ' l llltd l 'll, ai d rl~r u . rlllcr lll ( r tl to 11 2 th e 1 212.11 bhis dis L. -h. ]m t'l 'lll vtt s erne'lr l li wo III l 1h,,m tI I o lllle If to1 1' 11. Itlll I,1; 1 ilhll' IIl1iull'[l2 ll 1112 h IIt 'it l l. i II' l lt-I A1 h t th m ellta I I, II eII 1 'ol uln tnl I c ll.I' ' p r an li· oh lIlta:l f I 'll .JIllll l 7 In o t II .,mi [nt Il 6lll n t10 c lc " llt AI 11111l'2 III 1. lC11X R Srll AlltlI ,ll . It -l'rlltl t irN h k Il retP IIt II818 - ol- bi n 2 Ii. l' ll ic t hll. . ' llrl l ' :, ili 2, t11 ) h cll l c'1T h heI llinVdlI ? It llt in B tl r ii I h 'lICI 1 'Tis ' I ll'r lllv l h.b1 ' III I,,II lhl l ll2 ht; ll cee2. '1 hl e- r I'u2 S n . t ig he v llly lil)t' t It ren inll l t l l tll eli I llI511 1' le pI 11.'Ir I 2ll lI2lty I Ith liJ wlt 1 Il2 IIIIV I 2 .L. !,. IIw l :iv a tiy w n ourn m oI all, Itie pnl.r1b ' 1n i-t Sil.1 I I 11t- 1 ,11" It+ ile ,hol+i-hl l st tn snll. b i nt uo i 1. V,ltl illtne m nr·l . c o wblic, f.ll)ll LII:il I Ie. i i II el . to ftu nhl IIii 7t i ho hl llll otl Ulllll n ti1)1o'clock It Il. l ll hI I hr i 1111 Iy l 12 21 yf 2 ir1 c 2 l t I t Is w 1,lo ill l IhtII ~t1.'- 1 t lll oI f II l aril 2 ,211 11111ts 11 111t c anlldlllki ll Itt. lllt ll Ih, .wls llllleh. ''l i Ili r Ixi ,,i ipl.11, 1 II h l ith 1 h1m'C ol 11111 2 l ll(lol 2 illlll 12r'(t llt il llco 21r1221111 thelorenrlto of d 11o11 l ,1t Nng 2112s,2 t8,f n12111111 ~l2 '11122102112112,II 212t1;2101 0211III2211" 'cif21 22 ,111,1-i lI'2 1i l lll cv Ili81.',i llo rlg 1 e 1122'2-lolllor - 'I :-uin or i n tho ien, 1, l l, 2in i t Ia lls I l.t r I O icit:I lI:ii I I t b I le Irtl l rl llnrily of I ll, 2 lllemlv i li Cllr I 1 11 illel'2 l ll , 1112t12 ..r c. Igl 2Ill bitl IIIf Icllo .,I ulr'sl ; Ili- l i o' IIIo lui It 'IIh ilhr !ur I 1c, ilh it i thve , ale. ili Jhh ll li' ahb e w iel tll a nt 3il lic urgei~l 111.211eLllllt ll '1I2 2r21l2l 1.'2l tilt' I t Ill 11 L ll l|r 12111.12 .'lt.lti 11 n1' t11111s h lhwin 're Impal rt' n t 2 g110 h l t e 2hgllI 1d0 1n h22er2i -I e to l he l2 oi, 25111t 12c t ha . A rocn l ocui crly 10 11rlred cares o ITn, t ' ·l ' ilt2 i2 h 2 1 r0e10tic on .Il ev2 t humb112e12 . r..ItI, IN"11 l, 1 ol s, 2 7111of .1 t, :c i r. 1rv2 l 4I1 til l 2 etlIl +11 22t1 tol' I 'i 121 ni., . tIrlhi - nb inii .I tIre for Iiat with 1.i212i21l 2o2 ....rt..'s I....s iat ha R th.or., to ' be c s lmr isel g | fh..r bol'netI' , ' '11., ,ccordig , o Lf o mI1 Iode of'0 SonIInse Ir112rts. T h'llis worI k is nowlo in lre"parai' n by J. Brtilln Il ndil.l l ixi 'E q lle E noit 'r in lls e pertlmt llltt l by a d til. ll k wlll'u 1't r 1tir t Ju2e . of tI ll Illr, l ite Co, It, iandp cpty olne h if the Wittig bulg , to expect frmllh , Il o.y lihlt i1 lly ri rhl l . o1 whti rh 1 t 12 1, '11l eP Ii-ct 11. r i.11"n. l ho 21121 i tl sh ould ho in!(.P , 2102ll b112 - Such a . rlI) il bhcolmi eiv ery dc y mord ne cIonstlry,i s tle origint l. i v, fi the Xlltnrus, rxlllr si vre, an11sc2chl - All illroou Iin , curilsity too is 7121ni-1 .|lo ln-l",~ 1+1 I ~i'vo l~l l s r iE Nov.. th. i the otrihr p-St2p0o1 t Ipblish, in rtrm be-, tion o t hr uiho c unningewnte ,if Lousindan; t ed th th circuls n e l lles f the On m princild N Series doof vol.n! is, t.e ., accordr n t of ~onlt model o f , mPtars lCondenswledg loe oF r ud. d ca o r i Ilty t o r r is of t prWlparat U ion by J. Bortlev ,IIIr tlll , l":,q , of this city, a1]i) . ttd by W1'illiam F. Bllrand, r. p lq. T le Editor ix s s aot erm ted by ae dlstihusihed retired Judge of tle fo 1r tn'e Co urtii a nd bv ioe of the nllo t, i .dgIlt s, toe expecrl t rieh telI.r in i sutpervision all o th advatago e which in'or ntatralty rapeud on thefro r m taws1peio ilce. Such I work is bec.ming every day mert no. ee str k, as tllo original iv volumlinouls exesiveo, an wl scarce. An illerwb ilnd cariosity too is tl: li trv-t. in thle other Sthts of the Uf ion , in reebrence ciretlllls itall l o thre vnolnero, tL h p -rin ils here t . crilelrs will Ie, 7 pof onr vadjll. d aes of prl uti Suity sc io thei lltsts of receiveo w l by U ion rovl, d,.i d in . m, andor C ,tionly tmp n omon th il .1+5 cor Camp and Co~mmon Is. H IE. Urotwerf at Cc. SI AYt E just rae ive int thluir S'+lislhiag Wnre-bo st Clia,. 17i iasIp tre:: r, by rec.nt mdrtas folon I.: sh "nlrllt known;coll istlngof SSIILVER' WARP. Colike Alnd tea setsl itchers, waiters, castors, en.llle sticks, nap s, ttilanblers slltl goblets; table anld lesert li,hks; tlule, desert anld ten spoolrns: marrow and navy, rt r I i gort splooni; suar tongs; sugar sllce an saouil lales iatter, I-ndtt, ,ltding and fish kttivest Iikle andi cdser klnivest and wolts, "qllikins, rinigs, &a. p-iallcidils- entl. SIthe. lantn actnorv tf Mr ld Gardtiners, .tof "ewl', t . rInwhose long esthltlishei r tutiatnon far tha I a facture t of silver swatp is sulionient gt.llu llte , f its suteriotilr qlaality. L'L,.'A n) w".'I OF SHEPI'I"I:I.II AND I11If AlINGHA-\M. T le'a and ciettr irn, tsl setrts canstoro, llqmr and cml dianl ilalls; au; lthe c:landl ,hra,, anII Eple:- s wll;r , niliit i anrot pltonx, antd at' ofl " kin t. r on l . t . wnltrl9 rounllll| :otlld ollolhim , roln) H to 1. itlu esc ; btcl _ t-,a:k andI veteaih Xlishes; rith dish tlaart cak and !r ll, baskets; tl le later t enat s; tl n nll ; n chl .l l:.,,leititks; wiie stlalall.ina ; atlers aonti nmll s"l l tlna d ttltt. a r. n :lhltls, -,l:ar at alika , l Ia stItslt ae's, tnhJl, nl ells, tse, Is. Iln.T egg all nllcilOtta nllalniL; gg boilnt std Atnlldts , toast races, k.,. IIVI1it ON -'Pi.i, WAIAE, Irol'nhhAnt. dl tas:rt kn1ve frks and spolls soun atl is attn lalhes; litnet anid fish kiaVse, ael kese sconps, . insl tsilll s togs, me t 1 1 i'I laitkris, ia to. Of ':'B ,I .111A \VAI N N 11 I"C. IAI'ANNFIIY. IttneO Giathic Snantich tnd ronsti cornel waitcers, i nnietti aIlln sitlie,lfrn int 31inaies;d nfplner mnsealt;. bread, nitritee and knilt nays; lalge anght tlate w\l:nter;. I.i e,+ gelld kI'111 ah inesyi pIl'el g 3li3' 91.h|; lli'ia t laltaes in tnles, snlllll es l ap, t. a ll andi oa riacl l itotoise Isell, etc. S I..AMi'S. " An +'x~t'll.loie'i as4 aIl , a ong Wlln re Ash'+il SI;Illltni, ill blro z d lnal tl tiltt, llll n liach lut .lass; Inllllle m is i4 I t, l i d liae lnsn ,d with m i . g s1s hnl; V Iry pl h u ,ani gls ittll;s d iol;et llzed Htd latI n lind lide ia i illl t 15ix s, ' ta 6lC 1 I ights; Ir alnch b o anle k and ill (iretlalal aillll llt, 1 .i ull 8 lighs hlll l ilt |Ill a lsnd iae - roos, fro l tO 6 lIgs, 0 llli sh s, gla sandi wicks. MIANT'.EI CLOCIS, ('ANI)LFilI+.B S AND VASI-S. liiOl l n lnll a illn i tit hhti, btotttdttnr l gillgl atll t ig i, wihh tlxr'l+, eth; colttintg [oatt nd kitchens calnkr, i oz ,t i l (1 itn , n p ' eilhts, eI monC - ars, c:tl rtacks, r ltllltt ief cka .it e. i l IIINA WAIMi, Olt I'il{('lAIN. tyie; stl h lid l lt siitt ; et s.teI .1, I k piltlcLters matlers s I fs a yaalnta eriks ani t aklleatsk.. l l)i n, d al .rlell, t aI I: Iilt' llll' tr n lftiti ll sn 1 IIsp stll CU ill,: (ASS. ['alnlla i(,lll (piltchelrls; 'llll't oll Olill I... ". ,!Ot :. lltires; , -ln,,, Iia-1ni. I. 1 atI,,, I n,1 n t nll ,,tt. ,iI s ,I 'I'At(IS l.!.t .1"1,1-iI \'(·. ':,1' Ti( , It 1 Il't' iailaYIX .k l l , e.I1 p II iIr k tal | .. i I kaite.- :t l ia ma ? i f5i'$ lll · ldI 1 .11 ,illl ni r In'" i tl dota11 l; t vlory hun lith koila's only for siiver fo ks; guard and a.m c 'lar-t Iong psli for, + r--mn h- 1; ,v B lrkl-i-.:s, liltITTANI.\ AND tll. t li TIK " AiR'l. ill., I '|'ni Alllll |.rll "i wl it, a It asl , - J, I an4 11 i lme ,t o1iahl111 for 111 I ,l i-'"il I It ! iI i b' , " tl;. , la, n h',h ..;'lC. , atI " In", ,,t,I1,, . . , a ,- I a . . I -,-at i. ired 3.111 lllill t I lea ,1 ,a _ l'~, n(Illlll(;ll IIY( 11~(111 191.) 111 I'111 /44;949· n s t1/111/ NIi l or. 't)ISl 11 II I` 91 ' 8 I'I'; ( '' I N I 5 1 '11' (1 919Ill I' 1 (1,1;;f t I :ll 01.1 P1. R 1X N. h8, ,. I l 1i '',l ", 1 1 14 g III with fv..'IJ~ r ha lr, \ v. al $6 per s:'lr, ur $,1 Alirl vo 1IIC( ~l. OltJ: Gin o I :II.IIII()· O1· a l l(ill Hlo lt . jlil n 11$1114411 114401 4 1 /I, &, 4 20 1 1 51L of (l :l ptl l(· 1111 111 d . r1 111·1 ( I i 1ll 1I. :11 4 1 (Ip ' ls ,lr l',& . $6 ll1 ll M'o do. nt'lo >: nws onto. or a Ire ll slll lwes in a r~~ sl~l lmll 6 li. 51 hersI~ C)gw, or 1.:60) 1111 O·ICIPI]if$C INI III l1 :1,II) NS I:I- " Ii; l·~hl1Ol1IX .111,1' 4 1 11 lnll S-L I gI 11111111114(.t 1 In l l L441 io 1S1o 44N1,4, l1 Nl Ill, 111( $111' No(11 1411 1'('I, 411(1 144 Fordo, of 6II. ,14'I s WIll . Ill IIdI', (i~, 4l $ n · I'ersa,. .., son In)cl, lrll !r~ilr I i .rci~l 1111',,' III''lil~r 4111" l 4411(11211414I· 441441 411 il III FoIr (o1111 1wws, w ll feeders,11 c( 141 01 llll'1(lr ll:11 4('l~l ll,,b1 ll- Ill ll,*1c1l.I44.Iox(44 114111) L~CII T5 ~ ~ ~ 1( (e14w 19 5 'o·14114 1144111115 441 4I114/111 '411·) 11141211441114'llllteii 144 1111111411411114 s 11 111' g e ll' It 41 5111 1111 11 1 1y1 5111 '1411 'x tr"4 ll where d4 4(?14 d, 11r4f4e(1 drs1111141,3,4. 11 sie. '11 1, 0, wi ~llll wealn' oat (1 , I. II c set o (so 111111 1 1111' s t11 14 1 It reins ne 'III 441 lll (:lll1l'lIh ll ( 4(s 11 . 'i14 11111ie1 4ir o e g iI9141 (lia 4 ors 111411 4411t1, 11111M41t to 41111 III IC n II ti0;: Slat-, at the ahmo p IIT 41.. 111 it.- n 1,s Iim il11 1 th 1114111144111(lllIlsane lromlNew414111 n 'I'lld m , will r -la Nilh l the fans m pit · ·~u s, lr W rl lie Iron runnng, grS500 als he rdrlhere esiree. termI.Is. Snafu ean' engines 111 s1 o 1 11o1d1r1 if le1 (IN ' 0111 II~ lltll'l' SI' ((444 411 IL is d rsirnrll j when planters give orders Ii F tins, ll 114 'l- saki 141141111 " (1il1,4ll Ili it , rvg) I ' 3iI~~l l 441I 44 11141401 1,11ll Itl)R .( (C II',, E~)~T1 ~ tot14'144111oo ** 41 ,1 19(11 , 111 '4'' , 311 011( 1, &e. 111 411 .8 od1 Ihey1 41441 l C49l;,14I, 8 1'lllll 11911111 IPS * gII..1. 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IrI'X'I he li f fir is I', r lst poe t. n I iih e l', i h1 e I'f er n.iveo e l i proiti holr~y l~rin'.+ nn tie it pieara.(.i+ il l,: iin, ; i ' ii s a m R a dt h l i lin d no i fI' wi te a w ri f ii I Iti l n ire ll ii- I hMc i II ii bn f (,i ta i i l Ii I ,. he ;r li o ii b ,e the lilrt lfron ne'ninel uil' mll v iI'I nrl hllue i lifnfi . i ld 1re trr ) r n t r. ,.lO Il t andlifi I e' t the firs r i 'I e lah oifih it' ,nppk t taile it.lT I n ofi Oldsidgpt a oIinl od, aret -on fIb p senl r p aoprih Gory, I- r .eo d Ifo, lll o vlin eI : I.ohe'r \khI lrhi q nIi t ,ins -lt r f 'rif n Ie I I el i i 11, 1 i'ii l:to IIh'v hI f eie hrl ;, hi til e hl h Il e ll i[ ter oli'h , l h r. do o Fentill +i i ('hhi lei n, d i-ioi iII i . )ldh . n ii ., hlve fiolnln it hi ,iv ,<, .r n t i ,s I- e n I n;linitilli C ii lini i ii lf hair, bill ( . 'i"ii'l tiiiii . rotil ti tre.ff i I nelhodList Milnler in S<t (;corer 'nhrre, Nt li; Nthii i~r, e tc. 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T UI - 1F SRII II ) & IJ (; 'S lI +,. n,; N ew O r a ..... .+JLia+.r ,, Paek,'t Slip4.-''l--Th n .e lin' n hipf pt nlns burnt lx)r / ly tilultl l rii ll fItnallVnn l i a ro j Iirt I nlti will Itl' illl:l. i" suitable draf L of water: I oll llllll ifl iOl l IItrI Ior - n viigiiiifvr . ellor I ,, ll he m adei ii o give l neri i si lis' iction, Ti'i if bnn in composed X ,'tl f Ii .i & wi.g .ip: f, ;arolina, .Mill o S Lem ist, bi hI:arhtln, 37!*do 1) Eld, rin,1,, +, 'ti ++ e'lilll'I , O Ill (h'+ . ! . , 1 an ili ltl 'lttt'ti iN lo' tiN F. vt'V iisll Aiue, relllittrPot alld inlnrl si m it i tr lht ; prIdilt Ii ronl hII oriitnele rIe Io i. I.teid wit h r iiillt it till u i vernal success Il 103", by lpersonsll ol the hIlghsllts respet.ibltity il this city, ac stated in the lanli ed ert aliutes. T'lls illicinel is highly rerornlllended, and hIes been ixtanivily tused in the ,hve disaaes with such distinguished succtsn, that the proprietor of thlu rec:ile his been indlluced to ollr it to the ipub. hi it its present ftrin, in the thop. that it may be the lmeans ot reheving Imanly or thtoe who are .uletbring under the scourge of our eluntry. It is t Iinielllne plosaerssilg greatvirtle, and whain used aeording to the directions has never tilted of fbetlintl a culre, even in ltno mIiost obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at tll1 disagreeable, and persons of the weakest etoitach, :md children illay take it with inpl)lity, It strengithens the digestive orgtan, cratuts tilt t)appetite, and scldom requirt. miorte than one, or ill ostinate cases, two bolttles to eftfet a cure. There is nIleonhr ii reurv nor arsen.e in the omedieti,, nor any tliing injurious to the haln colstitlltion. lTii proprietors are so well coincineed of tls eflieancy, Litt they ugree to refUild tite prile of verry bottle which has buel tlkan in IatC.crdat with th t dire us anllld hlas not te;:rlled ait :t perfclt ,clure of (hl) fever & ugue. A. OLIVER, sloe agent for New A rle ()lns, at his e and retail drug UInd medicie slUor, corner of Iitlenvlle and Cirtres streets. For Hlitriet Agenesa aptiliy! to( jt. T'. IV. SM 1' I'1, 48 t:Coti at. 11A.litOR1.1ROt, I[AY'S LINILLENl'.-No F"ieton.-- This en. e teemordinatry Ichemict comp. iireioit, the resuet of veienlce, allnd the inventlllll I elebrated iledti c.l IhIm, the iiirrode;t. n1 o'f wliellh to the pulbl:c was investeud witll Ihe solellllltly of : deathblled eqLuest, has since lailnd it rltollltion unparalle!ed, filly llstLiltineg tihe cotrrnetLiess of toi lalmented Dr Griiley's tat ounession, that t" hie dared not die without glving to postertiy ile boenlit of his knoltilcldg oun tis tultpiet," and hlie thereftol IiLLeathed to Ilie tIliihi tid attenldallt, SohilllOn Ie.), the mreert of hit dll.tocery. It is now u ed ill tie princip al hi.epitans, and ftie prinate praeltic ii ll o r countlry, first IId IIIo eerntmlly tFr tire ,elre of to' Pdls, adnd si extln stlVltya d e lu itn lly .is t:, bIihe :,eduimcy, uiless h l: n elill)s a l lg ed E D re lly III LII eIo llnng cit 1 :niiitr: FIor iD top.s - -'r u:.t n extr ' .i birptio;e ,it o,)e,'. All Stw Ilings- i.dcthe.. ... 'w houres Re.ttutui--Autltc u. Euroue, t t lg (lyie .ore 'Throat--ly :,,.lc-cs, Ul:crs or Col's. (roul and \VWhooping Co, g;I- LLxternllv, lad over the C..t. All Bruieta, Sprains, cad Bcurncs-Curing i. a low hourns. Soiree cai UlIeers-W'hether freslt or longI standing, and faver sores. Its prrlll.tlionth I l iadults and children in redue ing rleualtie sweilliing, aild (looseuIii g coughs and c lghitlnerr of the helt ty Itelaxatlo of the iparle, his beenl surrismlg beyond conception. Tht Ionilllll retalrk of thollse i he have used it i Lthe !'lies, is " It acts ,,e a charhe ." T I'1 E'PLL ES--'i'hie perime, ;1 is rePlndld to any personl who will irie at beottle of tlly'e Lmenecti Ilir tile NPlts, and return the p.llty i,emitte nlllllt blllng enred- ''llalme are tOho p)oxltlve oIldlS iof the proprietor to the Agei. t; * mcd eiet m)I any thoe. sands old, lnot one Itias biel uracllcessiili 1'V mtight insert etiliicttc i anity lengItl, but priefr that linhe who sell the artiuilo, shult d tex. Iliht thel: original to puirehIrcrs. C(AU ltN-Nonet can be geniine without a spilit ld engravetd wrapperlur, on iwhich! is lly nlale, a.ld ilsu tlutt of l'it Agents.b . lOLOMON HAYS. whtl'desale anut recil, by i('()\SlTOti & Co, New York., "cid by onle )luggist at evvry town iii Ithe I lni,). For ealc me I:::. Vltlole.ele Aetuls, corner of Coa-nion .& h',iiiitioupttlas etreetl, and bIy the Apothelcries generacyll . ju3(l - I.tlltI),i.--',o iatl tp, I. Alli..{In t 1 '1't1 1{tll, n '5 .l P ,dran s , i l)NI)I1.\ I4l )W I'ISI-- lU c l, ··- re,:, ,e'1 ,'i 1 lr6 e,)vl:) "It 1, Pia'{' I lt t 1 .1~10'i Ml I.. , halif b'se,, l) t t nlr irv Llilr 111.1 TRIERl, nl.l5 10 Poydras 3111.ES' tit)'IPittINI) E'XtI'iLtflT up' TOM1ATO. SSrtl-rTt'Irl-P: l'(iI C,'L{ll',I.'.. gl~lll' droctric prunul atv hh w+Jmh assu-.nce, 'i hy uman" ,+11e ,irics of the prest,.i lay that one me Sdicille will cure a1 dlsteas.s, is no+:t, :aIn u".te' P'll be ii' P; itlltJ u Lib w o as.B rts.l.15 it, i.ill II,.'F III1 III': III ilTe potea. Ut it is a fact ltall:oilslytttlt il tt t etlaace ihal 'ombinations of metitaie tat b' ft.rt.edfttont thet YI E;: ' l .:; it K ita;| , t t will Itt s Iln te a lt oia ihe systern, when 11kt.. sensonablh , and illn jllilcil)u./ll.O I)Orliolla . to c.lre. ill Ille ~e oult of te,;ll discses wt'lhi ll Inll te . rel. :Llan| tf mllelli t'. Flrolml mell a well kll(lw al eta blithhd reIullltllli of Cahtotnl, it has lont beei emilo.ed ' tteellpilic, Isti cintiic p YsiCig as one of the lIotL po l'thill agets hell thel rl.ienioval of disteile. Ev ih l+ ol'nnr, a~l ri" stll e" t lawlLi has beenIO Ii deglil ei wItilI linill·tlu s thuI IhI~..h. IlUIIh;Il'S clitlldlimel 1 sllt'~ific. iw I.\I·Ir. iIivt~ll iiici ) r//al lll hiIl i y. d 1i 11h ofl these .e .n sion nI1 d li nl.lo colorilll ,thl e|' n 1 I'rIt 'h mical investi-I +.nltion, has shon t~x hit the b ~eo ot'l o atthi Pattatett SC;itholiconi, ke. whiich hvre i tn.II l(·I beC·'firle_ thi: ca ltit lllt, wilh a o m\ uch a urtlll ,lll· is ('ai en.e/, or II('l'lll'i" ill SIn) e frIII . } o w iVO1\ f hIlis pIotent iwlidetr even ul illulholl sanls oflho Ilc l rkilft l lhly icialll, tl·'lIt.(ll ,1. ' Iv L tlt.l t tatt111 iatallll ll f ilu till StItitt.lll Illlaill.n·t·ll. ly exets aninthince o the aun ytm, tanthr, e sIi eniht'tih haitttt that cntol olta untleltiainh tt tht a. Faul blilil rl, nglllgl i lihL l[ on mli' tul e oIllli ll ag.ellilli, d i(seas rtllil d nt h,: wh lial ull sh Illll lid e x. tet l whieaitd ire I rilwl l y the inR matll'al outi l . mla tIhilt i:It iho td ll 1 lin vi ctinms spe;:kl, a \roieu f(1.1omI Iti Iolb wo1ih ;lil Ilitl' l I Ie 'sp ..i'c' delus ionu tIhalt nloi the miiils of ilthe' lI I unne llhsliciansi dPtloe tIh sad a;alt. . tlltlua ' thilililltm ! t ll(·le e ial plr-aeti ce', a d will KIndl1 h sil the i - i troduhti~on. of aill ruiq le that canblcl y . lv'h ..ubltittlted th)r eioll 1,1~. Th1iI lt\ , neall I lha ronly, ll. the IInPlita t yt, li Iofi tIl'ila: (lttttratill.l i titty illlia otl yit IIt ihtrd it t il Ie hL uorl'he on Iult'fhodlle. Thiay l' o knaiti , ait d lbt-l holt it tll use PIs cnih d Ib· ;cIvonsideI'( rble t timt , ita .b lvl,;l~l s.:l e iltl " tcomei lsllclll . l i low. But ihI-y illnt cllll its.ti c a -le t all" '.t g ilt ; t hi y tnla w no lt Li, V :wlillu Ihal ll( (~llls I( :"' '1;.. Iovlf tl..l'# l{lll~llS, lib. • t' lioi, aul utu in Gre utlia tht ttol.e.,hadila sIlstl liti -lle ,, l in ip Ill Ien ishly ne es ar to do inis tl I Cill ttt:litiat ti ta ttittlit at illlll the i 0 il conli enciiil Tl hel hi e long. desired muslotll u H tl aj n nll o tl icl ." Ille i wolaprd on e'iH l' tilhte g tllrl t eltib t ori tils dtirg, t il ita t stuti eatl tlilt atl e' t it a t ttrlitt t t t ,a ltt . Si hI a at ltrtal l, it it btil,t ilt . Ii a a t a ta tlieth ta l pI htL in w.I i a \ll Ih a rlill, aa imw a nh i d to taht a h bli. T ht all l 'oti 'pCir i ll tlh icl in i li:ll w he tfat, tial a w bile n ,I /£IZI Bleinfg , hlas llluc.ld ithe i. tule racah o|" nil, ire lmedi ml telhd to thl Istslisie. i cian to t ie ltlmate tdhey ithit; nIt ktgll , lal" ike_ wielt, s1that mi t of tae dittttes o1 the bot h all n l II C' tt '" Iascd u ni o rnll l'lii o1' fiunc onal d. annIi tqill l ol thf t itaa r i l t' e Ih , h t teil h ittit aItt tal s l rtich illlell t. ,tttt'aai gl ati.. ,, : ...... siv r , .\i.V 0L}, which, |iloni i.s illpculiar o t I up IIon the la -it slt s o f' li I all'" In:nel iln l hthe" no anI[tltl ch ni' d i1cp ,,z. ;I'r l I1 . lll['i ·lc~l~e thilt wJi(ll ~lil 5(:ui'e .11, ih. llt'iit'lic( i /I iih(uh the ps1 iilfllh of IrodUcLnhlg the Iecrioellln Lolln sell' ll' uences comml! lol ll n t(o that :tti c le . Its actionl u1 pon tthe c stitilution] is tunivrCsal, no Ip rt t" t,, -l,i ,sc aling it itheh.: u, It is, howt vi', IuI, Ihe I1at· i ollf :,.l'ion Ii1(Im ert-Il lelill 1 ..Ilit , oWer is particu: had mI)+iUeutil· . : lec Se is l - i p lirl y il-l' tll I tI t , 'tr a lt l of ,iliott,. /; 'r. I lhlle 'Ii r. illcases he whinlh a torpidhit o' .coi illt illh liver iiid p\ oral cirrie in t- il1. It in .hk is.iib.h- lle .: w i'' i t n}(e~mr ( .clatu.e the ltomiach andl howels. It i', ,.u t.qt c io , alnle\ate. a qulic'k alid healthy netih,+o f In I~. ndoter glandl umll r em ela .1libte-al),h.,wnu Ihin7,ll pu ahle inl ii. opleradtio , it )rmhlceS a frete lc i ll ,y :1 It, tle pla slpultioin. It diles IIot ei'lanst like ( r s andi:. dlu~ iei tr Iii. il lltIw lle low t t,'lliia lq' iet )I ii it ,(h, i p!J)" tl' ;l l~ lil'i l~lli f l. +' ,I b'e i f tldlow n e~tratl ftl l all R el i n fomt. C ic M'l tlILEt'Si'l, T hilU~lA iT is 11rI) <1 IliON 1E1. ... vi i c e n,, t, , ,, ,,e,1 o u ,t,, , , l ;I. iu , ,b ,tlio us a iem: , d i- l l t :I . I at ll :t n"ll -i , o :l , i l t r i ell ti nelllirl l. It hi Ie n vil tol of t i : th!·,tali: itt hi' , )t. hitn i t IL it Ill,) i i 'lllll hi: till,' l:ill\ t.ll ' lvwleCl , ,I- ,,l: lat-a0: Il'onl)1 ti h h tIll; l ncellltIn o o~ b , t",W)11(1 I"u ie vdtllur'Mo. 'l'his hm , be, co sllh ll·l ' as rii pal h ii,": theo:llll" A: I:ll'.. olrtlilill pole' I o' l t, o r ll k oif. I :i t , ll ill- el·' m Lo o. r i(l ll it . Iellx ltle e Is llll II Il l, convloi ti1 t tx h 'l l l 'bis I e00·l . eall) the it th ihjd o n.i tl, nd i'1 s 0 . e11 t t1o , It Itnll ), eate 1 :: l ,t( eslll it, accort , IIn lls I l ilo a i(, lll a lu t ' amiI the 'slic tittt ono its tel ad t't e Il .IIS I As ( 1Illll tll· h rl.tlll t i f llJt l iher ti re , e llll Il IA tI t ita . l lll. i a i . llllesi etl; lL I. (Wei ellllll be thti s :nllih t t hllll It elllel.ll rI nl lll illn Ii t. ' i-h l , oftis llm l.. I tlll i t . rsc lll I) a id i s ii tllllll I i lo. il l lhouhl illlU.i Il Ih-e io .11 m:) be be-nutlere as tr1ol paisng to e ilre o ot nce of aotheri ptn le~s io n,'k of this, yet wue tm) Iht :ilrli loll Io exllle.r s a l etrelll wu g oilt'it l Il that i.tllllll lll llo I. itll) tliltool'l 1 1 itSillIsa Iti C ell llclpnltil s t l lttl 0e avI ben t a, eorn i to th e i ro iithe, li 'lloltl L its I 1o s, Iu ( tihe L it n tiln iio l h ofItier pai an.t. s i stit a e fi r th l., there ,l're , fr im the I. - .telllli ngdo llss Il (| sl elalllll ll till.+ Il li l"%. i i \n-a lie.hs la.lea Na t ei ralltirna hitah n l i .ri ll ce,ra in hai n TIu hou I tm 1r.l ). iles, o mf tH ll' illl l I nllouslbi s rlilla ilth mlll labor an i xpll etnl s nl ,l t ilts Iel(i 'llm :I'm d ie .lle otl .] ill 0(1ltallin. illlb Iai i()It 00 t0 0l0 i i "I lill· - ' hin,, llclilt lls h tope ld thlle Ir ll Ht li..oa o p ut ll Lnll' i\S hl te" Illthklllar ho dlate oli . ill . icll 'he NI' ti t. II11, x1 1 1a t to feel htill11\ I I I llel p llo t sit, hl 1 ll tjoe a uWtI ill Itll' i abl ,',t it I i , .pI r Ill o. d Ithe d, ll'g t 1 Letlit i Ilo lhl.. 5 t Iig lllto l hilhc"e s ithea t,\l l t I ofpo it rII , i |lpro olrl ll I iluls iliS holnr..e whe ll el , tolol hi ll llt. '"'-N..s ili t i-I p' wi v Toeheraiuptan.rt Th b1i 1 ho It lll'c, { 1111. h lll il llll l r &ithlio s et'il la he., it Ina, hll'i'll ll I llill ilclltll. h slel tt h Maill n Ilil .·is that it does not l r,)duQ-e 1!e ,lhhili- I ti liI s hllot othe k Nii+ lu1 tha. liltlt'e i Ionlll 'e, i i[;l' I , ;Illl- 1 t IoIIIo : lfl ' I {. i I' i vl slln 1 10 ·. XXil' hl I ' X li ' (', R itw IIls (I t'l' ' lil t an11 11( langl " lll thel'l+ditl'l'... ll. :I1tl A it)l lb H etr ' of p airl ne l l t01 l'0 ily ll lll lllll llo. A I hxt litof h' I'l.l*ll 'ill :cute f l li h~l' l ue fll aril it 11 ar tl{soi te. ut un I h bu:no tin lhilt. t 1n IIp ile r i An, l Ne ; O llul ns i lnu<, 1m lill Si . hl i I[ T T1' A lt rl ll 1I, "Ilt-in l d t n lh i_, :.tiord t o i 1' 1 " Io In ' p. ; ll l | I : il, t rih - I .hle N . 1'"ll i . ) lene .iPirIelal t P hlS - ) d'l I e I i' Žtlll l i'lll s il . -neril .-1o1i tit IAlll b11 l e rli ab u . ' l" :t+'o I .u;' n hl le en ll. l l o | +ir i .ninte t l jit It n 1 .l \ :,lll.., . o l e O lu o 1 1 ju"t i n, w II: 8 I t, I o ,,ll l'll l " d.w 1 II. i(. ,, i11) t I*|" , 0'. 11. -I.e t l l \ 1 hl r v):<i iu l b y " I': , l h Sl o . t i 1 *h l i : . lr t. t jr i l Itiu I (tt+ e ll l o, v , ar ' .. N II" \ Co. Ih :. t rllr v, ee : '(h Ih'+, oppu/t, 'i. t (c t .-111i)u'h y e T i"·h .l . I':L. Ihoi' i, , olrl'l tll: I.:; l g- ll \ o In o i l hlýfirtllll ,t \[' I l|| nl "C ..l ' o , r c ttl; l. l'+m.]l ;0d 0' 01 nl C . 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T, s above -hips are of the first class, Coppered; and c,,pper easlened, and having 'ern built in New LYrk oie resely Ilr this trade, they are Uf light' draft of watr aml allelost invariably erosa the bar wI lthout any detention. 'The :ommarders are men of great a.xperssce, and the ships wdli aloaysbo 'toIt5d uIp enld IdowI the sae.essmippi by steamnboats. They lase handsome, filrs.hed accollmmodaUtionsa, an)d Mores of the beot de.ocriptln will always be fiurnihlud. The cnbinl paso,,j, is $90 without wine 5or liquor, and thre a Is i5t iquor furnishetd ta tIle ,liDer' or crew. For frPiglt or passeag apply on bLard, of to H (3 AMES, 48 Coamp st. The shpls are not accoulltabl: for breakage of. Ilans, hollow war-., nnr.leu or g-rl its, enoperage of till'ere ' r,:e o iron or ,ivl~, Lor responCfble for any p. or p'cel, unies a regular hill of lading I , Sv xt' ct the.refor at tlhe ofl..u of thes ents. NEW Ul:LE1.NS AfNoD I.I,'I'.1LRE LINTC O) PA( KE'IT'S. This linloe will consiht of' te. following vc.sels, whih !ihav been b~:t or o puri·;i:ud cxircssly el' the tram-, vi.: Ship mantII, Capt :l ,er, l brk Mrsy, "" N i,.krso,, Irad il rry, new I Stivocns, " Solomon oSatus, Las:hal, Brit Archnlstc, Gry. Thlse( v..,ls are of'the fir.s' cl*.-, hs,,ve tand. r- Lss lur o|lu re :.ccrst-:sdItson, o-id are of a hghSt drl ,f water, so a~~ o admit of thsr receivin.g and ';-c arglll g t.,eiri cargo,7 s IIn F lanl ole, at l te city. L -'r:ig1ht will 1., . ta:ken I r 1 preIs on thoe (h:iole s op e or . lloen' Rver, a e, s slseasrd.d by thie sag:nts, reI d. ' I..e price uof pusage, la fixd at $60, snpl, .tores ~f the b st epohlay will be prvided. S tlan up and down the 11a ll-c :-tsp;1 t bes h t ,ko,, I h ocfreight or pa.:a;go, a:11ply to; fG E0. Ii EDI'ORI) ,:2 estvil e s t . A F-loR .NI \\' Y 'tlK. [Loisiana and N. w Y:ork lino of Packets 1 S111i Ships o,: this imn will .all st-on. Noe- Orltao ans New York on, very other Mon ,ny--cornI ncIi g on ti ll' tlh N2 ve:bIIIeI- d to )n-ore the. ptncltu-i lly 11i t h ) ne of ". lI:ng, tihel lne, will h Ier after conll s5t of I tie l si s, v lz PhIpl Y~zoot, Captain 'Trash, to letov on the 0th N ovemenr. ship L ouln\ o le, Captain PblSer, to lea:,o on the ,Ih December. Sh5. Iol ntsville, Coatain PIdridge, to leave on thI 1 lfl o)elember. Ship \,ckrburg, 'aptlain WoodhSouse, to leave on tih, lt 1 nuary. Ship , liss.csippi, ('sopain DLavis, to leave on the. 1:lh of January. "Tile ;.slsoo are all reiew, of the first clll e, copper. d : ani copper fI lteo ntr 1 i ii wards s of" 5U lunls r, of hght i dra glhl of w , r, bing buil: 5: Ns,,e Ysork ,xpl . -- I- - h e t de. "I's , prie Us... ( is fixed at se io 5 ' theirs sabiis tlttl airi in the as )ost Il'provetd and convenient plan, end thniishd in a riatand t lthLnt lt le- Ample str'fs of the first q sahty wall be provided, ald v.ery reard paid to Ith nomfort tlld entire <atlswit lNn of pn.lsengero, who will please takt) no. lice that nio hrth can be s, cgrcd until paid fur at Ihli nl c oe tht, c uigne os., 'l'TIhe .+,,st are cont in.ll ,led by rsptains wel.t l ' 'Xi ealtq:,;wd ii th, tra,+ ) \'who will gsv, every at. etion anld ,xert themsellves to aco.lnenSditL . ' hl e i t 5 all te ss I se to s{ s up aml sdown thi MIs..sio -) "i 1,v ntc,,,l l ,,.tt :,h(d the .trident punc lllh y s i.rv,:, I I l t p eof s ail:n: . 'lie osnviels f th:lesw : noa wsll not be responei. ds. for any dler, parrel or paek:a,_e, seti t Iy or Jr-0 I',s thLr~s 1,esir, at te.o ,L,,n tlLig lsousse of t1e agent or own'LsrI. For ilr rts o -r pIrloorosl alpply to J I1) I.'IN & A CllEN, n.0 '5 7 9s1 e Isoo fil (I.oi-i a1, lIllli N w 1 (lrl I·I:II· of 1':u"6.v:,] Ni hi ¶311 14 , . . . . ! - i l liil l (J ·i i* 1 Illllllll: \l!. l ,irk +nl e, t1. 01 :Illl,"r l IIIC Ille "h;.Ifa'5 ,n, 01, th .33I 1 U,; .. , , t 133, ''l~tt It ni l 33fl3he r i es 333331 ~ l-,tlo u ,ý l Iý !I n "".li, "r 5551" ,.[ of IIII IIR I LI IPi (.P ill )11 il i, le11ve i n 3 l.'' II' 15 1 . il s.\ Siu . La;,isrelle, rt , to 1,ii : t111,,; aN l .,Ilip Iffl ul111 r ·I/ Capt ain rll lll( Ilil ~r i~ I."1, - 11 111 1)11 1"1h Illr, err l llll liII·I I1a. 1. lll III1 l 3 \i' iii. 1111 Uhf, to Ir:I"r ke 13,,roll wr. 3¶n* ' ;, , . - I. H Ii 3,, . Ii. 333 (I.i lirL 3 The abo v Ili-,, nr( r ,It n''". 5f I IS," t 1111. 1 via-, 511)rllunn.1 n11,1 ropa" li\. r 1,", , unit '1l,,. u,!, of ; ·) 11·\ toe I .\,",v I ill 'a 1(15 1 pre · III I ·. the I llulll. 1"h5 IIJ1uI of p s; '3, 3 3'.e i 1 333l u 3'' n ~o 1 i ,1 h. uI, u , o r ti t.11 1 , ,.11, l ti.33 M. e. o h ii ilt Vl1 for 11115 (11tH- il llr' d;C·111; II"".. I.I· 1·L 1 1 tr ' 'I, v o ~:I ,~:te ' :111 Wo- hr towel op v! % -I.-,ppi II y 333, , l ll' .31 ;31 IL Thi i 1,"n'.. lit (·;1~" `"`!,. ''r " r, I ~1, ilP ;lllld i fo ;,It Y 151 15555-el ~- lr,.. .1,",. =,"l1, ...... 1,pu Iol l bos-d of lt5551, li n11~ 1 , to Ida, !:,II ,,l Ia in; I1 :1 be )111, ": tl,.rcil: ,t ll(- CnnntuI/ Il ho I1. 0' U 11, 1111· I r .,t urk'. 1"rjCT 33. 333tit Mar3,iia, ii a 33 33333. I 3,33 \ lriii- ll '3 ·',,' in' ..31·113,333 Ii 3',31.3 ni l,, -.3333..5! 3XII;3i'iN'. lieu 1: IInnd, .iifn , ,nv,3 133.j CL.' 3333_1 i3.i -333333,,3O3'SE' ii.ii t,,,.i.. ',.lin 3. nlk,#h.. il-n N.'a 1-1,4 nflll lllr in ,3,. iIl~r I· rrl . / \111; clll ll: ril!· e5h: rlill n I,1,~ nuse- l1 ,: II (i lid llyd nulorof I'll' "S1! 6111.11 is nlllsll tutt~e : d torl t, Loll A irI N II ANOLD. "1".,,!'.n, 33(.3 b3..333 3o-~r:.. !1fle 33".,,1 to,'n I'rtie,,I_ \I.Iir lls~* 1~I. nul l e5-I u,,ov lr t. ,il efun l ,3. 3:1'1~ i h I 33 w l 3,l 33 lrn, 1. 34 l 33t 3l n ,aiU tw Ut '-i ,:II I,"" ,1 111.,1.15, ,I to Ih ( 555-e ' 1 l. oil u. c ~111 I·1II 5ICIIU u-) RPfrren.-,. Ei 5 t q.c ,u. I ;rI,- ; "13J .3,., B I 1I:1,, Aii ." Esq , 1. r rorlnrle" ,.111 al, lie k, pt for Iul .,1 n, 55ý'e ate tit ice Kiil',, -11 k; S 'I' I ''1.; in, I' P'nl :, E 5q, [15, 1 13 (ll " iM . r'.-, 1331 33 3, I ' 1 33313533331 I3I33333 33 333 5 suoll, lll r, 1 · nlr r, +nt' n1 i li.' itr Fnl ridn ule, 1,.d cu Isil Illnrltrlll : a n it to I ,I-tbnnn.ti.t fr sraost. ::1,:i niI,.. of i .nl, enn'il IirIn nI1, 15 pa5,idla l ii..''r nI, li'ndt.3 l., -33;.,-,,.a,:3auiini pa~l Id neag.nrecia' ,:u+lr~ 111^ I'S 55! \l1, , . 'l b bar h~~nt,'jnni1n.,'.n .3333, :¶,i, populair 543 ALNOLl. TI., ,. '''''. Citu ,,i.t., I1 "kwd Isisbi h55. e for' 115 ,nl lrl~, !,5, ~;li.15I S,! .oui~ rn bt ty s ae

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