Newspaper of True American, 20 Aralık 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 20 Aralık 1838 Page 4
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EW, VALUABLE AND STANDARDI G'ill .' 0Ir'SVA1,tAfl.0 AND SCARCE. Viln'~r UEI'T':S P.'nlpEyaDn,:,T5, 1 NII mo t3 ) Fora s Going, willl npern, con ell pfi t Hobbch, LP Philolnph'I10g In Natur. Lee Loui v C i.e*Pr Prine 1791 sarce Voyclopedsl du Jon mat 10Iherc I1CWf MEDIC r. \71.R'CP rewin on FJ10'0 ..'g 0. Rap'e Udienljuo JUo.o,11. Ioc011 il Ilnity HUlmes cn Fever-0Prit0000o..f Insanity Nid viferv Illlunmrate tt, ,rrs popul t 31 dicrlnr Ure'a flict. mary of hrcliiahy Ross's ,!Itica (: lthelliirr COAINCRCI110 AND NAUTICAL. uneC" "' A1,n ll 110l 11,1,1 ll3iIOr0,~lkll 'IN CAIOID.'j Io"leni, 11oinnnov, Loln.o Aa Al., 11111 f 1810 rya Aecr'le fir 183)lil~ ensurer Art""""^"a AND TErn0ANICN. VW', D hLaamyaý' ArchitloDlle, I.onlnI 2 Y. d$~avo .lli e : olll.London I~n' Engr'n er'arecrlIre. 1 r,'doold'o Ca rlellnry jjnbinlet~s.. hnonir's .nevIlopedin, Land II Hatln'oa Marhrronticnl TulblP Sneirko'Ameriejn thorCeL N I.sA ilIIeupliic,,l Iliirelanire fINID 11h I Conboll,.lolaffr tll.IIf. Conolnt lord f ,on'e 2Vorl, s2 vol0, I.ondIll ofIii '. 0 I' Li. I 1. erI 11 PJaicoial En.nony by -Onv, do Veokake Lnkh lP .i~r ;~r %(,altc Pratt, 2 vel, enlioobon' ad ioe11lln. h,.'I Presontt ,3 v ShokeapalN.splendid "diiio.l.7IRý~ And ~n gqintro srornneclt of l I·R, I edicnll, Soiun:ific Ui0tin1.ioc: GeOlllno EngFlishland, (Ihl'lnan, Lauin and Greek. R JOHNS & ca. Sor. ChOlrOf.indl'nlommn .t-. Ke ,,,ATNR' Te).ýir IIX'1'UKF:, FoIn tretment a11 r11. of Ike i.eeannd Aline. 1T will II , rbcolylvels nvrs lllwerejn Ite Tonic M0ix. hlrOe is uprrio, tIo Ill) ollrinary Inc1011. of' lreotn tile I''or e ld .fu11,. IIIn lie loll 111o1, 10 ng D0 Veeo. tllie Extrrt, and fIree ris, laIn d1'irteoro,:n,. and polson. us ingredient1s, it 1R1a1 Ile Alaen wil lIho ItIhIe .lI oAF' ty even1 I, thn teId,"r t fia0. o0 acrd' i Oalidl. It fire nellIel1 rel0lseof Ihe djlonoCe. ,conet1911e1It 111' Co itnillI lio1:11on rlegins its w lonlted oa11 alid 1lCavilf. It rott, lishea n ollnn 01nd1 p1Ollrnnnfll appeit, Ily invigorating tha storoollh.el0 curn II relief) to Aheenjal'meilll of t,,4r. Tiin.g Irltlinr i'n eInn g ton pollOCntl-e P qulityil rrllninN finny fillloel 1'. iuIl~e lll0 thIs dislolrldeCr een wr.t nt!.er Ili*Pllrls, hot rllumag -Iv clennsP% the several or. gaoe of dkoen1111, 1101 tills blnefins Ikle withla llltevrr olllflsllln ait Inay e oppressed, Ilmfiilillnle, offer 1t1he1.1 110 111 Tojo lMixt , lli', beelnle oll ed l to1.l Il oil IIr 11nn011,1 can of cur d1110 1, a01d haveC escped 1llp d nolllnan,,l of, geltl r lwlhr;le th11 time 0111,0o cCIIICIOO 0'1lliltr. e is nlinoylrern. fed nnI illcre,,IPed IIII~i'IV to revarI·(·IIPe· The dangerC. tile c. tern, wiII/ Ill ll 001ll ll. t 'o b driln-onolle tIele011.1 to bill 011ik1e I,'u 11,a1 llnlk 1011 ic time to uch~ iie*.nllr vinyl'e'roTo,,cItisnr i o8ere1a1pl0n111 111e rtni p, n t. the rench of.eve r1 1 1:-0 : IC li 11,p11o it 1nd 111ti1 neePrellv Talrnishlloe i ll, iots lllllh DVillllhll t tnlirtli the nidoini ntl1.Ildallnle wh111110 'a111111tly dllied to then, or 1l000very reel 11,ll0 ,e Jo nuel. rin11 illlil tiAol of.kin rnedilllg) tat reldllnolft', 001 11 iiporepol ed only by Dr. John1 R. RonnIland, etnhis LOnlnllllonn, Arkr .sll~e,, I'hilodnlplkin 'rilte tlll0 wholesalnleilrnI1111o aI for the1 sou ihl Western sitae,, nod nil! All by Iry 11 or00, II the kfol'rlp llfOrices0, I.llTlo lllllj eafi ri nl01,111 a lt pulfI 0 kn1,ii tih Ill 01. J,1i VIS L ANDREiW'I \\'iutre,,all r rl·gr irie onyl ' "'o Vninlorit & 'I'ebn'r itnollll , 1.11 IIIIII ll t ll c ' J ol{ lins jRS. MARY KIIRKLAND respectfully an. rounces to hier friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at he above estatlishmtcnt, and hopes fron her sxertions to render visitors confortblhc, to receive t continuance of fonrmtor f£vorr. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the ummer monthl, cannot find better accotrnmodations than she can afford them, on more lberal terms. HIer house is pleasantly sitult'd, and well supplied with every eonveniene.; the bar is liturished with the most choice liquors, &c. inll hort, lhe promises ['at nothing shall bt wanting on her p;lrt to give .I nliro satisaction to all who rmay patronize rh ..ississippi and Lnit inna lIntel. j,.3 , j-('I'IIE PUBLIC.-TIstu, dersignoed, bavwd ig Sstldired under I)r. Sel, mirdt of Chalrlcstoln, South Carolina, andl or oome years his assistant i i the practice of ntmdicine d surge.ry, has Ilie honor to offer hIi prolerseinal services in this city. lie assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offirs tis services to thel holders of slaves, hein;t well acquainted with the diseases cotnmo to them, having attended them in the sugar house in Charlhston. The iefamons nti Iilouts pills alter thre cmposition oi Professor Smellette. w illh directions, can be had of the undersigned. The eflict which they have produced in this and otlher cities, has born attelndled with e grealest success, to which the hest of references can be given. Apply at No. ll;6 lMa.l. sins street. JNO. 1I'LOtRING.; HOLLOUV W vAlI tUiYI) CREW V, SAD IRONS, &c. T IHE HOWELL WtORKS COMIPANY, No. 238 Water, near Bnlekmlan street, New York. have received the polt season, and are coalstantly receiving large and extensire additions to thoe!oek of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortment, suitable Itr the southern and western markets. Hollow wwroe f sulprior quality, consisting oel about 150011 tos. viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froim 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fron 3:8 to 18 galllons, lakepans or Ovens, 7 dflftrent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6 do Wagon boxes from i 1 4 to 34 4 inehes. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.100 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, anid less thea Jane's imported pices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for I retailing. Tailor's and haRtor's Irons, assorted. Sash weiglhts, 100 tons, asuotetd frolm 1 4-4 to Olhbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steamboats and t9ther machinery made to order. The aloee nssortment of goods is particularly recolnmendcd to t!ta attention of Southlern anid Western inerehalnts, and are offered for sale at low prices, and open the most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortnment ever offttred for sale by any one estabhshment in the United States. Merchants. by forwnrdinpl a request by mail, can have a prinitd circular, witlr dCncerptilatr of go*ds,r pricesand terms, fonm which no divitaion is ever made, furnished by return of inell. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. 1'3 NO MERCURY NOR CPEAIVA ,\ew l,,n e tle, Nv. I., I1t7. A OLiT six mlonlth ago Io had the Illtiwltrlrne to .it Sa scret disease, ftr ahich I have applied tIo roe ruI d;ctors fo(r a cel, alnd they dill t rt are Is. sl, enow nll tihe bove date I trt inself iilder thile nte of loctoln Huen, and I expi:ct [ill ti, cure Ille. Silnce Ithat timelllC the disease got worse, so ai to break ount in larte ulcer to the numben r of six or eightl on ea II leg, a all lUver my lace, and sore throat, and not able to work at Ilhe preeipnt tinli eltittl oeiofr irrtite ditielta; Iltree rli)t +ri o retle righrt ido of tle throat. 1 iln ro.i poutti.g mtviet cofil enty vttdert tl curie f Dr. lluet, ldl t . i [ toba lrerfetlti ctred Jt)ltJi DEAN. L I I DO CERTIFY that the iols IP neit;oned disease is quite well cured to rIn own artiti. ., for whirl I tllln' I)r. Hulit; and Imoreover I a.alre that the inedi- c sire I ihave tak hor.l.eo nte fit. mnt lid Iotniut itt nealtll at all; therefore I dvise nrt tf lew snflosrero o, I s4rels, between l)attpllill+ lr lOLlrnm lll B stfeets. I)r. Huet is at hloe fnromlJnt. 'Iek, A tM, n.til 4 P .II. T'hey will fiid a trte dot' r for this complintin. JOHN DEAN. Iti Gravier street. If any one wants to see msr, call at N-.. 411 (IlGviel JOHN IEAN. New Orleans. Felt I, 1833. feIt 14 It r w Genuine Ilndian laortm of I.ivterw.rt urld Hole. r botun, is pit up in btils o It the low price of 511 i celllt clac, conitiirng the otrvn0il oe thlree ounces if .ivelwort, besi lea ti ,irlloto ol Innv other roots eand herbs known amonn the Indians as efaicacious in curing pulmonary complaints. The uon'ivlled success which has ntteinded Ihe se of I this iuestimable latirstl twherever it hig heen iniri duced. has diined the cortidene a ld recit . . en. I tBons trct.Ie sst Bir Ilvsroieianrs, fi. tIe cure aef ccAgis in ,olds, pan in tile ride, want of rest, pitting or blood, I liver complsint, &c. To whom it slav concern. 'rhi ia to ertify tlat we once in our prartioe frequently Ipres:rited Mra (ierd. 4 oer's Indian Hoaleall of I.iverw.i.t atIl lttitrhoitd, with a decided good effect: we can therofitrP, frrIn.ellto kuow tllge of the mstesials it is slde from, and obsehrvron nd x ne, rerer ommena d it bs i snpsrie- pre.ra tion oroll hose rlaetiontrr( tihe lungs -rtit tih i, its r Iemanded. AI.BERT WI.LIAMS, M. D. CALVIN ELI.IS &1 D. Memhe,s afl tIr Boston Medlcai Association. Beetoa, October i5. saleby JARVIS & ANDREWS, lib to I a n o n tl I fniL'I: alittinas atm TARD'S Vegetanble Halir Oil, for the restroratrion " and growth ol Hair giving heaothand beasot)nd t revenrrting h ledees. leform this Hair Oit woes offereslt tho ph ubli, is had -een tried in hnnd'-da rf .se of beilduens, thndnge,.,and faIIlin offoftCle hair, snd inevery icstanea its sal.oary ffects have been realised. It Iesneterfaiied toproduce asew and benautifl prowth of hair en herds alrenly at bald. In cates whene t Isrtes dry and ceses to grow this Oil will very soon render it healthy, and produc. I. 'reid and boeautiful growth af hair, without lthe least inry to the head. This Oil gires nu agreoeabh fra. -nee snd is preferebllr o any other H ir Oil fir pier ,ming,m:urling nl gloasing th hair. The h ir o bnot or der NA'r "dsig it For Tle at I t l. ins reel. EES & D'LANG . IMMONSHARTT & C, a now reeivglng? on oard ship Orleans. Eagle, lighlanier, Yaks ler Andrew, Frenrqh and Germnnn lay ards; Barn samnon Boards; Clessmen, 2 -4 and 2 3-8 inch BB anI Balls; 8,9, 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knive Leather and other travelillg Dressing Canes ; Bele Pckets, Hnrnemai's, nendi Ienlline Pistoln; doIble an a inrele harrelled Gans; Game Baegs; Slt Belie; Pewde end Pisml Flaskls Dral Bttles and IDrinking 'Co mrreashn Capsn and 'tp ilnlfeir; Cloths, Hair, Tohat Ind nil Hruels. Orris dad C'hlorie.e Tootn Wth I'ndh Pnwd Til and hnla in epees, in grent an iest; la.lg Hair Ilmidsr, Ringlets and Frizettes; Pear; ad rind'let Powder; Eiery Hoe'; Ivory Talb Cnoshions Patenr Sliles or Garters; GCls F'eatie .sn.pendera; awld eadr Pal p Gnran Bane P;t hlnins,, Seals and K(eys; Far-ldrps; Waist Bms'kla.: Bra<elets; Beadl Necklacee nod Chaisa; Gilt and Siievre RBensl; Ininan re ila. fells and Pamnes; Shell Tswiat: Side and Dressing lhebs; whech,in addition t teir fonnrmer stock on hand. makes their ansortnenl Very oenplete, nnd will he sold nw end on liaeral sternst the sign of thle Golden CL'esh. i25-tf t70 Chartres atreMt. rlfef f nhsrierlhera Agenta fssr she r.etenive onase of S1&. & S. Bthrier. aheffield, Enclnell, have jstot eeed llne ve extensive es of on"e esiae, eaonisting of Tnhle andi Dessert Knives of a iel:srip'issn, Pen. Pocket, Disk, aile Spear pninst Iniver; Razoras, Sria sors. Fbdse Toals,, &r. '. & e. wlhil tlhey are prepared oexhihit to s he tlrade nrrersi-e. Terms and conditionat ill he mnai known at the lntme. m16i J.I)., tEIN & A COHF:N.9 Cnmmam at. £1Of;SNS HARTT&a CO.--Are now receiving jper slip Ilflfsstille, Fagler, .M'rrs Assdrews, Hi.cI ndlera, Vrnal, ansl Grmen a .n slsd e Ibeast Idlavini earlh: aser,s elh sad pscket pistols; plain, rib.hel and slit esnina elaps; eatr hnhlesrs; ecidn 'n, IRzors, lien. ere; (Gillntt's eommereial andi nhelr steel pens; Via ia; Violin stringa; shell ivorv an. vr e rns eoi hh ; s walrrs; fc, bheado n leather oerpesnssair I tnilds fra'slt :av enk Iinlets; negrn ps;slfs (ersmas ael Flrlsth colognes water, Ronwlans mnsccaaser nil, imitation in; antias 1e lmt hearsaoil; portasle dlesk andl hslsnsslg eases: past, lackilng; soatsia nls toilet' convex mrscinn: op cel glanses nasi vlewa; Idlinlsa beadh, Is'll sal slees; erealean; whit-iwineh toilet and .earina snaess; toilet owdelrr, nasartte wasnh alls; seesietl satin 'ashiona : l seassla; erew nlcshionlls; fanc bead cha eins and aecklacca Is.llirsl halb.; Iackset binks and walletta; (Germ:nl hones; r'zor fi.e wl eosale n ca -pnl-e nlatnicn ss tes lesran e r'tera dol; Bells lacialr stsatsers; sil ser mecils; Crrvoans, &e. &e. The above in anldtit tco n foarmer stocnek of fancy rti eals, makeknla asnaeetlsnai v'rv e enllit(. c or a-;sle holcsatle on' rtail; as tile sigsn ofl he Goalds Cnmhs 70, ICha t rsars e2er 'c, llNOi-tit P i e partnsershis of Kellsv, llsnses le of N"w (relnan '; Mcna, Iluhrris Cs., fi Nasete z; ndl Harris Kcllrv &Cao., f Rdnev, nwas disrsverl n he l ei' nIfeaLVst hetlsslte death s al uloselA laususn, mae ofthe parfra el tise fivrs. 'hise ll lllss. l , i r* 'isr il+ lgparltsners', s will se llesar.el with the aesttlir, snsl s'l''insg sg 5 hlsseissesn as fsll ma's' Lev C Hnrrbf will attend tths e e ettliu, silshe s ssineise If Mania , Harri n l'n., alt Naslthez; and lliarris , .l ev & C s.,sl Illodev, and Hiesrv K ellev will ttend to he eslisn ofhi he., cfiKellev, Maron & Co,., at Nes ()leTlres. IThe slnes ofe e .cvesnl h irlns eillme used in liqnsihlnioeses. Ti ser isils.lsheld ts eedisl lfrma are ernesstlv reqllesrtel ncnllle lirwrlll lsnd make eanrly reettelesent,; ne a hlllshe having claims will 'lease (r'e'sllt clssn witlot adelay. IIENRYsi KELLI'. New Orleenac, Jsne 277 tPP7. his New O "l,,a, June 27,1 87. J I.,t\ t~ll FARINA'S Cllr.IOc;INI' 1 h'rR I' 2 'es ,re of tills h ulperior (lula, wae antae. u It ' r eiver l l Ind for sale bIy the idozen or aillu l . bo tlt .. aI Also ArneriLenn and F'ench Ioilrt p ,wlers, powderl 'llb andlbllxes, hain fat rll tll so, a ,a cr letic v a!tl I: ieaIe p' , Flor,,'ain .l.i raol aon qa w e, I 1'res.t's : mlt Marse'll e (r. c.aerli ,'rl inl Ie c k.a vt'et ble T t liquid b ro e, Chlrineand "Orris trut h wash cltl,.hfli Irmlh bo t, s aill a leala wathec; to'eclher wiasta - al naddilinnaa l pIlV aI f f. i nali .hle a rn a .d sIhil econll ana d j.awelrvy,lnsale l.sw at whoIlee, r r, tail I at y SIMMONS, IIARlTT &'CO, er J!v f 7Tn ('ihrtres street. NIE ' OOillS- ti.naons .a lit' & co er 1 r . ' ceivin fTrllmn It. and a hdlip.a Yaw o I a r, 1 C n" atn sil ir ge C i llnasc, frotl N ew Yorks itn I VIIe vriIty of gata olo in ) heir line, which toielher with heir Blnc, otn l n| hl nd lne r l ha ., , Imak Lr n-i-"t rill p v ns: r, |fete I'he iI llowi,.i llma' o.eaj rviz:ha illrei ,l , ii l, Icor ano l k st rll s vs ,enl dr. o'ell d-cri psl haeip . ItI i le r lier, aitl ' tlllo t ed elaa1~ i sti- oll i ie,11p a- i. il. a ln elasmtic sas nlPrt n oa lo i o f )rella n l iIr I I i l in . b 1, e iS idlilz pia dPera , p adieell )llIru a l d l , .oile1n .l,aler, Sckllet ho kn an d allln et, r ee,lie aIl.l,, Ci l i,ear, , g aeeiack,euaiian , an) aii,-eaeil,,,ila sear l a lti , S erFlks Shot IeRl~ , horse, belt. plr, loke l nr d hnei r a nsto a; dol llraa SnIale barrelesd .n.r i weani knves and dirksl sl irslr, llarag a,pnllr l a lknivel , o R cal in.1 - "and r b ons, wc n istn o kwles cloh, hair, Ionllit, ta ni , o + . t e .l la, , b , . Nll il. , ,leakuo g, eud - I an , rI'l.SE a ,Gnd n aite iia aa l i e tla a sad aiIgeald e ianlr i, ,ahaving nnt,lll Id a t'I ps o' aalilo I . ariptilondl, l di,:' lla l gentlel e l 'd e lck l . nll i t re ll a iapes, ha ir la'iellet' frel tes a nl d raNl a pe1la, f y, acan Starll Je o tcll l niibx es , plain and gr .il oial rdcol t anh l"'t W n i n m aki to eakahn llu iol' a nd goly-, ibed elnsaal alillle a aa!al v er llac ,anlf"lrll, Iaiea pahl lor Ii, 5' i pallsac lalla,&,Zn.ed(ltj,,ells, ,ilaa ,paI y!a 11 ,,;;11 raids,: lie, l he rtlae, r i anrl, ivr i re t ari . other o a ara, lan , I lei iihaa i t.' l a sille e lolr re il'l n ) I 5ll 1, aniold Naeal suadcll, nl._ hes' . il l r a al Igdell le e. eIIe 1a )i ll l Cll Di. ' il l. 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Iiaoerid, Is,, , urtillou", aimph oIllratd ollll l t lolg.ell, extracti ill Ivre ! , , l ria nll¥ sIasl r )f ll kinls, shaving do in (,lnkes iold ptus, crel .o1dillic, (iiW Ed's v -are'lea It i, llh ats ld et~ tiaauedi . l rst . naeaa mlline g sialts lain lau Ia r'umc r e lll Ae ealllt ind j w I lansl ro ll C a orrs and ci, esri tototI wahl and lwdel , with a glenra it ssoll rtmelol f hale set, collnsisatig of whlate nl.edreali l lrlaa Ina ll-iea 'tv af p latsns, wa lljh Ia nh il nd ier k es Silver thhmhles, silver nid cold p It ,Itis and guard chains bat, flel]h, toothili]ate, comha Na il, lut:'ilia, shoe lan LiOOKsING ea LAaaSaSiES-Gerlann sltia aala toldet l+-hitls', ane ifying and ilrench atre hsi .a cu:'sses, ho e I, with v ariviv of other kllld lllslallle "ne atedli. and . ri llell' rtable dej ks s1td1 dre11 I,- cl+klle son eI very rich arnd l ine l fina i hed hlleial i work laIe ,,sln trei Sing ase, with anid wihoul muic,' 11 ,1c1 oxe ' ,Ac co Lrd- rllln v oa i kin ds, ,'iolins :flld glo ittr, Silve,+.r adll pliatd pencils 7ietaim t h le,,w ad penils ur n r)e ers aud cryons, tllll la aee , \a a d plle tls with Ilsd withou caw ac, l hercusiulla cap-, per.•tsinl cap ah'ge's, 1111e tll sette, nd l eiall fll every ki nd bells mI d I , e;, tinaldd c lanc i lln knive rZ1 a a sea dls cln Ii, aell .e lble eelle, tills, sih'er tl) el!, steel n llt o amol p. ) ta crul ca lds crd csm, plainr calrs ufl ,r.i ill e ndll Ameris anll Isinllllit ,ll e Ioa l el it. iot 't1111 , il.a - i,' box es a si a rll iosUl kldas, SaSi ~ mll' fou l, il', ti lllls erautn'R ila , ahllul, an I llalw l 'l (riz st a ol wlt s C ta. llic, laltldira i , fa cyll Ib alle ine'klace,,l do e;h .lla pltd, see d baada , S ilt c a nd silva r l,4, gum ells tiaaaalla .e.- a dier, ald g arterlms, IiI lnd ilt s d UtTLo', back ', a na i bartlls, dice, opticl vieuli i jeashrpe, l .ica maich a alnd drinking lllclu tlps, wit a. g lr ela t v a el d ,har arl WhCalo all tfcsggI aasl be ,old Cfr Clllllall lr cil etlte I 'll s on 1 aa e ol.hs credit. 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Te 11) Illl· I te 1 I er e.~IIII ft oct'ttitre t otv t 'loln durin Iiog the tn IIoIIft ellltillll( r il~ll N' Y irh, Itteee toer, ptotp ttl Inellher% ill c I relno reaohn I Otti .t'. 'ho0 wliltl hl III..? illl +', I'. c 1It, IClly ,',,u ......1 I ll infi llelI~ ..... d i .vrl eIllr (ir II111. II"P i +l~lhll, l or,'I. +haIIIn IIr r ite t1+' i.x" I) |hl well elm re ll 'ii c ell. ecl l it rll hil 11'lFt'nttt 1 t' t 'i aeitttvtno ie n ;t it ll lhi ..'itt i t, to 'it il hefllitlit ilt l ettlel • I i ! in ' o tni tl i ttllrl i he i tp llverel lh tii I Pt ' :· i+)tll pri lell lll\· · 'h ~l. L t [ l . ol t, ilh, t oeii 'orte tit. . <ltvl 1 111:1. 111. Ier O~lld~ Of iesl~.p y ~I\ille to lb th tt't oltin o I.. itlt' )liilt r It ' In l'., lil e | t T e e t I 'eol- ' .erll enlt'', ii t , liir I to . t i t tXlfllilllitll ell· toy dI .,o,,a ,' . &v. wllll i hI~ I fll LIe, Jitl , '( I·)r llll~~ei I(,l il r €*o11 , , IV '.+. 1 I IIIrV (I.. er.-y It/ ll, 11 ( Il':)r11 11I, Ilhel al l . ,+ ,1111het~ll il : O llll~ all) i nlli(· ir il (It4t he l~lllrl+ orll~il' e.II1 be,*elltteI, ie +,v' lll. I Ile..ll [CR I"'lll (-ldlle~ i · 1t ttl· I P (lllleI n I r o h i in' e .+. e wroil·TTt e i elfnf.r ll ll !.titce 'II ; It n r.+e dt littI I.r]r I.lriiel~fe[ eth lllllrl Pidl'dz, ( I \ V C A< Ivo, ll· nt i fI.l~ljl t\{) \ynrl(ri .t" P the 1. Ul~r i.]iterl ,e of P \:l. vl ++ t()(ik t ' iih ",it oI IItti ti l trt" n f ' neolittlontl I.tttItlot l lt,'tnttn owe ttt cIoiIo-l t' no ltt ne t Ii ll' 0 r,, i lt let ''''I iillt-he-'o tro r'ler I.:d m ite l r illtttt~tt het i lt ln e I n . s "'lit h'l'ii it- 1 'IInnd tlln." ] I, it't he i oitonvrld odcocy rrlIn, tl~l· i~to ic tcii lint't'"ott nlenlY1 teIthti tov has lri, che~ |i'lt tliit ii -n'eit ni n. IIt· i.\],]t'ItI It II III,.l hitntt'tt liJ+ istl ll ilii 'r nell r asllll t·lh I.)' .ll wi ttltI : f i tiol tti heIttt[ r b'rel . 1 III eta,+++ee+.hel' l h rl o elt...ncr oft IvI "'e' I+ ito a I*te '''' nll'rt* i'tt i tittt' htti i to e.~s , ti t+rtoll ii htni [ivttltl1toitt~r thigen it'gvteIIoftrt lo lltotroinntitiot Pr. rI ittoo(,t. n" .l I rs t111 tlll nI'itt1 l oon e oltotttttlnoof hit" fl++. I t I lyel IO. 1 11;·'er saw -411 ,l deme on in human shapll)e no the liev. ilt'ttor ct'il h- e ilev I eel ea to reusol wril ni;hit, v-tv he itnenatcd ly ret iittan wtit n tiplitieti s Iarel, < i s lp i tl'hil "Illtt t' . ftiii nlie tile = ffit Irl,f, tr (llllil).'l draw i1 plinels nItnisterar~a fItI ront d h':is du ) bye a Irile (if 10 piecee of ,if ver! I really Iil e 'lll dmll a n thll nilll i Ithe " At d e tlnllt iall "ll- ai d ell ; It )peIrd is i his owl, shialte! S1. I -.kaoulIlV iIt~.t· hlP ( I-i eP r iO(cr c.lllla tli not nfrtlid t ILt)al Ilialll tut wtict.e lllt 1 eiitva,l ill he whole CI-llllr t ic 1 t i ,earn pirai.t e c i in ic list in "eet Britein, r . itan tt i , len itn t ; ttdletitia lat1 i.tlel int nc aa ita '-Cred ils n Ill.ih a lc lll, Ill 1 r e t elilor of n hVjen )r - ho/II ne i i Olllsllelnli p f ltor fl, a)pAc. I o uel d an d h il e I l n le whih-lllllle, oron hI elll;,llll d tIhIt I wtasalwltva eiited .nt ln t o rtlt dlt., r. Atc r n itt n af hi 2th J et iic)jt, tthe , itlir'a hil t whtch is i suctitcient lroof tat I th d 1u. I dt . t he ihe u tphi ianqu irerfurt oi rthree tl \w l,s coulllt" ns i tieen+, tat Hfla-rat fialsehoolds, which - the illellictl liolilr eItl)X r Iearn( l r from Ilheir brethren ltr o 1. i ~liah, ( the Norh), a tc . I t ehall treat thel. with s'ltn-d-- ethl, e liai J i le a' tile1 arrives ts ri itrue i ta ut t hac e lat elll .r-th e --"Sue a i. beg~r, nnd t)s, ,ll c:atch tf 1--! Though I flaid nnIil~l anr y wtlve-rlhslnents fur two fr thee weeks, lie SalaV ili+P1-ied )if ill tint'e, -Itea will l to ilerl this letll)r il your next Ita r tr'pnd oblige ytul,, &s. JOiIN \7'ILI..11AIS ele E giih!tI I , Oclist. ciaa;iccteii,,lnacatel ie aiiniit1ii7. topied ern itl s. If. ht . a drltte nfeIr f 2I11 JYuni, 1M7 at liln . tleilr w inu e Snta(low SI ni' tll '' fl'l n;;he lire. l% r lllorrt , f \tlr, l" to th "dt'n o f lh • S,)lht'tgtltaat t' ristil Acaf t) Vi tiltat it tpIl , il .. erh i n t j.I t tInll It t :t rl nata li ter 1 u. Ina t +,, vil ite ut the Ih r t ' l Iitt',i in - trti. tii : 11 i -lgm. i" iea ho itnh n e a e t I \n.11" h viLeia. ).in. i. N(*hvllll a fi'w daysI ml ier thana lie ft first tlnraded-:ay fhr let July.Iev. Ur SrI :-rin..q hielro rgr'ue.sted Iv fir. \illian, tthe fi- mw tb.itey, y toBxC-+u his n lllnCrol l dl i pl n e toilllllllll o t er mll o llt eVin c i" V f h ~li lllhll, to .tbi a ' w llHY el:(I fll ti l. rt)lolm+ II I J vei Ili1131k chiOs ioIFhitsr VF ri it t MAP in L t i proe sit n I h ac , ill n Ma'Olltplllti . th a radcel l frie l te s'o wIth l easiure. toml. ,la I ttll ac r ite I tt illtt lat ente, ati rle tsent t tthtrge l'Ltn Ill ie ofteein. of the Fren c t 1'a hia. lll o.Ir.lllt h llrlll tll lp i ent a I1Iji l ag thI, e tiepnianpeset th ataputa antI teaeaeKdaiettinn Fauet lelcilnt, &c. at well as tahie , thte .itealia l Stt ie ties ofr I 1! lie IIh lleroom teag ttfllat illth l er itl IIItl klnowI I to hetof hll'nlitzllrllltl· in th i llltrv recevdI Iillt u c a 'fas a t-e Unlted ."ita : deta.liuth ilt - ceI ita .raiit sea.tatj i a e etorIIIatin of IgIhtIt t ee 0:.111. ilneW iieen ltlle I i a UUs to Il i n this u:;,l e hi lls 1l.+1a hatli llt I1 hIve see1ll y IthIey are fail. : lenl ti hllyl helle ttd. Itili"r. 11. C OWEl.l, !Na liville, lier '1, fct37. '. a . Saaet writingeltt e nhlille of Dr. Will ; te S lp lll cuc , hlilts, u ,l I Illlflilc, m d says e l and at I t II ! Id tItalily lostl tile sieht ofI oni i ut- oi1 sie+,nt. I Vyelarn Shut ,now d+et.lare:+ lio,t| h" It erae- "ha l, sT ught, tar tlhe+ Gist ,irtle ill Lis Ir f' r n.tlt h," , ,l rip • lee , hit eln nI die i tl elih Ih Ir th lr t)ll p some fillI-all+ tie • . I tu . I Ihl ,l nt th.ll i nhi. : o'l ' ....... il. 'live·Id ton .... ill this rdornL :La s he oat (llbee a .let odatu dring Ibrt. year,. Your1 , artily, 'uglh R. R. C. H. { t II E: KS",l t.\ 11 llllllg tErl ll-l bor .ale hy c ýI IORKr. I'tlO'l'llEILS: _ 31I:,i ti non, u+ "r... r'PE+NNFI'ýI' 1AP OF LOt SlaNt .... &t. mu I 1111 sl~t~lncr=. fromll plthe. to p!tl+.+ atlon t. he ftlage i an ild feaa, boat mrteslt, by II. S. "l'e ier I Ali r,'H..:.,.'s U'lh or, 'rift Untr ST..).A~ee .l ,wing tle prilcipiil 'T'urnpike an commo IInI roolds, or, whim areI -/iewes h{ thewlt-r m llles itml 1esl +1 |lo lta e glar'e to mother• .Ilso the+ P...,-+n .f the canatls andI roil roands thr ) r, ant+ that cotllll i',,eeflle -,compled.1 fromi the h~ealt a. lhro- lL +; lis!,,,d hy 4.. AUgustlUs .iithll ( ' t$|lrclleL 'a Trt&V' tLr:tr'$ liiUIII THR~OU3GH THl Cxi tenU e' tres; a ma , of" the roads, tistancee eteen i boat and eanal 1ratter, the. jrlst receive[ anI far eale 11,'11.q'KEAf,a, 'dSPANACEt. . '*Oss foei surhiogtuel igout , ses, l otieularly ulcers ant Is, uleerated throats nos Snlion, lever,nol intemrnal Sheadbo, scurvy, biles, chro hes, and every varietofo. i tarrh, head ache proceeo S pnn in the stomooet :a-l dys sttoll ctinoslofthe ttter, illees,astl geneord oleltili vesselts ofthe skio. it n those constitutions iJdicoius treatment, jtlr:lsot irregsUlrities. In grenel terms, it is rom :slsntled u tlt thosedtiserses whitharise from imotitritius ofthe blood, or iititision of the humsors, of wlhaterer namOe or kitnd. Sonte of the above eomplaintsmay require some tri toing ssieatt opttliiations, ohich thbeireumslaoces of the otas will diota.r,; hut for a genoeal remedy or I'soifieooor to remove the canse, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be Ibunl sumeient. TO THE I'PUILIJC. Ilow true it is, that moslern Physicians, In their arm kition to exoel in their profossion; exlttoer te ovst fields ofseieoee by the oit ofohemistro, onu seek oo:t new meldial agelts; in short, to arrive at perfoection in the' practioe iy means of art alooe,--.ntirely ove-leook and oneglect, as Iheoleoth tietir nslote, the riolt ooti boslteols storesofmoetitoisle, which the Alightly hlos coasetd to sItriog out of the earth in every climo! Aol toc niouh msre true isitthat whilethe Amsricsn lhvsie;in looks to tforeign eontries for maoy of.his ilost common aotd lreesutry uttieles, perpetusliy shanging as they are at tile dictates offlAshion orfolly, he is is own country with at endlessprofitsios of medical Ilots, somltiint to answersny ildioatssi in dtisease or to elt oty seolsblt slisorler;anstiet lie is igltront ol'lhteir vt. toes, oamil they are sufleredto 'waste their htealig on the desert sir.t' 'Ihe efeets ofvegetl memiciness upon thie system ore temlmrtsry--those of soineerls latlog. The Iortter es ootiteire oeett les sI f-th e loiter, mereury ist ., titolilr, sot otoemiestly ,tpott the utitis dtiooolmststgn the hmtes anti osmtlerminitg the esostitution by a slow Santi sllre dleatl'ueti~l, , The cotgeniallity, effieisocy mol SAFETY of vegeta hble remedies ever miertt 1, m:Hw re estimatet b eoetraest. itgtlse ancient protice withthemolertn; or, tob ri s ig sotreimtedliatelv ott:lermont, otttll obstrt'attiott Ill, ott { 'i a0 pcis ee with ihat of the whites. WVho, i, Atoetieao, tns not known oor heard of reieotetd Instleos s he'eio some direopoiti, oootorterttiog fomsle Ilnoioot bt y noosof hier simloie tmtrliersalone itoHtfiett-too tile tttst t oP tio attl astontishilntg Eottes, llter the oliteirs leieia of i te -nmmo lpractic. direcled in the most skilftl manner, I Ihoi eoilreieoe o ttd why tlilts not hee. snr lit0 dt o tt e omo - ,:t""ti\ecaSe mRlllicil~ityith- whie I~dJ t le I I liall frees~ Ii o self iiromot dyoisease,ouotst the alotst tots oloosinoeooe ofttroooieo iseasesmsnog them? Who htot s-set heso-d1 no an Indian with constittition brokmn ndi roiotet iy illtrratmeontt Aoho san a dolut edtxist that Itis hsyluy ex emprtion nf the soarge rom most of the ills wl;iE t ie olsh soflaun is herto, is elhietv owing to more geia Savid satu remedies which, hu e.'llloys. .l'hls asOtliSI s i egdiff lrence in suitess, is a Iilrexemplification of tile Silfinlte superior~ity of tile simnple and sarne meanls of Cll "e oo-l.ioie;ohtto fndhlreoted itsr ith benefto o 1t ' tli ci 'liteto, Otr Iose whlicOt the pritle and the at of lto blave itt FFrom a long reSilence among a portion ofotheaho igio F linhi:io itsantsof thiseo nntry, ano san intim ate a epnain. tance witll the methmis of cure of sone of their most su eeesstill porelitioners, the tsoprietor of 'The Inelian's ea vini knowldge of otmte ofh selemtost such as werle nosit efoitcsioos aond aplpropriates, alI :fter otots exstortoonrts to test their irincioilestant strength, he lfs eonsiedc them ill tile hfillrt here toiesenoted, :Its te moest tef el a.tI Lseeficialtior the puoo ose or lwhich it islouuelnsneotnsed. F lie iro"'ietor offersthlis prelar'atiotn to tle public, wiot the conscioutsntss thi:t he is latcing wihilotheir sea a remeIv ealtbtle of relievoitog mtty of hOiscliotioeo fel low beilgs, who av sucelsillg ullhr tile t t arisus cllronie alii oblstinte complalnts r to which 5t is altisicabie. To soth it will trove oot incalclllal e vale, -s tile n;.ns, tll ill matv totoes, tile oly miato s oi't elli ing theio• stlo |trillgS anld restlolingl lemn once mole to hlethi and hap- . piness. Thisis noItoHele as a calnnlllll remledgy that nlaly per c haluce· be er nllul goo s wilth mn.llv oo t ts iow ill ulsa, Ibtl as i1ne I~ hicl isO eo ,isle oi f tot i,;g ii illfe I extreme eases le i Iall te llsullll.eneieslll. 'il has oelOrell itelttelly; anll tllo s is theli Ioltill itr Iesob tlaiollr wheteier il las btit Iottlit-itoiieo. i h sallllib Ilel;,lellnl tie dllct tlies Slle Ibis~ tlrire i -at onVSlr llresel·tel 14 ihe .,llbi:'u ill ~o~sslll·t sllc lllr S ll~e (,l ,e'i:( wledllbyit, atain lmost..sesalterthev htad rI'ed n Y :mni pe.rh'l s nll the connuonl renmelies" in vain. 11% hel' siol it is nooo llso o itiso1'a00 llo-ooeoilt8 illtoottoIt. t IItoo otlotl'slt toooot stiootilbasolotlllllonlot COtoo illtllg too oollf of it ithS sthlet -le ft l'oiototoe iOt l COs 5il0001tS I)iItIts i titose htootg sttltlinoog ,Itot s l oii i e tioo st l'|dl s Il".C s which haste dlr.efied a,1 othelr re.mdies, anlt a:'ticl •,r ill ltise e:tlsers \lo hl e Iel.ll t h:s b teen so tIlr I l se as Li oltlsedistressiloog loins'in ttie btt s,t t ooies- o lerCl, 'ial,'menl oldlb dligeslile o'rgan, cde. 'lTheel s t complelelY rm'nlll.: Cld in aill se1ls ite.tire IV el' lllie sa t he Ih e. llsear .s Iiiiii ellect·(s o|" nlerlrs lll · 1eln rolesll .ecollstillltti, ll, anId I,..l.E LIe aie:nl lll S.'lmulll ilan l ecs o art not hl itt lotaotatret, o iga st It o - Taken IIIIilli Ii". tr l.l. s I IIIIC, Ib' i L ··I.Oll'. [ I IS : ll~erlle· libilr .hl-ri'l" :li lell~ ll ilel*'.Y l II A 1111 ll(· h 1( ' 'll, I1'1|IS hsid llll i a.0-spaInndii anlld Iolh h r a lit 1 inl : I-ott-too II, St'olto ot -i s l tl~l t, oit, ol ooool tllt'tStll' otilolto t t'ilirtl., I~llll. aic Itl-II: i 11·1 Ilch, ll/ l~l 1 (I(Xe ih :t nll ~lll~l ti"l~hll UI)* l~l. ll Il lnliclll~ll.CIII.· Illtr. 1 •irl· ~ jIi t )·· i j.i i l' ilo lel cr'eas < m llexllS0lll o ot o CIII tIott li n i :tnhge disst 1 t tt secitt'o tilld il has o t , M otoooseooit wuodii seotssoootso-s Spoero,.d eoditFul sll i t hh s ol l I etoo tl sot t~tteIl e s a o ttl so. s so o .i otteoi .111.lh.. ~lll~ltl~illli*. l ti ll%,iew.r al.. .11:U~ r I e' ..llllS i ll Ihl .lcl l rill ilt |Y ; Isil'th l u ee :Iiei~ ~l·. l Sllh ll l set. t h., newr.ttoe i. t lo t iett toikl is ct-lotslo-d.t Iite.o/Ot l,0r0 lohis i'oeit- Ilkeh ie il smOlldelse.; wsill r it [ The oItiowiig ce ottin s, 001 t o o totrls s o i wskihl nigot he rtroc- , are gi dto todw Iol etole of ge hlans t s i l ottl . ot s too I iast trol eil , tot t t el.ot-o stlestolleoitoeooron o 0000 Icofdently rec00m0lli li0 to O-huES OF Ist l SO'As \ii.s i -. IIAttL00tSTOot \oo I* ]5i9t., tultotiooooooootloo-otttoweo~l. '1II ooooooks ogo-e-ot ol1ottts 'tooi tttottoog, boolt usi Itootletotoflh ottoltliallto ttol~.oooo-o, 1'-2o..1tooI 000 to toort-t iseollit ototo I ioonfottontoy- rcolnotmooto it to dtosimilsa-ly sllliootld. .. iliX" FKitf;iSilN Elingust Ceao.SeroX, Mlarch 27, 18' 2.i I was sei lled lot Iluthreecars sitc-, x illh I risressi rheuillmatism, caused I) taking a severle coid, wile ndr theinllhlueleo ' mercury, and which hsl llsabledl r" llupwards of f'iullr monoths, and nea.rly the sanle leng h' litlme in the Baltimore Hlospital, anll bierd al most eter iremedl , with little benefit. On the 16th of lctblrlar. last, at ille .tltltti ce) c ace leto movetel.ut upiot e.tpc'. es, I con nie ,:d tlh use of hl1Ji:u,7s P n ell.L, In1 oa imnmh I found ast(l' entire li sed fct hm e pa r now happy to sltte thaI I eontlelr y.1 ,ifliri e tly well. W\1 . TUCKLi, II " Ma:rket st. CASES OF SCIlOFUIlOU. ILCERIIS New YPeon, Selpt. Ill, 181130. This may certile tlha in the Fall o 18i25, 1 ws sei wilth a swellingin ii'y neck nid tile, which nilcrwar lctleeatel n becaeme lael ge ghlstly ulcers in my oeeS. Io Plllmlelphm :ulad placed re))self under the care, li)rs. Phte col iahllc:ih, when.:diierl.eaieli s livctloat to Ino elect, I was Irlloullcell llterlyl illnculle. After wards I took tweiint hbolles of'wainl's iPa'eIeea an eilgh otlls o l'Potter's C.itllic.I, with Ino nlter(lk bcnelil l)espairing of'iite, which lie now becaihlle e blti:hcn h mI, I reIlllllell to IIIv ptelelts ill ew \ ao-k, itn 18J, a gi e mist' ll'utc l lilgerl . dgilnth. ilelarinag of (I I C eat ullrccess l"hl'e laliel'o Pailacea, |llmrevie, ileo similar to lln owIIn, I u as persuaded ionltr it, asel ast i. sort. T'o ily great surprise, as wtll s satisflaction, soi, foleil iist'lfritttdly 'eetel.tlig,,liril upoi tiit k seo'rven llttes;,thle lc.lhealld and I leltllt Itel'ale) well in the colrse l'otwo mollts, alld ihave t'emltined so ever since. I make this statlenmleln l wlshillt publis.he fe'rtll belnefit o'lellehoi whoal.te tUl'e.iitg e9llutoi siilar se*,'ll lolls uor 9l,,'lili leic alietiactlli that they kii k w whlt lIn caredone ILo has suffered evere thing h;i dea:th, :.led . I considers ili life saved by tile aboioe c. S,1M. IIINIIA' Cotninl-TiO..luly Iii, t .S. I was afflicted, foue ryers with ait [eer It the leg, ie casionally aecoln inield with crysilieltous intllieii, and excessive It:ain ill ILthe leg adl inchiv joint. Se\tr emint physieias exertedl theirskill luplon it, but wtill ellt lipalllent btene.t. In his case ivei bottle Iltdialn's IPianaet made a peleet cre. MAIIGAiIEI' A WVE'I', I'21 Market iF'or saleih IIHEN IY IIONN AIIEL, diuggist, ocen NEW ORLEANS i NA.IVILLE RAIL ROAD COSPA'N Y. I FiHE seklhlhlers ofl this cmpany are hereiv o Stiled Ilt l resolution of thile Ilard of lirec i:ili pieetie alit the 19hh It. thecall taode oil thll oi tle thlll ei awulv i", rlir thie Itnellt of live Illlrcs Sallehi, wa reeillndod, noi the said stocklulders are furl er Illltilied lllth 'sit KRiA by it r eeluitr ol f this board passed lt ihe 19tl inst . a celll ic hbeeli, oide olt the slockhollaero of the New Oerli.llS id Noshville Itail Itlod Ceipalluly ir tile fllnwti ilig i) iiita ith li thl e srock hild irlie. i tivter by tioV. , -h L Uile-todiarlp r e are, idac t e on thle first dly ofbt eilI ir ext r two ill eer li erd aree iI'llls cin the irst ay or tilltcliber next i e ll c Ir shre lllllll thfle Ic i se oi 1 dl lre h ee,,c n herellleb cl l it resoitlveli, lhll tile scrinre tli. t c ioi'n ti let + Iit'l liii thaIl eilre hidIrs ottliilleI orhldu ct lcehtuicrcriecd afchchiu yth'llinol It roii y willt lhoal it clhpicli I tie chaeinrite, he, liert te ele I , ti plll,,e ayllylrcello e ollllled ill t lie tolaltofl dsad Cllcl"otl r thl ' ul te tle rm tofll -ii t ta , ilrit ii ftlf ter l ilc lcieh o il ictil rimdl ycilel, withII tie ellllr "€ - iii. howeertiklit ' lIe ttitclle reol ly pid wlhl il sie! Oaid tIe tiirllir i of sixii ty ,trt i itomiini ait r clir idae in which it shouhl Ihave Leel paid, tit thle he eltlml lnler ue clilted o the lic pnd doe Itt lhe hircer il Iht Point ovi e ,ll ,. imielti. leit cr'ileti Oy therci ,ti .......I f Coi, citetes 'to. the Itloers d o eai leot, Ihs think Iropl r tl pt oI f l isaelytntls ne Ii r o leock e d cIrlelendtil cthe 1 t1w doy of Jo te odt'v old lie epv re I llo.,s I[ha, nr¢ notlifid that rIle 'paw en of two Jul ilr p:r lltr ctll.irand due Ii theleoId lilil tilr l o se f siard clfrter, il il te l dv of Ocor ext, tat 111t 'Airtiiltil i dollar tep share calied ".lr iali xtracts o ltllle Ininures of tile hearl. june 2l A R MeNAilt. See'rv. YY l'i'toreclh JOlN ,I tlttl{ ... op Ii STATE riF LOUISIANA.--Parirli Court r the Pariah and Cite nofhNw Orfsans. TrIIE STATE OF LOUISIAN.;, To aill whom J am o! PIresentn salil enle Cretior:--\VI Wren', aLmes at l lr rian rn a llin p lre rol a t r th e t'rt e iri by rie Shreriflof trhe paijit ti iftalh r prov hreiiatrer docribredi, an a ipi the I I t clk of u eortl, in whalr, office tie l ernife . ieniaa reordl Ill - Ie ito Ilaye of April, A. It. 1838, 'iron nulllilil ie itr loolPn S inrlll hat' i en forllliv to a ll p it II' tiwen i oIIIIe ol' uaI i tle ofra Losiaonra, nilrd "t' ae nt fir ther isrbirr ii e toai saidnt ioogond jitrctor feet irdeioma aoner ritipir o rlle rilles Inireir a erh aj, eadii aprnr" r Iapor Ii S Clhe r'10 Ic de, Of e M rleanh, 1 ,834. n ic\Vs hpretlres knew re ned tll persons IAterosie, Ierein, arie hreretv cirteid adrnonishot d ii, llr ile ieof - til e tn of Luisinarn, anid of tile I'airrl t.Iunrlt, tiwho ca et rp any riplrtilloe or n niCof i oll oera tie proitrry hereilaeer ioreril d, in roplte irone I n itl'ord ,lil denrth aro r, le ue me t e or i , r,e at r ls erIall rnfi'ir alr'h itile arle wh Ioren ilefr at i irreBaulrii Ir illgalilv in he i 'ntaniprimeitrnas i ni alerd iPs.relonrr i e tilllne, ornlnner ofrl, or niorr a lVr I'fi'rro w rfaaiS vor, o; show entse, witrin llirtVr diR rrrl titlo lay tlhia nloailr n is first inserted in ithe iulerit paferra, iry tle ca, n maile ihoold iot oe coutirted nold hoItull Iog'rted. TIhe said ropertn waseol Iy t re Shllr of oie pnr nith fore.i.| on rhe Id11h day of AprilIA. t). tB:!1. fiy virtoe afnl deierre oflhior Court rnrerrd oniler 5i l lta o' ofelnrv A. I). 1838, in a ainft eanitki. AleXaedEr d 'ahlwnll v's. Jainera llnser No 10 ,3Wi of lae iitektl tif itll Cillrlt.n italh salee ie saino Jesar Iloann ertiori t le purchaster for cthr pnile sIt t yalt b ore uthousand rltirses taroorrrlrrpiorriirrle tnarl y arirhnar h dillert. f)esription of Prloperty an given in the Judicifa Con Srreyanee,nies: I A eernain ot of ranllad sritlel in ile suIhrb Ai Rei atirh 'lito Lacenre of this 'iitv. iL sqore No 5, ad lot hring I"renolehoeue , 813i tji;n t "r slt laeholl pinulas treptr:61 fret froallt in Ornger streert, ed i0 feet onl I fol.lae oifi Ma.nlc' . t ienrtiae oftoo apore a thn Rsai htuflnd is :0n 0feet w fro iro aI eiIr (of tes lre t ie other ioet l oe oitl a I: ellilhg iriilr front rig ot Thloupitonlar st, en tlet, kiro lOn alrd lII - pondenio, also t the distiller tn ues Ils ercld staififings' non iropotroatonto, tiro g til lifl di"lilleirv, its dr'pelnhd'i onias e l niln enaeA. and tle rightsacoties nrnail p briviiegs thereoa i rf ,iogjinlg or il ln iterr i e npllrt ,iniig. olerktas Ofioe, r Orim, Mar 7. 1tl. S ltlfe,24&j:t J. t llI.r , I)tpllY Cl k. ttolir hir ytttaisne o oill ' tIn' fiN ,iiiellt Orleltnr. p t. o'nTA o'tiiE I.tiLUIfiANf8.--A init. eorilsrn IJa cos pal'l.,tcs eCll.l·(l·111·nl. Fallll: Atttllellhl c ,io rf .tl h Ii t f alur ytlln atroel iroie irth ii 'aie •eir la t fi r pd t I ie a ari d'tirle larfi itoi rira l ei e I ersl lh'-ne6 ai GlerR ni: e ertlle no llr of rii l oil r fellle IIh 1 IelreogictKeh r A.e i a, I t o etOllolll l I t. or lusi a hlia ol 'li llen lrtIri in olisle li t I.ogialtlaue i e i' 'elral Aie be L y:llne iuhomllil " A sI ul.nll i I iC ilil' ise rLaisnleirt t irl l'e j' llAriafi r'olt; i ens f lllrno ie i le Irt .l atr Iti4. u'il ei IIItoti , a t I lr i tI Ia i I neIIrII SI illt(·1'(·ree slt 501 ac~(es weel~le311eR soI~tillPC.e. l'ln nli e 1.' Iattt tie or ronisllle i ne Ia Coltt lIe Prrissa, T ell'iii'ili'o , roort nv,,it" t ro j iigoiiie oI-itif iti oai~lt.Iel eitna (i tniteita ior~iani 6ie art ',le a I'ltre tle cr e oniul de jlltetuit in te nitl l a t, r er.dln tfltlrtl I verllo e a rtce Ihil ou ie loje i l.i.alin Vi, ileium iaienieon lilrii l~arillle (Iniliofe , 'rrie coll i eh~ S l oN Iretlfefuif n lr e d lr dir Isft lloht i aliodi ihihctlleo I ,l ic, i'OllllU"i la relile aihli fIls lite Il el'illt Ilis euo fit' ili~e , i hnl~lologln~I , . ..poraie afif t vendne p oar oe rnevislpil lel. DOmiptlire intis d'inPrnl de I'r airote I it'n trl v,.rdI drotor :/Ili~eleldle eelieemlllr le 5de t.'.ril'r de I'nl {e II;:ii I iii ma IIut'iirnr tin0,17 d iilir lintffior dtinteuarier trotint In wetrilte .Inatic.i - faifaiflo firm litd doat e doeot fii'eil i'llri Venltle dfl Jnon aai Ilonse R'est relld l llci'e r ler ~i l. PI1x (ie $'-1·i,011. iUnriltti oni irra ' Pa oprinir1, fI' lett'lisfer Judi ch, -If ift ittro oiror tivni · t U Ieesrrulaln I le telrre ilil( aUl ni.,ihll·Eli'" e I'1 nile 11 i- i ifn alia rr I oa.. torsI,, 't iclle e ll Is \ .i i i oI le ilit hll de t,'irt air llt [aieitII r r i-i''ii ,l soli - tilnl i Iifte iaI'i a rio T!eh fi r rtl'ne trl re degIn r lln fri 'I' .l s i d ( ' fill Sitl~ll hli ,tolere II sllihiilr Ili,.l!. d,, Ilrr .. r '11· 'i hilt ' .lC" 'ilel ; I'alltr e: ensembllle ulll ,lla.njll tb-lllll (· ' a t i ara' 'I t itt 1ff Itacal Cttltr'rrCo it ` 1)'tt1(:1 1rttn. 11~1 i sle e5 LI, .1hul" ) 1(Is,1I hi l eu iIu, e I;Il st ll ,h 't. pt IInd 'lcl~si,. ' tI'e N oit m itil'r)i '-oilfi' Ifet nlr I , tll h ' re ts nto - I fso a S itrl-'nif~lii. ll -14.11Ih , illl flt l, 1 . i itp eni lI hi ,,, i- Itl, I:f.-t ittf prir. I ar iiul, ,ll il'letal3 ',t'I'iii ut 1... drabs, ifu lftitii r in rilt Stir''' lpire in Cant ffiti',OO'li i Ioiltirtif''itiL LI i 't'r':i rrrrr ii';( i t Ij tIol* tar3'i ( i tIr,,au ilu r .i, .'.oii f/rh',a, ·. ltecitr i illt..ri:ll "I f re tl(~int: '(if lly Ir :Ii l~~l.~l~C 11 111~1'1 t Il'piIr'a'.ol'ol .rI .ll.lrf.ll Itp. 1o' o ' or'''r'a a - fit' a It ('-o I-ni:.te --iii f It r -,t . . ., l int h. i-7 ;;. tI l'lillll'. orlg1.hml Vt11;1!!·. 1:et 11,h Ih eh I'. i.. I·I·\ .\lul-cI, 1 cillt* n'l. i~i't~d h t 1 f . i~s i,,i-:,. M ,. , h II . III (ll .v lll lPS (o ieT . I 11 of · .l'l )2. . 11i i ·l !, II'l lla 'ill" l li i e=!I1I I ' 1'11!t~I onl ll·: liy.' 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I \,s...r. .1l . tail lelar ne'r u y, Wed esday b~y -f e/1 Firev llay .. i'. 11. Ceas%, a e ver iand. Wednesda (. ll oasl, '. lind . t. rdav,'by0, , 9, P. T he L. , ,i el S l lar e ,, ' iv ' 11 ,1 T hur. deay, a Iies, Ii 5 , Ilf. v Closes ;ever Monday, Wednesday I:tPI'ItI E c 11A1.. TIMFS OF A RIVV II)t. I'fII'.I'rItI DISTANCR \1'. af lher tail, bllela , Maoil. and New ' ' l1-Jlataii hii bile d ail" at 3P. lI. Northwar New i ork dai l ai 5 Pm.I nalhwnrd. Arrive, Arrive 1 Nr rlh, al.m . D)istlmIe lime. Relurn'g Itlalelae.rv, Alt. ; 'Il. I19 an's 2311 12m. i Ir'lllick'll s, l iln i ll 4 9 31a. n ;I 1 lh1d1 lille .( 1:1:1 14 24 p. in 4 ,.,, ., 7, aa 13. 17 10 iellv5. I 4 t3r2215 12 Sasrll, V. In. 55 GRI N Ilrlvllal , \ I.. pro. 83 10 - Iihlnol i I'll. 1 a lal t. 21 3 61 a . r 'lh" rikt 67ee If67 7 i \\illlliiille , l,, t i i Newl e, crk 2 p alt. I0 Ij. 1305 143 It. or 5d I3I Norlllwnrl . Cnlnie a S llthwardl thie ilme is six hours I Irk .; illen. do? s adl 17 1 hour,. ' ti;. n /,1) IXtt aiIIREWAli. I ANAWAI' fril I Diil (arlirdle t cornern of I an i si st. 'rels,, l, ni, a i f :t l e h of Augllt, atld war s.tllrp a Ie xl Inno iilg il Illvdrea street, n nrgro bIoy nladll ('11A RI1. , ablea 17 vellrs of age, sail fee entherr oulsiu eI:i.thvery flaki and hiasn a ninled dilnil in hl s sI l veh, oloI of his lngs is sore, Ceie nel by a lrcell hiell;u l hid aeIii l II ia'ts latneiwn ly a white cottonlloll1 lien shirtl allld whlile Ctmn ,M loell. I (iars ln o ri l e ls nioell | Il ,nl4 lrr c lien, eI d a g' ilasi I n_(i,.ll l or harlborig t id nrert , as well an all tilher p.rvnlln i I h: lire ullnrls ric ollr -if tie lnw will be rillr(i ll 11g 11 'inlil I| i o. The a tI llleIlPlrd will se llie. i illlieilpali es, or at I(i! nrl ndeeito, corner o Ilevi. . tlinhr th, [irn ( )111 oi s &. G rren sot' n, hnI beel dissolved. Thu' brl'h . 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Sold 1,1 auvbelin rr,la nul (..~[jiii(, dir er t lllull the l'i HIRriI nlllrll~r\' of !irate llO ilrf mln -D1.':\'(If'Iv'.ý 1tll\lltil' IIIP 1lllk· :l1IlaldtilN OF DRbl 4;' 10111I·I-11111 h', :\ (IT(:,l IIr I of t ll- History of Ruln to t It, is ,It: t lllr v all cr t ute li on lit th e Study Ito III111nn and +·~Ir. ,scat varitet y of alanb o infe muiiw, III, l it.,. work, on the (lnne re 11,11 tain nod \ut luiti,, ofthe omani ; Wili ne tiou-lit, evuuur inon lit the rod of each :x~ctirot. I Inlan+lcll Il i I lin".rli r vit:,v on wo Il, b Ath r o J i:u I'Lmd.r~ Inoml the l. Sil iutt of Jllius Cmsur to th fur exnI lilmtti i at the end ith ."n l,l, ,r, llrsu I·(llllul ilr+ a variety of t VI~iII full, throw, lanla taal C/,pi 1. : 11pl`:, nory uutci,, Remarks (fit the poU· tln" lilt'[ 11, ar c.Nc. illnatrated by malty eng. ,nd lr oleby \'1 (I'I F. AN co e flnlpttn o u n t n '~ ' IS 1:'";,i ('!.t> Ii:Ut.IISISIRY

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