Newspaper of True American, January 8, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 8, 1839 Page 1
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12Cv l CIN T. -. - - u -- IO1D:s. I I~~~~ NI~\V ORLEANS TUESDAY ~HORNING, JAINUARY 8 13.9 ' L- ~ 15 ih3 neu+l; nhB. ·lrr··7 r;I.... JyilVI ,II. O Aýr ý T2ermn of the N'estapper Pr'ss of' Neo OleAtr stanilntlselv Rre,,d to at ottlilurn.,l all ,,ttoro ^ l" S rtrsoa IrrttN.-rwclve I)tl ire for thl iily pit per anln oi, ,tLvnoloe cni- t(ntally int,. tOiln dollira frl rthe ri-weekly c:Otlry puplr, llpaybilo i no year ino advilCe, wlhro nlo city reoorecllO is ,gito. No a ihst.ritioll will he diocontilred lntil orrorlrltgR rae settled. In case of di contillllnce, olne week's illltice in wrilting lutt no ionarably given, previous to It ,pirnden of subscription. ADovttruiNd.-()oneollar per roltre for Ithe lirst nasrtiun, and hlf that price for acrll tubstcqtort toe: am) material lterattilo Itrm tIe origlntl odverrioeoltrt will ie ebarged inn a nw one. YtkAl.r AUVrErlorSEb.-MerchaInt nltd Tro ere, orty dollars fill Eng;ish alone, antd sixty for brilt hin tgiae) lankot Iliorucooo Olil:rell nl other sie in'or public Inslitlltiol,, fifty dolliro in Enolith cnly, clcl eighty for both languegee; Ship and ftenflbc!.,t iteo tors, or Colntieio.til Intreiautq n ity dollIrt ill I.lglish me, and eighty ior both langllaecn. MIRan.ins, OaBrro I ty NOTICSce, and articlet eoIl itlg tile attentillr of tlr p blllic to) lies ol rl'pertyy nlrdi of Iassenogerr, belllafita, &c. &c. will lit rlllrt. I otsn dollar per square for the trat iosurtlion in each loa gotie. / - .OnnU.sccATOrnVI, or Aldvcrtiseionrt, of oy pral on. a wito .. uthnio.ibli, chitli beo cltnrgc lt.ublc, and in andvnlce. A deductiton of twenty five per cent. will ie maden to Auctioleers, thllortif, ltcicltrs or %Villsi, aowl Ailcrit . l: oil cae" of roitl lstore. ltlolitiltol itl lolthi Inn ngllittng , - lad d0 per cellt, in English alone: 10 per cent. onil al, oa other prot'erty. AuvnRTrcatoEr:trs out of tIhe direlt ltine of Ibusinnc of the advelrtiser, such o o lertil, nlttitn, nid pilni t no ealen, rllllttay salveo soloity loioll"l, .&c. &r., will be charged fIbor eltr.ttely, tntl t lltte lrlilltrv rllls. ADvaLrnTieMEnTt notr lreifed aon to liIr, wilt, Ir puoldahd nce onotri, aod chnrgetd Ino tl vtiicoi No advertislenot',l of haokrutpicier will he puilished in any clase, IlleRS paidt flor prTvioui ttI incertio,l or payiment guaranteed by It responsible nPrv,,n in towl. Pleatrres anll otllher plnces of tni'Im e nt,i dvrttisiti daily' triole sestn, to ite cllharged $10,1 fotr Ittglish at lone, and $151) in hItllh lannllaoeo. All nornoutclielet" of ct tintt ". tFor plit enc uclie.. will Ite cltar.ed dooubhi tle t picei of ollhr Itdvoerllt. inunis. )Owing ti thei i ,nl oll.l h sustarincl by niwspiP'r! pror tirtor , they haiven llc t i,- n Ie c 11 elu'io 111.11 tIh, Ilas of personr whollse nrol.lit htvr not hul.e , id within one month after pre,.ilatiion, shell be mide knnow (so foar an practtitable) to eac;hl other--llthey li gnting themselves nor to n Ivlrrlie or )rIn ftr ouch blinq allts, tlllless in .s of Ildtanlce p taymnlll. (Oigled) J. ,. Dlr: Sr. Il:.1'.d J. IIAY(IN, I'. I'. RtA, J. C. tIt.ItNEIlRGAS'T, JO1IIN (iIIt.()N .L L M S'lN. Weei{l Press.-We, the utdlrcsitle 1,, ogrer to hite by ir above to,tditions, as lr is thery are opplicublo i to wt.Idhreitern. (Signed) A. It. LAWRENCE, SNi, subscriptions are takern for lei than i llllntho. Letters must, in Ill cies., be pollt loid. NOTICE TO TllE PUBLIC.-Unfoundedtt rumors of tile Ilndereigllnd l.aving old out, or discolntined his old and long oltaltlilud GARDEN SEED STORE, t, 813 tst . ot htt Stretet, Having been most circul Itted iy elf. inteorelted ptraes, the lubscriltr bogs ito aLsure his friends gelnrally, anld the publle at luarg, that he still cottintules within twio doolrs of it. IaLit, or former stond, to be furlsllhd with a full ntld ex. tenainssve lolly of all the stalndrld kbitds of kitchen or vegetable vjirdet S.ilr, of tlhe growth alnd iti,. port of the ipreent sanell, 1b37. Since tilhe early part of Septinember, hle it... re. eiverd ample sullphas, by the pa.cket lships Vlicto. burg, Kentucky, and Arkana, all ll urrlved in short passoges, drect from New York Ily the ittlsl. sippiand anolher packet, he is b n dilly exlolta. lion of a supply of' Frulit 'T'rl.ees notdi Aspltr.,Li.ust Rolts, iletrig already roecetvtd :;tvuoc tslltercut by mail. The sulbscriber bogs further to lrllou! tih ll puhh at large, that he is at pre.ett t attr t wtil i t Itbl.d i inetr and execute dorders (lr ll tihe kindlls f ,t:l aSeeds, eitller whollealt or retail, 0as h0. evr 0 ;ot ine hili. firlt ecstlblllbalbint in Jtlili try, l'o.ut. Country Dellers anlid lt.ukei ;.tr ri.iric ' t r.t'r filled at ti lot west a.di'l ioit rt : tttno.htl rrt. . )y the pun ad weigh,. till uig on air bush:l ,,,,:.u,,,. Ct otllrgut.d , eliIur I oFrl. Ocli. or I ',1 ttnt. , t Ilat' 'always b ubtid h ao o . ll ,, ttm xall i l\ 1 Sl ll , 'l l , G ardei I Stco1 ihe , e3 ( +t . NO l'l1".--.A C ,. ,,I t ply tI ILrd >",I. ,ll .r dr 1 tn t.-, I .,' l ,I t t Itti P e,' I , , .. ..1..n . 0 t. . Fr , .1~ ,,,s . ",,,, t ,.l ll, III ;ill i- l i r , e I'1~ . I An .J +h/ nm,e, re.I i ,,,< n It'al ),,," i i1 ,.i, i ,u n 1 , ha II ,. tro t fiocoe iliott . . .rry , o ........ .. . .. . . ... .. . . .. . . s ,rr -,sc,. gr , otf,,, ct. , ,It,, , t i" ,_I, ' ti,,' ,I e ,d lll. i, d Ity ,sit I m llti l l, nlll I ," 1i il t , ,,. cc h II,, lh' w1·ll l ,l , I \ t!." iii l ll l_. ,I+,'++ , .1. , , : - ;do iw by gii,,t i, lr.J i,, iot ti l , ii r ,I ,-, cIyltrt. eo3 lIam .11: .11 1:-11 o 11 .,n 1,1 111, 1i0, ,lii a-e. , linell ) the mode Ul'll iiio, UIlliil L ytry it l, el,.brnttll ;:'rat~-it p lr.,, ii. ,e I sit, tlt.e by loin dthmlrlli- :1te i lrd c. Il l),l , I- i, r~ i l,,il 114 i served ia .•leu* ·ll t;.·llcl.l 1 ll h l'lt'+tt'li \iiI i i j ISold by Ii J~ h,hl u (l I -ll i,'t'(lo v. I hiu.i pi r-en1 s I)flll oil iiu fiuti 7 .T b i oIh t il il·l U ' , . IFi It nigit.I .Al. il' I ,NI a . ' -, |1 II I C ll t I .1 I rI'. .,l 1 at epiit. u ll . I -tonih+ of thea h- -E Ih I .aIlt a lalllkinlld lglllatt irll Ih .tt,. - tth11 " 1.1l - usedll lit himtall 111o ,111,1 •lo d" , w' ; .t n hlb priate atd ptbla lic pla Hella : a flr a 1 h.jla a aU I rli y ,ila, Ir lthe It ll, tt of lha I l lo (I , : L ,a. f:t ia , Ia oa alltl l,aa, l 1 "t i:I11Oi of I St, in l n lth,|h iu ia tho e il,a ,, illvei-a.ul-; tLt ItI,, nll.d i:t, ti a ai i 1t s leep, , ar lllllailn itya l I lla, I '1 i I i ii a..e1a re' lndit., n ... . r" ia , ali lit r. .I t.. . , ex It. o f is t o l ine l ulll t t II II e all, l I c, ,t Ino in lit- Iahr 1 of usek in nrums nw br Bil-l uh po e, o, it I- Il. ieellVttul of t1l" .-t wid Ill , III .. .ih.. € II nII· I; I ar clbtlI Il. alllla ) l lt llh t :aI-to c t, h rill I etit .lW rl , kee;nt , mI t I tre fr e es illl llll l ov.- fll ull tlrellgl r e r l, llt hy.t lll, it d ehtee rll llllt l till ' .01 ,i llnd a lfi pr b. l' . I h.vIII.' I· Il'e IIm I l al e ln lll cire, l, I. I DI)y , I',lada r 1digestiola, a ld rt Lvll tl Iho lple Le ,t, fulure pleriad. NEW Yatahlh,l laa,,, 18ri, i StI:--I,1 conoi leoarnc nfe o ailii:, d It ,h. Ierv ;i. I hsave, been t orplh, t , .l It r Ian, wilh I ,,lkhn tl,,tl j, brclia. npeaiad l n ha f lil ansndbaa IaiaIa Io Iao n; for th ehr lisalatae au stfilaiedb a-,1 beels i g n to pr t lie. I ul g," trial £4;v,1: , hI -le. l-, m tdi atnltlll, hae pi nhll s oel" ll ,aa ,lh l , w t ll tI[ l n I ta , rcim fialnd rs ilar ted ah' o te of " th e 1 x a ,. f-i t v - n w.ia I1, In ll tlly fl'll'llli Ill t1- r\iml' marIa T)}alpepti sbirxir. htoe+ Iow" iihosie lt, infthe f ell . in.g. oanI k tW I a n h. Ia t . ro a h lil, a C o i.entlioll In f I l woted. lll ll ire lhv l to ha d hill- , le It l a N llil d ill recloriil4 ill: II l lhat hl11111 1 -vllh wh I Iei 1 1h Ift - "'ere. ti,. lllt I ha Ilnf R, r,, n llbllln . o n i t 1 Id C ax .: m0y tllnlan s l'.lloo. hlll ;· le;in IytO l~v .l.t n l ll ' 111t rll: itoring cll : Laurto en il oollnt hmhlof rh. fI'S agoentd Ian in hismash . -il , ld tea'Ir" Til als wlo ilar Is the ,i , f irt+ exioln ] J. ry vi, t; "ar ri Ella , i a 'riaSold by oa ppaiht ,h le llit, I i. PROSPEC'TUS. TIlE subs.riler p'uopes ul prllmiti, in ih, be. ginning of the onsting viat(rs, at Codensactni l I f rtheotwiuny volallies or tiho Old sod Ntw Series of Martn's Louisiana l epurts, to be cOlnxrinal m faur vollnous, Bta., according to tlis snidul of l'atLrs' Condotnsad Reprlts. 'lihas work is now it propisr.tiln by J, Burlon flarrison, Eaq , of ttli city. laintlad by \Villiail F. l rand, Esq. ihe Editor ias also parailleil by a distinguished retired Judge ofe of ti Supoan CJlart, and by oneo o thle sitting Judgis, to exinuctfl il their personal sapjerisiou atll fiL. adlvsianueo wnlitlh may naturally be oramed Iroau thrir oxpshriao do. iSaeh a wark is becoming nolvery dy morla no. .esary, as tlbe original is vhlj ooiaous, expslprivu, and scarce. An itclraasing curiosity too is oani felt, in the othier States of tll Uaion. to referonee to the pcullharjjurisprud~ode of Lao,siaiua; atndtho nirunlostalleu ofa the natlroun pritaiples Iarn do, aided in thle nadjaltno.t of cotllffiils of la s, tmakes thle kouwlodgo . our oaljudged c tses of prito uti. lily to thejjurists of tLi whole Unio. Moraoveo, bhe risig republico of 'l'Tis Ilbar adoplad our otles, anld tillS tlheole isa grratdotla-ld tar lth Lo;taiiana doeisions from at fresh qpuarter. Convenient notes, indicating the par.lll caseuns decided in Louisiana, and occastonally those in the inre authoritativo forumls of the other States, will so aIded to each case. The worhk will form fIor volunme, royal oetavon, and will he dulivcrod, bound, to subsor.,bers at $6i per vol.; in oaso it lhoul l be fnllad pracItIable to compress it into thrIe volumes, the prise to sub. soriblrs will bI $7 per vol. Subscriptions raceiv,"d by W11 McKiU'.aN, jai eart r'namilr an 1 Cotiitn iTs. m NEW OiJtiL \ .IN IStearm and Patent Bi.cuiit Bkery-WlVaters ern No. 991;ornll (rear tile I'ue chiertrain Rail Roid ) te Pilot and Niavy Bread, .od arl Wilr Riacuat mSugar, IButter, M irfbrd and Water Crackers. Na All thie aboveo article are warranted to be of the ifire quality, and to keep in any climate, being ih completely kiln dried. Ala,--Kilo dried corn menl. rst Orders left at G. W. Pri c rd and Taga t, Jr. e: aorner M:gazito and PIlydrae streetn , wtil receive gt prompt attnatioo. Sinai! kegs put up cxprerscly lir fr aily use. 15ao. (IT alUlt-1000 barrels laudingia store, and fli let an by G. I011i Ey,. LC- _ __ 44 New h TAIlS-71)0 kegs Neiie, oi.4srri,l niece, tier , le by di s AI D.Xic & WVlI'l'lT 1.l.,;7(lrviernce . .K F . . lir' nm " _. . . :' Lii.EYa--7i bIles Kiriey-, n O e IL--i 5 bhrrlu 'l'lteltcr; (il, " CA.NDLES--I30 buxss 'PTerm Canrllls, for ' 4 sale by 1. II i d7 i:, (li: l ,nt)) -i nI'V I ,lIlK a IF-- - , bil;-- n r l it line no G I)()lI l," Y SIý prile ll r b I rr w n ir n b y I r " " hi ciliah . It1 II I ti{ ' lIt) I": S it iiie"e "liii irii , )i : O ct l . I--I" lh I SI.n{r lick i'lllc I ,ll e i ill rti : 'r tlll i il u i t i t ) Iv , ) so.'all , i 4 shini ·in l re n') eI)P- i ,e Ii l.e11 e ,,i i i 1- l11 I t~ Gi lemi i*i -i lie- --i e in li nc1. ot :It nit; 'lir 1 , i li liri ti t l I l i';h iaIl " -Ii t for 1 I' ei; r rni ii by yII it"ri i i" l tut l nn iin I .1, i dlet t ri I iii ci' lr0 r rI o 1' r I i il ' i l rl I) t.. . ( < ill I ll /p\1119 hl.llll ,n lu ihA, hii, , i or i tuii ,., tl. r, i n tille t111 it(l - , V "f Ni "i. ti ri'h tsh of ile'l lo I, tF I cli l uJ en i i lr; ri'i l ll t l the i h i lr i,+ ,atlh l tth , I, ll ' t ellll n it, m id , .i rill bIe ( enml 'relhnde i l U I. ,le- ·· , : < i vii: ) l ', t (ll':i llll'u lll tu ll I lllti uuJ llll r.h ..I 1':11'4 li h , 1 :2. r T ie :ir,1 I I ,1,"l"utItIrl: l t, ruli ~ rii + dl ih l IhP i l.I. lrll d tI'','i. I;I·lllt i _' . ;' i rll I I li ,: i t luu:,ut'h u t r," . liilh / i lli. l·P i ll 1ii ":ll y l'rllrlbltl, \lfrurn,,,riurll I'r IthtI. I '1'r it lrie; w alh Ih,,ir lr, ,t l l h+l,)t ll 1.r , o , I ', ",'i ll (.* IP' i III h rlltl..l'il ¢ a ,Ir< llt rI, ape, s iur rll. ]trv I' ,\ I III ll.lNl·Ir; ( w ; , ( u "'." Ire ",1 .\11::( 1 , 1" ' -:O i' - r,.' : ·+-- ·i .I 1 , ' I ; ' 1, '.i . '!i. ,, !, , , . i .l' . . !" .,. ti . t t " I,., ~ ij ,. i h wI tI",<1 I +,,,, ..!, I I· t l- i t , . ti il , l, ,i , Alil \V-, l"; 1 ' I'lll l.J 1l11. ,ll. 1, i. l' 111) r ·.- 111, .l : ( .l i l's , l l t t ,et ('Dort·. 'l'll'llJ ++ ,h'" lilll .1,) o, .\",+, n,:, -r. SI're·i"ii1, Iiw II ,u1 .1 11 lu,.h.,0II I I . Nor· ~ (. If, 1115 ,1 .r.'; .d ·1. (:"1 , ,. d0., n, u l::ll·. i il 111 1~1 a 'Iel~lj SI i.,, 1 t- , 011; o .l., 111 ,o_ 111 l 1 I all Diller, ,0 !,"14" · il I. i.· I ti, ,, ~",1 ~, ll II·I1 '1:\ l r(,l 0 4d i 1. 11) ii l· 111 1·11111 1 n" \ 'I ',' 1' I)1: L5 1,)IllI11 "I 4 N,{, ;our d~ )'-M,"I I)I1 'llo 444 + II I1 l ,:,.I' 141' 1)1·: I ', '.4,¾ c4, 'I,?,,n ,I:" I. Ir11 111 ! I I hIe, ."I ~IO s t, IIII '. :· J 04 44 (I ," ,1 ,i 14,1 8,, ,"I I. rF.k , FIII C I o~ ~ , 1'. , " ;\ F" t. ' I, 44'ie you4114 ot I 1, I ' ," In 4'lulll ti~4 de ve ; ,,kj. 1,1; "u .1 111; )po11 1 !,"_,!u,' I,- 1 (1 ii :)!'. 11 ll It ",il pas It,, :Dhow ., ,_ (·IImulI ., -,ouII I., 1~i `i I· le., flud '4''_'111; u, s r e I· . 1:1~141 IF . .4,. ,, tes 7411 ,I 1J4 4 t 'I )4 1.·' )3, 1 t? it' %l'l.t'1l, \iJLl!llr i·, / .S /:1. 1 :1-.lli:Lt FI)-1'I. I O~ 1riit 1111.r 11J . ,1111 ) .4 0 In II' F OF,1,1 I , 444 " wi' 4 " 14 iI.," F h vda u ·1 ·1, 1 u 1"" II' to nl ;1n ý, .u 141,.,14 lauo `v1 Win(~r,, ·ryl ! th0II SI 'llll t ,4444F, u411 ., "1" .1u,. Iu ,I, n. 11 11111 4' "4 ! ':" 4I,,lcl, ''4, 1 i44i', i 1'~-I!, rI I -hu",1, 14 ~I 1, re he nn , lit ,.f lieL I,' ,, ,v ,,,"t iii I8", 11, " , ' ii l I II 'iI! ii ', i '' '4 .4 '. :~4 114 I nro up;.uia ef l to ru e A le l .)! J-.331 II' I J:'~IS h i 14"l-d i, i-31.ull11 11· 111 ,' 1',· II11. '",'. D , Z1 III ",!:. '.4..h' OfF.., Dcc444...'i .I.t lAS.- fi ' I 1' 1)1 IA .IIJISI . N11\1":-uF", l'u"''reul jIl.44 I !jlliJ i e Ii,", Ii .4,,' 1 , "t. 1 ' ½! iP i II , ,i".,ucl lI r , 1 ,,n:: t", i" ,ur er" J," I)I" ,PIL. L IIL- J'4 1,r" wmv eiir ll., rl' l , 144.-: .",,, j, igd." I re i,,\i c F i i' 'icdi d parle II Irp 1 lliJ ", I ,rl.3 i i en i (i If, -Po" or.Ic Te r Iemi-,',1-I 4' ! iid . iii i, f Icc. 183 AI , llIAN' 'It' le I'; .C c,'ibvr ele,," H. C ,, weriss ll l iSu lll Br~u l i rlr, aunt iii, i prvt ce Sc.rvIe l14414ew4,J~Ii 0Ihi=.,,, ~ -dam 4.1 ndS.Iictl ur .', iu l ii. cu i'.', l; scF,1.1 I I ec 7 ' 11, \ :.1Tr. Sefe C 1'. I 'I'El fe 1 I i ii, F'.I. ,\A. Ii r0ib ,1 11 -b,'ri, i.IIPes uccd 4444 141. Sll. I.IiI''!! \4ilrwiF N,.I'r'idiicli.'icI1I ci .III1 ~ IlI11 l~O 1 i 'n, rda s I, i e! d i 1. ,r.+,,,,,I the re, Ii ror, f J v ,,, ( 13i~ g 4 i' 'ii hp ,rc.,c r,,, c fiin'l 1.ci4' 1i v tii e 1, l.4. · sCIe'' il ul, a Icincluiv'ih.,'rciNcil. of h3.,3,!cur suit r,.ito,, do wt illl the~ ill - of 11 IS C',n a c, T' I1I I ll I 1I1 thre to ,lolb," t t o i nI e Ill,,,, fal, ill I Ci'Ii I., ppuiulefl t I. prtcsr tl Ili, ,,lset cr dr u~s i Adt 1 II h,'ZI.1)1IT'',cer; $44 .I II ! ~IIE.1TJ'rIIpi J1. bent( ofbnir is tI Cll^ crnnd D l'l n instal Ireln11Ci n, tit tit, Jloll 1.0 00;l n. IIOW e .:lnrr y tit' loss it '1141 '11 d [,rely LrII nn. rA''rr'r7 1' o7'.., f7,,o,,,,,7, n7, 1hh'.'it,'' Fee runny to c: rr J;P ill hr illý no' vered(·i. "tnri ln'm tilln se o!t'"sp ,t urtin lr. 11, sIIII.I1 not even f ile (((p+~ (7nl(7(77.1( fll, ' "tit-', to ,, . t7,ki777 '00th with ailea nrnvv s(,'kin ' ,1''.17, 1n ''. .,w '7 o- 1the to ,s of (7'. hir. 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Ia'ly ul' g tll'n tllltin's ear, madae expresly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanhlaoro and On of Philt. delphia. Sotllgb-A general oad conplete nsasorlmon of colabs from their naoanluftctry.A no, English t at d Frncltc dressing combs,r ie. dec27 A Nl)IEV >Al'l'l & CO., respecttfully infotrm their Irionds and the public in u..r.l, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Te'choupitoolas street, where they kep cnstantly on hanld Copper, ''it and Sheet Iron Ware, of every descriptiol, sa ch an copper stills, kettles, nlll p ,Ips, tin bath. ing tU s, and oil cans, f iall sorts and size:s, ad all other brass casting done at bhortest notice. Grate bars of every duooription, socit as steam. boat stirrups, hog cahums, screw bolts, anl other kiid ol'teaalbot work, such as chimCneys, breach. oea, tcat piipes. Th'ly aail also do all kinds of out door work, such a- zilc, copper and tin roufingo and guttering, &o. 'Tuy above and all other kinds of work in their lino of business, they will execute at the shttrtesct aIlnte. _ dtteO7 II AVANA (:n F'Ft':--81i bilg Ittinrleate,ta Ilattoa lt.P\ FT'S oIn New 1-rk, I tr dlh by J dsi , I)I'EWS 0 liIOTIHEP.S, n, taiaa l st l t l i:-K-ll ll uit no f halth TI o. ni oati ilono li U l lll ro Mi n 1L "atil er tx, tor tli. Iv dlerge sices, receded fiteto, ) aIterse), ndol tar sle by . I l l 3l5 L re .' at1r, dat 134 llIag,,tac st IIE f\UIfIltOlDS. 'IAY'S LINIJIEN'I'.-N0 flclion.-'This ex. Ltraorditnlry chulonie contip..cstio-n, the rcru![ of scicenOc, and the invottiol ., a celebrated clllcdi3 c.ld nanc, the ijtrodlc .. in of which to tho polhc was invelted willo the solemunlty of a deathbed bequest, has siceo gained a reputation unparallcied, fally sustaininog Ille correotness of tiho laltonteod Dr Gridley's last confession, that " Ie dared not die without giving to posterity tile beuefit of his know:ledge on tils oubject," and ho thereforo b.equoethdcl to Ili friend and attualdat, Souloolll Haiiys, the secret of his discovery. It is now uo-d in the principal lospitals, and Stihe private practice in our country, firta and roost I certainly fior the cure of ihe PIles, anl so extol or sivoly and rftfcluolly cIs to biltle credulity, unlcof r where e its efihol ota tnessed Extornally in the L fotllowing complaints: of For lDropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. 1I All Swellings--Rduloing tllhen in a few hours ir. hieumatiesin--Aouto or Chrotlle, giving quick ea sae. e ore T'hroat-f- y Cancers, Ui+cers or Colds,. t Croup and Whoiopiog Cougi-Externally, and over the Chst. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a fote hoiri. Sores and Ulcers-Whethetr fliesh or long standncg, and tevoer sores. Its operations upon adults and childron in redue ing rihcunmatic swellings, and loosoninc c loughs and tightness of the cheist iy leixation of Ltie paris, ho has been surprirllg bheylcd colcceptlion. The Ii cltlrnolln reonark of thlose wrli hIve used it ill t heL P:lies., is It acts like a chlril;." TI E flb LS--lThi, price - 1 is recindc c to any porsou wio wlli c.o a lottI of il-lpy's ILhcoo1.0 c Itr Ihle 'llf , ald rcturil thil ellply iottle w thctllll heig cllred. ThIus are 11ihe posoive Orders or the prolllp.olr to the Agocul; and out of ll lly llthou. sallnds old nolt oilo , b ebl uioullccesoc. l iV" i llighr t inllsert celcltletis i ally leihii , blut pref.r tial thIe r lc s,.cll the article, shlould fI !t hirt the origantlll to pIrchaueUrs. i (AUTI'ON--No, can .ih genuinoe wilthout an . slfUindIf eogrll c d wrapper, on which Is tly inoe, K acd also thlt of tche Agents. n SOLfiMON IfAYS. Sold whcolesanle and retail, by CUl\ISTOLI( & e h Co, New Yo,k, and by llo DLruggist In every I town inf tihe l U..icc it For" sa.ic by t.o: Wholecc;l,' Agents, cornlor ofj. (',Conol+nl & T'TcUcfitouiccs soLUcc, .id lly thi e l i Apulthoecrics gcnerally. jou30 CI1-.'1 iTNi't ; iltlP N- TICIi:. i ' II c under-ic ...d have tl. . d.. iiotmid uI c .-pac.i- mi co cci c i lur t h c1' Ict cidcl(:l in of a ic, ial tolllli.i -ill tlld i m. wanhi n g 1 -11ull lile ol 1 )il l , nsIll ( r 1th: ter,,, el ýnI. &I. h\ uwtt , It,.d <aIl l :n the Inow brilck stllJ, .A". );,a, Ma wn" ( , (n; wn1' 1 r, + el.) 1'r Refi"'.rm, rev: J13.JAilld G tO\VN. n .t t-on . Avery, \Vhin.g &:n , \i lloui., c ell. \- I g l , c i 1t l il.ftiloern. J Tihyc r & c,. \1 ts- ! tcc & 1hall. Nc x (itI.i:Ai N. rcke.u & ,k-hrluigc.h John ncilcicid S coo., r \nk r, l." t . t i i liii Cc l t icqi.i , fc ,oiros". It I . o v. Phildelphia. 14liJ;flti, (il ell It c P .i'tthi.urIh, P'i ior J\ huV,,,)i,,lal"", I'.,<I` ell h e llhelh, (). Id'_ ", 1 :'u : "" ! .... ... .. ..'; I c n:I:i., " . c i-vici , NTI n hue,+, 1' 1I ,t1., +, l. . ... . S , . . 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TUITkI n Imd .Il lCE' F'U ntNI'iU1L" I aIlrs Ciilllmir ' annual i lilii ter .'l Ilouseail t Almanac. (gDIlrckDDlrtr' rm IVvvot to .lInt IIL' 'S- D:,,iDD'DDIDD~i.DII.'DD D'lDD D.d ID DDIIkD·D Stcrw·irt'a I*i.rr lot 183 , cuumiuhtlill a Ijlook mentn-11 raulduln ( for every day of ill - %e".r. w & .i J I S I CIN, DD raIcrD I D t CD:nrlcs DI'D DuC t12 I sta FIRNI'rURL! FURNLT'rUIE!! t.II 1w,, U IS D r ' e 'DtDDiv D it t llI, I, ur nitDD 11,.C ton. I'eN ous in the awDD D II n DD. itDDDH (oI, to IIallD aDd elecd D',DI', Di c irD' cue DID 1DDDD D leDst '¼ r mrkc:-, muck, t ithe c: IIVD¾It2i t &i53Ii il. ri nllg, litli, g and fo;r =ale by a d'!7 Jc. 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Ilv'·vy 311 mnlmn., nlIr Lv vivi ll'vy vii, 11iii A 11 C E' 11\, pr,:r·:; rlllll In the yvalb 1b35, 3o and 73; fulit lavill vv.lvvv'vlvvinlrI ivhv t, I )npPI I Fr ,dugv, l)T8 illll Il*IU I 11 I m )10 llltV·· ; \\' tll n "] ,' , he I ;er tud ',e lr "I ; o II ull cl,, r. th 1 vin viii ivIll ,vI,y vn~ivvvv b 11i1,. i aut'mr w Lite I i \ty if , Sa ir~r ol, ,:. in 2 vu. i lvi vii. fbb rt 'PI e r q 1,: (ly Tit vivv';,,v Alvi!,,;, lV ' "li, A . ie 'Ii'v~rvv Fil';r A1. -tirivi' ent Ilun~e, Will W~l r'P.11,'s, by I.,Idt L~.+ oitl . E~l: 1.( Iii Iin. viii'1a No i ,,, li y 1 irii'i' ' 1i; Ivy v.l P11 TH li'i., i~tnfidqiiii 344lt ""n inv 'v'ii Li.,.i lvii I·lviu:ivi,.I Ill:ll i i, ' - I- liivvauivivv i( '' ('vi'v avii, A riv N Mvv~vvitv cvi,"n flr.vrvivvv vi, y , ttvjiv v. (ii vii .v": dv'il"I 1,lv'vv'; iv 2 I l 't ,ý N.. i it, it, vmii i y lr vliivvvi iv Iii n iii-';ne'sS -e,' ;1 vivindl "',l' 11e~ ." e; v t.m c it (vvvii 4 11.4r rviv , '" ii , 7iv titriirs , i e 1. ork &L Ualtimore Packets J .aCi EIS FOR NElV YO.ItK-New Line. I--''o sail punctually every ond Monday during the aasooii, cli ori not fil. i; ll Urlcaon, 599 iois Cipt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama., 474 do C. C. Borr, Ship Arkansas, i(0i7 do E S Dennis, Ship S r toga, 5412 do W Hathaway, Slhp N ,shville, 5410 dlu D Jackson, chti Kontucky, 629 do J Bhnker. T'Ie saov slils are of the firlst clns, coppered, :id' copper rasletned, aid hbvoing been built in Now York ex, fr this tru0cc, tlhy are of light dr,:ft of' water aml alicst invariably closa the bar wlthout anly deti-tion. 'T'i cumcccc ders uare men a of great c.joperihc', ciand the sihipc will alwaysbu Io.d up codi diowl the cicslssippi by steamboats. T' h ccy hicv hun omi' l nlll illlilJhted accolnll odations, anrd ,l oc af tle iJe Lost liccrlptlion will always be luuic|alid. The cabin paiaage is $90 without \ii it I or liquor, and thlre is ni liquor furnished to the offic.l: uir crew. For f'r ight ior passage apply on catrd, or to HC A9IES, 48 Canip sto The hii p are not scecountable for brealego of glass, hbllaaw ware, itlal, or gralite, cooperage of til, or rl.t ol'iron, or stecl, nor respoosible for any pciUkd,.e or p ireU!, unlcJ a regular illl of' lding is ex,(rua:d therClor aot te oflc fcU of the eais. Nora27 NE\V' tR LI:ANS 'a liAL''IMOI:E LIN 'L u1 i' AC K IETS. 'l'Tl., lien will co,,.st lof tl, fid!owiug vesec c , u lh:l,i halve bee. b,.ilt or puICit aeled texljressi y f tie. irnte, viiz: .h;+ -'inn, Capt. Mliner, 13, 1 1 r? " Ni.k rse'o , " I co: r'rry, nitw Stevens, I N ano, , ;,i . ilU,.h ", Lathou , 11. A;i e . cdl t, "" Gr'y. '1Hes,: v,-s,.h are ui'tohe fleet a' , havle hanld. ola tlurlhu d C i.hllol, clll callli d are of a iglht ,l fl wIl ' a.ter, so a to.+ itilr l, nt th -ir rceivi ,g ind ci i l ior icg , th c r0-. stos ii it ,l oilthec oily ho-i' ht Ill ,(e tlke~ for po-ts .it the Chlesuopako S,.r , lloco' l./'r, i !:.,: +,ov w li el by¢ l, e agtia l , !.\ l,"vr.l. ('lAillAll li: K I'LI ,evG, at halit:mor " YxI .0:. toi; l.F ,tlt s0hill . y, i Ii ll! el adv:lnC ed WI leL I' r . 'lo'"l, I c , p" i. icc ~ fix'd at $610, , Tlecl) i s- rus of he 1' l q 'lily I ill bu provided, rIi ti pa n allt l id-' t ',,n . is. .i p i wcl l bi odb t e . ,,,, all oecn.!l l s. .IoIr ricLot or i"ic.' ig , pp c c tLy to GIcO. 10 EDL ORD, not'7 _ 2 SSl Ioenvil o ,t. FI NIALV Y(iiK. [Loui.i na ianld ,'w York Line of Pacetta i 1.1 hiips cinip.icng this ic in wccotc cil cil froe .1N\ U11 lll anit ld N.Vi York on every Ither Moen day--lllmln n.+n o.i thi 20th Ni'ove er-and to , u: ,o, the: ploultuoly in thel liml e oflsailig, the Ilil will 'hre alO r co iiht 0 alve oioips, t ic: p Yozoo, Caplti ''ruck, to ca loilc tho e 20ths No venoil. r. Sh,p Loui'-v le, C1 .ptaili l rr, to leave on t!c loc Loeiiccr. Slcip Ili occilal'e, C' plain EJ:idlidg,t to leave on the Ship t icl- ,i, ( !afi tcloodlh use, to leave oi f !.ý PIp lD;i h tr, (:pml i ti, p a -iD vis, to leave on the ,o +. b ... l-r . lt , cln w the lfirst clha ,, i olipp r_ 'aI + ti'{ c 1'.lpe .r l, t :d, .,dc' , warei s oF 500 Lons llo l'i l li: i tc i !,i t i ' ru0 'i tI,,i 'ic l" llo ., c bi :,g bllo iit 1, 'l , I w clr l .l x, ,, - . ,,"r the I r n. -ll, Cl' i C. '|''ll pric ' ecit0.+ Ic ic c .i;1, l olla i r.: tc ll' i lr iab s rt tl llt pII itn I cl i iL t inI p vrd conlveninl I rialli, aud hioll- d li a inelr t iai d ci leg, nti i ti le •\nl \ llp .tons o,) 1lr, i ! o l f ir y uIl cilw be Irovided, ,1 , (. v, i- r,,la 1 d poa' d ito rhe i ,lllle rt e Illt d ertire 1 1l CL o p, ' - rs, .who will pilcase tLake no. lci , I, c , c .'c 'h c cii c ,'e c'crt.d cutitl paid for at [l ee1,tl ofie t con.e l nlce . 'ie, a .,'vei (ei' '' r," e,.cic:c lic:diell by captains well pl .,ic':ccc-d cii tlI, tridi, iclc wiii giv every at. U,-,, cl.a c, xiort tolcIccccc tiio iconclcdut,,. 'They cl i t acil icc l i. tc laowed uip :nt adown the Mllcssi. 1it by ,te ibo ts, nodi til strictest puloctuality ,c.cvi in the tone of sailing. ' , oivlr of tile',' ,i, s will notl be rerponsi. o1, :r any let r, parc, I or pcckge. sent by or , ,I ,J ,,' ,f t i ', cn0e o..0 a regular bill of' lading ' 1,,, trl ir, it the c :niciicg houoc of the ,.1 Ili us, o w , ere. F I' lt . .r p i.r! l c clirs apply to J I'111N & A C-'ffEIN, n,,v']7 90 CumL'in .t l.o.2iri.; 'a d h t n; lI al iacke'' .] ,., ,,,l:l l ,o"_l. f ill : !nit l .,i i u elt r, ;i- ld to ins lrd hill. l1 i :t+' i g, 11 ci has - cii, , i( t tI Tad k t, i,' l o , the tonlh ib. cli b cicl cricc . I cpit',tahi c Ehl 'i,!gor to leave on the !pe caitcj (fclptcih ' coohcse, to lenve oo n thel Sh sip p .1 t;1i, Cap!a!in I avis, to oli the 1atk J TIh, "hove shi s are a.l ir.,," olhe first class, t,, acd c aol c ..! ",.,U'c., ad l Cap'rdas o l'500 toe \ew 'ciik eit, 1.,li''r !te, tide. T' olce cgo clinii "ocal, h c i ' acdiloaci. TheMr cabinlS are I 0 ci l , l t c un lt a ple sli.o r ot the.? ti t 011:,!1 N,!1 Ib,' Irclidc.dc tic' ,tcr rtcci'ric had 'i ow.ned ; a the nhili wNill not be re"ponaible for ll',I' ",llt l'c c lccc cili 'itt a,,c t yor o v, ee lclo. F ,, . a, ne< st llVor pI tl ohour del i ..EIN f & A COIIEN; no 13 99i 'Colcion st. 9 Caomnollt at. k°tSAl OOL L .iI. ON IOUSE SE)'V (I!T, E 4SAC I.A. r Il'.l s, , ri aving u,' , l aso(d th lese n.d fur ' it ,a i i at k o.nI ilM.t b m.i l I a.ll uin Mr I' y!,~, ri.t" will be le ld: to reI eioT bi.r :I 1 " u , .s null c",d rnl n.:u-v.-anents will ie fand in t!:," ; -;-.-.,_r-: i t., ,,: ( .'1,. 5h,.sb .n I\e. ew oral i l,. cu. ot.e tu lil hctt e.- w htl wa ib ll ,l rn1 1 | m, i , Ih , - o t I.- - l,:rat Inet at IiL 1urs. A olaiiti ,,tl "''t'.1 k " l-, lr util, rc e ¢nd, with o d is culc f Iuad . .s t ,, vl ,,- " ,1 ut ,. b lc th' c, iolest awhl I ,Ie os n. i , oiIH - 'll , ai-," I,"i ictt ±I I ttI itre aI I, t ' ca eltin e ' ll i lI htl 7 h" . lu~ r f :t, ,it t.a l tO lllll t e !thiTrll for fit. lt' (.I + ,: 'l t!i c, t d, t d ul l uka rnu tlnlfl Il' rl L 1 l l tN ',ll plat li , Illt aL R T sFEheda, I , tII t u;., lll. I,, c i' . t ?lf lellllc lhtltlaItalIr 1 ~I, s.i at I i l t, :.. n tto 1 at fn- l rl h the q uT tlt !. "l.. t, , ait I w , I tI ll Iiiir o un a e Ii t eattlls l ofI uhdum t,;c, tat al .1;th.r" a.ttttialt aiat'ld.aIt Ih t. atI . tcrllltlt. I ne.t 'fits SItlhtv 'II l l I. athis|o ll t a ilc lit a O ll t ct .atl this Ih e1a l tie Vr, n, ol/t hamio, lnd hi. fiienes Geln lly, I t to ,, e r ttt l t taltia aalaalyT ! tathe' tI ttltaat, t a lltllattd ttUa e of thei i a i a1-11 1II 1:,;It!,." lacul teaerrll. s a J tit e Gltefls asqua. I'il lilt Itltt t a t ,aia la d uo i the I IrnNPl atlts hr the colest I reet.a s e raor a'h t ; t&; m. lla t it I tiL hoc 9 d tihe eigh9o3rin i. , I ,eist lht , ahttat lan..e atd del ms y ofe thei Zi It I \ti+ k;t. Il, r, It.',0 ootl l; atnd iat pr at ityO ,"n, v u t l all other p!,,c fl in thee M latitaEe. a ae. I., :,!, It' l, X Itl Itl. `Ulllii erret-at.l. I tl t ial- teblott l , i; l brt ea cenaetula aiend Mer bidle, nd ~i!1 t u,, I. e al al to take te pWl.lnerae N B ARNOLD. . taI: e a-, ti t :.lrt p Il aa Iftus Ha,'. t l ensacola, ,e r ccc tetra an c.r.l .k. tlirr owtn I p. l;-,-o s a t 1},,. Ie hotel, is platted at Geo Wkiuulaol ' ol. twice , wvk. Mll II`

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