Newspaper of True American, February 2, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 2, 1839 Page 4
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WM I..-\E PAND SC'A Cr. M. l;F I1' . 'omlývan , ol. limn .Flnln. (;81n.. wlt~l··"I rre cln:e tlrlln[·: rt l h ch G e t I~o l h uo edc I"% to Ir f60Lnno didu1{ !ai 1 l rcooce ,a eli ads (II .ast-R,!:vJa':d :' 'I r 0 ,l 0 c IIWn R0,avo It#Olnfl., tFor-I r I I Ui CflI'-'r trhrI Loudorlr· m1i n1.Snve -,soo ' ýr ;;"r.I1 1, I d o . b oviferv tllurr I-"' r Lodii0 abaw' 'I~in r'lembI Rote0Au Iyli,",l c'Ilrlti .lrv 14 iome, '0 1lSrhU oo'r FrrevD Nr Mamlr.a'01~r AlaL o l li!l~tuorq~l l ' : 11--hhtco nl lr .nlI I llmryIs Ludon rya A) mmnica f·r 1839) ·lad't,'s NWI igaion l . oo nurrr T .' ARYITECTQRp AND MEC'IAYTCS. boek ' 0 wI". f kitebr 01Iy 1.03dov oTk Ado tebo' 01 7vrsI,,, ihaw'r reltr'tt to re. tit I rtigoid' Loud 144,et~rv oiglloeSI l* chnnir'Olo rouvcltlat, I.ond..n Ya sroo t mora Fiti ol T orle Yrarke'AmeriJl 1 JOIINSur' &o. Cosnor. Coo loo\roon.IC'oo and liar n' ffrov and I. ton i li ttu) 0,1eraei'- (aria~iitiee of .itrratulle.!. k.,liticai EEono ,i V by tone, dlo Vethnlke ºeakhart' Lire o~f Walter ; Pcltt, '2 vola ýanliuand nnd rhla yPec. ve Shakesf rate, s tlirnddi d rditiott, 7 vol-,, ,',l An on ral xortlrlnt of Law . Iltiiebl 8cien'ifi: QiaaiarJIcclumn Ilonl e p.o I ontionaalr',f;C., (-,to,,,, Enlglish an (koeu.a Laati and Greek.. Ef JOHNS & v26 enr. Chlnrlr. an~l Clin·"n n -h . - oWAsi5(iffola tilt i, I t A'r treatment and cure of the Feer arnt Auer. 1 will lie .eadilv ida is:vc-e, ulse re rn heIn. s bls Storeo ist elperi,, to the ordin I t e t tie ievosl nild Aec. In ithe ci: t il:c, he tIa V \e-e loble Enrxtrl, anod flc oerrec tioy deist e-rou ci pcio is ingrediensp, it erv ,ie rke whil t h leolonl eifr t.a ert hb the teder "ih.eitc or acr r:talhd It pce te Mleci"/A RYt r f Ktcli'dlsa, K o.ioLre r e 1e t t - ·wit"nounen oaher Jinendtl olslrl Iand the c onsitll exnn sunso r w isonnted toeala ac i'clr . t e.lcc. 6ha o ntnuan I sd folrmer o; 4i 1l, by vmi onr.r the etatoaehand ifh,.. a relish in tlh en";,I.tmenlu of s-tr. denltrec a'er in vutisIga urci ict it rei ns authan the I Ican icor ie his ,in dere ior tcrmir, ether diseascs- bilt thurol.h Iv ,c .-ic the h ver I r glls orf diccerc c.,, 18ci honIc sat ',n rll heltu vetr mIrs l ! .ls"anl s it nr be I ' w llI sup pld Inllitiduals, ilei r lihe te oft dc 'Ioi ,. ccxt c, hive bhin exposed to aellhc tie nial (l i..s tIh ise de itl and havee ncaprl airt illllrtm oforesnr'.: whrIlin I the use aftlce clomrlnon re :dies, there is alwRs el ted n inereasrd liabilitv to rInrrelar. j. .'h danger of frequent lelltpses icofie Agoep is ver' "v-il, 'inl for th av'teOmo will eon bIccoe too mluch prcsihatc to bte alte te react wo Illedicine and suleryilv Iill v Ic im to uchl illceecsnnt violenlce I'lie l'uic M1ixtlue i tofferd at such a ressonable riee, its fcuinco it ,it ill the reach ofevery oli'-so that II - pron "at dest are hereby ftrnishbed wiit lle ostleo, t iiollth t lieitil, the nad'tal atloldance whic is freqiurvcly deoed to theua, or else cern reictaotli beston ed. The ptublic orstre slaly c rlllhl.oenrd aiglu sit th on p rio naole it his Illo edi .l iccL, tha are0 daily offered Mr sale. liat e reprednnl c I) Dr n Rh Rotnd, at lis 3a 8 .oeetorc, lrieo sir t rr, hiadeloha d,, The e n lera r le h tile ,iionle atentn ti.r thle eouth Westorn olte, al ichil sci by th on.e r, ,t the Philtdehiu prhlices. 'I'I bee Iod a'c rt:hl -also, auet efthe Apohlecoria i ill i':v. J.tltuOi R ANDRR \V0, o iIo r u iior sll, [ruc ico -in,, Movi e r. c (1, t icts,, &o 'icho iiu ' its s "M L leI!'S IIIi livid - 1li Ia l. 1 MIS. MARY J.lilI(I.\Ni1 rcejcrifllly an. " notncs s to her fie.Jsi anld thlr public Renoe. ally fthit site is ireltrel to ;lac coolllo l all tlhce at hit; abovt e stabieshent, d h o opes, fr to her exertions to relder virsitoro Ero3lf:irt-,le, It r1ceive a coLtielanc or O nslc, c r ftvlrs. Sie i:,4 cell, dent l ider. ons vsirinI (govi'l(o -ll ciloril;; t he1 antmer monltlil, o:ln,,noi filnlb het r aeccnlcodilc ioars thalo rieo can efford thccn, on maer~ lioeral terr.. lir hiouse is p.:nsan!y cicltaldI. cand wcel hlcppliCed with eernv conv iece; tlhe Uirc irc'.rhicioe-d wilh ithe Ilm t clloice liquors, c. in hllrtlhe pronises "Wtat iotling shall bl woatitlgcn lier part to give rtire lci.el.iln to all CIwho ay patronizC ti1 :Aieoisscippi and Lccicrshcn Ilcrcel, jr3 a ti0--fIl PUtliit'.--Ti,, ic-lccc-cc,-cid. havic g - icudicc i undle Dr.r inch Ni, t ol i(cacrlcilon, South Carolhi iicicclicrc cccdyc l i cor sccci c assislant ic tihe practice of cnccdi icic c ccicc'c cye ha ilccnr to offeor Ics prnccr..icc..l si cr.icrees il tiis oily. He assures tii' ladIius, and cleslelen thatl tile ionn pro icpt olLate tioll ill bc pcli to the Calls c wllii taly ieo raic; ac. also oifors is cecrvicee to til. holcer of lclvlos, beinig aell ncqcaitrpd awili tihe diseases cOlnnllc to thInlt, Ilcvinig attended themi io hlle etsgar lcnuco icc!. The fhnllccscan i bilius pills a ier then clcposltion of Profecsor Snlolitict. tits, dlreclinocs, clrlh be had ofdC u-clcndcersiguies. Tile ff:t whichic they have prodcoced i this and mtear cities, hioE brecn aLtetlded wilic the genldcest s!loccc. toi whlir i tle hest of eofrcnees caa hbe given. Apiey at No,. liG6 Micga. cine strrcnt. JNO. r r 'LORING.. IIUoLO ct rl ARi;, -ýf IJU .. RC-'WS, SAD IRIONS. &c. f xa yrnc-r.jl," ccuctct tU.3I'ANYc, ico. 238 WuVater, ioear licccntan street, NewoC Yori, hav recerived til pasrt ctcslesc.;o li d iae ecocalollsiy eecoiving largo anid hrxlencie aiddlitionsa to tiloe tock of thice abov goul, which niow colsists of tihe allwing assortinollc scuitible for the oatelirn and western markets. Hollow ware or snperior qlalily, consisting ol about 15011 toils, viz, Poas of 2ri dieli.ent fizcs, frcIc 2:8 tcc 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frocui :8 t- 0 gicii llca, ]Kietiles, 15 oizls, for0 3:s to 18 gaolloe., Oakepanls or OvaIe, 7 df ltOllcit izer, Tua KIuttlea 6 ido Skillotes, . . 5 do Flat OSiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orcdllee, . 4 do Fire Dog-, 6' dca Wagon boxes ftron 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inaes., ert doa. 5 to 7 incheso. IVood Screwn, i0,00il3 grcns, iron and braes, from ':8 inc.l No. 3 tor 3:9 iic!, Nn,, 24 of a superior quTality and finish, and less than JaPIos icmported ptlaes. Sad Irons, assorted, in calss ef bout l500 Ibs foe ts taling. Tailor's and haiter's Irolns, assorted. Sasru wpigcta e100 tunco, lesorted from 1 4.-1 to !ilba. Bells for Pllntaotionc, steambonate, churches, &c. mado to order, m Aleo atuclnbeate and olier maicinery nmade to ordor. Th le el,ove ssortment of goodts is pnrlienlarly icoelnid d to to!l.eo tll o ' dclcco eoaltriolc ah .Vrte orll Icrct ants, aild irro afford for salo lit low prices, and lpon tile lllost liheral tsrnos ; it is !e ieved to Ie tlie larguest ani best alcrtruicllclt ever offered for sale by any ono etaciicccenti iccn the United States. Merchants, by lnrwardin:g a reqnt bhy nlail., can have ci prin'cd eircular, wills decrclcpccccoIlf golcids, pricea ald terms, f ro al lhit.h IO deviation is eover made, farnishod biy roturnl Icf acrii. Allordera will receive ilmllccdiato attcnlion. New York, 1838. 13 NO MERCURY NOR UUeflvA. A Nw Uel'cscer, Nyc.ll, 18,7. A BOUT six monlhs ego4 had Ilc cialici criicne tc gel 1' a s-rret clireans, for wlhich I hI:ae al"ili-d lo .eae al dctors lir a cuore, and ties did ocm oco o on tihe above date I Iput mnyself uner thl clec ofn Ifctlu Huet, and ! exlrerct hici tic cu, m. Since tha lint time to the number of io or eight On ea h leg, ald all over emy itc, Clcil sore tllrat,eand cat ainle to work at hie !wrealt time- oin arccount of the dIlsaee; large ulcer on tilteright side of tlie thrrat. I aoc c n putling i.eWl eaceiiurlltl v in Olllo r thi c r ofi I.. Iicc, , f l':ri e, to he perhely c --ed I'LE . " 7 l ly CIRUITIFI' c.hct te lls,,,l .;,.0s-c ic - i e niti wc } , \tl s slv b c thant c r, Icso ; at e , iacc u o ?r I:c II Isa th lt is rltleli tteil have U t 'cj, )llttI.rlst I . i t, Inlr d!d mit Jins scll re ,i Istret,icn ertw el rl iclie .c l ' . I ;!c , er ;s. Shunt t Riiiiie trlnc 9 ,c'.oi- \ :,, al ti illt s11.'c Th. y willlind I true, ducltor for 1ld n,lai "l. JcIIN Iic . rc it i ri.l ,r street. If ulcy oice wants t, cc e acc , c .cll nt N i. i- ti;lrlcil JOltS [Il s.\. Ncew Orle)Ccll. Febh T, 11"1. !i: lI Ivl .Yiil '.-D/rc i ce lndanll air:neio)f ii Cc.hrw.ut o d iIfaIe c ents calb, coaiilnccitc Inlc trliicfth thCrotncLct oici Livalwori , heai lee tilr c irltue s of p mitii t)loI r rI o ,ts c lle ll herbs knowl among ihenludioi as eieit.acoious in earilcf puemoclary compllilicts. Tta u rinalled isuccre whirh has altended the .ie lof this ifasttmcible olnltin ciherever II h-ts been iliclcn duoeal. Ie, oltlioed the cnlfidence clid :cccoclnrnllc tioc of rea peceable pc icyleiaco , lic r c he cure of r-nu ogs, ,alafe,pauio tlh caiclacn, went f re.t ei.citing or blood, Ucir oncphdni, &e. whoabm it cnie ecorn. Tl'h% ii to eccrticc that we bha in oar practice ireclorllutlticcsccriblcd Sres (iari a deaidcd go,id efiot: n-n oaii tlihrcalcicliclcn dhtc khclw cadge clthc lnateritll ia lc adi e froiu, oilcl ci lries asdco tperilnee, rconcirlclid it a usclliceri r Iepnclrnioi eeill those nllatiunoa of tie Iclen ltir whlici I in ire cacmendedl. AihflillIRI' lVIL.1.t1118, .. D. * CALVIN ELi.IS 71. Ii. Ilpeobe.s of hchl Bostoan ledionl Assoriation. ctacn. Qetober dh. salsby RVI &, A NI)REWS, Icl, 1 i (i1c iu i ci i f, icoiltcchaa a- ' ARI)'S P'acgrbie llecrt Oil, ticr tha rec!oraslcn C Ireentiegr hbaclceao. Ilcicre thii Hair (Oil cce oireeJ tc tie yulciie, it htd .-aen c rid in alcndcu:dfcnee, cbialidceea, thiante n, ed *lliia t bof cti hair, end ilrevery i.lsllceco ihs ce lotDI effrcta hCrc eae rceahinad. It icnoe.erccis. d tonIriedud_1 -: cliccaclcl becsellid gruacih .cf haiil c.,c hecdo tlreaclv haldh 1, cc."o Clcer tO Icee,,cc-. dry icn. ceaoacto croc 'ijrielfCijeccl -e," e.l lcii r, cc-ilc ic healthcy end prccdic. "r'ccifi'aalla;llcW tclifi 'reih nf. ieirc. wiicout ticsl leari - ey)falaa heool. Thtl ui snc.a 'reebloe frm. 1111is cco-ct. i h r- c c, elyc il;cr iC ir Oil tcr cljr o-.t dl "-0 i c " : cr lie a c IlnllONS IIARTT CO, nr nroo rcchivtinelvro on bheard l hip Orlea.. nler, Ililtlnar, U 'n , -Tr t N oiol rs-h s n Or . .a, Iitth lntrb t Io l;t'h N IR1ry AnIdreO Prweach and German ttln card:; Ivy T iatr-,codradetole tth -lds crteole o-1ad. i;l t lok rand Casl ; 11 11~. . Siii r ed 12 inach ilade Po it.n De" S. Ileller n ,d Plnot: Shtaell Twit,: Side I tt ('a ." 1 Si'h. iOvtkn, lhnriceh,in , ition. t lo ntthi ,rer i to-t k Mt-n+ , and mokt dl'oh.r trt to llrt ad -o. ple , o+t no I o "ille it 1n r1 e nh" . ll mir -.l d,! u, Rl ,ntRiTn l ri:.e tt 1i ' .,nr ' toll'. t P oder! Imr l,:; Ivnre 'rib Clreha ,f 1 l, ' Iateiof rl h ,r ohetnrot: ml s, Ha, o'I ( i a ot lltt'o c om r l( . thr tot telar pdns V o aeVlr, t'L ~ l ae d ll xetat (ltMi lt inl itls: al ntl nc l' ; F rei'-dro a p,; l e st Bh lek ; lTraen. rt=; Bea l Neckh c elo' n atnder (ha lns; Gilt ana Sr i ltt \irod im; I dtdi Benta s tells and Proi es; c bell Tcs t; Sinde ale It'essin Covno i; lttochin t all ition l th irftrt ern stok (it olh a mtake their eit'anort it vte teroy otnplet, atltl w oill e sa d ort end on lhibera tetns, at the sien of the Golden coltn , ni.5-tf 70t Chartores ntem r,,. p I ontl : Sub crher l Agents folyr t he eenat e housr ai d \eV iS.&; . Buehe . , Shelfiel, En. land . ave ijt reeived a rvern exttlitove set pa t' , orilr tl nsisthtf tof Table oand Desamt Knr ve os f ..e le," l ItCto, lttt Pocket Dik, sand Spear poin t !tnorei ; Rzille r cSre Oras. E nIC "t toals, & l. I &c. t t. iwh 'h tioy re irtilredo e exhibid t to the toale te orders. l'rml antd on ditioanst rill e made ko at liettt t time. r S16 J. Iti . R rEIN & A COH' Ntl t Io `n+ OCnm e, t. . t.. ('IOtt Cs. per hing Im ha.willr Flas. gI MerAnIdRewi tdell at der, e'tech at i Glt"in tto hle betoi piitnear,,I: : l aieh eolxd aud vroket listolii; plaint reihud ande sphl se im I eril, c rops; all eicO c dsra, l:znr, vv, et; (:;i oth ' lnm rald nf l nitruh stoeth. wit:lh'. ct ; Vilin etrinns; shell, Nsi,, l herl tTnh&C: wv a : tk It ! r trilo anlhl ot, rt o rltr , - ie s, i or h i, 'ont aid lol hn laltiil: onInrtll l desk? lnll dr Lucit e : mAtdeast tl::ekihl ; ltl talinp i loil a.+mes Ctllll ntvex mihp vnl, op in I o '.lst' s at ir ao t lhoi heoltt t ellst alnd I nt rutie o h iore, t p twit,; Iiltet a ld slhn ing astlet lol tt Flowteri c ,t elir wash hall,; s'bny ed r tnI+ill or eas ;I in ool stiaii ; s'otti tow illootll ;oylc i hlc o oead chaono L t ail itetrt .ti hl al' anill, oeler h ok, and Vwarllcals; len hi 'hat in a ntt; ttnt" et tt t no tl ou m. of i mlllto ' el'tio lcoan,le, ,Ld r'ter'id IelI.eis helfr, teonahes; sinl To] el .et, io'hlilinoe n uoflt forlllr stllckt of fle. uhtlels, itnkeoIg olntsl ot l'o al tt" iso tl n,l t , uilon wlst >!'a t o1u ellail; as tie sign of Ir e Gablei:t .+tun , 711. it lrAle --, o I' lle t rta l rn !i, 1h o Kclh-, ltr',n & '.uo d, 1 t \ " Wf l N e l t tl ie t :heair. ,n i l,lced &Cile n. itc( , fin +fl Hnrris<, K,.Ihv &Co,, of Inoduce, Wia lio s Ice ll of) e~ ll e I of31n Is t bytil, dahrlolie Sanl ui te A astle None Infthe priitc to at och a ittrt, r I r and pt u er k n c ;lled <r in~ partnew will le c uh-il ei Sitb th,. settllinl and aid t-l1ni siars+ as I' .llows o Ilevi r tllii will t tenld olll the enttliyn. olfh t tSilness:. t of oote, t'o rris&t o., o it Nne i£ . a nd Itltrri' Kel I AN.l. Irtll il FA iON ( OtttG Ie .l'iVA ilI o- t Atv & Ctlfit lioodt and'cttoyfotilot v wll d to o folio e !likg of tItb ,'tsinies. ofi lle 00:00nn & Co,1 at tt N , Oin er l o tt e fP lll O tne o of t trle s e ,ral frm t will b le set in liquhintionnnly. S'tiost idbtd to t aid firao ar'e earoety reqtesled n come forwardI ndll akeearly i loettlleltn' s; aoud those tavitg clitts t ill please p o.nt tttm witltotatt delay. L '.\. C IIAR lti I, !d HENRIn .Y K ELLEY_ . Net i esl'alc tn, ,lol u 27, 18'(7. 9 = 'ases fit -re of thts I1,rit'r Ciiote wratciuo t on ceived ani" f\ r V ale t t i t ti t ozet r Sit lu & ottl:. " is aIl a ndhxrlr , llav iný n tt i a oIlsolo.t tlr "ecarat alsgl btll, ontilk t f roars,mi'o tioPliT cold o retamo'l iont il iiii k, kr!,ol dn, \t l tlds ll tel v ..e 'ell v-l. r h ill, llilm li tiol , I t olo',,' tn d vite-t FlOt lllt Io el' lill, IIIe a I; ea Iwtr I to tai's ,nic, tll, . llltot it h .n flltt lolo.t ia tlrlutnkt ve.tleltt' I,le o td iloio oni t ott c h'hto e , and t ho ria toith w- , lit Ito, : ttlfitt no l ol f nti t'ot i -hii llct li ,.t o an d sbnil& t] icotolltl a id jeiellorao ilt llo lOW tit dloo toileotl or r falo a o ty , 1.,"tl\ ottol eo ll ,Icto Io.tI 11o'1"t, 1' C( (l,l , r lll l G I7'hartrr , traL't. -+ln ,1,7-:-V -it --i)>-Siu1 I s & c. are+ sow `re li~eeivin- l n otetd O i to l'Mrl - tt tlttizo t, a tu,i Sarato tla e ad tclo'i (t'aco ri, tl ' m Newo o rtl a greal iilieti oi h ', oltl , bil.a. n imp ta mttt-iz: ellt.wi0t,, S loc'k l ' ll tl- lon lllml,. orl do ,,fall d kcriptiotts o I - ttdir 'tob r, t ioc and toi,.,tl'ioo 'o irt r e'tto o ioo tO Se, Ia l wtrtoo' , powt l ,r pooot and bloo s, toilt t Imodo r, ine I et I,.ls antd tt~ahts, tlletlbtoo''ks, shtll, pearl tweev nod i orec,'o cart r'ases, head nr lrtoo 'ats a ico ,a t beadsl ackt:ttf e' at ll t o utt ' lc e-, bead I ttt lt titt bead I tI too l s, ittlut ltf Stend Itloplo ,o et.ilvoo nr giio lht beafli a. Inditlao eds, bellt aud pliot, pittoto atc l d ooae low i ett -oftl s o1lt belt' to .',o bel. t poe, , et . c'' iii lip ^ i titel,; lt il00 and io'.'t balr ed cttOn , Bowie kt ivt., 1 ii tto cloh, t ao , t b ailcomb citgble hair oils, ohat iTog and to oiet snt s of at deso t:isco , ho til" ni ot lcto'fizottlchtio to ooooii pto la , fnc toot i N t11 Shel grngt3 repnired. .I-TT,)L. i.f:1.1.\ AlD !;f ' flN.- (>1 I ,TE~ D V.i 7 gr, 1 l'Y S 'TOi1it--at thl sign of the golden contm , Mol (:i(hrtr esh" . iron,. 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IPreston's amnelliig saltl, plain and pertinmed toltpowd-r,pcartl pa\tllt, .mri lr rntl'rl.adbaxna lo ulatum in Pots and rollhorrris ntod chlorine tooth .rash agni powgeia., ll1 a gaen glgl n gsolrtint of a.IEd;\VELLR1---olme ofihl laatest indl mlot faahiona ble settr, con:istiLY ('r while and red cl.rlia, talo - oal : jet eardtts, set in liilgrle, hrnrst pin, oi f n a gare..' a ty ofpatt-rns, gwatch girililmnrs, gilt adav .ackle. .ilgeigtrllcn, silner and gold g t geiln amgd gunard lhaitit IRltSIIES-Cloth., hair, Idust. :,crumb,hearthtloor, ahlg, !li,h, tgthi, plate, comb, Nail, shalring, sloe aund lwhitewanh lt ru.t,'. 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"i o i /i a e h)e the i)o-tn/rs T iers uii s.1 l/~ie',i/ I ind/ rign-h- kio.wirtit/t ohis time ii ti hu' : nrt.ll thn h*indhow.,.lnt Amati,'n iieolle iln. . uil. tol judle :r the elv i what ii'e. piuf ll o e ialliitll*ls . Th wo'thv edito rs wihN / i e i h i tors, ch lthe prl rietnrs, cdlitnrs or oub-editoirs of thie oltov tv I it ttd j iu'nal i c tl every l ittir tfrOit ie'soi /I o have it on'o'ed to sito lg t i h t it/o.e P l:neoo, tll.ll 1 I. Thle frt i, thut I uver i //1 iu uPi re'at success u witin II o litoo o ed'o/ioioi n r tnor hwltoivO dtrt. One whn was aired ahoeut toLe yellar who h}d I1 ) 111 seen the of light from hic birth, bli)clr to see C fi tltlow iis maoter na t, ,v hIoteI, iouteall of I/oin / chl/ied tI be led by hint. Two young Ildies, o/o hiad each lost ,I the silght of one il e, one fi;r ten vearo, and tile other fir llerly two ., e0ars, laving botlh of them the othecr e0e very weak; to yet eoch of those ymull.lndie/ behae to see with bothi iyes, whicih henhit I l tllge mvarelf still cntitues. ex epting they / rt under tole influoence or domin/alin of tile Mletlical I)octoro. Another i/ the daughter of a - 'oeepoctalill/' Uc,.htntot. wl/ose nieto I tam houind never of to ientIoln, (as hb pacil l iiy fees), who Eo Idhe hoo nd Inst ti/hei irtif of nt e e itrom /he aen of o e" 111 mnntht/,, hut ithlot ee now hegius to reid large t-letit/i wi h tho ot/,ir coe -cr plteict/o ilut. This thi loctor c/tors k-.haoo t/he rlil/ll/ lmn itdittoe hilnsritt hf /tt·l ntn- st dile hiot/io t/dauotier ,, tI/e i/lloc of t/he cdie'.t ei/ toro. I/ /l they mi/hct // e ii/iritiflr e of t lh/ fiiif t. 'i'Tho la/t Ni shall ni/ ion is an e/ldly gcenlleman hv the mtin iof t onunlc, oaoov oc vpnoiv years of onto , wtht'/ei/r/o 'ehb- i liclv Ito Itico,', whi/h/ lie totk tot a//i/to dil//reot ooie[icco Il/ io Nialuivile but onn, ondl himself tolld In:i hie h/ad pild o' air 'he innertinn whatuver they de.-anded, who d c lar- s e I iu thit ittcr that he iha :otallv lepr;v d of ia Ithe =I t one il ye from / kb il/r hiblhircl, it whicoh hisi onltlrtt d to hu.n- ooensioed biy ithn i ineallca or 2!1111ltl~l /x/ lhplt iL/ rto erl u 11ot y itiot/peco i/e t ic/t if m ile coI, firt tole lrt ititeP tct o el-.'ll C rc , i ti Sllt the t. i/trllec ntod wao Iir/ttlnTi ll ton di ilThui/el t tonn oir/crii; nlt ilii, bcfre I elerfil trht i;th ive m a. ii rr. Itfiott l/e i ciuo i / e o i to n/ € ,i t it i/ri'et. tl wiu h tie i ot/ or ef e o/lllt /' c/trhcd. T II. i:li, /1i trlld r ii btnii i-tottoo lllf itol M~ilo~ito iot //t/,op o/ep I/ittl It/tie ne oly ttlrtv veiaro, oo l o that h 'iit'lo ocr i uecr ilolll-bi ed thl.llr-n El ) t!.o ~ ,-ho l.. aue ,rhli. life. il. . i/ut tlity/ o dth ir ' of/ti te etr mI1ICef. thnll 1 Nacthvill. at-d orotae ico' th rioio a rh0 lionn ol o ne ihef+ k w cha r rln to uo iii..o ani-Ii . inJi/l' hod ocore/'li~ r/irootor/i'itio tint iodioitt-.oe- /i, oihe/ .to ictntI Ir N thilh poke' e \.Ihe enri ho.ato td : o t ! tIt lllt n t;lol . e c Lt, h I, , I. rrti.l htin t i th iw i t itt l tron bt, ihwi inict , i/t Iuctrhd tol I k lt i hem lFilll -t h r ive Iltit 1 cfl/. Ictit ri nti/c itoc i/t o i tif /to ott c'ii coo/ i/icth ern-thmontm er youI~~ t htfenl~l; brow o I Ihe rIn Ile. .e spit o~fi the vi tuv, a tioe++n| ti the trmruF e) ,in tr f tI ma il/rn t alls t ello c th li ict / il io ll, o f ti C oliri 0 Ieit.It Iorr ah. Olr i ei stl ieiIlo. roll, a!aiv, lld ii ilioii,i-pc iiitiiiliit to /ti/li' it/i hth it oca d wamhichd the lenscerhical envedical irtidel peaiant th t il /ir to inoll iohe 9 tin h tlhiC at ,i/ot noelilln Iik Sof imhe rrot lep . ihoi , -rt ll/ il e o i/ l dilal d ,o rt/ . olthe e iotl r, tookl o iint hi s t allt y hltil ot'o n-m. l I t i/i i. Th w ihe dii o,lUo o'ich hS. ic, Ihi thovnuh tliou tlit a | r la ye hlst uile bnzrels I gll live ill the m ll l th si leo ilv i/i,, it iii ckept' th otnb/itil itearr'ived i/to i/t, I/eto,',' ii i /tilTell / re in tile o ti/ t o wio lllf l to ho n llvo :If It1 to'l cr illutile s uI h n ld s rllllrveu el, tlnd stIrill mnt ge to eanr themlln o n m very vnullhflll Ibrnw ollt l t ile Ia ] loaw, ill p it. of de t hvloot 1 000 flcdrcbt' I)r'i,iif I /ihty I jUdgeP rfi'om tile111I 1a (I e uB'aaVdy brlnefilte~d ia th.i n~t' nit/iathoeiic, diii. /t o heor o. -.lI f the forsOn i to infiur The nledi ill Gnot rallwnstdtemhnr-is n efol e R he puhlic:n hadl~ i eno1' + S xcri ,t, a:;w ll ::s thy elerieul Dr s & .J ,ith f & II ae In ( i nr Iot/rti m t o riln o t o h ' /i llo, af w ll si hei i of n ile o ir o iicnlo i edit/orol e I a/lt/ i/ i n-t i rero J o/rit-, altc tnot . si t r i n ello l t.hit/ tl eiir tir, ii tl 'Il~lrl rdl. iI+r lt~l)lltll lrl~l q.ntr nr clt]UlllllV illlflH.+ . it r tibd. hi et hri el he i edif c l to i l of t h-ic I rlh.e haid of lihe itt , uttivio hnve t hit/ ru dolu - o- i/t o l' r IUt nume r of pi zeeh of hlilvrh, a wswell n th at tl ' hit til n eari't. lute * grh isbel,! To mhe tllhet~! Ireal~e ed l'C ibyl~ ct uany nuz it whalhl iiot e hlln e 1t o tha ae trut ct i vef in Net o trrk, tu t in'eclto tcr, c ,o t poi d, lo d t i to twtiito iil o otic toE e c0 lor0/ o I cloa v itioti will Iet le to i rei a td l t o n. To inlhlere tie rti L it lltt' 1I1 tie llnot ; o r l ', i i /wril tenu, o iotttb. e h im, itn o,, lre thc llu /owcl hit, r t, h e t o mtoillled tili o tho Iei.D Ini o w ll, wh III t , t it in, r, di l bn l tloi'ittw th'it/cit' Inlett'iido a ovli/orl li tI . a; he htid, rhich hoe sid he t utl.dt ot n nd / +" . r Il, I',t "t, . bctlel; ha0 LJI\ .Iehvue hlelu IlllthI i alff e n t il/J ait 'oo P . uili tlc i/ t l w.l t HcI n h I li'oll 1 . lhc, tt I iell i/totn, a e / ore n mer , - hi d i'hinchu • ct/itr oAIIotl w/Qll II'"n le l~ w . b a nuoo T 3- ar upoetriF+or, ..ltou111ny ins m blu nre s ofa E1 url: h e. ii to/tptby Iyi evo//nct hto-tn- it /uion toc - i ex tlllln/.i/ all , t tIi to 'n , B -e. t. wt i t h a o/i t/llU ltl o, he, a tis : t fr t end rf n of wel hs i lole, rollecy I, wlntie llt. ill :Dutll o iv 1 nllp on thxp er olC 'f t.hl Hol S t I oduceo o bi I v o -nl r /lall broo r a, Iltl otic a iol no tric y meall ilimto i/it o,-.cii iht t-Itn o in /thewoo/c ous i, :is i roa I/ Ililll- l'riIT Itl, /it itl o oi l, tl cddret d c iti to it," I rinoi otil in adit rll/ iot., \\, c cI',illot , tei. i~ut . i/o ct /- r le s0u ihr ctoht/icr t h l (to d 'l ill0i/n oo' icl'ich i te cpti ccl.le l , i] . ....;I·· ·th It"·l I" ,ill ·· ~lui an t wlull tl i1 i¢ l/,1 / i/tic /loe I i c, ic, , to.I" thll i, i , on c toi; l 10.: Last:eb~;: . .-Th lemphinqurlire~rfortwoorthree .- oer . Go/ /liolt oi· n or-i ol I - ao tout /cocc *, iioogiooi/, ioe ot lLuti oin lo Tti/in , -i, lid rl~llhW I· V [i~ lI "1 11:4' Ih .[;l'eIT\T'll t. I \. cl II e~ l t 0" - I/ b mo 0/tiutl \ti .' ii-to i/o - lito ' /,..... ..oon, tn b ire It r te whrtthe r I tiloull Iori thrilt old,: ohe I i t id , i il ; ie t i n , rtll -,. i e t]li iot i in o n eitt lo I ic It;ste tti ocI o//tiiii/'t/, Iu/iit uito , I llo i ltlo/ i lt t, iit, i ll/'iii tult w u,, i lltti otoo hi/in Iio/i' rv, 1.1"ldtr Ilrol slls ltol*ll .'.lnuntr'' ellhiuilteh sny d h~llns Irilr /1/ t,lit t'lr in· 0i-t'il- oti til\' tr i,.i /iilttot- c/,/too. toi -ll ,,i/t.l i inotttct a ito gi rt', Io i t, iio i h itinli/c L)- el l SO ll IeIIV 111" rr.ll i r, v l. :1'erlzl, Ire iI |ll l ?rto lhe ¢ll li / I' I io:/l i trl ztl l 'I litito t ilttl/n/ 'i "I'i/ "' tonI.itltoil~l./ u lviI lh,.0 e odn o lt' InollootcIIi n'o .itllten iIc 1/tll p o/ r o ltt'/'c." i o /t, t-itel] lhl-e/of Iic/tt 1111 i/iln/i . ill the l'rei b; t r I . llt+,n tulhlohlll to /nIrtonI'o l.i/lo t I it. ricEO hb ic nI/ti it h/ve cnooto, o hi - . ihi-'tocodnco/tio-nnol~ ,'no'oiiotin-a.dti ofn$O, whichi. al t i, oii'ti hit/ tt l ti/ c i llt lot/too Iliiireotived nec ni.C to tt / I: I i/tita i e it ¢I ni t rv,] fitaciti / tio/ Ittellid - y Itll/a/l ;' tI th of/oinop///otCqo i tooe lla . " tCrCC aii i/ic.. Ihic thn in- ll.o/ti r ct i/ o n rn l hltti 'ot til/et the I-cli ,fll tederio o il ll~ml* h o o v- uulott, r/ .ll-it/it/t u-/itu Niiot/i, Ill, lio//lccnttlc-th ·"I- IlU~ll~·l I 1i'e II..: his ll \,,'nrd asI;:l have uhvaIIy I'O lhd Ive ". ,t, tt i /e-it o l',, /t tII t .O lle l 7i/dl ito. o. 0 a ho/too 'h Coooitn,lhr, he hoouiind n,odt niu vl~rhl lc~ t, .1,.C ¢t.II , Il.:·il l~ ir III;'1ore J:L illl r l lt., e d whic r u t I't,// o e to U ilol l illll/o/ ic hid 10 0ro0 e . ilo rr i'uhtt I h. Iilsr U,-''h l~ lt' .llle \i 't.\ E llr l·T literalr y ehnr Oi d pe ile o llt/i lb , h y ii ll . -II llT Iba h llll. tole tootv. il il'lIllI- L,' t l,, w c'ell e I Icgr. nlle-s, he I istauutr llatd i- Ithlltn l, I Iihillk heha l 'i ht IIIIlio tihnel1 tIh .It l~ltrlllre ili ellti i e ,eui-e he! i-SII· I1CI el~lt, ~r!. t tiislt.e In yoav he]an tit--l a lli p e lf ii lit C to le'k ell , f th til( r. le le.sllr ,'.e i In 1lai'e.! L ii Jh,,the ei it Oculist.i Cpe.i f,. ro ' it i. I". (", ..'. .l nte .f tic lh .Ti ne, ed 37. .at |h I ,-.qlr --t: ]hr. %%ill rl injl i l i t W it.l;rl :ie f llow ' (i"a, .,r ha, ',n , ind ti., ,liha lo a it , o lhe" te e ive : the ioter', claie i to puhlic patron n .e . a au-equ. Ic ,,(fn, a- cidlent, Dr. ' 1" vill ra. - i., I . i l :t"ys :,g et than ite at t't' 1 21 !I n ,,., the u, tai t, abi etl ·tt tu;, to ex *wIllne tim \luhte r.n, d to;CI:. I r.d 1u llOuc , to t~u i on ingn t II . '; 7, tis to .,e " 'iI Il l l his It oll e I- , I hIt e te i I om iu ( :tO;H i . ?!,l f"ie. s hilt piea rc, .1 ,l tl hll n I l ts lr ,i . t a |ell.! i I, '" ] ;.. , tt In,: "at .h:ul t.' . (['.ll ',lfe- ll t tIL e tiI oll, it tlt l'n lch, lit Ven in,,,urela hh t -," ,iploma, r" Vi thl e Kin~l of hlrl - , t liet i'Pranc' . lie lhas u;lnetonl voicher Irou tcul oncel Insi l 'lJ.& iu Cite nll t I i d t sllhI a dhle Iiioth if ;na i cep ,tf ;;roea IGecas in to r-i o .ation ol' sight in the .,:Ild. I th e. sr 1e n n," rh' nil hii pour putientst in this e.} . kI I wnt, o o fI t !ebt! ple;ious to thlei co0tini i c, hil bte; h a u! I have me'en ea they are Uon I'te.-tinubly beafitt.-i l I BPT. . C HOttELL esin -ihilh', J 1:;:37. 'P. S. eOce wiaring the aumve, one of Dr. Williaml' S lnlt Yus R. D. C. II. i i1CutKS I c I uLI I, uELisla Ir hlnd actu4 l y teedtrali lst the siht Lf OtCIie rya 1itr &sle t s, fir l e I hi.1 rant l i ca n r'"iect, tei c ioulh ia, 1 IIn i thl a it r l e r lll , aI. 1 ofth. I ll' t e lars. ilirear .l ha thi old gIu ' no: n has Lived many ye'C r ! a Il: R. B. C. .li I lr i;,"I . IIIP 4 1 4il ill tC111111.11 TEN'NEi'S 31Pt ' I,( UIeI 11 A .1, 4c. &4 N ,1; .!.,t" oIF ILolrt's.. ,t ~t', it, canat l, roar,. l aplt . n.. 1 " It ,.r" \I.1 . j~lli is ".iy'.l! Q1II tu asler¢.| \..'ti l 'IEAN, TtlHE+ IN|)IAN'S PANA(R.A. ( T lithe etwe nf rhelumtiatn.esm .er fulaor kingsevillgonl, aciation or hill tout, il.i.ieont cancers' alt rhuma , T] sl'hiliic and iercuriali disases, plutticuhlrly oleers anlIt . p fillnlslRnetiolts of the botses, utlCe.rate'lltJItat p. nls. .1. . trils, IlhoPre eve'. desctrn Lion, fever so-ea, aln in~lteenal r. ah+ess fsithtb:s, pilies, senhl heaI, sta'Vy, hlheYs, chron Sic sor' eyes, cry sipelis,hlMothea, andl evenry} varietyo ,lc. iasinn'ots nltflion,1 chroniC utaerhth head ac:he,., plrceed h1 in' rom auy aeri'h hamor, paia hi the stome;Oh :~ % S epsiaru l nngfroilm..,ih1!. I'e 1varitatio11ll, uthnm.;tfftllhe ll,'thr, ' , chlo.ic iaf!l.mnm:tion. of the kiln1,,,ys, annd elnerl'.II dehili- ' e tn ca;,u.l I;. a tohpilactinl oflthe 'eslisoflhe sklin. II is shni'ry elicocios1 inl rnovatiig thlose colslstitltions wh]i.::i have Ibee11 hlboketn onlnll hby ioljtlleinud Icl:ous tre II-'I ia j..nile ires'eulritea, Ihn genmeal teem%, it is le.,m e In-rl1d siuall those diseases which :oise frll hllhio e oftlhe hhlod, or inihiatlio of the hullmols, ef whteer , . Some ol'the nhore complaintsmay require some tti- ii r iling UsaI.ant applications, whIhh thelorcumstnl es ol the ti 'case will dicta*;btut for a general remedy or Ptll'itlcatei i toremovethe cause, the INIDIANS PL'A ACEA will generally befloumuf u ent.PULC TO T`Hi" PUBLIC. I flow true it is, that modern Physieian, In their am hitio1 to excel in their proelassioni; explnre the vast fils i "r ofblence by the aid ofchemistey, tod seek out lcw re modliaL agents; ia short, to arrive at perftctihn in tihe ell-,notice hv means" of art alone,--Yntdrely overlook :uln is s"|rieet, s be nenth thele notlee, therich and hUnltCous t s steres of'mndliehle, which the Almightly h:as ealtsedl to s s i'ilg ot111 of thlte ealrthl ill every·V clilne! Anaol how mladh mor tt'e ctue iitthlat while tile A'metrieln PhvaleIv n looks of to fiewign cunltllies for manly of IlisaoM .omlnlon anldi e(e-~u "'LS"Y''ti'leas, pr .tally challgln. nal h)" nl'e at .,the dlictates olfthslonm or flh',lr he i suoaddnhi id own caontry 'ith an endless'lrofusion of mediel ipkults, r. suielllnt to anlwerany il~dication ill disease or to owi' I' SnT y cualll blrlt disol'rliSn and Yet he is ignorant of their vbl t, tIus, and they are sulffereato *waste thehi healing on the I he desclt air.' ee The elebetsof vegetahle medlclines upon the .y"t emt are I, temprarv--those of minerals lsalin.. The firmer ex h rt theie el·fects nld pass lff --the hltter, mercury in IrU. tI- lcull", act cheineally upoi the ollris, decomo msing ts thle onllcs aud nlnllermlnilng. the cealstitutioll by a slian t1 :lnll $tll u de+2strcntitln. or The contgenlldlitv, t, thiency mul S.% I ofWI'Y nfvegeta t- + le ,emledies+ o\'er millera+l, niIH4 lie enthllntedb [i .onltl'st { in tihe ancienlt practice whth the nmodernl; or', to I'ingl il it ldore imnediatlyno te r o will ur h wn. obser vOIIIIIIV;tioll, 111" 1,111i +.ii:,1 pnracyice with flhat of tiht+ whites+ \Vho, iu Amenit''ca, Ias i u kno0\w l <I ht':r', oI" repn t'xttal| hstancets whll erehi a selrme decrephl, unprtlienllllldill fi ln1nicl Illndian1, hv - meiol her" sim le retmediesndon hits u:ete~td the lmti i, :sul isiunllishi1 ue edier tihe MacimIt Ia.+%lestlfrgl I)' th e -ntimmsl practice dilretcil in the mlost skillot al11:nnter, hats lthied ? Anul wh,; has flat beell surpensl.'d us lit lh1o parathi\ecsedile ic ',ility"with which tiele hdiaa Il'es him isn self l'mll :ily disease, and:e ait tihe almost tois ahsthience ofd a oronuic diseaise amlullg thelnm Who has I eal he:ld I ol~ a lll:lhltliaull with CaltltltI~liollt riIne; t~am tilled hY3l) ,~ kerption l ' the sav:+ge feom most of the ills whilh lh e llush 1SIOF.Ian i. heir tO, is hefly ow~na i ng to lllm'e geClia and :l d'. RFl~elnelCIIS whichI he ell~Jllys! "]'hil B+l+hish-~ ' i11g d1irtlyn.ce in success, is a fair exemlo alialein of the hat in iilte supclriolrity" of the sitople and sduc nlealns I" cullle i +y which God has craoted for the bcnefi.t of his children, ob <er lose ghich the pride and the art of man lave in Ifventedl. t +- 'rom a lheg recidecle among a portion nflhenhrigin ear alilhnalitntsof thisconutry, andan intimate acq ulain ,in tulce wit lll e me nllthtds ot ctn o" some of theirermnst lav suessthld pantitione'rS the p'op'rietq" of 'The ludinn's ris Pasusan,'neaquireda knlowledge of s.le of the lmlost powerlll nl d oeite i ,medies. ri'om lthesehle selectetl di- sull as wele most ffica~ciouts 1nd 11 oi p wlt.iantes, nolal afIlr aeVlio~tus ex perimln.ts Ito test their la'inciphes :nm l sleenglh, es iisc eombi) dthl1 em1 in thie flra'l here presenited, :is the Use rus111a.t prl ·It a. cu" .e....ficial 1f1r the 11upo..e tihr w\hi:h it prohprla'(lll'ietolr ~rel'sthlis plelaltuatio n Io the' nlhulic, S w ill t hl e coln eio n ellsl s t1 hat h a: ispinc:iug with i their sc:, l '- crapl e h.fl~ievig mnyll of his aflficte+.d lel low leings, who are sUfereirn+ undr the triesll l chrIIlc rIn, aalohstlhlla cSenapli hni11s I11%Owklch it Is l icalhh. To z p uch it will ,rove of inen;clhk11le tabi¢, as the menalltlu a ealld ia m:uy ca!s, the only mons ,t'Ihell ,lc inthir sll: uth lf ings Ullsl rsrcmil.lg he·m once 1sole to, henihlli alld h·() r l ilics . This is ll nt< rll .'1m as al I nllOl 1enedv. ths. t ma[' 11 pfel c'hanlcl he es l n,1 oon(d w: ilh moil'+ others lloW mnl i i _ lull In t s ,n1 a hin h i.+ c llnpli+h t"asin lile., in ui(ul, exI i moclsesll ic h nl tllhe unti11ulu eme1.,llieiafl. lhir s l ed! ht s Ilolin I rt'lepietedl l anild this. is thnt' reputl inn tio n ithull so L his evtl it is k .lt i it 1Iis t Ully o iU g into h u se, s. l this ;kilnff.! It i= u:ldll~I ....isr ,<',t~ll i n' ........ h~l i s ,rll ,li..ti ........ ir( .s '1`II~ rlllc Io llnc +uhlllC(:'ttl i tI11 P011lL +. olc(+ .q[ n)l,.t, eti. III Zlilth lllilln~ + IIs I .,f lltllS llliliC h hell ILl~llli11,ll :tjIti i w i irl aIn s;~hathemo~st :lcc ub thntI1\ hrlical eitl g th:ot theh oief i;tl' %no 'll'l hv t:r ITih ie o iil , t iailtI t I .ihe a,;eai m s l ile l :i d l'"ICE s , rem mn to t ,e igestine rllgal. do111 .+ h t ' Testl it conspklli lel reoll! es,:nOltU in ll t+, E:ns it stive an o ( trt s th c; iiel vadetlnlal iu.I lllil l ·U IIIoof or it e€ el ion ila s of otion, pres tTlh e f ilut: altima, n:lcl sexlcits helin un ti llr Th iiill me ic iie hs' ,hilhe Maa Iikh w 'n'; s tlet ,+ liell Ilclllildi i ll~l (<.lltll~.d :di olh1r i'l .InnIi.s, :i ICLrCl:·i'iulllCI .1 s : imi lo u ise s co, e i , t, er eI s1:I l tee and ] l iit b. . vif .f.r 's tt, c' s,,: ll 'e~lC 11:1 j.lllm'll theI1 I h. li'SII (il·llll. i1' 1.i+l "I I iaitllinl cu ,s 1IIc1···I1 bl·· 'a, ,.t. ii. "~ 11 1 e . lt :ie I'.' l/ 1II1t or" I we "1 w. ith7.. u~ niue l . .. .... .s . =ia' .i l <. :oi f .t'n.<" t" I .lell , I.' l'l,}i · ..... h l. ll. ..... .. "l't; t .... . ;' 71.,I! I~ 1 ti·, jl',tf.... ,.1 wille, hy rhow wtire sn'. we l'r..d.o' h'~ i lte,' , i:l+,.' l dot, w l i * t but lemi n son II f. "I •i pu 'rik- iows0b+., s m h less thne, a le, iss elulptst, allnd illn, r I llill I). d lt'l'n il:ll..+ ,ll Ill: ttI l+.t, lln: . ti~ll. CIII111 l',.l, ;ilt lll\. it ra or g ee be a c .. .. . .. .. ....i di t th , 'If 'l Thi 'i llo wi ngll tll f Ica .s , cu h rIh LaY ls in. l:ll, I a- w lh ii,.ils'.s'iihmihtheprcu ed •, ar gisn• o sh" , h' eths ., a+ i 1 ito ii \i rllClli in, a. R[s nt senishi,. :u / +I:llu .uo . \ 'hnneviesu :diet in, in yr pi n co{l umonuisel lL~.tSl I ho : '~' i ts Sllll liak~i (ICI· a i ill Is).l ll~l , Crllllil,,r Jll LI 1. ·I.YII IliI·' :l' mhe i ·ml e:i··,.1i, he c.n o.di-1dl ,. Uitlltnl.ER To , Nov. 15, IS:.3. rI)lng'i l Ihc last whi ertand,I ,us illlictd. wilh it %cy severe llll ldisrll.,still It ll u ilnllsn oCCu.onld : cx.'pnll lln hall w.athller. |II(.u Illk ,Le eLaI Ipeasure. ii. Ilte if Ie.'if ect hellh,attll t l I tonlidett ly lm ld it to all timilart y etilitted. JOIHN FIG lUSIiN, Kits; st. Clulnl.E o , Mach l -7, I .13.. I wasseted atlouhtttlee eiars inte, tl tt.disttirtep thei litito d o b ikit t lldt b g lsl re ct'oldt , whoil, i illt Itellt ltlttenceti mercury, AlJll ill ic t h l d sabled t Iol, )l busillu i ca+s vlvll,. sinci Sll# I)llr sll. I pel r |luiio(d h|ltl\'. he 1n 1 s patient. ill l thle hI.I|i1l l Ih e sallad ill lids B, l remcall, wilsh littlehcnc dt Otn theilil t of tootar lastl l l hatti mll sarcel y le to I nlo about. po "llcrtlcll es, I eOn lellll ell tlltlle Iof Illllaillws |lll . Il, lill I:Ionih i l') lld 0) yelyelfetlrh.l; freed frolmnl laill, nllll.,r nlw happy to state Il tll consider Illl self i ttI. ctlt) W. ll Wto . TtUCKtIi, 13 itMarket st. CAISES F SCIIOFULI.OUS I'U.CI:S Nt:w V'toK, Seho It), 'This tnl0" ertijy that ill the itll of I8L'. L5, : ws seize e ith l swelllnlill nit) y ecrkto tl Ince, wh icllh Ilerwarl Iltertaltetd li bcam:e ttg ghtstly) ul~tIs in my) Iect. Alleotlytingsovcttlltltyitilecstonedl tttntog , I het Io Il'illlcllina, tllll aed Il elf uIlder the I ,ar1 i I)'r. IPh' am h i0:acl , wIlen,:licr irep..tle d s.d ivat'; i to no effect, I was ptonotlced ut tt'erl Itrlltetci. Aice. wltte'lls toll wentlttll oItesollfSwaim 's Pancealtllllt eiogh bottles of Potter'sltlholitoIm, wit h Ilo . lmnerki benelltl DIesp airigof'lite, which hall inw bcc t. e it~t r.hl I t le, I rturned to lt- parentlllls in New ol k,. in 11149, tlO g0ave mtysell'up to a i.te'ring dett h. Hearing of tttt gOillt stccss of tthe Ittl't 's I Pnio , 1ectI001, in eks similar to tny own, I wats 1ersoutd tio tl cty it,.s lst r. sort. "'co c y tgret I lsurpse, as well as stisil'atlioon, scot httttmltitttI t t'attlltiy lc.otteroidt,:tttl upot takttl beltl blloltlt , the tlU h r ,healed aild | b [ le.a lill ) r il well in thLe colurse ftwo ntlithst,and c iaee nlllld so eer' since. I make thllis s ntanemel .rrl wish it lpul'hed Idea: ,l .nl ll considers his lil'f s;tl l!ct t hc t.edt t., WV i. IttNIIAI UnstloL ITU ,.Iolv 1", t x31. I w s afllitert , foure s : ts with all ulce ith1e t', ona ' luyt I cio sm o even~.llctell th .iskill upol i. Itti*tltt tit pur S, 1tilent:tt. In Ahis set lite buttle I|lid 1's 'auleeu 0) i.! tt tpe t (1 clcre.t ,l.\11A :AlEl, A \'lEl'l, 111 Market i Ilorsaly liiII :Nl Y' IIINNAHEI,t dL gg(tst, .l eill i l ipd t1 9 i', t t etrt 1 1th Itl lti. 1 cll made utn' IIth ' 1L tIro 1.16 Fruay o.t, lteo r the pay teil. t t ive io.r a -.l- e,i was re- inded, alie tihe isi lld istckhIltders ri flrthllerno tiod t tI II Wit l., ht a Sesolution of lhi<htoard plt.t',) on Stlle 1th i. .llrl ct ll has \ o t ei o ado ol t h t t kool ilr ir of the t .t Or.tton :t d ltl ile t ail t o.t d Ctompt i for the t nilwhio .lto ters c iots thce stoct coel d oet Ito . ti l Iln e1lllt ll, tI:-twt i lltltit notn rlo tot, Il lUp ll l tbltit.,n ithect htt ttt ltt " i ltttce ' ,d Iw ih oiclrs. tr sll:'ioe p).i6 c o tie itso t iiv oi lltt arc rnlxt. io l h herlt he it resolved, thlt tre ecr itlll Sof thin ,co nhll v the dl otoify tlhe I w tll ol. llt,, Iheloil It an pllaymnt called i .to' the ttoeck ioftt id e(imtuiy fill" he term llY sixty days, from told after the day oin tlic it ti mde y.ablc, with therxp.esst cot dolot: nowever, that if t redgularly paid within te aRid roi neitfion ofsixty d'.t., from. and aft r ihl.. day Oh whicht it shoiuld tihve heent t it , o h ithatn tdel to.. on wcthtitt ticivmentspihould hve beenimdet istud retma - orliiteod to the eollony, thte chltier on th.t pIilnt IHlemls imn el'at ivc. I tt colll a'tnilv trti. 'ure, to sai,. till, all oe ltt k of t lhe .ri kllho hlel in ,aitd collilcly, ilt l tillk pro oI ptlt t l' tlle 'ttllll tl on1 lthir o 2 air ld of lhe a:l lili sllr' ,ixty days, which the charter allow, Ihrm,arAa notified tht Ihe payment of htwo ul prs per shore calld for,and due 11n Itle 1ir'tl i Set.. teill iexrlext, I he pne ilplo1 und(lllt '| il{|er tho ,ixth erctlion f sail dchurt.r, ntil thetltl de of O)ctoblr next,t t hi il l, Up mllgl o I wol dnllhars teie sllhre cidtllc l r, uod dte ou diml ;Iili day o De.emllier ilI. mllal I,." Host ihlco uoi the ith l of J: tlOHN It fIhe ite. Fxtri'1 of tea untes of tile hoard. jiue "y; A 11 11cN.illi, eerv. STArPE OF L4OUISIANA.-Parish Court for the itJ Parish end 4'ily of\',"1v ir)'t-n riIE S'4Ai4E, F 1,t IIISIAA, 'To I 1whm L 1,esent1 shad 0'o e.'(, rtiLO-\Vi a , .Iines ]ltise hIlting pnl+,0 r;u1.0 st I: snh' t dt I - 'u llrl , ill w%'n11 " Illtiel' the ,!' 0;,l I,; :..IO , ,, v l- on'l++ 't ' ' 1sti hI ell ,1ý v .r \ ill. \. lh. l,: I:;. fI r .t ·ItIll.ll:ll 'ir l :I'ii l "F i "I' by t e'lI Shrill aII I t t , pa'.il l l i b i o a. lourts thp' t pl, erli' tyl oi Il .nall I. 0lilr d 1 :mil, ,5it-I0" li0t . t' I,0ll ,th ! P 0 I 'tIIo , l h r5cti5 . 0 0 Ilrlh l vll I'o l ll ""\n ,l ,,u 11sir 1 !1 , " illalit" Io ihtl l liilr i1 ..'inll,) 45410.5-0 4l f I 4,ll, lll: h '' 4lIIi.4" ' 0'.th ,.l .rll , '1 ''.:l, 1i 'hi I it Sl-l r . he re y llto ld. n I ill han t h' nll e flill n'h r ,a4 c 4 4er,4 :,.4O l.l li4, 4l illlr., ,il4 ,, t4 , 0 ,t4-4 the 14.10 it' tn1o1 nn, old 0'f tile. 1'.. ; 44444444444; S. tilder a, Ilirh the ilt .'i, ,,i., r vi tl, t re4ll ti. r ti4'4 ' ' 1 ailegality ill tie p I Ir'li re l t4 .'l d ,tv, rli4-4 n 4 ntx' , 114 1 tine, or manll lner ofsale, yor for n lh olthr ('l0 1 4 e t 4 h o ever tol shlow cause, within thirty duys front 444 dl vy this44 naoniton is first4 inserted in il4 puntlic polll iersa ll the sal no male should .inot be ,o rind anld ihonlo Iogoted. t Tloe said prcoperly was 4l,4 by4 thle Sheriff of the per- t ish aoreiplil on t4 Ie4th liy of Apriln , A. J. dil8, Cby viA eri o n delot of rhi yndouilt red in d treI ilt Bubil Any nlfebo ilonr A. I). 41 h8, in a s4i4t 4+ il4 d Alexandero , a.ldw lt lu ovins. J r1nle s Haatnleo, 60 liltl,3 7rol o n Tle hl ou hli.ols C tort, ,t which let trle nad Jameulrs, ande Ithe re Ih e the 4otr, il le of twenty elline thousand l)ertripg i, on o' P.u rt l as given in the 4 3tdiie a Conl 44eyan4e, viz: A certain4 lot 4of .romd situ4te40 in he sublurb An. indenci 'ti4n alias Lthe dioilo e of 4i4s Imns elqrect No aind 4Iti 4r, l g1 I I'llleeh ollelieu s e, 01 i4414trot t 4l44 I44chou pittiulas444 re4 t,4:-,64 fro',. on (Ira44ge44str4eetl ,and h0 feet on I aoer dol 5'ns s . .ae I, ind suh.t tenalnlte 0thai4 ol Iotdl llo'4il lld is fel l f lee ide in'al loe side of tle sq l ie rioflt. ,tilon r,s 14 lhri v il thei r bdw ellng il fount no 'li 'l'ehot4i l44444la4 4 s4 e04, the k tC'l4n r 4 .,44, de. pemith lt4,04i , also ti e 44is4ille y 4 044.144.44 Ifl 44t 4 eeclte 4444h44444 , t44e4,4il.-4, i44lple, e4n s rnd 4ixiti4's behlongin to, -nit 4 de-tille44 44v dt 4 l..444c444 4nd S til tl app 4t4n4n4'es d44 44 e ri4444 0h4 , iet ono ,ti4ool privilc444oo 4 iegdte , belonging or ill tinyi% e till-lrt'ini.c. 4T,elT'l, 1 i,.e, New Oirlelans, lnv 7 1. 414. tel.14,-.'4.j 4 .1. 411 l.1.1 , I°~ ep,t4.4 C'herk. E'l'-I'4VI" II4.4\ I+4, .'i 5 4l44l-5,5 4 I0' I":u4I4.4I4 pnor l4 p:,rniss- il ill 0h0 i, N' oti li. Oslh is, r 'I"TAT l)E L4 4, L. Ull.4NIU Ai.i.-1A In et4 x q .I:lnJ s ttho. se -,+ I nlt holtei A I It0i0l l e naitl r' t ls 5 Shlllrif det+ Ill p ll'llim p t! II o llel4 h'h1,'l It, Il op I. I'-l6 ill:,.06+ l 'll'l I', 5'cl05'.' " at irot'li' ille.-I0 0 C" 0 noll hi dis'll. I, l othll c'rI git' ( e I0 I ` ' lcnw j uit r de i 1, de I'u II 1t I f;3)l3 , Ii tlr Su, at is coltl i' elilll et nn acls" lie li I, hgislh l. 010d I' Iltlt ld, ib Loluisiaoe illi t All '' .civ poll ' collldinrm r lel ii s dl. ('Cque'eu i aul ventll jilchlhes " u roIIIIIIlC le I1 \lar0 18.34. 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Olne of Ihn most llllnspiclluous features of the lales is inthe :irrn,'.emenlt of Ille T'illle ild Aiounts, whiel N fore expedili.itns, tiroelirunce iet rspleiwith thhelp lei oftlte side ndil inildex, annot e excelled; m.d e tie, soIfty I ty nndl ease with which the interest can te intiil to the extent of igtleal blusiness, wiitlholn dloling Iofi inis isieshidhs a coenience so esssential, that in tll esliv:o - hn tien of emn e e i the most competent end pntted busi- r lses nleli dtll pli .ofi els who tihalte mlailelgt'i'rae fie of thle nlrk, it hinl Iien dlistillgoislll Inho lleeieehlie tltieinln refsuf "lrnstel,' place". 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Tshiie it I ti expiliesl adtptedn Il all lthe rts oll" oflaw cl streId ofthe SIttes to the "rote (it cvl.vivd i ri'r'altilc ihtere+t," nsuals bl law for hlmak ihteresl, A lecordihg as rhie bock is usedi, and as wayV he seer i1" ilntl, i Ca s olll t he sif sri rs, fil iti d few olf ihe sis it ,esi, ii t ert. loi-l d'ciiz is ii e'vero qu - Ic lt Ilf l U S v'igi ntll ins. Ii It is m i."elvr well known that ht its lelrly check, 4 it has I lliul deltectd lI i(ge errors, llin ft'l. ll ' 1 I% Ir LI mb", wefte by the motnst entcl nId nt ltoempttent iarl11l citimsll. ti'l iits sefutliess, o id thil. :lhsob e fie cessity I(lor itis us l i. le lbeen extclLe si ii ivt'll hl i i isel li so rident, vl t. inct , ilve I rnl ils ilnliliEll II il s it salings, that, i semIL rr I I lll o il l l ilst the flirst ellhiuim was stnce, and nilt of pri,~t a greol i.umlber of seol haI i . copies were sought h 1 , b.onie tio Il gI. t dis.lance n awllpl'cruserdI 't pI r riosll , i ,i' 's 1 Iha v . h c ,.ld i uceIsilml diis hl picked , l it 'Ii i ri'i l to $1ii $ 5 pe . i'll o .in ll persons llil. IrtCel'.ll. Y dll'-!il·ta d, i iilltsatn t c·olll Ieg llllt e fst lhal tht1ey h '.1 . t ,It'' p , $ 10!14 , nlllI $5i30 f- ctp , II not to le had itr l1es, andit ,n wlitidtad i. i the Inllhir in.smtI e p lint i'l't:.l s, Ii'ne m~g it the smatv v se. itIh.i to hi it wi l I.l r olly n11, il tft"1 1 m1 :. l d tov'ie thanieogh Ih esnt , ,g of 1,tI ' , l mali tiitl, It htI . ig n t inr l t ,h 1 i n ll it it ,ill of fl icel Ic . II is like l it l N. il- l L rat ' w , lle o l ' i ired prri t-o iltpre , thit such is fth, nu ure. o fiRge .o, k gt'tnralll i ial whet, evlrill ln Ilon l'lll l'te l ih m ,:u'c of I, t Ills, iha hadl h tllis ook or- its like 1. yi il'l' "0 it the Heul' i fi t ies 'l ne, I, he mIsi competein C:IulIh ill the wo hld, stl d ai llolt' i a 's pridt'tl l olll t Itrll ly i' l Iit hso olll e + in of proit Il heell ts, itI 'u. . tint, al , tio a cl t 'ii tlv, hnl .e bhi n ti I 'l l iiv. i",.ie-tc lIdei'.t t i t1 prvi ei , as il ' rv i t iS n l -I t g11 xplatins. h i se " 1 liict aI itd li i ih: l h -stetctI ' p' :pt'we ill tl, , , k hee I tettll b i n.C tht I,-.o, ,' the'lm \, i l I lihL1"miero lls xuSod .+Xi' :0. .. . lliit:, etie..:, aist lire, ftor ilon,; t l os e I l it, til.ot e e ;ht I 'de l ttli. lne'tl) oi ,tL il nl k elt i a place of o enl I i allttl, exclit whilte i'e I t in itli ng. v Al'llit ' inh l ls to i hil , Ii lhl ,I ii ilil .(nii t r itbta,, S thh useIt.S notes. f'llow t .h pet lace, hici, i. Ihis ilh als inlthe tw l prIceeli'ng , diti ll s, coI taiti I'niIl il- I i.''Dli ":il.ll e.ollCellillg thltiv i ii'm L :lo l IcLeL If cig lllltl ertill il il nt,, ter i di' s if l Dce, ke. I renmoln mily to remutk thal, ntwihstalhing "hi ' Sitlrestl tih l es were ieSro Del, .ivtdolti. ill d cent :I' ter al il nt ao Ir, a',ee tl oel te n iv, e S Il, IIi il'.Oll p"e:tiroiteed, it llls t l int ) ciIit m d, s t' i with v ,l .d sll i er h+.Ii loos of u,:ulI I ,i. t,,,-1.IIall , . h" sii ' s i- n Ill n Ir 'iell m 17i9i9 ItI(i,'lv* t'i ne'i n o vl li i is i. fo .to frik ! ti i il, 0.. 1,ioii l i t Illto'l, a I : lt tioo liho,' I it , ' t,, , h,,, hi 1 i , ~"c i t' .: + .l l l, - i t. t i.lou' - ,if . tn I fllO +. , . tI e t Nlv t i 110t \ p le , ,n o, I. t ; i "... . I i ,l l bL o.h.. ". .. rII' l flt l" tI· m o ,il : ii l y e o i I"' ll~tlr ' +III I 'i'e " . l.. ll""i 1'.' "v .I. t ," h ti eJu ,- n l. lllt, I-tee , u llllirn"' , \'11.· 1'l:.\ , rI'ih It.,, . t ,,,; . n ; rl t i 1; -lu y " ii ,emi, ; i Onin 'I thoy; chia, n 11 ~'g; t,\l) ,, 61 db1;li ·Ie dw ,s., .\d ou\t (; (iuli i g t rtlul an un, l ad e stt:: . '", Ih, \ ' . loo -, I, ~ lo, . rI Il co i~ -t Ia Ilumlte, -r tle I-njudi--toi-U Iu o ''ý" A!,o-Catve & SelulYl r's1 Worm Syr p, or It. ntll r IPr, va.tli 'e:tii b t .irp" rtll ,,um,, n,,! ext nll t., A it ili c r ti illl . iei11oN I"e;, dil il 1)ye, fior collt ring rI hairl; lar' 0 1; trussian I'i r sl le Grease;i; Po 'tul ; .,.,lt w ha FP e le i Wash: si prin Pearl P ,wt Ily oit; Cream iI io's; , VI,'etll r orlog,; Ott, ol' Itr- ; Lip, S.IIv. ; lire. c lI' e.~ wh C ,ic hlm , f irpel . il l i' llgur -tlel via l s; rt, estn P ,!It; C :,twlog e; l lr,•Co hlo .ach: eh Dryps; I1.-ir Hmrl w.he; Endy W.+.; Uren tug ('".It; ue I~ t' II l-fiir U ,1;- tth ut variety ill f . th ,r Perf. L I, GLENN'S PERFUIT RIES. ;,J C TR'LINl AMU lft' Corner iof Cianal andlll bl u sltreets)lt hnr iV.1: k L\.\VY, intsr , Sign, t. d llllt walll .11 i nl a:lltr, \t' l c lps i.,tr .olelset, two doors Il s.- Irtt.itln,s of th llr tflllowing wools u:l m r(Llcs, l x ' ecll e i ,t r lte r Cl Ill let d t b st s ,I ed I) , -- uls, b ri e,'llll i Sit ltti 1n 19 11td tl l otll Y WL l Tr li Ital II W llh i ll, .hC ,~atm~uun ,l or iti : n h I, tih ck alll| gold, ) I).lk, (:inlhti ton Aeiily, to h inwns t'd o In, be'. e t h shl.l'al i t il, S~ainsa, \\p:J uoroh. ke. ] i t l. I iit, -11"1; .- L ill: i\ l tiiiii /S--~llu, ag Ilrll In II IlI· il()l Ir U 'II ll IPi 53(1 C.'ý, lo.. lnan. . cut n ull u rrl ll, .il ils n'l spikes illl %illc, blurt, tinl, mlill amt llIrllll ?Ilmlleb 'AL I lciIlIC \llhi8.\i ·ahl 11111 anchors, 1 l(·jllH OX, lis g aRRO1 Wn G t ai nv+rn SI' GSlls I';1·' 1I11 II icesll, 11 nuou r+ :u l b i illl Illu ll I ;:d T "fF Foi g IIs f IXt ' Je A S1 1.ii Iis I, `h I p" II a ind ia IIxes i(l iiiril call he-i ell. 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It is deemede l usmlerrrr 0Gly le iav am-thling ns particml Ise lit' thle uhurnrrewr of the- wilier., to,- it is I V Vl:I I6clirceJr that tlUav ar gut inferior to norII\ in the aSOLuth rns tlttls. All thle utrllsemcsrls that ore gemCLI(:(L/l? sr at Wall\\~tering Plusses' will hea fssnsd at bis. The(·II1 lies', rng'sged, sltd rill he iu royal lit1 attallllanle ut thu uprisesx during th~e whole rs·n~o l. "I ho x s hselib t will Irvintl Ili n:.elf of this Opi:111.11 1lt1? in rt~turuinil his uuteii~ucJ Illsiks I',r tit " srsy liberal6 tio~n- that have been . ·iiill" in I·II)I. ale and ex FXIellýlllf tI,r ac ar111odiltiu lls. l nliit a iberll putll~llap r Il plaotsc1: "Ik)U.11 'I't) 1 I' 61.'l L "I Ill list. 1II(I ITIIF (\ pv ilnona ar f s' s l~dll l)ilt fore, rll i ow mina, wll'py Srl~ 1 Exchange li sts. cornet St Cntrlre sod Cousins- , Orr tn. a1: 11 MAIL ArItmIAN(im LN~A An' o,,ett,,nil, C I 04 r I nlv v D0I0 t 42 20. NorthernMail r i. :r v at 1' A. 11 t "I M v eai crv , Suh' \V d;.."wdty l , n .r, 1:r n. r, t \I,,n , i' W diesoda v.lia, la Piam; r.I ocV SI p' m ) ' L vi ' .1 I - . \ i \ 1:I'1i. t' i "'l w I; I: m A 1 I i\t1A olu P \ I'1,' .l. D:th1 I 1 .''T \ -e. of llrn :×lu l... 11it l, h, :r,." ' r, llon in an i N we .,Inl' - r11 iving, ha,r iloii, , '-i 3 n1,. 111. Norwl ar New f'kl d.ily ni l ..I ~ .olfthward . No rIrItardI . Dislane . o Time.r Itlztrna'g HTl'ilr n..u\rT. lie '.p . Ili i's 23It 12 in. 1'oih iuh ,tia. 1 81 94 3a at l,,llod'o ite. Ga. . 1:13 144 ' .. a ('oiu . C. . 7 t. 163 1714 1 Itohwan, N C. 5N 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 1'2 am. 25 Rl I't'rnoaee,- Oca. ' 10 ta. 83 10 "a.m Slich.,M , Va. Ium.1 . 21 3 64 IFr-derickslul u, 8 67 7 II p in. AVnshinglonat c , 2 pi,. GI6 ( lln iorttn., l4 l 38 4 0l L'hiritllloan , 6I am. 101) 11 2 New oark 2 pIm. 90 i 130i5 .143 It. or 5d 23 Norhwtnrod.l Cotntig Sotliwdl, thelti inas six ur ths; oriUh it doe s mof 17 hours. '1iNn i;ii4 n.(eI o it tWAIii). tANA VAV fr . i, a I;!. (:, r olelet torner of Ilevia Il'ect4on n i la e nightl otl' 3iii of A wi;s, otd mnol eoen lhe next nllltonig inl Itn'oros ttrel a na g boy nnmed c(IIA4.R IF, hnlo o7 years of lge, on I 5 fee or llltlre aopu t heltih l ilnok,vr hlnc nu d has i , n in pied ilntenl i hIis spc clh, one llis lags is si)i'I ulc""ntioulre by o rlTent i Ih * * hlld rive il olha e wenI aice alV a whii i'oelili oir lillen l.l h il i+n l hllel C Cwlllolln I Intlllllll~l· . lnosutn fr oola, a td Ill fotlltrMor cafLtitond a g oinal receiving or h otll(l ilg said ncgro, ns wll nm H I o1lherr rsfolls, ' t 1Ill I111,h04 r3'01 1r of tle I it will Iha nlllirrreldl ll nill l h',i1. 'fle n lhve rewr n wn ill h luia dnonirilties ,or at 169 Ca.ndcl et, coter of Ilevnl Gm1'"* _ d: pt (h e nl(,rll ill h is n c 'i,, Iod rel t i tH ill It R i llot fiideb.r I d hI .lll akelk lntt nll 'I', hilnllll, ta .ll tiinlllhehllva e elnlimn1 to 4re l. tll iiiiil'oletl,.irlll. lnoLa fl-71 44 4iarp i'40N A. W.S WA[N. SNo. II notal S,.rct ..ta Orloan, II1 n nhanmlod con:tantly m ra1ceixin I)rt. I yes, henieals,and I'anmsac, oo iltd , or., Alllll)y, clldle, Algoi s, ro.d, ll l.llhllI lltlo Are~ c, ('l'ltit,, Al on,, do powdlered, Ih.iezilltlte wno,, Malnl0 co pli, Imhionl, a to tclnd lcllCul e,' L4limsltllo , rlllle, Fustin iTampl o, tin I r to do lo i oll,, no Cuba , do flower, on Maine, llirn tlh, Flryvoh lorries, tilt ll., t;lnh otilt I ndigl , ( ienO al',o il t ll all tl , il l lr li e (ll l llln, Ii. go llo l10 t1'0,.at le ar, ldo .0. tnie. Logawr , Camlpchy In l.s.'lill .i , i tl9 Domhngo J o pa, . ,ldur, omhii , 44 i4, , il irt, tal, ti lItll i . i t'rrttoo, ' 0 Jo Sll e ll i .l i t, de (: n, io o1 to h llc . do m1 icl, io ornu .hi 0, h ulii , ,h nitll rie , it 1 411141n1, I " do ur " tI o I It illi I ln Ily il I0,1 41 I -:iL h l h l l I i 1, I t a Iio /l Soltoll, -41 U I ,ll nl l t Oi ' lItloo ICilIii, Ih M .', I o, o IoI o,, "air/, O 4 i m'/.rh l' nelictIY I o1'a , m .lh .u. I'AINTS IIlleae. l l u ,I..ioltrtil, llue, . , ,11 , i114h1n10410 l .0cJil tlltl'. ppo t'o, a'"iy. r, d ,h ,cncac tinl ;o i.oil i i1 olt"h Irt. l dl l I ll) ilslll4 ,I ,,, serpl, IIr lld, (.ie ll ll hl ,. I '. d . Ill oih i , , bi lleg liill) . . . g ... ... .. i .. ,l Ie , .'.1t ,11151 A n,e.1.11 11 iill l 'l.0 ,, r, r:,I,", \' . "illh , oo, l, ilil' Ir ^' gý nl inh I i i i.. I"'' ' hl,1. . h,:1 I, .hl .d .... . ..... . I. . t.. t "& .&... .L - -- " . Jhe oli//ticaflt'tttttott'ar f lotreUitrd .Stotro, or a compete iew f th de orkat toototito of thte tooora .l.I'. In\ I. I ttcITI.f , t ie thl e truthlori AyoeLId 7'l l i cl ,,o'l nte.ntsl gh.tlr, l s ener I ndch of na e S Ill the/~~i·tldr l 1III :( f 0 North A eia *Ly . .ttrn o r il e Lnlc "J'Del ' il , II .~llt. l ~l~· ll? II dllll. (I I l'f tell .jll$ I?.I1 it I(llllil d'" 'I e.l~ Ufhll Illill(·irlulY CliJ-· Ti. .e fit .... li FORI THEl (`ilnE or (llnlloom.. Cototaat (ill l - ItaioalllIi tttrn by frhe t'tlle ~ Ioeaof itorotilry tbto I bing in vititt tootl ltoof 1'Ti" ver clont r d Sr p i preprred rith Ithe grootot I , raolito te i n tt. . _u.aoo uo.evo i Thell L·rent11 de eratU i1n ith haicano irti eing ibt -+hI,. hvll~rI I" rle .V,.,+il l .:.€( l ."(SLIIiII I II x'III·r ni ll.mrs Irt Itinw "rI~.r lltl'mtem+ w.I(ICI I il e i~ i~C nT. t'Im'il. n·1c<l wfr tlh a tol gttl olly r t tSWAI ad Itol~ tot ~la tot.il1· rtjat o'itrlttlatoil:. bo t inar behog lthi wlh ult I tI'l1 rlooi on, ata -tlo l largeo aorl ies.eras ttINti l proooe tt, ,c.. ~ll l ' I R aIlEttttt.. tot t1" Ia, $rall t . or totil l nv i l, l toly at SIWh n i on tatIirioillc u n u -II Io i ni t O No.1 W lOlt lie'tro, tyfrill Oat'i t lltta iOotll tre rajr" i tNor KS 1PItatl ) ttTfltt O, DR "IlNhi w1t, tO rNte \l rlt (i t it I ttl I. t h thOF eDl ol tin tafdo ittoot rooso JuI t r ,l d , f orat',ittat ettarl al tltW a lti toN trAe lt ,trtttt tot t t d I ttttt. withtt oth(l o teIttalor ti llb too to ok a~trtl ' tl* l'tat clot'oiot Note a tttralx ' "t~l'h+ .l~l'Itt rr J'l~ ~r u ~lul~lc. w i~ ltth ta. o o i tI ,to. or Ixhih .t d htir e o, liltelll In" e lrsm Lnrt it tot oet i0 SIllo I ltu'ciuo, tar h ,tl towll t t i llt. t t oriati laoth y tel (;ulh, tE.eill ince d ,If , r A I.IsIIY cn IdentvI t ltrll~ii nite 0T 0 l Tllllh t'itallti ttli. aitty at ato i olar atN aritt' r r. lld un rb tt a tkle. t.h o to Wat atrmiAN s re~iv be hmfrh u nlc .e 1it. dire,, ua I'olsln h e ritc It~', +.'VliA L·.., llnlilt'l J anti · 'l'l'llli|'lP, I'rI-c lle lrll wilt hl] l.O ll .+l].r iII, lltl 1r'm l ll' rill n lllla t tt)l toa 1t t llrt itoo, a tatr o itlta lllttr , ofntltev ato. A, noitto thoo' tt.odl~ul oji c,toarttaoool j otationild Aritornl, at WiE)I:, a Pa.oo ittI tie, o'i' O I,, l icrf tia. Neot A ttttaoao oth' ,\hr,t o l oIm,lttat o a th l i~ttor o' oaoota tod b C!1hi. ll~l~llr h aaet oa, n hh. wli tortfll o t lfe . o 'I'l~lu ~ijllli+l·l') +1 IJ!t rll'li:Y CLl+.t'ER by¥lllliI ll.lllu llut, .i )l nill u \ 6lllh ii l tlg l) t \ie1( l lIon l ll+; w 1 I 0000 oraorot~oo; otlroooonn; , G i I1+.t itt 0t C toa It ti I .lo(illi h, . is Ilt, wIt [ll~~:r.tlII~lhlh' l+,l'l): llly :.+ol? otllbyr LI1 elh. IllltO" I~O'. Ootattwith g itool~ii~ltaooto to ath r eato lotta ttt lo N II att oilll'o a o I Citll'ltlollllo C l t it t1 ralota tIIr'aa SC'o .I.o ao l oa'oehltoo 0i1 0 oaaolit oooot1toota I i e f itl tllllIiit ~iI Il~l. iIh ile\+ l', (? ll~t lc.·ill.O1 lbl I1 ('ltei totrtola It i l oloattaiai aIt| &taoihtoll tirlootat it..attaotlotalot-tt olto r lltoatt ia Ih atlttb.rAooo roltloloo, lUItita I S i~oloalontt till+ tioltoll~lit~a pti rtel"~t Ith o I L).-3 clall c7tinrl ,llanltl J uolat, rciid atd ttf ooo~h oor sato ',,1MK ATIo to lolll, o r I'Ota ialo'y lE itoo, oa r O Illiialnot ItIPII s C.; AS O.I s ilr , R . iO I t, A it]l trliitlu by hiti otattuoor i a 'Pa wths iL ltt t I a I t-lh. ott; oiu ti'u~atto it ooltkotoot, Ol tote :,h IO 00 i0 J.itoatlato bait. .ae trreia~n rldoi P~op .'hlion.; .+l~ I.litltO t:, itaati I,aN.lOl l~; ill ) , AV n d N ktt)ES liti Olor m ol-t,rl i ntat l ooe t , l" Llhotlltmm .fIUIltlr+: 12.t IIAA , b

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