Newspaper of True American, February 1, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 1, 1839 Page 1
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Pnicz 12! CIENTS. 1 _NIA\ OI-LEANV FRtIDAY MIOR.NIi\Gi, ýIJWJ I I89. 10o.-VI N( ''erlas of thle desapnper Prersa of' Vea rle'lena into ittintualC agreed to ot a nIui.ltulll'lInm il of the Proprietor., hrld ml Ith 131th o f March, 1837. Suonenliritoi.-I'wllvo IIUlltra for tuhd II tily pa per anllonl , plt.IiItle o Itli- tnr illy Il tdvLnce: ton dolloarn fr the ri-woekly Irlntrv pilper, payable one yeoar in advlance, whlore . :itV rtfreneI ie given.II No) Ia.iriltlnll will Ie disolnltinned until arrearnges are soetled. In case of di continuance, one weak's notice in writing must on invarlably given, previous to Il xp lration or sul~scription. ADv srtsuIbn.-)ioe dollar ornotlare for the firel insertinon, ani lilf lat price for oech eolrnrtlrl:t tone: in matenrial lteration frotlht O originnl odvertiem.ent ,ill be lhnrged al a new one. YrA.oILr ADvnRTinRs.--Merchanrs- and Tora 'r, arty dollars for Englislh aoe, nnd sixty Ior both Inn --ages Ilnnks, Isunrance OlficcH, nndother u isa r public tlsttltiontht, fifty dollnsr in Fruelith only, wI eighty for both Inngllnageu; Ship I.ndl Stlaoln!at Intr tore, rr CoUollisuiot totIIollttllo si0ly dollero iIa English no, andeighty for both iangnagos. IluoRat&05, Osreuno Nricrc.s, and nrtielcs rlll itg the naltnti ollof e pl bli to salllo (Ule ))r ,rtv, eards of pnassegere, teoelits &e. &e. will Ilr, oule ldollalr or square for the tet t ilsertio il ah ll gon Igo.. C )MMUNICATiontsl, ir Allver tiArllelell, IT nun tIor.,n. Ml nture, wtheln otissille, ohallt he chargedl dI.le, and in adlncen. A deduatiul of twenty.fie percernl. will Ihe mtod ! Aotcriloeers, aherft., IlLg.eesurNf Will.,.nlo tlelr.lhnlo n i ls oles of leal St I Iti. (llblldislt i i ll th t taIllluggll ., Iorll 10 l.r El.c t. ill nglll ls altle.: 1 1 p l (Ic ll s l, of othlr proteIrty. AnoIIVeTISeMyiNoi Otlt of hte direr linec oIf kllhin of rIe advertiler, sJ chdr I o e tlll, Iottill ont nnl t 11111i t o I nlle, rull way tlnv t, rlaly Ilillll , & . hl:. will Ie chlargeld I'or splIac l the . nrdnaruy rhols. AItYcaTISEMonlN i cifd1n toti iII00 Iw I u'lishrl) one nmnth, n ) h U i i.Ii:LraeldI IIlnrI"onIllylV t ou n d vert settsl of hnkrltit 's will hA pn rl s i an y e su ts t I e.rlc s filt r t rhtlv n. Illll e rltlill, or Ia.t n lla t nurt ltoel it y t rIrsptitl t lllh' i r0ll ia t Il.11. i I'II t eeros a otl t r I lljol. i ol lll l.sllloeII o iIvIrtI.ll 4lo0IW, and $1511 ill h botl,. . All I111 )1m n • , .i lll , o i, ll.: )lillalto liIII0 ofiN(.e will lie u re d dow le tie prier.. l" r iulv 1iin. hne ptot. liI 1 p or, l ures, t hev hlv rIOl lo e t (to 'l ll llll 11 .' I wi nll le Ithin I 1 mo 1nt ,vle IL OIl II(IIo , Shull h llll l 1, knuo a ('sO n f ea.r 0 iplodl i ulna to Il eIi r- -llrt y .1.1k a tingteilll t.-o otant Ita. It r I rb i n a t jlt IIei 1t nltitneuntr, odr l lain uetio heo erurIor tplanyine. (Sr l gned) J. 1'. Ito. Sr. II.R IS J. ItAtON, I'. 1ILEA, I.. P, Itl ENIII':I.GASI', JIttIN (lI tII; l N, I, tUSItIIN. riekly Prutes.-Ve, th. ound..deigIl, oagreel to abiel Ive rh oe Ineo coudilio ns, as for tl they are appli cblet to v ,I v l paper a ti o s. ro l 1 (igned) A. R. .AlWiE.lCl"., ol N etrilt br n non atke ir te teO Ihiuln dathe. Tr tter r alr, n II I 1 hen00 .0 1 e po st pni d. NOTICE TO TIlE PUB3I.IC.--Ifuimndod N rumltOrsl oie nttdrsigns eir.i ltvil li out, tr disco ti nel ae . old ,ttl trt ltg esilfli lahud GAt iDEN SEFE) SOItl ,, llavlnig bean most itndaelttrin ly drcl ottled I)y ct-If. interested partios, title mitsariher ittzl to astsre his frioont ge er lly, atlld Vth llie a)It l;t , Itg ,hiat lit e stll enltttatllr within two doors of Itl lt, oIc lort totr l t it, tO i'elirt tI wthtI'tit1bl llltl ex. tot ivio s pitll y of all Ii rl.t lnd ltrd thi Illkr fklih.tll or vegotabiht .a1d'.I ,.I..ti, ofl tio growth ali1 lol port of tile present season, 1837. S ,ioce the ealrly lort ol S t, I Ib ,rt !ti ho ie. rI. ceivet aottptn ralit Ihs, ty lilt), IssoelIt ,Ip., Viloksi hIrg, It b c yat tllhllA llt tlflteAcall r lld i til to ' passaget, direct frtnt Now York Ily the .11 -b ot t i nlall h ell pachoth·lel t s lI dal0 I'xp t.11 ton of a supIply o.f l raiit leres eat .!\Hlrlgll ILROtt, Iilbciogetlr eblll le r IceiV ttl. Itcba allrcof by) toail. The i. ubscrier b ge s f arther I no t saItrel 1 i,11 at large, ttat il o ie a+t pre e.l , Its wmt.1 1 t 'lhtl it I t r taiiistl nd oI teIel .iolrd er o a l lit I dl r It dr a ) 1.1l ~hood., eithl,,r whtlti o rti it rt,.11 , i.II ht Iv r o oineI Ii'first . ir 1 0111 . t1'l, . ik.t 1.1 1- r', i ] 22. ' 1Ountry Ieal rct tIo 111 .1.1rkrl (.irl 'l~ r Ir ll, tltdc. aote ea itwir . ll l ln fiat tl .1 I0,11:', .,x. 1, t . Ii.lll galll '.l 1110ll 0 8ll I [111 1 1 I lh'I - I i,', I I' . s i n y t h1 I to tb l tll.l. lO I a t lltit.!1 t . l .l I i 'l l ,' 1 1, , . uorual, to.11.11 :1 11 ai . i; r ll II rd ll llrrll)oon, 0.1 ( IIL lllll : .I, .I . sl i cl l d o r H a <in ; ll " i l Vi t t el i o l l h ,'t t , ; 1,'1" " di lle l hlerb,--wth a "oll li sI Itt 0 1 T lip llll l. IIV l~ 51. 11.111.)1,', ifl-; 11h1' 1 -I---, I l(,, I.I i l tit ell ,1 ile I 1 .1 "1 i d l (l 11,11.. .p.ti' 'lllt I , II, arllo . It It,).+ 111 , ,l m od ( . "l < li "l- l 11 ,i . , l, i, ,I ,,, . i, 1 1 i" 1, d" .Il',6"1r"1 n 1 1"d " 11 , . Oial tic olobtl tll W 1 ~ 1 l 1 0," 10 I , h ,, + ,I),, l I Ilnlhh , tr Ill 1 , i ,+i,, , , ih " 1 . . % 1/: t t~, '.lllf'.t llt .1 f il'l l t11" c 111". I1"~ I , , 11, : 11 a ", irett Lorhr, a"lo-illlll 1,llll, o,--att d Ia .ltri,-, 1 .:10 11 i.t t. t fi t tto tfi, eoherr l '1 ll,0 , 1' tla, it, 111, ," JogillmI opinil delt l no-mus o1t0he um -, I-,, the .1st rued bi y 1,I , wll s llll ltl,. m s 01(· " II h l - dluV t.P* h " i privateor pa ih2 u ol,h , I c.Iu c fr t li~e , l. f. t fo t' I, yeias fur Ihe vel " I , llII i S, i ll i r: II i , Loss ufu p lPpe InU" F"illlu l it e"v Ili-h'nt ll'm Sflhl , .Inn, tne:' i pai ill,,id Iled vii' , f I o3n , ,1 t' eatrl ioI u sleeplLrr ~eity eo f he Iowe [ us e, einl III Il arnes w lre blu gctllletU il r in , ha i i c11r1.1, r iris meUI n rerl n notOti, " n ItlliOli e I Ie ll' h of quack osu ilb 0 ow I liro I' publi , ies t i li, rte iveti ofuhial'o lp t i 11111 't 1 comIh li e: rlll'l | EIolme sver "ro lld : ed, nrlll it 11 , ' m el i ll itrs as ilurhao .l Iy lothe I . l t ur i "r r y i lll. II i. ugredlea, lElsu I 111to1' fie-e,L n1I ai. ISr limld ity 0t il"rt.lua w keeli tlt il lo t II,.l illlltrt w vinor In dI stireng uih tie r irdctll, Judge o hr e lill Sup e CourtI will, I fjnure ei t ew erolull,7t : tool xc . rln:--lr 111 o n llllr I h'adil It -id ltlra lit, I have Ibaetroull e l b. l r, I.r , ith Ir e ri. n'llcl fur le I lll)eu r ~l'l I I. loeI t lid s ev lnl l lic' ,Isve, } etII 1 I dtrle iwrl oll ever n l l io. n dw h lt reer olul ce11 I •do rU I r ml f rl i ldc'" I 1 L ,; r ie Itre I l, in lie. ad tm n liltoii"f l tslII fo n, ik .I tl, nu knowe nout bhoa o rai'" e.'lc, i iroti un f, i waa .rful virtries atildl the" zzli cw it II ., ip rtiornltme in r Orluri l Ihe Iurit ll t bnllh wl iuho l Ion , r l st. o hre .1.n d rep hb lf it oexi n h sll l ido . c o ur l xceldes ao thks fInr Iv hlessill you hav or : e elld oy rc dlorin m' to pLrrlect heialh. I rl vl um.lllll ,r JCOI1 tIO\I'.tI r .'agel'l Iii ill .i . ..ll ll F·PV' Ire lIItl lr e s' Il 1iu i . i l ai r I ! Ith1". e l i b iv, I ll lllll l l.l l vil )1. i ItO of 1this in , le. 0ll 1 h1 y _i__ill __hl __,et, a Ihe. .0I11,Vrls, I III ullnd .h'ct, U n. . TIllE ubshriber p-op,:sn s to prIolih, in IhC boe. ginnin t oll. .unrng l wnllnr, si olundbcsltltion it St itwey v of tIle Mid aund Naw Series oft marelts Louisina ileports, to hc cnnrisedp Iin fl mr vohtmes, 8., ecnlordillg to thO modeol of Ifers' i Conde,.ed eoports. 'ribs work is now in preparation by J. roll to lsarrion. Esqt, of thl oity, osrirtod by biilnilr F. lBand, Esq. 'lhe Editor is aiso iloeriioi by a distingoloiItel retired Judge of rho Supremre Court, aIld I1V oc oI Lite sitting irdges, to cxpoct fru)o lhelir piimltlol suI erviisioli il thie advantlng whlichi ulay naturally bet r-yed trom their expirincee. Suich a wurs is becomilg uvcry dry omore no. nesury, as thie origlllal IS vol ninnins, exlpnsivU oand renro. A incrIu.ii.g cutriosity too is aiall fbst. in tke otnl'r Stlltess of th Union, sir rferenul tk the pecliarirJlriIsIrideit of Lneina; ndUl the cire.llunstllO I tie roInlcrollo prlllncil s hlurel do cideo illo li adjustllent of I:rloflicotsf I1\. s, mllkas tie knuwlcdge of our adjledged c:oes of' rime uti ity uto thtojorito of thle wholeo Union. tererov.i, the riring repulic of Texas har adoptelod our codes, aol tllau there is itrlet delll lll for the Lolliilana drcisiolns front air.esh qfartrIlele Collruen-iolol oIrco, illlilno;lillg tle Insrlnlsi corer decidod in tsLiillna, arriui OcIaiolinOlly those In till' loro. authoritative torumllll of Lhe othcr t.iLnts, will OO added to me Ol cas. 'Tru woru will t.rill loner volulnm., royal oc1eav,. and will heo diovered, blound, to sulnser.bnrs It :$Ii per vol.; it c0l0o t t shorl. h Ire foult!Ii to gomproso it into thrkee volinure, ilith p1-ie o 1 ll } lt tl .'7 per vol. 8abscripaionusett elved by \VM Sl\,,l2; VN, NEW OULE&N, Steam and Patent BisJcit iBaJkery-Wiaters and Hillman. No. 90, .loronu (Ioor the h'ottlr.o rtroin Itor Intod.) Pilot and Navy Broed, aIdlt and in la Iliseit, Sugar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above articles ar t warrante:l to be of the first quality, and to keop in any climate, being dolnplotely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn moeal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and, Jr. corner Magazino and IPydras streots, will rcceive prompt attention. SamllI kogs put op expreely for fhmily use. 15nov coin by G. I)() I·1F( Al ll nt--)7110 kll rrrls N i4ritr tnri e · rbil -llli : !)ti-'2\i; i+ l, u I )Imd. t krll of 7. tw ee till I'.r i k l r rlil, 4 ... ., t rr 1 •r1 i tos lt.tit5 dt, " l .l\.)i 1.1",5--? i lll,.. l ¢ ,: . --lll .. . ....ll , or i ri ' ' ,5' T rk 20 t l, prim t' . 1~ r i t i yr rr111o t1: 1 rtylll, .1il to t 111 . k ll r 1 t1 . .NI I .l !' ,'.-- '.Il1 I ol:;l,. fllgr il (' jll, ', Ior t le llll andiel 1 l ! l , I! I i \t 1,ar1' br'rb and 1 .1 t " w. " 11 tired oer < f st her sy, i - Ie 3 \l Icilhl -io o , l n l ,-- sii,, a t,' -al ni t 01 1 , , 1 I Ii I I , i t n' Iv , l rid ima it h r11 "1 l l r lt \ i i ll l , l i llt .r ' I 'II i lrn 1, i'. o o .i ir a , o , ll.I tIIh I IIiiv, rl " I r ll ir .It hr l i ifbtl l h r 11 sen - h i'n l ' Id lie .11" ioii t f or (I1.. IIII :1i11r:',",1. nlr 1 fhl . d or c oirl tire ito (b and \ T orir. ' 1 1 Tlll l Ic lllll -i I oll dl ]htitt (fh. lll n r i. u ' t1 n, will g r in i, nt. ien n irv f O - bI r, i11 the . ...I. o tln t ry f til, h ,,t' r hurcli i h, t (Jl.lllh IAN tNllrltllAlNlr A 111 tN1wtJ t ;ll.)prI 1 1 I .1 to trotN it tr rrit t: r oll ol Ii roi-in'll o tll l l l O:lr it, L u 1 ,1 l Ia iiti 1te d lli eI'he Th,' \11l l lI 1'tliO il 1 1. h 1r oo .1o i i i. i "lll ll rI will ,1,n roIe plre ielll rIt1 Ie fIll l Tn1 n , ,hdi n,- o f;li t I1% : t r dnto ip. r riott ! I UIIANI 1 \ A I TU111. otllooil Ir.rlt l e r i , r l • men, a IIII Ilwi inhtitt"Itl o trnllol li t n i rtt Ih 2' il II II l oIr in t it ,(r , \n or i a\- l P il p. I +I O1 t L 11r i of tolr al hl Illlp rlll, IIa a ' e 11 .11, h. it e l'f lvliP ýL i' o +Ig le w hoI. .",ll r.I ,1 III wn I ngI .li , ,rlll el a nit ilt n In fii tII t fnrlloit.ntr i ,f hl illl tth SI llilrll l I Il t II . i NI I i i w i t 'l llllir h lll iN I ll' lhi l l 1 11 ' Ci l l e.t )I i I' 1 11.11% -,-1f I t Ii itf7, '2 . The Illh \('i.1.\ i lll i e .I 1 11'111)1,S05 1':-,l. Newl1)r le. . . 1'1. . ir i l, , l I%" I TII'I. b m ! + 1.. , ),', ,' '"l .li ) iI I'I' l ,. 14rll h pi - , . i .lvi,_ tI , t, In t I/lll ll l " i, . ~-I i l : r ,re ' I ldo. tIh . a iI tr'it i . I' t r. iti t . h.' ot. h, . r I I.t . ,i t lll ll' t I1 :1111 - , t I ) l 111t1i I ( ll ih l Ir . I . n il I I.ýý , "In, :'!:,I i. l'"Inn .emu1 J I , "r+ 1I.tI I A N . ,Y ., . If, 1P ý 11 .1 .' 1 .' ^ I'. . 11+. ,1 ý " -: 'I ' .1 , l . I+, ,/ sorI-lll fll It oo 'll h l 'll oth ,II-, I, i vi'w iv'- 11 1tt'iit tattt.ttt v-tad I, I lllrr - , 1r. lllw I I Ii ,l lll i ll ll 'oa , 1 1 " II a t 1 F . di ll ' ll t, I n lln'li l ,' t . l _ ,r lll .I i ll t l- e. o- e··l / tar .ale by " j It 1' , 4I :J1 w I '. I I IIi 1. 111:1( , -;1 IIIr . I, I h s Ia1 G IIIoa11 lll(·l. , V 11 1x11' r lll) tr 9i \L.' l ic ' t Jt 14.1T I1 I· t I\ r( 1, I.t d.IAtl .I"-Cour du lrtu'Ier a i(:l',ll','l' r~' ll ,'r1 te:a , d' IIa'r l e,ttaux & Io-ta ta . l.l j hniOi r, t.' Jo,, rn , 1 hllllnv n.',r .ili re Uoeel nolllx t~o t . - I , l m l , 1t III Sh, h , n t, o d " Ia'-lui"lnt'rait :t to o ah, h .. ,,t a h i Hon1 harl'a en I. .11 ua, J- tdp e. NoI. lrtt 8 o' ewallton' ' Itsic 'hIrs I, ,ir i and Ii e crle. I it orl llt no .J pi It e tii dlltt I I an ', i , I I l Iut Ii n!e n7 l' IIl)Ilel, l, p uro o 11 s.ll .r i I I'.\'I'1"l( ' II! I. JilH N ,-I, l-I t'- tt.l - i-U uu i-ia I hir ,llu'ih l t t oil Ny timf lle HI & Ins-eli ,a, i thll Kitichauda . hi tee litor- I- od the redi tors if t f i1 it " t is l clltu el .'d y. I lhel u 1 h Tr II to t llTli h tl 'rll lltll t! lin , credi'torl , i loh (i to 1l . IIt i aI ll',h t Ih11 ll | Ilnd Ieth ll m a d,t liit1c lh Iallc I t ·o Iilto r , I I, il 'Ind l , . th e arunI n butt, a ll Foser dia pl noti ii L t fe i N'. t tdIl, le l- I il I, ll lill lIik 8 IC lel.llllllT hl ir ll: i ill l ,( ti/ tlnI . (. ' (·-i lwh jll l I Ir it J hl"I ' o AN Y 1 t. l il, I OT,, 1 · i lln t a - Tlr Alv e OF 1i't 1 oBlllh. ill 111.i Frsllmtl J inl er , v. I ll It: I tll t h - I -a tal ll orl r tl Inl I I sl III rt+ Itl< Ill, t S to. Ir£ ( ardt rt Iof th e tlllal r( ilo vrn are npla ioled It, In prrsell Ow '',e r Int r eoditt- ' l ill, i ' 4l0 e t lll t lh llA lll ' l it i". . I" pI hn l rlallll i r I t l .l .tlr e f llt l t I tI I tilthR,1 . , ate r , ' q lh l' l r ol e II CO FII I llXN , wI~ 'l al. Ih hll e il il lh IIn Ill t , ri i IIIrec Iil th i le cor .: III I l rJ d l l I 1 I I IV , Il Jrll ltl .Ir I I ('t a,'? 1,, 'jlf'_'lll P rtil . udirial In nrlht "ý1 11l' tll 1(11. l :' ( 1 1h:. 1 I I le ll el+ls I'o . l ir r, a elt l"Z -,ll;tat It I-aa Ivre.' v I rlIl ,\t tha, Ilv ; ',ll ' , t ' whI , a\id I'b I 'a ll, ·' ], i(rd . II'll h l I l.lojg d .l uo lll. )lll !i :lr, I. 1 1, [UI'i' N V ,il- oi u Illoli l ' rII'I: o111 (avion o " ill l t. n Inhft i lr l It at l ·11 llhllr Illp· d, ~ I i ' ilrtS rl'l;r h 1 . if ',ia .t i It~ . t jsi r I 'l II -I ,l, , i iH - l~ r l l E. T I of 'ir i t s rnent rt I _o t .llt i , p nthio h l tin''l . Ilno sr.rtl e ly lh Ir I e 0f it iM. l e P rC h i lr lro ml r ,il a vl n r llro tRltol bI hri ton th l Ite foi i , hi, Nh,: 11 Se" I bIInilY I recoil 't l el a ,iii .P tIeye .Ir b rlll ' llil'. evenll r) =islt'.: a1 it((.io . il :(vtliil tits aPU1 d s oe,,(l- sI e,, I ,i the ir il \ llo h- r tll r i IIte r t s o I f.e llrtl e it ill r 11rt bei . I lv n -ho , II, I ,"it tl t f "int i. itln i w h ,r .Ii h-e theru lo"'t f l:is hnir. I rtII fllth a11id-a net sirs I TTONf ,T'ove)IIr ,~lee' t frrI 'i;:: iii t tttt. ill ,I Sfi: I i IItI. tr," -"r s i 1llili I t ni'h l I. ll rfli n :c r l, I ý,, i, ro ,,dr llrY t i l il l y' l 'I- - i t hIll FI' i l 11-¢2 \ ýl ", ',,, = , """t: i Ill 'o, lV,: i l nl lie,-v It r lv eW ,ibiiyi . , in -ip nlmu e i r l yd i Id i rnlit', IoW l t r Il pr aq.'h'tor:." I. e t- it"t tii , lh:--!IT Rtltli t 1,; rhill . n, ntr . ,i r of Jt i " I t I ( mr l li l ) illl l( " TV ,Ih llo, ~ro,, Imr i I teIon tf lllt, itrlp t , i' i i\ ie nif it tr I h 1I tr i ,11 d I rPI ,rnrd ( , hý"t: by r A . ;rv 1, V . ha veil SM,! I . m:.. 6111l it hi1ghly0 & 1 s ),,, n iN LL tlN LL ' i.r,, 1...I.I:. e I f ive, i I I ,Io t tit o ' t. i t Iv ; l l tt i ri Ti lt t ,1iti i 111\', t P t' 11 .rl)i I t ti , 1,. . 1I i' h O7 I 1I , li.: I 48iPr-' tt o-. .Iln .si lts ' ofr l !Ing) lll? . (I ) Iof ll th , wh a I I 'l i! ` ,' '1'H lI)} t i '.'. I' t(ng o llll "r. I t i I It i" 111o ito that l ire ctit l ha, h -ni e , 'r noil1r., th Iin lll vr ll·. 0f 12o , 1 1 , : l n ot It I Ill :l(-llll i I . . i , n n n n 'v . I l'c a'hir e n i .:l, hin e t t int t 11, |in ; i. I \\ to"l. Ihtvor of nsl ll s l l"il f )l l'hjll .,I"" ohfn, teo ditrrhv re ilv. Ithnt I a, ,. l r l ;ii tr let,. a I) per- on . of hI e ks t P PI ne ,ac, and ir." r1 I h !_ 1 ;n, . ke , tllf , tI; y 1 trInIIn," , tr nt t' lh(I, mh d d C' C sIIIck hill rrrdit C oll i dll a h 'l I . , il ! ,' -niI lrlm r ll,.t * e htl wnli, w,, wh it fI' b:I t ll h illlna lllO -a ,to ll V i i - -l h ,d o,, .ol 0 "uti s o .;:1 t h e p Ir ,I ti, so w ll ct ' c! of' m it, ll cy tha t , ,\ r. " 1|,- ,1 ".ý tl ltl ';l'I' X lt-· tI \llT . t.·1 r. - I) 1) I tal\ I: llvr h h¢Hlhn oll ht, tl' lt llllh1in lllit '1" I o sple ndi ~ ll vr cll il v el' , i r oi l whi,. h iv 1 ti , u ' Ilil bll n tho 'n in nc dnce: l 'l w( i t hi i i o a b no:IltI, -lh-et I" I d , I , /th", t ll IoIf l ia'n r , io n ig At 1 Lt R .010 ,-Is t hr <NAlhh . ew b bi. . :lll 'I'I:. i reu h ur , i, il I." tha fr sito.l y " ltl. I".I: I - , I I" :n it,, is tl l t ;ll ! i ll'· illl t h[]I1 cI o rI n Irl} a lll:I ' II Itrl" 1:11 0(I' t lllJr lr I ,o !I inth , up I. . I.,' et ih o,,I . , ,l fron .II re f r .. h ti( isi It Tlierh,lil, ;,iIi m r 1 :i l:o In~ ol-+f,' n it~lvdiv ,l , ili+,ll.ii ll t II. IPly wl ith ltit., I ,~-1 " 'IhJI trl " rllr :I, tr 1,a r : i d 1".::,I'1S0"0-, I t I ' ll .... .... I I 'li T ,i ............... .. poI I ... ill . ........... I .IL) ] ...I .... I , : :I"lll Ill J,, II Citirht~ l_ T1' huI h. lI lh I, 1 lrlves. ri le lrill , llar.. Ini lill 'i. li, lh l i i nshlJ ·Illl .ll hill , -4,til ' 'i . l [tlc, tril,+ lle .'," it , r . npI,,h nliOu It li a/ llllulý.:l"lll .l, "- I.,' 111: litoa ,, f: ,\ , 110 11 , tt i h ;I'd '' i., ' of Hoo'r 1'" ,+ , ,l , : I. . {,,, i t!," i jr5 "T. W. 83IlTll, 48 Conti tit. J1 0111AI) &h CO'.S Iliston and New (Orleans - Li c of Palcet Shilps.-Thls view line ol ships has Ibeon expre,.ly built to run between the a bov ports, and wll be |,ound of' suItL.L- dr.d In \a. aer: accolllllllm ationls tho pt u scngers, n:ld ,very ellbrt w al IIo madeIhi a to giive goneal lati atlion, T''l hne is compla sed i thfo l ta It, ii ,ihips: (haiin:kto, .41i5 toi ('pt. J II irding, CarolIna, ii 1)i do I ldernls*, ('hat111,sto1 , 374 do I) lhirndge, (C lllli anla, (i5 1 do liarl er, su;ua;n, 21I0 de J.l itIwe, ' lbamblay, d25 ro D , umphrey. The albove ships are all now, or tilhe flirt Ia', coppiir Lialid and l oppired, commanded by ntl o* great experience, htve large accitah.on !lt,, with a separate hulnes cabi; evory aattelti ,, iii hi paud to palstngurs, and tho ve.ry . st of start", lin videdI for thei. The. packet will b twed up and 1tdo1 t thn ,lis .siss pil , and lhe strictest pllnct'a lit y l setrvad : Hilt tllle of sailing, and! should th o ti .I.,r Jul ,,:l beI detained ill arrlvi in , other .shi lllp ,p ly a, g wlI in a all cases be subntituted. A share ii I.paLroi an,,n i ns o'icited, and th ie agenti s plt.dgi L I , i 'vte to ; i n aal ', iaai am aasl . pt: i' ,ii' and fbrwarJ -:,od . y , I.1 r ,: .1-. mtld,'r. ani ' carge ,s, anoi Iadv.hIa I allta lt, lin-m. 00 , ,: I a'III .slltl:: < 1 leave the 1st and · hh d"of everyy o nll h. or f 'rei ght {t r I 'g , I l , o l l' e eg ,:ll t J A. 3111' 1 111 1, ed +,.olnou, st.. N . B. A ldvn, 11 en t l ,tos ade o coni aLign l le.. to to 1..'1ssrs. A. .C. Lomdbard & Co. . i in +_ t i-I . i, a, l i . h ad.- , ! 1i ' % a Inam t i ii, mriih im,, h i. ; I, ; in e aa .1 t`~- toI . , amn etit litann inatet, l feel,a aua m, a inhale it, le m etel d ia .'m York.. \ Iw b.rrel- -1hie I'o,,t\ sp ,lh);rl - . (. leti \1 a-t,.ril 0000 her tost toi I;t li: ,"i^ etl 01t, e+ t- i vil1e r ti l 01i ii h dtii l ll. t. iii ulip 0 ,i ,tm 0., ht ri 1 f ea;., tu.' as J pdi end ,. ' h ,~ ,h t,. rel, 111€ i ~rcat \\'e-!,', t. , ldeed tlht p:il<o- u e l 00111 bto t. lhr L i t' ll. h l Ip, witcsf h.' , it of, L oueld I, r c a l nl , " lp y to, 8 1.1 ) 'K ' I ', ?,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~1 ]..ll+.b[.lll}+4Jli:1 ,!L\.'h (-~I I11 .ORRIOItIUOI i). A , Y 'S L IN E NT: ' .- N uo F .w li .. .- T. h i .. t n trordi n ry chcl n t iect t aoolt .ltlt llt , r l ti'illr'ti of sci nce, and i,, nvnt n ~ l Cl'llll il ,ll c.h ratbed mlnrrf ca e itn, the inttrodut ' n oft which to tie puibl was invented rwith t(he ro lllirllnll Ilof It de anrd i bequ nest, has sineof:t ailln ( t r . c lltr ;amllparal l., ,d, fulily sustaining t he corrieltoris ofi the l.ll net'ld 1)r Gridley's Ia-t ,nt, that " he darrl not die withiout givint to posterty Lithe , of l knowhltdg nonl t ois laihjtc c," and hl i, rcli h.qniuatited to tin tint! and tirtoldan.nt, Solomon Ilays, the secret of iln discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private prai tic in our countryo', Iirst and m st aL cortainly thar the colr on' the lFbs, atld so t xi t sively al(d otlctually :s to b l credulity, unho t fl, its neol s are w.t.cs. d Externally in th, l!nwing complaintip i l: " ftor tIrolpy-(re rting rxlriordiinary lnsorptron All Swoellings--Rcaering them in a few htours ltRhoumtnati.nt-Acute r Chronic, giving qutck! Sore Thront-Ely C('atcs, UIers re Cols Croup and Wlnaoping Coot.ri-11xt' rnllty, :tnd over the Ciest. All Beruts', Sprtljr -,ir ;r il 1 [ Irm-Crln l g i:, a Sores and Uice ra--- :ln th, r I- r I ! og n statrnug, and fuvr r. Its operations upon adhl.? i w] ri r i r,!ic ing rheumalir, tivc w ,lh s, :tI, oi ,. , is, . l. I,, :.: " I htigh. oe is of t mhe ci,. t 'y Li u ,r , I lhas bel.)l s urprisue heo nld l " ' I 'L't P'iit" is " It t o::. 0. a helw.1,..s t'HaEI Pt I SS-The ptricr, . 1 I " r dn to lle, i. p rsn who will , a ith, I ,t In.a . . , llr th11e f'it , tdl r( crnl tItI" owpty 1 t ;vl lly , I'<,m h b ngl unfurld. T'lhes are thi I, d, '. , . ,( pro pr utor to the Ae'ntl s an;d a lt of int thun. sands sold, not olne has It,' .lr) 1..' itt t might ins rt :r llill. :, l, .1, nn , CAUTION- No t e l"ll li, l l I y ni, llt ttit t i splendid engraved wralp,'r, on ;t,' h t ,ny nialme, t, a t also thatt of thu Agtnl.s. bOLONION IO AY:. Sold wholesale a l r. tatil, by COMi't t : K , ('o, Now York, and by one Druggist in ":wvry itow in the Union. For sale by .::r i ht.lesd Agents, corner of i Comnon l & "Taritouaptlas stroct, nod by tile Aputhcarius gelncrally, jib30 I x1'"1" '' 1 'f I1.% 1 \W 1ý ,i -- u d 1'a', ' ;1F, - ('u eh 5 o',- t tI A t l . n i t iti ,l r- h i i -it.i - It a t lii ' |'il tru , l ' 1'V ',, .:. \lt,', ,,li s, ,. -->,'-- l l" l·'d IIa, k II, l. : i. ,, ,, , , r, . iIl,ll,]<.t lll . it.-S ur Ir t . r ll l i, - r l ll'lell r llot rut it, I t - "t titi n - Ih dr, y ,h, m i c r Itii ·. i'itlqlrii 'h' nit li: > I& , ,in,. ct:, ni t, " i ,,il .I , 1 , it l i ' l [ I: i il; l\ I , l. , i ll ' lt " N i lil I ~ I I ll I'- 1 1,il aIll eslt t l 11 ;, 4 01prs ''O., " :aunt atll l:ro- ; O.f 1,. I'·.I I 1· ' I·I1I · I, lll )l,,' l"ll rl~lW ..- ; i '- ,',1 I1<1 1. ul A I.: !'i i i, ii I t. ii , . ' < :lion. , It "I , ,: .. . . \ r I; , , , i), \.<;, .. . , it llncr h ol I t,. l , .h ,a I II, Ih-' I ,, I.f i i .: \,. 1 :5a It,111.i," Ig . ity . t ljI .o , I; I-i !'t r'.-t. Ih tI hrtlit , illl , i l I . ,i I I Iý" /rla ,t uii I,,ke, pl lco l I llrll ¢,oq i· ¢ i. Iii,',i .,,1 II, . ,i i,.. IT 1:ri lol, l . /i ) ' : h i. i lll:llt'll I ,, I, ,iv ,' -i , ' f". a...I i., I, ' I:' , i.. .;" die It i t tlt a .t . it , I ' I r 1 1 h '.'t li, 1 .. n i ,1 ,n'11 I . . ! ,' !.. t , tlan i , Iii. I1 ' i, aI . i t h. i, I,. ) I, a tatun I . NN I S Ir -o) A i t'll i , , ,.rh' l .h1 ,1,.1 C \s ) :'-1,0 , k \ V ] F 'i..u , i. , i 111 I )R an';\V,. 11111 ot f all Am .O r l i .,,r. , a :,ll •r I lwr h'r- ti ll.s d Ih,' I,'th ,' Ito I . , - , no. W , , rie I.'v I( t, " 1:1 ' -. ' ,1 i ', i )1 rI. Il . trrittllrr i rItit tl t l t. . . , alt a rS· au o -111 11.;. i at ,10 i i . ,.t , r, · 1 \, '':, .j.-Illl ,rtil -.: ) ( t , ' 1 . l ...I . ',:I Ir I l-t,: \' .\` . \','I " ,.' .t'li:". '7,.': ,1. i l too :. Si, . 1,t I,,I. . I '1,t i' ' v .' 1 ,. ' 1'.. . i [i ll. l.- ' i t.iat l t , t I ;icr, ' l ; .`. \l o !....... l ; :, t ,i' if ), ",''t]"'" , 1 ,le rr liV :i -1 - i ll l \,\ll' 11t lco' Ir h ;iX ' , I i :S I) I-\I lil,,-.\:lN~st 1ii ' ! 111: ri, , I !1, ,1 I "l,, , , 'I ; .\ i,. ' I 1'.- IS , I 11-.:I . 1 .-< -1,.:. . (, ' ' I,, l - 'l ' A l \I; I I, 1. 1 1 \\ ni i I'. I ·1 1 , I ýI[ "to l P I·lllii llI/ ( 114. 1 I Itin l'i- !ii.i I·· I\ II II - I·I(:.I-. - IN:,~ ~·· i !r , - I 1'r~irr ý,r i ·. I' lin, il: :tr .! ;,:..r Pok:I"t : r ,, ý"l t'Ir r ir. , it H li',l ,r D . , 11 .x, 111]. litor :.u11 Iur oir.-r .,tcl I , .no::,,tI -t .l. h, 1, lit,,d fr'.en 8Xl i III t t:;: 3; I " ,,l i, . ,,-h Ih,, I. l , ...." , : i-,11 Id- {d econ !air , ill -''i '1 11 l ll , ; l l b r lle it -i] -r. F al n i- I: ; li, tllo l illrk in J - i n!,, ,::d ,,'nlil " hiu e; ill ,'l. !To d o': ; white o is '. u wax;en n unr and . hu-," , choice a \..:., for .al,,.thoi,-<.l1'+ iti reItail at tilt r Ipruice , b n iy r : 9it.l) c r. . f, im: i r t ) i I di.i i ''1C" r; l'a att n 'L; !?2 A t t nn. I n n a 'I' 't I 'n ''r ,.n . . ," t ,i',n " , . t I"h , the lntlh I ll i ti - h ,,.rrle rl. l it i, ,"l'i:, 1 u'n al n l'iacn ln lug T''h' I . Inl.'r I hliarv , ne tt+na e if I' I t I. + at llrtlt nI III, r " .l ed,.i+t,,hl i arl di^tl ll" t flhe i, honn:. the work , .,i: i t , , i t.'· hv tll nllll r ,i I"-~o III '!I+* l . t t t h' r coil -. i, ` I,, "+ , rl * ; i n it. In It Iln. till' it n, S, I : , i l' i 1, . . . .nd . I n -, i.d dollar:, , '. . , ." w ', ,,, ,nU Ii 'n thitrtn yr , .," - .r ;,, a . +- . :"i," . , l thr..i··: r· i.t,,r 11:.+t il I , n ..I <, , ; ,I, h ilr p l i, , :h i;,_ to u, 1pr ,ilu + r t l-- ltt' -- hl i ' ,.l... 1v , . o,, treati<i o iit it , '.. l. , r', '.' ' ' . ' o publi n;e g i tl i Sti . . I',: i p a vte i--yI ,;,, e t l ir ~c .ih[at ro' I o i I I .,ll r I,. : c. ,', ! lt I I, .l i l mlelkl it; ,ti ..I ". ,.,il :n.i.. .. . , i. ,:ri nnlt i. tile i ni i .; l I, i nn . I l, Is r ini. n In a lI lll " t I ', ' ", ' ji ,, ,, ' _ . ri, .l ,, i Ira ii^ . r' ;' ,s + , i, ( k-I Iv ,-ip,,;,l - t ;;nl I!il n l; tl l + II , 'I+P illl di of it x+ ,,lh l,:::I · I !;, r t · hl+ l- rl . I l inn I . tiliot. t 'I'I'i''nL\n, I T I, ouhl I, .::" -tre I ,1pl: lr ill u it " tlll,+tic :v rit l -it , , t it, lh, :ib "I·.'r,'a :, . t h, It.K {' l.hItn' n IS llln i ln n in ordi tn In ,r.'v tI+ ntlniirmt Jamndmenl lt, whih hnvr h.en h"",: t h I:. .t I. . lli n, thll, hin nnn It:li dIe n i. S t ,, v the - rt. '"I, ! inl theri.r htvu seo u . i ed, | r the t'''r:ti tut iirli. d, :e ! Ir editorir departmi ent o theln . n or'I t . Tll % h 'll t. r : ; ..:l hi, lnil.", p i th e Cl s r, and it S oh1 i., b, .Ii I.,, hin u ll" t'l n, in .t d bi t bnnp !,ly 1it t t Iliy c llthr Ie . th : .lll. .'. h, IIr.. |nthlte 1.--h'itl d l, r i t,:0 4ip 1B II I ,':.t ,lt rlt v .1'- v' ltrlt Io I .1 public; it ,, i. 1 ,'b , > ;, It ', f iIl'''am is t's I 1irOI tl i t, n ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ _ ,,. , l ''1,,opt Itý'r. .iv I, . ' . N ii) I' I' I I\ \I' N N ih''R LI1 I,' zo·dI-ý ý, ý r · l . ,l iiatýI",i ,. . ,;. L. ·~·; ,.~.. ~ ~ it 'j, ,. - :1 : . .. ·II.: ·:. ili- ~ Il ~·:: 111 .1 ii Iit , A 1 '/( Nit I ll. "A L i ".11 OF \tllj II '% CIt IF I J0 1\ (',,,,ropormi h 'trucl of |' aolI - ,:u: l S:I rs L luariia -A .v rI:.n, sale, :1nd t nest c lis t (t I d . I:. 1,dv ('-te !r i r If ' l h, rue a ,lf t i ni, (;h' io, i " n Dthe publit, i the prl priet " hl.l; I hll5I ti rle i hir to h .l(nr tlerl ri.Oi.,n- l t fli itlL biullt ts l m elin l , tl It . ll I e ( c tlit :tI (i tt il ttt Iit. ,lri l , I tu ' ( Ifit r . .... II .. ti ( It.: ,mn of CopI atl IbIa, s|o erix l l I( Iusd, tf I'L'{llh. - 1 ne l k iter a bern I- dlhi 11hh'h N'lhtll" ·'l']. I Ss(' .,t-s (I ,.{g d ruI i its h :i'i" :. 1 ,I , i. :, " I l I'(ht . c,* i h I o~. [ls I0,,1 i t... il it, Inl r: tt+,'l't' w!1 il ] to i ' th it",,v t. iou , im. l rile , in, , t! I, -c. . :, . '. 0I , S Inui .ing,.r hd su tlr o ig m ,h l iw ,I tho !1,n -:, l"et th poý, ic :t the ( m i e li- I i , coti I t mINi teel I t'll ;t t iel.lh i' il' (ill ' h i if th1 ll IIilo l ilvs. T heI i " I .I cil " .ih, l'" IIl ihllr ill thi eeonrsl . itnl ! d,;- !i , r,'1ll , p l :lll-lt l ll ' :.,1 ",: .l~ic,:t0, t ti. eo .t, ipr tulh,$4:; oit ,.". , t ( ' If sllh.i tlg, : s6 u., ssi., tlhw Innolll l tll !lit tLespit'(:,ll 0,, " .I:,t rll e s ll*0lli he n rli e rilt' ulle'ih l: tIeII uhI u,t' Ii r t " it, I, tl,.: ai lituttt red ttitht t h: I iri, h e I.i i , i l ! ! Silhl llhove Ii.+'lll i T.L"'" tost.ri;l j,( ".i'i:l, ]II r eons of Ih, . p~resui ut t prlolation in tIr of i:,rs :.i l t t tll prirnilal h tol i:dt t id p ii, 1ch i t:li o h:5 tie i Ul still -ONlin ..,. .1'. - 'i , c. i , i,, i :t" u ) rlh.l'll - slilh IO w l , ct , , l; 1)" Ahern, Ir: tll I ,: t lr .i :xtl lc l ,h, : i,! ht c i--u t ' e' t ttp'1 i I i ,. u i rxl; frlOim l t, dis1m ck l tlr,1 itac ilvl, !i:i,.tit Ili;lst It n . Ii aht A Trg I l mon l e s.ll , It the tot tlwd c i my.. i ll, t thel Sarie mty of e:Be bothb m l~e fn0,,;nate, in·)r u it lts t,! hoeilru i, hi gh, rh- itu rbtl, th.. h t , ,i raot h in it 1,h It (pr, I u tac tiel iti Ine o + t nt l b ul . to o ! h .It ale .vi r ., : t r . ofTr'e to et h Ie.uli c w ictl 1 - i.'i' ,l l a reahct Irelml'(>l ,) J L1 '1 hoii1, l n.,is ..i.. . VI ;'c 1 50 el-.T plit. 'I.TI t1ti N itt! I-.,S. I"r mi', A 11 1p , . I n I :s!, Y' In St II.'i illl to suc I ' Xlt Tiu n s I os p ia, - it It mIi n ot Sur us l. - Th , J hie! . Ihaveum:,0,', mll' I·'i, '! !"i". 'a t h'i :r.,riot) of':ief " oth 1 1lll h.r mh, mah lnn ll iln itil -ll-Lt 1 % :vile o e s ii) isttts hit 'c c h . n h t oi nolgIll n to e f he i !E trul :pi l re ile bi tll-i: I ,, 'rll ' IXt i. ever- 1t- rodt to th pubti i ,Due in ih, { p ieul1t' , *t roITt lt t a . e. r PIerom 11 u l 1 1 t lna M fiGS, Phvl tiilii t e Ir lht , ) .1 .l't ttht ltt tt) it 't 1, 1t-k ol v Ip easo,,' ht a'Ii toI lt. I o.iit Itot l' t S l eih li sl. e uch. ia. r ll ( inll m i( ; i t U l s :uh rea:l l : itw u w t itul/' tie Sl, uii(fco mlu at" i o sn s prhe.h h:t. .'il>: I!~ f !1int .-t heI e:hol e diswles, ais hills'sakt se nr lh . t I;Ins 0~,1" 1") t it, k -lti it) hl frillyliyipneilll Il lld. n '| Ihlt sut'ite' } ily s a "t. Augsut amp - liy L d i oluil h 1", : vuu ti [ l " r,,n i.i Al .'to, C dri v s r n115Y (7,I &C. 442e. (a C., rý .!ho i n, t cli, li l ,i Ihhc'~ l ; ,litS " , suer rat.W 1, t.I, 1, 1: ;..[J tl l g h i II, t i" t .t, i" : 1 iiml -l i iit ,l h i :l I i C,. lh' ih , i 1 il It l l: I ot pi!,d. t c tl t ih ieo III , lle ] t:il, it i I I1+", tl ll t 01,or ,0 . li m , dill in ar ,, Ins!.,hlti,. o ,,r iis illl. , ,t F ennt I, MThanpon , .i I 1)1' It S . d S l i, ri ns to t , ,1 i o 0," . h i, .....ill ....... , t . ..i ....h..l I' "l[t r so lU t h" in t lill "I i s :I t ' ' <eo h u 'i n , I h {' o r ý 1 :,t !u b :lsi n b Vchere it nt d.-,r , wr p ( Ir c u0 l u1 r1 'il'rd iSl sri h \in ~ I, i ll i iit I iIlx t. I ' IhIII ' t " ý t lls i't"lCll linl, :"" t1: 1, ) 1h1s 1 I.llli',l;; l i :t II1 s - .n \l· ieli ll'.1t i(llrclh , ,, mad hle take, luh,,. I':d,, ,,,I t, 1 Or C, il,"!r · i 'l ' lt l l from h0,, ess ;1'ra.'e·llrs_es u i.all) Dlil nit, 1 i n Ii .ll -.n t' ,: , ý 1,1. ._ 0In ( 1I IInI!III) l: rl :tr' . (Ij /)(iiill? ( Ihi post-tiicc.: B X~ u_. '"laouly II c",vmvv ~ m Itrtc L",r:,, i"1 ^:I"ýc Y ork, :Ind trill I:·1IV rL " 1 1I'I1 I l;V t Ili· A I, t t ii , Anv~~~nemii m liv.1,, , I A. viA Vt, tv.-..i\ i..i.& N ''ii' .4.. Ih. rt11 It · i 1i . 1' . . i. Yorki & Baltimore racketq Sa 'pu 'll rilt NEW YQld,.-Now Line. - -'l'o s.ol Ipnctually every solrald Monday -:rin, '-' ýea un, full or not full. Sti.p (lua., 599!) lonils Capt. S. Searsi Ship Alahna, 474 do C C. C.errv, '.:;,n Ark;:tna ,, 6127 do E S Dennis, "."l, r..tugn, 512 do W Ilatlhaway p N..svile, 5.ll do 1) Jackson, I "lip lienlucky, ()iND do J Bunker T'. :iove thtp, are of thle first elars. coppered, n, r corper thrt al, It d havoing been built in New Vrk ex, re.l lir ethti tradetr, they are of light riflt olf h it r llll almost mvariably eross the bar aiutl :tlrany dltrrllion. 'filel conlnanderr are mnl oI rreat exper nce. t ld thle thips will always be twed , p and dlown the Miss.iss.ppi by steanmlbela ThI, hv Iahotllme furnlislled accomnrodations, !ot s t.the t lt 1h.t d.crlpllrtrn will always be f . T he ct 1 in passage • . is a D a w ithout ,+:r, ancd thee is nto liquor ftrnished to , ~ir- nor cr\vel. Fr friht ol rr parlssge apply , t II) U A ll-S, 45 C:anlp at. 'T,.ils a re nor t accountabll flor breakage of i hoJow warte, maroetlt or granite, cooperage of t,)+ ,,, r, st ofin t n or steel, nor responlsiblo for any I,'ckage or fIt ric , Itnleris a regular bill of lading 1, rxt It ued Ut.rueer tat t e oflr'o of the euts. .I ,,,,ci7 N 1;1 UI'L 'iANS 'a fHAllAI31ORE LINF OF J'ACKIbI'S, ' in"", e !ie will co.mnst tof tie following selto1., + h h~ve 'telon buill ur purchased epressly for ' o.! - eun, Catpt. M i'lner, : il DukN Mry, " Nickerson. SJltl lerly, now w Stevnos, S aohlonn maltu:a : Latham, 1'rig Archth.e, , Grayy. T', let i.:; are of theli firstt elbias, hlare ban}. ,un:m,,i a c'tmmodattti ns, anr d are ofa light SIrat "tler, seo ls to amit of Iir' receiving aird ch Iijrt:ig their cailrgos in thaltimole, t fithe city, ' t wil be taken ftor ports on the Chlesapeake , .Ir:;ts' Ilive.r, and forwarded by tihe agents, :t lesart. CLAlI Kl' & KELLIrGG, at Baltalsore; xpensesc on gaoods slipped will be advanced when t required. The price of passage is fixed at l$0,. ttple sl tares of the Ib st qullity will be provided. StaI l tip and down the Mlisissippi will be taken ron all o:casions. laFor frBight or parssage, apply to CLO. BEDFORD, 27 22 Bitivillest. Fit1 NI.1W' tfiaK'. [I r si.intta it1 and New York Line of Packets ] I 11t: Sips ronltpiin this 'ite will sail from i ONer ()rtn, aond New Yorks onvrery other Mon dtly--ct ttt'nencing nt I 2tit Ith Mibvetber-oand to in urc tiir punctuality in the little olfsailirg, tle tolii t il t,-r talt'e consist of fitve r lii)t l , vi: tip Y 'z.+,,, a(pt:itl 'T'rauk, to lUaea a OIO 0th l,)+'tit r, tlttt IIr hip ,, . 'tain Piltr, e on the Ship ilitt.vr,, f'aptai r'r Eldcidge, voon the Ship Vwk-luir, C'aptain Woodhouse, to leave on the It .IJou:ry. .,ip '. thssi -ppi, (Captain Davir, to leavo on the N]tl of Jlalniary. '1';. aII;' are ll new, of Ilthe first class, copper d: atl topperr fllotoed, alnd upwail rd of 50!() tons lIuIlhli e otr I lt light driaught of' wter, being built il Nrt, Ylor exptressly i r thel tradel. The price i nl is fixel at 100 dollare; their cabins are fiited up in the most improved and convenient tlIt, ianirdfinird i a ierait and elegant style- Ample slo:. .eaf the lfilt quality will bte provided, and every retordl paid to rote cotlilort and entire sati.a;le'ltro ot p)ttettgr r, who will please lake no. lice that no berth clll Ibe secured until paid for at the tFc of the collsi'nees. T'hIrese vrsels are coillutned by crptains well e:;crie'nced in the trade, walo will give every at. tenlion and axert therl,alveor to ncoattredate. They Iwrlit all tunes be towed up and down the Missis sipli by steamrboals, ntd the strictest punctuality ol;srvted in the time of sailinlg. The o\tners of these shi,'s will not be reponlsi ble flr any 'letter, parcel or package, sent by or put tn titrod of thetr, ttiers a regular bill of lading i,: sigedri tthorclor, at the couinLg I ho up of the ,ent otr uon,:rs. Fur tlrth r particul lars apply to SI) lIEIIN & A COIIEN, 90 Caommoin at F)} NI;\V Ytti'K. letn.:td ,w York 0 vry nt r ortherlonday Iel lellltllt i,2 e )i iltl "2 tit: ' 1 )\' rll r l I, allnld to insure the gtr,, I, , tutsu tlht) in l e tthe ;i l li ing, the Ifin o r: i t'tltt,, i tl t tl,' tit il oilag Ia c .Ii li tci, :;li'p lri, a t'o toI:tl tI' l i ao lIeaeL oblp ta11 f 20lth non. ehitt Joo.tirttt', ' lohain ltulioer to leaae onl t 4th htilp ie':.rillrt Caiptain l:hlltilao to leave on the Blhil r ailrts]./t r'p ( W}I11 'Vodhe toll to IlanY on tib ship _li.,.it/pli, ('aptain )Davis, to leave on the 19th i. " The tnve ships ra ,ill new, of the first nclass r,,I sprcd aiells r hastened, and upwar'ds of 500 Itops II1otn!e i, lltt oit h t anell'ltit of waterl being buiiill i N ttl I ii- exprt"l-p- I(1 h I' 1trade. 'J'iu. j)ice of past ;I·., i, eel , i one. i. dre Ituolurti. 'I'hrir rabins are ih,) uo the ,1:1 unls.ed nd t.onvecnient plan,and !i i"- ll nl ) 1 ne: lll ,.tEl_,, lt sitrlhr. Almple stlres of C!. i;r-t, ,:aistl. 11 1,,' h provid+d, and evory regard had tip, ti," rui, ot II ýIh Itl Iijl· :tmntishu tionLIoI pass tell ers, whi il I p!)t : , I,,irl nubse InInh[il ie I erth Iea le secu t d nll tttt, t ., tt. ; nttllhe Iv tahinirs well ex .- . Il •, o mh- ade, Iti o ttill givr e. err . ttenition, nthem-lnl, to em odatlla."' l'they will at ilt~ii:n, h" b tt d ' ,,l h I, a Mli lo e tt llite h1lisitoijpli by i .ll illil- lll ItL' :it L'trI Ulctuality obse iled in ' ie i lls rn f" tf llt r hips will lnot h responsible for !b, ;n,,I iilt".+. t iq ulu tll. nl tit) hulin!'ra srrrlle Ithsrefore .At se h'th . t) L t. of tio agent+ rr o ers. i.rli c , t l ltrr ! ::tt a la EIN. , L & !O HN tIt I:IN & A COI1EN; "4AN .tE 00L MANSION HOUSE NE\W (ITY, IIPE'A8t .\ IA. , ,s r Living our, hn.'d ltu: ivase und furd .nhl ,rr I I +i, .+"I n inntuliih nlt - , frolmn .ir '| I i' , ' :, I i; h, " ro <o l ,ue will le leady lu I're ,+ive 1i4 t"; " It' titi ' l' litiril i net. ý" ;V,:,o i,:,s all 1 +It.. irnpro enents wrill be fnllnd in t hl':'i l II"hi Aliisin HIouse. New anti I+ , l'll I , itrn its. , i -e built, and ,\\,.," Il, ; h- "llt I}," , ' lt, I at : nil htlurs. A stable St ;, , + t ' [ to ii-t. liot n.+, sswith good nCmlnS a da eo:-t.,,l nr : teht r ic,, bs. Vital nte horses and h ,,,:,,,'",~ ! l o s k pt thir hire ait m derantl prices, I , . ~t i, Ii ,t , itlt t ersuuns to managei theta 1,it t, +I:- ~ ,, t-i, ,:. Il'iil : ir s |tills ot l er anl et|IO ibad !, ,4, u' l +l wr 1 I I ere wth the comfolrt '. l,:i l,'l o, !!t:""· I.·1 t-i . T''1,, ins i,nl liquors will Ic ~~l" hI' I~ - ll:,"_ oh l, tnd to I:Inere a li] supply of _" . : , h winI ;Hr,',.t bt r-u a," order 1, llit h .ill arie. . \. I i, - , .i. l .':t ~, t !ti. \ liti I.irn l l kept SO popular l,, ~, : r, ,, ". , 1 h ir I , uro l tadently iassnimi e S, i, t ,;lr, a,-d h. t I ft'r l gell nerallv, that Si ;,-.i. ,. r. 1 atnuon; and ttemby : -1 !:, i -, t , - -ti ., ",". Itl . iLouse are too well ,,1 T t card dl ,i'pi tit n .h re. The . tml 1'rl [ s l/ i- tit, l _". st :i a l slaltion of the I .i-+ t 'nll til , I: l,r i:, t . t ml itta IIrtnPullt'I UIu l ta - t. t ... h j tt!: ~ Ii tle i idh t I tree.e s frl.m .i,,| :h Vie. . , ii Io i; nod Ii ti rteighlbouring 1,utI :i alltl p xitsynali I,:"_[ S+!hi o·, I Io.- tth rl Incohl the ire ! , lit - u latitudes, as a ] ,1 ni.t. no;,ts wil il l to a w lee ll S en." tla amin Mill !,., , , llht,. + 11i To r'II e Ili tuoI e the pm st er N IB ARlNOLD." ý.i .nil o lit it-ý rnn-lt l t rotltim 0oe their , , i , it l ola of M rr e. !! T To-s, L.. lo ,;,.Ir lrlt lto,, ., ..pew uV, T Sa f-, "., i ti lt' n , McAlpin, Feq.., i.t. ItEnt-, ;t \I !; S1' TIor, ' I' Rea, E'll, in Nw, I' 1 \ it-i, lit, io rtceie t mnatrniatitiralt for ! : It| f ' +tri h~utci, u placed at (lt- ee 'hitmau'a FIt Ilt it) R1 11 T: FIt i NEW 'YORK. 'r: it-er - dSitus of takiing the Florida route, ic.t, n_ \!ool ,I[ tllfl .''ni t + i 'tirt - rthertt datn a aerajha . (,,. <tut, ,i!n l t htays he provided y ii , --;lt: i,-,rto-i i,.i,:r a,linr=,rn tntitl.kepassn gprefroap \., -m it:. --u l theniUii t,' tttt - i -¢tJ u N- IPt k aNOLt.D. "I -i . .iat tiatniiatn .avreN Mobile or, Pestq

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