Newspaper of True American, January 31, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 31, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12, CE.Nrs. ý NEIW ORLEANS T'r-IURSDAY MORlNING, JA\NUARY 31 l839." VoL.-V No 1870 1',erene s f n e ti ct f pf p er I Pr ess of Noel O rleon s us1nhinJelntv angred tle a l llnet et'IreI,.d IIneeti*li i1' the Proprietor,liheld on the 13th of March,1837. Suos5Pr 1eoeo-l'V I'wlvce li)ll rs f,)r thel d ily i - l rflno. tere ptollo ci Ili-.ltlllllllV in ldln:.n le tete dollars for tle tri-weoklty eoullntrv ppor, oynblelo one year in aldv an ce, w llr e on city r tcfero eree in iivoe . Net o Ibs ,lriptinoe will be dinconlioUed until nrroerctges are settled. In case of di continanuce, one week's notice is wroita s eant oe invnrenb y given, previots to th pitt of subsceriptinn. Aoav ltslto.--ot dollear per for the first ns m rt i n . d a ir 5 I t hlttt n t ric e fL e er lle n uhtn tece ert Ic ilc: as) matrl ·Iteiaion tro:n the original advorticennlet .-idbe chargedl asi new one. Yan.cHLo AnUVEaTIcSO.-M-,leoClmn end Tenru ere, arty dollars tlo Englisht altne, ennd sixty icr hoth Inn nge Banks, Insnrncen OOli:es, nolt olther niinr public nsutitutnl , fifty dillers in f.;elisht ely, nill wighty for both lengonaes; Shipl and ileeino let Fnc tors, or Comnalninio met.rclioaitn sixty dollarn itn Englilsh at. and ogiht y lor tlllt u aneRen eos. MnenItnIghS OBITrIIAY NoTICe.S, and articles e:lt lng tit. atteatiln of thle puleliec tIo sates o, prleerty, ettls of pon c ngers o bhelit.e, &c. & e. will be tto c l mens dollar per sqonro for ltle bent insertiodn in h nu Icn TIOcllotn, or Advertisements, of cltv perencn at eature. whten adlnimibte, hettll be charg.d delnhi, and in adoanee. A deduction of twentyfller per cent. will be mode to Anictilnonrs, Shortll, Resiseernof WVihls,no elMarshals n alestro tf real auntle, pnolielted in bttll languages, atod 50 per cent. in Englhnl alone : Il pnc cont. on salos of othor property. AV ealTIrsS.VeS oat of the direct ine of burineoae of the advertiser, soucht as lorI gl, nceior, anml plntot i o0 salsa, runeaoy slanve, atray Aninals ,&e. &e. will ho cloorged fnr sefnaotoly, atd ne tile orlinrnev rates. ADvo nT I M.Na.ano not tsi ecified ilt to ticets, will be eu~tihiled neee month, and cleargeet eteorliuiely No odvcrtise ntr"itn of tItkruen tcice will ble titb listhed is eny e nel. nt 1 e dhe pid fr precvios tc incertenli or 11a..ment Zunran eed t e a rneceolectsith pernoee in town. Soastre r atend o ll re tel e iir ndvertieiice deaily tee useton. to lee clhrecd $il fetr L gnglisl, t no:te, teid $t(lt i e I Itf Itth tlirB e. A tl tuoun nc e ~tnet lt atf eiii l+. ili ctt ,s lr pnlit:eno l offie es w ill ibe c hearged d eubl e thee e cpicet f n otter adv ercti se Illenet e ic I i tlicIen iu S()wing) I e l le seoqlllea: 109 LIPIICII~ Ily nC\Y/) I)t tlr .......'""i they lv I ... .... t l ......... I s')l tonl i thaI tJIP sl ,. as of hecrsla whtsw o.C I~l~llltlll'4 IIU\.t v1 IIPtl Iell Illld il in o e nole nfeer preeeetntiieitl , llxll be tllrlde kLcuw.o (no fnr ons pratticrellc) tie ehe totleI.r--Ih oIbli gaeting tielnscelvce notl et, tlverti, e or Irclii fiti tllleec delielneeellts, unleso in case tee otlonnetie pnl.ytyeilie. S(signed) J.:Clh~. I 1( I)r.RO EJ J. IAYf)N, I'. 1.11th, J. It. pt{ENDIERfA.9T, le)lIN ttIItSi)N, I.I; t llt'tS. IVl tc09 PtCe --tVe, the iellehlereieiiel, cigr e to h!Ice ihv the a blcoe ccitnolitio nO, e l ar os Itee are nljer leetlll to vo~a,.lv im mnrr. (e flig no " . I . ,.A W II' .t' I "r I . oe riet inrlt, i oiel lirt, ll forl e. thIue G mUIIths. Iotlrsmllli cl-' ---). ~ad tIrF'I . l ' I" e '111 PUl IC .-U tIel - ,.I rtllllur>s I11 , lt Illlt l"t e lu Illur g hIaI nT g sold Out, GAIIDEN SIRED 1rSTORII . i', lc ( el s crl icercer dire Ct, lhavink breer Inc st ricllatrlieo ly clireu Ltd Iby sell: inrtcerlrt ed i' Ic' I rcc le u r crIte dCc i ' rcc" lt J l 'frietlnd go.,ir ilry, lsrl t al ' eu'l1 31, Iar ',l thIL ctie . tll ceCllltla:lrly . ol , i1i , c.',lcl r. ol Ici,, luti or TelrmerV stli d, ' o I el all Ilr* ' Bf.uill t n .rd Itl Id, of 1iitltt ll or vegcetablir .c;Alilren Sd', of 11e growth iand ill. port f thie plreer't cIleoll, 1837. Since the early p rt a Scl 'eIrl'r. clil r ' has r(. b 'eiveed a eip r uI:f.,l l hY LIby tl pLC I'L ethicp. Vlcks. burg, KentuckIy, and Arkn,llrlc . all urrved in short Lpassages, ll(:t . tfrolmt New York fly thle M.isi-S ippl and alnother packet, hoet i ts dully exicr ta. tlon of a suppil of Frit 'l're: s and Asparegus RIout, aIlnt g ' drea d'y received !nvoicres threu' by Sir surtescriher hog. ferther to asse re the pIblic t tero, thati lit e is a it Irv.en ite well eii i( l iid Ito '.0 edi, ' 'leit r whe ',c''r : ci' retail, .is lie ever w ,ei l " , i at tit" !~v+ , " : ' . . 1 r ' " , " ' l 0 r .i " .i , f V Y, Y \111 1 . i. ,,.:1.". , 1,,: ,', i" ',-,I...:c ,.,1\1 1' ,-. .Jer le I i c. "Il I tc1 lll ii',.'s c i',chcc'. I: t+, I"':." r' . :I ' irrl 1,s r ll c, r oi i cacr ic c 11 -'-, c ', .1 ,' ci.* i Icii ccc,' ir c'rcil'cc'1'I 'c Icier: Ice l li, e Ia r , ;l 'c r' i -rl e lt . In tilel J,, ,l% T, I'- , tit, n ., ,I c" 11 0'01 fl li e 11c es scic ey ' fVL re, ,l, 1,5 , ., ' "it I ,s c 'ca1 t i s 0ch i Il \ 1 III. :full uJthe Ilne,· 'lI l',,i u11· ^," ' + l . : ul',_%' 1.1 1~1 rlic Iei r,,slsciiec'clll ch t sIII' i, . iL ',- s sIt el'sOI S , , weret c , e rice ci reIn Icr iaic ct, . d.,e i r foun tilt t Ic . rrf ,, cltah s, F s" ' lr i-,t"",, c , c.1 r , c - a- 1 e l esio tIcci , rc tsr'e il i ric tee5d, c_" lnedlliil e l t e iil r r ic It l it bl, tie llr, ci cr t o l efqee esba crlllt t se Isda ,e 'rr'e t pite ins c hc e k srb \,u c thie e ilc t hrll- c I. l ,, i utlc' e f iC i "t'ey sc.t ar LIring I"use Irndtopm 11 nai s ao 31 ý,110 c:crIseIllc r I c'Irelcsconr ' r r tLrIIt ,'I rror l' l L I 1eor inee ,Lucsiae r I o 1 be comIed mu fl rIoi'd "e s r tio' I clrIria t 7 tcl:oil i the I o'el o lr e I' t Trg h isý wor o r r J iHlr r , c I , o, tea c elylc el'd it' i etr i Ir dc'lliL'm' Ia api heone h cr-esici c'd the .rc. g J d es t' It fr .d heird t ris " sutte r IIon a"lln te , dninvh nTQ wil. . hit l .I-l y .natural pbei r 111d Iro t 1 r exi nen t i Suc n woksise uelei e sr.In ovree. ric ' eel I', c . nt y c'ar y, fe oreireclc.'c l c he t vclrncni usc c re xcctc' ni d scaco An lncrauing ciolit' too eri/ m ' et,, in the otherI Steatines of the Umond a,,I in ref - aIIde ho x ,ti ..ei e jut Im-cen t oirt Itcioif, f,. illcs meri l c.l,;l.ehl leecir.crieeso iccc h l r rt 'le r t ' cl t c'lll sl'n wslrths rWlisil rlhl' i c oirsllrI hll ot', irle'od ase sd hlre thus ere' cie riec crt1ive d 0r s he II' 1cC'0y1 o 'y sceis e le ll i t : g te te elnee fat Ira illrbe • , l eed, a tt . t un hto u lb, q 'atI I ,a0perhol. b in cse it 1 frhall be frou nd Ifcic rtllse c ess ll dilia - lrills lc tit , Illcts iec 1lcierctcet cp l icore t c tlc . ii te .et s lute ec e ,c hea tc c I, Jrl "tc llrsct', Oct I~tllsill cc ts'c.rd. rqcercf Ti bew bulber ibre,,nd the vt l csllt l ic tIre ." e u bp s citi i os ,, rl i ve, b y , p l re M l e t Ant t, i nl gicniesg ci tIre ecesrtlorwitctamp a Codeatieon c the vel'u o tIre Old c ncl l Nes Serie Mcrtitt'e Lareniesta Rel.cO rt" to beeetse riset It 1 tcfe estlsce.e ert. iccerdi ..g te tIr cde et Peter Ithrrisc ed Ecien e enhl ty cl' 1 e.aiaeed Iiay til ilel I Breed, Eec q o ll rie lloi r i thelec , r llsit i by, diet ingll's d relirced l Judge rt :of tIle Sp lie lles Cicr and by ece ci thle ciltti a JcrrI rIe I tc secint fert their perea-el csdpie.t istb ccllI tlrcv ctn teretca e ct ic m'ay eratiorlly Ire rrcpecl frccst treir ecteresc. tl Sun:l t ws 1rk it lcoevieli+g a e.erydtry sitr, t c eslary. l a trle E h ,rig e dl I c h.,l tic fi tthd . iI, teill ti redtoci rcec Act icerbatI t till criersIthir u tees to lr, icd tire hoIrr Stele oi thl U ec ii . s t yto the p o frlicrj1ri rdelci te'0 ihu ,sesi esf fir cdy uu eairesel tct el trre ,scter ec trlili tltl l l here doo h tided in rtIle dljotlcte dt dl ceehiectr est r.'I, c 'ak tile kewledge rt.t "[ aludg hed clheet et llh str lity to theijria cth tire c-xpre elle Deirtec Mree.fst the riireg repbliea el'ricarec Itl ee ed urled ur cd CestOves ie ,lrt telec ll tic l e h If lie llhe l rs ,i-car decided if Is edaieill"e ll s ld elt teItI lllllL tc tC 111t Iners collr riteli" s n leurocce es- ' tire I cer Stcce, cc tc added laro esisct e tueee TPie worf thec sresl wlnerealCondenecayeleoles e wille elo.iiaeret celllprtlls to b llarcer.lner e Init pe lu le ; is Iceilat it c sitll I Ie T oleeli o t etericcn i) 5oh npre 's tliit l iree 'alcr'l . 'c l ice j tr c hcri wr isill noe $7 witter a ea nd tn. dinchcriLtigiane receir edo by SmpremIe Ar th eirps.Son.. supecrdin toS the oele ad eant ag etw sotIdeay ed R reapedfronts. i experi e. J*5 oor ('snip and Colneirolt at. NEW ORILEANLI Steam and Patent Bi.cuit Blakery-Waters and Hillman. No. an, Morea (neor Iho Puitcharlrnlo Rail ond.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Suda and Wine Riacorit, Sagar, Butter, Midiord and Water Crackers. All the above artielue are warranlted to be of the firs ,uatlity, and o keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. A ,i chard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attontiou. Small kegs put up expresely for faa.hily use. 15nov FI.OUR-.1000 barrels landing in store, end fir 1 sale by (.. I)(lt..l.Y. d13 44 .ew I ev' INAAII.l-7- 0 kegi Nail,, assorted snzes, lir isle by 1 dl. A I .N & WHITI.kLL, 67 Gravier ot i cUND)-,lienSisaippi Fund takea at , Frnt I.e- t via, for (;roearica. d15 [( EINEYS-7 bales Kera.eyn, . OIL--5 barre.'l'nnanere Oil, n coasks winter Oil, 40 casks full strained do, CANDLES--300 boxes Sklerm Candles, for sale by L It (lALE, d7 93 Common en ' NEW POIK & BEEP--2 bil. mean, and 40 bbl. I prime Pork ,21 bbls prime Beef. th.r sale tIv G IDORSEY, d;l 14 Yawl.evee A C A RI. 1t R. JI.Nl., Professor of singing, the tnui'nr . and Pian.-forte, becnt at.lnoualle h.r arrival tram Itlaglaw, aald I'rtoa neecral yeane ptatie- in Edi,, Iar tll ad (I.lana,w alte fl.tteOraleraell tlaa Iher sv. Iln ofl inltrutcll on aill dI ve aetisntetiC d tl pupiln. .'N IIIIIIILL " a its no anttahicility, &.c. ican1 be nhown, on aplli-ation to lIre. Olillard'a, 17 Royal .t.e.e. ami-Ie I}OX :IIIAI t--IO(0 dtool fl i Cllniro, utt ro, "• .tiveId, alnll Pulilntllu tir slhipping l,n hler Pho tt thle LouitinnI ir.lritur'o Ware Itr o ml l ior i ip'\oI I ro t o l·t -- for OXYŽ! fhflbrrin o yen I : W IV lr)1ll.i--~N .ioteoio'.i oelolloior,- vto II(o og i. ih l h lle ( ba m n ht ur,~ býy f LL't i )n C rhrill , Snl iIoa . riihhlvie, or h:rnes fro,l tei ' i e of I:d ar d Ln~iote nuicin! lol; ulrv', (o o fia t'o eris, Cnd 183J; I'arlay'v' CllioIoo lI ft for oo1831: jooo receivwd tad Ifor dlo byhV \V Mcl( A V, 0 o. rn 0 0ill g 0 int 0I 0 0 n t, th0 rin" rs of0 i re0 {-I llr of C lUe lISlel nu.! I'u.ltnsl tinder t'c dihection obiit llor !ll,. Irnoirll wi lt) 1d Ib oa io led tll le chair o e of io ooo , 1os .ii o iroouloooboo oo'oro ll o oooooo ol.o't'r, o r le l o Ioo roitroo I or 1: l lll 'll i4" " T'b e c u+r lsurh a to ad c l i tlris rhnlo pl'% a t e,1 Ih ll. l Icrllllded to ite lollovi ll+ divi+;llnu +vI·: " I, 'l'h+, I",. ll'h.h a d tn elllolel;tr , I0e I 0 ll e I t ice bIn hric1l, (l o liltr l oiet ol alCOl ihpli o Irio i io +h ed-00 be tl talll, IIIn. t S 'l'it i: Ir ]llo o o i, dr o.oiet, cn lo Rl(1 r 11g thI e otooooio~lr l l i (l J I orllll oil( ooli i oll 1 ': lth ,hl ,,l rl't'n 11 llllI t1 Illlgll'ge , In x il' o ooIool O I I00 0000200. 0 I0 . ' '11 l1 0 l,0 . l miiuOo nli oi h a1oIoI ooI( di 00tl0000l0T O \ ti i l ll Iot i l Ioy \e . Ol ti ll h .-p0 0 l,0i ( icl ,lotrv (Will0,00",I 0b . Nlwp r lloooleo laiolo . 0. E 1 ERE lS Itr-do oos o.lIIII II o. l iN I (q. Noov 1)rlli.tI. 0l be l li ll ·I I[ Itl I~III . u ll ,ll~ Ih f, lt I .Iol+Jr, I n l J ;I I-0(0 000000, l ar n nI o'iooI+n'o~i, I0 i lev 1'r ii:1u \Il 'iO ,ii I i-. ll ge i i .l ' l I' N 1 oo.o{,II o J ,1' I ,01. 0 ' l, N eo Ooo t a rleans, 00 o i l I-)- , :%I k . Ii 0 oil 00 0trn te .n lr. t 0 r cw " i 4ed le o i Lott Iby pu cDhisle itc., lhiz lo 1e Itlls ,l. S t:,i r Its, I l. I n t lt- r .il. , (' I rii ic II .1 doable oI. 000l . fa1 1Qd11 t0 I i l . iii 1 i. tIsll - I,' andinlria I Iu l Ito, ln ed It I I I (,,1 i,uI, l - 0 00 l lloor; ' r lll-.- l r, li tern p eIt ; l " ,h ,lol Le I - i, l1, i ." r (:.1.ll rl er-., ; '.h , .t i I P tlh r I+ "l I\ 1x ii i I..0 0 0 .lo , ,'. I 10 1 I 00,0i I . 0 , I'.l ,l t-; 0 00I + .0 0 . I II ,I \ .00 , ,o . o,. C - . I " . . 1 ." _ ( r t *,lllll : I, % ': lt Iand 1 1" 1+II - ' 1. 0 ( OI j'iii\i l I ll. 10 1 111iii :000n 011.(1( oooi iio 1t',o1,, ip. . ,, i . , , " , Itl ý, ', I,, -.1 ;, .nn ;IIlP I ll , ill' l '. . \ 0'0 , ,, go, b ao : o I t oo.ieh'hnl" oooo i'i'ro io orl , ,l un lh . A.;. I to'o )! o 1,io i -r ; 0, l£.i 't ( i No or,, l, u ('ore s el; I+ 0: ".I (t, l I'olo, li d o odooi, oIo d o.o. .Il. e'tet lt1'0{ ý, ( u 11,,: 9 olgi.. Oii die". c)l) ' ! 1 Vl r ,l e d Iitdd r.; |ear, nod .ilaer d . I i10 96 Oilngtiziue AtI Ni-·A Ur: I.IU1 KINIIS I'·-¶X'oet du cit:* tare S t.l.,t tll ,, e, J ,n wre Ju 1t Ft ut" ·tr co e I ts istoci r e.t o efita n.ewr1d. d1)evacox & Fo.tor. Les so crouilciers oIt Iulltl I t.ter et dI t)evett t F. * u to t , +,1 g u t IPt I". -r`.-:.1 tt "rrltti+ dc s sjl e ibler enlnllei la 011t.1 ,I I I "e r ,:te r 'tl tn evi+tt, lealrt ti ludit Juu ,\ty |"ottr ll'tubtit.drait a.d ,le tbnefice t esttltsttl n ,sees poor le soulagemet d d'+deliteurs ihsolvables hit tellltt ' C.wcil &. Brtad Esqr. t sll6 t11 1 tlt I llur ci 0r t, st1lttr leIa crcatt ,er's , itllst cette 1titicr. 1'ar ordre do a l cour, 3 ,l1,", lit iB. t'ec·7 ' LEII. INC, )eli. GrenTier TATE I Ii il Ii)L IANA.-- 'rish Ctllut of tlhe l K'.t,'1l and City tof New t)rltls- lreselt, the lKt .hartle l.uriln, Judge. No. 112498 7ewtoll hl itic iturds v' I.i cleditl) r+ th creditors el of l J oEl ( pj oiy)Id 0 II iteio 1010' , 0eiiti pl'ell ll V the pttll tisioler is accepe. d by ecoll( r t'el r the I ull "th <oIf his crediT ra itllltiti , itlo' 1 t Jhllr I ollld t Itod. It is rcderolut,, 0 the, Sriy I 4t d 1 TOT, clerk. (tCl' ld ohltere , K) ce llbtther t.!u 3'e.- th n d-t, 'aTE FI the ellOIS lAV eA- irsu Judjlg s )i s-t thet nttt rt J bni tiety lr t, t0rw11on Ihdsilur P re -1t, o *r --t i0 foh rla F o er d r tat MsI sr FElllorer ald I ,g hr . nt iltl ed to rp "elle el ti ' le ic.n t c tre dit dr - ii t his l tt e 'otu toithr Io thtr"c otlI.t. i I v e utltthin t e iturint Ihom t I)uvrtcttitor.n 18 h r t to rt ArKtLNI) P ITOT, clerk. ('lern', Ofiee, Decembe, ) nr 3 l c3rn.- el dee . otogue o l 1:r T14I KO 2 I+" L'SIANA. Pit-sl Judicial Ilt 0 1 Irio l Clrt. .I'Jub, slay Dlu er vw Ilia Cradhors P nd the cedi rs +HI lleVea)x ii l u Fol tetrl . T het Nt credl-1 i or tis t nof J It h. V l tt lttr ' u hd y Vti t ot arie Illterii Shreby imnIld s +to rl.l.e u I open clr rt t oe Il T iil 0t rdtl( y . the. " th lit-tilt, tltit oai'elock .t1i, u. Ktl ellttt citr,'Ie, 'if tlt 1to h'K ot why4 nid Joittlitla. Ftgter touitd nOtt ht l se tL e bceq t it tic/Ah,. Ir w I.,111 t'. t r l do r li titi rtl s ol SIUIHI)i'++ +11 tror~ Jll~ll lt-;'ody i Ca el ld llled ind Esg e, tire pploinled ll r.i l 6esla t tel t absentt red torset itcll i 1. a '7--3thll .eV I' EeA l IlF. INC, v t i'elnk. I" It IN I F" t tF, ! 0 l tairk, e ttitr al ti y al1 t I ti I l ll l t 1 Jsicll b \1 t.y, s. his l Creditors. III tllllllll4 C '. lll et l0s of s1id i nliuulvle l EXI| tlliters ii Ietdil l iite te . in t 1 win tell u1 1-oil0 thle Iublicnltion of [h111 rull oh v ihlt' t o uld not he onlut.hoglted and co ' i-i t!' tol ': I . t OUI.'. ' N t, '' our dtt Premier NL 7 cre8nciera-No 111,386-`tKr lotion de Ii Rouvert III ' i RAl nNESS. IBEAUTIFUI. head ofhair it the grendect ores m' ent helonninc tt the hunan 'rame. How snorne Iy the lote nl it ehanges tihe eonntance,and promno tiurely Lrinea on the appearance of old a.e, which c u mne many to recoil ot beilnr uonvered, and nsometimes even to shtL tn oietv to avoid the tlets and oneers of their aequnit.tanoc; the remainder of their lives are con .eiently rpmict in rethenment. in ctort, not ern the lo., of pnopertv fille the Eenernll thinking voth with that neavv aining gloom ae doe. the Inor of hi hnair. 'o ert all thee uni len ant eir nmatonneer,Oldrii e' lolnh of iVolotohia topl the hr i roi ftlllint ' o t n the firlt oppliention, anid ofew hottlec rrlreSe it ar,an. It likewtec prodnere evebrow, and wthihkere; prevents tile haor from tornint gray, mikte it etrl heoatifnllo, dan frees it from sellrf. Ilamernt eerlifieAtente'o the first recleteatility in cnpport of the vilrtes of Oldridgej, Baln, are shown by the proprietore. C17 Read the following:- Robert Wharton, Eeq. late Mavor of Phiilaeiphl he cerlirf In av ne - meet, belotv, to thelhgh lharn ter of he fillowine gentlemen. The tndeareigned do herehy ve.tifv that weIhve used the td,*I of t(oltnhi diceoverd biy . .O l idridge ntd havo found it highly eorvirehle nont only as a preventive acrinst the flling ffof hair, but also a certatn rle tive. WIII.TAM 'l'IIATCIIER, Senior, lethodist Minister in P nt Genr.e e ,ner.e. No fii North Fifth at. JOIh N P ICGI.JI,31I Ach street. JO N D 'I'Ii)lAS, 1), 163 Ricest JOIIN S PFI'IIE,161 Sprueee.treet. lit1 .11 McCUItJtIt.21lcnth '-d 0t. JOcitl, GAIt ltr, 1113 Arclh stret. It ht known llltt Ihree o" the ahon,',iere are moo than 30 years of age, atnd the othlers not les thloan 30. (From the iMayor.) Cotmonoehtllh of.'fenl.evlionn, t Ci'v lf' I'hiladlllhin. ,i Robert Vlhortol. Mlavnr of "nod I iy of ' II' il' e phi, do helreby certilv Iot nI amn well ncq ,titedltn with , J P Inglin. Jobi el Frooe,, ned It.elt 11 Cur,v. , haoe haonoes re eitooed to the alo vce e lcrtifcie,tllth, tlhe are orentleone of .Irto.tere anti retsoo'ctnotily Io and c sc' ull credit o' tlt l i r.ive n to thl e n said o'ttililo'te,. In wita wlt -rteof I f late I IIIIsol aetyt llt , ot ill eaused tIhe seal ol'lle city Ito be lRixet. thit fth dt: of lt.cttloter, h&e. ([I..] ROIEIlT \'VIIAIII'N, Mayor. OB.I'.IIV+ that tttth bottle ottlihoet (einltte Ialthnat a nlttnliid eontavtdl wrcpper, ott whlichl i ,tl'resntelt' tioe "oll if"inctara, c Solb' .holesah noli retail o y llre sole ncltl't far AImt, rit'tl. 03 Flltelle' eloel, toelr ,Illilt ll ot ll, tlle ,ol loeo , oi'earl erect',o Ity o oeal d l llloluiotallulldll l'l mlere t , he country. JAIlVIS S. ANI)ltl\VS, a VWhole sah. A.'t'nls, Nrew (1hans. FRAbNkLIN INFIRMARY I lle pu lilc are re: ieetilly inftrtc d lla r Ul i nili • I tll l il ' y and mI st nllh Grabi n d1 llll In II, Il.lll I I'll lin, po ft rtui .irs duloe unlte Iru lll tlie lissjiu I ii'hehuildinri.nrrlein-l rnao-toiunirdiouslvdivided i into Ii/n tnrlntl , tofr ..i, t ] sep} frultt dilllti~tr t cl4nas es d. anld tll (r en t iisel s I. 'I'he rlinslllltOn r tiappli I with twle In1 t skillul and v nrttlve nute aii einlal ] nme-, and sperking theva Private nirlunl Iv be had by grelelrn at fite dol ci lars per day, includiin, uitteIrl:,ri ce, &CC Ir 'Tr inr iin the or iui rv wards, i.i dollars pelr day. IShives also terr i dollIra. Swun1 Ill.l iin the ardir rvar ulrds, tive dollhrs. All enpitr I -urgiral opl eratillll extra. The- renident pl kisnral in hr VWeddine ,rtno nwhomn upp1 h ntin foi r au lissi n mi t I i e mrdua. rr to l)r C .t I Lucterlbe'rg, No I li Hunart street. aji IV F..-ncy Pockr ~illooks-Under tl a head wilrl r be t Ibnl r a pl iChndl .ivariely of ladlhis' ad genlllemrnr'r po k t Intuis, Iot , . l;rd, nerdl al nd t ilead cae, s. I Fiirny >loerrks .u'pendlrs, \e.--iO tile latestr paittiern and of InirperiorT quality, conseLsiting orplain i i:tl Ileared .ltllm, bhr.llllI .nuOc , lvet land cloth slt! k llei bsalinp, plain, nll falncy with and irthllo it ruill::, Shlrt collars, sulpenldrs calledm 1I'- .- - ul. d st' , ol.,o, gat cllstin worst.r p.Iltlu./" llo a.(tra wt h wire pril gs;n ind it great va. woy i ot genrll'rntl-mn'wit, urain r-xpr:esly for thIn F rntl trade, by A. IL. Vanhuri and on of PI'hila.i delphia. I om:s-A- general and oinplernt. a;ortlrnllU uenobs n'ro' tiheir mano.nitiory.A:so, Englishi a-d ,PF cbh drs-in; coinibs, etc. d1cn7 RIUsllION & ASP'INALL'S SIOAIi'OUN I TIONIC MIX IURtl'.--t- speedyl Sanid cI. iCn corn fIr tie F:cvr and Ague, nrniittert aniid inernUmitlrllt fiorsti prepared froii n the original recier. Used wI'h Inrinel and uni verl lsuccefs III 183, bly iiersons io the highest i r isl.: etablhtl ii tl b clity, a i st ted i I til i llnne ed certlitic ales. T'i'ias rediciLnn is highly recol uentreith, and hiats ien e-ixteniveyi n used iii thime nbuvu diseases with such distlinguishedl succlr, is that tile prolrietor of It ie recipe has beien indluced to oat'r it. to Iihe pub. i Slie ni its prcsrient forum ito tlhei hopei that it ay be the mIenals oft rel.evietg rially of tlinu who ire t Iuffiering under the ccourge of out cnulltry. It is J a iredrcene pose:ssnng greatvhitne, and when usedi aceordinrg to the dlrectirns Iainesr nriver failed of - fctline a core, evun in llu lmult obllstinate stageo i of tile dlisorlder. It is niot it all dini greeabl, and persorns of tile wcuIlest stolachiI and children mray i take it with impullity. It strengrthensl thei digestiv n organs, creates an appetitle, and seldom requirei more than orre, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. Tlhere is nithior mercury nor cc arsenic in the nmedlicine, nor any thing injurious at tire humnct constitution. 'The proprietors are n nso well cornvinced of' its efnieincy, tiret lirey agree to refund tile price of every bttilo which ahu beon r0 taiean ill nceordnnce with lie direct'ons and has r not effctled a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. . A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at Shis wholeclale arid retail drug and nedlirene store, cc corner of Bienvdlue andi Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 'I'. W. S\IITl, 48 Conti st. SO1IBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans A' . Li e of Packet Shiips.--'i'hls new line of ships has been expressly built to run betw.oon tile above ports, and will be found of suita;ble draft of water: accoumetodations for possengers, and every effort rat will be made to give general satin actionl The lill is composed of the fo lowing ships: Clhcrokee, 415 tons Capt. J Htarding, C trolinai 4011 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, a Colutmbiano, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 de J Ilowea, Bombay, 625 do D .uniphroy. The above ships aro all now, of the first lass, copper fastened aid suoppercd, commanded by luen of greet experience, have largo accummodations, with a separate ladies cabil; every attention will be paid to passeugers, and the Vary .est of stores pro vided for thelm. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis sissiplp, and tile strictest Ipnctulli'y uscerved in the time of sailing, and shouldi thet ruegular vessoel be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A shalre of patrotn ago is solicited, ndll tie agents pledge themselves to ccosollldltauo as nouch as practicable, to receive and forward goods bIy s id line at thei most tnoder. sto charges, and to advance all espon-es on goods shipped, if required. Ti ships will leave the let and IGth of every maonth. For freight or Ipssage, ipply to the ageont. J A MfltIt ri''T, 82 Csommon st. N. B. Advao c m lnts n;ads oil coonsignma..ts to Messrs. A. C. Luahbard & Co. nov27 I 1 flftStf'A S an o New Yenr's GiftS--A few of the SIs nglsh l d IAmerican.iiauals, uatillt to' b Iar at i.ia Botk'tsre of ALEX tSWAft, \Viere a Irge assortrtent ofTthe Iueks suita'ble fir li e sueson can be lud. d2o--4t - FURNITUR-lI! FULRNLTULtEI! J Ui' received at t Luuosinla Furniture Ware hou ea la rge sup ly ltnilloet York aed Bof os,. Persiona ill tiie wItIi of tnitotre isnlod do ,fll rr to call, and .elect 'leir arltcles I'ruum oae of tle, beyt anld it largel stak. tow in tile citly. W It CAItN EN , dti 5f Bievrille ai N t--Particulas attention paid to packiulg .nd ietp e int Frrniture, frIep oltalspase. di-c .\IOtfi)TftANT TO vAS 'fEItS or elf' I'AlM BtflA'I'S i The iutscriliese a. te ill wire a few Ibarrels of l lit - tnllatd Pea tls an i l lautly tiove itd oii iew e otk. A few rlomrs of this P.entwaipt Ua" oiboard lth i reat V -tern nst lor las t tr i , il u'i it er rtltcae that lidu d litoult t t ., ttin s taf iltii ,lths t aid t Itli ibs. ed Pen t tui , tqtf to ',11. Ib-. t Ctu rtt that in Cine ateg u.l te ttd.t Iteo u, llfel: uu ,s 1 ~pvtowa "to . It '-uti:rs° tdl e i rc tlet \W -tgv a .i itdi t lti+ Iurctli-e I: on her last duynrttrt. ;. i I tt h l, at a :1 n ll tt I%11 1 i e dr1", re II ih+ .tt'tuni bat, ma llltil +.t ge't at Ia h--+l tIul+:1 ,. iliCl t mae, S d. A Co, HA&MuORRlIIOIDS. H AY'S LIN1MlENT.-No FIction.-This ex. traordinary clemical composition, the result of science, and the invention as a cloebrated medij cal man, the introduiul n of which to the pubi e was inverted wil, the solemnlltty of a deatlhbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, fully sustaining Iho correctnoess of the lamented d Dr Gridley's n.t confesiuon, that " he darod not die without giving to posterity the benefit of his knlowledge on tltis subject," and he therelorl bequeathed to his i'iend and attrlendant, Solomon Hlays, the secret of his discovery. It is new used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and mos. certainly for the cure of the Piles. and so extoe sively and effectually as to bhfile credulity, unlmbo where its effects are witnessed Externally in tk following complairts: For Dropsy-aCreating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings--Roducing them in a few hours Rhoumatism--Acuto or Chrome, giving quick ease. Sure Thront-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colls. Croup end Whlooping Congih-Externlly, and over the Chest. All Bruimes, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whethcr fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in rednc ing rheuinaulic swellings, and looseninig coughs anid tightnesrs of the chest ny lelaxation of tile parts, has been surprising beyond coneption. Tihe commllon relourk of those who have used it in the Piles, in " It. acts like a chnrrl." S iE PILES--''The prieo. j1 is reuinded to any person who will use a bottle of Haly's Lillillelnt for tile Piles, slid return thile empty bottle witholut being cured. 'Those are the pisltive orders of the proprietor to the Agents; alod out of many thou. samids sold, not ole has been ousnecessful. Wo itight insert certillents ii aniy leigtll, but prefer that ithu o who sll the artiule, sholld us habit the erigiual to pirehaclers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a aplvnldld lengriaved wrupper, on wlich is illy lnamie,I aind also thint of the Agents. ;OLOUMON IHAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COjS'I'OCI & Co, New York, and by onoe Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Colonan & 'Tehoullitoulas street, and by the Aputhecurics generally, je30 T'rAT D": LA .LOUISIN.l,-(Cour d i e ic lssl IAntu, ha IoPas.liae el bille dt In Nlle-Ora l nni -l'lt e linrut I'ilo uar l C th i (h rls \laurian, jug,- ta ii,IlI - Isaci liBker, tI l h I ll illnt d" Iu i com ,le ncier:-Star lectaue t' ' rI is r tioi di " lptilioni hi e e ir ll i.ciu r I )'ile ii t i I lt. l Dei G Ifi e , le tliuurert coir I- ,it'iei I'cu lt l ut[*; icot tall', lt l l.loyll eat 1111iuce plr)ll rel) reauv ll+ r lee ele ta Cii l' 1 'ci: le r rdile a ui ar, 1i5 . Il i "irX' 'l: 1,11" t.7c . ;" ,,,c f u,, Ncc" Porch ilnltlC y of New hlrn1111-:0 1 -e1 11f th 'the Iln. i hlths 9lNurien, Jud._e, )I e. 1Fi l, 138 ; ,o. 1i1 I I:I:, .la Bae It ,k r Ii c. hii aci:'d r.T . G 111 C lli 11 nu ili Ih lI'etiit abnd s1l .edlite I 11 ii.a c, it i c orde., ed tti' .it lIli 1Io' l, tek, .i . \ii . th llen d r hele to -hew u-eii why tile -it I solveol +hutt , mi ot he dsc h lhatevl1 a,:,e+l:l d tingto law tnnl inl1the rl-tlimse all l.oeedilm $ 1s .,inst hiis ieron untitt ircri arie sitaye . It i, Itltr i de creed thutt l.. l.I0 1, trriiic0t i iltii:ointi l to ri ileCP:tictt ile absenit creditor., by order of ile 'o rt. fill; A. P'I 1 e ', Clerk. ClerksOili e Dec. 15th, 1813. i- ll ll-.;-11 catla tfresh l'hoiastuo Lime, landming wi oIrn -vship IFerax, for sle I T E NDREW ..MITUI & CO., resl.ectfilly Intfrmt their frionda and Use pti t lic at Uenert l, that they occupy the new brick shop. 219 Telloupltoolis street, where they ktelp constantly on handll Copper, h Tin and Sheolr Irol Warie, of every description , s, ch as coppt.r stills, kettles, and p.ia,tp tin bath. ing tu s, tlltd -il cianl, f all sorts and tces, anid all 111 other bratss ms l.ilng donee at shortest notice. th CGratetn itrof evry do-crliptiol, suchll as stear boat Lstirupi, hog cilaiis, screw kolt, an I otllhe I . oi0trt-na ttll work, w "L Iuch as ehicnteys, breach. i u h Il t ilce, copl i lr nld ti rfllg alld gt(ltliti iSt &.e Tahey above and all other kinds olI worki tc their liTu of businesc , they will execute a l tite ii C- - C . ,'1 :Ti I:iItsil i Nl 'i i .' rS1 lE undlereined have this davu Iorlled i en-part- et | iers ip tir tile t, n t: lion of u Letll al ('otlilis- 11 '1oII and Forwar:liln. |o dne-s, in (ilt< CIIt, utuldr theil fill ot 7it1l].1.& I1 ,ow1 t, ai.d a is t k t.n the newit brick store, Nu. , M llallga , ( - I vdra t. SRrJrrnes: J 1111:S (I OWN. i t' t tIl co." \. ilogurtlh it ir ,llh.t ' hitinwtt n. J ther & coP. \V n-i-i I thlllcIc New nIII t . Cl'ches .i hrIrlieigt. J ohn F tai ut leld Ctb& cu.t \Vbilkl r, i Inlli`ol x cot., f (;'igas J C' t Chi1t,,riing, Dos rllis. uS I i sc c ig clic ac~ Jo It i l l T 11 cl l ii 1 PT l hdi v8 ti tc l k; . Gi .l it- -if o er " agiTtr r r c 1 it Pcc trc ur ci. r em \ '111' 4 d1 t' i\ tt ell citi r ý c : .s u e n igertia A:c. c\ o lb turidge, r-ie i, CtO K ta Jd o i a\rd ti ' N, e'tl: . C h illic o t e , ; . J & I tin & c. iti N. -viike, Te rc. Et & A i 'one lar, t lo , . 1 . it l it a ANNUALS AND ALM1ANACS, I"ull ld35. l A'NL iD ind .ltntml h Il.l, k of pa ty, 'o y lsa ty l .,rn ,,oil platy.;; titd l's 'ableath x, a nto G nlrd ry t ,f a ruttuc or IDeaati"a (.tl.ll; -,--l llldS wIi II)S LIUIII E ; s \Vrbe llv &KtCpsatlle,'s- Ti I n l an rlrt; ra trl |tltt Cl k \ arniftlet; ciiet 111: N.ot I D JtJgi's fl'orlal sA a ;lia; In :,lricatllrt', Anllall: d, Colmle Atln ual; 1 A iettl.hi'o 00lal nriu c o;d a t Sia 1er' S ,hIII l aketeci. r i ol a i ' Yotiung Idi.'s w lld ylllt i e l.llel ioe rs . cnuall t Ahtric, A \1'li i rk C dlrl flins salles; - Atlercane Atlartcas. i Theta Tl'ike a ar.\ ltltic S ouiveoir; Eci luit a ilet; T ictirt ca i arsb; 91ra Gi tnuls a t ,ul Iteai.dg r & Ilouserile Almanac. SAihanaac t . LAmerican Ahlnt.c &t Itepiiitlt IIcT Ul li Kauole dg r Bltlll'l Nautical i.lI nllei; SEJ.,Ias & Cu s. Loni-i0.uu A1loannie; 'V" CI.ockett-Co-oIie.-GerIIn Ahllltlulln'+ irt ralodaltl for every day itf tilt vtIr. corlter ofSit Chlirrl tulid C ll lion sta. va.8--5w -E, JOIIN.S & CU, t. I' tirON rIc c IIAII., corln,,r l at. (lCh rles cui l'o·1"o, streets. I'lle slbhslber e Imviog ir.etCel vcd nt II c ill te ] t llei SiS aOcllllh a of goodt.I1 I'I I lllShllld Fl itUn atllcd ih ,tl c, o c c.r flr ale tlaw fIii ctc F i Drawit g papers of al111001, tn do g rcttilc do sac.c r rcc.tcl, reittc in, c Illuaci lllt d dtlccy, folsap, actel it". bteX. lt rge l ii n i ellutt ; do llli e it di dA to fiipyi ncc c i ber. at tll| ize., Lodon and .lllnll r t lluildt|; ti II lettee Ir Ir 011. ,is lllnoo ipaelr, il, entmbosed LLn;l| e110It| Ib cude, AI rian cl p, letter ald w t'ing pltapes |t'Oll old I',2"r l v fellr ol toll deSrSl llioll ; ' t iro ll'1 4 P I wli I IIng lilliui , &1111 1 lln and 3) 8 'krriuncs lccst ccpyirg inks; cincictht ac d Avfitr o 0iruu tlltctcIi n iat g11t c l li? iit !iliIe; tair, e u aId desk kivit . ralzolrt tiiId a ttaict very Pockr l iti s Heid walle t's Ru A.sia llnc11 Ilot. scit 9, ctc lte ll r i c - cc. E IglVish IItt er :lud soalin& wax, N illllaericc qu111; I..Ls 1 ''rlvelling desks nll dres-ill I't.+I s.i AI kol' lltl 's 1Al1 - \I c llll.lll. leI b tclln n .au tl. D rawillIctg l 1o , \lult lllt t illd U ltci-ti an d A mtttr - f c cu ii An ll:l ll. f.r 1c39, Ila , B u u wn - 1i .li- il. I .'re uc h , p a l in -h , i lia n , ling 0ta 0I thitll Il ndItit , C - t, ilillt icc C1,it- ieal iaIuw, t It Medical wcckc, lier c ,cy. c.g. Jt\>t rece'ive'. ulhdtbr sale by) riat cc1 c I JlirtNi &ti e t o .tllt pur9.blse' s L)raoing lnttl i nd L tiC t Ind evert d tli i on I r lle, i.0 lihti 1 ali Itrel ch. Ai t i, ill d a llc i eivr l ain iltlltoad iela dig every 110 DAVID 1I181.' &.T u, N Y Sltilaai era IHIl1, Is P o f, A 'I" I'I N "I'SJ-- I e a s. s d rla f lt n d t l lzl e d ot ull l iC l New '-' rf ll ,llt s l i ltn In qu lities.Ilur nale lv d all. J'29 ISAAC lll1 A ll:ll &l'1 & , I:lMi *;s'*ill? i Ea t ttiuIlt) tG 0 i5-0 cls1 c le t 1i brogull .O11 il lomo i ext8rli size, for :al. )y class j 9 9 IS A ,A C ltH ILD t;Li 8 iC O, 13 1 MaL ct tzlne s fiat1- Ili buats, tod tor :ale N ,r y u I I \ li- iia ].i,,', .t q.-r , IIi , t % lit " I :\ I l lj l ''I'. 1n1 .,: Ifr ..... jall "7I"~,xdt I) IN'lN.",tIL,, GLASS, BUIII,;, &.--.pus A. landiag troii ship Colnstitution, end fi)r sale--vr: 16.000feat ofglass, best quality, from 8XI0 IP 23X28; 31111 kegs whitleead, pure; 350 do green paint, in 25 libr. kees; 2.t doz japanedtiulls lbrsigns;fiwO0 lb lithrage; 26 doz splendid 1)0000 ground Ibrushe, also oft01100 and O)l1 do; 2cases crane green in powder ullperiar article aldo du ii calls; large asslirtinet f salta tlols ah f every size atdl (utu;h sbhle peatils ar arlista; flat marking. brushaes inr mael;rants; artist's colors ill oil read pra pared, in boxes, tited 'with all necessarry brushes; artist's tols, ce. Flake and .mnaity white; 60 sacks gold leaf; white and yellow wax; anms aratbic; and a large and choice as sarltnt ofnpaints, dry eblor, oil, turpentine, varnish, &. ter sale, wholesale and entail, at tle lowest prices., by MONIELLI, s2t 58 Caisp at. -I NEWV EDITION OP TIE CIVIL CODe OF LOUISIAN. A. IT has been fir some time timade known to the public I that the llbtcri ler uare eniaged inl preplrint for Ith press a lerv edition if 'I1he eLouisiana ('ivl Code - They wer., tilef irst, awatr itt tih gruUt diliolllty ndll res ouueo n iiitvtntttendiag h pittbllcatiot ulf the work, tlld i wts nlt withotuo t torelit esitsJitinll tallt they clt I elltled to the ndertatkillng 3tll the Iret ellt ttdiitll. I lliountine to hout ttihee'thousao d copie,o al wthitit entirlhy olut l"o rilt. For mtre titan two years paot, the sotal p.ier of the work hihs beeni from thirty it in a system of written rules wnih ro immediately operates upon. every individul of thile state, interested rither itn agitul.te oitr Ctllllloerce .land which corernls llhedispotsitilon of .t cllell ltlproperty ulllliltg tto ul from other States, that--tl ke shois. a y other treltise upon Inaw-it is as muto the txt-to ok fland o mannul of the merchant alt the IWlanter, as it is of the private gentle Itman and tile protlissional dlvoo to. : The lawyers oflthemijoinittg states, an iii fact nfal tlllse tates -i po tithe thioi and tii iossigp i rivers which, lihdt ti frt for theiir irotdu.e ill loltijito, lltJlo a tPe I, nl l rn Lc:ce,,ily t'r.Io''ttittc to e th h oth , tnld lllhk e it r,, , itlistom ,able roqltc ite tit their ithhtrio'o; and in the. Mits of Nett l)rle ns tlhe hook i" na stlre Io i_..' obltnd in the merchant'a conlltig roiom, la upi n II o desk of the jiude.e or thle t l. ll of tt tl tt tiV. It iIs otll aI ri-itg oiretfilre that the first edittio iI thie work was.slto ttick ly di-posed of; and although it .olre re'print of it wouhl Ill some metlre sup ly the public neces-ity, yet it woullld ibe impllle 'ect and unsslll ct.try t a at otaled with leflerrclce to tileo Report-, nld Satllle , in Irtltr t.t eln raete te lumleru Iamendlet)lrllls which lullrv bell ilade by thl e l.e gi rllller, uld the in)lllllt tdcistlOll and coi llicilm whh h ,be been git an upon tmlay o its artie:leo by the Sullpr lll( : oulrt.i The publishers hove svlturedl, f.r the prtleral supenr intondeollce an edilolial dlarllln nt 'of It,e( work, the rnflesslonai servi+es of \\ hevlek S Up tillol)n, 1F. a I e.ilerof tilhe Nte Oleant Bar. The iha. Judte ltllned, .lud c Bernludcs, nnd Ilon (Ge.rge 1'strrir, have ech ilkindiv tssistPd Mr Upton with the vallllle notes whilh th le I ve hollotled ill thile rOllu se o t!ri stidies and practice;a d to Mr N It .ICnnlilln the tIrt nart- tof \lr l; puo, who is alto en,.aned in the work, G,,, :tto:b idl, :sq. I'll .pr. r t ' rllt -e -reat muse of i. ..... ll `=l' mO ti l: l l llo hislo llt.l'e l opl of the e del' , and trlilltR n vn" b een imnelllll i llft Il g the w lrIe lie.k i.l oI hi- tih.,nt ished eirotasinre ot lointrs. The nhrlizh ler e may of t h'lfe S.ltrust T lit t. i nets h f ,he wmork will Iby k a bll iwt i lduq trv t'.l lahur,, -tedi . i I th li ll" lunc t i r h ir k( nodt o t. hld Pn li .io ite . c r',, t hll ,t lotrihe i rs to tile pw rk, intl polin hcr. n lu lihn en ill chi t l t, t tthat lhe, [.la.i ftt11rP II Iouli i hallsl hlt: m lllllhlri 7.v+ lhe i loverllor to Iorder oneille llltlllP l ) il i Ir s n ltlt .e f (lllrp ion o lt 'le: .l ; te. T he ritd illap \t i'l ahbi tl rll . atiiit' ,,r wIt:i akl, h1v file .\ sch .i c', ltl+ d ll(.ir It:-I a 1,' "t.lef . Ith ac re t w o en idr n the .ll '\ a Iu 'Iet L d tin t i'+cnfid.lll· I' ill the Ilbiht?· oIf' tlht Itathh-lv" s ,amI e-ile,r br li.h oI i t lo, ,d i tl et ,hlly1v t,lmh stor , l r. i''i," w nrk d w ll l,, printled in Fi& i m C . : lP 'ls"h , a li ),, I IIgo- ,d a ler and w c'leaTr i t r ; clar i\\.iili cllh t \ p or lll ~l ct. h .p ·rcl touit ll ill,- ti, le tee l aoi, ui It w+ill pjllm , ". 1or r,,a, :, Irs doh .t.Ir in +h,' th i th l , t Srp t m ino'tLlr 1i,-xl ;" h111t ' ll ' iv ! \\it! '. I,, ,oo ný,fl iri:, r,, fil'ein dollaitr t- o II l p tl ti.-' ,,I nuh scrihcitig. Ih'lle subs(:riptio, i list:i oene cloed, thle store price w'il be, twenty dollatrs per tcullv. u _p ii ... ... Jil)_++! &. Co. Iui,,,_m rt, .. ROWAND'S 'IONIC MIXTURE, i car ir-a f EVER AND A UE. I i.i fall TilEN years have not yet elapsed since it was oEv.,n f l'st reuglarly subehitted, to tihe public; Ibut it has attained the highest reputationt; and has sup. t am3 planted every other itelucine for the Ague, whe rv. a er it has bee knowt v ad appr ciatcd. Alreudy & exi hau it been carried in every dtrection throughout grltt thie United States, and stilI realizes more than could l Iltl have been nlticipated bly its Ist sanguine ftriends. oi ne 'I'oulantis olf peorsots hatve not olnrly bren relieved, ple , but re-tared t he Ith li vigor through its aJ l.or co ati,, they,"' . .r IclitI hly .tv. lfy, at every Op- na is comlposed of such notothitiyutl poriC d ' i a Ai clcnlated to renewy the hoelthy action of tlle suto- Act ach, liver, and other importa;nt digestive organs, ti;e ' thie loas of which Itrmony is tihe immediate calse i of the disease. It is apparent anso, that it produ. cos all entire chalge II the condition of lthe system, and certailly tihe native liability to relap s's of the uflletlioa. \Vnen the Atge is attendud Fl'ros at ith any other complaint, th ni) OplovymnlPlt of tIhe Ii 'lTuic iltxtui, will not iulertlbre wlle the treat. 141l meit of the other dl-easet, but wi. even aflbro d as. stude .ist.nce by furnoihing strength anld vigor to the st0uan body during tIh- courer of treatlenit. 'ThsltTse who tlha 1ku usee of thi lldicine iltty be asoured thlat ti" there is no Arsenic, BIarks, Mercury. o anoy other non,) article in its ompositio n unried y to ilt It l tho in il, c t tuut;lt beilng vntteely a vegetlable evrtcl; a ll, lnd they mal y have additional confidence t ts thttltt DA use thereof, wheno they perneive thtt It ha INle ef- throe '.act of magent a laxative about lihe time, half a but. acnie le full has bcen taken-int conasqUence of whlicht, elr ma here is no pert of the mtedcint lett to linger in "t opt hi o htols to cause obsltrllctons, nlld other evil, is .risitllg rotlt the uec of n11'y of tile relnedr,es now lol .l rted Ifor the care ol' tis ufcLion. It has been the s -ed alo sal prevonttie, by yti twho were subt et to a periodical recurrence of lthe Chills, and it cj tilt Ill .et ;t[ty Iard ied tff thie 0llprellheirded atttct. . (Obsere! The Proplrietor, fully , satisfied ',tith thett.t ! aaparalleled and unIversal euccss wvhich has con. tn., .entlv attended a punctual and reular use t the i s l'uni Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Age-o, 1F uels watrranlted in eg ging to refund the price to tLie ,all tho.,e who have taken tile Iediceine inl trict ac lpost cordanc with tile prescribed directions, without one htavng been perfectly aand lastingly cured, comt 'IThe souletrbuors are tlhe wholesale agents for the A South Western Stttes, and have ntw on hand six ty cases of this imedcilne, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the atnulaetlured prices JA.1R I .1 ANtifE\\ Whohlesale I)rgists , no,?7 co, Cmltionll T'l'chloupiloulas sitee-l. Ol-E:RS RIE:CEIVED) FOi. JO1ES'.1 TO VT CO TTO) V ( "1, ethr .tiotEttil Nl. it \lstilC l sctreel, I NeD w e letant E Iti Ito 3tANI Ft t't'UtttiIl IN N91 YORKJU Y t0 l tiOilEti itl' t Cl). s SC.AL 1O IIPRICES-Doulti (tras. Fortadothettinon lilt otos Otaorm o Ott me td cylibder, makding; If. saws the standr , v with l hedoer. b, b &. Iat $6 ilelrsa, oi $900 i t'' I er .i 1 I tleibh: (;ti a ul 0il sa .s ' n it c linderill j or 100 saws in wtho. slta, leders, A.c. arto $6 po title, o0 d Co ito Itdtho. o.f tst wsondo.ttl or saws in al stand, at $f 25 per saw, .r 5010 (. t , I For Ido. o f to 1tws on dot, or e1 0 salws It i oi settId, rta..50 o1per s-e, or ttl) 0ol Cd SIN(;I GI NS. T 'o For a sitle goin: f Se soaws or more, with to ne st of l ikdcrsi', bnnals, &c. at 5l per n .nn eoto, ttStoo0 o$f l'o.e,. ,f 60 s.a s, with lecdets, &t .t $6 t1 d 50 eCr saw ,,90O 00 A and l'te' do of-Of Saws, with I(ceders, e. $, tr t O'ouioolitasa.ts, wiithioedlrs, &c. ath7 is S pUr saw 150 oo 1o, p . Fxt'teeth whI'tie itdesiredl s f JIr I'etders, supplied : it s11s Ients la ;the; ti , hli Ul ta f th win at 'll ll. i site edoelter, will t wear 1t twotillre b It tI;- oTt t., t tte cd tiltl u, Coo fet e it s a tu l SOIi S t eltn itatll of t the s i l p rti is fll tie e ott s pl.t ttr- .fo.t 1t1th110lorltameltinNitt' YoIi, loid lttiOOlit'tl or ,si.b,; llr f h lell t a o un l tol teC t;it. A in wrt alt 1 : tr will tt sent wiith thte tits to put thtO up wfhIe . I tw1 Sile; the charges for wtIhose sera ices wlI1 be extr'a, but I e neillerttalohl t otLt'ert'ted where'l'desit.d. s oa re:lholable fei a', bt will bie ch:arge textra. Here, Ittl,i power,I o( ant des:riion, 11 ) 11 ca l ble tinin sed o i.hkc e sitef te.11.. Sm.lull engines als be ordeure': It de a so i It l.idesir.abtl, when plutclrs .{ice orders for (;ino, Stuhy should. accopniy thenI with ttheir views ih l. e:. -I of t rum teot st s, bstWS itlluSIS, bllts5he, .t.. It Cryi is fS ltll they Il[l't o pin)iOn. Dnl)nll'. .lurebi .(wl 1t .geri dhll.amet l't:e,, othle's. 'Tlhe litest comImonI SiZt . s U or ,l0 i nlces; t. seolm|"e tvish thetl Intches. S. Some wish 5 or t rowsl , ' brushes oil a axle, t hile othersd. I eta, not wat mlle tht 4 ilt most. Stoe wtlsht saws ilhll I orl. teeth to tthe inch, while others want 10or 11 ( Insel \V ticr d]iscl'eallcy,, wthe prflelrt t Ih. should, :,t nlnI ki thlltm a I It o.tlIt toInIetr anllll at tHtilOvtt l e lai. A. orth.r can t Ii e excvtcfd, flo o tll, hlle is i' leltl.ivtd, 11111 iltttut t ltoIII't cfettll t tlliltetkieIo hllh il\ thaie , e i.e the iinext crop l, ti ord t1 t I tt Ie in thel I ett. s to the mmouthetur+m:lt by the fihst oI. tr usi~let ,il .lay t e%.p, trpl.ntat so s N he r'they h'te'|lt in c.t enn1c oar to 11. N. t. 'the -i", 1 ight,f lr~n ot.. e f the ec ttn - et t. 0 1 h s0 h ! o , r u '- n a bl tc mt s , n in,; It :to. AtcCTIU At l., I IlE FAULTY OF .MED GIN E. TlHORTN'S Compound Extract ofCopaiba and Sarsa Sprilla -A certain, sale, andti aet eticttual reme dy ever discovered for the culre of Gonorrhea, Glects, Strictures, Whites, Paine in the boek and o oins, bselitti weakness, ofectiuons of thie kiduies, gravel, scorbutic erultiuton, .e. eIi the ittriutltetion of n medieine possessine the usefu cand active virtue of the one now offered to the public, tile Iroprietor has but to refer to the numerous recom mnetldaltio rceived from the most eminent of the me dlocal faculty in Eilope, believing that it wll be duly aipleciated wh. i Lo tour'ita re ic'o fully known. T'he Balvt of optlba,so extelsively asld, Iltas lst muchl of its credit ronl tile dislike which patients formerly expless it rega.ditl its distgreeable taste, disturbance prolduedl ii te bohwels td stotmach, Id its iletetollit'c ineffieiluct iolea used in thie iflatmtoty stauge. 'Tlhe proprietolrchs madtic al analysis of the talsato, cunceiv Iug tIli the Iore activuqualities woulll thllreb hl e much more roncentt':dtd ad mtlne usefully hlcnilictered thotl in the prIesunt slce. lThe hbove med citle otbitesC ill gtredieots which are in the highest repute nmcot' the most sienltific and lellled in the prolossioll. :ch rlug in tie composition of this ptrepaltlon increases the ellieicy ofl te other, producilg lan operation ttuy n.tu Iislhicg, ttnd surpassing the Inosltstaautlt erxp.cttiolls; possassitngat tile samoe ito e the advaintlge o its beilng administered with pcrliet success in the difcrent sthyes of tile above disease. Theo tttost o eineht pr sici)uns an sur.eno sf stitoe psent day exl:rss theioy deci.erd p tocbatioc ioll fatt of Sit o ill.l , lil ce whilste itu: ill t. prinei |l ilospitols and pcublic tdclical ilostitutiocs Ires te tt, ond stil tttilll , o el'y tor extCusite. It was a ittt oeltt Itucetly witi tile celebrated t )c r Aberltlehy ic tall ve pn al affecticcitc, cocci ticisticcclettctcltccte elit2 ttoll atisinlg " om. ilidisordcl.edl sttle of tbhdigestio fentlicitos. l laVihrg bee submlittd to te test land experiencet otf the most celebrated nnlotg te tchioll thlley halte cexpretalt d their satuislction of its exrlaordinary etlicay inl eery case utder their hiarge, by ad.ltititg it bth ic ttllcilt public itll ,ivttt plactice. lTheir oib erlvatioll tt1il .e inser eCd hereatie by J It Thorn, Chlemist Loulon. Price $l 50 per pot. Fr-n A 11 Slmnnl, Is, F K y, S,.gron to the St 'iln i n losit:ol, iond tI.e" uilrr \n Ai0ttIn0, 'he trial whichl 1 Ivte mle of lor prtpat i ilo in t atl'.tity t f cnt s, Iotll t t le aid flnl nle, in ts I ts halt )proioncing it olle of the Imost valuablle an elldiclio|llls remedies ever' ouli'red to the .ullic, ord one ill hielh, h'ulloC.S exlplcr u-, ,I : I w lll ev ry rlVll le, wiilst it (l 'iels l tI II'Olll tohli uil ly Ilrnn G 1 It avwInltd, .I 11 C S, Physician to the St I1 lye ral plD esuryt in tltlintg lmy lnetignty to lie .aluable prop '"1 D.' of vour prep:rath , io , wishing you the success (on s.o lilllt d sc.r.'l , in an :uldlhe re'w:llal for :ILhe :labor nl(1 expense locus ed ini bringing it to such ecin, Iint'ntltetinnit It. ltrln X \\' t C.olper, F I S,, Surgent to Gu)ys .ll.. T hL ulif.nolr sl c'ss which ttts ttl tended Lb,- adn illi Ilu llý (11i(iti ell ei(l.\ t l(;Ill 1 al liol! . .ll iclelll wish to b, know,. to Ie truly i pirecItId. 'IIt tIl i luccets u su ,)well d-e oe, a ply") and speedlUl y rept: ) yo to, 1:"1 1 ta bl:tle Iii i 'atini i . X " 'l.1111'r : (' )puer, ' ItS P 1RC' , -c. Ac. ]lal hiu_ h-1l , liod wed Itl r ill try II , xnlll t in (I;\'t:'1ii c11s{'. I 'tiulet il l ohorrhwt uI i hl i i hall hil tIlt ) b.,i t il lmtrl I-llp dllil ollll ec ed by tlllllll I l.l fli i d l 1 fee itnl11tnitttt it tIn tt nm t uil O that ns w n it .c I-Ib"llh pubh) . :d L(((LL te rec oelnll l. d and usC IIo11 1(htil I". l"ru:l 1 \\' Illair, IM I), l 'h tsician to tG ii's Ilo iThe 1toic( itoIit which I givosn yout11 mnditoti. Sill ncllt I I il1, hi Slh . , ml t II i l (. t lh lit i I n t ttll iod u. teto e ntit,.. ,,1, thll In1 t'llitui' )'roof I. C Thomopson, \1 D F It S ]. II, IIII m nvi . int sIII l .lccre (ll s foi I l e tIo louale 10i0 sent orf tDl'l ..tlat t fil l or the c rl"e fll (~raorlhl'll ,, hlr. I l'el gll t|e lll tlllat ouil hate a t la;st bI~a ulhtI Il nlllii .e in use wI[chl will prove a dUesidlerloaionllon soughtllor it, the medica: 1t . h1-A sure, seed( i 1I ellectu al d lie! in cases, " fthe bol l e class. It tib.rd'( Ine h'plasu' eI ill, i ldislling to tlhe ortl thlie aluable qualities oft) cur IIWereIIt llnecessIary, t"he prorlk'itot could hletre furnlish a alle; l'mt to uts illC itls glr t sll u:lltles)ll lhertltll ile care & expense at which it has bIee p 'pared, w ill prole ids grenies. rrco "mmendati iong nl llio dlxcrnil pulblic. O)ne vecom en ltnllt o ll ol thll is p )el aratin nejI. l),s lll 'e all tthers is Il( oenlt, porulth e tr'm-p-st up it, pots-th llde in wll hich it aiyl hle ti ken, l leltg hotl h ease alt! pla.( out--ils ttc . \ nuture, with 1o re .triction il diet I' o 1. co In[i ,ii lf'lom buoi ss. T"u'o" ilers especi.dlh woubt lind this medicine highly uselul, and ouulht ,,eve to be ll 't,)ided with o prepa.' timo possing the ad ltry of the dlid relnt stages of the disease, w.itoDlut a.. e t\ t: .c i :01 ' 'i , co n ta i n in g fu ll a hd :I ln' ih ' l ill' t i.o l lto t s For sa1* h n SI4CFl.E S & CO. _ mr ld , Jd.l 4o Canal steet. 'rom Mobile (.Alaoalna) to Augusta tt .toI ) I EAVI :S hlhii every other Idtlo, ltlte.iotely altet1 4 the ariutal o thoe mail from New Orltans, ler thlo itiota.t Itt.t iE, io I|tlakelo. Coetles to Peel00lo0lr slualho:ts (Ilr Pensa:colt Itvt , St Itosa somel adl Choo c I r t t:htuhoitc Ilier acnd I11V} to C0,h r 1lul, cone hes thence via .1oriaotoa, CllattaiilooCho, (ilitrl} .lmutt Veitti rtm l .on,) [l: nidbn h t e, PI Ulo erton ; Ilaw 1, s el. suld.. .. I·ouis .vi( oille, to Augusin. A passrt, o'e'r taking,; ds Is. t litou t. l ISA LINE to hut oti,. couc itrn, :nd un..r oe eo trdl i thtiroughout, aInd ot rely wtetr tetwrr tO epooloit trli .iolat Au~giutllti i. tite lto icifid, ro ll Ogh ol atholo(. S. l ti'opihe shmlhdcl ) . "rht: (Itott New" Orleins .Mai t ,lsi is ciarrid lt this rouite. 'lhe Agents ti.r icco umodta lio., 'l'ean., Coaches and lltcrs are not s.lipass.d i TLhe mnolth , ha:dl , nall.ral roads, the s:li'- and inter bu tSltil l. e. Im:rtii:ation,lthe time and clcomiolllllalolo tiItN tet ally' the tItveller speed, certlintl , comfllorlt, anlld a pleas L ig variety; onneclt as it ere withte ltt il ltolad filt ChrLll-stoi, S. C. otIl the ste:omo pekets to new tnYol, fi.ti htocllrs :as rea st %.rNew 'oolk tirotm New Orlenls the LiSS TIIAN It tars-nt-W\oas(igto city in 1o . , to t iFromit Cliattlhoochetle, F-lorida, we have a Ilrutm wil thit hi tluiitoy Ul Tillahlssee, Ioft t liSnks, i ioo ' ttil post ooiaoesou.loo tIoW Ilrhtthcs btoon ltlowkiitth tll on Ito Mlillcdgeville, anlld one to Mlcolt, ligh to hlir Pe .coa hes. ST'lOCIK' 'iNS o. i'll A.i-oto'-tuo 1 "ii Ji-to. 1835. SIP IA)[ir et ,o la l Ilouse Mobile. tihc *)isalltne, New (rleans to Mobile, 150 mile Mlobilhe to Atguslta, 5tn t " E C iuristtoo to N ow fork, 981- 1811 at Time, N low Orlean to tMoiilet, 28 hour s illobile to All lsta, tt t Aut:l l to iCiharhlstooil 1t , " (h:olleston to New York, A6t- 0'58 lalrtin 18 miles per day. or 7 inles per hour, inela I Si ve o' uiltstltpoges. liiV li N. Iito. I lelt. ee to ianolrm the iinotliclht alt t Sidleso veri the Ch~itahootCieswatunl and Itot rdlI.nh creekl, ht' Jusit Ibeell compIle*tedi t the general goverI metll (IhIIt toI obstatles opetltinglagoaiuotthis stoli a n sp dll, riount, uII thushaIlpily r.orI'- ited; olld I have ill, th U pleasure oi. l'le :.liu Irolo IItrave llers tiothe oi t lcoacthviior. Ss s, dt ivcrsn'1 am1ldos itre oo the first order; tlnd titi to the i Iolllo. rouie froitm i esicoi oa tol Cedar Illd', it is amioi it. te y :t hll hoitti , t hilrouiliO h it tg h e 111ur1.tas thlt I ll ill linl\ t li' s Irllui ty pls ell saifeo . . The -lbridges t hron.l I0It i Iol.Georgia .lulls elrail. J 11 C IIAKEIR o i 5 ARl LE CCHIMNEY PIECE WAottoeSo, ti i lCusltiimI!otusl street, opposite oth poot.nlitiie. The sublscribers trot now receivllng from their te. i toruuo itg New York, and will keep constantly on hand ia gOllneral i.assortment if MLarblo Manitle Pieces n 00 ofotlpio i 0lr wthorkiluranohip nt o ' the Ittedt pttlerins, nadt od or ote hi:ot Egyptiiat, Illi:n, Irisih and 00 Ai rle;rn alOnrblu. Alto, MOlumtllltelts, To:nbs and trae eStones, it-olidetd anitd tplain sills andtI ltols, moaorblo .t ge, i hearllhs and bounlldar stolne, plaster tO of Parli, IRom tti & Hydrauli i Coiei t iand l'lattere itl hILair, together with a osplenldid asstortment ot :d mounted uand plain Grates andl Russia Iron i Grates o'thl!e newest and imost approved patIetu. r oI ot Loitoring done in the nieatest manner and at the shortest notlce. They havo first rate workmlne to 1 stot the tabove work.o S i5 e 'A AMES KAIN & STIROUD ,T" IPARIt.IR-IS tROCKY MOUNTAINS, &Ac. aI OUlRtNAi, of an Exploring Tour hbeyood theo Liil R,:cky Mountains, undor thie directio of the A B C F M, pO rorourloed ill the years 135, '3G andl sci. 73; containing a l desterilioo io the geogrlllhy, o e. I 0.-i ,logy, clllllnto alid productlons. ald the ntulntel, oke itantlcrs andtI, tonlit ot the ativesl; with a Map I d ,,of Oregon 'roetoery, by twev. Samuel Pa'rker, Al1. t t Ihe IiRiver taod lo Desert; or IRecollections of i" the Rlhone and thi "h.Iartreuse; by Miss PLardue, Iautor oftht l o ihty of l St tan, &c. it 2 vwols. I Ti Iuobbur, Ta 'TleO, o the auithor of Richeliou, Vi To Gypsy, Atlta; in 2, 00. le Th'l ,'o FoirtI; or Ad. mtore in a Country dI, Houose, iand other Tales, by Lady Blossington, I L S8 UBltoler, Mre Norton, Barry Cotrwall, Mrs Gore, i C.lptLito Mcdwin, alnd otlIrs; in b vols. ,tO Toe Lilo an. Adveontures of N icolas Nickleby, itch odited by loz, with Illhstrations by 1'iiz, No. 1. t Just received and foIrsl Iby MOil I t'0th0Oh at I tt)l'l:S, o·--Jult received bull for :ale Ih, se W as. Me.eau, ornmrl.lurlt and ('tmol vreets - 1, mtthlll.,tm c , Inle rulllZst, iTruw isp I'l u o o SltitU: :)1., . ,toil- .ig it t re lo'oti It h " io toro - I v lil llr m t ' ot,",, , ( 00;tos "' I -,i g sl l \lu\io 'I.. \ta N. York d& Baltimore a.akoet IACKETL'S FOR NEW YORK-Now Line. -To sail punctually every seacod Monday during the season, full or not full. F hip Orleans, 599 tolns Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 471 do C. C. Berry. Ship Arkaisas, 627 do E S Dealns Ship S r.toga, 542 do WI Hathaway. Ship Nashville, 5411 do D Jaeksou, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker The above ships are of the first class, coppared. and copper fastened, and having been built in New York exrressly for this tra.c, they are of light draftll of altur and almost invari;bly cross the bar withoutl any detrntion. The commanders are men of great experienlce, and the ships will alwsysbe towed up ead dlown the Mississippi by steamboats They Ilhve handsome tfrllarshed accommodations, and ltores of the best ilercription will always be fhrnihellld. The cabin pasao is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is oIl liquor furnished to the officere or crew. For freight or passage apply on bhoard, or to II C AMIES, 48 Camp at. The srlls are not nacouotablc for breakage of glass, hollow ware, imarble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rstt of iron or stel, nor responsiblo for any packoge or parcel, u.Cle.s a regular billof lading is exvcuald thlol'ir at the oflie of the eats, 1 nov27 NEW ORLEANrovo II. IA'IilMOE LINE OF PAuKETS. This line will cvolant of the following vesrols, which have been bnult or purCohLsd expressly fur tlie trade, viz: Ship Scamen, Capt. Miner, Bhrk Mary, " Nickerson, Irad el'rry, raw I Stevens, ' Solomon :Sultur, Latharm, Brig Arcl:hltec", t Gray. These vr sels are oftthe first class, have hand. come luirirhed : ccommodations, anld ore of a light drait of water, no n. to adimit of their receiving and dclcharginlg their cargoes in LLaltimom, at the city. Ireight will be takel fldr porle on the Chesapeake or Jamo's' River, and filrwarded by the agents, , CLARKE & KIELL.iGG, at Baltimore; expelisr. on goods shipp))ed will bo advanced when required. 'Te price of passage ils fixed at $60, anlp!o stonre of the b at quaily will bk provided. Steam, up and down thu OlMiaisippi will be taken on nit occasions. For freight Cr pasonge, apply to CEO. BIEDFORD, .o,'27 _2 Bienvil'e st. F 1T 1 N 1'\ fe41rK. [Vl;ilea and Nev \rl: l.iLie of Packets] lli lhip, conpo.inl this line will cail ferom iNcN Orleans and cew York on every other iMon i oy--c'o.ecing on the l 20thll Nuoviie'er-and to iu.ure the punclut'lyh i iiirh lime oi sailing the hin' will h, walter consiol offive sfhips, viz: Sl!p .Tze", t.cptairu'l'k, tl leave on the I 20It Ship L,'uinv;!ie. Captain Pailer, to leave on thLLe lt ceiruee rbe. hi:p h liitaivile. C l'tiun l:dliulgc, It. oave on the :Ip r ,,ws,. g,, C.7.1 l.". , . , I:, \ l to leavo on •ip " l iY ,,-. d:,, t l. u , t o a e onl the 1:l:1 of d, Janua n'. Th.: ,bov e arte .all en', of the fule <so, coppers t i ol l clpper i,. 'ed, :nl i"i ' r ; of 5b10 tone hunh'n, are of l.ght druuht of vuat. r, being built ol pcssag is fixed at 10 dullarli their cabins : ar i ttd lup in the mst iin proved anld convienient plan, and finisheid in a neait andi elegant style Armple stores of the fire *per lity will be provilded, and every regard puid to lthe cni rt and entire, 'satll h(in lof pIas iCngers, who i mill please Lake no. lieu that uno berth cuan b secured until paid for at the gi'ce of the eonsl,,ncee. ''fhere ve inels are coIilraed by captains well Ilxperelnced : tihe trade, whto wiil give every at tlallur and i xert themca ellers to ccinrulmndate. lThey wiill t all tune hi e twred up canl rdown the Missi*. ippi by steamboats, ;,lid the iticelet punctuality obl ,rvud in the ltune of sailing. The ooweros of ther Sid, s will not be responsi ble fIr any letter, parcel or lpackage. tent by or Ube grucd ltlSereleir, iat h. i'cuntnlleg hihselt tiO iagent or owtcere. For ftil'h r pirticulars apply to J ) 1LE.IN & A COHIEN, ' novn 7 90 Cermmon at "OR NEV YTeiK. (L.ouTianan ed New Ylrk line of Paekt S.] Sf11 e shlips ceupullnle tih Lune wiil ail l lrulolr New ioand N aw rk on rierc other Monday lnnellln inl o ile t lili t uh veilber, ndl to inlsure the rit ,c uliit ii, lt r tni ie of sailing, the li ill h Ie'c IL'er t'ici i.' i e liti, e ,l, iz : hip nr.:o, I 'apticei 'i'oak it ciheave o'n tho o 20th ore. Shi L udisrill e, Carltain eaihur, to uave on thl 4th Deceno or. 'hip Iluntsrile. Captain r:ld.i'rer to learnve on the [Bitl I)en t, mb . Slip l'icirl, urg, Oipetou \Vhwdhouse, to leave in the Ship li Pis.ts i, Captain lt ( i a. ti larve on the 13th 1ID" t]. ahe,<, ,hips ah all neew. of thu first elams si, eicd alld el i tn ;,.n, , d time nrdv o 1ra 500 r Ot lls buhe, er ct" hhi il d ,.u uf wuwr being built ill New I r c le ,r ! , Ir.n. 'he pri.e ofE pan t oe is 'l iaii .tireur"rd idllar. Their cabins arl fitiied ti'iiinalit iinpaued and convenielnt pleantd :fi .i!,e ill a erect u - .l l t st le. A .mple stems o lthIe Iir.I ilitir will be preenviled, and iever regeard hnd to l ithu r i "lliad rlluhi llt,' snti abuc tet lt p leise ers llw o will plhe-. tanke iuitice uil nti lb erlh euill e eeaurad tinr ll .aid lor iat h lll onice 01 thu eglllilLees. 1 hI llte ' Iu. krer curellllll uradIbv Catptains wellex perienced ini thie iade, icr Io ill gile ieerv uttentlio, anld excel the nell e i t oI ,Illllr iillod te. thiey will at fall timre, be tlwe'i upi and i dwnl the Ailiesippi by i ethsnIbutits and he uieltoet punctuality obserted li tie hufallin tle LII c etg.trlrl i The tillt e Z of the e -hip s "n Il not be responsible for as) let er. p "el or l .:kage senIt ilts or P it all board ret 'rerti rnles a regrlur ill cl laelirghbo .gcltl therefirer at tIle contiring ho.eil of thie agelta or owners. For Snrihr petit ular app) to li BUIN & A COHEN; no% 1:3 N9 Comou ll at i PN.ISACOLA MANSION HOUSE n iEW CITY, I'ENSACttLA. 1 fl" IlE sublscriler hnvring Ipuro|hasd thie lease and for, i. iturleofh this well l.own astablish ment, on MIt I Tylr, the late liroIrietor. woill bIe eedy to reeive i.. ites., hv the 1st -i April next. i.Nelsatlt 'land costlyl icitprveenicts will be found in the aerrailrenlelta of nhlu lmr.sicn e ouso. New aind reeltelcoui'iuuhiotes bulring illuser will he lriltcrra i rllsre rill lith ii e lllrlr de l alr ll hours. A stable Siin1 be attlehed to tlle hou.e, with good acciliourada timc fir hurses and clrratlges. l its' rate hulrses and tic lri.l s will also lee kelpt fe ceire tt rodert:e prioea, tn ior tlih u ie of 1.lo s. Ilill itre rd and itid ai lll lo .li lellrv Iilu atollilheu ri:ipluaee, ill c.lhObeieuisedl, ce nod s, ctlOnductel ,s -out a srmith ILL, eomlUrt rlit, ilnd aietot t:e bouleai,i. 'Tll(r , rinersa d liquts Iwill and e.'l flo ile irut h r lity, nud treo..aore a" e lle ....ltit' and iice, n ouro has already i'ewl ordred, whichwill arrive le ia ebout rhe lt ht hleov." t iM Frioriciek Ieruatd.e wlo firmerl et tio populanirt re ltor in itel t \rlsbictorni ct, nill teuendt Icsla he el for Si the ero etrr, slroe, aith cueh aid, counrde atly eta, ra l i r te ini ill of sat eet ne d bnd his 'riendt geterall ttl tat l they ill re cive e er oa.oible attertiun; aIad tharteDy tic. ex re, a to cic o1r- i' l.tor i li n. ate. rr r ioenlceei'. tore, T Sai'r oal ndtsli er c lr thdeu it .le All i-t.. it. iu hlko n lhto i ei Ir r Tirio.ed dl'eriptliu e r.a-it Thtyt les ict, 1 St harle Eaachln. ti f r Tr a le-scuit; he evrul rendezvous of'the Glilfsquad " ting fin l lindltllr mm by flhe coolle t r verseIsfrom ihe r eiui . i o e elnlito thre ir an' ed the teighbonrieg c i isd ird ain eie.; iliur atndag noe and daelitoay' tf th tie i-h whilll.eiht tie Weti aboulnldI tdll i a ptuxity Td tltee han htr i'l it t, ia v.Pr ' bila the pr Ne eir bile, nd wrill nt all t itimeo i,, le Ir, lake the loereril'tt . It. tirim lie. New Ocle'rorhula . it of' N It tAtNOLD. 11rr hieatleriren niaeheg to roatve, for etl..te ieu, ntilis, can addt-ene the preirlictar, at trirene .la, tr Mr i weitl TI' Tai't rl, ri in lirii,.e.r litnieioi, ir scew Ore lTe, I Sacoird Ihent, er CI lrlnii, it MeAltine F.q.. 1t. Kihbr, iir Motib 'hl; TT.lur ir, I ER,r. Eri., e Net, ecy, Orleane. I' --A lerter 1to, iteeeiee oett.,.eir'ati'l,+ f'r piro'e r it oi'ti buhette }tue'I, to pnlace at tGe sWhiti:etr'd tffice, 51 St Ctharle. lcxntone. FOIIIDA I0.OU1'It't FI'R tLOE" YORKI. in I, " 'I'raeo-ller. decirees ci tarkig II.e Flohida route. evia Peeclncuhi,to the Nerthte' illfal'nl I'd thbantied ate boetr will rrnatintle ruai trotl. Mobile t, I'eneeelt% leavinr Mobihd and Pensatul:kevrny tier day afterth lit tet nf Clayo. Good atageenwill alnteen be pmeinldd try the .u..hi tar' to ire iul r-eitriuee . tnko re hr setrefe a -t Mobil,, in .are ttf I|,aleo r a ,r tht 1-ete e, P. A,,N 'LD. 'th co . nect't o' lia i. 'uleb ee |

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