Newspaper of True American, 31 Ocak 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 31 Ocak 1839 Page 4
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.a yy'.i .\.L .lliP.Il , \U1it) I'ý 011' ,, lr ii rir. `ý P 1 `~C1I 1 .I n On Er il Vrl .tr:·n nFW WMIDIC.OI. \\'r.RtZ s"r a Oil 8d0°rPhih ·1s an l R1) ,11 Ix;: *'didalJ w·irprit~eo on looor.ity *ibaoo'qv r.lWoor-Pr tolo.I o*r bn-nnity 'i ý{thaaa's"urrery liatnttn'O agergr 00···fer flll'octrAnted-wtt popuotr311dicini jft1 D)iZt. Marn of Uhemintn1 ass'sAuolyticoI CLelni Iry J P COMMORCIIAL. AND NAUTICAL. ~,~;--oaoao and Reponitotyflot 1C h'8 dt 1 contterciol fictinnoy, Lodot qa Almtanac for 1839 wditcin'n Navigation 3 Measuyrr AOCRITNCTVRI AND MoUCoNIC.s do M t' irnnary f Ahiteelore. Inolol 2 r. do Avhitectno , 3ole. Loodon Wi Arcl ?hiteetnre. redgsdld's Ca~rppentry~ Y y ýl ~aahantic'r Eneib~les , o Me ticnl Tabten' JAISCLLANOCS r Amerono RioSto1,,,IvolS. Mucellenr fitom lkt t CVonain, Joaliioy and B. Constan l and Bacon'e Work a, 2 vela, l.oud'.o U'Ilseli'. Ctrioritiea of Literoture,L, bikidcl Economy. by 2oy, do Vethnke Veol~iarl' nid of Welter $oolt, 2 vol "Onlina nl and Isabrlla, by o3In Uakkutm6nre, splen ddltion, 7 rolns 8tt Arid eR~nvurniasstnefnt o f Law, Medicol S9icn!ific nett. ltt. Nov ibndionn1.j, Grammar , English and srnaao, Latin ond Gireek. t :JOHNI & co. v r. Chnrles and 0,,,,,,n rte. Fo t cr . ent sid enre o r tlw Fever ad neAue. STwill I readilydi.netoveed ahenrein tie Tanic ilix Slllr c ael O nhe orinr tnn of tresting eile PaEer aiod Atu. in tnhile first piaeo be lt a Vae te Extract, and free fronl any deleterious anld nploen us ingrediets, it mayo I te taken wh the utmost eafe tr even by the tender vflnt, or ncerd invalid. It pre on01 tsnpne of fir dintne, conslune Ihe eon fi.tu lh anon regains its wonted Iour. and elnvits. It eRltb ba.o a sunbni nd perlnanent oppttite, by imaijorttiin ths.toltniehnaod giroe i relishlt tl ti ec.nyinenti of lt-te. =e.H g pecllar ih O hovi a ipurgatve qualit, it rtnmainsn wi;n the bIowels *s intrense thie ris order, r to create ether dimesseo , but thitnrUglIv ceins tileha several or gans of dileslioa, and th'ua heonefls the en3tvm -itlh whatever othes ateCitnt it ln y be oppressed. Individuals, after the nei nftie Tunitc fixtui., have been exposed in all thie useial eanuses if the distase and raovescaoped ainy imntlnll,n f uretron: wherehnlt bv the ue efthe colomon Itnemedie., there is always crew ted an iltcreased linbilitv ro rerlvrrceane. The danoer eff'iques t relthe esnlftie Agne, is very evitha , for Ihtotvrtecm willn sil bemmine too muclh protetate to ae al;e to relet wilt Ialsh:lee anl.i ipedily v il It tvic ;m to r5th in.fstmlt volento ae Thm,. on atenile r i is --fered at such a releasable prie, no to plnt' it ,irit the reach sol very on e--so that tht-p ior and d]esti+tute are hereby furnished withnssistiale e ithat h t solincitig th, aid'a'd attendance whlirh Is frequently t:iced to theto.or el very rn llclatly bestonwea. The public anrtre .plitel ptlln:tn'1 i gr Iholnton h I rions iattaions ofllii etiedicine, thit are tio ily offered for gale. it is prlepatred only b Dr. i-ldm l. itInW:l, adt his L bot-nllir- . it lirk lstrn tt .,i Itiln drld lihia. 'tie tnodtiher+itnid thle fn hlPelat lw eit fhr thie outh hestler hntl top a will n ll e rt r t i, it -she Philnelphlcn eprhice. '1';, e ald alt retNill ul( , ua s.nstnfthe Apothecaries in Il.I city. JARVIS & ANDREWS, S Vholesule Ilrulgi.= s ot eO nearoc Conlllltn &tL 'I : iNiiolne s 1lth-lsltill nl and Louisinua lnintel, " RS. MARY KIRKII LAND repcjfnilly an. routrnes to her friends and tie public genea ally that slie is irelarend t a iteeoniodto the l at he abovei estabisllnent, iand Inopes frim lihe meertions to render visitors eoil'nrtnnhlc, to receive s continance of formear favors. Shte ufels confi. dent tlhat pnersoni visiting Covinigtn dnring tim ttnlncmr monlths, motil filnd better aecoilnodtliols than she can avonrd fteln, on ntere: liberal terms. IHer houseo is Iplanantly situated, anid well stpplicd with every tontentence; tihe bar is furtnished wit the most slltiCe liquors, &c. in niort,alto promtisc 'nat nothing shall bt, wa iting on ier part to give itiro soatislctilon to tll wh tn lay t.atronize tiln ntioiossilppi indi [lsiaioann Hotel, j.3 - o uderd under )r. Sel ildt of .lurleston, Souti Ciarolinlla. inel tr solmo years ili assistant in tihe practice of tiedicuin arnd .ergnrty Ihos tlie honor to offer hins pirnlenionmll torvines in this city. Ht asuriesa tine ladies eand genltlren thalnt thie ilintl prompt attention will be pid to tin calls hvlicmh may be rntde; anid also n0nirn i ai serrvices to tmit holders of ch Nie, behli ni n il aellain d wiii tine diseases caotinimo to thenr, Illtng amnttenaded ilhum in tile sugar assore in Cllarsk0ton. The fnioous anti.bilious pills aiter the s nmpolltioin i h Professor tsnollette, nitlh directions, ollt be nad ofthe undernianed. 'Thl efuct wlitch tlhey ihan produced ion hisa anli otlaer citiean, as bhee alttclle de with tie grcintlent tucaes, to wlmirl the int!o oir eoftrences cant be given. Arnlnly at Nt. f1;6i leag. .ine street. JNO. m 1'LORsING.l tJU40UV Af t-giTiwoo'UD SiR:WS, SADi IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Bekinnan street, New York,. have received tile pamt aneisolln, td are conratantly receiving large and exeinsive additions n to te tock of tin abue gaoods, inhiill ooituw conlsits of tiu eiiowing onssnortenltt, suitable for tile soution ant d western markets. Hollown ware f supearior aquality, cousisting o about 1500 tons. viz. Put 01o'22 diflreant sizes, froit 2:8 to 50 gaillons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fronl 3:8 to i0 igalloues, Kettles, 15 sizes, fronm 3:8 to 18 gallons, lakepans or Ovoen, 7 ditftreni sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 nit ekillotr, . . S do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orddlces, . . I do Fire Dogs, I6 de Wagon boxes frolt 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inclhes. Cart do. 5 to 7 itllceso. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, front :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inh, No, 2t1 of a superior quality and finisr, anld loes thani Janleo' inkportud prices. Sad Irons, asesortad, in casks of about 500 ibs for retailing. Tailor's and Ibatttr's Irons, issortNd. Sash weignht, 100 tons, assorted iiomn 1 4.4 to Ifbhe. Belle for Plantations, steamnboats, churtn e, rch . made to order, Also stetattheats and other machiuetry made to ardor. Tie above aesorttnent of goods is particularly eoecommended to tiet attention or' Soulc rn and WVstertl morcin ts, and are oflbred for sale at olw prices, anid upon tn mnost liberal terln ;it ise be. lieamd to be th largest anld best assortmont ever etered for esale by any unea eotablishment ind tleo United States. Merchnnt=, by iorwarding a request biy ail, can have a prin'vd cireular, with deeriptt in otf goods, prieesond terms, froutn which no deviation i evrer made, fnrnished by reoturn of ml.lil. All orders will reacive imnmnediate attention, New York, 1838. J.'3 NO MIEROURY NOR colFPAIV niew O'lei,tos, Nnv.Id, 1817. T six o nlh os ald file nitflnrtuohe ton Sat a s-cret diseas ,e, firwhich I leave al tdid tIo . t.vs rol dators far a cure, .ld thev ddl ioti einea ti e.noow on the above date i put mivnelf undter tin tlile of Doctil Huet, and I expactt mlie tn curte tit. SiniCa tiote titme the dioca Asgot worse, so as to break out in large Iulen-. to the numbter of is nr eight on ea h itleg, ud all over '.+ face, inm more throat,an itn at able to wnrk at h, present tim noti accoulnl of tihe dicease; large lener on the right auide f tie tnruat. i ano ne.o Dpittlng liy.el I *oefiiently aenderthle care of Dr. Ilueit, r.tPParis, to be perfIetly cured JOHN DEAN. oO 14 y I HO CERTIFY thlat the abne m.ent.ioned tiso...oe in Squite well enad to ily own satisf, ction, for wh ir 1i tiunk Dr. Ilent; and inioeaurer t .Itlret that htil' ledi sioe I have takten n akes nl fitfat.nd did nliIInt injllre siy nesailt at all; theritors I advise il llow ntiruriona to lose no time and aplylt to Dr A. Hiti, lii Cacal setra, between Dauphnte and itourbhut streets. Dir. Huoet is at honle from 9 nol'eok. A I, int\til I P i. 'They will fled true doitnar ior thit e!omlploint. JOIIN I)E"N.N(,lGi Gravier street. If ally one wants to see ule,call at No. 40 Iluv'aril JOHN I)E/oN. New Orleans. Feb , 1338. feb 1 i y p-1 Genuine tadinn ioham of iiverw-nrt nd lu.- I J hound, is put up in bottnis at tint low price oif 511 cents each, conntainng tle treonghi of thre ounces oft Lirewort, sei lea tilt tirtuen nit manou other a tnd berbs known niltitx thne libuIltni as elicaciuus in curine pininoary eanllnt llnainlt. The a .rivalled success whiieih ias attendled Ite nae of thin ineetlmahla ilalsano ivierever it lna been iutto t.lned. has obtained the eiasolnonene and reemultntlda-I ties of nrepectntlne nihvycinns, for the cure of rotugns, I • old, itmu ie tine aide, wmnt if reit, tiiltiig" at bluod, limer eomplainl, an. To wbonn it insav Eninear. T'hin ii to certify tlat wn I hate in ort pratties freqintlynei iprcaribhn ftnrs (fiord- I e tr's htdiat Blaalnu nf I.iverwort a I nhirhluttd,ti twit I a derided good effeat: wa can therefnre, tihniu the inlnlw. ; mige of the matriale it in made rinno,n;nlld cbhneiotlll i endaxi.ortuea, reotultnne it ac a saenri" prtinarinlto nrellh Ooet allchlsnt of tie lunta fiPr wttibt h io re tennlmdeni. AaBIfKLI' iYI.Ltti iS, M. ft. CALVIN ,I. D, finlter e of Iln: Bentntt iMedial .Antsocitaiut,. ivatou, IkttItir -5. ealenlv J.tRVItS & . Rnhlfltid, mi9 ii t i nt rl itnlll, one • - . .,_ . --. ,;'- --:7-':-"----". .. \TARD'S VrgtCaldel Hlir )il,. to the rc1w uratio V ndg rowtho 0 H~ir, gi ii nghoullh i 01 bcuu01 tltting baldneas. H·e _this hair Oil t lo ulTntrd to the ub lir. Itnd ."geta fritn haor.detfsr. otf aldort, thiour,o~, ! anllin Ofof lth boi..raad itzotro iontense its ohnar at-fasts 11o horn muli.oe. It hoaas utr Iut Ed to prodw.. sen too la ajtill Fafrowlt of hair on herd: alread bold. a ceIu t wlwrr it beenoeo dfrv ond cenoo, tog I aluia ChJ will myi70totnut r ie t~l Reth,, ond ir'oluo.' pa~id sea be:teldc gt enai no without the feet Injury SOtha haud. it.lto Oil giv ento.. orrealh, i &Irtr p sad i. preferrableto any -tiler If it t il fa, 4ba'." arttn-spa ebr i brr ' r lr Pt 11 -0 r.e 5FH! 1i'LA:· :E SIMMONS (TART'I' & Coao now rccev tr r on board ship Orlcans. Fa .lc, ihhlaniacr,. ',kCr letr vAnd'rw, French nod (urimsn lv i .: ' .r lark tr, llll,: q 'f ,!I I iunh I4 .c" w(a N.i v, oltkther oal outI, tra'veliinhr essin"g CGasp; Balt, I'oeke, Iiornnnon's, anl I)otlling PiitolI; Idc Ie and tingle ha rrelld l(; i.n,'a, Bl s ; Shot elts; Powdert Ind Pistil Flasks Drram Bt~1ls and Drinking Cul""; lPercaavino Caps andl n1.;t lIlr-; (loth, tllt ir, Truhl: end Nail IhautLhu Orris atul (Choriule Tenoth Washl Tooth Powder; Toilet d h S oapa, in grrat vn niety: lang lair lraid, IRinglets nrd Frizette.; e'car. aatdrToilet Powder Emenrv Ia-,a; Irnryl Tc, Cnhiona Patent Slides or Gartors; (irou E!'aalic Susaonplera; Powder Puffs and Boxes; G(ilt Chains, Seals and Kiewy; Ear-drops; W'nit Buckle;: Brne tlats; Bend Necklaer and Chains; (lilt and Siivored Beads; Indinn Boada, Bells and Plumes; Shell Twist; Side and Dresaina Conb;be which,in addition to theirfonner stock on hand, makes their nsortment very coenplete, and will be sold onw and on liberal tenon, at t signal of the Golden Comb. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. TmHE S .hbribEr., Agents fir the extensive houone of SW. & S. Butcher, Sheffield, Enland, have just reeived a very exte nsive so t of pn' II., conslisting of lTable and DTssanert Knives of . -" dleoeription, Pon, Pocket, Dirk, andil Spear point nnlves; Razors, Scit tora, Edet. Tool,&e. &e. &c. whichthey Are prepared o exhibit to the trade lororuteh. Termxa and conditions will be mad, known at the tiae. m1! J. ). EIN & A COIII'N.n Conmnrn t. nder, Renh nedh German' ,ll't,le itat1 ll lving antis: terhels nl . pnrket Iistols; ai rlri lied ati s ,lit lac0rin cani t il e llllllrl ses; ci e, ves; (;illoti'n ntnmerial Sntlld oilir nteesl .pensi io ns; Violit ll.ttiSiS shell, lv se and talnl, entlihsi wt'ialrtts k,beadll an leatlilr tltsee; hir b l.trai, frol nt ll ick rlItolets; egrelo p1n3; cerant atil Frelne colntle nter, Roinills tm:eltcssal onl, imitation do; snti ie Il benrls oil; portnable dicks and ldestlc eases; Ipst laeckilng; sti ndll inilel insesr conve .l aan ; ll eit .gases sil ,tiewt; .;liain had., .ells enml plmnles; ctoriuonleltt- tl w e; willen iltnd .lting sops; toilet, c.,.ntie waS) holll-;;se";e .iill .llsl5llhii peoo stands: Crel;a ninlionn; lulte ebnlins atill necklacl:;fl hiltdltsli fbllai pocket Itooks cail nrllelts; .rmalntit hilontI I;znl fine nllll commatnl gti. olaslie suspnders ttrtettattn; Hello Itciir mtttlahes; til ver pencils; Crcvnts, &e. &nn. The thone ill; llhiltlat to olllt fortner Ittarck of I.icy rticles ,takenooir ;osntotnon nrronv e ;ntfptct. Par sate whols:ll or retail tl tllhle sif ll oth Gi o ldlleiiCnm i, t, (lhnrtre. stnre. nttiga NN (I'ICE---Ttt ptnarhrsltip tl Keller, ftannn Ann; 1 New Orleon ; btnntt, Ioerin ACnO., oftNahleftn; ald [lnini, hillelr ACo., of ltndev, nwasn din.lvcl noi Ilettit of lanv Itsot lh tie ileatt of Sntedl A Platnll alel of tle rllt e tnercl the flrlns. ''Ihf nttlifri;eltl; . ttirvivitl pnrteirs, will be ehuroel wilh tll setnillh i.Il Cl'lt . d itg tlad Itisioets i fillon.: Ievi C IIHarei will oltelld to the settlinft of thle batoilnie of olns;, lla'rism . Co.. atll N.lhe. and Ililrrin , Kli, ec & C. nat IIdev oand Ilhenrv liclley ill attliod to the itllilllt cf Is bilninie.s of Kelley, laten & Ca., at lete Orlea.n. th'] fl iletate c I;eaorDl fllrne willa nud ino ltlgatiano n nl tithose tatltttte to anal fntm arce erneotly resqtectedl ocore Itornrd ntil laie enrly...tllltlletnt sil timrn havicg clll ill swill t lCIae IItr!raet tlllhlhe wfilllOut delany. .L]VIC l iIAntli, t-.n Oltrln.. lne . i.. . i2, oi i..7. JIOz'nr aIt·r n t llll 1 ll~·ill :rOnl 0 (1· 1,- iOL/~, lV Alto .lo:lon l l~l 'Ioe,,,lo Inoir~t boobooS Il)dP oollo aoolmloo2..o1o1oeoog ll lioelt.,oopoos,ot,,cic~;.ool 1, t,,1,F ro~,eoorlllo'i rolll rc, cir e~ otoolo~, kol~holrla,o I', o rlol', orgotobe hoNr oil, )11111( o nnilln lp'? of faool,,,oonbbo loor', ,old ali lbly 0 dlg SIlIONO, I Atll'l1 tCO 70 l'lloeorcr oPtrat N~ci·n rn oi Ilnolrobloiloox Iooo, oool t'ololorr ·nooli~ o aloooroio,lln ono.l YorkLo, oottool uricro't toilai heir joe, o loin, t~gedorro'iol 11io ·I~lc oi liorbto,, oiiinllkoodooonor'l ,'loo,ol eor·lc,'1o,,o00000& Ilioee ltttrolic roIoro~l. , boo f,,noC ooI( Loil I1Ilel l Srollolnioooolrldro, itoool.rilll ildII)Po, iC I\ILP. tpookotl ,ook, nodl t,,llrto, ol~din io,ouh, ololl, prooci, I .iror etoood~l larooo l:ldoI·oIo' lrrolld roollnltS. Itooloo 100,',, nedooiohoo,% oIooo0 bEololln'l ,b,,,l, PI,,,.l' to,,t ei,,ol,'oo~nrl, I I'iot ta~in, lo, ode, ,,, IIPI I,,, III~( Ilddlllil eti ioal. ditr,,,, ~ld~,li . ln~e 0 is 00, Irlc. 01 I rploosdn iarl~lr do a 0,1 frolll Wtl Clnlllo,01 ir 10'~ ~ i eoooor~itolo ~llrolat, lo'o'0 n ioOloooollorotijloood nol~ls c too~irolli ooo\a10n 00u·,1 pial no01 o,,'r000000,,, fInol~ll, III tood orol\okIoll~lo~l oo r blool~oog, tlol ood fltoe',r···llllboIl ood llloo Inol~nllcc~lll lll ll~lll lilrl Illld ~ ~ ~ ~ il ~lilIC~ll~ll II~ IIII CI~i' rllll d 010110 Il~F,~l~l a111 ~l~c -,to Ulo rno'noI:ttl. lltlF,e goolone IloF· lI (li,orro 000,'·J 11,0iil eojrl:I'oo~l ,jooo ciltjiont,,l,,,rl rooo,,oo,0,,iod.f .I~le i!·urc. ~,rtll~ 0010h rloon Fliho(lr boo1!· ·lti CO.11110-t~lino'it do1(\rIllcah oo,, n'l,~iIu 110, plolnu:l,, qoilllothol,, inoopl o:l,ooooi ol~ro'oo o' d joff PIPlio)ISIn\ I 011,0, 00 cotn,lcto .ioooo,,ooPII Ir~l~t,-e loo ooooio,, ofr,, o, doelilvntiol,,oroo, -cro.' on oooog Il~r nol fiooooootlo I gooorltl-l,o'eooo loia lllon',,,,inoo,, ojorror,,lt lcc,,~ it docriltioo, OOlliO~rll id1 o!.Iooo)·-oglo jotII 001000CI 011,e \\i,,, to, 0rtonotool oleWonlvlt noi~·slult. o~ll~re,, lo neioe I looILrtpndn p0001 ~logn-l i·o IroiooIft, n'ordlot,, ion-~· n,,do,,,olnn, onolluatlo CogelOoo~nc, etnoto otf 1rnot lont rnrdeo1on tlot nllogrorlsoollsroot I·p00000 0ll ilOO' Ioo turn itoohie, oute otod fo l ot otris eotttodoloojoa nldIIRUIIES-Cl~ loo, Wi hoi ~elrl notln oo,1,jtneoriti~~salrooiroo. tY nl Ilr f~llo. LOOIN Gcr, cLAdSSES-Ge~r~irno ototrl unril, otuodoie i Iirboooos,ooogoif itog ool Frtolrs oloooooo gosooo'T·· ilooo ,bottiitotniio'ofotbt- I-lhtionile, ioototno htltoor,,trlt. nod 'AtoontCoo loool lol hloo, lu I,oo oll,1 h·l~l~l;r plq~l:iottoo rlll F booOl loO*lgSleoooopoolnteoo croottrot-otioItoloo,o,,o,,totooiojotoli,, lcrterillt11ojio clot,·~ 10000il toobnnolootoooolbootooolln-orino tioiooinvnooitiog enootootooti enrol, ooto,i iobotn~iotrilntnoo Irooloa·~, tbo,'rto,, Bnool obo,,'tboo, Itolll , t on~loor, o~lollo. In , I,it,,loo lut , 00000u\ hoon,ea Corooolrn toto~oioooo ioobo 50II. ottooo-on BiIoootrY'o 11:1Cil oell·,pl* il, er ]l~, 01000 0,ro to bloom, In,, l so,o~:io dorero,ttodt ~,'vliu iilll jtnio oo nono~id~d( 0100 i1000L~g~ooEo0 0,lli otoloit~ It oills Ito soto~ll 0000 IRU* onol or~ Ul Sa ll lilil 116 i1U tou .~llfll.' &1 0tol'~ll 0000,0 lkotlnntltsrodtt. I U~II :,;Io 1B)$LIiE~ ltS Noototot of l'oo'Ottooooiooloteooioed, totd SNo. 8 (btotroon o-r~oo, -0. 0 Otriroot, t,,J lioot,oid~oy Neo Yoobo Iltoooopoo~ dnioolell b·Irut ortrs sltottior, noioldonoot Porloon l~lztonroor o.r~rll o oill oij L~totteoooooll ooEo,Ilioeoo toou oooIooitel o ,.oliunotIoootnilo SIIrjlp fil ruboto 00010s bonotrs tolnuy tot ri SLodiotou otbo, 1~e~efe 1,0, roieca · besoono t 0001 o iIra /sidootono. Veto to bonrito for tote 0 000 rc t Irnotoo.;rt otrejeod a ttoondoottil torcy 00010,,r o~ibollnd booyst4l. to Il ,1bL& 11)l'llL ,NEWarticle for oer offs troubled w1ith Cleft1lje, (en11e11 ll": I1Hr Traiunpeti hat it', be'll reeeivedl t 0I f thg :t artir ulation of therr" !"fall vuii c id liinlllivtlY col:ve)-Pc to tilt Par. Auk' one VIe" II: no,[ h« fuUlly ee n 1I (·e of the diflic *Pt l and a! Ilnrrussin-.u ! rxpcir llld 0til Iy tilomrnelvfe nod thu in. i c oivi:luuls no onflr io I''Ci0ict'd. ly thOe ant of the Ea Trupt thi. objetionis ncijotle ointeind 1b mnit scipenil arnot llnoob Ia. aIdnnued'tiir dtlncjrdd e havinguIsed oU l'ruluipe. For it, lt . 'I1 F (OIOON'O Firee orntc CI croiart CeitiituOn aId St Charlo. mIet),t u. ,le. ii' uii' Hotel. fi lis I tlt PE t M)I1.-1500 gaLiOns pIure: F.1t d 17 apt-r111 hil, in cask i an, l ftl, fr saeItv .lAlLVto & AN ).OhCOV".. i ns l-ir It el+. n r I I 1,JVIIIL LEAD-1,) 1 0hI t1 I S 4t kr, toi0 I',I n g iit ,li l ll d i- ' 1 4 o h ' 1 0 "i IIl Pit tie. bhh'al.!i iioo ,t to " ,1H I) ".0 pa cittoln Ittoot 5() do i lve' 000'; C Ind d" U I tl h l \It"Il. N1i0 Abotoo nrau to.. and , iiii otI itcp llolmlll r.,.rn do.-- hir a b I))Ld, C111ii~ll ieill, will hr' tolil lo t i . t ft, itr tiole to ho \t' bndopol 44 'g alrt. 1 I. Alni~nft'na note" aale rn n ulCa a III Ile lcr r I(I/i i,"r ,(., In n for ?lti~ II LU ' -!0 an liam fr ", stLeame~r Indelroo l-' an 13 44 N ,'- La"'rs MRt. WILLIAMS, (tCUI.IT', ..oIv AT TIlE JEIIE:aow nIE!.t.J~lI.Rll JEFERONa'IFT, 7i;,ee tircitt,:h" ,fI:eltoO.¢ otitie.atvt,' .\o fthe Nasht'iille l'rt,'' rina' o, ilvl t IttIi't - tript, ae welt as tite edttito's" of the tleot lties Ie'nohirer tlht rithe )"I leietcie'll'll fto, ttittg the Dotors. 'ltio+ it o'ir'etl b hlite ki.lyv rltec, khewih." that ltis tite is tbut short, tiltl thtttltrl- itldeteondent Antlrttle i'teoilei tret tle to jtlcn ftir tlte~totolvte hvltnt aroeIot ulti an iltll o'it'oosm. The 'thveditors wth o Ret I)'th olte S the pro'pritore, edlittors os neb-ellitlres of the above notloejoournols, e'tll evcrc lelttr frotllt perLsos I have reotored to i.'ihr in tlh I.hese tiltteo pttti. t. The f'ct is, tnlilt ecI eovrr taiootlt great muccena whlnt to limhite a period os ten ir twelve dseo. One wvhto was reed uoiottt ten vesrn, who had elyi' seen the light ftom his hirtl, tIcgomn to see to follow tis maoetr to toe hotel, intteted of being obliged to he led bv Ititn. Trwyounog eadic, t ho ted renttloot tite sight 'f one 'ev, one for too searsn. and the other fitreinorly two pears, hbvioog botl ot thert the otlher ee very weak; vet eoeh of those vonoc ladies bernn to'sen woith both hyes, whlich cenf'ir I pledge mtn f still eontlinoes. ex 'eptiog the,' nare ooder tile inlouene or dootinati',n of tith Aledilal Doetors. Another is the doughter of n eopeetnhlem merchanet wvtose name o to booed never to ttenotict,(ao he poid t oty fees), who' nttid she had lost tie dieht of one 've from the agc of 18 teonths, hitt that slte noot Ihegieq to rend lorge leers o'ith the othter eve ccmpletelt ohot. This +the dnttorr edltrtor ktres,' ithe gt'tloen'tn told me himtelfhe hItd eon dtte ed Itin dooottter to the office of thle medicti editors. thor they mig+ht be itf"Creed of the fct. The lart i nitoll tltot ion i 0l0 eltterly gentlemstt be tile ntme of Yount, neorly eveoA'y veenrs of age, wh'ttcenle tte pnh lice, bh letter sehllolt Ite took to nill tit ttiertnt offices itt Nac'tville but oo,c.tnd hitooelf told me be had paid fer 'he insertinn ohetrner they ldseanotdrd, wot dclar ci itt thlt letter thtnt Ite its attorlly doprlleoil of thie riohf e for' o f kf efttr h i'rrrhithlo, o.4ieb his otntltcretaord to Ih., -- oceosinned ily tine tncaealcs or oanll poxn thet na5.v its elould not olyt see the liehts of the oltlte for thle first time tltot Ito reoillleci, l'tIt tile sters also, ted was be*inninoo to dietinotisl many ohjtcts; sad did, before I leti that ctv, cive ms n t tirnfthtt ht notli tree to walk a'not trht sreeetis with the other ee eitonlhtciv chsed. |li rait he tted heen a t1etdte ot tile .lcthtoilin I"]isecolpol Cllormh lon neo rlv 'tr"yreare oa.t thorat 1 t nle o wia'o eaver doubt ed thitttghti the cttole coarse ofhit lirb. 2. 1 reiteat nbi.! 'indl ver crcrtcerilenooess thann:t Na'ltvilli, and tiL_: a'te oledlcialnnd rlcrien, doctors. ml neverh bclat cc ocnh rceontt I be enro.d. 'T'he poioatindicfnato'nt.,',it e, t~e".reclv lit. Soith ptrtt'e',I ottet 'e totadlO tea t-itht ntetont tix osea eros ston Ihe w eonvertCd i'n Ltci::t n pcrfto't ilhiitii'tet IteVe inh the dittrltotte of'lite iltethlt lie ttlltt eIt,'e tonlota trifling erro~r--fthat t lllttM1t |lave toe~ntlreell th lthrfeee tho Po~d oral'< vents to colme, [1 stni e rlul ie rllroerlfti flli tie lot1 elite, oo the sprict I f ithe tirr'irt:''mntet' of tilte ticeefl ottd a:. Is llihitn. IIttritier tier' I ,t1 ftitsci:,teirntoiiiOltoeiiierritiotfrtlo to, '~ ,ogtiirotl'"Iiiai rfitathood to e lthe his medicetl fioiittohoe dnniieit t.e Illlll vll ollli Ie kllewv lInd douel 11o inutlh erlord, gidol I1Iill+ jlties to ttvlltre. Ail tite ihtlttttiitott~ f Nnaiiilhite ettte of tilie ret- hll odt sa I hero hfeept the Me Vdil~nld cloPS eeoct iFietilr's tlrsicd IPII itfiws nd br one Ytlied 'con. thtie em'~e pertbr~·lned -ul hli, tomnlh, Idled evec. :i. 'tie ft "Ottos ; i:tih S. ofrthin towonotlnrtendo that 1 have lout te ltretle e Iisoinia i'dthitt Nortltince atye arial ill cile oititveet. 'l T'hie trovee, htttvcverl lhro nottt tihot l khet llelO ltteil i nrrcd ive this trt Ction. If' eriieth soth oditithwet'citenttitsctiihoperto 'teen othlu oil suit irn t ir - thtitelrow oil tihe logT I Inve, itt rsjite of thi'c a ;to ,'troete if titr freo tt Dr S. if"I v jedge tote.u titeiv I ato ah'oady bolt' ietted iot It it "'tvo hiiu tltrIe dtyil I .l Te I e lil I" t. '*'rnt i-. to i' th. mred - aIl (Itlitt~ll Hlld Elitm'.· oIf tile ihrlpohlliean tll d I11 Tr a sei to iv'''il tie titecit'ttiriesl viir :ith i,1' rtle t .c'. I ns 't'r'iolo i:d 'oito t'lttUniol'.of.N'toio illteniie'elltol ei 'rio':,t.tbn elictt eit' , r otie lhti' itt thi :t ", ittfla,; we f lol, tier ' it"I oet l e ioiio h t i lil ttlrilt all, fr viltllll'rati 'Irt oittln ocr o ii tonln l itilllllttd Satteie' vtt'rY nrritt al ict Nti v N ket ka Xto ll v i. :,cateost thirtaitabeiiietitlntheieitcaie oT~eih t'thorle lirttht it I'land ot litte ti', t'tt'l I hitie he'rtu_,t Itol t olnst of oll i oa medical loliahlo iif the oiorth, ns well ns e tn trutth 0id elit west, to tite griiiloosttnle iThe afIlictted ltete hoc roti ' d'ty etc] l ortt~ tholdoug ate tiletitig the oriolez of tlext vein, it; Sc'ew Yorki, \r her~e ]ettnrs, post paid, and ii t o fottot's wtltv ich,1rt reaheericter, lieidtd 5.T onlr h ynuiun tiate rthe atl, sonical Sittlich tite lnet.t icijeur is' cd itt iavr d ititle l uu i'tn w ettttrtt fot.'ldl \tttt ext'ilttee onoeerahaa t'kri arid!.lude fiwtil Re. D.llo i't wui'ho erioat, I I t :·:2 e':; ;':'~'':,ll . it lltllilSlint Iinl tli-,it i irbnlii ont r,; Ille conlt rary, tlo tt it to his fIInl ' Utlhl c' l no-el ii v tl thle way\ hcP d[,t. whlieh he.ll ~l i t.l l I1hotIll"t wouldIII tin .1 r ll Ii ' Itr llat · htI lell; le Iehxer nd them I+,,t~l 11 t i IDI,,( % ~\it]lllt pr1lt·1n i~i1 I I ite h itti; i it'r l , i duty, .s I I' ,,; d "to ttI t 0th tllP rituc)li C: that -ti P . 1 r ,xltllllnell nl 111y1~ dli . o,·la, &-e. &c. wiill a gf'llrl~tl;ln, "Ivl othullnto it"tellet lfIiu, no 'wle tia ti le w'oe uf it " Imt~leolt-.. ill cn l +In ll1,,ln .ilh nnlllo,.h c"l~.ralllinn nlll'd ;: i li~lll Il(iltln l tll) IIIIUlj. " III i i In] v " tc,~r tr illLdo,'otl I1. n rt~tal Etl·'/lllgr to ell'ill% tl ·I .ch all a' filt +3 tit'trti lo'ittivurtictultttr.''II:ICII Ir , i : Wl'llde ht.,ll rtiff r iluhlilltionl rlil I adlres/~~ed It to N si l le ttit ot t l e nl ti e u' l. It r,''ci,' e ic et t het cr Ie-, tirst. o . cit tctt hei ,,t fiI rt 1 : 1 er~il~a IniTd e. \\ it r~all hit tie I~ille ll, 'n it.iti it 'i kelt b it . i ruidt." l ilaloestvitio cune'ed t lelort Iie hIho','ich'ed fi'e" IL ttuo'noett oi 7.otlooc le lt I'+aitotutiega'list h~iso tlttti ,. i't o ttcler a+; i alllh I'v rllteiitro t h ; w ut~ nn hotolie f i silter will tttnt'eou lvhru If wll aI . it wiao 'ir elo v lotilied Sto anl~lqhcr e,,:tlt'rte~t illi~lel, whol, ill tl~il ,Jays oT1" th+ in carnrationl ofllia Divine 3!narrr, absoluttl~ly; 11 , l,lrl h i lee ' t . 't ]llllrlt !,'ttol l urniF-,'C ,f e il'erti . 'o y ttooti vef ti tIl it wa r l -t l[ t ii i)t he, 'ii r t't ludi , t' ii I i t~ lit t~ I t31 S hI"lll n'v I1;I 11 ·tlIP {* t lll;+Hq I+(t ."lll ('1 ,ll. o~ I Iho e I, 1,)HtlrTt t f'rl]Jth OI'ezttl[Ir I:L lfrle ,t ll' . r~ i,, ,f $ e l" * iqt ii'o t l i llz iw i' 'lit'e Iltnlttie iltlf c l l li,, lit lilh~l tltt, r+ which wvle h. b- i~p till. cIhrII Io- fiour it. .n 'oh t l'lv:i Ito dute itIt i . irti ntn 1 ill' ii llrt lll la l h+.t ..hI, h .. '-. larf'e i.-t.+,dof II, ,, h .h, iu all uhiit h'u' u'litie Lrooil hee littuthrct tor oiu fe, I tint 1o ito oih o ollo t rllol hrtl tt'tirytif Iel't tielt'tt i toittllle I.['t~i'.'l .ttotill llllt c .erlumh hi't' e dll't iodt ith it ein to Vto lt it''gel-tt'ehitrc e tologh 8.I I hl'd ~lhe l o', la~l";i ttwll bell tl rc,. /lly t'n -. 1 o I' Ilc. "f :le d air lip [ll-Jti,tl l +":$ 1 he woulCll(II d U~lintll ei 0r5110 lli-eI nIlt tt'i i nniit'ttt t llhl ll"llr l ilh Itoneoh k i''i inhi t w'rci a I h ae ' lo e echo elc i 0 ii tt' o ei itf tii a ospcl z eitttl 'c Itt' " 9. I ful c rte gieniteallt hle"ait ,e ,letit. Iutol H - olllre nlllgtali~l. uo nllll ll t 'itle oif Str tlic. troolisct tch llttlluoolttuo t ift n llth iitelttlllei oitel the IllVi' axelaP I lle.c Jl+: is vlqtlnlie ) del in III1 J1lle I v ihinl Iboh.oioerir'h tndurooo .liari,'ixeem title let Iti tOer t1tr the dint I tIrat l hcnn-ott-ilS tutu... ttitci tIeio uttl itted itte goiietttirvls\i tti ott ,liir ''tallgi iou ht t it wi llt l bl' t i tin e fIlI :e inc ,lv l-ver, IIftc tu sv e gIa e iOttient tIt'tll lldvr it tiitlll e i ll t iecrlt e Clll i [I I l Ill Iiooh ic rhtdle t+hi l~iteu etpdticotileri btd h Io1p, 1e. I n,'oee treui, o ne 'ie'rl 'n Ih tat itottet, tlan tea. t:oC 'erlel itit dI a o ill e5l t,) rem.oo rilh heinl au he, hell lltlirca a~lvl'e lllr rl S C(i(l. ith na uI lil.1d3 '.ir,II asit i lp nrnl, till; r bif !:l· lira wo th'hau i b d IIn I Il, te Irl~~li nllt irll"I ot·~itlcl'l" t dl-atv si po I~ill i. 'n :Ill " r a]u oeableeiethy oribeoooi:t0re eiilfdir ilelheeiai to iillli l ertittoi lcd titt iIto It' d Iot re tinhlemih t"e itiollarr all ft ll|; tlleli'l it o it I it hu i ,I I Ili ll ltlt ti' wittI'e r's I taco lt i tiittitht Ii Ie oty .1tveaters raihceS n Ir lit llo til p id' in t .iliecrr tist blr i ti tloot next I-t Iiferatd ha cyeib o IthV n t on J1lt's 11111 til il s itOtil P .s titJ 1 1 tlp t I ,,eco it.tiitn llColriedfe t Ie t 0 05' C.'ratr tieccie etel "t etetot ;tertiitiotil 'vet'(6111 I \-litti iillw2 19l tit l ;11). Ith hi t it ittihitllt w in h isa ulli u pr u " 'ta I d'tlsc Ito~lr st:il'I1IIIJCjl~~ll /tIn' .el: o io ei e lit ' 12 nnllr:tl1,q .v--h 31~~ llIllera flt,* Ewll IirS~rfort ll or r -ntI la o lil'i'' it tiSe le of t itt hit ells·tii rtiell Ihgenlo ti . stra l tc edice otlori t he:lil t' 'ii l t" titr ttofrities'at the t o. fc'iats rcllhPNor itle KI I tIhte C un as a t-i o ++ lt 1i itve ie oi ocioln to iet ll.l- lie le te Ietro Inttor . lni e io n c I.t.ttteothilen gtiht ci I ,it hnoeo tie h ely Itu'laheourllrllttl fou to o i fieavets. it Ilnn.¢ in.Cerll·I Ihelil Oiler.l till willet i leustar .itsderoislettsriyurntipt cII Ir doligIte nit'' i '' -iei .i ure too liii b itt i llai 3000,ilt, I u'otiuaiylnuctuit u2· Ithti' \\' C II. til 'et ii" En -Se e ill'l tie ri-utun'th~elococ.eeh lwtull tsf ,'her"" . th tllooft, tori,~ \'-tea :Iie',~ A ttdt II ita m r, i:+e anilii ll, l~i~i it ti l " t l 1_ i;li \II U' f Ll-I I,\ xntrr it It Is \.ro u ~r~ r: " .wn dIl ,,,he,- - I ,ftd I , :1 I, tht~t " -nulvh J t ý.1 tti u- ,, 1iit... !!,~ 1.. I II I 'i i tr ifi t ' · 4%; L I.I.'s !:t ME t i r . t (~ , d-t U II Ittr. a I.iu h ,"~ý.ý ".n< "c ''ifE INI)IAN'S PAN(ACiA. it ( thecore oftrenumatismcr fula or kingsevl,gout, S intica t1,r hip gout, ti crnl:et s, saltolrheum, siphihltie nHI mercurial .tlinses. particularly ulcers and laintihlflt-etions oflthe hltes, tulcerrated thtroat .i ,tts trila, nicers of every desripltinn, lever sores, anlld internal ahsesse.s, fitoas, piles, sald head, scurvy, bites, chreo Hie sore eyes, crylsilelis,lotllers, eail every vnrietyof eti tamn,"s alfectito, chironio Catao.hI head ache s ocetl ing RTim any acrid humor, pain in the stomach and dys pepsia proeeeding frmn variation, ttftctions of the liver, chronic ini.mmintion of the kidneys, and gnetol Idebili ty eaused by a torpid action of the vesselsof the skio. It is sing.ilarly efliencious il renovating those consitotlions whi":l have been broken down by iljydicious treatment, juvenile irregularities. In genernl terms, it is recom. mntled n alil those diseases which arias from sinlltmritia of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of watever name or kind. Some of the above complaintsmay require some tri fling asistant applications, which theeiroumesanees of the case will dicta!; bult for a oenerol remedy or Putrifioetor to remove the canuse, the IN I)IAN'S PANACEA will generally be found snlfficient. TO THE PUBLIC. " hlow true it is, that modern Physicians, m their am hition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields of sience by the aid ofrhemistry, and seek out new re. medial agents; in shhrt, to arrive at perfection in the praetice by means of art alone,-ntilrely overlook and neglect, as ibeneth then none, the richll and bounteous stores oftmedicine, which the Almightly has cansed to spring ont of the earth in every cline! Ami how much more trite islt that while the American Physicianll looks to litreignt countries fIr many of his most enmmon and lnecessmry artieles, perpletually changing as they are at the dlitates olftshiion or folly, he is suttrrounded in his own countrty with an endless profusion of medlinal lhants, l sufficiqm to answer any ilnoie(tion in disease or to core if ' Cettiumbl e dlisniler; and yet he is ignorant of their vsr tues, antdt they are sltferetdto 'wastetheirthealing on tlhe desert air.' ITheoefectseofvegetable medlieines upon the system are I, temptorary-those of minerlas latting. The Ioromer ex ert their effects land pass olf-the latter, mereury in par tletinr, neact hemiecally n lo the solids, deeiotop1ositng the boesntd ulnderminti ig the consltitution bya slow Id Iantsere idestoruttionl ' l 'Ie ongeniallity, efliciency md SAIFETI'Y of vegeta hie oenletlicts oer tinoril, m:I\ e estitated bVe.oltran. itg the uneie:t practice with thte nodetrn; or, to bring it it uoreimetliatly ttll tdoe r o own bttnationt, lh* ledi Sue praetice with that of the whites. ..lho, in America, as nolnt known r lllel t of trellotell lonstetes wherleill sone dlerepit, inprtelll d i l tetanle Inlliill, fYl l neansf hlet- sistip retm~tlien ale aloan :ofleetetl the ifttst rapid l ll s Altetriegttl ciri.lll, NllltNl-he . hrl+CII eFlediea otf lihe -r nlmon plractiee, dlilretedl ill the nmost skilfuil mnlner, n thas itlell AlttI who hais tint teetl sstltttd at the eom-n. i ;llr'tet Vt:Srnllii lirll withntl twicl otlt Illlial freshim-in Sse ll 1iollnltlny tisilse, itt :it the atmost tota abstinence otrclhroniedlsesc amlnng thnern Who has ter hea11l ol an Indian wilhlla cnostitution brhnkn and rhined by ill tnlmelllt t Aol can a dtlmut exist thal this hapty ex enm tinn of the savage fron( nsetl of the ills whicih lhe . leshtoflto is heirto, is lhiellt ownin to more getit I nit isab toremules which tei rotlnys. 'tIiis astontish ing difference in success, is a tlhirexem ditieatio of the it l ifitest pllleritity of tile simple id saf meanos of core ltthit .odlb has created for tite benefit tt" his childreno l over those whlt tthe pride lndi the rt of mnlo Ihave in If vented. l- totem u;g re.tsidence among a portlnn ofthe .borigli. t tll httldtttsof thisconotry, ntlanI ntimatte atelunn-. 1I Incwiththe mr.ethnlsof i cure of somer of their most sleccsstill lpactitiors, the prpltrietor oif The Iindian's s I':lltlla,' tcllilei *know ledge of some of tile most Spowertl tl:tantvilC o Itertlies,. F'r omtheset selected s luch s lwere ell t eflio5 etioulsinllll :alpropria tesll, ad llelr t\:a iulll r c Illntilmntsto t t the ili lltillS ip l lll StlIrengtlh, ihe hlsnomb l nel d thel inll the illm here presentedl, is tlhe e avast pelrf - :till :.Uneflicial lot. the purpose lor which it ) il'l'oie l erll hl . " " I he prop rItornl ofrlstllis plrep):llltionll 1)to lle publlic, willth the oLncintusnel s l thai t Ihe is p, ch ln ilthilllh ir• se'n i , remedy capable of relieting manny ul his alllictld l'l st low bilgs, who tma sulllfelri undell r the tnarious chronic ha, fnd bhslimlie complaints to which tt is applimtble. To s lleh it will eoe\t of inealcnllble i\i ne, as te nmeans,l 11111 in ll n m eilots's, thet oloy moans' hleenllthe irt to strings amlretloring them ontemoto tleto lelh atal halr . pineas. This is not otffered nsa cnnnt I'elmdy, th at of j iay per 'hanlcu le bertltly good withll many othoes Ilow I it u lt, i etis one ilttich ias latiilet of sating life itmltlt y elxreme cases hich tll titllle lunl tl etediesfull. This it d, lasd. iIn rI. ite il) and tlli i t ti e re ltltioll ithusob. 11 wottiltin dahtel.\t r itl lla been l mllll'lihtetd. ,, It ist lllhtit lll t h t11 e v l:lrssi lce l Il .lle lto ils in l l "Ito the pulItli:I llti ll t IIittt shltt t space of tlle 1nsome h tIlldll,.el'i of pelbsoiis lmiglht hr but)111, w lho woull n sole.mllliy declare t haL tlhey believell lhllat their lives were s:teltd l it,:u I ill umstt oneli ett IihaI tried mlany "', :l a :ph ks all the comnnon remedies in vainl. 11'her it lll i st tl lllrost Ellhsl lltla l l.lll tOllloe111itio l lltpr f of it o The va'lo f the l ria'eea i m11ost conspicuollSillin those , t.:l sunlliu. it sl philitic nd scr lolblous ali'vtions i thl,.h ha:Itl delird all u11o ri rt .m dices amtl prtlitularly t in those alses t Ihto neSll rIyIIlis lls been so I:ini lls " Hu l 'i toI elii tressil g pains in the hoisI, olles, nie rc . ,e cIll h. 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I eioig this pletlrit ihave he, ti a ptienti the b h ariJe 1o spibal, in this ,it ate sl'ln l iIIr lltmolhs, myll nearlyo the same tletl ,h,. itlllt ilt tIhe Iyt atinore lisp;IIai, and Iied almosnt eer Sremtlil, l ith littlle bel. e On the I1th of 1It ,iuas lnst, at ii h ime sciarttetl abieto move Ill ll llupon h eus, I ttnnn.led Ilt lisa lflian's Panaea. Itn bi lott tltnInrtlt Ildielntirelttiln, otm thempay , and or li e]tre1 l~ tell i m i tll iil Inlllh ll i'Po ii Ir a iti g it tr tro l happyl to State thailtscnsidrt.s ycself riftctly well. CotW tMt. 'Ln'CKittI I,13 .nliket at. CASES OF SCIROFULOUS ULCERIS. this non ctrtiti that in thettfll of 15.2t, I was seize i{ liit) o a sweltlingeiry neck atlinte, t iclle libtrwt ' S itIntred aal beram e ghastly ulcers in my neck. I l tll' cl c, I 0tas Ir li ~llltced lt lrly nc lblrh . Aher. wte sll I lokttetllis l SlloI'll lt'l t SPlllluli eigr l , l rtlt ill l s Ls hictni \ithlo ldtegl.l ull l, en I- mpihpiaI ll.ti a no d l llte h ti W l~s n elille' ta r:healle mlet, I It n oll y |iatl-elt : ll Ne%'uw \orlkl , ill 1 9llill, oll gol els slicelss of" The. hn.ianl's Pa ncllnlltii. lhowrll_.. iii cAal. shlil..r Io iny oiwni, I was piersl ueid tIo tyl. it, ass i last Ft W11. IIIlliA' Sto' p.lIr,,l e rs, Tel'1culitmlas . -- - 16 I NEW iORL'L NS *" NA-15VLLE RAIL 10.1'l r i ll: sloi: iokhl t s . ut cis c allUpnn are hirehv l s W tiKi A htlmt it resolution of Ile |board ofe onee t.€-. passedm, fiii !hi lt f ifi t. iii ocull i eil n ti e of hre l th f lO.winr, ary i the f l th f l le iitc df .ie e dolirs i tshaei, coi; rvcielld, uni the suid stokhuldersie are m' llrher Iuotjlil|l that l\ii IlEAS, by a i.colution of tii boardl pansred on tle lt ilcit . u entll i es Cee n dle on thd e stocii oldl es Iof tile New i r!leus ilc d Nashvielle Ihuil hllod Colmai y lllr the f s kbl htvug pa natfi i Ii lle til t stock held esi-e lively sI li t z:-eItwo ii iirs pe so e pu t 1a ble o the l sirad.ts ,i' c. uter l cl exl tile dios liars per siltre lttvyt + +l lthe f ife if lie celmbilier llnext; nhl til) iiiiirsl'er .schli-e |l-jihf-,i (II the i i it dli ok sihiu.h lc fext. fe0w ll'ef.iil bei ii t i'eIo-Ie'd, it his l.d aeLretllrv. lf Ihi; cOlpll Jtl sha~ ll ol v til allure hIIIdirs, thereinif thtooutt lh i I u llblic Ie. I hii ieiilthie ifi i th it in c:alif re iy ith tie i -ix- nr ctio. f the m Ifee lcil e l iaes lire ii erlliettcl -I ie-ll po e ii i antl an ll f IcLlihu ll -iiieiiillc stoik ol sai, c· l)trl%" tft, le'll i fi-"ilIv da ir snt ad lllc i il r ihle Lt . ,it o hitvh i t it.i+ toltho III wltle I \ri l sL e exxpirr( .. on-l di n;lie lt rei. c that I nII " reiu l tl ly hid il hi t in ire j -tIII-I t,,nem-cl 1' ttiu tf ' ixtv ti.. lrlllllitlll aftl r lh' due el which it ^Ii llc l hlallv leel c iidlu that u nlie athie .ilik uml, lirl :i · l ,lc -m nenllt Ls-hunltll t h ive be ltmald , is tttlf pillntit hnll'2_ inli tlcl . | li iuuti"c th rlef Lore to sai,~ -h -tid o I- 'ii cl Jlilt'e u ie i r i li, cirter c i l it. iiistfh1 i, ied tlthaI e pi i ntof tw dl Sn1 :ar- l, rand ie n tile i e- oi seif l thX ' Y.. t ? ,,: twoa ,slhll' pr share eol ud for, a niil STATE OI l Oi'ISIANA.-'Pari-h (Cout lt:r the J Parish nld t'li ty of \, Oirleans. r .H ,'\TI l)O I.Ol t)Il I NA. To ll o .hom Ih-. - ch · eernf t h"itul con ll rl in--\he, n ' ell tisemen, t in el nlo l.itý tco anl a tof iytsl .e it l t o;, trhmoe intoe of Lou i .iann, enitled "An act fOn r o furtheras"t rne tiles to IIp nov hehta t judicial ale"n pproved Ithle tupt" daerdoilirel, o.1 834 li. I ,l ll t t i inti+rmelity i the lrder,tlsere or iuugleI e-t of the court ulnder hn hl the sale was made,or anyl irregularity or illegality in the appraisemernt and svertirments', in time, r manner of sle, or for any other tefeCt whto verl to show ause, within thirty, n day from the day this hremonition ia firet inertm adilthe publie paers, whof the State o made lotul, and eot b e 'irme and Court ai prrpcan e rl oP told ih the e. or ti o a t.nd to itahopresition ie riolt d+eray of AirilA. D. 1euo:8, by inter oali it decree othi Court, rnered oi the a rt day illegality in the Lpraiase ntts and edtitrrliesr'eant Caldwell oraner Jam e, or ane, No 10,3Fher oft oltcketo this Conrt, at wrhinch sale the sa ide James one beca oe he purchaser for the rice of their ty days n thoueay t mattritontn on f Proirtcl ait iven in the dipaciers, lan dn ch encebiz: A cert aid property a ranld Pity the Shtriff of IhltAn iteation lidecree of thn Coart, retered in quthe 5h d5y piof ebart, A. D. 1838, in a init entiltd Alex, ander Cladwell sd . Jaters andt, No 10,367 of thtle dorhit of thine are tat ontich rale the ai James a dwellin behose Do.r la in of Prt aerty as gi.ct, tIle J.tdicittl nCottc e ynd ee, lso the is iey li-m n: rle A cerin anlot of rer ollr d iltted I itloe ntletth Ath nuleilinn utnailL, Llerottre of llti oltyi squl'are Xeo~ 3t, so ard ot dilllr, ing reh sendrsscioe rd0 p te't 'nt +,nTe - tlhe ri thearte,ctionthor, htihvirew te ea d belliongi to.e or ill any aioe Spltrttinito. Cler"a' Oise, Ntew Orlcana. .lny 7. I18:I. - ot4tt jt J. ttltlti, tt:ttfIth. E'TA"-r J)F IAii~ll0i-Al -e. i.f1nl." pollr Ill lilnise ct r ill d I In N elclI O :li s. T 'I'AT DE. LA LIUIfAN'.-A itol .cenx qe IJ 0"s pr.sentes coocerlenl, Suihl : Attenthel q o .almes lF se sawl tacli, le A ir eiine ielllte tie I l le Slheif I il ahlp:uoi.sse i dt'lhh, la i icli 1c o i.:l - ilc Ileerlie, s'eatiiiiii ssb tiiiiaifiicde CCie CIuIIt i to tiill(e- l rlift fI eclregistrtec I emejllllour de l ii I' llllre 183, pour l liv c nnfollrlllemel il un net;? le la 1I.gialualle Ide I' Flat de lia Louisianllie, intituil '' Ac pouiiir confirmer lei liitres is acrl.rtccurs nix ventes judiciires;" ipproUmi le 10 .iliArs 13i-li. Qlit soitcouiii, et llttes perioileis ilnt.l.bseessonll I pa' cesl resentes son el s nal niilm i I' Etct de la Louicsiiiie el de la Cour i Ie PIarlisse, ,qui ollliellt l avoir droit A la propll iilP i-Moi. dlecite, en .asel uence l. on d111t' Ite I'0,1(e duns I'.rntre, le decret 1n le jugemC nt i de la csor, o vet.,i allquel hI vrote x rte ilite, onu dle one ilr,'glarlltle Io ille dhlite 1lh0n I'estiluntllillnlI'l is I1ole I tr ps el le t ilode ide i Iv l iie, oil pour lunsi .intrl qel e I l conque;lli di o i irei voir, lans trente, joi s ad ter de la publicalion de celle IJil. IO lll o lllo M 0hlh ll 11Hilisi I tlise Ilt 1"11it pas co(llf lllu~e eI hoiioloei guic," l prolliriul falst venduc pir le sler!il suscdi, Ic qnns leziihice o r11. di'llail de I'all e 1i118. e1 vertu 1'1.i 1 dclelt Ile Celle eI, r ho 5 deC i6.ri,.r d, l'aunec 18l:;. dlnec i'i clire t i I. c x lier Cahhc ell . I, iln e Juie18s I lance,\oIn 1i0,:; i u ue Ii de CIete oUrI , i e Ilquelll v lo e le li It Jlcln Ilaulse s'elt reiiu uclqui rtieur polir It pex de A.c 1IOI. lescriltiu ioln dila ProlCprici i'i'alu* i IV i litr udiciare, d toi terilll n t i!de enll, e it 1 nI fali,hl.r 11, I' \111 u - rieioall lial. Iiliiconr. ie d. u 1 ll1 e lh o, Illl t \t o I 5 I une s i t I dh I rll"i it 1 ll [i clih.Ili , Ir 0e,1 lillll - liI rn d e, fi ae i l a I 'ti 'll l .it i ti ll ri. iii elnl i d It" t., itr I 'lln roc de Ie t lesd r ,i t //0i s 11t0 Iii is ,l ue as I l1 f ly e ro: de l nllw dlu \nlti ar, lJ s it,' tlit, It diR ollt e I, lle' e f hl'ixt llnte pi tl. de ir,er d'ol ' W Ibo t d l'l e Ar IcigitIl llle i ne 1i11 1 ell li1nnt I'(esal In (ilae in it i ll lic le Ciui r it dit I.l. , ,Ii f itr es ba btie.( eit a ul lI Irnlil.l el I s Icieiie-. lsecni l. he ia tuII tllion, bil.. app nurnui l A Iditei dio til,- re, cas dli painl aulicenillrteiii lcc i t ifs droitt aclionl it privil isge y ap p t nallnit. llln ,lu in refilr, Novii elle O liii. el li. 13;. .il + .7l&-j3 < J. I )l.LI': I li"ulllt5 (Irc1lr Rloyll CIoll'e of' !' lA i s'aii i i I.i ilotl ll. sielui r, pur .piti e li" h V I . 1isi I le sI , . , 'le It vip Calhow; ., " ti ugenlli , Iicc iat of Alinihe. l'sot a , Fllow of Brol r Sloa l A i llilirgo Plalte, Wallelrhii lloo :riid Igie II i erptn uil of (;tIyI .1I St. "'h As'. I I ospails, I . l )i J. d n Thisr vs h hlT ril sd h:h1tol' ', b eII llo i rel o of thlere' . hi lil'ri nIia iI u :1 ii llr ,lhq , l111'1I0I in ( le xleniil 11 Ablu-id y respiciaii e ii niiiid titi' it uti lr o FIi o:lio* ,l 1 t i11inhtm" t olf ll .0 i0 i 11o:f . 1 r:.,I i-i, sl:allh li i c riugi e l.sil iiI isI h1 11, . . : Il : lrlhic'li elhl., sIAe , tl lchecl: 11,' S 'ifh llo i 1111 n n. : le+, ,If' ', :Il kilog Ij n 11 1001 on o" ch," 11Nc o 1, :newlll l l ellll i l ,alst , l 4 I c 1w li n . (h e pl u I l I,.il, : n d , , I 1iriiln. , llt"1 1 1a 1, l oit ,ll a l ltlc, p',,i 1',¢ .' ,,1 !1,, :", 1.0,111 iti ,,: ,1,I i 10111111 iii Ii i i. 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Ih t 1i 0 ild h l oi i tI t.c c c a ai t l I ilefrtiv reIllilJt s ia s lh o l t1 lli s, t1in l eltl 1hI1 li0i llti llll U r leaiv re ;i l0ll, I1io lnCual. e:.l ot 11lll lcun llf artri; ciilol 1ce tll i clc.ics'lil acllchiill r.0,+ 1.11 set, C e t Ir rogi ",.ller" l.ll ltl ll l o e ll ;. hlil, Ii I h.,ll air .-'";1,o hillest (futility, i.xsutl hronnri I 11 a i nd [l, wiI ei iliul, i.:uild c tiic : IlUlila valu ble diiscv rlu r ll ' .t tie ax ogmb. Laiec S luer callll. Sii c id g t JAiVfIS & ANIL)tElUSc plp, i s0i 0 Ci n l I 1c:O.O (.Srl' I cll olk i i l', i l pii e ll 01.ii ii hl , c i l c. 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