Newspaper of True American, January 30, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 30, 1839 Page 1
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PaRcE 12; CENTS. NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, JANUARY SO 1839. VOL.-VI No 1N69 Teras of lhe 1 'Neesptper Press J' Nero Orleans uu0n inIntsl agret' to 0t an lurn. in'i tl-tcd ei f the Prnpriltore,lhld on tile 13th of March, I:3?. SuusonteriosC.- I'wlve I ll ters far the d lily pa per annn, n Ipavale oeni- martlly in advwane: ten dollars for thle tiweehly country paper, payableo one year in dvadunce, where no city reference is given. No r tbmlriptiwt will be dibcontinued until arrenarges are nettled. rn case of di continnnltOc , one week's ntice in wtrsing must on invariab;y given, previous to th apiralion of nubscription. AoV arlslsrO.-Une dollar per Bquare for the first nertlion, and half that price for each slloeqnt.rt otne: an material alteration froin the original advertisement wil be chared n n new one. YnAttLe Atov.tIstth.-Merchntst eand T'rR ers, arty dollars ftu Eto.ish alone, nod sixty fcr both Ion ..aegee ottnks, Insurance Ohliien, end other timint publi nrnsttutlens, fifty dallorn in Fnelirh otly, and eighty for hoth Inngueee Shi llt end dteamnoI ,t PFn turs, or Cointinosin ntettccrcllhats nixty dollar ill Etnglich ne and ielght lor hotlt langeones. MARlIAOFtt, OBITUARY NOTICES, and ertieles ell ing tie attention of tile ptollic to sols o' prlperty, cards of poassllgers, hboefite, &c. &e. will be oeare I ne dollar iper sqltlre for tire irst insoertion ill mecl lao Iu te. COMOMUNICATto0N, or Adveortitemnnts, of any prersn Il nnture, wlhen admissible, shall be clhanrged douhle, and in advance. A deductioln of twenty.five per cent. will he made to Auctioneers, Slterfle, Ierinmers of \Villo,nnd Mlarshals oen salen of real esutate, potliohed in botll lngangoaes, and 50 per cent. in l.ogltoh alone: IO percent. on aalas ol' other propearty. AduvatRTsanM.T out of tht direct line of business ef the advertiser, suct as legal, auction, and planta roa sales, rutaway slaves, stray aLlinal, Sec. &e. will be charged for leletattly, and tt the ordinary rates. AnRTS.rMNTSr ot nit specified ae o to ime, will be peliialed one Iltonth, and charged anecorlintly No advertisemtnett of thankrulci.u will Ibe publlshed in any cate, o lesn paid lir proviouR to) insertion, or taynent guaranteed hby a respolible person in town. lreatres end othlter plncrst of nnlonement, advcrtlsinog daily or the season. to he charged St00 ftr Lnglish a lone, and $150 in Ith latngnnee.. All untouncemaents lf cetnliihtes for ptlil;cnl officese will be ehured double tile price of other ndvertise twing to tlit imtn..o.. lty newspnpler t prorpietors, theV It ve conctt to tte, conclsioon tlhat tlhe an ne s of lcrsonaa s -wt necntt ntt hat ys not ten ittid withi one Itoth after tresntntion, ohall he mtale kttuw.t (ao far Its lprctida.hlel)to each otlher-they obli gllting thelnaeulveu not to alverlice or print for snellch dolinlantl, unless it enrae ot adeltnce pamenttL. (nigted) J. t.Oe S. LROSIES J. IIAYON, P.I. It.EA J. C. PIlENI)ERGAST, JOIIN 0i1SON5, I. oM I) EN. tV,ekty Press.-We, th,' it tdersii.,tot, agree to abide by the alove c:onditioas, nas lar a they are applicable to d.Atj .. 1c)c.::ription are o takc n for Inel than 6 mMtlths. Iottcr.natttitl il c ante, be past paid. .. . OTO'ICII, T TIHE PUBLIC.--Unfounded wit ruimors Li the oundersigned having sold out, or discoutltoed his bold and oostaheshied btI rd (;i l (il)iCN SE.D SiTOIlE, ut NV. Ul ct.inu flon hoer, 1.0 Having been meost c:urcl ted by self. inrterested iparties, tlhe subscrlbo r begs to assure has wi frielns gen:rtlly, land thle pube at large, that he g still colnta:leo wlthlin two deurs of hib late, or former stand, to be furnished with a full and ex. co' tonsive suppily of all tile staodard kinds of kitchen cO or vegetable .;otrdenl Serrd, of the growth and in- Ch port Iof' tiu irvsot ,easeso , 1837. Siorne the early part .f Soptemrbr, be has re. be caived ample su lppuso, by the packet ships Vicks. burg, KInotucky, andl Arkansas, all orrved in shiort passagne, dircet from Now York. Ily the Missis. eippi and another packet, he Is in daily expects. Ja tion of a supply of F'rit I Trees and Aspar.rgous Roots, having already received ti vetoes thereof by tlilt . TIto subscriber begs further to assure the public iat 5ao, ttat oe is at lprnsent as wei enaibled to reut and nxceto ordters ra all the kiots of GardIe Seeds, either wihoIlesale or reta il, as lhe ever w. Itr since is fiirst ektuvabi. eont in .lane. lry, 1822. i l Country Dloalrs oi M Lllatit (ird, ersll ' orders 1do illtd it the vi w t alnd isst re0.1,0o n ble rites.t by IO t the I iuhd w eigho , al .o ihe oI or bL sIo l me .uabure. (o C. talog,)h , - t l.ll nr ia Fr.nch or l ,: hi.lis', man cd always I- ouiotutCd 00 peorlo o o Iiamhtitlou o to I it Usual, to Sill I'l, G ,dano Sod Stt'ore, C 5 (u'1toovnlhouS o trv NO II' L.-A co. 0anit. solpply of Blird Sooi, Cti or mixed url lr phllon ; puller lze d Ip; helrbs, salld .l .ll r i' drtod herbs,- il th i a upply "of pot. and bean'. a..... . .- . ... . I-t I' I. .i 1'.\ 1 "ll I , Jri ll \"s )'., I ).liL I l IIlin, il- str. ct, conl lt i lt it it i ,1 . it t Ii ,o i 'ot t 0r l no" Sllo d In eln Venrreal coisIe cns he 0h ci olood fo I o a hc o tthee. Vl 1 erOno 0 s tamin' it a v' t nll l o ti - V rea l lle-sl eas, uar I olllte ur a j ABF.1NTIlY'o cYSP rlc IJ ovR. i)oo, oo.a,,o o olot ooc.ottl rtlr coo Eioc'00h 000i, 0000.0. or. ta lllt'd wht ii Illly it the I0 o i C lt i .haed s i11on o io iuroilto , oil ', m ie o ssl l ,l ('el (o 11c res, Ii ill ioeo fr.ooi l o to'outO IltleC' .e f I es thll h lto ndd r, Ir ooio ts Ir ia1,s t reollia, o lro viv llton, ttld eiSweld I etr le l.;rt tioli 0i0 bo e Skiln, oroc 'Tl'toooo, ai ou t it tey Aond t1 numo. er.o.. .ypt0l ...... iieil gwroaly folhtw ,! his divn-e. it Icn r c lne corm inu two otre tllOne dlya. rtio oito the wo ro l cvio '.L, it,.rru1 otu lot iiot buloooi'nol , niO ater a , itn itlde lnin of it.-loot . A eovoin too hraleo' aVoenereal tteasre an beait o taie d ul Ilr Johl l o It is Irol o tlhe eipc Il" Ihe S hiuan Larry, t b elhbrated urets ihlSargonl ard was ar dto rin dolt tic o . o erad eoo lli o llio il which e served as fg. o eol .t Illse llllto r F lsh Ar e b• oind ho I).. Jo,.t ooo at ierl a io enot. Irha . ons I liaIe gonly otlumneilo o'f iVen real i, eitne, o l erout trCing CO u 00 tgc., or00 tlloilOg to the or oUllh, wootili do wll b 0 g0 a lc. JooT ,uie it call, nts proiter medi y Oolici ol)l aivlo 7 or l the tnclmlling otlaer ol o'lock atn - ALEINTIIY'.i ItY.di'I'' I'lt Ixlii. - r nd ei~ vCrillo n t g e' i.nuet ouf hrgiio.t cooloioos wr si to in i1 thl ot te ll-enol tl te otlooease tht ecalTe oin ote pcrigaite il tihe aotemt. 'rhiia.n .xdr tsrit uae Ii hiulit of it i n. m oost ueprno,-dellplied elll:p ide his pyivates nd pjblie rtio nono tleo oinpwards of flrey tyears, fi r tlc reldoval of he flolow oie doaotes a C, Pain ito thll' e oi, letvis of the wiolt o nd d evncli orin r of a Texa'i te Iotsr itooootlootdo t of r too e anaoin ton ctei, lrrorgorieity o troe BIlor l, and iontill cases whrlle lndigentnu or t Custive obit i. found to exast. 'This noledt o tne t oto to be roul nd unotg the iito fq tbck o.trunie now Itb-fore the public, ats it ii the ole ilnvllOt otinto a'nesoit o e m hotoiet fio aurgeoon . ptrle ever rduced, sd tllhe secret of prepali.g it Eebseevioroioloo idioooption e loao ei oVonitEA ao Iurcit asd byio thsae t for a very large icolo. t is ag iree ole ll I iletta tt to teieoor-tc, ac to u o oiitild aper ie'ot[el.vs keco, the botiwls free, ionarts vigoro and Setevgtm"t to it v"toino, .td iheerftlness to thie inott, and oit few bot'ilen'nlolve Ibhe otou e tet loled eases o ayeeic onn lodigcaninll lld prc otne a rCtoru at anyll utore joeriod. Ntew YonK,17th AuguSt, 1838. :i5 . adisoo-ltreetc cave bes tr ouleaii, n ore tor lees, with lodigevtioal for ti vearu; icr the oivas three years iva ud'netgs have been 1191 pprctble. I ihlane tried teverul p)hy-hu i n, a nti a un l eh o lr .1 k ,S ,]dici nes. w ith nll t d er ev h g a n y tolenfit . d iosprred n f ever obotaiatg usti pevnonllne Jrae licod(,i to)ne lt tiotle roast hon lenAs desprots I was ioeoiido Iov otot flia leo nds -o t fn Aberueth's riltel oic bovow t onave now finished e he ftv o a m botn Ill. nd knowwo t4 hw o .xooic rs iooiniiratiot of p iot onres toring that heaido h whic ,n igt lust fio orod vo ty hacks ioritbli, blessings you ave ood o crrd by re snitogries to pollt et hoalthh. I releaiu eourr, JCOIt MONROE. rbev'igennt ne ib hbi pessein srec huored te titoinias ,ioiia? te the abocve, of tile e.tiaocrdiary vir tori of tite ttodieioe. Sold by ploot.oeooto, iat Dr. Jebot et 's, I|{1 Ito ienvilto street. o . 5 PROS P'ECI''US. TilE subseriber o'oposeu to Itblilh. in the be. ginning of the onsaing winter, a Condensation o f the tweuty nvolues of the Old and New Series of Malrtn's Lootuisiana Reports, toL be comprised n four volumes, Boo., acnordiog to thy model of Peters' ouderaosed Reieor tr. This work is now is preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq, of this oity, arsisLed by William F. Brand, Esq. 'ie Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judgo of tie Supreme Court, snd by one of the sitting Judges, to expect front thiir personal super'vasiot all tine advantage whict may naturally be reapeod rOr their eapnrionco. I Sunh a work is becoming every day more no seanary, as tha original is voluminous, expensivo, and scarce. An iucrnosing curiusiby too is maui. tfot, in the other Statrs of the Utiot, in rnfnrenco to tbo pernuliarjarisprudenc° of Louisiana; and the eirumastance of lion umonnous principies tere dae oided in the andjucintent of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cason of prime uti lity to the jurists of tho wholc Union. Moreovet, tho rising republic oaf Texas hip adoptod oor codes, and thus thern is a great demanad far the Loauisiana denisions front a firesh quartor. Coaaveer tt notes, iodticatitg tho parallel ncases deoided in Louisiana, and vocnasionally those to the more authoritativo forumas of tha other Statos, will oe added to each ncse. 0ito work will form four volumev, reyal octavo. snd will be delivered, bounal, to oubset.hera it $6 per vol.; itn case it shooril hbo fourd practiecble Lto ainrapreu it into three volnnomes, the pc.,e tI oub rribers will boe 7 per vol. Subsoriptitia rcnneived by WM McKEAN, jot1 Oor Camp and CoV muun Mts. NEW ORILEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Blkery-Waters and Hillman. No. 9. Morenu (near the Pontchartrain Rail Rond.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Buttdr, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the firs quality, and o keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Order sleft at G. W. Pri chard and Tagart, Jr. cornor Magazino and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for family use. 15nov -'ILOUR-1000 barrels landingin atore, and for sale by t. I)OIIIIhY. 113 41 Ncw I eve AILS--700 kegs Nailr, asnorted size, ir eal. by Sdli AI).lIS & WHI. ' 1I.L, 17 iranvier st g1UUNM!S-- liosissilji Funds tokenrat7, Front 1, ' te, for lirocereae. d15 K ERiEYS-78 bales Korerys, OIL--5. barrels 'annera Oil, 3tl casks winter Oil, 40 casks full strained do, CANDLES-300 boxes Sperm Candles, for sale by 1. II GALE, d7 93 Common e' EW PORK & lBEF--20 blis mees, aind 40 bbl. primte Pork 20) bble prime Bee, fr sole tby U DOItSI.Y, d 14 Newrlevei A CARD. ll iO. JONES, Professor of singing, the Gui'ar l. and Piano-forte, bhns to announce her arrival erotm 'legowgt and front ae.rl years praletie- in Edian Ibrghand Olt.aaw. shle flatterot oroelf that her eye. tem of inltructioan ill give satisraOctin to pupils. 'o',,titoninleo as to capability, &.c. cn be lshown, on applicaion tto Aire. Millard's, 17 Royal street. d8-lm I)OX 'CHAIR O-100O dzeo R1. Chairs, just re ) coived, and suitablo for shipping for sale at the Louiasita Furnituro Warn Ito tne. VNEW R)OKS--Ntloleoo'e M.a......, a .....ig, ,,ilh Primne, aerne, by .toron I.nnoo. in volel; Tihe Middy, or scones froin tile ' ie of Inalsrd clllns, in2 vo s; Paclev'e Chri.'mas Talee for 1833l Parley's Christmal .aft for 183): joar received and far ale Iay OW AI,:K'AN, d .e _ _ cor,,?r Coa (:I np . Coetn. t. elte LOUISIANA INSTILUTE. SHIIIS Inntitnt o.n for the education ofnyonng Gentle- al iern. will go into operationon time first of Oct ber, in the basement ntory .if tlit Methnnisit Church, enlrltr of ncrudlt iand Pordl-rn, under the direction olll te r illerrsined who han occlpiedl tie chair of ,nthmllatlcs is several Co(ice olf lthe northn, and who is a gradate ooIne of the most celebrated unlliversities of , b:. , 'I i c tni of studies tI he pursud in this ennminary t blanheln ofa tlilhorouglh nd acu:npdelnhod Elnglinih ed- i The cla.ienid depnartment, comprehending the LaIln and irei. k lannenges. The deprtment o nioerin lInngngne, in whichn will ie tught tnieftrcncih, Spaiinil and Gtrin an lanie 4. T'ihe mnthemn'icnl nnd philosolhti al dtinnrtnent compnnrehenlding Algehra, leometricv, tie two Trigontom etrie i with t ncir reical apinplitn to i.tinu e a Naerietion, ti.tnllvn &'c. Natinral Ptntnsnphy nad Chcnnistry nilun;rnted by appript isat eIperimenle. .Yt'veninf (:lasaen in te lModern Ilangnages will be ircmend and attended to frm the lit )ectOnen. C J IIADDERIMANN, A 31. REFcREnrncasn J GIBtSON I:sq. RIev President nISANNON, Louisiana College, Jacksol. tir C A LUZENBERG, I. C DIUNtAN Enlq, J NICIIOI.SON Esq, New Orleans. seplt3-1831 n I) CASE.Y, ,v. lit [;n ,, . trueru floult+ recelved I e fro itl ondloll liar shipl , i"er, lIcolliv, Medhilnm Itry:l. Suier (tt( ni, Imprndl , (7lhl.nhier, an I doable 1,le h titttt I nn per t l inted l{val ae d e1 pelin dt. 'ni'tl l ol.. o l hin rds. ir; I'l ndba tn n n II t a l ill in ( Iil· l nI .i evr U ' i n G ll brdrnn, % ite ani d Coilorte i llt LtI.n.n ,/ In;,n,,ltceen drn it.C d tta pa, er. II it ('n : it 1 . &cie., &e. Iv, S :' o. Ot' t 'olar-: NWlmlnlsI dlo; hIox "h..l++.; I. nl'I ; .|d;' ;,,ti RlidJ .ilvPr ýheLl.; Martkhe antin nin . tnk e Stl 'i' t:ut .a nee; h di i n tin,-;, tiedl t1I IeI,,1 =; Inllvr- . in, 111Z h },n , tI lljll C n l'Idi I i I'n.'l LlrtIa-hn I. ; nbct Ii 'ni t i bttii , htint..b ; PIntllin - knives; \lltitt andi Sietel iue ll I'Dlll int ; 'ntpIir, L eath er anlld ('ark stmll ; 11,1tiallttrl Ivories u d Carle i, I Swatin tlmil Pet'eiiis; dt lilacek i ,hin dt. nitepred cPntn;tennJpanud Tin Boxa itinit dr Co I' 31 li I' OOK.KS & WI AI.I. I'.llT lRusin ,nd .lnnrceo Pacnket altn ks; ilun-in I.entnIer \ahlictlr s-m eat liahr P.cket looks, 3 &*"4 Ivory Icntne ; inent ' nl' nnlet n, with n it e r pnitncil .a , 'iinin anrd ltt .e,ln t li ttnnIe inOnr I lt, I +nn ond, Snat gid itnni-lhed gold, LF'any cloled anie gild Screwi lan PIEN HOT)IIEi.itS. Peiar nlul Gold Pen Hnldes; l'arl and Siletrdio. (L ''lliflNG--Il catses, ncmprieig u general ns i sorlenut ie f n rOCltninnlconltnin, tnlatanlOeInIn VYetIS, Slrtsn, &c. now nltndltl nnd Inr eale by jlt I BRtII)GLn & Co,13 Magazline et r .Ini -tut kegsl linng Irom ienner Otwneen and E for sale bly Ui hi1tSiE, 44 e1ew Levee. t 1l.Oi li..--ill bl. lindinng fere i eantte Notut Sian i d luir n ln y - b y - ti u S 1i', jalo 44 New Iievee PS'ItII\ Cndle;--lIl loxee New Bedforn, lunt re e i edl ;and fll sld bly allAl.l. & l It1)\VS, dl0 96 tinenzine at 1,'AI D: L, I. \I. IiANEI-Cuur du Ireutrer SAltislricl Judlic nre, John 11ay Flster coillre nes cli:itci r. et les erianlelt r de leveax & Fonter. Les creanciers d Juoan May Foster et dd Devcnux & Fos. te.r selt par [ieI. l-eaitn rc.luis de s';lsae bler cll pleine cour, eamnedi, -9 du coulrlnt, a I1i heure du inin efin do iliontrcer .ase, s'il c exitae, i l. nUnqlllni Iedil, Junn .talv Feinar u'nbti eudrait pae le becefice des hli asdees pour le IsCulagetnee t des debitiurs insolvables etenllr. C:Unwell & Bratnd Esqr. eont nilnlned pllUl replresenter lea ereln :ers liselln thns cette a laite. IPar ordrec di lia cer, :3 dmenl108. 'ec7 P LEBL INC, Dep. Grleifer TATE OF LOUISIANAI.-Pnrish Court of the S Pariah und City of New OriInen~I-Preaent, the HImn Charles M.urint, Judge. Nn. 1198 hewton I(ichards vs his creditorn and thne reditolrs If J hne G Bovd c en, the cession ci property ie the petitioner neis eccelitd by thneconrt fir he ie nefet of his crelditor nd Ihe emlitor, ola John G e Il'td. It is nirderel tInha said rentitnrs do ineet in Ithe t.cee of l B Ccinas, t:.r noaluy public, on Friday the 4th day llaf an; , y, 1:38, then and there to deliberate uponl e affairn I tihe in iolvenillt niidiln tie ineran lime all p e.eendiegl againsi il tieieson lad priliert l said Sewltlun il:hnrd narei nttyed.--l is firtllher crdereil ;lilt MIors Enllre cld Kit. Ile appointed to rlnirelenI the alient creditors in Ytli cane. By order of tin - coUlt. l y AIA 1\NI) PITOT, clerk. Clerk's Office, December jet. 13lt. dec ;3---:3tae TATE OF LOUISIANA--First Judicial Di tD trict C.urt. Johbn lay Foster vs Hlis Cruditors and the ceditorn oi PeVenalx 4J Foster. The credit ors nof Jiihn M Foster asdd of IteVoaus & Fotn", oret heretv nottfi d "ton a.iea" in ope coourt on i atuorda, the 9ith it tSIit, attt L o('clock a. t. , siew cl.rc,, if.lnv they inve, Iwh'al r id Johnll Ma Foloter shulld not Ihtt the hoenefit of lih laws tmale fr the reliel of insolvent debtors in actual curondy; Cnaswell and Braud Esqrs. are appointed to represent the absent creditors in this Be order flthe court this 3d December. .38. dec7--3tihlf&.e 1' EeIIL L\h C, Dv Clerk. - ItAF'I'. at New York, firsall by d24 ANDR S\V & BRUOTHERS, MI tamp t STA4TE OF LOUISIANA. First Judictal Dis t.ict Court. Thursday the 6th da) ul November. Present the llon A I iuclhanoan, Judge. No. 16,386 Jacob ilatotsiv vs. hisCredlitur. Onmotion ofE: vert sq of C'.nse l tor A L.afargue, ryLdic of lti rerd itors of the insolnent and filing a o tttlottn of disa i butin in thi case: It is ordered by the court that the credit ors of sain insolvent and all others intore-teRd, sha caise wuhine ten days itrom the iublication l thlis rule why said tlblbean sihluld iont It IumtIoiiated and con faired according to awv oad the funds distributed in sc cordanlte thereto. den7-.3titd P LeULANC, Clerk. L'TA'T DiE LA LOUISIiNrl, our duPrelie.r District Judiciaire. Jeudi, 6 DIcehebre : Present I'lonorahbl A M lBuchanan, juge. Jauob Mtniasy vs os crenncuiers-O-;io 16,86--nur motion do E ouVert, Eeq, avoeot tie A Lefargto sundlc de. creancierisdr P'intalvblet et apres versir entru ec tablau tie distri bution en eetie nff'id-e il eat ordonne qanhmn assembler des rreancieru do I'insolvablc at nstres intereres af8t te fair voird dons dix jinrs de li publicatin die cat visu !en -·alous pour lesqualles letdit tilaulea seret i its htomUnolugu se at ci(fir IIno clon it lliet lens fndst distribUes ell onsleque Ice. axntroit i-s tnuinntes 7dee ' A Lt'.BL \C, Ile ,'r.ler. ii AVANA CttIF,;E-4it: bugo 111c10 qutOi Sin sitre, and tior sale by j.u17 AiIUAIIAi 'I'RItAT , 34 Grnvir - .i.TICE.-For sile a COiFFEE i IC.-C, withl ii, N its fixtnren, ilo Csanp otreet, in tile c:entral par( ,ot affairs, and dointg to i a eetlh' notrt l.ulinmsr, f.r fti Iher particulars ipltt n ti'_e -.fat thtli- paper. flu BA LNEPR. REAUTIP'IL bend onheir in the grandent orna ment bheloning to the human frname. Iow stranne v tile loss eol it elngee the 1ninttrtsn e, and protna titrelv Lrines on tihe apponnree of old ofe whicl ne u nes anny to recoil nt bein. a tnnverled. anld snlmetimes even to shnl societv to anoin th e lest, ntrl oners of their eoquninitan.e: the remninnlereor their lives are aon ecqucntly sptnt io retinement. In short. not even the Iooon tpropeertv.flle the reneroq tl I:nkng vnntli with thlet nenvv Winkin" lneom an doen the loot of Isis hnir. 'To avert all these tnltir not eirlnmatnncree., Olhhirdne' Bhno of Colnmbhio tops the hl nir fealnt Iling efl'n the first application, and few hnottle resroren it anaitt. It likewise prodl coe evebrowr and whiskers; prevents the hair from turning grav, maken it eurl benutiflllv, and frees it from aecrf. Nnmerons certifienten 'ol the first renpeetnhilitv in erpport or the virtues of Oldridgel" Balm, re aliown hbv the proprietors. "f Read the fullowing: Robert Wherton, Efq. late Mavor of Pliladtlphl has certilir. n'r ma he neon. below, to the high chara ter of hie followina gentlemen. The undlreigoed do hereby enntirv thnt wnehnve used the Baon of ('otnmbia disconvered hby J. O(ldridge and have fcund it nighl, cervieahle not only oas preventive aeainst the ftliicg ofL of hair, buhot alsoa certain rester live. "VII,,IAI 'rTHATCItER, Senior, Methodist Minister inn St George enree. No 1186 North Fifth nt. JOHN P INGLIS,321 Aech street. JOHN D TH'IlMAS, M D, 163 llncest JOHn S FI'II.Yn Int Sprece street. HUGJH f3II UIII)Y.2I. 3South2 d st. JOlt. GARI1,Jr, 123 Arch street. It is known that tlhree of the olane iennere are nonr than 50 yeara-ffnge, and the lthers not less Iltau 30. [Fronm the Mnvor.] Commonwealih ;f Pentsvln anin, Ciy nf I'hiladelphia. t, Robert Wharton. Mayor of oniyd cily of Phibds. lphis, do hereby certify tibt I nct well nctiointeld witn l atrenrn J P Inglis, Joit S" Fnreen, atdl Illhtih I1 Curi,I Shoe names are signedll to the nhove cet tiiente,tlat they are entllnen e. of tlinetr anc d col nd'enntnnlnilioand on sue funll credit ehouhl lie given to theCe snili ceiinote. In witness wh reof I have hereunto set tIny ld Inod cnused the atril tof tie city to be .lixed, thi 6th dIay of C)ecIInnlar, ,&e. [I.. S ] RI)BI T VII'V ON, Manyor. Of ISIIVE thnt each hottle of th (nililte Bnim ins a sp .lenid rntrnoed wrapper, on which is repo:enlter tie FnI afin..nren, &e Sob' .holesnle and rennil by the sole seemt fAir Antr rice. ol. Fletehe' aireel, tneir Mlaiden Lne. , one do bel ,. Pearl sretr:,aud by most druggittara d prerfumors t ough he country. JAIRVIV & AN\I)II'nWS, nS9 Wble.lle .ngelcts, hew Oreaons. [ OIBARD & CO'S Hoston and New Orleans J Li eof Packet Stips.e-TIe netw Itoe of ships has been expressly built to run hetween the aboveh ports, and will be found of suitable draftl of water: accommodations for passengers, and every effort I will be omlIde to giv e general sati action, 'I he line is composed of the to lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J tlarding, Carolina, 400 do S Lomist, Charleston, 374 do D I.lhridge, Coalunb:anaa, 625 do G B.,rker, Seaman, 240 do J Howes, Bombay, 625 do D l;untphrey. The above ships are all now, of the firtt las, copper fastened and copperd, conimmanded by men of great experience, have largeo ccommlnodatioons, wilh n separate ladies cabir.; every attention will be paid to pa-sengour, and the very s est of stores pro vided for them. Th ipaitck'.ts will bo towed tlp ard down the Mis isippl, aln thllo striclest pulnctuati y o served in thle Itne of r.sliog, oad tlshiouit tlit rt , Lo r Vcsselo b't ii ote arriving, othler ships equally as good w II in all ,as,-s h, ubsijtuted. A thar; of pattruon ago is so jclled, lr lil m gonle pleldge themselves to ,0eCs,,iodt t lh i tIluch as piracticable, t receive anI ld ftrward gols b0 y l i lint at tiO e most I 1dIvr. tle a,.trg. oti to advatnce all ettOoIn-es ont gods Ihtp.+d, i' rqtuirtd. The slips . ill leavhe the let and 1611 of every mottIth. Fr's freig'ht or I) L*tOt, 11PpIV to tLi agenl'ts. J A 1lMIRI' T', 82 Commoltn st. N. B. Adv tnoeoltots mlll te on calsignmtto..t to Mtssrs. A. C. Lomlbard & Co. nitov27 I gtsihitsond 'atmeritato u \itutls, itl Ito Ii h at th I]ok-lore of ALEX 'ft `WAlt, Where sI hIre assoll.orlmenl t oflthe B ookU s sitable fr the .suonl can le nIhld. dg8-4l1 RUSTIION & ASPINALL'S COMPUUND TION IC MIXI'TURE.-A speedy and costill cure for tie Fever and Aguc, remittetlt and inllterlittent foIvlls; prlepared ftro0 the originaol recipe. Used aonltelnt and uni versal success to 1832, by persosl of the Iighest I respectability il thIs city, as stated in the annexed certificatus. I'lti s iedicino is highly reeommended, and has been ext.ensiveiy used inl the above diseasea s vitli such distinguished succes, that tile proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie It its present formt in tlh holpe that it may be the imesca of rclheving many of those who are SsuferiLg under the scourge of otn country. It is a tiedstol e poss.essng groat vittle, and whell used according to the directions ihas never ftildt of eflecting a core, oeven in the most obstinuat stage of the disorder. It is not at all di.agreeable, aid ipersos of the we.akesIt stoimach, atnd children iosty take it witht imipunity. It streugthens tlhe digestive orglans, creates anll appetite, and eoldonl requires lore than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neilther mercury nor arsenic ill the medicine, nor any thing iojutious to tie human constitutionl. The proprietors are Iso well convinced of its effiency, thalt t hey agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and has not efiocted a a perfect cure of the fesvr & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and modiatue store, corner of Bientlle and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMAITIl, 48 Conti st. Fancy Pocket Books-Under tl.e head will be found a sprlendid variety of ladies' and gentleman's po k, t books, note, 1 ard, needle and thread cases. Fancy Stoeks, Iuspenders, &c.-Of the latest 1 pattern and of superior quality, consisting of plain anil figured satli,, velvet and clotlh stocks, linen bosoums, plain, and fancy with and without ruffles, shirt collars, suspoetders called Washington suspenders, also, guan elastic worst. ed and cuttonett do, with and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springs; and a great va. rluty of gentlemen's wonr, mlade exressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanhiorn and aon of Phlila. delphia. I ottbs-A general sand complete asnortmen. of cobs frots their manufactory.Aiso, English and French dressing combs, etc. dec27 UT 'BI.LAS. 18 cas.e mItni silk UnmIblrlaI,. U arge sizes, rece.,r d frm shilp Merrsey, alid lI .pint Iby I BttIUII, d.ii 134 Magazine at FRIANKMILIN INFIRISMARY fr ll public are re: pectfully informed that tls insta lttirn ia erected on the llst iloproved plun, and ic an aiysli d loat adlhirable ltuation, in lhe ifoibonr l:raullij, upon the ruito ul, one ule from .he Itisnie ithe blilding is large aI tmoastronlodi'ualv divided into upartriett , for kueptat separate difbrent classea, and dtitrent diseasens. l'he institution is euppli ' I with too most rkilful and attentive male and femuli nuteee, and speaking the va riotus llltlelrll langnagea. Private rooaa nuay be had by geutlemen nteve dol lare per day, inelutdi, attedeceas, &c. 'Tera in the or inary ward, teo dollars per day. Slaves also two dollars. .Small Pea in the ordinnrp acarda, live dollhrs. All capital aurgical operatton eutra. Th reresident pkyvaicia t is l)r Weddeman, to whom uplplication for adhiaissiol must be mnde. or to Dr C A Luzemberg, No 17 liamtpart street. apli lv LONDON etanard lirary ediliona, of carce and valuuble works, flr sale iby the subsceriber: cosstrttno oF rTHE Works of Williolu Congreve, ill 3 vole, do Slirley. dramatic and poetical, 6 vole, do Shaftahliry. ill:t voes, do !leaumont & Fletchear, 14 tul, do Otmay. iln vWil, do llo.e, 3 veI, with an accouait of hi life, d ty HeeIy Mckenzie; do SirWillian 'I'emlrhi, in 4 ce!s, do Empt.~rr J Ulien, 2. ule, do Fielding. ll vb do ItRusea, Lec Xii. 4 eris, do Iore.n, ie ia Jldit'ic,3 vole, Ido )tchards n Clnrit-a hallhtw, 6 vuid, do Sir c:hales tratliuun. 7 4It*, Int adll.tion to the above, a large collection of l.on don edition a carea works. r V il .\t'IhA\, aor ('amp anld CoIlIomo tt ".-bEt? -Ilut barre'lt Meaic -id incr, it the mn. c I.) Lo. in etaure, lor stle bh itt tDI;'l jnail 4.l Nadio'e II MORRIUOIDS. H AY'S LINIMENT.--Ne Fction.-This ex. triordinary clhamical compsition, thile result of science, and the invention ,r a celebrated medil oal muan, the introduon n of which to the pubio was inveoted with the solomorty of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, folly sustaining the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's tlart confession, that " he dared not die without giving to posterity the bounfit of his knowledge on this subject," and he theorfor,, bequeoated to his bilend and attendant, Solomon tlays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and mosl certainly for the cure of tile Pales, and so exten sively and e.frctually as to baffla credulity, unleon where its effects are witnessed Externally in tlie following complornte: For Dropsy--Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours Rnheurnatimla-Acute or Chronie, giving quick Sore Thront-By Cancers, Ulcers or ColJs. Croup and Whooping Cough-Externally, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduc ing rhelumatic swellings, and looseoning coughs and tightness of the chest tiy ielaxation of the parts, has been surprising beyond conception. The ennlmon remark of those wheo have used it in the PIles, ios I It acts like a charm." THE PILES-'ThI'i price, dt is rerunded to any person who will use a bottle of llay's Liniment fir the Ples, and return the empty bottle without being cured. 'Thliese arhethe posrive orders of thi proprietor to the Agents; asld rut of many thou. sands sold, not one has been unsuccessful. W' might insert crtillfcates to any lengtlh, but prefer that tIhoI o who sell the article, should en. hliit the nrigiinal to purchasors. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a splutdid engraved wrapper, on which is mly name, and also that of the Agents. SOLOMON rTAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & Co, New York, and by oner Druggsat in every townr in the Uniion. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Com.non . ' T'clioupitoulas street, arnd by the Aputhecaries generally. jo30 T+ I'AT DI{ LA LOUItIANii-Corur de 'Parose lipon, la1 Paroirne nt Ville doa l NIle-Orielr.nnl-Pre. epitt li' onorable Charrles Mlaorian, jug.-NoIi 1,tIt 1sate Baker, nirtu llornerllt dtcorri, Cuotre des cre antier-:-Sur lentrce rit etlregie rent de l upelitiuo r! ian on en ( t e llo ai t ire, ii e nor do riu 'le l Ilsre -l blee tes cr-anciecs de i'insolvahle ail licu ell cluioln cc or I eii rq Janvier 189, ta dix h't ue dn mntin ale de deliit rer cite Ire niires de Il'inioi vable; en r ttenrlutit routers poursuites et au personan seo:t arretees; t L.. I.Iwlv ert illlnllne pourre)res, ller l-i cleanciers at eol" Plr ordloie la cour, 15 d De: G'8 leetl8 h it G. t 1,., Di: Gicior. TA'ItE .III' LU IIANA. II,. ui 8'nr9 1r .1 0 Cit8 of, New pe. nt o ti. 11o. t ,. h- 1 1.. 2ioe.n.Jodg., Dec. 12-,;,, ;u ;1. Nh.. 11:312, IDole Iinkei an. Ilia Uold8,:to.. U,..., .eog tilingE the Petition an~l d nciIC'dulr in this ruse, it is ordUI.e by th,. C,.roti..?t d 'trio: Of the baI o'oifTloa,"o ,di0:00 It. o No loac i.. n.e.' court, on tilh 'III dJov noIJa.,..y 1'131'; tlit o'cli.cki., A... the,, nold Ihere , ch. w caus wily tihe onioi..olveot shoiuld not Ibe isooilo.d acor lintl;to ow .,n'i i..the mrat0.ije all p.oreedingS ag..inat ii.ia p.eon o..d proplerotyre stayed. jIti furtihe de cree.d thatL. I.I.8at, eI01f he .... in.redI to repl..808.t the ..tmoot craditor', bv order o.i he Court. A. PL''UT', Clerk. ClorkoOffi~c, DOc. 15t1h, 18:21. E, JOHNS & CO, ;TA.iIn EiS' IIAII., Chorleu tod C~noll street. T'Iie :nohsc.ribe'eIaving rocea vedstll nowlIr~ in stoic thleir· anaoottllpn of goodl- fir to Englundld Franlce nd the North, ut, or for sale thIe ful E , lieh DIrawing paplers of tll sizes, do writi t; do rn1? -,r rll l, r1 a yttli l t ..oll sca.y', foioooI.., letterpo r co Islrcl· I l t i n re Ium; -fiblu laid; do do c,.pv. p pei t 0. l s i e. I.oudlla Will Il~vi~tu I (IRIII; do f, uCY letter and mirrIlle papelr, pllainl, emend .'·d and total lro Amen e0ov cap, I8808.r fod plapies from the I II I.n .,' I. - u, ParvanI'c, t a 1 drtor'I,it o.; io~ ties[ tirrlnnn ,ll IIIII eclllin l quill,; Iuteph eo'e and Perrvan'e writing f:nlllluid, Ilolrin en'o and1I Per, hl'ao'n bast copyingIP inl~e; 1":nglish andII Rodger: & So ~ln's tent cultlery, crnletsltlp it, idir, pull..,i desk NoliE., rozors. md oio 'ookoti books ,tnd wvallet' Russia adMlorocco EugliogLoh atII oI. o ·o, PII,.,lig w, oo,.eeior qoi. 1?·; 't'ravel li u_ Ilok, snd der,::insu cos-n. AcN ·lla,,.., 811I l\RI,. 1II ,iao llllr~T·ool; hioer,,lt,o,,.o Il,i A oi.,o.o' et nature oi..g ~lrunlllmll s and Ackerlaaln'o Ilrnr ilg pencrils,, iro,'ingloAiI ,,,lmoo ,i I.lititi'i, .d Ameur. iceLS ANDo AL+. NAfo 183 F 11 Bucks-Eoclicli h, Frnllrh, !,lnirh, Italialn, (;·I I11:IIsta ll a d Latinl. COo-lhlll in IIlUJ sicB/ I Inn mledicall worksr literary. Vic. J Udt r~cive': and fur sale by noe2·0 B JOHNIS & rO ANNUALS AND ALMIANACS. FOR 1839. S PilADI)ID Lo,,d..t'fte (look of Hi..y S alts, a..pPoI: .ol.I'di.?tts; Findoocs ThIobo,,x, at,, t: eilerv (r Graces; Firlou,'. Ilncoion Nom Sketolt Botb; Jleauotio, Cnt oll,,,e,,-B1die o,,,I 111td lltoo; 8 a\P lov KeeookCe-'-I'I I..ptril; Ooi·oiutal I ...aI; Foroot meo Not, J oordan'sPtro, Annuool; SC',rioator, .\-l ,ontl1 Comteo Anoual; F,io,., iltip'o 8 ff8,..); II'll~·1'r .llrrilr Sketch Bonok; Yauns1 Iasi"', a nd ynuna ,ettellll nen's MutualR Aluric, A \00..??.; ('irtato,,s Tales. 8 4,,oiercan Annuaos. s Tho T..iaon r0 .Atlantic Souveni.l Mt.. CGillnuoo's v ,ual I,,oliotar & hoosto o AleAooon. American Ahnnnnllne5c lrp)(sitory ofPLISU(II Knowledges Blooll'e Nn micas \tbanmrc;l~ Sllt ita & ('o , . li..tiinn Almanac; 8 Cro.knott-Comica-Ge.,oti Allnitao, a Sttovvtt'a Diary 1or 1839, o.t..inoi.g a hottk 888emo randui,,m for toery day of Ih a 'or. t PJ IINS& Ct., oorter of it Citrltae aod Cottm,,,on s.t. a 28-5w LIMP:-10011. nicks freshl 'I'Ilollmatull Luner Iwrddilg from, ldhip Fetao, for tose by daI S11&JF WIIITNRO'. 7:i8'amlo, A NDKEW 0MIT11 & CO., respecotwly Clettra their friends and the public in ceneral., that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas street, whetrc they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, aI ch as copper stilts, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. ing to s, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass casting done at shortest notice. Grate bars of every de-cription, esch as steam. boat stirrups, tog chains, screw bolts, and other kind ofsteamboat work, such as chimnoys, breech. or, steam pipes. They will also do all kindsf f out door work, such ar zinc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, &c,. They above and all other kinds of work in their line of business, they will execute at the shortest notice. dee27 MIPOIrTA\T r TO ,IAS t1 E olt DTAmlti ,. tI tS S'Ihe snthcrtlers have in sore a few berrelc of liutntinnled Pent, n ttow article intely invented in New York. A few barrels of this eat was pp en Iboard the Great WVetern on her last tri I; tI hc en cer sta es tllat the result of the trial tas sn tis ied ii that I1)1 Ibh. of Peetare o tqua to 31hi ibetso Co an that in ca.t where ter dlficulty in getl aring or keopig l g o.lI head ,tf atri, t!Cis lbot is dipensablte. 'Cte di rectors of the Great Western e-rl tle purlchase of 200 brles fr the tiut of lhe ship, which was put on board on her last de arture. For a trial,upply to S LOCK & Co. No Frontlecvee t N B-But 2 brls at a time can only be dvtvered to onee team boat, until we get a fiurther supply which will Ith, in a Ihw days. dec6 SI,&Co CO-.'AltT'NEI:RSHII' NOTICE. rI"vIE undlerigned have this day formed a et-part I ers ip fIr the trattlction of a tieneroal Contulls sioe and Foorwarting bnsinee, inl this City, under the tirl of HtALL & nowuN, t.d have taken the ntow brick store, No. 96, blgazeine treot, (near Poydras at.) GIEOIGE SCIAI.L.Jo. ReJeretnre: JAMES G IlttOWN. Stet-Cn t Avery, \Whiting & Mlterk, Wahton t co. ,V Bogart, lgart l& Ilawthtrn. J Thayer t co. \V as. tore & Shall. NEW O)RLEANS. Crochet & Sbeardleiglh. Jott Fairfield & co., .Walker, eonerson t4 co.. Grigcs J, Chickering, cBosTle . Cb4i PU ntrtey& co. 'Philadelphia. Ivid' Mog, 1 il, rghPenn. Wtiteside, Cam tt.ell & co lttot . lldgertttn 0 \\toodbridge, la:ttesta, O. John \Woodbiidg, EIq. lChilliultlhe, t. J a.eara N c vill l , T•n... Jamet P ,,sLq. ' vi 1' E& A'lrc, St Lout, o. 1 FURNN'ILTRE! FUILNIJUIIE!! - UT i'I' received at t ,Lo I eoliat Furniture Ware Shouse a large snj s y fioltn Ne.v ourk ttld los ton. I'ertone t thie weant of furniture tttl d do tell to cnll, tttt selecthil arltictles te onett)ie tf tItht bett antd larg.te stocks now in the ety. W It Ct RNIS, dii 5i BIIetville si N B-Particular attention paid to packing and eshp. ing Furniture, freep oc.penplte. dfi---w 13IlNT1,OILS, ULASS, B.IUSHES, &c.--us .[ landing tromship Constitution, andfur sale--viz: 16.000 feet ofglas, best quality, front 8X10 t IOIX8; 300 kegs white lead, pure; 350 do green paint, in 25 lilhr. kegs; 24 doz japanedtns obrsigns;600 lb lithragei 6i dots splendid 00000 ground bruse-, also ofl0000 and 000 do; 2 cases erone green in powder, superior article no do tn canls; a large assortment of sash tools of every size and quality: nsable pencils foIbr artistre; flat marking brosheua formerchantsn artiet's colors in oil rerad pre pared,i bonxes, fitted "'p with all necessL.ry brushes; artist's tnols, &c. Flake and iemnitv wlite; 60 areks gold leaf; wtite and yellonw wax; gutn nrnbi; do a large end cioicer as sirutent nfpaints dry colom r oil, turpentine, varnish, &c., fbr sale,wbholesal and retail, at tie lowest prices, by MOtNI)ELLI, n28 58 Camp st. fPRUltJL ; I' b. NEW EDITIONV OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIA'NA. IT has been for some tnime made known to the public that the subscribers are engaged in preparig for the press it new edition of the Louisana Civd Code. They nere. mfron tile fre, aware ol the great diffinnlty and respoiuniniiito attundiog ihe publication of the work, and it was not without great lesitatio t thatey con sented to the undertaking. But tile present edition, amounting to, bout three thousand copies, and which had cost the State more than thirty thousand dollrs, was entirely out of print. For more than two yvers past, the usual price of the work has been from e hirty to fifty dollars. It is a system of written rules wnirh so immediately operates upn every individual of the state, iaterusted either in nagieulture or commerce .und which governs the disposition of no much property eoming to us from other totes. that-nol ke alines. a ,y othertreatiose upon law-it is as mnuch tie lex-book and manaal of the merchant and the .lanter, as it is of the private gentle man and the professional advoe tc. : The lawyers of tle adjoining states, and in fact of al bhose statesn pon the Ohio and 0lis-i.sippi rivers which find a nmart for teir prodluce in Louisiana, have a frtie quIent nCeesity of reference to tile code,.ond make it ain Sindilpenoablle requnisite to their libraries; and in tile city of New Orlenn tlie kook is as sure to in. found in the merchant's counting rooln, as upon bhe desk of tie judcer, or the tile of thn attatIney. It is net ullrprising Iherefire that the first edition of the work was so quick ly disposed or; and althobgh a oere reprint of it would in some mneasure supply the public neces-ity, yet it would be imper:ect and onsalisifetorv unle=a aonnotaled with references to the Reports aed Ssiname-, in order to em race the numnerousuanendenlots which have b.en made by the Ltgislaturt , and the important decisaons and constructions which tlnle been givno upon many o its articles by tile Supremee Court. f The publishers have secured, for the general super intendence and elitorial department of the work, the pfess.tonal nsieles of \\ 0ielobk S Upton, Eq. a me.naer of thle New Orleans liar. Tihe Hon. Judoe - I ullard, .ludne lHermudes, and lion George Eustis, have each kindiv assisted Mr t'pton with the valuable notes which they have collected in the ,oorse o: their - studies and plratice;nnd to Mr N lR.l-ennieis,lthe pIart iner of' ir Upton,, who is also en:Ragd in tile work, (eo Strabrtlget , Esq. hIoe prceenterl the grcal olans of refec reneeo.ontailned in iis oflicer copy of thie ede., nlld iwhiich nave been made by him dtiog tihe whole period of his dis:ineuished proeeesional inhomr.e T'lhe publish-ti ers nllav tlherltie ll tneit that oi lnnutllnnl iif tie work wil be nil that indnstrv and labour, assiotn d by [ leanl'ni and experi,,nee cul perfiorm. i nenltin folrth this Ir r lerocllp Inf o oliiing geene Sal subscribers to the winork, toen pnblilhrs take pribl inl tiei ti athat tie Legislature of l.olnisiani has autihorized h le lovernoIr to oneo thi' lunnnd n oenninir of it fi the S'utre nse o l'tie Stae. The reendinen nwilh which t'ilils SInt,r l tok y e Assemblyh. evrnn td elll st notelof e l'de Yvalulothe wtlhr; i they tlhlcrt xtendne - edl that c onthllen:te in tienl ility of ithe publi.'t, s and The' wrk will o printed in Frei h ad English, e upon good paper oind with clear ype, nor will an ex Ipense rene ie sp: 'ed to rll ti e whole il echi nicalll l Sexentimnp nf it eorresl irenihtr at io.trtance It witl pnobarlo be reany for delivery in tile moth of Sfinteen dolln rs--fi dollars to be paid at the time of sub I ''ne subscriprtion lists once clneod, the store price will be twenty dollars per coNS . CO. Plliier. ROWANDS T'IONIC MIXTURE, il F1rr FEV.ER AND AGUE. 1 r EN years have not yet elapsed since it was E first regularly submitted to the public; but it I has attained tile highest reputation; and has sup-. i planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherryv. o er it has been known and appreciated. Already has it boen carried in every direction throughout g6 the United States, and still realizer more than could al have been anticipated by its most sanguinei friends. n Tl:ousands of persons have not only been relieved, p but.rertored t he lrls and vigor through its agen cy; and they now chlerfolly testify, at eovry op portunity, to its de.ided and supreme erllsecy. It tt is composed of such medicinal principles s are v calculated to renew the healthy action uf the stoam achi, lver, and other important digestive organs, it the loss of which harmony is the immediate cause e of the disease. It is apparont also, that it produ e n e ntirs an irchange in tie condition of lthe system, and certaililv des:roys the native liability to relap ses of the affection. When the Ague is attenled e with any other complaint, the employment of the 'Iunic Mixtu'o will not interlbre with the treat. I rneet of the other di-ease, but wi;l even afford as. st ilstnce by lurnishing strength and vigor to the at body during the course of treatment. 'hose a heo t mke use of this medicine may be assured thati tihers is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any ottler' article in its composition tin'rieri y to the human constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; iad they may have additsonal confidloce i the I rse the'Tof, wohn tlhey pereive that It has tise el- t ect of a gent a laxative about the time half a bet. Hi le full thas been takenr-in consequence of which, core is no part of the medicine left to linger in he bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, ii r'ising from tie use of many ot: thie remedies now ti ,fehred for the cure of tills eaf'ection. It has been it uased also as a preventive, by many who were sub ectl to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it teas invariably warded off the apprehended attacs. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satisfied - ith Ithe partdalleled and unversal success which has ctso. I ,tauntly attended a punctual and regular use of the 'tonic Mixturoe, in all cases of Fever and Ague, reels warranted in engaging to refund the price to I all those who have takenh the medicine In strict ac. cordance with the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. Tihe subscribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted lresh and genuine. .For sale at the manafactured prices JARVISt & AN)IttEWS, Wholesale Drt.ggists, nor2s7 cor Comion t'lThou'litohblas street. IORtDERS RECEIVE..) OR JONES' PA TE.J" COTI'O.V ( IAN Bythfse Patentee, No. 53 lsagezina street, New Orleans TORE MIANUFACTURED IN NEW YORK BY ROBERT HOE & CO. SCALE OF PJRICRS-Doubrr Cr;ies. For a double Gin of 0O saws or moae on eachl eyli!er, saking 160 sfsail til stan d, with fee(rdr hsahti, &e. at $6 per slw, or $9 00 00 For a Iloulnle Gin of 60 so vs ,m a c linder, Sor 1'20 saws in the stand, leeders, &c. a $6 ter saw, or 7:0 00 -For do, of 4 sawsondo. or a saws in a stand, at $6 25 per saw, or 500 00 SFor do. of _'O sas on do. or 40 saws in a S.c d, e$i6.50 .per saw, or 260 0(1 S SINGLE ( INS. For a single gin of t0 saws or more, with S Oe set oftoeders, hImds, &c. at $6 per if 00, $4t80 Wo SFor do. of 60 saws, with leaders, &r at $6 30 pere saw, S39(r 0 For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &c. $6 00 rf 75 per saw), 300 1)0 1 For do. 12 0 .aws, with feedlers,'&c. at $ 7 i is 50 per sawt 150 00 ExIrateetl cwhe sirdesired, for feeders, slipldied I f tr cents ealh; the nt~ ber ol'teeth beingt about eqllual d o llhe number of saws. One let of leeders, itis con sidered hIoweer, will wearn out two or three sets of sows. Exturs aws suppliedI at 80 eets each. The G(ins ordlele, will be deliveredI i t ie agents of i planters illn any oflthe sea piort towns ill the cotton plan tint States, al the altoe prices, the agegts pIe) Lg the licrht tan tile sler liOrt Nrewa York, all IrreetOllillg e Ssps..sible fol the amount of the Git. A I(in wriglrt willbe sent with tluheins to pitt thelm ctp where de. siredtfthe charges for whose sertvices will be extra, but moedenrte. I trol ianning gearean alsohe olrdered whee desired, on reasoable termns, but will be charged extra. Holrse ) Iowerl, oany descriIpion, canl be furnished ont like teems. Smtall steam engiues can also be ordered if de It isdesitable, when ple, ters grive orders for Gins, they shoull sccrslpaIry thllem witi their views Ii regarn to thearrlangementl saws, broLsts, brushes, &e. It is i"t andl they dilffer ' opinion. Some desire sawa o. lager diameter th;an others. The most eommon size is 9 or 10 inlcesi b . some wishl them 1" inches. Stome wish 5 or 6 rowel t brushes oi all axle, while others do not want more tshIa 4 tit Iost. Some wish saws with 8 ors teeth to the inch, wlile others want l or IIt. WV , uch dliseretlne.v we pt'or tht'y shounld, at the time of giving orders, (tiunrish a statemnlnt of their wishes, and tile linulllllli tlrelr's all tllltil them h in every' particular . Wh'tere it is Icl't to our disetair.n, we shall make them on thle most modern and allewved plan. Ah olrderl can beexueutedl, firom tie time it is receivrd, ill the space ofl'eight or ninile weeks, and tie G;i in that tihe placed in the htade of the Factor. To be in tiIoe: for tile lnet crop, all trdelr oaught to Ie it tslre hands of ithe simntlttelurers by the iost or itii(le of .M: e; r( ptli i IIor pltanios wheres they rret late in cormmlencinig to i ick or gil cotton. N. I. 'is P.ltent Itight, fir any one of the ,tIun Sv 2inr States, will he sold .)l rab;ulnl-l , t.. AlbUTIO lii., 1 ~ E FAULTIk uk lEJ CINE. .H ORN'S Compound Extract ofCopatiba anti Saria plarilla --A certain, aule, and meaost effclnal neme ldy ever diccovered for the cure of Gonorrhea, Geet., d Strictures, Whites, Pains in the back andl eni, sserv!al weakesas, affections of the kidnies, gravel, scorbutic eruptions, &c. In the introduction ol a medicine possessing the usefu and active virtue of the one now offered to the public, toe proprietor has but to refer to the numerous reeoln menalutlons received faom the nevt erninct of ther :e dteal faculty in e aola , ttelieving thut it will le dly' appreciated when i e mnlrits are nmore fully known. 'Tihe Balsam otf JColpila, soextensively saed, has lust muech of its credit Irone tihe diliikes hlicl peientse ltverly express i regarding its dtisagreeable taste, disturbance produced in tihe bowels and stomall, thvv its ibe.otibre inofficienctv a.en uacd in the intllHammtory saige. The t proalietor hta mand e ani alyh)sis of te BalsUam, coneativ Ing that thle otare atirequai ieswtoul athery ieb re much ltnre rvonacelrated antid moe usefullty adtlnieiserdC titn in the resent sorate. lThe above a iedi cltie combines ill g-reliets which are in tihe highest reputee cnlovi the most scienltific aon lae red il the 1.atroveiove, palten drug ill the cornaisitioot of thisaprepaatiun increases tle eficacy of irthe hIer, rotl ucing an opetration truly aotu niSt hng, ad surpssin~g the most anLtmareti exetatins; poarssisgat tile srtle rtime tile adntuge o its laeing admihtiaadel with perfect success an vli difflerevt stages of tile a ia . lThe most aeminent Physici:ats and asureons of the prosentt yin exprtess tleir dlrsr:ed alt' p'allttion in fayvr of Saur prilla, lwhilst its use in the prineiial hospitals and 1ublic medical instltutioas has be n, and still continues, very extensive. It was a fav orlter onve y waith the celerirated i)r Abernetihy in all velera anffeli tns, aud in obstinatenmtlleouse rrautioln arising froat a tisoirerel state olhed ligestieo f'utclivs. la ving been submitterd to thle test snd reperience of the lost celebratedl eamolg gtle fanlety, thev have exloasc'd their setistction of its exto,.rlittary dflieacy in every ease ucder tveir alt rge, by adopting it botll in tiei ubhlic and private p1nctice. Their ob ervetions will b. iser.ed hereafter. Prepared biy J i ''horn, Ceu istt Loation. Price $ t50 per pot. TES'TIMONIALS, From A l Salmon, En1, F ItL , Surgeon to tie Sto'l'a uas ltivi , call Laealtrer atu Anatoeuly. trtvie tal vliicl lt harve lnude oft oat' vr ctcvivvvt lat vari ty efcare, hatla nalea fteilavee il iatvlesult r te prove;d so highly Ievourable, tiat i o trot hesitate in 'ono uching it ane of the most tauaea: ad eflitcaic'ioua Wremedies eer ofltretrd to the publie, ttlId ter itln ic Itn ore, oial lace everrsy "eiiune, tr ilst it ldoes not trduce the saute unpleasant elf ects uvually cx perelced h'vtm eopaiba. iroa G II Ilaywmd, 3l t C S, I'ihvysiciat to lhe St Lvvrylebone lislviaensray. I tiake gret pleatsurei am alving vevtialiy to thie. valuable properties of your hreparaticll, veiihiy rov tive success yu nso fully drserre, ill all pl e rewsr tins r Ille labor nd exlpense : culrled in blrilillg it to bv-el ellea Ileta tperfcet o e.itrtionetia t a Front W () Cooper, F R S, Surgeon tn Guy's lass Thvltigesrm succesrs whicoh has a'te s.ed the lmihis tclriag you r edliine mlato in; i pa mltv aeev Plnh tie abote diseaises has fully oattsfied mie tt it has oanly to he khttn to b. truly alvyxvtootcd. 'lay tile sncIes you so well dcsoale, vamly and speydil repay yim flt ) mour taluwnblhe 4Iml'ryvtlut. From tSir A Cooper, F t S P I'tIl C S, Lic. e. Ilaving b.el ivlvldvlcd t y it aurvv I'"tract h| sCOt:, eases of violfllt I(;olt'l'vv a, v ilich haIlv lcittlle ictvlilled eve.ry Irlcrtl.ildol nuhnilstrrcd by ne, flying Inhtald vveavld aitspvd curlvs e vflcvled by it, it a few ldays I reel na *scfil lauty Lvuua d to stale v tv t I v lot ill lv plane tce rrivvh public ant d private rvcotnmtlcud vtl use v lrv1 Flrrom G W BIlair, M D, Phivscian to Gvy'e lth, 'The strict treat wlich I hlave girllven your mrdicii anorg nmv vatientsv ahvd its iveaiaible Uacres Ivts I'l', wil ittvlrce ne to aersevecre il iits ue, a1ti I deem it hut an at elfjusice aird of duty to vvv d miy feeble terti imtlli ill commnldlvv(atieon of itS vi'tues. Froa L C T'hompson, A 1) F I1 S L. Ireturn oyou my sincere thanks foh t e valuable pre seat o'youer Extract fB r ithe cUe tef tiolorrlh.ea, S.c. I feel grlatfvl that you have at lvst hveought a nliedihin p into use whtlich will PIerve a desiivderatua ltng sought 1ie ill tihe mevlical worhv--e sure, sreedvy cod ell'ctleal cule it eases -f tihe above class. It eclorl isl me great plvasure i, puelislhivg to the world tihe valuable qualities of eOUl Extracl. pWee 'it necessnry, Ive proprietor eoull here furnish Su1vl moare testillmonials eqllolly as eommnlevnttory as tihe c bec; buit lsts that its great sig u hcrcess itlerto the v expetc'se at wivil itltit has been p spared,a will prove its grv.atet rireonllutedaoni c among a discerrning Ipublic. vOvete recoenltaenltionl this Ictelaraeutv in s ablove all others is its eat. iolrtI e lorm--plnt up il taiots--tl illte in which it ctty the taken, bieivvg Ivoth easy anl plea vnt-its trclstelv nature, with no retriction in diet oor cou|lfncm2ent tr11m bhusiltness. T1ravellers especialh. awoall find this tedicine highly useflul, atid oght nets to be ulprovided wi ih a prepalltioval Iosessing tha e atlt valvtages wllil. tihe pileslt on eomblnes. Aceempacying thie Nliledicin o is pamatllet cexplvca' vtoly ofthe dillvetelt stages cf the tiiavt'. eaivthvlt an; exttl elharge, eontaiuiug full slad amlplc cil.eretions. For sale bv SICIKLES h CU. mr 14J3aw3m 40 Calla street. THROUGH IN FIVE AND A HALF DnAYs From Mobile (Alabsama) to Augusta (eoJ) L EAVES Mobile every other d~l, immu.lately etlrl the arrival of the mail from New Orleans, per thrt steamboat EnsLINEs , to Bllkely, cooches to Penscaole steamboats (per Pensacola tay, St tIoss sound and CUhot ta:achie Riser and ItBay) to ed.utr tlurf, coaches thens via M.srianot, Cbattlholtchee, (formerly Mount Ves non,) lainbtlldge, Pinderton; Ilawkionville atdil Lo.nis. vilta to Augusta. A passengeeretakintllhis seat at Mo. bile is in no dlonger of being thrown out or losing his tre;erence by other ,onotcting interests, as the FI.OLI.i IA LINE is but olnt eoncern and tunder one col tr throughout, and may rely WITS cETaSnrrT Y upon hit nrrivai at Augusta in time secitied, thrlongh all weath r and at any seasol, unltess sone lost unfttieDeen entu-a. trophe shoul occur. Theo Great New Orleans Mai is carried ty this route. The Agents for accomtntoda tiolt, Tealms, Coaches and Drivers are niot surlassed the soathern country. The smooth, hard, natural roads, the safe and inter esting water navigattion, the time and accommodation, altbrd the traveler spteed, certainty, comfort, and a pleas ing variety; connectedt as it were with the Itail lioad Ch(tarleston, S. C. and the steatm packets to New York, travelers can ren h New York from New Orleans LEan THAN 11 n*tas--VWshintgtn city in 12. From Chattahoochee, Florida, we have a Blrtae Line via Quincy and Talblhassee, to St Marks, 4 hor post coaches, also two Ilranehes from lHsawkinsvills one to Milledgeville, and one to 7|acon,. light two lhots coaches. ST'OCKI'ONS d co. AttUesTA, lth Jan. 1835. Office st Mansiolt hlouse Mobile ")isttsone New Orleans to Motile, 150 mnile Mollile to Aiugusta, l lt I* Augustta to Cllarleston, Li.l Charleston to New York, 980- I90 Time, Now Orlean t(o Mobile, 28 hours Mobile to Angusta, 32 AMglsta to Charleston, 12 i Chartleston to New York, 8Ot- s58 Making I16 miles per day. or 7 miles per hour, inclu site of all stoppllages. noo Ilt N. 1B. 1 beg leare to inform the publi t hat till bridges over the Chltahoorkeswamp anld ard nbot creek haIvejust been compnleted I y the general govern ment, (tihc, mly olstacles o(perating agailnt this stse san speedy route lse thushappsly renoved; anld l have itel pleasure ofles tang from travelllers than the coclies,htor. Ss, drivers andll oads are ofl te lirsL orderi and as to thll i'e .at li.rom telnsaaeol.a to Ciedarn Illtuf, it is admit. ted by all wlho have passed tlroughl it to be onsuroasset. i nnvelties beaoIsy aind lfets. The Ibridgles thIlmug Gcorgia lave aso beenrepaired. J M C IIAKERI )!IARBLE CilMNEY PIECE W.oEtHtUSE, i Customholuse street, opposite the post.ollice. The subscribers are now receiving from their fte. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortlento.f Marble o antle Pieces ofouperior worrkmunishlp, and of the latest patterns, :tmade of the hbet Egyptian, Italian, Irish atnd American marble. Also, Mlonuments, Tombs and (Grave Stones, moulded atnd plain sills and lintels, marble theings, hearths and boulndalry stone, plaster of Paris, Itootoson & Hlydraulie Ce.ment and Plater-. ing [lair, together with a splendid assortment olf brass nmounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in tie neatest manner and at the shortest notice. They arve first rate workman to Sset the above work. ie5 'AMES KAIN & STROUD JPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. OURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under Ithe doraction of the A B C F M, perfortred in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a descrrption of the geography, ge. ology, climate and productions. and the numntl,lt, mannors and t usttoil of thie natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parkelr, A A. I he River and te Desert; or Recollections of the Rlhone and tht -ohartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author ofthe City of a So tan, &c. inll , volt. Tile Robber, a Tale, '. " the author of I:lchelieto, Thei Gypsy, Atlila; in 23 " he 'Two Flirts; or Ad. .tosre in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Blnssington. E I, Bulnwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; ill 2 vols. The Llie ant Adventures of Nicholas Nielolhy, edited by Boz, with lltnstrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just reoeived atnd for sale by BENJ TO tAttSi ES, T'IsIERtt Itlo '1TEItS, t31It'ItS ( COPEb, &' --Just received and for sale na . Wm.l McKean, corner of Camp andt Cotlmlnol streets, a gtneral os.. tullt o0 Dulaoyorts, mlathemnaticaOl tlotronieott+, Drawing Itso. Spting Divdond+, oprug BIov f'ens, lior Pro. Itorv Scll- Illnner't Stclest, tilanos Trtianlt. Parulbel Iloler. Mlicrortiope-, fTbermIo eto o , Ctlanleta Obl-urar, Surveyr Ctlina, Mlnt in; . ''lp- s. d· N. York & Baltimore Yackets IJACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-New ILne. I -To rail punotuilly every second Monday during the season, full or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. 8. Sears, Ship Alahrma, 474 do C. C. Borry. Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennis. lchip S r.,tga, 542 do IV Hathaway, Ship Nashvidle, 540 do D Jackson, Ehip Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker The abov. ships are of the first clas., soppered, and copper fastened, ar:nd having booeen built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the ban without anly detentiun. The commanders ars men of great experience, and the ships will always be towed up and docwncc tIhe Mississippi by steamboats They have handsome firnisihed accomnmodationd , and btores of the bert description will always be .furished. The cabin passage is 190. without wina or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to thie officcr or crew. For frelght or passage apply oan bcard, or to ii C AMES, 48 Camp at.r, The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, Iollow ware, marblc or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading is executed tiereofor at the oficos of the eats. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BAITIMOIRE LINE Of PACKETS. This line will consrst of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, viz: Sllip seanlat, C('pt. Minor, Bark Mary, r, Nickerson, SIraird Ferry, new I Stcvens, , Solomon Saltuo, " Latham, Brig Architect, i* Gray, These vessels are of the first class, rhave hand. sonme tcriihod I coommnodations, and are of a light draft of water, no as to admit of their receiving ans d,,charging their cargols in Italtimore, at the cityp Freighcet wcll be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or Jauleso' River, and Iforwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & EIELLIIGG, at Baltimore; p-penscs eo goods shlipped will he advanced wheos requird. 'I',cr rice of passage is fixed at $60, anl,!e sto)reC of the b st quiahty cwill be provided. Stn'ea m up and down tir, Mlisisaiplpi will be taken re all occablons. For freight or passage, alply to GnI). BED iFORD, no 27 :)22 Ilienvil's at. I'. NEW YOlRKi. [Louisiana aend New York Lire of Packetrt] '1 I Shlips composing this line will sailf lion New Orleans and Now York on every other Mon day.-comnencng on the 20th November-and to ilsure the pntnretuualy in the time ofusailing, thie line w ill heernr.OIr consist of five ships, vii; ihltt ~ .zoo, Cuptaio Trask, to leave on the I0the N ovelnber. S!hp Lou;va.ll', Captain Palhner, to leave on the •th December. -Ship luntorvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Drcernberr. Slip Vicktburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the 1st January. Ship Mhissii.rippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper. d: and copper filatened, and upwards of 500 tone Iurthon, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for (he trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabinas re fitted up in the most improved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style. Ample stores of the first quality will be provided. and every regard paid to tire comfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. lice that no berth can be secured until paid for at tihe off:c of the consignees. 'Thse vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at. tontion and exert themselves to ncommodate. They will at all tineor be towed up and down the Misesi. sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality obrerved in the time of sailing. Tire owners of thoso ships will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on boanrd of theor, unless a regular bill of lading io sigroed therefor, at the counting hrouse of the rngout or owners. For further particulars apply to J I BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at FOR NEW YORK. [Luuiriana and New York Line of Packets.] .1 Ish: stips culpumalg ehis L n w sail Irmll AeW U leuns antd Now York on ev other Moodav conumencin_ on thie '20th november, and to inonre the strictest pnunroe aliry in ati r time of sailing, the lian e ill hrreatier conrict of five Ships viz : Ship 1 'rr.ol, t :ataint leTrak to leave on the 011i nor. Ship Lorisvillr , Captain Pslouer, to leave on the 4th Iieor-rrr.ber. Sthip fluaterille. Captain Eldridger to leave on the Iiti i)reemr 1. Shint Vieasburg, C.srain Wondholr e, to leave on lie 1st J an olry. Slip Mlia rrssrppi, Captain Davie, to leave on the l9th Janlu ary, [ Thle above ships are all new, of the rist Clase. etrpla ard caild lrc r Ioatened, and upwards of600 tone bur then, are of liglr draught of water, being built irs New hark exrreorsl for tle iltde. lThe price of pse; s are is lit.ed at one harodred dollars. Thteir cabins are Ol tied u1 Ot1lt lrie meou imrproved and convenient plan, aod i,,islctd i a rtot and elegant rstyle. Ample steree of tihe fir.t quality will be provided, and every regard had to tite rolnlort and eolre satisaocetionol pasenges, who will please take uoire that no berthl can be secured no frt paid tor at tre oflice of the eonsignees. 'T'hesa packets are commlanded by Capteins well ex I pertenced in te trade, Mo will give every attentio, and exert Ihtrotelves to accommodate. I hey willat all times be towed andl dowon the Mlississippi by 6teamboats. nod the strictear punctuality observed io the titer of sailing. 'lThe owners of loese -hips will not be responsible for .v let oer. porel or package sent by or put on boerdn of t!hem,. tntes a regular hill ot lading bs signed therefore ut the cosntaig Rousne of tile agents or oraners. For nrlhcr llrtlularno aipply to ti BEIN & A COHEN; anv 13 90 Common et. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T HE subshriber haoing purchaed the leas and fur iture of' this well known antablisbment, front Mr Talolur, the late proprietor, will be reedy to neroive ti, atols bl the Itt et April next. Nln.erour s nd rertly improvemlents will behfouad in the arrangements of tie Mlonsion House. New aald more courtodious bathing hcuses will be built, and warn b lh will be provided at all hours. A stablo will be attached to the Ihouse, with good accommoda. tiut:S fir ihorses arnd rirritges. Fiat rate horses t r currmea will also Ire kept for hiro at tmoderateo pric. allln d i mi lw bcatilnde ng itll. pirotsr Inanonage ltet r tle ue l vitcrs. lillili otne aemusemoellt anudlly loadni st t teorirg elates, will also be furnised, oand so coiur uclet as our io itterferO with the loo tflrt ntd inct ofl the booarders. Tlnu wains and liquore will ew of tile best qwualil, and to enoure a oil orpplt of c r,,, a c iaro las el.cod beau ordered, whlichT Pi".nrriv about trie lst nl Mslav Air t rederick t aiuard, who formrrly kept so populrr a hotel at .o'aslthitnn ritv, will conduct riid hu el for the proplietor, ao, waitl such aid, oonldently e.taure the vieritrs of lost year, toil tie friends geellyel, thai they wtill rreiiee every possible attntion; end tLerhby exppect, to .i. e g. ril satisfaction. The local udvlargto s of ti t house ore too .ell knownt to erred a leagti. ired description Ihre. 'Trh facts tl at Pennetcolo io tlro lergvat naual stLatiou of ttir liworrolrent, the general rrlndezous o of the Gulfllquoi. iott; ther o:nl'rily ol'its rirrltre refreshed connstatly do. titg rithe rrllrllllr lrottlyr by the coolest I reezea t(rot tio Gullf; Ire btraimtt of the bey end the neighbotriaug islnarl anrid rivere; ithe ahuondatuoo od delicaev of the .1 with ltlirch tie waters bound; and its plroimity to rite best Suthirn markriets, give Puinacola ttilte froelrna ovwr ahit ther places am thene lotitudes, as a lieah wr nled delighlfi l aummocl retreat I.iroe tore boats till ru hetweeou Peraocholo trd le. bIile, and till at all titre le able to tue ake tpao egurenr fortr h Iitt New Orleans boaote. N B ARNOLD, Pe'arrcoi, Febl. l rtir 18:111. U3' (lietlermeo wi.ringR to engge' roUom for thei, firrilinir, ran addrerss tile pproriotur, at P'.enroeola, or Mlr eSewell T rayItnr, the uorruer eipriet tor. at flew Orj Iltferenees. T' Snrferd, 'Koq, Mlr l Cu llui, B . McAlpin, Eq,, Lt. Kibl,. i Molh.lre; 8 T Taylor, P P Rca, Esq. Ioi Ner P S--A letter heg, to reeimve eomomnaiclieal fe peresnl at the tImove betel, is placed at Geo WVl.tilae 'l clle,, I51 St Chailes Exclange. FLORI(IDA IOTITE FOR t NEW YOREI 'P TraveIlleers eoireea of taktilg the Florida ree via Persacttda, to (le, North, are infrnnreld that flet re boats will run frot. noblenb to Peaeela, leavin MoNbilr and lenaeolt a etry oteer r dere nrathe Iet of .laoy. Oeod etero. will alooay he plmolded up the eoutuer;h.ea beir, rotline., to teLl paaom. elue ".e lortle iu o ,.vuettb Iirn iltro uf thl- hsrt e .-lt" . R A,,e OLD roll!ti,,,, a week Qbl.-

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