Newspaper of True American, January 29, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 29, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12'. CENTS. f NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, JANUARY 29 1839. Vo.l-VI No 1868 Tlrar ofhe .Mfalaar Prer· of Newirr i &f aad pet I OInLRIIOIDJ. NIEWN OLE.UILN.SLAY. HItIII.e ,. .. -- - usr Rni )d(· l ilCltle "4 1 ,l u.(II)1111'I In ti^4 I11 Terms of the xemsp.emptr Frees o' Newo Orileonn unt nitn rust-. ogro'm to- act Ual ohm urlnl mo 'etnie .' e the Proprietorethld on the 1311th of March, 1837. So.BcaterLPsrO.- I'w.lru I).tll rs fmor thedlily pa per annumn, pinlclhlo c lli-umllllly in ndlvlenc: tee dollars for Ite wi-weakly cientry paper, eImvahl one year in sdvance, where no city reference it givem . 'i a tibsription will Ie diaconlihued nntil srrennages are settled. In cane of di continuance, onem week's notice in mritimg tust oe invarlab y given, previouos to th xpiration of subscription. Aovecr e-Tslso.-O-k e dollar per for thie irst nearmion, anti half that price far each slbeequert acmn: an material alternimn fromi the original adverirtemenl will be charged as n new one. YTeARL AuVKRcTistRa.-Merchants and Tra ere, arty dottlar fit English alone, and sixty for tIth l In si IankEs, Innrsare OiietS, and oaril eirnia. pmbie ttoltl tionst fifty dillart in Ernlish mnelyh etlt eighty for both langntaeae; Ship ntl Steemltoam Foe lnrn, or omaeiasimn Inrccltsta simxty dollars in English n, and leighty for beoth Ilangugest. MAeRIIAnnSa OntlreAe NOTICac, anl articles enll lag tle attention of thle pmllic to at10e o prepertty, cIrds of passengers, bencllta, &c. S&. will bo alares one dallar per sqnare for the brat iacertion in eacl linn glo te. CrnntlCATtoeln, or Advertliementm, of any perscan at netmre. whee almdnmibsile, shall he lcharged dioble, and in alcvance. A deduetilmn of twenty-rie percent. will he made tm Auclioerersl, Slwertt Rteioere of Willa, orcd Marshals on sle'of real estate. Iunliohed in I.otm langulmage,, rcad 50 per coit. in Esnglith alone : 10 pe cent. I on alse at' other prcoperty. AIVrekly rtss-rl out of the direct line of businese of the advertiser, esceh as legal, aneionece auld lamn t oe anales rananay slaves, stray ninal., &cle. &e. will he elarged for sepn.ately, anl at the or linary rtes. - ADERTISeMen Tel sln. sified a nIll toi le, will be fu' lithed one month, slind c sll! accorctiuly SNo adrertisonmts of iasn tItafcirs will bpnublithed in any cuse, inlesa paid for previous t. inoerlo, or I I nientt clt1mm aT 1 ICorUn incnc man torra pts out rle sied ami, splacels oLn daily orthe ~nacen. to Iwt charged 'n>Qefi. r La lish a. lone, and $150 in beth Inrunlos. All announncewentioti cuctolioct.t d 8or pcclit'ccl offices will be charged dohble the price of ither advertime twing to the imcm entsee Ioe t.tinedl by newspapmrr pcovrpi.toro. tmle have ome timo tl coenetllsio hlt thie na ura of persa, nh Wie acconotlt o alle rot iv e.. Imuid within o ane mot nfer preetetion, tian be nccilltle know. (so far as Imic liouel to e amc oiitler--ticey li elitinh thens elves not to ,rlvertir e (lr lrilt flr ucbh d lia ltmtt lllless in case tredlennaee ylenamlres. (signed) J.C. Itl S'r. ItOh I ES 1' J. HAYON, J. C. PILENtI)EtGAST, - JolIIN (tItilON, .I;,lMSI)ItN. 1V(ek'y Prcss.-W-\V tth umtmllcreticlc, n Cgree to bilde by thie aiove conditioans, s lre as they are applicable to Waeely puners. r (iKgued) A. It. I.AWIrVI Cr, a 4.4 Vm saill wialitne are tltaken r Item: G mctlaiton. i reIIUIcrc m sed itlc clelcg 1f 5 ut aiilid. NOTICI TO TIlE PUBalIC.--Ui ftoetmldcer rumors or thile ul d~atesignued hc acm esold out, ar discotmimlnd ita mehi ai d c )lm .etan lishcd i GAl)EN SEED S'TIIIE, .i+ .13 t8tcgnett hoIlr Street,. Ilaving been mnout icdcastrimuoly circul tied by erlf. interested partties, thei mscrlber begs to assure his friends generally, and thle public at lrige, tlmer me still collti:lllea within two doors of Ist late, or Ilrmler tanal, tO be firrnislled with a full mllsi I!X. tesivne eepply cdo all tile tlild.lrd kidlles of kiloteh or rogetaiblm .m.eletl Scrde, ol the growtll and ilns.C port of thie preset oeasone, 1837. Sinte tie early p1rt f l Septtmber, ie r lha re- I: oeivud ample sctit liem, y te Tle hlek, slips Vicks. borg, Kaoetlcy, and nArkatwa.r, all mrrived io saortt Iaus.,gea, direct, frome Now YVork. By tica Mioira asipi and a.nothr rceitot, lie is in daily expetl a. mind of sa alcJyy of Fralil rt es .ld Asplr-gIus otuls, i.aving alroedy roceived inrmeiceas thereaf by mail. 'ile slulrscriber bogs further to asscro tch, pubtlio at lar.c, tL.t lie is at iprcet Is well trbleod Iwto moLt and cxeciIte orders f,r al tche kitlcds f ,tl(i.rl loeds. tillmer wolleimOale or rtoI.tLl, ins ho ever wit siede lis firwt estc lh.emmoct in .rcmetnrdy, 1823. I Ceontry IDllti ers aclld Almcrkit Gmlrd..iera' order i fillud at the nlwem t and oil sti re:asot mtile r.mlar, by I time polltd weiglt, tcld geillmclllclm btlmllll moLLILare., elr m mmdv tl FFcrelnlc or " 1'a. aycgImi ulways be obtaine d tmo be num bl d npmoluhtluhe z sUUal, to V .1m Sti0ln, g r rdell c teea Store, 85 C1sctcllllh.u m istre t. N) t'l1:.-A kcmstcamt bsully rul' ld Sr.ed I:lli er a mixled or pldmin; p miVen', Id ipreh itsa d Siikcurs' ce dried icris,- -wc ith s mc pp iy of p asc n yd b lemI, Iv i Ib m 1rol t'1 c P,I, ii. r ll.l · ll c. e i "hra- , ion I "ln .vP t lamr.h I 1,r te lato thr e "uý lrtn. yl uf ell lurie l i Iv I lern , , l to d1 l- I h' r m il f.: ll s . /ie-. JoIC l so,, froma co cm" sn erc y sc.C r Ii IIll1.. lillliale ii' ,.ll rolie, i. i l e.L~d to tilt. trtmlm l dtll I '% t lll, .r ir I imi .1, -cmanc t,,m h it I- tresic i. .tmcl mc I lc mm.mell mIc i t m-mi a tir· ticm mccmccc tim.l 1. of Ie m i mactcici our. ull le'., :pad iw - ,l-rral .nti Ilh smlh It le-,,l ns arec mt iled tl cll ltli eill il m iO, ti nm e, i/ - m I ( tl trL-tt, timll. c lr mml isl i c l>it, te , 1 , ll ,u., Inccim im c cVP k cm" cott . ml'+L i cflie icccldd.r, In.t..e, m.mci , mechma, " lsll lu Ittnilc rc w l hu d Im r dci.le, Erlllu pti sinl llhe Slkll, Sore '|'llrual, Pl aea Ill lihe AI li he nal mmllceouc syniptoctl mc icicih geleraclly flmcm l ,w lcicmcnmca-e. litcel e cc cl ce mllredl ill two o r ttlitere clys wietlmml Ilt meisc .Hiuccer c', ummmcmco ticmm tt nom ici.mem or ccii tttu tim tlltile i nstIm .i l l h ilI u el I SImehelmll iu irmlttenltVeiltereailllir.Pa.ies cn ie hi .I tswneld fIItt r.Jmlec .cLt It ic etlll I time . y lil eil tie ucIssiln Larry. it m eldmhmtcid mmcrCl.h rl't,-cc,, mi wto. -md lliy hlu drnmg t,ler Imrclcmht-Ilc i wv h hch Icei aerved a cs .ul iitmll el, . Iblmc te I-rcn.cii .ric.c Sc ld iby . Jl hlli ill li- e hic.i he iftc- rittlltr ll mcitlng ally miiLm mmcll alt Y Vmmcal Itisaemo., awn iIooll tmmig sea emirilllle or emuiI m .mg omlhmit Lmeia. Ic, wocIil du weill Icy givcim Dr. Jmomum omI a ma.,lm am proeper mlh-o . cm o rlll tiel.lrtcce int Iie blur ret ltmmce ieine lt imp sith written dir. cltitna fit thirir ose. ufliie apellm loll th7 0 ho morling until 0t o'clock at night.I AIIEIINTIIt'.r IVY iPP rl' ' I.I [. ir. bluevr tly,lit Ih irtl.,.t of "c'.:ml 'i s irn: umg w 'i lrtlo mcnctyl Imitg fttcmlh e imc isedilmes th -t alfclt mapkind originlat itscm te ila stmmnlt. Thi,dhXr ic. cused ly'l im wllittle nmost un prcd-ilcmted st tlnell int Icao trivatei elld ucillic Irnmeicc fr iimR niclmlldsell' frty yearc, tom fl1' removciml hif Ie fhlilng, dictlmenors: Los. mcfa icimmttec Flalsm imema, Di -mm-lmc im te .Steel elh.Pmn itil shoilellemt tii f c the llimd am[ it cli na ion tm clceymt, rrtmgulrity al I .e (lw, ,ll c nco i iall cases wlm-re leditgtcliol r a mI utivIc habit i. IAlumo tI Thins miedilcie mIsts not be i nlheed milooae th iloslt ofqcmnck ilOltrmoen nw h -fore tlt palmb im, as it i- thn role isVeotllOn ofthaei lu d mm l tote cielitfic serge o Euroye eev.r iarduccmd, .eid the secret tf it was eprchasedhbymtheeaget for omrylargeasuaa . tiis agreeltile ialn lic.aoa ll o Itlie teir e acmts o a mlild l tllr ielr.alwy.ecllimkit he bowtlll fir.Ie iparys Vgclo lllcd strelgtn llcm tI.e eysteco, cnd eImherfell es 1m titeilmlll mcl snd few bulelcrctoll .retlll h .o mcst c alllrmied caes. llf Dc-.trlaia or lndigeslilcl a1d Irevllts retIo ll 1 ollly future period. ti cI mldiioat.-treet tim:e-Ic canmeqilesoc fldiiecoc itelentery life, I have been trmchhll t rie or lee, wiith litg.atict for tenc yearn; hlr mimi late therCee mccc imy otmit'til.os have teeniu..ulllLmrtublie. I mavO "tied ec..mi picyiciy.ce-, cld it a mnclnecrft cock edliil., welloait lccr viiog ciny bheofit. dit icmedofeom-ccinmclicigoa .ly cpfc lellc relicf, ai eled myself minute ic i et lil hhnt mec de-,aeir mI wta, crlllllt Ice moi-y l'rflelocad i tr Ir eellmeclbt' l)ymieemtiai,.licir. lI l a ov lw Iha-edtlli.lflteeth bl rentoclicm Ino uem ticicet macm Il alc i llclcc ll m oc t Ifr ntorieg smo mapetlalt hlemh. PROSPEClI'US. THE subscriher p-oposes to publish, in the be. ginning of the onsuing winter, a Condensation . " the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised an four volumes. 8Sa., according to the model of Peters' Condensed Reports. This work is now is preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Eoq, of this city, aiioited by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all tite advantage which may naturally be reaped'from their experience. . Such a work is becoming every day more no. eessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani Iest, in the other States of the Union, no reference to the pvculiarjurisprudence of Lou.siana; and the ciecumstnnce of tihe numerous prmnciples here de. sided in the adjustment of conflicts of las s, makes the knowledge of our adjudged c.tsos of prime uti. lity to thejurists of the wholo Union. Moreoves, tihe rising republic of Texas has adoptod our codes, and thus there isa great doemand for tile Louisiana decisietons from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those an the nmore authoritative forums of the other States, will os added to each ease. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, bound, to subscr.hers at $6 per vol.; in ease it shoull be founid practicable to comnpress it into. tlree volumes, the price to sub teriahrs will Ie $7 per vol. Sulbsriptious received by Wr amp and omKEAN, lj oer Caomp and 4.ommvn tse. NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Bi'uena Bakerpy-Waters and Hilnman. No. 99O. Morean (ear the gail Rond.) S Pilot and Navy Broad, Soda nod Wino llcuiit, Sngar, Butter. Mid ord and Water Crackers. All the above article, are warrante.l to be of the fire qollity, and n keep in any elimate, being comepnotely kiln dried. Alen,-Khlnl drid, corn mort. t Orler In at at G. W. Pri hobrd and Tegnot, Jr. veroer IM toalen and Paydrn streets, will receive prompt atteotion. Smanll kegs put up eopreely for Eterily uae. 15nov TLOUR-1000 barrels lendingin store, and for Ssaleby r.. 1l0Kld:Y. dl3 Y I44 New Iee AiL---7U00 kegs Nnilo,nonoarrel *ices, flor ale by diJ Al- tilS & \VWIT ILL, 67 (irovier et '4U V l;ivippi Fundl taken at,7 Front Le. . vieo for iraeeries. d 5 1 ER.RY, --76 balles Kar.eyn, OIL --5 harr-la T'lnners Oil, .1'ii cnoko winter (il, 40 enaks full atreined do, CANDLES-.300 boxes Sperm Cnndle . for a soale by 1. H (GAI.E, d7 93 Commonn e NEW PULIK& iREEF--0 blofe nree, ned 41 Lbl. prime Pork .20 bblo prime Beef. fer nle hov d G DORSEIY, dO J4 "l,4wl.evee e A ,ILAR. BRig, J( IES, rcofekssr of ainging, the (n i ar 1 lid Piono,-hrle, hbex to, annooce her arrival r s (riel g w, onld l fron e . vo l y ars praeCtic in Edin.o r ',stil.otia. in s to caphilitV, &e. can behoown, on epp)lieo.iln to hlrs, Alillardl'o, 17 Itoyal street. Sd0-I.,, OOX IJII.AIOI -lO dolnze", lion Clhm~, ocit lro ) c.lvel, andl solotblo for sliplping for rate at the I.ouiainnllla Flrilura War Ro no. no 1II V'il It rl ..,e4. NW R' ll'f)Xt-N'ololeo'o Nl"oooor',-oc. 00 00 SidlC Pri ue h ,onolo orer by cB 'on i .Io tn. in o ,Vl' TIls 1cidla, or Pl:enesl Irfrn the 'fe of Se I'dwrd I'alay's lchristlrto .oift for 183): juo r.ceiw and for .e hy IV Mick ':AN, dc i0_ cornerr o lCnpl .. o monlnll oo. LOUISIANA INSTIFTUC oE. Tr I.0n0lul Inn lor Iello ' si:lltioll, of vo- o. tnt e tul.will ointo oto DtD..i o ti e R ef)t to, l to I tor, in the lo.oeenellt 'toro .tf oh, Mfetloolis t t'lourc, c'rnor of(onron riot . sill Poi),ll, oindr t'e olieoecioo olfthk 'llrolrenietol woilAlO nli.el e tile Collr t natllu.. Otic. in oovernl ('olle:rr colhe nolrtl, lld who is Igraloite ol oI e of lli IoIOtl l telebrnted tlllivrcite.o of gcurat.. S'he lloror n arti +to le lllr lell in thi min orv will I' compreolonolvd il the ft, ,h aio dhvoonu.,, VZ:" I. The :1.tgoo oldocprsrto root, r hellog al he0 Ilrnache. oln ltIorolugh ond n.tco pol.holid Engliih ed ul bllli. k . 'The clnaoiedl delmrtment, comlproelhending tile I.eanll l;rall , Ilngou.ges. l Tae elpe ortlltoo n i ool nle Ilogogrl, l.o wih, willlei he lght tle.Frenc , olpoaiJl anild GeriLono Ino PNIldRS o4. The mothen cn ,I and phienplhi a do Sel rten ooloreheoldino AIlehra, O ,eonttrvo , ther r oto't'roo - , eie. wallItohir oor, licI alollhi00ioon to Surveainer, ,cvivtiolnll Sctnnno, ,c. tols.nral 'II lonoplhy Ioad hClloiatrv dltloorate Irhv polpropinto enpermente. lC0I iloi ChdI eel io ton e M odern I.anr. ogea wil be lle lllllllld at to lledt fo tole let (ltonaer. C J ilDElDELIIANN, A 9f. t RerrKtNC m: J IlIRfSON lESq, lev l'rc.hdent SILANNION, Louisialn College, Jaokeoon. OIlr A I.UZ\BEIRG, L. C I)UN':AN REq. J NIl(:II()I.O.N liq. NewOrlenne. t selk,'--I 1831 i.- : I0E', ,a. .19 an ,o,, erect tuts )o.t recsved flr o Irllnldoi, lp r shllip I t-er', Ielm, Mediumllj l I ¾tl t'l. Slp.r IIo11 tl ioL .trllc ('o toothier, Io n I':I thootoo Ilroltii a o lo.';. 'l'ioortedl tR oo, I untl f ontrr i aoIf. '.o.tolwl ' oI. oolem olhrs 'lain ' .ol"li' edl Sloot oj bho d ;lvoro I na. rr; 'Ijranolot .l roII r alt peo ol,,h ,tl ilver or; Goldlhoodeor, Wlhtetnd Color S lll. \ING PENCIl.. Ilove', t'. nne b ott t prr..ed l.oad Pencils; llrlk. "t S l.ooin'l.. t. o , .I lt{ove'.,o &Sto tln's t il' er o 'olnoo t NelWlnloc olo.h. obadha; I. .,I d; "lob nd Silver lh,,ll; tiolorhle i ooo "0 o .hoo., tn o illio co .r+. t'illn tToile+ t o. gi, anlll l di, tsIhn4 I sore', ls,|,lll lll.,hllm , anIt I lhili l P litl,, 0 Ie.ll, boll-lloho rIIIt lot lto er I'ttoolllh brh ll,;e , rllloa h I, ln oooo; H, oe m. 1o."coe'oehl I'otloioto ; t aper, luth 'i , r ,It ('llr. oo)llllll'; tolllillnloho I oroes it d ('a.nS w S tnt Io, lo cd) ilo ; dIto Ilo ttO. S hot ocloo. P '' l .,l,-a,,sa-., Japloloo d 10in loon lloolo.r Co' eI ,uo . :llll I'i,,.ii. l)rawelw.+, t.. I'roparad ('lnto.0 +_j :lit it;fo III tlls - * I to VI) tr 110:)45 &. Wd.tE'r0 ' o \ o\' otilt . looin o, hoer o l'o ket ' lo ok, , 3 ,o I Iu, ). S " Irne"; Ipa It-t 'Il'l lel-. wi:h -'IIvI'I pencil S ! 1 1t ; h If I tIll .l 'd . IooPlin n,.l loeohd lto.,oonoot Iooowtooo. Mt eotll I10 Iho-oed gold I-'artoy clol, ted n gold Sir, iwt I'erl n o,l odI Pen tlulohlero; P'carl and dilocr do. ,i . l i., l - ll 0l:l '.oeec. ltollll ,rl-i g a. gLo ,rn; Iin - '` 1 +rtllleln oIf It,,Llllhl ,,llln o llll nlhllln', V,'RLI, Sllnrl, \c. etcw :anIodo.' . ood f ts. 'r nbe t jeol IJl &( aat1 e ltllo & to, lsll eT iffnegooho -not *J foA Coaloby . n )'.01.t:", 14 Now Leoce. i 0' il(.--O t R- l bhlao landing lito ba Norlh Sdor p n d lur cale byhe tr 1)U s , jal) ' 44 Nw I.evee Il'ttl CNonl/e-f0l oen'S New Ileldfr!, r t " cohoIo :ood ,u, Coocol oy .ll 1,1. . llt 0N10. ItO 96 Olorazioho tit ___ I." L iU1i-\I E-. t il de i'ciinio r Ii.r ,Jlhlie Iare, JIeohn ly I.accir eiire iteS reilllrc r it leacliellnclrs- d eveaax n & Fl-ter. Lcs crelnciers d.a Julan lly Foster er de Deveaux & Foa e, art c r eIa 1- r .Lt drq aiie s' bler cn peine. ei ar, tllno , 9l du cucrtat, L IL hpurc D . cduiiai iiiiA do llllllrer C+Hm , s'il U eI i.te. I- , urql.i lethl John it u r ol'ub ,i Illtlrii pa blle lb les al i. ais e..s iour e osl)ll.l thelllt dlc dbi t hurS insodvables teleall a . ( rorwell & q Bradl tqr. soot Ilu Ilasa Iu rellr.Pletlr to. lerella l era lahavll-,lnots vtcde affuire.- 'ar ordrec de la cur. ,I ci. 18.:8. , e7 PLEBL %_%, Dep. Grmfier S1TATE OF LO(UISIANA.-l'risb Court of ibe SI' nrih Itld (ity of New Or l alle-;--rPresl n tlhe c,,it 'hiarlce Mnl.gA an, Judge. No. Il ad. \ewoai icro vs Ilin credeitolr and the creditors c o J din Gi lia d it cx . o The cessi Ino propverV lby tile petiion-er. is accepted by thecourt fo r Ihbs b lnefi of hi clediarsa l t ilcreditorn f JohAle Iiod. It ia rdered tlhae said cr..ilTrs do Lleet in iheA.lff It BJ Cellus, Fsr nu.av I-blict , on Friday the 4b h d ay of !is an , 18:m8, then Par theh.tI deliberate ulpon a n afl'ire , f'th. ic olvebl, nali v, hl lictli citr pn ue.odingl nglillct lIth ls.let*LL UIl I)Ia)carlV(ti sIlid ,NewtOll Ilia:llrda are -t.iyed.-It in I'crihnr ordrlcd tal a lMeosrs IIimIIre alld King hie l|lailced Ito rrlperoea t the al.aenat creditors ill this case. Bly order of thb cartat A Rl \arll) PIR1OT, clerk. (Clerk'sa OlOine, December l.t. 1838. Pr TE OF LOUISIANA-Firsti Judicial Dia triet l:.Ulrt. Job .Ichy niaster vs Ilia nraodilors lallnrd Ihe.iar. No IePV,.o.I.*` l iuier. "tlar llurtl Ierelby nilnlicd cntoei apleal Ie i oll lDrt Ion elelnrdav lhea ,eal cl-lir a Ill o'clock a t. tl. Ilshw, ifa.v Itir Iarve w sill n J..ohia Ma.' Ful-ier sh1ild nut live Vle hanafclh of 4 laiw ma.l Ibr I s relief c- isolventu lhltll' in avcllal ena,'dy; Cacsweal lad }Bald E.snr-. ara ppolinled to rcaresenlt the absent creditrvlr illaie case. By o lerIC.rfhe court h a s 3d December. 1818. dlec7--3itlfszTe I EetIL i.e, c.rv Cahrk. IIAF'rS on LICw Ylrk,. lurolo toy DIdJo ANI)EWS & BRIOTHERS, N1TA'P cciF LOUISIA.nA. First Jc.licea I)is 'ici n Courl. T hurrday Ihe 6h ilas) o .ovemlner. SPresent, the Iloa A At Biuchanua,Jiudge. No. 16386 Jaonahb ilicica~y vs. his Credaitoarstn maotion ciiicai ltcaa vnrt i sq of Calansl or I. IfegUe, sy'dic o the ,red. titrn aI the insolaeni and fling a tag bleau of Idistributin lctlhar anse: It is orderedbI Ila cllart tlat the crddit s oa of suit insalaent and nail othlers cmere lea, slawoi cause wiln teoa days iom thle bUhliCoticah of Lthi4 ruln why aicd tableau slhauld out Ii bllana.ialagrd Ilid dcon fin.alcmd according to laov aud the funds distributed in ac orlloalwe Iherelo. dec--3titd P |.eBIA VC, Clork. r' rT DE L LOU1I( I Ni, 'oar ili Prenlate District Jaalaciiire. Jeuil, lie I)ec*mbro : Presenll I'llonoralla A I lIuclmila, juge. Ja)ih Macatoy vs. sa raacaniera--No I,386-- ur mlotihls de Ic Rouver, Esq itcvocl llie A Lifarguea avlld c dus erenienrs do I'iiaa,lvncae.l t n rea live r entrrc er tc aileale dedistria uliuinl cllo BcttonIii cC.ilnll oardollle iaa'ian assnembler desncnreai.cierade I'inaolvacle at alresa inlersae i aria Ide faire voir diana dax jtlars de la publiactioan de eel a cvie.le miacousa pour I.aqualles ledit lableau no aeril pal haaoihcgue at oanfir.a melon la Iloi o lea fiC.ds dictribues el eollaequaloe. Iot ilit asa cicnulcat a7dec 1 A I.DL tNC. lInp Girffier. I AVANA ChFFidKE--4IIc bags iaIrllole cunlly in soilre, and fir sale by ja17 ABiAIIAM TIER, 34 Gravior -t IV HAl.: ull.-Iih barrels ,n -cne acid f. r -ia tcy S jail7 AIRAHAM "FiilKR.:I Poydraa ~lEi th l OIL--1I t bnrra : ii alrm and fir sale ay -"7. jail ABItAH Ill 'rRIEl,. :14 Paydra ct OTICE.-For sale a CUFFEE HOUOEt, wil al Lits fixlllares, ics Camp street, in thie cenmralm part f afa:rs, aind doicag nona cellcy omnrt laaiaesa, lor' cRr ather particnlarn pply acoffins of a Ihtbair paper, j15 . . . .. - - I . . . . . . . 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OMlARD & CO'S aaad New Orleang C o Li on i P neaeIt aipsn.tla-T allnlw d is aarloil a hii been nx iraalay iaaill In rain Intw 'all llll, . pera.I anal will he alilld of laa llraita drlll or f annalr: C aaaoamaldaalauitna for paiaaenynra, nd enannaifliana a, will h nlallln ivgu aellnnrail atiunaation, "Ila lA lrno ins napofaed aeta ti Ia lomainp alhlilr: Cllarakea. 415 nial Capt. JhS Srding, Ja Calrolian, 4011i do S tlaanint Cholrlanlaten n'14a do ld rahlge, Co Ulllllni l.ta 6·?5 do G [Irker, SCalan, a n40 da J Ilawkan, Soetan nan, 2411e oalia 3 Slaaaa', jw ote Inlalany. 625 ala D punp. Theft aievo sciiu re all nw, nefthe tcry .lss, I Tar nseana alahe meiraal n-,nr aty lang finalulanu no"per tualnna oidauaollnllaTrd, noalnlllinde d lay en ofgrenlt nerincerid, iaa hilenc ilaonlnalodinnaglar, wit i a rean rate lialea n ilia every Illnttletial aIll be ilaid to laa.ln.or anad tina anr ed fatio rnanpru. I viaed fur therlio vu. nialn paekt will bta oweaa a ip a.iI down t ale M a Aiasiplan. ald tIV l solaricte nt lll dli y aI slervd in, aaahi hlalaaaanloaanireaaal draaaaalnaaandmdcnaealiore tine line ofa linlg, anad slhaauarl tli'-rnn Lr vIeas l.n l b, doahlaeai ill inrriAvilagnllhur allip teqoally il gad aI5ll .ntsan talanailaluld. A alaina at lonai argn ia sind.i dvry, ladla aaaa agnlllalS lla.a Llllla meavln' II ollebe klillllllli tie lltlel i a yr.rnedc re d thlrdcvaes. r ancy r Mwlrlonks. h.-spend rill ac.-he l the+ lal~ltes. ate elarnl, and oinf tuedvane pall ialal-Es lna Oa pdlana aannlanrga, aaaaltasna. lnanannd aaanayaahangadal lhippnd, i' r' , l siir dd. Tie anllap. ill leave t awll s nld 16th of evnery I Ilanotall. FLr alrelall lr pli-La . ppiv Ia lanla ;gentna. J A ,It IRIIlI'Tlt, 83 (ellanlnaln st. r [l. Ado all ae ina lLs w lir d le e telli flrnil el 'to lnsrla, A. A. LAoLnbrlrd d a o. I i Iov!17 de97--- it tolnbsla eera andl~' coma'nialeta aaaaaia'n I.a I:nalh.h al.I alalaai a'u a anla-, ill Ia IEn liah at lha [lanai' lo ''a lEN 'IX all .4 1 A a ln ll ale i, ll-+rll i td'IP aaiall'ak annltl a laaal I r - he a Un l''l Fr n &d r ANllALL cI de JI OMP.UUNi 'FTN It: ,I1X'I'UIII'.--A apae'dy P ,t uld c ur~, l.)r 1llll .',.Y l+'lr l fin gut., 'relnitalla milad illtaralai'laalll I'; laInUai·1.I' laallla'aaa tiln originail rnalaaa. U.ld aK;.h ' ll l ,ld. nalal oaaa versal * nit 183l. S hy Iay TErnann al Ian halalla,'a ara!iaa'alnblliaa i I Llan aaliy, i i alilteal i aI tha alllllaaand ine tfinc"ll e.ii Tsa ' .diea n s igrec y'rned na aaaaeaadaal, and lana dI].t.iaaahn innynad i alan Ialiana dMann. isn' th a lnaaalaadliaiiaaaaalaahel ananien~, lhaiaatlanpaaalariaanraaal'a ilau rnaiqllaaiaal lnaaaa illalucald io atiar iti tl aan pub. 'ian aaiaa 1aalre.anat l'airaaiaialaalan aallaaalitaaantylay a thaa a11la''aaanaa rnh\lana'ag aaanay al'tlahn. aaolara an atuairitaag ualllar tlan acaaurga ol nua i:oalltray. Ia in' a iiiiaalanarpEallneiaaitag graaL vilan, anal whlaan used acnrnlinag ta, dlren ataaiaa hlain anna-n flllnal OfI I nelllag taalalra, ovnal iai thla aaaonl ,alaaainaale ataga ' of nthdlardeLr. Ia in llan tiall aIadlnial.renllh.a, aald pnrsoana ol' tale w'llnak llluaela, lanll children aaay alan it willhilaauanait, Ii taralaglalaea thle lanala'~a'a argaaas, areliLa . aai iapail at aa, a and lald olil ra, lluiria' aianaaainul|%o nl'liahaaln atln, lo'aa t Inai~llan jto street u cUre. "['hero is nn4ither IllerCtLrV Iltir anaranle in tila alanaiclnan naar any thing iiijalious to Llle a uln constituion. Tile prolaaritalurarn so well eanvnland ot ila a hennny. laalIlaI-agnren to rauand tilaa prieaa safaery blattlU whihnllahaahnaa tLkall iaa annlnad.aana ivltla Ihle direclnona aaand lane lant efl'aai'd lI a ptrfanel sure oa" il Iavan r a- &flaiS. A. OLIVEi.., nola aba-nt fuI Naw OnlIain.., at his wanlilahla alnd relail drillg nld inadlalne slira, elarnaer at| ISlinvalln iand Cianrlres alranla. E"aar Distriet Ageaacaan alila!y Lo jaS '[F. W. S hIS I'll, 48 Canal at. Fanny [aPonkl lIooa--Uaadnr ala aullaal wall bau Funiad a Ilalendid varinay ol" ludlaaa' nid geIaaleIanai'n po t Ibuoaka, nuts, 'arnl. lierdle nlad Ullreaal easns. Foany .'teaks, Sapandl rin. &An-Elf alan laates panttern anal at" naparian qanlia. onsaaaiatig iii alain anal ligurnd callll,, vnlvet aUnl nlntll alnhia, u ai . haaaai. platin, nlld fllnny waailand walaaolll rualfiaalaant aaallollra, slola' dern called ailhlailnlgll a ln laneidarln, nia, galllnaln itit'aonYI. ed alnd catlaa tt do, Wlalnalad waitlhaOU rllalra, planaltlalnlornlas witha wire a'prillpigolnaln ii gagit vn. rialy at' ganthtalaaanaa near, aalilto en!nrely laar alan rnahlltrade, by A. L. Vanilanru and annI at" Phil-l. delpilia. a Onlaa.--A general and complete alnoremen nftll'nb' -aha Laalll niaaaainiilallaIU Lnry.A'nn, Raighlla allil Fnllnlal dreasang callllas, i-ia. alecnf7 T IBHlLIoAh. 18 anllna Illlallllan llalk Ulalllaalln-a Jt largeninea,reunna d trn aalaap Staer'., anld ibr ni adhhy il rliDil' 1 a1 t IPLRANKLIN INFIRMARY: rjil+lli ]ulic are re: De'taliy cicrined ntat lud s intd 1 tuting is erected 1 th e mllutl inlmproved p)Itl Uhdn t an ailrv and osua Ll a racla slteatil llol ein e llU Iranklin, upon the rail'sid, oae adle from inde llisaa al+tcl. Ti bhe.ilding inlarre a | mosteaonudinaalv dividedl int. aparlotlnts tor separate dillerent class.e, antd lfferentadtseasaP .a 'l'lic intutiall is suppli I with tile m~t skillul and ittelltive male and lelnal- nuiSe-, and speaking tiheva riols inern Ianllguanes. Private rooma may be huad by gentlemen at five dol lure pet day. includin, attelnd ee, &c Terna in tie or imary ward, ta.o dollara per day. atliave, aso tWa dollars. 8calll PoX in tile ardiwerV anrds five ddli ra. All caIital urgictal noperatamln extra. hie renident P.caikia is l)r WVedldeanaon towhoe application for admiseson must be maade. ort t I)r C A l.lzeallberg, NO 1I itanapart street, aapl.l " INt on duEduoation. Ha c h alnl I goner Itay e ha l,addr to recl toanlg ashort. r Ohll alm o adapta d 1o atlnaeal narelat ia. tile naca.a·leallenls of Itaoli he:a by lI, \VGWines, atlroar F 2 sar smckd a half in lice Natvv. Ilalicacl Ednuetiaaac t llo a me nslcthe; 7lo, lamt's lea l.resn I o'n accalastaar. Fur sle byy d:ll A 'l'OWIi , 49 Claanp ct IHA EtlN.+ . c+I4J Nanho. 1.2 2 .....bean tler d27 g &r J P lIII TNEiY, 7: Cacracu yal'.El' J:t:.b.Lt'l--lj h,~*ute. coilollt,ltg I0 nl.U leaha in+lorae, ucd aiar aalie Iy ja4 SHN\ .I. & Bt cVNa 91q \laae'ninr st IO00'P & IIR\OGAN --411 lg clagcaa r ewed loots, extra rizr; lell'a aatd bIoas, uILratl hloc1na; alae'e rkip blanoglls, e. laudlag inolll slhip Newnlcrlcurap.far .alac by Jnl7 ISA A C B ilI) t'E & Ct ,I'4 lc-i ne l & H AVANA (:c)FFF.E--R86 loga laricce galen aldcallr SCoAffee. loading frao brir SaiTn,'or clle lav JOS.PI COt.KAY \ , d?4 ?5 Geavier t HIIEM OIRRIOIDS. [I AY'S LINIMENT'.-No Flction.-This ex. - triordary oleonliceal comtp sition, the result of Ociollee, lnd the iventnll)ll i' a celebrated Iledij cel mians, tlte introdws' t n of wlhich to the publ.c was invested with the sonlmnnlty of a deathbed heqsest, hau since gained a reputation unl)aralleled, fllly suotaiigll ti. correctness of tile laloented Dr Gridley's larst confession, that "I he dared not die without giving to posttrity theo beuofit of Ilis knowledge on tllis subject," and i thererfor, bsqueathsed to his ltiend and attelldant, Salotiun. Hays, ithe secret of his discovery. It is now used in tle principal hospitals, and tle private practice in our country, first and most certainilv For tile cure of thse Pies, and so exten steively asld elietually sto baSll crodulity, unloes where its effects areo witsessed Externally in th,: followtng comiplaints: SFor Dropsy-Creating cxtraordinary absorption at otter. All Swellings--Reducing them in a few hours Rlleulnatiusni-Acuts or Chrusle, giving quick ease. Sore 'Thlront--By Cancers, Ulcers or Colis. Croup and Whooping Coughl--Eteroally, and over the Chest. All UIrutses, Sprains, and Burn--Curing in a few Illurr . Sores sind Ulcars-Whletller fresh or long standlsg, nid fever sores. Its operations upon adults and cllildren in reduc ing rhleuinalic swellings, andi loosesnitg cntgis atld tigihtness of tie chest liy ielaxation of tile parts, has been surprising beyond conception. The comsmon remalrk of thoSe wlo have used it in tihe Pitifnj Iitalto.e Oliiilrset~iao.... is. tissi o ay peraoit wIse will uce a tattle ol fIIsyes Linlissest fur ithe Piles, and return the emopty bottle witisuet being ctlrsd. Theose are tle positive orders of the proi nietor to thie Ageits; anld ,ut of etnly thou. sands sold, not one hss blell ullSllccaessful. WV alight issort cerllficates to ally longttI, but prefer that those who sill tile article, shtulltd e, IIIbit tilet rigilsal to prelhaliors. CAUTION--None cas be genuine without a epltedlid sllgravid wrappler, on wllichl is ily ilallei, and aleeutlat of the Agents. bOLOMON IAYS. Sold wholesale and retsail, by COJMS' OCK & Co, Noew York, and by one Druggist in every towll ill tile UIIsos. For tale by the Wiholesale Agents, corner of Conal.nen & e'couliitoults street, and by tie Aplotlsccries geneorally. j30 Ci -'AIt'I I lI' Ni flTIC:. SHE ssllller-i.:llred halve lii- dsay rutled a rel-part 5 ers ie hor ssieilstsiris.tiefof astlls.itistlle< sioe eod tifrwasains b s-int-ee, in this City, eldir slse sillm t -talliL & Inttitis, tld havert tken osthe slew brick stnre, Aso. 96, .hleaai ll, 5 tres, (sirl l',yiler.e si.) Referentes: JA II:S G Ulu\V.N. St, t ta Avery, I,\shising & terk, S.tltlt1 rco. \e ,tllaIes, ll grt s . Ilarslitarn. J Ieha\er ct,. WV ie test . -llhlli. NLlV IRLEAst . Crlekct & :hSer leigil. Johe L.uisI LAtild Sico., \\'alker, I.lnlrsull . ei c. Griges a, Chickeritng. i IosT. . 1 It+eot n .cs., fPiladeplti1. Chl s' ilsltysev s ct. Pii1dtlsi. issosd f Aferginia . P5-t P Vteesilee .ln'ell & co .P tt.urgeh,Pn. Es Ig,.rtn OS . ooilbridge, Afiruelse, 0. Jisisis \VWttihlidg , Ee.. tilttlillsbel ). J & l t ea tn, o.1t... Ž Nu~hvilhl,, Tenn. J ,l"ee LlP essi, rEeq. . E e A "e'rec, SI Lotee, 51e. d 1'2 *iTST D1LSI-LUs6t1lNi'-touss di l'attsea U.Jp-io ls Pasloisett Ville da la Nile-Or reas--P.e etl I'lsionlrable Cllriss l.eeuriln, juige-NeUll,:It fsalsc faker, antil llmenlts dlstenII, cnlro serae cre ulllcser:--Sllr lecture s t ellregis reulellt de laspertilin et tab~lean en cntre il.ifire, il eat ordonaet'uneassen tles eri-eleiras die ,'insolankle ail lito en pltait scor ' (Iill( ieq Jne er 18 , a1 d.iX Ii..alse, o8 dll eetItlllllll ,h' slzitisere~resur l- sllf ireeslrl i'tsisislsl;ssen itsttttelll' tustes itorsilses Pst ei)ersonht PO:st irsetae;eslt L. i t lyu elllalP replsrer, ii r Itl etlnders at =e-o: Pereirdle la eser, letdee 18 8 dcse: r ,1\ U I, D.pGffier. T.lAI1t tf LLl.t A. . aisit 1or ,he S Ifur sl ani (' isc lf New htiln-: irrsenl tie h t hItrles larien.'Judler, Deuc. 1 ,ti, 18;8. No. I:t2,l ittult: Itaker ree. hi i 'ledstre. Utetll reatting Sj ilill ltIlte leititis aidtt etdul e in ilis case,it ioc rdered iy tli Ci,,,Irt Iit.h a sneri~,ig of sIte lnsolettlllle creditors Is isle t+etslasth, . Vth thee ead therir to eke steter whyv thle -~i i i.,*solvent~ sh1111 mid ntll be IScnIIqud acc(1r siit I solaw nllliill ln i rlhe i rll e all isirel o ietedint s sugailSt stitliirtun i ad t iro petrty ara steyed. It is lItrhr de *trll itt I.. Itl it fi t l ti b l se iointc ed l to rer raeseilt ibae aiaelltc crtlileurs Ily ordr Of Irhe ('Ctes. A. PITU'T, Clerk. Cletlttsillie Dec. 151h. "8. E\I'(iilTfNTTle stAts t';,e+ as .,s r..t,.nis •. "l'l·II pnl,.l'l~e·.[tIl":] bLvO i11 z'"le a ft.v b,,rrc[.. ill · l~i111ll~llllledJ JI',.aTia ilpv lllricln lal+,ly hlvrented iii £.Prv \'aruk. \ I'.w blir~lT·J e~l'ibis l'cat well~d)" onhoard11 lh, liat he~is\tsIelt hr hl tri t; he isa fer sts es ehct ,ie w ut of h1 tr'ial h5 see tis ied hi illat l0 lbs. et P6nt llr 5 ul to 3 11ii. lla Codl ant tlat in casr lsrts ther* i. dilti.e.hi illel stiu or heeii+t its IettIs tts li Great tllse-tert iI les tle pureese ,s 01 r fIlr I s sif o thi si,, whia h was pllt LU beard on1 herr I ,sl do a·lrlnlre. llrtrlesttlittl~y isto eS LOClK itCo. sits lionce liess Nit 51 F'c I erre rt N ll.--ut s bis at ia tihit can only be ldvered s to lel ateam bell, ulntil we get a further supply whicl, wills In a Iew dyse.. E, JOLINS & CO, T\ lONEti's IIAll.e, coreeersoft. Charles luid (sosnoni l etstreiCe. 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Ackermano'see d ei n es[t i nu1 hest ure Co.,se, Brooksmn s and Ahckerlun's sdrIaing penrilh, Drawing books, Altlmm and lBritish and Amer teats Atoisel, tsr 1339, Boossu--Eegli-ls. Frels.,, Spaeiish, Itolin, t;ir mn nenssi.ati. con- isiting it classical i.nw , d esdieol works,t lerary. &c. S Just receive asdlsr tale by nvQi0 B JI)lI9S &+ Cs. I Il.lE-Oil.... easks freir ' T ulat .La..e, Iandag Sfiial ship Ferax, or .lsa.l i y dal & J PVIIT'V.E. 7:t'ramv , ANDREW\ M ITI & CUO., rspictv.. ..a.a. their Iriellts and thle public inl eneral, tlalit tllhiy occspy ithe new brich Ilaop, f10 T9Iahonuplatolle street, wiaero they keep constallltly on hind Ciappier, T'in and Slheot iron Ware, Of every deacriptonl, al lh a e opper stills, kettler, and plillape, tin bath. ing t ae, aid -il canoal' all sorlt and sides, and all I othe.r 1brLsv canting done at lhorteIt notice. Grato lhalrs of every de eription, slcl l as sleam.l. boast lirups, lhog chlanll, screw holt., and otlher bind i .ofstmUlla blat work, nuch as cahinmeys, breech. I teroasIn iippos. IThey till also do ol kinds of out door work, sueh at zince, copper and tin roofiig and gutterlang, &.. TIey abave end all other kinds oa work In tileir line of buninese, tley will execute at the shortral notice. dae27 ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOK 1839. P..ANDID Loldvls Aniuals -Te'll look f IRoly I alyy, e ePrb an( l'lhtllat ; Fiuden's Tl'ableaux, and "l al rer v , ft i ar u e i; Fih.ia' IltrnawInig ILnoom Skett.h ntak; teauties (ntbistiaie-,-ll u-ilns act it; Waverly IKeullsukq·--'l'lie hnlprria!; ()triential tanlnl;l F.rett me Not, Joanl' ' Portallt Annlsuall; t :ariratilr, A nn)ltita CoUelIC Annual; Fiinratllilr'a t[irlag; 'ishlr'a Jvellaile Skelth Book; Young ladie'e and yueng e. e itlsblen's Annual Alaric, A \VWat-; (llrstmas Tatles. American Anuana. S The Tsoken tint Atlantic duuvenir; iTher Ville; The I ;lli Mlra Gilnarh'saaanualt Ileaiartr & lousewile Almsanae. Alma~nac' . America Atan nue t lIrptisilliy ofUlelll Knowledge - lunt't yhuibal .nttanarc; I aJ has & Co s. L.nouiiana Almannac; Cockl.ell-Comir-GelrmanI Atallmae, Stewart's Iinarv for 183. caoiniaining a blatlk memo raudul for every day of tht, year. K JO; tlNS & Co., a cornernafSt Charles annl Comi non elt. v .I---Sw FURN[TURE! FURNI1'UtUE!! U.S'T reivd at tn I.ouiaisn Furniture Ware Jtuitier a targe upnly fiaaai New Vork and Boe aton. Persons in the wana of filrnitlure wold do et!I -to call,and a elect tosir artcleas frot one if tlbe hest and r largei stkca now in ilas city. W It CARNIa, dih 5:1 tiaerille at N BI-Particular attention paid to panckiug and ehp Ct ing Furniture, fr ofenponae. dG-2w I.aIN ,UILS, m LA--BItUSIcI , &r.-,aa - landingfl romnshipCuortitution, olldr sae-vz: 16.000 feet of glass bout quality, fro.m 8X10 t ,.3X2X; 3(01 kegs white lead, pure; 350 do green paint, in 25 libr. keen; 24 dot Japuiedtiue Ibreigns;6i;0llbz litlrage P26 don splendid 000100 ground brushe-, also of0000i anle 0110 do; 2 cases crome green in Ipwde ; superior article ndo aoom calo u large ssortmnoent of sash tools of every size and qua;it;: slble pencils for artistr; flat merkilg brushes for orch.ants; artist's colors in oil read) pro pared, in bunes, fitled wi: mith all necessL.ry brushes; artinst'n i'ola, ne. " SFlke and itumolitv wltor 60 raceks gold leaf; white and yellonw wan;g o arebioo and a largeo a il ciie a0 terltenmt oftpints, dry colors oil, tenoret le, varlsoh, &o., for sale,whulesale and retail, atelte lowest prices, by hINIltlLI, N1EW EDITION O THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUI S'I ,NA. IT has heen fir aomri tidue mad knownn to e public Sthat the olberloers are enoed olin preppring for the press a nev Pedition of tte LouiN ,(ina ill CIode - 'I'Thec uer.. Ir.on tile first, awart eel the griat difficllty and ree;ltoe,tiii, httttding lioe elulcalion .t ioe wurk, I uld it wtnee tn without great hlesitatitoll tent thley con.E aneltte to the Iedertaking uint tile present edition. aonuntinl to toutl thre tlhousan ool epiesr, a twhie lord ,est tile State moren than tir lrt llltualltd dollar, wa enatirenlv out of rint. For motre thl n two ears past, thle ullal pie of rie work har s been fron ilhirl , to firtv dollars. It is a system of wlitten rules onilth sa immediatelt operates urlt t every individul of tte attre, ilnterasted elther in oagiellture rr e olllere . and whlich ovrern thedisponsiillon of sit muelh prllerty t ,onillg to uosfrolt other states, tllal--uhf n e alito.ona o, o ther trertlie upte Ilaw-i- is as toleh tlte lextbook and alttOlal of tile irelrchnt all the tlatlter, an it is of the privote eentle Sfite lawyers of thlesbjoing states, and rin atc of al hoas sta tesl -I the lhig anlld luis ni"))i rivhas uhi. " ind a ottart frltheir aroulter in I.ouoite Au, Itne a fe-a quint nece -site of ffrevelte to the code, and toke it uo itedinpelttohle reqlosite to their libeorina; aod in the -it, of New oerlhe tlle o tik ir as sure t L. !bound in tile eIlurehnttl's conatting roomn as uOpn hlie desk of the judTe, or ote table. filto- Otttreev. It is beni ao rtieti Itherere thato tahe firs edition oliie wvork th Its teo qogie ly dioiletd ot; eld llhogltllh a i.rrr reprift of it woul i some tensuore sUeily the rpullie neres-itV, yet it wouletld toe iottter'c a nd unsipht·t ry unle· annt a ted with relerrlees to the R ponrts alld Statute in ordenr to et raee tie lumerwuc armlendmy uts wlh e ml IatF b.· es motd te be tle It.eislttre, and the t iaertunt tr piirodn lnll eotlntrlleiolle which ite hee gion n itpon ltny om its aoricles Ily tile SupretPo I Coolrt. The pultishers hove elo ntired, b the eeneral s per inteodencei n eote' ditorial department of' tie .ork, the professlollal s:rvices of l\ bplonIcol S Upton Esq. a lelelerol' the Neolw (nolens lIar. loe then. Jtlude Itllard, .lud-e erondes, and li o n (lerge lstis. thav-e eai kihll i r i-ltel M laton itha the vlhlable floes whuih thc hIv.ore ,oflected ill tlne n.lre o their I ttlires ldUooll.altier; nndll ot ir N lt.leneoi stile oart noof l er lltntle, twhi ii eleo o nenllooc, i te w(Irk t(en Stohroios nl d raE-q l. sepntd il ererlor ehl,, of teru-. rP otIl i ooe)ts in lhis oitione orey of ti the uoe ted cnuit uth nave beu Ing itirilh g at eit. hle wh eriorlt I nl hi o din.aneiseod tlr ional labors o IThle puilin th er IIIIa tilhere f,re wePII t t all t ti e t lanf int ll s of lhe a trk oVii Ige all hllxtihtvnser aid iutllltr, byo Ioarutnilla ande tetrinllac, o: e plelornl ot.nd In pltting flrtlll this pr sipcie- td olliing ere.Pi ltal otthserito s o tile o woork, intu Iio n , t dt ll,- pIrilde in It lei f t tlat thie t. egislto I of m I liA inll o h ll tn lilrlr d the ,overnor to ordr nen holSand oepies of it for then futtlre ali 'tni State. The r i lllle; wi lo wi e hl ts it olloeer wan piaok. by tile Acsenllh otened their llo s t t ee ofoteh e ol rioftle workiotld telly Iatt r t el xtCIed ell tlht etfidedouee iu the uailitv of tlee publieieos and ediTors whichli i in nal .,holly ulsdof servendA. Thel work will e pri in ed in Frfteh nd tE·rsh I upototi papner atl with cledr tie,.; tior will elu ax Tele orcrs ie sparedneopod t nk he wholte ant lloraical exeeuliu of it erres~wed witlh its reat illonlta.oce It will pelohln he readlv for de!vterv in rte motnth t f b ept .l tnr Inet; and ther price will be, ti sunlredtrihero lfften dollars--fiv dollars tot be paid ot tIle tioe of sub serihirg. "l7he subscription liCtn omne ecloed, the store price will be twentydollars per cop-y. ap 6 hI" .,Itl)H1N 0 CO. ltdoishePrn. it ROWANDS 'I'ONIC MIXTURIE, F E A'G years hlave not yet elapad sine it worp firat regularly seubmittedtl teo t public; but it has attained the higllest reputation; and has sop. planted every other altdlieine or thle Agoue, werrenv. or it bon been known and apprteciatel. Already I hlas it been crried ill every direction throogloolt h thle Uited Sltatles, nd still realizea nlore thalln could have beee uen!iipaotedby its moet s;nguino frieods, Tlousands of perscons have not oly been reclieveod, but re.lred t lie 11he anld vigor thlroungh its agn. Cy; tld tlhey now cheerfultly testify, at every op portltity, to its deeidcd alnd suoprlllo ctlieacty. I: t is compocedl of such inedcinal prihcinlous as are n calctlltted to renew tlt. healtlly action of thte stoln acu, liver. and otlltr importartt digestive organs, o the loss of wloielh harmonyt is tIhe ioteutoliate cause of' he dinsease. It is nptpparentt also, thl it prodU. cos an lltir" chligt in the enonlitiolll of Ille systlela, olitt certtitlyilo sr t-.oyte nativo lialtilht to relap ses of thlloetfi:.ctioo. Waeo the Agile s anttldedlol with aiy olhler etolllatlleit, the enlptioynytet tL tie i 'lroic n llxtu-e wil ntolt interero wtll teo treat. eot ofthet other dioeaso, Iut wi 1 eveln fford as. io .stance by lurlnishing strength and vigor tu tlher btdy duritg the courne of ntreatmloent. 'I'hTooe who - am.ko use of thlli nerdiene Ionay be asnured tht v thelore is no Arsenic, lurks, Mercury. or aty ollther n article in its eomopositiot unfrientt y to Itheu lhuman cnnaslitliol; becieg enttirely a egetablle cetraot; and they maty Ihtoo additonaol COllfidonce in the Ilse lthereof, when they perceive lthat et has toLe et- . aot tf a gent e laxative about tihe timer haifa hot lo full has been taken--in euoaaoqueace of witch,l lere is tlo poert of tieto inedicioe lelt to linger i t tie bowotls to causoe obstlructiona, and ollter evil,0 arising tronh the ose of tnautly otf I.o remedies now lfIered fIbr th cure of this ffcotion. It has beenc atod also as a prevenltive, bty maty who were saob jeet to a lpoeriodic.t recurrence o' the Clhills. atd it -to inonarlably wardled oltff the apprehended attilca. Observe! The PIlopritur, fully satislicd wito tile enperelleled nod univerea' e uoeess .lvhieh has cot. otantly attonded a itnoltunl and regular usn oo tile l'otnli Mlxturc, in all cases of F:vor cod Ague, rteels warrallted in enlg ging to refud the prllee to all those wh- have tkeu Ita teUldicice m tro tet ae cordctllee willth thole preocribed directioos, wlthout Iosvntg been perfectly mld lastingly cured. Thle subscribers are the wlholusla ageots for the Soulth o WVeternr States, atld havo now on oluld sio ty cases of this iltedicatle, lt wlih is wiarranted freshl and genuine. For cale at thie Imnanlfilctured prices JAM1\ IS 1. ANitOIItPWe1i, \Whllesale L)rhegieta, aov:7 eor Comuon tn Tclltouitolulac street. ORDERS RECEIVE FORIL JOJ. .S' PA TIC'1' COTI'O.V ;. Y, By the Patentee, No. 5.5 \agazine strecet, New rlei:ans TOBE M1ANLFACTUILEII IN NEWV YORK BY ROBERT 1lOE & CO. SCtALE OF PRICES-Double Gins. For a doable Gin of 8O saws or mose oi each cylilder, makitng Iu saws Iat the stand, withillsedelrr,, bn.l, &ol . a l$6 per'saw, or $950 00 For a IoAuble (in of 60 e s sii acy)litnder, or 120 saws ill tihe stand, Tsedoes, &. a $6 pes' 720 00 Fordo.of 40lawsonodo.or 8 saws ina staud, at $6 23 per saw, or 500 01 For do. of 20 saws on do. or 40 saws in a sasol, aitl6.s50 ter saw, or 260 001 SING.LE GINS. For singolegin of saws or more, with ote set ofliedelrs, bItdst, &c. at $6 per ~saw, $180 00 For do. of 0o sows, with leeders, &r at $6 90 per sa", 390 00 For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &e. $6 75 er sw, 30000 SFor do. of to saws, withll leders, &c. at $7 50 per saw, 150 00 Extralteeth wherlc desired, foir feeders, st.dlied a io ceints eash; tle numillber ofteeth being about equal Stite numbler of saws. Onle set of leedels, it is con sideted however, will wear oan two or tlree sets of sows. aExtlo saws soaplipal at 8O cents tacil. 'iThe Gills ollerled, will be delivered to the ageots ol llaters it aoy of the sea porl towns of tile cotton pllh (till States, at thabolse Irices, theageuts l a)ig the li"o'lt o tile stllt iioln ro New York, atoi becoming ie sat..~sible flor tle amount of tile (;in. A (;iln wrioil will be sent with tile Gins to tpt them oI) wl-e de sired; tle ch.arges for whose setSices will be extra, but modente. Iron running gearean alsohe ornered whtere desiced. on reasonuable terms, but will be charge. exta. Ilors. toweoo' a o lay deslipltiot, can be flarished on like terms. Small stsam enlgines canl also be ordered if de. sited. It isdesilable, when plnters ivre orders for Gins, they should neollmlany them with their views in area.l to tnearrtungemento. saws, breasts, hitlshes, &e. It is fti uod they r"ifle o oinion. Some dowilr s of Ilrger diiatler tIt:, otIhers. Tile ttmost eomallol size is 9 or l0 incies; I . smne wisht thelm 12 inches. Some wish 5 or 6 rows I brusheis oil an xle, while others li not want more Itia, 4a mtost. Somot wishl stws with 8 orL teeth to tile inch, while others want lUor II. W~t ch discrepacy, we prefeor thly shlolll, at the time of giving orders, flntlish a statement of their wishes, anti the ioanultfatturers eoa litil litrem ill ceer) I5'atticular. Where it is left to ouldisceltlioit, we shall nmake them on thle most momen nd approved Ilall A.n Ot. r can bIe executed, flom tllie tille it is rece.vei, inl thsie osace feighit ornite weeks, toll ilte (iln i thea tilee placldini the Inlodi of thile iactor. To be iln tln for the next crop, all orders ought to bie il the l:.lts o thei tuatontttuorethby the first or mhidle of MoAo ; eSxt.e a or iotatons. where they arelate in commencing ti pick or gill cotton. N. II. The P.ltelt Ilight,for any oleof the ctton1 10 tin ing S.ttles, willbe sold on rea.soaaleterms. 1 nS tOnes AU.I.'1 1x1.1 1 3 11 FAUL'hI UI' MEJD CINE. IIOtN'S Componsl Etrasel ofCopnibhandi Saosa L Iparila --A certain, safle, and miest ei'ectual reme Y erver iscovred for thie cure o' Gonorrlhea, Glects, Stl'ictulest Wlitels Pains ill tile iback asd oii n sieitsll weakiees, aiffitio.s of the kidoies, gratel. scorbutic eruptions, oc. Ithlue introduction of a medicine possessing the unefu and active virtue of the lone now or.reed to tilhe public, t re proprietor has but to refer to tie lnumerous rnc1Ln mensdations received lfrom the most eminent of the Isu deial It1ally in Emsoape, believing thit it ill Ihe duly aprreciated when its mcrits are ensru tily known. The tlaisnm of ;opaiha, soextenosivo y asid, has Ibst much of its credit Iron tihe dlislike hirh paliet Iormerly exlress il rega'ding its disagrecna!e taoti, .illlc(-ne prndieed in Ithe bowels ao d stoInach, otd its i.rceiofrl.. inefficiencv whlen used ill the inlfl.lmmatloly stage. The laol ietJr has made anl aalysis lof t1he ( saisin conceiv lag that the more activequalities wold tIrebv be much mor.e 'olcentrttel ad imtinoe uselhlly ahlninilistered than in thie Iresent state. The above medl cinie cobines in gtrediesits whieh are in tie highest riepte amo,.ro the most scienltific an I learned iil Ithe lprotl.e.sin. l'cslt drug in the tcompositios n (of siaitr'is lratiol incrte'r es t le elinlcy of tile other, producing an operation truly aon-I niallistng,.and surp ssingthegmost sts.ngii1 ex.' atstoan,; pnssvssingat the saoe tisse the advantugae of its being adiministrei d with peri.ct i success ill th dililrent stages' of the above IlisLanc. The most eminent ply sicians l surgeons of tie plresenlt lay extress their dcci, ed up pr'obatioln ill favlor of 'aspurill, whlilst its use ill the lriltipn hospitals and public medical issittios has ie il,allt sticll cntinllcs, vrel) extLLsite' I. e a iaTv nllie I'rltelly wiit tuhe eeleracted )ir Aberllnethy ill ;lit venereal afhetiols, and In obstinauecu(nneonie rlpttolls arising from a disordered state oftthrtiigesliet'tctions. I I:lvi been submitted to tic e test and experience of the lnl n celebiIratIed aoenllo tile llctlhy, tiser hae expressi d tns lnidlsslthcl tlttlcs ut t~c~ss ass lltis.l .. ... . ..t1,1, lublic alic pr'i:aitt practice. Tisleir oi el\ritionl will s b iser ed herentier. Prlepared by J II Thorn, Ciheisst London. Price $1 51 per pot. TESTI\IONIALS. From A II Salmon, Esq, F it ., Si.rgeon to the St Th' nans Hospilhl, anld Let uier Ol Anatomy. The trial which I have made o t' our ,rep; abeio in a variety ll'feases, i oth ille alll tle le, i it ts remllts s Ila o proved so ihighly totts'asles, that I ido not hesitate in pronounecin it one of the most vatluable anld ef.~i:liriltlls reimciies eier ofaired to tile puhlic, tll onlle itn wlitc, hro o experiel.ce, I an place every rielisnie, i hilst it does notplroldce tle sales unpleasalnt eiicts usualln cx perie.ced fitm colpibn. iFrom 5 II Ilaywald, I it C S, Phiysiia: to tile s, ..Iary Itcbone Dispensare). I take gie:ri iplestllue ino adhliing my testimony to the valuble prop .'iseS iyol'vur 'prepration, s iishi.g you the success y)ou so fully dsere, i an an ample reuard lr the i blr an expense incurrled ini blitngitng it to such esmuL pletn perfeition. From \V (i Cooper, F It S, Surgeon to Guy's los Iit lle unif.rln success whicl as a telleld tll aiditnis tLing your medicine :mong my patig s lu a lisiicted wlissnilsh hIt above disciases, hais tiully saistied me that it ias oIily to e knlown to he Iruly ;Il'preenltltl. Sv the srnsscce tyou so well dsei se, anmply and speedits trepay )ou f aoulr siahlble nlreliartion. Fron S"u- A Cooper, F It S P R 1' S, &'r. ie. l taliln b tee inlhlced t ti ' your i :xtraC t in vll etlll enses l sio;lent t.Olnrrh :, uhich land hitherto Ii.,lel every prescription administered by mn, havi.g Ii.d sure an'd speiedy cures rtllected by it, inl few Ilas I hee mysIlfil duty hound tO state that 1 no"w in nI1 prae ile Iboth public ald private reconllld land use i10ln other. Ilrom G W Blair, M D, Physician to Guy's I1o Thie strict test which I have given your medicinte amsoag In)y patients, and its invariable sucecs, thus 11n , will tillnu see eto tlersevere in its use, anm I ileem i but an act of'justice assl of dluty to add my Ie t blh testi monlial inll colnsellalntion of its virties. Flro L C Thompson, 11 D Fit 1 L. I return you miy sincerel thlnks for t e valuable pre sit of our Extract fr, the cure of (nllolrthlea, s. I feel girn;nfli thatl you hi.e at sllt brought la ledicihl ilo use Ilicl w ill Iprove a desilerltllm llllon sought for in the medic solut wsi-n sure, snpeedy andl elctllall cre ill cases I' the above class. It afildst mei g.let ileaslre its publihitng to tIhie world the valuable qtulities of you Were it necessary, the proprietor coud here furniush mant more testillnials iialually as conlsnluenlltorv ao the ablne; but tllsts that its great success hithero the clre & expense tat which it lhas been p elpared, i ill n I,\eils lgratesl recomi.nIation mong ni a discerning publit . One reticommns endation this Iprp)l.arlinll lnjs above all others is its Ilet, illprtal e ihrn-pt iu i lllls-th llde in which it Illay e take l, eing bot ill t a I in pla clot--its tasteity i lntirewith no rettric.tilni i, t or confinement from businellss. 'Trlavellerls especi.ll wouIls fi thttis medicine ilighly uselill, andll ouht iv to be untilovidetl withll a lltrel'ial tio ll iossessilg tile oal v:otages which the preseni ontet conbi's, Acenmpanyillg tile .Medicine is a pamihlet explann totr of'Lthe different stages ofl tie diaues, ccitho' t all ext.a c cioei ont.ainling full andl nampl liretins. For sale by SICli.KS & CO. nit 41 (:al sstreet. THROUGH IN FIVE ANDO A IIALr DAY.s From Mobile (Alabnma) to Au.gstali 'ac')j T IAVkIS Mobile evei y olher dsn, immio,.iatelh altl I s4 he arrival of the mail from New Orlerans, er tih hste.mlht EIELI SE, to Blakely, Inaches so I'Pns .c tl steallo:ts(lper Inlsucola Itar, St Ilosnsullllt aund Cho tshachie ti'er and Ihy) to Ceitas ilu' , coaches thei. via Mariiann, Chiattl.ntchee, (foIne.ra Moi t I \ nout,) Binbihldge, Piminrton; I lawkiiistille aod ILouis vilie, to Auguits. A passengeertakinghl s tset at te(. bile is in no danger of being thrown out or losing hit pro erence by other coonRicting interests, ao ihe FLl. i DA LINE is but ont concern, and under one co tu, throiughoutl, and mayr rely wrrITH CEnTAINTT Ullanh e arrivlat Aglsta inll time speeitiesl, through ailla ealn er llll at ally season, unless some Iost allln irI aeseen catl- trop..e should occur. The i(reat New Orlenns Mai is corrite Ly this route. The Agents for aecolnodAl tion,''elams, Coaches and Drivers are not surpassed thte sotlthelll eolnllltry The smooth, hlord, natural roads, the samf aud inter esitllg tatelr navilgtion, the time and accommellation, al'orlid the tlaveler speed, certailnt, comlnl forlt, a icleas i:g variety; connected as it were with tihe iaoil RIoa Cl.hluiston, S. C. and the ste:an packets to New Yart, tralvelers cal rea iI 'ew York freiom uw n belials LEaI TeuAN II 11 I \-Wshito iinngio city 12. Flniol Chllattahoochee, FIlorida, we have a Bruale I.ia via Qtuincy and Tadllhssee, It St .Marks, 4 he post coaches, also two Branches froml Ilawkionsill one to Milledgeville, and one to Msacon, light two hIis coaches. STOCIK I'ONS & co. AUanvns, tith Jan. 1135. Ofliceat lMa:osio Imouse Mobile "Disctascs, Sew Orleans to Mosile, 150 nmil Minhile to A tguosta, 5-ia v Augusta to Charleston, 135 3I Chlrlistoa to New ork, 9s0- 18i0 Time, Nuw Orlean to Mobile, "28 hourt Mobile to Ag.gtita, 3 Augnsta to Charleston, I 4 Chrileston to New York, of- I58i Making 168 miles per day. or 7 miles iper hour, incl sive sl o all pagllages. tov ll N. II. I bg ileave to inform thie publiCi t ith bridges over the CtituahooPhe swnam atid Ilard laboa rleek Ihove jtt been co llllet.d i y thu general g..err.i mennt, (the sily obstacles operatig:ingilstthis sau l It speredy roltt ate tihul hupily Irelllveld; ac d I have ti plecasure ofle I iltng from tr vllerls thur the coalhnls, lor es, riversnd al lla Iore of Ihe lirst ot llelh ; alllt as to i alter rtullte lilrm eulsleliola to Collar Iiiuf'; it is admit lted by all who hav: pIassell .rough it tot be iosrtlpsse il nnovetiles iheutly td slaltely. The riidlges throuigi Georgi Ilave also beenrepoircid. J \i C IIAKEit IARBLE CtllMNE Y PIIlCE War.. ee ,o L Customhouse street, opposite the pont..tlice. The sul.cribers are now receiving from their fte. tories ii New York,.and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment if Marble Mantle Pieces ofauperior workmanslip, and of the latest patuerns, made of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stonospmirulded and plain sills and lintels, marble flcings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, RomIan & IIydraulie Cement and Planter. ing |lair, together with a splendid assortment oi I brass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lnttering done in the neatest mianner and at the shortest notice. They ilave first rate workmen to sat the above work. ic5 TAMlES KAIN & STROUD IPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. OURNAI. of an Exploring Tour beyonld the Rocky Mountains, under the darection of the A B C F hi, perfornmed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography. ge. ulogy, climate a.ld productions. andi the numncl, mannellrs aid . nstnom of tile natives; with a MaPl of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samnel Parker, A Pt. I he River and 'in Desert; or Iecollections of" the Rhone and th. '.hartreuse; by Miss Pardoo, author ofthe City of . a So tan, &e. in 2 vote. Tile Rubber, a Tale, '. - the author of Richelieu, The Gypsy, Attila; in 2'I Thile Two Flirts; or Ad. -ture in a Country liHouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blcssington, E L IBulwer. Mrs Norton. Barry tioranwall, Mlrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and othters; in 2 vols. Ti e Llfe anJ Adventures of Nichobtls Nie'iebh, edited by Baz, with Illeutrations by Paiz, No. 1. Just received and for sale by Rt'ENJ , AO.'PASS.tS, 'TEtLIttE'it.Et, AMictitle - J COPES, &e -Just received nd for sate by \Vm. tMcKean, corner of Camp and Common streeti, t a general assolalent of S~urrver's (e'npa|asP a tlatheau ticnl Ilusrumneeta, Itruwing i'in., e Spling Dividends., pring Bu'y 'rie, Ivory Pro. eIvory wjaSel, :uneter's Scilees, Glass T'langle., Parallel Rtulers, Atierorealea, Fherminnero s, Camesr Obast' me.Sur e rey C hini , trittsuring T'{pr-, &'e. r N. York & Baltimoro Plackets JjACKETS FOIL NEW YOIK.-New Lane, L -T'o sail punctuIly overy aeueod Mondaly. during the season, full or not full. Slip Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berrys, Ship Arkansas, 627 do E£ Damijilb Ship S r toga, 542 do W lHatiiif;l Ship Nashvdile, 540 do D Jacksou,, Ship Kentucknti 629 do J Bunker Tile above ohips are of the first clans, coppereds and copper 'stlened, and having been built in New York ex, rervly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar wit houot any detention. The commanders are mow of great experience, and the rhips will alwaysbe towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboiats 'fThey hve handsome furnished acconmmodations, and stores of tlie bett d.ecription will always he furnishl d. The cabin passage is $90 without Hine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnishedte the o ficers or crew. For freight or passage apply on bard, or to II C AMlES, 48 Camp st. The shlips are not accountable Ior breakage of gines, hollow ware, marble or grar.ite, cooperageo f' tin, or rest of mion or steel, nor reaponsible for any' Ipackago or, iunlelss a regular billof lading is exIIuIod therelbr at the offirc of the outs. nov97 NItW ORLEANS A*n BAL'TI'MORE LINE OF Thi, lino will consst ,a d f oIlmno t. ovesse s. talet'itade, viii Sil., 'oamnr, (';iptL Miner, iBrk Mu'y, Nickerson, " Lad l'erry, now 0 - Stevens, " oloimon oalltus, " Latham, Blrig Arhoitict, i* Gray. Thes,! vessel..are of the first class, iave hand. ro.:. iurrni-hl.d ; ccornmodatnnio, and are ofa light draft of water, o as in o adnit of h]eir receiving and dia l pchrgiog her cragoFs i lioiiio i roeat the city. F 'reight will bhi take for ports on the Cliesapeake ,or Jane,' Riveor, aid tifrniorded by thei agents, Mt ~ iari. CLARiKE & KIL ELL.I , ot Balltinore: * xipele oiln go;de slliped rwill ie advan:ed when Sroquomrd. I1'te prllic of pais;glg is fixed at. 60, 4li[le bstorc ofi tn b si qiollJoly will be provided. bhimo up and down tihe M.s..ssippi wii ba takean o. n lI orlccioms. For fieight or pnsonge, apply to CEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 llenvil e at. "i'(I. NFW 1i0llK. [I.nuisiona nad New York Lion of Packet ] 1Il-: hilips coiipo.ig this line will sail from Nen Orlliean and New Yo'rk on eovery othlr Mlon d! g on the .0llh November-and to i;nour. Ithe puniliitebly in ibe time of'sailing, thle line w:11 hereliler coineit of fice ships viz: 511111 Y'.zouo, Captain TIrisk, to lcavo on tile 20th h.veomber. Ship Loui-v.lle, COptaLin Pallntr, to leave on the 4111 December. Ship Ilulnsvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 180h December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhlouao, to leave on thie lt January. Ship IMisil-tppli, Captain Davis, to leave on the 151th if January. The aborvo are all new, of the first class, copper. Ill and copper faitened, and upwards of 500 tons lurlhen, are of light draught of watr, being built in New York I.expresly ir tile trade. The price ol pa:ss.o is fixed at 100 dollars tlheir cabins are fitted up in thli most in proved and convenient plan, and finished iu a neat and elegant style - Amllloe stores of the first quality will be provided, nid every regard paid to the comfort and entire oatisolctiun of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth can be secured untill paid for at the offce of thle eonsignees. Tflese vessels urn commanded by captains well uxperienced ill tile trade, who will give overy at tenlliol and elxert themselves to acolnrnndate. They will at all tiles be to\rod up and down the Missii sippi by steamlboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the ltiln of sailing. Tnie ownlers of these nhiis will not be responsi. lile lor any letter, parcel or packago, sent by or put on board of thlem, unlouess a regular bill of lading be sig.e'd theretor, at the counting house of.- the aglent or owi.,er. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at FOR NEW TORK. [Louisiana and N0 w York Line of Packlts.] s'n h. o: h 81 ii in a ips C apuai1ng 0hi dll .s ill i sail Iruth iew l or la and olllw fork onil ever otler u Monday- ctinpleooi. Ion th2lOlC 1 novelaier, antl to insuren the Stiidpt pIJnctuaolity ill t tle r tIoe of eailing, tni line Si I hereafter cetlitt at' flye SoiilS viz : Shi i zoo, C'aptai 'l'rawsk to leave o r ili lthn the. liip Mouisvillei, Captain almeia, to leave on the 1th I .c ln .c,'. SSp t unraille , Cphip are ll nowr to leave oil thela S1lh lln)rccull l a of Shiilp Vi.esburg, Captaln Woodhoueliu, to )save on the st .tan sbre . Ship .'l' .,irair.ipi, Captaln Davia, to leave on the 3kth Junua.v. [F-f' Tie a rove cBIo n areall oIW, thest welnl e l flnled lil p colr istelrid aad tlpwardls of 00 tonsp bitlhen, nl-i {of ligit diluglt of water, being built iu Ne. .trk exh r -s. tar e l rde. he re o price of pas c age io ii ti l st one t-undred dollarn. 'Itheir eabins arc : fitted upon the mluom inlnpied amll onvenirot plan,h d Si ilred inl a rnet an elegant ltylo. Auplu stores of the first qahlivy will bh it;vidcd, nit every regard hbai Io ih eolllort mild entllire riolaotion oel pauengers, who aill pleaie lute ilotim. tliot on berth can be saecurod uno ti.d toilUt ai tihe oro the i oorgnree. 'l'bceo ae'-,,to are ollllunianded by Captains well en pe'lreuorl in the tlrla, wloo wll give every attention, Sand exert thinIIeilvea to accommodle. 'Ilhey will at all tis be toLLwed op aUd don the Mississlippi by Ilunillboloalu, inld Ito strilteot punctuality obmserved in tile litne of sailin. TI' rle im o tueonm Ihesao hipo will not be rni.ponible for s13 let e-, fareel or pno kage selt by orpIut on boardaf Ihrll, ule-s it roegulr l ill oo lading Ie sogned Itoreforu it lhe cunro'ig lioog e of thle agecula or uonersa. For tlriril.r paloticlluro, aiply to D 1BEIIN & A COlEN; non 13 -0 Conimon et. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . * *0" lOtttttOU ·t· I EA SACOLI MANSION IIOUSE RIG CITY, PENNSACOLA. rfl'1: subse.lder rhavirg pr .ha-erd te loanea ntd for • nitureof tter ucii known asetallilehment, lioln ilr Tvrlir, tiloe late pro retort will be ready to rcerive vi hers by the 1st ,f A pril nent. Nu Lmrwre u nede costly ply oveI e enlnt will be found in ithe arrn.tgtnetle el' tlome tlnsiten /louse. New alnI nMole clnodionl hs bathing houses wil le butilt, nnd eearm b thr will Ie provoded at all hours. A stable ,ill be aitlaol:hed to the helots', wilh god accommeedn til:s fr ieorsee nsld carring-s. iilel rate horses and neuLlnget eiil lsue be kept fill" hire at eoderae prieos, eand ril nd leow eoati oith persons to nannge them for ilhe use 1of llttls. liliiardl nnd ethel amuciMlenlt trIUllI fiIlrat atl nte'rilg planer, will also be firnlshei d nld st 'c rlductcrl not n to tterdlfre ejilh the ecOmlbrt and ,iet oo tilhe boardere. Tlhu winte and liquorn will be ofl tlhe bet quliy, and to enosure a all spply of ic, a cnrgo hle aiready bone ordered, which will arri e aboult the l-tl t Slay." .li Fredterick lisroard, who formerly kept sopopular a Ieirl at \\'uasiieton cit,tvili coned.ct this hl el Ife tile pr.pretor, ,eho, ritth suck nid,confidently assunea tile t sio's of loast ecar, and hio ti-ieud. generally, bhat they will rterive e ery poseible atteontioin; and thereeb elpects to givee gteral satitlaeclieon. the local edvnt;tges o" tlits house are too vell knewn to need a letg. erned deoription btre. TIFe fetes iat Penstcola it tle lergest nrael station of tihe (iov'rl;meern tile grecural of Ithe Gilftquad. rae; the es:klubrhiv of is einmate refreshled constalontly du ting te sllllter erlotlhs by tile coolest t raeees frum ire (;irll; the lbeartr of the bey and the neighboeing. island- aod .itere; ihe' attndanco and deliieaey of tle i- Mitdh witch thle weaters Ibound; and i.s proximity to tlle,ehort iSouthern markets, eive Pensacola the pee lereane over nil other places in these nlatitudea, as a healthy and deligeiteui sumne rc etreat. IFirst rate bouts e ill tt oltwect Penaecola and lo Iile, and will at all times he allo to take the pasaengere frolt tlto New Orleens boata. N B ARNOLD. Penrete,, F eb 150t, 1Eii8. Q3 (ientiienem wrni."ile to engages roeml for their Isuntilie, call address the pelnrieoter, at P'ensacola, or Phr Sewll n lTayloer, tile trner Irulpreltort, at 1mew Or. noee+. - •" !etas.rers P., ft. ra ++eel T 'reef.- r1,re.rl, tir (' Ctdlint, P Ucirlpin, $eq., l. ijild~,, in Slob ih; 8 7' 'I 'loer, I' I' en, Esq,in Ner. I' S-A letlel bLee, to receie eetaellttrieation for e perots at Ihe tor Ie ho;el, is pilaed at Gnu tVh'unan' odie, 51 at Chairoles etlh age. 1I+312.IDA RiOUTE FOR NEW YORK. l' 'I'rovcliers desitrus of larilrg tire Fleorida roeta, vie a -,,te, d,e Nerth, enc ioteere rd thrt .ilat rate hbots till eontant;I rten Iron. .leilie to Peneerlel4 tearenc ltohrlh end- 'euenee h. -wirre tother dn- after the let of lert. Gid .ertaees cill alcays he Ilrmvlded . file FI!l'ZPTI ·tI.I U ill rC diaessl Iakeleeseagterml rg loleile, in trea of t/ltteilu ultblla holts N it ..htNOID. 'thtt rtor.lm.ot Chaml.ilin .nnav,' tehile. fr ptre l , - , k fib jte e

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