Newspaper of True American, January 30, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated January 30, 1839 Page 3
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1000 SPANISHI Mill Douller, i tr rl'at jn26 EExhrtaOre ffir, 7.i Cartl at O-RTHERN EXI:IANGEi--llir f Ex.rhaltug to New York, at shurt sihter;ImIIl ,at 31 ald Ilf do t. Apply to ANDIlEWS & Ii, at jaw U -2Gt . _ 50 ('_my_ s SOAF SUGIR1I bla in atore, and for oale by LJJ26 J TIH.\YEI & Co, 74 Poydras st Gi-)-NG and tale Khee fsolr lo by Sja2 READ & BAliA I'OW, 7 Bank Place, 9 - ATE-15 cases sweet Ckoeolate, landing J. rom ahbip Conanntiae,for satile by jn26 ISAAC BRlIGE k CO, 134 Ma.razne s at WA1'EER BOO~-10f Ansear thiek writer bots, for sale by ISAAC BRIIDGE & Co, jIa2 134 Marnaine Pt lAVANA SEItARS-35 M. Prineipe Havana Set .L ars, in quarter boxes, r j326 ISAAC IBRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine MAY3RAL'rY OF NEW ORLEANS. T HEprioee l ro'lth floor to-day is $8 t00perbarrel .L acordling to the tariff; the tbakers shall give du ling the nonsing week (frmn Monday 28th 36ouro a of bread for a lut. Bread of the second quality is required to weigh 25 per cent. nore, ,iz: 45 laout a. Jan20 C. (;ENoIr, . tayor. OAN CEMEN, inding from ship Elizubeth I ram London, fr sole by jar26 READ & BARSTOW,7 Bank Place. SUGAR on plantation above thei city, for nlo by, S d26 READ & IIARS'RtW, 7 Bank Piece ON SOAP-2-0b btoxes in sore for sole by ABIRA \I I'ttllK,31 Gravior at RM CANDL.E.--150 b tets its store forsle by 6jat6 ABRAHAM 'RIER, 14 lravier st .iIAFOES--2. hsmprs-n-ll Im rrel. relchl rotatoes, of a soperior quality, landing fur sale by o16 L HI GALE, 913 Comnmon st C ORDAGE-- An invoice of tarred Rope, assorted ases, for sale by READ & BA R'I'OW, jai0 7 Bank Place L NDSEYS.-50 balesLowell I.indseyn, landing for sale by S'ETSON & AViERY, ja7 88 Ornnior at SACKEIREL--209i birl , t.d 151 htallf M.s. Nsa. !t,2, & 3 Mackerel, in tore antd for srale by jaIlO J I'HAYIIL & Co. 74 Poydrt tst ANTED-A partner wilth a capital of O$10,0i0O, in a general commission e& Blrokrage business about to Its eetsllished in tlhis city. A line, addressed to A. B., Box 9. Post Office, stating when an interriew may be had wilh real name. will be considered strictly confidential, and meet with attention. jat-St.eod ______ __ I ADIES' Velvet Riding hlot, of the latest styles Io als by GiOS.dIP &L Co, St Charles at, 18 Exchange Ilote C f ANIFOLII WlttEILES- Wiltoa'o Iamproved ManlloldWriters in every style, just receirved at the BAZAAR, corner of St Charles and Common ate. BUSIt & AI.I.AN, nov30 Exchang lintel. 3 T EXAS LAN) SCRIP Full ASA --'l'-The suhecri bere offer for snlo twenty Flots of six hundredI p aed forty acres I 'land, each. BIn thle nat rl the L.egin lalure tleia script can Ihe held and 'located by flreigcner, and is transterablc by assignment. 2 ovt) '1'110Tu S I.I: & c . CO. p OIK-Mesa & Prime, at the inLsptien, for lea by . jut G I)()IISEVI', Noe aLvate G UNNY BAGS-3-3 bales in *t.r, fi r stale by q alb . 441 New levee I T1) I.I'T. tw c storv duelling house, Nn. 6,Tri ton streetir lit rivoli :ircle, standing back iv from the street, having four rooms, well fin q ledtwo estory kitc:hen with for rounao,eistern, well c and every cenveienre to miak it a comlirtulte resi-. dene fore sian/ll Ilucily dciiae. of living ,'elirent. Ad plyt J. OI'. steel FASIIItJNAFLE PA lld -MII.I.INEII .. - I E saubscribr has the honor of innrninio the i in doies, that he hat reerived per ehiis and IMreneo. a .upply uo tolla I lI onltr 31nilejl rv.nat he lotent and richest maoteiinln in I'nla,vi, .icli lr. asclanhn epecrots to heret IIe)PelPid t roedy Ib exam-n iaetien oa M.nday and "'iccu"da acst. I) B' nANIAN, A ' AI.E IOPE. --11 clIn, KcIIlucv Lslu rine to stareand for sale by I 'IAI'c.t/ &t.t), jat4 741 Povdre nt BAZA I R. Corner of St. Carlet 48 Comnmon streel, XCH ANGE iI)TEL,. - USI & A.I.AN would repecifullly call the at .teosion of citlzenl and itongtlgr ii Ilteir co;t p'te alnsrtu(nt el (;eutlrzneh'·i hn,-n -hirts, do, c,.mbric, with linen tronta. fashionable linen fromll: Illnn i ol Ears: silk, cotton ail merino under shirls an l drawers: canlbrie and silk haindkcilC blacI k tllld fIni etla vat in Igreatl varict,: tirik/ 11 ieery dlscrititnni: elastie anl cotton su.|sprn"1rr,: ciiLk i, tl, i ln a d thr-,, * gloven: gents bhniu glove- : 1aih thain cad anues goul llliult ed. Also,-Sl..1eididI s.rltl.lett of IndtI and en llt vsti tingdesks, diel+i ecaeste, ion t'.laos eI.,lim.,iv, cut ecry, nld rich I',.cy gooda. novllI A1 the um'tr deat, v of the. o-r fiber, U ,.tio ft. , us I .'e d I',l|e, all Sit.,- ' h, P.'h te" lair, .. rin.;, .awi ',iy I (i ro don, a U!Ual b J. Ti l. AM.l.i .M. a ifII :I.I. , t oollh nd An icvne i a l v, lti'iel., hn , , o ,n utrll me nt . will (oIrt al the lod S e t. -, t i' :ite hii e :o.. c talce, cip . plilliOl and iTllstrlti.n. a , all .,:utur -it a l icel he w sain l ed in Texas, It-l. ~i. i will in allt, inte. lteg, written instructidoa, sad id n cai.f ,;.eat i/,port:tie, will atte il il i's i tt up l l o (', s I o l' It." 1 it in pinmesion of atl th/ `aitnSh tand lixiean Oid/ - anceeand liln soa lt w i )tien, tihe lsiteal cvil law leli yiaAa cd Titles, In all cases in ,hatih Ja.s as. 11aili ii i, rmained on an attorney and L.nd .\nt in 'i'exa' h a ill receive any eoni.tanee, Hid advuic, a01 a0 cnneiltlr. ja7 Joe- tI WII('E .t CYCLOPAUIEDIAS! DLCTIONAAlIES!1 EE's Cvclopnedin, .17 vol-., Edinabrg INcylo-. pEedia, 18 Vns., Prnny 'ycloladia, vol llith. Eocyclopadia Aluer icons, )3 vols. Pclry nccine fo4r 183:17; Gortou'o Biugraehi.kol tlieionaery, : vod; WValker's iHctionary, I vol. Buyer's Dictionary, I vol, Webster's do I vol. Johnson & W'alker's D)ictioary, I vol; Newman & Ltarrett's I)ictionarv, 2 vols. Johnson's lictiouurv, IvuluuoWbebstnor' Dictiaon rt,. 2 vi s; Boyver' l)itionary, 2 ,vol Also a large supply ofEnglish Soavenira. &de, for "by WtM McKFA N, ale i car Camp dwl Comnuont 3 D RY GOOD", t:.)'lTIIING, &c. The subscriers have in store for sale, .J0 bales and cases blkenchd and brown damestic n ,hirting n and naeaingt N 60 do Lowell cottoun,7.- , 4-4, and twilled, 5 do .owell black nixendcolttaode, 10 do UDiua Hampdlire drilling, 10 do sperk white Angola Ilannel a do white, green and mixed rching and f rltiong 40 do and caneanegro cloths, onsiing of mixed cordoers, krasey, r,d iplinrblack mixed w- of tertwist kerteys, wnahiaetan and warwtck jeans, mixed, plaid sand other lindseys, oi 0 cases French and Americai printls, various qual. S Iner, anl 4 do sattinetsn drb, block mired, and lilac mix ed, w 4 do super printed pongeem nd sorenet ankr- U chiefs, e 50 bales heavy brown Russia sheet aigs, 150 do aGunny Bags, aoull, medium nud largo si 50 cases lantuaandginghan unmbrellas, .6 to 3e inch, 30 casks winter strained sperm oil, 30 do sumertrstrained sperm oil, SI 700 boxes sperm cadleg. various qualities,on 20 do toarowtcotdreo, 800 do roop, various brands nnd qualities, I10 do whl, anid drn todfish, S5c0 eases swenet Snlnlh cnocolaeo, it boxes tobacoen. Bb, 12 lb and pound lumaps, t 80 do llyson Ten; 5 chests younglhyeon too, Sicily nadeiro wine in pitto, half pipes and oruar tercabks, brands of ItnEtlam, 1'izo, 3nid Colli, 00 coils hale rope, of supelior quality. it 150 casks Bostou nails, 75 cases call;kip, seal and thick water wter boots, 150 do calfnd kip brogano, for ttoa, boys nod youths, 50 do russet negro brogans, boys, tmaes, nd ex tra siees, 20`do men's shoes, pinrnt nd slippers, 0 do ladies', misses aond children' slippers anld boot', 150 do cloting, of various qualitieo cousisting of t joakets, pantaloons, veatse, shirts and frocks, I adapted to tile elsotr, 1 50 boxes paste bkian, I ba 2 gross each, 400 empty Molsn as Ihnrheads, in older for filling. 6 nases playungcards. 0 setsStevens' potent nbalances,wnrranted correct; 10 salamanderiron chests. jail ISAAC BRIDG E &, o, 3 Mlagnirner u-NGLSH ANNUAI.S FOR 1830-The Book at Royalty, superb cl'd plates. Finden's Tableaux, Fiednn'n Gallery of Graces; Fisher'n Drawing Ikooe Scrap Book; lneauty's Costutnes; Budo and Blossonosi Woverly Keepsake; The Imlnrial Oriental Annual; Forget lin Not; Caricature Annual; Friendship'n Oftrrirg; Juvenile Sketch IBook; Young Lades' Annuanl; Young Gentleman's. Annual. dnterieni Analous. Thi Token nnd Athlttic Souertir; The Violet; Thei Gir; 'Thr Juvenile Forget-Mc-Not. Just received and toorle by W McKEAN de03 corner Capll l ap t ot]{. n O sl q O IL, C -'.'SES, &e.-8't bila 'lTanner's Oil 30 bb!s Fall asrainod (Oil .tO ialon Kero,cn 110 Saioks 'l'otrk Irsland Salt 300 Empty tln lasres hbls in stcre end for sale by jl"? L H (G \..E, 93 iu;melnn it R CE.--5'1 aocks, nd :20 hItlfsks ptimn Csrdlica Rice, landing lion brie thbntlh, d ttirnr se by jab2 J . .. iA iE ii & V Cu, 74 i'octlran at F O R A I.Fc:-- ,A L...e Dl e, (. li,,.l .npl,, 175 Rampart it. j'18 BY IIEIVLETT & Cu'NAS. SYNDIC'S SAI.E. .' jl, .ce said on Monday, luth. of liehruary, it 11 o'clek, at tho (itv xchlianrge, St. L.ouis s:tce,;, inll virl of alt orde, fIn il la 1 'l ri.,h ,'ou I. for tit lPaih od city f .'a Now (.rlaioi . Ilted lthe 71h o7 .etit under thte direction of 1ithe byodic, the Idoinle derr'rib ed Iropetpv, aourreodeed by Gabriel eortge Ulenoy to his credito'r,, vii.: I. Four loit of Ground, Not. 59, 60, 61 nld 62, litua- t tell in Iarrollton. Nos. 59 and 60 miasuring eich 25 t liet front on 11tl street, by 150 liet in delrth Nois. 60 and 60, Iitvint the sollre irout of ' ft. on Iienetvle at, by a like deplI. Itoog t of C. Pores by Notartnl Act rinesed bifore Lba Gaurdeur, Notary Public, the loi of May, 1837. 2. lot No. 5, i qnsqure No. 1a, iu Rnbluh Washilgton, 3It Municlpality, meae"iimg`9 feet 2 itelhes front ton Morales street, between Port and St. Pordliaod arttiots, by 100 feet in depth. lio ghi o r L. S. -lillegborg, by act hefiore T. Segher, Notary Public, the 28th o Febert ary, 1837. o 3. Five Laotn of Ground, Nos. 8, 9, 10, ItI nd 12, ia qunare No. 24. i suburb \VWanshli.giton, ..1 Maunicipalily, Noo.8I 9 and 10, Ivlig eaoh 31. 1. 6. on Murnnt ot, between Morales ntd Lrqluhart starreetr, by 107 feel in depthl. No. ii having 31. 9. 6. feet lon Maimt stret, by 107 feet on Lrquhart street and No. '12,having 31 teet tin Urqullart street by 171. 3. b. foet in depth. Bouahl of F.. Burtha by act before L. Ferand, Notary Public, ithe 21st February, 1837. 4. Eight lots, Non. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 1, 19, 20, in eqouarn No. 54, in subtrb Washington, 3d1 Munloiiality. No.13, formn tile earner ,tf ,retach and Urquhart sIreets; measuring 31, 9. 6. feet on French street by, 1(1, 11. eel on Urquhart itr:iet, ntd Not. 14 15, 16, 17, 18, Il and 2, each measuring 31t, 1. 6 feet front on Freinchb street by 106, II. feet in depthi. Iouglt froam if. Burtho and Toa Duplesais by ont panned before L. Feraud, No toy Publie, the °.1t of Fobroary, 1837. O. One lot on Vine stlret,near ihe new Cannl, bougell from Georoc Andrews, by privats net, dated the 18lih Matrch, 1837 (Gee. Andrewa and wife nacquired title from N. liaoles, to this lnt whilch inesures 25 feet front on Vine street, between the Floidl, landing and the Imotdnrv between Suburb, St. lMary and oelord, having 125 eet in deptlh. Terms and Conditionsu--One third in cash neil the remaonining two thirds of the rice of eachl purchase, r payable ia6 and 12 months. Tihe purcltoser giving hlisa notes with one geod endorser, and iorlgago retained Suntil complete payment. The acts of oale to be panaed before H. B. CENAS, Notary Public, die purehlser paying the Notary's. fees, ann the expenses of taking peaosesion by a surveyor, if neceauary. jal2 PAR IIIEWLE"r &. CENAS. VENT. PIAR LtE 8YND(C. 1 L sera vendl Ia 1.undil0 8ctrier, A 12n hInire., A lh Iouraede : itt','en verlu d'un doerr de lI rour de perei .e,ipoar Ia paroiose el eille dole Nonuvelle Otte ens, ell date d 7 c s eirnant, anus Ia diretion du aye di, les pprrieten ,ivancee, bandonn6ee par (iabriel Uecril'e ny da sea crcnnciers: m. anntre lots de terre,,,s 59C , 6l, et O'u, altes iA CnraoltOi; cts. r59 et i0 mslearnt 25 nds rhnqio ar:e A In rue One sir 151 poieda Iln 1rmilnJialrt no 60 it c , cheque, 25 piedc de Cace A Ia rue Ileaerr'e, nur ace mepoeiroflnaedr-nchete ldeC I'ere. p ir un cote de Legardeur, .olt. ptlitic lo 10 mti 1 bl?. 2. Iot no. 5, d nal 'iltel 15, f bo r Vet ct eg W netihnct an. 3 onicaitlia mu.ri mtndne pll etr2 t ruae ilcreleca titre ea te oni du Port et Freeiiand, slt 100 ptoda enc proaondcur--oenr [c de 1. S t'ilh'Rli.tcre, par n.te d.o nant ' Heghera, not. puali. te 90 rcie r 1837. 3. s5 Ls de leirree. ur, 8,, i',d'ic Itile n0 14, ai fNaubolirg WantioegtoLna, Ilnlitoi Tti R3, nis t9 t 1 0i a y a n tehiet u I . 6 r Iltn r u lla n u, en tre r .lrlten ect UThe iert, eIr 1' h reiedt dO proI<niriiIrr no II yant 31 irrs 9 6stir ln raen Munlal sicr 11t7 tied raeur In ru e 1rq h 2rte 1 h tir IliT rue r C - quhiecr if l toiteda 3 pI u ligall re n pe dniieII r-i te d1, I cirthci, ar cte deivt t L Fare ud, io pichr Ile nt ivcier 118187. 4. itct Lcta, ncs. l3, 14,15,18,17. itR, l1t clD0 danc ' ec -l 24, nfcuciiliirg 08 ahitgliit, 31- Maiiultcillte, It 13 l rnnie caigrure dce ruec din Fbreaiei or qulairt, in.murnee 31 p d9 pnr lig ear t ar ue d.c Fre, . car. r 108 pd It p. lur lI r Ce Urqtiarli t lc e t or. 14,15, i, 1 7,18, 1e 9,c hque t rlnc o e ( Ill d I tI G lgde Care a I ruie : an Feyniirta. r ic t l| Ihir fidcolld--.a,'tiete tie [F!trie ,tlcilln 1fe t)uiiiocoic teer uTIPt\ en. tI. Ferudndti. pnb, Iie 1 T l riir l c 3. 5. C'1 L',t cue la icer di te Vfunll, r(io'iti dun' tluV( ll Tacn:i, aoP e tin e0e aii(;bi- iee 1Aa- c t ,, ) repr cti, \ l dlit, ,dIr lllolr. (837" ijrg- ,\ tr eo. oet. s l e tI ciqatrent le tite d,." N Ilolmt, n r'ct I.(, ituii 'slr.i ,5 WI- i4c ( '"i, ii tn rio it, tc Viznec i-.t,, te d~mcd g~,iridmteitta tliucitoe ii,,ninrr(iticir it.. lthtab,1r t lonre,,, e- sliy,,, nnlaI 25 I t:ei.. lie ir nilltc, tiolh ,iiill l,-n tarlnr CiOlen.ll ll1 l lti nl llllre I tiornua uit Ini.ns, t'iiquereur dn,,nl i', billttt nvie in-cI dItIeneCr,i i tliituciliiiu'itiprfot ta , lennneitiu in, iii d III. it not rb ineiiitao itiut1 Cctiirntiue'soeiii eta iene I~ • rere uqeldlinko flit S~ll ., (:optlialls anld th.e moult pololiar ioiiu otaif lthi c kiXItctiit. .081 ('tIARITh, iitf aIt Meccxiao, OVisa Inditte., tioiac Ilhauck, l'ren Flqlri hlf . .(illli or Ilrazil. Mei\P (~le· 1 el rlelt e--|..l* lq O 1 Afriell--:':l. Ge~lrzl'., (:l;hnlal-.-l~li'lnhh (:hullnel., &C.e N. II. TIclleoia .llllottv Ite reliedII enec lullli irl NilIllst lie-rt nitnill om~li,m ee,'tiiv0to iien lnc e Ird tl,an eri llu lle.hi.r nttu lid f lo niiliri )AI .(.I "1' l ,% ). tieaiYocturc, eio~ler. Iuta],NlI.i . 1 Ii iruise J Itu t t I . '' J' lll ill· .tl(:1 1 tll \'.1~ 'll. ]'l. ,l illi l: rli\5: 115 P d lK .--i3 bli* 1, ?,h'"s l',,i....ll r. lj ie IY i I. II . I s.l. , '1 Lillll'VI a11 t 1llllTl ill I',1. t Ill lr P hvirl8ss, i I]. luiV'IVl'""llc, I lhld of sal.P~lrlt~ q livt,r IIII·lt. b In 4 O .i Ihlt,. . INnu : l,.it, clidi it oilt i. e - ' \t - ii 7i~l,t ic-n lC. .-,,ib l.i..,,.e rrs I1 -75 (to liuic *li| ll. " 1 [no t ii i I 1,1, i llf t ,eia, I l f ' . tic u- c .l~iJ 1i tIS 18 xyiitlt 0t. I C j 111 otliii. l e.l h acoI oc & 11, t, [,, i,' lil r',t ie PAINT i andi, lil. AINaTea a yd iclutch linseed oil received Icr ship Engle Irlan BI'rnlrn, lo harrel I.: lsh ineed oil rre.ei d per ship | liziuabeh fr nl l I oudon, 10i) hurrel Is brown iauller'a ili, 0 carn - chalk, 100 borrs tpapish hhVing, 1101 kegs Philadelphia hlite leabj , 60 kbegs rieio piot, 3 0 keg red 1nd blIck do, - Chrome, green and yetlow, &c. &c. o I' u aseal seannd for salel i JARVIS & ANIiR.FVS, ja n5 colD er Cmainneo &r c thiull e ath,. -0 E-le'-rY abdla. ,d tha ee. , lor a le ab 3il/6I1Al.L & BROWN, jeil 96, oarlozine st ' h ASIRS Pees Ilaidkerhiifs, hiof hindsie pion. alera, for sale by rs l i . I1P &M o, jaln St Chailet at ldxchango m lotel 4h CLTTIIING-2 casee flannl 111l-cttonis-itiiped, for U sale by • SIILL & BROW.N, j24 b96 Mhagauine at. N NEW lOOil.-tch h i.wl a en o n. The Onsly Daghter, a domesti toallry, by the athorse el of te "Subaltern," &. i c. l vals. iri Mary Rnllone load other Talet by Mrs Gore Cuthor-n set o" ' Mothere and Daughters," dc. in t2 volt. The Heir of Selwood, by the autliress of "Motithers Pe an DON Puhteris,' ic.T int vol landin which is added Henrietta hiarrison, or thr hae t othtn Umbrella, bh Miss Leslie, auihor of "Pencil Sketch- at en," &e. in one vol. Oliver T1wist cooliete in 2 vols. by Bo, cheep edi- Pt tio. Just reeived and for sal e by jan8 cor Camp and d. a monlneta SEtv IOttCEt-ltoib if.tie lon'I, a Legenl of St. Lt erres, i dothea itth) aofSwaior L ardon P'Horter, Shoe holntonit'8u. &c. fa 2 vote. Just reetived nod reaoley WMAI AI'KAN, J ell cor Cnp er& Ct y, put i -ONDO P!i E - LH ,liid Murtco Ale landieg il from shii (rwell, from Liverpool, and for sale by t ja 13 nderagaie t: 30 ckay, clre doza eid) i Tperlor London Porter, - 20 do ar. Bartmn Ale; al tI-Chester. pyche. of tle very best qhliyer, port in tin boxes, and flm 8 tan 46 to ach. ja253 cJOIrNtez & Co, St Charles s S AAC BRIGE& CoENT ja2a 134 Magazine at CITY BANK, New Orheatns i6 Dee. 1832. o IIIE Board of Directorsn if tie Intutlton have this 1 day declared a Divid'ud tof Tae/ace per tent. on of the Capital the o of pyable to o Stoill Iere, ornt , their lgal rereelltatives,on or aflir Mondav, the 21st January, 1839. O Tl. J. PALI ItAY, 28 3 Canc t r A V RUG TORE FOR '-1 ALE-Situalnd in, Tchapitoulaa street lnqiltre of H BONNABFIL, ja .i3 eor Natchez & hpito Bank Pletace JO P WHTO ENT, 1 Exchange le, a few ioor i nro ditely ttwo tce. U forthe f il dweollg hotuecored siten , ubo reond o srota otreet. To good tenants thtne aill le rented ow. They are well adopted lt small uoilius. Ap lly to IlOYLIE & MAY, jived3 3 Codlla t ist SIVERPOt)L SALT--Id0 socks conrse and fioe, Il anding ind i1l store fir sntio by jaIl9 IIOLItS & MiLLS, Banke Place JOSEPH Al WHITE. t'oun-ellor at Lao; Oihie Exchange lace, a few doors from the Poat Oiece. GUNNY BA(IS--Oi lites ausorted sizes, jnat re ceived, aid ftr soale by jol8 SHA L, J 1B fiWN, 9il Migazie et RI"-EN APL'LES--10, tibis in li, iordee, it the htiiadiig, Isi'r sloe iy U liIl{gSEY', jao_____1 iNew Levee (/ l iDEl--tl hits recrtifid, t Ilio Iladn.y Ibr -ile Ily is i tllIIORSE'Y.II New I 4 fOi(K Kie ler, who has it presilll, only his tvo - illg' oenipIieid, woiii.l tI11 to uitke an engage nle mat fior the reielioaloc of lia time. Cun give nv sat. It isfaetion a t,. rility lil rl character. A ine ad eos, - I B C, liux i51i, Pont (Oilce, will be attteldad to. lia int.--tf bY p LANK BILLS EXiHt I Noes. Rills lading, Ii Foreign clli Si CoCus:o a ulhea paiaers f elver 15 derilllio ot : l ion D Il"Fl.T 1- h'o, I'-Al N 1' tatioiie rs lull," t hlllrr; I bHIPPING. For Europe. S The Al new and fast oiling h(ipllEV ALI.It- Calrpt Knight, having Imost of her g i.cargo engaged, and going on b1lord. ill nert with mi e ate espatclt. Fa rfreight oll11 h.Ie o al ton, or passage, having supetior acormn odations, apply to ja28 L IIl GAI.E, 9.1 Commuon i FOR LIVERPOOL. The Al British brig LADY MARY FOX, T'olbey, master, having the greater part of her cargo eaaged and gueig on board, will we,.t with immediaote depatnelh. Fur alanlece olf freight or passage, apply to lie Captoin on biord, or to :t25 L. I GALE, 93 Caimmo at FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I fast coiling ship UNITED STATES, Capt. Barr, having most of her ncargo engaged, will have despatch. For freight of two hundred hales, or passaget apply to ja22 S & J P WHITNEY,73 Camnp at FOR IlIVERPOOL. Sor At ship canl take 2110 bales rcotton, and will positively sail ot Saturday neat, 19ti inst. jo15 I. H GALE, 91 Common a FOR HAVRE The A I and fast railing ship JOHN IIOI.LAND, Capt. Jourdan will receive deapaleh having the greater part of her oar goengaged and going on board. For freight of cin hales cotton, or aetsge RappyR to GEOIGE I ERISEROT, Royal st jal2 or to I. H GALE, 93 Common at FOR LIVERPOOL. The fine ship DENMARK. Lovett, mas ter, will have immedinate despatch. For freight of 200 hales cotton, or poage, apply to_ jab L H GALE, 93 Conmoo st FOR LIVERPOOL. Tihe I feast sailing ship ST. JAMES, Capt. I) Hcwe, master, will have immediate Sdespotch. For halacre of freiglht or passage apply wo jal S&J I' WIIITNEY ,73 Comp st FOR LIVERPOOL. S The flue new Al Barque BYRON, Benrean, will have immediate despatch. For freight ofo2n0o haler cotton, or passage lhvi i g If aod accommodoaions, apply to d29 L Ii GALE, 93 Cnmmon-st - FOR IIAVANA. .. 'Ithe Ost sailing cippered A I brig LUNA, Captain Hallest, willi sset with it! ,t mediate despatch. For freiglht of 00 iarrels; or the bulk thereof, or passago hnaving splendid for isihed ncecommodations, apply on hoard, opposite the Triangle stores, d ulllniCipaliY.or to js25 W PORI'EIR, 95 Common st Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK-Pan.ago Only. The At last sniling shi CHARtLOTTE, Captain Rice,. aill receive imnlnediate des - mpaetrli. For panssge only, having ruperior d nccmunrdntions, apply to the (aptain on board, or to - jaG9 L I (;Ai.1,9Q:3 Corinonnt FOR NEW YORK. The fast sailing enppered brig lIAR. RIET' Capt. Fiblr,will have despatch. For freight or IpssapL , Ipply to j- 9 S & J I' WlIIS'I&'NIJY, 72 Camp ts FOR NEW YORK. Passage Only. S The A I fast sailing rhipr CIIAI1IO lI'E, Capt. Rice, will meet witll it W tRediuat dle patlth. Ftr paacngs only, hlarinr rnperiar acn.o rrdalinsa, apply to LII , jaoil I9lltot3 tcaonnot FOR N E ,, YORK. S The Al fat sailing oarquea VIRGINIA, Win Sinearr, mldter, Imvillg piart of her car go ergaged, will have deaspatch. Fror balance r-dfrelght or passage, aplyl to Caltasi. oil boardl, rltpo site root 14, ctd mtuciepbality, or to jna:6 S &J I' WIll '1<1.7 .it- ar FOR NEW YORK. The A I plakel t slhiin W RSW. W\VR. P Ilacutell, mht,-r, wants _00 tales to fill uap. For frlioglt or pnenlgR., atplly orn Ibotrl, or to lu2 0 l EAI) & IA I 1tnV, 7 lBauk t.e. 1on.brig IO)XY tl, fur pcage, apply to & J P VIII .-_ 73 Carrp Pt I - -- FOIR BOSlION. The I ast r ailing mpperrd shlp IlIANO SVER, (apt. Jan ,l w ill ave cecspateir; for frt-igltl of '_ ll barrels, or Il.rrstg . iapl ly to ja29 8 & J P WHIT'INEI, 72 Camp st FOR BOsTON. The Al barque BIiAVFR. J Edlmondo, tnastrr,iwill lave i elllUledliate ctl palell. For fceightlr, niply to S & J P WIIIINEY, FORIOSTON. TheR A I h n PIIEl)VI \N, W Smilh 'master, will Ihave iumedliarlel dlnltch.l l For fifty lons heavy feight, oplclV to S& ... P WAIm'r.N , 73 Cmnp ,t 1P01{ NEW YORK. TIe NIei York aot d .N'er Orleans Linre. [1 l llekt lc olf tht ',]lh illt. tare J " Ili.c.el, will eail punctually. Fcr tfreilht or !tragei, ualply mIr board, opposite SIt I'lhp At.r~et, or to j I 'l'lTER I I.Il)I.AW, 63 Camnp At FOR NEW YORK. ' The A I Iiatl sailing bri, AICr.l Jor . vill lave drsptca:lh. For lr atge, lhavinrg ,ro r cr tn o icrrloidltionS, a ply It, jll9 \VI PORTER, 95 Coommottc FO PI'IIILADI:LPRIIA. tarhe I. w l..t ri..t.g larqtue CIIAN 11 I 4, r ' ITICI. I , l'c, ( ' ulfttina , CIratlre, nans t tie t . =. h0-, elk nll00 olan. cotlton to crrttttPle ter car Irr. olr .ighlt of whiehr or )riracge, Iavirre rrnd ar c.culdatiora apply to S & J P VWII'I'NI,;\, __._I_____ 73; I'lunpost I· _. The now cud fast sailing shinp I'I IARiSAA 1.1 , It. rWiadorr, 1l stier, n Ill Ita r ie= - 0 o mediate I,+.l)pt'hj. For tieiglr if 2_11 balen .trln or ralrSSagr, Itici splrlid a'olnruaadlicnrt, cply ou board, rlplnosit re ileOrin COltclto I'Prre, or FOR FREIGIlT OR CIIAI'I ER. I '.I'l che oClrMAIONt J TAoIN ry, master, 600tI barrels b.rboan, ps pl It EY, ' -a_6 73 p s ILO .NF,\V YORIK. Tile new schr WI ILIAAI HART, Capt. F Cason, will have despaatlch. For freigkt of 5 hhlda. on dic, apply to oily jal 8 &h J P WIIIP TNEY, 73 Camp at FOR NEW YORK. HOLMES' LINE OF PACKETS. O ail punctually as advertised, for each plrt-The s line will aonasiat of tle fo lowing ships-a iz: Ship Nastville. Capitas Wood. Arkanasa, Captain E S ihnnic, Alabama, Captait C C Berry, Orleans, Captain 8 Seara, De Vickaburg, Captain J Ilunker, leca Panncea, Captaitn Ashliy. The abnon ships are ail of the first class, coppered, Sit and ccpper fastened, and were built in New York ex pressly fr thlis roilde-they are of tight droaught of we tor, and almaost invariably cross the bar without deten tion 4 iThear packets are commanded iy Captains well ex- p pertnencel in tie trade, and will alwoas exert tincmselves to accommnodate. They will ala ayes be towed up and down the river, and will prcotpily sail as advertised. They have handsomely furnished cccnmccndoilsand j stores of the first quality will always be funrnished, and every attention paid t the comfort and satisfaction of The price of the cabin is fixed at $80, without wine oa liquor. SFr firther particulars apply to A COIIEN, n28 90 Comuonu treet/ t Sl'l'h ships are not accountable for breakage of gelans hollow ware, marble. or granite, cooperage. tf lin, orrustfia itn or seel: our responsiblefIr tanv Ipackage I or parcel put on board, unless a regular bill of lading beh signed tlherefor, t tih omei of ti e agents. oNew York 4 Nae Orleanus Line. A LINE of packets h been established to run he. tween New OrIeaL atnd New York, to conaast of five first rate shipa, vie: iShip St. Mary, R WIV osetr, master, iRepublican, J G Russell " f SAuburn, II P Durfey, new buildhng, The ships were built in New Vork expressly for t trndel ar of a light dnraught of water,n and wil not be asubject todetotiona at the Blar 'li'heiru cotcodationn if far passengers coe prise all that may be required f0r cc cotfort alnd convenience; and theairc cottnnaunders are etn olre ip euce. Lntl thea thip ncw building are ct:ntpleted, two first class ships h ill sppiy tl:eir 3 iLhe greatest puctullity will be observed in the time of sailing, and every reasonable accommoudation edteuded to p sentcerss.( For further particulars anpply to Mncssrs. Johnson - and Snowdcn, No. 86i Wall street, Now York, or to a d IETER IAIII.aWdi Camp st FOR FREIGIIT OR CIIARTEIt. The esuperiorsahr JULIA ANN, Web- I ster, cnaster, carryitng 12i hhds. is ready to rescive freight fo" a norlnern port;will go up or downo tile river to loand. For termnns. it ltly to jail SHlALI. &. Rt IWN, 46 Magazine at e WANTED e A snall brig, capable of carrying 200 e hhds. sugar, and load for a northernc pot. Apply to . Ii GALE, c- ja15 9.1 I otnuuc t FOR SALE, FREIGHT OR CHARTER. st 'Theb ig EIIL:LINE-van excellent res Seel in every rcspecl, bout 11100 tlns burtben, t or will carry 15U hhds. Appll.y cni toard,np ,, 1site Ht! Old l.vee. jul6--1t y CARD , O "'1 LADIES. ,nae , IIL.IAM BELI., No. 10 Cllttre streetl coitin S Pines to puchase old brcken Jewelry, ol cgiold or silver in any fort whatever, and pay the highest tice i.iOrleans. i .- diea h-, n.any have old fauhioed gold jewelry, si' : ear ornamlenets,chains, ieek·cneins, blucekles, cinger rings, or in fact acy articles of the lince, whiei is Icing i,!e land of no use to tlemlll, can enxchlange thtiPaulllc to ,c , ro icad n cctag,, by callini nI above.n NnB-VWatches, Jewelrn and Speoctaclc. repaired in the b ,t I anaer--chargec modcrate. For the Znterior. U. U.. MAIL. FOR BAYOU SAls AND PI'.AQIUE1'INI. 1:1: 11.1;.\:.1'. ''I, r1. \ 1 iripr, (a - 1l "p. r.u aind on HSainI .at ii ,,e ame hois t6i i 1 IhquenliiP and will continue 11 rli reL.mlr tIh' balar ce 1 tlhe aeoeun, and leavepunetually at ihe lhlr advertised. A separate eaollo, all in etate rrrooa, foI ~aortetrl pln pie. For freight or 11ass.1age.llv rpls Ionarl, ir to dis ADA51S & VIIT'|,I. FOR MOBILI. The rngrurlpackrplow orrwnure steamer (ilRA I FEI , Capt. Sfiler, willleave the lake end of the Rlail la ,every THURSDAYS & tl3NI)AYS, after dtiearrival of he 12 o'clock eren, and on her re turn, leave Mobile, eivery Tuesdrysaad Fridays. For passage anpply on houard to CAPT. SWILEII. P S-Whenever a nufficient nullter of trsseaiger offer the Girallffe will touch at alnV of the iOternelllia landilgs, upon provious notice being glive to C'apl Swiler.. nllv7-tt If O O RENT.-A lot in Juli street, near the new Bn sin, suitable for a wooden lumber yaraid. Apply at 9 Bank Place. " all MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Cfulomhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR TOST. CHlAILES THEATRE, CORNER OF PovIDAS &. PT. ClARLES STREET. 9-a19-.1838. TOI It ENT'. A LARGE and conmmdiou Rootm over Iovy's auction store, 53 nlugazinestreet. Apvll to J 1V GREENE, Lit horaplmr, l tlhe premises. b N B1-The abcve would notko a good drill roam. norv JEPF'E SU~jN AGA1)EIOIY. i IREPARA'rotRY to Jeffertno Col ,oo and to oth ers crlduLted by II. (ioaoet, i. L 71. Exahange Allay, beltcan Coni tloll Ilienville. Thi; situation wa tihc IIas eligibld thatI culd he foaud beigr entirely frelice f the r1is0 of the streeta end tlle i raltling of dray trldcartitega, p Tile Joferson Academl jai dividedl into two ullo t alcots. TCIhe Junior or elo11111y depotment for the various branalh. afcomalan eoducaiol il Fornhaud ad as ERrglall-I-The senior Ilepartlltnt for Latin, l2r1hk, latlhemaatiea, &c. Punclality, ordor all diaciplnea are striclynjoindealdlad observed. 't'erms. Janial 1)epartaoeal,por month011; $10 Se01ior do 1a Spanih lol let. Bnoaa, eluaes, paper, &c. chnrged aeparalely 2nd. Alot lllhnce begnlllo be pid in till; 3rd. No delldutioll for absaneao our holidays: 4thi. InSylrlnnt to be m odell regularly evevry mouth.ll schlool bourn tIram 11- 14t 3 a'nlllllll, e0ce11 111110.1 dayr. 0ep"7 EXIJII A::NE 151>nIIINU l~g,),w T I h pllpllrietor llIe re-f0tted his IReadilng S(oon1, in the S1. IJilnrlca X0e111110, (Clornar of 1,001vi1 and St. Charles otLlgltllte neatest l-l1laller. of every oiy all(la stte. ilol Caadaas,l'eIbxa and -xi Co and Ilanovlrro. toe: moat ia regularly n1d e1xtensiv Iv supplied eill tile llatell IIt lleoean topers, 10111 noss~ld I'licu'a Pric~e Culrrent. Also villl nearlyIJ all Itu Literrary Partrrdicnls of the~ day, and hasn the re abl l, i , Ca', 1f 1he Calre1. Idenlllrg, W'e1 in'lteO leteoplollill laoaiewo and Ilackw,,loo:[ Sliagaoia. Trhe N, A.In dOlricaLl Itolelll lhb, So3,llhellr1 11iter, Knilk 1,boker,'IhA ' ltlllll'l'lllouJourl lIP Science[ an Arlt, C~hiltet hti'ei~ll nll Ilemilllrv ie r trvvlelv (;entleni l'iI( a gorilrl, A,,riclon 101001tlllv, lrenily'o Ilicclh o1,he Ileojo,, Chirurogrca I 11iew, and 1 variety 01 "lr AlIllltaeselwork: oare eulolrlylol l,ic0ibed tall,,n0a,, t ord. PThe ro11m1i1 ala, supjplied wl[ 1111 large 0011111 cf llnpe and ollytni, Nilea Ilegileer, ley's P1rie C(a; tent front it, culnnllrllrlmlcltt (inra.;eerss and a valiely of waorks ofrrefeenoe. 'l'ae 1110111 live0 & ilaellieral llal11111011ct,0l elp tloved, Il give tler ,ooliees ,rivoalo, allll III n 1111s nor 10 ten1se will b le snll'd to rollder 1hiseallInibg Ronal 1 iubsoriptlinll lllare orepefully reeio I. oct l-tfI NE' UIRLI.A.,S L £ JARItIII.lI'UN RAIl. IlAI) (J)ll1'ANY'. A1,111.1NGENIENTS FUR THIE tvt:EK DA.YS. t From lerruol an. I Finn .':ow Olies. ,orsaeCar 1a 4 o'clock, A. Stllorn Car Cl 5 u''ra II , A. Loololotivu P "I I oCull oe7 " " I 10 I r 1.;II ~ t 0 P.11 u 3 u . 4 7 r Afterl0o',-loclkotrean r a all obtid bry pa1ying 1a do tars for the, Trip. TIlE JAI'KOCINAND LACOURII S'TIEET CARS I.llnC.l,0l 11uretlstt loj,1110i1A0l.1;0d runlll ol-ly. Al eolf p,,tl o'laolk tllisalar 0ill aontinen ruooora,,,, rv hall our a, ,d ,lllllIll ' t llh ghot tll lo lay ntll l du'lu I' a1. f rom the heiliofJack-on etrect. r Perrona goilng by tlle 10culllloolva t provide ihell slves 01 with TiIcakes as 10111o0e 011il Itaken by the COnd,0 11,0 . It Odlce Nyc Ole,0 noud Crrulllal l1( 11R1 d l uno11, , Poyd rue 01,111. JOhlN II 011'SN0. ,.or.ýr . " t w r CaRI). r IE IE rincipel onf the Enli'ih, French nid YSpanishl Acadenmi, Ni.11, St. Chnarles sieet, announces to his% friends td tie puIbic eilth slaiilulitin, t.1ct hin ilnstitutoll is nowV it: (uCc'·slil Ulllrr ln t ih i II Iopen 0,0011~ to have his co~limlnenio pupils, whlichl will he limited to lilly. le nlce iie nhits lppoil i I f clipin riti pare .111m nothiiil jihwnlifliwhich rallY contribute to [lie GEORI:Ir W. SMITH,1 Fnigenn Dfittxt,frtni I'diindein,lJin, 1) B flti'on flliii iiiol1 iiutlroo oNewi Or* le annet ciiiinlit, dln·II Ino hli iýs ut No. 1lii, Ctoml Stree, nypiniituite Stle nlorae, wlhere he ill be hlaippj I0itlCd tno i-,- rr fen iol Ii %V Smilt inot haingi, previously isited tlits city taksn tlihe libirty oinelrcing from soma rt roinn~croC liirit(innis, Iiolie iil r:,ne h foinlowng litr-imoii Ga ni thise IIho . hav nowithi tii. i iiell Ibni "I take coor.t 1.1-surer in a.lyinI that I tore [,oinl rollri~l pla lIte bLqlunlto lea L·lh I1. CoIitli bo th peisuua'Iy Icl n Icn bustess onfiiils innIls . II hush rCespct, I ctn-idor I oo i a ¢entllnlnrlbibly ieitby if irho pants ii.n ~Melt e rr reivni. Asa e lnutllt I Iero never fins(l ,u porujn,.. n , I tonaidered '°p°'' '. sal foobl satirlird that whoeverlv~ cu116 drlel shell be njimid inbi ttit ho thune Iess acquainted with his, wmllu h, well by hisi ciihargnycendties d atrll*ted to him,. Air. sunillhIas op nery td tirt con-idenilel. extat fo me personally cud fur udfennbieniofin f luidy. 'TI-.i'IitiN It TIiG. From Ret. 3 nlmob lernun CliMtionary at Syr, in Greece. I" wnited in I'Iiulilpuotllno give Dir. nIlitl, fair opportu nity o1'pltinng my teeth I, orler. This Ito has done ii a mn-Lteely limitalt, andlthCle CtloI.ecn a aii,lld skil wlih wiie Iltcnnoduntn his oerlitUi ns arliiillnd only Ilniy' hi: a treat p rse--ml ro in givo every thnlgthilel highcst finish. I *tmti sfturefniie saved out onilyiiuch slfrnlg,tbuut lnni muech nluuble tinui. In. Joe. If renes in ti w ONleains:.. Jacob I''itenn.Iini. 1 Tho. Alleuin.teur it& Co., 1 Slnco. nR. Ic uardl & co, New Onleans. Wiilmonnt Cirkn JIII. titq. CCuthlbert Itnilitn Enq. EW (IlI.E.ANS en CARIIIOI.L't'O.N rAIl. ROAD Ctt. -NiIICLu-iin aud lfter the lot D)ec., 138, until further iiotice, nml Coitn nthi, CIIn till lealve the car I~III~IhnIne, m inw d t, tit hall' pait 11 o'clock, P. 1I. fPrI.. l vy·ti nnd iloein dintoplaces. Single Ticketed 37 1-2 cnetnt,ner :t $05 iper hulndd. JOHN 11AMtI'SO)N, novn2-th Chf. ing. N. O.& C. R. It. ObRttLS 'ItiiiT'h P'.StI:-An clogoiit and highly nnnppruve dentiriin; the lien' prej ruua0m evnr put p fnr tiie tentlh,jult Ieccicd tit the (Samnn, 1Us11 & AIl.IF.N, l d29 cnr St Chnrlnes & k's'oniniinns.,Enchengo PINE APPLEft CIIb'l> At G1i,.b i r I fllitrO UII 7iil9 7 lanL I'Incu 'tT1NE, Sicily Madeira in boll' pIile~s and1 quart~er frskb,fur sale bry SXAI.L ,1 IiL& \'N, SPEII11i OIL- ii ciasi ligltr Iiirmid Li qien iilI tfor rrlreby 11rX4. IIllC (E &Co j____ III Miriizinrie fi sirtin iiug- riseing-b fur sal i by j1123 ISAAC It It 11)t7E Cn,1:l 1 \ alrozin u sq. M ILSi cbs,8o ii i in Mantua iad s .Aiarl pjiu 'beiIlla lein rib diLg iiiiiv osph I. for bale by ISL1A: IIIL(3L1,I oI j F o L 1:i34 iei Li GUNN IY 13AULS-U hlesf jliGnnny IIi ioIfI ie oiowd priii e tei ureN, suine ietablir wh ii, Iby j,25IEr-r I 'RIDGEii I 1:31 Flluaiiiiiiioi lINi i-IAniiii invoiceiof Sicily iniibALtiioiirl irr li 25h..noiliiI0 iSn iiiiiiitiiiiLiLii 11 luciived entitled to deblenture,, brands by luxlrunll, Clli & Ziazu, flrslyle iii juni ISAAC 13II),%NALCOL 1d IJNlY 18lLi0-3L bos (3 buLihl hIgII) in ri or by G and for lido byG OIsY 0)Il 44 Neivl.eve I)A1CON'rIIIhi co4 nsbig (Joihi Lowi ) of lri oiii B on et aild Il'lais-r of Paris, bid Ithe hip Arab. i attired at No. IU Notre Dome stree, wherea he is reques ted to roll and recafre thl sLme. 11j"'lbe Louuisiana Advrtiser will pub~iisb the. abover 3 ailes,ulld sAACd 1he 111Db1ft Pi&cay 1n1 Alrr j2n 3t rj \ I.L N'r.-PI)DaiN-iu give, tilot Fii lliiii iiit. Th wllihiA 36an niiiil iiniodvd i i by r Cha opanier & Girird A3, No ii3i Tcpiii rlr. sIirve. , Forr purtricollul- app~ly to II. Bunnube:l corllur~rtulbbc ITN IA N LL IixL ii i S wiL tr vinyL I ig iiiir Lith P lL larlo .assortmen~lt of paent Inludiiclnren . Received lately and for le be jJ - ear Nantchez &'l'chapjito~ulas sts ýLueR Vli\671 - I.I1Od inuL.Ae, f r srle bIy j t4lA LI I)OlR.eii Yi 44igil INewLiie F .OR L-Mer b oa 1 S XC and L oul dersI nfor tlW Lr t 1R2 S·IIEFrT() N & AVERY,=S Gr:LVIrr P ACON SIDESSS-59) 1-11 0- ilCiucinuui Curedl U(· u perior quality, folr sal e by js2'2 S'i'E SON A- AVKIT, CC nraviersl B ACON SIDES-t3 ca I. r·d , anld 1 _ euss can yasead ham s, for sole -v ja jk" ISAAC' IIItIDt7E &Co, 131 Muggnline st [IOLL:1NI) GIN-5 pipes, rlrtl··ll toI debenture ja22 o9 l'emnonnl. no~r M o,ýazioe its nl ja22AM39 CnullnllllnI c al ile" tin,'r o 11. Coll l".\ as rlnluurcl bi l v lllii' `r No e, flie .1 2-' 1 39!1-1t t ri A16D-150 l.:};" I~ert Lýilrdl n store flu, .llrll* iil F LANNEEI. S-7 I:ul'· lino oboe \ oglll n nslllul; · for .,lec by ISAA\C Bnillc(lI & Co, jaa.8 1311 ;ileg-L!zm· · BUSINESS CARDS. FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SUUVLYO1 GE'icPAL r LUUISIANA, ill I o is and Ca, nc Iu.rerin!both hisa I'mfe-iotlnl andy pro -1 taaa d . ideliii iu he I I niao al an.a ettnatad tai his, he hles oa maln sad [swiss a ,liurs.o puilic pan nanaee. Ile wil' alao naauu anad alculut' ii onatanls aaalls and ncuanliata. OlaN1 a (e. N Clarti eatrnnt,aecaupd story buak. jd7 BANK NOT'I' EN GRAVIN.. RAWDON WRIGHT. HATCH & 3DSON EU E AIR neal an offiSclin New UOrlens. poreesa ing equaladlsantages shitl Ir anca ial New Yoak, forr thle I)IIurbC o easving on- printiga Bank Notes, Bonds, Balls of Exchasngep, Cerntbana ft I epanite, Cheeksand hllser impartant papenr, requring sccurity agassl Iastrgetie;ld Ianhase assaIjs le lnoviaiaon fr alae rul keeping oaull platns and imewsasnts enatrust ad tolhei care their speeilalne esbrucIale anfensof over flels hundle Ilhkial isaatnuliaaannd all orders will be enacuted waitlh pmanptitatde, and till t usual aersas. Office, canasralalntyal & Canal steeea. jn7-tf SAyIl'!I.L TOIlY, A.Serrhandiac Baoker nJ. Cmmission aMerchant, 113 alffike, 3i. n Camp at.-Faa the present. O. II. Iiih i.S SIIIPBROK(E & CO&' MMISSION MERLECHANT, No. 63, Pasdrua Strlat, sa-aV-aabinLa. S J. P. FR-EEMAN & CO.. Pholesale Clothiag lEstablishmenl No. 3, ,Magazine street, -AVE ccnntaotl on halnd a laero suply of Cloth Sing, calculoted for the coterrv urde. T'lhcr nr. nortment being large, nelrchantrs hrul tihe country can be surplied at the shortet notice. oct4 PASHION A BLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartres PMIreet ]HAV[E aconstanllrtluply f aecer article prerrinn to gentletlen' dress, of tie latest style, at rew ork prwias dee 20 J.B. Ross SURfGEON DENTIST nor 8 No.:3, Royaln street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABIISI31IENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Bankoe' Aretde. IVILLI.)l, 1 GRIEENE, PIROPRIIETOI R J H. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRON'' LEVElE, UP STATI S. Ne O l'Ie s, tFreb. :. JARVIS & ANI)RIEWS, WlIOI.:SAILE AN) RIET.ll DrBAL.EIRS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIVE S'I'Ub'S lAD'I) I'I.VI) OW (G,.L SS, t.crier ul Ctilnton alnd TtIheoupitoulas streets, NCW tRLEIANS NA'I'Il.\N JARVIS. JOHIN W. ANDREWI\S. A large upply o Garden Seeds, herranted the growth of i :37. I)EALI-:I.S IN AMERICAN & LENGIlISII CROWN GLASS, " Nt,. CAinoBttsr.Er S'r teTr. o ' INSURAN UE COMPANY OF N EtC ORLi CANS. This Cottl nll)v or now prenared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 ett sson'si lidbe,CCnaI st C.. E L I'IRACY, New ()rleoan, May1. 15818:3. ltrtary. I'tltII'R' izLANN N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street. Wholesale Dealer in I'aints, Olii, Varnilthes, Brushes, nmOt Window and Picture ilHes &c. &r. r. W. GoLLIrjS .ATTOR.JIIY & U S LLoR .27' L.S If.: STOW tractitint, in thte State and City Courts. Cli- R N e \ es i . i til idd hiiat t Cltosttttili'er U j Circuit n Court, in thae Custom Iluotl.e buildine. Je8 lilt r ill "r hsu~r~i lri. r, having r.cetr·lv a euolllt·iln i al iDepty Sirveyor O LUnilltd Stlatot Lr'.'ts , for tIin Stato, ilnera hi serics erviceto lhe pblic to survey and i (ticate Lentt ill tn.tiV or Ullllaut-a. Aa htretoft all opa.lltit. her lof Surveyhig or (Civil E gllillr'eri l.ltel such si alie n t nts,snrvevs, p nias, dlrawih.;;-, Lesli t el g lclpo leo, ciih:laulomll " xcuvation, e||b altlklelluI I:llcltlrl it )1" toll-. kl', \r Il ' ill tow1 n or cuuntry,. ill be1 , andply I01 loil'llyl·LV attellded lut Clt:Iges rasmlable ad tetrmts cash.i Olite 55 Ma gazing ·tner, in !;mlluos' Arle. le, dvcll-uw-m n ' RtED. WILKINSON. SIll I l)-EI tPtYIA i inCkw'it Ieal, Yeast powders .ltlli llu ff t silhi .d le isdt diret:l fonl m llilud lhlhn a i .0 halfbarrels Ilil cke. t at matl, I00 quarter barretls Blluckwhea meal, '5 hallbanels No. 1 Shad, 15 half harrels tinnily lhies, 111 h dl'haonels pickhtd 'Tongues, 2 halre]s nlu,kad ' io;nc s,+_ l lhltd m alilla ntew l atel'l'l's, I 1 U t I II I rt ti l i ,"i e l h , ( oIrmI ta e t s Ia le yi l - Caj3 _ a I I, .A Wdf6 a stCamp st ti t:,tiaal t.s: t'at ie s foit , to50acks hu v oar,- ivermool Salt, ler~i ned r er ships Queen r S!itall tA G aR III& LLS It,'itti Ple I' iI (.:it:i R ,i--I. tm,'c s bhlacahe aiull uil--I" 3.'. h,,x, s s pem C'andies, Now Bedlbrd hrands- landing frtm sthr Maria, f 'r salt i btla in'l Jt)EStI'H C)CI .:\ iNE, 25 G,'avier ot I I half boxes, fur sall by ABRAll AMt 'I'IEIIR. ', janl.l 3(iroeierst gl ,i11,. S'T'IC I l:-, II'-IA Ihdlls Ilrundy--lrstand 11 ftourth proohf, fundig Iro ship I rol.., for sale j.i3 ati2 and 29 New Levee. TIL g~atltcriers ull:cr at whoulesaleat the folluwing ngoods. IIATS--100 cns, muleskin silks. as sltefal e. aite fIIIIts. I:do hest No l do do a1 o do Nao i do do I0O cta-s best No 3, assolted sizes und hrims. 0 'do I saver, a s tuprlotr article; 5l do Fl.ine Nutria; 50 dho Extra dro '01 dIo BhcIk nod 1Whi:e Russia; 50 do Extrat lack Ili-stIo; lull do Mllnsktfat ('lton lurlroa d and nlarrow llllns, forll ].LeveI anld country trade; t di All IIranks ofilitarv & &Iavll Chlapeas; I " do Clhild' ns silk alnd Itusia uIts, atl sizes. Y Cops-Ftur, oiler, *fur eald, N.uli', .Mluskrat, and t t tllr Se'al, inl ttr d,.ozen aes. Sealutte, tlothi t.'aps-Pickwick, Polish Avril's hat t S stIhe, toft t.ab, Fo rest, I "rge Military unmtrets, dito Lteather foutitlgn. hillren's ancy 'I1 urhan, Plaid andI lvat tl Caps, a Freiich iatlltlltrn. l ,cks--Saai, Silk and Ilombszino, ot ilth neatesl Ju ll ttbrellas-silk oad lIttal. aItilitary Pu es, oililiistit. t "ilk mlkercl:ie, ls-'onee and Spitalfelds. SBandtu oxait Ibrhat, ers, nlsea,double fta driy gootat. 'tFll,. above Ilad ts o-sArise a Itrt. stuck, aild -l Jof ath tlatest paldlnt s aml will e sold at a small nd -. -vanct. with cost nul charce, onI New York prIlices. 'The I1i suhscrilb!rs will taluke orders for southelrn, we.'rr nlld i Trl iiarkols, Ior Ihouse of.\ II Goossip & Co., Hat luul'ltollrerl Now I'.lltk, ahd at the sllhortest ,ossilhh notice. jerman ant d Frtench Ilues lIt Lght.O t(.;tSSIP & CO., Naval, Military, mdl Fashimable IH leas, SExchange ' llaotel, ,) Worl d -v- , S t C uh rles , t :u, M er. GEORGE MIIRRICK having resi;rnd the of fice orchief Engineer of the New O'rleans and Carroll 't ton Itail Road, lMr ..holn #IInpsoe, has been ppuint a ed inhlis place, to wllm all persons having business ofI wih, or wishing informnation reiardint g said lstil Road i's wil ap v nt the IRail Rood Ollice, ePnvdras street, - ly order of the useCrd, (Siign-dl ) Jt)IIN NICIIOLSON, • 'eti e ' as1t.7-t11" Ios + Cashier ive ittt -1 t3t " i COlKaE. D.T October, will be fift'y outs per hortel in the Gas m 'yerk's curd, and if' taken it altliiel one hult iz drid barrel- ill le h cl 'ofi ' tl ei af ayage. O T e adv TalnTef !Clotlti Urticl, ol'tlel i o)sesse w o nFerthe at'd ur, irmlio tos itetn mil to a readiv l o t hn e Ill'lt l tl load fret fronll tlh e d uttpl oetl t led aokuof le Ia lli'shollold tlNdul.e vely Illli!y to Lmake Sse ofiI. Oreders rec.,ivcd at he Gas (totie hi Bllllk Alley. tI II' 1' VE,1.ES, r ofI)¢eeluher .2+, 1838 s- 1TOTICE--Tn Conlractors--Seal,. proposaht wl l r m aking" the ulsprslructnre, tll'troma five to ten mlls of Road:(tod: eoutnlt'clug atI I'osl lllmouchoC and axt.:udiag to= 1 a lt : if l tllnneS iI1o \ be seen, ind co nll ition s mlad known ll ap llplicution al this offce. L) IHOARI), lor' ('lI. EIllc'r. iilind G;ei'l. Sup,.+cdt ( ;NIl' I'll. pI`. IPi(.\IlS DI 1, A N 0OTIE\ON ES scrtic; li .ila ' slil l I.'.r to pl.ueull otlellifie ille ýu e l r:er I-iothnRn, au Blarstl t:. a Comltagnie, I'olo 1 fl ,li,-t " I, " 11 C ", S r.. F! 1171{" n02c l i~.;uF t Fn+ornur 'u'apan o" 11ec R ,c, th~cai,, -! hIe a.<o<. klbh, .', rs lte herh. no, s I tveb : ti the i.!,l Flb il,a v nle t. 11 Itl, o1firc "('illt 4 .i cc'u'. BUSINESS CARDS, JOB PRINTING. l'EEDII.V, ttAytt)r I.Y ANI1O 11 ILY i.:Y :tr;Tt i AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .aIntericn.,. oT. CIIAILLES ST'IREI'T, NEAR I'OYI)RAS. m53 _ _ MIcCOLItUM & DOMSY, Factors & General Commission illerchantr, MOBILE. References in New Orle d Kirkman, Aberatihy & llanna, ) Catldrell & lic'y, .Pope, Powers d8 CI . BAZAAR. BUSH & ALLERN NO. 1, EXCIIANGE HOTEL, Corner of St. Charles and Common Ats,. NEW ORILEANS. -MIMORTERS and Dealers in French tod Eng'i-h PrrfRlmry; Ilressiog Cnase aod Portable Itesks, Cutlery, itoyimy, (loves, Shirlt, Stocks, Uobrellas, Canes,and Fancy Articles. d5 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. Ro1.V4soJV * aGoOD I, No. O~Y, Chortres o trel " oOne sour below Bienville, H AVE eonstantly on Ihand every article apperttin log te Fgetlerell's dresa lde in to wlre IIet n noer and most tashilnable style, hLicl they offer ibr cash, at reducel prices. dee4--1838 LO, 1I AN A FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienvillt s.r.,et. W ILIAM It. CARI.NE, would respectfully in r firm Ils friletds and the public that heis co: stantly receivi g friom Notw York nld Iloston a good asortment ofttlrt ltll'teit, stclh as inahtotany clairs, sotes, I.edrteat , mta tle nld p.onted chairs, toaple and cherrv bedsteuds, mahogany and cherry tables of all description, bureanu,, ,tiletts, ecrdetrr., wriluY" d.sks, wardrotcs of mahongaly Itllod chtory, wash stands, lnokil.g glorrse, firther, tledding, Alc. &e. Nit. Furotttre poeked Ibor transportation with great care. rovl;i JOHN STEWART, No, 5, Platt Street, N.tew iork, COMMISSION MIERCHANT, IMPORTER and dealer in Hatters Plushes andl trittttings. Aijmple storage may be had on mod erate terlms, ald evory attctton paid to goods forward ed to his care. illessru. Larne & Provost, N O. ;toseip l* Co. norvi 1838-ly CIIRISTIE & S.lNOTT, , WIlolesale Grrcers and Commassnoe . erchants, No. "7 Co.mnmon Street, Now Orleans. H [l.rjPearticular-iallne ni paid o tihe putting up of to Steaom balt and Ship stoaie. nun2 ORLEANS LIT I.OG'R-HAPHIC OFtrIia i STA.BLISHED for the executiloni, maps, plans J'A and drawings, wlrehtmlltS' circularus, busihess and addreds cards of unsl v description, fulneral circular on deep neournillg paer', apothecary end lrigi'its'l:lbels; ak checlks, dray receilpts, Ae. ieiril'ad hn rexlcut d ie chcap and '.rditiona style, Iv the iproprieor. - \51.lIAM dii 'ENE NB. Bank Notes .antlv executed. a:4 T - T5 ' r ,ccried ru -t be l.ociieie. L'ilniitueea W are S Iuoats, 53 Icienville stret,c0e Maple n-d hel rry Iledteads; a first rat ne article. Aleo, a .-od a'aslt ilin.t of lMaple, \VWalnut, and Pointed Chair, , which will be sol tbl the lowest c:lsh prices. IV It CAIRNES j.7 513 Biuville street A Card. ORLEANS LITHIIOGIRA1PHJIC ESTABLIIII Ml E T' 53 MAGAZINE STREE T, r T G R E E N E. ~l'u r ls Ii s sini c e e ti l nk. to h is Si is md ther p li New Ori . fr the Scha shall e pnct.uallc y 2t 1ldd toi; he i will e usual, keepl the ofll:e open dlrinlg the s!'unnur,nud shall be alwnars rrdyv 1to strike ofl merchalt's circu lary, businesse and addrcll- cards fcn.ral notices, mys., plall., r]d drawings, o every lescripliion, nat the salortest notice, and on thie ntiit reasonable termla. Being assisted Ibv artists supmerir to any olther estabiish me bt in the city, and ifroe hnng experience ie the lithograplhic i, li, e chle confident of giving entire catc lnenin.. N Apolhecaries and dllrul sts' labels exeiuted in a good tyle na copperplate engraving, and at one third of then expensc. jy_ 4 | ,i oe--rh Ihlbth nlncribters hane.,. pnoponed sever I al case. of Comubs. lin l 'o T.i 'rorOlISE TUCK. Qeill top ''ortoise 'uck, do do d Twiit, ddo d, long. ldo du fllt, do do Sieil.. - nI A ll.1 C<,31ni Inc all the above variety of Englilh, Frecch and American maurufacltlre. Ivory flee tooth Combs, in all the variety of size and qualilty. l'ocket, Rack, Ilurse, coarse and fine, and all other Con. be,bftr sale by b le by EES & D'LANGE, noel3 18 C'ancya st rVI'NDOWv GL.ASS. I.NSI:I':D IIL--70l box es ofl 'i dow Gin s, 1300 gallons Oil; 10 bar rels nf\' arnl+lhee; l5 dz of Paint Brushes, received per ship St Louis and Barque Vo\'unhe andllo sale by ItOilT. CLANNON, nov27 12 Camp EW MlSIC-io'tl ll(osia.e-l don't mean to tell vyu her tlt--lThou iclcs: learnt tio love Another SwcectAfion Water; The Knight':.' Farewell; lie pase es her inll crrow; Ilinda's Lalllmnt; They have given 'Thee to Another; Lovely lady aline; TIhe IBridal, Thlie lBreken IHert; Rly Heart is all Alnc,; Oh! Men cwhat silly things you are; Oh I coen e love IIn' Oi! I'atricki b, fiale ale; Thallt thou b r lole. Sin' i llo'll deiny TIienk Mv Love, Oh! T'hii k of Sie dVa ou think i elae a mterr Heart; The Vintage Song; The ship is reedy; l'he Silover Ilon; No care ever; t gri.nvce nce; Noat fir Me; I've bleen lv tere freshl Flowers aree Sprllnl g; I dearly love The G free; Weoldean spare Idthat I ire;Tla 'Wil AlbalroFs; lics Faries, lise. In Rose ofJmspy; TheIrr. Minstrel woo'd a beauteous Maid; 'the cGuests were bidden; Mly Father Land; The Maid . of the Mountani; st native love; My heart's best trea Ssure; Me Wc..dlnnI Bride; Mine mtasc be a silent Tear; lMy chilindhood' iculs Farewell; 'lTe Gireenwood Tree; Si;lomon Leob, a comic song; She wore a wreath of RIuses; MI pretty Jane, Just CCieecd Iand for sale at BI 'CASEY'S Piano Forte and Music store, noeag * 19 Camp st lul.;O aOF U to UIUIVI'. - i r 11lE IMules of the Circuit antd Dit rit Court of the J. U S for this District, ftr Sale t tile uolice of the Marshal of said Court. Apply to - nov19 J P \AI.DEN. C \U IICI.. r 11IE Office of the New Orleans and Mobile Mail . line is removed, froml under the Exlchange Hotel It. No. 7u Poydras street, at whlich place a letltr lag d will he kept open unlil 1-I to 12 A st. Fr way letters Lc. lt'hose for t Mtlto and further East, will ho put in the Iost Office at itol ile. nnvl - G . W ITMAN, A SELECT and fshll supply of [Irv Colors of ev ery Jelarriltibou, for Scene painting; Oil antd Wa p ter coln's; Ittushtes and artists tool, and atn extecs stock of superior RNISI ES. Iromn tile manoartory of P BI silh & Co..cottuprieingg in Nos. 1 " l tultllittret Nst. I&dcolthc Vacruilt, ltld I & tordinary domelllstc Black Japan,oano Brown do. Also, l 0 ktegs Croeme greea, in 5 Ibt. alch, ground in oil, and t511annastere sulerior lFrcn h tgrctl, nalso a oil. It b rrtts ,Spiritt tt Turperltia"t and Itilod Oil. Ari-t's Colort, &r. (Itoeecet . ,, london,) and t 4t henxre Frenrt Lake for salre at the Paitt Slore of he Ltolesriber. alO \IEl.l-. It Nlic-tephle's aWrtting Fluid; to clparior tlack tta; P Ste Aratlod's matchin ortlt k; TTarroy'tt, do idt do, Maynard j , ,oveca block ar.tintt ink; Ierreant ittk tor sttel tpea: Petit,tGu.)ot ,% co's black writing ilk; E J t CittOt'l red ink; h tte.tatl ttI ol and, astl tier sal by o\', Mi KFAN, doc 10 orlelr ofT Cntta & Ctnn ttort rlHE slbu.crib.r lajuat receivced fore sale 1 Tlltth e flt ("tt ltc , with ettatviatgs lb:v.yjin. atHome, eUr AilTkiu, atd Mrs Bar: batid, with engravings Velasco, A'l'ragld inact nts, by Epeos Sargeot I.orNd S'hhst,.rfsinhs \ r url ip, I v dfl 8 oo l1ual of t'.citlotogv, by Thoin.l t att, I t o j vo wit i tlutratiors oa ra I 1c thian 0t0 shclo J3 cur St Cituolt tsela Conllttn et Al: I'iC lTHE- 00 tacs mslt iotr, to et tetlaott S fe T.r-tleb LL\VI[. NCE C I.IEGI NIttE, f jot3 -24 iand ti9 New I..Le. el1OItAC CO '2O Luxes Vtrgitta Tobacco, aseorted, Sltading fttom stup LI.ouisville, tor sale by tjal .IIIRA 1HAM 'lIER, 1e 4 lrtaoier st 1 AVAA ItO AIl--2, boxes iAtatmreanld ltr sale I1 jby jala , AHA2 AMT'lIlt,31 Gravter st rliURNl'SI I I l llutltat ;a 'Italaturnil;-i- do. a. .ptor Berl-, ltttlitt ttom tlilp t)Orint.t andd Ittr sale ly lis JI) SIli'H C(t)l(AYNE, 5 (;rayir st 11OLBLSES IIlDSt--l1fl struts anew Mlolasseo L. casks in atoer anc I'r t ale - v jat3 \VM I'tl'I'F.,i. 95 Common a IteeCASKS, lodotn btowt Stoeut, aOd 10 eash r .C Scotchl Ale, fir sale by tnian3 Ilt)l.LES and M11.tS. Bankt Alley XtII\ V NGI atl Boston atd Baltil ,ore lor sale by . dIl \Vl'l'lIII)IGE & 0, 76 M agaziner. e IND)tW GIlAS.'. 40 boera Claelasfcld. fr S alte by S.IALL J. BIO\VN, 96 Mpagaziue at jan3 / 'OFFI'.l---0 bugs Rtio, superior article, landing S l a pr barque Bearer, for sale by It jt* .IlAH.LL IRtIWN, 911 Magazine et r l.--An tme ec tall ttd.twittrr,waortd, a€,,te r tale - bly II.-LL & BROWVN, jc2 916 lg,.aine at ýPI!t C,\VIll.Et35,;tt bho.s Neatw Bediatd o - aitPt Ctalld ot , for ,ale bt a21 ISALC tllDtt;t &. to,1 34 Magao.Snet nl rnI ALL ti CI.NI l.ES-ota bthooS r rule by I 1ISAAC BlIDItE a. Cu, ja it4 131 11taozin •t l1h1 E lO Al - ,A rrg-ruig h M1fger I' gggg.eeaa gtfet I',ni. ranting, rvine Iladell Never Deeapai, Uf Iirrr:lmer; "lie Whirt II of tera Pepper; Thou art Il -. i, ) I. vat ihlltll rt near ree,runrR y Bit e llher i in. o m.u. u 1',rmirtt Opera Auntite; erlod ighi; i' uln u." trs n;l I .,t fur spring en its iicki wul,oiy II giasceloit; rin, climne, ln art ieamr. to; A ir. : r the tkbu a.rav, ne ,r II 1aeli; she ";alule fr hin;, Fo ut Irt fal11a tgrnr; Came to me art wulruir ; tie'r th. ruuntwr.r; bv mnouliih!'; tI r horm like lv orwnu, trrm,rrd rI'r Iteh Iarp by '1' Labarrm. li.yr'l Wouliiza, by A Fhrle:he; Queru YVicrtria's Court (I lunIrillen. Juit reui-rved anerd fr ale hy 119 o I C.\lI:Y, 19 Camp at n splendid aseort.llent of ti.le m ulcy .ea Tepdaut fige fur Patanrs, cornuprising ladies' wrigineg tdlt, drns-iur aOsu, aork bauoee, mrUical bar.s, p.rrlnlia erdle olulks of pearl, ihavill d ivry, card acuri eM usouregirs igair wilth pearl aoll gahli.;pa.ket coklll*ee acs, opera glasies, gold nda iirver eneile. pgrfru.a at rll kinds, c tllerv. tr,ag 'l'tF. BAZAAR,. d09 i:,rr St Charles & Commoan st., Esceheag 1) iANl-t .ll'O - J ut rrceived aOd for al atthe of Alex. 'l'owar, 49 Camp street, an arssortmenlr uofBrstor made PiiallO Fortesa,rleeated by a troufeuur ria ttnie, tand warrarted to rlaid tile eutleir tliirrtt.. 'I'le abuve ilaatrumlntrg are of aunperiur tuas and fini.ll. Also, rt variety of toseir leid m.lic-seats. Tle pair lic are resprcctrulily iavited to tall ard examine theall. I A .1! w hIN'I'ER CIcLU'I'ING. J t'. FIlI"E l AN & CO., Pit. 3, Mlagseai saeeat. a are riceririns their suppliae orFall and Witer Clrthing, and will moitin rir to rerrive shipmenitu aa w. orily thrn,ughourtt tire seasnaa. Their assartment beng ilrnre will rnabi.g thn to tpplry marchantg fr-. t'le countrvy, it iIre sIurterigt otic; for sale wholelala & rretai, og accuulrnorali.g termia. err!) FAIl. FASH ION". 11HE subscribersa itk leave to inform teir patroan. aid the public rueratlly, that they are now pro pared to exhibit their fall fahiaons. GOSSIP &( Co. Fashionable Ifatter, Exchange Hotel, ttvl2 St.Charuas (H Al'-7 baul' hay Ilandlin finom ahip John Mar 11 lall, for sale bih 4 -JP WHITNEY. jat ' .' _73 Cam_ . g oNitoN I'ICKIEi, SAcUcn, &c. just received iby the albseribers. 12 aOtxa Eigthll Pilckles, assorted, 12 " " Saees, iido 10 "' Extra quality l.tadon Mustarda t10 Aa ,:lia.,vi as glans jars. lt a Aalchvy inata, 3 Lhla. llacking, I)av & Martin, 5 boxes suler. vlivcs in glass jars 5 Sal"ad tlil, 5 " ASirtedl I:auits. Cl I' PRIT CIIAItI & JO TAGERT Jr, nAiov ear 'aoydra lniragnrne i. VAtl .--.iintl.-',W t' itilk-tad inarnskaetdeli' l er. i illts tr, sit mirchaser, orders left at the coal yard, ill Car al street, or to jtiut HItll.M. ES and r MI1.It, B ank Plpan (` EWOlA-P 1hE -(iotdii'e H lniiirnal, 1 laroe o lume; Mill ca Brun's do., in e,,nalnri; Btulbhis' a eI Antla; l yodliridge & Willardi' Universal, with Alasu; Olncey', Voodlridge's, Smith's, lI untinigton's, ualte I run Abride manta. Iarley & Beeanl:c'a do. fim Icilrua. Alelt, 2lennettl'a ieogranplly f the H Ac e as, a ili tlhe Attla A liblral disrount calowed to tanchit.ea aand oaltra. purchasing by the quantity. .ja ALEX.X T'iO AIA,49 Oampe \V iW l)ltK --laub: ol tt iliuwl; by the aathar of 11 orbe ale I tlobinson, Uliter Twist, ill I voltmet, aonlplete, Thle ionly latlgller, 2 vola, The :.itof Sllouda, do , Sttalre: or thu aLeculleaiuia alf Iantll d to e lIobertnll'r Parnuga, 2 v1is, Napleou Melaaoian, t etreaiaga ai'h Pri..s C.q. I Iaceeres, Inla aylin tttthmviie, thrA risl in n The C'ii' el'the ('at r, Tcilte Vlmft+ atellter, 2 roalt , 'lhe tritiih Scenat, 2 dcls, jatital tinl af niine lDutytattd halanattuc, b Mias lt.hadn volt, l(atly tctticd aild ftr st le ale y Sil ... ALEX trOItAIIR,49Cnimpa rJ i YI.IhALIC CI: IENT, fai stale by ju jlt l RIAD& AIt'rev.'OO 7Bak Plane hutivmug taken a ntcommodioust i Ini diftnbreouse. IPaSCaetft llramrsn Ish airv h tile Iil'rch Inlnatitad Iaiudlts t ladi tatrIltn urt tha ['llate ;iild sale oflhlid.a, liltrs lied peltrie aatd toI II pack iliu samte, at wall is waooal, ms, lhemp. tuba i: tity Igi , c.i. ,t Itac ril1 ni. receiie any kin itll;,rela;dize oil ntorage,.ll 155If 'tllpitnulan alre.t jalI It 1i' I t.I.iOT'I'. I nga, ftr sale by IlhltTttIDGE &(to, j40 76 Itagaaine at t7 NLEGAllt--21 hals Ieprasenad na very fine for aalbey y ' LAIDIAIW, j:l I66 Camp at Or11 tl .httAL lOKS--Jot received and forcale ah J Ihe Book Storu,, 49 Camp strert--Haaaek's Praitice a Pbysie--hellee'. Medical Jonenal. 12 vlea bound--l.iahm a P.netiel Scurgery; Wister'a Anatomy, at ntw edition, by Dr. P'ncoast; Kramer on the cear l.gin'n 'li'heralrters--ltaw oil Annatomv; Taonae l)iesecttr;\lhgendin'i Phavsialog;Behllnrd'e Anatomy. Edward' Maltaria Mcd..t; Boiyle's Anaton Ivhe Doane; for sale by ju17 AI.EX. 'L'OWA I. juiritE S.IL hS- 4 coetty.inted tuthiolnble pat. terns; ine plogeeto silk Ilmdk-rclhief in tore annd for rtUl. by ISAAC BRIDGE &Co, jsl7 13l Magazine ,,.l] G:\.I].a. \ ie ....r.t.ed ..rm... i1 50 30 1 dll Foall s utt led do 10 000 lIefued W'hlal O1 150 hblit'a toer'r Oil Por sfle by WVIIITRIDGfE & CO, jl I 76 Magazine NEW Edition of -ir a'lter bSott's Poetieal wtItaks, in G rolt, l1lno, A lsr., a le edition o nte Waverly Novels, in 5 vol just received and for sale by A TOWAR, jl? 49 COamp on SNt--Just received Gold h.k, fur :,rtits, schools and rivate tlse. I edis RR ill find it for .rnatrentaL pailting, visiting cArde, kc., to be superior to any Ink ever innoeduced to the public. PoUsI & ALL'AN. ja21 FIaney utor, Exchange Hotel )AGS--l.useed tiol and Ctpperes. in store for by G DuIORSEY, 44 New Lovee T OAF sUGAR-And Sog:or lolates in A .otrt, 'or sale by SHAI.L & BROWN, jal9 96 Magazine O THE LADIES-Alkinsona' I)epillatoryfo"r . Smoving superfluous hair fromt the fteo, neck and trms, with equal safity and cortainty, leavipg the akim finer and whiter ti t before the tppliseutn. A Ireal supply just rcriived at the Bazanr. a-l BUSH & ALLEN. 1, Exchange Hotel, cer St Charles & Common at New Orleans &, .Nashrille Rail Road Ce. ANNUAL .MEETING OF TIllE s'rOCKHlOLDER J.nlerry 2tst, 1i39. A T an inntlal mestino of tla titoethllders, held i i'pursuanlce of tIe th section of the Charter, a majority oftlo stoetkholdero not being present, the ele oieu weas ptotpoled util Weudnesdny thtte 23d in*., at ,'elook, lP 3. JAAMES II CALDWELL, jer2 Presidemt CIE IN A COULISSELS DE LA NOUVEISLLE ORLEANS EIT NASHIVI.LE. Annetlbleo annuelle des Actionneirre. A UNE asrettbles aenlelle due oetionnairee, eonvs quce far la section O de In clarte, one nmajorite dot ootiennllirts I't0,0 pat preseInt, I'electlin ert en. voyee au ololcrdi 3 Jddu corontn, 6 heutsa P. it. JAMEs hi. CALDWELL, a2 jav-2 President. DEAR O.: lbinensled hiau t uf be opposit site ti Citrl' Arucatdeon Ctot samtreet. He sold a prizt of olU0 the first day, besides smaller prizes. jan2:l- AGS--IU,l0 tUIIttGv lIngs, of suoerior quitthy B landing from ship 'Arnlso, and lr ale by Jta0 nHAI.L & IIItO\O N. 96 Maogaine at ' X S on lduentlioe. Hoow obllil I govern my R shool, a ddrSoodd to youog teacherso end alne adalpted to atsit preotto in the tUoltgeoltllll of ftnmi te :t by E L vines, author of ent ra od half i the NSvv. tiints ioo Education, by tlrhe nt o utltot; slsno, lllts on, t bresrto seltool matoer~ . For sale by jdl A T1OW Elt. 49 Camp at I I1 AII I tl.-ll Il-barrels in et ore nd f,,r ale by j9l7 Al AHAM 'TttI Ef.. it Pottlr.a tONt a" C.tI --Ittl tElltter ) t ,orselte y Sjn"_ L' I.AIDLAW,IA Ctamp Et VA ANA COIGARS--Leeoived frotn hie mtnuefc -t1 tort itn laanoa, no..srlnlttott el0,,ifiO(| CigarS. of the beot qualilt-ol'rto buros, Rliegnln, Ctones, for sale by "tR hARItS, jot 17 & 51 Cusotomn Honeo t 131rTERI..50 keg. Gr.lorlolttr, Iiutlalinit.d for ;utu iy 0 ..Sd J PWIIITNE .?:4 Camtpt P ltt'I FUlIOI...A Cplendid CC.orptt.c of French W6i ciog Desks, vnous. siz. s . nd potlptsr. for . le Iy DAVID FELT anFd c. j3 Nec, TYor StCottauT.' Hall. 24 Chrtem et Cike Yuuttg IlHouto K(eper, and 'Tie Votue Mother, Ptv \Wteo Alrotc, umbther of .ouse l liv aIn, 'Young Jletlr' (;.uhd , and i dilutr Iftk. library of Health. For Sala Icy ALFXANI)DE T'OWAR, 49 Campsa OI cO'f$n-l.uuding f rrnm shipl Arno, l l cases of Oka 1 nl u%1 Boot?, ddo Amu Fair ot, ory _jn_7 1 BRIDGE So on. 134l1oroaine at C SL'EKi(l ctANj(1.kk6-3l1) bineo New Iladlfot ºJ ;pesoa Canlles, Asorted sizes, ofapproved brand;, 21)il0 gttlloaa New IlutBdord winter spenrm oil, sfvory ool~enit quaolity, 10) boxes Nlo 1, Bost. o Soap, 101 do 2, Id :00 toxca supejcrior tallow anddles, 10 casks I2 o0. zinC, iC sltersi 5 c ltoa,50 sheelseacha, 10 lb a ppe OS sheects hrazier' s tar, urrrd 1.5 bags pritea gree. ..a tacosk, 50 thuasaml Hnvunael an, 0 ill s re fined L\ bale i 0 Chaaopttiv. Wine of sopsior qitaitty ltpernal, gunpowder, yoeuypou* & `t Tot. I~Copper, in heets, fom 14 t¢ 111tl lllack 1~oad slots, assrtd saleunl bt r T m jatl25 JQSbiP COC'b k 95 6'ratl wg 'd BjIWiA.v'S T'UNIC MlXf'UK- -Jgao naJdvd Ct At .ticsa of tidi inoaluollo-rclu flyfillthes Feerr andt A:\gtoorwtsnttg omutfit.s dirtat fnrmt .1w Odualal.a toy in Philadelphia, for b,7r t a l;S& N *~tRiW*!, j;15 cor 1lhhn.pitutda n CVotsta

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