Newspaper of True American, February 27, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 27, 1839 Page 4
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y et XBlI ANYh1 h 1 i:ANI RU A D aC~aCK. tilseYaua,2vole8mo ""' a stdlccspp'n colcied ilatla ah. CLwk rc p'le do Ic Nutura es mOuLasis 'V Paris 17111 } carce r&lar~ L11 , WtloiI cwt sheus KI W EIA WORKS ajii lceln Iceanityg j;m ±vlao oInsanity w Sursreeib-Lsn'R ourgery IllnkUtraledl-Cootes popULa Madietns aal nceyecbhemlntry p -x ',x ytbi'herniitry - Scl4RCIAcr. AN NAUTICAL. ýAlI'iWnhS a Repository, for 1"731 0h'5 - rt` PinijelsýtI$3grys LopJnc ý' ý lim e~ rigainbc~hrcr i Ado l frehiteoetne, Londot 2 v. w''a t 4 e Il ole, London °ýs 's lie en 'Iredirold's Cisrpenltry +° tltttatiiOc l notab ned on s'Arner,, I5ISCELI5NE . 1001 erl a~i BieI1 0ir'Wr·.r vtel H·~·glir iogep'ais, Voll tb ~~ti~~~~ssf ftclnjIh1 te t ýý^d DO ni, JInlR'y ciid I. Cocotuoi lBt ae~n0 Wnorl~5,2vols, tcld·,c Cneseetio cs of Li ernture, ti ýltkicp) Econome. by Ncy, do Vertnke ___pana Lite of Walter rcott, viols nttntl nd IsabCltc, by Prescott, 3 voel WYIpiarn ipltdid soditioC. 7 vultCmo And n htinC5Itenes5 Ii' mn iiofnw, Modical Scieniific Classic:~isal, Misclla eos Rook, Nov l..+eiariea, Glrimer, English end ýerrrae, tatill and Greek. , c r J O IN S &k c o . s1 r. CharlesandCcomon ct.. ROWANUI-s TONIC fITUE, a P ertnreatment aned ,ereefhe Fever.and AIe T will reao dl diaOred herein the l'onei hmix xl tore i superior to tieu ordinary mndes of treating the Fever and Ate. In the first place, bteg a Vege tabhl Extract, and free , hom any deleterious and po ison su ingredients, it may Ire taken with the nenost saee ty oven by the tender infanr or aged invalid. It pro ents roaplep of the disense, eosequently the constiio iion soon regais it wonted toer. and activitv. It enteb lishes a t onh and permanent appetite, y invigoratingli the tomtnchand gives a relish to the eajom.aen t e ostte. Being peenliar in having a prastiesn qnolty, it remains otin the bowels to increase thio s iisorder, or to create other diseases, but thoroinghly cleonses toe several er ume of digestion, and thius benefits the Jystem tlh whatever other idCtifc.s it may he oppressed. andividuals, after tie re ntfthe Toniho lixture, have been exposed to all the usnal canues of" the dseasn , and have esaped any eVnyptmna ofreteurn. thereas bl she te oefthe coinaan remedie, there is anhvays crsn ted at increased liability to recurrence. hThe danger cHfrequent rele.ldiesif nte Agelm, is very evid? t, for the systent willsonn become too mceli proetlate to be able te react with icedicine, nud speedily rfall a vic tim to incesant violeore. The 'oeiic plihtisur is mb.yed at auchl alensoaoble priees as to plne it .ieilli the recfe y f lve r--so tlt thlls poor and ldestitute tLe'herey farnished with assietuoee without soliciting she aid'and attendance whieh is frequently denied to hem. or else very relctantly bestowed. The qaubli ansrespectly eutinlrd ngainst the sptn rdour imitation of thisa mediione, that are daily ofered It is prepared only by Dr. Jolhn R. Rowind, at his Laboratory, Ileerkletreet, Philadelphia. The shbcribern are the wholesale en.lts for the South Western itates, al will tell by the crese, at thePhiladelphia !trices. Ta be had at retail also, at m -.of the A pothecarire it thhi city. JARVIS & ANDREWS, ,Wholesale D)rnggists, 2nevl er commn T& Ichopitoula s Misosisippi anti Louisiana Hotel, jRS8. MARY KIIRKLAND respectfully an. a ounces to her friends and the public gone. ,ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at le above astahlishment, and hopes fr m lher nxertionsto render visitors comfortoable, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feels sonfi. dent that personas visiting Coving8tn during the ummer months, ennot find better ccomnmodations than she can afford 'them, on more liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every eonvenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in ahort, she promnise coat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give t tire satisfaction to all who may patronizo the Missisiltpi and Lonisiana Hotel. jc3 F S T ilEdr uC doerigned. hong studied under Dr. Sl.midt of Charleson, 0outh Carolina, and for some years his assistant in t practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this oily. He assurces tihe ladies and gentlemen that thie joatt prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted witir the dialeases commanon to them, having attended them in rhe sugar house in Charlcston. Thefnnamous anti.bilidus pills aoter the composition of Professor Smollett5 with directions, can be had ofthe undersigned. The effect wlhicihl tlhey hlave produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to whtic the best of references can bh given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. line street. JNO. M'IORING. iloL-Low WARE, Wf-OSR--E-VS,-SAD IRONS, &c. T HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. l 38 Water, near Boekman street, Noew York, have received the past season, and are constantly . eceiving largo and extensive additions to the stock .f the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortmoel, suitabi for the southern and Western markets. I Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 2o different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, <Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, .Kettlee, 15sizes, frmet 3:8 to 18 gallons, dakepaos or Ovees, 7 difairent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do SSkillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 12 d Oriddlles, . - 4 do fire Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes fromi 11.4 to 43-4 inchites. Cart do. 5 to 7 inclles. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 ta 3:9 inlch, No, 24 of a superior luuality and finish, and less that Jarnoe's imported qeices. Sad Irons, assorted, i coasks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 201bo. Bells for Pintatlonts, steanlboats, chiurchles, &. made to order, Also stoonlbeats anid othler machlinery aulds to order. The above eassorltmcnt of goods is particularly recommended to th attclention of Soullthern and Western merclhanls, and are offered ler sale at low prices, and upoa tihe most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and beit assortment ever offered for sale by any ne oeltablislmeant in the United States. Merchailts, by forwarding a rcque.l by mail, can .nave a prin'id circitlir, with dOcriptlin of goods, pricesand terms, froent lnelc nio deviation is ever made, fnrihihod by ruturn of nvdl. All orders will receive iimmediat attelntion. New Yoerk, 18"538. ,e3 MO 1MEIRWUR N -R COPAIVA 0 \u w (tle:es, or.. 14, I1 7., ABOL' six moiths ago I had the i.itforlote t. get o secret disease, flor which I have a lpiii.d to eveu al doctr forfr a iree, and tiew did lnt :IIre Ie.i SO t:)w on the above dtte I guut myself undelr rthe cue ou' Diotel Hueoot, and I ex:cit hit Io cure te. Since thit ti[ue the disease gut wore, so ars to break out in arge Mletrs to the uamber of ix or eight oi Ca h leg, lid all over tmy Iana, and sure throat, and uit able to work at hi a ..util, Oi acconlt of" tie disease; lirge ilcer oli =o idcrtly under Ihe care ol Dr. Illuer, ,.f iari, o be perfeefy cured JOIIN DEAN. ol14 Ily T DO CERTIFY rhat the abiove ineet;ilod disease is Iquite well cured to imy own satitfaetion, fior whihl I 4tatik Dr. Iluel; and moreover I assure that the nmeei cine I have taken imakes lte it, ned did out injtre my tealtlh at all; thlerefire I advisoti miy f low suttrers t, loieinoitimeiand epply to Dir A. Hluert, 12t Canal traect. between Dauphinte and IlBourboln strectls. Dr. Huet is at thome fri t i o'clock, A M, until 4 P M. They will find a true iloctor Ior lhi complairt. JOH.N IEAN.10 Grvieer street. If any one wants to see mie, call at No. 40 Gravies JOHN DIEAN. New Orleans. Feb ,, 1838. fel 14 Iv .-rp EiGenine ntltrai Itlseam of liverwort and Hore 1 hound, is put upi is bottles at the low price of 50 eants each, conlainling the strength of three ounces of Liverwort, besi le ilihe tirtlis tI1 many other roert acnd berbh known among the Indis as t elficacious in curing prlmonary complaints. Thie urivalled success which lis attended lhe lsee of this iuestimable Balsanm wherever it lhas been intru dueed, has obtained the contilence and recomtmenda -iaoe of respectable physicians, for the cure of coughs, colda, pain to tie side, want of rest, spitting of blood, Iiveereotplaiot, &.. To wlom it may concernt. This is to certify that we taveni oear practice frequently prescribed Mre Gcurd sara'l~ttian Baulsnt of Liverwotrl a d liiarhound, witi a ide~hldlgUd effect: wie can therefore, troue the kbaw led of the materialsit t is made from, and cIbervtcuon -, xperieneet recoIImtmed it as a set.eri". preparation orti thoealirectaon of tire lungts flr which it is re rameaded. Aj BERI' WI LI1 S, M. D. CALVIN ELILIS il. D. Membe,ea lth Boaton Medical Assoceiation. Bont., Octoher E5. alesby IJARVIS & ANDREWS, lI, 1b9 Ctnoll altl eIttiLititllas s a TjoLUEAItS Seiouee of Pemuosnaiip receiveel,und Jfqrsele at their peroutuetnt 'riti; Acladeties No. 3 Chatres atewt, New Orleans, 1189 lio:tdway Npwm York, DaInulthie o., Mbriile. 1 leowtieutlarlydesigned firr private leaniers. and -lsle s is calerlatelt for perrsous o'all c ages. 4 l1s l tfd gentlenoet are invitcd to call and exumineR r giveot at r llauOsB aos Racg sttit the ofell, aud t to achsesformred in rany iart prefer itcan receive 'oersous at their own ref a peeiae fior mre :t tree of ireronu are desired - until they .rita, t orll ts IthIey wlh. DULdEAR &t BLO1T IIWi..R. . IIM M8 I N8IARTT:& Cl nsn.w, rrceivicn fro i on board ship Olen Eagle, lighlander, i'oker lesrv Andrew, Frnenh and German dalo nurds; PIek- Pateomn Boardr;Ghme 2 ld mm 2u i ard t.auls; 8, 0 I l; i dh blane wlow n an es; Leather and, .t o g Dreserdg Cases; Belt, Pocket, Hfreintn's' ,pplling Pistols; double and single iarreled Guns;'G il.lB tag ts;hot Belt; Poncr ihd Pistol Flanks; Draot Bhttles and Drinking Cnpe; Percteaion Cops and Cap Holder; Cloth; Hair, Tooth; and Nail Brushes Orris and Chlorint Tooth Wash: Tooth Powdn"; Toilet and Shoving Soaps, ip greatvda rietn; long Hair Brtide, Ringlets and Frlzettes; Pearl at Toi'in Potwdler; Emtoey.Bg,; Ivory Tab Cushions: Patent Slles or Garters; Goum Elastic Suspendersi Powder Puffs ndl Boxe' Gilt Chains, Seals and Keys; Sar-drope; WVist Bnuckles; Bacelets; Bead Necklaces and Citins; Gilt and- Silserel Beads; Indian Beads, Bells and Phllmes Shell Twist: Side and Dressing Combs; whicl,in addition to their former stock on handl, makes their assortment very complete, and will he sold w and on liberal terms, at the elan of the Golden Combt. i12.5-tf 70 Chartres street. T1HlE Subscrihers, Agents for the extensive boas of &' . S. Butcher, Shtofield, Ensland, have just eceived a very extensive set of pn' etr, consainti of Table and Dessert Knivea of e "' desclriptioa, Pen, Pocklet, Dirk, and Spear point lnivesRa; Ranzors, Scis corn, Edagr Tools, &c. &c. &c. which they are prepared o exhibit to the trade lororders. Terms and conditions will he made known at the time. ml6 J. I.BEIN & A COHN.9O Cmtmon st. IMMnh ONS. IIARTT &e CO.-Are now receiving per ship hlltrtrsville, Eagle, Merry Andirew, Ii1h ndger, Felrch nod Gersn doubile thead plavingcloes: s ter, lelt sod pocket pistols; plaint, ribbed ald split eli cuosiot ertp s. Ita hlders; soissirs, Rnzolts, hen. tr vea: (Gillott's nmmestile antd oither steel pes; Vie' ' os; Violin strings; shell, ivory end lorn eonmhbss;ars It k, bead and leather purses; hair brais, feront Rnd aCk ringlets; llegro puff's; GerPtman IInd Fe.elh ologne - wter, Rowlalnlds macsasser oil, Imitation do; atlirte r sd hbears oil; portable desks and drleslng e ases: o past blecking; sattinnod toilet glasses; convex mirrors; op- I Scal glasses snl rviews; Indian hreads; ellsr ard pllt es; g norrtdeon; whlti-t'ine; toilet and shaving soaps; toilet I owder, cnsrmctie wtrash halls; senerid srtiln ouslhions; too1l stands; screw crushions; litncy rehd chaitns And o ne:klaces; billiard hall.; pocket books alrd w:dletts;a t- Germal holies .tzorr sttopt; ifle alld common gumn 1 oalastic ruspenderls, gartersdor; Beols lucifer matches; sil ver pencils; Crevon, &ce. &e. To. he above in addition to our former stock of tOreyr o rt cles, makes our :ssortmeno t verye clnplret. For sole re wholesale or retail; as the sign of the Golden Comrnk, 70, ,r l Chertrr 'r street. teS. OTCE---The partership ofl Kelleye tlro L &tro I S NI i New Orleai.r; rson, lareris &C.r., of Natehez;r e nd llarri., Kelley &Co.,n of R.rldv, re tlias:drellrd o helstir f tIln Irtt, by the death of Samiuel A i.Masoa, Ity n r of the irrirlers o o the firms. S'rhoe r lersiyrred, rulrrvi t nerrreorr, will be charged Sithoe settiin atld elosing said irusinesl as r ll ws: SLeviC wilorr l attend t; e settli r of thie business of Mison, llarris& Co., it Nrthere; and Illarit, Kel 9 ee & Cri.,;rt Rolldev; and lterrv Kulliewill attend to is ieorsetling ofti r Isaioeiss oflKlleyv, u6tlsoo & Coi., at NNew Orleans. 'troe naot es of the sevoral fierts will b ire used in liqcidationtonly. g Those indlebte sad to ilfirms are earnestly requested to come rfoerwaorlsd marke early setteroenlr and trose having claims will please jresent them A iithoutdclay. Id HENIRY KELLEY. his NewOrleans, June 27, 1837. J EAN IARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER r eases mere of this superior Cologne water, jusrt at received anfotr r sale tr trle dozen or ringle bottlre. rt Also America and li'olnch toilet powders, powder uffsT and boxes, shavr'ing and toilet soaps, rcosmeotic wa' bais, ilk of rorses, cosmetic cold cream, etrao o t, mus, kephaeo, Ward's vegetable hair oil, pormatum, is rrrere de parse, Florida, lavender, rose ant bay waters, Prers's salts, Mahrseilleo perfumerry in trlto. svegena ble r id liquirl rouor, Chlorino and 'Orris tooth wrash, eloth,,hbir, tooth, nail salt flesh brushes; torgether with an. On additiornl supply of fashionable forri and nell ne. combs and jewelry,?or sale low at wholesrle or retail at by SIMMONS, AIIARTT &CO, hrer uy 6 70 Chartres street. COAL -Tihe subscribers tave constanlly on hand a large supply of Calnel and Liverposl coal, in hulk, of superior quality, which they offer for sale in lots to suit purchasers. Also expected by the first arrivals from Eng land and the North, Cannnl, Lehigh and Peach Mounitin Cool, broken and screened, put up in holghende expressly for family ust--ai of which they will dispose of on the must mouderate terms. Orders left at their office, No,. 53 Bienville st. up stairs, will be ptomiptly attnded to. . er 3 B.& ASOlIAE. Colutone wtaler, Pertlrmery, &e.--A spienuti article f cologue, put up rxprePsly for the retail tiade; also the purest French Perfumtery, embra ingu every variety flor the toilet, for stle by ct R R3EES & D'LANG. '1'o Country Merchants and Planters. Negro clrhes, blankets, flinnels, htseys, lowell shirtliue, checks, linens, enlicoes, handkerchiefs, &: &c,recetved and for sale low by the subacri. he: s. ROTTA & Co. oct. cornerCanal anld Clhartres st 1 IV Glenu's Perfumerties. Indian Dye, for coloring Ile ilair ; Bear's Oil, lulssians beal'ereese, poinIatlu, Mtchola's Frel cle Wash, superior pearl powder, (hip white, creoam of roses, vegeta!ble ruge, oltn of rose, lip salve, kretsole teoti Washh carhoic dentritice, orangell flower water, powder puffs and bolx=, A nerican charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce viati, Pres. toa salts, coloete, kreosote tooth sche drops, hair brushes, E tglish dressing coimbr, Indian hair oil twith a variety of other perlnumeriei, &c. For sale by C. J. TRINCIIARD, oct 3 coruer of Canal and Buuroon sis IRON ROOFS-The subscribers have procured at a great expense, the right of putting on ,ron rootl in liis ty. IThey are adapted to pullhe buildings, warehouses, and private dwetllinge, and eomin at once cheapnless sand durability, and are peotfilly lire antd water proof. 'Terms may i.e known, and a model seen at our establishmlent, opposite St. Mary's market, Tehapitoulas st. oct° E B COGS.%\ELL& Co UPHOLSTERY & PAPER IIANGING STORE. fIenry Siebeehlt, (lrmerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would most respectflull inform his friends nod the public ini general, that le has and is constant, ly roeelvingt a .g neral assortment of upholstery and pape haongint. The fIlloaing comprices a part of his stock,which i e oiers for safe ost wholel sale or retail on the must accomlinodtinli terms, viz : French velvet and satin paper, latest style• do half lcommonl n anod eonlnteo, Pniladrlphia lazoed and unglased Id dII, IFretch landst.apesi, hi t tarde, i liIle, ce. tl vIlvot allt wt arted do dIt, inoreazoi e do(lt er,silk frn.e and enllonns iiall q- tiltes, patterns and priotes worted Irillgs as soLrtld attern. p! anld colrdli . Swtis itus,:ll$ laitest stylet' plain and -ulhoitlad, ctotItla dttp'ry ltuslilnsp .ai and twi!lte , ticsairted 'c lore,ni w Ist arylosot eitedle wustr for sofa cishions, itoltdol covetnr &u ew ustyle ol bell pullers, raised fi gure an pilaien, ilt window ornaments ofi all patterns and rsizes gilt eagles btuttl and spears, fCathels, &o, glass knobPh, caosere, her clinth, figuied and fla il it lsale a lssortment of fitys It' childdrcn; lar_,c silk ceII ancod ueuls, woutostd cored and ias. se:s, a general s'."r tint of upholstert and paper helhlgsl ctllostcant' hlluad anid f.o sht at tlhe l,owislt payce atr Nos 4d Royal and til Cw tenu N C-putsons it t he city or .o ,t, ht country, a ret:pecitloully ilnv ,d ut t!i land exallm e i for ihetbehtes. Cirpels ansd curttits made Io the latet il I t sy; , t n hu s p io ateld at f the o qui On.S t te, arid. all kinds, of uphold etery wtIk done with uieitcss and desptch. ocUt 3 L 'uh f;IuUR, No 54 Conde Stremt, beteeno Dutnlin .nld St Philipl etelieconstantly on hand al, Ixtenuive aunttolllleit of'boots antlt bioass, ald ebovn, t New York man ufacllrr, fur men, .Usmell nntl cshldren olf all llee which he will dilspose of at very ,u odete t he prices. r Families of his ai q lintance on sedinet a o torter ,will hve their washes attended it 1, S SEiGOURi DEAFNESS. A NPEW article for persons troubled with deafinees, I (Ear crll, pet thiEar' o'rjetion is f just been itcei ed htcti sthe lst ofil tichi -.tteu h-lih totitiettlutilatiol el'th til' . iha voice is ditinthey su ieyed to the ir. itot, Oater w f has euve teer llbtgoul toonversll with a terc dei tey orn, orust ir fuliy oeeiie onf the ditliculty Ld trt tltrraesoonttio euteaiteid both s y themselves ead tile in dividuals ao un'rtuntelvf tallioteof. By the use of the I Ear Trumpet. this objection is entiroly ftviated. The I faving used ishs'f'ruet pe. For saie at T F GULItN'rt saney atoreerucer of u.smmon asstfft Ukarles streetsr iut.rsh Eit,:Oituy lhitel. fei 13f SPERM OIL-1:410 galiolon panr ilnlar d SSpinrm Oil, in caskna 0hllc, for sanl by JAIIVIS & ANlIIFl0 :t', I 0Vllnsaali D)rggasi, corner C nnnlnn and l"lajp Ins lilillir n .I rII; W IIELEADJ-4 lbitn, 1510i Itin sh X ' 40 kegn, 1100' '011 do .-2 " Eanglih In-l25 1.4 bbln. 4110 100 Pnint Ilruoenn vnriiia, sies, 5bblaCepul Votnisll; Ii Inti cln ,l 2 I'Jpn inn 20 packsd (fold Leaf;; 50 do Silverndip lo0l da In uch Dstal. WINIDOWG (1. SS, Amcricn nn If CI old 11011011 10110 ioxni, iiin·tnu-iien end qualitien. Basins crassu do.-SW bone*. 00nsignmeiti, w ill be aoli Law. Alea, a gnenerl assornlnent or aniiite' inlae and n ol, Cfor salnli. A W SCAIEE, No 16i canal street:. N I. Alalitnaiin nltesaO, ii at rP .iid Mineiinippt notesanill bt raceivdciln 10 peranant diconit nor giodt, or in payment of ~,debtf. _ý ' ---- 1e I FLIOUL-300tI ending lie ,n na'aa*., Indnhinod saes, ".le ;I)OKSIIY. II21 J1 Nr w" L" .'nersunriii'a Ii nit S'lea n-Fhien cust of the genuinenniii. jiinol receivid by net 3. IREES : & U'LANI, 10 Caimp i Olinsni lt1ni-iOU rmlii Olisaonin bale ripe. iiipIn ne l fa nlll in Cl!t.., It ,d for inli Ii' 113 IOUO R EIR 1 & IIA11 Th1ORN, 61 Ucaovle ol BOOk LINTiER1. Under thie Peoyune O.eio, 72 Oint st. B IIONSE l A '& HOWSON bee leave to inlitm ; lltheir eulomllerti end the pthlie generally, tlns they have removed theirt establishien to o No. 72 Glnop street, imntmediately under the office of he Pic'ayne--where they are prepared to execute all ord!ors in their line. Hlaing received from tihe North n spply ofpa. per and materials of a superior quaeIty, for the manufacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser vices io merchants and other', who may wish work of that kind : and having the advegtage of several years'e experience in that line, they are confident of aiving satisfalction to those who may favor them with their custom. For noteries, architeets and others, maps and plans will he posted on linen. varnisred and mounted ill the neatost manner, & at the shortest notice. Pltin and fancy bindint , in all its vrietieo nel. t CHINA ('LADS & E.\l t'tlEN WAILE 'I'UItE 36 Chatrres street, New Orleana. 1M. SEIRGEhANT & Co. importers of French and Enliesh Chinn and Earthen ware. are now opening now and rich patterns of breakfast, dtnnint and ten serviceu , toilet sets, pitchlers, tea ,n.l cups, :capots, sugars, creals, bowler, plaite, dishes, tureens, wash b sini and eswets, footl hiath, etc. etc. Ricl cut and plain French and American glass. wnat--oblels, ehtmpaignes, lemonades, jellies, clarets, linee, cerdalns, centre howles, dtoUllers, tumblers, preserve dishese celeries, pilchers, lamps, Ilmp shade and glasses, candle shades, sldt cel lers, etc. SSlver plated, bronzed and britatia waree-cate taCre, liqur stands, acke bsekets, candlesticksi branoechcs, a,tonI [ladies coffee end teapots,sugars, ctealn, lamps, japannled trays, astral standsand hatying lamtps, lin eutlery, German silver spotns and forks, Igethler with a greatl variety t farricles lo ftmitlly use. lMelrchantls, planters, hoIlt Is , llnd i tleambtats, furnished wihl goods at ihe tntst leat sonauble prices, and pat ked so as to lie co.nvjyed vwitlI safey t any ptort ol the coUn ry. Also. a ilhernrirse' a.l .,ovnrr . not 2 TrE FLORIDA LINI: TtiFol vo, B r ile ito Augusta, (e . leaves Mobhiil very day at three o'clock. pm ,nper U S mail boat for I[fll's Iindint, above Clakely,-tl.ernco roour i,'-t c aaches to Penlstntola-th1 enco steamnnl llts tI Lgr Ilace, whlere, l o :id loule is resumed-Thenlce via Maa tunna a:n Br,,ownsville, Fln. L'ninblidge, Pindertew n, [Iwksteville. Saundereville & Lnuis. vilie to Aegustan, (s, conneti llng reulnrly wse it lit roil tead inar. to Charleston, and lthe s!am n ackels it s Now York, Norfolk, Plhildelphii , etc. he sea bo, alts are tlihe best for thee servic, andll tlie l avita1tioti pre.rnis s nare advantages than call S he futnd upon ally stcalllbat route ill the south.I ern region. d The great improvements in the roteo have been produced by the construction of fifty miles of new 'road, by the proprietors, viz : from LaGrnge oni LalFayette Bayou, an arm of Santa Rosa ,iy, to Bryant's Ferry, on the Chatinhobchees river, ten mitis above the Ciwelord, or 14 above Cedar Blul, i whereby the navigation of the river, and the col t stluellt detentious, and more recently the incon eidlent crossing at the Cowfltrd, are entirely .h avoided, and a fine road from lMarianna direct Sto Bainbridge, instead of the roundabout road via n, Chattahoocher , lesseniig the dialtnc abonut f.tty s, riles, and increasing the facilities more than i- once a day. Alo, a branch line of two htoe stages every othetr day ftnm aIlwkinsville, via P. try to Macsc, Ga. connecting with tile line to Savannah and Dariet, Gee. A mail steamboat elirs regularly between Bainbridge and Apalachiela. 'i'ravvllrs ,wishiang t to each any point on Chatitahoochee or ApralachlI cola, can lta e steol1t boat at Brownsville. or Mobile to Pensacola--Land Rou:e-During the time occupied by the repairs of boa's, the proprie. tors of the I'lurida line will run a line oe fiur th lae post coaches every other day between Ml. n bilean d Pensacola. h Posesen'rs will leave Mobile at 3 o'clock, p an, . in the U S mail boat, and proceed to IHll's Land. it. ing, where a lour hors coach will t a In rwaiting to convey them to the excellent houseef Atr. Charles iall, 1 1 4 mile distant, where they will find l pnlesant aceotmodational for ihe ight-ileaving iii net morning, they will arrive in Pelnsacla early - in tihe evcning, thus avoiding the discomfort of night travelling. Oifice alt ite Mansion [louse, ,tobile, and Col. lih s' liotel, Pensacola, where seats Inust be se.ou red. STOCK'I'ON & Uto. nov I Piano bitre Instruction. William Smeth tenders his stervices to the cit I zens of Net Orleans aa teacher of the ptanai forke. lar S havi,ng been cetpl'yd steerrnl years usa teacher of music in private f'altlies ill B wson, nod also at several oft female RsePinIarite i is vicinity, cannot but hope to Inerit heir conidence, Hle is leermitted to, rfer to Rev Dr Clri.pp, Messrs STetson & Avery, Hendersotn & (;aiese, For termls, A.e please apply at itc booukstre of AlexanderrTiwer,49 C impst act 2 Drugs and .4lledicince. rJ B Prevost has located himself tothis city for ithsepurpose of trIanacting a general ,"hlolesal Druig business. lie is now reeitvint a full sutipply pl Iresh and genauine .riicles, which he will sell on liberal term '1'o city druggists, and those of rthe interior, to physiciatns, merchants and plante rs, lii will of; r inducements such as have inever be. fore been oflered in this city. His intention is to do a strictly legitimiate business. Hiis btock will soon be comnlete, and il a few weeks will be Irea dy fotr buiness. Allorders Irom the couutryp,aed frotm merchalts of tI is city, receiving suhl orders will be promptly attended to. oct 2 No 39Cantp st PROSPECTUS. TIHE subscriber p-oposes to publish, in the be. ginning of the ensuing winter, a Condensation if tile twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin . Louisiana Reports, to be comprised so four volutoes, b.o., according to the model of Peters' Conteraoed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton lHarrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William F. ' Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sittilg Judges, to expect from their personl: isupervIsiot all the advantago which may naturally be reaped frome their expirience. Sueh a wbork is brouinlg every day nmore no cestsary, as the origiu:t as voluminous, expensive, and scarce. At inereasing curiosity too is nmani leet, in the other States of tie Union,, in ref'uirence to the ptIculiar juirispradenee of Louisiana; and the i ircumstanlce of tile numlerous principles hero d.i. cided in the adjustment of conflrt ts of lat., makeoc s the knowledge of our adjudged cases of pritce uti lity to thle jurists of thoe whole Union. Mioreove, Sthe rising republic of Texas has adopiod our codes, and thus t11ere is a great dotmautd for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter, r Convenient iotes, indicating tho parallo cases decided i Ltouisiana, and occasionally those ii tae more aulthoritative forumsn of the other Stales, wit. oo added to earch case. The work will lbrm four volumeso , royal octavo. ante will be delivered, bound, to subltor.bers at 186 per vol.; in case it shoul.I be outnd practicable to eomni)press it into three (olumrs, tile p'ieo to soo. Stribers will be $i7 iper vol. Subscriptions received by WMi McKEAN, c o5 cor Camtp nd Common tll s. W lIOL.,SAl.E AND RETAILCOMB ANI) VA RItIF.tY I' ,'IYttL--at tie eion of tlne eolden eolli Mb, 7o 7 (lthactrs steo-,t. iThe sihecriberr Ilhve re ceived, ie addition to their previous strk on haud tt'u full andi complete o sortetollll o ofartices in their line; vio: p:o lll foot, ,lfnuers, Jcwellroveulne, el bilootig glassoti, f u l . atClie' s, ý;t'. rottnsitttiu in part its fib!lows: COtBI .S-tortoise shell, wrd ubht und plain tttcktwist, quilled buck, lolng round, dressing, sid; puff, curl atd neck, Brazilian conlis of every description amonngst which are s.e Metxicao patters, Ivory cotnls of everv deatcijtihul htorn, die=t'. Iiel packeti together wiith ' PERIFUAlt11RY-(.fl ogue, lraveiar, IFlorido, honey, -larouse,oe anld orau"ela Iluw ir wafers of every size an dlle - rptioai ritutphoirti Colgnuel extrai.t'of l.rglmoti lray srt,s oi':tll kind, shaiiitg do inl citiCkes ia ter, Scrj atet do, 'iitI , t lnrl eetil ,l Ilni cr oil Ibears at lo a r i ti ued o, 't,,,r ltc's s Nlli ,g sa lta a p eai n a pcrf nuned toilet powder, Learl ite -nrlen, t tt.'lerptla andtboxs Ito Ic :t:tttU npl Itatd rollrs,eins and chltor wine tooth wash Jl.\VlL.t\'lo--som e o t re n latest llo lnste firshioto - lie serta, conristil l ririRe ad it e a ied orneiiiunl, rtopo b inet eardrt. , rset i filarireeltest Jtis of ga reh' a.e i bo lpaternts, watch a 'iouaius, gi1l tand silvr' ,aekley, dlero, tnh;lrdesr, silver and olol pc teils oad guand chaiun BII 'tI lES--Cloth, hiair, luot.. eicrotmblhearthlfloor, lier, lash, tooth, ptiae, coleu, Nail sharviug, shoe and wilitewashI brush1es:. OI(cNosio'ntcAeSSE.--GeraIIn stNtia aid toilet viln s mOactnit inf g oald Frlelnh dresiug glossae, IIb er o with riv f other i iids Iriit euittiuoirahtd. IFANtiY AltD VAIRIE'Y Al1'ICLLti--cltrench autd Aruiritcau ioo ttadt' desks tud drtstieg rises, ao1ta very ricll aud iinelvy feifioiti ladile, f i trk I uroXi ol riSi Sills cases with :uId witl uui h r'llll ie, IllU cieal [bIox,, AC urdittiinor 'ariuu kildor, violills and guittars, si[ver c :l plated peucilh, eaodIctadotvud peln:ils fur carpentlnr an craryluiettllnllte (doeniorgltcoelld listale with ua.d witwhoui easert, peroetitlot cilli, pr'uossielott cup chargtrsiluple scrrt dtrivecrs, Isht i bldt.t' ggle niags, pasti hlattiui l tilv tre setis, Indial ibeaots of e't'ry kitd, Ibells aid po le, fiellud cOlUluou kuites, iaztJs. a /td a(insorf$ thiulldv.; eedles llcnide ile r odateilr, teel tand commllsonrb tn-a, reir, packset iaoks lld iIIallt of various killdhi , visitin crd.l and cord tases, ployinb curds ofrlFrelIc- , e lrr i rodl Allieiale l i iiiiii cnetlllre e, doll, iliatioilln rl it, sou bhxesn, pirnts of various killdS, toalnd"rs' l'ootel.y'i Eiteroun's, ltilltau''s sad llawl-ii's razor stratos and inllaliou ho,,dirks, fistl') bead ilnecklees, do with t-tr t'isetl,r toy itcers, pirli buttoiii, io.iwi -h llt-ko, rti sid plant rned beads, gilt ao d .ilvdier dJa gu eloa'ti t s rspet dere, and garters, pluin and sword tane, blc )lkg tatulo boordo, lice, optical vienuesa jewsirrps, rieislrr match eso Wd drinin callpe, with a grert vailitoloutlherarti cls, all oifwhi' h ,iill le sold br ieash or city ai.celpan. cos on 1 rt iusnth credit. B II SI1\llt;.i, &, to. .d 70 (;. rtI r II.S.l , n Jule' l-tie/lea -.e-i-ito., I'., d . i 1 a hi et i ititg, a tett i :up . res't,' i,v tolet A t'l\V'A . (t l 'i'iit I Ti' Nii' INbDI.\N PA\vIA TOI. t h cure elllrhea mlU ism.m s . oa i rfoatkigts evil,grof, Sasiatica or hip ;oot, iueri.lcnt cancers, salt.rlevo, sIdilitice acnd mercurial diseases, patiteuhirly iuvers and painfulaffectio isoftle hones, uccerated throattrvi nos trils, ulcers oFevy descrption, fever sores, and internal ca absesses, fiatulhs) Ilesl sodd heacd, scurvy, blles, chro nic sore eyes, ctyTspelis,blothos, and every vmuietyof.l P1 taneous aflection, chronic Catarrh, hced ache proceed- An ing from any acrid humor, pain in the stomach anmdl dlys pepsia proceeding from varintion, aleetiotv of the liver, en chreonic inonsvtation of the kidneys, andlgeneral dabili- on ty caused by atorpidaotion of the veselsof the skin. It fi is singudarly efficacious in renovating those constitutions to which have been broken down by injudicious treatment, li juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is reaom- 1t mended mn all those lismases whicharise from impurities n of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever a0 name orkindl. n Some of the above complaintsmay require some tri. P fling sistant applications, whiclh thccircumstanoes of the " case will dictats;but for a general remedy or Purificator 01 to remove the cause, the IND)IAN'S PANACEA will ii generally be found sufficient. l TO THE PUBLIC. (' How true it is, that modern Physicians, mi their am- 01 bition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields al ofscience by the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re- c medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the I practice by means of art alone,--ntirely overlook and neglect, as beneath thteu notice, thlerich and bounteous stores of medicine, which the Almightly has caused to t spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much I more true isitthat while the American Physician looks t to foreign countries for many of his most common and ti necesary articles, perpetoally changing as they are at thle dictates offiavion or flly, lie is surrovndved in hlis J own country with an endless profusion of medical pbvnts, sufficient to answer any indiction in disease or to care t loy curable disorder; and yet lie is ignorant of their vlr. i tues, ant they are suffered to 'waste their healing on the desert air.' The efrects of vegetable medicines upon the system are temprlory-those of minerals lasting. The former ex ertttheir flfects and pass of-the latter, mereury in par ticuier, act chemically vpon the solids, decomposing I the bones and undermining th.e constitution by a slow and sure destruction. The congeniallity, efficiency mil SAFETY of vegeta ble remedies over mineral, may be estimated byeontrast ingllte ancient prnetice with the modern; or, to bring ii nmore immoediatelyv unyer oulr own observation, thI- ludi ao practice with thantof the whites. tWho, iu America, nas not knownorihelrd of rerenlted instcmees wherein some tdevrvpiviiitoniretendin female vivivan, by meavsof her simpvle etei--ies alonec, hivs avcirted thie mvost rapid audastonsshingsti es, after the .lviteira Medlica of the 'ommon prsaetiee, directedl ill the most skilfnl tvulnnerl, Ias foiledl And whlo tInv not been suirprisdv at tie com par1 otivensevllv a icility with which the lndin ifrees hinm self iovn any disease, and at the almost tota abstinence ofchronic disease among them? Whv o has ever' Ileard ol an Indian withn constitution broken and ruined by ill treatment? An:d cal a doubtexist that this happy ex emuption of the savagre from most of the ills which the tlesh of mvan is heir to, is chierly owing to more genia Iand safe remedies which he employs? hi's astonish ing difference in success, is a faiir exempliiication of the infinite superiority of the.simple stlla svfe means of cre which Cod has cv ated for tile benefit of hlis chiv'Irei , over those which the prive and the art of man have ill vented. From a long residence among a portion oftheaborigin alihtllabitantsof thliscoantry, ondlan itimvate acquain tance with the, methods of cure of cure some of theirmost successlid practitioners, the proprietor of 'The Indian's I'rcueea,'aevilvirei a knowledlge of some of tile most powerfulvand favorite remedlies. Freo these heselected such as were most eflicacious and ill)appropriates, and after y VlaiOns exvv t'niments to test their vlivteipiir alvl strength, lie has conmlbind them in the foul· here presented, as the most perlf ct am benleficial tor thepumrpose for whlich it is receonumended. 'The proprietor offers this preparation to the public, with the consciousnss that he is placing withintllheir sea, a remedy capable ofrelieving many of his afflicted lel low lbeilngs, who art sulferig undler the variolus chronlio and obstinate complaints to whchbit is applicable. To Ssuch it will prove of incalcelable valte, as the means, and i many oases, tile only means of relieving their suf ierings andl restoring them oncemmote to healtht aod hap piness. This is notolteredl as a common remedy, that may per chanoe ve eqtlly good with many others now in use, but as one whlch is carpable of savinig life in maoy extreme cases v hich all tile unuilsu:di reneeliestialf. This t ihas done reealtedly; and this is thle rerput:tion itlovs ob. I, taied wherever ilt hasbeen inltroduced. It is only about three years since Ihis preparation was presented to tile public: but in vlit short sipace of tvuine, some hundrelis of pIersonlls ight le oillndt o would solemly dleclare that they believed that thelr lives were saved by it, aind in mIosvasesnlter they Iadl tried many Santi perhap1s all tllhe comlmoln remedties in vain. W.her Sever it is kinown it israpldly oitiing into, and this afford"vliv t;vie t alt r substan;alloand convieioig proof t' it g merits. merits. Ti e value If the Panacen i most consioluousin those Ion. lilig sudl srphilitic and Scrol'flous ialivetlllls wIhich have dllenielul other lremedieS, and particularlY ill those cases where mercury has been sot Invis !y used as to enlse distressing painls is tile bones, nodes, mcera rioi alu.lcs, ]lnallgemnlLt lof the dig.estive organs, dec. These it eom letely remoies, mtl inall cast t it entire ly elrdicates the Iiseases t llll liects of rcurIIIV, re'10 votesth clllstitutiln, anl Ica the patiti so.inid nllld well. In lh nramatislt nlll in uletl"rateld slre thllroat, its happly elTects arle lot less prllel.ltlllli\ gi.ig almost inllan diate relieth. Taken il proper doses, thelsliul's al;01:,Ce0 operatves n alltllernativr. d de te l ge. l t; al diap ll ltiC diure tic, nMd laxatives,' an l tl i-sp lwom lldie nld l lolyll 0 ; amt( I i1l0 properl- cas, 00 aslltomachic ard t< mm1enlaloglle. (.G, .ner l'etli s, give' s ttine titi :the tomi chl, l lii excit. s I tiont inl the ghual, in a p eartlllar , onetr. Fro : these e-inci. plers itsoperations ni0v he ut del'Stm I. lThismedicine has-been Imild hihihlyusefi d in e aly ambiguoi.s diseases not here soecilhld, aeid it has beCC used with wollceful succe, s a Srillg tll ii Fall L'Pu riliet, by those i ho are subiiect to cOlaiints of the chllest, auitd l hose constitultiolsreluiil'e tneLw vigoI. Iuis11 I sons will do well to use t.o me threee bIttles it l ldl dlo ses. ~Vheliever a diet tilSk is considered necessalu this Palnacea, taken il a small Idose; will answer all Its Ilulo.L es, ill Imuch less time, less ess expense, and il a far lmlolre agreeable Lma:lllller thn thlo e commont si drillk. The following certiinietes, cut of hnlrteds similar, which might be procul ed, are given to show he eflfect of the londlla's l'allwoea, ill tile various eotnmplaits t neren imentioned; and also to exhibit in the most satiseltory manlner its sull'riorly over tile syrups i ln lmol use. CASES OF IIIEUMIA'I1SM. CoeALESTONe, Nov. 15, 183l. )ltring the lslt winter and sotring, I was flictedl with a very severe and distlessihn r i'o umatism, ocoaeioned by exioosure ill ad weathller. 1 iiownlehegrleat plleaslle ili statilg, that six boottls of tie oldianls Panacena restored se to pierftot lhealtl,and I coflidently recomrmend it to all similarly afilictelld. JOHN FERGlUSN, Kingst. CueaLseTroc, Mlarch 27.1832. [ was seized about threel ears siicer, ithll adistressing rheullatism, caused by taking a se erl, cohl, while llller theilulllenleef nm0erury, alitl wliclh' lis dlsabled Fr from husilless nearly \ler since. IDrllin Ibis period have be, na s1 telietin ithe lMarine lospital, in this cit clW'ds lf 1'tl' 11a11111hsi all nearly the allll lengths lilmle ill tle Ikdtlimore liospiltal, i D l tried alloslt e\er rnmedv, with lit.le bencPi. On the IGth of 1cb'iruol last, at1tatt time se:cely alIe to move about upon000rth0 I, I conlllmlned thle ue of Inidian'l s l Ianal . I1 0ll il .lth I found Itlni scll'entiriel" Iredl frm PainO, ai d i r uow haplpl to state thatli eooslltr imyself per teitly well. W3V . T'UCKEIR, 13 M5'lket st. CASES OFl SCROFULOUS ULCERIS Niow OolK, Seipt I, 18IIS. 'ilhis m:lay erify l hit inhe tle of 1t825, I was seize witll a swelliegin my neck aled litee which tlllewalr, ulcerated alld beciiime lal'ge ghastly slees in my neci. Aietrllryi gsI, etj i llsiciti ios t to a, Ilvallge , I wenl to I'hiladelpln: ad, pilaced s)y self under the s are I)rs. Piihy sti and leech', tsi hen, irepealted Idivatlots to no elitel, I was 1onoeced utllterly incurable. Alier, wardsll itnk twelntollttilesofSwvim's lan:canslrd higl' Iotll s ot'f Polte's Catllolirco , with no illaten'ia bstlelit )etspairitl oflife, which had Slow hecomu a blurtlhesn t hie, I returnled to mly ltreolUs in New York, ill 18`2J, anl gave my stelfp to a tUlngeri5g teaoth. INe:rlue of th glre'a siuccess of The Illian's s'.10:ce , boo 50, in case simil.. i to imy ownl, was persuaded tl l it, asa last 1.. sort. 'I'o lity geat sllprise, as well as salislhetioul, soonfollud I sIse rapidly ilcoVeleiig, lliml upon lakill scven bottles,dthe eulelrsheledand lll became perlfeetl) well inll tle cuirse oftwo lmonlths, and hlave remainedl so ever since. I mlake this statemenl anld wlsh lit published fetlle I telafellset oid s who are stlfering nider sidr ilar setbl'tlloul ofl L\vphilltc altieions1, Illat lthey lnay iknow, lwhathe Irell'edole who lhs sulielred every thill bill deaih, t.nd wlso considers his lifeil saved by tle above av W.1'. IIINIWA) CA.RtLolESTN.,lJlyt 1,' L31. I o as altliclest, fior years with an ulcer in the leg, noc cesie.itly acconmpanied with crssipeliton io' lam.tion t and exlcessive ain ill the leg I tal uIlilel joint. Seres.. eminent p'hysicians exerlted their skill pllot it, but with o.aet psermniesst benefit. In this case five butle Inldiai's Panacea made ai perfect curte. MAIIGAIt"I.T A VWE.iST, til Mareket 4Fior sale by IIENItY HiONNAIEL, druggist, agen lo.t le P)rollietors, T''ehglltoloasi slreet f i NEW ORLEANS -" NASHiVILLE IRAIL- RtOAD COMPANY. T IE Sl flc: older -iic' thi iie n eanyL tire ILereibv no ifi ( thait byv a resolutltoi of itlei iollrd of diree tio0l p.ased on thq 19th last. tle call made on thdro o0 Ille 13irll 'bruary list, lbr the aymlllent of live dolurs it shae, wi · re.ecided, ind thesid stockholders are firther lloe l.ed thiat WIII.RE.S, by, a resolution of this board passed on Ile 19t11 i sts . cul hnas blen l ,ade on lhle slie'ldlhoersl otf Ilse New Orleans alad Nolsville Iailt Reoaile1' Co aie for tie following payments on ite the stocl hel d e1 "es).-C lively bv tlhIilli, vs:-tw'o idoitiirs per hl. ire, Iiayable on Ilie irst dav of Seltesllerlrloe't two i dlllars per slare ea+al tcolie lirset . eld llee'esllmer niexv ild tel tlotlspe Fllallr e of ixly oin the liosti dit fr nll'ch niext. Asown Ilelrelr4 hei it reislved, lhII'.t;ie secreanry of tllhis oalo oli y .t lll e h ol ily Se hare i llle's tlhf rin, therough the ilsireit, e I city,IItt it sunts'ortnityr with llw sixth laclioll oif thte Ieharll, laymLn'e periftw d Setl\, f'ltr tilhe temt of sixty hlyli fro et d siielther the day on ;whichI i it Ismadle pn) y e with Ilhe exltees con dilion however, itil" t i i'lt l ilar ly pcrd Willit thte auio prrlontti icn of gsixty ais llrll a t all ftPer nn dayh on whlich 1t sh iold) hllve heel paid, that thIen tile stork IsI wlic:l esaid Ilse'iieiitItS EIsholdI hIave been slade, is and rlllla ",: lnf,;itedl to tile cOm anlll , the charter }11 that pint hiilm imlerutlive. Ill collbtnlilvt tlherefire, to saiiil all, all stelt of the stockloldeer, in said c umpmty aos hlilLk peloer to put off tile ipymets otn t her sleek to trhe adte of siolsilnil is ly da sys whsliu thve harter llows Ihtnm,arc noolilied that tile paymenllt of lwo Idl lias per s11 re cellel flranod ide it Ite first of S'el w lIpr ilext lma Ie lT til csed de ir the sixth section f isaid chrtesr, o ntil the 31lst day of Octlober inext thIat the pynolent of Iwtn ldollars pee slare culled for, nnd dLe on i.e firstda' of Decemben r next, Illy lie plost. i 'i, ' .lntil llte s10h das' of Janisrv nest; aied lshe ilso ient of wo doillars perh share alldl for anddise onii the fsretdav tE Mare liext, may ie pusopooed uulil the bOth dey ofr h idl osext. |Cstrartt of Sto l fevs of lire eoelard. 0 jO.. Ill A It MSeNAIlt, Se,.'ry. Vtlt'i t, It \'1'S- in cre-e dsoero t hiteiWnoo h1 i Il etfor silt JOHN II URlAII543J Rnynl College of Physicrnn, Lonudn. IjT HE oidginal Vegetnbl Illveian UniveYrIRl \l.di tl i preei datiled by WV ,Mtlin, EqI. Mlember of te a f Surgeons, Licentlate of Apothe catry'saConipany, FPllnw o"f Holt Court Society, Surgeon o to the Itby.l Uion Pension Asociation, Lancaster Placen, Wterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' v and SThomas pitals London. ThitaliOtble medlsine,Ste result of twenty years' experienne and ana leledsuccess in the extensive and higtdy'i te altle . ice of, thle propriety, pul.o It uised by the fabelty ad nobility, ad is now introduaedl a tothe notice of the American public, at the earnest so licitation of a number ofgentlemen of long and high t osandling in the professiin. It is hoped, as a prelim;i , nary step, to cheek the evils and fatal eousequonees . arsingfrom the use of the numerous and deleterious noestriinms luoisted upon the public by tihe aid of fabricated . proofs of miraculous cures, and otber frauds, by a set of m mercenary, ulprincipled pretenders, so totally ignorant ol medical science, that it impossible the moustrous I delusion can any longer $o down with the intelligent people of this country. .1 hese pills, mild and agreable in their nature, should be kept in every family in cases ofsudden illness, for, by their prompt administration, is cholera, cramps, spasms, fevers, and other alarming e- complaints, whidh too often prove fatal, may be speedi Sly cuned or prvented. Infact, all thoe who value good td health, should never be withont them. They are sol' us in paclekets at n ceonts, $ and $2 each, byevery reopen to table druggist, btkseller, and vendorof medicine in tit eh United States t : be Canadas, with copious durections, ks togeler with: esuatonials of professional ability from ud the folloiong eminent gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J at Abersethy, James Bludell, MI. U., V. Back, M. U., is J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and numerous La, others. The originals may be seen n posession of the General Agent, by whom the mediine is imported into this eountry, and to whom all applications for agencies be maSt he made. JNO. HOLBEIN, 129 Wa'erl - Plae, N. York, Sre ole General Agent for tie United States, to. - For sale by apolintment of the original proprictor. - by SwAI* & U.oTnoTU, D)ruggists, No It Canal street, og lienere Agent sfor Stahllee ofLLouistana. jul v - I.MItY It LEE 0F co, No 2 Mingclziae street, are s row reeeiviig friom ships Nashville, I.ouisville, (Cetiseky', Etgle, and other ltte arrivals tfrom :lI `;:tlerti eities, large tll new t elested assortmelnt l!.tss, Boots, Shoes iantL Brogans, sonsitking ol'getltclten'stfine calf tacl Morocco nols b do ," quality; do bullPd, tnd strolt wax pegged boots o rlioasllsql ities; men's lino calf senlnd mtl orocec p rle., tpulpsams til d bIrogans, buckskin shoes, blrogqas out stcppe s: mt's tine calf ant kispped pegged solies and t I rog:sa; do boots; do stoat kip slle wax pegged shoes a id brogans; gentleme's btest quality calf sewed slhoes,I thogans and Jack I)ownlngs; do calf and Morocco c t' lekle shoes and brlogans; do calf, seal anid MorocEco I tlian shltcacs:li slilpctos, to c:l f, buff cnn seal wnlcis, a .ew article; o Is lice calfsetl alnd morocco quarttat pots; boys', mIisses' and children's peglged and swedf b.ogaas, and shoes olf every quality acod kind. Also a general assortmen t of menll' stout wax andsc ret brogI ns and shoes, togethler with 10,000 paire agro host quality, russelt broguts, nailed in tlIe lmnks, made expressly for planltation use; a good s. I t rteltt of menl's line andt stout kip russettl brogans, a o w article, and a arge quantity of all icnferior quality rlesset anl wax bhrogans. 12adies' fine calf, seal, morocco and grnini welts, and pi omp sole shoes; do fine French Morocco notc kid run t nclctl slippers; do oara shoes, with and without heels; b calf, seal and stout leather booteas; do Prunella shloe. I fall kitnds and cqualities; do lasting brogans; ito gaiter 'and foxed bootees. Missesa' lastiegspeineg soesan a ,gans. Clhildre's colored Moreoco :nd lasting bro- a 6 us anld boots, htc. Gentlelmen'sfinetfashionable black silk hatst do blackh 'o Itlrnb beaver do of a superior quality; tic imitationt Sli ram do; brrad ald narrow brim men's fine druhb at Cl.-ak lRussia short napped hats, a nwt article. YouthIs' I: ie size hats of dillerent qualities; do chilrel's. .l'an'sand byc's black and drab wool hats of v:atiotns hll pea, witsl general assortmelit of boys' and muens's e all aps. /'Iciis assotecntent will be replenished bly the arrival of iet I, packetstroni the oore ltnamed cities, all of wlic Sillbe sold on aeeommodnatinlg terms. hi ; I -if AII ON TAI.I lME'S B I . LJil '01R TIIE TEETII . t r'IEe sistatllel reptattion crleirinr Idenlmnd for this efe, toll| rellld oy poifl, lllnd pro 'ervaoive of tile teetb, has induced the subscriber [ offer it to tie American public. Arrngem,ents hayv Sbeen maide to supply agents in all the plintipal citie it nnd ttwns in the United States, so as to plaee it itkhi l Stlhe reach of those sittbring and likely to antltr this mon ti y hateraing iof ll ache, 'I'uoth-oehe. \\'hre appdiedl ecorrding to directions iren on bottle it has never feiled Ito oil'd irlrt etiatrt nrod rtatr, old relieveri that eorelllls olliel 'rl Ileenth iebriteaI rili Iv r cr00ot rirt we roil ral renders a ',tiong tooth usvlees The np lieutin nl fli tenlletd are silll e ie noclln(,ent,lie io( eL Ino P:lasall; fo fs l cronltrd tha have lilt pld exrperienrl t id .ch deligtlllti lalnd safulttry ell'el. hom irthe use if the IrIBle, are reedy u to hear (ilr thie public g. d their teoli n to its ld rivalled qthltmles. It i an Idlian rein'ed,,, oh hinld ,iugllrly lland1 IIInxpectI d 'ly, and U n be rI r r I "i . b) the ilied worl'd l s tile us.' t vlueble di -, - ve t l'liCC. Al tr berttle. S hld by h JIt,t . , A\IH \V o S, nio ,r (. , nnlmri~ ( nll l l lld 'Ie.l lllltnlllnLl rh.o , i ('t.'I- 10 'f.ll. t PU Il-.t--- U oheld i runor g of te nlllder-itgnedl hlaing sold out, s. or disCotinred hris ol and long erstalshud GARDI N SEED ST''lE, ,n .-~ 1t5 C'ut.o /toa,' S :rcei, i. laving been miost intllrrionily ehei l tied by self. illterustd parlies, time, subscril.ler begs to assure hi Sfriends generally, and the public at large, that lhe .till conti:rue. within twole doors of Ila late, or Slorler stand, to be furnished with a full and ix. tolensie supply of all the standar d kinds ol kittlchn Sor vegrtabl le arden Seeds, of the growth and irn. port of tile present season, 1837. Srnce the early part of Septlenor, he has ro. eeivad ample supppies, by the packet ships Vieks. k. burg, Kenltucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short r, passages, direct from New York. By the Missis. of sippi and another packet, he is In daily expeeta. Stroll of a supply of Fruit T'reen and Asparagus 'Y Roots, having already received invoices thereof by mail. The subscriber begs further to assure the putlia ,it at large, that he is at Iresent as well enabled to meet and xeceuto orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was et since his first establishmln nt in January, 1822. to Country Dealers and Market Gardeners' orders tilled at the lowest and slost reasonable rates. by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. Catalogues, eithllr in French or Ernglish, nlay ng always be obtained on personal applialtioin na cusual, to WM. SMIT11, Galrden Sed Store, 85 Ctustnlllliohoe stre .. NOTL.-- A constant supply if thrd 8.o ,d, cvil er n mixed or plain; pulverized sloupl; irbs, .nd Shake re' dried herbs,--with a supply of pens and bcanra. IFIlney Pocket Books-Underlit Ih head will be feund a rplr.did variety of ladies' and penllienIn's tipo 1et bhooek, note, ilrd, needic slrd trllead casei's. t1 Fancy bntotks, ;nuspendtrs, &c.-Of tihe latest iattern and oft superior quality, consisting ofpilain and figured satsi, b:ubaz.une, velvet and cloth stocls, linen bosoms, plain, and liency with and S without ruflhes, shlrt collars, uspietders called \r Vathington susllperders, also, gurn clustic worsl. 1. ed and colttonett do, with and without rollers, nt pantaloonr straps with wire eprings;and a groat ve . ritly of gentlemlen's wer, nmal expressly for tle Sretail trade, by A. L. Vanhlorn and our of Phila. delphia. i 'olbs-A general and complete asnorlmen of combs from their inranfactory.A;.o, Ernglish S and French dressilng combs, etc. dec27 RUSII'l'ON & ASIPINALI.'S OMPOUND TONIC MlIXTU'IiIt.-.A speedy and curo bor tine Fever and Aguie, remittent and intermtittnnt lovers; prepared from tile original recipo . Used w;lth eminrenrt and uni so versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respectability in this city' as stated ii tile aonnexed oar certificates. Ii 'Thinns medicine is highly reemnertnded, and has nit been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that tile proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to thie pub. lie in its present form, in tile hopet that it may be t irth means of relieving many of those who are n suffering under tihe scourge of our eountry. It is al a tmedicnte possessing great vittlo, and when usned Ih according to the directions has never failed of effelting a eure, even in thie most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may ntake it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, ereates an appetite, anld seldonl requires lD ore than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither ilercury nor o: arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing irnjurious nl to the human constitution. The proprietors are ra so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree ire toi refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordanco with tihe directions and ieas on not effocted a a perfect cure of the fever & aguoe. re A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at ' his wholrusalu and retail drug and medicine store, c corner of Bienvlllo and Chartrc sts reets. For District Agernties apply to w je5i . W. SMIT'IHt, 48 Conti st. iARROWGATE SPRINGS ry , rrllngcr r cry onllllty, Alaltllto . T'IIREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NE IV I ORLEANR. id T11- proprietor of this establishment hs tihe plea sure of announeing to) his fi iends antod te public ,, in genelal,that be will be in readiness hy the first day of M- v to receive visiters. lie will also state for the be he, nerit of those at a distance, that there have been large k improvements ainide, und olllers now going Ol oand Ii h rapid irogress fir cormpletion, whihll will eblie the subscrlber to alecolnmlodate a much Ilrger number than it heretorlre, and at the samen time ituchi better. Fl 'amilit-r can lIe Itccnunolated with good rnoms. or s tllure who pretlr can have tlarge cabins t ertached froll to tle mail building. r It is deemied tlUleeeisry tr tsay anytnlblg in nilrlien. i- tar of tihe charteer t tiiesr wclersteul it is grnrlrlllv e- believed that they are not inferior to nulv in tire 8nuNtli on eri States. All the anllrlsePrirni that ore ge rnririt ' folllld at \VWatering PIcee, will he flund at tli.. 'fThe d best mnusic thai this part of th. country nffords, has bees engired, aid will be in constant attenrdance at the Springs durig the nwhole sea.on. he '1 ilsausetlibet will avail bitmselfof this oppnrtunity bh in returning his unfeigned thanks flr ttne very liberal nlr"irt giver him last seaonr. aud hopes iy tlhe rexr tiune tthart have been rire in ir llprovinsg nlld oXrPlrrtigr ithe accommodatieous to uenit a iberal poironnge lil io prenent eason, J.vO CIPa11. JUSTPUBLISbIEI FROM STFREUTI'r''E t'LJfES5 Tho lith bdilio. of i OWLETT'r TABLES OF IN'T'EREtT: N InO which is now adted a"I Avennge 'lime Coleal S to, or easy methods for finding the average time W on storage, notes of handI or bills of goods, when an. by chased at different ddids, en different credits, and for various amounts; besidesauseful andl ompletennaokiog T Time Tatle, the best Ihat ea hbe contrived, or that fi guresclan produce within the same condeased compass, and size of type. An advertisement in the book is in nearly the follow ingwords: Thlhigh distinction this work has received through tthe ten legislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a tr commendotion in itself, so uncommon,, and so eonlu sive, th t nothing is necessary more than b6way of ad vertisement, to give a condensed view of some of its Ila o liarities: as fr Instance, the Interest has been compas-. tf ed from,and compared with, what is equivalent to four- A iteen setsoefealculatione, examined in the press thirty- ( is five times, and printed from stereotype plates tested 1 it thirtyty-one times, from all which it most be evident e even tb the skeptic (esloially on the se.asot ofishe ie s tail of roofin the prelaee) that the work nmost le arith- I a, mtetiolaly infallible, and itn confirmation of this beliafa g premium of two humired and fifty dollars, is now offer- 1 ed for the deteetion of an error of a cent i the lreset Iot id or fifth edition, as expressed in the preface, making five It' lalgepremions slfered for the same error tsircethe first pnhlieation it tile year 10'2. One of the most conspiouons features of the tables is , in the arrmogement of the Time and Amounts, which i for expeditions, roference ond perspicuity, with the help J ofthe side and index, cannot be excelled; and the slly is ty and ease with which the intercsl can be foundto the Sextent of geneal business, willtont doubling of sims e isbesides a convenience so essential, that in the estima to tion of.ome oi the most competent and practienl busi es and publi offiiers who have omde great use of the work, it has been listingaishcot byto liaholable appellation efofa tmaster piece". Ald s onsideoriog the infallibilisy of the mesiteol arigitially aotlolteoi itt composing thei work, and the etraordinary nulmber and ti, variety of tlhe exalmiations and tests of every edition it has passedin the press, cotwithstandilg the whole is in -- stereotipe, considering, in sh6rte, the positive neeuraey e eetelted lv the allresedented Ineasll emlnllo)oil, tile vo e, luame has he'n held aip andII emphatlaslly sty led " the It most wondelirfd bonok In tho wslk;" Iost aeltaillly no mano ao niaoen figure work ofthie same extet, which since tile beginning o creatiOll, has hald thi same l an s ber anrd variety of tests il the same onlaumber of editors; tno, nor one hall'the number, as is clearly sllorn in tile a it lhee. S lResiies, ra test and stanndsid, it has been tried and. l proeed in nearly tlthe hak and phuhslip c afices in the as United States, anil by the public generally, during the as, long period olthlirty-fi'e rears, yet to error of the eal e clations has ever ibeen found ill rint, althnIgh contiou :i ally calulenged by the ofler of verl large pemilum:s. s, The in flit exparessly adoptlted by all t lie roarts ao l'ralotuto interest," ias lso by law ior blank interest, necotdliitgos the boolk is used, anI as Itay be seenl in sl past, by u,s names of the subseribers, and a few of the ir subsequet purchsee rs, illtile list atthllle Cd of th book, is isin ]Iosessina efrversy closs of citizens in every quar as- Le ofibo Unli.ed Sltaes. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it Ihas so often detected large errors, long fter they were made, even by the most carelil and most completent arithmeticians, tiat its usefulnese, and the absolute ne cessity for its use, have been extensiyely insisted a on, so evident, inceed, have been its advantages, anR its savings, that, several years ago, whilst the first edition was sarce, and out of print,a great rumber of second G hand copies were sought for, some to a gre.t distance. indrl prrerosed it various prices, ts they coull occasion ally bo picked up afit from $100 to $5 per copy, and some persons have reccn.iy declared, and instances could be quoted that they would pay $50s, $I2t), aiid $B5ti for a copyr, it lotLo be had t Ir less, arld aln ilndividudi in the latter instance partictl:atly, havinr g at tile same iime rxhilited rttistit:or'y proa, to steral persons pre sent that to htit it was teally worth that monley sadl more tlhucgh the saving of his ve'r valtahle time, he being a very rich munlllc d in pIlilbli .oflice. It is likewise worthy of notice, nll indeed proper to itOr'els, thrit such is the ntuar o' fignie work genlcrllly and aspecially whenl of itle extenat aod impotlace oi f these to lis, that hald this Look or its like boo prepat' ell in lle lusual mannier rlone, I thie ost competeont ealculator ill tile world, sadll alcleards priltt d mostI catliuuly ulldt.r isown correction of proof sheetsL, it I woulh, almost to a ceI'tailt, hale lbeel unsle.t liJ for re ference,iand dear at any priie, as the pt'fahee dariiol laill expltins. Ilut s peir'feet andll vaoileli hltle tlhei sterl;l.p pties ol thlis wo'klbelen mla: e, that toseclur IIthem, tithlltheir lllmllll Lreus mIl x0llaordllinar exalllilll tions,agairsrt tic', for' tihe general betfit, thecy are (by adsertisoetnt) cntantlyv ke pt in a place ofi secial Saoindyi, e rept ciriotiorioe l in prilhinsg. s i ( Amnle lilctinlls to fhidll ot b:olks:ilnd sl:ltl iintor est wii usei l slles, follow the pea flte, lhich, in this fitll as inl te txwo 'I eeihllle ha eiltions, contain muI ill ferllltionll coenlli tile two la:lfl lloes of pllul ll ter sit si te di s o f h r g an e,' kte. I relll llns only to rI u k ttd, i i twithti I ll ' v lhi; 't IIII nnnly e0l0s iy wol'k, wlticc wai l lule lishrid h0l llel I terlle t LAbles were i 'nt, a1.0l i- 1tieIl s, anld rt'l IA it- i tend :lil l lon nlillll a hee siretil el t ivXXl ,l I allhlee X lp tronised, it has ll yi i t ll 1 r IIil, h a iu l t i llllo rr Si. itee e otae 'IsXi l of tIa ly I II.0 t ltIll lll It'ilN slx ..lasof ltnel 1719to 1dt.. suoh ri 0 I ii t Ml edito l of i ino ies, risiog clorlly firt its pebvioa ion atrlctne, aic aeit n teririr O to si nto rlio Im\pnlio r ol L prill f .ivr almost a life-tI of ,, i ',i,:i oat erilrceaw.c o I, itcicrc'lSoi oa e'll ro ouIrni eii riogrirac liajorselices ~l tho'i('tlulu i 'olcsc l.lll ' iL'\1 0m iatith,&o',.--.Th, r.rij lricrai1 I S l' la i,l by ih autthorol ".1 .ol ' rll in S all in,"ltlli Noble l)eedsof \Vomen, in c vol,. r e ounrc il It k, ya lu al li Just receiveI and tlrosale by rW3i. I'K.aNi st traclt c Sirsallarilla, for lle ure oi f, pl tc s of the kin; peloples or puctules of tho t-co; bilos whilo ar ise ro an impure statei of the 1 o d; scaly oru, lions; pains in the bunem; chronic purme tism; to t ri; Lilyro la, or kinl's evil; whit Vig lling; syphilitic d isc ses, a. ,d all disorders Sarising from (In impure st.t of the blood, by ao long Flresideno, in I hot climate, or tihe injudicious use o ercu l ryt o Also,-i Cave & Schaflr's Worm Syr:p, or In I fant Preservative: the best preparation low extant. I SAmong whichl are the fdlowing:-l dian Diye, a far col ring thie hair; Iar's Oil; Rioainlia oetr's Grease; Polnatum; icaw' Free 1do \ash: su. i perior Pearl Powder; Lily Whltei; Cleaml of Ro'rs; Y Vegetabls Rouge; Otto of Ruse; Lip Slv .; Kre. nsite Tooth Wash; Carbonic D)eotralice; Orango V Flower Wa'er; Powder Puath an i Bo[o ; Amnr. lcan Charcoait t,neatly . i fr i e I nlls ' u;t ; PI lkton Cals ; Col ,ge; Kre lcot thA . ,a I Drops; Ilir Bru:rh-; Hogli ii DIro rig o'.lr - r fit ran llair Ill;-with a vatlely of dther Perl'u rnilean, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERF.UM RIEa. J C TRIN( ..ARID, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets ( OYi..L MAY, i lhou, Siign, andlll Ollanli Iitors, No 3 Canoldele street, two i doof r frmo Id rrall seet hIilatios of Ihe following woods ald 'ebiles xsx ecuted in a imaster!) manner.ll e ilivi. Xiiucd, MCaIgalou, r, hi, E pti lack gold, O ik, i Gialra and Alico, S Pollarid do, Orit leO al or vtrd a ilqtle, iullried du, .iosper, Curled l uple, Illood Stone, 1 Birds EKe do, l)h'lo fralite, Satin \Vood, Potomac, rlitlr Woodt, or, ve otr lrlidello, Yew, Tltee, Italitan W\hile. iCoroalll elor Black Sii aml rI d lolI etells Y t Rse Wood, Ame'ri:ir n Grey, Ash \\ liteu Oak, i ce. & ke. (C " I'led "Ins, tpecimpenls to be seen at th, sihop. Painls. oils, t glass, copal trnish,, -. O.. had .i..o.r sale. rliON,0TEinI.i& Iilll\Y ((orl tD-lrr t' , square S1 alnd hudle ilro, wlell assortted. l n 11ol, slcoll aml rod iron, i il rods an d plougt Clt at, Gerian, sheiar, blistered, spring, sheet and S Ilollow weare, cut and wrouvht 'ailso and spik e Zirc, block til, mill arnl gleria stones, oalt kettles s (lai cablese anlchors, hiooso nliir i Ox, log a d Irace Ct ains, ecrn mills f ol EONs'0iees- 'aolIicnuSlind bellowsn ccan d Cul, alnd colking stoIr es y A.Aes, Iowlanld's.lo. i thermspatlrtlld Sn hovels SIlotk mtll plate loinges door and window books A ollins. Ihtsrr, Sharlc le ia tei re es u i 'arit anod Maiilla 'uer , ii e liri s:iar d tlwine S Pai llt, t illtseed ldo r so itl lot intol r'O 'Cun cA idil assorlltment ie hardware and ship chandlery, 0 always on hald, alld which ele Io1ired l fr sle 'at whole sale or retail, h the most anii ra le teroms, by Scil iLAYON & Co. 53O ld L nevee. vEiW GOODS-rimnmon Hloartt &. co are now. 're goerds Iai their line, whiche togetlher witr their ldorlnes Sitolk on haond, maktes their aortrigentvery, toi lete. tuck and di esinOog oe mbeais, liorn co o'Irr oet goel iptroiInli dii rubber, silk and worsted elastirc gal'tlrsi, llltonll fine elastic suspenderh, r. rlocoeleo iand Luciifr mtatche 8 cidlitz powders, ovder putll and boxes, r iltil owder, packet IBooks ahd wallets, needle books, hall, pearl, ioeryunili, sloo, lrite,o rdoor ne head oru lening t ls, oiu co-le, r Fiod ,lnvenderekrltoes an oegligees, srtead chis beadre, jo llcdla rtsks, hot beltsiorei, h erll, lmr ket and e dcllil S nisi n; doubile and singlo barrellllk ins, Bweeere knivted and dirksl scissets, inihears, poket kilves, guard chainl iand ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, hirt, tohnail,'noo orten,ol[ anholy, p late, loor anld dnsting rusha.r, C aogne, 'r Foida, lavlder, oter with an wartelnritalot esellwr arti I t indl rntt.i, mllnlensori bcon, mia ie irenia, d t airl'S vk getarle hair eils, shaving nod toilet snaps of al dat-i Smusical work boxe pli ail,i out tund sind tihe pee il nases, toothpicks ad tweezer, ntell, e thiamles, hooka alnd yes, hair phinc l00nn100001i, frlil,ilk Nno pB bin anorkussio cups faillmh twine, sed Cll .MAll, AI{II.A. GI\ lIN'T f , I)oo Every Day at 12 `9,1. rern , Closes Every y at A, A Weter Mai, u very Sunday Wedi",esday b ,tra f ,kd idgy,lb iy 1. Al. by ,p . .. Closa orvery l nday, WVednesda Conol, anod Saturday, by 9, P. A. Dlan every Tner.dy, Thursdny a 'he Lake Mail Saturday, hv 5 P.M.ur , via . Closes every Monday, Wednesday GXPRESS MAIl.. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR'TURvl DISTANCE &c. ofthe Express Mail, betw.onr, Moile and New York-leaving. Mobile daily at 3 P. 5. Northwar New York datly at 5 P.M aouthward. Afrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Rectrn'g Imntgomnery, Ala. 2 pin. 198 m's ,311 1 mn. Colutbo, tn. 1e. It 9I 31 a.. Milledgeville. a. 2 133 14 1 p. C.looii S . CC . 7am. 163 171 leigh,N C. 51 15 22 12 WVaroroton, Va. 12 m. 55. irt d Petersburg, Va. 10 pin. 83 10 9na. Aichmaonal,Vn. 1 am. 21 3 61 Frdoreicksburl , o 67 7 II p in. Vnashlington city, ..l1 po. "4 :, Iloli .ero, 61 38 4 01 Philndelpia, 61 am. 100 11 , . New York, 2 pm. a 90 i 1305 141 It. or 5d 23 leen; beingsdn ays an N w 17 hours.i tn alna T'lEN DOLLARS RIIVWAIiI). A NAWAY fitom 169 Crrondeletl cnrner of Ilevia E streets, on the night of 301h of Angust, and wna named CIIARIoEIS, about 17 years of age, lnd 5 talo or thereubots in heighlit, very blanck, and has an ioped ioent in his speech, one of his logs is soere, ocnraild by a recent hiurt; ie had oil wlhen ie w lit awaly n whit Scotton or linen shirt and whil eollton llntl.lolns Masters ol vessels andl slenl boats re naoitillno it gainast receiviagg or harboria g id negro, as well as al otlhr porsons, as hie ntmlst rigoor of the law will la enforcad against them. Thel'l above rewoard will lbe/ i him ioaintyv of the jails of eitlher ofttl muniilallitios,or at 16) Carindelet, corner of Ilevia steaet. eapt 'T(''iiE'Ib i rzj' i~ trrbebrtl~rait _Illlldl- the firm of lDubois k GR. nrrlsIIl, hasfl beer dissolved. The subsacriber will lilquidate the lliaira o the uolluerll in this city, and requtires all p:ersons inll b . Id ho tker uaymeo t to him only, and all tlhosehaving claims, tIo roiolt lhll fortsttIal"ltlll . tut -- -t II iAIRiI .IT'SON No. IllCanal S,reet A'ft Orltan., _[A" alwt s on hand culltttantly lt ri ceiino t Itrl Ilyest, Citntemiculs, lind Pa'n:es,mnnug thr.i ar., ,ltowni:.: I)11UCS. 1)lIVES Antimony, lcrude, Argils, red, tlo 'reguln , Atin:ttu, Sllte - Arsenli, crude, Alum, do powdered, Iirazillette woos, 13alam colnavia, Cochineal, Ilonux,rilde, Cotliprs, American, dio refined, Ctpbe'r, hrimstone, crude, Fustic, Tampico, do roll, tdo Cuba, do flower, to laiue, lirinuth, F'ren l t erri t s, Castoroll, Indigo, elngal, Cream ite'tar, do iltanilla, Ganthurides, dio h.lrraces, Gum aloes, do Ullitlant oin , tdo At:,tic, Logwood, Cutmlr nclty dio assai'mtida, i St l)omintge do al0 amoiac, le Jamlaieca, do benzein, Camwood, do copnl, rough, naodtder, ombin, do do scraped, Nienaragua, litnlte, do do S Americu', do Cirl, t:Io ..nttthoIr, orIu.. t do alS'ectti do u i'efil.. do Ihlche. do g(iwhent, CIIMIGtiCAItS. do , Ackl, nitrllu ldo nllastlic, do nuiuide, (lo hcl~ lne , 1t1lt .virol , i . senegal, lhmlal, p P, do sandllrac., orrlsiv tt e li lni tiej t do tragocanth, thlorideof lin , Juiipe0r Ierries, Americani.tnmr . stll , Mlagoesia, Lngllih, it + ~all, do sorts, Sulp tas. L.inmvice ball, S.1 tr leranll, Oil cloaes, Sull zinc, tII ne tlH t, Sutl i lililnine. eo ,rgamnttt , T rr , emetic, I od tiio ll. I' \ INTS illcit ., d nill, tihn,, IHut gitianu, Chromicellow, h'rv, th "l tl ,l'ie'i, tho di it do r'ht alrl, l' I:l 1, I uamh lci tII ll. !rI I" . l lI till , L ill lllr , .,ih V11" u Ai l 'to ctttti-' nod ot1 do e.11t1t11 0 ofp, incH " ,t 11uts, ltet t e t it rain tlt t,t l Siti, ,do Alitt , ,, iu t ,n Cuti' tt,' r ti , f ',, ý,t o tt by i in.l.. t. it it t' t, \r1i ttti h t. il liy , Iiol i- 1, di -0 S ll ,ikt4l. S llC, lxxl ':l, :11'v, gll i ll( , ', hpoi r d'i t o rlic hh , a1 -iy itiar t.ct t.t- , tt ,itltn o t , i l , niirn , ,ett o r < l . o ie k, . l h e d - ri , 1 i gt t s i Rn eit . h e I re' "rIx,. tl u llll' r Sin lllll , tI tmutrod, t a I ,titnT r itt, ros d i i crl,l trl llte ilw i i llnlbyilllal nlllIh, a31111 rll l, Ra l N v Ill., i.1O T 'i tIi e- c ',tirt' Trd Sr t t -tug thintrea t ed it of lf 1 Il lus ll 1 rri la It arks. i, ltr'a -ttil lotai lntur nlnit iictionnary in I vo, :ro re tltohni ti it tt l t t tttyi , oll o nit ilite h it st , . o"3 tr ttiater i ... . .eins titin t rnuitecotsi ite y, thonl Hi it 1it h't it 5 tlto itttdt. elu ird eoily lt SWAINl Iiitut' oit 7itH'S drug otoro, Ne. I I bCrni otr-ct, who' l o u. o til, oet urfl lieii, tiugl , lll .u,,and 4 l l e = d1 ilellre SPIN INCifI'It ROME, &c. SINNO1I'. l IriitO E E'l'i II , III 0r1. R L' e - ei ti It ulit. otigerrn t t he lu Iash Ji line r. of ti t Sls, - Ii, G lr g,, t I ,tt i 'attontiotl, t o theStde , ol. a li ; ih, :i," . .3 ,,s , o 11 " m:i 1 frr J ,o., -illttat itioatl cn o tid H1 tnle otte ogfeAn olier te inter S s, t u. by m engr, vu il t r o n n e tt.tlttic Cutait elol ti Pll a t tittli it n ilnu onte, by freet erali ofB J te o le iur y t elo d iin itttu 'torn.trm ttd hmthosto t.n ver. n cI nt.r t'd I itet is ir (ientptd wito thi lllt na·tite I tin.,ill e i f N r erill t, by tt ie lo, t co llye m1ated d irre ia, om aidttt wito oother lvegltioubl tt b r te Is, 1 s4llnvo elli , l h h l l i t exill. t Iti la tie luatity of ti s apt o ia o i o inesie liC aieon oaiilrn dy i ll tll Itroentutiolln l the, pbei tie fully cotltlilncetlltt e Iti itco ofl tt ttri . Aide n ni ti ie ithile c o itr l iise U. i &i't uil plahctiatl t h ie ie, $1o' Sooyrel per Anonb u Sold only at SRhAIgN frlt()l'1it'R'S drug'etori, Ne. I Cuseoal otrhet, wew t1t etttiy 1ttt h oitt, fiett ttind otottoin t, direcot roemo the Ars .rfi *anl, larplen's Peepurdtind fu d e o large and gtneaN hiu NN tCK'lS i-OaE, &S.l P INNO(-K', IMPROVED IIIu1ION OF DRe Goldsim' ihn'rs ntt of thp Iliosto of umnt ea wichl is Aieutixedl aClaintre ll iljrAi l to the .llt y o h ctilv e lleittoiry, ttd tgIrtyt i'rii ty In lo n laob , infter eltion ude. d tl etllllotlt w ,l Ceri eliiettbh t lrld.Oen t eiithueioohu' undt Antuithy etof ie letaiein.u with nue to ll-c n biaoerl'hitl and ibistoCrictl Niote; an d iln esd ti lllr SiP; r ex o Iti y titnd otttthch of ecticea. 1 uIstrecyi with t'ed,' itrottvi eeit on wl, y Ad hertaoi I'-ed oc iA Iprloved Editi on of iUr (ntttoortj' Hist'oli e I_ .t)Tliigld rughthe Istvr s UI ofL nlius CteBU to w he may' . tid tesht lwith a rguiine, toioi o the o Lyea 18,llr`. Writh quolrtitllls fu Oelxamination t the n end i ealcho rrtioe,. resh llus it variety of valuable i Iform tiolded throghu I rn'ilel iwrk. Cthitistorg of table 3 Are N cuteulpn Soverd r t l aun- eminonto Cttui,,on ho p iintu exi lanaory nllIteit Remt Etirk, on inte pot i 1 ntics, oludiler mid litrlettllr of the & e. An unne. 11 trilo CulstiitUio Anlly i /c. rllos to d be nly l"ny eugrlh ilo, GUYS' ioEr.EtaIhol ,t his·t1orica Ndisan Aorhid iel It of Klieitllr Nown'ltthatise on the Use of eCh seh. Nero CP . A hnlereiroedit, wirth alditionso uni, imlpivomenr tin ande thr ooghtiu m of the wtronuk. icos part of thb A. elo, JuCirteeied e and for sale by WAI nI'KEAN !a- s rlon`1 earrliter of Cthe and Common sth

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