Newspaper of True American, March 5, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 5, 1839 Page 1
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PRI-C-E- cNNW LU-- ------A---- --. -- __N..--.D.A.Y_ MORNG.__, A_-..5_ .8_Vo__ 9* ----------- _-_--. _--------------- _ Vo,.--VI o i,6,. P-lcL 12, CENTS. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, MAIICII 5 1839. VL.-VI Terms of tlle Newspnper Prmss of New Orleai ulna init o lusl rtlrl tIl It atl l tll itrl e ll o Iisclin ilt' the Proprlietors, I ldl .n the 13111 of Mloarelh IPl. Sunscouttr os.,) ' twelve IDollars for ite daily p' per aann,111 Inolaylo selni-emnuanlly in adllvane telt illars fir the tri-weekly country paper, payable one iter in advIutue, where at) city rfereonce is given. No a bli;rilltion will be di:oscontined until nrreaolges are settled. In case of di continuance, one week' anotice in 'arilati t atn oe invariialy given, previous to ll asirntin of utascrilptina. ABVITaSIio.--tin dlollar per rnruare for the first amortion, anod half titat price for eneh aluhseqoertt one: a aterial altllatonll iroll tihe originaul udvertitenalol wibe eltslaged its a new lllte. Iv AvRTIRactss.-SMereihants and r era es, orty dollars fa I.mglinsh alone, and sixty for both lan ir i Banks, Insurancce ()l"ies:"n, ld olher simninr uh Institlttiontlst lifty dillnrsin Etacllish only, snl pighty for both liaguBages'; Ship aind teaonljt Fene tors, or Comnalisaion Iaerelchantls ixty dollars in IEnglish i ni atd eighty lfo bothi langIat MnKtRIAas, Onl0 e\tllt NOTIES, andI nrlirler call ing tsle attentil otf the ipullic to sales ial pro lertly, i cards n f paNsengers, Ielleli I, &Ce. &,!. will Im elprtwlai one dollar per square for the trat iatsertion in each Ian guage. COuwm.seCATIOeN, or Advertisements, of nan v me ron al nature, whleun tnlitiaibletl, alall be olturged duban, and in adatttel.I A dluductiiln f twenty five percent. will lie tad tol Auctioneerri, Sllerll, Ilttiloersof Wills, tiad Marshal on sa:les of reael naette, ttllilshed in hoth laltguatges, and 511 per cent. in Iigllsh aloneV: l0 por cent. on sales o oth.,r proplntrtl. AUVatihr.oer:,.TS ouIt of tl-e direct linle of Itbuinleo of ilte advertiier, aelh at le..l, auction, and planta ion sales, .ruII aly slave, stray animals, &ct. Ac. will be cllargcd fr s. ea ,teIly, anu lit theI linlv ratet. AI ri s-, ISt( i - ell M1I. t 11 lle, Wrill he f Asoli slled o s, 1ll . iiir 111e areli d i el:olliltlalv No ladvertisellleni lof hanIkrtlliciea will he piulilshe I w ily oliie it ei a lbr pl evnri ll to i nti eric io, or i patttlelt gtartLatetltotihyi reet t ilhoid ll-erston ill ItWow. ltrhea tiL s o ilnte ie, of nistinatd ty anlversiaig daily ors the .tt:ll:. It Ie cllthlirgl $01 for Lagliit an Ilone and tll r$5 il hoI ttI I lt ot ag ees. All UI'nna -l n(,ii l111ii u o cI:n:lidi:itt is fir nlilical otfices will lie cllvrn l[e hlotll! tli e price of other advertisc t P. ife d i Owing to tlle, iIensei lo. oit tiiel y) neRwslpper Co,nee of pertans whey 01e1i0n hetvagrot Ion paid within one iontnitantt c fr tltittih, shall lie mlin known (soi fitr ias prietiinlh) to each ltlther-tlhey obIli sliettqsct, itleeinl cisiel nadlance panycntls. (Siglled) J. C. IEs Sr. Itt)rIOl J. BAYON, V. .0. PKbEN!IF.IGASTe fJ i-I' JOIlN GI1B.SON, t uIN tthscriptions aire krn fior lees tiihan, Gontli. Letter Imut inill teo l tel, be Post Paid. S Ir I. I'I "N . -- Io/t's N i.4. 1 , %. 3 I eill . Ihanivl \V1a(.t,.r .' Fel0'e larg, bairrel enI n . 11. l0 111 I l & ) slit . o , Iienlet Indli do dov . double patenttt do illt Vo-l lm btye pat hbo du (tille os I th r l do r do unatial 1dl Au d ll .,iit'g (t.I cii tnIil fir sale el I M V it i) Io it C, h Chbartres at, oe6 N V' Stalidi nti, fllf S U I. .it & 11t i hs-l 'si- 150 hh t ail l , Snac li0lt.clia0 gp.rtil .t ou--n plauntrytioit aoso ti e oitly for silet by ADAM8 t & WIliTAle,, fiin--wti 67 (;ravier st I' rsy-10 re l.e in strei fortrit f oalb hv G fG 1 'S I I1+,1. &- I t It W\N, I1f; Ma,.azh n st .l.l SN I'-. Ill.toI tthe sc tionl lelr, iao o l ln d W pin C hlfxrna·ly a ov y th ri. , Ilriesie os. Ptt.eotasiin gic a l the Ist -,1 prinsrll n-- ltd t in in iG W lor id Uel t"Ailtt & t)0 or A llTll,o, it,s cIan r l',u t a hdra en &n Marn uell ll 1 11 .elM ( IN {1 (11011).S. InIAY o I, lNIMnN'l'.-No Fiction.-oThits Oe H traordsinary chemia oyiill p.i a tion, lthe result of sciene, and the invention ,, an celebrated ITedi cal ant ta et itrodi . n ofwf lich to the pit hin was itnvoltid ItoL sto aolntnity ol a dhathhed bequest, has i.Pic gainel i reputa tion un paralleled, fully asucltaoi llg te correctnlea nf CtYe Inimoted or trihlley'- st conreti teion, that hle dared inot die withut giviif to posteriy ite berscfit of Ii knowledge oni this scliject," and Its hfriefars, Itnileothiod to lia fliin aud attendatst, Sclonotn elays, the s Ae'cit of lis discoveroy. It is Tow usl, d ii tl rin h i ospitals, and the Irigvat, isrctrti ti, illtar co ntry, fir.l t islt int t certainly fi ir th s ut i tll e tll ot iteti to eolt[t e andtri thic ctuaIhcly is toeio lle crtdulity, IllylU whor its i tt citi a. e wite u ed lxtrnally in tth Frle lDroiey-rte ting extrao, itrdinary i absorptina at lle. t All Sowellin.s-lt-ducing theit in i few housr. ltllicumatiIi l-Actti or Cisrotuc, giving quicit Saor Thrte ot-Ily Cancersl Ul:er or er Col. Crol'up itti titeWhoo g Couglt-lo tetanally, and over theis (lnt.t. All IIruiscco , Sprains, and lurni-Csuring in Storis and Ulh-ra-W-ihethltr fresh or long standing, andil I'tr sores. Its o::eretious uloon andults and children in rsdue ino rheuiatic swellings, aold loosening oughs fiand tightit f le L tf ite este by tclaxation of tle parts, i hss ben surprilsing" beyond eollseption. The sOluntltanol ark of thaao wlli have used it in tfie Poiles, i It acts l te a ellrtn." 'I'H IC PIIS-lTho trice, $l ia reoundod to any prson who will use a bottle of Iolay's Litniment for fe Piles, and oreturn ti u enpty bottle without betoing cured. Ths are tie positive orders of the proprietor tn to he Agonts alnd out of many than. andns sold, nolit one lius been unsocessful. Wi. ulight iseort eeriilates It tny 101tgtt, utt prefer that tho~n who sell the article, ahiold ea ltbit tit ,sriginal to purslsaours. CAUT'ION-Noatt con be gensine withoet a splondid aiograved wrnapter, ott whicttah io ty toilut, sad also l1t1. ofltitc Agents. fOLOION ISAYS. Sold whlesales stla retail, hy COMST'OCK & Coo New York. and by ont Druggist in every townia ilta Ution. For sale by thi Wholalsalo Agents, corner of Conmntia & 'oeitoulitoulas atrout, atd by Life Aoothtocaries ctnralliv. ju3(I D l .Jr )IIO NSON, 1lli 111) III Ilienviill% str ,et, can fil., III" pracltic lt o the tre.tllent of Venereal D)isease, in all its dtillnrent tio su. Dr. Johnsont , fro:l ai residece f osesiv venrsill IIos rpils i llure, devoted to Ill. treatentnl (if Venereal ),i from shis pres at oit,..jie tict.lie in thill Ip rtivolar wrauh of th,' prl,.,,,,ilu-in, etuuri w, -s. a softe, '. e'-.dh nanlld ll-(1ý tllal ;:llr, Ilt 1Aou 1h pers,,itl.4 u Uits a lounhi eI with yll f thi e 6l lwit dli toue.l viz: L lonorlllolln, l ;lects, a t.r;|icui., ChSnucre.s fillubs, Semiunal WiVtknute, AliY. tions ofthe llidder, Kidneys, Lo.iuA., Urellras, 14rwstrae tGltnd, Swelled I esticles, Eruptions o.u the Skin, Sore Throat, lails il tilhe Joints; And thse nuimerouessyptetllOe which generally fUllow his diseUse. Recent cases uretedl in tw or thle, datys without the use of Mlertlr, inlterruption trot bustliness, or ultera tion in the aude ofeli ing. A medicinle t preseentl Veuereal Disease can lie ob tained of ltr.Johnsseu. It is lirot tihe re.ipe of tlhe loaron Larry, ia ,eilebrateid Frnclllh Surgeon, esd was ueil l)y Iviltl lhlring tthe ver eCallllli" ill hich he aerved Lis ll6gtll Gerlerl in ill,- Frenech Artlnv. Sold by [Ir. J.hlnu, t hle office. 'lhorc ltthnms having aty lius,.tion of Venereal tiseases, ael elseot taking sea veoyge., or retst vig to tile counltry, wolld do well by giving D)r. Jolhnsuo a call, as propter .esti ites lor tieir !ire in the ~horle, t little call be putI up witsh writtet directions too theiir sne. ORlce olpen floll 7 i t the leurning until 10 o'clock at night. ABEINTIIY'S'F I)YfPP PIc IXI,. Dr. heornethy, tlh t gre atiest of Ing!iih s srsgetos w op1i1it1attl Ilill-tntlsll llf the dise:wtes thllt u.teet munkiid originate in the, stoutach. This EIlixir sas used hv hitlu with he stil o llllonrecedel tetd Potceces in Isis pri.tla sod Iobllc praitics itt tpnseds of forty yees, fuer Ie rllloval of lle illlewia diseases: Loss Ilfll i.tlie, Flnllllencv, Ditelltion of the Sonl acnIhPain ill, h,- ietii, IlenvillSso tlhel Ilestad itll illli nation to slehe, Irregularity of the iliwels, aca in all cases where laigestioun or a costive habit is found to exist. This medicine must not be aoumbeled lamong the host ofrquack oslrucms now before the public, as it is tilhe sole inve tiut ofl th ablelt and sllust scientifie surgeon Europe ever prolleced, and the secret of preparit i wans purchsed by tilhe y lneont fr at very large tsut. I is sgreoesole alttl ileasant to tile tl1t, naets es a mild after ies.t.nlayys keels the bowels Ire, ittparts vigor ttad lrengtn tfl lltoa ysto y lllt llt e l eberullltn to th llnlild, ntad a few butll.s renllves tie nisst cellstlraed eases of Dyspepsia or Indigestion, and prevenltsa return at any future pserid. Now YoK,17tlh August, 1838. :15 l adison-street. StL:-Io cosequtene if ledliig a sedlentary life, I have beent troubled, mret or less, with ladligestion fior t. years; llr thie last three years my sufllrintgs have beeniusuplErtable. I have tried several physicians, and a tumierof quueck nedicines, withlt deriving any benefit. I dispuired of ever obtaining anv per matnuets relief, and resigned myself to the IIost Ihopeless dienspair I was persuled by Itiity friends It trv Atertetlhy's yselpltic Eiliir. S have lnowfiisihedthie ftthlt beut tl,. l klluw nat how tIt express rely i luiratiot tof its wonderfal virtues and the n urunelo it hlit performsled in restorain s totosthat Ihelth wh ilhl ta snight lot ftr ever. Setl tle lilnlf sit dzen .ttles i e. atst execept eit thanks ier Itle blessings you have a; erred Iby re stlurig te tu petluet s, I relnin yours" JCOII MONROE. Fite neellt I;ts ill Islis posse-ssiuon seve hundred tet tiunonilis iiiiilar to theL ahIOe, w f' die sex laurdinary vir tese of thlis Ietdicine. Sold Ily uppointUient, at'Dr. Jouhnsýl,'s, I1 IL ieuvill, stres . Slivr. 5 mwa PENSACOLA MANSION IhUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T IIE osubsrilierl havig purchaetile IIease ndl r i -nitntreuor thls well known establishenut, front bi t Taylnr, the late proprietor, will be ready to rercive vil tera by the Ist nl" April next. Numerous and costly inoroveonents will lie found in tine arrunlgnentis o tile Mansion lHouo. Now on l niore onimiodil blating nooloes will loe uilnt, owl wille I tt edli to t h e housen, with gaoo nccotnoloo tlonrs fIrhorIes Ind carriagiesl. lirs rateI horses ind arriagels will aolsol kept for hire st niu enato i rices, snll sil, it nirow outr, with iersons to inoge thiel for nit n, o of rioltro, Ililliordos lid oilmr aolinyeoniolt I'mIully fouind at watering pIlaces, will I alnbe fu nlisIlli nnd io conllncted inn tno iterfre wt ll tie eolNiirt andl itietofthe Ioarders. Tho winemoad linod rs will he ot tlie lst qualily, and It ensure oill slnpplv of ion, a (urgo hasi already been ordered, wlich wil airioer lbiolt uti Ist ol May. s Mr Frederick Ilarnnrd who forinerly kelt ,m popul a l hotel t Waslierton ciSt, will eondat iios I el for ite intopietor, aht, with nI ec uitd onfidenlly asnsion tie visiTrlr of las year, s ll hi fiin' a rilIu e iae nitl Int theoy will reneive vnery pornible irttentionil ind tl Tycl ex topeisf lo giveo gienroD satislaclion. TIe local dvantaResl of it is I s ore too well known toi need a lrngt.enilned defreilir.i Ictre. T're fiats t'l'n Pnaineonl isrm t ihe rge slural rn il inil of the (.overlaninlt; tne general renlleavous of theulf tllultI rotlhle stlltbrily of its elinate refr.slled ieooollllll) du-. ring ihe UlUlllter In ul0lllh by tile coolest I front id fgull onile loult o thie tnITy ndi theighbori iolnll" flld riverP; life llundana e llt firnd d linsy o' lleI fi vwistrI nlichl the itirs Auntod; nd is I.iIoxitity to tleli bent dnoltllrn i lnrkotnn aive Pel'netolll tirl IoroIn 'frIerne over all otlher pileos in I nese latituden, ns i N. lthy and dleliLd'ln sln ulrni nretren. bratl rulre Wlats willru i hlwell Aell asola allnd elo bile, ind will nt all tihes liair to talon tile pt nc A nIgro nfron tlh Neiw Orleans boots. N B ALRNOiD. Peonotola, Feol. 15th, 18t:8. L (iioentle,'eno winhing to engage rotoins for their flunilins, call address tie pnroprittor, at PenmILCor , orn Mr Sewell T Taylorn, t nr tprolrietor, t New Or leans. References. T Safird, Er, MtrC'(:ulloni, MoAllin nq., it. Kilby, inn Monbe; s r Tayllor, I1 I UlIa, Enis, in N, Orlealns. P' S-A letter bong, to receive clntaniicotions for peruMona t tile llorve hotel, is placed st (leo Wllitnnlln's ele, 1 St Charlea Exchinoge. FI.Ot.llfltA IOUTE FOR NEW IVORK. T iravellers desirous ofu Inking ie Florhla Ioulllte, vi I'Pellre oln , i to tle Nlrtll, fo inltorl iled li rsl tla l boitn will Colltllnllv rFno frun. Mnbile ,iI PIesicoIa loaviag Mobilk alld loenmIcoll lerv lrtler inv anier tle lot it Mayt. (.oMilStaes willulrivsIo R Ite uirnV oi, t te lubsrtlber no Ift in readiness tlit take l passeaners from Moluile, in ase oft ie failure ofll: Iliotom N It A.NOItD. 'I'tei nsiAiNiH 'hmCln ion waves Ibllile If1r Ienar Colo Iwiee if wee~k 110 '28 IV NoIIbIS . Co, N. 311 C-ri-rlcos Oitt,cl ceivine daily ronm their house I ia nhcletphli , or ele.ant and coulplete assortient i f sutltanntitl nod fashiotaoble clothing. T'ey invitt e alie t in tion of the pallic, as iliey ars warrniltd in st)in that tranlgers and cilizens anuot furoish themin selves more advaonageously il any city ia tile Union. N. Ii A few dizeon elegant ivory .linlle umr brellaso, roe,, 32 luo 3O lohes. Also, a Inrge lot whiil-pine poakiglt. oxes, vorioan sizes, very low tl 'ITll AK-11nSi'n-A kiinso's IDeillt,,,rvimrr. inoviolg ooio'rloruouo hoir frolo tlo fo-ill:lý,k anlld ;oiotl, with eolual safennty lId ceriitain, lavitg ile skill finer Ien wl ler tin 11" ie ie- tile upbo lidation, Ires Osupply just roeceived ieat tile lalaor. W.jai IUSI & ALLIEN,, I, Exl:.l lllnge llil, .. St Chi d ( '&llrl t( ln il st¶__ I. l'l"rl.I-M..50 kept. h(l nldlllltll ll+,r hl lli it r i+l y B j .. I nit n ti IIITlNlIY. il' cNltlY I j )t' L't' 1ý(JL .O A nttli t tlnit n toitlt if I l h "t Vrit et;ll Desks, various -li-a iol l IVe.lIroll, fi,r .lu ýY oe h DAVID" un1n r.0, Il \\11 '\ew or lllllr llL Ib' loom,"tr Iu S. I,"I"T V3OIKS--viz: i :11 h 1 ...... le, W ife, I llI tetou ag ll liritseKei r, and The 0000n t Mother, lIv Win .% Mhl, Inothllr l'lhllo g,. I, In yolu .. +ll,'frll (:' ll~l~lrhPll IXAN liU1:i; '(I" 111+% , l i. , tPE 11CNitLES-30)I N,-- IItoI N a o Q o1t111 gal Nlr l. ew ir Itv , iohl e sp+ elll o\ inf rely .t .. lion N oI.. , It,10 bo. e.oNo I Souo , o Ioi lh o o t) 2 01: 0xes sgopo,'ri or oing t onlorilet, itlmi i - i i ll Alir vi, erh, 111 1, v p e Ilt"oih londoInoonntulninht',l the,, ninn iollo In' ".411 ro sm l'imrn forp, , ; a- Ity ll, 17:17 has prinlic+ ilena n ostaf, i c,111 70 f IA ht ls lleld ll ct, 131 sooi on, Chnot nIot t ine t ofstiiobion It nlity l Il, gupoder Y ong t I ilnTlbh Copper, il sheets, froby V2 tloI1t & litth Illuok Lead Potiaf-orred iote,, fie- sel! by PElIt fil-4 i ciiiokswinler straine.lfenltr'i Oil I S__ warraute_ pure. f,,r stile by f.,; St IAC IUlUlll &Co, 131 Magazine s Il Ul;Airgo 'tlltoaettiu n bovd e it t city, iit r tale b ii iSIREAD 1. IlAr.-.T( , f' NoZ7 IBank placeti. otieo Ito l, ncs--l0 boes Nee dl, ut it - -14' I+tANT lit,;i )tOlES-- Wlliria. /lI//. lC+har 1 J Irem tt.,I has this d y rpeivd ittiFlll a ii l lt Ir Fe n'rltetble and illie Irottiolni'tseulilt, i ie Itolonilfroom eip Alnxaider froo inirellcu, for ti ne.% IE1I.\ Il +NT Orlers received 'I the Gas Office, Bi nk Alleo . I ja3E hV w tI sy, C ODUEh OF JIoAUTJl:C-l; J 'i Co" l,.ilifil I new edtion. The lub1scribers to this wotrk tand geotle en of lthe liar ill gLeejtal, toar ifoll d thaint I1 C . ýditlioll ofltht; Code 4'f iPractite I is to' filil.ld a tl re ldy folrdelivery at tho stole ofthe suIsoriles. i 'lhi odle o l'Praei ice is 'un ;ta (d witlh kill execu *s tld wilh elegone, acsd Ni lished i EtgAioih iod Freilcll. The difirent nrt tileas Iare colitUed in it, eln l tn fiel IAAl C Httll(. & i Co, 131 Mn.g i w it B U liRNHA'S lOwS.- Orl'his i.trtioner lla s Sdicoverd by he proprietor and as been sub ac1ed to his careful o Hbse r itoi n fr mnsy ero s Aeew Cel aId iIIL&t BIRinOWVN, 96 Mag'veile st 1-b. hoy's Wor k silk liat, fiar sale kv dirnc0verld by the proprietor and lie been sub in every vir ely ol piactice, and all the disliese, of Ihe d!iverified Ametricoln litnate; and it is iot given to the pulilc with ti. e utllost cenfidone annd I believe that it is, as must clearly est forth in the paoinphlilu the soei., the best ledli. t cite ever thrown within the reach of all clase-es of society. It is with the Lrreatest proprire0y given in all the maladies which atlict the human rs ee, frou i tile established fact, that, wthes taken into tite sto- I Inach it acts naccootin to the state of the stom Sacll and the nature of the disease, ,ither as an I l-ilie, diuretic, sudorific, xpectdoranlt, r erperlet lis dicine. That it is really what it purports to be, I I eeds only a trial to satisfy the mtost incredrlous. . The luet isdaily coieing to the knowledge of the propri siors of its beneficial and savintg effects in It cases ot the ngue and ever, billious, typhus, ner. ivots and scarlet fevers, itnfluenzl, violetlt colds, dystnterry or flux, dyspepsia or measles, satify Sthem that hey are not oily warranted in warmly recommending it, but they are called upon from a it sense ifduty whltch they owe to the lhuman farnily to say to all, try it, and you will bhar asmple lesli ony to all we have said on the subject. d The cholera itself, the worst scourge which lie ever visited our couhiry, has been successfuly con quered tile proprietor in thirteen cases with thle tile Y of this medicine only, without the loss of a single patient. The medicine is pre ;ared only by diotois BURNIIHAM & DAVIS, St. Louis Missouri; and is I put up in phials each secolmpanied witll a plain r and distinct direction, slid containing about sixty a d,ses, to be hadl for seventy five cents, which 8, makes it much the cheapest medicine ever offered to the public. The above medicine is sold wholesale and retail hI by our Atents, Henry Bontnabel, D.uggList aud Apothecary Telinupitoulas strte. New Orlenln. in 100 haIf bble finnilv Flour, r- 95 hall hble Philsdelphiahbuckwheat meaal, 1011 Quorter do do do e0 100 ICihtbl do do do 301 IHtautlers extra saised Havre potatoes, il small (iloucestereheene, b5i canister, lresferved salmon. le t 20 boxes Philadel lhia assorted preserves, Jir- Jlst ece etlntnl tor stole bv er. IW PI'I L CIIAIltD JPI TAGIERT, Jr., ja.J oar Pl')odras & Maigezine s L OMBAItR & CO'S Boston and Now Orleans L Li of Packet Ships.-Thiau new line of ships has been expressly built to run between tie above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accommodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satisfaction, The line is composed of the fo lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemisl, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columnbiana, 625 do G Barker, Soaman, 240 do J luowes, omnhbay, 625 do D Ilumphrey. The above hiips are all new, of the first las, copper fastened and soppered, commanded by men of great experience, have large accommodations, with a separate ladties cabinl; every attention will be paid to paisngcrrs, and the very bost of stores pro vided for them. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis sissippi, and the strictest punctuality oserved in tihe time of sailing, and should the regualar vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A share of patrou age is solicited, and tieo agents pledge themselves to accommodate as much as practicable, to receive atlll forward goods by said line at tha most maoder. ate charges, and to advance all expollecs on goods sliped, if' required. The sllips will leave the lit and 16th of every ionth. For freight or pasnago, apply to the agents. J A NMIJ l{itIT', 82 Conieioa sat. N. B. Advancements iadne on colignllllo .s to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov77 SIIlt(ICAN ItLANIY,G.iahli.ll Iutlcr, &c. A 0 tiLlarrelsa .inecricunll Brandy, I) kers ithlien liutelr, 201 hanxes stalch, 50 kewa Iliick'wheat Inc!, 25 Ilboxses IIsrial k 8, Ilt do Io do., 20 haltfbarrels mera shad, Laonding lfrom ship Adriiduch, four sale by fe5 .; W 'ILI'l IIAILD bI J ' JO SEWT\V -IUSIC-O, Native Music; l'ihe Convent It ! Icolle ncel ) I.rverlou art iler me, sullg y iislt Shea ri. in tihe grand Itolmlantic Opera Atlilie; (;ood Nig it 'The ineting and parting; I care not fir s)rillg ct e fickle wing, IyI Iussell; Come, conme, 111e art in sio row; A Liia on lihe Ocean wave, by II Itlssell; She watched for him; Fi o me let fall a tealr; Citae to fll at mornig; ( 'er lie water. bvy monli ghta l'Ther's o ; home like iy ;wu, arrulerld for tbrIe harpy T I.:larre.- tarvol.Vllze., Iby A hleebe,; (fiaeen Victoria'.a Caurt talloadrilles. Juit received alled lir sale by d19 11 C.\NetY, 19 Camp st ENVW it(it J-lBurfi & Aliea havre jui receivad N a teplendid assortlment of fine Funcy Goods,l suita ile fi)r Pl'ars rs, ciiioiprisiant ladies' writlileng Iulas, dlleasaing cases, work boxes, mIaesicail )oxec, porTlllios, needle hooks lf pearl, shell and ivory, card cases and scvcenir. inlaid with enrl and gd; Iake t 4ckteIbokse, puir e s, atier gluases, goh i sile lailcrv er w eil r entiery t all btkiedt c tlery &eC, at 4 HE BIIAtZAAR., ljt ::c!r 8t Churles & Coinnion st., I-xeihnge T1) 'I'll E IAIDiES. A TKINS'ON'S DI'III.lATiORY, ir rermoving er A' hair fronm the face, neck ancd arcs, with ulllll satiey laid certainly, leaving t ale skin filer aed whiter tlhai helbre tie aplliet lion. A freish Sulpply just received l aGUIt)N'S, N I Exchaloge Holtel, cornet St Cotarel and Commor stm, 'ia. ll f FAI, & % & INItTER CTi 'llINtG. J P. 'FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, Magaziee street, Si re nrcci ilngi their supplips e nFIIc alln \Vintle CI ithilg, aid will cillnilllln n t rcl',eive Phiiei lllt t IIreI - hlrlv lhrnllu lhlilt tit season. Th*ir assortment being lre will enahlune them In r ,lys . rhl frnlt iliel c intlry Ill tile Ahlwrl"sl nilice:; for salu wholesale & rectail, oi ac U etellloU elille ertnrie . FA.I. FASIHION-. i f 111. subscribers take leave It infbrm their patrions, Srllad 1th lltli: tner iia, thet Illy are Inil piro paredto a hiltor their fll] l GO1SSIP 1& 0, & Fashmionabl Ilattaer, lIxchalle Iltel, ,i lo 12 Clarlc sat Ser.dl it lls ta I satl thllrchaser, ointl-rrs I ft at the ci regala arl, inCa, aIarvul, or to jiui:.l IIOIl.1 .. lu . M1II.IlSl hank Plaace N 1W\V i (KS--l(uh: .4 the: liol i; iv th('i 1luthor ofi hll .l 1 .1 11 f1Ii lbl nll ( I litr 'Il isl. ill t 1 if ý hlro iii, v. i ,llelecI ' w I 1''' "llll'V il a tll l'. l tr a giIIta I. 'Th-1A .ir oir ,ni:el ., a1. olr a Slilllle: or tie IRecollucions oft lalsn of, te di R.,b(itaon'f r Elhln Ghovillh, Q, Alexanert' Divscvery in Africa. 2 voli, The (l ill of the ni ur, Th\- W;fi IInter, 2 Vols, ti 'I le flritish s t1eInt, 2 voi t, r AIIIIIl IVi iilCllit, I)IV a d i ntlin l ion, bl y Miss .i a , 3 l, aol i Loly.'E rceive al and fUtr saler,, byI \ 9 ' I j, IA.E. L : " IOWAL , 19 C)amps " LIOT IN ( -13l cases senasnrhle Clothing. ladi f ronl alhip NoInIII rnI f-lr sale by fe ISAAC BIII iioil(; o., 131 Magazineste ta V INE(iGAR-- brlts represreed aAs very fine L S for sale by P A I i .,A , j3 66 Caump st NIK-Jus t receivted I;old kI k, fir airtists, its tandi privute usep. I.Ladies will find it fIr ornaielllntal ptainting, visiiting cattrd, &s.. to be tllra rilr nto illv llk he\·T itroti'vedrtoi ttI pubtic. IguSl & ALlI.N jaUI Fancy Staore, ExchanIge Hotel SN;GL.ISlH AVIII''E LhEA11--50 kisa 5 ls I i cach, S ll0 do. L) lbs; 150 I)., 14 hbs just received, atd ifr aal by I dl NI CANNON. I l Tcholito.laas st t tPP ilM PitlbSýE-.ISat r I doz. 11 liitches' Potlent Le.ver Cot ing Pre.sse, tl;r rsale fy rsAVI1) FIEL.T & I ,' fel3l N Y Sta iolariir I lull, 4 ChaIrest st TIN \WANE Alttatneory-E-ver;yartiet tf i Ti Iluld she.- copper wltre t'llilnanuiered oif tlre sllhort d eCt iol Ie, a11.11 l a l suptriuor lstyle b fel3j S l:tKA &A T Ct,,8 l3r. rt as N i--tIn llad at all tilres a largT IIortinnt ofll in toi eoI - wares. (.tary tierchaaitts taue .iarlticular SflO I tl i lito lia cal'l tti , gl i fr PLANTENiS-The suobserilbiers illr ILr sale I M,islliet's Cori lills,tcob corn shllers, a straw and fleddr cutters, and elvery tall ier vaarliev l l jnain and aunlem toolsP; grait , pas. and gariladen s s; I o.ks oun agriculture atld maa.gelentl ofinek; fruit adI oltrntlltual trees at plants. Clathlogtlle colain furnished by ilI.A sobsc-irs or y Shull &8 Blown . who ret aewlited itttl agttt r t ia sthlish ne a iRl)IIEITI' SINCLAIR Jr ,J Co.,, fe9 Seedtinren anid Manuililetcurrsr , lhllailore S IAP--175 bllxaes Na. I and caral.a t l, g'Jhitatsai. S iGould, Jackson Vc. 'Trowbridge, (icage aolbbinshi a nd J III Morlto; for sale by jai6 ISAAC ItII(II E & &c , 131 iragnaine rt XCIIANGE ou New York, .-r sale by ,ANIDRIEiW S & BRO'S, Ifel l 50 Cratn streret UrAI-ltf I ibda rntagrr .. ait let by NIIEILt IENE IBR(.i N & Ca, I IEi .I Coatist .4F:\V Dicitionaary li the Etglish Iarugnage, Iby Charles IicShdarr so. cotllat a itl vols. Also, No. 8,ol Nicholas Nickrleby, just received, . .lfCr sale by W1I M'KEAN, 1fe4 eor CCallllp ald Coalation a treets EMPTY '' hbhs. anid tierces, (r sual by J30t0 SIIA.LL& BII4iOWN. 3 CASIKS Polrgee silk Hllaaldkrchillfs, OCf haaallaae jltaterns, for sale by GOISSIP & Co, jaitt _ Si Chatmllc st -eatato [lota AIENI- EIT'S TI hera,,aters, a vVry heauutiful F artic, fleew saylejust reervcd frona urop e,aud 1 1 UI.-I-l iarrels ia strt . and for adle by E jal7 AiAHnA 'I'A llIER, 34 Ploydra at £IOAL-1i76 tons i fth a hb.t Elafish coal, well salied fT r rteaL [Hmilt as, o boardbla l t e At en.a, frn New Castle, br sale by iHOLMES & MILLS, ja29 Baaik Place 'SALMOaN--c5 ltr Iarrels, eighthr and Q00 keg; sauoll laudie fron shiS Charleston, fur sale by re & J P HIIT'1NEY, 73 CalIl, at ATIRF:LIPAS- r-.ii catses, 28 to 36 i,. ait l U (ingalum urntrellas Ibcr sale by feg -__ISAAC' BRIDGFA & C, 13 lagazinte st ACON SI D)ES--50 hds Cinerianati, uarii stor atd forsale by STETSON &T AVEIIR, j2n9 83 C ravier at Tj iO)It-CF.E U E US CIS & IiARS-- oira sa scrilrg have just reneived a large assortmnent of' Gins Tatablers, Iecaltitar, Sugar Bowls and silver punch Ladlesa rtd toddy rpaoans. which f(hbev offer r rstie low ja22 B BRt)WEII & Co, 17 Camt a A ATIN Letter Ilpar-tGilt edged a vaery splendia a urticlels every oticor, qualiil and REsie. Also black edged leter aid billt palmr,'for sale by DAVID FELT & Co, 1612 N Y Satationer Hall, 1 ChCrtres at HJ~tE P'OLISH ORPH.AN, or Vieissittidm...-Ata/e Sby hil authalr of hebs Swiss eiraess. jaul received acd for sale by A, 'T( WAR, jan 301 49 Callp ast EW YORK. Stationer's Hlhl, 24 °hartrea itreet N y I)AVI) FELT & CO. Every article itl iatiaonarv readly adte, or io order pau sriplt short ilOtice. Wholrisalc ar raetail, talh or approved enrdit. f1ý5 BALDNER S. h2 A BEAUTIFUL hend ofllair is tle cnrandet ornm, meent belonging to the hlman nme. low strange le the loss of it chnnges tm ellonet tanae,anted proms: Itlrely brings on the appearnncce onfch age, whichl c n sen nany to recoil st bhiln cn.overred. "d ollltimen even to shal· scietv to avoid tihe teet and sneers of their ceqnai.tanee:i the reanninder of la r ~ ves are con sequetly spote in rctitement. In shrct, lnt even tile Ietc .ftcropertv titl the peenerecm thinhkicg enccth witit ttcce nevv sink ing glntm anced e Ithe lneei heir. h ' 'To vert lltlaese tttlencntnt eireimnstreees, hllrldee' e nnllel of Clhtmelis stee the Ithehir frncl filinee fflln tih irstnppliaetion, and lfew Ihotlts rsimrenr it na ina. It lihkelae predleaesvebrowe m nnd ceieeles; pcoicreccs esett hn rnE turnine rnr, Inkle It cts l rl ertilrelv, nd Frteee it from eurn. NclncmAe S certificete "cl tlc lie r F7 tRend the following: Robert Wharlto, Esq. late Mlayor o rf I':ilnl saA las certifier as l env h seen helotv, to the loh chlarl ter ne che 5clloweinte 'encleteec. n 'orte en tlreinet o l herely certif thlniat weolme lise tie Il. of (lcunchia dicivere hby J. ()ldridce, anl' have tceln it Iighiv rpiervicehle noeonly ana n revntive gcainst tle ftlling offof hcir, iut alo Ecertite ror ie WIlIf. AM TI ATCIIER, Seti'r, iMeth ldist Minister in t t nGeore rclnr. i. Ntn ,iN't lrthFifthlta. JOHN P INGLIS,321 Alich street. JOHN D ' HOMAS. M ,ll 18e3 Rlicent JOH7 N S FI'RFlY,l I Spruce streeat. IHUHIt MlcCURi)Y.2I43outhl d st. JOIIN GiARI), Jr,123 Arch street. It ls known tlat tlree of thie vtle ofOigners ared mor, then 50 years of age, nd tile ethersc net lress tln 30. [From the Moinr.] Coeuenunwellc of ccPet a svnn, City nf Phliadelicltn. , Robert Wharton. Mayor of snid city of PIkilnde. -hose namelst are i sneed to the ebove crtigiCteiehat they i are gentlemen ost chtetarter and recpectlehiltv, antd as ecclt ccli credit llonhllel Ihe Cieni to ste ecil ceetifnett. In witne rs whree f lt hre cereunto set mt y hcIcell aned clUsed thel sel olthle city to ne :llxed, this 6th day of Dferemhlr, &Ce. [L. S.] ROEIT' WHIAITON,lMayor. OBSEIVE that each sottle cinthe (ecnine Ilelm ihas the Fell ehin Fere, Ac5 Jol' .holeel.n Dnd retail hv the sole nelts for Anne ric2. o J Flercher street, n.or oMaiden Illl, one doo bel . Pearlstreet,and by most druggistsned perflamers t' engh he country. JARIVIS & 1 ANI)cIeWS, mn9 Wholesale Agents, New Orleans. N ORR i & Co. Nt,. 38 Cheatrns street, ate now receiving oand openng the most nplesndid, sn stantial anti fshinnale stock of Clolhing they have ever exhibitrd in this market, coensistin n I part ofthe folicwing articles: hlue, Ilce black, jet j black, london brown, cicon, olive,london semk and golden olive Irtck and dress conatse; Ieavr, stable and harrintton frock onats, clegan ly firnishi ed fancy and iclin black Ieasimere and cloth iantaloons. english and french fancy and plaini silk anti sain vests: real new market comforts;I wenglish and french fsncy and plain scnrfs and hdkfs; chamois, silks-weh and n tum.elassic sus- / pcnders; chclnmis, melrino, l;nlml's w eoul,n wesh fll an nel, silk end cotton net shorts and drawers; line linin and cotton shirts, witcl lieinic beso,n l pioin and rfll ed; ivore pearl and plain hasedie silk om. hrellas : Lwtel'Gra prnemium (loset--n.len. s b eautiful .artile lof white kid, for weddine,es, bhl - &e.; Sritirlefhield silk ndl reanln hidkfs; plain, Inuorpd andi embroidered Calnlcrlc do.; silk, hluan es woils, Inarino, ermannwn, ad Ibrown alnd wileie cot,,n half lse; lle of which rhy tt'cr l.w for cash .r n t uln .' custOll Irs ias lsnua'l. NUov. I Ielle lng u 'IIsed. hc c, 'ch hera cnd ill lhec nlrth wilh cnit c crn n e .s .fcr lenec.icce 'cad wh'I ltcllccc thoe tenth e and lreventin the soll all ch eI : lorst, iA n i achsl c r inaltc -lie tre n cc--tlc, ccixed in a l iele loes ul p tlrc watc r. nd sol lmlolltPi d to tcle Iarll in usual canncc e wilh a lruslcl, w:c'll ltfecitcaly pcI - vent sctvy', eed nard ol that icecclutiateec pg , the tooth ache.i Prepared only hy Te.F. WangerIlSreecoe 1) I. tisl tcJelclfflrsn ColllrL, i'eed ellll whll.csacle cind rectil by CARILEI'IN & Co. 31 Ceneal s,. a sile ns e llln g lr nd r nlllh fer'a ()delllitai ADDIERY VWAiliE.- I-lTe subscliber, mnin. - facturers nldlwhlolesale dealers in snddlery goods, are now receiving by late arrivals fIrom the north, in addititn to their former stock, an exten sive assortmnet of articles in their linle, amonll which are the follouwinl", viz: Ladies antd minses plain and quilted saddles, a I entlemeln's do Spanish do do do Alexienn do do do Creole do C do tdo A mer. do d.I do JI.iglish do Youth's do Spanisl dto - do do Creole do Amnr. and Eng. Irt!'es anil bridle nouunting, o do alo nartingathts, Plated. brasns, and japanned oachIt harness, do do do g y an sllakeodo j do do do UBruuole do Dray, cnr ani wnagon do Saddle ban,, Ionable andnlngle; valices; ned ncal salld:lc bapgss,Ilass is carpett bags; belst ron Ira e leather floho trtnks, brass nailed ; leather boot Ltop doa, assorted sizes sld nvarlos satleh; hlisters andti pistol belts; eonuh, git , sulkey, twig ansd ploter, a critp whips: t %at ol, 'worstted, cuIttI and leather girlhst and nrsinoles; stilrrup leathers: tlink I strnps an.l worsld rtin web; shain and blaok hinmes; blind bridles and lines; Scotth collars, t and rse in and ttle colltars,aol I qua1 latias; fl. rocco, buck, heur.shcep andi buffahInskins; pluled brass and steel bridle bits of ev ry descriptiun, pilted, brass and stet I spurs i ever) descriplionn; tnlated, brass and steel stirrups of every descripa tinn' 'l'ogettler with a complete ossnortment of every article in their l linef businesn-all of Which thiey I ofler for sale on ccomInnntaingt terms. They will also contiton to rt ceive tlrough the year, by packets front New York, Iresh supplies to keep their stock anplfe nd ctomphlte. KOUES, DAVIDSON & ca, I 18 15 Colun st. lFEslI GiARDfEN SEED-The ritnscriber begs loxpress his grateful thlanks to llle pb I:e, for the lilberal suppaort he hans eceived since he comntmenced lbusineass in this cily. Bein, stI-e pro priets-r of the seed store, 17 Commona n streeL, he in I not and never was agent lt a no northern seed vender; neithler is he connected w'itll aney house in this country-but lie assuares tile plltili hl)at his connectionsin eavery dep-artmentt of hie seed busi I ness, in the difflerent countries of lEutope aire equal to that of any hlouse in the United Sitaes. lie ia. ports aeeds, plants, &c. & fro. u t.ile moh t exell nive and respectable nurseries and see istaen ill France, flolland, ngainnd, Sto-land, and tile nol thcr staltes- and it will nt ll lines lt t its Inrero t, as it is his study, to receive, InI additlon I1. Iht present stock, large nrtivals of every description, rt ally the growth o 1838;I3 anso, engrafted fruit tire- e, ni all kinds. The public may rely on finding a ftll as sortiment of every article in te e seed line, of genu, ineo quality, and imported direct DIN. a Win. DINN. EDUCA'L'IN--FiIENCil andl ENGLISH. Mlr James, recently artived ln lthis city, begs leave to inform the citizens of New Orleans that he will open an academy olt Monday, 14, Jalnuary, at No. 19 Toulouse slreel, for toe inltrucltion of )outh of botlh sees, in French and English, in which he will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. Metlber, who speak both thlse languages with great fluency and purity, and who will takLocharge of the department ol tile young ladies, Mr. Jamnes will give his whole attention to the various branelles ofeducation, and flatters himself thatho will give entire satislaction to those who may honor hliml with thlleir conidnce. nov I NOTICE.--The co.parinership formed on tile 28th July last, between John Y. Biyliss, Joseph A. :eard and Charles B. Bioren, to be conducted un. der the sttle and title of Bayliss, Beard & Bloren, is hereby dissolved : und this dissolution is to take effect as fromn ti e ist (ita Jacentber last. Tile undersigned will promptly dischiarge all the obligations or Ilte late firml, and in future continue in their own names, and lor their own aceount, the sante business, as Factors and General Comn tission merchants, under the style and title of Beard & lioren, antd solicit a sllare of the patrotn iage of their friends ansd the public, JOSEPH A. BEARD, nov I CHIIARLES . BIlREN, jUNIDS-3l1isiasippi Funds taken at 7, Front Le I " vue , tart Litt,tl.t, IAINT.9.,Ul., , L.AS BRI, iitLl , &c.--.u I landhicg trin shp Co.sitution, anud tir u-ic-VIZ 16.0110 fet ofl.gless, hist qualt v, fron 8XIO t i '23X r 30111 kegs white lend, pinre 3o0 do green mlint in 25 lir. keen; d1 iloii Jlnetld tins llr sicrligmiOc 0 lbOi iithrngoi 216 doz silendid 11O000 grontld birusie,, also fOfHIO ale s (1HI do; 2 Inaes croine green i' n powder, su orior article do dIo In can; a large assortment ofsash rlIfis of everye size anild l nalii'* sabnle Ipcilre s foiaretisl lat Ilnrk, l lieshcs fur ilnerchallts; alirtislt' colors ill oil rcsit tire Ipare,inl Ioxen fitted , c *ith all necess.ry brushes; t rtisLt' tonol, &Oc. Flake and n'lenllilnV wite; 60 iacks gold lef; whlite alln yellow wax; ginii n Ilnrlii; annd large and choice ns olfrtlnelit oflliio, (Iecolnors oil, ttuientine, varninh, dc., Ibr sale, whulesuI aln retail, at tle lowest in'ices, by MION I):1..1, na28 5 (CanlllpRt. e PRlUEýPIE(UTUb.V .NEI EDITION OF' TIlE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIANA,. fT has been fir soine tlile inatle known II tile pubhic i that lthe osllcrilerrs tie enllgged in preparing for 1 the Ire nii no irlw edtnion II tie I.e iioiin Civil Coll - They wern. irein ile first, cwar ofl Itle greut dilfleiilty il im1d resllnliiiv attoilille lpubc lication f tile work, e all it was nt withlou glreat hlesitatio that tlvecV cil sented ito the undlertakinie. lnt ithe lresent e;litioi, p nlllloullntinec to ; fllot thee tiiouand tIIpics, and whih l hodelust the Stute in(,l'i tbin thirlty tlouilnli dollaru, i was entirPly it otif rint. For eollre ithan two vyetal Iast, tile. onlli plice of tice work Ilas been fron l hirl to fifty dolllarc. It i a system of written rules wuhih to b inmediately l operates ullon every indlividual tiFt the state, ilt.erisled elther in agRiculturne or cnluierce .ind whic goierinse thile di 8 position of so ultlch properly Olllilg it Illts fromll other states, lltt--uilnke ahllo. nie v otlertreeatiel ul " I law-il is nI illch tll(e Ioxt-hook and tunIInul of thl, inerchaut land tile llloter, tts it is Of the private gentle Iluan aInd tiheprll"rfessional all; oc to. SThilawewra ofthele Inin a ,lhose sts up Lc te . ).hioi and O cMisi.iesippi rivers whic I finil t tarte fri ler )rllltoue il I.OuiSi:llat. have t fre illnnt llce.sity orufnrenuclc itu t lie cide, and iloke it a I indilensable rlequisite to their libraries; and in ltie wit of New Orle ns tie ebook is as sttre til J foud in tlen ileerchanut' counting romln, ls un ice ack of tile judge, or thileLediire attorney. It in not nurlrisoinlg therefore tublt tih first edviitin of ie work was so quick ly disotled oe and hilltough a mr're reprint ao it would ih illi so e iliensure slp uily ile IpIblie neeeesitn, vet it would be hinperlect an unsatlfactitlry unless anultaled I with relblcellne to file IReports tlld S.alute- in ilrder tO elnlortlec tile nulerols amllendu nllt whiel hl hav bre e manle y tile l.tgisle , and tile iiplirtant decisions cnd nconsrucioens which havne been given upou many o its articles lv tile Sniprellle Court. T'le publililers have rsecured, fur the genteral siher initendenre and editorial departlient of thie work, ile elrassional services el %\lieflock S Uipton, Eiq. a Ie0lecrol thle New Orleans Balr. Te lieon. Judge Bullardt, Jtidvve rndes, rle l (] utoli l George Emolnis, linve ernlch kiudlv ssisteie Mr e ttlu with tllw valuble notes w hlich tllis. hI e ollecter ii tile lllrse ot t lei r sludies unit praýtice; dl tio 3lr N It .Ienninis,tnle part uer on ,lr Upiton, whe is also enurge in the wolrk, G(eo Strawbrndge, Esq. has ireeontcd ithe reat nlns of refo renes uontinued in Ils ni ofice copypof tive colde, and whill nave been t llule by hi dIurng the whol. plrild ol lis dlinsinyeuislhed rloltsionnl labors. T'ile puldish ers may ftereirp wll trubItt ta tle h linoulittio, of tile work wyill ine d l that h duestrv tn labourn an hssioted by learnkil unel thxcerincin, call n riior en evln. Ii putting fiiail this i s ieinusd anit soliciting frene cal slinlseriliertn th cl Wollik, tfLi uululiehers Luke prile in tile fact t ile Laegislauiturev rI oIsirnuuals lthorized the ;niovernor tu ornr one theusand ecopies of it filr tle future uise of tle Snate. TIae eodliess wilb which this liumler wascn takeil ly tile Assembly, evinced tileir Just lle rl n tilie vnale l ntl le wrk;nlldti y thellreb extelnd eal tlat confdlrt:e in theil ability fl' the plblintheso and editlors which r it is ]ol ell is not whllyI udlalllerves. T'lhe work will iihe, printd ill F tnlieh ant I roigl;sbl, cupon good papler aisi with clenr tr.; nor will niiny ex p oseor nr ca sire inr in tumake the whol o he lc rniical sxeestioll of it orrespiond with its rellt illll+attce n I it will probbly lhve ulrv Fino, hleiverv intilet o nthoel "irtent ller ilext ;o alln e iprice will ie, tn sluscnribne, I iteen diulllars--fiv dollars to be paoid at ice tiune ofsub-, sereiling. I S''tile .uscrilti lists nonce nlimcedl tle store price will bn tementy dollars lier copny. u ilethroy wh.... I': JoiINS & CO. Ia'lllishers. ROWANDS 'TONIC MIXTURE, F -Il FEVE*R AND AOUE. ti EN years btvc not yet elapsed since it was SItfir is regularly snbtlcltd to tile public; but it Ii css attaned tlo hcighlst reputation; and ihas enui. i lanted every other medicine aor the Ague, wlerev. er it har beeu known ano d nppreciatod. Already hase it bon clrrived in every direction throeghout tl Unitd States, anodstill reualizes more thllu could iave lbeen n;cllicipatncl by its musltlntaguine iriends. h'Il' ns .aiullve of lerols clavo an r only beca relieved, but rcn teored t uni;ullcl and vigor through its ngen. I Iporellity, to its dngiu.nld po red Ceeun tEaucy., is collposel oif suIcI mediceinal principlons as are calculated to reinew te healthly action of the st ol ach, liver, and othtr important digestive organs, the los or wlicllllharniony is tih immediate cause I of tli diseasse. It is apparent lso, that it predu. I eos an ontirvn chlage i iu tho nondition of thie System, Sand itertiinly destroys tile native liability to relap ses of tLhe aeffction. Wheln thic Ague is attended with acy otiher eoltilaint, tico emnploynent ol the 'Tonic nMixture will nlot interfere witi t1c treat. nlent oftlhe other dienase, but will even afford as.t S nsttane by lurnisolng strength and vigor to thn body during tice course of treatment. Those wiho make usn of this mnodicin many be asurced that tlere is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury. or any other article ic its composition unriendly to tlne Inuman einstitutinl; being entirely a vegetable extract; and tecy may have additional confidence in tihe use thereof,l when thny perceive that it hasin the ef tcnt no'n gncliv laxativo about tho tinc hialf a buhot. IIIt full hias been taken--in consequenue of whlich, lthere is Io port of tih medicine left to linger ill tie bowels to canntS obstructionos and otlher evils, arising ifrom tihe us of many of the rmcndies now llifcred for Lie cure of tchis affilction. It ia bUeno used also asa preventive, by many who were suti jvet to a periodical recurrence of tie Chills, and it ias inf variably wardnd off tih apprehended attacco. Obsferve! 'ThI Proprietor, fully aatiolied '- ithl tie in1parallulod and universal success which ilas cni. Stnontly attended a punctual and regoulir use of ithe t 'Tuonic Mllixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, eioels warranted in eugaging to refund ILe price tc all tllonse who have tokell tco lmodicine in strict ac. er cordance wilth tie prescribed directions, wilthout k having bnee perlfetly ancd lastingly cured. T01 subscribers are thn wholsale ageccnts for the SSouth Westnern States, and Itavu now on ihand six ty coases of this modicine, wllich is warranted freshl and genuine. For salo at tise lloluenitured prices d JAItfi IS .A ANiLltEWi, \Wtolcsale IL)r.egi..", nIov?7 cr Comnmeon k' Tchllnpitoulah street. ORDERS RECEIVED FOR .oXNE S',. 1 T.TY' COT'TO''O GI. llvthe Ploalwtee, No. 53 Magazine streat, euw ()rleans '1'U E MANIFAC'TURIEI) IN NEWV YoRK BY ROllERT IHOE & CO. SCALER OF PRICES-Double Gils. For a doua le Gill of I saws or mole on each cylitlder, mtaking 160 sats in tite stand, with feiedt'r , bands, &c. at i$6 lpersanw, or $960 t0 For a loblr Gill of G60 s vson at eylilndr, or 1.) saws illn te slanid, l'eders, &c. a $6 per saw, or 720 00 Forldo. of 40 saws on o. or a saws in a stanll, at $06 25 per saw, or 500 O0 For ldo. of lt saws on do. or 40 saws in a stanlt, et$ti.50 per saw, or 200 OI SINGL1E GINS. For a single gill of 80 saws at more, with one set of feeders, baida, &c. at $6 per at:, $480 00 For Ill. of O saws, with teeders, ar at $6 90 ier saw, 390 00 For doi. of 40 saws, with feeders, &e. $6 75 per saw, 300 (0 For do. of '0 saws, with el eders, '&c. at $7 50 per saw, 150 00 ExtraHteeth wlere dlesired, for feaders, suppalied t I 0 ents ealla; tile Inlle' ofteetll eing about eqlal o tlhe Inber of a.'ws. lle set of feeders, it is con sidered however, will wear out two or tlree sets of saws. Ext rasaws saplliecd tl t.t) ertas each. 'liTe Gitlls odeedl, will ie dleliveredl to thle agents of planters inlany of the sea prt towns of tile eotton plan ti.g States, at tlhe ahte pricese, Ithe la.ellts paying the fi'Vht o tile sauate ioat New York, sil beouating re slkoiblLe Ifr the amount of the Gin. A .ill wright willbe sellt with tile Gills to ptll then I whereat e sirei; ltie lcharges for whase services will be extra, but motletate. Iron running goarean alsohe orderell where desired, on reaiumable termsn, but will be charged extra. Horse power, ofany ldescription, call he lurnished oil like terlns. Small steatl etlgiaes at also be olrdetatl if dc sired. It iasdesitrabl, when planters give onlers for Gins, thuy should aeolm tany them with their views in irgard to ilearoulnllhnettlltl saws, blteasts, brushes, &e. It is iunl d they dillia t op)iion. Some desire saws of larger ilialeter thrll othlers. The most comlniQt size is 9 or 10 inphes; It . somen wish them 12 iches. Solme wish 5 or t rows. I bruLshes ol an axle, while others do not want morethataat most. Some aelsh sawas u% ita orl teeth to tile inch, while othlrs want to or II. W ch discrepaency, we prefer tlhey hultd, at the time ofgiing orlders, furnltish a staclaestt of theirl wishes,and Ithe atnalitleturers call fulfil them in evca, particular. Where it is left to our disolation, we shlill Ialke tllemt on tlte most nmdern auad aplroved e lan. An 'ile'r can le cxecutted, from the time s ( is receivl, in tile slre ofelgllt or nine weeks, atod Ile Gill ie that titne plaedii tile hands of tile factlni... '1" in a iaa for the next e;rop,alln ordera o:ght to t I in irt' bilot. q thll ialanutl'iatur~ralsh tile 5rlUt or tlidllle of*V oat pbltatious where they arelate in econalt.RtK ta pIic o -ila etolton. N. II, 'ie l'atent Iight, for a a oneof tile -utto g i aing States, will be stoldo reas'e nlal qs 't .. r L3.O6m 1 UNKU BY IIE FAULTI s UO AtkL CINK. T IIOIIN'8 Compound Ixtract ofCopstiban still Sarsa parilla -A certain, salde, and e ist eLlcttal reice dy ever discovered for t the cure of Gonorrhea,e (Glets, Strictures, Whites, Pais inl the back altd oins, seoniIal weakness, al.eLutioes kidllor, gravel, scorlbtic eruptions, &c. LII tile introduction of a medicin possessing tile usefu undl active virue of the one now oflfelred o (e public, Ite o Iriellets t bul teo .ler to ile nlllnrous reclll received flont file mosit entinelt of i- Ole. decal I'culty i It onople, believing that it mill be duly alpreciated whell its illrils are Itlre lirll) knlownl. T'he I:ilsall of (Copilba, soxoteosivelty srl., hai s lost nlll an if its crediit Ifroti the dislike hit'lh patelits Iolteri 'ly extoiest I.t e.ardite, its dlsialgreeablet tae dlstrlltthailll:e d trI love:dei Rile Iom'e s aIt H'tomaal , anssi its teturie l w i lefficiviiev ml n u tsed ii :,he illa.tnn ualory stage. 'rhle (i prolctiet orhastitdo ana aiviisi t(ss" tie talsatonht ii tees iltg that tle IIorl autiveluali ies woultherel he IoIlI1 T olire icollcentratot'd 14 ll ore usetil ;llll f inisiiteredl tuhlnO in tile preSeut slllte. 'T'lhe ;loble lln.I Icinle collm(bines ih Igredients whihl are il ti, higlhest rqute llamo - the f lmost scientific and learned in the .'v·(ission. l.ch1 " Sdrug ill tile coon nsitioll oIf his prelar'atlol illclelses the tlfic:ac o ltse other, Ilproducing all operiltio truil) i.toi sishinig,.i oan sirusig thle Ioist saigieint etxe "otls; tis it lh e saine tittieie sIltne aoailltge o its gti g llninistcrd*l witl lerl'emt success ill ihe diiilireit stages of of the abovhetsiseto. ILe io et iloti phsiCiansalld p sultgellSits hIl prsesit ilthy exortess their dlecidet I- is Irol atiom it| Ilvor of Sai-.parills , ohilist its use in the prini itl hosnpitals and puoli c oedcal institutions has be t, awi still oilltilllle i very exltensite, It twas a Ilt orue Iclnedly ithl tlie ccelehitil )Di Abe..rllthyl ill all v r.llel.e- l aill; tions, allll inll stinate cut lleo llst r tine t llls iariintg jioism disordered"C I state oftthcdigesiiellm ltiiis. p Ilhring Ibeen slloiittlied to the test and experienee of tile nost celebrutedui anitl.g thIe gtltit thei hlave eipress'id their sattisectionl if its exltsarti;iity clficvte iII evty S i tle pe tio. o t ioiti foi hill tl noserol ltetelirr. Preparedl by J Ii Thortn, Cheoist Lolndon. Price $1 50 Iter pot. TESTIMONIALS. From A II Salmon, Esit, F It F8, Strgeon to the St 'llomas Ilospital, and Leeturer on Anatomy. l'le trial which I have made f of your prellaratito in a si variety ofl'ases, Ioth iiale and feuole, inl its results Iase d proved so highly fIvourolle, that I do luot hesitate ill d pronlloloneg it one of the most valuable aid e lfiCacious remedies eoer olbreld to tihe pulic, and uoe it, hich, Irot exltirite, 1 call plat every reliaice, ollilft it does lotllprotltod the otallte ulnllestc t eAott. ecs u.ll x periellceel rollnt colluiba. Frot G II Ilfaywd, lM R C S, Physician to tle St Murlebone Dispetstre. I tuke great ple1asur in addlig my testimony to the vahlahle irol..ties of your iprelo ion, a'ishlig'you tile success YOH so fiully dieserve, ill all alple ruward for tile labor anitl expenseC icurored in bringing it to such elmul ipletv pcrifectton. Frol V o 0o Cooper, F IR S, Surgeon to Guy's Ilos The lllifirli success whichl has atendled tll aldillis leritg yoi ol Il iiieiliu aiog ti"y flotiients aflticle oillt I the above diseases, o its fully satisfied Ine tl hat it has ouly to be knownl to be truly appreciated. May thle success you so well desesve, amiply and speedily repay you for yitlr oValuable iprepaclation. Froat Sir A Cooper, F ItS P IC S, c. &c. Ilaitg heen. ilueled to tire yourEextrctiusoeveraI casesof VIOL:,t o(;10.l1i1rhoi, W tilch hillthitherto t battlell every prescriptioon adiiiistered by Olie, haviig fofotil surearln sleadv cures eftficted by it, iii a few dlays I lieel myselfio Il duty ound to state thalt I now in my lirac tice both public and private recommeilnd and use InoU other. Firot G W Blair, M D, Physician to Guy's hlo piti I IThe strict test which I have given your medicine Salonig sil ll patiellts, anlll its invariable succesS tllhus fal, i ill lllce neti to icrseiere in its uoe, cund I ile`l" it but a act oljusltice till olf dllys to lid ity feoeble sesti nlonial illn colonmellation of ilsvirtues. IFroi LC Thomlpson, I) F It S L. Ireturoll yonu iy silleere tldliks for I c valtniable Ip'e sellt of oulr "xtr'lct for thle etme of ionorriheloa, c. I I Sl'eeleil4el n ltelt -you Ihave at last brlought a miedicinej into Ilse hlicl p will prove a iesiileati lhig sought ifor in the imedlica wolld---a soure, speeldy allll eIticlual clleI ill cases the ahoe clatss. It alifords mie great plleatsuei in pll blislhing to tile world thle valuable qualities of1 ourI t Were it necessary, the proprietor could here furnlishl I IT:N nllre testilnllollls equllally as colenltilaltory as the II abovle; Iit t usts that itsgreat success hitherto tilh eare & expense ati whichll it has been p eplared, will proe its t gi-raaest recolnlmeltllation among a diiscerllillg ipublic. Ole reconlllllllatioln this prelwtillln enljoys above 1 ll others is its neat, ports e feorm--put up i. I'ots--th nm.dc in which it navy bIe taken, being both easy and SIleia tllt-its tasteiv i;ltulre, with ino re.strictiol i illet t I1e col.illillteellt ifols busioess. Troavectlleiruso1i-l1 , i rlt lidi lhi tis meicine liflll, uthit, tid ouhl t new tl Itw ttlllltflei wi ltll a Ir.lPari to ll tio oso essti e tle all va lldt:ges wlich tIw p1resenl one conhil e I. Aci.cmlati ing the .1ledicine is a pamphlet explaan itory oftLe dli.lrentl stages of the discse, withlout aiI i extra cllarge, containing full antd amlple diretions. Forl sale by SIUKLES k CO. mInr 1 3awJm 4j0 Cloal srceet. TIIROULGH IN FIVE AND A IHALF DAYSI From Mobile (Alitbas n) to ALsgsta ( oel) ITr AVES Mobile every other daiu, imtoti.iatel afcl. 1 thle arrival ollthe mail from New Orleans, pler thl steamboat EMELINE, to Illakely, conaches itl P'ensacoll sltumboats (per Pensaeola liay, St Itosu sound lland Cho. ltaachie Rioier ai ll Hay) to Cedar MluR; ooachles theslai I Via MaIriant, Chattaholloclee, (Ibormerlv Mount Ve.' non,) Bainhibldge, Pindlerton; Iawkinsville andl Louisi ville, to Augusan. A passengeertakino; his seat at Mlo bile is in lo danger of being thrown out oo - losing Ihi pretr ience by other tonflicting interests, as the FL )OlOW. SI)A LINE is but on colncern, and under one co. Illv thliroughout, Ii nlty rely WrTH EIIrAINiT UIollollm t I arrival at Augustl i ltime'specified, throughl all Cealth I, allndl at llay season, Iless somie Inost unllloreseeH iaa=s I tropihe sloull occur. rhi (freat New Orlfeals Nai is carried Ly this roult. T'Ie Agents for acoollllllno - tion, T'Ieans, Coaches alld )rivers inte lnot sIturpassedt tile soutllhelrnll country. 'l smoth ha, ntu roads, e sith safI ad lhiter t esting .ater lavigation, the tiile and ateconunodatlion, aIll.t thle .lrvtler spicid, cerltalillt , con fort, aI1d ;i pIas Silg variety; connectedl as it ere wilth tiel ail It:ua SClharleston, S. C. andl thle st:ltu pickets to New Yk. I avelers cal rea th New York lfrol Newu Orlealls c Lisr THI I.I*-W\ashiigtoii ocilty in 1. a, Frllo . Chathlloochele, Floida,wc Ililte a .IBriile u Line via Quincy and Tallahassee, to St Marks, 4 hor ipost cotches, also two fltnches froi. Ilawkinsvills t ote io Milledgeiille, aud ote to Mactn, light two t hoi oaches. STUCKTONS U co. S Ar 'rio, Cl0thl an. 1835. Office at Mansiel Hlouse Mobile i Disfltelct, New Orlefelts to |Moile, 150 smilh Mobile to Aougusta, 5411 Augusta to Charleston, I¶sr Chalrlston to New York, .StI- 180 t lime, N'w Orleun ti, lMobile, 28 Ihours Mobile to Agllslllt, Augusta to Charlehstoni, fJ Clhareston to New York, 05- 2s5 Making 168 tiles per day. orl 7 msiles per hourII, inclu is eiv of'fallst(iipages. tvt II N. II. I ltg leave to infornl the Iiublic Ilb:it h bridges over the C.llallhoovteswlnll amIl Ilarl Lnabo rlclke havejsi ltteni clollllletilll y itle .etlgerla tovern, (dic ily) obstacles oieratiig against this safe ieiR sltedy route ate thushappily remioved; aod I have tli pleallune of h I nllng tion travellers tlus the oaclies,lhor. ll, driversini dis osiare o the i.lst ordler; and cis to ths water routle rom Penisacola to Cedur Illefl' it is lldmit. tell hy 11l wsho have passed tlhrough it to lie unsiurpasseis 0I iniovelties KeIauly and snblty. The bridges lthrouil Georgia have also beenrellaired. J AM C BAKEII - 1 _ _ M ARBLE CH!MNEY PIECE WhtHOniUSE, SCustonmhouse street, opposite tho post,ollice. The subsoribers are now receiving from their fic. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment .f Marblo Mantle Pieces ofsuperinr worknaranship, and of the latest patterns, made of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, Smarble facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & Hydraulie Cement and Plaster. I ing Hlair, together with a splendid assortment ol bra.a mounted and plain Grates and Iussia Iron Grates ofthe newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the ahortest notice. They have first rate workmer. to set the above work. je5 TAMES KAIN & STROUD JPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. OURNAI. of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, go. ology, climato and productions. and the numel, mnanners and eustoms of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. I he River and he Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and thl, Ihartreuse; by Miss Pardoc, author ofthel City of a S tall, &c. in 2 vols. Tlie Robber, a Tale, ., the author of Richelieu, The Gypsy, Attla; in 2S : The Two Flirts: or Ad. ~ture in a Country Hlouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blossington, E L Blnlwor, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medn, a,, othl in 2 v!- n Tle Life anJ Adventures ofsicholas Ni. ' b,;, edited by lHo, with Illihitratios by V'iniz, Nu. 1. Juat ro.eived aenfur sate by C)P, -t.c.----Jut .er,.l ned'r f",r sale lb. W\ao. MTKeran, onrinr l Cur,*. :, it lniCut mn sireat ;1 reultra;ia 4itnl !i~s .rn m ,tan, l' nostn P'&a, SSpring Divi.(entds, priulg Blliv I'enis, Ivory Pro S tnrcturs, Ivnroy cole, lilllter'e Scales, Glssn 'Triaugles, msilel Rulers, Micro etules. Trormn)telt , ('alu n a s1..-unras, Sarveyi Chain, r Measurilt 'Ii'pes, ks. d7 _ -,-.-. .---- --. .----,_ „ _ . __JRawti t York d Naltimore 3Packet -* PACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-Now 140, -To sail punctually every seonud Monds uring the season, full or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Soerlf Ship AlIabra, 474 do C. C. Betrt Ship Arhansas, 617 do E 8 Dennis; Ship S r tuga, 542 do W Hathaway . Ship Nasolville, 540 do D Jackson, Ship Kentucky, 29 do J Bunker Th'il above h lips are 'o f tlhe ola*, anopleodprl, " nil cupper raute icd, a:d having been built in 14oP 'ork ex, ressly lir thll traude, they ore ofjigfli rafll of wator and inonbt invariably cross the hs b without any dltenllinl. 'The .commanders are llit1 of great experience. and the lhips wili aloayi bo owed up iid down thle Miiirissippi by lstombeatsr Tlhy have handsomn liurlnished acconmmodations, " ond stores of the nbet doeocription will always 1" urnislhd. The cobin passage ila 90 withouat wie or liquor, and there is no liquor furnisaliedt hle officers or crew. For froiight or pas.a. aspply ol board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camps t, The shlips are not accountable for breakage of glas, hollow ware, marble or grauite, copeorag:e . il, or rust ofl'iron or oIcel, nor responiilu Ifor ao5p pickage or parce!, unle6s a regular biLyf' IldinG s executed tllrclbr at the ouAeo of the l i hi. nov27 NEW IRLEANS A^o IALTIMORE LINE OF PACKET S. This line will conss, of' tihe following ye.oliN which lihav been built or puriliused xlreipaly I'u4 tle'tradr,'viz: Al Ship >-rninan, Capt. Minor, Bark Mary, " Nickerra.n, ' Irad Ferry, new I Slte.oys, " Solomon Saltus, At Lathqla, Brig Arclhtect, " Gray, These versels are orftho first claus, Ihavo land. sonme urniihed :,ccomiinodations, and are ofa light draft of wat!. r, so as to adliit oftheir receiving and discharging their ca goes in Baltilmoic, a the ciit, Freiglt will be taken lhr ports p tlhe Cheapo.eaxr or Jamles' River, and forwarded by the agents, Mears. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at lliamolre; expenseso o0i goods shipped will be adyanied whlae reqiiir:d. The price of passage is fixed at V!i4 amplc stores of the b st quality will be prcyidud. Steani up and down the Mississippi wi(l IW tuaoe on all occusions. For freight or pasnsag, aplry tn GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 2 liienvyi.i eat FIuR NIV;W YOHK, rLouisinla and New York Lino of Packets ] I'flI Ships composing this line will aiil front Now Orleans and Now York on every other Moan, day-conmmencing on the 20th November-and ti insure thile punctualily in the time of sailing, tlh liie will herealter consist of five shilp, viz: Ship Y.zoo, Cuptain Trask, to leave on the l 011t Novembor, Ship Louisville, Captain arllner, to loavo na th; 41h Decemiiber. Ship Iluintsville, Captain Eldridge, to loavo on tlh 18th Decembcr. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on thie lst January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. Tlc:he bov are all new, of the first class, copper da and copper flastened, and upwards of SAU tons hurtlien, are of light draught of water, being built in New York explresily for the trade. The price of paissagc is fixed at 100 dollars; their oabinearq fitted up in the most illproved and eonvegient. plan, and iniiutoed in a neat and elegant style Ample stores of tie first quality will be providad and every regard paid to the coinfort and optit3 satiictliuon of puashengBrs, who will please tlae PIn lice that no berth canl be secured until paid for #. the otFee of the coisiignees. Tlhese vessels are uommnanded by captains well experienced in 1the trade, who will give every g,l tintioni nd Ixert themselves to scolnmondte. Thati will at all tlins be towed up and down the Miseis sippi Iby stanlioiats, .nd thuo trictest punctqality obsenrvdl in tie time of sailing. .ý.. 'oh - h-1. . f' t Iill ,u-011 -0eh. nsi bln fbr any loiter, paretlI or l0ackage, O.nt by o. put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of the agult or owners. For firtl :r particulars apply tq J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common s. FOR NEW YORK. [I.uuisiana told AIw York Line of Packkes.) r I% 11 Eship, colmslllirsa ii "a wil mail nrom hat LU Ille-andl New lork (ll every ether Molidi-y= counllecnluing on tlh 20(th ovii lber, land to insure |th .lri tost ll ncf ity rli e til e ri n1 ovi . ailing, tile lime will hlt ftr colnsist oIf fiie a 1hi rt zii : 'hit Iaezoo, C'aptuine ,'lak lt k nv a tIeath 1tth nov. hia Loiaaaallt, Capjtain ll.teaa, .to leave a il 1w 4Lt, I )ecllllher. 81i IilU aaille. Capt.itia Eldridger to leave ap the Ilit iDijc ulli I. Slip Vic'klmrg, Ca1ptain Woodhouse, It leave nia tI rInfn jar y. Ship, Captain Davis, to lIave on the 15ah Jauiiii r iy. [I 'Ti." alboe . il, lis rl a ll nw., (if Ihl firslt lasl C1i1,0-d aiL d t opll er 11 i0' .,t ed, alld I1IMwards ofOf 00 losll [ tisl tie ai. lilf II .intalll. t Nil' iltatrI be tIg tir I ill New Vt k exI lno a folllal lr lh iri.'. 'llv.IT pripe ?f pall che is li..eda n> li me dred dolars. Their cabins are fticll up( t lli most imped ailld cllonvenientlle pn,and toi tile aoillaf t1: a ll .1 o llnte anlsiltion oll Itsenrlera, whoi Fill please take iotic.i that no I ir:th i l e . secured ali I paid fu r tct sahte iile oit the lle t : gn i. I .lose I htkalr cn'nltaaled by t lla tiaihs well ae; periellcld in the traile, whIo will give every atiuteaon a<n1 vel-r t lm elvs to aIoa'llllllulllod le. 'llIly will vt oll ihnes lie torwed n cI iOtd idoUll tie Mississippi bi trlinm llio t n llid I le salicIest Ilulnituality ilisierved ll the tivle laiilaig 'lhe ownlerls of thcle hies w;il not be respoasible fr ni:%" let e', plrcel i' ckalt ole oit by or pttt o Itardef Shtlnl.t sli f i ti.L' l i bi ele(IItaIUC be stgned tltirefare 3t tihe colitinl hoSl.c of thl agrltgns o poners. For orlhr pairticulars, tapply lit I1 .EIN & A COHEN; nitt 13 91) ComalOll st. l- riil <*?,&'-, NW OR' NRAN &CIIARI.ESTON PACKETS' T'his lire colaisls of Ilopr epaeli, ll of Ihe lie. ti classl, o'llppered atnd Iopper (ast. nIed, and of aiout 200 tone hurtnlhn, willh Iilldsomrlnii. nmodations fr passllengierl. Thrse vesso ls iare clmallndd by captains rell llgprienced il thle Iradel wI will c ive every at teltionI.and L.xeir themselveis toe naclclm(idle I*th ohipter,. Theyli. all II. t'oll.d apl antl d rowl the Miesissipi, and lei, a' Neaw Orleans iln or before the 101h and ll15th aof evrry inlnith. 'Th followils vessels co pllol . tie ihe line, viZ : inri Arnha, Charle.s G. rdon, maaster. l;i. C .-pman1I. B. Tho'llmiisoln, illalpl, 1Brig Aihiell,, I J ane' tenatt. Flr IrSllplt lr tpasl e,wt ply i J. A. BARELLI & tCo,61 tCmlmon st. New Oileans, or M. 0, Murdecai,CCl hal rsi. oct I SHE undersiilned hinil. rci eoml :lnice busiurse as a aItutit andt Apithlecary, lit the stare owned by i 3 J cb 0lt, at al popa er ref Tiwuli circl antnd TIriton WINal, trpecttullyta alicila share of the public paitroIild.e anda renewaa l of the favors itIf 1s frir custolmirras. lhe l ntire stllak l Drugs, nediciiiles anid lonle arliclrl i frplsh matl carerully s<al.cted. Tile fulluying Unly alt pamt14 ticulalizedi i, vi I Pre boda, Scdlliaz antd SartIoge pNwdfr i Y, as Po.dtrs, bing a whl lesclle alId eppl substitute fur yeast, in raisin bread, bpcailate i Ialit's Effervescena t lilagnteslian Apperisstali pleansr antd gIentepuralite in dyspelis ti ll4 gesBtlon , ngirtVus leIlilry, gidditlsls headaphi,_ ardily of tihe stoeach,Ilhabil tpI cot.lvesnc, es111 Sneoas eruptlins, &e, Carpelearr' Fluid Extreact of starslpnrills F purif)lpIg the bloud, &c do lil asnid cubeliP &© a, Swaim'"s Panatea lad V.rmiluge ) .Uriltilh li is Ielerleall vils, Opudoldoc, &e. Refined L'q'tarice, jujube and Guanipall livae p 'I'ulth hilailiot.tN 8 Prentlpt' carbilltlipideiitp fire, chulrin,,tooth wash, powder puffs Ils. baes. Prentlice's carbollcll drnt rfie, chlorl se taitletL wast, powder plffs apd b.ers, Prenti'e's sc ented se4 • itea- t nlwde'r, poinatlum creale de - UIte r, reos, ,vcearllo ,,I ihe t<. quulllg wlaui < lailc aci eanlqttr llta tacia i l eidw:l aiiai~aS ore I i.-1l "t a ' . I ,. ,' ,~,q q : . YV store anilt r e b j420l CIAMPI.IN &4 OO ALV- t10tI--.0. t crail tle Hiue aotp l tI flnlira , iva t Srl2 IsAAC i,.iAD;EF. & Co, 135

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