Newspaper of True American, March 5, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 5, 1839 Page 2
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f.a4st Jil llt" 0 I .e21 Aii..dos feh.... ..... 2 .. ....24 1 l Flte , ...J.........8 1 1 ..1 . ...... 14 Ls I*dt .......0... 27 reI do..... .... 16 laarris do ,..........l It NIW tiIItIEANS. C:'~ L~EA2LANCL5s ; Mach4, 1822. nonef U28 . Master a I, ,Peetbcaven, Ilcwe f.; t t. ""96 GooBledfoed r FPtlbd81 . Aahtiridg& Jetnkins ARe, RIVALS. &,l.,fesmN Mateh 4.181M lihasti. If Z hhelng to.ed 2 iiltcAndt~iacka e.eeo retrd tollhel city ith od AlexandereT Ueais, and brih Loan. Left the .848s h at i os'lock P21. raclorst ship Peuson t eo e "I -aorclmig up. int Toe by the 4883 ;&1 r'uin the erier; bauque Dlco outside "rat on, trI6 P lodslphlo, at the Powder 381luio8. 29 days from Htavre 8868,98 e-r. a deloand, from 'dc s51111. vs, 88 Fmoo m Shrcept. Ste from thile Zotl..cargo 118 hlid. so 55 days frem Maresilleaqand 37 front r; toll Ip Peodq8 t from H8kve, 18th Jtmary, to the -no he, Pldcltedoo, I days faoct Galveston, in bal .TyLamber om the N F. Pass. haeine ol th , returned te the city with ski I h acuod Pedod clt, and sehi Echo. Left the 61 th:o C.osts,4"o'flack. P At. reports 2 .hips and h#"a this Bar, daiLthlng tew Iln the river. .EXPORITS. 14 et ot A% hip Win & slahn.Caroas 134-2 Intle radian. .mr mab)~rm..ClIRO his 11mir. 01.~.ýeiiar b1kcPulaskci -Carme. 11 hibu. sugar. tIAOUPItA.peehcrig A-leluide-Cane 3412 hlldt sugar, 3W 0 te recdu impon. rs. VR..pee, ship Alextlidee T'osuln..Cai go, hbra die., esd;blx, seetotslo andl Idry goods, to sundry t cominee.. lilp Perdeonet...Cargo 280 bushels pots Luma...C.1)., t21 Ilhaw elrtic, 40 heoeo rsd lot of fruitsl to eundry can. iiLlES ..pechip Eleennor-fCarso 24leso~h whs.,lts ri i 4e, AI. Ltil, 1.Sll S her, H IteeIlol. B Caldillit,. L.nlainli. &a JI-qolic. B L.oiltshooy. JVVlentino, IItJuel. Boutin. F Oxnardl. JA.,J W ZctL.ris * oa, a I i wetceeps leeu.,eoe. ,K~rie~l~l~n..l I Illlnt Mastedr. CONSGXSE2I-. ep cip Alexander Trtneiio..Faey & Norweod,. d. uiet, Vleie 4, co, foloi. * Jllanu. C I Bcl8ce "' lvot, Vloe.4r.., Lefctre. llt·eliih, slier, it,.LoerLeoe & Froalti, Iliteehe ir Bro, RECEIPTS OF PRODIICE. hlcitfltl. .pceatsteoeer Colfeladlo..1l hbaescoteoeon al smolasses. Lambcth & T'hompcon. 12 hIdt lossua, Wi t;l hbhdm do, William F owoe. 15 bhIlt dcoBroader, ceta Wriech. 17 hhdt do. At 1 l....t. 2.4 Ihdl Isd, P 1' 43t hhhdtdo, oweer on bload. 101 Oh, ,isolasses, Win heeeeport..por stametr Athelinn..14 holes cotton. P A .139 b olcaeetton, A foeuree 4& c, 10 do, J Plolechie, 1dcd t ht gu,,oIb; PIl Gallway, 98 index cotton A Rivet. & cW06 dIod 0 Toldeono, 35 do, JO lMoy.r 4r eo, 2 do, t Casecs, 75 hidoe, 2 hIudles shiks aod 3 hic peoconc. no$ On boerd. l.elOieeoht..lepclseaer RiaIete 2.'5 blids tucar, ond 218 mo~ WlsBert; 14 liceecr eilntiee, Laicheth and Paec,40hlecscotton. F .leeairl,; 22 holed do, 3 B ,cehc, 1081,le ,eulc , Octi,, fIeeelc & Ce. 88 hhdc r. sod 1421,.lm lealeteen bOndc, MtcKenna 4- Weeht, 25 Ondlt22hls do, HtcrriscClee.& co, 4 bale. moes,Oi Ca.. weA co, 0 bi molasses, E Alsaoti. M8 biots ugar. Foe, Coi. *.oete, 0Ltdmelecce,.owners on boalul. Dueahcctor...or . leontnee Tuskitona otles eoilie. J1 11 ttcl All' W SOGeqoct i eo, = do, Bennett Ferri. Nc iqG.83de.ell eg ot, d 43, do, Woe M Beel 2" do, Nork. Walt MoP, ]a do, 3locll Iloctoc A ec, hdo I.y Nt15 "l " d d&C eG211od0,toedwIin &e-,1)%I do. Hessa 'to lsheU doAsh e 7A do. Prescott, Jeones& eo, t4l) I2t"ei id. dteoe o5,3 do ,WBogertl,2h1 bundleosdeer shinshlOwners on bhoad. PASSENGERIS Stevere..par .hlp Aleccndec Teousin..J3,11c 5 Aniouic, P .3 ineecO ttmceyer, Lralle. Chailcc R Blletsec. ffod4 *ill...per steamer Colornds,..V0 Bacrrett, Mett 1t1hip. Cel Allen. V Gibson, Duemore. Booty, 'TPilor. :9 lheeoepoel..peer tteeme Atenin, .. ...Me . 8.,cCloud,Halns Sheaohlllh. D Weddelll, Ii Edwards, J MI.Cluhkey, Rogers. Wit vlocRaicedytl& Morrow, A e AMeelw Picktt. Pporks Auscitbl.,J t Broader, Swanson. Whitney. Winslow, Veuee..ey ,ol1ccdeeb. Pd~ste rk~otc.pee tcomcer..D Otusim, Dr tckhe~lo,,,e, Jo 18arker, J Boni, . J blacchs. Le eourehe..poeleoeoecReeno.. Ott Richordsi, MricAteoin lotsetin, Miss P,,tae, A]but Ueulore, Olecces A J Taylor, E. btie, H Wallis. A Pair. .1 ARTIN & MACLAY, Astornevs at, 14 . Wall street, itv of New York." Collections and w lt inst iatllaided to in any part of the state of aow York. p Reference:- o Sark Waltoer E.q, Hon Ogden Hoftinan, VWalton & Kenip, Messrs. Cripps & \'yeth, SC Ilurnod El.., Carltier, Frame & Kimberllr L tobett Slark Ejqr. ew York. ", n atro Orleans.r leb:-9t 1 L .'S! on Education. fiow s1ll I cnvNru ,.u» aapted to assrt pareqts in the ltandagelrolts of fni. "'it : by E E Winoe, aotbor of 2 3a rn and a hoaf in "bhe Navy. SHiatsoi iEdlticsion. ly thne norniatlor; also, lall's orernren to scldal mnusterr. For Rule lv Sd3l A TOW EI, 49 Camp at G Ut1NNY BAGSi--100 bales, 2 buuiel«n Gmnny IBags Sin store and for sale by J TilAYEIt& t einar 2 Y4Ptydras st -f llRANGES, L.E3IONS,&c.- (100 Sicily Or Saopes and Letntn in fint onler. 100 bags ilberts and WnlnTtn Innlind front sip hCoriulanut, for saler by J I L IVEIKItI en c mar4 10 Old l.evee at LANK BOOKS-JJust reclived froat Neo Yorki, at 24 Clttot;s st, aovery extoensie assortment of count books, viz--op, deamy, median,, roytl and t royal Ihdger,jounrolt, Irtter, alel atnl itvaice hel, tmnltt ilu overy variety of itre, also note anti bill books, recciliti exchango , bills lading by the quire ,=.a m &e. oks aonde to onrder n tl ortl ntir, printing neatly hdeiCurately exteuted tt 1I FEl.T & UCi, NIt r N Y etti ners aull EW DOOKS-T-'he Higenit is by JaIisT in vols. Keithl's demoostration of tile trull of tho Chris tien religion with tluomrotuns ngravniugo. LThe Biety of a late Lnodon physaiein it 3 vola. S" Also a new supply oT Maria Edgtewortll's wtrks Hannah MtonIe'sn Mlenoirs Pearsaon tfe llo crced--llurctt on the 3)1. licca taEnfield' thio.oltr olfhiltot lhy 'ucker's lit clf a toroe, &n &t I:eceiveu and for nloL by A 'TO W R, Ma n 4d9 nmp at 'J* ALAGA WI\E -SW.m.I ,ilos esinvle int qr calks - for rale by JLEA 1) &. It A tS't l %V, -; "'m2 7 Ilnak place hiORTERl r & dROWN :STOUT--l.andie g froin tilip Washlington Irnlt London, fbr ilen by i2s IRHAD & BAItSTOW, 7 Bjlka place K EW WOIK S--'Itm luPgeot, n ta!efi the Frnohei SProteatans by tlie aulhor of KRclllici, tli gypyv, the rotbbr, Attila, &c,in cl. " " D Deuntnstratitin of t-re trutl of the Christian roli gion by by Al-anod,,r Ktilli, D. D. authourof tli S enidtne if prwoplho:y, &de. . Cnrt Werner. no intngittnion staor%-, wih other taies of ithunination, by tire nethelr of tire ne masse, G5uy Rivers, Mi-lichiiirlnp. &c, in 2 voln. Southernassoagen nitl pi:turmes, by tie author S ofAtalatt., rCarln W ero, &C, uita'irrceived »nd for sale biy W McKEAN, dti I.ncora'er Crimp &. ('otllmon t1 UGA-ti-61 hogtsheadal In planttli.on IIhove Ilia city, ., for al by ILEAd) & DAS'I'OW, !-' i3 * __ 7 Blank plare, EMiNT-Ro.niio antid ltdr.t li cement, lundie g mtaip s Wahip hilgtol, tor rsae Iy I tREAl). i 1\tlHST''OW, 7 Banko plino i gOSHbN BUT'TER & P'INE APP'I.: CIIESE t-u-fi ale oy READ & BIARSTO' W, '112 a It7 Bank place S * A Catrd. *&OA4NS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLlSH)I W E T, 53 MAGAI.ZINE STREET, OIrOStTE nB.NK o RCA' R. GREENE rettutrns his t inctre llthank tn Iie frie ids anti the public ol' New Oriraso. tbr tine ace bestowed on hlim fltor tlie last two yeats, and - ea to aseure lritll thlat all orders comnilited to b" hr silall he punclatlly attended to; lie »ill as tll, Keep the office open during tite suntlecr, and =t.e llwa.>s ready to strike tff ioerchant'a circu I pwineu and adire t cards funeral notiees, maptp, ' iand drawings, o tevrrv description, at tile e.otiro, and on tile oost reasonable tertsa. nastjed Iiy artists superir to any other establilsh in tia cit, atd frtin 1log experiotce io the phli , he leels conufident of giving entire Apothecaries antd drtugists' labels rxeuttd it style as copperlltat untgraving, andt il one i paiense. jy-14 osl r.,rib-r a just opned sever SIi:n" ou. Combs. IGa . niH TOP TORTOISE TVICK. Qu Qllop Torloito Tuck, do do Twlet, Ado do lonb, abone "ariety of English, French and e a9a1lhoture. . io f trinulls ombs, in all the variety uf sie and SR tk, Hore. coarse and fine, and all other b usale by ES & D'LANGE, ilp, 18 Camp st S R W D IL-\l bbll in sloe and for sale by G( I.SllI.'E, ,44 New Levne 4' ciiA kmand1 barrels wintor oil In4 aisbIlls. Pirit'a Tier, aud BBClL ari *i A s. till libi, Fioar, &Xr 3kega of Hotter, (_ UtIAE\Y,44 New Leos t aor hao 'i* rd t*n rrrnted, fur sle SdliL A l& BROWN., ,* - i4 uratlss' .-- _ mH m , i - I I **-* -^ *fi TrlihE AMtREINCA2M OFFlE-. 1o Il connection with this 01ice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE rul TnE PRINTING OF Pmunphlets Blank Checks Catalognso Bills of Lading F L abels, , Dray Recoipt, i Legal Notices Auction Bills, Dill Porms, Show Bils Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every dencription ofJob Work lhnt anay Im required. Ilf'The proprietor repcectrully calls the attention of the pullic to the above Card, noi aossures them that ail vyork intruoted to his care shall lie done at the olort. eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the liowest rates, THlE R RUE A11INUC\N. EluIl I'IIU . it awni telO O. lI~ll'l ;II " 1> JOAIIn **lltWOI . I FAITRIPUL AND DOLD. N' I 1 O R I EANS: TUESDAY MARCH 5, I,39. CLAY'S Speech on Abolition. Recently delivered in the Senate of the United States. For sald at the Counting Room of the True American Office, St. Charles Exchange, by the dozen or single copy. I.nT.R'AL IMPROVEMENTS OF LOUIStNA.n-I-t miat be confessed that our stats is beidind the times in the ondterlakin lf of those menasres which are to resn lt in the speeldy dc c hlopmi nt or,,ber re.oeurces. Posnessed of n soil and clime unsurpassed in fruitfulness and go niality for tlte riehest prodlnctions, ailnlge portion is so heammed in withl irpedilnents to ir·inportation,tihat it is rendered nlmost entirely inoperative anti u.Cless, whereas by the tiinely conteruction of works of im provemnont, those distrits nas fertile ,n any, woil haIve ficile avenues to nnarket, and rapidly fill op witl an enterprising arrl indultrious population, thereby adding iminrnqely to tile wealth and pralpetity of the State. Every thiny that tenoods to improvement, increases tilhe State canitral and swells the revenueo. and ithat is not at present worth one dollar per acre, may he riased to the value of $10H). Other States whose domain is not one-fiflh of tile productiveness of Iouisiana, have he. come satisfied of this faot, and are pursuing a course which will, almost at once, advance them to the highest degree of prosperity, and raise them to an importance N of which the sluggish Slants do not dream. Wlnt has given to Noew York and l'ennsiilvanin, the anperiority whieh tley have aequired, ovel the Old n Dominion, if it be nor found in tlihe li cral and energetic Ssyariein of Internal Improvement which they projected - and have oizorously prosecuted. Virginia has beeome artlsfied of these advantagee, and is beginning to throw I off her lethaorry. Her pride is getting the better of her supinei:ess, and siel is taking steps for the improve. nment of her natural advantages andl the dovelopeament Sof those resources which mulst hlave frever lain dor nr Iant, unless dragged ferom their latent condition hly the Iltay hand of , Already had tile young State of Ohio left lher behind ind Indiana was treading P on her heels. It was time that the land of the I.ees and t. Randolphs should do something to prevent this head. Slong tumbling from tile proud position she had occupied in the Federal Union. She could not submit to theil : insignificance of a middle station. Has Louisniana no iride to take rank among the Nothern States? Has she noi pride to stand in the n Union, whlre hcr indigenonos butll ndevelnped weanllt anti resources, woull place liher? lier products are S aopanble of hliing increased beyond the amount raised 14 ,y any agricultural State in the Union. She haos the id command of the outlet lf the most i lagnifient river int of the werld--most magnificent, not from the vast volume of water that it rolls along through half a contilnent. but from the fruirfulness of the iommense territories that waft their products to market on its broad Iosomn. As an agricu.tural and conunercial Sinate, Louisiana S llnlll have no oupcrior. Site slhould hold tfile great Wl.. 0 tl r;1 ,. , Il ., - - -.. . ,, 1 _ - ... I. as will prevent her rivals from drawing off liher trade to nilher points. Sh, shmluld stlie to bi tile first ill carry ing out grand schelmes of improvement, and not wait until they have been tested elsewhere, and other places have reapled the advantaige. One of lie ancient philosophers hai said, and it has lbeen repeated by InodIilt scholas its, tlhat it is iansir to t instruct tile entirely ignoranl, than to nnbuild tile ill. constructed oducaion of one who has Lcen the pupil of had masters, nlld inltlite, him with the proper le mients of usefill knowledge. Let it not be saidl that Louisiana wrill be the votary of a bad matter, and that ,sie prefers to drag along in the footsteps of shallnw ignorance, rather than seize at once upon tile advan tague held out by the light of intelligetnce. tahe path I of her Iprosperity and greatness is open before iher-let her not shrink from entering upon it and prosecuting her way till the goal is roacheId. Individual enterprise first blazted the line. The most splemlid schenmt ofptublic improvement that has )cen devised, has huen the projection of the Nnsh ville fIail lRold, opening tlhe way through tilhe most fer tile portion ofthis Stose, Mliisssissnpi and Tennessee, lip to the very capital ofithe latter State, with which at proe set we carry on an uncerliin tr..le dulrin high water, hbut which wouitld in i thi ent o(if ie, comopletion i fthe Rail IRtod he r.endirtd certain und of inca'culable ad vntage. Alieady t trilpike is under wiy, and nlearly codilatilo fron Nashville to lBowling Green, Ky. oil Big 1t irren, i brloucht of Green Rivir, floini; into the Ohin,nahout one. Ilhunldred nd ifty miles 1,elow I.ais ville. Shouldl tie Itil Roliad heelicompleted to Nnlhville, it is lint difficult to forsee Ihont Telnnesse andl Kentukyv would very sion Il .rorisinll tho a.dvantagest to relt from tile ci structilon oa continltilno n o to L.ouitville --Ihereby unitingt the Ohio llRiver ait thi, itost iilmportalnt point with New Orlanao, which is the naittral depot of the proi:tiet of tile l est. The'Na ntshvile Rail Ilooid hasl ien iready comllenc ed. The State has ai indivilioll interest i iltelloiple lion. It itA tile poliy of I.ouisiana tit oplr all the fa cilities of trade witili herlhllirdti!,si, and whlli onee works ale commencepd tit thatend, they should libe proa ecllted with every energy to their COtnltPtion. l las New (rlealn-i-has Louisituis, (for their interests are i!eatiel,) an interest in the completionl of the Ntashville Rail Road7 Is tihedirecttrade whch 'eit will securts worth securing? Is it orufllficien value to risk capital anld til, tii prevent it being drawn off bly the brainch whlii isili to lie constiructed fronn Nashvillte to t il Charlesiion Rail Rload--anl which Intraer isily evettiital ly make Nashvilli tieie termiias? If this be conceded lthe Sla'e owes it to lsisclfto use her energies ill filre ing its rapid comllletion.¶ It is urged that tht i Sate has already invested halfa million in the undllertakig, and Ilat thli srockholdetr.i iisve pid lint one or two doilllar per lshare. Well, whiiat have been tfti causes wlhich ha:ve produced these re!lllt? Thie hesitaioi oftllhe Staite Ito aid the enlompany wheni applicationi wllis m ile, and th ·ltrellme reluctalnce which has beIl manllifested to aid the work with State credit, tognitler withl ti dif-i. culties in tie monllyed offliro ofith eountrv, crippled the stockholdets anll iiooed to Ihelll the facilities thlley might othlerwise hove enjoyed hi raising athe necessoasl flldis. Tihe dliicultiy vhichl has been thrown in the wmy of tile C.ompany, and thile distrost mnifctled Iloth of their la ility, and zeel, anld tiotlltes, Iltllt imlaterialtly injure their credit abrln l, and iollw, unlaen the ILgioSlature camle to their aid, Irevenllt tile procurement (of tile ne cessary finds to proslnelte the work. Thejealaonywhii-h seems lit exist towanlds tliht coilpany,tor metilbers of the comlpany, lias iteslved itIlf into a detertminstion to prostrate this innguitlleent schieme of imlprovement, in order to reach individuals. We did not look for such conduct frost our Legislatora. One of tile argument% against tile Sltate making a further loan to thie road, is, that $5010,000 has been al ready loaned, and that ilia State has Inow a morigage on the road,i maerials, &ic. to secure the payment tof that amount, when it shall fall due, sad that the Com panjJ only propose a mortgage in the same road and materials to iecure the payment of the furthler loan asked. This is begring the question, on the part of those who oppose tilhe loan. Woat if Itie State has a atmtgageis not tihe loadl more vahllable, conmpllloted a faur as it is fisbed thean hsi the mortgage was given, and does the State witlsh to- have that lmortgage fore aolned by withholding legilimate iid, and placing the 6ompany in s ,tuastion that they cannot prievent a fore closure I Let it he rem bemlred, that Ihe very acts oat the Legislature ad this Session, have so militated ajainmt the credit of the Ctpan., thali no foreign ca. pitllenu soe will procured aithiut tihe loan of State ondls. Fur whatl lfeignii :ilaists coult make a f - Ilia] to a company who ire d;scredited by tho Legisla toure of the iSttoe whose intf.reet they ate subserving, and whose prosprrity is eolntemplated1 Jo -We go for the interests of L uoisiano. We think that they are ihvrlved in the proseeution of works of Inter- le nal Improvemenat; and as the most magnificent under taking that has been commenced, and one that willt 1 materiolly add to her wealth and capital, the NashvillPe r Rail Road stands prominent. If the Legislature forget its duty, the people of Louisiana will not forget theirs tit at the next erctilon. Con: ected whith the im,rovementso of the State, is the Ilt establishment of a direct trade with Europe. Louisi- w ana htes sufficient credit to give her aid to this, as well w as other great uodertakings; because the Ses:on is ol nearly brought to a close, the Legislature should not be w r unminldful of the obligations it owes the State at large. ri This project is intimately associated with the very best o interests of tile State. Not only will the benefits ie srtlling from its establishment lie experienced in New Orleoan, the great heart of the State, but they will be felt in the rewtrast corners. An a nicean of bringing ot tile latent capital, which %ill enhle indivildual enterprie, to aid the S'ale in the rapid dleveloperment of its resources, the system of Free flanking should be established. Not only will this ad vantage le gained, but it will relieve the community from tile depression under which it has been lahoring and still labors. All this, it is yet in the power of the Legislature tr perflrmo. It remains to b seen if they will do their duty to their State and themselves. RiouOa WORK IN CONGhOES.-WC cotltinue the g pnssage if words, between Me.lsrs Premtiss, Menifee, and Dr. )uncen and hlis fliends, in which the Doctor gets hli ears soundly horexed. The first part of te sketch of tihe deaolte, was given cyeseoday. iMr. Gra obtained thie floor, after Mir. Dmncan Itad t g loirr-laltld Mlr. Moollre,of N. Y. wished hIih to vield fir the Iur pose of matking saome reply It thie tlmenibr fromt Mari- a iand. Mr. Gry rfnsyed. An exa ited eonverlolton occur. I red rbetween sorre of th intlhrr , whiil:ll could not beI heard. t r. Gray nndr some alnsion to Mr. Vise, nod tile i t fact of his wearing arn.'.. e ir. Wie wirh II rerply,and gave so le reasons, t in which eonld not lie ad heo.e M!r. Gray said ie was nllolls to chllb k the disocus.ion wehre it wto, nnl an fr tihrpole e loved that tilhe reso - lionlls olferedlhe lain itrio the table. s The Nrsotni I iinvr wir,r ordered, ant tre propoiitinn So Ia tile l tolit m oti tile Intable rwas delftaled--Ayes l3i Noes 9I. o Mr. Menifee then took tile floor, anti addressed the t . Holnse in a most excilted Oaeoner and inl strong lan Mr Me age r .comment d with i iring severi ipo ve tile langg,, usedelld.Rail ""vpcially t.o n tile'reniark n made hy Mr. Dunecan, that lie wrote his letter by way I ng ocopronmise, and as an offset to what had been said by others. Mr. lr. Mcnilfe spoke fir an hour, and tile excoriation e of the emberfrom Ohio ,as so sevre that tlr. Irin can interrupted him otn sevrnl oecasions. Upon one t! ecasion, while MAr.M. e was sleakilr, there was great to plauser in tile gallries. not 'rle spceaerraid Ithat if ite loise slthold contineor hle sltilld entieroe tle older oltile lionts , and have tile I 0 Ir. Wiliams' ofN. C. made a motion to that effect, -at but withdrew it. At near four o'clock Mr. Dunean sail tihot anoi man who said that liee ias ilfllenced hy 1ltL dietllinll illI in lmaking his attack, was a liar, scoundrel, and to cowa rd. M or. Manifee said that afer the Inaoguoge which Mr. Id llorlead sotofn d euse d, oflior cnd Pcrrundrrl, tno lie notice find iean taken of hlim. trlio ha. r liret pro. l noulnced tl lie Idestiturto of one particle of htnor, had unworthlv of notie. e Thi e debl, ateat ihalfp st fl r is gling on-tile House rointensely rxclitvd. r Mr. liunca and Mr. Prentiss ihave hall very hard o wods. Mtr. Premtiss hvl i ist remarked to Mer, toat 'at lie cannot stria tie lion's kill from the ass' cors. Mlr. -. had ldonle that lor him." li Tile Hlouse adjourned without a result. On tile 2d og the diseesrion was renewed, and on inotion of ilr.,Ell ig more, the resolution oflMr. I'rentise and tile o aend ad m'at of Mr. Thompson's amlendment, were laid on the t. table. So Mr. Duncan was neither expelled nor repri. ed macndcd-but his admirers mulst confess that he (lid he not conme off"scotfree." Mlr. Mnifee, whose powerorof biting sarcasmi are of lhe keenest sort, and whose cour he age ia unquestionable, let him have it to his heart' be content, and Prentiss gave himt no quarter ti DEtLAWARo:.-The Legislature of this State is ex. re pocted to adjourno this week, without, electing a U. S. ed tlhase incorporated a rnew bank to be locateid at DI)el he ware, tinder tie name of the " Union Iank ifi Dela in ware, with a capital of $300,000, divilded into 6000 shares of $50 ctehll. S It has directed tile presentation of a sword It, Coil. at. Samiuel It. Davis, iI lestilmonyrof his galiatnlrv anod cor at vices in dtfrending Iewistwon when atlckerd v a Bri tish squadron, under the command of SirJohln I'. BIer esflrd, in tile prirngi of 1813. na A resnllhtin ha pr the lie Senate providhli for the ?at ritwival of John Haslet, the fitrt ctniirinlt r of thcI . ... - . 'tlll(l l le Uiatne i Pkieiacin inojnoaoy, 1777, fromtll. teogrve yard if the 10 first Preshyteorian clurth ill this city, to( he'iii-erred in y. the State of D)elaware; and to have n siitable mni it Uent erected liver hir; aund approlriatIg $ 1000 for Ihe pairposer. eO A hill nnthl'izin tile construction of a Rail Road front New Castle iII Wilni tOlln, has p)fssed the Horse S tuand would pIrobably become a law.-Phil. Ledger, toFb. 2. From till Pensacola Gazelle. APPlROPRItAT'E. The following illasri;ptinis are taken frul n t setl, asnd ol'irdilr * ts we t re inforlned, by thle galoant 'oam. Je.s* 1. F.ilial: " In tile hainds of his country, he delivered tile ships of the enemy." "1 N ac:tion is compllete, while ally thing remains to be drhaw." " Valor will always make and find a way to glory." The first maotto on the seal, witl the following slight transporation, would in tile opinion of many of our friends b much morer appropria e.when applied to Jes se, alias, Jack-ass D. Elliott: The second sentence is singularly applicable to tile Commodore and is a conifaasion of his treacherous con duct, which nlone ever doubled. Would any man of principle adopt as a devise of his own deeds, for his own aggrandisetlent the coacluding mott on this falmoal. senl. Well and truly t has the Infl. Mrr. Naylor, in speaking of Elliott, remarked : " alld et we fin.d hirl trumpeting his oavn faneC and excellencet the public." I.lovs.--We undertanod thait lthel Kentraky giant Jamesll I'orterlla arrived inl this city, with his i ocket companion Major Stevens, oad a youlllng lady whill, is a excellalent lnatchl foir thie ajor ia Il)nt ill" size. Porter stands 7 feat 8 inciles aint Ite Majorles Irthen three feet. We htve ntr ot Ilherd %hi.e or whenl tiey will show themllelves. Gulliver i In illiputcould be got up in first rate sayl6 now. Now I'ortoerl ha comelthe Giralff vill have its hold . lup het head. Ifhe's thie rillest animal in the wort, lhe's a leefle tile talle-t slpecimen of huioanity, that we have New Orleans is fall of lionos-Cele'le, Caradori,Miss Tree, Miss Clifton, Argusla, EIaton, Scott, Major 8ste rent, Porter, Iloi-sy D'AnzIa, andl Cleopntrar- liot attraeti f! One enar ce Celesle at time St. Charles, wlthre as 31adeline she rivets rite rapt atltentlin of her audience, ,' y herexqluisile acting. Carardori rlay be hearl at it'e St. Louia Excahange, warbling the most delightfur l tmelodies, with ri lird like Mics Tree hasrjust cloted her enlg:tgoaenlt in New Orlrans, and we shall spare her rn our Natchez atrnd Vicksburg friends. The ipeerless Josephiae Clifton ihas been very serirusly ill, but we trust herhealth will shortlylba flly restnrid. The graceful and beautiful Augusta may solmetimes be seen in Ioh boxes at the Orleans Thl'alre. Eaton anrd Snoll are Iliavi.g utthel Canlp. The marifilenll picture of ln'ss 1) 'Anznsa is still ex hilited in tre rar of the Citly hrall, and tPleopaltra dao:lv win ihe. gaze of huondedl at her salou, on Mag nzine street. Along the lioarn we nust nrot fttOrget 1. mention the I.e-ishtiuro ; we shall ie compelled to part wih theml beflcre long-wellt, every lion liehas his day. They will ohave had theire. T'IIE FIrEi CMPANIES l.lrae a splendid show yeoter nay. 'They were handaosmely uniformed, and theri np. piratus looked in prilre order. 'hey ido lhonor to r,ur city, an i aflord a sitrfe-glnard r aainsit hle .etroying element, whih, withourt llheI ,annot be found. W( 'EATaHER.-SuIriday Morning broke no brightly clear and as clearly bright as ally we have thad this winter. Ilur then, there was a nor'westur loeriar:la down, that would have made a ttussianl shlver. Yesterday morning we had a sprinkling of snow and a pretry eonsiderable show of ice, and tile cold contialed withour aballemneurt t ihrughout ile day. This is more like a Northern Winter than a Sonulhirn Spring ;-wo wish a little warm weather would come along just about this tirme. A splendid Print of tile Sr. Charles Hotel is now being engraved in New York, by an eminert Artist, and will be furtecomning by tile first of next May, at tilhe General Agency Office of Periodical Literature, No. 13 Exnehaogea Plnce. Priee $1. The stem of Flenjamin Ifolms, at Stockholm, N. J. with all its contents, was destroyed by fire on lie 20th oul. A former clerk of Mr. Holmes is under arrest, no suspicionnof havin2 met fr re toe premises. The sae tgeia oaref New York hanv refused to divorce tl Mr. David 'romt front his wife Eveliae. 'this it will lie recolected, i the ease where ithe wife, imlmediately after marriage separaed fro the husband and has refulai ever since, now sowme lonltaillhl tit live with hilm. A proposition to allow ttie husband, but nt thile wife, If to uarry aegan, wa lo.t by only a few votes. Siýorraopnnonnce of the Courlcr annd Enquirersi STATE IIUors, AUGUSTA, &olelary, Frerunry 18,1839. eanr Sir-lr. Inliuth, a'speoeil neos.onger frnmt Sir gr John Htarvv, Lierlr. tioverur of New iriunswrriek,ar-c-o niwei iere laot right. lie hes beent sent toderanrd (i or Governor till Ihe friresa or this State, that have been sent to arrest the trespasseers on the Arolstook, 81 &e. shill be immediately withdrawn from Her Mjres- It 'a d-eninionsr.Mlr.ngllish infornms our Goveinor that Ar. Mclnlire, our landr oagent, is aot Frcerickton, in tile rsrtody of fire civil autRoreitit of rile Province, and tht hie will he retained. From tihe Aroosto.rk, I learn that Mr. McLanghlin. the warden of rte dilputed territory, sppointed Ity Sir Johin Hlarvesy, cam to No. I0, on the AreAstlook where, oul fores are slnlotet, and ealdlnolanrdei therm to ireavuI her Majesty's territory forthwith. Capt Rirren, vihr was in command, arrested him, and sent him to Bangor, whera e nrrivedy"torterdy. iovernor Fcie ld rie ast directed Gen. hlodgdon to oncroutone thltranrd of his divieion, t proeed fLlrtl withr t, the support of our forces an tile A roo.took twit hndred mein are now threre.. 11. ltriekland, Sitl- riff of Penobieco, has enlstoed feive hundred men, by order ofrihe iovernor, will, are n their way tiere: eixty of trher loeft this towr yeterdaev--taking forceq of seventeen hnldred mliln who are' on thie di1spted territory, and that hanve been orired rIere. Tis ioruing tihe governor ias issled trdern in each of tire e(lolrallding ofllEcers of tihe divilioles of thire militin of tihis Stlre, to order one thousnlllld rmen to Ie drafied front rach of'l thoir respective divisions, to hlodi tiemrclves in readiness to he called into natual service. Wours, in haste. To J. W. V ERnn , Esq. Sinee wrilingl Ire nbove, a his been rent to tire I.neiirlate iry (aGovernorr Fricirfel, in which inl itie statements I hive madr e are confirined. LosAL Itr.rtstoe.-- ease was decided a feo dave tin re is t re,. IiMreit Court of Ith ieited States, wlicrh is of peculiar interet In iasters iof vessels, all sailor *"ntrellc. Tile inerloln wls bronlrht ily a sailorr for olled'erd ibte ie tile eltill with whllmin lie sriled, who having frilid to make out his case, ithe decision was given in fitvor of tilre captain. JIIie Haopkiillton in deciding tpon this csre, tu iarnrked tIhat laien a Oilc elolnce biefore thaet Courtl clailing danmaic flr ill iledgel nahuse, or redrel for ill treen tlelll, mu r st rli I ertareI tol ori hirr s willi:iillitl to invae doell tlio irue allrd lthat lie hasn firifrlllv iyid without illow of teloin'pr, ch-vnd the ordlers of hli offi cers: and on the other handrl. that when the Eapltail or ailler users ai rope, (the. ordinnrv instrument of punisth Ient) oil board Iri vezsel, tr tire purpose of deserved chnatisement, unless aerried bilvonr reason, tile searona mult not look to that Court fil protection. illt if . deadly weapon, (exceopt oil IleoeRsrnre necasions) were ied iiv the oftener, lie woeuld denl it his duty to iro. teot tite ser nan. The hlose of Daniel Ilrldii , at PhInlnsn, was enn nlmred by fire on fli ni'it il the td inst. One of h!s daughters perished in tIhe flaimes. Oni thef 151h lilt. near llh Chllunk, Robert Hunter a onaemployed in iblastinE roek in ail nanl near the Lehiih Conl ind Naviaillior CItompanOvts reat coal mine,was aocidentally and instanltnneilosly killed by a blst. MELartCHOir Y AccitrENT.-Sixteen lives lost.-Tlle last Queb-c (L. C.) Gazette states that a earn.e belong ing to a Mr. Clhabot, in attemptllng to crooss ver the St. Lawrence from Point Levi,with twenty paselngerc, was uposer by tile tloatin ice in the river, by which sixteen out of the Iwenty were drowrned. ITHE CAMP.-Mr. Eaton played Damon very credit ahly last evening. Hle makes his third appearance to night. CARADORn gives a econdllconcert to morrow even ing. Those who were present at her first will not have the heart to stay away from the second. CHARLESTON RACEs, .5th Day, 3 mile heats-Purse 6$f00-Feb. 21. -h L-H veireit e oo i irt f-Polly Green, 4 year's ohl, hy Sir Chanrles,out f Polly Peachun I 1I 2. NV. Sinkle's c e nllta Arnna, : years old, hly lertrand.jr. dain by Kosciusko, 3 2 3. Col. llarllponi's (inlp.) it f Emlily y y Emil d ins, out of Elizabeth ir ly Rainbow, 2dr S No time riven but llaid to have been thlle.est since r. the annual meleintg ofthle club. I S'rH IIAY, Ieli. 2Od--CO . Cargo's c f MiSSouri, 4 years old, by Iclipse,danm Direetor, 1 1 Col. Illanmnond's (inp.) b f Floridla Ilellurn, 3 years oli, by Tralp, damr by Whlisker, 4 4 2 Col Spnnn's b f Comnllrise, 3 years old by Nlllifier, damr Anti-Tarilf, I 3dr Col. Flnd's Zornida, 3 yeans old by Virginils, dam Iev Comet, 323 Maj. McRae's e fFl ElC Perry, 4 yeanrs old, by Godolphin, danm by Berlfrd, 2 5dr Ti:no--lst hear, 3 m. 59 s. Second heat, 3 mo. 58. Thirll heat ol given. HOUSE OF REPRE- ESEN IfATIVES MoNtar, 4th li chl, 18:19. SOn motion (if Mr. Davidason. a lesluliao wit.mrlrlanl . fil Ihs i infltutent (i an rillirg Cltrk : cIt F A itoi ntit was alppointed . I ke arl.ehtrd ftln ellr rill Nof dr Ille i haellllerc aIIId woknlntll o ll f tl re ity i f NI . iI , provnllc l for nir altertio o llr i T ll. 'f i ilir aldi i. Air Dher ar hre etr f.'ridll eurerinri re1 f l di.t -I .llaid Holli le i alt iln , far , I n he fo rvn!vllllilll ci o rtx r, y 1- " - .......... . . h . . ri rellt Ielelirred tIi it I,,hl illt o tyc llet cIterrI d e oi Ir r r(l u rr K iln r t ii alln Il irrt.r ire. e Al. arihi e r, rn l e hall lf tile Iv lllllillfIt hitlle had iln rrreottellh ro as to n lau he sube, rliv fb tifno o(ftr Crterhrl'trtr i Pilrtlrieri of rleleii, renorted H hill diiir a till Stia lid C ailll O pbrI, t n t Fr i ue ivirl courlt lrd ht.r folrh.l elirilllil i t illlll nllo d tle Ioher foa tli t crirnille oll t and thte prioll er ead at ir r a flasl tillle. lr l tite rlltur ilor lll tet e a lernl of e affairs of tIhe Cal-ollllllln k ()Bank. r· rd Io b Illinlleia . ,3lr ti-asbeor on berThalf of fhliinlllcomtmteO ino clih tle.lio tefrre r eb Itit tr vibil e r titor te r t8 eOlitrr tllliarll ritlll New )ireltea ns llll n Nai llville [rail Roiadi (:rCtinrrrVp Srecn elld ith bill s0o itonrinal tio stirirriptin ri tall lie Opart of Ilie Sttrle Io one li ire anu a quarter ofrtbe stolck of ill le til irc i r atll itthe t a a -l tirne incirreolilr ti r cal caitl erorlck r Ihr. Ie -xelill.a lll ldlr iki g llnlpci iel oef theirie fy Itd. edrt IoPl. nlitrtr eaone aildlrt tiflr llercaf b e patkilla te rllletir Vliern.nrrt iifle a iltl I, tl ise rte l fi r e in ok of tle Iil . e bill was rea r d a i,& d ixl or lira .pecial orldr of' to-lirrlw, to take turn olf Ilre bill relatiivr It oile eilit izel s I Bnk. S Oninotionll of "Ir Thmnlaser Hhse tle ook into CO, iheralehna tte bill roviding arle otr Ciea, Pehniiatiarvt rnll ier a air nlllile nal setion irorlihir lor tire pIt, Scllme of mIln ile, fiar i le nnull 'ICl ore ftl i eottllnto Sldallenothr r seclron te ill nablet thrie \iaden of thr peri otllihar y to slte slid lie sied ilrl rlii oeici, e pri CiV ralte tnie h r tr i s ile]a l tli' it rt. 11r PIoIII introl, In ed . bill to 'lineor oritle Ire,= Anlak in or;t lake Vcrret li n al oI chlllentl l nerl r 111 r1011. ICrille Sdi)rierSkei, tile bitl asn read trrr th C re Is[e, $ Ie yll .ll tir tIMti e i otitl e nrllll Morl e. tfle hill a o liti il! r itl io ei nt l d lilr, slNrtr i. hedlr ei cate iore f lain , rt ilr fel firl. it f lestafeiel orlerie o "r ' lntri, idtll till tll i ttrfl t t I a"lrtr gerallt r I rllllll ,, I v hl o ilto r,1 - t nl'lel ,tio lll, b grl ti l II llrll pri li i i It l l , l, lalalan rtan Gum 1 i, 1, ln t T Iier ivoeit inuton rark v flom n orthe. fuIl)olel flhre hi lle iun a lllh. llio , n ildl l si C I eeiog itrrl . ellll by h C ll i .llr hll . lllll in iT rii.II to the SpnrIngfield Inttrlnile. Ir F 1tre Coninde t protlvlill ai rcddil l ftl a t eril loa r llla tllrle tal0 0 ofr e, Solllnll, oollf rli llr roll lll i io (I , t.lllll ile cnlln o. ll I i w t erlirtereeioCIri ri i r ro rerrr.rrl l il li rl iletrtra ii. l rI Ihllirdenl l c rtrr rm he f Sa rerl t tl lc t'ia rey err s rre to cIllt.r l lle , fllr .iul ir IIriir ma, eIhlP Il f - rW a'lle tlr o l e elc tir oal it i re Ileldil rr tIe of tlire rrlle i oeftillrreiftllieririrelltrrr a l tllrrae tiant ioe1r rn llcrer l btrtt rdnttd oflt tC frl aln. Ini i1' enl iin| npF· to rle t'aarraererrlol senvrl parrire, alren red lialr rle It lir relnr i Ith cill frormr rt,.e Senate, Ic i rterorporm'e tire towrrarf rled IfrT tl.e 2d anrll, timeos, ani "1arestr wiillst rIirnrlre oa Wirtionirl reelirrns prtrie rad try Mir. Mlhtr rfr tllrie in orpratiaos, of Ste town of Sbreveyorr ead irated Ilierr onircerwti olrrtli Iill to create Comrial Crert in the rltv of New Orlenes, was re1 n ; llaseaid afterl arntr neill relihenoen tite trill wtas poeld-Iihy otirt cyeftilldre aref heeirers. $ltt:itoc ouncar; sdireliti i The tiruae olrra fl llbe tilenrirt trdge llrlf ilei I.o triet tio I e raneIre aIIIunt. A 1 eetii ra pons nrled Ilay lr. ni(etrrrer to tinre e tie ji iridir-io of t, e ure ioft nr jhdeef trlhe Cilry C.luet, t tine hoeatlld dnllers, wae r hec Ihose rthen adijeonrid. oli11 iI I ---- -ll helln lrllJlIv I r.iYE rlf I- i. -r IAFI)UR(VIIE PACKET. For Donanldsonville, Thibeddnonrjle and all intermei diale Inndi,,ir 'Ihe etnlln. faTt ru"ni1S1 Stealn sIun NANIIlVIIIF., K5 Indevirk, ater, will rireive frelit for In' rhne, and O clnrt oil the 5th inst nt 4 o'clock, p in FVr furthet-r particulars apply to the captain oi hvird, OpIporate Coanti sreet. nr 5 T17 lI c Stamrer CAtPTK will Irernarha Evenring at 4 o'clock. Ilor 5 . -.- - -.- - -- - - - - - ýll. F r -..1e jq - W4H[SKErY-J51) bbln J~cinipid, fs ley VT ar 5 G. lItIINKY. 41 New Levre I ARD-f60(l heaC (eel lrdl, in rstar for tale by LA r 5 Gnnr u DORSEY, 41 New Innee FIOUR-1 501) bria in line slilpping nrdecr, rit sale l~v 4 DMISFNY, fr 44New Leven FIREI NNS INSUIIANUE (FFII;E, O N. O. r 11E Snckhlrnrers am lreeel,e notird thit trhe 7th r Instalmren on ilhirstRoeck is dnrlrand painelle on the fri if.1perill, it tihe Officooe alim Cinrpnny, 21 Creep tnii. annr .5 BRANJY, IRU, .ANI) -GIN. BB RLS Aerican BralAde; l50 Fn N O Ruin 10 do Ainrtican Gin; 20dol Whiskey to laora and fnr suai by CAMIILIN & COOPER lear 5 9 lulirel CELESrt-s.i Mary's fEe -The St. Chm.les wns !rowded Inst tight, notwithbtandling tihe intense cold, to greel Celeste. Sthe was welcomed by a dozen rounds, and received them lith minst gracefril acknowledge Insals. St. Malry's Eve iafrnught with intense interest and exilting incidelt,and tie part of ladeline, by Ce leste, in worthy of her high histronic abilities. If we were tojudge ofits merit by its ffect, we should give it a proud rank; but we must admit that it horlown its chiefest force font the power of Culeate's acting. The strnemipg eyes of the beau sex testified that the labors p of the inimitable artiste were not thrown away. It is to be repeated this evening. 1' - I -------- - !- _ I· $100 REWARD. BLUE Morocco Pocket Book, with steel clasp was lost esterlday, containing a draft ofthe Heal tatoe tanhk of the State of Arkansas, in hivor ofClan. Raphy, oIo the N. American Trust and Banking Coam pasy New York, for Ihe salo of one hundred and one thonlsnd, ix hundred nitd rity-six dollasr, ($101,666,) due 10tih April, now payable to llto order of 'T'. . Williamisoi, PreE. One. other drft, same bank, on the N. A.T. & II Company, for fiy thlsnand dollura, ($511,000.) pnoalble to tlle order of Tit. '. Williamson, Pres. Also it ,luntlr of notes and other obligationis the dalts and amlunsts not recollected--a small auto in cnsh. The cash and one hundred dollars will be paid fir tile rPt1r of tle toi:ket bhck and papers to ne of. fice o"f'T'hs. It. Lee & o Co. or h.r nny llirinnnatio by whict the owner may regauin issesiona of ithe i ters, &n. maor a MADAME CARADORI ALLAN'S SOIREt MIJtSICAI.E. At the St. lJuis Ball Room. T IE Almulturs of Mlsic, ilholitantls f N. Orlcins, inte rerastecOuly ianf rmed l att Mlalme Cuartadri Altsn''s second SMrfes Musicale will tnlke place on Vednosav, Mia rch (hithle thlt uptr this occasion set Aill si lthe a flli, s pll Iiece :n ('ovarticl--" (2clanlo iee e nnura Bellor." DonizettiP Aria--" Cole per ce sereno.' La Sconnmhtula. Bel Sclln eld ria--" I)i tanti palpitit. T ucredi. Ilossin Aria-" I rsoa:e el el Cttlhtttt. Nitlehl. tauccui. STickt $l 50, litarisll at ltu St lints lictl, tilet Exchtnege iud Ille Verle, lht ni es at nesrs. Jr lins ir. ClXCly's, aoilld Msr Inglenrd's It usle . Intite To Celsenee gt 7 or'clder, f er 5 RIlAY-I C R bales Norrtherl fry in store anni fir ale Uby CIAMtI'LIN & CI(I Ell', HISKE. and Flour-10 i P, iof store til shi. ,r IAU 9 ia e, nl 9 Juolin street ce feo- II IDOlSVY , 1. New L errcp IJ . .-I ia i b. lix No I Stalp ia Slt lire r;ilIe hIg o e'I.. C° it l 'IItN &sVit tic t't)E, 7 Jluilio st CHAMPLIN & COOPER, NOIOCI ILS ANS D CAI)IO.l l T IN IIL OVISIONS dr ANCOD .'E No. 7 and 82 Jilie sttIer, New Orlens. S JShip sad Vanilla, stores t)ot uilp. lilr 5 aOciI'' t'.'t'I' IiE,4PEATINt li'l AltMS. I.iE sllic are r pectlfully iformlletid that tire above tico les call be seels nd are for sIle at GOSSIP 1~ Co. Exchange Ilottl, St Charles at. lIar 5 if SCITY BlANK, S New Orleans, bi5 FebruIary. 1 39. wXCIIANGE oa England, tlarosl ntsll IsIIli ,\ i rsal at tAi tonhillu E lution. 101 J PAt.t'tREY, it ravslier 0 OTA'I'OEIS-- A few hundred barrels casters pete° itoes in good ord r, fair sae by fel4 _ G Ds)LJIEY. 44 New Lervee - rLOUR-3I0 brlos leading fromt seaoM heat Is a, ,, Lf alr sale by G. ) )Rsie,' l 2 4- New Irevre Cn I lACKt"I9S--50o barrels fri-.lI Vtitiltinnali b'tittr n t l ater crackers, latllitig fro iti rieti tieb Tribtllaes, for sale by G( llItS i, I f2 41 (1'a1 t el HISKEY anit Flour--100 1,1,18 ufri-ctilhed whis. Skeyb 59!011 it flour anil 3-' blbhl vinegiar, lindling froet flat nrots, fwr side by Gli; ls) il: i, ftt20 441 Nae. Lrvee .-:'OUt--59) bbls su prlitie, and 5111) (to., tin,, il fi is le shiipping trder, alatil star sIli r v S rSO (.i 1I0;ISIe , E Ii Newa Iesale IUU.N. 'tAliA--nd)0 ihles X bushIePII1sEIIeig, il Jioro ,sa d tIr stile by reo J IT Y & , 71 tlArs.I st SO(LLANDI l-1-I trt ees t giM A si iperior ar tile in stor aird fier sLtle by leoZ JTIIAYER & Co. 74 Poyudasst NEWi OILIL.ANS & CARlOI.LTION tAIL ILOAID dr ARetANGsLuNut Tr ro n THE W reaEK " VS, 2I, Ce r il t o'lock As M IIOr'su CIt ti 5 olt-ku 1 . ii s: ollluli's s ie oiii ' ti.t eOlllt iv'tlu' At 10o . ,, I t c It . i ai " rI " e it td· l pmw . w O'+'l ill, 1 iiha1 ( TL' 1{l v lllll I ;ll ltie l h. J 1 ... itu titisle Is, ~ a hSy. I th, , ll, + lt u )r vid.- ,: , its f 1Meumoirs or(Cratdut-i lItrars v l au t ire ellarvts, Id do Nostlern, h sort le.t fonihol ce 7aQO v(Wr o r i. do Pilli te. dConline-I, 0tee, ill do (.st ,ie stsr i e ilt iluto i y lo!, l A Itf cl m Mte ie dit Sir I)ludlev North, ai Sir Nollrt,, It do Nalolesn, by WV Ii I relritd, I eels i Ia do Ntit le s , tireI .uvrv, I)ul e of Itsivig, SIn addition to thie ubove, a large n upply of stndlard tworks, iust rever i l, ti;r sa le by ag I _ _! __ W__ . KE.AIcKIN, (: . ,pr (C(amp & Co ,atjt_ SIt EW t Mlt l C--l'oir lloi ie--I e )tldon'ti Is- ai t tellt - yle ll liuair nals c--',+llito illl lauret it love Anothleir D Sweet Aftol l\Vs ler 'Tlhe Kai-t's Furewelli 11 s 1t-e to Auaothler; Lovely Lady U'live; Y it otaie; ()! Men %lit sillythistie you re; )Oi I ioul 1 r. 1vse tail; O)lh Pattrick, L*'l trallllen o'l'hat thuI art ' Io iv tNio'll fav; Think il.yl Love,'Oh! Till (lia1' Me it think I 'ave a uteerl' l:ienll The Viitate Sti;llg; 'lsi o is retoo sle; i tes otooti; No aerel esvr; :a are Springing; I d,+arhy'ho c 'he .fev,; Woedia 1 ;pare that Tree; The V\ildl Allbafrosis ; Uise I:aries. ILis,'; i pt*dipJelso. 1"1,+ liead lrtl w,..l.. e rtlis 11 tIil.aidl TI'e t;*.vprv hidde'll; My Failller I.l1ld; " ol3'. : M 6i1 a- 1 ( 1 1 , ol)11 ill; IV nal:tlive 1.lvý; M1V l.':Ll+|+ best 1+.trvL .11)' childhot od's ilhonis 'ar ..vell; l e l;r,.lcavo.d 'lal.!(1 a. .*Slorat n luh, a Ctllit + solng;i 6lae %uore a vviv:alli of· Juil cti jved atd i'tr sale oit B CN\SEYS aniao For plld Ill usic mlol, 2nvl? 19 Can)l[ st t ii--dnl CtMt)lI1; l,' O IFRACT'I'CE:I':, act, edi-,tio+n of (edar1 in CiviloA-lhms, I ,, tr --le ' I P_ A NDREW SMITrI & CO., respectfully iinfrtn Stheir friends and the public in .oncral, that they occupy tile new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulau street, where they keep) constantly on hand C(opp)er, asuch as copper stills, kettles, and pmips, tin bath. ing tuLi, anid oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass casting done at shortest notice. Grate hars of every doecription, sich as steam. boat stirrups, hog chains, scrow olts, anlI other kind ofsteamboat work, such as chimneys, breech. ee, steaml pipes. 'Tllhey will also do all kinds of out door work, such an zine, copper and tin roofTig and guttering, &c. They above and all other kinds of work in their line of buvincss, they will execute at the shortest notice. dec27 I1 I)NEY-t-I) t-rn.s freshltCuba lhonay, now land ing from br g Boston t .ia HI van, for sale. by J IlVIS & ANI)IIEWS jn:111 C( r ta t ant ald Ttn ,Pithter S l INDIAN'S J'rnatra, Swwtillt's o).. togelther with a Int lret aa-ortillrlllt of palent lindirdrle. iret-ived and for oUle hy , 1Jt.NNABIELI, jMJ cor Natchez & T Iehapiloulas rsi FASHIONABLE CLOTHINGN. ROBIs.o 0& o o000.OD I., .O. OS, Chanirsre Sitrlle, Jioe Door below Biinville, AV F.eonctattly on hand every article ato ertlin E ittg to gtetr l llletl' t driessc , tlra . ill tIhe t 1 ncs ter antd mnost tfashionable style, t'hich they offer ilor cusll, at redcl I) prievs. dev4--1.3l 1,74y .aontagut's Coatpiand Chiners & re- omnmended by the ladi- 4f Madrid and Charles ron, indeed royalitve notility, the press, slid the gigantic balance of niall thicinls, palhe opinion has eulogised it anrd placed the efHiclelty of Lady L. M'nnlague's cormpounld Chinlese soap beyIront sue. picigtn for letter ior ring worm, pimple its tni he face, san burn, lan, eruption, prickly hent, andl affecc lio.ns of tile skin, the healing qualilies of this soap .ill soon eradicate. It is recommended d n ln emollient shaving so.p or eompound far gentliý. l aen, for beauctilying the complexiorn, rermlnoilt rreliles, and rllparting freshness nod delicacy Ito rIte complexion. The aristoeratie dialiacntio of a soft and white hand, is with many In obrjec of rnsiderablne Interual. Exposure lfwarm eliltles rie rneck face strad Ihndds becoll ltalnllned or i trd ened, slid the invtentins of mldlrlln cltldt istry htave bI.t rendered sulservtter nt cnl merelyr to ttie nc,:o. sary every day artasd lil , but even to ili luxuries tand ele2ancies. Sid whol;eale and retail at Nt . 95 Coutort-t. house at. Price $1. ul Cama7 Sti. The Inre. ,f d i,,ht if Mr. C II. .rA'llN. 7thl Night of Mr. J. I. SCOTT. THIS EVENING, MAIICH 5,1836, Will be performed the celebrated Tragedy of VEVICE PRESERVED, TIHE PLOT DISCOVERED. Jnfficr, 1Ml Enton Pierre, Scott Priuli, Gilbert Belvidern, Mra Green Fancy Dance, by liss Wray To conclude with tlie admired Farce of TIE IRISHMAN IN LONDON. Mr Coloonv, Sir Finlding Murtocl Ilelany, (Ireene Louisa, Mrs Anderson Wadnesday, laet night of Mr. Enton. TAMES' IAST NOVELS, &,c.-The lHugenot, a tale oflthe Froench Proietelalts, y James. Ttles of ie palssinns, by Jotnes. llogaol, in 1836,lrv J Stewart. Alex. Keilt, 1) . l). elionstro tion of tlle truth ofilte reigiaon. Frrelto ediiI ef tnilie riliish poets, 1 vol. Aiin's Britrith l tcl, And a ariety ol now, staodard nnd valntlab eboks. E JIOHNS A Co, er12 2w roener St Cbnrles & Callitlion ts K ENTUCKY BAGGIN( &.i AI.E ItitI'E-For sole hly REAl) & BAI1STOW, Intl 7 Iank place E X;tIIANGiET ON tOl'tN-Flr stile bY moj I Hll liil . , i- <;,134 Maigneine st G NNY JLW.S-lF'or sale hv UNN 2 & I P. WilITNEIV, 73 Cainl at I IANNEKd il1.-t110 barrels, for sale lb m WIITIIlt;', & Co,76i Mlnazinr st SiN!EAS-- IH b Ixes in .Irial gudwii iIri, Ihy.oni nt orange, I'r'rle. s ani lol ll~mr te. trar llale by R 't1 , MA rgazine st l[ f N I.S-'2 c rse.s ri'r i ,ta mire atll dirsh knives, fur 1\ salell ly ' " S11AILL N BRIlOW.MN, Sll 3 l96.l. ll O . ,!l ! Mllgi l ,ai' t At ta' 5l) S-i5 Ic aol landing fron alot0n1r Czar at n D r ,for still 0' DI)ORSIY, 41 New I.evcc t A 1I,!-I -lI sl ' lea' riir, hiasatlr f sale r l'v. d I1. I; DlOlitt lYi , 44 New I.evee S ItI t 'roes orira prate bltoing, tte'salelY Sll.bIt. .A. I Ot N, ll Il1, I,%I & Bilt W Nl ,li Ma.i ine sl Y TA, A Pl-- b 1-1- lr W (-I hr ii s. l it shlil andlll hillillr i 20 balles colttln dril eaig ; 6 cases blelched h etings, lind g 0 bales Ilussia i rallee rira s, afor sr ' r hrv lil I IRliDGEI & Cn,134 Mlgaazine at IAVA-NA CFI1,'I:.--170 libcs fine grees ceilif Sladihngi Ihis lonlilihl fronm the brig I arleto liom IInrorna, foresale by t' I)I.IAW, ln l " . . i llll st ,r IEAT ATT'ItACT1I)!!r At -No. 53 lsagrriazn streil, rcer .. Ipcy''s Auction Ie l GIlIAA , rspectfallY inolbris ine public that Jill tihe c liolril.ell Slatluc of C'LEOI'A TRAl Qeen of Egypt, W hicth i lar b. n exhibrli dll t ll olli i the prinilll e cities of ll e UnIllon. I ille liely adllri ralinll of rrtry in KCLILPSH CUURSI. JiO Y Il irCii ll1 Rty. NEW O161 LANS PRI NG 'u It "IrI N , 11:"r, will corlraaece aon W'ed tdrr r lrr, th rr lr rchr Iri t r Il rlilllt crrtrirrre 5 diayso. lnirst Da. The New O rlen lil Plte, of siliver vilue $7110, two osilh liats. llili thii ri l e 5 Tir .ch il i d Ilup wtil s ll (liFtrY 100l las. I Yr lh rlis d undl r, their pllllr cld Ir-<rr nameD'y. A sreef-rkrr.a fI' r3 t r old>l lld- iil'oib l r fiullorrll m.l fcr mil e hlCeI lls I11111.1 ; II\h II i l U I II" I li' I" 11: 9. 0,,ow, Pay. Jock.-y lib Pure : I. 10; ih , It, I lI . Jl .ek ey Club I lurl , Ie r111r, i mile la ts, F, ' . rh IM .. Rarer TI' l.ll I ( l .l ll N. r L l( P pri :r8, l1.1" -2111 ) I WI . . T Il . kl.. ,4kfr .-air r I ,lr r i . to Irl r r ir l 'ir lllr ir I Norh'l" Amr ica orr , hIr rks Iif te isat r1elritrri Iti rr ! r.l prioci le, of- irr tical p!- l ý, or co. raphie projection; uii i i it' l e, o r r le r irt IIIr r .rhi l -recturt I I- nl s v r iur ts -ru es, IIo takin iews roll tre- ttr te be fnllt rheir a liiraillrr s-rrr h r r i 'ition r ith mri.rrors rill: II..rSrait aONy of t'ratil hicacr ol rmbracing i se - irrihllle irt' arrrflll~ e it ice grrrrrrrrt(ait retr ie oflthe arnirrri worles nifth arnrl cesre frantd reloorh.nise p aot - tirra ogrrlrg ierr frircir rrrlerr-i-rr 'I rrl, lir aler by War M3 KEAN, feb26 re.r f Calar & Cocorano ats N1VW UOlRlE.,ANS, I'cirunary 25, 1839. Collectcin flio , ti d ollie,'a lite. Iresorl ed, that wlheneveri[Ie. )I yor slhall give a li Ictli clai i f irliy. lee Iiin l ie 1 r f I t • I iir da sl c.ll a lav IrtS ,u er 111.' other ii i ii iieiii, .i Olll.ii i 1U.iIV li I'junI O wil-r. Ih it rd i .l, Io viatl eI od llier I1is back; I,% ll" r ni hiw l W ih ll rn a tl h, an'ill l y, i r pe r , 'Iiiil Iilhe shallbe" shbjelf to a fhile, not i xeeldi ! onelit -fin o X lilll I i i I i.ll rt' l11111 i I hI 1 ( Iill i Iii- . oin li I ol nvlr., A iire h r: T lll Ili dciii dollr to Ie rI c - v:red blr'lotr. l inly lulrllrt lof C eleI ntPII·Ill jllri.:dictliln ;- I ,iiul li, l illiy liuu uk.cluiii ul l ir, C ounciiii f le wrovie lld ln t i ui y li , d i l I I r t doI rolul withoul' licence aforcntald, ilh : l I tu jea·f tIo I t tai zEtd ny tle ur nIv lly clticir ufC+cliuac, nelll tehilu c llillltl e Ih tlt . rSl l .aid hll I, ill. eI c to tlie Iay tiihllie I11 hr lily i nFJlllce 1817. "iclceu, Wil W Iii' iTuin: ecotllCti-e ii il'lnr nn , tai ed, 1A7.Jw »1L %IN, Reorfler. Wn lnen II i ulle.s collector ,cks irays, i UIIEALU liES C(I.I.FE1'IEUiL, , lie il Secondle il ntnicipaliilit,. La .oneeR ai .rla/s, eeirrcir 2, 1"33. AVIS nux pi - roiii aires des vuoi urlels, idral), brc.-i I . or doIl anletin% S uliU11te o I Sirlolll j Sr ictlllellt o d .onei e -aII llt'Siti ll dit v o' r llle doE - n litle ,ljinlr I I I cncee Io."r dei hidb, dSTlAb , &t , I dize licbey f d'obte llir It ti nl e 1dir lllc it t'l a si rel rl X i e n ii i licnce ice; a ,liis I I'lilllcll, Iu e Id lilcd lec, un, nllloitib i r I i ini i, ci IAie ii i ilib l tllr e dilullelr.e-A i liie mic Iil c rdoinicui i e¥ante du Co.nel de lnide M idit i ' ;J li le ,o n le I- lllýti p i lle o ts- I a vl r : QII'II (IrlllSl P Illn l)lb e' tte dalnt. rtoue Ier innncqnli ff olulir Ihns chlriuteiudlrlysiyi, e, lanns i dl Illu cii)llil, fIinn' anoir oltou Iriec r u'lellic t, lini lienee ugr eel dn Mloire de cetto ville scraisujet i'1 llllne el deu i"5 jllqllle IIil d'elr de l lldo deilvnl nu calle cllr de julridiliCllll i lllMisint. PIOllrnn que Aiiic vonillllu,dnro, &. qui colrnl snisll n die lieolecille,I cerOnit iljiet I ll'ote isi fr le cillectcur doI txnes ir le voitllue dei., ci'. c lien r c n ll:icier l l a IP lice I cil deteu llllll llll I icll lie I dlllle cil pLayBe' En nicnne ta lniie lel1 jtni O 18 tl7. J1. la.II.I IAI.DW\IN, Recorder W II WiiEn.oN, icliIIctnor do hacks, dreys, enllar tler ct i erln Illeceil iv. 2s1242 I l1 l coivedl ,i t iuu i t nu i a iie itr iiic. lg lfr suda Ilt NEW O11LEATN. S I. l N idtIV Ir rIriL ROAD Cull ".0 VNY. NEW A 11R1 XNGIES1ENT. CIll]E I.oeoluiiivc will onve tile D)clcc Ill nioot nf P. I1. except Suidayr'y, wlienu she will I)e rt cl eturn II , M. I 2. CARNES. "e" 4 "" I A Cui iAr privnlo Inrlia, lrovieceled thie sale e sultieicll, uill be scnt doili iile rend on onie daxi: previons vl tice, jI, 18.11R N JAS II CAI.DEI.I., I'reideLR. rUST rIceivcei cI the Liininianc Furxeituec Wxrc II Rin ooa 53 l ienvi llienr ie, olit taleld Chrerry lledsteadl,; a nIrsl reinrteiarlc. Alsn,, a ciud nesori mednt of plml, Wllnuit, oiAd PniuRid Chcira, wliil jyt7 53 Bicuiille street P.M. ex o i iic incSlnd oe'dy usr the ne wi 'er and Anue. forirrnllned aCllllic, dincl, fdell the ulnxluic J,315 Rl & ANOREW.S, juS car TCIhalmIIniIas & i'omi on ni t GUNln" IGie-II in ll I sales ad hbuandls, Cuh-e slrteld o ifS'MaIp , Io ,and hv Ci, c feld ISAAC BRIDGE & Co. 134 M sgzine ae St. dCharle Theatre. Tlhi Evening, March 5, Will be presented a new brnma called ST. MARY'S EVE, (Writlcn for CELEST?, aml pe foraned Iy her at Ihe Theatres IHuval, iHannrkelt, and Adelphi, Lndodon, for O'ma Ilundred succeasive Niight Madeline , CLESTE I t whicala ilu'lleCEl.ESTE will Inrnrorn a speaking part for the first tltle. Mlnjor Wentworth, Do Bar Tuln Bigs, Cowell To be followed ly Ithe nuw G(rand Operatic Dance, called, L'HIRONDELLE. By Mnrl'lle Celeste, assisted by Mlld'lle Ravenot anl irs. BIennic. Previous to St. lary's Ere, will Ie performed MONS: JACQU ES. Monsiour Jacques, Mr II J Fin Vivid, De BIe To conacllde with the Farce of MY SCHOOL FELLOW. 5Mr Caol, MrIJ 8 Browne W ANIT' D-A onart active white boy ti do thb Sworktole Bar ital make hlinielfeenernlly use ful. Enqlire at the Firrin'an's lnall, St Charles st C(iFFli'L-5EUi baogs Ilnavna, 3ll1 dlo Hia, filr slte b y bTE''SON & AVERY, r fe28 88 Gravier at lRON CIllIS'T' -Just rceoaived at tIhe .ouisiana I Vare. RIc,% 5:13 lictanille streetn 12 satperior sin. gle anll dltouble file proofhian caalaasa, frea the factory tfJ LIBrown, Now l'ork, lor sale by fell WM RCARNES. T- L. BiROWN'S Patent Platform Balanres.-Uri. i * tr can lIal at 53 Ilienvil, sIa et, Patent Plat lfrn Bfulllan es,' aniTrior tn anay Yeverf' Rred in tlis city. e I I WV It CAIRNES. JOHN V. CIIILDS, r NGRAVERI AND COPITERH-IPLATE PRINTER, .oa. 3. Camp Sit. O1 cll. lagraiveat1 lal1 prin t Milrder, alink nrntel . Ilill. V oI.xl-t ao e.'a, bis v arinug pnlirna, French an. hon:e .el.d r', door lib sil'ver wantar, 4ýe. -nlwaynon I ' Cards aprintea floa pales nalret ly engraved. IINTSI-15 ts'l vNi;ous ptaeRllltllS, Flrench and Amlmerican prialt, for otle y bl,?5 II 1I fo,r i>ale bv fre'!5 I ItRII)(lE & (., 134 Mgnazine rt TO MIERCHANTS. a D'MIERClIIA'lN'IS can have a lEAUTIFUL C11fri LaKl struck off talur hours NOTice, by calling ar the SComplianiag IRoomi o TRUE AMIEICAN PaInItna; 1 Oracr, St. ChIarles ExclIhanII, aljmnaaing the RIAD Ino Room ait Corner of Gravior nstret, ora the PIint ing Ofice, cornerr f l'Poydra anl St. Charles streedl. STIEA'llltli-llty lailr Aiuburi nn eleogan ansor It a a tna l fe't aclt rllaoldif r l l .lles, rceaved said for ah Rula lay Gt )SSI P & Co,, Exehainge lintel, feat5 St Charles at 'l' 'T' tteveaaill rlegattt aistorarciatoel silver tlatedl t l wl ihr wlllti. whlel will a engraved to ord, r in the I.aIalt fasahialUla c style by J V CIIIIIS. - Sl'ca27 3 Camp st l iaIt lli''l'NINEIi. 4ll tbs pi its ilpentineai i nding tounl us alllte liaolnn,a illd ill toro fiar sale ly JARIIVIS & ',A\IIl!FWS, f-25 eornler CaIIIoIInIIII & "Taa llonpitouls sai I1 ':ilI.JI) IN.S--j)lla Ia na2 l :1 gallIIna dcnmijilint, I lainhiillg ro3 »lip ClahrokaPI , flor sil.e liv JARVIS & A\NIIEWS, fr25 crlrller (ofalommon & TLihoupiilouila lat SNDON IIROWN STOUTr & IOltTl-15 Scllks, lainuling ifron l hip WI a.hinglon from Lon fel2.31 1ll':I) & B.HA RSTOW, 7 hank laco SIriN CI 1 IM nlaT i lngr.llip Wah inglon lfro !.onodo.n., fr.r nle hlv II Ili F-\A) & It IltSTOW.7 Bank place CA IDS 1P7 IINTE I'a)t lte alhortles Notice, in the merl cleganut ,nanner, ia Illack or Colored Isna, on Enamel. IidI, W'hite Hankr, or 'lain Surficed CAnDS, aned I Pricesrery reasonable alt itllT E A MlRICAN OF FICE, corner of laydral an nad St. Charlens s. &,creral New anId tle'aliful Founts of T'iPs hlae Sjust beenrrlaled to th, e rIltahlisihmenat. Ordelrs reecird at ilCnplllll ing Iti , i St. Canrles r Exchn'i ,ie, d toor friom l ;iavi. t l,or at the Printing 1101oth caot ter (of Po.Jdru. & St. Charles streets. not1.- If i . I N\ t.l'iii.,- , i J. I lilihl guinny ragli .1 in -l ll l atd tN I.r ( I ill (t'llM ULAUI r sIh, I,+ lall a.'. ,,, --a l ' i ii, ", lA . laaii- cr,,,7 1lllaiici ' I Il _ II Ilt C 7I4 i ovldrna at <Ta'l"ii'0;V , 'Bi . ;-l|AI-S aIT Nl 'Ti\ l) ' ir t1h , lael t t'h, rped.lion,artd r in . r#le uI a' i, a .el in Niw I ) IIII.iNs, or else S f l iat ir,; R .i i% St. ('Charles i E Ichinnji (Co,i,, if aitar at ) or at T It U E A A. I C A N 1 I I N T I N I; t F' I C E, cornltr if Pladrais and St CIharles St ll , ci trill be plromptlly ,tlndl dI.. i A'il i) I' (KT--i d. z in o and for aItll. li ly J T I A111 i & Co,a -l'',"- _ 7.1 Poydrss at Etrll I blle si toatoa aealoa fair sal te m _IV -W J TIIA4 11 Il& ('o, 64 Poydiras at t C IIAII'I.ItN & <)lOPE.;ll laviig leased tllh lar brio'k st,re N ..79! Julia at, iipiatiat lIheir alll stand. Ifir tilite ria Ioali'crryilg 'i tile grocery rand Irovrisinh busills, ar prelel iwed iu nthlitiol to taihelirleclliasi2na. ti- ut aqt l) alcre for g oceries alil provisions eaither for Ilantatialla, Sipi, or Ifnailv itie, ol heir usual t.rns. All rdlers will be pelaltlally atletnda d to fi >5 iFebruary '3, 1639. 4'-l: UAI-10iiI ull 1, on ili n iboie Ihe city, S far sldc by I &1(A1) U BARS.TOW, feh15 7 Bank place FI!a It SAL.E. iA lLATTl" O) WI\)MAN aged 22 years, ncclimated A lid ll II a d Pltv , watah,i., ilOller.nlnl hIlllose ioaaa ,ll lh Iher chl.liludl 1'2 tathi thI, Walltranged a front Irai - aill ma ldie prescibed by lIw. i Aplyl it ..11 Itianin sl betwe n Ilienville and Cniloam I - -1ti aih.laa 'l ',hmtar irainLd rteinedl oil, s 0 r '7.; `3upli ur artl,cle, for aclo illy ",,6 a (I G t.ANCIARD 'iTEA1' BOAT BILLS. l WNRlltS, AGt;lNTS,or C\'TAINS ofSTEAM 1. .\iAI ran have their Bills struck of in one or more Colored Ilks, on Plain or Colored Paper, with despratch, aond on firurable Terms, by leaving their OI.:Eas atr TRUIl AMEIRICAN OFFICE, corner or Poydras and St. Charluts trlect. Novast2--tf____ U (l. h tI:-itkrt (a ,ir r role by L. 3 SIt"; 'l': A'l'l aVEI(Y, iiU Gravier ai UTAVAN k CI) Fl.*l.l-l02t tlgs, I .ndirg Irun bril c(url,lt,. il iUII iog, in ntore, ior llie lby feta t ' _ _ Ik g ILIEl., 31 (travier t i.rll'rTN Y' CO-rTON FACTORY--The sub. that is e ablishniet i now in lull oporation and Itat Saorlaa niog nIrtI I'I IIdn r tthe style und dtoaorlnal " arti e Sir pIlntolion user will e n'atn-lf,,r hebrauielvesatforessro Peto A' Nllrt l, aelarto 1: 'hlialtre« at l r at tIl clalli shrent of the suoscibor 1l7 T' 'clupitltl Hr. NEY IlINJ %.IIN WHITNEY. f,."7 New (rlnr.ers, February 7.11189 WASlINGTON BA LL ROO" Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philip stareltbcotween Royal & Bourbon. lll t11nMauiager olIthe nhve inaaold Bull Rlinn.grart l ul to his i'rieils unid tilhr ublic for tl unlapral. It-lieit oatrilo aogtonld tlrenll him fnrseveral measons, recl.lmjtlly ihlftllos then thal tlea establisrhmenlt las Irno ellnaged for tile alrluýrelant of visitors, and un lergone inteast relentirs. 'I'lo bar will be suruaassd Ily wills ill quality Uo liquiors and hl RestaBurat r ill he kie)t lby tise nllcst ltestaurantour In tile United Siatmls 'r, o ritniwill ro-opm on Saturday oventag, 3rd ar N oorannrtr neat, ly a uRAND D)RESS & MASQUERADE BALL, and will taker lace as usual evnryc Mulday, Wednes, day ndl Saturdray ovenlinlo.g, ring tihe season,whieh will uInid o11 tlie Ist u' ny, Ili:39. N. II. Thl ler"aiatll nlt'ution will be paid to krele. ing prli'ot order throughout the esoablilEhumntl. as nal Ill ast semason, A;NK 1111L PAPF It-A very uprrrior artice rp sie lbv thr quire ilr rream, by fo- Il2 AVlI FI'Al'. & Co,24Ch tIl'"V IANK, New Orleans. March i, 1838. I r1il11 board of Directors of this nstilution, have thil Sday dnclia'd a dliviilrid rufourper cent oi the capital tILore. f, p"yabl to ihe slo ckl, ldprr, or e eir legal representatives, on or itr Molry the Ilth init. IMAJIIAL'l OF M (V OAiLEA1 TI IEi pri'r lA Irsil flour to-dy is T7 ll pL r brel n1 ccun rdlg to ihe muri; itio hakern ,hall ide dun ing tile inaunin weak (lrrirnl looday 25th iMnrTst oun. ea o llrtad for a lut. Brred of the mconad quality in relqired to werigll t per cent. uore. viz: 461 ouncea. iar2. C (GENOl.SMIyo. r JILNT' , IN l -3it g, a Freknl ri nl k terjn recrivcol, lor sale by E JHNs dCo, mi'! i W caorner Comrinnt &St Choarle at - GOltiE C. CHiLDS. Aron..V 4AT Itw, l. . .. atlted Ithu SiItItltt' Court, and the Diatrict S Cout'o, oru Iloarrisling,anaid someln of the adjacent altllllli hrf t tli o' lt fie CitV of t lioFltnl]. ICl'aimil o]) tit gtllv rtiiat'iti, either foorDBounty Land or IIIoany, w'ill Il iniIt ril.k 11 al Ipromilitly nttended to rithar fr unon r.,tlaiat-or rjidanra of 'eixh. Addresa 'romin the United latls--CiIy of ouslton, t, tile cirt ofr S. Ricker, jr. (Teaas Post Oflice Agent.) New Orllens. 31a ar 'ea

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