Newspaper of True American, 8 Mart 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 8 Mart 1839 Page 2
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k `Qe t e pý rjce h , noteer of bn3r 4 i1 I uat}h t of tabolitidn. ath a u p t s iod lo r e ,it a indb akrll heq dior, lby arel· Si o l du oist oA t de-r } at"-'" "Aspr tey tIf p ele.if is eq o thiv t l u re ta, spbirtiiot or ai :rhi~buir~.i. ra;i| loswer pon5 exaump!ee II laert i t ots ntu.-Who ie to begoin it Is bit their ttd sldt itieoit tenheiusril raotd end ladll i a woof ennihly a~teha uaorl!%, by a reeol. i tlr Lloek eieloent h atti iskte',What is tn become of iAthu'atoae p.ttu. Are trtey forever to tha 1hb odagei? That quoution was naked hti'.s h t.c tory ago. Ik es been an Syiot. t ll5ha t ify .yeas of i propnriey eaut it reti.oirdg . this o use. I will he ret et. Ser jis¢ .liom e n yIa roviethieo olto has hith gtitd n us, d a td oter all o suils frm the alstiag relalion between the "ehlWillguide aend geavern our pasteit y. ofto tliod os tht e e il the rof. We ave t witJ that blessi g taken cai eoeirweslves. Se rty will lirel ttIs neans of pitows prtesorva adpraoeleerity. Itiul is on lthe ems t dire. lfl et t lie et rcaen tiealu this Peopll e that tis gtet intere. , and ah other of our greatest inier 's i, enil heatin ej erit. Alaltougle in pare t i sfe r wio o gidde . h g ov n ou ble ,iif let ttctioo t he sek t hpuolioheeo is Waining Aclodhli t whitr, it only e oetitrtes ofe-fimv of htole orid w ltionS of thi United SI tes. Aed, the , groegaths ofly two races, tie reu i iohent aintt tte sth sloe l, gain ng tipon - ts.A tieSo portlon. This eet s tedmonstrated by tub pdhieidlcnl r4othir of ousr opulation. Lote. t'eat, the.l to iodulge in .glomy furebod Ang aot the, e impe enlralla fretur. liut, if we may S ttompt to lift the veil, and contemplate wve t lies 'beyo d it, I, taoo, hlave venluredt on spoa eu .aeatife theory, wil t which I will no- now trotble yIou, but whicht lis been published to the world. Aecording ltot.. in'the progress of time, some oeM hundredlaJ4dfifty or two hundrdl years hence, • a.f-, 'w vy'rti'lse -.f the black race will remain oalong otfrllhtetftty. -Mr Prosldent,:. ttho rer1 of theep formaiion of oun Coostirution, anti afterwards, 0e1r ptr o ice st·to or aperehentdl;d 'entser to the Union f on Iwo ' asotin. One was, .le Allegheny Mouctoins di.. tiding the watersnwwhicb flow ieta the Atltsnic & Gait of Mesico, They presented o nitural esps. cation. That dtng'ge has vanistbed ,fobe the no.. bileschievemnts of thebs piri of inttnenl improve nent, and tie immortal goeiius if Fulton. And now nowhere is feundl a more loyal attachment to they Union than among those very Western people, who, it wasee apprehended, would be the fit to buret its ties. .. The other cause, domestic latvery, hlp, i'y the eole remaining ratie which is likely to disturb aur harmony, continues to exist. It was this which created the greatest ohbtacle and the most anxious s.licitude in the de'iberotions of the Con vention that adopted the general Constitution, And it is this subject that has ever been regarded with the deepest anxiety by all who are sincerely daesiroua of the permanency of ourUnion. Tim piitherof his County, in his last affooeting and solemn appeal to h-s follow cit zens, deprecated, ti a most calamitous event, the Geographical divisions which it m'ght produce. The Convention wisely left totthe severalstat a the power over the instituti - of eaavery, as n p,-wer not necessary to the plan of union which it devieod, and as one with which the G.neral Govner, menat could not be invested without plort ng the seeds of certain destructli . I here let it r. main undisturbed by any unhallowed hand. hir, I am not in the habit of speaking lightly of the poseibility of dissolving this happy Union. The Senate knows that I have d precatell allusions, on ordinary ccnions, to that dire:ul event. Tn, country will testify that, if thero be any thing in the history of my plblic career worthy o! recol leetIkn it is th. ttruth nd s'nceri y of my ardent devotioq to .ts lasti:g preservation. But we should be false in our allegiance to it, if we did not disorimiinate between the imaginary and real dangers by which- it may be assailed. Aboliti n ehaoyd no to ger be regarded as an imagianry daner. The ab, i ionists. let ne suppose, sue seed in their p esent aim of uniting tile inhabi tants of the free Slatess o ne man, again-t Ili inhabitants of the slave States. Union on the one side will beget union on the other. And this pro. coases of reesiprocal consolidation will Ihe attended with all the vrilent prejudices, embittered passions, and implacablt animosities which ever degraded or deformed Iluman nature. A virtual dies .lution of the Union will'bnve taken place, whilst the forms of its exlstenco still remain. The most valuable element ofunion, mutual kindness, tlhe feelingsof sympathy, the fraternal bonds, which now happi y unite us, will have been ex-inguished forever. One section will stand in menacing and hostile array against the other. Tihe collision of opinion will be quickly followed by the clash of arms. I will not attempt to describe scenes which now lie auaean'ed from our view. Abolitionists them selves would shrink back in dismay and horror at the nontempl tion of desolated fields, conflagrated eities;emurdered inhabitants, and the overthrow ol the fairest fubrie of hisman government that ever rose to animate the hopes of ciiliz d man. Nor should these abolitionlrte flatter themselves that, if they can succeed in unilitiig the people of the free States, they will enter the contest wi h a no. mretrsl superiority that must insure victory. All history and experience p eves the hazard and nucer tainty mf war. And we are admonished by HIoly Writ that the race is not to the asw-ft nor the battle to the strong. But ir they wire to conquer, whom would tley conquer? A foreign foe-one who -had insul ed our flag, invaded our shores, and laid ounrcountry waste? No, sir; no sir. It would be a conquest without laurebl, without glory-a self msicidal conquest-a conquest of brothers over bro-hers, elh eyed by one over another portion of the descendaRnt of commnon ancostors, wiho, nsbly pledging their lives, their foatun a, and tieir eacred hour, had f;ught nd bled, side by side, in many a hard bottle tin land an i ocean. savered our coun try from the British crown, and established our national independence. The inhabitants of tImh, slave States are some' limes aceu ed by their N. rthern b etbren with die. playing no muchl, r.elt s and sensibility to tim o, erations a d pr ceodin.s of abolitionists. But before they he rightly judmd, there should bin a reereal u co- ditius.. Let me suppose that the people of tie slave States wre .to Ieorm socenties, subsidise prewws, thete Isare p cuniary contribu thiss, send sforietha~eterspaionaries throughlut all tl-eir-4oeodis-w anm ter into machinations to burn tlheb adttihsiepitals, destroy tile pr ductive oenufg~qtiriese sad, intk- in the ocean the gallant chip' oftdt i iartterao Sates. Would these ilcen diry- peoeednm go I e regerdcd as neighborly and frieandly. and consistent with time fraternal senti meatewhich aoultod ev r be rch rished by one poer lion .f the Union towards another? Would they encito uoemotion? fecaseiow. no mantifestations of dissatiafaotion, n r lead to any ea ms of retaliatory vio'mes.e? DUt tlhe sepposed case falls fur ahort of hi' actual one in a most essential circumstance. In no contingency could these capitals, manufas. tories, and ships r se in rebellion and moassacre in. asitasts of the North rn States. a3tm.iMr. President, no friend of slavery. The ' bi phsiofkllihearls knownthat ervery pulsation oe ight'm high'9aln strong in the cauen of eivil 1 "lw. ir£t rever It is' safe and practicable, I de. inq t. ee pvery purlion of thie human f mily in tdilro) atntefit. But I prefer t e liberty ofsmy asrio A, r'y tothat of any other pteple: assd the U fssni ynown rnee to tUtat ,f any othe race. *isibert.rf tow descendants of.Africa in the tanled SSt iste..'inol patbllbewith the safely and Jlb9n of the Euafo les desieedants. Their sel. .yl forms an acs rtna.---an exception resulting lom tern i nln Iesorbl anecessity to thIe gen. [ - U .mrw eh thit9 nitiQl States: We did not giae ft1r anr wew ~e~ipo.nible for this necessity. -'ghaie Iiberty;if-.iiwere possibleo could only be se. .tskleihs4 by jrilatig sihe lncontentable powers of lInk State, mid sombertine the Union. And be. . natl the 'aine sf sthe - lnion would be buried, sseniii laotetr;te liberty oi both reees. fne dark spot existson our political hori t d by the bright and effu!gent, ththat h.nesae around us? Was S so bltgeed sowe are, if true to :evsiam7-y othelir nation . .ntn i - i o theltew~t of ieritby, e re, ar. -,al lyo ebls iaoiy anbhbe. ehli Iie thsee bepipl jtsent of their itase el. saoo ues p ree, hsrmntlei eas ot to delg. d.or come try i0 *4n vet to e awsst*' es din, 1"y lily P te''h etrel 1tat c,+ar ns n-i tins., _ o re ida owappeal rotE ihgbtjdid pise, oda total Ii aet.that the ink, whi)h, th ieh'ia ednI.n g Yý 4ig, el . pat,,doth i he d nif14$ot4.Sf thb ) ' rot ,re ~i. i:ejre. *ll the in' abitntes o .he,tee - B eto fodhka n.i. di' onatenaaeo b y thelit.o.n eitud thbdrexza;nl " mea urn which maiau ine. lyt lead to the.most lclamitoun eonsaolueneoa. And lot un oll, as eCuatrymen, aa riende, and as Lotlie ., a erish in unaid ng memo y the, which he p our ancestors riuniophantly thronug, at the tbala ofthe rerolation, ae, ifadhered to. .t will' 'coodoet their peterity through all that may, in the disapensa iona of providence, beo e orved ftr them. ph Seta COMMERCIAL. o, maca A nopate.. ei t otilaptn Peh ...........3.5 Wshioetnn.Fb ........5. ing . rew York. dt .............. 5 YoinchLati, deh .......o... o5$ns l'hltdii phln Feh ... I........ unouivili. Fb..........27 S ., tah.Fe ............. liverpool , Fell . ........ . 7 oltonllm (" i t.) do .......19 PI uri. ............ o....... 14 nuatn, . Fab .... ........ ^.1 1 nlu, ............. .. 6 ta.hvil' Eur. t Il . re do ..... ..... 160 POi'l ' oi 2 INtV O'ilId EANS.o t CLLLtiLAtCLu. March 7, 13. 13 Ship Wna lter F' kk. for .ivnrpool i d J P W heitneW Stiio. Polker. tfor Havre,. ' Aoley' .IIE OCeae. .onn. fir N York, r A Cohen i (arig llut, Thur. dyke, f1 Phlladelphia, Mastera aBrig, Robeonll for Havaoa,a n 'aayl:, & co Itrlgi l..lressario. Il.lcope, fur Ma.oo. tickar . co I hollr Eliha Wtilto, HII IIno, HIr Chiarleston, Aa.hhodgo 4 Jenkins Ahelu AIlion. lnry, for Wilmiugton, N C. C F M Weld " co S acllr Corro Crockett, for New York. Athbrilge i Jenkins , I R Taylor, Croctker, for Ehilndelphia, Altibrluiga 4 Jenkina 1 Pch (' a.sii., Cotreil. far Phi.iutp',iu. C Drtak I W.Iite O.,k, Weoll, for loiilnooro, T 0 Jenkins ARRIVALS. tat' ch 1.1893. Tow-hoat Grpmputo. trrisoo, from Ithe palaf havillg towed to att. .hip C.ot'ariaE Jackaon, orr i Wtin &t lenry, allo I hbrg (rltltl.a. rlt.rll.t to Ioe city with .hipis Rohbert Mor- I Srip and latroll, inld t riui Lileo'n and li.aisailtpi, ilefl tie N Sliir an tile 511h hl.t, at l ii p., .. hlp North itihtin, bftC tl.d il wit lll OeFs of'l h 1a 1 I I nmnst, alld Illpln eopllmast and hr ship Clalrles Ilumllhertllltl, Melly nrgrolnd to the louth of the oho.llll. a brtg iahore E tltoe ,tUd Hankt. wilhu French ihtl, 0 flying with IrtOr II i IthooOannt; one wCedlCh blia in tile I oltlg; lrig Ilero'd t0i, io river lll several ,o hoouera. a h' ituhorl ot,rr,. Perkins, tram o 'u.11illo, to Onlotor. Bog Ihincol., Ga.'t. (ootm Itichn,o.d to (.k J P ,Whiney. Barue Ittoger thili.ti l, Allo., 03d u't. fromo llavann to D p *~olell. a Hrig Asia. Iullnowtl,, to the MAtotor. Tow ilo.,t IPorlio.a .Jlvis. Irom tlile N E poaa, having lowed f ,oelt slip tloJaaPs. ) lurie tlllnloiio ald cblOoi er, returned to i thot cry will Alnrile, Co.,l t'Troy. hence for oNw York in I. distrte.. ivino i prpun n ullko o. thle har. Ioarque Roger Willi:ml,. l.r g Asl llrilli:lllt.l eft Sth illlf, ot 6 p ll; eportu nlothitg t w. t. lig Illlilltl.t, Brock. l2 Jal. from Ri o o Jauerie. om G tl tio A co. Bri. Miiai.sippi, SlAooolii Iii ays fronht Now York, to Mt - 8chr Mltrv. Bray. 5. hloh r fromt GIVLotoI. Ion bIllast to 'fTow boot Tenno .eonn. Molonuell tlolll N W hluino towed t, sag .hips A.drotw Scott IIad Co,io. relurtud 1oo the city with y hit Znt f, i rihMIele toild .otllt M.torv ullt ...... LaoI the ial.. o" the 4hth inat; report doit un lner of a.boh are at tle, keadl.f W tV lie S..+evera ill the river. a. Brig HocV Whitiog, 12A'. dt om hichlmond, Ito Mater. Maotero Satf, Ru.sell, Roboerton, from IHavre, Ld Jalnuary, ill .l Id lust, to Moater. Id Aitp Zoitif Merrill, from Ilavre, lth Jail. to Hafter... t oeanoeur 1)ay. Shelly. Kelclvol. from Cillcinll'i. Steamler Selma BtoJ. fronl St Loills. Steamller anyou rarafronl Vicksburg. he ttemcr I'P Miller, Frishe, from Ral.dolph. Stemnler Washiulotul, otiek, htom I.oolr'uIto. h Steinmer Baton IRtlgeIrwin, from Buyou (grall. Et Sicotl L.evell Lallren, (rent Bayou oarh. teaoncr Colorundo, UlJndurwood, rom T'hibidouev ille. tit Stumer aItodlley, WVoultnlore. Tram Laftourclle. At Seanmor Ilrilliant, Morehouse, from St I.oui. Aterller the-Wator, Wyly. frot Florence. 0 Stoallre J oDuprie, iordoll, frm Raod River. 'n. EXPORTS. LIVERI'OOI..".r hip ,Walter ,Faulk..Cargo 15.28 bale. o cotton. IIAV E..0 9trtip onolinr...Cfaro 1924 hIleso Otlon. .i 1NEW YORK. perll lO.i ll lOe..Curgo 1000 bl t 30 hhd. porkU 10:14 kegs .slid :14 bi lard. 119 bls floor, Ij 11 hies1. 512 hasle cotton, 150 bIus tobsacco, el 4 pack·?a.e t"3 brs merchandize. , ..............peri hrCt ro..Cargo r926 hI lour, 25Iwhole w 2 half do tob41o0 . 0a PIIILADELPIIIA..P'er brig Snow..Cargo 9 bales cotton, 541 kegs, 114 bl orhd 104 half do Lard. 201 hhd, anll II lls u..go r. 11 .............. Per dc r It+ Taylor..Cargo 8590 I ar, 114 hlld bluo,1 m 0 4 hi pork , ,l 11ks. IIAVANA..P1er rie Calllnrine 9Iuroll..Ctri o 255 hid floor, . It 264 bIu. nooip, 2 .040. oil, 500 Iltx WiSO. 50his b I.rf, 6 aird1 o lrud. ..Par brig E1.llprsmorio..Cargo 6601 is four,300 p' begs nd 220, 0llf bI!s I.L b. k a........... Per bilcle U Rogers W.+iiJmnls..cargo ooffee, so gaaga.lrs illd lot ofItruil. m CIIAIII.BS'I'ON..I'er srb,, Elia Wilionll..Crgo 124 11i. flour, I12 bx eiIdr.U,200 keg, asnd 40 bl lard, lot. elultilg,24 hlld. hlcou, 12 hbi porkI 18 II tire.s unuar. WII.MIt1'GTON, N.C..Ctrgo 1400u sacks corn. BO'I'OTN. .Pr achr Causius..Cargo 115 tls pork; 035 kegs .lard, 2 balr. Ilemp, O 20:1 btIs Roor. BALT:IMORE..l'er .elhr Whtle Oak..Caorgo 751 tons bulk pork, 150 bls flouor 6t bh. clllllaro.e. IMPORTS. A CASTIIE..Par tllip Rlobert Muorri..Cargo 19 hlunldlis 4Ily; 371 hId pot twee· 3.221 lure. 3 cooks. Ihae, 5"21 lnupty barrels. 17 casks oil, I1i5 tolls parillg .tone., 16. keg. looeags allnd td ooul. 88 hbls. mid 40 half A,ldInd 158 hit Matckerel to S J A' Wvii1Inl, uend the Cau4t. RICII IOND..Per brig I.inoln..Cargn 4000 Ibushels coals and 200e1xoes t'uncro. n ,ISA1... Pr brig Asin..ourgo 35 tuons Iuogwndl. IIt) JANEIO IO..Per brig Itrillitllt..Carg,,:II01 hags toltes. NEW1 YORK..l'erbrig Eisoiniplli..Ctrgo Pnaorted merfhau dioe. tuoulunry oouoigi-Oe.c LICIISIOND..Per Ifrio l1rl,. .Cnrgo 53 boeso. IS bolido to bacuo, and merballdie, tu 11 Paorrih slid N & J Dick 0" co. IIAVII..Pr s|lip Zntaff..Cargo 701 cites old II Caskl willo, 000 k Inuketl p0o.ts, 10I00 de;ijolbu., and uosorttd morelendie e. CONSIGNEES. Per .lhp Zntoff..Z Znnlboll, T It HVilels co, Dnerer and RilBtlt, LorelllIe Vltunt II Chatalluuul, Cthau R I.oeoote, T Alberi. A fuhert II A W Andoenon. If Gearca,. II Laqu ro0l l co, 'p' Lindnor. Itlllllder, M'Kennu & WrightI, Vnun Wyrk 4 co, St George, J D Deueore 4" thers. 12) bterago i.l'nl"gers. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. Bayou uora--Per oteblnorSwaou-Car'o 79 bales rotton, A Leoll & Co; 41 do Flaii. P.llnrq Dosgoles: 40 d. A Ite xardi & co; 311 doI I.11 ac1ohb & co; 19 do T|aylor. i.rdillur & 4o; I14do .1VnFhow1r. I172o G1 I.oe; 16 ,,do tyle anud Stewart; I I do I.lUotrPh ibntITbholunpoll; 4 do Giourdaoin , and Ilnlli; 0 elo Burke WVatllt & co; 0 dol A II W.llRIt & co; 5 do 5 Whthilo & cn; 5 dlu Burllller, Mleenlla and 1 W rigl, ; 4 do Allant Asller & co; 4 do J M IIfl; on y WV Oakey - co; 2 dol Cnl;lwell mied iicky; 20 ,,unrJ Allen; l2 do Gourdaio & Ilonls; B Laudo,4oo; 5 race IhorCs, owuers on board. Thibdeant vi'le---Per sttomer Colorado.-.-Cao. o ,4 hh1du *Ugar; and 3ui4lI IG I I PI tollsoay; 1 olt h otton ca .G ferge;l 51 hlld s.ggar WV Flower; "2 do J (iourdsin; 20 do T Pugh; 5 do Mloor, and Clsrk. Ciuennnati.. per .teamer Gonvrnor Shelby..cargogl 21 bblhd. I scuo. ('urls & tIluddelldrff,2 printing prefses & itture., Col.tock,. Ilyd 4' Co, 20011is flour & 142 hbls whbisey , G Dos.ey, 1 bli whlskkey, IPritehard &. Tgert, 40 Ilhds Ioeon, Joe I.unldiss .t o,. 121,l4opes bitrol0. 11 0bundles. 4 sheets. 8 Iloear stelI, 17 plain2.I ou lrds, 6ils111 flour. Stte.,t &1 Ato .ry, 9 his floor I 42 do Wlliskey. A I afnn, t.0 kegs iigs fe.t, 20 dosl. ,,bkIeo' 42 RdU ulrkios, owner, ,nboad. t o.uais--+ps rtcolllrr S.llna. ctge 8 his oI. C Deans, 160 Ibunldlen Ibrfolos, JusLandii . & co, 23 III pork; o0nfr, on tbord,50 . i, crackers. I Ilnluydol.i. !th I Tb:, ate &l Ilo1ki0. II keo, butter, J d D.nghurty t, u, P3 .t. and 17 keos ,rd. l.ert & Iltlllhrll. 81 k, p.rk uniln 15 kegs lold. J lnill A.2. hbds jowls, 02: bli 4 10 g lolrd. -.syn * AllChuig IOl lls prk It cak. s hallmu . u b . ls Ao Bittio& cO, (211 keg. ,l rd, (;odfly, Laurie & Sulllll, 21 pack. der skillr. J U I.avdlehortiie. Shbadt. tblb.o. I5 COllingo co. 2 botb. eollht, Arloo,,r. Lake f rscker. l albas cotton and 2 hbd. otolcco. 9la.ldox.& 0. 3tt lliS ctlltr oit, I .ask I b 3 lsls Il b.o.Wn.,t,2.8 pi0t oullad, to order.t.27 1i2 1 '.od, Godfrey.L.4.n rios 4luull, 52 kugls butter, A llubbard, 10 colton, 8 Iltr tllleo. VrlkLbUrg..140r 0Ill.lrner ltyOut Srao..tnrgo 357 sales eot Ion. N A J Dick 4 c, 172 doGo;e, Itergneo, 31 do, Buclnl, Sto,,lel 6 co 5n do. &loo, 44 do, Sranter. Mo Kouu,1ir W'rig., ndl d,. M While 0 oo, 0. do. L,.lolht & Thoutnatll. 29 du. Kly 64 flbl,o... 42 do, Io)o.o, Illari A co. 3di d.,,W I , If.ut. ,Sdo, llllon Ut Golch. S do, Allen. Alh.r A oco,2".,1 do.icdeb. AIldloy, Una.,. 0 o., 1 do. 8 00 u Oby At.o. 18 do. Merrettl. Janr ing . o. 58 do, Culdwell & I Iloey.s y do. A aullun & Co. I do W Bagerl. Rudo'pl..per otoaonor I' Miller..7 bales ction, S W Oai. o & co. todo. Pickeott & loank, 7tton. Armour. Lakeo & S.lIker. 4do, d 'rir.ol, f alto i c, 4 do, Ptict, Johnsou & co, 15 do, IBralder. ee cIollna & Wright. :10 do, I Wllilo 1- co, 1. dr,. COflr & lirbiltly, 50 do, Al Il,. & co,. 3: do .Lno nto"4 CLhatlnerl. IN d1o. Mtorl, Pleasllnls 4 .., 421 do. It H MlcNair. 211 do. . Riealt. 2' do t. tltb.e, Iludley,, F co, do. J Arnnour. 3 do, e Fontoio . & Ec. 20 d0, SLoeklhart, Fern Dunnugan, 84 4 o. Yellllltll 4,o. I2 do. fN 4 J Dick t.o ,o. 3do IoInrd 4 u.rowo. 2 de, T1oe Paorett, 1, do 01,1 Ltooer & co, 31 poe1obgo t.trtlrhadi,,. W M Bantl. 4 bt!c.lttoo.I Itosas k tenoub, 25 orlte bar. I bark Illf, owner oa hoard. 3 .Icks eoru ild 2 psce buaging, Lau reo.ic. (:haller.. Luflurte..per sttln4,r W,.hillp.on..c.rgo 2 hldf sugar and 4l Is dstlotu..en, It l.rnduIlarsy, 2 bbd. A II Vnror. t,5 hId. aillgfr nod i0 ,1. mlll II , ;tlroua. A' Iduoy, hdA . A 2 ar, Gourells & Roit,2t14 4il,2 210 I ll.nsuar, 2 talo. itoso, Itan. hil th t ibuolnsmtl. 100 lale . otton, Gee Borgo.t, 50 o is mbl . laset lld 34 I lRc .u'tton. Ialiloi . Co pgg co, 40 bales ot tOoll. A Riuvardiu & re. I01 do. D I eulill.l dou Ils,, F Jour. do do. 30 bls nolu..o., L bqu.lstons.. ownSer on bosl!. uIlyou .414r . ser stounler Balto Rouuo•..c4gon t, b;lle out toV . J it J 'louchio & co,. 46 do, re. Lot.I4 dt,. I Wbit&OCo. t2: do, A .l,elox & oo, 14 do, It Laudumo. v. 12 do, Burke, . Watt k co, 9 do. I'ryrotx, Arenel k co, 8 do, A 1louron & eo 8 do. lt Chastust,6do. dAtiardio& o., 0 do, Taylor. Gard. 4n.r & co, 5 do, CaldwelRl d Iliokey, 5 do. WV Okey & c5, 12 do, |l1,ricen, Clggs R co, 38 hhde sugar, Marlin. Plcla otso .o C. 45o bls lollolssu. J W lwoll & u, 14 . do. W 0 2 Florouco.35 bn do, E Phelps, undrics to unudy other coa. sinooo. It kularl..prrat..merRalnsy..eargo 7t bhd. .ngar nnd IS dolsdoog, oasld,lMarlltn, Ple, oa' t co. 28 llld. .lgar Poyroux Aw9fl 0 c0. 10 thbd. do, MooI.or * M..sott.0 ilns. Scotton, J It Pltthbia ti oo 22 sebks attono. N & J Dick 4 co S- lJul--potr slntome Brillilot.,ergo .15090 pigs toad, 51 loo~p pole. Cupt lluoroboote, 2!11 pli. lud,t J AIsjur.3,Sb9 E"ios leadowelr oloteard, lpias Itlboilug ond6 collo rotp. l. 1,td., h 4m1.J 11 Fuld, 0 co. 57 hoad .altle, twnerl on (ro,.n140 hates toutt. Bennetlt R& Feliday, 10u do buklnor, Bt.'toll * o...udylty other on.i;gueo. l~tltoeo..oorI.ta sr Walk isthe WValer.. 21I brsoineoat. o, no., Kkrtlln, Absoerfl.y & lJnns, 1 do, oPie tt t Bauk.. .0 . do, lu 4.0 , 70 do, tlholkrt. Foru 4 Donegan, 149 ddo, Allan. A.obu'o nnd co; 15 do,. O'tSNe, I)Drinlsnd co, I Ill do, tosylh t IioltlrIck, Iddo, L.a"ren1es ard co, 69 do, Ar mouur, Lako.o4Vaoik'r. 0Idor N ao J Die-. Ieo livoer..poer stelnaer Uuri..--1.-gR o 191 DBles cotton, r CTobu, l 199 do, J B Ploueh huuJd co.' 1i.e, A Mouren ind oIt ,c2do, Korkohas, 4Aeroutby rIatoous, '3"do, U.Uy god t1400f5. d *. 1EMORANIA Oo.24th4Ut,' at Laud Ky, ne of to, ieemhns, .nasd J Word sill, 0(1 YS C ltine. fellun thie jithrol il,. the ele. lnd L..u drowsed t very erfurt was mods to .lVe hLns h with '. oto *ous.e..a. nthe volwl as ogaoas at th tto of 10 knollos an I pr the tihe. it An.i n .tld ttm ba anchAor In the rioer, sod ddys .in S Lvy su l ll. The Ipt Was olt on board at L.i I~a b1i oh to Iu. , Tbn tats nud niau were 3 duy. at sea i (erat t l6y 1 10111 back to get Ite o4 be1rd; h4. .t achd U dlEhor. The bKar la Aerea, of Nuw Y'k, from bio y butot ow*nYurok..Whbu off u ital loot Sut of Pt G "j.o°tttw enit0". . -___ i.: 4) S A -.3SA1 bout. Goihldsi sud Itohibitt' No. I StoAp AS jo atu.gfefr leby J 1'IIAYKR & Co ut. '&L 74 Poydns ort it ltlt' S jut & 20,1nd Brtk o Ifistony, 3oa " or i m:,'iv u.l art adttltul upld. s oftlhe Iltov vs' rt S1ul~ ucusul ,,1.tnol , uy . A fItWAU,. ik.o 49 Uoap 'tfl H 5IE AM I 111 iIC.N. hen ing.' taLt'ti0.ri . JaOnSt laiasl N. flee. "pul FAITPUL AND BOLD. we !N\ITV OR LE1'ANS: A FRIi AY MARCH 8, 1,39. pLir Mn. C(LA'S SpRCil.-We published a largii'pam- prej phlet edition of this masterly effort ofl the great twensern etatesman, but to give it wider circulation we publish C it entire iouear eolumns to day, without eneroaching on "t ourusunl variety. We trust that it may be carefully T read by every soethron, ti whose ears, the vile slanders Ent against Mr. Clay, have reached. It is a fll refutation tnk Lf the gross charges, and iu a qnietus to the foul prin- of I eiples ofabolitionieu. to STAITE .LEGISL tUaE.-The bill toexpedite the con- whi istruction of the Nashville rail road, at d to increase den the capital of the ExEhange and Banking Company, Th was yesterday passed in the House of Represent- Mr atives. act The Senate have concurred in the bill to create a get conlltercial court in this city. Ian GArIBLINO ON THE RACE COUeaE.-Mr. Kennerlins introdulaced a bill eta the Hluse, grantiug leave to owners ofrace courses the privilege of k.cping gutnjrg tables on the eorrse during the races. This is tone Fr of the sourcea of ruvenue to the owners of race tracks, ma andl it matmially alli:ets their interest to deprive them dot of the bonefit they may derive Iron it. Upon the race ber a field ien will wager, let whatever law be cacted that til mny. It is uneless to fill the statute hook with any to dead letter law, to deprive then of the privilege of ae I loasing their money. We would lieecae gaming tables onl the race coursOs, as we world gamin; houses in the city. The passion the for gamine is almost universal and cannot be restricted Wi N by legislative action. It may be driven into dark hd le-, but it cannot be lquencthed. he ti It is contended by the frienads f this bill, that t will ai tend tl tieb imtptovement ofhoraes; for it will swell the ce a* revenue of tlhe proprietor of trchks, nnd enlble them to ra offr greater inducements to the raiinut of fine sttck. The present law is ofelnch t echaraeter,thatit will not Dhe ef rcedll, noieers think it no derelictioln ofduty to I winl: at oelltncs,. alhiclh tihey corceive the law lin ot justly declares such, e1rpecilly if they fauy that the bt e ofrfnders call bring to them no pecuniary beaneit, if ex- pl t I psed. There was an instanceiof this duning the win- at ter races. Tlt* taleas that had been oal ned ftornlging I on the Eclipse Course were broke uip by the officers, it r- while gaming otslide of the courte wna peranttedi and io ,e did not hear of ainy of tihe authorities iterf-riag oa a. either thleMlcririe or Louisiana c aurses. There is tt ,h gaming consCantly golig oal in the city, but it is cEt . cl l. nived lat, or per:ittied whelever those whose duty it is to imake no dis;iiactian, think they cannot secure stoney tI for exposing it. at- We are in favor of licensing gaming on the race field t as we would in tie ity take it an source, of revenue to ci the Slate. Make these who will wager pay for the vice, vi and the gamester pay over a portion of his ill got gains to tile State. We know that' manll rnonot be pre- f vented by law from Ibeting, and we are therefore firmly if of opinion that a general licensing law should be enacted c -. ie subject. fa Ttil NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD BILL hias passed the loue-it only wants tile aetion of the Senate to be- u or come alarw, flr we know of no reason why the Exeen alive should interpose a veto. Tile importance of tile d bill in apparent to all. It gives the State a powerin the i t, applointment of the Directors, and will secure tihe ro- t co, greoss of the Road-" a consutmmation devoutly to be toal wished." When will the Senate take it up ? Is there anry reason tlihat it shoultld be delanyed The whole State c will now look to he Senate for the passage of the bill. It is one in wlicll the whole Sate lmut feel a deep and I 14 abidg interest. It secures to Louisiana trade whlich .r the exeftintts ofother sections have alttempted tlo wit ih li draw from her, and whichl is all important to her pros on perilty; and it opeas new sources of wealth which have d no been closed by natural obstructions, which will be re- t moved whlle tile toad is completed. i Should thlie Rail Rood Iill become a law, thercare it 18 two other bills, which: we are naxious this legiala ature should pass-the Free Banking and Direct Trade I ;e' tills. In both of theml Louiiaia is materially iltler- g ulk erted. They will bIth promoto her advanceeent, and1 tend to elevate her in her position ill tile Federal Uniont. I A spur will he giiven to all kinrl of bltsilese, anud the y ndvatntages that will arise will he felt through every tin. grade and statiol in socieaty. To-morrow we shall re tbl cur to thias suject. nd list of oltiters utarched to 7th regiment U. S.iaf litry now at the barracks below this city, ol its way to Flu . ridi. "a- LIEUT. COL. WHISTLER, commanding. toi- MAJOn AicIrrose. N Company A. Captain Rulias, ikl " " Lienit. Shepard. b", " L.I W. K. Ianson, colrlanding. * C. Capt. lHolmes. d" l.ieut. Sandcrson. end te, I). Lieat. C. Ilanson, omanmuling. ti- " E. Lieut. Baker, do Vno " G. Capt. Jeanell, tio II. Capt Itawkins, do S I. " Moore. do ltie K, l.ient Whiting, do lirnr Asseistant Surgeons, Mills, Sulter, and Moore. mud WEAITHER IN Nojw OntRA.s.-A merchant firomt Jacks ntAli,. was sun truck in New Orleans on tle 13th lust--Louisville Journal. Well, we must eanfess that we do have sonme warn weather here; blut there are other things in I.ouisville timt occasionally strike in and kill. Bat fadinage npart, if tile editor of the Josrmal or any of his readers would like to enjoy weather. fit for prince or peasant, serfor freeman, now is tile time. At the first of the wceek, we had it just about as cold as it feels at this season of the year in Ltouisville. Yesterday however it was bright and balay, such a day as tile beauty of New Orleans desires for a promenade on Chartres street, and such a day as in the neighblorhood of the Louieville Jourhnl, the beauty of l.ouiville never en joys al ti· sreason. A north-ucalerna mIL an tri lelthink imself ii n mideauunnter. Duoling this week we have hald the extreiaers, wal could show toe our Iouivinlle fiienle the dilfference between their clinetlte tand outra, by having them together to our hand. THE VrenIor. CA.E.--. true bill hals beec ftund by tlu New York c rand Jury, againet WVa higton Tlown neld, charged withl a liabolicnl n.saalt on Mtir. John Rfes by thrt ainlg vitriol in his face ald eausing the loss of one eve. A STIniuNG APPEAL.-The inst iMonroe Pioneer of thl; State, Cnste dressed in a suit of'mourning for itself, havinlg brectlhed its last on the '2 ult for want of punc tlaolity ill its patrons. Af:er letting loose tlhose reflne. tliai which like troubled lsirits, tmust he quieted, tlhe editor given his patrons this information: t" Now, if the catl is cmade iet vain, 'rtoyell wllr't ee tcketn line(l and cramelnOd, A tald t Cnt tlet It e ee Ocull Iatein, lfwe do'lt esa you we'll te d- d."e If after that they fail to pay up, they have flinty hearts indeed. A Marks propoeeo to publishl in the town of tienrte, n paper to e 'tllitlcd " The Stalndrd'," to suplport the whig aust.. The Courier aysa llnt we arae scumetimles ina fligl.t meood " \Ve sour above such grovelling creatures as lhi et at ll times. A FAD rllsTAKE.- A lMrs. Le Count, who had for norae time fdllowed the very reprehensible practice of quieting her itn nnt twin chiliren, when troubelsione, by givirn thetm large quanltities of paregorie.onn findli.g the rphial empty, a few days sincea, eent her soni for nmore; but unfittuantcely, he asked foir atd received laudanum. She gave a 'rpoonful to one ofthe tewilns which cttsed, its dentl in n few hoear, notwithstnding all ithe effrts of lmedical skill to ctanterct tie effects of thle poison, whoe the mistake was discoverd. 'lThe lield of Waretloo in nw arllllivaled with beelroot or u.nqr. "Not illl llropritel siai. J had punlter, " for here tile F teaah were sweetly benlen." lnerecaseofltntli.nn Str Be Ban -The Lcgilarture of India*otl have ptsened a law f.r incraaeoing the capital t soe k of lth state bank, a million anl, a half of dollar. during the I1roeecet year, and aeve:l hltetdrtel seven hnt d-ed and Aft) tltonusnd annual ly, for the en:suing five I years. TurE IlRACE OVER THE EcLlPre CouneR.-The Ran-n over the Eclipse course will commence on Wed nedl y next. Col.Oliver lha left nothing nutione that Swould conlduce to the eoagleri of visitors am tile el eitalece and variety of the spr'. lie is indefatigable in hisarrtangetmett, and is a vigilant telrfeman. Great salmr ip promised during the coming raese over his track. A number of fme horses are already arrived, and are on sthe onnd. .tablea are eneaged for others. I ntong hiech are the Studs of.Cot. Bingnmi:; Captain IlMinor, Messrs. Barrow, Garrison, Wells, and l)pIttlce. tier, Dr. Somithe Mr. Kentl., and 1Mr. Shy-all of fine rhauaatrr,alobraciag u teon, 4evtaed dI i tiert cole" hialed stock, f;r lolr Ali Day, itis not imtpro T bable that Wagoner anil:Jobh Bell may come together; Ril a race that I. itself will rive character to this "meet lag." The track has been greatly improved, and is in l ilee.order-the purses are good, and if th re he not "pulling up stakes," we shall be willing to confess that Mi we know utllhhtg of racing. Die the A swindling eoneern was got up a short time since at the Cincienati, Ohio, cceeording to the Republican of that pro place, under the nanme of the. "Union Bank of Ex. -Ot change." After getting some bills into circulation, tim am prejectors decamped. cl CLAYTON will make another a.cension from the Clas VWorks, on Sudlay next, if it be a fair (day. to the THE CAmst-M-lr. Eaton's Mr. Eaton preents himself to tile public for a Benefit. He takes Shakspeare's Julius Canar, he playing the part of Cassius, whilst the parts of Antony and Brutes, nre ti to be ustined a Mr. Bcett d Mr. larton. After which, a number of imitations of the masters of the in Sdrama, in which Mr. Eaton is said to he unequalled. qt SThie whole to conclude with a favorite farce. We huope Mr. Eaton will have a good horse. He is a promising h) actor, and will take a Iti h rank inong American Tra it gedians,ifhe will hbt atiplylhimrelf, whichtithitlese he to has pride eneough to do. Let the audience give him a good house, and we a-e sure he will give them a gool at play. 5 g ST. CasqLas.-Celeste brtigs out tier piece of the P French Spy this evening, in whiclh sh, has won so , much applaue, and in which her art in so brantifully si i developed. Whenever her naine is tip, it is uteless to h bespeak a full lhoute. That alone hae snfficient nttrac it tion to draw crowds together. She is truly a card to i to the management, an every eveni',g since her engage of ment has fully ttnlified. At o.r last dvices, no eloection had been achieved in e i the Virginia Legislature for Senoator, and probably there will not be. rk NorTUoaL CULIOSITIES-ThI I other evening, we beard a lady remlark to a gentleonta, upon whose armI ill lht won hleaning, that she had never seen a balloon as. o censijoi before, biut that she had seen the Giraffe enve to ral ltimes! IBAI.IOON ANCENSION. loi O' the 2ith olf Febrnary 133:, I was to have made to ly eighteenth n.cetion into tilt etmoshere, tut oni J acecuullt ofr,elii,it wos iostponed u.til Marchl 3d. ''lta ie day came, thie itftlnliuio e hollow waso meulnince:l, bnt the win! being vihlent, then silk was torn in severnal - places, so that it wasn again neceasury o put of thle oscent. Thali lostlloto peeitent t aoc itold, gavc grnt io somne peioie. Who tlhat slioul ofeTnd thenti ig Iknow nott. They corld nlthave nip , I wan on, illclalthla of plletornling what I had undertakcn t", do, id for t hal already made seventeen ascents, two of which ni t le m 'rt o mn tlis city : and it was evident iln iitlositiun was inteled, as I dll refusned to sell tickets. Maclh i i6th cons iow fixdl iupon for the nseeosin. Tfe day . cloudy Iuot cal nnlit plea act. At 5 t'ecli.k P. \I. t t colnnenred nlly il ight to Ie uppiter recionltoitft It nIiIeI tphere-for ti few nl mioentt nly alttlcntilltn wns diriechld iey to ity friends unid tihe gTayl uittdili .it lhad patronized ie buht soon they and the builditws which anriounded ld thtemt faoettonld y aoismall portion of the vast scene which was gradally tuinfolding itso If. 'Th'll p lonus 0to city of Now Orlans ats ntow wholly exposted to lily cp, iewitiikits ntietgifiettI bhildings, its ltgo line of in sh nips, boitts, and other wmater craft, nil hearing testuiony of ils ealllh and cotmmercial ilmptrtente. re Then ilvattention witas invited by the woods, the hlkes, y the Mlississippi liver and the rich plantations on the led coast. A great purt of the eountry around being unfivoroble for me to descend upon, it Iecalle necessary for ane to tay atntention, ie qnihk time, to the direction in which the was travelling, and to select o siiittle place Ito land he- Olot. M onirso at first was nearly duewet, andl I ctnleulated oil Ilndinlg a little above Carroltoe; but in n- reaching the ltitudeof abhot three quarters of a mile, e I caught a new icrrnit of air, whicl gentlv walted me the in anorthernl direction. This wind HOuld have earried I, e over Lake 'ionchaiortrain, had I been desirous to con tI no m ey voae , lbu it is IIt Inigltwouild be dark, and I wor uld le ilble ti select a goio landing plate, I de cr termined to lancd n lo tile of thie piitatiions etioe n tile te cityv and lthe Itke. I'iltee n uidii ten after st:rtieg I gaiied iy greatestliitdlete, wlthil did at exed nc mill . f lis Igialht I Iconsidlered wnts olficietlly gereat ltd to interest the spectators. I was now due-icortllof thle tch (ias Works, antd mving in the direction of iine oif the lit- race courses. I now let ol' s olllall qitanlity ol gats and co.lninleticed descending. In five t inuitea ilo(ire I In- wait slltienilv near to see personls Irlnnllilg from till ve diretionus Ibut from their apparellt size and snlow n tioll, niight have tllken them for insecti crcepiltg over sthe girontd. I could diLactly hoar voices, hIlllooing and shoutingll, cltliie dowls, coni.i doi ii. O)n a111pi Iroah are ig tile carthl nctihit tIsilTe currentlll thai fir t took Ialnp in at western direction. This wind carried alle from I the direclion oif t. race ctlllltr , l that of iio, 1 ore iJoin. )ii eolllllin withli it f:w Illlredtll yatllds (f tile tr u g llun I r,.elyV h;II t llt I ld Iu d :T h rriet ai a lemg tml, an res, il Idid it I el ar otilste velocity f uIv d inIct :etll-t I therreei iton ln ollrpd i ili valve ofl tIh c l lrne . wIdll descended rapridly h within onie, halrei feet 1f the the cafrth e thn i tlitrew'ov,'r th'e i ag, fil l' B , llch iii illediid to y h ellcked mIV dowIwiii rd t .tt rs. Sii e 11t I lien of lir. Ioluis AllirdI, tri iRayon .t. Joiitn, citer tr~av llins Ibv Ihetlnl,, t whl dlt I Iook nlllo lnl lice ;nilh's, ny lll renieioe i ill aIe ' air Ithirlr-,lie Illiltitsf l' IIhl "Llu Ilon was now Ce ried til at gIII Sa plat, i1 feu,', t Of cll Illa.ll rec.ivet ev!l'V assktullce thatll was requilir~d. " I woulll texprescs a i t ll i lln, tot t ile hlies aLl c 1 tlemenlho lid c t e thle o hontorit pt i o nize ni,andi t1,l williagly rended mel te olii tll- thdll lic iln iheir iower. RICIIARD CLtAYTON. [CUMIIUNICATEl.] To the Editor of the" True Amecrirnae' Sir-A letter wts irlished in your raper a few days ago, Iruol Mr. 'T'ylor, tile Cuartm I laue Ohieer, sta. tuoned at thle lrlinze, ,n the subject of toe Pilot Ifi this rtte, as Itly now exist, and we are inluted to malke a law ohseretions oil it, linding that UaIlie r soon, prrticllarly strangers to a seafaring life, are led into error by it, ald are iaclined to believe that ilteratihna ill tihese laa are unrolled far. le :all know lr. Taluoris a gentleman of great res pertability, and one eottit ed to credit and coasidera te.. WVi are well islirie that lie st t slte Ie as rley appear, lout whaet le lates goes toasllw clearly the gret neceasily lor a clhalge. We are itfurnled Ihtt ithe Piills have married, becoule peacleable end grao citizena , blilt themselves eomftbrtatle llouses, are. prompt to aid on all oceasions tile civil autlhorities, ,have built tlriving towns, &e. Nou we ask, was it for this thllat lltey were commissioned by tlb Governor of the Slatet or was it to build up a ttriving town at the Balier, that ao enormous a Tax is now levied upon vessels crossing the Bar ? This is the very thing of which ship masters complain. The Pilots stay at laoe, ill tllese coalbrtable Iouses, with thell wives, instead of cruising not to sea. If aeembrrs of the I.e gial atlr wish i ketr lowv tile Pilots ear,, their large esnas piidta to lh.. ' b vtessels, anli will whilL tlte new towns are buiht, lei tlhem ilqui:e of shi i mslltci, anloullgsl whalOl there is llut one opinionl. \1'e are tohl Ihat large ntlllll oure invested ill ial ;-lhal liil illmkrs are eriiloyed, Ac.; btll, such:ll was le asll unl.r the old low, and we iae slter: tle iexp'n e illllr. red tltll, warrets l.rlter tlill lhry arei row ; LeCra.Pe, lhe Itllta wer iserrcl;,llll lad use ardi brnllg vessgrela oe 41) or ui miles at seg. It is iloorills Ithat lle entranle of tle Mis.issippi is a mllot dlficult po atl make, on alerount olf llhe varyilg .currents, uihly wat-r, low betiks, th ., plrtirinllrly to sltranger; and Iain li in tle United States ia it mlire accessary for lilots to cruie t, se.,. After a vessel lirs Iatle ihe light, .t I'ilut is of no a se, hfr the at.leallots lwa al itriel vi.i tie vesnlsli i,. l all tile tilot does is to steer:ifier thol boat in crossing the lIur; a 'ilot is of lno ut e to Ia vessl hoaen out, Ila sle steam bonet take all lth ships ever the lhur. All ao wr nt is a fitir co,-pertiian-dissolve the iwe.l sentr cn-ltarllnrhilr--let the liot bt:al Ilhat tfiro I!ard.I a sbipi gel tile tie ul' ioil.tage, ntd wla halll have tltlte, as formlerly, plelnty of IPilae, antd o talllse Ito c lplan SEVErIIAI SONS or NEPTeaa. HIOUSE OF RIEPRESESEN fATIVES Wednesday lurchll 6, 139. Air, Pugh presented a petition from inhlab;tala of tbe trilh of Aaaumoltaon, praying lfor all nlllnllrialiol to hee ak radil. lIelerred tot eia Comillltti . Oil lllesnal itpnaero tenl. lti IIaotiol of Mr. Brashrar. the memorial presenlted bIv aGe. (aines, on tile slubject Iof ntionial defllee, ra t iordered I n bt reiprinlltel. On motion of Mr. llrneherr, the bill nameding the Cha, ter lof tlhe Citizn's lhtank, twaes rtconsidced, and tile bill was so alllllled as ill divide tile canlptl reslrvd! for thle Tllirdl t lue.rt uland D)islricts, ill tllree branclles wilh na laital of $."! ,0110 each. Ali aieadlllCnt ilt'ro tluced by Mr. Lewis, aulthrising the bank to charge eight perrllnt on lns i having lai ore tlhaa n sia x months to rutll, wa+ all o adptedlll annd the Iit was lpased Mr. taItlf ,rreseuttld a reo d rluri tliretrlg lihr eoard tof tlublit. Vo'rks Ito ell , lte thle Irridge over Thomp eon's Clh-ki;--R,,ad for Ihe flret urife. A ttttltltr sin s ate by lMr. Ih. to rei;d rhe resolution for I.t second tllie, wlts lost. Mdr C Al Conrad, on behall oif the CommitlteJlanp tilnted 1 a exnin'. tIae chlrgea gainatrrlJud I elih I~srvorltb,of tIle Parish f Carltl, repmltedrl Ihiat threy had PfounII a number of the elhargeti inrtrvie llleiial corruptioln and Irld, and wiit ol private rettilrlde, to be, tre; fltd ptresntedl a resolution declaring that t11e Judgeasllobl he imlleached or removed. The re olu lron was ril l tr e first titre, and the report was or dered lt Ie lrioted. Mr. Kenner intlrouced a hill to incorporate thie Do naldsanville T'ieatr Cropanr ay. tir. L.oeketr ialrodoe,:d a Irill beltter Io ecure trlta rights of elchtariea wlho erect buildings in the city of Nerw Orlealls. ()it notion of Mir. Rodgers, thie Htuse took up the bill to prevlnt the taking away of snves flrom tile State; and alltr sttiae nltendmlnerts proposed by Messrs. Loc kett anl Courad, the bill war passed. It requiras ship ting nIltlers ta give security in tte auit oaf $0,tll0 that tileya will nnt ship ally lratse on board of velutssel, and lrrtless a tellnalty of ix a loalbth impriiaesn t anrl $100tl fine i r making altipetirns willbat giving saul securilvy, nn,il ll captaia of vessels who emlploy slhip pers, masters who have not given bond. shnll stafter the alla e enalty The owners ofvesseals are ntla rea pon aible for the rarryig away af a slave on thelir vessel. he e ines imposed shall be for the benefit of the Ch trity lloapiltal, &ae. On motion of Mr. Fortier, the House took illo aon sidoration the aill to crata the ao lPatrieh of Dnvorge, fronm that part oft Ite Pnrsh of Orlran. aituated on the right hank of the river. The bill whea panetd. 'IiThe 8peaker Idi beafore the Hoarca . a ame t-ag oar theI (overntt ,r, auhbiltin; Ill, reptl, ort the atm nior tiam ttttlie Chtarity tllleplta l, attd aloawing that a , saititioa wsain a dlrtutate ealuhlitta. (n mll, tle Rau.ert was referrtd to the fnre t.rmanaltlerrl in srtructitae In iuraentt iome measun for fat h ]e the ialillllltlO . The bill to expedite thee:ontructiantof the Nnalville - Rail rood now eame up in tile special order of the dlay. Eight rectimns of tihe bill were passed the Hloule d. journed during theim discuion of the 9th .rection. The I' hill provMdes thau the State shall auhrerike ftr $1,.0, O000ofthe stock of the Company--hat the Directors shall cause a urvey of the routes east and west of Lake Manlreps, and select between thet-the nmajority ofthe Direetors nmre to he apinted hby tie State-bit when /ru the stock taken anil paid for by ndlvildunls sh.ll exceed Mni the itock taken hy the Start, then they shall elect a Cat proportionnte number of directors-books of ubsecrip tien are to be opened for thie steak ofthe company rerey ed to individuals, who ore Ioundl to pay at least $it per Mr anntum on each share-the capitalstock of tire Ex chimeii and Bonking Ctomipanyi in increased to tIh00mt, 1110, to Ib secored by mortgage on real estate, on the plan of Uion llanmk--lte faith of tihe State is to be given to the boa k oeoniditio of thbe.paymenta ofM the stock taken by the ;t.l te in Ite Road, -. tr. MRn. CLrv's SPEECH.-T the exeluion of nearlyall Sa other matter, we lay before our readers to-day, this great and eloquent optienl of our great .ttenantnn, to the soed sense and patriotism of Ile Amerieoan People. Its doctrilcs are file doctrines if the Canstittino, and imofell the greet aild good men mwho framd thiat nol.le instrulment; and they ere enforced with nil tie elo i. qlueaee and love o ounmtry, which fior nearly forty earl have dirtingttiehe the great Statesman of tile Went. We ask for it a carethil and attentive Jerunsal, U gby all men of ail parties, under the full convietmn, that it dome not contaim a sentinmnt to which every honest R teman of every Party, nay not with hIonest pride restpnd, with the solitary encelpiotn of the fasmtieal Aolitiio- C gist and nmprineipl ad vontan of amalgamioulioa, wllo Sare bent ulpn their aeearsed o',jects at the enemifice ofC the Uniol itself and every blessing it receives. In the advoeates of the right of petition, and all who are op me posed to slaeer within the eaonsltituional limilt that opposition to itnmy exis it will find warm and honest o ullporters; mnd we trust ii Gon it may elso he exten ly nively rend on tile olher side of lile water, where tihe ta honest portion of tihe people have been deceived itn le lation to tlls oulhret iy knree and souadrels wllsa only obiett was to wieldit a natical feeling ill favor of to their politial sdvaneement. 91 We have no room for cnmments to-day; hot we rin eerelv hope thtat eery man who feels an interest inl the enciting qulestion of Abelitlon, will eareftily Imrnue this Speech, and then ask of himself whether it is not a entitled to Ids cordial approval.--N. Y Cour. Recorder's Court, SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch, $i. Marci 7, 1039. . Anne )Doyle, arrested for being drnnk ; discharged. WiVm DonI) ho and Jas Donolo, arrested for interfering with the Commissary, while in discharge of Iis ile duty. Discharged. elm John Plum, John Hllffmana, lit Eonnis, areted for being S found s!eepinginan old building. Discharged. SWil Wallace, arrested munder suspicions circumstances. lie To be vouchelld for. A M1eFr!an and John McLean, arresed fordisturbing m the peace. Discharged. lo, FOR IHAVRE. l The A I andi reguilr packet chip PI.A im 1t'IINA, Capt Wm II Duncan, will anil an Sakbove,and can take 150halesaleston. Apply to 1 liar Ua. IlI GAI.C,993 Common et FOR NE\V YOtRK. :.d The A I and fast sailing superior hip led EM'IKE, Capt Baker, will reellm rimnmmedi lie ate despatch, hlaving tile mtost of her cargo a engaged. For balance of freightI or pasange. apply to y tiar 8 L I GALE,I 93 Comnom att FOR MOlllO E. h:g Tbe fine low prasure steamer e. GIRAF'FE, Capt. Swiler, will leave en, tihe lake end of tile Itail Ro ial teato tey aler the iarrival of them 4 o'clock ear, p. m. on bin Smitrdany, 'arch .ti. For freight or itmcasr.e, npIly on boar,!, or to REYNOLDS, BYRNE & Co. 89 Canal street. d 0 Passengers perp Giraffewillarrive in time for the 'd 1 aces. mar 8 1n 0 iTie packet shmip Vtaaitsmu, will coimmence di'e ile, charging thin day, two tiers below tie Vegetable iMark m er. Cnsignees will please attend to the recleipt of ei their goods m sil 8 ll- T IL.ENT'. il a Thef leouse aetd i(;rnoaid fornerly kntwvn de n1 mK tehoo', Hotel, at Behxi. e Apply to John Nixon,, No 22 Exchange PIlane. arllur 38 METARIE JOCKEY CLUB rI'e IRACES. time liil, .ji rit g ]Mhlit.'ni, fur 11139, ovunr hi, cltrnrir (liih r llr will cuintlencaei It-h l iit lesdai, .uti fthit, il !:m1i , r ir . i slr ll,-crie : lhei ll. Iallert Veils il mlile ch t Jenswin. Iy Levi SIteihe(ot,, ( C Dublin, hy Lteviuuhlh, Janbyiliy 4II A Tvoe. •a 5. Minrr K ulr c Grydoc, h,, Mh'dui , iini Gray n t.ira ,Snit, Itmuij timlke, by Mehdc; ,lai Cherry Elliolt, bv ,umttr. m 7. JiS talrisomm, Ire Altnrf, by Fylde, dam hy Vir id P' rmii I l Burrow, chl f 'icnseiti,, hv Medroi. 1. James i hy, e f Curmuli,, liy l1liiiii, dcii by r le 1 id y, ul y n miah betwel n thie noted iretting liorsesr Bird and torl i fidec,'r , twoi mile he Its iiin Ir111ess; for Seciad Dny-Jockey Clui Purse, $11111, two mile a' m t)Day-Swel ltakea fr gentlemnan, tmo l ar. il its, e nlitra e $5 (), the ipropriet urs to a d ai i ilver t l ird ihay-Jockny Club purse 1i200 three m ile e o- . I)mrth Day--Jockey Clubin, purse $2vi 10, four mile i Fift h )ay-Jockery Club puree $610, mile heat, beGay SSare dav--Sweeplitlsbs for 2 years old, nile heats, .d Itra e O$.t, firfeit $i]0it evena almu Cile n : 'C nn- E alliot \cl W J Minors A L Itiniemin, Minor Kemiar, Cr C Farrr, l Jmes S Wt Brrow. Si Jle Day-Proprey, 's f uiar, $I1010h, hre~m iln o ltaa ay--A match between tIhe celeiraled triot ing aiues Pompnfdeei and amle, bet 3 in 5, i rness dfo r $11.11 C eNAS. i to Salncn y-crh_______ ur_-- le ridrstary I~e ar Seretary.p D ).INO)FS-Jalst received one hundred boxes ot ] tou hunlredlol g ,I Dminoes, foir alne h.v DAVII) FEILT, N V Stationers' liHll, mnor 8 No 24 Chartre at V 11N I tt.l.lil RIhW'ARt)-alv ant oan SComI,,rh-enred lerserlf alrot tfn daws inee| l ai RiOl dotl llitkig nht in the Sec(Ix Moll ici-i palite. 'i'ho ahe r.warl will ihe paid for her bring -Illlgcd ill aey of th: Jai's uftlre eilv. llor 8, 4 J IV . RIEEII.OVE. OFWT 1 -4I Y-14 i bb ut londing rotm strooer Gov I Shelby,for sale by (- I)OI. . Y1 snar 41 New levee IR.d.. 9orime Ladi te frou eiorirnor -Slhlb· ,Ibr caleby G (II )OISEY, olar 8 " 4 New I r've VI'l"I'-44 bkegs weste rn resre, ,jt reedr and m Ir slite by o II r iISEY, mar l 4u New Levee R IOBFI E--40i loug c Rio, laolin antl Ior olle by oj lnti 3 . It !i.ANCIIARIt. mar 8 . i; ItII.ANCIAIID, LARD--O 20i 0 bkes ', I.o, fr s ale by S nsr 8 STETSON & AVERY, C Icralier at i illtity, for oldelNwe It llolls eosniolenles. Ichil* hl'I'SO)N & AVEIIY, 18 Ilrvirest N- INOl NNA'I'I iA IN-t-e0 id hansies llllenr riille iar 1 / I shouldcra, pIrine gualihV, ler ailla ble mnr 8 6S'TEl' SOY & AVERY, It8 Gravier at 1O c .FEI.E-3100 tllgs Rcio col, hbeing the cr . . gr of he brig ild Colh.ny, tir sale by tinore II SiITE'.ON & AVIIY, 1B (Mrnvier at LiADIES' & GFNTL-EfSIN'S GOLD 1 NA S!l11.1.1 , ill 1E11, hbs Ithis day received n gonl as. L sorto ellr, wrlelth will be oferedl remarkaobly I.linl". No 18 Cisrltes st N 11 Old gold ad asilver taken in exolhange. nmsr A 1100K BIND1ER WANTED. Aply tno WM reKEAN. isrnr 8 eror Camp and Cllnton st T lCK--140l ps heavy and lilht RlIIoaes' Ille,lasnd. g and fIr slo by 1T & J P WIIITNEY, tinler 73 Cnmpst I1LTlIIIING-i cases fltnnel a t[ ottlloe snwiped S shirts, for sale by SHALL & BRIOWN, mar 8 96 M allrzine sI lll--5'l roll s winter stroined sperm., br sale by mllr8 SHALl, & IIROi'N,7 ines at OAP--50W boors le.eslhm &, Robbins' brands int Sstore, and loe sale by SHiALL &I BIR .WN, mnr8 96 Mnnzne as t tsar 8 tS & J P WHITNEY, 73 Camp st Drawillt ofl Ihe Grandl State Loltterv Class 20. 18 40 41 31 62 24 5 8 29 9 43 37 TIllS DAY, ,90001 Capital oPrize, l'lkets only $2,53 G~IAND STATE LOTTERY. CI ASS .'. Aullrorise, by the egislalrtre of the Sltse. To be lrawn 6i, I14j,at 6 o'clo.k P. M. at Bishop's Hotel. S DAVIS &CO, lManagers. 75 Drawn numbers-12 Drown Ballots. 27,814 Priors.stsl lo'-w. 'rickets eln es 1 25-Quasrters 6trij FiPae . 9UMn 2 Tickets flit $6 50 warrnnted to drn'! A. n 130, Pockgleo of (5 Ilnlfl'ickels $31,25 _ watste to draw at Ilasl $15 0i. aerksgses of 25 QUnrter Tickets $15 (13 warranted to dlrw at least $750. or p.ckLges uofisigle tiekrt,l ppl at theb MlANAGERSI' OFFICF, 16 Chartmesof, slao ths coroer uf Sto Lohis nd Cho tree5 0. iurnl ttn ji 8s. Theatre. 4. BENEFIT OF MR. EATON. THils EVENING. MHARCI 8,1i838, Will be yoe ntte4 the rngedy of • SIU, ,,. SAR. Wi Brutus,. MBar Rton Marc Antony, J Scott lot Caseeitt, Eaton Con Prtist, Aire Gretdh Fo, Calptmornia, Anderson Mal Mrb notot will deliveran ADDRESS to the Firemen, H, written by himself and dedicated to the N 0 Htg FIIKEHEN. To coniotlde with the Admiredi POre of the IRISHMAN IN LONDON. I r Colmy Mr Fielding Caurlrch Delcany, roene I Saturdno,2t night of the Rest BEDOUIN ARABS. T To CLAY'S B F Speech on Abolition. SRecently delivered in the Senate of the United States. For sale at the Counting t Room of the True Americane Office, St ' Charles Exchange, by the dozen or single i r copy. tA CARD. st CAMP-STEET THEATRE. o MR. EATON'S BENEFIT. ae5t FattoA Evint, s, NAorch 8. T Great Alioetlio.!!! of Mr BARTON, as IRUTUS r JR SCOT a, MARK ANONY AT Who have kindly volunteered their aer vics. Ni EATON, no CASSIUS, K` as After which, tI Forrest, Kean, Addarns, Vandenhof, Kem-rn ble, relby, Mason, and Daddy Rice, wt Tire eleerated Jit Crow, will h utel. y Mr EA- P' TON. To conclude with a tite Varce. tmar? T i ol i are ti drawn Iilaers of theLoui o IItey, Cla I It, , tr ,r I 111,1 IS 10 47 58 62 3 70 67 31 6 53 72 Il e TO RE DRAWN TO-MORROW. $251(00 !!! Co-ilc-l Poen.. 20 CAPITAL PltlZ.ES of $1KtO eich in $20,000! r Tg Tickent only $8. es LOUISIANA LOTTERY. s. Authoarizesd v Act of legislntrie. Clhapter XI.II, poss1ed Mtch 21.1828, Clnae No.1 extr ,for to l9.tole b g drawn on Stunlrday, arh 9th, 18. 1, 1ati 6 o'cak, P I A1. at the Exchnigce Intel,St.Charles aot. h L. S. FGRIEiORY & CI. Sucessors to PATES AcINTYRE 4 Co. A- 78 Nuntt.en -15 Ierawn Mi allcs. (-H5AND1 SCHEIMIE. 30 3636 I5tir e, titoottia to $ 448,848 tI 'icketos $801-Ililvr 1 T, I-EONCuartern$l. 01 5 .. rknc e "o of 2i ticketso i$10, ekarrntl to trao tr noucoat led . I$tSO. Iogec oif20 halt liebeto $101 (111 war. iO ritid to irao nt leaast $1'0. Pockoges fI 2e (fn2tarn I, Tilebts Inc $52 01, worreotitd to drat at roost $31). t . For Packages or single 'Iickr tile Orhr at O at o l 35, Canal stret nct to Camp , SANI.I.A COIDAGE-A complete ansortmoentt rer of A anilla Cordage Iodn taw re, fir mile byeco ee nsar8 St J I' WIIatITNEY, 73Conlpa l on GRAND CONCERT. ly VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL, Al the Si. Louis Exchange Ball Reons, he For s lie Benefit of the O)'IIAN, B ¶TI.. he given on the 9th March next, by M- J lie. Jautio t. Oln thisidconion lir J will bit assisted rk- by several of the Icos. distinguished Artiate and Atia of tcurs of tlii City. 8 ORDER (It' TItE CONCERT. PART FISAT. l. A grOind patriltic overeure by tIhe Orchesmr of the Varitlions on ado Air" for Iho valve trimpet, e. c rtelitty nH tb oatel, J It ttily 3. Cavatin, from the lopera of" Clhir.rn di Roselerg,' by Atrs A Ilella, icci. 4. Dui Ior he violi, n and piano, by loiners A Mllarilis ead A Notes, tlcrriaiUltnlIt. 5. COatlit Idel I'dleeta, Nello Gnctaz tlrn, hy MIr notiain, I o basot ol the Italian 'Iiheatre at Ito va1u,, RIoatini. I. TIEW OfFIIAN'S 1I'lls ll. far four flotbs, by MeaTre JundIat, Miorpllyi, Kihn i nd IOrv. 5. Saolo on th. bassoon, by Mr Sy, fronti a them tfr Slavl -dcr. 3. Vt rito tincomptted ha Mr .ntidlt, andacacioipn 4. Due"titan.r to Inalin,' by $ignonra 'tllo tad r 5. 'u leortertv tftttini Noir, Auber. Iklt 'Ite liatt by Sir N tie. or N I--'T'irkis aon !be tel, o nptlinion to Mric Jtl 'dl, o 9' I)ltnmylrt street,nld at .r1s r, Jolhn- and co, Itictitanc 50. . it t" corn toout at .h'y TO THE. AR'ltIS' AllAN I ANCY PAIN,1lTER. TIUSTI' e'i .eld v tlherl-let n;ritals from I lnvre, n aa lot,.tdid ellir t ett+lt ll t'tl I ttali, paiontl , l roy els; lol oilves, errvou= 1 poisn;tetttlstl; ;t tar Sit, l water colors pea i d with t t lrVtl atd varuish Ibr do: ry stumps of pvrry d.. scrip lin, splelllid ibiei gagny lld V l. w i nt lll em luls, for portrlit paintlers; p -I , t' a rnyon s of vert color, penil. of very size; varnish btltrusbhsc, Ol it int rc nlit very abl y ie rav. lhendv Ircalt, " colors, brushes, elegantly fled , op, &" &c. Spleetlid Allumns, sa peibly bo0ll,1 and till; colourr, lamte which are Inn neentlerolls to detail. Tlhe In niteipal lif Acd..mies, 'I'tnebrs of trawing se b c r i bt r w bn e la w i l l a e c c o mn a r dl t e fl h al l lr S a n d Nco 58 Camp treet ni!e I)ealer in I'eiont, fil, Varnishe.llod Fanct Articles nile for painters, wholesale aid Ietall. nolu 7 fitt beat A large Ware Iouse, 30 feetlby 61 and 1In ;s in Girnd street, one lot train tBron. t. Apply eats, to D)tYE & MAY, imar 7 No 3 Cutrouellet at SUST'AlltlD-lexingtion, Kentucky, Mustard, in lit niar7 (W I'RI'I'tIIARI) &,JOTAGAtERT, Jr. ils ifAt), Ac-TiNitolftirlo Itlitdctpli., No I Shod nile 30 talf brls picled l'Tongoe, for anle by to tur7 G IV PIiTCIIAC I)&JI J)'TAGriERT. Jr. roees Iýi.ANNELS.-7 boles aitticr white AncolaFluannela I fursale by ISAAC UILII)(;E & on, torr. mrc 6 134 Matgazne at FlF EAIAN'd' INStIltANiGJ OFFICIE, O N. O. TIrIE Stockholders are erehby notified halt the 7th I Instalment on their sltok is due and Ipanable i o at thethf nfApril, at lle Oflice if lthe Cianpay, 0i1 Cnamp Werset. mar , P ') De nla Nouvel ole lnis. bi A VIS ertl donon anx souseriplRuts cota line illtl n fg nurt sur leor souncriptioni, dolt hIre py6 eln avril -. 6, no bureau doe I coulmagoie 21 Cao S lll . , -(Sr - - - JOHN V. CHIIDS, ENGRAVER AND) CGPPER.-PI.ATE PRINTER, No. 3, Camp XS. WY ILL.enerave and print to order, hank notso. 'ills i e. ofetl nhng, , bills of ladhng dilonms, on'.an lile od visitoin cards. nottri,l, eonni0tler t1id contnliog IOu.seoeals, olmr llates, silver worn, .ke. -alwuysion hand, an assortment of silver plated aand brass door p rea. I S Care printed from plates already engraved. ov20 NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMEPNT. r lll. I.ocomotive will leave the Depot at the foet of i' M IonlO'treIl ,every dy at8 A. M. and rlturni at 4 Pi. . 1except lSudar'S, wihn soe sill 1)elnlrt Relorn 8 A. r r. 1 P. M. 2 " .4} " " 07 A Car fer private portie., provided tile onetller tilloienti, atill bel sol dowto the rood in o dne Ja' evoil" Ilotice. j12, Ii:it JAS II CAI.DWEI.I., i'residenr. CITY HANK, New Orleansn. Marchl 1, 1118. S'1i. loaird of IDirectors on this anltitiuon, love this i day dcla,eid a diriJend of lte ouar ccnt on I0tl eapilal thereof, payable to the ohMkl ltdere, or tlhir legalimrpresentrtie, on on naftr Mallnv tlne Ikh iost. m It" J PAI.Fl'.EYIl,_hir. 8100 REWARD. A LUf Mitroe, o Pocket Book, with h steel clap, L was rot yestaerday, containing a draft otf the Ilaul Es.tae Ihok of the Stlte of Arkuutns, io litvor ofltions. Raphv, on the N. Aoenrienn Trust and Bnlking Coin pony, New York, for ihe ano of one handred and one lthoiand, six huLdred otd rFiay-six dollars, ($101,66(i,) luie 10th Aprt. tow payaloe to tie order of TIh. S. Wiliannsou, Pre'. One otler draft, mine hank, on the N. A.T. & B. Company, fiy r &fily thousand dollare, ($51R,00E.) Itsul be to the order of L'h. T'. Williouamon, Ples. Also i nmtber of notes nod other olligutioto, di athis da nd amounts inlt reaolletred--a small osu il cash. The. cash and one hundrid dollars wll be paid fr thie return of Ihe pocket beok and oppera tothe of lilen of'lh.. B. Lee d Co. or for any nformtetion by whicll Ike owner may regain postessiont l Iht al - pere, &c,. "lINT'S--15 cases vurison pattlerns. French and . American prints, fiur sale Iy fe2i5 1 IIRIDG F, & Co, 134 Magazine at !)USSIA S1EETING--40 bales Rusnia sheeting, S for srole by feb2- I BRIDGE & Cuo, 131 Mlagazioe st NOTICE. PAR PNERSHIP IISSOI.VED-Tho partner.lip between Herr llunt and (George Mayue. oF the Firemns'o tlall Cofnfee House, it. Charles at. is din.ole ed tits day, Wednesdv, 6t' Marclne, 11139. by iutual consent. All businees 'oneeted with tihe eRtabil oh meet will b ilrleld and carroied on o the Snbserihbr only, who respectfully solicits a eontitutann of cutota. lI Free and Easy us usual, on Wednesdayv nod hint .Evening. mir6 IIAHRY HUNT'. I Y M.ARRIED, rsequal it0 "ilber Gar. ~ lay temauthor of- Soyiugs aud Dloings," Jacek es' c &c i O ersls Illuar.srd no of Twist, complete in ane voluie, 8 po. Also, No.9.,f Nt ld ieklellO. t rereived nl I afor ' al\l 1tu M. tcKiEAN, lu"Ik SS. Charles' T'heatre. Fifth night of the Engtnglenot of CELESTE. Tha.eednven g Merck 8it . Will be presented the (nrarrl lHstbr cEl Drama to tih FREN ,H SPY. MarhnlBourmoonat, Mr bhlks Col do Courcy, altrstil 'Fon y, S li.w ll Henri St Alinm, I , CELEUTE Hemaet Carnmoly, In the course of the ervnig two Grand DANCES by fltd'llo Colesto. After which MY YOUNG WIFE & OLD UMBRELLA. Ireevgorv Griale r Jdn Browne To he fotlowed by the nw DGrand Operatn lo ce elled, L'HIRONDELLE. By alndl'lle Celeste, unsited by Mad'lle REvenot nad Airs Bennic. NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLIPSE COURSE. SPRING MF.TING, 1839, will commence on Wed. tesdayr, 3thi of Matlch, 183, and continne 5 days The New Orleans 'lstet a service of silver, voalu $7110, Iwn mile lents. In this race 5 r oid ansd up wardn cirrry I00 Ite. 4 yr olds and under, their appre prior. rweirth:s. Secord me Dy. A ewer tlrkes for 3) old,; anhs:riirion $sti1, haifr fltfeit (9 mile heats) to nalnr,: nrti close te let 1tloli 1839. Fecond Day. Jockey Club PIure . i.rl0; tlree mile Lnate. 'lird Day. Jock ey Club Purse, $20110, 4 mile heats. Fourth Day. Pronrietor's Purse $7101 2 mile heals. ecod nRace-Samn e lay., Swraepntake for 9 ofr olds; aullrertein $510, half forfeit, (mdilae hent; cneso Ist ol'Alrell. FiPi h Doy. IPrlrwiellr's Pure $510; mile eat, heelst 3 in 5. r felo, V. N. OLIVEIt, Proprietaor hall b17: TI: iro ttrrono on r t Ecies Rare P jo Coerse nre ferre nt, fotr he entui nl aces, coam rrenreing orr Wednecdary tihe 3lhi of Mlnrel Appl tr oanr r Y Nl t)IVER. WAS lWINGTON olBALI, ROlDr Is Dress & Masquerade Ball Sr. Ph'lilip i trtrt, Ietween Royal & rrllrrbon. I Si 1t t ingrr rrf iarlte oisro ed leall rnoo,gratl i enl to elp friends aind tIle p ublic In the uaanmsl orlrdle lrtn rroge irslowed int him orn sraserl sel oamn, I, rerpecftlrrly irlirmer tlenrr hat thie eatohliriltrrenr haa beloen e ogel for the Inotreme ntof visitors, and um lergone inirmen e rernirn. 'Ther her will be e.rplased bv none irn qallflty lirqunors.end tie Itestnurnit a ll Ie ra ke t by tlia a lest estaoiraleur ir Ihe United States. lnoe rroo r nil re-elerr e on Sturdeny eventng, 3rd of t Novembrtr next, hi a tiRANID DRESS & MASQUERIADE BALL, olanl will take Ilnce n0 usual eaery loanday, Wedrlane L, day amrl ntryt raveanig, rllerig tire erolon, whic will s ll on trhe I 1oft rrl yr 1039. N. II. TIe grerotel t llctrion will ire pdaid to Lkbp ing rerfect order lhrooghour the esnablihrarent. as wel dun,,! las season. rd ,NW!U24i__A N Februory 25,1 >. Collectnos oflree, 2d Ilt roierpolit. i' OTI(IrE teo re nra rof leorksr. lroy, &e.-The fl Ie1N Irwinr rrelirrnrree uill Ihe r icily elforcerd :- r Il. v t hatlr r l;lln wh neere r the M ayor shall R ive n li. ta. rce f tr d oray o ctsr other elrrea'eP. o.nid licence b ly elerd ble. ilmlrediaely eIdorred i lno Ilt hack byh th Sformer wilth hi recr'ilrt, oel every proen neglcEtieg to 'i. oltlRiti seirl eolAier'nlet nrd rer;ipt nn the hack of Ilis ais liee, shall pelyitr Ine rort exce'dlirg one hluadred a rlollars, half fir ilh'' rity, rndrrr orte r hIalf for the itn irtr loner A rrrr il i,' re'hnlhro 'r ii1, I 1 . - Aleso the Ill 'rsing , rglinaoe or Iho te Cooneil of the s ecolrd rIllrrr.i'p li., irr tilir frrllrr illg wortds to wit: e it lordinrdl r Irrlll triror Ilrr rlr tIhii date; tany pIr sn whobehll rami it hor k. drov, or ceart, itlhri the by rie:rro nlldi'ilriinhty, rWrilltlllt hlbvinr reviou.rlv ob lriled a lirerlle' therrel, frir the I. olnyr otl rid city, shll 'e ruijrel't ro ame orrf iot Ihon iwrpllty.fie rr. idollars, nor lllre thllan l e hl dreld dl llorlr, t le i reco , a",.rl.d I~el tlre tlllr r , r r 'llr f rlllll r ot'lr j ntriedialila; IIr' I ,rdrfllat 'nyiir blalllk, dryr 11 rrrtdo rle wirtllest a /o I i'·1e tl ,rr.ui-l, dii'dl Ihe callijett to bo Fai z..d by the S,,uIt of Iixeso1'~l hoe'sC, dIImt, eart., Ac.; rr. 1roi'rr ryl, rrrrdlirrlir'r.rrr eeol ntl tIhe .loe n .f rsai shalln Ica ,i, 'ert to the lnroy.r ite 1Wl4 l 't rr'it (If rlr'r , I ;.17 . S i m n rd , Si- t J~, iI 0(.lll: IAI.t1'VIN, 'lleordeler. , \\' 1 \I'I tio TON collector ier hIrkb , rtyo, liil hnlwltrrs nI.d p,*dlnr . 111-ll II .. 'i r.u rl r trririii 'rl i'. " J.a'iourellr relreooc, Ferrirr 25, 1859. 'c - 4VliS no' ,rrll'i i`rpi'iLtI des tr)l-,rPi , Irryeil,&e.-. i.t] Ies d1 n m.s l e. ival'te, I Sr nlitD r h n oIl. r° i l -r. trnr I- Itlee lr'sliet qu e Al e itsl der rio r ntneo Is Ifi itlle(ro por rnlrtrir rroIs, d orrt r, ncite .liretre lI e rrroie rll'irrtrllrrirretrretrtll CtlrIdlr(r ler Itrir Irrtr a .HIh't ahllr Iitcreir eqlirrru ir riqernt, o irr r eootPn hg ane li lh, ..e ra ini A I rrirrui'mn d r till pirltre., rlrli onlrib r frt I irri, el I'rrllIrre nrr'iit Dor IC rlhur-tir.-Ai. Itd lim lley , It r'r'i(.e.lrer r I31. of e r ilralerl IrrdrniimllC ireeeirnrr. drlrreecl de Ioo de2r r rtrrilrller lren hI i,s r rr nntls, enveir :r I:i ,l oti i r dli qr trltr'trn clte t date, torte per tli aoreqrarrrui errrrti er lnioitdeylil &cr dlan Is Our. Site Slunerirririrrir oeorirrUert ttkrnitlnr, tram Slirctiies ir +c+lla (hi Sirne de cellt ville, cerertrjet A Clem cone t rrlr d qri.rletliit r.it8r'arttre. frearIt qma i s tonts vmlitnre, dyrorc. qrrico rent sane to dito ilienaee oeerrt atrjet k @t.e oieiir le collocteur do tles ,air l tor venree raloys, r e1o par aIcu ortlieer de l polur, it deneln, rsqnc J" elrldire nnrcnle nril plsye. En p ry v oytt al uiere Ic II join 1ti:17. art JOSIIU I BALDW'IN, ltetorder o W I1 WttnoATnN, ,rllecteur de lacks, drays, eolpor II, lers et rperilo Iner.rir'. il0 fe08 COMPT'ROLL.ERS OFFICE, t ecoanl Mt1iripolily. New (hOreat, .Mar h 1, 1839. P UBLIC NOTIC. in hereby given tlata on Monda th le Iiih March 11139,at 12o'elock, I will adjudicate at my ollice, to te lawest bidder, the repairing formn year, iof ll the aveod tatiet and side walks bordering aln tie nolml, a ithia the limits of thi mnnicipality includ: pll tho ide ae lks in briecks bordered with curb -les, gutter stonces, arid paved supoert, wher ver l:hidenit Idk nay exist wihin iate Itacorpomted li i e usaud re n sirs shiall canialst in bringing t thelr fermer tli,. aUt level, any paror said st reets a ail tvals, nih.ih tncay Iee rouad out if noder, and Thal hi exccun'ed il such lean ri Its to eflinrd, at all limed all Ir:nsv 1lidelll llronv·, III clllllntuluncelinlo. ce'nllleMt Ii be mllic litlmtla, in enrlt,na nite certlia rote jaf tlc, outrve)or, that tile .aork hae been execrutll according to enltrlllr . Thie person to in hu thie colnrelor shall lie adjudicated. to give hnlld with oi or more seerilien in tine smn of $31100 for thle faitfinl ,orfarmnnce of the dluties devoly itug nin hina . iThe nlolte ofa tIe seeaeuriies mast lie lealded inl at ieu timte of tle whonr if tho are not latis e-rn, nie t cotea will Ire i nmrdiaely re-ondjdi : JllN CAI.HOUN, mnarl to I1 Conntrnlktr. S BURIKAI I)U C(ON'lRTULEUI , lie Ina Seeroedr lnieipalit", Lit NovelUr Orleans, Mare 1, 111R39. A VIS roa dtinnluinjae I.lnd l ream , 183, l midi su bureau, ies nlttrai I'adjudieetioo, Is contest mpur lee repar e nen iceeslre peisndent ni an, de tuenr Is re-a nuates Pi leg *rnnieir dc mente dens lea lineit coig ce lle ellnicipalilh-aconlentntl to lea Imetoir on lnriqls ela tonn8 tr .It N oninnis plr r pieree, qui e trcnvent dant lea limlitee ineorpb.rh. Lea dicesreina. rations devrnlt einomrendreo letrvail n -cesniye pone rttire en erh'e ct llire elnmtnlnqnner ltoim lignaon rouao deja nra6en, anrt qno 'onn peut lee npproCeAr dNle auonne seismn Cl lever Iaeilitb. I.e Ieanesnt seroa tii par tooil de I'ouvrage accompli, cur s rcertifcantde o'innapertolur. L'entrepre areenr sern tena de fnariren c eallo densea sinounl de tria Inillo piastre pour garlenir do oanrnel, lqueil doli Atre pnidkctb le mndme temrlq. JUIIN CAI.HOUN, rnrto In C1otroleur. GILAT' A'I"I'ILAC'l'TJN!! Alt N. 53 Mngnazrnae sirel, over 8. Lenry' Auiern Room, opposrle Badk'e Arcade. R GIIJEiC respectfully inlforms the public Ilne MJ tilecelebrlted lnlatue of CLEOPATRA, Quee ofE rd, Wlich lhas lieen exlhibited in most of tile peincipal cities of lne Uanion, to tile lively almixtionn of many thlusandl vieiter,hail arrived in this city, and il now being nexhibited for n shunt time only, from 9 o'ceock A a9 o'eoek. P M. l.D dmitlanee, 50 cents; Season lickets, $1. rfebl6--if. L OWELL COTI'r)NS-40 bales 7.8 and 4.4 anal Twilled Lowell Cottons, finr sale by nner6 I o t 11 iii 0 .. 134Magannieel MAY3"OALTY OF NEW O-LEAhnI. VIMIE price a Irnsah flour to-day in $7 fll perbaln according to tlhe tariff; tile lInkers shall ire dne ing tle lnsuing weak (fron Monday 25th ial.j 37 nua e if kread fur an lit. Bread olf Ithe aeond quality i required to weigh 95 per cent. more. vin: 461 ounces. mar2 C GENOIo,Mavor. IUON CHE'ST-J-- .es roeeird ul t the Lonienee Ware Rnllie, 53 Bienville street, 12 saorpekbr sln gle tod douute fira [,rof iron cheits, from lthe actoEry of J I. Brmvn, New York, Iot" sale by fell Well Re C n s. J L. BRO WN'S Paletl .Pialft -fDa ,nees-oO . S ears call lunld 53 Blenvil steel, Patelnt Plot. foarm Balanccs, superior to a1y ever lfreed in tll: cIty. hl I w R CARNESI. TO IERCHANTS. 3P-MERCHANTS can kmw a BlItcrll.UL C.IcO. LAn rstrck off aefor hotr. 1 NoTtce,by ainrallR at IA. Comnptig Iton of TRUE AMERICAN I'Pinysne; Orvncr, St. Charles Exchange, acljnsnag a R Un. oeo Roem a l Corner of racie, street, oraltlie Polnt ing Offire, corner of Poydrn and St. Charlee e-reet.. I hNE1A. 1ilt.`ilv chip Anburn cnntl , nnmr. 'It m.tof nlif ,r.Clet enired Iulnh:e roeceiied end lIe aite Iby (i Si.I' & Cu,Eclhua g. hotel, f 5 -r. ,

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