Newspaper of True American, April 3, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 3, 1839 Page 3
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ALLIGA IOR LINE." Mobile to Augurta, via FLorida. A Loaves Mobile Tulesdays, Thurs. Sdays,. and Saturdays, per the - spliadid:steamer Champion, (ex cept in case of lstrms,) to Pu sacola ; thence per ictamer Le Roy to L: Grange, and theco four horse pbst coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin. dorton, Berrton, Outlaw's, ajd Perry,. to Mcon, Ga ; thence via Milledgevillo, and Sparta, to War. rentdlh, thl. cb per rail road cars to Augusta. The Champion is in splendid order, With new oupper bail re, coppered and c ppor fastened. loe o I Roy has been thoruughly repaired, her aocomnodatiuns are as hadaoome as aIIy boi. ''Te beau iful Santa Rotsa Sound, and Cloeta. watchie Bay present the most interesting steam no. vigation in tihe Soutil-boing at the sametlne perfeelly land locked. 'rb Tanoam are not surpasserd on any route in the country ; the drivers, to a ianr, careful and atten tive.* . The bridges heretolore dangerous havo been newly buisl, so that higl waters do not interfere. ThL Uting houses have been mostly changed, and are now as good as ,iI any road in the Sonth. It i eherally known that the excellonce and ha..npea of tho .rofds unabloe the tamns at all oea oni to mak. great rsped. Tlheir smoothlnaH ase. curte tbctraveier frdin the ordinary. fatiguj of dhue travelling. T ine is now o rrving its passengers from 6Avigtlai to Mobile in four days aud twclve .iurs, of to New Oileans ial our days and twenty SGoing to Augusta, the line is. aix days 'a ven hitaours. Thll tide actually employed in i tbt -i onsaieia at iti the other direction, but etrencie of time oan the a ute, is caused by a leisng .lot n. Penaeola, wlich, however, iq '**-paid the opportunity it gives ofseeing *Mi*)1avy Yard, tIo old Spanilsh Furts, etc. The 11 lrealso sleeps at Malcon, and again at War U.-Su. This arran.c!ront will coatinue till tih 'rivel turn. iorthkrard, when the ,ioe. will be the nasmt froil Mobile to Augustai as it is njw in the otlhl direction. Th(it Advortiseoment contains a plain stat nient .of.frts,- the accuracy of whichl the proprietors gatillntlse th each passenger in the penalty of his * t fare.- • . • Mapalof tLIe Line may be eoen at the Ex hange, NWi Orleoans, and at the Matsion louse, Mobile. Fatethlrough (rom MN.Jile to Augusta, $47 50 Thel line entelds, by abranch to Tallalassee. At Cliattabloochl,.the line connects witl the pa-mlnbait arrying tlhe mail to .%pa'achicila and at, Jomeah'l. - I • SOfilce at the MAinain House, Mobile. il7T.. i0 OST'WICK, Agent, Mobile. P .iCltM (l,-,hi cukwN winrtr iaind nlllinIr truined S Sperlt Oil, ur a II ly II RIDGi & (o, epralJl 9 134 Magazine st iji»Al- Eil0,iaE-ii aiel? , at e alle rtiBee aiily, ftr Lsallby I4AACL Il&U Iit o, ;autii 2 1 134 Cs ACONUl-l aiB liim»«ariii «daia, lirstatle by aplO0 . 1: IltrIItIt , 134 Matinazine s FLOUR lt-ItIarrel., fine fihipping order, for * s«iclay U, OIltSEV, ,apl : . Ne.w l.evet. W~TiiSh r.-a641 liaIa Iteethiad Wlhikey, in nIore fr ate ll. • . DottatKV, tail I -_ " 44 New lnven B AW)S tith -tl aka Linioati Cared in " toure, .i* aaat hly ,I I II tSEl, airl 2 - , . 44 New Iev"e TA-1 Iilint NorthlierT, liidiidig luia ailiiA 1 ine lto, fur tale hy'y 'IIALL & BlllHWN, a 'ritI 9 Miit.gagiiige reemt 1""LI ..NsefD'UII.,:.1L.-aghii»'i« Mnc ,,,il tat tat hi by ..ailAt.I& IBOlt(W\N, aprilt2 I 16 Magazine st 0 . AKUMI--I-' altas No 1, HutBi-, landin, ioaa KlVNipi O nlon, stiad COr mi t It april .2 i h1 ..l & IIt OWN, li, Magiain ea t CITY i' ANK. 1 New Orleans, 15 Maith 1839. r 11,4 Ifank wi I Ip.rb.,uel excha go url L119lied. New ()rlean.s, 15 1rch 11339. r irli Institution will pilrenase bills of exchange. l *n the north. iiiLl1 J |'ALF; EY, Cebmer 7 INKS-Oh4U0dn mif nl peritrildd Sherry lnd Port Wimna, lttledl in bolld in EnInaId and imported itoo this country in 111;6. Foar sale at low jprices tniae. the a consignmentt byI antr 219 HO)II,'. S & MILLS, Itank Plawe. It RON CHISTS-'-Jat- ri-eita nt l t tie lAt.Iift.ian \Vr. Yl ,litiii, 5.13 Hienville. etmret, 12 tti|perimir fi gKe Anld doIleie lc pror,la t lestlea , roell 1le faLctor) of J 1. DcLwn, New ork, . rale vRCAt OLM %VM It CA RN E.S. M ACKMKII, &c-I bbl No I muckerel. 4J bIl 73 Idl No :11 I; 1H talf lib No I dl 31S khga N.I I Ido; I:, kilt h id I do I g l K '-'AT.illetga Slattle., |I4 4 da lict'tlata. 1, bhl' r n.n.e t' t oil, l.I ,..Iht rii t hlt' t. IWtl( Mur ris, fr "alc ly s & ' 1 VIIITNKV, rean Ifk 9 N i73 aI raEifr. ' 7 I).Cl tllllla S i. \TViN: I . II . N .. t-f H l I n, i anml (lIw itr. -, at . a ai .r f lit id .ln T lie ,Alt *.I the .ll ,in't la lommlllt '" 'Fi' T M 'atte tal l iar " Tic at I, talat , IvV Its. N- lll, ll " t le herI ' lA -in . t ' Ia aa, all V "d.ole n, a-i hor2'af " Trl'ai. t e4, n tri.s End ' S .. id1l f|tAl.JOW CANill.CS- m;l ici IIIer l tallow F 1111, ' Slt ok ld..llT 'rS are Iherliva i. etr il tl atu II ll 71t 1 II itaIIW .akl n It itr atock ii 1I, ntl taii tiv nl, t on the (sth tat April, at .I e Ofiae otalilt Ctatl1 ttll, '(]1 Uamp *rr.a .-rtemf.a 1 I .' 1. Tt1la ,' c-haiy. ItIUKI.KAU la'INIIJILANEI: 0Ia;T1 I0'tiT'ISK, I I). l N .ouveller Orleats. A VIS l ldont u.ld x sinu ran:iripcet <l s leq- 7.7e in.tal. t alnr sous cripti"ont (lloil t palLb eI avril 6, at h llreau do a cont a()italae I C(nll l at. 1111i . i . I 'I. IA'L lYar Strrirn.. j .aAS~ r -t aindali laa fro. I'ittntaurt h, alatllalaea tti.t and reual, at I I liMNNAIItI, d rlll, :t I 'N IC 0 I n1A 1lF;I7 , mr C2ar Cof Na.aelw atnd lT'hapial Ial sta LUCINA CORDIAL. SE CORDIAL IDE LUCINKE )ll L'ELIXIK DIE . L'AlMOUR.--'TIe Ullited Statel Agent for the Lucina Cordial or El:xir of Love, returns. his grateful ncknuwldsrments ifor file flltcrirg patlronage which h. .on already receivcd, ttld also for the many test| uonialrs wleh have been sent him touchilng the the al ialost.lriracoaesl efficacy of this inestilable medicine. The wall founlded rp|utation of the Lucian. Cordial wai'rants tile agent ti witdrlrawing Ils log ladvrtisc melt; but for thie Ienefit of those 1pbrsons whol may ai yet he atltwasie of is traI rci hl wiould exllicitly ltsele tlha it is Dr. ,lagnlin's cele*irseted discovery, which has createld ruch a sensatiin in France.-Thal it speedily restares th. virile powers, where they have' boo.ll exhaustd. byI disease or otherwise, sand solislan idlly rollvara thle iprocrculil runctlriof s hma it is ul SleAistl re ftir ih luur all usi; id aive oil tult it 1 r'ethe uonly reaedy ever discovered for tle removal of Tisllslltrme bciv rlles il tInridiarless illt Illlfsles. Owilng titls n-silv invilgrat'iit, l ltli, it is ilnei highly uIl I l in gl 'ei t hli ltrii t''d, l itllltit or sl hf elit l ll tIr l-Tlrr el IhReri, tl'lsric aruti ila iolu e k, dro sical aic tiol:8 <i the ttwd & c. IlI rlsr tlhtit sit llltio-o oTfSociety itis n'lsY tciva tls, Ileoeoll of Ii. llatlris diittovcy, tlhe Amterictin lira - alr.olcist(d tlihn tlie Cordirl shill liem sold i I. irlo t Lrcfsltirll Leach, l th Ie reduv.eI pielfl wich i s Is. atirn n al ste li icln chatrd for it II prislrre. JOIINI'NTERS Il 111OI.iE. E I i.i Mi . 1i. "Usieil d r St lies LProriettr. "Theahovte Nlichies isl'tr i.h. t a l" retail al Ni. 651 hltot tlasiet, tthresir oal gazinl aid roltip ate, N.ew btrlvus. 2ou .1AcEl .- Sin ht lola.soa barreel in store. mitI tor 3slll I , L ItI (LE, wpril w ia I Collllon I IIr i 8 141 tl ilml t is ill llre, far eille es .ip ril 'II 'l'ltlAlAlM 34 Gravlerlt i0li.i s Nuoi l L.--l l0 Issseo its instore, for idle 0 I,y ABRiAIHAM "'TRIEK, anril v 3mil 3inivir ht jiir t. IuIIKEtID'II IFS-I dus Itih'be| ai C. fiid I, stseltit ti tritl tit tlI allllkcetl, isorsle oy " ABIIAHAiM TiiEll, alwil 2 "4 raviet r Ft A wTE-19 cotis tr aslte liv It aril 2 aA TRIMIII, 3tGravier st TAt'K AlAMS. litte MIull err, ly (tslli Clhntler I Illlls l ie (I Ctlitol;t, lly lIlt"litlllhor of llltlUt l Slick- Nichtl sltick.hliv, Nit III Wtsonellof IofEglianl, tlleir socidl du its alld domeslic k lalits, by Illio I'he tlugueaot, by Jh.i s w rl:;ill'S Polh*l/\uVll'k ill I iii I8 vol Iheclllytoil iiete Ailtericti rditios--Cur) o ediliinn--aid oither stelit. 1" II JtIINS & Co jliC 111 Cuil raisttr-I~seiti csilitoy till| t4l,, key tinretisllqll s . Porav's F-...; uCslUln Cibok I s'll -ols"o ,.ti,,.rs rtalnditllh boutd lWll ," ll. l l r, t hl ' llr s r. ir .W ,l medialeI , ieti ti ilt s t lrtli tir'rieken'stilvs li i js bk A oIv mlllid V-r-te ýnlpl% ttlll abllove WIllis just rI ti-vl itslli uolic ti r -i:l os it , iI ltrnlt Iby IJ ~ A Iu'ttatl, iW Caulitl .i6 SllllIITNFY'S COTTON FACTOKY--Tlhei el V. *serihIr would inform merchants and planters that his eltloblisluttent is now in lull operation antd liot ie is producing h lanoric under the style anu deolbiliitu tioln of Whitney's negro cottons. Tluoe winhing to "rlihaet a rulpeior article fot pinntdlion use, will pleose cull and exnihille fl.r theinaeleus 1t Mo.ers Pet & North, ngpnrts 13 Chartres st or at Ile ersthlishmentl of lle asuI sriber 457 Tchouluitoulno. el. IIENJ MIN WIIITNEY, f" " New Orloans, Februury 7, It89 TO RENT. . . . That lesirable dwelling house, also the store lunderneath now in complete order li osIsesson given immediately. 'Terms wear lileral fiar a desirable letnUlt, apply ol the preomises or to (i W PIU'CIHCRnD& J i'AGEKLT, Jr ttl corner Poydros & Magaziine is f|O' ACCO-5l -th boxes inanufnactured tobacco, va. J rinus bralds, fir sale by ".13 I IKII)P & Co. 134 Magazine at SARl)-8-0 k Log Le ard, in store for slehy . Dm: IO EY. 44 New I Rves OUlt-8i0 bl ils flour, nflunt for sale by 1ml 3 G D)ORSEY,44 New'.,r F I.OUIt--509 brl choice brands in store for sale by m1ni (; 1)ORRIY, 41 New I.evee W IIISKEY-35brls recltinfied,i istort for saleiby lV nllfi . i IIOItRSKY, 41 New Levee LADIEs' &A NTLEMEN'S GOLD CHAINS l II.IIAM III.I. oL has llias day received a g.lndl us. srtnel e, wlich will Ib olfflredl renirkllblv ilteep. No 18 Choarliesa t N 6 Olt goai and silver inke'n it exchtilr.e. toter , DEPOT OF CE.EDBRATED WINES. (ON~STANTILY in hand regularly s rpplied wilth, 1w meat celebrated Winee; warranted pure 11poried, Cordials, Iondon Ileer &c. RIIENISII WINES. OlJdet Leilcn and lStein Wine; lSeinlarger Our I.tlay' Milk; Jdoliniiherger, Rdenheliimer S|rkliig Ilfek; oranm loek, nf 182.15 lliekl.eeimr, 18n7; Marcobrener, Gramefenberger Nerensteiner;Rlienib h wine glKases lltRD>F.AUX WINES. Chlnteinl Margau alnd Chiteau Lafilte; larose l.eviiie; Paliner Marguxl Suirridr Stl Julien and 8t Emililh St l.reiiilie end St Julinl, ex.nelleil lable claret A few lihlliogehenda ofnl Julien Medoc WIIITE WINEF. lermiltarge, Sausn, e Bar nnd Graves S IESERIT WINES. Genuine Lunel and Fronlighn Muacat . CIIAMPAIGNE WINPs. Whie and Iled, Silltrv andl Ieil de Perdrin IURGUNbDY WINES. Roiunhee, (hainberlli, Clas di VougnEo Nuite, Hiprkling Burgundy . i nr 18 E (i l S-4 bbL landing from RalellAnlSt l.noin, for snle by ABRA11AM TRIER, _leir 11 __1 (ir.vlr ,t .Ihle fllowingi g golt IfATS-ItlO case nioleskP silki, an Sorted oisieoe at hl ne. 1110 do b'est No I do do t1O1 do do Nod do. do I00 cases b4ilt No 3, nasorit.d sizes and brimin. O0 'do Braver, r uopoirior article 50 do l ie Notrind rW) do s(nt do 1010 do Black nnd Whi:'e Rlussa; 50l do Extra Black KI-mia; 100 do Mlukramt & Coney furliad and narrow Cnp--F \r; Hl(tr, fur S'eal, Nuta&, Musnlri, ani ftr Sttl np , trO doze cowis. ea litlte Cloth iapsl-Pick hick, Poliih Avril's hal rhiap, woi tell, F,reml, Foragr, Miilirnty unIre;sa, to l.eatlcr ioologilg. hildrell's Fancyl 'Illurnl, Plaid and Valvet Cape, pllteril . Stoeke*-Smnt, Silk ad llomibazine, of tie neatest lhnhlrells--oilk lnd cetio'i. Militarvy Pinln-, ,ilid il 4k. Silk Hillkeroliels--l'iige .ndl Sdilialfill. I l.utIdIlltou for hittoers, ooltcaM o ,hltllle ,ordrygtslne. 'rTI' aloue goold conimrite i Lir te o mik, IH alln ir the Inktsrl plth.ln; a und 'Will le soln at a small ad vance. with cost and chsaraes on New York prices. The rlubscrillrs will take orders for sonthera, waersle and Te'or. markets, thir tlle Ihoos ofA II Gos.ip & Co., llat Manutl'clorerp, New iYork, olll oat tiI shlortest ,posiblo notice. (irrnman and French l'lulsheo Iought. (ioSSIP so CO., Naval, Military, ani Fashionable latters, E'xchange lntel, pov 4 StClICarles n Q UIL, QUII.LS-Jnat received a. large sal.ply NOf 4 cry nauporior lDutch ad clarified (ulills, of 3l sizem,folt I zo 1$ 0 . Also ldn. w:ld g....e &. Ius na,whooesmleoald retail, hy I)iAVII) FIl.l' &( 'I, mar 19 N V Stioners' Ilall, f 4 Chartres Pt iiP IREC;III'Ps-Just received a few dozen hip l.e'ilt B.ooks printed oo good pper, with dupli. cae nullnlers frnti I tI, 2M:: . rlooe artic'le for sale by D1AVIll FELT & Co, mar III N Stationers' UllI,24 ('Charress - UT US'I'AIkl-l. exinglon, Kentuck'y, Musard, in IIb o- n.d r G I IRt I'CI ,I I1t I 0 i' I'tk TAfGFR'', Jr ANT'AS A--"l baies 4-4 Ailplelio lhetin s 1 15 case bIelaled dltIto, lel.og foluin slit Carl-r lia, flr tole bby I_ ltl)J[ & c..o 114 Malozine nti I1 T -11 - 1114 e rai dol,lee lolihilg Illdill ,i l 1iouin hll Ctoarolin, far.rle yi ndl I IIIIIIIE & I6, 134 l.ainest ,!) WR A-, CKER l - lIbl loor, nowy lan dI eIII e.dl to, i or l I'li r-l ; Ill -l :vllhs m iri wy the, ,,, Ourb r I ' , 1111:, ,, , 1,'XI1iAN(iF--On New Yori alld l'biideljli, ia, ll Al)AMS , WIITA.I, 67 Gravier st T 4RCII-- I halfl t Infoes, landing froul shi(3 Char IrleagieIalld for sale IIIb im ar 1. S I I.I. L IIC W N,& ( i M1n0ji i % t I OAF SUGAII-various quslities,. lsintlv in L Ptore sll f.r saleby SHIIALL ,- IIIIIiWNE, inar .9l 96 M lgazilse st iIATCIIES--A large inlxo, jost eceived and for s ale by SIIAI.L & PIROiWN, .isar , 96 Magozine at S UMlMEIR CLOTHING 9 caseR, colprioing a conml i Plulate oanoifti lnlnding fronllll aship Columbiano boraole by I BRIIMGE & Co Ilde123 1 131n eagoine t !J1CRIIARIISON'S New Englibsh I)icliolnary, col i pleoo in four parts, for sale atl slkrscrion price nar23 car ot Camp nll Comlnmon sta IM JUICE-,-5 Inls satd 31 denoijolns of this nrti. le, iure and eoldn,eilotri d, have belen lately inii p ,hed by tie subscriber, who will dispose of it onl ac aaodting oterlms. H IIi)NNABEI., onar 2 cur Natchez and Tlhapitoulan sts IIDOUSE '10 RENT. No 153 Grnvier st, laving 4 rooms, 2 cabs e inets nad It gallery, nith kitchen, wash room a usand servants roonaH, complete, n good yard pA.. bric kl vikI g i it eisterns antd a hydrant. i rno in given l onor efora Ist April. Apply on the preolines, or to rLOANE & 0 Co. Inar Louisa at XCHIANGE ON BOSTON--for sale by A mnar23 1 IIRIDGE,1 InMagelne st SPIRM CANDLE S-b-8 Ilboes 2d1 uality apeorm ai. Calles landing from ship Columbiana, for sale -by I MMRII(lE . Cuo, mar 23 134 Mogalino st I ATF.4ET NOVELTIES-iMenmoire oflCharles Mlat t A thews, th e omediRn, by M rsa Malthews, in 2 vola. ThIe ook of the Passions, by James, willi splendid London engravinga. Neal Maole avind olher tales of Ioeland, by Carleton. Ilench ond liar, lly tile atllhor of recollections of tile f house (ifemlllnlunn4, In" vok. S aiu Kvd, le Wizard of thle sea. by professor In grahaol. And other noveC isi Ei JOIN)l & Co, t er, St (,fat lea ' sntill (.ommlonl Sis INI IY-5 casko IPurilird honey, Iading front Cu. I[,, fril holeale.anI ndo retail by , H. BONN A'l FIL. I llle I;14 ,E--I Isi ksollolding 1 10,127 11 DlONNA .L, Irhipite.i',n stc I ACON SID)ES--Gllcaiksa upnerior Cineilli . u I reol. ill lstore anld for sale by G. iII lSEY, innr ..7 . 44 New I.eves SO)ON Brwn Siout and Porier,of oliroe i,,p-l.r. nar"7 - REA Il &lIA RSTOW, 7 Blank Plnce NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT. IF llE Locomotive will leave e thDepot at the f(tu of j lil street, every day at 8 A. M.n nd return at 4 L. MNI. eXcll Sllidl's, whiel swite will 9 UG A Car for lrivale paroies, provided the nlmber ao 1.flrent, -ill b eoand do li tile roadl oil te daus' evious notice. t12 1839 JAS II CAIDWEI.I., 'residelr. SC oL0 's PATIENT FIRE ARMSIi -Just received Iper sip Misoiassipi, froml Neow York, a large os sorrllellt oul'atle I lillen sild belt I'ilolslfor ssal at clr "l8 • i)SSIP & Cil. St Chlrles Ilotel D RUGS-Jus lallndillng Irline Mn illI, II plllv of looids, il biltter aoId weet lio1orki1 rool, lieu juice, esmOeae iffll-rglnglloi, essenc.ol rlleon jir,ll helllp nld lallary 4eedloo nomloti ,ll nbae, mail smll,l calhinridrs brilnlollle, arnella lliwel %later &c, for wholesale nud r1ta ill stoc II II)NNAIIEI, in'29 " -r Nolehez & Tehonliitoolas sti -ENW L-I% IKtijKS-Edeis'- Cnhancecry reports, NE1vohmtes iln .ioui, sials a-ad-ditional supllply io Chiily's orillilol lww-Slteplheln' ill lonleadiag, llrok eolorirllngi's ellorti--Jlistreeeivcel nld Ibr Csale by n0J A 'ITOWA t, 49 ('snip st VL illpoIIel 1by le0 subhoriber iuit, Eu&rlpoe andl ie Norrlth, colnlla lil' ladlldlalld for sale lu countriy "cill(es and plllnt Ill ro ti illt Ioc I'i ter,,ls. JAIl rIS & AiDR)EWS, 001.9 --l-e ,,lr t .ii ltn_ .'l_'cLtOlliiollnoa st lCI3E--ilcake phiinCarolldiia ri ce, lbodinhg froill I I.chlollr Bluaek hIk h. ll In or snle y i-i7_ti' __ Jl'tlAOi'ER, & Co, t1 G UNLNV IlAiS--i.iIil Gonay Bloi, 'j2 1 z alill Illur2 I . 1 LRl.L & Cu, 131 Ilg.a.ipoe 0t bHIPPING. For BurOpe. ....... FOR'lVEIFOOL-. . ,ge The slip KRORIIlRT BRUCE, Calt Hark. tir hnviniig nrto f liprc torg i ramtfni, will Ini. t whit sl)uleimahlh. For ln'eieirr freight ir llMssage apply to nil6 1. H G.E.,, 93 Comnnncn ca FOR LIVERPOOL. S'lTe A I and very inst FMiling. Phip ELI ZABF'TII,Capt. Ti'haye, catake 120 lbaled ofcotlon, and will sail on asuurday nexlt. For terms of passage fur two cHlliil psenpera apply lt m13 l. H (iALE, 9!3 CuLonnn sr FUlO MAIRSlII.LES. S The well known and very faot sailing lhip EIE.ANOR, Capt 'emberton, havinc th.e i'remter part of her carg.i engaged, will imeet wilthdlipaclh. For balance of rreiglit or pansage aiply on boal, or to L H GALE, "]or I 93 Commons t! FOR HAVRK. Tlihe A I nFl fart sailing ship NESTOR, Canp Mosse, will receive immniolintetieapach. For Imlance of iteight or pIMsagf, spply to upril I. L (IAI.:.9.AL (olnnon at 'riThei A I inIl fet aMilingr ilip ALI.IANCF, ,Copt)iin ltnlv,will recrivc immediate lds t nch. For fright of 2110 baleo of conon, of pstiUe., aplply to L A GALE. pril 2 . 93 Coinmnon ot Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. Packet 61h Proximao. Louirian andt Nert York Lane nf packets. ,IIPPI. Cplain Beehe. will re il abhove, alld will be. eidy to take m cargo in 2 oir a a-.S. lr I'reight o passager, lhavig llperior secnc-t I.niluitllanppliv to the inaaer oil Ioard, opposite the Vegetnble IlliirkFet, or It anl) J R IIILI.IN, 74 Camnp at 'lI'a packet Rship Li)Uisvilld, Capt. Allen icaceedl will le Mississippi, on the talurday next folluwing. I Fo,1i NEW YORAK. ' Tle new cnmd very fast Failing brig HIS TIOITIAN, Cnpt Tilnkr, can take thc bulk of ~ ifIL ba.rrea, laring the greater part of her | car on bnnrl. Fortir temi, or pasiae, apply to lanor"3 I.O i GAL E. It POFIt NKW YOKK. l The msln nd allpcrior brig CAUCASI. ON, Captlnn Voe, .will receive imoediste. *jlicatclh. laar paonageollly, Ilaving alsaalcae niociillcaaa ilitl, apply to L H WIALE, Sar , " OiO 93 9 Comlmon at J.6 'lT. Iaet ailing rcopper foaleaad brig l AI.DRICl. I) Norgrnea , maister, will Iave Ilespntcll. F.r freiiatl i.r paesage, ppllly 1ta . m.ai1 ,S & J I1 WHII NIM;V, 7:1 Camnp ti FOR NE\V YO)IIK. T Tiw A I alal frlt silig lAhlp I.EVANT, Copt. Iurlli-t, will rlrceiveih In elile ll ie tla i e a grei Paegre lter llrt of her freighl ellgaged. For bailallce ofl frelight oipl..age, apply to nl(i I II (iAlF., 9t Como.ttal lFit ll O s0STON. Thell firel cln ash lii FP iRUM, Capt Calti wellwill Ie , m retl r to reelec freiglat In a few Slaro~,,nd will naet willh dialalcll. Apply to ( 1 iTIlli ro STfrAl' N & AVF.IY, nlir IIl 8i Groievr at Fill PIIIl.AiI .IPIIA. - .. - F Tltolh i'liiilriiAl.rlltll;HJ NorgriiT STi m lat ,iPltg tlri A.iitii'lI, l Nargtalre Aataear, hao itg hle grtcler tarl 4i her crargi rt- eaeitl., will tet w'ihlh itAtlitaEille de.llatlli; 'ororllla lctoff eighltOe r Iri!oag!, pl, r tly to plUil I I m s l I, illIrNEY, T'l h Alarihlh can litindsoeinelv arctlllla.latio e a familyo aanlll fotr cablit ltStog,,rt, if early applienlion be FOR NEW YORK.- lllaMrs Lille lf Illcketl. Iact aion the ilh inI. 1 Ter tle.a, elalllelga ol very ftat sailing S bet ktli PANlhil n A, Alli)TaaLr , , ill coil sh alove. For freiglalor pasrnge, iraing al"erior laeetinal dationtis, appliv to thei captain on board twlo iern Ielow tihe Vlegltaile Marketl.l, r to ali I A C'OIIF EN, N , 91 Common At at FOI-R NEW YORK. Packet of the BAL ioil. New Vork and New Orlennt -. Tihe elegant new abilt rAROLINTA, Capli Smilt, having a consaideraible part of blhercargo on Iordl will osail paultually. For freiglit ir piaaglne, applv in liardl, or to aprilii P.I'EtR I.AII)IAIV, Cai:onatp t FOIR NEW YORK. illlnea Liane f Packets. To sailt O aete 3d ialt. I.EANS, Sarrs, Illatr, l tll i tilg two tlarli trdlt aier cargo engragel, will csil .s ateii'e. Falr tr' aI I sPage, halIvalg superioaoraccoallntaadtional rl m te can cain oa boarl, or to ap~it ___ A C()IIiN, ,iColnocnato * FOll IHAVANA. Porket Srchooaner. -. li rte A I fact ailing, collptpr fatrtenerd schr. M liZEi l80llmtojimrenlaw moaster, will freigl at r ac ltOllO dllaa ltayia Ig splelaaidil filrtIcilrl stille r r s ,t atc'.....c...... lae e25.' itteett.ageta: ,hest af ler 1a itt "I"n t.lllae "llalpliell wilh tba lrt l" the aniarkPet allrti. Allplt lilt lard, 3U tier. bellw thle aterrv,r tac nllrl I WA I PIIT'WFPII,OR R 4.lllllCmnmn Pt FOIt NEW YORK. T'lie A I roplmredl mail eoprr fo.teued i( " Hobert Browne" Chie. Mfnnil'd.M mas ter, will receive fir New York, and met - ih -lepfchl. F. r I'lrert sppy to tine 0ap0aio on • earl, opajproe Ile Orleans Co)llon Irees, or to REAID & IAI'RSTOW, .prill I No 7 BlIn k 'lc COLT'S PI.TI.ENT REPEATING FIRE ARMS. t IE Puallil are nrespectfully informed thtl the llulorv niErlari call a lire0 ndlar Ifor sale at GOS IP , Co. Excllallge Ihnlel, St Ctharles pt. loaf 5 tf SOAI--2IH) boxes eaudinlg from ship Cinrlemlagne ao.1 fur sale ly SHAIl. & IIIMOWN, onfir LO0 S o96 lMaczie at P t'I'Cli-25 barrels Piith, landiig fro ip Char- n lemiagne, and for ale lby mnar '0 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magazine at PRlTlrs'r TUltPEN'INE-'30 billsptis Tlurpneine Is lnding from shitp ship rlirleagn, and for sale by SHALL & BIiROWN, mar 20 96 Magazine at ' ACI'N SIDES-1-tI ctask, in store lor sale b Slull _ _ G I)ORSEY, 44 New Leveey )ASTE IL.ACKING-12 cames DuIlop's pate Sblacklrirg, lanling Ifiroi lhlip Orleann, for sale by fil8s I tt lItiGL &. Co, 131 MSagzine at B LAI. ROPE-1511 coIlsitilre otiF superior quo0 _ lily for snile lIyD DE Coo 13 alin tml3 I BRIDGE & Co, 134 Maeotne t O S'I'ATIONKI , COUNTING ROuU).OI, ToBANKS, &c 15 rmaont, Amnie' Drve mill letter pnper, line 950 do do ulperlcrne 150 do Iblue conierlial post 50 do white do 150 do green prot 75 td, w..r lined poat do 151o dn superliine cap vriting INt do fine cap do 2 di line royal do 120 do modium do 60 po bank lflio pot All of wlicIt am of o very a»pninr qualiy, and will be sold low, to close a cot.ignment; by m15 " A TOWAR,49 Camp at R AISI \-3-00 boxes NR Raisins, Loring'a brand, in store ami for aial bv nml2 CUIAMPLIN & COOPER, 08 Julia at AR--12.25 bble north Carolinu tar, in store for sale by n12 CHAMPLIN & COOPER, 79 Julia at H AY-300 balei northern ha in oorr, for ale by 1 CHAMPI1N & COOPER. l__t5 79 & 8"2 Joliant NEW MUSIC by Manouvrrir " Haste, Boaeran, Hasnt.," larewomlle--worlI by Miss Estelln, dedi cated tl lrelrty Illrrel, Eris con;pnod by i. . Mn nouvrier f Now Orlreans, received %nith the gtreatet aep. plase. at the Ngw 'urk conce.rl, E JOHNS & Cno, m14 corter St Ctharle s ,& Comlllonll Rts COFFEE-72 lHagS M onilla juit received front New SYork, per shli Orleans. for sile bv in1t4 SHAI.I & IlOWN,95 Magnazine Is F T » 1E:I.LAS-32 case Mantnatnd Ginghan Unm b . rellsa, c.prising I a sampule's ass,,eant, laedinl__ from l.rig J Palmier, tiloraltae bIy ISAAC L1IlitiE Sc C. tnr2r 134 Matoazine am. UST received l Ti'Towdr's Uitokslore, 40 Camtp at., I a ntii;ply of Ilhe fllowitE hoolks:-R-llewll' Mo dern Euro|l; lltllnall Msore's Works; Crabbe's Eng lieu Syn) onytO es; Bldirn's Atatotyv; Conllhe'' Phili. tolgv; Alcrtgo olanery's I.cturre; StVoell'o ITrovels in Egyjw,.A rabia, Petrea and lieIh I fi lnl v GnremTu,'(rý key,, [Rsaia d I'ffPoland; Keith fo' the Prophecies; In vwlid'l Orale'; L ady ofl lyIll; Sanlnl di; West ward lito; 'ITo1t Joies, l Bill Bs, Thre Young D)Uke; An atiusts; I)e Vere; I)iary ol a I'yvsician; Merchantt Clerk: fith allof Jamesi ' very popular nove!s by the set or siegle work. SN RICHARI)DSON'S Dictionnary tlie definite mean I i.g nd till the leanings of a wood, as well as its proper appli-otion m, n Ille ae scertined y tracing ae o r tes i oli' ( fonitions fooa the filthers of file language, Ilrotllh glsctcessie iges dowotrttrlie prenent tillie. A I I1r one is exprclted ito ubscrile to Richardslon's Die liuiar) till lt Iloas first onrmnied i, thnh Ageirl crene Itle indrulgence of leanrig acopy at the offirces f prteio sional gent'enlet for eramlinaftio, assuring thett lthai TIhey will ind in it, tllatclearrand fRll illsfrattiln ot lie langulicge wlo ng desirled and so l ilgeedet i ; tile very want of wiich hast Iee the greatest deleel in Englihri Sliterature. Officel62 Gravier at 3t id n117 SUGAIR & IMO(I.ASSES--84 bluls sugar, t20 bbla tno lasses oil the Levee,for Pale by ln.tilI ALDAMS & WHIITAI.L SETTER P'RESSES-A few Kitlrle's atent letter copying presses received front odion via New York per Yazoo. aud for s.ole kv o"nmy I) 'ELl' & Co. 424 Chartres ct ILSON'S FIRENCIH AND ENGLISH DIC ' TIONAltY.-Just received a very valuable sniplv of tlle ubovl wuirk., ill tge hidilig anl in rlo o iintrf AI.E.X. row Alt, I'S :rip sti J L. LBROWN'S Paeual Platform Baltan¢.ee.-Uro. . cer< t1' nltd e.l 153 Ilienville tlreet, Patent Pilt. Sf.rn Ialllances, ulperior in .ny ever ffered in l!is city. liel W R lAHNES. ill.ll.T, a Itr'oad Vi. cool, latlin. fronttl i I g- l.incoli, orpprtitle tort 11. .hi Miniparilv, for in'le I, . S &: J P WHITNEY, t poril I L 3 L tU FOR NEW YORK. N- t ,rk 4 uris tnE. A .NEW I. NBofitckeli ha'beenn establishd to ruh letwe.en Nie Orl'anne and New York, to conlseol'fivr first rate ships, viz: Shipl St. Melarv, W Furr, malter, I trade ar i oia lieght lnlt waoer oane will not he nubject letodlentilI la thle ler. Their nLecomodatlnlion rorpa~ esnger eoirise all itut kaiy be required for c .m.frt Io convaleenaer; and Iheir commande:rs are men of feairieace. Until I he li s is now buildig( are. con.plediee iwo firal class hlips oill «supply ineir 'li grentest pulctitlity Hill lie olierved in the tim, Oef sailing, and every' reaueolbl accumnodatioun e1 ndied to shippers and ieeengerp. or further particulars apply to Aiessrs. Johnson * I ioden ,No. 86 Wall street, Now York, or to jA P'iT'.IL I.AIIDLA.W, ;i CamIp at FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiat. anld New V'rk Line of Packell.] To fail regularly as iadver redijriua each Port. T HE line is at this Iiomlnti composed of the follow ¶ ine sllhis, hau 6 laore new vessels will le plton at an early day. making ti', n.umlber twelvec ill all, %hich will allan t n b iot.ditlaOlefrat iiport every week lurine ItI? yenr, tlnh alft, aing aprompt faicilitian far Iranlportation and at Ihe owaesl rates nffinlightl. Ship Yazoo, Captain Truak. MisAisnippi, " Hrlir. Lotisvi.le, " Allen. " Saraloga, llatllawny. " llmsville, " Eldridlge .hakespeae, " Palmer The above ships are all of tlh filsl tlact, coiperrti alnld t'opper fctenc, tf a livlht drnmght of water, anil built in Now York explressly fr tle trade, with elegantJ acconmmolations for panengers andl cumnumanded by atile and experienced nasters. Time price of passage is fixed at 91,90 without wine; or liquora, sapia tres ill every other particular will be prouVda, and ererv altelnlin given tt, plomnote the coonlforit ltltrle iasinag to anl fro in the line. The shitps will at all tInoth be mow'ld tp unaldown tlhe river, and time grratest punctuality observed as tu their day of sailing Neither the ownver or cantnin of these vessels will be realansible for jewelry, l;alliin, preciouns atonea, tilt ver'ir plated ware, breakage of glans, hollow ware, marble, or granite, cooperage on ll, rust of iron or steel, or fiar any letters, parcel or pacnkages -el by or put on Ibard tf themn, I llesn regalar ilelof aIndtig are taken far mtle staon, adl the valte lhereafexprued. For fright or Impasge, apply to nmnr21 JAMIES I IHU.l.lIN, 74Camp st FOR NEW YORK. HOIMES' LINE OF I'ACKETS. O anil a neloally every Monday from enach p.rl T h ,i a Ulln elacketslhave liJeli increased to ell firt lanrs Shlipt, connirting of Sllil N.Vrshille, Captain Wood. Arkansaa, Captain E I) ranis, A.ol.ranu, Caltain C C lBrry, Oriena,. C Oaplain S scarh, Viek~arn rg, Captain J Bunker, Iljiaens , Caplaui Arshery. NA'raheaile. iC tai t Wo;d. o Iraria. Cuaptin TromuC. Otonlle. Captlaill nljlyiIt. Oacalaiee Calltain l.eavitl. Newa Sialp 4 -- Cntlnain Wa<allallnse. Neaw a'hi, -- Caplain m Nichols. The ablwre slhips are all ofte first class, eoppered, and copper lontened, and were built ioo New York otx protaly for this trlill--the aire r olfiallt ldratnit it' wra. trar. ntnd almost invariably croas lhe bar rwthout dreten tion Tlese packets are conmandlel lay Captains well ex partllened int Itle trade, and will alwayv eert tlhemselves to necomaMndlate. 'I he, will l aim ma e tawed up and dlown the river. and will pitomplly sail an nadvetised. They have handsomnely furnished nccmnnnodlstionB,and stores ofnthe firstquality will always ea furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and satlifaction of pasong er Tie price of the cabin inaxed at 180, without wine or liqnor. For further particular apply to A COHEN, inart02 90 Clllmon lstreet T.Tlh i slipa are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble oa granite, cooperaec. of tin or rust ttfiion or steel: nor responsible for any package or parcel put on board, nleta a regulalr hill ofifladintg be signed therefior, at tle office of the afents. .. For the Znterior. FOR BAYOU SARA hegular Packet. P Tihe s1p,1nlendid pasRengr oswenmboal d BRILLIANT, Jesse HIart nlaster owill lve New Orleans everyv Wed noedoy alt ,olock A. .tirllavouSara' &every Saturdoaya lit Ioelcek A. M lnkiog ineo coast down on b Snmla, o Fr fieight or pasnesage pply to Capt. Hart on bori Ior to fi.h5 ADAMS & WHITAI.L A.ll.A ILL DEEN MAIUIOMFI'S Turkish Dye, tortclanguiiggrey or red onl the Iend, or whiskerr, or evo Ilhror, by i single application, to a perfanenrt brown, varving ito complete black, with out mnlsiing either tile hands or linen, just received at the Bazaur, corner St. Charles & Conminon streets. lUSHII & AI..LAN, fel Exchange Hotel C lhNESE TRl'UNKI--Just received an assurt. dies idresses or fur Ibolding pialpers &A,,liing eltrellmel light and hanu;urtue, lbr ae illt (;OItSIP &kC , fei oExcliange lotel St Charle. Pt F S. PARMLY, Dentist, respectfully gives no Lo tiee, thla lie inrma be eonsulted annually in Nee Orleans driH g thL e I;nitl. No' Febrtnry, March anid April. Iist x nuoberi in tie practice, wr .loai, wrieto proifesioinl skill sold rexperiencr, both in tbie suoLrical eoid Ionlaieanicnl duiearlulets,, is unsurpassod in this oulolrv, will retlaiul peroimtlitly. fela Office,59 'anal street. ICiOLA i NIC-KLEBIY-Nos 7, 8 and 9, also Ile first six numbers in nnte tract, with a variety ol very interesting books, just recfivdi and for sale by mlu. A ATOWARI49 Camp at CARD TO THE LADIES. ILLIAM IIELI., No. Ill Chanrlres street, cnotlii noies b puTchlse old brohken Jewelry, old gold or silver in any form whatever, and pay tile Ilighest price in Orleans. Ladies wlo Imayi have old fashioned gold jewelry, vis: eat ornameniss chains, necklaces, buckles, finger rings, or in fact any articles of the line, whien is lying die and ofno use to theim, cal exnchange the samen to good advantage, Iy, calling as above. N Il-Watclhto, Jewelry and Specltclea repaired in the best ainner-charges moderate. JaB2, 1030 BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles SP Common street, EXCIIANGE HIOTEL. B USH & ALLAN woanld respectfilly call lle at Stention ofcitizens tadstrangerr loilheireomnplete anslorent uo Gentlemen's linen rlirlts do cnIubric, with hmen rolnts. fashionable linen fronts: linen col. [Iar: silk, cotton and merino ondor slidrs and drawers: cambric and silk handkerchiefs: black sand fancy cra vats in great varietyl stocks of every description: gutn elastic and cotton suspenders: silk, cotton and thread gloves Csetshoskin gloves: umbrellas and canes gold thnunted. Also,-Splendid assortient of ladies and gents wri tng desks, dressing eases, port folios, perfumery, cut lery, and rich fancy goods. nov14 M ARRIAGE PHYSIOLOGICALLY DISCUS. MSED. Translated frol the French ofJean )Du boie, M. D. by William Greenfield. Part lnt. On the necessity of Marriage ! Part 2d. Instluctions in ourtinlg, with a cure for Love I Part 3d. Part 4111 th Marriagei PIloieilagically Isiertiried is the most useful, sad deiedly tile Ilmost interetliog wtork that we ever read, It will break up more rakes and Pslinsters, And llake inlue iollort inarried Itnran wo'ntor than ally pbiliaenl, that bs everiheu sain tliooed Iy Ithe eottrt ot Hynen.--L Monapet oure. iols is a grcat book, land will lie proluctie of iuch good litthe ellmlnlity, I il true it Clntaius oltieh Irange IlU n gkse, tiln l iln e il, lat ing its erou., tolligflle Pcfroeiad written in it, lie etidl it hve rItend it lore tieliastely. We elperially reootirend its 1 Ilstrllitilos i Cotlolrttlg," to the tlolte itaotl oi all young nd'ie afnd etetlel'it tlhlt nay l in quest of priero.--lr petlit Courier Des Dames. . FrOI le o laltoo s l ora et bTe Magazine and - CaInup street. Price $1. J 'I' Ileceveil aiii elegat stlrUlllelttl toleer pdoated 0 nst fitthlonahle style by J V CHIL.I)S, fl7 3 SCanop iat pEINP6_l;..-0 bags a superi orartie for al ole by 1. Inl EAl A.& IARSTOWN.6 i ak Magine st SINSEEI) OIL-10 casks linseed (oil i store 4 10 siksA Siciliano Lineer Oil, landing fromnt brig i bi flrailoe fy no14 SIHAI.L & MROW N 6i 1sglazille st i ' I' EEL--I tO lln bli Jtend steelr. ,lUst ref eived pdz , shi Orleansi., for stale ti I4 lSIIAI.L .& II.ROWVN, 96 Maniz-ite st C EMENItlRoinlt aond Ilytraulic Joutl eceived anld Sfor sale by 1 io 7 IREAl) & IIARSTOW,7 Batik place _ AVANA C)FFEE-173 bngs luading frotl brig Sbrig Otranto,-for sale Ity tl4 - A 'RIilER, 31 (;rraier at 1 V6RtY-F-OLIFiE : - itot roceived a few dozenll of - opetior ivory foulders, for Ale by I)AVID) FELT' & Co, ri25 N Y stitioters Ihall24 tllniarlre st RLOU 00-I Iit l hhls Fulwrfutn, and 350 do felo, at iF he lanoding, for sale by nr2 I .DORSEY. 44 New Levee u 'rrI'aER--t0 kegs l.perior westernl in store utd for sale by t m127 (I I)ORSEY 41 New Leven I1INR APPI.E C'IlEESE-Ftt salne Itoy I. a147 IIEAD & IARSltOW,7 Ilank ilnrce OICE--AII porsolls hiating la;Illos against ith, Nit nt 0f Clutier & Sihnto tr John Christie, ate r eq steod trol ple-ett the pane at slte oolef of R it Stitb, Erb . ttourueo ut law, No. II, Exchaoge I',w.. wihu lay. ltuar:2 BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIPTION1. iPEqEDn.VIIANDr40bHEA AND CHEAPI.Y EXEE12TEU AT TUN OFFICE O TnE T#*rue .Emercass, T. CIHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. CHAMPLIN & COOPER; GROCERS AND) DtEALERS IN PROVISIONS ANtI FuEr, No. 79 and11 J lida street, New Orleanm. 0?SI'ip arid _Fomily atorce _____np. _ LUIIIIAAN A FURNITURE WAZRUOOMU N-,. 53, Hienville ginoel. W 1.IA.1AM It. CAIMNýS, wtould repliu'tfuliy in ( rin Imfi lin., and tIiaprolifnic flint leie isn-l1 atantly recviviivin New VInkenl IWtnrl m 91P41 assoritent of Farnimiiu , sticla its mn, ogany chaiirs. sols, Lord-teadi, unopi arid painteld chairs, uniple unn. cherry bedsteadd., uifniganv nand cnlerrY talesn i ll nenenliijn., burnnm, nnnnn urym, wriliu, " wardirwes olrl inuliowmayll und c lierqr, witAl "n Isd, Iuiktiig glnonen, 1'ntlnn-n, bedding, Arc. &(!. Nit. Inurnoiuen .npaked ICor tnrnnnnri nlnoin with grenn culre. I~v~ FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LOUISIANA, S I'FFIL hisi servirces it) theiml plic in thlie depart i arunlll l arvevirng anti Civil Engineering, Ith hlntowna nnd lnlltry.* Yrl llolliderh exleielle. in lhis pronfnrin. aind by anl lidelilt in 'lla execution of businesS enltrllsted l him., h.h Itles to h merlt all receive a shlar of .ublic putroanaet. lie wil" alsine easure and ceallae tile i O lltellrnt i wallt a 11I e. avutions.a Olice No 8 Charte rtrapel,aseonlart y tnck. jr7 BAZAAR. 3=1H & ALU1N., NO. 1, EXCIIANGE IOTEL,I., '.'orer of*St. C ries onidt CommuN l i ,. NEVW OUlI.KANS. TMPORTERS and llealer in LFrar.llch n Engliish rrrIfunrv; UDresiing Ca-neA nlrd I'lprllale llrk, Cllutlery, llHnricr. iL'loves Sjlirt, Stouk, UllnrrllB, Canes,aa.l Fanci. Articleu. -5 IcCOLILU & DOSSY, Factors & Geweral Comnis.sion llerchants, MOBILE. Referenera in New Kir,7an n, .errnathy & Ilam, Cndlrrel & Ilirky, I'ope, Irrers Co. JOHN STEWART, JV. 5, I'tll Street, N'rw Llork, (<COMMlISSIO)N aEIRCIIHANT, IMPORITER and eelprnr In llaterr IPlhslihes nul trilnllling us, .A lc)m P tlu ll av IIag I- mIa h IIId I I l(- I erate terms, and every attention p:lid t gloods forwlard ;ed to his nre. Referellces: R leusra. a.nrue & Pronvit, N O. UGossaiip Co. noiwm 1838-ly A CARD. CHRISTIE & MINNOTT, Wholesale Grocers and (Contissmo,, erthant, i No. 27 C,,I.It.i Street, t)rlinll. ' paid to Ill ill ing IuIof Stran. beat anid Ship stos. BANK NO'I' EN(i;lAVINGU RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON 1AVE oielicird an ofllice in New Orleans. I)orrs.inE equal aivantages with their hnuse in Ne.w oVik, fir the pnrlsie ofengraving anti printing Bank Nots., BundN, Bills of Exellaangr, Certlificnla of Deposile, Cheeks and orther imporlant inprs, requiring securitv a ianst I~nrgeries; andl have ,,ue am. nple aiavision lor thIe safe keeping ol'all plates and impnressions enlrust- I ed to theirenre; their epeciiti.eis embrucrlthe notes of over fie lhulred banking institutions, and all udlrt r will he executed with promptittle, anl on tile usual terms. Office, comer of Koyal & Canal street. ja;--If SAMUEL TOBY, *Merchandise Broker 4 Commission Merchalnt, 13 OSfice, 36, Camp lt.-For the present. 0. II. BLLISS. SHIP BROKER & COMJIISSION MERCHANT, No. 01, Po)dras Street, SNEW -nrr.A As. J. P. FREEMAN & CO.. lw*.kesa CltII*iOr Af stbhliseInt No.3, Magazine street, I AVE constantly ol hand a large lil)p)ly of Cloth l in-, calculated for the country trade. Their us. to sorinlent Teinlg large, tnerchanoit froal tile country coan r be snupllied at tile shortoot notice. " Oct I W"ASH IONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, N.. 14 Chartlre. Maree , IIAVFa oooionsnokopiaujy y f eere article perallino it to gnotlelnen'o dress, tof the latest stle, t Neiw Ylerk ries &C 20dee ° . B. Rou SURGEON DENTIST S Nol. 33, Iloyal itrel. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHICO PRINTING ESTA IILISI MENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite lanks' Arcade. IVILLIAM GRIEEANE, PROPRIIETOR nr I J EH. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O:leasiFelb. 21. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESAI. AND RETAI. I)DALEIRS IN " MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUI'k'S JD IVIUOI GOLASS, P Courner ol Conanon and T"choupitoutls streets, t NATHAN JARVIS. JOIIN W. ANI)REWS. I A large upply u Garden Seeds, Hurranted tile growtll ofl 1837. M DOV1.r: & .itAt, 0' IEALE.jL IN AMERICAN & ENGLISII CROWN GLASS, No. :3 CARONDO.EP S-TRmET. ol FIREI.EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NE\V ORLEANS. This Colmpanv arek ow pIreoired to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. J No. 24 Musson's Building, Canal s.ert. U E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15,1838. Secretary. I ROBERT'ICILANNON, 0 HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Calmp street, Wholesale Oealer in Paint, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, na30 Window and Piclure Glnss &a. &c. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RosBIAvsoJ.r GODoo ijr, IK [N. 6S, C'horlrI Smllel, " )nre Door below Bienville, HI AVE constantly on lhand every article alriertin- U h l lg t¢ genktllllllu'e drwss, kklade in thle besk nlllC mnr and most fashionnble stile, llhichl tlhey uler l'i a clL , a t redllced Ilprices. dec4--i1. _ ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OPFICE I No,. 53 Ma-nazineos tre, opposite lanks' Arcade, I~ STA BII.ISHIEIS r tlle execution of i tlps, plans I A and drawinlgs, nllerchlln' cire:nlars, bllsiness, ldl adldress cartsl of every de"leriptioln, funeral circulaer on O Meepioourning pkei, ulpthkeary uald druggists'lkbelo; lee checks, dny roreceipts, &c. irilltkd aed exuueLkk d iil 'leditiullas tyle, bv the proplrier. WII..I.IA GukEENE NB Ban Notes ,latlv executedl m124 A Card. ORLEANS LIT'HOGRf.IPHIC ESTABLISI- I ME T, 5:1 MAGAZINE STREET, 0'PO0It'FE BANK'S ARUAIE. W GREENr. returns his rilcere ithanks to hIis 'rie Ids andl tile pu llic <of New Orleans. for lie, paltrolne bestowedCl hin lil lor the last two Vyers, Uilld begs leaoe teoY arsieII tlkinI thti a nll orders eCnlnilted to usual, keel the offic open ll drik g tie sutiorer, .lld shall im always ready to strike off nlerehnt's circu ars, buoinessk ad lpadlreos cards flotal notices, and nli., plaln., sall dranwg, il uover. deeriptionll, at the onlresk notice, anti oi tioe Host reasonlabe terls. lieing a i T a rsed I orits superiorl t lay Uoter establish let il Ia tle id le andliroia Clonr explrience in Ihe litlluogkphic like|, Ike ofel cun llillt o givikg eltire oatslactllon. N II Apothecaries and drugnists' lkbla exenlntced in n I yle as cop i rplate egrving.134 Mgai Ia I GEORGE C. CIIILDS,A ATTORNEY AT LAW. W IL.L atteld tie Snpricllle Court. 1nd il+e I)isnrict t. llurl, or llurrislbnrg.lad somna Of the udjacetll c OUlllini.r-)flfe tclie RCitev. J Hoen Doo. b Inlaims oult le govsnlit'int ru ilier lr oriitaiy Lanl or Anoey, will I. indPaErlAk I allInromptly ametendld to eiloher or non on l'silent or residclls of'I'exls. Adlreis franilla te UniCord Staan t-Cily Of Huusto i o tikhe cro ll. Riciker, jr. (T'l'eoxa Posul lle Ages, New OrbIkons. -ik snac 2 EAN S--Ill is landinkl romt istresa , oat t Loui. iYr l lh AIk AIiA itl'A lIER. l mkar i 1 134 Mlouaila st I I 0E ' CAIIL) NAI. CIIEVI'E(IJS, Archbilol.,i LA of tli,rd'. nux I) tile lIre. J Iltlen Ilklhokrk, vx roleour of theIollogy; trsalhted fronl lir FrecUh by llbkrt ll )lk 6 s Jll rcteived r lli It flrh eiiiby ell6 "A 'I'OWAAR,449 (.Itil t ANIioA :Oll).\ kE--A colnllph te n-,otllao-it MII olfanilla (Corlltit llolg Ilawnd rr + lie bIv il2nr l S & J I' WII ITNEY. 7:3 CoTnp o L TS-l10 cu a.llI, niiKpl.'Ih lI1s, feer ale lby Li klark9 SilALl, &--BROWN, 96 5lgnrzikkak N AILA-1 8 kelgs-andisig io 1sl ip lfinrlem itC ahjl fur pole Joy SHALL & kOWN, joinI.21Y 96 fMounzine st R USSI A Q'H" lE(I S-2 baler, or suorriur (Load.~ ily, leading front mbil) Plur a, lur sale b v moar lb ISAAMC IlSKll E & wc t 134 Magazineo st I OI'IIJN -fia CaneA St(alliler C1011411F, (34IMPA' STiog s good assorstunt, landinog foust olipPFartial, tarsale by I I BIIIJUF. & C., 111B 13d1 lblogitto8t Gl (IANS ANID hl(H)TS-.3s tasr A ontcainingi RII .'t'sand [lot' lit qua lity kip. Iogaons and fin kill ap d olfl'Boti; loandingfrotohbiplFortion, fer saloty toor 10l I. Bl0'JIIIE &o Cao 104 Msgszitoot SPECIFIC SIOLUTl0F. * A l.I. whlare "uleril. from UIIETIIKAL DISEASES' i .ll cll GONOKILHOEA, i.K (El'S, S'lII":'IRES a IIIi'rA'I'IIN OF TIE KIDNI'VS, IILADDIIL, UKETII- I "A, PIltRl'iKATE ; GL.AND, iold ail IDISEASESl of thi U. IINARY PASSAGES, PAINS IN T11E LOINS, (R:AVE!., .ui»aIo, or o li ncmlerB. Weaknessa or Local llehilitytore .red t Lat I III valu;-,.e inediilne at all time .uremr l ler Ietly arailicul,: I tll, above muduch than ally titlier, load inlvurlal y illlproves tile ctltitllttion lld * eneral d ma Illh, ul ja rest-er-' Io, vl.v r tlllose puarts tilha hIre beell iajur nd lhy dicl'.e -Jr I ier1olir treiiwo.e lln. 6'ltl , Ill nled icine I.. plflldilhlll Ill till. Illlll rll tl~ tllllllllllll re:(:( )ll lil;l.t all I Ii ,- of ll a i. oprh l('1 illl · a1ll e . A( ellr· ld |lllll ii r ilt , 41e , a Ill Mlll ll 1 'lll 1ll I II1t h lih -t At1ldilg ill the ilr u IHUlllredll IItiiila I rewllald I1t- -le erl aoCl(rD 1 tilll ed olr t- Ill :illo ( nlle .k ,ellll o tllll- l aly ally d:y allow l eVnl ý h Y sIIIIIIIII c . Ill. I Allt ; oldd i u rtt l ,cl'tlllo nlnr ilbel lite I,| Ii*L rrillld Yllhlnlldl'. .p.l-clf SrolU~llutio le- ra·llJ p. oIllist, tl r . y rPr all tIlrl. d IIiii 1- holr lllllall I Il had ever Iý 4l,,e *il l.... edt, t Il Lir. rllrl hIlealtllh wlts illlle h Illltv. ,d. ItI. E . I) "leeturer oil Mildwifery. at BIrlhllloll.'lI I",i ial." n.v pIlielld. Ila orilll , Ul Ulel h l DI ivllrge -, -d.Ill - III¥1tilt - hl, ito111 ihey act, cooed in iupuc 1,!s Ille hlbn fie La)d ,re ,u*ly o ld, M.aIlklit Irnl) rlll ll s ollfaiva, ld iý If oiiatio III i. a r- ly llllllefllullvd anIid o11e I itt heIinledI Illnl- elli ameillllr rllrllllv , midi iille thlal rlllvll's Ur.thlral Dis e-eii- ldamer thalli-tll [ prelllllt ttiou .olie l i he lu1 oever pre Tlhlle. I e ll t Ii e ilbl illo d til y , t at No,. 96 Colmla I wlouse ol, ill Nl Orle.-s. M\EDICAL~ CARID. AND IMPrORTANT TO TIJEI'II Arn"Ific-I'I.D WITHI DIS. FASES. A TRHEATISe en Venerni I)-ose, Gonorrhien, lepasnial Stricture,, iorclialtaig pracii- ok;,-ati- a n Sentientl IeVe.iliness, arobig f ronit eartlly ulouses, go that aill PerseusII call It is a .... A- lllly lis" I that rholl -ni, fall '"I e ien. to ~file Ve ull were'd Deamse, , owing to flat an,ýkflfal of illiterate loca,1JI a /ell who flllly tile use of that dollY la~liloa, , run, it.. renl.III stiillool, and ca~llls,! ulcera I wo, with 1) ot(- lc.ý )it lb ocall, tue PI-I'llitl"S PURr 11,11- i Illillll H; SPECIFIC 1111"i.4,( IllllZ A . . ....... ... heaeot1 I~n1I~ IPlllcdp) -eH-eedy--irdi r rTrd 'It a;II'he howbago 1-1debilityu il-illaa Il~rll~irlri Intoo i of 11W1,6.1.1 r o vocterall. andotiverdiaill es- of ilieuri.111 spi e- of by a I ad falr. XIII1II~ ll for a do-, with Note 11-I ý,`!q .. 11(: Il llI he ceI ilall with t hey .rII)CIIeco.L·Ctiou I -WrIl rr od' c I~lal. I. alli e'led, bya a Iomglr !Il~le. ic 171 r ;",e of inln, utll ill its 1 1 '. puirir 1( y Irce ve thedi"; --,lr but env a! y tei loo fle (h claair re-rll thei~r u,.unc, go neold :..lot I po,,epl~blo. s to c( sakc, file n a '.1 on a -p ti c al of thel : - .11 h inil g I " T ale ti ) il It" d inl r quirr, 110 reilldraint if dome, u-s at ouve, or rctuce .1r, ly "Lia ne-ii. beef ellf-I lopl.1t, care, . let I the 1'. ." eacroon'l, ,, thltlone ent. Alan 1, pciro.1 when 'he Aa O olghw~l nsp cion almy exist, it W a I I le -11 to asto revou - to file sp- ifiv PiltI, ifol. wluuox le --totin pr-al o,.c b) I .. let e friceta.nir Metters P Inierry, Surge oli m, coatin ue to dimt their I tteiclies t cOl nowiteindulgence lululapida of the n- hce let Only o e.v .,oil a numerous front of nervous and ritailcen it.,·13is ottries all thoe emervuting imbecderrilties or oldage ho weaken slid destfoy III the I il) -ease-rc, accanrioni g less or halOg a.. thller Eudg cut tool inc inlryIl indifference ad aversion ll r alll which u lldrispsfrutcosierngthloeles afie utor o theirawn lottery, laid tilenecussity often In acing te temlie,111ita oflil interringe, tire file fluctuating ideas a[' those wine have giv a way to this d'III 6 tive and desnuctiv Ul l 'b"' III that dee.u. tretshig lot. of~ delaiity or dclictenoy vivinillc thle cause.ln elmelb of if,], bila ct al loo, ti~e ac-iv. dca rinking. or any othr aue, y hih [iepoer of the enuittin edne enfeebled, they, offerll a firm, ule and speed), restoration to os Pei yl s egetble illsre ell nownfor he crtai an efeTuf icu ledy (If ýacoitohuy kynipwins, vo stvereal eruptionsr !ýuitao in lie bonesii drc~, ulceatd -ie Ifiroul dISCaalilease, chro I. heIm.1 .... ýC flm, sorbuic an glanularatreeious twel and general debility, it , i v·n~rnlll dsy~ilti talllrl~ Illllawrlll k ,:ctu ra ll pains fit like lara d and inr b% dcpr a siw of' spirits, a of all diseases uri ti g front on These Pills are worthy a plare io lite vabinet ofinniurre andII.LI ni captain of hit,%, th inate sit, as they wigE1II ll ke go i n alilll sat cl Inan- ,fly leogth or thne-~ ul Illcrur b llc, h To [)a lr tlead only at No. 06 Cuslone houge stieet; New Orleans.u P far the e fleetua l extirpation of evety, Speci rbrn and Syeul.b .aa:,f tllre Syphilific disrov- u ad file away disordliers amingt Well - now eo r'se-iIrjl puenti)lieen -nlerpalan d sypilitic rl dIIcases, with o btervations n stneinulr weakness, Ire. kv., rou lil Walsworth knowial l by those who are or leave been. B~ ux~r if. ". to thi linl; t dit- uu110 ltund d Or ýOvial Iou co ntinue- to dirc tie o attention to thosilLI ie dis ,order ar stue front thelpis, late free and ita 1Irinfinate indu ficuotlus, -['the pii~stowo, whic If not only occuse ns it numerou train of itervolis afeettem-, but al- contels at, its votaries all the nervalaog inebe, litica ofold age. hithattU~lllllitroo singstate "eilil y told deficleacyts whehr [livsee consequencr~l~e of baue Cut laehi.ý, excemedrinkiig. oran v, othee auve b which A powers (of like oru obtitotion become nl ulcubt ed, lie offers a firiuI~ Is u-no,'l mhctholy fact, that eviousa 'let& plill victinis to the ve rea dcaeowngtoth ukiibue of illiterat II1(IIY ellC. l e well,· I~ oello, bl Iy thcuscof that detall y poi-ii, ineictuy, ittin th ecou. r,,ms)- of J~rcydau Uui alorsiiy, lie cat ilarred ll invaluable hene-E litiul of anid o h di sc-itryllle f his g r 4 Penaver. far~ll~ll ftilie ljrco c this dcpka uble C()rlltlia. Never in,] :I dipeo er Plixcit a sreatersll nsateve; i t w:,,.mqoug:,tlitIlr with aolityran Caesofth dliae coulpho ut, for (lie cr~l IlellI~ure of whic fit e I'll, been so long 1111ce- pbrated. ThIe futue of these Pills thre -)o ery country. The certainly w 'fit which thev wt illllere otinuallyle ;uaug ýhclon continenthe al war they were the hop~cpur able coull ,&.,a,, led tail egi a rdrtia of te eaeI all cases where theu Il rjigll eut suspicin I) I infection was entertained. What made. partilcle of insidious oi.0" a!-uraf) log in thei, r progress~ thei whoe falls. of fuid; tey kly eanve heIf selse.bu ,ý.uavwta toy their actions, the diffrentfuncionsfthebody TIIE MOST IMPORTANT HUMAN DISCO VEIY. A CLIIRGYMAN, late of tile Cutiulridge liiv'esity. hnv iagdleovered a inothod of curing hoinuelf of a Nervoub ur Ml.ti Cu.llluint, of ftlurteelt year' duration, laid II four yer.s ilnvng hid absve 2,U00 patients, all ofwhol lie insl cur ed *i li lowed-his Rdliee, exIp telve, offer. front binero. lece rather than gaill, to cure t hers. Iow spirits, i elu al de blilly sld exiaustiloul, deiteriinlliO of blood to the head, ver ligo, groundlela fear, fuilure of iiclory, ilncaucity for ibuii ileiis.udy,&c., restlessness, irresolution, wretchedues, inde cisioo, tdlusiou, Ij.ehlatildy, thought* of self destructiol, in-. it .Unlty, AfC., Ire curable by this il. artaut discovery. Most re Cover ill six weekM. Apply to No 96i Cuitoim lodue il, New leans. HEALTH AND 11EAUTY, CTOIMACII PIlLS --A ll lllllUnit uiinllicl writer lins rellirk I3 e], . n1 experellce. has porovýed the- fae. that tlll"li tho ate nlitie Usio pllg u ait lllll ualIll ill prper order, preserve health, letiv ent di-eil-e, aulO generlly attatin robust, herful all healPthy ldL O. F EA; filrOtllR .irablde purpoe tll.e. tll - are ad liedhbeili prepared .luln thie ,ulphate l u' lufuinll, ilUda erhuiullt ll f 1 ltli lale , edid s Thel y i iha%@ ill 0l, caises, irovedl supeicrior to every otheor IeCdiCllca ill th cureeir ul-lficll l -ll livl.r e oliuyl t ,lt Ihi, of appetite inufdigestlou, _u teloaltu c I lllle.- gild opr Ie.ioIl after InllcEL, 0hortnIoIt of breath, sadautill, oUeelht rel:torailt- aftera elly eexut the t* ble, a they gelylly j)lils .llld eca:-llel Iovel6, luefllglheu tlellllll l, aulll ig ll tie :ti tlls «lytlil. M Felry ln whol vlie goui hleatlth c hould aver loiet aihout ytLUin, la, they eill 17o, tiI r le . ..r y .r r it lL»u l l. ile tile A Ab It ut Aill. 1Ltr Iletiui n»utll hill aiUi .l tllpe.iO. .. I' aous on of a il ages. ai kle i tr ali at ay lil*e. i t iutihey do i otu uonUtasin ally li.rt.ury l or u -y illgrillliuto thalii ryequirel. oii slt or rltritioulluof die. TIhluy.l~lhld i* .i, krit ievery toalsly a 1 reise.i.i idl s-ile l of dudileo .lluesu; for-uby their ,ilr lit .dll.n. istrlliol, choler Inorlbus. cranlps, .pa;sl-l, fe.rot oallt ther a carll« rO'llllllilalli r niln, ui: e opr.edily cured or rElllt ftl.ul Sold .1i No. 9 s6 utoldl IlOlie - Lu NcW Orleanlll. SAIISAPARILIA PILL OF IIEALTII; OR, 1Lt,OD V'ILL. r I -rnlllS t.-tfoliy lull i.a .l adiCiel r Io tried e, ieasy flr cii rectig Ull diord-sr of i1theel iU d Iud Sbsw el., Illnlu.aoUll ' yUliltOui tot' which i re sy. tlveullu, fitulell .yl'u.. flh of upiteu.. icsi headuchIe, giddi.ssu, hesseot .uil tdli egrip Ir,ii , dlzuiue.. st itl iyu-, drowst iness skid ai ill the. sjutiuc- h did howels, t.lgIlldigetiOll Iroluci lll l a or hid .lie of lls, liver, as, u-il-unt nu u il-ct its y of the bow els, causing alisurganization of' every fUuctican of tile fnlaE, will ill %this .in ist exe1'ui.t prcparatiou, by I little parrever ine,lm o.iwitI.illly reilllov. Two oir thleel dosi e will ( Lon tinietile th;Misted of its salutary stt|icts. i'ne btoulch will A.,eedly regaill i .I srenl, a realth acuiollu ofthe liver' s law el. iuld kidly- wiil rinp dly take pluc,; atlllstead of li.tle.s -., be eat. paincand jaueltl~cnd a leirailce, ntr. 7gth, alctilvty. uidi rullei,l health y till lIe tile qui k reiul- t oif tsakititiles - "J'hehe pillsare particularly efficuuioub for btunalch el, ,coldvt, iull liorduE.-s bIreathsy au ail o.stru'y tiilu iii tils W iltIarv tasogY*; ald if teie iftei too frees allindullsncsat lble,. Itlhy isicely reltae the I)'telu to tz latural srate of rU-tr of . I ull hubit wh..rE sujectI to headache, *Uidd |le.Bdro~wr d illllu c , arii ti t, llg from toogreat. s flo el blood ed o te hn lmhl .ever ihe wttltout-Ih s, t For 'emale.these e pllli era tif.o triv excellent. rm-wving ell obstructions, Ihe dialresiug.he'-lache at very prevtdeut will, th .le; dsexr: eion of oltirit.. dalhees or eight, uer~ou .€LTeioltS., hholehl.,, I llea. anad aloluasouthe itkm, iald l yive a 1healthy nud jurelile I,|eow to Illeomplathium. To illthders they are r.cfidelnly recolmmended aus e hWil inedicine that call be taken durin.g l 1r0gnUcyiand fo 1 of all age. Ihy ere unnmlu.i". , o A.i n ideabla ut,, easy afnteiolitt they Unite I a I o daltiit uo a inih 41teatie a itlh the ivest bUeeeful ."ff i atld requirne retlranlllof dit O. rollfionenltl durilln trbe ire fty Tdaulelinh tile dti.e ccordinl It to tagee aud st rnltlit oftba niel lent. I11 e~y bseolllo ru~lnhl.le r every earn, in her;lltt be Ihe apatotUPot orllthea natatirino hithlrtn WL .-ur~d. SIlSKE¥--I00 IB f ladilug from ittelftaiffew "'.ien, for alf I,y (4;. DORSEY 11114 44 New Leieo 14wellld err~llfidli-milm-ed that n iftfil Irankimo ali nll Ilii ~II, idonk Aaa impin, plan, 6M11 ýrlirjmLI upft ile Fail& l d, ulm unle Initial %iW ·i W lae buialding aisrg~e aailaaaiaaaaaiapnile hall. n"praanaaaa. flakarlasad aeiarssn di5Ilnnss a.d (Ilarentisdinseana.. 'Il4 insaaautioaaix a"aliapti I wlith InA most akilislamnd klalearive n Ine and nainuld nuasea,'aadaalaingtlboihm rious inutalion langainag. Irivaae roanrn amy Ie, hand by gernlemrna. a tl. .44-. lais per dna' includiiji aliraulldnn, &41. TruAin la aier inairy anaraln Ina dolarlsn per dAll.. Sllavea alas two dojllars. ydaiuall Pax in l.flWisi iards (aliral allaliana a lrx In anhsn A apanniiiaipnletit.. rriolnni la i i iDr W daaetainihftowkwama, apjaii utiaman ar adininsuana asian: beialaon la L-imC A I.zenAiiargn ii N1 iamlpaalralinnl. . . mapt9lI NIW M "I"L NKf. i . Dr. 6(. R. Pllp's. C'tmptiiaml. T M4 TO PILS7 , I [:itrely Veeallell . A nrer ndll inaviablte MAfliCite for all Disalear, a.. a nubslititt Cl/ner tlomel, ala cathartie in .'miver and all jillinl A.4ftiHui. . TII.:SE inplleir I'ill. Ieinf ro illlontihm of i nerly diL S.ndetil Alk&lirillr rli.tan er, cxtrated fhirm .h tll'aoIi PI. t1; wilenlhliinr ¥ tublle uiHtnlHA .nlch ikveyein ulA Lrm 1, .li;nl i) illll i l r ] nff t • e trollvedolbittleth IiltAll . itiMr nlll e(ulllln.r Mnl. n' i ever Aileovnrlt. Th)ey Jilva llllil . liv il c . ully il , i Uid hllh reteild aint, tiravelt'l.n,-iamn. Couinialit, and Ag ro. lll, lNoirvou Ali .a;l . i d tllltilti, al.lar weill - A l n A nll hlllld i o f.ll'o .ii.n li IIII . .C l allelmiC d in i tiel ; i a trip . ,llf tlnie 'l,, i,n., f n.ilio iyi.iiii 'liver ff catiionl, F i ir lnd. Agie d . i Ioe wiin --ldo II hhl te . nm.eetI low nod tnrihy tnrieinl inl- t Ii t.h c.nlltn t iliat trn' fi-r.d illn. n l].iln P.., . itt-.aIoe n ill i l, | t iemt ll inf alli sht.I .lly fAr tie .sllrvy: lolld Trnellrr.+t. Ih l1 Illnedil lthey cn Il-R IU . I;oI dlllligerp o.f ex i'ure. ile'allrllhl y cli inpiLa. F. trrdaillr F.inily Pnl.a, tmin.-yre . altialolllp sop e,rn elI us+ thIke 1-t ever offered. 'Trlln in<a liar virllui o? ll 'l'.ilo. Pl«t, Glo. frr • <>1>( tilnll lilraeted flle oiltlti.. of tile Iluedel profession l.lid-h4 IM"lllll, itlod flent illt.resll+ Ialearn direc.eil to the fnlurwdo v.el-pemeelo ef its molirilal quel;liev. wIlch the *proifiesUr i I, haely ill beig ow li lro igrnIaf--lld hi> IM ie ll lltli( , winll tile ru- tuiren lf heir el th MOTa crrlifickate n 1r curr., f im tlloe. who Liv iak'L nth. , u. d tilollnlly - ernrral phr. inall, who iaVi tretnild thlm , iall oallellr tlo orllolprate thin O...i.... The rapidly- imrellisl h<Irlllfli lor, al tib* lllliVnrnIl approiamlbHn beilowed upon Ihllae, u an. ddiltonnl eiida.te w. f their" ultitls ad is III pIre.iltill, this nrlicle 1to i, pulbilr, tile tbiphrlnir wa illen"lllC Iby Ille hope Ihul ii.dicjliels pielpred %ilh'mnoo'k c;lie, llll ill~ a slriC retgFltl ihfie lhChr etia Rtnnd Thernlne lie ritpittPs of. t,-povr;l itil.-lien.l, sthould tll kthe iMe or the irresponlitbl.i. mIniieiin of the dny, with whlieL Il oullryv ulnusnd--a..llI from th favonr already t;Inawed upon it i physiciani n ad thller., le rfelthju.lifid ir expnclin(l thib For n fnll n.olnt n :r this tinitistiigr titorely. lfetiri -. nl.iilo r opfOlurl olk i. rsee pi'tllolti %thhle lilyto I leid g tii ni'Il a nI .easli thi nl. l. . . . . . N.lllC ar itnilip willtoi tIa arilnlatlre otl . H. PIIELP, i. in, aun, ,ltrairlor, iart lf,, Coln. FOIt SA..E BY, F A Flolnll.rl , ilnlli ll A'.nl. iNa P.xthFllAt a aPln.a«,al tli PonOtill,. A]lu, I} A A A Ppthtia, N lUl.ltue. ll ial J. lk-r& &Cu, No 7 Ne.t It,>e. Dr, A Mrlhall,Corier Stlm.ll ai.l T., Ilapitlulairll. J. Ro,., inafayetto City. ( N uirri-oi.No II, Cailml ,trorl. 1G Jt1,1. Tivoli(Ciril" 1.uln T1'11. Walk. . I i'lli. lhtinl .ll. in et n.. Arelltl, ulddei. ii A VOL ANrlBE, lniulenali Ageir. sat 4 l. FUIJNI'I'UIE! FURNITURE!H J Lu T rtpiece d ai tle l.ouisini'Furnitaiure Waiye IIIIIs, a lrge stupplh fl,,in NewY)urk 'andl Bt. loll. 'erlio, ill IllHuie ti/r;ilnritae osInd do te -A l tip call. llll adelect their arl;eles frIol ofrie of!]e bei iad lurtrges' itckai, ow in thle ily, I'" " CAIURNEI.. li6 53 Himirille t N 1--Particular nlletlliun lpoid io packing illl ship ilp FIIrnlitlre,ftre e ofua euae, a .-w NOTiCb.. " Mr. GEOIGE MKLRRICK having resigrnd the of. fire orchief Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll ton Rail Road, Mr. John Hnampson 'han been a poip t ed in his place, to wlhim all persons having businhe. with, or wishing inlorination regarding said Rail Road will apply at he Rail Road Office, Poydra street, ly olrder of the Board. " t sigiedl) JOHN NICOILSON, novlt -tf Caniter S NONON iPORTER, COPPER AI ilr cakas Lordon ptorter, 7 dra.en each. 3 I0 slret, traiers ra copper Stt pieces Kentucky bagging M.) coils. (f bale ropet , 1501 do Russia rope 100 do northern do 541 bliskets Heidrickctlhaopag0r For sale by CHARLES INCIIES, nlG l wI59 J(isier at VALUAiLE ENGL sHf W'OR6KS Il EMOIlRS il Colrrnt GranHitr. , Ily A Hamiltln, iL translatel from the French, with inotesad illur trations, il 3 volumes. lMelloirs of Phrilip De omniminres coiririoing. the i- ' torr of Louis thie I Its. tandi ;linrler the 11h oh Fr;race, and of Charlte the Hold, Duke of Bier gundv,tto which Ihrhlees lie was secretary: as also ile Ihistory of Edaord the 4th, und Iletury 7th of England, in 2 vols. Memlcioira irf l.ldv linilton, with illustrations, anus-" ilutes of' iTinv of ber Irstl iarlicular friands and dlistinru;slhed conitemiporarier , eritbellihed with a fllte'ortrait after Romnnev. iell Derailennra, r tendav enttriteinment, oft Boecclct , il)arrding the sr rl1)esedrl ortels tr islated from thIe [itlrnt, torbir:h lre tirrefixelremariks tn tim o tile lfrtand writigsorf Brllroccaccio, it volt. Frrsnel Ity W MciKEAN.courCmnp & Cummnm.nt a FLIL'R--l ill3brls landing from steambh t lMea lilis, jr for sale by G DORISEY, mar '0l 44 New Levea W 1IIISKEY-50 lbls rectified, lianitg from leam er Meulrlhisr, for sale by G DORSEY, m). 44 New Loves B MACON .SIIES--Sdrlciusk ininantt csured, land inoo fiom sfeomier MAiletlliri. for sale by mnara20 U LIORSEY, l44New Leve. O1IL & KERSEYS-80 hbils Tanners' Oil S30 casks sperm Oil; '5 bales Nero Cloth, Auiable for the searon, LEVI H GALE, mar 18 2w 93.Common st LONDON STATIONARY & FANCY ARTICLES Jiist recrivpd per Wnphigton, fromn Ltndon. IA Iit-Eiglirh i)rnoingofall sizesr Arichitect SSupeerior Illre laid, Ii le and vellow wove Letter 'roplving paper, large and extrH la es Einlolireld ,10 and sirper iltin voa gilledged note & ilttlto pn ier.enclhased& gold& L ilverbnrderetl Enrcloppes: whitr, tinted, encrhased, enmbodse gold .nd silver hordern d Mlanliltlid Writers: Wedgewood and Ackermenin i'arbonie andl Sdeic Carbonic Books i.rol) n lr re e fili crreoying tnaehine d Larian rocket banks an.d t lrliots, real PRtelea Eaelrosed atdll sell hear iUtlie shell Penholl iden tllurninrltd tli() rllerrrnvelhrpe coarso Lo.ndon poreparl r ivrie, fi or mitnfeture Oxford alnd mimellaeor s rtrrawing Ioiirs Ackermlorn's dawi, g elles, in eases of and 8 Steel Pelrtla: PIerry's eex tr fite, fine, sleditm; brsd and Llndoln bridge lrrtadot portable petas, in rbox.s of h each Ink: Ackernian' llqtui carnnitioe, Stephetn'witing .fluid, IPerr'a fluid, Morrieon's and Terry's copvine" ink, permanent blue tild- red furcy colrerd flnids Eleagrtt inkstands and rscritoire . LronduoI sealing wax and wafers, and all other irti cles, suitablc for offices aid coutnting rimms, all of first quality. . E JOHNS k' Co. mar IS 2w Cor of.t Charles and Caomt on NEW ORLEANS & CARROI.LTOIN AIL ROAD COlMPANYV.. . ARRANGSEtMII trOR THE WE.RIr IATS.r From Carrlltol. FlaomNew Orleans. HIorsr Car at 4 o'cl:.k, AM. .IHoe Car at 5 o'chlek, A. AtnertOt kacare be obliud by paying l d* l oartr riterr Tr arl. rtivdh T'i'E JACKSON ANDLACOURPE PSTIEETC R t.r.ICE alr~r otet saojelck.A. M. and raonhotlrlk. As rolftlirtrr o'lrlek thrisc 0arill orrlllerlree rstsitevrset hil lnourl, id olonlillr throuphotil tiBe dlay Uil BO'ds si I fl a thr broh d OalCkolr s trrt r lr.orIaIs eIirlr bty the Ltnc.rirtl>s inu t providn thIaellw illri Ticalet., a rt ln Oatey will tliake by the alasudli.. ONBire NrIa trlteu and Cetrelolllt Kil Road C pmeieag Pru)dr.nt reat. JOHNHAMPoON. ntlva'.l ___ i+.ClofEng N .OCR..t I I jST'R ATEl edilio ofJamre on tihe Pam ser ple rtndlrid I.Ierroives. . M ciniiohk of Clails nllluolhewr, Conrmeuitrs, by t.lf Mutlihe r, inu 2 rul. jinot rtrei rad ai ralor Mile Iby mr A.lX T1'OWA 491 Camnp t iRLRANS' i.lTHiOG(RAPHI PRINTrNG OF o uFIt E, &3 Mlapuine street, oppolitt BkLh'At- . earle. VW GREENE tlikebs ICnsPtire i maoltnnerig o ht i Irietlr4 rir llle ciltien of New" Orleusor that Ibe bs-it Irrgtlh brmOFllt Lithloera|lh onl a par ilh codppeLr phi rtntlin andl from, tilt I'M iliti**" I(li art his over Conp, ilate -te'ltvlavllug ie Call e leulllekll. ordllli enterl -.d .0 linu,-at ono Iamlf the . epe-it entllnVring hand uOerljy lrVp aCs Ee priteinge. . . ts wRrliir gCinnllrn reat oat ino thoi o m alnd wrltinic»a hoae any qualititv at a frw 'ho tlalicr; or tlhey'.vilil e exrtid fur them in . hiatliiUl trale. aloth il tots Ireretfritre give potenen ain fsli trll thhe iroit akenactsblit eOiuatineat. I ii .tll cilt. (ieutileiwn driroari of Inviir Vililthi or Dkuel nters Cards lainihedl io I|t elast. maurn , ortwi ino well b rallie at lie heafi anld eae aopfirueais. Febl . , 18as .1 N B--iulak notes neatly eeculed, ansd cien•i te isled at so omon t eti'h.irlem . l .E'tTkL.l BOXr b--. new. h rieal utpde:.iW I. Yo-rk, el;asg i le lttrritlle gEOaIIaleUl. UMIiAd leartl'icir lie ' urjitplindrroee , liraistle by." l>AViii> WItLT f no, N V lilitiisre*en It. • . aton n lame. I*sllti h' ' - , - * York, A r '*?" Viiong ith »*u(*lik lllly, AW * bleasele WSlm1 box!', fur saI l by. and for sat P los. 19i -iF.ln` u tr .t, I,. kJ . i A . D . t li1 $i Rt SrEAcOrlt 01111- S7 Pa lk anisist ftsit Jl»n a i* I f rltut itU lires r I 11 i4 i. nIhSELY 44 NAw IerW.

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