Newspaper of True American, April 8, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 8, 1839 Page 1
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7 je V~··';Z'~C~~l PRICE 12: CENTSf. - - - --- -- - - - ----- -.----~-------.-.----- -- rua ce 122' P fNN. . . N W ORLEANS MONDAY MIORNING, APRIL 8, 1839. aa Ike N e apr r PreS , Of N N o h - of P J NvICICCS .ý Cur Nn. 3J l rrtrus at l r! o c eIIII.ldIYtU III1· 1II·I·I-: · 1n1111 1 am re-I·:. I.::. I1:·.:. · lINI ~ ~ I ~ - rU II~I1L) nnlnniln lrtll serval fn ur nnt nllin m. ne rý I 'a''. 1 IiItlu lA m':.. ý.;.. .:.... ,  ,1N'' II _I 'V I ll·l ý 'ý- "- " Terms of tke JNetespaper Press of New Orlean ulanimtnatlv agreed to at an adjourned neet.iin ot tihe Proprietors, held on the 13th of March, 18;7. uusacarrl'ots.-- IvPlro I)tlnlrs for the daiily pI ter annumt, payable in advan:e: tea dolara ftr tri.wekly country paper, p.ynble one ;ear ill alvnncee, where no clly referncen it given. No a thsl.ription will be libcontinued until arrenrnges ere settled. In case of di continuanee, one week's notice in rrim ag muat no invariably given, previons to tit xirastlon of hubseription. Auvawrtlslr.--nll dollar per tuare for the first nsertinn, nd half that price fe r reach Rnubtneqrc t olnl: rr manteriul alteration trom the uriginal dveortiverlenl willne clharged asa new one. YraxrL A TvaTrrtans.-Merehants and 'ra'ere, orty dollars fIr English aaloe, and sixty for both Inn gtapee Itanks, Insurnen Olrven, ane other t itletr pubhc institutilonn, fifty dallars in only, and tighty for lothr Ingtagec; Ship anild Stennmbo,t Fnur. ors, or Conlnissinn merchants sixty dollars in Englihl, MAnntatao , Oerrelan NO'rICeS, and nrtirlcq eull ing tie attention of the public to sales of property, narads of passengers, henfit., &Ae. &e. will e rhar.t l aoe dollar per square four the hirt innerticn in eacb lall Cnntendtc.artrn, or Adlverticamcntv, of anv pelraln. 11 natre, wihen aduiusibto, shall he cbargod doubleh, and in advasee. A daducatin of twenty.five pereel. will bie made In Auctiotters, NlterLt, IRegiare.r of Wills, rnd tlMarshals olt sa:le of real nectte, puclid eld in htilh lagnnrnge, arll SI. petr cent. in Engiehi alone: lt per cent. on salesa of other property. AagnvtlnaaeNrs oUt of tIe direct line of bnusineas prn the advertiner, such en legal, ncetionl, ani ptlnt ion aeIno ruoaway slaves, etray cninunls , h &e. &e. will ADVaaelTIseaTS not tpereirfid o tn ime, will Ice Irualinhed ane onenth, and chargedl ecorctintly No advertlsonlencs of hankrtptcies will le ptliallhed eany cane, unless paid fclr prevnic to insertion, or paWyment guWranteed iy a reponsible ipersn ire town. 'thartres and other planes of rmnn!mont ndvcrtisigc daily orthe seamon. to bIe cihargedl $tOt for aglicoh a lone and I150 in both lIanguRnce. All smmuotemnctntt of candriiitae, fIor ponlitienl olfies. will be charged double tie price of other ndvertise "ents, Owing to the nlnlense losts Iltutlicted by rewRnpuprc prlmrpietor, they nave eolue to tile eonelnhion thnu uli tanes f penrsns wihhe EcoIlnts Ityv lot blen aild withtin nle month after iretentation, shell B Illde ktnr.le (su far a icrelocinalel to eell thelr--they noli glialln tltemilvr nllt lto adertise or lriit flr uich dnlrolqUllertl ,nless is cijolc ndeanrre pct ncelree. (etigned) J. C. Ite Srr. In t1,So J. IIAYON, J. C. PlIIENDERGAST, JOIIN oI osl.OtN, IUMSDIIEN. tVrekly Press.-uWr, t' Ilndersilneld, agree to nile by hlnoe eoffecitilltsy as tor an tthey are pliluable to wearlv ltlpers. (,ignedi A. I. I.AWIIENCE, j Nu tearsilrtionts are itken fcr les than mliluontlh. lotter l uint c II easee. Ie tollt Olid. HAI MO R111OI DS. (AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fietion.--Tlhin ex traordinary chemtical comproition, tine renult of science, and the invention ot a celebrated medi cal nln, the introdu'tnn of which to tile puhlirc was invented with the solemnity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, fully sustaining tihe correctness of the lamented Dr Tridley's lat confeseion, that " l e drored not die without giving to posterity ite benefit of hia knowledge on this subaject," and ire therefora baqueatlad to Iis friend and attendart, Sloernon 'lays, the Mecret of his discovery. It ie now used in the principal itospitals, and the private prctice in our country, firt and mosnet certainly four tile cure of tile Piles, and so exten nleely and effectually as to baffle redulity, unlesi where its effeeta are witnessed Externally in tihe following coeplainta: For Dropy-Croeating extraordinary absurption t once,. All Swellings-Reducing thecm in a few houlrs Rlloetatient-Aeuta or htrocic, giving clcuiclt Sore Throant-Ily Cancer., Ulorr or Colts. Croup and Whouping Cough-Externally, and ut over the Chest. All Bruisen, Spraino, and Buernsa-Curing in a few hours. Sorea andi Ulcersn-Whether fresh or long ntanding, and fever soretn. It uoperations upon adults and childreon in rodue iug rnouuttatie woellings, and loneolling eourgll aolt tightnenr of tile cllest y lelaxatign of tile porte, has been sirprrising nyould encellption. Trhe ommonnlmc remark of tlloen wie Io trve used it in the APile., i. " It acts like a earnt." 'IllEH P'LI.ES-- lI.e iriee. $1 is rerunded to any ercoril Wrho will eso it Ilttle of IIoy't Linhicoe t lir tihe Piles., and return tire emnpty bhottle oitlhlt teing cellred. ''llose are tire porstiove crdters of tile prplrietor tn tili Agelsltl and rluto t Inlully Llieil. sands .ocld, enot Onto hubell h iiie iCcaecea'al. Wti nigtinert ioe rllt cetlats ie alny lentll,. btll prefer that those wiho sell tte orlicle, shrcald el hibit tile eriginal to purchasers. CAUTION-Neno cen be genuino wiltonut a ·splendid nogravol wrapper, oil wlnch is try ranie, and also that of the Agents. SOLOMON IAYS. Sold wlholeale and retail, by COMS'rOCK & Co, Now York, and by oneo lruggist it every town in tel. Ulnion. For sale by t!o Whiolesale Agents, corner of Comenen &o 'l'eloupitoulan street, slid by tile Apothecaries genorally. j'it0 IR..JOHNSO, tIlli 1II Ii U vill' e isrett, can 1 nes ier practiec to Ite treautlent of Venleretll D)iease,n n ill its dilliventl trun . Ir.J ohsea, from a residenet of many years in HoI pilals ill Europe, devoted i to he treltlnt l of Venereal )ieaenrus, and froml hisl Imtr tI extensive practice in that ptrticnlal r rtlch of the pirofession, gnarlnlltes safe, v peldy and "thli-cnal cure to ul'h persona as are tlnoubld with any of the following ,lisetaes, viz: (lnOlrrhlta. Uitnel, ttlt;iltla, iw C.hltreu, itubos, Selinal Veukiuess, AtllFtiothluofthl Iaddder, Kidntvs, I.oins, Uethnra, PInlrltie tilnml, Swelled 'itl'eticlen, Eruptions oil the Skin, Sire Throut, Pains in the Joints And the numeroutsy. ptomn whicl, generally follow hiii disesc. Recentc nses cured in two or thle, days without tlhe use of Marcviry, interrptlion train business, or alhera tion il the mode of litina. A nedicine to prevent Venereal Disease can lie oi b tained of Ilr.Johnson. It in froill tile recipe of lte Ilaron Iatl y, a clebraited French Sdrgon, anld was nsed by hihn during thte ,ier al cUlpaigtis in wltich li servcdt n Surgen l .nereI in the Army. Sold by )r. Jlohnon, at his olice. 'I'hose personl having allny a·n.tint of Veneraul Disease, and i bont taking sea voyagne, or removing to the country, would do well iy giving Dr. Johnsn a cull, itas proper modi t.ines fn Ilir e uret in the shortest time cmn be put up Willl wriltten directiMs t.t Ithciruse. Olficco ellin In 7 the IlUrnlling until tO o'clock at a ghh. AlllHNTr;IY' IDvSPPric IIX[S , tDr ha elthy, 1t1 ' sai t tut t- ittof it lt snl Ir vIoo i w.i ttpi nn hui nin ptenlhs of Ithe t isetasei thst utlwi tumnkind origipnte in the stomnch. 'This .:lixir vne h- hil with liaI mot Iiitlprecdented suaat:a In ."-i,. priliite anit puhlic t ortice fl r lII-.tuiii of IirI I{ltir, itr till rttnmoval i.e ihlltoitlv ntithsctlsis: eii Lo. ,f petih t , Fl lltlen: y, I)i.ttt lltti nl tit Ilin t ait elii Ptain ihivitil, Ile vinessof tie ltatl nt ituit"l ases whure Indigetstiuon or a to~tive habit iis t'unda to exiLt. Sthis tneliein rmanoti Ot ie llnullbe edil tlaong the hnot of utlack iinostrin now befre thle publlic, t s its is the soul invention ol'tthe ablest and mlost scieltific Srgetn Eurompe ever prtdluced, and the secret of' Ip)llpnll it wasI puirchnlln by thel, genit lilr a vlny hnt g sunt. it is agure, isle ianl ileaanllt tll the In-tt% acts n It wild taper ientaalways keeps thle hnwesl fitpe impaurts vigor and ead ii few hItllei renllcltv the n mothi c Iillrtllnt l cases atu I)yspepsila r lnligestill, and pirventua tet:Itr at ally future period. Nn int td t. Nitw EV1""K,17th .tngulllt, 11133. :15 3tadiso-street. SIK:-In consequenceCficading a sedentary life, I have been trounhled, itre or less, with ltdigestilll for tinl veallrs; Ifor the llrt three years Ime u'llrcings iveO tel llsllor tnble. I have tried everal physicinlnts -iittu uitnlhorfTHllnack ilelicite,il withllun t dleriving any teueait. I despaired of etver obtainiing ally permanellt I was person ed by mauy firienls to try Aberoethy', Dyspeptic Elixlr. I have now finlshed th ftritl hb but, t ;. sal kmow not how to exprePs my+ .1 I tirutlinu of ils wondrful virte ai ind the n'rale it h, performed i I rentorig n e to thnt health which l+ t right lost for ever. ,endl me hallf a dozen hottles Ia e. and exceplt my thank ifbr tle Mlessin.s you have a n erredby re etoring nlu to periset heualh. ri nanin tours, JCOi MONRItOE. tie agent his in his possession seve hundred tes timonials aimilar Inl thie nove, lin ibh extraordinary vir tues of this medicimn. SoldL by appoiltment, at'Ur. ohl,,son 's. 140 Ilienril. - II. . e. not. 5 -. T]EI. PlNSI--Feht's tNo. 1l, . 3 l 4 pens f Daniel Webster pelt, Felt's large hnrrelpn CongressI large d Perry's int pr:ng o do anall do do 3 alit do Windel's ladies do is double patenlt Io imperial Double pternt do Gillot's hirrel do do Natiouna do Anti Glllol'stl Cttlllnercial, for sale at D.hVID FLT & Co, 24 Chartraaes st, ri N Stainntioners IHlnll 1'.().lA t"SES.- '-'HI l iti- t1M thuIITRS MIC.ROS I COPIIS, ,.--Julst received nn. for sale by SWm. rellean, cor~rn of Cap a. i Ci oonlento streets, a general assu.tnen of Surveyor's Compases, Malthelmaltical Instlruments, IlrawillttI Penl. Spring Dividends, nuprung Biv P'ent, Ivory Pro Ivory Scal.ct (itinter'i Scules, Ghlass T''rintgle, Psrttllel Rulers. liero copes. Theueonetttors, Onilllerm Ouitieitrt ' itvur, ey Chains, tleuaur' n Tapes,Srn Nul(fItS & Cu, No. 33 Chlartres st eet, are ro, ceiviug daily from their house in Philadel phi, an elegant and com ssoratm ent of absltrt anal and lashirnable clothling. Thley invite Ire Iaten tion of the public, as Ihey art warranted in saying tlnt stranlgers and citizens cannot furnish tIllhr Selvrsa moe advantageously in nlly city inl te Union. N. B. A few d.ezn elegant ivory handle utn brellhs, frot 32 Into 36 inchs. Also, a laron lot whier pine packing bases, various sizes, very low tltrvilng supermlloon llor from tl, fn rF-, m.erk nled nlrllSl Wlli etirr, l Sle ty ea Irrtathy Iy vin tile skn ile nr tiorl wvister Ilh in bhalie the It pliil ti o J A frLah Ssupply jlust receivedll at the Bazaar. n121 ilUSII & ALLEN, 1, Stchlange lontel, car St Chlarles n C.+llt I rst . 1, sfAIl ltli' l it ji Iie ppw,4jjpt 1 jjjj jJ iir -r 1 eres yt., I.n la tit ite dareeivarl te on llt aee.eol et Itrge eunlledl and lrtie blrcetiealin,d et eul ie tie j AedNCY fhlA'I'CIlsSn iful t -atite or ni atiryga, 1 landing from shtill frt, Rl oremna, farL n osaley A TRERi, f hedI 3,1 inManinire st ClAd ,lEPkltlAIKNl1', ar t l.ithr Ifqul,+iai. fteorp, tln.t.nry 30, 1ff39, T IE ll tuctk of Cik, .rlmio a11rm alr lored tis l Ltl Ltary wtill firnlnrih itt lrlrg Corlt, ir small tlraen ien, Illelr etlollers. Orne s eeceivled at thie Goa OlTree, Bark allav. ja:ll E V \\'Wlii.,ES. S.e'v, IBIUNIIAM'i I)ltOtl'--'Thia tnedicine was ctliscoveerd by tile proirrietor and has been sub jercld to his eret nird nicrvletiohe far mnny years iii cvr-e vartcry Il Inectice, nd all tiieo disense, of t lhe i eriori l 'd Amtrrriea elirtlp; eand ila nlit givene s tod l. irlia withl Ithe utmost conlfiirnee nt believe thal it i., as rrrstl clearly sret frie il the lnlllllrlhltr OCI)errr rla)ilrrtre c ra , tile Iest elei. ca: rew etrowr witr iiii ItIe racCk Irf all clasten of serrily. It is vwith t:ie reatteser prrnlrieiy e i ta e ell the tar le nlir s whi h nfliriI t te h n r. ce, Irr m tile eslrebl ihed i fact, lhat, w lena t hr i nt tiheate. tnlcl ie ac ls e olerntit ilr, tI tIhe llrl e ol e h ltell e reI il Iithe iettl re i ltitr drlPase, tilher nose -Itr e --te,( diurea iel- a nria ii, e, c.cter at err )PlrUte -r .rreda ltr e fletr , i a t nrir the less a e itcrdnlU p te hIt isdainuy re aiy, tio re kaowie . inede of hep Ifleeri rsteat iyts beanrtrcal td aiving a eielAe it cases t r ) ah e and fle ere illty iveetyphs, eeir vore, a ld scar rl,-t it -aerr, il irrera, ra, tviole et rrll l s, m dysrerry ,ur flx, dyepsi Or m easles~,ii tetrr Idycune- ln endllt- Ier Ian tilr ) al r alle d Il oll frt l e r tre I aofd ey hl h Ile v oinwe lu Ih h lilllnlll lllllle et s ry ' r all e ry irr tr a -wnll ,n y 1 r r.rl u j ir - er aon te all we iave sNeid on tIhe seiebjeCt. 'le cholera itself, the worst sorrreo which lIe ever visited our eouhlry, ies been succeesluly cln - qoerred Ihe prpriectr ie thiriecen easen wibh Ie sre olls mecree only, wihiuttheIloss o fa stingo paielet. 'he medleerc is pIepared only by dolutrs fHIIILNIfA.M & DAVIS, Sr. Loeuis Missouri; andi is put tIp Ill hIials each aceonmatniedt with a lain1 anrd listinct dlreeton, aed eontainig abuuta sixty rdAesI to be bnad ltr seventy five cents, which I mates it ImIn tiio ceapest llediiire ever olfered to tle public. 'The hove mediine in sold whole. ale anti r(t il by our Aents, Iutnry Bfoeeabel, I) aad Ao)l llireary I'cIleuplloulaa etlr,c. Nutw irlaenLe. 1T rwf-lcy iSIj-o , nft, a itee rs , he e foveat Iret i 1 l'llt raI llt c ..n rlilln IiaIe; Necr I.eoalr r eb delt y)O- ren cllllllhr tihe b alil gll- hIte r i ta ie 1ht.- errt iteO iece; Thre Whilre IIrnse othe be ll, ie ersl T in t iatle and O Loehu are nt-W min , sng c by i S 1 e rill i lnter, grnllt Itlolhel n lie fel lr lle l ie• (h a Ni r I Thilo meetillg i d iiastillg; I ea1r'. not I;,, I pri" , e i ficke! whiln, r in y I Ir r ll t oll 1., Olllt eit io t rar l I row; A fli- t<re tile Ore-ret wn-ver liv It usl.ll; Oh, libke y coahe , ar rle rrarri fretie I (l -r n1 e1e I ' 1ie. I te feiall rllltelre, .k ' I aeih; t.ittell ilonTnl'.; (Coati o eet-. lrillee. Jl rleeivd aea Ion, r- a lih A lII .1 !.y,, 19 Chi pn n.t 'lI n1,tI aI on - IN otE 11 Ao IIA e* > { Irosma lMobile (.A oln llsr) Io a art1 th (*etaj hEA' i-, Meirile p vto-aer irnt New torlk , per ole i m te t-it-nt ( rehr1' rrle Ill tcrer o ern Ilo i toa tnd tiho ie la h a iteh ic 1i c r a n t iaro ) t 1ee I ll e k .I t o o t - , c it c hr n h e n c e Svila M1itriallla. C+.niali: ll(cht , ( ite.., s Ir t Ve.- I etrle) Ilehi hhe li erne, rt illr tl i e iti svilltnd .lt lii, ville, IAll.lgnail. A ipsAtgleeriaktn,i s bSiola t lM-I hile i rs ei at ulldgee ati" Iheowll Iut or nell i te ret i Ik l .INK. mis Ihter rt.. , carter- , . lleror l o ,.t teheo laloti ert, a Iand a r r0% pcu- ec nT on riefn hi. retri eslrl Aterl ttlle ie tllIihe o.ilie met, i r,. . gh Itrd l irerllklhsheoulht hl'e I .belt New )esll Mii mThe sul.toin, hard, liahrat n :11 onads, thies sat-irae intT Csterir t.h.le Isvinpllioni telr lilIre anrIII Iteal h llira te tf l eil eri silic edl , t aele l i , Colt ll o t .Hi eII s t.1.. v-ier e ul)- . ne. d ate....r o the ...i t_ ei b. Ia o . teilUru istom, S.1. l nd the Cealln lasulke t at i s lark cel-ehi cane reell Nw rlk fiole rNw O)lellr 'THN e II anW n'nl.lll btg- nf Cle f ll" 1g2 Irrete Clrntaerllroonhe e, ilolillr, we hlaet IllerIl ICinu ti in i c" Ic '- l 'alsait asse, tI St Mlairks, 4 fer post coachles, ale two Ilreneas fla'ore llaekirsville Iae tl Millegesril, anild one Io Mlacrtol, lighl Iwo hters oaches S'I'O(CI,. 'O S 10 co. A t'nn--TA, i1th 1f11tr. 1835. Ofieca nlrteirioellltoua Mobile iJ)isatnae, New Ortleans to MoaIile, 150 tirlal :Mobile O Aulgglist, 540 C.iilanlhoo tono New ork, 90- 1)0 "'ilitc, Naw Oeleel to Molabile, 29 houre Moblile to Aa.gusns, )32 Allgstar In .lllelt stnte 12 i Charleslon Io New York, i6- 25a Mlaking 16f mtiles per dayl. al 7 miles per hobe-, inki, sine olf all stOlllages. Ilnv III N. II. I Irg legve In ilform tlhe Illplic that tht Ilrllges ovrer thIe Cletatnronkesnulm t aleid lard I l.ten creek lilvejust beenl eonlileterl Iy the geirepral foverl. inelt, (thr lirly obltacles lloeratir ngellnslthlis safe llU, slleeldy ro.lte alt .thus hIvtitte lenlvee l rll LIlrve tIre lrasilllre efrle rlllrtg kierm tnrvellers thal trhe conelsete,eor. s is, lr i ve '! r l oll d ro all s a re el th e li. rt mo lle '; i nl UI a s It dth water rollte fliom Ilrtael to Cl l hin C ei Illr; it' ais ll il. led ly all who have pIasell lthrough it tO bIe il nsurpassed, ill n felties. bearlty alrd lety)-. lThe birlelges Irillogl Geoergia Iane alsO beenreplered. J M C IRAK.II is ALLIGAI'UR LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. i- Loaves Mobile lruesdays, Thore. p- doays. and Satordays, per the " o-- oopleedid steamer Cla" piou, (ex. it copt in case o" lt,,ri.,) to Pe. saeola ; thence pIer steamer I.e Roy to La Grange, snd hoence folur horse post coaches via Mariana, ll.ubridge, Pin. odrton, Berrne, Outlaw's, and Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thence via Milledgoville, and Sparta, to War. renton, thence per rail road cars to Augusta. The Champion is in splendid order, with now y o' pper boil r, coppered and c pper fastooned. The to Roy has been thoroelhly repaired, her - colnmodaliins are ae handsomle as any boer. The beau ifill Santa Rosa Sound, and Clhonta. watchie B ly present the ilust interesting steam nit. vigitioe in StiP South-hiing at the sanotlune Spoeeoetly land locked. , ioi T,?t , a "! .",. .r, not , ...~ , d on any route ill the inet ' i , . .n r m , ',,( 4enter ere, y ''" nertl' 4 , i n w a ta t ýth e lltt, e antl hal .a : 'ht r i ht i ebllel nthe reans at all aa snhs L,, l.el.: &.a.,tt speed. Their antoothness se. eures the travoioier from the ordinary fatigue of stage travelling. S The Line is now c rrying its passengers from Augusta to Mobile in four days and twelve * hours, or to New Orleans in four days and twenty hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days r r ind seVen hours. The time actually employed in travelling is the same as it the other direction, but the difference of time on the voute, is caused by a day being lost in Poensacola, widlch, however, is itell repaid by the op.ortunity it gives ofsaeing the Navy Yard, tie old Spanish Forts, etc. Thei travdeler also sleeps at Macon, and again at War. tenton. This arrangement will continue till the travel turns northward, when Ithe line will he the Srie efrol Mobile to Augusta, as it is now in the otler direction. i This Advertisement contain lais a plain stt ent of ficots, the accuracy of which the proprietors gauraetre to each passenger in the penalty of his stage fare. Maps of the Line may beha seen at the Exchange a Hotel, Nrw O)rleans, and at the Madtion House, 6 Mobile. 7 Fare throngh fromr Mobile to Augusta, $47 50 The lia extends, by abranch to Tallahamsee. at Chattalhoche, the line connects with tIhe steamboat earrying the mail to Apa'achicola and St. Joseiph's. le M il. Ofllie at the Masion louse, Mobile. nl7 O ~OLhS't'WIhW, Agent, Mobile. UGAhR & A Il. C Se Ls-lI511 hh llantale,, + 10.1ll) gaills .tllalovies- m, phlartiot abohie 'rho tJh etle bh ADAIciS & WIIIT.ILi ., ,o , ti=.. _ .. . . He ravier t, + L. .St--l3lt biee ino iteir liur si a i. I" l- ; f t- t11 il.i, ' llttrntV.tuiil ogaziitrr I (D"utcryn h olt ~'cio lI I 1ALODNENS. i A n E A PTJ rIF I <iend ofh air the e rnndest nrnn n 1 nt clnitij I. t1le a t 1 i flme. Ilt v. l tnloe hIv ll o it 'hn ene the r1 I .nll pr111 os11 ll0 tlrrllv Irint s oln thel nppenrare .ftloh ae, wllithc1. ies llllnV ItO recoil alt Iellrlo na1e11lvnllandsll mnetnlne1t71 eveIn lto iIlly 11orlh V t to n vo 111i h. tIts anll sneer o , their I lllqnitnne: lthe rela nerof their lives re econ seqn,.ntiy sPent in reti t(ll t. In shut!., not evenP tile In1 llpflntopelt ills tlhe ell eroud Inkiny g v1l7y t wit7 th Ilt nenvv shlli1 rl | 1 sy th eI enss fr hanir 'IN'O cartR il hse,-nn unpler- rair. rnlsI,antrer, Ohh1rle'n nalmn of ,ndngmhan >topP 1IIte Irai+rrlnet lli oI t n lhe first pplieotieon, l dafew NS .tI res~ nr lt it.r la It likewlse prodllc s levelrows ndlt w.ll l ke.s.; I.Prellts t1 lr i rea tulrninE rav, tnakes it r rl hlnltifnlllv , o d lfrees it froln l rll . R'nto ronl crltfi e se 'a.+Il f1e irst e lfactility n inn su borl of telln vrtrs i.raf O thdrdgel" |nnt, alre 'nlwn Ihy tile Ipro prietnors. 9'--. Rendl the fillnwing:- rbert 1 Vinrton, ~Er . nt nlMiar mof &rciloulolphI n rilir' as lnaly I a- aeel a beloNvl, tOlehlangh car Scr(f ifiS &nllawin '. Intllw an 't'Ie nrlersghnea m oi ieri byn ceriy hlnti werhnve Isol tlh Ileil anl 1117 1ll1) dIla 7111vere 1 J1. 0lrlidtne mlll ta ll .mnd it highly t.rv aenlle nolt nor v 1a n preven tivP lai aandtlnt. t f lli eng fref a ir, Iia t aloan letantl resterni 11 llWIc Pll r;.1 TIIT aIIER, Senior, Methodist Mlinsler in St nh nrt-e eand1rs, G lfi North Fifall t. JW)an It (-AIQ1ll r, 1 1: T Arch arntrt. It k wn that n I of tl tl ) ll.n rave 1111111intr re m r, tllh1 50 yeuar oflt. e nrs, I 111, tl l t te rsn t l s titan ig. [Fro, te I in 1e in tlhe 31ar11, ch 1 r11,r. 1 1 C n 1 ic lmt111'11 llh .f l 'nl, Il. lsv llllln a s l I Illt lli llt Cll v or 11 I'ilad 11111111 11 I .in 1 , Io bert 1 I r lllta11 . i lll lll dll lt ll Pi hilude. phi, Lh hr' 'hv ne urtifv th at ri ,llt llr nrgisailtin ith. 11l,1rs 1 I' lP 1li, .n11111111i . a111 , aI etlll Pall IC r \ri et llle o ell. l a d l l n rl rll I at , and I .l b fill cr i hf e mr Hth sll t E t r uti . 1it l nes1s whll areo 'l have 11 tlieI ist Ittl le ull ilt r111 sd th the city tr e, xed this 1,. S.] ". I1fIT 11 I't' CII 11ON, Mynvr. Soil ,oerale I7n retail .vy the Csole n.nt fulr Anlt rie:n. oN Fletcher uh'ret, n"r M|aidlenl Lane, lile dool bcl , PearlIlleel ntollI by lmitt r ggi-lanlll perfnlllmrr t' eugh he coaiary. JARIVIS & AN[)I+: EWS Dt9 wholesldu Agents, New Orleans. N OrlRL s & Co. No. 3! Ch,. .,a' street, , -,l no,. rrceivinnanad openln tlire mosl splendid, su :tantial and fnshionablle shhel¢ el o lf l in th+`y have ever cxhibllcrd il thig mlanrlke, eor!sisting it, blnck, londnii brotwn, Litron, olive, lnodon amok: rndgontl den olive frock and dress coats: beaver, stableend herrinares frock cats, elegantily firnish ede- fancyo and plain Id,clk caeslrnre and intRh pnntalonn.; englislh ndll french fsncy and plain sils andi satin vests; real new ,t·nnrkct conifor s cntliish nnd frrnenh ",ncr and plain sarlfs and hdk{;: thamoi. , silks webh arnd sun,-lastie sus Ipenders; cllanltuis, tIcrincl. I;ne 111,'8 wool, welsh flan. eel, sill naoeIl coitin tliel slherns anlld drawers: filn an1td rlatlleld; ivory pearl nllld p)llla l landle sills tril. hrelhtm : " (:rallf'p ' fill milno (;:lou'- n-l n, a hlbeaatlllll atircl e o1 while kid l'fr wl, dri nllPall, her.; Sl riillrh'i hld slls a d rant aman a hdkls; la in, fillrl'd tlms elll ht l odl rr ,d (! slt~l rte do.; sills, ltllmh e, mt,.i hatI t,, h .+r; ,il of wlich theyv -l;,"r low fior ea llh or tI piiiinll l Cutlomellers as UISul. Nov. 1 W been I",ne in-led, hh Idr.bOthhr akl in she nith wilh alniolrln a rll t P -.., hlrt ehlnlns4iing road1 whirenin ilt .emlllu , pl trllt) re till l ios h t IItI, tint reilving' m stl dise."s,,p ItI ehll'lh thle mt aIi is hahtile in elrlh r ihe glel u.Itll o1 Jllarr Wint lh. nl:d sI hlll l ti t hl l ein te thL l , in ot let m ol$ s 11111 th nllt,, wit l a Il, ; c.tulla· per - tIle lollh al elll,. I s i . . . . . . . . S.\icLERY wAlll:.--I he b , . lacurers and,wholesa le deslrs in saddlery gods, are nowi receiving by lole arrivals froII the north,, il additi i to their loreer stock, an exten slve searti ellt 4.1 arhclet in their filt", anion. whiBch are the ins I lbI.o , viz: i .adies and misses plain and quilted saddles, | Sientlemen's do lSpnish do do do I.toxicon do do do Crtelo do io do do Amer. do do do English do Youhii's ido Spanisil do do do Creole do Amer. and Eitg. brdles and bridle mountings, do it, rtmlll t eals, Plated, brass, and ipialiied coach hIarness, I do do do g'g and sulkeu do do ido do Jluruuthi do Dray, cart and,.agocn do a Saddle bags, idootle ondsi;glo; valices; mediol saddle bag., lroussl Is carplet bags; best Irol Imrate leather luio trunks, brass lc iled; leather boot tiop do, soreied sizes land various styles; holsters and pistol belis; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and plinters crop whipi : woul, 'woirsltd, coLIton and letllier girlhs and sursingles; silrrup leather.; trulnk striaps and woirste r in web; b ithail and Ihook amnncs; blind bridles and Iines; , r-uch collars, and horse and mule collarcil all qualhtits; iIo. roccl, buckl, bear.sheei) ald bullalo lclllls ; pilted brass and itecl bridle bits of evl ry description, platvd, brass and steel sputrs of overy desc.rlipllollln; Ilated, b .ras. .a d steel c.ircups ui every d scrip . I TI ogrllrr wilth a complele assortment of iery r arlicle i teir lhie tit Iuusinese --all ,l Hhich Iliey i r r tol ,r lr l i in cc tilllllllldUIatli ICrns TheIy wi ll ulso conillllli t r ceic iIe througlh tlhe year, by packets Iocrca New York, hIesl' asupplie to lkeelp their ituck ampllle andll clllplee. IKJlUI', DA\IlDSt)N & eo, t 15 CaIt St. NEW CliEDICLiE Dr. G. I. Plhellp'sa Cmpouind TOMA TO PILLS, [Ellntilely Vegltahpl e.] A ewe and inra rutble :Mh'dtcinc for all Diseases, a substilutefrn C-'alote, an a c.alarlic in Iec ecrs ta all iil/sc A,/ictitms. TJII.S ptpulr Pilha hdeilla .iieilllclllclel o1+ Ia cewly dia Scovrei Alkalitc cubstallc, -ciatrecd fiul trie tE''otlo i" ~'l { l' 1,1 -uhi ý~" il ,· ,: t, w+1 , ;~Id II ', i rl v ,rIll· elr f+, .l ,rllll i.. t -4r l : ; ,. ,u .1.a-, :1 , 1l .!... . p .,rli. h, rvl ll lll: s.t al .i t u L cilllllt " s l. hbegb. l'a ll . :.(h,<,l ",+ l,'ae-:, t "i.h,. Illealarll.h*. i - .An Atlldudotel ," egieas '. ll I Kl"tI llla nlldc Jiaensel to p ,+. Tell[tet Iit. forlSutlll , .,·` l .th1m+ e-d ,+- rItlrllru lrr: , Z , and i i tr iee. a i, . . eI , WC. ..i i c, I, th at . lat., , ..c i Ibr the Scurlvy: llld '/'rnvellera thle hesl ll.,d il; . Iblly can 1s to eill- t allc t tiilt dgra of expuosure in clchc idth ch. tlltel. I. rordillar o talltly Phy.ciL, ti yare ueit'cr.itt.. cy preoad it thi buat ever otfetrcrl. Ties peuliar vcrtaclco the Tolatn Pular, iave ior al tg lillo alttrcted the aceltionnfethe iedical prulit.sioa ond he cpublie, illc great illctrectha tien iireeted to te tCuture de velopemellt ef It llcl(icicilhl q.olities Wcciceh tte Irupriertor is Iaplpy ii Ieilg oiW abcle to gr;ti'--aned plreaotites to the ulliie with tie faTl colllidoeoe of thir bein theo ercST S o.dIl ie iALrrAcLcieaoRcD" eva Diieciov.Irr. Nutoldrouu certificateast cures, (ocn thote o tci hrave takell het, nlld I testimocy ot'teverlc hesic olal who hitvt c riscred then al eollolr to i:orrobllrllate htic o 11111c1o 'l. ie Irapidly c IiICrc. i lllg Idtemand or, nlld tllhe Ilic rslll Iatirobalitt I blaotowecd iiiUi Ithea, as a1 c dditlonal iidclll oe their icclets and ucu. III preae.e llg Ihic article to the ialice , lhe ireoietLr wat illuclleedt by the holo ttlltt i Iot lcdcii.ellel l coric h Icn eh caee, nd wit a rctrlctregcardrto thie lIbIcuId aTic rioeu-o ic or ictiesI of a.te verel itngreidie+Ir ciiollll,1 te iioiIe of te icrrestc itilo iedtreilca o i Ihe daiy. wcit iwthel the eoutry uthuad--allll from c le faeor ;dllutdy ibestowed upon it iy cphysciatsa oid otihersl.c feeljurtified it cxpetilrtig thi Fcor at f1ciOl olrlct ef thil iterresting iaeOvecly, testicmoni. lt, el.ode eAt ioeeraiOl, &c. Aee IcanellllOtei whie mty b had geratis cif i wbllw o eeli tllie pill. Nolo are euuilitiewithllt the cigtatlre oe G. It. PIIELLpS, N. It, suleprcprlterte Ilarttibrd, oten. S: A ilcllianoiP, (tlccrul etgCeea. .e: LI:cEr.eehi rcc. ee00 tie P+at. 5 l..e. Alh y ,A A P.yaptiie USla l Aa Leoe e. ks ee& bitt c Nwlamcaaj J. Itc . lS r ilr.cQN a e cr o alaia. ai.k.r BT'.m tha't isrh 1o sit as A gmnt, ad.heb+. E A "(tL ANSBE, wholeale Atee uaar 4 ty S MTATEIj OF LltnfiSIANA--irst Judicial District SCoutrt,the stale tof Louisiana, to nal whoa these ta nellfn ahnhll alnclle, gletlillg: L\terensR--tolnllr . Olinll, teorge It. d()Den, and Eli.nrd Yorke, avingpn hnniseati r anln . ramie hy thI. Syndic of ite raitaorn el tg 'rtant &. Witra aie tproperi ty hereinalner deseribed,lhn applied to Ihr clerk ofthial scrrlforit mnimition or falvetiaih.ett in conlntrinity to al act of tllt I.egi'talare of the state of aLoui.ia, enti lied "An nat fiLr he fil rthi'r i.sallr:llnce of' tit to palr cllasers et judiciai l maln;-;" sapp.ed l ile 1ilhI day of Mlnrnh, 18:1. Now, tharelarr, i'nnaa e nn., ndll aIl per=tin intertrtpe hercl, nlte herebv eill llald Ullll ll shlld in file IIhlOneof I'a state of Louisiann, cad of Ihe first jadieial district courl , whlo call set anlly rih I title Ir claim ill 11l to the prcll rtv hereillllfnrer le r sillched, l si oltlelilelnt, Illaly n ItIIlrlll:lIhl ill filte underr or jll(gl.lllm ut1 ul"f (lIPl:e1 it lanrlladr which the sale wlas lnleat, or anv irregallarity ort a illegality inl the nppniraiatnu r and Stillne llnnnlllila a ntlillllet or irranly lntiler defPet Wlllnlto ever; toshllow:rllse wi tllll r1in I iint d <a a I o roday of idhi Monition i f lirst in .rtelid ia rim bli rti p anlr., n1hV a ii saea so Illl ie sbldu Ilnt b c iiirllln tia Ullll n i llln a it Ihe nhil propertv wits RplI by lhfe i vnriitti ni larsanli iha I6he 24th n oIIi f Jnulary, A. it. 1 v -flln avirtlle fI n nnrr itaeltllllhlan r, rendcl reld oI tihe tannnllthnv of Febria r y, A. 1). Iii, in thie aller of Jlohn lgrton andll it Jn'i .. Wtray va Caediitor.t all the. a reditors -a ' fEertontn nan Wilnav-Nu. 11lt9I; of the dhtckat of this i court, taf wrih taolesaninl $nlnatel C. tean, Gieinrg, it, Ithdan, nld Ia rowad Yorke alecame ie purchaetrs Ihr ihae price aareiaititaarlnntiaand. )aateliitilan f ithe properry as given in the judic;al onveryatace. vii: .t Il. I. I.ot groind niln inn lllBll Sanlet i tile quat' IennitneId by t'tiio PrnytaiCni. llli.n.e, nt d Niavnrlea atrees, ina Ipr lanl rilWIInr h J C(:tnlhnnin datel"2thi Ji tnl iry, I 3. 9, and dep4, il.; in th lt omtilte of iJopiln B11. Inrk. :s. rnotiry pbliu for refel.eoeS ineesuring iei 2t 4 in hel s ill Pfrnnrn n re shet, by 12' feet illn depth, nld frmnt oil Clio alanret. To1t Snluel C. t)gden, itaurge in. Ogiten, and Edward Yorka, $th ,7lOn, l 2, in t'e samey slnre, aind lriang n. fel fr inr t I a'rv i ano l slrll, Ii fi ef drp, adl jlloiit g I o. nI Ir clho salle ilulrehlssr, , 4 ,11:111 nlnt nIa. n itn t rll i s te St re nn ljollin g no. a , anv Ian the toll nt ard arllstlll teo a lle laurr haari i ot no. 4, inl tll lnainen ! s arn t nlljlloining no. n I, and Ilnvin g tie llem fronllt nl Ilelllll 11, lo the ln~l p,r I ht ait. , in the rtaill s are adjni inim nn . a , and finnng the .iane front and depthl, to the soem pr elameis, e,15 I..nt Ii.. f n, iln l ale nnc n lll . nn anlljoilljrinl la , w inll hallvillg Ilh' irnnna Inalll u nt dlllllth, to hl, manl llli r-a Lot c. 7, i an the armne .anre adj injling no. t, eani SIl.ila i h, t-" llslle tilln t andtir t htnni, to lla e alme lllr aro. n, int . lltlllo san lll arr ra ljihinn no. i, n in l Iaviln tile alllt. til ll lol rlell, to thl e Santi pIr. Ca:n i r.aa $5:19,110. Lot ti. 9, in Ihe elne rgnniare adjiinin no i8. and hvieg the same fronet nld depth, lto the ame l1ur lilall nrel, ,3r!rn ii. id .otlo. 0 in tlln nall nnre ardjonnit, no. i , n Id Il nlrg the saieU jit ll c dii htir t oll l the lo L llne i lllr a tesel-s, 1,30n . Iot no.J iina Inahe nnanr allre adjoining no. 11, Iteua. a rring 291et 1 ichles In I'rytnlllnet sareetbv 10 Ileat t Iln. of tin lle 15 Ilt wide i the rear i la i iinn ndowll ir the ploean cnmree'rid to. Tiernts--aill4fnntn earait lot cart, bnlanae at f,, 1t, 11; anl 24 nallllthner'edit, ifr taIllprlrcdt endorsedi nltet with pnnntrtnalgerrt.ill final pnyu~l e nnn" h u itnrnn wharnf, i haaa hereuntora et iar ?r . rS. l n nan ennid atlci i. a rh eul orf nid coli, tii n 1y t ill a d nof lanrh, A. i). 189.t . inll tr ill 3ff rI .)liN L.\[, Te'AT DE LOUISIANE--Cour du prem. ir district judic iaire. L'eant do In Louisiane, Stons cuax qlo cos ipreaontes conaernant, salunt 1 Attondu iue Samuel C. Ognrden. George I. Ogden, and lcdoard Yorkea nyant u ellacht a ne vontC faite par Ite Syndic dos er6aninier di Egerton &. Wibray. n proprint6 cni.aprea decrite, so sfnt adre.a6s al Gareflj de cctte locr. mur iti avis a ,inanrhllnlan nt Stun aete a do In Legislt do 'era its la n Irouia.lne. intitulm "Actr pour onfirmer Il' titres imn not q'nn eur naux vettes jdicinirre ;" approuv6 ti 10 Miaor 1831. Qu'i antal amlnon, at lontcr personn int6resses araot par p es prasentes a snan1ns tl nolll dl! i'etal de inn Loaisiano at dei ian oilr dl premnier disatrict judiciare, quo pourrient anvoir n dri irai. pr1pridt coi.pres dtocrite, on conrse aqunc d'un d6. Iaut do trnnle dens 'ordie, in decret oun i jugaenlantt tIc In conrd on overu duquel ln vnto a i(t6 faile, on rie tloune irrognlaril6 rn iltl6glit6d ialls I'cstilnatiorn, i'avis ou ln taemps it to Idt deInha inte, tan polr Sile allnre lalle qllellline, dr fairm voir, idun trento janr lidatr do in tubliatnion do catlte avia, aurquoi In la loe ainoi oirne in srait pas cotnfirul6 at irntaologrlfn. in dite proa)rioI6 fut VaYadEle par in Syndic fiadit i la 24mjounr do Janvier, do il'ail,:6 18.19, en verlu d'un d6ctlet tlu cue CteaU, rolldlt hni dlxie julr do I Srn6vrier d ie'lanrlin 1o3s, tallna I'anlatir do Jhna Egnrton adll.lallnd s I.. \ibrhay vs. leir craninnlnrs tta cr6I.lchr0 id: d oger oil dnitl \Wihray-- No. 14396 du docket .n cotte Cour, a laqucllu vents i' lno di s iSalnuel C,. jgdn, George II. Ogden, anrl 'i i dwnard Yoran s seat relldus arI qun.Iur pantr io x ipnix do ni.nprabs alentioa7i00. i LDescription dt. la propri6td d',.pr6a In transfer Sjudicinire, avoir :' SNo. 1. Uti lot dt terra sile .ana Io fnlubournh a Salllet, soir In place ho, n6 par hba rues Itin, P'ry. tania, Calliopc, at Nayadtn, ur on plan fit ipar J Cilhounn, dati 2 'tiJlanvier. 1839, at dtpord ou i bureau dot ioseih Bellark, Esq. notaire public ii, e. i enront 29 plods 4 pocus do tahe danlls In roe do ti SPrytantndo sar 11) pieds do profondur oat do fiace nur In run die Clio, tdjan6 It S inllail C. Ogden. (;urg, a B. Ogden, and Edward Yorkb, pour in prix do 83.700 1 No. 2. Un lot do terre situde dans la nto'ile place, mesurant 29 piods dcan la rue do Prytandu . sur 1'0 do profondeur, et a colt do no. 1, aux mrones acqudreurs, $3,000 No. 3. Un lot do terre situde dan la mIunie place, a cold do no. 2. at ayant le molnos propor. I tions, aux dit acqudres, $3,000 No. 4. Un tot do terre situdo dans la Inme P place, a cotl de no. 3, et ayant lea mroms propor tions, aux dit acqudurears, $3,050 No. 5. U1 lot do terra situoe dons la modme place, coltd do no. 4, et ayant !cs memes propor tions, aux dit acqudreurs, $3,150 N . 6. Un lot do terra situde dans ln memo place, aeotd do no. 5, et yanrt lea llelmes proportions, aux dit acqudrears, $3,400 No. 7. ITn lot do terre situtdo dans la mames place, t cold do no. 6, et yanlt los iolns i Olpe)r toliOne, anex momes acqdrears, $3,,350 No. 8. Un lt de Icrro situde dins Ill momc place, a cotd do no. 7, olt ;yant Ies mllnes propor. tilona, aux dit acqtirEure, $3,900 No. 9. Un lt do t o re situr, dans la mone e place, a cold do no.8, et nayat lus memos propor oions, aux dit curs, $3,900 No. 10. Un lot do terra situt. dans la maore pl ceo, a colt do no. 9, at aswnt Ics momes prot hr. tIons, aux dit acq .6reurs, $4,300 - No.. i1. n lot do terra sitede dans la nmetl p!ace, a cold do no. 10, Icsurant 209 iledsu quatre poecesd.tus la rite do Prytar'de par 120 do prulbn= deur ot do face ear la rue Calliopep, uux dit acqud. roars, $5,300 Los onze lots soolnt vendus avc Ic privilge uxclu. ilrd'uno allud ayant 15 picds do I rgour uer lo der ja. n lac tl trar"teron cober.Itn.oiqulie' itecenc teen, New Cass de, aor sale by Ioe IL3:lk & x Sillo. ja(O l Ihotk lt e NE1r GootSt-haRsh & Ailcla have 3s rcaceid it a ,plendlid -ssortmen of* cine Fancy uidvoeiclirt. I li N r e Pri 's'r s lr, oio r sriing tlllies' I ,el iling dts., druas+i~o cases, Work botei , o usica, l ltmS, ),i',lies, needle ooeks of t iearl, shell nld iVOry, card cses and souvenirs ilaid witr teorl artight; rocket Iun s, per seC, rptilrr glasetr.,etd anld silvt er itani|lc. e,,frilner oe all kiodC, . llorre ' c, at Iltl'2 BAZAAit, r tlK.J ca.r S.t C'hurlulrreecs & I lino t., |:xuh X TKINSON'S EI:'PILI.ATiIIIrlt, Cior removitng so; lierllluacr frieL thIe face, neck ionl ,,riarln alt eqla| sal iiet and certainty, leaising the skin liner eld whiter thiai belbre re itPliteotn. A tfresh tupply just rerceived rat GUII)N' N le Ixscea ge hlotel, cornet St CiStlet ald sIenlel 'I Jill . Ir c o lu ntir nd hr sie. 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I n. li b. i s; :2 Id o js.n *.d'sln ins t0 r is.i o ;ilu l0 lb lil hrn ;on ) 'Gi lizis S le 5id 1)55001 gnrouIII d IsnuShT', alo 'f11i)i1( a:l0 d li 00)) do; 2 ctonlnlosnsle ln.'r.l ipllwlnnler rio 'Trit .: |tl)( Il (Ldo In rue lt £,rgn ilssnrln'tllo'ell ) r.slsih OiIH of eiel"Y nsiz n qntosliii: saneil eln ls ils l' arlikii lhtt Irk . of iate:ri hlop n,litted :;, with all ncesso~a ry brsiilne, Flake l lln l ir'lnl t wit t e r,; GO ,atkic'l -hi l 'oa; \white of sl wi n I y l w "axe n o rl is. old ,]r . tlll, h . ILi-" it sorinn t of piinn t+, dry run r., nifi lsri)nnlillP Vul-i:l Sc.n lilr sslenlw tlesnl"i. s llnd retail, nt e ile Ioweit n lic.+, y by 3sllIl i n 8 5 ; (C a l up s t. IJORDERS It:ECHIV:l) FlO"tR ii O.V,1YPS' IO' 'T :'.YT CO ''TTLV (1 1.4 I Iltlle PIalnllelei No. 5,.i ligsnlllmssin-n~ni, Nesw Orleans Y I 3VOIE LIIANl,I'A(II'I11IEV IN NES\' Y'UIKIIY ROBElIRT IIVE & C)O. I SC..LE OF' lP r' ICES.-Dnmd!e (tis. For a dolbleo ;ill of 80 tows or son e oin eicl; eylinlel, nmiking IfO saws in the stand, n-witnh foeals.i bin hsdls, &c, s6 Inns' pl-i, ior $9000 (1 A" iorl DIubl (ss p. sli'(. san'sn ilintidsr, nil 121 o nas, jssssnl, feilAds, &o. a $6 per saw, or 720 00 ,r I"rdlo. of' 40 laws on in. or 8 saws in a stblu, 'it '6l -.5 ple ssow, or 50) 00 SF'nr do. of t) naws on o. lor 40 saws in a staod, $.50 per' s, or 2ll00 1 SING1 C 1 INS. t F o rl n sin gif n! n nn o if S l s ws lns n o,-n , wit$5 i 9 oo, $180 00 sFo" r of tG0 saws. with leedelrs, e at $( i i "1 511 per aw, 39(I 00 Filri l l'i411 saws, with feeders, &c. $G 75 psor niIX) (5 00 lr-Fd o . a t s.. . . . .s , w ith !i e d e r ,s , " & c . 0 1 $ 7 Eixtratselhh i redesised, f1.r fitles, sspljls, I loolents achn; the snsier oftteeth br sln sli ins m cl o the numbr s. I)n" s.t of feenders, i ism siderl l iwenl\e, will war t ut two or t ree sets I"I; sows. Extra sunws supplied l 8a() cnts each. , The Gins iordered, will lie dclivcrul to he nntls of :lnltelrs in any of the sei a iort lown o the cotton plan nsnn..sible i r theumo nt of the tim. A l wrihl 'inns iron nn ning alsnhe nnin red where deniird, o, l nson able l i l rsn, l l win '~ll le c ge, l exi i . Il 'sei power, 0o1any dscis tin, ca'nll Ir'e InniIIshd on like iterms, Small sIteam eginles eni also be ordered if de It is ldesnirnl, when islnmters give orders for Gins, thov shout saecomlony them with theirvviews in regard to t'hearranlgemell to saws, lbreasts, blrushes, &. It is ful ind They diilll i opinion. Some desire saws of IIn'gen·diotlllllnerthiall oiillns's. T Iinst comOnlI ioiizl is 9 or ( llllhes; ,h . some wish n them 12 i(n ches . SoLn wish 5 or f rowsr I brushies oil all anxl, while others do not want more than 4 at most. Somelll wisll saws with 8 orJ Lteeth to thn e inch, while other's want l0 or 11. }V nllbl dlisclrelplcy, we iPeer IthLv shnrrlh, tt i the timeo of Gnining ' odei s a loi sate m nt of their , wishes, and the Ill:llltliletullrels cn Iilllil thlenl in elery prticular. lWhere it is left to our discretion, we shall-i sniake then o1 the rost modern and ill provel plaln. A orderllll can Ie Iexeellted, tifronl tlhe time it is reeived, , in tile splace ft' eicht orI' Iillne weeks, al tlhe (;in in thll it rtime laced in lle hatnhtds of the ifator. To be in tine log th ilext crop, all onllrs ought to b e in the ihaln]s of thll anlll.tlll'eltr rhv tile tist or middle of Mlav; extcept or plllanlltationsll where they are late in comclngtilg to i picik or gill cotton. N. It. T"he Patent [light, lro, any one of thel cetto: i (> nillg States, will besold oureaol es;ltlde terlls. -n .q6 o to LUCINA CORDIAL. rE COT RdI)U1Le ICtINt ttI ; l i.EIII lt it)E to I .tAtII UI I h r Isih teleb r eil sl r r i . A )nly r Ther d ico ed M·t or t heo re ot ot I' ril IIdt a ( orli i xIor I lnx r of l ,,e., it "urn his g ly r er ', ,v1 in gleg o1v rnett r lir i1. c .l . o. m rou e te ic to b, i ttt a tilr t all r'cei e d an alsoi i t h mti' e rmi v te. - b, matnl v, h Ixh h .uvebent rlt hin It m d hrine". the h ie oo, troi'I t haoo ,olo , o et ,o tohf th ioto thr e d ir . I. lThe tel: sfill lll,,i r lltllum iil ofl ther . il e I:.IlC orit, ll lit m t hal'0 l the tli r i w HIrOl . IVoi L h I. 1idtet. tll e S irt i; hll b t llt' Ihl o t,l nll " Ithot e :lrll cos whr o elnv as< yet illb Iun lwlllane 4I I Il n rei n"," h would e ll i cilyv I lla tlt ihatl t it r. in it hllont f el ebt ho :d eoo ttl .l oi o lms ot ceawtd ttor' a ioi nlIbn ill Ifra '.--Thtoittt r edi t resioe the vileit o ioe s, w ere tho Iav been e+t hao tot d to , ,it n oti r l i therwit e and otot hstit ili} rPtl I.V t.~ I ctIe rll re tnll tflll tinoth .; t Itl it it nIr Oetl tillC l o r d t it SSi r te on h r yosl o ever dilllvte csier ihe nreimovl of S l IotelanlV ino inllllille is lrinretiniteresr in o tfhi e o tow'ili fo hts vsttlt li+ t I o o, tinoiootolitieo, it is also hgh o i t r nl- nh, .ei oilll reak ino u u r Ie l' tr In nr"d is .inarge thereol), chronil emrltpti lu f' tih skin, l dropiealt, 1t I h ond .ket that Ill cir uasll of soed e ar na receive thI, I e if it a r. DV i lln~ k ist ovt r, il-ai ier ll l ol ie o - s l ie fo r h a ts co n s e n d tih. t rh i t ,he c2.+ m l h t . l b e s ol d i n 0 JOI.N WINTES l RIlOII.E'tWEeI. M. t. t trt i to hat.. f P l. no abovilel . I llniri sll for sae tit whol esaea i d retllai, at Ni iY. 115 Vd tiI street ib tween tlg t 7hl Tl i no oied nott lot 1 tol, it ll':l l N w it ill Ot i I ARRIS ltE PII'SIOIlOiICAItt.i OINII IS- , T I rall)ino stt. D, ll'tte Will eia . ti'e u rtivie oootn. to prart o ir t tte ntttl cssto of .l arri. g e ilrt lntod. oit oota.tis o llyotiog, cith o ncto it, L re! e :xl. PIor'il o oan t de. 'idlv'1 it, rost ro,,.0o oll"ork Ihlll we n 'o e n k ore md re I llte led tell ann ll ollf whm Int fttlletooin that iiont ever heri aino c ionod I -e cotr so'i ti ltont e t ott k, til a in to wi v llleto tin, l l cren din he tit l raid i o e iotr it ais flt tilme di"t po herb wriole tto t tio t he o uwlo tio l ihai trea iltot t tiort e t lie e it t e epllo io aly rec u tr, its" I tst to c tolls ie a ing th" o ooip It tis Ott a totn l l ;la erio l oetoe lony t i inD e l) totoor. in st Irhners -f-.e aedit Cour'ier Des oi f tes. r torsleti t , oyo, Ih-drns .t bltwit anognohnote o.rd Ctotllp street. oiLc $001. positlon, vooer ial ly in thi e or tieon l tates, o to, 0 ,o I thie propriotor but retlo neied to seay tny thoing in ,g1 it, ' ..- -.. .. .. -, I .i-;,-.. - : o- .+ . , , ,." ,, . , weekrls n tlld tilhe dol t lesoo otlll o c;as e of ',hite I swellinl.h Ollt call on itmagilled, havt brcn detreoyo d o f by ii ill oIs thaen twot nrotsottS , L.I mtie biteos of sio toitontl ro lltiles itll pficac is ltrol suorprieing, tl even in Illto tlioe tn rabid dog, tor if aoptliol in ti0l0, ,tt Iotooer on attratt ion ntro oot w nodrtnfll ltiot Lhey r~illtt ot onc i tro st till! ploiotn, ni tloll lpren I vent it foilllo to-illog ioo oyoteml. It is lilteoti.e greatly slluerieo r to anty Ilot lociilleo hertooloire disco.o I voerl for l e cllalod blacks notd ltombs o lhorses, fitNt ttoters, titgt wort s , lleolltior td linp,, told ill ret rlt ftor overy 0exterollil bodily evil that oitay fall to Ile lotf oflllollo t Ot btto.o Thile pro to e no ttohs received O t least o Ihel tstd corlillctiatcs and otoh. r doctllentlo , ill toy r ol iedi woicth were. wtritteh oy breslcttb!e tlnollreios oftole Mlitoeal F aolty, all breaiththog Ohe ltuooe eulogyn Proaltarl ic t 1n9 Liberty troaoi , NOe York, anlll 1 for tlle eat i5 PIoydrus streeoo, New Orleals. I mrtitG if, " t-UUCA't0'IN-F'tt:NCt annot II--AG tIr Jiamo t , rect enlt arive d , tt No n tleitrthii n b s I ve opnl atll 0 e00 do llly 0l NIoltioy,, I. o o Jan oar., a o No.. IJ 19 'rtetu ouse oIrtoet, tlr t lte illollotltlloooI to )}ouch oloo both srxes, in tloro hit nte Enolils i, toi thich iet , will t.o tb olvI .os.iie iby iors. J ,1 s nld Ni.. I tre1t Olurncy anl pnrirt. lod whlLo tI I tul-e char~ e eot etotooo.opt oot, o.o o' ttte ,e toototo t tr..t ono o will ilt .t el,, Iolllot i - tlhe ;v ritous lootl-lohut otI tL· oo ,ntC II', ta Ilsti ~l a t o, tllllo to t t' tilt .. ' too t-i . . .. ..... ..... ... . . ..... vw mtolyt honor t him t wl t it t eir -,otti to, 00 n-. v I I 1 1 SA '; '1'I3J3NIIV 11 ; Ile' FAUIhL'I OF .lIIME CINE. S H 3O3N'S Compudl of Cojnib.tal and Sars i I. ever disct3overed 13'Ol Ie 31lore3t3 o1" Ga,3ll.l',he, (:leals, Silrtultres, \Vlhilcs, Paius in tht: hack aml Dins, semilna 0wra3kp e cs,t al~elions kidnies, gra3el, scorbuttic I el'tl'ti3 3lls 33 3.3 hit thl illnttdulion ofl medllh:e nIosse~sslsg te ilulu 1 allctliv·I: ¥ llle ti " of i. i o llne iltv Itliatl~ to Ithe plublic, 11e proprietor has but to refer to the nim'rous reconl Ieldltions rleceived 'onl lthle ImosIt eminent of the ielll ppreciated winl:n its 3 3rits lr.e tii3ie3 tifll, knowtn. I he ijas of Copaiba, s3o 3tenosi~ 13 3ed,13as lost ntotch of its coredit firom tile dislike u hilch palie3ts formerly prodIlucll d ill lil bo els lnd stlomnlhll, snll its hlelulllr e ineffit, iiev a hen used in the intflnmnmator stage. The Illpieltor Iles l lad l n tln: llysis of the al)l) s t, il Con evll IIg a thate tmore all t ivollhities wolll thertchy be mlchll mOlre v'ollcn l'ntrt and d lmore usetully alllilistelred thllln: in the present state. Thetle me lt etine combines in gl'teielluts which alrl in hlle h oilt1,l iepllllne unmol tlPe mJrost seientlific outl lenU'lted inltlhe pllrlut'Psi.lll . EiachI'l dtlug ill the eomposilion of this preparati.o inreeases tse ett3333y o3'the other, producing aln tp.rati3n truly 33to 3loS3 t'tlllg t It 3the slnle tilnta tie. ni.l'tt1t3 < D13 i3ts :ldlnislueled will pclltetl su:eos in ll Ithe dilLlrent stages of the above disease,, Ihe most emlinent physici:ans anI surgeons of thie present day express Iheir .lcided ap- I ptr'.,lion in th, ao of Swao'fparilla, whilst its use inh the puritcipal ho I ilals and public meudical institulions has be n, al d still coLinues, very extensive. It wa n fatv orite Iremdv with the eehlebrted )r' Abernethy in :all velllllreall aI l'ttioll lls, a t in ob(lilnltecutulntsliO t elr ptios, i singnfli'ont :t disordered state of t heldigesti e. functiohls. I la ing hbccn submilttd to the teot atltd experselite of the mIlolst ctl llta d anllll g the fleulity, they Ille expressedll theil' satia:lcetion lf its xtrlrlOl yllilll .e .nio.l in eclvery :SCe undert tllheir chaI.e, by) aldoptilng it bolh in theirl Iplbliec and privale i .t. Theire 1h, oh ervatios will he iser.ed herealler. Prepared by J li Thotn, Chemist Lodhni. Prilce Al 50 perl poIit. Fromt . 11 Saltnon, Es3. It 3, St.rgeon to the l't 1Tl:nlFs Iospital, atl Le.l o, on Anatomy.. prove] so highly lthvmlnahle, lhat I do not hesitate it pr'nounci.g it onie of the mont ~slalual amd elficacious r'eme:!i'es eier' otlbrtll to thle public, d lllllol e in hllich I[(oml exnpericlce, I can place every relianlloc, whilsl it d ts ot Itlllll, e the s:lllle Itll3lleasl3tl eifects usuallyl:l. ex lrom 33 II lay ward, 31 It C 3, Physician to the SI 333l33l3I"3 3333333333 333333 333 33 1333.33 13, Aboi t ,i "letl 33 31. I tnlsb grori le~vIo," in adding my testi.l oy to tihe wahhnhl- I"op 're otf, Ollu pr'e :araion, wishing you the sucetss oti so ftlly deserve, il all nmple re ward for the 'lor laiti expense incurred in l h ingiig it to such ioii Pileat iedt. olin. "i'oln W Ii Coopler, F It S, Surgen. to Guy's IIns The uniform stcleos which has antended til, adm.ihis to lie knllown to bie tIruly May t.1 t slluccess You so wt3 d3esol r3 , 3 illy) an333 d speedUily- I:rely-you fort3i yalll. Val'a:lelt lepLe II r.aII o.iOI From Sir A Cooperl., F I1 S P It C S, Ec. c. cilcstll violeit ( lll (:1 1 Irh wlhho h had hlitiherto hlatled everly prescriptio ladministered .I 1 i 1e, Iavnlg foun sure alild spe.dlv crllles ef'eeted ib it, ill a few dlas feel tisell'in dullty hound to Illstale lh:t I now in Iay i)me lice .lih public nd iate recomine tlI use non rllom C \V Blair, 1 I), Physician to Gu")'s 1to The strilct test which I have hivtn voilr medicineill anlllllng imy patienllts, nol its illnvariable sn. C.L1ss tlluS lit, butol ct tju3stiee; nd of duty Ito1 add my feeble testi lnoiliil ill conlll endail i oll of its vitues. 3 ,From L C. Thompson, 51 1) F I 1S L.. Ireturn ylll my siilncerle thanks Illl r till e valuable prel sent of ou Eill i ""llrleht ecuie of .ti o trlllii oht , i e. I f'el gratel-i that cou le:se at hIst brought : medicinoe ilntl sea l iio wi. li niteta desid tui lo ms l i itl lll hiillg to the world l the valileaht qli lllilel s of"1our Sriat ieressary, Ithe proprietor coulld htlere fI"1.1ish a1ny more llllesti niAs equtill yas comnlllllindalolry as Ihle pense lt wi i 3 h it 3' i n I It , 33 l il 3,| 33. l a 3 , ii 333 eIs ii le l h i whic l it kllr:I t talkeIn, bellhg Iotlh esy' H1ll it oi' (llllllllll 1l .ln3 3l I3 busiess. 'lIell3C3s especial ly woiul fld llin S t Lhdieiuiie highhy umtl ,tl Id oil "it, ev to be Illluln id wth itha Ipreparllaltil ossessi.g tlhe adI vollltllges whi%, Ic h 1|' present one clinlill Aocomlallhlpiu t!lv h l c.lici m" is ln lel expIoa - tlTrk1 ofihe dil'ihlb· ,,t stages o f lilt Ilisenlse, witolullt aIt, extrai clali,l containing full anid :Iu.1 lhdret ,I o Is., mI'orntlle Ila SII3I,3LES y& o. m l, Ll~iwd1n ,hi (.llCal street. t I KNOW tht hillth.ond the aility to labor, eonstiutoos the wealth of t11e great mass of the peop ' ill this, ns in tm st other coun. trios. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu. rul Inmea is a grind, moral ood p litical scheme, to | fulfil which, requires nl utmost attention. SThe unprecedentenl popularity and dniversal ap. approlatinl whloclh this medlicine has anlieved Ihreuoghout the Uited Statesr, the Canados, Trexo, Mexico, and the West hIdies, fullI justilfy )r. Peters' in warmly and conse entiously recommen. ding them to the special ;notice of the alllieted. Peters' Vegetable l'i Is ore tihe snoast, .2,stf effec. tual and economical remedy for diseases of thle human constrtit no, that hl;s over been discovered. Dr. Peters, tihe invoentor of this invaluable nmedij. cine, fronm iis knowledge of the humalnn system, derived from a long and extensive practice, haso arrived to tais coonclusion, that the great and pri. Iary causes of most diseases is a do:rangemnOt in the functions of tlo liver, or in other words all in. creased or dicmnished secretinn of tle bile. So well is this understood, that it is comnmon for persons to say when they feely uwel!, that they are biou,, meaning that: tlhey have too much bile o0n tihe stomach. Oi the other hand, when the flow of bile is diminished, thle process of dires ion is imoorliectly perforrm, d, the patient ibecnies weak nd oalncioated, because no:irishlonoit contained ill tlo fcood taken ;lnto . llot 2n2lloh is not proper y ex. Iruehd. , and tl.e 'orad is ej.icld ill a crude ;tate. I)r. Peters is on2 fi02 t thl . t the :0no0s IIt 0lll Theory, 2o e2l2ed, that, " iml2irty t rf the iloooo'l is the c:as0 of all diseases," is a gr,,at ashr2lrdi y SEvery one wn. o r clets on the slnhjeet a momentu wi ll pereoce ieit 2perity ofthi, blood is a rseon. dal y not a prinary2 conlaint--the Lect unit not i the cs el' odiease. \hen the tilrtions ofl'l t liver are deranged, ad thle fliw of bile il:ncreased. it is olfhtentaken up by the absor 0 llt vesOsels ani o'ntri.d into ifile cireol:tloo, and becomes lnlo ing od wi et the blood, as in j mudoce, when tol e f iationt shows it in !.is eountenance0. No.v this impurity ol blood is cas2ed bly 0a10 ilc0reas':d floow of IIty and to ra'oe. y it, you must elrrect the seafrctions o ltho live-, and restore It to a lualthy itate. Dr. Peters has sCent much ime2 in exlpriment inng witll difltront vegetab'e uledi ,nes, for diseases of the Iover; and noo offers his Vegetable Pl l-, an tile best, Inot convenient, and cheapest oedl. SCen that call IAe prOreItd la r inernil use. :1.+ "; :I ' - r erative . ir. t 2 .2, "oo1 O c 2'I . . , . r 1.:. . . t y 'g' ' . elange t2l e onuruirl sc ertltlaln, 20 ren ttuans lthel ldigestive oroans, pI2lrly thle bloodl, invigorate tile eirculatiion, anJ give tune and energy to the ner.. vou.s system,. They ale mildl and plearant it, their operation, nd c only aboot iomntediate 2conviction, of thleir utility frolL the li:rt lose. T'Ihe can I e taken with safety by persons of any Aige ; and thle feeble, I Sthe ilnfirml, thle nervous, amd thl delicate, ere slrengthencl by their oper.'rtion, because tllhey clear thi system of n faio humoo-:rs, quiet nerv os irrita bibly, and invari ably prlodce sounotd heoalth. The Vegetable Pil .n are a osre remedy for jaun. dice|, sick land nrvous Iheadache, dyst epsla, costive. S10"s, sickn ms otf t ie sto m ntch, heartburn, all I llilu , econplaits, fevers of all ktlools, od if taktenl at tile colone enl t wool ll invariably cheek their pro. green, and sayv' the patient frCom a promtracted and dangeo0n0s sckness. They are itnvaln.ble il ner. rons andt hyocondrical alicctions, los3 of aipoe. litel, and at coamplaints to whic; fuemales alne ara .uhoject. 'lhey operate as a mild and speedy purge, ald are a salh alnd certall rsnuledy for worms ill chi dren. Sinceo 1 haitv introduced my Vegetab!n Pills to thle pultli, I have received numlerous eortificatoe of troir cuperior oficaey in curing diseases, a so, mlany letters Iro t reipecta.le ihysrcians, who have used thenl in theit p)raetice with thio best success. I might publish a sinoal vololnme of certiicntes, but considltr it unnecessary, l.s tihe nteticine t wti recommend itself to ial who woi'l lmo ke trial of t. 'The above pills are in boxesa, eontaing 20 & 4-i pill. each. Price, 2- & 50 c.nts p r box, ljnggits and ooeoliltry merchantsr ll, I tlsup. phle ,.it wholesa , or retal, at Dr. Pet.:r.' ln e l. i I e. o nn. fit P'y hs strcest, butwueen ti aiiii . ., . ) i + "+ 1r! f s + .L.L, whOare suffering from UI.I-.TIIIl.i, DISEAFSi K cllh 1,s GONOWLLlOI.4, (iLEEI,'I', .PI1R.I'I'URIK81 ' IKILI`'A'rloIN OF THE+ KIDNEYS, II1ADDEII, UKE'rH , ItA, PIlIJNTEAý'I'I{. GLAND, adllallDISEASE;S of ileI - i rllNARtY pASSA.E., PAINS IN THllE lOINS, 1RAVE-L Iullbaio, or Ifromala (lnrll V'enkllhl, or LIoei aDlelliy, aire is aullrel I lhlt thIs vl u al d e ill allllC lll tid meI1·ellt i U Iiii1[ Ipl'rrclly aerHdiaesq the a vose .Iie.'.. much sml .ar t ian. ., outher;,alnd invarlaly lmll,roves the collnt tot in and ger.ori health, antd re:Sllrrs to vigor Iollse pallts tilt Ihlae heRll injur; ed biju ey dyi.hen. or Illproper reatmcnlll. Ill Ii, no uAMfltilio r'1ll Ibe culefllerlld 10 it, nlld it hla . .itlvely cared many thuus ton,.I 1 1dV ul i afterell other aeI. l edl 1 e. Ira o fllaed, andi dI ,ly- s operiedhlg Ithe It of [he"{ Ilthu r mfj.o-.l ItII Ua Ir Illl:llcills--.Opplrl' l'u urpelltln (l:,dllb.· r M.llr¥uLr.I n. addililulu tth, Ilnllllerun, tostrtr, lsl{I rh elverl cnlm 2I1 y I,.ur,- of thIe wbrld, lncludmng te I,, a;n.t Ilid West IndiesrAler ,La, Q-c. IcI.,I Iand edtI l urn IIf thle hleht.-t tat.ling In the pro I++".,orlnll hea~ring teletLioto ilt slirplri~in.r. coj' : five ru Ilundred ounlllld. reward II., been several lilmllglglfed toiny ,c T whoeal cnoIhlrCe fly remledy e nIofto Yo Iao1.a SpecCifi v SJlianul. Alfer this no furtlhr ciommeln can IN. ameesluryy hut udIdlog . Iv .ew ofthecertllitates. "I barn11 prro)lrelod YI andis i.el Efie RolUtinl to several pa lie.,,t. I;litlrlllt + ndel|r Ilruti th l Ii-cli:rg!.s, and to Iv latoM .b . nIl!-ot' Ithy ,t Cere aII Lllr(·d ,, ch' rrtnue thlllehlJn. I had*lel I ll ,,le nnltllneed, anld eia lth wK. nluah inmprov ed.11. I.EY, M. D. "Lol'turar In Mi,. fern, t- Dirihnlnmew', Hospltal/' Dr ('larke hIts )rpcrchedd Yhlbd'.S.pO fic solutin, tome] nv" p.,ieut. habornllg under U, eI IIal itcharges, nmd Invuri m hk" Ill)l ld my wer cured in Ill1, 1, ls time hlialln he had pre' , ullyu ololbrved, when lulsig prlprnllil. uof Cnpa, and Ili of it csliull It Is it blrelIv hl Ilmledy nII d, J Uld d n ld e tlhat oa intmnds , in r, ore t. pru.rribe for I s latients. 1 o].,.,D-e~obntlr27,.1837.' It I)r Green Iiforlobv certifies Ylntdld' rer $ilt0 tiOn is il IImO-t elfinClo.U.- rmedy, and . II" at r.o'ell ,thratd Dim e Hi i Oiller tlhllluuay prp;llalllall tit Copuiva he Ites ever pre. Phe ll nlnvF call be ubtanlrd ,tly let Notl. Cltstoilt ilousa rt/ rril N'et IOrieull. 1C MEDICAL CART. AND IMPOR'T'ANT TO 'ill1 AFFLICTED WTITH DIS A TIII'A7'ISE on .,Inrr.dl DI.eiI+P GmllorrLhaa Galent. +ti +trilec ille, Jliu lld:raliral oua."r.JD>,rc on. Senltlill *l* oWdlle+%. arlisilg fl'-,ll ea:rly akl e+.o ., h: tl a rll pniu Galit ol)tmlill ill-lled.,telll la. re, with rua-, ,vrn'Y and fety. ita s o ncla·atleV I*Lt ll, Ith thlloumiM lilt ,id] itln to Ihe Vas0 alriaI [Jil:sab, O , [ll l e Ii h ulllllnl e s of ilhternin many C+ who :"y' lthe tle of that dea. ly poision, dberctry rai the eo t sl caon, lll Cmiotn e tlerr.ul ion ,wv,;l, blot.hiEc. otl lhl ,lead, face a aj bail,-, dilllltlas ill ibrleight v-li lt Inha eitxs deunf sa ob-+ c Ls'l:Ite glcetE i it}d nudes o.. Ib .1, ' l e +, , a ll tit e 1t.h ago, - r rill .hdlit, ond d,.cay 0" te cl' s ,il' t atom enduh and u 816 hnu le ui. . , ll uts, t, pli .i to tlleir dre.Jll'rul su ". rings. Pl'111ltl VS PUL'I l'1INGi sJ'EI :C'IC 1'11..5+, etlrlllll, .:,l 1, ulll I ,llO-~t sp~eey rtned, e," !r dl.4ovfe r 1 for hli,· ,rr,,,,,,, anal lt liell, d clre. +fll tfllur cal dirc..el oii all'l'nlltll# Ii}'thbe kidue "V. grivoI lllllll, r o I o;u 'dde li l rri" ailltlll Io te I ladderl iolrtlure l . nltdl ticril isear u of Iha uri. ll;'nayI ' l." l.gefrelglenilY l,.r lp r nliluga etl Reel caire Ili tile. ho al'.lteu ' hlhrl'e Ilay-., lby uliU litlll pill lra do ,, P ' with ease e Lr cn"II.y- i .niaIy. ' II he -,,l }"ilJ oh t Ci thley arehol thu Sidlly adllmli~tlred, Call Ihe tttetd by an y th l~se d.. Trh spIecific plls root out every plticle of insidious l0inOt, purl fylngr tllthir Irogress i h holo l.mss of flu ds. Phey noteral ly rrneove t e dine.-,, Let renovate by their nctiolt the differ ell. functions of the body, exellelng' the grosser lumots andl thelr lllanlll mo amild anldl imperceptible as to convince the [lost seecptlcl o" their atonlshn g uand unllqual powers. They ie tho:rcallllll t llnereury IlOr any other eroul, a nd my bel takrell Wlthlot thrcligh oct usu.icioil ar diecnvery. They re ,!~ire ia restralllt of di t, loss of" tliar. or hlndrance of busi ioe, but erltet . comphrle . ,are, a n t t el ! eap). reid [Ie pati,,i"L At nvy iperlod when the slightet suspirion may r ..,t, ,t ,rllIbe well to htnve rc , , trol thle eS cic l'cPs for, when tl+kell I ore t:"' l e.Pa'e hl It:,. 'B ( it nll)(pranllcr, itlUY t asl(Htli itwt re+, lit, "oby re~n v g Iill coplaindht effictually. a:1,, seer,"tv. Me..r. felrn-. +lizi~ continue to direct tlheir studi|e to 1 tho.Po tre dlll "tlebillbtei arliillg from the too frPe tnd in lis uilllunl e Illdlllgence of thoe pa$sioIn., Whlich not only DOeco. ~ll.ll u ui,.rv1).1rl tranl of ,oICr',)ll. afyEctie s. and entail O~ ila I+li irl.. all the ('llervalllln inlhecil eo of 1-1i age, but we llket .lid d-.tray all ti'e bodlil}' tll ,.s. +e lliohlg lois of ni ag i ia-.judi.,.+..t nn,i um mc.ry, ildifforet..e alnd nVersion for aIt [a lrll'.. The Ideo of their own un Ia pillem.! and despair, "Inllch url om, il,)i1 cnu.ideriiug Iho*.e se e s the author. ,f their(,nvll isery, anlIthe loeuralcytofrud au acngt of, fnlici tic tot ,uriiit gol., are the |ItlutIullt g i,Jane of those to,, ) ave giv' e, way In Iisle deui e mild desunletive hablit. hlthitd,. I tre".ll. stle of d IEbllit oI def li.ncy, w et .r tl.e co r lePol.c. if . lllh I prlillft Ilrticw, excessive drinking, or a , oitier callne, hy which b.t'ol,,]{wets . the oo stnl,,t lin heeomo edlcbled, th,,y olinir u lirmll, .rse ad sp.edjy resturat nl to olllInnl and vic.ruus helnth. I'fery'sVP.ruemlle Pill-are well IkIno for fho certainanam ei rln tllal lelnll'd, llf secu:olhll .. ·Vluy ,tli l v+enereal r ptiuIs, hr"ll bannsl lt~l, uicrrtlod lr itoroathm di-ea~od .,re, chro nlic rLlllultlhtI, ScrOflll'l" .l·orhl t mail h audWrtl aflll. luI, hocal a 'r ullwl IrlhlY I.lrlli rl 1 ns ,n the hood Aad h.llll,dlrpren . oi, f rttirdt-, mail al dilens( ra s i fron au i,,ipure .lain, ,f Ihe bln.I il., fele .ieC w~rt,,y I Idn,'e in Ihe cbiniet of nsters and +'.l'ill-,t honI ll,, ill. moe .r,, al they oill kep igood ,n all clo .,,,-p ariy of tim., l'' lie Iad,, polily at N,,. Ut' (1't,-tbl, hi ]ouse street, New Orln1 ., i)ILOFI:SSOIL SWI.DOIllR,+ IIYGEIA N HiERI PII.LLS I Ir thll.'erttt Pxirplin of ,:rI'y spaeie illd tyal ollo uI" the, Il.lhlhll dIe"l..e, a d t1, olhllly d . ddrm Iamiig T nu ll thle IIlrllp.per t e lllrllot \Wilth c t,l lb , e Ix given a ri e lllC 1- Vii.rkal and s).l:hilith/l dIirlasem, ulle ll w lh l.eb l tlllll , oili oPrlmlill wekn lll 4l . lll dote a .1 SlllllillR hlisorl h w k.wlnn I~g ly t i! wy itlo or bian Lolo sorube er io Ibi. decrtu ldt aidl devstuti .g madady.. Dr Dlvie-oll collLirlllne s to direct Ill. attenitiunl thbbos, dial ortl erll ar. srllilu lion, tihe tuo !i'er and indi-criminte indul gjl(.e ,,lll, pa.l.lllS, whwh luOllt , ly nhcasionl a nulmroul 1r lrituo e o ll'r llob tali+e~,, hib t alslo c ltails on1 lis votaries all hern ratllllVl illhll lili}Je l (,f . III I l~llllnt l··Mlt nelltat t lu illllty l del d l.l, le%.· , Ii li he i 1t , el atf ug.liu , of helar. ,ful hhbt., 'xccs," v1-lr dik mg. or any utller haut by which thlo power- o," the ell+tit itm hpcolnin rlli+llhled, he offersn firmll j flllnnd + peedy rlr -lt llll n so uld nlllid Vigor ,. healtht IIsI. a ll anIr l Il ylt. lar.d, thllatt1l if Is Ill viclllr to the vet acureal dllra oeI uWing to tbll Ilanskilt'Ul e of illitentemeu, wh o, }il thll~e of tllht demnlv poi,llll Illlruellly, [uin eaoul sotll tiaa; and whenll lhl l.rat 11),cllr $wedour lwe*IIme Pro, f+.s,)ralt Leydelo~l~dVortity, he cellfl'r+d dol inl' . ne Iw = lit u .,1, ..dliud by then l.e,serr y of his gr lud Pancea 1. 11F lilt. ellEr of Lhli dpluer1uhle eomthlnt..r Nt Er dida diseovery "I'1I11 ni Lrermter 1"le.ltilll it wxa touglitlllewith tvldity, a. | i ,ll- wih u lldeVlraille rlll:cl+.S }I~ lhe mostl iniiuf4tleld lill 1el t c:lCe. le' thle drlieato -lll hlilt" ihr the cure of which t eQy hu lubhlleull so lllg cPrbratcll. The falle, of tl +se I' lls tyro olut G,.rnnny, enllneJ thlelr rllddy illr.nlltcthon illnlo alnhot et Srey ll.try. Thertldylv withll which they worn '+ ntional y Smlmnirtercd, can Ile b.+mllV Ibly l a;ds in (.act, due= Ile thI! Irull col +.i,,.loi ar ld, l -Or the insepar l Ie;an 1""1 an leslilhg ll l l lth. Ulldilr, in all aes where IId. tlll geht rte*il,lenO n lhll l~llr tnlel w t sI enteained. at I* I e 1 I inller.ll, )nl lllltia l Tllhe IdI. uer Itheeitli root oo er y Wholle Mati of Illllida; thlel • Ite ! lly wimo t the d ligll.t, but rrlllnmt blyl-teir yction, thrl llll1roi elr nbitm oftea d tl, Io -= +xpllincl the grosse r humors, unit in a manner en mfIll~irild nlni ,upm ceptibl 111o 1118ocbn I late' thee. moat llPI(:nJal of thrir:IIll· i :,n~ oI f dli-cover)'-they~ reljnfro itI, hn~lrlli i of dm[;i l1,-. i.1' tilne or hhndranclle of bhnllle-, hilot llie.L at a anmple iire w itL; out theleast exposre to the At nov erriot Iv e,, IO slighletS u tupieiOll myll t -itt; t will Ie+ wept,, hitte recrlur ,' to tlu Ilygelat Ilerh Pll., for Whtoll If.llke s lef tle ra dirn Virg thle Compla~int elteetoul y aned sorreilv; The Ilpllrabol sanel in whlich many ponsoa havre benl. ,vl~tol Vi~iting Ile, p,'. pritoor, frolu the use of Mercuery, r,"ndersr it taperatiull vy it! - lllshrr Ill cI ution illrLllll, e rit .'a u int that dlilulprel·ih l ienll w holl ijd at n96 nitit lerst. , Thaliao pills should Iona a portion of till medlblue Llherts Ili Pilean land, a nd bight nev er t , L IIC .,iltedI by Y)·I)Dnnll F,"= Aug it long voyuga oOr journey;E ~ thelr Iploprl)lijC'· tiro aneh Iha[i neitherhellct tilr cold willl injure theirquality, o Lr precut th L1\6· Jll fl'ecl. oil the rbnstitulun. Sold at Nol. 116 Co ltt,,t, Jlnll , n...- n..r,.-.. Tub MOST IMPORWI'ANT1" ilhUMAN I bMSC) Cr .. IiI hr t':hl,,idknI ii btt r .y. 1 " J 2: ; ', I nr:: . I ., ,". Itld ot' Dr..lDD,,l I,,* r t or .tin:,, ,I I1II*IIlII· Il of 1 !,1 3"...6 1 blAtmo : nd h jr F Liarl, Ir~as nc h Id iBuh t'," l.·r 1,1 Il.,nInn ll of-hoe litlbll haf t,,-,l rd ha lid) l,:lx rl hi (~lt ir,", a rpt twlvrnlres frm hemv,7 IEhLT1I AM~) I t2AUTY, Iro,.rlolit rC t I the Faio t, ru r of lii medcw putts, ir b ni a W uk Sl non. lilS A L'DID.alIas ,ID,..D.,I f thh Ifl. d vt, inll, tr~r four, lrftih x r to lll illllborel incnpncmty lily L . '"e·.rv ., oily, L,.., r :,ik r.. .I."ns . ali...luily int., Ind .,uuuy, Am. ire cu,.bl~) e by ill ie bruportent IrsiUa Ie l; Hae for Apply to No l Ulpa Centex lul,.od c Fl, N srlpw O l of uti in. i1Erl ALTTc1n 1 AN13 lac? 11 tlanl13 AUT Y, mpbi ed, and co p I ieb, hn; proved thr Edir. thettll hI.I ho atN. .',SAdretlt I rppgS I.hf & r i ,Ld, OFd AlTwUl 'Ifod preserve health, preocul dii.dll, . slid gn .t . .ll a ,nrobU l. dtrelrlll an d I ' III,) Old alg ( for l aui .lIltil III 1I r Idl the o .' ....D....r.Il.kl,·r. . iDflD* lLlfi 11*I( Dii..D.l.*5ID pill D n: d II t1.1 *A,k 1.11......Itpueo .d.Ip...vr Pxtract f *bmbn.It h 1 .bJe; S to khe nOb,; WShI ea.n., f.OI. ,I.,. rup.1t* 0.5 t.oth..A t..dy i.c.z.,I th'n ur I'llllil a d lI1J complaint s, lo s o utpetII t C 11itlg two, ,uI * Plolhilo l Cd s l ... uIil r a..I.rg nt %Lr f ,".y p ' 1I IOI 11 6.545.. -.1 S * :14 lq".-"1.`lo. 0., ,`Nul l.4I *.,," .S. '04,DL r oil t b 1,,.. C istratso Ch.Ir I ),bus*, tlnllramps,, sp oyas, feves A.4#hr a Il""r l lug cruutptuitll;s, n by he speedily cued o prevttatsd SuIid at No. !A C? ivnr nn, h coreli et, Now of loons: ~ or rut CPUiilB n itn16 llllrnt Ia ih olt it s m ctiun of to m t 1 ll racy f'nr all, r etin all J Iarl'ur e of lls V amilll au w elc~lslrlls, l .rhl~ h l Tv to t Ilolr f w du re euvee ) tiau epnruta In~ of .iNnl et to, sulta reLtach e, gkld llass of fulhtelly r altar itu ,,rs, bd a bno ll of the ev e., do lieir. I d Iuid state of the liver, but a connegsert inactivitytsr of likt how wilt nlen, that i at excellent preparationn, by alttle p neuvlg vince re Ienthe ufll ct I o its suh 1ar rlidct , Tauitn IL* wil dltine, crardtttg 1. the direcnulns atlonllrrlyisg oath box.. Thosse pills or paretclllnriy eficuciots for stomah coughs,, colds, ague., ,possess if Witr~h, andl nil nbsnr~tio. in th urinary~ passages; and if taken ant, I hwrfee ad tmulgercee table, they quickly restore the sstew to its aturald· MI· e nosa, drow-alnsss ad slpgivg in tiro en, urwing hn too great flow~ of blond tx rho sad,;hauhl never Es, ulihn( IIksll as ann drltgrons ytnphnns tel, ti eslirily tcrritu udt bytLal Far halal,, t osc pelik art t ost truly excellent. t mavit .II Idbhtrucnlonnr the ,lltnisnItlg flee ,oce uwiVry prevlth wrllL th. rllsl tin,rurriiln or ,pinto, Illllllo of 19Chb W4 Uoa ntrtTtl·1,11 bialthlrl· Fllllli(B andi .al'.wuers of tort ski., SA ptvnr a IledltltV itch ,utwllik I IhMll to tksaolpln.Blu.; T lutlllrr hey s re . jx~fldelltr rsaaruuldhd A Ailb Ln ntllrdiill hat* can I. take. .urolg I.rrlguurvrish 1L :lihke· of all ua-s they ,. rr unequallled.· A. n Illraamlut. *nfe, Uly et-,:oatL Ihiy litdt th.1 rs.,lttwte ralulro not rr~rtutnr N dlul· ,.. lorxfnnl6t 05111 d i use By rrgulalne th alonoe xrrnr,4utu ihul te sailH" sgh arL· Iwtinttt, hrv ·'llnu ·ulwbh"6, O avert ra·.n x t"+"'w F - ·J)L( ran h.u rrrqulnrl .ln f r elderly c·l.s:. Ik h.# , ' Isehwrd C to. 1Llo x,)-l ,".llll~ttY(~l. IIU(ITl)1. Irlthelk. pre;. trl. ae.IJ "t Nt,. pe t',latt e ltsus I. tex thlralw1 Yllas

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