Newspaper of True American, June 12, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 12, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans, TO BE DRAWN ON TIlE let DEICEMBER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Flu. Under the auperntendlenre of tile Comlnieionlers ap pointed by the Legislative Ashemblv of Florida. SCt IMIDT & HAIMILTON, Man.gers. 100,000 tickets, at $15 scheme price. $1,500 000. Sellins prire $120 per ticket. BYLVESTER & Co., 156 Broadway, NEW YORK, Sole Agents. 8 The receipts of the sale of the tickets will be de posited in the Canal, Union, Carrollon, Citizen's and onmolildnred alnks, in New orletnls, in the romoe ol Louis Sclhmitt jointly with I. B. I'errnult ucully Cashier ofthe Citizen's Banok, odll A. Baudouin ac tually Cashier ofthe Consolidated Ilnk, os Trustees, as per act passed belire A. Mazureou, Esq. Not. Prb. unthe 2d May 1839, antd the properties Itronierred to the above mentioned gentlemen unincwlmbered, as Trustees, for tie security of the fortunate prize hol ders. In New York the monies' will be deposited in the Phoenix Bank to thes.redt of the above named S City Banks of New rIleanIs. The Piblic are referred to thie acts passed beflre A. Maatreau, Esq. Not. Pub. In relationz to partes which emlbrace the respective pri e "is G00 PRIZES, as follows: Prine-That magnificent three stury brick building, known as the AItCAI)E, in Magazine street, measuring 286 feet 5 ieh.:" 4 lines on Mntazitnce et. 146 feet 6L inches on Glrnvier treet, and lot ilet II incites otn Nches at. This building produces now n nest nf$37,00t0 piernnus , and Ihing in the nmost ourislhing part iof the citty, tppoenit three oouks, and in rle inta:diante n'sgh.rheod f tihe . Charles and the ity Htels. Its reens will, inn very few venrs b. iaemased asIo ifly thou.san dollars i t" aInm. ESlitinated at *$70,000 kria-l'h rt ek-T t e. an r etotyebrrk Imild iug known is tille 'Y 1O'In', formerly Bisnhnp'e Hltel, silonted at the eorerorfCamp and Commoll sits, mneasuring 11 Het on C(ommonl at, and 146 feet 1i inches on Camp at. This building rents now for $.5,0110, andlwing in ithe mwect centul Iprt of tr cily, eat shorlv le iecresed to thirty ousand dollars per an. num. Estimatel t $500,0110 1 Prise-IThe three story brick dwelling lhouse, No.0) 3 i-n Natchez street, adjoining tie Arcade, redted It 12 Ittndled dollars. Estimated ot $:0,1)21 I Prize--The three story brick dwelling house, No. 18, aenIining No. 20, o, Natches street, rented at twelve huntdred dollars. F.nstinlttld at $20,000 I mrite-Thi three sto-y brick dwelling ouse, No. I6, ialjoining No. 19, ao Natchea st, rented at twelve hnd. red dollars. Estimated at $20,000 Prine-The dwellins house No. 03 oorl, rest eorner of Basin and Cuetonl house streets, tnoewuriog . 0 leet front ,on Basin street, 40 feel front on Frniklin street, by 127 fel deelpth n Custmlllues slreet ; rntlltd it fit. teen hundred dollars. Estitaled ai t oh 11.P0"t Prizu--The dwelling hkioue No 24 olltlh wret lrner rf Iteinu street, Ineas uring 31 feet 7 inch's on Itavin st, 3 feot 7 incies oin Franklin street, Iy 127 let IO + inches ldethl on Cts toltnbolse street rentetd at fifteen hundresd dullers. Etlimated at 1$20,100 Prie--The two story brick diwelling house No.339 on Royal etreet, hetween Ursnline and It ,ittol streets, Imesn. urintg2 feet 8 inc-ites on Royal st, by 127 feet 14 in khen in depthl'; rent edat $1020 per a.nutit. Estimated at $15,000 Prian--250 shres Canal IBank astck, at $10O) each, $25,000 I Prize--d1l0 shares Cnmmercial Bank stock $100 each, $20,000 I Prize--150 shares Mechanics' and Tira ders' Batik stock, at $100 each, 15,000 .3 Priaes of 00 shares each, Uity Bank, :IcOlnl 2 Prises of 51) Exebhnnae, IO,IHl) SPries of 25 " " On I.iglt, 5,0001 2 Prizes of 15 " Mechaoits' and Traders' 3,000 020 Prizes of 10 " " I.oeiian Slnatei, 21,0110 JO Prizein i1. 2 l "tins l.icit. 2,1111 200 Pries of I " " BHnnk oft)rlen, 20,11110 2011 trizescf I Unini , tl ick of Floirida, 13~,0011 lt shall he at the option ofttll wi,,srnr of prices if boak etecks, either to take tihe-stock ilnltl or tlhe par ,ialue thtreol in cash. MODF0 OP' IaRAWIN. 100,f00 ticket, fromn I to Ilt,lt0t, will he put in one wheel, And 1t0 przirzs, with Ith blanks, in another; I, very nlllller a prie or blank will he drawn. unItil all t e prir ~·i are dP ermrlillll Ieaving the bit....e of nufi.... bero in the whewl-blatnks. Arelralnte al I..oe- ry will he rteceived t t tlr olfhIo, under th Veran.sdahcrsr of Sr. Ch arleo atnd ('ol Ionl re·r1 e t, ad al NO. 10t Charelo street, Naw C", anll rompotly lkrwsrdd. It)rdvr from the I roe tIrv. pelt pold, roltining rt ml5llTsn l, I;, r lor i I-e 1 I hear ofihkt r ntqaired, nd.rrserd to or +1C'D11 I' itl. IIAhIt.'T'tt, N,' OrlOan.o. ,, A steamnorat will be providhe to take to Florida wth passengers fa Illy hle allfirte s to wllnl, ile I e drswine. Jaeka.,,ville, Fla. AtpIl. 111r9. onea BAZAAR. Croer rf SI. Chnrles J Comomon street,. FXn k t NtOE IIoTei.',, .l! es: AgInt .Ai wgloul res.rpetfllyd call the at tlleliokl olritlzeno andlsralng-rt I totheirol.0plcat- h Is r,tto o if .o golo h' line. n -hirte,, d, i nae bri, : tars: silk, otalntn an i irlno Illllr sir and drawer: pr ailbri. and silk hanlker iefs: ieraI,li nd fp,,y cle - emletic mail coon cpiensders: rilk. cat o nc Illnread gtoves: geul.,otkiu gloves: uad llllrtlas nlld colnes gld t JOHN V. C 1 [Ds, m unmd. JFtN . 31 COmtp &r. 0 A ILL , engrne ad nr to nen orfladie an nte, s bd.kri Sdea hag, dr , tl ac , pof dinrt ,, cut-in. ery, at21 riah flahcy ; do irA . ieand tris :isg oCoarsori, onu.- i aS.od.. a s aid Ctm w alroalrny eogroend. J J P. FREEMAN & (1CO., No. at, m e gat ithrrert, ppintoreo trr he r Fui l oir ppl aot Faw Orll ansW oFFItig, Nad ilCo N Indon it.,I, t i, L LyLt t.ronsio itner lakes ao. ieir auoerr .tntI il anher avin Li Congc rdss, a Suchr c"ses c a t and anli usiM ill aslnmoso aners ha o rei ralo. exp-srie. TN ) RAVI A I C PE ItIE PS. INTER D HUL'S Te. AD, COIiNA SUPORTER HIS newe and ptru t for bint ordr c hank atoe Prlla hand, sn ualoreot or silo ar at led Woan bst door is Cabrds preersary, is dalrealy enograved. FAlth, it WINgTE d of prfI'IINor a JurP. FREMAN & CO., o gg , ravated cizinestreet, s. I a receiveding the dsupplideds of Fall ad ti oer llradinS and will Ctika, Physicia to tve shilelt regu larly thromungut tlhe snanoll. 't'hir osulrtolelrt being large will eabcts Ihanl n rulidwiy to rcGynl from tl cpiuntryal Do tigy, leclurr to Sth h fot r p rholesale -jGrtlith ln eosnmoou ting ter oita. FTTErso. keet to Westmintt ter lya i ngd .ior ospite SJ 8 x1.1 J i. WIII'PNI.:. "NE (7;lmp at .........TO) TlI LADIES. DR HULL'S U'I'ITRO AIBDOMINAI. S$UPPORTER HIS new ieatarumont for the radal c ore spit Pro ern applicalion, asuperso by Heding th u of te t jer Mrronabl presary, ident onfidently recommenslded toe Modicted as trise means eof perfect restor Daton to health, it never having failed of performing a ur,een under he ot aggravated circun New Ytanrk by wes. It lh received the decided approbation of Hir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C proBdiessoir Jame Clanis, Physician to the Queen; Dr ahf midwif. Lectrer n midwifery to uy'e cify ofs. it o Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Brtoloncs; DrU John Griffith, lecturer to Wastrminl.te Hospital: Dr nsprbthmid lecturer to London opity, L; Robert ull eresiden, lemed urr to Wety Smitater lying.n hospit, al:;r Sweatmsn, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and senior aAoucnheur to Queen Charlotte', Cyrs lying. ; also by Henry Dalvies, Conquest Ilundel, StLee, Merriman, surgeon Kate, &Pow. by r Morreau, p Rsiden of te Aade m nie Ron diyaln ds M iineull, Paris, and AVeeouy hr to the DuaNos LYOrleane ; professors Velpeou, Marjolin, Paul uboi sa son and ot h e abovnd in New Yorent by profesh r H W irancis, G r Bedford, M D pirofoa will lor of midwifery in the university of the ciy of New York, profs. Delafiald, and Francis, U John. stan, president County Mud Society, Laurens full president mad society State of N York, profa Jas CNarpughton of Albany, prSo March, Cyru PWord. kis, Duane--Da Thd WasBoyd Gilbert Smitlh, Hoaack, Stearns Ludlow, Ksa, Vhe liss, Power, rAlyaon, Van enspo uler, and many other diantin. tegu ashd Physician in the U States. t A . lull, Olfca 4 Vesasey at, Astor Iious N withr, Dr url' improved Trandsses for raeriu. will be ket above SICKLES Ca , N Orlean the SG Cqrapolity, ad s ke; Stoin any limarsh, Wood. Avil; Boqth and allort y Memphis; V D Wile;n. lmnOrders t vileft; lat l Wd Wash.ington, Nashville; MNer Magand H d Po dr street I Blis, wiFlorenei NEW ORi)EANS Stea. and Pteent BSmall kei pt I ey-Vpre. y fand Hillman. } o. 99. Moreauo(near the Popyhartriu Rail PRgad.) pilot end Navy Brood, Soda and Wine 4iaeuit, Sgar, Butter, Midtord and Water Craokers. All the above articles ara warranted to be of the ftmt quality, aed to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,--Kiln dried eorn meal. , Orders loft at G. W. Pri-chard and Tagsat, Jr. ,.Me M aines and Poydra atreets, will receive attenaton. Small kegs put aip expreely for amity om, 15nov SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVEIIP(IILI., TheA I new nulld Insl iling ship DUIIIIN, Capt. Skofield, illreceive iuniclinte des. pltclllhaving pur Jther cnrgo ngaged. Hlply to I. H iALL'E, amn 93:l(inmlon sr. FOR I.IVERII'Oi. SThe fast sadling ship Mars, Capt. Castle, wanta 3111 bales cotton tocomplen i her cirgi. IFor l'eiglt of which, ir paassge, apply ian board, or to IIOLAIE, & 91 M1.l.A , may 2 l8 lank IPlace FOIL I.IVF.RI'llinL. The that sailing pncket ship SYI.VANUS JENKINS,Calu. Ii Barker, carn alcomtno date I8 cbin passengers, land will positivenly sailon the 10th of June. For pn-auge onal, having superior necomnmodatioin, apply to Capt liurker, oni board opposite post 4,l I niunieipalitv, or Iaty 4U l. I A.,.,93 Common at - FOR Ivr FltoUi I.. STheA superior awl virv fast nailing ship JOHN DUNlA CtaFUpt Choale, inving ardia d Fther cargtel nagaaell will receive ianlllpag late d,!lpstch. Forhublo nl:e folOreight or [asage., latolne accottn o iltin, applyll to J4 1. II (iA1,E, 93 Common st FOIL LIVERPOOL. Pnassage Only. A The A 1 splendlid and vnry list ailbignhip L.IVERPI)tdI, Capt Ilaanpiit, havine ithe wholeof hlercurnano nnaged nill have ilme. lnate despatch. For pnasagn only aply In ti J3 I. II GAI.IC, 93 Cnomnon t Coastwase. Finlt NiF'W IatIlK. THE new and aplendid ashi ON ITAlRIO, Capt. lltrwn1nl, ila a Inerl all hier at'o nit. Rgaged and wiTl hve iann dlllaalai deiala t.. Forlreiahit lr pann (llhaving pacilols ndll elegant aenomlnOlationn) apply it., I.EVI II. GAI m27 ,13 CPolnoI tH . FOR NEW Y(ORK. Packet af the 8t inlst. New York and New OIlians Line. 4 int. ttnw nlal elegant shlii M1)NU\I IENT Capt (lhtea, haitng thret foitnhs i her i nrgo - inaaged, wiill nitl inictially. FIr ruight r il Ita ge, apldniv il board, tnear 1ni uLIIp nii n pIIi s to i (Gei Bedflnrdur to PElllt 1.111 , V, mc yv :l _ tti Cr:almlp a S Tlh I ship Lil NG IAII apt li)rl', will have despintai. Faor hlnnh of freight or plaRsagre, laving good cCommdlllll t )dl ,' apply to lte acuilat ill n l bieard,l ti , h mar31 ,J I' PVIIITNF.YE, 73 ("vol, I FUO NI.\V Y.,laK-ieiii- rnirry id rp,-OlT. I.onllisinall 11 NIIw York I.iia in n t/.n 4 The SuLeior rtiin lirtlni ship 1 nzot. napt. Trank, wail I.e rnady to Irke in frelit i-o nlilliw, anld will ailn witl qilillk de-piLI.h. F tlr fr ight uar llas gt Iluain ele nt nk -lll nll .mllllul . iipllV te tCte t lin mtiuditill t oin ior the V,.rnn lle i lar ken. ortai JAIES II. IIjUI.I.EiN, 74 Cmitllii at. l0+ Tilne lyai isn vary lehnirnallln cllrveil rn- for panaplllgrr an thin FnsaaiOllt oi me .ltl, lnrihig l1lilly ulpper inabill. alnlv n8 - F IR BOS'"laN. The Inae A I iltii AVATI.S, C it. Alnna-, lhavi nrt lofl hnar lirrgn enn.,ni, i ill htveaI denpatcnl. Flnr Irnnihl mr paager, pipily tO ntJL (4& J I' \hIIlINl.EY,:tCaunip al FOIL NEW Y1iORK. Ilneans' Liie if Ipncket.. Io Sart/ on the /lI. Jane. S 'nhe nlsnuperiin ft sa ilitg ptii ia lt iiat OCI1UI.E(;I, I.nvitt, imater, will a ilively mail an bile. Fla r frillh or ,iI rge.l hnvingnieglannl liliim iitioiliillia, with ,lolle rllonlr, lply u tile nCa llpil nil on loarldl, pilrit t Ipohit I! t eVl.tIhl mrket or to aA c:cIIIIN, nplllly No /I o11111l Cu t l' Th, pta/at ltip, Alnh.aro.u wanl snn.....d .li. On inulgee, andn sil 7 d.ya n. .. ..-- - - IOiL NEW l itiaK.-'v ' .... . a. l ile fatft naililg pocket lnirk CIIIF, hlv l hill a lt n f hler curgo eyngllid, will Ilve des. Fpr halance n f frtan t or n, a llnvia finetln rnla - ..hlationn, asilly tII S & J Ii 'II ITN I , FlItl NEW ,it1tK. T'lhe A I fait aIililnl skill NOI\A, ('npt. Drntlllnnn pinil l nil an nannho-ny. For 'rilan t " r ell lms e aplply h) 1_ . ;II (G \l.l%, : C (oltllllln al I - rin IL /lt ,'l N. The4 I ii I lilr li I.A(ilt \NG/E, ('hill. larrlial, .,,Itwi i,,li hiiinw dits, - lr bailhl ll ol f , l f lll l g ii ip l.ll[l' M , 11 ap ly i' . I 11( ; i\1.1:. 9l. Ct) uo ( l In at GEOIIGE C. CIIILDS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, 7l.l.Lff calttel themli Sal-:E ( -. u1:IIt, and the DIli-u ier 6 ¥¥ ('h rts,,,f Illnrrisllalgg , .I sonoe Io lh..d.enllncen i c uLtllllic"-- )pi-e "t the l( 'itv .f" H n-tun.. OIv,,s lno' thef ('oovrni , exnh, r f f r BHounty Ln, h,,,,,1. (Cntnl nq , (;,lill'jil , ) ll ,lilt'l lh, I l! o I ' I ' ln I or Iolney, will he unlderrink, a I I luo :th• ;ll*,jidilr Ado rs. foru the Cooted n" a(.o-C'uy a! |ioustor. io the care of ,. Itihker, jr. ( Iexan P u-t O Ie",, \) tv , NeIICw OrleansAN :3u:f 011111: COTTON CIRCULARS I3,v' El P'IRIN'I'TEU 'tll, Ihhe ;,,r+erprl EI,1ld li, adnd na style unsurpassed in NEw lI )tISNS, or eise pOnarns left at Coym.r1't i d lfln inL St. ('harles I: hanel, (CO.ner F f (Irarnirr St. ) nr at 'Id It ' I: i1 AM .111RI3 C ANP .ItINT'IN; (ll "'I'I", ' corn r f I'. vdr s nvsd St Charles Sloe t, will be promptly tle1nd1d h . --I'F:A\l-I.AT[II' 1 niiK- h1I u-ln oply of, Chartres strert. iny 17 I)AVIll FI:l' & Co. fllllture, It supllerior article ti1 sall-e ar NIu l (Y4Clhai1s t. l. I I lle' 1 INC f ll fil'!.Tf, Io.I S(, I-. osIon, N .oI Ilx1 h ,, i- 3lT r,, I.r s.4 l N ,v r aiUly 14 A 'I'II t,:11 Graver At S.IiAIt -50 hoxe whiN 1e . n, d lvf ,f tr, I store N ir saletby J SN ' J N" INIlt IN"flY, Otellller COllllllldlli td ule b) my 15 I . 4 New Lev a1.lU(--)90l barrels at the lldling, for sIl. by I ( OOCF-ilN -.. S -1 & , ,1t S continuelstnlil:alliltre anyll articlein his line w. shlrtll nlice. ('hrsfes 'urllr te. I N. Iti Watclhres. Jewelry, I, i' Boxes, Spectacles repaired in tile motl tfidllul inlaner. Old ;G d anld Sver, ,.tIIItd, miay I 1A NandLetter P.1Pi1-Afi , ussortmen of the _ sh ahove artles, plain and ruled, for sale at No. 24, Chuartres street may 18 D\ViI k',:l" l' &EN " Co. - IME-900 cask's Thmnason I.iie allow "or sale I. l by & J P ill IIiNY, may 1 73 Camp lllllt. & MiE-lo casks Thomnston limtle ].anl n_, aIn L for ole by S. JP ' 111 N , S EA OTTO OIL-For the restoratilon d .udvth of i l tinle l i givrting hea lth, a lllt Id pireenting its f'lli4g Ef, Ifa.l at . wM. B l'JI.III S I mn31 No. Illi ('urtIn rs At SU'1" 1i I-1 kegs I(- shei ad le',dng I I INN 1 , for sale by 1tl . , l' :1 EI 4 ,Ne I neer FlEellillg.NdiA'roNi lnlt All/lt.Vr/F, -.I \lA{Sin FIf -y refrier- : painted do, 1f1 gallonr; lli. n)23 S \..r 1' Vg J i1' \ WHItAI, 7.1 Cantp st toRN BROOMS-930 dze in store an.d for sle byI d , f 22 (1 I)iiltI'Y, NI New ..vN'ee lOll--Ghrls Vlandling from Itl baNt ersiAn l m22 44 New Ifevenf J store forsrle low to lelseyclNsiellNe ilnl24 ' It- I.I. & ItlloWN.I O I n ..nzi.d st SNIN.O' ILE I--Il bl., tuuhng foan stems boI t SItuhdulpn. For sale by " A. 'I'IIe.It, 0 fiay A2 :vf l ylee viltr 1t n 8RLI ANS' LITHOGRAI'HIC PRINTING iOF S FLY , 53 Magazine street, opposite la:ks' Ar ea W GREENE takes pleansure in announcinlg to hi, friends and thle citizens of New Orleans, tlat hle has lat lenglh brought Lithogrltlh on a ilr a ilh copper pIItT I I ntlngand from the luililies the .ri has over i oupper l(te englavinlg, he can execute al1 order elrllnslted to I hIll, at one hlf-the expalse oif en gltaving anld nearly as clheap as type prilStng. Mf erchantswlslig .reulars et out ill thir own g hand writing, can have any qlnntlty at aI few hIour notice; or tiley will lleexecuted for themlll in a IeIlndtil" style, sIIuch as has Iheretofore given general satisfaction onlllthe most resecllta comm onlllll ll hosea ill thi city. Geullemlen d.elsrnus of having Visiling or Ihisi. 1, heSS Cards filnished iu fie best imulntor, will t!o well by r, culling at lie lfice anld see spinlel)ns. Feb. 1,i839 N B--Bank notes neatly executed, mnd circulars, nprinted al one hour', notica. U l"'TEKl--Goshen and l\'e tern, it - ad for a ale by v IN e 1leEb , june 1 44I New Levee . ARD-152 kegs leaf lard, lamiing frol ftel boe I I Oronoko, for sale by ( DORSEY, Ind 7 " 44 New t; BAC)1i ,LL)l(:/--l.0 cakn.s Cinlicin . oured, ori o sale by G liORSEY, m17 41 .\ew Levee -OISTING WIIEELS-40 set Huistine Wheels, S of improved construction, in Iralnws conmpr L, for Id sale by . (ITT, lmaly 2-4tyd Tivoli Cirele ..UNNY BIAGa ,00 in hakes and Iundles, for SLI sale by ISAAC IBIDE 1 &Co. may 2 131 Magazine at I SPERM CANDLES--60 boxes sperm Candles, N Brdfird brand, thr sale by I BRI DGE & Co may 2 13:II Magazine at a RINTING PAPER.-160 reams 74 x (3h inchen lr landinG from ship Yaznn. for enle hby lmlay:!9 S" G BI ANCII.\tRD 33 Gra(Seer rt FOR NEW YORK. ANFA .,he or 4 AT@tt (irica.,, A NE\\ LIANIE olpackers ha-. beeun established to ril blwen New( Orlaaslll I a . Nw Yrk, In colllst oflive fi rst rate ships, vi: l t. ntoo ItI eV Itr ninter " Ropubliian, J (;Iltoso l " ' Aubn, II P tlurltiy, 0 n0 o i hllildllg, These a hips were built in New York' exprtt sv cr thio trade; r of sh te IU)0lrt h o t o ltol.llll wlill not b subject to delenlium rat tbe flhr. Their aucouminatlious f.r pa-strngers e~lm prir e all 11llmt na ble rl', un1.'1d fr( c~lllfo~r( ull rn lvemllrtc+; ned their" COtllllll;IhdIPL iveII Imell o ex) r'ielntce Untill the. ship now bVI~ldihngl are to:opltodi too first cIoass hl ip 11 u llplt y tl:elr lt grealteol puoetoullitoy i will ohe ot erved in tihe til, oo oaoiling, and evory runsoolbo: aoo'(tntlldatlon x naded oto shiaopptrs uand po or totiltler 0rliIRul? r atply to ,lo-sro. Joihnson SIJtooudeotLo. 8lt Wiai atlrll,N ork, orto j0+ PE'T'1'Et I.AII)LaW, iti lo mp st FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and oNew York Lie of Packels.] To sail reglarly as ' a ertliseljarom eauch Port. Tillu line is t this nlomnt c ,nolooeo offtth follow. i- ile ulils, bill (i iltllore lle.,V veP elsL will v III l, o i} aOI t • .a enly day. ;nnakin.o lh.· IIIII1,PrtllelY 1 iln lll .lliCll will allhlm I;'flrne (llin.~ dis~l·II ,a~mFr I .I art31. e~very teok duritt' the yoar., thiou olilinog iromnt o ilit lir tralloo rlatlio l and no thriio loct ratll flfeorigfll, Ship YnVooo, Cal iin 'Tasko ' liMoioaiippi, " l~anisvi~le " Alle.d " ar loou t, Ilutlwuo . " I |a m~ville "" ldridlpe " Shakeslpl le, " " ]alnler The above shit s are all .)f tihn lIE.t cleS; cO+ppercd bu i iil ,x w Yolk exllnres.y fulr t +e tllll~al,,with eIPlt lllt clllllllllllltllR |br lll ellRo l s all' tc ollllll:lllllTu Id b aLde ah.·l Pxp,,~li,.lltllll IIltlFIPF.. Tl orie oIf f Ioopssageo o ia ilxel] t dt, wlohtot win. or liqu(,re, atu hla strem, in every olh,.r parrl c nr mil Io ivioled, o ln d evrv litenlio yo eni h, too arile tlle {:.ntfiort el thr-e p~a' tt n o a ol Ito in 0 0 il oo. 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D. 1839, for a mnition or cl advertiselent in confoirmity to an act of the Ltgis. de laturd of the State of Louisiana, entitled " Alt act dI for the further assurance of titles to purchasers at pi judicial sales;" approved the 10th day of March, pr 1834: et Now,therefore.know ye, and all persons inter- pc ested Iherin, are hereby cited and admonished in II the name of thei State ocf Louisiana, and of tile First de Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, as title or clahi in and to the property hereinafter de- It seribed, n consequence of any informa ity in tl.e i d order, decrce or judgment of tihe Court under which the sale was made, or any irregu'arlty or legaity s in the ppraisements and advertirseients, il time, di or manllllr of sa'e, or for iany other deifbct whatso, ever, to show cause withnl thirty days from the day to this monition is first inserted in tihe pubie paper., c why the sa e so irmade should not be colnfirmed an hoanologate aid. c' 'The said properly was s.chl by the Shceritn of tihe Parish aforesaid, oni tie 2i7h day of 1 arch, A. 1). a 1839, hl virtuo of a dfecsee iof thlls Co(urt, redered t on the 5th day of March, A. 1). 1839, in a suit elti. tied Carriere c. Ilocrdiz it vs. Btc'hanan & Itagen, p No. 17,401 of thel docket of tips (Coulrt, at h which saie tel said AG i ilanc:lu;ld, J \bt ulredlaove, W\ii ini Macytla cy and I Iuvergue bIeeamll the purcha- I eres, resprctlvely, of'the tliilowing proplery for tile I lol owilng ailountls, to wit a: A G Blanclard was the purchaser of the 'ot of arounld iumlllhr Six in Paoydras slteel, between a Ci (,L apd St. Charles streets, ileasuring twenty i fuer foet six inches front ol Poydrasn sreet, by b ninetv lhie feet six inches deepl, for the itui ofsevI e tllouses d one hundred do Ilrs eash : threie thos;uld ii 110 c hunidrcd land ferly fou)lr dliilarsi anld ilfy cents, payable the thirtieth day of Mlarch, eighteen bIlnd. ! red and forty, andltihe bialances in two and thireeo years in nitessatisfactorily cndorsed, anld bearilg miortgage-and if not punctually paid at miaturity to bear interest at the rate often per cet.l till paid, I without any right to retard paylment, which the t said sheritf ackoow edges to have rcceived in his notes, pay.L as aovielV, wsth Jonil Mltoyer & Co I t and N. Bcnoist as endorsers, and reservIoI oei the above described property a special mortgage until the tinal payment of the above descelibed ' notes. J. W. Brcedlove becanmo the pur.chaser of the lotof grooid number Four, in the corner of St. Charles and P',ydras streets, lmeasurisng twenty fotlr ieet irol. eilt . Charles street aid seventy.' I cighticett te icmcl.tes on Ptvdras street for the sol ci of a even thIusan aei illllli one huIdred dollars, paya Isble as thilows, viz : i11 thousand dollar,, cash; I four thousand two ilundred ailnd ninlte!enl doiiarse 1 yab c the 19thi of.llune, 14-0l and thie blla ale in two and three years, in notesl sattisthetortly endors-, ed, and beariig moraigog', and if not piunctually paid at maturliy, to bear interest at the rate of ten per cont. till paid, without iany right to retard pay. Ilment, which tile sheriff aelknowledges to hlav re. ceived in his lotes ayable as above, with lJohn Msturn as securilty, with sp ciI mlortgage on the property sold until linal paycment of tile above die scribed notes. J W Breedlove became, also, thile purchaser of the lot of ground nuimber Olnle, situlated next to tle St CharlesT'heatre, ear P'oydras street, omeasuring twenty three feet eight inches anIl aix lines on St. Charles street, by suventy eight feet ten inches in deptl, together with a ifuir story brick houae and kltcllen thlereon, ie oct under lease until the first November, 1839, at filleen iundred do:lsrs, fronm thence to the let Novesmber, 18111, at two thousand dollars per annumll payable montllly ; for the suec nd price of cixteen thousand do lass, payable as followsv, viz : Iwo w thousand dollars cash, four thousand fivc in hundred dollars, payable tile ninetenthl day of June, eighteen hundred and forty; and the Ialance il twoe aend three years, in inotes satitfactorily ol - dored and bearing mortgage, and if not punctu. al v paid at miaturliy, to bear interest fro!tm lsatu. rity, at the rate ot ten per ccnt, without any sighlt t and wolh the sheriff .e. knowledges to have received in hits notes endonsed by John Minturn, and payable as aove, the re. served 1peeitl mort tlgeoI o the property sold utitd the ioal paymelt of salill notes. IVlhant Macakey beaniot the parehasnr of te lot olf grounlld numnbered live nie Poydras stleet, ih:.. wnell (dCamp all St. Clhllalles streets, mineaJurig Iwenity-t bllear six illlche frolt on11 ydrL street, t' ninely five sic inches det'ep, for thei price of :veni thlulsanl live Itudried dollars payable its illows, viz: Five hundred dollars lc:sh, four thousand two Illldre d aIld ievollty.etvlen anlld eighty ti e hlli. nredths dollars, payable the thirtieth of March, iglilteen itthundretd iand ti rty, and thle balance in ti wo at.dl three years it :noItesatilitarilyeI y lrndolTrsed, ailld teurlo"i mtortgage, ailt if not pnluituailly ptl t t natItari to bear t he rate on f ten per cent till paul witlhout any right to retard paynment, and the sherill' acknowledges to have rerived the ciash ayment, and tiie blance iin his notes, tihe two first to tle order of J. Irwin, nd the inst to the order nf Geo. Buclhanan, and by ithtllln eindorcled aild pay. able ao above: a special Itlrtgigeal is resrvi d until the final payinrnt of the said tItes. II. Lavergele Imecane the iuirchasler of the lot 'f ground tnlleumler three, next to lhe corner of St. Clharles nld Poydras streets, InCeasringintIll t-went eet one inch front oin St. Charles street, rlinniiuLa leek seventy.eight feet ten il:hes deep; fo' the price of six thousand nine hundred dollars, pay. atle as flllows, viz: ()n Itho:m a ( dollarP i II , fiour thonllal t\, ll11 ard n dll IhltchP l i airttIT, I 1iii IIii ti: th illlneIIehh fIllv :1I;/+, vlhlP n hlllldre( lind e dllli',l\ , ,,lltl the ,llalltlll'P III eI alrld Ihre alra. in nll at- slat i elorily l mld ,.* I i t rlbll ine nII rlteLTe; I d If it pIl :Cih:ta ly- p, i- 1 :afo ite lui htalr in r- l tl a t the raite fi" Mi er a c, n t ilt pen, iillout nnv ri-ht toI rnetll al ' La lln , 1eld tidi n Sherif teknllo wll ies ti htve receivd lle' r -h lllill I-ldh he balancllle in +notes of I I. vll, on lo . C\ t. erhigny, ulll d avahlr. esi h shoveaI ), - e t iail ,noel;;,, t, elellr vetl+ l + u Io t e p opeCty s ldl l·ll 1I l ll, llllr t i W An 11 a1i.t .l v1 ,rI l t li,-vennlt e a lso thie i r rlr ,-i f,1 t it o11" amoralllld Illll m ire ld two iiljl ] .IIIý I 1iher il,.'I --, utlted in St. h (tl er e t viero'';, IIenuIll liný tw'eI lll - ihrn fiut eIa llt init es an s1ix lines on it. t'Ilurhnes s'hti- u evnallt-eicht i n I t t In e O l llh, l ellltr twn Ih ti olunr-ntory lbrick hItIIIt listln l k it' lita II , -ii i hje lt a ean" until tlhe thirty-first bt),t r la (, il. hl llrd. lnd thirty-ninel n tti ra i of two i suli d dollars p r 1 y lear, p de nIllllll 'h , l(it tllelu t, lil, i ,.ll ii l iit ii lld io, r 1 d h ilr dUll ,h c .h ~Tm' Il l l - ln. lle hllll deed Jollnr, payable the ldl1+.l', ,'hth d,%1 f J1111w, ,eizI· lt Pen hundred and flrty, and lh ,.I, elo ne two it] ilre tiupta iin lto,,s a i;.nli aiy laiut.i ,oil bilrit igh lt ho re1i d paI tre n d e 'halpf t n'eknwehllee Sin re iva l Ihc t nsi l\'y nt the Ii latmle it tl I no . I'Of rt l p rchal er, elllnor.. e by . ehl i.ny. \'intes tie lnca . A tI. lnthinlin, .na l, of the hvlll Irrd allhl Th Irl -ilrty ,e " " TA .r" DiE L -LOUISIANIE-Conr . i Pre. ne- A tons ceux quee ctas npro.ei cos cnceroenlt aut : Attenda qre A.G. Blanchard. .i. W. Breedlove, Villiatt Mackey et 11, II. lawrfee. ayitt ach, 16 t in vente thite pjr ie St, rt'de lt ptroiense d Otr Ians, lea propridids ci aprna decrits, se sont ad *se au Greflbe de cette cenr, on les ntacs de vente inrent enrd istrds le 25 26 et 27 jonrs d'Avril do annde, 1839, pour n anvis contlbrlarnent a nn ete de la Legislature dt I'etat de la 1,ouisiane, inti ald "'Acto pour confirmer les titres des e cqutereurs tux ventes judiciaire;" approuv6 le 10 Mars 183-1. Qu'ii soit ecnnll, et toutes personnes Itlldreasda6es mant par ces ptsenteems asonmdlu no de I'ctat de a Louisiano et de la nour du Premier Distric Jndi :iirequi pourraient avoir drit a Ina propri6d6ci. ipras derate, en consequence d'un d6faut d lforme ans I'ordre, lo decret on le jugemlentdla our, en ersu duquel la vente a 6td faite, ou de toun t irro. ularitd ou ill6galitd dInns I'catiimation, I'avis ou le etlps t le mode do Ia vlte, oil ponr utne natre ause quelconqne, de faire votr, dans trente jour a Iater de ht publication donette avsi,pourquoi la tenteainsi lhite ne semrat pas cnfirm6i e et homolo ditee propridt6s fureut vandues par he Sh6riff, sdtt e 27ene jour Mar d a de i'annade 183it, ni ertu d' d l.n dferet id cette Clur, rendu le 3 de Mars e l'ann6o 1839, dans I'afitire de Borduzat cantre Buchanan & Ilagan. No. 17401 du docket de catte Cour, a laqulle Iente les dIt s A. G. Blanchard, J. lV reentloe. aVm. Mackey et If. Latergn .-se son, rendus ac Idreurs respeetlvement, das propnrlt6s l suvanten pour le aolnmes ci.apres PiEcifid, saivour : A. C. Ilinchard, du lot de terre no, G situde ans I:a ru Paydras, entrn les rues dti Camp et it. Charles, mesurant 91 pieds 6 pouce d thee .a uon PoydIra, sur 95 piedds 6 paces d! prot'andeur, ur la soint dde 87,10110 omtptant, $3914, 5:, payables hI 30 do Mars 18-10, et la bIlance d:nm lux o t trois naa en billets endussisa a natisfiacti)in t rtportant hypothe-qiu, etdevant porter un intiret l 'nux de dlix ioullr cent jlsql' a pai melet, ,'ll no otpnpt pas pllmei' tm int payds aL lTers ihe, iseer, ians r6serves d'atlcul droit de retarder tole ,alelent, ,at qSta t shCrill'rlc nllna avoir relai l es l i'let;s Inypa.les cu.llle ii sat tl dit, endos- t t pat n Jonln1n, \Itoyer & Ca, eatN 1titlm i, av-ec rtis rvt e d'ult 'ypothque spi]call e sblr l It ssdlite prlopr16iI6 jtsi i It'a kaien lent fiual des stsdits blii l.ts. .. W. Breedlove devint i'acqudreur da lot lndo erre nn. 1, forlanlt l'enlcoi nurl des rules Poydras et St. Charles, rnesrant 'a 1 pldside free at I rde pt. Charles et 78 piclds 10 poniros a l.t rul. PI'.o rans, poor In lsommpn de a;1t, 1110 payayle conmmeti Jut, $1,1000 conptlant, 81,1 it pa abla O 1 19 d1 e utnt, 18.11, ae I:tl balance dana deux et ltro( an en pilcets endus.rit satisfaction et portant hypothe tle, et dolls le ca, ql'l ntie eraienllt pas pont:Lllelle- I mnnt pay6adS a laur t clhtanlues, ils devront pIor ter Uin intd6rt an taiux de dIx pour en4t jan.qusa anielieut, slns aucu droit do retard de pItilmnent, ae qu to sh6lrif'r6counlit avoir reela en set hIllo tsi payables conlllne i est susdit, endos6s par Johnll i l lnturn' evtc lypotocque spd6eale s9r la t riprc i :6 endue jusqu' ta paiaent dinal dens susdts billets. J. \V. lreedlove devint anssi l'acqudreur dui otde terre uo. 1 situd p)res le thdatre St. CharleI dres la rue PIoydras, inlyurant 23 pieds 8 pouces et six lianessur la rue St. Cnlres, et 78 piida 10 onLcea de profundeur, ave l'6iil ce ell bIrl es t duisine qlit s'y trouvent, snjets a till baIll .1 rlll' au premier n avembre 139 it raison de:i13l:d) et de dtte 6poquo au premier novembre 1840 a ratsor le 8t,000 par ani payables tols les a ootl, pour I 1 Irix de $16,000 payablep come suit ; deux mille inastres comtptamnt,qualre Inille cinq cent piastres avables le 19 Juin 18.10, et la halt ure a .ans deux t trols ans en billets endossi. a aiutitcfItion et Iortant hopothlqlue ; et dans le cas qu'lll tio oient as t payds pionetltlement a leer 6chl6nces, ils oevrout porter un inltt rit nu n taux de dix pour cent aens aIucu t droit d'en retardiale paieme-t, Ic que t hdkriill recomnait avoir reenl rtn ses bllets enlos. d6r par John Minturn et payable ecomL1a il estI usdlIt aver la r6slrve d'une hypotheqrll 81ll-i e.h utr la propri6t6 vncdue ju qu' au pailement final deli its billets. William McKay devint I'a qu.retr tdu lot du ter eia o. ,i stir lit ro. l1'ydras. norm le reL frs piL C..ap et St. _harlsc, yalnt ': I 1 od.s 6I P-ueus de: prolt lldelur ; poulrI, prix de 87.3101) p etal re+ pa)y,'t. bles conune, suit; .300 clll eomptnt ; d4:277 dI, pay'. trois ains en bl illlet, endnessl a ,Ide tlnl e12 por, tent hypolhth qeltt : et d 11s lit eias ti|d.r n soiell s p o rull el lli l e n ie p Ly - A : r te bII lle i 's dI t . " IntIit porter n1 nlldrt all taux de dix potr enta ll deo (-o. 1ulhallttn que leS hoult endows slld.* let ipay,'. iblbhs colllllle iit s sllstllt. aqee h) iI.-ir vo d'lltl hylothequo spICiale jumpu' iau p:,tilenet linal desdttS billetsI. H. Ianerrgne devinl an.qureaj r dut t do terre no.3 qui se trouve atrPs I' ncalgagnure de rues St. Charles et P'uydrus, ay:at ? pIlds un ipace do 1, Ithe a ia rue St. Charles ct aetendanlt at 7 pllds ,a i 10 paouces en profolt'ndour; pour le p.ix do tai,90, payables connme ruit: 1iHNI cttplatat, :1219 payable to 19 Jiurn 1840, eat lh balatc a daux et trous ans nll billets emallsaa6s satlsfation at paor. I tant hopOhllhque. ]DInls le; eas qut 1 s nIo soLe(nt pas apunctaellot nt payat s au leur 6ta 6ancats, its tdevrnt a. Iaporterul intldi t a tauxda di tx pour cent jutpu'l aaiernant, sans aeun droit d ca retarder I~ p,10' menl ; et I shirlifraeconn it tn avair recu con ai, tanllt, la b iance et ses billets endoa"d.s par C. 1)Dr- c: bigny et payablt colllt it est sansd.t, avc rslervo d'una hypothbquarpa l,·lallu sur la prlr,6ad: vendue 1t It dLt aate al.t aavint auasi I'aeqaaareur adua lot da terra nIa. 21, ad oignaut to Ito. 1, U.tu6 datasl I, rue St. Cha;rle, ayant 23 pie:ls 8 pouces et b lignesde face a la rue t St. Charles sur 78 picds, It peuLces dot prolflldeur : avre nile IimasUotnen brlquels elt t tages, et la culsino qui.s'y troauvent, ablLjtteL a un bail juaqu' nau 31 OCtlobro 183:) au taux do $200(l0 par ant, payables touls I.s Intlla pour It prax dl $1G,100, payable ermnlll suit ; $200) aOl cllomptalt $1,500 paablele I, 1 : Juan I4-10, et ta b trlne a tdelx eL trol a II i. lll ts enlldola d t saa iatisuat1lOtion at portant IaypothteIquo : at duns to ea qultl n e soinnt pas pIoctueltement patydsa a leur d a.abnca, sil devront poorter l intntl.t aull taux do dix pour cent jusquau patanemat, sans atucut droit d'an tt. tarder lt paienent . et tle shitTl rteconnait en avoara reca lo compltantt at ta talaco en abillets dut dit acquadeur, endouss6 par C. llerbigny at payables comtnme it cst usdit ; aveo raerv d'unao hyplothe. quo sptciatlo aur tla proptrieto vendue jussqu'a pae mrent tiual. 'romanoin I'honorabls A. M1. Buchanuan,, juge de ta cour suadite, I. G femo 1ta t 1v3. a9 I'. LEBLANC,' 11imai Depute Greltior.t lAVANA SUGAR--37 boxes Ila, ana whitesufarl 4 . do do brown do lauhng, fr Bu: by s nai9 O t J J' WIlIl'Nt:A',7aacampstt ICKLEd--O kaga and 40 baoxtes, reioaving trom New York pn r lulp u)ea. aa, for u anl b mr SHALL I.ltT)WN, 96 laz,-a" mstL 1A1 -Sldi.a tart unli Haatra, rosy/mm. 11 8a & 1' a'l1tITNF ,', 7.T fa, at THEI~· INDIA.N' S PANACE·A. 11.11.11 By !'Ur. 1.1 )/11 'II~ 111111 1 Lc1e and illll piUIIII -/ 1It lust U:111.1 rnr' III ill I!-I ·tl rl J.l illU 1',Il Ur kin;;'., lv PU IIIUI 1' ". I111111 (1 Ur VIII cu-. lls, Im 1pUl··) am I,.1 "~ allt 1 hrulrll -v ICL.: 'Ili 11111 .. .".. ur/11ln~ l~l ,I,, . II1a I·I II ,I, l. .rr r, mill yu·? .II ''1. 1·, lm.l 11 I1 ~ III," L..... - 1. 1, (11·1111 I 1.:'1 . .I aunt lll a, ulc II I)· r IIII ,I"", ·rlll. 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I { It 'l+ P 't' Al 1 I1'1 t: 'PEAAA I ( '11 .L.o' , 1r 1: + ý + . .. h. ;,,..I the. mus. t -p, ,.d r lle.lyCSr e ll: d ovrrea l',+ t'I h,+ p +r' nl',,ll, L ,li rll~r, :1 I e t ,r n ,i i'real + Ji srx +t .. ~,il +llel ". ,,", 1. , (rtut+,", ,""imii+++. 4+.lkml .. loonsl In the ln h+,' u d.'lhit ions h, hr ki l u.+..Ul.+, e,+ hltnh', ,, I,; dr iy, rra a , Ju III a<h I ,I ,'r , rt- llra ,., t h~l erdJ:-cas.sof 'he Url : "" 1 . , l"'+' " ,h "lUr"I.,h p,'r~l +,, ,n,l t la ,i cl rare , ,,+ tl' ln t ,i <,l , of ll+. {,, + , +.y ur ""I all plI ' r ,+u-l, u ulh r"4+ .+ cr 1r"' . l " ,'t+" . h,y l £Iy : U r a II . hl ,h ll+.v er co ,.t U ra U Ot «J , ,I ",+It r io le a ", t ' A'd bIX r a thI'AAl: The "i`ýýe ' i hi, l nH I +,ut~n ,, It ,. . Kr tl p l ti'" I,'d i .I,]++ . po .s u. p~t, - I r rncrIr t! , l' I t.AAA (IIA I l'AAA A ,' " ot Ip . ! t',o r 1h,, ir .,+,r, hult rrrlOv.t+, by+ thi aet w w e J11rm-l.+l rut 1'i "> - ul 'h," oll}A, p l - , C llr, ,- Ar morll , r I iT i ,,r m,. , .o , ," "Iml :,.,1 11A~,".AA ,iAi. AI. ,, IA b cA hUe t h,1 ' x I, +rr, nor, w 'rA I'A''AlA , -J .y I;, t t i . I,.+ r,," hil,.'t+ -q hi- -- 'r J.-P(,$Pry, Th+ey t+ "+.. h lt, 1, 1 .. .. I Al' I'I. . ,' AuA' t tA , lA ' rAA A II A ,,, P 1111"p h, ,,: lt .1t ,,:,, p,,ra:. . +, 1 ,+,.e , ;h u,t'sr pl-,,q, m .), w IA,:tu h .'I,. tho' Ih-, A 1, - , , h. I, A ) rA'a ' ,' it art. PAAAA ' A per, Wi . .. r, A.....'.. t Al . ..A .A.. !.. . . .d 11h1--",- ferry). ýIll rl.+ o:+ s,~ f1) rule n r « J rlt thr~ s u iea to rho .r r, :,J lu' ,+++bhJ hi,' ., I-,, t'.I t+rI~,' loire , nl d ln os 1 lA1 l""tl. l lI A t ' p l , lI.Ai nft onlyA, mca r , tilltll r :U . 1 r ll4i lr%++ ll, t+"I'tlrnll,, :n. + P t Ilon it a ir' l e 1hr ~'. t t I+ " ll~++ lll+ lnl ,t',t ll+1 , 11 tJ rap, e, but w eakon an"I d+e+t r a11 11lrI,." h ll),h scuve,. orcu), ull In~ of himn s ir l. Jmlpldh elt -.1h I v ite nr+ r, l cr'Ircu nll d .',rlu for al Ih:ll+] ,ll.,. 'hr IJ],; r1 a of iirlr uwl +ira , n d d+. uip x l~hi l +rl.I", f't)[l .rII"I 'l it 'lire tht'm es+ r ,+ Is tihe nt hut rs ul th,,i1r 1,.1". ln lr, Q nd t l..n tc ,:l+ty-ut ern.i "rlul +Ilh the+ 1.1l cltit 111 lll rr,{ , Ip , m.: Ih I, ,+tLu eapf ;Jea of' thuso wh , +ae g v way Xlt,+ 111+, rl ,1-+++ t t Du -llJ, n llctlve h'. M. In dinlt dla tf.ltll£g ute 1t r 10" I,hqt ,r +* ti cl- y l 't r tihe eo so PuA'rr of A ul'A h A!l, leiX 11Aa1L'r'., eAlt!!!)r Fkf) VILr Lay uit ,r +:t[-+ I" x, h} ~ ~ , o t\+,t 1 o1 h. r, < 1 Ih rn .11I ol h c n" cu, ,,. ,n', th,,+- ,,mrr n ril, -ule and ,pcudy re - rnt-o to .o,,n ul ,+ ,ol, a h, durA AA. ýIPrl ry''V.1 n bhl , tl'!' I- re' welll k own for tihe crtmin and pA " ide i h Il ' l, 1;, ul ,0'I' t,0 ore 1 tut, ("'I n Id"A ,"cl'gO I.Ic rheqillltl~mI..ilu ,r*l., srorhut, irl +.l ''r ftlun l'rudeue I,,, , d t,' A ,IIAy' A lA, .A , Ia ,l 1) -, ' the head a ]bio .,h l'l4Illu t if "!,n teMi d :ell,] + dL'Jll., r,' uAAAug froA inA l, 1 +1y . ,l 11. .I Ilyh a, ~l., 'll,- 'lI , ,+ pi 1llttoit thze ++:d,,,+t of martern aud c l 'II AUl rI,,l II' A y,,I . . l ' ,u, 1'e they A lll keepA good all LhA,,,tII ,il , , ,t wIh ,r ,I, ha.I' at \U. ;"I Custom house stet, New OrleAnl. I)It(+F:..O o ] '\.II(U R'S A 1(A III N KEIRB PILLSA I,,r th. 'e , ttl . r .+ r :l,'trp.tluo f . r ,e lrn and nyu IA'II ,Ih II'\pd,'d r d Il-'A,'i,, uuA the maA'AAA, Al4rIe " g tr,,utl t e i,, " Ir l"l ,,,, ,[ + l m t. \1 1 co J +. + ll Utl~e: OT I ,'rer+la AAAA sYrhiliti -I 'II.i."r1 " "',I 'A"Al Aln ~ Al~ek , AA.IAsAAAcAA. tAtil ]lp 1h11 1, ,u', A h III ,lhA l byI tlA r ' A aiA e oIAI r h.I. hau + ut}+,,, ,,i- u ru t- r,h .:,ll +L ..d d .s ::+i tii.rp lnvl ,Jy + }, }+I"'HC II~~tP"tO hr,'thi mh'l~tull t lo I| 1e ldis orthrr .r rI, Irao 111 l fre~ cr lt aUJ ,ll-+tritll .&. la g,'I, o,'rth,: pa.. lt.,u .illl h, awl ony ueah l nxiu neroa l tri~rll, ot It + ýtl', rin , [.hIt 'l,1 cut:U AAAAr itf AA .rA+l A 1 'IT ''A li A +I IIAAAAAAAAAI>I ,A'' AA''ltlAlr h , ,t~¢ , t l. f lul ha l +, ,. -+ es L , Itsllndrm he. +r,,,my uth,,r . l,.o h) - hied the +l.' I " , h+ r a , tt,,,l , .torat to ,* ,-A " I A , " Al A ea lh lA . It I a' AcAl' , hot' la.At, thI t I t'I -AII A,iA'• I AA,', AAA to theA A - n-"rc.l tlr.+q,.", o., Ini to th1- LIN cll hlulUU~ u o llernt me ne ,h", ,h thousl ofo tllait -ltallx par n.n, trl yrru in theecon' .tl Ulit l; Ar' A'AI A h'"A r.A'At h, caAreAAAI( Ar lrdAAAIeA 'rA - AIIA"A'A'A'hI[.AAIAA3',A'Al'AA..iv h"Ac,A',i, AArrAAAAl ,uiAAAAAAP fit.,lr IA JI~d l~yUtUiI',I U' A.Av rnA- ,, II IA) Ai dA .euAA Ih1 A up In . 1 ArAl Al,Al A the ,'',A,:.oAIA hA . A ln.,, l A 'hAA AI,',Abr AAA I Aýr~'11, AAAA urubAAA ryII!,.~ Ac'" AAAIAuAlAAIr ,.x.+..I er+,mt, A.rA A II'-. U A,'t AA, A , A.u ilht At,,r A' AA A -,AhlyAaA d cIe,,," of hr,l,, Iat,, r,,u ,yl, U , 1.'r t e cu~r' ,,"' Ich then h.,'," h-r..,. ,u. le, ,rr. tt, 1. 'Th," lw-m 111 th'-+ Pill- thtrl. ot f,n[(" lt+,ly, C:u-+*d 1ht, Ir +1++olx ,Intl ~Jd .t t(l~oU :I ll] Om .t P.+ ,r + li , + he' c,'r ,,t.,t. , 1!1 \, 1.1. h ",i sh + x++. t(- ,, t:1llallyl t., ullll,+ P e't, c,:ll lie otll.-(¢,.t Io+ l)many J,.i + (t ur '11111 MOS T' I M O'' i JI['AAA DISCO po r... . , .... ....s " U ...... ','.l . ....... . r , l ;I ..... ., ; ...... the c A'AE, AAUA', AN ',re ApAl.lAl l'I th:IA' Ih+'AxhAA .g Ab A VA ll sUCh envl ,, "il-tirr Al'l T 'hr ivy A,+Al II .11 I!A t oA ev,,, ery partyI Al l .''III AA'I A Al "A' I ''' II)IA'+ In A ,'A r ' rAA A he ' A w .h-If luxe. -I th~- , tt.:. nu, +:t ' ,only , 1 In it. II ...... I ul x«l,+ L" hy tJen, " utllt., the Jd e, I "4l, I,+:+cn u o m f | e b )d)- ('<p4el]1n. the Q-ro ..r bI ur,ti idor. l,+ I. a Ion al e,ur m ild anld 'prA "u Jhh : to cols 'lA' theIulAtAl srtl'+ t.l o" tll IrAAAon. llh~np alUd rtlucyu .n lld 1,.x+ r-: Ihr} n, l. + Ih , ,nn1 , memoryl. or n,,y ,,thrr l',,+erai. n:.: ,..,y h. t l,l.,+,,, 1l,nut I,. ,11 i. es;u. ,elrlo < J - th ruvcl }--L ,,) rryu.r n l,, ttr,.Il~t of d,,'t, to-r of flime 11r hi~d ranee' of [lUIlr",- butt r+,I1 Ct a+ op~llt etecure m ith olnt Ihr eu1 t( rtxp.n Ire to the` p .Wen~tl. ) € .llj p+, I Od wile the sl lle . - ,c,,pu nn m ,+ ,,x , It x11 1,r" wehwLnz,. e rro-ouric to the. Ih I,,. hurl: l' L., l W- wlly e uAke AlAf'e the di sease hn ~l+iilI• t sqll, .:Ipp :I n1.,". It i ct Ie , , i:s c+r aU pl,$e l111x'eremo this 1 ul pllu~t rtTe'I A AI'UA AIAIrtl'-. 'The de'plorIAAb t-t rlt , I 'mn the us ( b- Iy r.-m t, e t,,.,+ , .t h V • ." p n ",'A'1' I IA"!!. J theIA A 'lA A AAIII. 'AA'1I'llt l'At A ,I'A rouAb , AAA A,,hll I ,lj Alu AAlll A' AAi i Al'Jt I,'A IA '1'1 111, l''.'huuld lI'Arll a A,',rtAlAA ofl '] m eAiAine vAiest. by ''.'l[I'''. '')i' " (~ij ...... A ' l'l''' lA I .... .. 'I . .' 1 I m " •A 1,, 1,-I, 1d sue 1 A, I , 'Ad A a'-nA Ja '1I' 1 ., * th . lI,.I -(AI A AIIAA. A'AIA Nu, 1A6 CAu, A t I hous,,e -t, New OrlAAIA , s. TIlE'MOST ],MPOI1'T'ANT JUM"AN DISCO AlI,] A -. I, A I C' 'EItGY''I' 4 lute' ''''A (':,.lridg,. i . + y hA v. tl IIne (hsrns Crerh . u ".h.+J ,,I auruill. lilUl f A of u A IAAl 5u !or 3ela t,+L t m' nl ~hult 1 ,f I:ur 1. , Ai A A A,'' J ruA i i alnd ni four y n,',r h:rl lop. l:trl oa Il . II, tr< l, 2,O II Ilrl t w b. ,I, 111 hn rut '-'x , llt I I II I, al IA I- A i,% 'xA It t'll , tEll ' lro Olm'+,vo I r rl t'~her hl~h.1alp:1, t~ c.-l,Oh+.r,.. I.ov, !uto, mewn de hitni? andl ,,,,il. rh rll A ill ver tIIA, gA AA, A ldl, ! h Alr, I' I 'i Iof ' IIll l luur III A apArAty' for uMAi ,Ic .. l. re Al , IArr" .hl J.i 'A A AAr'AhhAA Jll, AAAAI ludo " '. 'J UhI, 'i','I 'e lC'lA.lA, thAA,'A lh IA ' A el' ' A".truetAAAAn Ia,.y'. c, .U,,,'U trubleh}~ thl, wi1per~ l~lm dih~t'o ,rrx' )lust" re .1 <, ,,r ,,i a, ~irk.h, Apply to N. AI CuAtom hour A At, Ne, I O A'IAzAA. 'A I1ALTII ANIA ]'BEAUTY, I'l't.lI\411 l'I[.l.. --An, Vll,,H lI1,"n r lr"1 writer ha remark 11 i.,, AAll. AdAApArA.IAC hu- pr. , n~" iir l th st I llre W l att, v t,, h, r,,l~lt,g lhe,.h«lm.rh 1, d rh.,. I. '1 , o p n ',r urt .r , ", hrý',h h, pt r:,,III dl-O ,. A ,,' 4A''A,,,l, nll rAl , . A-l'l, 1 Afl'l I i. h, l,A 'A l l A .,; lu1 ,, . 1'-1A:A' , 'A p 1 r A"e 'I ;lr. I ' u Iilt . ir"i' n I+ furl' U, .:IrI mI t +i -i i lcP r lllllln+ u,.1.i ,, 'm Irt u,i. . of i ~ 11w, .l .t , I,. 'L,h,.. '1'h1." h,,. r 11a cne., I,., ,~I-,ipr l~li 11 , A.. l ''}, t ll lA.Ar n A'lh't iilthe, cure o rh 'I+i h a..1 1. , r t , l »l lil..+ I).. 111 xpiie n:( r. In ilges~il. - 1-11 ;dn ,, 1i nr tu lln ..- ,I opp ) ,r- h "tter I 'Ca +, rho, tart,. ol thri ,i . 1L1'1~+a , ,,I ,x,','i,'e ,L ,.l,+rall, r" flrr all) r\fre , tx I~le to hler, n-" lh ells , I A AIu ,AA A- IhA, AA 1hAA AAAlAA , A rAelAl II1, " ~Ir1 1 .,. r; 11,1 Ii " I l t aet, I ,.to' -t t.)1Oa. '.'rW-,.I+ w I s~lu~r p,,,+,i .uuI+< I+IIn e rl,+r he hx , llu Ilh+. , a the) I,uri fI 11r i+lm~I J, rrvi '-u~l. lll ur 1n ,l,r l tx,r lh l + I t li auti 11,I le ,ft-, h,+.ritl , U,.1 l ll r~o i ll pp +( l 'Ir ol, of ' phe; ,,rl, !i+ ,. x.h,, :,i, n ".u:,;cl to 1`1,1.1~ -i,; -~\ l+dl r.s, dim 11o, h, 11 .i ,-If lli rM "I, Ilhulm lre liizntly. ( hthh rl anti |er.olll (a l, , l ,A. , A. A,, A r1% il+rl tur1 ti lr t -' I ,i i .l,+ .b rr tl ''' kept 1l,'Al s AlA. 'A 'A ''All n rrAll ''At, l,,'iA "lAA ,Ih, a u.h ., l t,' I A'ral a 'A fA, Ii d '. Intlawl+,cholhrh~ n,,rlU,,t-A rrAmp',,".,d v'al..A-AAr, l.l AAAr aA 'Ir All'l 'g l'Aml i:Al:. iAr:l, h I.p., ,,I IV Anr',l (r r4es voted ..-,, .It NoJ, t .h t u-t llr I:,, "ii-,1, New Urleal".. SARSA,.+PARILLA,: PII+L OF IIEAI.TI'; OR,' , lll~tA, D All--L BIAA 1)11'M'ILL' r AIIi AA rx, I ;1'lA A 3l ' pl I IA l'll- dlhl e nr lone tiled alt ,l s J,,r t',,IHr 11, C II',I JIS~.I.r . l,, ro l e" thP rn ll a rild law rl.. tihI' ¢,l,ý,m 1 .1 t as p ,m ,I ni h lcvh nr' ,,-ilre,. ,++ liutuilee 1d'AA"l'AAA~d I".,1A'AA't.sUaII"I:IrI" A'AAhmSIA,Aen-if .lh " ,1x., I ...... J b of+ t' he.+~ [It',, , l nli'. - avid. . S l eg ftllp -+nt e 1,I~I .1" 1,1lii Iru, tl/, l -+. mI!i" tht' I*+,'% drlw +t+ + I, a a h.J sIr te ,,I , V,.r ,' a,,,,I -,que'.t Woe,,ill Its of the haw x 11 III iA- , ".t A ','lhl.At Alr gIArat.,, Ail llepe A>pv .. \Ine,'the aIllh,'ted of 11t- sahi~l+V t ,dirt.. '1'h1, s1 UII a wiII I rh r, g m Ab IA trA lA .l I , 1' ' n. ., AA AAAt AA U Aer, how el" altd "kl~h ' e ll r ;p dlt '~k he l. t r+ . J n-twain of" ricth -a , ArAA brut, I,. IA Al 'l ,FA nh,.' 'A , A e.raIcIA r..A A tiY aI-tl W ty Intl rAlAA AlA healAth wAA ll th' tAA A ulrk rA'A .II of IAknAA g bA lhlatie. J dlUlii, tiu eurtlr 1,1 t the r!,r.< 11"'11" .it, Ulului+ ll g I. , I. i1 l OiL 'h.a pl,, SAAAA .AAA A lA-A, bAAAAAA v,NAIAAAAAA! ,A)3A1A'u Sconld,l>.-puI',, .ihur~n.l .Isso i,7.aih, xu,I al .:h.t* art. In the 3i l Ae 'A p. a= i a: d f t''kA ' A t,'1 3,.,lal,,3 Al A A ,! AlAeA i, Af lr, he 'AAA'lAA rester, theA '1}«A1 wbA AAAAItA .'l'l-lstrit If l P.lAStof a full hl't -AAllI AnrAA.lhjA-t to hAAAAh, giddn 1 1)Ps. tlru,,. 'xo -l s.a l ul ll~ll III (her (.t , r.$nu flu o tiau great s It,AAA of b A'I , h aw . 1 h,,` A I II Al 'A 'rr A) Atit !A ads A: ll Al,1,A Ail ArolA as 1,ly !tm) elA l L Ai'l e li 'AAA ¢ . l. . .,I+ SA UAAl I' iAr A'eTaeithseApAlAAA.AA l.tAA' tAruA'Ay AA¢.IAIAA*l~,eoAAI I, IlICh A"AA -lAAAAI ,rA'o, .fl Al'iJ A'- A~l IT, inI"I AAp~ .lh.'ilb~ou IA .A AA A, lt~ ll , AhhItAh,, lA, AF' 'llAl- AlA,,xi . ol~ Ath IAWPRAI5 AbA A',hAlAi+At ~g IIA A-AA t -A AIei ,OIAA llgIA'l ,iAAi'T'A'IAAIA fib ACA Ald 5l A ftll' ATt!l 'A lhlAA fr i~lll,AA pAlt A'' IAAA l A'*A SI.' :%. ~laalt.-l. ,,t\:i~el ALt.t EX.ul tOWAr+ nll ',laH n,fA t ildltr, t wtl h'11. u't'++'ipefetad

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