Newspaper of True American, November 28, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 28, 1839 Page 4
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e CO.-Ale nohr l iei" t. Andrew, $'gh: ltlte v .! (ieii' I e l iand ii'Raora, pen. Ilie.illuu jiir sl Venal Vie. ;it ai ttt i h iir, tih t t r".ia',l,. frnne and pgtiyGenec*iaud French aatniue Sr.t.tieiro,Ilniatlon dot antique it ftble deskslind dtreltg cases: Imst t nlil toilet glaqesit convexn minutni op" . ,utewu ; Indian lied , hells iad lplumnei S t" ln annetilet nd Ihuinig saopslt toilet nauolae onew o ihahia blli scented rmin eullhinna; Ilah uhlit ini.W clhlIa s fny heald eluin naill ;bi 1lleai rar l;ie aoeket nbooks aund wlletuat h SlTl rator sMapit fine and ommotnn gtum oi lit sqaenilere, gartera dot Della lucifar matches ail e ill;Creyoos, ce. The. Sneloivein aihtion to bur former atoak of frne Itlea, akel our alportmenlt v ery aemliete. Per Sal: le or retail ts the iign ofhe o G nolden lomb, 7 LESALE AND RETAILCOMB AND VA VIFTY TORE-at the sign of the golden ~a No Chartre teeetct. The snhueriherl have re mil I pion t theirprevilonsu tok on hand, a full . asornent of nartirle in their line; viz: m, uotinery, Jewellrv, brushee, locking glasses, cc '. .eoneting in port nas follows: OO se hill, wnelght an pltin tack,twiist i ,'lot o meond, dresi g, ide pu; euerland t etlian cnmlhs of every dlesecription amongst some lexicnn patters, ivory conbs of every horn, drescing and pocket, together with a g ortmetofFnrenah Mnd lmeNriean. F MERY Cologne, I.verneder, Florido, honey, bay, e, neflower wafers ofevery sizeand des eciptica, eted Cologne, extract of Borgeeaut, lacyasonap i!f ott kitnds, shaving dn in coakes n it .tu, orcom Boecdo, Ward's veetlble, hair oil, benrs and an tiaeedo. cnnelling coltq, plain and perfumned tnletpawd~IrJetl Itpowder, pIoa lerpluffa andbhoxes po atum i and roll,omrris and chlorine tooth wash and with a general anssortent of IY-otne oflthe Inteot lind moct feshlona le oninting of white nnd ret cornelluta, topo .e jtetlbpnp net in filgree,e breast lin.of e greec cue t r of pa1mer, watelh trimlniuge, gilt and silv" .euckles, aeehiulee, silvere and cultu pa .ili and guard chaine U lot, hair, dutaL ic,cruoh,ltearlultfoor, a cotooth, plte, eonlb, Neil, cleaving, luoeand ibitrtwal ruslhes LOOKING CGLASSES--German Sentin and toilet glsapýplgnifving and French drenssing glasses, inotle do~ li i vanriv ofother kidnds not enunerated. F CtY ANiDL VAIRIETY ART'ICLES-French and A altrican portable udeks and dressing cases, soni veryeicll and fiilv rtyniehet ladies work hbxes and dres siagcanes with and witllolut nusie. nullienl boes. Ac. eordinna o Ivunoun kinds, violins aud guitars, silver and plated pencils and leads,wood pencils for eurpenters oudi erayone,lnuantleeloeks,gunsanl pistoil with and withiout eaues, ercussion cape, puereuasion ncep clhyers, inpplel screwdrivers, allot belsgaile lage, plaste luleckitl,ltoy tea aelta, lndian hnealds of every kind, Iells tnd lllullues, fineand eominon klnivesr, azurs and criseors, thillles, noedleo, pina, silver plated, steel and collutn slC ta elee, pocket bks and wallet, oit variouc jiluli vilstiau careidsenldcu c.erd ydlaying rarts of Frroch. Gcrnuan a ld Aeeicu mnoiaclOtuc,, d,ll,, irnitar,,n frlt.n, c heto nruuuuc if aYluiibuc klituic, Souualcnr Putucntu-.p 'n1mmenennlu.', illlntyn n nud ull n'b re ar .,tropls t .cyu nm.itlli- linnes.tlirks, ftntuv uu lul u.treklcets, dro altu t , ttue"v wottthetehetu h"i lt buto, ptOu-ler flt-ki. eut cud nulllntaitselhnL,.gilt .Itu.ileerr c<t, luul bltltrit, uuuspnn -c, ulnil gntetre. pllitt nnul rwuul u.tict. i lttbuo,lmtu henrulis, rlieotuulialer vituut suertctltnr-p, lottinut. mr t. .cend trnlllutlng eupe. "ith a -rce,,u ',ri t, u ltbyr arr; eithn, 4 1ultllt i t n ,ill i said h r r e ,.ttu u r t :y turt pt..t Ir hetesirdit. ll S1MalM(NS, 1 uo. U :l t{'Carrrtst. ,I-BIRY R LEE o coa. e P Ma.atseo soret, ar _ er roeisiri freom hips Nash ille, Louis, ilie, succks , Eale, ad other late aerisals r.. :hr !-:sl t. a .cs, : large sad new dsleted aaotrrtent Ithis, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, e-onssissggsfgcnsememe's fine calf and Moroeo boots 2 . lht.,; do baWd, and stout wax pegged boots n nri.ousmsqnalics me's fno calf seal and or'oe, shar lssnps and blogsano buckskin shoes, brogans ann Aplsessa men'sfio calf asod kipped pegged sh oe nd an s; so boots; do so sot kip ad was pegged shloes r sdtbcl; gentlemen's best quality calf seoed shoes, Ntuogts and Jack IDowning; do calf ands Morocec i ale shoes andcbrogss; lo calf, seal asid Mnrocc I sdian shoes and slipp-s, do calf, buff anu seat wolgs, .sew article; do fine calf, scs and morocco qanrte, sots; boys', misses' and children's pegged anod sawed •k ogan and shoes of every quality nod l ind. Aim a general assortment of o meo's stout wax and rstt brogans and shoes, together wibk 10,00 palir c:gro best quality, russett brogans, cailed inl th Iasks, made expreuly for plantation use; aC gooi s s rtmeO of men's fine and stout kip russett brogans, w article, and a asge qUantity of so ilnirior quality, ruseat and wax brogans. Ls.diea' fine nalf, seal, moroeeo and grain welts, and ,m ole o do fine Frneeh Murocco aed kid tuo t wdinppers ; n roan shoes, with atd without bheels h calf, scal and stout leather bootees; do Inrunella shoe, fall kinls and qualities; do lasting broogans; tno ;itter s'snd foxed bootees. Misses' lasting spring shoes nI sagsos Children's colored Morcoco and lasting ro gsansd bots, sene. Gentlemen'sfinefshionsble black silk hats; do black m Idrab beaver do of a superior quality; lo imitatioi it sram do; broad and narrow brim ment's fine shub aIdi rak Rassia short napped hats, a new article. Yoths' kte size hats of diferent qualisies; do children's M'~and boey's blaek ail drab wool hats of aarious lspea with general assOrtment of boys' oad men's -l. cap. . 'l'his assrtment will be replenishod by the arrical rf e.olipacketslrom the aoote named cities, all of we ic ill be sold on aeonimmolating terms. aug I--ti HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &e. T|HE HOWELL WORKS COMPA.NY No, S238.Water, near Beekman street, New'York, have received the past season, and are corstantly receiving large and satonsive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortment, suitablo for the southern and western markets. Hollow were of superior quality consisting of abshout 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 2 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15sines, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepons or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, .. 5 do Spiders . I do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddlee, . 4 do Fire Doge,. . 6 do Wagon bour from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. to 7 inches. Waood Screws, 0,000gross, iron and brass, from :' inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and Is, and less thian JosN's imported psices. Sad Irons, aserted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 108 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to SOibs. .ells for Plantations, steamboats, ohurches, &c. Dade to order, Aerlsro steambte and other machlinery made to Th "eve assortment of goods is particularly reommiended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale 0t low rices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. i .veW d to be the largest and best assortment ever +pered for sale by any one establishment in the !bsaise States. Merchaits, by forwarding n request by mail, ca's hsve a printed circular. with description of oodud, pricesand terms, from which no deviation ia ever made, fernibedhbyreoturn of mail. All orders wil'receive inmmediate attention. N New York, 1838. Je3 "" -.. . . r . je3 KESH LARDEN SEED-lhe usutser .begs to express his grateful thanks to the p,,,, - Ic, for the liberal support he has received since to oenmmenced bpinaesa in this city. IBeing sole pro, prijetorof the saed store, 17 Common street, he i no-atnd never weas agent lr any northern seed vender; neither is he connected with any htouse in this country-hut he assures the publie that his efnnections in every department of the seed busti nees, in the diffetent countries of Europe are eqaual to that of stany house in the United States. lie itt. ports seeds, plants, &c. from the most extensive end resp etable nurseries and seedsmen in France, Hoiland, England, Scotland and this others states--and it will aall tiomes be his intreest, as it is his study, tasecelve, in addition to hs present stock, large arrirtiqiof every descriptteon, really the gueop,t t 1838,,slso, engrafted fruit Irers, of all ki dqi.Tblapublinmsy rely on finding a lull as. oj9pant of evseray.rticle in tlte seed lie, ol genus ied.qualiiy, atd amported direct by e Wmi. DINN. ANDREW SMITH CO., respectfully inform . their friends and the public in general, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas stdet, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin sad Sheadt Iron Ware, of every description, saoh u copper stills, kettles, and pumps, tint bath. inl tubs, and oil Laos, of eall sorts and sizes, and all other brass outing done at shortest notice. Grate bher of every description, such as steam. .b.atehter p, hog chains, screw bolts, and other kind ofsteam eeoat work, such as chimneys, breech. ae, ptea a pipes,.. They jll aio do all kinds of out door worker soh uas loe, copper and tin roofing and Esuttering, s. Theiy above and all other kinds of work in their lines f lsiOnem, they will execute at the .siestut notiee. decG 7 L b bc UL It, fso u4 Uttde utrett, bet SDumasin and St Philip, kee-, eonetanil, on sn rxtensive aslortment of boots aud tboosr ,,. r s elah.osf.w York manufacture, fur t,.en, ontr Sand chtilaeren of'all O.a which l be witl di.pose oi at very etoderat prices. 'Feanilih ofbin acquintlane on rending an order Hive tlui." bee ttended to L S SEGOUR - *. 7 r% slet,#niclr -IO-- sWill shis e ervices to the citl. Bets oti e a as a teacher of the pianot forte. Mr a leg been etiiloyed several years see ,etcher oftný s in priet milies in Boston, .f alse at sevea. a eminarie in its 4tetnNy, csonni b et' e |ttheir confidence. L e ,ta ¶er$ilaed to reler'te Rev Dr t happ,Messrs $eluabh & Avnry, Henderson & Gaines. s Ecr tatoas, t&c iese apply st the bookstore of Al dfdlder Towerd 49 Camp at ___ t "a THE THE F QDA Lt -bl .r:tiF i- romi Mobile tn euse.OGe . leaves Mobile .tevrtp y ay it ree ,o'clock. pin per U S- miil aont. for Iill's L~tline, above. .lakely.--tere.. four pnnodtoohes to, Penoasrela-thenes Ieelmtiniti to Lnoganire, al here Ith land rouet is rsunmed-thener via.Malioanna and lBirwnsville, Fin. tB-inhliilee, Piendertowin, Hwi i'lnsville. Sacndtreville & Louie. e villet, Auguste., On, Eatnneclinn reenulrly wish tlihe ril road earn Ito llnrtleeten. and lir s'enet •acke. ti, Now York, Nirtf;lk. Plilollh.lulhi, etc. Tn ateernmbsunl re the best Ifor tle servire, and the navigltion presents more advalntaevs o ithn .n he founnd upon any staminboat rtoute in the south. ern rerinl,. The great improvements in the rottte have been produced by the .'nstrnetion oIfi fi i titil of Inew road, by the proprietors, viz : fron Ld(,rnnoge on .F'nva telltt Revii, n arm ofStana Rosn Ily, to Hrtyn.i'o Ferry, on the Chtnltleatchiee river, ten imiles inlive thi., or 14 oinve Cedar I luff whereby the navintitn of the river, aind the cnr.. epqllent detetii.itin, and morv relellll lhe inlnl venient ecrossin nat the (',owflorit, are entirely nvoided, nld a finell ro I Frlllil ] rloran:on nIrsec to inllbride r, irlnste d tilhe rotlndlllol l ra d via Chattnhloer 'e, lesseninr Ihtlidisltone alb t folrt)y m iles, nod ir'rlasing the fillities morn than OnlCe adov Alo, e. e..nh line of two horse stnges every other d..y Iiin II twkinsville, vi P "rry to Mleon,. G. uonntietiog vith the line to Savaennlh and D arien, ( ne A tIll lsteamhonat lies regtlnrlv hevween Bo ainbridge and Apalnelhinla. 'roevIllers wishingte to reach any point on Chatltnholhee oir Apala.h - c, ola. e n take neolhot at t Brownsville. Mobhile to Penancoln--Lend Rouse--l)urin the time inccupel d by lie repairs ofI lons, tile pro',rie. trs of the Florila line will run a line of ftur horse post coaches every other day between lo.u bile and Petmnchola. Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clock, p mn, in the U!S madl boot, inid ltruceed to IIt ll's l, - ing, where a lour horse coa,.h will I in waiting in Iconvey themtO to fhe exellent hiouse f ilr.Charles Halll, " 1 4 mile diestanit, where they will find pleasanlr cotntt nodtaions foi r the night-lenen.g next iorning, hey will narrive ini Peiaeola eorlt it n the evemlln, thus avoiding ther discomfoilrt of Sniet trvelline. Oalice at the Mansion Ilnuse, Mobile, and Col. lile' ilotel, Pensaoeln, "where a+as mtus be sei u ret. STOCgKTON & Co. 1 Iti ObLE & MAY, Houtse, Signt, atnit Olimetveoima SI'sinters, No 3 oronllle strl.ct, two dlmes from . alnal street. I n llntiosl of the following woods and marbles, z enuteti i a mnstert! nmilynner. Weelt1 Ieta slMees. liogit, Epyiplinn bIlck and gold, uk, Gil:lit lt and Anticv, urled do, Iuispel. Co'lu-( .Maplo, IlItdt otoee, ions F.t e , Ifth by (;to aiotte, S.oll \ rI" h, k olohllait Halr ,\ -,nod Ik or Ihinlello, Trot T.+ tinliiti White, (t..nie nile r tlctlik Ciloni lnld Hl.ttellls, Ashl N hiil" trk, kc. Jk . kc. S li iln'ill to be seen at tLr shop. Paints, oils, gl--ss, o bu.l tannish, ka ollnll/ allotli se. mi CHINA GL&ASS & EARI IENS W AItkE TIOR 36 .l'arre, snreet. -New Orleans. ' T'!. SE.RGEANT & CT . importers of French anJ EnlI sh China and F:.rthen ware. are now openin, new and rich patterns of breakfast, dining and tea services, toiler sets, pitchers, tea and c.rfce eups, teats++, Sugnrs, treael.p bowele, plates, dishes, tureesll, wash basilt, and ewets, toot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and Americann gla.. wnre-.-olsets, chnmpaine. . I ....nale. jel lies,. clarets, nine,, clrdisn, cenltre hownles, tlotctrters. tumrblers, preserve dshes, celeries, pitchers, at nps, lamp shade and glasses, candle shades, silt cel ers, etc. :Stiverplated, brnnzed anie Ir nia wnr es--n tars, I;1quor stands, cake bIaskes, esdlern hs,s branches, spoons, ladles, coffee and renapos,an sgnre, creams. lnamps apatnned trays, antral slands, and hanging lanlpsYn, fin, ellllery, German silver alspns and lrhks, toeuther with a ureant ariea y of rtice es tlrr Isamtly lSe. Mlerehants, planrers, htr, Is, and reasbnoals, furnished ,ih goods atr the iimost rl s onnable prices, and paciked so as to be convt:)yed with safety to any part of the country. Also, apotrhecnriaes' nssware. nv 2 Cs.SAL -Ehe isubcrlberes 'ave cnsitntly cn hand a lhree suppiv of Caanel and L verp,, l coal. an bulk, of Superor rqunty, which they offer for sale in lts to osuit purchasners. Also expected by the first arrivals from r na land and thn Nsrlh Cannret, Lehbelb, and Peach iountarin Coal. croknen and screened, pat tpt in hIecrhecadeXpressld for anily use--ahl of whi h they will dtlpm e o o n re n rrt mosnt ro reate terrrs Orders les at Iheir ftice, No. 53 lticnville at. up stairs, will e promptly alllttered e. I' u Lcuu trs .lljlehst is a rtlln Plrte r.. Negro cloths, blankets, flenr el., henreys, awcll ahirtrapg, ciecks, linens, calieor._, Iratdkerchseln, he &c received anid for sale low by tihe sabacrt. era. ROTTA & Co. oct. e.,cner Canal and Chartres t TO T'l1If LADIES. DR HULL'S U'i'EROI ABDl)OMINAL SUI'PtP.OTEIR m lilS new iastruament for the radical cure of Pro or l.apaus Uteri, or,Falling of the Wonb, by ex d ternal application, superseding the use of the ob Ld jectionable pressary, is considently recommended or to the atflicted as the means of a perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of performing a clre, even udoer the miest aggravated circunsta ces. It has received the decided approtbation of to Sir Astley Cooper of London; Sir Benjamin C Brodle ; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; c. Dr Ashwell. Lecturer an midwifery to Guy's Hos. pital ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bartholumews; Dr to (irilitl., lecturer to Westminnter Hospital; Dr Ralmsbotham, lecturer to I.ondon hospital ; Robert SFerguson, lecturer to Westminster hoepit, Id al; Dr Sweatrnan, lecturer to Middlloesex hospatal. 0 and senior accoucheur to Queen Charlotte's yiing; in-hospital; also by loenry Divcir, Conquestl or Iflundell, Lee, Merriman, surgeoo Keates, &c. by tc Dr Morreau, pre-ideit of thio Aradeico Rivalu Jo Medicine, Paris. and Acconclher to the Duchess D)'Orleats; professors Ve!peau. Marjolin, Paul Dubois,.Snoen and others-and in New York by or professorJ W Francis, G S ledford, 3, It prolt,. nor of midwifery in the uoiveroity of the •ity of Now York. prots. LDe lfri,, and Francis, U Johln. ston, president County Mldl Society, Laurens Hlull president med society Stateof uN York, pirofs Jas i kMeNaughton of Albany, irini March ('eras Per. ks, Duane--Drs T Bloy'd, Gilbert Smith, Hlosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Ktssoal. Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Rennalaer, and many other distin. i guished physcia ns in tihe U States. A iG lull, Omfice 4 Vessey at, Astor Ilouse N s York. tif A constant supply of' the above instruments, iWith Dr (lull's ilprioved Trusses fair Hf niha., will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A ( Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh. WoVod. , vill; Booth and Mallory Meimp iis; W U W\Vl u son, Somerville; lall and \Vasin,,gton, Nasivinl; I McNairay and HIamilton do; R L pitss, Florence C C ipotswood , Athens. iEW GOilo ,i --ui ilnp,,orI Ilu rttni dl i ti , ow re heiviug froau oi iiuanri iaiiiidot II. hoo a !m I r &nd bri:g Cfnromon fear Nhipw 'a, r or1k i a n ril eerir " if gSes in toeir li'e , wiht together with tbei r i .i . l andekou hextr lnc ks tos heir r sertn co t vryVr, udee .ie lolloniu combrpaie ort viz: l leit r l t' eali a l 4 ulnuu1tnimti,, helo d ,f'all d eriptio., lv di rbbeltr , silk anll dll we ete d l. P ilo rs, llltlll alll & t fine elastic suspeorlllrsI, t i , boll I.llhe't r lnhes, iSeildli o eie p hurrldtrefut a oxu' tlcti dter, pocket eooks lie, tileiiiiis, ieiilII Iiiok, i.ýI, p1 rlu, ivry alll i·o,or· eslrd ,rses, head Onrll.ll l p.ri ltililln o ral beudi , iekla.ei s anl lnehgiesi " "iI jntiillst i end neckles, cni .lhs ola i and piii tseedi.era. al l Ilos, necndisu beead bells and plus ts, p t;llall be n. ow-i aiptols; double and single barretled u. thwa nl."' i.r.en an h ribboum, wraisi b ietkles,lt, ar, boo cob, rua lb, shine, Ilne, niod anlld dI lits n brht elts, Coigne Florida, lavende,'. r.'se sad lay water, tiss rted cse Pea: anl extracts, ltuonilonr, a ear a, lntiuie, ntll Wan.lrd' ve getable hair oils, sh vit g tor toi,et soaps el'all els. c-iptions, ladies' and ge'glemmmns' desks and dressing cases, hair riegltts~frizelt and braids, plain, f ancy andi musical wo.rk Ioxes, plain sod gilt, fiured,, e ns tS gold and silver cr ncil cases, toothl liks a ndI tweezers,,dg l b l StrrI ,.:imbles, lhooks anl eyes, Isair pius, ieuuitntiiii lit, lk and redink,ehie blsckhig, violins and guiitaiil. bd, i i rnllplain percussion clups, liuen twiue, o ectted ntsh ene, gold and oilver lace and frigc, latter Iape.r, ,. t Or bag, riding w'gips, walkieg caore,playmng caids, finn gold, plntad and gittjkwellry &e. &. The above, together with i great variety ro ther arti h, lea areofferled at wholesle or retail onnaeiiinniodaiii da te rse sa. N B Shell combs repairsdld rI/SE Aubscribers, Agentse r tiertr inuse. SI W. & S. Butcher, Sheffield, Enelandl, have just s eeeved a very extensive set of pn' ei.s, cunnostin of Table and Desert Knives of w, dacril~tian, Pen, PocL. ., Dirk, and peer polint halves; Razors, Sres orn, Edpr Toole,&c" &c. Lie. which they are prepa / exhibit to the trade Iorordes, Ternms and conditions ,ill be made known at the time. [ e J JD. REIN &ACOHEN.90 om, mon a. STeork dA DaltimoreoPackets FOR NEW R-K. 1 OIIME' LINE OF PACKETS-To sail every aaher r'onalan. Thilas I.inea eIn analed or six ships, viz: Stlhi VICKSBunlo, Captain. Ilunker, Nov. "5th1 (f. RLANS" , - Senr, Dec.J 9th I'ANTHKA, - Aalabv, .3.1 ARKANSAS, c - l)atlie , Jan. talla a NA-HVILL, - Wa(Io, 211th SALABAMA, - lierrv, Feb. 3:1 aaTh a aaar shaips are of lthe firstl cl'ars, aoapared. IIoal apaer fasloened, and hverin beeadll !oil in New York warnr. nlid alnnsti invarnlohlv cros the liar wIhatita ni ilaetltiaOa. ''lleos pacrkes are ialt Clr a: nat1ais we s l epraaeanke in t e ntra se, oil1 alanrs ererl TIlllllate t lo nccarnlaolltehela clar ill aln betowed Saat nil own thse river, and will p ompaly soai as ad ver tied, rThevay hrea ltnalsaonelv ftaial ,sh a eed tra naadotins, anllt hs;rvafthe lirst qnr:tlitV will ahaaIvs et finrisltal n al every nlletlilt Isald aahe ealll i na. ndsatisfLCaliol a slptaa.agerr 'The lrieir or cabin passage s fixed at $90, waihal t a Par rarlner articulnrs alsllly to a 2 A COHIEN, 90 Cotmna ta Th'er sh;-area not ntaeelllltla'.lrlir abreakagoe a oltss, hollaow-atae, . atiarile or granlie, ta)tIoperte. )fliia or rura .i.alon .r ateel, nrrt...ot.. ailde fr la..a phatkalo ora parerl,. aaat.s rro.oaalr hial ,rl lld a? . ni -. herlr, f;,r will mu'ec('d am Ih oi1lier ill Ihia fllhwihlg order, viz: ehip S .t. Alrv, It IV i,'-)-Ier, nniiar. Slaha ITar., It. Iaaaekhila rlaai, tiaster. a Sipt Iat lulrahalisai. J 5 Wilsas, aatoaa'r. New slhip FrataLtsrt, J G llossll, mantrr. New Phrla lhsry hin.-hisatl, It laCerrrnaaa stier. Now :shi. Farwic lh, W I, I.oa sllla star. "'hree Shia s inre Ia ltnll h fira t clnal , Iave a s llra lla l daltitlt fir arssentels unsouraan:ed for cunl'or soid lanve'ieooeaaesa, anatat canItan,. 'I Ise greatest illpunetualitv will Ie, Iuhserved in despatch tin i, ahrlid, at h aala vnlv rsa aaae.a ie aacoal idUlili extenlded Il a shipier a and a ai6etlpgara. tFor freight or Ip-n e, oapply as 21 a PlaI'.It hAIIIIaW. iti Camt st _2 FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and Now York Line of Packets ] ' f11 Ships composinog this line will sail from New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-colllellcing on the 20th November-and to insure the pluncluality in thie limo oflsaililng, the line will hereafter colnist of five shlip, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain T''rk, to leave ola the 20th Novemlber. Ship Louicvlle, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 41h Decellber. Ship Il1nt~ville, Caltain Eldridge, to leave onll the 1811t D1'eeeiber. Shipll Viekshlre, Captain Woodhlouse, to leave on thie let Janueary. Sllilp ,issill1i, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th if Janullary. The above arlie all new, of the first cloys, copper da and copper flstened, and lupwars lof 500 Ionle burthen, are ofa light draught of water, being bhili in New York expressly for the trade. The price ilof pssiage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted uip ill thie nost ilproved and convelie nt plan, oud fiiahed in a ineat and elegant style Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, anti every regard paid to the comfl'rt all entire satisfactian of pa. negers, who will please take no licu that no berth can he secured until paid for at the ol ce of thie consignees. Theve vessuls ar coarlalihded by captains welli experienced in the trade, alho will give every at tenlio alld ixert tlhemselves to aneonlodalte. hey will at all tlunes hetie otrd ip andi down tihthe ssis oippi by steaboeatS, ind the strictest pnlictuality observed itn the limio of sailing. The owners of' tliese shi s will not be repllonsi. ble fr anlly letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of tlhem, unless a regular bhill of lading be signed therefor, at the conltinlg house of tihe agent or owners. For furlther parliculars appllly to JD BEIN & A COIIEN, nov21 90 Common t ___--- - -------- KIi NEW OIRLEANS sN IIA''LTIMORE LINE OF ! PACKETIS. i This hlne will co ensist of the following velssels which lave been built or purchased expressly fobr the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, i Bark Mary, " Nickerson, i " Irad Ferry, new "' Scevens, 1c "Solomon Saltus, " Llthami, I Brig Architect, "' Gray. di These vessels are of the first class, have hIand. i some furnished eccollimodationsi and are oflit lightl draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and disclliargillg their cargoes in Baltilnlce, at the city. I Freight will he taken for porlts on the Clhesapeake or Jamces' River, and forwarded by the agents, [u Messrs. CLARKE & KELLI ;GG, at Bultimiore;: expenses on goods shipped will be advanoed whenll required. ']'lie price of passage is fixe at s1iO. auple stores of tile b st qually will hbe providedl I thi Snea . i. and down the Mississullpi wiill be taken on all occasiolns. For freiglit or passage, aplply to oI CEO. BEDFORD, si, nov1 22 Bulenvil!e st. 1)16Pied 11' d -f.blf.(0tll I llg EW LAN'S& liAIl.Es'TNtNPACKEl'S iwi ,i hdrorne co'mlnlodariiins for sseller,. "] These v.ssels are collmlnan ded(J by calil;lins wel i pe i .riinil e ill tie ne rade, who will give eier i at elss t er [ tutholdllll ex~ert hemlselves+o ccmo 8?~ll hdOal,; rit{ Ic!,'ti$.<lrlol, nl~ll lerlve NewIIPIC91 Orh, aBIII on or |+ Ior r shipper. lThev will beil lowe ed lp aond d wl' Iihe Alsirtppc[i, a~nd lenve Near Orltnan an ora before hoe 10ih and 15li of everry month. The followig vesAr colnpo-C ther Il leiz : f1 Jrig ArabiallnrChla.rler f,,rd:in, master. Pro Di1 C iint. 13. 'flo l a l r. ]x fire Alrllero, J. Dianne, illairir. [+iirkh('.e o,'thH ri. A.iliiinr, marll...r cd elfir treliht or paosaeron, ply to J. A. BARtlf:ltf o. '6C . GI C riiion Si. Noe O(uoleans, or o.1 C ro i l rrilaio Chatols ,ln. oct of . T.'I F:.I " LOr llC lF AN A-lParish of Orleans- C Court o| |rotbale. Gi •T"o all wvhom these presents may concern )r hkn' o,r tihat wheress William Mackey, a reo Sident oa Ihe ciy oP ~1Jtysille, Re., has aplied I ert iIh Res-rlorr t .illr i, n .i nd lor phelparisl & ci) '1t o°New( ilrb s, andle,( tli'iiClerk of nh'Cr, ri al. ni Priba Pi, ii and f'r rhe 'arish and ci.y ll Nen Herle.n., arun silid. fir a IMONITION or A DuL):R 'fTdS'\"NT, no 'nllflraity to lie Aciol rh0 L .e.r!atlorl of the Snar l nltlted ' All act n for lhi e I ri , r Ill li rate o tl tii n i l o ia l rchasre ii u J hi a lip Sub ,," tappr,,ved 1"hI b , of arch, 18.0, so. e, s ii h reb) riv l itaall w )III i IIII cin lrntc l iar Id .vir, ,1 r.t . fcI,, ,,,.r,. . .. , e r oi, ,, t,,, ¾. ' hoc II iiiii'.i ic ild elPir 11111I~ 1 I I soid co.ini I Io aro ies, In nl r i i l e paish and ea• ( ol f N .w ) rte an., bear rne d;fe+ lith lir , r r, .N. I .or. . d ci', ti i' . .ril, d i . ri.h , alld re r.,d Il tlhe iIInpur Iof t al ian I i ,lf o . Ii he ord1 i "i ( tribn',p os I a o ani i-.ondi c, d th,+. cr hdl drs o' sai o . .I r..a o n.i. . o. n rl .... i r.Ii.. a....i.. . lh-f '* sale w +'s nlsa er;la m ed pul pllrr u ;nlll Ilra he del beration l N i f a lm uonl q l. ', ih i rre t a ldol l o l th e o ld o o'e , r n. daly bh,.l and c'"Iveretd onI lhe lrhlrd dav ot Feb-h rnorl,r el-hteen htulldred anlI d illll rtr. (ali1lt l+,re; ii . B. u t ns, isql. Nit,,r! Pl lr e, a d ail ,l af' Ile the letll land |sa tll l lllu tio ha td b leel nmad . th e rll e ,,isl r l I r Villr di d i p olv s , I lr i ur rr l iy piu hli it llet ioll rI l tlll l ie I l i o ay n th Ii llllliollll ihtlll hundred andl shall t,. ei,je hr a{'ounllt ,, the pr i rs rl i jiccesiill on n nlot Irr .itllahnel Cxn d Dre.a. ed. l lulhlln ed lpr tlpero i,- her,,lll Ih ,ir descr eroed, hlolgilt to the raid ' n- iessrnlel, ah'iii prin - :e perly W~as u e te rtll rlham ,nckea as tihe last llnd hl,,het hidhder therease 10 he tol priee andl sati of+ sevenlteell L'+ln.lla d,,ll,,rs. Desc'rl ,ipto vi l l r~pe .p r lS as v~rliV tFi ei Judie-uf lie n; e .erl i mIIi '. ~It c·~·lnv era; n ·e: enA!I anld singll.Hr tw;o refu.,n loss ,,f grond ug ncta'L'Ibr wii itile ila'hhlle lllli i I ericilerlil L ll.e ,n. ( II" r, l D l he nrt il o' .rllel + (.oIr l refre n a;1wa',m. rlvrl,.lllrlld l:+ a d dvnllv l,lllr e , Ih rllrrello be· nlll)u ilnl,'· ,r ini :iiin..t i e a.pipertLi m2nn , siullol e in th, stuburh S .11nrI. llr%. IlliCIel . I n the square houlnd1 l hk' Pl trsl< e r a.3, zinl, lea "nor t lrio Cami o sir ess,l -nl derl gnl rl d b)y lhe lltllllll'el .~evel illal eii hl . rll s 'ril ll plaodr l rai r n [by FrtI, rly k I III hIalLc in , l)"|,u y .u ve. y.r Ge( nei' ral, tunldter daelll oI l tlh.e llave [ith di.eoIaf oriij, ( ethous d ai't hu re,| a .4 hti).l iL h% mud de ossled ill tlhetl~ ce lt [aleI. n . (', n.I':.< . llotary Jtl ,r renermen ure ; wi t,(:hIC Il~U h,1) Rtlljllll eilell ') )r, ilerI l ; Id ne1tsltre b, cea l t~e lll\ ,olle |eel thrle inlll he* IIIIl ,mlX l118ie+ eIrolltll nl, i<|i.,)d ~lrrtlg ltrele, Ily ..ixly. lhree |PEI l anhl h·1e11P , [Al,.t.·L·cn InCea~1.,,ue. ' oerlns--olle and Ihree year. credir, forappro if nd cndllrsld nule.d ncured by Pjlecil iolur.lle. t aaefioinalrapnelnt. . II Ullerliore, all lersons Rwhoean set Ip an1 righn itle or eloiln, ill nod to the ots if gr oUlllld and and bhll illgs heLreinl deircrl.bed, iII crotoueneo l inlurihly iii ihe a deer. dnircc, olr Judgnlen, belore rii.ilid, and onllernwich ibe b le wat s nadnc, or One' Irrerfiilorimyor Ilioleollin' in nhe a iprna, renfa d D erluanullilel;efo ia lilae alnd notllll ri 11'saale, ilr for any other cause or deleer, wlnatsoever, are here. by cited and admonished to show witrhin thinry days from the publlcatotn hereof why Ihe sale, so made as aflorscaird, should not be confirmed and honaolo~gald i aecordaince with Ithe opplcution of said purnclaser. Wtna sn my hand and thie seal of said court of Probates, I his second dayofMay, A. D. 1839. IL. 8 sJ W. F.. C. DUPLESSIS, I iasy 104n ins Rognareof W WLLJoURI--5? 2 hts foadlind eill a,,oaatmuot Ian .I o.' ge, fsor a.t by 0 DOISEY ma) i 44 NewLese mI SJUSTPUBLISIEnDFRORTr TREOT'rrE PLJTEO / The F1lh Editi.. nf ItOWI.ETT'S TABLESOF INTER .leT: TO whiel is now added san Average rime Caleols tor, or easy methods fir fihling the average time nt storag , nnotesof hean or bills of gomis. when ouai e hasell at diRePellt dates, en hliferent clrediits, anal, ovrio'ls mormelltas; aresilesia sa.sfill astl complete lanlkinle Time Ta' le, the hest ohat aen he contrived.'or that fi. gre a. all or ielce within the sIame conllesenlld complass, nllld ize oft pe. Ans aoavertisement in tho baok is in nearly the follow ing wolds: The high distinction this wok hres received throlgh k se, h I nothling is necessary mnoe than Iy wn'el of al1 e vrtisemeat, to gieea condellnsl d'ivw n a tsole of its Iae on culldries: aas scinstance, Ihe rnitera st hols beeh oen wia t eld fom,anol enmpared with, what is eqairlent to fai'r I teen setsef ealllhsionle, examnlied in tile aIless hill. thlate loar ne tieso fint all whichir it mst h,i evPidesst even tn the skeiltic (efpiehillyo thtu e.soal ot'hse ie aa smetieals iofdllilble, asd ill elAfirmatinn of this beliofa preliuail oltwoe lureaed aso d fit dollars, is neaw ofi-a' let facr tle detectlia of aa error oef reant inll aia o.essi t or fifth ed itiolen aI exp oissedi ia tale p tele, ntakiag ie laroer iaemion ls al"ereo i la- the tsae error silna ! hsa fisrl iaahlieatiaos ii the Veal ISi02. a, (lsse of Ilals eslct llnatiaoens fasltllaes sof lise cdihi s is h hs anssalso tses tessl"e aloTimae am Aiglsts, wol ia. S acforexpco t iin .ns, 'osnll'seo e , s rsiaseli- w t he eln i l ofathe sle naml in xhi , s le excelh.d i m lte sa i tv and s l ase aith laliIh thea interes sat c ialn b ' aostllllh thea exlenl of getlel-+x lllbu nles, willlnolt dothllIi .. o "1 1Is lioss Oil' nne its sle Illa eo eollltellt a ll aslscal hsoi Is asses ncssasll puhllie officers who hale Ill iae laget 's ai :of then wrk, it has been destinissle by llat honso asi aipelhalsahm eftfa "5aster pi ee". And as, 'sialerlag the inf alitilisty of the m el hmlsa a ori lls a i ls sl led ii conwasirl ' the worka , al the axtlas'siiatras ur asaresnda variecy opflile sxoullOll:tinns , moill tess of re e litin it. hasm passed ia the, eotwllso'its ig li sg hole is ia n st elaralaP, cllsidcrlllg. ill shl6 , lh Ie itive actoes.s seellued b t he tm theedcoled mean $s en , ltndle .+-0 Slu u e 11a s 'heen .hl up and ellll atis clly s lat I 't e ile Smot wo nslefi Ilaok iatin the wsilk.a" mastnl saerla h sa Isma.n c asnmlh. figre wark of te same exllt.t .lleche t since thi begw llohlg ofot e eatiol, has had the same lto tIle al varlsea v Ilt y es it l thi sth e re Ile i ' o i elitoa s so, iltlll e Ial l s Ilhlumbelr as is clea ll) 5hm owtl in tile prelhre. ]Beo ides, asc ast lo d so taIndl , its ha s liP(c tried ail preeedi al Inestlis' i she hanItk Rasi shllsC ietr in lse Us ert Sidle, Sant i ." tile polle genue"ah, t 'h the long, againod ol'the thire menrls, tyet tao elr ol ie ( • o a ellllltiolls ls e er be.ncl k'l llll4 in I ni at t rl .l rontil ally elaileged byi tl e oiels ofi vea'y l:sge ls,..t'aiaa s. srhe slook.i ii tact exIni saes ' a sitli s e al l the s I s m oflaw el slev.nal flthe Sices is the "late oal a cloelar I- forsllAlte inlterest " asa:lso It". rhaw Inl iall k iltsrest, to aaeoeliiages the bsank is Isoei, anI as esar Ise e Swae isl an et, t b " l ua s a meslot he Sabassashs..s, and ot fete sac she al i sella.;lalt ao t lr ase.s Ilsthe i s :lthis ea icul t hlv bs oIt is cnlol over wel l ks low n thats , ait" is ra a alv cheek, ait Ir s ole e leted l ge erllors Iii, :dhi tllt). d l wers Imllle, rell LIavth e 111oeist lellll ls u so nsl ietrhr eassil y a or its i lc ic s have s l eell txle'n n si 1 -a i slearl'dl i , to so evlIdh-t, ,leveed, :IC a te iau its ad:t r:g.1 , oud it savllyi ssthat, s IeVrl 't ,:nrsag. u , w ist te'ss .o t 3lhits o $ I WllS stn'oer, adoln Ol fla pIlt, a grieat Iumber as " rtCoh t fa nld colslies were sllalght lis, ssllle to a gees diss lhle. allll a ls l'er asrol l t sit a iOms prise ,t as isv C asl aIt.o'Ii, als ohe picked i p a1 faserom $sli to sa 5 rIals eopysa I some a erso',ls a 'at e reTCCs s deiaRss ed, li iasasii' _5 l lsa la'iaan ass It's ".(Is'c Ias:aIs sasai i ssala l t as in sat le Ihc l l ialasais cts I a a liaIrlas hals v g s t l h isats' l l le r x h i h~it tl a: itisli l ell y p ro f a|;to nu t r i n p e r .. rs l t Sthult l + Ih t hhill it 8was rsa:sdlV s m I)as ll tha t os s1'a uere thlla i ht ile n sast : i istIs l rials le t e, ht hiihg a acn ri ck Vi tale l tll ainiadll oas ffiaces 055555is likew'.,55s5I a'lhv i f iss t' e a it e nl t lke proe 5 1illl ll'mnee o, th t s: hll is t Ihe l lIItt ' f.,lle wloltk S.1, 1" 41 all ItI t es I ,%i: s, lit had this hook o1 i, i sike I r la sso il4 in the Usllal Imla er shsu'sh l ,l ls th. sho r as ' t i, t ca, el ltoruo the world, :oud aflttll ar, tit" hIIeot, IIt IImIs mlhll, ulillmltler I l a tatsllla' Iatris ha iII Ia r :Is iseel It Y wolelluc, :lýt urIttor it el, tiu,1., im iv en . tool tI e . r l cIosI expla is. Blulss+el l l ft c l nl ailluhle hn:lee tla a <faste'eiassnahti lesofpthis uolklld.eas sa.'s scnlhtaoa. SIIL ,lll· .+ iltilt+l" Illllelrllrlus allnlt exll'aoi' -tiW- ex i l:l- l eI deluctise.rel) tmv on lalntyi, ket+ t nll al pll:*u Of speial S a li. t , a'x c e p t a h i he I ,s sl ia s sII is, I Amrpledieti 'c ltlls to sliss d asI h l)l b saks :aI St:IlIP ilta " t t est '' ' i sl a ailaMnlesa follow n he I -I . 55 n lwich, ia shisa' fitih tas io llite tlw iliteeelilnt. ettilil . S, lclunt mo)(t1h inl log ller elt, tete dalys o f gI:ace, cr. It ne',.a l uuh e.nan o nas b t, osl t . ilhsl:,n+ling this SI llllefllllllll l costsl y .i , l . iisa as l l lcd lelf te i at Il tl blZcs wire insnaa . n isnollla l ,saa a sI cela s lala+ )('IIii peatyill 's a f l l ulvlt .alll.% sortI e+ ls.l ' t ill . i ci ., l Irai f d )i a s fttll tlll' l l ae , l 7l9il y 1 i 1't .llill, i$ tilh l hh illll i f s" dhi~ou of I X mlf , ics ap ivs, .arising chi,fly" I 1 '(, its o Ihlic a io m1' l raI1111 ii Illt, a:ii ·ii bll lllt ltl.. o sulle I ollin oi a i nvnil It santar nlllll lers I oi teflll HI c Fl a o ollllla l It /nne onl'asf a,, ,alrnre. ls ,,r rue Isasl s IS h I l riasrs l -ss Ic a .lso I /n-s i.s s anse - .h d "bs I i. ,|.II..I.'s ++,e,,e of b m ,l' .. I, ,+.. hip + +er ( ,,,l I anhr I le sro their aa'arsan'laIss.nt IIrinaalss .+ayll +No. it ('hout;lrs .ire,,t ..\ew )rl . l:, 1 ;9I Il vtoa w y 1 d |l[v Yul' tur , ine . l ~ p'l iriate l.arners, iid i I als iea nsa as sil sass are inas ts d tocall aas l a xams e ahssy e rella e oraae n. n a ai nh, ,t.s'' . ''o.- ass 1 - Ie l aca .wt 1yp "h] vd ea v ,li~h m an vb c~orv t New t r¢ le~ots, It, re ,,T ILo 1s p y II n rllie I br,[ th pli ci i l sa'IrnI byw .hxoh-alv or reil l. lll privies alte u.nh-r;, lnl to t s lllr, a'I l l ir beena n I . lodill al t aa rv es) i ( the ni, ll i t;nh t f'o r at . N aa , Road Il " in xt l.i I cadllai th con ero wal len poa iajlljn,( n1 w shall bei ) pe rled wi t nh fir sam plel o. no s varnish tiler la, wish 1 lr.. Aurnu t tl|e varl hi.. llrea a lp alath N . , wr rnni rd no t. .h n11, .et ill IOililn Ctod aollr r&A e Cw er lll re ii l, llil T lt h ilea lor su lln l Ite lada l i au r 'Tihe t nu marent L .ttuisih witn o H tell, & & I. I Iaf a tNatlalal ..t SA(NA R'Y , LIQ I D reN'I ' - -ly has be Iorn e uo h her ri endt a rn e anlJ il It e north rwith illiani)rll s i'. (' s,, lor clvJia ~i|. t and owhi r ceie he lth erlnd Irvr lllln llC i Ihe toohc he d reser vest aIIh r mn thl , o rll annt tll . brfat'iL, aI ralc ovtna all dlta p esr l ato , "e lh ul ao mouth is lrable in eilthr the adlll ,r inlalnt --O,,e tea l s lunlll, atixed ia a %atIno l ul 1 1 paor.eienter. a tnd s a i llp e Io ll i c al ni th uostl maneo witi a hrllab, awill affecluoallv pre. vent scrvy, land ward off that exeru at tng pain, tie tootw oyhe. o....p.. ..aner Lruna &.otl .-Aa l lyea a , 1rade 1al0o te puet10 h Plerll uI'a mery, h o -a i itn evpry ariTyl t fato thle tille,, for anla tI , , t2 1 l:l:I & D 'I.A \'t.. liad Louiniana llolel, IRS. MARY KIRKiLAND o respootfllly nr. , ounaeos to hlr friends anid the public gole ally that sl is Iprellared to accoatanaodate tlhem at ,c nalavo estalllishlllallt, alld lhopes fr'tlll her 'xartlaoo In randar vilitors conaartiotll, , ao receivo a contiljtucaan of a'uraaar Ilvoraa. Slte fbls connfi. lenat that paersons viaitinga ('o niqgt| durting theo per lonths, c nnot fillnd btlt-r acomllllll t iorls a athl el ery O ,lla itiact; the hatr isa tarti:Jlt a with titn mo-t colio Illllora, Set. ill alor,she pIro, mises 'aata nthing shalll bl watinag on helr part to give ,tiro aaiatlataion to all whoi Inay platronaiza Itle aaaissilpi and Laoaisiana alotel. je3j a Indian ) te, tr c rsn, lair ; Iear's Oil, I . a vltll s Leir's Tree ,, I',o aln rllt, Mh h;lnt* o lrel aa , [ l'rr io pc, rl ll a nr, 1.P ,t hb:r , a'r,.ll at of r s,,s , v v , Ib. l . fltJ. .I rTi ll,, hitA ,ll.T krl.,l.,llP t" t olh 'il.' h, .l lah olll i, I,'lrll li,'. o, n,11,, , ca i tl wt·ta tar, i t . prn 1111. d 11I Ipan ui A.ill IIT r Ihara l, n,., ly I llý t i, a I N .Iar t,, t ' r . I. l n:a s;i , aha arl:la, ktrl'eTi, ll, le hIII l. e it, r r as nbr l-hly , 1: ,iv . dr.. c, i trli de tn a aro ' I s kwillh wa r roe) sI oll le lr, Um, Lu.s ,. r',ar w I by C.J. 'I'ItNCIIAIttIt cI , r1' IC \ t\ FURNITURE WARE OOM S Na. 5nl, Ievile r, r te l H I rmllr l Ih l hiaInd n ad il.a a ic I Io ets rlou ' ,A t tir,ari e s r H erl sah t, anal I er.alows a arl a Anns, worl a In'ri s oa n oralrr spaactv des a p, wae s r'aaaala, Ioakis gl| lh.ra , r cddidg* fir. \ " Nit. F rllltllrllr e pakkcd for IrltrlrOtrtlrion warhl greaIt care rlrhov II.ON,'l';lro. H nEAVY OOI)S--lrana sqare ialld ulllri, irOli, el r toi r t ssd HOrp, scrlal atnl rotd ir'o, mail rols and plough CasLt, (:rrmnn, shlrear, bliserdrl , sprig, ss eet sdIln A ras le) ' steel r alollw rr .lre, cut alll wrollsghe nils n i dl s likes Ziuc, blokli tin mill ltn grind stolnes sallt keelles I L (haii cables, a rchors, hre tfc Or, h, an d Icrate aflr t Natal l , millis x Aotils, vics, H,.-mnncrsaed bellows .,'il.. shoot, pig and bar lead. shot re Alltes, Iretlau aI's d other spadesfl n shovels ci Ilook aidI plate Ilneges, door and window hooks at Collins, Iluots, Sharps, satll other axes to l'ar'd aid Mmattilla cordage, lines atnld twine IBol l stillhealhing colpler; Naval stolres il l'aints, linseed anndsplera oil tit A fall asorltmernt ol Ihardware arf shfti chandlery, alwa) s on haInd, srrd whih -re offeretl lar nsle at whele sale or retail, on the moret favorable terms, by mst L.YTON b r;n. 3 Old Levee RUS!ITON & ASPINALL'S COMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy and certain cern for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fovers;.prepared from the original recipe. Used w'th eminent and uni versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed certificates. This medicinn is hihlily recommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases wcith such distinguislhed eucenes, that tihe proprietor of tihe recipe has been induced to offer itto the pub. lie in its present form, in the hoi" :it may he Lite means o relievinp 0nilly . those who are suffering under the senltgoe of or eouentry. It is an medicine possessing gro t virtue, and wmhn used cecoding to the dlirections hals never fiiled of eflecting a core, even in the most hostinate stage of the disorder. It is not nt ill disrnyrenble, and i persons of the wealkent sLtomac h, nod cdhildren may tallke it with irnplnity. II strenthens tihe digestive organs, creates aon appelite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mereory nor arsenic in tihe medicine, nor nny thingi injurioes to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its effieacy, thet tbhey agree to refund the price of every bottle which ihs bonn taken in aecorld:anc with the directions and Ihas not el..ete'id n a perfect core of Ihe f.ev'r &'. A. OLIVF.R, sole aglent for New Orleans, nt hin wholesale and retail drulg and medicine store, oerner of irienville and Chartres streets. is For District Agencies app!v to ij5 ''. v. S\IITli, 48 Conti et. ODs n!d .cledircarr. En J 36 e' .,v it h hared himseil to this ci3 ty Ici the pllrpose of 'rnio ;etin, i _i irn rni1 h lsa:l Ir1e bIinsers. Ilh is ou, re el vinn n lull snilth of tr1 sh ani d n nui" rI nartoi s, which hiel ill sI llt ,n lihb-ral term. To city dlru.iets, and rhon ,I tf tio nterirr, to 1h0 slirmIle, m rc[IhIs and phlnter hIe wI ,mni r ire ih'v m: ts ve' nc hove never hl ,, turi m en 01fered in chin cim. His intention if to don srrith ,,inm nhie holi.i . Iolrs h. mo k w ill esoon he r n.m olll l ,,71, in a ,."w weeks will hle run v flor husile.s. All orders Irom thle collllrv nn I'nm mi erchnnts of tl i+ rciy, receiving such orTders iiwill he prmpily anitended to. out O No 39Camp st IlRoyl Coi"e'O of l'VsmieNls, Laotlon. I ~ ~ cls II!! ~lei 11.41115111 Iloill lglil Iioo ol cw":~'s Lnnlmpaly, M~elow of llll(nlt Cur Sne~icty 5, .4pmhe Io lile 11m a:l Union Pension~,l Asociatioln, Lancaster Ph, i t'ro IIl~idle, nIuI eri, etual oPp of IIGuy -1110is v"Iillt011e 1000 ine, thie resll of twenty yellrl 1Url"10lslce an111111'1r I·lleleluccS iiosSe elxellSve nu Ii-ll asprnleprdi: of thle propriety, pmrl'o to tile notlIes 1o1 1 l 'he Americ1 Aoolic, li:,e cullllest so licialio u f100l umI1 er11,l rl'll l'IoIoalf ludoo f (0 l 'i-t 11111ai stinlo lll thl s Ilos · oii. olo loInollon.lnn nS il cl 01511151i t1 :I-ii1~ IllIi· I! Ofl~ l o ill s'i soIiClr1I I''s""ons Il;ltell;gftll e lon1 1110100le0 i ll, 1110 'ahricI -.I I Iroolg fnil u"105j11110111 I lilol'ol 11, CIo se o 111110110 I hon An s Inflloooo pI· olIlili, il e 1111 llip / people llll lllilll(:FSIF1)I. "T'us. pll il ls, nib: an d lllili gritliat1 :11 :,15 :,: Ill di, o r, by )h11r lb! jult d iiti 1111b100, Irn s sr1,5Ii. "~ and011 other 11 110010 .l lllll4r n i ll 0100 e Il II 111 a 111101n I 011e0lth1, ,flt Il lee hl ilo ollt 10 1. TIhe are soil's ill ppnckrts.( 9 511 lcr-·. 51 :n11 ( 2 (··ell by 1·1r· ·C·SI)I· 111h'oggim llll.kll llllliL r IL- i IllSltowsI , I I I ,'l 11 Iu , I1011lnl: a ;lrrr( (n Y, 110 ilw 1;eo n 111g1 1111 11111 11111111 Aspon"Iln'~lali' 11 o,1.l III. I)., W. 115 1111,111 1 I 401011lll! · .,1010 4 IIIIIlI 41 I 11 1I. Aston 1111 11 111 111111111" : III OlI ), 1 n1 11m1 ll5 rn 1111101 : 'I S IIno ? 1(. be seen n IIswlss 1 tIe thi 1 r;nlmrý, tIII)' DI: No .1011111 I''pl"e:'''""" 11,Ylk" lea JNI). 11 .1S,11E1N, 15 II. \I. York, Solie (;I·IIL·I·: l .\ 1·I1 (oll the United Stales, &o,~e 00il~ ilsI: l (1111111111 111' 111111 'ITI((·~II I 1t1110110 llpIlllll.l lil helll ra 0)0 ' by SWIN & t o ft ror.1 , Ih ':ggi-s, \ III (r 1 11 n r,0 * 11111'1 1gn f11 1 Sla ; e111 f I, sI jIII' 11 1 i o I11:11.1111~1 111'11 0 II'II ll· l II ~ II 1111 II (111'111-'1 I11'1011111 It 11111 I -iI 111111lll :ll 1Illlllllllll. I' 111 __ 11 I ___11' _ _ 1 11 :\\ I 111111 r h,1 1 1 iI 105111111 1 i1 h 11111111 11. 1 (r. 111 III 111111111 ,1 ( · 111n 1, 1111111t be n ror-I( h , t h1 I · I· I re a "II II.-h . I ' Ie i t [ Imm liloive is to tier var. .l o: 01~":LII·R OII I I 1,~lr I llr ijtllt i l 110, 11 I1uriIr r lo ll1d ' lo ll r n ,he 0IITilllt. Jlil 11 1 hlu 11a1n ,11 110ri v Illl ilol :nw l 101 taep lltllll0Ill:L0· 001111lls Il;!dllo J 31105111510 0 11 Illr: le 11010 ru~ 11111 II 10100111 IIIil ilJ I1CI lel l I II ,liy 5 1 0 11111 1,11110. 1111li 1 01 1 111 Ihr" 111c I0 010:1' 101 001e1 11; 1 o hl"d o i11 111111 :"I : r, ut'. I SP ,"plllloli0a0011 :11 01 u11 1 , ;110 I l'ltllh lll , 10a 111,II '1 Sll Ill l 6r o~lc*lillc .1 1o 110ilIl I stulldorigllonll. 1110 011.11~ 10111 CIalsoy 110 Bollotolloos own fo0 given. A111 1 i Ni.Ilas 11oS1 n t111e street. do1 '1Jifngulljge Ih 1le il1' IN w I I'll I s,nn ; til , Il'a rrlll &l(" i)., ii "llilsoH e & ~ II elrIlr ir Kell ey &I ' o I oI I I ii r , II e u. lie fe tin i liqtin tie r i' - ii witll ll .ie s flillt nI Ie i l[ e i Ild 4ille .ii s lll : 'a ving Ilarris will peate l hvll m ll( tllhu f tlIlhe b lsilI. e it haso, I erris t' Nea ez td Ihrca rit, Kel e.rv &( '.,al Iodnev a enrd K lr'llrv K' v i att'l d to S hae ,r ling fcthe h 'iny i s e ,t'1 , .le, t-,on i. i t. Now Orlean s. To ; mes hve o t Iole ever rfiny will be 1sP d t i lie Hidntin iO t l v i. g ROWAND'S 'IONIC .IIX'IXURL, l irthtyfi tos itulr bmied to tue putolie burt it clcu attaited rnthe i helt re tation; ted t sop pclltled every olther Inodictln for die Agoll, wllPrev. or it iua bealtt llo la od a plprt l titel Alet rely ies it bon carried icnrvery dtiretion h Iro hio ut tier Uiterd States, and still reaiieu care thiian could tace beent o I iciptad by its iIIIetoetIgitio frienidos. no eoais dofliersons hte not olaiy heo relieved, bts reglored a·tblioeMiti n d iglo h ig o u ics atene. hy: atd lleye now chileerftlly etify, at aivory op iorttnit y, to its cdliiltct i ied nd peirrte ietioei ey. 1.1, is canedeery ofer su'oieitineiotit e prinile it ore' catliclei it creteit ien ealtry diection ithe cr ootn icl,, liver, cad ohil l oreaize s iiirc ot organs, the ltces of, whiei itar y is e lio iv llit t iie a t ise s coud evtaiei dc iers yaopte teoati oly i tee relpe ses ofl tie, att luexict. Wianvt the gutie isl actted rithl atiy oliher voteiii t, the e piilylti'ent ci the Tonic, i tctb-ou illtnot iiterliro ceth Ile treal. I ttit of ctlevuither rdircvr, bu wioelc veiil;rd as.i te t.ince by oclsehig ostriol tsi and tligr tevli ed ribody ring the isre of trIantmont. s Iremos ho ioibe osae ol tic e elici lle lily L beio el. as ur e it tiede is to PArsen,,-i vltra, ylrllcry. olLy sutier. atic oi its cw ic ii t uon lritiiv ml e to ili I a cocllirui ln bciillog Ilrely a ergecln te litr-eel; ase thereof, when theyhreive taprt It as r a; c e ciets erl tiloe t Iieiivr abtOl le timeA Iidtia btti .I hre iTtchet eootie Proltietree , fily auiid it r lte a' tipo tll itod un t Iiversal trccsr itel Itlihe tret. w Itely tbotced toa unct ol trnd cttoti lar uso l tiie ci ohet ie the eurin all ase tis ofil etiol anIt l asgue , i isar o sd it rse g Ire ll tii, iby a ilintuw ere r toti body subr rr the whur. of trlesatal. agents For tv. he jet ts of tirs oedia cre, rre ic h i e Chillrr te d ir t I haed ise nAruirl. Fur sarle the l p f ndldularc eudce s brve ! ilTe Propirttitor, u lly ctilid ao tu li tle ae ut thrlie o , lled l a ti do i.tvrccle iw t he v lilit thas e i ,fctail oaitend o laiouctuitl ao e tid evo u se fcit l1e, pi II-itii fMictbure, in oal Ciqes e of Freve atil Aueo t ieti a nto itcll th o w ho h e t erbot the itii't iieno in sri t te . o , rorl..ce f iltr the prescriredt i tiarue itio n, Itlie o t r fhi sobseriber oret the ruelel agitis for the itt Sothr WeterdStteo, a rd haee nccw 0 bidt cai. cix l ty cl+It of ttthis mteliite, which i s trra ti tet : pI cud gnronie. For e atiot tiao iuedtlored iprices ht hltirouie e Dcin "st ew . ills 'l'AUU VIS I.RL.. FOIl TII T TEETIH. FrIILgestul,lish, re ;e ti t aln and cons uu1.tly iueTren np II e leli lie d r." luh ill lell IIdcoll lllllll. Irl.II I1T. 1 tielll/ld fur Ih~tia eti tua re dy, c ly "1 pa n ir erraiive o"' h tellt, has illduced Ilthe SIll-criber oler it lto thle A eillricaltl p bll ic Ao lrr llg lllecs v beei Ilu d ole n s i ll the r n c e tliecittia ieianlii ! iran ilalnct relif. It aillao rree-t the ldecat in lefectite teotltutllieee thailltsrceatnesrhlchoa f.eiqently r ersit ag til tahituel IThe applicatin til relmedy are stllllri ic i dnoent, an nlt cllecsuatI; and thre large numbebr oifperolls in differenlt .redone of . f~ Can!:tL, tltliathlae air, lyaleerienced sutch deliehltta an l illatucy elic 1heat theI- ahe of tte Bulm, are lhady tot ar foar the public goad) their testiiaauc to ts t~e rled tptcI qlities. It is au Indian rtemeLdy, nilltitain singalcrly anl1 uairupctedly, udl auaylhe regirnlh li the nit ilized locald as t le tnet valuable discoaery rerrlnian of, the woods.. Price $1 lee buttle. SoldV by : JARVIhS & ANDREWS, ,nt-I Cor Cuatuoti and l'ohspitoulus eta. AN MEDICAL CARD. I. MPORTANT TO T.IE APFICTED WITH DIE. EASES. TREATISE on Venercl DOijcae, conorrcc en,icles end Strictrei, illudIpill prcitical obe.iervatio.l oil ermillc W.eikncse, rih. ercl acuise , tI ni ali petrons een oeutnin lc llnluihlte cure. with iale. Hcrecy ind eafety. It is a nleelahcoly felt tht ihouscnde eiiie vicliee it the Ve inereal Dice.e, owing t tile Ile kill'hlle ef illiterate men, wh.C iy tihee iner taIt deadlly liiinni Mrcuryec ruin Ici" Poll eeitclini,ennl| ecuse ulc'eration ,witi blotches on the ,ieell, fev al i iody. Ii, ht ie eine I illecgi ie iilcle etlrl, deeficee,ob rtillnte Flee~t91 Rllul I~llN ole1 tlhhln bunepIIIICC till IItIP.I1t~lh '3 .em .ril dehI..lityc.1.lddecaycort~oei.. i Incchly dIltcll puts I cieri.,d it their dreicdnl sufic erinp. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS. Aceerlnin, eltl" a ,l.llctlen.e *peedy riecedy ev'rediecc f or tle )erllllau andl efl'oclllll cure ol velleecnl di~rnre, el r trell,, .clere c..nlicenh w.l.lkcecr, p.lllll in ill I Illlveclcinle'il e idiey cereie lulnthe., cocicily ie clito tl o 111o b . .r oll'urItIlri, nl.i .ctl gcr.lbe a~cs ol . i le |i ii;tr','p"."rrrl ~IllPIlll~ ) iror·lllllkrl'R i)lru~Cnrelnthl'.hPIIO il"'c i iifT I',,o, Iny, Ilg ion'i enlell pile r fr hlee, w.ill TI.., e SC Iiy lnll i tl'et¥. i Illc cierl.lillly c iith cihicih they tircei ol.lcie -Ieciicii ',ll. inC i ll pteh e llill+ ' illmiio llllmsn I, pllri I Iylrll. Ill thi r p~(lrnlJ're. I 'll/" h l, Illllcrsmlll lluir l 'l'hFy It(III cly rllnore ylhl iiiric, but rolvnl i. by .Ihllr ntctio llc il ihI.r I *l 1.11neti~,lllm oir! +.lnboy, urllellilQ., thle .roscr hlumo~rs, idll thprir II.lllte¢ si +. ,ilI tllnlI illl mrce(Ptible ns to coni~lct Ile+th t llkenrllclhll tllesliphll,+tc .nai,.i~nl orlircorllr)'. Tlley rr Iltirr Iio r.:.trlllllt ofr dlct, Iols or tinlu, or hialnlllrans 0. Illnsi li+ .cabut effect ,. +++111 dot ur0, mitlhollt Ilh~l. eamt , srllrrq l Stillr ! tiIl. A llli .'L~ 111 JMrin WllEll tile SnllFIll0++t ll~bifio lal~ll rll,·I~l~tr it ;viii ll tio iiii'n CIirlllr i~,. c.L~CC iI , ille Wliltitl~dll? illlllllEIImnr+ tilec t l.. tii lllth ,i .C c ii, l 1ii,1.. i,,l , i le.11 'ii ('.er ceiv~ei t ii-e ci eli i,,,,,cc c.ll l+', Iv air~l(1*1 11. .Peel I 1(·~~l~nlillill :1fy1111,1 1 v le+l+llr 1I Illr r ll, rv flell|, IIIOtCllinlo it ihr ( tllll e· JIUirs lkl(lc+t th+Pll rqtiIC'lll ;III l~lelilb' ;ili+llrr s fre~sn sllh+. leo re l~lf illllllis l'inlltilllll E'~."t illl/Xen+.e o thce) li.,icclcllc, t IcIc I I .Iil ieii,.l I +lr Ill c.l ll ln r lus tr:lll I1" ll4'rlll n\ l','+licit., :ll d Ptll ltll l1'· l It+ elllls IIr.+tlV till lll, t.ll~i~l. llel, Illeisolll lit-++r Ill IIlll:*.lllI.· l ellC~r lccIc I~ip' ii liih ilen'InCile cc, c lC C hey cIlilllr c I fcdilcil. pie IlIlitt~le,'J'h 1O1t I11 hi xnllf II1I)JI I~llh. nC )Illl,+ WJIllllI~ tit,11 wI ~·lp I I nr l~li lloln .l~ir o ii+l lhellI( II vpmI T ii.111 I iollll l1111 I ItherlF o,+II nT I~llllm r'+ or14 III' I cplic ll+ v slr+ ll , lleie+ till' ffriti. .t11:I elllrriltz,g llrl, llp II~~llnlllnlt ,e=| ol Ill los Wll·( llzlte cir. l| +"flyI In ll hi · ls l 'lrll e gldr I II. IIIV lb l. Iltl. I'lrePr \~~clllll · Itile 1 l·blhl r rb'lcllll~lllV wh~ler lher Cells1+nl~ II ' lle~ll(l lie"~m +III'III1 *,'llell[llrerll,% excsil, Cllrlllk';rillff r .lillyl lehlciit(ic,,lycihc, IIiI+: ceiciehr c l-el.tcci ,N,.4eocly e r elril Iii D rillls , +.Ilr l'rr i rll. Ire rllir ld I1Ih. ulca trrl. 111Il11 enl~l.: ll lll,f ltorlll,. 1· ll 1blil¥ 11o. 11 t II~. (I;iIeIDI+ , p lln(I "J'o bo Jllid otlly it £.o. .l; t+llrtllnl house rtteet, New Orlean+e SPEC] Flr SOLUTIert. A A LL whoa,, a~ll iIleiils from 11111·:·1·1111AI. I18RA`;\Rlb .11(:11 1a (:1/\(Iu 11111()11t, (:IEK'I'8·, 8'1' it l/"1'1:1: Es RINVAI1Y 1'ASSA~lli:. rAINS IN '1'111: JOINS, (:I(AAVYI., I~llllllro, orlmtl (ilIIIlnl ealsolP se. or Loral Deb·lility, tire ..,need tlort this v ulu' llIIbhl medivoln at till Ion, . o-: ,!IIIII) othelr, ind olvlullilllll in l....-. ll ., (-(olltilottlon .... I L'eoll~ril .I hy .: ,.,.., or ,,:proper 1111 reatl )Il tli Its ('d. 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HEALTH AND IIEAU'IVY, S f1111AC111'11.1.S -An.· if, nrmlt mdic Il xliter hoi OenOt Iº e J1, nmll experrience has peon .1 the f ct. unit thane o ho . )( 0 Yr all'·llli\F to kcenlolg the L.toina owl bo0. ill pttotor *oIoci t tcr 1hoot,,h, prevent disc.. oo, mol pocclly hon lobo.[, clllrrfl end h ealthlllly old agr; 8111 111 lo.illhln I 1000t lrpn thse Pill- re toaOO do h o i 1-c Ioooo rl won tio.oo.'oholoollo eoooo.,Io, curl n Yccl/.lt drug. of the 0 lattrl n llydr11·1· ·1IIy hill,) inll I case.o, oolooopl ott I:oror to ev.ry'. a e core of nlosar I and bIurr eloiol la[.,o Ili.o nl II t.. to IigP.lon. fyrooloott eof otclo-ooud oaltooi0, aooIootic meal., . ioo'oso t brtoll, o. locolohoI cOonll iOt rIlOOOOOOOOO ilr · lIoo Iotoo 10 to n'tholooogouov p o1- .lod ,I gesoo the II,,cloolIl..,',lc the rxelllsel, and lllcigplrita fur c l~Liifllinll FCIIIII!CI ultr e.'~clerl, I-Ithoo Huo l . lnotolntolltcs.,foootoytloeie l'nrcep x ioethor. ,datooloaoootol.culitt~o io:0. eCotsrdr0.+ d ucc~s of ..+thi. ,t n1,rP'I.IP r burn 1111. ge nt a fill. W h1«1-1"111 11' I.OtoooooocoohooIol. 0,00000'11 r ·l0ol0tlOtlyo e0o,,1111t11 nod pt n of alllip-, u rlay ruketh(rm of any time, a.. tl ill do not EOIII(II nay Illr·:ury olr ily ingredient that rr TPtporeI. ( ronillPIIInII or rerfrrclioll of diet ·I'byr lhoal d 41- kept i., every family as rrmr,,ly t o lass of er uulderr ilhull.· fi e, ley Illcir f i l ll mrn.II1 i.[ntttnnl~elhoor·r mnrlrua. tramps, x..prslll* evers anld other.· loan mg ram plaint,, ililtrv ll be .pnedily~ carr.:l or Ilrerceatell. 'L;ýI · 1-r -Nom !nIti(`ltn lll hail., x11. New ()Trlrnll* T W. COLLENS - United States' t. osoomisiooero. Appoinotcd by the Federal Collitt 1- New Orleans. OFFICE No. 109 COMIMION STREET, (Esolaotngo Hotel olduilioce.) AID Colotneion jo takes atlidoviit ender nlot b x, lvtrmeftih Acts of ('ollgre., paserd 2 to Feilooi trc, 18h11; Ist 9Inrlo 1817; the Judiciory Act of 17889 ol otlher acts of Cotgoeo,, in soels co-es tooode aln joovideod. Said Cotnmioiion'r hoa: cnidleralelo experience ncd toeslo itoo olceittion atdl oertitiyts woichitlt it ttooool tlto severest alru oy ofllthe ableot L.awyers poil 12 3 ,RIOI'ING PAPER AND Pit Ilo' 1\k'o'reo qluntitt tof ot.toeoiaioat oloototuie media:ito Pritticir plPoter, 01c,,, s Rttipoly of Joohooso,,l atid I)uorotl's h'rintitog Inko, td for .ale toy 0i AI.EX ''OWVAR. l4 Cnnisp H ATS- coass doab Ruh illt ott, variooa qaolliooo broad brims and low crowns lasdling Geom chip St. Lotie, for sale by I AIRU)GE A. Co. soy? IS3 MagaOinos j inHl Re.latli·ens. The Gre t atern Easiis cloned every day at 10 s'clnek A.MS. I" due everyday at.4 P. H. The Lke Ma+il (pin C.vinjnton, La.) in rlosed every Mnnday, Wedpsedny and Friday at fio'olovek,A p. is die every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 5 IP. li. The Lanisatrlile or Riser Mail it clord every Mon day, Wednesdays, sa ntnrday, uat 3 P. iI. Is sent ns returned kby'stabouats. Arriven irregularly tres times R weck. - The Bayou Sara or Coes ilSail is cloiod avery Tu esdav sad Friday, at 8 P. At. Is asnl and rturlned The Alexrnedria nr Red River Stail is sent irregu. lady by steaoirats twice a wnerk. tI(UIotvItIt. On R;IVER MAIL. ftOtniilun, ) Wedrelsdnv and Close at 8 o'clock, P. M. Uaoniduy,' COasT MArL.. [rots~llay end~ [atoitnonod Closnsot l o'clockt., P.M. IE:AN MARIE FAIINA'S COL.OGNE WATEL P ses mn-re of this sttpeiar Cotogoe wate., just received nod lier stlae th tihe Iozt or singlt batttl., Alo Aimerinan and 'teneh toilet pwdnre, powder IpolIn andxns e hnl'ina nnigd toiletn aopesoSmette walh butelllilk I)I" oroe, osmaetia crlad erousn, extrae o musk, ke,phanl, Wnlard's vegt,le hair oil, pomatunu, br.e lie iPROrdi rose andbny waters5 I arnio,:.' treillesv rn i p.ri'otlcryr itr tnk. vergeta. literal liquid Trn, - thli,r tairil'ri sasoloh wars eflthir tluik i paireui anid tent, irunalwt thge iver w t, a ol uili n i v, i l Il1' auan/ aii creohl r anP d rslul IiiI.i nil jeeli.? i eh nnlrse low at whlerhlo ye or rlail ho r "t, 1IONr IIAt'"rIT &CO, • ..11' 711 Cttortresrtrect. mlii'; aittoejunil Innin Stan, rotlknainres1 I a[lt'. iltriol jntl all AIltL monr(.ellt , "tene(· d itltinrsn 'nani-i 'l ,aMoI- h Oit Iif, at ie eion" gJ'ial , h In ir s;1 tMi, Ao p nllllllnr, li Ihe it ore .iI lile.n '~lie 'itotlnt-lll l nai ll arti, ani at~ tlrfvitter ,n It l ,e ,rl uir c Ptoll S lllr kC e ml sltral. r lk at i)rannro hlricileni llll lonetnrriths is (res nno lull alie til. 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I'rt-iii:U-t saceoted it s Iliel ino i-n', Ii-v' email litidit waters, lit .lint h q'il- li'l. . iii'x Iniiit l~lue'vuin,.sa Oil, Old. r,,I,,, i C-Ill o ii tll+im, hclt~it -it, a variety of el+.m it "it arh,. hub:.D cii. fltny Livimnis A h, elih seu,,rntooi ol'"t'hnri'an'rG-triel, See ... ....... .. ;EORl3P..t)N ES, For trenlmet and rea.e f the Freer and Agpe. STwill Iv reitil dihciot.ivered 'aiereitlahe ""'tin Mia tlttt ict clpP lclr to I ti tl'rdii trV incite o| nlivtl ar im aAe. Iln the itat iiit", being Vege aIble Ixllncf , uladd firee frl tvlll t .ettr'it and) l o ,It, illuredieluls, it Illllv lie Inaken with th e nin o I rre e iiu t" Ithtr tdetllllir iintl or aef in:\ sid . It pie srlll: rrl'[ll]#ll' i' o ll ix.Pl'alsrr oeLf1 tS;*/I thce Ioecitt - tilll IIIII her! llits ils \I IIIIP I (ti11t t' 1 that ticti It et lll Indwh 1 on a + l nilnt ii.rtinllent nil''ti by i 'nveinrati g h:snl+lllltlUl l d iF l i, . rli e l tio th ,n .ee e solt ,l e. ~illc (llilr llls ail tIliatan Itenefith Ite vnmtrr. P il a l ,.vl\ · p I1 g+ lllll;.ill.p it I . II I so l P ll~r to ere~l olll+.ri.-tlllle+ lll l~r+, lghly 1)c I+,1+ ,++,ii |lipllr selverl Sith eve r al t'. tilllini,.ita Holy b oe pre..neti Individual.-, Idfr tfei lle tf'the Toaic Miatiret Eva Iii l11n rte r p d I1 ill] the elnul cii ntelt of the dine,,., 11II VI'lI"'tct)P tt noahplIts III t tuc; h'rea Jllnc by hI ,ie , t.i-e I ii] c'tII ret t''111 i , th tr i. lllys crtPa eI ,in incllre;lall itihililv to rertttrletie The danger ttqucertl libelleis of tie A t''t it vet 'dttd, at, I1If (I1) frela+lJlHl sr YIhe)I /.ll.llltl (1)1 .Vl,)¥l(· II"tt foe t l l titelJ sit attuittiuc ehle i 1 rcut e Asi atOttc'' br vi i to w, tt(' .+,ills .elh'ine ) ! d spee tily uitl Ii"''l'l f1 llu' I t n1ulutlll i p riet Ti II pltct itice llis t lh,' r rlll ou rcr '· OllP-- so ltr the po e Iad l illll n1" ell et y* fllllojil n.J ', ill llll"ui (.eed iniii t e li 'tita h iit iiI illllld t llllunm wti m il li(t l atY denied to them.l' elsle yetn rrelort tly ! ,+)we l. • ' T ulie n. ili . rer it l uult.I 'cII tI'O ee laitet h tpa 1,,11"+ e, ualnoee csll -+ i ft ii telalilc i I.!t tare daily oiu red A~r c. uie tni 1, . l..ep aled o ly byv Itr. J &hn It. Row in , l t his II.d ,,ttviy. "1ark,"'el tt'e,l'hihldr.l ,hi., '1 he N. ,tl'L' el+Is II. ile, ++ lll el'lhl far lthe l 'll -larI, le d lwllV PI' l E tllr cratc, ca I lia lri.res. T'.: be hal 'l a reltil nlsoat At'i 'i'iectri tt ipa lht riii.' J.AIIVIS & ANl+RE:WS, I - Wl hleliiriainfr c iii ,-'"i N et (_)V l lllllll ·- 'l'holitl tie i + ArIll.b; C'HI',1NF.. P'IE:CE 1w.v-El-no,., l ( lntlllhollle street cl'IOS lie ut e poa t.nluitet . The l>rl tberl. are rw'ceiving rr)rnl Itheir f.lal hand a genewral a,+.orhreet ,fJ lf rl h Ma the Pteces ol'sull rlo'rI v Yrlr l llllo + l ni Itltd l e la , l altll t rns, tmadei of the lbetit E}iypl alia, hlia, rii.h an.di Amterltc ls tttricile. A,. A , ,it l lllllltlt i Tta lllla h and (Grave, Stttiec trtldttd tati plain cili and litntle, marble litceh, hearths ali d ary stone, plaster of Paris, I I 'llllt & llytlraueii Cel ' ll'tu'lll a ':!Il Iuster. i g uleir, together with a a tletdil a'sortnmellt al b ass mountehd and plain Grates undt Russia Iron rates ufb (ho .enet allnd miit approved pailterlls. Letlerillng dolne in tIle nalest mlallnner and at the reost noticc. T'lhey tiave terst ratel workmen li r' .ipa work. 'AN' AIN & STROUD NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA Nae NeOiw ni ,ilema, Nov. l4, 1837. A l3( T1 ' oeh a lai II ta d I he i sIlior trne to get Ilel, and i xiPckt hhips it nre wi inc In t ltsh he diseanu , sI awrel w resk atII i h large cer he' anote, ... fi gon 2 a ... l. Heg, a ll tve TIn 1e,, snil Ilroelh Isea )dII niableto woork at he, ie p acket tInell a wed up and( idn. se large Miar n Ile right aile of he throal I anl Inl ll oing ybeve mcoidlInt lly i der Ini h e e )r. 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J Helrding, Ctaroate, 41111 ioa n S Lemint, Clah lesenr 374 dola I) Efldridge, Clut anet, ill6 5i e do o tlrker, Seisiiln, 240 do J Hw ,er Iiaiatiay, 625 tlin D Ilumphrey. 'thie abi nof a rilin all new, ohl thie firer v sse pe dlltlaiun d ill rii enlipared, eaqiualuded by mag a ol' gri it eue riese, tita luarge accalnar:olpation-, w ila solarite, ladtles abin; il very atlentina wilt ho iatd to' pa-cdgeare, aold tll very eat of estnloepro si rped f thcae. Thells ackets will hae towed up and down tIo Mie nisnuppi, aind Ilie siricltet pancluali y oitarvead In be For ilu in arreiving, olltaer spe equally a. gnoodt will iallt caies be saulbtituteld. A ellare f patrolat age is soliiled, onel tiea agetII pledge th Limelve to niiCC .AIad;le l n itlmlul a. practicaOble, ta receivO tal ir-ardl gudla Iy a id lihe at l llilla moatoder, ate chllares aIInId tI advaInce all npaitnea goad. hippdel if reiquired. 'Tlle sili il will leave the lets and 6lt11 of every mranil. 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'uln. :1 & 4 if Ihene ra coalplcite aid unilbar editioe of tactisinglat Iritie' Weeorka. Roagr'-'. Prenahtiad Lagliai Dieloaary. in I vol, lea. AVegenI's .Freneh iiad Laglish Diclioaare. ALneu--A tew miire cupleosuf Cutbe's Phrenologlial aRieltzi." Large dartnur'e C(llaaan asesaofsuperiur qual. it, wit-eltl aii, Blillia'd lla aol'91-4 anad 2 1-2 ailaes. tiilitoi's iuipni ved Iistall I'eaa,japaaed papters, weight.' &c. &c. &c. JisA rneceived, a.ld far iale by n.31 BENJ. LEVY. I IJIE JUICE, IIONE:Y AM) 'L ITE WaX J The s.u:nh,;tiber ms rinrtirId nn ilvice Oi.f the ahove ia.r.ed articles tiro lavaua and t(fer thiea for nle veart rin Ibteinahle telnl,. o17 II .lutNf'ail, 43 "'ehupiuenl,

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