Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 19, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 19, 1861 Page 3
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to transmit dispatches.' It is thought tliat it will pass, as the .existence ot the Express, it is said, depends on it. 1m the Senate to-day the Pacific Kail mad hill was received lrom the House. (Jwin moved fo make it the special or der l'-'P the 2d of January. Bragg jiinvcd to refer it to a special committee. h'. Loirs, via Fort Kearney, Dec. 24. «_On the 21st, the House was not in The Senate oh the 21st reconsidered excusing Jefferson Davis upon the Com fnittee of Thirteen. On the motion, Davis said that owing to the solicita tions of Southern friends, he would consent to serve. At a meeting of the Committee of Thirteen, held 011 the 21st, Douglas said lie was ready for any amendment to take slavery out of Congress, with out regard to his previous action and as if lie had never made a speech or given a vote 011 the subject. At a meeting of the Committee of Thirty-three, a proposition was dis cusser! for the admission ot' Kansas and New Mexico, which settle the diffi culties in these territories. Nothing Was done, and the Committee adjourned till Thursday next. Subsequently, the Republican mem bers had a caucus, and concluded that lio propositions satisfactory to the seces sionists, could be adopted by the peo ple; therefore it was necessary to pre- pare. In the limine to-day, Cochrane in troduced Union-saving resolutions, to which Haskin proposed to substitute an enquiry into South Carolina affairs. Nothing was done, and the House ad journed till Thursday. The Very Latent. St. Loris, Dec. 24.—Tn the House to-day, (Monday) the Speaker pre sented a letter from the South Carolina delegation, dissolving their connection Nvitli the House, since that State had us-oniicd her sovereign capacity. The Commissioners from South Car olina received their credentials on Sat urday, on their way to "Washington. The'l'resident will send a special Mes sage to Congress on their arrival. Cushing had returned to Washing ton, and reports that South Carolina was acting with the view of the co-ope ration with all the slave States. Toomhs had telegraphed to Georgia that all his propositions of compromise were treated with derision and contempt bv the Republican members (if the Committee of Thirteen; that every Republican member had voted against each of Crittenden's propositions, and that the majority then declared that they had 110 guarantces<4o. offer, which was silently acquiesced in by other members. The Union Committee of New York received a letter from Fillmore, not yet permitted to be published. Senator Johnson was burned in ettigy at Memphis, on Saturday night. Seward spoke 011 Saturday night at a banquet ot the Newfoundland Society, New York. He counselled fraternal forbearance, and said that the Secession feeling had been getting weaker since tiie election day. Within sixty days the trouble would pass away. In the Senate to-day, Pugli and Douglas submitted amendments to the Constitution, which were referred to the Committee of Thirteen. Nicholson made a speech on the Southern side; he had scarcely a hope that the demands of the South would he granted by the North. Davis submitted 1111 amendment to the Constitution, declaring the rights of slave property. Two defalcations have been discov ered in the Interior Department—one in Indian Trust Bonds, and the other ?8,000 in cash. In the South Carolina Convention, to-day, nothing was done of a definite uature. Intense excitement ensued to-day at Pittsburg, 011 the discovery that the U. S. Quartermaster was about shipping 125 guns from Alleghany Arsenal to Galveston and the ltalizc, supposed for the purpose of stripping the Arsonal, and placing the guns where the Sece ders could get them. Major Lytteliug ton, in command, declined to give any positive information on the subject. Leading Democrats telegraphed to "Washington to have the orders coun termanded, saying that the people would not suiter the guns to be re moved. The South Carolina Convention, on flic 21st, was in secret session most of (the ilay. Tho Convention adopted tlio Reve nue and Vostal laws of the United States, requiring the moneys collected to he deposited in the liaulc of South Carolina, subject to the orders of the Assembly; and that said officers retain it as public property, for the disposal of the Assembly, till the final settle ment with the limited States. In the South (Carolina Legislature, on tho 21st, the House entertained res olutions for tho feeding ami transporta tion of troops, and establishing tele graphic lines to oxposeil points, under tho authority of the Governor, in case of war or apprehended invasion. Another slaver with 000 Africans on hoard, has been captured. TlieX. Y. Tribune says positively that Lincoln is entirely opposed to any concession or compromise, and will not vield ono iota of the position occupied '•y the Republican party on the subject of slavery in the Territories. ! Notices of Books. I A Practical Treatise on the Chemistry of (Sold. Silver, Quicksilver, and l.ead. I!v Kilwunl l'i<|iie 1 .. 12 mo, 8:111 Francisco, Tuwuc & llncon, ISiiit. Tins work is designed to furnish a guide to estimate the quantity of gold contained in a certain amount of ore, to tlius determine its value per ton; arid the method of separating the pure metal from impure and other metallic and non-metallie Ik >dFe >Te olfiTct• tcdw ith them hy smelting, amalgamating, and other chemical treatment. It is an exceedingly valuable compilation, dis playing great industry upon the part of its author. The text in illustrated hy numerous plates. Miners will find' this work a companion which they have long needed. I.und Titles in San Francisco. flvo 188 pp. Ban croft & To., San Francisco, 1S(>0. This pamphlet contains the decisions of the Supreme Court of California, settling the title to real estate in the city and county of San Francisco. The origin and character of titles under Spanish and Mexican law arc fully dis cussed, and the copious notes elucidate much ot the history and jurisprudence of California. It will prove a valuable accession to the library of a lawyer; to those interested in real estate in San Francisco, we say, procure a copy. ••- Hand Book of Travels for Pacific Coast. We learn that those enterprisisng publishers, A. L. llaneroft & Co., of San Francisco, have in press a book with the above title. A circular has been forwarded to various of the citi zens of our Territory, seeking informa tion, as to towns, population, resources, roads, modes of travel, schools, church es, public buildings and institutions; in short, statistics of every kind, which when collected will form a perfect and reliable gazetteer. We heartily trust, that those who have been besought tor the above information will promptly respond. That such a firm have taken the matter in hand is it sure guarantee of its success. It will be embellished with a superb map of the Pacific States and Territories, showing the towns, counties, mining-districts, roads, etc. Such a book has long been needed, and we await its appearance with much impatience. Lockwood, Ewki.i. & Co.—We take pleasure in calling the attention of our readers to the advertisement of the above house in another column. All goods imported by them arc manufac tured for them by theirown house, 17!J I {roadway, N. Y. They have in con nection with their monster establish ment, a manufacturing department, in which thirty journeymen are constantly employed, which number will soon be increased, as they are now manufactur ing more than any single house in the trade, thereby appealing to the support of all who have an interest in home products and home manufacture. jgtgp We notice that maple trees are being placed in front of the M. K. Chnreh, on Fourth Street. In the summer they will east a delightful shade, anil greatly beautify that portion of town. gt£r° We had a fall of snow on Thurs day last. Married At the residence of the bride's parent*, l»y llev. 11. C. I.ippiucott, Mr. Thomas Blackshar to Miss Amy A. Guthrie, daughter of Itev.S. Guthrie, all of Yhiirston county. We nrl«nowledgc the receipt of the compliments of the Im|»l>y couple. Loup may they live: for •' lni|>i>y are they, the happiest of their kind,whom gentler stars unite, ami in one fate their hearts, their fortunes, and their beings Mend." Oil the 20th Nov., 18(10, at the ''Hermitage," Amelia Co., Vn., by the llev. I'. F. Ilerkeley, l.t. E. J. Harvie IK, oth Infantry, L'. 8. A., to Miss MARY E. Meade. On the 2.'» th Xov., 1800, at Los Angeles, Oal., Louis Bettman, of Olympiii, W. T.-, to Miss Ame liA Copplenzer, of the former city. Oil the 14th Jnn. lHitl, at the Washington Ho tel, OlympiH, liy lion. Wni. Strong, Associate Jus tice .Supreme Court, Mr. J. M. Chapman of I'ieree county, to Miss Sarah Dofflemire, of this place. In King county, W. T.. liy C. C. Lewis, Es<|., Mr. Charles Woodbridge to Miss Decatur. Jan. Ist, at the residence of the bride's father, liy Uev. X. Clark, Mr. Abram Reynard, of Clark county, W. T., to Miss Emily M. Powers, of Mult nomah county, Oregon. Jan. :td, in Vancouver, liy llev. J. V. Pevore, Mr. Laban Stillwell to Miss Wil moth Wilson . OI.VMCIA, Washington Territory, I Lat. 47° 3'N., Lon. 122° 55'\V. / Tho following are the meteorological changes for the week ending Thursilay Jan. 17th. The oh wcrvntiuns are taken at 7 AM., I i>. M. nud i> p. M. 7 1 *> in. -<ky. weather. Fr'nlay II II -II 12 43J var fair Saturday... I? II 47 17 45 clo rain Sunday l:s :i:i 44 3H .IHJ' var fair Monday.... 14 4o 4H 42 42jj clo raiu Tuesday ... 1.14 42 37 37jfl clr •' Wednes'y.. I<:| il2 42 , :is ;i7Ai clo clr Thursday .. 17 : J2 *as i :J;J ::4j' var var l.lth, 15 th, lt.tli, frost; 14th, 15th, llilh, windy and disagreeable ; 17th, J inch dry snow; Amount of rain for the week 1.45 inch. IIUU'N Bantuptirllln. Yellow Dork, anil lodlilc of l*ofaMN— lK prepared from the finest lied Jamaica Sarsaparilla and Kngli-di lodide of l'otasg. Admirable as a restorative and purifier of the blood, it demises the system id" all morbid and impure' mutter, removes pimples, Imils and eruptions fVinn Hie skin, cures rheumatism and pains of all kinds. All who can afford, should' uso it, as it tends to give strength and prolong life. Sold by Druggists generally, at $1 per bottle. Is. IIAI.I. A: I'll., Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists, l:ni<3 14J aud 1 |j Clay St., Sau Ft'.ill. FRUIT TREES!! For the Million, at Eastern Prices! J. Ei. *A\lOlll> & CO., Agents for tlio Principal Nur- series in Cnlifornin. HAVE now for sale, at Eastern Prices, nn immense stock of Fruit Trees, of nil ages, suitable for planting, embracing every kind and variety grown in the State. Our long and intimate connection with the nur scrv business nnd fruit-selling here, and in the TiTiter States, has enabled us to anticipate every de mand. and we have therefore caused to be grown and FOKMED to suit the different localities, a portion of the Stock we oiler—comprising such varieties as are best adapted to our soil and cli mate, and their fruits most valuable in the Market. We have also for sale, in great abundance and variety, Plants of all the Small Fruits, Shade Trees, For Public Grounds, .and Street Planting. Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, (Deciduous and Evergreen,) Adapted to Avenues, I.nwns, Pleasure (iroumls, and Cemeteries. Ilcsides ail infinity of roses. Car nations and picotees, Dahlias, Fuschias, Kvergreen and other ('limbing Vines, (ieratiiiims, Violets, I'liusics, Daisies, Ilulbous Flower Itoots, Green House I'lants. Are.. Ate. We are the Sole Agents for this city of A. 1». SMITH, SACRAMENTO, For the sale of his Foreign Grape Vines; KareEvergreen ami Ornamental Trees; Fresh Pre mium Garden Seeds, ami Pure Family Wines, &e., &e. lie has decidedly the largest, best ami most re liable stock of Wine and Tulde drapes to lie found in the State.—lie will sell under his guarantee as to correctness of applied names.—llis Seeds have not lost their vitality iu "doubling the Horn:'' Tliev are warranted inferior to none, ami w ill lie sold liy us iu quantities, ami at prices to suit. FAUMKHS, (IAUDKNKIIS AND DKAI.KIi.o, (live us a call, or send for a Circular with pri ces, if anything is w anted in our line. J. 1,. SAXFOIID, THOMAS It. M'DM'M, KDWAICD M'DM'M. San Francisco. January "itlt, ISill. lonnll Seed Warehouse! INlablistictl in IS.'IO. S. W. MOORE, No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sansoinc. San Francisco, Cal. Has for sale the most extensive variety of HI FLOWER. Til. ASMM AND l'I!l IT SKKDS, In C.ilil'iiriii:i, including •»0.000 lbs. Pure 4lfiifUor<'hlll < lo icr Keetl, oi lhe \etv 4'ro|t, Hungarian Grass, Red Clover, Timothy, Kentucky lllue(irass, Canary Mini Seed, While Dutch Clover, &c. Also, Chufasor Karth Al monds, Hyacinths, Tulips Lilies, Anil ot tier llnlhons Itont*. Assortment* of Xn tive California Hotter and Kverjrreen Seeds, col lected liy it well-known llotanist, always on hand. The undersigned, from his lonp experience in tlic business, hihl lii.s extensive facilities for pro euriii|! his Heeds from the liest .Secd-jrrott ers mill Nurserymen, is enabled to oiler nll usual induce ments to the Trade and larjre Itam h-owncrs. The Agents of Wells. Fargi> fi Co.'s Kxprcss, mill :iII other Kxpress (*Olll patiit's «-otinet-linjr there witli, hit hereby authorized to act mi Agents lor tin* undersigned, in taking orders lor Seeds, ami receipting Cor the same. Orders by mail also promptly ntlemleil In. A liberal discount will lie made to Hit' Trade. Par ticular attention given to the careful injj of Seeds for .shipment. Your ontlv orders 11 re solicit e.l. which shall have immediate and l.iitllf.ll at tention. 4> * w Boxes of Seeds, containing |nn papers, fur r 'tailing, in siii'li assortments as desired. furnished. S. W. MOORE, Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., S. F., Cal. January liitii, Irtiil 10:m(i CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 17H Clay St., and lOtf Moutjj'omory St., SjUi Frnncirt'o, An<l iw Brhadwn)', New York. /"CONSTANTLY nil llalnl the best sclcctc I and \y most extensive assortment of (iciits'and Huh' (Nothing on the Pacific const, which wo can anil will sell loner than nnv other House. no.v»' mid ChCiilm' (lolliliik mini? to Or«lt>r. I.ot'KWOOD, KWKI.I, A CO. January Itltli, 1 Hill. lll:ly NOTICE. rpilE copartnership heretofore existing between | the undersigned, under the lirin of Ayer* & \\ illiams, expired by liiuitntioii January 8, IHiil. W. N. AYERS, UIIAS. K. WILLIAMS. The business of the late firm of Ayers k Wil liams will be continued lit the obi stand bv the undersigned. ('HAS. K. WILLIAMS. Olympia, January loth, I8i;l. lil:w4 r. Ronniws, Importer and Dealer iu TYPE, PRESSES, PRINTING MATERIAL INKS, CARD STOCK, kc. Won. 11l and 118 Clay Street. San Francisco, January sth, I8(il. 1 «»:ly "THE CAPITAL" MARKET IS NOT REMOVED!! M "5® HI T IS LOCATM) OX MAIN' STREET BETW. ::l» AM) -ITII, OI.YMI'IA. rpilß legislature litis yet Icfl to the citi/.ens of J Olympia nud vicinity the privilege of filling gi>od victuals, nuil the undersigned is prcjttired lo furnish »t the lowest cash rates It KEF, I'OltK, MUTTON, POULTRY, Anil ull sorts (if Marketable Produce, (live us a call—you nut yu uwav d'tKiuitislicd. .1. DI'NI.AI' ii SON. Olympin, January 13, ltwo, thtf WASHINGTON MOTEL, SILAS (iALLHIEIt, Pro. CORNER OF SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olympia, \V. T. Hoard per week §5 00 Olyui|ii:i, Nov. 2:s, iL'Oa 'J |y NEW GOODS! C, CROSBY CO., HAVE RECEIVED BY RECENT ARRIVALS 50 Hlils llest 8. I. Sugars, IT% lllf-ltbls do. lO Kills 8.1. Syrup, (extra) Tons Liverpool Suit, N. O. Sugars, East Itoston Svrup, K|ft L . o( fr t . kr A large and well-assorted Stock of— Mine Hardware, Uriels, Dry Goods, Dressed Flooring, Hoots A Shoes, Hollow-ware, DOOM, Windows, k Window Blinds, Oils and I'aints, Tinware, Crockery w are, Clothing and Fancy Good*. A 1,80 OX HAND CONSTANTLY Flour, lirnn, Slioi'ts, Huck whent mid Chopped Feed, By Betail and Wholesale. And every needful article that is usually kept in a general store, which we are selling at reduced rites for CASH and COUNTRY PRODUCE. Ukif" (Jive us n call, and try for yourselves. Tumwater, December 15, 18U0. s:tf A LIST OP PRICEB QUINCY HALL, THE POPBLAR m ESTIIMEIT OF Wan Franriwro. COATS. Splendid lllack Frock Coats Si 2 00 Also. Fine Itlack Flock Coats 10 00 Splendid Itlack mid llluc Sack Coats 8 Oil Also, (iood llusiness Sacks «j 00 Fine Heaver Overcoats, late style 12 till (iond llusiness Overcoats H 00 tinod l.iglit Summer Overcoats V oo PANTS. Fine Black Doeskin Pants $5 00 Aho, Fine lllack Cussiniere I'auts 3 50 Heavy Cussiniere llusiness I'auts 4 50 Also, tlood Cassimere llusiness I'auts 4 50 Also, (iood Heavy llusiness I'auts 2 50 VESTS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vests $5 00 Fine Quality Silk Vests 3 50 Also, Fine Silk Vests 2 50 tiood Itlack Doe-kin Vests 2 50 Also, (iood Cassimere Vests 2 oo (iood Quality Working Vests .. I 50 1 TKNISiriNa GOODS. Fine Quality Davis k Jones' Shirts $1 50 Also, (iood White Shirts 75 Fine Quality Colored Shirts 75 (■ ood t heck 5h1rt5................................. 50 (iood Hickory Shirts 50 llcst Quality (irev Over Shirts 1 00 Ootid Uluc Over Shirts 1 00 Fine Quality l.auilis' Wool I'ndcr Shirts..._ 75 Oood Merino I'mler Shirts 50 (iood l.aiubs' Wool Drawers 75 (iood Merino Drawers f.o (iood Orcy Cudcr Shirts and Drawers 50 —A I. XO— FURNISHING GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. llatM, Cap:*, TrunkM, VnliKfN, ami Carpel Btipt, Will lie sold at proportionately Low Kates. —AT— QUINOT HALL, MT, 149 & 1.11 WaNhlnKlon Street. DAVIS & BOWERS. Nov. IT, 1800. I:Jill KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOn SALE At (he Old Ntnntl, South-West Corner olMlnin and Second Mm. A XKW AN'l) WKLL*BRLKCTKU ABBOIITMKNT OF Family Groceries Of the best and most approved qualities. Dry Gocxlh, Clothing, Hoot* and Slitx'B, Hut* and Civpn, &c., &e. All of which which will be sold at reduced rate* for CASH. Wheat, Huts, llutter. Eggs, mid Country Pro duce generally, accepted iu exchange for Goods at the going market rutes. A. n. GOVE. Olvmpia, W. T.. Nor. 12th. 1800. Istf W. 8. C. CLUB HOUSE GIN, THE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above, offer it to the public as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLUB IIOI'SE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GREEN CASES, and branded W. S. C., CU B HOUSE. We shall continue to receive the above Giu regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky/'" ; Pure Nectar Whisky, style bottles: Pore Bourbon Whisky. ' The above Liquors are from the well known house of Wm. S. Corwin k Co., New York, and ure guaranteed line and pure. W. B. CUMMINGSC k CO. I:mt f>o California St., San Fran. I . O. O. F. Olympia Lodge No. 1, I. O. O, F. meet* every Saturiliiy evening i nannies' Building, oiiMuinSt. next door to "Staudurd" OlHcd, All members of the Order in goad landing are Invited toattend. 8 A Mi/. PERCM'AL, N. G. Mail Frtf hclnco A#eutf. THOS. BOVt'E, Esq., N. E. corner of Mrfttttfofrt cry and Washington Sts., and ('HAS. A. CRANE, Esq., are our authorized Agents in San Francisco, to receive anil receipt for Subscriptions and Ad vertising. CIIAS. BARRETT, Esq., News Agent, is uu hori/.cd to tran.act hu.iuti: fur u.> iu Portland. BUY THE BEST !•! CROVER& BAKER, ffAVE RECEIVED TIIE FIRST PREMIUM ON TIIEIR FAIII.Y SEWUVCi MACHINE • —AND 1 ■ MACHINE WORK, —AT TllE— mnnußflHKTiTmnii. AND IN FACT Every Fair of I860!! Over Wheeler & Wilson and all others! Thus t'aqumtionably Establishing Tlioir Superiority. These Machines are the most simple in use. They sew from two common spools. Have no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew any nnd nil fabrics. Make very little noise. Arc quickly learned nnd operated. Are not liable to disarrangement. We guarantee perfect and reliable Machined, and to the f houtmndn In line can refer, an dally and hourly recording, In their iintlNftictory op eration This Unequivocal Success. %♦ Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. K.«. BROWN, Affrnt, 01 Montgomery Street. San Francisco, Cal. November 17, IBM. l:iu(i Ho! For the Mines! PIOXfiER HU 111 (WJUIPOIT!!! THE undersigned would respectfully iu-f* form the |iul>lit- generally that they aretk, located nt Tumwiitcr, nnd are manufacturing IJI nnd hnre constantly on hnnd BUREAUB, BEDBTEADS, Tables, Toilet Tables, &c„ And all Article* appertaining to their Line orUuMlnesa. ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY TUNNING, ALSO SASII, DOORS, AND HMNDS, MADK TO UUDKK. All kindd of imirkctublc PKODI'CE tuken iu e.\- t'liiinp. I'a«h never refused. Shop on Muin Street, nenr Ward k llavs's Mills. WILLIAMS It JOIIDAN. Tunnvnter, Nov. If, 186«». l:tf 8. I>. Williams, | Territory of v*. | Washington, (ieorge W. Cram. J County of Thurston. In the District Court of the 3d Judicial District. To UKOIUiK W. CHUM: You arc hereby notified that 8. I). Williams has filed it complaint against yon in said court, which will come on to he heard at the first term of the court, which shall com mence more than three months from nnd after the 24th day of November, 18li0, and unless you Hp pear at said term and answer, tho samv'will lie taken for confessed nud the prayer thereof grant ed. The object nml prayer of snidcomplaint in to re eover the mill of live huiiilrvtl dollars damage* for taking away and convening to your own use four beef cattle, the property of plniiiiiff in |ks». 8. I). WlLLlAMS,Plaintiff. Olympia, Nov. 23, IBGO. 2:m3 Great Excitement! f AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, WOULD inform the citisena of J|, Washington Territory that he is jHQk manufacturing IT Saddle*, Harncps, and Trunks, Superior to any ever made on thia Coast. He is also making the PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which cannot be excelled. He is making FIN3D HARNSWS, On the Beir>AiU«tlng Tree, Which is considered tlie greatest Im provement of the Age. and' also CARRIAOR TRIMMING*! DONE ON REASONABLE TERMS. Side Saddles olTarlona Descriptions REPAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. ffajw Plyaire ftlfe friend WHherell a call. Shop on Main Street, Tumwater. Novembe# 17, iB6O. l:tf COAL! COAL! COAL! m. sr. doty, HA VINO purchased the celebrated MolrrWu Coal Claim on DcllingliaiW Bay, invites Cap italists, and the friend* of the' Ihde, to corf* up and help dig thcfU oKt. These miueg have Irrm prospected, and the coal tested in San Francisco and found of superior quality. Seven thousand dollars is all that is reijnircd to make them pay a thousand dollars per month. Sehonic, Dec. 20, 1800. i;ui3 H. A. Jndson Co., ( Jrt tbe late Store of W. M. Butledge,) OLYMPIA, W. T., CODHHiIOIV MERtirAIVrS, AND DEALERS IN DA* GROCERIES, CLOTHING, HOOTS mill SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, 4C., AC., AC. Txmsf«:oAS£c; OR COUNTRY PRODUCE. INNOCASE Wffl Credit be given Ibr longer than Thirty Days! Olympia, Nov. 23, 18G0. 2:lf WO. DUNLAP, IMPORTER AND DE.M.ER IV GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, ~ HOOTSand SHOES, Ac. AT THE OLD STAND, Corner of Stain aid Third St reel*, Country Produce gcnorully tnkon in exchange' for Goods. No pains spared to give satisfaction to customers. Olynipiu, Nov. 23, IHijO. 2:tf SAFES! F. TILM AN, 90 BATTERY STREET,. SAN FKA3s CISCO. SOLE A Rent for Tilton A MrFarlund's celebrated Fire Proof mid Burglar Proof SAFES. ThU .Sate is well known in the market for its unsur passed fire-proof quality, having withstood in Cal i torn in, us well us in the Hast, the hottest fire?*' known. We cm refer to chillis I'Prtiliiutes from' parties in our mining ti»*i!!«, where these Safes have been subjected to the most severe tests of its tirc-proof <|iialities. These Safes are secured by our Combination' Lock. This Lock is in every res|ltct Hie most se cure one in use: it requires the kt'V and Combina tion to open the Safe. If the key should be ab stracted from the owner, it would iieperfectlv use less without his knowing the combination,Or uicu tal key which the owner carries in his Head. To those who want n reliable Safe we offer tlitf above cheaper Hum any other in tile market. %* A large assortment on hand arid'to arrive. F. TII..MAN, !M> (lattery Street, San Francisco: Cul. November 17, IK«o. l:m« THf LATEST lEISJPICK B!1 HY POXY KXPKES6« *• »"•" Tt. WAI.HAVRX.- BILES & W4LRATEI, HAVING fofmed a co-pnrtm«rsbijl in the—.a, BOOT and SHOE Ht'SINESS arc pro-fli pared to Manufacture Hoots and Shoes.* VIL • cheaper than the cheapest'. Hides mid Prodnca taken In exchange for work, ltrjinlritig done witli neatness and dispatch. Give them a call before purchasing el.-ew here. Shop on Fourth Street, between Stainand Wash itigton. (Hvmpin, November 17, IRttftl J';ijr OIYMPIA WAGON MAirtJfAdTORY. Stuart & JJinektfhenr, WOILI) inform theeitizens ofOlym- CjfF)jjp l<i« iiml the surrounding country that they are now manufacturing WAUONB,CAU-» ItlAtiKS anil lil'tidlKS of a || descriptions. from Hit best of imported material, l»y experienced work men. for which WHEAT will l»e taken in ex* liange, delivered tit the Tuniwutcr niillh. Shop corner 3d' and Chinook Street*. Olyuipia, December 8, 1800. 4':tf LOOK HERfi! TUEBUAVIIVG (NDIIAIR DRE«I' ing Establishment on Main Street,- iw«r the' Stage UHicc,i» still inoperation. where the untler .•rtgned will lit hajtpy to Attend the wants of hia' phtrons. Sfr.VVIVO AVI) HAIR DRESSIXfI don® with neatness and disputch, auU in the latest fashion. IW" Hot and cold baths at all hours. „ J. Rv KIM, Olyuipia, Nor. 30; 1800. 2:Yf Territory of Washington, l In tlie Dlst. Court of County of Thurston. / the 2d District. To ANDREW WILLIAMS: You are hereby no-* titled that William L. Mmitli hu* filed a compliiaV against you, Geo. Drew and Caroline R. R. Drew, in said court, wliich will cort\e, on to lie heard at thfe first tenrt' 6f said coUrt. U liich shall commence more thaiC HW«to AMntlls ufter the ::utW day of No vember, 18M, and mtess yon ap|iear at (aid term and apsacr, tlw .same will be taken as confessed, aAd the~ prayer thereof (.'ranted. The object end j/fuytr of said complaint is to foreelosea mortgage in fiivor of plnintiflr on the land claim of Civ*. Drew and Caroline R. R. Drew. R. K. KENDALL, Ally, for f'Kfif, November 30, 1800. 3:ui3 " NOTICE! WE hereby give noticf to all persons indebt ed to us IST ACCOUNT OR NOTJE, to call and settle. We will take Wheat or Oats in payment of acconuta at current rate*. All Ac count* not settled Rv the 15th day of December ne*t, will be left tilth the propel offittt for eeFlcc tion. WARD * UAYB, Tumwater, Nov. 14, 1800. i:tf C. CROSBt, \ tL. C. GRAY, Z. CROSBY, V I N. CROSBY, Jr., J ( SaiiFmncU Tutnwate*. C. CROSBY & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN GENERAL MEttCIIANDIBE, —AND— Proprietor* on he TumwatertlNr Mill*. Tumwater, December 15th, 1850. fitly J. 11. PAINTEB, (lATI o'mit * MIXTC*,) DEALER In Type/ Presses, Printing Material Paper, Cards, and Printer's fltock cenerall* 132 Clay street, near Sansonic, Ssn Frai"' . California. November 17, 18C0. l:ly

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