Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 16, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 16, 1861 Page 1
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Hisliiglmt d Sfwlwl. VOL. I. THE WASHINGTON STANDARD. —IS ISSI/KD KVERY SATI'BDAV MORNING BV — JOHN M. MURPHY, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. ■ Subscription Rales: I'er Annum '• Six Months -00 Invai'iably in Advance. Advertising Rales: One Square, one insertion, s:i 00 Knrli additional insertion 1 00 IlusincM Curds, jior quarter, 0 00 teif" \ liberal deduction will lie made in favor of those who advertise four squares, or upwards, bv the year. ®sjy Notices of births, marriages and deaths in verted free. BiilSr Rlanks. Hill Heads. Cards. Hill* of Fare, Circulars. Catalogues, i'limphlets, Ac., executed nt reasonable rates. Office —ln Harnes's Huilding. corner of Main nnd First Streets, near the steamboat landing. tfriTAl! communications, whether on business or *i»r publication should be addressed to the cdi itor of the Washington Standard. For the Wellington Standard or II FLAG. Who would dismantle tlint star-spangled flag. The pride of Columbia, the Hug of the free? Oh, who would dure sever that blue field of stars, So gloriously waving o'er every sea? While the torch of Freedom each breast still fires. NOT A SON of our brave ancestral sires ! Dli, who would svvcr those gorgeous stripes,— The rays of morn on the fleecy sky? Hlh. where is the traitor who'd put forth his arm To strike that flag from its station on high? Ah, brand him as traitor—may none speak his name llut that it be coupled with treason and shame ! Arise ye patriots ! and stand by your flag, Let Death he the victor who rends it in twain I For God is our watcher—that banner our prize— We'll guard with our lives the trophy from stain. Let all shout the battle-cry: FORKVKR thai/ ware, O'er the laml of the J'rce, the Jh'j of the brave.' SAnUANAPALI'B. THE i'OqrCTTG. Whatsoe'er she vowed to-day,— Ere a week had tied away .She'd refuse me! And shall I her steps pursue.— Follow still anil fondly woo? So!—excuse me ! If she love me, —it were kind Just to teach her her own mind ; Let her lose me ; For no more I'll seek her side,— Court her favor, —feed her pride : No !—excuse me ! Let !ier frown, —frowns never kill; Let her shun mc if she will, — llate,—abuse me. Shall I beii'l 'neath her annoy? Bond, —ami make niv heart her toy? NO !—excuse me ! Waifs. Bgp It was undoubtedly "the hick of something to do that set Eve to talking with the devil. If she had had any tig leaves to try on, or show to her neigh bors, while Adam was down town on business, the fatal apple would not have been eaten. Punch says that Garibaldi is an Irishman, and was born in Cork, or Connemara, and after his father was christened Richard Murphy, a name which lie has now contracted to Dick Tator. gfeg™"Good gracious, waiter!" said Jack, "take this soup to the landlady, with my compliments, and tell her that if she has no objection, you'll drive the chickens through it again." B@=»Dean Smith said, with much truth, "It is useless for us to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he has never been reasoned into." figf Some natures arc so sensitively strung that they are wounded more by the pointing of u finger than others are by the point of a pin. JJ®" Early in life Mr. Douglas began to imbibe the spirit of New England! Well he might, for it cost him only twenty-eight cents a gallon. US' An Irishman tells jf a fight in which there was only one nose left in the whole crowd, M and that belonged to the tay-kettlc." A flirt is like a dipper at a hy drant—every one is at liberty to drink from it, hut no one wishes to cany it away. ffg" The class of people most dear to all men of business, and always held iu grateful rciucmbranco, are the early settlers. The purest metal is produced from the hottest furnace, and the bright est thunderbolt from the darkest storm. BST" Be not affronted at a jest. If one throw salt at thee, thou wilt receive no harm, unless thou hast sore places. fiST" Never fear a man who threatens you with an injury; the silent enemy JS the most dangerous. Ladies' nome dresses ought to last a long while: they never wear them out. B*2*" God often lots us stumble, to put us on our guard against a fall. Low a* the grave is, 3-011 cannot clunb high enough to foe beyond it. OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON TERRITORY, FEBRUARY 16,1861. Legislative Proceedings—Eighth Session. REPORTED KXPRKBBI.Y FOR THE ''STANDARD." Council. TUESDAY, Jan. 29.—The special or der of tha day was the bill from the House creating the office of Territorial Superintendent of Schools, (Mr. Bur bank in the chair. Mr. hubbs offered an amendment fixing the salary at SIOO per annum, s>ayable quarterly, and naming George ■?. Whitworth ns Superintendent. Mr. Miller moved to amend amend ment by striking out G. F. Whitworth and inserting B. C. Lippincott. The question being divided, Council by a vote of 5 to 4 adopted the first branch as to salary. Tlie motion of Mr. Miller then pre vailed, whereupon Mr. Clark moved to strike out tlie name of 11. G. Lippincott and insert that of George W. Sloan. Mr. Caples moved to reconsider the vote whereby Mr. Whit worth's name was stricken out—pending which, on motion of Mr. Hubbs, tlie bill was laid upon the table. At this late period of the session, this is a gracious way of killing the bill. The cause of education is of little ac count compared with the all-important one of laying wires to settle who shall he the candidate of the Democratic con vention for Delegate to Congress. This bill was introduced in tlie House the second week of the session, recom mended by the Acting Governor —in- teresting to the people, of course it had no claims on (his Legislature. The Joint Resolution from House, as to the pay of George Gallagher and Enoch S. Fowler, Ks<js., Capitol Com missioncas, 1800, taken up. Mr. Woodard proposed to strike out the sums named. Carried by a vote of 5 to 4, and with this btanfc this Council passed the resolution. Council took a recess till 2 p. M. Afternoon Session —Spent in signing bills, resolutions, etc., and adjourned. "NVKDNEPDAY, Jan. 30.—The President laid before the Council a communica tion of A slier Sarjent, of Thurston county, relative to the cultivation of a very valuable grass, which will hereaf ter be known in our Territory as the "Sarjent Gra.W Mr. Sarjent de serves the thanks of the people for this effort to introduce so valuable a grass, lie has given it a trial for some seven years; and to each of the members was presented a quantity of *eed. 500 cop ies of his letter were ordered printed. Mr. Denny, a Joint Resolution rela tive to the pay of the Chief Clerks. Passed, under a suspension of the rules. The following were passed: House Bill authorizing Hiram Smith to keep a ferry on Okanagan river; n bill amending the law relating to the col lection of Territorial revenue. This in creases the Territorial tax. After the legislation of the present session, one would suppose such a measure cxceed inglv necessary to meet the divers re lief bills passed. Also a law in relation to the printing of the laws of the Ter ritory—making laws evidence in court, certified by Clerk, before the pamphlet laws slialfbe distributed. The bill allowing Clark county to move the Territorial Library at lierex liense was laid upon the table. This Legislature seems to forget that the Library is Government property, pur chased by an appropriation of Congress, and is now in the custody of the Gov ernor by force of positive law. The Union Resolutions from the House were taken up. The resolutions as they passed the House are as fol lows: WiiEllEAg, Tho present appalling con juncture of public affairs is calculated to excito in the heart of every loyal American, feelings of the most anxious solicitude and profound alarm, prophet ic of the direst calamity that civil liber ty has ever been called upon to endure; we, therefore, representing the present Legislative authority of Washington Territory, an integrant portion of our common country, deem it our privilege and solemn duty, 011 so momeutous an occasion, to give expression to the fol lowing sentiments: Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Washington , That we consider the preservation ot our exist ing National Union as the first of all patriotic duties, and the chief of all po litical blessings, by which alone can be secured the identity of the American citizen, nnd the fulfillment of our mis sion as the great exemplar of free insti tutions. 2d. That it is the bounden duty of all true citizens, and especially of those who guide and govern popular senti ment, to council harmony and concili ation, and to effect and maintain, by all necessary concessions and compromises. the integrity and perpetuity of that holy brotherhood of States under which we have become the admiration of the world, and without which we will soon dwindle into that insignificance which characterizes those outer unfortunate sister Republics, in their signal failures in the problem ot self-government. 3d. That we utterly discountenance, ns fraught with incipient treason, and the insidious offspring of reckless as pirations and disappointed ambition, all projects of a Pacific Confederacy. Washington Territory covets only the distinction of exhibiting, first ami last, her devotion to the entire Union, as created by our ancestors, consecrated by their blood, and bequeathed to us— the palladium of civil and popular rights. On motion of Mr. llubbs, all of sec ond resolution struck out after the word " world." Mr. Hublis moved to strike out of the 3d resolve the words "and the in sidious offspring of reckless aspirations and disappointed ambition," which amendment was adopted. Mr. Clark moved to amend by strik ing out the word "and," before "disap pointed," ami inserting "or culpable ignorance, so 11s t<» read, " reckless as pirations, disappointed ambition, or cul pable ignorance." Air. Clark's amend ment adopted. Mr. llubbs moved to strike out in second resolve, "and especially of those who guide and govern popular senti ment." This emasculating motion was lost by a vote'of three to six, the ayes being' Messrs. Burbank, Caplcs, and the President. Several attempts to delay the passage of the resolution, by motions to recon sider, etc., made by Mr. Hubbs, were finally cut off by Mr. Clark calling the previous question, which the Council sustained by a vote of (i ayes to 3 noes. The question being on the final pass age, the resolutions as alfove amended were unanimously adopted. Afti- moon Session. —Council passed House Bill providing for themakingof up of issues in certain cases. The House having refused to concur in Council amendments to Joint Reso lution, relative to pay of Capitol Com missioners, the Council receded. This leaves the blanks naming the proposed value of services as tho J louse origin al Iv passed the resolution. The House Joint Resolution, censur ing Acting Governor McOill for tin: re moval of George Gallagher, Esq., Ac t ing Capitol Commissioner, IStiO, was read twice. Mr. Clark moved to sus pend rules, and order it to its third reading. On this motion the ayes and noes were called, and Council refused to order the resolution to be read a third time, by the following vote : AYES —Messrs. Caples and Clark—2. Nous—Messrs. Biles, Burbank, Mil ler, Simms, Woodard, and the Presi dent—6. Absent—Mr. Bonn v. Some other unimportant business was transacted, when the Council ad journed. THURSDAY, Jan. 31. —The Territorial School Superintendent bill being taken up, the vote was roconsidered whereby the amendment as to salary was adopt ed, and carried. 011 motion of Mr. Burhank, first section amended so as to provide that B. C. Lippincott should act, until otherwise provided. As amended, bill passed and title agreed to. An indofinito number of bills as passed, on a groat variety of subjects, reported back by the Joint committee on Enrolled Bills, recommendiug that that they be signed as passed, inasmuch as it was impossible to secure their en rollment The recommendation of tho cominitte was adopted. A number of bills, memorials, and joint resolutions signed by tho Presi dent. The following bills wore passed: An act appointing a Justice of the Peace for tho county of Lewis; an act amending the Probate practico acts; an act extending the Northern bounda ry of Klikatat county; and several bills of minor importance. For want of time to properly consid er, some bills were indcfinately post lioned, among which were, an act in re ation to chattel mortgages, and a bill abolishing confession of judgment in vacation. Messrs. Caplcs and Bnrbank wcro appointed a committee to wait upon Gov. MoGill, and to inform him that the Council were about ready to ad journ, and to ask him whether he had anv further communication to make. Resolutions of thanks wcro unani mously passed, complimentary to Mr. President Hubbs, and the officers of the Counoil. The President soon after delivered .1 valedictoiy speech, pronouncing the Council adjourned sine die. He alluded to the conflicts of local interest, thanked the Council for their courtesy and in dulgence, was eulogistic of the Union and truly patriotic, and asked for God's blessing on them all. The speech was neat, pertinent, appropriate and brief. The eighth session of the Council of Washington Territory was then pro nounced adjounied, without day. In this, the Territory almost unanimously will rejoice. They will agree in saying that the Territory will need the bless ings of providence to save them from the effects of such legislation as has been perpetrated by the memorable and notorious Bth Legislative Session of Washington Territory. REP. THIKSDAY, Jan. 24. —Mr. Ilalc—a bill regulating marriage licenses. Bill read first time. Mr. Van Ylcet introduced a resolu lution to the effect that the House will entertain 110 new business after to-mor row, which the House defeated by the vote of 12 to 18. Mr. Phillips introduced a bill addi tional to and amendatory of the bill locating the seat of government. Mr. Van Vlect raised a point of order, that under rule 10 the bill could not be en tertained. The Speaker and House, decided to receive the bill. After a great display of Parliamentary tactics 111 the shape of motions to adjourn, lav on table, on all ot which the yeas and nays were demanded, the bill was re ferred after second reading to commit tee on Public Buildings. The bill fixing the boundary line be tween Thurston and Lewis counties, being taken up, was read a third time and passed. The House then passed both of the bills in which Mr. Packwood is interested relating to a ferry or bridge across the Nisuualiv river, and a wagon road to avoid the liottom. The Joint Resolution relative to final adjournment 011 the 31st Jan., being taken up, Mr. Ferguson moved to in sert 2f>th in place of 31st—lost. Res olution then passed. Mr. Stone of Kitsap—a bill to incor porate Franklin Lodge no. .5 of F. A. and A. M. of Tekalet. Bill passed. A - bill to pay James Biles for certain services, read twice and referred to committee 011 Judiciary. Some Council Bills were acted upon and passed, ot 1111 unimportant char acter. FRIDAY, Jan. 2">. —Mr. Ferguson in troduced a memorial relative to the division of the Territory—referred to a select committee consisting of Messrs. Cannady, Ferguson and Van Vleet, with instructions to print. Mr. Cunningham—a memorial rela tive to Lowrv Milford, a negro, to hold a pre-emption—under a suspension of the rules memorial passed. Mr. Ferguson chairman of the com mittee 011 Public Buildingsand grounds, made a minority report, recommending the indefinite postponement of fhe Cap ital supplement bill—report rejected by a voto of 10 to 13 The minority re port of the committee recommended its passage. The bill was then read a third time and passed by the following vote: AYKH —Messi-s. Anderson, Briscoe, Berry, Caunady, Hyatt, Harris, Hale, Hays, Pingree, Phillips, Purdy, Ruth, Sto"ne of Kitsap, Stone of Cowlitz, Stearns, Warbass and the Speaker. NORS —Messrs. Bowles, Bozarth, Chapman, Cline, Coupe, Cunningham, Ferguson, Foster, Hastings, McCary, Settle, Taylor and Van Vlcet. Mr. Purdy—a bill to incorporate the Skokomish Lumber Company—read twice and referred to committee on Corporations. SATURDAY, Jan. 26.—Mr. Cline intro duced the Pilot Bill which the Council have twice killed during the session— referred to committee on Commerce with instructions to print Mr. Stearns—a lull to establish a School District in Lewis county—re ferred to committee on Education. Mr. Bowles introduced a Joint Reso lution censuring the Governor, for the removal of George Gallagher as Capitol Commissioner, in the year 1860. The resolution was ordered printed, and re ferred to the committee on Judiciary. Mr. Briscoe—a bill authorising John E. Pickerell and J. E. Sweeny to estab lish a bridgo across the Walhcut river In Pacifio county—bill passed jmder a suspension of tno rulos. Mr. Warbass—a Joint Resolution In regard to clearing the Capitol grounds —referred to committoo on "Ways and Means. Mr. Hyatt—a bill relative to making up issues in certain cases—referred to committee 011 Judiciary. House. _ The annual report of Territorial Au ditor, was referred to Judiciary com mittee. The Council Bill making provisions to pay Egbert 11. Tucker, Sheriff of Pierce county, for such Penitentiary convicts, as are placed in his charge— referred to committee on Ways and Means with instructions to print, and report on Monday morning. Mr. Berry introduced a bill abolishing the office of Capitol Commissioner. On motion of Mr. "Van Vlcet indefi nitely postponed. Then adjourned un til 2 o'clock P.M. Afternoon Session. —The memorial of Mr. Hastings asking Congress either to pay the war debt of 1855-G, or never say anything more about it, as it exci ted unpleasant recollections, was 011 motion of Mr. Briscoe ordered printed. The marriage license bill introduced by Mr. Hale, referred to a special com mittee consisting of Messrs Foster and Taylor. The Council Resolution rela'.ive to new business, taken up and passed. Mr. Tayl »r —a bill to protect certain fisheries in Clark county. Under a suspension of the rules, bill passed. Mr. Ferguson—a bill to authorize 11. Smith to keep a ferry on the Oka nagan river, read twice, and on motion ot Mr. Van Vlect referred to commit tee 011 Counties. The bills to pay James Biles and R. M. Watson, as Capitol Commissioners indefinitely postponed. MONDAY, Jan. 28 —Mr. Hays—a se ries of admirably drawn resolutions relative to the Union (fouud at length in the Council proceedings of Jan 30th 1861,) read and ordered printed. Mr. Bowles—a bill to remove the Territorial Library to Vancouver, at the expense of Clark county. Referred to committee 011 Ways and Means. Mr. Phillips—a bill relative to gates upon tolAbridges. Under a suspension of the rules bill passed. Mr. Ferguson a bill as to pilotage upon Columbia river. Referred to com mittee on Commerce. Mr. Ferguson—a bill authorizing Antoine Plant, to establish a ferry on the Spokane river. Under a suspen sion of the rules bill passed. Mr. Bowles—a joint resolution growl ing at Gov. McGill, because United States drafts are not at par, for which reason the mover and some others may leave town without being paid for their patriotic services as Legislators, in this august body. Resolution laid upon the table and printed. Mr. Berry—a bill appointing a Jus tice of the Peace in Lewis county. Re ferred to committee on Judiciary. Mr. Cunningham—a bill to repeal the act preventing the sale of adultera ted liquors, and creating the office of Liquor Inspector. On motion of Mr. Pingree, indefinitely postponed. The marriage license bill, was 011 motion of Mr. Van Vlcet, indetinitly postponed. Mr. Purdy—a bill supplemental to the apportionment bill. The bill offered secures to Sawamish a share in the rep resentation, which was denied to her by the bill to which it is amendatory. After an ineffectual attempt to post pone it indefinitely it was laid upon the table. Mr. Van Vleet—a bill relative to at tachments and executions. Ordered printed. Mr. Anderson—a Joint Resolution relative to the pay of George Gallagher and Enoch 8. Fowler, Capitol Commis sioners, 1860. On motion of Mr. Pin gree, referred to committee on Ways and Means. Then adjourned till 2 o'clock P. M. Afternoon Session. —The resolution relative to pay of Capitol Commission ers reported by mqjority of committee of Ways and Means, read a third time and passed. Mr. Berry made an ad verso minority report The substitute of Council for House amendment to road law, occupied con siderable time, many motions were made, but the bill was finally passed. A great deal of sparring took place this afternoon, but little business of practical moment was consumated. TUESDAY, Jon. 29.—-Tho Governor addressed a communication to the House in regard to the malignant at tack made upon him by the resolution of Mr. Bowles, denying the whole of it and demanding an investigation of the ohargos. On motion of Mr. Can nady the message was ordered to be firinted in connection with the resolu ions. This was done by the printer just right. The answer of the Gover nor is printed on the reverse side to the Legislature. Thus the falsehood and refutation <»o lo the world together. The matter was finally referred to rt select committee. Mr. Bowles stating during the discussion, that he declined to serve, and that he knew nothing of the matters charged of his oWn fert owl edge. The committee consist of Messrs. Hastings, Bowles and Stone of Kitsap, with instructions to report toiffortwv. No other business of importance was transacted in the morning session. Afternoon Session. —The amendment reported by committee on Ways and Means to the law amendatory of the Territorial Revenue law, was rejected by the House and the bill then passed. The House passed the bill relative to the printing the laws of session in one volume, which arc now spread through some eight pamphlets. Mr. Ilale moved to indefinitely post- Eoned, Mr. Bowles bill allowing half reeds to vote, which the House refused to do. The bill passed to its third read iii'% and was killed by a vote of 9 to 18. The House passed the bill establish ing a School District in Lewis county, The memorial for the division of the Territory, and erecting of a new Terri tory west of the Cascades, was, put nit on its final passage, and rejected by the following vote: AYES —Messrs. Anderson, Berry , Bris coe, Cannady, Ferguson, Hale, llays, Phillips, Ptirdy. Stearns, Stone of Cow litz and Warbass—l2. NOE* —Messrs. Bowles, Bozarth, Chapman, Clino, Conpo, Cunningham, Foster, Harris , Hastings, Hfatt, Mc- Cary, Pinjjree, Ruth, bottle,* Stdhe' of Kitsap, Baylor, Van Vleet and the Speaker—lß. (Republicans in italics.) WEDNESDAY, Jau. 30.—Mr< Asher Sarjeut who kindly presented to each member some valuable grass seed for the purpose of introducing it to thci Territory, addressed a communication to the Speaker containing a treatise upon said grass. Ordered printed. The bill to move the Territorial Li brary at the expense of Clark country to tfie city of Vancouver, passed oy the vote of 21 to 9. The Council Bill incorporating the Bishop of Nieqtially and his successor?* was referred to a special committee consisting of Messrs. Van Vleet, Fer guson and Cannady, with instructions to report this afternoon. The amendment to the apportion ment bill, giving to Sawamisli, a repre sentation in the Legislative was on motion of Mr. Bowles indefi nitely postponed by the following vote: AYES —Messrs. Bowles, Bozarth, Chapman, Cline, Coupe, Cunningjtam, Ferguson, Foster, Hastings, Hyatt, McCary, Settle, Stone of Kitsap, 'Tay lor, Van Vleet and the Speaker—l 6. NOES —Messrs. Anderson, Berry , Bris coe, Cannady, Hale, Ham's, Hays, Fili gree, Phillips, JPurdy, Ruth, Stone of Cowlitz, Stearns and Warbass—l4. (Republicans in italics.) The House then passed the bill front Council, making provisions for raying Egbert H. Tucker, Sheriff of Fierfc'e' county, for keeping Penitentiary con victs. " Afternoon Session. —House passed the Council Joint Resolution, rcQdfnmend ing the chief Clerk to additional pay of SIOO, also the Council Bill submit ting the location of Countv Scat of Thurston county to a vote of. the peo plo at next election. The majority of special committee to whom had been referred the Council Bill incorporating the Bishop of Nis qually ana his successors, recommend ing the passage of the bill. Mi 1 . Van Vleet of Clark county dissented, and recommended its indefinite postpone ment. A prescriptive nkow-nothing might thus oppose a bill, merqlr en dowing the Catholic Bishop with the right to hold lands for his Church, and transmit them to his successors, but that the wheel horse of Democracy from Clark county should be so jfrOßfcriptive is singular. Notwithstanding the op position of Mr. Van Vleet; bill passed. A singular proceeding took place in the House. Mr. Anderson, chairman of tho Judiciary committee was asked to report a bill, which haa been referred. He replied, it was at his rooni. A col league on the committee said he had the bill. Mr. Anderson replied, if so, it had b?en purloined from hisroOm. On sending it to the Clerks desk, it proved to be a printed copy, but not the House Bill, referred to the commit' tee. The Speaker decided the copy thus introduced to be legitimately be fore the House. Au appeal being taken f the ohair was sustained. It i« necdlecs to add that the House passed the bill thus smuggled in, while the bill referred to committee, with the Clerk's entries thereon, arc still in the possession of Chnrft/s-'on on Fourth Page. NO. 14.

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