Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1861 Page 1
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THE DALLY EVENING STAR u rUBLlSHBD EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAB. BUILDINGS, Corner ?/Pennsylvania mmtnu* and 11 tk St., IT W. D. WALL AC II. P?^r? eerred in packaces by oarriers tl |4 I J*\r, or r o#nt? per month. To mul ssbecrtbera the prioe is a year, m *dva*c*; 98 for six month*, fi for three months; and for lees that tfc*ee months at the rata of 12 wnti a week. Smcle acpi??, on* riMr; ia wrappers, two cmti. HI^ADv**Ti*E*a?Tssaoa!d he sent to the o&o? bofnr? 12 o'oiook m.; otherwise they may aot appea; antil the next day. * (Sfttuitta V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY FEBRUARY 16. 1861. N?. 2.495 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Family aad News ii tftUuag a intttr ranety of inter that oan be osad is aoy ether is pibitahed m Friday moraiac. Chrt, isisriiHi.ti sde?n. 91 aa 4 7i t ? Siarie oopy, par aanim. Five OOP ies mmmm ?? ? Tea eopiee. Twenty ire It invariably eor.tains the "Waahiagtoi News" that' has made 7\* IMti? Ermmi Ssmr otreaiau eo generally throachoat the ooantry. fETSiof .eoopiesun wrappers) oaa be proband at the ooanter, immediate y after the leeae ( Ue Prioe?THRKE CKNT* Address of President Jiaary In the address of Mr. Janncy, of Loudoun, on taking the chair u President of the Vir ginia Convention, he remarked: It is now, gentlemen, seventy-three years since a Convention of the people of tbie Com monwealth was assembled in this hall for the Iurpose of ratifying the Constitation of the nited States, and one of the main objects of that instrument was to consolidate, not the Government, but the Union of these States. Causes which I do not msan to enumerate, causes which have passed and are daily pass ing into a history, which will sat its seal upon them all, have brought that Constitution and this Union into imminent peril, and Virginia has come to-day to the rescue of them; and well she might. It is what the whole country eitMtftAd at h?ir KftnHo Wmaa Pa?s*;?? g .?MUW) wvwu u-ju vUU V vvuouiu* tion and that Union are two of the many proad monument* of her own glory. Her honored son, who lies at Mount Vernon, the political Mecca of all fnture ages, was the President of the body that framed it; and another of her illustrious sons whose brow wore the crown with the civic wreath that will never fade, and who lies in the coanty of Orange, was tho chief architect of that instrument, and five of her own native sons have been called to the chief magistracy of the Government which they aided in founding. It cannot be then, gentlemen, that a government thus founded, thus administered Dy our own sons, can now be permitted to fall without bringing either Teproach upon tho wisdom of its founders, or uj*>n our own virtue, intelligence and patriot ism. Gentlemen, there is an old flag, the flag of the Union, which has been borne in triumph now fop n^arlv a i??nhirv Wa*?i? and the breeze, and that flag now floats over this Captiol, with a star upon it representing this ancier.tCommonwealth of ours. God grant that it may rtftnnin there for ever, and I am man in thid body, when I utter from the bottom of my heart that prayer. But, gentlemen, it must remain there with its crowning luster un dimmed and untarnished. I Applause.] We shall ask here for all the rights, and all the privileges, and full equality with the citi zens of the Empire States of New York, Penn sylvania, and Ohio; but in doing that we will scorn to demao#bne jot or tittle more than we are willing cheerfully to concede to the citizens of our little sister States, Delaware and Rhode Island. Rhod^Island ! Heaven bless her?a little State with a heart big enough for a whole Continent; and I pray God that the example which she set but the other day may be fol InvAtl anil ranMlr K? *11 -I-**? of the North. Gentlemen, the responsibility resting upon this body is an awful one. When I agreed to be a candidate for this Convention?when I said to my constituents, if it was their pleasure to give me their unsolicited suffrages for a seat in this body, I would serve them?I said it with fear and trembling. The people have said they will revise our work; but still the conse quences of our action here, although subject to that revision, may be full of good or full of evil,. We may, I trust?and I trust in God we shall?so conduct our measures here, and bring tuvui 1 'J sum m cuukiumuu as IOBI BO me 01 OUT sister States of the South, who, for what they believe to be just case, have wandered a little from their orbits, may be brought back into the old constellation, to give and receive light to and from their old sisters. I am not without hope that even old Massachusetts, when she comes to remember the past?for she has a past as well as a present?when she comes to re member whose sword it was that was first torn from the scabbard upon her own soil, and never returned to the shield until her independence and liberty were secured, and remembers from whence he came, will waken up to a sense of ju?ti?e. and. following the example of her sis ter, Rhode Island, will expunge from her fltfttn* Knnlr th*t vhinK Kopn?fn citizen* My is a disgrace to if. Gentlemen, this is no parfy Convention. It is oar duty in considering the subjects that will oome before us, to elevate ourselves into an atmosphere where party passion and party prejudice cannot live, and to conduct our pro ceeding* in a manner, and I doubt not we shall, that will reflect credit upon all. I hope and trust that the result of our labors may re dound to the good of the State and of the Union. | Applause.) The Londos Tikes ox Secession.?In one way the question is working itself out. Trade ,^ias already suffered considerable interruption, eople not quite knowing what to be at. The 'Jpost speculative genius will hardly venture to guess the ups and downs of cotton for tke next year or two. Our own speculators have been * sending oat millions of g?ld to buy everything k- L 1 4-1 ? * * * 1 u:? is w inujui, nua iuo on IJ rP.-Ul I IS IQIl the Americans are obtaining very high prices for everything they have to sell. Thos far they have pocketed we are afraid to say bow many million dollars by tbe outbreak; and if the Northern and Southern States were to make it up to-morrow they would be able to divide a very handsome booty at the expense of the British alarmist. But it is said the present state of things baa its inconveniences at Charles ton, where everybody i? arming, drilling, dig ing, and doing everything rather than work to any useful purpose, or pay wages or debts. There is a complete suspension of trade, and Charleston without trade is an animal under an exhausted receiver. Trade is the very breath it breathes. The 120.000 stand of arms, such as they are, thanks to Secretary Floyd, the South Carolinians are busily practising *l *ku nuviu umnuo ut < ? ci j pion jr amuse* incnt. bat they will neither crush into Migar " nor coin into dollar*, and while they are han* "died every other tool must be idle, from the / pen of the cashier to the pick of the navvie. So things must be going to f>e bad at Charleston, and the Government at Washington may find it the best course to let the seceders find out , for themselves the true nature of the step they %have taken. It is a question of convenience, i |c i perhaps there is no harm in putting it to ?9praotical proof. Of course it is possible to go too fast, even in an experiment. So we say to J South Carolina. " Look, before you take a very dark leap. Unpleasant as your preeent position may be, you may light on something * worse, or nothing at all." " It is easy," says 1 some one. "to decide any day in the affirma tive the question whether to cut one's throat or not, but when one has once come to that de cision. and acted upon it, it is not so easy then tn raviaw tKo ipfftimanti 1 A?rlintn a AAn?var? Viksikia Llbctio.*.?'Tbe majority in one hun dred and three cities and counties in favor of re ferring tbe action of the Convention to tbe vote of tbe people la 39,406! The Staunton Spectator saya of tola vote: Tbe beat teat furniahed by the recent election of tbe comparative strength of the the Union men and Ssceailontats consiata In the vote for and against referring?tbe Union men as general thing, voted for referring, and tbe SeceMioolita voting against referring AVe are not enabled yet to state by what Diajoritv the Union senttment prevailed aa shown by tbe teat, but it Is not less, w? suppose, titan forty thousand. The result of that election was as surprising as it was gratifying to us We did not anticipate such a glorious victory. CJ~ A* election ?u held in Prince George ' county, Md , last Saturday, for delegates to the proposed State Convention. Tbe opponents of (be Convention made no nominations of dele sates. but simply voted agatnst a Convention. Tbe result was: For a Convention 368, against 417 Ppblic lnnrmccTioK i* Illinois ?Number of schools #,16i; scholars,472 947; male teachers,9,<23; ' females. ?.tM, school bouses. 8,221; scholars iu . private schools, 19 2fH, average wages to teachers, 2H 84 and $18 80; total permanent school fund, * ft?l?.0M " Gami-t "?A man at Pittsfleld, Mass , who had won a fat turkey at a raffle, and whose ploua wife was vary inquisitive ab?uthis method cf oDUiulng me poultry, umnra oer Krupiw, ?? )Mt, by &e witty remark thai "tbe tkakirs gave ???OkW? J I. ? i - * ' Haw the Dttccllntjwerf Outwitted. The reputation that Rann Haskins possessed for shrewdness and cunning has been consid erably enhanced since his recent masterly es cape from the Auburn prison. It is Veil known that this accomplished rogue, assisted bj potential but unknown influences, succeed ed in walking free and clear from the prison, clothed in genteel raiment, with the nicest beaver, the finest kids and the glossiest of pa tent leather boota. Immediately after his es cape, the most rigid measures were taken to secure his arrest; the most acute and keen scented detectives were sent out in pursuit, but all attempts to catch the rogue proved failures. A few nights ago, it was rumored that Haskins, emboldened by his prolonged escape, intended to visit a ball at a " tavern" in One Of the small towns in DnnnHim i?nnnt*. ? ?O" ? / ' in the vicinity of liis former home. Two well known detectives, who knew Ilaskins person ally, determined to attend the ball, and dress ing up in their best, disguised as gay cavaliers, thej made their appearance at tne tavern just as the fiddle had made its preliminary scrapes and the fair couples had commenced agitating tho " light fantastic toe." To purchase tick ets and " sail in" were bat the work of a mo ment, and soon the gallant detectives were en joying the delights of the dance, while at the same time their most vigilant glances wero directed about the room for the escaped Ilaskins. During the third or fourth quad rille the leading detective sought and ob tained an introduction to a modest appear ing lady, who had for the most part, sat quietly in the shadow of the room, at tended assiduously by a polite and attentive gallant. Her quiet demeanor, her graceful figure, neat and tasteful dress, her beautiful d ? ? - owing cum, naa won upon tbo detective, and much to bis companion's annoyance, he suc ceeded in monopolizing her company through two or three quadrilles, a waltz, a contra dance, and several polkas. When the land lord somewhat officiously announced that tho I '-refreshments were in readiness," the success ful detective gallantly orooked his elbow, bis : fair lady accepted hi* invitation and accom {>anied him to the table, where it was his de ight to crowd upon her notice all the delica cies the table afforded; sho swam in soup, she was barricaded with frosted and sugared cake, all frozen with surrounding cream. A few dances after supper, a good ueal of small talk, and the lady announced her intention of leav ing. The lady excused herself from the obse quious detcctive, and after an absence of a few minutes appeared with furs and hood, ready I M J * - mi * tor departure, ino detective, greatly regret ting her early departure, accompanied her to the sleigh, tucked the robes closely about her, bid her good bye, and returned to the ball room in pursuit of Hacking.. The detective re turned to Syracuse, and reported to one or two of the prison officers, who wero anxiously awaiting the sequel of the visit, that they were satisfied that Haskins was not in the country It has subsequently been ascertained beyond a doubt, that the fair lady who completely won upon the affections of the detective was no other than Kann Haskins, the escaped convict. Auburn Advertiser. The St. Lenls Myrtfry-An Extraordinary Development. We gave a day or two ago the particulars of the finding under a street bridge in St. Louis the dead body of a young woman, who was anniwaa^ Ka A ? ? ? Du^iA/ovu iv uo into, auu maris x/uruiea, s well-t?-do bat dissipated German resident of the city, and who was thought to hare como to her death by violence. It hu since appeared that Mrs Durmea is still living, and that the corpse was that of Mrs. Young, an aged and hignly respected lady, mother of John M. Young. a Justice of the PeRce in that city. The bt. Louis Republican thus relates the remarkable developments of the case : Enquire Young was walking on Fourth street yesterday morning when he met Dr. F. M Cornyn, resident physician at the City Hos pital. After a few moments' conversation on common-place matters, the Justice remarked that be would like to go down to the Hospital with the doctor and witness the post mortem examination about to be held on the body of the woman supposed to be Ann Maria Durmea. Dr. Cornyn replied that he should be glad to hara Kim ?a ? */! *?>'"? /4I??? ui> v uiiu g" uuu iaao uiuucr miu 11illi. aim then he could have an opportunity of witness ing the post mortem examination They dined together, and a short time afterwards proceed ed to the dead house of the hospital. As the cloth wa< removed trom the face of the corpse, Esquire Young turned pale, and started back speechless The corpse was that of his own mother. Without making any remark to Dr. Cornyn he went out, got into a carriage, and drove immediately to the house of ex-Recorder Samuel H. Young, corner of Xiaeteonth and Division streets, where his mother had been accustomed to visit, and made inquiries re specting her. Mrs. Samuel II. Young informed him that his mother camc to their house on Wednesday afternoon; took tea with the family at an early hour, and arose to go, remarking that she was going to call on a lady acquaintance,whom she had not se?n for several years before that morning. She mentioned the name of the ac quaintance, but Mrs. Samuel H. Young eannot remember it, as it was an odd name. The lo cality was somewhere on Mullanphy st. Mr. J. F. Young, a son of ex-Recorder, states that he saw Mrs. Young leave their house, and watched her till she got out of sight; she went in the direction of Mullanphy street. That was the last time she was seen by ex-Rocorder Young's family. Esquire Young went to the hospital again, and took Mrs. Sam'l H. Young with him. She recognized the corpse of the dead woman as that of Justice Yeung'g mother. The grief of the son in thus beholding his iL > 1 1 M * -WW ? inoiDcr cuoui oeaescriDea. lie was devotedly attached to her, and provided for her every want. They lived together at the corner of Twelfth street and Chriaty avonue, and Mrs. Young frequently left home to_ visit her friends (ex-Reconier Young's family'in Division nt ) As she sometimes stayed a day or two with her friends, her son waa not alarmed at her ab. senee. The matter is enshrouded in mystery. It is supposed the deceased went to the bouse of her friend and stayed till auite a late hour, and then started for hoiqe; tnat she was way. laid on the road and murdered. Thk Charleston Raft.?Our Charleston cor ic?jjviiucii* urn lurnyucu ui wiiu iri^unu ac connt? of the great raft which la now building for the attack on Port Sumter It it to bear heavy cannon, Ita artillerymen are to be sheltered by cotton bags, and lta perpendicular aides are to be covered with Iron plates. It la to be shoved akead by a steamboat, and when it gets under the walls a scaling party la to moant them on ladders and the thing is done Perhaps! Some military inen entertain the opinion, however, that it will prove a floating aarcophagus. and certainly, if history is any teaser or experience any guide, w? may predict for thla scheme, the same fate which befel the batteries and rafts which were employed at the alegs of Gibraltar in 1781. A French engineer, the Chevalier D'Arcon, in vented batteries with which be was certain be could capture the Rock. Ships were cut down and walled with timber, huge tafia were made of the same solidity, indestructible by fire, lined by sand and cork, and so arranged as to be kept constantly wet. Roofs and sides were to throw or toe glancing "hot, tn< tbe latter, mounted with heavy cannon, were relied upon with con fidence by (be aaaallanta. After aorne boura firing however, a raft on which the Prince of Naaaau wn* aiationed, took fire, and the French engineer who ww on board, perceived that bia huge and unwelldy machine, covered '-with bull-bld??. cow-hidea, and oi-hldea," began to tmoke, and , toon aftfr th? whole fleet and flotilla, rafta and batteriea were burned or knocked to piece* Tbe rafta could not be moved from their place* and became the graveyarda of their crew. Such will be tbe fate of tbe Charleatoa raft aa soon aa it ia towed, if it can be, within range of tbe hot abotof Fort .Murater Oa ao large an object eveiy abot Will tell -N. Y Pott CLOTHING, &c. I ASTONISHING, BUT TRUE ! T IS Very strange that SMITH should get in Bern Goods when evary body ia orying hard timet, t he sells hi* cooda at suon low prices that the people will bur them. N B ?Just received a lot of OL.OTH1NG and FURNISHING GOODS, which will besoM atJOaer oent. less than their ac tual value. At SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh st, opposite Post Office. ja 24-1 m W MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSI MERS, AND VEST1NGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3S* Pennsylva nia Avenue, have juHt received a large variety of new Fall Goods, to wnioh they invite the attention of their friends and customers. au 30-tf I^ENTLEMEN'8 U[ RE\DY-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING offers to citizens and strangers wishing an immediate out fit supe rior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities of Dress and Business Gar ments and Overcoats iu all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under-olothinic ol all kinds. Kid and other Glove* of best quaiity. Scarfs, Ties, CravaU, Sto?ks, Hosiery, Ao., Ac. All of whioh we are on?ring at our usua! low prices. IL/~ Clothing made to ord?r in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A Co., no 16-tf 3S3 Pa. avenue. ii O TO TH E PEOPLES' C L OTHING STOR E, V! No. 460 Seventh st., to get your CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS. fe 2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and citizens general ly, to an inspec'ion or onr present new, at tractive, and elerant assortment <>1 CI.OTHS. CASSIMKRES, DOESKINS, VEST1NGS, OVERCOATINGS, &c. which we will make to order in superior style at very low Briocc. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., nc 25 tf 3'itf Ps. av.. hetw. 9th and loth sts, general Nl oas Twitting, &c. LUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON ft CO. Would call the attention ol water takers to their lull assortment of Fixtures necessary to its intro duction^ lollows:?KITCHEN RA-NGES.BATH TUBS, WATKR CLOSETS, HOT WATER ? "UMPS, Cast k-anised WA . PAVE WASH ERS, RUB HER HOSE. Ac. HaviuK superior advantages, with practioal knowledge, we are prepared to introduoe Water into dwellings with all the latest improveirents, promptiy, ana at pricos that cannot fail to sstuty. 1169 i'enn. avetiuej TUBS. WATKR CLOSETS, HOI BOILERS, KlTBHfcN SINKS. PL Iron. Wrought Iron, l^ead and Oalvs TER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PA\ uw ?t-ui.i>ior i I'n.jin i"in sis.. suiun aiae. AWM. T. DOVE ft CO. R E Nov prepared to exeoute acy orders wtlk Which they may be favored id the FLUMBIN6, WAS OR STEAM FITT1N? BUSfNESS. fC7* Store on 9th street, & few doors north of Pa, avenue, where may be found a oomnlete assortme^l of CHAN DELI ERS and other 6 As, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. jagT-ly W6 AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y recoiving, OAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens general ly to call and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beat selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above tine intrusted to our ear* will be promptly attended to. MYERS & McGHAN. mar 8-tf 376 I) street. I SNYDER, PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the most favorable terms, and guaranties entire ?*: oiiBiiioiiua. HebM on hand a lot of COOKING and other' STOVES, whioh he will Mil 1ms than cost, a? he wiahea to t?t rid of them. no 17 Off1CE of inspector and sealer vl OF ?AS meters. NOTICE IS HF. R E B giV. ^Tl^'afre# abiy to the proviaiona of the ordinance of the Cor poration approved May 12. I860, ths undersigned is now prepared, "whenever repaired in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapeot. examine, test, prove, and aaoertain the aooaraoy of regietration ofany [M meter in nse in thia city." Every meter, if found moorreot, will be condemned, and another, sealed and marked as true, will be set in place. If proved to be aoourate in ita measurement of (as, it will be sealed accordingly, and again put in position for nse. Oftce No. #10 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel owa' Hall ) Open from 8 %. ra., to S p. m. PHI n i v-? u; piiiuvim<5u i u jy 18-tf Inspector and Sealer of Gas Metora. I G. O. DEMUTH & CO., MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Deal ers in HAVANA CIGARS, FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, OINS. tc., No. 40 North Charlxs Street, Five doors abort Lexington St., no22-lr Baltimore. W AIO.OOO ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS, Of all Styles and Qualities, at A great sacrifice oh COST. Store for Rent and Fixtures for Sale. All the Stook in 8. pTHOOVER'S STORE, RTTBlron Hall, embracing every variety .jB* wftiBof Ladies'. Gents', Children's andBHfl SHOES Also.TRAV f 1 EL1NG TRUNKS are now beinc sold,/nr* WVk ca.\hAt ereat sacrifices on usual retail kellindprioea, inu?na mucn ixsio\* original oosv The attention of the public it solicited, as g*eat inducements will be made to purchasers. The above comprises a larre stock of tlie finest quality French and American GaiterstShoes,Boots, 4.0., A.O., (or lam08 and gentlemen. Tne Store is for rent and the Fixtures for Rale. Apply on the premises, Iron Hall. N. B.?The abovo stock, either in whole or in part, will be sold at private rale. To any one de sirous of entering the lioot. Shoe and Trunk Busi ness tuis affords a better opportunity than may again Iks presented. Persons indebted will confer a favor by promptly palling and settling their accounts. ja7 tf THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EMKICH. at the corner of Penn.A . ? A avenue and Eleventh street, has bAenvCiAY greatly improved recently and now offers^Ud&JL greater inducements for the patronage of citizens and strangers than any other publio honse in the oity, his prices being lees than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and his accommodations lor permanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar, b?-in( all that can l>e desired by the most fas tidious. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted atten tinnarH nnntianaH 11 haral AVBAnXi?nra? ?? -i... .?* isfootion to ?il, and thus renews hi* invitation all togive the Eurup?ftn Hotel a call. de4-tt IF YOU WANT TO SAVE the UNION Call at H A R V E Y'8. Who has just received a large supply of fresh lob STERS, FISH, and line irV TIT" l ^iTi whtoh he will serve to cjistoniei s at ---giL shortest notice and on liberal terms, P. S.?Oysters served to families and hotels are not scalded; they are only scalded for persons eat ing them at the saloon. ae8 T. M. HARVEY. /f)V NOTICE. /C*\ i"! REMOVAL. JL^A V V 1 have removed my V V fawn office to 351 C street, between 4% and 6th streets, imme diately ia the rear of the National Hotel, where the business will !>e continued as heretofore at the old stand. InolMiml 1s\AC H KRZBF.Rti. /%f\ NEW fawn office /ft\ Q 0 E. W A R D,_Dealer in Newi i and. Cast Off Clothing, respectfully informs the pnMic mat ne naa opened a l.H'KNSKO PAWN OFFICE st Nu. 7t> Louisiana avenue, hetweon 91 h and 10th at*., a few doors east of the new Cen tral Guard house, where he will he at all tunes prepared to wait on his patrons with promptness, attention and the atrioteat justice. N. B.?Jewelry. Dry Goods, Clothing, Mechan iea' Tools. *o., always on hand at private sale. ja lti 1m* __ THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE o? VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 300,000. Insures Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, ftc . against loss or damage by fire. heath * KNOWLES, Agents, Office?Roonr. 16 over Bank of Washington. la 10 Ywood and coal. ou Will surely get your money'* worth by ealling at the PIONEER MILLS, toutktrtst cor net of Seventh street and Canal, (GEO P\liK, Agent) They sell cheaper and (ire better measure than any others in the city?out, split, and deliv ered fiee of charge. If yon don't bekeve it. give tk>* Pioneer Mills a trial, and he satisfied JafMy.r . _____ BUY your stationery and tkshool Books at 8HEPHERD'?7v)ul*roa bar* a ohanoe to are yoar monty. ia 19-im DENTISTRY. |~|RS. I OCKWOOIV* DAKREI.L ARE PRE I " pared to insert TfcETHon VULCAN-^ 1TK BASK, a new and improved mode.J Wh-n made on this plan they are com fortable to wear and much cheaper than any other. AI?o. Te-th insetted on Gold Plate, and all L'ental Operation! or any kind that may be desired Of fice Room No. 5. in the Washington Building,oor ner Pa av. and Seventh st. ja in 2m* M TEETH. LOtkMlS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofths MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at ^gu tends personally at his office in this city J Many persons can wear these teeth who oannot wear others, and no person can wear others who oannot wear these. Parsons calling at my office can be aocommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to those wno are particular and wish the purest, c'eanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that hum promise, me ?untiKAli FLATK will be orefaily warranted. Room* in this oity?No. 33S Pa. avenue, N>tT?en 9th and loth sU. Alto, 90T Arch street, Phi!a<1el phia. oo 15 tf TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY^ Baltimore. ani>ohk> railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUN DAY, November 25th, I860, the trains will ran as follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train at 6.20 a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a m. Third train at 5.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6p m. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4 IS a. m., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. ra. Third at 3.10 p. m. Fourth at 1.20 p. m.. Express. The first, xpoi'iid and thira trains from Wash ington ooutieot through^ o Philadelphia and New Y??rk. The teoond and third oonnect at Washington junction wun trains lor the Weat. South, and Nort'iweat; also, at Annapolia Juncti on, for An napofia. For Norfolk take the ' 40 a. m. trai .. t-or the accommodation of the way travel be tween Waahinfton and Lautel, a pa*aencer oar will be attached to the tonnage train which leavea at 11 a m. tin Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadel phia only. no ?-d T. II. PARSONS. A^ent. THE STEAMER J AS. eUY Will reettme her tripa on TUESDAY, Slat of February, HSO. WilUeaveWASH ' INKTON every TUESDAY and FRIDAY, at! o'clock a. m..and ALEXANDRIA at half past* o'ol?ok, for OURRIOMAN and the intermediate I,andinra. On her return trips, ahe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at t o'clock a. in. LUCIAN S. PASF.Froprieter. NATH'L BOUSU. Ac't. Alexandria. fe m I>RENCHFL0WER80F THE VERY DEST r quality, and an eitensive v* rg fan*- WuA rauuj cmic, SWi no 33 tf 336. t#t?. <>?h and loth at*. w >nu mr ATCHREPAIRING ANDSILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the )>est establishments, and fur nished with a complete set of tools for repair in* every description of fine Watches, and particular attention ei ve to the same, l>v ai thorough competent workman jtnd a. work cuaran tied. Al?o, every desorip ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ?e6 33* Pa. avenne. near 9th st. EST FANCY GOODS, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, And Onk Pbtck Only, At RTKVKNfi'S FANC.V STUB k' B no 22- tf tf 3:<<h b<*w.9thin<} 10th sta. P OFFICIAL. POBAL* FOR ERECTING A COIJRT t*E AND POST OFFICE AT PHIL.A Trkastrt Dkpartmbnt, December 22,18C0. Sbalkd Proposals will be received at this De partment until the 22a day of February, A.D 1861, at 12 o'clock at noon, for the construction of the Philadelphia Court-House and Po*t Off.oe.accord inn to the plans and specifications prepared at this Department. These proposals must be for the whole work; bat ofich portion of the work and the amount b d there for must be separately stated in the bid; the rcspec tive amount (or eaon kind of work carried out, and the total amount stated; the Department re serving; the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby invited, or any parts thereof, wnen itd?ema the interest of the United States requires it; the Department aleo reserves the right to exclude the bids of any person or persons whom there is just oause to believa will not faithfully perform tho con tracts, or which ther have attempted to obtain by indirection; aud all bide when there shall be parties in interest who do not join in tho bids, and ail bids that, ueon investigation, are boiow a fair price for the work. No contract Will ItnrnrdArf tn hmalarc nnttl A* tails are furnished the Depwtment of the price* of tne different kinds of work and materials, which mi all be subject to tlie revision of the Department, ho that the cross hid shall beequitab y apportioned upon the whole work to guido the Department in making payments, Ninety per cent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract prior, (said amount to be ascertained by the estimate of an agon', of the Department appointed for that pur pose,) will Im? paid from time to time as the work progresses, and ten per o-.-nt. retainod until the com pletion of the contract and acceptance of the work, ?c? by the agent aforesaid, and be forfaited in the event of non-iu'.ftiment of contract. Contractu wu. be awarded onlj to master build ers or niMhaiiiea. and I he miirirnniwnt tliarxif ?? oept by consent of t' e secretory of the Treasury, will be a foifeiture of the same. Kach proposal must ho aoooirpaoied by a writt-n guarantee, signed by tworraponsibl* persons.(oer tified to he so bj the United states District Judge, or Attorney or the said district.) in the sum of non. that the bidder will, when required, if hi* proposal be aocepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sufficient securities for its faithful perfoi manoe. Plans, specifications and working drawings oan l>e examined alter forty dayi, ani other informa tion obtained on appiioation to the Pepa'tiuent. '1 he proposals must be sent to this Department, addressed to the Secretary of tlie Treasury, (ea iior*ed"Proro:<als.for tkt Philtuitlrkin Court I low. and Poft Ojare,") and will be opened at I o'clock p. the last da? named for reoeiving the same, iu the presence of the bidders, if ar.y choose to at tend. PHILIP F. THOMAS, de24 6<il3taw Secretary of the Treasury. T PROCLAMATION t\ TUV CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, fco. At the present season o the year CHOLERA MORBUS, ? H o a ka DIARRHLAfcHoLic DYSENTERY, DYSP^IA)bB1UTY &e t prevail to an alarming extent: miitM FIRST CONSEQUENCE a"h"kmki)V ? 0.0. Sfi,. or Paris, offers k,^1RACULOU8 pain KILLER m the moat CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL itEMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS Id order to satisfy THK PUBLIC that no imposition ia intended in the?leofthia m Great Medicine. TUB MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED in all cAj?i hen the medicine (ails to give entire satisf&otio Ask, then at any Drugstore for DR. MONTARDE*S MIRACULOUS FAIN KILLER. take u directed, and if not pertactiy satisfied Return to oar Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., A% Street and Pennsylvania A venae, who will refund your money. Prioe?36 and fO Cent* per Bottle. For aale at all Drug Stores every where. JAS. Mo DON NELL, General Agent, jyll-eotr Ba'timore. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Hare just received the largeat assortment and now_ offertte^most aztensive jrarietiMW O' IMIliK | sjf J' no* tf Hjtil P*.?v?nu?. F"M,'aM "Ns BRA NOV FRUITS, <fra KINO ?^V('/arIiKLL. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, * ? D Strut, &*:%**** 9tk and 10C& Slrtst*. We hare just finished a igmbw of inst claes CARRIAGES, such u Light fancy, BtJ9. War <>?.?, P?ri Pktatmt. Fnmtl* Car VWEK& rxaitf, and But nit, wtuch we wnl Mil at M "" ? *er? small profit. Beinc practical mechanics in different branch** of the bosiuess, we flatter ourselves that we know the styles and quant; of work that will give satis faction, ocmbiiung lightness, oopifort and dnrabiti It Repa'tinc promptlr and carefully attended to the shortest notice and most reasonable chafes. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Ceachmaitre, scooessors to Wn. T. Hook, as n-dir T CARRIAGE?. HE 8?heoriber harm* made additlei tnetory, making it now one of the ivimI. in the District, where hia faeilitiee for1 manalacUmncCARRIAGE A LlGIiTJ WAGONS01 nil kind* cannot be corpaseed,an4 from hie '.one experience in the buueu, lie k?h te tire general satisfaction.' Alt ktnd* el Carriage*nil Light Wu*u kept e? Ail REPAIRS neatly 4eae,?oU all ertf era preaapt IpattenWie Swiifkui Carrtagea t?krB in miUui* fer I IK. ANDREW i. JUVCK, 4 l?-tf MTltr ?f l?th m4 K H Db. J. II. McLEAN'S 8TH.EWQTKF.WTWa mHHTAT. AftD BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY in tkt WORLD, and the most Delicious and DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL lEVER TAKEN. It it (trial* * ?cl nute and Vtftta bla Corjprcr.d, pra carad by (ha diauila lion af (Nil, harba, and barka. Yallav Deck, Elcad Roe:, Clack &o?t, Saraapa rilla, Wild Charry Bark, and Dandalian lun mt? its ttm fJllia. Tha antira actira ra madia I principla g- ? of aacli iojraiiant ia . ?, Before takingtaking. diatillinf, pradacia? a dalictoaa, aahiisraiinf aptnt. and Ua maat iufallibla ramaly rana?atinc tha *iaaaaad ayaiara, and raatariuf th? alck, anr.f, and dtkUttaUd tavaild ta baaith and itiaoftb. MtLEAirS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will affactaally cara Ui?tr Complaint, Dyanapaia, Jaao dlca, Chrome ar Narroaa Dtbiltty, Uiaaaaaa afiba fcidnara, and all ariainf freer. a iaordarad Ltvar ar, Haar anaia laarfharn IflWirrf Pi I AM A a* rknaa. a# tbi Bto.nech, fvllnoaa ?f Blcod to tha Band, Doll Pun at Bwirominf in tho Baad, Palpitation ( the Heart, PailnaM ar Wairht in tha Btorrach. Boar Kracutiaoa, (.baking ar raaling whan '*/'*'* down, Drynau ar YelloW. tail af tha Skin and Kyaa, Rirtii Swtau, Inward Pnart, Pain in tha Small af tha Back, Cheat, or Bide, Bidden Plaehei af Baal, DapraMien of flpirita, Prifhtfml Dreame, Lupir, DaiMndancT ar aay narvaoa diaaaia, Boree at Bioicbee an tha Ikin, and Perer and Ana (or ChiUa and Fiw.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES bate been aold dcrinf tha laat in montha, and in do ln otence baa it failed in firing antira aniefacuon. Who, than, wni laffar from Weakneea ?r Debilit* whan McLKAMl CORDIAL will care Tea 1 Ho langaafe can aooaey an adeijaate idaa of tha imnedi ale and alraoet miracsloaa char.fa prodaeed by taking thia Cordial tn tha diwaaad, dabtliutad, and ahattarad narrm eyetem, vhathar brekan dawn by eiceee, waak by natira, H impaired by aiaknaaa, tha related and am'rang erfani tattoo la raatorad to iu priauna health and 'ipi MARRIED PERSONS, WW VI iu?uiiut irwin w uaimr will Ind Mc LEAK'S BTEEKGTlf KNIKG COHUIAfc a tha taafb rif?nint?W lb* tytttro; a>id all wba im? luff io }?i?d Ihtmttlrti by infntir iudalgcneaa will (ad ta tkla Cardial a attain '.ad apaady ramady. TO THE LABIES. MCaf AMI a aarar ifD and tptady car# far lneipiant Caaaamptiao, Whitaa, Obatnctad at Dilcilt Haaatnauw.IneoaliaaDCa rf Cnoa ar Invalanlary Diaeb&rra tbaraaf, railing af tht WaicW, tddmaaa, Paiabi(, and all djaaaaaa incidan t U Famalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT star na laogar. Taka it accardinf ta diraeuaot It will tUmaJata, atranftban, and lunfomia yaa and caaaa tba blaain af baaltb la raaant yaar tbaak af am. Krtry baula ia varrantad ta gi?a aatiafactiaa. FOR CHILDREN If yaa? chtldran art aiekly, pat./ er aSictad, McLEAKt CUKDIAL will maka ibam Kaaluiy, fat, and rabatL Dalay na: a raarraut; Uj It, and yaa will bt canTioead. It la da UciawlaUk*. r* m rnprn mr ViiUiT( IitiN af drafyiata ar daalara ^ha may try ta pel a apan y*? Mm* bittar or a raapartlia traah, arhieb th*y can bar euaap, ty aaiucf it ujaat ? rood. Avoid aach man. Aak far McLEAiTs STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and uka nothicg alaa. It ia tba ai.'y rarr.ady that will panfy tba lacd tboraaghly pod at ttia aaira una atrtr jfthan tba ayatam. Oca ttaapacofal takan a?ary macr.inf faatinf ia a cartain pr?Tanti?? far Cholara, Chilia and Farar, Yallow Favar, or hit praT/ilaot diaaaaa. U ia pat ap to larfa bottlaa. Pnca la propriatar oI thia Cardial; alao. McLaan'a Volcanic Oil L.umanl. Pnncipal Dtpat ai. tba af Third and Pica atraata, St. Laau, Ma. McLe&n'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LITIMENT IN THE WORLP.) Tba anly aafa ai.d cartain cara for Cwura, Ptlaa, Ta ara, Swallinfa and Bmoeht'.a or Coitra, Paralraia, Naa ralfia, Waaknaaaaf tha Mnaclaa, Cbrwiic or Inflammatory Rhaamauam, SuCuati af tha Jointa, Coctractad Mnaclaa ar Lifamanta, Karaaba a* Toothacba, Eraiata, Spraina, Fraah Cata, WaaiiQa, Ulcara, Faaar Scraa, Cakad Braaat, Bora Nipplaa, Burst, Bcaldi, Bora Throat, or any inflammation or Co, no diFaranca haw art ?r Inii tha diaeiaa may t txxtad. MrLEAK'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a earUin ramad*. T?iaraaoda af haroaji ba;n fa ha?a baan aavad a lift af dia cn;itrdt and miaary by th? ui ef thia iuvalaabla raratdy. HeLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rail*** pain almaat inaUuiiai.a;<aaly, and it will claan, pariO and bial tfca foaltat aoraa in an itcradibla abort lima. FOR HORSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLKAN-8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT la tha only aafa and raliatia ramad* for tba cara of 8pa?iu, Rinrhona, Wiodfalla, fUnta.Unnataral Lampa, Nodaa ar Swallicra. It na?ar fatlad to cara Bif HaaS, P*li??il, Fiatala, Old Ranoieg Soraa, ar Bvaeny, if proparly appliad. Par praini, Branaa, Bcratehaa, Crackad Haal'a, Chafaa, Saddla ar Caliar Galla, Caia, Boraa, ar Woanda, it la an lufallibla ramadj. Apply it aa dtractad and a cara ia carta in in avary Inatuica. Than tnla na langar with tba man* wartblaaa Linimanta aftrad u> Toa Obtain a aurp:? af D*. McLEANH CELE BRATED LINIMENT. It vill cara yoa. J. H McLKAN, Sola Pr?priaiar, Com a r Third and Pin a au., Bi_ Loaia, Ma. CHARLES STOTT, fTS Pa. a*., aala a*ant la Waahing lao;R.a.T.CI88EL.aa*r?atawn. aaUniVl; n The tbovo PURE W HlSKV.CofF** Dutillkb veom M A.LTKD bain* bo parlor and nnrftirin in quality, and hithly iaproTad by a*a, i? P '*rT*d by oon?nmai? to ail otl?ar Whiakiaa, and partioa larlj r?commandad bj the beat pHT?ioian? and ohemistx aa aoaaessing all the requirements of a IViu Tonic "?*tx orator and Rtrntdtal Agent. The Sshoy!kill Water of Philadelphia, and in the dim -at.or of thie Whieky, is proved by analy is to be the softest and purest water in the Unite* States ; and to tun may, in a I tribe ted the exoellocoe of this For sale by FRHEMA Dined t decree, be at On the Sohaylkili nrsr, OHoee?96 Wall afreet, New Yoi Front street, Philadelphia. 109 South 1* AT C O 8 T! AT COST! In order to rednbe oar stock arevious to laying in oar serine supplies, we will from this day antil 'st March, sell oar entire stook of DRY GOODS at cost far eark. FacoT Silks aud Silk R obes we offer for muoh less than oost. Mouslio, Barege and Lawn Robes at half price. Bayers woald do well to examiae oar stook ba fore parohasinc elsewhere, aa we are determined to offer great inducements to purchasers loS TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. uia. ?.m. nor*. i. v a wnr. Will praetioe in the ti?h Court of Errors aad Ap EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. H09E Parents who wish their daughters to rw oeirea thorough and systematic education. wh?r? tueir phy?4ra. training wi.l receive <1aih and imm! alter. ti?L. i.rder the most approve*: ayatem of Calls UWnica and G j mnasCcs. are respectfully invited ?b iait tbe I'nion Female Academy, corner Pmu toeutii at. and New York av. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD au 3n-tf Pnacjl FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY | r ALEXANDRIA, TA. Mr*. 8.7. McCORMICK, PaiKC The thirteenth annual aeaeion of this Inatitation Wiii opmmenoe on Tueeday, September Utt-h. in the hi>u?e rveently occupied by Sjiveeter Soott, Eh? No. 190 King street, The ooarae of study pursued will oompi lee all the branches requisite to a thorough English Eds cation^and Muaic. Ficuoh, Lat.t and Drawing, if uvsirou. In addition to day anholara. Mr*. MoCorauok ia prepared torfoeirei limited number of pa pi la aa hoardera. who. oonatitutin* a part of her own fkm ily. will b? under her immediate care and aupurvi atoo. She will endeavor. as tar aa poaaibla. to ear rou^nd them with the comfort* and kind It mflaenoea Rtjtrtnct*.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton. Rtr. Dr. Kliaa Harmon. Rev. D. F. Sprite, William H. Foww. ?**.. Kdnar Snowden. Em.. Edmund F WiUMf Ka^., JH?ot Martwry, Lh., Lewia MeKrniaia hen...Robert H. fluiKon. Eaq . >V. O. Wallaoh Editor Kvenine Star, Benjamin Watera. Eaq.Jaa Kntwiale,Jr_ Km.,Col. John W.Minor. Loud^uii Meaara. Blaokiock A. Marshall, Meeara Cor Brother*. Tun. Board, with Tuition in ail ihn Enfliak Branehaa. 9anr' for the annual aeaaion?payable aeim annually, in advaooe. M naio and I^ancnarea at ProfMnora' pnoaa. IlT No extra char sea. au ? tf C^trr Ctmtk, Cold. /a 7W Awtnia. any Irritation or S*r? #C32MiUfim m.xt nf ik. vi.?. ? Hatirint Couth M I rmtwmr ttxm, Frnu*iiti}, Atkrna. t Ouarrk, I'Uat mnd rtt'( rtrenrik to the rote* of PUBLIC SPEAKERS AHD SINGKKS. Few are aware of the imp<>rtai.<se of eheckint a ''ouch or ''Common Cold'' in iU knt *tai?. thai which in th? bec'BiBf woaid jield to a miia rem* d?, if b?f leeted. eoon attacks the Luna*. '' B'rm t BrmukuU Troehet," oontaiBHik (Jemiiioenl mgredi ents, allay Pulmonary and Bioaohtal Irritation. | "That troeh'.e in m? Throat, < for BROWN'S which the "Troche*" area epeoifcot _ ' havioc made me often a m*re whi? TROCHES ferer. N. P. WILLI*. rrowN's m I reoommesd thatr use to Ptblic Sr eaiies." TROCHES RKV. E. H. CHAPIN. : "Great eenrice in aubduing lloak*! BROWN'S KKV. I1A NIK I. Wl?l TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES i BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES " Almoit inataot roliaf in tha <! " tressin? labor of breathm* peculiar to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLE0TON. " Contain do Opiam or anything injnnon?." DR. A. A H A v K8. Chemist, Bottom. "A ii m pie and fieaaact oomtoina tion for CorcH*, fcc." DR. d. F. BIGELOW, Mm, Beneficial in BaowcHiris.'* DR. J. F. W. LANK, Bottom, " i have prored them exoellect for w"0"rEV?h"w. WARRKN. Bottom. " Beneficial when ?ompelled to "rjr&ki*>*, St. Lamu. Erwtn^L in rwnoTini Hoar?e BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES <! 1 iy mm anu irriiMaOB vi in* j nroai. ?o common with Bpbakbks and Sme Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON, Lm Oritur, Om. Teacher of M mo, Soatfcer n Female Colleen. " Great benefit when taken before and after preachir.|. aa they ar Hoaraeneaa. From their paat eff^et, t V 1 think th*y will be of | an tax e to ma" RKV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. Preeident of Athena Collet*, Teen. fnffwiaStwCT' rpHE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE*EMAR.1,2 and ^-Protected by Royal Letter* Patent of England, and aecgred by the Seaia of the Kcole de P&armaoia da Psha, and tba Imperial Collet* of .Medisme, Vienna No. 1 la invaluable for exhauation and natorrhea, and all ahyaioal diaabilitiea. No.Sopmpletaly eradicates all traces of thoM diMUM that have bwn hitherto treated by the ua - eon* and pern 01 ni ose of ooaaiva and caheba. No. 3 has entirely soppanted the mjnnoas use of mercnrv, thereby insuring to the sufferer speedy relief, d*p*rsing all impurities, and rooting eat the venom of disease. TRlfcSEMAR. Noa.l,Sand 3.are prepared in the form of a loxenge, devoid of taate am! amel'. and can be carried in the waiatooat pocket, fold in tin oasea, and divided into separate doses. aa ad rainiaierod b* Veipeac, LA.Iemand, Roux, Ricord, ko Price 93 each, or four oases for $9, whieh naves ?S; and in #27 oaaea, wherebv there la a sav ing of #9. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW.of 194 Bleeaker street. New York. Immediatelv on receiving a remittance. l>r. Barrow will forwara the Tneeeniar to any part of the world, ecarely packed, and addressee aeoording to the in atrnctiona of the writer. The Book, of all othera, that shoald be read by men w<th damaged and broken down oonstitotions is "Human Frailtv, or l'hvsioiogioai Keaearebea." It is beautifully illastrated, and treats cutely of hJ! the irmp.omn that invariable develop tb**a etrts. (ooEtr or later. requiting from ibe Frejinoa and vitiating habiu of e*rl? /unite. inoaeaoitaUric the victim from sharing the fruition at the matri irionial sl?te. and. if not eheeked hi time, dN?n? atmg all the function* of manhood, bring*** him. *tep by *tep to a lingering and untimely dwatti. Hold by Dr. NARROW, 194 Bleeoker .treet, four door* below Maodougai. New York. Prioc & cent*. Sent free every where. Sold alao by S. C. Ford, Jrn Drug Store. Wa*h ington. P. C. de g-ftm NO I^HARGI FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES VO MATCH. at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. V PHI LP * SOLOMONS. Agemtt fm Lmmrtmtt't etUbrmted Lmm P*rmt, "Mitrorc tia* MUU," ft., ft. wX IT 33a Pa.?T., and inth ete. 1861 ???' ig6l Commence the Year ttitk a Diary. A valuable Pooket Compuian for recwteriax enU put. ?ree*nt, tod fouirr, ooetainiuf rate* of pottage, almanac, a blank ih? for meaonn^ for every day in the year, oaah uomot for eaob month, annual Manary of m^i aeooent bi le PAT ah > ftud r?o*iT*t>l*. l>oct r>? wiujobi omoi these aaefal little oaTeoirm. Tt?* sutt www, oi"K?Dt. And deatreble mwi tm*?t ;w ieeeed . o?* - priiit.# M*ee m?<1 *?ward? of fifty >tytM? KTfMt. IAR1B8! _ . DIARIES!: D,ARi"SS ?1 A I I K8 - 1M1. 1M1, 1M1. cheaper than ever. __ _ We will take an ?t?<iiooiit of tb mt o?ol- off o'a l?.%r * roj-CtiMM fcom lor OMR. Wf?f? dMirona >-fr oiini oat tfc* roaa?i*Ki<T of oar l?rre ,0" " D""~ "W'^VffcH.TEIN. it i ?t?r? At FBiwtf? lu^SPri^*. *T? rwn. &"" ESSS-^te; ^ JTXi n?*a. bT Meter Lander; 12a., oJoU; *?nt bj ma.'! Notaa on dt?li aad DmIui ; ltno.. oloth; ?1JS by mail. Siioarnaj'a illaatnted Poema; sloth gilt; Laab'a Ewn on bail* Uno., clot* rortmit; at1 of"u!cffe. ow'm mi Ik* MVTd'i Wo<ka l?aY?" C!?ooor.t on Hooka fro* |m m" 9nmm fiSlCNCH A lCBfTWN. rw?i QOIOOL AND OOUJWI OUTFIT*. Youths' mmd Hoy? Clothing ft Sek?i and ^^jfissesatsSisJxssiat for Ut? oominf i?moc. ftr? iurued tuemwiuaeoy U ' IB ft f?w iwxn?ti wi{ Bfc oo MKl i W?B I tftilftC ftfiO L V 11 KING 4 BVRCMKLL wwa:? ISwtaSS?3- -aw ? SfSJE&Si to suit the times. CaJI &aa ?? r ' JOHN P KI.LIB. fc 18 306 P* *t.. bt. IKh aad letii ete. pHUNif OF OUR OWN IMPflKTATION 1 Wtt, " -*?- -' ~r ? - ? KING 4 BURCHELL

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