Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1861 Page 1
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TUfc PAtLY EVENING STAR rvbbisiien rvbrt afternoon. (WNPAVP EXOKrTED.I \r THR KT1K RI'ILmnnK, i'rrnt* tj r*nn*\frnv*n>w and 11<A ?i . ?T W. D. VTAIiLAlll. I'epe'e ID packacee by oarriere *t |( ft or y? ofcti per month. To mul eaheorlbere the prtoe ia 93a r*ir, m a-lrmtt; -5- for us month*; f I for three monthe; and for leee than thre* month a at thera*" of 12 cents ? week. Single <>pte?, owl c*st; in wrappers, *wo c?nt*. 11^ Ai?v?TT?r**?iT*Bt?on!d be sent to the offlc* KMor, u o'clock otherwise they may not appear entii the next day. r OS XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 15. 1861 N?. 2.494. THE wfckLV IKII.I.AR STAR. This exeeilent Paai'y and flew* J we real ?e? Maine a iNMr variety ?f istereetiac r?a4?*?f 'kac can be oand ia aay etter-n pebitabed ee Fudaj aorrua*. Taai-OuA, MMrulii, ta i *intieoopy, per Five oopiee Tea oopiee Twenty iveooa .91 * . 4 TS . fee . 9 ee It invariably oontaine the M Waeh;n?to? News* that hae made tk* D*tl? Imw Stmr etreeiaie ao generally throughout the ooiatry. fT7"8ing,e oopiee (ia wrapper* oaa be proeered at the oo inter, immediate y after the ueae of the Hydraulic Milling in California. From a California letter in tbe Boston Tran cript, written by Rev. Stitrr King, we extract -the following curious description of the singu lar application of water power as practiced in the mining region?! " < >ur talk of gold seeking would not b? com plete. of course, if we did not allude to ' by alraulic mining.' The inventor of this process i? Mr Edward Matteson. of Sterling, Conn., and he first applied it in Nevada, in 1S52. As tronomers tell us that there are pits in the moon, seventeen thousand foet deep; they say, also, that any object on the moon two hundred and fifty feet high, may he detected by tbe most powerful glasses now in use. If thero are astronomers on the moon with equally potent instruments, they will soon be able to detect changes in the surface of California, through the agency of hydraulic mining. All other methods of dealing with the noil for gold are 'one horse concerns," compared with the hy draulic process. It is fast changing mountains on the face of the State into pits. It is, too, an invention which, to the end of time/will defy all competition for tearing all beauty out of a landscape, and setting up the 'abomination of desolation' in its place. Most of your readers know how .the tre mendous hydraulic power is gained and ap plied It is simply playing water through a pipe like a Gre engine upon the side of a hill, -which contains gold in its soil, and is to be washed out through sluices. But the water is brought from such a hight, and with such a head,' that *tone3 * foot in diameter, when 1 _ ?? ? ? pirucK wim it. are tnrown up ten feet, and a man, if fairly hit by it, might as well have been visited by a six-pounder in full force, {^nch a stream, three inches in diameter, tears into a hill as though it were a light heap of powder, Bud often, to hasten matters, the hoae unn directs iU wrath at the base qf a wall of ?>artb, eats it out quickly, and see.-) the whole upper work tumble in with a frightful crash?perhaps paying the penalty ot his boldness with bis life. The river.? are al ready perceptibly affected, not only in color, hut in sediment, by the wide range which this leveling of hiila and choking of the smaller streams in the upper country i3 pro ducing By and by the Sacramento may not be navigable, owing to the rapid emigration of the interior hills to settle along its bod. But fco long as the process pays, the navigation * i * interest may pirnd and warn in vain It is said that earth which yields only a cent's worth of g"ld t? the pan, returns good profits to the hydraulic companies, and that some times $1.1)00 are obtained out of the mud that runs along a single sluice. And?horrors!? there are a hundred million acres, from ten to two hundred feet deep, that may be profitably torn out and turn up by these water batteries. * I say, ' horror? ! after seeing in Nevada a specimen of what hydraulic miomg does to the landscapes. It was a dozen acres that had been washed over, and had produced ncarlv $5<W,000, leaving the laud useless for any other purpose, ami a plague sp?ot to the eye. A dozen ncreeof good California land. thoroughly tilled by scientific skill. I think it probable, would produce more than the interest on the amount which hid been extracted by a method that leaves the district a ruin forever If so, I d > not believe that tlie-Creator intends ?uch ravage at the price of goldN Let the quartz be tunneled acd pounded a<I libitum ; let enter prise turn tho mountain streams from their beds for a time, so that the boulders can be overturned, beneath and around which the firecious flakes have been settling for ages; let he wretched-looking and barren hills be washed level with the plains, if they have gold to pay for the water and toil that slaughters them; but if the hydraulic method is to oe in definitely u-ed. without restraint, upon all the mrfiee that will yield a good return, the Cali fornia of the future will lie a waste, as though " demons had inverted the Creator's intention in it?a waste more repulsive than any de nounced in prophecy as the doom upon a guilty race. * One curiosity I saw *mid the destruction which this hydraulic force bad left in Nevada, that was very interesting. It was an uncov ered ledge of granite into which workmen were driving piles as easily as into dock mud At a little distance one cannot trust bis senses in teeing this, But it was true. The granite tra* as soft as putty It seemed to the eye as compact as any led<*e in Quincy, but it took the impress of cur teet easily, and could be hacked. Jt spaded out like dough. It is to be hoped that tho whole State does not lie on such a basis. If so. there is danger of a slump of the gold region, some day, on a very large scale." Wi'vitiuT a IJabv.?Last Wednesday after noon "to us a child was bom," but not a son was given We feel proud of our baby?it is -o pretty an?i sweet, so our better half says. It is a girl, ot' course?our wife wanted a girl, so we gave up to her?the times being too hard t-j .-piit the difference and have agiil and bo;, Kith at ouce. Our time will come next?see if it don't. Our baby weighs eight pounds, aud Ml tbe ladies say that it i* such a pretty little angel and looks just like its papa. Of course everybody will know it is pretty, when it re sembles us It has black eyes, dark hair, and the sweetest little face, and the way it can cry is a caution t# a Calliope?but then its little voice is so charming, producing such a harmo ny of sweet sound* it was the first time that we ever heard our baby's voice, and what a thrill of happiness did that little sound send through our bosom But we are too happy to express our feelings. We are at least two feet taller than we wrre before baby whs born, and and think ourself good enough to become a iir^acher We Ditv everv bodv that hasn't < t a baby, ami a? loe old bacholors we entertain a sovereign contempt for them, and intend to lam the first one that presumes to have the ef irontery to speak to as. Poor old maids! from the bottom of our heart we feel sorry for them Oh, that they could only realize the happiness oi a young mother with her brat born. Young men and young ladies too our advice to you is *<go thou and do likewise"?it will make you feel so happy to have a baby. We warn every body not to insult us. for we feel big enough and strong enough to whip everyone of the se cession Stated back into the Union, and a siu ?>1> man wouldn't be a taste for ua. We are doubly sound on the Union iasue now. We never intend to o?oede from our baby. Hurra for hurra ?we've got a baby !?M1**ouri A.African. ~~ NlKKTT-OXB DEPAtLTERS IX Loi' ISi A S A .? E. W Robertson, Kaq , the Auditor of Public Ac count* of Louiaiann. baa transmitted to the State Senate a list of drfaulting Mae Tax Collectors, which till* mote than half a column of the official journal The report covers a pertcd of thirty years, though iu? st of Um defalcations are of com paratively recent date, and there a e inanyfor 1858 and l-o9 There hare b^en ninety-one defalca tions, reckenina each year's accounts separately, and the amount out of which the SUte of Loulai aua has been swindled exceeds the ht-avy aura of three hundred and fifty-six thousand dollar*, ex > lusiv* of tnlrtv thousand more on account of licenses' Thirty pariahea ;n the f*tate bare been swindled The defalcation of K. McDonnell (Foirth District of New Orleans. l~o5), alone la n?o:c than twenty-one thousand dollirs This To) lector used to go to the place* of business of citi zens for their tax-s to save them the trouble of calling upon him?the polite officer!?and charged only twenty-Bvacentaextra for fata trouble?wbi b waa certainly cheap. (JT When the stock of Virginia was called at the New York Koard on Tuesday morning, the hoard e??e tbree uuantinous and bmlj cberrifor tb* Old Ixiniinlon aud ber loyalty to tbf common l utoo, aud tbe dealings of tbe hoard were arrest ed by ttaia enthusiasm, until a Virginia member of tbe Exchange was called upon for a speech, and briefly aud neatly r.sponded to tberompl! m~ Tbr wlfr- of Cbas ?'a?e<no, iueinltor of (be Wiscwiuii iMlttaturn. attend* blot ronsUtilly to (be House and is tbe committee roonaa. beraos*. having bad his eyesight Impaired b? an accident, he needs so rue one to read and write for hiui He is on tbe important committer of tbe judiciary wd tbe banks A Portrait of Count Cavour.?Count Ca vour has so far recovered from his late attack as to be able to leave his bed and bedroom, and is expected to transact business in his manifold office this very morning. His late complaint, for which he has been twice bled, was not of the apoplectic natare which had somewhat alarmea his friends on former occa sions. It was merely an inflammation of the digestive organs. These is no doubt, however, that his strong health threatens to give way before his intense incessant occupation, strong appetite, luxurious living, plethoric habits, anil IT ant r\P Ka/1 II*t aWAnntaa iio alnana iuu > ?ui vi w^?uitj oaci? ixc to nina vn ujj and at work at i o'clock in the morning. From y to 6 J in the afternoon he directs all the busi ness in hid own departments, and takes a gen eral survey of those of his more helpless col leagues. Then follows dinner, his only meal I believe, in 24 hours, and, I am told, none of the lightest. lie uses no carriage, but a walk from his private residence in the Via Cavour to tho Ministerial offices in the Piazza Castello is but poor relaxation. Sometimes I have met hitn walking outside the porticoes along the Via di Po, evidently for a breath of air, but he ha* accustomed the world to too constant a de pendency on his master mind to allow himself the indulgence even of a quarter of an hour's ' constitutional." The activity of the man's mind is immeasurable, lie neglects nothing, forgets nothing; no scheme of policy or diplo macy is too high, no moan detail or particular Sa f a/\ i*AmmA?nlan<k ?Vv?* ?* ? ? ? ? no iwu i?VlUiiiUUpicM/V IVI UlUli lie OH CJ O for everything; he trusts few men, and these generally obsctfro hut able individuals of his own choice and creation Ili* writes most of his letters with his own hand. Ho writes a plain and distinct round French hand with lines wide apart?a band of which strength and decision would not. on a first inspection, seem to he the most obvious characteristic*. A French photographic likeness, lately published by Maggi, conveys the very mind and soul of this greatest of living statesmen. A whole volume might be written about the expression lurking beneath every line of the half good hu moredly. half sarcastically smiling mouth. It is the smile of the man who has early found out '"how little wisdom it takes to govern the world," and whose noble heart has prompted him to rule over it for its own creatcst advan tage. May his hand long continuo firmly to wield the destinies oi nis country.? Turin Cur. of the Tmu* The Cotton SrrrLv.?-The Cotton supply question continues to form the chief topic of dis union for the Kn^l'sb press and people. A new Cotton Association has been formed In I Hindoo, supported bv some of the capitalists of the me tropolis. for the purpose of encouraging the culti vation of Cotton In India. It is predicted that in Mve years Kngland will be independent of America for her supply cf Cotton, and that the value of that important sUple will be materially reduced, and the American trade aerlously a flee ted by extensive cultivation in the British colonies and elsewhere. It is reported that the French Government have Initiated measures for the growth of Cotton in Algeria. >rinuui;iuii, i criuuiii, arrived Dome rroir. Itie Palmetto State a few davs since. lie say* he bad a choice between thr?e things?to leave the State, to remain and join the rebels, or don a coat of tar and feathers He chose the former, and with draw in the night, leaving his trunk behind and an unsettled account with his employer, who was comrades?Jerome Seymour and Albert Ccsbman ?were not so lucky, but. as Manchester says, were impressed into the service of South Carolina. He believes they will never fight against the Union. ID-Annual cattle statistics show the capacity of the people of New York city to swallow annual ly over 150.000,-00 pounds of beef alone, at cost to the butcher of at least 51;!,000,I**). The aver age price in I^SO, was $-15 per cwt , which is at least one cent p^r pound cheaper than lv59, and one cent and a half less than in 1?3S. The total number cf livestock slaughtered last year in the city was 1,107.?H2 heads. If they were placed to gether compactly on a road of 15feet in width, the mammoth drove would cover %!0 miles. lO". Victor Kmanuel is more of a soldier than a kiug,and has sense enough to know It Before he gave hi? orders for the advance of a Piedmont e?p army into the Marches, he 18 reported to have ?aid to a counsellor who ventured to p<<int out that he was putting hi4 crown in jeopardy, toat he cared not?he could always lied employment, somewhere or other, as a colonel of cavalry, ami that was the position he in his heart preferred, even to a throne. 10~At Macon, Miss, on Wednesday last, while two men, in naimlo;' a cartridge into a cannon, in use for firing in honor of the the State having seeded the man at the touchhole removed bis firmer so as to allow the air to enter, the cannon immediately went off; the two bands of each man were carried away, and all four arms will have to be amputated The surgeons are prospering. |^7~There is said to b* a species of worm that intn th#? dvkM nf Hnllanrl nnH /v/?a*tnnr?llo endangers the overflow of the whole country. I n the event of an infuriated warfare between the North and the South, might there not be trouble some animal* eating through the levee of the MiMtssippi In high water? The bare thought is one of terror ?Prentice. JO" A letter froiu Berlin state? that the severe cold which prevailed during the funeral of the late King, cau*ed illness among many of the per son! who were present. More than *2U0 of the soldiers, who lined the streets, were obliged to go into the hospital, and some of them have since died. A number of horses h*ve also perisned from the same cause. U f The Niagara Falls Gazette tells a story of two young ladies who were promenading along Ice street recently, when one of thein slipped and came down on the ley pavement "like a thousand of brick " Jumping quickly up, she exclaimed, sotio rort: Before another winter I'll have a man to hang ou to; see If I don't " Tuk South Carolina Convestio*?The Charleston Mercury has information that the South Carolina State Convention will at an early day be summoned together again, with a view to the actiou of the Montgomery Convention or Congress and without any reference to Fort Sumter. |?7" The total number of bands employed in the English cotton factories In 1W6, was .379,100; kA n .. W?. * * -- J - I IUC ratiumwu uuuivci v/i pcibwih lUUirrt'UV UC* pendent In cotton manufactures la 1,04X1.000 Eng land obtained from other sources than the United States 880,000 bale*. Carl Klelniuau deposited S300 in a bay. in bis cellar, some time ago, thinking it would be safer there than in bank. On going to bis hoard on Friday, he found the bag gnawed open and tbe bills gone. On examination, tl-18 worth of torn bills were recovered in a rat's nest. FatNCB ASD THE SoUTHBBlt Co*FBDKHACY ? When tbe subject of the recognition of the South ern Coufedcrar.y was broached to Louis Napoleon, not long ago, he significantly remarked that, though Cotton might be King, he had not been crowned yet. |?7~ On Friday night a prisoner confined in the Baltimore city jail,after having cutaway the bars of his window with an old case knife, and letting himself dowu 45 feet to tbe ground, in a few hours returned and aroused the Jailor with a pillte re quest to be shown into his room. IO" A negro woman, owned by Mr. Robert Baliow. rf Powhatan county. Va , gave birth to five children within thirty-five minutes one night last week. JTbe children were all living at last accounts. The woman la twenty-three year* of *? QZ7~ The depth of snow In New Hampshire at the present time is **id to be almost unparalleled Measurements made of the quantity fallen up to the present time show that In all there has been about seventy inches. U7"t P. Pressy has recovered S175 from George Worth, and which, by thestatute, is to be doubled, for the bite of a dou, at Boston on SVednesdsy w * 1?7" Henry Bilton fell Ins factory at Buffalo, on Monday, and was impaled on a nail rod, which entered the small of the back tea inches. There ant but small hopes of bis recovery. IC7" A place of land was recently sold In l*ondon at the rate of 91.900 (JliO per acre, sufficient to cover it with silver equsi to half s dollar in thickness. lO* Recently, a woman obtained a divorco In 1> fUnce County, Ohio, and married a kerond hutband In the afternoon of the sjine dsy. IP" A bet of S100 was recently taken In Jeffer oii, Mo., that no man in the city coald plav Ham _ CLOTHING, &c. ?r?G, rvniii^niiiu vuuvoi nn?ci >in CAPS. fe 2 6w N MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSI MERS.AND VEST1NGB. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3aa Pennsylva nia Avenue, liave just received a lareo variety o( new Fall Goods, to wmoh they invite the attention of their friend* and ouwtomem. an 30-tf GENTLEMEN'S I* RE\DY-MADE CLOTHING. Qur present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S RRADV-.MADE CLOTHING offers to citizens and strangers wishing an immediate out fit supe rior inducements, emhraciug, at tins time, ail t*les and qualities of l)reas and Basinets Gar ments and Overcoats in all varieties. Fine Shirta and Under-clothing of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best quvitv. Scarfs, Ties, Cravats, Stop's Hosiery, Ac., fte. All of which we ar? offering at our usual low prioes. lL/~ Clothing made to order in tho most superior manner. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., no 16-if 3?a Fa. avetise. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and citizens general ly* toau inspection of our present new, at Am tractive, and elegant ass?rtjiifnt of^ifl CLOTHS. CASSIMF.RES, DOESKINS, VbSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS, fto, tftf whioh we will make to order in superior *mm trie at very iow prices. WALL, STEPHKN8 ft CO.. oc 25-tf 3 'i 2 pa. a v.. betw. 9th and 10th sts. GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON k. CO. Would call the attention ol water takers to their full assortment of Fixtures neoessary t?> its intro duction foil owe:?KITCHEN RAJVGES.BATH TUBS. WATER CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Cut !r>n. Wrought Iron, I ea<l and Galvanised WA TKR PU'FS, hydrants and PAVE WASH ERS. RJJBMER HOSE. Ao. HavmJ superior advantages, xritti practical krowledge, we are prepared to introduoe Water into dwellings with all tho in test tn:pi i>ven enta, promptly and at prices that oannot fail to satisfy. 'J69 Penn. avenue, no 24-dtMar 1 bet.Wh and loth sts.. couth Bide. Awm. t. dove"*. CO. RE Now prepared to exeonte any orden wikk winch they may t>? favored in the PLUMBING. GAS OR STEAM fitting II (J8FNEwS Store or. Sth street, a tew' doom north of P?, avenue, ^here rnav bo fonad a ooir?plet? assortment of CHAN DKLI ERS and other GAS, STKAM and WATER FIXTURES. jatt-ir WG A S FIXTURES. K Have in store, and aredai y reoeivirr, &AS PIXf.UiiBSofon'iro\i New Pattern* and Desipns and I-*i?i?xn- superior id ftjle to anything heretoiore oilered in this market. We iuviteoitizens general ly to oail and examine our wiock ol Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that w? have the best selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above !ir?e intrusted to our cart will bo promptly attended to. MYERS h MeGHAN. mar S-tf 37? i) street. I SNYDER, ? PLUM RE H AND HAS FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F ats. lie is prepared t.) introduce Water and Gas upon the most favorable terms, and Riwranties entire satisfaction. Heba* on hand a lot of COOK ING and other STOVES. which h? will sell lees than oost, as he Wirhes to get rid ofthem. no 17 /^FFICK !>F INSPI.V!T()B * Mn Sl'?l I'S VJ 6A? MLTERS. Wasiiinotow. Julj 19,1860, NOTICE IS HE RE lit GIVEN. That, ag rat ably f.o ttie provisions of tho ordinar.3* of tho Cor poration approval May 12. IBGP, the undersigned it now prepare, "w I.?nt?vor rosuired in writing, and on pre payment 0f u,e fc? Gf 5fty oonts, to inspect, examine, teat, prove, andnsoertain the aeoaraoy of registration of an? *a<i me^er id ues in this city." Every mettr. if found inoorreot.wii: he condemned, and another. cnai<H and marked on true, will be ot in i?? place, if proved to b? accurate in ita ma**ort.ment of gas, it will he sealed aooordingly, and again put in position *<>r use. Office No. ftlrt Seventh street, (near Odd Fel ows'Ha'l ) Open frrm f) a. m., to 5 p.m. CI!ARISES VV. CUNNINGHAM, jy 1? tf lnKp^c'oi and Seaieroffjas Meters. 1G. O. DEMUTH ft CO., MPORTERS And Wholoaale and Retail Deal f*r?in HAVANA. CIGARS FOREWy WIVES, BRANDIES, WiiVS. 4"c., No. 40 N'iiiti: Charles Street, Fire doors above Lczinf.on rt., 110 22-1 y f?altimore._ IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call At H A K V E Y 'S. Who hn* jimt reo-ivffcl a larce euppiy offre?h l/>B KTEKH. lino OYSTERS, which he will s*srv" to ou^Unuor^ at the shortcut not o? ami <ia lil>erfti terms. P. 8?Oyr.terg sorwi t'? and hotelaaro not *ca!d?-?!; t?i??y are only scalded for persons eat ing them at the oaloon. _d*8" T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /4A\ Jr*X REMOVAL. /y'X V V 1 have removed iny V w PAWN OFFICE v to 351 C street, l*?tw.>en 4}{ anil 6th streets, imme diately in t!i*> rmr of the National Hotel, where the business will lie continued as heretofore at the 01(1 wmn'1. | no iS-tim | H KKZBF.RG SQ\ NEW PAWN OFFICE. /%t\ 6 Q K. WARD, Dealer id New? Q a..d ua?t Off Olnthine, respectfully inform* the puMio Hint he has opAnoii & LICENSED FAWN OFFICE at No. 7?> Louipiar.a av?rue, between Dili and iU? a lev doors cast of the new Cen tral Guard-house. where tie will be at el! timet prepa'ed to wait on his patrons with proinptunxs, attention and the *trictest justice. N B.?Jewelry, Dry Goods, Clothing, Mechan ios' Tool*, tic., alwavs on hand at private sale. ja 16 lin* ^JCHENCK'rt PULMONIC 8VKLP. Or. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it nrpoa sure to visit Was hint ton e?ery week. and has male arrangements to positively bo in the city the third Wednesday of every month. Ho lias a suit of robins at the Aveuue House, where pationU can obtain Advice free. He only charges wh?n it ihneoe ic&ry to make a thorough examination of the I.units witli the Kespirometor. S. U. Waite is agent for Sclienok's Pulmonic Syrup, prico .t I per nottie. for the cii'0 of Coughs. Colds and Consumption: Schenck's Sea Weed Tonic, prioe S1 per bott e. lor Dyspepsia; Schouok's Mandrake P.lis, prio? 23 cents ber box. for Liver Hiiious Complaints and Constipation of the Bow e!?. Dr. Soher.ok would be grateful to those who 11 JtvA hMin ntirAti hw !?? rA?aHio? tf *Wa? ??. v<. / i 14 ll'-'J " * 'M v* leave their certificates ol cure with 8. B. WA1TE, corner Serf nth st. ami l>v av. rie iq-am NKWWOOKH. UST RECEIVED AT FRENCH A RIOHSTEfNS, No. ar? p*nm. avenck, The Shadow in th? House, a new novel, by John S&und'rsi 12mo., oioth; 91 by mail. The Dntoh Dominie of the Cat?kills, by the Rev. David Murdoch, D. D.. Unoo., clotii; %l 2) by trail. The Romance of an frith Girl, Initio , olotli; fl.fO by mail. A large assortment of tiie beat Military Works published. . iaM At cost! AT C O 8 T ! In order to reduoe our stook previous to laying in our spring supplies, we will from this day until 1st march, ?ell oor entire stook of D!tY ?JuOL>8 at cost for rash. Far, or ^iikb and Silk HoSes we otter for much less than cost. .Vout.i.1, Barege and l,awn Holies at half price. Hni*m vould rtn w?l to n?r ut^ir |'U? w fore ?urch\nnr eUewhere, as w? are dotermir.ed to offer rreat induoem-n's ?o purchasers Je2 taylor A HUT- HISON. A HICKORY WOOD. No. 1 artiole of hickory WOOD. Also, PINE and OAK WOOD, prepare*! or delivered cord length. IC^Terms cash, IL^A'l orders tlioiild be accompanied with the money ; drivers don't oarry change unices speoial orders are led to that effect. T. J. * W. M. 6alt, ja33 Pa av? bet, nth ami 12th ?ts Boots and shoes to suit tu T IMESi We are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and corstantlv and BHOfcS, and corstantlv receiving a supply ol eastern made work of evertlle onvtion, made expressly to order, and will be sold at p muoh lower prioe than has been heretofore oharged in this oity for muoh "pSrsone in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will always find a rood assortmen in store and at the lowest pnoes. divans a oall. GRIFFIN * bro., ap >-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. Five hundred traveling trunks arrived this dav, embraoir.i all ?aali-MM*w ties and sixes mf sfole Leather, Larfies'erafl an/4 PmAl'ina T?*?lra vrui vi u tin -' sales room exhibit* at this tin ? the neatest var ir?7 "f * -W.U modwli ?nu?*. to t? repaired or taken m e*obarc# | DENTISTRY. 8K8.1 OCKWOODA DARRELL ARE PRE pared to insert TfcETHon Vl'LCAN-^e^Ci E BASK, a new and improved naode.mfSs? l?n made ou this plan they arc com u r -* f' rtable to wear and much cheaper than anT other. Alio Te-th insetted on Gold Plate, and all Dental Operation* of any kind that may bs desired Of fice kootn No in the WaahinctOD Building, cor ner Pa y. and Seventh ?t. ja 10 2m* M TEETH. LOQMI9, M. D., the inventor and p^entee ofth* MINERAL PLATK TEKTH, at tends persona.Ijr at his office in this oity-AaAs^? Many person* can wear these teeth who^i"'J eannot wear others, and no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calliax at my offioe can be accommodated With anv KtvlA *ni4 fcrln. T?*1 J - ???^?w <vmu ptivv vi * vvhi i.iir j may qOBirOi bat to tnose who are particular and wish the pureet, oleaneat, arrongest, and ir.oat perfect dentnre tnat art can produce, the M1NKRAL PLATK will be more fully warranted. Rooma in this oitj?No. S3? Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th eta. Also, 907 Arch street, Philade! phia. oc is tf ~ffiAVELEKS^IRECT^ |>ALTJM0RK AND OHIO RAILROAD. 13 WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 2Sth, 1800,the trains will run aa follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Firat trim at ?.2" a. m. secomLXrainat 7.40 a m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train At G p m. LEAVH BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 a. m., Express. Second train at 8.S5 a. m. Third at S.l? p. in. Fourth at 4.2n p. m., Ex pros?. Th? first, second and third trains from Wash lnrton ootf;ieot through* o Philadelphia and New Y?rk. The second and third oonnect at Washington Junotion with trains for th? West, South. and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napohd. For Norfolk take the "* 40 a. m. trai". l-or the accommodation of th* way travel be tween Washington and Laurel, a passenger car will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leaves at 11 a m. Uu Saturday the 3.10 p. ni, train cues to Philadel phia onl;. no 26-d T. II. PARSONS. Agent. THE STEAMER J AS. SUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, Wet of February 18*!. Will leave W ASH - CeCTPt* ft* IN6TON every TUESDAY a?d" ""?? FK IDA Y. at 6 o clock a.m.,ai<! ALEXANDRIA at fc\lf-?sas? S o'clock, for r.'iiR b ii>%i ? m intcrmodiaie LaudiTiis. On her return trips, sii? will leave OUilRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDA V. & o'clock a. 01. Lt'OIAN 5?. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Art, Alexandria. fe5P> I i^KENCH FLOWERS OF THE VERY BEST quality, ami an extensive variety. Us At STEVENS'S Fancy Store. no 22 it h?tw. Oth and 10 *t?. ATCH REPAIRING AN U SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the l<est establishments. and fur nished with acoiup'ete set of tools for repair- J&k inic every d?soripuon of fine Waiches. and c^} particular attention give to the K&ine, by ?hME thorough competent w<>rkmau.aiid a. work guaran tied. Alro, every deforip ion of standard Sf I.VER WARE, plain and <tn?mental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my customers will find far-superior i quaiitv and fininh to northern ware Bold l?y dealer* in general auU represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, sej> 33* Pa. avenue, near Uh wt. iraT l* * vov Kuoa rniiv< i U'JUi/0? AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES. And One P*ic*Oj*lt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK. no 22-tf 3:<6. hPtw. 9th aad IWh at?. CM REM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN.? Capital *i00,000. U5c?eor* % V ttrt'.t nnd Lowtsimn a*., oter Bonk of Warhmrion. INSURE HOUSES ANPOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DlBKCTORO. Geo. Shoenmker, Sitmtie! Kedfern, Samuel Cropiey, William U i:?on, Richard Jonce, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Kuthweil, TUoa. Parker, Rt?hard Barry, B. B. Frenoh. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, Preaident. _Ab?lG. Davis, Secrotary. oo l*'-eo3m THE ONLY PREPARATION WORTHf OP UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE 4 PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in all parts of t he world testify to the eirioacy of PROF. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, &ud gentleman of the Press are unanimous in its praise. A few tCbtimoniaU only oan l>e here civea neeoi eular for mors.and it will be lrapossitile for you to doubt. 47 Wall Street. New Vork. Deo. 20.1858. (iffUletn n: Your nolo of the 15th luetant haa been received, sayine that Ti>n had b^ard that I had been benefited by the imeof Wood's Hair Re storative, au i roaueutin* my certificate of the foot if I had no objection to K>veit. 1 award it to you cheerfully, because I think it due. Mya?e i? about 50 years; the color of my hair Auoaf a. ari'l inclined to ourl. S<>me five or six vears rince it began to turn *ray. and the sovp on the crown of iny head to lose its eensibi ity act] Jandrufl' to form upon it. Kach of these dinaeree abilities increased with time, and about 4 months since a fourth wag added tu them, by hair faDinc oft the top of my head and threatening to make nie bald. In thia unpleasant predicament I was induced to iv.w./O- ii,;. 1- ?? VI v ?? WM O uau ivv?k?M amo, maim J (U Arresi lUO (aliinc off of mr h?ir, frtt1 had reallj no ^xp^cta tion that gray nair could ever be restored lo ita original color except trom d*ee. 1 was. however, greatly surprised to find, altor the use of two hot ties only, that not only was tne faiiiug offarreateJ. hat the o-Mor was ?stored to the gray hair* and enaibility tothobealp and dandruff o<asod to form on my head, v?. y muoh to the gratification of hit wife, at vhou solicitation I was luduoid to try it For thia. anion* the mary obligations t owe to her aex, I atronf ly recommend all nunhan'1? who vaiue the ad rm rati -n of their wivr-s to proht by iuy example, and use it if growing gray orgettinr had. Very reapectfuliy, Ben. A. Lavender. To O.J. WO(?d &. Co.. 441 Broadway. N. V. My family are abaeal from the city, and 1 a:n no longer at No. 11 Carrol Placo. tMAMSTOx, Ala., July 20,1RS9. To Prop. O J. Wood: Dtar Sir?Your "Hair K-storat'.ve" his done my li.urao muchnood auto* I commenced tii? iihoI it, that I wieh to make known to the public ol ita etf ;*oU out he hair, wbion are ureal. A ni.-.n or woman mar benoarly depriv d of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" the hair will return more beantifui than ever; at least this is my ezporier.oo. Believe it ail Yours truly, Wm. H. Kenedy. P. 8.?You oan publish the aNjye if you like By publishing in our Southern papers yon will get m >r? pa?rona*? South. I see aeveraJ of Tour cer tificates in tUe Mobile Meroury, a stronr Sentiiurn paper. W. HTki.mdt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTOKATIVK. Psor. O J. Wood: Dtar Sir: Having had tbe misfortune Co lose the beat t>o:tion of my hair, from the etfents of the yel.ow fever, in >ew Or.ean* in i was induced to make a trial ol your prepara tion aud found it to answer as the very thing nerded. My hair is now thick and gloss),and no wonls can express my ob.icalions to y?>n in civicg to the afflicted ouch a treasure Finlxt JoiiNf.oN. The H estorative is out up in bottles of three sixer, vis: large, medium and sii.a1!; the *ma;I hold half a ni lit Bud i ' a r.n* i).\llsa < a .? f.u'iouu t v (,'? i o iwi vucuui;a< |>vi IA?HIC , i HO Hie dfum >iold? at leant 2" p?*r oeot more in proportion than the email, retail* for iwn dollars p^rb-Htlej th? large h.? on a ?uart, 40 per oeiit more iu proper tson, and retail* for $3 . _ O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietor!, 444 Broa'l way, New York, aud 114 Marketafreet, St. Kouia Mo Sold in tins o ty by C. STOTT, 373 Pa. avenue, an 27 eoty alw I A DIES THICK WINTER BOOTS of Kid L Morooeo, <j?at? Skin, l<a*tinM> Buttoned, I.soed ard Velvet T'immed.KKS Aiao Mia*e? BooU < f the same ?tyie ,arew Hi ellinc f om SOc uta to ?1. per pair, lower" t lanelaewhere in the -ity.nt J. ROSENTHAL'S, J 1 *? *" 4U w k Pa. av. bet. htta an J W\ i>tr<?ets. I Julia*' and Miim' Loot R abhor Hoota. ia2?o WTRAVKMN6 TRUNKS. E Havejatt received the largest aa'ortment 1 acl now ofTor the moit extensive variety a i iu o S??r.l5 LBATHKR-UADIKB' DRES^gtifl * ?<! PAGKINW TRU Wnb, If AT BOX*; S,****** VAl.JBF.S. CARPKT BAGS, SATCHELS, fco., Vni" -WlETsTk^^sVS?. !" m 5B tf Ni P?. i PRKPH PRUITS IN 0ANS, rilKUfcKVI BRA! KING k. BITaoHBl.U IN PELM NG CLOTH M Seventh (., orj*>tiie WOOD AND COAL. Y WOOD AND COAI*. 1 OU Will surely ret your money's woith hy oaliing at the PION KF.R M11X9. fimtkwyt tor ner v Srrrmtk ftrr*t and Canal, <l?KO PAtiK. Acer.t ) They aell obe*p? r and five better meanure than any others in the city?cut, split, and deliv ered free of charge. If vvo don't oekevs it. give the Pioneer Mi.Is a trial, and Wo satisfied. ja 17-iy.r WOOD AND COAL Delivered to ail parts of the city, at the lowest possible rates. T. J. Jt W. M. SALT, Office <1*H Pa. * ., I etween 11th and 12th it*., ma 17-tf north side. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. "? D Sirt't, 9lk nnd IPtk Struts. We hare just finished a number of first class CARRIAGK*, suoh as Lit\t Ftnc\t Watont, Vmrk PMemtour. Jmmtlf Cmr rxM'i and But rut, which we will sell at' a ver? mall profit. Being practical mechanics in different branches of the t<u?int m, we flatter oar?eivea that w* kno* the styles and ^uah'y of work that wii. give sat;* faction, combining lightness, oomfort and dnrabili ty. Reaa:tfnr promptly and carefully attended to the shortest iM-tioe and most reas. nab charrea. WALTER, KARMANN & JtfOl'V, Coach makers, successors to Win. T. Rook. ap tr-dly TCAHRIAGr.8. HE 8ibanr:l>er having male add if ens to hi factory, making it now cue of the large* ? La the District, where his facuitirs tor manata^.tiirir.r flA H H1 AC * i .icht >v atfone; of &.I kiat ? Cfcinot be ?>: rotated, *&< from hit lone ?Ferir&c? in tii? bxti&eu, he koM? I* ciTO t?ner&! ettirf^non. AllmiCa cl Cw;i?t? ?:d Jkifkt Wa*eaat?H?? k*&4. Asl REPAIRSiwtlT'in.iKtall rdm preapt iy Uteres* to. 8*iu< ku< C*?n?f?i tatter in ecifcuct fer *r? lUii ARURKW J.JtnCK, 4 l*-tI 1-irz.MT ?f utk ul K Ktm Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AXl) BLOOD PCRIF1KK. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tkt WORLD, and the moat dxliciot* A>D DELIGHTFUL COHDIAL I EVER TAKEN' It it itnetlf a tci* nuse and Vr*?u Wl> carad bytha di?ull? bon of rco;?, barti, and turn Yallov Oxk, Blood Root, E'?ck Root, riiU, Wild Charry F rk. *od Dmdalien m?rt into ,u com paatiloa Tfaa antira aeu?a rainadial prjncipla of a?ch irfrad.ant it ? > ihor^fhlrtltracwd^JtfF IfiKillC. 'tjf rt>j u?ar ina'.hnd ol o n? _ and raitanrg tha ?al?nnf, ti.d daktliutad invalid la kaaltb !>nd atranflh. MrLKA*rr> STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will ?<t?eiai'!y car* L:?*r Orrj-Ilir.t, D? apa:?, Jaan dica, Chrorie er War?o?a Oafciiity, Diaanaaa'or tba Kidnaja, and all ditar-aaa arising froro a dia-rdtrad Llvar or ftcBaCi, Pjapapa-.a, Kamfcarc, I: ward Fitaa, Aeid-ty or Btcknaaa a I liatillinf, rrodacta; a daucioaa, tihtmraiiuf apirit, and Ua noat lofaliibla rami'? far raiwaalmf tha diaaaaad iniam, t~ a S crr acb, ol ?:cod la tta Hui, Dall Pain > Iwiir.mirf in tha Haad, Palptaiif n of lb* Hoart, Fallnaoa t Wi'jht tn th? '.oniach, W-?er Erftwtioni, Chokinf *r 1i;k>'.ui{ Foaling whan dowa, Dryraaa or To'.loW . iii of th* tkiti i>.ud Ci*i, Nifl.t Bwau, Inward fmri, Fain in tta mall of tto Back, Choat, or Sid*. Saddan Flaabra of Boat, Ptpraaaion of Apirsia, FrifhtftU Druna, ban a oor, Daaaondaaey or aay LorToca diiaua, ioraa or Bioichaa oo tta ik'n, and Fa?ar and Ana lor ChiUa aad P?ra?.) over A million BOTTLES kiM baon aaid dancf iba Wax an roontha, and u bo i? at-.rea hat it fulad in J.TU1 j ar.ura artiafacuaa. Wba. than, ill! itfir from or Dability McLUIl ?TK.Kl*OT?t:WmQ COUMAL will cara yoa I Mo lanf aua ear, cor ?iy an adaqoata idoa of tta imiaodi ata and aimOot mirasaloaa prodacod by taking U><a Cordial In tha tliaaaaad, dabiiiuuad, and abaitarad L?r?aaa aystttn, Tfcaihar brokan down by tieooa. waak by oatara, or lrepa*rad by aUk'-oaa, tha ralaitd an* anatranf argaai- . tatioo ta raatond to ito priaiino haalth and rtgav harried persons, or othata, aaoaeioat of inability from wbataror taut, will tod MrUANI STKENGTllENINa CORDIAL a tho roach rrgonarataraf tta oyataia; aad all wba nay baaa in farm itiunitti tj ucprapar inmi(<LCii will tod la thia Cardial a (attain and apaajy ramady. TO THE LADIES. MrLEAld iTREKOTHEKmO CORDIAL U a MTtr icu cod >p?tdy cara far Ineipiant Canaampuaa, Whitta, Oaa'.raettfl ?r DiSemlt Inenr.tinanca af I'nsa ar !n?alant*ry DUcbarfa tlitrtaf, FaJlinj af tha Womk, lddicaaa, Fa.oUcf, ana all diaauaa incidant to Pamalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT af ir d* lacfar. Ttka it accardinf ta diractiaoa. It will ttinialeta, atranflhan, and iarifaraia ya? ar.d caaaa U<a fcl?#r.i af baalih la raaar.t T'Bf ehalk afuu. ??rf battla ia wuruiud ia fi*a tatitfacuoo. FOR CHILDREN Ifyaar childran era aickly, pan* ? aRietad, McLEANY CORDIAL will raaka thaui haalihr, fat, and rabaat. Ualay a at a roarzant; li> it, and yaa will M canrincad. It ia da Waa tatakt. CA UTION, awara af driffiata ar daalan wfca may try la palm apan yaa aama battar ar aaraaparilla iraali, which tbay can bay cht.'p, by uaior it 11 Iui w rnid. Arotd nch man. Aak far MrLEAlt-S RTRKHGTHENING CORDIAL, and taka nothing alaa. It ia tha only raroady that will parify tha Blood tboraagbly and at tha aam* tuna atraofthan tha ayatatn. Ona taaapngofal tikac a*ery moruuig fuunf u a canun praraauva far Cbolara, ChiUa and Fa*?r. Tallow Fa*ar, ar an; pravalant diaaaaa. It ia I ot vp In larra boulaa. Prica anfv R1 par bottla. ar C batiiaa for RA J H McLElN. I? proprietor of this Cordial; aieo, fHcLiu'i Volcanic Oil Liniment- Principal Piptt on the comer of Thrl and Fin* aireeta, St. Lnii, Mo. McLoan's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE DEBT LINIMENT IK THE WORLD ) Tfce isfi and certain cart for Cancan, Pilaa, Tm mora, weliinji tod Broncbile or Goitre, Paralyaia, Nan ralfia, WeakReee of the Moaclee, Chronic or Inflammatory Rhemncuem, Biifueeeof tho Jouiu,Contracted Moaclee or l.ifamer.te, Earache or Toothache, Bnuai, Spraini, Freeh Con,, Ulcere. Fever Borot, Cakod Breaat, Bora Hipj ! *, Bmnia, Bcalde, Bora Throat, or any inflammation or . rain, co difference haw eevere or ionr the diaaaaa mar * t?a tinted, McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a cartatn remedy* Ttoaeande a 1 human beinga have boon eared a Ufa of die arepitado ai.d raieery by ilia aae of :hia invaluable remedy. MlLEAWS VOLCAyiC oil liniment Will relieve pain a In. oat ineiaataneoaaiy, and it anil clean, parity and heal tba fosleet eoree in an incredible abort tima. FOR HORSES and OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ie the only eafe and reliable remedy for the euro of Spavin, Rtnrbona, Windgalla, Spliote. Unnatnral Larape, Nodee or Bvel.ii.ra It never failed to core Bif Head, Pfellevil, Piatala, Old Ranoiof Korea, or Sweeny, if properly applied. Tor praioa, Briuaee, Bcratcbee, Cracked Haele, Cha/ea, Saddle or Collar liaila, Cau, Boree, 01 Woanda, it ia an infallible teuedy. Apply it aa directed end a care ia certain in every Instance. Then trila no looker arith tba many aurtihleea Liniments offered to yoa. Obtain a eapply of Dl. MCLEAN'S CELK BRATED LINIMENT. It will care yoa. J. H. McLEAN, Bole Proprietor. Corn?r "Hivrd ud Pin* ft. Levi*, Si*. CHAH.Lt 3 8T0TT, ITS Pi. ?*., Mia la W"ki?| In {ft. I. T. CIMKL ,Ot*r(iu?t. H-DftWly The shove FL'R E W HIPKY.Cof m Pisttll*? rmoM MutidGiiiii, being superior and cnifonn in <u*hty. si>d hit hly improvedby ace, 11 preferred by oon*umers to a!) other Whiskies, and part.o* larly reoomraecued by the beet physicians and oaemists as wwniiu all the ras*ir*menu of a 7V?m Tonic /? it ft or a+d Xmt iial At mi. The Senu?lkill Water of Phi'vlelphia. used In i\)? distil:aoon of this Whisky, is proved by analy sis to be tie softest and purest water in the Ucited States : and to this n.ay, in a great octree, be at tribute! the orccileuoe of this.Whisky. For aalaby FKELtfANlfc SIMPSON, | On the Bchaylkih river, Philadelphia Ofloas M Wall street, New York ; 199 South Front street, Philadelphia. uw ?-?? liM.UKlt. ?. I. ?OTt, I^AMAJL, MOTV * AV Hbut Sri Sttbi th? Sevaolh J _ vmstij&ksiJrtJZi Lsnss, lT^O>jri iW.fim., TB-AT-kAW ut? your noMi. . mi Mraol Books it yoi h?r? ??? >? to UIIM* i iiv<?innr.DV/l.,113 EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. H09E Parcnte who wi?h tlMir fl?(kli>ri to r* wire a thorough and internal! r education. vk*r? their phyatoaJ training viil reoeiTodul* Md ??*oia. itoutioc. under the iut>?? *pjr<>v*d avatofn of Caaa tB6nic? h:.<?* reapeotfclly invito*) At vi?it th^ l7nion Female Academy, corner Four toenth at. and New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*, aa ?tf rri???>la. K7EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALKXAMtRIA. V A. o. J. MOIOK.MICK. P*l>nnu Tb? thirteenth annual mmiod of Out Inatitation wiy qpnimence on Tiif^da*, Seplerutier 18th. in the houie reoentJy occupied by !?ylre?Ur SootL, F-M-. No. ISO Kmc itreM. The course of atady pursued will oompnee a. I the bratichea requisite H> a thorough Kngliah Kdf oatu n, and Alumc. Fiench, Latin ami Drawing, if deal red. In addition to dav scholars. Mrs. MnCormiek 1a prepared toreoeivea limited number of pnpila aa boarder*, who. constituting a part of ber own fani i!y, will be under her immediate care and superri aiou. She will eadeavor, aa tar ae eoaeihle to ear round them with the ooiaforteand Kiadlv itiCueacee of Home. Rt,frrcme?*.~Rer. Geo. H. Norton. Rev. Dr. Kliaa Harrison. Rev. I). F. Sprijrc, William H. Fowle, Em.. Edgar Snowden. fcsa.. Ednund K V\ itmei Esq., Henry .Marbnry, E?q-, L'wia McKensie Eaa.. Robert H. Hunfton. Kaq . W. D Wailaoh Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters. Kh..Jm Entwisle Jr_,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun Messrs. B?aek!ock k. Marshall, Meuri Cor Brother*. Txrmc. Board, with Tuition in ail the English 9**>lor the annul see?ion?paraMe uni aiinaa!.}, in advance. t-1 iimio and Iaikium at ProfeMora' prioe?. [7* No extra charge*. an ?-tf fW? Ctmtk, C*id, Hoar In A'"!" "?? Irrilatttm rr Sort ??** ef tfc/ T?'ont. Rflttr* xk* Hacking Cmufk hi Cimfwmr tton. Jironri'ti*, Aum*, # Catarrk, CI rat and ri?i Hrrnrtu to f&? fwr< PUBLIC HPFAK CM AKD SINliKKS. Few are aware of the irajortai.o* of oheckin* a Coach or ' Common Cold'* in iU Sr?t utace: that which In the beg ibibie would yield to a mild ren?? ** "V?nr?'? iBirMi - Bronch'M. &>cvM dr, if neglected, soon attacks the Luuf?. "B F-(m'kt+l Trorkei." oontain-c? den.o.oeot ir ~ 11 iihi mumj r BROWN'S TROCHES' BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES imooarr and Bronchial Irritation. "That trouble in nir Throat, (for whioh the "JVoeV*" are % ?p*oifio.t harinc made me often a mer* wh.? *erar* K. P. WILLIS. " I recommend their nee to Pr?Li? Bpkakekk." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Greataervioe:o*nNlniriK Ho*??b w?m." RRV. DANIEL WISE. " Almost ineta* t relief m the dia treuin* tabor of breattaiot food liar to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLEBTON. ** Contain do Opiam or anything injurious." DR. A A HA*ES. Botfm. "Ammp'eand fleaaaLt ?om?in? tion for CoraHs, fcc." DR. <*. F. B1GELOW. B oncn. m Beneficial in Rrowthitib." DR. J. P. W. LANK. Bfttm. " I have proved them eaoeilent tot W Borprwa Cor? BROWN'S TROCHES* BROWN'? TROCHES BROWN*? TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES <1* 1 If RtV. H. W. " Beneficial ipc^k W1KK PorHm. *rh??j oonipeUad to t, m ftriu fran Coi l)." REV. S. J. F.ANDERSON. St. Lnu. ** Erricrru is rem?Tin* Uuvw neaa and Irritation of the Throat, ao oommon with bruiu> and Si!*a Prot M.STACY JOHNSON. /- Ormmgt, (t?. Teacher of Mutio SoaUaru F?ma.? CoUaca. M Groat benefit when taken 1 alter preaching. a* thor | 1 think they will be of permanent tn ma " . a* the* pre*?n? tftair paat effect, of permanent ad tace to ___ REV. K. ROWLEY. A. M. Preaident o! Athana Collate, Tana. ITT" Sold by all Dm? nit* at T WEN TY FIVE CENTS A BOX JtI J?HE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. ni'iiini uA.r, ftua. 11 QinciirciM ill unip.noii ktiog all trie function* of manhood, nod bri* mm. step bjr ?te? to a luijrerincaad iiUimI? d Sola by l)r. HARROW, 194 Bleeeker itrMt, fr>?r loor? below Maodoucal. Nev York. Prit* 25 jenta. Pent free every where. Sold aim by 8. C. Ford, Jr.. Drag Store, Wash ington, DC. da ?-6m ) NO I FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, I^HARGE) tttto METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP * SOLOMONS, A tent t for Latrrrmcr'i nUbrmttd Limn "Mtiror< 'itnn Mill*It., #c. wVly SVi P*. *r.. tmt. m and 1?Ui t?. 1861 jggi Commence the Year witk ? Diary. nluM* Pocket Comii ion lor r?ciat?vuig BT*nU jxnt. ireMiit, ud fatar*; 0<>ntair><n| rate* of poctan, iThmm, a blaak wfmc - for i for every day in the year, eMk Mm month, unul uaMr; of M aoooant bi'le pajabi* and receivable. Don't be wiUloat mm M theee uaefol littie eon venire The moot ? plete, elegant. and desirableaeeftrtaMotever teeaed.*** uaeot Kuudinc, eoro?T oi.?h acree* mm d?jn Pure it?? DIARIES! PIAIIII!! 01A|iK8!!! 1M1. 1MI, 1961. CHEAPER CHEAPER THAN EVER. W? will take Mt extra di Mount .if tf> per Mrt. o6 tall l>iar?ee n?hll< fro? mm (?* ?ark. Wur* urooirf oloeiDf oat the rank*jnder of oar i*r?e tool of Diaries orall kind* for im FRENCH 6 PtCHOTKIN. ia3 ?T? Peaa a' At FKF-N' B J?ElCHSTERN'S, *1" pMr.. *T, WS? by Meter Lander; Um., olotk; aaot by mai Note* oa DmU and Deeiiac; Itao , cloth; f 1JS by mail. ^ttacoaraay'a il.yrtrateo Poemt, cloth flit; $*> WmM Ewra on L?l>* lJmo., o.oth portrait. a*"* J*Z_ of iiODfftlUnr'i u4 Ik* Niml'i Hooka fmm lh? p wstrKs SCHOOL AND OOLLMK OUTFIT*. KMrtii' ?U Boi? Clothing fm* Srk?i mmd tntt 8w,... "SnfciJ)*?*! .?rtb??oauag Mon.ftre mri'?d U> too* of R **/ly rmkdo OvkmU. W ? 3HS* Datok, ?WtaB, IHIwiM KIN? 4 Bl RCHfcU TKIKrbMAR, 1,2 and 3??*roteoted by Roy*: Letter* Patent of Kniland. twnd secured by the Swii of the Koole de Pharmacia de Plf is, and the Imperial College of Medisine. Vienna. No. 1 i* invalaable for exhaastion and oaten-bee, uid all physioai disabilities. No. 2 oompletely eradicates all traces of those diseases that have been hitherto treated by the aaa leous and pernicieas nse ol ooaaiva and oubebs. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injarioas nse of mereorr. thareb* lcsu-mj to tne sufferer speedy relief, aspersing all imeuriuea, aad rooting oat the venom of disease. TRIE#EMAR, Nos.1,2ar?d 3. are prepared in the form of a lozenge, devoid of taste aadamei ', and can be oarned m the waistooat pocket, ijo.d in tin cum, and divided into separate doses, as aii miniiteren dt veipeao. 14 ?niMH, kou, K.o>m, kc Price f 3 each. or four omn for #$, wuioh saves SS; acd in o&aea. whereb* Uiere ta a aav id| of 1<*. To be hjfctl. wbuiesa.e and retail, of Dr. HARROW, of 194 Bieecker ?treet. New York. Immediately on receiving a remittance. Dr. Barrow will forward the Tnesemar to any part of Um world, securely packed, and addressee aeoordisx to the in itruoti'ini of the writer. The Book, of all others, that should be read by men with damaged and broken down oocstitnuona is "Human FraTltr, or Physiological ie^?arrhrn." It is beautifully ulastrated, and treats ^>nutely of til tbs gympoma that invariably develop theni 'e'ves. sooner or later, respiting from the rVailtSe* ind vitiating habits or aarl? voatk, incapacitating &e victim from sharing the fruition <n the raatn - 1 .r * .l^.ua. a

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