Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR THE Kl .MiCAM I* T1IK IHIHOI. It fwitt'j ito e hrr.iith tinte?l pane V\ ith mil I at.d ni?Iiow Iiitht, And *t*y?d within the ?tacred fane, Aa though it lor'd the sight. It p!*jed on rhiFdhood'aclonrflet* hrow, The bloom cf ?her daj?. It 'onphwl the oM nwn'i ?ilrer, head With wnher'i ?ofte?t hue, And fondly o'er the hiJlnwed font A peaceful rainbow ihrew. It IW the sonlpt T*? o!?'?ie gro jp, Ol nionumoctnl .'tone. And iirirerrd Ions wit? Faith ?n<l Hope, Ado round Uia mace. It o'er th* b'"iis?d altar hung. And er< waed th* pri?>?t wuh *?H; A roral rnt>a the aort>S?c? aeenitd. And feli in purpls fjlJ. Mo't bright thau A*ro**'? breastplate flow T?-? hf>Ty book ?>f God; And (em* b*? rawed the verjr floor When on the porple trod. CVb y-Qt the Pp.rit's living light Will all our h es ?u'rouad,. And we that bmrer.1v gifts mn reek Wtthm the church's bound. Th*n come, by font and altar come, Wi-h futh and work* of tor*. A?Hd^rke>t ('ajs shall brightly team With radiance from above. 01^The revenue derived from the Pittsburgh, Pa , Water Works, last vear. was ?71.726,49; the expense being f.>.370,77; 10 6>5 buildings of all classes, were assessed; oyer 29 miles of pipe Lave now been laid. fC^Tbe Baltimore boot and shoejtrade la un usual'.y brisk The amount of New England VArW Artist tKoPu n?' nrr r>*af irna* was valn?/4 It 92,650,000, and of hon?e manufacture 81,785.00) UJ~ r?Mtv-tn clear makers have struck work at New Ipswich. N. H , because their em plover refused to discharge three colored journey men who have worked for him several yeaA. ID* The fifth volume of Macau lay'a history, re cently announced, will be murh briefer than any of the preceding volumes?including only four or live chapters. fT^Tbe last Yankee notion baa been Invented In .New Haven It Is a machine tbat mak-t slate pencils at the rate of one hundred thousand a day irr It is Bid that nearly *1.000 was cleared at the concert. In Trov Monday night, In aid of the Kansas Relief Fund. ILrTh* attempts hi the to made in Australia, with the vi?w to tbe'lntroduction of salmon have proved failures. Good Xiws -Totn'Sayers has not come to America. AUVTVATa AT Tilt? IT/TPP T m W1LI.ARDS' HOTEL.?R 8 Andrews, Md; M Gtbbs and Isdy. NY; E K I'ratt. d >; B Holla da*, do; W S HaUev, do; J S Lowell, do; T A Pride, Va: J C Bindsey. Cal; 8 Bindsey. NY; J Archer, Mo; F Billings. Cal; E C Potts, Pa; J K Zeak. d?; S P Hrown, Me; A B Cook, Cal; L Hctnsbien, NY; E Pax?on, Pa, R Wortblngton. Mass; 9 O L*? and lady, NY: T O Learae. Pi; G Bradford, Ri; W B Ssglea, do; A Boyd. Pa; G O Coleman, do; C W Wilder, Maas; G ECowperth walte, Conn; \V H Shock and lady, USN; Mr and Mrs Cameron, NY; D Graham. Pa; D P Cnm lulngsand lady. Mass; J V Baldwin, Pa; R J Dobbins, do; E B Seabrook, SC; Mis* Alexander, NJ; Master Alexander, do; D Longnecker, Pa; fc Pratt, Md; J Ives, Conn; S M Penn, O; A Straud, do; L Broadman, Ct; A J Ayrea, Va; F Von Ber nutb and lady, NJ;'K D Wood and son. Pa; E W Vandersmith. N Y; K Parke, Pa; H J Brooke, do; W Patten and ladv, NY; E C Worthington. Me; D Harwood, 111; A J Smith, DC; E Lcyd, Md. BROWN'S HOTEL ?J II Colron.T McNeil, A L?!ay and fim, G McAlniir. T K Sellers. P G Collins, C R Bullock and ly, Pa; J C Foerlsch, i) B Easby. W 1? Herd and ly, J W Nlpeandly, Miss E Cottin. W A Wriubt T V r>.Wn h U Treadway, Dr G Carter. 1) Carter, E Christian, J R .Miller. J Stoops. 11 Oiir ar:d lv. H I' Easall, Va; C T Adams. T R Wraith, L Kay, O: J Coop er, Hen J E Edsall. NJ; H E White, H Barnes, Miss Karnes, .MIm Lowrie, W H Thomas and ly. DrL> Keut, C E Philps inrt ly, Dr E Warner. Md; A D Bo&esteel, J H Lewis," E Greiner. Wii; M J Johnson, F B Whitney, Cal; R R Kini: Ala; C M Carroll, 'l'enri; Hon W A Whitney, W J Ward. O. WASHINGTON HOUSE ? R K Mcllleneyand fam, O; Mrs Reynolds, Miss Reynolds. D Solo mon. NY; H Fosto, Ct; A P Lovejov, Wis; W Buraen and d^u-h, NV: Col Schwartz. G Shoe maker. S Juukin, Po; R Griswoid, B E French, Rl; P R Brookes, NY; G Iverson andly, R Ham ilton, Me: W R ioby, G R Tallman, NY; J G Bowers, Dr Sanders. Wis; E Elmendorf, ?; W B Anthen, 111; S Smford J Washburn, Pa; Jos Butttnton, Rl; N Dsrltnz. NY; J E Watson, ?; Z K Pan i> born, C C iioudon, J Boyd, Mass; Wm Donaldson and fam, .Mich. NATIONAL. HOTEL.?W P Westervelt, Pa; Alex Parkins. Va; B W Williams, DC; G Sum mers. Va; F Cochere, NY; E M Carey, SC; W L Haoseom, Mass; Juo Welsh, W W Shuck and ly. Pa; W M Hartley, CS; J P Topping and ly, Va; Ji B Stanton, O U Latham. H Seymour. J D Fra ly, NY; TT Worthineton. Miss \Vorihin?/u>n Dr \N ood, Geo Fori>?a, ^id; J D Fry. Cal; Lt W Boyd, US.M; D UUmann. N V; O Plunkett, Del; C Hamly, Mats: D i*tubbleiMd, Va; J A Matting ly, DC CLAY':* HOTEL.?E Evana, Md; C Eldridge Iowa; W S Sberwood, D Murphy. L l,ay*rton. Va; M L MurrU. H P llart, USA; D M Morgsn and ly. Ua; O L l.onfeiiow and fam. NH; J l ot ter, L? v\ rtki, J H Parker, Mo; >1 F Hunter, 3 P Forbea, Va; C W Wallace, Can; J M bimpaon, Ua; C P W idup, lnd; W H Gorley.lowa; O Core, 111; M Howard, Mlsa Howard, K Emeraon, L b To were, Md. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?J W Clayton, Md; O E Johnaon and ly, NH; S G Guutou, u \\ atkina, D M Cbauncey, A Tappaa, H Seymour,-* Frany, NY; A Humphreys, lnd; J Erwln, USN; G Klu zer, Cal; J G Hanley, O; J Patrick and ly, Pa; L ctandler, W H Robert, f Corpanua, A Fuller, Minu; R Denwig, Del. 1 ASTONISHING, HUT TRUE ! T ISVei) stia.-igo that SMITH altould get in New floods w be i every body ia orying hard tini<*e. Hut h> e?IU W. . -""J * * ,u< |vuu? tuou luv prices thai the people wiil t.ujr t ?em. N ti ?Just reoejveJ a lot of Ci.OTHl.Sti a*I Ft RNIsHlVi oooijs, vh eh ?:Ii tw sold at jnper oe>it iens than their ac tual v?,b?. At SMITH'!*, No. 4t>0 &evo;ith et, oppomle Po t Utbce. ja24-lni the insurance COMPANY or TIlIS STATE Of VIRGINIA. cash capital 9300,000. losurea Me .chat due, Buildings, Household Furniture, Ac . against lou or d&mn?e t>7 fif?> heath a KNOWLES, Agents, < ?4ce? Room 16 over Bach of Washington. j? in Health is, and sickness fotertv indeed. Reftikad tee if Dr. Ayer'a Metiioines do not do om'UiiuK loen-ioh mautind. i H CiC.o. 12th November, I8f9. Da- J. C. Am-keKiNitl s*.r. 1 itiuuid be wanting nconri .'ii gratitude if I did rot &cknow: edge to voa ?li*t ynm pfcili, or inure accur&te>y your hiTEACT or ka.? <1one for ray Wife, tae bM oeeu fur eouie j?*r? aifi..-tfcd with a humor, wtuch oom?i out u^m b*r iiiuio the au tano u< winter with ?uch tnaiitfjrable itohin? aa to renderehfa almost mtoiemtie. it has never fa led to oome upoo her m oolu we&tner, nor haa any rem edial aid been able to haaten ita departure before aana?.?r to at all alleviate iter cutferiDga from it. This ee&aon it began in October with ita usual wiolence. Uy the kItim ol our celebrated hur feon. Dr. Kiaabaii, I gave h-ryour Baieapaniia. n a week it had brought tee huirorout upon her kin werae tnan we had ever seen it before; bnt it oon began to diaappear The itching h\a omaed lad the humor 1a no m entirely gone, ?o that ahe la oompieto'y onred, but atiii continue# taking the t*?r?ap*fiua, to inaare a coroplet? expulsion of the diaeaae from thp ayetem. Yonra, r?apeotfnlty. . Bk:<j Cartkr. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER &. CO.. ijowell. Maw. ja 16 eolm 1. . ?t . ja. UAL.T Duliu in WOOD AND COAL Oi fc.l kiuda. OffioPeun avenue, between Mh aad 12th alreeU. JJALTlMORfc BUTTKR HOUSE. Daily receiving freen and aweet, in Goaban pack* ace*. A eo. Ohio Butwr, at 1?H *iwi US oonU. fcLLlCOTr * HEWB8, 1j* D. L. MORRISON A CO.. LOl'R AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT*, And wholowue dealer* ia MILL Ph E l>. COR? MKAL. #e., ?-cn Corner of 12th and b atreeta, Washington oity. irr Caeh pa>H f?r a:, kiaite of Grain ?j? MISCELLANEOUS. Thx Ahai-ha vatio-* or Ltwmsw.-Thwe tsa Iiitui teiuie&oy in this yo Ui appropriate the most *x preset v* words of other ias(uaxM,&ad after a whiie to incorporate their, into our own^ thus the wn?d Cepha'ie.whicn is frnrntheiJreek.Biguiiyiiif "for the hand," is now i-'Nooming popularised in oooseetion w?<h Mr. fepal-'iag's great Headache remedy; hut it will soon be um? in a more genera? way, and tha word Cephalic will become aa ooiumcn aa Eiectrotype and many othera whoee distinction as foreign words has been wora away 'T common mil until tuey teem -native ana to the manor born. 'artly Realized. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadache this afternoon, band I stepped into the hapothecarie* hanrl ray* hi to the n?an,'*Can ynu heate me of an'cada^e^' MDo?? it hache'ant," 'vys'e. "Hexeeedtnglycart hi. and upon that > care me a CepKalio Pill, hand 'pon me 'onor it eured me so quick that I 'ardly realised i 'ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. JrfliASACHi u the fsvorite nn by whioh re male* known any deviation whatever from the nataral state of the brain, and viewed in thii light It mar be looked on as a safesuard intended to give nouoe of diteane whioh might otherwise escape attention, till too late to be remedied: and its indioationt should never b? necleoted. Head aches may be olae?ified under two names, vii: Symptomatic and Idiopa'bio. Symptnmatio Head ttcno is DAurmiiU|ij wmim'n ?n*i ti uio prvounnir of a great variety of diseases, among which are Apoplexy, Gout, Rheumatism and all febrile diseases. In it? rervous form it is s? mpathetio dis ease of the stomach constituting title keadarkt, of hepatic disease constituting biliovs ktndacht, of worms.eonstipation and other disord?ra of the N)W well aa renal and uterine atTeotiona. Diseases ofthe heart are very frequently attended with Head achea; Anemia and plethora are also affection! wnich frequently occasion h?adaohe. Idiopathio Headache ia also very common, being usnaily dis tinguished by the name of nerrtntf keadackt, so ire times ooming on suddenly In a state of apparently aound health and prostrating at onoe the mental and physical energies, ar.d in other instanoe* it cornea on slowly, heralded by depression of spirits or acerbity of temper. In most instances the pain is in front of the head, over one or bot^j eyes, and sometimes provoking vomiting, under this class may a! so be named Sturalgia. For t ne treatment of either c'ass cf Headache th Cepbalio Pills have been found a sure and safe remedy, relieving the moat acute paina in a few micmws, iir.'i oy its snoue power enaicatiDg thi disease of vbiota headache is the unerring index. Bbiimxt.?Missna war's yon to send her a boa of Cephalio Glue, no,a bottle of Prepared Pills, bnt I'm thinking that's not just it naither; but per haps ye'll be afther knowing what it is. Ye ?w she's nigh dead and gone yith the 8iok Headache and wants some more of that same as relaived hei before. Drugtxst.?Yon must mran Bpalding'e Cephalic PiMa. Bridget.?Och 1 sure now and you've sed it, here'* the quarther and mv me the Puis aod don't be aL day about it aither. . Censtlpatlen er Cestlveness. No one of the "manr tils flesh is heir to" ia sc prevalent, so little understood, and so much neg ieoted aa Costivenes* Often originating in care 1 MinMl nr lA^Antur* K? Kl if i? rAakA m m 0 slight disorder of too 'ittle consequence to exoiU anxiety, while in reality it is the precursor anc oompamon of many of tne most fata) and danger out disease*, and unless earlT eradicated it wil bring the soffarer to an untimely grave. Among thi lighter evils of which Coativeness is the usual at tendant are Headache, Colio. Rheumatism, Fou Breath Piles, and others of like natnre,while a Iodi train of frightful diseases suoh as Malignant Fevers Abcess?*s, Dysentery. Dyspepsia. Diarrhea, Apo p!exy, F.piiepsv, Paralysis. Hysteria. Hypochon driasis,Melanonoly and Insanity, first indicate thei; presence in the system by this alarming symptom Not unfrequentLy the diseases named originate ii Constipation, but take on an independent exist e?;oe uu ess the cause is eradicated m an early stage From ail these considerations it fo. lows that tn< disorder should receive immediate attention when ever it occurs, and no person should neglect to ge a box of Cephalic fills on the first appearanoeo the complaiat, as their timely use will expel th itsiduous approaches of disease and destroy thi dangerous foe to human life. A Real Blessing. PkyfUian.?Well, Mra. Jones, how is that head aohe^ Mrs. Joius.?Gone! Doctor, all cone! the pilljroi sent our*d me in jnst twenty micntes, and 1 via ron would send more co that I can have ther handy Phyuian.?Yon can get them at any Drnggisti Call for Cephalic Pills, i find the/ never fail, and reoommend them in all oases of Headaohe. Mr%. Jonu.?I shall send for a box direot|y, an shall tell all my suffering friends, for they are arsa VUstint. Twkstt Millions or Dollars 8av*b.?Mi Spaldinghas sold two millions of bottles of his oel ebrstad Prpparsd Glnnand it is estimated that eac bottle saves at le*st ten dollars worth of broke furnitare. tans making an aggregate of twenty mij lions of dollars reolaimed from total loss b* tin vai*?at>le invention. Having madohtsGlnea houae bold word, he now propoeea to do the world ati; greater aervioe by curing all the aching h?ada wit niaCephaiio Pills, and if thay aroai good aa hi Sine, Headache* will soon vanish away like anoi In Jmy. K^Ovs* mcitkmkkt. and the mental car? an auxiety inoidant to olose attention to bus neat c atnuy. are among the numerous of Nervoo Heartache. The disordered state of mind and hod incident to thia d:streesii:jr oomplaiot is a fato blow to a'l energy and ambition. Sufferers by thi disorder oan always obtain speedy re'ief froi theae dist^es^i^g attacks by using one of the Cf phalio Pi !s whenever the aymptoiris appear. ] quiets the overtasked brain ar<l soothes trie strain ed and jarrinc nerves, ai d re.axes the tension c the Hton:e.rli rrhich always accompaciea and at (ravatn* the disordered condition of lha brain. KiTTfl WnVTU f MABfJua ?n?L-U _ ? _ . ? *. 1?V ?T 1115ft > \^?pillUI Pille are a certain onre for Sick Heartache, Hili one Headache. Nervona Headaciio, Cost! venom and Genera: Debility. Sbtat Ducovxet.?Amort the moat importai of a>: the grest nxvlica! discoveries of this age ml be considered the system of vaccination for pro tec tion from ?<mall Pox, tie Cephalic Pill for relief t Headaoh". and the nae of Ouinine for the prevei Uon of Fevers, either of which laa sure specifit whose benefit* will be experienced by aufferin humauty long after their discoverers are forgottei fCTDto yon #ver hare the gick HeadacheD< yon remember the tnrobbing teinplea, the fever* row, the loathing and diegnst at the aight of foot How totally unfit jou were for pleasure, oonversa Urn or study One of the Cephalic Pills woal have relieved yon from all the Buffering which vo then experienced. Fof thia and other purpose yon ahould alwaya have a box of them on hand ( ' ii ii iimivu i ^ aires. NervousHeadache CURE Headache. Br the use o( these Pills the penodio attacks c Nervous or Sitk Htndackr may be prevented; an if taken at the commencement ol an attack imme diate relief from pain and sickness will be obtainet They seldom Call in removing the Xautta an Htadatkt to which females are so sabjeot. They act gently npon thebowe's,?removing Cot tu'tn**>. ^ For Literary Men, Stvlentr, Delicate Femalfla and all persons ol sedentary kabit.%, tliey are a valuable as a Laxative, improving the apurttt giving ton* and visor to the digestive organs, an restoring the natural elasticity and strength of tb whole system. he CKPHALIC PI LS are the result of Ion, investigation and carefully oonduoted experiment! having been in use many years. dnnn? vhmh *i?? they have prevented and reliaved a vast amount o pain and suffering from Haadaohe, whether onji eating in the nervous system or from a derange* state of the jtomiuk. They are entirely re*etable in their oompositioii and mar be taken at all times with perfeot safet; without making any change of diet, and tlu aft i??i of any ditngrteabl* I mil renders it sajy u mdmmittir Ik em to tkildrem. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. SoiJ by L)i uigists and all other Dealers is Medi euiM. A will be sent by mall prepaid oa reoeiptoi Us PRICE, 'J4 CENTS. All orders should be addr?art tn HENRY C. SPALDING, ? Cadar (treat, N?v Yor*. PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIC N O T I C E. WwlJlf lOHf 3D, loo0? ^ Pmblio notioe ia hereby niren that bond a and ooapona uontdi of tha deacriftion herainafter a?t forth, h*re lately been felonlomaly abetraatcd from the eutodj of the Interior Otpwtwat, the aama being the property of tha United Statea aad held in trnat for oertaia Indian tribee. Nettee haa alao been given to the proper ofteera of the riafie uw oiaies co Slop uie payment mrreoi; and ail persons are warned miut psro basins or reoetv inc any of said bonds and eoepons, as the olaiai of tho United States thereto will be prosecuted to the utmost extent. Each bond beinc for ths na of one | tbeusaud dollars, vn : , Six par oent. Missouri Coupon Bonds, issued in Jane aad Auf ust, 1*31. State of Misaionrl.Bt. Loais and Iron Mountain E ft. State Bonds. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1823 1878 1827 1996 1822 1997 1821 1W8 1820 2008 1819 2007 1818 1V93 1808 1994 1817 1995 1810 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1W1 2003 2002 1992 2006 2005 2004 2001 1999 2000 200tf 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1888 1887 181J 1810 1811 1806 2031 2033 2034 2035 2036 2032 1826 1828 1829 1830 1831 LB32 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 lOOO lOff 1889 / 1875 1890 2030 2046 2029 2048 2018 2048 2017 2047 201ft 2044 2015 2045 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 on-jQ 1825 99'bondi 1824 Not*.? Bonds No.SOOO. and belov of thi* Mrim. issued June. 1(557. and bonds No. ?mi,and above that, dated August, 1837, parable at the PUcenix Bank, New York oity, in 1887. State of Missouri aix percent, coupon bonds, viz: Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad State Bonds? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 182ft 1852 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1862 1845 I860 1844 1861 1833 1856 1835 1858 1833 1855 1R34 1854 1836 1833 1837 1833 1838 1834 1839 1835 1649 1826 1640 1837 1635 1828 1613 1839 1613 1830 1614 1831 1615 1641 1616 1642 1617 1*43 1618 1644 lol V 1620 1621 , 1611 1864 1634 1631 1632 1633 1623 1867 1636 1630 1639 1841 1623 1624 1026 Notb.?Thfse bond* are 1645 1646 1647 1648 1637 1638 1840 1842 1843 1650 1819 1817 JR18 1819 1820 1821 90 bondf January, law, ?&T&bi? at Hum oi oomm'ro*, new York, id Novomber. lsai?intereat payable m January and July or each year. Stat? of Missouri six #fr omit. Coupon North Mir rouri R. R. Mate bonaa. Bond No^2962 Bond No. 1639 2940 2939 2941 2942 2946 2945 1*38 ? 1641 1642 1643 1644 1645 1646 1647 1648 1649 1640 2944 2943 2947 2948 2949 2954 2407 2955 1651 80 boeda Not*.?The bond* numbered SBKaad below, i,e ausd in January. UP; No 3910, and a bora that, ia?u?d in Aygutt, 189T, payable at Ph<rnix Bank, New Y ork eity. ~ """ Miaaoari aix per cent Coupon Bond*, viz: North Jlieaoiiri R. R. State bonda. Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 . 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 2722 2710 . 2720 fin 2776 2765 27?S 2760 2770 2771 2785 2778 2772 2775 2774 2780 2732 ID 2727 2724 2731 27M 2729 2718 2715 2714 2784 2728 2726 2723 2713 2960 3937 2938 1653 1654 1665 mi 16M 2921 2468 1650 2922 2923 2924 2936 2951 2#53 1657 1705 17f>6 2312 2513 3614 2515 2516 2911 2910 2912 2912 2914 2016 2916 2917 2918 2919 Tdtn J 7 IT 2452 2453 2454 2455 2456 2457 2458 2459 2460 2461 2462 2468 2464 2465 11M Mtwevri Btx ?er wC C?MM Bond No. 6144 5259 6245 5244 5242 6241 5344 6231 lUilrt^d Ho. UN 5*1 5258 5256 5254 5255 5252 5252 5251 **oo otov *337 6249 5235 5247 5234 5248 6233 5195 5232 619ft 5231 6000 5200 4999 5109 4997 6198 4W) *197 4998 5310 4889 6336 4888 5307 487* 5308 6257 6309 -? 5JR3 61 boada 6306 t*re?t ptjabloia Jtaairr aadJai/ of Moh jmr. Bondi of North Cftrolia*?Covpon ux fm oont North Cfcrohm* ux ft omU. Bond No. 36 Bond Ifo. 303 33 301 32 300 S3 2V7 9 336 7 234 348 347 346 343 341 341 340 339 333 337 336 336 328 329 330 331 332 21M 16ft 104 20 19 18 17 * 15 13 8 11 10 102 101 100 99 103 6 334 22 227 1? 335 2| S17 98 318 97 316 Vrt 2V? VS 230 94 238 62 237 60 236 ? 303 72boodi Nor*.?Tk?M bends payable January. 1M, York. lnUreit payable lit are dated January, Wf>, , at Bank of Republfa, New ble in January and July. North Carolina 6 per oenU. Coupon Bonda. Bond Ne 833 Bond No. 735 832 736 831 758 830 759 829 760 00"? 835 <oi 7*2 8:*0 703 837 7?4 838 790 871 791 872 792 873 793 874 794 875 795 870 790 877 797 878 798 87V 799 880 881 804) 801 844 .8u2 847 803 848 804 849 805 850 806 851 808 85S 807 853 8(1 854 812 855 813 850 814 867 815 85$ 810 m 817 801 818 862 819 80S 820 804 821 805 822 800 823 807 824 H08 826 809 820 870 #27 883 828 882 839 884 840 886 843 * 731 844 732 845 7-13 734 104 bond# Th?M bonda are datad J a l&n. at B aai or KeanbUo, S able in Juw; and Jaly. lly. 1M?. parabl# /*iyt Irw York; intereat par* North Carolina aix pr muL Con jot t onda, Rnnrt Na SOU TlnnJ N? JO? 600 494 003 49ft 004 4S?6 M 407 000 021 007 498 008 510 010 611 on 481 012 482 013 483 009 484 014 484 023 480 023 487 024 488 02* 4S9 020 400 027 5.<8 028 .S3'J MI m (115 644 646 647 648 645 649 650 651 651 616 617 540 541 542 543 630 531 532 533 534 635 636 637 518 529 616 018 619 465 457 468 470 60S 439 440 441 430 431 433 436 515 617 514 423 646 646 647 648 660 662 471 472 473 474 437 476 429 477 436 478 436 479 433 480 431 613 601 513 644 ? 491 119 bond* 493 Forty ftv* fco?4? of ?1*M MljMMi by ? - UMntr or an Ml to t?r?or?t?tfc WMtoni North shs 2hs&fi3Ss%ft?&f? "? i Bond No. 61 Bead No. 161 U lit 63 " 163 64 ' 164 96 116 99 1M Bo?d No. 97 98 99 106 122 123 124 12* 126 127 . 128 179 180 No 162 i a 1*4 it* m 191 192 19< * 194 19a 196 197 19* I* iyy 130 200 137 - 144 45 bonds 146 Two bon-l? for #1, ?*? enoh. dated A?nl, l$9J. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 KiiU?n b?ndi for $l,?w MoU,d?l?4 Ootobf, IM7, r:?: fMtbhnt Ban* of Re?ut>..o. U?t>b?r. IM7. !>: Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 1184 1193 1166 1194 1184 1196 1187 1190 1188 1197 118V ? 1190 16 bonds 11VI TennM?M?lz for o*nt. Coupon Bonds, of A1.090 e?oh, of lo*n of l*fS IK in Nrw York oit), of the to Icvine naabers, and dated Jui ?ry, 1*5*: cona no. zi7 Bond ?o. 415 278 419 294 476 297 477 409 491 413 498 414 723 And of the following nitai Imm4 J?nu?ry.]U4: Bond No. 823 Bond No. 1278 829 K<68 836 And of the following numbers imtd J?na?.rr,lU6^ Bend No. 1744 Bond No. 2566 211.0 2*91 2133 2892 2681 3066 2606 3121 And of the following nambersiaaued Jnnou-y, 1Mb. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3466 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 . 4431 375? 4527 3894 4529 3941 4 WO 3942 4550 3943 4500 3944 4609 3945 4570 3940 4571 39*5 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 And of the following nambvii inum! January, 18o7: Bond No. 50.>6 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 632? 6369 63?0 bm 53?2 53?3 6364 63*5 bW> bm bit* bm 6370 5371 bm bm 6374 6376 637* 6377 6378 6379 6380 6381 6385 M-2* 6427 64 :w 6434 643* 6437 6438 6439 6440 6441 6442 6463 6444 6445 6452 66)8 6519 6520 6521 6522 6763 6704 6705 571* 5707 b.m 5708 5387 5709 6388 5710 5389 5711 i>.m 5712 M91 5713 .S3W2 .S7V9 6393 5839 MIA 5*40 5417 5842 5418 Orrica of thi StctiTtii or rn? Intiiioi, JDeoember 1R60. iM3-dtf J. THOMPSON. ftoereUff. 0LD"c"-gm MONONOAHELA RYE WHIfKET. C^naoientloaalydiaUlled by Mr. Juin Buraatde, of AUecany County, Penaa., in the oid fiahionorf honeat war. from the ohoineat ud moct oarafnlly oteoteti Rye, and in no mm erer offered lor a*le ntil adapted to wholeeome dm by a*e 15 it at onoethe moat |?kt&M?,u itia emphatically om 2?**1'V*** U>th* raftoh of the pubito. To the Inrilid m well aa to t-boee in health, it oommenda itaelf for ita acnvallod quahtieeas a atimulant of the aafeat. ??reet, and moat beneficent (teerr.ptton, and many of the moat diatinaniahxi hjsioiar.a are nunc it la their pr?olioe with tite ha?pi>?t rwiiu. CLERY * STOCKi)ALE* Proarietora. s" Agent for the Proprietors. 28ft Pa. ft*., ee 24~6n> oppoafte Willanla' Hotel. DURE OLD RYE WHIMY.-On bftnd e?r.rft JT brftod? of Pare Old RyeWhi? Ity. Coffer Die Oi.ed. made by the moat reliable dietiliera fn Peer ajWania, M&rj Midftnd Vmitia, warranted rara, Alao, Imported Bratdiee, Her.nwty, Otard. Fhipay 4k Co., ialee Robins. Alao, Peach and Apple Brandy, pare Holland Gin, old Jamatoa andst Croif Ram, and Winea of eyerj^ variety, ali oi "u. ataufard brand a. A ohmoe lot of &car a ard To baooo. YOUNG it KEPH ART, ApecU, a* U U 9H9 Pta &t? batw. Mb and mh at Thtg (estur.'i f?m/?/#r ?u JW (f* < c i/?i t% (k* vmlUy if ik4 llvwfdUii)/^ f A< /?* < prrntf'W /'jr CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS Xfl "TT" ^ jutnunc vaiify whiskev WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHJSKEY IWMJLDALY, 19 S8H1H WILLUH ST NEW YORK. MEDIO INKS. Lr IUn??M fHt nrmji J mi /c*? ^ FOE AUWSIUSE?f()F IMrRl'DKNi'.K, LKT NO FALSE DkIiCACT MKTKirT. APrLY IMMED ATfcLY. a mmmm w ark jwrtn ni urn runat ;> MOM ONI TV TWO DA YS im M Ma lack, hmnm ihtdMrftM tM??n Mini rfkftl ? liMaNt, [> wu? af ika IhI.TWml Rm H Skin, rflkt kd^vlwuM w liiili __ amta( ha bU?t| Buim ml Draatffal aa4 Dmvmixi Pihmm ?>;>! r?*. I?, aa4 4mnt Mia Mr i TOW# HU B^llllHy ?M ka?? >!( ? tfe* ?*U* ( Ml A 7 T^a?, <mihl u< iHUMttM fcaMt w*>a? immUi !*Mf> HWiMi; pi'? it?it af Tw?| Mar ?fiia mi ? OM4 talania u4 MiUanl law aal, wM awti ' mm viU tka IIMra imaf IjM.aa? Mil rtu*,kM| tvtnW MfMtl *? wnWii, 4a . apaa^t.T tini ? Vk? >U?M kWHlTllltl |k? MM 0f ? J. My MM Ml? mHi t? kM Moat m a miiiaat u4 ?aH (f*a Ma attll M a Horrk'I Ha 1 11TT9 UIDUl tH Ml kul Miim| (Mm fcWfcM a>rau, a faw Ma aanar Ft:, ? uakMm^^^^M ?t h ud aaatata iiwi. M JlIIITOI, M?km aftka Imi Cdlin rfKinwt, titlM MM! af Ik* mm iMmm (XltfM la Ika *a*ad Iimii, U4 lit rraatar ?*rt af vkMi Ufa ku kaaa apaat la ?M kaa UliN (M4H.ruii,rkik4?Mlt u< i:M*Mn, Im i? htud mi af ill i*mi ut*>>?Vi| inn ifcat vin kaavnt auf UaakiaA wUk M|ta? la Hi tail u4 ?n Ttin ulni; (tmi BirvMMiiM, Maf ilnari u mMm iia?l?. lulifl'tMi vKk fra<,aaot klaafcmc, cuaodad nai tan Tttl Mufiaw.1 af abt, ?m car*4 laaattual*. nu ritncikAi hotk:*, Tn>| Haa u4 atkara wfca kaaa iigarad iranaalaaa k? Mnw fnilKi Iiia.fa4 la ?k*a aiana?a kak't frtqaaa f Uum4 (raa a?U aaeepao'ana. w at aakaat, ika afacu af Mckiri BI0U; faha*an <kaa aalaap, aad If aat aarad. randara nt'.rrwfa hapaaa-kta, aad ia?piTi k*U via* aad Mr, akaaid apply uataadiaaalv. Taaaa ara aaaia af ika aid and laalaackaly afa?u li?*a??< ky aarla kaMu af aaaik 'Hi Waaknaaa a' >? |>|| ttaka, hiu >n tha aid, Diaanaaa af Bty*',Laa? af Maac atat N?ar, hlpiuaan af tka tf aan,D*apapa*. Haraaaa IrrMaM I Ip. Daraaf aaaoi af tka Dtf aaciaa rar.?ttaaa, taaanl DaMHia ymetarni af Caoaamptlan, Ac. MENTAU.T.?Tnafaatfal affacuaa tka aM at* Maak ?a ka 4ra*dad-L*aa af Mamary, Canfaaiaa af Id act. Daft alalia af pinta. Bail far^dlnp, A t? mac af latin;, wMWHN, fcaaiaf ?ttiad?, Tmd'ij, au.,ua aaaa af tka I?1J pra RUTOII DBBIkITT?Ykaaaaada aaa aaa|ad*a v*at I* tka taaaa af tbair ('. tiioinf haahk, iaa>na tkate ?tjraa, k? ??lay waak^paja, rar?aaa ac.<* aaaacixad, a atrfMat disk asm or iitntnuoL Vkn Ik* ?iaf??ded and imc-rvden'. *Miry ef ^i?m iede N ku ImSikad lb* hi4i ef tbie palatal dl?e . ?. n in Upftna (bar m lU-timtd eeoee ef ikini m <ml af liMOHf tMnkm frwa appletng ta ibeee vhe. f;a*a id*:iu?a tH fwpetiabilit*, !u elane befn*nd bin: fa lie ww ktnll ef end 4mfiiii,f MKtodin, ?( ?, MiMMa r oribf, (lcb bie f?(UMrr aeatanr*. k**p Ma* Irittog MMk inn Miilk, er II Iwif at tk? hmIImi Im c*a ? *w laioed, u4 in de*p*r leave Lin vub rained k*thk t* ntt ttlf Ma gallirf JianpfatntRiai'l; ar ? iba Hi af that deadlb pataaa. Mercery, beaten iba caMuuuwtl ifiMian? ( ik<i temkie dxeeee, iKk aa>.? e? the Bean. Threat. Rw . Mii.le.. prefreeeii.f villi Inftithl rap.4ity.uil leatb pew parted la hie dreadfe) taftrufi ty eeuiiii.f boa ta tfcai M* dieeeeered (Mnir; (nei vheaa keerna a* traveler lawea ML JOBMUaiKEMCDT P(?K OUHICWBiUBII AND IMPOTX3VCT. By tbta (Mat aad inMrveoi veekaeea ef Iba a*fa* ue epaedfly etui and fall ?if?t raat?aad. T>a?aa?de ef ike Baal teneaaaad dekiilteied. eie bad I act aii bepe, be** kaee immediately relieved. All impedimenta la Marylafk. Pbyeiaal at Meat* PieeaaB aaliena, Leea ?f rraeveaj?e r??ei, ?? ? IrtHaMMr kiad Wit EKDOUEMKJTT OF T*? PS.KM rac mart raovaAm*<a*?4 v>it? Ik* lut tciiUmj Ti<n, ia< tka oa>**r*M utftttitl rr1 Hi firiUMi parfarrcad *J Dr. Jdun, ?:uimm4 tf i?t rnwunrf t*? p*f?r* 111 0117 *M?r raOa?> ft nnk It'l iMMitl ipli ud I|t't ktfni Ik? hMI?, ? MMklanu)a|ui iltnUMui rtwin MHty. ! a?a?i?ai u m? i. ipWi? JOY FOR THE PICK AND WIFFHtllW. LET ALL WHO A HE AfFLlCTED READ! AFP-LY THE REMEDY EBJOICE JJV HEALTH. yon hM Are joa the victim rf ur of thoae namero?? culmeDti which fcriae frem in parity of the blood? What are tier, do row aek' Rather uk. what are they not.' The bl<?od ia the aoaroe of life and hna 'tfl, and it ia tie firat eerri*t? of onr being to reapobd to r.r ? oaaae whiob afecta the ejrtem, m lf'? fniee (rf? ibij Mteeta The ere? prevaiu&f Nccralf ia, Ui* tmtati&f fcryaijeiae, th? ant t c S rolu.a, the at' L v ;.t Khnuttni, Net Toue Dotality. Drsaejeta, hirer Complaint with it* (orpor and dejection, an. the nnmberleM ilia that BMb ia heir to, der.*e their hxlenaa origin from the biood, Deft t'.i.&lj Ihe* ftr.d ssnuy with Uic blood. Uae the Titftliii;i? reeonrooe of nfttnrt for ite aid. and anfffer ua to oommetid to roar oor.fid^tice IM uo that truly valuable aiediaajmejt kaown M lit d I ah r?(j?y*f [%Xi&:cpctiort. With reeled to ttu; t.moai lufftlir aqaalar MDtimtnl naa pokeo ib and the erideoeea oft' _ if (rest t'T oonat&nt iron.i of ei.r&Uve fleet reeaita froai iu nee are ftfter i iiea ftnd the beet medical ftkiil hftre fa _ aa ooiioluaion, thM ertilioatee cares ftro not ecufht from the illiterate end aaae* but they are eclanteered i'n m the noft re apeetable aonrce* and justify the incheet tonaa in whic; it ia aoaaible to oommend eo vftlaable ft a?? to pablic ftffrovftL We mfty ftdd aiao that the oa rati re pr-i^ertfee of the medicine are e* eftii^ only hj ita reatoritive efiecle, the ayat^m recover in* 'row <11pease with renewed coaetltut'ona For pale by ail reepectaMe Dracriata in thia city, ftnd by tne propr!<?t<w, MRS. M. COX, None renmne nnleee tier name la biown oa the bottle ftnd her eeai MM oork |yr I'noe 91 per b.'tt,e, six bottlea for f f. imwoiua jrnii. ? I . tlWhL. l>ri|int Georgetown, D Cv wholesale A tent for the 1Mb tnct. and win supply the trade at my prioee. aa IS-tr DR. J. BOVKC IWD'p IMPFRJAL WJHE BITTKR8, Are low betn* aaed Ironi Mvm to the Ur?u Mi Lake, aul the er.ive.isa. rerdlot of aJl who ee? them either m a m*dvnn or a-* a bftrui, is that they are tcnrfurd in the world. J>r. !> ? iwd them ewooea* ,'?]] la hie pntetioe ier ? yeara before weparohae^ fVx i the toie 'itht to ewjieSwtere and present vteta ler aa.e to tie pvtiiio. For Uo Dure of iusip.i^ 1 - ioc, ladtceetiOa. by WlliVCBt their ityanoaa -estiU, Let all fneoda J nnmacity ex "i a;' adrooaiee of ts.-^pcrmooe m:i aa la anbel:t?lD< th*e vaiaaHe Yetetable Bir for the *? ?? ai num.- atd L+r with which the Cvartrr la flooded, and thereby *4 feo?aa.i aid la bac.skifit i>ieea?e and Ptwfa? troiu the j CHARLES WLD0IF1KLD * CO f ron<tyi^T? ff New York. ^MbtStiOQ, 6.\.. " Of. J. BOVEK I MP JB RIAL OlS BITTERS. For Diwum of Uto ^idpey a, B.adder *nd Una?rv apooioliy Irr Femif Obatroctio^*, Orfftr.*, tod oerer flul to omr*. &aa ?lt? w?rrut*d to ?ire i rorr:etoi?. J. tC H vCaRZK. Jo y Ifjr Agmu Wuhiailra.n.C. LLK8 WIDDIFIKLD ft OO n?toi?.78 WUlaMI sc. Nw Ynrt. J. SCH vv ARZ ? ^/aoama";\^ f. CltPAVCHl f ^O^iate th? fliwtl At ?MAmtt will karrm. ?? im nfWt^ fMtiw, it la tott to wtM et ?f mxi ostotWvI tv T*t r**&lrha T snutan, M|?. irALDIKe't IVBPAIBD OLri HkMta All eooh finwiMflM. av) i?* ho??e*M?W afford to b? without it. It ta ? vmi kmt a?- _r oom. shell, tad otfeer orr.wfLta: work, mo poytkr ilk AT g * ^ * ??1 *? " WSXFVL lit MVERT 1I0WEM." HMOfUUM brtlli Wk?Us+i* N*. 49 Mv atre?t, Nt* T?rt. gEASONABLE IJIY tiOOoT! C**k4' ^?!?. KlMMl. B>MkMt l>?ilCI?t*. unw,.*. V*.euci?t B ln?h Linen*. **' Sh^nM.1*' **" ?k^k' Wh.u r <*!rt.v#r Ckf? ,. k ^ whiMGondi Lim hu, Efct HontbuittM. All ? o?nifrp*c*?. CMilurU. " To^rSliaim. -ft y.syryyrcas ,vk ' IIMB1 lea UNO 4 BL'RCHtLU

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