Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR Aa Address?wkM It m*T A poor woman, named McDonald, and her #Te children, were fonnd in a bouse on Cypressstreet on the niybt of Thursday, without fuel and with out food, exposed to all tne severity of the weath er, the landlord having taken out the windows of the tenement because she couldn't pay the rent. ?Saturday Enntng Gazetti. L Ye sleekit saints wha o*' on God As if a' hard o* bearin'. An* nournfu me, frae cushinn'd pew, a' tK' K aa than* 1 nc i/i?uu-'?o Ifrn je. that i' the Ml' nm' air Yoursel'a were late breathin' Trae mither pule, was heard a wail Wad shamo a paean's shealing! Wi* vanntie pnde, bid "Un'on" slide. Blink at your brither's knav'ry, A>e' raise the hand for Atric> land An'prMich the woes ?f slav'ry;? But Srst wnc asp 'he ini?er's giasp A ueehor ho'deth sairljr, Br Tcnr am door upon bud's poor. These cnco' tunes 1 ae fairly. [ Boston Post. i*>?i ?? 117* Friday and Saturday last were two of tbe moat calamitous days ever known in tbe commer cial history of New York. It ia said tbat not leas than ninety firms were forced to larrumb to the pressure,and among them many heretofore deemed opulent?such houses as Freeland, Squires & Co., wblch baa been existence for a quarter of a cen tury. Scores of other houses are toppling, and. nnrsa the publtc afl'iirs of tbe country noon settle Into order, it Is difficult to see what can avert a general smash. Thk Statk CowvasTios ?The Hagerstown TMd.) Torchlight of Wednesday last has the fol Inurlntf " T^e primary meetings of those who are about to bold a 'Sovereign' Convention or farce in tbi? State were generally poorly attended in tbia county on Saturday laat. The meeting in tbia town did not number more tban twenty-live or thirty persona scarcely the tkirtUth part of the voter* of the District." A Sickssio* Mkktisq TkA^sMooBiriSD.?A correspondent of theCumberland (Md.) Telegraph s 'a tea that at a mee !ng convened on the 9th Inst., at Morris Scbocl House. Allegnnv county, a aerieaof resolutions strongly favoring the Southern State Rights doctrine were unexpectedly voted down. The meeting adjourned with three checrs fo; the ft-r? and Stripes. Thk Mvmtioxs at Pkssacpla Navy Yard ? The Montgomery Mail thinks that no time should be lost in removing all the surplus gun* and mum lons from the Pensacola naval and military atations to a aafe distance in th? interior, and tbua pr> ciude tbe possibility of their recapture by any chance of war. HIT" A rapturous poet thus describes the manner of obtaining a kiss: First. erasD with haste. aronnd the waist, and bug her tight to thee; and then she'll say, " Po go away?do, won't you let me be?'' Then, oh, what bliss! but never miss so good a chance as that; then rnak? a dash, as quick as a flash, and?Nella, hold my hat l?7" A majoHtyof the Joint Committee of the Massachusetts legislature have reaolved to report a declaratory art to exclude any construction of the Personal Liberty laws of the State which shall contravene the Constitution or laws of the United States. iH/"A Chicago broker, a memberof the Church* during tbe present crisis has been In the habit of pocketing ten percent on specie which he col lected In church on Sunday, by the very simple process of rendering back an equal amount in Western funds. ID" A young lady at Troy posted a letter with ber friends photograph on it for a name, writing beneath "Ponghkerpsie, N. Y.," recently; it reached its destination. ID" Gold has been discovered in Arkansas, 55 miles east of Little Rock. In sinking an artesian weil several Hne lnmna were discovered and the _ _ __ _ ? ? , a > .. ? , T W>> a v W"? l?v T *2 children and 3 *vta, Cuba; A Jackson, \ a; A J Dane, WSa. . BttOWNU HOTEL?Lt J dr Laaue, W B Maadea, W WiUia, I N Vance, J Warder, M I* Goodurgh, B Rocce, D S Greabatn, J 9 Beekham, V?; Mr Hoorleuger, W A McKey. G Hege. NY; 11 8 Walch, Kan, T Wood, Ind; T H Adt, C Ax, W J Scofleld, Col W R Hugh'.ette, T Hughlette. Md; W W Carnea, Tenn; W J Mealing, Mra Harria and child. Ga; H T Hoone. SC; MrsJudjje William*, J William*, jr, Prof Halderinan, Mra Healey, Mlea Halderinan, Mlaa Jacobs, Pa. NATIONAL HOTEL.?F B Green, C G Han aon. M P Smith. Md; l? T Whitington, Va; E A Cameron, G E Van#>orbnrgh. K K Andrews, G Hughe*. J M William, NY; F Steetea. ?: T D Hall, Can; C P Dan, G A Dadman, C N Beach, D Crawford, W Stark, J H Levett, Pa; S J Seelv NY; B F Kendall, WT; G M Rice, H Davie. C Vargent, Mas*; J W Campbell, SC; C H Carter, Md; G D Pitkin, H J Raymond, T H Green, NY; G P Jenklnt, ?. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?J C C Oartlldge, C S Merritt, NY; T C McGee, J T Cromwell, Md; D Cooper, FtW; Dr T M Gelty, USA; D S Gar land, Va. WASHINGTON vv AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take notice, as it will be to their intereai to do au, mat W. H. READS COMPOUND SYRUP Ot LIVERWORT for foiiiii, Coldt, Hoar;en*3t, Crony and other affection* of the tfiroat and oheat, and *l*o hi- SURE THROAT PoWDKR, are two of the moat in*allibte remedies of the day, and do fkmiiy Id be without them; and beaidea, the* are ao cneap a* to be within the reach of all. We do not expect atrangera to believe what we write in retard U> oar owe medio:aea, consequent ly we reier you to the following well known gen tlemen'a certificates, wnioh o*n be saen at the crug ator?f where the articles are for aale; Iner say thev a.e tne b*t Cou;h and Sore Throat Medioines ttey hare ever known : Rev. Ju H Uruwn, We*. George Hildt. Rev. Sam'i A. Wilson, Rtr. Wm. A. Hioke, Rev. Wm. A. Smvely, Rev John Foley, Uov. Ja? 8. MoMurr?y, Rev. Wm. R.Mula. Of (i? Baltimore Conference. Eaoh artio.e 25 out# a untie. Waoieaaieby W. H Read* Co,, Druggists,63 Broadway, Baltimore. At retail by R. S. T. Ciaaei & Co., Druggist, Georgetown. Cnarl?a Siott, Druggist. 373 Pa. avenue. Wm. S. Tnompson. Drafgiat, Fifteenth at. and New York avenue, Washington. John E. Bat?s, Drnggist, Navy Yard. ja J" lm J.MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE * CO.'S Wt VIUJ ABSOLUTELY^AMD pkhkfcltly PURE, but ground from frflkh Spioea, *?;?owwt and oleaceo b? u? erpreaeiy for tne purpoee without refereno? to ?oat. They are beautifully paoked in tiafoii, (licod With paper,) to prursnt injur* by keeping, and are fall weignt, wtu.e the ordinary rr.iutd Spioaa are a!moat invariably ahcrt. We warrairi ^ ' ^%^8^5WKbSSotS*;af: aa a ain?l? trial will abundantly trove. Manufactured only br 275 ALfeEN 275 JACKSON, FLASTKHKMS. b?,JRffiiftRU* i.? DUPONT'S gunpowder, For aa:e at maaafaetitara prioaa^by JOHN J. B06UK. SioonowTn t ec sou 4?<snr tar CjU District if fcolnwibut. A larte ?cep j, t?tiifc?ac.u* every variol*, MVUI >Dd free to ail part* of tke Di? trtot. Order* 0*11 aiao be left at the office of Adama* Ei?rHt Company. Waehinaton. P. C. fa *-lawly ff'HK UKKATKST BARGAIN# IN Cl.OTB I 1NG. FURNt*HlN6 GOdW. HAT# and OAPsat No. 460 Seventh at., ojpoeite flo*. L W ?_ L'REMl'ii A RICHSTKIN. Jr 3T8 Pkww. Avmri, Are %*enU for the Baltimore Ante' lean and Ex hawgf. Charleston Merc?nr, Ao. Pubeenb??rB ervM at low rate* Papere from every city in the Union?weekly, month: y and quarterly. UH mi1 aubeerib*. Now tathe time. New York. Pk"t? deiahia. Rrtimor* ?.r.l ntK? dirt yielded 'ZS cent to the pan irT-A young girl neirly lost krr life recently In .Marion Co ,Oregon,by using a loaded gun bar rel for a poker The discharge grazed her head, cut ?>ff her hair on one tide and badly burned her fu*. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. W1LLARDS' HOTEL?F H Miller, Kv; F F Brooke, O; G F Dlrkman. NY; J TCrowell.NJ; R II Wight do; N f stratum, do; E Reeve, do; A Reckless. do; W Tatem, do; O T Jones, do; C R Howell, Md; T A Dogle, RI; H Butter, do; W B Blanding, do; T I, Chapman, Mo; J Barnes, NY; D C Shockler, O; 8 Cornstt, Pa; A Snyder, Va; A J Bowers, do; W E Howell, Fla: W Mc Kennev, Md; W A Johnson, do; (i H watkins. V?rf \) Morrow, do; VV T Davis, do; W Rarey, O; F Rarey, do; S H Clement, NY; D F Winter, Kng; J N Osborne, NV; W Topping,do; D Hie*. Pa; J J York and lady. NY;OS Halsted. NJ: C Borce, do; Mr and Mrs Lathers and child, NY; Mrs Harrington, do; E A Raymond, Mass; S W Robinson, do; J H Koigbt and lady, NY. CLAY'S HOTEL ?L S Powers, Md; J B Lane R H Cardner, SC; Major J A Taliaferro, ienn; 6 M Townes, Ga; H M Smith, Chaa Brown, Md; J Kent. Nil; N Robinson, S Marrow, NV; R G Shomarker, L M Hershaxr., Mich; M S Potter, Mich; S M Week, Ga; P J Crowley, Mich; Win F Harrington and son, L A Henrv. I- M Short, 111; G C Cairpbell, R Tate, Me; J H Briscoe,La; J P hiincan Si \" \?urm n V ? IV?n ?a > MISCELLANEOUS. TH? AjtALSAXATTO* OF There iaft growing tonde>nor i? thia i<e to appropriate the moat expreaai ve worda of other langnagea,aDti after a while to ineorparate them into oar ownithna the word Cephalio. whioh ia from the Greek, aiguify ing "for the head." ia now beoonung popularized in oonaection with Mr. Spalding'* great Headache remedy; bat it will soon oe uaed in a more general way, and the word Cephalic will b^oae aa oommon aa Electrotype and many othera whoae diatinotion aa foreign worda haa been worn away by oommon naace until they aeem "native and to the manor born.*' 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadache this afternoon, band 1 atepped into the hapotheoaries hand says hi to the man, "Can you hease me of an 'eadache:'" "Does it hache 'ard," says'e. "Hexoeedingly," aaya hi, and upon that 'e cave me a Cephalic Pill, hand 'pon me 'onor it cured me to auiok that I'ard ly realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadache. |T^H*adaoh* ii the favorite sign by whioh cature makes known any deviation Whatever from the nataral state of the brain, and viewed in thla light it may bo looked on aa a safeguard intended to give notice of disease whioh might otherwise escape attention, till too late to be remedied: and its indications should never be necleoted. Head aches may be classified nnder two names, viz: Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Symptomatio Head ache is exceedingly common and la the precursor of a great variety of diaeaaee, among whioh are Apoplexy. Gout, Rheumatiam and all febrile diaeasea. In ita rorvoua form itia sympathetic dis eaae of the stomach constituting ?uk htarfache, of hepatio disease constituting bilious hindache, of worma,oonetipation and other disordera of the now els as well as renal and uterine affections. Diaeaaee of the heart are very freq uently attended with Head aohee; Anemia and plethora are alao affections whioh frequently oooaaion headache. Idiopathic Headache ia also very oommoi, being usually dia tinguishea by the name ol nervous htndache, some time* oominc on suddenly in ? state of apparently sound health and prostrating at onoe the mental and physical energies, and in other instanoea it comes on slowly, heralded by degression Of spirits or aoerbity of temper. In most instanoea the pain is in front of the head, over one or both eye*, and sometimes provoking vomiting, ander this 61ass may also be named fi rural riti. For the treatment of either class of Headaohe the Cephalio Pills have been found a snre and safe remedy, relieving the most acute pains in a few minutes, and J>y its subtle power eradicating the disease of which headache is the unerring index. Briookt.?Missus wants yon to send her a bos of Cephalic Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thinking that's not just it naither; but per haps ye'll be afther knowing what it is. Ye sea she's mth dead and gone with the Siok Headaohe and wants some more of that same as relaived her before. Druggist.?You must mean Spalding's Cephalio PlMB. BrUtit? Ooh ! tore now and you've aed it. here's the quarther and kit me t-ha Fills and don't be all day aboat it aither. (enstipatian er CeiUveaeM. No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" la ao prevalent, ao little understood, and ho moch ne* Ieoted aa Costi vecess- Often originating in oare leaaneaa, or sedentary habits; it la regarded aa a slfght diaorder of too 'ittle consequence to exoitft anxiety, while in reality itia the precursor and oompanion of many of the most fatal and danger ous disease*, and anleas earlr eradicated it will bring the anflerer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter evils of which Coativeness is the usual at tendant are Headache, Colio, Rheumatism, Foul Breath Piles, and others of like nature,while a long train of frightml diseases such aa Malignant Fevera, Aboesses, Dysentery. Dyspepsia. Diarrhea, Apo presenoe in the system by this alarming symptom. Not unfrequentLy the diseases named originate in Constipation, but take on an independent exist ence unless the cause is eradicated in an early stage, From all these considerations it follows that the disorder should rsoeive immediate attention when ever it oocurs, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cephalic Pills on the first appearanoeol the complaiit, as their timely use will expel the insiduous approaches of disease and destroy thii dangerous foe to human life. Well, Mrs. Jones, how is that head Mrs. Jonts.?Gone! Doctor, all gone! the pilllyoi ent cured me in just twenty minutes, and 1 wis) rou would send more so that 1 oan hare then handy. nvticinm.?You oan get them at any Druggist* Call for Cephalio Pills, I find the/ never fail, and! reoomroend them in all oases of Headaohe. Mrs. Jonis.?I shall send for a box directly, ant shall tell all my suffering friends, for they are arsa bhssmg. A Rami Blessing Twinty Millions or Dolla*s Bav*d.?Mr Spaldinghu sold two millions of bottles of his oel ebrated Prepared Glue and it is estimated that eaol bottl* saves at least ten dollars worth of brokep furniture, thus making an aggregate of twenty mil lions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by thii valnable invention. Having made his Glue a house hold word, he now proposes to do the world stil greater service by curing all the aohing heads wit] Eis Cephalio Pills, an* If they are as good as hii Glue. Headaches will soon vanish away like snoi In Joly. fIT-Ov.* kxcitkmzkt. and the mental oare an< anxiety inoident to olose attention to busmees o study, are among the numerous oauses of Nervou Headache. The disordered state of mind and bod incident to this distreesing complaint is a fata blow to all energy and ambition. Sufferers by thi disorder can always obtain speedy relief froi these distressing attacks by using one of the Ce phalio Puis whenever the symptoms appear. 1 quiets the overtasked brain and soothes the strain ed and jarring nerves, ard relaxes the tension c the stomach whioh always aooompanies and ag f ravaiea me aiaoraerea condition of the brain. Fact* woiti xnowin*.?8paldini'? Cephali Pills aro a certain onre for 810k Headache, Bili ons Hoadache, Nervona Headache, Coativeneet and General Debility. Grxat Dtscovxxy.?Amonf the moat importac of all the treat medio*! discoveries of thia ace ma be oonaideredthe ay stem of vaooination for protoc uon rrom Small Pox, the Cephalio Pill for relief o Headache, sod the nee of Uninine for the proven Uon of Fovera, either of wnioh is a aure apecific whoae benefit* will be experienced by aufferin humanity long after their diacoverera are fortottei Cy Did yon ever have the Sick Headache? D< you remember the throbbing templet, the fever* :<row, the loathing and diaguat at the eight of food How totally unfit you were (or ple?*nre, oonverea tion or study- One of the Cephalic Pills woali have relieved yon from all the offering whioh yoi then experienced. For this and other purpoea yon ehonld always have a bos of them on hand U nee m oooaaion require*. ? VU1IL NervousHeadache Headache. By the im of theee Pills the penodlo attaoks o Nervou* or Sick Htadadu may be prevented; an< If taken at the commencement of an atuok imme diate relief from pain and eiekneea will be obtained They seldom fail m removing the Nautta ant Htadatk* to which female* are ao subject. They aet cently upon the bowels,?removing Cot litwii). For Literary Mm, StudmUt. Delicate Females and all persons of tedentary '.habits, they are al valuable as a f awmtimt im?rn*iii? ?k? ?... tiring tm< and rniir to the digeetive organs, an< restoring the natnral elasticity and strength of th< vhole system. he CEPHALIC PI L8 are the remit of lom inveetigation an?* oarefnlly conducted experiments having keen in nee many years, daring which tin* they hare prevented and relieved a vast amount o pain and suffering from Readaohe, whether ongi nating in the ntrvout system or from a derangec state of the ttommck. They are entirely vegetable in their eompoeitlon and My be taken at all times with perfect safstj without making any change of diet, mmd tJu mh tnui of duatruabU tmttt rmdttt it MUy U mdmiuisttr tktm to ckildrtm. BEWARK OP COUNTERPSIT8! The (MBine hxve fir* n gnat tree of Henry C Sftldiu on Mob Box. Sold by Driffurta and all other Dealer* Im Medl A Box will be ml by nail prepaid on reoeiptol PRICE, M CENT?. All order* ehoald be addrweed to KNBT a ?Pi PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pilSLIO N Oil C E. Public notioe if hareby given that bonds and oonpona annexed, of til* deaonption hereinafter Mt forth, hare lately been fMoaionaly abetraoted from the oaatody of the Interior DcptrtMat, the mom being the property of the United Statee Mi held in tract for oertaia Indian tribes. Notioe baa also been (tven to the proper oloare of the reepee tire Statee to atop the payment thereof; and ail persona are warned againat paroh*aing or reeeiv i ? ?: J a -a- * ? _ ?u. _ m inf acy 01 saia oonui mu ooupoui, am uie oiaim 01 the United States thereto will be proeeonted to the utmost extent, fitoh bond being for the ram of one thousand dollars, tis : Six per cent. Mieeouri Coupon Bonds, iuued in Jnne and Angnet, 1857. State of Missionri, St. Lonia and Iron Momntain R R. State Bonds. Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 182.? 1876 1996 1997 1998 2008 2007 1993 1994 1995 1891 1990 1892 1827 1822 1821 1820 1819 1818 1809 1817 1816 1815 1814 1813 2003 2002 1992 2006 2005 2004 2001 1999 2000 2009 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1&84 1885 1886 1887 IRAK 1810 1811 1808 2031 2033 2031 2035 203A 2032 1829 1828 1829 1830 1831 1832 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1880 1875 1890 2030 2045 2030 2048 2018 204ft 2017 2047 2010 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2030 2011 2033 1825 OOJbonda Noti.? Bondi No. 2000, ud b?low of Una aerlec, taauod June, 1857, and bonda No. 2901.and abov* ,h?p? Btoto.of Mieaour} aye per oenf. ?oujon bqnda. vis: HanniDfti ana St. Joseph KftiiroM state Bonds? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1626 1852 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 184A 1862 1845 1860 1844 1861 1832 1856 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1854 1836 1822 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1825 1049 1826 1640 1827 1635 1828 1612 1829 1613 1830 1614 1831 1615 1641 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1622 1650 1857 CI GO 0 rl r iu-ra ion 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1830 1623 1821 1624 1626 90 bosdi Nota.?Theee bonds arc dated January, 1857, J arable at Bank of Commnoe, New York, in lovember, 1896-interest payable in January and uly of eaoh year. State of Miaaoari six *er oent. Coupon North poiri ft. ft. Slat* bond a. Bond VoiKf>2 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 Mia 2945 2944 2943 2947 2948 2949 2960 2937 2938 1653 1654 1665 1652 1666 2921 2468 2512 2613 2614 2616 2616 2911 1646 1646 1647 1648 1649 1640 1650 2922 2923 2924 2936 2961 2953 1657 1705 1706 1707 2452 2453 2464 2455 2456 MWIV JMI 3913 3468 3013 3469 3914 3440 ?1# SMI 381* >463 3917 2463 3918 2464 3919 3465 3930 3466 3954 - 2467 3955 1651 so boada Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2703 2784 r87 278? 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 3733 2712 2722 2710 2720 27" 351 2727 2724 2705 2731 2768 2760 ?MO ? ..?? nzy 3770 3718 I7H 3716 3785 3714 3778 37*4 3773 3738 377S 3738 3774 3733 378? 3713 3733 3767 Mboadi XiMMri Six-par- . QOpM Bond Ho. 6346 1259 IMS 6144 5X1 6242 6X1 lUilrotd SUM No. ISM 6X1 6268 62M 6264 6365 6253 6239 6238 6237 6236 6234 6233 6232 6231 6200 6199 6198 6197 6310 623ft 6307 6308 6309 6202 630? OWi 6251 6260 6249 6247 6248 6196 619? 6000 4999 4997 4890 4998 4889 4888 48m 6297 61 Bonds of North C?rolu>??Coipon nx per oent. North Carolina aix per oonta. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 363 S3 301 33 300 23 397 9 235 T 334 348 303 348 1M 347 104 346 30 343 19 343 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 338 10 335 102 . **0 iui 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 333 38 534 22 227 1? 32# ^ 21 817 m 98 318 97 314 96 296 95 239 94 238 (12 137 ftO 23d ? 303 72 bonds 'Not*.?These bonds are dated Januair. 18?, payable January. 1?86, at Bank of Repuhlfo, New York. InUrett payable in January and July. North Carolina 6 per oente. Coupon Bond*. Bond No. 833 Bond No. 735 832 73ft JMI 830 829 854 835 834 837 838 871 87 J 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880 881 846 847 848 849 70S 759 7<W 761 7*2 763 7*4 790 791 792 793 794 795 79* 797 798 799 8/W 801 802 803 804 805 37 862 863 864 866 860 857 858 8*0 861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 869 870 883 882 RiU NJO 808 807 811 812 813 814 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 823 824 826 826 827 828 83tf 885 843 731 844 731 845 733 734 104 bonda These bonds ar? dated 1887, at Bank ofRepnbln able in January acd Jaly dated Jaly, law. payable July, ttnblio, New \ ork, intereet pay* d Jalr. North Carolina six per oent. Conpor londs. Bond No. 599 Bond No. 493 600 494 603 495 604 496 605 497 A06 621 607 493 608 510 610 511 Oil 612 013 609 614 622 623 621 626 626 627 628 641 M 615 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 538 5o9 540 541 542 543 644 644 647 648 645 649 650 651 651 616 61T 618 619 455 457 458 470 602 530 531 532 533 534 6*6 636 637 518 629 516 515 517 514 422 645 646 647 440 443 430 4*1 433 436 487 427 439 43ft 43ft 433 431 <01 644 491 492 Motb ThtMboida M8 500 503 471 473 473 474 47ft 47ft 477 478 479 480 612 ft!3 119 bonds SS*irB2i!SM& York, liter?I m>bl> > Jmimt ?d J?ly. N.?k tia: Bond No. 61 Boat Ho. 1*1 61 lis 63 161 M 1M 96 166 Bond No. 97 98 99 10* 1* 123 124 Bond Ho. 163 its 164 165 ITS 191 192 193 1J0 194 127 195 128 19ft 179 197 180 198 129 199 130 200 137 144 46 bond* 146 Two bon<1> for % 1/*W eaoh. riatod April, 1857. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 Fifteen bonds for 91,000 aqh.dfttod Ootolwr, 18ST, Parable at Bank of R?pablio, Oot'>ber. |M7,ns: Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 1184 1193 1185 1194 1186 1195 1187 ? 1196 1188 1197 1189 ? 1190 15 bond* 1191 tMM six p?r eent. Coapoo Bonda. of fll.000 i, of loan of Ut9. pay*h.? 18U in Naw * ork city, of tha fo. lowing numbera, and dat?d J ana m ww 1BA9 TenneMM jb Bond No. 817 Bond No. 415 278 410 294 476 297 477 409 491 413 408 414 723 And of the following number* ianed Jftnuary.lU* Bond No. 823 Bond No. 1278 829 1358 830 And of the following number# laaaed Januajr;,lttf: Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2655 21 IP 2991 2133 2892 1 2581 3066 2605 3121 And of the following number?ie?ued January, IMS. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 ITC^Q 3H94 4529 3941 4560 3942 4556 3943 4566 3944 4569 3945 4570 3940 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 And of the following numbers timed January, 1857: Bond No. 5050 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5320 5426 5359 5427 5300 5430 5301 5434 5302 5430 5303 5437 5364 5438 5365 5439 5366 5440 OOOI 0441 53** 5442 5369 5453 5370 5444 5371 5445 5371 5452 5373 5518 5374 5519 5375 5520 5378 5521 5377 5522 5378 5703 5379 5704 5380 5705 5381 5706 5385 5707 5388 5708 5387 5709 5388 5710 5388 5711 5.190 5712 5391 5713 5392 5799 5393 5839 5416 5840 5417 5842 5418 OrriCI Of TH? SlCftlTAIT OF THB iNTIlIOft, December 36, I860. J. THOMPSON, SweUry. ?-? #v ' ^ z ? ' ?4' u. l>. nuKKisuN * yy.. r LOUR AND GENKRAL COMMWUION MERCHANTS, TTT1 CmH mil for *11 fcinda of Grain, aa ALD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE U BURN BIDE'8 MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously diatilled by Mr. Jarnea Burnaide. of Allec?ny Count*, Penna., in the old-faahioted honest war, from the ohoineat and moat carefully elected Rye, and in no oaae ever offered for aai* until adapted to whoieaome uae by age It ia at onoe the moat paJatable.aa it la etnpfcatioally oaa of the purea; beveragea in the reaoh of the pablio. To the invalid, a* vail aa to thoae in commends itaelf for ita unrivalled %nalitiea aa a aUmulant of the aafeat. anroat, and moat ben^fiorr.i dcacription.and many of tha moat distlntnishart hyaioiana are uaicc it in their praotioe with tha bappleat reaulta. Corner PURE OLD RYE WHlt*KY.-On hand aeveri brand* of Pare Old Rye Whitley, CojtaerDia tolled, made by the moat reliable diatillera in Peon aylvania, Maryland and Vircmia. warranted ear* era er Die lap, Imported Hrandiee, UmiiMir, Otard, Dupny * Co., Jalea Robina, Ao. Alao, P*ch ana Appls Br&ndy, pure Hou&nd Sin, old Jamaioa and St Croix Kim, and Winas of every variety, all of tAudvd braoda. A ohoioe lot qf Cicara and To baooo. YOUNG *KEPHART. A touts, aa 14-1t Pa av.. hiitw.ath and wh iU. j^CHENCK'8 PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. 8CHENCK, of Philadelphia, find, it imp** aibie to visit Washington every week, and has made arrangements to positively be in the city tbe third Wednesday of every month. He haa a auitof room# at tbe Avenue Honae, where patients can obtain advioe free. He or.l* obarcee when it ia neoeeaary to make a thorvuen examination of the Langs with the Reepiroaetor. B. B. Waite ia agent for Sobenok's Polmonie Byrap, prioe # 1 per bottle, for the eure of Couihe, Colds and Consumption; Schenok's Sea weed Tome, prioe SI per bottle,for Dyspepsia; ftohenok's Mandrake P.Ila. pnoe SSoents ber bo*, for Liver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the Bow is. Dr. Bchenck would be graceful to thoee who have been oared by his reinediea if they would leave their eertifioaies of cure with ft. B. WAITE, oomer Peve nfh ?C and La. av. 4* lr " gOOT8 AND apply of eastara . qod. made expreealy to order, and >ld at a maoh lower prioe than haa I afore charged la Chi* oity for nou is want of Boota aad Shoes of ei _ made work, will always aad a rood asi i store and at the lowest a??-r g?IVE HUNpRKD T|ULYBL1N? THNU L Dtom and Paokini Tranka Oar trunk^mm** mum room axhi biu at tkutta* tM rr?atMt variety of travaliaf rMjuutM. at moderate pr.txw. to b* ** ?"-B* WALL. BT No. T8~PlMH. A.TMMVX, Th? Shadow m the Hoim, a*ew itor?t, by John Bunini, lftno., cloth; ftt by mail. Til* Dabk DomiBM o( th? CaUkilla, by til* Rev. David Monooh, D. D.. ttmo . oloth; ?1 ? by Mil. b Th? Romanoe of as Irish Girl, Uao , olo^ft, $ i/n JEsar-*-** * ta" "",u" Worka ui?nucJv,m^js MEDICINES. i? HTHMHtl KNS IMriTUi flu Jiiimrwl tk mm CdMw S?m49.m4 flU) X/fdMi Kiiiiit mi lAi rOK all DISEASES OP IMTRl DK.Nt'R. x*r iro false delicacy pkstent. apply J ?** IT.4iIK.iwt**>. ok WO chae9e. in from one tb TWO DAYS VntoMtf U? iMl.lininm A ft <? ?. *ru? I af Mui, ralpnauax af Ui d?a?. f*. bni tl k|M n J!Hmmi,Dih>n ?(tt? Ini.nmt, i > Bkin, IIium a< U? k?p,l?MuclM ! * ?..i Timkli DwMin fr?m *+ try i Tml-tkHi Dra*4fal u4 OtuiMux Pntui? vkiafc ki III Mutufl 'BfMailll. aa4 aatirav *aia Mr ?? MlM TUIMMU apMiaity ktT* kiwni iti milat af boii) ***?, UiI Imml U< IWWKUM ktMl ?tMk anraall* a*t?pa It wuiMlr yraaa Uta?' n<a W T mi| Mar ' mi tiw4 Mluu and knllui lawtlMt, ?? a??*i Mtirvm kin tttntill lUutinfliMlii ?ttl lUttttOn i(iimii?ii m ?tt?4 M HWir Ut Um( 1?M, aay aall *i|t fill Ma OIIME > rnion a* Yaaaf Maa (Miia^aUil Mw riafa, feataf avara af aafataaj vaakaaaa, Hfuli ditlflvr. 4iraraiii?i. fc*-, apaadu* mil fea ?W Biacaa haaaitf utii Ut aara < Dr. i B<' rail*! Ml; awUt U bia fcnir at a raallaau >a< aaal>n > ?al? Ul. kM akill at a tniKiai orrICE Ma. T MOITC PUPUlCIITUBf. taft baa4 a*4taataff fra? ItJilatii Hnat a ft* < ??' l??a Ut atnai All mi la afeaam uai u< aaakai. limn MM M riU u4 aaauia a tu a> M JOKH9T0M, I OatlBfi afftirfiaaa, fcaa<aa. tialMM latcaat Cat'.afaa la ill laHai lull', Maa Wan af Ut I few aat af Ut MM talent CMltftt I aa< Ua naaui part af vital lift hat lata aftai la IM kav mum at bMM, nn, rtuiMiWA ui iMtMti, " MU< mma ?r Ua MM im?nm| IUM U)tt ?in kMVO; io?r?y INlkll< Vitt rltfu-j l> U* l>4 ?? TkiBMinij (mi HPmM, k?.n* iltrai4 at Mndi, k??bfaTr>?t? ?tU fraqatM klaaW.f, tUM<i4 mm? lm wlU iitufinui af au.1, vara ?ar?4 lMMatlaMlv. A KB F A BTk'tkA* NOTICE. Tm| Maa and ackan ?ka k?>i in)artd u??aai*aa %y HHm prtiun Udalfad la vkaa alaaa?a k?? i fr?ia?a y laamtd frar* avti ?a?pamana, a* at aahaal, ika aiaau al wfcicfc ar? aiffcUj fah?*aa vkaa aalaap, aed it aat aa?#d rao4in mtrnaf* Uaaaaaiki*, aad <aau?ri katk Mlac aad fcadr, afcaaid apjly lamomiii Ami art Mat af tka h4 u4 aalMaMr afaiu iwiklli ky aartr bakiu Wnrnt ?? i Waakeaaa afika kaak aad llmka, hmi IB tba laid, thsnaaa af ?if hi, La?i af Munm r>?li, Palpttauar af ifca aa*t,D??fapaT, l?ar?aaa !rmaa? 1 ty, Daraaf tmaat at tha Dif aauv* taucttao*, atinl DfWIttj wyir.ytvi.1 VI VMilfinpUVn, MKHTAkLT.?Tba faarfa! afaaumi Ui ?tad in ? ba draadtd ? Laaa af Mium;, CwfWK N if ftrtM, B*il rarbadinfa, A*arataaaf Ihhi;.StU Dwot, iattwda.TtatAUp, (it , tit mi af l>i a*1?a p? |M94, HITOII DIllkTT -riXHiJi > iiflUfi (Ml I* Iba UUl af tbtir dadialng baaiib, kaamf iktu ? ( ?. immlmg wtak, p?1 nirrHi and aaaaiatad.bavlnf a air tffMRW >M?t lb* IfM, tarn ft M IJll.|HtTI ( IMN!>^l'N Diiuin or iMpmirxcMCB VkM Ui ritaf atdtd ud latrtdMt 'tui; af fluMii tad* bt ku la^lM Uia attdt af ua pair.fa; daiiat, ti taa aflta ktffaoi that an tiiuroad aanai af abama at draad at diaaattry daiara bin frem tffliin( la tbaai al.a,lnn adavumaail raapaeubtliip, dan tfari bafriaad Hip Ma lb I la tata tba kanda a( ifnaraat aad daatfnu f pratt nritrt. ?ba, inaap*k't f tarn*. Ileh bia pacaniary aabatanta, haap bH* tntwf atilb altar maaib, ar aa lauf aa *>a am?.laat faa eaa ba taiaad, and in daapair l*a?a hire vub rainad baaltb I* '(? a*ar bUrallinf diaappamt"-ai.i; at by iba aaa af ibat daa.'y pan an. Marcary. h tat a a tha car^uiatiatia I ariff-tama ' ifcia tambla dlaaaaa, tach aa Afacoanaaf iha lian. Taraal, Haaa, Rln.ti.. prarraaair.f With frtfbifal rapidity, UJI daaib paw a panad ta hia draadfal aafannfa bp aanding bin la tbat aa ilaaaaarad taautry fran vbaat xam aa traaalat rataraa ML JOMBOHIlEMCnr POK OUilllCVUUUl AltD IMrOTKMCT By tbla (TMI aad Ir.MrUni rareaCy attlniai af ika atf??a ara tpaadHy carad mm! fa:l ?if?r rat tat ad Tbaaaaada a' .? Mat narraai tad dtbthtaiad. vba bad iaat all bapa. aa?? bat a Iniaadtaiaiy ttni^td All Irapadinanu ta Marr'tga. Pbya>aa aa Maau!*Ua?a .J wuari. mm *< rnniui'i r?w?? Hcrf?M imun '.j TnaMinfu4 Wialitn at Kitamt? trui Mtilnitk. klad y*??dilj t?s?d CRDOUrMHTOT TM fttX. TIB MANY TIJIItm<ltind audi* imUwm wHki? |k? lut ntwlMa T??ri, >*4 the i irinu inpartaat ??f> * ttltftnUMl ptmrni< k? Dl. MTltn ?f th< yifiii ut aur iUii f?r Tknt k?T< a???r?d i|tli ui i(t!t kih'f . < r>> ' f Itl ytfin u< Buy iltii Hr?M.Mtliu W vkrtk k?T< imind iftti ul ift!i Nmt Ui frtl' iI4?UimmI>|ui p*tl(BU?f tkinMtruil r*< MIUTi ! t illiliil fWJUiit t# A* tiiMtl. |t> I JOY FOR THE KICK AND lOFPHUL Let all who are afflicted READ! Ar*LY the REMEDY A KB REJOICE iy health. yon cuffed Are jou the victim of ut of thoaa enmeroaa ailmenta which anae trom iro parity of trie blood.' What arc tnfr, do yon Mtt Rather uk. what are they oot i The blood it the onroe of life and health, and it ia the first eiement of oar being to respcn<i to any canee which affecta the ayatem.aa the pulse atteata The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irniaUtg Eryaipelar..the sat>tle Acrofula. theagoniaing Rbeamatiam, Ner voaa Def'iiity, Dyspepsia. Liver Complaint with ila fervor and dejection, and the naaberieaa ills that flesh is hair to, derire their hideoo# origin from the blood. i>*a tuii- j then anc r?r.tly with the Mood. Use the T;ta.i*iug reeouraea of natnre for its aid. and coffer as to oonjm*r,d to roar oor.6der<oe and aae that trmlr valaaWe medicament known u MfHS Jtf" COX'S INDIAN TKOETABLE DECOCTION. With retard to this a.most ml* ..bie specif o pqpnlar sentiment hu spoken la decided urmi, lid the endMCN of thi? erect rffio?-cy v* m t&i ned by oonstant avowair of etrative HTeots and the happiest result# from lU in are after all other rMBMiM and the beet mec oalakfii bar* failed bat u ear,in corn usioe, tMt c"ri.fioat*? oarea are cot sought from the illiterate and ecser - loial, bat thay ara volunteered from the most ra speotable foaroee and justify the lughaat terms ia which it u possible to oomirecd so vaioabie a ec ho to panlio approval. We mar addalar that the curative propertiesol the medicine are equalled only by its ree to retire tbe eyelets reoovar inx from disease with renewed oonstitatioaal tit For sale by all respectable Drufi tats in 1 Oity.and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None genuine unless her name is blowa on Bottle and her sea! on the oork ITT Priee 91 per bottle, aix bottles for ?K WhoUsaU Attnt. K H.T. C1K8111,. DraiflM Georgetown, D C., wholeaale Agent for the utm tnct, and will auppiy the trade at my pnoaa. aa U-tr DR. J. BOVEK lKIITS IMPERIAL WINE BITTER8, Are now being ased from Maine to the 6 rear put Lake, anl the auireraal rertiiot of all wha fcae them either aa a or u ? a they ar? 12 in* worUT l?r. ft than enooeeafa Jt ?rs hu r+riic* fo? t? jw we perohi**< ! kirn the ?c!e rtrht to inaoc and preeecl tkma {?r aale to the public, otre o( Ire*:*;.? Ccpat^rtioc. indirection ffHik Piiea, K?nret? Dkmim, Fmi? ? in, Wenre*? L):imm. h ema plain ta, aii<i a!i nr? rttimi.; ?toino, the rood doibtamoet ?et* vabie remedy. A without their tiga r?oa? rr**!U. Let a I namauity and all advocatea of traiKrui aa in anbaUUiinc theee TaineMe V?frt?i?ia for the fnimtril wutmt apu +4v\t*+itd with which the coatlrr la flooded, and th f<*c aid in baciikin UiMMe and Dr beat Uie uu?L <!H * RLES WI.DDIFIKLD * COHj Pr*?Tl#tora,Tt? W i!!i?ni atreet, New Y ?f J. SOUWAK/K. Acraw WUtiB|tO&, I). U. JM PR. J. BOVKb OOPS' FBR1AJL BIN BlI'TFilS por fheeaaea of the Sidney a, Bladtior Organ*. ud especially for F"er.*)? Obetr rjerer nil to care, uH axe warranted to ~ Charles widdifield *co? Proprietor*. Ts William at.. Ncw YaiJL lis. and U| kbatrad to giT?j J?1 IJJ i. ^HWAKZiW Agent. Wsehicgton, l5v. % 36-^ \ttpa time A ^ ^ov auoicxT: '<*/* DISPATCH I lt?? tht fif?e?! A At mmidmf mill hmrpt*, hi* ? w ^ fmmitUt, U to *? k?w ? ldc eoaveiarai var ler r?p>1rvng Faiai to <m Imi ( M iriLDlNfl'E nUWAASO Mta all nob craergeretee.and bo h< ifera to be tiUoiIIL It is klviri i tol*L There la no losger i K onaira, ^lintered ?*? la, MM broken erad tee. It ib inet 1 MU, ahall, aijd other crmiwUI with ladir* of retaeraent and f yai sable *i |Md in tbe win* ? miij niurv bcD0VIT6. Ntf W. ? 9SEFWL IN KfMRT HOWSM." (if 1 tlti MMKlfUlM Wk I^H.i - VUuiJi ftm. Cater street, N.w (Ml. m"fiHLl0GKfc!V M BhowCard accoiup*!!) iik wr. IOTA aiazla bottle of Kf'A{.PiA't>?S /i< t FJLP-KD OLVE wil1 nu trp tun.* ita c?t"As suit? to ararj Loeeekold.^ZB . N Sold by all rronuoeut blabouar*. l)t?trtW?i Ha.rdvara and Karsitara Dauora, erocora,,jtp4 Cobntry tvmhacte -fmcld make ft rots cf kJ^Ll DlffO'S PHEtARE0 ?LVK, wHaa makfe/^ th^irlnrt. It wii1 >t>nd m? tliuM* ' flCl* ^KADUNABLK DRY 6UOAI! Cloak*. Shawl*, KlAi&U, Marino*. Ottoman*. Blanket*, Fall Clvtli*. U?T>*. Kaiicy Silk*, Silfc Rob**. Poalma,*. _ dpha, Varna, hoo?a* Skirt Iriak Llaaa*. Skaetinf*. N Beaver Cloth. Saek Fl*?i?*i Wlnta Good*. Linec Sat*. R?k 4*1 ? M ?t * BURCHfcU*

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