Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, May 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated May 4, 1855 Page 1
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Ikfofurii JUSh Mmttie. BY EO. W. BOWtSAY. SEW SERIES. The World's Great Exhibition Prize Medal Awarded toC. MEYER, p of hi, Two Pianoes, Loudon, October 15, 'sl. C. MEYER, Rp.pectfully informs hi- and the public ge rcraity ,hat he ' ,as constantly on hand Pianoes equal those for which hen-reived the Prize Medal, in London, in 1831. All orders promptly attended to, ami *reat caie taken in selecting arid packing the same. He ha- received during the last 13 years more M'- ils from Franklin Institute than any other maker; also first premium at Boston, and pre ml inn at New }ork and Baltimore. tt'jrerooni No. 6*2 South FOI.'RTH street, below Chestnut street, Philadelphia. March a, 1836—3 m. WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE AND FANCY GOODS. .7 Choice Assortment of the Finest Quality, For Sale at the Lowest Cash Pries, at ]VM. P . EL TO A ' HEAD 'S , Y O . ]S4 South Srrond Street, between Pure. and U- Il ea Side* PHILADELPHIA. The a-sortmerit embraces a and Se/ert Stork of I'll" Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, At hat a Ware, \it,l •'■•tii Jine Stiver, in Spoous, Fori*, Jxidies, &/-r. J r t Goads, Finland Faury Articles of a superior c:.ulitv, de.-erving the examination ot those who de sire to procure the Lest good* at the Lowest Cash Prices. Having a practiral knowledge of the business, and ?t; available facilities tor Importing and Manufactur ing, the subscriber confidently invites purchasers, believing 'hut he can supply them on term- as tavor ahlr a- any other establishment in either of the At lantic fit tes. X7"All kinds of Diamond and Pear] Jewelry and Slier Ware manufactured to order, within a reason able time. 'y Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware faithfully rtyawed . VYM. B. F.LTONHEAD, No. 181 South Second Street, a few doors above the Second Stieet .Market, YVe-t Snle. Z7~ In the South Window of the Store may be seen the latnoirs BIRD CLOCK., which commands the ad ii.nation of the scientific and curious. Oct. 13, 1831. ly. A MIRACLE OF SCIENCE! Dr. C. 1.. Kf.iximi, of Mechanicsburgb, Cumber land Co. Pa. announces to tho-e afflicted with 1 ti mer-. Wens, Cancers, Polypus, Lnpn.. Moles or .Marks, Scrofula or King's Evil; and all diseases tha- Itive been usually treated with Can-Tic or Knife, he can remove them without cut!.tig- buriiiinr or naja ; ueuner v filoiomrm or J-.ltier is jWnnnistered to patient. It i> no matter on what part of the body they are he can remove them with perfect safety, anil in a remarkably short time. No Mineral or \ egetable poison, is applied; and no money required witil a cure is perfected. Prolapsis llteri. Female complaints, Chronic > en eieal and all other diseases treated with positive -uc ,•. Full pattirular-can he obtained by addressing in either Kriglish or (lerman post paid. Patient-can be accommodated with Board on reasonable term-. M- I'hantrsburg is mte oi the prettiest and liealtfily Town- in tin- or any other State. It is 8 miles trom Harnsburg on the C. V. R. R. and accessible Iroin alt parts ot the Union. 'The Dr. will visit cases in any part of the Slate when desired. Kind rentier if you know of any afflicted ftl low-creature, delay not, to tell then of t,• is treatment. Match -J, 1833.—Gir..* The subscribers respectfully b'g leave to in form the people ot Middle YVoodberry I own ship, and the country at large, tlsat they are now prepared, at their establishment, one mile south 1.1 YVooiiberry, Bedford County, to furnish tour horse Threshing Machines, Pierponts' Patent Shaker, Cider Mills, Ploughs ot every descrip tion, Keagv's Cooking Stoves, tvvodiflerent f at terns, and two different pattel nsof Coal Stoves' Plough Casting?, Wagon Boxes of all sizes, and ca-t Dinner llells of three different sizes also, Mill Castings of every variety. We are also prepared to til up Machinery in the best and most durable style, and will give prompt atten tion to all orders in this line. The public ate respectfully invited to give us a call, as we feel satisfied that both our wotk and terms will please all who do so. J. M. SNOW DEN, WM. B. BLAKE, Proprietors. Oct. 27, 1854. 11. k. VI XUERUICH. H - C. NF.AD. Wunilei'lich &* Yormavimtg €ommissicn illcrtLaniS, Stroud Street, appontejke Ctimt-erla/id Valley Rail Road Depot, CEAM3ERSBURC-. K7"Ttiey are at all times preparpd to carry all ku.>! of Produce to, and Merchandise, &c., Irom Philadelphia and Baltimore, at Die shorte-t notice. They will al-o purchase Flour, Grain, inc., at trarket price. COAL, LUMBER, SALT, FISH, GUANO, and PLASTER on hand and for sab; low. June 10, 1833. JONEi'H W. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAW And Real Estate Broker, Bedford, Fa. Will attend to all business entrusted to his care. He will give especial attention to Sol diers' Pensions, Claims, and Bounty Land. He has two or three Farms and 4,000 acres of unimproved land for sale. He has been appointed agent to prosecute the R ibert Morris claims, to lands, in Bedford, Blair, Cumberland, Huntingdon, Adams, Perry, Juniata, Franklin, and Fulton counties. Persons holding the Robert Morris lands by purchase, improvement, or warrant, may com plete their titles by calling soon. Suits will be instituted against "all trespassers not regarding this notice. [Tf"Otfice on Juliantn street. Jan. 26, 1855, PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE Coal and Timber Lands and Hotel Property. r THE subscriber will offer at Public Sale, at tbe j Sr. Nicholas Hotel, in Cumberland, ON* FRIDAY THE 15TI1 DAY OF JUNE, 18.55, the following valuable property in Allegheny Coun ty : That valuable Tract ol'Coat. Land, known as Mil IDEA'S DEL I BUT,' containing 110J ACRES, more or less, situate on .Moore's Run, near the George's Creek Rail Road, and within three miles of its junction with the Bul tiniore arid Ohio Rail Road. It is entirely under laid with tbe 15 § U VEIX" of COAL, fifteen feet in thickne-s. Irs soil i good lor agricnttuial purposes and is now covered with a fine growth ol Oak and other valuable Timber. This piece ol property is admirably adapted for the basis of a < oal Company, equal, il nut superior, to any in the State, and ran he put in operation at a small expense. ONE O THER TRACT OF LAND CONTAINiNIG 100 .rents, nolo: or. i.Kf-s, KNOWN AS THE "?l IMa Kit" or"C'OJlBS" I arm, on Jackson's Run, near the George's Creek Rail Road, undeiiuid with the •Hi I G V E I .V" of COAL, which is easy of access. The soil is of good quality, and is now under cultivation, (t i< w ell supplied with buildings and all other improvements necessary for farming purposes. One oilier Tract of Laud Called * k € Is 89 Si Y ," Containing 100 acres-, situate on the Baltimore and , Ohio Rail Road, at F.vert's 'Tunnel, underlaid with THREE 1 EJXS of COAL, <> leet, 5 lee!, and 1 feet in thickness, accessible at tbe very edge ot the Rail Road ; it also contains a vein of valuable 1 RON ORE, Sleet in thickness, now open. ONE OTHER TRACT OF LAND,CALLED "Perry's First," contain i: g 119 ACRES, more or less, covered with a fine growth ot White Pine and other Timber, Irom which Lumber of excellent qualify can be manufac tured. The soil is well adpafed for pasturage or tanning purpose-. The situation is only a short dis tance south west of. Frostburg. ALSO—THE Siaisit Nicholas un the corner of Baltimore and George Street, Cum berland, nearly opposite the proposed depot of the Pitt-burg and Comiellsviiie Rail Road, and Ihe new depot ol the Baltimore arid Ohio Rail Road. It is new, and built in the most substantial manner, replete with every convenience. It contains ample accom modations for 260 persons. All the apartments are Urge and commodious, well lighted and ventilated. ON THE ; ft t .lUKIlbh HDhli \M> NfAISLI., WITH SLEEPL\G J] RJIRTME.VTS FOR N ER I JLVT'S .TTTjICHED. This Hotel i- considered equal to any in the State. The Furniture is ol the most co.-tly kind, all new, Hid can be purchased with the property if desired. B3P"TERMS -. Easy, and wili be made known on the dav ol sale. • Capitalists wishing to secure valuable property me i'espectfully invited to give any or all ot the a bove property an early examination. Should any information lie required please ad dress the uudetsigned at Potomac Furnace, i.oudon L'o. J. JOHN VV. GF.AR\. April 20, 18-3.3. 85 cdtfo a* d Aca ci e iia y and FEMALE SEMINARY. W. W. CAMPBELL, Principal. This Institution, hitherto under the care of Rev. John Lyon, will hencctorlh lie conducted by the pre sent Principal. The past history of the Academy will, we Hu.-t. be a sntficient guaranty of its future efficiency. 'The blanches taught wilt be the same as heretofoie. 'To jiastku vßiNCiruns will he consid ered the most Itnpoi taut puisuit of tbe pupils; and while it will be the constant business of 1 he Instruc tor to impair knowledge, it will also be his ami to lead Ins pupils to make a practical application ot their acquisitions. To load the nund with innumer able torniulns, without causing it to use them, would be like placing a bow in a child's band, without teaching him how to bend i'. In fine, it shall be our object, as it ha- ever been, to lead the pupil to Til INK . We look forward confidently to the patronage ol this community, which bus thus |„r been so gener ously extended, and by an undiminished assiduity, we hope to meut your support. Terms per quarter, as usual, to vit Classics, Higher English, •' 00 Middle " Elementary " + 00 Music, * 00 Piano, - 00 The Session opened on Monday, 12th irst, Feb. 16, 1855. H. NICCEEMUS, fimiencu an-) Justice cf the locate, BEDFORD, PA. lljs removed Ins office to Juliana street, nearly opposite the Drug and Book store ol Dr. i'.C. Reamer, where he will faithfully attend to all business connected with the duties ol his office. He will continue to repair clocks and watch es, as usual, and respectlnlly invites those in need of his services in this line to give him 9 call. April 13, ]Bf)u. FORWARDING AM) COMMISSION WAREHOUSE Chambeisburg, Pennsylvania. THE subscribers are prepared at all times to carry Produce of every description and Merchandize to and from Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea sonable terms. The highest price paid at all tunes for all kinds of country Produce. Depots, BUZBY IV CO. 36-3 Market Street, Philadelphia.—JOHN BIGHAN, Baltimore, No. 131 H street. C. W. FASTER & CO. Feb. 9, 1855—6 m.* ONIONS.—One barrel Seed Onion*—just received and for sale by A. B. ( RAMRR At Co. Exchange Building. A WORD TO SOLDIERS ! Republics are no longer ungrateful! You country bus done you full and amplejustice ! All persons entitled to the benefits of Ih "Bounty Land Bill, are hereby notified that th subscriber will attend to their claims. Soldier who served fourteen days, their widows and mi nor children, are entitled to 160 acres of lani under the present Jaw. on Juliann. street. JOSEPH W. TATE. March 16, 1855. ftew* 6r *lie People! NEW GOODS AT CHEAP CORKER, NO. 1 Fel/ow-Citizms : We take this opportunity of returning von our most sincere thanks for th lilwral patronage vou have so kindiv bestowei on Us. We would also inform vou that \v have just returned from the Eastern Cities, will a large and well selected assortment of Goods such as Cloths, Cassimeres, and Satinets : Pete Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' tine dies goods, such as Silks, Alpacas, Coburg Clothe Bombazines, Merinoes. and a iarge assort men of Bay State Shawls, Hosiery, lor Ladies, Com forts, Crapes, Collars, ix.c., &c.—Mens,' Wo mens,' Boys' and Children*' Shoes and Boots and a general assortment ot Groceries. Crush! Ed and pulverized Sugars, best Rio Coffee, Tea of all kinds, N. G. Molasses, Golden Svrup Mackerel, Salt by the sack, Baker's Chocolate Broma Cocoa, and a general assortment of Good usually kept in a country Store. T'-T" All kinds of Produce taken in exobang for goods at market prices. SANSOM GEPHART. Oct. 13, 1854. 5U ( Sneer* vor to ILtrtDy A- Kfright BEDDING Ay D CAB PET I TAKE HOUSE, ..Vo. 1 IS South Second Street, Fir'doors ahovr Sprue Strrrt, PHILADELPHIA Where he keeps constantly on hard a full a*.oTimT. ' if every arlirle in Ins line of business. FRATHEIt *"K ATHF.R-BEDS, Patent Spring M;tftre*s-s, Curlei ( lair, Moss, Corn lltisk and Straw Mnttiesscs. Velv< ["ape-fry, Tapestry, Bui-el-. Three-Plv. Ingram p .'enetian. List, Rag and Hemp("nrpetings,Oil Cloths ' ""anton Mattings, Coroa and Spanish Mattings, FloiJ t m! Stair Druggets. Hearth Rug-. Door Mats. Tabli nd Piano Cover.-, to which he invites Die attentioi d' purchasers. a Oct. 13, 183-I.—ly. NEW STORE And New Wood*. SREAT BARGAINS, AND NO MISTAKE ! 4, Would respectfully avail himself of this me hod of inl irming the citizens of Bedford and f icinily that he lias opened an entirely Ne.v Dry Goods, Grocery, MUL funcy SLUII, n tiie Borough of Bedford, m the room tori nerly occupied by Dr. Hofius, and second doof, vest' of Dr. Harry's Drug and B-iok More \ here he has just received from the cities o/ New York and Philadelphia ineof the most elegant assortments oi Goods e ,er brought to Bedford, which, having been pur thased lor cash, under the must favorable cii-y •uinstances:, he (eels warranted in saying that ran sell them at prices so low as to nston I-.'l tlw lurchaser, and ail in waul of good Gods, at " he shortest possible piofit, are invited to giv.j aim a call. His stock embraces every yarn ty J i Ladies Dress Goods, inch as Silks, Satins, Delaines, B-mbrzines,, Spring Shawls, novelties in Lawns, British Prints, Plaid Ginghams, 1 mlnsleeves, from 124 cents up, Hosiery in every variety, Shoes./ Boots and Slippers, I r Ladies and Children in tact I most every aiticle adapted toa Ladies wardrobe, which it would i-quite too;much space to enumerate in detail. His slock ol FLATS and BONNETS for Ladies, Missts, and Children, is large, rich atttl ( HEAP. His Groceries, Teas, Spices, Syrup, are all of the very best quality. [Lr"He will consider it no trouble to shew his Goods, and he hopes the LADIES especial ly will call ami examine ids assoitnient wheth er they purchase or not. Always remember, however, that ELI FISHER'S is the placef.u BARGAINS! !! April ti, 18S5. CARPEPINGS— Ingrain, Wool. Fig, Rag and Listing Carpets, and Mattings for sal • by RFPP & OSTER. BOOTS AND SHOES.—Mens', Wontens', Boys', Misses'and Childrens' Boots and Shoes, Gaiters and Ties—in great variety for sale at CHEAP SIDE. BONNETS.—Belgrade, French lace, Hun garian, Albini, Maiiinlla, V\ lute, I ripler anil Rutland liraul Bonnets —tor sale cheap, at RFPP cN. OUTER'S. FLATS & BLOOMERS—Misses' Ruthland Flats and Bloomers, tinned and untrimed, lot sale at CHEAP SIDE. GROCERIES.—Good Rio Coffee at I2i cts. prime do If) cents. Golden Syrup and prime N. O. Molasses for sale bv IiUPP &• OSTER. SUGARS.—Granulated and Crushed Sugar*. White clarified do lOcis. Nice New Orb-am at 7 and S cts. for sale by RLPP OSILR. April 13, lS. r if>. BEDFORD HALL ASSOCIATION AN Election will be held at the Bedford Hal on Monday the 7th tlav of May next, to eieci FIVE TRUSTEES to conduct and manage the af fairs and business ot the Bedlord Halt associa tion of the Borough and County ot Bedlord loi the ensuing year. The election will be opened at 2 o clock, anc closed at 5 o'clock, P. M, Bv order of the Board of Trnstees. F. JORDAN, Sec'y. April 13, 1555. Freedom of Thought and Opinion. BEDFORD, PA. FRIfAY MORNING, MAY 4, 1835. .!:*§• K. IfiafiSssiKi Would announce to his friends and the pub lic that he has purchased (he entire Store of the late James M. Gibson, and intends to continu* business at the old stand, fie has on hand ar assortment o| Dry Goods, Groceries, T. as, Se gars, Jew e]ry, &c. £ic. together with Con fee tionaries ot every description. In a short tinw he will replenish his stock, so as to make it ar inducement to purchasers to give him a call.— He has on hand a good supply of FLOUR, ant w ill make every eflbrt to accommodate the peo ple in this line of his business, either whoKsah or retail. He wili also keep Bacon, Fish Molasses, Boots, Shous, Hats, Brooms Brushes, Patent medicines, Drugs, Dye-stuffs and everv article usually kept in a retail store HANGING and CPll ULSTER fNG will he attended to as usual with prompt aess and despatch and he would take this oc vision to say that he has now on hand, arid wil urnish to order, on the most favorable terms werv description of WALL PAPER and DOR CfERING. By unremitting attention to business, and ; lisposilion to please, he hoprs to merit and re :eive libera! encouragement. Bedford, April (i, 1855. FIRST ARRIVAL OF New Spring and Summer Gcods. The undersigned, thankful to their friend ml patrons fbrthe kind and very liberal patron ge extended 10 them heretofore, would respect illy solicit a continuation of the same, and al > inform them that they are now receivin oni the eastern cities, and openin" at CHEAP SIDE! large and handsome assortment of new sly! SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, amprising a great variety of Ladies' . DRESS GCODS, I (lie latest and mast fashionable styles, lc tfier with every other article adapted loth cry day wants of the people, all of whic ey are prepared to sell CHEAP FOR CASH d approved produce, or upon a short credit t od and punctual customers. OUR MOTTO, hort profits, many sales and quick returns, II si ill continue the ruling feature. ('ome t (hen, iind seethe bargains, and buy or when satisfied that it's your interest to dos> lefher you w isli to purchase or not. II- Ail kinds of produce taken iri exchann goods. " , „ RHPP L OSTER. Xpril G, ]8::>. \J:V. GOODS. he undersigned respectfully announces tlii i- have just opened a la ( ge and well assort, ply of SPRING ANI) SE AIMER GOODS! n an advertisement we cannot give an id, ow cheap we are selling— nor do wed-sii .tiait customers by publishing prices of lent articles. brace this npfiortunity of thanking a have so liberally patronized us during" tli lheyeara—and, while soliciting their cor 'd favors, assure tlmm a calf will convinc re selling goo./ (loads as low—if not low, an can he purchased elsewhere ~, Bedforr A. B. CRAMER R. CO. Exchange Builtlirie pn! 27, 1855. F FI S SFC 2 venty-five Barrels tine fat Mackeral, jus ted and fur sale for Cash or produce <>nl A. B. CRAMER CO. Exchange Bui I (tins R. Rtirtli'r, >ck &, Wiitc-ft ISakea AND DEALER IN JEWELRY, mid respectfully announce to the citizen Kord, ami the public in general, that h •etied a Jewelry Store in the building re occupied by H. Nicodenuis, Esq. n.uirb te the Bedford Hotel, where he w ill b J to see all in want of articles in his line s on hand, and w ill constautiy keep, ai I assortment of JEWELRY, and will re locks and Watclu s in the hert style. H< o receive a liberal share of patronage, a s satisfied lie can render satisfaction to al ilrusl him with their work. His lermi moderate. as on hand Gold and Silver Watciius Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives, Gulc ver Pens and Pencils, xr. ,\c. ■ He still continues the Gnnsmithinc at his old stand, in the East end o here he has a good and competent work istantly employed. D B 27, 1855. * >o<> PIECES WALL PAPER, cents to $1 25 per piece, just n-ceiv or at the variety Store of JAMES K. HAI.LAM. rd, April 27, 1855. LAST NOTICE. rsons indebted to the subscriber are re o make settlement before the Ist day ol J r next, or their acconnts will Lu left per officers for collection, irding arid Fulling carried on as usual, pound Gi cents, if cash, 8 cents if All who send wool are requested to ise, as it will be impossible for me to em with grease. MICHAEL LUTZ. '7, 1855. • ——————g Select Poetrn. A (!orio(is Land 15V. W. J. I'ARODIK. Our country ! —'tis a glorious land! ith broad arms stretched from shore To shore The proud Pacific chafes her strand, She hears the dark Atlantic roar; And, nurtured on her ample breast, How many a goodly prospect lies In Natare's wildest grandeur drest, P.namel'd with her loveliest dyes. Rich prairies deckM with Rowers of gold, Like sunlit oceans roll afar; Broad lakes her azure heavens behold, Reflecting clear each trembling star, And mighty rivers, mountain horn, Go sweeping onward dark and deep. Through forests where the bounding fawn Beneath their sheltering branches leap. And cradled 'mid her clustering hills, Sweet vales in dreamlike beauty hide, \\ here love the air with music fills, Arid calm content anil peace abide. For plenty hre her fullness pours, In rich profusion o'er the land, And sent to seize her generous store. There prowls no tyrant's hireling hand. Great God! we thank thee for this home This bounteous birthland of the free; Where wanderers from alar may conic. And breathe the air of liberty ! Still may her flowers nntrampled spring, 1 Irr harvest* wave, her cilies rise; And yet, till 1 ime shall fold his wing, Remain F.arth's loveliest paradise! W here are iltey ] Where, where are all the birds that sang A hundred years ago t The (lowers that all in beauty sprang A hundred years ago I The Jips that smiled. The eyes that wild In flashes shown Holt eyes upon : Where, O! where are lips and eyes. The maiden's >miies. the lover's sighs, I hat lived so long ago Who peopled all the city streets A hundred years ago ? w ill. filled the church, with faces meek, A hundred years ago? , il)f* si L tVr fra M; * The plot that worked A brother's hurt: U here. O! where are plots and sneers, I he poor man's hopes, the rich man's tears, i har jived so lor: ago ' 'Jrrrijic Storm in East Mississippi— Houses utown "uv;n Harrow Escape of u Husband, and Ihrorc Conduct of aHi Jr.-A storm rare ly paralleled j„ violence recently passed over portions of the counties of" Newton, Neshoba, jxc.. during the appalling prevalence of which, houses were hurled to the ground by th- stron breath of the tempest : lree S , j„ multitudes, torn "p by the roots, pin houses destroyed and fences prostrated in every direction." Fortunately, amid this terrific element of war, there was no actual loss of fife, although manv were crippled and otherwise mutilated.' There was one es cape from imminent peril which we feel called upon to place on record. A young married couple Were alone it, the forest,' occupants of a new home, and distant two miles from the near est neighbor. They had retired to rest, and were absorbed in slumber, when the roar of the hurricane came, like a sonorous wailing through Lie pi imeval trees, and (he fierce winds struck I heir house tumbling the logs around and about them. The lady, after much effort, succeeded If! extricating herself, hut found, to her momen tary dismay, that her husband was entombed in the wreck of their dwelling, and that it would he impossible far her to relieve him unaided.— She reflected but a moment, when, turning to her husband, she uttered some cheering words, announcing he r determination too-o in quest of assistance. Forth she went, in the midst of the howimg storm, the winds singing a requiem over thp ruin they had caused, ami the stalely trees still crushing crackling in their fall before the omnipotence of'the tempest. Hut she heed ed not tfie danger ; buoyed up by a strong affec tion, she moved onward, an incarnation of he roism and self-sacrificing love, through the hur ' icane s track, and readied unharmed the resi dence of her neighbor. Assistance vas pro cured, ant ] j, Hr husband restored to as true a wife as ever hallowed with felicities the life of man.— Pnabdin Clarion. DSSTRRRNVK FIRE— On Wednesday last, a little past noon, a fire broke out in the town of Bhcksville, twelve miles south of this place, on the \ irginia Slate line, which proved more de structive, in proportion to the size of the place, than any fire we recollect ever to have heard of. The town comprised from 25 to 30 buil dings, over twenty of which were entirely con sumed, together with most of their contents. Ihe fire originated from a kitchen stov, -pipe, in the dwelling of Mr. Jacob Lanlz, whence it spread throughout the entire building, ami over the town. Two or (hree store hou ses, with a considerable proportion of the good*--, were destroyed. A. number of private duell ings were consumed with all, or nearly all of the household furniture in them. We regret to learn that our friends, F. Brock, Esq., Mr. \\ m. Pratt, John Brock, and manv others whose names we do not now remember, were among the sufferers. There was no insurance on any part ofthe property destroyed.—Waynes burg .Messenger. ' F. FF :! SC T " E , ELEPHANT.—PASSENGERS (savs toe Irihune) who travel by the New York and New Haven cars have a grand chance of "see- TERHS, S3 PER YEAR. ig the elephant." Going from New York he cars pass the larm of P. T. Barnum, a mile rso before reaching Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the farm, and in plain view from the rail- Dad, an elephant may be seen every pleasant ay, attached to a large plow, and doing up the sub-soiling" in first-rate style, at the rate of bout three distinct double horse fpairs. The nimal is perfectly tractable. His attendant ides him, while a colored man guides the plow, he elephant is also used lor carting large loads if gravel in a carl arranged purposely for him, nd in drawing stone on a stone boat or drag, in tiling up wood, timber, &c., and in making limseif generally uselul. Terrible Storci at Buffalo! LOSS OF LIFE ! From a passenger who came up in the cars roin Brockport, yesterday, we have received he folio wing memorandum of the particulars of i terrible tornado which swppt over the region )! country along the lir.e of the .Rochester and Niagara Railroad, yesterday morning, about 7 /clock : At Brockport, the wind was so violent as to ear down fences, upruof and twist off trees, itui demolish chimneys bv the wholesale. Huge tailstones big as hen eggs, fell in large quan ities. At Albion the blow was not so violent, but t was very dark : obliged to light lamps to see 0 eat breakfast. (Was eating mine when the J!OW came on, there.) The Irishmen on the ca nal-en iargerrient ran, terrified, lor shelter. All Bong the road between Brockport and the Sus pension Bridge, the (ences were strewn like cob bouses kicked by spunky boys. In many places large trees were blown or twisted off at their trunks. Near Pekin, Niagara county, several large trees were blown across the railroad track. 1 hr>-e or four houses in that neighborhood were blown down. Heard a farmer sav, who got on the cars at P-kin station, that timber in his woods had been damaged to the extent of twelve or fifteen hundred dollars. At Niagara—south of HIP river—the exten sive car manufactory of Brainard, Pierce &. Co.. was almost entirely demolished : damage about §20,000. The building was of wood, some two hundred feet iong, and about seventy wide. A great number of dwellings were unroofed, and some utterly ruined. The gable end of the Scotch Presbyterian church was blown in, slick and clean, and the building generally injured. A daguerrean standing in the strept was keeled over, and the artist and his little son seriously .h- tatter-supposed fatally. A railroad car standing on the track was lifted up, bodily, and carried some four rods. Two schooners, sen just before the blow came up, off Niagara, were not to be seen after it had passed overhand were supposed to have foundered. At the Suspension Bridge the blow was most violent, doing more or less damage. The men who had just commenced work on the bridge, painting, N.c., ran off when thev saw the gale coming, and seme were blown violently from one side to the.other: one narrowly escaped be ing blown over into the river. The wind howl ed and sc teamed through the gorge, with a per fect rush. The bridge, however, sustained not the slightest injury, and no vibration was per ceptible when the gale was at its highest pitch. SJXKIM, 01- A BRITISH VKS>KL BY A WHALE. li'e London Shipping Gazette of the 26th .March, publishes the following report of Captain Jones, of the British schooner Waterloo, of I ortmadoc, which was sunk in the North sea by a whale: "The Waterloo sailed from Linn fir Shiedam (with barley) on the 19th instant. At 10, A. M., (•I the 21st, Lowestoft hearing W. by \. distant about 50 miles, wind E., strong gale and high seas, vessels under double reefed canvas, upon a wind, on the part tack, perceived a large whale to windward, coming down lor the vessel, partly out of the water, and swimming at a very rapid rate . and when about 10 yards from the sbip ; s side, dipped, and struck the vessel, under water, abreast of the fore-riging, on the port side, with' his head, with a fearful blow, when the vessel was perceived to heel and crack: and after strik ing the vessel, the whale plunged in the deep headforemost, and rose, his tail on high, nearly touching the foreyard, and then disappeared. "The pumps were fixed and worked, but bv half-past 12 found she had five feet water in the well, and settling down fast, when the long boat was cleared and lashings cot away, and nearly floated off the decks, when all hands (six in num ber) jumped into l,er, without food or water, and the master, mate, and two men, without jackets, and only one oa r and a piece of another in the I oat, w;th the sea running very high. In about twenty mi miles after abandoning the vessel she capsized, and floated for about the same spare of time on her side, and then disappeared headfore most, at about hall-past 1 n. m. "At (he time she capsized there was a French nishing boat about four miles to windward, and on perceiving her capsize, immediately bore up for the sinking vessel. The boat proved to be No. 22, Captain Joseph Leelong, of Calais, w t)ic!) took ail the crew on !>oat<l at about 'J p. M., where they were all most kindlv treated, and landed at Calais at midnight, where they were provided for and furnished with jackets Bonham, Esq., H. B. M. consul, and sent to London." \AH ABLE HORSE POISONED.—A correspon dent of the Greenburgh jJrgus, writing from Saitsburgh, states that Mr. Getty, ofConemaugh Low nship, hod his (avorite horse poisoned on the night of the 24th ultimo. The stomach was removed and taken to Saitsburgh, in order to have it analyzed. The mucous membrane was destroyed where the poison came in contact, fhe membraneous substance and its muscular fibers presented unmistakable evidence of inflam mation—confirming the suspicion that violence had been resorted to. The animal was worth three hundred dollars. VOL XXIII, NO. 38.

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