Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1855 Page 1
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- THE EVENING STAR Published every afternoon, (EXCEPT SUNDAY J At th* Star Building, comer Pennsylvania av*r"9 and Efmnntk ftrtM, By W. D. lTALLACH, Wl be ?"r?*d tn wthsrrPxrs in the clUee of Wastv In-too, C^nneiown, AlcxmnArva, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at 8IX AND A QUARTER CENTS, . pnyable weekly tn the A?enU. To mail aubecribera the MbaeHpckm price ia THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year In glana, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR K* THREE MONTHS. {^-Simci ooaiaa on ciav. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY. MAY 4. 1855. NO. 728. THE WEEKLY STAR. T*i* ezcrUaat Family and Newa J tninirc a freater variety of intercatfof can b^ found in any other?4* pnbtiahed on mai. Sfc-gle copy, per annum ? ??????# ??tia a imiMtwai TO ClrTM. Fire crp** Ten do Twenty do....... ???????? ?????? ????????? . m - BM> .UN fthtifH, IKVIRUIIT IM lOVHCl. Ct?" Single copic* (lc wrapper*) can be at the emitter, immediately afar tM hm of paper. Price?maia cmrra. ro?TJ**artRe who act as ag?-ntt wtB be a cCir.nii**ion of t wenty Drr r> nt. SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS! JOHN H 8UOOT, 9MA iUc of Bridge ttreei, near High, ?consrrowa, d. c , HAS iw ived and is now offering a very general ifomucnt ot SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. (a his Mock will be found a good assortment oi of my style Light Spelng Silka Bent Mack do Berecea, Grenadine*, Tisane* Blk modes and bright col'J Cballiwi Berege and Challev Defaines, Moussellaea Real Preach Cbintnes ami Brilliants Organdie and Jaconei l.?wns leal iaported Lawns, fast color*, at 12^c. B*al French and Scotch Embroideries, cneap Plaia striped and plaid Bonnet Ribbons Eaab'd and plain Linen Cambric Han^kerchicfp a great bargiin Jaconet, Swiss, Nain^'ook, and Plaid Mo<lina Rich figured and dotted do Bajou*a kid and Alexander1* Silk Gloves, all Color* Ladies, Mioses, and Gents' Hosiery, all kinds Parasol * of awry ahade and price Rich Engli>h last colors Prints ai 12>? With a first rate assortment of MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR. Also, Sheeting* and Shirtings of the best makes In LIaens and Cottons TaMe Cloths, Damasks, Napkins Towellings, Par nitu'e Chmues, while Spreads DoomcUc Goods generally. Flavinc made large purchases from the Philadel I>hia and New York auctions, I am prepared to of let great i'-dnceinenl* to cash or prompt eu"tn?ei* ap IS?lm J. H. SMOTT. PISHING TACKLE. T IMERK'K, Virginia, Kirby, Yankee Doodle and 1 a Gravitation Full Hook* Silk Sea Grass, Linen, and Cotton Lire* Jointed R->ds at all prices, from $1 to each Also, Bamboo and R?ed Rods Artificial flies, grasshoppers andTWh Sinkers of every description. Silk worm Gut, Landing Nets, and everything in the FWhing Tackle line tor aa!e at reduced prices. E K LUNDY, No. 198 Bridge stroet, Georgetown, D. C. f 90?if ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERS. k LL my old friends for whom I obtained Bounty Land in leas quantities than 160 acres are hereby informed that their names and a inemoran diua of their Ume is <>n my Book, so that their de clarations for additional Bouuty Lind can be made with facility. Many of tho?e who failed to obtain land for want of time, are entitled to ICO acres and can obtain the same by calling on me. Seaar.en, Ordinary Seam?n, Marines, Clerks, Landsmen, (of the Navy) Wagon Masters, Team sters, fcc., fce., in any war, will find it to their ad vantage to call or send their cases to me Advice gratis to those soidiers, seamen and wid ows wbo are unable to pay. Refer to any honest man in Washington. JOHN D. CLARK, Agent, No. S8T Twelfth street west, ap 7?lm* CUAKLBI HASKINSi Architect. {Pa. mcerme, UttMn Tenth and EUtenlK Ureets,) wasuihoton, n. c. WILL continue to furnish Plans, detaii workin? Diawings. and specifications of buildings o* ever* description, and also to superintend th?ir?rec I**. f?>h 1?n ICE. TBI. K1DWKLL guarantees a full supply of # ice la his customers in Washington or George town, for the whole year, at l-ir price*. Orders can be left ai the following places or sent tfirouih the Post Office. H. 11. McPherson, Druggie, Capitol Hill Kidwell St Laurence, corner of Fa. avunue ard 14th streets Mr. MePherson. Grr?;er,7th rtrt et G. ?? Kidwell, Smith's Lumber OISc?. Ct 3j. Joeeph tloore, Druggist, P < avenue, First'ward Ice can be hart si" my office. No 3 First etretl. Oeorgetown, at all time*. Families will be supplied lor the whole year at fair price*. ap 21- lm noticeoFcopartn krsuip. Henry barrov & solomon stovfr have thi -i day formed a Copartnership lor th purpose of carrying ou the Wood and Coal business in all its branches. Our yards are situated on the comer of 21st and I streets, Washington, and <>n the moal, near Seiijmes s planing mill, Georgetown At either ol the above places persons in want of Wood and Coal of the very best quality, and on the mo t reasonable terms, will at all umee find an assortment equat, il not superior, t* thai in any yard in the District. AH orders filled with care, promptness, and dis patch. BAKRoN a. STOVER. Georgetown, D. C., April 10th, apr 12? dim TAKK nOTH B. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. H ROW MING, Merchant Tailor, under . the United Stales Hotel, has ju->t rcceiveJ a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepared to off. r ?reat bargains to all in want of fuo-1 mid fa?Wiooible clothing. His " Ready made Clothing " will be soid al the following low prices: Wbde suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin rloth orcasximere, for $12. Pine Black Frock and l>re*c? Coats, from $10 to fl*. Good Business Coats tor $7. Black and Fancy Pants, iiom to $7. Marseilles ?n ! Siik V>->ts. from i~i to $5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment cl fkney articles, such as Sbiris, Gloves, Crava'ji, Um brellas, fee. '?Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashion*.' mar 19? tj. LOOK II ? R ?!!! \f ORE BOUNTY LAND TO JILL who served | m ill a?t vu 6ince 17y0, wbetlier as Officers Soldier*. Stilors, Marines. Clerks, Indians, Chap Icku, Wag>oa Masters, Teamsurs, Landsmen, (or their widows or minor children) who have not yrt reeetved full 16J acres, and have been in service 14 daya, will do we.l to to us.poi^oid, and their Land W.irranu will be forwarded to tliem for the ahov? quaauty, no charge if they do not get it. LLOYD h CO., CUup .AgentV OJ3?e, opp-jstte U. S. Treasury, Waalungtm City, D- C mar 6-.'lm 81LV hi It WAWK, PL&TUO WM'.IE AKOFIMK KA-aCY UOOl)8.-Silver Coffee and Tea Sets, Sigar Bowls, Cream Jags, QoMets, Cups, 8poons a id Forks Also, a g eat variety of m i^nificeat Fancy Silver Ware, siuuMe for presents. Plated Coffee Sets, Castors, Baskets, Spout3 and Forks, on best Albata. The iiticleM are warra -ted as repreaenUu], and ViU be sold at a final I advance. I!. SEMKEN, 3SQ Pa. avunue. bet Oih and lOtn sUeeta. MrSMf WILLARD'S UOTEL, Old Point Comfort# Va. 31I1E Pr?>prietors take great pleasure in L.forming k their many fi-iends and the puunc gentriiJiy that Is magniticeiit Summer Hotel i< now being fitt Up in tbe iiiort moiiern ir.J comfortable style lor 1'ie eominj >ruin. The Ivu^e will be oi?en<-d on tile oj Jw.e, with nothing left unprovi<lt.d llmt ?ay d- ai kte u?e cootfort and hnpfiuewt of its gui%s The propnetors also taka mucli pleasure in saying that U?<-y will be prepared and h.ippy to accomiuo date Irani tv firU of May any who uia/ favor theE WUC a call. Board per day....? $3 00 By lite week, per day 1 M By me montli, per day 125 Baths free fur the guests. *P*-tf C. C. WILLARD k BROS. F)R SALE?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 yeart Old next ?pril.^.well-bredyioli:.i!,stylish, gentle, spmieU nui eapiul go rs. Thry are wdl-brukcu aa<l perfecily fres fro u tricks, i Bastia-I-J- '' r -cs%a M'I4I UKM) ami wifi Mrticniarly suit aay gentleman who is lond ot driving. The owner pans with them only because his paruowe \? n rcueucb his expenses. They can ba see a u eiiuthr m? d?t? Ri.<.i.??\ si.u. ? .. . D? M IICJT i at Souibr w's (late Bucii'a) Stablr, ou 14th rtreei, siaitb of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity io try them, enquire ai the counter of the Star office. They will he ?.ld a ba gain. ap V-tf Mr. W. HENRY PALMER^ RITUXRTO **OW? II ROUCUVHtLLKR, A3 mu. l. p) a-iur^ in inf wmuig his friends and 1 the puv<<>c in ^n^ra! that he has dot riuined as to.auii^ h?m? ?lf i i this city, and u prepared to reoatvs pouUs for iiuiruction on the PI A NO tORTK, HARMONY and COVI'O-'iriON. He is permitted to refer to Mr lieorg*; Rig^-, Jr., and Mr AT, Kioakhuofer, and any eouimuiucatiou addressed to Maat Hilbu< a Hus's masio store. P.aasjlvanla >vc-ae, mil have immediate ?llcnUca H Taaasrav Dbpaktmbht, March 5,1856. VTOTTCB IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holders of XN Block of the Unit?*d States described In the fol lowing notice of 3d January Into, that for the pur pose of completing the purchase of the amount therein mined, this department will continue to purchase, upon the terms of raid notiee, to tiie ex tent of the residue ot tin; sum proposed not yet ob tained?say $1,158,585 05, If raid stocks are offered and received here prior to the first day of June next; TaBAiraT DarAiTXtrr, January 3,1555. Notice is hereby riven to the holders of the fol lowing described storks or the United States, that this department in prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st day of March next, portions c.l those stocks, amounting in the an ^n-gaie to $1,900,000, m the manner and on the teims hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In ca<?e of auy contingent competition, within the amount stated, pr?>f?*rence will be a Ten in the order of time ir? which snid stocks may be ofiered. The certificates, dti y assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount tuereof, must be NmNMII this department; upon the receipt whereof, a price wiil be j.uid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value, or amount specified in each cer tificate. 2 A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of Juiy, le46, redeemable November 12, 1856 of2* percent.; on tlie stock of the loan au thored by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Deer iu ber, li?2, oflO per cent.; on the stock of the loans au:honr.<-d by the acts of 18t7and 1848, a id redeem able, the former on th?- 31st December, 1867, and Uie tatter on the 20th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; lftd on the stock of the loan authorised by the act ofl&oO, and redeemab'e on the 31st of December, :b64, (commonly callcd the Texan indemnity,) 6 p?r c?-nt. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1*555, to the da?n of receipt and set Uement at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the money in reach the owner) of on# day's interest ia addition. Payment for said stocks will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the Uni'ed States, on tlie assistant reasurcr at Rosion, New York, Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But lo certificate will be entitled to the benefit of thu nonce which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before the said 1st dav '?( March ie?t. JAMES GUTilKIB, war 6?dt-Iunel Se^.re.arv of the Treasury. P WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Orrtcx Washington Aq kdoct, 1 Wahingion, March 7, 1855. ) PROPOSALS are invited for graduation, stone and brick masonry, dams, tunnels, and oilier works of the Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received up to the 8th of May wdl be opened a?- noon of th it day. Maps, proti'es, and specification* of the work will be rc .dy for examination on and after the xOtli day ot April next. Propo^s will be received for llic work of parties lar culverts, ir;d<es, fcc , as described in the plans and specifications. Portions only of s>?oe of th? works can be com pleted under tl:c present appropriation, but all the contracts for unfinished work will be subject to fu ture appropriations by Congress. The Engineer re serves the right to prescribe the amount of work to be done and rste of progress under such contract for each appropriation, and, in case of the appro ptltiion not hohiinx out sufficiently, to decide wnen and what works ehiil be stepped until funds become available. In ea.-e of the entire stoppage of any particular work for waut of funds, the reserved ten per cent, wtil be paid, if, in the judgment of the Engineer, tiie work lus btuu properly executed. so tar as it has gone. Payments will fee made in specie checks upon 'Jig United State* Treasury, upon the monthly ustiaiales of the Engineer, reserving 10 per cent.; and it will be a condition ofall contract* that he worfcic- n hall b? pai 1 their full wages inoi,' :iy and in specie. All bids sn uld be -ealed endorsed "Propo sals for w<?rk on the Washington Aqueduct." The United States reserves the right to reject any oral! the bids should they not be deemed advan tageous, and to such crrangeuienta a? n ay be considered most conducive to the pri-crtsc of the work. Every offer must be accompanied by a written guarantee, signed by ?i or more responsible per a< n?, to tha effect that he or they undertime j that the bidder or bidders will, it his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within ten days, with good and r-utficient sureties, tor the completion ofthe work undertaken; said guarantee lone accompanied by the certificate of the United States district judce, United States district attorney, navy, or some officer of the General Government or individual known to tue Engineer or Department of War, that Uie guarantors are able to make good their guarantee. Bids will be opened in presence of bidders if aty of them choose to be picsciit. Form of G\aran$*t. To Cant. M. C Meig*, U. S. Engineers: ^ We, the undersigned, residents oi in the State of , hereby, jointly and severally, cove nant with the United Stales bad guaranty, in case Ute foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they wilt, within ten da. a after the acceptance of said bid, execute a contract for tlie same, with uood and sufficient sureties, to perform the work or furnish the article proposed, in conformity to the terms of the advertisement under which it was made; and, in case the ?aid should fail to enter into contract as aforesaid, we guaranty to make go'jd the difference between the offer by the aiid sad Lie neit lowest biiider. A. B. C. D. I hereby onify that, to the best of my knowludgi and belief, the above named guarantors are go-ui and sufficient. E f M. C. MEIGS, Captain of Eugineers in Charge, mar 7?eolMay8&wtf CINAL PACKET USE TO POINT B0CK3. IT 11E Canal Packet CONGRESS having betn thoroughly repaired, and pui in first rale order, will commence running on MONDAY, the 30th instant, for the transportation ot pas&eng^ia mi.I light freight between Georgetown aauths ah-jve uanted point, on the most plenaiug terms. The Boat will leave the w ha f of W. ||. Ritter for the Point of Rocks on every MONDAY, WEDNES DAY, and KRIDAY mornings, at 7 o'clock, and tiie Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TUtSDAY, THUR8DA Yt ami 3ATURDAYS, at the same h; ur, slopping at th-different landings along the line for the reception and lauding of passengers and fr. ig'it. goiug and returuirg. Passage through either way $2, shorter dLmncca at the sains rates. That is to say,from Georgetown to Gr-*nt Pills .10 cent*; Hertoca 75 cents ; ?J wards Ferry $ I 25; Mnnocr ey ,^1 50. Meals seived regularly on board the Boat U mod evate iai*s. JOHN CROMBAUGH, Propr.etor, CilARLEd MERRELL, ap ?im CapuLo, PREMIUM MINERAL W^ER. WE resp^ctlul.'y call the attention of all persons who wish to be served with superior MINE RAL WATER ?>, -u-t such ai that we wcrereward ? d a Silver Meital by the Meixeplitan Mechanics' institut** to our extensive n.aoufactory. In addiii u to tlie above we also bottle Ale, Pcr ttr, Cnumpasne Cider, Root Beer and Mead, all ot which will need bai one trial to decide in its b? ing equal, il no; Mip rior, to anything of ihe kind in Uie United Stales. A Irs-sh ?urply of die ak ive always on hand. Orders by uiad or (iven to our drivers will be thaiiklully receivt^l and promptly attended to. ARNY &. rtUJNN, Union (killing Depot, No. 57 Green street, Georgetown, D. C. sp 28?.?2w PALMER'S PATENT LEG. T11IS AMERICAN INVENTION stands unrivalied both in this country and in Europe. It is worn by 1,000 persona, and with most astonishing suceeea. tn competition with 30 other substitutes of tiie best trench, Engiish, and German manufacture, it received the award of the ???iT mibil at the Word's Exhibi tioh xj> Loanon, as the best artificial limb known. Di i his country it has been thirty times exhibited, iu competition with all others, at the annual Pairs in the principal cities, and has, in every instance, received the award of the hichest or first ptemiutu. And as a crowning honor, by tiie unanimous approval of an interna tional council, the " First Premium"? i only Sillier given for Limbs?was a*-reed tiie inventor, at the New York Crystal Pclace. Pamphlets giving full Information, s? nt gr-itis to every applicant. B. FRANK PALMER. 315 Chewiut street, Philadelptla. feb ??3m w NEW SONG. irv DID 1 LOVE PALSE FLORA, word" If and music by W. B , of ihn city, and ?.e?li cated to laea Allison, the fair Du l.irist. This sung ha-, a m<?t charming uicl >dy. P*10" lished and tor sale by UlU^Ud k HH /.? ?M o. a dailkv, a. d. DENTIST, H** removed his ollioe one dnor west of Elevoo'.h fclrpft, Pennsylvania aw-.ue, Washington, D. C. ap 8fi? L. J. 1*11 UOLKTOIV. DEALER IN ICE, Offire tmd Dep:t $outh tide F, next to corner 12tA it. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be had in large or email quantities. Q&- i ffice open from 5 a m. to 9 p. m. in 1?e<>2m PROSPER!'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FUEDEKICK PP.Ot?PERI begsb?ave to in form lii? friend? and former patrons that this baml bus Inren fully re-organized and is now under his direction, and fce is filly prepared with aland of the most Sclentilic Musieirns in Utc citv, to far nisli iniiMc for Ralls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex curMons, &c., at the shortest notice possible, by ap plying to FREDERICK PROSPERI, Leader, C11 A?. PROSPER I. Conductor; IIM RUS ft. HITZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opposilo tUe (iarrj.son, Garrison street, Navy Yard, feb 19 -.'Hm* AUCTION GOODS. WILL be op ned to morrow, a lot of cheap good*, bought last week at 'he Northern auc tions, himI will be arid for hilf their value, consist ing of the following: Muslin Sleeves and Collar. 25j. Di do $1 Cambric do CiWlar Do Floondrg 12^'c per yard Mu lin do 25 do Linen Hdkfs, emb'd edge cents Mohair Cap* 50c, worth $1 And a v.-fiety of goodi which the ladies are invi teJ to call and examine. A. TATE, Ph. av, iiu", between lO.h and lllh sts. ap 30?eo3t SUPERIOR MATTINGS. JUST received an1 on sale. 1W> ro |? 4-4, 5 4, and extra qu.litv Gowqn<i,_ Polking, He. yune, and Chang hinj; SIA'l TINGS, in white, red, checked, and fitt'-y patterns and colors. Th**e good* nr* warranted good. S^me are ex tra heavy, ard. wuh car former supply, make up the b? *t stock of Mitt in?* in ??vrn, all of which will be sold on the most reasonable tern:s ap3)~ ro3w CLAGETP, DODSON &. CO. IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING PERSONS removing from the city, and wish'ns to dispose of their Furniture and Housekeeping Ut'-n-il?, Slj , with 'lit the trouble ol sending them to public auction, can do so by calling on u- at our st >re, .,'17 Peuns-Ivauia swemie, corner of Ninth ?tree*, as we are prepared to buy all such good* as may be offered Housekeepers and others will do well by . allinc on us, as we t*. ill pav the highest ea*h prices Icr all suelieeols WALL, RARNARD & CO. ap 26? lrn 317 P. nns\Ivania avennc * ? fl> A, CARD. pm 9^" Eeonomy t* tk* recul to walt/i." Great liedac'ion in the price of JJats & Capt. f|>HB undersigned, having made arrangements I. with a New York H it Company jo be con str.ntly titpplied with the very best Mo'e^kin or DRESS HATS, got ep in the latest styl*, offers Ui?n? a', tha unprecedented luw price of worth from l>ur to five dollars; seeon-l quality. (83, worth In tin $3.50 ;o <J4 ; and a very g-^'d ,'ji0hi< li able Hut at worth from $3 to jjb 50. Also, Rcbe A Co's Hats, at a mu*h than they have been here tofcre sold in thij citv. First-rate heaver Mats $3,5?. Ali kinds of soil IlATS and CAPS v ry imp. In order to sell at the above low prices the orsh system must be adopted; consequently those wljo purchase will not be charged f.Mti fifteen to twenty five per cent, a.: an oGVet for bad debts. ANTHONY, (lor many yci.n in the employ of Todd ft Co.) No. 3, Columbia piaee,7t)i st., ap 13?tf 2d door north of Penn. avenue. RA? AWAY.-IIO P.EWAHD?IOU N, my negro, aged a'lOUt M >e.irs, ran atvay from my farm i-i Alexandria county. Va., on Mou day, loth instant. He stoops in his walk ; |,?wi on a pay frock oat and uray pants. He has a wife at Mr. A. Gladmati's, oil Dth street, near the boundary in V/ashington. I think lie U lurking about there. He also has a sister at Mr. Mnrlmry's, in Ctorge town. JOHN .M. YOUNG, Coach Maker, Ccriit r of 4^ street and Pa. avenue. ap^8 -tf [Nt?. 5C5.] Notice of tli* ttt&hliih m-vt i) j on a hlitional La id Office in ike. Side, of Wisconsin. IN pursuance of Ihe a^t of C<H.?rr?a, approvcil February 24, '8V:, cL'itlcd "An act to establi-h an additional Uud distiict in the Mate of Wiscon sin," < mbracii g all that p .rt of the p^e^er.t Wjli.ow RivtB oisTRirr lying nf#rih of the line tirid^sg town ships tony and l?-rty-one for ro.trth er?rrect:on line,) to be called Ihe Fond dv lao district, it is h?rehy declared and made known tt?at the land <-flice fer said district Iips b^en located for the present by the President of the United States, nt Suckriob Citt, in said Slate. Giv-n und r my hand, at the city of Washington, this 28Ui day of April, A. D 1 aVj JOHN' WILSON. Commissioner of General Lan 1 OtHfce. ap 30~lawQ\v FOR SALE?A VERY FINE SADDLE AND R?say HORSE. '1'he horse is young, fjy g-ntle and sound, and of fine stock ; would make either a very fine carnage horse, or a ~r" very pb a>ant riding nor?-e. A^o, ftir sale an excellrnt work horse, perfeet'y sound. Ap;?ly to No. 13 Dunbartoa st, Georget'n. mar 1?lawtt* VOTICK ? f received lhi.< .Say a new assort II ment of SLEEVE MUTTONS and STUDS, of J the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new Good*: as Vest Chains,Cii .tt lam*, Bracelets, Pins, Earrings, Riims, etc. Great inducements oilurcd to purch-.r crs. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. Uth an1 10th st'. Or?- AViz.' Puinli put to Gold P-*ns at short notice. Uiainonds reiniuntcd, and Jea eiry made to order. mar2J-tf finiT WATOIIES. HAVING made a ccnciueratlu auditioa to ciy htock of OOLl> MUXTIKG PATENT I SVtXS, and LADll ?' WiTCMtS i4v,f Of fir:it quality, heavy Id carat] ' CAMS* Also, SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer them ;:t greatly rcduccd prices. Tlie inov meals are t-electcd witl) great care, and e^try Watch is wa: ranted. Persona in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my tet-orlment. n. S EM KEN. No. 530 Ta. avenue, bctw. UtJiaad ICih su. m ar J J PIANOS FOR tfALE AND RENT. fI'HE subscriber has always oh h oj a assi>it I i&f nt of Geruisn and American & \ AriOS, from lite very beat mantifactuienW^fc whieb l.e offers for sale, hi lower prices - than can be purch ssed in the District of ','t.:iii:il;ia and . it the miwt accommodating terms. All Piano. purcha.:ed frvo me ate warranted to give balialac uon. Old Pianos tnl.en in eichange. B. REISS, Pndessor of Music, G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, eb 3?Jm* PU. It WOW* WITH DiCFECTlVk vision are invited to examine my extoiMve stock of ali kinds of SPECTA CLEi a-.d EYE-GLASSES, tiiassth^ 'W any kiaJ, t uch as Cataract, Parabola, Periscapic, Double Concave, l>ouble Convex, and Colon d Cla-ses, pat in at short notice, with great care, a"d petnons in want of glares may be sure to get those wide1* benefit Ihe ?ye. 4IS" Circulars "Detective Vis on," gratis at If. Si'MKF.N'S, 330 P*. avenue, bttw. 9tli and 10th sts, mar 30 TH? E0TDAL FIBK laSUaA2?0^ CuMPA KY OX THK ISTEiCT 0? COLUllIilA, f 1HAKT?U81) by Congress, oilers lo the pn;pcrty V t owners of the District ?af<:r and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company. Ul. YS.-ES WARD, Present. C'HAS. WILSON, Seereiary. MATHRW G. EnERY, Trcanirer. manaoces. l/lyss(? Ward John Vaa Ruwict i itomas ii a,'tdea P. VV. F. Howard, Msthew G. Imtry. J. C. McKelien. 7 O.fice, Columbia Pla *e, comer Louisiana avenue an i 7th Kreut. Office hours from 3 tQ 0 o'clock p.m. fobai-tivU r Auction Bales. Bv J C. KtGVIREt Aae<lo>??r. EXECUTOR'S PALE OF LARGE PUNCH ING Machine, Blacksmiths' Tool?, Inn, Carts &c.?On TUESDAY afternoon, May 8th, at 4 o'clk I sl:n?l sell, at Easby's Ship Yard? < >ne large Bunching Machine L<H of Baclcsmi h's Tcols, Cuiti Shaekles Chain. Bei o*f Furrell Cart, Wheels, Cit l.nt ol Log-, fce. Terms of sale: $30 r.nd cr.der cash ; over that sum a credit of sixty a ?d ninety days, for approved en dorsed notes bearing interest J AS. C. McCUIRE, may 2?d Auctioneer. J?. S. YYKIUIIT, A nctluueer. QKOHG?OWM YERY VALUABLE RBAL ESTATE AT Auc ti*?n.? By virtue ol'a decree of the Circuit Court ot th" District of Columbia, the subscribe r will ofiVr at public auction, to th ? highest bidder. hi 5 o'clock p ui , en TUESDAY, the 8th day of May toxt, in front of the premises, the fv Mowing real estate in Georgetown, of which illiam Nelson, late of Fair fax county, in the State of V rginia, died seized, viz: 1st. Tort of Lot No. 43. in the or:giinl p'an of Georgetown, situated on the east side of Mt>rkct Space, an I next south rf and adjoining to the *tore liou-e of Mr. Munuel C<opl* y, fronting 15v^ fert on Varkrt Space, and runirug eatuwardly of that width 33 leet, ou which there is a three-story brick build - IDS. 3.1. The whole of Lot No 16, in the fame plan of Geoig-tc.wn, lying b- Bridge street and Pros peet str-*ei, and fronting 68 feet o i each street It is proposed to sell tins Lot iu five parcels, a> follows: 1st The east-m part thereof fronting 37 f-et on ItriJg;: street, and runnii.g north of that width 1?" :ett On this part there htands a thrre-ttory brick Inuee, with back bu Jdinm, Leretoioro iihhI as a tiveru; it fronts 35 feet on BiiJge street, Mid iia-=ap purtenant to it an alhy lealin? frcui Bridge street to the rear of the Lot li! feet Aide 2.1. 'I he western pa* t of said Lot, fronting 29 fe*t in Bri; ge street, and runnim; ba~k of t!iat width 130 i*e?"t n-rtis, with <*n o d frame bui>ni*>g therein 31. That part of the s 'H Let 16 which Iron's on Prut jieet str? et will he offered in thr. e separate lot', ea< I, oi whic h wi'l front 2J feet on .--aid street, and run south of that width one hundred a d twtniy feet. They are vacant. The terms of sale ,ujp i rd * y the decree require the purchaser to pay one-lourtli ef pur base money in hand, and il.e reri iuo in tlir- e equal inrtalmerts Nt :ix twelve, a. d eighteen month" tr< ai the day of sale, with intercut ttoreon; and for such (barred payncnU th+ Truster* is required to take the notes of the p.itc hasi ??, with approved sureti payable at the tunes aforesaid, with interest fr m the day ot sale. Tiie Trustee reserves to himself th" ri?ht to resell any of she. lot* and premises aforesaid the purchaser of which !ia- failed lor the spaje of ten day)to com p|. with the terms of rale. Sale to commence at Lot 43. on M irket Space. JOHN MAKBIJK* . Trustee. ED S. V\ RICH r, mny 1? Auctioneer. Sy (i)U?'CV * &COTT A net I imttri. I'TCSTEES BALE OF VALUABLE REAL 1 Ektate.?By vir:ue of a decree of the Orphan*' Court of the District of Columbia for the county ot Washington, arprovcd by the Circu;t Court o* said District, eittinr in Chance, v, passed ill the matter of the petition of Ann M. Cro.-s, guardian of tne uilant children and heir- at law el* \\ asbingten Cross, de cea-ed, I will, on THURSDAY, the 10 h day of May, 1155, at 5\ o'clock p- ru , in Iron' of thenrt n ise.-. proceed to sell Lots Miir S-red 27, ?8. -J9, 3<?, 3! and ?2, in square numbered 10 !3, situat t in the city of Washington and Di-irkt a;*aid. The above described property is si'.tritfd at the corner of 14.h ftieet t a.: and E street south Terms ot sale: Oue-inird ea-h, the ri^idue in t*o equal payments at six uii l twelve months, w:t'i In tere.-t on de'erred payments. Th? deferred pay ucnts to be s< cured by the notes of the j.urcba er t r purchat-ers, saiisfactoiily endorsed. Upon the fall paymer t of ihe jairchas ? money and int rest, and the rauiicatknof the ?n!e Uy the Court, die uuitre ?< ill convey to purchaser or |.urc! se-s, at his or their cost and upense. all ih<- r pht,tife, interest anj estate in and to said ;ots ot ground, ?l which tlie ra.d Washington Cro -s di?<1 s ,r. d ANN M. ! rustee. t,dLlilN ui S- ' iTT, ap 25- 27kM4,8,9M0;h Auctioneers. hy J. C. ncOVIKK, auctioneer 'TRUSTEE S SALE OF VAI.UXBLE a::d elici | My situated Improved Real Eu'Ateon the corner or 7th and D streeui.? By virtue of a deed i.i trust, bearing date on the 6th day of June, is5l, recorded in Liber J A S., No. '18, tol.os i67 fce , the siib seriber will sell at public sale, on TUESDAY, ihe 15th day of Msv, ll?o5, at 5^ o'clock p. in . on the prctiii-bs, |>art of i.oi \o 8, in t'quaie No. 457, fronting &> feet on 7ih street west, and running' back 54 f>e? on D street north to an alley, witn the mold ings and improvements, which cuaitt cf a well and substantially built thr':o atory Lti >k warehouse, cov ering th<! whole of said p;irt of sai-l l<>t '1 he above property i-* situated on the corn.-r of 7tli a*id 1> strict-, opposite t!ie Na ional Intellijen cer office, and is o??* ot the inr-sl desirable and val uable business location0 ia VVa-binston, r.:p; -ly en hancing in value, an I offers an ( pportuuiiy for in vestmeut aeliiom to b ? m?'t with 'I h;- teruii of sale wi:l be : One-fourth of the pnr cIix-hj mont y iu cash, and the balance iu six, twelve, e'ghtecn, and twent'.-fmtr moiuh<, f r notes b armg ! .t-re-t troni d?yot sale, secured by d ed in tru-t upon the property. If t-.e u-rms of-ale a'ei.ot eons plied with in sis da\s a't'r the s.'e, >he pro rriy will be resold, at the rise and expense of the pur chaser, upon one week's notice. Ail convey anting at the expense of Ihe purchaser C11AS. 8. WAI.LACII, Trustee J AS. C. McGUiKE. ap 28?3tawk=?8 Atu-t.-neer Ity C. ncGb'IK^i Aatlbattr M? ROVED PROBERT Y AT 1 ME NAVY Yard at Pub'ic Auction.?tin TUESDAY after noon, May &ih, at 5'^ oVbick, oa tlie preuiucti, I shall sell Lot N'o- 23, iu Squ ;re No. t&2, situated at 'ii?t corner of bnuth L and Seveuth -trei ts ea-?, fronting 41 feet on south L st eet, by 71 feet on 7 ii street, widi the improvement", consisting ot three bm k ai>d one frame d .veiling house Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in6,12and and 18 month', for notes secured by a deed of tru.-1 un tli? premises, beating ii.t? rest. JAS. C. McCUIRE, up 21?eo&ds Auctioneer. I SILKS FROM AUCTION. 117 K open this man it.? aSirge lot of DTIF.3S V ? SILK J, jjarcha .cd ai the 2 tie sale of Hull & Rr.?a.. at one half their value, and which we will sell a' a satall a ivance for ca>A, or t ? prompt cus tomers. ALSO ?JPST orESED Rich flounced Barege l>resst8 50 pieces rub pointed B rete.i 30 do pi a n blue, pink, Luwn aid taa coluicri 1.ureses 75 do Orgar.i'y Mus'in and Tr< n:h I.nuns I('<10 yards b '.iuti'ui I.a;::is at 12^?; '.voit;t 25 5ft0 * do goo ? ?ty|f Ban ge tie Lains at l2Vhe. 50 pieces ail pure I -?h Linen which w e v>ill sell by the piece it 3:\' and 37 <c per yard fi .1 icn GentlemenFten h Sl i t It uis. GiwVes, Cravats, P?H*k**l liJ.'?', &.c., vc <.OLI.EY ii HEARS, N '. 5'^3 S venth street, raav 2?cn2w 3 doo's almve Fa. a.enue. ( P A SCY ? T It A AV j II \TS ?Jost o(>ene'd a la ge, r.sw. b auti tul assortment ot Children's maw ll^ts, Capg, and Misses' Flats, Ladies' draw riding Uats. of b auii ful patterns, at BUTT & HOPKINS'S Cheap Hat, Cap, and Gentlemen's fu'nishing Store, corner ot 6ih street a?d Feuaa. avenue,between Browns' aud Natiooni Hotels. sp 21?eoiw NOTICE OF REMOVAL. NEW PUKNITUiiE STORE.?ROT il WELL & U20VVN h ive removed their House Fura>*h ing Store to the largo and hnud^me budding on 7il> street, next to Odd Ft Bows' Hall, where we have ftir stle n la-^e and varied a sortment of elegaat par lor, chamber and Cottage Furniture. Also, Cartings, Oilcloth, Door MaVi Glass and China 'Ware, Clocks in variety Wooden Ware, Bisket Ware, Velocipedes Children's Carriages, Rocking Horses Mattresses of hnir, cotton and stuck OtSce Tables, Desks, Chairs, &.e. Japanned Tin Ware andtBn.hii.g Apparatus They will keep constantly for sale a suli ass- ti ment of hou?e furnishing Goods, and t^nl sell oa the n?oFt favorable terms. ap6?colm BASIlW'l R0TJSS CF PAIR0 & EOUiiiS Oppctite Untied Stataa TrwMtr>.'. BONDS, Stocks and oth?*r aecu^ioes {rWchased and sold. Interest et the rate of six tier annum al ibwed oudeposiU when left lor 2HVfeis ioo^er. Jan 24?6:n "?HE RAU BAG, by it. F. W uUs Feur.uQhV E s ii ? of Christianity Cuminiug's fa-'uiTy Prayers, 2 v<ds apsrtl FRANCK TATtOX I EVENING star. THE OATH AT VALLIY FOSGE. It was at \ alley Forge that Washing ton, by order of CongTess, administered the oath of nl'.egiarce to the general offi cers. The Mijor Generals stood around the Commander-in-Chief, and took hold of a Bible together, according to the mual custom ; but as Washington began to administer the oath Lec deliberately withdrew his hand. This singular move ment was repeated, and in so odd a man ner that all the officers smiled, and Washington inquiring into the meaning of his hesitancy, Lee replied : "As to King George I am willing to absolve myself from all allegiance to him, but I have so scruples about the Prince of Wales." The strangeness of this reply was such that the officers bu-st into a broad laugh, in which Washington himself was obliged to join The ccremony was of course in terrupted. It was renewed as soon as composure was restored proper for the solemnity of the occasion, and Lee took the oaih with the other officers. Charles Lee received a commission in the British army when but elcTeu years of age. When turned of twenty he made four campaigns in America and in the French war, and was wounded in the assau.t on .xicondeioga. He displayed great, skill and bravery in tha service, and received the rank of Colonel. Leav ing America, he served with distinction under Bargoyne, in Portugal, against the Spaniards. When peace came he returned to Eng land. and projected two new British col onies?one on the Ohio, below the Wa bash, and the other on the Illinois ; and though he was latilod in his scheme by the ministers rejecting his proposition, yet he continued to take a lively intere;-t in the concerns of the colonies. Ilia vig orous styie, both in speech and writing, was distinguished by pointed tatire and scorching invective, and savored of high republican principles. He evidently lore saw the American contest. In 17G4, It e went, to Poland, and was appointed a Mrjor General in its airnv? lie presented a sword, which had "be longed to Oliver Cromwell, to Poniatow iaki, who, he observes, " though a kino is a great admirer oi that txiraordinarv man. He penorined a camj ai;jn a^air.j t the Turks, traveled extensively, and re tuincu to England in 1< i0. II s Known sentimentd, and hi3 ability as a writer, led to the authorship of the letters of 44 Junius" being ascribed to him. In 1773 he came to America, travelled much, made the a ejuaintance of the lead ing men, and embraced with ardor the patriotic cause. Fixing his affections on the r<tw \\ orld, he purchased an esLute in Virginia. When the Revolutionary War broke out, Lee was appointed Majjr General. His valuable services in the caure are too well known to require any sketch of them; but with his merits were faults no Ipso striding, which are to be ascribed to an ill regulated mind, for his patriot ism is not to be doubted. After the af fair at Monmouth, for which he was bj a cou: l martial fcu^.jiended from any com mand for a twelvemonth, he retired to his estate in B-rkc'y county, Y-t, whicu he cal:.'-d%i ato R o. Here he lived more like a hermit than a citizen of the world, or a member cf a civil zed community. His house was little more than a shell, with'.ut partitions, and containing senroe 1} the necessary articles of furniture for tho most common use. To a gentleman who visiten him in this forlorn retreat wheie he found a kitchen in cite corner a bed in another books in a third, an ! saddle and harness in a fourth, Lee said: " is the most coin anient and economical establishment in the world. The lines of chalk which you see on the floor inaik the divisions of the apart ments. and I can sit in any corna* ai d giv?i ordeis without moving from mv chair." Faimh.g proved unprofitable. Lcc left his place in the autumn of 1782, ui.d made i v to Baltimore. lie ieuiained there bat a few days, when he went to PhiiR iclpLiia, where he had tcaA'dy es tablished himself in lodgings when he wasiUacLed by a fever, which termi nated Lis life on th*: second of October, at the rjc ol ilfiy-one. In iho delirium of lev r, the last words he was heard to &ay, .vere: 14 island by me, my brave grenadiers!" In a v.iil that he had written were directions that his body should not be buried in an? churchyard, nor within r mile of any Presbyterian iurial ground. ? ?? ? A EvM&N rUi!i.l'AL. I have sctn nothing in Europe v. hich ha3 impr fsal ire mere than a iioiuat; funeral, 'lhey always take place at night, and are conducted in Mich a wax as to awe and soiemniie the mind in a most remarkable manner. When I l ad been in Home but a few days, I heard one evening in the street a prolonged wailing scuud, unlike anything to which my ear had ever before been aecustoined. On flinging open thi* window, I discov ered that it came from a procession of priests and monks, bearing a body to burial. There must hive been several hundred, for the train extended nearly the length of the street Tho priests led the way with uucovcred heads, and wear ing their long black gowns, over s hich at tho shoulders was thrown a cort of jacket of lace. A long line of monks of different orders followed, with the strange looking habilaments of coarse brown cloth, cowled heads, and sandalled feet. Every tenth man carried a great cand'.a of wax, the light of which falling upon the dark vestments of tho priests, and casting shifting shadows before and be hind, like another processiou of spirits gave to the whole an aspect of inexpressi ble mystery, /dd to thi3 the voices of the monks, chauuti^g in deep, solemn j tones, the fuueiul dirge, and it is not easy to imagine anything more mournful or impressive. Tho body was ca?ried at the end of a procoasion on a bier. cov end W,ifl.a suPcrb Pal1 of doth and gold. This was followed by two men Wring upon their shoulders what looked like long wooden boxes, upon which the bier was to rest. Each priest who ear ned a torch was attended by a man hold ing a ?mall piper screen attached to the end of a stick, which served to keep tbe wind from tbe flame. Other men and hoys ran along the Fides with shovels of tin, to collect from the pavement the drops of melted wax continually fallinsr Evidently the deceased was a person of consist-ration, for the retinue of priestly attendant* was large; even for Rome, t r! ^*7 " lht shortest notioi to get together hundteds of ecclesiastic* or religious brothers of one or tha oth? order. As soon as T saw this novel spec tacle, I ohcyed my first impulse, and out and followed, to see what the e^d might be. There w in ,he sounder whnio'^ L a s,ranE? cham, and in the whole dark pageant a iascination quit? "nearthly A oertain sort of roman? ur m* i ?nc ag0' b* 1 kn?w not what ild and poetical and pros# recitals, was roused again. Slowly the mournful cor fee wound through several narrow, dark streets, until it reached a heavy looking church near the Fountain of ?revi 1 contnved with several ethers not of tho procession, to steal in, expecting to wit ntss in the funeral ceremonies something nvild!l?fl!ni ,drC^ful *]oom what I had n.rtady beheld But that was the end. ? r trie time, of the matter; for the bier Jhr8ri0f? 1U?the centre of tbe church he chantceased, the torches, which were he only lights in the building, were e^ mSs^d? by, ?r "" ? monks and priests hurrying out the A CTRI0U3 SC?*E I2T A THS?TEI The last received St Louis Republican contains an amusing account of a scene J- tcok ?*ace a few evenings before at V ane ies Theatre, in that pltce It Feems that Mr. Buchanan was play mg It,chard the Third. In the tig.Kjng scene m the last act, Richard and Richmond a;c described as havine entered upon the stage, ev.denUy exas pcra'ed (nut merely drarnatica'lv but in IVvctom *''h each'whc" t i.. !~ a vr.oruS' lhey parry and they rIc ri surik:nK ?<*>? "'i.1 then in ??rds some wwat similar to Macbeth when he aduresses Macduff, and cries, A. I . l" l'n* r M .cdufT, Au\.!. mut,j bc ?? who ursl cfim ^ ^ exclaimed, "Now, d-d vou wef|TCcad' -lh-a SUCh we I directed Uows as were showered on U.?arms of poor Kiel,mood, were never ? v 1U tnat particular scene of Kic'iu'Jlnhh *tre severe for ^ cjiu.ond threw his sword and glove at ta-c VT' Ti tb.en ? walked off the wafc no <ooktd around, there was^no adver ary upon whom to expend his tipubied wrath, and so he too disap I b?nt 11 OQ]y lor ?n instant, nlu* iLfy asa,u' t0 ^owhis onttrnvi^. CUfl1"' 6hut hi"> showl'r f'liPfthen came Ior*lr<l amidst -tiou.s cf applause, lie apologised for c ccuirenoe of the evening, and toli irnV^ lh0U?h tra^edy had been transpired into comedy, to tbe actors [r^ to the comedy, but to him the i'1 ^catc-lheR;chard of the even J* ft- A pause in the roar cf voices. "1 ua?e teen oa the stage six vears ? h*r<? appeared in three kingdouis?England, Ucaaud, and tho United a.attf, and "vo Lf. 111 co,,>1-t'ct a good actor. K me hirer sliuok a ?:aa Uhre ia my life on the st^e ti.? ??. ? * ,, ,. 5 . ?r* 1Le ^uager has 1 tLc It - a- thea the Richmond's turn. IIo "?tre,! " lam aa actor. vc ,,ot hcea in three kingdoms ? tu^ true agam. I've no. bceo on tte s.abe S;X yeais, (\ oice in th? gallery? I---U<1, cilher''),JUt.g^atleuien, T cuiced cn the stage. liicHrdT ? StV'irC U,JWOa lhe lnu from Kichard ? sjo.,1, and so 11, A the Me<J. UI have wrong I a^k jour pL Ar,d so the cntertaiaments of the evening appear to have end id. Ma. Calhoun's Fatheu ?The New Orleans Orle&niau says; "'J he father of Mr. Calhoun was a mcmbcrof the Legislature cf South Caro lina?an udcp'ed ciiiz n?a gentleman of ta'vnt and ability: but he Uisliked the p^aniry cf certain young lawyers who weie acustumoi tji..terlard their spe^^h es with CiCcroneaa qaolationsandscraps of adsged Latin; and rising one day iu the as.-einbly, he observed that there were several plain common sense men in he Legislature who were unacquainted with foreign languages, and if the objec tionable course was persisted in, to their anuoyacce, he would speak iu a tonguo which would be a puzz.c to tho most cru ci c ainoug them, viz: L13 native Irinh. Tiie threat had its effect and Latin was rarely had recourse to afterwards." OCT"44 Dv-ar me how tluidly he does talk !" said Mrs. Partington, lecently, at a tempcrance lcctnre ; 4* I am always re joiecdwh.n he mounts the noitril, for his cloquence warms mc in eve y nerve and cinridge of my body." A Dctcii Nam?.?A oorrespondent of tie B>s'.oa Post, writing from Rotter ?*m, describes a Uutch bark at anchor there a* aa 44 old wash tub." The namo ii tho 44 Donkbaarheid, aan de Neder landische Handel Maatsehappy." 027* The id-~a that to be great is to be happy, is one of .he errors of all ages, lilt, that to bo good is to be happy, is something known, at least to the wisq and yiriuoua.

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