Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. LIirLE MABEL. at MART CLKMMKR AMKS. r?- 'VPd l'ttla Sfabfl, fii-i perished m the spring; \Xt<cn tfr* llfiwPM b.'gaii 10 M ocm, W ten tb* k*<?i n to ting. Our pr>*ci?!js little .Viatel, Hn i be?? fidir ? all the year; Tor though she was u?r idol, ?V j co j'u not keep htr here. li t I you s^n our l.ale Mabel, You wou'd have ?o7\! her well, F >r?verjUsljr lovivl h*r, M.ire ihaa w jrd< can UU. 0 " h iDuinl, Jn?t Mabel, With eye* .d"dewy jet, Willi tcic* of ripo'.ag nasic, I see and li.*ar htr jet! 1 ur fre^'d lit'Jc MdN-l, .Now lirth fa?t aslfep, in the h^art of a green valicy, IVh. re the ririy viol??? w*ep; V.'ii' ra I:: ?i^ (MM :iUive her, Weave ?h;i.fovrtf o'er ht r b?d ; V? iinre ?Ur low, saJ wiu.?s ot summer, "i * dtr^? * round her h*a<J. Wh??w lit - inpse of s;. ver fountains I j?oj tii ? Mill airs flaw, And roa-d her grave the anjvls Do polity come and go. At hoo:e our litile Mab"!, ili no like th? nu ruing star, VVr it li lights the nieMow litaven, An1 srnJ.-? iu rays afar. Our l;< iy 11tile Mati-1, W.'j .1 cht-rub from th* aky, IVijom Cort had sent to ti^ach ?:a il- ff *c ruttst live and die. A Good Recommendation.?"Please, sir, don't you want a cabin boy?" *'I do want a cabin boy, my lad; but what's tLat to you? A little chap like | you ain't lit for tlie berth." ??O^. nr. I'm real strong. I can do a of work, if I" ain't so Tery old " ?'But what are you here for? You don't Icok like a city boy. Run away Irom home, hey ?" ??Oh, no, iudecd, sir, my father died, md my mother is very poor, and I want to do something 10 help her. She let me come." "Well, sonny, wher2 are your letters of recommendation. Can't take any boy without thusu." litre was a damper. Willie had nev er thought of its being nece-ssary to bave letters Ucna his minister, or his teachers, or from some proper pir&on, to prove to str*:v.-crs that he w.aa an hon^t, goad Loy. In on irha: should hi? do. lie stood ;a deep thought, the captain, meanwhile curiou?ly watching the workings of his cxprcrsivc fic-\ At ler-gih h* put his hand intoIr* bosom, ard drew out his little Bible atid withojt one wnrd put it int-> the captain's hand. The captain opened to the blank leaf and read: 4'WILLIE GKAiUM. "Presented as a reward for regular and punctual attendance at Sabbath School, and f r Lis blameless conduct there and f'.SL wherB. From his Sunday School Teacher." Capt. McLeod was not a pious man, but he could no: consider the ease before hira with a heart unmoved, 'lhe little ] fatherless clr'd, standing humbly before him, rt: rrini him to the testimony of | hi-, Sunday School teacher, as it was g.ven in h;s little Bible touched a tender spot in the breast of the ncble seaman, and clapping Willie heartily cu the shoul der. Raid: ??You arc the boy for me; you shall ^all ? ih r , a\d il youare as good a lad as 1 th.nk you arc, your pocket*, shan't | be empty when you go back to your good u.Oi.h..r." FrsiXKisa Grammatically.?41 Sal," exc'aimed Llx-aeztr to his dearly beloved, when be arrived in Go!hum with his brioe. on a weddinj tonr, ?? S%1: get on yer Suaday-go-to-a.C?thi' dressings and things, and let's take a perpendicular1 i?rome alo icund lhe prejuncts of the principality." " f* ell, Z.b. replied the fair one, "I'll co it and nothing shorter. But can't you &zj vo' r say viihout talking gram me?' ami colltge edification? If yow want me to rale a slather round, and take a trot with you, why in salted Je icwj-ikia coat )ou ^ay so?" 1:0, j. 07 OCEAN STEAMERS. A".. . e. l^rrt For I. V?ifh A<:::nwall.Ap". 20 v. i . bfmmbta..Apt. "21 ?n rui V; w York....Havre Apl. 21 Alia, t;- .i.:r< N? :v Y'tk-AfH. 21 Asirr; I!"* ?->^ I.irerpool..Apl. 25 KwUtuaieigW ?? ?' Y Jfk... .nr Juua..A;-l 27 Ac . .ll(s,.,t4tV /p* jo! ... i . a.,,t A pi 2c ? " CitlL^;: la. vea??^i3 leave New Vo/kon ? j 1 lii ?*'. , VJti i il* (jt?l. ?Jl. . ALS aT ViilNCiPAL IlO'IElfi. WlLlmrf^V* Cot4l-g. a. & i. c. willa&c. <? U.V ". f, A!a 11 Wentco t a lady, NY j i tl, ?J E U Wicks k Unniy, do Iflf MmBhUb^OO Mr DurW?', Pi T B Km?. ?ia J liiaixard U ioJj. do D Lord, IV J A V. ? ^u^glcu, Vj 21 v:? 11 J Walker, TeX ? ? U >v.a. ? jr, Uj J> Mil s. X Y .Vhk l i ? p., Caa C Aii.ov.i it!i,Nil J M I .iiil i aud !ady, E U^i<?r, Mj,* NY MUs L'pl o, do T Tl.- :n:oa a &iy, Id J 5atlcnal kiot*I?? ?. willii* \V ^ n Vj J L Sh?.' !"lfJid, Md L 0-. i. j u..U icivnii? H A MiJ' !i ion, u?) y,? <. fc-i" it X Jac^niau, l'a J 8 i \Y A VThita, do v. i 'ftiiC Si ?* J e?tfiblc, (!o J i't 11 A GanjLle, do ?; -cn< . ,<!?> u)iU' l^al*'jruu^li, Md A L ii? -> ?!?, .we A K Co h I' >uiu , <'d W a Nlbholton and lady, | A'i l' ' i<-. <? ? NJ G A >1 >l>?tr tt:?a ??y J u .nia.** -n, KC MJ T 3 lltoiuaa and lady, MsC^fa fit iirttiry,M0 J J Kjia, Va Crowma* U?t?i-T. r a m. stowa. IX r?a?.-, o J A Hawlej, Mi j r> Kr . M.1 J G iflatd, 1 y K r Pat;, r in, \i T L fejp. r, lady a four J V i I'Doaueil, rfC cli :dren, O J i. r, >Y J A !?? m*on Ui!y, Me y ii VVt.ecU r, do M M 11 ell id ay, Md B Pv , i n B i> Cainiichatl, do 1. ^ I niad States Ilotal?it. c. nirnir. J lioILn < V* J Tl Cro^an, I'd . *V y i at'., KY Mm L Uiuur.u^. Cl V.* lirv. , #i ,y, luj W il 1. fartiei, Mn* i> A 11 ir. or, Va Mid Ut EfnHinn, Trance I Hi V ''%,JT1 C t Keaeham, dA J ?l W. r,C W P. Alcoca, NY J L II u:i-? a, VH || Grn.ii. I) A Alt!' i j r.. uo Maj c r Maqpa, US \ KI'L - ?i '. lloaii-j. n. it a. miwuos. J II s*ny>r, Ml J T A In a lady, NJ J L SU-tei"*, Va J J J?l j;u?, Md Mhim*, NY J II ^tui^on, Va A W Kit'1'*. O J^I" Munrot*, ilo D Fv. r'iu, Mim BrunU, M,i,j U 'I Hail,?'? ,,r P?rn?f?, n ? It \% I a lad;, Va I' li U wi, N ?' N Harding, do ** ^ , l a *i" HuJ oil, NY l;i.u$lon l.oaity iilixandilai V? *. tmwtoji, paopaiaioa. yC lines'-. Va (j MarbViy, Va la J K liuis'- ii, do W A T.Va J VV James,?? ii Prurf ",?:o Col S S Jom a, Md W llaiter, d ? K Cu ir> a, do T. G Ti.ow- MJ ?: J M d > W Ke tnnr. *!?? T ii P lagraan, Va G W H e,.?, V.i W Pci f.-tcj.nn, do T H H.' *v? ll, i.o L P< w.: I. do ML .5* C ; *.cr, do & C Maraliail, do H s? t?:', i.o J B Failia, do y U l?uui>?, do M; Majlrk a lady, NJ STEAMBOAT KXCURIION. LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS. Cttibrationoftk* Landing of th* Pilgrim Marvl*"fi at St. Mnry's City, a m 7 9 eo*tvfV> Vndtr th* autpic** of the Phuod^mie Society of Georgetown. THE Committee of Arren^mratu of the Young Catholics' friend Society, r,l ibis ? . glf m' i city,!. vr ttie honor otannouncmg Io^cHmtcSI the ci! liens of Washington and its vicinity, that they have chartered the well-known and popular ?earner GEORGE WASHINGTON, for the above mentioned Excursion. The price of Tickets for the entire trip 1? $5 each. Tli'-y ran be procured at the following Drug Store*: KiuWeil a Lawrence, corner of 14th ?treet and I'enmyivania avenue; Callan's, corner of 7th aud E streets; Martin F. King'-*, Pennsylvania avenue; D B. Clark* V, corner of 11th street and Maryland avenue; (no F. Ellu'j Variety Store, Prnnsijliuiiis avenu *; Wm. A. Kennedy's Book-tore, 7th ?treet * snd from Francis McNeihauy, Naval Storekeeper! Navy Yard. r ' As the number of ticket* is limited, person* de sirna* of eniovin-; this interesting Exeurtion hre par ticular./ reqU'-sted to make early application ag above or to any member of the Committee of Ar rangements, a* the sales will be closed on Saturday ?v? n.: n. the 12th May next. ,?AlT^:?Pa,ei!!8 ,,avu b**11 mad'' with the pronrie tor of Pmry Point Pavillion wh. reby euufortable accom.'uouationa for the night will be secured during the Excursion. The fi.orje Washington willleavethe Steamboat VVlia ? at the toot of 11th street, on .MONHAY eve ning, t^ 14th May next, ai 3 o'clock, and will re turn about i p. m. on ;h- tollowirg Wednesday. JOHN CAHROf.L BKENT, WM. A KENNEDY, GEORGE HARVEY, JOHN T. CAS?ELL, FRANCIS MeNERIlANY, .p 81 ?ToTTi^.td c 01 SPARKLING SUGAR. For preparing a most delicious Summer Bev erage, po??e?sitg the proper tie* of, and cquil to the bit Scda Water. CGAUTJER has the plepsnre of announcing to ? Ills numerous patrons and the public that, af ter ninny experiments, and at considerable expense, he has succeeded in producing an ariicie which he st> les park tin; Sugar, for the inst antaneous prepa ration ot Soda Hater, equal in all respe.ts to that d. Iiciou* beverage now daily sold by him. manufac tured by Swan's Atinos? fci ric So.ia Fountain Aopa ratu?. a mode highly camuiend d by ,he M-ci' a! Faculty in the Northern an,I Western cities, and w'ueii is ta-t mpereediTie all others. The sparkling Sugnr id not only innocent in itself, but ia many in stances eminently beneficial to dyspeptics *nd <th ers similarly afflicted, it being a combination, in a concentrate*] form, of articles in dai y use in every lamiiy. With :his preparation Soda W.iter can be made at home, iu the jmrlor or at the dinner taM* instantaneously, without ihe least inconvenienre! To traveler* and persons residing in the couiitry th * sparkling Susar will be invalua! le, as the mt ans of proilucinu st an ineon.j!derabte expense a riiof t plca-ant, &> w?*il a< heaiiiiful summer f>eve? ag<\ N't one undertaking a journey, either by land or sen 8h >ui-l be withouti:. bs it is pa' up in a port able fufiii, Mid not iitT cted by t'.e viri>>jru !e of r'i aiaie. Hotel and ste.unstup proprietor-will find the Sparkling Su^..r ,?re cnl le jo, and cheap, t than the Mineral ater now sold in bottles It i? put up in ntlf pound j-ir-, r.n-J flavored with leiirin "ip ?er, sarcaparilla, ? anilla, kc., to sua the Uucyor ta^te ??t the purch^^r. U. GAU riEK w:li n?.t re?rr: to thfl u?::nl method oi pufurg hi) (iiscoveiy It r. quiri^ no such ;u.v, n ti*iou? nuj. It carries w;th it iuj own ?e<s?;.imijuda tion, and Lag ">iiy io te kn<>wi> t?? be properly ap preciated. Families Invin? once piveii it a trial wiil never be wi b >a; th-? Spirklmg Su3ar v A" '' f ,r sal'' on:y 31 h,I< establishment, 45 4 ,p*- ?? *>ue, where the citizens of Wa?h irgton and oeo'getown. and visiters to the Metrop o.ii peoe/ally, j;r.; invi'.ed to cail and judge tor tlie:n>civo>i by giving it a trial. njy l_c<4k $20,000 worth Buots Sc Shoes. SPRING SUPPLY. IB0N HALL BOOT SHOE. AND T?UXX E3TABLISHCB5X. Ptnm. avenue, between Nir.tK cn-l Tenth streets. ivrd rov n?s>?lnn:nt oi BOOTS, SHOES, and TRUNKS. inn. Lmhts. 1000 p^jrs^ bconse, tulored aud black Galium, *1 wU <5? do heel do Ti?.5%, 1 oi'" "0 " "00 pairs ladies morocco en.1 lad Heel Boou rBd Gaa-rs ?Mirer a?l Chil.&m do b-L-scj and childr* n's l.lasjt, bronze an.! . j colored Gaiters, 62 to 1 Wi ??00 do do CO:, red, black, and whit.: kid and j .... mr;rc-? Si'pp-rs. for Way Balls 1000 do children u t?h(<ep, ail color?, 25 G'mtt B>yi etui Y<rut\?. 1 <00 Genu Patent Lfatlitr a;:dt alf Boots, 1 23 to !?*? ^ 700 iJOO do do do Oxford, Cony, rMt\ . . **' Ko?uth Sfco?>? 60 <-o kiJ, cloth, lastin* Cony _ , , Gaiter, 1 50 io 3 60 .twO Boys do kldf cloth and calf Bootn ? . _ and Pumpd ?AO Youths' Shoe? of all descii^Uons. Tlir above stock ia j^rhaps ihe largest onj nn9t desirable in the city, Iroui wnichto make selections. It eu.l.fjces every vancty, and will b?- h- Id a; ihe lowest prices. B P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Coo:, 8boe and Tnrnk IwUiLlhh'ii'i ap vi?4{Al \ 8 A LK.?A y :U:.?. lar.e, XV and fi .e!y formed C? ?LT, wi.ich i*>-v broken t > both double and m?tie haruesa, l-Sfl .r.d to th ? id now oflviej sate.? *-*** *? Such u fco is raiely foual in the market, a"d the owner wishes to nell him on'y b? cau?e of ibe higj preeol liv.-ry, and fcis hivirg mh* bat for th? one. His match can l.e h id a!.o if desired, but tl: owner would prefer k on*, ofthr pair AI?o, a set 01 silver plated double liartes*, new ifrmvTiduze<' Bniuire at COW LI\G'S ctible, G et., btt. ia;h and Htli. np !R - eotf 1U"J? *? T? UlVtS tfoTlCU that u?. A aunecriber Litli oMaiaed from the O.nhin'n t.ou t of IVafchimpnu county, in the Datrici of Co L- ? !if on the personal es tate of m. Gi^on, late ol V\?aahiu){ion ceaced. All p*r*ous havi it* claims acaiu<t the sai-i deceajed, are hereby wa: !.edt ? e^hil it Uie same, with tlfcr vo irhers tn?-r?^Jt, to the subscri! er, 011 or before Oh; Slat day cf Aoril neit; they may other wi?e by law bt excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Givtu under mj hauJ this 3U day of Ajril, liio her CATI1AR1NII M GIBSON, ma/i. ap J~l?waw AdmiaUtxaUi*. r\o 531.] NotUt of the MtaUuLmuut cf tl* a Act of Surveyor Gt.itral of puUit Intuit for th* Tertitory of Utah IN virtue of the auiharltv c muinad iu thu act nn proved February 81, HOI, .^nUad "Au act to estaWuh the Olflce of surveyor ^?uuri>l of Utaji, auJ 2 *o' lwf ?cho-4 and un:versi y pjru<jij s " the Pi^uient of the United dta.e(j ua, dir. ?ud tli!it the ofii.e ot mrveyur g u. f4i yj ,aui T?rr tory be boated at Sa t Liks City uaul otliarwiw or acred. Given under my hand, at tJis City of Wa^lopon ling iwciuy tcarui tiay at March, iimo Domini uiii _ . ^ JUliiJ WILSOU, Gommiseioc^r oi Land mar as? ICE! ICE! ioil PEiTf BONE'S wa^u s are now runnine diiy wh ch contain- a,?tK,1 IClascfci. |.? /odua^i 111 Ho-tori or the Pufma ftiv^r Tiioa- who com mence by the 10th of f.l?y will bs H.miUied dminr U.? VJMJO Without advance P.,0?. Ur.teraJ.Jt ai the otllce, s'lulli west corner w llUi aaj 1?>re, il4 wtil^bH promptly attended to ajj 28?bnfii* ' CARRIAGtS?CARRIAGES! I have now on Land, and constancy fini^hin* a very lame aas-.rt i.ent of Pl*t?ure andr**H Family CARRIAGES, of the latest rtuh ions, which I sell a. low as the sarn- i'iTiuV 01 work can be s?.ld in any of ths principal markets 01 the United States. p The sutwcriber is low deul ng rxelusivi ly in Car ria*e.? ot i is ow.. manufacture, and all u or* *old iiv him w.:i be warrunted, and compare favorably witj. any work in Uns market. As I always keep a lai#. asaorimeiit, I invite purchasers ami oliiers ?>? er amine my stwk before purchi^ij^ elsewhere Carnages built to order old Carriages tak ?n iu exchaug ?, or repaired at the sliortest notice. THOMAS VOUNO, ? - "f the G'1 ,tn "orse, No 4 00 Pa. avenue ana 4* bUdet. msyl?eo3m fpilK COPARTNl?H8IIII? WHICH ? h is heretofore ei -ted b-tween the subscriber, under tl e name of Wm. B. Davi* h Co., was dis solved on the 21st ul'imo, by mutual commit. Ail debts due to the concern are to b?? pud to T H. PARSONS, and all claims n^a-iist it are 10 Le presented to him for setikuiei.t mat 1 ^ WM. B. DA VIP, _m*> l-eo3t T. li. FAKSONS. BLACK TIC A.?I IIAVE Ju t rec? iv>jd anoUi. r I^ot of that 1 upenor, unrivalled black TEA |at; 0 cents per pound Special ntt^niion of housekeep en. and all who with to indulce in * , C?P Ten is rey[wrt "-""??"-io, ?,T"??U;!! pfr*?u ap 17 -Ti? waieut ave. and I sUcst. BOOTS, SHOES AND TRUNKS. JUST opened, and now ready for inspection, at D. B. WAi.L'S Boot; 8 hoe and Trunk Em-ife porinm, a l?rg>*, varied and well selectedlS^ sprine and summer stock of BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS, among which are? Ladie?' morocco, ki I and lasting Gaiters Roots, Slipper*, Tiea and Buskins Misses' do do Children's Shoes in great variety Gentlemen's patent leather and calf akin Boot* and Shoes, Congress Gaiters, Pumps, tic. Boys' and youths' do wi'h all the most approved and fashionable styles of Shoes manufactured, all of which will be sold at exceedingly low prices. Fn addition to the above an extensive assortment of Trunks. Carpat Bag-, Valises, and Satchels, vary cheap. A call is solicited from all who are in wnnt of great hirgnina, as 1 am determined to sell as cheap as the cheapest. O. H. WALL, No. 3ft opposite Centre Market, ap 35?co3w i.etween 7th and 8th sta. LOW-PRICED ^ARPETINGS. JUST RECEIVED and for sale 6)i bales, 26 pieces, i iemnt three-eordheavy Tapestry Brussels CAR PETINGS, which were purchased at late auctions in New York, and will be sold at $4 12# per yard worth $1 SO. It i.nly remains for persons to see and handle these goods to appreciate their quality and exir-inc cheapness. Now is the time for economi cal housekeepers to make thrir purchases, as t^e manufacturers abroad and in thia country are ceas iiig to make goods, In "onseqoence ef the ruinous rates at which they have had to sacrifice them. ALSO? Rich Tapestry 4 4 two ply at 87V cents, worth $1 Kie l double ingrain ail wool attiJW cis, worth 87 i o do do at 50 cent-, worth 75 Do do wool and wooted warp,37# and 31 cents, worth 6-2% Do do heavy genteel Carpeting at 25 cents. Still remaining on hand a few pieces elegant Vel vet Rcyal Milton Carpetings, which will he sold as old and sup -r annuafd goods bought at audiou in this city last week?fresh, new, and superb patterns and color-. CLACETT, DCDSON at CO. ap 30? fod2w SODA WATER. 1 MIE undersigned having purchased Swan's Par ent Apparatus for the preparation of SOD A WATE8, from Super-Carbona e of Soda, re-pcct fully informs the public that the fountain is now in full and successful operation. This meth'id of pie Siriog Soda Water is warmly recommended by the rdical Faculties in the Northern and Western cities, not only as producing a pleasant, innocent, and healthy beverage for all person.-, but ore highly beneficial ir all disorders of the stomach. St ups of ail flavors, including those of Brandy, Wiue, aud Chuiep gne, freshly manufactured, of the very best material*, on the premises, always on hand C. aAUTIER, ap 30?eo3.? No 252 Pa. avenue. NOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. Il/'M- "? & H G BITTER bavti this 16th day of Tv April ent-;??d in"? a co-partnership for the purpose of carrying on the Wood and Grocery busi ness. I he subscribers Wnd Yard and Store is situated on the G..naJ, west of and near to the market, where persons in wantot Wood or Groceries of superior quality, and uy>r. the most p!cai?i- g terms, can at all times find a full supp'y. W. II. ft. II. G. HITTER. All per-ons indebted to W. II. liitier j^n-vieus to the CHir.mrnrement of thin firm are requested 10 call and settl: ih'ir accounts. 23?eo2w CHANCE FOR BARGAINS. OUU stock of BOOTS and SHOES are now torn pi' le in alt its branches. & For L ijies we hav:: an m.lea* variety ofS]^^ Gaiters, button and lace, from 1 to 2 SJ Morocco ?eJ Kid Slippers, 75e, worih $1 Do Bu.-kins, 87J<, worth 1 12 For Misses and Chilkren? Black, broaze an I colored Gaiters, button and lace Morocco mid kid Bo-its, bionze and colored Black, bronze tin I white morocbo and Kid Slippers Shanghai Boots, thick and tluu eoles Fot Genu our steck cannot Le surpassed in this city. 1'Heist Leather and Cloth Ghiters, a superior anicl?-i Oxford Ties, Mont-r?-ys, Kossuth Patent 1-edUier and calf, sewed and p-mted Boys' and Youths' clotii and patent leather Cution Gaiters Wa'kiiig and dancing Pumps, a superior article i.alfa.nd pal. nt leather Oxford Ties and strap Shoes Call anil ? x amine our stoek for we ared t. rmined to aeil for sinail profits, md re ilize quick taies. Don't !<>#e tun-i but call early. Don't forget the sior?\ A. nOOVER h SON, S. side Pa av , nearly opp. Browns' Hotel, ep 24??o6t REV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OP THE EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH.?A strong dSsire to benefit the aClicted induces liiiu Urns to ccrtfy. We chal enge any other mediciuo to present such a mass of teriimony from gentlemen ann 1,-ulio; of high standing of our own we.l-known eitiEena. who testify of cures of COUGH, BRON LtllTIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEFSIA, flic. EALTtnoRn, January 2ith, 1855. Messrs. Mnrfiwer if Maicbray: I lake pleasure in saving to you th?>t I have tif^d y ?r ??Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit, from a serio.ia t.iroat affection, my general health nad t^cotne very much impaired, when I com .neneed to nje ?? Hauipt n's Tincture." I found ii? erf-?cts upon my genenl health mo^t srduiaiy.? My nervous svetem and digestive organs soon right ed up under its use. I nave several times recommended it to my friends, and in every case, as tar an I have been iu ionut-d, they nave use it Willi success. Yours truly, juitu LA!*inAi?,Pa5tnr Of Exeter b?., SI. E. Church, Baltiuiorc. BLEEDING OP THE LUNGS. R4LEt?ii, N. C., Feb. t?, 1S55. Hcr sri. Mortimer $ Mo\o'rfay: I do hereby certify that about twelve months ap?? i was :aken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lnngs iiid had four attacks cf it I advised to try Dr. tlami ton's Vegetable Tincture I procured on? boule, mid lfter taking which, I was sttisfied that I was much better; and thai, taking the fourth botile, 1 ww entirely well, and now f erjoy as good fisallh as ever I did in ray hfe. I can, and do, wiili ^ut tti? least hesitation, rccommend the Tincture to r.H pers<sn< afflicted in my way. Yuura, tiio. W. WuuiTi CURE FITS?r;E\D! Bfore UA\e Sick than GoLl.?From one ol the most ?u:pfcvnable Druggets in Soutii Carolina. Charlkstok, S. C. Sept. 21,1K3. W-F.,n. M".rt!M*r fe Mowmray:?The sole ?f >"Oi?r Hwiapton s Vegi table Tincture is increasing every .tay, and every bottle sold recommend- this v.ilua' !e medicine to the r.fllicted. Several of our planters have tried it in dliferent casts with aston sucftess, and are getting it by haif dozens. It ua* fcts?? fonnd to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic uTocltons, and a wonderful caie ha> been p. tformed on a negro lov, suCerii.g fr im Fils, I will furnish you with a number oi ceruhcates if you wuh it em I am, gentletneii. yours, W. G. Tuott. Cill and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures of Bronchitis, Uheuiuatism, Neuralgia, Iiyj Nervousness and General Weakness. As a e.'uiale medicine or for dclicate children we believe it uio (jjaJli'ii. S??Id :,y MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 110 Ba!li ?ii :re sueet, Baltimore, and D0-1 Broadway, N. York (J-jas. Stott at Co., J. B. Moo&k, D. B. Clarke, lakki, W. Elliot, and H. McPhkk 10a, Washington; also, by R. S. F. Ci skl, George town ; and C. C. Berry, Alexandria, and by Drug gists .everywhere. feb 21?tr AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENS2. lrt the sick hear tui trctb. Cattaik Benjamin.?Wherever known his tosil mony will be conclusive. But lest those who Jo not know the Captain should be sceptical, Dr. Daw son &. Bro., with others of the bkst known aiid i:ion highly respectable cilixend cf Easton, endorse h> wonderful cure by HAMPTGlf'a VSSBTABL1 TIKOTUBE. Eastoii, Oct. 4,1U5L alesim. Mmtimer <y Mo* bray : Gentlemeu?1 feel it my duty to y*u and th" pub lie to certify to the effects of Ilampton's Ve>t< table Tincture. I was for more than five yeara laboring under a disease of Chronic Rheumatism, and tlw great f>aK ot that time 1 was so helpless that I hail to be Helped from my bed and dressed in my clothes i became red.iced to a mere skeleton. All the rned icings I took done me no good, and I continued u 2ros7 worse. I heard of Hampton's Tincture rikI thought I would give it ? trial. At this Bme I did not expect to live one dav after another. 1 l"d ha l?ke it (the Tincture) lbr the Rheumatism, hut in a short time 1 was well ?.f that disease. From effects of your '1 inciurc and the heipof God 1 an. now getting in good health. I all the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetable Fincture. as I have done, With the same effect toat ?t has 01/ Your obedient servant, Isaac Burjamx. We are acquainted with Isaac Benjamin, sold aim some ot Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, ami bt rieve the ubove statement correct. Dawson fc Bro. From our knowledve of Captain Benjainia we are confident tuat the above statement is true and un ?xageratcd. J. A. Johnsan, .. , Charles Robinsoh. Call and got pamplilsta pads, and see cues m Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuiairia, Dvt pepma, Nervousness and General Weakness. Asa ?finale medicine or lor delicate children we belieive it unequnlle4. Sold by MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, t?0 Buhi "lore atreet, BalUmore; and 304 Broadwe.y, N. York Ouas. SroTT fc Co., J. B. Moor*, D. B. Clarkr Clarvr k Bowling, W. Elliot, and II. McPhri Wmhia^ton ; also, by E. 8. P. Cissrl, George town, and C. C. Berry, Alexandria, and by Drag gwu tvar) Jau (#--U 1 WASHINGTON Smg^HUFACmi, 8. E. corner qf Pa. cn. and LUvaUk sfrsrf, Sole Agency for CHILBON, GOULD fc CO '3 Warming and Ventilating Affaratoi, M POND & CO.'S (ot B.*ton) Union Donblc-Oien rooking Bange, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INViNCsBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly on hand, and receiving LATROBE STOVEH, for hunting two stories; Parlor and Ch*m ber GR ATE8, Enamel ed and Japanned Cookinf, Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room 9 ? OVEri; Plain, Tinned and EnamHIed Iron HOLLOW WAKE; Bine it Tin, Planished and Japanned WAKE in great varietv. All of which wil be ?cM at tb? lowest possible rates, that will compare favorably with any EstaW listunent south (if New York. An eiaminatioii ot" uiy stock is earnestly solicited ap 13?Sm JAS SKIKVI >G. DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, l>enitst? late of the Arm of , Run & Donaldson, continues to dFZMKtBi manufacture and insert those benutiful JBMHuff porcelain teeth, wi'h or without gums, for specimens or which (made and de posited by the late briu) wan awarded Uic fir>t premium a: the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently iield in tliis city. Theae let th arc carved and shaded to suit each particular cast-, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs id so perfect as to deceive the niort prac tised eye. Particular attention al.'o paid to fiUing and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and ail operation* warranted. Office southwest comer Seventh and D s s ? en trance on D. mar 21?6m DENTISTRY. DR. MTJNSON respectful'y calls public attention to hi* new. patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED method ot setting ArtiA^ia'mafiSli Teeth, wi'h Continuous Gum ? the vcry^?11 "" PERFECTION OF THE ART. Tbissiyl* ol Teeth has the f??|iowi!iff aiv;irttnf*? over all otitis, vtr: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS, LOM BEAUTY,vieing with Nature in these respects, and in some others excelling. Public in spection u respectfully solicited. 1"lease cail and nee specimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of IVetti. N. B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged aii ! warranted for life. Office and house at No. 908 E rtrect, n<-ar the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street, np '<M ?tf TO THE LADIES. MISS S J. THOMPSON |is n*w prepared to show our large; and well selected stock of Millinery 'which she has just opened, ot the la tent styles which we are selling at the lowest price*, and we cordially invite the ladies to call early and have tli^ tirvt selections. We would al*o respectfully call their attention to our large and hand handsome "lock of Fancy G??ods Perfumery. Glove-, Hosiery, 8tc,. v. hich we can s?ll U unusually low prices. HIJTCHINflON * MUNTTO, No. 310 Pennt-ylvania avrnue, First door wtst of Walter iiarptr X Co,'s. rtar 28 ? FRENCU LANGUAGE & DRAWING. tlOMPLEPE and ili.ircugii instruction in tlie J above brunches will l<o given on moderate terrr s by a Fr?,ich Guatleman, a graduate of the Polytechnic rfeho 1, of Paris. The 3d vert is- r is bear* r of the highest UtdUuiOBiuls of success in teaching. Apply K> or aj.irut-s Tea; her," No 408 T?ii:te?'ntli Ktieet, between li and II. op 37?dim ffs'o. ?83.] Not ice of Withdrawal of certain Lands in Wisconsin. *H7IIFP.EA8, in pnr.uaces r?f a JcHt resolution I? rfCoagr**, eut'tl'd "A r?siIuti.>J> explana tory cf an a: t paj>-ed August third, eighteen hun dred anl fifty four." approved Maich 3,1866, relat In.: to the Pox sn'l V\i?coa*in river greut, tfceef f^t -? f which is to enlarge s*id ira*t from thr^e to C a mx. i??ns In width. th? PrtaderJ, of the V~,tUd has, by his crder b-aring viAta tne ntcih dsy ofMxr h uitiiao, diewted that ceitain toirnsiips s'tcatnl ia th*; -tx?? cr V/iacosstr, ca f&ch siia of th? Portrgc ctincl an 1 ih; Fox rircr an-J th? lakes j tbroujh *hiaM It pa?.s#^, (inclodir.; the lands hnr? : t-jfore elthdrawn nn i h?.ld for i .Id grant,) that] be Aithdravo trota sa'.c or entry tcr any pnrpese whatever until farther or iers. Notica is therefore hereby givr .. that ssid land si:ua'<vl as hereiaaftwr described ha^s thi3 day b??a withdrawn fr ;m fale cr ?a?r7 aoeord'ngly. to wit: lu tbs diet riot of lands sale at &L.!tA!SiiA yortk of the bate line and east of Vie fa vr. th princi pal meridian. Township 12, on the let bank cf tbe Wisconsin river, a id t->vnobi?i 13 *ni 14, cf rango 0 Townships li, 13 anj 14. of raago 10 Townsn'p 14. of rantc* 11 Townships I i, 16, 6. 17, a%d 18, of rango 12 Townships 15, 16. 17 aid 13, of rang* 13 Townships 17, Id a^d 1>>, of ra^ge 14 Township- 17, IS, 19, &nl 23 of rang'? 15 Tow -ships It, 16,17, 13, itt, 3j acd il, of range 10 Town mips 15, 10,17,18, 19, 20, 21, an l 22, cf ranar? 17. Towuthips If, 16. 17,19, 20, -21 and 22 of ran?e 18 Tow.idiips 10, 17, 18,1?, iO, 21, ?, and 23, oi rar ^e i0 Town liijs 21. 22, 23 anl 54, cf range 20 Tcwceh<i-t> .2, Vo and 21, rame 21 In ih- du.tric: of laads sul>jw to sale at JIiJBii Toijfr: hoith of Qa bate line, and cist of the fourth princi pal meridian. Townships 12, lia dl4, on the kft bauk o' the Wisnoofciu river of range S In t^e duLkt of la ad., eulject to sale at Srsvias1 I'oiifr: A'ort^ of Ih'. brute line arJ cast of the fourth princij**l mervtian. Town?hlps 16 and 16, cf rat..;* 8 TrwusMps 16 and 16, of ra^ge 9 Townships 15 ?r<l Irt, of ran:?e 10 Townships 15, lo and 17. of rangs 11 Glrec und-r my hand at the Oeum.1 Land Ofllre, attheiityot Washington, rhi. third day cf April, Anno &02iini ore '.hou^and eight hnnd't^l and D ty five. By order of the President: J5BN Wn^ON, ComiTiisrlonor ct Gentral Land ufflse. ap 6?2aic6?r l'ait?d Slates Pateut Office, 1 WAflHiKdTO*, April 23, 1865. f ON the petition of Uiojji liruLawAT. cf sand wich, Mtss, praying for the extension ol 8 r?ateat granted to hici od the '2?et cf Augn<t, 184 , for an improvement iu the compaction of taouldi for prai^n,? gla^s, for s?vsn yrars from the esci ratloD c f riaid patcn% which Ufc-s pla^e on the 2is: day of August, 1S66: It is ordered, that tha said petition bo heard ai the Patent OUice en ilondey, tha 0:h Jay of Augu,'. titjxt, at 12 o'clock, m.; and ull persons are notifW to app?tar and show cause, if any they have, why ui i petition ought not to be granted. Perscn? oppoeiris the extension are required to fits in thu Patent Olnce th^lr objwdotiS, spt^dally set forth iu writing, at least twenty day* before the lay of hearing; all testimony filed by ?dtber pArry tc be use?l at the said hearing must be taken and tram* mitted in wscord?nci; with the rules of this Ofiioe, wbich will be furnished on application. The test'.mouy in the case will be clifced m th? 26th ef July; depositions and other papers r?li<*l up on as testimony must be filxd in the office on cr be fore the morning cf that day; the arguments, i any witbin ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in tha Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Was hington. D. 0., I>*ily R?p ib kali, liaitimoiv; PewnsvlvtLiatj Philadelphia, Pa., Scientific American, New York: and the Pott, Bo^n, Ma s., once a week for thrs* successive weeks previous to the 6th of Augctt next, the day of hearing. S. T. SCDCKflT, Ac' ing Coram idsioner of Patents. P. 8.?Editorpof the aTOve papers will please copy and send their bills to the Patent UfSce, with a p? per contaiuintt this noti'w. apr 2t?la?8w uSlsd States Patent fifties, > WA?na?GTC5, Ap-il i4 1 66. < ON the petition of L?wis Q gn-krivis*. of A's bama, pmying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 231 of July, 18il, for an Im provement in "tbe manner of conMrucdeg g-ns ftr gianinsr cotton," tor s?v*n yt?mrs from the expira tiou of said patent, which takes place on the 2?<! dav of Jily, eighteen hundred and fifty fii? : It is ordered, that the ?aid petition be heard at the Patent Ofltco on Monday, the 9th day of Jolv cext, at 12 o'clock, m.,and all persons are notifiedtc appear and show cans*, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Per9onscppoglngtb<??xteasion are required to file In the Patent Office thoir objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days bvfore the day ol hearing; ail testimony filed by either party to be used at the said heating must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of this Office, which will be furnished on appliaation. TJe testimony in the ease will be dosed on the 29 h *f J une; depositions, and other papers relied cn m testimony, must be fil.-d in the office on or befen u -j. Ordered a'so, that this notioe be pnbllshid in the Union, taWligt noer, and Kveninjr Star, WasLing ton, P. Bsiiy Reeub loan, PaWii-ore, Md ; Evo. 2Sf Pa ; *'d scientific Amor lann. New York; one# a week for thr?e successive d^Vl Lsaricg1* 10 th* 9 h *** 0f Jo,y M1>l th" 8 T. BHUGKRT, do -..x Aeitg Oommlssionerof PatenU P. 8 ?Editors of the above papers will pitas* copy and send their blllsto the Patent Office, with a paper oontaluing this uotioe. ?pc JW?TMv (gurmcw Bitters, DB. C. IL JACKBOfc Phflad'?%Ffcf WII.L BfFECTCALLT C0U LITER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JACKBICK, Chromic or Nertw* Dobilitf, Dumm of At Kidney*, and aU diooaoot amity from m 4i+ yrdmod Lioor or Stomach tiuch as Constipation, Inwarf Pflw, " Bl?*?d to the llead, Acidity of the . ?ea, Heartburn, Dbgust lor food, Fnllnei?s or weuht in thf Stomach, S??r Eractationa, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the etnmach, Swim ming (?r th? H?:ad, *nd difficult nreathing, Plu'tering at the Heart, Clinking or Suffocating Hennatmns a hen in a lying Poature, Dimness o? Vision, iMts of W< ba before the s?ight, Fever and I)u!l Pain in the Hea l, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowneaa of the Skin and Eye*, Pain in too Side, Hack, Cliest, Limb*, fcc., Sudden Finches of Heat Burning in i he Flesh, Constant Imagin ings of Evil, ana great deprea?ion of SpiriU. IMiE proprietor, in calling tee attention of the pub! it to this p*et?aratiom, doe* ?o with a feel c;i of the utmost confidence in ita virtues and adap tation totlie diseases fbr which it in recommended. It is no iifw and untried article, but one that has st;>ad the tcrt of a ten y<ara' trial before the Araeri crn people, and iu reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony iu itd fivor given by the most ptimineiit and well known Physicians and individual*, in ail parts of 1 llie country is immense. The following from North Uat? Una is respectfully sub . ut- d, ref? rnng any who may still doubt, to my "Memorabilia,"or Prac tical K? c ipt Hook for Farmer* and Families, to be had gratis, of ad the Acenu lor the German Hitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, ISO Arch at, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. H'. Smith, of Pine Hill, Rich mond Courttj. S. C. Ptita Hill, March 4th. 1S64. Da. C. M. Jacxaow, I'liilad- lphia?Dear Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspept-ia, in its worst I rro, for the last five years. Such was my condition for twelve months that the phyriciau and nil who paw me said I mu-t die. While In thi? condition. I was carrird to the waterng places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but wa? not benefited by anv wat?r to which 1 war taken. While on my wav home, I stopped a week at RntherforJton, a smdl I village in North Carolina, to try the effect of som? Chalybeate watrr in th:it place. About the lant of the week, I went into a drug stire to get some medicine tor my child and uiyaeif. There were several of the village physicians in the sfwe, and one ol tiie.m seemed to take i*>me interest in my i-aie and, al' er asking mfc some queetions, said tie had been a d^spepuc, and had been grea:ly bene fitted hy the ti.-e of " I?r. Hoofi ind's German let ters," prepared bv yu, and he insisted tliat I would try the Bi:t?ra He al?m called the next day at mv room, and uiM.-ted so much that I would try them that I a?ked h:ui lo get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do my I wan more benefitted l>y it than all the water and medicine I had ever taken After reachine home one of my neighbor* came to me for a prescription and me<!;cine, (he a dysp-p tic,) and i eave him nearly all the Bitter* I had l^ft, w.iicli effected much good in hit: case. He has oiVu called on me for more of the Fam* k nd of medi cine, saying he was nnre benefitted by it thau any other he had taken, but I have not been able to get ir.y more for him or myself s:-^? . ??, tlierv ??re, please ship me a dozen or more a? soon a* fios rble. Respectfully yours, W.SMITH. 1). R. IU )OK F.U. Roger'* Store, Wake Co., N. C., O-tobcr 24-1853, say>:??* H*vinsr experienced very treat benefit fioni the nee of u ll<mfland's German Bitters,1' in Chronic Dysentery a*: functional de rangement of the Liver, and iis conconr.iant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the bo-iefit of my community. You will, therefor, piea>e send a lot. fcc. flic. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. IlrnTsviLi.E, Yadki* Co , N. C ,Nov. l?t, 1853. Dt. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to yon my sincere thanks for jour discovery of a medicine which, lo my th? least of it, ita? ef fected a cure that all other m?sd<cinea, that 1 ha?e raken. have entirely failed U> do. "lioofland's Ger man Bitters" have cured i;ie of tb* mo.-t atubbotn and aggravated case of the pu ts that, perhap ,ev? r fell t? the lot of man My case is not a stranger in t'is community, as I am well known in this and the ,arrt>ui>ding counties and can truly w?v that my re covery has astounded all my frie xls *nd relations, as I had tried everything recommended, and uothitig did m ; any gi*?d until I was prevailed upon to try tlie Biiters. Yot} are it liberty to r akc any ot this communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, vou mav uunk proper. Truly yours, WM. J. ATWOOD. These bitters ar* enftre^y pfQetatde, they invigorate and Mreiifthen tlie fystfm, never prostrate it, and -:a!i b^ n^ed for infant- as w- II a? adults. F >r s ?Ie by respecttUe dealers everywhere, and by Z. L>. GIL.M Wa^hinsion; J. L. KIDWELL, Genrc^towa; and J. B. PIEKF<?*^T, Alfxan?L.? mar I?Iv ______________ 0 ART PR'S SPANISH MIXTURE. r&? G:?tt P?rlll?r of tht Blood I Kot a Particle o 1 LTfircury In It Is Ias*uirLa Kuut lor ^nr.iuEiogr's Rvil, Kb?ua?UH?i, OiMti&t'.e Cutaneocn Eruptions, Pi^jplfs OJ Pusta'.ee on the f-<*e, B".o?5b?. Bells Chronifl 6on< Byei, King TTcrxa cr Tet^-r, Scali H?ad, anlar^meat au l Fain of the Be ties and Joint*, Stab?x>ni Uliwrs, 8ypfc'!H?2 D!?or?Jsra, Lutabajto Bpln:?! Cem^ia'nts, an * ail the dlvsaw arirf-g from an 'i^ndioioua >ise cf Eerrory, lui prud?ace in Lif?, or Imjcrit? ot tt;e B>ood. valuable >lrd'..*.ine, nhich ha?- beccm# osl? bmt-d f? r ths nnrcber cf sxtratTdmary cures, effected thrrugrh srency, has it-dr.ced the proprl ?tOTg, at the ur^?nt r?qnf~t of ;h-ir friends to clfet it to the pobl'-c. Thlch th*y do -rlth the utmost c d ade&c? in iu v;rtu?e tsd wonderful curativa prop ?rii 6 The f6Uv>-ia? crrUScates. fe??ct?l fTom a iigo nuaib^r. are. fc..?ev t. atroc^r teatlitony ?h?.. tke ine e trori cft'se pro; tj tcr*; aui are aU tox gentlemen we 1 known in th?lr localities ani if tn? hUh*6f raspacuhllity, taany of lh-m roc ding ?c the etty of E chtao ?d. Va. f. BOYD&N, JCeq., cf th* Exchange Hotel, Rich otoad, known ?rer..wLera a&yshehaticeaa'he Me-> :ane called Ci??^'s Miiiui-t.aJmvnU.ered iu over a hundred casee, in netiiv all the <i;<%aaet or at ijlilt is r?comTnec'ie<J, v*th the aioat a?U>n g odrebClt*. Ho says it Is tbaniortex ili?M.uirjr ta -ul' ine h( Las sver m?i. AGUK aNi) FitVMa?GREaT ouaic.?I herahy .-ertify that for three Vrars I bad * jue wrA Fever oT the mwt v'.^lect ?5-?i:r5pr'on. T hid several PL 7 difcns, took Urge quhn.ities of Quinine, itertary, *nd I believe all the Traics a'ivctiisvd, but a!i with jut fCiTracent relief. A_t I trisd Carter*!, ^panif.h Miitore, two bottles cf Khlch t-ffsctnaily iae, aud I aic happy to eay I h^^ t Lad reiijer hi.'s c? .'dveta cinca. I corsiiar It the \*ti Twi'c .a this vorid, and Uia Oily madW ns that eysr raa^hid a:ycaoo. JOHM LONQI^iiN. Cutti linca, o*tr Birhmccl. Va. G. B. LOCK, Ls?i., row lo the city af Elchmonl icd for man/ j can> i:i ths Poet Ofil."*-, his such in tho ttv ai^hljii eG^cy of Cartar't M:itui*. 'hat ha has Uiu^Lt wttds of bottite, wr.ich he ius given ewuy to the afil-ot^d.? Hr. Luc!t Bdja lie has n?Ts: Lcown it to fail when takes r.e^>rJi^K to directiiv Oar*cr'd Bpanleu Lllx-.-ar ^ vrhlth were cioa1 trulj urjirlci'.i^. lie st.> a tt* a cijse of (km luiption, &? pocdent cn the Liter, th? ??fccta weia woc j>rlul Iniesd. ?A.'dUEb a. B&XliE. Jil, cf the fim cf Drinker k Monis, IUcLaaucd, wt. cuted cured of Liver Gem plaint of three ? ears atandiag, by the tue of twe jetties of Carter'e fcpaciKfc Mixture. UBKA.T OUKE Of BOaOl/ULA -TUe Zdltori of che likhmond ilepuhUcan h*d a servant employed In their preaa room, cured of violtnt Scrofula, a m bined with Rhs&matli:m, which entirely disLbleJ aim from voi'i. T - 0 b-ittles of Caters Fpaasub Mixture made a pe?t\ct core cf him, tmd th? Ldi torr? in a publ'c notice, ?? v they "cheer(ally recrio m?sd it U> all who are aCiicted with any diseaee of the bloo<i " STILL ANOTHER CU!?3 CP BOROFULA ?T had a tciv valuable l?7 cured of Screen!a I j Carter'* gpaninh Mixture. I ccnclicr it truly a valuable me^ldoe. JAM&s H. TAV LOR, Conductor cu ths R F. and P. K. R. Co.. Ricbmt nd, Va SALT hILEUM OF TWjvM\ YEA&8 bTANLl?Q CUrtED Mr. JOHN TaOMI^ON, r.?l<lli?r In the city Ct aicLaond, wsa cored by three bottle# of Carter's tipanisk lllature, of Salt Kheum, *Lich be had 1c: aearly toaotr years, and which all the pbysiciaac of ti.a acnld not csra. Mr. Thompeou is a well kaowa flswiisnt in the city of BioLmondf and lib is mead sararkable. WM. A. MATTHEW?, of Rlchmord had a servant rartJ eg Syphilis, In the worst form, by Carter'r BpaaLh Mixture. He says he cheerfully recom mends It, and confident it a vary iavaluahle medi etna. EDWIN BURTON, ccmmiscloner of the rayenue. says he kaa eoec the good effecta of Cartert aiab Miitu.-%lii a number of Syphilitic caeee, and says it l? a perfect enre f. r that hor-tble diaeaee. WM. 8. HA ft WOOD, et Bichmond, cured of old Soreeaoi Ulnars, wh eh disabled hi a fram w>lklng. Took a few tattle* of Carter*a Spanieh Mixturv- and oaf eecbled to walk wi^iout a crutch, in a thort time potaaneu'ily cured. Principal Depots at M. WAlvD, CLOSE k Co. Ma M Mai dan Lane, Mew York. T. W DYOIT A SONS, No. 181 Ncrth Seeond ?t, Philadelphia BCNVSTT A BEERS, No. 116 Main street, Eiab good, Ya. And for aala by CHARLES 8T0TT, Warhirrten D. 0; lIENdY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Dre?Si trtrywMf?. Prioe $1 par bottle, or six botUatf hi ||( Oy| EltOiHo OK {HE OOUNTBHtJ OF BLKp'. r JJ ' TRAVEtKIW TifRFOTORT. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Q' CHANGE Or HOUKS. ,N and after Mnwlaj, the 83i inataat. the w wi:i Irftw Waahingwn at 6 and 8^ a. a., and t aM iH p m < tn Sunday at 0 a m and 4U p ? Lmw Baltimore at 4H and 9jf a B, aai I afld 5* P m Oa Sanda* at 4* and 4M p ?*. ap83-tf T H. PABSOUS. AamL Stft Mott Bedell'e Lisa. ^ NEW YORK,ALEXANDRIA. WM8HTWQTQB CITY. AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACK J7TS. This line of packets sails weekly pier 14 Ea.?t Rjver.New York.and oflcaer if i,ec***ary, and are composed of the following flm el am Is: New * hr. A. F. Brddl, Bedell, maatar. New wchr. Met* J.'edeU, A. V. Tredwett. rtcbr. Ann /)., Wa. Oliver, innater. 8ch'. J'oUmt. L. A. Hmitb. master. Hchr. CommtitvUr tn-Chxtf, Wogl jo, Bttafofe Pehr. Grrewrroy, Wika, toaater. Three veMel* lire all faet nailer*, ud the men of experience in the trade. and the only iar Hue of Washington CKy pa? k?'ta. MOTT BEl;ELL, Wall rneot, M. Y. 8. 8. MASTERS A SONH, Alexandria, Va THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?Wafhingtnn and D. CL ORABGB A2TD ALKXAXDSIA RAUBOAO. On caid after Tuesday, Suv. 7, 1854, I'D* Cara learn Aleaatdri* daly fbr flrnln? villa and !ntrna?*li*te atattone at 7if o'clock, c. i?., on the antral of the boat WwMafttk, ?*vingamt'>e time foe breakftat oa board. Cm* oeatiagat Kiowdm JuustWn with a tr?tn for htewa burg. at Warrenton Jn -tioa with a trnia for War ronton, and at Qordonarille with the tralna oa the Virginia Central Railroad for Richmond, Charlottaa etlie, aad Staunton The 3aro lea re OordocFvllle daily for Alexandria and intermediate station*, at ^before 11, a.??., oa the arrival cf the tralna oi the vlr-fftnia Oaatral rail road tea Richmond, CkarlotWrille, tad Staaatoa. THROUGH TIORKTP. Tryrz. Alexandria to Warrectoa..~~~.~~.-f3 00 m " Oordcr?rr!l>.8 10 M " CharlottecviHa 4 M ** * P tan o torn.... 4 00 44 ** Btraelrcrg 4 M ** " LTtckbarg^M^. 0 Ti ? 44 WlDCtwaw a M ? - Lnray? 4 ?4 ? - Haw Vtrfc?t............. I 00 for Lyncbhnrg, connecting with tha rtagee ai Oberlrtt^sallle, oa Kcndaya, Wednaadayt, and frt lays. For Lurey ana New Mark-t, connecting with tha ? agee kt Caspar, oa 7oaadaya,Tharadaya, aad SaA orday. Fr- Win:h-<ar daily, connecting with tha I at'/Mvont F?r V 'Jt-bnrs daily, oonsafltfaf with (ha i at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BL0CKFTT, noe 7?itf "for mountvernon. Oa TUESDAY8 and FRIDAYS. Fara round trip ti; from Alax* andrik 75 w>Bt? ?The TIIOMAU OOLLTKR learaa Wvhio^tcn at 3 an^ AUxandrte at 9Ki o'eWvk. ( oarhae lejve the Capitol for tie tx-at at f ^ o'elh. Cc?eh fara *0 eenta. Penons wtohisK the Ooachaa will laara their rMi> lence ?Sth wao. A Thoa. Parkar. Kef; ^ehmantf ca the bna*. Oct ? -dtf 8AM*L qFDVTT. Qt0L TiiK IEW YU11K * LIVERPOOL UK/TED STATUS MAIL STEAMERS. 11J* ? HIPS OuM PRiclNG TILLS LIXIB . THK? ATLANTIC, Cart. Wart. PACIFIC, (Sept. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Oeiaftcck, ADRIATIC, Oapt. Qraftoa. Thev eh:B5 hare b*en bnilt by coutract, expre*. ly f-r OorarnKect aerrlea; ?Tery care har b*?B tak-a In their omietiaerion. aa in the Baginaa ta Infer* e*r?n ctb aul *p*?d. and th^ir a wnaioda tioati >or ;*tM>sger* ur? onequalleU for alagamm and ot afbrt. Prv-*' of pa.*ea*e drrm 27cw Ycrk to LiTrrpocl, ta trt' < thin~ 41* r vi v a1. a............................... ?????.......... 70 Exclave n?e oi extra ^te *tat? room* tr?m Lirrrpo?'l tv> New York ?JO aad ?90. An 'x:?rViiol enri^oa attache toaneh abtfk No > with can be enured until paid lor. for l'raight or pa?s*^e ap: ly to REWARD E. COLLINS A 00., 44 Wall ?tract, Nea Ycrfo BS0W>, 8HIFLRT A CO, B. O. P.OPERTi k CO-, 18 R1ntr*e Ansa Tard, JOHN KUNHCK A 00, 99 Tin* Notre Datoe d?-? Yi tolra^' GQ0. U. LRAPAR, Ua^i?. TL? o*mar? of th?*? rh'.pa will not be a^eovnfobia for gold, ailrcr, bollion, fpecia, jewelry, pr ?to?i>- or m?Ula, hlVw fci'.U of ladiof are i the. ?fnr, an1 '.h# value thereof therein t>n? 1 ft? I'? Privawo Medical Txeatiei oa roa PHYSIOLOGICAL Y1RW Of MARR1A4B, rr M D LA CHOIX. H. D? ALBANY. iY F. UO Pfc)Hja abd 180 rioa Plain aad Colored Lilho grapi>9 and FiaU?. AS" Prlaa only SB Casta. 'VO C^-Bctit free cf po*?*geto el1 pwrti of the Uaion^Bt CTIBAPK^T BOOR BVBB Pt]HLl?ilKD,and contaiairg arwrlr d nble too joantjtj of natter is that of tha FLIfl Y CRNTb OR DOLLAR PCBUCAHONH. It tie&to on the PHYglOI/V GY OF MAKKIA0B and the eerret lafiricinaeani uiaordev cf youth and maturity, re raiting frtiM exo^sca, which dnbtroj thephyaical aad m?a tai powers, with obf*rTaocaaO aa nam&3% ita dcUeB and di^cali^cationa, and Ihtlr rataodlaa; with iithc^rapLti, Kltu-traMng tha and phyticl.-gy, and dL-^a<aa of the repro lo?.li*e organs cf both oe^ee. their ururtnre, ?jm aad fu:>wtio?a. A povnlar ar>] ooDprah?nj<re trea tise on the ddTiofi a- i cju-.-A',kv <. t aicgte aud mar iled \:tb?l-arP7 aQ<* fnatiul al'U.i.??, urnde cf ae ftur:s^ thvti - istoUui'^ci la it. tile cnea?ttialr ab.iai?oj and rrmcrtl?lip^rt^nt hln^ to thoaa ?i^Ump!aiia^ ciat/Lr^c :>y, that wi'l cverocai cV j*:tkna to it; ncoo. bewe?<i. ^ou.J rake thia lm port-Lt a'ep w^iiact Cfst iw^'iltlnj its page* v~Dtr.cntaride os tie uiaea^eaand nodical treat mart ot fezr.+lit frcci to old a.-e, each rue graph ically liiut rate-; Ly Lraatifci lithcgraphio plaUa? Eertt cs deli;::y, its c-ai-?a \zl care. a areoaaa at csce uo rtai: If, ?af? an ! eS ctuaL that Uiltire i? i^poa-dble?m I*a far dally Dir.!/ ^-nrnt?an e?a?y ia .'?p. Tmatorrbcta with pract! ai oheers.Uooa on a *af.?r, *ci ic^re nnrc+n*iai utvla cf treatsiont?f ra ?utiCiiftry bints ca the arlia - . suiting a.n ecpin exl practice?an etiay on all aiMaaM ariai^g nan lr ii?^ction, with plain anul t.lnple raiea by vbkh ail penosa can core ttrzunJvtJ niihont mercury? raucoics for th^ae self ir.tu:*,a Liianiaa and diaap ;;itttd tores so tu: for Innately prevalent la tb? rcccg It le a truthiul adTiaar to tha aarrtad and those rOBb^nplati&s P'.trriacc. Its penuai ta par ticuitc'y reooiair.eQil'-d to nuscae ?n>r aiaiag a? Bat d:uLt? of their thyaica! ccnLUia, aba aho art s^ cf having uaaardad the health, LappiaaM %ri arivaegei to whieh evaiy human balac la a&j titled to. Fifce U tzzu per ccp7? tt Are copies for one dol lar. Mailed free C! i oetafe to any part of tha Lai ted El ctaa. N. B.?Three rho p-.afer c:j conrultDr LiCu3 0.< jn any of the aUtwi u^n ? hich hla bcck tiaata ai'Jicr personally or by mail. MrdJoine teat to auj part cf the Ublcn asorrdlng to dlrectkaa, aalely jackfl aso earefn!!; eecared frcs all chrarvatka. Add rear Dr. M. B. LA CK01X,No 41 Maiden Una it Peat OC.Te Box tTO, Albany. N. Y. MAT Ohiee open daily from ? a m ta 0 s m, and Bi 3und*y frcm 2 until 4 pm. AjT Office Item owed from No. 16 Bearwrt* ?o SI Maiden Laae, Aibany, N. I. dae 7 s FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. - MALL BUILDING I>? t4 of 10 foet er more. ? ?ariru#' part* oi tLa^.ty, and Qewirtnaj.11 lav pneaa, and tercu to enit. LLOYD A 0u BUILDIIQBTOIIi For aala, deliverable at the Oanal, or m? ? LLOYD 4 0a 14th etaeet, opp.Traamv h ?~1t ORGANS FOR SALE. A8UPERIOR toned CHAPFX ORGAN; ? m. Our R we wood PAKLuR UKGAN, buto %* i hi ei hi Nil on at the Mftroptdiuui Mechaua arajj Tlioy art- ftom tae aarnoiactury of LlLNRY ?BBBI, of New York. .. A For terma, he., apply to Prof. FCIIEEL,<wiw m ?tre< t, nenrth of F. HBNRY EE4BS ^ JrbM- ~Hf 9 C VMPBEl.L'd DICTION \IT J kHtSrg enc?* t Ouvah-T. tu History and Tac??ea bf rj tain Nolan oo itfo Trainu>g oi CavaBy H?""'

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