Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1855 Page 3
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KVKNING STAR. Local Intelligence. MruDKR's Ora^d Festival?Tboegh the rai* VM heavily falling last night, the Nc* tional Theatre was filled wl'h a g*y, joyous and delighted company to witnetn the pro* ceedings attending the grand exhibition nod May ball, arranged by Professor Mander with rare ta?te and at great expense; the worthy proprietor being determined to produce a sceae which could not fail to be in the highest de gree a'traotire to the lo??n of the innocent amusements announced. The arrangement* were on the moat extec riTe and lioeral scale. The parqaette ?n floored over from the entrance to ike foot of the stage, throwing the entire theatre into an immense ball room, which was decorate 1 in gorgeous style, and bri'iantly lighted with gas The throne for the Qaeen cf May, (Miss Mary Marron.) and her maids of honor, wis elected on the b**k of the stage. ornamented with flowers and banners, and eurrounded by scenes of " fairy land " Ihe proceedings attending the coronation were witnessed by a large nnoiber of specta tors with interest, the ladies looking on the lmpesing oone from the boxes, whic'i wore es pecia'Iy reserved for their nie Delightful ma.-ia added to the life and enthusiasm of the occasion, acd all we.i deaf to the paltering cf the r un without The Grand Shawl dances, by tweaty-fonr bimm. were in the crowning scene, end were succeeded by the grand marsh, the r.aceneion to the throne, and the grand final tableaux. The Flower Dance, by thirty-two mi.s?pj from the age of fire year; up to sixteen, after the style of the wonderful Vieimoise children, wis truly ehaete, graceful, and imposing. It oai prised slxtem archee, and an equal number of circles of roses of everv variety and color. Hornpipes. El Bolero, La Cachaca, Waltses &o , by Profeftor Mundcr's pupils, were el' gintly executed. After these were concluded the floor was cleared for the entire company It is almost needless to say that ladies an i gsntlemen availed themselves of the pr;vi!e(e and indulged in the "poetry of motion'' until an early hour in the morning. We d?>ubt if there was ever, anywhere, a more splendid May exhibition, an entertain ment which offered a higher degree of gratifi ca ion to those in atter dance. Professor Mender, as the master of ceremo nies, acted well his part; and in saying this we do not wish to bo uaJsrst_>ed as conveying a mere formal compliment. We doubt not that ifit had not baen lot (be rain, the num ber of patrons would have been much larger than it was Cut the inclement weather did nrt deter many anxious parens from bringing their cherished offsprings to see the gorgeous spectacle We judge that gar lens and hot houses were extensively invaded for firU beauties, there being very many b juquets ia the ban is of the fair. A desirs ha? been expressed that the fes,r val be repeated, in order t<> afford these who desired to be present, but who were prevent* 1 by the rain, an opportunity to enj^y the bright and beauufui spectacle. Fourth Ward Asti Know Notiiiso Meai iso?This meeting, advertised in the Star to come off last ni^ht. doly took place, at Par ker's building on Pennsylvania avenue, op posite Brown e hotel. Notwithstacdicg tho extreme inclemency of the evening, it was a numerous gathering of active business men and substantial citisars Dr Wm P. Jones was called to the chair, and Mr. A ;g k.opfer mi appointed secre tary After informal preliai' .iry preceei ings, five delegates were elected to attend tho city anti-Kno* Nothing convention to oon^er.o at Harmony JlaU, o'j 1> street, on Tueid-y evening next, to nominate c ?n dilates f r the offices of city Collector, sr.d Hsg;8:e- and Sur veyor, as follows, Tit: Dr Wm P. Jcno", and Messrs Wm P. Monun, Thos. Oscaby, Thos. tieo McNeir, and Aug. Klopfer. An Informal and unanimous expression ot epinion in favor of the reuotninntioTi of Messrs. lioach and M^Cormirte for Collector and lie faster was madthough it Wis votel not to nstructthe delex-itcs It was next resolved that the chair appoint a committee of eleven to nominate ? o the meet leg candidates to represent the Ward in the Council* acl for Assessor. Thi* ccmm'.t'to was then named a" follows, vis: Mcist; Harrington, Wm. II. Harrover. 'lhom^s G. MjNeir, Aug. liloptar, Francis Mohuu. llu^h Bernard Sweeav, Wm. 11 Thomas Wm. 11 | Ward, Dr. Biake, Peter Gallant, t?a J C W.l Petti?, Jr. The committee withdrew, and af-er an ab sence fefsome time, re'um'id iu!o the body of the meeting; when its c'aairtn-in reported the following nomination* as having beea unani mously agreed on by tha committee to be re eommended to be made, vis : Far Alderman?Jacob Gideon. For Coan cilmea?Jar A. Kennedy, (lato of tho ci'.y rost office ) Dr. Noble Young, and J. L. Clubb. For A'sess.r?K B Owens, the prercnt in cumbent Tbesj tsuilnatbn- being received with ap plause. were nnarim.usly confirmed. On uoiioaof Mr McNier, tao Chairman and Secretary were dirooted to notify theso gen tlemen ot their nominations. Oa motion of Mr Wm H. Ward, it wa? resolved to elect a ward vigilance committee of fifty, with power to iaorsaie their numler as they may deem necessary. When that number of citisjus were separaiely nominated and elected It waa then veted to aoiourn to meet agaia at the same hi>ur in the same placs on that (Thuraikv) night week. V&jLSux atd BsaLTjri L ? The funeral of Mr Knoll wa? despite tha threatening of rain, ye'teriayaf erncoa. attended by quite a larje concourse of friends of the decca?ed. I pon the arrival of the funeral cortege at the cene tery, the Marine B->nd, under their leader, Professor Scula, had already, ^c-ordirg to promise, stati >'.ed thsms^lvcs at the ga'eway. and on tha corpse beinr earned to its final ?e?t<ag place ?omaien<9*d performing the beaotiful ele^y, which the departed had writ ten fur him?ed,*&ad arranged expressly for the eccaston by Profess* r boaia. Wo nover have witne<sed a scene of m<>ro sclcron inter est, and music so af ^ropria'ely and beautifully rendered, and only legre' tbat tae rain pro vented mas; m^re persons f; )m beirg p-es:nt. Politics it Ale\isdria ?TLe con'est in oar neigh'toring city waxss warm On Friday, Mr. Miteheil, of Staunton, a dressei a large a^*cub!y at Liberty lia'l. in defense of the "American Pa*ty " M -3jrs. T T. Hill and T S. 11*11, of Fiaquier, likewise spoke on the occ^i^n At L>ceum 11*11, a democratic mee'icg wes a<l Ire.-sed by Messrs Sk?ener, of Augusta. Hunton, <?f Pxiace WillieoB. Ge >rge W Brent, tf Alexandria, ar.>! E B Jac ibs, of Warren eounty Much en thusiasm was eviaccd a:both moetings. Gbnseous ?We learn that the Washington Highlanders have po?tpc>ked their iae? ti'.g for next Monday night, in order that llarre^uy Hall may be oocapie 1 t y the children of one of the public s*bo< I? who contemplate a May fes'dv*! at tha'. tim*, that Mr Tiokman, the owner of the hall, will charge them no rent for i'? use, and that C'apt John Keesi, in a Spirit of *enero?iij wb.'h he hai so frequent ly exhibited, will supply the gaslight gratis Tus Miniii Bvsn. ?When the U S. Ma rine ban 1 perforin aitLe Capitol and the Pres ident s Urvuads fur the bescSi or amusement of the public in general, the 1 makes men (election; cf p.ecvs as vili, in his jiig men' answer that furpoje: iu other won!*, the rnusid is pre-arranged Thersfjre, whsn any person asts tor an extra tune, to suit his peeeiiar taste, the re^aest canno. be gran'ed without catuing contusion in the programme > Prxrs ocr cf OanxR ?The Second W?ra Commissioner is e*rnet>tly requested to have the pomps on either aide of the Avenue, at itsjune.ion with Twelfth s'.reet, so repaired a? that the water will not ptur fr. m them when mot wanted, and wiil e^me when wanted. A doaen eibs?n?, immediately interes ed, have h*(%>::;ht US to <*xll the romsisshner's atten (IwB V) ^e ;ond,.tOw oi 'hte* puaps. AsoTdxa Bsl. ?\ pracd firemen's mill, tai^r end eirio ball is ;a Le given by tV.eVrsLk lin Fire Company, on Uic 15;h of May, thi ptocaads to be aj>| lied toward the erec'.ion ot their sew ball. No pairs will be spared to pake U one <;f the best o( the season, The Rais, which cnmniootd in this region yesterday shortly before noon, wUI prove a *reet b.eating, saving maoy thousand dollars t> the dwellers in the cities of Washington, "*eorgetown and Alexandria, yet patting ma ny thousands in the pockets of the farmers aroar.d them, which they would not receive bat for its seasonable visit. The fato of oar spring c~opa of grain, gra<s and vegetables as well a? the prospect for a good crop of corn, de pended icaialy upon such a oopious rain upon them Upto thia time they b>'d been doing well, owing to the unexampled dampness of | the atmosphere in this region of late, for the season, though the dronghr, or absence of rain which was unprecedented here for the season of I the year. Oar farmer." were jast beginiog to &e?r that they were entering upon another dis astrous season like that of last rammer, from want of rain. Bat happily, this rain has been drenching? drenching tbe thirs'y earth copiously. The corn has nearly all been just planted for thir ty miles around Washington, and the clover was in that stage in which a few days of hot 'unshine (without rain to enable its roots to find food in tbe soil in a condition to be diges 'ed by the plants) would parch it >smpletely to powder. Tbe parsnips, carrots, salsify, meloas and radiates and some otaer vegeta bles which had barely got a start oat of the earth, seemed determined to stand still alto gether. The prospect wa beginning to be gloomy. All the farmers around us, however, must bejoytul to day, a* ihe danger ie now over, at least unt'J tbe summer sets in. Taa Late Kobbirt ?We published an ac count, yesterday, of the arrest of Anna Ma guire, a'ias Ca'harire Ford, and tho recovery of four or five buudred dollars worth of silver pl.ite, which she ftole from Mrs. Campbell, (who resides on F street,) through the vigilance of effi erg Davis, llmdy, and Bo*s; sincc wbich time we have learned tbat, in search ing her trunks, varicus ariclos of bed clothes and ladies' wearing appa'el werefoued there, including a new white satin drers. Some of tbeae have been restored to their respective owners Among the plunder were, likewise, gold nnd silver meds!<, belonging to Mr. Alex ander Gore, of the Russian Legation, which have been placed in his hai;da; and a gold pencil and pen, marked S P. Paster The ser vice of silver plate was not in constant use by Mra Campbell s family, and hence the re moval of it by tho thief was not immediately dircavered She had, it apptare, intended to viait New York; but the jmrney will, in all probability, bo delayed for some years. Yesterday afternoon, Capt. Birch fully com mitted her fer trial during the next term of I tbe Criminal Court?the goods as well as the chief h ruing been idon'ifiei by the parties in te rested. _ Intvrrsttkq Visit ? Yesterday,two Sootch gentletreo, Mes-rs. MrKelvie and Smith, re- j censly from the land of Burns, and on a plep *ure visit to tho Unite*! States, paid their re i ?pec 3 to the Pres dent who, although engaged in cabinet council, ie>?rivcd tbam and? con verged moft pleasantly with themfororer half an heu*. These gentleman were arrayed in ? lis full and rich Highland costume, with the ancient clajmoro by their sile, and pistols, magnificently wrojght in sMror, in their bel's ihey also wore nea.t be tch dress eaps, sar m-junted each with an eagle's featber Alto ge'her they presented in their general appear ance a c-Hiplete example of tbe dress of the ?ld Scotti'h chieftains, aud looked as we fancy Sir William Wallace and his bold and gallant oonpatriofs must have looked in days of joie. They weie highly delighted with their visit to and reception by Mr. Pierce, and ?pe:?k in glowing terms of him. ihey are about tore turn to old Scotland ; we wish them a pleasant and merry time. AffiDiST.?A small boy, while on his way homo from school, jasterday afternoon, stop ped t?? plav at a rand back, near the residence of Jodgc Dor g I as He htd been scooping out tho sand, *hen the b^nk fell on him complete ly covering up hit body, lie was immediate ly rescued from his perilous cotdition and al though hurt, bids fair to recover. Fkvkn'th W and.?'The opponents of Know NVithinghm held a meeting in the Seventh W ard las' n,ghf> ard nominated the following ior Alderinan?Dearbora Johnson; Common C ur lil?Samuel l'umphrey, Henry A Clarke, and ^ernael Tajl ir The meetiog, ouEideiirig ihe inolement weather, wa3 large. e ??? ? L'cjikrr Hill?This magnificent Diorama' will be exhi&i ed ug-un to-night, and also to morrow afternoon for th* tcoominidation of families and schools. Kvery b >dy should see this wonderful piece of mechan'sm Cor.sec >7o:?E.?It is eatd that it is pro posed to lay tbe co.ner-utone of tho new Washicgiwn armory on the 21st of this month, with appropriate military ceremonies. Tii* Dead Bodv of a new-bcrn infant was f and this morning, near the old poor bouse >?e did not hear what was the verdiot of tha |jury In* Ci-y Public Offices wero dosed to ?lay to a;I parsons but the scrubbers and white washers engaged in renovating tho premises. iiiE Circuit Court wi s not in sesjion tc aay, h&wng yesterday adjiurned till to mor row morning MH i? T,IR w?s.-wsirnpwrs . V'!' J" ?TI.e juries or e?ch of the late fclK at BaltU.a?e, Richmond, .-.a New York. tnarM their J.iatae piemlaae 10 J. H. W. f?r tb-lr superiorly of rbo aud I?*t;i:erreot?| < t exLlitltad. Mr. W. ?!?o rec?ltxl trro ?t tbe WnrM'ii Fair. I^>i?. * .? pr?'nlnm at Crystal, N<;w Ycrk. Alao, urn drat aw?rda of U10 M*ryl?u J Iuatltut? tor Uiroe JiKn PmL - ln c!t/ U on Pa. ? vines, IH and ftili ?tr u?ti j j D C:L* *n. OroiCKU:, haa raruoTel to BSS Seventh . . *?*? to th>- P.lMotlc Uank, fci.d la not* i,ru parwd tofill a!, ordri a for ilf !lci.?w, PainU, Oil*, an J Ola;* on ar.ouimola'.lm wrni-. Htrl 1 atuutlun ?ill U% rai t t> r?.T4ic4?a-a rr?Mrlrtl..u? at ail honra of tho d?y an! nlsht. Th? niKht ^>11 U on Uia rlj'a of Ut? *tor? door. ?p M?,u. ^/r~Y^ltsnOOVLAM?,a CaLKUaalRD UtfUltXSI EIT Th<r? mto fsw tlltjH wLi.ii atf .rd as frantur (<le.iinr? alUli g down to write a notice of tl.e < ilutrate-I lluof laud uiinun Ulttara, beraiita w?^re fully rouar^oua we *re c<.oftrr^i.j a pnblic .1?, and our I:<?art tails tie Unit ty c<ir notlr-M inatiy have baoii I' .luced to Ukn *.b?s? Elltrra, ? lid rreru*,! fr'.tu death by d>si..-|>sla, liver ui^Ulut, Mr., for the c uro of ? hlsh It !e . srtalu li U tr?t'arnd and old only by Dr. C. W. JJCKSON, ?t tlio Ueruian AieJlrlue at"re, N >. I JO Arcl. atravt, PnllattclpUla. Itos alvertlaotue. ?. Kir 3_jm ~ry>. rilEXOUKNA IM MKDICINK-a-ouehtt!a CookU ^ I<ya|-? H!a I.iver < <. c^! a!nt?>. 8 rofula Ac.- V-<r all of the Ktiua e hystam it aunds |.re euilut-nl. A <>;nr<;uiaii Juat (nforn-a ua It Uaa rared h'lu of Iironchliia of a 4awi>a ?ta ch-rartar? oartlca'are lierealier. HtamS :J VEUKi'AHLK TINCTt'ttE?By its B.lld ae t!ou ou lis st.-.uacli, Uvei >u : Itl li-c-^s, will rort Dr*?-|> ? *. P ";''i irtl'tna, B-onc'ilal an 1 illsrtlnM la lUck. s te aud Uroa-t, Ounsnujptlon. bcrolnla khca n?aata, u nt. Nema'cla, f latuia, Uowrl C.>n>plata:a 1' lot Ww mt, a-?i N trvoaa iMbllitlea?with all dl-ei.s^s atUi.i? fruu iaipurs bio.l, aiitl la tuo (rea'est Ituial-i uiedir'ne tT ?rluswa. Ta'a lavalvttle ia<i<! rino Is working woiider* u^on tbe ua<cai) frame haaa.l vei lueiuent t<? day. tuar 7 j" ^I'Si'lllitKDEK rti? The -xrlttrntnt In ba l??lf < f Biker's Pieicna Ditters. rontlauee to Increase I Ic Rirlimou I as ?v|| as thror^hout Virginia, as a cure lor dy?l?epeia, lu'pMtty of <k.e liver, a>ur nervooo tcada Inc. ajut and U-rrr, kc. T? ba had it the prluii|?al D ug Mturoa t'iroi.(tioct the city of U'chmoud an.! the 8t ?te H Vlr<1-i'a. Urt*iS| roicplly atUi. la! to be addrea li.g K H .1 kKIt, lii liu. nd, Va O.arrh KOI, Uiehmind, Feb. la, isit D?ar Blr?TSelng eallerted th-t ir.y wife, ?h < has anffered very i? n. h for ??ver?! yeHr? from nexralru, has raretvs l (?e?t hea?r.t It- iu B^ker'< Prrn-luit Bltt. r?, en I bav.s, lh*-fii with /rest in c . s>imuj ?r? o<i?j,i n*iti ! with iry '-MM "T, I t'tke -rt flr??nfe In iec<>nir>e?i I!#'' ??*?? to t';e f .vac aa a valuable (m I'y Bedi Ins K < m - m. ? ? w ? K*v S?K|-R1M rOKD. Mr E Bsker, Proprietor. s R'chlBo:iil Port om Fell. 16,1)151. Tl.Ia l? tr> rart'fy that I have u?el liaker'a Piemi'am Bit tare lu my rainily. wl.l h I t.? t*. , Tery va'n .b'a me II I c? -e lu loas t f appetite, and civli.^ tone and st-em th to th? whole systow. In a-;ue an?l Save*, where I have | tared th-in, tliey ha?e never failed tJ mak^ a per11u-e. As a fatuil/ medlc!li? Uiey a^and not j jallnl. F W. D tIf FOBTII. They ara psrfectly l.armlcja, and LU?> be Ui?u at all ttinee by alulta or cltll Iran. P.-lca ?C rent'i per bottle r?b? i a-i of cm Ait:.k- (JTirrra or. Waai.maf n, n c. CaSUV A HATCH, and SKl'H S. UANCK, Baltimore, aud by Or??<fais every where apr aost ?.-A SECRET FOB THB LiO'KS?HOW TO PKRSERVK ' Beauty.?D>n*t oae Chalk. Uly Whlta, or any of tlia .a cared In conceal a faded or aallow complexion. If y< u w. ald have the rosea brought bark t > your check, a ciear, healti.y and transparent akin, airfl life and vigor In r> -?! Uiroajh U<3 a>kUm, get a b .fle of (>>rler'? Hpa.iUh Mixture, aud take It according t < directioiia. It d<?s uot taste <talta -a well as iweetmaals ; but. If ai^er a few d>?iea voa do no* And yowr haa'tli and beauty reviving, your step el?atic and vlgoroas, aud Ihe wbo!e ayatain refreshed and luvlguratad -lae a Bpriug laiiruin:. tl en your raic Is li?|>e *?d alt t'-e taluillo cerlidcatri we |H>eaeea, go for naught. It |a tlie greatest puriller of the blood known, la f*?**'4"'* ?' aame Mine po-.verfu Ij efUca a4<?rtlaam-a?. IV^HOAH WALKKR * CO., Marble Hail Cbrtblng Impo rtura, andar browrs' Hotel, re->?ctftilly an?Ottn<^ t? at t! air display of (Spring and Summer Clothing Is ik<w ready (t Inspection, coniprlsli.g an aaaortineat of Coala, Veeta and PaatalouLa of Uie newest aud rl'iieat iles'^na lu mat. rial, li turning aud ? >rkvai.?h>t>. To ge-.tleaieu who 1 elualy ?:-ellen'? a.Ui ecoiiuloy l-i I .aliivuakle artWl^s Of) ilrsu an of'|?>rtaaUv l?r s?!eri;ii| le ularnl front ni? ol the largset sad kiort eetrartlve st-x-k of goods tttl oMf'l lu | tl^a cltj at a very rvdnctd acal* vf yrKw, ay II On the 30th ultimo, by the Rev. J. R. Eckird, AD *M M- HOOVBR, of this city, to Miss IIAR EIET 8. 8IM8, of Fredericksburg, V?. ? On t>?e 1st instant, in Prince George's county, by the Key. J. Scrivener, Mr. HORACE E. NICHOLS of Fnirfnx eounly, Virtinia, to CHARLOTTE M ARTIN, of Prince George countv. Md. On the 1st instant, by Rev. O W Samson. B.T. BVVA'IT, of Fauquier county, Vi., to SALL1E A. diughter of Joseph Bryan, E-?q., of this rity. DIED. On the 3d Instant, MARY, daughter of Laurence ai l Eiira Malone, in the 6ih year of tier aee. Her funeral will take place from the residence of I Mr. John R-*iley,on Tth st. t!ii<afternoon ut 4 o'cl'k. i Her friends and acquaintance nre invited to attend. Wants. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TO CO IN THE country, Ave nr fix Brick Moulders an I La borers, to mnke 403 000 Brick*. Bevt workmen are wanted. Enquire at 556 corner of South B street an I New Jersey arenue, Capitol II>11 may 4-2t? THoMAS E K IRK LEY. WANTED?A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO the work nt a small family of two persons. Ap ply to 34 Washington street, between 4ih and 5th and G and II sis. may 4?It* WA N T E D ?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Uunrry and contract fur sale of Stone t-? Government and others, there being now great de ma id for stone. Thin Quarry it irnniedia'ely oppo sue Georget ?n. Larg? shinty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the spot. T1 is quarry fur r>i?hes the b'-st arid largest truck Stone, he. A chance is now offered. Cull or write to LLOYD & CO, F fteent.'i street, eppo. the Trrasurv. m iy 3?tf SERVANT WANTED.?THE ADVERTISER I wishes to engtge the tervicet- of a voting colored Man, who can drivs and make himself generally uselui. A rlave preferred. Address "8" at the Star | office. may 'i- 3t* ANT E D?OX A FARM, WITHIN 2?4 miles of Washington, a man and wife, with out family. lie id wanted M understand Horses, Plowing, &c. Address "J 3," at iliis office, may 2 - 3t* ANTEI??7000 FOR TWEl7VE~montlis, | for which security, and a bonus will be ^iven. Address "A B C," at tLis otfi<*e, stating where the party may b?> sees sp 30?eo3i* ANTED?EVERVBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot *24 feel front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of $75? payable $3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Ullice. j 7Ji sr., abovu Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 28-3m JOHN FOX, Sec. W"ANTED?A COMPLETE-FILE-OF~ THE 1 WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since its publication up to the present date, for which a liberal price will be paid if sjntlo this office. an J?if Boarding. Boarding.?permanent ok transient Boarder* ??an In' accommodated on reasonable terms, at FITZGERALD'S, No 471 Ta avenue,] next door to the United States Hotel. ap 27- 7i* V(Tt I tTlB.-FtJR RENT-PARLOUS AND I' Ciiim'cr?. with bmrj. Al.-o, tab!" and Iran sirnl bo:ird, with a b:ttbiti? rcoin an I thower b :lhs and ??vary attention to render it mft'-t agreeable t?> i her boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, ? 'orner Pennsylvmii avenue and 4% st ftp 23 -3m BO"\ K o7 Ac-MRS. BATES, on the smith west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with room*, with or without board. Every effort will l?e msde to ren der those comfortr Me who may favor her witfi their i pa.n nage. ap 6?if riAOYft AKI) FANCY 50T10S8 Miita X We for presents, in great variety and at low pri ces,at LAMMOND'S,7tli st. may 3?3t MISS LANPHIER St MRS. DITTY SUMME RV MIL LINERY ON SATURDAY, 6th instant. tnsy 3? I MILL1NEKY. MISS MAV'SI V will Ojeu SUM-, MER MILLINCRY dir. it from New! York, on SATURDAY, May 5th, all her new place of busin> .-s, *? cond st'-re east ol th* post Otiicc, Bridge 4. Georgetown, may 3?Si* J K TIIOMPfOF, M ERCI1ANT TAILOR, II is reuoved ti his old *t.v..l, Modi's Building, 4 >? street, one door north of Shdlingion's Book.itore, wiiere he would bt pleased to servr his friends and j the public. mav 3?2* May balls. HAVE |a*l recsaed ?? lertniictl aseorlinent ofI WRt;ATlH, RnStIS, JAl'ONH'AS, SPRIGS aad LEW LS suitable lor Festival occasions. A. TA I K, C l-t Pa. avenue, l et. lOiii and llihstg. may 3- 3t A CARD. TIIE subscriber respectfu'ly informs his friends | I and the citiacns ol Washington of the ren.oval of hi'* Blacksmith Shop on I'.ili ?lreet, to south side K #tr-et, between tflh ?nd lOih, and by a | strict atleiif .jii to bu-ii:ess lo merit a lil ? rnl share ol pa'r ?na?**. C. L. R< >GER3. may 3 -Si* IOrT BETWEEN 11 AND I ;3 O'CLOCK. A j Plot ol (inmsd, the l^ts fr*?nt o.i S.?C )itd and l> streets. A >uinbl<- reward wil. b:' given if leturned to the owner's sh?:p on Seventh ?treet. betwren F j and G. E. E. TRUE, mr^y 3?3t* AC \ U IJ.? Purchaser^ at the sale ot dry g<*<>8s | at H ill fc Broiher's* ii Till street, ar^ noufo ?J that their Goods are now teauy tor deiiverv, and th?-y are lespeclftfciy requ**t?-d local! lortli mwitli- I out delay. JAMES C. MoGUIRE, may 3?d Auctioneer. U. ,s" MArvINK BANI)" rlHIE uiidernltened would respet tlully ndorm the I Military, Firemen. Clobj, utid the pub ic s^ne-1 rally that by a;i;?l>ui^ to him al the .Marine Barnck.*, j or ut hii re-i.h hce, on E. In lu< en ' and l(i<li sts cost, or bv note ut Hiibus fit Hitx's Music De(tot. th. y can obtain the serviccj of the Marine Band, or a portion of it either as a bra3'. reed or cotillon hand, which will embiace Louis Weber's unrivailed paity. F. SCALA, Conductor and Ltadcr ui Marine Bund, ap |Ma* I'oST-MA'y"FfRST, ? I("B \I.TTy heiw. en the j Po t (iff. e and c rner ' Bt, and Pa. avenue, a couple of Charus, with a Loeki t, containing two d;:gui rreotypeg The finder wdl be suitably re wjMed hy l< uving Uicm at the St. Charlce Ilotrl. may 2?3t* SUMMER-IIILLIN I^R Y.~ A 8PLENHID ASSORTMENT will be open'd i\ atWMS. HILL'S, on THURSDAY,, M AY 3. The atleution o{ the fadirs ii re-J spectfuMy solicited. South aide of P. nnsil Miate iftaiK) between 9di and IQA sts. rnv2 3i BAINT AND UIL STUliE. M. T PAfiliKK, H0U8E, 8ia? & OHHAMEBilAL FA1NTEB, rOITIfllANA avenue, between Sixth and Sev j enih eueeU, No. 00. Residence No. 330 C street, bel* een Sixth and S? irenth hss ndd^il to irs present business the sale of PAINTS, OIL8, GLASS bik! PITTTY, in Finall or lar^e qunutities The att. ii lion of housekeepers is particularly i.'alled to Hie conveniimrc of thl-" nrn?iij;eiBet.l as thev ean at all times procure HEARTH a;id other >IIXEI> PAINTS, of all colors, made ready for use by a PRACTICAL P AINTER. Orders promptly attended to and re?pectl^;'y so Itcited. t'llEAP FOR CASfj. u\ay?-lm ~f AN S. MW. OALT & LRO. have just rrr#ived n yerv ? band.iome assortment ol Pearl, Ivory, Span i?h, and oth,r evening Fans. AI sir, a l?ri<.- st.wk of [.laia Linen Fan3, suited to (lie warm w> r.ther. M W. C4LT i B^O., Jewelers, 3 41 Pa. av., between 9ih and lOth sis. may 2?3t LIME! LIME!! JU^T LANDING l^jOi biishcls wnod barnt Lime, in goo I oruer and of su|t rior quality. Also, on hand hickory, oak,stni pine wood ; coal, Stc , ail of which w.R be sold low. WM- WARDER. Cor 13'.h & C sts., nrar the eanal, No. 549. my2-eoe3t (Org n ) POTATOES ^POTATOES. . ON board Marietta Burr, now nearly i'uc, 500 bushe s White Merc*r, of ^U|ierior quality and ?use, which will be sold to arrive. ALSO ? 4('0 bu-h-ls whi.t Mnine. Merccr SOU Do blue Mercer, or Peach Blow, vy:y large. AH of which will l?e sold in lUs to suit the pur chaser, on reasonable terms. Call and bee them, at N. B. HArvTLEY'8, 111 Water street, m*y w Georgetown. 'piIE HEALING t)F TITE NATIONS^ RY " CHAS LINTON. With an Introduction and Appendix by N. P. Tsllmadge. Pub Uied by th? s.?c.eiy for the d ffu-ioii ol Spin'tu I Knowledge, Ne v \ ork 1 lu-^e octivo v>dume. pr e? ,ft 50. Fur rale at TAYLOR fc ^4\UR\"S U^'ore, near tf:h street, niy For Bala and Rent FOR SALE -A conveniently are anged Frame Dwelling, within two square* of the Treasury Department, containirg 8 rooms. Also, two or thr-e frame tenement* in the neighborhood of the West Market. The above property will be sold low for the cash, or on a let credit. For term* fce., at ply to J. E CLOKEY, on D ?t., between Fourteenth and Fifteenth sis. may 4?3t* Rooms for rent?i have two rooms ?or rent, whOh would be suitnbk fmr Patent Agents. b?!iog directly opposite the Patent office,on Seventh street, the second house from U street. F?k particulars enquire at the corner of 7th and G streets. CHARLES FRANKENBERJER. may 4?St* A LARGE FRAME HOUSE. WITH HRICK back building and lot adjoining, on the corner of 14t.Ii and D streets, in Square 2.r?i. t*rt Lot No 5 will be offered at private tale, until May 15;H, ar.d if hot sold will bj sold at public nuction " Amdy to ANDREW J. JOYCE, may 3?tf N(k4T 7 Fourteenth st. FOR RFAT-TVVn HANDSOMELY FUR nished Rooms, at No. 369 Nineteenth street, between H street and Pa. nverue. may 2?3i? Property in franklin row for sale The second liou~e from 13th sleet. with a two story back building and cellar, containing 13 rooms 10 with fire places, including kitchen, brick camas liou.-e, a*id siaMe with three stalls; fronting on K street 79 feet 11 inch:* and running hack 140 fe< t to a paved alloy ontaimn g over eleven thousand f quare feet of couud. The louse can be viewed from 12 to 2 o'clock each day, and ternu made known by the ocetipant. ap 3J?fit* flOR RENT OR SALE?THREE MEDIUM eixe three-itory Rriek House* on the corner d 9th and N street?. The rorner one is mi table for a grocery or any ether kind of a store. Tn?* houses are new, having h en finished thij spring. For fur ther particulars enquire at the corn* r or 12th and L >ts,No. 3 8S. ?lw tJOJi RENT^TIIE SMALL FRAME two-story House, No. 47 9 Thirteenth street, west side, two doors south of Pa. avenue. It is neat and com friable Possession given immediately. Apply at the Star Offi ;e. ap98-tf FOR RENT.?Two handsomely furnisfted Houses, containing 15 rooms in one, a*>d 9 in the oth r, ia a desirable locaton fronting on public square, one square from Lafayette Square, on H, corner of 11 and Eighteenth streets with bath rooms, &c., will be lenud on reasonable t< rins tog >od tenants, ap 13?lm* OR~KM NT?TilE SPOKE HOUSE NOW OC 1 cupied by limifi & Mitchell, on Pa. avenue, between 8th and 9lh streets. Possession given on i5rh May next, on which time the present lease ex pires. Apply to JAMK* DIXON, E-q , of this city, or the bUbsCiiber, "Coltage." M-ntg >inerv county, MJ. THOS. CONNELLY, ap 23?tf J[*OR RCNP-SEVEKAL HANDSOME l'AU |.>rs and Chambers, with bo*rd. A!?o, Table and transient board. Inqui e at Mrs. SMITH'S, '433 F street a;>9 HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front l.y 130 feet deep, on graded stwl?, can, utiLil spring, l?? bought at the exceeding low price o! payable ?3 per mouth Title iiiuijpuUiiir. Union I and * ?!fici . 7ui st., above'-.hi Fellows* ll.ill. jan JOHN FOX. Sfeteun. \rALU A Rl ,E REAL estate FOR SAIJ', ? The Mock of build in?* known a-' the ''Union Buildings," and now occtip ed bv the 17? ion news paper establishment. They ate situated on E street between 13:h and 14th streets. nn<i fr<>nt;ng directly ini PraatjInUa ncaK. Tbe lot is 70 ie? i froat l.y 159 feet deep. The property is msc.'p'ilde of divis ion and re arrangement, ami its positi u such as must rank it among the be-t hn-iae-s stands on the avenu -, and is yearly iiicr*t?*ing in vnlne. The time of iIm pr sent lc <?t expires on the 1 -t Septem ber n< xt. on which day pr?M s>ioi> may be A!so, that lar^e three- story D.'ck Hou-e on 17th street west, (opposite the War Otliec and three do<>r soutli of G ?tre t ) Also, that three story Hons.- on 17th street wr-t, next do"r to the Govern mint Bui'.Jing, at ilie corner of F an l 17th strepts. Should the ah v j property not be sol J at private sale prior to the I5*.h of May, it will be sold on tliut day at public auction. Terms will be made fav. rs.blc ie th?* purchaser. Appyto ( II. II WINDER, fVr:?rr of Seventeenth :.ud (J stieets. mar l'J?Sawttfayl.% 1[tUR\iSUED HOUSE FOR REM ?A WELL ' furnished Home on H street, near IH.h, with or w ilhout servants, will be lenteu f.:r a few mouths at a low rent. Apnly to ??ay t-eoat* IIOOC, Blft ft. CO. \f.\ LU"All L E~A N D El. !t.I uLY S!TUATi:r' l(uildi;ig Lot at Private Sale.?The ub,cr.b r W:ll -ell at jojvite sr;le. Lot %'<? .'tin ' qaare No. 414,f ronti.ig i?9 f.'. t 4 ic.cti on I! et.-vet south, by VI feet C iMcli on Eiphth street west. The Lot will be told ii? whdle or i.i parts, t? suit puichafers. Terms accoutimMlatinc. CHAS. S. WALLACII, Attorney, ap 30? rot** cpjxe-lt- v.c t wine Ciiy li:-l!. tMJRMSHKD ROOMS ?MRS. G AXDEilSON 1 has fmnisln d Ro niis which ?hc wishes to rent: situated over the Music ai d H:ati;-nery Store, second d??ur from tlie Kukw.x>d House, Pa. avenue. ap 11 ?col rii STORE I X GEORGETijVV F< ?U RENT, situ ated < n bridge street, No. ISO, next dexir to the ISank of < 'onmierce and at preaent ocetipied by Mr. M. L. Williams. The locati.m Is one of the best in Georgetown for the dry go .ds or bi?o?i bu-i ness. To a careful and punctual tenant tlie rent will be moderate. Inquire of T. A. LAZENBY, Bridge st, Georgetswa. ap -7? VILLA FOR SALE?^ HE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the villa in which the a? present resiites, wi'h eight acres of land, siui.-.ied ai Lllaville, on the Washington and Paltim re 'J'uri pit.' Road. The It use is new, with all Uir mod. in iiuprovt mcnts. and the siluatiou ba-< many advant Btjvsfor p> r.-^i: s engaged iti busiues^ in Wa-hinjctoi. a- it i' within five minutes' walk of the Plad ii>b'>r2 Depot on the Ra.iroad, ami Jiere is alt.a o.:i om?iibi| . ru ining twice a ?iay between Wafchin^luu ::rd !'lla viile. App'ica'.ion to he made to 'he subscriber, Lun<; on the premise*. MAUY S. YASS mar 27?Sawtt 1"> ENTS RhDOCED T'J toUli' 'i llt. l V .^150 a year w.!l be received f\>t the rent of tiicse new and toiiiires at Kendall (in^n, v.ith two aorc? >>l groun i. staM.;, v. sxl s!e d and other conveniencoi ail&cbej. Pa;i.,>s ol puie water aie neat thoitoor, sua cujuinuii cat on U h.*ul with Ge orgetown by wuy oi 21 u:;.l j'/tels and Penn. Avenue, morning usi.l p\- in:, .n, at he u ual fire, for the uccountyof vltrka iu tlie departiuvuts. To necure the aJva: ug? of this ijr? of rent iMuudidn ofaJicutioii :^u t be maie to the undsrrigoed, eiuier by h tier, or bt his i.ouso st Kendall Green, after oi&ce hours, \?iicte the k- y> may be had and the hous 's ins^e tad at lay tiini Several of these rusiJences wi'l b< &.1I1I 0:1 libera! teiuis. W.M. SI'ICKNEY, No 4, Kend-iii tiican. N. B ? Tents paid quarterly Li uth'ojut. apr 9, 1???5?tf SPLENDID PAPER HANGINGS. I T is with pleasure that JOHN DAVIS i.'inouncei to his 1 Id friends an 1 the pu!,!:c tliit b? l-a- re sumed his old slid f.-tniltar occu|ialid? ef I' M'FU HANGING, hcvingopened a new store in tlie'?St.?r ll.iildiugs, near the c? r?ierof Kltvu h :-??:?t' nd Pa. avt uue, where he will b - found a'l t'te liaie hima< !f and keep ou hand a will selected hSiortm-i t of PAI'ER HANGINGS, WINDOW GHADES BLINDS, 81c. A'l wi ik entru t? J to him in bis line of business v id be pr mipMy an.1 faiiiifully txc uted to the en tire satisfaction of those for whom the work may be done. He respectfully invites n!l hij forin*r friends and customers, and the public generally 10 give bi^i a call at bis new siore i>nd sec if he hw not 60uia ti.i.'ig in his line to suit their t'^es u::d wants. may 1?tI2 v JOHN PWIS. n/OfliS, WVii l!K!i AND JEWELRY \ j (Jpene.t Uus dav, forty different stvler of C ts. f:a t?t,e.d Clocks 51 25 Fine t!old Watcher, j*2i, warranted, lewelry cheap r hau ever. Cail and see for jourselves at J ROBINSON'S, No. 3^0 opposite Browns' Hitel. may 1?dLn Akt'EhS' AlAliAZINE FOR .11 \Y? 11 Emm 1, beii g No. 6 of Harpers' St- ry Books. Just received h/ TAYLOR U MAURY, may 1 BooLt tora, ne ? r 9;h st. GREAT BARGAINS XN TjADI Ert', tiENT.S'. MISSES', AND CI1IL DRENS' BOOTS AND SHOES.?The( -ubs^riber being couipelUd to remove froiiij the store he now occupies, oilers Ins pre #-ni well assorted Hock of BOO PS AND SHOES at greatly reduced p icu?. All persons iu want of the article will find it to their advuutajo to call before purchasing elsewhere. A. II. SLOAN, No 30 ft Pa. av\, near lath a, noilli side, mny 1?tf SUPERIOR SOP A WATER. 1 HE siibscrilier would most re-peclfully inform I hu former patrons, and tlie lovers of superior Soda Water generally, that his fount* are u.a 11 in operation, and in or.ier to keep up hij weli enrned repuiatioa of keeping the best SODA WATER ar.d most drli< ious SIRUPS in *,>?e cit?,is detennined (if powible) to have it still better than heretofore. O. BOJ3WLLL, Diucgi?t, Comer Maryland av , and 7th St., Island, ap 20 lm Washtngton. KISS~ME IF \ OU DAR13!?r. new Walt*, very suitable tor becmner;, composed and dedicated to Mi s r, o' Georjret wu, by Prof. W. Ilum? r. PuLliaht d and for vale at HILBUS fc IlirZ'S Music Depot, W*j 2? Coruei Pa. av. and 1 llh tV Auction Balos. By WALL, BARNARD * C?7j^T# (^?vrminVv AT AUCTION.?o\ u HATUKDAY rnon.ii.p,?t 9o'c:ock. we hhail ?ell. In front of our Auction rooms, ? eomolete *ri of Carpenter's Tool*, all in sood or.Ier, and which will be -old, without rcserre to ccvcr nrivnnc>-? Shortly after the above sale we *l.a!l nlun aidl a lirge a*orimtnt of Household Furniture, Beds and Bedding, Crockery, ftc Terms ca?h. WALL, BARNARD At CO., [ "lav 4 ?It Auctioneer*. By OKKIcn * SCOTT, Aaelloitcri. Seven valuable bijildin* lots at Auction.?<>n WEDNESDAY. IK.h in-mnt, we shall s< II. -it (fo'elock p m , 34 ?17# feet of (round bavin? a front on c str?*e| south 14? leet i in.hes, 9.h Ktr-et fast 28*t feet 10 inches. - I!? ^)Vr dt*9Cr'b^i Is handaomelv lr cated, dntant Irotn the Navy Yard bvt a few min utes* wa'k. TrVJ <>n* ,lia,f oa,>h ' bal*"r? in one anl two nifmt.. 1^"^ **' 10 e'v'* n""'8 ' 'r Ihe Jgfcned pi>me?>u, th-aiing interest from day of ?ale. A deed given and a deed r.f trust taken C KEEN ft SCOTT, Auc.ioneera. m vv L.t)MiSUAY, 25;h inst.. mme hour. ia . . GREEN ft, SCOTT, ap 18-eaftdi Auctioneer*. HriltJ!bpT*MU f" forthuroit p med until THURSDAY, 3d May, at same hour when it will positively |*ke place ' GREEN ft SCOTT, p d Auctioneers. itj~ Tli? ?bov? rale la fur titer past, pone i in consequence of the rain, un'jl TUE-DAV mc instant, sauie hour 4 isse. **? ?- McOUIRK, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT FUCLIL' Auct".n.r?a THURSDAY afternoon. M,v ih i r ii ? C KJ ' ar Auction Rooms, I thall *? il the following ir?ed L?*n. viz: Lot* 36 and 37, in Squire ?88, on 2d street weL near E s'reet north 299, on Maryland av< nue, mar Lou 16,17, Id and 16, In ?]uare south of 562. corner of 2d and II str. ets tJ??J"o!a.*,uare584?00 Vir&in,? ?venue, betw. 1st and 2<! ?tre<t.j west ???*??. Lou 1,9,3, and 4, in -quart e67, on north A ft. bti ween 6.h nnti ith Lot 10, in Square 55*, on New Jersey avenue hjtwei'ii K and I, etreels north street f',uO,f,qUUr< 6J4' COrn''r Firat ?? c and D Lot 1, in Square 29 Lot 25, in Square 5 West half or Lot 4, in Square 41 Lou J ami 4. m Square 1,0X Lots 5 and 15, :t, Square 1,058 lhmnn!?: 9'1e ,i,arU'c:,f 11: lh*' l?l??ee I . 6 12 and ueru oi tiu>t or. the property. . JAMES C. McCUIEE, maMrJ Auctwmeer^ **? 1 1 McBtIRE, Auctioneer. T^U-TEE'S SALE OP HO| ;K A%;, Lor V .v tM1. 'r i? y?"l?O" FRIl>AV *ft? ruoon, I) r* w.iV i! 1! ' <?" ???? premises, the ?h?.m?ii 'i V xV * !-\V| ,u ' * ?'****?1? f tru*t, .luted the ' S' V TiV \ ???'Cum! y reco'drd ui LiU r J A." ? ; . ' ' fo,l?" Jiy fi1"-' one "I th?- r< coi.u ..TJLot N^. 1 in Sq-?,^ 9J,; ? uated at me cor: er .1 Ci s r.-. t M.uih and J.h *t. e.i- , under a i:r. u:1;l rent of $*1 |K-r annual Ji.r ihe ' ,""e >rar'' fr' Sc;.,vii.|N-r inn. is..t. with th. nnprovt mem*, voMmstiii' cf ? two tuny frame D*. |j,0g u ?|, b,ok building 1 eruis at aal-. J NO \V. M. KIVT, 1 RICH 15. t LAUKH. >Tru !e*? , JAMES C. M.GUlRi:. ?wrN-lwMi AHci^neur. .The al*ove ante *a n .atpcaeu ti lil FRIDAY afternoon, Mav I^1 hau* l our J No W. Mr K I VI, > RICH. II. CLAttKB,fTiUS r* mav 1-1 JAS. C. AlcCUIRE. ^ Ai;rti?>nrrr. ?y J.C. PtcC;i>iUK, Aucfoncar. 1^'. ERG KEENS, Att.-tt ???.? ( in FKH>\V J nPernoo , M .y 4;h, ^t 4 o'eloek. ?-.t Ui ? Auc 110a ro. iu ??, I -hull s.-.'l ? eh nee a< ortm.-ni 01 Ever greens, cmnpuM-jr Vorw.iy nice, Pi-.e, Arl.ur VI ta.ftc., fr. tu a Ccicbrat-d nurrery in By-t in. 1 erins casii. n?.3-d JAS. C. McOUltP, AuciKiiA^rr. | By 3. C..1UOII Iltk;. Auctioneer. f IliAN"( EIIV SALE Of' VALUABLE AND EL- i 'H'tiy -Hutted iinp.-m ed Mild U'>linpn>ve>j R.-sl 1 L l itis e, r?l-.|. jr f I)w f| I!ar tjoure- : II j i, u v.. f ' i""ri vt "?? Ihvtrict of Columbia .,.r Wa-l, in tcui rr-untv, made 11, the c.-ijsv wh^ic John a. 1.1 - r 1-eonqli nir r, and I. !.:i Watkcr. < '?rr' tiK,n ,?? irr.v of r i,i,oh In^er { .1 e.i.s.-i,, are ?.:teii<lum*. No. i-i Chancer v. Uie 1 ^ilwr.h. w, trustees by . decre., wil' M llat l;uM,c aa tiod ??! m? ? pi, cen or pareH*!, eioun.l lyins and brinteiutat ,5 m ?h?ti v ..t Wa-'i Y "'"v ?""??? '?-"?? as i..,?- u": r"i's la'i11 li .. 1 \ . ~ ' ' ~L tlir si.h.hvi-it ii ' y ? ^ "t Square No. 412, <r? ut ne r, - I. f lively M.d varioii-lv rriiu, j " I s on 8:h nn-l 9ih s:r? eu west, and E ami the i,.,Pr. ai d e.'n b^t or a oiani'od-,, rnd v>,? an1 ,f { ^:,,!" .\.S.t['fy.lir:rk "V"}*' " -,J'1 Lot s Jui ? ? - a. ?a-??^?v- \j't 11' r:"' Wi " L'OSt 2rtt. ry Prj, ^ Dv.el!ir n I it e ?I; eat 11of I.rt- jV.m. l)j j? v;ilj s j." JTFS8" \ s'l"-?r.- No 3:?. fr.,it|ll:ir 2:, fi l->: l!" ' ulA' *" 9,1 {u,d 10th^tS.Ht-Sf, - i2, lf*l t lI5?P- Wi.h t!:.1 rover.,, u:? v a, which emu 1 of a 2 >4 storv Frat;.- I)!,. | ).ii_ ""u i P1 t ti Lot No. 3. in Si.u i..- K,, - *? fr "i'i:i}i 40 feu on Pcr.u.vlvinia V^e rj ^ n?lt ?f Wr' sir,; ,s"uth? w?!l? u v.'iJii: rn' '\r ?tj. t oi 11 f,, r 7i?i. he* ; aud ^-?rt of Scinre \o 1.2, fromii.^ .} j rMt t<5 u'.iur sit. 1 m , ,1 I.-.I.,... " v' ^t lite ,P||| I atioi. o dh wtsr, with the v..jUa:. < !huln-| .Jrf'V h4>''"2",P. eTfHtdi.'i- to "ti e ?h inn. I of the I liver, :-j..i u w .a 7,"!:"^">?>?> i""by ^ ' t' ?' I!w, f)l , ' 4i*? w ?'?t?e liiiprov.-nnr.N ai d r : 4'a? JPUc Tiiurs-ay! ilie 24ii fi,W >Jay' ,bA'-at ? o'clock p ui., onti.? pr~,uiJ ll-erdeti' Lot No. 4. in Sq-jare No. MW, with V ,m^vr:n-nu au>: ap;.un^?a,,eea will t 'ke >laee on ?^,| T?.un,lav, the 84th day ot' May 1^ p. m . (<n tt?. ' 01 M*y? nwMM t,; pan r.i L.,t Ma a, !u Mm mm \o rn ?.!?? k P 11; .uitv pr. nuves *' v .lu" jl vt-h^r?. *Wtrf No 47^ v.m.??ft v\ harf theretoattaci.^d a*:iiwann.:i,? *. 1 ItojTW,,, .Ai at o elock p. nU on tu- Ktnsi?. ,. *' raUrn U 1-1 '? ^ <raUe k> clnTHliV^?n/n.V OMI* ,n- VU,U"' <*-'* '? : ipiiHli^.K aad others u n.ost fiivuraWe tur.irv lor ifcvcatuieiit^cr pr)cu.i.:< a do iruble K'S.7 ,ra"'^ ^c. ^ pi??e ibMl by 8a<U ?,,ci?r i. U.e purcha-e lu.r.y r, Ca-h' a. d the bill nee in .-it, twt ve a'll tweii 'Siu ? ",v "?& :ec" I inifl ' '' ? !' ' i'U:chase mor.?yar:d !lie Con I M, ^ raUrt, ?i?" the 8a e or h? ?lit lou.t, the Piustce* will convev Uie urouer v L the re*pee ,re purchaser, in t^e. * ^ 1 X If the terms of ?*,> h,8 noS ^ j.. - . ?U.3 whie'h the M,<''?ti!'' !" rt5 ll" l"ms of die ?le r'o r- l r"' *? COM |""1 w'?h *VTI be refold at ieek'a notke U'e ?!?" o?e . t a" "? ED VV 'D S \V ANN ( Tf ma ? rfck I. JAS. I.\ MeQUIRE, ma rofcds Aiie'iereer. MRS. L. ALlEIi, -Yo 3t-5 Pi. acwe, hetirc~i J.Tn'A/eu,"! .1 "n'' Tenik ****,**** *i*t Cfe L ?I ^ vV ill op. n on Ssrur.l .y. ?,n insutnt,.? .? > mO|-t extu.Mve Hrd Keauti!!!! awnaeu *>t Spiinn ?I I LtlNLRY, cn?,.-;sti'ig ot Cint*. Hillc, Laee, Spotted Crape an I tira^s Liue* HATS, im lu<j n< Straws oi every de?cri| lion. A;so, VImm' Drras H .U and Hats, ftc. L. ALLEN, ap 4? 1, 2, 3, 4, 57 6, 7, 8 97 0. FLABARKE, . orner of Tenth ami C Ms , who ? is a practical manufacturer in metal, has ar nsaerment of Silvei plated NUMBERS ofvar o?? (Kittemii He will make numbera for home* b?*elk pews in Churclw, and for liaeJu, to Mist :.;i t ,st. und is confid'-n: at the low pn.-e u,ey wi!l he imde th-.t it w.II suit tVe pnrrha?er. nj> !C ?J.n HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS ol ll tir, cucli as Ilraceleta, Chat elains, Chains, Rreaatpins, F^..ui^ Fineer Kinjfg, made to order, <>f any C?tf^d de^jgu. All orders faithfully i 10. Specimens ic^j be seen at my slope. %r oo? ? U- SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9lh and lull sts. MHF Clockh. clucks, clockhukv u waai a flood CUick, ^Mtmnted to keep Uiae eau at ibCbUuc ot J.ROBINSON ' ap 7?d!.n F*" aVpM ?PP?' B^owr,, u?tt" T.. H. BATE3. P0LTCE MAGISTRATE, FILST sr., AEJIR i'KXS4. SltHS'IK. * a,,d Wouaijr Land Uauus att nd- d to uinjr TKLKORAPHIO. ufomD fob m DAILY EVEIfUfO BTAJI. A rrival of Steamship Atlantic. 8KV?lt DATS LATER FROM EUROPE New York, May 4?The Atlantic haa jut arrived, with aevcn days later European datea. The \ ienna Or.ferenee haa baen brokan oil. Rutria rejaeta the demands of the Allief. Sobastopol haa been bombarded tinea the 9 h, bat the result la doubtful. The new Biitiah loan haa bean taken. 1 he Emperor Louia Napoleon, accompanied by the Empreu. apent a week in Ragland, where they were immensely glorified. The new British loan was taken by the Rotbschilda, in chape of aanniliea, terminable in thirty ye ara. Taxes have been inoreaaed coon inaonet, spirita, tea, coffee aid super. Sum?a bar* been propiaed on certain articles. England is reported to have assented to Na poleon's taking command of the Crimean atuiy but the rumor ia considered donttfal. The Vienna Conference waa broken off after the 12ih session. There are atrong indications that Austria will rcfo:a to act against the Ruariaoa. Lord Join Russell and M. Droeyn De ITIcya have Ic't Vienna The bombardment of Sebaatopol by M4 gntt commenced on the 8th and continued laeea sintly until the 15th. Assault was deemad impracticable, bat the intention was to atom the plica, if practicable. THE MARKETS. Cotton Is steady :nd unchanged. Wheat and 11 -ur are loiter and quiet. Corn haa slightly advanced Money is eaiy. Coneola have declined to 891 [sccoud dibpitcb ] The Atlantic bring* Liverpool dates of tie 251?two days later than waa antioipatei. Details ty the Atlantic. The Asia arrived at Liverpool on the tid All hope of Austria taking the field against Russia are at an end for the preeent. From tbe sest of war ws learn that darirg tbe first two day* cf the bombardment the fire cf tbe hcrirgera was much superior to that cf the and ih&t much damage wa? doco to the Rasrian workj. Durirg the ni^htor the 13th the left a.teek of the A "ties obtiiaed oonei Jerable advantage ever the llacsians. The Russians were twice (i-blodgel from strongly fortified positiona, which regained in the hinds of the French. [Our hour of cloaing preoludes ua frum giv ing further details, which are stLl coming ) Illinois Know Notlirg Convention. Chicago, May 4 ?The Know Nothing Stat* Convention is in session hero to-day; but noth ing is yet known a? to its proceedings. Eumor'd luccvejy cf Qold St. Locis, May 2?The Inteji^scer ex jTPfsr* iu full conviction t^at rumors about ulunlant gold deposit^, near the sonroea ef the Aikiceas river, are true. Uew York Karketr JSxw Yoek, May 4 ?Cotton ia upward an! firm. Flour has advanoed 12] centa Good 'Mii SiOiifH) 25. Southern is steady at til *? stlO.Tj. Wb-~?i haj declined a trifle; white M;chigan. $2 65 Corn hsw advanced twe aertto. **stetn inix-d $1 15. Pork Is unchanged I>el ia uucha*vo<i Lard Is firm Whuky ta hotter; Oaio ooJU o<rr?t*. Hew York Stock JCAiket. Naw Yor.w, May 4 ? Stocla aie dr.-epiag. M ?rey is uncharge!. Si'es at the first board cf Virginia ft'a at V7f; Kentucky 6'a, 104; It diar.a 5 s S3|; Canton Company. 26}; Pesa s>lvar.ia C^mpiry, 105J; Cumberland C.<al Company, 28?; New York Central Rail* r i.l 9-3;; Erie Railroad, 50; Cleveland, Co. I<>mbus an 1 Cincinnati Railroad, 7b; Reading Railroad. 86*. BONNETS, FLATS AN? RiBOOKS.* UJ E have n >w on hniui a very largo ?n? t gt ixrW nt oi Lj 'i and R(iN'XCTd,OuUn i<k/L\T.', B< \3' ami] M ).'?> II ; n. \ Al>i, a hiiitMimo a^?wtm< nt f t Cue art and Cap KiUxnis, [?ia'i n, V\ rratbx,TarU* ws, Mar erjline Florarxw, Uufhaa, fcc., lo h* ?U at our usually 1*m price*. W. KG AN Si 333 a. tdJc Pa. avi nu< , rear 7iu atrceL a^30? 2*v HOSIERY, GLOVLS, &c. L h..v?: |t-~i r?c?iV?-a u very lat^" mwlntal V o( LaJi'?' vt'hite, I.own, tlatc, bSa.a, Uutui e?*il*ro ?isJ open ws6-k**d l?o ?. tina'a ?i?u?., brown aad Hiixod TJwse anJ huto ll.wii Mi#>rg and li.-.ya* v.h!tn-.. >1 .!<*, b'ark, faa <?) s?ti p 'd and o, - ia ^Or?ed I!<*?<? and half Hi"** Lidie*' ki J, ula a^iil L;uu<>a U.ovea and black ulk a.i(N MIswp avA wlviie and col??red bilk., kid, and thread Qiwev kid, fil's aad ibr -aa' Uinvp* Wn wiitd i'.vitr a.voiiMnn to our large and ??? il n-* irtel st<*ck ol Ladi*-*-' CkMna1* llMcry and <w^vts, I en-c '!?? Itrtfrt a> v.rtment itt lUia City, altd will be tolil at v? ty low prices. W. EUAN h. ?ONt No. 33 3 sliLtiy tide i'a avebU**. Ui?. :tp Id 2w G;Ii and 7vk stte< t? PLFASURE 1RIPS 70 THE WHITE ?lOU*B PAVtLI??y. . r? ^ The Sreamara GEO. WASH J^S^2&?iniito;; w Tiia-i. collvkk C'.ii W cbarii re.: :'.?r j.'.iW c <>r ivleoi pafii.-a to vxmii the White k'zvili' iiy Mount Vtraaa, Foil \\ Mkiiicvia, ur other i tare* op the river. Th<- White House P:ivuuin i? now < |?en for vbi t'^ra. It ?- a ueautiliil | l?rs Tor [i^uurr trips; it Sit. a Hue P?.ill aud Dining room , aim , u new leu Pin Alley $9- For particulars app'y to '.be President of tLo CountJi y. "r ih?* Cij?si.-? ai the Tl<*at?. .Mr WILLI * VI POKE i? furniifcinp re'reebmeats on HiC boat*, and prepared to fumiidi ;nkty i w ibe b?Ht t* rms. ap M-2a Lt'NIKJN, re? eived by the ia.-i St.-iiner, l1 H - n1 bnrvk rf Pam.lia* Quotations tr<>m Enf Iii?h Aut'ior*. ,ct 38 Twe Rejected Adt'.reasa?, new editi .n. 37< S<-n;? ndect.d lr?>iii t;ie l)ra nafatn. tCc I'lie Ati-tii- k?tinsi>, iiy F Mayne 37c '"besteibel.l a-ol G- or?e 5el?vya, by Hay ward. S7c CoLUHioft Htuihieiv ia ?|e aking on l wiitMig, by C. W. S?.tL J2c Mormc.ninu, trooi the R?"V?^w, 37a V?is^uei and Hi* work?, bv ft?r?ine, 91 Maciienaicn Dicuoj.ary ufEi^luh f'yn-'jiynja. fl 93 Tbaucbu and Ap <phtn?gm<, by Arcbbtbop Whate ly. 1 00 Hirhard^.-ti on tl e 9:ud> of Lvncutjje, 1 32 Ei;|(ti/4i, i a?t ank pn-wn!, Ly French, 1 U> Tbe An< ler and tu? F ivnd, bv Jobti U?vy. 1 J) may* TaVhHL M;h8 CUKKISUM/M bCaOOL, ^ PlcSfcant Grt-riv. *-v< uh *tn et Ro.i t, 1^ ruilaa frosa Wv? City 1} li'wkrn. ton. rr*ll V dut?e? of ilu? S< lewd wi I comiuettcc MOV * IHV, tlir ft)ih(i) Apiil. i.i (lie csnib t nf pu pil* will be limited, thnao wbo w.*h to Mvatl thrm *<'lvc8 td iu adv ;ui^t^ ?|uulO iuab? u?arl) an ap plicatiwu as popsib'c. Tk-.' n;nrgi! of iasimciion will h - and com; "e4e,aod will m brace Ul iIk- Kiciwd> brw^gl n?u?r*^ ICU4I1I in lb?; b'<9>l arliw?ate, lof U* W?i Mim'c, Fienrh and Lathi , Terrus maOe Lnown on appOoattun to tbe p.*d. ap 94 NOTICE TO TRAVELLKRS BfTWTiLV WASHINGTON \ IL1 l.TIXORFL fT.mSaC After tbia date, ttie Pai?en^ r U^P*w@yTiaia frort WaNbiartoo at 6 a. m. IV,r Baltimore, and ibe Tr.4.? from Ralrim ce ?: 5 15 p M f ?r Wa*hiPti?n, o? s'tsdav WILL Bt* t>18roNTrNUEI). Tbe onlv Tram, ilu-r?sfn*, <m* Sandtiv. from VVafcbia*toa, vrill be mat leav a^ ai 4 r.*M - and from Bt".ii?Mire at 4 15 a is. The Tta*a rotn Washington coooaeta at tbe Wsfhb'ftnn Junction with tbe Ettwm Train l?a? i??f Dalltiuorc at 5 10 p m- f v Wl?wlmg aud tUe ?Vk J<?!.N II DOME, a. 1?let M aterTtnnep rtaiion B fcttfK. [Union, OiiKfctowu AdvfKat*, aad Al* xsain% tkpunel co|iy.^

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