Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, June 1, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated June 1, 1860 Page 3
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Ph'UDElphm, May 230, IB6o.—Hour, superfine, $5.50 ; fancy. $5.00. Wheat and Rve dull, at $1.35 to $1.4-0 for prime Red wheat andJs 1.50 for White, and Rye at 60 cents. Cloverseed $4.75 tor 64- Ib 9. DIED In 9l Cla.r tp., April 28, David C. Bowen, aaed 3D years, 3 months and 24- days. °Near Schellsburg, May 23, Mrs. Susannah Waggoner, aged 88 years, 1 month, 14 days. Ia Juniata tp.. May 23d, Mrs. Elizabeth Oito, aged 46 years, 8 months, 21 cays. On the 7th of May, in St. Clair tp., Samuel cott Ferguson, voungest son oi Joseph crgu son, aged 7 years, 11 months and ~ days. Though we shall never meet again on earth, There is yet, a brighter shore, Where released trom toil and patn, VVe shall meet again. Children, like the early flower, Olten droop and lose their bloom , Pass away in childhood s hour, To the cold and silent tomb ; Though their forms lie 'neath the sod, Their spirits live above with God. £7=-one of the most prevalent, and at the f ame time troublesome and painful diseases that attend the human flesh, is the lever and Ague. For a lon 2 time the medical world have been continually bringing forth numerous specifics Z -is permanent cure ; but all without effect. M r J Hostetter, an experienced and celebra- pbysician, has succeeded in furnishing the public with a valuable preparation lor the cure of Fever & Ague. The steady and increasing demand lately made for the "Bitters," and the universal success attending its use have made for it a reputation unsurpassed by any specific of the kind. For the cure of the Fever and A<me, Dr. Hostetter's celebrated Stomach Bit ters must and should claim a superiority over any other preparation extant. Sold bv druggists and dealers generally, eve rywhere. £7* See advertisement in another column. "p o liti ca I Slnnonncement s. [All notices under this head must be pre-paid.] Protlionotary. We are authorized to announce MAI. SAMUEL H. TATE, of Bedford borough, as a candidate for Pro thono'tary, subject to the decision of the Democrat ic County Convention. We are authorizedto announce the name of J. HEN RV ScHEt.L,of Schellsburg, as a candidate for Pro tbonotary, subject to the decision of the Democratic County Convention. March 30tb, 1860. Sheriff We are authorized to announce the name of Is \AC KENSINGER, ESQ., of Liberty tp., as a candi date for the office of Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Democratic County Convention. We are authorized to announce the name of ISAAC P EARNEST, of Bedford township, as a candidate for the office of Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Democratic County Convention. We are authorized to announce the name of JOHN J. CESSNA, as a candidate for Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Democratic County Convention. We are authorized to announce PETER H. STUDE BAKER, of Napier township, as a candidate for the oflue of Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Dem ocratic County Convention We are authorized to announce Cor..|F. D. BEEGLE, of St. Clair tp., as a candidate for Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Democratic County Conven tion. VVe are authorized to announce the name of VAL ENTINE STECKMAN, as a candidate for the office of Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Democratic County Convention. We are authorized to announce the name of WIL LIAM A. POWELL , of Harrison Township, as a candi date for the office of Shei iff, subject to the decision of the Democratic County Convention. Commissioner. We are author.zed to announce the name ot J. T. GEPHART, of Bedford township, as a candidate for Commissioner subject to tbe decision of the Demo cratic county convention. We are authorized to announce the name of JOHN BRUMBAUGH, of South Woodberry tp.. as a candidate for Commissioner, subject to the decision of the Democratic county convention. We are authorized to announce 1. E. REIGHART of Bedfoid township, as a candidate for the oifice of Commissioner, subject to the decision ot the Dem ocratic County Convention. We are authorized to announce DAVID EVANS, of Monroe tp., as a candidate for the office ot Com misioner, subject to the decision ol the Democratic County Convention. * A DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Letters ol Administration upon the Estate of Jacob Hinisb, late of East Providence tp., dec'd., having been granted to the undersigned by the Register of Bed ford county, all persons knowing themselves in debted to said estate are requested to make imme diate payment, and those having claims are hereby request to present them, properly authenticated for settlement, without delay. HENRY HINISH, I . , . DAVID FORD, $ Aam "• June 1, 1860.-6t. POOR HOUSE NOTICE^— The Commissioners appointed under an Act of Assembly, passed during last session, being authorized and empowered to make sale of the present Poor House property and to purchase for the use of the County of BeJford, such other real estate in said Countv, as may, in •■heir opinion, be best calculated to accommodate "he poor, erect buildings thereon, &c .having taken upon themselves the duties of said appointment, will, at an early day offer at Public sale, all the rtal estate and appurtenances known as the Poor House property ; in the mean time, t hey desire and request all persons who have farms for sale suitable for Poor House purposes, within (en miles of tbe Borough of Bedford, to notify O. E. Shannon, Esq.. -ecretary of the Board, thereof, stating tbe number •i acres, quality of soil, improvements, price per acre, terms, and any other pa/ficuilare that may be 'insidered necessary ; and that sa d information be varnished on or Oefore tbe 18th day of June next, at time the commissioners will again meet at •he C-virt House in Bedford. JOHN NYCUM. 1 £ O. E. SHANNON, | 3 Fr. JORDAN, J- 3 JOS. B. NOBLE, | lure 1, 1860.-3t. E. STATLER, j 3 pUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE, 1 AND TURNPIKE STOCK. U pursuance of an order of tbe Orphans' Court of Bedford coonty, there will be sold at public vendue *Saturday the 30th of June next, at the Court House in Bedford, one House and Lot of ground sit in the Borough ol Bedford, adjoining the public 'Suate, the Presbyterian Cburch and property of Tate, tbe property of Sophia Moirieon, dec'd. , ALSO— At the same time and place, all the right j'ue and interest uf Joseph S. Morrison, dec'd., in a i; ground three miles west of Bedford, on tbe turnpike road, on which the toll house ire., is erec d,, ALSO— 12 shares ot stock in the Stojrstown lit oeaiord Turopdte Road Co., and ten shareg in tbe TFn l uc r,bur? 41 Bedford Turnpike Road Co.— MS— Mtde known on day of sale. f JOB MANN, June 1,1860. AHm< rvstratot /"[BEST! CHEAPEST!! COMMERCIAL ■* SCHOOL IN THE LAND: •! W. P. TOTTEN, desires to inform the public that he has just opened a commercial department in the Allegheny Male and Female Seminary. He would respectfuly advise the community that Book keep ing, ornamental Penmanship, Card Wiiting and ev eiything pertaining {to a commercial education are now taught in the fnbove named Institution. Tui i tion for single entry and farmer's set $2.30. Dou ble entry and Mechanic's set, $4.50 per quarter, with the advantage of all the lectures.—Enter at any time. —Diplomas awarded at the completion of a full course. June 1, 1860. mrOTICE— ~~ * All personsjr.terested, are here by notified that, the freeholders of Bloody Run, have made application, to the court of Quarter Ses sions lor Bedloid county, for a charter of incorpora tion. Said application has bpen read and filed, a mongst the records of said court, and will be held over for adjudication until August term 1800, when objections will be heard, arid a final decree made in the premises. JOSEPH W. TATE, June 1, 18G0.-6t. Att'y for Applicants. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. I OOKING CLASSES, MJ ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive and elegant assortment at the very lowest rates.—Glasses in store of every de scription. Mahogany framed Gla-ses, tor country sales. Print and Portrait frames, Window Cornices, Gilt Mouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing Glasses to fill eveiy space, by mail on application. Eng r avings for Grecian and Antique Paintings.— Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE & SON, SIB Chestnut St., Phil'a. May 18,'G0.-1 yr. JE. G O IJ L D, • .Vo. 632 Chestnut St., cor. of Seventh, PHILADELPHIA. PIANOS ANDMELODEONS. RAVEN, BACON & Co's., HAI.I.ET, DA VIS St OO's., NUNN'S IP CLARK'S, AND A. H. GALK Ik co's. •if fi? "iff © MASON Ik HAMLIN'S, AM) PRINCE &CO'S. MELODEONS & HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodeons to Rent. Second-hand Piano 3. May 18,'60.-1 yr. WILLIAM KAIGUEL, JAMES M. WHITBY, SAMUEL MOORE, EDWARD A ADAMS, WILLIAM Q. SKILLMAN, HENRY P. ATKINSON. RAIGUEL, MOORE & CO., LATE, RAIGUEL AND CO., I IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, • A os. 220 Sc 222 North Third St., above Race, West side, PHILADELPHIA. May 18,'60.-1 yr. JOHN O. JAMES, ISAAC WELSH, H. G. STERLING, WM. C. KENT, G. A. SMITH, H. D. WELSH, CHARLES SANTEK, SAMUEL WHITE, J. TOMLINAON. TAMES, KENT, SANTEE & CO., j IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF - DRY GOODS, 239 & 211 NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. Ma." 18,'60.-1 yr. * P. H V B E li, (-nCCESSOR TO J. SORVER,) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, JYO 8 JVor/A Fifth St., above Market, PhiTa. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May 18, 1560.-1 yr. I JIAttTHA T. MAETIS, C. H. HA.MRICK, 3. A. t,. MORREI., I C.E(). R. PEBDL.K, S- R. MARTIN. A. BAKER, * • WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAM RICK & CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, jYo. 30, A or/A Fourth St., Phi Pa. May 18.'60.-1 yr. fJIHE WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION 1 PRIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. MEYER for bis two PIANOS, London, October 15, JSSI. C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that he has constantly on band PIANOS, equal to those for which he received the Prize iWedal in London, in 1851. All orders promptly attended to, and great care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fifteen years, more ilfedals than any otherjriaker, from the Frank lin fnstitut—also, First Premiums in Boston, New York and Baltimoie. Warerooms. No. 772 ARCH S'reet, below Eighth, South side. PHILADELPHIA May 18, IS6O. 1 yr. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE, In pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, there will be sold, on tbe premi ses, by public out-cry, the following valuable Real Estate, situate in Monroe township, Bedford co., late the property ot Henry Steckman, dec'd., to wit On Tuesday, the 26th day of June, next, afl one o'clock of said day, the mansion farm, composed of two tracts of Land, containing 223 acres and 146 perches, nett, adjoining Barnabas Steckman, Pbilip Riddinger, Swaitzwalder and others, with a log house, stone kitchen, log barn and stable, a good orchard thereon, well watered with -unning water, a considerable portion cleared and the remainder well timbered. Also, On Wednesday, the 27th, at ten o'clock, same month, one tract of land in same township, containing 168acresand 94 perches, nett, adjoining lands of John Fietcner, Philip Snider and others, with a log house and stable thereon, thirty or forty acres cleared, remainder timber land. Al so, on the same day at 2 o'clock, in /he afternoon, one other tract of land in same township, contain ing 214 acres and 36 perches, nett, adjoining lands of Jacob Steckman, Moses Dicken and others, with a log house, log stable and threshing floor, spring house and out buildings, 70 or 80 acres cleared, re mainder timber, with several springs of water tbere on. TERiMS One third in hand, on confirmation of sale by tbe Court, and tbe remainder in two equal annual payments without interest.—Attendance will be given on day of sale by VALENTINE STECKMAN, Ad'mr. of Henry Steckman, <Uc'tJ. May 25th, 1860. t T.I khdt of produce taken in exchange for \ Goods, at S h oemakijr's Stor fNo 1, Anderson's PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. L. LADOMUS. N. RULON. [MfATCHES AND JEWELRY'. ~ LE W IS LA DOMUS & CO. No. 802 CHESTNUT STREET PHIL'A. (FIRST DOOR ABOVE EIGHTH STREET,) Would most respectfully ask the attention of Citi zens and Strangers to their Large, Cheap, and well selected Stock of GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WAKE, CONSISTING IN FART OF Gold Hunting Lever Watches, full jeweled, 18 carat case, S4O 00 Gold Lever Watches, open face, lull jewel'd 18 carat case, 30 00 Gold Lepine Watches, open face, full jew elled, 18 carat case, 22 00 Silver Lever Watches, Hunting case, full jewelled, 18 00 Silver Lever watches, open lace, l ull jewel ed, 14 00 Silver Lepine Watches, Hunting case, 14 U0 Silver Lepine Watches, open face, 9 no Gold Guard Chains, 12 00 Gold Vest and Fob Chains, 10 00 Gold Pen Holder with Pen and Pencil, 4 00 Goid Pencils, 1 50 Gold Pens with Silver Holders, 1 00 Silver Table Spoons, per set, 14 00 Silver Tea Spoons, • 6 00 Gold Thimbles. 3 00 With a large assortment of Silver, Table and Tea Forks; Dessert, Mustard and Salt Spoons ; Pie, Cake, and Ice Cream knives ; Sugar Spoons ; Pre serve Spoons ; Pickle Knives and Forks, etc. constantly on hand, a magnificent as sortment of Jewelry, consisting in part of Bracelets, Breastpins, Ear Kings, r'inger Kings, Miniature cases for 1,2, 4, and 6 likenesses; Gold Crosses, Chil dren's armlets, and every thing in the Jewelry line, of the latest and most approved patterns. Gold and silver Thimbles : Wedding Rings at all piices. Ladies' Chatelaines, Gold Watch keys and Seals ; Studs and Sleeve Buttons; Opera Glasses. Always on hand, a splendid assortment of Diamond Jewelry. Also, Diamonds mounted in the most beautiful manner, equal to any work in the United States, at moderate prices. Silver plated Tea Sets, Silver plated Knives and Forks—beautiful goods, and look equal to Silver. CALIFORNIA GOLD BOUGHT OR MADE UP TO ORDER. [L7"AII inscriptions of Hair Jewelry, such as Breastpins, Ear Rings, {Bracelets, Chains, Charms, made to order in the most beautiful style. Old Watches and Jewelry taken in exchange We can send by mail, with perfect safety, Watch es or Jewelry toany pait of the United States. All orders must be accompanied with the Cash. No goods sent unless the money is first received. Call or address LEWIS LADOMUS & CO., 802 Chestnut Street, Phil'a- May 18,'60.-6 ms. A GREAT IMPROVEMENT" IN PIANOS. GEORGE VOGT takes the opportunity of inform ing his friends and the public generally, that he has removed his Piano Warerooms from No. 628 Arch Street, to No. 316 Arch Street, where he will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of his lately patented PIANOS, which'have-been pronoun ced bf the best judges as far superior to all other Pianos in the sweetness and purity of their tone and construction, lieretotore manufactured in the United States and England. May 18,'60.-6 mo. C"1 RANVILLE STOKES'" w GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND ISO ABATEMENT. NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILLE STOKES would return thanks to the public for their appreciation of his efforts to please, and their liberal patronage. In order to keep up this kindly feeling, he has yielded to the solicitations of many of his friends and inaugurated a new system, of Gifts with each Garment sold. To his choice selection of fine Fab rics, and made-up Clothing, he invites the scrutinv of the public, as well as to his new mode of doing business. Each article is warranted to be, in Fab ric, Style and Make, equal to any gotten up in the City, and one price, (lower than the lowest,) marked on the Ticket. Each article sold, or measured for, is accompa nied by a Gift, varying in value fromSl to SIOO. N. B.—None but the most skillful Designers, Cutters and Workmen employed ; and satisfaction in Fit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gift, guaranteed at GRANVILLE STOKES' ONE PRI JE GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. May 18,'60.-6 ms. 4 < P. P ERR Y , S. W. CORNER FOURTH AND RACE ST., PHILADELPHIA, Manufactures ACCOUNT BOOKS of the best qual ity. Bankers and Merchants can have their Books ruled and bound in any sryle. C7"Premium awarded by the Franklin Institute. f\ P. PERRY, \_y, S. VV. Corner. Fourth and Race streets, Phil adelphia. supplies every article in the BOOK or S'l ATIONERY line, at low prices. Hav ing superior facilities as a manufacturer, he is enabled to supply goods very low, and make very fair profit. Orders by mail promptly attended to. pOLLECT TOGETHER All your "Old Books" and Magazines ; take them to PERRY'S Book Binderies, Fourth and Race, where you can have them bound good and handsomely at a low price. May 18, '60.-6 ms. || FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 CHESTJ\ UP STREET, PHILADELPHIA. May 15,'66.-1 >r. gUMMER TRADE NOTICE. BUNN, RAIGUEL & CO., JYo. 137 JVorth Third Street, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF FANCY DRY GOODS, Invite the attention ofPurchasers to their extensive Stock of fancy Dry Goods, Silks, Embroideries, Cloths, Cassimeres tj- c. May 18,'60.- CHESTER & CoT~ GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, —AND— PATENT SHOULDER SEAM SHIRT MAN UFACTORY, JYo. 706 CHESTJYUT Street, Above Seventh, opposite the Washington House, Fine Shirts and Drawers made from measurement a a few days notice and in all cases Warranted to fit. Formula for measurement furnished on ap plication bv mail. LIBERAL INDUCEMENTS TO WHOLE SALE BUYERS. May 18,'60.-1 yr. BANCROFT & CO., • IMPORTERS .N WHOLESALE DEALERS IN FRENCH. GERMAN AND ENGLISH i Y GOOD-, .Vo, £3O ,V tarhet Street, f ",<' ' Iphia. }?OR BAL E , OR TRADE, j A tract el land in St. Clair tp., containing 93 | acres, orthireabouts, about 55 acres cleared, with > a two stcry tog dwelling house, tenant-house and two log itables thereon erected ; also, an apple or chard thrrwn, adjoining lands of Wm. Keet'e, Jacob isenrtler aid others ; formerly the property of George Kirn fieri in —ALSO— A farm containing 225 acres, in Harnrarft's Bottom I 2| miles from Buena Vista on one side, ami 2| miles j from the turnpike on the other. The soil is Ridge i gravel and n a good state of cultivation, about one j halt cleared and balance well timbered. There is a never-tailing stream of water ou the premises ; also j seveial constant spnugs. The property is vrell cal ! culated for a division into two larms. There is a long drasght for meadow, The improvements are a Double Log House, a large new Bank Barn and a very large stchard of choice fruit. Buyers and deal ers Irom Somerset and the adjacent jcountry furnish a demand at all times on the premises for produce.— It adjoins Lewis N, Fyan's Mill property. —ALSO— a Farm of 166 acres, about 100 cleared, with Double Log Hon*, New Bank Burn, and two good orchards thereon, lying on the Juniata River, two miles trom Stoierstown, and half a mile from the tail road. 'lbis larm is composed of a good quality of rrter bottom land, 30 or 10 acres of which can be put into good meadow. The whole is now in a good state of cultivation. —ALSO— A farm of US acres of limestone land in Liberty Township near Stonerstown, known as the "John Stoiei prper:y," adjoining lands of 'Squire Kensiu eer, Stoier and others. The improvements are a Log •• ouie, Log Barn &c. There is good water on the premises, also an orchard of good fruit. —ALSO— A Brick Bouse (two story) and two lots of ground in Bedford. —ALSO— A new two-story Rough-cast House and two lots of ground in Broadlop city. - ALSO— -160 acres of the b> st quality of land in Harrison county, lowa, near the Missouri, and close to the count v seat. —ALSO— A Lot of ground in Omaha city, Nebraska. —ALSO— -100 acres of land, in Southampton Township, Bed ford county, lately owned by VVm. Lashlcv. —ALSO— A Lot ol ground fronting on Main slreet, in the Borough of Bedford. TERMS to suit buyers. O. E. SHANNON, Jan 27, 1860 Bedford, Pa lIENGEL HOUSE, ITM JULIANA STREET, BEDFORD, PA. THE subscriber, having renovated and refurnished this old established House, is now prepared tc re ceive guests. He invites his friends and the travel ing public to give him a call. Having new furni lure, new beds, and everything necessary to render heaity cheer to those in want of a temporary borne, he flatters himself that those who stay with him, will find themselves at the right place. He is fully prepared to receive visitors to the Springs, and all having business with the courts or otherwise. Ample stabling and carriage bouse is attached to the Hotel. Boarders will be received on favorable terms. ISAAC MENGEL, JR. Bedford, April 20, 1860. rf lASH FOR WOOL.— We will pay the high est price in cash or merchandise, for any quantity of washed wool. A. B. CRAMER & CO. REGIMENTAL ORDERS. The Regiment of the Ist Brigade 16th Division, of the uniformed Militia of Penn'a, are hereby ordered and required to meet in the town of Bloody Run, on Tuesday the sth dav of June, next, properly uniformed and equipped for drill- The Clearville Company and Companies of other Brigades are cordially invited to attend. THUS. W. HORTON, May 11th, 1860.-3t. Colonel. 1860. NEW GOODS! 1860. THE undersigned have just received their usual supply of SPRLYG & SUMMER GOODS, and would respectlully invite all in search of real bargains to call and examine our stock and prices. All kinds of country produce will be received for goods at cash prices. I'ERAfS:—Six months credit. Prompt settle ments required by cash or note every January. Tt is system has given our customers every sat isfaction : and sustained by their kind and contin ued patronage, we shall adhere to this rule strictly. May 18. A. B. CRAMER & CO. MTOTICE TO BRIDGE BUILDERS. Proposals will be received at the house of John S. Ritchey, Esq., in Bedford tp.. on Tuesday, the 12th day of June next, at 9 o'clock, A. M., of said day. for rhe erection of a new Bridge over Dunning's Creek, at or near Ritchey's Mill, in said township. Plan and specifications will be exhibited on the ground. By order olgthe Commissioners, Commissioner's Of- 1 H. NILODEMUS, Cce, May 25th, 1860. J Clerk. m*A GNIFICENT ENGRAVING OF -*•" CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS and his Crew. This Beautiful Engraving was designed by Ru bens, one of the most celebrated that ever lived; tl a cost of the original design and plate be ing over §BOOO, size 22 by 29 inches. The Philadelphia Daily News says, "the mere nominal sum asked for the engraving, is a sufficient inducement for persons to purchase, without the ad ditional Gift." SCHEDULE OF GIFTS To be given to the purchasers. For full particulars send for a Bill. 1 Cash, §5,000 5 Cash, S3OO 1 Cash, 3 000 10 Cash, 300 1 Cash, 2,000 10 Cash, 250 1 Cash, 1,500 10 Cash, 200 1 Cash, 1,000 10 Cash, 100 1 Cash, 500 10 Cash, 50 1 Cash, 500 1000 Cash, 5000 4 Cash. 300 2000 ilasb, 5000 Together with a great variety of other valuable Gifts, varying in value from 00 cts to $25. Any person enclosing in a letter $1 and five 3 cent Postage Stamps (to pay for postage and Roller) shall receive, by return of mail, the magnificent Engraving of Christopher Coiumbus, (and one ol these valuable Gifts as per Bill.) Address all orders for Bills or Engravings to P. S. HERI.INE&cO., May 25,'60. Box 1812, Phil'a., Pa. WGTICE TO SCHELLSBURG SPORTB -.—You are hereby requested to keep otl my premises in fishing, bunting, &c. The dam ges which 1 have sustained by intruding upon my fields, throwing down fences, tramping down grain are enough. I will be obliged to bring actions of trespass against anyone hereafter who disregards this notice. May 25,'60. CHAS. W. COLVJN. FARUEKS: | * CALL AT HARTLEY'S I HARDWARE AND FARM IMPLEMENTM Store'and see the BEST GRAIN DRILL eve f invented. It will recommend itself, and is \v ui ✓ RANTED in full. A good grain d ill and / good Mowe will soon psj for thems-lve-. / Come, wake up 1 and try th-se rnathiii-. I IF NOT GOOD THKY WILL COsi Y>U J NOTHING. [may 25, 1860.] , EN'S and Boys' wear, of all kunU, just rrc jved x\| ad for sale cheap, at Store Nos Anderson's Row. [april Gth, 1860.J AN FED—SOOO lbs. of bacon, ut Shoemakers' Slo>e lor which the highest market price will be {Mid in store goods. [may 11,'60 ] HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS. IT is a fact that, at some period, every mem ber of the human family is subject to disease or disturbance of the bedily functions; but, with the aid of a good tonic and the exercise of plain common sense, they may be able so to regulate the system as to secure permanent health. In order to accomplish this desired object, the true course to pursue is certainly t that which will produce a natural state of things at the least hazard of vital strength and life. For this purpose, Dr. Hosteller Las in troduced to this country a preparation bearing his name, which is not a new medicine, but one that has been tried for years, giving satisfac tion to all wjio have used it. The Bitters operate powerfully upon the stomach, bowels, and liver, restoring them to a healthy and vigorous action, and thus, by the simple pro cess of strengthening nature,, enable the sys tem to triumph over disease. For the cure of Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Nau sea, Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, or any Bilious Complaints, arising from a morbid inaction of the Stomach or Bowels, producing Cramps, Dysentery, Colic, Cholera Morbus, &.C., these Bitters have no equal. Diarrhoea, dysentery or flux, so generally con tracted by new settlers, and caused principally by the change of water and diet, will be speedily regulated by a brief use of this preparation. Dyspepsia, a disease which is probably more prevalent, in all its various forms, than any other, and the cause of which may always lie attributed to derangements of the digestive organs, can be cured without fail by using • HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS, as per directions on the bottle. For this disease every physician will recommend Bitters of some kind; then why not use an article known to be infal lible ? All nations have their Bitters, as a pre ventive of disease and strengthener of the sys tem iu general; and among them all there is not to be found a more healthy people than the Germans, from whom this preparation ema nated, based upon scientific experiments which have tended to prove the value of this great preparation in the scale of medical science. FEVER AXD AGUE. —This trying and provok ing disease, which fixes its relentless grasp on the body of man, reducing him to a mere sha dow in a short time, and rendering him phy sically and mentally useless, can be driven from the bodv by the use of HOSTETTER'S RENOWNED BITTERS. Further, none of tlie above-stated diseases can be contracted, even in exposed situations, if the Bitters are used as per directions. And as they neither create nausea nor offend the palate, and render un necessary any change of diet or interruption of ordinary pursuits, but promote sound sleep and healthy digestion, the complaint is re moved as speedily as is consistent with the pro duction of a thorough and permanent cure. For Persons in Advanced Years, who are suffering from an enfeebled constitution and infirm body, these Bitters are invaluable as a restorative of strength and vigor, and need only be tried to be appreciated. And to a mother while nursing these Bitters are indis pensable, especially where the mother's nour ishment is inadequate to the demands of tho child, consequently her strength must yield, and here it is where a good tonic, such as Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, is needed to impart temporary strength and vigor to the system. Ladies should by all means try this remedy for all cases of debility, nnd, before so doing, should ask their physician, who, if he is acquainted with the virtue of the Bitters, will recommend their uso in all cases of weakness. CAUTION. —We caution the public against using any of the many imitations or counterfeits, but ask for HOSTETTER'S CEI.EBiu.TEn STOKACH BITTERS, and sco that each bottle has tho words "Dr. J. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters" blown on tho side of tho bottle, and stamped on tho metallic cap covering the cork, and observe that our autograph signature is on the label. Prepared and sold by HOSTETTER & SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa-, and sold by all druggists, grocers, and dealers .generally throughout the United States, Canada, South America, and Germany. Agents for Bedford County : B. F. Hirry, F. C Raraer, Bedford ; John F. Lowry,Hopewell ;E. B, Rmsv, Bloody Run ; John Nycum, Fairview. Crt. 14, 1859. AT7ATER STREET y\ WOOLEN FACTORY. The undersigned have commenced business at the above establishment, formerly known as Fluck's Factory, and recently carried on by Robert Ralston, Esq., in South Woodberry tp. They are prepared to manufacture, in the best manner, WOOLEN GOODS, SATINETTS, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, COVERLETS, Yarn, Carpets, ij-c. 'One ot the firm is a practical workman ol considerable experience, and the men employed are skilful in their business. The undersigned, therefore, hope to mm it and re ceive a liberal rhare of the patronage of the public. Country Carding and Fulling will be attended to at all times ; lor this part of the business the terms will be cash on delivery of the work. Price of car ding, CJ cents per pound. Wool wanted.—A large quantity of wool will be wanted, for which goods will be exchanged on fa vorable terms, or a fair price will be paid in cash. For further particulars, address the undersigned, Pattonsville P. 0., Bedford county, Pa. J. I. NOBLE Jr CO. April 24th, 'GO. PROPOSALS * For he erection of a School House on the land of Henry Harshbarger, in Snake Spring township, will be received on Friday the 25 day of May, inst. The plan and specifications will be exhibited on the day of the letting. By order of the Board of Directors- JOHN G. HARILEY, Pres't B. R. Asn COM , Sec'y G. R. OSTF.RT SAMUEL CARN OSTEK & CARN. Chcap-shle, Red ford. Pa. WE have the pleasure to announce to our friends, and customers, that we are now receiving an im mense stock of New and Cheap SPUING AND SUMMER GOODS, comprising medium styles, gay and plain DRESS GOODS, in part, silk foulards, poil de chevres, mo hair plaids, ristoria cloth, poplins, lustres, biilliants challiede lains, pongees, chintzes, lawns, lavellas, de lains at 10, 12, 15. 18 and 25 cts, piles of Mus lins by the piece and yard at 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 cts, pantaloon stuffs in great variety at 10, 12, 15, 18, and 25 cts, cloths, cassimeres and tweeds, cassinetts and jeans a!) colors, silk, satin and mar seilles vestings, cottonades, linen ducks and drillings gents' new styles, shirts, collars, stocks, neck ties, hosiery, gloves, handkerchiefs, ,Ntc.. Marseilles and linen shirt fronts, fine shirt fronts at 12[ warran ted not ail linen. HATS AND CAPS, For the million , from 10 cents up, bonnets, bloomers and shakers, ribbons, ruches and flowers, very cheap. BOOTS AND SHOES. Cheup as the cheapest. Glass, china and queens ware. Fresh supply of GROCERIES, superior green and black tea-, prime Kio, La Guavra and Ceara coffee. Nice b own uga r at 8, 9 and 10 cts, baking molas ses at in and 12 cis. per quart, be*' golden s> rup * 18 and 20 c's p j . qua t. Baker'* cocoa, emu staicu extracts a id sp:c * t'l ail kinds. We invite every per.-on to call and see, No r.-cub to show good-. 3 FRVt<* 5 Piompt -ettleircnt by cash, produc ) oi rote every January. April 27. IHGO. E you want cheap Hat-,, boot • u i Suo . Call at Shoemakers' Cheap Store, in \p '■ rson „ Row, [april Gth, 1860 J HEALTH AND ITS PLEASURES, OR DISEASE WITH ITS AGONIES & CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM: yr/S , Ilolloway's Pills. Nervous Disorders. What is more fearful than a breaking down of the nervous system ? To be excitable or nervous in a small degree is most distressing, for where can a remedy be found ? There is one J —drink but little wine, beer, or spirits, or far better none j take no coffee—weak tea being preferable ; get all the fresh air you can ; take three or four Pills every night; eat plenty of solids, avoiding the use of slops ; and if these golden rules are followed, you will be hap py in mind ami strong in body, and forget you have auy nerves. Mothers and Daughters. if there is one thing more than another for which these Pills are so famous it is their purifving prop erties. especially their power of cleansing the blood from all impurities, and removing dangerous and suspended secretions. Universally adopted as the one grand remedy for female complaints, they never fail, never we ken the system, and always bring about what is required. Sick Headaches and Want of Appe tite. These feelings which so sadden us, most frequent ly arise from annoyances or trouble, from obstruc ted pprspiration, or from eating and drinking what is unfit for us, thus disordering the liver and stom ach. These organs must be regulated if you wish to be well. The Pills, it taken according to the printed instructions, will quickiy restore a healthy action to both liver and stomrch, whence follow as a natural consequence, a good appetite and a clear head. In the Last and West Indies scarcelv any other medicine is ever used for these disorders. Dsorders of the Kidneys. In all diseases affecting these organs, whether they, crete too much or too little water , or whe ther they be afflicted with stone or gravel, or with aches and pains settled in the loins over the regions of the kidneys, these Pills should be taken accor ding to the printed directions, and the Ointment should be well rubbed into the small of the back at bed time. This treatment will give almost imme diate relief wben all other means have failed. For Stomachs Out of Order. No medicine will so effectually improve the tone da the stomach as these Pills ; they remove all aci lity, occasioned either by intemperance or improp er diet. They rech the liver and reduce it to a healthy action ; they are wonderfully efficacious in cases of spasms—in fact they never fail in curing all disorders of the liver and Stomach. Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known in the world for the following diseases Ague, Asthma Billious Complaints, Blotches on the Skin Bowel Complaints, Colics, Constipation of the Bowels, Consumption, fDebility, Dropsy, Dysentery, Erysipelas, Female Irregulai ities, Fevers of all kinds, Fits, Gout, Head-ache, digestion,n I the words "HOI.LOWAT. NEW YORK AND LONDON," are discernible as a Water-marl in every leaf of The book of directions around each pot or bo* ; the same may be plainly seen by holding tbe leaf to the light. A handsome reward will be given to any one ren dering such information as may lead to the detec tion of any party or parties counterfeiting rhe med icines or vending the same, knowing them to be spurious. •/Sold at the Manufactory of Professor HOLLO WAY, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, and by all respec table Druggists and Dealers in Medicine, throughs out the civilized world, in boxes at 25 cents, 62 ct and $1 each. tt?"There is considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N. B—Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each box. Nov. 18, 1859. IM ~ $2.50. Pure Pearl Snow White Lead. On ly $3.50 per keg of 20 lbs. PAINT AND OIL PAINT AND ORL VARNISH. VARNISH. OHIO FIRE: PROOF PAINT OHIO FIRE PROOF PAINT PAINT, ALL COLORS. PAINT, ALL COLORS. BRUSHES, BRUSHES, AT HARTLEY'S. AT HARTLEY'S. Hardware of all kinds. All articles Warranted as represented. Fair profits ask ed. but will not be undersold bv any one. TERMS AS AGREED UPON. * '' ' CASH BUYERS ALWAYS FAVORED. Try Hartley before von send off for your Hard waie, Iron, Nails or Paints. (April 6, 1860.) f JUBLIC SALE OF * VALUABLEREAL ESTATE. By virtue ot an order of the Orphans' Court ot Bedford county, tbe undersigned will offer at public sale, upon tbe premises, on SATURDAY 16th of JUNE next, the following described real estate viz : 35 acres of land or thereabouts, situate in .Middle Woodberry tp., adjoining lands of Jonathan Hoover, lands in name of -Little ; Daniel Baer- Samuel Kensinger and others. TERMS.' One fourth in hand at confirmatioa of sale, and balance in three payments with interest. JACOBS. BROWN, Trustee for the sale of the Real Estate of Margaret May 18, 60. Croft, deceased. SIMON L. SHAFER. ADAM FERGUSON. J? VERT RAY BRiXGS SOMETHING NEW! ANOTHER NEW FIRM .' ! FF.RGUSON 6t SHAFER, at the former stand of Ferguson & Man-penker. are now ready to wait on old customers as well as new. They expect to sell very low for cash and produce, or to tbosewbo will foot up every six months. Their DRY GOODS, GROCERIES. HARDWARE, QUEENS IV A RE, And all other goods usually kept in stores, have h-en carefully selected, and bought at prices ena litem to sell at reduced rates. Their V FOE DEPARTMENT, contains eve y variety of shoe, and boots for men worn tnd children. ■ 'e a f<ti shai- ot the public patronage on. riend* and the public, „ .rf parftcilarlv " re fade o 1 the; COU it V ;ri-nd*, expe-ting to teat , airly with Them and all .oh TO ONE PRICE for every body. 27,*60.] Inflammation, Jaundice, Liver Complaints, Lumbago, Piles, Rheumatism, Retention otJUrine, Scrofula or King's Evil, Sore Throats, Stone and Gravel, Secondary Symptoms, Tic-Douloureux, Tumours, Ulcers, \ enerea! Affections, Worms of ali kinds. Weakness from what ever cause-

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